Jackson High School - Tatler Yearbook (Jackson, TN)

 - Class of 1951

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Jackson High School - Tatler Yearbook (Jackson, TN) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Cover

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'?lw9l-Y ""q,arr LS: mi 41A ',f:ag.' rw . - I - . 1 1 1 'R' f, ' XV ..:-14 1- -L: 'S af. wif: w . , 'zf ff A Q. Y, FT. :Q ' w Q-. 'Y.A I I 1 W sv Q , a ,ffef if. b vmfwun ,-1- 1. firm ga , 5 'jg MW7lIlEllI1E1IiQ I95I YE BGOK Published by THE SENIOR CLASS Of JACKSON HIGH SCHOOL JACKSON, TENNESSEE HXCH Q .f ' ,V Y A WMM' STM1 OS rnux-:nga S 9' 'Y on as' S 4r of S, o 5 - . ., 0 -E 1 ffm, , :- j 6 :1 C - 5 4 - . H . f':. - .ng f'-f SH! 1 254" 'n . 1 - -' -1.53 ' I Ol 4 my - K" ' ful' ' A- f7'if'fl" .v11. - EQ 5' 'VUE --" Q E- Q E E g if - J: ' ,K - -LT., -1 gs 'L 1 L' L - i- 1-- ez.. -2-nrq m-ff .1 1 fix, Q 'I' ff?,7 ' ,if X K v S Qfimf y !'Vf '41 CRSON J 1996 016200 The Slall for 'rhe 'SI edilion of "The Taller" has worked hard +o compile malerials which will serve as a chronicle of school life for 'rhe sfudenls of Jackson High. If, when you 'rurn The leaves of +his book, glorious memories of your school days are vividly revived, lhis aim will have been achieved. If I could have a ray of sunshine, and a fresh and fragranf flower, and a piece of slcy fo Ioolc al, and a scrape of land on which Io resf, and someone dear Io care for, whaf else should I wanf? If I could see the wonders Thai God has done for fhis world, and hear The divine melody of The birds, of 'rhe wind, of Ihe sea. of a deep forest of a lonely lree, whai else should I wanl? If I could always find a silenl momenl, in 'rhe day or in Ihe nighl, Io raise a 'rhanlcful praise +0 God, or 'ro help a needy soul, Ihen, could I wanf some+hing more, or expecl more ou+ of life? -Chrisfine Rockover Wk ,, ff , wwf, , ,f yf X f ZX W ff! 7 ,XJX MX f X 'ly X X 'X W 'CX M X ZXV C 7 ,f f ,fm ' K ' ff MQXQ, qw if MM ,ff Q , .. I: ,Vw I 'f H' 4 , ZX 7 X N W WXWX fX f MX ,QXX 27" X V, ,, , 0 X HVM, W, I I I , f X 5 If K, M If f X X X ,ff 17 ff ,' f f ,f ,f ff 'f , f f , fy , X f f f In I f ,, 11 ff Mf WK! - 'X W in M W 'XM X5 'X' 'QW 4' V M 4.,svXv4,Qf if fi ,pi if X M . I f x " if N X, ,pr 1 W ,gd M , NW. My W ,W I f X W M A J W4 I W ,W W W , M ,W 4 .Www W' W 4, aff Wg iw Wi W QW Q " M W , ,y ,fm W if X i if f 5 W W W W QW W My My 'W WX if ' W W W ,gd W W f A , W .1 v X WM ff W W' VX M 411' MX Wa ,, M ff M ,ffm M M' u ' W mf W' A W if VW 4' , X W , , ,W M 'Q M ff' , Q . Q 1' nv Mm. W ,Q :QW W, W ,pi yt MMM I U 0 W ,f ff wx N' ff 'W K My J My W I W ' - XX ff y kk., Aw ,Q Z A ASW, We ,W iii' 9, V, V AM ,146 an 4, W ,K ,... f M J f W W M W, Mr gf Wi. 1 ,H 5 ff ' , is ff ' ff av" , ff in W M W X' X M M W ,av 44 ,f ,. W X 5 PM M W , KW VW J 7 am, A f , I 4 , if M, WV K MZ., 4 X -W f M ff-MM jj M ww - ,, "XX ff 'XX 'Wi 14 , f 'W ' s ' ,W M f 1 XM WWW WWA' ,vw wwwlff 'fav M' X WQQJG .f 7 M Vw M fm- v M M W "" QW xp WX! fX"w Vw f WWW 1 W, Mi MZDQM ,www ', , X ,W ff F' ' W' fn M. Wy may , QW mm, My 1 W W W1 40 W W' W1 ,qv 1 1 'Q 4 XA Z ww- ani, 5 , 5 W 'mf M 0 1 MMM? WWWWWW .dw ,W if ww fl vp, X W1 W iw W W X W f fa , X iw XS M WW My W 'X A M Q ,V W Q Q ,,, W' W W' X W, wi W ,fm ,mf Q5 X K E 7M Wil XWAJ4 Zn! A W . X X, M fX"'M M094 ff' 10' 'MX K ,wffwfw W W, M ww W k N Wf W MF W W, M ,W A wr y ,W W W Q ' wig ,af 010, W S fn f f g,. "fy W rf' X f ,f f , 4 f W Q, Way.-Zfg ZW ,WW wiv ,H fx 79 M W W M , ff ,' 1 ' I M ,Q A H 'V JZ , xx 'f 0 X ,l V42 ,. , W, -1 f 'T W ffmsnllfw WV W' W q 4 1 1 my W vm, M A X W I Ui W me W W an A WHS ill W 141' " J ,X , , , , , N? -ww I ly. Q ,,, fn f , , - w f V f x f vw I' 'W W JW W X! 'W wa' V Twin X-,M hat W bm m W M- ,JM M iw ,W f , 1 W M 4' Q - W X w MSW 7 W W ,X wr W ' f ,fm " my W W W0 ,,,,, , x ggi I N W 1 v l"""" Q Wx W , W V f - Na QW 4 ww , , ,, X , , Www 0 0 f aw W f W W f W, W K U W f, QW ,, W , my W Q A N W W W M, f , ,, iw W f wa My AW 'f V M. W, MMS X, , -X WA? 'WWXM ' HW D.E. RAY it .f1,,g,w:,1z:m,,,-z ymfwa x ix! C w, 7 f BERNICE BARRY 7!.7'1., Z1fA7f1z11ff114f' ,if I LOWE LL C KEN E fm m i mi rat i n H15 Offlwl WW ANNA BUTLER fffffw ww. We 'TURY OMAN gfffiddkrd V fpifllji El Nl IVU3 KN M AN ? 