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1958 axmurt I Uth .::y tin iversa I ' ll JJssiic ' J Roanoke High School • Roanoke, Indiana -forward C ver District Schools Roanoke Classical Seminary First Roanoke High School -w.T sim Tm. ' i faxmuM 950 S4XMl!RI Mixmurx 1952 . . . i J ackward y Q ever V " " v " ' H ■ » I «»■ " t » " V » » " ' I First Brick Roanoke High School Consolidated Township School TABLE OF CONTENTS School Life pages 4- 7 Sports 8-19 Activities 20-37 Student Alum 38-74 i ' 1 5 , IXMUR|I XXX 1 . Oear J ii ayu ' ' cy J7vu .iJ- eacftt VXJ 9 ' an J IQod .,J IQJI JHaJ. 58 J{ep! % « -im. " WLiL ' We ' Wat.u cj nUcuj Silence was broken by the construction workers shortly after the students left on the last day of school in May of ' 57. They began leveling off the ground, which was to serve as the foundation for the new addition to the school. They worked long, hard hours all summer and by the time school started they were ready to fix the roof. After this was done and the weather turned bad they began to work on the interior of the building. Everything was running right on schedule and then in January came the almost fatal blow to Roanoke ' s new school. A salamander was knocked over which started a fire. It was then that the Roanoke Volunteer Fire Department came on the scene and extinguished the flames as shown on the opposite page. This set work back about one month. The building was scheduled to be done in March and we were to move in. But as a result of the fire, the building wasn ' t done and we didn ' t get to move in. Next fall the students of R.H.S. will get to move into their long awaited new school. The new building will have many fine facilities. It includes an excellent laboratory, a modern, well stocked library, a photographic dark room, a medical clinic, new offices for the principal and his staff and a locker for every student. In addition to all this there are eight modern classrooms. MfN. SEC.|MfNLj l-||SEC.|MIN.j I IBSEC. 12 34 12 34 12 3 4 m ill- MfN. 12 34 ■ ■ 11 12 34 ■ ■III 1 2 3 4 VISITORS .JDcar JDi larvi - - - ? J ears and C iee ' 5 on the oiift - - - Through a suspension stricken season the Stonewalls managed to come out on top with a respectable 14-8 record. The first 15 games the Stonewalls man- aged an 8-7 record before finally getting hot and winning six games in a row. In the sectional after drawing a bye and beating Jefferson, they cooled off completely, hitting but .181 from the field in the semi- finals against Huntington and losing to them by eight points. The team will lose seven men via gradua- tion but we here at R.H.S. are still looking forward to a fine 58-59 season. 10 WE THEY 58 Lafayette Central 56 55 Huntington Township 62 60 Churubusco 40 73 Ossian (overtime) 75 5.2 Geneva 51 72 Union (Huntington Co.) 46 50 Warren 48 79 Leo (overtime) 72 40 Monroeville 51 75 Rock Creek COUNTY TOURNEY 51 51 Union 50 48 Clear Creek 63 42 Clear Creek 50 51 Huntington Catholic 62 54 South Whitlev 56 55 Jefferson (Whitley Co.) 42 65 Bippus 47 63 Andrews 58 42 Union (Wells Co.) 41 67 Lancaster SECTIONAL TOURNEY 62 67 Jefferson (Huntington Co .) 62 47 Huntington (Semi-finals) 55 yiayd (A ori? r acUstaije - - - Jean Stabler, Marjorie Merckx. Judy Schenkel. Ted Garstka, Steve Williams, and Gary Hartley were busy this year with rub downs, caring for the uniforms, and faithfully following their team. Steve has completed his third year as manager while Gary has been with the team one year and Ted, two years and a half. We think their job has been very successfully filled — forgetting ? -|- ;; tempers ! I K wincfii cf tire wood - - - iging 1st row — T. Garstka. K. Klepser, J. Simmons, A. Cumby, J. Quickeiy, R. Battershell. S. Williams. 2nd coiu—Coach Melson, M. Colclesser, P. Zent. D. Thomas, B, Crabbs, J. Stump, C. Markley. In the first year of the Summer Baseball League the Stonewalls fought an uphill bat- tle to win the championship. After losing two of their first 3 games the Stonewalls then won 6 games in a row to win the championship from Jefferson in the playoffs. In the fall baseball season the Stonewalls faltered twice during the season and wound up in a four-way for the Conference Crown. After defeating Lancaster 6-3 in the first game of the playoffs, an error filled game with Clear Creek cost them the title as they bowed to their lucky rivals. Outfielder J i m Quickery con- nects for a hard hit double. w. K I I i r .. ( A ■ - ' C ' ) r ■| n ' -A ' a LAJin n in qt rCio h d Jons on tite v ma ers - - - The 1957 track picture wasn ' t too bright as the Roanoke road-runners managed to win but one of four track meets. The bright side of the track season, was individual performances at the County Track meet as they capped third place. Rex Kaufman set a county record of 16.3 in the high hurdles and Harold Whit- field swept both dashes for three first places. Other point winners in the county were: P. Welker 2nd Shot J. Mercer 3rd Shot R. Ottinger 5th 100 Yd. Dash P. Zent 2nd 440 Yd. Dash R. Kaufman 5th Broad Jump i ' 2 Mile Relay 4th Mile Relay 3rd K etting xp