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Alas my lords the fleetmg day! o "9 T73 SX XX , -Q X r Alas the sweet and CYC11C sun' J Q E en lovers of the 11mp1d moon Through all thelr cool and dusky dreams Doth bless Her for a borrowed hght And we my lords what of our Sun? W111 we reflect lt half as br1ght'7 Xi...- 1909 ' 1 h '- . V17 co 4 r ' ff e v V A N, ' riff A x-IW r ,L ffl ' , fill A . ' .' . ' ' . Gdfj 0' J r E x f ., 69 fi arf"-ff f l eA9 Q fn KU! Q 0 031 E Q ALE ffx N31 Q Q M QM if w ,ff H f x w '41, ' ,P 059' X X H X' 5 fax ' gy Q Z- ' '- 1-g l 3 vi.: XQ' A Y Q X' f Xk' V F , - Ji Q41 H" Q! 4 '. 'Kg QQ 'L S D ,, .ks 1 Q' N. P, ,H A 1 x,' K Y, ,M K fw- 4 A'j 5 X jkjgy jg - S . Q ' 1 2 A an NV.. E - - X X O X in X Q.: fs- .xt . 5 RS g 5 7, Q , x x ' f 1 5 W A 7:43 as f X X X .st . X Ym- L ruin B112 Oh hear of those wondrous days when Knrghthood was rn flower And every hour a harlequ1n arrayed ln tessellated splendor I make my tale of pale Krughts 1n burrushed armour Of Jousts of pawmg tasselled steeds Of h1gh courtly deeds soft courtly words Of the unbrrdled Przde of Blood that heeds But lusty drums and clamourous trumpets Of the s1lver sheen of keen steel swords That s1ng of valour with each gl1nt1ng stroke Of toumaments of shirung shrelds of gold That wrnk 1 the sun and glve hxm back h1s glory manlfold Of proud and plumed casques of the lean And eager lance, of red banners brave seen On a sunny day of enchanted bowers Of lovely lad1es lonely rn high castle towers Of tlnted, tmklmg Iesters caps of manly comradeshrp Of a ch1ll mommg SIQIIC Wllh the thrrll of a horn Of staring falcons downy wmged and plIl1eSS as ferrets Of spare and ragmg hounds of the tremblrng fox that glrdes and slrps And weaves the greenwoods l1ke tawny smoke I srng of the noble Arthur and of h1s dear and drsenchanted Gumevere, Of lynx eyed Vlv1en as sly as she was fa1r Of shadowy Merlrn and the plteous Lancelot Of famt and flowlng streams that whrsper down to Camelot The 1nward worth of men was not a m1nor then Nor meekness taken for SefVll1ty The flash of the Age reflects but the gl1tter of souls The1r bounteous fountalns do shame our grudgmg doles Of Charlty Loved they the Chr1st and sang H1m Cantrcles 1n Stone Cathedrals! More bedazzled than any Earth sprung queen Crowned not w1th gold but with daggers lacy sharp and hungry For the heart of all that IS unclean The flash of the Age reflects but the gl1tter of souls But let II be to You a beacon or a star Yea let ll be a star for seekmg It you ever must look up The earth IS good the gentle ra1n would not pollute an angel s tongue But you are dest1ned for a r1cher cup Therefore Kmgs sons and daughters lrft your eyes Unto the blue hung vasty skles And mark your star look Wlth love And Ivow 1ts splendor w11l unseat the sun You w1ll match the mournful moon w1th tear for icy fear T111 God for pxty snatch you to H1m from your puny sphere But should you shame your star beware' God doth allow no flaw nor dullness there Yo an Ofmwrxvrolfg wr A M f rf 0 1 . ' I . Oh lilngs' sons and daughters, if you have heart, and heart doth move , 7 - . X 7 . 15' I 5 '- , J f wr 9' f Wi Q, 1 ' f 1 . . J 2 j Q 5' as fa, . Q lf' " Q2 fl 'f , A' , I If 5 .-A! , V g, V l 'S Y ,ZA Q f -X24 Z 311 5.1 AI!" esybgf Thomas P Dooley Head Iins turns! In 1918, Thomas P. Dooley inaugurated the agricultural course at jamaica Plain High School. He was the first to teach agriculture in a Boston high school, and his efforts were so successful that the course quickly grew in pop- ularity. For thirty years he has been Head of a five-man department with such specialties as dairy industries vegetable gardening poultry floriculture and landscape gardening From a class of a few pupils who accompanied h1m on outside practice in an ancient flivver the course developed so that a bus and a station wagon are now used to take classes to outside projects Mr Dooley early gained the respect of young men for his earnest efforts and for his gift of understanding ln a day when guidance was yet a tlung of the distant future, he was a preceptor who encouraged boys and led them to believe in themselves His success as a teacher and leader is attested by the throngs of former students who gratefully acknowledge their debt to him Among his former students who have declared But for Tom Dooley s advice and encour agement Imight never have gone to college was the eminent scientist from Yale Umversity Dr Oswald Tippo who addressed our Honors Assembly in 1956 Many of the most distinguished graduates dents of ThomasP Dooley Generally they the earning while leanung aspect of their wisely said of Mr Dooley that While he was plants he was in fact showing them how to of our high school were the stu attribute part of their success to agricultural course It has been teaching youngsters how to grow grow as men The success of the agricultural course over the past forty years is to a great extent the result of Mr Dooley s founding years To him IS due full honor for having created here in a Clty high school a department of agricul ture that has received national recogrution In grateful appreciation of his contribution to Jamaica Plain High School the Class of 1958 has dedicated this Yearbook to Mr Thomas P Dooley Agricultural Department D C Maggy 'fair' f is 4 i 'awk UK fquz 'Dale In looking over this nineteenth edition of the Year- book, I wish to congratulate the faculty members and pupil committees who produced it. As the years pass, each book is better than its predecessor. This one is no exception. The art work is particularly original and attractive. I have noted with interest that throughout the pages of the book the theme of the drawings deals with the period of chivalry, that wonderful time in history of knights and ladies, of jousts and tournaments, of cas- tles and moats, of pages and squires. These were the days of courage, honor, and justice, when the medie- val knights banded together under special codes of hon- or and duty to defend their castles and their families with their lives . It has not been the lot of you seniors to do physical combat for the goal you have attained here, but you have had your mental jousts and toumaments along the educational road you have traveled. The fact that you have earned your diploma shows that you have not only met the intellectual requirements prescribed, hut also the moral standards. To each of you, therefore, my wishes for a successful and happy career. Remember, the school is always open to you whether to obtain ad- vice or to renew old friendships. lt is most appropriate that this book should be ded- icated to Mr. Thomas P. Dooley, who will retire at the close of this school year. Mr. Dooley has been Head of the Agricultural Department since its inception in 1918. This school has developed not only a local reputation in the field of agriculture, but a national reputation as well. For the pioneering work which he did when the program was organized, and the great success which it has had over the years, credit in great measure is due to his leadership. To Mr. Dooley we extend our gratitude for the work he has accomplished and wish for him many years of health and happiness. QM-f Anna 1. Mullin Guidance 5 oh MATHEMATICS rx Manning Matthew Mealey AGRICULTURAL SECRETARY Chrxsune Bannon C? lv SCIENCE Seated left to right Helen Kelley Charles Duffy Rhoda Farley Standrng John Best Katherxne Hayes fu HISTORY Esther Hennessey Albert Landrlgan Louxse O Malley 115 6 AGRICULTURE Seated: Thomas Dooley Standing left to right: Dennis Crowley, Henry Wendler, Edward Donaghy John McGuckian Seated Frances Forte fArtj Standing left to rlght Marlon Driscoll fDress J Margaret O Connell CLang J Alice Buckley fL1b J PHYSICAL EDUCATION Inez Russell Lt Col Edwardj Murphy ew BUSINESS EDUCATION Seated left to right Robert Buck William Dugan Cornelius O'l.eary Standing William Bond Kather1neBless1ngton Mary Thyne Mar1onTombaugh Margaret Maguire Jere mrah Sulhvan ENGLISH noun il Seated, left to right: Mary Hubbard, Edward Brick- ley, Ann Howe. Standing: Mary Sullivan, Anne Donlan, Catherine Dempsey SCHOOL SECRETARY Mrs Mollie Gleekman 1955-1958 Let us recall that gloomy morning in September 1955 when we first approached J P with butterflies in our stomachs After findrng our way in by the wrong door we nervously paced the corridors with our new squeaky shoes until the time came to as semble ln the hall Upon asklng directions from a senior we found ourselves searching for a staircase to the fourth floor where we would find the assem bly hall Realizing we had been made the subject of a practical joke we thought rt best to continue on our own After several attempts we finally reached the hall where we were assigned to homerooms by Mr O Leary and Mr Buck In the homerooms we strained our finger mus cles by exercising them for the first time ln two months filling out those terrible program cards Remember XX267? That was the hardest to decipher but eventually it turned out to be gym During the first few weeks, we feebly attempted not only to ab sorb the confusing A B and C schedules but also to determine our correct lunch period After several days of two lunches and tardiness for our next class pleasures Gradually we adapted ourselves to the new environment and buckled down to our studies During the year we enjoyed the privileges that accompanied high school life Most of us attended the dance at the Y sponsored by the Key Club we'll always remember the frm at the Bowling Tour nament. These events were followed by a successful Science Fair and Fashion Show It was these activi ties and even mlnor privileges such as free filing in the corridors that made us feel more adult This was high school and we liked it In the fall of '56 we returned to I P with