2 , if .4 fc2'fz.4?1ff 1,f,cf 01,522-,--'pg 'W L UKMS Www MARY 90556 Aikfffff zQwzMw2gff , 'v7,l V , W A, If 5 7 xxx V f llli1.ABLWl'H ETTHERXDGE " fn. f Q .iv 52332235 fzfxvxwfgia P'5RS..ftAN2L?.S L summit ,,,5 .zfk42 f,e iffdfffi x Q , fn 'Z ' f? Z I Q Vi 5 .rf 1' ,SY gf . ff ' f f , .. . Q JW V fjyigi if f ,JI R. E3LJL"w1 SUN ,gxggjirftgfl MQTAVXESYY, rguzfgsz !fwm f24z fZff1jofzc2a,fa1 RAVMGND JUDY ,f44f12Z2i17'- Qlllffigdil, ,Q MX" J , ED vyonrnjf fdfzfwilwf HCQRTEN HEBRN E' RNC TST HORTCZJN Vflekfi-'irlfezklwe Z2zQ'zrzz,d.J-ya HENRY S f 5 1' S Lgig M ns. J. 0. 5 f1,n.Mu,N 571z1zf44w.f1zZi3 I4 ARS' L MRRLLS ANDfR?SUN 5,011.1 7Ec'f2rzQL! g"!7rQCZf: 'Z 17!ff?IfYl! nt' HE' I TV PORJ FK ,fzfffffggkfffff MRS JERALDINE SHAW! ,'..-1. 41121. 11 , , S-sa' JUFIN Pi RUKAXW NA Q7:f1?c f14fff!Q?f22l7:f2"61 Ink in---f J 0 QA? I". MU S51 ,I f4..rfff,.4:cf WARREN FESMIRP 445.74562-y.f if P AVC, E T Hifi RQtDt.1EQ zfuydffrlfz NRS, ij, S? ROi3ER TS'UN l gff ff, ffzf' -if as Z' jfgfafzfmfjvf NRS. W4Ki?.Li"ni E l9fi5f"'Yiiii4 if R 4,1 f'4Ac,f X I1T4fifZ'lh'7f if 4 . ERR? QJRYF-K NDN! 15-fffff fflfqf ijfifg w Qyfzffe EDITOR: Mary Ann Gaillier ASSISTANT EDITORS: Sara Merwin, Joan Jeler LITERARY STAFF: Gay Ruslw, Peggy Barnes, Belly Caslleman, June Erosl, Bobby McFarland, Chrisline Roclcover, Harrie? Maranoff, Mary Lois Gilliam, Carey Duncan. SECRETARY: Juanila King ARTISTS: Fred Kendall, Lenn Anderson, Belh Holden, BeHy Young, Joan Jeler. TYPISTS: I-larrief Maranoff, Marllna Wallcins, Evlyn I-Ioolcer CIRCULATION MANAGER: Belly Pendergrasl ASSISTANTS: Jane Lindy, Ernesl Dilce REPORTERS: Pal Townsend, Tommy Bunlin, William Earp, Velva Walding, June Miller, Edna Reynolds, Larry Killougli, Mona Murray, Clarice Wal+ers Lacy, Bruce Woodard, Carl David Todd, Roberl Sipes. FACULTY ADVISORS: Miss Emma Inman Williams, Mr. Lowell W. Crane hflav BUSINESS MANAGERS: Jimmy Carter, Thomas Smiley. ASSISTANTS: Charles Little, Mary Lois Gilliam, Bill McAfee, Charles Bledsoe. BUSINESS STAFF: Betty Pendergrast, Howard Ann McCoy, Imogene Daniel, Bill McAfee, Pal Jones, Joanne Williams, Virginia Johnsey, Bobby McFarland, Beverly Taylor, Ernest Dilce, Jane Lindy, Betty Castleman, Edna Reynolds, Jean Ann Scott, John Womack, Joyce Pearson, Rosemary Castleman, Nancy Gaither, Harriet Maranoii, Mona Murray, Christine Roclcover, Clarice Cox, Paul Poole. Doris Woods, Evlyn l-loolcer, Louise Morris, Dian Lindseth, Doris Crawford, Tommy Buntin, Thelma Newhart, Jane l-lazlewood, Carey Duncan, June Miller, Nancy Davidson, Virginia Ausban, Ann Morris, Anna Laura Palmer, Virginia Sewell, Glyn Ann Carpenter, Dorothy Wheeler, Juanita King, Peggy Barnes, Joyce Shelton, Pat Townsend. Photo No. I, left to right: Bobby McFarland, Gay Rush, Betty Castleman, Cary Duncan, Betty Pendergrast, Mary Ann Gaither, Peggy Barnes. Photo No. 2, left to right: Pat Townsend, Thomas Smiley, Carl David Todd, Bruce Woodard, Doris Woods, Howard Ann McCoy, William Earp. . Photo No. 3, left to right: Mary Lois Gilliam, Jimmy Carter, Evlyn Hooker, Lenn Anderson, june Miller, Joan Jeter, June Frost. Photo No. 4: Beth Holden. Photo No. 5, left to right: Al Steindorff, Charles Bledsoe, Bobby Wilson, Robert Sipes, Velva Walding, Juanita King, Fred Kendall. Photo No. 6, left to right: Ernest Dike, Tommy Buntin, Christine Rockover, Edna Reynolds, Sara Merwin, Mona Murray, Martha Frances Watkins, Jane Lindy. Photo No. 7: Betty Young. Photo No. 8, left to right: Nancy Cocke, Thelma Newhart, Anna Laura Palmer, Rosemary Castleman, Dorothy lNheeler, Virginia Ausban, Virginia johnsey, Joan Morehead, Imogene Daniel, Nancy Davidson, jane Hazlewood, Glyn Ann Carpenter, Beverly Taylor, Anne Morris, Doris Crawford, Pat jones, Virginia Sewell, Dian Lindseth, Nancy Gaither, Bill McAfee. Su , X f Z 1 Q V , Q ,A f ' fi ,ff , X f ff ff f, 2 6 7 i 14 V ffm , , 0 W .f '40, , ,1.f90"f'V4' 40' I-W, ff ' , 101117 ' "og, f: W1 , ,70- ,U Lux 1 4 I fm 2-ws ffuf'-, 'fu f 1 07201 Lg 6ZQ'7lf5 ff NANCY LEE BREWER Eleclive Diploma, Nalional Honor Sociely '50, '5I, Tri-Hi-Y '50, '5l, Science Club '5l, Baskelball '49, '50, '5l, Office Assislanl 5l, Future Hornemalcers of America '50. "Thesis is only one good proof of ability, action." SARA MERWIN Elecfive Diploma, Monlhly Taller Slaff '5l, Assisfanf Editor Annual Taller, Future Homemakers of America '5I, Science Club '50, '5l, Secrefary Science Club '5l, Nalional Honor Sociely '50, '5l. "Sludies serve for delight" VIRGINIA SEWELL Eleclive Diploma, Tri-Hi-Y '49, '50, '5l, Secretary Tri-Hi-Y '50, Nalional Honor Sociefy '50, '5lg Science Club '5l, Baskef- ball '49, '50, '5l, Secrelary Senior Class, Fulure Homemakers of America '50, gflogflhly Taller Slaff '50, '51, Annual Taller la . "The beauly of a lovely woman is like music." I GLYN ANN CARPENTER Eleclive Diploma, Tri-Hi-Y '49, '50, '5l, Dramalic Club '5l, Nalional Honor Sociely '50, '51, Fulure Hornemalcers ol America '50, Monllily Taller Slafl '5l, Annual Taller Slaff, Junior Senior Play '50, Allernale D.A.R. Conleslanl. "As welcome as the flowers in May." JUANITA KING Elecfive Diploma, Nalional Honor Sociely '50, '5I, Vice Presidenf Nafional Honor Sociely '5l, Annual Taller Slaffg Junior Red Cross Council '49, '50, '5l, Fulure Home- rnakers of Arnerica '49, Library Assislanl 'Sl, Drivers Class '49, D.A.R. Conleslanl. "Sweel as love." SHIRLEY J EAN RAY Eleclive Diploma, Future Homemakers ol America '50, Nalional Honor Sociely '50, '5l, Drivers Class '49, Science Club '5l, Tri-Hi-Y '50, '5I, Baskelball '49, '50, '5I, Of'lice Assislanl '5l. "Good humor makes all lhinqs lolerablef' ,,.1. f ,, I 0 Y 4' fbi I-ffl,-uf.5j 'agua ,Ars-Dba-1, I ,-.sb L - 1 A ,'- 6155 gfpbilf TN FRED KENDALL Eledive Diploma, Vice-Presidenf Senior Class, Presidenl Junior Class, Secrelary Sophomore Class, Boys' Sfafe '50, Edilor Monfhly Taller '5I, Annual Taller Staff, Junior Red Cross Council '50, '5l, Hi-Y '5l, Dramalics Club '5l, Junior-Senior Play '50, '5l. "A truly modes? fellow." I ROBERT SIPES Classical Diploma, Presidenl Senior Class, Foolball '49, '50, '5l, Track '50, 'Sig Hi-Y '50, '5l, National Alhlefic Scholarship Sociefy '5l, Annual Taller Slaff. "Reason and iudfmenf are 'lhe qualifies of a lea er." VIRGINIA SEWELL Eleclive Diploma, Secrelary Senior Class, Nafional Honor Sociefy '50, '5l, Tri-Hi-Y '49, '50, '5l, Secrefary Tri-Hi'Y '50, Science Club '5l, Fulure Homemakers of America '50, Baskefball '49, '50, 5l, Monfhly Taller Slaff '50, '5l, Annual Taller Sfaff. "The beaufy of a lovely woman is like music.' BILLIE RUTH DOSS Elecliva Diploma, Fufure Homemakers of America '49, Junior Red Cross Council '49, '50, Tri-Hi-Y '49, '50, 'SI' Secrelary Tri-Hi-Y '51, Nalional Honor Sociely '50, Disfribulors' Club '5l. "Sigh no more-she has been fickle, even casling smiles lhis way and lhal, to one boy consfanl never." MILDRED SUMLER Elecfive Diploma, Disfribulors' Club '50, T81l Club '5I. "Love is offen a fruit of marriage." LYMON EVAN S Eleclive Diploma, T. 81 I. Club '50, Dis- fribufors' Club '5I, Treasurer Dislribulors' Club '5I. "A quiel tongue showelh a wise head.' CHARLES LITTLE Scienlific Diploma, Treasurer of Senior Class, Foolball '48, '49, '50, Track '49, '50, '5l, Nafional Alh- lelic Scholarship Sociely 'Sly Hi-Y '49, '50, Presidenf Hi-Y '50, Annual Taller Staff, Boys' Sfale '50, Hi-Y Conference '50. "He was a friend on whom I builf an absolule frusf." z2a.7M4L., . MJ. lizzie HAROLD NORVELL A19 PAT JONES Eledive Diploma, Fufure Hornemalcers of America '5l, Tri-Hi-Y '49, '50, '5I, Annual Taller Sfaff, Candy Sfand '5l. "Everylhing is funny as long as il' happens to somebody else." BOBBY BRIEN Elective Diploma, TBI Club '5l. "We musl eaf fo live, and live fo cal." EDNA REYNOLDS Eleclive Diploma, Fufure Homemakers of America '49, '50, Annual Ta1Ier.S+aff, Nalional Honor Sociefy '50, '5l, Trl-Hn-Y '49, '50, '5l, Monlhly Tailer Staff '5l. "A dainfy IiHIe lady, and mos? sweet" BILLY JOE AMISON Elecfive Diploma, Track '50, '5I, Foolball '49, '50. "Worry abou! nofhing under fhe sun." ROSEMARY CASTLEMAN Elecfiye Diploma, Fufure Homemakers of America '48, '49, Tri-Hi-Y '50, '5l, Annual Tafler Slaff. "A loving hear? is lhe fruesl wisdom." BOBBY REA WILSON Elacfive Diploma, Band '49, '50. "To york or no? fo work, fha? is the queshonf' IMOGENE MORRIS Elecfive Diploma, Fulure Homemakers of America '49. "Silence more musical than any song." ROBERT VALENTINE Eleclive Diploma, Band '49, '50, 'SI' T. 84 I. Club '5l. "You ge? a fhorn wilh every rose, bu? ain'f they sweef?" DELIA ANN STUBBLEFIELD Eleclive Diploma, Dislribulors' Club '51, Secrefary Disfribulors' Club '5l, Fufure Homemakers of America '49, '50, Nalional Honor Society '50. "Swee?s fo lhe sweet" Y x Eleclive Diploma, T. 81 I. Club '50, 5I. "Worry has killed many a man-why die?" NANCY COCKE Elecfive Diploma, Fufure Homemakers of America '49, '5I, Secrefary Fufure Home- makers '49, Nafional Honor Socief '50, '5I, Tri-Hi-Y '49, '50, '5l, Annual Tailor Slaff, Library Assislani '5l. "Palience is ihe arf of hoping." N EIL DELOACH Eleciive Diploma, T. 81 I. Club '49, '5l, Hi-Y '5l, Football '48, '49, "l am sure care is an enemy of life." , W if NANCY DAVIDSON JAN E H UTSON Elective Diploma: Tri-Hi-Y '5l: Dramatic Club '5I. "Her very frowns are fairer far than smiles of other maidens are." JACKIE CARLOS DO UGLASS Elective Diploma: Football '48, '49, 'SOg Distributors' Club '50, "Thou art free." Elective Diploma: Tri-Hi-Y '49, '50, 'Slg National Honor Society '50, '5l: Future Homemakers ot America '50: Annual Tatler Staff: Monthly Tatler Staff 'Sly Dramatic Club '5l: Dramatic Club Treasurer 'Slg Office Assistant '5l: Honorable Mention D.A.R. Contest: Representative Tennessee lnterscholastic Literary League 'Sl: Mem- phis State Speech Festival 'Sl. "Love is and was my Lord and King." , N. is f f CARL DAVID TODD Scientific Diploma: National Honor Society '50, 'Sl: Science Club '5l: Annual Tatler Staff: Junior Rotarian, Class Day Activities. "lt you would create something, you must be something." 5355, or f , oRorHY BARHAM Elective Diploma: Tri-Hi-Y '49, 'Slg National Honor Society '50, 'Slg Future Homernakers of America '49, '5l: Monthly Tatler Staff: Office Assistant '5l. "The way to gain a friend is to be one." JOHN DREW HAWK Elective Diploma: T. 81 l. Club 'SO: Foot- ball '49, '50: Baseball 'Sl. "Leave all things to take their natural force and do not interfere." if ' 'J JAM ES N. BRASFI ELD Elective Diploma. "The worst wasted of all day is that during which one has not laughed." CH RISTI N E ROCKOVER Scientific Diploma: Transferred from Lima High School-Peru 'S0: D.A.R. Contestant: Annual Tatler Staff: Debating Club 'Slg National Honor Society '5l. "I will find a way or make one." DAVID LUCKEY Elective Diploma: Hi-Y '49, '50, 'Slg Junior Red Cross 'Slg National Honor Society '5l: Business Manager Monthly Tatler '5l: Annual Tatler Staff '5l. "You shall not know the length of my foot." J EAN AN N SCOTT Elective Diploma: Transferred from Lex- ington High-'SO: Tri-Hi-Y '50, 'Slg Monthly Tatler Staff '5l: Annual Tatler Staff: Basketball '50, '5l: Cheer Leader '50, '55l: Football Queen '5l: Office Assis- tant ' I, "Like 'em all, love 'em none," JAM ES ELAM Elective Diploma: T. 81 l. Club 'S0: Hi-Y '50, Sl. "He qaies at the mighty oak and says, 'You were once a nut like me.' " HARRIET MARANOFF Elective Diploma: Tri-Hi-Y '49, '50, '5l: Tri-Hi-Y Song Leader '5l: Future Home- makers of America 'S0: Monthly Tatler Staff '50, '5l: Annual Tatlar Staff: Girls' Basketball Manager 'SI. "Oh, I am stabb'd with laughter." THELMA NEWHART Elective Diploma, Tri-Hi-Y '49, '50, '5l. Vice-President of Tri-Hi-Y '5I, Tri-Hi-Y Representative at American Youth Foun- dation, Monthly Tatler Staff '5l, Annual Tatler Statf, Future Hornemakers of Amer- ica '49, Dramatic Club '5I, Drivers Class '49, Library Assistant '5l, Junior-Senior Play '50, '5l, Representative to Tennessee lnterscholastic Literary League '5l, Repre- sentative to Memphis State College Speech Tournament '5l, Representative to Messick High School Practice Speech Tournament '5I, Representative to Jack- son High School Practice Speech Tour- nament '5I, "lf you wish to be loved, love." BOBBY ALLISON Elective Diploma, Track '50, Basketball '50, I-li-Y '49, '50, Delegate to State Conven- tion, Vice-President of State and chair- man of West District of Distributors' Club, Rotary Club Scholarship to American Youth Foundation, T. 81 l. Club '50, Secretary of Hi-Y '5l. "My true love hath my heart." SUE HOWELL Elective Diploma, Future Homemakers of America '50, '5l, Tri-Hi-Y '50. "Nothing is so popular as kindness." Elective Diploma, T. 81 l. Club '5I. "You cannot love anything without wanting to fight tor it." SARAH KATH ERI N E BAXTER Elective Diploma, Distributors' Club, Library Assistant '49, '50. "One thing is forever good, that one thing is success." tors "I do Ugrar