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if 1 I H., , . if 'FL N16 QMQW ' - 5, "L J, 7 5' 'lf rf .My ff A M M ff 'PG x . 'N' ' '1 f ,I 1, .aug-E .STA Wiz: 'm ' "" ' r, ' 2 4. "3 1 sg ... 545 -'Q ,gn bf' f QSM f- 'r,.hJ.,v? li,x,VQ ?QQl 'L ,,i1p1 1 -'-1'-fu: 4, ' ,: 2 ,EZL Ag :T ff "ml .- X ,. A-4 L Ak' fi 'A H 7" ' 'Mc li ' 'I ,, - 1 ' ' ' f , ' " QJ5 K , . .xxx ' A I P K V' X ' T .t ' , ' s x 'X W J l ya, Q 'u I I ' .. Q if . f ' 1 xx -:-"- fj -qw f ' -v' N W M Q 2 - A , 1? f 1 - , ' , 1 . ' X ' ""' ' " "QA , if Tk", ,AWA-I-T ' nigh? f ' : ' fu-' -' A 1 ' 19. L X ' ' -,., 1 Ji , rg. 11 - W f 3 M3 , 4' 1 - N, Je 1 I W 1514 , , , f -N 1 H5 xg f uf wq la UE Am Q ' ' Q "' + 3 1 ' U I W .5 A I ' ' x " ll If X F 1+-L . X W. r 'z' , - 'I A ' ' - ' f ' A , l i n m 3 ! . Q. ' , ' K '5 fd 9, X7 E Y M32 n, ' w f K-4 "pw W ,, - Av" X' si ' -W ' 1 Q . V, jf' ff 2 ' 1 ,wg :V , ' I Q ' " ' A- a Lf' J , .M - We , " x'-zvjl-Axfyv .W - ' . 4' L ' '- 1 M-wf,f1.-Q. ,.'- ,fa , ' , - .. -:X ff- af:--N , , W w 1 A . ' ' fJ"17'lli5 -X -wi ., , Q' MJ Q AN J 9: j.:4,:L'g3lf",1-'l.'Ar, ,i,7V.'v.b," 12 VJ' ' ' , , guggyurgfs. ,- . , and ff W V- ' -f '."' ' ,'w.,'1'. 3- r'- f '1 'w..n':w'f " fffw f 'f .Q ' ' ' ' ' -J, pf' fig 5 V . V' .'y, , Q":'fgq4g-.Q ,VV .i "' .' ,.,- ,pn ,W J NR " Vlwggffl V 'Q Ni,-yl': Q , ' . ' L- 1'fff?vQfky'!,55111:?u,gQ,-'g,5,r,,N-5-S'V . :".'jx' nw. : 1:-., A Km v I '4 , ..g,x-v,s, A V- .1 , ' r'-Q fz"1 , ' f u-F ., . .1 .I IM, , VM, . X Q, 1 ' , Ag ,,, , ., A ' 4 W' . -, A If"'f.- ' v, ,, .V X A I K '.g,,AV , -4. 1 1 'v X P Rb 3, , Apts .-. ----s as i rf """"N N ', YQ . 1-' ' ., 4, H x f! '41 kr' QM.. Lx L 'XL' A T W 'Y 'Q , 1 f w A T4 if 1 X N- z L' ,. 44. ' 5 , , o ..-...... . f V ?v an fp ..., Uv Yin AH ,,W,- . 5 X ' . ,',. '. A . -ffsll , A .qw I 3 -I S , I A.-,fs 4 r . 5 H -, rv ,. ' u...xKg,,.4.,..' , .. 'T' .-f . -ff4'- F- - 3. v?i,v,',,t ie' au 0, ,. N ,N f 5' AC .' wi' 1 4 ' . D -. 'Ax .gn - . ,V , . . -XL . .. ..- ., - J 'Q-.. . , . -, , ,B . '-. " Q.. - .- .-4.25. Vi- u, ,. . my ' I ,Agni 'YS m , . ' Q' , . ,:- W V 0 7 s'-A ,. . X. ,- V N. W 211, ..'. Msfg law.-'. - - L, 'K 4. ."s:,4- f' " -. -, . ...- .0 -r '.4.'- .sn ' ' Q. ' ' x ' .F 'M ,Inf Q.---, fr' ..r W . ' ' -fx.. v- -.P -' fr- A.. x.. . 4- wrff-. Q.. - -. . - . V " 0 " -..,. 4 . 'tw - . X -f N - A ' 'rv -ww +ve- -x ' . .N A - -41 - vh. ,f , - X .9 :N N , A . . 3: .,. 'Q-fq',,y,, t f, . :- i Q 0 ' N I.. ,, . A, , ,L Table of Contents Part One The School ...... .... . page 8 Part Three The Experiment . . . Curriculum .... Organizations . . . Social Events . . . Sports.....,.. page page Page P389 P389 2 Part Two e People ...... . . . Underclassmen . Seniors . .. ... Faculty . . . P389 page page Page I8 22 54 9 r- N6 ' 4 I . .KA v . ann? iv, if ,L n u ., ,L E'-2, -v,'f,- 'x 1j.,F'f7frl'? CWA " ' 'fS:lf.'I?1 . .-ff3,fiug5j1'5gH,-1. . Xr3f5f'Y.' ' Y" :Wu f 'SJ br, wc. , 'xv-. .Huw k- 'A EV ::'iKiqg ,N ' All I ' ,wfirib 'Sy' ' , ,.,f 1l1f-fn gi 94?-,v' Wvfll '- 96' 'f ,' Q LG. W L 2 r g a u ."4 t , I 'i psf ,nan ..' I . N 3 I .J , ' ,X ., 'I , : 54 ,V , ,Q , gli, : My "1 153' 12:4 EQ, 5531 5 agffv W. .ff I - ' if 'lin' 2 5 f gq. , -fm t- - mf - f I v JT' - "Q Hi f "kj" , 1 L. ful, J . v f: ,fly fam ' ,1 fi? 'iii A, " ., Lvmgf ,Miss ,7 Kcigns W ,Amid I Kvlorful Zfagmnfry What began with the selection of the most photo- genic young lady in the Joliet Township High School senior class and the "sweetheart" of this, the "J of '63," ended in colorful splendor for Sylvia Lundin, Miss J of 1963, when she was crowned by royalty- in the person of Charlene QLundberg1 Froid, Miss United States of 1960 - at the midterm "Scholarship Swing." Sylvia's picture was selected from those of the ten Miss J finalists at the left by Erv Kupcinet, nationally fa- mous Chicago Sun-Times columnist and host of tele- vision's "Kup's Show." ln so becoming Miss J, Miss Sylvia Lundin has epitomized the yearbook editor's hopes of highlighting this annual in the regality be- fitting such an honor. t The "J of '63" editors' purpose in sponsoring the Miss J Contest started originally with the idea of selecting the girl "pretty as a picture." But when ten lovely finalists were selected by local com- mittees, the same editors couldn't resist splurging, in color, on all ten. The result: this elegant color reproduction of Miss J and the nine other finalists was effected on the stairs leading to the ballroom at D'Amico's 214. The finalists are, first row, left to right, Minnie Wisneslri, Karen Kramer, Linda Jones, Jeanette Hicksp second row, Sylvia Lundin, Miss J of 1963, Joan Hynd, Marilyn Sleyko, Avace Gregory: and third row, Sandy Robinson and Rita Wolf. Miss J receives an affectionate felicitation from her mother after being crowned at the "Scholarship Swing." John Hathway, Sylvia's escort, and Mr. Ernst Lundin, the "sweetheart's" father, anxiously await their turns. W 1 W , 1 V 1 : -- 3-' av-V ' -'VV ' V' N Vw m,F'J34.-,,. mi V513 5i:.Pzf,,.f, V. .. , .. ?'?:V'1fI5:'?? , V ,Nf1,,fg,V,:- W A . ' -2, 's.,s1,+i',1 V lil .' ,. ' '5' - A '2f,V:VV:,5V-wg, - . EG- 11'-N3 ,Lf yiQ?K":f1'Qi,W x , , ,YM31 s- .. jc. 1 ' , A ,931- .. ' ' 'IVV'V,nV':'..vf1 rag. . , ',i:,'4'ffi-if Q , . jH,.?. -2 V, 'f,:'3.'i1w, . ' -51424. QV -.s Qj I ' K ,., U-V. 'f 'V . e 1 X . WM . N ' f A Q -V' f V 0 6 z V N :ful--1-31. . 4' l Vw ug, ,V 7 ,, , 4' 54 ' .-,, yV.f:fg1,9,.4e.f-1 Aw w-.fy ,Q V Tel? vi-,71L,.,2,,AJ. A . A V g,6'fc-Vf..'+'1V,,-aV.M' " PI e ',' VJ'i"54'H Q - 141 ALL inv- ,gg erg Q , f 4 Af . wo, an I H, 5 . ,. , f V I Fw " v 11 Q rf L 1 1 , +, r V 5 1 V 'fwf'1',x15h-i" ,J 45' f Y'-V 4 ,X M .La N , U x f J 1 :N rv 7 A I I W 'U A -. f f. ,QT J 1 . J .1-Q' , 4 r My . V . . f 'L 4 W7 J JSP V 1 -Q V 'Q VV ' Pr, , ,fg,:sg.V'Q-. ' T45 V 'Vi 4 . " V. CW V- 1 'l' , 1 5.i..m.., V 'Vp AZ, 5 ,jj-V,f, ,- . , - 'X ,, -V4-pu .iw ,jrijwf , ,M ,FK .lm Av ,. .- -iz.: V f V. .T 1.VVgq:VVfV , . aww 3 .uf -fig., ., 2,-Vg P vV , ,.-'13 -V 'm,1:uf.V , jflf- 34.Q:,,j4ga,f,'3V.gV., 5.,,ggq- -,Q , -V . V Vw'.1,ff-?:-., ',Vg,,f:, V' ' - ' 'MLK ' V Vg:'.-V:j:'5- I , - 'V .' ."f-.3 "J, ., . . ha", ,. I ,441Jfg-1' L -1, 5V 2-Viz, - ' ffiZi'f2s:if:54 ,V V' - ' ff: 11" . '. H-Vw' r, 'wzw Vf- . ,V YE94i::,'Vff '5Vfm.Ef 1 V. ffm - aff ffm ' ,,V,.wV:iVVL -,Q , 4:2311-1 'E Elf' " T l..:'V 01 '3."gf- -VV A v ' 4' . '-Iffjll ' : . . 'r ' V'1"1' ,5'f': fif V' ,, . J, V'VgfV'377V..?-11 x- . 1' -51 iQ.Q,L.Y:f,J.,' -' V- -J. . V QQ: tx Q 1 , .:xrJ,,1,. 1, .x ' ". -UIQ" V V-' H", Ziyi ".V " 'ini-111' f-Vu:-.EVV-MXV. j 1 "J Q V 25? ' -'f 'V ' VV -3 " .j'f'f, V . ff? H ,. -"7 -il JVHVLYV-2 -1I:,VV4?'V-1- , i- 'V 3 't,'LV ,-uri, EVM ..' V' Q .V -, ,ZZ ,'.f,.i1gf' MA yy, JV -f-V-fu:-If .V mf V ..,:,.,A V R ..-X f'f'! ' ' Q,-Q., --f 5 "V :V -rm-I5?M'3-"'tuc V - ..:.:,,Q3V My Z., g N., , . TfV:'M:4VTVvL,4 ,..-""'-,L.T.,- ', . VL, V7'V..ff'V1- 1 gl . A V rV I 1'fQV2G2v.L,fTfi.' -VV 'i WP, X " A f ' 4, . Lgrf,ff5,y,Q2jf'.3,'Q' 1534- 4 ,V V' W , .' - Q, V . V..:..,s -- Vw Ve I .. . - V :V '.,"' 11 : ,Y 'Q ., , X ,. j-,- - ,rf , A ' 43.5 - . .V 1, , ,: 'V-'W QW. , ' ' V V: g,z.g,. . :-- V 4 ,. Vw -1,53 Q -f.,, V Y - V. V V fn, ,t-,,:.V V ' 'V,,4VV V. ,, V. ,,,V,-,qw 1, .3 -.4,- 5 1 -.i'fIFf .1QV1'5!'l3f1- V 'Wi ,- 'f.:,1..:,- 4 : 4 ' ' .mix-"-.XV -Q-dx ff ' ' ' . V' Vufygv, V, . V '- -. 3.15 f','gg'ua:V4 Q '- '. . V V, Q y -jjj-. VV . . Jr., . ,, .,, - -- . 1 -V 'N V - I V-M V, Vw 'w , . .. Q ,gg ,z :ef :.-,. V. V- J, l, - V,,'gn .- , V. . . V: gy' , V mv Vw-:V V V , , V 'V V ' 'dw F Vg., . . ,, , . V fi :H pf' 'VK fp' inn A - 'll 5931 jg V . V ,'V',f4ffV,q. V, 'SV f , 'ffl , '- - , T- aww A. , ,-1 L V --V, 1, 1 J ,, KMC- Q ,. . .. " ' 1-T"'.'?'gV Ns. V ,,. - 1. . V A N ,x,,,,W,:' . O .A I , ,. . 'f'V2-j:'i'VV1- . '2 .' , 4 Q35 '31 334 .N 4. , md. r.'V-3-j MJ. 241. V lf - V .. f1H,ZVV,., 'V ' ., -,-AJ.: . 15,1 V.-V .Van n V::.4V 1 - t.,T,,.,. -5511. 2,1 . ,N N : -3 -- zxggl,-V 5. ,.,. wb., , -.xx 12", ,V4L.., ,Q ,- - -T-EV rV'Vf"Vf.'Vf- , ,' ' 2-V -241- "' '. V ' f ' 195: .' 12 A 1'-if 344 V '. fff 9 if-afif Sr:-V'-. 1.353 .V , 'VTV2 Q.. y.,f,4'-CV., Via 'i1f1"'. Q ' .. af-.-f'Vf-V34 'f'?f":i1f?V'5' , ,'Vj1'y'-V.5,.w . ,.: , QV.. Mg. V,Q:y1iV ' , AQ' 95' '. . " V :F - WV.-V X14 4 Vffiv '1qM,VIgf '- ::.' fy - V . - , , , '-, if Zu . -4' LL.. V .V In l , Y 6 aclover field may sound like af s g ap- proach to butifWe,ewlo are at least partially gesgof l dequately equipped the F intellect may be imparted on be impractical of the o, before of Joliet Tovs be using during hat facilities artists to the Experiment? To the J of '63. typmof let s the knowledge to 'ii' :ersogs essf efhe se that intellect would -as applying it by means who inhabit the halls instruments they will Iucation. hool afford g l'- ple -from the future to insure successful outcome in the question function of Part One of ies. hr 4 i .,, ,vi ' Students idle and chat in front of one of Joliet Township High School's eastern entrances between their classes. At the heralding of the bell, they will probably occupy the facilities of one of the school's many, ample, and typical classrooms. But, in this section of the "J," we will disregard these facilities because of their familiar aspects to all students in order to examine the more atypical, colorful, less-known facets of a JTHS education .... ,Alan Harney, fditor-in-Khicf 1 X 1 Q!-V I gk? Hn- , 'D . 91 x V'- F. S.. -Ar,-, KT? 1 f y 5 . A, W f":'m,zf1Ry + M H 'L ,a L Ly wx ." w J? 1 Lf x Jil LA 41' Y, Q- Y -f A - 'r N - ,,, 1. ,. h if fl' S' P 1 , if A ' W 'A N 3 fx 1 , ' l I ' 1 W w w w N N N w w Artisans Learn Backstage Brushing Techniques All that most JT students and faculty mem- bers see of the activities of the art, dramatics and music departments are the finished products dis- played either in the art department window or on stage. Thus, most know little about the pre- paratory facilities used to "manufacture" the final product. But this observance does not imply that Jo- liet Township High School is not well equipped in preparatory paraphanalia. In the three rooms and offices of the art department are crowded all the utensils needed for most any proiect. Dramatics and speech equipment includes many school-owned tape recorders and record players, lighting facilities, and a host of neces- sary backstage implements. Two "regular" classrooms are outfitted with stage and all play-acting necessities. Here the students are encouraged to learn the funda- mentals of acting before venturing to the "big The superlative music equipment housed in the large orchestra and band rooms and in the newly redecorated choir rooms can be a sig- nificant part of the national musical fame JT stu- dents have brought to the school through their musical activities. , . , : , 1 f stage" in the auditorium. Jeff Davis and Bob Planing practice curtain pulls in the auditorium . . . . . . while Karen Lindblad attempts to slide a set from the storeroom as Shirley Nicholson readies to splash more point on "her" throne. All, of course, is make-believe, but these dramatics students must perfect the backstage routine of their proposed careers in order to understand those onstage. Kathy Shaw touches up her painting, Bob Bolz disccerns her technique with interest...but Judy Penrod can't quite seem to analyze the approach Kathy uses. This colorful scene emanates from one of the art rooms. 1' , A m,i.VYwf11 4 ,,Jl.W..,,5 -,, 4,1 A 'Fx x 9 1 5 5:2 2.55255 'Q -, . A x- '-'vp-f K ' --4. . iff! . .K 'A' 3 r 1133 ' f, 5 - ix rv' f' 1 yy ,v A ,. f: :,, f v. i Q, ' , W, :ww f fiiF':3??5 i .,. fri' .f" 2-1' J 2 Q .WA rw Q' 3? fl 3' ,,-1' 4 f 1 ,u Vfgxfyynk Ax .df '1 I .KJLXL 1. F, Modern Implements lndoctrinate Rick Doyle sets copy for a forthcoming issue of the J-Hi Journal on one of the print shop's four linotype machines. Diversity is the key to the excellence of fa- cilities offered by the vocational departments of Joliet Township High School. Housed in the two modern vocational units fconstructed in 19581 im- mediately east of the main building are imple- ments of unequaled quality and quantity in any secondary liberal arts institution in lllinois. Future Laborers The school print shop's four linotypes, six presses and type equipment, the school's elec- trical apparatus, its many various drill presses, saws, and lathes, its auto and farm mechanics' tools . . . all provide the prospective laborer with the opportunity to familiarize himself with the machines of his future occupation. But the vocational aspirant's education doesn't end with his training in one of the vo- cational shops. Through the school he is afforded iob opportunities and training in his chosen field - be it the actual harvesting of corn on a local farm or electronics work for a local radio station. onald Blatz and John Varmin check circuitry on class proiect in the electric shop. Q r. Max Kuster explains mechcnic's procedure to griculture student Bill White before he begins work n a tractor Cinsetj. The picture at the bottom of w ken from an east window in the main age as ta uilding, looking toward the two new vocational op structures. H. . ... . 4, 7 In 1 U . f I D Q 1:Ml,iy - . 'f O ,- fp ' A g 5 w i' ' 4 0 y.'41.x..,-'H ,, ' , "u ', it-' V, ,ir '.'-'A' ' . . ' P . K .-- .n ' A " ' - n x N, . I 0, . u . , , I 4 ,I .,- o ' ' 9 Q V 'M .V ,, , ,qw t. I .,.Av-,lu . ,Iii 'UNLQA ,' "- ,Qu o 1' 4.""'1" Q U ', 0, ,,,, -1,1 Qx ., F' 11,11 'S Z .1 n 1 . 'AQ 1. 6' Q . 0 O 9 WML, -as as 1 Q1 'fiub ,.. 1 iff. I- ,Y D , f, f. . is -.n"T, l ,Milo 0 ' 4 A -'- - R. r Douglas Graham makes adiustments on e equatorial mount of the observatory's lescope. Mr. Roy Hartman, instructor in physics. Space Age Gadgets Aid Student Research The science departments of the School lack nothing with which the budding researchist can explore worlds of the infinite -from the infinite- ly small, through one of hundreds of precision microscopes, to the infinitely large, through the school observatory's four and one-half-inch re- fracting telescope. The laboratory equipment of the biology, chemistry, and physics departments provide a more-than-adequate complement to text book study. For the aspiring astronomer, there is, be- sides the telescope, a planetarium, future bota- nists have access to the roof-top greenhouse, coming chemists are completely at home in some of the nation's finest laboratories, and, biologists learn by using incubators, aquariums, and ter- rariums. Earth science students "aid" their in- structor in "finding out about the weather" by making daily reports, while space science under- studies utilize geiger counters for radiation research. ' But even all these facets of the student- scientist's life at Joliet Township High School are very partial in relationship with all the other space age gadgets he applies to his various, astounding proiects-such as those exhibited in the math-science fair held in May. of the new demonstration equipment ed for use in physics labs included wave machine that illustrates the motion cycles of waves. Attending the machine Under the supervision of of the physics depart 5 Mr. Donald Hopkins, head 1 ' 1-if ment, physics club mem- V bers erected this Christ- mas tree-you guessed it -made of clamps, pul- leys, spring scales, Bunsen burners, angel hair, and . . .practically anything usable from physics labs. Ji l 4 'Q N x -N pf' ff ,I I :X ' M , Q . xA - ,s :, :,A'-.4 T,-Ax 9 , ',.i,j.Q5,f4f, 9' - N u -15"-fjf' ' t ,I .Hg ' ' f'A vi ' Quiet 'af ps,-' . ,QM ., Q, , A ijt.. ,, I ' , 17,11 N w:z,5'T5-'A 'X ,A - ff .l :fm G' . "1 K". r' ,nv I I fu,w37gy:. ,fy 1 ' ,-1 475. V -wi: ' 4 A 4 L 1 v 1 ' , W, 4' filet-ff' 'al' . .Y- ' 1 -1... ang Y' ' x 'Nl ,- . ,Kg hu 4. fp, 1 mu ,AJQSQF .1 1 i V +4-f,'1:xf '1 P . xt: .1 ,h . Y. Jw- 114 .,::21' f f .1 1 ' f ..-,. f f X . N N N , x Maidens Master Modern Machines for Careers The best examples of excellence in the facilities available for career training of young women fmen, toolj entering the 'Fields of homemaking and business are found in the by-products made with these facili- ties. For example, the inspired creations colorfully rep- resented at the left are proof of the quality of instru- ments that their makers utilized while learning and doing in one of several up-to-date, well-implemented JT sewing rooms. Meanwhile, delectable dishes designed to en- snare Cand keepj any unsuspecting male who puts de- pendence in his stomach in selecting a mate are "fashioned" in home economics rooms which afford ,,. rf xx Kathy Gollier proudly exhibits her prize winning cherry pie to classmates in her home economics class. Through proffic- iency in using kitchen appliances, Kathy was able ta bake pies that wan her recognition not only at JT, but also in district competition as an "A-T" home- maker of the future. t Modeling fashions of their own making are these four JT sewing experts, and the sisters of one, at D'Amico's. The four models and their fashions are Linda Krapf, wearing a blue-green dress, lin- a Jorgenson, posing in a beige coat, heryl Engiman, modeling an aqua coat, nd Nancy Newkirk, adarning a red uit. The two younger models, Marla and Bobbe, wear nighties made by their ister, linda Kropf. Mr. Corradetti's typing class also benefits from class instruction through demonstration of tele- phone correspondence in the office. ample opportunity for feminine experimentation in edible concoctions. For the "career" girls and the boys who desire instruction for personal use, there are hun- dreds of typewriters upon which they may develop speed and accuracy, modern office machines by which they can acquire the latest office techniques. Thus, through the diversity of these facilities used in instruction, the JT graduate enters his for more likely herj career in homemaking, business, or both, with a confidence in his ability to do a job within the least amount of time and with the most and best results. Jane Jorgenson sews an original garment an one of the many sewing machines available in JT sewing rooms. k.,,,!,ws,.fsw l V 00ooooooo6'3i3iti3i32St ' f Ooooooeoooo iiisgirii, 3 V., ooooooooooo , , g tggeooeooooeooe 5 5 ii 'amwwrt ' ..,... .a.Awux.w 'f , 1. " ' .YQ-JH t :fi 511' ,Wg t Q K4 lx., 5 N , , , .,,,1.x. igaag g , , , V. W, X- , nvfsf-L' Hifi A Q, .. , ,,. f-.vfwz :',1'f.-,nw H I, X ,f .,:-'f.fjw1't1g , : ' , ' f I fxf-wsvfw - . , ' ' :px , fnj..,g-1 1 1 A 'W , ' '- ,f, ". ,5'E"W l4. , 4 ' f 't' "' ' A I V I I ,IFF - mffi m im i. Q .M -.J .,- ,.. ' 1 - , 'J ' M-z,-1'i,f24!'A ' Hy .M K ,Q . 314, -A 4 ' fri' ' gf' ' 4 545222 Q . ,ff M tf. - t is the members of school so periment is to People who that - to classmen, to vancecl through personages. ith the devotion of the great qu 'Y to education - both resolve whether any the educational ex- the quality of the to accomplish iust comprises the under- what has nobly ad- the ability of faculty we obtain the full measure before us. 'iff The underclcssmen at Joliet Township High School are truly a heterogeneous grouping of some 3,500 students assigned to nearly 110 homerooms. ln this, the underclossmen section of the "J of '63," we will examine some of the pro- cedures undertaken in homeroom to aid records and to teach homeroom mem- bers responsibility, while we also find out iust who are the underclossmen at JT. Danny ,Mc'6arll1y, lluderclasslucu .Editor Freshman Begin Another Step in Education There were 1100 incoming freshmen this fall at J.T., one of them being Judy Ritter. And to "burly" seniors like Jim Walser it was incomprehensible that they were once in such cn "inferior" relationship with their "super- iors." -.M Witty fitt- f '?' aa- gr- i Fritz Gibbons receives misleading instructions on how to get to his cl Sue Allen, left, and Minnie Wisneski, seniors who take advantage of the underclassmen mainly because they were once in a similar position. 'g'lZ, ,, Arg,-'s, irq s 3 ,s H -. i. 4. i5-,,u -, -"4 "3fLii'fie s zip,-,xv :inf Q. it , "f-'git-W,j?y'q,3?fq.f'xff. , .,,, 1' J -' V N 1 1 L L , l fiii- ' , ei 1 I V it , we n, w. -ani, f, i, will f , ,s,zm,' views ' HI aff 7 ' . 1 t K ,J ,ff Eg ,m f esteem , Y of ,ww 1 - -- wget! " ' '94, igwt' e - if U . ,, I 1 Y, , H 45,44-414' 'nffiff ny . ,4:v,J't ff ' wx fg- ., Wrf4' ,fsww'f .- ' ' ' ein V ' ff1"tf,f1, M- , s . V- , 'In' 1 i , ,f . is , Sf' X xt f' ,fl -Fifi' Q ff' 'C . ill' . . 1,- ,fl--it at , K t ,, X. A tm ,QT , s. nv., - 9 4, igi-,, ,f - K fe -K -iv' , -"',."'Q.l-"','.-Lgst . j"'f-. : "1- ' i - - t r ' r f ,f",'-t9x.,v X . - s ,i t ',-t L . ,.,,'. . sv, ' ' f.Q ,, ,-E" -' .2 ,, -qi. -P e r'l'2i,?ii'ttr7Y:Qqil"2 1 :5 ,V f ,lqgm t -- AN 1' v-,sn 3 , exif' f pa 'if if .i ,V Q Y ' rl vt' n t"",,,, fj'..-Qffgf 4 .-'i' "ill-'if' ' ,,,..M.t Wt- V e . gf! The freshmen library has a large collection of biogra- phies, non-fictional, and fictional works from which fresh- men, such as Lynn Berglund may choose to supplement their study in classes or to augment their own leisure reading. .A C155 "nc W Q -uns---. Split Shifts lncrea e Stud Time for Frosh HOMEROOM 368 CMr. Baldwinj-ROW ONE: Sonia Anderson, Nancy Adams, Pauline Angulo, Linda Archer, Charlene Ancel, Jacqueline Anderson, Diane Allbert, Sherry Alsip. ROW TWO: Patrick Allen, Jeff Alcut, James Alling, Sally Anderson, Martha Anderson, Mr. Baldwin, H.R. teacher. ROW THREE: Joseph Ambrozich, William Allison, Lemuel Adams, Wiley Agnew, Jerry Adams. ROW FOUR: Robert Anderson, John Agrue, John Abel, David Albue, Charles Allen, William Alexander. Pm-a 3 387 fMr. Archl-ROW ONE: Diana Sharon Barton Karen Biggs Azalea h Blokney, Barb Bednarczyk. ROW James Bryan, James Carroll, Bert Brandon, Chipman, Mike Bolos, Mike Carroll, Mr. H.R. teacher. ROW THREE: David Autman, Brown, Frank Chellino, Ron Chizmark, Bannister, Ken Biggs. NOT PICTURED: Louis Philip Broadwell, Dennis Canners, Philip Larry Collins. HOMEROOM 309 CMr. Bondarj-ROW ONE: Judy Barringer, Martha Atchley, Sue Arnold, Janey Askew, Carolyn Austin, Laura Baratono, Beth Bakelaar, Nancy Baran. ROW TWO: Mr. Bandar, H.R. teacher, Judy Augustine, Beverly Bakos, Earlene Barber, Char Barnwell, Ruth Austin, JoAnn Ashby. ROW THREE: Mike Baker, John Barello, Dennis Barnes, Lee Bab- cock, Allen Barnard, Robert Austin, Gregory Baronski. ROW FOUR: Jerry Austin, Robert Barnes, William Arrington, William Austin, William Arnold, Ray Bachman, Royce Arend. 3 t HOMEROOM 179 iMr. Christisonb-ROW ONE: Tyra Baudino, Sharon Bittle, Betty Berdis, Judith Blank, Vicki Bishop, Barbara Bergstrom, Cheryl Bedford, Lynda Bhahut, Kathy Berg- strom, Jodi Basinger. ROW TWO: Mr. Christ- ison, H.R. teacher, John Bersano, Jay Berg- man, Tom Billmon, Frank Bianchetta, Tom Bick, Bill Bever, Lynn Berglund, Janice Bishop. ROW THREE: Gary Binkley, Frank Bielec, Robert Bessette, Fred Bernhard, Gary Blackburn, Terry Beaudry, Alexander Bettenhousen ROW FOUR: Wayne Bauer, Tam Benson, Ron Baxter, Harvey Bennett, David Blatti, Jack Beckham. LWAJRE 1 " HOMEROOM 382 lMrs. Geaitherj-ROW ONE: Cheryl Carey, Cheryl Byron, Lynn Bush, Linda Cardot, Alice Caldwell, Gail Byrd, Cheryl Bur- rill, Kathleen Calahan. ROW TWO: Mrs. Geai- ther, Paula Buck, Kathleen Cassidy, Toni Lynn Butler,' Joyce Canterbury, Kathleen Car- ter, Dorothy Carr, Doris Bushby. ROW THREE: Frank Budzinske, Santos Campos, Aeron Car- penter, Gary Califello, Bill Burford, Sherman Capps. ROW FOUR: Robert Cardwell, Denzil Ray Capps, Robert Carter, John Burkhardt, Douglas Camerow. HOMEROOM 273C lMrs. Hornvalel-ROW ONE: Nancy Davito, Carol Cunningham, Cathy Davis, Connie Cox, Patti Day, Judy Davenport, Karol Darley, Shellie Davenport, Sandra Davis. ROW TWO: Caroline Cotner, Richard Darin, Bill Davis, Richard Crawford, Bill Day. ROW THREE: Dick Davenport, Charles Cullen, John Dryer, Ron Crozier, Fred Craven, Mrs. Horn- vale. ROW FOUR: Louis Crisp, Pasquale D'Amico, George Day. Freshmen Learn Standard HOMEROOM 259 lMr. Dorickl-ROW ONE: Janice Breen, Linda Breen, Kaelue Breen, Leslie Bonn, Peggy Bryant, Helen Bryant, Janice Brandon, Jane Browman, Karen Botkin, Sally Bowers. ROW TWO: Mr. Dorick, Jon Brazee, Jim Brumund, Sam Bran- dolino, Tom Blount, Jack Bradford, Donny Brando- lino, Willie Brown, Charles Blowers. ROW THREE: Greg Boll, Dan Briles, Mike Brittian, Ervin Brad- ford, George Brumond, Gary Bostiancic, Tom Booker, Rudy Bregar. ROW FOUR: Mark Bortoli, Larry Brett, Ronnie Brown, Leonard Bregar, Bruce Brixey, Douglas Brusatte, Marty Bloom, Robert Block. HOMEROOM 157 lMrs. I. S. Hansen!-ROW Nancy Challender, Angie Costa, Sandy Chuk, Cipolle, Janet Clark, Sheran Coose, Marie tello, Pat Cleary. ROW TWO: Lynn Frances Cheung, Sandy Clark, Sandy Linda Conrad, Sue Cheney, Pam Colafello Hansen. ROW THREE: Jerry Chaplin, Gary Mike Cleary, Mike Conley. ROW FOUR: Cervantes, Albert Clark, Bob Corrigan, Dan 1. Jim Clemons, Ron Caukn, Dave Cooling. Operating Procedure in Homeroom HOMEROOM 163 fMr. Deiningerl-ROW ONE: Becky Decker, Joann Deltonto, Diana Die- fenbach, Elizabeth Delara, Marcia Demko, Ruth Demko, Alma DeShazer, Linda Draper, Susan Den- ker, Kathy Dennison. ROW TWO: Freida Dorris, Marie Dorris, David Dillard, Bill Danisch, Rudy Delrose, Fred Deloach, Mr. Deininger, ROW THREE: David Doyle, Paul Downes, George deTarnosky, Patrick Donnelly. ROW FOUR: Mike Dethrow, Lenord Dillion, James Dearmon, Roland DeGard, Jay Dixon, Aldo DeSandre, Paul Driscoll, Bill DeSalvo. 219 fMr. Kochevarj-ROW ONE: Fothergill, Nancy Ferguson, Ophelia Fer- Patrice Eyman, Janice Floyd, Cindy Flem- nie Ferrell, Venessa Foley, Mary Filides. TWO: Barbara Fowler, Virginia Fopay, Fear Rita Fazio, Rosemary Flatt, Mary Denise Findley. ROW THREE: Mr. Denette Feazel, Chuck Fellman, Leo n Fennewald, Carl Fleck, Paul Farr, Fox. ROW FOUR: Fred Fonseca, Joe Fon- Richard Farrington Gerald Florey Ronald HOMEROOM 287 iMr. Johnstonj-ROW ONE: Paula Dutkiewicz, Linda Dyer, Linda Dewards, Donnie Ellingsworth, Susan Elam, Helen Evans, Claudia Earls, Barbara Etheridge, Caroline Evans. ROW TWO: Cheryl Evans, Gloria Ed- wards, Mary Dunbar, Leola Evans, Mary Erick- son, Carol Dupire, Sidneyetta Edwards, Mr. Johnston. ROW THREE: Bonnie DuChance, Eric Egger, Richard Dupee, Marvin Evans, Ver- non Enis, William Dunn, Robert Dwyer. ROW FOUR: Ray Duckmarton, Cacio Edwards, Rich- ard Ebben, Tom Engleman, Frank Evans, Gerald Edwards, David Edmund. 1 L..x HOMEROOM 'I77 CML Mayj-ROW ONE: da Gessner, Sandra Gebert, Glenda Frailey, Mary Friddle, Carol Fugett, Judy Frantin, Therese Frausto, Ina Mae Ftacek. ROW TWO: Mattie Gavin, Marge Gergacz, Marcia Gazelle, Diana Fromm, Joyce Fulfer, Linda Fultz, Yvonne Garland, Barbara Garrett. ROW THREE: Ray Gersich, Dennis Friant, Conrad Fris, Gary Gardner, Robert Garman, Mr. May. ROW FOUR: Dennis Gersich, Fred Gaebler, Bob Geist, Wayne Gear, Florent Galass, Dennis Fugett. i ls gf? , Y seffief HOMEROOM 337A fMr. Meyerj-ROW ONE: Pam Gurney, Patsy Gunchin, Susan Hahn, Jill Hamrin, Connie Hardin, Barbara Hondlon, Cathy Hall, Mildred Hall. ROW TWO: David Gruber, John Hancock, Ricky Hall, Gary Hardy, Jill Hamrin, Dolores Gutierrez, Mr. Meyer, H.R. teacher. ROW THREE: Salvador Gutierrez, Al- bert Hamilton, Bruce Hamilton, Pat Guffey, Richard Gutierrez, Dennis Hamilton, John Han- kinson. ROW FOUR: Don Hagen, Joe Hanna, Chip Hanson, Mike Hardy, Kent Grohne, An- thony Hardy, John Hall, Tom Hamerla. 26 HOMEROOM 261 lMrs. Dellingerj ROW ONE: Gustavio Jenkins, Terry James, Marilyn John- son, Muriel Jefferson, Carol Houser, Janet Ir- vin, Janis Johnson, Cheryl Hurley, Carmen James. ROW TWO: Corwin Johnson, Douglas Johnson, Janice Janes, Katherine Iverson, Linda Jahnke, Sharon Johnson, Mrs. Dellinger, H.R. teacher. ROW THREE: John Jerbi, Robert John- son, Ronald Johnson, Gary Huffstutler, Daniel Hulbert, John Hrivnak, Robert Jackson, Paul Johnson. ROW FOUR: Eugene lzarelli, Ken Johnson, Martin Jepson, Jerry Hudgens, Don- ald Jeffrey. Freshmen Encounter Perplexin 5 - 653 vii ,iw ,AO HOMEROOM 'l41A lDr. Mecayj-ROW ONE: Pamela Gilbert, Connie Gluck, Kathy Gollier, Carol Gollick, Linda Gilbert, Marilyn Gigliette, Linda Glass, Paula Georgis, Barb Garrett. ROW TWO: Mary Agnes Grim, Francine Grigsby, Sandra Green, Penny Globus, Susan Gregory, Nancy Graves, Delores Goodoy, Dr. Mecay, H.R. teacher. ROW THREE: Sandra Gildon, Jacquie Grainey, Karen Gossar, George Griparis, Clare Giegerich, Bill Grassty, Donald Goebel. ROW FOUR: Rick Goepper, Jim Grahovac, Jerry Glenn, Bill Greiner, Ken Gray, James Greer, Gregory Griporis, Charles Gilbert. s 1-1 HOMEROOM 373 fMr. Margolal-ROW Joanne Hicks, Lee Harrington, Sharon Hines, Heidelberg, Dorothy Harrell, Cora Harrell, Janice Harvey, Diane Haynes, Maria Hernandez, Loretta Hickman. ROW TWO: Terry Hendricks, Norma Hicks, Kay Helter, Marsha Harrison, Roxanne Her- witz, Linda Highbough, Brenda Heatherly, Shirley Hayes, Yvonne Hester. ROW THREE: Judy Helter, Barbara Harper, Connie Hill, Ellia Holder, Steve Hoffman, lee Hicks, Mike Hart, Don Harper, Margola, H.R. teacher. ROW FOUR: John Terry Heussler, lurdis Holland, David William Harris, Willie Harris, Phil Harris. Problems in Plannin Pro rams. . . HOMEROOM 105 CMr Frinkl ROW ONE Carol Kemp Joy Kastman Jeanne Kareney Jeryl Jones Diana Kapala Ann Kempke Kathy Johnston Jan Johnston Beverly Jones Rita Johnston ROW TWO Billie Jones Myra Jones Jean Kahle Judy Kapmus Sue Jones Ingrid Jothen Lucille Kegley Sue Kegley ROW THREE Brent Kehlet Rosemary Jovanovlch Patsy Kellogg Sue Kempe Jayne Juncic ROW FOUR Cleveland Kumble Jones Kelly David Kornboge Lloyd Jones Jule Kennis Ray Johnston Bill Klmak John Jurlclc Mr Frink 176 iMr. O'Blenesl-ROW ONE: Larry Gifford Lee, Rita Kennedy, Judy Kirby, Lee, Dorothy Leslie, Linda Lamberson, Kinsler, Linda Kweiser. ROW TWO: Gene Nelson King, Ralph Lopez, Jim Kind, Joe Terry Kreimeier, Chet Kunke, David Knott, ROW THREE: Jay Koren, Fred King, Loacks, Brad Leahy, Dave Lynch, Danny Mike Luza, Doug Kroesch. ROW FOUR: Leith, Herman Long, Tony Killebrew, Richard Ed Klen, Dean Macris, Howell Lind. HOMEROOM 259 fMrs. Goodwinj-ROW ONE: Ellen Landman, Diane Kroll, Linda Kropf, Mar- garet Ladas, Roberta Kinsler, Karen Kcepke, Karen Kozma, Cynthia Klootwyk, Bobbie Lamb- din. ROW TWO: Mrs. Goodwin, Robert Lam- bert, Leatha Laine, Yvonne Knight, Barbara Kochevar, Linda Kubinski. ROW THREE: John Kos, Jerry Lone, Bob Kristofer, Bob King, Wil- liam Land, Larry Kubinski, Thomas Lamb, Fred Klein, Raymond Kwasneske. ROW FOUR: David Lacey, John Larson, Robert Kraft, Roger Krohn, Paul Kohl, Stanley Lamp, Jim Knighton, Jerry Krupianik. HOMEROOM 101 lMr. Harderl-ROW ONE: Shelia Maicki, Mary Malnar, Cindy Mann, Nancy Linder, Peggy Lotz, Amy Lockhart, Linda Lindblad, Jeri Mansholt, Melita Lockwood, Vir- ginia Lim. ROW TWO: Mr. R. Harder, Carol Marchetti, Kathy Lockwood, Sheryl Lurvey, Debby Lane, Diane Lewis, Joe Lisy, Donald Liker. ROW THREE: John Lindblad, Bill Layette, Lyal Louth, Charles Maior, Mike Lenci, James Littleiohn, Kevin Lenander. ROW FOUR: Walter Mabry, Bruce Mack, Joseph Lewis, John Mabry, Richard Muhaffey. NOT SHOWN: Henry Lopez, Gary Lucky, Linda Luebs, Linda Magee. . . . But Find New Vistas Open for .L HOMEROOM 381 fMr. Pclrishj-ROW ONE: Glenn Mudd, Penny McPartland, Marilyn Mc- Donald, Julie Ann Mitchell, Sandra Menzer, Richard McDanial, Hebron Morris, Edward Miller, David Meade. ROW TWO: Jo Moony, William Miner, John Mathews, John McEwen, John Martin, Ralph Madding, Eugene Miller, Walter Margoart, Clarence Montford. ROW THREE: Robert Neighbors, John McWilliams, Joseph Nagra, Robert Moore, Michael Mc- Kenzie, Mario Marino, Duane McDonough, Mr. Parish. ROW FOUR: Tom Madison, Lance Mc- Kenzie, Gary McRaven, Philup Magee, William Morgan, Jim Murphy, Leslie Mariai, Stephen Montello. f HOMEROOM 309 KMr. Leinenweberl-ROW ONE: Gloria Nicoson, Georgene Nordstrom, Irene Newman, Gayle O'Brien, Catherine New- man, Lynn Olin, Sandra Nance, Donna Orenic. ROW TWO: Barbara Mullen, Barbara Murphy, Janet Nolden, Dorothy Neese, Beverly Myers, Cathy Myers, Anna Muraro, Michaelene Orlo- vich. ROW THREE: Michael Needham, Willie Nobles, Terry O'Malley, Sherry Nelson, Linda Malan, Georgan Over. ROW FOUR: Mr. Lein- enweber, David Nordstrom, Donald Muhlen- bruch, Donald Murphy, Charles Newell, Francis Olszta. HOMEROOM 407 lMr. R. Hartmanl-ROW ONE: Laurel McKay, Renee McCabe, Bonnie McDade, Darla McCann, Pat McShane, Marsha Massey, Elaine McGann, Sandy McCarthy, Judy McCure. ROW TWO: Patty McKeown, Kathleen Marks, Cheryl Markstram, Barbara Marino, Beverly Ma- rino, Lois McReynolds, Janet Marshall, Judy Mc- Phail. ROW THREE: Mr. Hartman, Bill McNiff, Jim McGehee, Hattie McGee, Rose McDonald, Sheena McElrath. ROW FOUR: Gloria Martin, Lawrence McCauley, Dan McDermot, James McCallum, Solo- mon Martinez, Stephen Mattis. LN HOMEROOM 141 lMr. Hooper!-ROW ONE Mares, Marguerite Miucr, Geraldine Milam, Mohr, Lynne Minarich, Linda Moles, Pamela Barbara Milde. ROW TWO: Susan Matesh Medina, Pam Moore, Margret Miller, Tania Nan Merrill, Jeanne Mozina. ROW THREE: Montello, McLuin Minor, Richard Malonar, Meyers, Frank Minarich, Terry Menozzi. FOUR: Mr. Hooper, Marvin Minarich, Wesley ler, Michael Miller, Raymond Morris. Later Explorations in Knowlege HOMEROOM 316 iMr. Swankl-ROW ONE: Ruth Padilla, Sharon Pfeifer, Linda Peet, Darlene Petty, Marjorie Parker, Tom Niffen, Tom Newkirk, Steve Orasco. ROW TWO: Frank Pena, Mark Pilon, Randy Pearson, George Pitchford, Richard Olson, Frank Norem, Frank Panish. ROW THREE: Jerry Parker, Randy Pollock, Jim Papek, Tom Pickett, Francis Prieboy, Mike Palmer, Tom Osmus, Richard Peterbok, George Patten. ROW FOUR: Mr. Swank, Doug Ostrem, Herald Nahra, Tom Pomykala, Frank Petrusich, Jose Olvera, Jim Norris, Jer'ry Pozzi, Jerald Papesh. ru Ji dir , 15.0, . ,. HOMEROOM 198 iMr. Marlowj-ROW ONE: Christy Petrinos, Kathy Pemble, Carol Petty, Caroline Peterson, Connie Pappachristov, Dee Paros, Sue Peters, Mary Ann Pasteris, Pam Overton. ROW TWO: Karen Overpeck, Georgi- ana Pacini, Darlene Paone, Bonnie Pershey, Judy Peterson, Pat Peterson, Karen Pike, Karen Pearce. ROW THREE: Mr. Marlowe, Eddie Pena, Barbara Parish, Marsha Pearce, Pat Parsons, Jack Petty, Ron Parks. ROW FOUR: Dave Peterson, Thomas Pasteris, Michael Pap- pas, Rich Pelton, Robert Ozier, Dennis Pagoria, John Palacios, Chipper Pearson. OMEROOM 179 CMr. Marshalll-ROW ONE: oyce Plese, Sandy Pollack, Patricia Range, Edith rice, Janelle Reeves, June Reeves, Gaye Rendle- an, Luona Pollock, Sandra Ray. ROW TWO: r, Marshall, Danna Reid, Sherry Pozzi, Lindsay owell, Diane Poole, Sheryl Ramsdell, Carol Rash, inda Reener. ROW THREE: Charles Rapson, Ra- nd Prancan, Terry Raddatz, Bill Raino, Ron rice. ROW FOUR: Steve Pollock, Theo Polley, om Regis, Michael Rauh, Julia Resendiz, Jim uthaff, Wesley Puhl. HOMEROOM 398 iMr. Wagner,-ROW ONE: Sharon Scott, Lillie Redmond, Judy Ritter, Nancy Sanders, Sheryl Robbins, Jennifer Rogers, Mitchell Sasser, Gerald Schlecter. ROW TWO: Tom Reim, Mike Russel, Mike lasser, Tranis Russel, Konstantin Rousonelos, John Ramirey, Jerry Robbins, Bill Race, Mr. Wagner. ROW THREE: Bob Sanfillipo, Eric Roath, Paul Kingstrom, Joe Rafac, Bob Puleo, Bob Ruch, Mark Richards. ROW FOUR: Laurince Sayles, Rich Schroder, Jim Prosise, Fred Schneider, Mike Rich, W. M. Robinette, Bill Schorp. Freshman Year Launches Students HOMEROOM 315 CMr. Richardsonj-ROW ONE: Darlene Schoob, Elaine Shipp, Joann Seeman, Maria Sclarvnos, Nancy Shay, Joanna Shelley, Bobs Sehring, Lois Shive. ROW TWO: Kimber- ly Shelvock, Amber Shelley, Pat Sealey, Linda Schure, Irma Shaw. ROW THREE: Mr. Richard- son, Richard Schorie, Bob Setina, Jim Schutte, Duane Schoftstoll, Bob Schrader, Seiler Paul. ROW FOUR: Chuck Schoenlrnecht, Richard Shipp, Pat Sealy, David Sheffer, John Shiner, George Shimek, Schure Donald, Stephen Sei- berling. HOMEROOM 230 lMiss Woodl-ROW ONE: Kenneth W. Staley, Barry Spiers, Marilyn Stembough, Laura Maria Smith, Mary Cathe- rine Sinshak, Patsy Sparks, Joyce Shoelen, Bill Simpson, James V. Smith. ROW TWO: Don Smveker, Robert Seeman, Robert Silas, Thomas Sanffner, Thomas Sappe, Bill Seman, Miss Wood. ROW THREE: Joseph Smyder, Lloyd Spiers, Elmer Shear, Phil Stachelalte, Floyd Spiers, Dennis Stephenson. ROW FOUR: James Stegall, Ronald Sims, Thomas Sealy, Ray Sim- mons, David James Smith, Eugene Sims, Roger Smith, James Fred Smith. HOMEROOM 265 lMr. Petersonl-ROW ONE: Mar- lene Scaccl, Jill Rys, Sandra Schelot, Mercedes Reyes, Elaine Saagbach, Dorothy Robinson, Bar- bara Schelot, Teresa Richards. ROW TWO: Mr. Peterson, Carol Sahler, Pamela Richards, Terry Richards, Patricia Richards. ROW THREE: Bill Salman, Arthur Joio, Richard Sargent, Steve Wayne Schewe. ROW FOUR: Richard Reyes, Thom Scheubir, Frank Satori. -.A HOMEROOM 263 lMr. Sironl-ROW ONE: Smith, Mary Jostachnrslsi, Gerry Skinski, Stachelski, Linda Small, Annette Simotes, Sircy, Adrienne Sohn. ROW TWO: Mr. Donna Smith, Renee Smith, Lois Sieinslsi, Smith, Pat Smith, Kathy Smith. ROW Demetrius Smith, Robert Smith, Richard Sing Smith, Tom Snider. ROW FOUR: Ron Smith Smith, Phil Smith, Marc Smith, Rich Smith, Stahler. on Trajector to Higher Education HOMEROOM 317 KMr. Sorensonl-ROW ONE: Sharon Synold, Gloria Stalnucker, Angie Steven- son, Kathy Stevenson, Barbara Starmann, Gayle Story, Lorraine Swanson, Diane Starcevich. ROW TWO: Mary Strong, Jackie Sykes, Donna Strieler, Agnes Sternisha, Sherla Stofko, Dawn Stonehouse, Sandra Stapleton. ROW THREE: Roscoe Summers, Glenn Sutphin, Charles Swanstrom, Paul Stein- guist, Harold Starrha, Mr. Sorenson. ROW FOUR: Thomas Summers, Thomas Sutcliffe, Lawrence Stoner, Cletus Steyer, Bernard Swiderski, William Stark. gf,- HOMEROOM 290 KMr. Stobartl-ROW ONE: Bessie Thomas, Karen Tarkelson, Gloria Turres, Kimberley Trainor, Kathy Turk, Mary Jo Terlep Judith Thonthin, Jo Ann Tate. ROW TWO: Lynne Thigpen, Tony Tachia, Robert Tezak, Peter Tolstych, Don Thorsen, William Tynor, Rachel Thorp. ROW THREE: Stephen Folbert, Nathan Tutt, Roger TeSelle, William Thackes. Thomas Tomasic, Ellis Thonpson, Charles Than- nert, Mr. Stobort. ROW FOUR: Asiel Thomp- son, Larry Upchurch, Timothy Tepper, Stanley Trygg, Greg Tuntland, David Urban. f - s 26l iMr Engelhardtf ROW ONE Van Derlmden Pauline Violet Janet Thomp n Nancy Vance Gina Ullman Jane Thompson b Stoltz Don Van Dyke ROW TWO Michael ubbs Rick Venegoni Buddy Vlcich Mr Engel rclt ROW THREE Mike Strainer Leonard Stur James Stubbs Bill Stewart Rick Vanderhoof me Virno Chris Talley ROW FOUR Tom Lin n James Lee Ron Tallman Ray Switzer John lle Mike Tamez Paul Vrolet Jim Testa. HOMEROOM 381 fMiss Neall-ROW ONE: Brenda Vineyard, Karen Walling, Marietta Vorgo, Janice Vines, Kathy Vrieze, Janice Vroegindewey, Vicki Wolberg, Lindo Vernard, Linda Webb. ROW TWO: Miss Neal, Karen Sue Walters, Mary Ward, Mary Vidales, Dorothy Waddell, Dorthy Voss, Maxine Watkins. ROW THREE: Manuel Vosguez, George Vrakas, Tony Vrakas, Larry Waldrop. ROW FOUR: Manuel Venegos, Dennis Vitanovec, John Voight, Mar- tin Wallace, David Warren. v 31 f 574 A . - Freshmen Face Future Curricula Confidentl i' 32 HOMEROOM 331 KMr. Rogersl-ROW ONE: Cathy Wilhelm, Ja Anne Walker, Lavina Kay Watson, Doris Wren, Jane Williams, Petra Ziegner, Patricia Walsh, Roberta Walls. ROW TWO: Mr. Rogers, Charles Yarbrough, Monroe Waddell, Paul Zola, Jeff Woods, Jerry Watson, Clyde Williams. ROW THREE: Otis Warren, Robert Watt, Lawrence Walsh, George Woz- niak, Tom Williams, Roger Wall. ROW FOUR: David Wilkinson, Frank Wrobel, Robert Young, Joe Woalzey, Dean Ziech, Robert Ziech, Gerald Wheaton. HOMEROOM 316 lMr. Carlsonl-ROW ONE: Nila Joy Holt, Donna Kay Hollis, Helen l. Hol- man, Sandra Homesly, Jan Criscione, Frances M. Hollister. ROW TWO: William Davis, Carol Jean Holmstrom, Eileen Hoffman, Carroll Filas, Mr. Carlson. ROW THREE: Michael Evans, Gunter Foster, Curt Cramer, Ray Dolasin, Robert Gaglian. HOMEROOM 103 IMr. Truittl-ROW ONE: Amelia Williams, Mary Olive Williams, Catherine Williams, Penny Whiteman, Joan Weber, Cecila Weber, Dolores Wilda, Judy Westbrooks, Kay Williams. ROW TWO: Mary Lee Williams, Sue Wehrspann, Melanie Whalen, Rena Wheeler, Donna White, Donna Weldon, Betty Jo Wiermann. ROW THREE: David Williams, James Whitley, Mr. Truitt. ROW FOUR: Robert Wilder, John Williams, Marion Leon Williams, Ronald Weiske, Theopelis Wells, Steve Wilkey. HOMEROOM T76 CML Nicolej-ROW ONE: Znidarsish, Jean Zaborsis, Rita Zambaane ginia Zupancic, Colletta Wright, Sherry ' Judy Wynne, Deborah Young, Jeanne ROW TWO: Peggy Ziemer, Pamela Wright, Wright, Loretta Young, Mr. Nicole. ROW Tom Waiek, Larry Wren, Larry Woldt, Zimmerman. ROW FOUR: Joel Wright, Wysocki, Allan Wiseman, Richard Zettergren, Wright, Bruce Wilson, David Zegers. 