erience on t Tj Syancjcl Back row — K. Klepser, S. Simon, N. Balliet, J. Staley, D. Thomas, J. Gay, A. Cumby. Front row — J. Villiard, J. Simmons, B. Crabbs, Mr. Null, G. Sontchi, J. Pulver, L. Middleton. WE THEY 16 Lafayette 21 21 Huntington Township 39 32 Churubusco 29 34 Ossian 44 31 Geneva 35 46 Union (Huntington Co.) 36 23 Warren 36 29 Leo 41 33 Monroeville 37 50 Rock Creek 34 43 Clear Creek 17 19 Huntington Catholic 43 16 South Whitley 38 17 Jefferson (Whitley) 38 23 Bippus 31 31 Andrews 39 30 Union (Wells Co.) 42 37 Lancaster 4- Way Tourney 52 33 Huntington Catholic (d.o.t.) 35 38 Warren (consolation game) 31 The B team using players to take up the slack on the suspension stricken varsity ended the season with a 5-15 record. Going full strength during the B team tourney they were nosed out by Hunting- ton Catholic, the eventual tourney champs in a double overtime. Although they didn ' t compile a great rec- ord this year, some fine talent was developed to move up to the varsity next year. Tjoosilng tne J t " ' J tigh - - - Bottom row — Cheerleaders, J. Eeaver, B. Shephard, C. Simon. Middle roui— Student Manager, C. Reed, G. Dearduff, R. Byall, L. Thorn, S. Smith, M. Welker, B. Carman. Top rcw—T. James, B. Quickery, S. Dager, R. DeWitt. D. Zent. J. Thome. M. John, R. Rice, R. Hartley. The Stonewalls Jr. High team ended the season with a medium record of 7 wins and 8 losses but bounced back to win a four-way tourney by defeating Clear Creek and Bip- pus to end the year with a 9-8 record. Mark Welker paced the team to a winning season by averaging 9.1 points a game. Coach Bill McPherren should be congratu- lated on the fine job he does every year and everyone is looking forward to another win- ning season from them next year. WE THEY 26 Lafayette 18 20 Rock Creek 10 29 Clear Creek 21 19 Central 27 32 Washington Center 44 27 Central 31 25 Lincoln 29 34 Huntington Catholic 33 32 Clear Creek 21 25 Warren 28 25 Huntington Township 33 31 Rock Creek 21 20 Union 59 28 Lincoln 23 28 Huntington Township Jr. High Tourney 33 24 Clear Creek 23 24 Bippus 7 18 MaJe " Moments to Remember " . |5 Last but not least, by all means, in the sports section are the fans who cheered the teams on through thick and thin all year. They are pictured here preparing for the Sec- tional. During the tourney they wore green derbys, white shirts and blouses, and white gloves. Although the semi-finals brought disappointment, bright faces and hearty cheers were common examples of the sportsmanship displayed by RHS backers. 19 P A f 7r ¥1 school SCHOOL Ll C SCHOOL Pa$8 Out L ,v Roanoke H.S. I iillLl S. PER i ' ' red by tt ' S " " ' ' ' ' " " Jortuary 28, 1958 5.30 . 7.00 pm. DST Socia Jixn- A li l..» V ' =JLjear .JLj lar ' 21 njJe J{aJ ' ' A Wonderful Time up There " Master of Ceremonies, Phil Welker, crowning Judith Eisenhut, the queen of the 1957 spring Potpourri. Crownbearer Deborah Clark and her escort Tommy Brewer. 22 POTPOURRI — (po per e) meaning a mixture of herbs and spices, was the name chosen for the 1957 Spring Revue. Potpourri drew the largest crowd on record. Each class participated to help carry out the theme. ■■ ff- ' • JBH ilP? - - %: ' :T ' ■ V 1 ' 1 ' ( 1 1 1 1 1 A ' • ' ■i ' " - ' . Shave ' n hair- cut — two bits. By 7th 8th grade boys. Old King Cole was one of the many nursery rhymes portray- ed by grades one and two. The American Patrol soldiers, Nancy Swihart, Jean Stabler and Ruth Ann Thomas added a military bit to the show. The grand finale of Potpourri was highlighted b y the crowning of the queen and the presentation of her court. Row 1—C. Smith, M. John, K. Langston, L, Lahr, R. Paul, M. Merckx. M. Sagers, and L. Witherow Roiv 2 — L. Thorn, J. Jones, C. Clark, C. Sagers, S. Langston. P. Swaidner. A. Moore, S. Smith. D. ] Row 3— P. Piatt, M. Merckx. S. Williams. C. Simon. M. Husband, S. Oswalt, R. Hartley. R. Dillm Mr. Durflinger, J. Thorn. R. Foster, P. Zent, M. Welker, T. Smith, B. Stephens, D. Smitl: The Band started out the year by having the 1 They also participated in the District and State C Superior rating in 1957. In conjunction with the choir they presented Concert. For these Band students there ' s more to just , practice, for the band presented us with all types o ball games which we all enjoyed. We are all very proud of our band, so keep u] Vk xxfinoi in tne Jjfand FLASH! Band repeats performance in ' 58. Just before our press deadline, the R.H.S. band again went to the state con- test to obtain a first division rating for the second consecutive year. Congraulations! R. Funk, E. Ross, and S. Smith. ;imon, G. Hartley, M. Metcalf, srne, and D. Witherow. jal candy sales, which received nual Christmas a day a group for the basket- )od work! 25 inqfinqf at the nristt igingi 11 as 1st row, Miss Boggs, M. Terry, J. Stabler, L. Click, B. Stienbacher, N. Reed, M. Richards, J. Dager, B. Grimm, B. Miller, A. Berry, B. Williams. 2nd row, R. Thomas, J. Pulver, C. Lynch, R. Gass, R. Crabbs, B. DeWitt, V. Emley, N. Kaufman, J. Schenkel, J. Snelling, G. May. 3rd row, D. Thomas, N. Lahr, T. Smith, R. Foster, J. Pulver, D. Truitt, R. Paul, K. Klepser. 