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: %. - S6 V« - 1956 SAXMURI Meredith Smith and Mike Pence .....Co-Editors Myra Kerch and Maryann Caston... Business Managers HDMDKE HIGH SCHOOL ROANOKE, INDIANA CONTENTS Opening Section Page 2 People Page 10 Informal Page 44 Sports Page 54 Activities Page 66 8 K_) -»C, - M- T , L ■- r j WE BUILD FOR THE FUTURE This concerned group of citizens started planning for the future last February 1st, when they met to dis- cuss the proposed plans for a new- school addition. WE BUILD FOR THE FUTURE. TO THE CLASSROOM Mr. Wearly is giving Bill Sherbahn some helpful hints about putting the finishing touches on his fine piece of craftsman- ship as some of the other students in that class look on. All future home- makers must learn the techniques of sewing. At R.H.S. they ' re taught by the voice of experience, Mrs. Sharp. Boom ! ! With every- body performing ex- periments as they are in the picture at the left, there is al- most sure to be an explosion or at least a disagreeable odor. Athletes at R.H.S. definitely add a building block to their future by practicing sportsmanship on the athletic field. The primary function of sports is to build the athlete physically as well as mentally. The sports program at Roanoke now includes basketball, baseball, track, and volleyball. M THE ATHLETIC FIELD THROUGH EXTRA-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES Extra-curricular activities, which play a large part in our school program, add much to the cultural well being of our students. One of the most popular of these activities is the annual Spring Revue, which displays a sample of all the extra-curricular activities at Roanoke, including music, art, and dramatics. AND THE FUN WE HAVE TDGETHER A chance for us to let off a little steam and have some fun together is necessary. ThatV why we have class parties, dances, and ball frames. Thus we experience a closer fellow- ship, and form more binding friendships with our schoolmates. Our principal ' s right hand man, who is not a man, but a girl, is Mardelle Bear, the school secretary. If you go to the li- brary to get a book, no doubt one of the librarians in the pic- ture at the left will check it out to you. Thev are: kneeling. Paul Wohlford, Wayne Bodenhamer, and Norman Balliet. Standing, Marilyn Terry, Donna Truitt. Mrs. Hudson, and Janice Sheets. Guarding the chil- dren ' s safety are Steve Smith, " Mike Farrell, Roger Ar- nett, Mike Smith, and Tom Hughes. The school ' s custo- dians are Marion Rice and Clem Piekard. THESE PEOPLE ASSIST US A school is like a car. It has many parts, all working together to make it go. A smooth running school, like the one we have, requires top-notch parts properly func- tioning to make the trip through Education Land a pleasant one for those aboard the Education Express. Not only does it require an excellent conveyance for this excursion, but alsc a skillful driver which we have in our principal, Mr. Hinton. The driver must be aware of all the chuckholes which appear in the road to education, and maneuver around them. The cooks are Mrs. Jordan, Mrs. Crow, and Mrs. Jackson. Their as- sistants are: seated, Charlotte Arnett, Galen May, Nona Whitfield, and Joan Von Holten. The rural students have Claud ' Tribolet, Marion Rice, Dale Lahr, Harold Thomas, and Ed Quickery to thank for transporting them to and from school. •■ m F THfflMH -•- ( ■t WE BUILD FOR THE FUTURE BY 10 j V MAKING FRIENDS 11 Christy Schoeff Trustee Delmar Click Roscoe Emley Charles Stabler Advisory Board Harold Smith County Superintend- ent of Schools 12 IN MEMORY OF MILO P. DINIUS Mr. Dinius, our sincere friend and teacher, spent most of his life in the teaching profession. He devoted himself to the boys and girls of the community. We shall miss his genial smile and kind words of ad- vice, but we shall always cherish our fond memories of him. He lived a full life — givin g of his time and abilities to the school, church, and community. FACULTY AUDREY Coburn A son; « day keeps the public awake. Vocal Music Iowa State Teachers College Charles Crum A 8 1th i a k, so l Speak, Agriculture Science Purdue University Louis DURFLINGER Ilnril work mid am- bition lead in suc- cess. Band University of Illinois Indiana University .1 o rd a n (Ion ser va- tory of Music Dorothea Henning count only the h o u r s that a re bright. Art Huntington College Manchester College Indiana University St. Francis College Charles Hinton He that does good to another, does good to himself. Principal Mathematics Indiana State Teachers College Frances Hudson There is a time for speaking and a timt for being still. English Librarian Ball State Teachers College Joanna SHARP I ll I i i ' 8 II • (I I ' f pltasuves won, 1 1 unit ' Economics Commerce Ball State Teachers College Robert Shawhan T r ii e to h is cliiu- (tctcr, t r it r In li is ideals. Coach Social Studies Ball State Teachers College Lois Stehhan .S ' ir i- r I ll csx, t r ll I ll, sincerity in all. Commerce Physical Education Indiana University Helen Waechter Neatness is worth more than gold. English Social Studies Huntington College North Centra! College John W. Wearly He usually hits tin ii a i I r i (j h t mi tin thumb. Industrial Arts Ball State Teachers College Ari.ine WlEDENHOEFT .