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CAVALIER JOHN CARROLL HIGH SCHOOL Birmingham, Alabama PUBLISHED BY SENIORS 1953His Excellency, THE MOST REVEREND THOMAS J. TOOLEN, D. D. , Bishop of Mobile 2BECAUSE they have striven constantly to plant in our minds understanding of our Infinite Maker and all His Creations, BECAUSE they have shown undying charity in their exemplary lives, BECAUSE they have always been just and given praise where praise was due, BECAUSE they, at the call of God, have dedicated their lives to our progress. We, the class of 1953, dedicate this Annual to the entire faculty of John Carroll High School. Catherine Clark.SEATED LEFT TO RIGHT: Siltcr Mary Eulalia. O.S.B. . Sister Mary Francesca. O.S.B.. Sister Mary Dorothy. O. S. B., Sister Mary Isabel, O.S.B., Sister Mary Dominica, O.S.B. BACK ROW STANDING LEFT TO RIGHT: Sister Mary Mildred, O.S.B. . Sister Mary Martha, O.S.B.. Sister Mary Jerome, O.S.B. , Sister Mary Angela, THE FACULTY LEFT TO RIGHT: Sister Alphonsa. Sister Mary Susan. O.S.B.. Sister Mary Maureen, O.S.B. , Sister Mary Leo, O.S.B., Sister Mary Joan O. S. B. fLEFT TO RIGHT: Rev. Thomas W. Sadler, Rev. John M. Brunson, Father Lambert Stack M.S. S.S. T. THE FACULTY Mrs. Ann H. Potter, school secretary, Coach Tom Banks, athelctics head coach. 7CLASS HISTOfiy Confusion highlighted September of ‘49 as we freshmen bombarded the halls of Carroll with an enthusiasm that remained through our four years. Excitement was at an all time high when we traveled to those "far off" football games. Christmas came with strains of "Cosca Bells" (Spanish students version of "Jingle Bells" done Carroll style) and we ended our first high school semester. Freshmen helped to make the first Carroll Minstrel a top notch affair as Jackie Cogbill danced to "Sweet Georgia Brown". Chorus members will long remember the cast banquet given a week later. By September 50 we gladly discarded the title of rats and took on the dignity of Sophomores with Jimmy Lcvio as Class President. Minstrel rehearsals, checrlcading tryouts, and watching the construction of the gym made this also a busy year. As football season opened wc knew that James McNally, Clarence Boggan, Jimmy Anderton. and Terry Murphy would be the all round class athletes. Many a bottle of liniment was used by the forty Sophomore girls who made a stab at athletics when they went out for cheerlcading. And again this year as in the year before the Minstrel was a success. Upper classmen at lastl 11 Mary Jo Buckner was the choice for Junior Class President. Helping her were An Mawtiinncy, Vice-President, Rebecca Rice, Secretary, and Biddy DiChiara, Treasurer. Carroll made a good showing in the school evaluation, but then we hadn’t worried about that, had we)}}} About this time also the pledges for the National Honor Society were announced. Six members of our class were fortunate enough to make the first tapping. Also many from our ranks were asked to become members of the Math Society. "Be happy, go Homer", was one of the many slogans adorning the walls during Student Council elections that Spring. We were happy and went Homer as Art Homer Mawhinney was elected President; David Vigilante. Vice-President; Mary Ann Dennis, Secretary; and Bill Keeling. Treasurer. Sophisticated Seniors.....well Seniors anyway. J. L. Shata, Class President, was supported by Steve DiChiara, Vice-President, Syliva Stephens, Secretary, and Kathy Thompson, Treasurer. It was a spirited football season as Betty Coleman, Head Cheerleader, led the crowds in cheers for the team of which Terry Murphy was Captain. Climaxing the season was School Spirit Week and the crowning of the King and Oueen after the Saint Bernard Football game. The next big affair was the Musical Revue. Seniors were proud of Jo Ann Antonio, Catherine Clark, Jackie Cogbill, Mabel Spinks. Phyllis Abts, Theresa Jo Bruno, Gloria Abrasley and Senior Glee Chorus members, who did their performances so well that the Revue had to be a success. A new Honor Society was introduced into the school while wc were Seniors. This was the Quill and Scroll Journalistic Honor Society. This was partly due to the efforts of Catherine Clark. Cavalier Editor, to have our school paper properly recognized. Bridget McGecver, Annual Editor, was our representative sent to Washington to the Laurie Battle Tour. Many in our graduating class have feathers of success tucked neatly in their caps. With the grace of God wc will keep succeeding. Backward never, forward ever to our eternal destiny.President...........John Shaia Vice President . Steve DiChiara Secretary . . . Sylvia Stephens Treasurer. Kathleen Thompson Class Colors: Blue and Silver Class Flower: Gardenia Class Motto: As you live, so shall you die. ”GLORIA ANN ABRASLEY Assistant Art Editor of Annual, Cavalier Typist, Glee Club, Band Member, Minstral Cast. Spanish Dramatic Club. Pep Club, Musical Revue Cast. GEORGE ANSELMO PHYLLIS ANN ABTS Cheerleaders, Pep Club, Minstral Cast, Monogram Club. Musical Revue. SENIORS JO ANN ANTONIO Session Room Officer, Band, Minstral Cast, Spanish Club, Glee Club. Cavalier Staff. Annual