that know all look We even entered by the right door! Soon we were busy renewing old friendships and mak ing new ones As the year progressed we joined the various clubs or sought part time work through the guidance office This year the Key Club started showing mov ies to raise funds for the purchase of a trophy case Since they were shown on our wide vlstavislon screen no one beyond the first fifteen rows could hear lt but everyone got his quarter's worth of fun Speaking of sound remember your first reaction to the cheers our new gym teacher Miss Russell? We can never say that she lacks school sprrrt' It was during this year that our Clarion won first prize in a contest sponsored by the Boston Globe for an Arthurian ballad written by Mary O Connor All higher social position are what caused our junior year to be a memorable one We retunred to J P ln 57 It was hard to believe that our high school days had passed so quickly and at last we were Seniors We looked down upon those baby faced sophomores and juniors not mention ing the freshmen tots with that exalted look of Ex perience It was our tum to he the leaders! Who was it that said the senior year was easy? On the academic side there was more homework with less time inwhich to do it Yearbook pictures to be taken and college applications to be filed However although there was more work to do we enjoyed this year most of all Our football team rose out of its slump and even crushed our tradition al rival Hyde Park At Christmas we were enter tained by Hum and Strrrrn plus that ever famous quar tet Messrs O Leary Buck Murphy and Dugan In the second half of the year plans were underway for this year s Talent and Fashion shows Remember the confusion caused by rehearsals? Then came the happiest event of the Senior year the Prom The good times had there will always be remembered Finally after the Class Banquet Graduation Day rolled around finding us a little sad to be leaving all our old frlends and J P We will never forget I P H and the wonderful teachers who have helped prepare us for the adult world No matter what the future may hold we shall always remember the most important years of our lives our happy days spent at jamaica Plain High School Maureen Cotter Gerald O'Ne11 Y , , ' . Q , .. - 1 l Y I , - 1 . . , - 1 1 v V of , 1 I I I ' 1 1 y . ' , . we were "encouraged" by our teachers to forego such these activities, OU! Studies, OUT CUJOYTUSHY Of 3 ' f ' .. , .. , - , - I , , . I , , . I ' ' ' Y Y , ' Y U ' I I I l Y O Y vu rv . 8 XMW Pt mam aims since 16,311 3 ., F1 ,I gm 1' , f X X f I EM ' 'wr' ff 1-AL...- fwsr Ce new Valorous Lords and Ladies fair, No steely blessing at your head, No silver trumpet sings your fame, But Comradesbip does love your name And is this not the very same As trumpet song and steely sword Valorous Lords and Ladies fair? Seca Q an SENIOR COUNCIL eagurer Seann 1 e Fust row, left to rlght Bemxce Fuller, Carol Mrller, Barbara Sweeney Mr Casey Carol Klley Mary Flsh er, Carol Bozzellx. Second row Robert Allen, John Murray Rrchard Robmson Denms Kerr John Dwyer Joseph Davis, Donald Maclsaac, Rlchard McManus 9 pu nu Q 'Q lu Au 1, LI 11 1 ll 1: in va Q W ,. . N 5 . 1 F- ,Q 1 J 7 r ww' A A N ey ' A Ng "Herald" heralds Football heroes o A ' K ,als ROBERT F. ALLEN URSULA ALLEN -' Bob" .. Urs.. 57 Lexington Road 17 Bun- gueet Clarion 4: Talent 3,4g Yearbook 4: G01f2: Tennis 3: Bowling 3 Key Sec. 4: Key 3.4: Track 3.4 Ambition: Secretary Ambition: Happily Married Biologist X Q41 ij ff 'Nl ,T ln, fy , if 4 4 BARBARA L. ARNOLD "Barbie" 30 Annunciation Road, Roxbury Red Cross 2: Science 2: Glee 2 Ambition: Secretary in Air Force LOlS C. ARMINGTON "Lu-Lu" 131 Carolina Avenue Treas, 35 Basketball 2: Glee 2,3,4g Red Cross 2, 3 Ambition: Make a Million .4 v 1 ROBERTA I- ANSELL "Bobbi" 22 Edge Hill Street Glee 2g Stamps 3,4g Office Assist. 4: Science 2 Ambition: Minister's Secretary 41 Nd '1"""IY V , f 4, - 1 . 1 TSUNEJIRO S. ASAKURA "Atomic Tsune" 41 Symphony Road, Boston Key 2, 3: Treas. 4:Clation 4gChem- istry Pres. 3: Drum and Bugle 2, 3,4 Ambition: Science 'ZS' K. Y TIMOTHY I. AHERN "Tim" 18 Arborway Hockey 3, 4 Ambition: Electrical Engineer 'Q -0- D 0 ,I -QQ I I rg My 1 A x if ROBERT ANZALONE "Bob" 58 Glen Road Baseball 2, 4 Ambition: Coast Guard ,wwf ' if 'je A A , ARTHUR G. ATHANAsioU "Greek" 70 West Walnut Park, Roxbury Football 2: Yearbook 4pScienceg Art Club 2: Capt. 4 Ambition: Commercial Artist x XV 1 X. 4? Q Q lf" 44? L 1 f 1 f I a BARBARA A. BARLOW "Barbie" 41 Brookford Street, Dorchester Science 2: Red Cross 2,-tg Tennis 4 Ambition: Secretary Q-qi 4:"'L'f"7 wi GERALD M. BILLOUlN nleny.. 43 Sheridan Street Football 3, 4: Baseball 3,4g Basketball 3,4 Ambition: Professional Athlete 'vi lr' CAROL A. BOZZELLI " Bozo" 685 Parker Street, Roxbury Ambition: Hair Dresser IOANNE A. BAUER MARILYN I, BEATTY "IO" " Mal" 27 Paul Gore Street 7 Spring Park Avenue Basketball 2: G01f2: TCFIFUS 3.4: Fashions 2: Talent 3: Science 2,4g Bowling 2,4 Tennls 4: Red Cross 4: Chemistry 4 Ambition: Nurse Ambition: Nurse 'dr-'lf' wif' 5 L N K I as A DAVID L, BOHANE WILLIAM I BOYCE 8 Lester Place Science 3: Treas, 2 11 Carolina Avenue Ambition: Telephone Co, Worker Football Mgr 3 Track 2 Baseball 2 SENIOR TREASURERS, left to right: Mary Iackimowicz, Patricia Finn Carol Miller Nancy Goodwin Dorothy Fitch, Janet Quintaglie. L 'F -A - Q: 4 f K 3,45 Hockey 3 4 Drum Bugle 2,3,4 Ambition Teacher I .7 1' .rf RST' RICHARD H. BRAUNEIS IUDITH M. BRIGGS JOHN W, BRINKMAN " Brownie' "Judy" " I ack" '16 Weld Hill Street 12 Green Street 33 Union Avenue Ambition: Florist Cheerleader 4: Science 2: Bowling 2: Football 2, 3, 4: lst Lt. 3: Hockey 2, Red Cr0sS 3: Fashions 2 3,4: Baseball 2, 3,4 Ambition: Secretary for Good Look- Ambition: Coach ing Boss -as I 1' 'A MARY M. BROWN 299 Lamartine Street Cheerleader 4: Bowling 2: Honor So- ciety 3,4: Clarion 3,4g Science 2: Fashions 4: Usher 3: Tuesday Club 4 Ambition: LB, M. Operator ,23- N., 3 ALICE E. BUCKLEY "Allie" '76 South Huntington Avenue Chemistry 4 Ambition: Teacher i EDITH B. BROWN " Edie' 269 Lamartine Street Clarion 3 Ambition: Marry a Millionaire ,x'14 'Y 1 'Z 4. 5 L V '. -.qs ' PAUL K. BROWN "Casper" 1595 Centre Street, West Roxbury Baseball 3,4: Mgr. Football 4: Bas- ketball 3,4 Ambition: Teacher ,wx 11' Q A, FRANK K. BUCKLEY 89 Green Street Ambition: Policeman f-one 14' MARIA C. BUKOIEMSKI uma.. 2 French Terrace, Roxbury Treas. 2: Tennis 2,4g Bowling 2: Fa- shions 2,4: Science 2,4: Talent 3,45 Chemisuy 4: Yearbook 4: Usherette 3, 4: Office Ass't. 4: Tuesday Club 4: Clarion 3,4 Ambition: Nurse '35 X-as-ni GERARD F, BURKE .Guy 22 Myrtle Street Baseball 2, 3, 4: kt Lieut, 4 Ambition: Millionaire 1 x:'. 22: ,gm 1 fs. PHILIP I. BURNS "Phil" 37 Sheridan Street Football 3,4: Baseball 3,4: Basketball 4: Capt. 4: Track 4 Ambition: win the Olympics . Q fa 'rig 19 Home Roomsl Few? Phewl Q H05 BARBARA A. BURT "Barbie" 232 Hyde Park Avenue Advertising 4 Ambition: Bookkeeping and Marriage .JV JU! EMILY I. CAFFREY 'Emmy' 661 Parker Street, Roxbur Y Red Cross 3: Bowling 4 Ambition: Secretary 4.35 ivy , s fs is, if fa PATRICIA A. CARSON MARGARET L. CAFFREY DAVID M. CAMPBEL WILLIAM P. CARRIGAN "Peggy" " Doc' "Bill" " par' 661 Parker Street, Roxbury 270 Blue Hills Parkway, Milton 43 Boynton Street 10 Salman Street, West Roxbury C166 2: Red CFOSS 3: Treas. 3: BHSIQCI- Hockey 2,3,4: Key 2,3,4: Track 2 Football 2,35 Baseball 3,4: Drum 8: Ambition: Secretary and Marriage ball 4: Volley Ball 4 Ambition: Veterinarian Bugle 3 Ambition: Registered Nurse Ambition: Forest Ranger 13 Robert Allen Presides, QR 59' gl LORRAINE E. CHAMBERLAIN "Rainnie" 6 Dunford Street, Roxbury Usher 33 Stamp Treas. 2 Ambition: Bookkeeper and Marriage 4-CSV? Q I. Q, eg X e 72 BARBARA L. CHIAMPA RUTH A. COHEN MARIA P, CONCANNON " Bobbie" " Ruthie" " May" 142 School Street 12 Verona Street 10 Louder's Lane Ambition: Teacher Basketball 2.3.4: Volleyball 3: BOWI' Glee 2g Red Cross 2, 3 ing 2,3, 4: ChCl'l'llSIl'y 4: T6l'll'liS 2g Ambidgn: Teacher Usher Bg Fashions 2 Ambition: Teacher 1 J , '- , A r 1 - 'L lr . ' ' if 3 ' fl. I at ' he 'gs ky J ., v 1 f .L fm gg' -Q .r - .5 ' ' if' ,J ww , .,,..., ., I, M. , .. S 2 wg his 1' ,AMES B. CONROY PAUL E, CONROY RICHARD C, CONROY "Jim" 105 Brookside Avenue "Dick" 806 Parker Street. Roxbury Track 2 139 Forest Hills sneer Football 4: Hockey 4: Track 4: Chem- Ambition: Automobile Mechanic Baseball 1, 3,4p Chemistry 4g Latin 2 iS!1'Y 4: TBICHI 4 Ambition: Pharmacist Ambition: Engineer 1 4 MARIAN G. COSKA 32 Rockvale Circle Bowling 4 Ambition: Air Line Stewardess ' rt it p,,xJ , All 17' '77 fjlfv 'W B , , 4 -I ' , ff' fu X LC 4 4 .i X iq 4,1 -L If f. Y J' -Qff:f"5x': 'B 'n .QF - U A 1 are MAUREEN A. COTTER COURTLAND V. COX ROSEMARY CREIGHTON DOROTHY A, CRONIN "MOC" 43 Sheridan Street "Snookie" "Crutls" 36 Grecnough Avenue Basketball 4, Baseball 4 22 Elmwood Street, Roxbury 154 Heath Street Honor Society 3,4g Treas. 2g Clarion Ambition: Lawyer Ambjlignz 5931-eta,-y Basketball 2, 3, 4: Softball 3, Bowling 3,45 Yearbook 4, Madei 2,3,4g of- 2.3: Glee 2.3 fice Assist, 3,43 Usherette 3g Tuesday AmblU0U2 Secretary Club 4g Talent 3, Historian 4 Ambition: Fashion Model '37 HELEN C. CURRAN "Squeaky" 24 Oakdale Street Red Cross 2,3g Fashions 3,4, Bowling 2,3g Glee 2 Ambition: College 'Zu CATHERINE T. DARCY .. Ka y.. 41 Bartlett Street, Ambition: Secretary X . T' 'Adj Roxbury ,gt Al N Wi? if , WZ ff of x v. 71 sf' , . iaith, JOSEPH E, DAVIS MARY L. DeCHRlSTOFARO "joe" "Baby Sister" 18 Kingsbury Stjeet' Rgxbufy 27 G01dSfIliIh SUCCI Football 4: Basketball 3.4: Lieut. 3, 44 Council 4 Ambition: Dentist Ambition: Secretary A B JN 15 FUTURE ROTARIANS - David Campbell, Paul Harding, -if I N , , . 