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Panthers aSl: hous range Traveled To Greenfield Thursday For Second Conference Game. CONFERENCE STANDINGS Team W L T Pct. Pittsfield ..... 1 0 0 1,000 Wincheeter .... V1 0 0 1,000 JERSEYVILLE 0 0 1 1,000 Roodhouse .... 0 O 1 1,000 White Hall .... 0 1 0 .000 Greenfield ..... 0 1 0 .000 a 4 o GAMES THIS WEEK Thursday Night Jerseyville at Greenfield Winchester at Carrollton Friday Afternoon Pittsfield at White Hall Saturday Afternoon Pleasant Hill at Roodhouse s 0 s Thursday night, October 12, the Jersey Township High School foot- ball team will be host to the Car- Hawks at th aschool G IUD EAM5 l N four, . 11" nd 0 t Satlll 011001 Jersey , rw znepartmegocatlonal 1 banquet, March, 28 ie annual f Won I-1 - T. H. S. "60" Club banquet ?0u1try J Sefffonal 30, Good Friday, no School lllker Hmudglng com 3, Senior Dance, April 5 Three tr Saturday Day for Teachers, n gCompan.eamS fr-Om' April 6, East St. Loui fructo, fed by Fred C GFS, no school, ent Cari 10, Junior Playg April 12 Schnilggfhthe evggfl, -Daughter banquetg May 4 to Schlelg son of Play! May 10, Junior-Siem gh holeldef, won I prom and banquet, May 25 U was nors in . Club picnicg May 28, 29, 3 'nd on awarded Ju 31 Second semester examsg ybyjd e'haIf basil e 3, Baccalaureate Servicesgfse 'Seed Com 'rl C m , . A 0 31 J Died Of.J0h, U ,udi Lo U Raald U18 ICOQUGF Oi SCll11Qjdf,,,' D placid secaid a he ' Compose . Doulm ,, ,1 of LII Be Bailegory' Pall Uoh ' ' F 0V'1'Gs1 Moral Victory On a slippery field . l A , V passing, pumps v . . '1 ' Q difficult the f ' . H Q K .1 ' . ,' ' 4 -school 5' ' G . i U. A 1 Q ' ' game N A AV-A M ', .R I , H. E d B Y B 1 - ' -A xk K. Q S erse Uzlle .T 4 , K, .GN , V Ilia! to te so n Re zonal T ur Q -A vw? S212 561 A Q . M 0 nament, 4 o I qu E Q Y 1 V 49:19 sit' Y' ,wie lllmute Man'Flag F highlight 0 A 'I A 1'-Wav' GN' ar . F -Verse A . he 1 t A 6 A ron 0 Ysogykot Q 05 12104 X54-,G X39 .' I ' h ldn A Q9 we V35 452 aw - , . 'h ' T Yi exec' eq C53 J Q ' c k Uppew 'W o 5 S1999 qc ef! o f i ' 1 A G " n 'J R lll avg bee 4 we 36569001 . . V h , ' of , A0 Q 0 'Q 0 5 , . - . , ' . 'gin .L Oi' .60 C9 we U l 'D ' ' " f :f t L 4 9452 A wt ve Q - 1 ds' A Mu Wedll 935112 S950 009' 0 1 - v- A ' SKKAQSQ 996 .DN Xp-,Q XQEH X 5 5 - 'a-Sao rod X501 so N5 th Q, , ,g fa- 5 e wi egg ,wi -ag. r X 1 i006X dxf GXQQ. 5269, KOZ .l .f abcoxgixvotfxx bo A XX ' 4 r Rally Ties R d it 'll W- If' 1 45 olyel ea s A ll - "J ' Staff , , y e Miss Patsy Howell, daughter of . . . urllgei, and Mrs. Fred W. Howell, 4 . as een selected as Editor-in- . rn I H h ' hief of the "J" staff the annuai Ona, Q--f e - 2 i earbook of the. Jersey Township Ev ,--, 4 K 'lighh School, edited and published . . , 1 . ker Gflmes To Hafdln i Q '- '. ' ' ' ' ' yrheeiiliirlliistit Zlificifvlit . L3l'1'0llt0I'l L3,St The polio 'J t,Ac'f1I0N IN 'SPORTS nnounced this week and are as U k. ll sports .,ctiv,':'ff'f3l1.1ne in Jerseyville has stopped comple ollowsg Patsy Howell, editor-in- ,lnp .L X st week .I du y until October No league bowling took pl lnefg Doris Medford, administra- 'lly ville won its first game 0 Jemevllsl as there are no pm boys on hand the owners off 9dlt0l'S -121110 and Jean S'tal'll'9Y, ce expanse of Carlinvmc but I . , e owling Alley have decided to close the do enior editors, Dorothy Campbell, fn, H rdin 50-30 Thu'I'Sday mil the quarantine is lifted. ' unior editorg Dorothy Lanham, ld nd garrollton 36 to 26 Fri- Jersey Township High School officials have cancelled Ophomore editor: Betty Hutchin. - arrulhon, yyhite Hall and Winchester fm on, freshman editor, Sue Brurrg , . . rtball games. All th .. . it i t amps yygrc ongmany scheduled for the' I f. I .K n let and Homer Dolan, art edr-, - n The Victory C - I1 l eyville showing 3 lot of pmmiqe is th 'UUE' VIC d a d with J orsg Clyde Powderly amd Paul - ' tould hav V . n eir irst two games t ' Jory, sports editorsg Kenneth Botai Jersey To H, h e drawn ggod fd. f I Panthers - 1ii,- 'leasfm1 llill and p-u.f- ldcrow S or 'heso engagements. 0 lmfD0nalS1 Bootty, Dorothy Foyer-fi Tuesday , Q th games are U. lv 5,19 are left on the Panther Schedule I bend, and Imogene Isringhausen' -29 defe Q6 S moz a 1 s - an ay. lerhaps some or all three of the postpo usmess Managers, John Cor win gg Q33 Dex!! 0 mes can be played. Games might possibly be worked in elius, chairman, Betty Gross, th Q55 Y Q-4, K dgkwoo ondo' "'ghfS with perhaps one game scheduled for Thanksg -Cris Bray' Dick Lone- Doris' Q. me 00 gt-' px go g .9 Q I Zicr, Doris Fessler, Glenn Leach, ' 90 . 5 gee' 'll , Wclyn TUCkffT. Gladys Kanallakan, 00,50 og ayiogf . y wird Bernardpipangle, Circulation V so 0 Qt HNHEGFSZ otographic editor "' ,sion Sixteen Athletes l o .Qc 60 6't1x9e64,, -sther Lynng Typists, Betty' Mar. : 6,4960-cetstgqcoxxixen in, Bette Willis, Patsy Kadell, and 99,rQ,'?eqA Q, 550,118 R 0 C :xi lzohljfmga Mechanical de- , clbo 'QP 0 V I S Q' en, at ibbons and Dick " Qixqoatz Ciaslev e e ,I urston, and Activity editor, ' Q9 Y' ,I e i an ary Holland. .5,-.up.:u.Q..-.- J -- A .-.-.--.-. uarantine Cn Persons er 2I Years Qld ln num A urth Honor irst Semester Announced After noon s ni NORS ' ' ' ' ' --- 1- .., .xr .:::'.L4:. l JTIIS ATHLETIUGLUB BANQUET AT I'l0TEL .ii- The annual "GO Club" banquet and dance of the Jersey Township High School was held Wednesday evening, March 28, at six-thirty o'clock at the Jersey Hotel in this city. Covers were laid for one hundred and one guests. The dining tables were arrang- ed and decorated to represent a I ' on sc oo , I fa L ' S and will El -Y from si 'I . lg if 1 wa,:,,"1v'.:r'm.w+fS-.f.'.., , , ,Q ' -A ' - ' ' - 7 .. . -My N--5 f K A Pan-American Fiesta At JTHS Thursday Covers were arranged for forty guests at the annual Pan-American fiesta held in the music room at the Jersey Township High School on Thursday evening, March 15. The banquet was given by the Pan-American League for its members and a few guests. Jonquils gay fiesta napkins and l i 5 1 . 1 1 l 1 I 1 E cactus leaflets were used in the I - en a ' a u 's ' lhlBlZLlI'e2 Jersey Schools Dismissed Until October 30. State Police To Assist In 'Enforce- ment Of Regulations. Quarantine regulations affect- ing all students under the juris- diction of Jerseyville city schools, all pre-school children and young people under the age of twenty- one were adopted Wednesday, Oc- toder 11, in an effort to stop an outbreak off infantile paralysis tpoliomyelitisj in this community. an students of the Jersey Town- ' h School Jerseyville St Francis Paroch t h l are Tl-IE UI' 800 Days Q' I Published by the Class of 1945 under the direction of the "I" Staff JERSEY TOWNSHIP HIGH SCHOOL Ierseyville, Illinois I 1 l l ... swlp-s ,. X . an "H x B ,Y . gi- Mkwk ' -4... v.,w . fbi A 'VJ ' ..,,, , ,,,, wh mgigmk gg " r 3 f.11 ztm.b. , f - fdlf L A 52' . 1 - W ' ff , " 1 . Tw' 'X Vi' 5'-"flv'i5v pie 'P iufk. :V f 5 M Q f, f Q W ff. f 'A fi,1f5'.,,M.QT 3 -'fiJ,37?h-2i::- 55? -- '-Q. 1 " ' ' x ' " -' ."'s11,'-,U f.. ,' -.. , ,"- , - ,A , 'gut g .,. Aj ,ii M1 I 2. L,1,54xk3ixk5-it q. It .EA -,tw A. 9. ""-...gk ' - ,QA ' A 'flgkgi--fwijij.. k Q 'fi' "' n. '---' Vi V f U' Elf fe -am k ' ' 31 .Q ........,.m-N Q V Q-...Dain-.QQKMO - ' M A -I... 3 ' 1 K 3 53, . g 5 -w -.-,A..,Q,,g , ' f 1 1 ,, 'WM A M g Y, ,QL glen?-I, X12-muy' , .5 x ki f , 1"""""'U',fw'vy,4j,. 'cffv-wk 'p4gkjf1,,ip?'ifg ,M 'vw -1 M K ' "--2, pf L- , ., '-L-N, , 8 - 1 f , - r ' Q- ' 1'PQ.'v Q-N ff 2, 'M-N... -. A X . 1, , 4 -if ffl . x - V K 4 - i x K .T 0' ' X g He-mf A57 -4551. , , f N ' - 1 bf -L M' 1 ' . . ' 2' ix, A l-Q. ' A V A A Q ' ' -X v . W , , kv K 54 ' , ww . n 6 5 W g Q. .3 5 x g E wi 'L 'R f' V2k'7 Zz . , '. W 1 - . vs Y x , Q, ,q ,- hx f 'i W. ' , .M M Ag- , we x -1 5 1. f . -A 1 4 'Xff ' + . :Ax Vfvfs ' it . f as . "' R if X' X 2 A , W. . - W , H 1 " 1 , ' '. ' 'Q A' ff .A25 4 ' dm vw ' ' Kr :xi W -my 1' 1 "' ' v 'f XS.. 'ey f f . A .- E ' im- ' f' +A .. GMM .-4Q,f,QQaf gt Xt 'sm 'Rf -,y .pf ' 'Q V -'K A A. sin M ,i 'Wai' 'F i ' 'V - -f '. s .A VV 1 ,, " A " ' ' ,M . FA'-n ' 3'5,'l"' g f '. f K- f ., -1 ,Aff-2 " Ks. f ff"---'nf -,Q , 5 , 4 ,, . r J A 1 . , , ,Ht 1 dr t Q -.,s' A L :Qi f v .. xi- ,. K, K -X ,u " ' ' f "X" ' Ko' 4 :vifwwt uf". '-V..-x' 'C' -V "4"--f'A -ffliis "Inf:-X NX. if, :ffl 53 ar if..5f-TJ-fi - " . n A L s . x -A gg " ' , 1. 1 - , - A A., .- s f Q-: ,L ,, ,. 1 - f ,, V ' ' , ..:f,.k- 'G an Hg ' pi' , ,,.,--,QW :,. "" fag -1, '.f""-Ziff, -., -. nw H- '11 - .A I ' as - v "vw 'K "' Q - . f li a , ' L - Q-h' s fa, gf-A , gf Ag , ii v .. , . ,Q W: 4 ff ff x + f f. X K lf fqi, .tn-.3 'p , 5 f LQ , ,J , .ani J ,, si .6 ' M my' ' , ' an f- . "' ,L Q - Q , .F --D ,. px Q. A ff iv, 'Lug E I 'W -f 4 21- ' Q, W- an mA """a, " f "" 04' - , 1.-,Vi MA kj l A. if 9 F -1 5. 3 I .. 'Q if V 2 i Y f X . dd" .. 4 5? 3: V, xg ,IP-9 fb 4 L Q, T W ' W W 5 -f" . f . Hs, . . , ., 9-fail " 0,1 'Ns Q f".J5'F""' V fivifiwf WA ,, V.. A ,J QA. -rM,Q,,Q N H Sl in as . '35, Www -f i S 1 , v,, D ak' 511'- ' f 1 . Q HQ s X- i.,4 Y I.. As, Eu' f - . ,... .- Mi Q E K , f :HTH 2 2 mi SH fa l X KU 3 ., 1 Q 1' .2 L 1 ', x L L 1 ' , XX All XY! 1 Q Y u. gl ' 1 r --' xi- SI 3" n is ifu d :I :- e ff-fl W .. Wa.. . Lat., -.-ez -H..- , 9, ff ns, 4- AQ . .- sl mf, f " 4 ,Q , ,. ' fi. b, f-ff, L - , . af, ., , ' . t Mk. Q I ' 5h.,- X, '1 3'i, v 9 b . L' Y' .-. f . f . "".f W Q3 I . " " if 12 f Q , 2. . X 52f""i',wff 1 " S- X "f i I s Pr... ,kv . .u r A lf K ' a.'.L-gif" .- s " ' E " ,, I 1 ff' 4 I xx, f Wg. ,xi ' .MK- N ik" . I , w K Y u,,...f' MWA , 1 ,fx -1 1 5 Y xlx - , it .-f b-.fl 4 4 K, ff, A + ", 9 1" 52+ as 1 Q I 4 1 xc , s a LIUHC X . If Q, A G u Ai ,ax ix yjmQK.1 'Qin' Rclrospcft ru 1.' fi? t':4ff'J,, , S+ ,J ' I ' my c J. is W T T G v, 9 wr . ,. ' 34- 4 F -vw liff? ' 'fl 4' A 7-0 'x 'J fy "1 Wm g ga- V -wf Q, .' E 'myQa-4 if 1 WW 5 "IW" Y .uh .' K 4 bu 5 'y ' nf" ir, 31" 5 I adfmf . 'A Q Q' Sf .- 'l 375 f . . .V,. ,Q 4 igtvw V. ,.4. - Ar' -1 ,I L J INFORMALITY IS THE KEYNOTE luis: 'oss A ul k x an VO COOPERATION 9 To plow is to pray-to plant is to prophesy and the harvest answers and fulfills." . ..- . . p- . W .qv z ,,. W- ww E - twig U Y, M',,,..-.- ., 10 'om-sl elmcleavor is rcflevlecl in work well clone ww- A' ', ', - A fn ,. ,WA , 4' A 'Li Y f -:A -, gf f iw if 4? " 5 , Y-I3-Egfffiif " S,f??1f:mff.i. X Q' f , I . ,.,,,, f 'wp fx f ff Q- 4 Z. ga. ,y ,- ,. .. A was? . 1 M wi fysP4?iQ..5,,?3332r xifjsg xizf Iv 'G Vwlen ificles hang by the garden waH,U ,Tis easy lo work in llle old sludy lm kaflvsf- if H4 e1 3 7 1 1 4- - r 2 Q in P + 12 C so e ll'- V If b p 'Q - .1 ff - 'L ry, ffffcii? N ,gf A .ig J " .1 F-ff' ..s.... ..,, N. ,--1-'- Doris cmd Dorothy Richey Icme cmd Iecm Stanley E T R E A D S Peggy and Teddy Shortcll Belvcx cmd Elvcr Feyercbend Icry cmd Ierry Kramer 1 17 CHOOI F NS WORK I A School.Yec1r Is Made Up of Little Things We remember the school dances and Bio Sisterjlsittle Sister partieswfthe candy and hotfdog sales in the main hallway carried on by our various clubsmf-the plays by the dramatic club and the two all important class plays senior gradu- cition with all of its seriousness fsolemn processionl thc assemblies, pep ses- sions, and band practices which relieved the monotony of the ciirriciilum and, of course, that never failina interest in the opposite sex-W especially when the opf posito sex responds. fm -v x,..-X' li., Y L F--SOMIZTIMFQI f IE? QUT-OF W 41 If V. .6 3" 'u - x wx 4. 'I 'l'4"'," - 1. , 16 20 IUXKYNERS AT I I X Q N 4' , V 1 X , 0 I' . .f VRS 19,5-fx! ' JA 4 mlb' 'll' 'X' W ' A ,712 S 0 25" ,4,. . . V A, f a ' Q ':- f fi 21 UE' I '16 -ff an-Q, ,M 1 f 4 , . I -Q. 44- e-eff . ,v , wi ef . I .ff flfk 4 A BQ x J. lf'C1f1'6"Q X gg. x. 1 sjfnfw A lv 47 6' ' X 2 ' ' 2 ew vAfK- Riff: gg 'N x . 'i S mx A 1 4x .5 . H FACULTY Uconsider that I labored not for myself only but for all them that seek learningf, "MARCH OF TIME" T J.T.H.S. SEPTEMBER 5. What a day! The unmentionable joys of trekking back to school and seeing all those sun-tanned kids. 6. Freshmen Day-They came today and began- to find their way around. Oh, well! They'1l learn. 7. All except Freshmen came today. And would you believe it! We found out things we never had known in all those previous three years. 8. Seniors elect class officers. Again, Peggy Shortal was chosen "leader for the year." Good luck, Peg. 12. luniors elect class officers. 14. Aowakiya Camp Fire organized today under Miss Newcomb's leadership. 15. Senior girls choose "Little Sisters." What a responsibility! What fun! Sophomores elect their class officers. 19. Freshmen elect class officers. 19. U60 Club" elects Pat Gibbons for its presi- dent. lsn't it wonderful what the Irish can do! 20. Ahern! That's us! Finally had to look presentable. Senior and Iunior pictures taken today and tomorrow. 23. First football game and with Western Mili- tary. 25. Big Sister-Little Sister Party in the Gym. Can Irene Cuellar dance? Whe- Whew-w-w-w-w! 29. Football game with Roodhouse . . . 7-7 . . . A thriller! OCTOBER 5. Football-1. T. H. S. 16, Greenfield 6. ARE we good! We say so. 8. Betty Hutchinson ill at Presbyterian Party. 9. Betty's case pronounced polio. All Pres- byterians trek homeward from school. 10. Iohnnie Wimmersberg is taken to hospital . . . polio again! Such excitement at 1. T. H. S. ll. Will we be excused from school? Will we be auarantined? Yes, we will. Goody! Quarantine! 12-30. Oh! lt's not so much fun . . . Those long days and nights. What could ler- seyville have done without telephones? 30. 1sn't school wonderful? Who says so? Wesall say sol! "Rah! Rah!! Rah!!! 1. T. H. 31. Tut tut, Halloweeners, we warned you! Never, never, never tamper with Uncle Sam's Mail Boxes. NOVEMBER l. Both Camp Fires have a hike and picnic! We never knew before the priceless worth of companionship. At least we learned that much from the quarantine. 3. Football game at Pittsfield. 4. Mrs. Searls, Patsy Howell, Esther Lynn, and Harold Beach study year books at the U. of 1. Kenny Beach became a contribut- ing member of this 'committee, too. ls our "I" cover and text going to be good! Wait'll you see! 7. Candidates for Carnival queen are elected. Freshmen-Helen Beiermann Sophomores-Gloria Hunter luniors-Loretta Beiermann Seniors-Doris Bray 8. Queen Candidates cause real excitement. Seniors in the lead . . . Sophomores next. 9. Seniors only seventy-five votes ahead. 10. Football game with Plainview: Ierseyville 12-Plainview 6. 13. Senior Carnival. "Right this way, friends, to see a real show!" . . . Doris Bray is crowned "Queen of the Carnival". For three years now the "Class of l945" has furnished the Queen. 'Rah for us! 14. Football game in Winchester. We won again. 16. Rex Hogan, former Alton High teacher and now a returned war veteran, spoke to us about Australia and sang their songs for us. We really liked him. 17. Iunior Fall Frolic. Did you see those Pil- grims dancing? 20. Football game with White Hall. 23. Dear Old Thanksgiving Day! 24. Recovering from Thanksgiving. 30. Basketball game with Shipman. DECEMBER l. Peggy starts her Christmas shopping. Teddy follows her example. We played basketball with Alton. 4. Basketball game with Winchester. 7. Aowakiya Camp Fire aave an assembly program in memory of Pearl Harbor. We lost by one point a basketball game to White Hall. . 11. Iohnnie Wimmersberg returned to school today. Welcome back, Iohnnie. 12. Camp Fire Girls make stuffed animals for Britain. 14. Played Hardin in basketball. 