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 - Class of 1952

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awww WW M wi' HKWMZQWPJ M QWWWQ 'JVM V! A9 W 0 my QWMMME ggfwbgff QMJPQ, Z W MQJA W mlm, EWWMWQQ fm W? f 3! Q6, V my we Quo? W 4 My Sm ,Qi fi0s m'M . W? E .F SAS' y'M ' MW J Q M ' JW by an Tk QL, eo, wwvfiwbff jg Qu JQW MQQ Mm W HQQQME wfwwwwff ik yviiigffwfm W M M J WM 5fQg-W M M M Zfcjijfffbwfgojkfajjjk 'ff QM m Q 4 M ' " 7 W H wwf g 030V JW My M2669 W W KWH? , aw l fuzzy . 5 Gd ,H U X5 M Km 45 Q E Exlublted by The Sexuor Class JERSEY COMMUNITY HIGH SCHOOL Ierseyvllle Ilhnols Volume XXXV H Th '52 7952 ,dew X I K, ? su. f .-.-..,. i .5,,,4 457'- iffi-ifv? 'fn in- 'jj mf' 1' . ,r ff' . v A 4. . Q. . ff- an mc " O' A fi B s,,4',. 1 1 1 1 If f, ,..1 4 nv K 0 in class and out of class, planned and incidental, wise and . . . . otherwise! 4,6624 Pages 4-47 Qcvzaclmc Pages 48-96 :Q .my M84 I' 1 'Y 2? YVW x-.115 ,M ,www Qpew 7a 66444 and Gaz' of Kazaa -LPQYIONS 5 oRGP'N:,,uwf1I In e 'KO' T ECREATION R io, wholesome Iun 4 I X ACTIVITIES for extra performance DPORTS for phYS1CCII 'i develrbpment 'I I .JL 1: - . X YCSX Z s--5' I . - ul!" " N' , .H .4 A l , A 1 , In I tx f We went to class to learn, in MATH EMATICS practical figuring and logical thinking, Zualllltawx declmcrls C2 Q2 bz polygons tncmgles c1ncxlys1s tangents graphs hypotenuse ICI in SOCIAL SCIENCE civic responsibility and love of liberty, w-,, 'lil fwitgi Magna Charta 149 B111 of R h' F few lg s D R suffrage democracy consumphon ballots NATO D W 5 . , l 3 , . ' Y, , ' . ' l - s l 4 C X H l ,r Ks I ,. S. 'X' 4 f , 7 lil .f- I 1 7 . A 5 k ' X, E , I ,, -1, I ' W ' 5 1 X , ..e . . ,Qi , W . 3, f . 3 if G' F , I 2 ,fWQ4,f7,,f rw V ' f - " iw f . i, QEQLE , "11Qy':-'.:L'57x,E, Migj, ' ,,,., .ily f,-'au 4" .fazwe -V A A ,Iva , f C ff f l n L A N G U A G E means of understanding and respect for the other fellow amo cxmas cxmcxt Pxncxta declenswns Como esta usted? bull flghtlng La Cucczrcrcha Quo Vad1s'7 C QU' nv W 6 S 1 5? 1'i7 f 4 f " Q , t Q V in C O M M E R C E saleable skills and services for future vocations, fl 'X speed tests d1ClGl1OI'1 trcmscnptlons 45s b1111ng copy Smcerely yours Now IS the tlme 7 v. W, 3 S 1 rx , ii in HOME ECONCMICS value of personal pride and importance of home, Sw1ss steak budget style shows fallen cakes haste thlmbles buttons cmd becrus pn , , 1 gf' g ff' , 17-Q Q r,XQ,G, K' 132 fig f f v xnxx my out of class. Front How: , if Seeond Row: T GI'-lf' ., , Third Hour: 1 . 1, :it AGT: K':r'.o' r'c'rz': fctrnbef 7- ':r.c-tv Our mighty Sporting their flashy new uniforms, the eighty-five members with their admirable talents and unusual variety of instruments -comets . . . bassoons . . . glockenspiels . . . oboes . . . clarinets-proudly brought honor to I.C.H.S. in spring festivals and parades. Fourth Roy: f1": .1X":" , .v,,,,,,, Bacrlf Row:vy 153 , BAN l' 'S' :':'i'11C.:'." :.'1'f.: .. 'gr r:'.s" .e--3 G11 .5 v . , . , 'rin-ff' of .'x' 're' 'n """"' n ' " " ' ' l lvl . r.M .A W.. A .Sfzrfrl r1.2 r'f'::'.' 2 ,air-fwfr L-'.'.' J Size S Ji: l I1 ra S as l. 11.5 rf vlci sw, .cr T: .rn-.l, it 'J 1r.':. 1.' delighted, thrilled, and entertained with spirited marches, rhythmic jazz, dreamy songs, inspiring concert pieces, high-stepping majorettes, and colorful shows. Presenting cur struttln' se-'feng Mary Ann, tiny and cute . , . Flcls, trlsky and full at lun . . . Marcia Lea, delicate and dainty . . . cur graceful and pretty leader, Myrna Kay . , . Karen, bubbling with enthusiasm . , . loan, queenly and vlvacicus . . . lanet, rosy-cneelced and eager to pleasel "In Memory of our War Dead "Oh, Come All Ye Faithful "You'l1 Look Sweet Upon the Seat X X9 5,8 3 at W Sa 1 iq????x mi Xl ' M A M u W .11 N Indian Summer's quiet was broken by the TEAM SPIRIT AND RETURNING LETTERMEN fic-rt. ii Panthers drcr czener ti a free gassinr: attack of Roxana Z5-f at Scrlictiicres biirnett and Skinner show prctzgise along with Fowerss fine defensive work . . . Sept. Zlf ellie Barnett to Brands passing duo, Skmners fine running, and Pcwerss defensive work are bright spots in a 33-U loss to Marquette . . . Sept. 28wl3ittsfield's balanced attack edges Blue and VVhite 38-6 with Keehner going 42 yards for the first Tersey touchdown. Freshman Gardner shines on pass defense . . . Oct. Sf-ff l-'ailroaders power to 2U-U triumph over Pan- thers at Boodhouse. lmproved defense headed by Brands and Frazier make prospects of the future brighter . . . Oct. l2eGreenfield dims Homecoming festivities by sliding by Panthers Front Row: Duane Montgomery, Daniel Grether, Theodore Burnett, Robert Brooks, Paul Utterback, Mgr Gary Deffcsrcy, lorries Carroll, Robert Brakeville lohn Kraushaar, Edward Taylor, Francis Bose Second Row: 'fharles Bowers, Lawrencf- Powers Delbert Allen, l Charles Alderman Robert Beatty Pat.. Brands, Thomas Fra- RAISE NEXT YEAR'S HOPES. l4-5. Garaner and l3:'.':ers CCYTHKLZQ fine deferif slve vxcrk. Bawcrss hard runnma and toucgif down higliligzii aarne . . . Oct. lie'-Fine s1def Q1rie blcckina enables Hickrnan to return Hawks' icickcff BC yards Panthers setback at Carroll- ton 25-E. Frazier and Gardner stand out on defense . . . Oct. 26W-Maroon aerials down Blue and White 7 to C in Valley game. Lagemann turns in another fine game giving the White Hall backs a rough time . . , Nov. Qfvlfinchester drops lersey 3720 as Panthers show finest off fense to date. Skinner and Bowers score touchf downs . . . Nov. Qfpanthers drop mudfdrenched game to Pleasant Hill l9eU. Bowers and Skinner show nice pass defense. Egelhoff gains con- sistenly on quarterback sneaks. Zier, Darrel Vanausdoll, Richard Vfcelfel, Paul We-ine. Richard Richey' iwcsert Lagemann Back Row: Mar Frederick Pickcrel David lsrznghausen, Due? Lee Skinner, lfcwara Landon, larnes Hubbard Duane Bell L- Pail Arnold Flavia rleitzrig lirnmie Keenner, Walter Tayxor, Robert Mowen, Mar Louis laccby rampaglng fury of football's gala parade. Panther CLIBS made IMPRESSIVE showing. Bowers gains yardage in Powers plunges through middle off-tackle smash. for first down. ard Front Row Second Ro N 3 '1 1 1 Back How 1 e F st' e tec e edule eve our es on A e ea e eve K xl er e ee dGle eo cnterec CI ee E 'We cz C1 e 4 'A e G F e" d Utte 13" 4 'sled wrt fs Ci s 4 e C1 C1 em. e L, T e 'M Ge Tms f see' T el cr J + D 'sspe-.ts ITAL to our football fortunes were our LETTERME e 1.1 1 ex 1 Ax , x : lo:--gs, F .r. 'f-' lfiu-:'1'i 'fi '..' le' NV:11:':m Pf'.'fr.:f,1 l : fielvvi E301 1 'lv' l1Trtf'f1'Tfxr'fl1 F11 K' L1"'.' l'w::..,'r. f1'.'.1 F11 si ECHL,-T' E:efk.1 lime: Vfii-, ",x',"r1 Ef.:":T:f" Pfisvlf' llT'lI,"lff l7f1r1.A-l l '1 E 1 '.'. 1' . ll':lf:'. ft' ,. :" 2 - " F14- J' fi .TED-'1'-'. ' : P11 'Tiff Y. xr: N' z.f'.' if, :,:.' " All--n les-'rgfi l f"'.1.1'fA.gA 21.1 1 ""-' I 15. I' fill. ET.-.':',t:', 'h reshnie...-Segrhcmer :tp plcrygrig the :icst l :gthy sch er played by the junior Pfmtliers, shox-fed great jgreziise tC'.'f'Jr:i ihe luture4 fo" , le ing only Vue, and tying si . The spirit ' 1 -2 tee 'cteries ever VJCV ily, Piitsii 1dlGr -ilield CIT ilespie. Th only fists . . - crd '.-:ere 135 less te AHC: and an cgi Ming tie rlexxnc, Fir. 11' ccztsisierit ruririirig SQ inner, Grdzie., Burien :ri r' ,Cl cone., 4 stent 'elensive 'srcrl 3 'e ' Tcylcr Al :ind Y, 'scroll and r urs Q pessilcle lk time -seem E1 'qture lesks ' ijh. with such tcp-flight A re s T Frczzler QED Mowen CGD W Hubbczr - N CHB Heitzig K 5 , Bfontgomerxf I Beatty QTY Brands CE, I N J I ff 3 -ll niche-Segspl Alderman Isringhuusen -' ' CHB7 ,-J I. if ' Q21 vi x' 1-' " if QV Q, Lxj Sk1nr1er , 6 V 5 CHB7 . , M.: Vcxnausdoll CGD Lando Coach Peermcm ,7 ' V fx, lf' aj .-'E Egelhoff I CQBP V Gardner , 4, . ,ki X 4 1 g V, -Null l 7 ' I J gl I lv f fr. V' 5 ' ,Q V, ,, L E' 0 H' A Bumeit , W , ' U W Woelfel I KTJ Keehner Powers CGD Welner CGD Bell CCD Y. H ,1 Allen CHBJ elf Bowers Lagemcmn CTD if l ...gil Arnold QED As he opened all the se-uson's games, so Arnold czdroitly got this tip. Back Row: 1,11 FrcrgtR.oAw:l -: 'Lf'-H g' :-' --1, j1,v :-,. Basketball? fiery action A ' U' .f i 'ffl I '17 V, 'C M QV 'fm , 1 1 '1I.1 :pr flax' dl "Mid C GQ.A.C1f655 we ,,., "fy 4, .r,,l A x Tie I,e,.1 1 -,,x.,- .,, . f Afff',.1' in ,fx ,f Jvxr, ,U..,1 ly ,,.. lx-A U Panthers TRIUMPH f"r.'w .': ' .. A V 47, .. l,,,, , ,. , ,,,-1 Arr. 'A - 11 if. AMI ,,.. ,T P '.', -1 .cj 1. 'Iii .'.' .ig 1 'T ,. rr .'Y f zi V-L 1.17 f . if f'f,"?d1TT'ixfY'1..f".',f m 1 ' ifffxrfivfd Arr'2fi'.1i.7t:.. ,, ., ,.fiQQI1'g f15,ff2C Pf:T.1Qf" milk, iirid sgcrfixgiugiy rafhcgflcixigg . . H Geiercl fill Urcund feef':1.ej.'Qf 4 QT'Sf,if6d fliif fd fwer Cerxtrim Cpzfizlic -1253 A TP19I?5j'I'.,1YHG'fGd is Bf'H1C1lTO Cfij ff? Ln :Z Y, w if JM ,,f':r1C12 S fill 6131313 Ccigzxeffn x-.1131 .Ari:A.,f-rif1f,lffc1tL1Q:'mT11er:,t3 .li 1 C, Q. fzpd Vfgxitf' SE 'lit Q: V 'CTI' 'QA f'.'f'Yf.i1."'A 'riry 56-Q51 72' 563113: 5 'LYC fa-b:1,g:'1Q13ig r':rA:1 e'.feri.j 'fvioegx fcom WCS ff mg QCQST if Blue Cid wziiif, wifi Q ?IfQfl.'3TS 91499-if-d irsit l'5'l11,.9 ,,,, ,. .. .,- ,X T"',,.4 7' V Im "f, ',. 7, , 5 V frxz, , .. mix. Hs. 2 1 penetrated winter's icy chill. FOURTH consecutive year in REGIONAL. Preesmeyer and Brands on fouls caused the downfall of Blue and White. Beserves' scrap kept game close . , . lan. 8-Second half rally netted Panther quintet 63-49 victory over Bood- house. Freesmeyers red hot shooting led Pan- thers with 27 points. Our teams excellent floor play' and headwork dominated the game . . . Ian. ll---Blue and White stopped Carrollton 66-39. All around fine play by entire squad brought convincing victory . . . lan. l5fEgel- hoff's superb play led Panthers to win in post- poned game at Winchester 55-39. Plot shooting and tight defense brought Panthers home . . . Ian. lS- -lersey cagers bagged Greenfield 53-51 in rough and tumble game, with Arnold, Brands, and Freesmeyer leading the way. Be- bound dominance gave Blue and White the needed edge . . . lan. l9-Panthers corralled Boxana for the first time 55-5l. The entire five --Freesmeyer, Brands, Egelhoff, Arnold, and Duggerf-played great ball . . . lan. 22eFrees- meyer's l7 points was the only bright spot in a dull, disappointing loss to Litchfield 64-49 . . . lan. 29 Panthers dropped by strong Staunton crew 79-42. lerseyans outplayed in every de- partment . . . Feb. l5fBlue and White's sec- ond-half rally notched win which gained IVY tiee-lersey 48, W'inchester 4l . . . Feb. 5-lersey rally failed as Panther crew lost to tough Madison five 50-46. Blue and l1Vhite's second guarter sluznp was too much to make up . . . Feb. l2e-Panthers title hopes faded as Maroons won 54-51 at White Hall. Loss of ball and lack of head:-Jork caused defeat . . . Feb. l5fBlue and White tied seasons top scoring mark by drubbing Roadhouse 73-41. Egelhoff's 24 points paced the "bucket brigade". Fine floorplay and rebounding kept the Panthers hopping . . . Feb. l9--fiersey cagers forced to tie for second in Valley loss to Carrollton 61-57. Lack of re- bounding and hustle ended in destruction . . . Feb. 23- Panthers dropped thriller at Boxana 49-47. Spurt playing caused eventual defeat . . . Feb. 26- -Blue and White breezed by West- ern 6l-38. Egelhoffs 32 points and a smooth, clicking offense highlighted an otherwise dull game . , . Feb. 29----Pittsfield topped Panthers 59-38. No hustle, rebounding, or initiative brought disaster . . . Begional Tournament-- March 4fKeyed-up Panthers stormed over Boodhouse 6l-34. This was the first stepping- stone to a fourth consecutive Begional title . . . March 6---Bed hot Blue and White drubbed Greenfield 64-44 in Begional semi-final. All around brilliance brought convincing win . . . March 7--lerseyites topped Hawks in final of Begional 59-41. Thriller marked fourth straight sectional journey, Panthers pulled away in the third guarter and maintained their edge to the finish , . . Sectional Tournamentflflarch l3f Panthers edged in last fifteen seconds 59-57, by Madison. Heartbreaking loss knocked Blue and White from state competition. These hoopster mainstays were the B. B. LETTERMEN HARDWOOD JAYVEES ALSO SHINE. Front Row: Mgr 'w'lLif'f'd Go--iten Finis Scitnhz Pantone Vf'el.s, Theodor-3 B Fichaf F Wihiarn Schaaf Gai'-' DCCCQTC1-' M37 latin Beftman Buck Row: Coach F ens, lfuloer' Tale Gary' Morrison 'amr-s llizbbari Peiifert Noble l ., . ,,. .. l. I Mob" ltfxrr Grier F 'if-re r-vain Tooniaf' Ef1'va'ss Vflallacf-, outs 3 The basketball edition of the lun- ior Panthers also enjoyed a' suc- cessful season by winning nine and losing three. Per- dun, Kraushaar, Ripley, Noble, Green, Edwards, Wallace, and De- Courcy were the backbone of the team. The Frosh won the East Iu- nior Freshman Tourney. U 'fu u SIX xox L W o -. of xv-B. v - f' 1 X Av Q fr 5, JW Af, , f -, -- sf 4 . Egelhoff tallies from the "Coffin Comer." A q '91 ,A X X.