2 Sophomores Grow More Mature HOMEROOM 290 lMiss P. Allenl-ROW ONE: San dra Smith, Shirley Stanfield, Carol Stankey, Linda Smeets, Sharyn Squier, JoAnn Stefanich, Kathy Spreitzer, Barbara Starling, Ann Stanfield, Chris tine Stangle. ROW TWO: Miss Allen, Dave Stal zer, Larry Stawiclc, Terry Smith, Terry Snyder Richard Sloan. ROW THREE: Jim Stahl, Gary Soerensen, Dale Smith, Roger Spencer, Richard Sleyko, Chuck Southcomb, Jack Smith. ROW FOUR Ray Stepnski, Melvia Smith, John Smego, Ed Stanslcer, Scott Stahl, Dan Speckman, Mike Smeets N H OMEROOM 351 lMrs. Barbeej-ROW ONE: Lin- a Beallis, Linda Behun, Sheryl Baumann, Cherie ergman, Kathy Berge, Jane Barringer, Billy Bates, athy Baran. ROW TWO: Mrs. Barbee, Virgie anks, Karen Barrett, Charles Benson, Jim Beach, aug Barnes, Paul Barnard. ROW THREE: Tom be, Greg Bennett, Eugene Bedard, Louis Bal- nger, Jeff Baranski, Ken Bazaar, Melvin Barnett. W FOUR: Marion Bell, Gerald Bates, Jim Bas- rville, John Berdis, Bob Bensen, -Charles Bern- rd, Scott Bertrand. in 'Q 0 ,n'n"' HOMEROOM l9l fMr. Wm. T. Allenj-Row ONE: Naomi Atkins, Penny Apgar, Mary Sue Ballaclr, Sharon Austin, Maureen Baillies, Pat Avery, Shirley Attawawy, Renelle Baker, Judy Bakes, Marie Baitenger. ROW TWO: Martha Armstrong, Mary Arthur, Jean Augustyng, Carolyn Bacon, Pinkie Baker, Caroylin Austin, Lynn Axelsan, Mr. W. T. Allen. ROW THREE: Lee Auguston, Mae Avery, Rick Ariagno, Ed Arter, Joe Attaway, Ray Aultz, Bill Andrews. ROW FOUR: Richard Astorino, Richard Ashley, Joe Baiti, Bob Arnold, Bill Ball, David Askew, Paul Azuma. HOMEROOM 143 fMr. W. E. Allenj-ROW ONE: Barb Alling, Nancy Aniderson, Linda Anerasen, Kathy Allen, Barb Alley, Carol Allison, Terry Alexander, Rose Alberico. ROW TWO: Virginia Agnew, Sharon Anderson, Jackie Allen, Larry Agazzi, Mork Ambrose, Linda Anderson, Kathy Allen, William E. Allen. ROW THREE: Stan Adams, Carnell Adams, Jae Alcamo, Dale An- derson, Bob Allen, Garry Anderson. ROW FOUR: Stan Allen, Len Anderson, Harry Allison, Bill Allender, Tim Allen, Jerry Adam, Don Anderson. cr an i HOMEROOM 384 fMiss Beckl-ROW ONE: Pam Liberty, Gloria Mann, Elizabeth Malek, Betty Macholz, Judith Molsky, Linda Logan, Sharon Lipsey, Paula Lockwood, Sandra Lynn. ROW TWO: Miss Eileen Beck, Rich Luzbetak, Ronnie Ludvigsen, Sam Mallory, Pat Liberty, Angie Manno, Judy Lutz, Brigette Malnor, Carole Locke. ROW THREE: James Malone, Bill Linko, Ronald Likovic, Harry Ludwig, Michael Ma- honey, Dan Mahoney, Bill Macier. ROW FOUR: Richard Loucks, Edward LuKanich, Richard Lind- strom, Ken Lipinski, Thomas Lozar, Wayne Lucas, Bernie Lovat, Harlow Lockwood, Dennis Malandro, Wayne Lund. HOMEROOM 3690 fMr. W. Burnsj-ROW ONE: Linda Climer, Tressa Churchwell, Janet Clug- sion, Judy Ciccotelli, Arthetta Cook, Paula Chinderle, Leslie Clark, Judith Chess. ROW TWO: Gigi Chalstrom, Norma Chaney, Doro- thy Clayborn, Joanne Christiansen, Mary Clark, Ruth Converse, Carol Ann Cohil, Lydia Con- nor. ROW THREE: Mr. Burns, Frank Chellino, Robert Chastain, Alan Chesko, Ken Cirrencione, Leonard Cernetich, Thomas Colwell. ROW FOUR: Llyde Collins, Sam Clayton, Pat Con- way, Charles Collins, James Chaplin, James Ceci, Al Chidsey, Cliff Cavitt. Sophomores Have a Large HOMEROOM 237b fMr. Chandlerj-ROW ONE: Janetta McGill, Barbara McGinnis, Bonnie Miller, Joan McGrath, Sondra McPeters, Mary Ann Miller, Lillies Mclntosh, Carol Metesa. ROW TWO: Mr. Chandler, Sandy Minnick, Bonnie McQueen, Linda Meier, Cathy Miner, Sue Meinert, Anna Mevrer, lrene McShane. ROW THREE: Keith Miller, Ken McPartlin, Paul Melhorn, Harold Melhorn, Ken McMahel, Tom Mills, Wayne Mietz, Larry Mikulich. ROW FOUR: Charles McKinney, Delnor Miller, John Miller, Craig McKeown, William Mckeynolds, Jim McGee. HOMEROOM i551 CMr. Burkei-ROW ONE: Dian Brilos, Darlene Brugnara, Linda Bruggeham, An Boyd, Bille Bridges, Carol Bowman, Karen Broc man, Virginia Bowen. ROW TWO: Renella Brow Lille Brass, Darlene Bridges, Linda Briel, Jacqu lyne Bossom, Jacqueline Brereton, Sue Brown, Su Briese, Mr. Burke. ROW THREE: Roger Brow Gerald Brown, Stuart Brown, Larry Broske, To Brummund, David Brandom, Chris Brandolino, R bert Brenczewski. ROW FOUR: Gary Bowye Victor Bostgansic, Robert Brachle, Eugene Bra clilino, John Breen, Greg Boyer, Ray Brixey. election of Occupations of Endeavor HOMEROOM 365 fMISS Chapmj ROW ONE Sha ron Coonan Joyce Crowther Veronica Decman Joyce Dalian Lynda Davis Rosemary DAlessno Pat Davis Violet Cruikshank ROW TWO Miss June Chapin Lance Criuelone Wayne Cox Mary Lou Dallrula Sue Crossman Gloria De Marco Dianne DeBarlo Judy Davis ROW THREE Tam DeHeer David Culyat Doug Coover Jeff De ment Jeff Davis Ward Cramer Mike Doum ROW FOUR Richard Craig Jim Currie Richard Deemer David Davenport George Corum Tom Cotner Joe Cnscione 389 lMr. Conversel-ROW ONE: Woods, Ragina Wloderczyk, Lynne Zo- Lee Wyss, Karen Witty, Christine Sy via Zolecke Cynthia Xigogianis Woldt, Charles Zalor. ROW FOUR: Jim Wysock, Tom Wynne, Bernie Zupancic, Martin l , , 1.. ROW TWO: Mr. Converse, Ed Tom Young, Rick Woodruff, Jim Ziech, Wright. ROW THREE: Chuck Zupancic, Bob Bill Wolf, Earl Wood, Walter Workman, Larry Zaring, Huck Wisneski, Art Wisneski, HOMEROOM 330 lMr. Chasej-ROW ONE: Mary Jo Pevine, Betsy Podner, Lonnie Pohl, Mary Lou Picciolo, Sue Pierson, Phyliss Pha- laugher, Celeste Pinneo, Phyllis Pittsenburger, Darlene Peterson. ROW TWO: Mr. W. G. Chase, Mike Penrod, Terri Pemble, Cherri Peet, Charlene Perry, Mary Pena, Gerry Peterson. ROW THREE: Donnie Person, Lothar Perignon, Eugene Piunti, John Persha, Greg Peus, Pete Petkovich, Bill Petty, Danny Plazza, Ken Piano, ROW FOUR: George Peterson, Allan Philips, Marshall Penka, Larry Perinar, Tom Podnar, Jim Peterbok, Carl Peters, Roger Pfieffer, Jim Phelps. HOMEROOM 285 lMr. Chrismanl-ROW ONE: Ruth Dillon, Libby Eastin, Anna M. Dragovon, Maria Disero, Mary Dene Wellis, Marsella Dunlap, Tara Dracca, Judy De Naroo. ROW TWO: Carol Di Desiderio, Hazel Dougherty, Cheryl Duncan, Georgina Dezee, Sharon Demp- sey, Earceal Dorris, Mary Difilippo, Mr. Chris- man. ROW THREE: Frank Desiderio, Joe De- Rosa, Larry DiGusto, Tam Dennison, James Dunn, Richard Dolnak, Gene Duchmanton, Ter. ry Doyle. ROW FOUR: Andreu Dvlka, Bill Dor- nick, Bill Duffus, Craig Diehl, Bob Dupee, Ron Duff, Bob Dunbar. The Year That Decides ,. n i HOMEROOM 115 lMr. Grayl-ROW ONE: Doris Edward, Kay Easton, Jeanne Ericson, Jane Eck- man, Karen Engelman, Martha Emerson, Rose Marie Egger, Kathy Engle, Lynn Eichholzer. ROW TWO: Mr. Gray, Terry Eberbart, Edward J. Ethe- ridge, Dennis Elias, Joe Enich, Mike Esposito. ROW 1 THREE: Robert Eickhoff, Edward F. Ethesidge, Bob Emerich, Art Edwards, Fred Edburg, Paul Even- son, Danny Elder, Juergen Eichholz, George Enick, Angela Egizio. ROW FOUR: Bill Eneix, Gary Evans, Fred Engimann, Gary Elens, Bob Evans, Ray Enix, Lee Edgerly, Ronald Erksam. HOMEROOM 360 lMr. Gutierrezl-ROW ONE: Carol Falletti, Gwen Favretto, Cindy Frederick, Nancy Floyd, Joan Fox, Laurel Francis, Irene Fioritto, Peggy Forbes. ROW TWO: Ed Fear, Chuck Folio, Sam Finkle, Mary Ficarello, Rose- mary Foxworth, Mr. Gutierrez. ROW THREE: Bill Frederick, Dave Floyd, Paul Fish, Tim Fel- ker, James Fodero. ROW FOUR: Dennis Fer- guson, Dick Fahreholz, Chuck Farrington, John Flahive, Larry Frattini, Doug Fornango, Don Forte, Greg Flint. HOMEROOM 282 lMiss Hartmanl-ROW ONE: Joyce Mudron, Joan Nelson, Beth Morse, Bar- bara Murray, Rose Mitchell, Dianne Mitchell, Judy Mussario, Jan Morris. ROW TWO: Mit- chell Moffett, Mary Rose Minnito, Linda Mur- phy, Joyce Mudron, Sharon Mumbower, Miss Hartman. ROW THREE: Gail Musson, Gerald Mitok, George Monferdin, Paul Murray, Steve Morgan, Dale Mossberger. ROW FOUR: George Moffett, Ben Moreno, John Mitolm, Ken Moak, Mickey Murnick, Fred Murphey, Marc Musser. x v HOMEROOM 'I09 fMrs, Helfrich,-ROW Kathy Harkis, Nancy Hahn, Sandy Gusta, Haggerty, Carole Gursh, Gwen Hammer, Janet gerty, Sherry Hardage, Nara Hand. ROW Magnolia Harris, Betty Harvey, Rose Doris Hamilton, Tinia Harsha, Loretta Harris, bie Hathway, Barbara Hargis, Lois Harms, Helfrich. ROW THREE: Dan Hagan, Tom Gura, Mike Guffey, rel, Libby Hall, Lynnda Halweg. ROW FOUR: Hammond, Paul Hagen, Richard Hardy, Mike Harvey, Bill Handlon, Ray Tom Hauert. Either Childhood or Adulthood HOMEROOM 195 iMr. Hodgmanl-ROW ONE: Linda George, Kathy Geiss, Phyllis Griffin, Chris Gerenci, Jane Ghilain, Penny Graham, Sharon Guard, Janet Green, Sharon Greco. ROW TWO: Alice Glover, Gail Gualdoni, Brenda Gold, Jeanne Gruenwald, Donna Grohne, Lynette Gregory, Viv- ion Givens, Marsha Gea, Sharon Gollick, Jacque Gordon. ROW THREE: Ken Gregory, Bob Ger- gescz, Chris Gimpel, Peter Goodwin, Ken Griffin, Jim Gunter, Mike Grzincic. ROW FOUR: Willie Griffin Bob Gregg, Don Glioci Jack Gilmore Vic Glgllette Ron Goodwin Rich Grohar Greg Gels ler Mr Hodgman L 291 fMr. James Hurst,-ROW ONE: Kane, Judy Kane, Karen Kapinus, Joan Kaufes, Kahle, Ginny Juricic, Linda Jorgensen, Lin- Kier. ROW TWO: Cindy Keck, Mary Kennedy, hirley Kaatz. ROW THREE: Bob Junkins, Terry eck, Don Kienlen, Frank Juricic, Dave Keyt, Ron ing, Alan Kamhi, Bob Kazlauskas. ROW FOUR: im Kilgos, Charles Kenny, Jerry Kielian, Bill Kas- n, John Kella, Stan Kapusniok, Richard Kidd. ,vi- r 1 E , . 5yf.v?? t". , nl HOMEROOM 129 fMiss Hooperj-ROW ONE: Sharon Hood, Sandy Hinton, Phyllis Holmes, Delores Homesly, Karen Hoover, Cathy Honio- tes, Cheryl Howland, Carole Hoelzer, Nancy Houseknecht. ROW TWO: Cecelia Hoffman, Janet Miller, Gwen Holloway, Sharon Holden, Christine Hinkle, Mary Holcomb, Linda Holt, Julie Hiner, Miss Hooper. ROW THREE: Leroy Hines, Richard Hirsch, Jay Himes, Bill Hop- kins, Bob Hodgdon, Tom Hooper. ROW FOUR: Jock Hood, John Honiotes, Mark Hoffer, Allen Harvat, Mark Horwitz, Larry Hoffman, Roger Hiller, Tom House. HOMEROOM 315 lMr. Howardj-ROW ONE: Carol Irwin, Laurel Jackson, Helen James, Sharon James, Lynor Isaacson, Bobby Hylka, Vicky Hunter, Joanne Jesson, Bonnie Jenkins. ROW TWO: Miss Torkar, Elizabeth Huber, Pam Hunte, Sally Huey, Kathy Hoye, Connie Hurst, Jean Jackson, Carol Hrivnak, Pat Jachinowski, Mr. Howard. ROW THREE: Humerto Jaimes, Tony Hudolin, Ed Jelenich, Mike Hutter, Charles Jakabsons, James Jefferson. ROW FOUR: Ro- bert lvy, Paul Jarotkiewicz, Bob Hrehor, Jim Jenkins, Greg Hutson, Jackie Jomerson, Jim Jackson. wmv s HOMEROOM 3378 lMr. Millerj-ROW ONE: Nancy Newkirk, Shirley Nuttell, Rachel Oroser, Judy Novotny, Barbara Nurchyk, Janice On- drein, Nancy Neighbors, Sandra Olson, Josh Nilson. ROW TWO: Mike Norton, Dave Nor- derberg, Mike O'Malley, Sandra Oneholy, Phyllis O'Connar, Debarsh Nelson, Patricia Nip- pert, Dalores Navarro, Mr. Miller. ROW THREE: Don Oetter, Dan Nelson, James Nichol- son, Robert Nemonich, Robert Oestreich, Tom Oberts, Gerald Norman, Larry Nickel. ROW FOUR: Tom Olson, Mike O'Hern, Frank Ninos, Bob Nuse, Tim O'Keefe, Richard Newton, Dave Naylor, Ronald Olryd. HOMEROOM 401 lMr. W, A. Minerj-ROW ONE: Mary lou Cantwell, Anita Bucciarelli, lda Camocha, Isabel Camacho, Lynn Butterwick, Mama Bryan, Bettie Burzawa, Florence Burley, Marlene Carrera. ROW TWO: Joseph Cabrer- ra, Richard Carpenter, Sandra Carlson, Colleen Carey, Kotheryn Buchalco, Vianne Carey, Linda Carlson, Rose Buckner, Mr. Miner. ROW THREE: Phillip Brunner, Paul Campbell, Phillip Burford, Micheal Buell, Ray Carlson, James Carrol, Frederick Bustin. ROW FOUR: Wiley Bruton, Ronald Carloss, Ken Carter, Ronald Bucciarelli, Allen Buehler, Doug Busch, Robert Bucciorelli, Franklin Burnett. Sophomores Grow in HOMEROOM 255 lMr. Hansenl-ROW ONE: Jewel Ganf, Sandy Gans, Trudy Gans, Mary Lou Gates, Linda Gaorielson, Sharon Fuse, Fana Gales, Laura Furlane. ROW TWO: Mr. Hansen, Linda French, Karen Freddle, Dorrana Fugua, Ruthy Gaven, Nancy Garnett. ROW THREE: Robert Fuller, Syl- vester Gavin, Tom Gullagher, Bob Galle, Ken Frigo, Freddie Funk, Henry Garvenda. ROW FOUR: Phil Garavaglia, Frank Gasperick, Richard Garton, Jack Julterer, Jerry Fultz, Ralph Fuggett, Michael Guyslos. ' Qs :id HOMEROOM 298 lMr. D. Neill-ROW ONE: Heard, Linda Hegstacl, Dlores Hernandez Hicks, Kay Henshow, Sandra Hensley, Heath. ROW TWO: Paul Helgeson, Nickie Suzanne Heaney, Cathie Hewitt, Denise Hickman, Mr. D. Neil. ROW THREE Henderson, Bill Haidel, Jon Henning, Rick Dan Henkel, Paul Hernandez, Dave Ray Hemphill. ROW FOUR: Larry Herafh, Heitsch, George Eugene Hicks, Mike Haynes, old Hennings, Greg Henderson. Mind and Stature HOMEROOM 189 lMrs. Klinej-ROW ONE: Pam Liberscher, Clare Lentine, Mary Lagrimini, Gerry Larson, Judy Lambert, Judy Lavazza, Cindy Leathers, Lincla Lawson. ROW TWO: Mrs. Kline, Judy Lake, Betsy Lenz, Doreen Lesh, Becky Lah- ners. ROW THREE: Rick Leonard, John Laker, Peter Lamberson, Fred Leggero, John Lener, Rick Lawson, Tam Lambeth, Ray Lee. ROW FOUR: Richard Lanham, Harold Leyerle, AI Legan, Den- nis Larson, Joe Legan, Larry Levy, Gerry Lester. McCullum Joann McCurcl Ailene Mathias McCuIIorigh. yrdlt 1, Dy.: 378 lMrs. Lindj-ROW ONE: Bar- 1 Y: I McCarthy, Bonnie Marquardt, Lydia Mar- Beth Mayhugh, Diane Marsch, Rosemary Mas- Cindy Maren. ROW TWO: Evelyn McCullum, McCormick, Lorraine Matthews, Pat Mc- Marianne Martina, Pat Massarelli, Gary Jacqueline McComb, Mrs. Irene Lind. ROW Terry McCormick, Mike Matlock, Bob Matt- Rick Marietta, Ralph Martinez, Tom Mattson, Marvic, Jim Marshall. ROW FOUR: George Chuck McDonald, Allan Matthews, Bill Lance McCalla, Denis Matlak, Tom HOMEROOM 406 lMr. Koutniki-ROW ONE: Randa Johnson, Jean Johnsen, Kathy Johnson, Thelma Johnson, Darlene Johnson, Carol John- son, Judy Johnson, Burneva Jordan. ROW TWO: Donald E. Johnson, Kent Johnson, Sam Jones, Dave Johnson, Gordon Johnson, Mr. P. Koutnik. ROW THREE: Earnest Jordan, Gary Johnson, David Jontes, Keith Johnson, Donald C. Johnson. ROW FOUR: Lawrence Jones, Lor- ry Johnston, Dwight Johnson, larry O. Jones, J. Ton Jones, Wayne Jones, C. Wayne Johnson. HOMEROOM 267 lMiss Lanel-ROW ONE: Judy Paul, Kirma Pearce, Carol Patterson, Nancy Partak, Linda Osterberg, Gloria Paone, Susan Pasteris. ROW TWO: Miss Lane, Clinton Par- nell, Tony Papesh, Fred Parr, Sandra Palmer, Cheryl Parsons, Art Pavelek. ROW THREE: Wayne Painter, Jesse Palacios, Robert Paul, Richard Papesh, Kenneth Parker. ROW FOUR: Ray Paluzxi, Nolan Payne, Raymond Pearce, Kenneth Palmer, Bruce Pavey, Richard Parks. With Constant Guidance HOMEROOM 361 iMrs. P. Parishl-ROW ONE: Kay Booras, Aldene Boese, Janet Blatchley, Joan Billy, Colleen Bortoli, Melody Bishop, Susan Bishup, Phyllis Bertsch, Bonnie Bick. ROW TWO: Mrs. Parish, Ralph Blowers, Mike Boris, Barbara Blank, Patsy Bonham, Nellie Blalock. ROW THREE: Ron Boe, Bob Bick, George Beverly, Paul Boettcher, Jack Biskie, Wallace Bettenhausen, Jerry Blevins, John Borum. ROW FOUR: John Black, Richard Bet- tenhausen, Ron Biegun, Tom Boroni, Jack Blae- sin, Sidney Bick, Ron Bills. HOMEROOM l99 iMr. Utgardl-ROW ONE: Georgene Turk, Jackie Vidosh, Nancy Trepel, Marianne Trippon, Linda Tremper, Gloria Truty, Jane Vercellotti, Linda Vernel, Carol Vetter. ROW TWO: Frankie Van, Charlene Vercellotti, Janice Trizna, Dolores Van Allen, Nancy Vicich, Gloria Vorgo, Viscont Drusilla, Margie Trough- ton. ROW THREE: Sandy Venegas, John Trovgh- ton, Victor Vera, Mike Tymowicz, Jim Treusil, Mr. Utgard. ROW FOUR: Nabor Venegos, Clark Travis, Abel Venegas, Charles Tutt, John Varrnan, Richard Tyler, Wayne Videtich. HOMEROOM 175 fMiss Schneiderl-ROW ONE: Carol Tolbert, Rushebe Tiggs, Lindo Tacchia, Mary Tamayo, Charlotte Tezak, Linda Thurm, Barbara Tatro, Nancy Trainor. ROW TWO: Miss A. Schneider, Jim Tacchio, Robert Tadei, Ron Terlep, John Tapley, Jesse Thomas, Billy Thompson, James Sykes, Richard Thompson. ROW THREE: John Ton- elli, Phillip Torres, Ernest Tonelli, William Todd, Nick Tomac, Clifford Theobolcl, Eclw. Thomas, Alan Synold. ROW FOUR: Louis Talkie, Robert Thacker, Mark Teipel, Tom Tessiatore, Fred Tijan, Anthony Tadey, James Thorson, Peter Tomoc. HOMEROOM 332 iMr. Swalecj-ROW ONE: Char- lene Rhodes, Lindo Robinson, Anna Rudd, Judy Rudisill, Gail Rowe, Sharon Rizzo, Cindy Ringo, Paulette Rogel, Judy Rolawdo. ROW TWO: Mr. Swalec, Kathy Rodgers, Nancy Russ, Jayne Roberts, Janice Rostello, Shirley Robinson, I-rene Rousoelos, Joane Rousonelas. ROW THREE: Roy Richards, Ron Rimke, Harold Rowe, Pete Ruffatto, Alan Ritter, John Robbins, Gary Richardson. ROW FOUR: Walt Robinson, Irwin Robinson, Don Russell, Terry Rich- ardson, Ron Ritchey, Bob Russell. Sophomores Attain Securit HOMEROOM lOl lMiss E. Petersenl-ROW ONE: Antoinette Requsa, Mary Ramirez, Rachel Racki, Donna Powers, Ina Powell, Karen Rapson, Julio Rhoads, Judith Reed, Donna Richards, Terry Reen- er. ROW TWO: Miss Petersen, Joy Rambo, Candy Powell, Judy Posega, Arvietta Reibel, Jo Ann Residori, Judy Randolph, Charles Rash, Harry Red- mond. ROW THREE: Gary Price, Ken Pomeron, David Randolph, Linda Pratto, June Puddicombe, Sandy Resis, John Raqusa, Richard Rakar, Don Richardt. ROW FOUR: David Przybylski, David Pyle, David Pollock, David Ques, Howard Price, Dan Rapson, Dick Rambo, Don Raub. DOOM 'l2'l KM. Ryanl-ROW ONE: Gloria Sue Sharp, Sharen Shaw, Judy Siemsen, Sitar, Nancy Sinnett, Lin'da Sheafor, Sklenar. ROW TWO: Miss Mary A. Ryan, Simpson, Mike Skinner, Roger Simon, Shepley. ROW THREE: Joe Simuncvich, Mike Bernard Sienko, Terry Severson, James Don Shewmake, ROW FOUR: Patrick Sie- Mike Shuler, Kent Skinner, Bill Simonich, Paul Andrew Shannon, Stephen Shroba, Chuck HOMEROOM 329 fMr. Robinsonj-ROW ONE: Janet Seil, Cheryl Seeman, Linda Sebben, Loral Schoob, Ann Schmid, Jane Schiek, Jean Scho- field, Linda Sandahl. ROW TWO: Regina Schneider, Bonnie Scholar, Ann Ruttle, Cindy Salter, Jackie Sealey. ROW THREE: Mr. Robin- son, Lloyd Seobron, Stan Schroeder, Dave Senecal, Bob Sacco, Ken Seeman. ROW FOUR: Ken Schewe, Leslie Sanders, John Seasly, Scott Sanders, Joe Sandretto, Jerry Sandberg, Allen Schmidt. HOMEROOM 105 iMr. Solodynaj-ROW ONE: Karen Surges, Bonnie Swank, Linda Surges, Joy Steffes, Nancy Strappazon, Sharon Sweeney, Diane Sula, Sharon Swank, Georgine Struthers, Karen Suchy. ROW TWO: Sue Suggett, Ken Stogis, Richard Sudsberry, Bob Swanson, Dave Swanson. ROW THREE: Mr. Solodyna, Don Steinbach, Larry Summers, Dave Surdey, Bill Studer. ROW FOUR: Joe Stokes, Jeff Stevens, Bill Taylor, Dave Steinquist, Walt Steffes, Ray Stiles, Jerry Strong, Bob Stonich. Juniors Learn Methods of Communication -- fu Snglish, ?rem'l1, i A oiii - I A' " X ivurmzlism, Art Hlrzsscs J.T. is so constructed that art students may practice drawing at any one of the scenic angles of the school. Here, Sarabeth Jones, fulfills an art class in l Vive la Francel French classes provide iuniors, and other students, with a general knowledge of French culture as well as grammar. Here Miss Hartman explains one of the ele- mentary culture points to her French I class: Long live Francel requirement by utilizing the statue at the east center entrance for a charcoal drawing. Here, Mrs. Little helps one of her English students compose his theme by correcting o grammatical point. ff"nll There is a great deal of work involved in preparing a J-Hi Journal. Margene Whitler, explains one of her articles which appeared in the paper to the Journalism ll class. juuivr 611155 Officvrs pw-4. -nf' "C"7 xl.: ,Ag 5.1 4 ,ll w 0 I l 4 Q70 O' 1 ui,- -ku-Il-r. pl -,...J I l 2 'lfx Ken Angus Vice-President Dave Anderson Boy's Social Chairman Danna Duff Girls' Social Chairman Dick Baver Presiden! Penny Gardner Treasurer Janice Tonelli Secretary Three Years in .l.T. Completed--Juniors Prove HOMEROOM 283 fMr. Burgetj-ROW ONE: Myra E. Berk, Mary Ellen Benac, Pat Bernickas, Marlene Boe, Sandy Blount, Jean Biddle, Jacqui Bissett, Pat Bielec. ROW TWO: Eddie Blakney, John Blackburn, Susan Blount, Nancy Blatti, Kathy Block, Adrienne Berg, Sue Benge, Betty Benson. ROW THREE: Gary Blankenship, Tom Binzen, Bill Blaser, Victor Bianchetta, Ray Bersano. ROW FOUR: Richard Blaesing, Fred Blatt, Jerry L. Boehner, David Boettcher, Dick Blogg, Jim Bergstrom. HOMEROOM T19 IMiss Eldredl-ROW ONE: Diane Edman, Janet Drazen, Karen Eames, Donna Duff, Helene Eisen, Barbara Easley, Marlyn Eberhard, Mary Kay Edmonds. ROW TWO: E. S. Eldred, LaVaughn Enis, Barbara Dunbar, Sandy Draper, Charlene Evans, Ruth Etheridge, Joyce Eberhart, Jackie Evans. ROW THREE: John Elliott, Bruce Dutkiewicz, John Evans, Carol Engimann, Vara Esquibel, Kay Duncan. ROW FOUR: Joe Drobnak, David Dhneer, James Doenehk, Lester Engelman, Ricky Duncan, Robert Doyle, George Elfter. ik!!! HOMEROOM 2l9C fMr. Davis!-ROW ONE Connor, Aaron Cohen. ROW TWO: Corrie, Margaret Converse, June Cou Sandy Courage. ROW THREE: John C1 Barbara Collins, Pat Corcoran, Linda Ann nor, Shirley Cornelius, Sharon Cursoe, Cotthe, Mr. Davis. ROW FOUR: Ray Crotty Cooper, Jerry Carl, Robert Nick Cookas, Conway, Stan Curry, Dennis Callick. HOMEROOM 180 CMr. Edwordsl-ROW Margaret Danzero, Linda Degrace, Charla ton, Sue Delaney, Carol Dolasin, Antonietta ietro, Pat DeMik, Joann Defratas. ROW Fred Dillon, Eileen Danielson, Judy Darin, Dillon, Lynore Dennis, Ken Darley, Mr. ROW THREE: Joe Delara, Eddie Dorris, Bob port, Jerry Dethrow, Hank De Sandre, D'Atri, Kurt Decman, Jim DeWitt. Read for Responsibilities of Seniors 355 lMr. G a r r e I 0-ROW ONE: Venegas, Larry Wagnon, Ben Waddell. OMEROOM 397 iMrs. Gilberil-ROW ONE: Leah ae Fields, Sylvia Evenson, Virginia Fazio, June ischer, Judy Fowler, Eloise Farris, Jean Frank, udy Fleischauer. ROW TWO: Mrs. Gilbert, Lloyd lall, Don Fox, Larry Ford, Clyde Floyd, Larry ox. John Foley. ROW THREE: Don Farr, Larry David Farmer, Alden Fergrson, Jim Frank, Farnsworlh, Jerry Fray. Van Derlinden, Jo Ann Verislain, Jill Vis- Mary Ja Verchimak, Teddy Vracus, Janel Willie Mae Waddell. ROW TWO: Don Pal Wagner, Carol Ventura, Mary Ann Garrett. ROW THREE: Richard Ward, Venfuro, Jose Vilora, Eddie Vanderhoff, Wagner. ROW FOUR: Ronald Walker, Vanderbilt, Frank Varmon, Ronald Weber, HOMEROOM 364 lMr. Fielifzj-ROW ONE: Cheryl Kosmerl, Dorolhy Larson, Joan Kucera, Pam Kubinski, Beverly Kusnik, Lois Korsl, Sha- ron Koslele, Sandy Kokal. ROW TWO: Diana Lakoiich, Susan Kuhar, Joy Larson, Judy Kur- lais, Mary Krupianik, Carol Larson, Kinda Kroll, Barb Kraker. ROW THREE: Richard Kosmerl, Philip Kouchoukos, Sfuarl Lafonfaine, Robert Larsen, Rick Kolodzie, Ed Lardin. ROW FOUR: Mr. Fielilz, Mike Krichlena, Jim Kwasneske, Curlis Krugger, Richard Larson, Nick Kovacs, John Kulish. HOMEROOM 367 1Miss Gersbacherl-ROW ONE: Pa? Bridges, Judy Breen, Mary Jane Brachle, Eloise Boydslon, Pal Bollis, Andrea Boolman, Helen Boyd, Linda Boris, ROW TWO: Miss Gersbacher, Lilly Bradley, Sue Brookman, Kay Bosfrom, Rosalie Boiinno, Judy Boner. ROW THREE: Ron Bossom, Bruce Brooke, Don Bromberek, Ron Bromberek, Frank Brandolino. ROW FOUR: Mike Bowser, Ed Brookman, Ed Briones, Richard Breen, Tom Boieski, Tim Brafcher. Q I Our Unique Training Program Enables HOMEROOM 229 iMr. Harrimanj-ROW ONE: Donna Mistakevich, Janet Miller, Jean Merrell, Judy Miller, Linda Momsen, Janice Meyers, Susan Michael. ROW TWO: Mr. Harriman, Mike Maller, Jean Mitchell, Diahe Mitchel, Pot Min- nick, Tom Moholick, Hohn Moore. ROW THREE: Dennis Miller, Keith Mitchell, Ken Morey, Jim Miller, Frank Metes, William Metes. F: 3 t ' 4 44- J, W : r HOMEROOM 155x iMr. Kichefskil-ROW ONE: Richard Glinz, Loretta Giovanini, Amy Good- win, Patricia Goodoy, Diana Gordon, Susan Haizlip, Joyce Guilfoyle, Carol Grant, Lois Green. ROW TWO: Tom Gruenwald, Guy Grenier, Patrick Gurman, Toussaind Griffin, Michael Glovbs, Robert Haire, Robert Gimpel, Paul Gutieriez, Tony Gomez. ROW THREE: Robert Gregory, Thomas Gosha, Ronald Gua- chin, Robert Glasscock, Lloyd Goelschel, Rich- ard Grimsell, James Gurin, George Grahma. ROW FOUR: Mr. Kichefski, Fred Gregory, Mase Groves, Maynard Hall, Fred Hahn, Mike Haber- korn, James Grohne, Lee Haldorson, Larry Guilfogle, Don Gosack. ov HOMEROOM 28l Uohnson-Hurstl-ROW ONE: Barbara French, Helen Fricke, Rhoda Friedman, Pennie Gardner, Myrna Gierich, Clara Fu......., Mary Ann Gergosz, Shirley George, Sara Garcia. ROW TWO: Mr. Hurst, Rosemary Gallo, Kathy Galli, Judy Giermaia, Betty Gawendo, Lynette Gamble, Penny Gersman, Susan Gibbons. ROW THREE: Angelo Garbin, Jerry Galik, Dave Ger- gescz, John Gates, Dennis Garrison, Jerry Gea. ROW FOUR: Paul Gambrel, Steve Gerencir, Bil Genda, Jim Gandy, Mike Freeman, Denny Gard ner, Jay Frye. HOMEROOM 280 iMr. Howard A. ONE: Nancy Parkinson, Daun Elaine Paiesh, Partillo, Rosemary Partak, Catherine ristov, Rachelle Pauson, Judy Osborn, Oliver. ROW TWO: Jerry Pacin, Ron Leonard Overcash, Art Padilla, James Rosemary Patton, Nancy Lynn O'Neil, Mr. Johnson. ROW THREE: Peter Padilla Pemble, Dan Padley, Terry Ongenae, Tom Bob Pekol, Richard Pearson. Juniors To Choose Their Senior Subjects 279 lMrs. Lauerl-ROW ONE: Carol Macei, Marcia Maiclci, Sandra Luebs, Sandra Sharon Marino, Nancy Lucky. ROW TWO: Lauer, Ron Marfis, Virlin Mancki, Rudolph Doug Marshall. ROW THREE: Howard Morris Maitland, Bruce MacQueen, David Joseph Malinowski, John Monsholt, Ells- Marquardt. OMEROOM 269 lMr. Lesterj-ROW ONE: Beverly HOMEROOM 486 lMr. Larson,-ROW ONE: Barbara Harris, Carolyn Henderson, Pamela Haynes, Donna Hamerla, Barb Hiller, Sharon Harshfield. ROW TWO: Mr. Larson, Dwayne Hickman, Bruce Hamburger, Paul Hernandez. ROW THREE: Reino Hamalaineri, Donald Ham- erla, Jimmie Harris, Richard Harrison, William Hiller, John Hess. ROW FOUR: Edward Hig- gings, Ronald Heinlein, Matthew Hamilton, Donald Hazen, Ronald Hartley, David Harden. w 1-1 lint, Jymeann King, Billie Louise Kern, Mary illerreu, Karen Keehn, Kathy Koerner, Mary Jane nowles, Barbara King. ROW TWO: Clarke Kleck- er, Mike Kelley, Star Keeling, Carol Kline, Judy lemt, John Knudson, Robert Koenig. ROW THREE: r. Lester, Clifton Kimble, Ken King, Dan Kohl, erald Klover, Dave Keagle, Earl Kinmouth. ROW OUR: Willie Keys, Jeff King, Jay King, Robert eck, Richard Kinder, Richard Koenig. K x HOMEROOM 377 lMrs. Laubscherl-ROW ONE: Carol Junkins, Martha Kotsin, Peggy Johnson, Toni Jeffrey, Linda Johnson, Barbara Kay, Jerry Joynson, Marquirite Jones. ROW TWO: Karen Johnson, Paulette Johnson, Elaine Kam- bic, Diana Hohdnam, Sharon Johnson, Darlene Johnson, Eloise Loubscher. ROW THREE: Man- uel Jones, Harry Jimerson, Dorothy Jones, Julio Jenkis, Ron Jugenitx, Pete Jursinic, Alan Hons, George Jones. ROW FOUR: Paul Jur- sinic, Jim Johnson, Dave Johnston, Larry Jun- gles, Ray Johnson, Joseph Kastelic, Earl John- sion. l 4 J.T. Juniors Are Anticipating To Receive HOMEROOM l23 fMrs. Littlel-ROW ONE: Lucile Lisdero, Bette Jean Lee, Josephine Lit- tle, Judy Loudher, Patsy Larson, Denese Lauer, Carolyn Lindner, Karen Lenander. ROW TWO: Karen Lindblad, John Low, Roger Liberty, John Lawson, Charles Lindstrom, Margaret Lei- nen, Karen Lavati, Mrs. Little. ROW THREE: Dale Lockwood, Tony Liker, Terry Lepper, Bruce Lindner, Mike Long, Aaron Laganl. Aire? HOMEROOM 374 iMiss Nelsonj-ROW ONE: S. Nippert, L. Oldani, C. Muller, R. Misselman, S. Myers, K. Nicholson, C. Nelson, B. Nelson. ROW TWO: J. Needy, G. Negoski, T. Nolan, M. Mrozek, N. Narem, D. Netzel, D. Morris Miss F. Nelson. ROW THREE: J. Morgan, D Mullen, B. Nelson, A. Nitz, P. Mott, D. Nel san, R. Morrison. erine Janowski, Linda Hoeger, Phyllis Terrie Holland, Carol Janlcowski, Andrea Jill Hawk. ROW TWO: Carl Hurschilsi, Bo man, Vanie Houbolt, Connie Hudar, laarelli, Connie Irwin, Sylvia Howland. THREE: Robert Hooper, Dan Janovyak, Hollisler, Ray Jaclrinowslri, Tom Hrpcha, Mrs ser. ROW FOUR: Joseph Holmes, Charles way, Curtis Horn, Paul Holmes, Ricky Ho Ed Hollister. HOMEROOM 223 1Miss Lasserl-ROW b L HOMEROOM 369 iMiss Margetisl-ROW ONE ren McAlisler, Rachelle McCar1er, Hattie Karen McKay, Kathy Mated, Terri McClain, lene McNichols. ROW TWO: Sharon McElroy, cy Mau, Joe McClintock, Denis Ralis, John land, Ed Medal, Kennu Mathis, Miss ROW THREE: Charles Mau, Dennis James McCullogh, Steve McCarney, Dan ieum, Ned Masters, Earl Maxwell, Jack bridge, nf -au.. 74 s g Their Senior Credits in Order To Graduate R4 I EES? HOMEROOM 366 fMr. Rawlinsl-ROW ONE: Don na Price, Joyce Primm, Diane Policandriotes, Mary Ann Pero, Lynn Podnar, Lillian Perhutin, Theresa Pomkala, Perl Potter. ROW TWO: Judy Perrine Mary Powell, Dora Pitchford, Tony Prieboy, H. L. Rawlins. ROW THREE: Leroy Pitts, Larry Pislcur, Art Prancan, Al Pomykala, Terry Piazza, Pete Petersen. ROW FOUR: Ron Poui, Roy Potter, Wayne Pickens, Don Plese, Martin Popola, Monty Pritchetto, Gary Pierce. 370 lMr. Richardl-ROW ONE: Pat JoAnn Cabrera, Sharon Campbell, Louise Kathy Button, Judy Bryan, Alice Bruni. TWO: George Capista, Leo Brown, Earl Gale Bucciarelli, N. Richards. ROW THREE: Bushby, Terry Copper, Alan Butterfield, Mar- Bullard, Lloyd Butterfield. ROW FOUR: Ron Walter Burzawa, Philip Brian, Dan Burke, I Cady. .EXW v . HOMEROOM 263 lMr. Pennymonj-ROW ONE: Linda Zebell, Joan Ziesmer, Joyce Woodman, laurel Worden, Curl Yalxich, Elizebeth Withers, Toni Zolecki. ROW TWO: Barbara Ziegher, Barbara Wynne, Janet Wohlrab, Yvonne Yoesle, Judy Zettergren, Marcia Zechman. ROW THREE: Mr. Pennymon, James Zellco, John Zimmerli, Bob Zupancic, Dennis Yankchick, Larry Youngren, Gary Woodard. 7 i HOMEROOM l55y CMr. Scheidtl-ROW ONE: Richard Rock, Margaret Rothlisberger, Judy Robertson, Sue Rudman, Rita Rozich, Minnie Roberts. ROW TWO: Mr. Scheidt, Bill Riley, Frank Roio, Willy Robinson, Dave Roth, Bob Ripanti, Steve Rossi. ROW THREE: Rance Roof- ener, Bob Romonowsky, Tony Rousonelos, Bob Rocks. Juniors Pursue Homeroom Efficiency Knowledg HOMEROOM 317 fMr. Schnepperj-ROW ONE: Sylvia Cherry, Jennifer Catarello, Donna Clem- ent, Kathy Ceci, Leanna Chrisman. ROW TWO: E. Bradley Carloss, Joy Cheville, Donna Clem- ent, Nancy Carter, Carol Christiansen. ROW THREE: Norton Carey, Jay Carlin, Rudy Carl- son, Bob Childress, Ray Clark, Ron Chaplin, Pete Choban. ROW FOUR: Dale Carlson, Don Clark, Bob Clark, Bob Chesdo, Dave Clark, Ron Cirrencione, Mike Castogna. s., I HOMEROOM 379 fMrs. Thackaberryj-ROW ONE: JoAnn Synold, Kathy Surges, Donna Tal- bntt, Marlene Svazich, Kathy Tait. ROW TWO: Miss Thackaberry, Jean Sullivan, Kathy Swan, Alene Taras, Carole Sullivan, Florence Sylves- ter. ROW THREE: Keith Sweetwood, Bob Sut- ton, Alvin Steyer, Bill Sudakis, Dante Siob- beona, Doug Swank, Paul Summers. HOMEROOM 152 fMr. Shayj-ROW ONE: phine Simpson, Leslie Seeberg, Jyme Shaw Shepherd, Elizabeth Shafen, Barbara Se thy Sefcik. ROW TWO: Tony Semrav, Semrov, Mick Shane, Dan Shroba, Joan Patsy Sklenor, Steve Simotes, Mr. Shay. THREE: Donald Simmons, Joseph Shear, Bob ter, Richard Scott, Bill Schwab, Wally .- Stan Schniefer. HOMEROOM 278 CMrs. E. Smithj-ROW ONE Jeanne Smith, Cheryl Small, Sandra Soderberg Rochelle Smith, Cheryl Spice, Linda Spires, Sharo Smithberg, Diane Slaboszewski. ROW TWO: lil lian Sowa, Kathleen Smith, Audrey Soley, Sall Smeets, Wanda Smeets, JoAnn Stalzer. RO THREE: Lois Spreitzer, Lynn Spencer, Janet Snider Linda Stephen, Denise Stafford, Jane Snider. RO FOUR: Stephen Stachelski, Dale Spier, Jim Smyder James Smith, Thomas Skoien, Floyd Smith, Ronal Smith. .l.T.' Juniors Are Well-Trained for Senior Posts HOMEROOM 405 CMr. Tyrrelll-ROW ONE: Mary Tymowicz, linda Tribley, Janice Tanelli, Betty Tib- ble, Jean Taylor, Jean Thompson. ROW TWO: Mr. Tyrrell, Lyn Thorsen, larry Thornton, Pete Tomasic, Tom Terlep, Joan Tarkelson. ROW THREE: Don Totter, Ron Thelo, Joe Trizna, Russ Thontlin, Elgin Thompson, Pat Tempel. l'l7 lMr. Van Tassell-ROW ONE: Archer, Nancy Albright, Kathy Abbott, Diane Janet Akin, Janis Arnold, Marilyn Aiello, Anderson. ROW TWO: Sharon Adams, Mary Mr. Van Tassel. ROW THREE: Douglas Al Ambrose, Ron Aeschliman, David An- Ken Angus. ROW FOUR: Jim Ardaugh, Adkisson, Charles Anderson, Roosevelt Hersey Adams, Daryl Alderson. HOMEROOM 372 lMr. Trahunl-ROW ONE: Cheryl Schmidt, Geargene Savich, Sandra Schoultz, Diana Sandahl, Rose Ryan, Judy Sandberg, Phyllis Russel, Karen Schaubel. ROW TWO: Miss Geraldine Kathersoll, Joe Bungal- tus, l.a Donna Russel, Joanne Ruthenbeclr, Bar- bara Schnelle, Mr. J. Jestin Trahan. ROW THREE: Greg Schert, Roger Schoob, James Sak, Don Sargent, Ken Salman. ROW FOUR: Ignacio Salazar, Wayne Sanfilipo, Bill Saylor, Lewis Schorie, Ed Schofield, Alan Schleeter, Lester Salisbury. HOMEROOM 408 fMr. Wimberlyl-ROW ONE: Judy Wiechec, Melody Wisemantle, Melba Wimberly, Margene Whitler, Sharon Williams, Kay Wilson, Charlene Tina West. ROW TWO: Mr. Wimberly, Karen Wight, Jim Wisniewski, Dave Williamson, Bill Willis, James Ed White- man, Bob Wilson. ROW THREE: Bill E. White, Gary Willcens, John Williams, Bill O. White, George Wenger, Charles Wicks. Status of the Mighty Senior Soon to be Attaine HOMEROOM 330 fMr. Woodsj-ROW ONE: Judy Rhind, Mary Reposh, Andy Rafae, Rose- mary Pruss, lyme Rafrer, Lorraine Purdy, Su- sie Richards. ROW TWO: Ed Woods, Pal Rambo, Ann Ramsey, Sue Rapson, Louise Rad- dalz. ROW THREE: Howie Raddifz, Richard Rice, Louis Randolph, Wayne Pueiz, Tim Raw- ley. ROW FOUR: Terry Raub, Jim Randolph, Jack Rainford, Jack Revels, Don Reed, Joe Rambow, Jim Rambo. HOMEROOM 386 fMrs. Ziesemerj-ROW Marie Ballak, Sandy Augustin, Nancy Deanna Ashby, Rosemarie Asforino, Sandy way, Nancy Barber, Mrs. Ziesemer. ROW Imogene Behn, Bonnie Baeseh, Bonnie Susan Austin, Terry Beauman, Lynda Baycer land Axelson. ROW THREE: Tommi Barneffe Babei, Dennis Baudek, Don Bauer, John John Barringer, Don Barnhardl. ROW Bruce Baisch, Tom Bauer, Bob Baron, Me thew Autman, Dick Bauer, David Barns. 'SQ 1 ssl ,'i3. r ln June, the Senior Class will gather around the fountain on the east side of the main building for a commemoration of their four years of study at Joliet Town- ship High School. On this memorable occasion, the Ivy Bearer will plant the perennial ivy - symbolic evidence of the Class' future growth and maturity rooted in the foundation of its educational background at JT. Minnie Wismrski, Smiar Klass 8di!ar Class Dignitaries Coordinate Senior Activities fs 1, 5 I "MR. PRESIDENT" Don Leonard A "MR. VICE-PRESIDENT" Tom Anderson ft "MISS SOCIAL CHAIRMAN" Connie Morgan ,Q--.M ,fm "MR. TREASURER Terry Gannon "MISS SECRETARY" Carolyn Heidel xf an-F . SOCIAL CHAIRMAN Jeno Maierszky Achievers Add Luster to Their Brilliance ,-,A df '45 Ph One boy and one girl from each class are presented each year and sophomore year, 97.15 Joyce Engelharclt, sophomore year, 97.01 with the Adams Award which is based on scholastic averages. and, lstanclingl, Kenneth Terlep, sophomore year, 96.97 Jim Mc- Members of the class of '63 who have received the awards are, Keown, freshman year, 97.1, Neil Lucas, iunior year, 97.0. lseatedj, Marilyn Sleyko, junior year, 95.45 Carol Muren, freshman -477: 3 Shirley Leuthner is the recipient of the Pilot Club Award, bestowed upon on outstanding senior girl from one of Joliet's high schools as decided by evaluation of the school deans and ccuncilors. Shirley was invited to a club meeting and presented with o token by which she could remember the occasion. Presenting Shirley with her award is Mrs. Glen Converse. Carol Muren is the Daughter of the American Revolution Award Winner. This honor is awarded to a senior girl on the basis of dependability, service, lead- ership, and patriotism. Selection is made by the senior counselors and Miss Helen Mahany, dean of women. Here Carol is shown accepting the award from Mrs. Harry Overpect. Miss Mahany and Doc- tor French observe the presentation. AN Class Orator, Poet, Speaker, .s It may seem "corny" to speak of an "Hour of Decision," but for most of us graduation from high school is such an hour. Judg- ments made at this time will have a maior influence on the rest of our lives. Careful plan- ning and judicious self evalua- tion are essential if we are to make the most of our talents and live life to its fullest. - ROBERT JOHNSTON Robert Johnston practicing for the ad- dress to the Senior Class is "caught be- tween syllables." Ivy Bearer Prepare Ivy Da 1 'life J .,.,.J ' i x 4. Kathy Salyes, as chosen by her academic and personal 1963. She is being congratulated and informed of her record, will plant the ivy for the graduation class of duties by Miss Mahany, dean of women. 56 or Ivy Day, Commencement Proceedings ' Q.' gy Z, , S. ,za Playing in the worm, white 3 l " ' sands Of a tropic land, A fragile child erects her 'V fantasies Only to have them washed away By the clear, cool surf The workings of nature Wandering through the fervent atmosphere Of strained emotions, if Mon builds his visions in the sky Only to have them eclipsed By a massive mushroom cloud The exertions of man JUNE SWANGO The Senior Class Poet, June SWCH190, double-checks a word in the dictionary for her original poem to be delivered on Ivy Day. .4 Shown here with Dr. French is Skip Pouson who is being congratulated for his selection os Senior Class Orotor. I eihngham, Mmot affix! Lfbby """SWff 0 gage 0 Qsokane- ynn chfan qnuv'9" QU ""' Sale Q 4+ Friendship Spans the World as Exchange V 0 0Ka Reds M gh! TD 5' W 'Ymag was 9 Bam'-.20 W' c,....9! X Wk? 5fK"f bw S1 dy! ha fhgmyd fdyh J oBrem HZ Maramlaxhlglo hinge seam rom ineland Germ ca e ow States .I V ' 1062 a 1ZQma,h ,, 3,12 fwgueqif K tFran swnz rlcnmiu fd of-0. 9 'seizes e revlou . ' nfl'WE5f?fL?gLi:2 ,sf f fu Q Plzf. N Lx r U U 9 V8 Q7 O Siu it ga r T X 'ch' 58 J-M3311 the United Stokes, Duveywspeni Students arn Admlratlon of American One of Doves hobbies is collecting pennonis ond his ircvels have afforded him opporfuniiies io puck up some rare varieties. His "conversation pieces all walls of his room s. w FRN , - , qw a 4 K4 1 Y 'Q ,.-911' '- if ,, , .I .3 , ' ' '- "af ' 1 :""'f -.-- . 'sf-' 1 2 .A ' ns I ,Qs -U ei 1. ,N I . I '-gm , ,, ,.E.S- A 11,,,:-sa. M 7' f viW,fasr-' 1' - N 1 , I.: the xaricn ANDREA A. ALMASY College Prep: Senior Play5 Freshman Chorus: Sophomore Chorus: A Cap- pella 3,45 Operetto 3,45 Singing Steelmen Librarian 25 Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,45 Stu- dent Librarian 15 Homeroom Rep. for Yearbook 1,45 Boosters' Club 1,2,3,45 G.A.A, 1,2,45 Prom Committee. RICH ALTENHOFF College Prep: National Honor Society 3,45 Track 2,3,45 Cross Country 3,4. MARY LOU AMBROSE Business Education: Tri-Hi-Y 25 Monitor 2,35 Boosters' Club I5 G.A.A, 'I5 Prom Committee. THOMAS WILLIAM ANDERSON College Prep: National Honor Society 45 Student Council 1, Treasurer5 Glee Club 15 A Cappella 2,3,4, Operetta 25 Section Leader 35 Hi-Y l,2,3,4, Sergeant-at-Arms 45 Monitor 25 Football 1,25 Basketball 1,35 Baseball 1,2,3,45 Crass Country 45 Intramural Football 25 Basketball 2,45 Boys State Camp 45 Trotter Sports Awardp Senior Class Vice-President, RICHARD ARMSTRONG College Prep: Student Office Worker 35 Monitor 2,35 Basketball I,2,3,45 Cross Country 2,3,45 Golf 1,2,3,4. MAGGIE ANN ARTHUR General: Uransfer from Lockport Township High School, Lockport, Illinois, January 1960.1 'Qs' M , 5, C . l '33 ' -Qi It, . . SQ 5 . X of to ' ,g.x',' 5 it F, , ' ,Q an, wife at -55 ' 4 ' lj ?" . ff K f . f' ' -5.2. A ' . ,Y ",.f.'3. . Ar KEN ABBOTT Trade Industrial: ROTC l,2,3,4. MIKE ADAMS Trade Industrial DAVE ALCAMO Trade Industrial FRED ALLEN General: A Cappella 1,25 Glee Club I. JERI ALLEN Business Education: Tri-Hi-Y 25 F.H.A. I, President5 Co-Op 4, Vice-President5 Monitor 2,35 Boosters' Club 1,2,3,45 G.A.A, 3. SUE ANN ALLEN College Prep: Freshman Chorus: Sophomore Chorus5 Operetta 45 General Choir 3,4, Accompanist 3, Vice-President 45 Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3,4, Secretary 3, Council 3,45 Monitor 35 Boosters' Club 1,2,3,45 Cheerleader 25 "J" Yearbook Staff 4, Organization Editor5 G.A,A. I,2,3,4, Trampoline Club 2,3,45 Gym Dandy 1,35 Prom Committee: Queen Candidate5 "Miss J" semi-finalist. EDDIE ASCHBRENNER Trade Industrial: ROTC l,2,3,45 Glee Club, General 3. SYDNEY JOYCE ASHTON General: Freshman Chorus, General 3,4. HELEN AULTZ College Prep: National Honor Society 3,45 Tri-Hi'Y 3, Secretary5 F.N.A 1,2,3,45 F.H.A. 15 Red Crass 2,3,45 Monitor 25 Hameroom Rep. for Year book 2,35 Boosters' Club 1,2,3,45 Honor guide at Graduation: Pro Committee. MARGARETHE BAGH College Prep: lExchonge Student from Rheydt, Germany, September 1962. Senior Play Publicity: Vice-President, A.F.S. Club. JUDITH BAILEY General: Red Cross 1,45 Monitor 2,4. ROGER PAUL BALOG College Pren: Band I,2,3,45 Singing Steelmen 1,25 Monitor 2. CHERYL BARRETT College Prep: Freshman Chorus: Sophomore Chorus, Librarian: Tri-Hi-Y l,2,3,4, Treasurer l,2, Social Chairman 47 Hameroom Journal Rep. 3: Homeroom Rep. for Yearbook 4. LAWRENCE A. BAZAAR College Prep: ROTC l,2,3,-1, Red Cross 31 Monitor 3: Baseball l,2, Manager 2, Wrestling 1, Intramural Badminton l,2,3. EARNEST LEON BEAVERS General NANCY BERMAN Business Educalion DAN E. BERGSTROM College Prep: Hi-Y 'l,2,3,4, Presidenl 4, Football 2,3: Track l,2,3. LEE BETTENHAUSEN College Prep: Glee Club, A Cappella 2, Baslielball l, Tennis 'l,2,3,4g Manager, Varsily Basltelball 3,4. Ng K,,, Y x A .oi Q5 is 'Y zzlfi ?. l K' gr 9 Ii A f' of in 'Fw H A 4545? C f HN l ss ' ., wif Q si 3 J . fb 'H- we ., ...., . L N ,qw . , , L, - f ' 11 . f,:1,.- . .A f , . C, , V A . V 1 P-QV -. '.-' 4 L' L 1 L 4 2 1' Q T x 239 A? 1.2 I .ag 5 'rl 'sg V '- 1 ' ' if 523.715 , Q.,- V I fx. N f 1 ik ' . 1 ew ,, l X. E -V it v BARBARA BOOTH College Prep: National Honor Society 45 Student Council 2,3,45 Freshman Chorus, Sophomore Chorus, A Cappella 3,4, Secretary 4, Operetta 3,45 F.H.A. I5 Red Cross I5 G.A.A. 1,25 Gym Dandy I,35 Prom Committee. JAYNE BORGRA Business Education: F.H.A. I5 Red Cross'I,2. WILLIAM BOYCE General: Football 1,25 Track I,2,3,45 Basketball I,2,3,4. MARY FRANCES BRANDOLINO Business Education: F.H.A. I5 Co-Op 45 Red Cross 25 Homeroom Rep. for Journal I,2,35 Boosters' Club I,2,3,45 "J" Yearbook Staff 4, Business Manager. WILLIE BRASS Business Education: Red Cross I. LEN BRAVATO Trade Industrial ROGER ALLEN BOEHNER Vocational Auto LYNN BOJESKI Business Education: F.H.A. I5 Co-Op 45 Monitor 35 Homeraom Rep. for Journal I. KEN BOLAND General: Intramural Basketball 2. BOB BOLZ General MICHAEL J. BONN College Prep: National Honor Society 3,45 Freshman Student Gov't. Presi- dent5 Student Council 2,3,4, Treasurer 3, President 45 Homeraom Rep. for Yearbook 35 Math Club 25 Intramural Volleyball 2,3, Baseball 2,3. JACQUELINE KAY BONNEVILLE College Prep: Senior Play 2,3,45 Sophomore Chorus Librarian: Tri-HLV I,2,3,4, Vice-President I, Social Chairman 2, Service Chairman 3, Moments Chairman 45 Red Crass I5 French Club 35 Homeraom Rep. for Yearbook I5 G.A.A. I,2,3,4. JUDITH BREEN General ROBERT WAYNE BRISTOL College Prep: ROTC I,2,3,4, Officers Club 4, Drill Team I,2. RICHARD BROCKMAN Trade Industrial LAURIE JOY BROWN College Prep: National Honor Society 3,45 Student Council 2,3,45 Ban Sponsor 45 Freshman Chorus, Treasurer5 Red Cross 25 Boosters' Club I,2,3, Officer 3,45 Cheerleader I,2,35 G.A.A. I,2,3,45 "Miss J" Semi-finalist5 Hon Guide for Graduation5 Homecoming Court I5 Modern Dance Club 25 Ball Club 3,45 Trampoline Club 2. LUCILE BROWN General: lTransfer from Lockport Township High School, Lockport, lllinoi September 1962.1 ROBERTA BROWN General: lTransfer from Central High School, Oklahoma City, Oklahom October 1962.2 JAMES BRUNNER General: Monitor 4: Football 'l,2,3,4, Wrestling 'l,2,3, Track 3: Intramural Baseball 3. ADELE BUDZINSKI General: Freshman Chorus: Tri-Hi-Y l,2,3: F.H,A. 'l,2: Monitor 3. GIGI BUDZINSKI General: Co-Op 4: Monitor 3: Homeroom Rep. for Journal 3: Boosters' Club l,2,3,4: Cheerleader 2: G.A.A. 'l,2,3, Modern Dance Club l,2,3, Ballet Club 3. MARGARET ELLEN BUEHLER College Prep: F.N.A. l,2,3,4: Monitor 4: Homeroom Rep. for Journal 4: Homeroom Rep. for Yearbook 3: Spanish Club 3,4: Boosters' Club l,2,3,4: Prom Committee. JOAN BURKHARDT Prep: Tri-Hi-Y l,2,3,4, Secretary l,2: Usher's Club 1,2,3,4, Secretary op Twenty Club 3: French Club 3,4: Homeroom Rep. for Yearbook 3: Club l,2,3,4: Honor Guide for Graduation: Physicists Anonymous 4. G. BURNETT Prep: Student Librarian l: Football l, Wrestling I. CARLSON Industrial CARLSON Prep CARNEGIE Freshman Chorus, Sophomore Chorus, General 3, Operetta 3: 4: F.H.A. I: Monitor 2,3,4: Boosters' Club 2: G.A.A. 'l,2,3,4: Prom Modern Dance Club 2,3,4. CARNEGIE Prep: Senior Play 3,4: Freshman Chorus, Sophomore Chorus: 4: Monitor 2,3: Homeroom Rep. for Journal I: Homeroom Rep. for 2: Boosters' Club 2: G.A.A. l,2,3,4: Modern Dance Club 2,3,4, Club 3. FAY CARTER Prep: Co-Op 4: Monitor 2: G.A.A. l,2,3. CASH . F.H.A. I, Secretary. JOHN BURZAWA Trade Industrial: Football I: Intramural Football l. ANDREW G. BUSTIN College Prep: ROTC l,2: F.F.A. 2,3,4, Secretary 2, President 4: Chess Club l,3,4: Intramural Bowling l: Physics Club 4. JOHN BUTLER General MARION CANTU College Prep: Tri-Hi-Y 2: G.A.A. 'l,2,3,4, Board 2,3, Head of Activities 4. LEN CAPISTA College Prep: Wrestling l, Football l,2,3, Baseball 2: Intramural Boxing l,2. DIANNE L. CARLSON General: Orchestra l,2,3,4: Orchestra Club I,2,3,4: F.H.A. I: D.E. 4: Red Crass 2: Student Librarian 3: G,A.A. l,2. RONALD CHOVAN Trade Industrial: Usl1er's Club 27 Monitor 47 Boosters' Club 2,37 Intramural, Tennis 2, Basketball 3. NANCY KAY CISSELL Business Education: Red Cross Monitor 27 G.A.A. I. Alternate 37 Student Office Worker 2,37 MARJORIE JANE CODER General: Monitor 2,37 G.A.A. I. JO ANN COHERA General DENNIS COHIL General SAMUEL COHILL General: Red Cross 3,4. MARIE A. CASSANI College Prep: Tri-Hi-Y I,2,3,4, Vice-President 'I, Secretary 37 F.H.A. I7 F.T.A. 37 Monitor 27 Math Club I. JAY CASWELI. College Prep: Hi-Y 47 Monitor 47 Baseball I, Track 37 Intramural Basket- ball 4. LEONARD CERVANTES Trade Industrial: Track 27 Intramural Basketball 4. SHIRLEY CHAPLIN College Prep: Tri-Hi-Y 47 F.H.A. I7 Student Librarian 2,37 Homeroom Rep. for Yearbook 47 Boosters' Club l,27 Library Club 2,37 G.A.A. 