Jefferson Area High School - J Hi Life Yearbook (Jefferson, OH)

 - Class of 1960

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'I ' I Z 1' Q f Zlawy V Wgmygaefzwz 152001 ,ydwizzmww LGI To our Mothers and Fa- thers - whose interests have been in the improve- ment of our lives - Whose love and encouragement have been inspirational - and whose never ending sac- rifices have made possible these four years of high school - we respectfully dedicate the J-Hi-Life of 1960 to you our parents. 1525 TO THE C ASS F I960 You are now completing your formal public education. You have many things to look back upon. The memories of the past twelve years are full of adventure. You may recall your first day of school, with its hopes, its fears, its eager anticipations, Then you learned to work and play as an 'af individual within a group. You gradually discovered that you could read words. As each year drew to a close you looked forward to summer va- cation and a new assignment with a new teacher for the coming year. You may recall how you proclaimed to all that you did not like school, yet each summer you anxiously waited for school to start so that you could be back with the rest of the Ngangf' You may recall the excitement of becoming a High School student with all the activities. You enjoyed par- ticipation in the dances, the plays, band, chorus, Follies, football, basketball, track, and other events. There were times that you may have made the honor roll, at other times you didn't. You enjoyed your high school career in direct proportion to the success of your accomplishments. There were times that you failed to act as you knew you should. There were other occasions that brought honor to you and to those who worked with you. You are now ready to leave your high school career behind. VVhat will you do? How well are you prepared for the years ahead? VVe have tried to help you in such a manner that you will be able to face your future. It is our sincere hope that you will be successful in your endeavors. May you so live that we who remain here can say, 'Wale are proud that you attended Jefferson High Schoolf' We extend our sincere best wishes to each of you. R. A. McNutt Robert Shoaf, Principal Jessie Berrier, Secretary CONTENTS FACU LTY SENIORS CLASSES ORGANIZATIONS FEATURES ATHLETICS 52 5 f ul A- 1? .M wmv BOARD GF EDUCATIO George King, Stephen Perry, Dr. H. C. Franley, James Case, John Hamilton The Board of Education serves a very important purpose in the Jefferson Area School system. It is con- stantly striving to supply us with the teachers and equipment to make our years in school the best ones in our lives. The men who serve on this board are very understanding of the problems of today and are deeply interested in the welfare of our children. GEORGE KING Mr George King ended thirty years of service on the School Board this year. During those years he had served as president, vice-president, CLARKSON MILLINGER and clerk Congratulations Mr. King, you Mr. Clarkson Melhnger replaced Mr George have served our School Board well. King. AiE1W if 'L ,,,.-' I , . IHS FACLI LTY Arabella Bunting Albert Garland Robert Grime A. Dale Santner Orpha Euverard Laurella. Clark LaVera Hill Robert Wormal Elsie Howell Wilbur Perrin Velma Lamb Jean McKee FAC U LTY Ralph Miller Floyd Proctor Richard Moore Viola Scribben Herbert Srnolka Frank Walburn Keith Ware Josephine Jones Anna Wilsted Ronald Butcher Paul McConnell Hugh Williams Elinor Tyler QM , 4 wav W? f , W V, on 1 S 1" - f v 995 Q ,N Lf k . wx 1 A4 5 if 5 , KW x . K. A 4 5 s ' Af ws Q -gm' ,, T4 wwgfgwgwsggiifg 1 Yu gQ3?s5'ei'ffHgLk Af mi i -I rfb W 'vjgiilggr I Q, my wk X. L' 'Twig rv' LL I A bi Af QQ: My K Q A S-H 1 .V CLASS OF I 960 Vice President - Ronald Berrier President - Thomas Reuschling Secretary - Esther Hanson Treasurer - Edmound Brown W -if AEI' I '21 z CLASS OF I960 James Anthony Alice Ashley Rosemary Baker Carol Berrier l Carole Lynne Brenneman Mary Boberg Linda Bratten Douglas Brenneman Virginia Brenneman 1, CLASS GF I96O Paul Brooks Joyce Brown Larry Brown Patricia Brown Suzanne Buckley Evelyn Budd James Burlin Judith Chapin Janice Clark 12 CLASS CF I96O james Cook William Cornell James Divine Marie Ensman Charles Evans Larry Fink Cora Gray Herbert Haines Denise Hall 13 CLASS GF I960 June Hall Charles Hamilton Rollin Havens Mary Ellen Hawes Carroll Herrmann ,l0h1'1 Hfl1Sk-1 14 Evelyn Harvey John Hawkins Barbara Hudson CLASS OF I 960 Darlene Inman Carol Jewell Julia Johnston Lillian Kapferer Sharon Kasonic Joyce Ketola. Daniel Kelly Richard Kolehmainen Luba Korownyk 15 CLASS OF I96O Alice Kosenko Nancy Kurt Donald Kyle Verna Lemponen Sharon Luce James Maylish Sandra Mead George McMannes Kathleen McNutt 16 CLASS OF I960 Barbara Miller David Miller Edward Miller Kenneth Misc-:ner Donald Mitchell Ronald Naso 1 Tom Nizen Donald Otto Robert Parsons 17 CLASS OF I96O Nancy Pettit Gary Piiponen Valerie Price Carole Roark ames Sackett Lila Salem J errold Schultz Brenda Schumann Patti Shore 18 CLASS OF I96O Grace Smith Leon Smith Betty Snyder Sandra, Springer William Swickard Beatrice Taylor Robert Van Devender Maryeleanor Van Slyke 19 CLASS SONG CLASS OF I960 Martin Vargo CLASS COLORS: Lavender and white Margretta Vote me f , a l l ls James White CLASS FLOWER Orchid O 0 Memories, Memories Dreams of school days gone All those years of memory Jeff Hi we owe to you. Childhood days, childhood ways Within your cherished halls, Our teachers, our friends To you we give thanks On our graduation day. Onward time, onward time Dreams of things to come In our future lives Jeff Hi Our thoughts drift back to you. You paved our ways, for future Among our new found friends Too soon we must go But still youire our own In our beautiful memories. ftune to Memoriesj 20 w days L 5 1. AL ww 1 .Mm , -mm., FIRST ROW: Susan Mc- Coy, Mary Ann Plitt, Bertha Rodgers, Patty March, Clar- ice Reinhart. SECOND ROW: Nancy Mellin, Gayle Parks, Kathy Preston, Marty Miller, Harry Runnion, Vic- toria Pickarski. THIRD ROW: Larry McQueen, Jim Munger, David Moisio, George Pugsley, Carl Ollila. FOURTH ROW: Chuck McGill, Carol Meade, Judy Pratt, Billy McGuire, Gene Ollila, Tim Root. JU IORS FIRST ROW: Tom Zigmund, Mary Wiser, Charlotte Waggoner, Jackie Washburn, Sally Toukonen, Carol Topper. SECOND ROW: Judy Strang, Patsy Toppin, Ro- berta Walker, Sheila Spencer, Cora Taggart, Joyce Taggart. THIRD ROW: Eleanor Woodworth, Do- reen Wolf, Faye Zinn, Richard Stein, Ethel Schmaltz, Richard Thompson. FOURTH ROW: Dale Vosburg, Dennis Ward, Car- lous Sturgill, Edd Utterback, Joe Misinec, Larry Stevens. 22 FIRST ROW.' Carol Bailes, Cheryl Congdon, Dottie Ford, Judy Ames, Audrey Fleming. SECOND ROW: Gretta Connolly, Benny Chambers, Mary Jane Eb- ersole, Benny Ashley, Carol Evans, Mary Fink, Howard Frazee. THIRD ROW: Sandy Everett, Christine Burr, Linda Brown, Susan Fetch, Bonnie Beebe, Bob Burgoon. FOURTH ROW: Duane Butler, Mike Datsko, John Buz- zard, Jim Cole, Philip Dietrich, Leslie Bagley. CLASS QF I96I 23 FIRST ROW: Beverly Kapen, Lynda Luce, Judy Geho, Elsie Lemponen, Nancy Hackathorn, Fayleen Lambert, Deede Gogul. SECOND ROW: Eddie Kelner, John Kapis, Lynn Grayson, Gayle Hruska, Darla Jacobs, Carol Larson, Jane Kray. THIRD ROW.' Nate Hall, Ralph Harvey, Laddie Lynagh, Bill Lesko, Russ Hanson. FOURTH ROW.' Richard Laitinen, Chuck Herndon, Bill Ham- ilton, Bob Lenart, Ted Grilly, Tom Johnson. FIRST ROW: Donna Swickard, Mary Workman, Shirley Strang, Karen Van Slyke, Sylvia Steinhoff, Sharon Walker, Karen Tou- konen. SECOND ROW: Robert Ward, Alfred Wil- liams, Guy Utterback, Car- ole Tamas, Karen Wolf, Joyce Zwaduk, Richard Zima. THIRD ROW: Rich- ard Springer, John Vargo, James Zinn, DeVilla Spring, Paul Wilde, Tony Tulajew, Marvin Whipple. FOURTH ROW.' Russell Stainfield, Ralph Verioti, Richard Smo- len, Richard Taft, Nealtor White, Arvo Toukonen, Daniel Weddle. SOPHOMORES FIRST ROW.' Brenda Scott, Ja- nien Nyzen, Dottie Sizemore, Vera Perekrest, Marilyn Misiner. SEC- OND ROW: Elaine Michely, Shannon O'Breene, Linda Mullen, Bobbie Roark, Rebecca Reed. THIRD ROW: James Salem Tom Nelson, Joe Roden, Carol Roberts, Tom Root. FOURTH ROW: Dale Sackett, Denny Schultz, Ronnie Slay, Ray New- man, George Nyland. 24- X FIRST ROW: Beverly Ketola, Carol Hines, Cheryl Hines, Mar- sha Johnson, Marilyn Meade, Susan Hohnhorst, Kay Kemp, Jac- kie Lutz, Linda Jewell. SECOND ROW: Linda Lovely, Mary Ka- sonic, Judy Hughes, Janet Kenyon, Jane Ketcham, Valerie Hruska, Linda Lehto, James Kamenik. THIRD ROW: Bill McCune, Dennis Lawrason, Raymond Mar- tin, Jim Johns, Bob Lomas, Henry Matousek, Lee Kuscsik. FOURTH ROW: Pat McNally, John Hybert, Frank Lapana, Bob Howland, Clif- ton Means, Larry Lampson. CLASS OF I962 FIRST ROW: Carol Agardi, Donna Cole, Melva Cross, Naomi Falkenburg, Lana Bratten, Nancy Bagley. SEC- OND ROW: Olive Ashley, John Burlin, Richard Gaines, Dennis Calaway, Richard Fischer, Harry Basey, Robert Behune. THIRD ROW: Bob Buchner, Beatrice Francis, Linda Benetka, Phyllis Bur- lingame, Patty Graham, Patty Hefner, Elaine Easton. FOURTH ROW: Roy Cole. Michael Hamper, Lawrence Heidelberg, Richard Down- ing, John Gray, Richard Bar- tle, Ronnie Austin, Marvin Hall. FIRST ROW: Geraldine Fink, Charlene Kiefer, Judy Jewell, Judy Howland, Carol Gasho, Margie Hines, Suanne Kolehmainen, James Fleming. SECOND ROW: Ruth Hall, Viola Fischer, Wilmore Green, James Hy- bert, Elida Kananen, Linda Kosenko, Aileen Hall, Bar- bara Kapalin. THIRD ROW: Norman Housel, Charles Hines, Ronald Kel- sey, William Hill, John Free- man, David Francis, Daniel George, Margaret Fairchild. FOURTH ROW: Sara Fel- der, Ronald Heidelberg, Fred Fisher, Fred Golen, Eric Grayson, Richard Ford, Ger- ald Fink, Jesse Herd. FRESHM N FIRST ROW: Elaine Balla, Jo- anne Ebersole, Diana Alley, Jac- kie Bebout, Merry Chamra, Danny Ashley. SECOND ROW: Helen Bielech, Barbara Bush, Gary Ber- rier, Dennis Armstrong, James El- liott, Marilyn Cross. THIRD ROW: Gary Durst, Richard Bailey, Lester Burgett, Lawrence Bragga, John Brown, Andrew Britton, Jus- tina Anderson. FOURTH ROW: Floyd Clark, Timothy Battles, Theodore Cox, Wade Buckhardt, John Corbett, John Crites, Doreen Budd, Sara Dahl. S - . 