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MIMOSA-000- BIBB GRAVES b. ii mil iiii1 Jhe (Pampas THEN AND NOW PANNELL HALL HIGH SCHOOL HOME MANAGEMENT HOUSE eofe o L'brary E ONiVERSiTY 233 ibrmw c A A4 FRESHMAN HALLORIGINAL TRAINING SCHOOL [ 6 ] COLLEGE GYMNASIUM ABERCROMBIE HALLTHROUGH 1 Ramona wood library ORIGINAL BOYS' DORMITORY (FORNEY)THE YEARS ♦ ♦♦ SECONDARY LABORATORY SCHOOL INTERNATIONAL HOUSE HOME MANAGEMENT HOUSE LEONE COLE AUDITORIUM ELEMENTARY LABORATORY SCHOOL2beJi tit icauon Because he is patient, congenial, and understanding........... Because he is a helpful, courteous, and kind faculty member........... Because he is capable, efficient, and dependable........... Because he is devoted and dedicated to his community and his family............ Because he is a deserving photographer, The 1959 MIMOSA is respectfully dedicated to MR. OPAL LOVETT. [ 10 ]Memo to Dr. Greene Taylor: The staff would like to express to you our sincerest gratitude for your cooperation and guidance in the publishing of this, the ]959 MIMOSA. [ 11 1ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY S. G. A. AND PUBLICATIONS CLASSES ORGANIZATIONS BEAUTIES AND FAVORITES MILITARY ATHLETICS CAMPUSOLOGY ADVERTISING [ 12 ]ALMA MATER Alma Mater, Alma Mater, Grateful voices raise. A song of tribute and devotion Thy honored name we praise. Light of knowledge, store of wisdom, Love and truth abide in thee. Quest for beauty, search for freedom, Thine eternally V - W£' - Oh, Alma Mater, Alma Mater, We humbly bo an cl JlcL i n i,3 tra ti on n C5$Cltj Memories are oftentimes more precious than current experience. We turn the pages of yesterday in our minds with a keen sense of satisfaction and pleasure. The 1959 issue of the MIMOSA will bear record of activities, of human likenesses, and times which you will recall in future years. I congratulate Hal Cutler and his staff for the fine job they have done in connection with this yearbook. Sincerely yours, HOUSTON COLE [ 16 ]I n 1MRS. M.R. SAWYER President's Secretary [ 20 ] MRS. AARON HAND Dean’s SecretaryMRS. R.K. COFFEE Publ ici ty Director MRS. RAYMOND REAVES Certification Secretary MRS. WALTER A. MASON Transcript Clerk % 4 MRS. MARY S. POLING Assistant RegistrarJOHN DUNCAN Superintendent of Buildings and GroundsKATHLEEN BROWNMRS. MYRTLE KELLEY Housemother, Pannell Hall MRS. RUBY WOODALL, MRS. OPAL JOHNSON MRS. MARIE SMITH, MRS. HAZEL HUDSON Dietitians HENRY TERRY Dormitory Director, Freshman Hall MRS. REBECCA FAGAN Housemother, Abercrombie HallFINE ARTS WALTER A. MASON, B.S., M.M. Division Head, Department Head Music MRS. ESTHER BAAB, B.M., M.M. Music ROBERT L. BARRON, B.M., M. Ed., Mus. Doc. Music JOHN T. FINLEY, B.S., M.M. Music JOHN J. KNOX, B.S., B. Ms., M. Ms. Music ALBERT SINGERMAN, B.S., M.A. Music DAN C. SPARKS, B.M., M.M. (Clarinet), M.M. (Theory) Music LEE R. MANNERS, B.A., M.A. Department Head Art JOHN H. CLEVERDCN, B.A., M.A. Art MRS. MARY LOWREY, B.S., M.S. Department Head Home EconomicsMRS. JOHN F. GREEN, B.S.,M.A. Home Economics MISS ELEANOR KELLEY, B.S., M.A. Home Economics MRS. S B. MATTHEWS, B.S., M.S. Home Economics EDUCATION LOY W. ALLISON, B.A., M.A., Ph. D. Division Head, Deportment Head Psychology HAROLD L. GILBERT, B.S., M.A. Psychology JERRY 0. HAYNES, B.S., M.S. Psychology MISS LUCILLE BRANSCOMB, A.B., M.A. Department Head Business GEORGE E. CRAWFORD, B.S., M.S. Business SAMUEL P. HATCHER, B.S., M.B.A. Bus inessMRS. LAWRENCE HICKS, B.S., M.S. Business FLOYD P. TREDAWAY, B.S., M.S. Business CARL E. WALKER, B.S., M.A., M. Ed. Bus iness REUBEN SELF, B.S., M.A., Ed. D. Department Head Secondary Education THOMAS K. BULLOCK, A.B., M.A. Secondary Education MRS. LISTON CROW, B.S., M A. Education ROY GIBSON, B.S., M.A. Education OPAL R. LOVETT, B S. Education GREENE Y. TAYLOR, B.S., M.A., Ed. D. Department Head Elementary Education MRS. WILLIAM J. CALVERT, B.S., M.S. Department Head Physical EducationCHESTER C. DILLON, A.B., M.A. Physical Education THOMAS J. ROBERSON, B.S., M S. Physical Education DONALD SALLS, B.S., M.A., Ed. D. Physicol Education WALTER R. WEDGEWORTH, B.S. Physical Education MATH AND SCIENCE PAUL J. ARNOLD, B.S., M.A., D. Sc. Division Head, Deportment Head Biology REUBEN BOOZER, B.A,, M.A. Biology RALPH LINDSEY, B.S., M.S. Biology GORDON B. MAINLAND, B.A., M.A., Ph. D. Biology EMMETT W. PRICE, B.S., M.S., Ph. D. Biology CHARLES M. GARY, A.B., M.S. Deportment Head Chemi stryMRS. JAMES J. CAMPBELL, B.S., M.S. Chemi stry NEWBERN BUSH, B.S., M.A. Department Head Math FRANK FRESE, B.S., Ph. D. Math LAWRENCE HICKS, B.S., M.S. Math AUSTIN HOWARD, B.S., M.S. Math MRS. DOUGLAS JOHNSON, B.S. Math ) EARL W. ALDRUP, B.S., M.S. Department Head Engineering HAROLD STRICKLAND, B.S., M.S., M.Ed. D. Ed. Department Head Science JOHN HUGH PATTY, B.S., M. Ed. Sc ience RAYMOND C. WATSON, JR., B.S., M.S. P.E. (Ala.) PhysicsLANGUAGES WILLIAM J. CALVERT, JR., B.S., A.M., Ph. D. Division Head, Department Head Engl ish ARCH F. BECKELHEIMER, A.B., M.A, Engl ish MRS. THOMAS E. CALLAN, A.B., M.A. English GERRYE CLEGG, A.B., M.A. Engl ish MRS. BERNARD COHEN, A.B., M.A. English BERNARD COHEN, A.B., M.A., Ph. D. English MRS. CHRISTINE FORRESTER, B.A., M.A. English MRS. RALPH LINDSEY, B.S., M.A., Ph. D. English HENRY BASCOM MOCK, A.B., M.A. Ph. D. English MISS DOUGLASS OLSEN, A.B., M.A. EnglishMRS. ALFRED ROEBUCK, B.A. English J. ALFRED SMOAKE, B.S., B.A., M.A. English JAMES H. JONES, B.A., Docteur de L’Universite de Montpellier Department Head Foreign Language A.B. HATCH, A.B., M.A., Ph. D. Foreign Language SOCIAL SCIENCE J.M. ANDERS, B.S., M.A., Ph. D. Division Head, Department Head History BERNARD