26 c onccrt a na - j ' prina festival Miss Betty Boggs was the new choir director this year. This was her first year at Roanoke. The choir pre- sented their annual Christmas Con- cert. The choir has been working hard preparing for the annual Huntington County Music Festival. The sextette was a great part of the choir this year. They blended their voices for many activities in the area. SEXTETTE — Jean Stabler, Judy Pulver, Ruth Thomas, Nancy Kaufman, Linda Glick, Ann Berry. 27 at ' S itiisnine iS ociefu rleetiiias and f , h r% i.v! ■()((•— V. Emley, B. Miller, S. Smith, L. Wilts, K. Williams, R. Gass, L. Runyan, ,J, .Stabler, E. Harnishfegei " , J. Grimm, J. Frantz. 2nd row—Mrs. Sharp, M. Ness, S. Raines, B. Grimm, M. Metcalf. D. Weaver, K. Utterback, R. Boden- hamer, C. Lynch, N. Swiheart, D. Latta, C. Houser. 3rd row—C. Hughes, D. Huglies, C. Sagers, S. Vebert, B. Snyder, A. Hitzman, M. Pettit, C. House- holder, B. Williams, J. Snelling. The Sunshine Society held its formal installation of officers and initiation of new members at the Methodist Church. It was a candlelight service. They gave gifts to the Convalescent Home at Christmas time. They held their annual Chili Supper in January. They also gave a contribution to the Riley hospital. Standing — Ruth Ann Gass, Linda Runyan, Jean Stabler, Sharon Smith, Linda Wirts. Seated — Karen Williams, Mrs. Sharp. 28 at ' ' Swinging Sweethearts " Babette Miller and her escort Dick Funder- burg were crowned King and Queen of the annual Sweetheart Dance held on February 15, 1958. The theme of the dance was " Swinging Sweethearts. " To carry out the theme the room was decorated in red and white crepe paper with red and white hearts swinging in the air suspended from the ceiling. The finale of the dance was the Grand March led by Mr. and Mrs. Hinton. t Om- " Fantabulous " IQca )tion - - - Our junior year reception was held in the beautiful Honeywell Memorial Community Center in Wabash, Indiana. The decorations consisted of blue and sil- ver floral programs with large bouquets of blue carnations, in honor of the graduat- ing class, mixed with our class flower, pink roses. After a delicious candle light dinner, we entertained our guests with a stage presenta- tion of " Flibbertigibbet " presented by the drama club of Manchester College. The Junior Senior Reception was held at the Honeywell Memorial building in Wabash on May 3, 1957. Later everyone joined at North Manchester for a play. i t - y sscniblxj f i-og ranis The purpose of this organiza- tion is to assist upon the prin- cipal ' s request in supervision or disciplinary problems. To create pride in one ' s school and respect for property of others. To sug- gest to authorities improve- ments in the school which to the council seem advisable. To permit the students to have a more democratic part in their school. To promote better un- derstanding between teachers and students. The major project of the stu- dent council this year was the sponsoring of the assembly pro- grams. This took much thought and careful planning to choose programs everyone would enjoy. I R. Paul— V. Pres., S. Smith— Sec. -Treas., J. Stump--Pies., Mr. Melson — Advisor. Back row — S. Smith, S. Smith, L. Runyan, J. Stump, B. Norris, R. Paul. Front row—S. Dager, D. Smith, K. Utterback, Mr. Melson, C. Smith, S. Wohlford, J. Schenkel. 31 j=a — c . " Worii n d on Bill Jackson, a Dr. of Philosophy was engaged to Angela Warren. Her uncle, Henry Dodson, thought Bill was a M.D. He said he would give them $50,000 for the first life he saved. Then a demented patient rushed in- to Dodson ' s hospital room and tried to stab him. Bill came in just in time to save his life, which won him the $50,000. There also were the antics of Puckett and Dodson which kept things in a con- tinuous uproar. Puckett, jolly and ex- tremely mischievous, and Dodson, wealthy, crabby and over-bearing, kept the hospital staff in hot water from the start to finish. Henry K. Dodson - - S. Williams Angela Warren - - - K. Williams Dr. Wm. Jackson - - - - J. Stump Miss Holt ----- M. Richards Pat Pryor ------ S. Smith Dottie Carleton - - - - L. Wirts Lottie Nelson ----- L. Glick Jack Benson - - - W. Bodenhamer Jonathan Puckett - - C. Markley Cordelia Puckett - - - C. Houser Dovie Finkledink - - - M. Terry Dodie Blake - - - - M. Hoffman Expectant Father - - M. Langston Little Girl ------ V. Emley Her Mother ------ L. Lahr Let go of me you httle shrimp ! ! ! ! Uncle Henry, this is my future husband, Dr. WiUiam Jackson. Up to the operating room with him. J ahe kAoiiv yVlcdicinc - Through your heart this dagger goes! To Santa Claus from the third floor nurses! Lools; at that man over there — He ' s baldheaded, just like Grandpa. Oh, this is two-five-nought. See? So sorry! 