14? uf 3 ,4a A-at J' Spdw FRANCES C. DEL CORSO PAUL M. DeCOSTE LOIS M. DeGREGORIO 5 Bismarck Street "Guinea" Track 3 1436 Columbus Avenue, Roxbury Ambition: Automobile Mechanic Softball 3,4g Basketball 4 Ambition: To Be Rich ij--' J? EDGAR W. DEMPSEY "Frannie" 16 East Brookline Street, Boston Vice President 4, Golf 2, Clarion 3,4, Fashions 2,4g Talent 3,4g Bowling 2, Chemistry 3,4g Latin 2, Council 4 Ambition: Teacher .. Ed.. 52 School Street, Roxbury Hockey 2 Ambition: Big Business -ini SWETLANA DIATCHENKO JOHN A D1MATTIA CATHERINE V DOHERTY Lana Dimte Ka 5 Greenley Place 7 Park Place Cheerleader 4 Fashions 4 Track 2 Basketball 2,3 4 Baseball Ambition Private Secretary 2 3 4 86 Call Street Ambition DentalAss1stant Ambition Sports I YE fy . 'mi had f' J-.afwm 7-E? aw- ff-Nita, ,rap -.N Va... miooff VHO0Plff cs.: cal, MDE FOR 1 L L l li,ll'l HLLEN w-Ali' JOHN I DOHERTY Jack 4 Halifax Street Ambition Electrical Engineermg IILRL 5 TO Till L -RMP XICNIRS an 311- Q Mme , at Q -A res. , - 5 ' S' if ' ' :Q X ,, ,, ,, . . .. 0 -yn . l 1,1 viagra. 'L r 1 C 'As' F if 'E . ' 4 'fu ,. - 5 5 s ' tfr ' V l,l'i."' N 4, K iii' R X ,XV . ni' ' I , M 'I I 47 I A c 'Tw' 'xi n - T, fn.. ,-.f me .055 -s N 0 - . - ' 1 Q' A t., ' ' ' " " L t.. - V . , A A 9' i. ' , ,' '-, 'ZA 1 V ANOI t r' V ui 5 G . , . , X' It l - . v sw Q ' --'.,w'1, M, -s it V no I .ef M ' ' ' ' , '5 , ,na zvfjsg Q ' A Z 2 eats B 9 1 P sb gf ix "Q, I A V? : 4- - '- ' 'pm , f . "Af ,I V ' ' " -ff v' -... ' ' "' 2,-,A1i 4f' ' A , A ' 'M - A is E ' 5 t. .P ' . ,1f- ' . W "W " - -1.4--.M . y U V W sw M . .. M K , L,,i..wV . t y I " A M mi ' 'sss A W. , ,iti Jfffi? "H-'61-.2315 1-as Loseas, I -. .4 .j RUTA F, DREUMANIS "Ruddy" 56 Rockvieiir Street Fashions 4: Chemistry 4: Talent 3 Ambition: Commercial Artist ,, x I ROSETTA R. EDSTROM "Rock" 33 Lotus Street Basketball 2, 3: Cheerleader 4: Treas, 2, 3: Red Cross 3g Bowling 3 Ambition: Happiness i BUT NOT LOST. 13" ' 1 . .xg MN ROBERT T, DONAHUE "Red" 56 Hampstead Road Football 4: Key 2 Ambition: Engineer 'T xr .777 '- ,rf X WNV fit 3 5 S 1 X iq .l K Yagi A JOAN E, DWYER JOHN F. DWYER "Joanie" "Jack" 174 St. Alphonsus Street, Roxbury 174 St. Alphonsus Street. Roxbury Stamps 4 Council 4: lst, Lieut,: Track 4 Ambition: Happy Future Ambition: X-Ray Technician 1, an of 4 Q . PAUL K, EGERSHEIM BARBARA EICHORN "K0zn-lo" 48 Green Street 263 Higmand sneer Ambition: Successful Typist Ambition: Math Teacher 17 N -""g 90 'V' ANN M, ELSON HEI.. 25 Armstrong Street Fashions lg Glee 3 Ambition: Secretary 1 YJLA. 'Q if ROSALIE A. ESPOSITO "Buzz" 18 Chestnut Avenue "WHAT A GAMEI" Fashi0ns:2g Glee 1 -'ns 23 'U Ambition: Secretary SHIRLEY A, EVANS IEAN A. FERRANDI PATRICIA L. FINN "Otto" "Bee Bee" "Pat" Office Assistant 2: Fashion Show 1 41 Seaverns Avenue 54 Glen Road Ambition: Expert Typist Ambition: Newspaper Reporter Glee 3.4: Bowling 2: Fashions 2, 3, 4: Talent 3,4: Treas. 4 fed fix? 0 THOMAS F, FINNEGAN .. Tom.. 163 Train Street, Dorchester Ambition: Success 'Us I ELEANCR I. FIORILLO "Ellie" 28 Prince Street Bowling 2, 3: Chemistry 3: Glee 2: Golf 2, 3: Model 2, 3, 4 Ambition: Teacher Ambition: ,..4u ,ICQ 'lf' , Esc , 'QQ ls - if A ' 's?:'v5'5 3' 'xii' X fi new THERESA M. FIORILLO ..-1-eny.. 71 St. Rose Street Chemistry 4 Ambition: Teach and Travel 43 MARY L. FISHER "B1ondie" 204 Heath Street Cheerleader-Captain 4: Council 4 Ambition: Stay Happy -by 'T x - ' .'I"1w. 'S K 2 RUTH L, FISHER DOROTHY E, FITCH PATRICIA A, FLEMING JAMES M, FOLEY "Ruthie" " D0tti" " Pat" " R01Iy" 18 Eldora Street, Roxbury 20 282 Columbia Road, Dorchester 36 Brookside Avenue 14 Bellflower Street, Dorchester 25 Red Cross 3: Fashions 2 Basketball 25 Bloodmobile 4g Adv, 4: Bowling 3,4 Ambition: Rank President Ambition: Make Someone Happy Treas. 4: Stamps 2, 3 Ambition: Secretary ' A , kv Ambition: Air Line Stewardess , 'J X' I ,V ' L nv JOHN I. FOLEY STORM M. FOLEY LENA M, FONTANA " I ack" " Ch ickie" " Lee" 27 Clearwater Drivg' D01-chester 352 Amory Street 18 Lawn St. , Roxbury Ambition: Greens Keeper Ambition: Marry a Sailor Ambition: Secretary "LET'S GO J:P, HIGH!" 5 L gjvf. orgas- L nj ' -+ li sf Y PATRICIA ANN FORBES ..Pay.. 18 Day Street Treas. 3: Yearbook 4 Ambition: Photographer and Amateur J, Skater Z, r F 32 Q 91 PATRICIA A. FOULSHAM "Pat" 163 Hillside Sueet, Roxbury mbition: Travel vm' Q-Q' ,f Y ef LINDA M, GAGNER IANIS I GALINS MICHAEL I GARVEY "Lynn" John Mrke 1864 Columbus Avenue. Rgxbufy 1761 Washington Street, Roxbury 259 Heath Street Ambition: Secretary Basketball 3,4 Baseball 3,4 Ambltron Naval Career BY and hrs C1ar1on Co Eds X lf., Q L I at 55 IUNE M, GAYER ..Gay.. - - - 11 Sedgwick gueel SENIORS ANSWER THE CLARlON'S CALL. Ambition: Air Line Stewardess 'Q 1-3' 7, i- wqw, -Q 'Qin QQMF' 1 ' ' ELENA A, GIULIANA JANE F. GOMPERTS NANCY A, GOODWIN ROSEMARIE A, GOSS "Ellie" "Janie" "Nance" " Bunny' 15 Ballard 53-get 91 Prince Street 110 Rockview Street 8 Hillside Street, Roxbury 20 Clarion 3,4g Talent 3: Tennis 4 Tennis 2: Basketball 4: Bowling 2,3,4 Home Room Treas. 4 Ambition: Secretary Ambition: Happiness Ambition: Secretary Ambition: To Make Someone Happy Q 1 A 1 'Y i 1 jkf' I ii.. fl ROSEMARY A. GOULD JOHN I. GREENE MARJORIE A. GRINNELL ROBERT V. GROVES "Rosle" " Jack" " Mar gig" "Bob" 50 Bickfopd su-ee, 52 Martin Road, Milton 86 447 Belgrade Avenue, West Roxbury 32 26 Denton Terrace. Roslindale Ambition: Air Stewardess F00Ib-211 3. 4 Ambition: Secretary Chemistry 3 Ambition: Success Ambition: Veterinarian 21 if .wars in mil KV? I' Vote for ---- D,King, A,Hiltz, K.McGrai1, L,McGrath, M.Caffrey, I ,x. ,., Q , I' A A f-4-, 'N f, CARL R, HANSEN 738 Centre Street Ambition: Commercial Artist i .., Q1 ,QM Q ' Q fin- 'Sf fi "T 4 V, fr ' l -44' Q a. 1 lx .fi 'g ss 4 ,V ' ffm t 2 3, Q Z g A 1 Q t f i if i it X 4 PAUL C, HARDING ANNA M. HARDY HAROLD L. HARRIS JAMES F, HARRIS '70 Landseer Street, West Roxbury 32 "Princess" 203 Boylston Street "Jimmy" Baseball 4, Rotary 4, Key 4 177 Chestnut Avenue Ambition: Success 43 Dalrymple Street Ambition: Success Fashions 4 Ambition: Commercial Artist Ambition: Housewife 1:3 MARION E, HEALEY THOMAS W. HENDSBEE 4 Lawndale Terrace "Tom" Clarion 3, 4: Yearbook 43 Treas. 2, 3 279 Centre Street Ambition: To Raise a Family Track 4 Ambition: Service asain -sm! . ,amp r i ANNE M. HILTZ "Socks" 21 Haverford Street Bowling 43 Fashions 3,4 Ambition: Secretary l 475' Q7 XM. 5 z GEORGIANNA M. HOLMES "Georgie" 3377A Washington Street Golf 2g Office Assistant 3 Ambition: Secretary . jg- L.: 3' 23" fi A -4 PATRICIA A, HOOLEY ROBERT A, HORTON ROBERT J, HUGHES VAHAN li, ISHKANIAN "Pat" "Bob" 1085 Centre Street 16 Boylston Street 26 Oregon Cgurt' Roxbury 20 156 B0ylSIOl'l Street Football 2, 3,41 Track 2,3313 Key 43 C131-ion 4 Ambition: Secretary Key 2. 3.4 Ch6miSUy 4 Ambition: Success Ambition: Master Sergeant in the Ambition: Successful Businessman Marines R RR NV MARY A. IACKIMOWICZ "Iackie" 9 Union Avenue Treas. 4 Ambition: Housewife -1 1 ' X.. N55 3 , - E, MADELINE D. KALLENBERG "Cookie" 5 Blanvon Road Ambition: Medical Secretary 1 , F? I H ff' Vf' W 551' X Vs ' LILLIAN O, IANSEN GERALDINE A. JOYCE " Butch" 16 Granfield Avenue, Roslindale Fashions 3g Bowling 3 Ambition: Success "Gerri" 21 Forbes Street Model 4g Bowling 4 Ambition: Secretary Hi! Ho! The Talent Show! - G,Mahood, M.Kettel1, j,Welch, C,Ki1ey , ,nu - -M '7 5 THOMAS E. KANE SOFIA G. KANELL FLORENCE M. KARAGOZIAN "Tom" 37 Pershing Road "F1o" '73 Charles Street, Dorchester Ambition: Secretary 21 Beech Glen Street, Roxbury Ambition: United States Navy 'Q liul Ui DENNIS E. KERR " Denn" 15 Elm Hill Park, Dorchester 21 Track 3: Key 3,4: Council 4: Chem- istry 4 Ambition: Civil Engineer MISS SIMPLICITYN Ambition: Air Line Hostess Wk 'T 5 MARYANN P. KETTELI. "Pots" 60 Rockview Street Basketball 2, 3,4: Tennis 2: Bowling 2: Clarion 3,4: Cheerleader 4: Glee 2: Talent 3,4 Ambition: Housewife Cheerle 2: Coun 24 N DIANE L. KAYE "Dee-Dee" '71 Jamaica Street Golf 2: Red Cross 3: Tennis 4: Bowling 4: Fashions 4 Ambition: College p""ln fab N, T7 CAROL A. KILEY "Cal" 30 Brucewood Street, West Roxbury ader 4: Fashions 2, 3,4: Glee cil 4 Ambition: Airlines 17' fa. DIANNE M. KING "Die" 28 John A. Andrew Street Red Cross 2: Bowling 2 Ambition: Nurse GI' CHEESE - MAKING tj Kiwi W f 1- . C if Q v clay -an ' Ng-. R g f A we 22112 ' N Pigs f ' 11, , F' . 1 if , MICHAEL A. KOUTROUBA Q ..Mike,. U ,. ,L 15 Bancroft Street, Roxbury in Q' Track 1,43 Hockey 4 Ambition: Bring back d Blues "CHEESE IT' CHRISTINE"- J 21' 4 M --f 1 , f I . Mb A Qty F 1 3 ' Al ir, .Ll RONNIE KRIKORIAN I IVARS KRONITIS RICHARD H. LALOR "Krik" 1459 Columbus Avenue, Roxbury "Dick" 19 Kenney Street Ambition: Armed Services 3 Haverford Street Football 3, 4g Hockey 3,4 Treasurer 2 Ambition: Retirement Ambition: Civil Engineer C ff' I ka ' "Y' VT' N.-and ...ff -if .-av ,H- li gf X .X 'h JOSEPH P. LAMONT ANTHONY V. LANG HUGH C. LEDFORD MARGARET A. LEDFORD UIUC" " Tony" "ChUCk" " Peggy' 52 Forbes Street 187 Highland St. , Roxbury 19 25 Gartland Street 139 Lamartine Street AmbiIi0I1: E1SCIl'0niCS Basketball 2,4g Track 3 Ambition: Grocery Supervisor Red Cross 2 Ambition: Field and Forest Manager Ambition: Housewife 25 Chun gp li' 5 rj W HI-POWERED SALES - Alan Rowe, Anita Novack, t fi P b X ', -Sf' L, 3 f -4 ,. i M, xx f K' xfitw.. X A7154 1 ,i CAROL B. LENNOX PAUL L LINTERIS HUGH C- LEONARD 34 Annunciation Road, Roxbury 46 Bowdoin Street, Dorchester "LOU" Ambition: Secretary Ambilimlr Live, Laugh. Love and be 295 South Street Happy Ambition: Automotive Engineer I' . Q6 if 1 an , fx NLG! f fi 3' Yo' ff? Si 'Q -'-7 ELVIRA L. LOIACONO ARLENE L. LOPES PAULINE T. LYNCH " Elvis" " Twinky" " Pol1y" 42 Robinwood Avenue 15 Hartwell Street, Dorchester 6 Chestnut Terrace Ambition: Secretary Clarion 4 Clarion 3: Bowling 1: Basketball 1 Ambition: Musician Ambition: Secretary K, tk . Xa it RUTH LEITIGER "Do-Do" 4 Hubbard Street Treasurer 4 Ambition: Marriage it l .