R. HENNES, A.B., M.A., Ph, D. Hi story HENRY S. MARKS, B.B.A., M.A. Hi story JACKSON W. SELMAN, B.S., L.L.B., M.A., Ph. D. History HORACE L. STEVENSON, B.S., M.A. Hi story GEORGE WHATLEY, A.B., M.A. Hi storyMARGARET KINSMAN WOODHOUSE, A.8., M.A., Ph. D. History LEON McCLUER, B.S., M.A. Geography SARA RUDISILL, B.S., M.A. Geography EDWIN VAN KEUREN, B.A., M.A.,Ed. D. Political Science SARAH ARVELLA PAYNE, B. Ed.f M.A. Ph. D. Economics ELMER PENDELL, A.B., M.A., Ph. D. Economics ROBERT E. WILLIAMS, B.A., M.A. Economics FRANK LOVRICH, A.B., M.A. Sociology ANATOL VON SPAKOVSKY, A.B., M.A. Ph. D. Sociology I 33The functions and purpose of the Publications Board are to formulate plans and policies for all publications of Jacksonville State College, except the College Catalogue, and to see that these policies are fulfilled. [ 36 ]Dr. J.M. Anders, FACULTY ADVISOR; James Kimbrough; Dr. Reuben Self; Mrs. Mary Lowrey; KVs. Hazel Hicks; Charles McCain; Melba Young; and Richard Belcher, CHAIRMAN. JJonor C ounci The functions of the Honor Council are to review objectively with any student who has violated school regulations all facets of the violation, and to render action in accordance with the policies of the school. I 37 1SOPHCMORES: Pickens, Chandler, Bennett, SENIORS: Williams, Smith, Akin, Brown, Morgan, Cooper, Gilliland. Swinney.FEATURE WRITERS: Melba Young Sandra Davis Mary Ann Waldrop Wanda WaltonJoe Garner Reporter Bobby Welch Circulation Manager Norman Alexander Associate Editor Dan Kilgore Sports Editor Buddy Simpkins Sports EditorMELBA YOUNG Associate EditorJERRY McNABB Circulation Manager JENNIE THOMPSON Art Editor JOE GARNER Mi litary Editor La RUE ALLEN Feature EditorSTU-JAX "Voice Of The Students JIM BENNETT and HAL HAYES Co-EditorsCLASSESDON WILLIAM ADWELL, Birmingham; Business Administration; FBLA; Placement Bureau Chairman. LaRUE ALLEN, Lanett; Natural Science; Social Chairman, Sophomore Class; Junior Class Social Chairman; Senior Class Secretary; Phi Mu Chi Beta, Vice-Pres., Secretary; Student NEA, President; Kappa Delta Epsilon, President; Kappa Delta Pi, President; Order of Three Keys, Reporter; SGA; MIMOSA Staff; Chorus; Counselor; Certificate of Achievement; Who's Who. BETTY CAROL ALVERSON, Munford; English; Sophomore Class President; Student NEA, Social Chairman; Delta Omicron; '58 MIMOSA Editor; Handbook Editor; Letter of Appreciation; Certificate of Achievement. GAIL ANDERSON, Crossville; Biology; Phi Mu Chi Beta; WAA. SARAH ANDERSON, Gadsden; Home Economics; Kappa Delta Epsilon; home Economics Club, Reporter; Sophomore Class SGA Representative (s). GENEVIEVE AUROUSSEAU, France; Business Administration; International House Co-Chairman; Alpha Mu Gamma. SHIRLEY ANN AUSTIN, Anniston; Elementary Education; Student NEA, Secretary; Dorm Officer; College Chorus. ROBERT H. BARNARD, Union Grove; Biology; Senior Class Favorite; Phi Mu Chi Beta; Scabbard and Blade, Captain; Kappa Phi Kappa; Ushers Club; DMS; Who’s Who. RICHARD BELCHER, Roanoke; Physical Education; Scabbard and Blade; STU-JAX Staff; Ushers Club; Kappa Phi Kappa; SGA, Treasurer, President; Letter of Appreciation (2); DMS; Intramural Sports; MIMOSA Staff; Who’s Who. LOTICE BENEFIELD, Woodland; Home Economics; Home Economics Club. [ - 8 ]BIBB NORRIS BENNETT, Heflin; Business Administration. MYRA GAIL BURGESS, Edwardsville; English; Dorm Officer; Junior Class Secretary; Senior Class Secretary (s); WAA, Treasurer, Vice-Pres.; Sigma Tau Delta, President; Kappa Delta Epsilon, Vice-Pres.; Who’s Who. JOSEPH JOHN BURN, JR., Charleston, S.C.; Biology; Scabbard and Blade; DMS. 17233 [ 49 ] RAMONA WOOD UBRA'TY COLLEGE LIBRARY JOEL BENTLEY, Eastaboga; Chemistry; Three Keys; Phi Mu Chi Beta. GILES T. BLACK, Gadsden; History. BOBBIE BONNER, Alexander City; Secretarial Science. EDGAR C- BOYD, Gadsden; Music Education. BOBBY F. BROWN, Roanoke; Physical Education; Kappa Phi Kappa, President; Senior Class SGA Representative; STU-JAX Staff; All-Star Intramural Football; Scabbard and Blade; DMS; Who’s Who. VIRGINIA BROWN, Centre; Elementary Education; BSU Social Chairman; SGA; Alpha Rho Tau; Dorm Officer. WILLIAM BAXTER BRYAN, Weaver; Physical Education; Kappa Phi Kappa. JACKSONVILLE STATE UNIVE . ilOLStWmt t Al awauiHARRIET BURNS, Gadsden; English; Social Science Club. ROBERT HAL BUTLER, Hartselle; Business Administration; FBLA; CAP; Freshman Class Favorite; SGA; Counselor; STU-JAX Staff; 59 MIMOSA Editor; Letter of Appreciation (2); Certificate of Achievement. GAIL CAMP, Talladega; Elementary Education; Delta Omicron; College Band; College Chorus; Student NEA, Secretary; BSU. JAMES CAMPBELL, Gadsden; Physical Education; Senior Class Treasurer (s). WINFRED G. CARDEN, Lineville; Business Administration . FLORA CASE, Birmingham; Elementary Education. DONALD F. CLAYBROOK, Dadeville; Mathematics. JAMES EARL CLEVELAND, Horton; History. BRYCE M. CLICK, Grant; Chemistry. CHARLES T. COLEMAN, JR., Miami, Fla.; Business Administration; Scabbard and Blade; FBLA; CAP.KENNETH CORNELIUS, Gadsden; Business Administration; CAP; FBLA. CAROLYN CUNNINGHAM, Gadsden; History and French. JOSEPH T. DANIEL, Woodland; Physical Education; Kappa Phi Kappa. JIMMY G. DAVIDSON, Gadsden; Business Administration; FBLA, President. FAYE DAVIS, Ohatchee; Home Economics; Home Economics Club, President. LARRY HUELON DAVIS, Camp Hill; Physical Educat.on; Scabbard and Blade; Junior Class Vice-Pres. (s); Baseball; COLLEGIAN Staff; STU-JAX Staff. SANDRA DAVIS, Crossville; English; Kappa Delta Epsilon, Treasurer; Sigma Tau Delta, Secretary; Phi Mu Chi Beta; COLLEGIAN Staff; STU-JAX Staff; Sophomore Class Vice-Pres. (s); Junior Class Secretary (s); Junior Class