33 nd at ny 5 ( . J Viiniite fj reahs For our second adventure in drama we chose the comedy " Good Night Ladies. " The three act comedy featured a cast of twelve members centering around the financial dif- ficulties of the Raleigh family who were forced into turning their home near Graj ' son College into a girls dormitory. Flora and Barbara, Jane and Helen Ra- leigh ' s aunts, are selected as house matrons. When they did not arrive on schedule for their interview with near-sighted Dean Eg- gleby, the girls persuaded their brother, Sam Raleigh and Jane ' s steady boyfriend, Jug Brown, to masquerade as their aunts. Many humorous events, such as Barbara ' s skirt descending to display her fancy bloom- ers, occurred to add humor to the play. Helen Raleigh ------ L. Click Jane Raleigh ------ c. Houser Sam Raleigh ------ C. Markley Jug Brown ------ S. Williams Professor Dexter ----- j. Stump Dean Eggleby ------- L. Wirts Angela Rimini ------ M. Terry Larry Dobson ----- K. Colclesser Lulu Giffen ------ K. Williams Judy West ------- M. Richards George West - - - - w. Bodenhamer Betty London ------- S. Smith 34 eliearsing " Goodnlght LadlCS " Oh! George! Here they are everyone Oh! Dean Eggleby MMMMMN! You can ' t do this to us! But professor! 35 Of) T ' O •rf t " ' . ( i I K ! U . i Qb ' ls 4-J-C Junior Leaders and Officers: Seated — C. Houser, M. Hoffman, K. Williams, S. Smith. Standi7ig — J. Beaver, C. Simon, L. Lahr, A. Hoover, IVIrs. Sharp, L. Wirts, and J. Schenkel. Soy 4-J{ Top row— C. Crum, C. Markley, D. Stinson, R. Fun!:, J. Gay, J. Staley, N. Balliet, H. Young, J. Quickery. Row 2 — K. Klepser, A. Chenoweth, R. Langston, N. Yant, J. Kreienbrink, M. Col- clesser, M. Welker. J. Emley. Row 3— J. Pulver, G. Mast, T. Mast, L. Lahr, S. Rice, D. Rice, S. Smith, K. Langston, M. Langston, T. Smith. Row 4 — D. Rice, S. Dager, J. Chesterman, M. Mosher, M. Husband, B. Klepser, D. Hinton, R. Colclesser, J. Seymour. mi J ' f 4 1 lO i nd at f . J . 4: . runctions One of the functional organizations at R.H.S. is the Parent Teachers Association. The principal activity of the P.T.A. each year is the penny supper held in the school gymna- sium. The group is primary in the smooth opera- tion between the school and the home. Mrs. D 1 1 1 m a n 1957-58 president of the PTA, acts as teacher in a skit with par- ents as bright luoking pupils. The annual PTA penny supper is pictured here. 37 =J ear .JLjiarxj 39 j-acultu and jf-riends Ellen Hendrickson Social Studies — English Huntington College B.A. Degree Hobby — Sewing, Reading Arlene Weidenhoeft Math. — Science Degrees B.A., Huntington College B.S., Purdue University Hobby — Nature Study Garnet Merckx English Ball State College A.B. Degree Hobby — Sewing, Reading 0( J ,, Trank Melson Coach, Drivers Education Butler University B.S. Degree Hobby — Fishing at v. J i. . - - - Charles J. Crum Agriculture Purdue University B.S. Degree Hobby — Farming, Woodworking Omer Leroy Null Jr. Social Studies — English Manchester College B.A. Degree — History B.S. Degree — Education Hobby — Sports, Reading QOQOOOO OOOO0OI ®OOQOOO Marythea Plasterer Commerce DePauw University A.B. Degree Hobby — Stamp Collecting njjor njJitd ' Uasani Joanna Sharp Home Economics Ball State College B.S. Degree Hobby — Sewing Ralph Rogers Industrial Arts Purdue University M.I.T. B.S. Degree M.S. Degree Hobby — Golf, Fishing Betty Boggs Music Ball State College A.B. Degree M.A. Degree Hobby — Traveling Dorothea Henning Art Manchester College B.S. Degree Hobby — Traveling, Reading K mi i es - - - Louis Durflinger Band University of Illinois B.M. Degree Indiana University Jordan Conservatory M.M. Degree Hobby — Music r William McPherren Sixth Grade Teacher Ball State College, B.S. Degree Hobby — Sports, Sketching June Burchett Fifth Grade Teacher Huntington College A.B. Degree Hobby — Photography 43 and y iapp j ' J ieai-ti Hazel Mitchell Third Fourth Grade Teacher Manchester College Huntington College B.S. Degree Hobby — Antiques Hilda Baker Fourth Grade Teacher Manchester College Ball State College B.S. Degree Hobby — Reading Phyllis Williams Second Grade Teacher Manchester College Hobby — Sewing, Family Dorothy Drabenstot First Second Grade Teacher Manchester College J B.S. Degree Hobby — Flowers Ruth McClure Third Grade Teacher Huntington College Wittenberg College B.S. Degree Hobby — Gardening ' V, Leah Settlemyer First Grade Teacher Ball State College B.S. Degree Hobby — Traveling 45 (JJe J{eei the During his twelve year tenure as prin- cipal at R.H.S., Charles Hinton has been a friend to every student. G |X Delmar Glick, Roscoe Emley, Charles Stabler, members of the advisory board look over the plans to the new addition. During his eight years as trustee, Christy Schoeff has seen many ad- vancements. 46 j rincipal and .jiis .jielp .jtoppincf Y " Karen Williams has completed her sec- ond year as school secretary at R.H.S. Her many jobs include checking attendance, registering grades, and many others too numerous to mention. The faithful cooks at Roanoke are Mrs. Jordan, Mrs. Jackson, and Mrs. Crow. Each day they prepare a balanced meal planned by Home Economics teacher, Mrs. Sharp. 