Jersey Community High School - J Yearbook (Jerseyville, IL)

 - Class of 1988

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Jersey Community High School - J Yearbook (Jerseyville, IL) online yearbook collection, 1988 Edition, Page 44 of 182
Page 44 of 182

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Page 44 text:

Daniel Dee Lockhart Mr. and Mrs. Donald Lockhart R.R. m3 Box 43W, Jerseyville Life is great big canvas, and you should throw all the paint on it you can. Thanks Mom, Dad, friends and teachers for everything. D.D.L. Michelle M. Long Ms. Sybil Long, Mr. Michael Long 611 Short, Jerseyville Good times, bad times, you know l've had my share. Led Zeppelin Benjamin Allen Lyles Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Lyles 127 Andrew St., Jerseyville We have come too far, we have sacrificed too much, to disdain the future now. JFK Brenda S. Malley Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Malley R.R. 441 Box 30, Fieldon The time has come to say goodbye. lt has been great here at JCHS! Thanks for all the good times. Mom, dad, KS, TD, MH, - Mou Wou Douglas Lee Mayes Mr, and Mrs. William Mayes R.R. W1 Box 43, Dow Too much wine, not enough chicks, But that's ok, l got a big checkbook. James McAdams Mr. and Mrs. Henry McAdams R.R. 41 Box 550, Grafton All of my life I never stopped to worry about anything. Where have all the good times gone. VH. Amy McCarry Mr. and Mrs. Cliff McCarry Box 67, Jerseyville Thanks to all my friends for all the great times! And a special thanks to mom and dad! Haisers TKB ALM Brad McClenning Mr. and Mrs. Oren McClenning 311 David Lane, Brighton This is the best grade in the world. l'm glad I am a senior this year. And this is my last year. They are the greatest. Kevin Douglas McDonald Ms. Carolyn McDonald R.R. 42, Jerseyville I got a drink in my hand my toes in the sand. All I need is a beautiful girl. Thanks, Amy and all my friends. Y Van Halen Jill Mercurio Ms. Sandy Jolly, Mr. Joe Mercurio 404 E. Pearl, Apt. 410, Jerseyville l feel l missed some things in this part of my life, but it's time to move on. l'll miss you . . . Kristin Leigh Morgan Mr. and Mrs. Richard Morgan R.R. Atl, Dow Tim Morrow Mr. Clyde Morrow and Mrs. Joyce lngold R.R. 41 Box 56D, Grafton l'm headed for the mountains of Bussssssssssch Mark Mossman Mr. and Mrs. Mike Mossman 407 W. Arch, Jerseyville Our conscious lives run deep, You cling onto your mountain while we sleep. Gordon Michael Sumner Tim Muensterman Mr. and Mrs. Pat Muensterman R.R. 441 Box 27, Piasa School is the place where brilliant minds assemble to willfully pool ignorance with questionable logic in order to reach stupid conclusions. Rita Diane Muffley Mr. and Mrs. James Muffley R.R. 04 Box 195, Jerseyville Thanks MS, NP, and PS for that 'GREAT' Senior year and those eleven years before it! Sherry Kaye Mundy Ms. Mamie Mundy R.R. 41 Box 123, Kane Thanks Mom and Dad and to all my friends. KS, CS, BC, BH James H. Murphy Ms. Kathleen Murphy and the late Mr. James Murphy P.O. Box 153, Grafton Responsibility gravitates toward him who gets ready for it, and power flows to him and through him who can use it. George Walter Fiske Micka Alyn Nasello Mr, and Mrs. Monty Venardos R.R. 42 Box 338, Godfrey Bobby, All l ever wanted is to be with you. SANTANA Thank you Mom, Monty, Mr. Church and Mr. Coyle for everything. Darren Michael Nash Mr. and Mrs. Jack Nash 704 W. Spruce St., Jerseyville Above and beyond, no longer is the sky the maximum limit. DMN Kelly Lynn Naville Mr. and Mrs. Terry Smith R.R. 01, Dow lf you don't enjoy what you have, how could you be happier with more? Tabitha fTabiI Jean Newingham Mrs. Larry Newingham, Sr. 9 East Clinton, Grafton Turn me loose, turn me loose, I gotta do it my way, or no way at all! LOVERBOY l miss you, Dad! Thanks Mom and Dana. I love you, Tim! Victor Alan Ojeda Mr. and Mrs. Alex Ojeda 510 W. Exchange, Jerseyville Good defeated in stronger than evil triumphant. Ghandi ILUHCK James Ontis Mr. and Mrs. Walter Ontis R.R. 01 Box 87, Fieldon Missy Ontis Ms. Barbara Ontis 542 Horn Drive, Jerseyville Thanks for helping me