26 FIRST ROW: Arlene Samuel, Candy Van Slyke, Lydia Wlad- yka, Eileen Toukonen, Suz- anne Sherrange, Carol Stutz- man. SECOND ROW: Joyce Woodworth, Alberta Taggart, Gary Van Slyke, Don Smith, Robert Simon, Larry Sizemore, John Taylor. THIRD ROW: Cheryl Wayland, Cheryl Sulli- van, Nancy Sarna, Marie Zel- linger, Kathy Shepard, Elaine Smith, Joe Urban. FOURTH ROW: Leonard Stein, Kenneth Taft, Frances Sparks, Kenneth Zigmund, Carl Salanci, Ken- neth Sprinkle, Roger York. CLASS CF I963 27 FIRST ROW: David Lai- tinen, Stanley Obernyer, Norman McCoy, Sharon Robinson, Pauletta Nelson, Sandra Race, Susan Lovley. SECOND ROW: Ronald Parks, Nancy Lichtblau, Cora Rohm, Carolyn Roc- kow, Kathryn Moisio, Carol Rooney, Esther Miller. THIRD ROW.' Caroline McGuire, Carol Piekarski, Luella Olfenburg, Shirley Lawrence, Mary Pettit, Stephen Liezert, Hoyt Marsh, Walter Plosila. FOURTH ROW: James Masirovits, David Mellinger, Robert Phillips, Bill Meade, William Riggleman, Rich- ard Mason, Clarkson Mel- linger, Michael Ollila. EIGHTH GRADE 28 CLASS OF I964 FIRST ROW: Mary Ann Nemitz, Patricia Dunich, Lois East- lake, Julia Toukonen, Shirley Watson, Jane Sheldon, Irene Wladyka, Seth Tidball, Richard Price. SECOND ROW: Karen Hamilton, Veronica Dzuiba, Richard Nyzen, Gary Mc- Nutt, Catherine Laskin, Kathleen Wojcik, Michael Johnson, Larry Smith. THIRD ROW: Kay Grahrn, Ronnie Harju, Carol Reinhart, Ronnie Brown, Jane Johns, Sheryl Greene, Diane Butler, Elaine Currier, Stephanie Hulburt. FOURTH ROW: Patrick Hamper, Lewis Antolak, David Bebout, Bill Maylish, John Smolen, Douglas Franley, John Parsons, Leslie Samuels, William Jeppe. FIRST ROW: Cheryl Case, Margaret Douglass, Nadine Ash- ley, Mary Lou Harvey, Thomas Dailey, John Diemer, Dale Dennis, Kenneth Boczar. SECOND ROW: Donna Bielech, Judith Barger, Claudette Ford, Willadine Hall, Alvin Hawes, Charles Borsukoff, Donald Austin, Budd Diemer. THIRD ROW: Judith Francis, Charlene Cochran, Janet Grilly, Nancy Datsko, Janice Grilly, Cynthia Anthony, Larry Brown, David Buell, Eugene Burns. FOURTH ROW: Virginia Harrah, Leon- ard Harris, Donald Harris, Wayne Baker, Arthur Elliott, Roger Camp, Martin Bolte, Dwight Fetters, William Cochran. 29 FIRST ROW.' Sara Roden, Barbara Misener, Judy Kray, Virginia Morris, Donald Tuomala, Kenny Miller, Dickie Vargo, Danny White. SECOND ROW: Delores Newman, Edward Zwaduk, Dwain Marsh, Sherry Pratt, Ida Miller, Mary Lou Meade, Janet Mihely, Eu- gene Stevenson. THIRD ROW: Leonard Lee, Con- nie Reynolds, Janet Reu- schling, Rosemary Lomas, Linda Hayslett, Virginia Showalter, Joe Roark, Jim Oelfner, Betty Kean. FOURTH ROW: William Hurley, Paul Thompson, Rodney Hruska, Willie Hayes, Herbert Heisley, Al- bert Hughes, John Oeffner, Dennis Zigmund, Larry Smith. FIRST ROW: Betty Lou Hawley, Carol Martin, Pris- icilla Lichtblau, Barbara Horowski, Kay Mitchell, Sherry Orford, Walter Ko- senko, Kenneth Ketchem. SECOND ROW: Richard Kapalin, August Hawes, Oliver Hines, Edwin Misi- nec, Stephen Gogul, Ron- ald Miller, Bernie Greening, Theodore Hill, George Kap- ferer. THIRD ROW: Mari- lyn Heidelberg, Ruth Lock- wood, Toni Higley, Delta Hackathorn, Keith Neuer, Carl Nizen, Richard Ha- bens, Jon Hayford. FOURTH ROW: Judy McGill, Stephanie Grys- panowicz, Quinetta Hayes, Mary Ellen Hughes, Den- nis Kleindienst, Michael Miller, Daniel Kurt, Ed- ward Gray, Gerald Moses. FIRST ROW: Kenneth Cross, Virginia Eastlake, Janet Die- mer, Florence Consla, James Bauwin, Harold Bagley, Ron- ald Fuller. SECOND ROW: Charles Armstrong, David Dur- kovic, Donna Burlingame, Jack Elliott, Joseph Bone, Clifford Francis, William Burgoon. THIRD ROW: Jean Cornell, Linda Gasho, David Bellinger, Aletha Dreyer, Hilda Francis, Cheryl Becklrink, Janet Cool, Richard Coy. FOURTH ROW.' Lois Burlingame, Joyce Baker, Pauline Coy, Phyl.lis De- Mott, Lee Baker, Dale Fink, Neil Gilbert. SEVENTH GR DE FIRST ROW: Gary Thomp- son, Franklin Obernyer, Charles McQueen, Edward Burke, Con- nie Kurt, Karen Laskin, Mary Robinson, Judy Campbell, Pamela Keel. SECOND ROW: Quinne Wludyga, Curtis How- ard, David Gray, Jerry Rhodes, Rose Marie Walker, Marilyn Parsons, Barbara Whipple, George Kelner. THIRD ROW: Donna White, Allan Spencer, Danny Foster, Judy Miller, Robert Amacher, Fred Johnson, Diane Rockow, Dick Kamerik. FOURTH ROW: Patricia Powell, Richard Stevens, Elaine Reuschling, Marcy Mo- schell, John Kolehmainen, Donald Ewing, Betty Smith, Marjorie Biggs, Barbara Gnau. CLASS OF I96 1 FIRST ROW: Kenneth Woodworth, David Work- man, Kenneth Sweet, Cheryl Webb, Nancy Reuschling, Louise Tamas, Nancy Smith. SECOND ROW: Lucy Runnion, Mary Soden, Les- lie Sherrange, Michael Prochko, Arthur Pyle, John Yates. THIRD ROW: Lou- neta Van Slyke, Donna Rockow, Diana Waltz, Mar- tha Quickel, Tommy Tay- lor, James Sarna, James Shore. FOURTH ROW: Connie Park, Mary Phillips, Judy Piech, Jennifer Taylor, Bonnie Wolf, June Zinn, Barry Wolf, Duane Proctor. C ASS QFFICERS FIRST ROW: Susan McCoy, Cheryl Congdon, Roberta Walker. SECOND ROW: Butch Ollila, Richard Laitinen, Chuck Herndon. f Q 5 fx 1 , fn- 1, ln Richard Haines, Patty Hefner, Russel Stain- Stanley Obernyer, David Laitinen, James Golen field, Naomi Falkenburg, Dick Zima. Larry Bragga, Ronnie Brown. Gary McNutt, Judy Kray, Lois Eastlake, Kay Graham. Leslie Sherrange, Richard Stevens, Marsha Moschell. 4 M FIRST ROW: Carol Topper, Judy Geho, Mary Ann Plitt, Deanna Gogul, Bertha Rod- gers, Cheryl Congdon, Dorothy Ford, Eleanor Woodworth, Nancy Mellin, Patsy Toppin. SECOND ROW: Elsie Lemponen, Roberta Walker, Fayleen Lambert, Lynda Luce, Mary Wiser, Charlotte Waggoner, Susan McCoy, Bonnie Beebe, Jackie Washburn, Sheilla Spen- cer, Ether Schmaltz. THIRD ROW: Beverly Kapin, Carol Larson, Gail Hruska, Judy Pratt, Kathryn Preston, Victoria Piekarski, Gayle Parks, Clarice Ann Reinhart, Carol Bailes, Carol Evans, Mary Jane Ebersole. FOURTH ROW: Sally Toukonen, Patty March, Judith Ames, Christine Burr, Sandra Everett, Darla Jacobs, Lynn Grayson, Doreen Wolf, Linda Brown, Susan Fetch, Carol Meade, Jane Kray. FIRST ROW: Sandra Race, Suann Koleh- mainen, Suzanne Sherrange, Carol Stutsman, Sharon Robinson, Merry Chamra, Nancy Licht- blau, Arlene Samuel, Eileen Toukonen, Kathy Moisio, Lydia Wladyka, Susan Lovely. SEC- OND ROW: Barbara Kapalin, Shirley Law- rence, Carol Gasho, Candy Van Slyke, Elaine Smith, Cora Rohm, Carolyn Rockow, JoAnn Ebersole, Carol Rooney. THIRD ROW.' Pau- letta Nelson, Mary Ann Pettit, Helen Bieleck, Jackie Bebout, Linda Kosenko, Joyce Wood- worth, Carol Piekarski, Patty Yates, Charlene Keifer. FOURTH ROW: Marie Zellinger, Caroline McGuire, Viola Fischer, Barbara Bush, Nancy Sarna, Elida Kananen, Cheryl Way- and, Tina Anderson, Doreen Budd, Cheryl Sullivan, Luella Offenburg, Ruth Hall. Go Io 6 FIRST ROW: Beatrice Taylor, Grace Smith, Darlene Inman, Verna Lemponen, Esther Han- son, Virginia Brenneman, Sandy Springer, Jean Walker, Betty Snyder, Margretta Voter. SEC- OND ROW: Mary Ellen Hawes, Evelyn Har- vey, Nancy Pettit, Valerie Price, Sandy Mead, Denise Hall, Carole Roark, Barbara Hudson, Carol Berrier, Miss Hill, Advisor. THIRD ROW: Joyce Brown, Cora Gray, June Hall, Carole Brenneman, Patti Shore, Kathy McNutt, Linda Bratten, Alice Kosenko, Alice Ashley, Nancy Kurt. FOURTH ROW: Judy Chapin, Suzanne Buckley, Brenda Schumann, Marie Ensman, Rose Mary Baker, Janice Clark, Mary Van Slyke, Lila Salem, Julie Johnston, Luba Korownyk, Sharon Luce. FIRST ROW: Carol Agardi, Lana Bratton, Nancy Bagley, Marilyn Misener, Marsha John- son, Beatrice Francis, Karen Van Slyke, Vera Perekrest, Mary Lake. SECOND ROW: Naomi Falkenburg, Karen Toukonen, Linda Lovely, Linda Lehto, Rebecca Reed, Linda Benetka, Phyllis Burlingame, Brenda Scott, Elaine Mi- hely. THIRD ROW.' Marilyn Meade, Susan Hohnhorst, Kay Kemp, Jackie Lutz, Patty Gra- ham, Janien Nyzen, Patty Hefner, Melva Cross, Sylvia Steinhoff, Donna Swichard. FOURTH ROW: Valerie Hruska, Carol Roark, Bobbie Roark, Sherry Walker, Linda Mullen, Joyce Zwaduk, Carol Hines, Cheryl Hines, Shannon O'Breene, Olive Ashley, Do- reen Wolf. s W' OFFICERS X, g G. I. A. 3,55 fl. ,.'-pi-4 s: o,,Hc"-H "1:r'IJ" D" mango FD 49520 msmca. 35:12.27 -f-wq - rn 2"'4'DNgr-4 SY-'95 3 o. P-H O C -s'1'1"hGE"-s OO:-rn-N 3'ED""' mfbcb'-'U' ,-.,V1e4l3w 320.-.3 Heirs. f-rd CDN Ddmff, f-+ fD:r'swS5' UJfl.,'1Z7'!3 guage SQQHS 55535- mv' 'ng f-rfbq P-n"E,Eo .CLRQHZH l.,.s4 lies was a tremendous success. The main event of the winter came on Decem- ber 5, The Snowflake Swirl. This is the annual formal dance. After hours of planning under the supervision of the advisor, Miss LaVera Hill, and the general chairman of the dance Brenda Schu- mann, the evening will always remain an event to remember. For some of us it was our first and oth- ers our last high school formal dance. Many other events were playdays where the girls met and enjoyed spending fun and games with other girls from schools throughout the county. The club completed another year of events with the annual G.I.A. Awards Banquet. Girls were eli- gible for membership through the point system and those receiving adequate points were presented awards at the annual banquet. 1959-60 was a success and Miss Hill did an ex- cellent job. President ....... Kathy McNutt Vice-President .. Barbara Hudson Treasurer ...... Cherie Congdon Secretary ....... Roberta Walker Sports Manager .... Lynda Luce TLIDE COUNCIL FIRST ROW: Roberta Walker, Naomi Falkenburg, Kay Graham, Lubo Korownyk. SEC- OND ROW: Stanley Obernyer, David Laitinen, Richard Stevens, Ronnie Berrier. THIRD ROW: Mr. Santner, Advisor, Russell Stainfield, Tom Reuschling, Charles Herndon, Carl Ollila. The Student Council under the capable direc- tion of Mr. A. Dale Santner has been active in Jefferson High School for several years. During this time the members of this organization have assisted in a number of projects which have been extremely beneficial to our school. Through their efforts, ac- tivities during the noon hour were planned, assis- tance in the school cafeteria was given, Canteens after ballgames were held and special assemblies were provided to add to the dilTerent activities of our school. Congratulations are extended to this group for a job well done, This year,s officers are: President ................ Thomas Reuschling Vice-President . . . . . Roberta Walker Secretary ..... ..... C arl Ollila Treasurer . . . . . Luba Korownyk Suanne Kolehmainen, Virginia Showalter, Carole Roark, Luba Korownyk, Sharon Kasonic, Carol Meade, Susan Hohnhorst, Suzanne Sherrange, Joyce Zwaduk, Elaine Smith, Mary Workman, Marilyn Cliff, Cora Gray, Carol Bailes, Pauletta Nelson, Mari- lyn Meade, Gayle Parks. The Student Librarians are one of the most helpful groups in our school. They exert a great effort to make our library a sourceful place of infor- mation. They work during their study halls typing, filing, and helping students Find the information they need for study and research. A 'lThanks,, goes to our fine group of Student Librarians. STUDENT LIBRARIANS S ANISH LLIB Z 2 T. L v , g , , S - 1 FIRST ROW: Tom Zigmund. Richard Thompson, Howard Frazee, Roberta Walker, Jackie Washburn, Carol Bailes, Susan McCoy, Nancy Mellin, Sandy Springer, Virginia Brenneman, SECOND ROW: Mary Fink. Audrey Fleming. Judy Ames. Sally Tou- konen, Sharon Kasonic, Verna Lemponen, Barbara Hudson. David Miller. THIRD ROW: Suzanne CFFICERS Buckley. Judy Chapin, Linda Bratten, Luba Koro- wnyk, Carol Berrier, Christine Burr, Lynn Grayson. Bill Cornell, Gary Piiponen, John Buzzard. FOURTH ROW: Dale Vosburg, Marty Vargo. Doug Brenne- rnan, Donald Kyle, Leon Smith. Ron Berrier. Ralph Harvey, Larry Stevens, Laddie Lynagh, Tim Root. This is Spanish Club's third successful year at Jefferson FIRST ROW.' Linda Bratten, Mrs. Clark. Advisor. SECOND ROW: Ralph Harvey, Donald Kyle, John Buzzard. High, with Mrs, Laurella Clark as advisor. Students eligible for this organization are junior and senior Spanish students The club enables students to have a better understand ing of the Spanish language and customs. Special plays, songs, games, and refreshnients are enjoyed at the ex eninff meetings by all. Occasionally a Spanish or Mexican treat is given. such as, avocados or granadas. On Pan American Day in April, a dinner is given and one or two special guests are invited. usually of Spanish descent. In May, the club's annual picnic is held and all the Spaniards say "adios" until next year. The Spanish students have enjoyed this organization and wish it success in future years. g'Adios Amigos." I 1 4 7 .,,, .vQ Fl Q 3. 'A' 4 ' A I4 mg 5, S' 9 X Y' I If v-.Q 9 1 .yi . 3' if " f r 5 I 2 iff 'nr I s nv 5131, f hr W , .3 -'YP ., ,. .. , ,iv ,. L 45" in 1, , - r 'lm 33- A ' :rw - . , V , .-:,, A - ,,,7, A 1- 1-' -1 xv ' 7' ,5,A.1,:Q.J.l'ff3:fW'5, ,V if -A -A K S 2,6 K 'K -. .Q m f W 'W .,,, , A ' ' Nfl- Jniif I , gs- li 1- A .Y ,ig Q A "ww ,N T mg: -3 Q, W fi' S? ' F ' 'Yd5 il".-Y fCl'k V- . ,, 5 A ,, A - - -:fvs-y . -diff ww: -5.5-Q Ks ei 531' 'kim 'Sw v ' gag, -2524 MQ v's:1f-195,51 7555 1 Q , ' ' ff' . -ff' 6 wt: , Q K Lmivifk-A M f ' x , H ,W I ,y ffv .zlkilggizgfug 3 1 - -. L ' aff, .,., , , 1 f mi ,I , . fxzzfizif: , 1 ,5+,,.,, E K 6 A ' A ,. I ' ' I 3, 'fax' 1- . I gQ,j3zgiggfg,g,:.f1 V A , ,ix., H ,AM, f- - -I 7 4 f as QQ f ' H M, ' L. .2 A 3 I A I W' ' ,g1'F" ,W fn - K' J .J .1 ff' wif- ' f V y ,,,,. 4 Ma' f ' ' ,,Ix??2?WLW:i- V V if V V 3 V 3 V - LV 'i 'I' z 'aku giill 1 .5 AN N Janien Nyzen, Cheryl Congdon, Head Majorette, Carole Lynne Brenneman, Carol Stutzman, Tina Anderson. N of I Q - -Q 5 K y 2' ' S 5 X E 3 5 W In Q AN N Barbara Hudson, Dennis Ward, Kathy MCNutt. Sharon Luce, Marty Miller, .I Lawrence Heidleburg, Nancy Kurt, Mary Ann Plitt, John Hybert. L- - 4 in , ackie Washburn. W, ' , 7 aQx.+4Qa P E P B A N D J-HI-LIFE EDITORIAL STAFF FIRST ROW: Pat Brown, Suzanne Sherrange, Carol Stutzman, Carol Topper, Jean Walker. SECOND ROW: Carol Rooney, Linda Luce, Esther Hanson, Bert Walker. THIRD ROW: Joe Urban, Candy Van Slyke, Cheryl Wayland, Verna Lemponen, jackie Washburn. FOURTH ROW: Kathleen McNutt, Suzanne Buckley, Christine Burr, June Hall, Darlene Inman, Virginia Brenneman. FIRST ROW: Darlene Inman, Virginia Brenneman, Esther Hanson, Mrs. jones, Advisor. SECOND ROW: Verna Lemponen, Patty Brown, Jean Walker. THIRD ROW: Kathy McNutt, Suzanne Buckley, June Hall. Each month an edition of the J-Hi-Life, the school paper, is published. Virginia Brenneman, ed- itor, and the staff has done a wonderful job this year. Through the paper the staff keeps the students and faculty abreast of the coming events, student's opinions on various items, and news of activities in the school. In the fall each student who subscribed to the paper is eligible to cast a vote for one senior boy whom they think is the "Most Valuable Football Playerf' Congratulations are in order to the editor and her staff for a job well done. Yearbook Editor: Darlene Inman, Paper Editor, Vir- ginia Brennemang Yearbook Business Manager: Esther Hanson, Paper Business Manager: Jackie Washburn, Circulation Manager: Christine Burr, Sports Manager: Roberta Walker. SENIOR YEARBOOK STAFF The yearbook staff is composed of senior members on the ,I-Hi-Life Editorial Staff. The duties of a member include such tasks as taking and identifying pictures, writing articles, and preparing final copies. The publication of the 1959-60 yearbook has meant many extra hours and work for the following senior girls: June Hall, Patricia Brown, Verna Lem- ponen, Suzanne Buckley, Barbara Miller, Virginia Brenneman, Esther Hanson, and Kathleen McNutt. One does not realize the time and effort that must be exerted to make such a project a success. The editor, Darlene Inman, wishes to thank the members of the staff for their co-operation. FIRST ROW: Victoria Piekarski, Karen Wolf, Gayle Parks. Carol Piekarski, Eleanor Woodworth. SECOND ROW: Bob Burgoon, Benny Ashley, Howard Frazee, J-HI-LIFE BLIS The J-Hi-Life Business Staff has been on duty this year serving hot-dogs, coffee, and pop to team supporters. They worked at the football and basketball games do- ing their best to provide the people attend- ing the games with refreshments. The Ronnie Parks. THIRD ROW: Leslie Bagley, Ken Mise ner, Don Smith. INESS STAFF efforts of this group are greatly appreciated. Under the excellent supervision of Mr. Walburn. This organization has had a very successful year. "Thank you, Mr. Walburn and the J- Hi-Life Business Staff." Patti Shore, Jim Cook, Kathy McNutt, Mr. Keith Ware, Ron Naso, Tom Reuschling. Members of the National Honor Society are chosen by the faculty from the upper tenth of the Junior Class, and the upper third of the Senior class scholastically. They are selected also on the basis of character - reliability, loyalty, and honesty, scholarship - maintaining a high grade average, leadership - holding offices and promoting worthwhile activities 5 and serv- ice - a willingness to cheerfully render one's services to the school. The members attend county banquets during the school year. At these times, county ofiicers are elected. Ron Naso was elected County President of the National Honor Society in 1959. High school NHS officers are as follows: President - jim Cook Vice President - Patti Shore Secretary - Kathy McNutt Treasurer F Tim Reuschling Sergeant at Arms - Ron Naso The advisor is Mr. Keith Ware. Rollin Havens, John Hawkins, Jim White, Brenda Schumann, Betty Sny- der, Barabra Hudson, Barbara Miller, Esther Hanson, Virginia Brenneman. The projection club is an educational PROJECTION CLUB FIRST ROW: Larry Bragga, Norman Housel, James Johns, Dick Zima, Dennis Calaway, Walter Plosila, James Oeffner, Rodney Hruska, Harry Basey, Dennis Larson, William Joeppe, John Diemer, Ken Boczar, David Buell. SECOND ROW: Fred Fisher, Richard Bailey, Gary Durst, Johnathan Freeman, Ken Zigmund, Doug Franley, Richard Haines, Joe Roden, Clark Mellinger, Eric Greyson, Bill Meade, Gary McNutt. group for boys in grades eight through twelve. Their very capable advisor is Mrs. Orpha Euverard. Most of the boys start in the eighth grade, and receive instructions on the op- eration of the equipment. However, a boy can join the club in the ninth grade. The equipment the club uses to carry out its task of bringing the very excellent and helpful film lessons to both the ele- mentary and high school classes are: 2 movie projectors, three film strip projectors, one tape recorder, one viewmaster, one portable screen and eight wall screens. Their continually growing library now has 450 Hlm strips. To the projection club go our many thanks for making our lessons this year more interesting and also for giving us a broader and more understanding view than our textbooks can give. This has been another successful year for the projection club. THIRD ROW: Dennis Ward, Bob Lomas, Herb Haines, John Kapis, Richard Bartle, John Hybert, Ronald Austin, James Golen, Marty Miller, Carl Ollila, Dennis Zig- mund, John Buzzard, Donald Austin. FOURTH ROW: Dale Vosburg, Charles Herndon, Larry Stevens, Ronald Naso, Rollin Havens, Carroll Herrmann, Richard Smolen, Ralph Verioti, John Hruska, John Hawkins, Richard Laitinen, George Nyland, John Smolen. OFFICERS John Hruska, Chuck Herndon, Mrs. Euverard, Advisor, Dale Vosburg, Rollin Havens, John Hawkins. RED CROSS COUNCIL The advisor of the Red Cross Council is Mrs. Clark. She is assisted by Patti Shore, president of the club. There are many duties to perform in this organization. At Christmas time ten boxes are Hlled with useful articles and sent to the Ashtabula County Home. During Easter, over one hundred and twenty-five favors are made and sent to the Home. The council is a great tribute to our school. EIGHTH GRADE FIRST ROW: Joe Roark, Willie Hayes, Dale Dennis Jim Oeffner, Mike Johnson. SECOND ROW: Virginia