47 C lick - . licK - y licK The yearbook staff worked many long hard hours to prepare an annual full of memories everyone will enjoy and cherish. The staff was kept busy typing and re- typing, after the many times they changed their minds. With everyone doing his and her part efficiently we hope we have brought a book you will enjoy immensely. Steve Williams and Linda Wirts editors, look over the " dummy. " Typists, Marilyn ' l Tr ' and Linda Glick, find that a typewriter doesn ' t know how to spell worth a darn. SUnidiiic — Marilyn Terry, Bob Stephens, Wayne Battershell, Rex Ottinger, Linda Glick, Phil Zent, Karen Williams, Bill Caston, Sharon Smith. Seated — Steve Williams, Mr. Null, Sponsor. Linda Wirts. Not pictured, Connie Houser. 48 - v - • ! ? + @ Mr. Null, advisor wondering how things could get so shook up. Sharon Smith, Saxmuri business manager, figures out ads. Photographers, Wayne Battershell and Bob Stephens compare notes. Circulation managers, Bill Caston and Karen Williams, find another sucker, Gerry Hart- ley. 49 The one event which seems to hold the most anticipation in the eyes of each high school student is the long- awaited senior trip. This year ' s trip, under the direction of the Cleary Kelsey travel agency of Fort Wayne, included tours of Niagara Falls, New York City, Wash- ington, D. C, and many such famous buildings as the Lincoln Monument, Smithsonian Institution, Statue of Liberty, and several others. Marge Richards and Bill Sherbahn think not only of the pleasant memories left behind, but also of the opportunities ahead. Jtalls of yv f - Sponsor, Mr. Null, V-Pres. L. Wirts, Pres. C. Markley, Treas. P. Zent, Sponsor, Mr. Hinton, Sec. M. Terry. The two major projects of the Seniors this year were a scrap drive and " Good Night Ladies, " the class play presented October 18. In April we took our long awaited Sen- ior trip, going to Niagara Falls, New York, and Washington, D. C. For entertainment this year we had a theater party in Fort Wayne. We saw " April Love, " starring Pat Boone. Graduation came all too soon but we will always have wonderful memories of our years at R.H.S. 51 31 i eniors Vlcircned to the J itnc of Richard Battershell Wayne Battershell Wayne Bodenhamer Vivian Emley Dick Packy Bode Viv William Caston Paul Doege James Emley Marcia Hoffman Fuzzy Wuzzy Elvis Jimmie Squatty Jim Garstka Linda Glick Vernon Hinen Max Colclesser J. Gartha Stub Sonny Cowkisser 52 " Pomp and Circu7nstance " out of Connie Houser G erald Kreinbrink LaDonna Lahr Marvin Langston Twitch Preacher Dannie Lou Marv Clyde Markley Rex Ottinger James Quickery Margie Richards Cleo Rexie Cricket Marge William Sherbahn Sharon Smith Robert Stephens Jerry Stump Willie Poop Sviitty Atonn Bomb Baby Romeo 53 v. y t, . — 5 ' fiever to ioraet - - elvin Su mney Marilyn Ter ry Karen Williams Steve Williams Mel Shor ■ty Chick Weasel Linda Wii •ts Paul Wohlford Philip Zent Cookie P. J. Phil 54 Jjefore . fier GRADE 2 Row 3— Mrs. Burris, S. Williams, M. Langston, W. Law, D. Loew, E. Moore, J. Quickery, B. Sherbahn, P. Wohlford, J. Stump. P. Zent, V. Hinen, M. Sumney, B. Crabbs. Row 2— B. Stephens, B. Caston, G. Pelz, R. Ottinger, C. Markley, S. Smitli, J. Estricli, L. Wirts, K. Shock, V. Emley, P. Doege. Row i— L. Lahr, J. Thompson, B. Hine, B. Halltine, M. Hoffman, C. Houser, M. Richards. GRADE 12 Row 3— B. Sherbahn, G. Kreinbrink, R. Ottinger, J. Emley, B. Caston, R. Battershell, J. Garstka, M. Colclesser, W. Bodenhamer, P. Wohlford, J. Stump. Row 2— S. Williams, C. Markley, J. Quickery, B. Stephens, M. Langston, P. Doege, W. Battershell, M. Sumney, V. Hinen, P. Zent. Row 1—C. Houser, K. Williams, S. Smith, L. Glick, L. Lahr, M. Richards, M. Terry, V. Emley, M. Hoffman, L. Wirts. 55 c andu v y oom C rai ters - - - Officers and Sponsors: Mr. Rogers, Mrs. Henning, N. Balliet, Treas.; M. Merckx, Sec; T. Garstka, Pres.; H. Young, Vice Pres. To get the year off to a rolling start we received our class rings and got our magazine sales campaign un- der way during the first week of school. The candy room was a huge success! A lot of fun and a lot of work went into presenting our play. We had a reception for the seniors. The year went all too fast but the mem- ories will never be forgotten. 56 Norm Balliet Ann Berry Bill Crabbs Rilla Crabbs Barbara DeWitt Bob Doerr Rodney Funk Jan Frantz Ted Garstka Jan Grimm Elaine Harnishfeger Garry Hartley Carol Hinen Agatha Hoover Cora Hughes Dell Hughes Anita Husband Nancy Kaufman Ron Kummer Margaret Merckx Marjorie Merckx Babs Miller Eddie Moore Rex Paul Judy Pulver Nola Reed Linda Runyan Beverly Snyder Garry Sontchi Jerry Staley Bev Steinbacher Dave Stinson Lamar Swaidner Ruth Thomas Varen Thorne Dave Truitt Hanson Young Rex Zent 57 • -. ust wait II J7 qfei inxi license get tnu E. Ross, Treas.; N. Yant, Sec; L. Middleton, Vice Pres.; D. Latta, Pres.; C. Crum and E. Hendrickson, Sponsors. We held the annual fish fry which was a suc- cess. We had a theatre party and saw " April Love " starring Pat Boone. We sold streamers for both tourneys. A big event for us was ordering our class rings. Now we are anxiously awaiting to see what fate holds for us as Juniors. 