John Muir Middle School - Naturalist Yearbook (Los Angeles, CA)

 - Class of 1949

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John Muir Middle School - Naturalist Yearbook (Los Angeles, CA) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 15 of 20
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John Muir Middle School - Naturalist Yearbook (Los Angeles, CA) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 14
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Page 15 text:

TH E NATU RALIST i3 G.A.C. Members Enjoy Farewell Party As always, the annual Girls' At- letic Club party was a wonderful success. The decorations were really cute. The refreshments were awfully good and everybody had an extremely good time. If you are not in G.A.C. you don't know what you're missing! Something which is looked for- ward to each year is the presenta- tion of the emblems and the award-- ing of the trophies to the winning teams. This year was no exception! Some of the A9 girls received their second star, thus completing their fourth semester. This is a fine rec- ord and something you B8 mem- bers can strive for. One of the most enjoyable fea- tures of the party was, of course, the A9 Prophecy and the Will and Testament. Alice Bernardo and Judy Wesser wrote the Prophecy and had some interesting predic- tions for the A9 girls. The ever- generous A9's in return left their finer Qualities to the most worthy receivers. The Will and Testament was written by Barbara McGuire and Joyce Benveniste. Mrs. Ewing gave a fine farewell message to the graduates. We graduating members of the Girls' Athletic Club would just like to keep on being able to attend all future parties but there will be other parties and other clubs to belong to in the future. Still, we won't soon forget the fun we've had here at John Muir as members of this wonderful organization. The unspoken rules of good sportsman- ship we've learned and the honor we've come to know and respect is something we will carry with us always whatever our destination in life may be. Thanks to you, Miss Schwaderer. You've really been swell! A9 Movie Doubles By Janice Latey Eddie Allen ............ Woody Herman Janet Watt ............,..... Jane Russell Norma Hueston .......... Claire Trevor Charlene Harrison..Dorothy Malone Armida Graieda ...... Dolores Del Rio Martha German ........ Shirley Temple Barbara Masserini ...... Linda Darnell Sydney Mumby ............ June Haver Marquis Norwalk ,....... Guy Madison Bill Newquist ................ Bill Holden Georgia Raitt .................. Doris Day Eileen Shepard ........ Wanda Hendrix Tony Zarrahy ............ Tarzan Uokel - Physical Fitness Tests There are five physical fitness tests which each girl must pass before she graduates. There is a possible score of 500, and you must have an average of at least 80. The five tests are: l. Base- runningg 2. Throw for distance, 3. Serve for accuracyp 4. Volley- ingg 5. Potato race. The potato race is strictly an A9 activity. lt's a test for speed and coordination. Each girl is timed and tries to make the lowest possi- ble score. This is a real test of your ability and really leaves you tired and out of breath. Most of the girls have made pretty good scores, however. All the physical fitness tests are a good means of finding out just exactly what you can do. Good luck with your tests and when you are an A9 you will have the Potato Race to look forward to. Radio Log By Barbara Capps One day when Mr. and Mrs. North were on their way to the Supper Club, the Fat Man walked up and said, "l'd like some Infor- mation Please." "Why, of course, "said Jerry, ask Twenty Questions if you like." lt turned out that the Fat Man, who was one of the Gangbusters, was looking for Nick Carter, who was a Counterspy. They got a clue that Nick might be in a warehouse, owned by Henry Aldrich, sometimes known as the Thin Man. On the way down to the warehouse, they picked up Casey, Crime Photogra- pher who was waiting in front of the Kraft Music Hall. Inside the warehouse they found a