James Madison University - Bluestone Schoolmaam Yearbook (Harrisonburg, VA)

 - Class of 1969

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James Madison University - Bluestone Schoolmaam Yearbook (Harrisonburg, VA) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 439
Page 439

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Harrisonburg, Va, MYERS. Jane W.-Assistant Professor of Health and Physical Education; B.S.. M.S. in Ed.. Madison CoUege: 551 Ott St.. Harrisonburg. Va. NEATROUR, Charles R. -Assistant Professor of Foreign Language: B.A., Mary Washington College; M.A. in Ed., Madison College; University of Paris; 1440 Valley St., Harrisonburg, Va, NELSON. P. Wayne- Assistant Professor of Music: B.M.. M.M.. Manhattan School of Music: 1419 Bluestone St.. Harrisonburg. Va.; Director, Concert Choir. O ' DONNELL. Martha L. -Assistant Instructor Physical Education; B.S., Longwood College: Rt. 1, Harrisonburg, Va. O ' H.ARE. Nancy K,- Assistant Professor of Speech; A,B.. Seton Hall College; M.Ed.. University of Pittsburgh: 520 Robin St.. Harrisonburg, Va. : Director. Speech and Hearing Clinic, O H L S S ON. Gordon L.-Head. Professor of Music; B.A., B.M.. Hastings College: M..A.Ed.. Teacher ' s College, Columbia Uni- versity: 147 CampbeU St., Harrisonburg, Va. PALMER, Forrest C.-Head, Professor of Li- brary ' Science; B..\.. Valparaiso University; B.S., M.S.. George Peabody College; 60 Weaver Ave.. Harrisonburg, Va.; Sponsor. Alpha Beta Alpha. PALOCSAY, Frank A.-Assistant Professor of Chemistry: B.S.. Ohio University; 235 Hartman Dr.. Harrisonburg, Va. PATTERSON, Constance B.-Instructor of Physical and Health Education; B.A.. Flora Stone Mather College; M.A„ Western Reserve University; 204 Governor ' s Lane, Apt. 9. Harrisonburg, Va. PATTERSON. Herbert T.- Assistant Professor of Speech and Drama: B.A., Hiram College; M.A., Western Reserve University; 204 Governor ' s Lane, .■\pt. 4. PATTERSON. Robert E.-Professor of Speech and Drama: A.B.. Mudtingum College; B.S.. M.A., Ph.D.. Ohio State University; 1195 Westmoreland Dr.. A.H., Hamsonburg, Va. PAUL. John A,-B.A., LL.B,. Washington and Lee University: Instructor of Social Science: 504 Mason St., Harrisonburg, Va. PERKINS, Marion L.-Professor of Music: B.A.. M.A., University of Minnesota: Ph.D., Uni- versity of Southern California; 322 Cedar St.. HarrisonburE, Va. P E R L M A N , Mil t on- Assistant Professor of Foreign Language: B.A.. St. John ' s Univei^ sity: M.A., University of Virginia; University of Grenoble, France; 743 S. Mason St., Harrisonburg, Va. PHILLIPS, .Adolph H.-Business Manager; B.S.. University of Maryland: Westmoreland Dr.. Harrisonburg, Va. POINDEXTER. James E.-Associate Dean, Pro- fessor of English: A.B., North Carolina University; M.A., Emory; Ph.D., North Carolina University: 550 S. Mason St, Harrisonburg, Va. POINDEXTER, Raymond J.-Professor of Education; A.B., Randolph Macon College; M.A., University of Virginia; Ph.D.. Ohio State University: 750 S. Dogwood Dr., Harrisonburg. Va. PRICE. Richard B.-Assistant Professor of English; B.A., M..A.. John Hopkins Univer- sity; M.A.. University of Virginia: 660 Allegheny Ave., Harrisonburg, Va, PRODELL, Jeanne W.