f-Avvrv - - JOAN MOREH EAD Elective Diploma, National Honor Society '51, Science Club '50, Reporter of Future Hornemakers of America '5l, Future Homemakers '50-'5I, Basketball '49, '50, Sl, Co-Captain Basketball '51, Junior Red Cross Council '49, '50, '51, Tri-Hi-Y '49, '50, '5Ig Annual Tatler Staff, Drivers' Class. "Play up, play up, and play the game." TOM MURTAUGH Elective Diploma, Football '4B, '49, Track '49, Distributors Club. "l had rather sit on a pumpkin and have it all to myself than sit on a velvet cushion and be crowded." JANE HAZLEWOOD Elective Diploma, Future Homemakers of America '49, Tri-Hi-Y '5l, Annual Tatler Staff. "There are some silent people who are more interesting than the best talkers." Y x GEORGE WILSON I LLOYD JIMMY DOWDELL Elective Diploma, Hi-Y '49, '50, T. 8: l. Club '49, '50, National Athletic Scholar- ship Soejlety '50, Treasurer of Junior Class. at "Hifvfgeethre more agile than his brains." i 'M 5 rkoifl I 'X if ' . 5iF ke. 'YD CD ' PEGGY BARN ES Scientific Diploma, Tri-Hi-Y '49, '50, '5l, Vice-President ot Tri-Hi-Y '5l, Delegate to Southern Area Tri-Hi-Y-Hi-Y Congress '50, Future Homemakers ot America '49, National Honor Society '50, '51, Monthly Tatler Staff '50, '5l, Otiice Assistant '5l, Annual Tatler Statt. "A sweet expression is the highest type of female loveliness." BILLY OWEN SMITH F Elective Diploma, T. 81 I. Club '49, '50, ' . "He conquers who endures." N , . 1 BOBBY lBUCKl VARNELL Eleclive Diploma, Foolball Yeam, '46, '47, '49, Hi-Y, '48, '49, T. Sr I. Club, '48, '49, Dislribulors' Club, '50, '5I, Presldenl' Disfribulors' Club, '50, '5I. "l had ralher have a fool lo make me merry lhan experience to make me sad." PATSY JON ES Eleclive Diploma, Fufure Homemakers of America '49, '50, '5I, Treasurer Future Homemakers '5l, Tri-Hi-Y, '49, '50, '5l. "Now I know wha? love is." BILL McAFEE Eleclive Diploma, Debaling Club, '5l, Annual Taller Slaff, '5l, HI-Y, '5I, Base- ball leam '50, D.A.R. Conteslanf. "Good nalure and good sense must ever loin." DOLLY JERNIGAN Eleclive Diploma, Fulure Homemakers of America, '49, Library assislanf, '50, Dis- Iribufors' Club, '5l. "How you do talk." ERNEST DIKE Scienlific Diploma, Hi-Y '49, '50, '5l, Vice- Pres. '5I, Junior Red Cross Council, '49, '50, '5l, Presidenl Junior Red Cross Coun- CII, '5l, Nafional Alhlelic Scholarship Sociefy, '50, '51, Secrefary '50, '5I, Fool- ball Manager, '50, '5l, Monlhly Taller Slaff '5I, Annual Taller Slafl '51, Dramatic Club '5l. "There are Iwo sides lo every question, his and lhe wrong side." NANCY MAGILL Qeclive Diploma, Dislribulors' Club, '50, ' I. "The blush is beauliful, but il is sometimes inconvenient" Y N , DICKY DAY Elecrive Dfiploma, Hi-Y '48, '49, T. 8: I. Club, '50, '5I. "He noldls his wlse head and says, 'I fold you so. ' JO ELLEN WILLIAMS Eleclive Diploma, Nalional Honor Sociely, '5l, Fulure Homemakers of America, "lvl sing, sing for fha world, for your voice is fhe voice of an angel." WINSTON CONRAD MARTI NDALE Eleclive Diploma, Chorus, '5l, Hi-Y '5I, Foofball Q'-18, '49, '50, Nalional Alhlelic Scholarship Honor Sociely, '5l. "BeMer lhe feel slip lhan the longue." he I We aww CLARICE VIRGINIA COX Eleclive Diploma, Tri-Hi-Y '49, '50, SI, Office Assasfanf, '50, 'sag bfamafic Club '5l, Annual Teller Sfaff, '5I. "Nolhing is so popular as kindness." D. ROY HAMILTON Eleclive Diploma, Dlslribulors' Club, '50, '5I. "The world is loo much for me." GLADYS JOHNSON Elecfive Diploma, Disfribulors' Club, '50, '51, "Divinely lall is she." f 1 DORIS WOODS 'Wm f BILLY ROGERS Elaclive Diploma, T. Xi l. Club '49, '50, '5l. "ln friendship I early was laughl lo believe." ANNA LAURA PALMER Eleclive Diploma, Baslrelball '49, '50, '5l, Tri-Hi-Y '50, '5l, Fulure Homemakers of America '50, '5l, Treasurer Science Club '5l, Office Assislanl '5l, Annual Taller Slaff. "Man has his viill-woman has her way." f' 9,44-Q' fyf A ff ' J 4 Clfsxf, 1 'Cy X I .f TOMMY NAEF Eleclive Diplo a, Hi-Y '50, '5l, T. 8: I. Club '5l, Foo all '50. "Whoever live lr e life loves lrue ." lol'-' fir' , ,li all . li ,I ll ill i' ., lr I, I ll ' I .X if I Xi , ii ,li ' Ni EVLYN HOOKER Eleclive Diploma, Band '49, '50, '5l, Tri- Hi-Y '49, '50, '5l, Fulure Homemakers ol America '50, Monlhly Taller Slalf '5l, Office Assislanl '5l, Annual Taller Slall. "Af good laugh is sunshine in a house." SIDNEY CASE Eleclive Diploma, Band '49, '50, '5l. "l live lhe life I love." JOAN JETER Eleclive Diploma, Fulure Homemalcers of America '49, Monlhly Taller Slafl '50, Annual Taller Slall, Nalional Honor Sociely '50, '5l, winner K.P. Oralorical conlesl '50, D.A.R. Medal conleslanl. "Arl is power." 