58 Ruth Bodenhamer Ruth Gass Jim Gay Rose Kreienbrink Diane Latta Carol Lynch Merle Metcalf Larry Middleton Sandra Rice Eddie Ross Garry Siebern Jerry Simmons Delbert Smith Jean Stabler Nancy Swihart Karen Utterback Cecil Villiard Larry Williams David Witherow Neil Yant Jerry Stephens ' - ' it 59 Q ' reenies J. Pulver, K. Klepser, Mr. Melson, J. Stephens, Mrs. Sharp. After we were initiated by the Seniors we of- ficially became high-school students. We had a sock hop at the Conservation Club for a money making project. We had an ice skating party also. 60 Lynn Crabbs Alan Cumby Arthur Chenowith Judy Dager Pam Elvin Kent Forst Ray Foster Dave Graves Babs Grimm Larry Hine Amelia Hitzeman CaroU Householder Jack Hughes Norm Hyser Mike Jacobs Kent Klepser Nolan Lahr Ralph Langston Gaylen May Karen Merckx Fritz Neel Mary Ann Ness Brent Norris Mary Ann Pettit Ron Piatt Phillip Piatt Jim Pulver Sandy Raines Charlene Sagers Judy Schenkel Dean Shatzer Terry Smith Judy Snelling Olen Snyder Jim Stephens Doug Thomas Susan Vebert Joan VonHolten Barbara Williams ■ 7 csj ' W ' -Xy V ' ' 61 li ait ' II JV..I % ear - - - We were familiar with the high school this year. We had a Christ- mas party and a movie party. We are all looking forward to being a greenie next year. D. Rice, Pres.; Mrs. Weidenhoeft, Sponsor; K. Langston, Vice Pres.; M. Wellcer, Treas.; Miss Plasterer, Sponsor; M. Farrell, Sec. " n " 62 8tn K racle Alva Bard Ri chard Byall Cheryl Caley Bill Carman David Coe Gary Dearduff Jo Delmuth Patty Dennis Alice DeWitt Ronnie DeWitt Mike Farrell Sharon Gibson Roger Gordon Elizabeth Henline Sandra Hinen Cathy Hogle Dale Hogle Tom Hughes Marty John Diane Merckx Keith Langston Dale Law Linda May Anita Moore Charles Reed Donna Rice Richard Rice Brenda Shephard Kent Smith Mike Smith Steve Smith Raymond Snyder Shirley Stansill Jim Thorne Sandra Wohlford CVyU-y ' JL " j{.y!- nML.e ' jbo " We g. JVo«? We were very excited to come into the 7th grade. It was a new adventure for us to be on the high school side. We had a Christmas Party in the music room. We also enjoyed a theater party in Fort Wayne. C. Simon, R. Hartlej ' , Miss Boggs, Mrs. Merckx. L. Thorne. 64 in K rade Cheryl Bandelier Janet Beaver Jim Chesterman Charlotte Clark Tom Cumbey Steve Dager Margaret Delrnuth Linda DeWitt Arthur Dibble Norma Garbison Terry James Ricky Hartley Jane Hinton Myron Husband Joe Weaver George Mast Mike Mosher Sandra Oswalt Bill Quickery Allen Williams Gloria Utterback Elton Lilly Carmen Simon Janet Mercer Delores Williams Harry Sumney Sally Zart Cynthia Smith Sue Wolf Leroy Swihart Larry Riesen Lonnie Thorn Rick Rice Joan Foster Ted Wall Richard Dillman Jay Sagers Don Zent 65 6tk i rade ' » , I f T% - i ft M. V? -,♦ -— Mary Sagers Lana Witherow Pamela Swaidner Sandra Langston Susan Gruesbeck Steven Doepher Dennis White Linda Jacobs Joyce Pace Sandra Schenkel Robert Klepser Marsha Hughes Stephen Wohlford James Miller Phillip Rice Vivian Vebert Judith Miller Donna Harnish Marianne Orr Joan Harnishfeger George Jones David Latta Gene Hyser Allen Dinius Richard Hinton Julianna Jones Tammara Truitt Donna Horine Vern Thorne Britt Hyser John Larkey Not Pictured: Dan Abbett Richard Hertel Daniel Jackson Rita Lambert 66 5tn -jrac(e Cynthia Hartley Stephen Ness Ellen Jo Merckx Jerry Willett June Snelling Lu Vern Anderson Myra Corll James Patten Lynn Battershell Linda Stein Peggy Dager Jack Seymour Betty Stansill Gloria Martz Sam Wirts Ted Hughes Roy Weaver Roger Colclessor Greg Patten Geoffrey Farrell Patricia Oswalt Gary Hays Linda Shepherd Jane Smith Donald Hines Tommy Coe Susan Fisher Steven Myers Martha Gibson Mary Gibson Eric Forst Charlene Jennings Duane Baker Jay Simmers Ellen Simons Jo Lynn Werking Allen Norris Lynnette Bartels Vickie Winters Donna Rollins Billy Vogel Robert Miller Judy Beghtol Tom Mast Clare Lynch Donald Rice Janet Simmons Mike Finton 67 4tlt K i-acie Beverly Graft Jeanette McKinsey Linda Crow Ruth A. Horine Bonnie Glick Barbara Coe Lynn Kreamer Lynn Ambriole Diann Hogle Linda Staples Coleen Myers Janet Young Deborah Winters Karen Keefer Brent DeWitt Steven Byall Robert Rice Michael Castor Philip Cooper Carol Craft Gregory Wiley Robert Raines James Heral William Gruesbeck Timothy Abbett Marvis Rice Urban Shatzer Joseph Hogel Kathleen McNamara Danny Abbett (Gr. 6) Larry Bric ker Cheryl Brewer John Larkey (Gr. 6) Randy Rico 68 3, ' J 4tlt QraJes Kathleen Pequignot Kay Woehler Judy Foster Gloria Hanley Ervin Anderson Karen Jennings Michael Law Dennis Pressler Richard Smith Ronnie Moon Mary Delmuth Gale Smith Barry Hughes Larry Vogel Sherry Stein Geraldine Ashley Faye Hammons DuWayne Haines Jean Williams Paul Ward John Rogers Roger Rice Stanley Hine Cloyd Prouty Mary Sumney Wayne Hughes Danny Larkey Roger Woehler Larry Williams V| i iwymmn % I ■« •V 69 3rd K racte Jerry Piatt Sally Jo Elliot Thomas McPherran David Farrell Stehen Eisenhut Lesa Kreinbrink Paul Swain David Deuter Caroll Schoeff Eruce Youvich Ronnie Shephard Steven L incoln David Adams Susan Jill Williams Fred Bodenhamer Gary DeWitt Jo Lynn Hartley Patricia John Dennis Bonewitz Sandra Edmiston Margaret Cumbey Frederick Strauss Thomas McPherran Patti Jo Crow