-o FLORENCE M. LITTIG "Navy" 11 Frawley Street, Roxbury Ambition: Secretary I 3 'E' 2 ,J I E DONALD A. MAC ISAAC ..Don.. 95 Adams Street, Dorchester 22 Baseball 1, 2: Basketball 1, 2 Ambition: Businessman viz" rf X as 0 1 -. ,fin '3 HAROLD MAC LAUGHLIN DAWN M, MAGI GERALDINE C, MAHOOD ICANN I. MAIS "Mac" 3 Mark Street "Geri" 48 Halifax SKICCI 2 U2 Putnam Place, Roxbury Yearbook 4: Clarion 4: Council 4: 18 Arborway Terrace TGl1l1iS 13: F3ShiOflS 2: 5P3I1iSh 2 Hockey 4 Chemistry 3,45 Tennis 3 Tennis 2, Bowling 2, Volley-ball 12, Red Cross 11 Ambition: Commercial Artist Ambition: College Red Cross 2: Cheerleader 4: Talent 3, Ambition: Show Business ,-. IQ ,Qs Nw--7 X, CLAIRE M, MANDEVILLE 314 Amory Street Ambition: Marriage fs w.,.'7 MARGARET M, MARCUCELLA "Maggie" 17 Hathaway Street Golf 2 Ambition: Secretary 4: Fashion 2: Golf 2 Ambition: Airline Stewardess Q f' -....., t - ' if . l ,li I DOUGLAS S, MANN JAMES E. MANNING "Doug" 3215 Washington Street 164 Allandale Street Baseball 2, 3,4 Track 1, 2, 3, 4 Ambition: Dairying Ambition: Success Those Ties! Those Cuffs! Marian Coska, William Boyce. fr' A x MM, , fl. AQX V . ,gk GV kkk. is V ,I by V13 A Am A If or -- NX s --naw if 1? x E W X ..,, , . IUDITH I, MARISON LAWRENCE V. MCCARTHY JAMES A. MCCORMICK KENNETH I, MCFADDEN "Judy" "Mac" "Mac" "Mac" 22 Burr Street 194 West 6th Street, South Boston 3964 Washington Street, Roslindale 9 Adams Terrace, Dorchester Tennis 2, 3, 4, Golf 2,4, Bowling 3,4g Football 3,41 Yearbook 4g Baseball 43 Bowling 2, 3, Hockey 2,3,4g Advertis- F00tb311 2,3,4g Junior Achievement Model 2 Track 1, 2, 3,4g Class President 4 ing 43 Baseball 2, 3,4g lst. Lieut. 4 4: 935279211 4 Ambition: Secretary Ambition: Go to the Ambition: Sports Ambition: Agriculture H If 'rv X ,X W Xl ROBERTA DIANE MCGARITY ' "Bobby" 18 Plant Court Red Cross 23 Tennis 3, Bowling 3, Fa- shion 2g Talent 3,4g Glee 2: Clarion 4 Ambition: Dental Hygienist KATHRYN H. MCGRAIL " Kathy" 12 Leon Street, Boston Cheerleader 4, Red Cross 35 Tennis 45 Bowling 4 Ambition: Have fun in life "3 AQ' T I LORRAINE K, MCGRATH "Laurie" 6 Holburn Street, Dorchester Yearbook 3, Basketball 3,4g Library Club and Forum 2,3,4g Art Club 2,3, 4, Volleyball 4 Ambition: Artist f'.Q.f.,,,5 2 More Cowl and More Cowl A.Athanasiou, D. McAdams, G.O'Neil, R.Horton, 28 A 41 464 af' ELLEN D, MCLAUGHLIN "Dotty" 60 Annunciation Road, Roxbury Ambition: Nurse X-5 A 4 4.529 'fkllffilt ali v X, THOMAS P, MCMANUS ETHEL I MEANS "Mac Franme 32 Highland Park Avenue Roxbury 34 Heath Street Football 3,4g Baseball 3,4 Glee 2 Bowling 4 Tenms 4 MARIE C. McLELLAN RICHARD D, McMANUS 47 Seaverns Avenue "Mac" Ambmon Travel 32 Highland Park Avenue, Roxbury Council Ambition: To Make Good X355 ig rf in . U . ,r,g,,,cg,,1 -:L-fx: zzz, va " ' M . f ' xv -'Sv "V: xl f , ' af tif- iii 1 MARGARET A. MICHAELS " Muffet" 34 Hall Street Usherette 33 Red Cross 2 Ambition: Secretary Ambition: Success Ambltxon Secretary ft CARCI. ANN MILLER 267 Chestnut Avenue Glee 2,35 Model 2, 4g Treas. ent 3, 45 Coxmci14 Ambition: See the World Y 4: Tal- Glee 2 Stamps 4 Chemistry 3 CRYSTAL GAZING PROPHETS JAMES F, MORRIS fnlimn 201 Boylston Street Key 2 3 4 Clarion 3,45 Treas. 3: Ambmon Teacher I 7 4 ,. 4 C i it O i Q, s Q, . pf "1,2, 3 ---- Testingl" Dennis Kerr, David Campbell, Robert Hughes, Ronald White. K 144' V Qt" X, ,X MARY S. MURPHY ..Mm,Ph.. 39 St, John Street Ambition: Success Y. V.. if ' is 5 -,,,, rv, ' s 7 -.. -Mist f xy N CHARLES A, NEALE "Charlie" '7 Rambler Road Hockey 3,4g Baseball 4 Ambition: Lawyer ,W 6' jim - 'QQ , ST- f" ,Ax x' gl fi .""Ttf x Z V" - ' kt " 521 m f JOHN T, MURRAY HIBCKU Cedarwood Lane, Burlington Basketball 2,3, 4g Track 3,4g Treas. lg Clarion 4g Key 2,3,4g Council 4g Chemistry 4 Ambition: Chemistry Engineer V s PAUL A. NICHOLS "Nick" 9 Blackwood Street, Boston 15 Basketball 2,3,4g Lieut. 4, Baseball 2,4g Bowling 2,4 Ambition: Electronics Engineer 30 .xl Q , AQ ROBERT F, MURRAY "Bobby" 138 Heath Street Ambition: Success w N , , ff :MS R15 CAROLINE D. NOEL 298 Chestnut Avenue Fashions 2,3,4g Bowling 25 Talent 3, 4g GO1f 2 Ambition: Happiness I 'A'mNf,xv ,rex ,us Ii ? y . me , yi A I ,X F X ROBERT I, MURDOCK " Bob" 85 Call Street Ambition: Businessman LF ,Q TUX Vx 1 L ' A v 'Jax YD uf k ,ip Q9 ff, U ig 'V ,,, XJ: GLORIA MUSSERIAN "Muzzy" 96 Day Street Clarion 3, 4, Red Cross 2, Chemistry 35 Honor Society 3,4g Model 4g Ush- erette 3 Ambition: Dietitian ANITA NOVACK "Nita" 3 Church Place, Roxbury Clarion 3, 4g Yearbook 4g Chemistry 3,4g Usher 3: Modei 2,4: An 2g Tal- ent 45 Advertising 4 Ambition: Massachusetts School of Art gran , G? 1 -9' f'-1 3 5 K BRENDAN J. 0-BRIEN EDWARD L, 0'3R1EN MARY I. O'CONNOR THERESA A. O'CONNOR '-0'g-- "Eddie" 617 Harrison Avenue "Terry" 41 Dunster Road 51 Mozgn Sq-get Clarion 3, 4g Yearbook 4: Chemistry 4 50 Bickford Sneet Basketball 2'3.4: Key 3.4: Base- Ambition: Air Face Ambition: Nurse Basketball 2 ball 4: 2nd Lieur. 4 Ambition: Secretary Ambition: Veterinarian J b .. I I I L ' , XJ V - if Y tx' ' I h Wg, M, N-K' ROSEMARY O'DONNELL "Rosie" 95 Brookside Avenue Clarion 3,4g Yearbook 4g Model 2,3g Art 2 Ambition: Actress r -5 24? Y, 5. NIB' 1 I. ff? JOAN V, O'MALLEY "Ioanie" 6 Glenvale Terrace Glee 2, 3,45 Red Cross 2 Ambition: Secretary CHRISTINE P, OGIBA "Tina" 214 Highland Street, Roxbury Science 3g Glee 2 Ambition: Secretary PATRICIA A. O'LEARY .. Pat.. 8 Valentine Street, Roxbury 20 Ambition: Airline Hostess LIVING DOLLS IN 2067 L ,Qi n I I x I xxx Pvl K E, S nf" . Q 5 'L ' .- : -f 4, , U t nag .ffo r, i , V ix xx ' K 'Jag r Nilssse ' L , GBIALD K, O'NEl1, ..Jen,y.. 6 Arcadia Street lst. Lieut. 4: Track 3: Clarion 4: Yearbook 4 Ambition: Liberal Arts Course 92952: 323' ' , ww - ,. , . 3 RITA M. PETRIE "Edso" 8 Bataan Court, Roxbury 19 Office Asst. 2,3: Red Cross 2,3: Bas- ketball 2: Bowling 2 Ambition: Private Secretary BARBARA A, OWENS "Babs" 1000 Hyde Park Avenue, Hyde Park Tennis 2: Swimming 2: Glee 2: Fa- shions 2,3,4: Basketball 2 Ambition: Secretary wad NICHOLAS C. PETROCELLI 53 Myrtlebank Ave. , Dorchester Drum and Bugle 2, 3,4: Baseball 2, 3 Ambition: Millionaire l X-si. str , 5 WINIFRED L. PALMER "Winnie" 12 Ashley Street Bowling 2: Tennis 2: Model 2,4: Usher 3: Stamps 2,3: Chemistry 3,4 Ambition: Psychologist I .fe-We s ,r 4 ei ,I fi A '-115' " X wiriileik A , V V.. sv Jig mfg : 1 - typ W Q - , Qgfg N ' fe 'li :ia f V i' NN Q Q45 ' 4' 1. as gr - ' -V' , x we if , - . ' i 5 I .. A DOLORES POLLARD 115 Hemenway Street, Boston Tennis 3,4: Bowling 3,4: Golf 3: Bad- minton 3,4 Ambition: Air Line Hostess At the Hop - Alan Rowe, Robert Gordick, Rosemary O Donnell, Ruta Drejmanis, Roberta McGarity 32 , Q. V if fi 'J 1 . + ' i, l 'g lf' A --ei 'Q M fj --fs 2 of sill' 1' SQ STEPHBAI F, PELECHOWICZ "Steve" 13 Howard Avenue, Dorchester Drum 81 Bugle 2,3,4g Red Cross 3 Ambition: College f1 Ai? IEANNE POULOS 4 Atherton Street, Roxbury Office Assist. 4: Model 4 Ambition: Legal Secretary Z. ,AA Ay ...ls KE MARY L, PRENDIBLE "Mary Lou" 36 Moraine Street Tennis 4: Bowling 4: Clarion 4: Chem istry 4: Treas. 3: Usherette 3 Ambition: Nursing K M. 'X Q IC' RICHARD T. QUINLAN ..Que.. 1 5a Green Street Left to right: Dorothy Fitch, Gloria Slnacola, Carol Miller, Swetlana Diatbhenkll, Janet Van Stry, Janos Ambition: Printer Quimague- , ln' . ,D 1 AT5l1'3f3i,i '. - f all ,X f ' "fe-V ' '13, , ' " 'E5?3'4'Wg,: I - 'tflfift-A Wifi- '21 - 31 ' ftyatm-dit 'fix -9 A GERARD S. QUINN ..Jen,y.. 2565 Centre St, , West Roxbury Football 3,4g Key 3, 4: Hockey 3,45 Red Cross 2: Track 2, 3,4: Clarion 4 Ambition: Engineer J? ,gl ITJQW Xtlv 1 . lv J .V ,Z LII W AD f swf' ,gl ' T ,ff 1 'rr ' r W N"ilv"'f . 1 by 1 Ju fl 'V , 1 ' 1 f IANET QUINTAGLIE JOAN M, REED Q ..Ian.. .. Happy.. 1 J 48 Brookley Road 12 Bickford Avenue, Roxbury 20 Fashions 2: Talent 3,4: Treas. 4 Bowling 2 Ambition: Airline Stewardess Ambition: Airline Hostess PYT L . 11 as '17 'G'-" r 4 AUGUSTINE M, REYNOLDS RICHARD A. ROBINSON RICHARD P, ROMAINE " Gus" "Dick" "Dick" 63 Woodlawn Street 32 Mozart Street 305A Chestnut Avenue Track 1, 2: Hockey 3,4 Football 3,4g Track 2, 3: Key 3,41 Football 2, 3,4: Basketball 2, 3,4: Ambition: Dalrying Council 4g Clarion 4 Track 2. 3. 4: Baseball 2. 4: CHPIEUD Ambition: Chemist 33 3, 4 Ambition: College STEPHEN H. ROSS "Steve" 6 Enfield Street Football l, 2, 3, 4: Baseball 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 2,3,4g Key 2: Clarion 3,4: Drum Et Bugle 2, 3: 1st Lieut. 3,4 Ambition: Physical Education Teacher l STRIKE OR SPARE? x"""l K v1NAVt , f .4 CLAIRE F. ROY 39 Rockvale Circle Clarion 3,45 Bowling 3,4: Red Cross 3: National Honor 3,4g Yearbook 4: Usher 3 Ambition: Secretary CAROL A. SANTORO 18 Dalrymple Street T. AR "-:Nw 'f'f',.'3' rl -nav NANCY L, SCURRAH PATRICIA A, SHEEHAN WALTER E, SIMPSON 32 Oakdale Street "Pat" "Wally" Bowling 29 Red Cross 2. 3 10 Newsome Park 87 School Street, Roxbury Ambition: Go to Bermuda Ambition: Clerk Typist Ambition: Air Force 34 -.mi X I t x 1 1 ff ALAN w, Rowe ..A1,. 