Secretary (s); Junior Class SGA Representative; Counselor. LA-RAY DAY, Hokes Bluff; Business Administration; FBLA; Law Club; Junior Class Reporter. FRANK D. DOUTHIT, JacksonviHe; Business Administration; FBLA. WILLIAM P. DUNAWAY, Ashland; Mathematics; FBLA; Intramural Sports; Canterbury Club. [ 51 ]WILLIAM DUNLAP, Sylacauga; Business Administration. JAMES ELLIS, Valley Head; Busi ness Administration; Scabbard and Blade. BARNEY FERGUSON, Pisgah; Music Education. JEAN FETNER, Ashland; Elementary Education; College Chorus; Student N EA; BSU; Dorm Officer. EVELYN FORD, Jacksonville; Home Economics. JOE MACK FORD, Gadsden; Business Administration; Scabbard and Blade; Baseball Team Captain; Intramural Sports; Vice-Pres. of Senior Class; Who’s Who. CLARK H. GABLE, Birmingham; Business Administration; Head Cheerleader; FBLA; STU-JAX Business Manager; Intramural Sports. ROBERT W. GALLOPS, Rockford; Business Administration- DALE T. GARNER, Alabama City; History; Kappa Phi Kappa. GLENDA C. GIBBS, Altoona; English; Sigma Tau Delta, Secretary; Kappa Delta Epsilon; International House. [ 52 ]KAY K. GIBBS, Arab; Biology; Scabbard and Blade; Phi Mu Chi Beta. JACKIE GILBBEATH, Trion, Ga.; Elememary Education; Wesley Foundation, Vice-Pres,, Treasurer, THERMAN R. GREENE, Choccolocco; Business Administration; Scabbard and Blade; FBLA. GARY GREGG, Anniston; Business Administration; Jun-Class Vice-Pres.; Ushers Club, President; Scabbard and Blade; Counselor. KATE GROWALL, Aliquippa, Pa.; History. ROBERT GUYTON, Anniston; Business Administration. NANCY HAMMETT, Jacksonville; Elementary Education; Alpha Rho Tau; Who s Who. RONALD C. HARMON, Anniston; Business Administration. FELIX EDWIN HARTLEY, Tarrant; Chemistry and Mathematics; Phi Mu Chi Beta, President; Scabbard and Blade; Senior Class Treasurer. LEE WAYNE HARTLEY, Oneonta; Mathematics; Scabbard, and Blade; Phi Mu Chi Beta. I 53 ]HORACE W. HARVEY, Birmingham; Business Administration; FBLA, State President; CAP; Toastmasters; MIMOSA Business Manager; Who’s Who. MALCOLM RAYMOND HARWELL, Cedartown, Ga.; Physical Education; Kappa Phi Kappa; Senior Class Reporter (s). JiMMY F. HAYNIE, Lineville; Business Administration. BONA FAY HICKS, Crossville; English; Kappa Delta Pi. DENNIS HICKS, Crossville; Physical Education. SUSIE HICKS, Hueytown, Physical Education, SGA Representative (s); Cheerleader; Dorm Officer; BSU; WAA, Vice-Pres., President. JERRY R. HIGGINBOTAM, Fyffe; Mathematics; Scabbard and Blade; Phi Mu Chi Beta. ABRAM P. HIGGINS, JR., Crossville; History; Kappa Phi Kappa; Social Science Club. THOMAS HOWARD, Glencoe; Business Administration. CHARLES SAMUEL HOWELL, Choccolocco; Business Administration; FBLA; College Chorus; Scabbard and Band. [ 54 ]HUBERT P. HUDGINS, Odenville; Mathematics; Phi Mo Chi Beta. MARY LOUISE IVEY, Piedmont; Mathematics; Kappa Delta Epsilon, Secretary. WILLIAM R. JACKSON, Gadsden; Business Administration; J Club; Reporter, Vice-Pres.; Varsity Bosketball; Freshman basketball Coach; FBLA. BOBBY JENKINS, Pisgah; Physical Education. JOHN C. JONES, JR., Gadsden; Business Administration; FBLA; BSU. MARYLENE JORDAN, Cragford; English; Social Science Club, Vice-Pres.; Student NEA, Treasurer; BSU; College Chorus. SUE C. KEAHEY, Dadeville; Elementary Education; Miss Homecoming, 1956. CHARLES WAYNE KEAHEY, Talladega, Physical Education, J Club, Secretory-Treasurer; Junior Class Vice-Pres. (s); Football; Dorm Officer; All-Star Intramuraf Softball and Basketball. JAMES DANIEL KIMBROUGH, Dadeville; History; SGA, Vice-Pres., President (s); BSU, Vice-Pres., President (s); Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonio, Secretory; Kappa Phi Kappa, Treasurer; Three Keys, Vice-Pres., President (s); Student NEA; Social Science Club; Ushers Club; College Bond; Senior Class Favorite; Intramural Sports; Certificate of Achievement; Who's Who. HORACE EDWIN KIRK III, Birmingham; Business Administration; FBLA, Vice-Pres.; Phi Beta Lambda. I 55 ]HILLDA LEE, Gadsden; Elementary Education. JOHN R. LEE, Trion, Ga,; Chemistry and Biology. SUE LITTLE, Centre; History; Freshman Beauty; Sophomore Class Social Chairman (s); ROTC Sponsor; Senior Beauty; Mermaids; WAA; Homecoming Court. WILLIAM MICHAEL LIVINGSTON, Birmingham; Physical Education; Kappa Phi Kappa; Sophomore Class President; Tennis Team; Who’s Who. CHARLES McCAIN, Roanoke; Music Education; BSU, President; Phi Mu Alpha, Treasurer; International House; Masque and Wig Guild; Ushers Club, Secretary-Treasurer; SGA, Treasurer; Junior Class SGA Representative; College Band; College Chorus; Kappa Phi Kappa; Scabbard and Blade; MIMOSA Staff, Letter of Appreciation; Certificate of Achievement; Who's Who. MARJORIE McCALL, Fort Payne; English JERRY M. McMURRY, Guntersville; Business Administration; FBLA. JERRY McNABB, Gadsden; Physical Education; J Club; Scabbard and Blade; Ushers Club; Circulation Manager; of MIMOSA: Junior Class Favorite; Junior Class Vice-Pres.; Freshman Basketball Coach; Letter of Appreciation; Who's Who. YVONNE MEARSE, Henagar; English; Sophomore Class SGA Representative (s); Social Science Club, Vice-Pres.; Kappa Delta Epsilon, Vice-Pres. ANN MINOR, Dadeville; Elementary Education; Sophomore Class Vice-Pres. [ 56 ]BILLY F. MITCHELL, Ashland; History. HELEN MOLAN, Jacksonville; Physical Education; Majorette; Marching Ballerinas, Captain. FRANCES MONEY, Cedar Bluff; Elementary Education. JO MOORE, Talladega; English. VIVIAN BORDERS MOORE, Jacksonville; Elementary Education, AVA ANN NICHOLS, Kimberly; English; Sigma Tau Delta; Kappa Delta Epsilon; Phi Mu Chi Beta, Reporter. JACK FRANKLIN NORTON, Albertville; Business Ad-mini stration. J.W. PATTY, Gadsden; Business