1 . K Eleclive Diploma, Fulure Homemakers of America '49, '5l, Reporler of Fulure Homemakers of America '5l, Drivers' Class '49, T. 8: l. Club '50, Delegale lo T. 81 l. Convenlion '50, Annual Taller Slaff, Candy Sland '5l. "Love is like lhe measles, we all have lo go lhrough wilh il." CAREY DUNCAN Eleclive Diploma, Monlhly Taller Slaff '50, 'Sl' Annual Taller Slafl, Hi-Y '5l, Nalional Honor Sociely '5l, Dramalic Club '5l, Junior-Senior Play '50, '5l, D.A.R. Medal Conleslanl '5l, Represenla- live lo Tennessee lnler-Scholaslic League '5l, Represenlefive To Memphis Slale Col- lege Speech Tournamenl '5l, Represenla- live lo Messick Hioh School Praclice Speech Tournamenl '5l, Represenlalive lo Jackson High School Praclice Speech Tournamenl '5l, winner in counly "l Speak For Democracy" conlesl '5l, "All lhe worId's a slage." GRETA SMITH Eleclive Diploma, Fulure Homemakers of America '50, '5l. Transferred from Nash- ville, Tennessee '50, "Wisdom has laughl us lo be calm and meek," BOBBY MOORE Eleclive Diploma, Baskelball '49, '50, '5l. "We are born lo be happy." MARY LOIS GILLIAM Eleclive Diploma, Tri-I-li'Y '5l, Nalional Honor Sociely '50, '5l, Monlhly Taller slaff '5l, Fulure Homemakers of America '5l, Annual Taller Slafl, Class Day Aclivilies. "A lovely girl is above all rank." DONALD DEATON Eleclive Diploma, I-li-Y '50, '5l, Nalional Alhlelic Scholarship Sociely '50, '5l, Fool- ball '49, '50, '5l, Baslselball '49, '50, '5l. "SlaleIy and lall he moves in lhe hall The chief of a lhousand for grace." BO BBY LAW Elecfive Diploma, Dislrlbulors' Club '5l, Reporter Dislribulors' Club '5l. "We are growing serious, and Ief me fell you, Ihal's The very nexl slep To being dull," JUNE MILLER Eleclive Diploma, Tri-I-Ii-Y '50, '5lg Science Club '5l, Fulure Hornemakers of America '50, 'Sly Nafional Honor Sociely '50 '5I, Monfhly Taller Sfaff '5l, Annual Taller slaffg Office Assislanl '5I. "Silence is more eleganf fhan words." THOMAS GRAY BUNTIN Elecfive Diploma, Band '50, '5l, Hi-Y '49, '50, '5l, Dramalic Club '5l, Annual Taller Staff, Class Day Acrivilies, "Do your besf and Ie? fha? sfand." PAULINE KUYKENDALL Eleclive Diploma, Future Hornemakers of America '49, '50, Dislribufors' Club '50, '5l. "Nolhing endures buf personal qualifies." EDWIN RANDOLPH Elective Diploma, T. 81 I. Club, HIVY. "Tis looking down makes one dizzy." ANN HOLLIS Elective Diploma, Dislribulors' Club '5I, Fulure Homemakers of America '5l. "A deed well done pleasefh lhe hearf." 1 vi MARTHA FRANCES WATKINS Elective Diploma, Nalional Honor Sociely '50, 'Sly Tri-Hi-Y '49, '50, '5l, Annual Taller Slaff, Class Day Acfivilies. "Happiness is a rare cosmelicf' JOE HANEY Scienlific Diploma, Hi-Y '49, '50, '5l, Science Club '5l. "Wise man lalk because lhey have some- fhing fo say, fools because lhey would like lo say somelhinqf' ANN HAGAN Elective Diploma, Fulure Homemakers of America '49. "Hi1ch your wagon lo a sl'ar." HILLMAN CALVIN MOORE Elecfive Diploma, Disfribulors' Club '5l, Vice Presidenl Dislribulors' Club '5l. "He dolh indeed show some sparks fha? are like wif." SHIRLEY WILLIAMS Elecfive Diploma, Fulure Homemakers of America '50, '5l. "You'll gel by wilh a lwinkle in your eye." CHARLES EDWARD BLEDSOE, JR. Elective Diploma, Football '47, '48, '49, Hi-Y '49, '50, '5I, Annual Taller Slaff, Class Day Acfivilies. "Give lo me the life I love, Ief the resf go by me." TOMMY CRAIG l IMOGENE DANIEL Elective Diploma, time-Y, "so, '51, Future I-lomemakers of America, '5l, Band, '5l, Annual Tatler Staff, "In thy face I saw the marks of honor, iaith, and Ioyalty." JOHN WINSTON WOMACK Elective Diploma, President of Sophomore Class, '49, Volunteer Boys' State, '50, Junior Red Cross Council, '50, '5l, National Honor Society, '50, '5l, President of National Honor Society '5l, Monthly Tatler Staff '5l, Junior Rotarian, Hi-Y '49, '5I. "Never was a sincere word utterly lost." ANN MORRIS Elective Diploma, Junior