Staff, C.S.M.C. JOHN HENRY ANDERTON Co-Captain of Football Team, Sophomore Vice-President, Annual Art Editor. Math Society, Student Council, Track Team, Altar Boys, Monogram Club. CAROLYN BISCHOFF Session Room Chairman, Secretary Library Club, Math Society, Glee Club, Red Cross Club, Annual Staff. Cavalier Staff, C.S.M.C., Monitors Club.RAYMOND SINDO BLANCO Snapshot Editor of Annual, C.S. M.C.. Track Team, Cavalier Staff. Football Team, Altar Boy . RICHARD BOHORFOUSH Football Team, Track Team. Baseball Team, Basketball Team. Monogram Club. JOHN JOSEPH BOACKLE C.S. M.C.. Science Club. Math Society. Annual Staff, Pep Club. SENIORS JANE BOWEN Cavalier Staff Typist. Home Ec Club, C.S.M.C.. Monitors Club. Annual Staff. Red Cross Club, Pep Club. Glee Club. CLARENCE FINLEY BOGGAN JR. Football Team, Monogram Club. Basketball Team, Baseball Team. JACGUEL1NE MARIE BRANT Representative to Loveman's Fashion Show, Spanish Club, Dramatic Club. Rod Cross Club, Glee Club, Minstral Cast.PEGGY BRASFIELD French Club. C. S. M.C., Monitor Club. Cavalier Staff. Glee Club, Pep Club. THERESA JO BRUNO French Club, C. S. M. C.. Red Cross Club, Monitor Club, Glee Club. President of Math Society Honor Society, Dramatics Club. I MARY JO BUCKNER Monitors Club, Annual Staff. Fashion Editor Cavalier Staff, Red Cross Club, President Home Ec Club, Cheerleader, Program Chairman Student Council, Minstrel Cast, President of Junior Class, Chairman of Senior Prom. SENIORS GERALD BUSENLEHNER Monogram Club, Basketball Team, Baseball Team, Altar Boy, Treasurer of Freshmen Class, •46-'47. ALFRED CATER1NICHIA Cavalier Staff, Football Team. Track Team. FRANK CICIO C. S. M. C., Glee Club, Monogram Club, Football Team, Track Team.CATHERINE MULLANE CLARK Editor of Cavalier. Student Coun cil. Glee Club, Science Club, Annual Staff. Cheerleaders, Spanish Club. Qmll and Scroll Honor Society. MARY ANN DENNIS Secretary of Student Council. Cavalier Staff Typist, Annual Staff. C.S.M.C.. Glee Club, Spanish Dramatic Club, Band, Pep Club, Minstral Cast. JACQUELINE RUTH COGB1LL Big Nine Representative, Chairman of Prom Decoration Committee, Business Manager of Cavalier, Red Cross Club. Monitors Club, Annual Staff, Student Council, Cheerleader. MARY ELIZABETH COLEMAN Associate Editor of Cavalier, Queen of School Spirit, Girl’s State Representative, Monitors Club. Head Cheerleader. Secretary Science Club. Annual Staff. Red Cross Club, Glee Club. Quill and Scroll Honor Society. SENIORS LUCY MARILYN DeRUSSY Treasurer Home Ec Club. Student Council. Annual Staff, Science Club. Minstral Cast, Red Cross Club. C.S.M.C. NINA ELIZABETH DiCHIARA Treasurer Junior Class, Cavalier Staff. Spanish Club, Home Ec Club. Glee Club, C.S.M.C.STEVE CHARLES DICHIARA Vice-President Senior Class, Cavalier Staff. C.S. M.C.. Glee Club, Monogram Club, Football Team. MARIAN ANN DOLLY Picture Committee for Prom, Pep Club. C.S. M.C. . Monitors Club, Red Cross Club. MARY RUTH DOUGLAS Glee Club. Spanish Club. Home Ec Club. SENIOR!; MARY ALICE FA1.LETTA President Future Nurses Club, Cheerleaders, Glee Club, Cavalier Exchange Editor. Annual Staff, Red Cross Club, Costumer for Musical Revue, C. S. M. C.. Monitors Club, Science Club. Math Society. CHARLOTTE GABRIELLE FARMER Student Council Program Chairman, Treasurer Science Club, Glee Club. Cavalier Staff. Annual Staff. Red Cross Club. Home Ec Club, Future Nurses Club. JOSEPH ANGELO FIORE Science Club.CATHERINE ROSE GALLAGHER Session Room President, Cavalier Staff. C.S. M.C.. Glee Club. Home Ec Club. ROBERT LEE GARDNER Football Team, Baseball Team. Basketball Team. JAMES MARTIN GAUD1N JR. C.S. M.C., Science Club, Span Ish Club, Altar Boys. SENIORS LOUISE CECELIA GRAFFO Math Society. C.S. M.C., Annual Staff, Future Nurses Club, Min-stral Cast, Curtis Drive, Cheerleader. LULA DEXTER GREEN President of Dramatics Club, Assistant Chairman of Curtis Drive. Monitors Club. Annual Staff. Cavalier Staff, Glee Club, Spanish Club, Home Ec Club, Band. Pep Club. C.S. M.C. WILLIAM HOPKINS C.S. M.C.WILLIAM WAYNE KEELING Student Council Treasurer, Baseball Team. Altar Boy, Basketball Team, C.S. M.C., Monogram Club. Treasurer Math Society, Science Club. RAYMOND EDWARD KURTTS C.S. M.C.. Science Club. RICHARD CARL LAMM C. S. M. C., Junior Session Room President. SENIORS JAMES JOSEPH LEVIO President of Sophomore Class, Student Council, Altar boy. Captain Basketball Team, President Session Room, Baseball Team, Math Society, Monogram Club. THOMAS PATRICK LYNCH Spanish Club. CLARA BRIDGET McGEEVER EdUor-in-Chief of Annual, C.S. M.C.. Monitors Club. Cavalier Staff. Secretary Red Cross Club, Glee Club, Science Club, Future Nurses Club, Secretary Math Society, Minstral Cast, Vice-President of National Honor Society, Quill and Scroll Honor Society, Laurie Battle Tour Representative.MARY MICHAEL McGLAUN French Club, C.S. M.C.. Monitors Club, Annual Staff, Red Cross Club, Glee Club, Vice-President, Math Society, Home Ec Club. Student Council. Min-stral Cast, Honor Society. JAMES RICHARD McNALLY Spanish Club. Monogram Club. Football Team, Basketball Team, Baseball Team. senior;; MIRIAM THERESA MAGUIRE Vice-President