Administration; Cheerleader; FBLA; Tennis Team; STU-JAX Business Manager, DMS; MIMOSA Staff; All-Star Intramural Football. ROBERT H. PIERCE, JR., Oneonta; History; Social Science Club, President; Kappa Phi Kappa. THURSTON E. PIKE, Heflin; History; Scabbard and Blade; Kappa Phi Kappa; DMS; Superior Cadet Award; Who’s Who. ( 57 ]FRANKIE POWELL, Fort Payne; Biology; ROTC Sponsor, Queen of Military Ball; Homecoming Court; WAA; Sophomore Beauty; Marching Ballerinas, Ballerina Council; Senior Beauty. JAMES HOWARD PRICE, Lineville; Mathematics; Scabbard and B lade. GEORGE BEN PRICKETT, Oneonta; Business Administration; FBLA, President; ’58 MIMOSA Business Manager. SHIRLEY A PRICKETT, Blountsvi lie; Elementary Education. EMMA PRUITT, Glencoe; English. BETTY JEANE RAY, Glencoe; English; Masque and Wig Guild, President; Alpha Mu Gamma; Law Club; College Chorus. KAY REAVES, Anniston; Elementary Education; Wesley Foundation. ROBERT L. REEDY, Piedmont; History. BARBARA JANE ROBERTS, Centre; Elementary Education. SONNY ROBERTS, Hokes Bluff; Chemistry; Ushers Club; DMS; Intramural Sports; Sophomore Class Favorite-MIMOSA Staff. [ 58 ]GUY RUTLAND, JR.F Cedartowrt, Ga,; Biology. MARTHA SCOGIN, Henagar; Business Education. WALTER B. SHAW, Sylacauga, Business Administration. WILSON J. SHERRELL, Alabama City; Physical Education; Freshman Class President; Ushers Club; Counselors; Head of Election Committee; Scabbard and Blade; DMS; Kappa Phi Kappa; Intramural Sports; Letter of Appreciation (2); Who's Who. ROBERT R. SKATES, Hueytown; Business Administration; FBLA. DONALD H. SMITH, Birmingham; Physical Education; Senior Class President; Kappa Phi Kappa; STU-JAX Business Manager; Letter of Appreciation; Who’s Who. HOLLIS SMITH, Munford; Chemistry and Mathematics. TERRELL SMITH, Sylacauga; Business Administration; FBLA. JAMES SOUTHERLAND, Jacksonville; Business Administration. JANET POPE SPOON, Piedmont; Home Economics; Home Economics Club, Vice-President. I 59 ]SYLVIA DUNBAR STACKHOUSE, Gadsden; English; Sigma Tau Delta; Alpha Mu Gamma. JERRY STONE, Gadsden; Mathematics. SHELBY JEAN SWINNEY, Cedartown, Ga.; Physical Education; BSU, President (s), Vice-Pres., Publicity Chairman; Freshman Class Vice-Pres.; Sophomore Class Reporter, Junior Class Social Chairman; Senior Class Social Chairman; Masque and Wig Guild; WAA. FORREST TATE, Jacksonville; Chemistry. FLOY GENETTE TATUM, Abanda; Physical Education and Biology; WAA, Secretary; Phi Mu Chi Beta, Historian; Wesley Foundation; Intramural Sports. ROBERT D. THOMPSON, Jacksonville; History; Wesley Foundation; Order of Three Keys. PATSY DAWN THORNHILL, Pisgah; Physical Education; WAA, Reporter, Masque and Wig, Secretary; Cheerleader; Freshman Class Treasurer; Sophomore Class Secretary; SGA, Friendliest Girl 1958; Senior Class Favorite, MIMOSA Staff; Mermaids; Letter of Appreciation; Who’s Who. BETTY GREEN TINSLEY, Oneonta; History; Phi Mu Chi Beta, Reporter; Social Science Club; Senior Class Favorite. OLON C. TUCKER, Grant; Chemistry and Biology; Phi Mu Chi Beta, Vice-President; International House. NANCY VINCENT, Cedartown, Ga.; Elementary Education; Marching Ballerinas. [ 60 ]VALINE VOSS, Fruithurst; Elementary Education; International House; Kappa Delta Epsilon, Vice-President; Alpha Mu Gamma, Vice-President; Kappa Delta Pi. ARNOLD D. WALLACE, Millerville; Mathematics; Phi Mu Chi Beta, Treasurer, FRANKIE LOUISE WALLACE, LaFayette; Physical Education; WAA; Mermaids; SGA; Senior Class Social Chairman (s); Dorm Officer; Senior Class Favorite. WOODSON D. WALLACE, Millerville; Mathematics; Phi Mu Chi Beta. HUGH K. WATSON, Centre; English; Sigma Tau Delta, Treasurer; Social Science Club; International House;CAP; Masque and Wig Guild, Vice-President. ROYCE WEDDLE, Alexander City; Physical Education; Baseball Team. KENT WETZEL, Oxford; Business Administration. WANDA H. WHEELER, Guntersville; Elementary Education. DEAN E. WHITE, Billingsley; Business Administration; Wesley Foundation, Vice-President, President; FBLA, State Treasurer; Pi Tau Chi. MARETTA FRANCES WHITE, Walnut Grove; English; Social Chairman of Freshman Class (s); Freshman Class Secretary; Dorm Officer; SGA; COLLEGIAN Staff; Masque and Wig Guild, Secretary; FTA; Wesley Foundation; CAP. [ 61 ]MARTHA WHITT, Gadsden; English MARY WHITT, Gadsden; English. CAROLYN WILLIAMS, Cedartown, Ga.; Home Economics; SGA. HERMAN J. WILLIAMS, Ranburne; Business and Accounting; FBLA. BRADFORD WILSON, Anniston; Business Administration. DON METHVIN WILSON, Gadsden; Business Administration; Ushers Club; FBLA; J Club, Vice-President; Basketball Team Captain. ELIZABETH WOOLLEY, Huntsville; Secretarial Science; FBLA; Marching Ballerinas; CAP; Freshman Class Beauty; Senior Class Beauty. CHARLES H. WYATT, JR., Birmingham; Business Admin-i strat ion. CLARA ANN YARBROUGH, Crossville; Mathematics; Kappa Delta Epsilon. MELBA YOUNG, Crossville; Elementary Education; SGA, Secretary; Associate Editor of MIMOSA: Kappa Delta Epsilon; Alpha Rho Tau; Dorm Officer; Sophomore Class Social Chairman; Sophomore Class Secretary (s); COLLEGIAN Staff; STU-JAX Staff; Handbook Staff; Counselor; Letter of Appreciation; Certificate of Achievement; Who’s Who. [ 62 ]LILA AKIN, Dadevilie BILL BIDDLE, Gadsden FAYE BLACKWOOD, Hartselle TED BOOZER, Wellington MARIE BROOKS, Gadsden EDNA M. BROWN, Jacksonville MARCILLE CLABORN, Boaz FLEURETTE CLABORN, Boaz CHARLES CLARK, Elba IVY J. CLIFTON, Sylocauga PRESTON S. DANIEL, Roanoke SYLVIA DAVIS, Sylocauga JERRY DUKE, Gadsden HELEN EDWARDS, Valley Head FRANKLIN ESTES, Piedmont HANK FANNIN, Talledega ALBERT FERGURSON, Gadsden JOHN W. FOX, Alexander City ROY FULMER, Tolladega