•1 III i II (I f II II of lenoivledge is a mind that never fails. Mathematics Huntington College Purdue University CLASS HISTIIHY August - ' . ' . 1944, thirty well bohavi ' il little characters enrolled in the first grade at Jackson Township. We thought ourselves very smart, bocau.se we were at lasi in school. We soon found out differently. One of the first things Miss Kemp taught us was to print our names. After eight months of utter frustration, Miss Kemp handed vis grade cards which hail a nice big, " Assigned next year to grade 2, " printed on each one of them. The next Fall when we entered the second grade every one felt he knew what school was all about. Fortunately. Mike Fence joined us this year. How did we get that far without him? Miss Raniey ' s continual guidance and advice sent us all to room ' .i with flying colors. In the 3rd grade we learned there wasn ' t a Santa Claus. and that we must stop sucking our thumbs. Some of us were heart-broken, although we already felt like adults. Good fortune smiled on us again and gave us three new classmates that year. They were Mary Ann Caston, Jean Staley, and Tom Truitt. Mrs. Williams helped us greatly with our reading and bade everyone farewell at the end of the year. Notes, notes, and more notes! In the fourth grade we developed this bad habit which the teacher broke by fighting fire with fire. She passed us notes which lead. " Do pages 54 and 55 for Busy Work. " We were happy to welcome Lou Ann Schoeff and Kenny Ottinger that year. Mrs. Butts was a friend of all her students. Mrs. Fullhart held the reins in the 5th grade. She told us a lot about her travels through the United States and Mexico. We collected two more class- mates that year, — Janice Sheets and Wayne Weaver. Mr. Kitt, our sixth grade teacher, told us what he thought a school should be. lie said each desk should be equipped with a drinking fountain, pencil sharpener, and lavatory facilities to prevent all the confusion that occurs when two or three students are walking around at once. Mr. Kitt ' s favorite book was " Doctor Doolittle " which he read to us quite frequently. , , . . , , ., „,, t long last we were in the seventh grade and on the high school side. 1 he first few days were spent trying to find the right class rooms and getting there on time We ' elected Mr. Dinius as our sponsor for the seventh and eighth grades. We were happy to welcome Nadene Heaston as a new classmate in the eighth grade. There we were busy having parties and preparing ourselves for our venture into high school which was soon to come. 1952— WE START OUR FRESHMAN YEAR! The first dav of our Freshman year was hard on all of us. Our heads seemed gradually to ' swell up, but as soon as the Seniors noticed this, they immediately set about to shrink them back to normal. By a majority vote we chose Mr. Crura to sponsor us throughout our high school years. He was somewhat leery of the job, but accepted it and found out what a wonderful bunch of juveniles we really were. T TT ,. , . A new face at last! Larrv Garstka breezed in from New Haven, as did the rest of him in our Sophomore year, to stick with us till the end. The dentists in the area had a rushing business after we finished selling salt water taffy that year. Our Junior year we spent making money. The candy room was our mam project. plus a magazine sales contest and the Junior Play. It was not all work however, as is shown by the fact that we took time out to throw a Junior-Senior Reception. 1956! We ' re in the home stretch now boy, give ' r the gun! Our Senior year was highlighted by our Senior Play and the publishing ol this yearbook. Soon our minds were teeming with plans and thoughts of the long awaited Senior Trip and of graduation. We will always cherish and hold dear to our hearts the years we spent at K. 11. b. SENIORS Mardellb Bear When opportunity knocks, she will )c there. Class Play 8-4; Sunshine Society 1-1; Li- brarian 1; Student Council 2; Yearbook Staff 4; Girls 4-H L-2-S-4; Officer 1-2; .Junior Leader 2-3-4; Art l-. ' l; Girls State I; School Secretary 1. Makyann Caston An artist in our midst. Art 1-2-3-4; Sunshine Society l-2-;S-4; Of licer 4: Class Officer :l-4 ; Class Play I5-4 ; Yearbook Staff 4; Girls 4-H 1; Boys 4-H 1. Carl Dinius .S ' o modest that half his worth is n d known. Band 1-2-:;- 1 ; Boys 4-H 1-2-8-4; Junior Leader 2-8-4; Class Play 8-4; Stage Man ager 4; Music Contest l-2-. ' i; Herald-Press Trip 4. 