Home Ec Club, Program Chairman Student Council, Minstral Cast, Annual Staff, Cavalier Staff. Cheerleader, Hi-cub Reporter, Future Nurses Club. Monogram Club, Red Cross Club, Math Society, Glee Club. SUSIE ANN MAN1SCALCO c. S. M.C., Red Cross Club, Glee Club. Cavalier Staff. Home Ec Club. CAROL BRENDAN MACKIN Circulation Manager of Annual Staff. Head Typist Cavalier Staff. Red Cross Club, Math Club, Treasurer Sophomore Class, Cheerleader, Student Council. MARY ANN MARINO Session Room Secretary, Annual Staff. C.S. M.C.. Glee Club. Cavalier Staff. Red Cross Club.FRANK JOHN MATTES 3rd. C.S.M.C.. Red Cross Club, Library Club. Baseball Team. HOMER ARTHUR MAWHINNEY President of Student Council. Math Society, Monogram Club. Altar Boys, Football Team, Vice-President Junior Class, Basketball Team. Baseball Team, Big Nine Representative. King of School Spirit, Boy’s State Representative. TERENCE LEE MURPHY Math Society. Student Council, Monogram Club Captain Football Team, Track Team, Baseball Team, Secretary Sophomore Class. SENIORS MARY NAMIE Prom Flower Committee, Pep Club Minstral Cast, Spanish Club. Monitors Club, Annual Staff. Cavalier Staff, Red Cross Club, Glee Club. JAMES O'DONNELL C. S. M.C.. Science Club, Math Society. CONSTANCE PORTERA C.S.M.C., Home Ec Club, Future Nurses Club, Red Cross Club.ROBERT JOSEPH POTTER President of Honor Society. Math Society. Session Room Chairman, Student Council, Science Club, Spanish Club. Annual Staff. Cavalier Staff. Glee Club, Treasurer of C. S. M. C.. Captain of Curtis Drive, Monitors Club, Dramatic Club, Quill and Scroll Honor Society. REBECCA FAITH RICE Secretary Junior Class, Secretary Honor Society, Business Manager Annual Staff, Cavalier Staff. Red Cross Club, Monitors Club. C.S. M.C.. Library Club. French Club. VITA MARY ROSS Cavalier Staff. Glee Club, Home Ec Club. SENIORS ANN ROUSE French Club, C. S. M. C., Annual Staff. Cavalier Staff. Red Cross Club, Glee Club. Curtis Drive, Mlnstral Cast. MARY JO SALERNO C. S.M.C,. Monitors Club, Annual Staff, Red Cross Club. Glee Club, Home Ec Club, Library Club, Pep Club. PATRICIA ANN SHAFFER C.S. M.C., Home Ec Club, Spanish Club, Glee Club. Cavalier Staff.JOHN LOUIS SHAIA President Senior Class, C.S. M.C., Monitors Club. Cavalier Staff, Glee Club, Science Club. ANTHONY JOSEPH SPANO Football Team. MABEL JANE SPINKS Session Room Secretary. Student Council, Home Ec Club, Red Cross, Cavalier Staff, Monitors Club. seniors SYLVIA THERESA STEPHENS Senior Class Secretary. Co-Editor of Annual, Cavalier Staff Typist, Glee Club. C.S. M.C. . Minstral WILLIAM FRANCIS SWIFT Cast. Pep Club. Band. C. S. M.C.. Altar Boys.BRADY TAYLOR C.S. M. C.. Basketball Team. KATHLEEN THOMPSON Treasurer Senior Class. Student Council, Annual Staff. Circula tion Manager of Cavalier, Red Cross Club. Glee Club, Home Ec Club. C.S.M.C.. Minstral Cast. ANNETTE THORNTON President C. S. M. C., Annua 1 Staff, Cavalier Staff. Math So ciety, Home Ec Club, Band, Student Council Minstral Cast. Session Room President. SENIORS ANTHONY MICHAEL TORTOMASI C. S. M.C.. Annual Staff, Cavalier Staff. Science Club. Spanish Club. MARY FRANCES TUNELLA C.S.M.C.. Glee Club. 21MARTHA VIRGINIA VARAGONA Red Cross Club, Glee Club, Home Ec Club. C.S.M.C. IGNATIUS MARIO VETRANO C. S. M. C. . Baseball Team. DAVID JOSEPH VIGILANTE Vice-President Student Council, Treasurer of Honor Society, Annual Staff, Cavalier Staff. C.S.M.C.. Head Monitor, Science Club, Chairman Curtis Drive. Quill and Scroll Honor Society. SENIORS MARY RITA WACHTER Feature Editor of Cavalier. Secretary Home Ec Club. Student Council. Red Cross Club, Annual Staff, M3th Society, Min-stral Cast, Quill and Scroll Honor Society. JOSEPH LOUIS WILKINSON President Science Club, Treasurer of C. S. M. C.. Math Society, Sports Editor of Cavalier French Club.CLASS WILL We, the Senior Class of 1953, being in high spirits and unsound mind do hereby declare, assert, relate, and publish this document in testament of our last wishes and endowments to the world. Article 1. Father Hughes: Our deepest appreciation for all he has done in our behalf. At times this appreciation has not been so evident, but none the less it is sincere. Article 2. Father Brunson: A better jokebook, autographed by Bing Crosby. Article 3. Father Sadler: Our thanks for giving us a greater appreciation for learning. Article 4. Father Lambert: More intelligent religious juniors. Article 5. Sister Angela: In the absence of the seniors, a quieter more peaceful library. Article 6. Sister Isabel: Our deepest gratitude and respect, and our thanks to her for the helps she has given us in our studies and activities. Article 7. Sister Dorothy: A new supply of machine needles to replace the ones the Seniors broke. Article 8. Sister Eulalia: Our prayers for the missions. Article 9. Sister Maureen: A new ventalater for the Chemistry Lab. Article 10. Sister Mildred: An electric typewriter for her Commercial Department. Article 1 1. Sister Mary Leo: Here s to bigger and better Ameabos. Article 12. Sister Francesca: A better appreciation of the depth and feeling of literature by future Seniors. Article 13. Sister Mary