- 5. I 1 F7 A' Y XS? X Egelhoff cn 1.-SA 4. rf .N " N QF oi h,- Z: V 13' mg ,I 'MM Y ,, , ff: -. I ,,c sv -a ,, f 5 , 5 PM , f' xwj X Ei '23 23 , 1 15 f. , lik. uni' vfrq Q 4 a ,f' Q E , ' x I s Fx f L . 'A 1' f , , Brands CCD A --as . .A -, '5 f " Freesmeyer CFD Coach Havens Dugger KGJ I-'reesmeyer racks up two on over-head hook shot. Dugger scores on flying leap. 1' ,A -5 Arnold CFD Brands sinks chariiy toss against Benld. f A Amold drops in his customary jump shot F1 A SWK 1 r W. 0 A1 h .Aa , X M q 4 I X J if 1, A 7 1 ' 1 4' bf 'A as N Qs 14. r-4 Allen may Q Arger cop 1 . Alderman IFJ Frcizger cc, Brands embraces in desperation. d E 4 M fur JAMA n E4 Ty -W Y 1 of or L b s- Q L 5 V Kanallakfm cap 4 3' Gardner CGD .yi , In iv A W L J mmm ' I :i ' ' ' J'j1!"-.HI A ' , , , H K sexism- A , 4 I , rt n L k it "Y R' X" TV - W , , ., IE , Y .. U.f.w17I' if ' 'X 1, f 'wut Y .llclwlfx I J ' 1 " 'f I A A l. x I .', P I g T' U I ,Q . ' ' 1 nt. . , , ,t , . wise t' ' ', - , I as X Q Q xi If HRRLY ' sn 1 , 3 in X I ,V ' I x K f -gf X IwN,,.f 1' gvwf 0 . . ni, 1 Front Row: Coach Favenfr .Jcllwtt Allf-n, lirnrnw' Kf-V Finr r Charles Aldrrman, Paul l3'frr.:l:' l'z'.-:in Frevsmeyer, Rohert Lag' mann 1 Back Row: Ci.':'lff,l5ow1::. liuant- Boll Cyan: Awi4::L11", 'llf wharf' liurnrtt, Due, Lee Slctrgruvr, Richard Ric?ifby,Lfoltt1'1'11' "ON YOUR MARK, GET READY, GET SET, GO!" Track, although in the rebuilding stage last year, drew good crowds to tne rneets. Tlie Panthers partcigivated in eight track nieets last year. Returning letterrnen are Allen, Keeginer, Alaerriian, Brands, Freesrzieyer, Lagernann, Bowers, Bell, Alexander, Burnett, Skinner, Richey, and Dugger. Old equipment was dusted off as spring came. The 'Sl edition ol the Blue and Vfhite nine Won 4 and lost 8, despite the loss ol six letternien train the preceding year, The Panthers won the opening ganie ot the District lrorn VVestern 5 to 4. This years elevenfgaine schedule offered good early prospects with the return ol the eight letterinen pictured above. Front Row: T!"1'.f'f' A.',1iTI"1'1Ii "' Ii.l1i'1 H'-nrgzr VH".-Te lTa':-'-f "f" " ffii.. Teach P Buck Row: Pf tr-' Arqer Gary' if-,ef ..:::',' F--'its ri Eog-:T Kcraliii Q Z ,- QI ul - ' , A A X 1 K at ,ls t gm?" "PLAY BALL" "BATTER UP" F:'9'YTt'If'l. WV Two highly rated CLASS PLAYS were masterfully William Parish Sidney Hormell Donald Gross Frank Hyland Aubrey Piper Mr. Gill "Show-Off" Doris Kramer limmie Keehner Gordon Hughes Mrs. Fisher Mr. Fisher loe Gloria Stone Gordon Hughes Marcia Zimmerman Clara oe Amy Dons Kramer Sidney Hormell Iames Fulks Mrs Fisher Aubrey Piper Mr Rogers Show Off This versatlle cast was dxrected by the master hand of Mr Guinn JUNIORS PRESENTED THE SHOW OFF a transcnpt of llfe by George Kelly Miluon dollar deals Lincoln Continentals S10 UGO lnsurarce rulictes Pennsylvania Railroad exe utive this IS Aubrey Piper reallv th tx dolta s a meek shipping cl rk Contrast practical realistlc down to e rtn lfotner F sh r' The natural conflict oetween these characters produces h lar .is results lrate in la: s rus to o t s lut ors SlOU OOO contracts ce en rich relatives to the es ,h all h s scr pes Adare stdcx cy n s s o an e Yourselt a t e end and the lovaole 1 t e dotted line show of,l 3 t l u n Af' ' , , . . ' ' c ' . . . ' ' A , A a 1 l r., 1 , A L e . . A , ' ' , o al.l.Q ihe. ." .. ..i io' J . ' '- te: 5, o i . . .. hilarious car wreck involving police and city bus . 4 , 'sisterlyw lcve , . . insuran rr. . . . ' as ll r ccue. ThfCLl"',, ii ' a V , " ' " Qi l a NB " rezii inlrig o th l . . t' ,san or 'Q ' " ' - 5. dramatlzed by aspiring TH ESPIANS MOSS HART S YOU CAN T TAKE IT WITH YOU C S 5 O Tfs VI' C C' ar VF fm Re me ects Comllaxes m We-Dax o r f or fm rf' e' Q PG Tw e lr n P e S D dl 56 if Lf Ci C C Cl VJVTF 'lar L1 D I' V QQ l ll'l'l ,l fl JYQ Roger Kanallakan B111 Boner Frw n Freesmeyer Vugmm Whxtlock D:1rre'l e leo Dugger Paul Sycamore Tony K1rby Allce Robert Iohnsion Gall Bntt Ierry Booth Peter Arger Patncla Coombes Penny Sycamore Marhn Vanderhof Borxs Kolenkhov ESSIE FBI Men Pwul Brands Gayle Eqelhoff Mr Krr Mrs Kxrby E!-Q Ierry Booth Harry Thxel Charlene Wxlson Martm Vanderhof Mr De Pmna Rheba I I Erwm Freesmeyer Tony Kxrby Blake Hlckman Sally Walsh leanette Sears Vxrgmxa Whltlock Henderson Olga Gay Wellmgton Allce Mr Tendlck sklllfully coached thls zany comedy. 1 1 1 Q n u n or P intakes . . . liirierzicde candy , . . ' ' , ' 'W' .1 . . A explod- inil firewc . . . zylzpllc solos . . . l1rgrn"plf',":. 'gilt , . . Qall . 'znwr . , , deff I, 'J tc, . . . i:i,,'tiCatcd if ale . . . incern tax e'JG,ior1 G li fgr':i',f1' A . lcglletins mit" all tip peru: , , , d" sw UIQ, f . . . jailzirciii . , much U place was he Vfmderxzf Egcu:g,l'1cl A Whit fx if ttin' fer T139 r,r:. ,ical . . 11.9 altar I'lQlI.f Vfl.f:YfE lI.O'jY1"JKGS were , . , gqhl . . , lridysfrfx ,ci fzrd 'rife can Ci 'xrrznfg :ivy , A . g,r3f:peCl1'.'e lY.lC1','1 gufjits cd Qy iff zgga' ExssiC':1,,. force and more Cl 'tl F . lly Yew C IiTT'1., l1l.'.'itkLYQ-Q ' S6 the cxcuei Q, 152, gigs! altrfq Un' J J . in tieir own ' ' . 4 ' ' ' ' B ll ,- ' ' Ed . . . 1 .by I . f' M ll M , -S 'I 1 " ' Senior JOURNALISTS published the l952 J, General BUSINESS manager BILL BONER, with BARBARA WADE supervising SALES WEEKS, soliciting DIRECTED of PATRONS directed by DEBORAH SIMMS. and PAUL C O E D ARNOLD in charge of I-SALES, kept our staff out of ' the "red." BOOTH X ,..- in WN -O Front Row Back Ron COPY Jas WRITTEN by Gayle Egelhofl Ioan Foster SENIOR PHOTOGRAPHER Nas Darrell Bell Patsy Mashburn Peter Arger Gail Britt Sally PHCTOGRAPHV SPONSOR was Mr Claude Smith Walsh leanette Sears Eula Mae Bushey Mary LAYOUTS were DONE by Elaine Kruse Virginia Whitlock lane Burns Patricia Coombes Eugene Bechtcld Erwin F eesmeyer Billy Fry Robert Brinkman Harry COg'Y Nas TYIPEIIZ by Iggnette Lenmgton lcan File Dans Thiel Frank wendle Duane Benhoux Kenneth e"Y G' arg en Dugan ARTIST was Norma Wills COPY SPONSOR was Miss Dorothy Bundy LAYOUT SPONSOR was Mr Patrick I Palumbo 1. , 5 e , , N , V X 1 i r he , I' .5 R Y. J X ,Y 5, . X 1 :vi : 1, ,- :- V ,.-. 1 , . . : 'fa' 7 'L 'Mr' fi,--, '.'.':.:.: Inf- 'fffifti'-: 'iii 'f .Q PT' 1: f::rihe: '- :'e"f- --Y ia- 2-'Rf Fla- .sez f' 2215: Sffii W ' I I Second Rowj ?'t'.Y-' '..'fi3.ff 'Sql fa- 'ft' Pief .l, if Li ., 'tizryf 2:1-x.: Ege-ffrifz-fr' Ef -V .i nf Y'-,YT i"'r!lf P V-vv ,YV ' ,Y Y' H' 'v 'Q' :'l'f I I It. ' I ' I' f."",:f 2 f f', 1 . . - I I I' . 'I I v - 1 . . l 5 ' A T . ' I . the ANN L RECORD of our SCHOOL YEAR. BY The PHOTOGHAPHER, DONALD GROSS, a lunior, assisted by Freshman apprentice, LOUIS IACOBY, un- I T O R S tiringly clicked the shutter for action shots, group pic- tures, all snaps, and features, leaving only the portraits JOAN CUIIL for the commercial photographer. S ' l, "iff Front Row Back Row BUSINESS TYPISTS were Kathryn McKenna loAnn Stvrey SOLICITORS of PATRONS were Shirley Armstrong lenrue I SALESMEN were Natalie Abbott Detethy Beet wtutem fggff' Mffffff, affjow Hqffxlfrfjfj PoNe2"nu'dSf,',T:Y Albrecht Katherine Heafner Patricia Klunlc Hu W bert Hinghausen Charlotte Stone Alice Vancil igimger Wcodigilmu udord Charlene wilson rn Ida Mal' Wade sh"'0" Wuhle BUSINESS Sportson was Mtee Imogene Ietmgheueee , I . - 1 a' cr e ,. t . ,. I 1 . fe I' -t , . 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F in 'LW-1 '11--'M fs-L--J 2-New Goku' - J it - A . - .,, F "AM W" J" ' A" LJ A 'U Third Row: 322161 Ccrne-lg: Kin' 1562116722: HQ1:':1:e"' -eti- l G FT JT T ,'lC.ECIf ,CTX ...'f:'fK'1K .,flf..1-' Ziff v f'f.'2Y.'1 EY' -,CA Z2,--v--,-,- 'fn' 1- f 4 fx-,-Y - -,JA-Y Ur-vfgz'-5, " .six . .2tg:'e' : :sift rar :rf T!l:r.t"::'::ry' :1...'y Kms. -j,1.',, ', -,, 'HW SUT' : ' -., '- ,, ' xi : fin-f:"1 MCK4' city' ' "uit: .'f:'.'1' lsrirg- . ,... . . .A M.. .,. ..., M. .A .,.,A.., Ln xr Ffh-H W, ,K F Y M W-,UNH S dp I. B ll H l. 1 A",... :.' Q fn 4 4, H,,,., Y.- :,,,,,, ,, """'f' , fi, '1 'S' "'A 1 A' 'J 5 " Z' A' ' ' 'g"" 1 , '-41 -' -'A " H "'A - -K-'AM ' -'--A' ' AA" of ' 'H --"J -' llzrge. J'1':..:2:, ,::s1, Erica, :':r::": ' jrsrfzw :-ttg' ff:r.:" S"':k1c'.-.' Kimi. ThdR Some FRESHMEN may be noted for be1ng frohcsome but these are noted for the1r BRAINS Our VARIED lndwldual INTERESTS found direction in MUTUAL club ACTION '17 rs . I ft Ill V LW - all T' :X xx g A A Q T L 9' ., 4 1 ,- " f -114 , 1 .. V' K !,'e 5 1 .. 'V' , 1 W , ' T v I 5 Y A X - I X I f . -v i J 5 K - t - J ll 7 X I I . tg i . I X' Flop! Row: ff':':1?'1E::i2.s-F: 751:11 EV 11- Ax: P eine' -T-f1',.'-'K ir ow: D525 Helio: P?','lf1s T Lice' Shirt Sir' T-"1fi'Ii'F FIT-"Wi TTTTQ eE'1f?"f?'1T- 5'A7ff'17" "773"35" -4lT?iT..: f':.1e' ' .ie K': .sizif frfiiiz Hin: ff'-,-: f.f:'i:'-" F.':'i--' Lfffe C-93 3537-9 95:9 A73'1A'A"5 Cdrez' "cuff-5 fins Mz'Jbe.le Y":':e' S d R : Ri: Eflflfffffi ..,:'1' ?:ZTi'Z.fll'1fi '.'.'3 7.1: A Eff' Q 'Lie' ,,:': get 'esi PJQA:-,t Fefe' I-'esie' liter' B k R ' : lex: luatf: '- '1l.1::: 3.-.':":' fare-5' ?".,g' 1 1 1 1 1 Q Q O O O O O Q U Front Row 1 CII' Second Row I Thlrd Row 1V P G G rms Gfrlmnh lust Fourth Row Fifth. How A Back Row 1 Qvvrd dg fx vw: T1 fx ' Jer FJ Q CI good f 111 11112 C11 C11f1s1mc1s r Q Sc gg1rs Wo M AdCl"1S Pcs, K '1 Nmcon 1n Md an K1f1r '1 R 1' flfb '11 ond Row 'Jn Parr. 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W1Th1P tfe N S E 0 IG encouraged through FOV19: 15131331 ns a d personal pre ects tf1e Drn Cl 1ee Q Cefee vat n na cur fear ras a Sf 11, 'e nr ara p C C A fl alter than serre an Ct ID rar f 1 tarerv our c ,lb C garnrat '1 e hcere. were Barnarf' K JG gf 11es1dfnt kenneth Brfwn VICV Prev de t D 1 f tA11en Secretar, Gfrd e C 1 1 rfnffr I r Grarne F Second Row a ,I L Thud Row a Y1 De b ack Row 'Ce n 1191 1025 "1 arm G r o don G 1 Ga M lSOH To the A CAPPELLA CHOIR vent our tonde t rrarses 'nr thrs grain Nas ready at a moment S nct1ce to erterta1n L15 W t'1 the1r rnelochcus Gan F10 studert plete NITHOLX a 3 ara wfula wave nee c eectfn ernt QC1 Ha NCVGI' 19 Y""f IGSGVVD T SW O T ee1vee al re S1 Ce tae, rertcrrned at .JIVI ne1r1f unctrri Tae one rot th Jrfur 'NQIQ Ffh Q C1 ffv grin Front Ro N N '1 'J -c a Second Row 3 fr 1 can S I' Thxxd Row E abet O 11 E 1rt ourth How Y t aria K C1 S air Landon H n K Back Row I e1'1 911 Bell Ge an Boner Pfte Ag 'T Bb 1 1 1 ' V 1 S. J , V ' ' ., . 1. 1 1 1 -A I 'A I ' I - 4 QF' : 1 d. Uh .C Yw UQ 1 1 ' 1 111,11 1 . . . 1. , 11 , , 1 A 1 . , HQ , 1 R 5 A r in .4 IQ-. p ,111 1 1, . . 1 -. 1 . . I. 1 17 v-frv-fr ' G ' f1 AN- H1an11g:t111J ' 'fa 11 1,r1j 11 1d A Pt' A ' A 'U 'M' g - . . . , 1 . T1 ' 1 ,11 1 S 1 1,1 fr hi., 1 CLF. A1 NA . . 111 1 1 1 1 1 , 4 , " v - 1t. Guan 3:21, 1 , 11 a V .N t 1 -' Qld --W A V h t T CUA 1 . 1 , ,N ' , , ff rx vw -1 1 ffm 1 . .bf 1 1 1 1 1 W1 111 W .1 1 .wwf f-A V 1 1+- J 1 : V .., 1,- If. f . . 