JOE A. GARNER, HartseJIe IKE GOLDFIELD, Switzerland TOMMY GRAHAM, Piedmont DONNA GRIFFIN, Crossville ARVIN HALL, Anniston BARBARA HAMES, Anniston IRA DEAN HARRIS, Anniston PEGGY HARRIS, Anniston MARY HARRISON, Selma AMELIA HILL, Florence DON HODGES, Roanoke JIM HOOTON, Birmingham GENEVA HOWELL, Anniston LILLIAN HOWELL, Roanoke MARY E. HUBBARD, Anniston Ml IFY HI IMPHRF Y Oondwater DONALD 0. HUNTER, Wetumpko JOHN J. JONES, Sylocauga SARA M. JOHNSON, Valley Head JIMMY KEITH, Fort Payne SANDRA KENDALL, Gadsden [ 65 ] CAROLYN KERR, Gadsden DAN KILGORE, AnnistonJOE BOB LAMBERTH, Alexander City BILL LAZENBY, Eclectic JIMMY TED LEWIS, Alexander City SOLIMAN LOTAIEF, Egypt JOY MADDOX, Gadsden HELEN MARBUT, Jacksonville GEORGE MARSHALL, Jacksonville JOAN MAULDIN, Childersburg AUSTIN MEEKS, Dadeville GAY NELL MILLER, Boaz LAWRENCE R. MITCHELL, Anniston FRANCES MOLAN, Jacksonville HOWARD MORRIS, Somerville CAROLYN MORTON, Boaz DON MORTON, Boaz EVELYN NELSON, Newell BEVERLY NEWBERRY, Sylocauga LEONARD NORDGREN, Gadsden LINDA PARRIS, Cedar Bluff JOYCE PATTERSON, Ashland JULIA PHURROUGH, Alex City CECIL PRUETT, Molly Pond EDNA REED, Albertville NEIL SANDERS, Rnson NOEL SANDERS, Pinson TOMIKO SATO, Japan SARA SHADDIX, Anniston HARVEY SHELTON, Walnut Grove GEORGE W. SIMS, Atoll a MARY JO SESSON, Ohatchee GLENN M. SMITH, Gadsden TRESSIE SMITH, Birmingham HAROLD SOLLEY, Alexander City FRANK SPRAYBERRY, Trion EMORY STEEDLY, Bay Minette CHARLES SWEAT, Talladega SHELBY TANKERSLEY, Alexander City JAMES ROBERT TAYLOR, Remlap WAYNE THOMASON, Montgomery BRUCE THORNHILL, Pisgah CHARLES THURMAN, Eastaboga I 67 J DONALD THURMAN, Eastaboga[ 68 ]JUDY TIDWELL, Gadsden PAUL T ILLISON, Birmingham ROBERT TINSLEY, LaFayette DAINIE TYSON, Talladega JACKIE L. WALKER, Gadsden WANDA WALTON, Anniston POWELL WASHINGTON, Springville MAX WATSON, Gadsden REBE WHITAKER, Jacksonville BETTY SUE WILLIAMS, Hartselle JAMES WILLIAMS, Lineville JANICE WILLIAMS, Roanoke MARIE WILLIAMS, Albertville MARY J. WILSON, Blountsville ( 69 1HOYT ABNEY, Attalla NELSON ACTON, Hoyden JEANETTE ADAMS, Attalla RUTH ADAMS, Gadsden CHARLES E. ALEXANDER, Glencoe MARY NELL ALLEN, Pell City BILLY R. ANDERSON, Vinemont BOBBY R. AUSTIN, Sheffield BILLY JOHN BAKER, Centre JIM BENNETT, Chottonoogo, Tenn. MIKE BOOZER, Jacksonville ULYSSES $. BOWMAN, Pisgah LUTHER BRANNON, Talladega ROBERT A. BROWN, Jacksonville BILLIE R. BRYAN, Weaver LINDA F. BRYAN, Piedmont SHELBY BULLARD, Attalla WALTER M. BURT, Talladega ROSS CALDWELL, Bessemer HAROLD CARMACK, Alpine PATSY CARR, LaFayette BARBARA CARY, Gadsden JO CHANDLER, Heflin SHELBY CHANDLER, Selma STAN CHAPMAN, Rockmart, Ga. LINDA CLEMENTS, Jacksonville DONALD CONN, Oneonta BETTY COOPER, Tuscaloosa RAYMOND COPELAND, Gadsden FRANCES CRUMP, Collinsville WAYNE CUMMINGS, Holeyville LOUISE DALTON, Grove Oak DOUGLAS DARK, Alexander City MARY DAVENPORT, Gadsden CHARLES K. DODGEN, Oxford JOE L. DOOLEY, Gadsden PAT DOOLEY, Alexander City FERRELL DRUMMOND, Roanoke JOE L. DUCKETT, Jacksonville JOHN H. DUNLAP, Jacksonville [ 7] ] PAUL DUNN, Tallodego ROY DUNN, AttallaWILKA EVANS, Malone SUE FORREST, Lincoln WILLIAM C. GARDNER, Jacksonville CHARLES P. GARGUS, Oneonta WANDA GILLILAND, Gallant DIAN GLASGOW, Towson, Md. BARBARA GOODSON, Montgomery JUDY GRAVES, Alexander City RONALD GRIFFITH, Gadsden W.R. HALEY, Gadsden VERBON HALL, Wattsville GARY HAMIL, Alabama City CAROLYN HAMILTON, Gadsden GAYLON HARDIN, Piedmont JUNE HARVEY, Gadsden LARRY HAWKINS, Alexander City WAYNE HAWKINS, Fort Payne HAL HAYES, Albertville ROY HEIFNER, Oxford KOOROS HEMMATI, Iran SUSAN HERNDON, Gadsden BONNIE HESTERLEY, Pell City BARBARA HILL, Ashland BOBBY HOLMES, Sylacauga RODNEY HURT, Gadsden MARY JIM INGRAM, Pell City PEGGY JOHNS, Talladega JACQUELYN JOHNSON, Albertv.lle JOYCE JOHNSON, Gadsden BOBBY RAE KELLEY, Sylacauga MARVIN KELLY, Gadsden JANICE KILGORE, Attalla GLORIA JANE KING, Wellington KAREN KUPPERBUSCH, Lineville SHELBY LaFOLLETTE, Gadsden CLIFFORD LANHAM, Dothan JOAN LASSETER, Gadsden JO ANN LAY, Glencoe MARY LIVEOAK, Cedartown, Ga. ROBERT P. LLOYD, Pell City [ 73 ] NORMA LYON, Gadsden ANN McCULLARS, Lincolnjoel McCullough, chiidersburg DONALD McMILLAN, Brent TOMMY MADDOX, Albertville ELLEN MARTIN, Godsden SUE MERRILL, Heflin CAROLE MILLER, Anniston JOYCE MITCHELL, Ashlond TONY MITCHELL, Alexander City CHARLES MOON, Fort Payne PEGGY JO MORGAN, Anniston CYNTHIA MOZLEY, Gadsden GORDON NORTON, Heflin PAUL OWENS, Gadsden BETTY JANE PACE, Ashland BYRON PATTERSON, Alexander City CORA ANN PEARCE, Heflin ANNETTE PEMBERTON, Wottsvilie LOUISE PICKENS, Eden RICHARD E. POWELL, Gadsden MELVIN REACH, Talladega JEAN ROBBINS, Oneonto MIKE ROBERSON, Talladega WANDA ROBERTS, Cedar Bluff HARRY L. ROWE, JR., LaFayette CARMEN RUBION, Cubs GAIL RUDD, Sylacouga GAIL RUDD, Sylacouga CAROL SANDERS, Pinson GEORGE G. SANSON, Gadsden SARAH SCRUGGS, Albertville STACY SHAW, Chickamauga, Go. CHARLES SMITH, Alexander City NORMAN SMOAKE, Jacksonville JEFFREY J. SMYTH, England CHARLOTTE SNEAD, Snead JOY SOILEAU, Trussvi lie CAROL STANDRIDGE, Hayden TOMMIE SUE STEPHENS, Alexander City BETTYE STILL, Alexander City CHARLOTTE TEAGUE, Talladega RONALD THOMPSON, Albertville DORIS TURNER, Boa STEPHEN VAUGHN, Fayette [ 75 ]MARY NELL VEAZEY, Maplesville MARY ANN WALDROP, Roanoke CAROLYN WALKER, Attalla JUDY WALKER, Rockford LARRY WARE, Gadsden JOHN WASHINGTON, Jacksonville CAROLYN WEST, Jacksonville BETTY E. WHITE, Pisgah BILL WHITE, Smyrna, Ga. WAYNE WHITTON, Cedartown, Ga. CHARLENE WILKERSON, LoFayette GWENDOLYN WILLIAMS, Lyerly, Ga. [ 76 ]JULIA WILLIAMS, Lincoln ALICE WILLIAMSON, Jacksonville SCOTT WILLIAMSON, Birmingham ALICE WINGARD, Rockmart, Ga. BARBARA