Susan: More persevering Math Club members. Article 14. Sister Alfonsa: A purseful of pennies for the change-makers in the lunchroom. Article 15. Sister Joan: Many more years at Carroll. Article 16. Sister Martha: A larger more gleeful Glee Chorus. Article 17. Sister Dominica: A super-sonic Radar Set. Article 18. Sister Jerome: The hopes for a less social Sociology Class. Article 19. Coach Tom Banks: We leave 10,000 Carroll Football fans (For Pete’s Sake). Article 20. Eddie Smith: A staff of assistants to wear white jackets on special occasions and tend the chores. To everyone we bid a fond, but rather sad, adieu. Testers Rita Wachter Miriam MaguireBANQUET PLANNED This week' Cavalier is dedicated to tlie Class of 1953 which will dine at its annual banquet, June I, 8 P. M. Dinner will be served at the home estate of United States Attorney-General, Richard Lamm. Guests will hear “Spain's Progress Since Franco's Time", an address by Ray ‘Big Blank' Blanco. Unites States Ambassador to Spain. Entertaining with hit tunes of '53 will be the "Carrolites", a quartet consisting of Gloria Abrasley, Phyllis Abts. Jo Ann Antonio, and Nina Dl-Chiara. They are taking time out from their show to attend the dinner. Johnny Anderton, co-star on the “Carrolites" show, with M.C. the event. Another entertainer for the evening will be Theresa Jo Bruno, world-praised pianist. She will accompany Metro- South Bend. Indiana, May 29........ Terrence 'Acc Murphy appointed Athletic Director of Notre Dame Uni venity. Washington, D. C., May 29.........Con- gressional Medal of Patriots awarded to Jackie Brant. Mary Michael McGlaun, and Sylvia Stephens for discovering a Red spy posing as office boy in their FBI office. New York City, May 29..........It is politan Opera star. Mary Frances Tunello, in excerpts from Aida. Anthony Spano and his “Jazzers" will offer after dinner dance music. The guest list includes other such personalities as: Frank Mattis, Vice-President of the First National Bank of London: Jane Bowen and Jerry Busen-lehner, NBC commentators stationed in Moscow and Siam: Lieutenant Robert Gardner on leave from the Foreign Legion where he is popular with the natives since his introduction of the American Hot Dog to them; David Vigilante, United States Ambassador to the Vatican. Jackie Cogbill, Coach of the United States Olympic Team now competing in Greece, will attend accompanied by team members Clarence Boggan, Hurdler. Marian Dolly, free style swimmer. FLASHES!! rumored that Vogue Fashion Editor Mary Jo Buckner will resign to marry a Southern Conference Football Coach. Chicago. 111., May 29.......Oscar for tear jerking has been awarded to Charlotte Farmer for her TV show "Charlotte Faces Life". Annette Thornton, the director, was given a plaque ingraved with tear drops. Homewood. Ala., May 29------New York broker and merchant, J. L. Shaia. 24 and James McNally, sprint star. Brady Taylor and Bill Swift on vacation from their jobs of care takers of Fort Knox are expected to cut short a European Tour in order to attend. The G. Anscltno, R. Bohorfoush, F. Cicio, A. Tortomasc Grocery Company Inc. (formally known as the A P Super Markets) will provide the food. James O'Donnell, employed at the Mabel Spink's Tea Room, will prepare the menu. He announced that a special salad will be prepared for the occasion. It is the newly famed "May-O-Namic" (instead of Mayonaisc) Salad which will be tossed by its founder, Mary Namie. Robert Potter and Lula Dexter Green of Dishwashers Inc. will provide the soap powder needed for the after dinner clean-up. has Just purchased the Homewood Bus Company. Earthcnd County, Alaska, May 29------- Steve DiChiara and ingaiius Vetrano have volcnteered as the first crew of the Rocket Ship to Mars. This ship is designed by the physicist, John Boacklc. Topeka. Kansas, May 29.......The former Kathleen Thompson has been elected "Mother of the Year"lUffKLy HIGH SCH001 VOL. 18. IIO. 33 LATE BULLETINS--- Aqua. Chile, May 29.........Louise Craffo, stewardess for Gulf Inc. Airlines, survived a plane crash due to hurricane weather off the Florida Coast. On the passenger list were va-vationists Marilyn DeRussy and Pat Shaffer, who were returning from Buenos Aires. White Plans, New York. May 29---------- Ann Rouse, New York artist, has completed designing a flag for the new state of Hawaii. Heflindia, Poland, May 29.......Count and Countess (Miriam Maguire) Tunik Swarty are the proud parents of triplet boys, Shaum, Patrick, and Shannon. Duke and Duchess (Rita Wachter) Edinburgh XVII of Scotland will be godparents for the Swany triplets. The question in the minds of the folk in Hclfindia is "Who will inherit the crown . Thedccision is to be made by the Thrones Lawyer. Joe Fiore. Green Springs, Ala. May 29......... Much excitement over the new Mackin Beans. These are named after and produced by the former resident, Carol Brendan Mackin. Trussville, Ala., May 29---------Camp Betty, named after Mary Elizabeth Coleman, was opened today or the Brownie Scouts of Alabama. This camp will specialize in Horsemanship. Miss Peggy Brasficld is to be riding director. HOSPITAL