Harrah, Nancy Datsko, Judy Kray, Jane Sheldon, Mary Lou Harvey. THIRD ROW: Leonard Harris, Patrick Hamper, Leslie Samuel, Dick Nyzen. SEVENTH GRADE FIRST ROW: Cheryl Beckerink, Judy Miller, Jim Bauwin, Judy Peich, Marcy Moschell. SECOND ROW: Carol Ann Martin, Cheryl Webb, Toni Higley, Sherry Orford, Leslie Sherrange, Elaine Reuschling. THIRD ROW: Phyllis DeMott, Aletha Dreyer, Charles Armstrong, Rick Havens, Richard Stevens, Duane Proctor, John Koleh- mainen, Mike Miller, Dave Workman. ATHLETIC CQLINCIL FIRST ROW: Susan McCoy Bonnie Beebe, Marie Ensman Virginia Brenneman. SECOND ROW: John Brown, Richard Haines, Doug Brenneman, Chuck Herndon. The Athletic Council plays an important part in . the athletic program of our school. It is their duty gf to sell tickets at the football and basketball games V at Jefferson High. This money is used for repairing and purchasing equipment and for trophies which are presented at the annual banquet. Each of the upper four grades selects a repre- sentative to serve along with the previous yearis officers. We are very grateful to the council and to Mr. Shoaf, the advisor, for the excellent job they have done. OFFICERS Doug Brenneman -- President Chuck Herndon 1 Vice President Virginia Brenneman - Secretary Bonnie Beebe a Treasurer 7 9 FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA FIRST ROW: Suzanne Sherrange, Dick Zima, James Fleming, Sharon Robinson, Pauletta Nelson, Roberta Walker, Carol Topper, Carol Ann Stutzman, Kathy Moisio, Naomi Falkenburg, Susan Hohnhurst, Brenda Bishop, Audrey Fleming, Marilyn Meade, Esther Han- son. SECOND ROW: Ronald Parks, Marty Miller, Valerie Price, Nancy Pettit, Patty Graham, Bonnie Beebe, Denise Hall, Verna Lemponen, Barbara Hudson, Sharon Kasonic, Jean Walker, Shannon O'Brien, Barb Bush, Judy Ames, Suanne Kolehmainen. THIRD ROW: Helen Bielech, Marilyn Cross, Lester Burgett, Patty OFFICERS Jim White, Patti Shore, Barbara Hudson, John Hruska, Mr. Perrin, Advisor. Hefner, Tina Anderson, Mary Ann Pettit, Jackie Wash- burn, Viola Fisher, Judy Howland, Virginia Brenneman, Suzanne Buckley, Kathleen McNutt, Sally Toukonen, Patty March, Ruth Hall, Dennis Armstrong. FOURTH ROW: Gary Durst, Larry Bragga, Bill Meade, Ronald Naso, Jim White, Larry Brown, Robert Parsons, Tom Reuschling, Linda Bratton, Patti Shore, Brenda Schu- mann, Luba Korownyk, Julia Johnston, Larry Stevens, Tom Zigmund, Duane Butler, John Hruska, Ralph Verioti, Walter Plosila. Members of the Future Teachers of America are students from the upper four grades in high school. The club was originated in 1957, and it has been named the Charles E. Foster Chapter. The advisor is Mr. Wilbur Perrin. Students are given the opportunity to teach at various times during the school year in the three grade school buildings, and occasionally in the high school. In this way, a member may better decide whether he or she would like to choose teaching as his or her profession. 48 gfi, ?1Qv:s,vfgQ?2s4Q1 wfwsms ,M . 42 ., A, wel' sie, is 21 ' 2 M,- wif 4,2 M - J M fb ' lf V511-' 9 E- X' W' ' 'W' ' J L 2 '-Q , I ,,,,,... FIRST ROW: Duane Butler, joe Misinec, Butch Ollila, Nate Hall, Tom Reuschling, Jim Anthony, Ron Berrier, Dan Kelly, Ron Naso, Rollin Havens, John Hruska, Jim White. SECOND ROW: Ken Zigmund, Bob Phillips, Managers, John Gray, Ralph Verioti, Tom Root, Mar- vin Whipple, Bob Howland, Richard Taft, Arvo Tou- konen, Dick Bartle, Ray Newman, George Nyland, Bob Wormal, Assistant Coach. THIRD ROW: Carroll Herr- mann, Manager, Jon Freeman, Kenneth Taft, John Crites, Gary Berrier, Kenneth Sprinkle, Carl Salanci, Richard Bailey, Richard Ford, Floyd Clark, Ron Butcher, Coach, Herb Smolka, Assistant Coach. I9 9 FALCO FCGTBALL TE M The 1959 Falcon football team presented Jefferson High with the third best rec- ord in the history of the school. They had an overall record of 6-2 and a Western Reserve League record of 5-2, finishing third. Coach Butcher has this to say: "Our team was the smallest in the league in weight, but overcame that handicap time after time. The team was built around eight sen- iors and three sophomores and was the best defensive team that has been at Jeffer- son for a few years." "We have nine members of the team graduating this year, but many younger members are ready to step into their places and are hoping to chalk up an even bet- ter record next yearf, Q "Punk" A UNM!! Co-Captains Ron Naso Rollin Havens Individual Scoring Ron Naso .... .................... 4 2 points 2 Ron Berrier . .. 24 points VAm z m L Jim Anthony .... 24 points M l '2T 'I Tom Reuschling 7 points Nate Hall ....... 6 points Season Record ' Won 5 ......................... Lost 2 in 4 Western Reserve League Standing V Third place A Total Points Jefferson 103 ......................... Opponents 76 Individual Achievements Ron Naso ........... First Team .......... Backfield Ron Berrier . . . .... Second Team . . . Backfield Rollin Havens ...... Second Team . . . Tackle Tom Reuschling ...... Second Team ........ End "Reusch" Ei Q Q f I fi 5? .sw wk ii KCDanil "Nate" cc ohnn .25 W it .. "Pete,' H ,:,,q H . "Whitey, -arm aa: flkffll ,A 4 li? be "Ants' E, MOST ing boys. Ronald Berrier has been on the football squad throughout his four years in high school. Ronnie played the position of halfback. He is a very de- serving boy and added all in his power to end each game with a victory. Ron has been active in other sports besides foot- ball and is well liked by everyone who knows him. Congratulations and best wishes to Ronald Berrier, one of the Most Valuable Football Play- ers of 1959. VALUABLE FOOTBALL PLAYER OF l959 The Most Valuable Football Player is selected from the senior members of the football squad by those who subscribe to the J-Hi-Life. For the Hrst time since the award has been given there was a tie and the honors went to two very deserv- Ronald Naso also joined the Falcon team in his freshman year. He was a very capable and efHcient quarterback. His ability to lead and also to work with a group helped make the '59 football record a very good one. Ron was active in other sports, the projection club, and is a leader scholastically. We would like to extend our best wishes for a successful future to Ronald Naso, one of the Most Valuable Football Players of 1959. Patti Shore, Darlene Inman, Carol Roberts, Sandy Mead, Roberta Walker, Naomi Falken- burg. HGMECOMING QLIEE The football team of 1959 elected as their Football Queen, Miss Patti Jean Shore. During a cold, but beautiful clear night in October, Patti was crowned queen. She was presented gifts and flowers during half-time. Patti, looking very beau- tiful, graciously thanked everyone for the honor. Patti is a member of many activities. Some of these are the National Honor So- ciety, G.I.A. and Future Teachers. Her warm smile, friendly disposition, and will- ingness to help are just a few of the char- acteristics that Patti possesses. Patti and her attendants were guests at a dance held in their honor the following night. 9 4? i P I 'Rl j ' 5 xl P 'tv'-9' ., V ,yigyy 55. Q? a s HOMECOMING ATTENDANTS The 1959 football team elected two girls to serve as attendants to the queen. They were Darlene Inman and Sandra Mead. These girls happily attended Patti at her crowning. Gifts and flowers were presented to the attendants. Both girls are varsity cheerleaders. Sandra and Darlene participate in many school activities. Their winning personalities make them liked by all with whom they associate. These girls are known throughout the school and each is a queen in her own respect. ARSITY BASKETB LL TEAM Jim White, Ron Naso, Nate Hall 1m Anthony Tom Reuschllng Marty Vargo Rollin Havens, Carroll Hermann, Butch Brown Coach Wormal Manager Kenny Cross Not Shown - Ron Berrier. The Varsity squad, which consisted of ten seniors, finished the season with an overall rec- ord of fourteen wins, four losses, ranking third in the Western Reserve League. The losses were Harbor, Madison and Edgewood. The Edgewood game was lost by two points in an overtime as was one of the Harbor games. Coach Robert Wormal had this to say about the squad. g'This is the best balanced team Jef- ferson has had since I have been here. All of the boys showed team spirit and I think in all that it was a very successful season." One of the team's biggest advantages was the speed in which they conducted a game, We are very proud of our team for the won- derful season they had and wish to congratu- late the boys for their hard work in making our team an outstanding one. in 1, S! 1 Y-'fr ff ?,Sg1x "Butch" X 'ok 1 5 2 'HV 1 .. NJ' f "Petr-9, 4324 VN Individual Scoring James Anthony - 183 Butch Brown -- 17 Ron Berrier -- 176 Ron Naso -- 165 Tom Reuschling - 155 Marty Vargo - 73 Nate Hall - 25 Rollin Havens - 20 James White - 19 Carroll Hermann - 16 Duane Butler - 4 George McMa.nnes - 2 Total Points Jefferson -- 1015 Opponents s6Nasas llAnts!9 "Reusch" 2 ei! :q, I -L suWhltey5y K in J iii'i I ivii li z - 'l A "Coach" - 1 221 -wifgif Z E 2 6'MartY,, H ' ' 1.. 