-Assistant Professor of Home Economics; B.S.. Marshall University; M.C.. University of Richmond; 827 Grant St., Harrisonburg. Va. QUTNN. Barbara Ann-Assistant Professor of Health and Physical Education; B.S.. Ursinus College; M.S.. Trenton State College; 714 Old Furnace Rd., Harrisonburg, Va. RADER. John W.- Assistant Professor of Physical and Health Education; B.A., Bridgewater College; M.S.. University of Illinois, University of Oregon; 1134 Water^ man Dr., Harrisonburg, Va.; Director of Men ' s Intramurals, Men ' s Athletic Associa- tion. RAUCH. Margaret W.-Head, Professor of Foreign Language; Ph.D., University of Leipzig; 113 Port Repubhc Rd.. Harrison- burg, Va. R A Y N ES , D orothy C.-Assistant Professor. Anthony Seeger Campus School; B.S.. M.A., Madison CoDege: McGaheysville. Va. REEKE, .Angela S.-Assistant Professor of Edu- cation; B.S.. Paterson State Teacher ' s College; M.Ed., University of Virginia: 25 Fairview Ave, Harrisonburg, Va.; Sponsor, Canterbury Club. REUBUSH. Fay J.-Dean of Women, Associate Profesor of Guidance; B.A.. Bridgewater College; M.Ed., Ed.D.. University of Virginia: Penn Laird, Va.; Sponsor, Student Government Association. RICE, John T.-Dean of Men; Assistant Pro- fessor of Sociology; B.S., Virginia Polytech. Institute; M.A.. University of Tennessee; 595 Suruise Ave.. Harrisonburg, Va.; Advisor, Junior Class. Honor Court. Men ' s Student Govt.. German Dance Chib; Patron, Sigma " Kappa. RIDDLE, Felsie K.-Assistant Professor of Li- brary Science: A.B., Guilford College; M.A., University of North Carolina: 967 S. Main SL, Harrisonburg, Va. ROGERS, Ethric H.-lnstructor of English; B.A.. M.A.. Te.xas Technological College; Rt 3. Cedar Lane, Trailer Ct., Broadway, Va. ROWE, Dorothy M.-Head. Professor of Home Economics: B.S.. Madison College: M.S., Ph.D., Ohio State University: 113 N. West View St.. Harrisonburg, Va.; Advisor. Phi Omicron Tau. RUSH, O. Grants A ssiciate Professor of Education: B.A.. Bridgewater College: M.Ed.. D.Ed., University of Virginia: 654 Walnut Lane, Harrisonburg. Va, RUCKER. Ruth S.-Assistant Professor of Business Education; B.S.. M.A., University of Missouri: 967 S. Main St., Harrisonburg, Va.; Sponsor, Phi Beta Lambda. RUMMELL, Rose Mary -Assistant Professor of Health and Physical Education; B.S. Lamar State College of Technology; M.A., Sam Houston SUte College: Rt. 1. Penn Laird, Va.; Sponsor. Fencing Club. Fencing Team, Phi Mu. SANDERS. London A.-Professor of Business Education; B.S., M.S., University of Tennessee: M.Ed.. University of Pittsburgh: Rt 6. Box 228. Harrisonburg. Va. SAWHILL, Bessie E.-Associate Professor of English; A.B.. Olivet College: A.M.. University of Wisconsin; Ph.D.. John Hopkins University; 244 Monument Ave.; Harrisonburg, Va.; Sponsor, Sigma Phi Lambda. SCHELL. Mary L.-Asastant Professor of Health and Physical Education; A.B.. Catawba College; M.A.. George Peabody College; 652 Walnut Lane. Harrisonburg, Va.: Coach, Women ' s Basketball SCHNEIDER, Edythe-Associate Professor of Music; B.M., Chicago Conservatory; Juilliard School of Music; 85 CampbeU Ct, Apt A-6. Harrisonburg, Va. SEESE. Lyman G.-Treasurer and Assistant Business Manager; Keezletown, Va.- SEIDEL, Susan J.-Assistant Professor of Education and Audiologist: B.A., University of Kentucky; M.A.. Indiana University: 740 Elmwood Dr., Harrisonburg. Va, SERENO, Edgel E.- Assistant Professor of Mathematics; B.S., Frostberg State College; M.A.. San Diego State College; 815 Grant St, Harrisonburg, Va,; Sponsor, Math Club. Sigma Delta Rho Fraternity. SHAFER. Elizabeth G.