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1? .19 i fE5 !5TL?AT!TXCfx4-xii? gif We f 9,4 I . A 1 S!!! 7 HUT' . T 5 ,-um. lk - --of 1 , , . ,V Q -ij ,hu Q' ....,. aa Ag? ir I -ff 'lf 54, j Y T ' - Ziifif li 'iii l',. ., . ii-ki it 'if ii i r 0 ill oo S Volume XXXII Los Angeles, California, June l6, l949 Number 5 A9 Teachers Praise Graduating Class By Don Devor When asked what they thought of the A9's the A9 homeroom teachers made the following state- ments: Mrs. Harrison: "The A9 class is made up of a fine group of young people. They have great possibili- ties." Mrs. Pollock: "The A9 class is a fine bunch of students. They may prove valuable additions to their high schools if they use their heads." Mrs. Toomey: "The A9 class seemingly includes students of varied interests and abilities. We may expect to hear many fine things about them in the future." Mrs. Mueller: "The A9's make a great class. The school is going to miss them greatly because there are so many leaders in the group." Mrs. Parker: "Some of the things I like about the A9 class are their loyalty to their school and their enthusiasm in drives. They have some of the best leaders l have seen in any junior high school." - Miss Miller: "The A9 class con- tains many fine boys and girls who should make splendid citizens in the future. My best wishes go with all of the A9's." Miss Thies: "My girls have al- ways shown an intense loyalty to their school. They have partici- pated in all organizational activity such as G.A.C., noon league games, etc. l hope they will always retain the fine spirit they showed here." Miss Reynolds: "They are a fine bunch of students. l have enjoyed working with them." Miss Newton: "l have not been too closely acquainted with them. They are a fine looking bunch of students." Typing Students Win Certificates By Jeanne Boehm Clickety-Click, Boy! look at those kids type. Why are they typ- ing like mad men? Why, because of the certificates that are awarded. So far six people have been award- ed 3O words certificates. They are: Jeanne Boehm, A95 Patricia Bearden, B95 Yvonne Ba- ker, A95 Charlene Harrison, A95 Barbara Kilpatrick, B95 Maurine Steiner, B95 and Barbara Pencille. Those who won 40-word certifi- cates are: Joanne Barton, A95 Shirley Hasson, A95 Frances Kean, B95 Bette Blevins, A95 Grace Mun- sey, B95 Marian Plankenhorn, B95 Gloria Wiedman, B9. CLASS OF SUMMER '49 HONORS JOHN MUIR AT GRADUATION EXERCISES GRADUATES TO RECEIVE DIPLOMAS FROM MR. OLIN DARBY, HONORED GUEST BY NORMAN EPPSTEIN Climaxing the summer semester of l949, the gradu- ating class of John Muir Junior High School will present John Muir, A Great American, as the theme of their gradu- ation exercises Four speeches will be given on his accomp- lishments. Our principal, Dr. Gerald M. Weller, will introduce Mr. Olin Darby, president of the Los Angeles Board of Educa- tion. Mr. Darby will present the diplomas to the graduating A-Nines, with the help of Mr. Johnson and Mrs. Herriott, our vice-principals. To introduce the speeches, Irene Alahuzos will give a talk on Muir's Boyhood and Youth, This will be followed by Muir, Scientist, Jack Murphy speaking5 The Writing of Muir, by Robert Emerziang and then, Muir's Contributions to America, by Barbara McGuire. Musical numbers will be: In the Heart of the Redwoods, by Baron- Grey5 On the Trail from the Grand Canyon Suite by Ferde Grofe5 and Waltz of the Flowers from Tschai- kowsky's Nutcracker Suite. Next comes Trees and last, the Choir joins the orchestra to sing I Heard a Forest Praying and Mountains. The Pledge of Allegiance will be led by Don Hanning, student -body president, and the A-Nine gradu- ates will march to the Grand March from the opera, Aida. Speeches were written by Gay Davidson, Don Devor, Jack Mur- phy, Norman Eppstein, Dorene Johnson, Eileen Shepard, Virginia Buck, Julia Gulasci, Shirley Fergu- son, Carol Johnson, James Frye, LaVerne Burk, Pat Burke, Mildred Cranston, Sharon Durr, Arlene Her- man, Norman Hueston, Wayne Waldschmitt, Billy Farmer, Edith Kalloway, Barbara Palesano, and Dolland Parsons. Krause to Head Naturalist Staff Bob Krause, cub reporter this term, is making a big jump up to the Editor's desk next term. The retiring editor, Norman Eppstein, is showing him the different responsi- bilities of an Editor. THE NAT- URALIST staff next term is: Associate Editor ............ Ralph Cook Feature Editor ................ Nancy Rix Make-up Editor .......... Emma Garcia Boys' Sports Editor ........ Sam Taylor Girls' Sports Editor..Carol Sherburne Exchange Editor..Annette Ernerzian Specialties .................. Deloris Barr Copy Reader ........ Marian MacLean Les Wolf New Student Body President At the conclusion of much counting of votes, and stiff compe- tition, Les Wolfe, a B-Nine of homeroom lO5 was the proud vic- tor who will serve as student body president for the next semester. A revote had to be held for girls' and boys' vice president as the competition was so furious that the candidates were practically tied. When the results finally came out Don Lowe, from homeroom 706, was the vice president. Grace Munsey, a B-Nine from homeroom 2l8 now has the honor of serving as the next girls' vice president. Our next student body secretary is none other than Richard Hill, also a B-Nine, from homeroom 506. A9's Enjoy Games, Dance at Class Party By Virginia Buck There was fun and gaiety galore, as the A9 Class enjoyed their party on June the lOth. lt proved to be a huge success as games were played and good entertainment was enjoyed by all. The party was held in the gym where decorations were draped in every part of the room, which gave it that festive effect. For a little variety a grand march was held5 there was ballroom dancng also. All the A9 Homeroom teachers were invited. They were in charge of the party along with Miss Sch- waderer and Mr. Kristenson. Deli- cious cake and ice cream were served to all those present. The time of the party was from 1:30 to 3:30, and during these two hours the A9's had a wonder- ful time. John Muir Honored At Helms' Meeting On Saturday, May l4, Mr. Falvo and Mr. Nobbe accompanied by Dick Hill, John Neil, Don Lowe, and Charles Lugo, attended the first annual Helms' foundation meeting of Junior High School teachers and students, connected with athletic clubs. The program consisted of a talk by Mr. Helms and Mr. Howard Bell, the supervisor of youth serv- ice activities, and an exchange of ideas bf the teachers from various junior highs which were repre- sented. Great plans are being made for further meetings of this type on a semi-annual basis. The highlight of the meeting was the reference made to John Muir Jr. High as the "father of all junior high athletic clubs." Prac- tically every program mentioned was based on the John Muir plan. On display were all the John Muir athletic trophies. After the meeting was over, a delightful lunch was served to all through the courtesy of Helms' bakery. From Our Principals . . . DIair': Principals hafvc the fol- lofwing parting message' for the fl9's.' In your graduation program you hafve cho.v1'n to commemorate the life and zzchinfvrmenir of tha! great flmarimn 'Lahore name our .rchool .ro proudly heart-John llfluir. No holler trail rxislx for you lo follow than the ont' fwhifh he markad out for us. flx he hlazed this trail lo-ward the hoighls, he took fwiih him a hody mado .rtrong through clean and temperate living, an alert mind, an' ohnzrfuing eye, a fwillingnzxrt lo mov! hardship.r, a de- lerminalion lo hold alfwayx lo the goal sat, and a rnfverent spirit. fllong iwilh thou' qualifier fwoni a lofve for all lifving things, an appra- rialion of Ihr' hrauly of the outdoor fworld and a determination to pre- .rfrwo our mountains and forertx so lhal all man might than' them. .45 fwe hid you faretwrll, auf hold the high hope that eafh one of you may follorw thi: trail to tho upland: of lifving fwhcra thc highenrt fvaluci' uri' to he found. Oar hex! fwirhex go 'with you at you lea-vc ur. Sincerely yours, Celia P. Horriolf, Girls' Vice-Prin. Rzzssell S. Johnson, Boys' Vice-Prin. Gerald JU. lVfller, Principal TH E NATURALIST THE TNATURALIST Edited and Printed Semi-Monthly by Students of John Muir Junior High School at Los Angeles, California. NATURALIST STAFF AND PRINTERS NATURALIST STAFF Editor-in-Chief .................................................... Norman Eppstein Associate Editor ..... Feature Editor ........ . ....... ........................ B arbara Capps . ..................................... Nace Benun Make-up Editors ........ ...... J oyce Benveniste, Virginia Buck Boys' Sports Editor ....... ................................ D on Hanning Assistant ..................... ...... ...... H e rbie Nesmith Girls' Sports Editor ....... .......... G ay Davidson Assistant .................. ...... B arbara McGuire Exchange Editor ...... .......................... B ob Emerzian Specialties .......... .............................. . ...Don Devor .......Margaret Longo, Janice Latey .....Verna Boehm, Shirley McClain Presswork ................. ................ T ed Neel, Jerry Soest Copy Readers ....... Typists .................... Journalism Advisor ...................................... Mrs. Beatrice F. Gilbert Printing Instructor ............................................ Mr. Edgar Zimmer CUB REPORTERS Deloris Barr, Ralph Cook, Annette Emerzian, Emma Garcia, Bob Krause, Marian McLean, Jewel Mayesh, Jimmie O'Leary, Donna Rankin, Nancy Rix, Carol Sherburne, Sam Taylor. "FAREWELL A9'S" Dear A9's: You have been at this school for three years-three long, happy years which. we know you'll never forget. When you first came here as B7's you probably wondered how you could make friends in such a large place. Now you know. It wasn't hard at all. You are going to a much bigger school now, and you may feel the same there as you did when you were B7's here. But those days will soon pass and you will again become a graduating class. We give you our best wishes and glad memories for you to cherish the rest of your lives. -Jewel Mayesh REACHING THE HEIGHTS The time has come for us to say goodbye. Although our loyalty will eventually change to another school, we will always remember John Muir as the school in which we started on the long road through high school. When we came here three years ago we started as "scrubs" Now we have reached the top and are ready to go on to high school and start at the bottom again. Although we are sorry to leave we are glad that John Muir has such a good B9 class to take our place. Because we will always remember John Muir we are saying, "So Long" not "Goodbye." -Don Devor A9 Class Prophecy . By Joyce Benveniste What time is it? Oh, that's right, I don't have to worry about Mr. Haberman's scolding me again 'cause I finally got my "walking papers." What year is this? l959 already? Speaking of class mem- bers, I wonder what became of those "Dear Friends of Old?" I read in THE NATURALIST that to- night they are having a social ban- quet and reunion. Tonight I think that I shall "paint the town red" and show Barbara McGuire that I still have some of the "old spirit" in me yet. She has settled down with Chuck Stange and they're happy on their farm. Well, here I am at the party. I see that the entertainment is fur- nished by Clarence Goldberg and Gerald "Rattlesnake" Wunsch, the two cowboy heroes. What are those funny noises? OI It's clumsy Her- bie Nesmith still stepping on Gay Davidson's feet. My, but there are a lot of celebrities here! I see Norman Ep- pstein, the famous scientist, who has just come back from Africa after capturing a rare Lapland Lounge Lizard. Don Devor, the famous reporter, is getting the story. There's my old pal Marelyn Jenkins, the famous violinist. Allan Warsce and Anthony Dapello have been doing well on the L. A. Bruins. Diana Vardas is here with some of her famous models, among them, Norma Philips, Jeanne Jet- ton, Dora Dee McReady, and Daisy Wilson. There's Virginia Buck and her Carmen Miranda Review. In- cluded in her show are Arlene Judd, Romona Steeter, Barbara Moore, and Gloria Pulone. No one knows if any of these will come true, but we will all know one thing for sure. We will all be successful, even millionaires. How can we miss when we're mem- bers of the summer class of 'forty- nine? A9 Alphabet , By Janice Latey Adorable .. Bashful .... Cute ...... Dainty ........ ..............EiIeen Shepard .........Tom Dragna .. ........ Shirleen Huck ....Boletta Colburn Exotic ,,,,,,,,,,,, ..,,,,.,A.,... B ill Smith Fashionable .............. Diane Vardas Generous .,,.... ....... S hirley I'IaSSOt'1 Handsome ................ Don Henning lrresistable .......... Johnny DiPonzio Journalistic Kissable ..... Lovable ...... Manly ..... Nutty ............... Ooo-La-La Personality Quiet .......... Roguish ...... . Talented .. Useful ..... ...Robert Ernerzian ....,......BilI Macias ..Charles Atkinson ....Gordon Fosberg .........Nace Benun Valerie Waterman ..........Shirley Ferguson ......Jack Murphy ............Gary Allen .....lrene Alahuzos Sweet ......... .... .. ....... Mary Ala Clark ............EarI Dupre Versatile ............. Roy Quinsey Witty ...... .Charles Schneider Xellent ,.......... Rocco Aviani Yahoo! .,.. ....... J immie O'Leary Zany .... ......... M ardel King n' 5-3 1 j MT ' qi .ES at K wg J, .,,,..,QQ,7 l'IELLl E PIATURALIST Attention faithful C?i readers! tDon't all speak at once.l I have some bad news for you. I really hate to put you through this tor- turel?J but I guess I'cl better tell you-Wait a minute-don't tear up this column!! This is the last of the series of the prized and great Q7 manuscripts you have been col- lecting l?l Yes, yours truly has been asked to leave after a brief l?J story here if and when I make up seven years of work. Don't laugh so hard you make me cry. But getting on the serious i?l side, may I say that in portraying the lovable l?l character of Nellie Naturalist, I was not only express- ing the feelings of one person, but every one in John Muir. tl forgot my ideas from all the kids in Jour- nalism. That class includes every type of kid imaginable-they range from crazy to crazier. Oh! I'd better not waste pre- cious space telling about how much you're going to miss me, what you want to know is who is my "dream boy." Since I began writing this column l have another one, but l'II tell you the one I originally had in mind. He is none other than iI'll give you his full name-it's so short. You'Il probably know him. He attended Muir and Manual. lrah! rahli I2-5-I5-I4-l.l8.!-?" Mickey l3-3-3-I-IBI4-I2-5. Jun- nor. It's time to go makeup myself for Mike. There were so many question marks in this column be- cause l still haven't figured out the answer to this question, "To be or Not to Be-That is the question." -Nellie CiNature's enemy? Nat- uralist, Alias I0-l5-25-3-5 2-5-l4- 22-5 I4-9-I9-20-4 P. S.-Don't give up! If I made it through Muir you ought to be able to! Perfect A-Nine By Norman Eppstein BOY Hair ............................ Dan Beatty Smile ........ ............. J ames Frye Posture .,...... ................ D on Dias Personality .......... Johnny DiPonzio Brains ,.,-....,,,........... Bob Emerzian Sense of Humor ........ Chuck Stange Build .................... Cordell Swanson Sportsmanship ................ Ben I'IOke Athlete ........................ Dan Finch Bashful .............. Norman Eppstein GIRL Hair ..... ...........,...... J oyce Kates Eyes .... .,,.......Barbara Howell .....Shirley Hasson Smile ........... Posture ......,,... ...... J oyce Micheli Personality Brains ....... ..............Gay Davidson ...... Carolyn Kaneko ll THE NATLJRALIST 5 'use XXXN WNW T S C ,Q E'i3emx"ru.rl'i' Joe Joker Well, peasants, have you de- duced who the "mystery face" in my Colossal Contest is? NO! Bah! That I, "el supreme bandito" in Mexico, California should write my magnificent column for a bunch ot illiterate squareheads who don't appreciate the finer arts, what a catastrophe! Well, l'll give you low-down, side-windin', bush-whacking, dry- gulchin' cattle-rustlin' varmits an- :ather chance. Hyar's the final clue. He's Irish. Now who is it? You still don't know? Bah! Loco hom- bres, anyhow. Very well, just ONE more clue. It youse still do not know, ask Eileen Shepard. Now, if it's not taxing your itty-bitty brains f?l too much, guess who I am! Who? No, not Craig Dixon. Try again. No, not Ron Frazier ldon't say Pasquali, Barnes, or Bathlessg you'll be close, but wrongl. Try once more. No, I'm not Bill Tell lfat chancell Well, l'm sorry, so I guess l'll have to tell you myself. I center field for the Lions and drop every other ball that comes to me, I work at the Outer-Mongolian Em- bassy. That's it! You're right! l'm me! For that you win i'p50,000, the Brooklyn and Golden Gate Bridges, an orange, and Clark Gable! And now, for your pleasure, a clever anecdote. Tourist: "What happened when you fell overboard?" Sailor: "Oh, I just grabbed a cake of soap and washed myself ashore!" I leave you now with my last words that will become famous: Joe Joker P.S. For scrubs and ignoramuses, the mystery face is Jimmie O'Leary and I'm Hanning's assistant. Most' Likely To: By Barbara Capps . Here are the students we think are the most likely to: Succeed ............ Norman Eppstein Become a crooner ...... Don Hanning Take Dr. Kildare's place ............ ........................Jimmie O'Leary Take Harpo Marx's place .......... Benun Replace Tyrone Power .... Jim Tripp lUse Your Own Imaginationl ...... Emerzian Guess Who? By Barbara McGuire See how good you are at recog- nizing your pals by their nick- l'1Bl'Tl9S. . Andy .,.... . Deena ..,., . Kiko ,...... . Ozzie ....., . Sonny ..... . Curly ...... . Junior ..... .Pecos .... . . Buddy ...., . Stinky ..... . Butch ..... I 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 IO ll I2 I3 I4 I5 I6 I7 I8. I9 20 2l 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 . Rosetta ....... . . Fossy ,........,... . Waldo ........ .... . Delbie ............ . Sinabar .....,,... ' Baldy """"""""""' ueiiue A - Q . bl Oil . Little Bill ..,.,........... 519508 mg ' Harveys "'-" """ e gaualeft lagueg ' Buffy ""'A'- """ u eujow viue1:l uuosiapuy udleg """ SSUJIOH EUIJPH """'Bunoj. asog ' Dmkens '-----"""""" .iebioj vpiq "6Jaqsod uopxog ' Bud """"s """"" U www ISSSW """'oi9ug4V viueJj """PiEMSo lned """"'SJdf'l JE Cll El """""""pl'!S AJEQ 'nauoiew AalsaM -- 's'- puncuiauiog peg "'xpsunM pieJa9 Speedy "s"' """" Bl IJIMS aguuog """ .lSlMO:l isauleg ' ggsfid-8 ------ e----!----- M wa UO.. ' erry """" ' """""' .unq uoleug Jail-2MPiO9 Suapv ' Do DO -""""""" uosuuof asuoq "'eMe6eN eAeueS "' """' SSJOVV UOJELJS """"BIE1lA EUUV ' A-AZrftl"V ""'-""" .ia5ugHgW auapy ' De DL """" """"' 6 um lapJeW ' B "---""""" uecuugaj euoig ' Unsey """"""' suosmd puellog Ten Best Bands By Joyce Benveniste Attention, all you A9 students! Does this sound familiar? "Hey, who are you putting down for the best band? Oh, don't put down Les Browng put down Artie Shaw. His Summit Ridge Drive is simply swoony. On the other hand, Glen Miller's Little Brown Jug is super!! Oh, you chicken, why put down Harry James for, etc., etc." Yes, the A9 Questionnaires were finally tallied up by the struggling f?l Journalists. The following is the outcome of the Ten Best Bands question asked on the Questionnaire, chosen by you sensible i?l A9 students. Start- ing at the bottom of the column we find Spade Cooley in IOth place . . . going up the list we see that Tex Beneke took the 9th spot . . . Gene Krupa, 8th place with Francis Craig in 7th . . . continuing up the list we find Harry James in 6th place and Spike Jones 5th . . . tak- ing 4th and 3rd honors were the honorable bands of Tommy Dorsey and Les Brown . , . Artie Shaw and his great band came in second and we all felt that the class made a wise choice in none other than the immortal Glen Miller and his band as tops! This proves that although most of the A9's were very young in the days when he was very popular they still remember the great recordings made by Glen Miller and his band. His memory will not only live in the hearts of our parents and grandparents, but also in our own. For now, the A9's will take the "Chatanooga Choo-Choo" and say "Adios." Movie Log By Robert Emerzian One Sunday Afternoon the Three Musketeers and the Three God- fathers were approaching Fort Apache leading the Little Women. Overhead the Fighter Squadron was to Cover Up the Command Decision while Whispering Smith was sing- ing So Dear to My Heart and Words 'and Music. Not far away Rogue's Regiment was bringing in the Red Pony from Tulsa just South of St. Louis. Now on the other side of Red River was the Boy with the Green Hair bringing a Letter to Three Wives. The Impact was so great, that he had to go to EI Paso with Joan of Arc and Knock on Any Door. Then When the Sun Comes Up he can see the Hills of Home and the Unknown Island. Chicken Every Sunday was a Set Up and Slightly French was too much for the Paleface and Ma and Pa Kettle so away they went to the Snake Pit and the Pitfall. The Walking Hills were an Act of Violence to Don Juan when he said So This ls New York? Why I even Remember Mama and Life with Father. The Red Shoes were doing a Criss Cross and the Lucky Stiff was having an Adventure in B'altimore with the Fighting 0'Flynn, when he decided to drop the whole thing. Inquiring Reporter By Virginia Buck Numerous A9's throughout the school were asked, "What is your favorite column in THE NATU- RALIST and why?" Here are some of the brilliant answers. Ben Hoke, our A9 Class Presi- dent, says Silhouettes is his favorite because he likes to guess who they are. Nellie is Sharon Durr's favo- rite. She likes her funnyl?l iokes. Harold Johnson likes to read Sport Sense, simply because he likes sports. Mildred Cranston thinks Silhouettes is tops. She likes it because you can get better ac- quainted with the kids. When Donald Dias get his issue of THE NATURALIST he turns to the Sports Page first, because he likes to read about the exciting sports games and tournaments. Bill Macias likes Nellie Naturalist, be- cause she's always slamming Joe Joker. But Nace Benun likes Joe Joker, because he is always slam- ming Nellie Naturalist. Oh well! "My vote goes to Silhouettes," says Barbara Moore. She also likes to guess who the "silhouetted" person is. Learning how to be a top-flight athlete is a good pastime. For this reason, Bill Roberts likes, Sport Sense. Joe Joker is Mary Frazier's and Johnny DiPonzio's favorite column. Earl Rothermund likes Smiles and Smirks because he likes to know the opinions of the differ- ent students. Both Sharon Morse and Shirley Clark say Platter Chat- ter is the column they like to read, because they like keeping up-to- date on the latest records. Last Will and Testament By Barbara McGuire We, the finally lparoledl gradu- ating class of John Muir, Summer I949, being of supposedly sound mindC?l and body, hereby will the following items to the remaining students lcell-matesl of our dear Junior High School. You lucky people! lHa! Hall Bob Emerzian leaves his brain to Annette, his sister. Uust one?l David Salsbury leaves his love and kisses to Ruth Mauerman. ' Nace Benun leaves nothing to nobody. Uokel. Shirley Hasson leaves her shoul- der pads to Doris Kohler. Dolores Bombace leaves her smile to a cute A8 boy. fT.l'l.l Joan Herbelin leaves her swing to Patsy Martin. Duane Goodwin leaves all the girls heartbroken. tHe d0es?l Joan Acker wills her cool tha, hal, temper to the boys. Barbara Riley wills her voice to any future hog caller. Eugene Fiero leaves his muscles to Terry Kelly. Helen