adjust and having fun. CG, CE, JH, DH, KM. Thanks Mom. Angela Renee Parish Mrs. Flois J. Parish 512 High St., Jerseyville As graduation nears our eyes fill with tears, thanks to everyone who has been there with me for the last four years. lBasketball ell Larry fMickl Parks Mr. and Mrs. Larry C. Parks 11 Market St., Grafton Brandi, loving you gives me happiness, the kind I need everyday, and if I don't always show it, I love you in every way. Michelle B. Pelletier Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Pelletier 2 Parr Place, Jerseyville ln our hearts, deep unseen, friendship stays forever green. Thanks for everything, Haisers TKB! Love ya Mom and Dad Margaret fMissyJ Caroline Phillips Mr. and Mrs. James Phillips R.R. W4 Box 95, Jerseyville Thanks to my friends for sticking with me through the good and bad times! Let the parties roll on ll MCP Paul Plunkett Mr. and Mrs. Robin L. Plunkett R.R. fl, Fieldon I got out with a little help from my friends CH, JO, DO, DS, JS. Nancy Catherine Pohlman Mr. and Mrs. John Pohlman 408 S. Washington, Jerseyville Even though l'm a dreamer, some dreams come true and that's having friends like you. Thanks Sis, Mindy, Jane, Rita, Pam, Erika, and friends. Michael S. Potter Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Potter Elsah Society is too confusing, l'm simple. Thanks to my friends who realized this. To you guys I crank up Pink-Floyd, and drink another beer. Sarah C, Powers Ms. Susan Holmes and Mr. William Powers 406 Pleasant St., Jerseyville The person who rows the boat, generally doesn't have time to rock it. UMC41 Travis Printy Mr. Russell Printy and Mrs. Jacque Hansen R.R. 04, Jerseyville The good times come, the bad times go, the fast times help to make it so. These could be the best years of our lives. Jackie Pruitt Ms. Gayle Willis and Mr. David Pruitt 406 E. Prairie St., Jerseyville I'd rather burn out than fade away! Thanks to all my crazy friends, Dizzy, Airhead, Nark, and Jockstrap. And most of all Kyle, I love you! Cory Quinn Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Quinn R.R. 43, Jerseyville l like school so much I'm going to stick around for a few more years. You know what they always say - it HAPPENSI 'MOMO' Rebecca Raines Ms. Helen Raines 605 E. Arch, Jerseyville Ronnie, the most special moments of my life are those l share with you. I love you forever with all my heart. Karen Ready Mr. and Mrs, Richard Ready R.R. 01 Box 254, Grafton The hardest thing for me to say in twenty-five words or less is 'GoodBye'. Thanks to Mom, Dad and VG. I made it! Chad Richards Mr. and Mrs, Charls Alexander and Mr, Robert H. Richards R.R. el Box 39, Grafton Winning: A feeling you never forget. Get 'er up. Brenda Ringhausen Mrs. Linda Ringhausen and the late Mr. Glen Ringhausen R.R. 4'3, Jerseyville I keep on dreaming dreams of tomorrow, Lighting candles in the wind, Always taking my chances on the promise of the future - Whitesnake Deborah Leigh Roach Mr. and Mrs. Robert Roach 132 Roberts St., Jerseyville Mom, Dad, Tammy, Mandy and Gretchen thanks for your love and support but don't stop now. B-B-Baby you just ain't seen nothin' yet. Scott Robinson Mr. and Mrs. Merlin Robinson R.R. 41 Box 288, Dow We've got to hold on ready or not, You live for the fight when it's all that you've got - Bon Jovi Stacey Marie Robinson Mr. and Mrs. Merlin Robinson R.R.ff1 Box 288, Dow Happiness is not at the end of the road, but in traveling along the way. Francy C. Roentz Mr. and Mrs. James Kyle R.R. 33 Box 43V, Jerseyville l would rather sit on a pumpkin and have it all to myself than be crowded on a velvet cushion, Thoreau Ric Rogers Mr. and Mrs. Jay Rogers 127 Rosewood Dr., Jerseyville Winning: The feeling you never lose. Wendi Ellen Rose Mr. and Mrs. Dale Rose R.R. 03, Jerseyville Life is like a dog sled, unless you take the lead, the scenery never changes. Shannon Josette Rulo Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Rulo and the late Ms, Katherine Rulo 10 S. Vine St., Grafton God, Grant me the courage not to give up on what I believe ing even when I think it's hopeless. Love and