-Assistant Dean of Women; Assistant Professor of Education; B.A., Florida State University: M.S.. Florida State University; 183 Colonial Dr.. Harrisonburg. Va. SHANKS. Betty L.-Assistant Professor of Psychology; .■V.B.. M.A., George Washington University; 473 S. Mason St, Harrisonburg, Va. SH.A.W. G. Jean-Associate Professor of Music; B.M.. Eastman School of Music: M.M.Ed., University of South Dakota: Ph.D.. Catholic University: 381 Monticello Ave.. Harrisonburg, Va. SHOW ALTER. Leta C.-Assistant Librarian; A.B.. Bridgewater College; B.S.. Coliunfaia University; Rt. 1. Box 113. Harrisonburg. Va- SIEG. Martha D.-Assistant Professor of Home Economics: B.A.. Wittenberg University; NLS., University of Tennessee; 48 Maplehm^ Ave.. Harrisonburg, Va,; Sponsor, Francis Sale Home Economics Club. SILVER, Beverly P.-Assistant Professor of Biology; B.S.Ed.. Madison College; M.S., Louisiana State University: 301 Grace St., Harrisonburg, Va. SIMMONS, Raymond O.-Associate Professor of Chemistry; B.S. A., M.S.. Ph.D., Purdue University : 3 2 Weaver Ave. , Harrisonburg, Va. SMITH, Elmer L.-Professor of Sociology. Director Division of Social Sciences: B.S.. Florida Southern College; M.A.. Western Reserve University; D.S.Sc, Syracuse University: Rt. 2, Harrisonburg, Va. SMITH, John E.-Housing Manager, Head Resident in Men ' s Dormitory: B.S., Madison College: Box 688 Madison College, Harrisonburg. Va. SONNER. Ray V.-Director of Field Services and Placement Office; B.A., Lynchburg CoDege: M.Ed., University of Virgi n ia; 320 DLxie Ave, Harrisonburg, Va. SPRESSER, Diane M.-Assistant Professor of Mathematics: B.S.. Radford College: M.A., University of Tennessee: 85 Campbell St., Apt. C-4, Harrisonburg, Va. STEAGALL, Paul H.-Associate Professor of Business Education: B.S., M.Ed., Virginia PolyteciL Institute; Ed.D.. Ohio SUte University. 193 Colonial Dr., Harrisonburg, Va. STEWARD, John C.-Assistant Professor of Foreign Language; B.A., College of the Pacific: M.A., Columbia University; 42 Frye St., Harrisonburg, Va.; Sponsor, Student Education Association, Phi Sigma Iota. STONE. John M.-Assistant Professor of Education, Supervising Teacher at Anthony Seeger Campus School; B.S., University of Maryland: M.A.. Madison College; Rt 1. A.H,, Harrisonburg, Va. STROUGH. Mary P.-Assistant Professor of Health Education; B.S., Richmond Professional Institute: R.N., Stuart Circle School of Nursing; 1443 . Hillside Ave., Harrisonburg. Va. SWINK. Helen- Assistant Professor of English; B.S.. West Virginia University; M.A.Ed.. Madison CoUege; APO San Francisco, Calif., Los Banos, Republic of Philippines. SZMAGAJ, Kenneth A.-Instructor of Art: B.F.A.. Wayne State University; M.A.. University of Iowa: Rt. 4, Harrisonburg, Va. TAYLOR. Timothy N.-Assistant Professor of Mathematics; B.S., M.S., North Carolina State: 84 Emor > ' St, Harrisonburg. Va. TETI. Carol A.-Assistant Professor of Music: B.Mus, M. Mus.. University of Michigan; 261 Grattan St. Harrisonburg, Va.: CD-Sponsor, Diapason Chib. THEODORE, Crystal-Head. Professor of Art: A.B., Winthrop CoUege; M.A.. Ed.D., Columbia University; Rt 5. Harrisonburg. Va.; Chairman, Arts Festival Committee. TRELAWNY, GUbert S.