15. Played basketball with our old rival, Car- rollton. What a game! 17. The Annual Christmas Cantata, "The Prince of Peace is Born" was presented by Vocal Music Department of our high school. We liked it all . . . especially the speaking parts Miss Orr' had Written for the occasion. 19. Watanopa Camp Fire Ceremonial. 20. Camp Fire Girls' Christmas Party. .- . 22. Christmas Vacation-1sn't Santa a grand old man? A IANUARY 1. Little "l945" ' 2. School again. Kinda glad to get back. Believe it or not. 4. Home basketball game with Winchester. 9. U60 Club" Dance. On the dance floor the football hero is a hero still. 11. We play Greenfield there. 13. Grafton plays host to our basketball team. 16-19. Exams. Oh, woe! Oh, woe! is me! 16-20. Winchester tournament. ju- BQARD QF EDUCATION "lt is one of the most beautiful cornpensations of this life, that no man can sincerely try to help an- other Without helping himself." Austin Cope .....,.........,.i ....... P resident Charles Stanley .i.. ,,... V ice President Iohn W. Suddes ....... .......... S ecretary Oliver St. Peters Tell Solander Richard Voorhees Frank Miller 24 -. -fvrmw--m.w1-wx 7 Mvmvvwwmww FRANK H. MARKMAN Principal "An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest." McKendree College, BA. University of Colorado, MA. University of Southern California 25 4 1 'N nie. N 1' I C U L T Y Louis Newton Heider "Science when well digested is nothing but good sense and reason." Southeast Missouri State T1-aclifzs Collvae ll S llmvcrnity ol Iowa, Umverstty of lllrnc-is Irene T. Schmidt "Ol gentle soule. to human race a friend." Sluxrtlett Colleile Ali Esther Cox Searls "A pertect woman. nobly planned. To warn. to comtort. and command." Wheaton Colleaf-, BA: Umversltn' nt ll:-nr.::vlvama, MA Indiana Unlversmty, Unxversuy of Volowitlo , I F . ,V P' Dorothy M. Bandy l lf. 'V lr "A highbrow is the kind ot person who looks at a sausage and thinks of Picasso." lllmots State Normal Umverszfz' F lfdl llntvffztcntu' rel Volo- rado llnxvfrscrfjf of lllznms Rebecca Newcomb "Gentle ot speech. beneticent ol mind." llmvevsmty ot Mtssogrt RA 'W-xs?zux1"'r. llvtvvf-':.1t': M A Unlvorsrty of 'vV1sr'cr1Sm Sfc'l'oru1v l"r',.. llruvf-'::1tj.' of Oklahoma l.7r11'c+'S3f'. rf lJl:r1nwSo'a Mvfltll llrlzvfufztty ,. A :mafia William I. Creamer "Fight the good tight." K, Soutlwwvn lllumogs State .-orrlal llxttvf-r:e1t',' ll1uvm:z1t',' of llltnols, B S " 1 I Claude S. Smith lf , 'f Il ' li I I "Music, Maestro, please." Colorado State Colleae, Dodge City Sclrool of Mums Mac Murray College Private lnstructowi Clark llvntlrvlc llmxvf-r Carl I5 Carson, Ft Collins Orpha Holmes "Find the square root ol a negative number." Washington Untversug' BS M A Mmsouzl llruw-:stty Nellie Pearl Brown "Get your word-make it make cents." llllnots State No'rnal llntversltv Gr'-13 Sclwfwl Vlufaqo Gem City Business Coll'-an Edna L. Swope Does she teach clothing? lt seams sew. Southwest Mtssourt Teacrrers' Collect- ll S Colleqe, Nashville, Tenn MA Hazel Murray Her days are "booked" in advance Illinois State Normal University Blfi ' 1 f - f , ., 4-.1 .4 ,l,r. . A. .. V v- , 4 , f f . 26 f .I J 2 ' . . 6 llvralvorly - -'-1 .4 'ACULTY Fred V. Peter "It's but little good you'll do. watering last year's crops." Umversrty ol Mrssorrrr, BS rn Agp Unrversrt t lllrnois, Vema N. Woodman "Right hand man." Oltrcu Secretary Augusta Hallett Her attendance slips read. "All present--eventually." lllrnors: College, AB, lllrnors State Normal, Unrversrty ol lllrnors, A,M, Assunta Teodori She'a the "type" tor our school spirit. lllrnors State Normal, Unrversrty ot lllrnors, B S, ' 1 -' - L' I r W , J ' Marv Ellen on lt-W1 if SAN She loves "mo-so" , lllrnors S'ate Normal Unrverl ty, B S 'N 5 ,rflftr Mary Lou tDavisonl Clinton "The !leet's int" Sotrtlrr-rn lllinors State Normal Unrversrty, BS f Mary Eleanore Metz Can anyone explain, "Ontoqeny recapitulates phylogeny?" Fairmont Colleqe, BA: Iowa State College Mabel Vance "For she can so intorm the mind that is within us." Monmouth College, BS.: Western lllrnors State Teachers' V College Q V 3 ff: X yjy 621,94 I Queue r H4 44 . l?4A14f0 . . fF4,4x' -fdz, Raymond I. Bersche "The secret of education lies in understanding the pupil." Waslrrnqton Unrversrty, A B Urrrversrty ot Wrsconsrrr, M A Ruth Ann Orr "All the world's a stage." lllrnors State Normal Unrversrty, BS, L . F. Ernest Tuthill - A "solid" sender. but a "plane" pilot, too. ' Southern lllrnors State Normal University, B Ed: Unrversrty K ' :X ol lllrnors, M.A. F I Q- Y 1 , i n KIQOJK .tp 27 N-.fmt SE VIORS By careful survey we found out thot Seniors ore the most studious, most aggressive, most talented, have the best personality, and thus ore most deserving of this highest honor for so it soy: herel. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS President-Margaret Shortcl Vice President-Wayne Campbell Secretary-Regina Ruyle Treasurer-Doris lean Cope Sponsors-Esther Searls, F, Ernest Tuthill 30 -1 1- , , - ,Aw-if-4' f - - SENIOR HCNCR ROLL Dorothy Campbell Aubrey Montgomery Geraldine Cates Ada Shaw Doris lean Cope lane Stanley Doris Medford Margaret Shortal Wayne Campbell Betty Bohlfing Mamie Fraley Lorraine Schweickhardt Kenneth Boram Dorothy Lanham Patsy Howell lean Stanley Iocole Bagley Dorothy Feyerabend Imogene lsringhausen Richard Long Doris Fessler lohn Cornelius Pat Gibbons Betty Willis Sue Brummett Mary Holland Homer Dolan Regina Buyle Betty Martin 31 will-1 UD G Z O -ffl S ..- lean Allen Frenchie Her giggle Hot fudge sundaes Her diet Secretary Eunice Ansell Eunie A locket Her sewing Dancing An artist Fred Armstrong Armstrong His height Ioining the Navy Math A hero loseph Bagley Ioe His baritone voice Making "A's" His fifth hour class!? A doctor Kenneth Beach Kenny Friendliness The U. of I. Studying Too hard A dentist Donald Beatty Don A beautiful blush Reckless driving Farming A ping pong champion Kenneth Boram Kenney Distinguished appearance His Model A Losing a ping pong game A doctor Doris Bray Dory Blond and demure A basketball wizard Speed tests A shorthand teacher?l Thelma Briggs Briggs Curly hair Being a telephone operator Plaid shirts Somebody's sweetheart Sue Brummett Susie Her grin Her baby brother The Man Shortage An artist Dorothy Campbell Dot Clean saddles Horseback riding Frank Sinatra A debutante Wayne Campbell Red Freckles Marilyn Cicero A movie star Geraldine Cates Gerry Good-natured Science ' Cats Technical Engineer Hayden Cooke Cookie Wolf whistle Flirting Working Something different Doris lean Cope Copie Soprano voice Living up to her nicknames Having to go home early An opera star Marcella Cope Brains Unhurried and undecided Detroit! litterbuggin' To be idle lohn Cornelius Iohn Bill Ability to study Farming Girls A bachelor Paul I. Cory P. I. Full of pep Football A Making speeches Mayor of Grafton Iames Creamer lim Long stride K. P. fKeep Peelin'l Leaving I. T. H. S. A football hero Q, Kenneth Croxford Kenny Dreamy ldleness Exerting energy A winder of electric clocks N ', Homer, Dolan Dolan Cultured , Pleasing teachers Missing a question An engineer ' -Kenneth Eads Kenny Slow and easy goin' Noon hours World History A famous snorer Iohn Ferenbach lack' ' Indifference lean Saturday nights A hitchhiker Donald Fessler Don His quiet attitude Washing dishes English literature A tennis player Doris Fessler Fessler Her sweet nature Bicycle riding Riding the school bu Navy nurse Dorothy Feyerabend Dot Her wardrobe Box of candy Walking to school A radio technician Lila Fraley 1 Fraley Her blondness Her sister Writing letters A farmer's wife Mamie Fraley Mamie Dependability Books Waiting for anyone A teacher Patrick Gibbons Pat His whiskers Arguing Themes A henpecked husband , Doris lean Gier Bugs Gay spirits Hauling kids around town Flirting A sign painter Anna Gfreeling Ann Her small foot size Gerry lce skating A bride Betty Iune Gross Red Her wide grin A certain senior Being called "Pinky" A soda jerk Frank Hagen, Ir. Frank Tall and serious The Navy Icy roads A horse doctor Robert Hardwick Bob His dry wit Teasing Freshies Being serious A Carpenter Eva Herring Schanz Ev Shyness Receiving letters Foolishness A nurse Mary Holland Honey Her personality Her brothers Her temper A Representative to Mexico Patricia Howell Pat Very independent Who is he? Football games A newspaper corresponden Gerald Howell Ierry His athletic ability The Marines The Army A scholar Betty Hutchinson Betsy Expressive eyes Keith McClusky A farmer's wife Imogene Isringhausen lmo Her black tresses Variety in beaus Gas rationing A music teacher icia Iune Kadell Pat Short and sweet Kenny Arguing A private secretary Gladys Kanallakan Twinkie Big eyes Doris Iean No letters A student nurse Iames Kanallakan Iim Wise cracks Iersey Theater World history tests A milkman Marjorie Kessenger Tommie Petite Roy Living in the country Stewardess William Kibler Bill The modern Romeo The opposite sex Murder mysteries Man of leisure 3 s ii P- TITLE NICKNAME GRACE NOTES IN RMONY W OFF KEY ON CRESCENDO Geraldine Kiel Gerry Daydreaming A Godfrey fellow Walking A champion swimmer l9G1'1 L-O1'1dOI'1 leanie Her perfect manners Monticello Dentists A great lady Dorothy Lanham Dot Her fair complexion Selling shoes Peoole without shoe stamps Keeping up with Miss Browns 1: 9 E .B -o S-4 GJ L- 25 SUE ew 02w5 ELSE LLL 8355 4444 E C MU! c,QE 2220 3502 LH C EUEQ ua E H- 0 I-1Z'.'IlICQtIl Sim? QEEU 0335 Gm2a ?s gmt P-SE 41250 sfsw U U 3 C SUUU 6555 QIIIZIIQ E IL' E 2531 UILKCD m iw Q 0,232 0 q,....:,.1 ,-,..1... 4? ESQU 2935 Un.-star: Esther Lynn Lynn Likes to argue Mr, Bersches classes A quiet conversation A Spanish teacher Betty Martin Bet Her dimple Class second hour Staying home A school teacher Doris Medford Doris Past talker Shorthand Waltzes A comedienne Aubrey Montgomery Aubrey Seriousness Straight "A's' Idle time An engineer Gene Murphy Murf Burr hair cut The basket-ball season Skipping school A scientific farmer Harry Nelson Nelson His track ability Agriculture Getting a good night s sleep A swami Clyde Powderly Butch His build A Freshman girl Teasing girls A strong man in a circus L- GJ .-54 2 L.. vi P- .H ... U 4 at 'Tl U aa Q. 13 aw E 'Ev U 02 ..- L-"-I E Fa C P Cheerfulness Bee GTS Pow Beatrice S-4 QD 4: U o CU .. E P- cn 4 ,: o .CZ 74 ow .E I3 UJ f 'U : a U w L 2 o O o i-C Z' and jo mp Plu .2 'o F-I-I U2 L-4 Q2 3 O cm. CD cv 2 U C 'U I-L1 Grange Red A second oads I' Country CS .. 17.1 0 VI .H L. C1 Q7 E O 3 -E S bs o 3 His hn Captain lo .-CI B O v : o m c .E O - DS 6 c Y 2 E E m 5 3 5 L E Q E E 2 a S Q 5 5 2 5 ees 5 Q 2 2 Lak M C 3 53053 Q52 Moms: Bic CD VJ 2:56BmE39U3 Q.,OW,.,,.s4 A CUM amocinga oo Umiowocafig Cro ,QE.Q3g.:.... O mmemmmoximc B :"U OE 2 L 3 m 'UQQE 'E ,M U, qp'-'C L.. U ,M M63 2 2 O SOD If U B enum m 3 Ceguamw QCQESHLGEHE L L m4 o omwggcggglo m2mmwmmUmOO E F? ,Q... ua "' mhz QS U 8 H c 290 3 r,:CSwU' 'U o9B3gu bgff 'Stu 0.3.2 0 w HD3guuUm: ,-CIZU.fIOqpO41JU5--O PAOMmAQI4IZ 2 CD 5 2 E 6 3 Eggs w UH ggggigi Ccvviii... -fl-AWE Lamg:9UHUw3 mE7Om oggmw gswsibgecie 3e2egEmg:mg .-.l1J,-,GDC-Q-,..wU.--pq 4ImIM4ImFIM U1 CD C ESE x2 33 :mouse ESECEESUUEZ O QDQD MmmammmmemQ 6 S-1 U .-E c 3 Q ,,-. '-"-401 E 2 5 EEE? UQ2s2n3gLUg -gig-LXSLIJUCDIDQ. elm wwlamwg if U Uw2ccw QEEEQUSE' wzwao wwocg Crotcvngwuu 0JcvevoO'Oo ,CILDO :mmaQ4m2emQ W 'cs o E 1: o 'o 'U GJ O. U .-E U: E 4 bs 1: c: .c o .- :E 5 U1 .E U '6 Z .E E o U1 z: 5 CD C C5 KD .C 1- CD D ..-1 Vi 4 .9 s: la lane Stanley A model ODDS- the with Quarreling s-. O .-4 .-4 U CD 4 GJ G U .- 2 an in LD C 02 5 L.. GJ :II .2 C CI G CD t-. :- 2 r: 9 m c a Q! .- 2 E N CD rn S 412 5 E Q .,. 5 qy -Q U ,S 11.7 3 L. E5 og 3 63 emyEw GC with r Q,U5E5Q,i.m....i. EmUSiE2EwH QgU5oEw 38 M wiiznangs- 'DOH , C.-'I'E2Q.Q"U-..-,.Q"' 4402444444 w E F 2 3 W 3 C L GJ Up... vi -C3 OE rf- 3 'aww U5 cw Un w3 mag 53" :Ad E515 .g8m.9Omm -U we cc M32Q n2Mem O Lgico M EUQEEFUQSS o05"02O""Ol'r mOiEOwz3mm E fs 5-1 Hs E CDV' vi C E3 M 83 xo 224: -o t - was QU3BEag5g6 O-,,,...-:JSUEOU ,mwg -0 UImQAIm-E4 W, ow E E up C U3 Z3 c mc 3 m E av 2 w 3:F5n wggb ol O OSU Engsm Qgmn 5 ---.. .....C 3356082605 2525552250 mommUmm2mB S m O s Q o s 333: USSE' oiam2mao?5 C c Q an C 3awEvui2 0 99EiU2E1m3 5555333552 o ... "' 1525" E235 HUow C30 U Ol'-FC,..i-'-' 3411... czowokcu gg: o L.: rozioqw- Q3mmEmQmm3 'U 'U O -I ette c E 4 A farmer .. aa 'E o c: 4 ords ch vocal SI' 9 Using H ai E o III ,E be 9 ua w CE Sm 1 '-o '2 U 2 '5 U GVU IC EU KD E .QE ro Iohnny ie berg Wimmers xine W Ma .M U .-1 E ock C -G O f- SE Ada Mae Shaw "The only way to have a triend is to be one." Home Ec Club l, 2, 3, Style Show 1, 2, 3, Ag Banquet Waitress 1, 2, 3. Bernard Spangle "A very careful student-care- ful not to overdo it." F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, F. F. A. Iudging Team 3, F. F. A. Style Show 3, Glee Club 2, "I" Staff 4. Dorothy Campbell "A success in everything she does." Home Ec Club l, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, G. A. A. 2, 3, Ag Banquet Waitress 2, 3, 4, "6O" Club 2, 3, 4: Pan American Banquet Waitress 2, Queen Crowning Committee 4. Theodore Shortal "It l can sleep and pau. why stay awake?" I OR Hayden Cooke "I like work-it lalcinatel me. I can nit and look at it lor hours." Eva Herring fsChQhl, "l'd rather listen than talk." Banquet Waitress 2: Pan Amer- ican League 4: Cantata 4. Harry Nelson "Why rush through lite? You never get out alive." Track 3: F. F. A. l, Z, 3, 4. it? 5155 "A little quiet. a little lhy, C little girl, not no hiqh." Pan American League 4. 'W . l Glenn Leach "The senior's gilt to the iunior lt 'St it tu. t . Ht' ll girls." Spwrmnlu f'l11lw ,l lltt n llr ll rm 'Z Ir uk l Stal? 41 Vltrfarz lll-rv ll Part tual: lltry lltmrt-1trx fl Betty Iune Gross Arun: "Always in the red" llomv lc Vlult l 7 "llll' t'lv1lX l " Al litmqm-t Wtrltu-:an if lv S: limi qu:-I Wmlrt-:1:1 2 Iohn Randolph "We nlqn. could call him a quiet but we know him too well." lwwtlwtrll l, ll, Il 4, l.1-t ml 71415111111 lxlt tt-Hut .., ., -, ,t w - I I. f X .v - v t 1. .tt ., .l, 1 Lttt :mm l' l l 1 lltytt IV A l, 1' I -, Hart-rf ll ' :v-:zulu-rlt -l 4 lt1:::: llzt-:zttlvut . I. Y. . .tt . A tx-gt-ax'-1 lmltrmrl 11 ll? Thelma Briggs vt 11 "This miss with skin so lair is also blessed with curly hair." Lu. A A .l, fwtl flulv Z, 3 ORS Margaret Shortal "Not only good, but good lor something." Flass Pmsltlvnt l, .l -1 Llasfs Vtcw Prosldvnt 2, Vtzrxpttrv l .' ll -1 Se-czotary 45 l.r'1:. "l .lt il R Secretary 3, th-1 " .lt l Gene Murphy "One ol our most popular up- per classmen. with the ladies. too. incidentally." Football fl, 1 llnzk-Ktlmll 3 -1 Track fl, 4 l' l' A l ll R .l, Vive Prom .lwul fl pvmzldertt 4' F. F. A, Sgt--tkm if llauqtu-t Wa1tm'3, fl Doris lean Spriggs "The better you know her. the better you like her." Glow Club l ll'-"t.:1 -1 "t1r1lata -1 Hart q .Y-' Waitress 2 Latin Club .l 'Trmvtrl Fommtttee 4. A ,Ji x 1'.- W Richard Long "Always happy and gay am l, worries kill men. why die?" Glu' fflub l, Chorus l, 3, 4g Latm fflulw Ll 3, 115 Band l, 2, ll 41 "I" Stall 4: Cantata 3, 4, till' Vlub l Class Play Il, lkrttxtrtxt' Vlurl' Play 4 Q I l , ik 'lx g .. z hi' :X 1 I' lw 3:0 .':s lull: 1 ' l ' v :A - I J.. 1 , - '29 1 if .,., "f 'n X. R 5 " r,-. 1, , if ' 6 SE Alice Little "Courteous, sweet. extremely neat. a nicer girl you'Il never meet." llama Fc Club 4 Pan Ams-:icon League 4. 74' Donald Beatty "I wanted to be a chemist un- til I took Chemistry." Bond l 2,3,4,FFAl,23l Stott 4, F l' A ludama Tflcm Q Banquet Waiter 3 lxzmor Play Committee fl Bc1cCr1ln:,'1r1'- llslw: 3 Bette Willis "Away from books, let's have some fun." "l" Stott 4: Clic-'..1 l, Glare Club l VU' 'fqzlo l, 2 1 lack Ferenbach "lt is such a bore to be a handsome man." IORS Paul Cory "A gay smile plus a happy personality equals Paul." Foot- lfnll 4- F F. A -t 'l" Stall 4: Foxkotlwill 4 'lltfiflt fl Patricia Howell ulnseparahle-Pat and the UI". Fermi l 7 3 -1 Cnnuptxm l 2, 7 -1 Lfitm Vltzlv l, 2 llciccfi- ki .rf-nfv Uslzvz fl ' l ' lftiitm 11, fl ous l 'Nl' fflulw I D' fl, " Sr Fmxqt.