Jefferson Area High School - J Hi Life Yearbook (Jefferson, OH)

 - Class of 1956

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Jefferson Area High School - J Hi Life Yearbook (Jefferson, OH) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 62 of 76
Page 62 of 76

Jefferson Area High School - J Hi Life Yearbook (Jefferson, OH) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 61
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Jefferson Area High School - J Hi Life Yearbook (Jefferson, OH) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 63
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Page 62 text:

CLASS PRGPHECY Many years haye passed SIDCC we graduated from hlgh school so we decxded to take a tr1p to Mars to look up some of our old classmates We were on our way to Callforma and on the tra1n we saw Day rd Porter who 1S a steward He was busy gettlng ey ery one settled The engmeer was start 1ng the tram and guess who It was' lNone other than Donald Kennner Slttmg across the alsle from us readlng hls polltlcal reports was that famous crrmlnal lawyer Donald Lamb We were almost to Callfornla when we notlced 1n the newspaper that Ethel Fonner was appearmg at the Rltl Club 1n Hollywood Her slnglng has made her a star over nlght We were soon ln Callfornla and after a short rest we boarded the space shlp for our yacatlon rn Mars The co pllots were Albert Howell and Bob Ebersole We were fastened 1nto our seats by the pretty stew ardess Anne Lehto We looked up to see those four nurses Rlta Dlemer Joanne Komsle Pat Bently and lNancy Talklngton who were our former classmates Rlght behlnd them was Doctor tCharlesl Baso Be Loulse Heaton w 1th the1r ch1ldren They were golng to Mars to glye thelr husbands a rest We were en tertamed durmg the trip by those two great gurtar play ers lionald Hary ey and lkl3I'l0H Burch We heard some LUININOUOII and looked up to see Ronnle Hat maker Nlck Nlegy est 'md Tom Day ld argulng about cans on Mars We finally arrlyed on Mars after a pleasant trlp The first place we went to was the hotel where our former classmate Robert Graham IS the manager We looked around fpr the hellhops and who dtd we ee but flarry Nlllllll and lxent Yeager After tlppmg the bellhops we puked up the telephone and recog mzed the operator yolce as that of Donna Mmllard Xftcr 1 fl6llClUUQ mml Looked by those two chefs lorctta luhtblfiu 'md qlnrley Anderson we walked oy er to the used car lot managed by Hazel Chrlstlan and rented a car cleslgned by Larry Ly nagh and George Qalem Wlnle drlvlng through the streets we saw ,lean Clark and Allan Beebe walklng along We stopped at the school to see lf we would recog mze anyone Creetlng us at the door was the prmcl pal Donald Schrock He took us to some of the rooms and there we saw Mary Lou Anderson Deanna Schrock lNancy Helnen Judy Calaway and Pat Mul len trymg to teach the students their A B C s After leaylng the school we heard a loud roar and turmng the corner we found ourselves at the races Starrmg were those slx dare devlls Leslle Haw kms Rlchard Kean Ronnle Means Wendell Nelson Ray Stalnfleld and Ronald Weyandt We heard from ,llm March who IS a messenger that Carolyn Grllly Frances Budd ,lean Moore Cer aldlne lNelson and Janlce McCune are workmg at the Roden Chemlcal Company Our trlp was almost oyer when we X1SltCd the Space Gun Factory where we saw seyeral of our for were Bryan Treen Edwm Flscher Jlm Hanson and Donald Sprmkle The glrls who were testmg out the guns were Betty Peltz Donna Preston Norma Remke and Annamae Solaskl The llttle chlldren on Mars who are not able to fly space slnps are left at the Outer 'Space Klnder garten managed by Gertrude lxapferer Donna Kemp and Loretta Lemponen We were gcttmg rmady to leaye Mars and were boardmg our space slnp back to Callfornla when we looked up to see Elame Scalero Marlon Rlchmond and 'Nelhe blay runmng toward us wlth thelr sult eases plannmg to go back to earth wlth us Thus ends a happy yacatlon to Mars on May 31 1966 V V V . V V . . , . . 5 V . V . 9 V l . . . 7 V V , 1 2 a 1 ' Y v . - . . , y , . , . . . . V V . . V. V 9 7 5 5 S A 9 T A, A l Y - . 1 Y ' 7 V 1 V . V V V . , . 7 7 7 , . T . . 7 ' 7 e . I : l 7 7 n 7- 7 T . . 7 V . . - 7 ' 7 M Y - hind us were seated the former Mary' Burch and mer classmates at work. Busy' constructing the guns . 7 v' I v v v v 7 - . , ' , C ,l 9 e - 1 I 2 A 7 L V V.V V V. . V . L . - ' -. c ' 7 . , . V , v V ' , I, , t , I k 7 V 7 . . . V . . , V , K 1 . , , V . V S V L. .1 , , I A . . L. . s V . V . . . - Y L. . . , f - . 9 . U v' . . .S V .V Q . ' V V . V b , , .A j C l I. - lc W .Y X, V , I A V E J. ' 1. 4 ., I I' - , ' '