Susan Bauer Toby Miller Frederick Strauss Rita Hughes Sue Vogel Duane Hines Larry Walter Karen Burkhart Karen Simon 70 2.nd K radi Patricia Merckx Vicl i Gongaware Alan Simmers Deborah Clark Jeanette Anderson Rosemary Martz Janice Weaver Jean Wolf Janis Caley Charlene Langston Linda Edens Sharon Tucker Jeannie Heral Steven Bonewitz Colleen Bauer Lynn Thorn Michael Dennis John Hitzemann Ann Chesterman Danny Miller Kenneth Click Danny Dager Eobby Dugan Thomas Brewer, Jr. Marilyn Schoeff Gregory Jeffery James Young Douglas White Sam Elliot Michael Burdoine Mark Byall Mike Dennis John Hinen 71 1st SL 2nd i rades Jimmy Mendenhall Harry Ashley Bonnie Hammons Barbara Anderson John Kunberger Johnny Long Dick Fleishman Belinda Jones Stehen Pace John Fisher Donald Pequinot Marc Dennis Billy Moon Marta Stein Kav Thorn Bobby Bittner John Thorn John Prouty David Hammons Carol Winters Lisa Smith Dixie Pettit Shirley Kern Rickey Woehler Stephanie Bartels Terry Graft Frank Hogle 72 1st K rade Kerry Howard Lee Ann Bricker Diana Wall Danny Slratmier Fred Hogle Linda Overmeyer Steven Hinen Max Utterback Dale Mendenhall Charl Bandelier Patty Ambriole Deborah Willett Robert Fairchild Billy Lohrig Debra Latta Deborah Coe Nanda Corll Imagine Stansill Michael DeWitt Mona Wiley Mindy Strauss Joe Rogers Roxanna Howe Chris Graft Tonya Swaim Joy Martz John Banghart James Horine Linda Lahr Harry Hinen Rodney Rice Candise Hartley Mavis Meyers 73 (A e nope ou nave enjouea tlte all new 1958 Sa ' axynuri :h as we eyiioued as ntucn as we enjouK brinaina it to ou f aiiors STEVE WILLIAMS - - LINDA WIRTS 75 WIRrS HOME FURNISHINGS Furniture Carpet Appliances PHONE 4633 ROANOKE, INDIANA OAK PARK SANITARIUM EXCELLENT FOOD PROFESSIONAL CARE PHONE 2373 ROANOKE, INDIANA Monroe Shephard (Adni.) Located on U.S. 24 East of Roanoke. Indiana 76 Eat At CASTOR TEXACO HILLSIDE RESTAURANT Car Lab. — Wasliing and Motor Tune-up TEXACO SERVICE ROANOKE, INDIANA U.S. 24 For tlie Finest Compliments of INDIANA LIME GARL TRUITT see Robert R. Williams General Contractor R. R. 2 Huntington Ph. 4364 ROANOKE ROANOKE STATE BANK LOANS - INSURANCES Safety Deposit Boxes for Rent Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Banking Hours — 9:00 to 3:30 CLOSED WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON THE STUDENT SPOTLIGHT Ii on J StEN CLASS RiNGB THE SAAART THING WflTOllOG 4 the spotlight reveals MagniHcent sunshine lOK gold Exc!u:ive orig.nai design Every ring beautifully engraved Deep dimension die-work Thick foceted :tonei plus a host of features In the JOSTEN tradition of quality JEWELERS IMPRINT 77 Huetiegtoii College Your College in Your Community Huntington, Indiana Offers courses leading to A.B., S.S. Degrees in EDUCATION Two year courses in Bible, Commerce, and Pre-Professional For information write GALEN COLCLESSER Director of Public Relations Phone 153 HUNTINGTON COLLINS SHOE SHOP Service While You Wait ALL WORK GUARANTEED 41 West State Street This Shop Is Operated By MARION COLLINS Not by C. of C. INDIANA Compliments of DR. WILLIAM L BERGE Optometrist Phone 342 56 W. Market St. Huntington, Indiana 78 COMPLIMENTS to the Class of 1958 DR. G. E. RICKERT OPTOMETRIST PHONE 451 HUNTINGTON, INDIANA WAYNEDALE LUMBER SUPPLY COMPANY Plywood - Sash Doors - Roofing CUSTOM MILLWORK Phone H-3251 3300 Lower Huntington Road FORT WAYNE, INDIANA Compliments of SCHENKEL OIL SALES PHONE 2274 ROANOKE, INDIANA WAYNEDALE PHARMACY 2614 Lower Huntington Road Fort Wayne 6, Indiana Phone H-3382 79 LET ' S LIVE HERE... Fresh, spark- ling beauty inside and out side; new features, inno vations, niceties; dependable construction; proven value . . . . in the delightful and pleasant 8-WIDE 45 ' 42 ' 38 ' 35 ' 32 ' 10-WIDE 45 ' 42 ' 36 ' one, two, and three bedroom models Charm, warmth, cheerfulness — are enduringly yours in the delightful AMERICAN family of 16 fine mo- bile homes. Each model is as prac- tical as it is beautiful, and holds its fresh individuality for years. Its rugged resistance to deprecia- tion makes AMERICAN, over the years, the most economical invest- ment for you. Stop postponing, start living ... the AMERICAN way. U. S. 24 MOBILE HOME SALES Roanoke, Indiana Phone 5120 80 Roanoke Super Market and Lockers Your Friendly Family Store ROANOKE, INDIANA SELF-SERVICE Quality Groceries and Meats LOCKERS Processing and Curing of Meats Phone 2423 Open 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Come In For Bibles - Gifts - Greeting Cards - Stationery Job Printing - Religious Pictures - Writing Materials - Books Your Friendly Store U. B. BOOK STORE Corner Franklin and Warren J. E. Zent Sons FORD Sales Service ROANOKE, INDIANA 81 Compliments of ORR TRUCKING CO. BEST OF LUCK IN 58 - ! Compliments of SEALTEST CENTRAL DIVISION Huntington, Indiana Everyone Reads THE ROANOKE REVIEW An aggressive Paper for a Progressive Community FOUNDED 1893 Commercial Printing Newspaper Advertising 82 Compliments of L. E. WILLIAMS Agricultural Lime Stone JOHNSON ' S STANDARD Delivered Spread U. S. 24 at Roanoice Phone Roanoke 3518 ROANOKE R. R. 2 HUNTINGTON JUNK SALVAGE