'l,2,3,4i Gy Dandy 'l,2,3. JUDY CHELINI General: Freshman Chorus7 F.N.A. I,2,3,47 Monitor 27 G.A.A. I7 Pro Committee. BEVERLEY D. CHESNUT Business Education: KTronsfer from Lockport Township High School, port, Illinois, September 1960.7 WILLIE COHILL College Prep: ITransfer from Jackson Abrams H.S., Bessemer, MARY COLBERT Business Education: D.E. 47 Monitor 27 Spanish Club 2,37 G.A.A. 27 Club 2. RICHARD L. COLLINS Trade Industrial: Monitor 4. LARRY CONDON Business Education: D.E. 47 Student Librarian 27 Monitor 27 Homeroom R for Journal 47 Intramural, Swimming 2. MARYANN CONRADO Business Education: Tri-Hi-Y I7 Homeroom Rep. for Yearbook 3. LOUISE ANN CONTOS College Prep: Freshman Chorus, Sophomore Chorus, General 3,4, Opere 3,47 Red Cross 2,3,47 Student Nurses's Aid 37 G.A.A. I. MARTHA COOK Business Education: F.H.A. I5 D.E. 45 Student Office Worker 35 Monitor 25 G.A.A. 1,2,3, Gym Dandy I5 Prom Committee. MARY COOK College Prep: F.H.A. I5 Monitor 25 G.A.A. l,2,35 Prom Committee. LAWRENCE R. CORMIER General: Glee Club, A Cappella 2,3, Operetta 2,35 D.E. 45 Homeroom Rep. for Journal 3. RUSSELL E. CORRY College Prep: ROTC l,2,3,4. MARK E. CORWIN College Prep CHARLES COULSON College Prep: ROTC l,2,3,4, Officers Club 45 Glee Club, A Cappella 2,3,4, Operetta l,25 Usher's Club 1,25 Debate Team 2,35 National Forensic League 2,3,45 N.C.O. Club 3. DALLAVIA F.H.A. I5 F.T.A. 35 Red Cross 45 Student Office Worker 45 Monitor Boosters' Club l. DANIELS ROTC I ANN DAVIDSON Education: Freshman Chorus, Sophomore Chorus5 Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,45 25 G.A.A. 'l. 'F DAVIS Industrial: Student Office Worker 2,3. DAVIS Prep. National Honor Society 4, Freshman Chorus, Sophomore General 3, A Cappella 45 German Club 45 Student Office Worker 4. DAVIS Prep: ROTC l,2,3,4, Officers Club 45 Usher's Club 2,3,4, Vice- MICHAEL W. COURAGE College Prep: Hi-Y 3,45 Red Cross I5 Monitor 45 Homeroom Rep. for Journal 45 Boosters' Club l,2,3,45 Cross Country 4, Swimming 3,4, Track 2,3,45 Intramural Softball l,2, Football l,3, Swimming l,2, Basketball l,2,4. BARBARA LYNN CRAIG College Prep: National Honor Society 3,45 Senior Play 3,45 National Thespion 3,4, Corresponding Secretary 45 Tri-Hi-Y l,2,3, President 25 Student Librarian I5 Homeroom Rep. for Journal l,2,35 G.A.A. l,2,3,4, Sporthead, Basketball 3, Fencing 35 Trampoline Club 45 Prom Committee5 Honor Guide for Graduation5 "Miss J" Semi-finalist. LINDA CRAMER College Prep: National Honor Society 45 Senior Play 35 Orchestra l,2,3,4, Section leader 'l,2,3,4, Orchestra Club l,2,3,4, President 45 Student Librarian I5 Homeroom Rep. for Yearbook 3,45 G.A.A. l,2,3,4, Modern Dance Club l,2,3,4, Head 45 Prom Committee 35 All State Orchestra Section Leader 2,3,4, Soloist with JT Orchestra 4. BONNY CRIVELLONE Business Education JANET MARIE CROSBY General: Freshman Chorus, Sophomore Chorus, General 45 F.N.A. 45 Inner Choir. LINDA DARLENE CURRIE College Prep: Tri-Hi-Y l,25 Red Cross l,2,3,45 Student Librarian I5 Monitor 25 Homeroom Rep. for Yearbook 2,35 Math Club 25 Boosters' Club l,2,3,45 G.A.A. l,2,4, Tumbling Club l,2. WILLIAM JOHN DELAURENTI Trade Industrial: ROTC l: Orchestra l,2,3, Orchestra Club l,2,3. JOHN G. DEMKO Trade Industrial: ROTC l,2,3: Red Crass 'l. DON DEVORE General: ROTC 'l,2,3,4: Red Cross 'l. PAUL DICKERSON General: Monitor 2. ROBERT DITTON Trade Industrial: Band l: Singing Steelmen 'l. WILLIAM DODD General: Glee Club, General l,2. ROBERT L. DAVIS College Prep: Glee Club, General 2,3. RONNIE LEE DECKER General: Glee Club, Librarian, A Cappella 4. ROBERT DEFREITAS General BARBARA .JAYNE DEJANOVICH Business Education: Tri-Hi-Y 'I: Student Office Worker l: Monitor 2,3,4: Homeroom Rep. for Yearbook: Spanish Club 2,3: G.A.A. 'l. ANNETTE DELAURENTI College Prep: Freshman Chorus, Sophomore Chorus, General 3,4. JEANNETTE DELAURENTI Business Education: Freshman Chorus, General 3: F.H.A. l. BONNIE DOLAK Business Education: Tri-Hi-Y 3,4: Red Cross 3: Student Office Worker Homeroom Rep. for Yearbook 4: Boosters' Club l,2,3,4: Boosterettes 'l,2. KATHLEEN DOLASlN General: Freshman Chorus: Tri-Hi-Y l,2,3: G.A.A. 'l,2. MICHAEL R. DONNELLY College Prep: Band l,2,3,4, Ass't Quartermaster 3, Secretary 4, Captain o Color Guard 4: Singing Steelmen 'l,2. CHERI DOUGLAS College Prep: Freshman Chorus, Sophomore Chorus, General 3, A Cappel 4, Operetta 4: Tri-Hi-Y l,2,3,4, Social Chairman 3, World of Fun 2: F.H. I: F.T.A. l,2,3,4: French Club 2,3: Homeroom Rep. for Journal I,2,3, Homeroom Rep. for Yearbook l,2: G.A.A. l,2,3,4, Board 3,4, Sporthead 3, Gym Dandy 2, Trampoline Club 3,-1: Boosterettes 2,3. RICHARD DOW College Prep: Hi-Y 3,4: Football l,2, Track l,2, Crass Country 3: lntr mural Football 2. BEATRICE KAY DOWNING College Prep: National Honor Society 3,4: Freshman Chorus, F.T.A. 1,2 Historian 2: Red Cross 2: Spanish Club 2,3,4, Treasurer 3, President 4: Club 3: G.A.A. l,3: Honor Guard for Graduation: Physicists Anonymous ROBIN DOWSE College Prep: Football l,2,3,4. FRED DUBOIS College Prep: Hi-Y 3,4: Football 2,3, Baseball 'l,2,3,4: Intramural Volleyball 'l, Basketball 2. EDWARD DUNCAN College Prep: National Honor Society 3,4: ROTC l,2,3,4, Officers Club 3,4, Vice-President 4: Hi-Y l,2,3,4, Secretory 1, Secretary-Treasurer 3: Track 2,3, Cross Country 3, Rifle Team l,2,3,4. RICHARD DUVAL General: Student Librarian I: Basketball I: Intramural Basketball 2,3, Bose- ball 2. JAMES S. EBERHART College Prep: Student Librarian I: Intramural Baseball 2, Basketball 2. CARL EDMONDS General ENEIX Prep: Freshman Chorus, Sophomore Chorus, A Cappella 3,4, Madri- Operetta 3,4: Red Cross I: Monitor 2: "Miss J" Semi-finalist. ELAINE ENGELHARDT Prep: National Honor Society 4: Freshman Chorus, Sophomore Treasurer: A Cappella 4: Tri-Hi-Y l,2,4, President 4: Student li- 1: G.A.A. 'l,2,4: Adam Award 2: Physicists Anomymous 4. K. ENGIMANN Prep: Tri-Hi-Y I,2,3: F.H.A. I: Red Crass 47 G.A.A. I,2. R. ENGIMANN Education: Freshman Chorus, Treasurer, Sophomore Chorus, General l,2: Red Cross I: Homeroom Rep. for Yearbook 2. ERCKMANN Prep. National Honor Society 3,4, Freshman Chorus, Sophomore A Cappella 3, Operetta 3: Tri-Hi-Y l,2,3,4, Vice-President 2, Presi- 3: Red Cross 2: French Club 3: Student Office Worker 4: Homeroom for Journal 4: G.A.A. I,2,3,4, Tumbling Club l,2,3, Trampoline Club Honor Guide for Graduation: Prom Committee. R. ERICKSON RON FERENCHIK Business Education LAVERNE ICOOKIEJ FERGUSON College Prep: Tri-Hi-Y l,2,3, President 35 Red Cross 25 Monitor 2,35 Home- room Rep. for Journal 2,35 Homeroom Rep. for Yearbook I5 G.A.A. 2,3. RUSS FERGUSON College Prep: Football I,2,3,4, Wrestling l,2,3,4, Track l,2. LINDA FERRELL Business Education: Student Office Worker 45 Monitor 35 Homeroom Rep. for Yearbook 3,4. BETSY ANNE FIELDS College Prep: Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4, Vice-President 35 Monitor 35 G.A.A. I,2,3,4. DONALD MARTIN FIER Vocational Agriculture: F.F.A. I,2,3,4. CECILIA EVANS College Prep CHARLENE ELAINE EVANS Business Education LOIS EVANS Business Education: Freshman Chorus5 F.H.A. I. ROBERT EVANS College Prep: Football I,2,3,4, Wrestling I,2,3,4, Baseball I,2,3,4. LARRY FELDMANN College Prep: lTransfer from White Station High School, Memphis, Tennes- see, January l960.J Hi-Y 45 Basketball 2, Track 25 Intramural Baseball 3,4, Table Tennis 45 Junior Class Officer, Boy's Social Chairman. KEN FELLOWS College Prep: Baseball 2. CHERYL J. FLOYD College Prep: Freshman Chorus5 F.T.A. 3,4, President 45 French Club 3 Homeroom Rep. for Journal 3,45 Homeroom Rep. for Yearbook 3,45 "J' Yearbook Staff 3,4, Faculty Editor 45 Prom Committee. JEAN CAROL FLYNN College Prep: Tri-Hi-Y 35 Red Cross 45 Usher's Club 45 G.A.A. l,2,3,4, Socia Chairman 2, Trampoline Club l,2,3,4, Tumbling Club I,2,3,4. PATRICIA ANN FOLEY College Prep: F.H.A. 45 G.A.A. 3. MARY ANN FOOTE College Prep: Student Council 2,35 Senior Play 2,35 Junior Thespian l,' National Thespian 3,45 Freshman Chorus, General 3, Social Chairman Ope etta 35 Tri-Hi-Y 'l,2,3,4, World of Fun 2,35 Red Cross I,2,35 Usher's Club I Homeroom Rep. for Journal 35 Spanish Club 2,3,45 G.A.A. I,2,35 Mode: Dance I,2,35 Scholarship for Midwestern Music and Art Camp 35 One-A Plays 35 Prom Committee5 "Miss J" Semi-finalist. MARILYN J. FOX College Prep: Tri-Hi-Y 35 F.H.A. 'I5 F.N.A. I5 F.T.A. 2,3,45 French Club Monitor 25 Boosters' Club I,2,3,45 G.A.A. l,2,35 Prom Committee. GARY CHARLES FRAIN College Prep: ROTC I,2,3,4, Officers Club 45 Usher's Club 35 Spanish CIL 45 Intramural Baseball 3. JERRY FRATTINI College Prep: Usher's Club 3,45 Earth Science Club I, President. ROGER FRAZIER . College Prep: ROTC I5 Hi-Y I,2,3,4, President 2, Council 2,3, Treasurer5 Usher's Club I,2,3,45 Math Club 25 Spanish Club I5 Football 2,3, Track 2. JUDY FREIBERG College Prep: National Honor Society 45 Senior Play 3,45 Freshman Chorus5 Tri-Hi-Y 3,45 F.T.A. 2,35 Red Cross I,25 Homeroom Rep. for Yearbook 25 Boosters' Club 'I5 G.A.A. 'I,2,3, Modern Dance Club 'I,2,35 Contest Play 3. WALTER FRICK Vocational Agriculture: ROTC I,2,3,45 F.F.A. I. GAII. E. FROELICH College Prep: iTransfer from Verdun American High School, France, Novem- ber I960.J F,N.A. 45 Usher's Club 45 Monitor 35 G.A.A. 3. CAROL ANN FUGETT Business Education: F.H.A. I5 Red Cross I,25 Usher's Club I5 Student Office Worker 45 Clerical Office Practice 4. S D. GEHRKE ROTC I,2,3,4, N.C.O. 4, Drill Team 3,4, Fire Guard 45 Monitor 3. J. GENTSCH Prep. ROTC I,2,3,4, Drill Team 2,3,4, Glee Club, General 2,3,4, Club I,2,3, Social Committee5 Homeroom Rep. for Journal I. T. GEORGIS Prep: ROTC I,2,3, Drill Team I,25 Glee Club, General 2,3, Operetta 4- Usher's Club I,2,35 German Club 35 Monitor 25 Homeroom Rep. for 2,45 Chess Club l,35 Swimming I, Baseball Manager I,25 Intra- Table Tennis 2,3,4, Swimming 2,4. GERITANO Prep: Red Cross 45 Football 2,4, Track 3. GERSICH Industrial: Intramural Baseball 2,3, Football 2,3. GETSON Prep: Senior Play 3,45 Freshman Chorus5 Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4, Secretary 25 35 Red Cross 35 Student Office Worker 35 Homeroom Rep. for Year- - G.A.A. I,2. GEORGE GANDY Trade Industrial: fTransfer from Liberty High School, Browning, Missouri, January I960.J TERRY GANNON College Prep: Glee Club I5 Red Cross I,2,3,45 Basketball 'l, Cross Country 2,3,4, Track 1,2,3,45 Senior Class Treasurer. JOE GAVIN Trade Industrial: ROTC I5 Football 3, Wrestling 4, Track 25 Intramural Football I, Basketball I. TONY GAZELLE Trade Industrial: Glee Club I5 General 25 Red Cross I,2,3,45 Usher's Club l,25 Student Office Worker I5 Football 1,25 Intramural Basketball I,2,3. CAROL GEAR General: Freshman Chorus, Sophomore Chorus, General 3,45 F.H.A. I5 Usher's Club I,2,35 Operetta 3. CRAIG GEBERT Vocational Agriculture: F.F.A. I,2,3,4. SALVATORE GOVERNALE Trade Industrial: ROTC l,2. JIM GOVONI College Prep. JOE GRAHAM Vocational Agriculture: F.F.A. l,2,3,4, Sentinel 2, Vice-President 4: Intra- mural Boxing 2. JIM GRANT College Prep: CTransfer From Kankakee Senior High School, Kankakee, Illinois, September 1961.1 LAWRENCE C. GRAY College Prep: ROTC 1,2,3,4, Officers Club 4: Hi-Y 2,3,4: Monitor 2: Swim ming l,2,3,4, Football 2, Track 2, Cross Country 3: Intramural Swimming 1 JAMES R. GREGG College Prep: KTransfer from York Community High School, Elmhurst, Illi nois, September 1962.1 ' 'I' ' if mfif- 17M WS"'Y RUSSELL GHILAIN College Prep: Glee Club, A Cappella 2,3,4, Operetta 3,4: Hi-Y 3,4: Red Cross 3 Alternate: Football 1, Track 1, Tennis 2, Wrestling 1,2,3,4, Cross Country 4: Intramural Tennis 3,4, Table Tennis 3,4, Basketball 3,4, Volley- ball 2,4, Baseball 2,3,4, Badminton 2,3,4. RICHARD L. GILBERT Trade Industrial: Football 1,2,3, Track I,2,3, Wrestling 1,2,3,4: Intramural Baseball 3, Boxing I,2, Football 4. LOIS GLASGOW Business Education: F.H.A. 1: Student Librarian 3: Monitor 2: Library Club 3: G.A.A. L,2,3,4. ALICE GONZALEZ Business Education: Red Cross 4: Homeroom Rep. for Journal 4. JOHN GONZALEZ Trade Industrial: Glee Club. DONNA JEAN GOTI' College Prep: Freshman Chorus: F.H.A. 1: F.T.A. 4: Red Cross 3: German Club 4: Student Office Worker 3: Homeroom Rep. for Journal 2: J-Hi Journal Staff 2,3. .tw ff f .A f 'De Q Q P 3' WM4, rv. , ' 1' A AL AVACE GREGORY CoIleg'e Prep: National Honor Society 3,4: Student Council 1: Chorus, Sophomore Chorus, General 3,4, Section Leader 4: Tri-Hi-Y Council 3: F.T.A. 4: Red Cross l,3: Homeroom Rep. for Journal 2,3: 1,2,3,4, Board Member 2,3,4, Trampoline Club 1,2,3,4, Bowling 3, Trampoline Sportheod 4: "Miss J" Finalist. ELIZABETH GREGORY College Prep: Senior Play 4: Freshman Chorus, Sophomore Chorus, A Ca pella 2, Operetta 2: Usher's Club l,2,3: Student Librarian 2,3,4: Librar Club 2,3,4: Prom Committee. SUSAN GRIMPE General: Freshman Chorus, Sophomore Chorus, General 3, Publicity Chai man: Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3,4, Red Cross l,2: Homeroom Rep. for Journal 2: G.A. 1,2,3,4. ANN GRINTON College Prep: Sophomore Chorus: Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3,4, Treasurer 3, Council Red Cross I: Student Librarian 1: Homeroom Rep. for Journal 1: Hom room Rep. for Yearbook I: Cheerleader 4: G.A.A. 1,2,3,4, "Miss J" Sem finalist, DAVID GRISWOLD College Prep: National Thespian 3: ROTC l,2,3,4: Monitor 4: Prom Co mittee. JOHN V. GUL College Prep: KTransfer from Willowbrook High School, Villa Park, lllino September 1961.1 Monitor 3: Chess Club 2. CHARLES GURA College Prep: F.F.A. 2,3,4: Student librarian 3,4: Football 'l,2,3,4, Wrestling 'l,2, Track 3: Prom Photography Committee. CAROL ANNE GUSTAFSON College Prep: Student Council I: Red Cross l,2,3,4: German Club 3,4, Treasurer 4: Boosters' Club 'l,2,3,4: Library Club l: G.A.A. 'l,2,3,4, Sport- head of Bowling 4, Gym Dandy l,3: Prom Committee. LYDIA GUTIERREZ General: F.H.A. l: Monitor 3,4: Spanish Club 3,4, Secretary-Treasurer 4: G.A.A. 'l. ANN HAINES College Prep: National Honor Society 3,4: Orchestra l,2,3, Orchestra Club l,2,3: General Choir 3: F.T.A. 3,4, Vice-President 4: Student Officer Worker 3: Monitor 2: G.A.A. 1,2,3,4, Sporthead 4. ARTHUR HAMMON College Prep: Orchestra l,2,3,4, Treasurer 3, President 4, Orchestra Club 1,2,3,4: Singing Steelmen l,2: Chess Club l: Track 'I,2,3,4, Cross Country 2,3,4: Operetta Orchestra 2,3. JOAN GAY HAMRIN College Prep: Freshman Chorus, Sophomore Chorus, General 3: F.H.A. l, Secretary: Red Cross 3, Baosterette 'l,2,3,4: G.A.A. l,2,3,4, Ballet Club 2,3,4: Prom Committee. HARRIS Prep: Freshman Chorus, Sophomore Chorus: Tri-Hi-Y 4: Red Cross Club 4: G.A.A. 2,3,4, Sport Head 4. ANNE HARVEY Education: Freshman Chorus, Sophomore Chorus, A Cappella 3, 3: Tri-Hi-Y 3,4: Co-Op 4: G.A.A. l,2. ANN HARVEY lTransfer from Lockport Township High School, Lockport, September l960.J HASSERT Industrial. Glee Club, Baseball l,2, Intramural Basketball 2, Bowling HAUERT Education: Freshman Chorus Librarian: F.H.A. l: Co-Op 4, Treas- Student Librarian l: Monitor 2,3: Homeroom Repfl for Journal 3: am Rep. for Yearbook 'I,4: Boosterettes I. HAWES Prep: National Honor Society 3,4: ROTC l,2,3,4: Orchestra l,2,3,4, Chairman 2,3, Orchestra Club l,2,3: Singing Steelmen 2: German 2: Student Office Worker 3,4: Homeroom Rep. for Journal 2. JOSEPH HENRY HANDWERK College Prep: Band l,2,3,4: Singing Steelmen 2: German Club 2,3: Student Office Worker T: Monitor 2: Homeroom Rep. for Yearbook 3: Chess Club l,2, Treasurer 2: Boosters' Club l,2,3,4. RUTH HANSON College Prep: Freshman Chorus, Sophomore Chorus, General 3: F.H.A. l: Monitor 2: G.A.A. 2. JUDY ANN HARMENING College Prep: Tri-Hi-Y 3,4: F.T.A. l: Red Cross 3: Homeroom Rep. for Journal 4: G.A.A. 2: Gym Dandy l,2,3: Boosterettes l: Prom Committee. FRANK HARO General CATHY HARPER College Prep: Freshman Chorus: Tri-Hi-Y l,2,3,4: Red Cross 2,35 Monitor 3,4 G.A.A. l,2: From Committee. AL HARRIS College Prep JAMES E. HENDERSON College Prep: National Honor Society 3,45 ROTC 1,2,3,4, Officers' Club 45 Red Cross I5 Chess Club 35 N.C.O. Club 35 Prom Committee. JAMES G. HENDERSON College Prep: Band 15 Hi-Y 2,3,45 Homeroom Rep. for Journal 25 Boosters' Club 1,2,3,45 Football 1,2,3,4, Tennis 1,2,3,4, Basketball 1, Wrestling 25 Intramural Basketball 3,4. JOYCE MARIE HENSLEY Business Education: F.H.A. I5 Student Office Worker 4. JIM HIBNER Vocational Agriculture: F.F.A. 1,2,3,45 Intramural Boxing 1. LYNNAE LEE HICKMAN General: Tri-Hi-Y I, President5 F.H.A. 15 Red Cross 35 Monitor 2,35 Home- room Rep. for Yearbook 45 Boosters' Club 2,35 G.A.A. l,2. JEANNETTE LOUISE HICKS College Prep: National Honor Society 45 ROTC Battalion Sponsor 4, Of- ficers' Club 4, Treasurer5 General 3, Operetta 35 French Club 2,45 Student Librarian 3,45 Blue and Gold Staff 45 Library Club 3,45 Honor Guide for Graduation5 "Miss J" Finalist. BARBARA l'lEATl'lERLY Business Education: lTransfer from Lafollette High School, Lafollette, Tenn., September 1962.1 Red Cross 45 Student Librarian 15 Homeroom Rep. for Yearbook 25 Clerical Office Worker. CAROLYN JOYCE HEIDEL College Prep: National Honor Society 45 Student Council 15 F.H.A. 15 Red Cross 1,2,3,45 German Club 3,45 Student librarian 15 Boosters' Club 1,2,3,45 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4, Sporthead 3,45 Junior Class Secretary5 Senior Class Secre- tary5 Prom Chairman. ROBIN HEILMAN College Prep: National Honor Society 45 Student Council 3,45 Hi-Y 2,3,45 Monitor 3,45 Homeroom Rep. for Yearbook 1,25 Boosters' Club 1,2,3,45 Blue and Gold Staff 45 Football 1,2, Cross Country 3,45 Intramural Swimming 2, Basketball 3, Track l,2,3,4. JOYCE LYNN HEINLEN College Prep: National Honor Society 3,45 Student Librarian I5 Boosters' Club 1,2,3,45 Cheerleader 3,45 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4, Publicity Chairman 2, Social Chairman 3, Board 45 Prom Committee5 "Miss J" Semi-finalist. PATRICIA ANN HEINTZ College Prep: National Honor Society 3,45 Tri-Hi-Y 45 Red Cross 35 French Club 35 Prom Committee. BRIAN GALE HELMER College Prep: Monitor 3,45 Boosters' Club l,2,3,45 Intramural Basketball I5 Volleyball 2. SUSAN MICHAEL HICKS College Prep: National Honor Society 3,45 Student Council 2,3,4, 35 ROTC Sponsor 4, Co. B, Officers' Club, ParIiamentarian5 Orchestra Orchestra Club 1,2,3,45 Operetta 1,2,3,45 Homeroom Rep. for Journal 13 Homeroom Rep. for Yearbook 35 Cheerleader 1,2,35 G.A.A. 1,2,35 Guide for Graduation5 Prom Committee. JOSEPH HINTON College Prep: Red Cross 45 Student Office Worker 1,25 Monitor 3,45 Intro mural Football 3. PETER HOBERT Trade Industrial EDITH HOLLAND General CANDICE HOLLOWAY College Prep: Orchestra 1,2,3,4, Class Representative 4, Orchestra Clu 1,2,3,4, Social Chairman 3, Operetta Orchestra 2,3,45 Tri-Hi-Y 45 Stude Librarian 2, Library Club 25 G.A.A. 1. ROBERT LAWRENCE HOLMES General: ROTC 1,2,3,4. ANDRA HORVAT General MARY HOUSER General: Freshman Chorus, Sophomore Chorus, F.N.A. 25 Monitor 2. KENNETH HOWARD Trade Industrial: Basketball l,2. BRUCE G. HOWK College Prep: Band I,2,3,45 Orchestra l,2,3,45 Singing Steelman l,25 Hi-Y 3,45 Wrestling 'l,2,45 Tennis I,2,3,4. GEORGE MICHAEL HOWLAND Trode Industrial: Baseball I5 Intramural Football 35 Basketball 3,4. TERRY HOYT College Prep: National Honor Society 3,45 Hi-Y l,2,3,4, Treasurer l, Vice- President 35 Usher's Club l,25 German Club 2,3,45 Homeroom Rep. far Year- book 35 Math Club l,2,3,45 Boosters' Club 'l,2,3,45 Baseball 'I5 Wrestling 25 Intramural Basketball l,2,3,45 Baseball l,2,3,45 Volleyball 2,3,45 Table Tennis 45 Trotter's Sports Award. OHN IRWIN ollege Prep: Glee Club5 Red Cross 25 Track 3,4. COTT ISAACSON ollege Prep: Red Cross l,4. OHN JANDURA ollege Prep: D.E, 45 Homeroom Rep. for Journal 3. HN ALBERT JAROSI ollege Prep: D.E. 45 Homeroom Rep. for Yearbook 3. EN R. JEFFREY eneral: Co-Op 45 Red Cross 25 Student Office Worker 35 Monitor 25 .A.A. 'l,2,3. MES EDWARD JOHNSON eneral: National Honor Society 4. DONNA J. HRECHKO College Prep: National Honor Society 3,45 Freshman Chorus, Sophomore Chorus, A Cappella 3,45 Operetta 3,45 Monitor 2,3,45 Homeroom Rep. for Yearbook 25 Spanish Club 25 G.A.A. 1. BARBARA HUEY College Prep: National Honor Society 45 Student Council 3,45 Freshman Chorus5 Tri-Hi-Y 1,45 Red Cross 15 Homeroom Rep. for Yearbook 25 Boosters' Club l,2,3,45 Cheerleader 2,3,45 G.A.A. l,2,3,45 Senior Court. LAIRD HUGHES College Prep: Band l,2,3,4, Treasurer 45 Singing Steelmen l,2. BOB HUGHES General CARL F. HUNSAKER College Prep: ROTC l,2,3,45 F.F.A. 2. JOAN A. HYND College Prep: National Honor Society 3,4, Secretary 45 Student Council 25 "Miss J" Finalist LUCINDA J. JOLLEY College Prep: fTransfer from Edison Township High School, Edison, New Jersey, November 1961.1 Student Council 35 National Thespians 3,45 Gen- eral 2,35 Tri-Hi-Y 3,4, Vice-President 45 F.H.A. 2,35 Student Librarian 25 Monitor 35 Spanish Club 25 Boosters' Club 3,45 G.A.A. 2,3, Modern Dance 2,3. JAMES A. JONES College Prep: Football 1, Basketball I,2, Baseball I,2. LINDA GAYLE JONES Business Education: Freshman Chorus, Sophomore Chorus, A Cappella 3, Operetta 35 Tri-Hi-Y 3, Treasurer, World of Fun 35 D.E. 4, Vice-President5 Homeroom Rep. for Journal 35 G.A.A. I5 Prom Committee5 "Miss J" Finalist. LINDA LOU JONES Business Education: F.H.A. 15 D.E. 4. SARABETH JONES College Prep: Red Cross 45 French Club 35 Student Nurses's Aid 3,45 Home- room Rep. for Journal 25 G.A.A. 1,2, Modern Dance Club 25 Honor Guide for Graduation5 Prom Committee. JANE C. JORGENSEN College Prep: Freshman Chorus5 Tri-Hi-Y 3,4, Council 3,45 F.H.A. 15 Student Office Worker 3,45 Monitor 2,35 Boosters' Club 1,2,3,45 G.A.A. 1,2,3, Gym Dandy 15 Prom Committee. JERI ANN JOHNSON Business Education: F.N.A. 15 Co-Op 45 Monitor 2,35 G.A.A. 2. KEITH NEVIN JOHNSON College Prep: National Honor Society 3,45 Band 1,25 Singing Steelmen 15 Hi-Y 1,2,3,45 German Club 2,3,45 Student Office Worker 25 Math Club 1,2,3,45 Chess Club 45 Boosters' Club 1,2,3,45 Football 1,2,3,4, Basketball 1, Track 2,3,45 Intramural Basketball 1,2,3,4, Volleyball 2,3,4, Baseball 2,3,4, Badminton 2,3,4, Trotter Sport Award 2,3,4. MARILYN JOHNSON Business Education: Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,45 F.H.A. 15 Monitor 2,35 Homeroom Rep. for Yearbook 4. VALERIE JOHNSON College Prep: Freshman Chorus5 F.H.A. 1,3, Treasurer 1, Historian 35 Homeroom Rep. for Journal 35 G.A.A. 1,2. PAT JOHNSTON College Prep: Tri-Hi-Y 45 Red Cross 1,35 Boosters' Club 1,2,3,45 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4, Tumbling Club 1,2,3,4, Head, Ballet Club 2,3,4, Head, Gym Dandy 1,2,3,45 Prom Committee. ROBERT JAMES JOHNSTON College Prep: National Honor Society 3,45 Senior Play 2,3,45 o Thespian 1,2,3,4, Corresponding Sec. 3, President 45 Red Cross 15 Rep. f r Journal 25 Stage Manager 2,3,4, Contest Play 2,3,4, Operetta JUDY L. JUDGE General: F.H.A. 1, President. JO JUMP Business Education: lTransfer from Immaculate Heart Academy, Tm Arizona, September 1960.1 General 3,45 Tri-Hi-Y 35 Prom Committee. SUSAN JUNCK College Prep: Freshman Chorus, Sophomore Chorus, A Cappella 3,4, Ope etta 3,45 F.N.A. 1,2,3,45 Red Cross 1,25 Student Nurses's Aid 35 G.A.A. 2, Prom Committee. AUGUST JURICIC Trade Industrial JOHN R. JURICIC General TED A. JURICIC Trade Industrial: Monitor 35 Baseball 15 Intramural Basketball 1. MARIE KAMINSKAS Business Education: General Choir 3,4: Tri-Hi-Y 3: Red Cross 3: Monitor 3,4: Homeroom Rep. for Journal 3,4. PAUL KAPELLAS Vocational Agriculture: F.F.A. 'l,2,3,4. JESSICA IRENE KARALES College Prep: Freshman Chorus, Sophomore Chorus, A Cappella 3,4, Oper- etto 3,4: F.N.A. 4: Monitor 4: Boosters' Club I,2. AL KARGLE Trade Industrial: ROTC I,2,3,4, Officers' Club 4. KENNETH J. KAVENEY College Prep: Band I,2,3,4: Singing Steelmen I,2: Monitor 3: Homeroom Rep. for Yearbook 3: Intramural Basketball 4. STEVE KECK Trade Industrial: Monitor 2: Football I: Wrestling 'l. HARON ANN KIELBASA eneral: lTransfer from St. Francis Academy, Joliet, Illinois, September 960.1 D.E. 4: Student Librarian 2,3: Library Club 2,3: G.A.A. 2,3. HOMAS KIELY usiness Education AVID A. KIENLEN allege Prep: National Honor Society 3,4: Student Council 4, Vice-President: i-Y 3: Boosters' Club l,2,3,4, Officer 3,4: Football l,2,3,4, Swimming ,2,3,4, Track l,2,3,4, Caterpillar Sportsmanship Award 2. ENNIS KIMSEY ade Industrial: lTransfer from Lockport Township High School, Lockport, linois, September 1961.1 E V. KINCAID ollege Prep: Glee Club, A Cappella 2,3,4, Operetta I,2,3, Section Leader Monitor 3: Homeroom Rep. for Yearbook I,2,3,4: Boosters' Club l,2,3,4: om Committee: District Music Contest I,3, State Music Contest 2,3,4. NNETH DAVID KING siness Education: National Thespians 3: ROTC I,2,4: Glee Club, A Cap- lla 2,3: Red Cross l,2,3: Usher's Club l,2. CAROL ANN KEERS Business Education: F.H.A. I: Co-Op 4: Monitor 2. ROY B. KEITH Trade Industrial: ROTC I,2,3, Officers' Club 4: Monitor 2. NECIA KELLY College Prep: National Honor Society 3,4: Red Cross 2,3,4: Debate Team 2: G.A.A. 2: Honor Guide for Graduation: Prom Committee. ELLIS KENNEDY College Prep: Co-Op 4: Monitor 2: Spanish Club I,2: Football l,2, Wrestling I,2. ROGER L. KEPNER College Prep: National Honor Society 3,4: Senior Play 3: Glee Club, Gen- eral 2: Hi-Y 2,3,4, President 4: Monitor 2,3: Football 1: Intramural Basket- ball 2: Pram Committee. MICHAEL KEYES College Prep: Red Cross 2,3: Homeroom Rep. for Yearbook 2: Math Club l: Spanish Club 3: Boosters' Club 'l,2,3,4: Football I,2,3,4, Wrestling 2, Basketball I, Track l,2,3,4: Intramural Basketball I. CAROL KOZAR Business Education: Freshman Chorus, Sophomore Chorus, General 3,45 F.H.A. 15 Monitor 35 State Music Contest 2. JUDITH MARY KRAKAR College Prep: Tri-Hi-Y 1,25 Red Cross 25 Monitor 2,35 Homeroom Rep. for Journal 1. KAREN KAY KRAMER College Prep: National Honor Society 3,45 Freshman Chorus, Sophomore Chorus, Publicity Chairman, A Cappella 3,45 Operetta 3,4, Modrigols 4, Quill Staff 45 Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,4, President 15 F.H.A. 1, Treosurer5 Boosters' Club 1,2,3,45 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4, Modern Dance Club 3,45 Prom Committee5 "Miss J" Finalist: State Music Contest 2,45 Honor Guide for Graduation. ROBERT JOHN KRAMERICH Trade Industrial: iTransfer from Joliet Catholic High School, Joliet, Illinois, September 1960.2 KAREN KUBINSKI College Prep: National Honor Society 3,45 Freshman Chorus, Sophomore Chorus, A Cappella 3,4, Operetta 3,45 F.H.A. 1, Secretary5 F.N.A. I,2,3,4, Corresponding Secretary 35 German Club 25 Monitor 2,35 Student Nurses's Aid 35 G.A.A. 1,2,35 Honor Guide for Graduation5 Prom Committee5 State Music Contest 2,4. CLAIRE KURTZ College Prep: F.H.A. 15 F.N.A. 2,35 Red Cross l,2,3,45 Monitor 25 Student Nurses's Aid 45 G.A.A. 2,35 Tumbling Club 2,3. JANICE IRENE KOERNER College Prep: F.H.A. 1, Secretary5 Boosters' Club l,2,3,45 G.A.A. 15 Prom Committee. LINDA KOHL College Prep: lTransfer from Lincon-Way High School, New Lenox, Illinois, September 1960.1 F.N.A. 2,45 F.T.A. 2,3,45 F.F.A. 3, Sweetheart5 German Club 45 Student Librarian 2,3,45 Monitor 2,35 Homeroom Rep. for Journal 25 Spanish Club 1,2,3,45 Boosters' Club 3,45 library Club 2,35 G.A.A. 2,45 "Miss J" Semi-finalist. CAROL ANN KORINK Business Education: F.H.A. 1. ROBERT KORST Trade Industrial THOMAS KOSMERL College Prep: Band l,2,3,45 Singing Steelmen I5 Track 2,3,4, Cross Country 3,4, Swimming 4. BARBARA LOUISE KOVIS Business Education: F.H.A. 'l,2. PAUL DANIEL LABOUNTY College Prep: CTransfer from Lakeview High School, Decat September 1962.1 Red Cross 3. PAMELA RAE LADEW College Prep: Tri-Hi-Y 1,25 F.N.A. 1,25 Monitor 2,35 Homeroom Rep. Journal 2,3,45 Boosters' Club 1,2,3,45 G.A.A. l. DENNIS LAGRIMINI College Prep: Basketball 'I, Track 2. ROBERT JAMES LAKEN Business Education: Monitor 45 Basketball 1,2,3, Cross Country 2,3, 1,2,3,4. BARBARA LAKOTA College Prep: National Honor Society 45 Freshman Chorus, Chorus, General 3, A Cappella 4, Operetta 3,45 F.H.A. 1, Program man5 F.N.A. 2,3,45 Monitor 2,35 Student Nurses's Aid 35 G.A.A. 1,2,35 Guide for Graduation5 State Music Contest 2,45 Prom Committee. DIANA LAKOTICH College Prep: CTransfer from Antioch Township High School, Antioch, nois, September 1961.5 Monitor 2,3. RICHARD J. LAKOTICH Business Education: Monitor 45 Track I,2,3,45 Intramural Softball 1,3,4, 1,2,4, Basketball 2. ANN LAMPING Education: National Honor Society 3,45 Freshman Chorus: F.H.A. 15 45 Monitor 35 G.A.A. 1,2,35 Honor Guide for Graduation. LARSON Prep: Orchestra 2,3,4, Orchestra Club 2,3,45 Red Cross 45 Student RICHARD LARSON College Prep: Band 1,2,3,4, Section Leader 45 Orchestra 4, Section Leader: Singing Steelmen l,2,3,4. 'AME' LAUTERBACH Prep: National Honor Society 45 ROTC 'I,2,3,4, Drill Team I,2, Of- Club 45 Hi-Y 2,3,45 Red Cross 25 Usher's Club 1,25 Monitor 25 Home- Rep. for Yearbook 15 Chess Club 25 Amateur Radio Club 35 Basketball 25 Intramural Baseball 3,4. LAZAR fTransfer from Joliet Catholic High School, Joliet, Illinois, June LEONARD Prep: Student Council 3,4, Treasurer: Hi-Y 3,45 Monitor 25 Home- Rep. for Journal 25 Wrestling 15 Track 2,3,4, Captain 25 Swimming 35 Country 3,45 Senior Class President. LESLIE Prep: Monitor 45 Homeroom Rep. for Journal 45 Boosters' Club 2,3,4. MAE LEUTHNER Prep: National Honor Society 3,45 Senior Play 3,45 Freshman Sophomore Chorus, General 3, Operetta 3,45 German Club 2,35 Librarian I5 Blue and Gold Staff 3,4, Editor-in-chief 45 G.A.A. Board 3,4, Sporthead 3,4, Ballet Club 2,3,4, Modern Dance Club m Dandy 1,35 Pilot Club Award 45 Honor Guide for Graduation. LIND Prep: ROTC 1,2,3,4, Officers Club 4. MARIE LIND Prep: National Honor Society 45 Tri-Hi-Y l,2,3,4, President 15 l,2,3,4, Corresponding Secretary 45 Student Librarian 15 Homeroom Rep. I5 Chess Club 2,3, Secretary 35 Debate Team 1,2,3,4, N.F.L. J-Hi Journal Staff 1,2,3,4, Reporter 1,2, News Editor 3, Editor-in-Chief JT News Bureau 3,4, News Editor 3, Editor-in-Chief 45 Illinois Junior te Historian 3,4. LES LINDBLAD llege Prep: National Honor Society 3,45 Hi-Y 2,3,4, Vice-President 45 d Cross 45 Math Club l,2,35 Boosters' Club 1,2,3,45 Wrestling I5 Track ,3,4, Cross Country 2,3,4. PAUL LEACH College Prep: National Honor Society 45 Senior Play 2,35 National Thespians 2,3,45 French Club 45 Math Club 1,2,3,45 Boosters' Club 1,2,3,45 Baseball i,2, Basketball I, Cross Country 4, Golf 3,45 Intramural Basketball 2,3,4, Baseball 2,3,4, Volleyball 2,3,4, Football 35 Trotter Sports Award. TOM LEE General ROBERT LEGAN College Prep: ROTC I5 D.E. 4, President. MARILYN LEIGHTON College Prep: Tri-Hi-Y 1,25 D.E. 4, Secretary5 Red Cross 15 Monitor 2,35 G.A.A. I. KAREN JEAN LENZ College Prep: National Honor Society 3,45 Orchestra l,2,3, Orchestra Club I,2,35 Tri-Hi-Y I,2, President 2, Secretory 15 Red Cross 35 Debate Team 2,3,45 J-Hi Journal Staff I5 Blue and Gold Staff 45 G.A.A. 1. CLARENCE LEONARD Trade Industrial: Monitor 25 Track 35 Intramural Football 2,3. SHARON LUGAN Business Education: Senior Play 45 Tri-Hi-Y 35 F.H.A. 1,3,4, Secretary 1 Historian 4- Red Cross 24- Student Librarian 4' Student Office Worker Monitor 35 Homeroom Rep. for Journal 25 Boosters' Club 1,2,3,45 Library Club 45 G.A.A. 1,2 SYLVIA LUNDIN College Prep: National Honor Society 3,45 Student Council 3,45 Band 4 Gold Band Sponsor5 Freshman Chorus Vice-President: Sophomore Chorus Vice-President: A Cappella 3,4, Madrigals 3, Operetto 3, District and State Music Contest 2,35 Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3,4, President 2, Sergeant-at-Arms 35 F.N.A 1,2,3,4, Vice-President5 Monitor 35 G.A.A. l,2,35 Honor Guide for Gradua tion5 "Miss J" Finalist5 Prom Committee KENNETH V. LUZA College Prep: Hi-Y 2,3,45 German Club 25 Baseball 1,2,3,4, Football 1 ROSS MACDONALD College Prep: Senior Play 25 Band 1,2,3,4, Representative 2, Vice-President 45 Orchestra 1,2,3,4, Section Leader 2,3,45 Operetto 2,35 Hi-Y 2,3,45 Home- room Rep. for Yearbook 25 Boosters' Club 1,2,3,45 Tennis 1,2,3,4, Swim- ming 2,3,4, Wrestling 25 Prom Committee5 All State Band 4. JOHN MADDEN College Prep: Red Cross 1,25 Student Office Worker 25 Homeroom Rep. for Journal 1,25 Photographer 4, Yearbook5 Football 3,4, Basketball 3,4, Track 2,3,4. JACK MAHONEY College Prep: ROTC 1,2,35 Red Cross 1,2,35 Student Librarian 1,25 Student Office Worker 25 Wrestling 1. LAWRENCE T. LINDSTROM General: Glee Club, A Cappella 2,3,4, Operetta 2,3,45 Red Cross 25 Monitor 2,35 Homeroom Rep. for Yearbook 3. LOIS MARIE LITHERLAND College Prep: Monitor 25 Homeroom Rep. for Journal 35 Homeroom Rep. for Yearbook 25 "J" Yearbook Staff 4, Girls Sports Editor5 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4, Board 2, Sporthead 2, Vice-President 3, President 4. CHERYL ANNE LOCKE College Prep: iTransfer from Kearney High School, Kearney, Nebraska, September 1961.3 Prom Committee. SUZANNE JO LOKKEN General: KTransfer from West Junior High School, Lansing, Michigan, Sep- tember 1960.J F.H.A. 3,4. ROGER V. LOTZ College Prep: Band 15 Singing Steelmen 1. NEIL LUCAS College Prep: National Honor Society 3,4, Vice-President 45 Student Coun- cil 15 Hi-Y 2,3,4, Treasurer 45 Red Cross 15 French Club 45 Math Club 1,2,3,45 Chess Club 25 Boosters' Club 1,2,3,45 Football 1,2,3,4, Wrestling 1,2,3,4, Baseball 1,2, Track 3,45 Intramural Volleyball 2, Basketball 4, Baseball 3,45 Adam Award 3. JENO MAJERSZKY College Prep: ROTC 1,2,3,4, Officers' Club 3,45 Hi-Y 45 German Club 2 Homeroom Rep. for Yearbook '15 Prom Committee: Senior Class Boys Social Chairman. BARB MAJOR College Prep: tTransfer from Washington High School, Brainerd, Minn.J PATRICK MALLOY General: lTransfer from Joliet Catholic High School, Joliet, Illinois, Sep tember 1959.1 FERN ELLEN MANN College Prep: National Honor Society 45 Senior Play 2,45 Thespians 2,3, F.N.A. 1,2,3,4, President 45 Red Cross 15 Student Librarian 15 G.A.A. 1,2, Prom Committee. MICHAEL MARCONI General: Football 1,2,3,4, Wrestling 1,2,3,4. JOSEPH MARENTIC College Prep: lTransfer from Joliet Catholic High School, Joliet, Illinoi September 1961.1 Monitor 3. MARQUARDT Eclucatian: F.H.A. I. MARSHALL Prep: Student Council l,3, Sergeant-at-Arms 3: Glee Club 2: A 2,3,4, Operetta 2,3: Hi-Y 2,3,4: Monitor 3: Football I, Cross 2,3, Track l,2,3,4. MARTIN Prep: Football I, Basketball I, Baseball l,2. . MASON Prep: Student Council 2,3,4, Board 3: ROTC I,2,3,4, Drill Team l,2, Club 3,41 Glee Club Vice-President: A Cappella 2,3,4, Librarian 2, 3, All-State Choir 3,4, Illinois State Music Contest 2,3,4, Operetta -Y 3,45 Red Cross l,2: Student librarian 'lp Student Office Worker JHi Journal Staff I: American Field Service Exchange Student to 4: Student Advisor to the Student American Field Service. E. MASTERS Industrial: 1Transfer from Joliet Catholic High School, Joliet, lIlinois.j Country 2, Football 3. MATESI Education: Tri-Hi-Y l,2,3g F.H.A. I: D.O. 4, Secretory-Treasurer: Rep. for Yearbook 2,3. MCCARTHY Staff 4, Underclassmen Editor: Intramural Basketball I,3. MCCARTHY mber I962.J Tri-Hi-Y 3: Homeroom Rep. far Yearbook 3. MCCLEAN ode Industrial NALD MCCORMICK de Industrial: Uronsfer from Nichols High School, Biloxi, Miss., Septem- r l960.l UCK MCCOWAN de Industrial: ROTC 2, General 2,3, Section Leader 3. HN MCDADE llege Prep: Band l,2,3,4, Section Leader 4: Singing Steelmen l,2. Prep: Glee Club, A Cappella I,2,3, Operetta 1,2, Section Leader 4: Prep: KTransfer from St. Francis Academy, Joliet, Illinois, Sep- BOB MATHENIA General GLADYS MATZKE College Prep: Tri-Hi-Y 3,45 Monitor 2. BOB MAYHUGH College Prep: lTranster from Northeast High School, Oklahoma City, Okla- homa, September l96I.j Math Club 3. MIKE MAZUR Trade Industrial: ROTC l,2. SONJA MCALLISTER College Prep: National Honor Society 3,45 Orchestra l,2,3,4, Vice-President 4, Section Leader I,2,3,4, Operetta I,2,4, Orchestra Club l,2,3,45 Red Cross 4: Homeroom Rep. for Journal l,4: G.A.A. I,2,3,4: Honor Guide for Grad- uation: Modern Dance Club 3,47 Prom Committee. JOYCE MCBRIDE General: Uransfer from Lockport Township High School, Lockport, Illinois, January I962.J Tri-Hi-Y 3, Red Cross 4. BOB MCMAHON General NANCY MCQUEEN College Prep: Senior Play 2,3,4, National Thespians 2,3,4, Clerk 4, Pub- licity Chairman 45 Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3, Treasurer 35 F.N.A. 1,25 Red Cross 45 Monitor 25 G.A.A. 1,2,35 One Act Play 3. BARBARA JEAN MCREYNOLDS Homemaking: Monitor 2,3. EARL W. MEADE College Prep: lTransfer from Natrona County High School, Casper, Wyom- ing, August 1959.1 D.E. 4. GINNIE MEIER College Prep: National Honor Society 3,45 Student Council 45 ROTC 4 Sponsor Company A, Officers Club 4, Secretary5 Freshman Chorus, Sopho- more Chorus, A Cappella 3,4, Operetta 3,45 Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3,45 F.N.A. 15 Red Cross 15 Monitor 25 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4. DIANA MELAHN Business Education: CTransfer from St. Francis Academy, Joliet, Illinois, September 1960.1 CHUCK MCDANIEL Trade Industrial ROGER MCFADDEN Trade Industrial JON MCFARLAND College Prep: Glee Club Section Leader5 A Cappella 2,3,4, Madrigals 2,3,45 All-State Music Contest 4. CHERYL MCGEHEE College Prep: KTransfer from Dixon High School, Dixon, Illinois, October 1960.1 Sophomore Chorus5 Tri-Hi-Y 25 F.N.A. 25 G.A.A. 2. RACHEL MCGILVREY College Prep: National Honor Society 45 Freshman Chorus, Chorus, A Cappella 3, Operetta 35 Co-Op 45 Red Cross l,2,35 Monitor JAMES CHARLES MCKEOWN College Prep: National Honor Society 3,45 Band l,2,3,45 Hi-Y l,2,3,45 man Club 35 Chess Club 2,3, President 25 Tennis 1,2,3,4. JESSY L. MELHORN College Prep: ROTC l,2,3,4, 2nd Lt. 4, Officers Club 4. SHARON RENEE MENOZZI Business Education: Tri-Hi-Y 2,35 F.H.A. 15 Ca-Op 45 Monitor 2,35 room Rep. for Journal 3,45 Homeroom Rep. for Yearbook 3,4. CHARLENE MARIE MENTZER College Prep: Freshman Chorus5 Usher's Club 15 Monitor 2,35 G.A.A. 2,3. NANCY MEYERS General: Freshman Chorus, Sophomore Chorus, A Cappella 3,4, Opere 3,45 F.H.A. 3,45 Red Cross 3,45 Boosters' Club 1,25 G.A.A. l,2. RICHARD W. MEYERS College Prep: National Honor Society 3,45 Intramural Volleyball 2, Bo ball 3, Basketball 45 Physicists Anonymous 4, Vice-President. GEORGE E. MILLER College Prep: lTransfer from Joliet Catholic High School, Joliet Illin September 1960.1 ROTC 2,3,4, Officers 4, Rifle Team 4, Drill Team 2,3 MIRENIC Prep French Club 3 Homeroom Rep for Journal 34 J Hn Journal Business Manager5 G.A.A. 2. Industrial: ROTC 1,2,3,4, Rifle Team 4. MITCHELL Education: Freshman Chorus, Sophomore Chorus, A Cappella 3, MOLNAR German Club 25 Track 1,25 Intramural Bowling 1,2. Prep: Basketball 1, Football 15 Intramural Basketball 2,3,4. MONTGOMERY G.A.A. 1. L. MOULTON Prep: Track 2, Basketball 2. DANIEL MUCHITCH MUREN Prep: National Honor Society 3,45 F.N.A. 25 Red Cross 25 Student 1,25 Math Club 1,25 Chess Club 1,2,35 Library Club 25 G.A.A. 1,25 Award 1,2. MYERS Education. D.E. 4, Football 1,2, Basketball Manager 2, Intramural ALENE NAGY Education: Freshman Chorus, Sophomore Chorus5 Tri-Hi-Y 2,35 15 Red Cross 25 Monitor 25 Boosters' Club 35 G.A.A. 1. MARIE NARDIN Prep: F.H.A. 15 Red Cross 3,45 Student Office Worker 35 G.A.A. 1,2. SUE ELLEN MOOL College Prep: National Honor Society 3,45 National Thespian 253,45 Fresh- man Chorus, Sophomore Chorus5 F.H.A. 15 Math Club 25 G.A.A. 2,3,4, Ballet Club 2,3,45 Prom Committee5 Contest Play 2,3. MIKE MOORE Business Education: Wrestling 1, Football 1. CONNIE MORGAN College Prep: National Honor Society 45 Student Council 4: F.N.A. 1,2,3,4, Secretary 35 Monitor 35 Homeroom Rep. for Yearbook 35 G.A.A. 1,2,3,45 Junior and Senior Girl Social Chairman5 "Miss J" Semi-finalist5 Honor Guide for Graduation5 Prom Committee. REBECCA MORGAN College Prep: CTransfer from Chesterton High School, Chesterton, Indiana, December 1960.1 National Honor Society 45 French Club 3,45 Homeroom Rep. for Yearbook 45 Honor Guide for Graduotion5 Prom Committee. SANDRA KAY MORGAN Homemaking: lTransfer from Belleville High School, Belleville, Michigan, September 1961.1 PATRICIA MORSE College Prep: National Honor Society 45 Senior Play 2,3,4, Ticker Chair- man 45 National Thespian 2,3,4, Vice-President 45 Tri-Hi-Y 25 Red Cross 1,25 Homeroom Rep. for Yearbook 25 G.A.A. 1,25 Honor Guide for Grad- uation5 Physics Club 45 American Field Service 45 Contest Play 253,45 Operetta 354. 1W'!lf DONALD M. NOVAK College Prep: Clransfer from Joliet Catholic High School, Joliet, Illinois, 1961 .J GARY ALAN OEDEWALDT College Prep: National Honor Society 3,45 ROTC 'I,2,3,4, Officers Club 45 Hi-Y 1,25 Rifle Team 2,3,4, Firing Squad 3. LYNN B. OLSEN College Prep: Student Librarian I5 Homeroom Rep. for Yearbook 45 G.A.A. 1,25 Honor Guide for Graduation. GLORIA JEAN OLSEN Business Education: F.H.A. 1. DOUGLAS M. ORAM Business Education: Glee CIub5 Football 2. ROBERT G. ORLOVICH College Prep: Band 1,2,3,4. JIM NELSON College Prep: Monitor 35 Intramural Basketball 2,4, Volleyball 2. NANCY MARIE NELSON College Prep: Freshman Chorus, Sophomore Chorus, General 3,45 G.A.A. 1 SHIRLEY JEAN NICHOLSON General: Freshman Chorus, Sophomore Chorus General 3, Social Chairman FREDRICK MICHAEL NICKEL College Prep: ROTC 1,2,3,45 Student Office Worker 35 Monitor 2. JANET MARIE NIEHL Business Education: F.H.A. 15 Co-Op 45 Monitor 25 G.A.A. 1,2. JOY CNOREMJ SMITH Business Education: F.H.A. 1,2,3, Treasurer 15 D.E. 45 Student Librarian 3 Library Club 35 G.A.A. I. PATRICIA ORR General: F.H.A. 15 D.E. 4 Treasurer5 Red Cross 25 Student Librarian Monitor 25 Homeroom Rep. for Yearbook 1,2,3. SANDY ORSINI Business Education: Student Council 15 F.N.A. 1,25 Red Cross 2,35 G.A.A. DARLENE RAE OSTERMAN General: Tri-Hi-Y I5 F.H.A. I. FRAN OWENS Business Education: Co-Op 45 Red Cross I,2,35 Student Librarian 35 Stud Office Worker 25 Monitor 2. PAUL STEPHEN OWINGS College Prep: Glee Club, A Cappella 2,3,4, Librarian 3, Madrigals Treasurer, Operetta 2,3,45 Basketball 3, Football 4. JOHN A. PAGONIS College Prep: D.E. 45 Red Cross 45 Monitor 25 Homeroom Rep. for Jour 35 Biology Club 3. Busme PALMER Education: D.E. 4. ANN PANISH Prep: Freshman Chorus, Sophomore Chorus, A Cappella 3,45 3,45 Operetta 3 Understudy lead5 F.H.A. I5 Red Cross 2,35 Office Worker 2,45 Hameroom Rep. for Journal 1,45 Boosters' I G.A.A. I, Gym Dandy I5 District Music Contest I,2,3,4, State Contest 2,45 All-State Choir 45 South Suburban Music Festival 4. PARIS Education: Tri-Hi-Y I5 F.H.A. I5 Hameroom Rep for Yearbook 35 4E LEE PARK Education: F.H.A. I5 Hameroom Rep. for Yearbook 4. M. PARK Prep: ROTC I,2,3,4, Company C Commander 4, Officers Club 45 Homeroom Rep. for Yearbook 25 Amateur Radio Club 3,45 Vice- 3- Rifle Team 253,4, Team Captain 4. PARKINSON Prep: National Thespian 2,3, Thespian Play Publicity I,2,35 G.A.A. Office Worker 2,35 Red Cross I,2. C. PEARCE Education. D.E. 4. PEARSON Rep. for Journal 4. PEARSON ' A. I- F.N.A. 25 Monitor 35 G.A.A. I. E. PECK Industrial E. PEDERSON Prep: lTransfer from Joilet Catholic High School, Joilet, Illinois, ROTC 2,3,4, Color Guard 3. LEE PENROD J Prep: Red Cross I5 Homeroom Rep. for Journal 35 Hameroom Yearbook 25 G.A.A. 