Page 61 text:

N SENIOR CLASS WILL 19 6 We the Senlor Class of one thousand nlne hundred and nftv SIX belng of sound mlnrt and mem on do herebv ln thls our last vvlll and testament bequeath our pos es tons and peeullarltles to vou the lunlors Pat 'Vlullen leaves her red halr to 'Vadla Perekrest and Delores Kalln xlanev Talklngton leaves her glggle to Ruhv Woodvsorth Annamae Sokaskl lm av es hm r frlendlv smlle to Donna Hudak and f arol Zlnn ,llm Roden leaves hl N1lPIlllllt"lTllI'It"l toaob Vanglv ke and Davld 'Velson Leslle HBWRIHS leaves hls Htlltllllllllllt troubles to Ronald I opeland and Walt r l lpkovvskl Bob fsraham leaves hls qunt vsavs to Iyll k Nlles and I harles Long Davld Porter leaves hls hntlh halr r ul to Wlllvur Le: Frances Budd leaves he r tvpl vv rlter to ,lanet and ,loan Zeman Bob Ehersole leaves hls lrulklng prohll ms to ,lovle Stevens and Dlanna t ov Deanna Schrock leaves hs r ll gs to IJ: lorl s Hatmakc r Ronnle Harvev leave Betlv Peltz leaves he r qulet and ttltl'-vffvdllt? manners to Kav Teatsorth and l alle Utterhal k Carolvn Cflllv leaves her long dark halr to Pattv Salem Elalne Sealero leaves her great abllltv to argue to Donald Sarna and Ruth Slllllllilll Ronnle Hatmaker lfaves hl phvslquf to -Xlhert and Erlc Larson he savs thev ean shar: lt Loretta Llchtblau and Loretta l f mponen leave thelr Cfitlklllg ecrets to I arolf Klng alld t lolz Co e Hazel fhrlstlan and Norma Relnke leave thelr parklng plaee ln front ofthe school to Wlarv Lou Komsle and ,ludv Laltlnen tvsatch out forthe lUlltlllN holes! ,lean 'Vloore and ,loanne Komsle haven t got a thlng to spare thev sav Nancv HCIDCH Rlta Dlelner and ,ludv lalavvav leave thelr Spanlsh books to Sallv Doughton and .lean Darst MBTIOII Rlchmond vvllls her tovverlng helght to Wllma Feho and .lune Long wPllIP Slav leaves her art abllltv to Dlck Smlth and Ronnle Chllds Donna Preston and Donna 'Vllllard leave thelr talkatlve vvavs to ,ludv Inman and ,lovte Fonner Geraldine Nelson leave her tllllfl vvavs ln Mr Wormal s studv hall to -Xnn Lawn nte Emlly Kukkola and 'Vancv Watson lanlce M11 une alld ff rtrndl Kapff rer leave thelr shorthand trouhles to Beatrue f llfl' and Vlary Anthonv so e .lean 1 lark leaves her sparkllng eves to f Ufllllf' Mdfvlll Wllma MCI ov alld Dorothv 