DEALERS Compliments of Scrap Iron TIMES CORNER Scrap Paper STANDARD SERVICE Non-Ferrous Mela s 24 hour Towing Service 231 W. Washington Phone 813 Complimenis of THE MAJESTIC CO.JNC. HUNTINGTON Phone 936 Night Service 332 Heating - Oil - Gas - Coal Air Conditioning - Water Remote Air INCINERATORS - FIREPLACES Compliments of HURLEY ' S 2710 South Calhoun FORT WAYNE 83 ' ' SHORTY " CARNES SON A W 430 Cherry Street Phone 327 ROOT BEER HUNTINGTON, INDIANA Hot Dogs by the Sack WRECK REBUILDING REPAIR Root Beer by ttie Gal on CAR PAINTING MOTOR TUNE-UP 1218 S. Jefferson St. HUNTINGTON, INDIANA Compliments of COMPLIMENTS OF REINHART HUNTINGTON UPHOLSTERING CO. TRACTOR SALES Huntington, Indiana Huntington, Indiana GERBER ' S CENTRAL DAIRY GRADE A DAIRY PRODUCTS ♦0» ♦9» ♦O BLUFFTON Phone 120 ROANOKE Phone 2505 84 Bear in Mind ROANOKE ELEVATOR COMPANY Grain - Coal - Feed - Fertilizer Roanoke, Indana Compliments of OUR SUNDAY VISITOR " Most widely read Catholic wzel ly in the World " Huntington, Indiana RICHARDS STORE Wi ROANOKE INDIANA 85 W-W GRAVEL W-W CONCRETE Sand Gravel Ready Mix Concrete Phone 5335 Roanoke, Indiana 86 Pressler Rexall Drugs Prescriptions Veterinary Products Court House Corner HUNTINGTON, INDIANA Phone 42 Compliments of HOFFY ' S SERVICE Robert Fairchild Custom Butchering Cutting, Wrapping Quick Freezing Phone 3831 ROANOKE, INDIANA TOWN SHOP CLEANERS Pick-up and Delivery ROANOKE. INDIANA Phone 4993 Comp iments of JOHNSON GLASS SHOP Huntington, Indiana GOULD for Tires Passenger, Truck, Farm Recapping, too Huntington, Indiana Phone 1200 HUNTINGTON JUNK SALVAGE DEALERS Scrap Iron Scrap Paper Non-Ferrous Metals 231 W. Washington Phone 813 Compliments of TIMES CORNER STANDARD SERVICE U.S. 24 Harrison 5244 87 Weyrick ' s Country Store Groceries, Meats, Hardware Sporting Goods - Paint 6016 U.S. 24 West Phone H-6104 FORT WAYNE, INDIANA Compliments to Class of ' 58 Boots Simmons Service Phone 5373 or 3313 Congratulations to Class of 58 SIABLER DRUG STORE - Prescriptions - - Fountain Service - Pioneer Ice Cream Lady Wayne Chocolates Phone 4023 Roanoke, Indiana DITZLER-KELLY LUMBER CO. Building Materials, Cementf Mortatf Plaster, Lime, Pittsburgh Paints, Mulehide Roofing, Doors, Windows Erie R.R. and State Street PHONE 28 HUNTINGTON, INDIANA Compliments of COIL ENGINEERING AND MANUFACTURING CO. Roanoke, Indiana Compliments of CHARLES RESTAURANT Huntington, Indiana Compliments to Class of 1958 Dr. B. Trent Cooper 89 Compliments of Earl W. Gregory See us for all your Insurance Needs Notary Public ROANOKE, INDIANA PHONE 2323 Roanoke Pastry Sliop ROANOKE, INDIANA Phone 2536 We Make and Decorate Cakes for PARTIES BIRTHDAYS, and WEDDINGS R0AI40KE HARDWARE Maytag Washers - Tappan Ranges Pittsburgh Paints PHONE 3313 ROANOKE, INDIANA Compliments of VILLAGE INN Roanoke, Indiana 90 Complimenis of =?wy c i Viortviarvj ROANOKE, INDIANA STUNNING NEW DESIGNS In Fine Watches EUGN - GRUEN - BULOVA and others MIX JEWELERS 129 E. 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FORT WAYNE 2, INDIANA Compliments of BARNHARrS School Office Supplies HUNTINGTON, INDIANA HOME-WAY HOI ES ELDON L JEFFREY Dealer -Builder Phone 3622 Roanoke, Indiana COMPLIMENTS OF BROWN ' S GROCERY Quality Meats Fresh Vegetables Cor. 2nd High St. Phone 3414 ROANOKE, INDIANA T. F. WINEBRENNER SON, INC JOHN DEERE Farm Implements 33 East State Street HUNTINGTON, INDIANA GESAMAN FLOOR COVERING PHONE 1409 Cor. Etna Ave. and Cline St. HUNTINGTON, INDIANA ZANESVILLE LUMBER SUPPLY CO.JNC. Hardware, Paint and Builders ' Supplies Phone 52 ZANESVILLE, INDIANA 95 PERRY FAIRCHILD Builder ROANOKE PHONE R. R. 1 5169 SAXMURi CONTRIBUTORS Wakefield Garage Nick ' s Kitchen Schroeders Drive-in Restaurant Huntington Laboratory Shaefer Beauty Gift Shop Jones ' Jewelry Huntington Double Dip Wissel ' s Millers Greenhouse Webb Son Jewelers American Legion Polar Bear Drive In Dr. Sam H. Young Waynedale Cleaners Inc. C. S. Hinen Son Leah ' s Beauty Nook Home Lumber Co. City Flower Shop Service Barber Shop House of Furniture Sturm Auto Parts Inc. C. M. Plating Co. Inc. Snoke Feed Mill Moon Moon Dry Cleaners H. A. Dinius Son North Side Motors Main Service Station Fulton Dairy Product Community State Bank Gillie ' s Grill The Gamble Store Schroeder Shoe Store Dr. D. E. Murray Robbins Funeral Home Brodricks Texaco The Tackle Box Huntington Paint and Wallpaper Co. Ware Monuments— Ralph Witherow, Agent 96 state Road No. 1 Nortli of Bluffton, Indiana Portrait Commercial Photofinishing Cameras and Supplies JIM BILL BOB 97 Autographs ' j cLo--x ' yi.. o fo M fA X ' - ' 0- i4 OX " ' ■y Autographs Uit ' : ' ' H :.:Hk ' : r M ' - ' W- ■U ' m: ;SStf - " - ' ' - ,v ■ III— 1 " H ii ii fT- - -mil- n I Hiiiifc III I I - rnj- ■ - - .iL ' I. -- ' %.-. ' ' -- ■- y im i »ji: Ji ' " ;0 ■ ' ■ro ' fe ' i J ' « 4 - ,, --t lLw ' f -« :- -- :«; " - - |t--. - JP ■■ " .-..f : ' " - ' - - ' ' % :V " % ' - - -J t k ' ■»- 4k!;: ' it - V% " : - ' i - ■ ;■

Suggestions in the Jackson Township School - Saxmuri Yearbook (Roanoke, IN) collection:

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