miss you Mom. Amy Lynn Russell Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Russell 600 E. Shipman, Jerseyville Look at the world we've made, what have we become? Thanks Mom, Dad, and Kevin, I love you all very much. Tammy Lynn Schaaf Mr. and Mrs. Robert Schaaf R.R. 42 Box 276, Jerseyville Success isn't measured by what you learn but by how you apply what you learn. Anon Christine G. Scheffel Mr, and Mrs. John Scheffel 496 Hiview St., Jerseyville You're the only one, The only friend I counted on, How could I watch you walk away, l'd give anything to have you here today. Foreigner Melinda Annn Schmieder Mr, and Mrs. Robert Schmieder 8 Reddish Drive, Jerseyville Things change like people change. Thanks for staying my friends throughout the years, RM, PS, NP. Thanks for everything Mom and Dad. Christopher Lee Schroeder Mr. and Mrs. Ron Schroeder 802 N. State St., Jerseyville Not playing with a full deck. James Louis Schroeder Mr. and Mrs. Paul Schoeder 414 S. Pearl, Jerseyville There's so many different worlds, so many different suns, and we have just one world, but live in different ones. Dire Straits JLS lJimmy'zj Angela Marie Scoggins Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Scoggins

Page 43 text:

There is an obvious cure for failure - and that is success, But what is the cure for success? Monty Gardner Mr. and Mrs. Roger Gardner R.R. 491, Jerseyville Amy Louise Gettings Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Gettings 1108 Westlake Drive, Jerseyville If we could all be dancers and set our emotions free, we could all be happy people and be anything we wanted to be. AmyLou Roy E. Gettings Mr. and Mrs. James R. Gettings Sr, 400 McBride St., Jerseyville I might be going to hell in a bucket baby but at least I'll enjoy the ride. Grateful Dead Cathy A. Gibbons Mr. and Mrs. Pat Gibbons R.R. 444 Box 52, Jerseyville He was always here and he was always there. He was just love and miracles out of nowhere. I love you Mike! Thanks mom and dad. Mason Gill Mr. and Mrs. Ron Gill R.R, 41 Box 107A, Dow We live on the wild side. Motley Crue. Susan Lynn Gilman Mr. and Mrs. Carl Gilman R.R. rl Box 185C, Fieldon Great opportunities come to those who make the most of small ones. Damon Grimsley Mr. and Mrs. Mike Grimsley 407 N. Washington, Jerseyville Some friends are good and others are bad, but no one lives up to what R.S. had. 'Boston' Rob Swearingen Tyler E. Gross Mr. and Mrs. Morris Gross R.R. 42, Godfrey He can because he thinks he can. Morris E. Gross Donna Groves Mr. and Mrs, Larry Groves R.R, 34 Box 247, Jerseyville Start by doing what's necessary, then what's possible and suddenly you are doing the impossible. Kina Ann Gulledge Mrs. Billie Gulledge, Mr. Robert Gulledge 1002 W. Pine, Jerseyville The road wasn't lonely because I can say in the end: I walked the road together with all my friends. Thanks mom! Haisers TKB Weiner Brenda Gwillim Mr, and Mrs. Jerry King 1104 Giddings, Jerseyville I know it hurts to say goodbye, but it's time for me to fly. REO BLJ Haisers TKB Michael Joseph Hackethal Mr. and Mrs, Mike Hackethal R.R. ml Box 20, Grafton You mean I don't have to come back?!? 'Later' Thanks for everything Mom, Dad, and especially Tami Jo! Julie Ann Hamel Mrs. Nancy Schmidt Kane A friend is someone who knows everything about you, and loves you anyway. Thanks for being mine, Cindy, Mel and everybody, I love you all. David Michael Hart Ms. Donna Hart, Mr. Al Bruns Box 142, Elsah lt's what you learn after you know it all that counts. - J. Wooden Amanda Jo Hauff Mr. and Mrs. Alan F. Hauff 506 N. State St., Jerseyville If you have anything to tell me of importance, for God's sake begin at the end. See ya later! Moo Haisers TKB Malinda Ann Hayes Mr. and Mrs. Gary Hayes R.R. nfl, Grafton If man doesn't keep pace with his companions, perhaps he hears different drums. Let him step to the music he hears, however measured or far away. Michele Lea Heafner Mr. and Mrs, Elmer J. Heafner R.R. 82 Box 313A, Godfrey People often say that this or that person hasn't yet found himself. But the self isn't something that one finds. It is