1:" g K , . ....V,?, . ,l,o un ',, ...... E Dick Zima, George Nyland, Butch Ollila, Ron Austin, man, Michael Hamper, Coach Butcher, Manager Bob Duane Butler, Larry Stevens, Richard Laitinen, Ben Phillips, Chambers, Arvo Toukonen, Ralph Harvey, Ray New- RESERVE BASKETB LL TEAM The Reserve team finished the 1959-60 basket- ball season with ten wins and eight losses. In league play, seven of these games were won and seven were lost, while three were won and one was lost in non-league games. The team was composed of juniors Butch Ollila, Ben Chambers, Duane Butler, Rick Laitinen, Larry Stevens, and Ralph Harvey, sophomores Ron Austin, George Nyland, Arvo Toukonen, Ray Newman, and Mike Hamper. High scorer for the year was Ben Chambers with 115 points. Other high scorers were Ron Austin - 101, Duane Butler - 933 Ray Newman - 865 Butch Ollila - 70, George Nyland - 375 and Arvo Toukonen - 33. When asked for comments, coach Ron Butcher replied, "Our record this year was the worst in four years, but the team improved a lot during the season. The boys played well on defense, but were lacking in height for rebounding. Offensively, the ball handling was good, but the shooting was erratic." With the improvements made this year, these boys should make fine Varsity players in the fu- ture. if MT R X . M FRESHMA BASKETBALL TEAM Stanley Oberneyer, Steve Leizert, Larry Bragga, Richard Bailey, Richard Ford, Ronnie Shore, Jon Freeman, Lester Burgett, Jim Golen, Floyd Clark, Ken Zigmund, Erich Grayson, Kenneth Taft, Coach Smolka, Dennis Armstrong. The young freshman team has proved very suc- cessful this year. Winning l2 out of 13 games, the team will move forward to the freshman tourna- ments, April 15. The first string players this year were: Jonathan Freeman, Jim Golen and Dick Ford, who were high scorers, Floyd Clark and Stanley Overnyer The advantage of our freshman squad is their ever-lasting energy, and they do not tire easily. Mr. Smolka is their coach and he hopes to be very successful in the tournaments. There is good material in the team and they should grow to be a good future varsity squad. FRESHMAN CHEERLEADERS I its . .4 1a-:S.ifil'- ' 4 AQ um ' ' 57 W3 L .-1 Q. r' 795 A , N ,Q x i i l .., , ,z" 1 "Viv ' Q I Congratulations go to Mr. Smolka and his team for their excellent record this year. Let's hope they keep up the good work. Mr. Smolka has the following comments about the team: 'EThis year's Freshman Basketball team proved that basketball games can be won by a team with smaller players than their opposition. Jefferson played almost every game against teams superior to them in height, but the desire to win and good team play brought a winning sea- son. A team that plays together wins together and that is what this year's Freshman squad proveclf, Suzanne Sherrange, Cheryl Wayland, Helen Bielech. of I , 7 H 7 .t -it T51 WG James Bauwin, Ted Hill, Ron Fuller, Charles Armstrong, mund, Doug Franley, Albert Hughes, Bill Maylish Gary McNutt, Joe Bone, Fred johnson, Mike Johnson, Coach Proctor, Steve Gogul. Ron Brown, Larry Smith, Richard Stevens, Micky Zig- JLI ICR HIGH BASKETB LL TE From Eve to seven each evening the gym re- sounded to the tune of rubber-soled shoes and bouncing basketballs. The Junior High basketball team was practicing. This group is composed of those boys in the seventh and eighth grades who have a desire to participate in sports. The object of this team is to promote an inter- est in basketball and to help these boys learn the basic fundamentals of the game. Our Junior High team is not extremely tall but one of good ability and high potential for the fu- ture years. Though the team boasts only a Five win and nine loss record their coach, Mr. Floyd Proctor states that they played considerably better than the records show. The team lost many of their games by only one or two points. Mr. Proctor has been coaching for Hve years and has been working with the Junior High team for the past two years. He is very pleased with the teamls progress and feels they had a good season. Future success to this young team and we hope that they may bring many honors from the realm of basketball to our school. Congratulations, boys for a Fine season. JUNIOR HIGH CHEERLEADERS Donna Bielech, Nadine Ashley, Nancy Smith, Veronica Dzuiba, Claudette Ford. HI-LITE EMORY LA sf we g my Q 1 iw ' 4 we 1' sf X 41:22. is bi. ' we f wg Q, Lgvgxm 93 Q P, iii ,, 'ES v, Mn mj E. my ,", gm L 5 fi ' f ai wg. O f, . 5 N A 0 ZR, .W i 15 5 gi 1- r M 7,1 1. I. .. I F1 T 5 if ho HOME ECONOMICS CLASS MATHEMATICS MECHANICAL DRAWING SHORTHAND ENGLISH 24:4 GEOGRAPHY SCENES STUDY HALL PERSONAL TYPING SPANISH CHEMISTRY WORLD HISTORY LIBRARY JEFFERSON ST. BEAT in RE YOU HERE7?7 QS wg Sf"' I 'f , .:f'fQ 5 . W- - f ,, - , . W, m y S V 0, CLASS HISTORY GF I96O As graduation draws near, let us take a look at how the class of 1960 formed. We embarked upon a new adventure, as a frightened and curious group of youngsters, we started down the halls of education twelve years ago, to prepare ourselves for tomorrow. Elementary school presented a "first timei' for a great number of adventures. Some of them were our first report card, our first time to present a program for our parents and friends, for some of us to go on small excursions with, a new word, our classmates. Those of us who started here in the First grade were: Alice Ashley, Mary Boberg, Linda Bratten, Carole Brenneman, Douglas Brenneman, Virginia Brenneman, Paul Brooks, Patricia Brown, Suzanne Buckley, Evelyn Budd, Rollin Havens, John Hawkins, Carroll Herrmann, Julia Johnston, Richard Kolehmainen, Verna Lemponen, Sharon Luce, Sandra Mead, Bar- bara Miller, David Miller, Donald Mitchell, Ronald Naso, Tom Nizen, Carol Roark, Brenda Schumann, Patti Shore, Grace Smith, Betty Snyder, William Swickard, Maryeleanor Van Slyke, Margretta Vote, and James White. In the middle of the first grade James Anthony and Joyce Brown entered Jefferson. The second year of education brought James Cook and John Hruska as new members of our class. In the third grade, Ronald Berrier and Darlene Inman made the class of 1960 two larger. Two more joined us in the fourth grade, they were James Maylish and Tom Reuschling. Charles Evans and Daniel Kelly in the fifth grade, and Mary Ellen Hawes in the sixth grade were those who joined us to help make our final preparations before entering junior high school. When the September finally came when we could enter high school we were once again a curious and excited group of young people. Now, we could go to the high school dances, enter into the fun of pep assemblies, go to football games with some idea of who was playing, and what we were cheering for, and greatest of all, changing classes. We had the opportunity to elect our class officers and for some of us to hear our name as one of the few who made the honor roll. Those who entered in the midst of all this excitement were Edmound Brown, James Sackett, and Jerrold Schultz. After all the excitement of entering high school was over, three more students joined our class in the eighth grade, they were James Burlin, George McMannes, and Kathleen McNutt. ln the ninth grade the boys were eligible to go out for athletics, such as football, basketball and track. The girls could join the many clubs offered by the high school for them, such as G.I.A., J-Hi-Life, or any one of her choice. Our freshman year also brought a large number of new students to Jefferson. Those from Dorset were: Rosemary Baker, Carol Berrier, Janice Clark, Marilyn Cliff, Herbert Haines, Bar- bara Hudson, Carol Jewell, Joyce Ketola, Donald Kyle, Leon Smith, Cary Piiponen, and Ronald Vosburg. Those from Lenox were: Larry Brown, Judith Chapin, Dennis Connolly, James Divine, Denise Hall, Lillian Kapferer, Sharon Kasonic, Nancy Kurt, Lila Salem, Sandra Springer, Robert VanDevender, and Martin Vargo, There were also a few students from other schools, they were: June Hall, Charles Hamilton, Edward Miller, Nancy Pettit, Valerie Price, and Marie Ensman. When our sophomore year began we had to start thinking about giving the prom the follow- ing year. We chose as a project the sale of desk pen sets. At the end of the year, we were well on the way to a beautiful prom. Cora Gray, Luba Korownyk, Kenneth Misener, Donald Otto, and Robert Parsons entered Jefferson in their sophomore year. The following year was very busy for all of us as juniors. Another project to help finance the prom was the sale of Christmas candles. We chose to present for the junior play a three act comedy, "Aunty Misbehavesf' When it finally came time for the prom we chose "Hawaiian Sunseti' as the theme. Alice Kosenko and Beatrice Taylor were the students who joined us in our junior year. The class of 1960 became a complete group as Nate Hall joined us in our senior year. The ofiicers chosen to represent us were: President, Tom Reuschling, Vice-President, Ronald Berrier, Secretary, Esther Hanson, Treasurer, Edmound Brown. For the senior play we chose a three act mystery, "Dangerous Nan McGrewf' We wish to thank the faculty, our parents, and our many friends in the community for making our education an experience we will never forget. 66 SENIOR CLASS WILL - I960 We the Senior Class of one thousand nine hundred and sixty, being of sound mind and memory, do hereby in this, our last will and testament bequeath our possessions and peculiarities to you, the Juniors. I, Carole Roark, will to Cora Taggart my ability to get out of class and look like I'm busy, while really I have nothing to do. To Darla Jacobs, I, Valerie Price, will my forever failing diet. Donald Otto leaves to you the Juniors fond memories of our good friend Laddie Lynagh. I, Verna Lemponen. will to Elsie Lemponen all the assignments I never quite got around to doing. I, Mary Boberg, would will my natural curly hair to Judy Ames but she already has enough. To Judy Strang and Deanna Gogul, Margretta Vote leaves one used army surplus locker to divide evenly as each sees fit. I, Betty Snyder, leave to Bonnie Beebe all the boys I know at Jefferson, plus a few from Ashtabula and Geneva. Darlene Inman wills to Dottie Ford her naturally curly hair. I, Pat Brown, leave to Nancy Mellin my busy and complicated schedule. Please keep it better than I have. I, Larry Brown, will Bill McGuire a pair of hair clippers and a belt. I, Dennis Connolly, hereby will Harry Runnion my parking place in the school parking lot. To Bertha Rodgers, Beatrice Taylor leaves her ability to do acrobats. Marilyn Cliff, wills to Lynn Grayson two inches of her height. I, Jim Cook, hereby will to Chuck McGill my next appointment with the dentist. I, Denise Hall, will to Sheilla Spencer my ability to sneeze with- out bcing heard. Lillian Kapferer wills to Doreen Wolf all her boyfriends in Jeff. High. She will have to do a little scouting says Lillian. I, games Athony, will to Gene Ollila my mathematical ability in 01 . Jim White leaves to John Buzzard his