--2 Wmt:-ware 2' Pun Ariwicnri l.:-n-Tivf +1 Bill Wilson "The good die young. I leel grand." Spanish fflutw fl "FAU" ' 1 mtl V ltil l l tri lab l, 'l Frm. 7 1 , l A matic fflnb 4 Claszs Play R, fl. RE Q. Betty Lee Rohlfing "Though little in stature. my words are mighty." Cmuptim 1, 2, 3 4, Proswlvnt 4, Latin Club l 2 3 linntl l "I" Stntt 4, 'till' Club l, 2, 3, 4: lltiriquvt 'Wmtrwssz 2 fumme-nm-inf-vit Usher 3, Ccintata l, Evelyn Tucker "Ev must love tho mailmu sho writes so many letters." pan- ish Club 3, "6U" Clu 3: "I" Stat! 4. ORS Iohn Wimmersberg "Who's the cutest boy in school and why arn l?" lames Kanallakan "Lilo is short. Why spsnd it in -' - , study?" Chorus l, 2. Jjcllio 'ndg anxlix ol hgh' ' zjjnice Ansell E 5 lub 1, 2: ,Chorus l, 3, 4, " Clu'b l, c ub A Vl'lome lf , . . A. 2: yt' Cantda I, 2, 3, ' 'X J .x ,' K5 5 1 5 D KN' J,-li A . x A , . ?' I af- : -,. X 'X X 1 x . N t' X B 'e W' if ' 4 Betty Martin l X IosePh c.' Bag! Y "Sho thought hsrsoli a man "Bam with q mn, -- can in hater. hut finds horsol! slip- ping." G. A. A. 2, 3, 4: Music Festival 2: Glee Club 2: Can- tata 2: Secretary, Dramatic Club 3: ul" Stail 4. .'s J Wayne Campbell 'Triond ol the pooplo Qprohr- ably Iomalol." Basketball 2, 3, 4: Football 4, Band l, 2, 3, 4, Track 3, 4: Class Play 3: Dra- matic Club 2, 3, 4: Latin Club 2, 3, 4: Pan American League 4. his mouth." Band l, , 3, 45, Chorus l, 2: "l" Staff 4: Latin Club l, 2, 3: Dramatic Club 2,1 3, Glee Club l: Class Preli- dent l. 1 o .. ' ' f -1. iff' S l ' , if A J, 1' A I TJ Lila Fraley - "ll nocoslary. I will speak." "Prom" Decoration Committee 3: Pan American League 4: "SO" Club 2, 3, x .x- rx . E ' - N xl ' -J ll it r I Q K l ,' X- . K'- ktz- xl , I , 1 Shi 'x . 3 . MVK W.--'i ff Q. I SE. IDR Kenneth Eads "When there is nothing else to do. I study." Football 2: Bas- ketball l: Glee Club 2. Sue Brummett "lf it's cute. she said it." "I" Staff 4: Spanish Club 2, 3: Campfire l, 2, 3, 4: Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4: UI" Clipper l: Class Play 3, 4: "GO" Club I, 2, 3, 4: Pan American League, Geraldine Kiel "lt's nice to be natural when you're naturally nice." Home Ec Club 1, 2, 3, 4: F. F. A. Waitress 1, 2, 3, 4, Banquet Waitress 2. Marcella Cope "Now we see why gentlemen prefer blondes." Chorus 1, 2: Glee Club 1, 2: Campfire 4: Carnival Queen 3: Cantata 1, Z' "I" Staff 4. Mary Holland "li every good deed were a cent, she would he a million- aire." "I" Staff 4: Class Sec- retary 1: Class Treasurer 3: Campfire 3, 4: Cheerleader 3, 4: Dramatic Club 3, 4: Latin Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Class Play 3: Pan American League 3, 4. l .' 1 I, . s . - . t. 'I V6 ,I Patsy Iune Kadellw "I would not, if l could. be still a minute." "BO" Club 2, Dramatic Club 2: "I" Staff 4: Campfire 4. Doris Fessler "Speech is great. Silence is greater." Home Ec Club l, 2, 3, 4: G. A. A. 2, 3, 4: P, F. A. anquet Waitress 2: orus! - "I" Staff 4. 1 'ki V , l ' W' 4 L ' - . .24 4' ' S. I .ful s O J - fs.-" '.' 1 I ' X Robert Shaw "Basketball is his sport-Wo- men his interest." Basketball 4: Football 4, Track 4. WW 7Ll-I' I '- l 9-fgL,dv,f 'I 1.. 4.1. . s I 4' I' 'IC . I -1 5 ' ' 0 Q 1 u',,' ,'1.-.J '- 38 '- lf' 121,44 ' -4 -5' 'N4 ,, -1 apo X up ' ' vrflu' Q' I A -'I . ,' ' O' ,Dlx fl , If L f Y 0, 1 , X ,,. E N .1 MR 5 f , l , ' f I. . I f I, A V gr if 1 . jg? ' 1 , , 1 I X t A ff I RJ . f' ' ,. A My I ill: rf' LV ., AA! V . , , ., I. J l ll 5,5045 Mfeafo .f Donald sem "I like le 1241: las! because I "I-ess te hirn are no worry can may mere." llomeJfc Club HIS Y Wish I8 G' 3215-H l, 2, ll, 4, Heporter 2, rvsldvnl , Urn 4: G. A AJZ, 3,45 HL'-sf 114, 1 , cum: l,A1 LUG! K f ylfffq W- W f All Y, lean sm Lorraiho Schwejclchardt "She stepped out o a dream." 'You "iWaY5,'hink FP55 df' 'P Band 1, 2, 3, 4, spanish Clulv X219 bu' Shes 'M Hofqe fc 2, 3, czqmpmc 1, 2, "eo" Club , lv J: Band 2. 354- ' ff l, Ql, 3, 4: BCICCGLllCIllll?C!l0 Uslx f' l f f. Q-r 3 Pun AlYlCl'lCill'l Lvuque Al l' x . 1 "I" Stull fl 'J f l f N f' JR l I , fl fl, l I f 1 a v'x YH I S .1 lv- Doris Iean Gier Q ey I "A smile. a Hash and she is "Tho wa o man's earl." gone." Home Er: Club l, 2 Fond l 2, 3, , Spa lx Club 4: Glvc Club lp "l" Stull fl 2, 3, Cczmphre 1. LZ, lil" Club Pan American League 4: "BU l, 2, Bcxccuul cctv U::l1 Club 1, 2 Banquet Wcxltress 2 er 3, AIIFICGY Looquc 4. "I" Slnll 4. f f v 'J 4 .-L L' T , r John C0l'l19lil-IS Geraldine Cates "OPC of 9'-If quid f'59W9d "Whatever if is. she does it seniors who adds much needed wen." dignily to our class." "I" Stoll 4. Clyde Powderly "Who says this lad is mis- chievous? We say. 'He'! ll-ll' tull ot tun'." Football 2, 3, 4, Basketball 45 Track 2, 3 4 ' 90' Club 3, 4, Vice President 4' l .Maxine Wock -' A "The worst tault I have is to be in love." Latin Club l, Donald Fessler "He intends to be the most prosperous tarmer that ever straddled a milk stool." F F. A 4: Carnival Committee 4. lrene Ringhausen "She seems very shy 'till you know her." Home Ec Club l, 2, 3, 4g Ir. Sr Banquet Wai- tress 2: F F A Waitress 2, 3, 4g Cantata l, 4, G A A 3. Pan American Leaque 4 ! J 40 f .." ls IQRS Anna Greeling "lt all the girls were as nice as you." Home llc Club l, 2, 3 4, Aa Banquet Waitress l, 2, 3, 4 Pan American Ban- quet Wattress 2 l Kenneth Boram "A blonde. handsome senior- certain dynamite to young ladies hearts." "I" Statt ftp Latin Club 3 4, Carnival Queen Escort 3, Play Committee 3: Baccaulaureate Usher 3, Ir Prom Committee 3 . Sr. -v-Ar lcd YG. do Kg' .Vu WM-' Refs. fs.. . J babie 'lbnfff Betty Hutchinson "A lair exterior is a silent recommendation." H o m e E c Club l, 2, 3, 4, Pan American League 4, "SU" Club lp Wai- tress at Ag Banquet l, 2: "Y" Staff 4, Ir Sr Banquet Waitress 4 tbl? Z M Wx., V'-fl' ' ' William Thiel "My idea ot an agreeable per- son is cr person who agrees with me." E Dorothy Lanham "H blulh il beautiful, but often inconvenient." Band l, 2, 3, 4 "I" Stall 4, Chorus l, 3, "SO" Club 1, 2, 3, 4, l'harnattc Club 3' lr. Sr Hanquvl Wattrvss 2 Cantata l, 3, 4 Dorothy lean Feyerabend "Sho dresses like a fashion mannequinf' Han-i l, 2, 3, 4 Chorus l, 3, Carnphru l, 2, 3, 4, Latin Club 1, "I" Stall -1' Pan American Lt-aauv 4: Bac- calaurvato llslurr 3, Will" Club l, 2, 3, 4 Regina Huyle "Bolieval that lilonce is worle than death." Class Secretary 4, Class Treasurer 1: Camphrv l 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club 25 Car- nival Oueen ZZ, Iunror Play 3, ?.3A4 A. 2: "GU" Club l Donald Surgeon "A Grafton lad-uml-not badl" Football 2, 3, 4, Letter' man 3, 4, Track 3, 4, "BU" Club 2, 3, 4, IORS Iames Creamer "Our loss, the army's gain. How's K. P. lim?" Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball , ', ., I Track l 2, 3, 4, Chorus 2, 3, 4. Doris Bray "The 'gal' our class chose to be its queen, with our Bobby Shaw nhe's often seen." Camp hre 3 4, Class Secretary 2, Cantata l, Nl" Stall 4: ll Sr Prom Committee 3, Carnival Qut-on 4 x t lt X.: t A J S Q K' U ,X tx L. t ' f b Dorfs leqn. Copa! , shes r nl. thou 'tfx tru her vo a boauti sound Home lub l, 2, 3, 45 C2 - fire l, 2,'3x4, Rand l, 2, , 4, Class Tre!! ure: 2, 4: Dra tic Club 2, I, Banq et and rom Committee Ag ltd uet at- tress l, 2 Glass PIGT4 'Tlfhs are diet uiet , h 1 Imogene lsringhausen "Always popular Cl a music- ian. in the band lho's a super addition." Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4g Camphre l, 2, 3, 4, Latin Club 1, 2, 3, 4, "I" Stall 4, Pan American Lea- que 4, Dramatic Club 4, Class Play 3, 4. 355 L. fi F I n 4 5 . 3, :Pri el 3,1 io' sf 1. 1 ,'5' a W' f' 'Nt ' Richard Thurston "All great men are dying. l don't leel well myself." i'l"2 Sgalfli 4: Football 4, Track Mamie Fraley "A good scholar and a perlect lady." Pan American League 4: "SU" Club 2, 3, lr. Sr Pom Committee 3. Y 3' . 1' 1 .'lL.,ri ll A',-1 fb hx ' X.- . U. ll y: 'fr u 1 ' J I Patrick Gibbons "Our 'all 'round guy' hal a love lor speed. even though there is no need." Football 3, 4: Track 2, 3, 4: Basketball 4: "I" Stall 4: Class Play 3, 4, Chorus 1, "BO" Club 3, 4. Mary Io Wade "Oh, what a quiet girl, or don't we know her?" Can- tata 3, 4: Spanish Club 2, 3: Chorus 3, 4: Style Show 1: Home Ec Club l, 2,, 3, 4: Pan American League 4: Carnival Committee 4. ' - i IORS Esther Lynn "The debate'l the thing." Spanish Club l, 2: Band l, 2: Ml" Stall 4: Campfire l, 2, 3, 4, Pan American League 3, 4: Leaaue Treasurer 3, Class Play 4 If ,X 4 l . F I . I J t r' ., I .tl l 'li' Robert Hardwick "Goodness gracious! How you do go on." Beatrice Powers "You may not hear her, but you know lhe'l there." Home Ec Club l, 2, 3, 4: Pan Amer- ican League 3, 4: FFA. Wait- ress 3, Latin Club 1 Gladys Kanallakan "One ear heard it. and llll other-out it went!" "I" Stall 4: Banquet Wait.ess 2. A. William Kibler ,"A lion among the ladies. he loves but one--at a time." Latin Club l, 2, 3: Band l, 2, 3, 4: Basketball l, 2, 3: F. F. A. l, F. F. A. Speaker l. SE Kenneth Croxford 'Always bubbling over with ioy s this jolly country boy." lean Landon "Quietness is a lactor of suc- cess." Sparuslx Club 2, 3, Lat in Club l, 2, "fill" Club l, 2, 3, Pan American LL-aqua 2, 3 Pxcsiclt-ut 3, Cantata l, Class Play 3, Suu-use Club 4, Bicycle Club 4 Kenneth Beach "I stand on the brink ol a great career. won't somebody push me oil?" Latin Club l 2, Band 1, 2, 3, "SU" Club l, 2 3 Edna Mae Powers "Give us that secret about the dimple denter. Edna." G A A, 2, 3, Spanish Club 2, 3 'SUN Club l, 2, 3. IQRS Peggy Liles "Silence is golden. but some- times I speak." Band 1, 2, 3, ' Home llc l, Pan American ltaauo 4 "SU" Club 2, 3, Aubrey Montgomery "Il everyone were as loud as he, school a quiet place would be." 'FU' Club l, 2, 3, 4 Iean Allen "That indolent but agreeable condition ot doing nothing." l Clipper l, Gloe Club l. I 'Fill' Club l, 2: Dramatic Club 2, 3 4: Class Play 3: if A A L2 Homer Dolan "None but himsell can be his parallel." Latin Club 2, 3, 45 GU" Club 2, 3, 4: Dramatic Flub 2, 3, 4, "l" Stall 4, Pan Ammtcan League 3, 4, U',n S P I n m , 11 . yy .Q Mix Q if fd. I Mi 1 5 43 IORS Fred Armstrong Frank Hagen. Ir. "If I can't talk sense I'll talk "Who took the khaki and the nonsense." "BO" Club 2, 3. gun instead of cap and gown." Army Air Corps. Overseas. Howard White Gerald O. Howell "It's the Navy for me." Over- "The life of a Marine appeals seas, to him." Basketball 3: Track 34 Class Play 35 African Cam- paign, Sicily. Senior Whose picture does not appear here Edwin Weller "To graduate or not to gradu- ate. that is the question." Last year's juniors who are in the service and will not graduate with us. But you still belong with us, boys. Bill Beaty - Merchant Marine Harold Shaw - Army Robert Martin - Navy lunior Bowers - Navy 44 MARCH QF TIMEHH IANUARY 4 22. Home basketball game with Grafton. 24. Basketball game with White Hall there. 25. Iunior Boushka gave a whole yard of 5 dimes 055.203 to the polio fund. FEBRUARY ..i Second Semester School closed early again! What's this meeting of all Iersey County teachers at the Courthouse? We know now, "Buy a bond, please," has become our watchword. Uncle Sam, we're with you. We'll try to reach our 370.000 Home game with Roxana. Game with Benld-there. V-Roy the Ma- gician . . . O Boy-I love to be fooled. Overtime game with Carrollton: We 26- They 25. Wow! I.incoln's birthday, also a game with Roadhouse: We 28-They 27. Sweetheart Ball by the Freshmen. Valentine's Day--Several kids received comic valentines from their best f?l friends. Valentine's Day over. Some hearts still left. Basketball game with Greenfield: We 28 -They 27. F. F. A. Banquet. Why can't we all be farmers? - "Red Points"-prized possessions of Wa- tanopa Camp Fire. "What a Life"-thinks Wayne in the Dramatic Club play. Regional Tournament begins. lerseyville defeated by Scottville in re- gional tournament. MARCH Regional tournament continues. White Hall wins the tournament. Iuniors and Seniors take State achieve- ment tests. We thought they were endur- ance tests before we finished. Pan American League Banquet. Mary, did Mr. Markman keep you laughing that way? Rain! ' More rain! luniors choose their class rings. Tryouts for Senior play. "GU Club Banquet" at the Iersey Hotel. We liked it, especially Irish Pat and his cracks. Good Friday Services found our chorus there in good form. APRIL Easter Sunday . . . I never saw so many pretty girls. Decorating for Senior Dance. Woman's Club Tea for the Iunior and Senior girls. Easter Parade continues, it seems. Senior Dance . . . What a beautiful moon and stars for a rainy night. auota . . . that's a lota' dough, though. 6. No school, Isn't Teachers' Institute a won- derful thing? For once I'll be able to sleep late! 7. Class rings arrive at last. High time, we think. 9. Seniors sponsor collections for the United National Clothing Drive. 10. lunior Play-"Ask Me Another". . . . O. K., Iuniors, we accept your dare. 12. Mother-Daughter Banquet showed us in a most pleasing way the worth of a patriotic home. 18. Seniors in headlong search for their dig- nity. A 19. Miss Bandy says we shall probably find it in the Iunior Class. 20. How I wish it was a custom at I. T. H. S. to have Senior Skip Day. And how I wish today was that day. 27. Ierseyville wins Illinois Valley Conference ' Track Meet. Are we proud! ! It's the first time in the history of the school. ' MAY 4. Senior Play-"Leave to Marry". We're pretty good, too, aren't we, Iuniors? l0. Those Iuniors certainly know the art of entertaining. Seniors thought it superb . . . such eats even in wartime . . . and music . . . and fun on the Iuniors. We can most assuredly say of that Iunior- Senior Banquet and Prom . . . "Seldom equalled, never excelled!" Say, by the way, didn't the girls look great! "Whe- Whewl" 25. Latin Club Picnic 28-31. Exams! The last for some of us-we hope! Keep your chin up. 30. Memorial Day Parade. IUNE 3. Baccalaureate Sunday! Seniors in caps and gowns make an imposing spectacle. Is my cap on straight? Gee! I feel funny in one of these things, but sort of dignified, too-Ahem! Don't tell "me" I look like a Freshman. 7. Commencement Night. The "Big Night". Will I be glad to get my diploma- Whoopee! There's that funny "all gone" feeling again. They were good years, I hate to see them go! Good-bye, I. T. H. S. 8. Alumni Dance. I 1 1' 1, ,, ,., . .V I , Q , J U N I U R S Heodoches for their mothers cmd old enough to know better ! t Ax X x 2 N , Q X ' . J x x- , tx X A i .X ' X NT' X 1 gr NX i h if ., K A Q X, s Q .NF u. . l Q X .x is x sf F X x X. 'x. x , 5 'lt 'x G U A 'l' f 3 .3 A X, 5' in A if X l ' l' -N. ' Q X 1 L' X, 1 Y Y xl l ' A x T' 13 , 'H up e Fr' X -,-,ec v gi r J 1012 SNAPS wx X: Everyone seems to be enjoying the Pan American League Banquet 1. The speakers - N, certainly look happy . . . What is it that is so interesting? . . . Yes, Henry Aldrich is in Q trouble again . . . The dignified senior sponsor, Mr. Tuthill . . You mean Harold isn't taking the picture this time? , . . Who wants to hurry? . . . Lazy bunch, aren't we? o V JUNIQR CLASS QFFICERS President-Charles Henson Vice President-Polul Connolly Secretary-Doris Iennings Treasurer-Mary C. Ccrtt Sponsors-Dorothy Borndy, Louis N. Heider 48 ..- 4 v-. -v,fUU1'U"PWN ..