'I. rep: Tri-Hi-Y 45 F.H.A. I5 Red Cross 25 Student Librarian I5 Prep: National Honor Society 3,45 Freshman Chorus, Sophomore General 3,45 Secretary 3, President 45 Tri-Hi-Y 253,45 Vice-President KAY PARSONS Business Education5 Freshman Chorus5 F.H.A. 'I5 Monitor 2,3. ROBERT FATE Trade Industrial: ROTC I,2,3,4. GEORGIA ANNE PATTEN Monitor 25 G.A.A. I. MIKE W. PAUL College Prep: General 2,3. LAYTON PAUSON College Prep: National Honor Society 3,45 Student Council 2,3,45 Hi-Y 2,3545 Red Cross 25 German Club 35 Blue and Gold Staff 45 Intramural Baseball I,2,3,4, Basketball 3, Volleyball 3, Football 253,45 Junior Class President5 District Speech Contest Winner 3. MARY ANN PEARCE General Business Education: National Honor Society 45 Tri-Hi-Y 253,45 F.H.A. I5 KENNETH L. PETERSON Colege Prep: Band l,2,3,4: Singing Steelmen 2. KENNETH K. PETERSON General: Red Cross 3. LAWRENCE P. PETERSON College Prep: lTransfer from Carl Sandburg, Orland Park, Illinois, l960.J VIVIAN PETERSON Business Education: Student Council 'l. DENNIS PETROVIC General: Intramural Basketball l,2,3, Volleyball 3, ROBERT HOWK PILCHER College Prep: Golf 2,3,-t, Tennis 4: Intramural Bowling l,2,3,4, Bad- minton 3,4, Basketball 2,3,4. KAREN SUE PENROD Business Education: Co-Op 4 President: Student Office Worker 3: Home- room Rep. for Journal 2. SONIA PARHUTIN Business Education: Freshman Chorus: Red Cross 4: Homeroom Rep. for Journal I: Homeroom Rep. for Yearbook I: G.A.A. 'I,2,4, Sports- head 2,4. ROBERT J. PERSICKETTI Business Education: Glee Club: A Cappella 2,3. JOYCE PETERS College Prep: Orchestra l,2,3,4, Secretary 4, Operetto l,2: G.A.A. 1,2,3,4. DONALD RAY PETERSON College Prep: Glee Club: A Cappella 2,3,4, Operetta 2,3,4: Red Cross 2,3: Chess Club 3: Intramural Football 'l. DONALD ROBERT PETERSON Business Education: ROTC I,2,3,4: Monitor 2. DONNA PINNELL Business Education: Freshman Chorus, Sophomore Chorus, A Operetta 3: Student Librarian 3: Student Office Worker 4: Rep. for Journal 2: Homeroom Rep. for Yearbook 3,4: Prom ROBERT J. PLANING College Prep: Student Council I: ROTC I,2,3,4: F.T.A. 3: Red Cross T, Student Librarian 3: Monitor 2: Prom Committee. EARL PLUTZ General RITA POLLACK College Prep: Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4: Homeroom Rep. for Journal 2: Booste Club l,2,3,4: G.A.A. l,2,3, Tumbling Club l,2,3: Junior Thespians 2. VANA SUE POMBERT General: Freshman Chorus: Red Cross 'l: Prom Committee. MICHAEL R. PORRO Trade Industrial: General 2,3. Yew. KATHLEEN CLAUDETTE RAMSEY College Prep: National Honor Society 3,45 Senior Play 35 Orchestra l, Or- chestra Club lp Sophomore Chorus, A Cappella 3,4, Operetta 3,45 F.T.A. l,2,3,45 French Club 3,45 Monitor 2,35 Math Club 25 G.A.A. l,2,35 Honor Guide for Graduation. ROBERT PAPANTI College Prep: Band 1,2,35 Intramural Baseball 1,25 Singing Steelmen l,2. ROBERT E. REMKO College Prep: Football 'l. SANDY KAY RESSLER General: Student Office Worker 35 Monitor 45 Prom Committee. JUDITH R. REVELS College Prep: Freshman Chorus, Sophomore Chorus, A Cappella 3,4, Operetta 3,45 Monitor 2,35 Boosters' Club lp Prom Committee. NANCY SUE RIGGS Business Education: Tri-Hi-Y 2,35 F.H.A. 1,25 Student Office Worker 3. GEORGE ROBERTS Industrial Arts: Football 'I,2, Basketball I. RALEIGH V. ROBINETTE General: lTransfer from Milton High School, Milton, lndiana, February 19621. SANDRA KAY ROBINSON General: Tri-Hi-Y 2: F.H.A. I: Monitor 2: "Miss J" Finalist. il' .4 3:5 , gg R I Rosen Rock Trade Industrial: Band I,2: Football I,3, Wrestling 3: Intramural Foot- ' I ball 2. A - SUZANNE ROGERS mf - 'T' College Prep: Freshman Chorus, Sophomore Chorus, A Cappella 3,4: F W , Tri-Hi-Y 'l,2,3,4, Secretary I, President 3: Red Cross: Monitor 3. 'A If DAVID STEPHEN RosE1'rENsTElN , 5 College Prep: Exchange Student from Africa: Hi-Y 4: Debate Team 4. DONNA L. ROSS Business Education: Freshman Chorus, Sophomore Chorus: Tri-Hi-Y l,2,3: Co-Op 4, Secretary: Monitor 2,3: Homeroom Rep. for Yearbook 4: Gym Dandy 3. BETTY ROSTON General: Red Cross 4: Student Office Worker 4: Homeroom Rep. for Journal 1: G.A.A. 4. GUS M. ROUSONELOS College Prep: Monitor 4. CHARLES E. ROWE Trade Industrial: Monitor 4. RON RUDEN College Prep: Glee Club: A Cappella 2,3, Operetta 2: Homeroom Rep. for Yearbook 1: Intramural Basketball 2. MARGO ANN RUSSELL Business Education: Freshman Chorus, General 3, Vice-President: F.H.A. I, Treasurer: Red Cross I,2,3,4. MARILYN RUSSELL College Prep: National Honor Society 4: F.N.A. 2,3: Red Crass I: Nurses's Aid 2: Homeroom Rep. for Journal 2: G.A.A. I. DAVE RUTTLE College Prep: National Honor Society 3,4: Red Cross 4: Monitor Wrestling I: Intramural Basketball 2. DONNA RYAN Business Education ROBIN SAHLER College Prep: National Honor Society 4: Freshman Chorus, Preside Sophomore Chorus, President, A Cappella 3,4, Section Leader 4, Madrig 4: Monitor 3: Homeroom Rep. for Yearbook 3: All-State Music Festival KENNETH SAIEG College Prep: Glee Club: A Cappella 2,3,4: Red Cross 2. JAMES RICHARD SAK College Prep: ROTC I,2,3: Orchestra I,2,3, Orchestra Club I,2,3, Opere I,2,3: Drill Team l,2. DAVID SALATO College Prep: Monitor 23 Homeroom Rep. for Journal 4: Football 4. BRUCE EMERSON SANDERS College Prep: ROTC 1: Student librarian 1,25 Homeroom Rep. for Yearbook 1: Boosters' Club 1,2,3,4: Wrestling l,2, Swimming 1,2, Tennis 1. CATHERINE MARIE SANFORD JOAN SARCLETTI Education Freshman Chorus Tru HIY I2 Red Cross 2 S SAVICH Prep Senior Play I2 National Thesplan 24 Sophomore Chorus 124 Vice President 2 French Club 2 Treasurer Student Office 4 Monitor 2 Homeroom Rep for Journal 4 Homeroom Rep Yearbook I2 Math Club I Boosters Club 124 GAA I Modern Club Operetto 2 ANN SAYLES Prep National Honor Society 34 Tn HIY 1 President FHA lent 1 Secretary 2 Camp Delegant I Red Cross 2 Monitor Homeroom Rep for Yearbook 3 Boosters Club 1234 GAA I LOU SCHRODER Education. Monitor 2,3. SCHROEDER F.H.A. If Monitor 2. SCHUBERT Prep. Red Cross 3,4, Monitor 2,3,4, Spanish Club 2,3, Boosters G.A.A. 1,25 Prom Committee. R SEBBEN Glee Club, A Cappella 2,3, J Yearbook Staff Photographer 2,3,4, W. SEEHAFER JEAN SEHRING Prep. Freshman Chorus Librarian, Tn-HI-Y l,203,4, Treasurer 2, 4, Red Cross 3: Monitor 3,45 Homeroom Rep. for Journal 1,27 I Rep. for Yearbook 4: Boosters' Club 1,2,3,4. SYLVESTER A. 5CALPEl.l.l College Prep: Baseball I,2. DAVID CHARLES SCHLEETER College Prep: lTransfer from Thornton Fractional South High School, sing, Illinois, 1961.1 National Honor Society 4: ROTC 3,4, Officers Club 4, Rifle Team 3,4. ARlEl. SCHMIDT General: Tri-Hi-Y I, F.H.A. I. ROSEMARY SCHMIDT General: Tri-Hi-Y 1,27 F.H.A. 1: Monitor 2. CHARLES SCHNEIDER College Prep: National Honor Society 3,45 Red Cross 3: Monitor 45 Boosters' Club I,2,3,4. JOANNE LOUISE SCHOMIG Business Education: F.H.A. 2: Red Cross lg Monitor 2,35 Homeroom Rep. for Journal 1,2,3: Art Club 1,2,3,4. JACK L. SHAWMEKER General: Red Cross 2: Student Librarian 2, Library Club 2: Monitor 3. DENNIS SHEA College Prep: Senior Play 3: Bond l,2,3,4, Section Leader 4: Singing Steel- men 2,3: Boosters' Club l,2,3,4: Wrestling I: Intramural Boxing I. NANCY SHEETS College Prep: Tri-Hi-Y l,2,3,4, Treasurer 4: Monitor 2: Boosters' Club I,2,3,4: G.A.A. 'l,2,3. RICK SHEPLEY College Prep: Hi-Y I,2,3,4, Vice-President I: National Honor Society 4: Math Club 2: Football I, Basketball I,2,4, Golf I,2,3,4, Cross Country 3,4: Intromural Volleyball I,2,3,4, Table Tennis 4. DEBARAH A. SHERMAN College Prep: Tri-Hi-Y 3: Student Office Worker 2: Monitor 2: G.A.A. l,2: "Miss J" Semi-Finalist. LINDA KAY SHIMKOIK Business Education: 1Transfer from Lockport Township High School, Lock- port, Illinois, 1960.1 Student Office Worker 4: G.A.A. I,2. BOB SELINGER General: Monitor 3: Intramural Basketball 3, Volleyball 3: Boosters' Club I,2,3,4. MIKE SENECAL General: ROTC 4, Officers Club 4, Cadet Ist Lieutenant, Rifle Team 3,4. MARY ELLEN SETINA Business Education: Freshman Chorus: Tri-Hi-Y 3: F.H.A. I: D.E. 4: Boosters' Club l,2,3,4: G.A.A. I. HERBERT SHADWELL Vocational Agriculture: ROTC 1,2,3,4 Staff Sgt.: F.F.A. 2,3,4. JEAN E. SHANK General: Monitor 2,3: Homeroom Rep. for Journal I: Boosters' Club I,2. KATHLEEN S. SHAW College Prep: Freshman Chorus, Sophomore Chorus, General 3, A Cap- pella 4, Operetta 3,4: Section Leader 3, Publicity Chairman 4: Tri-Hi- 3,4: Red Cross 2,4: Homeroom Rep. for Journal 2: Homeroom Rep. fo Yearbook 3: Boosters' Club l,2,3,4: "J" Yearbook Staff 3,4, Acodemi Editor 4: G.A.A. 3: "Miss J" Semi-finalist: Boosterettes I: Prom Com mittee: Gym Dandy I,3: W.J.O.L. Crew Cut Capers. EDWIN C. SHORS College Prep: lTronsfer from Township South, Lansing, Illinois, I96l National Honor Society 4: Hi-Y 4: Red Cross 4: Monitor 4: Boosters' CI 3.4: Track 3: Intromural Basketball 4. BERNIE SHORT General: Transfer from Bremen Community High School, Midlothia Illinois, l96l.l Monitor 3: D.O. 4. SUSAN SIDALL College Prep: lTronsfer from Waukegan Township High School, Waukega Illinois, 1962.1 ROBERT C. SIFFERD College Prep CHERYL SIMPSON College Prep: lTransfer from Waukegan Township High School, Waukeg Illinois, l960.l Tri-Hi-Y 3,4: F.T.A. 3: Monitor 4. JOSEPHINE SIMPSON College Prep: Student Librarian I,2,3: Red Cross I,2,3. ROBERT A. SIRCY Trade Industrial: Senior Play 25 ROTC 1,2,3,45 Glee Club. KENNETH L. SKINNER College Prep: lTransfer from Naperville Community High School, Noper- ville, Illinois, 1959.1 Monitor 45 Boosters' Club 2,3,45 Intramural Basket- ball 1,2, Volleyball I5 Biology Club 3. MARILYN JO SLEYKO Business Education: National Honor Society 3,45 Tri-Hi-Y 2,3, Treasurer 25 F.H.A. I Vice-President5 Student Librarian 2, Library Club 25 Spanish Club 25 G.A.A. 1,2,35 Adams Award 35 "Miss J" Finolist5 Prom Committee. JUDITH ANN SMITH General: Freshman Chorus5 Tri-Hi-Y 1,2535 F.H.A. 15 Student Librarian 2, Library Club 25 Homeroom Rep. for Yearbook 15 Boosters' Club 15 G.A.A. 1. KATHY SMITH College Prep: Freshman Chorus, Sophomore Chorus, A Cappella 3,4, Operetta 3,45 Monitor 45 Gym Dandy I5 Inner Choir 2. MICHAEL JOHN SMITH Business Education: Bond I5 D.E. 45 Student Office Worker 25 Monitor 25 Homeroom Rep. for Yearbook 2. v NEDRA JEAN STANFORD College Prep: Red Cross 25 Homeroom Rep. for Journal 3,45 G.A.A. 1,25 Prom Committee. MICHAEL JOHN STAPAY College Prep: ROTC 1,2,3,4, Officers Club 45 Usher's Club 1,25 Monitor 2. HELENANN STARMANN College Prep: Monitor 45 Boosters' Club 1,25 G.A.A. 1. ANE STEFANICH ollege Prep: Freshman Chorus5 F.H.A. 1, Secretary5 Monitor 25 Boosters lub I,2,3,45 G.A.A. I. OBERT WILLIAM STEFFES ollege Prep: Usher's Club 1,25 Monitor 3,45 Math Club 1,2,35 Boosters lub 1,2,3,45 Wrestling I,3,4, Football 1,25 Intramural Basketball 1,3,4. IRGINIA STEFFES ollege Prep: Orchestra 2,3,4, Orchestra 2,3,4, Treasurer 45 Operetta 2,3,45 ri-Hi-Y 3,45 Music Contest 3,45 Homeroom Rep. for Yearbook 25 G.A.A. I5 rom Committee. 1 r ROBERT GORDON SMITH College Prep: National Honor Society 3,4, Treasurer, Bulletin Chair- man 45 Hi-Y 45 F.T.A. 35 Red Cross 1,35 Monitor 3,45 Homeroom Rep. for Yearbook 45 Prom Committee. STANLEY ALAN SMITH Trade Industrial: Track 2,3, Football 2,3. TERRY W. SMITH College Prep: lTronsfer from Clossen Junior ond Senior High School, Okla- homa City, Oklahoma, 1959.2 Red Cross 45 Monitor 35 Football 1,2, Wrestling I, Trock 3. JIM SMREKAR General: F.F.A. 2,3,4. DIANE SPINKS College Prep: Usl1er's Club 1,2,35 Monitor 2,35 Homeroom Rep. for Year- book 35 G.A.A. 1,2,3. PAUL FRANCIS SPITTAL College Prep: Glee Club5 General 2, A Cappella 3,4, Operetta 3,45 Hi-Y 3,4, Social Chairman 45 Red Cross 1,25 Student Librarian I5 Monitor 25 Debate Team 15 Boosters' Club 1,2,3,45 Wrestling 1,2, Track 1,2,3,4. r JOSEPH ANTHONY SULA College Prep: National Honor Society 3,45 Monitor 45 Math Club 25 Boosters' Club 1,2,3,45 Basketball 1,2,45 Baseball 1,2,3,45 Cross Country 45 Intra- mural Basketball 35 Prom Committee. JOE SULIGOY College Prep JUNE ELAINE SWANGO College Prep: National Honor Society 3,4, Publicity Chairman 45 Student Council 1, Publicity Chairman5 Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4, Secretary 2, President 35 F.H.A. 15 French Club 35 Student Librarian 2,35 Library Club 2,35 Home- room Rep. for Yearbook 15 Math Club 35 Boosters' Club 15 Blue and Gold Staff 4, Assistant Editor5 G.A.A. 1,2,3. RICK SWANSON Vocational Auto GENE SWANSTROM College Prep: Glee Club, General 25 Monitor 3,4. GEORGE TADEJ Vocational Auto: ROTC l,2,3,4, Staff Sergeant5 Glee Club, General 2. JOSEPH W. E. STEMPIEN College Prep: Red Cross 1,25 German Club 2,35 Boosters' Club 1,2,3,45 Baseball 1,25 Pram Committee. MARY LOU STEWART Business Education: Co-Op 45 Student Librarian 2,35 Student Office Worker 35 Monitor 2,35 Gym Dandy 2. STUART STOLTZ College Prep: Red Cross 15 Monitor 2,45 Homeroom Journal Rep. 15 Chess Club 15 Boosters' Club 25 Trampoline Team 25 Intramural Bowling 15 Football 35 Basketball 1. EVELYNE STRIBLING Business Education: Red Cross l,2. KAREN SUE STUBLER Business Education: Co-Op 45 Boosters' Club 15 G.A.A. 15 Gym Dandy 1. PHIL STUTZ College Prep: Band 1,2,3,4, President 4, Student Conductor 4, Section Leader 45 Orchestra 3,45 Singing Steelmen 1,25 Monitor 35 Track 1,2,3,4, Cross Country 2. JANICE KAY TALBOTT College Prep: Homeroom Journal Rep. 45 Homeroom Rep. for Yearboo 45 G.A.A. 15 Gym Dandy 1. MANUEL TAMAYO Trade lndustrial: Red Cross 45 Wrestling 1,25 Football 1,2. DAVE TAYLOR Vocational Electronics: ROTC 1,2,3,4, Stuff Sergeant5 Usher's Club 1,2,3,4. KENNETH D. TERLEP College Prep: National Honor Society 3,45 Math Club 1,25 Boosters' Clu 1,2,3,45 Baseball 1,25 Adam Award 2. ROSEMARY THOMPSON General: Tri-Hi-Y 1,45 Red Cross 25 Homeroom Rep. for Yearbook Gym Dandy 2. SANDRA KAY THORNLEY College Prep: National Honor Society 3,45 National Thespian 2,3,4, Se retary-Treasurer 35 Orchestra 1,2,3,4, Orchestra Club 1,2,3,4, Social Chai man 45 Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3,45 Student Librarian 35 G.A.A. 1,2,45 Speech Co test 35 Contest Play 1,2,3. BETTY TEMPER General. DIANE JEAN TUCKER College Prep: Freshman Chorus, General lg Student Librarian l,2,4, Library Club l,2,-4, G.A.A. I. DAVID TUNTLAND College Prep: Band l,2,3,4, Orcheslra 21 Singing Sfeelmen 1,25 Usl1er's Club 2,35 German Club 2, Boosters' Club l,2,3,-1, Truck 3, Prom Committee. TIM M. URBANIK Trade Industrial: J-Hi Journal Staff Pholographer 3,45 "J" Yearbook Stuff Photographer 3,45 Track IA, Manager Wreslling 4. GLENN VAN DYKE General: ROTC 4 Staff Sergeant, Glee Club, A Cappella 2,3,4. PETER VAN GAMPLER General SUSAN CATHERN WATSON College Prep: Freshman Chorus5 Red Cross I,2,35 Boosters' Club I,2,3,45 Gym Dandy I,2. WILLIAM D. WATSON College Prep: ROTC I,2,3,4, Officers Club 4. CHARLES WATTS College Prep: Intramural Basketball I. LOIS MARIE WEBSTER College Prep: F.T.A. 3,45 Monitor 2,35 Homeroom Rep. for Yearbook 2,35 G.A.A. 2. WILLIAM H, WEHRSPANN College Prep: National Hanor Society 3,45 Student Council 4 Sergeant- atvArms5 Hi-Y I,2,3,4, Sergeant-at-Arms5 Homeroom Rep. for Yearbook 45 Moth Club 25 Football I,2,3,4, Co-Captain 2,4, Basketball I,2,3,4, Track I,2,3,4. PAUL EDWIN WEISS College Prep: National Honor Society 3,4, President 45 Glee Club, Treasurer5 Operetta I5 Hi-Y I,2,3,4, President I, Treasurer 2, Secretary 45 Cross Country 35 Intramural Basketball 2,3,4, Baseball 2,3,4, Volleyball 2,3,4, Table Tennis 35 King of World of Fun 3. WAYNE PALMER WADE College Prep: Band I,2,3,4, Drum Major 4, Student Conductor 4, Sec- tion Leader 45 Orchestra 2,45 Singing Steelmen I,25 Red Cross 2,45 Student Office Worker 25 Homeroom Rep. for Journal 35 Homeroom Rep. for Yearbook 2,45 Boosters' Club I,2,3,45 Baseball I. JUDY WAHTOLA College Prep: Student Council I5 Freshman Chorus, Sophomore Chorus, General 35 Tri-Hi-Y I,2,3,4, Vice-President 3, President45 Monitor 25 Boosters' Club I,2,3,45 J-Hi Journal Staff 4 Circulation Manager5 G.A.A. 2,35 Prom Committee. JIM WALSER College Prep: Hi-Y 35 Boosters' Club I,2,3,45 Football I,2,3,4, Basketball I, Baseball I,2,3,45 Intramural Basketball I5 All-State Conference 3,4, All Suburban 45 Prom Committee. JANET L. WARSAW Business Education: F.H.A. 'I5 Student Office Worker I5 Monitor 35 Boosters' Club I,2,3,45 G.A.A. I,2,3. VIRGINIA WARTHEN Business Education: Freshman Chorus5 Tri-Hi-Y I,2,3,4, Secretary 45 Student Librarian 3,45 Monitor 25 Boosters' Club I,2,3,45 G.A.A. I,2,3. CAROL WATKINS General: Boosters' Club I,2,3,4. MERTHA WELLS General: F.H.A. I. KATHRYN MARIE WERNER College Prep: Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4, Vice-President 2, President 35 F.H.A. I5 Re Cross 25 French Club 35 Monitor 35 Math 25 G.A.A. 3. PAUL WETTERHAHN College Prep: lTransfer from Joilet Catholic High School, Joilet, Illinois September I96I.I Monitor 3,4. FRANCES ELIZABETH WHITE College Prep: Tri-Hi-Y 3,45 F.N.A. 'I,2,3,45 Red Cross I,3,45 Student Nurses Aid 25 Homeroom Rep. for Journal I,25 Math Club 25 G.A.A. I. PETE WHITE Vocational Electronics: Glee CIub5 A Cappella 25 Homeroom Rep. f Journal 35 Intramural Baseball 2, Basketball 2. RICHARD F. WHITLEY College Prep: National Honor Society 3,45 ROTC I,2,3,45 Usher's Clu I,2,3,4, Secretary 2, President 3,45 German Club 35 Math Club I,2, Physicists Anonymous 4. BILL WIELBIK College Prep. JOHM WIELGOSZ College Prep: Baseball l,2,3,4. MELVIN WIKE Trade Industrial ALICE WILLIAMS Business Education: F.H.A. I. KAY WILLIAMS College Prep: Freshman Chorusp Tri-Hi-Y I,2,3, Vice-President5 F.H.A. I5 Monitor 2,35 Boosters' Club 2,3,4. EMILY WILLIAMS College Prep: Freshman Chorusp Tri-Hi-Y I,2,3,4, Vice-President 3, Presi- dent 25 Red Cross 2,35 Monitor 45 Homeroom Rep. for Journal 45 G.A.A. I,2,3,4, Modern Dance Club 2,3,4, Trampoline 2,3,4. 'bf 'ee We 1' GLEN WILLIAMS Trade Industrial TOMMY WILLIAMS General JAMES WILLIAM General ROBERT WILSON College Prep: Orchestra i234 Social Chairman 4 Orchestra Club 'I234 Red Cross 1,35 Chess Club I BUFORD WINCHESTER Trade Industrial DOROTHY JEAN WINFREY General: Freshman Chorus Sophomore Chorus General 3 4 WINK Industrial WIRTH WISEMAN Prep IE WISNESKI Economics: Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,45 F.H.A. I, Home Ec., Contest 35 Red Cross 4, Treasurer 25 Monitor 2,35 Hameroom Rep. for Journal 3,45 Homeroom for Yearbook 2,3,45 Boosters' Club I,2,3,45 "J" Yearbook Staff 3,4, Class Editor 45 G.A.A. 2,3,4, Gym Dandy 2,3,45 Tumbling Club World of Fun 2,3,45 "Miss J" Finalist. L. WOHLRAH Prep: iTransfer from Prospect High School, Mt. Prospect, Illinois, E. WOJCIK iTransfer from Lindblom High School, Chicago, Illinois, Septem- 1962.7 ROTC 4. JACQUELYN MARIE WYNNE College Prep Freshman Chorus Sophomore Chorus General 34 Tri HIY 234 Treasurer 3 Red Cross Monitor 34 Boosters Club 1234 GAA 2 SOP 4 GARY ALLEN YANKEY General lTransfer from Chester Hugh School Chester Illinois 19593 DAVID B. ZEIGER College Prep: Student Office Worker 3,45 Football 1,3,4, Manager, Track 2. TIMOTHY WAYNE ZEIGLER College Prep: Monitor 25 Homeroom Rep. for Yearbook 25 Tennis 1,2. SALLIE ZEMBRUSKI College Prep: Tri-Hi-Y 1,2, TERRY JAMES ZIAKIS College Prep National Honor Society 4 Monitor 4 Intramural Basket ba 12 42:- V,,...:. , .1 MIKE WOLCOTT Trade Industrial: ROTC 1,2,3,4. RITA WOLF College Prep: ROTC 3 Sponsor Company D, Officers Club 45 Freshman Chorus, A Cappella 3,4, Operetta 3,45 Tri-Hi-Y 3,45 Boosters' Club I,2,3,45 G.A.A. 1,2,35 "Miss J" Finalist5 Homecoming Queen5 Sophomore Court5 Boosterettes 15 Prom Committee5 World of Fun 35 S.0.P. 4. MARGARET ANNE WOOD College Prep: lTransfer from St. Francis Academy, Joilet, Illinois, Sep- tember 1960.1 JACK WOODARD College Prep KAREN WOODWARD Business Education: F.H.A. 15 D.E. 45 Homeroom Rep. for Journal 25 Boosters' Club 2,35 G.A.A. 1,2,3, Tumbling 2,3, Trampoline Club 1, Gym Dandy 1. EUGENE W. WRIGHT College Prep: Glee CIub5 Hi-Y 45 Student Librarian 25 Student Office Worker 2,35 Monitor 3,45 Boosters' Club 3,45 Football 1,2,3,45 Basketball 1,25 Baseball 15 Track 2,45 Intramural Basketball 3,45 Volleyball 3,4, Bowling 1,2, Table Tennis 1,2,4, Boxing 1,25 Prom Committee. f eye' ' .. ' ig.. sf, is 5 "Q fzggifd A I GERALDINE ZIMMERMAN Business Education National Honor Society 4 Student Council 1 room Rep. for Yearbook I5 Boosters' Club I,2,3,45 S.O.P. 4. ROBERT A. ZINK Trade Industrial LAWRENCE C. ZLOGAR Business Education: Ca-Op 4. CHUCK J. ZOLA Trade Industrial: Homeroom Rep. for Yearbook 25 Intramural Football 3. THOMAS EDWARD ZOLECKI Trade Industrial: Intramural Basketball 2. 'M'-s '-., gy I 1 1 The implements used in instruction are, of course, essential for the most efficient, up to date transfer of knowledge from teacher to student. But these devices in themselves can only be as effective as their employers are resourceful, and by their qualifications, Joliet Township High School faculty members exhibit a thor- ough knowledge of how to use the tools of their trade. Cflzcryl Hloyd, ?acul!y Sditar Primary Duty of Administrators ls MR. JOHN H. FRENCH Assistant Superintendent of Joliet Township High School and Junior College ,f !i J. MR. CLARENCE D. STALLMAN First Vice-Principal of Joliet Township High School 'gf P4 on. wiumm c. FRENCH A Superintendent of Joliet Township High School and Junior College MRS. CATHERINE H. BRAUN Second Vice-Principal of Joliet Township High School The Board of Education pictured at their conference table are: standing, Dr. William C. French, Mr. John H. French: seated, Mrs. Verna Carey, Secretory, Suren Seron, Mr. Howard Lloyd, Mr. Walter Mertz, Dr. Robert Geist, Dr. Mr. George Hanlcinson, Dr. E. Charles Cohenour, and Mr. William Grinton. , I ,Y 9,1 F' I' 'N f A 1 to Formulatc, Execute School Polic MR. GUY HAINES Dean of Boys 'ix MISS HELEN MAHANY Dean of G rl Av' The Joliet Township High School Board of Education with the school administration to establish an overall policy, provide educational equipment, employ per- and fix salaries. Also within the Board's power is approve payment of employees and all bills, dismiss suspend or expel students, and to sell obsolete nt. An issue to which the Board must devote much and attention is the planning which is necessary for two new high schools. They must go about the plan- of a curriculum, purchasing of equipment, and hiring teachers. Working in close connection with the administrators the deans and business manager. Besides dealing with problems, the deans perform several other vital MR' GEORGE HANKINSON They are members of the student scholarship com- Business Manager and National Honor Society committee and choose of the award winners. MR. El.l.ERY FROST Director of Trade and Industrial Education t 1 Cha ff- MR. ELLERY FROST Vocational Education irmen of Departmen Each of Joliet Township High School's twenty-one ments operate under a supervising chairman who the teaching program of his academic area. These heads are appointed to their posts by the superintendent the approval of the Board of Education ln addition to per M'55C"tQf::f1:E AMER forming executive duties, department chairmen assume heavy teaching load, and, in some cases, have homeroom . ,r Q f ' M' A 1 41. .IL-,-Jw ' f r " lf f X 1" 1 fx .J 1- sponsibilities. The chairman makes decisions regarding t ing methods for the course work and procedure in each of MRS. BEULAH HOFFER Girls' Physical Education MR. CLARENCE STALLMAN Special Education MR. CHARLES WOOLARD Guidance X '-Q 1 59? fi ip?-f,..f 2 vw lf 4 '-4 ','," K .iii 1 " 1 ,L ,, ww. , ,1gg..Vi , fig-. 1:l4fif+?iWx3'3i 2:39 T' 55. .. Aw, , N Vi 16 my A " -t: . . . S - . ,,.. 7931 il .F . 4 g Tl ' is me i 'self is ' 5? fr 3 MR. GLENN EVANS Social Science ead Academic Area r his academic field, outlines courses of study for each teaching ssignment, approves textbooks and updates reference ma- erials for use in his department, and presides at department eetings. He arranges for substitute teachers, assigns class- ooms for the teachers in his department, balances the num- er of students in each class, and makes regular reports to the uperintendent. With a sense of responsibility and a quality f reliability, these academic leaders are truly dedicated ducators. MRS. DOROTHY RUTHENBECK Health Service 1 1' Y . Q Lqj' f- gp- s -- "9 SehooI's Policy Interpreted and Implemente -rm: - n1::..m,ui11 '-LJlLlL.'L1i.I 5 !. . 1 1 is lil 5 l 'Sl' K MISS LOTTIE SKIDMORE Libraryp Audio Visual Aids MR. MAX KUSTER Agriculture 947 MISS DORTHE HUDZIETZ Business Educaiion MISS MARY LOUISE FISHER Mcihemafics MR GEORGE WELLS Earth Science by Chairmen of Dlverslfled Departments MR DONALD HOPKINS MISS EUNICE FRENK Forengn Language .4 Q 'H .-.- I An Ideal Teacher ls Understanding BEVERLY ANTONIEWICZ B.S., M.S., University of Wisconsin: Freshman Counselor. THOMAS W. ARCH B.A., M.A., Western Michigan University: English. GRACE M. ARMSTRONG B.A., M.A., University of lllinais: Mathematics. L. IVAN BALDWIN B.Ed., Illinois State Normal University: Technical drawing. HELEN BARBEE B.S., Middle Tennessee State College: M.S., University of Economics: Future Homemakers of America Sponsor. D. EILEEN BECK B.S., M.A., Southern Illinois University: Chemistry. Tennessee: Home Wig I ,Q-Q! CATHERINE M. ADLER B.A., St. Mary's College: M.A., University of Chicago: English, Department Chairman. CHARLES ALGEO B.S., University of Illinois: Driver Education, Auto-Mechanics. PETINA ALLEN TARR B.A., University of Illinois: M.A., Northwestern University: Speech. WILLIAM E. ALLEN B.S., M.S., Western Illinois University: English. WILLIAM T. ALLEN B.S., Eastern Illinois University: M.S., University of Illinois: Biology: Biology Club Sponsor. GILBERT L. ANDERSON B.A., Augustana College: M.A., University of Illinois: Chemistry. ,r 55' af' Q GILBERT D. BELL B.S., M.A., Bradley University: Boys' Physical Education. G. EDWARD BELTZHOOVER B.S., Murray State College: M.S., University of Illinois: Biology, Health, Freshmen Football Coach. JOSEPH BENNINGTON B.S., Olivet Nazarene College: English. JOHN R. BIRKHOLZ B.S., Wisconsin State College: M.S., Northern Illinois University: Economics. HOWARD R. BLUTH B.S., Saint Louis University: Latin, Social Studies. DORIS BONAR B.S., M.S., University of Illinois: Chairman, Home Economics Department. An Ideal Teacher Has Self-Control EUGENE S. BONDAR B.S., Lawrence College: M.A., Colorado University: Social Science. L CATHERINE BRAUN M.A., Northwestern University: Second Vice Principal. S GRACE A. BREWER 1 4, A B.S., De Paul University: M.A., Northwestern University: Education and 4---X Q Psychology. ,ag MARY BRODIE B.S., Indiana University: Physical Education. RICHARD BURGET B.S., Northern Illinois University: Driver Training, General Shop. ROBERT P. BURKE B.S., M.S., New Mexico Western College: M.A., University of Illinois: English. WILLIAM G. CHASE B.S., M.S., Illinois State Normal University: Psychology. BYRON E. CHRISMAN B.S., Bradley University: M.A., University of Illinois: Speech. RALPH W. CHRISTISON A.B., Illinois College: M.Ed., University of Illinois: Mathematics: Math Club Sponsor. THOMAS W. COLLINS B.S., Central Michigan Studies, Economics. DUANE B. CONVERSE B.S., Jamestown College: M.A., University of Minnesota: Chemistry. JOHN CORRADETTI B.S. in Ed., Illinois State Normal University: M.A., Northwestern Univer- sity: Accounting. University: M.A., Western Michigan University: Social DOROTH . B.S., Western Illinois University: M.S., University of Illinois: Librarian. WILLIAM L. BURNS, JR. B.A., De Paul University: M.A.: University of Illinois: French. ROY H. CARLSON M.A., University of Chicago: U.S. History. Y E BURNS DELORES CARROLL B.S., Eastern Illinois University: Physical Education. JOHN NOEL CHANDLER A,M., University of Chicago: English. JUNE G. CHAPIN B.S., Western Michigan University: M.B.A., University of Denver: Business Correspondence. gf? I' I' A J ii it a R I . 1 , 1 f 6 I .efxfaiifif - LEX' ft i 12 V :QQ U mn, QQ .. An Ideal Teacher ls Enthusiastic Q . fr. . 4 I , 23 V V, oi. .ir CY i -1.-, H , - , 1 att , KW? HAL D., DELLINGER B.M.E., M.M.E., University of Kansas: Ed.D., Columbia University: Music. GEORGE R. DENISON B.S. in Ed., M.S., Southern Illinois University: Journalism, Director of Publi- cations. JEANNINE D'ORAZIO B.A., Luther College: Physical Education. DAVE DORICK B.S., M.S., Bradley University: Social Studies, Freshman Football Coach. MARGARET H. DUNCAN B.A., College of St. Francis: M.Ed., University of Illinois: Special Education. ARNOLD D. EDWARDS B.S., M.S., Northern Illinois University: Mathematics. CLIVE A. CRUM B.A., Indiana Central University: English. JOHN L. DAVIS B.S., M.S., Indiana University: Driver Education, Detention. KATHLEEN DAWSON B.S., Northern Illinois University: Physical Education. BENJAMIN F. DAY B.S. in Ed., Eastern Illinois University: M.A., George Peabody College: Senior Counselor. RONALD DEININGER B.S., M.S., University of Illinois: Driver Education, Agriculture. ELIZABETH O. DELLINGER B.S., University of Kansas: Basic Business and Typewriting. P. -Au, RONALD O. EHART B.S., Stout State College: M.S., University of Wisconsin: Automechanics. ROBERT B. EICKEN B.S., M.A., Bradley University: Mathematics. ELISABETH ELDRED B.A., Beloit College: M.A., University of Wisconsin: English. SILAS ELLINGSON B.A., Concordia College: M.A., Colorado State College: Mathematics. LOLA A. EMERY B.Ed., Illinois State Normal University: M.B.A., University of Chicago Accounting. HARRIS ENDERSON B.A., Buena Vista College: M.A., State University of Iowa: Counselor. 1 An Ideal Teacher ls Good Leader W. LOUIS ENGELHARDT B.A., Carthage College, Smith-Hughes Certificate, Electricity. EGON ENGERS B.A., Midwestern University, German, History, Sponsor, American Field Service. NORMAN S. ERCKMANN B.S., M.S., Stout State College, Graphic Arts. DAVID ERICKSON B.A., M.A., University of Illinois, English. MARSHALL D. ERICKSON B.S., M.S., University of Illinois, English, Band. DON ESWORTHY B.S., M.S., University of Illinois, Mathematics. WILLIAM C. FRENCH B.A., Pomona College, M.A., Ed.D., Columbia University, Superintendent. EUNICE A. FRENK B.A., Valparaiso University, M.A., Northwestern University, Spanish, For- eign Language Department Chairman, Sponsor, Spanish Club. JOSEPH L. FRINK B.S.,M.S., Illinois State Normal University, Earth Science. ELLERY H. FROST B.S., University of Nebraska, M.A., University of Chicago, Director of Trade-Industrial-Technical Education. GENE W. GALLION B.S., M.S., Illinois State Normal University, Earth Science. ROBERTA GARRETT B.E., Northern Illinois University, Home Economics. ' r'Ef,:3v.'J A jr. ., ,J ""kNeN ,HA '',.ff,Qizv .ff-2: 1' N -, GLENN A. EVANS B.S., Monmouth College, M.A., University of Chicago, Social Science De- partment Chairman. GEORGE H. FAHRENHOLZ B.A., LaCrosse College, M.A., Northwestern University, Physical Education. ERIC W. FIELITZ B.S. Ed., Illinois State Normal University, M.A., Columbia University, German, Sponsor, Wir Wunderkinder. MARY LOUISE FISHER B.S., M.S., University af Illinois, Mathematics Department Chairman. GEORGE A. FOX B.A., Knox College, M.S., University of lllinais, Librarian. JOHN H. FRENCH B.Ed., Illinois State Normal University, B.J., M.A., University of Missouri, M.S., University of Illinois, Assistant Superintendent. An Ideal Teacher H s a .ff -'eff , DOUGLAS G. GRAHAM B.S., Central State College, M.S., University of Wisconsin, Earth Science, Space Science, Physical Geography, Sponsor, Ushers Club. R. N. GRAY B.A., Southern Illinois University, M.A., University of Illinois, Mathematics. DONALD GREEN B.S., Morningside College, M.S., University ot Wisconsin, Electronics. NANCY GRIDER B.S., M.S., Indiana State University, English. ANTHONY GUTIERREZ B.S., Illinois State Normal University, M.S., Northern Illinois University, Machine Shop, General Engineering Drawing, Assistant Coach Varsity Basketball. GUY R. HAINES B.S., Iowa State Teachers College, M.A., State University of Iowa, Dean of Boys. Good Sense of Humor BARBARA V. GEAITHER B.S., Greensboro Agricultural and Technical College, M.A., Boston University, English. MARY GERSBACHER B.A., Eorlhom College, M.A., Southern Illinois University, Biology, Sponsor, Biology Club, Jr. Red Cross. FERN GILBERT B.Ed., M.Ed., Western Illinois University, Biology. PHILLIP GOLLIHER B.S., M.S., Southern Illinois University, English, Biology, General Mathematics. VIOLET H. GOODWIN B.S., State University of Iowa, Typing, Stenography. PERRY GORANSON M.S., University of Illinois, Counselor. Jw MARTHA B. HAINES B.A., Iowa Wesleyan College, M.A., University of Illinois, Mathematics. ZOLLIE W. HALL B.S., Eastern Illinois University, M.S., Northern Illinois University, Distributive Education, Typing, Sponsor, Future Distributors of America. MARY HAMMER B.S., University of Illinois, M.S., University of Wisconsin, Cafeteria Manager. GEORGE P. HANKINSON B.Ed. in Com., Rider College, M.Ed., Rutgers University, Business Manager. IRENE S. HANSEN B.S., Northwestern University, Freshman Special Education Classes. WILBUR R. I.. HANSEN B.S., M.S., Stout State College, Graphic Arts, Photography. An Ideal Teacher Is Poised M .k ., .k,,, 5. -vi. , ,T,w,' 221 f ",' " A Agfrg r' V if-K :fre-,EQQW . 3- Nas 5'ff"'s't" K RICHARD HARDER l j I B.S., M.S., Illinois State Normal University: Mathematics. ,T H -"li CHARLES HARRIMAN ' '7 . -I B.A., Columbia College: M.A., New York University: English. ,hd f c. Auce HARTMAN . ,nil 'T B.A., M.A., University of Illinois: French. I I . ,frl " 5 1 'S' fl. I f. 'V . 5 X f ' . Y . ',-, fs. w. nov HARTMAN - .. ,. I. K , g B.S., University of Illinois: M.S., State University of Iowa: Physics. w"kf7ij?LPZ? f ,' ' QW .5 ' si, - 'hrs' . 0 Y ELIZABETH HAwEs , ' , ,..,,,V Q, ' B.S., Northwestern University: M.A., University of Chicago: U.S. History, A - 2. I V, 4 ,l History of the Far East. S 5" V "ig, 1' - F 'V 1, NAOMI HEDSTROM 'G ' I - 1' ' ' A L ' B.S., Northern lllinais University: M.A., Columbia University: Counselor. x' . Xlsaf ' uk 3. s I ' ,I I Y' ' li. , Aff I., st. ff 731 ,I X 'V' CONNIE W. HELFRICH B.A., Baldwin-Wallace College: English. CHRISTINE HICKS B.S., University of Illinois: M.S., Wellesley College: Counselor. LEONARD L. HODGMAN B.S., M.S., Illinois State Normal University: World Geography, Earth Science. BEULAH G. HOFFER B.S., University of Illinois: M.A., Northwestern University: Girls' Physical Education Department Chairman. MYRON R. HOLMGREN B.A., Mankato State College: M.A., Colorado State College: U.S. History, Social Studies. ANNA MARIE HOOPER B.E., Illinois State Normal University: M.S., University of Illinois: Mathe- matics. RICHARD J. HOOPER B.S., Illinois State Normal University: Industrial Arts, Auto Shop. DONALD G. HOPKINS B.S., North Central College: M.A., Ohio State University: Physics Depart- ment Chairman: Sponsor, Physicists Anonymous. DULCE M. HORNVALE B.S. in Ed., Ohio University: Spanish. BRUCE H. HOUSEKNECHT B.S. in Ed., Pennsylvania State' University: M.A., Eastman School of Music: Music Department Chairman, Band Director. HOMER L. HOWARD B.S., Wisconsin State College: M.S., University of Wisconsin: Counselor. WILLIAM E. HOWARD B.S., M.S., Illinois State Normal University: World History, Assistant Sopho- more Football Coach. An Ideal Teacher Accepts Criticism 3 -asf ' ig ig,QQ. -A x ' M- f1'fVfff la- K , si 5 . gf ELMER J. JAMNIK B.S., Eastern Illinois University, M.S., University of Illinois, Bookkeeping, Economics. R. G. JENSEN B.S., Wisconsin State College, M.A., Northern Illinois University, Social Problems, U.S. History, Debate Coach. HOWARD A. JOHNSON B.S., M.S., Northern Illinois University, Bookkeeping, Typing. PAUL O. JOHNSON B.A., Gustavus Adolphus College, M.A., University of Wisconsin, Speech, English, National Forensic League Sponsor. ROY E. JOHNSON B.M.E., M.M., University of Nebraska, Director of A Cappella Choir, General Choir. ' WILLIAM W. JOHNSON B.S., M.A., Northwestern University, Speech, Sponsor, Student Council. 'ii ROBERT G. HOWELL B.S., M.S., University of Illinois, Girls' Choruses Director. DOROTHE HUDZIETZ B.B.A., Texas Women's University, M.A., Northwestern University, Business Education Department Chairman. WILLIAM L. HUGHES B.A., Evansville College, B.S. in Ed., Ohio State University, M.A., Indiana University, Botany. JAMES W. HURST B.S., M.S., Southern Illinois University, World History. JOHN W. HURST B.S., University of Kansas, Mathematics. DONALD J. IMIG B.S., M.S., Illinois State Normal University, Sabbatical leave. ek?- B. F. JOHNSTON B.A., Monmouth College, M.A., State University of Iowa, Speech. WILLIAM W. KAHLE B.S., University of Illinois, M.S., Northern Illinois University, Typewriting, Cooperative Office Occupations. ALICE KATZIN, ACSW B.A., University of California, M.A., University of Chicago, School Social Worker. PRYCE KEAGLE B.S., M.S., University of Illinois, Engineering Drawing, Surveying. JAMES A. KICHEFSKI B.S., M.S., Stout State College, Industrial Arts Woodworking. DON KIENLEN B.S., University of Illinois, Physical Education, Driver Training, Swimming Team, Booster Club. An Ideal Teacher Does Not Play Favorites GERTRUDE KIRK B.S., M.A., University of Nebraska: Shorthand, Typing, Business Corres- pondence. ELSIE M. KLINE B.S., Illinois Wesleyan University: M.S., University of Illinois: Biology. HOMER V. KLINE B.A., M.S., University of Wisconsin: Chemistry. RAY KLOOTWYK B.S., Iowa State University: M.S., Drake University: Physical Education, Head Varsity Football Coach, Wrestling Coach. MATT KOCHEVAR B.S., M.S., Illinois State Normal University: Social Problems, Social Studies. PAUL G. KOUTNIK B.S., M.S., University of Illinois: Biology: Sponsor, Biology Club and Future Teachers of America. ISABEL LASSER BA Carthage College MA Northwestern University Visiting Teacher ELOISE LAUBSCHER BA State University of Iowa MA Columbia University US History American Government DIANE LAUER B.A. University of Illinois' English. MAYNARD E. LEATSLER B.A., M.S., University of Iowa: Photography. H. D. LEINENWEBER B.A., Hanover College: M.A., University of Chicago: History, American Government. RUSSELL LEKSELL B.S., M.S., University of Minnesota: Physical Education. :ff area' 3 - .F EARL W. KURTZ B.S., M.S., University of Wisconsin: Art Department Chairman. MAX H. KUSTER B.S., M,A., University of Illinois: Agriculture Department Chairman. PETER LABELLA B.M., M.M., Eastman School of Music: Director of Orchestra: Fundamentals of Music and Conducting. NEIL M. LANCE B.S., M.S., University of Illinois: Physical Education. BEATRICE LANE B.S,, University of Illinois: Shorthand, Typewriting. MELVIN J. LARSON B.A., Concordia College: M.A., University of Chicago: Chemistry Deport- ment Chairman. 'Q An Ideal Teacher I Diligent rf, .-,-fa.. gifs In :. PATRICIA A. LEMANSKI B.S. in Ed., lllinois State Normal University, Physical Education. STEVE LENICH 1 B.S., James Millikin University, M.S., Bradley University, Technical Drafting PAUL F. LESTER B.S., M.S., University of Illinois, Social Studies, U.S. History. 1 iv. W .1 ., 5523 5:34505 .4 g - , '.L,524,ig MARCIE M. LONG B.A., State College of Iowa, M.A., University of Wyoming, Art. B. K. LONGMAN B.S., Monmouth College, M.S., University of Illinois, Mathematics. LOUISE C. LONGMAN B.A., Monmouth College, M.A., University of Illinois, English, Sponsor, National Honor Society. HELEN M. MAHANY B.S., M.S., University of Wisconsin, Professional Diploma, Columbia Uni- versity, Dean of Women. ROBERT MALLARY B.A., M.A., University of Illinois, Speech, Dramatics. LULA M. MARGETIS B.A., M.A., University of Wisconsin, Graduate Scholarship, Bryn Mawr College, Latin. M ' " IRENE M. LIND L A ,K B.A., M.A., University of Illinois, English. MYRA J. LINDEN B.S. in Ed., M.S., in Ed., Illinois State Normal University, English. HELEN N. LITTLE H w B.A., M.A., University of Illinois, English, Sponsor, Knights of Chess. if. an ,f""' hun-ml' ' JOSEPH MARGOLA B.S., M.A., University of San Francisco, Spanish, Sponsor, Spanish Club. ' l LORAN DEAN MARLOW , 'M-5 B.S., M.S., M.A., Southern Illinois University, Earth Science, Sponsor, Earth ' ' - I Science Club. Q, .K .W xx V 7 GEORGE MARSHALL l B.S., M.S., Western Illinois University, Mathematics. , R we : A 'N 'Q ? W . MELVIN E. MAY B.S., Wisconsin State College and Institute of Technology, M.S., University of Wisconsin, Mathematics, Head Sophomore Football Coach, Sophomore Basketball Coach. Q WILLIAM McCARL B.A., lowo Wesleyan College, M.A., Colorado State College, English. DANIEL S. McCARTER ite, B.A., Johns Hopkins University, M.F.A., Catholic University, Speech. An Ideal Teacher Is Tolerant WAYNE R. McKEE B.A., Colorado College, M.S., Florida State University, Social Studies, U.S. History. LEROY E. MECAY B.A., B.S., Lincoln College, M.A., University of Illinois, Ed. D., University af Missouri, Chemistry, Biology. AL W. MEYER B.S., James Millikin University, M.S., Northern Illinois University, Physical Education, Assistant Freshmen Football Coach, Athletic Business Manager. FRANK MILLER B.S., University of Illinois, Physical Education, Assistant Varsity Football Coach. HAROLD MILLER B.S., Wisconsin State College, M.S., University of Wisconsin, Social Science. WILBUR A. MINER B.S., Western Illinois University, Physics. A ,I 'IV , Q .,qi.:tit' , X i FRANCES NELSON B.A., Wheaton College, M.A., University of Illinois, English. ROBERT 0. NELSON, MXSGT., U.S. ARMY R.O.T.C. Instructor. EVELYN D. NEU B.A., M.A., University of Wisconsin, English. NANCY NEWMAN B.S., M.S., University of Wisconsin, Home Economics, Sponsor, Future Home- makers of America. GILBERT M. NICOLL B.S., M.S., University of Illinois, Mathematics. GORDON G. NIESSNER B.S., M.S., Stout State College, Electronics. ROBERT C. MITCHELL B.S., M.S., Illinois State Normal University, Sabbatical leave. MARJORIE NANCE R.N., Silver Cross Hospital, Nurse, Sponsor, Future Nurses of America. A. CAROLYN NEAL B.S. in Ed., M.S. in Ed., Eastern Illinois University, Spanish. DAWN M. NEIL B. of Ed., Eastern Illinois University, M.S., University of,lllinois, Biology Sponsor, Biology Club. BERT NEILL B.E., University of Toledo, Study Hall Supervisor. EVERETT C. NELSEN B.A., M.A., University of Wisconsin, Zoology. PHOTO NOT AVAILAILE xx J., ,,.. An Ideal Teacher Sets a Good Example 'Q ,ae w xy 2' A N if S f J f r .5, i' fl I I t f -E' his 1 ,H 5, LEONARD M. ONSGARD B.A., St. Olaf College: M.A., University of Wisconsin: Physics. ROSELLEN OSWALT B.A., Olivet College: M.A., Northwestern University: Counselor. THOMAS PARISH B.F.A., University of Pennsylvania and Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts: M.A., University of North Dakota: Art. KEN PARKER B.S., M.A., University of Illinois: Physical Education. PHYLLIS PARRISH B.S., Iowa State University: M.S., University of Illinois: Home Economics. HENRY W. PENNYMON, SR. B.S., Arkansas AMBIN College: M.A., University of Michigan: Auto-Mechanics, General Shop. 0' if ga-..'.. FREDERICK C. NORLIN B.A., M.