Straight Arrow, a Phonograph which was playing, and a piece of paper with the letters p, e, n, and t on it. "Stop the Music," yelled Casey. "What's the Name of that Song?" Jerry asked. "lt's 'Pent- house Serenadef is'nt it?" Pam answered. Then Quick as a Flash, it came to them. They would find Nick Carter at the on-ly penthouse in Big Town. The penthouse be- longed to Richard Diamond, but he had sublet it to someone who said they were friends of Rocky Jordan. "Well, said Sam Spade, to the Criminals, 'Into Your Cellsl' " Then Sam, who was chief of police, and the rest of the gang took in the Grand Old Opry and wound up at Club 15. Noon Officials Receive Emblems The girls who had charge of the noon tournament games this year certainly did a good job. The games couldn't have gone on without them. They received either an em- blem or a star for their efforts, however. The girls were required to pass a rule test with a fairly high score before they could even qualify for the job. Following are the girls who served on the Official Club this year. Upper Division: Delores Barr, Bette Blevins, Claribel Brodine, Shirley Chew, Shirley Clark, Gay Davidson, Yeiko Nakakihara, Bev- erly Noack, Geraldine O'Driscoll, Donna Redman, Edith Robles, Daisy Wilson, Shirley Won. Lower Division: Ruth Delgado, Paula DeHart, Theresa French, Esther Mayesh, Myrna Pitzen, Mariorie Fieldson, Helen Hamada, Joanne Goldner. -Gay Davidson, Girls' Sports Editor Perfect A9 Team By Jeanne Boehm "We want a Pitcher!" This would be an unknown cry if you were watching this team play soft- ball. lt would be one of the hottest teams on the campus. "What is it?" you ask. Why, it's our Perfect A9 Tearnll Catcher .................. Barbara Jordan Pitcher .... ...... M arlin Jenkins ist Base ..... ...... B arbara McGuire 2nd Base .... .......... J oanne Barton 3rd Base ............ Shirley Ferguson Left Field .................. Gay Davidson Center Field ........ Joyce Benveniste Right Field ................ Janice Latey Short Stop .................. Mardel King Platter Chatter By Virginia Buck The ten top tunes have been chosen by the A9's again this se- mester. They picked some of the best recent tunes that have be- come popular. Riders in the Sky was rated far above the others. l. Ghost Riders ln The Sky 2. Again 3. So ln Love 4. Cruising Down The River 5. So Tired 6. Forever And Ever 7. LLove You So Much lt Hurts e 8. Careless Hands 9. Stardust l0. Tennessee Saturday Night : MU-1 Girls' Farewell Well A9's, l guess this will be the last issue of the paper for you. Through the years you have been here l hope you all enjoyed the sports page of THE NATURALIST, for there recorded for you to keep through the years to come, are events which have lasting interest for each of you. Your annual holds many memo- ries which l hope are pleasant ones and you will look back on as some of the happiest of your life. l would like to express my very sincere appreciation to the Physical Education Department and Barbara McGuire, Assistant Girls' Sports Editor, for their cooperation in making this annual and all the past issues of the paper so nice. Carol Sherburn and Donna Ran- kin, your editors for next year, l am sure will do a fine job and have as much fun writing for the paper as l have. Good luck to them and good-bye to you. -Gay Davidson, Girls' Sports Editor What lf? By Nace Benun WHAT IF . . . Barbara were Bullets instead of Capps? Janis were Cook instead of Baker? Melvin were Balfive instead of Balfour? ' Bobby were Silversmith instead of Blacksmith? Beverly were Mixer instead of Brewer? Marilyn were Whit-stein instead of Brownstein? Clarence were Silverberg instead of Goldberg? Adelle were Goldbust instead of Goldwater? Ronald were Badheart instead of Goodheart? Janice were Earley instead of Latey? Lorraine were Lamp instead of Post? Gary were Plant instead of Seed? Mike were Movingman instead of Stillman? Cordell were Duckson instead of Swanson? James were Stumble instead of Tripp? Dan were Wrong instead of Wright? Rose were Old instead of Young?