56 Avalon Road, West Roxbury Track 3,43 Talent 3: Advertising 4: Chemistry 4 Ambition: Landscape Architect "'xs ax 3 1 '77 ROSE-ANN SCANZILLO 70 Lawn Street, Roxbury Ambition: Success C166 4: P-Cd Cross 3 Ambition: Secretary sf" MARY C. SPROUL 18 Granada Park, Roxbury 19 Library 3,45 Bowling 2: Red Cross 3: Science 2 Ambition: Air Line Hostess f wk JEANNE M STEELE 3243 Washmgton Street Bowhng 2 Glee 2 Red Cross 2 Ambmon Housewlfe IOAN M SULLIVAN Ioame 90 Call Street Treas 2 Glee 2 3 Bowling 2 Red Cross 2,3,4 Talent 3 Llbrary 3 Cheerleader 4 Chemxstry 4 Ambmon Nurse ma- Cf i RONALD D TOWNSEND Ron 45 Wenham Street Track 3 Ambmon Millionaire ,wr ,f 'Rt ' ' fry, E' Isqs uL.,w we 'Wm . u NNN JOHN H STEVENS RONALD D STEWART Steve Ron Wlldwood Avenue Pmehurst 9 Parkwood Terrace Ambmon Landscape Gardener Foofball 3 4 Ambltxon Success BARBARA A SW EENEY Barbre 9 Bishop Street Glee 2 3 Fashxons 3 4 Cheerleader 4 Red Cross 3, 4 Sctence 2 Council 4 Ambmon Secretary Q 35:5 4 i HELENE A THOMPSON Lana 3 Warren Square Red Cross 3 Glee 2 Al'IlblIl0l'l Busmess School TENSE MOMENTS X ,H if FDA, 'E JP. LOUISE B STRINGE 3117 Washmgton Street Roxbury Red Cross 3 Ambmon Stenographer R0 1""'l7 GEORGEJ TORONTO 34 Newbern Street Red Cross 2 Treas 3 Ambltron Navy COLONEL 'P 'Lf fig, 4 'wx N, J'- 'X f 35 WY Qc -if LL Ar' 'L ,wg fd'- Qs X137 455 ggi' ,,, ANTHONY P, TRAFICANTI LEWIS J, VACCA MARCIA VANDER CAR "Tony" '79 Brighton Avenue, Allston "Van" 102 Call Street Ambition: Forest Conservationist 3 Glines Avenue Track 2 Tennis 2,3g Library 2, 3,4 Ambition: Game Warden Ambition: C,P,A. el - 1. , ". tra" ,- x y sf' lil! i BARBARA A. VOELKER AILEEN G. W. WALSH FREDERICK K, WEISS "Barbie" " Bonnie' "Freddie" 18 Woolson Street, Manapan 80 Pond Su-ee: 34 Chestnut Avenue Talent 35 National Honor 3,4g Clarion Softball 2: Basketball 2 Football 4 3,4g Usher 3, Chemisny 4: Bowling 2g Ambition: Telephone Operator Ambition: Salesman Tennis 25 Fashions 2,4 Ambition: Journalist DARING DEFENSE, DEMPSEYI e 30 ,nr - . isa. f ' 'asa , ,X sf-.,. A I PU .f,g l , fi? ' R 'I Q ' JANET M, VAN STRY 55 Brookley Road Glee 2,3g Talent 35 Bowling 2: Red Cross 2, 3 Ambition: Airline Stewardess CQ F at s A x ' WT, 5 FRANCIS P, WELCH "Frank" 59 Rossmore Road Football 4: Hockey 4g Baseball 4 Ambition: Coach IOANNE WELCH ..Jo.. 66 Day Street Glee 2, Fashion 2, 3,4g Talent 3,4 Ambition: Travel V Pwr' JEAN M. WENNERS "Jeanne" 9 Hall Street Chemistry 43 Secretary 43 Red Cross 2 Ambition: Medical Secretary fs. 'DN WT? r 1 F AUDREY A. WHITE "Chickie" 9 Plant Court Ambition: Secretary 1 ye J . . J 'ai L31 ,t ff CAROL A, WILLIS "Willie" 4 Elm Street Glee 2, Cheerleader 4g Red Cross 3 Ambition: Housewife ,, ,, .TX A ,..x xt Y N- it ' A, , 'V ...Q 3,3 K ai 5 sg' 4 ' tg- ,F ! 1 1 Air. 34 1 .nf MARTIN J, WHITE " Many" ONE BASKET COMING UP, MARTY? -at KATHLEEN A. WHOLEY "Dolly" 779 Huntington Avenue, Roxbury 108 3,-oekside Avenue Basketball, Captain 2,3,4g Football 2, Red Cross 3 3,4g Baseball 2, 3, 45 Yearbook 4, Class Ambition: See,-eta,-y Treas. 45 Key 3,4 Ambition: Professional Athlete Q9' Q 1, L, ,, -'4' fi ,tif A , 8' A N 'I I x I . RICHARD F, WILMARTH "Dick" 4 Emsella Terrace Outdoor Track 45 Usher 3 Ambition: Dental Surgeon A ,fq ,Y ICR R .. It FX :il ,.' ...lf-3-.I I AS -lp: . I ,. P . 1 A .a.-" "Y ,' I . .- , ,- yet . -.Q '. - 1 .. , . 1- a I - ',.v,. .-eg. -'x',,1',- ',,.' ',." ..-' 'tw' .. -., fig' ' I WILLIAM J, WOLFRAM "Bi1l" 2 Brooks Street, East Boston Ambition: Air Force Pilot wx Richman wttcorusu " Wi11y" 18 Winston Road, Dorchester 24 Ambition: Retail Food Business A ,nl ,N lk r . It A -iii, 5 X FRANCIS A, WRIGHT "Frank" 32 Smith Street, Roxbury 20 Track 3, 4 Ambition: Carpenter East willamii e iumrnt. We, the class of 1958, having passed all sanity, loyalty, and health tests, despite rumors to the contra- ry, do hereby publish this as our last will and testa- ment. To Mr. Casey, we leave the comfortable knowledge of the thousands he has aided in their flight from the cha- os of Ignorance to the order that is Education. To the juniors, we leave geometry, because we know they'll enjoy it so very, very much. To the Sophomores, we leave all our left over and wom out "wise cracks." To the little Freshmen, we leave discount coupons for the Elevated and the assurance that they will grow, - honestly. To our overworked but understanding Miss Mullin leave love gratitude admiration and 200 secretaries To the witty wise and erudite Mr Brlckley the abol ishment of singing commercials To Mrs Hurley we leave careful football players cau trous basketball players prudent hockey fiends and heedful devotees of the Modern Dance To Miss Howe we leave some glue to mend her cracked singing voice To Miss Russell Cheers! Cheers! Cheers! To Mr Landrigan an lron topped desk and un iron topped pupils To Mr Mealy A classroom hung with purple velvet to better display the fine keen diamond conclseness of his rmnd To Miss O Connell we leave a little larger closet To Miss Donlan we leave a 100 years supply of idea pills to feed to her future Yearbook staffs To Mr Best a class of kowtowing darlings To Mr Dugan an automatic ticket seller To Miss O'Ma11ey, we leave a "NO LOlTERl'NG" sign done in purple and gold. To Mr. Bond-Well, we leave him sniggering and chuck- ling over the audacity and vain-glory of Hyde Park. To Miss Hennessey, we leave the hope that "history will not repeat itself" flt will take her years to recover from uslj To Mrs . Gleekman- an alter ego. To Mr. Sullivan-the fervent promise that we all will marry within two days of graduation. To Miss Tombaugh, we leave Filene's in which she may give her merchandising class a really "realistic view of the course." To Miss Kelly perfumed formaldyhyde! To Mlss Maguire a velvet covered ruler for the sake of the sophomores who are so easily frightened To Miss Driscoll the introduction of pagr clothes that paste together To Mr Buck we leave a baby grand complete with can delabra Liberace George and Mama To MI Duffy a nice big strong lock for his lab To Mr O Leary we leave a large economy size jar of Quik To Mr Gilllgan we leave the bounteous royalties his favorite song Get a job' To Miss Buckley we leave our thumbprints and thanks To Mr McGuck1an we leave Mr Zero s twin We of the class of 1958 have on this day of May in the year of Our Lord one thousand nine hundred and fifty eight duly published and declared this foregoing instrument to be our last will and testament Signed by Mary O Connor Robert Donahue 597-1. 45.-1 mul,-a I-an ,J zz 7' ' - . I . . 1 ' U Y D o . " 1 1 . ' - C Y , , we .. .. 1 1 " . - . ' . of 1 v - . - --.. .. - I -- 0 0 7 D ' ' ' ll I Il - 1 - . . Y .1 Q. , . ' 1 , . . - .. , - - I . . - 1 U I . ir' ' ff Lt' 1 ' 5 ,:,'..-- , f .4 v -. - sf. f- Q --f it ' ' -u-U--v , Q ..iT....-....---:zur '-g, ff ' A H N "Mft 5"' ,,-, '-ln--TQCQX 1 'ff ,,.-' '- Jr...-- ' H fi? - ----"i':?:'-P ' . - "I," Q., 1 Xu , . sv-5. N ,rf --A , N '- - +A J.. .-' 9 , " ' t- 'V I I I rt' rf: ' l - 1 . 1 t- I to be very exciting for Frances Del Corso, co-editor ot the Jamai The next few days are destined A any of the story written bv ca am c 00 A , Pl ' Hllh s ii 1 ' im The Clarion. mlnzmg :' wltl ilk ilk dent in Grade marks in all :his splendid HCUVIUCS and Ill that contribute: to come Her home Brookline st Boston. where Del Corso A nun! First Plane lilo 3. MY JOURNEY 4 : My life is just a journey, Across a wide, wide sea: And whether fair or cloudy I must sail, or cannot be. At times the sea is stormy And I fear my journey's end Then at dawn the sun appears, And all is bright again. Thus I sail my journey Finding grief, finding joys, lobe Whmer to Cover Preview of Ford Cars I1 lAll! UIANTUN Globe Altansdvo Editor Ilqe scholarship. together with ive-psp questionnaire filled Frances won the contest can- information needed by the ducted by the Globe among high, as school editors by writing the best. grad nrlu. essay on the subject. "Whit the Teen-Age Driving Program Hu- Pone to Encourage Highway Sth-' y... The prize is a trip to Detroit and Dearborn, Mich., to attend they press preview 1930 models of Fwd cars and trucks. And Frances tho has a chance to win Ford'l full tour-year scholarship. including" tuition. books. room und meals It the university of her choice. 1 Fun-thisgnndjqlaenlnwill be competing with :bait ll! Other N teen-age editors allgd 01 wh- fl ners of eontesls Miilehl by major Frances o Bnd time xves with htr mother 11. age sum ot really her and to get from ln 80 who wish after lf and .I !'QM , Through gales, without a moan Until at last I journey Home FRANCES DEL Coaso '58 Del Cone will hrentered in competition for the four year to llleet the winner of limes will be screened by three 9 Bdbwtxefss sogfxoxx 1 B39 0 O f O O3 Dol 4 aewgo ' A, P .-f' X rc X sf ff Zn I 22 060 K4 K Talent A Athanaswu P Fmn IQ 4 Ars AK REM LEARN I Morns B Voelker Mannered R Allen B Fuller 'Ain-sghii' Successful F Del Corso G Quinn Q - kj 3, , 1 1 Q E, :fi 'W 'fag XM 55x I M K S S QX 5 0 mg S S in-"IK Popular M Fxsher L McCarthy C-H "x 1 M Whne C Wxlhs Nr I Athletic R Romame M Kettell 3 "gv"'YN E 1 Sharp JBrinkman Shy jL3mom R Edstrom 5 Kamen 41 -nu.-4 Ni Q rinzulture i 2 F . KM 1- G gf Ang AWG, we 4 wwe , s Y ,N ..,, 5 .,.......i mpg-qmasllvv' ' 1 , if 'VIA fvxwj-u.f '- L' ,. , YQ X M . fi ,Qu -N, Q ,W X ,- XXX-. ' . i if C X N. K Q 1. 'EQ Room 102 First row, left to right: Rita Bohane, Susan Bradley, Louis Bennett, Helen Robinson, Beverly Bamett, Mara Abermanis, Judith Andersen, Sandra Fuller, Nancy Auclair, Cathy Bogdanos. Second row: Paul Frost, Robert Grady, Carol Gallagher, Bernice Barnard, Gloria Grimsley, Mary Ansourlian, Clinton Andersen, George Coughlln, Charles Andrews, Mr, Manning. Third row: Joseph Del Genio, William Arbuckle, John MacDonald, Robert Butterfield, Gerard Burke, Robert Felton, Paul Leamon, David McGillicuddy, John Brooks, John Coletta "1 -f CC "" WE ENJOYED OUR TRIP Left to right Theresa Fiorillo Ethel Gordon, Carol Miller Judith Manson Judith Sicilrano Anne Rock Room 103 First row left to right Margaret Chamberlam Mar garet Clayton Phyllis Ross Justine Golanek Marga ret Burke Beatrice Autonuccio Dorothy Cherry Mar Jorie Corbett Claire Tierney Marion Thompson Second row Marilyn Levine Mary Tutelian Judith Camey Genevieve Suhr Joan Brown Anna Crisaful li Constance Curtrs John Downey Miss Sullivan Third row Charles Drummey Alben Dodge Edward Dyer John Dempsey George Washbum John Crow ley James Donovan 43 . : .' .'. .' . ' ' . ': '. ' I I I - . . . . . . 2 . . I I I - r . . 1 I 1 - . 