-A., University of Missouri: English. ESTHER M. NORMAN B.S., East Tennessee State College: M.A., George Peabody College: Librarian. LESLIE O'BLENES B.A., Northern Michigan State University: M.A., Northwestern University: M.A., Central Michigan University: Mathematics. MARJORIE OCHS B.S., Iowa State University: Home Economics. WILLIAM H. ODENTHAL B.S., M.S., Illinois State Normal University: Earth Science, Economic Geog- raphy: Sponsor, Kiwanis Key Club. ALICE ONSGARD B.A., MacMurray College: M.S., University of Illinois: Biology. EMELY MARIE PETERSEN Ph.B., University of Chicago: M.A., University of Southern California: Speech Correction. DUWAYNE PETERSON B.S., M.S., Northern Illinois University: Driver Education, General Shop. JACOB D. POTTGEN B.S., in Ed., Eastern Illinois University: M.E., University of Illinois: English. EDMUND C. PUDDICOMBE B.S., M.S., University of Illinois: Human Anatomy and Physiology. ALFRED A. RACCHINI B.S., Stout State College: M.A., Northwestern University: Automotive Tech- nology. H. L. RAWLINS B.A., Western Illinois University: M.S., University of Illinois: Mechanical Drawing. s An Ideal Teacher ls Patient ELIZABETH A. REVELL B.S. in Ed., Northern Illinois University: Physical Education, Ballet Club. NORMAN RICHARD B.S., Illinois State Normal University: Biology: Sponsor, Biology Club. JACK RICHARDSON B.A., Ball State College: M.A., University of Illinois: U.S. History. JOHN D. RICHARDSON B.S., M.Ed., University of Illinois: M.S., Rensselaer Polytechnical Institute: Mathematics. JAMES A. RICKHOFF B.S., Illinois Institute of Technology: M.A., Northwestern University: Mathe- matics. LEWIS M. ROBINSON B.S., M.S., University of Illinois: Social Studies, U.S. History, Latin American History. xv. K HAROLD SCHEIDT B.S., M.S., Illinois State Normal University: Bookkeeping, Assistant Varsity Football Coach. AILENE SCHNEIDER B.S., M.S., Illinois State Normal University: English. THOMAS L. SCHNEPPER B.A., University of Illinois: M.A., Bradley University: World History, Social Studies. CHARLES SCHOENKNECHT B.S., Western Michigan University: M.S., University of Michigan: Biology Department Chairman, Zoology. WILLIS G. SHAY B.S., Millilrin University: M.S., Northern Illinois University: General Metal Shop. HENRY B. SIMPSON B.A., Evansville College: M.A., University of Kentucky: Business Law. HENRY ROGERS, JR. B.A., Monmouth College: Mathematics. CAROLYN ROHDE B.S., Illinois State Normal University: M.S., Mankato State College: Physical Education. ELMER W. ROWLEY B.S., University of Illinois: M.A., University of Chicago: Dean of Junior College. DOROTHY RUTHENBECK R.N., Silver Cross Hospital: B.S., in Public Health Nursing, Loyola University: Nurse. MARY A. RYAN B.Ed., DePaul University: M.A., Northwestern University: English. LOUIS J. SAKAL B.S., Springfield College: M.S., University of Illinois: Physiology. E ii? s will ,V l W If if ' I Eff. 4 - , " 1 ,E-' . . WF' -Iiii-'hw "ww ' . 'i' uwilfxamig . :mv ' I ' vi? uf: . 1 , s if 3. - 1 rr J P I3 H , t if... fe as 6 V An Ideal Teacher U N. . li fi I CW' V Z I f' 1 . , r mc:-:Ano E. sonENsoN B.S., M.S., Stout Institute: Wood Shop, Driver Education. CLARENCE D. STALLMAN B.A., North Central College: M.A., Northwestern Principal. LUCILE STEWART B.A., DePauw University: M.A., Northwestern Unive JOHN F. STOBART B.A., M.A., Southern Illinois University: English. JOHN J. SWALEC University: First Vice- rsity: Counselor. B.S., M.S., Illinois State Normal University: Driver Education. ROGER L. SWANK B.S., M.S., University of Illinois: Study Hall Supervisor it s-'B ' l ,v , . ig .. Q. . .. x W i ., . gb x S ?fQg'v 7? . - 'I zf'E1!a": te-,,..': 1Iv ,me i !,ilsn'l3if4-Fr . - z 'K -filffiiftfw .: s s Good Grammar PAUL M. SIRON B.S., M.S., Illinois State Normal University: General Shop Electricity. LOTTIE M. SKIDMORE Q B.A., Ottawa University: B.S. in L.S., M.S., University of Illinois: Libraries and Audio-Visual Aids Department Chairman. ERMA M. SMITH B.L., Northwestern University: M.A., Columbia University: English, Speech. GEORGINA SMITH B.S., Eureka College: M.S., University of Illinois: Home Economics. VERA C. SMITH Ph.B., University of Chicago: M.A., Northwestern University: English. RAYMOND C. SOLODYNA B.S., M.S., Illinois State Normal University: Earth Science. DALE R. SWEETWOOD, CAPTAIN, U.S. ARMY B.A., University of Illinois: R.O.T.C. MARY C. TAYLOR B.A., Chicago Teachers College: M.A., University of Chicago: English, Reading. MARY THACKABERRY B.A., M.A., University of Illinois: English. VERA THALROSE A.B., Hunter College: M.A., New York University: Physical Education, Modern Dance Instructor. JAMES R. THOMPSON B.S., Rutgers University: M.A., Emory University: History. I.EI.AND THORNTON B.S., Ohio State University: M.A., Michigan State University: U.S. History. An Ideal Teacher Is Responsible FLOYD C. TOMPKINS B.Ed., Northern Illinois University, M.A., University of Illinois, Director of Adult Education. MARY ELIZABETH TRACY B.A., College of St. Francis, M.A., Rosary College, Librarian. P. JESTIN TRAHAN B.A., University of Southwestern Louisiana, M.A., State University of Iowa, French. CECILIA TRIZNA B.A., College of St. Francis, M.A., University of Michigan, Counselor, Sponsor, Future Teachers of America. ROBERT A. TRUITT B.S., in Ed., M.S. in Ed., Illinois State Normal University, Earth Science. STANLEY TYRRELL B.S. in Ed., M.S. in Ed., Western Illinois University, Physics. s, ..,, JAMES WALTZ B.A., Illinois Wesleyan University, M.A., University of Illinois, Sabbatical leave. DAVID WARNER B.A., lawrence College, M.S., Indiana University, Biology. GEORGE R. WELLS Ed. B., Southern Illinois University, M.S., University of Illinois, Earth Science Department Chairman. EDMOND A. WILLIAMS B.A., M.S., University of Illinois, Librarian. WENDELL D. WILLIAMS B.S., Eastern Illinois University, M.A., M.S., University of Illinois, Mathe- matics. ' AUBREY A. WILLS B.A., DePauw University, Economics, U.S. History. RUSSELL O. UTGARD B.S., Wisconsin State College, M.S., University of Wisconsin, Earth Science, Sponsor, Earth Science Club. GLENN VANN B.S., M.S., Loyola University, Social Studies. DEAN VAN TASSEL B.S., Eastern Illinois University, M.A., University of Illinois, M.S., Illinois Wesleyan University, Mathematics. ARTHUR A. WAGNER B.S., University of Michigan, M.S., University of Illinois, Biology. H. J. WALSER B.S., M.S., University of Illinois, Physical Education Department Chairman. ARTHUR LEE WALTERS B.A., B.S., M.A., University of Minnesota, German. An Ideal Teacher Holds Class's Interest :Te EDWARD L. WOODS B.S., Southeast Missouri State University: M.S., Washington University: Health, Varsity Basketball Coach. CHARLES F. WOOLARD B.S., M.S., Southern Illinois University: Counselor, Director of Guidance. GLENN C. YOUNG B.S., Illinois State Normal University: M.S., Oklahoma State University: Biology. WALTER F. ZAIDA B.S., M.S., University of Wisconsin: Assistant to the Dean, Junior College. LEONA BROWN ZIESEMER B.S., M.S., University of Illinois: Home Economics. LLOYD ZIMMER B.S., Wisconsin State Teachers College: M.S., University of Illinois: Vocational Machine Shop, Technical Machine Shop. 2: ROBERT T. WILSON B.S., Illinois State Normal University: Industrial Electricity. HAL WIMBERLY B.S., Illinois Wesleyan University: M.S., University of Illinois: Health, Physiology. CLAYTON O. WINTERSTEEN B.Ed., Illinois State Normal University: M.A., New York University: ln- dustrial Wood Shop, Vocational Cabinetmaking. ROBERT WOLZ B.S., M.S., Northern Illinois University: Economics, Typewriting. CATHERINE WOOD B.A., Illinois Wesleyan University: M.A., Northwestern University: Speech, Dramatics. SUSAN H. WOOD B.S., M.A., University of Illinois: Assistant Dean, Junior College. .4 1 K iii RICHARD GOLDEN, MXSGT., U.S. ARMY R.O.T.C., Military Instructor. New and veteran teachers meet ot an banquet and tea in the fall. Mass Fisher and Christison discuss their previous experiences at with Mr. Pennymon, a new arrival this year, his wife. Efficiency ls Key to Clerical Workers' Success VERNA H. CAREY Business Office Manager, Secretary to Board af Education. PATSY DIETER Graduate, Naperville Community High School, Clerk, Business Office. EVELYN M. EHART Graduate, Joliet Township High School, Clerk, R.O.T.C. Office. hw- Graduate, Wauwatosa High School, Attended University of Wisconsin, v ...x Q MARJORIE ENDERSON Graduate, Storm Lake High School, Attended Buena Vista College, Clerk, Attendance Office. CHRISTOBEL ENGLE Graduate, Joliet Township High School, Clerk, Music Department. BESSIE B. FESHER Graduate, Joliet Township High School, Graduate, Metropolitan Business College, Clerk, Business Office. X LEONA G. HRIVNAK Graduate, Joliet Township High School, Clerk, Business Office. ELIZABETH JOHNSTON Graduate, Joliet Township High School, Clerk, Health Services Department. GOLDIE KOSHAK Graduate, Lincoln High School, Clerk, Attendance Office. GERTRUDE S. LOVELESS Graduate, Mahomet High School- Clerk, Science Departments ALMA L MAKEEVER Education Department MARY LOU MAY Graduate, Fort Atkinson High School, Clerk, Mathematics Office FRANCES FOX Graduate, Lockport Township High School, Clerk, Counselors' Office. CLARA GORANSON Graduate, Chester High School, Clerk, Counselors' Office. DORIS GUIDETTI Graduate, Joliet Township High School, Clerk, Music Department. GLADYS GUNCHIN Graduate, Monroe High School, Graduate, St. Paul Business School, Secre tary to Mr. Stallman. JENNIE M. HAMILTON Graduate, Joliet Township High School, Graduate, Gregg Business College Graduate, Northern Illinois University, Secretary to the Superintendent. MARJORIE HARRISON Graduate, Mason City High School, Secretary to Business Manager. 00, ' gm'-Q L, . iii? . if Graduate, Davenport High School, Clerk, Accompanist, Girls' Physical FSA 'I .. . 1 , , .'e" Z., .bg , nys, ,. is ' Office Staffs Perform .L- ELEANOR QUAS Graduate, Joliet Township High School, Clerk, Deans' Office. CAROLYN RICHARDS Graduate, Joliet Township High School, Graduate, Northwestern Secretarial School, Clerk, Trade-Industrial Educotion Department. MARSHALL H. SAYLES Graduate, Spooner High School, Receiving and Storeroom Clerk. CAROL SABOL Graduate, Joliet Township High School, Clerk, Agriculture Department. LAURA SCHUMM Graduate, Joliet Township High School, Graduate, Joliet Junior College, Clerk, Business Office. HELEN SHAWMEKER Graduate, Joliet Township High School, Clerk, High School Library. ' sf A I ' 5 '3 ' .' '4 :N "Qt . , Q p ' 'I wt. . -'a . no 1. ft v ,.: , si., A ., ,sw ' , Q. ,Q-. ' w - A 2. ' I . -, I .Ik . P ' ' , I " . ' fs... . lf f ' 1 I ' 1 , . Indispensable Tasks ELIZABETH D. MYERS Graduate, Decatur High School, Attended, Western Michigan University, Clerk, Boys' Physical Education Department. ANN L. NEUBAUER Pontiac Township High School, Attended, Illinois State Normal Graduate, University, Clerk, Counselors' Office. KATHRYN Graduate, F. NIELSEN Joliet Township High School, Clerk, English Department. AGNES O'CONNOR Graduate, Providence High School, Clerk, Attendance Office. VIRGINIA H. PATMORE Graduate, Joliet Township High School, Graduate, Metropolitan Business College, Secretary to the Business Manager. LUCILLE PETERSON Graduate, Joliet Township High School, Clerk, Audio-Visual Aids Department. PHOTO NDT AVAILAILI ARLINE SWINDELLS Graduate, Joliet Township High School, Clerk, Social Science Department. ANNETTE THEODORE Graduate, Joliet Township High School, Graduate, Joliet Junior College, Secretary ta First Vice-Principal. TILMAN THORSEN Graduate, Plainfield High School, Clerk, Audio-Visual Aids Department. VIRGINIA VERCELLOTTI Graduate, Hillsboro Community High School, Switchboard Operator, Re- ceptionist at Information Desk. KATHERINE VRUELS Graduate, Joliet Township High School, Secretary to the General Assistant Superintendent. BEATRICE WALSH Graduate, Joliet Township High School, Clerk, Business Office. in The new e a of bring: veteran teachers tea held In serves as a means ng together new and teachers Here M ahan welcomes new M Egon Engers Arthur Walters. Teachers Relax From Regular Class Dutie Mr. Ken Parker ancl Mr. Don Kienlen seem to enjoy t h i s aspect. .counting money. .of sponsoring Booster Club. Mrs. Myra Linden and Miss Mary Thaclcaberry exchange views on educational policies cluring a recent tea. S N-ff like father, like son. Mr. Herman Wal- ser shows his son, Jim, how he "used to clo it" when he captoined the Univer- sity of Illinois football team 20 years ago. Counselors Guide Students' Curriculum Junior Class Counselors Mr Perry Goranson Miss Lucile Stewart and Mr Charles Woolard Several of the many phases of the counselors' iobs include orientation of eighth grade students entering JT, handling academic programming and assignment of classes, and offering additional services such as infor- mation on college, career, and scholarship opportuni- ties. Besides individual counseling, the counselors con- duct group guidance meetings and act as a source of information for teachers concerning students. The counselors deal with academic and career problems while personal problems are referred to the social worker. The social worker can exp ' ' with the student's school life and his r with society. 7' ' ofmt N ' ff .5 Freshman Class Counselors Mrs. Naomi Hedstrom, Miss Beverly Antoniewicz, and Senior Class Counselors Mr. Beniamin Day and Mrs. Rosellen Oswalt. Q..- : was ,A Miss Cecilia Trizna. Mr. Homer Howard, Mrs. Christine Hicks, and Mr. Harris Enderson. School Social Worker Mrs Alice Katzm Sophomore Class Counselors --I Secretaries Are Vital ides to Administrators f,.,g,, w Smm-,.Corun ,aww , ,f Miss Jennie Hamilton Miss Katherine Vruels Secretary to the Superintendent Secretary to the Assistant Superintendent Mrs. Eleanor Quas Secretary to the Deans "elif Mrs. Virginia Vercellotti 67 Switchboard Operator ,,,,.. Mrs. Gladys Gunchin and Miss Annette Theodore Secretaries to First Vice-Principal Service to School ls Qbjective of Qffice Staffs Members of the JT health services depart- ment, under the direction of Mrs. Dorothy Ruthenbeck, left, administer first aid to any student or faculty member and maintain com- plete health records of all students. Other de- partment members are Mrs. Elizabeth Johnston, center, and Mrs. Marjorie Nance. Charged with the duty of keeping a daily record of attendance and tctrdiness, the at- tendance office staff, Mrs. Mariorie Enderson, and Mrs. Agnes O'Connor, seated, and stand- ing, Mrs. Goldie Koshak and Mrs. Loraine Brown, also issue "nights," process new student enrollment, and maintain a complete file of student program cards. ,gn Il L 5 ' d s A tiiigi L .jf lillll Rilll Ill! Dill Ulll I 1 li K freer.- afltli X :Puls ' HIFI!! -,-rv - ' tgirl' Ili , 2: IIT EX I The employees of the business office, Mrs. Verna Carey, Mrs. Leona Hrivnalc, and Miss laura Schumm, seated, and, standing, Mrs. Marjorie Harrison, Mrs. Bea Walsh, and Mrs. Bea Fisher, transact voluminous business at JT each day. ,:, -...g . . At a new teachers tea Mr and Mrs. Thomas Collins enioy the friendly atmosphere of JT Wm' Mrs Vemc Carey who w'll 'eplace he' Mn Cami' A group of new JT teachers put aside school topics and enioy a friendly chat with their 'S "'an5fe""'9 lo 'he Qenefcl offlce from he' POS' of bu5"'e55 new acquaintances Mr and Mrs Hopkins Mr. Minor, and Mr. and Mrs. Tyrell are shawn. After coaching a championship football team to an undefeated season, these JT teachers were lauded at a banquet, sponsored by the Joliet Chamber of Commerce. Pictured here are baclrfield coach Frank Miller, Mr. Vance Cum- mins, banquet chairman, head coach Ray Kloot- wyk, and line coach Howie Scheidt. if Q i 1 J Photographers ... 'QA 2 ff Photo Fair Yu! -Timm Urbunik X f ,Q Tnmm Urbcmk Q Gene Sebben Timm Urbanik 5 aim .1 .4 N - ,If i rx fly - -U' 1 R my wx: m 'hw Ts... by fr I Y Gene Sebben -Timm Urba nik I I I I I I I I I JI I I I I I I I I I I I I jI I I I I I I 'I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I II I I I I'-Q-, . X .,,:':f.,W f QQ,vi'v-Qvqk' WM A , aw' -'.' . . -,.,.., 'mfs' N' ' .,.,.,,3AK 5 A. if 1" f-'ffm -ws-"f::'f' -- - f. 4 Q 'M' , ,.,.-by I ,. .. - ff- ' wb. K .,,., -, ' ' 'fm ':..': 1 f' J' Q f . M 9 'A W , , , . ff .v"' 1 W:.:n,'A, r .,,, X. W q,::?-.f'zQ- 4 , -:V ,Q nw M , ,,. , Q.,+,f,w-, W .,m,,.,X., ,,,, ,ln -x V . - ,, 1 1. ,x Q .k .7,- VHLAQA :.,.:,.fiQ'f3 'rf 1:5 my-, , ,-ex, - ,nv .A 1.1 an 451811. K ' K, 1-Q. gi 3 1 v ' al Q: ,. V , 41, .V :H fy ik: If. .. k.V' "!. '11 K f-,Q nf 9511.-1 2 if 1 RQ W, .nur f ' 4 f , Q v " Q! 1111. 1 , 9 , f M- -. f- I '.f,'.--",:"K , ,." f ' ,.Q:,515lxi,,2E,aEff5g.:L,s.' N .if W?-',sz,:f.5'-V .L ".i1fTk'i"f-I ' 'C' 2 ' ' 'jg Eq,',l:?g1,.jQ,--Q Li, ' ' 'QA 5 f'fF4YIffx.-L' ' f LX .'-'M TTI A V ' f.--wg I Q AKAA 7' V L luvq 5 t 55' , if -Q - ' 'ggi X ' ' 5 lflf 1 11414: - W P-, 1. V, 111. I 1 N , 'V 'w ,y ,, L- w .4 I 5 I u ,L , .3 Q gf! .EY -vl- '--' W W, g .yd 'w 7 ' N I s Vx A 1 . J.-D www, . kr ' .',.' 'lfw -x. l'?1w-1-fgx,,? V. -,ur 1 he School and its facilities provide a basis upon which the People work, factors that tive faculty I his will yso we will have Ancl, although they are es- are worthless in themselves. It is what they are af- the many a superla- students and for their own our assessmenty or failure has 1963 school lm Mrs. E. Dellinger checks attendance in study hall 155 as the students diligently at tend to completing homework for coming classes-classes in practically every thing pertaining to a high school curriculum encompassing accounting to zoology - taught from 7:30 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. and during evenings in night school in tall winter, spring, and summer. Kathy Shaw, Academic ffditar e walk in front of JT is a favorite meeting place for summer students before and after classes Driver education is a popular summer course Students receive both practical and experimental training. Mr. Burgett looks pleased as Mable Nerd and Van Houbolt complete their frist lesson. H s i K J ull! I W- Ambitious Students Joliet Township High School is an institution of learning during every season. Its halls and classrooms are brought to life in the summer by students from surrounding areas who wish to earn credits andfor enrich their educational program. NAQX .QNX f' 3 2 i Mary Tinnerello and Joyce Park pause at a mirror to freshen up between classes. Summer School Director Clarence D. Stallman retains his V smile even though his time is occupied keeping the school in "full swing" during the hot summer months. gf ' fe., - 'I -ismmnh NN y Mr. Harry Leinenweber makes a phone call to make sure attendance records are correct, while Mrs. Gunchon comp other vital data. Enrich Program Through Summer Study Prompted by a field study session on the Gulf of Mexico during the summer, marine biol- ogy offers an unusual course in the study of under-water life, Mr. Charles Schoenkenecht proudly exhibits the specimens collected by his students during the summer session to JT prin- cipal Clarence D. Stallman. The "biologists" are Dan Bergstom, Charles Marshall and Bonnie Schoenknecht. Mr. Robert Mallary explains the finer points of speech demon- stration as Betty Burzawa applies a little goo here and there to Georgene Turk. Efhfsudw William Odenthal's Earth Science Class finds astronomy ag. Subtitle: "Star Gazing Can Be Fun " hese students find maps informative and very helpful in r. Leland Thornton's U.S. History class. Spoken and Written Words Convey The English language is the basis for all personal communica- tion in this land of ours-America. English then, is also the founda- tion of the American educational system. Much time at JT is de- voted to the teaching of effective writing, correct grammar and spelling, poised a nd assured speech, the study of great litera- ture, and creative speaking and writing. The use of visual aids and combined teaching methods enliven English classes and make them much more progressive than in years past. 4 We lit? One of the most important English courses offered is College Preparitory English which gives the college-bound students a forward look into the type of work that they will be doing. Mrs. Grider adequately prepares them for the role they will assume in college. Mr. Denison JT students types of publications work. Here, Mar- gene Whitler points out a particularly interesting article which appeared in the J Hi Journal. Q Qos- "Si 'L is 's iournalism classes enable to try their hands at all .fqu X N. f . I x if H, l ' 'S ,X i gg 4 Kathy Rogers and Joanne Cabraro display their dramatic talents 1 being brought to light in a class devoted to the dramatic arts. Perhaps in one of these classes is budding the great actors and actresses of the future. and Record Great Thoughts and Idea Chuck Hawes and Gary Ode- waldt discuss the important parts played by naturalism and tragedy in world litera- ture. In this class, famous works from all over the world span the ages and are studied and enioyed by JT students. Other literature courses offered are American literature in the Sophomore year and English literature in the Senior year. 9 The necessity of clear thinking and writing, material arrangement, and chaice of subiect are stressed by several English courses that require term papers. Sue Tarlini is busy working on hers . . . and hoping for an "A." A new movation at JT is the combined English classes. Here both students and teachers find possi- bilities unlimited The atmosphere is relaxed, and ideas come readily. ie l 'L YS l 1, T it DEUTSCI-IESREICH Foreign languages are becoming a more and more important part of the academic program at J.T. With the ever shrinking world, the languages of other countries must be learned in order to under- stand our "nextdoor neighbors." Such understanding will insure the peace of the world in years to come. S .... -.-.t-.uw-Q. -.M ,. qt s . ,Ft 3 . . , ' 64 fl mmm ,N ff 1 -X 1 " ' .....fnssa4.4uu-11 Don Clark and Carolyn Heidel state that they would find shopping in a German super-market even more confusing than it is here in the U.S.A. ,ul A7'liiY5"7: If 'W 1 " 'fl I, A'.' I .H :I -- I r iy ty . !7,, ,g,?ii,,Zk,i ,A K . I , gli? " Wrfilrlrstfflfisiil ,s V 'N' L' fl: is L My Lg i M5 K Nav-A E3U USF S gcorarzeo Q is - :wr rw- .. r QN l ,AEREU J' :S llfayfmr : fl1ess2,l2...,g.,l r , mea ' J 134 Foreign Language Unlock the 1 I I l , . . ,,.,... ...., ..,,.... A- 1 Fl V , If XA, X . i f l " 1 Gvrnnann Sue Junk finds the language of Germany fascinating as the customs and people A , . v. 1 . I-i'l.'.' 'fl tI1.'f..."I!--l. . ,-.---... J' 3-,, at Proiects are an important part of the Spanish curriculum. Myra Berk, Jim Frank, and Jo Jump display some of the more recent proiects turned in by the students in the class. "Hurrah for the red, white, and greenl" Miss Frenk and Barb Harris display the Spanish flag while discussing the important phases of the history of Spain. Gatewa to Llnderstandin ,-M.-.m,H.....y.sw.1,- 3 fa -ffm A 1,1 .f,MN-N. P :a n Q. rn : -. '11 -1 rn 2 n :r 3 c n. N :: :' an a -1 U' E I 'P 5 I- ru v- 3 Q o C o -f. :r 0 1 U' c ..- -4 day to get in a little extra study. tiip ig xx. . . . . . . . - - - W- W., Ron Jugenitz puts a sample of his homework on 1 ' "1 11' ' 1 the blackboard under Miss Hartman's scrutinization. i 5' 9' ' 'vt l "Use this as an example, class." 1 lv 'x E. V' A' .y sn l t . Latin class provides an opportunity to learn the language of the past that lives today. Students also become acquainted with Caesar and his cohorts. Annette Williams enioys her acquaintanceship with Julius. we-X fir? X MLQQQJ f? 'CL :'a,1mf:x:'s :arf ,lcewr wg! x Q 3 Posre ITALIAN? i v -fhaaavvv.-f lil Fl l5IlQll lliXYCXlSF -13 E , 4 3? ' gp, ' :li :ma 5 ,A K W-,'11i'4'G5gX, sew iyffwys' fSYf'i 'Qligg , 123 X X. . wp, , 1. . - 6. ,. Ks., N., , , 4 My 1 ff " is . A 'A 4, i , I ,.,. 'X ' Q -3 6. Wt" 5 . 1" jlilll 45 ,lg ' f x l u l lfv l ,gli s-' jgjl ' a ' " A s Q r ' ' ?zS!"3s.s - r'ffhJ'fh:iH ll, no u , . 4 ff . x ' . .A . .. . -X - . . . . . Mr. Bluth points out some of the l"fI.F"w'H.'QZfXQj1 more famous Roman works of art . . f - . . . ' . I . ..Latnn class is never lacking ln I 5 la. jvyvmnv l culture. ei l Q - CENT. 50 Pvv RIIUBBLICA IYALIANA l 'i :IDS 135 3 s. E 5 Q ,M ., f-if l 2453555 , gif- ' r Students Learn To Make Numbers Work Mathematics, the universal "language," is vital no matter what phase of life one may choose to enter. From mechanic to house wife, to doctor or scientist, a good basic foundation of the mathematical processes is necessary to comprehend the fundamental problems encountered in day to day life. Once these processes are con- quered, the possibilities of their uses are endless. Mr. Richard starts out his algebra class by putting a simple problem on the board for the students to ponder. Soon enough they will be working much more difficult and advanced problems dealing with pluses and minuses and fractions. Miss Hooper helps Chuck McDonald work a difficult problem on the blackboard for use as an example in instruction. Charla Dentin and Denny Gardener compare their made" models to demonstrate the function of solid Mrs. Armstrong looks on with a smile as her students signs of gaining knowledge, and thereby bringing ultimate sense of accomplishment to the teacher. Sciences Survey Atomic Age Understanding Mr. Hopkins, chairman of the physics department, uses much equipment during the course of the school year. Fill Bustin, Rich Meyers, and Curt Horn observe a class demonstration of the Van De Graaf ilinear Acceleratorj. Carol Merenic and Dennis Miller hold up gigantic versions of teeth and iaw bones. "Perhaps some elephant somewhere is mourning the loss of that tooth," they think. But according to Mr. Wimberly, health instructor, this particular phase of health makes certain students tired . . . notice the open mouth . . . YAWNI .kfr J In this day and age of missiles and atomic power, scientists find it hard to keep up with new scientific methods and theories. Old ideas and techniques are quickly becom- ing obsolete. Research is opening up vast new fields and offers many rewards to those who wish to probe these areas, and here at JT the students certainly have access to the latest apparatus to begin their careers in the most important fields. Space science is a popular newly-formed class devoted to the study at outer space. Mr. Graham shows Fred Hahn how to use the transit telescope, while Elain Voelker pays close attention, namely because her turn comes next. 21 Ken Skinner halds a test tube containing a newly devised formula Cala Skinnerj over the bunsen burner as Pat Morris and Karen Lenz observe with just a few misgivings. Is that a secret agent peering between the bottles? No, it's only Paul Weiss, who's being a bit more cautious than his colleagues in daily chemistry class. Histor ,Human ature, Are Cores of Social Studies TheY ePnve Qloupl, CluSS ec kat B vefY r Miss lo' The social studies department is es- sential to the school. ln order for a student to have a well-rounded educa- tion, he must comprehend the work- ings of human nature, why the world is as it is, and the functions of the American g o v e r n m e n t that make America w h at it is today - an example and ideal to other countries less fortunate than we. history claSS guxdonce of Jim Brumond and Sloan Piecer add to their nior world X under me knowledge by reading maps in Mr. Jensen's finds this Seah more "ecing1hoU9l"l5' economics class. Money, being as valuable as Q 'east-set.. luzononslmucnd exihcng it ls, IS considered an important and vital Torkar, shgtalz ancient lg: owen,-ntn9 part of the social studies program. Mist - 0 , gmt' . and lf0':f:'f3, an MPG" 42.57 , Perm-pu' law ' ' m :zz 5 5 Q55-a. s Q tx A Al Deep in thought, Mr. Burns' U.S. History class learns the background which has made this country of ours all that it is today. The people, the places, the incidents all come to life in panoramic visions which plant them- selves in the minds of the students. ii-if ,W lv s . Betty Jane Rostan "gets the facts" in Miss Laubscher's American Government class. Here again, maps and graphs are used to their fullest extent for the benefit of the students as they help teachers to "get their paint across." , ee? From the Printed Word Flows Insight . Student librarians are ready, willing, and most able to help other students find the K is very book they need among the thousands not booksfcontained ln the ,high school V K library. Two of these helpful assistants are Mik 0'MalI ' . e ey, and Holly Smith, wb- Bill Simpson finds exactly the material he needs at the period: k n the JT freshman library -Gaels 'te W f?W Sv' ts :swiv- to P 'i Srvtlhllwiti-tiara: ei? ln the quiet of the freshman library stitdgta .find time well spent in, fact any time spent ln any library will Spay dividends I0 later life ,...,..-.- ,,..-ni , li ii ME lli lii lil Ili we i. In E ,ff ,,,,,- om Anderson from the high for everyone S 1 carefully selects a book to be drawn chool library. There are books here ' be they reference material, biog- phies, scientific data, or "iust i-ptoing-,books read i for nothing but JT is the proud posse libraries the freshman pleasure." ' K ii. ssor of two very well equipped ' library and the high school li brary Here students may come from study halls and before and after school cellent reference materi brarlans and student ass m finding "that particula I to study or make use of ex- als available. Professional li- istants are on hand to aid one r book." ,,..- h . U- .. " il if , j ,W , .J in -wg , . P. l N ri ,,.. Y . , I 5 t l I i ,fb - f K i . 'l A l ' 1 3 L i A K ' ' ' J' gig . . ,M -W-. U- i L., 1- 1 , ' .fee , u H I , ,. I, ,.,. . .. I K ,G V , 'f' j -Nnammy , , , , I . ' M " ' gg " ' 3 -' . . r 1.9 ' N i ' ji-fi . ,Y . ef ia . i 1... -, - ' , -- . . . f ig V . ' y U . f ry .sr ' " or . . 13? li Z A : fx-.' . - 2 tfq .Sn 4 X 15,3 if r .ii Y E 2' 1 . g -gigs X 5 ST' 'W ' ' 51' if i ' ' in 4 , ,,, f st K. I l ' 3 it 4 4 , ' v V Q ' ii - ' we ,l .,-. .1 . geek, .Y Q fr Q r - 1 QE he 'ftkflgfl - A ' Taz 1 ' ,M SER-17, A ' ' , i K I 11 -.-,firm 41.11 .,.t Lsblf g ge J . . ffl' Chuck Zola is becoming very proficient with the saw in wood shop. His fellow classmate, however, seems to be worrying just a little as to the safety of Chuck's fingers. Print shop is another shop course offered at JT. This course utilizes once more the excellent facilities available in the shop building. Print shop teaches the setting of type and the use of printing presses. Seeing your name in print here is doubly rewarding because of the satisfaction of doing it yourself. Shop Courses Train Young Electric shop affords practical training for interested young men. Much time is spent learning how to use electrical equipment under the super- vision of Mr. Engelhardt. Much is learned also about everyday gadgets such as how a fuse box is put together or what to do if the toaster won't pop up. These students pictured below are studying the different types of wire that may be used. 140 Men iWomen, Too! 'ls- I B --as use -a .ll JT is proud to offer several fine shop courses to boys land girlsl inter- ested in training in these fields: elec- trical work, metal, wood working, printing, and auto mechanics. The technical arts b u i l d i n g officially opened for use in the school year of 1958-59, Since then, many a young man has left its doors knowing his life's occupation., Mr. Siron explains to his class "iust which to connect where" as Ran Johnson and Davenport demonstrate. A few girls have ventured through the shop doors. Per- haps it looks a little strange to see a girl in what is con- sidered mainly a boy's domain, but in the ever-expanding need for technically trained people, girls are accepted into this boy's domain without a second thought. Whether the training being sought is to be used for a life's occupation or merely just to gather knowledge to be used in everyday life, young men and women of tomorrow will find the train- ing gained in the shop courses indispensable. ek J I Mr. Ehart shows two student mechanics, Richard Brockman and Pete Hobert, that the underside of a car needs as much attention as the inside. Manuel Tamayo is very intent on his work. Much caution must be talren when working with machines, this point is stressed in all shop courses in the hope that it may prevent accidents in later years. The boys are taught to respect machines that save them time and effort. or Technical Careers, Everyda Life Dale Tolf and Terry Brcumberg explore the facinating innerds of the automobile and learn what each little part plays in the workings of the auto. Being able to' get a broken down car running again brings not only headaches, at times, but also a much greater sense of pride and satisfaction. Nowadays a car is a must . . . and to know how it works is an equal must. As a result, auto shop is one of the most popular courses for boys at JT. NNW- , 'H ' ' School Provides Testing Ground for Future Homemakers ,ov "Can she bake a cherry pie, Billy boy, Billy boy?" She certainly canl Mrs, Bonar beams with pride over her student, Kathy Gellier, winner of the cherry pie contest. Her fellow students look on with envy. The study of child care is one of the topics discussed in Miss Smith's home economics class. Mrs. James Grant, mother of one of the students, visited the class and dem- onstrated the bathing of an infant. This lesson was later related to other factors in infant care. What will JT try next? This certainly was a "first." Home economics courses afford the very best kind of training for JT girls interested in either becoming home economists or gaining experience to be used in everyday family situations. Elementary cooking and sewing are of- fered, and after the basics are learned, there are ad- vanced courses that may be entered. Also considered a home economics course is family living which deals with family life and child care. Home economics training is price- less to any girl who wishes to make her future house a home. 142 4 F 'fm' Sandra Morgan puts the sewing machine in the home economics room to full time use as often as possible. Choosing materials, picking patterns and sewing them together gives Sandy a real thrill: "lt is nice to be complemented on an out- fit that you make yourself," she attests. ,oll""' 1 The "clip clip" of the scissors and the "humm" of the sewing machines are noises constantly present in Miss Ochs' home economics room. Pieces of fabric almost magically fit together, and out comes the finished product...a skirt, blouse, dress, suit, or coat. Training Gffice Implements Machinery Will Never Replace ZX 4,4?, 31,5 It l ,, the hong .. Y rice You ge 1 qyping ernS so efisy ii her hand u lm., ' typing effortsolf icsemcry is tl'Y"'9 k RosemurY Frcgle sdollar sign "fcs'b the grin. Mrs Goodwin :vices did You Zag very well, iud9m9 Y 11' Now W .on 9' of lt- 'hand notes- -A from her shot lllllllllllllll Janice Purdy, Bonnie Dolak and Georgia Patten are learning while becoming in- creasingly better at running the mimeo- graph machine. Consequently, page af- ter page of neatly dittoed material proves the girls' proficiency. Typing, shorthand, book- keeping, and mimeographing are all integral parts of office work as undertaken by sec- retaries and other office help. Typing, of course, can be of indispensible use in almost any walk of life-including high school homework. JT stu- dents prepare themselves for office iobs through clerical training and business education. As stressed on the bulletin board in the background, personality is one of Pinnell tfront centerj, by the looks of her captivating smile, already has the most important things for a future secretary to keep in mind. Donna developed her personality to the necessary degree! ii H, ,,s J. 1123- - r.. M-ff fa... G m Class s Encourage Physical Dexterit Greg Boll demonstrates a difficult position on the parallel bars. He loolrs as though he feels very much at home up- side-down. Mr. Klootwyk makes absolutely sure that there is no chance for an accident to happen. The boys looking on pay close attention and notice every detail because in a position like this, one slip could mean a few aches and pains. This over-all shot of the boys' gym shows the rush to the shower room at very last moment. The parallel bars are particularly popular as the boys the shower bell. However, activities ore kept at a steady pace until the learn to do several stunts on them as shown front center. The sophomore boys build muscles lifting weights. For some the task is a difficult one, for others it is not. The end result serves as an ego-builder, although the feel- ing of having a forty pound weight overhead is not exactly a comfortable one. 'Ls' if ff' This over-all shot of the girls' gym shows the iunior girls putting the ap- paratus to good, hard use. This equipment is also popular with sophomores and seniors. lt can be a wonderful feeling to master the traveling rings Thalrose teaches modern dance, folk dancing and square i. Modern dance stresses the use of poise and grace. Poems, lore and fairy tales are set to music and young choreogra- toke over. Folk and square dancing gives these girls o peak other countries and other times. "'NlY" A f , . , N . fe ifar lefti or the trapeze Ccenterl and to be able to "fly through the air with the greatest of ease." All equipment is either supervised by teachers or by capable student "spotters" to prevent any possible accidents. Further encouraged by the current trend toward better physical fitness, the gym classes stress coordination, stamina, muscular tone, and all-around physical fitness. Other classes provide training in home nursing, first aid, dancing, and for the boys, weight lifting, bowling and several other activities. The gym classes give students a chance to "relax" during the academic day. Bandoging is on important phase of first aid class as taught by Mrs. Hall. ln this class senior girls learn what to do in case of an emergency when immediate care is necessary in order to save a limb, eye sight, or in many cases, a life. Everything is thoroughly gone over until there are no doubts. In emergencies, time is of the ut- most importance. Pictured are: Mrs. Hall bandaging Joan Harrarin, and Sharon Menoli bandaging Donna Hourt. A -M Distributive Education, Office Occupations Cooperative training, especially created for students who wish to gain on-the-iob experience in the field of business or secre- tarial work is particularly popular with seniors with a lot of drive. Supervised train- ing, supplemented by directed study, is the core of the program. Students are paid be- ginning hourly wages and work a mini- mum of fifteen hours a week. In charge of Distributive Education is Mr. Hall. His students are placed in jobs where they "learn while they earn." They MARY ELLEN SETINA -Montgomery Ward- JERRY PALMER -Montgomery Ward- work as clerks, stock boys, and in related iobs associated with retailing. Mr. Kahle is the supervisor of the Office Occupations program. His students are placed in offices as typists, stenographers, and file clerks. Here they come into contact with business personnel from all walks life and gain invaluable experience. There are many advantages to cooperative training program for the dent, employer and school. x J tt KAREN WOODWARD -Kresge Variety Stare- EILEEN HARVEY BOB LEGAN A8-P Food Store GlGl BUDZINSKI -Eliza Kelly School- -Jerry Adams Realty- XJ ' r: if 'X7 Cffer "Earning While Learning" Curriculum qw- EQ., Xi LARRY CORMIER -National Clolhing E JOHN PAGONIS -Barre!! Ha rdwu re- MARILYN LEIGHTON -Sears, Roebuck 8- Co.- L .YP A V A y A, ,- nb Ii N PAT ORR -David Balch Store- LARRY CONDON -Wareco Service Sicnion i,..1 ,Atlus Vi F NZ DONNA ROSS Chicago Title G- Trust- .IIM TIBBETS -Union National Bank- C, J Sh tt B St Cl t D ' N? u er ugs, u en rivers Q 4 Im W' h I ' ' " - PYOVQ It ralnln J H517-E John Madden's main interest is photography. One might go so far as to lg? 5 say he lives in the dark .... the dork room, that is. lt gives him much satis- P faction to develop a picture and print it. As the indians used to say .... . I There are spirits in John's magic box." ,Q ' X it Another shutter-bu is Bob Keck. He is shown here evaluatin a roll of 9 9 negatives which he is about ta print. Bob states that candid shots, for the most part are most effective. ...and the most funl really an art and is concerned with veloping and printing processes. Ther competition between the student phers which produces better and bet The student photographers are oft extra practice through helping the staff out of pinches! "You ought to be in pictures-so we'll put you there," say Ed Whiteman and John Madden to pretty Diana Ashby. Portrait photography is one of the talents "developed" in Mr. Letsler's photography classes. It is so nice to know things and people we would like to remember can be preserved forever on film. Driver education Copen to iuniors and sen- iorsj provides an excellent chance for begin- ning drivers to learn correctly from a qualified teacher. It offers both practical and on-the- road training. Even students who have already earned their rights on the road sign up for this course because insurance rates for drivers who have had a formal drivers education course are lower than for those who have not. In order to pass the course, one must pass the drivers' test and receive their driver's license which is the ultimate goal of most teen- agers today. Mr. Swalec reads off the order in which the student drivers will take their turn at "Sue Pierson, Tom BeHeer, ond, last, Jane Withers. All right, now we all remember ""'f'. na sa , -K 6 - ff.. starter is. Don't we?????" V. ,L .1 '44 . . agg- '7-W 5 iii n, contrasts and many, many other l'I0 including the finished product after the e Photography classes are thickly pol: by JT camera enthusiasts much to the of Mr. Letsler, the teacher. Photography is let' en Y the where Young Farmers Cultivate Knowledge .-an the maintenance of machines, the farmer of today land must still learn the responsibilities involved in live- stock care. And as evidenced by the appearance of his quarter and calf-raping horse, Joe Graham has utilized his experience in both school and stall to keep his animal a fit specimen for farm chores. 1,5 rfii i Phelps exhibits some of the mechanisms he must engage before he is able to begin harrowing. hydraulic cylinder on which he has his right hand attaches the disk implement to the tractor. 