something one creates. By Thomas Szasz Tammy K. Heitzig Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Heitzig R.R. 43 Box 102-A, Jerseyville Thanks to all my friends and my sister for all the good times and especially Jim who has been my very best friend. Rene Adienne Heitzman Mr. and Mrs. Fredrick L. Heitzman R.R. ffl Box 69, Dow Thanks to everyone who stuck by me. Special thanks to Matt Chadwick who changed my life, I'll love you always, Matt! Brian Scott Hendy Mr. Lavern Hendy R.R. 44 Box 10, Jerseyville Lynn A. Hendy Mr. Lavern Hendy R.R. 34 Box 10, Jerseyville A thousand words is not enough to say how I feel inside. Thanks to my friends for high school memories. Dina G, Hillis Mr. and Mrs. Bill Hillis R.R ml, Grafton Thanks mom and dad for believing in me. Thanks Stacey, Donnie, Tammy and Steve for helping me. Shane - I still and always love you. Tony Hillis Mr. and Mrs. Bill Hillis R.R. ml Box 59C, Grafton Just hold on, you can make it happen for you, reach for the stars and you will find, you're 'hungry for heaven' Wrestling '88' Ericka Hoffmann Mr. and Mrs, Charles Hoffman R.R, 441 Box 29B, Grafton Lately it's occurred to me - What a long, strange trip it's been! - The Grateful Dead Christopher Todd Holden Ms. Marcia Holden, Mr. Rodger Holden R.R, 41, Fieldon Kelli Holleman Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Holleman 1002 Westlake, Jerseyville Take your time, Don't live too fast, troubles will come and they will pass. Lynard Skynard I love you mom and dad. Camaro 41 John A. Holmes Mr. and Mrs. John A. Holmes Jr. 711 W. Barr, Jerseyville I will study and get ready, and perhaps my chance will come. Lincoln. It was great Minky! Amy Holyfield Mr. and Mrs. Holyfield R.R. W1 Box 65, Grafton Sometimes you just have to say 'What the III' and make the most of life. Eugene A. Howell Mr. and Mrs. James Howell 1113 W. Exchange, Jerseyville It's been such a long time. Boston. P.S. 68 Mustang xl Charles E. Hughes Mr. and Mrs. Tom Hughes 707 S. Arch, Jerseyville Success! To live your life in your own way . . . to reach for the goals you have set for yourself . . , to be the you that you want to be - that is Success. Michelle A. Hughes Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hughes 1013 W. County Rd., Jerseyville So often times it happens, that we live our lives in chains and we never even know we have the key. Eagles. H,G.L.G.F. Craig Allen Hunter Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hunter R.R. 41, Fieldon Sharron Marie Johnson Mr. and Mrs. George Johnson R.R. 441 Box 162A, Grafton Mom, Dad and Larryssa, I love you, hope you keep believing in me so I may be able to reach my goals. Sharron Evan W. Jones Mrs. RuthAnn Dunham and the late Mr. Gary Jones Box 127, Kane There have been two very special people in my life. One is still with me, the other is gone. Dad, I love and miss you. James E. Jones Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Jones R.R. 41 Box 208, Grafton Do not say that you are doing your best, but succeed in doing what is necessary 7 1987 Football Team - Timothy Glen Jones Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Jones R.R Q3 Box 188, Jerseyville It works for me!!! Thanks a lot mom and dad and Pam fand friendsl. Christopher James Kadell Mr. and Mrs. Kadell 1103 Sumner, Jerseyville Ann Elizabeth Kallal Mr, and Mrs, Norman Kallal 409 S. Arch, Jerseyville I know you, you know meg there is one thing I have to tell you, you have got to be free. M8rM Haisers TKB Krista LeAnn Kallal Mr. and Mrs. Jim Kallal 128 Rosewood Dr., Jerseyville Rick, l'll love you always, no matter what tomorrow brings. Thanx LLC 8r SJB for a Great time! Love you, mom, dad, Grandma and Grandpa! KLK Andrew Joseph Kanallakan Ms. Liz Kanallakan and Mr. Lawrence Kanallakan 712 Cross Ave,, Jerseyville . . . these children you spit on as they try to change their worlds are immune to your consultations. They're quite aware of what they're going through. Pamela Sue Kanallakan Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kanallakan 811 W. Exchange, Jerseyville I've had a lot of great times, thanks to