COMPUTED Doctor Louis Wilkinson, M. D., P. D. 0., has realized his dream in the completion of the newly constructed Wilkinson Psychosis, Neurosis and Foot Hospital. Construction of the hospital was undertaken by the Raymond Kurtts Construction Co., while interior dec -oration was under the direction of designers Rebecca Rice and Carolyn Bischoff. Completion of the building was threatened by a strike of the Local Cement Mixers Union 13. Union Boss Patrick “Putty" Lynch intervened and settled the dispute. The east wing of the building was financed by Alice Fallctta, retired music teacher, in memory of her dog "Whiskers". The section will be named "Whiskers Wing". Wall Street tycoon. Wild .Bill Keeling, financed the west wing. Mr. Keeling requested that this wing be dedicated to his friend Arthur Homer Mawhinney. In the entrance hall a marble replica of Mr. Mawhinney's feet has been erected. Sculptress Catherine Clark stated concerning the work she did on these feet, "I put my heart and soul into this work of 'Art' '. Mary Ann Marino, Vita Ross, and Susie Maniscalco have designed a special gown for the patients in the new hospital. At a recent board meeting, directors Doctor James Gaudin, Pli.D., and Doctor Bridget MeGeever. M.D., decided that 25 special consideration will be given to all neurotic Carroll graduates. Chiefs of Staff of the new building include: Mary Jo Salerno, Head of Nursing Staff, and Mary Ann Dennis, Chief Pharmacist. Catherine Gallagher has charge of the Record Room, while Ruth Douglas has the title Hospital Insurance Credit Manager. Jimmie Levio has helped the progress of the hospital greatly by his newly invented double decker ambulance. This special ambulance has an operating room on the top deck. Alfred Catemichia is in charge of seeing that the gasoline tanks are always filled. Betty Coleman Catherine ClarkCLASS BEAUTY ANNETTE THORNTONWL i MUST IIUIISIHII BOY JOSEPH FIORE 27Most Original Most Striking Best Sport Most Outstanding WHO'S WHO Boy Girl Most Original....................John Shaia..............................Ann Rouse Most Striking....................Bill Keeling................Jo Ann Antonio Best Sport.......................James McNally...................Mary Namie Most Outstanding.................Art Mawhinney.......................Bridget McGeever Sweetest.........................Steve DiChiara .... Mary Ann Marino Best Dressed.....................James Levio.......................Vita Ross Best All Around..................Robert Gardner..............Betty Coleman Friendliest......................Clarence Boggan.............Mary Jo Buckner 28 Sweetest Best Dressed Best All Around F riendliestMost Talkative Best Student Most Athletic Best Politician WHO’S WHO Boy Girl Most Talkative.................Jerry Busenlehner......................Jane Bowen Best Student...................David Vigilante.....................Rebecca Rice Most Athletic ......... James McNally.....................Jackie Cogbill Best Politician................Raymond Blanco.............Betty Coleman Most Entertaining..............John Anderton.................Phyllis Abts Most Sophisticated.............Bill Keeling...................Mable Spinks Quietest.......................Ray Kurtts...........................Martha Varagona Wittiest.......................Raymond Blanco .... Charlotte Farmer Most Entertaining Most Sophisticated Quietest Wittiest 29Most Likely to Succeed Most Popular Most Popular . . Most Polite . . First Bride and Groom Most Poised . . Boy . David Vigilante . . Brady Taylor . . . James Lcvlo . . . Terry Murphy . . . Richard Bohorfoush . Steve DiChiara . . Bill Keeling . . Girl .Bridget McGcevcr • J’eggy Brasficld . .Nina DiChiara . .Jackie Cogbill . Mary Jo Salerno . . Jackie Brant . . Mablc Spinks Most Polite Most PoisedMarian Accinno Shirley Anthony Charles Baker James Barrett Anthony Brooklere Mary Ann Browne Danny Cain Gerald Campbell Vincent Caruso Virginia Crockett Kathleen Cronin Clay Coury John Curran Margaret English Jean Fiorella Edna Flege Thelma Garner John Giardina Patsy George Catherine Gilmore Mary Graffeo Georgiana Haddad Joe Haury Helen Her.derson Mary Ann Hoehn Charles Hoene Rose Ann Isbell Joe James Frank Keel Dale Lavender Frances LeonardJames Levio Ann Lilly Martha Locasio John McArdle Dick McCaffrey Pat McCarty Earle McFarland Hugh Mackinaw Rosemary Mackinaw John Maguire Dale Merriss Bill Millican Patsy Mulligan Helen Niggeler Sara O'Gara David Osment Marie Patnode Joanne Potter Billie Reese Nancy Sanderson Jean Saunier Jane Schauer A. J. Schiffanilla Lucian Simonetti Jimmy Smeraglia Don Smith James Stack Jude Tombrello Loretta Travis Frances Varagona Mary Walker Margaret Wrightm] SOPHOMORES Patricia Bite Ernest Boackle Martha Boggan Herme Boutwell Dale Bowlen Jean Buckley Joan Buckley Marjorie Caravella Ann Carbonie Frances Carbonie Ann Clark Dorothy Connolly Mike Cull Neal Cull Dorothy Daidone Ferdie Dinan Joyce DuMoulin Betty Lou Farmer Harry Flemming Barbara Foster Sammy Gagliano Sara Jean Gagliano Kathryn Gengler Jamely George Angie Giardina John Gross Caroline Guglietta Robert Hamilton