WOODARD, Shawmut PHIL WYATT, Attalla VIRGINIA YEVICM, Rahway, N.J. 7?MARTHA C. ABRAMS, Lyerly, Ga. RODNEY AKERS, Guin MADELINE AKINS, Fort Payne RALPH B. ANDERSON, Gadsden GLENDA ARNETT, Jacksonville GAIL ARNOLD, Cedar Bluff ANN BAILEY, Rock Mills DORIS BAKER, Piedmont CATHY BALLARD, Attalla JANE BARCLIFT, Union Grove SUZANNE BARTON, Rome, Go. MARGARET BASKIN, Gadsden WAIN BATES, Rome, Ga. WILBURN BEAVERS, Hayden MARCIA BELL, Mentone BRENDA BIRCHFIELD, Anniston NANCY BISHOP, Summerville, Ga. CHARLES BOHANNON, Shawmut VINCENTE BORES, Spain PATRICIA BOUGHNER, Flemington, N. ELEANOR BOX, Fort Payne DION BRADFORD, Trenton, Ga. ROBERT BRIDEWELL, McCalla CHARLES RAY BROCK, Crossville JOE BROOKS, Oneonta HILDA BROWN, Alexander City JO ANNE BROWN, Heflin BARBARA BUNN, Wedowee ROBERT BURGESS, Talladega JOE BURNS, Gadsden JOHNNY BURNS, Gadsden BILLY BURSON, Goodwater BARBARA ANN BYNUM, Walnut Grove BILLIE CAMPBELL, LaFayette FRAN CHANDLER, Cedortown, Ga. ARROL CHASE, Langdale JUDY CHASTAIN, Attalla MOLIENE CHEATWOOD, Gadsden FLEURETTE CLABORN, Boaz DONALD CLEVELAND, Sylacauga THOMAS COGGINS, Athens MELVIN COLLIER, Childersburg 79 ]VERLENE COLLIER, Piedmont SYLVIA COLLINS, Wetumpka CAROLYN COLVIN, Albertville WILLIS E. CONNELL, Gaylesville JOHN COOLEY, Talladega PEGGY CREEL, Gadsden KENNETH CROWE, Valley Head ROBERT A. CULP, JR., Attalla HUBERT CUMMINGS, Maplesville LINDA FAYE DARWIN, Scottsboro RACHEL DAVES, Addison WANDA DAVIS, Addison MARY ALICE DAVIS, Vincent LESTER DEAN, Centre JANNIE DENNIS, Gadsden JERRY DeSPAIN, Albertville HAROLD DODD, Crossville EDWARD DOWNEY, Gadsden JAMES W. DRISKILL, Gadsden ROLAND DUNCAN, Alpine SARAH DUPREE, Huntsvill MARGARET EASON, Goodwater JOAN EDWARDS, Gadsden RONALD FARRAR, Gadsden PATRICIA FAUCETT, Palmerdol MARLENE FERNANDEZ, Cuba RUTH FINLEY, Jacksonville ELEANOR FOX, Gadsden HELEN RUTH FOX, Gadsden LORAINE FREEMAN, Rome, Ga. THOMAS 0. GABRIEL, Wedowee DON GAINES, Attalla KAYE GALLOWAY, Gadsden PATSY GARDNER, Crossville LUCRETIA GILBERT, Henager GLENDA GILBREATH, Boaz GORDON WAYNE GOSS, Talladega DORIS GRADEN, Rainsville FRED GREER, Adger r pi i HENRY DAVIS GREER, Centreville L J JUDY GROGAN, Piedmont PERRY GWIN, GadsdenJOYCE HAIL, Anniston JANE HAMRIC, Oxford NELL HANDLEY, Gadsden SHIRLEY HANSON, Jacksonville HUBERT HARBISON, Cullman KATIE HARDIMAN, Hartselle JEAN HARRISON, Selma SHEILA HARRISON, Wedowee RILLA HARVEY, Oneonta ROBERT HASLAM, Piedmont JAMES HASTINGS, Rockmart, Ga. JIMMY HAYNES, Section ROBERT N. HAYS, Centre ANGELA HELMS, Gadsden PHILLIP HERRON, Attalio HAROLD HICKS, Talladega SANDRA JO HICKS, Gadsden ROSEMARIE HOECHNER, Brazil JERRY HOLLIS, Montgomery CARLYN HOLMES, Anniston WYNETT HORNSBY, Lanett CHARLES HOUSTON, Bessemer NORMA JO HUFF, Gallant PHILLIP M. HUNT, Cleveland PATRICIA HURST, Chatchee JEAN JACKSON, Gadsden FAYE JARVIS, Pensacola, Fla. LYNDA JEAN JENKINS, Somerville JOYCE JOHNSON, Gadsden BEN W. JONES, Collinsville THOMAS M. JONES, Altoena JOSEPH H. KERR, Newell BILLY KING, Gadsden ERNESTINE KING, Rainsville MALCOLM LATHERS, Anniston SANDRA LESTER, Dadeville SHERRY LEWELLEN, Attalla NANCY LIGON, Gadsden JAMES R. LINDSEY, Gadsden JOHN R. LONG, Gadsden f 83 ] BARBARA LOWE, Attalla JUDY LUMPKIN, AlbertvilleLONNIE F. McCARLEY, Talladega PEGGY McCLELLAN, Alexander City SANDRA McCLENDON, LaFoyette HOMER McCOLLUM, Gadsden DON McCONKEY, Bridgeport JOYCE McCRELESS, Attolla SALLY McDANIEL, Piedmont CHARLES MCDONALD, Rainsville JOHN McDOUGALD, Geneva JEAN McGINNIS, Jacksonville MITCHELL McKAY, Linevtlle CAROL McKOWN, Fort Payne BILL McLAlN, Shawmut MARY ANN MADDIX, Gadsden PAT MARBUT, Jacksonville GAYLON WAYNE MARTIN, Wellington GLENDA MAYNOR, Dutton ROBERT MAYS, Section MARY F. MEHARG, Anniston BRENDA MHOON, Bynum JOANN MIDDLETON, Attalla WANDA MILLER, Gadsden KENNETH MITCHELL, Roanoke JACKIE SUE MOORE, Attalla TOMMY MOORE, Roanoke BETTY SUE MORRIS, Jacksonville JOHNNY MORRISON, Fairfield ELOISE MURPHREE, Sylacauga KARON NELSON, Newell VIRGINIA NETHERY, Warrior EDWARD J. NEURA, Brunswick, Ohio JOHNNY NEWBERRY, Alexander City JOAN NIVENS, Alexander City KAY O'BRIEN, Anniston SONJA O’KELLEY, Anniston FELTON OLIVER, Shawmut ANDY PAGE, Galivants Ferry, S.C, DIANE PARNEL L, Anniston LINDA PARTRIDGE, Fairfax MIRIAM PATE, Anniston i 85 ] GERALD PATTERSON, L.pscomb JUDY PENTECOST, DukeBILL PHILLIPS, Dutton EDWARD PIERCE, Birmingham BILLY PIKE, Alexander City DEAN PIKE, Sylacauga CAMELLIA POE, Sylacauga DOROTHY POWELL, Gadsden HIRAM J. POWELL. Ashland JEAN POWELL, Albertville HARRY PRINCE, Tarrant DELORES PULLEN, Altoona DORIS QUARLES, Millerville RANDY QUINN, Gadsden WORTH RATLIFF, Blountsville WOODY A. REAGAN, Albertville PAUL REDDEN, Huntsville DON RICHARDSON, Goodwater EDWIN RIGGINS, Sylacauga NANCY RINGER, Rome, Ga. CHARLES ROBERTSON, Dutton KAY ROBINETT, Attalla JERRY ROBINSON, Alabama Ci ty SHARRON ROPER, Glencoe JOSEPHINE ROSSITER. Gadsden FRED RUTLEDGE, Albertville SANDRA RUTLEDGE, Gadsden TED RYAN, Dutton MARJORIE SALVO, Anniston TED SANDERS, Alexander City PAT SANDIFER, Gadsden PAUL C. SASSER, Jacksonville CLAYTON SCOTT, Lanett PETER SEYFANG, Germany LAWSON SHAW, Alexander City DON SHULMISTER, Birmingham DIANE SHUTLEY, Decatur, Ga. NANCY SIMMONS, Walnut Grove LELAND SISSON, Gadsden GARLAND EUGENE SMITH, Yadkinville, N.C. GLENDA SMITH, Anniston , , PATRICIA SPRAGGINS, Attalla I 87 1 ELSIE STANFORD, Attalla BETTYE STEPHENS, DavistonJOHN STEPPIE, JR., Linden, N.J. RODNEY STILL, Alexander City BARBARA STONE, Gadsden BRYANT STRAIN, Gadsden HANSPETER STRAUCH, Switzerland SANDRA STRICKLAND, Oxford JUDY SUMMERVILLE, Rome, Go. JOYCE TALLEY, Birmingham JIMMY TARVER, Alexander City DEWEY E. TATE, Hollins JIMMY