'x f Luc, N fr R ce-53 Ed Hollister is the proud owner of these two week old, six pound chester white pigs caught here en- ioying their repost. W 6,-I-1 dy. ,.,-f This white rock cockeral chicken grown as a home project, mented Jim Phelps a second place in a poultry and grain show held at Yorkville Agricultural Training in School and on Farm l 'T A.. iw, I Learning the basic procedure of plowing on his own farm, Andy Tordai also attains practical results in readying the ground for the season ahead. Here, Andy is using the four bottom plow for peak efficiency. Although Brent Lingle is still uncertain about which came first-the chicken or the egg-he doesn't let that biological enigma halt his progress in chickenfegg production. Both are essential in Brent's opinion . . . care of each has proved profitable in raising his thirty DeKalb hybrid chickens. .f-, 1 55410-'L 1 W, wigs L cg, as --ffz -.,J -Jw-T. N. .".7 .lf Joe Graham suspends a squealing "victim" by the hind legs as Ed Hollister vaccinates it to guard against erysipeless and cholera. "Now grab this one, Joe," Ed Hollister points out the next "victim" ta be N aslmmzav-, 'f ':, Affords Future Farmers Valuable Experience The Vocational Agriculture program at JT prepares young men of today for the actual work situations which they will en- counter on their own farms in later years to come. Contrary to popular belief, the farmer of today faces as many, if not more, problems and different situations as his father and grandfather before him. Agriculture is an ever expanding field with new ideas, theories and techniques to be tested and applied. . if 4. ,fa s :fa Joe Groham's experience with livestock has already "paid off" with this black angus steer that he has raised. The steer won an "A" rating at the Future Farmer's Association sectional livestock show held in Peotone and garnered Joe a second place in competition within its class. 14" Allen Schleeter unloads shelled corn into a grain dryer in order to reduce the moisture content. y at il 'W , S, I it :T ir' s harvest time on Andy Tordai's . and all available man-hours needed to bring the crop in be- its first incurrence with Old Man Andy is maneuvering the two- mounted cornpicker which he, . :X G QND at with other modern farmers, to economize in both time and Painters Practice Pencil Procedure for Perfectio An intresting modern design is created by dropping splotches of ink on o piece of paper, then folding it. The finished product is thought provoking to say the least. Kathy Swan looks as if she is analyzing Greg Bolz's inner feelings. "It looks like two little people standing back to back," states Kathy, "But l'll be darned if I know what that means. Anyway, it deserves an 'A'." IX 'IS Mr, Kurtz is always willing to give helpful pointers, and even a little criticism when necessary. Even more important, he gives praise where praise is due. Encouragement is important in any art. A trained eye is needed to justly ap- praise art work because no two people interpret a subiect exactly the way. Mr Kurtz points out to Lonnie Thurlby that a slight change here would be more effective. JT's art department is well equipped and excellently staffed by Miss Long, Mr. Parrish and Mr. Kurtz. Art courses are not only populated by those who wish to enter the field, but also by those who wish to learn more about color harmonizing, composition, direction and technique to enrich their daily lives. Art l and ll con- sist of learning the fundamentals of the above men- tioned. After these are mastered one may experiment with different media. Art courses not only include draw- ing, painting and sketching, but sculpturing, wood carv- ing, commercial art, and jewelry making. Mr. Kurtz explains the basics of working with tempera. After that, the students are left 37: t'?2'nLi W , Live models are often used when doing portraits or figure drawing. lt is hard work getting the portrait to resemble the model, but it is iust as hard to sit still, in one position, for any length of time without falling asleep. "Be patient. Just a couple of finishing touches and I'm done." 152 to their own imaginations, to develop their own personal touch. Yxk, 17 A ', N Et,-Hp. 45- . . " 'K A, 1, 221.1-Ar, ' 'J' 04 f'f' , A 3 The organizations and clubs of Joliet Township are veritably as diverse and as many as any high school student body requires for its many interests. Here, there are academic organizations and social organizations, organizations with re- stricted membership and organizations having completely open membership . . . but all are designed to supplement the student's educational progress by showing him how to regulate his own activities by use of group government. Sur: Allen, Organizations Sdifor Gaining Truer Perspective Through the Candid Eye ki VIH 'lsr la, H' YEARBOOK PHOTOGRAPHER JOHN M MADDEN as slsts ED WHITEMAN JH: JOURNAL photographer In posing student model and JH: JOURNAL photogra pher DIANA ASHBY for a portrait of professional quality. .dia '-.,a Rabid students of PHOTOGRAPHY take notes in PHOTOGRAPHY Il. Class room discussion is an im- portant part of normal procedure. Students start with the simplest type of equipment and soon rea- lize the high quality of the school PHOTOGRAPHY equipment avail- able for use by the students of PHOTOGRAPHY. By the time the year is out they are all avid PHOTOGRAPHERS. Most of the in- class activities consist of slides and educational filmstrips on the basic nature af PHOTOGRAPHY. 4-4 Students of PHOTOGRAPHY, under the watchful eyes of Mr. Leat sler and Mr. Hansen, construct "pinhole" cameras, the earlies type of camera. After learning to use simple cameras in PHOTOG RAPHY, they move on to more technical types of PHOTOGRAPHY. Student Council Officers 0rganization's Pacesetters 4, 'U Q Members of the Junior Student Council are, top to bottom: Paul Mott, Pat Bussey, Janice Tonelli, Judy Kurbis, Pennie Gardner, Georgene Savich, and Linda Bolling. ROW TWO: Dick Bauer, Jay Cheville, Ken Argus, Dave Anderson, and Donna Duff. ing to ma e ation vital to the to represent the in all situations. has been striving more active in community affairs. I . ,, . , e l tudent Council has k ' in Y d prolects such as for Polio Drive xchange program presented by our ents Dave Rosen- Mags Bagh, and dance, at which 'as crowned. The embered by all Homecoming. . .the ly, at which the a named, the ode at the game, inual homecoming all planned by Council members. advisor ofthe I. W. Johnson. At 1 Council officers, 1, Secretory, Dave e President: Geor- i, Treasurerg Bill Sergeant-at-Arms, -nn, President. On e the senior class es, bottom to top: , Barb Huey, Barb a Lundin, Laurie Pauson, and Con- Not pictured is H- The Freshman Chorus cli- maxed a busy and productive year by ioining their sister organization, the Sophomore Chorus, in the production of "Songtime 63," an a n n u a l a I +4 Freshman Chorus Stresses Vocal Training - - musical extravaganza pro- duced by the Sophomore Cho- rus. Participation in the Christmas Talent Shows and caroling in the downtown areas during the Yule time were enioyable and construc- tive contributions to the cause of good musical training. But neither were social and extracurricular activities ne- glected. The H o m e c o m- ing Queen's freshman attend- ant, Sue Wehrspann, was a candidate of the Freshman Chorus. Then there was the picnic at the end of the year which helped to relax and re- lieve the pressures ofthe strenuous musical season. The Freshman Chorus is under the direction of Mr. Robert Howell. an A, 5 ls. 1.3.2, 'B X .E 'Q , A.. "J ,, , , , s . 1 t .4 . . . My l 1 v - ' P I 5 tif . w 1 L7 FRESHMAN CHORUS TT-T25 MR. ROBERT HOWELL, DIREC- TOR. ROW ONE: fl-rj Janice Vroegindewey, Susan Kegley, Jo Ann Seeman, Lindsay Powell, Teresa Richards, Linda Schure, Jayne Juricic, Carol Rash, Rita Johnson, Kathy Pemble, Darlene Schoob, Peggy Latz, Sandra Nance, Joy Kastman, Ellen Landman, Jeryl Jones, Kathy Iverson, Jania Miller, laurel McKay, Judy Bland. SECOND ROW: Kathy Moeller, Rita Zambrano, Susan Jones, Marsha Massey, Officers of the 'l'l-12 Freshman Chorus are Cl to rj Nan Merrill, Librarian, Colletta Wright, Librarian: Gayle Storey, Treasurer: Terry Richard, Vice-President: Tania Miller, President, Lynne Thigpen, Secretary, Georganne Over, Publicity Chairman. The 3-4 Freshman Officers are tl to rl Susan Gregory, Publicity Chairmanp Ruth Austin, Secretary, Angeline Costa, President: Janice Breen, Vice-Presidentg Carol Rugett, Librarian: Sue Cipolle, Treasurer. Jeanne Kaveny, Linda Vernard, Peggy Ziemer, Virginia Zupancic, Colleta Wright, Azalea Bailey, Elvira Medina, Judy Peterson, Karen Walling, Stella Williams, Geraldine Milam, Linda Jahnke, Merietta Vargo, Cindy Mann, Lynne Thigpen, Diane Krall, Mr. Howell, director. THIRD ROW: Nancy Linden, Janet Fohnston, Janet Irvin, Karen Over- peck, Dorothy Neese, Lynn Olin, Cheryl Markstrom, Karen Kozma, Vickie Walberg, Lynne Hoffman, Rena Wheeler, ' ' Mini 553355, 1 an 41- R . "ESF5"E M" Ms.. ,. 1.1 g A m 1 ,..- f., With a Little Pienieking To Relax Tensions , ,, ' , 'F 9 fs. ,,g , t i fi 4,1 ff, ,Q A f , Y I 1 -.r af: . ,ii15' 4 1 t i 5 s ' 2: ' 5, I ttf L " ii i? sf I '. .Mg i ,V W , , I ' , 1 1 C.. - , I . Q 5 I v 32.2 , 4, ,u ' N V, . , ,. M H 'N ' tt -if it l "'-333 ' :fff as f hi 3 . Y I ' ' 1 I r f ., - is L . 1 V 5 X , 1' A ., Q ' 1 lem, ff V 1, V V V Y X ' . ,ft . J ft .- . Q ' - T .. - '1 t" .. ' " ' .L -f tv A A Deborah Young, Andrea Petrinos, Karen Peace, Kay Wil- liams, Ingrid Jothen, Barb Mullen, Jo Ann Shelly, Karen Johnson, Terry Richards, Judy McCure. FOURTH ROW: Sherry Pozzi, Diane Starcevich, Maria Scalvounas, Renee Smith, Rosemary Jcvanivich, Donna Reid, Mary Malnar, Pat McKeawn, Barb Kochevar, Georganne Over, Pat Sealey, Gloria Martin, Rachel Tharp, Gloria Necoson, Marge Ladas, athy Myers, Kathy Vrieze, Carol Houser, Judy Wynne, v f -v U . 2, 7 Q I 'll l 5 xfhfi FRESHMAN CHORUS: DIRECTED BY ROBERT G. HOWELL. FIRST ROW: Miss student teacher, Lily Redmond, Carolyn Austin, Sherry Huber, Linda Judy Dunn, Cindy Flemming, Rosemary Flatt, Shirley Hayes, Marge Linda Cardot, Mr. Howell. SECOND ROW: Freida Dorris, Charlotte Cheryl Bedford, Barb Gierich, Angeline Costa, Maria Demko, Nancy Sandy Gebert, Alice Caldwell, Jacque Anderson, Ruth Austin, THIRD Mary Dunbar, Dolores Gutiervez, Marcia Dunn, Laura Smith, Marge Gaye Rendleman, Sandra Chuk. FIFTH ROW: Mary lee Williams, Carol Holstrom, Jan Nolden, Linda Lindblad, Jean Milde, Labarslcy, Linda Kubinski, Bonnie McDade, Barb Jean Wynne, Nan Merrill, Constance Pappachriston, Geor- Darla gene Nordstrom, Loretta Young, Renee McCabe, McCann, Sherry Nelson, Carol Sahler, Pam Moorse, Gayle Storey, Sue Wehrspann, Lorraine Swanson. l 4. Hb, 15 I Janowski, Gail Byrd, Sue Arnold, Linda Conrad, Martha Archley, Lynn Conrad, .lane Williams. FOURTH ROW: Lynn Bush, Helen Evans, Pam Gurney, Barb Garrett, Janice Breen, Sue Denker, Rose Fleischauer, Carol Fugett, Cheryl Evans, Glennis Dubrovich, Linda Archer. FIFTH ROW: Kathy Gollier, Cindy Fathergill, Sue Cipolle, Jan Vanderlinden, Janet Clark, Annette Adams, Sally Bowers, Patsy Gunchin, Joyce Canterbury, Jill Hamrin, Susan Gregory. "With a Song in Our Hearts, We Come to 1 'wwfrvrz 5 5 i 'Q .P- The Sophomore Chorus has 4.1 " U 1 f been one of the most active musi- 'g f . A cal groups at JT. "Songtime 63" I 1 , il s , -' 'fix is an annual spring concert in T T fly 'Q I f m which the girls are attired in for- , 1 1, -f mals for the occasion. It was a 1 ft 'f T 9 tremendous success, and featured Il 9 1 the Inner Choir singing selections 'W ,A from "West Side Story." Included -Y ,s fl J T V on the year's agenda was the N . s Veteran's Day Assembly, the an- r ' 1: I Q - Q nual Christmas Talent Show, and .. ' v their "Femmes Fancy" dance to '34 A I " T 'T which the entire school is invited. 5 ' W' 'X The picnic in the spring is al- ' Y 1 ways an appropriate ending to a X full and eventful year for the Sophomore Chorus. SOPHOMORE CHORUS: DIRECTED BY ROBERT G. HOWELL. ROW ONE ll to rj Linda Behun, Sharon An- derson, Marlene Carrero, Sallie Blair, Gloria Paone, Mary Denewellis, Evelyn McCullum, Linda Logan, Carol Kucer, Ida Camocho, Mary Lou Picciolo, Kathy Allen, Sharon Swank, Maria Jothen, Nancy Neighbors, Pinkie Baker, Gwen Hammer, Yvonne Woods, Sue Brown, Beth Morse, Rosemary Knutson, Ina Powell, Mr. Robert Howell. ROW TWO: Leslie Clark, Jana Sue Gates, ENSEMBLE is cl select group of excellent singers from the chorus, ll to rj Jackie McComb, Cathy Honiotes, Janet Blatch- ley, Louise Wilson, Lynn Butterwick, Judy Reed, Beth Morse, Lynn Axelson, Ina Powell, Lynn Eichholzer, Sheryl Baumann, Lynnda Halweg, Sharon Swank, Linda Gabrielson, Marcia Gazelle. Mary Ficarello, Mary Arthur, Kathy Johnson, Jeri nihan, Joyce Crowther, Jean Jackson, Marcia Nancy Trepel, Georgina De Zee, Celeste Pinneo, Suchy, Debbie Nelson, Pam Hunte, Carol Hrivnak, Anne Stefanich, Candy Powell, Linda Sebben, Jachincwski, Ann Stantield, Darlene Brugnara. THREE: Cathy Sexton, Jackie McComb, Barb Linda Andreasen, Julie Hiner, Judy Mussario, Lind Keir, Lenette Hertz, Linda Gabrielson, Sally Huey Sophomore Chorus otficers:: Debbie Hath Librarian: Sandy Hinton, Secretary: Ina P President: Jane Schiek, Vice-President: Huey, Treasurer: Joyce Crowther, Publicity man. .W ,, E : ., . ear , You," Sincerely Yours, The Sophomore Chorus in lg, L QQ wg SQ 5, I , I 4 S y. - it . T 1 1 Q .fd ' in J I my ai GX 1 .S .. ' 6 Y l L X T 7' 7- as 1 ,XL 5 V, , V K T 7. ix 1, . N S X 7- '57 GAA 7- T T' fa .ii l Baumann, Sandy Resis, Debbie Hathway, Lynora June Puddicombe, Janet Clugston, Linda Lynnda Halweg, Rose Marie Egger, Carol Cohil, Siemsen, Carol Hoelzer, Nancy Russ. ROW FOUR: Mayhugh, Doranna Fugua, Cathy Honiotes, Linda Tv-I-vi .5 Aldene Boese, Ann Schmid, Janice Rostello, Judy Davis. ROW FIVE: Lauise Wilson, Marie Baitinger, Judy Reed, Janet Blatchley, Nancy Heard, Gloria Edwards, Loretta Harris, Roberta Hylko, Joy Steffes, Lydia Conner, Lois White, Lynn Eichholzer, Jane Schiek, Jean Schofield, Linda Pratto, Mary Holcomb, Dolores Navarro, Augustyn, Barb Tatro, Libby Hall, Judy Paul, Bon- Joyce Kuempel, Linda Hegstad, Lynn Axelson, Lois Harms, Donna Richards, Cindy Maren, Shirley Stan- i vs 5. T H! I field, Darlene Peterson, Tinia Harsha. Miller, Pat Davis, Pam Wiggins, Kathy Engle, Sandy Meloday Bishop, Lynn Butterwicli, Linda George, J .2 T 1, - T 'if T if T ff: T if T if, T l ff ' ef T TRQJT T I T f T T Tx T ' I T T LT INNER CHOIR. ROW ONE: fl to rl Jackie McComb, Barb Nurczylr, Sharon Swank, Beth Moore, Kathy Allen, Mary Arthur, Ina Powell, Mary Ticarello, Rosemary Knutson, Nancy Neighbors. ROW TWO: Marcia Gazelle, Judy Siem- sen, Linda Anderson, Linda Gabrielscn, Linda Meier, Deb- bie Nelson, Lynn Butterwich, Pat Jachindwski. ROW THREE: Sheryl Baumann, Judy Mussaric, Lynette Hertz, Debbie Hathway, Lynncla Halweg, Darlene Peterson, Georgina De Zee, Lynora Isaacson. ROW FOUR: Cathy Honiotes, Louise Wilson, Marie Baitinger, Janet Blatchley, Lynn Eichholzen, Kathy Engle, Sandy Hinton, Melody Bishop. ROW FIVE: Judy Reed, Joy Steffes, Lydia Conner, Jane Scheik, Jean Schofield, Lynn Axelson, Lois Harms, Cindy Maren. Participation in General Choir Work As a feeder group to A Cap- pella Choir, the members of Gen- eral Choir practice hard and look forward to the day when they can step up to the more advanced singing unit. General Choir partici- pates in the Armistice Day assem- bly, Christmas Vespers, and the annual operetta. The choir also joins A Cappella in the J. T. H. S. Spring Band Concert. Socially, the choir is quite active with a picnic in the fall, a Christmas party, and the annual trip to the Indiana sand dunes. This year is one that will be remembered for a long time by many of the choir students. GENERAL CHOIR IS DIRECTED BY MR. ROY JOHNSON. ROW ONE: Barb Himes, Annette Delaurenti, Pat Riley, Joy Larson, Judy Fowler King, Dolores VanAllen, Cheryl Spice, Donna Masticivich, Shirley Shirley Cornelius, Sylvia Evanston, Clara Furlan, Joann Synold, Jill Jisher, Sandy Augustine, Jean Smith, Carol Kozor. ROW TWO: Rachel Sharon Smithberg, Carol Keen, Diane Tucker, Jackie Bisset, Sandy Schultz Haines, Helene Eisen, Nancy Nelson, Carol Christianson, Rhode Friedman, we Responsible for the attentiveness of the choir class period and concerts are the section They are obligated to fine choir members unruly or are not paying attention to the Left to right, section leaders are Mike Stanaker, Bill Lucky, John Honiotes, Carolyn son, Carol Gear, Cheryl Spice, and Mary Tymowicz. to end Enrichment to Life of Student Henderson, louise Contos, Judy Lausher, Judy Flushaur, Janice Trizna, Gloria K, Margaret Danzero, Kathy Button, Kay Wills. ROW THREE: Molly Donna Talbot, Linda Boris, Sydney Ashton, Jo Jump, Judy Miller, Barb Jean Merrell, Andrea Horvat, Avace Gregory, Barb French, Joan Diane Johnson, Jackie Wynne, Dorthy Winfrey, Linda Monsen, Nancy Maria Kaminskas, Sue Allen, Mary Rose Tymowicz, Flo Sylvester, Carol ROW FOUR: Roy Kwasneske, Ken Darley, Alan Kamhi, Greg Bolz, Greg with the re- of internal on behalf their fellow choir rs is the board of 5. Named in an election, the of- are top to bottom, Lucky, Librarian: Di- Gordon, Librarian: Jump, Treasurer: June Secretary, Sue le n, Vice- President, sie Pearson, President. Bennett, Ed Brown, Chuck Moior, Bill Lucky, Chuck Marting, John Borum, Jerry McDowell, Theo Polley, Dave Randolph, Elmer Shear, Mike O'Malley, Dave Sudsberry, George Griparis, Tom Seppi, Mr. Roy Johnson. ROW FIVE: Dennis Miller, Mike Bolos, Ron Chizmork, Bill Ball, Gerald Bater, Frank Punish, George Peterson, Fred Dillon, George Georgis, Curt Cramer, Bill Gentsch, Ron Funck Bob Bolz, John Honiotes, Larry Jones, Tom Mattson, Phil Magee, Ed Stanaker, Scott Cooper, Mike Smeets, Chuck Schoenknecht. ee... :N "5-"'E-"3EE:"n'bf'h'Qk. " ' N . fi-7 l 161 A Cappella Ignites Musical Fervor in an 1 THE A CAPPELLA CHOIR, DIRECTED BY ROY JOHNSON. ROW ONE ll to rl: Lee Rodriguez, Sue Veach, Linda Davis, Rita Wolf, Rosemary Gallo, Pam Haynes, Shirley Panish, Kay Wilson, Susan Junck, Karen McAllister, Judy Rebels, Karen Kubinski, Barb Maior, Barb Lakota, Rosemary Fragale, Joyce Woodman, Jessica Karales. ROW TWO: Barb Harris, Leanna Chrisman, Linda Bolling, Nancy Meyers, Jyme Rafter, Teddy Vrakas, Myrna Geriech, Myra Burke, Janice Tonelll, Marlene Boe, Sue Rogers, Linda Spiers, Barb Booth, Andrea Almosy, Kathy Shaw, Donna Hrechko, Ginnie Meier, Susie Richards. oe-.. ROW THREE: Robin Sahler, Sandy McAllister, Beverly Klint, Carol Muller Karen Kramer, Cheri Douglas, Roger Tracy, Larry Lindstrom, Scott Sanders Bruce Brooks, Rich Pearson, Bruce Hamburger, Russel Ghilain, Ken Saieg Glen Van Dyke, Joe Eniex, Bill Genda, Linda DeGrace, Georgene Savich Judy Kurbis, Cltorla Denton. ROW FOUR: Karen Lindblad, Jean Eneix, Jea Biddle, Kathy Ramsey, Linda Maddux, Jerry Frerry, Chuck Coulson, Jon Mc Farlan, Frank DeSiderie, Dave Garcia, Ron Aeschliman, Dale Lockwood Larry Mason, Ron Decker, Mike Haberkorn, Daryl Aldersnn, Leon Beavers The officers of A Cappella Choir are elected by a popular vote in the choir. They are responsible for attendance of the members at concerts, keeping the choir orderly, and helping direct. Top to bottom: Ron Aeschilman, Librarian: Karen McAllister, Librarian, Kathy Shaw, Publicity Chairman, Tom Anderson, Social Chairman: Paul Owings, Treasurer, Barb Booth, Secretary, Larry Mason, Vice-Presidentp Jon McFarlan, President. Crowding a mum of activity into school year is par the A Cappella Their singing s e a s o opened with the Veterans' Day early in Novem e Preparation for the per Bell concert tinued thru and was presente prior to the holiday. Vesp tured the Madrigals solists Shirley tmqsphere Resplendent With Brilliant Programs Larry Mason. The m u s i c a l er by the choir was oat," a operetta which fails to please. musical was an ac- success. Mr. Johnson, the choral , was the show's and producer. the m o n t h of the choir rep- Joliet Township an All-State Choir Keagle, Gary Sorenson, Dennis Hamilton, Bob Swanson, Kathy Smith, Kay Ekmons, Cheryl MeGehee, Cheryl Schmidt. ROW FIVE: Barb Sylvia Lundin, Bethy Roth, Kathy Ceci, Natalie Woods, Dan McCarthy, Flint, Morris Maitland, Paul Spinal, Ray Potter, Jim Frank, Doug For- Gary Wildins, Joe Kincaid, Tom Anderson, Jim Bergstrom, Ben Waddel, Allen, Paul Owings, Jeff Davis, Larry Milxlic, Ed Richards, Georgene Kathy Davidson, Joyce Englehart, Donna Price, Pai Rission. ax X.. C7 T C7 MADRIGALS: ROW ONE: Jon McFarlan, Jean Eniex, Karen Kramer, Robin Sahler, Ed Richards. ROW TWO: Shirley Panish, Howard Manthei, Mike Haberkorn, Morrie Maitland, Karen McAllister. ROW THREE: Pam Haynes, Roger Tracy. ROW FOUR: Ron Aeschliman, Paul Owings. ROW FIVE: Susie Richards. Tri-Hi-Y Fosters Pride in Self, Communit Through an organization called Tri-Hi-Y girls learn to meet and solve problems which confront their community. By helping the less fortunate with Christmas and Easter food baskets, they practice good Citizenship. The Tri-Hi-Y is made up of twelve individual clubs. Tri-Hi-Y's "World of Fun" is en- thusiastically received by all who attend, a variety of enter- tainment is provided for the entire evening. The finale of this event is a dance where the King and Queen for the "World of Fun" are announced. Another social event which all the girls look forward to is the annual Spring Dance which gives the girls a chance to select the escort oftheir choice! A Tri-Hi-Y member is provided with many fond memories that give her pride in her community, her club, and herself. TRI-HI-Y COUNCIL. ROW ONE fl to rj: Nancy Sehring, Cheryl Spice, Knolls, Pat Sklenar. ROW THREE: Sue Allen, Jane Jorgenson, Cathy Pat Bussy, Janet Akin, Judy Miller, Barb Schnelle, Karen lindblad. Harper, Joyce Vanderlinden, Sue Dalaney, Jane Eckmann, Norma ROW TWO: Janet Snider, Sharon Smithberg, Carol Dolasin, Sandy Chaney, Bonnie McQueen, Jacki Wynne, Marie Casonie, Linda Lamber- Courage, Linda Boris, Nancy Sklenar, Cindy Fredricks, Mary Jane son, Judy Reitter. S E NIO R TRI-HI-Y CLUB. ROW ONE ll to rl: Minnie Wisneski, Cindy Jolley, Sue Al- len, Betsy Fields, Susie Pearson, Mary Ann Foote, Rita Wolf. ROW TWO: Ba rb Harris, Jane Jorgenson, Cathy Harper, Betty Privel, Ginger Steffes, Nancy Sehring, Sue Grimpe, Andrea Almasy, Can- dy Holloway, Rita Pol- lack. SENIOR TRI HI Y CLUB. ROW ONE ll to rj: Kathy Shaw, Marie Casonie, Pat Hientz, Kathy David- son, Nancy Sheets. ROW TWO: Jackie Bonneville, Bonnie Dolak, Jackie Wynne, Marilyn Johnson, Cheri Douglas, Sue Rogers, Pat Riley. JUNIOR TRI-HI-Y CLUB. ROW ONE: Beverly Kushilr, Carol Do- lasin, Linda Boris, Cheryl Spice, Patsy Sklenar, Mary Jane Knolls, Joy Larson, Marcia Cox. ROW TWO: Mary Ellen Benac, Rose Astorino, Betty Tibble, Helen Boyd, Kathy Matesi, Betty Ga- wanda, Sandy Turpstra, Jill Vis- cum, Donna Bushbe, Kathy Swan, Linda Johnson, Penny Gersman. JUNIOR TRI- HI- Y CLUB. ROW ONE: Barb Danielson, Nancy Blair, Mary Kay Ed- moncls, Sue Delaney, Carol Larson, Joyce Primm, Carol Kline. ROW TWO: Nancy Albright, Mary Archer, San- dy Blunt, Barb French,.Ioyce Englehart, P a t D e Mink, Royce Vanderlinden, Janet Snider. Tri-Hi-Y Us s Y Facilities to Promote Maturit JUNIOR TRI-Hl-Y CLUB. ROW ONE CI to rj: Barb Schnelle, Lu Lisdera, Michelle Savice, Donna Misiakevich. ROW TWO: Donna Duff, Teddy Vrakas, Kathy Abbot, Karen Lindblod, Elaine Kambie, Karen Eames, De- nise Lauer. SOPHOMORE TRI-HI-Y CLUB. ROW ONE fl fo rl: Anna Rudd, Sharon Greco, Pat Jachinowski, Norma Chaney, Doreen Lesh, Jean Gruenwalcl, Billy Boies, Linda Cle- mens, Tressa Churchwell. ROW TWO: Carol Allison, Karen Englemann, Joyce Crowfher, Lindo Meier, Bonnie McQueen, Cindy Maren, Gigi Charlsirom, Judy Davis, Judy Johnson, Mary Lou Hoffrage, sponsor. ROW THREE: Cecilo Cooke, Carol Hrivnok, JoAnn Sfefanich, Kaihy Johnson, Janice Rosfello, Jane Ech- f mann, Janet Green, Jane Vercellotii, Pam Hunte, Sallie Blair, Celeste Pinnea. ROW FOUR: Nuryzch, Kathy Hoye, Sally Huey, Cindy Keck, Mary Clark, Diana Deborfolo, Jane? Blaicheley, Bonnie Scholar, Lonnie Pohl. Hoffmann, Judy Bakos, Artheda Karen Kopenis, Janet Hiller, Barb SOPHOMORE TRI-HI-Y ROW ONE: Judy Wilson, Cheryl Schmidt, McAllister, Jyme Rafte Cheryl Kosmerl, Judy son. ROW TWO: Carol mann, Rhode Friedman Tribley, Judy Kurbis, A ki n, Carolyn H Georgene Savich, Sharon per. ROW THREE: Jean rell, Joan Skikos, Poi Sharon Smithberg, Sue Kud- mon, Janice Tonelli, and Jud Osborne. Tri-Hi-Y: Nations Proving Ground for Teen f SOPHOMORE TRI-HI-Y CLUB. ROW ONE fl to rj: Janice Ordrea, Cindy Freclricks, Jean Jackson, Barb Tatro, Gerry Petersen, Carolyn Austin, Nancy Strappazon, Mary Rose Min- nito, Phyllis Pittsenburger. ROW TWO: Sharon Rizzo, Paula Zamkowitz, Darlene Peterson, Cindy Talters, Judy Lavazza, Nancy Sklenar, Joanrt Jensen, Kay Eastin, Linda Sebben, Pat ESHMAN TRI-Hl-Y CLUB. During the year 62-63 the eshman have been forced to go half days to school. ne might think that this situation would prohibit y outside activities because of the extra amount of mework. The freshman girls, however, by planning eir time well, are able to be very active in Tri-Hi-Y bs. ROW ONE U to rl: Janice Floyd, Kathy Denni- n, Kathy Calihan, Jackie Fear, Susan Fox. ROW O: DeDe Findlay, Sue Arnold, Diane Albert, Cheryl ans, Bonnie DuChance. ROW THREE: Claudia Earls, rbara Berkstrom, Sharon Himer, Joann Vander- den, Linda Bamloerson. Avery, Susie Suggett, Mary Lou Picolo, Susan Bishop, Terry Kulush. ROW THREE: Gwen Fevretto, Cherie Bergman, Gail Gualcloni, Susan Watson, Ann Stanfielcl, Jane Ghilain, Cindy Pingo, Kathy Spreitzer, Joann Resedore, Linda Pruggemann, Linda Osterberg, Bonnie Jenkins, Mary Jo Perrine. ,.. ea FRESHMAN TRI-HI-Y CLUB. ROW ONE fl to rj: Angie Rasta, Cheryl Bedford, Janis Breen, Sharon Mapling, Carol Love, Susan Gregory. ROW TWO: Marcia Dunn, Jill Hamrin, Sandy Menzor, Jody Basinger, Leslie Bonn, Tyra Bou- dinio. ROW THREE: Lynn Bush, Nancy Graves, Kathy Gollier, Ruth Austin. :Emi 1 get Hi-Y Members Aid School and Communit i l 5 l .,.i.. 4-so . i if ---L3 I i 1 Y T E E N S 'VJALTT llL"'L thrill 1'-I nil Ill' 7 xx unlsuyf -N lf flnllkou A l68 .J Q-lg ..- The Senior Hi-Y is an active group of boys who have been working for four years to earn money for a group trip and tour through Europe. ROW ONE ll to rl: Roger Frazier, Euro- pean Chairman, Neil Lucas, Treasurer: Paul Weiss, Secretary, Roger Kepner, President, Miles Lindblod, Vice-Presidentg Tom Anderson, Sergeant-at-Arms, Terry Hoyt, Finance Chairmang Keith Johnson, Robin Heilman. ROW TWO ll to rj: Don Day, The Hi-Y Council is a coordinating and gov- erning body which establishes policy and rules on judgments and welfare affecting the Hi-Y clubs. This council is composed of two representatives from each boys' club. The representatives attend bimonthly meetings and relay to their clubs the actions and decisions of the council. Council members are, left to right, Kent Johnson, Secretary, Dale Anderson, Treasurer, Terry Hoyt, Vice-President, Mick Maxwell, President, Paul Gambrello. TOP ROW: Ron Junck, Roger Kepner, Mr. Sheaffer, sponsor. Advisor, Tom Egly, Paul Spittal, Jeno Maiersky, Don Leonard, Rick Sheply, Ted Duncan, Mike Courage, Lee Bettenhauser, Larry Gray, Jim McKeawn, Ken Lula, Russ Ghiloin, Bruce Howk. NOT PICTURED: Bill Wehrspann, Ross MacDonald, Skip Pauson, Chuck Marshall, Larry Feldman, Bob Smith, Shelby Anderson, Larry Mason, Chaplainp Jim Henderson, Dave Rosettenstein, Dave Kienlen, Mike Bonn, Jay Caswell. ln Individual Club Service Projects JUNIOR HI-Y CLUB. ROW ONE ll to rl: Dave Ander- son, Jon Jaworski, Chuck Wicks, Jim Grohne, Rob Morrison, Mick Maxwell, Paul Gambrel, Dennis Mul- len, Mike Long, Ken Angus. ROW TWO: Mr. Paul Sheaf- fer, sponsor, Jack McCom- bridge, Keiih Milchel, Dave Williamson, Jim Bergstrom, Dick Bauer, Mike Barney, Jim Jerbi, Bob Hoffman, Lloyd Goefschel. FRESHMAN HI-Y CLUB. ROW ONE ll io rl: Dave Herman, John Holl, Ron Junck, Don Thorson, Ted Coltingham. ROW TWO: Jock Hriunck, Doug Osfren, John Hankinson, Bob Barnes. Allhough the Freshman are on half days, lhese boys still have lime to join in the YMCA program for Hi-Y clubs. All boys clubs meet on Wednesday evenings. is i SOPHOMORE Hl-Y CLUB. ROW ONE ll to rj: Chef June, Chuck Zolar, Dole Anderson, Ron Car- loss, Ken! Johnson, Brian Shep- ley, Jim Beach, Dove Wallace. ROW TWO: Bob Krehor, Don Whitlock, Don Oefler, Dave Jonles, Ward Cramer, Wayne lucas. ldlliliff ,J l"'l ation's Future Strength Vested Here QIN - E Ct rx - National Honor Society members ore, from left to right, ROW ONE, Sue Veach, Kathy Ramsey, Sue Mool, Fern Mann, Judy Frieberg, Susie Pearson, Ginnie Meier, Pat Morse, Joan Hynd, Karen Lind, Jeanette Hicks, Sonia McAllister, Shirley Leuthner, Mrs. Longman, sponsor. ROW TWO: June Swango, Sandy Thornley, Helen Aultl, Barb Craig, Marilyn Russell, Sylvia Lundin, Barb Huey, Carolyn Heidel, Joyce Heinlen, Pat Heintz, Carol Erkmann, Carol Muren, Linda Cramer, Georgene Patten, Ann Haines, Linda Davis. ROW THREE: Bob Johnson, Skip Pauson, Rich Meyer, John Vercellotti, Dan Roath, Tom Elyea, Terry Hoyt, L X vw ,1 The National Honor Society, since its formation in 1921, has served to recog- nize the achievements of top students in high schools throughout the nation. Essentially, this is an honorary society. The local group, however, performs services to the school and the student body through such projects as tutoring, acting as guides for major events, and book exchange management. The sponsers, caught at one of their more relaxed moments are Mr. and Mrs. Longman. Q . Robin Heilmon, Paul Weiss, Connie Morgan, Avace Gregory, Laurie Brown Becky Morgan, Joyce Englehart, Cecilia Evans. ROW FOUR: Rich Altenhof Dave Ruttle, Ed Shores, Joe Suia, Jim Lauterlaach, Terry Zeaclxas, Bill Wehr spann, Paul Leach, Miles Lindblad, Steve Bannister, Mr. Longman, spanso ROW FIVE: Dave Schleeter, Chuck Hawes, Bob Smith, Richard Whitley, Gar Odewaldt, Keith Johnson, Bob Moyhugh, Tom Anderson, Roger Kepner, Chuc Schroder, Milne Bonn. National Honor Society officers are elected each semester. Officers for the second semester are in the second row. Rich Altenhoff, vice-president, Bob'Smith, president: Carol Erkmann, secretary: officers of the first semester were .Ioan Hynd, secretary, and Paul Weiss, president. Car I Through photographic work for the J of '63 Gene Sebben has encountered prac- A tically every situation that's likely to confront him in his forthcoming career in photography. By either taking formal, scheduled-in-advance portraits, or, more typically, informal, spur-of-the-moment shots, Gene has proved his photographic ability by reproducing flawless prints in each case. At the left, Gene examines a photo he has iust finished developing, while, at the right, he poses for picture taken by-you guessed it!-himself. 'K Timm Urbanik frightj has mastered the techniques of photog- y raphy-in both the facets of picture taking and picture developing- while producing quality photos for the ,I of '63. This experience, Timm believes, has elevated him from the dubious position of "shutter bug" to that of a "proficient professional." Below, Timm focuses his 4" X 5" view camera for another portrait. Q' . ' ' il 6-5396 i 'Club' of Three Provides Yearbook Staff With Bulk of Pictures , Booster Club Ralli s School Spirit, Exploits Talent CV, .f- Xxx As officers of the Booster Club, Dave Kienlen, l.aurie Brown, Pat Bussy, and Ken Angus are responsible for publicizing the activities of the school, calling attention to outstanding work by students and giving credit to accomplishments above and beyond the call of routine student activity. H23 skiddol" The talent presented by the Booster Club is always of the best quality, and the Kelly Adarables are no exception. The dancers' routine is a Charlston number and they dressed in costumes depicting the "Roaring 2O's." The dancers are Janice Lamb, Maurine Ballius, Sue Grimpe, Linda Currie, Kathy Hoye, and Gloria Paone. Helping to publicize an orchestra concert are Lincla Cramer, and Ross MacDonald who are 2 featured in a musical portion of a typical Boosters' program. 95 'vs "Sign up for the bus now!" As sponsors of the Booster Mr. Ken Parker and Mr. Don Kienlen are counting the collected from loyal students who have signed up to go a bus to on out-of-town athletic event. Mr, Kienlen and Parker also act as "iudges" for talent presented at the meetings. Y "And then this traveling salesman said..." Robin enioys entertaining his fellow students at the Thursday ing Booster meeting. Even though the meeting takes place early, it is not too early to comprehend Robin's iokes. always gets that punch line across. Thespians' Dramatic Abilitie Develop in N S JUNIOR- SENIOR N AT I O N AL THESPIANS. ROW ONE ll to ri: Beth Morse, Bob Jonston, Linda Jorgensen, Cindy Jolly, Nancy Mc- Queen. ROW TWO: Kirma Pearce, Janet Snider, Barb Craig, Bill Gen- da, Pat MacDonald, Pat Morse, Marie Baitenger, Judy Frieberg. ROW THREE: Janet Blatchcy, Fred Dillon, Tom Bojeski, Dave Boett- cher, Ron Thelo, Phil Kouchaukos, argerethe Bagh, Jackie Bossom, Ken Griffin. st so there would be no mistaking these people as dgling actors, these sophomore drama students cked behind their large smiles. Those involved here t to right, are Cheryl Carey, Florence Burley, Karen gelmon. ROW TWO: Cheryl Baumann, Sue Suggett, ckie McComb, Judy Davis, Bill Macier. ROW THREE: y Boras, Cindy Fredrick, Greg Bennett, Martha Katzin, dy Bakos, Joyce Canteberry. The officers of the JT Chapter of the National Thespian Society are pictured in character as they portray the traditional mask of Comedy. Expressing "Comedy" with a smile are left to right, Bob Johnston, President: Phil Kouchoukos, Porliamentarian: Bill Gen- da, Secretary-Treasurer. ROW TWO: Nancy McQueen, Clerk: Pat Morse, Vice-President: Barb Craig, Corres- ponding Secretary. Practical Training Stressed in Office Occupation 5?'fJU,JAU1i On the blackboard is a seasonal reminder of the smiling personality which every secretary must possess. As members of Office Occu- pation Association, Martha Carter, Mary Branclalina, Jeri Allen, Gigi Budzinski, and Lynn Baieski, lleft to righti are responsible for the decoration of the chalkboard. Here they reflect a smiling personality that is essential for every qualified secretary. Co-Op enables future businesswomen to take their place in the business world. ' S -x Q9 Q Q e 90 ' ' i s A I Making prospective secretaries familiar with office routine is main obiective of the organization. Here, students examine latest in office equipment at the Caterpillar Tractor Company the same equipment which they will be required ta use in the future. , if . Xllff X x Q C W is "fu . Z vfudqzg , :nf--' sz 1 Food Producers of the Future The Future Farmers is an organization of boys studying Vocational Agriculture. They have regular meetings the first and third Mondays of each month. ln addi- tion to this, many Saturdays are spent working for the organization. Organiza- tion members are: FRONT ROW, tl to rj: Greg Hutson, Ron Gunchin, Jerome Fris, Bill White, Bob Neese, Vance Roofener, Jim Phelps, George Woznik. MIDDLE ROW: Joe Graham, Andy Bustin, Jay Karen, Ed Hollister, Bill Taylor, Chuck Gura, Paul Kapellas, Robert Smith. TOP ROW: Mr. Ronald Deininger, Agriculture Instructor, Eddie Fear, Vic Gigliette, Veryl Lichtenwalter, Tim Geistler, Junior College Work Scholarship Student, Max H. Kuster, F. F.A. Adviser and Agriculture Instructor. One of the special projects of the organization was the overhauling of this tractor by Bill White. Such proiects provide the Future Farmers with essential knowledge of farm mechanisms . . . especially the tractor-the modern standard of progressive farming. .JL if Av tllmlilf - ' 1---if V I 5, 4251 , '-1 , liz: L r - ,- - nf fr -.Q FRONT ROW: fl to rl Dan Plese, Secretary: Steve Rossi, Sentinel, Church Gura, Reporter: Joe Graham, Vice-Presi- dent: Sue Brookman, Chapter Sweetheart: Andy Bustin, President: Brent Lingle, Treasurer: Terry Piazza: Allen Sch- leeter. MlDDlE ROW: Mr. Ronald Deininger, Agriculture Instructor: T o m Hauert, Floyd Spiers, Vic Gigliette, Jerry Nagra, Gary Wil- kens, Andy Tordai, Dan Stobbeona, Ed Hollister, Mr. Max Kuster, F. F. A. Adviser. TOP ROW: V e r y l Lichtenwalter, Tony Marino, Paul Ka- pellas, Tom Binzen, Jim Smrekar, Don Fier, Bob Defreitas, Walter Frick, Herb Shadwell, Rudy Carlson, Leonard Ven- ture, Craig Gebert, Tom Geistler. Future Homemakers The Future Homemakers of America membership is ex- posed to a variety of programming throughout the school year. Holding to the theory that embryonic homemakers should receive a smattering of liberal arts to insure proper and extenisve preparation for a richer and more meaning- ful life, guest speakers are occasionally invited to share their experiences. At this meeting the FHA is being ad- dressed by three foreign exchange students, Dave Rosetten- stein from South Africa, Meg Bagh of West Germany, and Larry Mason, JT's exchange student to Switzerland. .v X' I 3 1 ,sn it Prime for Ultimate Role 0 Q3 twtkfks O9 of wb ' 74 5 f 'S 3 M Er! E u. v ss Taxi ' sf Q1 0 xo NEW rio JT' FTA and F A All A-OK 9 E7 As officers of Future Nurses of America these girls are responsible for programs, business meetings and field trips to hospitals and nursing schools. The officers are seated left to right, Karen Lind, Corresponding 5 Q 'M I J ' ef,..:s-fm A A Q Secretary, Helen Aultz, Secretory, Jean Bittle, Vice-President, Standing: Mrs. Nance, Fern Mann, President, Mrs. Ruthenbeck. The Future Teachers of America is an organization that interest in the teaching profession and encourages the best student talent to investigate the possibilities of a career in ing. Pictured below are officers of FTA, Judy Bakos, Hi Cindy Maren, Secretary, Cheryl Floyd, President, Lynne Z Treasurer. x-'gs rf . S. ix" . t exsx ,I ,K - It Asif-rv l. X l L ., .2 5 X qs fn -: "K . av, S254 , tx -' ducation Through School Service Activit r t 1 , LIBRARY CLUB. Miss Shawmoker, sponsor, Peggy Forbes, Fargo, Pricilia Heath, Pam Wyss. Library Club is composed of students who work in the library as assus The purpose of the club is to promote librarianship through exchange Ideas with other schools Pictured left to right Chuck McCowan Terry Rosemary Paton Candy Holloway Jeanette Hicks Joy Larson librarian Ron Thelo and Miss Norman of the Kiwanis Key Club are Keith Johnson, Bill Genda, Jim Frank, Mark Hoffer, Skip Mike Bowser, Smith Cady, Dave Pyle, Ken Parker, Dick Bloyg, Doug Arnold, Art Prancan, Mott, Jim Frank, Daryl Alderson, Jay Carlin, Ray Bersono. Standing is Mr. Richard Buget, sponsor. g Wt ll i 5 W I li rx W 'IE' "RIGHT THIS WAY, PLEASE." The Ushers Club is ci service organization. Its members provide usher and guide service at school sponsored activities to which the general public is invited to attend. ROW ONE Cl. to rj: Arthetta Cook, Pat Riley, Pat McDonald. ROW TWO: Carol Talbert, Cheryl Howland, Joe Little, Carolyn Lindner. ROW THREE: Florence Burley, Karen Burkhardt, Veronica Decman. ROW FOUR: Dick Davis, Ken Moak, Nancy O'Neil, Ed Richards. ROW FIVE: Richard Whitley, Larry Muhilich, Jim Stahl. ROW SIX: Steve Dupee, Joe Gavin, Bill Simonich. These young men are members of the Kiwanis Key Club and are busy preparing decorations for Charter Night Banquet. The newly organized Key club is iointly sponsored by the Joliet Kiwanis and Kiwanis Club of Joliet West, with Mr. Haines serving as co-ordinator. The workers are il to rj Jay Carlin, Ray Bersano, and Smith Cady. uf yi' , Y x 5 g y l Mi , J if-,i ' J Pictured here are members of the Will County Cerebral Palsy Association, who presented a program to the Kay Club. Left to right Mr. Ned Grabavoy, Daryl Alderson, President of the club, Mr. Bracken, and Mr. Carlos. If Oral Expression Abilit An lnvaluable Asset Debate at JT was reactivated during the school year, T957-58, after a long interval of inactivity. Since that time it has grown from an activity involving about six students to one involving thirty. Here Karen Lenz is giving a speech which must be eight minutes long. The card with the number "4" on it, indicates the time remaining be- fore the conclusion of the speech. Mem- bers are sponsored by Mr. Paul John- son, and Mr. Ron Jensen. 