21) Xeil Eisenhut Wit combined with wisdom is his. Class Plav 3-4; Class Officer 4; Band 1-2- 3-4; Boys 4-H Spelling Contest 1-2- 3-4; State Algebra Contest 1; State Latin Contest 2; Band Ensemble 2-3; Choir 1-2: Student Council 2; Herald-Press Trip 4: Yearbook Staff 4; Music Contest 1-2-3-4. Larry Garstka His by-word is girls. Class Plav 3-4; Yearbook Staff 4; Class Officer 3; Basketball 2-3-4; Track 2-3-4; Baseball 2-3-4 ; Librarian 3 ; Spring Revue 3; Entered R.H.S. 2; Vollevball 2-4. Xadene Heaston Turned up nose, cute as a rose. Class Play 3-4; Sunshine Society 1-4; Li- brarian 1; Class Officer 2-4; Student Council 1; Spring Revue Queen 2; Yell Leader 3-4; Choir 1-2; Yearbook Staff 4; Girls State 4; Herald-Press Trip 4. 21 Eddie Houser They say the good die young, so I ' m careful. Basketball 1-12-:!; Track 1-2-3-4; Choir 3-4; Art 1-2-3-4; Boys Quartet 4; Stage Man- ager 2-3-4; Spring Revue 1-2-3-4; Year- book Staff 4; Photographer 4; Class Play 3-4; Music Contest 3. Myka Kerch Good humor, good nature, ready for fun. Spring Revue 1-2-3-4; Choir 1-2-3-4; Choral Group 1-2-3-4; Band 1-2; Student Council 4; Sunshine Society 1-2-3-4; Officer 4; Class Officer 3; Class Play 3-4; Yearbook Staff 4; Pianist 3-4; Music Contest 1-2-3-1; Girls 4-H 1-2; Junior Leader 1-2. Charles Kummer A little nonsense is relished nmr and then ha every num. Art 1-2-3; Stage Hand 1-2-3; Class Play 3-4; Yearbook Staff 4; Spring Revue 1; State Geometry Contest 2. 22 Marion Langston When I ' m engaged in thought, I ' m recovering from its effect. Boys 4-H 1-2-3-4; Choir 1-2-3; Stage Man- ager 3-4. f Kenneth Ottinger He ' s a man of many moods. Choir 1-2-3-4; Boys Quartet 4; Student Council 1; Spring Revue 3; Yearbook Staff 4; Stage Manager 3-4; Sales Manager, Class Play 3-4. Mike Pence There is a nut on every family tree. Class Officer 1-2-3; Student Council 4; Of- ficer 4; Basketball 1-2-3-4; Track 3-4; Baseball 4; Volleyball 2; Class Play 3-4; Spring Revue 2-3-4; Yearbook Staff 4; Co- editor 4; Journalism Institute 4; Bovs 4-H 1; Boys State 4. Lou Ann Schoeee Not that I love study less, but I love fun more. Choir 1-2-3; Spring Revue 1-2-3-4; Sun- shine Society 1 -2-3-4; Class Play 3-4; Yell Leader 2-3-4; Yearbook Staff 4; Boys 4-H 1-2-3-4; Student Council 3: Girls 4-H 1-2; Herald-Press Trip 4; Spring Revue Queen 1. Janice Sheets Chatter, chatter as I go, and I go on forever. Librarian 1-2-3; Choir 1-2-3; Sunshine Society 1: Girls 4-H 1. Meredith Smith Short and cheerful. Class Officer 1-2; Boys 4-H 1-2-3; Band 1- 2-3-4; Student Council 3; Class Play 3-4; Spring Revue 1-2-3-4; Yearbook Staff 4; Journalism Institute 4; State Algebra Contest 1 . 21 Jean Staley Quiet and serious, trusty and true. Sunshine Society 1; Art 1-2-3; Class Plav 3-4; Yearbook Staff 4. Tom Truitt Speech is great, but silence is greater. Bovs 4-H 1-2-3; Stage Manager 1-2-3-4; Track 1-2-3-4; Basketball 1; Class Play 3-4; Yearbook 4. Wayne Weaver The farmers arc the foundation of cirilization. Band 1-2-3-4; Class Play 3; M. C. Class Plav 3-4; Spelling Contest 2-3; Class Officer 1-4. 25 Sl ' S N WlRTS A hlnslt is beautiful, but inconvenient. Sunshine Society 1-2-15-4 ; Officer 4; Bov.s 4-H 1-2; Girls 4-H 1; Band 1; Yearbook Staff 4; Class Play :!-4 ; Spring Revue 1-2- 3-4; Art 1-2-4. John Wygant He is timid, he is shy, there is mis- chief in his eye. Yearbook Staff 4; Class Manager :!-4 ; Art Revue 1-2-3-4. Play 3-4; Stage 1-2-4; Spring J ' . Senior Officers: Maryann Caston, Treasurer; Nadene Heaston, Secretary; Mr. Crum, Sponsor; Neil Eisenhut, Presi- dent; Wayne Weav- er, Vice President. [ " Vr ' iWIF 27 .H: IIIIIS Junior officers: J u (I y T a y 1 o r, Treasurer; Ju- dith E i s e n h u t. President; Leona Rupert, Secre- tary; Henry H a v ken. Vice President; Mrs. Waechter, Spon- sor. •lust one more year of school! Next year we are the upper-classmen. These thoughts are uppermost in the Juniors ' minds. Ex- cept for the Seniors, ours was by far the busiest class in hitfh school. We were in charge of the candy room and magazine sales, and presented a fine play, " Accidental Hero. " We also won the class tourney. Yea Rah ! Juniors! 28 Row 1 : James Ben tz Judith Eisenhut Marjorie Flora Martha Foster Mary Ann Frantz Row 2: Carolann Gay Howard Bodenhamer Henry Hawken Glen Hitzemann Max Husband Row 3: Adena Hyser Rex Kaufman Brent Kelsey Lionel Kreamer Carolyn McBay Row 4: De Wayne Merekx Vernon Neel William Pace Kay Patten John Pulver Row 5: Leona Rupert Dewayne SchoenaiR Paula Smith Robert Snyder Barbara Stephens Row 6: Dorotha Stetzel Nancy Stetzel Judy Taylor Paula Thompson Juva Thorne Row 7: Donna Truitt Jon Von Holten Philip Welker Harold Whitfield Wayne Yant m gv rs £} C Q O ( 29 ?iii|ilimmiri!s Sophomore of- Eicers: Steve Wil- liams, President; Mrs. Hennin , Sponsor; Linda Wilts, Secretary ; Sharon Smith, Treasurer; Rich- ard Battershell, Vice President. Our second year in high school gave us the feeling of helontfinp. The activities we spon- sored included a very successful fish fry, and the sale of tourney streamers. We en- ed a ' cw edass parlies — especially a never- to-be-forgotten theater party. :;n Row 1: Richard Battershell Wayne Battershell Wayne