1 Room 107 Flrst row left to rlght Johnl Malone Edwardl Berger Iohnl McCormack Denn1sI MacLeod CharlesT Mams Frederrck R Cook Edwardl Lmehan A11enF Spellman Dav1dSull1van Lours J Cerutl Second row NormanA Bjork George H Chlngrls DenmsM OMad1gan N1cholasP Keenan WayneC Dunlop Char1esG l-llcks Ber nardC Kelley Walterl Ronayne Dom1n1cM Evangelrsta Mr Wendler Thud row KennethF Eaton IosephC Kepple Will1amR Humphrey Joseph V1llar1 John Rush W11l1am Norton JohnV Tammaro MathewF Hanley W1llardC Bennett rf Room 104 Fust row left to rlght Margaret D1Magg1o Marga ret D Amore Isabelle Eudey Phyllxs Garland Mar guerxte Wooster Sandra Dee Mattxe Wrlllamson Lmda Whycoff Elrzabeth D1P1etro Valda Zalkans Second row Steven Pelechowlcz Kathryn Famel ms Lmda Garland Paula Zlnke Nancy Sulllvan Barbara DelDotto, Anne Topylan Mary Doherty Jean Dlxon Mr Landrrgan Thud row Edward O Brlen James Gover Thomas Grady Paul Flanders Stephen Burke MlCh3B1 Halloran Thomas Ward Bruce Warmunde Wllllam Ozollus f I 1 0 44 A? , If 'QT E N '-'F a b ' .si -1 w A x X , M ' x l K s' K 1 A I , R A' A x x f- ' X - K , . to - .-am, A , I r g - If 13. I X, QQ.. t C I, , fi 63:4 I 1 ..COOx' 3 r-A fl' V' -0 AW! U 'I J , I f I 5 f 1 l Room 110 First row, left to right: Joan Brennan, Lauretta Pa- tuto, Alice Wallace, Margaret Walsh, Sandra Mc- Callum, Barbara Lawless, Louise Curley, Catherine Mealey, Eleanor Wilson, Donna Whitaker. Second row: Paul Masterson, Pamela Wooster, Carol-Anne Tiews, Irene Turchyn, Barbara Zeolla, Bonnie Vi- tale, Isabelle Webb, William Perry, Mr, Crowley. Third row: Joseph McCoy, Thomas Bresnahan, James Driscoll, David Bennett, Daniel Guerrera, Robert Bowlen, Bruce Warren Room 112 First row left to right Carol Magnuson Regina Fennessey Mary Finch Maryanne Donovan Dorothy Filchuk Theresa Fichter Margaret Dotolo Judith Flippm Barbara Second row Muriel Morgan Charlotte Mc Kay Claire Fisher Martha Embree Jean Dtamon Louise Fontana Margaret McMan us Kathleen Grace Joan Drinkwater Jud 1th Foote Linda Duff Beverly Bergdoll Miss Howe Third row David Lemieux Charles LeBlanc Arthur Cook Clyde Lea mon John Bennett George Maynard Richard Sullivan Francis Finn Ronald Ar nott QKG W0 sew ei so 049 45 K .L ff . ' A -'x -ul L ' . ' : . . . I I I I I Dec, Sheila O'Brien, Ida-May DeVoursney. I I - Room 114 Frrst row left to rrght Marxlyn Balabanrs Ver omca Beaudet Gall Goss Bonnre Buchanan Frances Belllttr Vrrgrnra Brown Ruth Blase Mary Ballentme JoAnn Bravos Natalxe Burke second row Robert Toronto Erleen Barlow Marlon Brckford Reglna Hanson Barbara Walsh Llnda Bcllman Patrrcra Connors Rosemary Brsh IP Lrnda Brandt Robert Reddlsh Mr McGuck ran Thrrd row Wtllram Bennett Joseph Col leran Wrlllam Matthews Wrllram De Mrlle John Rlchardson Robert Ravrno, Serard Mac Eackem Davrd Pauley Gerald D1 Franza Room 113 Flrst row left to rrght Iamce Barkhouse Ann Beaudet Sandra Perry Gladys Hardxman Geor gla Grant Erleen Grreshaber Doreen Hassell Kathleen Haskell Barbara Rockwell Margaret Ivrmey Second row Ethel Gordon Karla Kraulltrs Frances Gautreau Barbara Hardrman Maureen Hewson Patncra Sheehan Mary Mul len Ann Locke Evelyn Foy Mrss Dempsey Thud row Joseph Dumont Arthur Hrltz Al lan Hornbrook Paul Krnckley Karl Hudson Francrs Callahan Robert Hardrman O Ronald Dello Russo transforms hrs energy l Room 117 Flrst row left to rrght Carole Katsrane Erleen Doherty Pamcla Kostka Lors Cunrff Mary Krng Mary Culbert Joan Lamond Joan Krrk Kathleen Magurre Patncla Nolan Second row George Humphrey Robert Ahlqulst Janet Jellow Patrrcra Kelley Stephan1eKette1l Margot Johansen Bar bara Nolan Vlrgrma Brennan Beverly Penna Kathleen Krlday Nancy Kendall Fred MacLennon Mr Donaghy Thrrd row Richard Leonard Arms 51lara1s George McLaughlin Joseph Porrrer Charles Long Gordon McDonald Joseph Brme Francls Ellsworth W Dana French Mrchael Len non lf I 7,0 QU Room 202 Frrst row left to rrght Anne McGrath Katherine McDonald Helen Zalewskr Carolyn McDonnel Ju drth McCarthy Helen Landreth Carolyn MacLeod Judrth Slcrlrano Lrllran Smnh Glorla Srnacola Irene Perry Second row Wllham Mclntrre Wll Donna McGrath Gall McDonald Jean Russo Jean ette Allen Sara Skelley Dorothy Mrtchell Joseph Rerser Rlchard Nuzzo, Mrss O Connell Thrrd row Davrd Masterson James Mulvey Donald McAdams Charles Hamrlton Thomas McCormack George Mc Grath Thomas Lynch Walter Bavrneau AHHF CATHERINE QUATRALE I EXHIBITS SFONGES I ' U I U l I I I - ., . ' . ' . . . . . . fp!! 1, 7' . I V, ff , -- .v ,- J .-! lgxulf A 1 .WIVVL iljwif- 'N 1 , G' ' . f ' JV 1 '. -f f 1, 1. I y, ' 4 I l V , I of h aj X . 1 I ,j 7 K f L J' ,A l"' J L lf ' V. X ,f I I - 4 . . J. - - 1 g - V 5 - Q llam Noonan, Winifred McNamara, Marie Megna, if . ' . - ' " , W' A v . ' . X - X 'L ' X I t s D I ' . ' Z 1' - ' ' t f v . f- I , W " :yi . 'sf' , 1 I A I A . I 1 "A Q ' , 2 hs-I J V Q ' riifpg A ,J I "AN I 7 M K ,f J 47 Room 210 Fxrst row left to nght Joan Desmonda Catherme Quatrale Patncxa O Bnen Maureen Mulcahy Son ya Najrm Margaret Reardon Frances O Connell Patricia Plunkett Clatre O Halloran Lorralne O Nell Second row Ronald Poirler Margaret Manglacottl Mane Parrlllo Nornne Walsh Judith Vamey Diana Landon Celia Mosher Joel Penna Brendan Sullrvan Mrs Dooley Thud row wll113m McMullen Paul Sheehan Peter Sarantopoulos John Reynolds John Walsh Iames Shtne Dan1e1Porter Richard Leonard John Brogan 4- .P .0 Room 302 Ftrst row left to rxght Ann Tobln Laura Mc Namara Jane Lunn Ellen Carrigan Mary Swan son Irene Swanson Joanne Sperrazza Jane Stano Iudxth Snow Second row Reglna Smlth Elame Smith Falth Snow Ruth Tremble Ce celra Ross Hazel Tompklns Geraldxne Tlmllty Carol Russo Lorrame Thompson L1ly Todd MISS Thyne Thlrd row Freder1ckTol11ver Davxd Hogan R1chardCannata Stephen Powell Robert Sullrvan Robert Harrison Joseph Connolly Rob ert Kelley Rlchard Collrns Room 214 Fust row left to nght Alice Comgan Catherme Clark Susan Clark Marlon Carey Martha Spengler Patrrcta Cotter Sandra Tayne Allce Connerty Jo anne Butler Second row Susanne Cantone Patrlcla Conway Mary Lou Cotter Sandra Darragh Phyllis Cavossa Dorothy Carroll Mr Sullxvan Thxrd row James Botts Carl Meulengracht Joseph Blckford Warren Morgan Francts Monarty Dwtght Merrill Room 303 FLrst row left to right Myma Serrano Vtv ian Walsh Katherine Wnght Carol Welch Mary Lou Rollins Wlnxfred Thurston Ianxce Goyette Nancy Whalen Mary Malcolm Noreen Knopp Second row James Sulllvan Carl Sund Magda Revellotty Claire Roach Ann Rock Ramona Lawrence Ann Goyea Ma.r1e Doyle Ronald Whtte James Tucker Mr Buck Third row James Donovan Ar thur Croak Albert Talaman James Facey Albert Whitman Charles Casslo James Fee Charles Kelley James Haggerty Leslle Spears Thomas Smlth Room 304 Flrst row left to rlght Jeannette Stnacola Janet Bobbitt Helen Searcy Annette Shea Rosallnd Buono Margaret Sacco Marie Robxs Rose Sarage Katherine Rufrano Llnda Larkm Second row Marllyn Burnham Nancy Ross Loraine Peters Grace Pugsley Patrlcla Schuster Rose Rhode Sandra Haarer Kenneth Fllchuk Mlss Hayes Th1rd row Peter Brescla Walter Stoll Dav1d Kaye Donald Wrlght Sydney Rose Danxel Creedon Joseph Dolan CASH REGISTEIS Left to right Gladys Hard 1man Vtvian Walsh Doro thy McGown Donna Whxt aker Lxnda Larkm Slavia Chomey N , ,, w. . V e- :zz ,......,-. 5 'K' fig Room 305 First row, left to right: Norrine Manning, Louise Marden, Rose Moriarty, Florence MacDonald, Vir- ginia Moriarty, Nancy Oakes, Constance Mele, Bar- bara Marino, Phyllis Burbank, Anastacia Miragias. Ann O'Brien, Patricia Morrissey, Janet Morton, Joan Rourke, Miss Hubbard. Third row: Lewis Goode, Normand Poulin, Arthur Scarpa, Richard Murphy, Frank Ganter, Richard Titilah, Francis Foley, Robert Groleau William Reiser Raymond Wheaton CHEERS' JP S GOALIE Jack Dempsey Room 306 First row, left to right April Hatch Ann Gormley Cynthia Capuzzo, Sandra Gear Efthimia Geranios Patricia Hackett Marjorie Gurney Karen Henderson Helen Harris Joanne Gil feather Second row Phyllis Valliere Joan Skapinsky Marie Hanley Virginia Condon Linda French Janet Hernandez Lu cille Haroutunian Roberta Green Miss Kelley Third row Edward Henderson John Weckesser Arthur Hemmer Richard Hudson John Kelly Richard Steeves Philip Sheldone 1? ' st .B -5 ,S ,fyuckneg Blzrgerf Second row: Stephen MacAskill, Elizabeth Mollally, Keller, Patricia Murray, Catherine Mullen, Joan O'- Room 307 First row left to ught Judrth LaRocque Iuduh Ken ney Alice Ludrngton Beryl Hicks Rosemarie LaGuar d1a Kathleen McHugh Sandra Krurn Maryanne Mc Mahon Carol Land Mary Kennedy Second row Pa tncia Krng Beverly Lavers Helen Kelley Jean Hove stadt Carol Grnnetty Eleanor Donegan Helen Jack rmowlcz Mrs Farley Thrrd row Charles Harootu nlan James Frsher John Fleming John Fox W1ll1am Sweeney Allan Gross Donald Bullens THE BUS WAS LATE! :ui Mr Dugan left to ught Joseph Porrrer Wrlliam Carrrgan Stephen Burke Joseph Davrs Barbara Lawless Lrnda Bellman Dorothy Cronm 51 Room 310 Frrst row left to nght Elalne Brrdges Dolores Doyle Iudrth MacPherson D1aneMorland Fran ces Garrrty Carol Fuller Carol Bukolemskr Al rce Frnn Carol Doherty Lrnda Deveau Second row Jean McNamara Mary Guyette Dlane Mayo Ann Connolly Barbara Connolly Peter Goodale Walter Hardiman Mr, OBrien Mr Best Third row: Clement Todesco Herbert Aylsworth Janis Smits Edward Hartnett Alfred Miller John Fer- mlno I 1 W E r ' f xg-'Nr T .5 Xl fx, ,1 Q -2' U :TN If Q E' H , X jf!fn. Ax if J f 63 QP Q K S V9 Wwmlifi fi? xl XA! K Q7 5- 4 FF? 0 N L X Q93 4 0 :L I f L i J 1 N: Hx M nf' Yemfbaofe Frrst row, left to nght Dawn Magi Claue Roy Amta Novack Miss Donlan Mlss Howe Maureen Cotter Marla Bukoremskl Second row Patncla Forbes Mary O Connor Arthur Athanasnou Lawrence McCarthy Marttn Whlte, Gerald O Nell Rosemary O Donnell Marlon Healey .1 -,Z 4 .4l ARTISTS R O Donnell I Morland A Athanasxou A dzferizfzncg Seated, left to rlght Theresa Fxorxllo Amta Novack, Mxss Buckley Janet Quxntaglle Dorothy Fitch Standxng Ann Hrltz Francrs Wright, Alan Rowe Douglas Mann, James McCorm1ck Barbara Burt 54 A Novack D Pollard TYPISTS C Roy C Oglba M Brown I rrggs nil G Musserlan KW Ojleerr Davrd Campbell Robert Allen O Mr Buck Gerard Qumn Tsunejlro Asakura -,KT The Cfezrzorz First row left to rrght Mary Lou Prendrble Marlon Healey, Mary O Connor, Anrta Novack Mr Brlckley Rosemary O Donnell Elena Gull rana Dawn Magi Judith Varney Anne Rock Second row Magda Revehotty Joan Lamond Mary Brown, Vrvran Walsh, Lrnda Whycoff, Roberta McGanty, Katherine McDonald, Helen Zalewslu, Catherine Quatrale, Swetlana Drat chenko, Maureen Cotter, Mary Ann Kettel, Su san Bradley, Barbara Voelker, Mar1a Bukorem slu, Bernrce Fuller, Claire Roy, Gloria Musser lan, Georgra Grant, Carol Welch Thrrd row James Morris, Tsunejlro Asakura, Robert Allen, Vahan lshkaman, Gerald O'Ne1l, Thomas Ward ., KW Cine First row left to rxght Robert Allen Tsunejlro Asakura, Gerard Qumn Mr Casey Davld Campbell Brendan O Brxen Dennrs Kerr Second row Karl Hudson John Dempsey Edward Dyer James Mor us John Murray Mr Buck Robert Hughes, Richard Robinson Martrn White Ronald Whrte Fred MacLennan Library HEQDEVJ Left to rrght Catherine Quatrale Rob erta McGarity Marcia Vander Car Mary Sproul , i J , A , f . r ,- ' 'R Q ' , ' L-: L E . 