Horton doesn't leave Rich- ard Hill to Beverly Firestine or any other A8. Bob Pollock wills his height to Johnny Neil. Yvonne Baker leaves her talent to Dolores Dick. tShe needs it???l Dan Beattie leaves his pitching arl3n to Gene Anderson. ll-le needs it! Gloria Cardwell leaves her voice to Wanda Atkinson. Frank Montiio wills his record breaking speed to Don Lowe. Shirley Rose leaves her sense of humor to Dorothy Hiskey. Ben Hoke leaves his women trouble to Ray Cude. Gerry Schwartz leaves his "toni" to Sam Taylor. Doris Snedden wills her tech- nique to Paul Wheeler. Margaret Longo wills her writing ability to a JI Journalist. Leland Turnwall leaves his phy- sique to anyone who wants it. Shirley Ferguson wills her one dimple to Beverly Noack who has one too. My Class and Yours By Norman Eppstein Well, I see that the A9 Pano- rama is now in the hall. The pano- ranfla is one of the most treasured articles that the graduating classes have. On it there is the picture of the graduating class, and on the back are autographs of friends. Now it is in the showcase and everyone is critically admiring it. You'll hear the usual run of re- marks such as, "Gee, Joe looks al- most educated" and "Gosh, I look like a mess there" and other "Ah's" and "Oh's", but on the whole, you're rather pleased with it, and you should be, for it will help to retain your fond memories of junior high school for many years to come. Yes, being an A9 can be simply wonderful. 1" d,,..' 6 THE NATURALIST Perfect Teacher By Barbara Capps Here's our idea of the perfect teacher: WOMEN Friendliness .............. Mrs. Mueller Wit .............. ......... Mrs. Gilbert Charm ........ ............ M rs. Ewing Eyes ........................ Miss Reynolds Popularity ............ Miss Schwaderer Figure ........ ...... M iss Lindquist Brains ......... ....... M rs. Herriot Briskness ................,,.... Miss Thies Calmness , ................... Miss Miller Q MEN Helpful ........................ Dr. Weller Energetic ...... ....,. M r. Holland Personable .... ........... M r. Dyck Smart ............,. ....... M r. Hermle Personality ................ Mr. Toomey Tall ...,..,...,..,..,,............ Mr. Bruce Athletic ..... ........ M r. Kristenson Handsome .................... Mr. Nobbe "Western Record Roundup" Howdy all you Western Fans! Here come the best platters of the musical West. First, we have a song with a very sweet title sung by a pretty sweet guy. Candy Kisses, by Eddie Kirk is the top tune today. Eddie has quite a few best-sellers, too. Don't miss his The Gods Were Angry With Me for Lovln' You, Careless Hands, and My Best to You. lf you'd like a picture of Eddie, send one of yourself to KXLA, Pasadena, and you'll get one. Jimmie Wakeley's Till the End of the World is goin' places. lt's a dreamy tune that is especially nice to listen to with the Western Border touch added. Tennessee Ernie's, Tennessee Border, is really swell. The other side is a cute ditty called Milk 'em in the Morning Blues. You'll have a chance to compare Ernie's sing- ing and speaking voice. Wall, ef'n you-all have time durin' the summer, you might like to tune in "Hometown Jamboree" at ll:3O a.m. lt's on KXLA, and has Eddie Kirk, lsighl, Merle Travis, Tennessee Ernie, Harold Hensley, Billy Liebert, Herman the Hermit, Cliffy Stone, and Vicky Buckshot. lt's really swell. The whole gang is out at El Monte Legion Stadium Saturday nite, too. Gotta go now-Adios, -Pecos Lil Movie Star Derby By Nace Benun June Allyson, chosen first lady all the way from start to finish be- cause of her great role in Little Women. Second was Gail Russell, with Jane Russell close behind. Betty Grable placed fourth beating out Shirley Temple. The outstanding actor this se- mester chosen by our class was John Wayne who played magnifi- cently in Wake of the Red Witch. Placing a close second was Alan Ladd with Bob Mitchum hot on his heels. Fourth was John Derek. Leading a four-way tie for the fifth place were Richard Widmark, Montgomery Cliff, Van Johnson, and Bob Hope. -bs-E-N PICTURES: l-AGRICULTURE CLUB, 2-TEENAGERS, 3-THRIFT CLUB, 4-JUNIOR RED CROSS, 5-HEALTH CLUB Movie Daffynitions By Jimmie O'Leary Set-up ............................,,.,,. Test Force of Evil ........ Cheating in Tests Little Women ...,.... Norma Phillips, and Bonnie Haycock Life of Riley ......., Summer Vacation l Cheated the Law..Ditching School So Dear to My Heart .... John Muir This ls My Affair .... Unsatisfactory Notice We Were Strangers ....,. A9's When They Were B7's The Long Night .... Homework Night One Sunday Afternoon ........ Vesper Service Command Decision ........ Homework Unknown Island ........., High School Pale Face .......,...,.,,... Earle Johnson Snake Pit. .,........... Journalism Class Let's Live a Little .... Saturdays and Sundays Book Worm Hi, A9's, and fellow book worms!! Here are the ten top books of the semester, in order of prefer- ence. l. Little Women, by Lousia May Alcott. 2. Lorna Doone, by Richard Blackmore. 3. Boxing, by Edwin Haist. 4. Famous American Athletes of Today, by Campbell. 5. Mystery Schooner, by Terence Robert. 6. Wuthering Heights, by Emily Bronte. 7. Windy Foot, by Frances Frost. 8. The White Buffalo, by Rode. 9. Modern Dressmaking Made Easy, by Picken. and last but not least lO. The Secret Garden, by Bur- r16l'l'. Don't forget to visit your public library over the vacation. So long, -Wormy Clvlargaret Longo? Kamera Kicks By Herbie Nesmith The Snake Pit The LUcky Stiff Melody TiMe EnchantMent ThePalE face Criss CRoss South oF St. Louis The Fighting O'Flynn Whispelfing Smith Duel in The Sun Yellow SkY Red CaNyon Canadian Pacific Bad Me?-l of Tombstone LifE of Riley Remember When By Jimmie O'Leary Remember when: Herbie Nesmith was slow? Joe Hasson wore his first pair of levis? Barbara McGuire used to get on the honor roll? Joyce Benveniste was talking about football players?i When wasn't she?l A9's weren't great? Don Dias had natural blond hair? I used to be popular with my teachers? 5929 ,iff ai' I "' ."9',- ' vt- I1 T img, AJ 'N IKM.. -.J..1ff3:mfgi,, hx., in " -1- ."'-f'3?f'WE ,.A. 45? "1 3 Z :Lift Girls' Safety Commission Library Club Boys' Safety Committee Student Congress g,..f JUNE mill Vs. 5 - Virginia Joan Leslie Acker Irene Jean Alahuzos Edward Allen Gary Raymond Allen Ralph Glen Anderson Dolores Jean Arnett Frank M, Atencio Jr. Charles Floyd Atkinson Rocco Louis Aviani XJanis Baker Yvonne Barbara Baker Melvin John Balfour Priscilla Joanne Barton Thomas Frank Basta Daniel Emmett Beattie Mary Lou Belcher Joyce Benveniste Nace Jack Benun Bob Howard Blacksmith Elizabeth Rae Blevins Verna Jeanne Boehm Dolores Ann Bombace James Conrad Boyce Marilyn Yvonne Boyd Ray A. Bray, Jr. Beverly Jeane Brewer Marilyn Harriet Brownstein 11-...K-A "'-C,h W Virginia Judith Buck LaVerne E. Burke Patricia Ann Burke Barbara Capps Robert Carrillo Gloria Jean Cardwell Barbara Ann Cayse James William Cheek Mary Ala Clark Shirley Elizabeth Clark BoLetta Jean Colburn Joan Esther Corrall Robert Earnest Cowles Mildred Ann Cranston Dan Robert Cunningham Anthony Dapello Della Gay Davidson Bob-Arnold Ferdinand DeCoudreaux June A. Derderian Donald A. Devor Donald Lee Dias Steele Thomas Diezel Johnny David DiPonzio Andrew Franklin Dishong Norma Eugenia Dorsa Patricia Lee Doty Thomas Dragna Richard Edgar Drennen Earl A. Dupre Lois Celine Dupre Patricia Lou Duncan Sharon Virginia Durr Arnold Raymond Egger Robert Emerzian Norman Alfred Eppstein Rudolfo Escareno William Charles Farmer Gloria Gail Feinman Shirley Ann Ferguson Eugene Cruz Fierro Daniel Wiley Finch George Glenn Fletcher Richard Lee Folger Gordon Carl Fosberg W. C. Earnest Fowler Carla Francis Mary Katherine Frazier James Earl Frye John Vincent Gallagher William Garcia Martha Grace German Clarence Darrow Goldberg Adelle Goldwater Ronald Jesse Goodheart Noel Duane Goodwin Armida Graieda Julia Verona Gulacsi