G. TAYLOR, Delta MARY SUE TEMPLETON, Gadsden SANDRA THOMAS, Altoona STEVE THOMAS, Sylacaugo WILLIE 0. THOMAS, Glencoe BETSY THOMPSON, Decatur JENNIE THOMPSON, Birmingham WESLEY THOMPSON, Gadsden LOUISE THRIFT, Birmingham STEVE TRAYLOR, Talladega LINDA TURRENTINE, Tarrant PAT UPTON, Geraldine SARAH VICE, Birmingham VIVIAN VOSS, Fruithurst BOBBY WALDROP, Alexander City MARY WALKER, Huntsville PATSY WALKER, Gadsden MAXINE WALLACE, Millerville THOMAS LEE WARD, Rockford NORMA WASHBURN, Alexander City DANNY WEBB, Roanoke JAMES WESSON, Hanceville JERRY LEE WESTBROOK, Gadsden ALICE WHITE, Sycamore MELINDA WHITE, Lanett CAROLYN WHITTEN, Dawson GERALD WILLIAMS, Rainsville JAMES WILLIAMS, Hueytown MARTHA WILLIAMS, Borden Springs MARY WILLIAMS, Jacksonville NICK IE WILLIAMS, Fort Payne WAYNE WILLIAMS, Alex City BOBBY WILLIAMSON, Rockmart, Go. CHARLES WRIGHT, Gadsden JIMMIE LEE WRIGHT, Gadsden THOMAS YOUNG. CrossvilleOraaniza lionsUAo't WL AMONG STUDENTSIN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES WL’i WL AMONG STUDENTS CHARLES McCAlNIN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES WILSON SHERRELL PATSY THORNHILLILL WL FIRST ROW: Allen, Thornhill, Burgess, Hammett, Young, A Iverson. SECOND ROW: Kimbrough, Livingston, Ford, Sherrell, Brown. THIRD ROW: McNabb, Belcher, Barnard, Pike, Smith. FOURTH ROW: Pendergrass, GiIlespie, Gregg, Harvey, McCain.a a ammci Pi Gamma Mu is the National Social Science Honor Fraternity. In the Spring of this year, the Jacksonville chapter was chanted a charter by the national office in Winfield Kansas. Those pictured below are charter members of the local fraternity. FRONT ROW: Tankersley, Downs, and Mitchell. SECOND ROW: Heisler, Mearse, Williams, Burns, Brown, and Dr, J,M. Anders, FACULTY SPONSOR, THIRD ROW: Daniels, Wences, and Short.Faculty Advisors Placement Bureau f 99 j FBLA at workOFFICERS: Brown, Walker, Payne, Lazenby, and Ferguson,uopvd j tjctdry'm aSaue an J W ‘9 OFFICERS: Kendal!, Ray, Watson, White, Mooney.Omega Delta Pi Fraternity was founded October 2, 1958, for the purpose of occupying a leadership position in bringing a national social fraternity to Jacksonville State. During the short time of their existence the Omega Delta have made tremendous progress on the campus of J.S.C. Colonization has been offered by the national Theta Xi Fraternity. The chapter started off the activities by entering a car float with the chapter sweetheart. Miss Myrna Masters, in the Homecoming Parade. The Valentine Dance followed in February. Mr, H.S. Marks Dr. Gordon Mainland Advisor National Advisor [ 03 ]4lAJomen 3 Athletic Association OFFICERS: Thornhill, Hicks, Williams, Tatum, Burgess, and Tankers ley.An equipped first aid, pons. emergency vehicle is with a two-way radio, and fire-fighting wea- Commander James Southerland and his staff. t Section of the Girls' Drill Team being inspected prior to entering state competition. s Chartered by National Headquarters in 1946, the Jacksonville Squadron has a long record of service and training. It received the Casaday Achievement Trophy in 1956 as the "Outstanding Squadron in Alabama"; won the state drill competition in 1954, the "Air Age Education" award in 1953-54; and has received many commendations for participation in search and rescue and in other peacetime emergencies in its twelve-year hi story. Lt. Col. Gorgfcldf U.S. Army (Ret.) Director of TrainingrjCeone CJe JJ. ome OfficersEconomics State Officers Delegates to National Convention [ 107 ]Ok ree JC Student fl £ 4PL Wu SEATED: Davis, Allen, Nichols, Pemberton, Waldrep, Hill, Hawkins. STANDING: Hartley, Shelton, Gibbs, Higginbotham, Hughed, Barnard, Tucker, and Mr. Hicks, Advisor.Plii Wu -Alpha Sinfc oma OFFICERS: Summerville, Ferguson, Plikington, Tinsley, Solly, Kimbrough, McCain, Daniel. Phi Mu Alpha and Sweetheart, Miss Louise PickensOFFICERS: Lanharr, Keith, Roberts, Gregg, Mr. Manners, Johnson, Acton, Pace, White, and Mrs. Manners. Uontnlati on Jau SEATED: Kerr, Johnson, Smith, Justice, Williams, Howell. STANDING: Mrs. Roebuck, Davis, Watson, Stackhouse, Nichols, Hickman, Howell, Harris, Payne. [ 113 ]MRS. MOCK Advi sor SEATED: Sherrell, McCain, and Gregg. STANDING: Roberts, Kimbrough, Belcher, Keith, Lazenby, Barnard, Duke, and Garner.ryCaWWriter) ’ C(d jill m o iJauLeonard Roten AdvisorExecutive CouncifMAIDS: Sissie Huff and Nancy HammettHow 'bout them apples?Wost d eautiiui Senior 3ranLomore $oan (jCaMetermanSUE LITTLE ELIZABETH WOOLLEY BETTY SUE WILLIAM; Senior Senior Junior 1 M etna te (beauties WANDA ROBERTS JEAN ROBBINS JANICE WILLIAMS VIRGINIA NETHARY Sophomore Sophomore Freshman FreshmanDAN McGRIFF W, PATSY THORNHILL an [ 129 ]a”W£vr ns fr!iu t) Stnuiojatuo :trSEATED: Cooper, Mauldin, Wallace, Carr, Thornhill, Little, Mozeley, Barnett. STANDING: C.ysh man, Cunningham, Pope, McBee, Darden, Pickens. [ 133 jMilitary ederve Off. 5, icerA rainincj LT. COL. COLEMANThe R.O.T.C. program js designed to lay the foundation of intelligent citizenship and to prepare students for positions of leadership in the U.S. Army. Courses in General Military Science, which train cadets for all branches of the Army, are offered at Jacksonville. Since its activation in 1948, the Corps of Cadets has steadily grown from 163 to more than 600 students, The standards have continued upward and the unit has maintained superior ratings on all Corps inspections. The Military Department sponsors two big dances each year and other social activities that highlight the school session. Commissioned and non-commissioned officers of the Regular Army are detailed for duty with this department. They are especially selected for their military