select position in front of the oven on Saturday morning. To Fayleen Lambert. Lila Salem wills her worn-out typing eraser. I, Evelyn Harvey, will to Judy Geho the keys to my Morris Minor. Tom Reuschling leaves to Jim Munger his irresponsibility. I, Cgiiclh Kolehmainen, leave my 1959 football letter to Butch 1 a. Juia Johnston wills to Eleanor Woodworth her Strawberry Blonde air. I, Mary Van Slyke, will to Gayle Parks my quiet ways in Mr. Perrinls study hall, fourth period. Joyce Taggart is the proud receiver of Joyce Ketola's typewriter in the commercial room. I, Kathy McNutt, leave to Carol Evans my short curly hair and my big furry mittens. Alice Faye Ashley wills to Faye Zinn her bad temper. I, Nancy Kurt. will Kathryn Preston all the cool shadows she can find of the "Beatniks,' I, Ronald Vosburg, gladly leave. Barbara Hudson leaves to Charlotte Waggoner a whole year of bus rides from Dorset to Jeff 7 quiet, warm, fast, comfortable . . . Ralph Harvey receives Leon Smith,s ability to talk in the library. I, Jean Walker, do hereby grant to Mary Wiser my ability to drive and anything else she might need to stay on the road. Carol Jewell leaves Jackie Washburn two tickets to the Slenderella Salon. Cheryl Congdon will receive Carole Brenneman's broken down majorette boots and her rusty baton. Larry Fink wills to the gangling Benny Ashley his height. I, Thomas Nizen, will to Richard Stein my big feet. I, Ronnie Berrier, will to Jim Cole a pair of boxing gloves in a cage. Carol Berrier wills to Susan McCoy her ability to get along with Ronnie Berrier. I, Paul Brooks, will my locker, my seat in home room and my next appointment at the doctors to Ed Utterback. Marty Vargo leaves his abiltiy to chew gum in sixth period study hall to Delbert Dreyer. To Sandy Everett goes Joyce Brown's position as "clerk jerkn in the A8rP Tea Company to occupy her spare time. I, Carroll Herrmann, will to Tom Zigmund my ninth period study hall which I am never in. Bill Cornell bequeaths to Dennis Ward the book he just published, Ten 1105 Easy Ways to find a girl with ten easy parking lessons. I, Jim Divine, will to Russell Hanson my ability to get along with Mrs. Wilsted in eighth period study hall. I, Sandy Springer, leave Carol Meade my book entitled "Ten Easy Lessons in Driving." Chatrlfes Hamilton leaves to Bill Hamilton a portion of his driving a 1 ity. To Bert Walker, Marie Ensman wills her long hair, in hopes that she can do more with it than she had. 1, Bill Swickard, will to Tim Root and Richard Thompson my musical ability split in half. I, Gary Piiponen, leave Richard Laitinen with English IV which I didn't take. Esther Hanson wills to Judy Pratt anything she has that Judy thinks she can use. To Tom Johnson, Dan Kelly wills his ways to get along with all the girls. I, Ed Miller, will to John Kapis my long blonde hair and my mustache. To Dale Vosberg goes David Miller's unfinished project in shop class. Alice Kosenko wills to Vicky Piekarski her hearty appetite. I, Cora Gray, will to Bob Leonard my ability to pass history. I, James Maylish, will to George Pugsley and Eddie Kelner my ability to give the monster a hard time. Donald Kyle wills to Phillip Dietrich my quiet ways. I, John Hruska, hereby leave Joe Misinec, my dry football uni- form. John Hawkins wills to Ben Chambers one slightly used physics handbook. Judy Chapin wills to Gretta Connolly her ten easy lessons in "Putting on Weightf' I, Mary Hawes, will to Christine Burr all the notes I wrote in second period study hall. I, Ron Naso, leave to Larry Stevens my long, curly locks. Patti Shore wills to Clarice Ann Reinhart her first trying experience on waterskiis. I, Sharon Kasonic, will my dimples to Patty March. I, Don Mitchell, leave Robert Burgoon my assigned seat in Mr. Shoaf's office. Grace Smith gladly wills to Mary Fink her jumpy nerves and high blood pressure. I, Virginia Brenneman, will to Patsy Toppin my twin brother Doug. I, Jerry Schultz, will to Mike Datsko my "war surplus" locker, in hopes that he can figure out how to get it open. Evelyn Budd, wills her height to Sally Toukonen. June Hall leaves her ability to play the piano with two fingers to Carol Larson. I, Bob Van Devender, will to Bob Powell my great adventures in study hall. Rollin Havens, wills to Carlous Sturgill his ability to sleep with his eyes open. I, Barbara Miller, will my seat in American Government class to Audrey Fleming. I, Sharon Luce, will Gayle Hruska my soprano voice quality for her alto part in the trio. I, Nalte Hall do hereby will to Duane Butler my ability in foot- bal . James Burlin wills to Leslie Bagley his height. To Ted Grilly, I, Charles Evans, will every cent I ever won from him with a book entitled How to Play Poker. I, Butch Brown, will to Chuck Herndon my typing ability. I. Herb Haines, will my ability to get to school exactly 10 seconds before the bell rings to Dale Vosburg. Brenda Schumann wills to Nancy Hackathorn her faithful tennis shoes and a bottle of white shoe polish. I, Sandy Mead, will to Mary Jane Ebersole my half of the Man- ners Credit Card in hopes that she will use it more than I did. I, Janice Clark, will to Susan Fetch all the lifesavers I eat in fourth period study hall. To Mary Ann Plitt, Luba Korownyk leaves her bushy, fat, black eyebrows and hopes that she can keep them under control - something I could never do. I, Nancy Pettit, will to Carol Bailes my great mathematic ability with hopes that she can put it to more use than I did. Suzanne Buckley wills to Jane Kray all her broken down drum heads and the expense that goes with them. I, Rose Mary Baker, will to Carol Topper exactly inch of my height. I, George McMannes, will to William Lesko all I know about Figures. Linda Bratten wills to Linda Brown her Government book with hopes that she will get more out of it than she did. I, Douglas Brenneman, leave to Howard Frazee all the recognition that I never receive from Mr. Shoaf. I. James Sackett, leave to Larry McQueen my ability to get A's in shop without working and to David Moisio my great, brand new, never opened Government book. I, Bob Parsons, leave Marty Miller my ability to get along with all my teachers. In witness thereof, we, the class of one thousand nine hundred sixty have hereby signed, sealed, published, and declared our last will and testament on this third day of June in the year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and sixty. I 960 CLASS PRQPHECY We, Bonnie Beebe, Jackie Washburn, Gene Ollila, and Dennis Ward, predict the future for the members of the Class of 1960. Rosemary Baker, Cora Gray, and Marie Ensman are still sitting at Manners, waiting to be served by that cute car-hop, Kathy McNutt. Wy donit you complain to the new manager, Marty Vargo, girls? Paul Brooks is now designing cars for Tom Nizen's new General Motors Division in Jefferson. Donald Kyle, Gary Piiponen, Ronnie Vosburg, and Leon Smith are his loquacious salesmen. The chief Hgrease- monkeyw is Rollin Havens. Suzanne Buckley and Brenda Schumann have a new jazz album out, featuring duets by Dennis Con- nolly and Marilyn Cliff. Also, The Three Browns: Joyce, Larry, and Patty, have released a new record called "Big Jimmy Brownf, Meanwhile, Jim Maylish is working up a new dance routine for Bob Van Devenderis latest musical. As Jim has always said, 4'Put a little fun in your life: try dancingln This reminds us Carole Roark is now in show business, too. She is doing Coca Puff com- mercials. That world renowned painter, Don Otto, is ex- hibiting his latest work at Nate Hall's new art gallery. The models for the painting were Luba Korownyk and Julia Johnston. Those society Udo-gooders," Charles Hamilton, Herb Haines, and Doug Brenneman, have financed a new Aeronautical Engineering College. The dedi- cation services were held by the Rev. Donald lviitcnell and Rev. James Divine. Head of the mathematics department is Edd Miller, Ph.D., and Alice Ashley is in charge of the cafeteria. Bob Parsons became - what else? - a beatnik! He has just started an expresso place on Sunset Strip. His bongo player is Carole Lynn Brenneman. Verna Lemponen is married and lives in Ashtabula. She has just been chosen "Mother of the Yearf' Nancy Kurt and Sharon Luce have taken over the Teamsters' Union. They succeeded Bill Cornell, who has accepted a better position at Clintons, Drug Store. Valerie Price and Nancy Pettit are the first lady barbers in Jefferson. Jim Sackett is the manicurist. Ron Naso is the president of the Famer Bureau. Judy Chapin is in charge of delivering feed. In- cidentally, speaking of feed, Jerry Schultz is the head waiter at Bill Swickard's famous restaurant. Jim Anthony, Ron Berrier, and Butch Brown are interior decorators. They are remodeling Carroll Herrmann's night Club. Sandy Springer owns the Heavyweight Champion of the World, George McMannes. Denise Hall, Esther Hanson, and Sandy Mead are fashion designers. A new Slenderella Salon is being operated by Carol Jewell, Lila Salern, and Janice Clark. Famous District Attorney, Tom Reuschling, seems involved in the outcome of his latest case. Richard Kolehmainen is the Counsel for the defense, represent- ing Joyce Ketola in the Sharon Kasonic Case. Dan Kelly is the honorable judge. Evelyn Harvey, Mary Ellen Hawes, and Lillian Kapferer, own a large pineapple plantation in North- ern Siberia. Attending police academy is Larry Fink, and June Hall is a police photographer. Jim White makes doughnuts and his wife, Darlene, drills the holes in them. Jim Cook is a butcher. John Hruska is a baker. John Hawkins is a candlestick maker. The only census taker in the class is Barbara Miller. Shefs a thinking lady. Virginia Brenneman has become a veterinarian. She has doctored animals of such people as Mary Boberg, of television fame, Evelyn Budd, brilliant ornithologist, and also those of Kenneth Misener, David Miller, and Charles Evans, great white hunters of Africa. Carol Barrier, Barbara Hudson, and Linda Bratten are all