Bodenhamer Billy Bob Caston Max Colclesser Row 2: Paul Doege James Emley Vivian Emley Jim Garstka Linda Glick Row 3: Vernon Hinen Marcia Hoffman Connie Houser Jerry Kreienbrink LaDona Lahr Row 4: Marvin Langston Wendell Law Frances McBay Clyde Markley John Mercer Row 5: Rex Ottinger Jim Quickery Marjorie Richards Bill Sherbahn Judv Kay Smith Row 6: Sharon Smith Bob Stephens Jerry Stump Melvin Sumney Marilyn Terry Row 7: Karen Williams Steve Williams Linda Wirts Paul Wohlford Phil Zent 31 FRESHMEN F r e s h m a n of- ficers: Ruth Aim Thomas, Treas- urer; Ted Gar- stka, President; M r. W e a r 1 y. Sponsor; Hanson Y o u n k, V i C e President; Varen Thome, Secre- tary. We are just overcoming the shock of enter- ing hitrh school. All of us survived Freshman Initiation administered by the Seniors, and we are looking forward to our day of getting even. We sponsored a skating party, and a record hop with Marv Hunter of station WOWO as emcee. 32 Row 1: Norman Balliet Melbourne Bates Ann Berrv Bill Crabbs Rilla Sue Crabbs Row 2: Bob Doerr Ted Garstka Elaine Harnishfegi ' r Gerry Hartley Carol Hinen Row :!: Agatha Hoover Corabell Hughes Dell Hughes Anita Husband Nancy Kaufman Row 4: Ronnie Rummer Babette Miller Edward Moore Rex Paul Nola Reed Row 5: Judy Rumple Linda Runyan Thomas Shatzer Beverly Snyder Gary Sontc-hi Row 6: Jerry Staley Beverly Steinbacher David Stinson La Mar Swaidner Ruth Ann Thomas Row 7: Varen Thorne David Truitt Hanson Young Rex Zent Pearl Whitfield " i ri 2$}+ SI: £i EIGHTH GHADE Eighth Grade of- ficers: Seated, M r s. S h a r p, Sponsor; Neil Yant, Sec.-Treas. Standing, Jim Gay, Vice Presi- dent; Kent Klep- ser. President. We can hardly wait! Next year we ' ll be Freshmen and will have all the hitfh school privileges. Of course, we shudder at the thought of Freshman Initiation. The Ei hlh (trade wasn ' t all drudgery, for we enjoyed a skating party and also a theater party. 31 Row 1 : Diann Bentz Ruth Ann Bodenhamer Tom Doepker Ruth Ann Gass Jim Gay Row 2: Sidona Johnson Kent Klepser Rose Ann Kreienhrink Diane Latta Mary J una Law Row 3: Carol Lynch E:r_ma McBay Dave M»reer Larry Middleton Sharon Mills Row 4: Frederick Neel Don Robinson Edward Ross Garry Sieburn Jerry Simmons Pow 5: Kenlynn Simons Steve Simons Delbert Smith Jean Stabler David Withei ' ow Row 6: Carolyn Williamson Damaris Weaver Cecil Villiard Karen Utterback Nancy Swihart Row 7: Jerry Stephens Neil Yant «5 ms -J| ., K t. — ■■■ • -; jl» 35 SEVENTH GRADE Seventh G r a il e officers: Seated, Bobbie Hollan, Secretary; Brent N or r is. Presi- dent; Janet Markley, Treas- urer. Standing, Miss C o b u r n. Sponsor. After getting off to a slow start, as is the case with all Seventh Graders, we finished the year in fine fashion. Our first experience with class parties, a Hallowe ' en Party, was a big success. Now, all of us agree that junior high isn ' t so had after all. : i, Row 1: Paul Adams Charlotte Arnett Arthur Chenoweth Lynn Crabbs Alan Cumbev Row 2: Judith Dager Kent Forst Raymond Foster David Graves Leila Hawken Row 3: Larry Hine Amelia Hitzjinann Bobbie Hollan Jack Hughes Norman Hvser Row 4: Michael Jacobs Xolan Lahr Ralph Langston Janel Markley Gaylan May Row 5 : Karen Merckx Mary Ann Ness Brent Norris Marv Ann Pettit Phillip Piatt Row 6: Ronnie Piatt Sandra Raines Charlene Sagers Jerry Sandefer Vickie Sandefer Row 7: Judy Schenkel Edward Shatzer Kent Smith Terry Smith Olen Svnder Row 8: William Spencer Jim Stephens Douglas Thomas Susan Vebert Joan Von Holten Nona Whitfield 37 BrfSi ft A SIXTH iiiiAin: Row 1 : Thomas Hughes Michael Farrell Ronald De Witt Mr. McPherren Row 2: Dale Law David Coe Willard Bates Row 3: James Thome Terry .Johnson Mark Krieg Roger Arnett Bi lv Carman Row 1: Stephen Smith Michael Smith Anita Moore Cheryl Caley Diane Merckx ROW 5: Josephine Delimit 1 Sandra Ilinen Sandra Wohlf ' ord Donna Kay Rice Patricia Dennis Row 6: Linda May Elizabeth Henline Ann Louise Zent Raymond Snyder Charles Heed Row 7 : Alva Bard Richard Byall Lowell Robison Martin .John K ith Langston Mark Welker Row 8: FIFTH GRADE Row 1 : Mrs. Burchett. Margaret Delmuth. Charlotte Clark, Mil- dred McBay. Row 2 : Janet Beaver, Carmen Simons, Sheila Adams. Row 3 : Judy Roberts. Janet Mercer, Gallic Whitfield, Joan Foster, Marcia Fox. Row 4 : Mike Mosher, Myron Husband, Rick Rice, Allen Williams. Lonnie Thorne. Row 5 : Steven Dager. Don Zent, Jay Sagers. Barry Thomas, Tom Rupert. Row 6 : Rickey Hartley. Jim Chesterman, Elton Lilly, Harry Sumney. Tom Cumbey. Row 7: Richard Dill- man, Arthur Dibble. Leroy Swihart, Terry James, William Quickery. Row 8: Joe Weaver. Larry R i e s e n , Jane Hinton, Sandra Oswald. Chervl Bandelier. Row 9 : Linda Dewitt. Gloria Utterback. Cyn- thia Smith, Sue Wolf. George Mast. - • .A n - Jr + , . - n. o Q c$ o o A A A 39 Fill HTH i. mm: Row 1 : I.ana Witherow, Mary Sabers. Rernita Herrberg, Mrs. Baker. Row J: I.iml Jacobs, Rita Lambert, Virginia Adams. Row :! : .loan Harnish- feger, LeAnn Bjork. Sa