1 The National Forensic League is a national honorary speech organization for high school .studentsf J.T.H.S. has had a chapter since 1959. Students are admitted to membership by having participated in inter-school speech and debate activities and by having spoken before adult audiences in the school and community. As students accumulate speech experience, they are awarded degrees of advanced standing which may qualify the speakers for college scholarships. The League sponsors a speech and debate tournament each year at the state level and a national tournament each summer. Due to the increased interest being shown in Debate, two class sessions per day are devoted to it. Shown here in practice is Carol Larson. Her speech must meet the standards set down by the Illinois High School Debate Association. "J" Editors Preserve Present for Future To record for posterity the events and activities of the 1962-63 school year was the sincere intention of the ten editors, portrayed oh this and the following two pages, of the "J of '63." And the culmination of their efforts is truly evidenced in this yearbook, for it has accrued from their effective planning and con- struction. The "J of '63" is wholly a student proiect guided by student aims, aims which can only be imagined when one realizes the importance in preservation of the present for guidance in the future. gf- oooo? ..... owlish Kathy Shaw becomes over-absorbed in academic encouraged by her duties as Academic Editor. In fact, since her :ing of this iob, she has unbudgingly conformed to the rigorous ypical of her position, has abstained from all nightlife... "Ah, to escape the drudgery of coaxing editors to meet deadlines, of writing headlines, checking copy, proof-reading pages..." Alan Barney, Editor-in-Chief of the "J of '63," apparently reasons while peering through a window into the "outside" world of seemingly more ordered existence. But, of course, such whimsical musings of the editors don't indicate perpetual dislike for his work... Qnly that he should refrain from it occasionally to gaze hopefully toward its end. "Life is basically tragic!" The last hurrah! "Next year l've iust got to get organized." As Organizations Editor, Sue Allen has caioled, flattered, weedled, inveigled, beguiled, blandished, coaxed, lured, attrac- ted, ensnared, entangled, persuaded, decoyed, induced, con- vinced, and prevailed upon uncounted numbers of people to get pictures of every possible club and organization at JT. ls it any wonder she looks fit for Geritol? The results of the struggle are reflected in her countenance. Just being around at the finish was a moral victory. Rahl ' 1- AA X- i T Yearbook Editors Record for Sehool's Progeny "Hit that balll Swing that racketl Make that sparel Hit that linel Take that hikel Sink that basket"-exhibih ing the tools of the trade, Lois Litherland, girl's sports editor, makes the big pitch in behalf of physical fitness. Looking fresh from Vogue, who'd think Lois just bounced in from a Kennedy-type 50 mile hike. Talk about healthyl Being an underclassman can be a traumatic experience. Everybody seems to outrank you. Underclassmen are continually subordinated and ground into submission. Even yearbook editors seem dictatorial. Here Dan McCarthy, the underclassmen editor, extracts tribute from his subiects. Some people will go to on lengths to carry out an assign ment-and when Cheryl Floy was told to cover the facult "scene" she went right to th source of the biggest "produc tions" and "cast" her lat wit the big time "performers." Sh won the "critics" acclaim a faculty editor but lost the "play' when she drew to an insid straight. if r Episodes and Incidents of .IT '63 5 W only one event of boys' sports, Steve Bannister, Boys' Sports Editor, to throw a football to a companion of the Steelman. This Steelman JT's championship athletics and their coach. Publicity campaign, record of soles and receipts, bookkeeping, and distribution of annuals are the main pursuits of Mary Brandalino as Business Manager. As Social Activities Editor, Barb King's main obiective is to make any social activity o memorable one. Barb accomplished this by attending each social event herself and then later recording it in the annual. "Did you ever see o dream walking?" Minnie Wisneski, Senior Class Editor, dreams of her graduation day, and of how she depicted her senior cohorts in her section of the yearbook. ..W.awe........,, y AVM, , A , D 3 p"'i ,, ,es ln' ii ,3 'H --4" W .W i "Where's our Girl Friday?" Calls like this were meant for Judy Perrine, one of the quartet of main feature writers and editorial editors. Judy's iob called for many ideas to emerge from her head. Although J-Hi-Journal editor-in-chief Karen Lind wasn't quite forced to work at the linotype she did s end much time at the rint sho I P P P- Karen's duties as editor-in-chief included planning the stories, writing headlines and supervising the final processes. Pictured with Karen is print shop advisor Mr. Norman Erckmann, who is typically ex- plaining a point about printing to her. ,- -.a S 'U x . ENN? Journal Staff Experiments Designed primarily to serve as a laboratory proiect for students studying iournalism and printing, the J-Hi Journal is published pointly by the journalism department and the school's printing shop. Described as a bi-weekly, this tab- loid contains news stories, editorials, feature and sports coverage geared to the limited extent of the mechanical production. An additional attraction is the inclusion of a national student pictorial magazine, "Scholastic Roto" in each issue. The newspaper is not intended to serve as a "voice of JT" and present timely news, view, and pictorial display, but is a teaching advice whereby reporters, writers, advertising salesmen, photographers, and printers are provided a medium by which they may receive practical training in all 51 "Hal Hal" This is the funniest feature you've v-f Sounds of laughter and words like that were heard in Journal office. Composing the feature writer staff are left to right: Peri Potter, George Day, Rosemarie and Judy Perrine. Peri's speciality was fashions and information articles. George Day dealt mainly humor of all types. Rosemarie Astorino interviewed Y light personalities and contributed information-type Judy's specialty was intertaining features, humor, and ture-news. Judy and Peri planned the stories for each With Publications Formulae phases of publications work. This year the "J-Hi Journal" is under the cli- rection of Editor-in Chief Karen Lind. Her staff consists of Judy Perrine, feature writer, Peri Potter, George Day, Rosemarie Astorio, and Judy Perrine, interesting features, humor, and news writers, Sue Tarlini, News Editor, Carol Mirinic, Business Manager, Gary Johnson, Howell Lind, and eorge Day, Sports Editors, and Judy Watolha, Circulation Editor. "Papers, papers. Did you remember to buy your subscription?" Judy Wah- tola, circulation manager uttered these sentences in only and also and her iob. Judy not circulated Journals exchanged them but kept files of stories information the editors had gathered. .ls "Yea team. Who scored that point? l'll interview the coaches." Sports writers uttered those words many times in the process of gathering all the available sports news. From left to right are, Gary Johnson, Howell Lind, and George Day. XJUXAI "Yes sir. How many inches do you want? l'll pick up the mat and copy." Conversations such as this became en- graved in Business Manager Carol Mirenic's head as she made her daily phone calls. After Carol got the ads, then come the planning and laying- out for the various pages. 'VlUl2AL ATHLE J. T I-l.S. ..TBALl. SVll"iMl ELL TABLE T LL BOX! WRE ST' "News, news! Does anyone have any news?" Sue Tarlini, news editor asked this question daily in her search for student news in the Journal. Sue had to know the coming events, cover them, and then write the stories. 183 Publication 'Stepchildren' Petition for 'Famil ' Acceptance -4 JL.. These is them that done it. Done what? They edited and published the Blue and Gold, J.T.'s literary magazine. A portion of the material included in the magazine was written by members of the staff. However, the publication is a convenient out- let for literary aspirants and permits the publication of their works. The work is evaluated and edited for possible publication. Scattered over the floor, typical of an editorial session, the staff is pictured from left to right: Jeannette Hicks, Skip Pauson, Shirley Leuthner, Linda Momsen, Carol Leuthner, Robin Heilman, June Swango, and Karen Lenz. IJDI -'XX Gathered around the WJOL microphone for the airing of an edition of the "Crew Cut Capers" glierglews ,fomprge weekg, :lnlnek dug :Wh 'hgh weekly radio show are Joyce Crowther and Janet Green, special guests, Nancy Floyd, one ul upers coo' melon' ln Y ec an at Y ow' of the "team," Kathy Shaw and Cindy Keck, program coordinators. Shirley Leuthner, chief editor of the "Blue and Gold" checks her file for possible magazine material. With five iournalism department proiects going all at once like a five ring circus, a director of school publications has to take a philosophical attitude to his work to live with it. For instance, in a life filled with constant "deadlines" and confronted with the student "human elements," he must reason that the world is moving so fast these days that the man who says it can't be done is generally interrupted by someone doing it. And somehow or other it all gets done. It gives a man pause. Preparation for a weekly 90 minute radio program regularly from WJOL, Joliet, is a tedious and time suming chore. Arranging for guests, editing news, selecting recorded music, and preparing JT News Bureau Augmente- School Promotion Facilities The JT News Bureau is in its third active year. lt is part of the publication program under the direction of George Denison. Reporters gather news, write stories, take pictures and send releases to local newspapers in the town. The purpose of the news bureau is to obtain publicity for the school through means of school features in the local town newspapers. Margene Whitler, featurer reporter of the JT News Bureau, reported, typed, and delivered material daily to the downtown papers. CUUS Eqream 'WI' 1-fairs Sue Rapson made daily treks "down" to the Herlc. News and Spectator with News Bureau copy she has helped gather. Sue is news reporter for the JT News Bureau. The JT News Bureau staff's iob consists of reporting, writing, and delivering news to the downtown papers and the radio station. Pictured from left ta right are the members of this staff: Sue Rapson, news reporterp Karen Lind, editor-in-chief, Sally Standfield, typistg and Morgene Whitler, feature reporter. This is the news l:ureau's third year of operation. QlllE'l'! Find more newsl Schedule more pictures! Send more material down! These could be the cries of the JT News Bureau editor-in-chief Karen Lind. This year the news bureau program was expanded by sending more articles to o larger surrounding area. Overture, Rhapsody, Suite, and Symphony -- HIGH SCHOOL ORCHESTRA PER- SONNEL. First Violin: Susan Hicks, Margaret Oliver, Dianne Carlson, Karen Johnson, Mau- reen Baillies, Peggy Forbes, Kir- ma Pierce, Barbara Bergstrom. Second Violin: Pamela Gilbert, Susan Achterberg, Karen Engel- man, Carolyn Irwin, Becky Lah- ners, Jayne Roberts, Margie Troughton, Laura Baratono, Dor- is Bushby, Janis Johnson, John Johnson, John Larson, Marcia Smith. Viola: Nancy Norem, Martha Katzin, Marsha Krolek, Nancy Houseknecht, C o n n i e Gluck, Randall Pollock. Cello: Karen Brockman, Florence Bur- ley, Vianne Carey, Donna Groh- ne, Betsy Lenz. Bass: Sonia Mc- Allister, Linda Cramer, Candy Holloway, Rita Carlson, Rose- mary Patton, Karen Wright. Flute: Virginia Steftes, Barbara Larson, Sandy Palmer, Jane Ver- cellotti. Oboe: Joyce Peters, Judy if -xt tib- As soloists for the l962-63 concert season, Susan Hicks, violin: Sandra Thornley, marimba: Sonia McAllister, Bass: and Linda Cramer, piano, have displayed their outstanding ability and talent to their listening audiences at the Orchestra concerts. These girls are all seniors and have performed in both the Fall and Spring Orchestra presentations. The Section Leaders in the Orchestra are, standing, left to right, Sharon McElroy, French horn: Charlene Reeds, trumpet: Peet, clarinet: Joyce Peters, oboe: string bass. Seated, left to right Susan Hicks, first violin: Pamela musicians are the most advanced during rehearsals and concerts. 4. B Robert Wilson, trombone: Virginia Steffes, flute: Cherri Terri McClain, piano: Linda Cramer and Sonia McAllister, are: Karen Brockman, cello: Margaret Oliver, first violin: Gilbert, second violin: and Nancy Norem, viola. These pupils in their field and each is responsible for students Orchestra Performs All ln Spring and Fall Wiechec, N o r m a Chaney. Clarinet: Ward C r a m e r , Cherri Peet, Ruth Converse, Sharen Shaw, S h a r e n Coose, Contra Bass Clarinet: Richard Wagner. Bassoon: Jim McKeown, Bill Wagner. Trumpet: Phil Stutz, Char- l e n e Holloway. Horn: Bruce Howk, Don Johnson, Sha- ron McElroy, Terry Reener. Trombone: Robert Wilson, Wayne Wade, Jack Revels. Tuba: Smith C a d y . Tympani: D a v i d Boettcher. Percussion: R i c h - ard Larson, Rick Holloway. Mirim- ba: Susan Gibbons. Harp: S a n d r a Thornley, Rochelle Smith. Piano: Ter- ri McClain, Bever- ly Kurtz. Playing for benefits, church groups, social functions, and other community affairs is the String Ensemble for i962-63. The members are, standing, left to right: Kirma Pearce, second violin: Linda Cramer, piano, Nancy Norem, viola: and Mar- garet Oliver, first violin. Seated is Karen Brockman, cello. Orchestra officers and class representatives are, standing, left right: Robert Wilson and Sandra Thornley, social chairmen, Linda president, Virginia Steffes, treasurer, Sonia McAllister, vice- and Joyce Peters, secretary. The class representatives seated, left to right, Janis Johnson, Freshman Representative, Grohne, Sophomore Representative, Candy Holloway, Senior and Marsha Mrozek, Junior Representative. Phil Stutz President Student Conductor From a humble beginning with 12 members who had second-hand instruments and used nail ke s fo h ' g r c airs, in 1912, the Joliet Township High School Band rose to meteoric heights and international prominence during its half century of existence. In reviewing the band's history, it is noted that the musicians first rehearsed in the manual training room h h at t e sc ool. lt was not until several years later that the band was alloted its own space for rehearsal. Perseverance proved to be the key to success and the band was given permanent possession of the national award trophy after winning the championship three years in succession in 1926, 1927, and in 1928. In the national band contests in 1931 and 1933, the band again brought home the national honors. It was in 1933 that Division I Superior Award was used as a rating for the first time. With the abandonment of the national contest in 1933, the band achieved the Division l Superior rating in the regional con- tests in 1935, 1938, and 1940. During the war years, the regional contests were abandoned and now only the state final contests continue to be held. And at each of the state contests, the Joliet Band has come away with a Division I Superior rating every year, including 1962. . wndln Mis, SYl"'a S onser Gold Band P Ross Macdonald u Vice-President Mk D ll I o onno y Student Conductor 5eC"e"-'VY "Results--Not Alibi-3" ' "Winner and Still hampion" . wh Nm, Laurie srsnsor Blue Bond During World War I, a band tradition was estab- lished and still followed faithfully. The band was on hand each time Will County youths clepartecl for serv- ice during World War lp and, during World War ll, the same procedure was followed, and, even now, each group of Will County departees is serenaded by the bandsmen. This has proved to be one of the band's maior achievements. The success of the band is said to be due to such factors as training begun in grade school and continued through grade eight in the Joliet Public Grade School Bandsp the outstanding private teachers with whom the members study: a budget made available by the band's own yearly con- certs and activitiesg the active interest by mem- bers ofthe community and the band alumniy by active band mothers and band parents organizationsp by the generous sup- port of the board of education and the ad- ministration of the schoolp and, by an intense espirit de corps among the members who value fifty years of tradition. Another distinction held by the band is that it has played for every president ex- cept Harry S. Truman and John F. Ken- nedy since President Wilson. The band has also taken part in many inaugural parades. Mr. Bruce Housslmscht Director of Bands Laird Hughu John Baratono Treasurerp Student Conductor Quartermaster Wins-0 an-wah., 'ilhav 17 Mr. A. R. McAllister x . Founder and Conductor of the JT Band for 32 Marking Fift Golden Years lt was the late A. R. McAllister who founded the band and directed the musicians for 32 years until his death in September, 1944, leading the able bandsmen to unprecedented fame. McAllister, too, was the founder and president of the National School Band Association. Because of his tremendous influence on the school band movements he is remembered by music educators throughout the country as the "Band Pioneer." It was under his able baton that the JT Band won the national championship three years in succession-the golden years of 1926, 1927, and 1928. And for this heretofore unheard of feat, the band was given permanent possession of the national championship trophy. years. 1 On Memorial Day in May of 1945, following the death of Mr. McAllister the previous Septembe My the band inaugurated the custom of marching to Elmhurst cemetery where he is buried to pa Q1 homage. The custom has become an annual parade in which the band marches to muffled dru f K from the school to the cemetery to decorate the grave of the band's founder. Here is pictc lf, LH ' recorded the ceremony. The first J.T.H.S. Band, 1912, Directed by Mr. A. R. McAllister, being reviewed by JT Superintendent J. Stanley Brown. .Q 'ix' Y.-mv Lift lol C15 ni e effff ' ' V Y. Nj ,E 1. JM.. , ..i.,,,. ,., Pss..g5iggf,J v I -- ii . , 4 Q-,ri - i i 5'-if gff li Joliet Township High School Band, Mr. Brude House- Knecht, Conducting. FIRST ROW - L to R: Charles Nordstrom, Brian Nelsen, John Kahrl, David Lumley, John McDade, Tom Kosmerl, Don Clark, Victor Bianch- etta, Keith Mitchell, John Bclratono, Richard Wagner, Sylvia Lundin, Wayne Wade, Laurie Drown, Dennie Shea, Ken Peterson, David Boettcher, Richard Koenig, Larry Franzen, Rick Holloway, Don Willard, Dean Hicks, Ken Kaveney,John Mach Tom Podnan George Beven ley Jay CheWHq John Knunan, Dadd Harden. SEC- OND ROW - L to R: Carl Krueger, Craig McKeown, Ward Crammar, Kent Johnson, Eugene Piunti, Paul Boettcher, Ron Smith, James Beach, Richard Gutierrez, Dave Wallace, Larry Herath, Don Totter, Mike Donnelly, Robert Koenig, David Johnston, Alan Butterfield, Stuart Brown, Ray Carlson, Charles Lindstrom, David Ander- son, Dean Gorton, Ken Salman. THIRD ROW - L to R: Ross Macdonald, Bruce Hawk, Rick Hendry, Don John- son, James Kilgos, Richard Hirsch, George Hausman, Bill Dornick, John Jaworski, Bob Orlovich, Charles Wicks, George Wenger, Art Prancan, Jack Jamerson, Jerry Sandburg, Jack Biskie, Robert Hodgdon, Les Engle- man, James Ceci, Don Oetter, Laird Hughes. FOURTH ROW - L to R: Jim McKeown, Chet June, Ran Carloss, Charles Benson, Phil Stutz, Charles Holloway, Roger Balog, Bob Glasscock, Robert Gregg, George Kuhs, Fred Engimann, William Wagner, Bob Sacco, Terry Lepper, Richard Larson. FIFTH ROW - L to R: Dave Tuntland, Joe Handwerk, Jack Revels, Jim DeWitt, Bob Rickhoff, Ron Smego, Dave Henderson, David Jontes, David Pyle, Smhh Cady BHlBBhop,Bob GaHm Doug Cooven Jeny Brown, Dale Anderson, Ed Etheridge, Marty Bullard, Lloyd Butterfield, John Ragusa, David Roth, Ed Briones, Brent Lingle. M momma it 'H gtnsnfnyp in TJ KJ wk 'NM 'UWB' QANU p ' if ww- , 9 1 Joliet Townshi ational Championshi .4 igh School 7. A fi Elrl SQ Joliet Township High School Cadet Band, Mr. Marshall Erickson, conducting. ROW ONE - L to R: Ray Duckmanton, John McEwen, Clare Giegerich, Horace Fox, Ronald Johnson, Thomas Lamb, Thomas DeHeer, Lawrence Stoner, Nick Tucker, Bruce Mack, James Clemons, Bob Hrehor, Rick Loose, David Nordstrom, Ronald Baxter, Ellis Thompson, Willie Jordan, Kevin Lenander, David Gruber, Dean Ziech, David Meade. ROW TWO - L to R: William Davis, Fred Klein, Lawrence Lightner, Roland Prancan, James Smith, Patrick Allen, John Cryer, Paul Farr, David Zegers, Jim Grahovac, Wayne Videtich, Larry Johnston, Lawrence Sayles, Carl Johnson, David Peterson, Steven Talbert, Corwin Johnson, John Hancock, Jim Jack- son, Thomas Blount, Wayne Venegoni. ROW THREE - L to R: Richard Zettergren, Paul Ringstrom, Fred Edburg, Richard Wilharm, Tom Englemann, Robert Lambert, Gary Gardner, Bruce Hamilton, John Troughton, Joseph Nagra, David Blatti, Bob Weir, Bob Emerick, Robert Dunbar, John Tolle. ROW FOUR - L to R: Mike Needham, John Hrivnak, Terry Beavdry, Richard Boepper, John Hall, Dennis Pogoria, David Tamez, Andrew Shannon, Stephen Seiberling, Jael Wright, William Miner, Robert Stoltz, Terry McCor' mick, Jim Krause, Nick Tomac, Robert Kristofer, John Shiner. MARCHING Pride of the Parade TEELME Although parades in Joliet are not uncommon, an announced rade never fails to attract a crowd. No matter what the occasion or time, big parade or little parade, the chances are good that the ' ' unit heading the line of march will be Joliet Township's National pi5nship Band. The citizens of the community have come to expect less performance from this smartly dressed and spirited stepping zation and they are never disappointed. The color and pagentry of the band on parade never fails to quicken the pulse of the spectator along the line of march. If Y - s M..- f 1 1 Ivy day ceremonies are complemented by the presence of the band which provides the music that sets the mood for the solemn atmosphere of the occasion. Pride and ioy is the inevitable emotional re- action of the Joliet citizen as he watches the Blue and Gold swing down the street on parade, MARCHI G The Showmanship Band STEELMEN As the band lines up at the far end of the field, the stadium crowd holds their seats during halftime to be entertained by the best crowd pleasing band in the nation. At right, the band holds formation momentarily before go- ing into an intricate marching maneuver. One of the mast thrilling experiences of the patrons who flock to Memorial Stadium for Steelmen football is to watch Steelmen entertainment in the form of halftime musical and marching productions as performed by the band. With the color guard and sponsors in the foreground, the band boys sclaam to knee as they accept the plaudits of public. ' A WW! N u. JI, N .V ,.-..x. K' U I I 'mg 51 N u!'f"" V ,dj-4-W K 606 1, :wa- fjgf Q U f X' J- -, .57 N Q. LQ if-W JY . " .vb 'w--- , - gf fl' X i ' f'ii4 "i ,1 fs, .f 4 vf'Jf1'w ' f"7?f ,K v N K, K O Grit' 4 Us N-.f . ,cu Q .v- ,. -ga ui' f-R ,N v 1 . :Wai . I.. ,,'1'v'- '1:.".-' !.' zu f ' ' .K Af! I '.u' "Xl--n 'hx NJ ,IA x. J 1 . ..e 1' Q Q... ' l W, Q x 3 , :Q ,fxrl rv. . r . . N . , S 5 fy ' V xv A , f pw J 1 x, I Q 4193'i9ff'? if ,fi 'gg 31. -4' fy 3m up L :IFJ ,r . Nr .ggx E I Q X u V A' I 51.1 4 v ,N fg' ' Q A 1 .ul ' '. ww- '. ' 25? Q . 5:1 U I fg 1 J' . k 4 .A 'Al ' ??' .1 mx" - 1 Mlgaq ey f pf. M61 514 i wf'fn 75 3 I iillgfks Q1 32731 K H425 I1 ll ' J A .4 I IEEE li m KU. ! 4 I 'N V w,. 0 1 . . v las 1: ,Yami .v--.vm , .E ., 4 wvzxl X W ummm mifvsg i x '- Y NN Y". jx" W W ' -rfw ag w Em A A , W'-Q WN . mania .UW mmf: X!jI.'.-L 1 x . , i ,,x-wk r.-L25. ' ' '-e.., W 'f X, 4 w , , , X . -' s ,l Ax 'K ROTC Stands Inspection For .IT Spit and polish, ramrod straight posture, quick-step movements, and immaculate dress characterizes the ROTC Color guard unit. Meeting the exceptionally high standards for guard membership are fl to rj Cliff Kimble, Mickey Maxwell, Tom Gruenwald, and Arthur Nitz. are 6-' The ROTC sponsors are wearing their new uniforms which feature the "lke' jacket. ll to rj Ginnie Meier, Co. Ag Suzi Hicks, Co. By Jeanette Hicks-Bat- tallion Sponsor: Gloria Vercelotti, Co. C: and Rita Wolf, Co. D. 3 I The. Drill Team is an active unit of the ROTC program. The cadets participated in JoiIet's annual Christmas Parade, Armed Forces Day ceremonies, graduation exercises, and between several basketball games. Members are fl to rj FIRST ROW: Charles Coulson, Clyde Floyd, Don Reichhardt, Ron Jugenitz, Sam Janes, Jack Fulsom. SECOND ROW: Den- nis Rivera, Bob Childress, Mick Penrod, Terry Severson. THIRD ROW: Gilbert McPeters, Dave Floyd, Mick Tymowicz, Charles Rash. FOURTH ROW: Stan Schriefer, Philip Byran, John Miller, Tom Vogen. ROTC NON-COMMISSIONED OFFICERS' CLUB. ll to rl FIRST ROW: Joe Trizna, Alan Gehrke, Richard Whitley, Dennis Rivera, Bob Sircy, John Demko, Sgt. Robert Nelson. SECOND ROW: Fred Nickel, Ron Jugenitz, Jack Mahoney, Clyde Floyd, Keith Sweetwood, Carl Hun- saker, Mike Wolcott, Charles Hawes. THIRD ROW: Russell Corry, Patrick Gorman, Bill Taylor, Herbert Shadwell, Bruce Moc- Queen, Jim Rambo, Richard Grimsell, John Lawson, Bob Planing. FOURTH ROW: Bob Holmes, Louis Randolph, Alvin Kargle, Bib Genda, Glenn Van Dyke, Walter Frick, Ed Aschbrenner, Roosevelt Abney, Dennis Mullen. X I it 5 . , g tv- . H . s ' , , I. 35- is X . l V 1.1, , -- 4 To ., wk f ." , rf Q f ROTC RIFLE TEAM: FIRST ROW: George Miller, Michael Senecal, Keith Sweetwaod, Mike Barnes, Ray Misischia. SECOND ROW: Sgt. Robert Nelson, Pleasant Park, Robert Bristol, Gary Oedewaldt, Ed Duncan, Dave Schleeter. Not pictured: Bill Heidel, Ronald Boe, Kenneth McPortIin, Robert Crawford. ROTC COMMISSIONED OFFICERS' CLUB. FIRST ROW: Captain Dale Sweetwood KPMSJ, Honorary Cadet Captain Rita Wolf, Cadet Lt. Colonel George Miller, Cadet Major Ted Duncan, Honorary Cadet Captain Jan Hicks. SECOND ROW: Cadet Captain Charles Coulson, Cadet Captain James Henderson, Cadet Captain Gary Oedewaldt, Cadet Captain Pleasant Park, Cadet Captain Bob Bristol, Cadet Captain James lauter- bach, Honorary Cadet Captain Suzi Hicks, Honorary Cadet Captain Gloria Vercellotti. THIRD ROW: Cadet 2nd lt. Mike Barnes, Cadet 2nd Lt. Larry Bazaar, Cadet 2nd Lt. Jessy Melhorn, Cadet lst Lt. Richard Davis, Cadet lst Lt. Larry Gray, Cadet Ist Lt. John Lind, Cadet lst Lt. Mike Senecal, Cadet 2nd Lt. Dave Schleeter, Cadet 2nd Lt. Mike Stapay, Cadet 2nd Lt. Gary Frain, Cadet 2nd lt. Bill Watson. Not pictured: Hon- orary Cadet Captain Ginnie Meier, Cadet Captain Jeno Maierszky, Cadet 2nd Lt. Larry Mason. 1 O J 'g '51, V1 gl- 33 LTI 'if . 4 A 0 .1 ' 1 in C A 1 3 F,!'f'v-. . 1-,Q -.1 Q v 4' f .':' g 1' ' X " Q fl I if ' .1 A: Q . Y? . "" .- .- M -f rl ' v 1 ,- Nl-w w 'N 'IV ' 'Tfgx wi wx . A . ' 1 ' M llll, . iib 1 ' lL0 ,.QP y .W X Al Q f.q , ' n , mmm 'I - 9 l ' K 4 V . . .,. v 1 1 ,, f ' -.www m "LW: K 1 ' f1 '4Q Q -f'ff5ff3 3. - has W1 WM in I an E e , 5 H? J ,. . VM, -Q Effective Instruction in ROTC Program Assures Armed Force Leadership Training 1 1 A COMPANY FIRST ROW: Larry Bazaar, James Henderson, Eugene Bedard, Michael Barnes. SECOND ROW: lst Platoon-Russell Carry, Conald Reichhardt, Daniel Mahoney, Larry Frattini, Paul Hagen, Daniel Shroba, Larry Leff. 2nd Platoon-Herbert Shadwell, William Todd, Gerald Nagra, William Duffus, Joseph Jones, Roger Liberty, Paul Hernandez. THIRD ROW: Ist Platoon-Patrick Gorman, Dennis Gardner, John Warsaw, Michael Penrod, Robert Childress, Scott Ferguson, John Coldwater, 2nd Platoon-David Taylor, George Carum, Larry Mikulich, Robert Heitsch, Leonard Overcash, Ray Stiles, Ed Richards. FOURTH ROW: lst Platoon-Robert Holmes, Algelo DiPietro, Abel Venegas, Michael O'Hern, James King, William Eneix, Matthew Autman, Philip Kouchoukos. 2nd Platoon-Louis Randolph, Leroy Pitts, Dale Smith, Kenneth McPartIin, Jerry Fultz, James Carroll, Allen Schleeter. FIFTH ROW: Jack Mahoney, Alan Gehrke, Ron Jugenitz, Richard Davis. CADET CAPTAIN James E. Henderson HONORARY CADET CAPTAIN Ginnie Meier B COMPANY FIRST ROW: larry Gray, Suzi Hicks, Gary Oedewaldl, Gary Marks, Jessy David Sfeinquisf, Michael Buell, Charles Bernhard. FOURTH ROW: 'ls1Pla1oon- Melhorn. SECOND ROW: 'ls1Plaloon-Gleen Van Dyke, Willie Robinson, Robert Bruce MacQueen, Dan Venegas, Michael Tymowicz, Dennis Elias, Henry De- Williomson, Dan Person, Charles McKinney, Gregory Flint, Earl Kinmonrh. 2nd Sandre, Jack Fulsom, Philip Bryan. 2nd Platoon-William Genda, Roberi Rus- Plaioon-William Heidel, John Foley, Michael Baker, Gerald Mifok, Wayne Cox. sell, William McReynolds, Terry Frey, Dan Arthur, Ronald Gunchin. FIFTH THIRD ROW: lst Plaloon-Alvin Kargle, Ronald Bromberek, Norman Voighl, ROW: Fred Nickel, Richard Whitley, Clyde Floyd. Fred Parr, Richard Lanham, David Barnes. 2nd Plaloon-Charles Farringfon, "Liberty and Union, ow and Forever, One and lnseparablen ---Daniel Webster CADET CAPTAIN HONORARY CADET CAPTAIN Gary Odewaldt Susan Hicks ilitar Education of Impressionable Youth C FIRST ROW: David Schleeter, Gloria Vercellotti, Pleasant Park, David Floyd, Michael Stapay. SECOND ROW: lst Platoon-Robert Planing, Robert Crawford, Timmy Felker, Gary Price, James Dunn, Gregory Schert. 2nd Platoon-Fred Hahn, Mark Misewicz, Thomas Skoien, Bill Henderson, Steve Morgan, Gilbert McPeters, Lothar Perignon, Ronald Boe. THIRD ROW: lst Platoon-Stanley Schriefer, Richard Pemble, Joseph Alcamo, Harold Melharn, Wayne lucas. 2nd Platoon-Ed Aschbrenner, George Johes, Donald Jones, Paul Campbell, -ti COMPANY Richard Sloan, Nabor Venegas, Michael Castagna. FOURTH ROW: Ist Pla- toon-James Rambo, Kenneth Seeman, Kenneth McMaheI, LeRoy Wallin, Wayne Puetz, Kenneth King. 2nd Platoon-Richard Grimsell, Robert Stonich, Donald Simmons, Dan Mathieu, Michael Denewellis, Alan Kamhi, Jerry McDowell, Dennis Baudek. FIFTH ROW: Kieth Sweetwood, Robert Sircy, Carl Hunsaker, John Lind. "Our Federal Union: CADET CAPTAIN Pleasant Park It Must Be Preserved" Andrew Jackson HONORARY CADET CAPTAIN Gloria Vercellotti Stress s Basic Nationalism Principle , D COMPANY FIRST ROW: Gary Frain, Rita Wolf, Robert Bristol, John Miller, William Wafson. SECOND ROW: ls? Platoon-Donald Devore, William Frederick, David Askew, Roberf McCullough, Tom Williams, Donald Russell. 2nd PlaIoon-Walter Frick, William Pedersen, Michael O'Molley, Samuel Jones, Donald Sfeinboch, Rick Wookruff, Patrick Tempel, Jeffery Dement, David Conway. THIRD ROW: Ist Platoon-David Griswold, Paul Barnard, Charles Gavin, Michael Shuler, Terry Severson, John Miiok. 2nd Platoon-John Lawson, Fred Dillon, James Thorson, Larry Jones, Robert Eickhoff, George Peterson, Richard Kidd, Gerald Deihrow Richard Blogg. FOURTH ROW: Is? Platoon-Roosevelt Abney, Dennis Mellinger Bradlef Carloss, Gary Bowyer, Larry Hoffman, Ray Johnson. 2nd Platoon- Dennis Mullen, Charles Rosh, James Marshall, John Flahive, Tom Woicik Robert Davenport, Wayne Adkisson. FIFTH ROW: Charles Hawes, John Demko Michael Wolcott, Michael Senecal. "The Flag Marches On" CADET CAPTAIN Robert Brisfol HONORARY CADET CAPTAIN Rifa Wolf ---Albert J. Beveridge 1 1 Leading Cheers for Athletic Champs , l r, , h- ,li Ti ' I ' ,,... 1 "The Joliet Steelmen say 'Hello'." With this invitation the Sophomore cheerleaders set the stage for action by welcoming the visiting school delegation ond team with a cheer. This gesture is traditional and gives the visiting cheerleaders o chance to get acquainted and oriented to our school and football stadium, The cheerleaders are: Kathy Allen, Linda Anderson, Lynette Hertz, Donna Grohne, and Louise Wilson. Donna Grohne l Louise Wilson Linda Anderson Lynette Hertz fr fv- fs 1, f Now, how about a big cheer for the cheerleaders, cheer for everybody except themselves Players and coaches were cheered during games ln dition, they received recognition through the press by n s of reports of their contests Too often, however these bouncin leo in and s saulting girls who lead the cheers and seldom slow do victory or defeat seldom receive full credit for the Leading cheers isnt easy its rugged work practice long and hard like the athletes And the for becoming a cheerleader are high at JT ls Virtually Full Time Job X. S Barbara Huey Ann Grinton Linda Bolling Janice Tonelli This year the cheerleaders generated the pep and fanaticism for several championship teams. They have successfull car y . ried out their main obiective: igniting enthusiasm and promot- ing school spirit. The cheerleaders are: 1 to ri Ann Grinton, Barb Huey, Janice Tonelli, Joyce Heinlen, and Linda Bolling. Joyce Heinlen During the spring the girls are chosen for the Varsity squad. The criteria of selection includes cheering ability, enthusiasm, audience contact, and neatness. Miss Carolyn Rhode is the new cheerleader sponsor. She offers ad- vice to the girls and serves as a con- sultant to the girls when problems arise. ln addition to being "cheer- leading coach," Miss Rhode is also a physical education teacher. This year the squads operated on a merit system. Demerits are given for gum chewing, untidy uniform, improper conduct, and unexcused absence. Ten demerits disqualifies a cheerleader for her award and fifteen results in dismissal from the squad. The girls crumple for a breather after a grueling hour of practicing cheers. Pert smiles reflect their happy feelings about the victorious athletic teams. The cheerleaders are lseatedl Janice Tonelli, Linda Bolling. Standing are Joyce Heinlen, Annie Grinton, and Barb Huey. Poised in the air-spirits soar. JT's cheerleaders are endowed with the gift of keeping the essence of team spirit and school loyalty alive at all times. Cheerleaders represent the hope and elation of the entire student body as .ng-Q. . Q www. Fw- , ' , W -.sig psf. n f "Gal Fightl Win!" These Sophomore cheerleaders have proved that their pep and steam helped lead their teams to a victorious season. ll to rJ Louise Wilson, Donna Grohne, Lynette Hertz, Linda Anderson, Kathy Allen. Showing eagerness and enthusiasm for their work, the Varsity and Soph. cheerleader squads gather around their "coach" for a session of technique improving tips and procedure analysis. The cheerleaders are fl to rj Joyce Heinlen, Linda Bolling, Burry Huey, Ann Grinton, Janice Tonelli, Donna Grohne, Kathy Allen, Linda Anderson and Louise Wilson. Miss Rhode, seated in the center, is the sponsor. they urge the athletes on to victory. Pictured below in a moment of ioy are Linda Bolling, Janice Tonelli, Ann Grinton, Barb Huey, and Joyce Heinlen. 111,-.: qla, ii' f J 5 it .- ' V -, 'T ' 'L , ' .5 3 KJ .3 J 4 U - 4 Q V 1 . ,. V Q A , , x J W H V ' , Nz: :- ,,f- I 1 1 , , W, Q N XX " Z .. ls 4. X I . ,J , In .am 1. ur f tg' Af, r , .n2i.., CZ? Sylvia Lundin expresses the personal ebullience always present falthough proba- bly in less degreell at any JT social event. And truly, excitement runs rampant when announcements of contest winners are included in a social program . . . as was the case when Sylvia was crowned "Miss J of 1963" by Charlene flundbergl Froid, Miss Photoflash, Miss N. P. P. A., and Miss United States of 1960, at the "Scholarship Swing." Harb King, Sofia! Sucfuts fditvr K I O ' ' R If Nfl. fwfr f 1 7 ,W S 4 Curt BENAC ,H-1 nvidia? .dl 5 af . -15, endunt V I 3. SUSAN WEH PANN in V ITA WOLF I 962 Senior Court Affendo t BARA HUEY JOANNE STEFANICH Sophomore Cow? Atie d Q A W U f"r ll 19, "1 it fi" .13 yAEil:"5 --4 -P: 1 .4. "hu J, .?!'g.- 'S ff . 'I :Lrg-'y'3.,g. 1391, 'A '1 ' . 1 I V- 4'-gf-r an, 1, 1 , ,lrri1llii,i'f"i" "7i. 5 T, , tg.-..,i.-,gal pgpfilgiiragt, 'n':f,5 S 1 N px Ar l T.. 1 .Fly 1:1 it h .jy.k.5A 1-H 1-,,,,. ' . r- xr- 59543, 47 f,t'fe?'-4.2 . ' Write- ' A-gtgursjf-'ilg,q"g . yr + "3Lw'1.' fjgjiu J?-' life I -. -IH ,Qt ' 'V , ,D . N . N ,,. gg '14 5 fx 0 fy- . .S will or T. Q53 ,. Y"-Tr?-"'i1 4x? it-lgfzr 0, 1' f. f ,gl -A-,x1mg'- . A-5Ig,,.T-MIL , .Y f , j.U , J il.. .-1-'W gt '-9?- ' :""'7T4 .'!f'Ff'1V' ' l-I ff'-" T' ' Ura . v.'S.'. , .5 1-1. " - . '5'5'g,"f4" '. x ' 1- ' ' .' U 546' . 'l'fg'A? - -H -L ' lriw- - 1 Q A I-1x T .H ' -5- f 17? S, 1, 'fu' .. -' -' -' 'Tris : J If iw T" , , . - VA- 1' 1 N- .iilg e '- -wlufl ffrfiwf-T'r. ' -f" Til T 'Hit M: ,- f.J5"g',. f f YX J 'f'rn,g"-ov,-5' ' suit 4 1 fi rl" . W' x T i. . ' 1 - t.2',51"-1 1-S'-TX .M 'ni'-vm "fi ' ' J-1'-"'-'-' ' nl' 1 Lifts 'in XNQX "RM:se2'i?i:f":1T?' fxff"f1,-.,'-5 if , -1 ' , Ft if Xfxg ASQ. 1 :'i t?Jf"93'6' f-' 3 F ' . qw A T 1, lf Q ,' X x., 1 ,K Q-X 5.1 -' xg' . , ,f NX. Z' 'T '5h"3vi'+l"'77"-- 'basil' "f" 'f ' J" " T ' '- is , ' ' g ' T' 43. ,..,-, -.W -, --I -.-?'i11: --Q 'V - - 7 N KT' L'-il 31 '-fL 3 V l'i'f'7,fi f .L:,-' ',:7':1-M-'-" -'-je?" :T-:fei ie' Y'T7'f'77"7i'., -'-' 7 1' pr' ,. 1 A -1 -f'- 'I '7..'1i.i X 5. H ' H '--rr" 'X QQ A ' -TH? ll ff cj 'll 'Xp hx, . 5 Q' ' I .I As the "J of '63" helps move Joliet Township High School forward into a new era of pro- gressive Journalism, color photography is taking its rightful place as an integral part of a publi- cation designed to uphold the traditional ex- cellence of JT. Where better to utilize a four-color process than in the glorification of five lovely young ladies-girls who traditionally epitomize the female beauty of the modern high school campus - the Homecoming queen and her court? In a setting which symbolizes the close unity of home and school and teenage activity, the queen, Rita Wolf and her court, JoAnne Stefan- ich, Sophomore attendant, Susan Wehrspann, Freshman, Mary Ellen Benac, Junior, and Bar- bara Huey, Senior court attendant, are posed in regal splender on the Student Council parade float. ln the background is the suburban home of Don Leonard, president of the Senior Class and member of the JT Student Council, the Homecoming sponsoring organization. 207 Colorful Homecoming Activities Accru ! Mike Bonn, student council president, congratulates Rita Wolf, Queen, after her crowning at Joliet Stadium. JT coaches Frank Miller, Mel May, Howie Scheidt, and Roy Kloot- wyl: await the beginning of the parade. 208 rd The homecoming parade wouldn't be complete without the or- ganizers who extend sufficient effort in helping to make Home- coming the success that it was. They are Mike Bonn, Paul Mott, Skip Pauson, and Don Leonard. ln dark glasses is Geno Maierszky. The lovely queen and her court pause momentarily for a picture at the insistance of the photographer during the Homecoming dance. From left to right, the royal personages are Susan Wehrspann, JoAnne Stefanich, Rita Wolf, Mary Ellen Benac, and Barbara Huey. RAY, 5'-Q. --.LN r, I .ee---4 t iw 7 JT' A Ns if l 1 K Rf' l T4 'iff y ", NT -T ' . --2 ' l i 3 5 ' V' ,.. ' -J 1 of 1' .-' gl' pax. L ed. X N! Representing Bloom High School is Mike Courage who continuously the commandment "Thou shall not kill," but Russ Ghilain persists in ing that JT will be victorious. rom 'Architecfs' Blueprint Without special decorations, the gym, which was the site for the homecoming dance, would look much the same as when gym classes occupy it during school days. Pictured here, from left to right are: Pat Bussey, Barb Booth, Laurie Brown, Paul Mott, Pennie Gardner, Bonnie McQueen, and Connie Morgnn who are working diligently to make the dance as stunting as possible. -if 17127 WWI? ff-.v J. SXQMMIWW The Orchestra can be proud of their float which captured first place honors among Homecoming float entries. The parade has become an inte- gral port of the program of events for the last few years. 4 y ,Q ,rms Stuffing napkins is seemingly an endless iob, and yet, many clubs and organizations undertake the proiect. Mary Jane Knowles and Tom Anderson help get the A'CoppeIlo Choir float constructed in time for iudging and the parade. Anxiously waiting for the Homecoming parade to begin are the queen and her court, Susan Wehrspann, Freshman court attendant, JoAnne Stefanich, Sophomore attendant: Rita Wolf, Queen, Mary Ellen Benoc, Junior attendant: Barbara Huey, Senior attendant. nt. 9' y g The .IT Player "The Curio Intrigued by the artistry of Mrs. Paddy CMarie Baitengert os she works at her easel are some of her inmate friends who reside with her at the mental institution which houses "The Curious Savage." They are Judy Freiberg, Helen Fricke, Ron Thelo, and Tom Boieski. 2 Physical preparation for appearance on stage requires lengthy makevup sessions. Here in progress is a trans- formation of a high school sophomore girl to the make- laelieve role of an actress. Helen Friclxe assists Kathy Rogers with her makeup chores. If one could read Barb Craig's mind, he would find she's thinking about poor David Boettcher and how he'll never quite look the some. Fern Mann seemingly enjoys transforming David into a stage personality for "The Curious Savage." s 4 . l l X x fi? 7 Ulf -4 X ' Before the curtain goes spent to perfect roles in touches on "The Curious Rogers, Judy Freiberg, and 1 A fo if l. 'I C ""1 ..,. ,, up on any production, many hours of rehearsal are preparation for the "first night." Putting the Finishing Savage" prior to opening are linda Jorgenson, Kathy Marie Baitenger. QC U t With Pride. savage" FBS 'J- '1 fl A loveable Savage with blue hair . . . a greedy Congressman and his "milktoast" brother . . . a persnickity person who despises pins, needles, rhubarb, and gallstones . . . a mother with a rag doll . . . . These are the strange but hilarious characters that made up this year's all-school play production, "The Curious Savage." "The Curious Savage," a comedy by John Patrick, is a satire on people and perennial success. It all begins when Mrs. Savage Uudy Freibergj in- herits her husbands fortune and changes it into bonds which are buriedl This infuriates her son, Titus, CThomas Baieskij who is a politician. So she is taken to an aslyum. Back stage personnel Bill Ghenda, Mike Skinner, Scott Stahl, Jim Anderson, and Jeff Koerber, assist the players in trans- porting their audi- ence to the world of dreams and fantasy. ln the asylum she encounters many zany characters and their funny quirks which keeps the audience in stitches. But there is a certain poignancy that gives it a human glow and makes it a terrific play. Bob Johnston plays Hannibal and Kathy Rogers a young girl, Helen Fricke, Ronald Thelo, Thomas Boieski, David Baettcher, Nancy Houseknecht, and Marie Baittehger, all had stellar roles. The play was directed by Mr. Mallory, Assisting him was the student director, Nancy Bailles. Elm? A K I ll 41,- expressions showing quiet com- ore poignantly illustrated in this, grouping of sanitarium inmates. ttentian is centered on Bob Johns- the would-be violinist who tries in f produce the musical tones for he so fervently grasps. With him Nancy Houseknect, Judy Freiberg, Boettcher, Linda Jorgenson, Kathy and Phillip Kouchoukos. Lf, play. Only moments after the opening curtain of "The Curious Savage," the camera stops the action which sets the theme and mood of the .gill llllit gh' ..-- -ef-' it txt Z-gi! 2 Fast an the draw and straight shooting Joe Boudrie enlivens a special assembly program with a demonstration of proper firearm handling. Joe, who appears regularly on TV pro- grams, is touring the country in professional promotion work and makes numerous appearances at schools to perform his hand gun antics. Jae's performance would tend to dis- courage challenges to "shoot it out down by the old corral." Farcical Basketball Games Regale Students Representing armed services this year at the annual Veteran's Day Commemorating Ceremonies and program in the JT gym are S,fSgt. Robert Nelson, Army, T!Sgt. William Springs, Air Force, Sgt. George Richard, Marines, and BMC Ivan Verveclcmoes, Navy Looking strangely unlike JT's un- defeated football champions, this group of gridiron "stalwarts" none-the-less captivated their "fol- lowing faithful," ala the Steelmen, at a ramhunctious pep session dur- ing the football season as they mimicked their "real heroes" in a sham game against "Argo High." Since the game was fixed, guess who wan. The feminine counter- parts of the "Champs" are bot- tom raw, left to right: Andrea Almasy, Sue Allen, Carolyn Carnegie, Jane Jorgensan, and Cindy Jolley. Top raw: Miss Caro- lyn iRay Klootwykl Rhode, Rita Pollack, Marilyn Carnegie, Karen Kramer, Pat Johnston, Avace Gregory, Barb Booth, and an inter- loper, the real Ray Klootwyk. NV W 51 K. I 1' X. Q U 3. 7,5 jg, 1 S. 