my true friends and a special thanks to my mom, I couldn't have done it without her. William H. Klein Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William H. Klein R.R. 01 Box l24B, Grafton As I lied there watching the stars, I realized that life is just a collection of memories, and memories are like starlight, they go on forever. Gregory Lee Klunk Mr. and Mrs. Edwin P. Klunk R.R. M2 Box 193, Jerseyville Well we finally made it. lt's been tough, but it's over after all these years. Keep in touch after we graduate. Stay Cool. Gary Koenig Mr. and Mrs. Gary G. Koenig R.R, Q91 Box 130, Jerseyville Things we do, and things we say, If nothing else, will fade away. G.L,K. S.O.P.S.: Symplex 42: Founder: G. Koenig Hope Cathleen Kraushaar Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Gordon Kraushaar R.R. 33, Jerseyville IYLLPI I'm here for you, VAO. Melissa L. Kraut Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kraut R.R. rl Box 167A, Jerseyville Happiness is not having what you want, but wanting what you have - Shakespeare. Thanks to Mom, Dad, and Chris. Matt - all I need is you. Mark Kuebrich Mr. and Mrs. John Kuebrich R.R. 02 Box 192, Jerseyville Christy Kyle Mr. Jim Kyle and Ms. Marsha Taylor R.R. 03 Box 43V, Jerseyville You can't always get what you want but sometimes you just might find you get what you need. fRolling Stones! Senta S. Lacy Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lacy R.R. nfl Box 135, Fieldon Tim, ' . . . well it's just you and I sharing our love togetherf Thanks Mom, Dad, and Tony. I love you all! fYou guys are very speciall. Shawn Ann Laffey Mr. and Mrs. Jonathon Hayes 1006 W, Hickory, Jerseyville Truth is beautiful. Without doubt, and so are lies. W Ralph Waldo Emerson. Garry, you'll have my love forever. Andrea Jane Lamer Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Lamer R.R. 444, Jerseyville You ain't seen nothin' yet - BTO Patty Ann Lawson Mr. Harvey Lawson and the late Mrs. Beverly Lawson 53 Harbor Dell, Godfrey Good times come, bad times go, fast times help make it so. These could be the best years of our lives. Billy Squire Tammy Marie Lawson Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Lawson R.R, x+2, Godfrey Thanks Jennifer, Alf and Stacy and Mom and Dad for everything you've done for me. Good luck Jason! Class of 88! TML Michelle Elizabeth Lentz Mr. and Mrs. E. Richard Lentz 1126 Warren, Jerseyville Fond memory will bring the light of other days around me, the smiles, the tears of our years together. Thomas Moore

Page 45 text:

Jerseyville I can't complain but sometimes I still do. Life's been good to me so far! Joe Walsh HAISERS TKBW1 P.S. Thanks Dad! Angela Reahn Scoggins Mr. and Mrs. Robert Scoggins 220 Curtis, Jerseyville Life is what you make it, so live each day to the fullest. To my friends: thanks for all the great times at JCHS! Kathleen DeAnn Scott Mrs. Ronald Scott and the late Mr. Ronald Scott R.R, 41 Box 32B, Fieldon To say goodbye is hard to do, So for now until the next time we meet, take care. KDS I love you, Mom. Mindy Sue Searles Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Searles R.R. 01, Grafton Quitters never win, Winners never quit. Everyone have fun in life. P.S. Andy, Thank you for everything. I'm happiest when I'm with you. fPeeWeel Cathryn Lee Senger Mr. and Mrs. Robert Senger 804 McClusky Rd., Jerseyville Cause something reached out and touched me IREI . . . Now I want the best of both worlds. VAN HALEN 5150 Lisa Marie Senger Mr. and Mrs. William H. Senger R.R. nfl Box 2, Grafton Bob: always on my mind are memories I've shared with you, You are always there for me, Please know, I'm forever here for you, LCM Robert Shaffer Mr. and Mrs. Gary Shaffer R.R. 41 Box 151, Kane Shane W. Sibley Mr. and Mrs. Paul D. Sibley R.R. W1 Box 233B, Fieldon Mindy, You're my always and forever! When the fires of hell freeze over, I won't need you anymore. KRTI I'll always love you! Shane Joey Dean Sievers Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Gimlin R.R. 01, Fieldon I know that anything can happen and nothin's over till the end, if everyone's