Page 14 text:

'V It 1' has-X I I2 THE NATURALIST All-Stars Win 7th Annual Baseball Game By Don Devor Climaxing the 7th annual A9- All-Star Baseball game, the mighty All-Stars, under the superb coach- ing of Mr. Nobbe flashed ahead to win by a score of 4 to 2. This is the way it happened. Franklin Pena led off for the A9's and walked, Warsco I2J followed with a base hit, then to score the only two runs for the A9's, Carmen Scopellite, hit a long triple to score the two runners but was out him- self for sliding into home. Nothing exciting happened again until the last half of the second inning when Eugene Blodgett got a base hit. He was followed by Aguilar, who knocked the ball for two bases, scoring Blodgett. Ron- ald Shand also hit a double, but both he and Aguilar were put out in two magnificent plays by Chuck Parks, A9 catcher. For the All-Stars the fourth in- ning was the big one: Richard Hill walked and then scored on a bunl- by Blodgett, who advanced to third on the play at home. Aguilar struck out, Shand was safe on an error and scored when Logan Clark was safe on a fielder's choice. Clark scored on a base hit by Anderson, the pitcher. Then Goldner struck out to end the inning with 3 runs on one hit with 2 errors making the score four to two in favor of the All-Stars. In the fourth inning for the A9's Richard Hill made a beautiful play by tagging James Cheek and throw- ing to first to put Tierro Out. When the A9's did not score in the fifth inning the game was auto- matically over, with a score of ALL-STARS 4, A9's 2. Announcers for the game were Nace Benun and Donald Lenou. Umpires were: Mr. Brown, behind the plate, Mr. Toomey on first, and Mr. Wasserburger on third. We are proud of the fact that this game was played with much fine sportsmanship, and hope that many more games will be held un- der such fine enthusiasm. Faculty Softball Team By Gay Dividson WOMEN Umpire ...................,.... Don Devor Pitcher ...................... Mrs. Pollock Catcher ........ ...... M rs. Herriott lst Base ......... ............. M rs. Ewing 2nd Base ...,.,. ..,..... M iss Lindquist 3rd Base ........ ........... M rs. Gilbert Short Stop ................ Miss Sheffield Left Field .............. Mrs. Heidergott Center Field ................ Miss Bailiff Right Field ,... ........ M iss Schwaderer MEN Umpire ........................ Janet Watt Pitcher ...... ............. M r. Toomey Catcher ..... ....... M r. Nobbe lst Base ........ .... . .Mr. Allen 2nd Base .... ......... M r. Falvo 3rd Base ........ . ........ Mr. Holland Short Stop .............. Mr. Kristenson Left Field ......... ........ M r. Hermle Right Field .................. Mr. Zimmer Center Field ........ ......... M r. Bruce PICTURES: I-KEEPERS OF THE TREASURY, 2-GUARDENIAS, 3-GIRLS' LEAGUE CABINET, 4-TALENT CLUB, 5-GYM CLUB Thanks, Gentlemen! We of THE NATURALIST staff wish to express our very best of thanks to the Boys' P. E. teachers, Mr. Falvo, Mr. Nobbe, and Mr. Kristenson, for their considerate help this last semester. We want them to know that we really ap- preciate their kind efforts. -Don Hanning, Sports Editor Herbie Nesmith, Ass't Baseball l.Q. By Nace Benun Well, how did you do in the last issue. Here, we'll give you another chance. Score yourself one hit for every answer that is correct. Here we go for the last time. QUESTIONS: I. Who led the American League in batting last year? 2. Who beat Boston in the World Series last year? 3. How many games were played in the World Series last year? 4. Who was "Rookie of the year" last year? 5. What player is with the Browns now iust up from San Diego, hitting venf well? ANSWERS: I. Ted Williams. 2. Cleveland Indians. 3. Six. . Richie Asburn. . Jack Graham. 4 5 Snappy Sam Well, Csob, sobl, at last l'm leaving fsob, sobl John Muir. Yes, you're finally getting a new Snappy Sam. ln my place will be a cub reporter who is fair, of course. Who else writes as I do? IDon't answer that.l Or course, you boys received an "A" in P. E. lust because you fol- lowed my hints. Before I leave you dear boys, l want to leave you with one last hint for dancing. "Stick with it, men!" Well, most of you already know who I am, but for the benefit of the poor B7's who don't know any of the Big Wheels around Muir l'm the Biggest Wheel "Jimmy O'Leary, the one and only." Thanks for listening! Radio Characters By Herbert Nesmith Jr. The Fat Man .............. Jerry Labins The Thin Man ................ Bill Smith The Cisco Kid ................ Bill Garcia Pancho .................... Tommy Basta Mr. Dist. Attorney ...... Ronnie Swick Sherlock Holmes ...... David Salsbery The Shadow ........ Dean Cunningham The Lone Ranger ........ Jerry Wunch Tonto .......................... Frank Pena Straight Arrow ........ Rudy Escareno The Count of Monte Cristo ........ Jordan Sky King ......,.... . .........., Jerry Soest Sam Spade .................. John Rapoza Jack Armstrong ........ Andy Dishong Mr. North .................. Doug Lucero Mrs. North ................ Julia Gulasci Bulldog Drummond-Nace Benun My Friend Irma ........ Joanne Barton Fatima ..,............. Barbara Palesano Mr, X ,,,,........,...,.., Herbie Nesmith Our Miss Brooks .......... Mrs. Gilbert

Page 16 text:

14 TH E NATU RALIST Beavers Tigers Lions Panthers

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