ndra Schenkel, Donna Horine. Annctti Robison. Row 4: Vivian Vebert, Sa niira Langs t o n, Joyce Pace. Marsha H u f h e s, Donna Harnish. Row 5: T a m m a r a Truitt. Barbara Arnett, .lulianne Jones. Pamela Swaidner, Marianne Orr. Row ii: James Miller. Bobby Klepser, John Norris. Vein Thorn, David Latta. Row 7: Jerome Her- berg, Michael Hammel, Allen Dinius, Dan Ab- bett. Steven Doepker. Row 8: Steven Wohl- ford, Gene Hy se i . Leonard John a n. Philip Rice. George Jones. ROW ' J: Britt Hyser, Richard H in ton. 40 THIRD GRADE Row 1: Mrs. McClure, Thomas Mast. Clare Lynch, Jane Smith. Row 2 : Gloria Martz, Janet Simmons, Donna Rollins. Row :! : Linda Ferrie, Myra Ann Corll, Vickie Winters, Susan Fisher, Patricia Oswalt. Row 4: Georgia Hollan, Ellen Simon, Bertha Bates, Charlene Jen- nings, Patty Hamell. Row 5: Cynthia Ann Hartley, Judy Beghtel, Billy Vogel, Craig Johnson, Jay Simmers. Row (i : Donald Rice. Steven Meyers, Ted Hughes, Jimmie Patten, Lynn Battershell. Row 7: Gregory Pat- ten, Michael Finton, Jerry Willett, Geoffery Farrell, Thomas Coe. Row 8: Roy Weaver, Donald Hines, Roger Colclesser, Steven Ness. Eric Forst. Row 9; Hartley Hyder. Duane Baker, Allen Norris, Sam Wirts. ,7 " 3 « ft ft C cs. o n ft 1 41 SECOND GRADE ROW 1 : .1 anies For rie, Larry Vogel, Roger Rice, Mrs. " Williams. Row :!: Steven By all. Larrv Williams, Dennis Pressler. Row : ' : Gregory Wiley, Rojrcr Woehler. Philip Cooper. Franklin Whit- field, .lack Burns. Row 4: Brent D e W i t t. Tim Abbett, Gale Smith. Peggy Jackson. Kathy Mc- N ' amara. Row 5: Linda C row, Cheryl Brewer. Cloyd Prouty. Barry Hughes. Urban Shatzer. Row 6: Carol Craft, Mar- vin Rice. Larry Boyer, Duwayne Haines, Robert Rice. ' Row 7: Randy Rice, Michael Caston, Jeanette McKinzie, Richard Smith, Robert Raines. Row 8: Ruth Ann Horine, Janet Young, Karen Keefer. Barbara Coe, Mary Ann Fox. Row 9: Deborah Winters, Kathleen Pequiqnot, Mary Sumney, Bonnie Glick, „],. -n Myers. How 10: Lynne Kreamer, Beverly Craft, Anne Ambriole. 42 FIRST GRADE Row 1 : Mrs. Settlemyre, Karen Jennings, Patricia John, Rita Hughes. Row 2: Patty Jo Crow. Norma Simon, L e s a Kreienbrink. Row 3: Belinda Jones, Mary Roberts, Linda Moran, Sue Vogel, Mar- garet Cumbey. Row 4: Mary Delmuth, Sally Elliot, Jo Lynn Hartley, Linda Burns. Carol Schoeff. Row 5: Karen Burkart, Karen Simon, Sandra Ed- minston, Judy Foster, Jill Williams. Row 6 : Kay Woehler, Kay Thortie, John Kunberger, David Deuter, John Rogers. Row 7: Dennis Bonewitz. Wayne Hughes, David Adams, John Adams. Lyle Law . ROW 8: Dick Fleischman. Bruce Bonecutter, Fred Bodenhamer, Rick Emery, Mark Hollan. Row ' i: David Ferrell, Paul Ward, Donald Pe- quiqnot, Stsphen Eisenhut. Larry Walters. ROW 10: D u a n e H ine. Jerry Piatt, Richard Ferrie, Gary DeWitt, Bruce Yovich. Row 11: Toby Miller, Michael Law, Stanley Hine. 5 i ■ J £ £■ c Q 1 V-J L 3 L 4 mm 3 n ,-, A »;j £4 O L4 £4 a o c$ l -} r 4 9, wm WE BUILD FOR THE FUTURE IIY II HAVING FUN 15 M A v-i y .Vj- - ' I I « f , (?04 0H£ ' » f r ? " • c L II JM-OTOTHVMM ■ WE BUILD FOR THE FUTURE BY 31 PARTICIPATING W SPORTS 30 BASEBALL TEAM W1IVS 7, LUSES 2 The surprising Roanoke Stonewalls, with one of the youngest teams ever to take the field, played some of the best games in the Huntington County Conference, including a no-hit, no-run jrame pitched by Phil Welker. The Stonewalls, whose regulars included six Sopho- mores, two Juniors, and one Senior, came through with a fine seven win and two loss record. The only defeats were at the hands of Union and Clear Creek. Behind the brilliant pitching of Phil Welker and the all-out performance of the team, the Stonewalls enjoyed a wonderful season. The 1956-57 squad should prove very touph. Top Row: Jim Quickery, Dick Battershe Phil Welker. Phil Zent. Bottom Row : Larry Garstka. Max Coklesser Garv Stonchi. Jim Garstka. John Mercer, Glen Hitzemann, Mike Pence, Clyde Markley. 56 .1 V z 57 Coach Robert Shawhan Mike Pence Phil Welker Larry Garstka Rex Kaufman VARSITY BASKETBALL The 1955-56 Stonewalls, through lack of height and experience, ended the season with 9 wins and 13 losses. With only three returning lettermen, the Stonewalls entered the Sectional, considerably under- rated, but almost made the finals until edged 58-53 in the semi-finals by Clear Creek, the eventual tourney champs. Phil Welker, Junior forward, led the team in all departments, scoring 388 points for a 17.6 point per game average. The Stonewalls losing only two men by graduation should prove very tough in the coming season. 