- f UZ, ' ,,- ',. .' I , -X I I-,113 in-V5 M r 5, Gr , -1 W nf, we 1, JUNIOR' HQNGR ' ROLL Walter lewsbury Ruth Kirchner Mary Martin William Landon Herbert Coleman Helen Camerer Marjorie Vinz Doris Breit iser ziiwr Wg ff 49 Dolores Little Lorretta Beierman Mary I. Thompson Wanda Mclntyre Agnes Gibbons Theresa Phelan Mary Ann Pille Maxine Vollmer gn., , I 1 WMQL i1oRs ck Pivoda-Delights in-his red hair . . . Admits--he's a good clerk . . . Regrets-he has to work . . . Expects-H to be man- y. ager of an A 5: store. Doris Breitweiser elights in-Acooking . . Admitse--she's a good houseke e . . . Regrets-she took shorthand . . . Expects -to st mo xl year, Harold Bea -D ghts in-taking pictures . . Admits-he spends 34 is ti in the dark room , . . Regrets--,that school must h so cla s . . . Expects'--to be a news photographer. ry nt-Deihghg -singing . . . Admits--she doesn't attend I-home E ,flleeti s . . . Regrets-she is so young . . . Expects Ato belg s i 's wife. nald al elights in-playing soft ball . . Admits-he It . . Regrets-there are so few pretty girls . . . Ex- dke -t be a farmer. Kirchner-Delights in-wearing her glasses . Admitsfshe can give the "cold shoulder" . . , Regrets--New York isn't within walking distance . . . Expects--to be more than a l0c" store clerk. William Landon-Delights in-Football . . . Admits---he's always late . . . Regrets--he doesn't get around more . , Expects-J to be an engineer. Imo Harley-Delights Ln-going to St. Louis . . Admits-she likes a certain sciiloff . . Regrets-he doesn't get leaves . . . Exe pects-to pass shorthand. Lee Iones-Delights in--making good grades . . , Admits-he's not very tall . . . Regrets-he has so many nick-names . . . Expects-to be famous some day. I Mariorie Vinz--Delights in-a student at Washington U ,... Ad- mits-she likes all of her teachers . . . Regretseshe took Latin . . . Expects-to quit studying next year. Herbert Ely-Delights in-making "A" in English . . . Admits- l'm just a little small . . . Regrets-his impatience . . . Ex- pects-to be a farmer. I Martha Burch-Delights in-"Latin" . . . Admits-Caesar was a great man . . . Regrets--she can't boss Marjorie . . . Expects w -to take Latin next year. l J . Charles Henson-Delights in-going to shows . . , Admits-'he likes a Sophomore girl . . . Regretsehes not on a baseball team .'. . Expects-to play in the big leagues some day. Ioyce DaylfDelights in-vacations . . . Aclmitsfshes lazy . . . I Regrets-lshe has to study . . . Expects--to be a stenographer. 3 Iames Miller-Delights in-senior girls . . . Admits-he doesn't 9 like tg study . . . Regrets-there aren't more football games V 1 . . . Expects-to drive a gas truck. X 'J Mary lean Thompson-Delights in-laughing at anything . . . Admits-she hasn't a serious thought . . , Regrets-world history class . . . Expects-to go to college. Ierry Wade-Delights in-basketball practice . . . Admits-he is a good player . . . Regrets-he can't sleep more in class . . . Expects-to be a basketball hero. Peggy Griffin-Delights in-her study periods . . . Admits-she has long curls . . . Regrets-she isn't with Virginia more . . . Expects-to be a news reporter. Paul Connolly-Delights in-second hour assembly . . . Ad- mits-he likes to sleep late . . . Regrets-he doesn't have the urge to study more . , . Expects-to live "happily ever Q after." Iaunice Challans-Delights inebeing friendly , . . Admits-she likes good movies , . . Regrets-she has to watch her cal- ories . . . Expects-to marry young. C. Edward Bunse-Delights in-smoking . , . Admits-he likes Fieldon . . . Regrets-every night isn't Saturday niaht . . . Expects-to live in Eieldon. 50 JU ICR Lucille Stamps-Delights in-trying to cook . . . Admitsfshes a good seamstress . . . Regrets--she stays in town . . . Ex- pects-to live in Washington, DC, Orlan Cornelius-Delights in--second hour assembly . . . Ad- mits--l should study more . , , Regrets--hes not on the bas- ketball team . . , Expects-to enjoy himself this year, Bernice Vaughn-Delights in-receiving certain letters . . . Ad- mits--shes good in math , . . Regrets-typing takes so much speed . . Expects--to be on the honor roll, Edwin Weller-Delights in-science . . . Admits-he's broke most of the time . . . Regrets wsometimes life is so painful . . . Ex- pects- to get what he wants out of life. Norma Bchrman-Delights -swimming . . , Admits-she likes dark haired boys , Ftegheis -she lives in lerseyville . . . Expects--toxygo to liforfria nelgt year. X ', I . A Leo Boushkcx,-Hi.-De Yhts in-sleeping in class . . . Admits- his tir 'are rn out . . . Regrets-he can't get new ones . . Exp s o be-presideiit some day. . V x 1 Ag s Gibbons-3-Qelightffin--pep rrleetingsr. . . Admits she's a good Qheerklea er . . . Req-r'5tseLTed is a senior . . . Ex- ' pectr'-to barn t drive a,mr some. Thomoj' Lock'-Delights ine-Ag . Ny . fACf'InilS--there's a junior girl thi1lff4s'C,K .... Regrets+-he-'s noiflittle taller . . . Expects -to bwn cgi: r. 5 " D6l'i9r,9BsDrainQ-liifght in--telling jokes . . . Admits-she likes K .t Qt'6' eat xi.. . Regret:-her "average" grades . . . Expects-to - be a housewife. ,H 3 Donald Chappell-Delights in-long vacations . . . Admits-he's i L ln good basketball player . . . Regrets-hes not 18 . . , Ex- T pectsf-to work for Uncle Sam. Mary Ann Pille-Delights in-having a good time . . . Admits- . she likes to give talks in English . , . Regrets-lmo lives in town . . . Expects-to join the Waves. Billy Beaty-Delights in-Maxine . . , Admits-she's cute . . . Re- grets-she'1l graduate this year , . , Expects-to join the Navy. Ora Strunk-Delights infdating . . . Admits -she wears make- up . . . Regrets-"he" didn't date her last year . . . Expects --to continue dating a certain junior. ' William Hansen-Delights in-girls . . . Admits-he hates to go to the office . . . Regrets-he has to take American History . . . Expects-to behave himself someday, Priscilla Bell-Delights in-football games . . . Admits-she always stays out too late . . . Regrets-there aren't more boys at I.T. H. S .... Expects-to meet a handsome man some day. Edward Duggan-Delights in-going to Fieldon dances . . . Ad- mits--he likes to play pool . . . Regrets-Saturday comes only once a week . . . Expects-to be mayor of Fieldori in 1965. Doris Iecm Iennings-Delights in-cheer leading . . . Admits-shes not bashful . . . Regrets-Carrollton is 12 miles from Iersey- ville . , . Expects-to be an old maid. Robert Bregenzer-Delights in--Reading . . . Admits-he's good looking . . . Regrets-he can't have the car more often . . . Expects-to be a doctor. Maxine Vollmer-Delights in-'riding on the school bus . . . Ad- mits--it is crowded though . . . Regrets-Lorraine will grad- uate . . . Expects-to learn to swim some time. Norman lones-Delights in-hitch-hiking . . . Admits-he hates to make speeches in class . . , Regrets-he can't dance . . . Expects-to be a butcher, Loretta Beiermann-Delights in-giggling , . . Admits-"some people" are O.K ..,, Regretshshe doesn't live in jersey- ville . . . Expects-to marry after graduating 51 if C9 t r- 1 NWI -,. tm lt bb . all . I , .-- 'f . - .n mx, 'ff-1. J A ' f1f'+w'A'. Myrtle Taylor-Delights in-running errands for Verna . . . Ad- mits-she's short , . . Regrets-she doesn't work in the office . . . Expects-to go places. Harold Piggott-Delights in hunting . . . Admits-he's a good farmer . . . Regrets-he's shy . . . Expects-a good-looking wife. Iuanita Wills-Delights in-listening to the radio . . . Admits- she does't like Frank Sinatra . . . Regrets-she doesn't live on a farm . . . Expects-to be a nurse. Harold Cox-Delights in-sitting on front porches . . . Admits- he'd like to date . . . Regrets-he can't go to school six days a weekklixpects-to be a dentist, Marjorie Winters-Delights inereacling books . . . Admits-she likes boys in khaki . . . Regrets-'shes a half pint . . . Ex- pects-eto be a beauty operator. Bert Chappee-Delights in-sports . . . Admits-l like G I. hair- cuts . . . Regrets-l can't do everything I want to . . . Ex- pects-to date a certain junior girl. Virginia Shaw-Delights in-Spanish . . . Admits--Mr. Bersche is a good teacher . . . Regrets-Peggy isn't in classes with her . . . Expects-to take another year of Spanish. Donald Lavey-Delights in-speeding clown State Street . . . Ad- mits-I'm a persevering student . . . Regrets-gas rationing . . . Expects-to get kicked out of class. Dolores Little-Delights in-dates . . . Admits-she's fun . . . Re- g I-saesf br eta. . Expects-to g t y-so etime. 5 4 'MU QP' l Russell Van Meter-Delights in-eating ice cream . . . A mits- my grades aren't TOO good . . . Regrets-he goes to school . . . Expects--to live a while longer. Marilyn Otth-Delights in--listening to Frank Sinatra . . . Admits -she's cute . . . Regrets-there arent more school dances . . . Expects-to grow up someday. Donald Bligh-Delights in-playing football . . . Admits-he's good Y at it . . . Regrets-he has to study . . . Expects-to have cr " weak back from carrying his American History book. - Elvq Spangle-Delights in- having dates with a certain blond . . . Admits-shes bashful . . . Regrets-she doesnt stay in Ikrseyville . . . Expects-to make "A" in shorthand . lorries Powers-Delights in-winking at girls . . . Admits-I like .qi certain senior . . . Regrets-he isn't on the honor roll . . . s.Expects-to be an actor some day. Virginia Lagemcm--Delights in-smiling . . . Admits-she doesn't talk much . . . Regrets-she has red hair, . . Expects--to marry a farmer. fl , ' . f U! .. - n. Walter Iewsbury-Delights in4running A. ,Ad-mits--he ltkes to be an escort . . . Regrets-he has" to 'go to school five days a week . . . Expects-to fly a bomber. Wanda Mclntyre-Delights in-Well. does a girl delight in? Admits-she's a whiz-bang telephone o ratpr. .fe : Regretsf, she has to work . . . Expects-QL 'e. , .- ' Iose Heitzigg- lights ' 4-cutting pp in class t, 3,4 Admitsi-he's goo' eig or i the assembly .f. ..Regrets7Lthat night ' ust d . . EX cts-to live in Fieldon for the next fifty X . There Phe - lights ' ing . . . Admits-she blushes grets he o ' qra ate this year . . . Expects-a blond- ir d lu y nd. Her le -Deli in-studying Latin . . . Admits-he's n rally ate . . . Regrets-he's so small . . . Expects-to Q cr La n Teacher. ary Catherine Catt-Delights in-studying?????? . . . Admits- she's smart . . . Regrets-she loses her temper . . . Expects -to act her age some day. N ',f' " W . - ----Y --F- - JU IORS Melvin Houseman-Delights in-racing down the streets . . . Ad- mits-he likes his red hair , . . Regrets-there aren't more women to choose from . . . Expects-sometime to own a car that will run. Donna Reed-Delights in-"Wayne" . . . Admits-I have a cute smile . . . Regrets-she won't graduate this year . . . Ex- pects-to be the Senior queen. Louis B. Koeller-Delights in-hitchhiking to school . . . Admits- fix- . he's a good football player . . . Regrets-his hair is slightly F red . . . Expects-to be an all-star football man. A A ,,, A - Esther Richey-Delights in-arguing with Audrey . . . Admits- ' 'S , Hg she can out-talk her . . . Regrets-all week isn't weekfend 5 tg, A2 . . . Expects-to meet a handsome man. 'JN . fl-fx 1 Wilma Strebel-Delights in-mystery stories . . , Admits-she leads a quiet life . . . Regrets-homework . . . Expects-tc sleep all next summer. Rose Schroeder-Delights in-school . . . Admits-she's not bad looking , . . Regrets--she's so short , . . Expects-to join the Wac's. Mary Martin-Delights in-Skirts and sweaters . . . Admits- her hair is always just so . . . Regrets-she isn't a cheer leader . . ."Expects-to be one next year. Annie Corzine-Delights in-eating . . . Admits-she swoons over Frank Sinatra . . . Regrets-shes taking Home Ec . . . Ex- pects-to be a good student. Dolores Narup-Delights in-loafing in class . . . Admits-she's plenty cute . . . Regrets-she goes home right after school . . . Expects-to be an actress. Dorothy Norris-Delights in-receiving letters , . . Admits-she is quiet and reserved . . . Regrets-she's a blonde . . . Expects- to live a long and happily married life. loanne House-Delights in-talking all the time . . . Admits-she's always late . . , Regrets-homework . . . Expects-to be a housewife. Rosalie Gootten-Delights in-dating Bill . . . Admits-she doesn't like Home EC . . . Regrets-she's always talking . . . Ex- pects-to marry young. Margaret Dolan-Delights in-Bing Crosby , . . Admits-she dosen't like Van Iohnson . . . Regrets-she loses so much sleep . . . Expects-to be a nurse. Robert Brammoier-Delights in-being a water boy . . . Admits- he's a bench warmer . . . Regrets-he doesn't dance much . . . Expects-to be a bachelor. Audrey McAdams-Delights in-bossing Esther . . . Admits-she likes to make straight "A's" . . . Regrets-she's so tall . . . Expects-to be a naturalist. Helen Camerer-Delights in-being quiet . . . Admits-shes very neat . . . Regrets-she doesn't dance . . . Expects-to go to college. lame! Vaughn-Delights in-Alton . . . Admits-a Ford is OK. . . . Regrets-he likes night life . . . Expects-to be a garage mechanic. 53 t Vv X S-r i X gi g, in Il., A Q 4. SOPHGNIQRES You con tell sophomores by their gum, their corny jokes, their giggles, cmd their bod manners. For pastime they poke fun ot the green freshies. A Q . D ,. I I' H I SOPHGMQRE, CLASS GFFICERS A President-Gene Prosser .Vicq PresiQentjChcxr1es Dehne Secretary-Bcrrbcrrcr Brurnrnett Treasurer-Ramona Kcrllol Sponsors-Hcrzel Murray, Ruth Ann Orr 0 56 V., , .W ...f T 2 SOPHOMORE HONOR RCHL William' Burch William Miller Virginia Kramer Doris Mains Donna Peter Dolores Zimmer Barbara Brummett Margaret Seago Glenn Higgins Eleanor Martin N Herbert Whiteside Charles Dehne Marcella Graner Phyllis Erdman Marion Piggott Mary Cornelius Ioe Holland William Cox Ramona Kallal Ioanne Edwards Wilma Heiderscheid Emma Turpening 'DJ Mildred Spriggs Iudith Weiner Dx .cb 455 2253 444, flftwuccfdfa, Lileexaefawf X Milton Houseman-"Dynamite comes in :small package Ramona Kallal-"Air of knowing" William Lurton--"The true man' Marcella Graner-"Giggles" x Mary Cornelius--'Silent member" Mildred Spriggs-"Folly to be solemn" Mildred Hagen-"A bit of all right' Billy Burch-"Our Bill" Odessa .Campbell-"A twinkle in her eye 47 0'0'-f' - lim 'L' Qxfflr Jy My y y K, Phyllis Erdman-"With a song in my heart" ,Melvin Wjlil-1-"A manly man" f ly 1 Frances Coleman-"Soft spoken and reviving Theo Loy-"A country girl" Russell Groves--"l'm bashful but not backward Fred Schneider-l'Me and my curls" Peggy Hildred-'Speed in her finqertipsw Eleanor Martin-"I love life" Charles Dehne-"Me and my gal" Dolores Zimmer-'Cheery as a Christma trre Ioseph Welch-"Calling all cows" Donna Peter-"Efficiency plus" Iudith Weiner-"The cook of tomorrow" Elsie Challans-"l'll be seeing you" Tom Hughes-'lMan of Steel" Doris Ford-"Well now, let me think" Ioe Cueller-"The king of terrors" Mary Iones4"Little girls are beet" Roger Goetten-'iRight on the trigger" Cleta Retzer-"Gal with perfect punch' Qryille Taake--"Lite is one long comedy" Verna Ruyle-"Full of giggles" Ierry Kramer-"I'm an educated man" Doris Armstrong-"Key to my heart" Albert Stamps-"Continual chatter" Barbara Brummett-"Extreme sweetness" Richard Young-"The average man" Peggy Gardner-"l have not Slept one wink Charles Meisner-"An F. F. A. special" Betty Mayfield-"Waiting" Robert Campion--"Ho-hum! l'm sleepy" Leona Stanton--"My man is true as steel" Robert Burch-"A Wise Man" Margaret Lane-"Worries dont worry me Ioanne Edwards-'lShe's fun" Blanche Whitworth-"Red hair, but definitely" Wilma Heiderscheid-"Heart warming smile' Russell Sinclair-"Hes okay" Edith Schaaf-"Endless vitality" Kenneth Armstrong-"l hate studying" Herbert Whiteside-l'Girls just bother me iigfyffiit ' ,X W mio rioilgsfs Marilyn Parsell-"Kendo pvgainq away" i Betty Smith-"'l'he more the iiierrierw ' Mary Dawson--"A bubble is a puffed up drip" Louis Kessler-"The runaway boy" Betty Lou Cone-"It does no good to stew around? Dorothy Armstrong-"Balanced outlook" Archie Woods-"l-le's a swell guy" Mary Spencer-"A day of sunshine" Marilyn Weir-"My Buddy" Doris Little-"Foot loose and fancy free" Dwight Munsterman-"A true genius" Virginia Kramer-"Girlhood" Betty Taylor-"Things are always happening' Fred Glassbrenner-"Living in a dream" Marion Piggott-"Peaches and cream complexion" Donald Poleet-"Me and my bright remarks" Dolores Lammy-"The maiden of the moon" Gene Prosser-"Oh, you senior girls" Isabel Stafford-"Easy going" Clyde Wieland-"I practice what I preach lsome- iiinesln Donald Gowin-"Yel pleasing gentlemen" William Cox-"l'm hooked" Evelyn Eads-"Always smiling" Glenn Higgins-"Every girls' dream man" Betty Thurston-"Brunettes are best" i i ' r Evertt Wade-"Yau canlhkeep a aood mari' o ' Kathryn Steckel-Ulxliate the country" - MarY 'l'raCY--"Nile to know" ffm! Paul I. Begllald-"Give me back rriy 1' Thelma ilhittico-'llviore oi the A disQ'eet" David Schafer-L-l'AIkhallenge to science" Doris Mainsk-"More lun" h X Biiiy Garbdr-"AlwaysLin G foqi Norma I. 