Carol Hanners Anita Hartney Joanna Hawkins Thomas Hickman James Holt Doris Horton Mary Jackson Ann Ellen Jones Marie LaFiore Paul Lanzi Jim Leithauser Joe LocasioSOPHOMORES Claudis McClain Pat McGeever Marilyn Madonia Harriett Mancin Elizabeth Mangina Loretta Maniscalco Bob Mawhinney Carol Mickwee Bill Mikul Rosalie Miles Bill Miller Vincent M onella Thomas Moore Lawrence Morris James Mounier Gayle Murray Catherine Nicastro Patsy O'Donnell Jo Ellen O'Hara Joann Overstreet Frances Petruzelia Martha Ritter Mary Pat Roden Peggy Rodgers Margaret Rohling Pete Rouveyrol Victor Ruwe • Carrie Sartina Joe Sauro Sam Savage Hedy Stano Carolyn Taylor Peggy Thomas Mary Agnes Tierman Richard Townes Sally Turner Gene Uram Ignatius Vetrano Bertha Woodall Charles ZanatyFRESHMEN Martha Baggett Nap Barranco Frank Bianco Mary Biggs Ray Borders Donna Brown Anne Bruno John Caiola Martha Campbell Jeanette Caruso Fred Caver George Clark Patricia Clark Peter Coleman James Cox Slade Crawford Caroline Cusick Angela Cusimano Angeleen Cusimano James Cutcliff Don Cutcliff Donald David Robert DeWitt Theresa Douswell Paula Duane Agnes Ann English Mary Jane Falletta Patricia Farley Louis Ferlise Hugh Foster Anthony Gagliano Marcia Garner Sarah GiardinaFRESHMEN Kitty Goldschmid Nicholas Graffeo Barbara Greer Elizabeth Gustin Bill Hagerty William Hanks George Harris Leslie Haynes Richard Haynie Arnold Heflin Mary Henegar Martin Holt Betty Jaglowicz Maudie Johnson John Kelley Frank Kopp George Lanman William Lehman Loa Leithauser Shirley Leithauser Carol Locke Mary Lynch Pat McClarey Rosemary Mackin Peggy Mackinaw Caroline Marcia Gretchen Michalke Charlotte Mickwee John Mikul Delores Milazzo Bill Mooney James MorganFRESHMEN Margaret Merrigan Pamela Orem Romulo Perdona Martha Pilato Thomas Pilato Annette Raley Raymond Rainey Josephine Renta Ann Rives Mildred Rohling Joanne Rouss Phyllis Russo Juanita Schauer Mary Grace Scotch Leo Shaia Betty Lou Shelton Linda Sherrill James Shields John Sloan Catherine Smith Linda Smith Patricia Smith Martha Snider Eugene Sullivan Lillian Swift Paul Tipton Concetta Tomburello Pat Tombrello Mary Turner Steve Vallely Pauline Virciglia Mary Walton Robert Wilder . VCHOOL SPIRIT £TTY COLEMAN KING AND QUEEN O ART MAWHINNEY---IMPORTANT CATHOIIC STUOEIVIS MISSION CRUSADE INITIATION IMPORTANT LAURIE BATHE TOUR REPRESENTATIVE Mr. William Natter, Representative Bridget McCeever, and Student Advisor Father John M. BrunsonPEOPLE!! JUNIOR CUSS OFFICERS SEATED: Joe Janies, President. STANDING: Mary Alta Walker, Secretary, Dale Merriss. Treasurer, and Ann Lilly, Vice-President. EVENTS!! QUILL AND SCROLL JOURNALISTIC SOCIFTV TAPPING SEATED: David Vigilante, Louts Wilkinson, and Betty Coleman. STANDING: Bridget McGecver. Robert Potter, Jean Fiorella, Rita Wachtcr, Catherine Clark, and Father Hughes, Principal. 41ANNETTE THORNTON and ART MAWHINNEYCHEERLEADERS LEFT TO RIGHT STARTING AT BOTTOM OF SEMI CIRCLE Jane Schauer, Betty Coleman, Alice Falletu, Mary Walker, Louise Graffo, Jackie Cogbill, Thelma Garner, Carol Mackin, Mary Jo Buckner, Phyllis Abts, Miriam Maguire, Catherine Clark. HEAD CHEERLEADER.......Betty Coleman SEC- OND ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Jane Schauer. Phyllis Abts, Mary Walker, Thelma Gamer. THIRD ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Catherine Clark. Miriam Maguire, Alice Falletta, Mary Jo Buckner. Carol Mackin, Jackie Cogbill, and Louise Graffo. MAJORETTES LEFT TO RIGHT: Palsy George. Jo Ann Potter. Shirley Anthony. Loretta Travis. Anita Hartncy. FRONT ROW: Jo Ann Potter, Loretta Travis. Patsy George, loe Maury, Anita Hartncy, Shirley Anthony. SECOND ROW: Bill Mikul. Charlotte Mickwee, Patsy Stephens, Ann Rives, Jeanette Caruso, Dome Russo, Sally Turner. Gloria Abrasley, Dale Lavender. THIRD ROW; Charles Hoene, Shirley Leithauser, George Harris, Margaret Mcrrigan, Caroline Cutick, Mary Amt Dennis, Sylvia Stephens. Jo Ann Antonio, Charles Zanaty, Sam Savage. FOURTH ROW: Martin Holt, Frank Bianco, John Curran. Richard Townes, Fred Caver, Clay Couric. Annette Thornton, Gloria Mizcrany.LEFT TO RIGHT: Rebecca Rice. Business manager, John Anderton, Art Editor; Sister M. Isabel, Advisor; Bridget McGecver, Editor; Carol Mackin, Circulation manager; Sylvia Stephens, co-editor. ANNUAL EDITOR!! ANNUAL STAFF TOP ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Charlotte Farmer, Miriam Maguire, Kathleen Thompson. Annette Thornton, Rita Wachter, Mary Ann Dennis. SECOND ROW: Alice Falletu. Marilyn DeRussy. Jackie Cogbill, Mary Jo Buckner, Betty Coleman. THIRD ROW: Catherine Clark. Mary Ann Marino. Jo Ann Antonio, Mary Namie, Mary Jo Salerno, FOURTH ROW: Louise Graffo, Ann Rouse, Mary Michael McGlaun, Gloria Abrasley, FIFTH ROW; David Vigilante. Robert Potter, Dexter Green, Carolyn Bischoff. 