experience, educational background and character. All have served overseas in various parts of the world and use this experience to direct and guide future graduates. M SGT. SIMPSON M SGT. THOMPSON SFC NELSON SGT. BUTLER S 2 HOECHECKER MISS FLORENCE COLE [ 137 ](BACK ROW) DAVID R.BELCHER, Cadet Lt. Col.; BOBBY F. BROWN, Cadet Major; LARRY H. DAVIS, Cadet Captain; JAMES H. PRICE, Cadet Major; JOSEPH J. BURN, JR., Cadet Major; JOE M. FORD, Cadet Major; JAMES M. ELLIS, JR., Cadet Captain; JAMES M. CUSHMAN, Cadet M Sgt. (FRONT ROW) WILSON J. SHERRELL, Cadet Colonel, Battle Group Commander; MfSS SUE LITTLE, Battle Group Sponsor. MISS JO MOORE MISS DONNA GRIFFIN MISS FRAN CHANDLER MISS MARY ANN HUFF Sponsor Sponsor Sponsor Sponsor Company “A 1 Company "B" Company C" Company" D( '- 0 12 J( 5, earn  c ompanyc. “C” ompcinijLT, COL. COLEMAN COMPANY “B”, 9th REGIMENT Believing that military service is an obligation of citizenship, and that the greater opportunities afforded college men for the study of military science place upon them certain responsibilities as citizens, we, cadet officers in various colleges and universities conferring baccalaureate degrees, do form this Society and adopt this constitution in order to unite in closer relationship the military departments of American universities and colleges; to preserve and develop the essential qualities of good and efficient officers; to prepare ourselves as educated men to take a more active part and to have a greater influence in the military affairs of the communities in which we may reside; and above all to spread intelligent information concerning the military requirements of our country. CAPTAIN CONKLIN ROBERT BARNARD Captain THERMAN GREENE First Lieutenant JERRY McNABB Second Lieutenant FELIX HARTLEY First SergeantBROOKS BURN CLARK COOK CUSHMAN DAVIDSON DAVIS DUPREE ELLIS FOX GIBBS GREGG HAMMONDS HARTLEY HIGGINBOTHAM HOWELL LEONARD McCAIN MORRIS MOUNTAIN PRICE SHAW SHERRELL STANFORD WASHINGTON WETZEL[ 148 ]ATHLETICSDON 5ALLS RAY WEDGEWORTH TOM ROBERSONCAPTAINS: Jim Glasgow and E.G. TaylorPOWELL, End FULMER, Guard NICHOLS, Halfback Jacksonville 6, Louisiana College 26 iTAYLOR, Center PHILLIPS, Tackle CLEPPER, Fullback Jacksonville 0, Chattanooga 55GLASGOW, Tackle HODGES, Extra Points LUTTRELL, Guard Jacksonville 6, Middle Tennessee 18 Jacksonville 28, Maryville 8BURGER, Tackle SANDERS, Manager WHALEY, Tackle Jacksonville 20, Troy 7 Jacksonville 8, Clarksville 6NEURA, Guard WILLIAMS, Fullback HAYES, Sports Writer Jacksonville 22, Livingston 7 Jacksonville 35, Carson Newman 13O’DELL, Guard BOOZER, End CLARK, Halfback Jacksonville 6, Tampa 12CAPTAINS: Joe Ford and Tom Langston The baseball team of 1958 as they were reorganized by Coach Frank Lovrich.PAUL DUNN 1959 BILLY BOWEN § % JOE F ORD, Coptain HUELON DAVIS SAM WHITESIDE DON TRAYLOR, Captain CHARLES BOHANNON 1959 LARRY MYERS SAM KENIMER LEFTY BOLLINGER JIMMY EMFINGER BOB FORD1959 WAYMOND O’NEAL ERNEST WILLINGHAM FLOYD WILKS HAROLD BOBO DONALD O’NEAL PAUL EDWARDSTJennis iJeant MIKE LIVINGSTON Captain and Coach LEFT TO RIGHT: John McDougald, Stacy Shaw, John Steppie, Buddy Patty, Hanspeter Strauch, Tommy Bartlett, Gene Motley, Mike Livingston, “Toby" Sansom, and Frank Atkins.1959 [ M3 ] JOHN McDOUGALD FRANK ATKINSCRIP” COPELANDLARRY HAWKINSTENNIS TEAM 1958 FIRST ROW: John McDougal, Stacy Shaw, Buddy Patty, Tommy Bartlett, Mike Livingston, Frank Livingston, SECOND ROW: Johnny Stepp, Hans Struth, Gene Motley, Toby Sansom. Mike Stacy Livingston Shaw Tommy John Buddy Bartlett McDougal Patty F rank Livingstona eerleucL erS DONNA GRIFFIN JOE GARNER •v •: .. BUDDY PATTY LOUISE PICKENSJACKSONVILLE STATE [ 74 ]BJL ullerinaS MISS HELEN MOLAN BALLERINA CAPTAINoZ um tF]ajar Uapfjy Zj'tnslc etj wirier Whs 3ran Chandler rljuicof jU,Southerners ” MARCHING BAND DIRECTORS: Mr. John T. Finley Mr. John KnoxFIRST NATIONAL BANK Where Students’ Accounts Are Always Welcome JACKSONVILLE. ALABAMA GEM OF THE HILLS MISS JACKIE MOORE HIGGINBOTHAM g SAWYER Job Printing—Publishing "NoVtheast Alabama’s Best Equipped Printing Shop” RALPH HIGGINBOTHAM BEN SAWYER 1108 Moore Ave. ANNISTON. ALABAMAOur Specialty FAST, COURTEOUS SERVICE Call Th ere's No Waiting tor a Car Hop Just Pick Up the Telephone Place Your Ord er and IT’S ON THE WAY THE “ROCKET" DRIVE IN Jacksonville-Armiston Highway CECIL MARBUT, OWNERCHAT ’EM INN Student Operated by S.G.A. WAYNE KEAHEY ROBERT SIMMONS Student ProprietorsADAMS-McCAR GO MOTOR CO. JAMES E. HARRISON ROYAL TYPEWRITERS yCHEVROLET Sales, Service and Rentals 1023 Atlanta Ave. AD 5-5525 "Your Chevrolet Dealer Since 1927" Anniston, Alabama (Directly in Front of Courthouse) ANNISTON, ALABAMA EDWARDS CIGAR % TOBACCO COMPANY School Supplies Sundries Notions 914 Gurnee Ave. AD 5 52581 Anniston, AlabamaCOLLEGE BOOK STORE Books Art Supplies MRS. SUSIE H. G It’s ANNISTON MOTOR CO. For Complete Automotive Needs “Swept Wing“ Dodge “Years Ahead" Plymouth Dodge “Job-Rated" Trucks The Best In Imports - Simca Hillman Sales Service Since 1916 ANNISTON MOTOR CC Ninth Wilmer Dial AD 6-6371 Compl iments LENLOCK DRUGS DEPENDABLE SERVICE J-ViIle Hi -Way Anniston, Alabama Telephone ADams 6-7628 Schoo1Better Groceries WHEN INTHE MOOD FOR fine FOOD HOLLINGSWORTH GULF SERVICE CITY TRADING POST JACKSONVILLE, ALABAMA Compliments of HE 5 9291 BROWN’S DEPARTMENT STORE BOOZER DRUGS Jacksonville, Alabama On The Square Where the newest is shown first Serving Alabama's Fastest in young men's and women's Growing College fashion clothes. SERVICE WHEN YOU NEED IT Courteous Service HAMMETT AMOCO SERVICE STATION 207 S. Pelham Road JACKSONVILLE. 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