Donald Lee Hanning David Hannon Fred Gordon Hart Charlene Lee Harrison Joseph Morris Hasson Shirley Esther Hasson Bonnie Carroll Haycock Virginia Lyn Henry Joan Ardell Herbelin Arlene June Herman Ben Anderson Hoke Edrina Jane Holmes Helen Arlene Horton Barbara Howell Shirleen Joy Huck Norma Lee Hueston Clara Huniu Carl Richard Hupp Diane Louise lnchausti Robert Lee Jeffrey Marelyn Joyce Jenkins Joann Lee Jetton 9 CLASS . n on nson ones an rdan n Y eko es Labins atev now ongo Luce ro cias mr :mm ui 5 , John Daniel Maloy Sebastian Manuele, Jr. James Edward Martin Barbara Jean Masserini Howard Grant McCallum Shirley Lee McClain Bonnie Marie McColpin Dorla Dee McCready JoAnn McCune Frank Arthur McGhan Barbara Ann McGuire Joan Ann Mercer Joyce Nadine Micheli Glen Austin Miller Arline Dolores Millinger Frank Leroy Montiio Barbara Terry Moore Marlena Marie Moore Martha Moreno Sharon Lee Morse l Dorothy Marie Mulchaey Sydney Lea Mumby John David Murphy Theodore Joseph Neel Herbert McRae Nesmith Beverly Glee Neville Ig, of William Fred Newquist Cleveland Ray Nixon Barbara Ann Nober Marquis James Norwalk Albert Nyitrai, Jr. James Burton O'Leary Paul Robert Oswald Beverly Jean Pack Barbara Jeanette Palesano Rosa Esther Palomino Elizabeth Anne Parish Charles Howard Park Mariorie Lois Parmiter Dolland Dee Parsons Franklin Pena A Barbara Ann Pencille Norma Lee Phillips Richard Lanny Phillips Jerrol David Pickering Robert Donald Pollock Lorraine Pauline Post Gloria Martha Pulone Carmen Mary Quiiada Roy R. Quinsey Jack Edward Quirk Georgia Lee Raitt -sl fif. .sw-' Z John Rapoza Marita Carol Rhyne Barbara Dianne Riley William Franklin Roberts Edward Ernest Rodriguez Willard Edward Rogers Shirley Jane Rose Don Karl Ross Shirley Mae Roth Walter Earl Rothermund David George Salsbery Helen Yvonne Saunders Thomas Barger Saunders Marlene Rebecca Schmidt Charles Albert Schneider Gerald Herbert Schwartz Carmen Anthony Scopellite Gary William Seed Eileen May Shepard Billy Harvey Smith Doris Jean Snedden Marie Alice Stadheim Charles Henry Stange Jo-Ann Marie Steuernagel Mike Medford Stillman Irma Lee Stitch Ramona Leah Streeter Cordell LaVere Swanson Kathleen Swatsworth Ronald Dean Swick Edna Sachiko Takeda James William Tripp Leland Charles Turnwa-ll Daniel Javier Valencia Diana Lee Vardas Kenneth Varden Carmen Villareal Anna Marie Vitale James Arvid Wahlstrom Wayne Walter Waldschmitt Neva Mae Ward Alan M. Warsco Valerie Jeanette Waterman Janet Marie Watt Helen Glenna Weidenhamer Geraldine Mae Whitney Bobbie Lou Wilbur Daisy Agnelia Wilson Dwight Eric Witte Donald Gary Wright Gerald Lee Wunsch Billy Joe Yates Rose Lee Young Anthony Zarrahy, Jr. 4-' -J., Orchestra Choir Ushers Stage Crew lzlag Crew Nbxg N X Girls Glee Club l fl n l ll i lll l A 4 V I l l 1 ' ""s.,,-I ,X 1 i Q! 1 3 ,fy .67 I ll TH E NATU RAL! ST ll Semester in Review By Donald Hanning Well, well, it certainly has been a full semester. Boy! when you look over the term you just can't see where they put everything. Let's look back over some of the events of the term. First of all there was the B7 Orientation assembly on February 4th. On the tenth of the same month, the Thrift people went on a trip to the bank. On the eighteen- th we had our first assembly. Then on the twenty-fifth something im- portant happened that everyone en- joyed. We saw THE NATURALIST movie. On March third we had an assembly put on by the Mysterious Mr. Brown. Then on the eleventh day of March we had the thrift assembly. The first big day for the A9's was their dance which was held on the seventeenth. On the eighteen- th we had our big talent show. Remember all of those little pic- tures that were taken on the twenty-fifth? Then on the twenty- ninth we had our NATURALIST pictures taken. On the thirtieth the documents from the Freedom Train were put on display in our own library. One thing that some people were glad to see, and of course some weren't too happy about it, were the report cards, which came out on April sixth. On the seventh we had the second A9 dance. On the next day we had the A9-All-Star Track Meet. From the eleventh to the fifteenth we had a wonderful Easter Vacation. On the twenty-first we had the first A9 Meeting. Our Vesper Program was held on Sunday, the twenty-fourth. The twenty-fifth was another big day for the A-Nines. This was the day that the green opened. On April 29 our very successful Open House was held. On May second the P.-T.A. had the Apron-overall drive, which was won by Miss Fuller's A7 girls and Mrs. Gilbert's A7 boys. The A9 Class Officers were elected on the fifth. On the sixth the girls had a field day. That same day the boys had a gym meet. Then on the thirteenth we saw Melody Time. Then came the Boys' Luncheon at the Elk's Club. Another A9 dance was held on the nineteenth, also a safety party. On the twentieth we had our Student Body Election. The twenty-sixth brought a party for the homeroom secretaries. There was a fashion show for the P.-T.A. on the twenty-fourth. The twenty-seventh brought the big A9-All-Star baseball game. Then from May thirty-first to June third the A9's had their final exams. On June eighth the girls had their G.A.C. party, The student body officer's installation was held on the tenth. On the same day we had the A9 party. The thirteenth brought a congress party. On the fourteenth we had the award as- sembly. Right after the assembly we had our ever-loving report cards. Silhouettes By Virginia Buck He was born on May l2, l934, in Los Angeles, with blonde hair and blue eyes . . . He has grown to the height of 5 feet, 9 inches and weighs I43 pounds . . . imus- cles!l . . . His favorite subjects are agriculture and electric . . . His course and major in auto mechan- ics . . . Roast duck is his favorite food, and his pet peeve is his Eng- lish class in the A9 . . . Making model ships is his hobby, and he hopes to some day become a mighty seaman . . . His main inter- est is sports and he's in the boys athletic club . . . His favorite singer is Vaughn Monroe singing, "Ghost Riders." . . . 402 is his homeroom, and when asked if he likes girls, he said, "Shucks, l'm bashful." . . . You've guessed it . . . He's our A9 class president, Ben Hoke. W 'ir 'Ii 'k Glendale, California is where she was born, on the day of June 25, I934 . . . She has brown hair and green eyes, and weighs-oh well! . . . Her height is 5 feet, lV2 inches, and her hobby is knitting little socks for cars . . . Choir and P. E. are her favorite subjects and her favorite teachers are Miss Schwaderer, Miss Sheffield, and Mrs. Mueller . . . She is going to Manual Arts High School totake an academic course and major in Latin . . . Fried chicken and french fries are her favorite food, and her pet peeve is, "Kids who wear shoulder pads." Ha! Hal When asked, "Do you like boys?" she said, "Surreel" . . . Her school activities are, G.A.C. and Student Congress Representative for her homeroom, 406 . . . To teach Eng- lish is her ambition . . . She likes the song, "l Got a Way With Women," sung by the King Cole Trio, and she likes any of Frankie Laine's records . . . That's right, she's our A9 girls' vice-president, Shirley Hasson. il' 'k it i' 'k He is planning to take an aca- demic course at Manual Arts High School, and major in Mathematics . . . He was born in Los Angeles on February lO, I93-4 . . . He has dark brown hair and hazel eyes . . . His height is 5 feet, 9 inches and his weight is l4O pounds . . . Woodshop is his favorite subject and Mr. Bruce is his favorite teach- er . . . Football is his main interest and he's in the Boys' Athletic Club . . . When asked what he thinks of girls, he said, "So, so." . . . Social Studies in the A9 is his pet peeve and fried shrimp is his favorite food !Mmm, godoli I. . . Making model airplanes is his hobby and he hopes to some day become an engineer . . . "Ghost Riders," is his favorite record . . . He is our Boys' Vice-President from home- room Zle Howarkd NLcCa,llum. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma is where she was born, on April 28, i934 . . . Her hair is brown, her eyes are blue, and her weight is l26 pounds . . . She has grown to be 5 feet, 5 inches tall . . . Wash- ington is her future high school where she will take a commercial course, and stenography will be her major . . . Her favorite subject is Physical Education and the teacher she likes best is Miss Schwaderer . . . A certain A9 boy is her main interest, and when she was asked, "Do you like boys?" she said, "You know it!" . . . Her favorite food is none other than hamburgers and french fries . . . Her pet peeves are some A9 boys . . . As far as school activities go, she is in the Girls' Athletic Club and she is Student Congress Representative for that wonderful homeroom 204 . . . Her ambition is to be a housewife and naturally her hobby is collecting records . . . Her favorite singer is Perry Como, singing, "A" You're Adorable . . . Shirley Ferguson, it is-our A9 class secretary. Meet the Teachers By Jeanne Boehm "Meet the Teachers," this time, is a review of all the A9 Home- room teachers. The average height and weight of the female A9 Homeroom teacher is 5 feet, 5 inches and l25 pounds. Since Mr. Toomey is the only male A9 home- room teacher we'll have to take his height and weight, 6 feet, l75 pounds. When asked her age, Miss Rey- nolds of A9 girls' homeroom 2Ol replied, "l'm over 21" il hope so.i Her favorite color is blue istands for boy-or mani. Avocados get her number one vote for the best food. lt seems most of the teachers like music. Miss Reynolds likes Symphony music best. Her hobbies are playing the piano, traveling il guess so, she went to Europe last fall.i and ice skating. She was born and her Alma Mater is in lowa, Univ. of Kansas and U.S.C. Miss Reynolds really likes to travel. She has been to Alaska, Canada, Eur- ope, and all over the U.S.A. the hall is Miss Thies, Across homeroom teacher of that famous A9 girls homeroom, lthe girls with all the penantsl. Miss Thies's age is sixteen summers and?? fyou guessl winters. Her favorite food is-all kinds. fNever heard of it, personally.l Green is her choice of colors. Her favorite class is the J4 typing class, and popular music is her favorite type. She was born in Wisconsin and attended U.S.C., also University of California. She has been all over the world as far as traveling is concerned, Mexico, South Seas, and even the Orient. Next we come to Mr. Toomey's happy homeroom. Mr. Toomey is 35 years of age and was born in Providence, Rhode lsland. His favo- rite color is sky blue, and his favo- rite music consists of Strauss Waltzes and Music by Jerome Kem. He attended U.S.C. inot an- other cnell and his secret ambition is to be a lawyer. His hobby is gar- dening. His favorite food is of all thinks, New York steaks. fare they good?? huh?l His travels have ta- ken him across the U. S. once, and he has traveled around the Pacific states three times. Well, l must be getting on to the next A9 Home- room teacher. Guess who-it's Mrs. Harrison! She is the proud homeroom teacher of those "sad-but-true" A9 boys. When asked her age, she said, "A lady doesn't like to talk about her age." Fruit is her favorite food. Since music is her hobby and she goes to concerts for entertainment, and her secret ambition is to be a musician, I guess she likes music. iWhat do you think?l Whiz, on to Mrs. Pollock's we go. Mrs. Pollock was born in Keene, New Hampshire. When I asked her her age she replied, "47." She graduated from U.C,L.A. Cyahl. Her travels have taken her around the U. S. And her secret ambition is to-write a book ion a Per. I, A9 Social Studies class?D Mrs. Pollock's favorite color is blue, and her favorite class is the A9's!! The food she likes best is T-bone steaks ithese extravagant teachers! The music she likes best is Light Operas. Her hobby is read- ing and sports. And last, but not least, she likes swimming and shows for entertainment. ' Boys, Boys, Boys, here we are at Mrs. Parker's homeroom. Guess what!! Mrs. Parker is over 2l!'! CShe told me so.l Her favorite color is yellow, imine tooi. l guess' she doesn't like school very much, be- cause her favorite subject is lunch. Her hobby is gardening tugh, dirty workli Mrs. Parker'hails from Ger- many. Last of all, her ambition is to travel across the U. S, Miss Miller comes next on our list. She was born in Albany, New York on-Oh gosh, she says she forgot!! Oh no!! Another person likes blue. For music she likes Classical. Her hobby is traveling and photography. And her Alma Mater is U.C. and U.SC. Her travels have taken her to the Eastern Coast 8 times and she has visited just about all the National Parks, Canada and Mexico. Now we come ro the last of the A9 Homeroom teachers, Mrs. Mueller. When l asked Mrs. Muel- ler her age she said she is over 21. Yep, still another teacher likes blue. For good food Mrs. Mueller picks Roast Chicken iYummyi. Her favorite music is Semi-Classic. Her hobby is writing plays and sail- ing. She was born in Detroit, Michigan, and she graduated from the Univ. of California at Berkeley. Mrs. Mueller's travels have taken her on boat trips to the Canal Zone, Alaska and many other places. Her secret ambition is the "Theater," ishe wants to direct.J And last of all, for entertainment she likes stage plays and musical comedies. Comic Strip Characters By Donald Hanning Gordo ........................ Nace Benun Tiny Tim ............ Leland Turnwall Wonder Woman .... Barbara McGuire Joe Palooka .................. Larry Jones Dick Tracy .............. Frank Montijo Li'l Abner ..... ......... J immie O'Leary Daisy Mae .............. Eileen Shepard The Flash ............ Herbie Nesmith Sad Sack ...... ...... J ohnny DiPonzio Ette Kett ...... ......... D iana Vardas 'V It 1' has-X I I2 THE NATURALIST All-Stars Win 7th Annual Baseball Game By Don Devor Climaxing the 7th annual A9- All-Star Baseball game, the mighty All-Stars, under the superb coach- ing of Mr. Nobbe flashed ahead to win by a score of 4 to 2. This is the way it happened. Franklin Pena led off for the A9's and walked, Warsco I2J followed with a base hit, then to score the only two runs for the A9's, Carmen Scopellite, hit a long triple to score the two runners but was out him- self for sliding into home. Nothing exciting happened again until the last half of the second inning when Eugene Blodgett got a base hit. He was followed by Aguilar, who knocked the ball for two bases, scoring Blodgett. Ron- ald Shand also hit a double, but both he and Aguilar were put out in two magnificent plays by Chuck Parks, A9 catcher. For the All-Stars the fourth in- ning was the big one: Richard Hill walked and then scored on a bunl- by Blodgett, who advanced to third on the play at home. Aguilar struck out, Shand was safe on an error and scored when Logan Clark was safe on a fielder's choice. Clark scored on a base hit by Anderson, the pitcher. Then Goldner struck out to end the inning with 3 runs on one hit with 2 errors making the score four to two in favor of the All-Stars. In the fourth inning for the A9's Richard Hill made a beautiful play by tagging James Cheek and throw- ing to first to put Tierro Out. When the A9's did not score in the fifth inning the game was auto- matically over, with a score of ALL-STARS 4, A9's 2. Announcers for the game were Nace Benun and Donald Lenou. Umpires were: Mr. Brown, behind the plate, Mr. Toomey on first, and Mr. Wasserburger on third. We are proud of the fact that this game was played with much fine sportsmanship, and hope that many more games will be held un- der such fine enthusiasm. Faculty Softball Team By Gay Dividson WOMEN Umpire ...................,.... Don Devor Pitcher ...................... Mrs. Pollock Catcher ........ ...... M rs. Herriott lst Base ......... ............. M rs. Ewing 2nd Base ...,.,. ..,..... M iss Lindquist 3rd Base ........ ........... M rs. Gilbert Short Stop ................ Miss Sheffield Left Field .............. Mrs. Heidergott Center Field ................ Miss Bailiff Right Field ,... ........ M iss Schwaderer MEN Umpire ........................ Janet Watt Pitcher ...... ............. M r. Toomey Catcher ..... ....... M r. Nobbe lst Base ........ .... . .Mr. Allen 2nd Base .... ......... M r. Falvo 3rd Base ........ . ........ Mr. Holland Short Stop .............. Mr. Kristenson Left Field ......... ........ M r. Hermle Right Field .................. Mr. Zimmer Center Field ........ ......... M r. Bruce PICTURES: I-KEEPERS OF THE TREASURY, 2-GUARDENIAS, 3-GIRLS' LEAGUE CABINET, 4-TALENT CLUB, 5-GYM CLUB Thanks, Gentlemen! We of THE NATURALIST staff wish to express our very best of thanks to the Boys' P. E. teachers, Mr. Falvo, Mr. Nobbe, and Mr. Kristenson, for their considerate help this last semester. We want them to know that we really ap- preciate their kind efforts. -Don Hanning, Sports Editor Herbie Nesmith, Ass't Baseball l.Q. By Nace Benun Well, how did you do in the last issue. Here, we'll give you another chance. Score yourself one hit for every answer that is correct. Here we go for the last time. QUESTIONS: I. Who led the American League in batting last year? 2. Who beat Boston in the World Series last year? 3. How many games were played in the World Series last year? 4. Who was "Rookie of the year" last year? 5. What player is with the Browns now iust up from San Diego, hitting venf well? ANSWERS: I. Ted Williams. 2. Cleveland Indians. 3. Six. . Richie Asburn. . Jack Graham. 4 5 Snappy Sam Well, Csob, sobl, at last l'm leaving fsob, sobl John Muir. Yes, you're finally getting a new Snappy Sam. ln my place will be a cub reporter who is fair, of course. Who else writes as I do? IDon't answer that.l Or course, you boys received an "A" in P. E. lust because you fol- lowed my hints. Before I leave you dear boys, l want to leave you with one last hint for dancing. "Stick with it, men!" Well, most of you already know who I am, but for the benefit of the poor B7's who don't know any of the Big Wheels around Muir l'm the Biggest Wheel "Jimmy O'Leary, the one and only." Thanks for listening! Radio Characters By Herbert Nesmith Jr. The Fat Man .............. Jerry Labins The Thin Man ................ Bill Smith The Cisco Kid ................ Bill Garcia Pancho .................... Tommy Basta Mr. Dist. Attorney ...... Ronnie Swick Sherlock Holmes ...... David Salsbery The Shadow ........ Dean Cunningham The Lone Ranger ........ Jerry Wunch Tonto .......................... Frank Pena Straight Arrow ........ Rudy Escareno The Count of Monte Cristo ........ Jordan Sky King ......,.... . .........., Jerry Soest Sam Spade .................. John Rapoza Jack Armstrong ........ Andy Dishong Mr. North .................. Doug Lucero Mrs. North ................ Julia Gulasci Bulldog Drummond-Nace Benun My Friend Irma ........ Joanne Barton Fatima ..,............. Barbara Palesano Mr, X ,,,,........,...,.., Herbie Nesmith Our Miss Brooks .......... Mrs. Gilbert TH E NATU RALIST i3 G.A.C. Members Enjoy Farewell Party As always, the annual Girls' At- letic Club party was a wonderful success. The decorations were really cute. The refreshments were awfully good and everybody had an extremely good time. If you are not in G.A.C. you don't know what you're missing! Something which is looked for- ward to each year is the presenta- tion of the emblems and the award-- ing of the trophies to the winning teams. This year was no exception! Some of the A9 girls received their second star, thus completing their fourth semester. This is a fine rec- ord and something you B8 mem- bers can strive for. One of the most enjoyable fea- tures of the party was, of course, the A9 Prophecy and the Will and Testament. Alice Bernardo and Judy Wesser wrote the Prophecy and had some interesting predic- tions for the A9 girls. The ever- generous A9's in return left their finer Qualities to the most worthy receivers. The Will and Testament was written by Barbara McGuire and Joyce Benveniste. Mrs. Ewing gave a fine farewell message to the graduates. We graduating members of the Girls' Athletic Club would just like to keep on being able to attend all future parties but there will be other parties and other clubs to belong to in the future. Still, we won't soon forget the fun we've had here at John Muir as members of this wonderful organization. The unspoken rules of good sportsman- ship we've learned and the honor we've come to know and respect is something we will carry with us always whatever our destination in life may be. Thanks to you, Miss Schwaderer. You've really been swell! A9 Movie Doubles By Janice Latey Eddie Allen ............ Woody Herman Janet Watt ............,..... Jane Russell Norma Hueston .......... Claire Trevor Charlene Harrison..Dorothy Malone Armida Graieda ...... Dolores Del Rio Martha German ........ Shirley Temple Barbara Masserini ...... Linda Darnell Sydney Mumby ............ June Haver Marquis Norwalk ,....... Guy Madison Bill Newquist ................ Bill Holden Georgia Raitt .................. Doris Day Eileen Shepard ........ Wanda Hendrix Tony Zarrahy ............ Tarzan Uokel - Physical Fitness Tests There are five physical fitness tests which each girl must pass before she graduates. There is a possible score of 500, and you must have an average of at least 80. The five tests are: l. Base- runningg 2. Throw for distance, 3. Serve for accuracyp 4. Volley- ingg 5. Potato race. The potato race is strictly an A9 activity. lt's a test for speed and coordination. Each girl is timed and tries to make the lowest possi- ble score. This is a real test of your ability and really leaves you tired and out of breath. Most of the girls have made pretty good scores, however. All the physical fitness tests are a good means of finding out just exactly what you can do. Good luck with your tests and when you are an A9 you will have the Potato Race to look forward to. Radio Log By Barbara Capps One day when Mr. and Mrs. North were on their way to the Supper Club, the Fat Man walked up and said, "l'd like some Infor- mation Please." "Why, of course, "said Jerry, ask Twenty Questions if you like." lt turned out that the Fat Man, who was one of the Gangbusters, was looking for Nick Carter, who was a Counterspy. They got a clue that Nick might be in a warehouse, owned by Henry Aldrich, sometimes known as the Thin Man. On the way down to the warehouse, they picked up Casey, Crime Photogra- pher who was waiting in front of the Kraft Music Hall. Inside the warehouse they found a Straight Arrow, a Phonograph which was playing, and a piece of paper with the letters p, e, n, and t on it. "Stop the Music," yelled Casey. "What's the Name of that Song?" Jerry asked. "lt's 'Pent- house Serenadef is'nt it?" Pam answered. Then Quick as a Flash, it came to them. They would find Nick Carter at the on-ly penthouse in Big Town. The penthouse be- longed to Richard Diamond, but he had sublet it to someone who said they were friends of Rocky Jordan. "Well, said Sam Spade, to the Criminals, 'Into Your Cellsl' " Then Sam, who was chief of police, and the rest of the gang took in the Grand Old Opry and wound up at Club 15. Noon Officials Receive Emblems The girls who had charge of the noon tournament games this year certainly did a good job. The games couldn't have gone on without them. They received either an em- blem or a star for their efforts, however. The girls were required to pass a rule test with a fairly high score before they could even qualify for the job. Following are the girls who served on the Official Club this year. Upper Division: Delores Barr, Bette Blevins, Claribel Brodine, Shirley Chew, Shirley Clark, Gay Davidson, Yeiko Nakakihara, Bev- erly Noack, Geraldine O'Driscoll, Donna Redman, Edith Robles, Daisy Wilson, Shirley Won. Lower Division: Ruth Delgado, Paula DeHart, Theresa French, Esther Mayesh, Myrna Pitzen, Mariorie Fieldson, Helen Hamada, Joanne Goldner. -Gay Davidson, Girls' Sports Editor Perfect A9 Team By Jeanne Boehm "We want a Pitcher!" This would be an unknown cry if you were watching this team play soft- ball. lt would be one of the hottest teams on the campus. "What is it?" you ask. Why, it's our Perfect A9 Tearnll Catcher .................. Barbara Jordan Pitcher .... ...... M arlin Jenkins ist Base ..... ...... B arbara McGuire 2nd Base .... .......... J oanne Barton 3rd Base ............ Shirley Ferguson Left Field .................. Gay Davidson Center Field ........ Joyce Benveniste Right Field ................ Janice Latey Short Stop .................. Mardel King Platter Chatter By Virginia Buck The ten top tunes have been chosen by the A9's again this se- mester. They picked some of the best recent tunes that have be- come popular. Riders in the Sky was rated far above the others. l. Ghost Riders ln The Sky 2. Again 3. So ln Love 4. Cruising Down The River 5. So Tired 6. Forever And Ever 7. LLove You So Much lt Hurts e 8. Careless Hands 9. Stardust l0. Tennessee Saturday Night : MU-1 Girls' Farewell Well A9's, l guess this will be the last issue of the paper for you. Through the years you have been here l hope you all enjoyed the sports page of THE NATURALIST, for there recorded for you to keep through the years to come, are events which have lasting interest for each of you. Your annual holds many memo- ries which l hope are pleasant ones and you will look back on as some of the happiest of your life. l would like to express my very sincere appreciation to the Physical Education Department and Barbara McGuire, Assistant Girls' Sports Editor, for their cooperation in making this annual and all the past issues of the paper so nice. Carol Sherburn and Donna Ran- kin, your editors for next year, l am sure will do a fine job and have as much fun writing for the paper as l have. Good luck to them and good-bye to you. -Gay Davidson, Girls' Sports Editor What lf? By Nace Benun WHAT IF . . . Barbara were Bullets instead of Capps? Janis were Cook instead of Baker? Melvin were Balfive instead of Balfour? ' Bobby were Silversmith instead of Blacksmith? Beverly were Mixer instead of Brewer? Marilyn were Whit-stein instead of Brownstein? Clarence were Silverberg instead of Goldberg? Adelle were Goldbust instead of Goldwater? Ronald were Badheart instead of Goodheart? Janice were Earley instead of Latey? Lorraine were Lamp instead of Post? Gary were Plant instead of Seed? Mike were Movingman instead of Stillman? Cordell were Duckson instead of Swanson? James were Stumble instead of Tripp? Dan were Wrong instead of Wright? Rose were Old instead of Young? 14 TH E NATU RALIST Beavers Tigers Lions Panthers SIGNATURES 'He that is thylfriend indeed, He will help thee in thy need" --Richard Bczrnfield 1 Q 'lr 4 '1 1 . . , 'M I M Ii I .. I I I I , -Q bm I I I ,,-Qgfw , 1 Q ' ,.Ix,.. , 3' ui 4. In .. of? 'X I , ' . , f - K- - , 5 9 I., ,,I I I I, I, , , I . I I I I I , , I , A , . I, I. I . , 'ff' ,J A 'hu ! M' . 6 fr' 1. wg xc, .f 1 'wi Ap... ' ' I1 . f.. J ', 0 9 In U 1' ., - I I 5 , Auf? I .I I I -I wsu, I I ,I ,fx 'A - '-'J ' 1 ' , A Q A- ,W I ' ' . , - 4 , 4 as ' 5: , " !I fr . ' 1 'uf ' 'gb 'Q LAI fl' I I I '.. IIQI - Q I? 'I I, raw Q 7. . U K ' J I U 'tl "' I I " I v ' . 5. 1 I, 'I I . t 'I 4 I 5II I' I -, Y 6 'I' I . ' 5..1 eyf u'u 'ffx ' , ,X . - is Qi I , I v,' iv ,I -I I I r rig J I 4+ ' nIf ' 5 I 4 . .I I Iv , I . a , I' ' 1 Z 'I I. u I,,!Ifn, I I II' I, m .III. Ig . . -, ' ' fe - "Ha ' - 5 ,I - ' 'W " .fa .. .- . X , 0 . I. " 5 I ' " , "T I . ILIQIIII I II ng ,JI , , , ' I I I I - I V. 'A' 1 I I "' , ' I 4 -I " ' r .. SL' I :sb i is ' 4' ":Ii' 1- Q -I " I 5 y "If W1f,Q.'Gf - -,'i 132 -'- F- ' ' . fx' ,J "I ' ' -,J '1I 1 Lf ' I, YI ,II Q :I I IJ! E I It 'I ,II . uk, V :qi 'vs I I I I 3 I , IAI I Q 1 " 95? 'WJ' ff 8'4" ' ' ' ' V YQ ,n , L ' 5 , " - tl" " w.,.,1,yV I , X15 -I. I t . I , I KI v Q., s.II . 1 ' ,' ' 5.1 2 5' -11.55 . . V - ,. fp: 1 ' '19 av,-1 ,' ' ' Q81 I ' 1 ,frmhg II'..., A QI I MQ V 1 , :I -I IjlI9 I -af '-I I , I , -I. -I .' :IV ' .4 t :M s' I Ig- " A ' fha.-" ' fi 5 .f 'Qi 4, s L , Nix 'Q , Riga ,QW SS A "..'7. lg.. T .1 1 ,-. ' A-w3',' gl -g . N' n'f. I , . ' 1 1 W M . .- 1 ,, ,. ' ,xy-41.i:i, ', Wg Q 4 I - . "f' ,lI.. , I1 IA- .f- . I1 -s. ' P '--2-JJ' 31 4. Y' 5' 'E' I "K -4 , -' '+L -4- .4 .:,'f . A : '. . , . , sf, -..,-- .FV ". ' "-.. J II,-uh' 4 .l. -I: 4 , I3 ' - V"- '-'..' A .W ?' ' ' lfnmu. - 1.2,--t' , 1- . I ' ' lfw, . 'Se' A 1 1 fn-'m9:.:-+- .pi ' . X gb? 1-'jr l"'.,f y. S3 .Y I ff ' - "jill: 'v-.,Ig'3'5:g, 'Q - TVN -'v 33'-'V ' ' -'I' 1.4I',' 'ff' -.-I. - T 4'-,Yv:' ' '7 " Fink! S-'7' 'W H lx , f-'K Ifw. C., ,.4,I'-f-.,-3-,mv I lg' fb' N figfhx 'Y-: I 'yah Q51-I-M -m ,:,-F'-3-ff'-A , , ,N A ,-.., ,X Sz -,'1- G" -' -. i 5.'?:Q'A ' ,' - .'f3A1' J."I".'-fir-g'.tZ'.Q. 22" f-U-Hun NF-,M I1 ,," .' s ' I ' A I' .III I V Ia,-f ,Iffhgg 365- 3 ra gd-1 I 1 .,: ,I I, ,f .VIII ,R '75 yn- -mwm,UfsW ry- AfJwfnmXWw'Hwww:wmf 7 ' I- . ,,, IJ, I-II I,I ', L IL 4I'1-Q I ii IJZII XII-,-,Q fgff, ::I,I AII,Ik-III - .UIIII HI :III-VLII' II.IIIII- -X::,I.?I A f ' -- -- -1 - , '.v.'..'- -V - -.: ,, ' . 1 ' -,'., 'fc ' ' ' " 'I ' A Mb?" f1,1'1-X'-Fi'-V f'ff'f'i.'F"Q"f"f. QE I --a fag? '71"f5'!Q" "Tum ,L ' - c . -gf Q- ..- f W, .. -1,,.I v-R: 47- .. - Wir-V '-f '---,'l.,,:1.- -' '19 'V' '--Tm 111. .,.' f-l vu: W5 '5 .J -Nr: . - . W. ' -1. W1 - ill, . I. I, ,,, .,- I .,-, . .1 . , . 1 Q ll , t I III,,I.6.f.I ..?I,.5f.If' , MII IIIIQH..-.I .x Q, '34 .gi if-fx wi. , 2 ' ' ' i U L wif f f. A H lm' 'z' ' r- r g,-:- . riff . fix A :QA W 2? A wif- . ..y'l',n 3 f. V XI5 ., 1, ., , fa!-1 ,Mr VI I I,. - ' ' ' ' I 'nw K I 5 ' -J w'5,' . ' U' ' -Cl' Q--rf, ' 'HY " . 3 . 'PI , .I Q I' - . ,IZ '. ,A -f "av I 3 PE: . . , I 'r ""-1 , .1 ' - ' ' mfs 1 r-'1-Y, Q' w -MI4 . . -'f'r'w,. . 3' 9-SH ' w I . I 3 5 I3"" L .QQ 31.1-'Y I, 'II1-F' ' ' f -AH' 'df -- 731 " .4f.a 2- ff Mmwww-fwhu.g , msfwn.fw 'nwif f I ,E 5'I . I 1 v.I,1'i.' 'Y gif," .ffl I I ',' .," 'A J.. ' ' 'H .:' -', 'I 'v,I'.r'IJ'- . III I - .B .III III. I III!.I5II:f F0241-.mII I:.,,5,,vII,?I!.,,,I I ,. ,.I . 1I,,.,i1 II, III I I.1,j Ix . fa 1' 1 -rf ' - ff' 1.1: ' - 'wif 1 'Y -' .1 1' A f .'-1 'f- A ig, " V 'lil rf" ' 1 f"l":'4.'f V. I 4'b'q7? 7' J"-,L 1 EY :Ya 'ink ' , ,' Y Ex- 5149 Q ' kg' ' '.. 1- ". -sg. . Vf,5a,Iu- E ' li 'ix ,L '1qf':. P' -'J' I '1-' 'I iff!!-Tiifgil , 154 '-Qi' ' 5 l I'rI..'I"f5 III!-jrl' -fa Pg, xg: .I I' QI 'If X ' ' . I' i' rf - ' I ' 11 j4Y':'I-I. I. 32' 1 , I V, 4 ,Ai Ita ,.III,,II-... ,, .I HI, II .I Q I.. III. I , I . .- xc, -2.14, ' ., I 4, Q.. ,I . ,. .f"'C 1? fu. . , wlfim- If 7'- ' , -' . . ,ff-, ' pg - I , FIA ' V 1-I-"r":.w'l . w n ' - "1 . . La. K f J Lv -" ,."' . '-f"12f'L- 7- ' ."X,f f 'A -'i:'7"","F1 is I e . 1 - -My I-.X-.I-I4-I. 'YI-,gII.'f,, Iw f 1.,,,. , J 1 x ,, ' X 1 , , I , , ' . -'1' ' ',E',Tl.I'I 1 'I' -1 n r -P ,vw JI: 0- M 4- ' ,I . g:55IV "-I4 N Q vI 5.I, I fi -. V 4,9 15 ' I A " K H, I :V-,L-fm , 34 Q 4.wr4fq- ., -Ma, ,..11-by-, .I . ' T1 ' ,I I , 1 .X K 1,321+ 1.14 . , ' 7:51555 1. JI, f' 'Aww-,' -, ., V . 4 . .. . Ig. III. S. I " 'QI L . - H - 1 sf , I ,, ., I A I ' I .... ' ' V , . A A, IIQIII I -- ,III jzgfi 1,-AT:-iJ' ' I A' . . . L,-. '. L ,-I-,..,, , .....w-:aux-4-.n,..f"30 ",','y1, I ",?,1,'ff I: up -up fa, ,s - f Mm 1 .,f -rr -I f-I 45-,If .. if 1 1 'fr-A-'f -- 1 - 'W V.-v 4- hm Q, ' ,- ,, Q. .. .,,. ,.I- ,L-Q I,,1.I , II .I I, II, ' I Tl .!"j1aL.I:,:.fs1'3I, ,,gw,If-4wIf,a1-,'.--w.,+.1'rvf-- .. . ".,iA,."F.f,qg lv ,,-f,:,:+g'ew:'.'-'Qgmlv,-1' , ' .- -". mg' g1fs'g'5I.f,:f'-gig 1,N...-xa . ..

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