1 , 1. 1. 1. 1 1 J1., 11,r,-,1,-J .5 1,1 , WN W 19 Jf . . J ,Q f ,Q - J - 1 . 1 1 1 1 V . 1 1 1 1 1 V ,. Q .H ' , .X 1 1 T1 . , . , . W 1. 5.11.1 ngnga. e... 1' 1 - 1 1- P' '11 - , 1 1 . 1 , e , 1 1 1- 1 - g eztfr l,1 "... ta CnG4.l, 111 1rea.51 rfr . . 1 SAN .za , JI . A, 1. 1 : 1sr1r1g?':'1fe1 P tfzcia Klgri Barley: '.'l'1'ie. . , ,. Pats" M shbxn Card i1r1a?a',5en Vlralma Lee 'ff?i1t1eCk, Front Row: ..c1':.1-e Akceff Hebert Scott Laffy' FSTQHSCH Mary I 1' ' ' An1 rfetzig Mr. Gfzppel. : 'lib 'z Scrilepef, Ioan Cal, I Seafles, Kay Hend rSo1, Pa!r1:1a Gccribes. : Fa'-'rnznfi Fr 1e', Ma,r1:e f-gate, Tilrn: War- , . , ,. . , , . . reid Barham Krfgar, : .IZ n noir, janet II wney, Cnaxene VV:.e:Y1, ' Ga, r , Tcan Foster I . 'L :A.G'?97?v CUTE, Y C'-9 530125 F9597 MCWGH1 F : ,Qnneh Bran-Jn C 1 1' r 5, EZ'l'Cl'i Lf-e 1 'en' , ff ry use legen-e Fades. B : . ,nnefh Brow Ve b 7 G: .'e11er Fr ' '1 1fr,n, : 1rnm1e Kei. gr, Darrf , Y " Baci, Bnly G 7 1 ef ry air , f .r r er. Frczn among the I O A L H 0 0 R S O C I T Y iixernbers canie our school leaders, both in character and scziolarsiiijo. 'List Celore graduation a loeautitul candle- ligzif cereztcny was held honoring the departs ing Seniors and tlie incorziing candidates. Christmas was a happy tiziie in our club as we celeorated with a Thang-up" party, Santa Claus and all. First seriester officers were President, Peter Arger . . . Vicefpresident, loan Foster . . . Secre- tary, Gail Britt , . . Treasurer, loan Cull. Second sexriester officers were Cwail Britt President . . . Shirley Andrews, Vice-President . . , Gayle Egeliictt, Secretary '... Sally Walsh, Treasurer . . . Sponsor, Mfrs. Scliiriidt. From How: Mrs Scfirnzn' S'11fi'Q' Ani: +:'.-.' s f,.'::1': Lynn f.:.e Ge:'g"'.'.1e Gay- EQ1ll"2ff Second Row: ffa'a1.f, I-.bhc't Silly 'w'Jr1lsi, Third Row: 2211: F2111 '..' llidmf- Kr ,sf To ":1 J 'free Tod: C .il Buck Row: Pei'-' hge' Geri Brzit loan Fest'-7 Gerai: Boc'h Be-we the STUDENT COUNCIL was oraanized, such nice thinas as Christmas parties lyceurti programs, and Coke and igiilk at neon were unknown. lfct resting on past laurels, their new profs ects tor this year were the l-Cali! school parser and a iiandisook for new students at ICH S. They also stressed student participation gn extra-curricular activities. Council otticers were President, Erwin Frees- zneyer . . . Vice-President, Thomas Frazier . . . Secretary, Marilyn Mashburn . . . Treasurer, Shirley Britt . . . Sponsor, Mrs, Leak, Front Row: lxftzrz' Ain C ,ff Carol Hingnadsei Fan:-es fans iacajtalxe E51-:ers Marilyn Mashburn Mrs Lezk Second Row: L.:'r1.' Ferguson fczn Secrl-as fsditr' Kr:r..::, May' 'axe E,L'iF Foss Gevgevits Carole Berry Third Row: Dirte. '.':r.:.s:oli Shriew' Britt Ken:--'51 W-.e' M11 .'-.nn Herig f.f:"o514- Vlatsorx Buck Row: fini: vS''J'..S9I1 Daniel Vldlacr- T:,::'.2f Falla: E32-sir, Freesrneyef Gary Madison T7 T.Xt"I k Front Row: Plots Davts, Ipdxth Kranzch, Marllyn Wallace, Second Row: Charles Eavrers, Lawrence Powers Deborah Shrrley' Britt, Marcla Lea Zlmrnerrtiar. Szmris Back Row: Miss Frcsi Mr Havens, M? Peerman, Miss Clcse. n n Out ofthe comes the sixty Our second annual per CGUT IIQIVII which makes IOY Qpififed SDOVTS brought torth a rousing PARADE with gayly A-S SPUPCI Came We Pcud due homclge IO Ou decorated floats and sptrrted student body led athletes wlth a scrumphous banquet followed by presentatron of letter and honor awards The brg three of our group were Lawrence Powers Presrdent Charles Bowers Vrce Presrdent Deborah Srmms Secretary Treas urer and the sponsors IVIISS Frost Mrss Close Mr Havens Mr Peerman by our ever ready tuneful band to rnrtrate an even1ng of football and dancrng for the OLD and the NEW of ICI-IS The A Cappella Chotr wlth Swmg to Vtctory carrred H133 Ma rz Em brought econa ,,l ce glc f o t off frr t DIIZQ F A A I' 'msn CPS ro 4 rt Mow Our artist has recorded IN REVIEW the HIGHLIGHTS of our CAPERS . . F - I - f ' . I Y , - . . .. . .I - ,, .. ,, I - I r I u . . . . . . . A , ' ' . - . , , 1 - , - . 'V ' tt ' ' 'M "'- Ye' '. '-'ra r't he 'S A , J. . , r grew-iw My A PI' V, A u.- f 1 t P- N , 14 , 1 1- . s ' r - ,- 3 ,. 5: .W f 'H , -+25 . 1 , 1 . , v - , The third at-.',r:i was taken by the 'SU Club with Lets O37 highestejspzna Mzjoretter lei the band 1: cr::Q:irr1 Bea: Er: ' I I cur alrxa rnater Eicncrable rnentrcn grsen 1: Se .i r 'Polish Er: Ulf' Iuxior IvvVY1I'1g Ern Cut, Peck:- rrzcre Last C, ine Tigers, ani: Fresnria, I " Down 0 0 O Crown her ues' O L 'U Oc 9 R X at XXf X I KX 1 sf -Z.. emor C Clrrll va MOL LJ my PRIMPINC-:X Nov FOR O Lowe e O 3I YP QV Snfaw TYE' S h N VL! VESPERSS' O 5 fd me Dnrvcf 1 0 M4 rjlzx p sa? mac ll ji g QQEKQGW-,QS -' x M A 5 AY 5 Af Schoo Sta,-tg '53 F7777 Srtnq' X L- t. 'Il Af g SL" S J W x ' A L' ' 215 5 X ' L L I . X J. 43 Q 'A' J X E4 E. gEP.'lq V 4,83 h an f Pres mDu CE 5 H meco ' J ,X Game andnjlnj Dance . and if Jig Oct -41 9 Q Y as 5' ce c - : A 08 Cf Q O S Q L, F1 U,9CJ 0 0 'XX Ct' O -P '29 4, X ff 'ff 10 ' cu A V ?f A ' PJ G fri jx " N0-'c QoL- 0 -7 8 f C' N. Qf 94 fp 'G J j Y fx Xxx ,Q DEL-4, a ' k f ' ' TH SGIVINB V.-.ll , 4 fly JMN IL-rfb CRFXMMING ? EXHM5 Lf ities Q -5 GM MAY FL SKF O.. B 7 f 'Q B0 CLUB 1 3 4 e-1" 1' T RED MILL c FEB 22 '1 YOLLR PFKRONER PRUM Nl LMT: N CLLLB ? H I IWFIY Ho H2511 mmf ll 13 Hamm EXHMS MPN 3 Y-A Science Q75 2 ' 1 FE - -8 f ..: i X nj H Orme: J jg V-v " . - Feb 'l5,! 3 x .- 33" .K O SWTD. ogg IS ,mor - NZ? 9 PLO. ' 7 K 1 it 0 0 HQ j March-no 'K 'K ,glib HPR'lL'l'4-15 L AI X 824 f X1 J? aff" Se lor -, Mllyfll D 7, 19 A W bf! rr 'Before pf QV' -fi ., L q?'Q F er' ixffriff 1 - J? -' I of Z. J --- 4. F' " - A 9-0 'T P A 1' jf I 7eczcdew 111 Szfuclemfe mia meme 085 det Shxp 'Y xo, Xefi 'Nl i THE SOPHS -for self-confidence THE IUNIORS for enth usmsm H? PRES Or SQCIQ S 'fix 1111? MR HEIDER was welcomed by the students and faculty to the management o came fnend counselor an LOUIS N HEIDER PRINCIPAL from the mldst of test tubes antennas formulas and H SO of our odorous chem lab to occupy lh1S place of honor cmd responslblhty W1th hls character lStlC kmdness and understandmg he has fulfllled our expectatlons In a most pleasant way he and CSU! Q x " ll lf WKVA L ' h..I.:v .7 ' V f I. C. H. S- He il X' d - I I I 2 4 u H our thirty one TEACHERS admsed and instructed Q? Q6 4-'--Q '4 ,hu 17' 'G' Q! it-1 .jay E F Adams ES Soutlm rn lll1l'lOl U IV r ltf m Ed South rx ml Umver f lrmilu t 1c1l A l Raymondl Bersche A B Wcxshmgton UHIVGY MA Umvermty of Wls con-sm Spam lm So lol Sclence Nelhe P Brown llll"lOlS Stole Normal Uruversmtf Comrre C Cuma Lee Frost AB., MGCMJY cy College Dorothy Bundy BEd lllI"lOl Stole Nor 'nal Umv rslty MA Umver My o lllmom Lltm Engllsh Wh1tton Br1l1 BS Mllwoulce Stole Teccnere College T Wxmfred Close A B MocMurroy College Corrmerce Carl R Gasaway BS., Sou hem lllinols Urzlvefily Agri,,1ltu.e us Therr understanding and friendly WarrenR Greene BECI Illinois State Nor mal University SCIENCE Alex Gumn BS Unlversity of Mis sour: MA Washington Uni VGYSIIY Mathematxcs lean Heye B S Llndenwood College Physlcal Educatlon Hazel Leak B.Ed. Illinois State Nor- mal University Librarian Commerce Dean of Girls Howard F Groppel A B Sliurtleff Col ege Drive Training Social Science G L Havens Blffd Southern Illinois Universlty Baslcetball and Track Coach Science Dean of Boys Physical Educatlon Imogene Isnnghausen BM E Iames Millikin University MUSIC Patrick I Palumbo BS in Ed. University of Illinois Science sn? Hu.. 41. encouragement made us rightfully proud of i ' h Z 4'5- .fx Iames Peermcm BS lndlana State Teacher College Football and Baseball Coach Physlcal EdUCGl1Ol'1 Irene Schnudt AB Shu tletl C llc, Enghel' T"an- M Mildred E Pehtt BECI Southern lll1I'lO1S UH1VSfSllY MA Umversxty of lllmoxs Enghsh Keotcr Schultz fflce Se eta y 11532 B111 R Pmkston B F' A Bradley Unlver stty I' Esther C Secrrls Wheaton College M A Umverslty of Perm sylvama Socmal Scxen e Samuel R1chmond B S Umversuy of lllmoxs Umverslty of lll1no1s Scxence Mary LOIS Shepard B S Umver 1 y of Tlll'1Ol Home Economxc I . ' fi J 4, Q . , A gif, 'Q A 'Q I E X lr A - A f- - .- 1 CI, V,- l ,. ,.A' ' V ' - .Mgr A' A " V .. j , ' At A ' . ., .. r ,, Q.. ao O ' cr r' AB., r I' . ., A st' .tl 45 them and our special helper, Mrs Schultz fl E' ""'1'.7 Claude Sm1th Colorado State College Band R1ChKI1'd Tendlck A B lll1no1s College M A Colorado State College of Educauon Engllsh Dale Sm1th BS IH Ed Western llllnot State College Agnculture Mabel Vance BS Monmouth College Mathemaucs e542 Roberta Stemman A B MacMurrcly College M A Umverslty of lllmols Engllsh Paul Vegna BS ll11no1s State Nor mal University Mathemattcs Edna L Swope BS Southern MISSOUTI Teachers College MA George Peabody College for Teachers Home Economms L M W1lson Blid Eastern llll1'lO1S State College lndustrlal Arts 2, ,1- 2, Qi ,,f- 1 X r-ru. T 5.6. Y 1, 'if 1 Scif ! X 'I S. X u Wx 1 4 ' ' ,g,g, . 9,23-'Y' Zxqfm Mr Palumbo Mr Tendlck M1ss Isrmghausen Dothe Cates M1ss Bandy S Don or Paul Brands Spon or Spcw o cr Maunce Legate Nelda Bates V1ce P men' Sec etary The S E I ORS under the leadership of Maunce Legate Nelda Bates Spar Paul Brands 1 n Dottxe Cates 'ttf' 1' S32 1"""-v proudly began final year at dear old J C H S P5 as iv' Natalie Abbott d s lat Ie ic tnose cda at R s ca eful dcnt g t root b hat c e ca rin A a rn r of ln ou ine o tn N kept bd f W f n ou l ad t luck in jot ur ing cdr r Band 2 4 Cantata 4 50 Club 3 Latin Cl b 3 I Sta nor Roll l 2 3 4 c Clubl 2 3 la Jl Honor Society 3 Com mercial Club 4 Conserla 'ton Club 3 4 Barbara Allen B 1 one of our u ture sec etaries and has lnown some of her plen did Work as typist on the Staff O of her u standing characteristics is her wonderful taste clothes She could usually be found with Rosemar in or out of school Can a a 4 ub 4IStaff4GAAl a matic Club Play 2 Honor Ro 4 William Anderson Bill was one of our three year track men and he too played intramural basket ball Anytime you re look ing for this blond headed Senior lust take a look around Delhi for someone with a dog and a shotgun Do you ever bag any thing Bill? Otherwise he can be found cheduling games for hi basketball team Operetta l 0 ub l 2 ack l Football 1 2 Science Club Shirley Armstrong Snirley re re ented HS last ummer at G AA Camp and brought kack lot of new ideas for all the girls. She ha been referee for the girls intra- mural basketball games this year. Shirley in an- other of our Seniors who lives from one niail deliv- ery to the next Tell us whyl Operetta 25 "6U" Club lg GA.A. 1, 2. 3, 4g G.A,A. Vice-Pres. 4: Sci- ence Club l: Commercial Club 45 I Staff 4 William Albrecht B ll 1 n o our ard nt La eball lovers and we wond r if that will ever help h1'n fulfill his d eant f b ing N altlnj He did a n o a Donald 1 You Cant Take lt With ou B tn .vaf 1 anta Cla bring you that ne fl gun? Cantata 2 Op e ta 2 60 Clu I a 4 4 en e Club 4 Class Play 4 Betty Alverson B was one of our tanse from Grafton It was nice having you with us thi year We re orry Bruce couldnt have come 'oo While at Grafton she was an ardent Dynamit ers fan but now it is the Panthers GAA 4 School Pa er 3 Pep Club 3 Latin Club 2 Honor Roll Peter Arger We will always remem lrer Pete as Ralph in H MS Pinafore or as Kid in The Red Mill He dida marvelous fob as sport editor for the I A Cap oella Choir 3 4 Band 1 4 Cantata l 2 Operettal 2 3 4 Latin ub l Sta Dramatic Club l 2 Dra matic Club Play 1 2 Hon or Roll l 2 3 4 Baseball 3 4 Bas etball l 4 Track 3 S ience Club l 4 Student Council l Na tonal Honor Society 3 4 Vational Honor Society Pres 4 Class Play 3 4 Club l Paul Amold Paul ano he-r transfer I om Grafto s all always ke remembered for his x onderful rob of playing basketball. Heres hoping you make the pro" team. We know he did an Well as Student Council Presi- dent at Grafton as he did in all his other offices :here because of his co- operation arzd willingness on the I Stall. Class Treas. 