equal then we've got a chance to win. Autograph Angela Renee Smith Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Smith 304 Hollow Ave., Jerseyville 'Cause I have to take this chance, goodby to friends and to romance, and to all of you. Ozzy Osborn Haisers TKB Bryan James Smith Mr. and Mrs. James Smith R.R. 44, Jerseyville Life is what you make of it. I think I made a mistake. BJS Julie Annette Smith Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Smith 1100 Sumner St., Jerseyville It's been real and it's been fun! Mom, Dad, CH, JV, PS and RA thanks for being there when I needed you. Michael William Smith Mr. and Mrs. William Lee Smith 702 W, Carpenter, Jerseyville Almost everything you do in life will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. A Ghandi Pamela Susan Smith Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Smith R.R,x1 Box 203, Dow Something changing for me inside, took a long time, now there's nothing for me to hide, I can say what's on my mind . . , I finally see wrong from right - Boston Thomas William Smith Mr, Lonnie Smith and Mrs. Barbara Alexander Jerseyville I don't know where I'm goin but I sure know where I've been . . . and l've made up my mind, I ain't wastin' no more time. !Here I Go Again - Whitesnakel Scott M. Snider Mr. and Mrs. John W. Snider Jerseyville No one stands so tall as when he stoops to help someone. Catherine J . Steckel Mr, and Mrs. Robert H. Steckel R.R. ml Box 14, Jerseyville The best way to deal with any problem is to talk it over with three people you can trust absolutely - God, yourself and a friend. Mary Summers Mr. and Mrs. Robert Summers 406 Mary St., Jerseyville All of the darkness in the world cannot put out the light of one tiny match. Love ya Mom and Dad. Melissa Hope Summers Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Summers 211 S. Arch, Jerseyville Always remember, today is tomorrow's yesterday. Carla Doniece Sumpter Ms. Suzann Swank Box 125, Kane Thanks to all my friends, K.S., M.R., R.H., K.R., S.M., B.H., B.C., J.M., D.W., P.K. I couldn't of made it without all of you. Duane A. Tepen Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Tepen 409 Fletcher, Jerseyville Aahhhhh . . . Tension Breaker, had to be done. Thanx for the memories CS, BD, and JC. Bye Bye. Dana Lee Trask Mr. Daniel L. Trask 110 N. State St., Jerseyville I don't know where I'm going, but I sure know where I've been - Whitesnake. Thanks to Dad, Mike, Kellie, Jeff, and especially Tabi, DLT Vicky L. Travers Mr. and Mrs, Eugene Travers R.R. 02 Box 151, Jerseyville Unless each day can be looked back upon as fun, joyous and satisfying, the day is a loss - so make it the best. V.T. Dena Turner Ms. Betty Ebbler R.R. rl Box 171A, Jerseyville Only a special kind of love could get us through the things we've been through, Kirby, we've got that special kind of love! I love you! DLK Jane Lynn Turner Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Turner R.R. arfl Box 164, Kane I want to thank my Dad and Mom for all the love and encouragement they have given me. I love you! Jane Jamie Carlene Vahle Mr. and Mrs. James P. Vahle R.R. 43 Box 78, Jerseyville The best thing you can wear is a smile! Lisa Dawn Varble Mr. and Mrs. Benny Varble 303 Sherman St., Jerseyville Forsan et haec olim meminisse juvabit. lPerhaps this too will be a pleasure to look back on one day.l Aimee Vaughn Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Vaughn 704 W. Mulberry, Jerseyville To all my friends, thanks for all the great times! fat the cabinl. Remember the river A.S. and L.C, Jason R. Vetter Mr. and Mrs. Roger Vetter 26 Oakwood Pl., Jerseyville My friends with jobs had Bud Light while I was drinking Ol' Mil', but who cares because I got the same cheap old thrill! Alice Vinson Mr. and Mrs. John Vinson R.R. ml Box 255A, Dow Memories: some are good and some are bad but you'll always have the memories you have of your Senior years of High School, Angela Marie Vinson Mr. and Mrs. John Vinson R.R. nfl Box 255A, Jerseyville Thanks John and Cassandra for all the love and support. I couldn't have made it without you. AMV Cynthia Lea Wagenblast Mr, and Mrs. Walter Wagenblast R.R. m2 Box 104, Jerseyville The death of my brother has made me strong, he gives me the courage to carry on. I love and miss you Paul. 