'N nf? '45 'Qvof' Q ,e If 'K Q Z2 uf' Y A i "W 'xg 'A 1 ' ' K ,, ' ' . x, f ' - '-' ' " v J!! ' . A if xiii? .. .111 ,irlvfq-f 14 f Q 'f3"x LQ Q87 " '41 MQ 534 A .mt X X 'fm , K, HMI 'LP 13, Beauty Highlights Mid-Term Dance Student Governing Body Contributes to Community Sylvia Lundin is crowned "Miss J" of 1963 by Mrs. Charlene ilundbergj Froid, a renowned beauty in her own right. Alan Barney, chief editor of the year book, presents "Miss J" with a bouquet af roses. Mrs. Froid, a Joliet native who has won numerous crowns as a beauty queen, reciprocates by crowning another local beauty. The lady and the tiger proceed to the throne where they will effect important duties in behalf of the "Miss J" coronation. Mrs. Charlene flundbergl Froid, escorted by Don McCarthy, year book Under- classmen Editor, will announce the name ofthe winner as provided her by lrv Kupcinet, newspaper columnist, and will crown her "Miss J" of 1963. Wy:-2 ' ' 'H . K" v v N25 The stars of the "Miss J" coronation oblige with a full court presentation. Wisneski, Steve Kostelz, Marilyn Sleyko, James Arnold, Karen Kramer, Center stage is Sylvia Lundin, "Miss J" of 1963, with Mrs. Charlene iLund- Bob Bristal, Janette Hicks, Mrs. Charlene Froid, Sylvia Lundin, John Hatha- bergj Froid who did the crowning honors, to the left, and her escort, John way, Avace Gregory, Brian West, Joan Hynd, Joe Handwerk, Rita Wolf, Hathaway, to the right. The coronation court is composed of "Miss J" Bob Saieg, Sandy Robison, John Elmore. finalists and their escorts. They are, from the left, Mike Walcott, Minnie Sponsored by Student Coun. il Effort Which Aids Scholarship Fund 1 Providing his usual danceable music for t h e ' ' Scholarship Swing" and "Miss J" coronation was Bill Pappas and his or- chestra. A segment of the crowd which attended the mid-term dance sponsored by the Student Council moves easily to the music of Bill Pappas. Besides the cause of an evening of dancing delight, also served was the "Dollars for Scholars" community proiect. ' V if- I I 1.4 ,rs V f ffl" , 1 . ws. ' A ' , av 40' .. , Jkf "-1 , S ,, 5 L sz, - 5 -V QTL. ' '. - -s - ' .nm s l P I Getting partially obliterated is the price Don Leonard has to pay for getting to kiss Sylvia Lundin. This osculation occured shortly after Sylvia was crowned "Miss J" of 1963 in a regal ceremony at the "Scholarship Swing." As president of the Senior Class, Don was on hand to present "Miss J" with o pre- sent from her classmates. I 6 Sophomore Chorus Adds Success to "Femmes Fancy" One of the many highlights of the dance was picture talring. The picture above shows a group in waiting to be "set up, shot, and released," all for a small fee. Capturing the festive mood of the evening while posing for a When Roy Gordon's Orchestra took a breather, Jim Barlxas and Mary picture on ca decorative swing fashioned by the sophomore chorus Scott stepped out for refreshments. Jim seems to be saying "Geel are Lois litherland and her escort Bob Kleck. An annual semi-formal dance, "Femmes Fancy," is sponsored by the Sophomore Chorus. Usually held in the spring the dance is anticipated by many. The chorus spends much time on promotion of ticket sales and dec- orations. Roy Gordon and his orchestra played dance music under the theme, "Always in April." Nearly all the girls in Sophomore Chorus pur- sued one type of job or another to make the dance a success. The re- sponsibility of promoting the 1962 version of "Femmes Fancy," which was held April 6 was assumed by last year's officers who were: Susan Richards, Presidentg Linda Stephen, Vice-President, Judy Kurbis, Treasurer, Janet Ott, Publicity Chairman, June Fisher, Secretaryg Carol Engiman and Joan Skikas, Librarians. Y J I 4 X .,..,.., 'ri -cr- V. .,3. ,h ,, W 'U 'fiy H555 went in a hurry. I think I'll go get another big orange." "Annie" lncites Rollicking Musical Romp :bij Ne, 5 2 ie 5 5 X 3 2 wx .. 2 ff ? N., , fx l f 'Ei 'N I n "I ain't never seen a gal shoot like that before .... are ya trick'in, me," Annie? Winnifred Sorensen plays the role of Annie, with Russell Wunder- lich as Frank Butler in "Annie Get Your Gun." ty in costumes was of great significance in the production as people from walks of pioneer life are portrayed by the above students. Top row, Gerald Floronne Griffin, Tom Hankinson, Tim Mann, Susan Hall, Larry Peet. Middle Lee Johnston, Winnie Sorensen, Russ Wunderlich, Fred Kirk, Karen Chizmark, Genda. Last row, Jill McDonald, Kenny McDonald, Paul Owings, Diane John- and lna Powell. Singing leading roles in Operetta, Frank wonders if Annie's "sho it's love?" lf it is, it's definitely at first sight, for this was only the first meeting between Frank and Annie. USE een .ai K ' X! I A. . ,., A Q W f .W Q 3' 'i V4 A r li M . , . I t V ' it-'life' -- ,M 7 gf.-, K In Un '? f , 19' I'- , , lun., Q' Lu.: amen,- Gunn, lllsbg , . K Uvlftsgf ' .M v -u ' 1 - ,. ff -ff brush K. ,, ,M I s. f f 1 ' I 44 W nga' "tn gills l' 3" 'vt on 5: 1 vw- It 1 1 I nv .2 L ' -1f::::':'1'7r.' 'V usntlusf ""' . Ula . , 'Nun , .rss 'WL x ss sun aiflgnta 5 "Nm , .1-vm V111 :fun 'vu ,WVU s'1"' 'nf '1 vw :tm -rn, :VN ny, s ,, 'vu I 4., Y K, ,,,, .. . ,r , fx 'W W, - . L l HT? 5 "ii, s U 1 :L 4, I YH ' ' ' 1 Q . fx ' " Lx l ww I M. I:-:g.x2.5x::v . l 'ei , g 14 , c t,L,1.1,,,,..55,t,!., is WK J tggusyg, V AI ff i r Nt fl: v X gp-.s +51 A ,G . J N wwf .' K ls. ,f " N-'Z v ' 1 ! i' 'Reef , ,f - u I 1 F :G '. v 'Y fi 1 i, 3 Li., his ' F' ,. u ff - A. - Q "Q " KN.. Assuming poses that characterize their stage identifications are operetta leads who include, Tim Mann, Floronne Griffin, Gerald Gear, Susan Hall, and, Larry Peet. Being able to submerge their natural personality in favor of an assumed make believe role is the time mark of the actor. 217 Commemorating Cne Soft lights, rhymical melodies, pleasant setting, appreciative part- ners, stunning formals, and debonair uniforms, - what more is required to stage the splendor-splashed Military Ball held on March 29. ix 218 Hundred Years of Valor Miller Revelry of the evening, in the form of impromptu singing, picks up a D'Amico's 2l4 as the Mili- tary Ball festivities corftinue af- ter only a short break to allow the guests time to repare to this fashionable setting after leaving the JT gym. Topping off a pleasant evening in a cozy corner are C i n cl y Wallace, -rs 25 George Miller, Rita Wolf, Plea- sent Park, Janet Hicks, Mike Senecal, Sue Hicks, and Bob Bristol. Sitting out the dance for the rest of the evening at a table at DAmlcos are Don Leonard Ruta Wolf Cindy Wallace and George After-dance conversation between a boy and girl can take directions, sometimes to the extent of punctuating points with mined gesturing, and when George Miller elucidates, Cindy tends to listen dutifully. JT's Annual Social Event Extraordinaire Informal socializing is an integral part of any dance. Meeting When proms cease to occur, schools will cease to exist. As traditionally American as apple pie, the "prom" has earned its place in Americana and must be reckoned with .... to everybody's delight. JT's Junior-Senior Prom was held this year on May 24. , ,rx --. 99 for casual chit-chat in a gateway at D'Amico's 214, after the prom are Ken Lawson, Gloria Vercellotti, Don Leonard, and Sue Hicks. Upon arrival at D'Amicos 214 fat rightj Cindy Wallace, Don Leonard, Rita Wolf, Ken Lawson, and Gloria Vercellotti, relax momentarily in light small talk. U' I After the Ball, Gloria Vercellotti and Ken Lawson ioin the crowd at D'Amico's 214 to Decorations for the Prom begin to materialize as workers enjoy the pleasant environment. Ray Ladd and Mark Muller drape multicolored streamers to form the ceiling decor 1 Turnabout is fair play as The Woman ls Requested to Pay in many ways during TWIRP season. This includes carrying the fellows' books to and from classes ond other subservient chores. But don't waste your pity on the "poor exploited" girls-they have ways of keeping way out ahead the rest of the year. ln a typical Twirp Season situation here are Scott Bertrand, Nanci Strappazon, Carol Hrevnak, and Rick Duncan ' f Q5 nag .QQ Willie Boyce typifies JT versatility in athletic competition as he squelches u Thornridge scoring at- tempt. Although well-known for his offensive capabilities, Willie also demonstrates proficiency in defensive maneuvers, So it is with every JT team-the offense and defense complement each other because they are both interwoven for the excellence of the whole. Steve Hannisfer, Hays' Sparls Sdilor 'ii-v luis lfitlfcrlami, Girls' Sports fditar JCDLIET -- MYTHICAL FOCTB LL Q" eiwl f 34 ,555 63 Hs- 1 hr W .ax , I 8219 lv V-f Row One: Ron King, Manager, Chris Gerilano, George Capisla, Pele Jursinic, Bill Willis, Dave Roth, Gerry Geo, Charles Schroeder, Roger Schwab Neil Lucas, Dave Salalo, Charles Gura, Jim Brunner, Ben Waddell, Robin Douse, Johnson, Rick Duncan, Jim Henderson, John Gales, Doug Nelson, larry Dan Gosuck, Tom Egly, Foul Owings, Mgr. Row Two: Dave Zeiger, Mgr., now, Pete Tomoc, John Madden, Mgr. fi' qgrs- Assistan? coaches Harold Scheldt and Frank Miller check with the spoilers via wallue Ualkle to Insure them on overall assessment of fhe Joliet atlack Trainer Jim Cofarellos ex pression shows the elahon he feels over yer anoiher victory for the Jolie? squad C AMPIG OF ILLI GIS f lm Three: Herm Walser, Athletic Director, Head Coach Roy Klootwyk, Trainer Row Four: Bill Metes, Nick Cookas, Russ Thontlin, Dave Clark, Frank D'Atri Catarello, .lim Randolph, Jim Miller, Gary Pierce, Neal Benham, Jim Walser, Lee Halderson, Jim Smyder, Charlie Winters, Mike Keyes, Gale Bucciarelli Williams, Bill Wehrspann, Bill White, Russ Ferguson, Bob Evans, Bill Matt Autman, Mike Marconi. Dave Kienlen, Asst. Coach Harold Schiedt, Asst. Coach Frank Miller. The awesome power of the Joliet football team carried it its second South Suburban League Championship in as many and the second perfect season in the history of the According to the Chicago press, the Suburban Press As and the Champaign-Urbana News-Gazette poll, the Steelmen were rated first in the state while the A. P. rated Joliet a close second. But no matter what the polls in the hearts of its fans, the 1962 Blue and Gold will live t as one of the mightiest teams ever produced by an prep school. , The final gun of the final game also marked the end fx. phenomenally successful season for an "all-state" back- fl , consisting of Bill Wehrspann, Dave Kienlen, Jim Hender- 1' f and Charlie Winters Truly, Ray Klootwyk's championship eleven has done ll f "ii I to an outstanding coach, a man who brought winning V, F to Joliet Township High School. ! N.: The man who made it possible-head-coach Ray Kloatwyk. ., "Bronco" Bill Wehrspann is brought to a sudden stop by a Thornridge tackler. JT Edges Eisenhower, I2-O JT "Stomps the Hill" The Steelmen opened the 1962 cam- paign with a hard-fought 19-O win over Joliet Catholic. Halfbacks Bill Wehrspann with two TDs and Dave Kienlen with one marker spurred the Blue and Gold to vic- tory before a crowd estimated at 12,000. Joliet Smashes Aurora Showing its championship form, JT walked away with its second victory in many starts with a 41-6 romp over Aurora. Bill Wehrspann led the with a 12.9 yard-per-carry average and TDs. Winters, Marconi, and Henderson contributed one marker with Ferguson ing a safety. J. T. slipped by a scrappy Eisenhower eleven on TDs by Dave Kienlen and Charlie Winters. Markers were in the second and fourth quarters for a score of 12-O. Bill Wehrspann was the leading rusher against this Blue Island team with a 5 yard-per- Caffy GVel'Uge. Joliet 32-Harvey O Again led by Bill Wehrspann with a phenomenal 16.6 yard-per-carry and 3 TDs, the Steelmen blanked Thornton of Harvey. Other markers were tallied by Gale Bucciarelli and Dave Kienlen who also chipped in 2 conversions. Joliet Whips Bloom J. T. again rolled to victory with the help of Bill Wehrspann, Dave Kienlen, Charlie Winters, and Nick Cookas. A de- lighted homecoming crowd saw the Steelers amass 45 points to Bloom's 12. Top scoring honors in this game went to Kienlen with 3 markers and Wehrspann with 1 TD. Charlie Winters evades a gang of Kankakee tacklers. Joliet 31-Kankakee 6 Kankakee's wet homecoming was spoiled by the brilliant scoring efforts of Bill Wehrspann with four TDs and Charlie Winters who contributed one marker. ln the second half, the Steelmen rolled 151 yards on the ground to the Kay's 29. Joliet 48-Lockport I4 In administering this shellacking to Lockport, the Steelers rushed to an extraordinary 450 yards on the ground. The bulk of the work was done by Charlie Winters, with four TDs, and Bill Wehrspann, Dave Kienlen, and Jim Henderson, each with one. Jim Henderson gets away from a would'be Argo tackler. Joliet Halts Thornridge The Steelmen added 2 TDs to a meager 7-6 lead going into the fourth quarter to clinch a 21-6 victory against a tough Thornridge squad. Scoring for Joliet was done by Jim Henderson, Charlie Win- ters, and center Jim Walser. Joliet 31-Argo O Joliet blasted a hapless Argo squad with the rushing of Bill Wehrspann and Charlie Winters and the passing of Jim Henderson and Jim Randolph in the season's final game. Wehrspann made 2 TDs with Winters, Henderson, and Kienlen each contributing one marker. "Choo-Choo" Charlie Winters snatches a pass from mid-air in the game with Bloom. fig Sgr: wg . ff . .TVN rn va mfg, - ' A ' - 7 'L1' 1 ff' ' "5 fQ - q , if -V , r - L .lo I iet To w n s hi p's fs rvaumed Offense: .4 J Jim Randolph 1, f-,MFA ty Ll f s I, ,QIQJ 4' N X Charlie Winters Fullbcck k 1 T-JX V '. ,A Q mf' 'QQ Us V u f 4 I 4 5 if e . A . . 4 -4 Jim Henderson Qucrferbcck 1 1 Bob Evans . A X M - 1 rf W P , Q A, 3 , 1 m 'X 5 S . 1 I I Keith Johnson Guard fx j v 3' F 1 X x Y' A- + 5 , A. Dave Kumlen Holfbuck '11 Cl GLA r' 1 If x 'X ' 'xx Jim Walser Center Joliet'slIron Avalanche Captures South Suburban League Title For Second Consecutive Year Miko Menon Hclfbaclr Russ Ferguson End lr, P 5 E 5, B Defensive Stal Bill Wehrspann Halfback ,I+ fig l W K L Guard 2 John Gans 5 F G Next Year's Promise: Junior S uad Members -- Stre k D'Afri John Williams uard Center Gala Bucci: ll' D vo CI lr Halfbcnk Q arferb k Russ Thonllin BII M l Guard T lil Heir Apparents to JT' Football Titles FIRST ROW: Mitchell Moffett, Manager, Bob Hodgedon, Stan Adams, Leonard White, Jim Nicholson, Dick Fahrenholz, Dick Rambo, Dan Wintersteen, Delmar Miller, Larry Levy, Wayne Johnson, Jim Peterbok, Dave Pyle, Ken Parker, Ron Buccarielli, Bill Lucky, Bob Ivy, Mike Skinner, Manager. ROW TWO: Ken Seaman, Manager, Rick Leonard, Scott Bertrand, Jim Trousil, George Mon- ferdini, Bob Galle, Jerry Strong, Mike Daum, Paul Jarotkiewiez, Ken Piazza, Jack Kulak, Ken Stogis, Dave Koivvla, Jim Weakman, Allan Philips, Kent Johnson, Ron Wright, Cornell Adams, Larry Perinar, Harold Redmond, Bill Dornick, Jerry Stowick. ROW THREE: Mel May, Coach, Ed Woods, Asst. Coach, Dick Ariagno, Lee Auguston, Mike Wimberley, Rick Rakar, Cliff Cavitt, Jack Putterer, Harold Rowe, Jim Sykes, Chuck Farrington, Jeff Davis, Allan Buehler, Marc Musser, Tim Allen, Mark Herwitz, Richard Craig, Harold Woldt, Allan Horvath, Mike Mahoney, Bob Nemanich, Paul Azuma, Bob Buccarielli, Bob Brengewski, Tom Gallagher, Doug Busch, Chuck Collins, Lee Edgerly, Tom Tessiatore, Chuck Wisneski, Mike Guffey, Bill Howard, Asst. Coach, Bob Emerick. LINE: ll to rj Carnell Adams, Delmar Miller, Harold Woldt, Allan Buehler, Jack Kulak, Larry Levy, Ron Wright. BACKS: Bill Lucky, Wayne Johnson, Jim Peterbok, Jim Nicholson. E as 34 i Sophomore Team's Season Record J.T. 26 Joliet Catholic o 2 J.T. 20 West Aurora 7 2 J.T. T9 Blue Island O J.T. 27 Thornton 0 J.T. T2 Bloom 6 J.T. 45 Kankakee 6 J.T. O Lockport T9 J.T. Thornridge 26 J.T. 20 Argo Assistant Coach Ed Woods, Coach Mel May, and Assistant Coach Bill Howard-the men who make the team "go, fight, win." From Small Freshmen Fledgling gg Large Football Championships Grow Freshman Football Team's Season Record J.T. 14 Catholic High O J.T. 7 Blue Island 12 J.T. 15 Bloom 7 J.T. 6 Thornton O J.T. 19 Lockport 12 J.T. 0 Kankakee 0 J.T. 35 Carl Sandburg 6 J.T. 28 Argo 6 The Freshmen Football Team mentors: Russ Leksell, Head Coach Ed Beltzhoover, Dave Dorick, Al Meyer Line: McClintok, McRaven Sims, Schneider, Peterbok Lind, Grohne. Backs: War ren, Loose, Crozier, Crusoe FIRST ROW: O. Warren, L. Dillon, R. Sims, J. Smyder, T. Kreimeier, L. Mc- Kenzie, R, Geist, D. Kelly, R. Crozier, B. Leahy, R. Puleo, G. Brummund, J. Ingals, R. Tallman, J. Kabel, P. Guffey, Mgr. ROW TWO: G. Hardy, Mgr., K. Grohne, A. Crusoe, W. Allison, W. Robinette, K. Gray, G. McRaven, J. McClintok, F. Panish, .l. Testa, D. Barnes, C. Johnson, Popeck, R. Peterback, R. Loose, Head Coach Ed Beltxhoover, H. Lind, H. Long, Coach Al Meyers. ROW THREE: B. Hamilton, D. Briles, M. McKenzie, C. Fris, M. Luza, G. 'atte C. Sturdy, T. Russell, H. Fox, E. Roath, D. Harper, R. Washington, J. Adam J. Woods, D. Meade, E. Hamilton, Coach Dave Darick, .l. Watson, Mgr. RO FOUR: F. Schneider, C. Holmquist, D. Albue, E. Klen, M. Tamer, P. Harri D. Macris, W. Greiner, G. Edwards, T. Madison, J. Dixon, K. Cooling, Schroeder, R. Watt, W. Alexander. JT Wrestlers: Champions in Every Weight Pele Choban, 95 lb. X 5, srrs 1- ' 57 s rr 1 1, ..- Ron Chaplin, 103 lla. Jesse Edwards, 112 lb. Russ Ghalain, 120 lb. Wrestling, ROW ONE: Pete Tomac, Andy Bustin, Dave Roth, Russ Coach Ray Kloofwyk, John Williams, Gale Bucciarelli, Russ Ferguson, Neil John 60795, Paul Gambfelf Sfelfe Swfkelfklf ROQGV 561100191 ROY lucas, Dave Clark, Joe McClintock, Mike Marconi, Gerry Gea, Russ Gha- Charles Walleck, Bob Hooper. ROW TWO: Don Bromberek, Mgr., Iain, Jesse Edwards, Ron Chaplin, Pete Choban, Ron King, Mgr. Gerry Gea, 127 lb. l ' A l Mike Marconi, 133 lb. Joe McClintock, 138 lb. Dave Clark, 145 lb. Varsity Matmen Record 9-2 Season Neil Lucas Varsity Wrestling Record 1962-1963 Joliet 20 Thornton Fractional South Joliet 37 Joliet Catholic Joliet 14 Thornton Joliet 23 Blue Island Joliet 26 Thornridge Joliet 8 Carl Sandburg Joliet 24 Thornton Fractional North Joliet 24 Bloom Joliet 34 Kankakee Joliet 27 Argo Joliet 34 Lockport , 154 lb. Russ Ferguson, 165 lb. Gale Bucciarelli, IBO lb. J h hoban, 95 lbs., succeeds in pinning big John Williams, 230 lb OCC G Gerry Geo, in front, tnins to g t y f J M Cl t k C h R y Klootwyk shows Russ Ferguson how to apply a hold to Gale Bucciorelln Frosh-Soph Wrestlers Victor Over Most Opponents Joliet Joliet Joliet Joliet Joliet Joliet Joliet Joliet Joliet Joliet Joliet 41 Soph Wrestling Record 1962-1963 Thornton Fractional South Joliet Catholic Thornton Blue Island Thornridge Carl Sandburg Thornton Fractional North Bloom Kankakee Argo Lockport -Al Q e e Q ,lllLIE7 whiff WE' Ml, WE, stiff ,ghlgrfi ,ruff B Sophomore Wrestling Squad: ROW ONE: Walt Edwards, Mgr., Tom Hooper, Mitchell Moffet, Rick Watson, Jon Henning, Dan Speckman, Bob Willis. ROW TWO: Coach Howie Scheidt, George Monferdini, Bob Bucciareli, Dan Wintersteen, Delmar Miller, Ken Piazza, Harold Woldt, Stan Kapusniak, , . l I :Ti l , ' Fri Freshman Wrestling Record T962-T 963 Victory: Defeat: Carl Sandburg Downers Grove Thornton Rich East Thornton Blue Island Bloom Bloom Glenbard West Glenbard West Soph Wrestling, ROW ONE: Burford, Leff, Ra- gusa, Azuma, Stawick, Ariagno, Brown, Trough- ton. ROW TWO: Fahren- holz, Stogis, Williard, Lo- voti, Nelson, Trousil, Bus- tin, Tessitore, Coach Scheidt. ROW THREE: Bick, Beigun, Allen, Jarotki- wiez, Johnson, Hennings, Nemanich. Freshman Wrestling: ROW ONE: Ron Price, John McEwen, Jeff Allcott, Jim Brummond, Roy Washington, Horace Fox, John Mclntire, Mgr. ROW TWO: Jerry Edward, Carl Flick, Bob Watt, John McClintok. ROW THREE: Sal Guitierrez, Mgr., Phil Magee, Dave Cooling, Gerry McRaven, Ron Sims, James Dillon, Mike Suza, Edward Miller, Mgr., Coach Bob Burke. Cross Countr 1 '62 4' ff- Heilm . ' Um x Mock' Svflown ne uw" C'l:e0""'d' O 1 YGQBI W C00 gounwf so Mullen' on ' , Cr05"' Mwst' xl ofgxw Twoi ROW i 14' 2,1-" om ' cxmme' 509 Eawgrdskxoqer . Gtitloln' Alfldmmom 50 Nia. Jesse Edwards enters the gate as coach Don Varsity Record, 1962 J.T. 15 Argo 50 J.T. 19 Bloom 39 J.T. 18 Thornridge 40 J.T. 27 Harvey 28 J.T. 19 Lockport 40 J.T. 34 Blue Island 21 J.T. 19 Kankakee 43 J.T. 35 Rich 24 ' J.T. 28 Thornridge 27 J.T. 33 Naperville 23 39 I J.T. 20 Bloom ' Un cross country, the team having the Iow- est score wins., ns. Kienlen marks his time. Z "They're off" on another grueling run. Varsity member Rick Armstrong is in the lead. Sophs Are Runners of Tomorrow 1 l Frosh-Soph Record J.T. 3'l Bloom 24 J.T. 22 Argo 39 J.T. 48 Bloom 15 J.T. 42 Rich 20 J.T. 30 Thornridge 27 Q J.T. 22' Naperville 34 J.T. 49 Blue Island l5 J.T. l 8 Kankakee 37 - J.T. 20 Harvey 43 J.T. 18 Lockport 45 J.T. 27 Thornridge 30 I Cln cross country, the team with the lowest point total is the victor.l Humbert Jaimes strains to finish as coach Don Kienlen checlrs his time. fth iam football But this Cross Country at J.T. lives in the shadow o e g - . rugged sport requires from its participants top physical conditioning and the will to win. J.T.'s varsity squad placed second in the eight member conference. At the Rich invitational meet, they finished ahead of nine teams, taking second place in a field of eleven. At the district meet, out of 22 teams, the J.T. runners placed F h So h squad coached, along with the fourth-an outstanding showing. The ros - p varsity, by Don Kienlen, placed fourth in the conference. F,osh Willq,-sol-Wh C d, '0x5.C 'noni Jol-itzil Runnzlinlxey FIRSTQ Ro , Y ' ai wi """s, kf,if"HufEcoND' Rgennfng J Ion. W. W came, ' r 5011, I obeL Tones Jdlfflgs' T 1 Jolzfes, lgxgghlonl La 'I Ritch, "en, 5 Y, Nelsofwchmon li, Bm 1 fh. JT Swim Team Captures Second-Place -- in 5'irst year S-Q ifwsq' mf Hr-'iw in 1 Hifi' " ye: ' Dave Kieien-butterfly Skip lu Foniaine-backsiroke ,, Ross MacDonald-diving 'N --'A 'Pi ,. , Ken! Grohne-beasisrroke I' ROW ONE: Ken! Grohne, Don Kienlen, Terry Keck, Dave Keinlen, .lay Cheville, Skip la Fonfcine. ROW TWO: Jim Bergsiram, Rick loose, Larry Gray, John Monshall, Cur? Cramer, Word Cramer, Larry Guru. ' 4:17 I-.A in -4' 1. I Don Kienien-breasmroke Rick Loose ffrontj and Terry Keck fbockj-freesiyle Honors in Conference s. of Sfisfence Larry Gray - butterfly Joliet's varsity swimming team, coached by Don finished second in the conference in its first of official competition. The eight boys making up varsity squad amassed a total of 69 points during season. The four members of the Frosh-Soph team fourth in the conference with 38 points. Dur the season, these twelve boys set ten conference The varsity squad took fifth an the district meet setting four records. Four boys, Jim Bergstrom, Rick Loose, Don Kien- and Dave Kienlen, qualified for the all-state team the 200 yard medley relay. Dave Kienlen also for state in the 100 yard butterfly. E Guru, Rick Loose, Terry Keck, and Jim Bergstrom wait as managers Agazzi and lee Edgerly hand out equipment. tg3a?"i'TiT X v: s . e.reis, is .. X xi "1 . ' sin gle -if - ' A ,b f' gg .Ln-, :H , 'F-we 3 7 A n If " X I' T s -r 1 I wa R-,,,1, 1 5 Ntfnhm' A 5. ,'. ' . .,.-ri " w f, - 156 Q,.,g4 ' 'N N f 1' kr 4 ,-f 21 T Wi:xi,,,1f. x - . ' ' ' f-fkgs-46", Q X- K, X. f-ws+if,aR11f'gf - , s..- fs ss- ss 1 X.,-Q. ' , is . X.. .sfcg-'HP' . " w5'.1 -, - ' fer.. -f -c r 1' qs. 1 .s ' - X 'S 'ffq - g .ggi - , -, 1. . . . A V 5,5 V W -.. -. ,,,., . www. c. 25393 s lfgss' T o v T fs-K, s, , Q, Q., . Q - , 3 ' were N - , - QQ, . ,,,' f in H - ' '. 'if - ,, N- -' - X A , ' W " N-J ' X Jay Cheville-freestyle 'X Jim Bergstrom-backstroke Curt Cramer Nick Kovacs-breuststroke Ward Cramer-freestyle The "Long, Tall Ones" From Joliet KenyH d G d RclrA log For ard Willie Boyce, Center Bill Wehrspun F a d B ll Sudak Guard X CILL4 1, .,,, . . . and Those Who Backed Them Up Daryl Anderson Dave Torkelson Dave Kagle h Rally Axelson Dale Spier Chuck Anderson Steelmen Capture Holida Tourney Title Joliet Wins First Game Joliet rang up its first win in the Holiday Tournament which it hosts. The Steelmen smashed Carl Sandburg-their victims in the Morris Tournament of the pre- vious week- by a lopsided score of 63-34. Scoring honors went to for- wards Rick Armstrong, with 14, and Elgin Thompson, who sank 10. Steelmen Smash Warhawks Joliet rolled over North Chi- cago for its second victory in the Holiday Tournament, 74-42. The Steelmen put together a hot, 25 point fourth quarter to help in this victory. Four Steelers hit in the double figures. Bill Su- dakis had 17, Rick Armstrong sank 15, Kenny Howard collected 13, and Bill Wehrspann netted 12. 3 ,X Qt W Xp, I mt, 4 Joilet's Steelmen have good cause for whooping it From left to right are Rick Armstrong, Elgin Thompson, up, having just won the Holiday Tournament. This Bill Wehrspann Ccenter, reorj, Willie Boyce lwith tro- was the first time a J.T. squad has carried away the phyl, and Kenny Howard. championship in the yearly classic held in the J.T. gym. Willowbrook Conquered by J.T. The seemingly invincible Joli- et cagers outdid themselves in the championship game of the Joliet Holiday Tournament, up- setting favored Willowbrook, 84-70. There are two separate stories to tell. One is the scoring. Kenny Howard led in that department with a hot 33 points. Willy Boyce contributed 20, while Bill Sudakis and Rick Armstrong Armstrong each netted 10. The Warriors led through most of the first half, with the Steel- men tying it up 40-40 at inter mission. The second half was all J.T. with a 59-53 lead at the end o the third quarter, and a tota of 25 points in the final quarte The second story is that o defense. Outstanding in this de partment was Bill Wehrspan He held Warrior star Bill Born man to eleven points and re bounded spectacularly. Als helping to sweep the boards fo the Steelmen were Rick Ar strong and Willy Boyce. Steelman Bill Wehrspann out-reaches Jeff Crowe of Carl Sandburg for the rebound. Morris Championship Steelmen 'Coast' to Second -egg Township's Dale Spier C141 and Jim Randolph i241 struggle for the ball with Jeff Crowe i51J, Dick Carlson 1351, and others from Carl Sandburg. .1 INDIVIDUAL SCORING 1962-1963 Season average per total points game Boyce 412 17.1 Howard 310 12.9 Armstrong 252 9.7 Sudakis 228 8.8 Wehrspann 187 7.4 Thompson 104 5.0 Randolph 46 3.1 Alderson 42 2.8 Spier 29 1.1 Anderson 16 3.2 Efner 1 1 .7 Williams 5 1.7 Keagle 4 .7 Torkelson 4 .8 Axelson 3 .4 Steelman Elgin Thompson goes high to stop a shot by Bloom's Len Brown 1221 as Bill Sudakis waits for the rebound. This action took place in the Regional Tourney. The Joliet Township Steelmen opened their quest of a second consecutive Morris Holiday Tournament champion- ship with a victory over a stubborn Morris squad. After a bad start, the Redskins iumped to within two points of J.T. at the end of the third stanza, 46-44. Early in the fourth quarter, Morris tied the score at 48-all, and seconds later, went'ahead 50-49. The Steelmen then gathered their scoring punch and pulled to a 69-58 final score. In the second round against Ottawa, the Steelmen coasted to an easy, 73-54 victory. In this one, the Pirates never had a chance as the red-hot Steelmen ripped the nets for 31 field goals and controlled rebounds at both ends of the floor. The championship game saw the netters from Joliet shock Carl Sandburg, 71-47. ln this rout, the Orland Park school was so demoralized that they lost to J.T. the follow- ing week by a score of 63-34. In the first round of the Joliet Regional Tournament, the Steelmen walked off with a 68-50 win over Lincoln Way. The Joliet squad was eliminated from the tourney in the semi-finals by Bloom, 67-56. Bloom Routs JT ln Regional Netters Show New Coach "T pical Fashion" ROW ONE: Tim Rowley, Mgr., Al Ambrose, Mgr., Daryl Anderson, Ken How- Thompson, Rick Armstrong, Willie Boyce, Dale Spier, Bill Wehrspann, Jim ard, Chuck Anderson, Dave Efner, Bill Sudakis, John Madden, Mgr., Lee Randolph, Asst. Coach Tony Guterriez. Bettenhausen, Mgr. ROW TWO: Coach Ed Woods, Rolly Axelson, Elgin Willie Boyce 1121 iumps high to block a Carl Sandburg shot as Rick Armstrong 1251 watches. Joliet Township's basketball team started off the year in typical Steelman fashion, winning nine of the first eleven games. This year's squad was under the direction of a new mentor, Ed Woods. Coach Woods came to J.T. from North Chicago, where he coached basketball last year. Coach Woods's first year at J.T., although perhaps not as successful as he had hoped, was not without high points. The brightest spot all season was the Steeler's championship game against Willowbrook in the Joliet Holiday Tournament. In this game, the Steelmen upset the favored, state-ranked, Warriors in a spectacular display of offensive and defensive ability. Kenny Howard led the way with 33 points, while Bill Wehrspann spearheaded the defensive attack against Warrior star Bill Borneman. This was only one taste of the excitement that the fans ex- perience during basketball time at J.T. Kenny Howard fbehind the Thornton playerj tries to get the ball as Dave Efner Cin backj and Willie Boyce U21 look on. JT Five Post I6-IO Seasons CouId've Been Betterz Woods Kenny Howard stretches for the iump ball as tea t Elgin Thompson, Dale Spier, and the tip. ITTITICI 95 Daryl Alderson contemplate VARSITY RECORD: JT 70 St. Patrick JT 66 Lockport JT 63 Thornton JT 58 Catholic High JT 69 Morris JT 73 Ottawa JT 71 Carl Sandburg JT 67 Blue Island JT 63 Carl Sandburg JT 74 North Chicago JT 84 Willowbrook " JT 57 Thornridge JT 52 Bloom JT 46 Kankakee JT 75 Argo JT 55 Catholic High JT 49 Lockport JT 43 Thornton JT 55 Blue Island JT 99 Rich East JT 60 Thornriclge JT 49 Bloom JT 57 Kankakee JT 73 Argo JT 68 Lincoln-Way JT 56 Bloom T00 LATE: Two port players BETTER STEER CLEAR, THORNTON, ITS MY BALL R k A g mf My 9 p ples a rebound Willie Boyce U21 and Bll S lr lr fill q t gly 7 R k p f h II l quist the ball to an i e' ever re in C2 o ing JT's second rout over ybodyl Carl Sandburg. Frosh-Soph Integral Units of Basketball Program 244 Sophomore Basketball Team, ROW ONE: Pete Petrovic, Mgr., Ron Bucciarelli, Dave Quas, Greg Henderson, Jim Baskerville, Clark Travis, Jerry Strong, Joe Fonseca, Jim Nicholson, Bob Coach Mel May, Jim Weakman, Dave Koivula, Larry Levy, Bob Hodgedan, Lee Augustson, Mark Tiepel, Marc Musser, Kent Parker, Arnoldi, Bob Laatz, Bill Lucky, Mgr. John Weitting, Mgr. ROW TWO: Bill Kasten, Willis Stegall, I Sophomore Record Freshman Record SL pat, 37 Kankakee 46 Lockport 38 Thornton 53 Catholic High 40 Blue Island 49 Thornridge 44 Bloom 38 Kankakee 54 Argo 43 Aurora Reserves Catholic High 35 Lockport 44 Thornton 38 Blue Island 40 Rich 60 Thornridge 48 Bloom 42 Kankakee 47 Argo 49 Lockport 49 Thornton 50 St. Pats 38 Catholic High 31 Blue Island 46 Rich East 57 Thornridge 30 Hinsdale 40 Bloom 37 Kankakee 52 St. Pats 43 Kankakee 48 Argo 53 Lockport 40 Thornton 45 Blue Island 7I Catholic High 35 Bloom 38 Rich East 54 Freshman BUSIYEVIIUII Team' ROW ONE: Te"'Y Kflemleff 'WSI'-I AI- Bill Alexander, John Tolle, Phil Harris, Ken Gray, Frank Pamsh bert Crusoe, Jack Ray, Ron Crozier, Marvin Evans, Jeff Woods, Kevin Kelly, Cqqch Stanley Tyrrell. Fred Fonseca, Frank Narem, Mgr. ROW TWO: Coach Ken Parker, These Boys Are Real Swingers. . . ' ,. , ..,.... -., -AM I 'N' if .fr , K. "PY 9 5 n JW, W fa.....w,,fs . ,,, . t f r .i I "' lfglsi I T963 Tennis Schedule April Ottawa April Rich East April Downers Grove April 'IO Thornridge April 'I6 Naperville April 18 Kankakee April 22 Elgin April 24 Blue Island April 30 Thornton May 2 Lockport May District May Argo May Bloom May 'II League May I3 Elgin May I5 Rich East May 23 Naperville VARSITY SQUAD-KNEELING: Ross McDonald, Jim Henderson, Craig Cameron, Frank Lionberger. STANDING: Don McCloud, Tom Riclchoff, Dennis Clark, Vinton Ritchey, lee Bettenhausen, Jim Mc- Keowen, Coach Jim Waltz. During the spring campaign of 1962, four ties. Tennis Coach Jim Waltz led his to three wins. They were on the end fourteen times, and accumu- Sophomore coach Dick Sorenson's had a better record wi seven losses, and no ties. th nine SOPHOMORE SQUAD-KNEELING: Ken Parker, Don Johnson, Rich Gutierrez, Ken McPartlin, Joy Carlin, Nabor Venaguz, STANDING: Ron Ritchey, Robert Paul, Ray Pearson, Robert Morrison, Bruce Brook, Paul Mott, Coach Sorenson. . . .When Equipped With Rackets and Clubs J.T.'s Golf team ran up a seven win-three loss record in 62. The members ofthe South Suburban Championship team lude: Mike Long, Mike Bowser, Doug Ferguson, Rick Shepley, m Elyea, Rick Armstrong, Bob Blunck, and Al McCullum. - This same squad lost the District golf match to Streator April 29 only one stroke. - T963 Golf Schedule April I5 Lockport May Thornton April I8 Kankakee May April 22 Thornton District April 23 Blue Island May Bloom-Kankakee Catholic High May May I Kankakee-Bloom State May 2 Bloom-Lockport May Proviso East May 7 Blue Island May Catholic High 24 Baseball Bags Spring Sports FIRST ROW: Stanley Allen, Manager, Ken Luza, Bruno Dutkiewiez, Bob Furlon, Geqrge Fqhrenholz, ROW THREE: an orwiz J Sula, Fred DuBois, John Wielgosz. ROW TWO: Louis Gale, Ken Wid- Bob Evans, Jim Randolph, LeRoy Rakoski, Doug Ziech, Jim Wal l ski, Dennis Howland, Bob Zwierz, George Vercellohi T A d C h 1962 Non-Conference Record J.T. 7 Oak Lawn 2 J.T. 5 Morris 3 Ili , J.T. 6 Catholic High 1 J.T. 7 Marion O J.T. 15 East Aurora 2 J.T. 13 Thornton 3 J.T. 6 Plainfield CDistrict1 1 J.T. 7 Catholic High fDistrict1 2 J.T. 2 La Grange fRegional1 3 Putting the tag on John Wielgosz is Third Baseman Joe Sula. Conference Record, 1962 J.T. 3 Blue Island 5 J.T. 1 Lockport 2 J.T. 3 Thornridge 2 J.T. O Thornton 1 J.T. 6 ' Bloom 2 J.T. 6 Kankakee 2 Spotlight as Township Nine Tall Twelve 'l963 Varsity Schedule 4 Glenbard West H 5 Oak Lawn T 8 Naperville H La Grange U.V.Q H T5 Bloom T 17 Thornton Fractional North T East Aurora H 24 Argo H 26 Morris fJ.V.J 29 Blue Island 2 Lockport f T Jim Wulser ,iq-n-nvnl0'F' 6 Thornridge ay 9 Bloom H ay T6 Kankakee T ay 21 Catholic High T ay 23 Thornton T Bob Evans J Randolph 'SWE if fwfr lbw J I John Wielgosz U Bill Suclak Good Prospects Down on .lT's 'Farms' i x nz - J 'MST Liiiffwi FTE ,M-s- El jfs 'A T' L .7 .lv V, v Wx ' V 1962 Sophomore Record r or-as ,N 'Wy 'ii J.T. 6 ffl? f'l5 'Z'1 , f J.T. s Xl 5, J.T. 15 X J.T. 6 J.T. 5 J.T. 4 J.T. 6 J.T. 8 J.T. 2 SOPH SQUAD. ROW ONE: Roland Axelson, Ken Angus, Rich Rice, Pete Choban, Dave Efner, George Capista, Al Ambrose, Mgr. ROW TWO: Frank Metes, Nick Cookas, Mick Maxwell, Dave Barnes, Paul Gambrol, Steve Stackelski, Bob Rocks. ROW THREE: Coach Ken Parker, Daryl Alderson, Lee Halderson, Jim Miller, Dole Spier, Ron Weber. ofa Freshman Schedule, 1963 Sophomore Schedule, 1963 April 18 Thornton T 8 - April Oak Lawn April 23 Lockport H April 22 East Aurora April 29 Blue Island T ' April 24 Argo May 3 Bloom H April 29 Blue Island May 6 Rich East T If ' May 2 Lockport May 9 Thornton May Thornridge May 15 Lockport May Bloom May 17 Bloom 4 " May Kankakee May 20 Carl Sandburg 1 May Catholic High May 22 Rich East May Thornton ROW ONE: Larry Johnston, Phil Bustin, Joe Enich, Lee Auguston, Marc Musser, Bob Hodgdon John Ragusa, Pete Petkovich, Harry Woldt, Bob Gregg. ROW TWO: Dean Johnson, Mgr Alan Phil lips, Roger Williams, Paul Shimek, Bob Brengewski, Harry Ludwig, Bob Wiev, Mgr Coach Tony Gutierrez. ROW THREE: Gordon Olson, Larry Levy, Jim Peterbok, Jim Baskerville, Jim Weakman Larry Summers, Gary Evans, Larry Perinar, Bob Laatz. The 'I962 freshman nine opened the season with two losses. In their first game, Blue Island pulled out a 12-9 victory over the squad, they lost their second game to Lockport, 'I'I-9. Undiscour- aged by their unsuccessful first trials, the young team then came alive and won the remaining seven games of their schedule. I962 Records Indicate Success in '63 Track I Argo , JT THE STORY 1962 THE SCHEDULE: 1963 Won Lost Apr. 5 Thornridge T Kankakee 10 Kankakee H Thornton 17 Blue Island H JCHS 19 Elgin H Blue Island 23 Thornton T Thornton Frac. 25 Lockport H JCHS 30 Argo H Lockport May 7 Bloom H Consistent winner Jesse Edwards drives to vic- tory in the 1962 Will mman Rich Walling and Tom Connely, 1962 squad members, exhibit style in the hurdles during one of last year's practices. Of them, Art Coach Roger Swank aids Bob Mahalik, 1962 captain, in de- veloping professional form - another asset to JT supremacy on the cinder paths. County Track Meet, while setting his sights toward an even better - performance for the -' 1963 season. .s 1' l si .,,J- ,4 Pole-vaulter Russ Thontlin returned to the 1963 squad as a iunior. His winning attitude guarantees .IT N leadership for the 1964 season. - v I '-447 1 Pgyigyis' ATHLETIC ASSCCIATICD .lane Schiek Vice-President GAA Board and Cabinet As sponsor of GAA for the past three years, Mrs. Kay Dawson has proven a great asset to the organization. Judy Osborn President Secretary-Treasurer Linda Meier Social Chairman 621 Terrie Holland Head of Activities Lois Litherland To Work and Play as a Team ls the Golden Rule Terry Cantu for Every Board and Cabinet Membe Jean Frank Darlene Koenig Pat Liberty Mary .lo Verchimack Joyce Heinlen Lynda Davis To each of these eighteen board and cabinet members, GAA has a special meaning, the aim of some is companionship, participation in phy- sical education "fills the bill" for others. Learning to work and play with others means so much to many, while gaining valuable ex- perience for future careers in P.E. instruction, is the primary interest to some. Donna Price Sandy Palmer Cheri Douglas Martha Katzin Shirley Leuthner Avace Gregory lois lifherland, parlicipofes in the sfudenf leader pro- gram that the girls' gym sponsors for senior girls who are planning lo leach physical eclucalion for a career. Climbing the ladder of success in GAA are lhese five seniors who have attained the honor of being awarded lhe fourih year award: Crop leftj Joyce Heinlen, Hop righll Lois Liiher- land, Emily Williams, Barb Craig, and Cboliomj Shirley Leurhner. olIeybaIl's Pleasin' During Autumn Season yi WI l xx D - l cl in e sn. 62 A O xx is o O v . . i The smiles of these eight girls indicates the happiness and pride they talce in their new title of volleyball champs. BACK ROW: Darlene Koenig, Debbie Hathaway, Jane Schielc, Lois White, Libby Hall. FRONT ROW: Naree Lesh, Betsy Ponar, and Bonnie McQueen. Senior Volleyball Sportheads No, it cloesn't take two girls to serve a ball, but it takes the efforts of Carol Dolosin and Lillian Perhutin to keep the bulls flying during volleyball season. With finger tip control Miss Rohde gets into the spotlight during volleyball. "I knew we would agree on these scores, even if we did have to use a coin!" Mary Jo Verchi- mak comments to Sonia Perhutin. Y'i ennis, An one? or, Whichawa for Speedawa 7 Ah' The ioy and thrill of winningl The champion speedawcuy team is composed of lback rowl Linda Pratto, Candy Powell, Linda Davis, Helen Evans, Jean Frank Cheri Douglas. Cfront rowj Lillian Perhutin, Carolyn Austin, Darlene Koenig and ebble Hathaway. m n Planmn and offlciatan a tennis tournament was the main function of the Activitie No sport would be complete without the guidance of the sportheads. Carolyn Heidel and Barb Harris took on the responsibility of the speedway action. l .L K Roll-A-Bowl-A-Ball-A-Man -A-Pitch Bowled over by her success in bowling Avace Gregory decided to get a Shirley Leuthner and Susan Blount, bowling sportheads, are check- ing ta make sure all the equipment is in good order before they let the girls bowl a 300 game. birds eye view of what happens when she throws her ball. Avace bowled a 'IBI game, the highest rolled by any GAA girl this year. Not to le! her older sister out do the act keeping score with her fell Gustafson. 5 Mmm her, Carole Leulhner gets into ow bowling sportshead, Carol First Call in Fall for Rumbling Tumbling but Ballet ls Gay and Here To Stay Ballet Club Members: Cback rowj Joy Larson, Joan Hamrin, Sue Mool, Gloria Peone, and Shirley Leuth- ner. Cfront row, Maureen Bailles, Martha Katzin, Pat Johnston, Carole Gursch, ond Sandy Resis. Ballet Club Doubling as Head of Bal' let Club and Head of Tumb- ling Club, Pat Johnston has done a fine iob seeing to the business of both or- ganizations throughout the Pat Johnston, Head of Ballet Club and Miss Revell, year, Sponsor, are found conferring on a future appear- ance of the club. Tumbling Club Members: lbock rowj Jody Basinger, Judy Darin, Linda Protto, Sally Blair, Judy Posego, Linda Kroll, and Carolyn Austin lfront rowj Charlotte Telek, Helen Evans, Jane Snider, Maureen Bailles, Kathy Sprietler, Bonnie Jenkins, Candy Powell, Susan Gregory, and Pot Johnston. xp' - ,Xt X C l l l l Modern Dance Offers Reason To Prance ' Y Trampoline ls MODERN DANCE CLUB: ftop rowj Carol Fugett, Joyce Heinlen, Karen Kramer, Donna Grohne, Linda Cramer, Celeste Pinneo, Bonnie McQueen, and Ann Ramsey. ISecond rowj Barbara Easley, Carole Gursh, Nancy Partak, Lynnete Hurtz, Sandy Thornley, Emily Williams, Sue Grimpe, and Billy Bates. KThird rowj Nancy Sanders, Cynthia Fleming, Audrey Soley, Terrie Holland, Jane Withers, Sharon Smithberg, Judy Osborn, Joyce Peters, Jackie Jackson, Shirley Leuthner, and Carole Leuthner. fFourth rowl Pam Hunte, Maureen Boilies, Linda Momsen, Sharyn Squier, Louise Wilson, Joyce Engelhardt, Sue Pier- son, Bonnie Jenlrins, and Glorie Peone. l li fllll J ' FJWJ lib-To il if ff 5 fi is if 4 liz? fill 35 ax, Zhi . T K 1 Er., ! jx ' ,nf my I E V? P ,321 ,s.-lJ, A i ii, ,,, ' A l "- I , EM exe 2 U L' Miss Thalrose, sponsor of Modern Dance Club, helps Lindo Cramer, head of the club, learn the techniques of the hula. Trampoline Club Jumping high and in perfect farm is Joyce Heinlen, Head of Trampoline Club. f I Qften Seen and Soon It s June Modern Dance , Club P' 4 Miss Carroll as sponsor of the Tramp Club has worked with many enthusiastic girls, helping them to perform advanced stunts on the trumps. y Trampoline Club Members: iTop rowl Terrie Holland, Linda Bolling, Jane Snider, and Judy Osborn. lSec- ond rowj Avace Gregory, Joyce Heinlen, Louise Williams. Uhird rowj Alice Brune, Sandy Palmer, Barb Craig, and Lois Litherland. 257 Equipment Would "Appear To Rate U " Physically e Awaiting the arrival of forty or fifty eager beaver GAA girls are three of the ap paratus sportsheads Nancy Blatti, Pat liberty, and Carol Larson. 4 "Easy does it," says Terrie Holland as she does the splits on the balance beam. Ride'em cowgirl. Sandy Palmer goes "up and over" the horse. Decked out in their "Sunday whites" these apparatus sporlsheads are pared for the third season of aclivity. They are Linda Prarlo, Lynda and Candy Powell. It's not a frog Jody Basinger is iumping over, it's buck in the girls' gym. Spring Spree Everybod 1 K pla ir, , ffiilff Gets in the ACT i 7 iff "Hmmmmm, something taste good," says Miss Revell. ls it the hotdogs or her thumb? Joyce Heilen Qleftj is the official cook for the Gym Boree and Miss Brodie frightj and company are ying the rale of the official tasters. Dads, Dads, and More Dads When someone yells "hey dad" in the girls' gym they had better be careful. Dad's Night is one of the most popular events held each year. Dads ioin in volleyball, relays, table tennis, and var- ious other activities. Pictured here is one of the winning dad's team. At the Mother- D a u g h t e r , Tea awards are present- ed, a n initiation takes p l a c e, and, most important, new officers are an- nounced and instal- led. K a r e n Skikos irightj, former presi- d e n t, is installing the n e w president, Lois Litherland. n GAA ACTivitieS No, it isn't anybody's birthday. These six of- ficers are preparing to initiate the new mem- bers of GAA at the formal candlelight initia- tion. Left to right: Terrie Holland, Linda Meier, Jane Schiek, Lois Litherland, Judy Qsbarn, and Terry Cantu. i 259 Editor Photo by Gene Sebben CCH f J J yea ,y ' D the 1962-63 of our esteem years . . . gain' " fthe formation r. Thus ,fx grill our reqlizaffibn - 'n- 1 5 n 5 '54 , N, We s , ,-x sa' .ff -4 L- ,,,,r,,,, U V . , , V J! If 1 2 Y , 'Z. .R M '34 Yb- K Y A ,...-... . -.,,, , "g"'vv 'bi-ff:-v., f .GRM lf, 495 , , V ww.. VM 'iq 4 c 5 b I 1' N , f 1 A A., 4. LH ff' i'Q'5J' rr 2' X. x ,A

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