35 "SO" Club 41 I Staff 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Track 4g Football 4p Student Council Pres. 3: School Pa- pe! Their all school carnival, dance, and You Can t Iuaruta Ayres Th blond blue eyed lass was a four year member of the honor roll students She also has her name on the ltst as one of our prospect1ve br1des That IS a very pretty r1ng Bea We w1sh you lot f luck ln establlshmg your new home Maybe you can 1nv1'e us over for some home cookmg some t1me Class V1ce Pres l Band 2 Honor Roll l 2 3 4 Pep Club 2 Robert Beatty The Panthers Wlll have another vacancy when Bob leaves thls year bet ter start lookmg for a new tackle fellows He has keen act1ve ln 4 H work and weve heard lots about h1s pr1zed cows he takes to the State Fa1r That IS a very pretty green car you have been cru1s mg around 1n wont you take us for a r1de7 60 ubl 2 3 4 FFA 3 4 Football l 2 3 4 Cletus Bexermann Th1s fun lov1ng blond lfa1red member of our class X111 be remembered as one of our baseball play ers He 1S a basketball fan also Cotton can usu ally be found 1n Reeses cr sett1ng up pms at the bowltng alley Was mus1c hmstory your favor1te class? 60 Club l Baseball 3 Dons Blame Berry Dor1e a transfer thts year from lndlanola f1lled one of our I Staff typ1st chalrs as capably as she nust have fllled her many Off1C6S at her former chool She was a very aood natured and fr1endly 'rdd1t1on to the class of 52 Class Play 3 Cla s res 2 Cass Sec heerleader 3 FHA l 2 ff G A GAA Treas 3 Honor Rolll 2 3 4 SCIGUCE Club l Student Counc1l l 2 'chool Paper l 2 3 Nelda lean Bates lean IS another of our Grafton gals and he had a very successful three ,ears here to add to a fourth one nere Between lelng Sen1or Class Secre ary and Wfll ng to Dow we bet you have wrlters cramp huh? Another of cur near Mrs she l1kes pest to loaf 1n M1llers Confectxonery Class Pres 3 ClassV1ce Pres 2 Class Sec 4 Cheerleader 2 3 l'HA 4 IStaff 4 GAA 4 Student Counc1l 2 School Paper 3 Honor Roll Eugene Bechtold He o k1d chlmes Beck as he breezes 1nto Room 21 to work at hlS rob on the layout crew for the I Gene has been an honor roll student and IS mterested 1n sc1ence If you see h1m a l1ttle starry eyed you know he Just saw lane Russell s plcture I Staff 4 Sc1ence Club 2 Honor Roll 4 Darrell Bell Darrell created qu1te a b1t of exc1tement at the Sc1ence Falr th1s year Wllh h1s Oud1n H1gh Fre quency Transformer or shock mach1ne He 1n formed us he dldnt buy that Mercury at Walkers c 6- l0c Cantata l Z 3 4 Operettal 2 3 4 O u 1 2 3 4 ISta A Cappella Cho1r 3 4 Dramatlc Club Play l Dramatrc Club l 2 Honor P l234Trackl23 Football l 3 Sc1ence Club 2 3 4 Class Play 3 4 Duane Berthoux IS 15 one o o r Senlors who so sk1llfully kelped mount p1ctures for our yearbook ln case rou re look1ng for Duane 1..lSl try Reese s Drug Store and you re sure to f1r1d lnlm s1nce 1t 1 h1s place of employment and loaf1ng place too He was a four year member of our band and supplled another alto Bandl 2 3 Clubl 2 3 4 Latm Club 1 I Staff 4 Football Mgr l 2 Sc1ence Club 1 2 lo Qlnlllv Take It With You", furnished fun for all and Peggy Blackketter "Oh, boy," cried Peg uour class rings are here." She says hers has been her prized possession since that day last Septem- ber when we all rushed down town to get them. Peg's sweet smiling eyes will always stand out in memories of the class of '52 She turned domestic this year with her home managernent course and we imagine she can use it in the future. Cantata 15 USO" Club lg FH A. 45 G.A.A. 45 Honor Roll 4g Commercial Club 3 Irv' T' Gerald Booth Ierry was one of our lrard working co editors who we think has done o wonderful fob He mill be remembered for his vo cal and d amatic abilities l Bandl 2 3 4 Cantata 3 4 Op a u Lain Cluo l 2 I Staff 4 Damatio Club l 2 Dra atic Club Play l 2 Hon or Rolll 2 3 4 Ba ketball 2 Queens E cor lxat1onal Honor Society 3 4 National Honor Societv Pres 3 Student Council 2 1 Cappella Choir 3 4 A W' Betty Colleen Bock Bet tells us she especial- ly want.: to become a loufpewife and loves read- ing Good Housekeeping and belonging to the F, HA. Have you told him about this yet33 She is an- other of our ever-smiling friendly rnissesl She showed her spirit by play- ing guard on one of the girls' intramural basket- ball teams. Cantata 35 F. H.A. lg GA A. l. if C- Billy Boner Bill is the fellow who did such a swell job as I business manager. He will be remembered as the preacher in i'Sun-up" and cs the moneyfrnad gover- nor in 'The Red Mill " Class Play 3, 45 Class Pres. I5 Cantata l, 2, 3, 45 Oper- etta l, 2, 3, 45 ASO" Club l, S, 4g Latin Club lg I Staff 45 Dramatic Club Play l5 Dramatic Club l, 25 Bas- ketball l, 25 Queens Es- cort l, 45 Science Club 2, Student Council 35 A Cap- pella Choir 3, 4. Naomi Boomer "Number, please ?" is- 'vvhat we usually associate with Gracie, since that is what we most often hear her say. Between numbers she thinks: of a certain boy -is he the owner of that green "Chevie" we see you riding in3 llaomi could well be the envy of any girl because of her lovely curly hair. Class Play l, 'irvwi KN 4- 16- '53 '1r:"" Paul Brands Hernernber Paul? He a that tall forward on e va ity ba ket t arn and al o held the office of Se o Class P es ident Punkt ay he likes Y thing else We Wonde if le means. abbits or Er ri e7 Class Play 3 4 Club 3 4 Latin Club l 2 in Club S o l I 4 Ba ketball 3 4 Track 3 Foo ball 3 4 Soier' Club 4 Drarnatic Club l on r oll a P e NP' W:-rv Iames Bray Iirn is that ni e looking light haired boy who with traisty flashli t udges up and down the aisles of th Iersey The ate trying to find you lat He say he especially likes dramatics history and scienc Dramatic Club l 2 Dramatic Club P y l 2 w-.ey Robert Bnnkman o Nos cn our Spanish rraio and Nas a helpful rrember of e a ou crew fo tl I can usually b found r ing in anytni a us e will alfvay have fond memories o h d arnatic lub day Ooeretta l I Staf 4 Dra'nat1 Club Pay l Drarna Clubl Z Honor Roll 2 Sci n e Club 2 Spam n Club 2 3 ""' 'O aura' gli 4- J T . ' Ar' ' 6 , , X ,.. f be 'fi if 4 . if 3 -.VJ ,pil 3 fir f ' . . .. . . ' . I 'c - 'r , B b ' S e of , ' , ' in H: S ball his V 1 :gh ' I th . ' . " Q r s . tr . l y t ' 5 r ie . He ' - 5 ' ni r r - 's e - . e '. id- . r ' . '.. "es S ' r ' ' , 'r ' "'nf...jt Class Play 3, 45 Class Pres. to hunt better than an - those seats behind a big so it's a car, VVe know 1f2, , f 'eleii 1,2,3, i . GE ' - ' A' , , A' '- t.-ish f. A' 45 USU" Cl b 1, 2, 3, 45 .i,. 1 , 5"6O" ' . e. ' c s I . 5 , t'. .' , 5 . 5 1 , 5 ' 5 2 , 5 . ' c f 5 .r 'c r ' , 5 -'. e . 5 Staff la , . 1 ' 5 .. tic , rf' ' , 5 - '5 s e , 5 I , ': . 5 'e.c , , , 5 s 45 t , 5 ' .ce 5 'sl .' , . l, 5 ' r' S t 21 ,. 5 .. .' , ' ' ' . 25 H ro Ft l, 2, 3, 45 '5 ' , Cl ss r s. 4. increased their treasury to help balance their Gail Britt Iennie Brown Mary lane Burns Gail will always be as- sociated with our music department She was also active in ffational Honor Society, having held three cffices in that organiza- tion. Cantata l, 2, 3, 4, Operetta l, 2, 3, 4, "GU" Club l, 3: I Staff 4, GAA l, 2, 3, 4, Dramatic Club l, 2, Honor Roll l, 2, 3, 4, Science Club l, 2, 3, Span- ish Club l, 2, 3, Spanish Club Sec. 2, National Hon- or Society 3, 4, National Honor Society Vice-Pres 3, National Honor Society Sec. 4, Commercial Club 3, 4, A Cappella Choir 3, 4, Class Play 4, National Honor Society Pres 4 C? Iennie was one of our Grafton transfers and was President of our G.A.A. At Grafton she was on the school paper staff which gave her experience for work on the I staff. We hope that year of home ec will help you to be a good housewife. "BU" Club 4: Fil-l.A. 3, I Staff 4, G.A.A. 3, 4, G.A.A. Pres. 4, Honor Roll 2, School Paper 2. Burnsie says her lifes ambition is to be a nurse and we wish her lots of luck. Her pleasant manner assures us of her success. We're hoping Mary Iane won't forget all the good times her gang had in her brother's car-remember? "GO" Club 4, FHA. 3, G A.A 3, 4, Honor Roll 3, 4, Student Council 4, Latin Club Sec. l, DrarnaticClub 2, I Staff 4, Latin Club l. ,G Eula Mae Bushey Eula also was from Gratton where she was editor of the school paper. She spent her last year at I. C HS, where she has been a big help on the I staff. We are happy that this pretty little miss de- cided to join our class. A word to the wise, fellows, if you can't dance you're on lfula's blacklist, I Staff 4, G.A.A. 4, School Paper 3, Latin Club 2, Student Council 2, Pep Club 3, Honor Roll 4. if Dottie Cates Dot was our lovely aueen candidate our Iun ior year and took care of cur finances this year She was one of our honor stu dents We think that is a xery p etty ring and Ken ny is p etty wonderful too Cla s P es l Class Sec 3 Cla s Treas 4 FHA 3 G Hono Roll l 2 3 4 Queen Candidate 3 National I-'onor Society 4 ,4- Rosemcxry Clark If Rosemary happens to give you a wrong number when you re in a hurry dont get too upset she is probaby day dreaming about being a private sec retary to some handsome executive She was the econd half of the Allen Clark duo around IC H S and together they wer araent 60 Club ans Club 1 3 4 G l Honor Roll l 4 Patricia Coombes Pat was a very active cirl leer four years in high school We saw her toot mg that clarinet in the band alma t every Friday right She too was lonor roll student A Cap Della Choir 3 4 Band l C ntata l eretta l 2 3 Clubl 2 3 4 Latin Club 3 4 IStaff 4 G l 2 3 Dramatic Club Play l 2 Dramatic Club l 2 Honor Roll l 2 3 4 Sci ence Club l Class Play 4 Robert Cope Bob was one of our Sen iors who finished at mid emester and now is de .foting his time to his ,ob os butcher at Tri City We think that little white cap 1 real cute here s hoping llncle Sam doesnt take it away from you D you till go skating as much as you u ed to or do you spend most of you time rding in that prized car of yours7 60 Club l 2 Cantata 2 budget with the debut sude agreeably weighed "',,,'2' Wmston Crotchett Wm ton was one of our 'nechamcal rrunded Sen Wh1le at Kane lr wa a hre fear basket kall nan Second to talk 1'1 about 16 of 1 ra k tbull experrences he to talk about JI That hould be a chal lenge for ortecne but I gue l. aflor h1s O lte actr t1 corrpct1t1on but le rr rrrt now qlrl annual Staff 3 Ba ketball Ioan Ruth Cull Ioanle wa our beaut .11 queen thrs year and dtd wonders as on of the co edltor 1 our I h h many fa1or1te pas t'nes but Btll neads the d 3 4 a l 2 3 4 Opereta 1 lat1n Clatbl 2 3 4 Latln Club Pr s 4 Lat1n Club c Sta GA Honor Roll l Z u en 4 AR 4 ttonal Hono S 1ety 3 4 rrtronal Hono Soc ety eas 4 Mafor tte l A CapDel'a Cho1r 3 4 Rnchard Dan' Rtchard 1 very fond of ports especlally baseball and basketball Th1S may account for h1s wanttng to become a coach We hope you make the grade He attended Kane H1qh School for three years held many Off1C1Gl offtces and was on the Kane an nual staff Class VICE Pres 3 Class Treas 1 Cantata 3 60 Club 4 as all 1 Z 3 Track K Annual Staff 3 Grace DeSherl1a It wont be long now unt1l Grace w1ll be seen l"l a Whlle un1form calmly takmg care of her pa t1ents That wont be a had set up w11l rt? We bet youll m1ss Mary lane vtont you k1d'? We know you were a dandy Pep Club Pres1dent at Grafton lzecause of the VllQl1lY you l'ave d1splayed at IC H S C ub 4 G A A Honor Roll 4 Lat1n Club 7 Pep Club Pre 3 School Paper 3 Kenneth Dugan Sl1m was one of our EU Club roo ers and was stage manager for our lun1or Play He helped on the layout crew and Vf1ll'1 'he photog aphy gang There IS Just one th1ng w want to know how do you keep that mckname and eat all those banana spl1ts9 Class Play 3 Band 12, 3 4 '6O'Club 1 2, 3, 4, I Staff 4 Sc1ence Club 7 4, Student Councrl 2 Carol Day eck C D sa s theres nothmg