'Narug-"Doll have to do that?" Ioefiiolland-" tteg late than never" Gloria Hunter-"Uni Nixgiable charm" Laverne Crull-"I d 't-'Ieel like myself today" -7 " Bernice Skinner ooqlight mood" N 7 , - I William Mill r ' ight hand man" . ' 5 Emma Turp 'ng-"Short and sweet" lay Kramerv-HA' 'i Misbehavinaw Margaret Sea' "Do I like books?" Iohn Bruyl-"Why hurry? . Eileen Weller-"Love-'em all is my motto" Bobby Creamer-"Let me at that ball" N Dorothy Downey-"Happy in all weQhpr" Elinor Yates--"Youre a Natural" '4 ,' .- . G Betty Campbell-"How'm I doin, Q ,. '-' Eleanor Fink-"I'm new at IT. H. S."A Sophomores whose pictures do not appear. Iames Burge-"Sometimes I sit and think but mostly I just sit Truman Garland-Study is a dreary thing, so l don't do it" A 59 me . ,JN 33,5 vggviiviw wx V 3-X' K, 'FV , -1 K,, , . ,,l FRESHMEN If we didn't have freshies, we Wou1dn't have upper-class men-Which is why We shouldrft have freshmen. -.4-. if Q- 9 E35 3 me ' X ,. n 3 8 Yo 'Q 'V '1 04 di, 1 I 'T shy-Sl f W., .Qian Vs .Q si x si?" ! xml -1 , " 2' uW"'lQ+ ig? 53 ,J be 'af 'ex x! .Q FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS S- President-Alfred Bedinger A Vice President-Marvin lsringhausen Secretary-Helen Beiermcmn Treasurer-Tommy Feyerclbend Sponsors-Orphcr Holmes, Mary Ellen Orr 62 4 S x Q t xfx. v 'x 'Dx ,4 Q X ? 9 ,uh ' P. . . , - . ,.-5f'vI"""ff X 'x X I f x ' ' J I u ' - , I x . ql.. 1 . .- ,i K. X , v. -s x, FRESHMAN HCNCR ,RCI L Ioan Kibler Mary Taylor Robert Campbell Mary Lou Hedgcock William Iennings E r' 4' . ' - 3 - , Donald Bauer Barbara Garber Wesley lewsbury Iames Reddish Iulia Campion George Lorton Inez Boomer Eugenia Arger Rita Miller Doris Parsell Clarence Boner Edward Bunse Ioan McCaulay lane Davenport Helen McAdams Herbert Cope Mary Powers Ruth Campion Leona Collenberger Doris 'Tucker Mary Lou Carpunky Esther Hampton Charles Koenig Adaline Hulp Iimmie Liles Orlan Nelson Carl Rodgers Irene Powers lack Spiegelman Lee Wade x Donald Westfall x ' . , A9 s nffgi wiliii-iirhe Gd Lover." QQFRE HME If Lorton-"I Speed Through Life " Belva Feyerobend-"Summer Dreams." '- 1 Darrel Bailey-"Smilin' Thru " Q3 l Dolores Campbell-"My Castle ln Spam " , Barry Ritter-"Its Love l'm After " Y Mary Rhodes-"TO Mary, with Love ft '1- Murdell Smith-'lEveryth1ng Must Be just So' ' f Robert Tittle-"It's A Great -Life." , Mary Taylor-'iGlamour Pi,uf3,'L .- . Bobbie sdIl'l5v'JT Want a Ctrl " sf lrene Poviers-f'lmaginatfon.'' ' Q Raym9nd.VVeller-'The Perfect Alibi 'Y t Charles Powers-i'Let's Have Some! Fun " l M L nu Colle qrger-it yes Young Drea . ' ' Q-' is homas e elabeimd 'Let Tomorrow Car For Its "t' 'K JS iller-'Perf' t ity Plug: " t in AL bby Yocii Only Young ,Onc x..' 4 ,' t f Gerry Par er weet Little Headache J , V t Si xxglrd Scrr?!bferg A Does Nothing But Doezt lt , Gdle Wi som- at Certain Technique," V rich om-"A l-luntina We Will Go" I r Te Lummy-llllll Take XROl'TlCll"tI'f?ll I I on Iacfson-VA True Ge us" v it.NIRrf:fou Carpunlcy-" ays Good-nature-d." x-le ifanben-"Mel and o ," ' - Dbhgvlesl all-"Wom Are gerouta ' ,' tlgngis avtli-'l A dg'ilyfA?J.1ilnrl" L i llvllmtl CO --'A Love of Mine." r H.-N 'Tir' ,lph ,Sears-"Go On, lust Tell Me l'm Stupid." f 'Filly Laubs iioige? Certa' l" 1 'Thresa undc.. 'f-'You and Love." I , Q sseiimxil Rate! Tops 'f 'X arilyrrseago-'flt Must Be Love " Eddie Schell 'iCute As They Corrie' 3 lj Marie fin-"Deep In A Dream." ' ' ' X iufeifc, Rr er34"1l Kirtdly Grace of .Manner " 5 i . Eugene gag-"A Mere Life of Ekrsef' , 'V ' Aurellcx Williams-"Seg6tly.' t. ' " . 'Ernest Turpin-"l kn All the Answers." X X . - ' Mary Lou Powers-"More Than You Knovg' Helen Beiermcmn--"Eyes Speak Volumes " X . Donald Bauer-"l'm No Angel." Ruth Campion--"Shes Not "Ruth'less." ' - Wesley Iewsbury-"l'm Not Bashful, Really ImA'Not,"e le, Mary Lou Hedgcock-"The Girls' Choice." t 1 Edward Bunse-"Grieve Not, Ladies." Q ma Lockman-"She Goes Calmly Along." X '3 W' 'am Randolph-"Billy Boy " am Wxmmersberg Man About Townf V t, Igcm Kibler-'AA Girl With Brains " ' Eugene Kuehnel-"Mental Gymnastics are Seccfx- - rabend-"In My Garden." Ol S ll- 1: , daryfl ., - ' 5 "' ', . Larry Zimmermon-"Doctor Rhythm." Anna M. Brclmmeier-"Does lt Matter." X V i f Claude Shaw-"Whats Up, Doc?" "X Delgres Cabulek--"Lady Be Careful," . Hlchdrd Hall-"Deep River." D l ', Barbara Garber-"A Friendly Smile for Everyone." 5,31 Ger e Schoake-"In School Days." B 8 Campbell-"Great Guy." - othy Richey-"The Full Heart." ., 'N . Lee Wade-"I Like to Reason Thinqs Out By My- K t self." X,'Q'Iune Davenport-i'There's Room ln Her Heart for All." 'X X Q George Maher-"My Friend Flickaf' Q, 'Lois Wock-"My Sister and I." Je xXKenneth Fearno-"Old Ironsides." ' Gerry Ferenbach--"Dream Love Charles Delp-"One Never Knows, Does Gne?" -1. ,,r . , . . s , , X 5 x' i . I-1 X x : . ,t, u , a ' x N ,.,. , L '-1' s. 1 . D95-'W' F R E L H l E Forrest Ringhausen-"A likeable Cuss. My Susan Huffman-"Sweet Sue." U",-F' Robert French-"Careful Girls, Don't Trip Over y Line." Doris Richey-"The Lady of the Lake." Clarence Boner-A'Peck's Bad Boy' 25? Iulia Campion-'Day of Sunshine. Aj' Bill Iennings-" 'Amazing' is the Word Doris Parsell-"There Are Such Things " 7 Iames Lageman-A'The Dreamer." Qld Inez Same Story," 4, Francis "The Irene Alice Porter of Youth." Little." Sweet Way." in , Q ' 4 In 4, -Sweetheart." Wookf' My Height." Da s Y Nothing is too Great For Orpha Wedding-"Actions Speak Louder Than Dale Taul-"Why Study?" I Grow Up Tires Me S Zelma Wallace-"The Voice of Thought " lack Helsley-"Not Sleppy, lust Tired," Doris Delp-"Satisfied With Life." Herbert Cope-"lust A Boy." Helen McAdams-"Very Sincere." Marvin Isringhausen-"Not Me, Brother." Harold Walkington-"lt Is Good To Be Sure." Charles Lockman-"The School Boy." x . Esther Hampton-"Theres Mischief In Those Eyes," Bert Hamblen-"Wake Up and Live." X Carl Rodgers-"A Real Boy " Morris Lon -"Baseball For Me " g . Iulius Hardwick-"Why Take Life Seriously." Iunior Long-"Gee, Aint He Cute?" Wayne Dihel-"Thats Life, I Guess." lack Spiegelman-"A Born Leader." J 0 In Getting Thing., E' 1 r j' , -x -.. Robert Buck-"And As For Me ff Iames Reddish-"Swing lt, Professor." WA Alfred Bedinger-Life of the Party." 4 Q Neil Christen-"Captain Courageous." ' Charles Koenig-"Study, Study, Study-and Why Paul Meuth-"The Age of Wisdom." George Poleet-"I Cant Sing That High." Alfred Beierman-"Make Way For Tomorrow." Iohn Shaw-"Motor Madness," Orlan Nelson-"Country Friend." Robert Flowers-"Chin Chat . 9 .M ,H Edward Springman-"Dont Call I 8 Charlotte Schafer-"The Cowboys Dream. Agnes Ryan-"The Things You Can't Fo tg John Pille-"When Day Is Done." W , JL' ni' Doris Tucker-"You Gotta Be A Footb :PW Ll- 1 Billy riqmm-"AS Timid As A rox." A JJ ' li ' " l l l Alice McCauley-"My Heart Leaps Up." ' I Rosemary Green-"Sweet Adeline." Freshmen Whose Pictures do not appear. Frank Hazelwonder-"Shall l or shan't I study? Morrison Skinner-"To sleep-To dream." Kenneth Smith-"Our Caballero." lN,"x ,wh 4 ,.5 ff lk n- . 14. 1wZZ49fww15.7Mj,n. 4AQ.fgv7M,Le Au 74'A'v-2. W,,,c.,,,,,.fCJ ,i 5,,Z,,,f,4f.zf'fM4 Lzfwwwmm, 4 M WJW ff"d,Zr1S, 5422, I I A C T I V I T I E Q H alone is cm accurate b h b minuteIy Without b ,WA I W XM if w I M Im i 'fn lla 1 r ,.. N if ,-2,5 ,A Leaviiia Gregory Hall at tlie University of llliriois . . . Camp Fire Girls sew away ori stuffed animals lor liritairi , . llow about tliat, Kvriiiyf . . More U of l. . , , ARE we lost, Harold? l T, H S raises its Minute Mari Flaa, tliariks to tlie Camp Fires . Surely orie ol us is rialit , Gli, wliat a beaulliul cover . . Carnival, rio lciddiii . . . Buy your stamp please, NCW . Stuffed animals aaairi Wliats Coolilu "il Get your facts first, and then you can distort ,em as you please 1944-19415 Editorfin-Chief . , . . . Patsy Howell r,.....,. Doris Medford .. , .lane and lean Stanley , . . .Dorothy Campbell . . . . . ..., Dorothy Lanham Administration Editor ...., Senior Editors ........... lunior Editor ....., Sophomore Editor. . . Freshman Editor 4.... .....,,..,....., B etty Hutchinson Art Editors ........ ..... S ue Brummett, Homer Dolan Sports Editors ..... .....,.....,.... C lyde Powderly, Paul Cory Business Managers.. Kenneth Boram, Donald Beatty, Dorothy Feyerabend, Imogene lsringhausen Circulation Managers .,......,................,i lohn Cornelius, Chairman Doris Bray, Betty Gross, Evelyn Tucker, Dick Long, Doris Gier, Doris Eessler, Glenn Leach, Gladys Kanallakan, Bernard Spangle .Harold Beach Photographic Editor ...,.....................,.........,... Dayfby-Day Editor .... .................,.........,,.....,,. E sther Lynn Typists .,......,............,..... Betty Martin, the typist who really typed Bette Willis, Patsy Kadell, Betty Bohlting, Marcella Cope Mechanical Department .....,.......,...,...,.. Pat Gibbons, Dick Thurston .Mary Holland Activity Editor ......... ...............,... Publicity ...,... ....,...... I oe Bagley Sponsor .... ..., M rs, Esther Searls Aa l94l4l-lQfl5 "Music is lor certain among us, more than a pleasure: it is a necessityf, Saxophone Eugenia Arger Ioseph C. Bagley Donald Bligh Donald Chappell lack Spiegelman Trombones Donald Beatty It William Burch Clarinet Betty Lou Cone Dorothy Downey Doris lean lennings Peggy Liles Doris Parsell Gene Prosser Barry Ritter Lorraine Schweickhardt Harold Lee Walkington Herbert Whiteside Mary lean Thompson French Horn Bill Beaty Dwight Munsterman Edward Springman Bass Clarinet Mary Taylor Alto Clarinet Rita Miller Baritone Bob French Richard Long Glocken Spiel Marjorie Vinz Cornet Charles Dehne Tommy Feyerabend Bill Garber Dorothy Lanham Donna lean Peter lames Reddish Albert Stamps Bob Yocum Ierry Zimmerman George Maher Oboe Doris lean Cope Mary Lou Hedgcock lmo lsringhausen Drums Paul Connolly lane Davenport Dorothy lean Feyerabend Barbara Garber Dolores Little Iunior Lorton Gerry Parker Mardelle Smith Conductor-Claud 69 e Smith Bass Hom Robert Campbell Wayne Campbell Vocalists loseph C. Bagley Doris lean Cope Imogene lsringhausen Marybelle Coonrod Beverly Solander Gerry Solander Flute Martha Burch loan Kibler Drum Maiorette Imogene lsringhausen Maiorettes Patsy Howell Agnes Gibbons Ioan Kibler lane Stanley lean Stanley Donna Rea Beach Marybelle Coonrod Gerry Solander Beverly Solander Color Guard Robert Brammeier Walter Iewsbury William Randolph H5 fi?" 1' ,-ax v I K ny ,mu V K Qi, x ,. .X ,V Ea., W ,, R PM 1 . wh 'L-, ug- 15951 Q ,, ' "" Ax., ya-.el i LW" E Q Bk, H 53 K YT' 35 Li, 5' -W Aw ?E wad 3, V . A P .- Q4' A hiv -1 to Aff 1 fg .4 ff A 'Es 4-lg ,vp fn .- 7 , .W ASS ? -'iff ,- ,f:.x,ggC'+ "H --f w A fi.: ' 'W ,'- k ,,-af W ,X as v fu -1--+V 54 f" ul m ' fi 'Q W3 ...fl ix Q Q45 ., '1MwifMku' . M- rl: 'Q Q ll V 1: ,I -Aw ' ia k Q ' P Q 9 if-. 'Q x A ' E. lv nhl' 8 X .J U R sg .Q - 3.3 gg- rx , .9 , , .,- ms hw. . --A ' , Sw X.. 5: f Q if M 'ja 'Q Xyxgiq af f ' A 'E ' ' In Aft "" ANI U' 'x W W, Wie' gl A --pf lab? V, aw... N,,,.Am " Q .- 'Nw . I "W 'wr 4 Q 1 .E ? 3 . 3 V lr v G Q Q, ' ' sg .V ' 2:3 3, . vig P1 jp , 3 3 32 152- Q Q? N' Y-.1 !.L.ll mi, 1 f,.:,-57 Lg?- T s iid 1 Z ,P 9 I' Christmas Vespers hy Vocal Music Department Processional e- -f - "O Come All Ye Faithful" "Glory to God" - - -- Original Arrangement N I Cl'lm"S hi' MGVIOUP Vmlf A "Hark the Herald Angels Sings" -H Original Arrangement O Little Town of Bethlehem 4 Lewis H Redner --Hmk NOW Q Shepherdgg K Momvicniuvqox Descant: Doris Medtord, Mary Hunt, Betty Lou Cone ' ' Tmblk, Chomb "Hi Sl ll Fr d H'.' Fl lc" -V - "Th M t" .. . .. , Z M fe Sfmmii, gO1O,,p0lO,oS Lnliqfm e 658161 On That Most Blessed Night DNeapolitan Folk Song "As Lately We waicitpdif at ee Austrian Folk song H Due" lm' DGV?nt'OfT and OW' PM Dolores Little and lim Cfreainer with Chorus The MGTCH of the Three KINGS f l3ll1 Century "lt Caine Upon the Midnight Clear" Fl. A. Willis Mmm Choms "We::tinin::ter Carol" -- f -- French-English "We Three Kings of Orient Are" - - --- I. H. Hopkins Mixed Chorus Bass Soloists. Donald Chappell, Homer Dolan, Dick Long "A Star Was His Candle" -- - - T. Del Riego "The Prince of Peace is Born" - - --- M. E. Orr Contialto Solo lmoaenv lsrinqhausen Verse-Speaking Choir 'Silent Night" - 7- - - - Franz Gruber "Gesu Bambino" ---- Pietro A, Yon Soprano Solo-Phvllis lirdman Soprano Solo-'Doris lean Cope with Chorus Descant Mary Catherine Catt Phyllis lfrdman, Doris Mains Recessionct ,W A ,a - "Icy To the World" HO Holy Nlgllln 'H f 7' -- f AdGm'R9X Audience and Chorus Womens Sextet. Mary llunt, Mary Lou lledqcock, Mary Taylor, Betty Cone, Ioan Kibler lfuqenia Arger R th K- h -4 i k- i -- R d "Birthday of a King" e A- A W. H. Neidlinger u UC my ec ,er Baritone Solo-locole Bagley Imogene Isringhausen - - - Accompanist "Io::eph, O Dear Ioseph Mine" --A German l4th Century Martha Burch --.,- ACCO,-npcmist Soprano Solo-Leona Stanton , Tenoi SolofAllred Bedinger MGTY Ellen Off -' f ' - Director 73 FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA "Here's what F. F. A. means: Iobs well done-any kind of farm job-and when cmd where its most needed." J if JJ' President Gene Murphy Vice President lohn Randolph Secretary Milton l-louseman Treasurer lerry Kramer ! Reporter loe Welch Sponsor Fred Peter ' 1 , . 