58 Phil Zent Brent Kelsey Bill Sherbahn Glen Hitzemann Dick Battershell John Mercer STUDENT MANAGERS Our ball polishers were Ted (Hev, Garstka!) Garstka, and Steve (Hey, Williams!) Wil- liams. They were shouted at a lot as can be deducted by their nicknames. Seriously, the players could not have operated so efficiently as a team without them. 59 r r H P % . J -Jt4 Row 1 : Steve Williams. Student Manager, Rex Zent, Wendell Law, Jerry Stump. Jerry Staley. Norman Balliet, Jim Quickery, Ted Garstka, Student Manager. ROW 2: Clyde Markley, Jim Garstka, Max Colclesser, Bill Crabbs, Mr. McPherren, Coach, James Emley, Hanson Young, Varen Thorne, Gary Sontchi. SECDIVD TEAM The second team this year enjoyed a winning season again. Their record was 10 wins, against 8 losses. At last there seems to be some height on a Roanoke team ! The second team has five boys between 6 ' 2 " and 5 ' 11 " , and they ' re only Sophomores! The Varsity yell leaders, the smiling girls at the top of the next page, are Lou Ann Schoeff, Ruth Ann Thomas, and Nadene Heaston. 60 RUGGED VARSITY ACTION 62 JR. HIGH BASKETBALL The Junior High yell leaders are Jean Stabler, Judy Sehenkel, and Bobbie Hollan. Though their vocal output gained the team no wins, they are looking forward to a better season next vear. The Junior High basketball team ex- perienced another winless season this year. Under the competent coaching of Mr. McPherren, they came within a hair of a win numerous times. Their losses can be attributed largely to a lack of height. The boys say next year they ' re going to break this year ' s losing streak. Row 1 : Jerry Simmons, David Mercer, Douglas Thomas, Steve Simons. Cecil Villiard, Alan Cumbey, Kent Klesper, Delbert Smith. Row 2: Brent Morris, Lynn Crabbs, Jack Hughes, Mr. McPherren, David Witherow, Jim Pulver. David Graves. ,:; in i:i. The 1955 track season was exceptionally short this year due to extremely had weather. This factor cut down practice time. The young and inexperienced Stonewalls were unable to bring home first place in any of the meets. Tom Truitt ran an exceptional 440 yard dash in the County Track Meet missing the all-time record by one second. His time was 56 seconds flat. Larry Garstka, Tom Truitt, and Rex Kaufman were the three returning lettermen who made up the backbone of this year ' s cinder-eaters. Jon Von Holten Glen Hitzemann Howard Bodenhamer Phil Welker Lairv Garstka Bill Sherbahn 64 This action shot of Tom Truitt and Rex Kaufman exchanging the baton is a typical track scene occurring in all relav races. John Mercer Clyde Markley Phil Zent Tom Truitt Rex Ottinger Rex Kaufman 65 I o WE BUILD FOR THE FUTURE BY 60 ' " % r? WORKING TOGETHER 67 This year ' s Saxmuri staff. SAXMURI STAFF The smiling group of Seniors in the above picture weren ' t all smiles while making the Saxmuri. They encountered many problems which had to be solved, and through the much appreciated help of Mrs. Hudson, they were. The editors for the ' 56 Saxmuri were Mike Pence and Meredith Smith who attended the Journalism Institute at Indiana University during the summer. There they constructed a " dummy " yearbook and learned many helpful points in yearbook layout. The editors were aided by the close cooperation of the rest of the staff who worked diligently. 68 THE STAFF AT WDRK Neil Eisenhut and Charles Rum- mer writing an ad for Review editor. James Ransdell. Michael Pence and Meredith Smith, co-editors. Maryann Caston and Myra Kerch, business managers. Susan Wirts, Lou Ann Schoeff. Xadene Heaston. Mardelle Bear, feature editors. Row 1: Delbert Smith, Philip Welker, Philip Zent, Mike Pence, Dave Truitt, Douglas Thomas. Row 2: Mr. Shawhan, adult advisor, Diann Bentz, Rilla Sue Crabbs, Paula Thompson, Judy Kay Smith, Myra Kerch, Judy Schenkel. STUDENT COUNCIL Officers: Phil Welker, Vice President; Judy Kay Smith. Secretary-Treasurer; Mike Pence. President. The Student Council worked faithfully this year to uphold the prestige of the organi- zation. They sponsored a " Keep the School Clean " campaign, se- lected the assembly programs for next year, and sponsored a radio program fea- turing Roanoke stu- dents, which was broadcast from Hunt- ington High. The adult advisor of the council is Mr. Shawhan, and all actions are subject to the approval of Mr. Hinton. 70 Row 1 : Corabelle Hughes, Nola Reed, Ann Berry, Carol Hinen, Babette Miller. Margo Richards, Pearl Whitfield, Ruth Ann Thomas. Row 2 : Anita Husband, Mary Ann Frantz, Leona Rupert, Juva Thorne, Donna Truitt, Barbara Stephens, Paula Smith, Beverly Snyder, Xadene Heaston, Mar- delle Bear, Adena Hyser, Judy Pulver. Row r 3 : Judy Rumple, Connie Houser, Kay Smith, Mrs. Sharp, Susan Wirts Emley, Linda Runyan. Row 4: Beverly Steinbacher, Rilla Sue Crabbs, Elaine Harnishfeger, Agatha Hoover, Marilyn Terry, Marcia Hoffman, Sharon Smith, Linda Wirts, Lou Ann Sehoeff, Marjorie Flora, Linda Glick, Nancy Kaufman. Karen Williams, Judith Eisenhut, Judy Maryann Caston, Myra Kerch, Vivian SUNSHINE SOCIETY The Sunshine Girls were up to their usual schemes for spreading sunshine. During the year they fulfilled this goal by sponsoring Smile Week, Peanut Pal Week, and by raising money for the Riley Hospital Fund with a chili supper. The highlight of the year was the second an- nual formal Sweetheart Dance. Sponsor: Mrs. Sharp; Officers: Maryann Caston, Myra Kerch, Judith Eisenhut. Judy Kay Smith, Susan Wirts. 