I lk more than gomg places IH my gray Ford and havmg fun You can tell that IS rue by her sm1l1ng face Even though she l1kes fun Carol no doubt spent a lttle tlme study1ng be cause she was an honor tudent all four years 60 ub l Sta 'Uramahc Club 1 Honor Roll l 2 3 4 SCIENCE Club Commerctal Club 4 Etta Ann Dobson Dobby l1ke many other Jraftomans d1sl1ked r1d 1 g that old school bus even more than workmg And as for the br1ghter ucle of the D1ClUT9 she llk9S cake and world hts tory that s some com brnatlon rsnt 1t9 Durlng leer three years at Grafton he was on the school DG ,er staff and a Pep Club ooter Cantata 4 School Paper 3 Pep Club 3 Latm lub Z Iohn Duggan Stub was another one f our tall an' m1nded Senrors Dont talk too load Uncle Sam mtght l'ear youl lCHS 1v1ll no 'loub+ rrrs th1s Semors q 1 tne but not the ter '1ble nolse that 39 Chev1e w1th the stratght p1pe nakes SCIQFCS Club 2 down with the J for a permanent record of our Leo Dugger Crazy Legs as Leo IS cften called IS the nck rame he acqu1red wh1le 1n grade school for h1s basketball play1ng and he has made a name for h m elf 1n h1gh school too We can thank hlm for s v 1ng many thr1llers for us Operettal 2 50 Clubl Z 3 Honor Roll 2 Base ball 4 Basketball l 2 3 4 Trackl 2 3 4 Football l 2 SCIENCE Club l 2 4 Class Play 4 Harold Eads Harold says that th arms the thmg at leat lor h1m and those four years as an FFA boy v1ll no doubt be a de ctded help Maybe when you own your own farm you can f1nd some t1me between crops to do a l1t tle huntmg Harold was a member of our I busmess FFA Gayle Egelhoff Dur1ng the summer Cayle spends most of her tme loafmg ID the sun but from September to Iune she IS very eff1c1ent n her school work She loves act1ng wh1ch was proved last year by her dramat1zat1on of Ma Cagle Cla s Play 3 4 Bandl 2 3 4 Cantatal ub HA 4 Latln Clubl 2 4 IStaff4 GAA l 2 Dra 1'1at1c Club Play l Honor l 2 3 4 Natlon Honor SOC1elY 3 4 lla tonal Honor Soc1ety Sec 4 Dramatlc Club 1 2 Wxlham Fmkes B1ll enjoys loafmg at Buds lce Cream Parlor 'Vfllh Beck and Frank 'You ll have to have lots of cows and a deep freeze on your farm so youll always have plenty of strawberry van1lla and maybe even tutt1 fru1tt1 SCISHCG Club 3 Vxolet Dunn Buttons was one of our pamsh students She was a wo year member of the GA A an ardent basket lfall fan and a sp1r1ted basketball player She xas also mterested commerc1al work She 1n formed us that she wants to be a farmer s WIIS We 'tonder whlch farmer' GU Clubl GAA 2 3 Span h Club l 2 3 Commer c1al Club 3 Dorothy East Dot dont you ever get ' red of punchmg that cash reg1ster at Tr1C1ty7 She was one of our I Staff members servmg as I salesman That IS am1ghty nretty watch Herb gave you' Are you gomg to try out your home man agement learn1ng on h1m'? ub l Sta FHA 4 Ioan File Io says to be a good stenographer and house Wlfe IS the extent of her amb1t1on From her Work on the I and her four year honor roll grade W lfnow the flrst dream W1ll come true as for the latter that was a pretty good pre she baked for our pastry sale Cantata O eretta 1 ub l 2 4 IStat 4 Honor Roll 1 3 4 Lat1n Club l 2 4 Dale P01195 Th1s very sc1ent1fc m1nd ed Senlor d1d most of h1s work 1n th1s f1eld be1ng a member of the SCISHCS Club four year and treas Lrer th1s year He also lrkes eat1ng fr1ed ch1cken and fldlng tn h1s two toned brown Chev1e Scl ence Clubl 2 3 4 C1 ence Club Treas 4 I 3 ' I . i. - C' f s .4 ,KC Y I . ' 'pin l '. ' ' SV .3 ' ' . staff. .. . 1, 2, 3, 4gMI "6U" C1 P I ff 4' 'Staff 4. 1 - I - ' . 'A si he 2, "so"'ci 1' i, 2, 3, 4, rf ' f'f 1,2,p t,2p"60" A - ' 'I' Cl , , : f :G. Roll , , ., 5 ' Q1 A41 11 , f 2 daily doings, the hilarious Skip Day with deeply Doris Ioan Foster Erwin Freesmeyer Billy Fry Rose Georgevits Ioanie was one of our musicians and talented we'll all remember hear- ing her beautifully sing the part of losephine in Pinaforef' We "H, M. S, don't blame her for being proud of Iune and her sparkling diamond. A Cappella Choir 3, 4, Band l, 2, 3, 4, Cantata l, 2, 3, 4, Operetta l, 2, 3, "6C" Club l, 2, 3, 4, Latin Club l, 2, 3, 4, I Staff 4, GA.A l, 2, Dramatic Club Play l, 2, Dramatic Club l, 2' Honor Roll l, 2, 3, 4, Na- tional Honor Society 4, National Honor Society Vice-Pres. 4, Commercial Club 4 Who was that tall blond on the basketball team? W'hy, that Freezie, and he's been there four years. We not only saw him on the hardwood, but he was cur Student Council Pres' ident and was chosen as the Science award win- rer. Class Vice-Pres. 2, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, "60" Club l, 2, 3, 4, Track l, 3, 4- 7 Staff 4, Honor Roll l, 2, 3 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Queen's Escort 4, Football l, 3, Science Club 3, 4, Science Award 4, Student Council Pres. 4, Student Council l, 3, 4, Class Play 4. When Bill wasn't tinker- ing with some old jalopy he could be found work- ing geometry problems. He liked Miss Bandy's room sixth hour, not only because of his work on the Il We understand that was the period our artist worked. Anyhow, nice lay- outs, Bill. "GU" Club 4, I Staff 4, Honor Roll 2, Sci- ence Club 4. We quote George as saying, "Oh, for the day when I become a secre- tary and earn my own money." Of course, by this you can see that her fa- vorite organization was the Commercial Club of which she was the Vice- President. She was active also in Student Council work. "BU" Club 2, 4, G. A.A. 4, Honor Holl 1, 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society 4, Commercial Club 3, 4, Commercial Club Vice- Pres. 4, Student Council 4. Louella Gray Lou was a member of the operetta cast lor tour years Most of all she likes to write poetry Vlho lfnows she may be amous some day Dont forget all of your old ,C HS gang then Band 2 4 Cantata 3 4 Operet 60 Clu GAA l 2 3 4 Hon Roll l 2 3 Commercial Club 4 A Cappella Choir A Ioseph Greene loe Boy simply says nothing aoirg when you tell him to slow down he 1 pacticmg to be a hot rod racer But seriou ly he enjoys being an F F A boy and hopes to put his lamm to some good Does Charlotte like farm mg too? We hope sol Class Vice Pres l Can aal 4 60 Clu 4 FFA 2 3 4 Basketball l Track l Science Club 3 4 '!""-me William Haun Red 1 getting plenty of experience working at the lersey Bakery but the Air Corps will probably grab him before too long May be they will send you some place where you can practice your Spanish Say do you ever sleep any place besides sociol o clas 'P 60 Club l Science Club 4 Spanish Clu 2 3 Lela Haworth Lelas busy evening were spent in selling tick ets at the Stadium but du ing the day she went autetly from class to class h will always be r embered for her quiet weetness GAA work was one of her main ac vt ies A r onor Roll l sentimental memories, and the joyous Senior Katherine Heafner Katie says she just wants to be a success, but doesn't say at What. Not particular, is she? Her favorite out-of-school loafing place is Beltrees, C-nd she especially likes the Saturday night square dances. "SU" Club 2, 45 F. H.A. l, 25 I Staff 45 GAA. 4- Commercial Club 3, 4. less Hewitt less was a very capable member of our track team. Football is also one of his most liked sports. Music appreciation was his fa- vorite class, but being a laval pilot seems to be his biggest dream. Track 3, 45 Football l5 Science Club 4. Blake Hickman Dramatics and football seem to rank high amona Blake's favorites. We have :een examples both onthe gridiron and the stage, lust one warning . . . don't eat too much spag- kettil Class Play 3, 45 Operetta 1, 25 "GU" Club l, 2, 3, 45 Latin Club l5 Dramatic Club 1, 25 Base- ball Mgr, 15 Basketball 2, 35 Basketball Mgr. lp Track 2, 3, 45 Track Mgr. l5 Foot- ball 2, 3, 45 Football Mgr. l5 Science Club 25 Dra- matic Club Play l. all if Robert Iohnston Bob carne to l C H S this vear as a transfer fro'n Rane where he held sev eral cla offices and Was a member of the K s aff Any time you find hm alkina about hi favo ite contlike Fo d you mi ht get an argunfent Class Pres 2 Class V1 e P es ntata l 2 3 Club 4 Basketballl 2 3 'lrack l Science Club 4 K Annual Staff 3 Cla s Play 4 'Q' Roger Kanallukan Tanker can usually be found playing some kind of ball He likes baseball best but will settle for basketball or football H las a me-'nber of the Sen ior play cast Band l 2 3 B all l sketball l lra k l Football l 2 ci ence Club 2 3 Class Play i Patrick Keller Pa like rnost of he t rafton transfers hated to r de the bus Wonder if he lices riding the boats any better? He gave up his 'iiploma for a pair of bell ootom trousers Class Basketball l 2 3 tu dent Council 3 Lois Hillig Vforking behind the fountain at Thrifty's takes quite a bit of Lois's time, but she can always squeeze in some skating cnd dancing. She took an active part in GAA. and FHA. work. Cantata 15 Operetta l5 "BU" Club l, 25 F,l'l.A. 1, 2, 35 GAA. l, 2, 3, 45 Dramatic Club lp Science Club 2. 'G atncia Klunk P says it is nur es training for her next year but were wondering if he will have time to write to Bill? She was a rnerrbe of our music cle oartment and the I staff a 3 60 Clu Latin Club 2 3 4 l Staff C 2 3 4 Ho Boll 1 2 4 Science Club i Commercial Club 3 4 Student Council 3 A Cap rella Choir 3 4 A fx of , . 4 ' 7' -, , . Q t f 2 , R V f P M-tn9'!fl -J .5 . nfl, l . P . . . . . , I A ff T at ' ' s ' A . . - 1 I . . A ', A . 5 - ' , . . , 5 t . ' A . e n - A H i A ' ' . Q 1 " '- v' . 1 i H , A J S . . , , , 4 ' ,. subject, a new car-if you Operetta l, 25 "GO" Club ylcepfes- 3? Baseball lf Cantata l, 2, 3, 45 Oper- ' ' ' r s, '11, l, 2, 3, 45 aseb , 2, 3, L I 1 1 5 S ' ett , 45 " " b 45 i . . .. 45 Ba. , 2, 3, 43 -5 t ' , , 5 .. 5 .. 'c-r.. ' c 5 ,5S'- 451AAl,,,5 not 3: CCI , , J 3550" -. 1 , , . A , , 5 ' . C 1 . , 1 4 3' ' , : Breakfast for a final 'Us social get-together. Iudith Kranich Iuay displayed her pep ry being one of our cheer- leaders this year. Nice yelling, kid' Home man- ent was h r Iavo it ubi t We uppose tnat N u I arr d oasted n e e a Nas el cea Je a e C H1 ana l Cantata 1 2 Op r 1 e G C Trea H nor Roll 3 4 Stul t Cogncil 2 4 Virginia Kraushucrr ,I plans at n after une d in Kenny is n N1 hal plenty o t'ne to Nrite to him t n na help ci in tne fi e una could often b se r unning er an s Cluol 34 F A Elaine Kruse la to to I Eane ua kept ver: busy ond an ne ha nf Being a retarli he arrbiton d n V71 e t1 1 n ne ay ou oud pcrsuad lnnran to hire one C n t1a2 Coeettal 2 Lo b Sta Ho Iat1ona 'U C Maurice Legcie n J l G c in ICI-IS e ln y F Q t avi 11 e 60 u Lati Club 2 FFA FA T e vatio Club 2 3 4 Donald Krcrushaar Looking for Don? Try Buds lce Cream Parlor' l' usually there Latin fnd Science Clubs were IIS avorite school activi ies and 'n could always pect d ado 'ni part a aa 3 4 O etta 60 Clu I Staff 4 Science Club 4 A Cappella Choir 1 Club l Barbara Krueger Bar wa one of our e rg ti S niors whose Iavorie ubiect was She also tool' an active p rt in 4H FHA and on ervation Club ub 3 FHA l 1-lA Pres Z FHA Vice Pre 3 Latin Club 2 G AA 2 3 4 Honor Roll l 4 Sci nce Club Conservation Club 3 4 Con ervation Club Pres 4 Carolyn Lone U VC C afira Go West young rn n go I lust change that to Go W t jourg v rrari go We t fna wot. l n we Ca olfns c'rea'n of th future Are you going to 'axe a ,lot ng Al H r c Clu Iecmette Lenmgton n g a a ic e o on t c 52 CI o n 1 rid Le of all he happine s in tn world in Cub 2 4 I 4 GAA 1 Honor I 3 4 Nation Honor Soci ty 3 4 Corn 'ne 1al Club 3 4 agern 1 ' .' e ' f' e Ae'S A . A - ' yo .e He ito '2' f 4' A -, malcef r cl e-s s nd- gt A A13 wiches. She 1 7 e is ' be 5134 9 3 A 'S A to ser' s ditor of the C 35 f AV 2' I 1 per- lirst I-C - . B 1 ' , 2, 3, 1 2 3. 1- ff ' b 3 1 . 