attending school to become psychiatrists. James Burlin owns a very successful shoe store in Chronelitilic, Rhode Island. Alice Kosenko and Jean Walker have upooledi' their resources and bought a new Volkswagon. A sensational girls' basketball team is managed by Margretta Vote and Betty Snyder and is coached by Beatrice Taylor. Grace Smith and Mary Van Slyke enjoy being airline stewardesses. Patti Shore spends her time as a cosmotologist, a doctor, a lawyer, a senator, a biologist, a historian, and kenjamiwitnizrgist fcotton pickerj, which re- minds us that we've run out of seniors. SENIOR ACTIVITIE JAMES ANTHONY His thought and conduct are his own. Football 3545 Basketball 15253545 Track 15253545 Scholarship Tests 35 Junior Play5 Snowball attendant 4. ALICE ASHLEY Honesty is the best policy. G.I.A. 15253545 G.I.A. Follies 253545 J-Teens 152. ROSE MARY BAKER As merry as the day is long. G.I.A. 152535 G.I.A. Follies 2535 Student Librarian 152535 Scholarship Tests 25 Chorus 25 W.I.C.A. Guest Time 25 J-Teens 15253. CAROL BERRIER Happiness is the supreme object of existence. G.I.A. 15253545 G.I.A. Follies 3,45 Spanish Club 3545 Band 15253,45 Senior Scholarship Tests 45 Merit Scholarship Tests 3. RONALD BERRIER An athlete who scores in more ways than one. Student Council 2545 Spanish Club 3545 Red Cross Council 15253545 Football 15253545 Basketball 1525354. MARY BOBERG A quiet conscience makes one so serene. G.I.A. 152535 G.I.A. Follies 2535 J-Teens 152535 Future Teachers of America 1. LINDA BRATTEN It is said that clothes make the woman. G.I.A. 15253545 Spanish Club 3,45 Future Teachers of America 152545 Scholarship Tests 35 Senior Scholarship Tests 45 Merit Scholarship Tests 35 One-Act Play 35 J-Teens 152535 President Spanish Club 4. CAROLE BRENNEMAN Her ways are the ways of pleasantness. G.I.A. Follies 152535 Red Cross Council 152,35 J-Teens 152535 Senior Scholarship Tests 45 Chorus 3545 Minstrel 1525 Ma- jorette 2535 Drum Majorette 45 G.I.A. 15253545 Band 15253,4. DOUGLAS D. BRENNEMAN It always pays to be a gentleman. Spanish Club 3545 Athletic Council 253,45 Vice-president Athletic Coun- cil 35 Scholarship Tests 15 President Athletic Coun- cil 4. VIRGINIA BRENNEMAN Character is the real foundation of all worthwhile suc- cess. G.I.A. 15253545 G.I.A. Follies 15253545 Spanish Club 3545 J-Hi-Life Editorial Staff 3545 Editor J-Hi- Life 45 Athletic Council 3545 Secretary Athletic Coun- cil 35 Treasurer Athletic Council 45 Future Teachers of America 3545 J-Teens 152535 Treasurer J-Teens 25 Cheerleader 15 Scholarship Tests 1525 Senior Scholar- ship Tests 45 Senior Play 45 Chorus 3545 National Honor Society 45 P.T.A. Carnival Queen or at- tendant 1. PAUL BROOKS Listening often pays more than talking. EDMOUND BROWN Full of spirit, full of vim! Much is gained by knowing him. Red Cross Council 152535 Football 1525 Basket- ball 15253545 Merit Scholarship Test 35 Class Treas- urer 4. JOYCE BROWN Politeness is good nature regulated by good sense. G.I.A. 15253545 G.I.A. Follies 25 -I-Teens 15253. LARRY BROWN The atrocious crime of being a young man. Future Teachers of America 15253545 Football 2535 Track 152, 3545 Scholarship Tests 15253545 Merit Scholarship Tests 3 5 Senior Scholarship Tests 4. PATRICIA BROWN An ounce of mirth is worth a pound of sorrow. G.I.A. 15253545 G.I.A. Follies 1,25 J-Hi-Life Editorial Staff 3545 Future Teachers of America 35 Chorus 25 J-Teens 152535 Prom Chairman 3. SUZANNE BUCKLEY There is a woman at the beginning of all great things. G.I.A. 15253545 G.I.A. Follies 2545 Spanish Club 3,45 Yearbook Staff 45 Future Teachers of America 25354 5 Band 152545 One Act Play 253545 Director 3,45 One Act Play Prompter 25 One Act Play Make-up 25 Jun- ior Play 35 Chorus 25 Baldwin Wallace High School Band 25 Baldwin Wallace High School Orchestra 25 Ashtabula County High School All Star Band 25 Northeast Ohio Regional Orchestra 45 J-Teens 152535 Voice of Democracy Contest Finals 25 Pep Band 1525 Talent Contest 3. EVELYN BUDD There is no wealth like a quiet mind. G.I.A. 152535 G.I.A. Follies 2535 Future Teachers of America 15 J- Teens 15253. SENIOR ACTI ITIE JAMES BURLIN Take time for all things. Scholarship Tests 2, Chorus 1. JUDITH CHAPIN The force of her own merit, makes her way. G.I.A. 1,2,3,4, G.I.A. Follies 2,3, Spanish Club 3,4, J-Teens 1,2,3, Chorus 1,2,3, Minstrel 2. JANICE CLARK It is a quiet worker who succeeds. G.I.A. 2,3,4, G.I.A. Follies 2,4, Future Teachers of America 3, J- Teens 1,2,3. MARILYN CLIFF Content is more than a kingdom. Student Librarian 3,4. DENNIS CONNOLLY The heart is never neutral. JAMES COOK The actions of men are the best interpreters of their thoughts, Athletic Council 1-, Future Teachers of America 1,35 Track l,2,3,4, Scholarship Tests l,2,3,4, Senior Scholarship Tests, Merit Scholarship Tests, Class Officer 3, Treasurer, Junior Play 3, Senior Play 4, One-Act Play 2,3, Chorus 1,2,3,4 - Treasurer, National Honor Society 3,4, - President, W.I.C.A. Guest Time 4. WILLIAM CORNELL One great use of words is to hide our thoughts. Span- ish Club 3,4, Future Teachers of America 2, Student Librarian 3, Track 1,2, Scholarship Tests 2,3,4, Sen- ior Scholarship Tests 4, Chorus 1,2,3,4, Merit Schol- arship Tests 3. JAMES DIVINE Once they caught me studying! One Act Play Stage- hand 1 , Junior Play Stagehand 1. MARIE ENSMAN Cheerfulness is the sunny ray of life. G.I.A. 1,2,3,4, G.I.A. Follies 2,3, Athletic Council, Treasurer 3,4, Future Teachers of America 3, Scholarship Tests 2, Class Officer, Treasurer, Athletic Council 3, J-Teens 1,2,3. CHARLES EVANS I am very fond of the company of ladies. LARRY FINK School breaks up my whole day. Basketball 2,3, Track 4. 70 CORA GRAY Her purity and honesty is hard to disguise. G.I.A. 2,3,4, G.I.A. Follies 2, Student Librarian 3,4, Chorus 1,4, J-Teens 3. HERBERT HAINES A good fellow in a quiet way. Projection Club 1,2, 3,4, Track 2, Junior Play 3. DENISE HALL It is good to be merry and wise. G.I.A. 1,2,3,4, G.I.A. Follies 2,3, F.T.A. 4, Chorus 1,2, J-Teens 1,2,3, J- Teens Award 2,3, Class Will 4. JUNE HALL A good heart is worth gold. G.I.A. 2,3,4, G.I.A. Fol- lies 2,3, J-Hi-Life Editorial Staff 2,3,4, F.T.A. 2,3, Scholarship Tests 2, Chorus 1,2,3,4, J-Teens 1,2,3, National Essay Contest 2, Class History 4. NATHANIEL HALL His friends are many, his foes, are there any? Spanish Club 1,2, Football 2,3,4, Basketball 1,2,3,4, Track 1,2, Class Oflicer 2. CHARLES HAMILTON Some say he's bashful, others doubt it. Band 1,2 Q Track 2,3,4. ESTHER HANSON Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm. G.I.A. 1,2,3,4, G.I.A. Follies 2,3,4, J-Hi-Life Edito- rial Staff 4, Business Manager of J-Hi-Life 4, Red Cross Council 2,3, F.T.A. 4, Scholarship Tests 2,3,4, Senior Scholarship Tests 4, Class Officer, Secretary 114, Junior Play 3, Senior Play 4, Chorus 1,2,3,4, Secretary 4, Soloist 3,4, National Honor Socitey 4, Minstrel 1,2, Class Will 4, J-Teens 1,2,3. EVELYN HARVEY Patience is the best remedy for every trouble. G.I.A. 1,2,3,4, G.I.A. Follies 2,3, One Act Play 1, Chorus 354, J-Teens 1,2,3. ROLLIN HAVENS Good humor is goodness and wisdom combined. Pro- jection Club 1,2,3,4, Vice President Projection Club 4, Football 1,2,3,4, Co-Captain of Football 4, XV.R.L. Second team 4, All County Second team 4, Basketball 1,2,3,4, Track 2,3, Scholarship Tests 1, Senior Scholarship Tests 4, Merit Scholarship Tests 3, Senior Play 4, Stage Manager, Chorus 1,2,3,4, Na- tional Honor Society 4, Snowball King or attendant 4. SE ICR ACTIVITIE MARY ELLEN HAWES It's a good thing one's worth is not judged by one's size. G.I.A. 3545 G.I.A. Follies 4. JOHN HAINKINS The farmers are the founders of civilization and pros- perity. Projection Club 15253545 Future Teachers of America 3545 Football 2535 Scholarship Tests 253545 Senior Scholarship Tests 45 Merit Scholarship Tests 35 Junior Play 35 Senior Play 45 One-Act Play 3545 National Honor Society 4. CARROLL HERRMANN Whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well. Projection Club 15253545 Football Manager 15253545 Basketball 45 Basketball Manager 152535 Track 1525 354. JOHN HRUSKA He is going forward to something great. Projection club 15253545 F.T.A. 3545 Football 253545 Senior Schol- arship Tests 45 Merit Scholarship Tests 35 Junior Play 35 Senior Play 45 One-Act Play 2535 Chorus 15253545 President 4. BARBARA HUDSON The only way to have a friend is to be one. G.I.A. 25354 - Vice-President 45 G.I.A. Follies 2545 J-Teens 2535 Spanish Club 3545 Future Teachers 153545 Band 1525354 H Sergeant Attendance - 45 Scholarship Tests 15253545 Senior Scholarship Tests 45 Merit Scholarship Tests 35 National Honor Society 4. DARLENE INMAN Laugh and the world laughs with you. G.I.A. 15253545 G.I.A. Follies 15 J-Hi-Life Editorial Staff 15253545 Cheerleader 15253545 Minstrel 1525 Spring Frolic At- tendant 45 Homecoming Attendant 45 P.T.A. Carni- val Attendant 15 J-Teens 15253. CAROL JEWELL Her outward quietness conceals a wealth of virtues. Chorus 3. JULIA JOHNSTON A friend in need is a friend in deed. G.I.A. 15253545 G.I.A. Follies 15253545 Future Teachers of America 3545 Chorus 1525 J-Teens 15253. LILLIAN KAPFERER It matters not how long we live5 but how. Chorus 1. SHARON KASONIC To speak kindly does not hurt the tongue. G.I.A. 15 Spanish Club 3545 Future Teachers of America 253545 Student Librarian 45 Chorus 1. JOYCE KETOLA A light heart lives long. Scholarship Tests 25 Chorus 152. DANIEL KELLY Good humor is the sunshine of the mind. Football 3545 Track 25354. RICHARD KOLEHMAINEN It takes a wise man to discover happiness. Football 35 Basketball 15 Band 15 Track 1,25354. LUBA KOROWNYK Sincerity and truth are the basis of every virtue. G.I.A. 45 Student Council Representative 45 Spanish Club 3545 Future Teachers of America 3545 Student Li- brarian 4. ALICE KOSENKO With disposition pleasant and friends galore. Chorus 15253545 Majorette 2535 National Honor Society 1. NANCY KURT The best way to keep good acts in memory is to re- fresh them with new memories. G.I.A. 