2 , . ' . ' 'fr f ,. . f."A 1' w ' if 4 fi , Y x ' sg L, C 6 ,, A Y 3 'Y' A 7 . uf ' ' , 1 1 I xx CW ' K. , 55 V YY U f 5612221455 fmmpf First row left to right Margaret Dololo Jean ette Morland Celia Mosher Anne Marie Hrltz Nancy Whalen Virginia Brown Rosemarie La Guardia Second row Patricia Kostka Carol Fuller Ioan Dwyer Joanne Bauer Susan Brad ley Roberta Ansell Karen Henderson Rose Moriarty Hazel Tomkins Third row Marilyn Reed MaryJackimov1cz Willard Bennett Carl Hudson lrene Perry Susan Cantone Honor fanny 195 First row, left to right: Eleanor Sperrazza, Barbara Voelker, Judith Lamont, Betty Ann Langner, Joyce Fisher, Patricia Lamond, Constance Hughes, Claire Roy, Jeanette Shire. Second row: Alice Frenette, Ger- ard Quinn, Richard Dyer, Gloria Musserian, Maureen Cotter, James Morris, Miss Mullin, Donald Smith, Mary Brown, Sandra Peter- son, Diane Mathews, Fred Langguth, Bernice Fuller O C6 Afmmnlf First row left to right Joan Drrnkwater Ruta Dreijmanis Jean Poulos Margaret lan Lois Cunniff Mary Tutelian Diane Mayo Second row Judy Foote Mara Abermanis Brendon Sullivan Gloria Grlmsley James Morris l 7 K - - ' Q ' l Q, 1 rv rf 6 D D : . ' Y D'Amore, Barbara Marino, Nancy Whe- ' XE 3' 4 u . u 1 1 L. Q A I n . 5 l ,J E . u . , t ea 56 TM656!dy Cfulf Left to right Maureen Cotter Maria Bukoiemski Mary Brown Swetlana Diachenko Red Crm First row, left to right: Margaret Caff- rey, Katherine Wright, Magda Reveliot- ty, Marjory Guerney, Roberta McGarrity, Nancy Auclair, Kathleen Haskell, Sec- ond row: Ruth Fisher, Rita Petri, Barbara Sweene , Lillain Jansen Joan Desmonda Y . . Mary Brown, Joanne Butler, Sarah Skelley, Carole Phinney, Catherine Doherty, Mary Turelian, Alice Ludington. Third row: Clement Tedesco, David Sullivan, Da- vid MacCormick, Clinton Anderson, Io- anne Bauer, Ann O'Brien, Carol Magnu- son, Ruth Blaze, Hazel Tompkins, Isabel Webb Cbemzflry Club Jean Ferrandx Rlchard McManus at C CRAWFORD HOLLIDGE X C Bozzellx R Braunes at S S PIERCE C0-olvemfzbfe Merfhandzkzhg Co operative retail training prov1des supervised on the job experience for these seniors They spend the morning in school the rest of the day they put into prac tice what has been learned getting along with people good selling elements arranging attractive displays and obtaining information about various items of mer chandise These boys and girls are selling cashlering pricing stock running I B M machines and wrapping gifts This work experience shows them what they need to become successful employees By the end of the year they are generally ready for promotion N Mary Iaclumowltz atR H STEARNS ff' ' ' XX I . - . , l 1 .4 ' , , t I v o - - 1 1 ,, A . v l , . 3 N 3 64 ' i rj, ,fx 'x. X Q "f H ' , l' liz: ,, ' 'aa 43 C . , . i A 'x V In , , Q ' Xxx in , I ni 'tg :ry . , V Qi . I 58 Tremurerf First row left to rlght Margaret lvlmey Wxllard Bennett Danxel Creedon Ann Goyea Cather1neQuatrale Rxta Bohane Lors Cunruff Second row Margaret Chamberlam Susan Bradley, Helen Kel ly Florence MacDonald Carol Bukolem skx Mlss Maguue Suzanne Cantone, Helen Harns Charlotte McKay Gloria Slnacola Marguente Wooster, Ahce Wal lace UVIQEVKIIEI Frrst row left to right Mary Lou Pren dlble Wmnie Palmer, Carol Mxller Carol Noel, Mana Bukoiemskr Amta Novack, Bemice Fuller Second row Lorraxne Chamberlaln Barbara Voelker Claire Roy Maureen Cotter Mary Brown Ruth Cohen Glorxa Musserlan Gen Mahood Margaret Mlchaels Gfee Cfub First row left to nght Ceha Mosher Glona Sinacola Cathr1neQuatrale Patncla Flnn Kathleen Haskell Rrta Bohane Rosemarle Goss Second row Judith Fllppin Drane King Theresa O Connor Carol Noel, Elalne Ellxotte, Margot Johansen, Nancy Kendell Bonnie Buchanan Vuguua Brown Carol Gallegher Jvf, kin rv: 1 4, rlvgf 1 J r fr .MF f? as 51, V P :LS 15' lf' Y la UQCQNFC' wgyixf-11' '1 -f Piwi Ebel mhlj M fm. 11 Courtesy BOSTON HERALD R Donahue R Hughes L McCarthy P , Burns F.We1ch 60 R Robmson T McManus G,Quinn I Brmkman R Shea R Stuart ,,, M Whxte Romalne R Roblnson X Cheerfmderf Kneehng Mary F1sherfCapt J Karen F1sher fMasco0 Standrng left to ught Barbara Sweeney, Ioan Sulllvan Carol Klley, Geraldme Ma hood Mary Brown Maryann Kettel fCo Capt J Rosetta Edstrom Kath ryn McGra1l Bernrce Fuller Swetlana Dratchenko Carol Wxllls Roblnson L., I Brxnkman dtth Buggs 61 1.154 494:41 Fooibazlf QO- a :Q .. T gn 3 L ch 'Sag fn. Flrst row left to right Robert Donahue, Rob ert Hughes, Thomas MacManus Marun Whlte, Rlchard Robinson, Rxchard Romame, James Conroy, Frank Welch John Brmkman Ronald Stewart Second row Coach Bond, Mgr Paul Brown James Mulvey, John Crowley Joseph Polrer Joseph Brme, Wxllxam Arbuckle, John Foley Joseph McGovern Adam Morz Col onel Murphy Thxrd row Edward Henderson John Leonard Frank Fxnn Richard Leonard, Wxllxam Koutrouba Joseph Vallan Ronald Whlte Walter Ouxgley -fe 62 dv lnvr :gf Frrst row left to rrght Wrllram Boyce David Campbell Tlmothy Ahern John Dempsey James McCorm1ck Gerard Qulnn Charles Neale Second row Joseph Poiner, Manager Arthur Cook Thomas Smrth, Karl Hudson Wrlliam Noonan Wrllram Mclntire, Fred MacLennan Thomas Grady, Robert Ahlqulst Coach McGuck ran Thrrd row Iohn Malone John McCormick Charles LeBlanc, Francis Moriarty, Joseph Mc Govern Wxllard Bennett Robert Grady Edward Henderson H0 1591 ,...!L .Qin-'ii x .fill I PM R 63 -Z gk Bmkeibazlf Frrst row left to nght Gerald Brllourn Stephen Ross Janis Galrns, John Murray Second row Frank Finn James Facey Richard Romame Co Captain Martm Wlute Co Captarn Joseph Davrs, Paul Brown Thrrd row Mr O'Leary, Coac James Conroy, Manager Donald Wnght Brendan O Brien, Frank Hegarty Manager amor Varfzpf Frrst row left to rlght John Bennett Davxd Hogan John Crowley Kenneth Calvagne Second row Frank Hegarty Manager John Cc letta Edward Hartnett Wrllram Carrxgan Mr O Leary Coach . I .: . : . . .- : . ' : . Z. I . I Q3 .. .: ', I . Z , . .. . - h OW A lblelzc C 0015665 Mr McGuck1an Hockey Mr OLeary Basketball Mr Bond Baseball Football Track Colonel Murphy Baseball Football X A' ! 1 Doug Mann R Hughs Pole Vault D Ken' 2nd Hxgh Jump R Allen 2nd Iavehn 1: 5 T Y, 4 GH George Washburn Alan Rowe Mxchael Lennon Chatles Drummey 65 . ' " 9 X F V . 1 ' N l 7- 4 X , I ' gs X f ! I , Y ,l llrd in nMile X X' A - ' I f nfl' X fmx U f , ."X Q. f A Bowling First row, left to right: Donna Whittaker, Veronica Beaudet, Roberta Green, lane Gomperts, Patricia Fleming, Efthimia Geranios. Second row: Ioan Ben- nett, Sue Bradley, Louise Bennett, Judith Foote, Nan- cy Oakes, Rose Moriarty, Ann Beaudet, Sandra Tayne, Ruth Cohen, Third row: Irene Swanson Mary Swan- son Sandra Krum Gloria Sinacola Ruth Tremble Frances Bellitti June Whitcomb Dolores Pollard Miss Kelley gl 292 Z 2 i fl 'Y 1? xx, ya! Tenmf First row left to right Efthimxa Geranxos Mary Swanson Irene Swanson Judith Foote Rose Mor :arty Sandra Krum Miss Kelley Second row Evelyn Roy, J udrth Varney, Ruth Tremble Linda Brandt, June Whltcomb Ethel Means X-,... 'ilu Bmfeeibafl First row, left to right: Beatrice Antonvecio, Ethel Gor- don, Judy Carney, Judy Foote, Jane Whitcomb. Second row: Mary Moriarty, Kathleen Grace, Dolores Pollard, Louise Bennett, Linda Brandt. Third row: Joanne O'- Rourke, Margaret Caffrey, Judy Varney, Sue Bradley, Mary Ann Kettell, Geri Mahood, Miss Russell G0 First row left to right Mary Ansounan Janice Goyette Mar garet Chamberlain, Dolores Pollard Miss Kelly Second row Linda Whycoff Marie Parnllo Judith Carney Kathleen Mc Donald Barbara Sotir, Nancy Lmdblade Third row Gene vieve Suhr Mara Abermanis Susan Bradley Lomse Bennett Janet Short Prrze Drrll Aprrl l Officers left to rrght Lt Col Edwardo Rust James Maloney Major Edward Dowglalo Mr li E Left Major Wrllram Dugan Col Edwardl Murphy USAR Col Robert Malone YL M Baseball 1957 Fu-st row left to nght Raymond Martrn Gere McDonald James McCormrck John Bohane Wrllram Henderson John D1Mattra Robert Brooks Wrlllam Young Second row Coach Murphy James O Brren Mgr Stephen Ross John Towsey Joseph Martm James Ma loney Davld Hallett James Mulvey Edward Dowgralo Coach Bond ZA -ws I.P.H.S. Leads in Military Parade May 22 1957 to rrght Sgt Ronald Lake Sgt Davrd Campbell Martin Whrte Sgt John McLaughl1n fu' Q Q 1' X xl ' it 9 V Sgt. ' : '.. . , . I' 0 u c . It- ' , .' -: . . . ' .. V J N ff Ill dll ev C, 4 of S J a. XJ ,. J ,Q ' sf-'W J -1 A- 'Qi' s 'I . Q s K Ei , ' - J xx f X 68 1875 1958 J D FALLON and SON FUNERAL HOME 7 GREENOUGH AVENUE Telephone Amuca 4 2667 furmture for lrvmg at Nauck 8L Iamarca P1a1n MULLEN S BAKERY 748A Centre Street Tel IA 4 6100 COMPLIMENTS OF A K Z FRATERNITY NORTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY Ill: FHULHTIER PHFIRITWFICY IDC PRESCRIPTICINISTS 3203 WASHINGTON ST JAMAICA PLAIN MASS Complrments of CAPPY S LAUNDRY 8a CLEANSERS 3478 Washmgton St ALLIED WALLPAPER CO Wallpaper Paints Supphes Ja 2 1680 764 Centre St a 2 1280 Tel IA 4 1799 GIFTS a PATTEN S JEWELRY SHOP Jewelers and Opt1c1ans 654 Centre St Jamalca P1a1n Mass n CARDS ROSSMORE MARKET Under New Management MR FOWLER Realtors Insurance .lamauca Plam 7 Rossmore Road Jarnarca P1a1n Mass 743 CENTRE ST Mmmc' 4 0500 JA 4 4840 u c I . J ' t . 