4- . . ', , e etta 45 V V if ' M I 2- "GO" Clxb l, 2, 3, 45 2 3, 5 ' Cneerleadf 45 .A A. l, QA .15 Luth I 2' 3' 4A 2, 3, 4: JAA. - sa 4, 1 o1 , p ren 1 1 ' , . . . b 5 J Pat sa' s she J to me .9 'C '? I - - :lay 1 lame I ' fe 3 A an s' ce 1 '. go e V A -' - , , A' y she ' 'll 16- 1 ff'-I f I ' -1 W IAA V - ' A ' he A V S- 1 1 She I s I1 e' '1 I ot- gl 5 - - 1 21 3? F- 'C fA ' A E . . . Ag . , . ' - S e1 r 1 '. A r d.. 3- F I - 'BOM 1 1 2, , 5 .H.A. 3 --ff Q 1 1, air 1, 2, 3, 4. 4 31 : , ff 2: As one of cur y-out fda rs r the , l i e I 5 I Al' 'A I Yo ' S heard the ld 'fou c 1 .see 111 1 ss do 4 3 1. .. A A 4 g'e!1rst-rates lfDg A. AAA Au V' V Arffestsvft , A an were sure sl e 'll be Q ' ' Ag ef! a V ry e','c'e to .lvl - ff Q' r A D, 9 be y C l - ' 1 e ' ' ' ' 2 ' A' A ' 1 a1- Y' ". N, A l fl l ' I ' I "lm man with VO'll9 Aeon Club iv 'ilu lf 2' 3' lf I ff 41 1- PH. .A A 3 one Roll 7 GAA l, Z, 3, 4, V nor AA Scien AA b Z . S Roll l, 2, 3, 4, 1-N 1 l 95 sb Honor Society 3, 4, Corn- N ' :11er:i:1l Club 4, ornriier- "i:l Club Sec 4 l Iennie :grprised us all Maurice transxerred trsrn tl is year by csrnin t Grafton his sece. d jedi. school one day and sign- ,. Ve has al: n an active ing her ndrxe Mrs I cl- Q "' place ar: ng the Se isrs son. She one of our 2' . . S. by serving as honor students and has our Vice-Pr s t1 is ear been a big h ly 1 he I. 'ls and Treasurer cl F. .A. The Seniors t ' w nt t v F To hifi go s a lot of credi. Wish jou a1 r 'A for dr v 'ng the layout T 1 ' sr ' le . frames 'or o 'r I. Class Lat' l , p Statf Vice-Pr s. 4, 'l " Cl b 2, 5 . . . , 2, 3, 45 1 -5' 1'n 1 g . . . 2, Roll 1, 2, , 5 ' 1al 3. 4, F. . . reas. 4, Can- 'e , 5 1. - s r ' n , , . .. rc' " , . I Serious conslderatron of future responsibilities Charlot'e Lvles C D 'Wav 'md C"1O"lCjC"' 3 Q, , F Icmet McCauley 11 Q 11 mfr 051 I :bout Pwr up YD Q p 1 11 DC. Q L ra cg Q Q f '1 ' fs f-CY 1 G I y e Cuvee-s cn Scvu Q1 111 1 you ll CE CWA e svvu 1g Tune '1 We an CMD A 4 G A A 2 Kathryn McKenna b owe CIW U1 0 f CI 1 we e v IS Edd1e CI p1lc17 She C1 owe Q f f Nm we Vue urcie D ,Z ,1 A T1 G fling 4 S':1'4 4 G A Q 1 1117 Cluo 3 he f 1 1,bV1C.ep low' f' Rlchcxrd Munstermcm 1 vs np Cm: f vs 'wily , JL., 'xhitever F.: E.i1,f3e...' ,, - 1x.',,:re: ' if I f.- Y . f- w vm... -,. 5 .. 1, , H.. .Lf Me i.t 'gsucff' ii.: die-51:1 :,fLIE ,112 Eur: if Hire' :Q V fp 'Ati- fhfe Qui 1. Patsy Ruth Mczshburn fan c QL L A 2 A bf' FL f' Manlyn McDow ff X., r C L QQ rv 1 fe p L ' P KQV Bu cm CGC cr 60 Cu 4 L'I1l'l C113 1 2 af 4 A C O P f A 3 Q Cl Iuamtcx M1165 1 f 1 JVO1' f it pf ffl , L gn up Af P D G r Nqr GAA pf Q A, ,Q C- G :AAF ZGAA GuryNeely ra 43 'bf' --mixed with purposeful study, wholesome play, Fred Nugent Heres another Grafto- nian who doesn't exactly love that yellow thing called a school bus, He was a sharp shooting guard on the Trovador the second place intramu ral basketball team Fred 1 going to be a lawyer from the class of 52 N cloubt hell make a good one Class Treas l 60 Club 4 Science Club 3 Carma Lee Poleet This quiet Senior is very interested in the business world and hopes to be a secretary. We know she'll be an efficient one Right row she watches TV or tudie her English She could often be seen in the halls collecting the attend ance slips Science Club Lawrence Powers Tom has had quite a number of big jobs during his I,C,l-l.S. years, being President of our class last fear cmd President of the 60 Club this year H also has made a name for hrmself on the gridiron Clas Pres 3 50 Club2 60 Club Pres FFA l 2 IStaff4 Honor l ack l Qu ens Escort 3 Football l 2 3 4 Sclen eClubl Student Council 3 Neal Prater Who knows, gang, a few years from now we may be buying our brand new wardrobes from this calm but ambitious Sen ior He says its a store for htm Why dont you take us for a ride in that Buick someday or is that reserved for Elaine? Hon or Roll 4 Spanish Club 3 Beatnce Pruitt Bea tells u that she is waking a quilt to put in lrer hope chest for that day l'1 the fututre when she becomes a housewite She has been a Student Council representative an ronor roll student and was especially interested in history 60 Club l FHA 4 Honor Roll l 2 4 Science Club 2 Student Council 3 Commercial Club 4 Iohn Rhocxds lohns time is usually pent one of three places school Owens Gla s Works or hunting H ropes someday to be a basketball coach and be oble to eat lots of fr ed chicken Be careful lohn you dont want to get fat' Cantata l 2 3 Operetta 4 Basketball 4 Track 3 Science Club 3 Hubert Rmghausen As you might guess if vou know any of the Ring loausens Hubie plans to be a farmer and dont tell we know you ll raise apples Laying all thoughts of agriculture aside he held a position on the I business staff It anyone ever Wants to get him in a huff lust ask him where the nickname Pest came from last year Operetta l FFA l 2 3 4 F Staff 4 Student Council 2 Willetta Roderfeld Aw nuts says Wil 'ie when somebody shuts rer locker before she tlrough So let that be a warning kids We un derstand you like playing the piano-why dont we ever hear you? She likes 'GAA work very much especially square danc GAA l 2 and friendly associations--set the daily pattern Norma Sauerwein Norma, a transfer from Grafton, is headed for the altar as soon as she has her diploma. Lots of hap- piness to you and Carver. She liked college prep class and was on the school paper staff at Graf- ton. Hers was also among the names on the honor roll lists. School Paper 35 Latin Club 25 Pep Club 3- Honor Roll 4. 'S Glen Schupbach A great baseball lover Iose played two years, but now he just mostly works on his old Model-A or loafs around at home ond school. Glen is one of those tall, dark, curly- lieaded boys many girls dream of. Come on girls! lf you ever hear a "boom" in the chem lab, you can bet it's just Glen experi- menting. "ESO" Club 35 Baseball 2, 35 Track 35 Sci- cnce Club 45 Basketball 3. 'nf'-6 'Ks Deborah Simms Anytime you saw Deb ble coming with that re ceipt book you knew she was soliclting ads for the I She has done a fine Job She also has had a successful year as Secre tary of the 60 Club but he is rather fond of the President Class Sec 2 Cantata4 GU Clubl 2 4 60 Club Sec an as 4 FHA Sta 4 GAA l Dramatic Club l Science Club 2 Student Council l 'Q nf? .Inu-Ant Iosephme Stafford Io can usually be found reading a letter from or writing a letter to Lester We think that clears up the mystery of why she J ants to live in St Louis it would save money wouldnt 1t7 Io 1S one of oves it C ub A 4 Science Club l 4 Vema Scott Verna has been active in the Science Club and they have kept her busy this year as Secretary. That's good practice for her commercial work, but she says she would rather he a WAP someday . . . are you going to wait for Frederick? "BU" Club l, 45 Science Club 45 Science Club Sec. 45 Commercial Club 3. 19' '-.-:P Wx Charlotte Stone Have you seen Char lo te s lamp collection? lt wi l surely come in handy when he Greenes farm is more than a loafing place Be ides be1ng in the 60 Club GAA and Cantata sl'e was a I staff Cantata l 2 3 4 Op a l C u 3 4 Latin Club l 2 IStaff AA 3 4 matic Club 1 Science ub l 2 Iecmette Sears Ieanette, who came to I.C,l-l.S. from California, has helped out on the I staff and was in the Sen- ior play. She is usually with the gang, riding in her new Chevie. When Ieanette tells you that her prized possession is Mag- nolia, don't let her kid you . . . it is a dog. Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Latin Club l, 2, 3, 45 I Staff 45 Pepperettes l, 25 Dramatic Club l, 2- Class Play 45 Record Club l, 2. 'C' 'U' 'vw 1'5- IoAnn Storey When Io is not roller kating which 1S her hob lcy favorite sport and ac tvity she was at school where she was studying ro be a secretary and working hard like the rest of the I staff to make our b l I Staff 4 G A 2 3 4 Dramatic Club 1 Science Clubl 2 Com rrercial Club 3 4 . f NJ I - V f ' ff ,F J , .4 1 9, . L 'av-1 .V F 1 t. I ffff X Rt then she would-afteir all cur art students and she rnemberf band l, 2, 35 book a good one. "BO" s ' . l '. "GU" l l, 45 , , , 5 er- Clu 5 5 A.. ' . , . 5 FH. 1, 35 G.A.A. l, 2, ett , "BO" l b l, 2, f, ,A , : ' 3, Q .'.fi 'I 4Qa...1,2,',',Dm- 5 5 Tre , 5 , . . l, 45 I ' ' 5 A ff: .., ,2,'3, 45 Cl , ,4. wlnle all worked toward takmg thelr places IH 'Nur 1 Q Donald Strebel An t1me h 1 nt chool Donn1e w1th gun n hand off huntmg usually w1th Harold When 1t IS ra1n1ng or too bad to hunt he does the next best thlng cmd reads cn Outdoor L1fe maga z1ne Another of our Sen rors who was sports mxnd ed he was on the basket ball team th1s year unt1l he broke hls ankle Bas lf alll 2 4 Trackl 3 Sarah Strebel If you se Sarah sport mg a new dress around school you can almo t bet he made lt she can do wonders w1th a DISCS of mater1al Guess you re k1nd of lonesome th1s year wlthout Kay arent you? Qarah llkes bookkeeplng class s1nce she plans to become a secretary Can a a 3 Clu A l GA 4 Commerclal Club Slurley Tuul Oh crumb IS what you d hear 1f Shlrley made an error 1n typxng class Dont worry we all make 'mstakes We re wonder mg why your watch such a pnzed posse SIOR 1 I-lonor Roll 4 Iohn Thurston Io n1e was one of our half year Sen1ors and w have mtssed hlm around ICHS th1s lat errester Someone told as you are work1ng on your ambltlon to become a mllllonalre but what are you domg wlth your t1me now sleeplng eat ng and playmg base ball? 60 Club 2 Base ball 1 2 Kenneth Strobel Here IS another one of our tall dark and hand ome Sen1ors who w1ll be one of Iersey Countys b1g t1me farmers ln a few year Kenny l1kes all klnds of sports and there fore was 60 Cub 'nember Those bulgmg muscles not only come from plowmg but also from hlS favorlte class P 60 Clubl 2 F A l 2 3 4 Honor Roll 4 Shzrley Stnnger Here IS another one of our Sen1ors who can take a p1ece of materlal and ct needle and ID a wh1z turn out an adorable dress or blouse of some sort Smce she lS a transfer from Kane we mlssed her two years of cheerlead n FHA 4 I Sta GAA 4 Cheerleader 2 .5 Class Sec 1 2 Cass Pres 3 K Annual Staff Henry 'l'h1el lt 1snt hard to guess Nhat Harrys pr1zed pos SSSIOH IS smce he can usually be found r1d1ng 1n 1t any t1me he IS not at school we re speak1ng of hrs 50 Chevle He was a fam1l1ar f1gure around the I taff room s1xth hour lub 4 I Sta Honor Rolll 2 3 SCIENCE Cubl 234 Spanh Club 3 Class Play 3 4 George Tohxll Whenever you see that lttle wh1te truck dI1V6 up lo your house you can het Teds dr1v1ng 1t Hes del1very boy for Brock Dalry Thx sports mmded boy was on the track team and l1ked gym class EO Club 2 3 4 Track 4 Scx ence Club 2 1 I I I I y' -e 's ' at - if 1 I is- ' , I C A 1 I 1 . - i 1 d meth I I-J ' I Y .B " , , .F. . ,f 4' I I I I ' l l A I i Q. 4 - . : ll 4: 11 ,"eo" b 1, 2, " I A 1 ' - RH. ,2g...A.2,3, ' Q , "' , Q, A , 1 P , 4f 2, 31 . ex -f4Y,g5.t A Commerclal Club Treas. 4. - lt I l Ll" fc ' . l ?'