1 X HOME 'EC CLUB ' yr' "Wh0'11 dare deny tlie truth, there's poetry in pie?" President ' Vice President' Secretary Treasurer Heporter Sponsors Mary Lou Davieon, 74 Doris Medford Theresa Phelan Geraldine Kiel Doris Fessler Elva Spangle Edna L Swope 3' I 3 I 4' ATHLETICS The manager of an athletic team leads a hectic life fso says Eddief. I 5,6 9 fi s ,iff X 1 I f Q F Pa ' X V I ' 10 X T S Q X- .' " It g " ' 5 ' . Q 'L f J I u K ix. 6 '7 I 235' QQ93 My ,mf of W .2 HOT FRQM THE GRIDIRQN Date Opponent Sept. 23 Western Military Academy Sept. 29 ftoodhouse Oct. 5 Greenfield Quarantine Nov. 3 Pittsfield Nov. 10 Pleasant Hill Nov. 14 Winchester Nov. 20 White Hall Totals 7 Games Place There Here There There There Here Here Opp. ITHS 3 5 U 7 7 6 16 12 U 6 12 U 14 18 13 84 62 78 Remarks These big boys proved too much for our "fighting eleven" and gave us our worst defeat of the season. Our biggest accomplishment, for it was the first time in the History of I. T. H. S. Here we found ourselves in the second half. A set-back in our favorable seascn. Too much for us immediately after the quarantine. Our previous defeat helped us win here. A great day! Our first time this season to be defeated on our home field. FOOTBALL LETTERMB. I. Bob Shaw fSeniorl Right End. Although small, Bob really messed up the opponents' plays. Paul Cory fSeniorJ Right Tackle. His size and aggressiveness com- pletely offset his inexperience. Pat Gibbons fSeniorJ Right Guard, "Irish" was the key to our successes. - Clyde fButchl Powderly fSeniorl. Butch, a transfer from guard to center, was a boy who really loved the game, Donald Surgeon CSeniorl Left Guard. Don turned up in our hour of need to become a tough linesman. Iim Creamer fSeniorl. With his four years of experience, lim developed into a tough left tackle. Gene Murphy fSeniorl "Tunney" played a real game at left end. II. Donald Bligh fluniorl Halfback. "Rabbit" really lived up to his name on those end runs. Louis Koeller tfuniorl "Louie," the hardest line plunger, will be back next year. Bert Chappee Uuniorl. Bert is a fine prospect for "end" man. Dick Thurston CSeniorD Halfback. "Pee-Wee" was a fine kicker and the hardest "end" runner in the conference. Bill Landon ffuniorl Halfback. Bill was the smartest boy on our team. Captain Iohn Randolph fSeniorl Quarter Back. His fine performance in a perfect season is a "perfect tribute" to him. Ioe Holland fSophomoreJ Alternate End. foe was as good as the best. III. Dwight Munsterman fSophomorel. Dwight is a boy who will make all his opponents respect him. Bob Creamer fSophomorel. Bob will make a cracking good end. Ierry Wade lluniorl. "Curly," if heavier, will make a rough center. Robert French fSophomoreJ. This halfback should develop into a hardy runner. Fred Glassbrenner fSophomoreD. A sure promise for next year's tackle. IUNIOR LETTERMEN William Miller Alfred Beddinger David Schafer Robert Campbell Barry Ritter Bill Wimmersburg Albert Stamps George Lorton, Ir. Bert Hamblen BASKETBALL Our first team got off to a bad start of the 1944-45 basketball season, but later snapped out of the old rut and started winning. We conquered several of our enemies who had overpowered us earlier in the season, even beating a better Hardin Five in the Regional tournament. Our scond team enjoyed a good season winning more than half of their games. These boys were Freshmen and Sophomores which gives us reason to believe lerseyville will have good teams for future years. 1944-45 BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Date Nov. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec, Dec. fan. lan. lan. fan. Ian. lan. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. 30 Thursday 1 Friday 4 Monday 5 Tuesday 7 Thursday 12 Tuesday 14 Thursday 15 Friday 19 Tuesday 21 Thursday 4 Thursday 1 1 Thursday 13 Saturday 15f20 22 Monday 26 Friday 1 Thursday 2 Friday 8 Thursday 12 Monday 15 Thursday 19 Monday 27-March 2 Place Shipman Away Alton Home Winchester Away Benld Home White Hall Home Roxana Away Hardin Home Carrollton Away Carlinville Away Roodhouse Away Winchester Home Greenfield Away Grafton Away Winchester Tourney lMiltonl Grafton Home White Hall Away Roxana Home Benld Away Carrollton Home Roodhouse Home Hardin Away Greenfield Home Regional Tourney CHardinD Scottville 80 Opp. ITHS 25 13 54 19 34 20 52 25 19 18 53 24 50 30 36 26 29 35 ' 27 24 50 24 43 34 37 22 34 31 28 25 29 27 36 18 57 25 27 28 25 26 37 32 27 28 22 32 38 35 faweivd fwfb, MJ, ilf1f:'w..,f'f.i.w. f .x, - 15,4 IQ44-45 BASKETB LL LETTERIVIEN Bob French-Sophomore . . . Possessed a nice long shot. Melvin Houseman-lunior . , Loved to heckle the enemy. Bill Burch-Sophomore , . . Could hit from any position. Paul Cory-Senior . . . A knack for getting the ball off the board. Donald Chappell-Iunior . . His long shot couldn't be beat, lim Burge-Iunior . . , A very clever dribbler. Bob Shaw-Senior , . . When driving into the basket he never missed. Gene Murphy-Senior , 4 . Captain , 4 , Was the crowds favorite. Donald Bligh-lunior . . . Very fast and shifty ball handler. Dwight Munsterman-Sophomore . . . Good rebound man. Gerry Wade--Iunior . . . A versatile player who always came through. lim Creamer-Senior . . . The center who was missed when Uncle Sam called. Fred Glassbrenner-Sophomore . . . A more determined player couldn't be found. Bert Chappee-Iunior . . . Under the basket was his specialty. Bob Creamer-Sophomore . . . Watch Bob, he's basketball material. Bob Campbell-Freshman . . . High point man and will become better. 81 Edwin Fissslv' 1-I E Dale Cv+H ll or . X -J I 9 411 TRACK LETTERMF Conference Meet at Pittsfield-Ierseyville Second State District Meet at Tcxylorville-Ierseyville Fifth Ierseyville 331A f Pittsfield 8 fThirty schools competingl fEight schools competingl Donald Bligh ,.... ..,... T hird in l00, Second in 220 - . - - Walter lewsbury .......,..,.,...... Fourth in mile Esfcgfufgfg' if jf Ilgglsffeffg Gene Murphy .....l,..,.......... Fifth in mu miie Dale Cottingham .. ....l. ..Relay team SPRING OF '45 TRACK SCHEDULE Edwin Fessler ...,,.. .... , ,. Fifth in high jump April l7-Triangular Meet at Roodhouse, Rood- Walter Iewsbury ...., .... ,i.. .,,,. F i r st in mile house, Carrollton, and Ierseyville. Gene Murphy ,.., Second in mile, First in half mile April 27--Conference at Roadhouse. Dual meet. Richard Thurston ...... Third in 440, Fourth in 220 May l2-State District Meet at Taylorville. Bligh, Boushka, Cottingham, Thurston. 2nd in Relay May 18-State Meet at Champaign, F' " Udo-M50 THE PANTHERS TAKE THE LEAD See all those excited lerseyville fans? lt was a close game and Carroll- ton had us worried for a while, but the Panthers were victorious! fSalute To The Bandl No home game would have been complete without our I. T, lfl, S. band, Under the direction of Mr. Claude Smith, the band members have been on hand at every game to entertain us They did a grand job, too. How could we ever forget that version of "Accentuate the Positive" by Beverly, lerry and Maribelle as well as the other musical specialties they presented! Always performing with distinction at pep rallies, parades and football and basketball games, the band with its ten majorettes has shown us a very entertaining season. 33 AMUSEMENTS 'Solitude is very sad Too much company twice as ba iaVeI sraye6 Aw-23 '12-1 Lang?" Q 'W h O P - 4 ,lS wf'l' S' M I, y loved ls Rugged !" xyou ING 'rad Fu-st' LOVG- Q 1' Da'n'i' Khow why" X ,I K Embvaceaife. Xu ll 85 ,S WIIO Best dancers Houma Huyle and RlCllFITCl Loma Cutest grins Sue Bmmmott cmd C-SOHC Murplmy Most popular boy and girl Gene Murphy and Patsy Howell Best musician loseph Bagley Biggest Crush Maxme Wock and Bill Beaty All 'round girl and boy Imogene lsringhausen and Pat Gibbons sTJ'I'Hf Most studious girl and boy Geraldine Cates and Kenneth Borani Most likely to succeed Kenneth Boraiii and Patsy Howell Handsomest boy Pat Gibbons Best apple polisher losseph Baaley Prettiest girls lane and lean Stanley President and First Lady in 1965 Kenneth Boraiii and Betty Hutchinson 4-n .Nuts CARNIVAL QL E 1' The Queen Her Escort Retiring Queen Iunior Candidate Her Escort .. . . Sophomore Candidate Her Escort . . , Freshman Candidate Her Escort Crown Bearer Flower Girls Train Bearers Guards . Trumpeters 1 f . Vocalist . S Announcer X Q8 Dons l5n'1',' Clyde Pewderly Marcella Cope Loretta Beierxnnnn Walter lewsburv Glenn Hnnlei Gene Pmszsser Helen Beienn -"a :nn lldwfird lgllllfll' . Georgia Lee ll1TlC'1llCIl1fSUll lane Mundy, Helen l. Sudcle, ferry Reach, lint Gmlabwnm lane Stanley, lean Stmiley ert Yocong leriy Z11111t1enni,1x1 lOCOle liciiiler' Wfiyrie Cfinmbell A Jing? X I X1 K 'sf fire:-aarsieml-midi .f, Hn... f.-. Wf- L X1 . 1 Y - 1 ' 2 1 All 'I 'Y W gag mf ' nw M iz? 5 Q 3 Q. ,ff 2355? Wig: A , , ,g i .W x . :gg I x A f' Y ' 9 ' A U, 1 if f fi a Ks JUNHJR CLASS The Iunior Class Of Iersey Township High School PLAY fUnder the direction of Miss Dorothy Bandyl presents ASK ME ANOTHER a comedy in three acts bY Glenn Hughes Characters Wilma Shepard, an office girl ,.....,......... Mrs. Gates, managing editor of The Herald ...,.. Mrs. Snell, society editor of The Herald ..........,.. Harriet Hogan f"Aunt Sally"D, a cookery expert. . . . . Ioyce Martin, a young newspaperwoman ......... Mike Warren, a reporter on The Examiner .,.,.,. Ioe Weber, a detective .........,,...,..... Eloise Archer, a society girl .....,..,.,,.. Mrs. O, B. Hammond, a wealthy Widow .... Frank Sylvester, a cook ..,t.... ...,,.. Marco, a mystic .........,.,.,.......... Cassie Short, an underworld character ....,. Synopsis . . . .Ora Strunk . . . .Martha Burch . . . .Ruth Kirchner . . . . . .Marjorie Vinz . . . . . . . .Dolores Little . . . . .Donald Chappell . . , . . . .Paul Connolly . . . . .Doris lean Iennings Mary lean Thompson .. ...Iack Pivoda . . . . .Charles Henson . . . . .Virginia Shaw The action takes place in an outer office of The Herald, a morning news- paper in a fair-sized American city, during the afternoon and evening of an early spring day. The present. Act I: 4 P. M. Act II: 5 P. M. Act III: 8 P. M. 91 t Wh DRAM Tic CLUB PL. Yi? "Henry Aldrich confuses and amuses I.T.H.S. as well as Central High School" THE DRAMATIC CLUB Ot Iersey Township High School fUnder the direction of Miss Ruth Ann Orrl presents "WHAT A LIFE" a comedy in three acts by Clifford Goldsmith Characters Miss Shea, Secretary of Mr. Bradley ....,, Mr. Nelson, Assistant Principal ,,,...... Mr. Patterson, a teacher ..4..... , Miss Pike, a teacher .......... Bill, a student . .,.......,,. . Miss Eggleston, a teacher ,.... Miss Iohnson, a teacher ..., Mr. Vecchitto, a parent ,...,. Henry Aldrich, a student ...... Barbara Pearson, a student ,,.. Gertie, a student ..,.......... Mr. Bradley, The principal .... Miss Wheeler, a teacher ,..,.. George Bigelow, a student .............. Mrs. Aldrich, Henry's mother ,,...,4...... Mr. Ferguson, From police headquarters ..,, Mary, a student. . . .....,..........,... . . . . Synopsis Act l: The principals office in Central High Act ll: The same. The following morning. Act III: The same. An hour later. 92 . . . .Sue Brummett .,......,....BillWilson ...............DickLong . . . .Imogene Isringhausen , . . .Tom Feyerabend . . . . . ,Doris lean Cope ..........Iean Allen . , . . . . , . .Melvin Welch . . . .Wayne Campbell . . . . . . . .Doris Mains . . . .Mildred Spriggs ..........PatGibbons . , . . .Donna lean Peter . . . . . . .Gene Prosser . . . .Peggy Shortal . . .Morrison Skinner . . . . .Dorothy Downey School. A morning in spring. Toastmaster . Welcome .. Response . . . My Projects ...,., Alfalfa in lllinois. Talk ....,....... Movies PROGRAM . Iohn Randolph . ..Gene Murphy . . Louis H. Lock Charles Koenig .. . Harry Nelson .. F. H. Markman . . . .Louis N. Heider PAN-AMERICAN LEAGUE BAN QUET Toastmistress .... Solo-"Brazil" . MARCH 15. 1945 PROGRAM Latin American Poetry .... Solo--"Carmencito" Latin American Music . Charro Days . . Solo-"Begin the Beguine". . . . Mary Holland .Dolores Little .. .Homer Dolan Imo Isringhausen Wayne Campbell .. .Sue Brummett . . . .Iocole Bagley BANQUETS FATHER AND SON BANQUET "BO" CLUB ATHLETIC BANQUET IERSEY HOTEL . 94 FEBRUARY 20 I 5 MARCH 28. 1945 Welcome Address, .. ..,.,..,..... ..... P at Gibbons Principal .,,........,. ,..., M r. Markman President of Board .... .... Mr. Cope Basketball Captain. . . ...,. Gene Murphy Football Captain . . ..Iohn Randolph Boys' Chorus .... ,.,,..,,..,................, M usic Athletic Director ,...,...., ....,,..,,.. M r. Creamer State Supervisor of Physical Education .,...... . .. . . . .Mr. Raymond Duncan MOTHER-DAUGHTER BANQUET APRIL iz, 1945 Toastmistress ..,. ...., Group singing ..... Toast to Mothers ..,. Response of Mothers.. Poems of the Home. . . Iolly Spats of Home Life Song ..,........,....,. Reading .........,... Patriotism at Home .. . Eunice Ansell .. .Doris lean Cope , . . . . . . .Doris Medford Mrs. Ioseph Fessler . . Therisa Phelan , . Elva Spangle , . . . .Leona Stanton .Barbara Brummett ....Alice Little and F uture Home Makers NCES Remarks... . . ..,....... .F. H. Markman "Star Spangled Banner" IUNIOR-SENIOR BANQUET BAPTIST CHURCH PLANTATION PARTY MAY 10. 1945 Invocation ............... Miss Rebecca Newcomb The Colonel ......, ..... . Mr. Paul Connolly The Sunny South . .. ....... Mr. Charles Henson Southern Hospitality .. .... Miss Margaret Shortal Old Folks at Home ...,,...... Mrs. Clarence Schmidt Southland Songs ..........,....... Miss Marjorie Vinz, Miss Dolores Little, Mr. Edward Bunse, Mr. Donald Chappell, Miss Martha Burch. Iunior "Fall I"rolic" ................ November 17, 1944 Theme: Thanksgiving-those dear old Puritan Dames and Gents Don't forget the Duck Hunter's Hop! Sophomore "Swing Session" ..,..... December 19, 1944 Theme: Santa Claus Parade Didn't we all enjoy the Teddy Bear Roll and the Snow Ball Bounce! "GO" Club Dance ....................., Ianuary 9. 1945 Theme: "You Gotta Be a Football Hero" Freshman "Sweetheart Ball" ,........ Febmary 13. 1945 Theme: Dance of the Hearts Remember? ?--Lover's Leap Swing and Cupid's Quiver CBoys' Tagjt Senior "Spring Dance" .................. April 3. 1945 Theme: "In the Spring a young man's fancy lightly turns to-Iyou knowl, The Moonlight really adds romancel Iunior and Senior Prom .................. May 10. 1945 Theme: Plantation Party Ye Southern Belles and Country Gentlemen really added festivity to a festive orcasion I I !Real Orchestra! What a treat! !l I Mr. Lawrence Allen Mr. Homer Roberts CMr. William Shawl flvlr. Abraham Lanel OUR CUSTODIANS To Mr. Homer Roberts and Mr. Lawrence Allen, who were unable to spend the entire year with us, we owe a great debt of thanks for their splendid co-operation and untiring efforts. Their tasks, which included an infinite number of small jobs, were handled with much skill and careful consideration. Their successor, Mr. William Shaw, has taken over their responsibility and is keeping our buildings in good condition. Although he has been handi- capped in taking the place of two experienced men, he has done a fine job. On May lst, Mr. Abraham Lane began his new duties as janitor. His assistance has been a great help for Mr. Shaw and they are both doing a fine job at I. T. H. S. 94 ERTIS This spider carefully scans our "I" to determine "which merchant is not advertising so he can go to that store, spin his web over the door. cmd lead a life of undisturbed peace afterward". '41-Y'-,.,,-i!""""' 1 -' as is May VVC CXPFCSS OUR APPRECIATION MR. BERT O. BELL Ot Bell's Studio A real friend of our school INDIANAPOLIS ENGRAVING CO. for their care in making cuts for our "I" MR. CLAUDE SMITH for his amazing ingenuity and his infinite patience so unstintingly extended to grateful Seniors MR. I. W. PATTERSON Of Huston-Patterson Corp. for his helpful suggestions and cooperation THE INDIVIDUALS who posed for our division page pictures DAVID MOLLOY COMPANY for their covers for our Annuals OUR ADVERTISERS who through their kindness and generosity have helped to make this record of 1945 a reality. 111i....1.....-Quin-1n1111.-1111- L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY "Known Wherever There Are Schools and Colleges" Class Rings Medals Invitations Trophies Diplomas Awards 'iff 'k 'iff DISTINCTIVELY DESIGNED FRATERNITY AND SCHOOL JEWELRY 'iff 'A' 'Lk FRANK A. DOOLING 20l Board of Education Bldg. 9l l Locust St. St. Louis l, Missouri 1 in-1-.1 1 1 141.11-5-...1..i 1 1 .- 1 i..1..1..1..