'Haiser TKB' Deborah Diane Webb Mr. and Mrs. Gary Webb R.R. 444 Box 198, Jerseyville Just a little more time is all we're asking for. f Corey Hart. Hey A S.L.,H.W., D.W., T.C., and B,W. - memories will never fade. Angela Wells Mr. and Mrs, Charles Wells 201 E. Woodlawn Apt. 14, Jerseyville You took the words right out of my mouth. You know I swear it's true, I was just about to say I love you, George. Meatloaf Michael C. Wendle Mr. and Mrs. Clem Wendle R.R. 442 Box 369A, Godfrey It's been great but now it's over. Jennifer Mae White Mr. and Mrs. David Carl White R.R. 41 Box 110A, Jerseyville A day lost is a day remembered, a word lost is a word forgotten. Melissa Yvonne White Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin White Box 337, Grafton Lovers grow cold, men learn to hate their wives, but only parents' love can last our whole lives. I love you Mom and Dad. Love Melissadah Tina Marie WilfongfGrazier Mr. and Mrs. Norman Wilfong 505 Brown, Brighton I've been through a lot in my lifetime. Thanks for helping me out my family and friends. Keep in touch. I love you Dan. Thanks Mom and Dad. Bethany Christine Williams Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Williams R.R. 44 Box 20, Jerseyville If you could see with my eyes and feel with my heart then perhaps you could better understand me. BCW Michael Sean Williamson Mr. Ronald Williamson, Mrs. Karen Hartley 1011 W. Pine St., Jerseyville I got by with a little help from my friends: J.B., P.S., B.B., R.H., M.S., K. Mc., A.R., J.S,, R.G., and I.D. Florida ml Beatles Jenny Wills Mr. and Mrs. Sam Wills R.R. v1 Box 220, Dow You think you'll never make it through, till you're a senior, then you wonder where the years went. David Wayne Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wilson R.R. t2 Box 298, Godfrey Amy, you were always a wonderful friend to me. I will always love you. D.W.W. Penny Wintjen Mr. and Mrs. Gene Wintjen Box 131, Kane The time has finally come. Thanks mom and dad, Rusty and Vicki for helping me through the years. I've finally did it. I love you all. Penny Denise Renea Withrow Mr. and Mrs. James Withrow 312 E, Prairie, Jerseyville I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination. David Wittman Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Wittman R.R. 64 County Road, Jerseyville Gretchen Deanne Wock Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wock 406 Lafayette, Jerseyville Don't try to see the world in different ways, those moments and all those days, don't let them fade away. Europe Thanks family and friends. David T. Woelfel Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Woelfel R.R. 44, Jerseyville I won't forget you baby! Poison D.L.L. Karen A. Woelfel Benedict Mr. and Mrs. Paul Woelfel 709 Prairie St., Jerseyville We live in the present, we dream of the future and we learn from the past. Thanks Mom, dad, and Mark for everything. Scott Woelfel Mr. and Mrs. Tom Woelfel 111 Hollow Ave., Jerseyville Don't be sorry, be right! By E.T, Michael James Woolsey Mr. and Mrs. James Woolsey Jerseyville Imagination is more important than knowledge. Albert Einstein Thomas Joseph Yates Mr, and Mrs. Olen Yates R.R. ll Box 56K, Grafton When l'm tired of feeling cold, I hide in my music to forget the day, and dream of a girl I use to know. 'Boston' Jennifer Kay Youngblood Mr. and Mrs. Donald Mayberry 1105 Hickory, Jerseyville No, I don't know where l'm going, but I sure know where I've been. Whitesnake Haisers TKB Ball '88! Melinda K. Youngblood Mr. and Mrs. Gary W. Youngblood R.R. 43 Box 130, Jerseyville Shane, The sweetest thing l've ever known is loving you. You're my one and only, my always and forever. I love you! MKY

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Jersey Community High School - J Yearbook (Jerseyville, IL) online yearbook collection, 1987 Edition, Page 1


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