.H.A, , 3g G.A,A.b2, 35 -fm' SC , ff 4g I I I l , , I, I gl is K ', bw h n' Q 1 -e ' D '. i ' ' a world wrde society where fond memories of a Harold Tucker We can all QIVE three cheers lor th1s SSHIOT who ha a wonderful attend ance record for h1s years 1r1 h1gh school he has rmssed only two after oons Harold t1n1shed h1s chool days at rmd term and now has a f1ne Job at Tr C1ty Alzce Vancrl lt wont be long unt1l Allce w1ll be trylng p trently to pound h1story oates 1nto kldS heads who are thrnkmg of altogether d1fferent kmds of dates but thats 1ust part of be 1 g a htstory teacher We guess She was one of our hard worlang I sales men Cantata l 3 A Z 3 ISta Commercral Club 3 Ida May Wade Mazle IS one of those people everyone loves to xnow for she IS always sm1l1ng and ready speak to all Wont she make a wonderful secre tary? We re wonder1ng was 1t those cute d1mples that won Lloyds heart? Cantata 3 60 Club 1 HA l 2 IStaff4 GAA l 2 3 Comrnerc1al Club 3 4 Student Counc1l 3 Sarah Anne Walsh Sally was one of our very stud1ous Sen1ors who belong to the Nat1onal Honor SOC19lY and we m1ght mentron she IS very proud of that scholarshlp he won Runnmg around mth the gang IS what she l1kes most and that gang IS usually BObb19 Pat and Thelma Cantata u at1n Club l 2 aff 4 AA bnorl7tolll234 a t1onal Honor SOC1elY 3 4 Class Play 4 Nat1onal Honor Soc1ety Treas 4 Delos Turner We wonder what 1n the world BLIZZIQ w1ll do 1f he has to pay Uncle Sam a Nl 1t and cant take lohn on w1th htm? He hlces rrost of all to have a good t me and th1s probably 1n cludes hrs favonte subject grrls Whtle at Kane he served a Class Treasurer and Secretary 60 Club 4 Class Treas 2 Class S c 3 Basketball l 3 lrac l Barbara Wade lt you see Bobble gotng down the hall w1th one rf the other Semors by the ear dont get alarmed she IS Just t1'y1ng to per suade hlm to sell candy for Sen1or Sales Week She las had a bla yob and has done 1t well Bobbte was one of our art students and has done many pos ters for school GCl1V1ll6S Cantatal 2 3 4 Oper a 2 3 60 Clu ' HA l Dramat1c Clubl Honor Roll l 3 I Staff 4 Club l Student Counc1l 1 A Cappella Chorr 3 4 Sharon Wahle Sharons four years on the honor roll w1ll certam ly help her ach1eve her long felt dream of betng a secretary She IS very fond of dancmg espectally o Tommy Dorseys grand orchestra but better st1ll she llk6S a good thr1ll1ng game of softball Cantata 3 Operetta 2 60 Club 2 IStaft4 GAA 4 Hon or Rolll 2 3 4 Sc1ence Club 2 Comrr1erc1al Club Dale Ward THIS good natured slee py eyed Sen1or tells us between yawns he Wants o be a barber Sure hope you dont hold any grudg es' Dale was the prtde of Mr Bersche s advanced Spamsh class but he strll prefers snoozlng SCIENCE Club 4 Spanlsh Club '7 3 I I I 1' ' le . : H I , 1 r 14 . .I - U J 1 4 . ' ' ' G- Q. ' . ' 1 . - , , 14. 'U I" I b 13 FH. . ,h , 4, if 4, I' 1' ' - f G.A.A. 1, 2,' s', science ' ' I to , A 3, ' ' 1, 3, 4, "eo" Cl 'b 1, 2, 3, A 1 ' 45 l. A , , 3, 45 ' A . ' ist ,G...1,2,3g f L'- 4.o , , , 5 N - Thelma Irene Watford Thel gave us a sample f h r vitality her Sopho fear a ch erlead r N ll kid' a do Jo eler get your club dat s 'rm' d7 Clas Treas 2 Ca tatal 2 Operetta u S G 4 GAA Pres 3 a ma ic Club l Honor R ll 4 Sctenc Clubl 2 Corr m cia Club 3 4 rn me cial Club Pre 4 Con se fation Cldb 3 4 Con serlatt '1 Club Pres Marlene Watson Thl Grafton tran fer sur , rls d us this year by giv ina up her diploma for a tle gold band on the ge-r o er lca d W re Nonder1 g if that our e in home man agement will help ke p o s of lucic in four 'nar as FHA 4 CAA 4 Hono It l 2 3 Stude t Cou Cil 4 Scn ol Pap r Frank Wendle Frank spends most of is time at home watching TV ana we imagine h ome in pretty handy N en it oe on e rhnk becau he lofes o work on lectrical ap pltan es Careful Bud tta I Staff 4 Science 3 Ho or R ll Vzrgmza Lee Whitlock Ginny is our future air line hos ss Maybe its a good thing you are a lit 'e glrl huh? Well a rememb r lc r as the ro 'nantic lead in the Senior play and as Dave leading lady too Cantata 4 Latin Club l I Staff 4 A 1 2 3 Drama c C ub l 2 A Cappe a Choir 3 4 Class Play 4 Norma Iecm Wills Norm is our A-l artist and samples of her very fine work can be seen in fhe I. But despite the fact that she has all that tal- fent, she has decided to he one of those "ladies in white." USU" Club 35 Latin Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Latin Club Sec. 45 I Staff 45 G.A.A. 1. 2, 3, 45 Honor Roll l, 2, 3, 45 Science Club l, 25 Span- ish Club 3. Charlene Wilson "Clang-clang" was Cheen's contribution to cur school band, but it wouldnt be a band with- out cymbals. Say, fel- lows, if you want to make C good impression on Cheen, just buy her some french-fried shrimp, Band 2, 3, 45 Cantata 2, 3, 4: Op- eretta 3, 45 "GO" Club l, 2, 3, 45 I Staff 45 G.A.A. l, 7, 35 Dramatic Club lg Honor Roll 45 Science Club l, 2, 35 Commercial Club 45 A Cappella Choir 3, 45 Latin Club l, 2, 35 Class Play 4. lf 'Q -.-pl William Woodman If you ever buy gas at lVeiqand's, you no doubt l.ave seen Bills face peer- ing at you as he wipes your windshield. He says he doesnt like staying af- ter school, but you don't have to very often, do you, Bill? Class Vice-Pres. 35 "BU" Club l, 2, 35 I Staff 4: Baseball l, 2. RNA? Thomas Wright Dont be surprised if you ever go to Grafton looking lor Tommy and find your- self looking down the bar- rel of a gun-that is the prized shot gun that he does so much hunting with. The eight hours he spent each day at I.C.l-l S. were busy ones, and he always looked forward to industrial arts class. USO" Club 4. I I helpful Alma Mater would eternally msplre them lsnorj' 3 e In Q C l I - H.. ' ' A ' ' I e .lei I I ' . S' e yelling, ' S y, lit c s ' t. . ' ll 1 u 1' - third fin I- f h A left ' rl 'N g gs " th n e ie I - "6t?'Clbl,2,3,4, A C eg X' C.. 9' h, I , I3 Cheerleader 25 Latin Club her from :scorching water. aori't get shocked. Oper- l, 2, 3, 45 Operetta l, 2, 3, l, 25 I lilff 41 ,AA. l, 2, lu l. 'l I l i - e lf 5 I ,, 5 A ' 5 , - 3, 5 , . . . 5Dr - ried life. Cl ss Sec. 25 Club 5 n o l. G.A. , , , 5 ti t' ' 5 o .. . . 5 1. . 5 . r l , 5 5 '. e , 5 .t- fol. , 5. ,n TI- C.' I, 5 ., H. er l ' ,H 5ACo..- 5 'o e 3. ill A Z. 4.-I . W 7 ' 'y 5 5,24 , is X 'ov ' 5 1' E fig . f' l . Q 592' s. l U ' 4 I tr H We extended SPECIAL HONORS this year to four most highly esteemed associates ERWIN FREESMEYER received the Bauscl' and Lomb science award, given annually to the Senior who has excelled in the study of science during his four years in high school. This honor was bestowed upon this graduate at Commencement, IOAN CULL was given the DAR. award Gs the 1952 choice of fellow-Seniors and fac ulty for excellent leadership, citizenship and scholarship. The Winner and he mother were honor guests of the Daughters of the American Revolution at a tea fo all district winners. MR GUS F ROTH was chosen as administra tor of our rapidly developing unit syst rn With pride we said good bye to this lselp ful leader who had so capabiy served u for four yea s a principal of ICH S W are happy to have him at the helm of our entire local educational program M Wa... RS HAZEI. LEAK has dex ot d twenty five years to the education of IC H S students Beginning as office secreta y she became comm rc in tuctor libra ian and dear of gi ls W th eep since ity We ave honored her for her aene ous and proficient gu1da'i e of all o us l , ,, K W -f mi' jx, ? Y'-, VA' er A :W i i 3 lik s-x iii? 9 7, art I-:S f- 53415. 5 'Q' QW 2.iff'52'2 ff? vi W' Q Q1 ?'L2'waQ6,. ,KQQY ' 3 ,,g. , . V- 1 f V' . 'af ffir ' : A it li i ,Q , x , V 'W '19Q yi i .fi Y 5. 1 4' x ,I-Ui' f' 4 A P'g!' 1:+'+'ff53'g" 'W 2 " MR K L I ".. V I . K Mr Havens Mr Gumn Mr Vegna Spcw or Sp necr Sponsor Patsy Cates Iocmne Stevens Laverne Bradfxsch Iames Hubbard Treo mer Sec ew y Vlce PYGSICIGTIT Pree dent The CLASS of I953 for their officers elected Iames Hubbard Laveme Bradfxsch Ioanne Stevens Paisy Cates 474vp ii to guide them as Barbara Adams Betty Dee Anderson Charles Baker Edward Boker Kenneth Brown my Charles Alderman Lloyd Anderson Carole Berry Betsy Booth Rhea Bryant fNO-' 'NFB' Delbert Allen Shxrley Andrews Dale Berthoux Charles Bowers Alrce Burch 3.9 it if ii T Y-1' Wg, 2 -9 gf .' A ' 1-"ia N. Q13 'sl' jolly Jumors Rebecca Allen Dons Amold Dorothy Blasa Betty Bnggs George Camp Es' through Edward Amburg Marcheta Amold Allce Bock Carol Brooks Gerald Cates 41' Xl "7 E' irx T' 'S--f-I 'Q Mvd 'v--v their w Shirley Chapin Ioyce Donaldson Dina Eagleton une Fessler Thomas Frazier 'grail' 1 '33 4 1-"V Maryann Craig Charles Drury Robert Exsler Barbara Feyerabend Doyle YY fi ixflxf ork and their play, Much of their Iucmita Cuellar Faye Dunham BetiY lean Ferguson Eugene Fozles Iames Fullrs 3 ,-va. NO" ffl? 1 ki-A .ha Zada Cummings Mae Dunham Ianet Fems Richard Fosha Sharon Garber ?6' 4--0,9 C2 N f'1v""" Sharon Dabbs Clifford Eagleton Iuliaette Fessler Nellxe Frank Betty lean Garcelon fx , 'Vtr -.3 QS' :me caught up Gordon Gell Henry Graves Ioyce Hardwxck Roy H1 Hennetta Hughes if adv we KX0' ,-svv" Dorothy Goheen Herbert Gnesemer Wllham Hartxng Robert Holladay Charles Hunt Wi fir ....'.T,. ka :UWA vt' fare Q..-49 i QL Hi m a gay Iuamta Gowm Agnes Groppel Luquxta Hau halter Sxdney Hormell Betty lsnnghausen -1 al vi! it 'W 'NO ' V237 whirl of plays, Robert Gowm Donald Gross Hazel Healey Norman Hoyt Frednck Kallal Franklin Graham Raymond Hagen David Hextzlg Gordon Hughes Grace Karr C' x Nw 119' '44 'ivvur Cut-r""' JN! I Ps--v N-.Q 'Sgr H11 Ply. va' ali ,tit y 'arf X wh at Hg! K X gl L' 34 dances Irmmle Keehner Roberi Lagemann Donald Lurton Chnstxna McAdams Duane Montgomery f"'- 1' Q! 2-f like NY, and last but not least the honoring Edward Koenig Dons Kramer Dons Klunk Howard Landon Vlrgxma Ku ehnel Ianet Luke Floyd Long Patsy Lorch Sharon Marshall Paul ynn George Medford une Maher Iuanrlu Lynn Ioann Mxller Doroihy Meuth Robert McAdams Davrd Murray Robert Mowen Gary Mornson Charlene Mornson in 55 Q-'00 10,4- ff.-35-ZX 'ov vs., f-PJ., iv' I 1-uf 'hm 'i C I o-0' JY- -fu-'X '7 J-1, Vgnv in ,He 1'8- Gm X- 'W vw 35 ff 'SE' of the graduates m the Garden Dorothy Nevlm Mary Lee Powderly Hxlda Roady Ralph Russell Robert Scot! 5 'U' Q ASQ'- ix bg Y'-v Ruperi Ogden Shlrley Osburn Martha Reeves Bonme Sue Prultt Harold Rodgers Iudllh Sawyer Francxs Rose Barbara Schleper Gall Elizabeth Shafer Shea rd sfw H5 'v. M fed, 1: '17 lX an-53' 6 Wlllzam Pansh Richard Rxchey Mary lane Rozum Mary Scoggms Mary Sh ori '13 of smi " Wxlllam Poleet Rosemary Rxchey Iackxe Rudolph Myrna Kay Scogglns Buelah Skmner 111- 19.-K 1 if 'Z-' 'S -'Q' ' Q! i ' nw- 4 ' R J ly e Q I W x V R A 4 W , 5 4 ,-, " of ' -if 'L f 'Q as R - A A 1 ' s - . , 'ff ..' , V l ' , R A 1 X' -,A f . V Q :Q u ,4 V X xv.. y 'ull' 1 I A A ev 9 at Y f Q Q Q3 Q 3 k 'X j 'I ,D ,x K 4 ' , : :ge ' R A ffl ' 2 'N' -N R '. , X . x,.J they brought the Samuel Smith Walter Taylor Barbara Wagenblast Carl Watson Betty Wiist it i ? f W PQ 1: T Karen Stephens Marilyn Terpening Shirley Wakington Paul Weiner Richard Woelfel aku 'rx' QYI year to a Barbara Stewart I eannine Tohill Marilyn Wallace Paul Wheaton Gloria Anne Wooster 'wr T27 "di f""b V glorious climax. Charles Strablow Patrick Tonsor Iohn Walz Frederick Whitehead Marcia Lea Zimmerman Gloria Stone Darrel Vanausdoll Rose Waters Dennis Whyte Every Iunior dh --r 'N-1 'mad' 4? 6.44 4...-.4-4 '1- 'K-Y.. ig' Sr 5553 xx ,ff ix? , 'ah VI' K4 ' 'K vf -4 , i if . ,Q fe ' I 1 K 'A '35, is ,IN of ,Z Q A l n fy 'W ,aa v kg' I 4 I 5 I 7 'ty V, '4 3 Q 4 ,. j :arg . Q , , ,,, . 1 V 'V "Y -Y'--at-, f ff' ' v Q f 1 . , ' - :' " 1 X. ' gg Y vw"'n ' 'K . , . -fd' iff "fi: ' R-Q xi' V Ma h 1 s 72 F an Q A f tfg 11' .3 , a a f , U 6 l -V. M , 4',r"' '-' v""1F"'!.a?' as 'K mi :iff iw S f f fw 3 . . . H . ,-0 . , Q V? - A 11 . . K - , A QE' , 1 , Af' Y x-H, 'gk -" Q :C A ' V- .,A I glopy-5 , , .J lv W ' ,- ff? K 'iff 'S Q V 3 ff- X1 fiii I r ' ' " ' 5.401 'Q I , 2 Q- ,XA Q 5 . f of -,Q "Sf'!s Ls f ' A 71' ,,.,, 'V'h ...Z 5 , ' ff? 'K re 11 It + ix? A ' 1'-Jr' S ':' .' , f 1 " J 3 , iv , . I . 513. Y A 5Q'1 'i '. ll I 5- fl 'QA 3? i f ' M- fm.. , . . . 'V' " ' ' fill-'a A215 - '. , . , W bf 'A-' ' ""A,- 5' A fi ' 'Q -. O -' t 0 4' ly Y . 'R ' L 7 , H . 'fu' I 'zz-X ' 4 J., K 9,3353 f 5 , 34' JJ Ali,-5 1 - -f,-.Q - , N f 1' Jw? , iff' , 'ff '4L wf??1," f ' I V if Lk . 1-H' 4+ 4. .I was -" ' 1-.1 ' ' i!yG' V SE. ? an 5-1.4, el F .UJQLY I I 1 . ' 9 A an 'Ni' 'a yu.,- L - ' ' ' n . N Iudxth McCauley Dumel Cornelxus Wllfred Goetten Iocmn Brooks their second milestone with offlcers Wzlfred Goetten fn- 41 N 1 lllffef ' . 