- REAL ESTATE FOR SALE City Property and Farms All Kinds, Sizes and Prices Mourning Realty Co. 106 EAST PEARL ST. JERSEYVILLE, ILL. Phone 179W Residence 7l8R5 Imperial Station GAS 8: OIL CRITIC FEEDS LLOYD ALLEN, Prop. Freshman: "I don't know." Sophomore: "I'm not prepared." Iunior: "I don't remember." Senior: "I don't believe I can add any- thing to what has been said." Bill Landon: "Mary dearest, I'm burning with love for you." Mary Taylor: "Come now, my Romeo, don't make a fuel of yourself." Florist: "Well, so you want to say it with flowers. Say, about two dozen?" Wayne Campbell: "No, make it half a doz- en. I don't want to say too much." Updike Milling Company Wayne Feed F or Every Need Greetings to J. T. H. S. -..1 1 1 1 1.1..1..1..1..--n1u1n1n.1n1.n- Compliments of Charow Brothers Dealers in Poultry and Eggs Howard White, who had just completed his training, was assigned to sea duty and was making his first trip, Standing in the aft part of the ship with another "trainee", he was admiring a grace- ful seagull as it hovered, swooped, and dipped to recover some scraps of food that had been thrown from the galley. "What a beautiful pigeon," exclaimed Howard. "That's a gull," said the more-experienced sailor. "I don't care-gull or boy-it's a pretty pigeon. Phyllis Erdman: "Does this lipstick come off easily?" Clerk: "Not if you put up a fight." n1ln1..1..1..1..1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1n.Tu1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1n-n-u- Swift and Company 'iff POULTRY - - EGGS - - CREAM Compliments of B. F. Feyerabend Jerseyville Ice 8: Fuel Company Count on us to keep your refrigerator stocked with Pure Ice the whole year through. It keeps fresh longer. .g1 1 1 1 1.1-lp-.1-1111 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 .- American Beauty LIVESTOCK at POULTRY Feeds AV STANDARD-TiLToN niv1sioN Russell-Miller Milling Co. Jerseyville, Illinois Phone I77 Jersey County Motor 8: lmplement Co. flilormerly Beiermann X Ritter, MASSEY-HARRIS IMPLEMENTS Dodge 6: Plymouth Dealers Cas 8: Electric Welding Jerseyville, Illinois Phone 5 I 4 1.-1 11.1.51--1..1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1.1 1 1 1.11.11-1..1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ferry Howell, in Iapan, wrote to Pat Gib- bons, saying, "I don't know if this letter will ever arrive, because the lapanese censor may open it." A week later Ierry received a note from the Iapanese post office saying, "The statement in your letter is not correct. We do not open letters." Russell Sinclair: "Since I met you I can't eat, I can't sleep, I can't drink." Gloria Hunter Cshylyl: "Why not?" Russell: "I'm broke!" Miss Bandy: "Iackie, translate 'Rex Fugit'." Iackie Spieglemanz "The king flees." Miss Bandy: "You should use 'has' in translating the perfect tense." Iackie: "The king has flees." Geraldine Kiel: "Should I marry a man who lies to me?" Maxine Wock: "Do you want to be an old maid?" Glenn Leach: "I hear they're going to fight the battle of Bunker Hill over again," Dick Long: "Why?" Glenn: "It wasn't fought on the level," Bill Wilsoni "My acting in this play will put me in the foremost rank." Sue Brummett: "Yes, right up with the four most rank actors." Charles Henson: "Thanks for the hug." Doris Mains: "The pressure was all mine." -..1q.1..1..1..11111111111..1.,1..1....11-.1111111111111 Compliments of AUSTIN COPE 8x SON OLIVER FARIVI EQUIPMENT Sales and Service 11p-.l1'q1.q1..1g.1.l1..1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1.11.41 1 1 1 1q1..1..1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 International Shoe Company O 793 Wearing International Shoes keeps International Factories busy - a good reason, but here is a better . . . Interna- tional Shoes are unexcelled in value. I JERSEYVILLE, ILLINOIS 'l ' - 1 1 ... 1'i..1.,1..1..1..1..1,1 ... .. 1-QQ1...-..1..i .-.lin-I i..1..1 1 1 1...-..1ui .- 1 1 Serving Both The War Effort and You- l00'ii- Central Illinois Public Service Company -..1..1-I.-lui..-.11--1-I.........1..1..-.q.1..iu1...- East Tire Sales GooDR1cH TIRES Sinclair Gas 8: Oil N. State Street Phone 5 I 6 The Vogue Shop LADIES and MISSES READY TO WEAR Jersey County Home Bureau A Professional Organization for Homemalcers Office 116 W. Pearl Phofne 164 .-n.- --u1..1.1 1 1 1 ... 1 1 .. 1 1 .-. 1 .- -.111un-u1un...nu1uu..n1u.- 1 1.q1l-in-n-11...-uq1lq1 Leona Stanton: "You dumb looking dope! You idiotic bore, you! lust the sight of you turns my stomach! I wish you'd fall dead! Oh, I could push you in a cage of raging lions!" Alfred Bedinger: "You mean you don't like me?" Coach Creamer: "lf I have talked too long its because I haven't my watch with me and there's no clock in the room." Bill Wimmersberg: "Theres a calendar right behind you." Orlan Cornelius: "What's your favorite sum- mer sport?" Bob Bregenzer: "Canoeing! It improves my swimming." We have been told that Wilma Collins has added more mirrors to her room so she can be surrounded by the people she loves best, Harry Nelson: "Do you know anything about pigs?" Gene Murphy: "My father raised a big hog once." Harry: "You're telling me?" Miss Metz: "Now remember that thinking is said to draw the blood to the head." Roger Goetten: "Is that why, when you think twice about some things, you get cold feet?" Compliments of Jersey County Shipping Association Ernest Palmer, Manager - .. 1,.1............1,,.....,.. in.. E. H. Sauer JEWELER Diamonds ' Watches Fine Watch Repairing Jersey County Farm Bureau 'ff Food Will Win the War and Write the Peace - 1 .. -1.1..1..1..-...1..1..1..,1.q1..1 -. -. .-1111.1 1. .1 .-ni1n1.I.-4.1-tt.-..1..1..1..1..1 1 ..- .- wJ2FQEQ7"E3HiQ"5i-EIA'M- I" ' """""""" ' ' ' ' ' ' ' 'M' Company A COOPERATIVE Dealers in Grain, Feed, Flour Why not Trade with Your Own Elevator - P H O N E S - lVIcCIusky 784w3 jerseyville I93 SCHOOL BOOKS School and Office Supplies Gifts, Stationery, Novelties Ryan Book Store Walker's Five to One Dollar Store Something different all the time Donham's Good looking clothes for Good looking girls 1 .1..1-n-1.1 .1..1..1...- 1.,......1...1 .. .-....,... 1.-. 1 ..,.-....Hin..--1..1..1..1..1..i..-. .- 1 1 Mary Iean Thompson: "Why the toothpaste in your coat lapel?" Bert Chappee: "It's my class pin-I'm going to Colgate." "This," explained Mr. I-Ieider, "is one of the most dangerous explosives known. If I am wrong in my experiment we are liable to be Kindl com alittle blown through the roof. ' y e Closer, so that you can follow me better." Ioe Holland: "We play music when we milk our cows." 1 Glenn Higgins: "And the way this tastes you must have played 'Ole Man Ftiver'," Doris Medford: "Where are you going to eat?" Dorothy Campbell: "Let's eat up the street." Doris: "No, I don't like asphalt." Kenneth Smith: I guess you've gone out with worse looking fellows than I am, haven't you?" fNo answer.J Kenneth, a little louder, "I say, I guess you've gone out with worse looking fellows than I am, haven't you?" Patsy Kadell: "I heard you the first time. I was trying to think." .1......1 .- -...1.,,1..........1 .......- 1 - .- 1 .-I-1..1..i..1.1 1 ....i ... .- ... ini... 1 Compliments of Apex Cleaners 104 North State Jerseyville, Illinois Watches - Diamonds - Jewelry l Clocks - Music LaRoss Jewelers Watch Repair i' Engraving Stone Setting I06 N. State St. jerseyville, Ill. I89l if Sir 1945 Jacoby Brothers, Inc. IERSEYVILLE, ILLINOIS FUNERAL DIRECTORS and FURNITURE DEALERS AIVIBULANCE SERVICE .-..1..1..1..1--1.11-.1111 11-111-.1111-I.-uninilqi..1..iw-n.-1lin.-pp4,,,....,i,,i,.i,.1..iI.-......1 1 i 11111111111111111..1...-l.1.l1gpq.gg1un-...1..1111111111 Compliments of JERSEY BAKERY BAKERS or FINE PASTRIES il? A. M. HEISLER, Prop. Phone 120 Jerseyville, Ill. Sessets THE lVlEN'S AND BOYS' BEST STORE 'A' i' Establish I 864 1.l1..1..1..1.1 1 1 1 1 1II1...-n1n..............1.u1 1 1 1.u1-nq....1..1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Dorothy Downey: "I don't see why he dates herg she's a terrible dancer." Barbara Brummett: "No, she can't dance, but she sure can intermission." Ioanne House: "Why doctor, you told me to show you my tongue, but you haven't even looked at it!" Doctor: "No-it was only to keep you quiet while I wrote out this prescription." Tom Lock: "I like a girl who can take a joke." Ora Strunk: "Then you stand a splendid chance of being accepted." "I turned the way I signaled," said Doris Gier indignantly after the crash. "I know it," retorted Bob Shaw, "that's what fooled me," Miss Vance: "Eddy, I'm only punishing you because I love you." Eddy Schell: "I wish I were big eenough to return your love." Mrs. Hallett: "Lot was warned to lake his wife and daughter and flee out of the country. Lot and his wife and daughter got safely away." Bob Hardwick: "What happened to the flea?" Read the Jersey County Democrat-News "The Home Newspaper of This Community" U ' O "Devoted to Home Interests" Wells-Norris, Inc. GOODYEAR TIRES STANDARD OIL PRODUCTS AV EXIDE and GOODYEAR BATTERIES AV 300 South State St. Phone 39 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1..1..1 1 1 1 .1..1..1..1..1l.1.l1l.1,,1..1,.1......1..1,.1..1..1..1..1 Compliments of Worsham Barber 8z Beauty Shoppe Compliments of Hollmann's Dry Goods and Gift Store Elsye Hollmann, Prop. II6 N. Stare Street ,Ierseyville Illinois NELSON BROTHERS Manufacturers of Concrete Brick 8: Building Blocks Dealers in Coal SPECIAL RATES ON QUANTITY Compliments of F armer's Elevator Phone 81 F. A. Beach -g.-..1..1.,1..1.g1..1 1 1 1 1 1 1...1...1..1..1..1..1 1 1 1 1 1..1..1..1..1..1..1 1 1 1 1 1 A few weeks ago Paul Connolly was very much in love. He wanted to marry Imogene Isringhausen but being a shy lad, he could not find the courage to ask her. After much thought, he asked her in a whisper one noon, "Imogene, how would you like to be buried with my people?" Morris Long says: "Boots are what a man wants to die in so he won't stub his toes when he kicks the bucket." Bernard Willis: "Last night I dreamed that I asked the most beautiful girl in the world to marry me." Pat Howell: "Really, and what did I say?" Iohn Bray: "Women don't interest me any- moreg I prefer the company of my fellow men." Leon Iackson: "Move overg I'm broke too." Kenneth Fearno: "Why are those trees in the orchard all bent over?" Charles Powers: "You'd be bent over too if you were full of green apples." Billy Flamm was hurrying to school, and as he hurried he prayed, "Dear God, don't let me be late-please, God, don't let me be late." Iust then as he ran he stumbled, and ex- claimed, "Well, you don't need to shove!" 1511-11.-.l.1..1'.1..1..1..1.1 1.1,,1..1,.1 1.1..1..1..1 1 1 1 1..1..1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 T. W. Kirby and Son Druggist FOUNTAIN SERVICE SCHOOL SUPPLIES 104 South State St. Phone 32 C. and A. Grocery Fancy Groceries Choice Meats C Phone 333 Jeraeyville, Illinois Compliments of LlNK'S CAFE -..1 1 1 11.1 1.1,.f1.1..1..1..1 1 1 1 - Sunderland Motor Company C H E V R O L E T Sales and Service : --For Economical Transportation- 1..1.,1..1..1..1 1 1 1 .1..1..1..1..1 1 1 1..1.1 1 1 1..1..1q.1l.-1.1 1 1 1.1 1 1 1 1 I QUALII Y PETROLEUM PRODUCTS S106 '49 5 6 5 'S .A xiii! JERSEY coumv FARM SUPPLY co. Ae, -TA fr COM When You Buy Insurance 4K . . . SEE . . . YouWantittobeReliable 'K Ira Cottingham And at a Reasonable Price 'Y jerseyville, Illinois Horn Insurance Agency 205 North State Street 009 Jerseyville, Illinois Phones: Office 6lW - Residence 474W GENERAL INSURANCE David Schaferi "I want to buy a pencil." Edward Duggan: "What is yo o p Mrs. Woodman: "Hard or soft?" tion?" David: "Hard It's for a stiff exam." Bill Hansen: "I'm a locksmithf' Edward D: "Then what were you doing in Regina Ruyle was visiting an insane asy- that gambling house when the police raided Ium. While passing the big clock in the hall- it?" way, she glanced at her watch and remarked, Bill: "I was making a bolt for the door," "That clock must be a little off." "Sure, it is," a patient volunteered, "it Billy Garber says: "The Grand Canyon wouldn't be here if it werent" a cite tl'1at's simply gorgesf' Wh t f d d Phone us for all your a evef yciur oo nee S are' . you ll find them here. ! FOOD NEEDS Sam s Grocery -gg-.11ll..-..1..1.i..-......1.,,1.,1ll.....LI....I1..1l.1..1.l1.n-..u.-..1......u1,.i-lp..-.1-..1..1n F . R . IVI I I.. L E R Hardware, Paints, Farm and Carden Seeds Phone 507 JERSEYVILLE, ILLINOIS North State Street SHELL GASOLINE Sf? FIRESTONE TIRES VULCANIZING Compliments RECAPPINC Munsterman 8: Sons Fresh meat all summer .... D with a Fresh vegetables all winter . . . Q RINGHAUSEN FROZEN Fresh food the year round . . . FOOD I-OCKER 103 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1.11H1..1.11U1Il.1n1u1n-1..1n1..1n1..1n...n1..1n1.n1 Sir Compliments of Jersey Theatre THE FAMILY THEATRE Sir SUPPORT EACH FIGHTING MAN BUY ALL THE BONDS YOU CAN Jerseyville Motor Company JERSEYVILLE, ILLINOIS Miss Murray: "What do you think of the Senior Class?" Mr. Bersche: "I try not to think of it. I'm too easily frightened." Mrs. Hallett: "Where is the Mason-Dixon line?" Howard Sandburg: "The Mason-Dixon Line is the division between "you-all" and "youse guys". Herbert Whiteside says: "Marriage is the greatest cause for divorce." Miss Orr: "Construct a sentence using the word 'archiacf' Robert Campbell: "We can't have archaic and eat it, too." Miss Vance: "What is the most interesting and outstanding product chemistry has given to the world?" Dwight Munsterman: "Blondes," Melvin Houseman: "You look sweet enough to eat." Dorothy Feyerabend: "I do eat. Where shall we go?" -5.1-l1..1. 1..1..1..1.,1..1 1,tt.1.,t1,.t.1.... 1 1 1..1..1 1..1..1n1n-1 1.-1-n1nu1n1..1nu1nn1nn1-.1 1 Compliments of the G a m b I e S t o r e IO7 S. State Street Jerseyville, Ill. The Friendly Store" Compliments Gubser Funeral Home HOME-FURNISHING STORE Phones: Day 107-Night 14 North Liberty Street .lerseyville AMBULANCE SERVICE Herbert W. Gubser-Phone 260 No charge for Funeral Home Accommodations Quality - Service - Economy Bertman' s Department Store "A Good Store in a Good Town" HERBERT C. BERTMAN, Mgr. Compliments of John G. F lautt JOHN DEERE QUALITY FARM EQUIPMENT jerseyville, Illinois 1..1..1.g1..1.n1.u1 1..,1.t.1,.t.1m1..,1n1.n1.u1ln1.q1un1.1 1 1 11.1 1,g1..1 1.p1.,1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Why not . . . Laugh . .. Talk... Eat . .. Drink . .. At Ware's Drug Store Compliments of Music Shop and School Supply Phone 292 Compliments of Skinner's Cafe HOME COOKED FOOD and HOME MADE PUB Mary and Marie Compliments of Roth Studios 111111un1..1--1..1--1-111111..1..1111111111111111- Mrs. French: "Robert, I dor1't believe you are trying very hard in school." Robert: "Yes, I am. Mr. Tuthill says I'm the most trying boy in school." Harold Beach: "I just got a check from home." Paul Cory: "Then pay me that five dol' lars you owe me." Harold. "Wait till I tell you the rest of the dream." Mr. Bersche: "Now, class, we'll see what a hard nut we have to crack-Randolph, please stand up." Miss Orr: "Donald, use the word 'ransom in a sentence." Donald Walsh: "When she drew her re- volver, I ransom." Mrs. Searls: "Why don't you answer me?" Donald Sears: "I did. I shook my head." Mrs. Searls: "But you don't expect me to hear it rattle way up here, do you?" Miss Newcomb, rapping on desk, "Order, please!" Gene Murphy, "Make mine toast and coffee." Compliments of INMAN'S STORE 1 1 1 1 1,..1..1..1..1..-.-11 1 1 1 1n- Compliments of Al. J. Schleper Shoes For All The Family Manning 8: Manning ilerseyville, lllinois MANNING MEALS - LARRO FEEDS POULTRY and EGGS .-nu1.n1 .. .- -. r-1.1 .. 1n1uq1 1 1 1nn1.u1n1u- I 2 - l Harry Recllich 1 Jacobs l CONTRACTOR 7 LUMBER and CoAL COMPANY . . 1 Plumbing and Heating More Than 50 Years ll'0l'l Fireman Stokers of Dependable Service l - - -.......-......-...-..-...-,.,....-.... - -.