71 CHDHUS Picture i. Girls Sextette: Adena Hyser, Martha Foster, Leona Rupert, Myra Kerch, Donna Truitt, Judith Eisenhut. PICTURE 2. Boys Quartette: Eddie Houser, DeWayne Schoenauer, Max Husband, Wayne Yant. Picture . ' !. Pianists: Lionel Kreamer, Leona Rupert, Myra Kerch, Wayne Yant. Picture 4. Lionel Kreamer, Vocal Sololist. 72 Under the leadership of our new choir director, Miss Coburn, the choir took part in several programs throughout the year, including the Christmas Program, P.T.A. meet- ings, County Music Festival, and the Spring Revue. Besides the full choir, the Girls Sextette, Boys Quartette, and Mixed Quartette also sang at many events. Row 1 : Ruth Ann Thomas, Marilyn Terry, Adena Hyser, Mary Ann Frantz, Judy Pulver, Paula Thompson, Judy Rumple, Marjorie Richards, Juva Thorne, Barbara Stephens, Leona Rupert, Frances McBay. Row 2: Carol Ann Gay, Sharon Smith, Martha Foster, Lionel Kreamer, Kenneth Ottinger, Paul Wohlford, Marvin Langston, Henry Hawken, Rex Ottinger, Ann Berry, Babette Miller, Miss Coburn. Row 3: Marjorie Flora, Nancy Kaufman, Judy Taylor, Max Husband, James Bentz. Larry Mosher, DeWayne Schoenauer. Wayne Yant, Nola Reed, Delia Hughes. Carolyn McBay. Row 4: Donna Truitt, Judith Eisenhut, Nancy Stetzel, Vernon Hinen, Eddie Houser. Harold Whitfield, Linda Click, Judy Kay Smith, Dorotha Stetzel, Paula Smith. Mr. Durflinjrer is giving a lesson to Carl Dinius. This is only one of the many duties he performs as band instructor. bmd Through the efforts of the Band Par- ents, who sponsored many fund raising projects and gave freely of their time, the band became a " real " band this year, when they received their long awaited uniforms. The band played for the Spring Revue, ball games, special concerts, and participated in the spring band contests. Many members also played in the solo and ensemble contests. Row 1 : Leona Rupert, Neil Eisenhut, Keith Langston, Rex Paul, LaDona Lahr, Marty John, Mark Krieg. Row 2: Sharon Smith, Eddie Ross, Diane Bentz, Steve Smith, Raymond Foster, Mark Welker. Paula Smith, Ruth Ann Bodenhamer, Lonnie Thorn, James Bentz, Nancy Kaufman, Judith Eisenhut. Row 3: Wayne Weaver, Mary June Law, Meredith Smith, Wayne Yant, Max Col- clessor, Philip Piatt, Douglas Thomas, Steve Williams, Max Husband, Gerry Hartley, Steve Simons, Lionel Kreamer, Howard Bodenhamer, Varen Thorne, Juva Thorne, Philip Zent, Delbert Smith, David Witherow. ■ »-» mi t u » i J t. fc r. ,r r •V •? .7. ,::l± 8 -1 Picture 1 : Lionel Kreamer Picture 2: Philip Zent, with Leona Rupert accompanist Picture 3: Nancy Kauf- man Picture 4 denhamer Picture 5 Quartette : Howard Saxophone James Bentz, Judy Eisenhut, Eddie Ross, Sharon Smith. The Junior Band — fu ture members of Senior Band. DeWayne Schoenauer. Row 3: Terry Smith, Nolan Lahr, Alan Cumbey, Douglas Thomas, Jimmy Stephens, Ralph Langston, James Bentz, Larry Mosher, Neil Eisenhut, Paul Wohlford, Howard Bodenhamer. Row 4 : Lou Ann Schoeff , Donna Kay Rice, Agatha Hoover, LaDona Lahr, Dorotha Stetzel. Nancy Stetzel, Billy Carman. Keith Langston, James Thorne, Steve Smith. BOY ' S 4-H Our Boys 4-H Club under the leadership of Mr. Crum for the 10th year, had a very successful year in 1955. The club had an en- rolment of 61 and won a seal as a Standard Club for 85% completion. Lou Ann Schoeff won Grand Champion Beef Steer and the Beef Showmanship award. Nelson Thomas won Grand Champion Hol- stein and the Dairy Showmanship award, Terry Smith showed Grand Champion Lambs, Dorotha Stetzel had Grand Champion Garden ex- hibit, James Emley won Grand Champion Electric exhibit, and Neil Bear had both Grand Cham- pion Soybeans and Grand Cham- pion Corn. The officers and Junior Leaders are shown with their adult leader, Mr. Crum. If, J =4. A, A Row 1: Mrs. Sharp, Diann Bentz, Mary June Law, Judy Schenkel, Mary Xess, Judy Dager, Janet Beaver, Marcia Fox, Linda DeWitt, Cheryl Bandelier, Donna Rice. Row 2: Judith Eisenhut, Leona Rupert, Beverly Steinbacher, Linda Runyan, Rilla Crabbs, Nancy Kaufman, Diane Latta, Karen Utterback, Gloria Utterback, Sheila Adams, Janet Mercer. Row 3: Juva Thorne, Sidona Johnson, Carol Hinen, Ag ' atha Hoover, Paula Thompson. Carol Ann Gay, Judy Taylor, Dorotha Stetzel, Carolyn Williamson, Ruth Ann Boden- hamer, Rose Kreienbrink. Row 4: Jean Stabler, Sandra Wohlford, Bobbie Hollan, Janet Markley, Amelia Hitze- mann, Nancy Stetzel, LaDona Lahr, Sharo n Smith, Karen Williams, Linda Wirts. The Girls 4-H Club, under the leadership of Mrs. Sharp, took many honors at the 4-H Fair. Mardelle Bear was Grand Champion of the Dress Review. Leona Rupert and Judy Taylor won Purdue Round- Up Trips for their prize essays on Food Preparation and Baking: respectively. Judith Eisenhut ' s dress and Judy Taylor ' s handicraft project were chosen to go to the State Fair. GIRL S 4-H These are the Officers and Junior Leaders of the club. 77 Your ' e Only Young Once The Junior Play, " You ' re Only Young Once " was given on March 11, 9r - . The setting was the principal ' s office of Lincoln High School in an average American city. The action centers about an old training rule for sports — No Smoking. The star of the football team was im- plicated and then cleared by Gabby, the school " cut-up. " This play had fun, action, sadness, and above all else — the portrayal of the average high school girl and boy. Cabby Gallagher Mike Pence Ron Dayton Larry Garstka (luck Biggs Eddie Houser Speed Miller Tom Truitt Pop Wilson John Wygant Paul Chapman Meredith Smith Mrs. Chapman Janice Sheets Mona Fisher Susan Wirts Gloria Price Lou Ann Schoeff Shirley Walker Sylvia Gay Jean Fox Jean Staley Bernice Johnson Mardelle Bear Mr. Birch Charles Kummer Miss Chandler Myra Kerch Miss Spencer Nadene Heaston Mr. Bell Meredith Smith Mrs. Burton Lee Mary Ann Caston Harvey Jones Wavne Weaver Sfated: Mardelle Bear, Sylvia Gay, Charles Kummer, Myra Kerch, Meredith Smith. Nadene Heaston, Maryann Caston, Wayne Weaver, Jean Staley. Standing: Lou Ann Schoeff, Larry Garstka, Kenneth Ottinger, Marion Langston, Tom Truitt. Neil Eisenhut, Janice Sheets, Susan Wirts, Mrs. Hudson, Mike Pence, John Wygant. Eddie Houser. mr " The entire crew. Hey ! Wait a min- ute. Where do you think you ' re going? How did he get in the closet? Hurray, I made the team! FINDERS CREEPERS The Senior class play, " Finders Creepers, was given on October 21, 1955. The scene of the play was the living room of the Nelson Mortu- ary. Things really start creepin ' when the corpse won ' t stay dead. Wilbur and Hercules, with the help of Frankie, attempt to solve the mystery with manv laugh-provoking situations. CAST Wilbur Maxwell Mike Pence Hercules Nelson Eddie Houser Celeste Nelson Nadene Heaston Mr. Quigley Neil Eisenhut Nina Quigley Mardelle Bear Frankie Nelson Lou Ann Schoeff Aunt Mary Susan Wirts Uncle Bob Charles Kummer Granny Myra Kerch Dr. Brown Meredith Smith Madeline Quigley Jean Staley Harry Schuster John Wygant Daphne Maryann Caston Claude Larry Garstka Henry Tom Truitt A Helper Carl Dinius Director Mrs. Hudson Seated: Myra Kerch, Mardelle Bear, Jean Staley, Mike Pence, Nadene Heaston, Eddie Houser. Lou Ann Schoeff. Standing: John Wygant, Maryann Caston, Mrs. Hudson, Larry Garstka, Charles Kummer. Tom Truitt. Neil Eisenhut, Susan Wirts, Meredith Smith. Get out of here, you scoundrels ! Well! You don ' t say! Granny! What are you doing on the floor? And look ! Daphne caught the mur- derer. The fickle finger of fate points to you ! Before and After the Show the Place to Go JOHNNYS DRIVE-INS Huntington. Indiinj SEAL-O-SAN America ' s Finest Gym Finish Manufactured By HUNTINGTON LABORATORIES Huntington, Indiana COLLINS SHOE SHOP Service While You Wait All Work Guaranteed 41 Weit State St. Huntington. Indiana This Shop Is Operated By Marion Collins Not by the C of C DILLE WISE Huntington ' s Office Supply and Stationery Co. Authorized Smith-Corona Typewriter Dealer 308 N. Jefferson St. Huntington, Indiana PRESSLER REXALL DRUGS PRESCRIPTIONS VETERINARY PRODUCTS Court Houte Corner Huntington. Indiana Phone 42 " McGREGOR " Or " JANTZEN " School Sweaters " ARROW " Dress and Sport Shirts D. MARX SONS Quality Since 1874 A W ROOT BEER Hot Dogs by the Sack Root Beer by the Gallon 1218 S. Jcffcrjon St. Huntington, Indiana Compliments of SOWERWINES Huntington Ladies ' and Children ' s Apparel BROCKS HAT SHOP Phone 820 309 N. Jefferson Huntington, Indiana HUNTINGTON COLLEGE Your College In Your Community Huntington, Indiana Offers courses leading to A.B., B.S. Degrees in Education Two year courses in Bible, Commerce, and Pre-Professional For information write Galen Colclesscr Director ot Public Relations Phone 153 50 million times a day at home, at work or on the way Compliments of HOUSE OF HARTER Goshen, Indiana NORTH SIDE GARAGE Thrasher Feighner Thrasher U. S. 24 Hiway West R. R. 8. HUNTINGTON, IND. CASWELL RUNYAN UTAH RADIO PRODUCTS CO.. INC. Huntington, Indiana GOODYEAR SERVICE STORE Tires. Tubes and Batteries Hotpoint Appliances RCA Television 22 East Franklin Street Huntington, Indiana In Huntington it ' s WISSEL ' S Men ' s Clothing and Furnishings 401 N. Jefferson Phone 3266 Compliments of B-K DRIVE IN 1 144 Etna Avenue at Cline Street Huntington, Indiana SMITH — ALSOP PAINTS See Us For Quality Paint and Wallpaper Needs HUNTINGTON PAINT AND WALLPAPER CO. Huntington, Indiana Compliments of BROWN and ROWE SHOES AND HOSIERY Huntington. Indiana 442 Warren St. Phone 3136 Complete Beauty Service Cold Waves — $5.50 and up Machineless — $4.50 and up Hair Cuts— $1.00 VIRGINIAS BEAUTY SHOP Virginia Weinley Carolyn McClure JONES JEWELRY STORE 327 N. Jefferson Street HUNTINGTON. INDIANA Our Specialty: Remounting Diamonds in Platinum and Gold Phone 482 " SHORTY " CARNES SON 430 Cherry Street Phone 327 HUNTINGTON, INDIANA Wreck Rebuilding Repair Car Painting Motor Tune-Up HUNTINGTON BOTTLED GAS CO. Home of Approved Bottled Gas Appliances Distributor of L P Gas and Equipment H. C. 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