'Vllht Ceorge Salem leave s hls 3i'llllg abllltv to ,lllll fllllllfl Lthel l'onner leaves her ,ledlllgh Splrlt to Dorls Roden alld Kathleen Nlll ov Rav SldlllllPltl and Ronald Wrvandt leave tht If good naturedness to all the Junlorl la llm Mart h 'Kllan Bef bm and Rn hard Kean leave thelr car kevs to anvone who tan u 1 them Brvan Treen and Wendel Nelson leave vnlth pleasure Churk Naso leaves hls athletn abllltv to anv lllnor bov better take adv antagf ot ull Don Kemmer leaves hls shv wavs to Ken Luce Edvsln l'lsc her leaves all hls glrlfrlends to Russel Nvland Kent Yeager and Harrv Spleth leave thelr helght to Dannv Havens Nlck Megvesl leaves hls danrlng abllltv to Barbara Bebout and Sanna BUl'lll'lg3I1tP Don Schrock leaves hls vvavs vvlth the women to Gerald and Edward Taggart and als V llllam Klle Don Sprlnkle leaves hls half back posltlon to Ken 'Vlarch Albert Hovs ell leaves all hls teacher troubles to Margaret Plltt and lanet Post Marv Lou Anderson leaves her musleal abllltv to ,lohn Kasonlc preferable plano LOUISE Heaton leaves her abllltv to get an engagement rlng to all the glrls who want to trv lt Don Lamb leaves hls book on How to Get Along vvlth Women to Don Durkovlc and I eorge Eaken Tom Davld leaves hls Engllsh problems to ,leanne Topper and ,lanet Pouttu Tlm 'Vlc'Nallv leave hls lntelllgent answers to Ronald Peek and Earl Slease Anne Lehto and Donna Kemp Mill thelr talent to tell tall tales to Charlene BPFTIFY and Rob' rta Cook Shlrlev Anderson and 'Nlarv Burth leave thelr skatlng abllltv to 'Vlarv and Freda Ashlev James Hanson wills to Larrv Sherrv and Blll Talklngton hls pmeless knowledge on how to avold women Larrv Lv nagh and Miifltlll Burl h leave thelr fllrtatlous vsavs to ,loe Nlvzen and Donald l lu k ln vvltness thereof we the tlass ofone thousand nlne hundred hftv slv have herebv lgned sealed publlshed and detlared our last vslll and testament un thls hrs! dav of 'Wav ln the vear of our Lord one thousand nlne hundred and flftv slv . l . Pat Bentley leav es he rnaturallv' curlv hair to Violet Carlton. Carolyn Hamons, and lean Elmer' l . ' P - : ' ' A' f ' ' 'A . ' ' I 4 - in ' alv: vlk . , . . . ,S , X . . v. , . , V In . X X . n. - - Q Q X X : . - - , - - M . , ,- A Xv N ,Q .1 ' . , ,. . Q N X I '

Page 63 text:

IVIARY LOU ANDFRSON Class Song 4 Scholar hlp Te t I 2 3 Natlonal Honor Sou tx 3 4 Seeretarx 4 D A R Test 4 Semor Scholar h1pTe-Qt 1 Merit Scholarship Test 4 Band I 2 3 4 Llbrartan 2 3 Head Llbrarlan 4 Band Captatn 4 All Star Band 2 Solo Contest 1 2 Pep Band 1 2 3 4 Dlret tor 4 Chorus 2 3 4 Accompan1st3 4 ,lunlor Class Plat 3 Semor Class Plan 4 ,I H1 Ltfe Edltorlal 2 34 Reporter 2 Asst Edltor 3 Ed1tor4 C I A 1 2 3 4 CIA Follxes 1234 .I Tens 12 3 4 Song Leader I Sprmg Frollc Attendant 2 3 Football Attendant 2 Football ueen 3 ,lunlor Octet 3 Semor Octet 4 SHIRLEY ANDERSON ,I HlLlf6 Business 2 3 4 C I A 2 3 ,I Teens 2 3 ALLAN BEEBE Athletlc Counctl 2 3 4 Pres1dent4 Baseball 3 Semor Plan Stage Manger 4 PATRICIA BENTLEY Grand Vallev 1 2 Chorus 1,2 Dramatlcs Club 1,2 "Future Whnte Caps" 2 G A A 1,2 Photographx I lub 1 2 C I A 3 4 Cv I A Follies 4 I Teens 4 SENIOR ACTIVITIES FR-YN! P9 Bl DD molar lllp Tc tl 1 nal H1 n r S0119 S ht lar hxpTe t4 oru O 1 Att P aw 4 7 F ,ITeen I2 3 4 MARION BL RC H Baseball 3 4 MARY BURCH ,I H1 Llfe Buslness C I A 2 3 4 C I A Folltes 3 4 JUDY CALAWAY Clen Alpme I F H A I Clee Club 1 Max Court Attendan 1 Band 2 Chorus 3 4 Class Prophecv 4 ,I H1 Llfe Ed1tor1aI4 C I A 2 3 4 C I A Follles 3 4 .I Teens 2 3 4 Red Cross Councll 4 HAZEL CHRISTIAN Scholarship Test 2 ,I Teens 1 2 JEAN CLARK Dorset 1 2 Chorus I 2 JTeens 4 TOM DAVID Class Wlll 4 Chorus 2 Jumor Class Plas 3 Semor Class Plav 4 Red Cross Councll 1 2 3 4 Treasurer 3 4 Football 1 2,3 4 Basketball 2,3 4 Track 1,2 RITA DIEMFR Scbolarshnp Test 3 I horus 34 C I A 1,2,3.4 PQ .ITer-n I I r ounf rtlm 1 lt Trca ur r 3 ROBFRT I' BI- RQOI E Ds nnng l 2 Trea ure r 2 Basketball l EDWIN FIST HER Football 3 1- All Countv All State 3 All Countw 4 foachfsw R L 4 PHIIIPSYIIIP Telegraph W R Baseball 34 ETHEL FONNI' R Penn Hlgh School I 2 Chorus 2 Latin f lub 2 ,IOUFHAIISIII Club 2 Pvmatun1ngJo1ntH1gh School 3 .Iumor Class Plaw Dramatlcs Club 3 Semor Class Plan 4 ROBERT GRAHAM Dorset 1 2 Student Councll 1 Baseball 1 School Paper Reporter 2 Class President 4 Scholarshtp Test 3 CAROLYN GRILLY Class Sec retarw I Chorus 2 Semor Clas Plaw 4 ,I H1L1fe Ed1tor1al3 4 C I A I 2 3 4 C I A Follies 4 ,I Teens 1 2 3 4 .IAM ES H A NSON Band I Chorus 2,3,4 Senlor Class Plaw 4 Athletic Councxl 4 Baseball 3,4 Track 1 Semor Octet 4 A A A A. A A . I :L . - S Svl ' s A 's .2.3.4 Rt-fl I oss C -il 4 s ' s .' .f Nath ' t o S -' ty 4 .Athl ' " lout -il I3 I 'nf' 1' f . Semm Ct' V s ' 'S " 5 1- f 1' Ch s 3.4 Q Q Q -.. n't.' l','sf3. 'l ' ' L ' S ' - - G.I..A. 1.23.4 ' , Q - , , , , 's r ' 5 CIAA. ollles 2.-3.4 I Q 1 . . I I I gl ' t . A -V 3 ' ' ' Chorus 3 Honorable Mention l i Y , , i .- . . Q 2,3 I ', I J. h v U . , v '. . . . ' -- L. 4 . . t I- A t X . I I T 5 Y 7 - - . A YY 3 . . . , , . i 7 . 1 1 ' , ' 7 ' v 9 I 7 7 It 'V I' . . . , , , A ' I 9 s v ' 9 1 1

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