- ,,,- -,,-,,-,,,-,,,,,,-,,-,,-,,,,,,-,- -, - - , Western t - , 1 MCGUlF6,S Grocery Auto Associate Store 1 .Y F . d t M I T. ' Ou rle ACCESSORIES - PARTS 1 I n a " 'me Tires - Batteries - Radios - Bicycles 44 "' b Men's Clothing Sporting Goods i Home Owned Dan T. Edwards, Jr. Phone 30 ik We Deliver Mr. Tuthill: "And always remember never Miss Holmes: "Now, Albert, if I substract to go in the water after a hearty meal." 20 from 45, what's the difference?" Hugh Snelli "Gosh no, you'll never find it Alflefl Sfemvsr "Thurs Whcl I SUV- Who there." cares? lean Stanley: "He's so romantic. Every time I Clyde Wlelcndl uWhC1Y do YOU think Of mY he speaks to me he says, 'Fair Lady'." Volce? Evelyn Tucker: "There's nothing romantic in Mlldfgd 5959955 nh might Come in hQndY in thatg he used to be a street-car Conductor." C059 Of flfe- Mrsl B,-Gy: "Why are You taking that Ruth Kirchner: "Have you heard the latest whistle with you tonight, Doris?" gossip?" Doris: "I have a date with a basketball MQW Ccllhefine CGM? UNO-H player." Ruth: "Well, then I guess there isn't any." Timurlluimin-T11c7ml1uTl11llYllUill1i-1111-lS1U-Diilhtilllillilll 1 Compliments Q Compliments of of , Opal's Beauty Shop Bert s Hardware Store 5 i - - ---------1-----w--w-v----v--w-l-- - --- L --u-- - -..--...--.-..-..-...-...-...-..- - - - - l C O N O C O I Jerseyville I YOUR MILEAGE MERCHANT 7 Monument Company G, W, CHURCH, Mgr. Our work is done for those who i love and who remember jerseywue 'H' Iihiwls Quality Granite Memorials lO6 Miss Orr: "Iunior, have you done your out- side reading yet?" Iunior Long: "No, it's been too cold." Miss Metz: "Really, Fred, your handwriting is terrible. You must learn to write better." Fred Glassbrenner: "Well, if l did, you'd be finding fault with my spelling." Milton Houseman: "That forward is going to be our best man next year," Doris Iennings: "Oh, Milton, this is so sud- denl" Pat Gibbons: "The next time you contra- dict me, l'm going to kiss you." Doris lean Cope: "You are not." 1.-...1...1...i,.1......1......1.1..1..1 .. 1 1 1 - 1 19.1 --..1nu1nu1 11111-n-..n1.t.1.n1 1 1 1 1 It is a pleasure to announce that the Class of I945 of the jersey Township High School has again chosen me as their Commercial Photographer for the Publication of their edition of the SCJ!! BERT O. BELL I do not Steal, But Take Everything JERSEYVILLE, ILLINOIS PHONE l49R 1 1.-41--tinui-n1n1nn1 1-.1..1.un1n in-1 1.1.11 1 -..1...-I...-...1..,....1,.1...-...t-.1.11..1..1..1..1..g...1 lack Pivoda: "This book tells how to be popular with the girls." Louis Koeller: "It does! What kind of a car does it recommend?" Miss Holmes: lafter finishing a long alge- bra probleml, "And so we find x equals zero," Paul Bechtold: "All that work for nothing," l lean Allen: "I've an awful lot of electricity in my hair." Priscilla Bell: "I don't doubt it. You always have such shocking things on your mind." Marcella Cope Cusheringll "How far down do you want to sit?" Mr. Smith: "Why, all the way, of course." Reese Drug Store Drugs with a Reputation jerseyville, lllinois Phone 3l0 Compliments 'of Fesenmeyer's DRY GOODS and READY-TO-WEAR We Give and Redeem EAGLE Stamps Compliments of Stanley's News Stand Orpheum Theatre is always willing to cooperate "Call us when you want a benefit show" 1 1 inning,-11'-1 1. 1 1 ..- 1 .. 1 iuln iuinl .. 1 -.. in-l..u1..-.1n.-1.11 1 .. 1 .- 1 .- - Donald Beatty and Iunior Boushka, busis ness partners, were at the theatre. Suddenly, Iunior turned to Donald, and said, "Oh! I for- got to lock the safe!" "Whats the elif?" Donald replied, "Ain't we both here?" Mr. Brummett: "I'1l teach you to make love to my daughter!" Bill Wilson: "I wish you wouldg I'm not mak- ing any headway myself." City Editor: "So you want a job as a re- porter?" Peggy Griffin: "Yes, sir." Editor: "Have you ever told a lie?" Peggy: "No, sir, but I'm willing to learn." Miss Vance: "Doris, how many times have I told you to get to this class on time?" Doris Ford: "I don't know, I thought you were keeping score," Cleta Ftetzer: "Can you keep a secret, Verna Lee?" Verna Lee Ruyle: "Sure I can, but it's just my luck to tell things to girls who can't." Clyde Powderly: "Why is a young couple making love on the beach like a bull-dog on a cake of ice?" Doris Iune Tucker: "I give up." Clyde: "Because it's dog-on-nice." B8zB CAFE WE'LL SERVE YOU A MEAL OR A SANDWICH ir 'A' IT'S A PLEASURE Phone 536 Market Your Cream the Co-op Way! The Patron Gets the Profit Jersey County Producers' Association Compliments of CROSS AND GIBBONS Compliments of C. A. POWEL FURNITURE EXCHANGE Compliments of Brayshaw Skelgas Skelgas and Home Appliances IZI W. Pearl St. Phone 400 jersey State Bank Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Spend less than you earn lnvest your Savings In War Bonds and Stamps Your Banker will help. :ff Jersey State Bank Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation lane Stanley: "Do you believe that dark- haired men marry first?" Mary Holland: "No, it's the light-headed ones." Bob Bregenzer: "She's always looking for ci man who'll give her the shirt off his back." Betty Gross: "She's a golddigger?" Bob: "No, a loundressf' Gene Prosser: "I quarreled with Paul. I should have beaten him black and blue if I hadn't been prevented." Bernard Spangle: "Who prevented you?" Gene: "Paul" Kenneth Boram fat the moviesl: "Can you see all right?" Betty Hutchinson: "Yes," Kenneth: "ls there a draft on you?" Betty: "No," Kenneth: "Is your seat comfortable?" Betty: "Yes," Kenneth: "Will you change places with me?" Bill fennings: "I got a real kick out of kiss- ing Rita last night." Tommy: "Any more than usual?" Bill: "Yes, the old man caught me." Hamblen' s Grocery FRESH MEATS 0 VEGETABLES DRESSED CHICKENS Phone II4 Across from the Courthouse SCHLOTZHAUER IMPLEMENT CO. al' 'A' JERSEYVILLE, ILL. Phone 2 7 7 pa-ll-1.1.-1-.111.-.-...1---11i..-...11111.-1111111111111 1 1..1 1..1..1 1.1 1..1 1 1 1..1 1..1... .1..1..1..1..1..1..1 1 .1..1..1..1..1..1 1 1 1..1..1..1..1..1..1..1..1..1..1..1..1..1..1..1..1..1..1 Egelhoff FLORAL COMPANY NURSERY STOCK ARTISTIC FUNERAL DESIGNS Ralph Egelhoff Compliments -of Dul-ladway and Suddes During the rush for gasoline ration coupon registration, Miss Newcomb looked up from her table, grinned at Chris Ringhausen standing be- fore her, application in hand, and said, "Well, after all these years, I'm finally able to give you an A." Rose Schroeder: "Now tell me the truth- do you men like the talkative women as well as you do the other kind?" Pete Skinner: "What other kind?" Kenny Beach: "May I kiss you?" Betty Rohlfing: "I-Ieavensl Another am- ateurl" Cutting Agency, Inc. Mrs. Florence A. White, Pres. 1 862-1 945 83 years of Insurance Service Jos. F. C. Schell's Sons Contractors for Plumbing, Steam, I-lot Water, Warm Air Heating, Oil Burners 6: Stokers Phones: Office 480, Residence 478 Jerseyville, Illinois Irene Ringhausen: "Eleanor Yates has an income tax figure." Virginia Lageman: "What do you mean " Irene: "She should be arrested for not filling out her form." Donald Chappell: "Are you fond of nuts?" Sue Brummett: "Is this a proposal?" Truman Garland: "I'm mad at Masief' Iim Burge: "Why?" Truman: "She asked me if I danced." limi "Whats so insulting about that?" Truman: "I was dancing with her when she asked me." eomlnliment: of DR. H. R. BOHANNON DR. B. M. BREWSTER LOUIS H. BROCKMAN DR. B. CAFFREY VIRGIL j. CAMPBELL COPE'S BARBER SHOP STEWART'S WAVERITE. DR. H. C. WORCESTER ED DOBROVOLSKI LELA'S BEAUTY SHOP W. j. TWOMEY-Monuments DR. A. M. WII-ES WAYNE V. WILLIAMS WIMPY'S HAMBURGER SHOP 1..1..1..1..1..1..1..1..1..1..1..1..1..1 1 1..1..1..1..1..-.1115-..1..1..1..1..1..1..1..1..1..1..1 1 --5, Bill Randolph. "My brothers gone into the Bill: UNO, he leeds them one day ancl pig business. Hes raising fancy hogs." starves them the next," Kenneth Eadsi "Whats he planning on- Kenneth: 'iWhy does he do that?" showing them at fairs?" Bill "Thats the way people like bacon-a strip of fat and then a strip of lean." THE STRENGTH OF A BANK is determined by its history, its policy, its management and the extent of its resources. FOR OVER FIFTY YEARS the State Bank of jerseyville has been in the forefront of jerseyville ancl jersey County Finance. THE STATE BANK OF JERSEYVILLE Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation - .-..1..1..1,.1...-..1..1. .-..1..1...1..... 1..-.11 .. .... .- 1 1.1 .... .1..1...1...- 1.... .in-..'1'n1.p-.....-n- Dorothy Iean Feyerabencl: "Thats the sort of Doris lean Cope: "Me, too, but you go man l've been looking for all my life." ahead, dear, you've been looking longer than I have " lll xx s Uvf' Q - 4: ' x xvvr " Q 5, A 6 1 n Q . XXX V I K1 Q , u rs, S 12. V H AAIQ ' ' 64 V kr GW l A 4 1 L-a-d-i-e-s and G-e-n-t-l-e-m-e-n, and now in the center ring we present our Grand Finale. Introducing: Diane Creamer, Equestrienne Princess: ' ' ter Supreme, Tommy Schmidt, Merrymaker Extraordinary, and Claudia Smith, Queen Ste hen Tuthlll, Rmgmas P h Wire. We thank you. of the Hig On a slipllgry field ' , pun me :'.f:3":5m.,1t the high school 6 'P ull:- .6 0 Panthers 55k h CLIS iiiiiigled To Greenfield Thursday F 01' Second Conference Gilme- CONFERENCE STANDINGS Team W L T Pittsfield ----- 1 0 3 1'000 Winchester ---- .1 0 1 1'0O0 JERSEYVILLE 0 0 1 1'000 Roadhouse ---- 0 ff 0 'OOO White Hall ---- 0 1 0 1000 Greenfield --S--.0 . . GAMES THIS WEEK T""'sday gightfield '11 at reen lififlllifr at swollen Friday Afternoon Pittsfield at Whfte Han Saturday Afternoon Pleasant Hill at RoodhouS6 g O 8 Thursday night' P6105 810312203 Jersey Townshlp Hlgh C h Car- ball team will be host UZ t echool rollton Hawks at the h 5 Moral Victorl' e9 'Yo 9 x '- o- v qoc' 994, 0 av' 'cb' YBWG Q00 x0 9 2 cl' ' 6 x Q1 9 30 G 9 e seo of 433 A 'ook ai we C6480 gi' 9 45' A will ZLQQ o Q1 9xAU,jl'1- Sieeje. er fn Plag- gm 'X Q ogg Mevegicgigoox '5 . ce A 0 0 YQXQGXQICNQ et eocibx 0 5 qd5Q Q Q73 1 ayxfo Og 561 lc' B 60 gl - Q1 O Yxbef-qjie Q5 507' C9 ee 509 N .eva eo 'oe be NN. l cf- 49-105 259 eix - 49" ef' Q9 we it 0'5" el .sl -6285x0319-gqnegs 501 ' G fun mm N CONTE 9 First I Grain A1111 Piiu? . .lll :cs nill be 110111 011 Thurs ent H . eld -evening' June 7 H : , . 111 L A . 3 . tentative calendar of event. St Satuld the remainder of the schoo -VS of th 0 Jets v Sy was released this week an iijhflrgl Vocatimml T L lwmcnt .A . annual S 'YOU UFS ecti - fluflginfsnal 10 H111 11115 f 11 Q f. " 95 Three t1,iA"arL'l'gil.V, . 'I 5 111 U zom J Juv Bled V, t . 0C11tio11:11 A eied the event. S011 f i newer 0 Mi, W0 ' honors '. H md 111 ' Jul nas awarded fg on - Sch 0 G1' 'H Ohalf b .ax b Seed Cmzshd osed of-J 'al Vudgin : fl, - ' h Lou O1 fldoi 1 IS 5'I V . p 9011 in 4161, Don ot 'S Dlflzlildlvhus and Program mem, Tf1c1SLyCEnflEtlh : . UU ,' Several students of the Jersey lgfnnllfl-Q01 of wnship High School will take, L 'gill Very, Paul in a panel discussion at th 'Uh ' e "J, Fm. , meeting' of the Educational ,nd John P11 fx . HM 1 of th " ' e Jelseyvllle lVOlTlZlll,S . C?"'bH1c which will he held at Chap- hint JU' Hall on Monday evening, 'I total om , a mem- mn Ulfl DL of the JTHS-'faculty, will 111- nk ff 1-nl ui the program. Present Con- ,hhu fm! in France will he discussed ' llfdvfl ,bys Kenneth Boram, Glenn ' , tml C172 ang.. calendar n.,i,iic held tglfjfr and Eh School 1astlx'g5'cTo Vgf'PT0s1f1enl 0f1J The aim Sm'Ved l I2 Sl Tl 1 - '50 Al I F0 R Upper Roll F At Sc Wedne ' - Tess if Elvenlb A, 0 W Da S, Wbcne Mu , LLE DE ,rseyvllle Wins First Game gl m garlinville l-light 135-29 er Rally Ties Roocl ' . i ' Miss Patsy Howell, daughtie .zbf 1.1 udge and Mrs. Fred W. How , has been selected as Ed1tor-iif1- hief of the "J" staff, the annual earbook of the Jersey Township I igh School, edited and published -. '?' 5 ' A 1. if the senior class of the school. Games T0 Hardin ' ' ' ' " ' ' ' . The members of the staff were V Carrollton A VACATION IN SPORTS ' nnounced this week and are as 5 The polio quarantine in Jerseyville has stopped comple ollowsg Patsy Howell, editor-in- k- ll sports activity until October 30. No league bowling took pl hie'f5 Doris Medfprdf administra' U if ' st week and as there are no pin boys on hand the owners i-on editor? Jane and Jean Stanley' ville won its first gamel he.Jerseyville Bowling Alley have decided .to close 'the do ntil the quarantine is lifted. Jersey T0fVnShip High School 'officials have cancelled a1'1'0l1t0n, VYh1te Hall and Winchester football gwames. All th expense of Carlinville but: i Hardin 50-30 Thursday nd Carrollton, 36 to 26 Fri- enior editorsg Dorothy Campbell, unior editorg Dorothy Lanham, ophomore editorg Betty Hutchin- on, freshman editorg Sue Brunrgg iet and Homer Dolan, art edil it ,K it amss were eflglnally Scheduled forvthe local field aifdfwith' J orsg Clyde Powderly and Patil, The Victory C n eyville showing a lot of promise in their first two games t ' ory, sports editorsg Kenneth Bot-6 Jersey To High ould have drawn good crowds for these engagements, .- m,Donalgl Beatty, Do'rothyFeyer1-j Panthers 4 lin- leasant Hill and Pittsfield are left on the Panther schedule . bend, and Imogene Isfinghausenv esday 'emi we oth games are away. Perhaps some or all three of the pogtpo usiness Managers, John Cor ' defe K, X043 imma ames can be played. Games might possibly be worked in ehlls' chauimaii' Betty Gross? L C555 Q X959 Qoev onday nights with perhaps one game scheduled for Thanksg gms Bray, Dick Long, Dons SQ was V OKX o 5 - . - U ier, Doris Fe-ssler, Glenn Leach, sp Q we sa ws e 0 9 e. KYKA iyzr JWJ- ,Kar-5,77 A .Q avelyn Tucker, Gladys Kanallakan, CJ 'N fix 08.0 'QDWQEL 04,9 097 ,Q531 , 150 -G 'W YQ 5 Rx Ax' 'Q ' 1' .4 zfigfltsixeii Gaisiiie . ee ag. ','Qf' Q9 gp ies5gv"i'io"'iiS9 ' 5 is Oo? Cl we Sixteen Athletes To nd Bernard Spangle, Circulation llanagersg Photographic editor, 'arold Beachg Day-by-day-editor, sther Lynng Typists, Betty Mar- in, Bette Willis, Patsy Kadell, and etti Rohlfingg Mechanical de- art ent, Pat Gibbons and Dick I urston, and Activity editor, is 99 2, a . 9 GI' NIS ZTIE IORS Receive Cage Letters ary Holland. A I I uarantine Cn Persons I Years Qld ln Jersey . .. N, JTHS ATHLETIUGLUB e BANQUET AT HDTEL The annual U60 Club"' banquet 1 and dance of the Jersey T0WnSh1P A High School was held Wednesday , ' , March 28, at six-thirty th Honor Siciiigliilgat the Jersey Hotel in this li SClIleSlQ2l' city. 'Covers were laid fOr one lnnounced lfternoon. hundred and one guests- The dining tables were arrang- ed and decorated to represent 2 r . . ,?w.,:J,..,,.,..?,. i.,. rv: -+f.,A.5-'Lan' 4 - W Y ""'t""' 'Pan-American Fiesta At .ITHS Thursday Covers were arranged for forty guests at the annual Pan-Ameflee-H fiesta held in the music room at the Jersey Township High School on Thursday evening, March 15' The banquet was given by the Pan-American League for Its members and a few guests- Jonquils, gay fiesta napkins and cactus leaflets were used in the Schools Dismissed Until October 30. State Police- To Assist In 'Enforce- ment Of Regulations., i Quarantine regulations affect- ing all students under the juris- diction of Jerseyville city schools, all pre-school children and young people under the age of twenty- one were adopted Wednesday, Oc- totier 11, in an effort to stop an outbreak of' infantile paralysis . I , .E . . - . U .., Q. Miniatu - 'tpoliornyelitisj in this community. ' 1 students of the Jersey Town- St Francis Paloch ton school are. 1 S Ind win 5 ii ' h School, Jerseyville , I -rf . f ' z- 7- i 1: ' - E . Q ' 1 ' -- from? ' ' I m e ' , . ,, " ' ,,. K' 'If ' ' e ' " - .1 " "" '-------' r' '

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