'H ' Q- 5 -4, . Q- -, -. , . me ns Abbott Alberta Arnold Dons Confldently they moved along wlth the Wanda Abbott Kenneth Ashford Duane Belermann Be l 3' Helen Abeln Hazel Baker Io Ann Bell Charles Alexander Patncxa Beadles ohn Bertman -mr' 'Q' Q' C"'T Morrxs Bnggs lames Carroll Elura Cuellar Shirley Bn!! Sharon Chappell lov Cunmngham Thomas Bryant Exleen Collxns Harr Davis .tv 1' QIS Theodore Burnett James Cope Roger Day oan Allen Elizabeth Bechtold Robert Brakevxlle Kenneth Allen Laverne Bechtold Barbara Brayshaw 'az ' In 4 J- Donald Calame Helen Crafton Gary DeCourcy A4 'uv 'Q-2 X-214 GY Damel Carnco Bruce Crawford Ronald Delp memorable Freshle year behmd ready to Wrlham Ianet Dons Davxd Donna Rodger Devenmg Downey Drulard Dunn Edwards Egelholi Lulu Belle Larry Wynona Margaret Raymond Freddxe Elsler Ferguson Ferguson Fessler Fraley Frazer IOGDH Gdll Richard Viola Dcrruel Hlchard Gabbett Gxlworth Gllworth Greelrng Grether Gubser gl uit 'i ,-,,., xr 32- 1.4 'Ds "" 'TX .er fb' '31- VZ 'If fikk -ne? V7 'vs' "" sv L L Franlr Robert Rosemary Charles Noble Kay Guntren Hagen Haynes Hazelwonder Helder Henderson Gercrldme Charles Ioanne Gary Davxd Wayne Holfstetter Holder Holmes Holtsworth lsrlnghausen lsrmghausen Peggy Io lames lean Robert Stanley Loretta Iackson Iones Kadell Kappler Karrlck Kessler 1 1 Q , ,ff I - x 4 ' ' Y T 'ii' lf X rv, Fixx, , ' X ,V ! Ha f A ' 4 .I h V6 K f l 77 by V V 0 1 I A 'al 1 4 I - H M X , , -F r F , rzf- r -if ,np I ., A 33 ' - , "' ,, F ' , t Q 4 if TI F f r " i r,rri tr, F . y 8 my r 2 J I . Y S3 .V A X Q, 42 if 3 r ,V " ,. ' 1 e as p r to fs F r yr t ' A, I W Y A l lv f F f le .V H 5, QR. ' : i r V I f ' QT VV fr K7 V gr- explore new Belly Klun Henry Kruse Nora Lyles int L2 Rxchard McCoy Robert Nevhn Paul Plano Clifford Kraushaor Ronald Lagemann Wxlham Malloy lil" sb-1 131 ua W1 Edward McKay Delbert Noble Dorothy Pnne actlvltles Glenda Kraushaar Harold Lee Landon Denms Manning 'id wrth self-assurance, ohn Charles Marcella Kraushaar Krueger Krueger Charles Cora Lloyd Loellke Lyles Lyles Margaret Donald Blllle Margeson Marshall McCauley 1 A 'Ll 1: - xchard cKenna Frances Nolan Paul Reynolds no Marcella McK1nney Sharon Pace Leo Rmghausen Robert Montgomery Mary Ann Parker Robert Ripley oretta arup Fredenck Plckerel Charlene Rogers I I I 1 ' I k ,N N f f "V as M-+ , L g s 4 I 3 l I , ' 'VA I Q ., J Tj. " ' xg. A, A VZ , . T ryy, K , , X , . it ef M V , V 15 el Q ,f,,,k L . ' .. .v -' . ,X 5--. i, KX I V' 41 4 I Q: Adm. f A V" , 1,1 i 9 fi 1 1, K Q ' .K 1 4, , y , Q :,' Q X Q f - , , ' ' E' . . RA L M ' N and looking Elizabeth Shirley Roth Schlepe Rosemary Duey Lee Sinclair Skinner Glenna Lee ohn Stone Storey 1--46. il-1' in--4 Z' .db Iimmie Teitelbaum Shirley Wallace Rodney Woolsey forward enriching experiences Barbara Schmieder Charles Spnngman Nancy Kay Strablow 'WW N hai, it Esther Tepen Virginia Weller William Woolsey -5- f ' aci- GK his Henry Schuckenbroc Stanford Sprmgman Helen Sutton ts' WJ! 3 1 126 '-.7 ... QS.. NVQ if Bonnie Pqul Turner Utterback Ruby Norman Williams Woods Sylvia Thoughtless Young Pranksters oan Searles Thelma Stephens Edward Taylor Victor Sears Bertha Stewart David Teeter gb 'inn-If 'i!yq. Nl' ,1 lv? gi- 5 5 eerere fs Iackie Vinson Mary Woolsey Headily Aroused LM pn "-bf RN, f:::..,::3 psf' 'ESF' Q- Daniel Wallace Phillip Woolsey Deserved Suspicion lb 'ng , -f W My 4 5,- 1 H 5 ' v 1 it 14 I ' 4 Gy. .hid 1 - ii H I' g Q, . , WV ' .9 '19 9145 l 4 1' ,i ' F , f -L P33 ,tg 9-31" . . ,. 'Q ", 1 1' is .fin 154 'QM M bi ii ff v . .-. 1 Y 0 v Q . 1 , 1 ,J C 4 X QA , 4 . X, 'x TQMN'---- .' li gif is A . N X .1 'AX ' X 5 JF Q 'kai N' A J, Ioseph Gardner Manan Davls Flozs Davxs Thomas Edwards Mr Groppel Mrs Searls Treasurer Secretary VICE Pre ldent PI'GQld61'lf Sponsor Sponior The new FRESHIES started high school hfe choosmg Thomas Edwards Flols Davls Maman Davis 'Tsar- g X X e882 Ioseph Gardner 'Nigga- 'Qi 1 1 1 V A 3 1 1 37: 3 1' ' , f Q a 1 to direct them, as each sincerely searched 1 ""'Y r G' Peggy Ahern Karen loy Bam Dons Berthoux Iacquelme Bowers Robert Brooks Mavxs Cantrell Harold Cravens Iames Adams Lmda Sue Battershell Robert Bertman Everett Braden Sharon Brooks Mary Helen Carstens Charles Cummmgs fil 15545 i 'S' 5 A Margaret Allen Everett Baze David Blasa ohn Brakevxlle Slurley Bubb Caryl Chappell Wanda Cummings 3 .r V" my A 4 Elsxe Andrews Larry Beadles in in Patrxcm Archer Shxrley Bexermann Helen Margaret Vxrgrma Bloomer lean Bray Margxe Burch Elxzabeth Closser Wxlham Cummings Boner loetta Bray Bxlly Busch Lmda Cooper Paul Cunmngham 1' i '1' Doreen Arnold Wanda Be Edward Booth Shlrley Bnggs Erma Cam Ahce Craxg lune Dabbs I Duae An Barley Betty Benedxct Gerald Booth oe Brock Kenneth Campbell Oleta Crane Hubert Dale 1 1 r l B .. at 4 ' lf ' ' :fr '- h 'A' . A X , 4 N 4 444 , 4 , V 4 '44 K4 44' 1 ' ' M ll il- W ' 'rf hlt , ' h A ,ly ' 3 V 1' I, ,' I-0 " v. - 52247 4 , ,H . ACL ,f J .,.i-- , y t 5 , eff W t tl c e ' l Q VB - at L l A ., C S C B l ii B l be 44 I 4 ' 5 , ,fy T , ' "" Q. er, 'x,a K B -... Y 1- . S 'P P - 4 4 kr J in 'ix I ' s 14 A x eb, It .A 1' 4 ' I . U 1 ' I . f I for his own place in the Iwlng and learning Ni OP' -uf Frances Davis Kenneth Dunham Io Ann Ferguson William Fuller Paul Griesemer Doris Helton Gerald Kallal lohn Decker Leslie Eads Alvenia Fessler Robert Gilworth Doris Gross Orville Henson Norman Kallal Q. L. -or Cecelia Dougherty Marilyn Eagleton Dale Fessler Sharon Gisy Edward Hall Franklin Herring Mar Kanallakan ii PM Ng 'N-A! Kil. , 34" 114 I Mary Ann Dull Ianet Edwards Ruth Fessler Eunice Ann Grabbe Edna Hardy Robert Hildred Patsl Kanalla an ...J- Donald Dugan Iohn Erwin Marcella Finkes Velma lean Gray Emma Haun Ioseph Hunter Esther Kappler 'up 'WF-1 T' Doris Dugan Robert Evans Mary Finkes Adrain Green Frederick Haushalter Phyllis lean Isringhausen Gladys Karriclr Phyllis Dugger lean Falkner Sandra Frazier Ralph Green Mary Ann Heitzig Louis lacoby lames Kelley 1 1 1 1 1 K ,fn , , I ,,-' l '. A ' sa I " ali i , hifi? ' ,. I L fi . i. f - V .fi i s ' i 4:4 iisr 1 Q H D wo , ,Y ' ' t 2 ad, N Q Q i , I 4 all ' 'n g . R ,H , ,- ,M i A f , 'T y , Y-N - . LQ, , , 1 vi it i is c . -Sl 'I Q .v ,. .,'k: K if V V , a " . . Jr K K V , I 4 I L:-,1. I!! lrvx Vg I , 'F 1 t s will vi 'M' x A ' I Y Esther Kessler Dorothy Lane Lxnda Lyles Marilyn Mashburn lanet Morrlson Dons Prckett Noel Rxster at J C H S With fortltude an Mary ane Klexn Vxr lean Larlmore Betty lean Charles McAdams Shrrley Myers Clayton Plummer Wllma Ann Robinson LJ, 'M Wxllxam Klunk une Llttle Sharon Lynn Loretta Mclkdam Darlene Neely Charles Powers Carol Rock ...A S Edna Koemg Paul Long Rae Maag Carolyn Sue McClary Flxchard Parsell Mane Pnll Monxca Roderleld 4 gy 'TT as -Q. A. -on fs, 4: an' '4 K 1 Eleanor Kramer Leroy Looper Bomta Maltxmore Ronald McVey Patnma Pearson Patncla Pruitt Bell Rozum d fun UBS Kraushaar Laura Lueker Gxlbert Maltlmor Glenn Melton Eugene Perdun Ann Rreger Robert Russell .fu ,G 8 r" 529 ,NA 43 44 Mary Ellen Lahey Vxrgznxa Lurton lames Marshall Mary Lou ller LeRoy Phxllxps Carol Rmghausen Shxrley Russell ' -W I jg 1+ ! they successfully sururved therr Wxllxam Schaal Ann Shanks Carl Stone Margaret Vanlossen Ruth Walz Kenneth Weller lohn Wmters an-5 in A lustm Schlep Robert Shxelds lames Taul Mary Vanlossea Hollxs Ward Antone Wells Arbxe Woolsey 49' if Agnes Schuckenbroc Iohnme Short Frances Thiel Iames Wade Maybelle arner une Whipple Shxrleyyean Wyman ":..'J' .Jr ...1 as 'Nav' s. i -if Eldon Schultz Donald Skinner Donald Thompson Robert Wade Carolyn Waters Iames White Charles Zxegler nl 'bv K Frms Schultz Ioyce Skxnner Phyllls Tucker Edwm Wallace Frances Weaver Gary Whyte Hopeful Freshmen 7 sf 2 ' ' "green year " Lela Maryorxe Scogqms Scogg ns Carol Loretta Spregelman Stewart Ronald Turner Myrna Wallace Wrlma Wergel Bobble Wxlhams Slyly Presented ,- WW 37 Marlene Vanausdoll Raymond Wallace lohnn Weller Anna Wxllman Temptmg Oliermgs l jb 'li' i' muh.. 1' ,nr S- O V 7 fm -,A"!Ml....!.,.,,,,mS fw Wx FH . f xxx! dk Qu -,if , A. V, of My' ,E ., 5 'ff"' 3' To our CUSTODIANS, Mr. Fred McFain, Mr. Homer Roberts. Mr. Frank Kirsch, we gave a SPECIAL TRIBUTE They dont teach us history Or which verb xs best When a hxstory book s lost And the lockers stick When the hghts dont work But we cant do wxthout them Theres Mr Roberts Mr Kirsch Mr McFa1n Whose lund helpful deeds Long will remain And to our custodians We gxve high praxze And best wxshes always For future days We look to one Of thxs fcnthlul three Who make school more pleasant For you and me v 1 Y Y -N 7 i Ht I. C. H. S. And we want them fixed, Our PATRONS . . .who carry on the business, professions, and work of our community were gratefully voted a place of HONOR among our HELPERS for their GENEROSITY SCHLOTZHAUER IMPLEMENT CO SESSEL S IERSEY LUMBER CO INC F R MILLER AND SON IERSEYVILLE ICE AND FUEL CO C AND A GROCERY CENTRAL ILLINOIS PUBLIC SERVICE CO DAVID H OVERY GIBBONS AND HACKER INTERNATIONAL SHOE COMPANY IACOBS LUMBER CO IAMES R MISKELL IERSEY STATE BANK IERSEYVILLE MOTOR CO KIRCHNER EXPRESS INC LESTER HUGHES BUILDING CONTRACTOR NELSON BROTHERS OLIVER GEIL MOTOR SALES INC STATE BANK SUNDERLAND MOTOR COMPANY TRUMAN FOSTER GARAGE VANS STANDARD SERVICE VIRGILI CAMPBELL FLORIST WALKERS 5c TO S100 STORE WELLS NORRIS INC CHARLES S WHITE ORDER OF RAINBOW FOR GIRLS Uerseyvxlle Assemblyl ALI SCHLEPER B B CAFE BAUGHMAN MFG CO INC BROCK DAIRY BUD S ICE CREAM PARLOR BURNS MERCANTILE COMPANY Grafton Ill DONHAMS WOMENS AND CHILDRENS APPAREL DR P A RITTER DR I H HOUSEMAN DU HADWAY AND SUDDES EAST TIRE SALE EGELHOFF FLORAL CO F AND L. DRIVE IN FARM FIESTA GARNET WATSON NURSING HOME GUBSER S FUNERAL HOME HAGEN AND IACKSON SERVICE STATION HAMBLEN AND SON GROCERY HENDERSONS GIFT SHOP HOUSE AND PRICE INSURANCE AGENCY INMAN S DEP T STORE IACOBY BROTHERS IERSEY COUNTY MOTOR CO IERSEY COUNTY FARM BUREAU IERSEY COUNTY FARM SUPPLY IERSEY COUNTY GRAIN IOHN G FLAUTT IOHN DEERE DEALER IOHN I MCGUIRE GROCERY IOHNNIES GROCERY 6 MARKET MCKAYS AUTO SUPPLY MARYS BEAUTY SALON MASHBURN AUTO PARTS MUSIC SHOP AND SCHOOL SUPPLY PERE MARQUETTE HOTEL LODGE AND COTTAGES REESE DRUG STORE RINGHAUSEN COLD STORAGE SHORTALS ELEC'I'RIC STORE INC STADIUM THEATRE THRIFTY DRUGS T W KIRBY 6. SON WATSON COAL CO WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE WOOLSEY RED 6. WHITE FOOD MARKET BERT S HARDWARE SINCLAIR FOOD MARKET A AND P FOOD STORE ANDERSONS IEWELRY SHOP CARL S DIME STORE GARBERS ECONOMY FOOD MARKET GRIFFINS MARKET F ESENMEYER S FLAUTT MOTORS INC KRAUSE AND SON SALES CO LA ROSS IEWELERS LINKS CAFE M AND O SANDWICH SHOP MARIE FUCHS BEAUTY SHOP RUEBEL HOTEL Gafton Ill ARTER S DRY GOODS Kane BRADYS CAFE Kane Ill DARR GARAGE Kane Ill DON S SNACK EARNEST REED MOBILE PRODUCT Grafton Ill ELMER S GROCERY GRAFTON CAFE GRAFTON TELEPHONE CO HUGHES IEWELERS IERSEYVILLE FLORAL SHOP KANE HARDWARE AND SUPPLY CO KANE MARKET MILLERS DEPT STORE MIN 6. DEL S DINER Kane Ill TATERS COFFEE SHOP Gafton Ill THE BOOSTER THE MARGUERITE SHOPPE TADD S GROCERY TURNER FEED STORE Kane Ill TURNER HOTEL UPDIKE MILLING CO WOOD BARBER SHOP Kane Ill BUD WILLIS GROCERY GSELL APPLIANCE CO C942- I l O O O I BOSWORTH AGENCY ARNOLD GROCERY, Gufton, Ill. ' , , nl. . . . I S, I I Wlth great APPRECIATION we are happy to present Our Engraver INDIANAPOLIS EINGRAVING COMPANY Inc Ind1cmcxpo'1s I1'ldlG1'1G C NGC IC Our Prlnter HUSTON PATTERSON CORPOhATION Decatur I1l1no1s Our Cover Company THE S K SMITH CORPORATION Chlcago Ill1r1o1s Our Portrcut Photographer STEPHEN S STUDIO Ierseyvllle IIIIHOIS D C I I 0 9 9 9 O V , -I " ' ' ," 2, . K ,..1. 4.a'x.wm . f, rpm: - 's Yr, Lyrm H. I'I1F3CP'I . 1 I fi: I 1- . ,. r r,,er::.ei . cite ima Sgwbvqw Qogbyb f Awww ,W M Mwfwljygyjpmm qrlwlif' if Hb Z 9 by QJKJKQQXYWWW JM, Qfffmffvff QX ikfifiggiiwdw M x my ,J M W W 0 A fly? QQ! gf J Q KX KS' Mmwvg! . .U Qwgx m .QP ' ZX' no Cf Mgvy MX'M . JD gm? QV J Qfzvpffyvl Amy E fa Jwg Vg wi , WSJ . Q M W W Www NE M W lg QWQXZQQ 9,7 MWTWZWQW Mfizfgf MQW QQ Wwgfff wx A gy ifwjfgf W M M if My Q QW .5-'Q ZZJQQM a ' y W W V My DJMW M W Q2 x X ff f 6 PW?

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