3545 G.I.A. 45 Band 15253545 Pep Band 253545 Senior Scholarship 45 Merit Scholarship 35 Senior Play 45 W.I.C.A. Guest Time 2. DONALD KYLE Much wisdom often goes with the fewest words. Spanish Club 354 5 Spanish Club Officer 4. VERNA LEMPONEN Simplicity of character is the natural result of profound thought. G.I.A. 15253545 G.I.A. Follies 45 Spanish Club 3545 J-Hi-Life Editorial Staff 253545 Future Teachers of America 253545 Band 15253545 Scholarship Tests 253545 Senior Scholarship Tests 45 Merit Schol- arship Tests 35 Junior Play 35 Senior Play 45 Chorus 2545 J-Teens 15253. SHARON LUCE Music drives one's woes away. G.I.A. 15253545 G.I.A. 153545 Band 15253545 Senior Scholarship Tests 45 Merit Scholarship Tests 35 Senior Play 45 Chorus 3545 W.I.C.A. Guest Time 2535 J-Teens 15253. JAMES MAYLISH I like work5 it fascinates me. I can sit and look at it for hours. Football 1535 Junior 3. SENIOR ACTIVITIE SANDRA MEAD The youth of the soul is everlasting, and eternity is youth. G.I.A. 1,2,3,4, G.I.A. Follies 2,3,4, Class Will 4, Cheerleader l,3,4, Junior Play 3, Homecoming at- tendant 4, J-Teens l,2,3. GEORGE McMANNES Happiness means success. Basketball l,2,3,4. KATHLEEN MCNUTT The surest way to succeed is to determine to succeed. G.I.A. 1,2,3,4, Secretary, G.I.A. 2, President, G.I.A. 4, G.I.A. Follies 1,2,3,4, Student Council 1, J-Hi- Life Editorial Staff 4, Red Cross Councii 1,2,3,4, Fu- ture Teachers of America 4, Band 1,2,3,4, Corporal Librarian, Band 2,3, Sergeant Librarian, Band 4, Lieutenant, Band 4, Scholarship Tests l,2,3,4, Senior Scholarship Tests 4, Merit Scholarship Tests 3, Sen- ior Play 4, Chorus 3,4, Librarian, Chorus 4, National Honor Society 3,4, W.I.C.A. Guest Time 4, Spring Frolic Attendant 3, J-Teens l,2,3, Secretary, National Honor Society 4. BARBARA MILLER Nothing is rarer than real goodness. G.I.A. 1,2,3,4, G.I.A. Follies 1,3, Spanish Club 3,4, J-Hi-Life Ed- itorial Staff l,2,3,4, Band 1,2,3,4, Student Librarian l,2,3,4, Scholarship Tests 3, Merit Scholarship Tests 3, Chorus 4, National Honor Society 4, J-Teens l,2,3. DAVID MILLER A handful of common sense is worth a bushel of learning. Spanish Club 3,4, J-Hi-Life Business Staff 2,3,4, Track 1. EDWARD MILLER The less I learn, the less I have to remember. KENNETH MISENER The award of one duty is the power to fulfill another. J-Hi-Life Business Staff l,2,3,4. DONALD MITCHELL Nothing is more trouble than the efIort of thinking. Band l,2,3. RONALD NASO He who thinks for himself, and rarely imitates, is a free man. Student Council 2,3, Vice-President 3, Pro- jection Club l,2,3,4, Red Cross Council 1,2,3, Fixture Teachers of America 4, Football 1,2,3,4, Co-Captain 4, VV.R.L. 4, All County 4, Basketball l,2,3,4, All W.R.L. 3, Band l,2,3,4, Captain 4, Track l,2,3,4, Scholarship Tests l,2,3, Senior Scholarship Tests 4, Class Officer, Vice-President 2, President 3, Senior Play, Chorus 2,3,4, National Honor Society 3,4, Ser- geant-at-Arms. THOMAS NIZEN Common sense is instinct, and enough of it is genious. Football 1,2,3, Basketball l,2,3, Track 1,2,3,4, Merit Scholarship Tests 3, Chorus 2,3,4. DONALD OTTO Every man has his devilish moments. Football 3, Bas- ketball 1, Band 1, Baseball 1, Track 3,4, Chorus l,3,4. ROBERT PARSONS Good humor is the health of the soul. Projection Club 1, F.T.A. 4, Football 1, Basketball 1,2, Baseball 1, Merit Scholarship Tests 4, Junior Play 3, Senior Play 4, One-Act Play 3,4, Chorus 4. NANCY PETTIT Always kind and true. G.I.A. l,2,3,4, G.I.A. Follies 2,3,4, F.T.A, 2,3,4, Band l,2, Senior Scholarship Tests 4, Senior Play 4, Chrous l,2,4, J-Teens 1,2,3. GARY PIIPONEN It's safer being meek, than Herce. Spanish Club l,2, Band 1,2. VALERIE PRICE A winning smile, is the door to a happy heart. G.I.A. 1,2,3,4, G.I.A. Follies 2,3,4, Future Teachers of America 3,4 , Senior Scholarship Tests 4, Junior Play 3, Senior Play 4, Chorus l,2,3,4, J-Teens 1,2,3. THOMAS REUSCHLING Strong reasons make strong actions. Student Council 3,4, Secretary and President, Future Teachers of America 4, Football l,2,3,4, Basketball 1,2,3,4, Track 2,3,4, Scholarship Tests l,2,3, Senior Scholarship Tests 4, Merit Scholarship Tests 3, Class Oficicer 3,4, Vice President and President, Chorus l,2,3, National Honor Society 3,4, Treasurer, All WRL 2nd team 4, All county Honorable mention 4. CAROLE ROARK Good humor makes all things tolerable. G.I.A. l,2,3,4, G.I.A. Follies 2, Student Librarian 4, Scholarship Tests 2, J-Teens 1,2,3. SENIOR ACTIVITIE JAMES SACKETT Men are only boys grown tall. Track 354. LILA SALEM She has a thousand friends. G.I.A. 1,2,3,45 G.I.A. Follies 2,3,45 J-Teen 152,35 Secretary 3. JERROLD SCHULTZ It is a hard working and conscientious man who wins. Track 1,3,4. BRENDA SCHUMANN Doth burn the midnight hour to learn the chemistry of it. G.I.A. 15253545 G.I.A. Follies 2,3,45 J-Hi-Life Business Staff 1,2535 Future Teachers of America 2,35 Band 1 5 Scholarship Tests 2 5 Senior Scholarship Tests 45 Merit Scholarship Tests 35 Junior Play 35 Senior Play 45 One-Act Play 2,35 Chorus 2,3545 National Honor Society 45 J-Teens 1,2,3. PATTI SHORE To know how to wait is the great secret of success. G.I.A. 1,2,3,45 G.I.A. Follies 2,3545 Red Cross Council 1,2,35 Future Teachers of America 2,3,45 Cheerleader 152,3,45 Scholarship Test 1,25 Senior Scholarship Tests 45 Merit Scholarship Tests 35 Junior Play5 Chorus 152, 3,45 National Honor Society 3,45 Spring Frolic attend- ant 2,35 Homecoming Queen 45 J-Teens 152,35 Vice- President, Red Cross Council 3, Future Teachers of America 45 Cheerleader Captain 3,45 Class Officer Secretary 25 National Honor Society 4 5 J-Teens 3. GRACE SMITH Silence is more eloquent than words. G.I.A. 3,45 J- Teens 3. LEON SMITH Never say more than is necessary, Spanish Club 3,4. BETTY JEAN SNYDER To have a good friend one must be a good friend. G.I.A. 1,253,-45 G.I.A. Follies 2535 Student Librarian 2,35 J-Teens 1,2,35 Scholarship Tests 25 Merit Schol- arship Tests 1,25 National Honor Society 45 National Essay Contest, Honorable Mention 25 National Essay Contest, Special Mention 2. SANDRA SPRINGER She is certain to be seen, where fun and mischief beam. G.I.A. 1,2,3,45 G.I.A. Follies 2,35 Spanish Club 3,45 Band 15 Chorus 1. WILLIAM SWICKARD Once a gentleman, always a gentleman. Chorus 1. BEATRICE TAYLOR A true friend is forever a friend. G.I.A. 3,45 G.I.A. Follies 4. ROBERT VAN DEVENDER Oh, why must life be all labor. Football 35 Basketball 1,2,3. MARYELEANOR VAN SLYKE What sweet delight a quiet life affords. G.I.A. 1,2,35 G.I.A. Follies 1,35 Chorus 1,25 J-Teens 1,2,3. MARTIN VARGO Thoughts rule the world. Spanish Club 3,45 Treas- urer 35 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Band 1525 Snowball At- tendant 4. RONALD VOSBURG I never think of the future5 it comes soon enough. MARGRETTA VOTE Silence is one great art of conversation. G.I.A. 1,2,3,45 G.I.A. Follies 2535 Scholarship Tests 25 J-Teens 15253. JAMES WHITE Character development is the great, if not the sole aim of education. Student Council 35 Red Cross Council 1,253,415 Future Teachers of America 45 Foot- ball 1,3545 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Band 1,25 Treasurer 35 National Honor Society 45 Snowball Attendant 4. Mr. and Mrs. Gail Baker Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Bratten Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Brenneman Mrs. Charlotte Brenneman Mr. C. H. Brenneman Mr. and Mrs. Emmett Brown Mrs. Beatrice Brown Mrs. Edwin L. Burlin Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Marion C. Chapin Howard C. Cook George Cornell Charles T. Divine Jess Fink Mr. and Mrs. L. Haines Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Hall Robert Hall Arthur A. Hanson Ivan Harvey Herbert C. Hawkins Milford Hermann Albert Hruska Edward Hruska Harold Inman A 8L P Store Baldwinis Store Caseis Drug Store Clinton's Drug Store Elvin's Jewelry Store Ford's Chevrolet Inc. F rayer's Agency, Inc. Hamilton's Furniture Hillyer Reality Holt's Hardware jefferson Banking Company Jefferson Hardware Jefferson Savings and Loan Company -Iordan's Store Reverend G. L. Kenealy Lehnert Funeral Home PATRONS l 74 Mr. and Mrs. John Ketola Mr. and Mrs. William Kolehmainen Mr. and Mrs. D. R. Kyle Mr. and Mrs. Robert Luce Mr. and Mrs. John Maylish Mr. and Mrs. Milton E. Mead Mr. and Mrs. R. A. McNutt Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Charles N aso Mr. and Mrs. S. P. Nizen Mrs. MaeBelle Otto Mr. and Mrs. Onne Piipponen Mr. and Mrs. Chester Price Mr. and Mrs. Fred L. Reuschling Mr. and Mrs. Dale Richcreek Mr. and Mrs. Albert P. Schultz Mr. and Mrs. Henry Schumann Mr. and Mrs. William Springer Mr. and Mrs. Dean Swickard Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Van Devender Mr. and Mrs. Floyd White Marieis Hat and Dress Shoppe McCullough,s Florist Mineris Tire Store Rhodes jewelry Store Salsbury's Appliances Spinneweber Service Station Springer's News Room Stasny's Dry Cleaning Stop n Shop Sonoco Service Station The Toggery Treen's Barber Shoppe Western Auto Associate Store Dr. R. B. White J. G. William's Electric Wilsted's Confectionery AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS

Suggestions in the Jefferson Area High School - J Hi Life Yearbook (Jefferson, OH) collection:

Jefferson Area High School - J Hi Life Yearbook (Jefferson, OH) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Jefferson Area High School - J Hi Life Yearbook (Jefferson, OH) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Jefferson Area High School - J Hi Life Yearbook (Jefferson, OH) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Jefferson Area High School - J Hi Life Yearbook (Jefferson, OH) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Jefferson Area High School - J Hi Life Yearbook (Jefferson, OH) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Jefferson Area High School - J Hi Life Yearbook (Jefferson, OH) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


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