1 ' 1 r :rg I - ' . BARBARAJ MADDEN REG PHAFIM E JA 273825 -I ' . I - . - d I 0 '9 l D 9 ' --- I . . . ' - l O 69 Compliments of Comphments of MR S THE PUPILS OF BIOLOGY 23 43 ROSLIN STREET DORCHESTER PHOTOGRAPHER Compliments of YOUR SENIOR PROM ARNOLD s GOLDMAN C omphments of Metropolzmn urmture 660 CENTRE STREET JAMAICA PLAIN JAMAICA DRUG C0 INC CLASSIC CLEANERS INC NARSNILL A HOSEINEK I S DEG PNAIH 650 Centre Street fOpp Post Offlcej 'rmcvnouc JA 4 osso WEDDING GOWNS FORMAL WEAR INSURANCE SERVICE SINCE 1930 SAVE PAY YEARLY ON 5 YEAR FIRE POLICY LEO .I COSTELLO 693 CENTRE STREET JAma1ca 4 5000 70 . ICO . . - BE AT C C lg I . - .- 5' CU H S 'A C "LM 'ASS Odorless Cleamng done on premxses MANN AND MANN LOCAL AND DISTANT NON SECTARIAN FUNERAL SERVICE 44 PERKINS STREET JAMAICA PLAIN MASS TELEPHONE JAma1ca 2 2500 FAIIVICW 5 0488 COMPLETELY AIR CONDITIONED Elly Zmke Propnetor Ellgs Bvauig Shnppr e l Permanent Waving Cold Waving 'ull Branchee of Beauty Culture QJOIIIPIIIHCIIIS of num: s emma: JA 4 9793 740 CENTRE STREEI CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1958 JONES CAMERA and GIFT SHOP Compllments of WOELFEI. BROS SHELL STATION 496 Centre Street amaxca Plam JA 4 9780 LOUIES ESSO STATION 205 CENTRE ST AT JACKSON SQUARE ROXBURY MASS GARRISON 7 9722 FAN DEL PRESS, INC. Complete Qzintzng Sezvice 59 McBRlDE ST JAMAICA PLAIN 30 MASS JAmucA 4-0204 4-ozou O Byrne s Market Iamcnca Plcnn s Largest Independent Market Qucrhty Foods at Lowest Prxces 656 CENTRE STREET IAMAICA PLAIN 30 MASS Q ' Sp cia izing in 1 . 376 CENTRE STREET. Jnmairn Plain Tel. .IA 2-ITSG O n - , O . J I I . . 1 9 . O . , . 7 ORDER YOUR 1959 SCHOOL RING NOW SPECIAL DIE PINS AND RINGS OVER SOYEARS BUSINESS Q 'Z Off1c1al Jeweler For I P H gh v AND OFFICE STREET FACTOR AT 387 WASHINGTON AND WEAR IT DURING ALL OF YOUR SENIOR YEAR 24 ll0UIl LA FLAT WORK SHIRTS GTON STREET 628 WASHIN Codman Squarej fat '72 UN DRY CLEANING DORC GENEVA 6 3939 HESTER, MASS, m e HB0 COMPLIMENTS OF BERNAT mln rl' YXRNS EMILE BERNAT 81 SONS COMPANY 99 BICKFORD ST JAMAICA PLAIN 30 MASS GEO W KENYON 6. SON CHAS B ROGERS and CO Agenw vm CENTRESTREET BONDS INSURANCE 6 Secxvems Avenue IAMAICA PLAIN 30 MASS Telephone IAmc11ca 4 UO14 ESTABLISHED 1850 A Prescnphon Pharmacy Smce 1867 Ia 4 4411 formal wear CDE? EBSSSIII a er as er Men s Formal Athre For Rent or For Sae Also Men s Fme Furmshmgs Two Convement Locations 438 Blue H111 Avenue, Grove Hall HI 5 0436 639 VFW Parkway, Hancock Vlllage FA 3 3778 73 O L - . , . - I . 'I lf-f-'fgj f ,,,., 1.2- ..-111 .-,.,'- if Lf' lf,-M: 12" L-If lf' IQSRFOR CHECK WHAT YOU WANT JO9 Good startzng salary wzth regular razses Pleasant work with other gzrls and young men Prestzge of a responszble yob wzth a well known and respected company If your 11st shows three checks then you should check 1nto what the Telephone Company has to offer you Smart gxrls are domg lt now before they graduate from hlgh school Come m and see our emplovment mtervlewer soon Youll enJoy talklng w1th her Act now and you can say w1th prlde I m all set' Im gomg to work Wlth the Telephone Company' See the Guldance Counselor at your school and talk first Wlth her about when and where to apply '!,, 2 X xx 1 NEW ENGLAND TELEPHONE AND TELEGRAPH COMPANY '74 f A f l W ? :Qi T 'HE EM , I ,if Q ff li 'gr Cl l Tj EHOSPI G lilullls ""' "'Ql'l5'fo-Q"-llllll q fpgsg I rg., it A Vl 1 B-W' ll COMPLIMENTS OF THE CHEMISTRY CLUB WILLIAMS CORNER MARKET Inc. PRESCRIPTIONISTS ALES BEER WINES R BENSON Ph G Fancy P1'0V1Sl0l1S Poultry and Meats 367 CENTRE ST EET JAMAICA LAIN MASS 1 2 3 9 JAma1ca 4 1448 3492 WASHINGTON EE M I l Telephone IAmc11cu 4 2080 488 CENTRE STREET JAMAICA PLAIN OPPOSH9 M E CUIISY School 75 I ' 1 4 ' I ' Sw , ' ' , elep on: JA moicu - ' . ST. 1 if A Q fo 9' e 4? 'Zum It O SENUOUllU000I SENHOHllU000l 203 204 SENHOHllW000l SENUOHllU000l 205 206 MENTS OF Robert Ahlquist Virginia Brennan Eileen Doherty Margot Johansen Joseph Brine Mary Culpert Lois Cuniff Janet Jellow Nancy Kendall Mary King Sandra Johnson Carole Katsiane Patricia Kelley Stephanie Kettell Kathaleen Kilday Compliments of ll7 Patricia Kostka Michael Lennon Richard Leonard Gordon MacDonald Jean Kirk Joan Lamond Charles Long Ann McCusker Beverly Penna Barbara Nolan Fred MacLennon Kathaleen Maguire Joseph Porrier Patricia Nolan Arnis Silarats George MacLaughlin COMPLIMENTS OF TH COMPLIMENTS OF BEST HOMEROOM B00M 10 Jeanette Allen Walter Bavmeau Elaine Elliott Charles Hamilton Thomas Lynch Carol MacLeod Donald McAdams Gail McDonald Helen Landreth Katherine MacDonald David Masterson Judith McCarthy Thomas McCormack Compllments of Miss O Connell Carolyn McDonnell George McGrath Dorothy McGowan William Mclntyre Richard Nuzzo Irene Perry Joseph Reiser Jean Russo Wlnifred McNamara W11ham Noonan Judith Siciliano Gloria Smacola Helen Zalewski '77 u rr Anne McGrath Donna McGrath 2 2 Sara Skelley Lillian Smith Veronica Beatty Carol Bozzelli Richard Brauneis Frank Buckley Catherine Doherty Jean Ferrandi Patricia Forbes Compliments of C0-IIPERATIVE HETAILING CLASS ll00M l06 Emil Frangillo Mary Jackimowicz Marie McLellan Richard McManus Walter Simpson Ronald Townsend Anthony Traficanti COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS OF SENIIIB B00 SENIUB R00 207 Janet Babbitt Peter Buscia Rosalind Buono Joseph Dolan David Kaye Linda Larkin Marilyn Reid Marie Robis Sydney Rose Marilyn Burnham Daniel Crudon Sandra Haarer Geffrey McCarthy I eannette Sinacola Compliments of 304 Miss Hayes Lorraine Peters Carole Phlnney Grace Pugsley Nancy Ross Rose Savage Walter Stole Donald Wright Rose Marie Rhode Katherine Rufiano Margaret Sacco Patricia Schuster Richard Sullivan '78 lll ' ' ' ' ' Helen Searcy Annette Shea C'0mPl1ments of Complrments ol ROOM 306 HOMEROOM 107 MISS Howe Ronald Arnott John Bennett Beverly Bergdoll Arthur Cook Barbara Dec Ida May DeVoursney Jean Dramon Maryanne Donovan C Olll1JllIllCI1IS ol Margaret Dotolo Ioan Drrnkwater Lmda Duff Regrna Fennessey Theresa Frchter Dorothy Fllchuk Mary Frnch Francrs F1nn ROOM 112 Clarre Frsher Iudrth Fllpptn Loulse Fontana Judlth Foote Kathleen Grace Charles LeBlance Davld Lemleux Carol Magnuson George Maynard Charlotte McKay Margaret McManus R1chard Sullrvan James Allen Joanne Bauer Stephen Burke Margaret D Amore Paul DeCoste Sandra Dee Barbara De1Dotto Margaret DxMagg1o QOIIIPIIIIICIIIS of Jean D1xon Mary Doherty Isabelle Eudey Kathryn Famelltls Paul Flanders Lmda Garland Phylhs Garland James Gouer Thomas Grady Landrlgan Mrchael Halloran Barbara Hansen Lorrame McGrath Fred Moscone Lawrence Norton Edward O Brren Wrllxam Ozolrns Steve Pelechowlcz ROOM 104 Nancy Sulhvan Anne Topjran Thomas Ward Bruce Warmunde Ltnda Whycoff Marguerrte Wooster Valda Zalkans Paula Zlnke COM PLIMENT S OF ROOM 303 ' Mr. ' Elizabeth DiPietro Ioan Reed 79 Compliments ol ggmpllmenrs of ROOM 1 10 ROOM 307 omplrmcnts oi C ompllments of ROOM 305 ROOM 114 i omplrments of ROOM 214 ROOM 302 Beatrrce AHIOHICCIO Margaret Burke Beverly Campbell Margaret Chamberlaxn Joan Brown Emrly Caffery Judrth Carney Cortland Cox Jack Crowly John Dempsey Jean Dems Albert Dodge Margaret Clayton Maureen Conlon Marjorre Corbett Anna Crrsafullr Mrss Sullrvan Lomplrments oi George Washburn Constance Curtrs Ronald Dello Russo Charles Drummey Joseph McGovern James Donovan John Downey John Downs Edward Dyer Ethel Means Ellen Roache Phylrss Ross Steven Ross Genevieve Suhr MHIIOH Thompson Elarne Trerney Mary Tutehan 80 ll I ' . . . I ' . . . . I ' . . . Compliments of . . . ll00M I0 B00 ll3 THE CLASS OF 1958 YEARBOOK ADVERTISERS Sl O IS GRATEFUL FOR THE SUPPORT OF THE COM PLIMENTS OF Purdy Photographers FICIAL PHOTOGRAPHE 367 BOYLSTON STREET BOSTON MASSACHUSETTS 82 OF 4RS TO THE CLASS OF 1958 A aio 57611065 A ulogmpbf r Thus bunk prmirci hx VFLVATONE :pau 1 prmvxs of lxth Lrfaplm prlnhng Sole produrvrx Wm KmllcrInC BufTal0 N Y 84 No othvr pnntmpf firnw xx 'u1thorx7c'dfr1us4 tha Vclvatone mcthoc A r' , ,1 ,- " 2' ,LH ' ' . A - 1, ,. A I 1,1 ' 1 'J ,' , lf' 1, ' , 7 r I . f V' 1 . . 4 'I Y I 1 N' I," . y I " 1" - if 7' ' , . f H! 'j 1 I f' 1 f I ' f ' ,. , . l ' , 4 v f: 'fl' ,I 4 L Inf' 1 I . "Y f Ht 3 ' ' -4 ' ' , fb 'J ' X , - 2 ..,, " -1 ' 't 4 ,. ' f,..?1" ,A 1 4 1. ' A . , ' ,A ,f ' I L A ' 1 , I I' ' h' U ,.', ' ' A ' 'V' ,P . , -. n 1. X I V ,W ,f 'N K Lf ' A . I ,bg X A, Al X D ' Af' f' ' X 'ay ' Q . ,, za . "al 1 ' ' 1 Alas my lords the fleetmg day' Alas the sweet and cychc sun' E en lovers of the 11mp1d moon Through all thelr cool and dusky dreams Doth bless Her for a borrowed hght And we my lords what of our Sun? W111 we reflect It half as br1ght'7 X,., - 5' rr' Eff' 198, C 0 Q if ,Q " l X ,ri bc, 25, X MW' ,WL sf!,6"5 . 'f d x E 3' V b .- H XX X. V X J f N fri . ' .' , b ' ,A 0- A ,3y',!ff A wr? Q D X NSSNJQC' SQ W E3 D B xx fir Wr is j X QQ an x jig MA X X157 X ,X QA ' W Q W . H4 X O59-C Q 5 ,Q X E N 3 fi 1 Q X 1- ff X " EE-5 - K JO! i i Lg il i N ..,,. fl - D-L-' ,X lv JCI' Ai WWA' 'J f cf Q . x lx: -' A q D IQ' 0 5 K N1-'gi g " ' ea X i 5 -x 'iv :X 'X . Q 1 Q I if N - -' xx? X , 411243 Q ' N J H S R A A 'bi 6' j nf ? Q' , ,Z J x . lx . R-N , Y, 'M X b X K ' 'W X' x ks , X ' "I . y X A J 'fr 'iff ji-x W O u -'

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