46LEFT TO RIGHT: Mary Walker, Alumni editor; Jackie Cogbill, Business manager; Kathy Thompson. Circulation manager; Betty Coleman, assistant editor; Carol Mackin, Head Typist; Catherine Clark. Editor; Rita Wachter. Feature editor; Mary Jo Buckner, Fashion editor; John Giardina, Art editor; Alice Falletta, Exchange editor. FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Sylvia Stephens. Peggy Brasfield. Patsy Clark. Betty Lou Shelton. Catherine Smith. Patricia Bite. Billie Reese. Ann Lilly, Edna Fledge. SECOND ROW. LEFT TO RIGHT: Carolyn Bischoff. Mary Narnie. Mary Ann Marino, Mabel Spinks, Vita Ross, Jane Bowen. Susie Maniscalco, Bridget McGecver, Mary Ann Dennis. Gloria Abrasley. Marian Accinno, Georgina Haddad, Margaret Wright. Jean Fiorella, Mary Frances Graffeo. THIRD ROW; Carol Mickwe. Catherine Gallagher, Nina DIChiara. Ruth Douglas. Patsy Shaffer. Mary Michael McGlaun, Ann Rouse, Peggy Thomas. Charlotte Farmer, Miriam Maguire. Carolyn Taylor. Ann Ellen Jones. Dexter Green. Rebecca Rice. FOURTH ROW; John Me-Ardle, Anthony Tonomasi, David Vigilante. Robert Potter. A1 Catemichia. Ray Blanco, John Shaia, Hugh Mackinaw, Gene Uram, Bill Mikul. Steve DiChiara. CAVALIER STAFF CAVALIER EDITORShi 10m honor - LEFT TO RIGHT SEATED: Thcreia Jo Bruno. Robert P°ttC ry btichtel McGUun. RIGHT STANDING: David Vigilante, Bridget MeGcevcr, President Vice -Pres ident Secretary Treasurer • • . Robert Potter • Bridget McGeever . Rebecca Rice • . David VigilanteNATIONAL MATH HONOR SOCIETY Vice President . Mary Michael McGlaun Secretary............Bridget McGeever Treasurer..................Bill Keeling SEATED, FIRST ROW, FRONT TO BACK: James O'Donnell, Carolyn Bischoff, Terry Murphy. Rita Wachter, Miriam Maguire. John Anderton. SECOND ROW; James Levio, Carol Mackin, Annette Thornton, Art Mawhinncy. Alice Falletta. THIRD ROW: Louise Graffo, Robert Potter, Louis Wilkinson, and John Boackle. STANDING, LEFT TO RIGHT: Sister Mary Susan. Bill Keeling. Bridget McGeever, Mary Michael McGlaun, and Theresa Jo Bruno. 49STUDENT COUNCIL President..........................Art Mawhinney Vice President .... David Vigilante Secretary..............Mary Ann Dennis Treasurer.................Bill Keeling SEATED. FIRST ROW. LEFT TO RIGHT: Miriam Maguire, Charlotte Farmer. SECOND ROW: Charles Baker, Catherine Clark, Mary Michael McGIaun, Eugene Uram, Marilyn DeRussy. THIRD ROW; Joe James, Ann Ellen Jones, Patsy Mulligan, Joe Locasio. FOURTH ROW: Rita Linn, Georgina Haddad. FIFTH ROW: John Giardina, John Kelly. Pat Tombrcllo, Nicky Graffeo. SIXTH ROW; Mable Spinks, Robert Potter. Kathy Thompson. Bill Mikul, James Levio, John Anderton, Jackie Cogbill. STANDING, LEFT TO RIGHT: Art Mawhinney, Mary Ann Dennis, Bill Keeling, and David Vigilante. 50SCIENCE CLUB FIRST ROW. LEFT TO RIGHT: Joe James, Vice President, Charlotte Farmer. Treasurer. Louis Wilkinson, President. Betty Coleman, Secretary, and Georgina Haddad, Student Council Representative. SECOND ROW; John Giardina, David Vigilante, Robert Potter, Jimmie Gaudin, John Boackle, James O'Donnell, Margaret Wright, Mary Walker, Marian Accino, Catherine Clark, and Sister Maureen. FRENCH CLUB FIRST ROW, FRONT TO BACK: Jo Ellen O'Hara. Rosalie Miles. Martha Boggan. Rita Linn, Marilyn Madonia, Carol Manners, Gretchcn Michalkc. SECOND ROW; Peggy Rodgers, Clay Coury, Theresa Jo Bruno, Mary Michael McGlaun, Ann Rouse, Marilyn DeRussy, Dale Bowlen. THIRD ROW; Dorothy Diadone, John Giardina, Georgina Haddad, Margaret English. FOURTH ROW: Linda Sherrill, Betty Lou Shelton, Louis Wilkinson. David Osment, Catherine Smith. STANDING, LEFT TO RIGHT: Jean Saunict, Secretary, Joanna Hawkins, Vice President, Frank Keel. President, Charles Baker, Treasurer, Sister Mary Susan, Sponsor.HOME ECONOMICS CLUB FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Kathy Thompson, Martha Baggett, Patsy Mulligan, President Louise Graffo, Vice President, Bridget McGeever, Secretary. SECOND ROW: Betty Coleman, Margaret Wright, Charlotte Farmer, Miriam Maguire, Rita Wachtcr, Jo Ellen O'Hara, Marilyn Madonia, Peggy Thomas, Frances Varagona. THIRD ROW; Martha Snider. Carolyn Marcia, Alice Fallctta, Jackie Cogbill, Carol Mackin, Peggy Rodgers, Rosalie Miles. Martha Boggan, Mary Namie, Mary Jo Salerno. Martha Varagona, Margaret English. FOURTH ROW; Jean Buckley, Joan Buckley, Dale Murray, Marilyn DeRussy, Margie Caravclla, Carol Mickwcc, Mary Ann Hoehn, Carolyn Bischoff, Jane Bowen, Mable Spinks. FIFTH ROW: Linda Smith. Patsy Smith, Thelma Gamer, Janie Schauer, Marcia Gamer, Yvonne Marcia, Ann Rouse, Marian Dolly, Mary Brown, Sister Alphonsd. SIXTH ROW: Annette Raley, Carol Locke, and Dale Bowlen. STANDING, LEFT TO RIGHT: Annette Thornton, Kathleen Thompson, Charlotte Farmer, Rita Wachter, Marilyn DeRussy, Miriam Maguire, and Mary Michael McGlaun. SEATED: Mary Jo Buckner. President. RED CROSS CLUBMONITORS CLUB STARTING AT BOTTOM. LEFT TO RIGHT: Marian Dolly, Betty Coleman, David Vigilante, Head Monitor, Theresa Jo Bruno, Robert Potter, David Osmcnt. SECOND ROW: Sarah Gagliano, Georgina Haddad. Frances Carbonic, Dexicr Green, and Rebecca Rice. THIRD ROW: Peggy Rodgers, Annie Carbonie, Mary Michael McGlaun. FOURTH ROW: Mary Ann Hoehn, Marian Accino, Marilyn Madonia, and Alice Falletta. FIFTH ROW: Helen Henderson, Mary Graffco, Jackie Cogbill, Frances Leonard, and Ann Lillcy. SIXTH ROW; Joe James, Anthony Brooklerc, Mary Namie, Carolyn Bischoff, John Giardina, and Mary Jo Salerno. SEVENTH ROW: Anna Marie Szakats, Patsy Mulligan. Mable Spinks. Margaret Wright, and Jane Bowen. EIGHTH ROW: Bridget McGeever, Dale Bowlen, J. L. Shaia, Mary Claudia McClain, Carol Mickwce, and Mickey Ramsey. DRAMATICS CLUB SEATED. FIRST ROW; Janie Schaucr, and Norecn Mulvaney. SEATED. SECOND ROW; David Os-ment and Dexter Green. THIRD ROW, STANDING: Georgina Haddad, Marian Accino, Marian Dolly, Robert Potter, John Giardina. Theresa Jo Bruno. David Vigilante, Gene Uram. Clay Coury, Edna Flegc, Thelma Gamer, and Jackie Brant. 