-Professor of Biology; B.S.. Delaware VaUey CoUege: M.S.. Ph.D., LeHigh University : 1450 VaUey St.. Harrisonburg. Va,: Sponsor. Zeta Tau Alpha. TRENT. Rosalind L.-Assistant Professor of English; A.B.. Woman ' s CoUege, University of North Carolina: M.A.. Columbia University: 473 S. Main St, Harrisonburg, Va. TURNER, Francis E.-Assistant Director of Admissions and Student Aid; B.^LEd.. Madison College; M.Ed., University of Virgima; 585 Elmwood Dr., Harrisonburg. WAGNER Gene S.-Director of Buildings and Grounds; B.S.. Virginia Polytech. Institute: Port Republic Va, WALL, Mary Jane- Assistant Professor of Social Science; B.S., Radford CoUege; M.A., John Hopkins University: 212 Governor ' s Lane, Harrisonburg. Va. WALSH, Wmiam O. -Assistant Professor of Business Education; B.S., South West Missouri CoUege; M.S., Kansas State Teachers CoUege; Rt 4. Bo.x 324. Harrisonburg. Va.,: Sponsor. Pi Omega Pi. WAMPLER, Marguerite- Assistant Professor of Education, Super\ ' isory Teacher of Campus School; B.S.. M.S., Madison CoUege; Rt 3, Box 27. Harrisonburg, Va. WATKINS. LoweU M.-Assistant Professor of Music; B.S., West Chester State CoUege; M.A.. Columbia University: 1025 Toppin Blvd., Harrisonburg, Va. WATKINS. Evelyn-Superv-isory Teacher at Anthony Seeger Campus School; A.B., Mississippi State CoUege: M.A., Teacher ' s CoUege, Columbia University: 1023 S. Dogwood Dr., Harrisonburg, Va. WELLS. John C.-Professor of Physics: A.B., Colgate CoUege; M.A.. Ed.D,, Columbia Unrveisity: 125 Port Republic Rd., Harrisonburg, Va. WHITMER, Herbert B.-Assistant Professor of Social Science: 3.A.. Bridgewater CoUege: M.A., Richmond Professional Insitute; 281 Grattan St.. Harrisonburg, Va,; Legal Advisor, Student Government Association. WIESENER, Leon D.-Instructor of Art; B.A., M.F.A,, Florida State University: 548 E. Wolfe St. Harrisonburg, Va. WIGLEY. Elsie H.-Supervisor. Kindergarten, Campus School: B.S.. Ithaca CoUege; M.A., Teacher ' s CoUege, Columbia University; 1023 S. Dogwood Dr., Harrisonburg, Va. WILHELM. Howard M.-Assistant Professor of Economics; B.A., University of Virginia: M.A.Ed., Madison CoUege; 813 Cherry HUl Dr., Harrisonburg, Va. WILKINS, Ruth J.-Associate Professor of English; A.B., Ed.M, William Mary CoUege; M.A,, University of Richmond: Rt. 1, Linville, Va. WILSON, Betty J.-Assistant Professor of Education; B.S.. Richmond Professional Institute; M.S.. Madison CoUege; New Market Va. WINN, Columbia-Associate Professor of Psychology; B.A., University of Colorado: M.A., University of Chicago; 51-A Maplehurst Ave., Harrisonburg, Va. WOOD, John E.-Associate Professor of History; B.A.. Univer sity of Virginia; M.A.. Ph.D., Tulane University: 52 Weaver St.. Harrisonburg, Va. ZEISS, Todd Rolf- Assistant Professor of English; B.A., Lawrence University: M.A., University of Virginia; 231 S. Liberty St., Harrisonburg. Va. Co-Sponsor, Chrvsalis. ZIEGENFUS, Charles W.-. Assistant Professor of Mathematics; B.S., Moravian CoUege; M.S.. University of Kansas; 332 Franklin St, Harrisonburg, Va. ZIRKLE. Walter M.-CoUege Physician; 43 Maplehurst Ave., Harrisonburg, Va. TWYMAN, MUey W.-Instructor of Mathematics: B.S., Western Kentucky University. M.A.T.. University of North Carolina: 1224 Reservoir St.. Harrisonburg, Va. WHITE. Robert O.-Alumnae Director: 1097 Edom Rd., Harrisonburg, Va. 435

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