53lilEE CHORUS FIRST ROW. LEFT TO RIGHT: jo Ann Antonio, Anie Carbonic. Peggy Thomas. Sara Jean Gagliano, Angie Giardina, Bertha Woodall. Frances Carbonic, Mary Pat Roden. Ann Clark, and Carol Mickwee. SECOND ROW; Director, Sister Martha O. S.B.. Rosemary Mackinaw, Marie Patnode, Helen Nigglcr, Dorothy Diadonc, Martha Boggan. Jo Ellen O’Hara. Betty Jo Farmer, Pat O’Donnell, Margie Caravella. THIRD ROW: Joe Sauro, Mary Frances Tunello, Phyllis Abts, Jackie Brant, Jean Buckley. Barbara Foster, Joan Buckley, Marie LaFiore, Martha Ritter, Margaret Rohling, and Vita Ross, FOURTH ROW: J. L. Shala, Betty Coleman. Gloria Abrasley, Ruth Douglas, and Susie Maniscalco. FIFTH ROW: Clay Coury, Paul Lanzi, Bill Millican, Ross Luckett, Catherine Gcngler, Mary Claudia McClain. Carolyn Taylor, Catherine Gallagher, Mary Ann Marino, and Elizabeth Mangia, SIXTH ROW: Tommy Hickman, Frank Keel, Ignatius Vctrano, Mickey Ramsey, Sam Savage, Grady Cain, Gene Uram, Harriet Mancin, Biddy DiChiara, Pat Schaffer, Dale Bowlen, Robert Potter. Loretta Maniscalco, David Vigilante, and Carrie Jo Sartino. KIRI’S GYM CUSS SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: Peggy Mackinaw. Agnes Ann English. Martha Baggett, Carol Locke. Martha Snider, and Mary Elizabeth Gustm. STANDING: Lillian Swift. Linda Rocks, Patsy Farley. Annette Raley. Nita Shauer, Mildred Rohling. Mary Jane Lynch, and Mary Turner. Although the girl’s gym class has started out in competitive sports, it may be put in the Activities section.1952 FOOTBALL TTAM CENTER FRONT: Bob Mawhlnncy. FIRST ROW. I.EFT TO RIGHT: Henry Rookii. A1 Catemichia. Ferdy Dinan, Danny Cain. Anthony Spano, Nicky Graffco, Raymond Blanco, Art Mawhinney. Richard Bohorfoush. SECOND ROW: Coach Tom Banks, John Anderton, Clarence Boggan, Dale Merriss, Joe Locasio, Jimmy Smeraglia. Joe James, Dick McCaffrey, Richard Abts, Anthony Brooklere, Grady Cain, Pat McGeevcr. THIRD ROW: Terry Murphy, Pat McClary, James McNally. Robert Gardner. Eugene Sullivan, Don Weldon, Pat McCarty. COACH-TOM HANKS CAPT.-TERRI MURPHY AIT. CAPT.-JOHN 56 ANOTRTONSENIOR FOOTBALL PLAYERS Terry Murphy 57 Anthony SpanoSENIOR FOOTBALL PLAYERS 58SENIOR FOOTBALL PLAYERSVARSITV BASKETBALL TEAM FIRST ROW. LEFT TO RIGHT: John Gross. Ferdy Dlnan, and Richard Bohorfoush. SECOND ROW. LEFT TO RIGHT: James McNally. Bill Millican. Bill Keeling, and Manager Mike Broderick. “If” TEAM LEFT TO RIGHT: Grady Cain. Bob Mawhinney, Bill Hagerty. John Gross, and Ferdy Dinan. 60SENIOR Clarence Boggan Bill Keeling Robert Ga rdne r BASKETBALL James McNally James Levio PLATERS Richard Bohorfoush62Ignatius Vetrano John Gross Ignatius Vetrano Jimmy Smeraglia BASEBALL Clarence Boggan Terry Murphy Robert Gardner TEAM Joe Locasio Art Mawhinney Bill Millican Tommy Hickman 63When ends meet— Making a cabinet Caver It such a friendly boy--- Please don't drop me — Sitting pretty--- Waldo with hair! I Romulo makes friends Ladies Man Mawhinney— Three monkeys--- You kill mel I 64 The girl ------ Mac has his tonsils out Must be funny n? And that our Head-Cheerleader! 1 Big John and the gang U menu Very nice! I The death of a salesman The woodsmen Ain't they sweet--- Assembly play 65OUR CHAPEL ADORATION 66THE I9S3 ANNUAL STAFF EDITOR-IN-CHIEF CO-EDITOR BRIDGET McGEEVER SYLVIA STEPHENS BUSINESS MANAGER REBECCA RICE CIRCULATION MANAGER CAROL MACKIN PROPHECY .... CATHERINE CLARK. BETTY COLEMAN HISTORY ROBERT PORTER WHO’S WHO....................................JOHN GIARDINA DEDICATION........................CATHERINE CLARK SNAPSHOTS.............................RAY BLANCO ARTIST..............................JOHN ANDERTON COVER............................IGNATIUS VETRANO THE STAFF Staff Members: Gloria Abrasley, Jo Ann Antonio, Carolyn Bischoff, Mary Jo Buckner, Jackie Cogbill, Mary Ann Dennis, Alice Falletta, Charlotte Farmer, Louise Graffo, Miriam Maguire, Mary Ann Marino, Mary Michael McGlaun, Mary Namie, Anna Rouse, Mary Jo Salerno, Kathleen Thompson, Annette Thornton, and David Viligante. SISTER MARY ISABEL, O.S.B. We, the staff thank you for your patience and guidance in helping us produce this yearbook. 67reme inner You’ll never forget your school clays, and we hope you'll always remember PhotoReflex, your Official Photographer. We ll always remember the fun we bad taking your pictures... and we hope you will not forget us in the years to come when there are other occasions you'll want to remember with fine portraits. Photo Ref!ex.. .a unique method of taking pictures from coast to coast PliOTOREFLBX STUDIO 4th FLOORU 0 YEARBOOKS - MVIRVANDCO INC TO»«K

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