Red Cross '49, '50, '5l, Secretary of Junior Red Cross '50, '5l, Dramatic Club '5l, Tri-Hi-Y '49, '50, '5l, Annual Tatler Staff, Library Assistant '5l, Junior'Senior Play '5l, Speech Tournae ment at Messick, Deleqate to Junior Red Cross Leadership Training Center '49. "Laughter is the chorus of conversation." JIMMIE WILLIAMS Elective Diploma, Football, '48, '49, '50, Track, '48, '49, '50, Basketball, '49, '50, Sl, Basketball Manager '50, '5l, T. Xi I. Club, '5l, Hi-Y, '49, Baseball, '5l, Monthly Tatler Statf, '50. "The longer one lives the more he learns." NANCY GAITHER Scientific Diploma, Tri-Hi-Y, '50, '5l, Future Homemakers of America, '5l, President ot Future Homemalcers of Amer- iga, '5l, Annual Taller Staff, Drivers' Class, ' I. "Auburn tresses-may the gods have mercy on man's imperial race." BILLY GENE SPAIN Electiv-e Diploma, T.8il. Club, '49, '50, '5l, "No one knows what he can do until he tries." Elective Diploma, Distributors' Club '5l, President of Distributors' Club '5l. "Blessed is he who expects nothing, he will not be disappointed." JANE LINDY Elective Diploma, Tri-Hi-Y '49, '50, '5l, Future Homemalrers of America '50, '5l, Executive Council of Future Homemakers of America '5l, Monthly Tatler Staff '50, Annual Tatler Staff, Football Royalty '5l, Office Assistant '5l, Class Day Activities. "Love is the emblem of eternity." JIMMY LEE CARTER Elective Diploma, Hi-Y '48, '49, '50 '5l, Cheerleader '49, '50, Annual Tatler Staff, Tumbling '48, '49, '50. "Faithful friends are hard to find." RUBY NELL DAILEY Elective Diploma. "Small in stature, but great in worth." JERRY FRANKLIN REPLOGLE Scientific Diploma, Football Manager '50, Basketball Manager '5l, National Athletic Scholarship Society, '5l. "l dare do all that may become a man, who dares do more is none." PAT TOWNSEND Elective Diploma, Future Homemalrers of America '50, Transferred from Encinitas, California. "Woman's influence is great, especially when she wants anything." JEAN KUYKENDALL Elective Diploma, Band '48, '50, library agsistant '49, '50, Distributors' Club '50, ' l. "Come, give us a taste of your quality." DOUGLAS CRENSHAW Elective Diploma, Hi-Y '5l, Football '50, T. Bi I. '50, '5I. "Enioy your own life without comparing it with that of another." DIAN LINDSETH Elective Diploma, Tri-Hi-Y '5l, Annual Tatler Staff, Monthly Tatler Staff '5l, Library Assistant '5l. Transferred from Tucson, Arizona, '50. "The better you know her the better you like her." if LEE EDWARD JERNIGAN Elective Diploma. "The only way to have a friend is to be one." CLARICEWALTERS LACY Elective Diploma, TriAHi-Y '50, '5lg National Honor Society '50, '5l- Future Homernakers of America '50, Dramatic Club '5l, Annual Tatler Staff. "lt's love that makes the world go 'round." Elective Diploma, Chorus '50, '5I, Track 'Sl' Base I 'SI Fo tb " '48 '49 '50 "Wit is the salt of conversation." CHARLIE PATE bal , o ai .,,, HAROLD LILE Elective Diploma, Football '48, '49, '50, Captain Football '50, National Athletic Scholarship Society, T. Bi I. Club '49, '50, '5I, Hi-Y '50, '5I, Volunteer Boys' State '50. "Blushes are the rainbows of modesty," DORIS BAIN Elective Diploma, Distributors' Club '5l, "Silent, chaste, and hushed." BILLY LAUGHLIN Elective Diploma, T, Bi I. Club '49, '50, '5l, President T. Xi l. Club '50, '5I. "For he is kind." 'ts aevERLY TAYLOR Elective Diploma, Junior Red Cross Coun- cil '49, '50, '5I, Trial-li-Y '49, '50, '5I, Dramatic Club '5l, Annual Tatler Staff, Library Assistant '50, Junior-Senior Play '5l. "Happy go lucky, carefree and gay. What else more fitting could we say?" SAYLE SUMNER Scientific D-iploma, T. Ili I. Club '5I. "A soft answer turneth away wrath." BETTY ANN WILSON Elective Diploma, Tri-Hi-Y '49, '50, '51, Treasurer of Tri-Hi-Y '50, President of Tri-Hi-Y '5l, Future Hornemakers ot Amer- ica '49, '50, Treasurer of Future Home- makers '49, President of Future Home- makers '50, Monthly Tatler Staff '5l, Cheer leader '5l, Basketball manager '5lg Representative to Tri-l-li-Y Convention, Delegate to Miniwanca Girls' State '50, Treasurer of Junior Class, Jr. Altrusa '5l, "Look! She's winding up the clock of her wit: by and by it will strike." Tax .35 . it 3: VELVA WALDING A W ,M-0 LARRY KILLOUGH Elective Diplomag Candy Stand '5l, Hi-Y '5lg National Honor Society '50g Distribu- tors' Club '51, D. E. State Delegate '5l. "He is as quiet as a lamb," BETTY PENDERG RAST Scientific Diplomag Tri-HIYY '49, '50, '5l, National Honor Society '50, '5lg Future Homemakers of America '49, Annual Tatler Stattj Monthl Tatler Staft '5lg Science Club '50, gftice Assistant '5lj Mention D.A.R. Contest, Class Day Activities. "How do I love thee? Let me count the ways." , I lKE CASTELLAW Elective Diploma, Hi-Y '5Ig T. 81 I. Club '50, Football Manager '49, '50' Basketball Manager '48, '49, '50g Track Nlanager '49, '50, Baseball Manager '50. "Never rise until you have something to say, and when you have said it, cease." LOUISE MORRIS F .J L 4 , i . ' ld" ' Elective Diploma, Future Homemakers ot , i F , America, Distributors' Club. l ' l' J' 'Fe' fa "l'lI speak to thee in silence." , Qf -LJ ' SAF, Q V ' N ,f GE f i a 5 GERALD REID Elective Diploma, Distributors' Club, "A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men." MONA MURRAY Elective Diploma, Tri-l-li-Y '49, '50, '51, Treasurer of Tri-Hi-Y '5I, Future Home' makers ot America '50, Football Royalty '50, Basketball '49, '50, '5l1 Co-captain Basketball '5l, Annual Tatler Stattg Cheer- leader '50, '5l. "What is lovely never dies but passes into other loveliness." l Elective Diploma, Tri-Hi-Y '5lg Monthly Tatler Statf '5I, Annual Tatler Stattg Girls' State '50, Football Royalty '50, Basketball '49, '50, '5l3 Co-captain Basketball '50, Cheerleader '5l, "Laugh and the world laughs with you." BOBBY McFARLAND Elective Diplomag Debating Club '5l, Annual Tatler Stattg D.A.R. Contestant. "Lap me in soft Lydian airs, married to immortal verse." BETTY CASTLEMAN Elective Diplomag Tri-Hi-Y '50 '5lg Del- eqate Southern Area Tri-Hi-Y '50, Future Homemakers ot America '50, Library Assistant '50, Monthly Tatler Staff '49, '50, '5Ig Assistant Editor Monthly Tatler Statt '5Ig Annual Tatler Stattg Class Day Activities. "As full of spirit as the month ot May." GEORGE FOSTER Scientific Diploma: Hi-Y '49, '50, 'Sly Treasurer ot Hi-Y '50, '5lg Basketball '49, '50, Junior-Senior Play '5l. "ln spring a young man's fancy lightly turns to thoughts ot Iove." MABLE USERY Elective Diploma, Future l-lomemakers ot America '49. "True love is the ripe fruit of a lifetime." JOHN HAWKINS Elective Diploma, Baseball '50, '5lg T, 8: l. Club '5l. "Truth is immortal, error is mortal." fbafsivkkssh- ' L5sl.u.n-av GAY RUSH Elective Diploma, Tri-Hi-Y '49, .'50, '5l, Future Homemakers of America '50, Monthly Tatler Staff '50, Annual Tatler Staff, Class Day Activities. "Women are made to be loved, not understood." BOBBY WOODHAM Elective Diploma. "Happiness is not given but exchanged." VIRGINIA JOHNSEY Elective Diploma, Tri-Hi-Y '51, National Honor Society '50, '5l, Annual Tatler Staff, Drivers' Class '49, "Quietness is best." 1--auf' MONTE JOE WEAVER Scientific Diploma. "He had two eyes as bright as a bean and a freckled nose that grew between." JUNE FROST Elective Diploma, Transfer from Loberville Hiqh School, '5l. National Honor Society g5l,ff Dramatic Club '5l, Annual Tatler ta . "Great is the advantage of patience." FRANK ROBINS Elective Diploma, National Athletic Schol- arship Society '5l, Football '48, '49, '50, Basketball '49, '50, Baseball '50, Hi-Y '49, T. 81 I. Club '49, "A modest man never talks of himself," KATH RYN GLENN '5I. Transfer from Beech Bluff '50. "Look thou not d wn, bu ." i ri ,, r l I BRUCE WOODARD '50, '51, Annual Tatler Statt. JOYCE PEARSON Elective Diploma, Distributors' Club '50, 1,15 if ' Scientific Diploma, National Honor Society "Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers." Elective Diploma. Distributors' Club. "Gather ye rosebuds while ye may." Gs BOBBY JOE BARBER Elective Diploma. "Music exalts each ioy, alleys each grief." FRANCES CATH EY Elective Diploma, Future Hornemakers of America '49, D. E. State Delegate '50, Secretary of Distributors' Club '50, "The secret of success is constancy of purpose." BOBBY BRYANT Elective Diploma, Band '49, '50, '5lg Hi-Y '5l. "Practice makes perfect." MARY ANN GAITH ER Elective Diploma, Editor Annual Tatler, Tri-I-li-Y '49, '50, '5Ig Future Hornernakers ot America '49, National Honor Society '50, '5lg Debating Club '5l. "A mind tull of knowledge is a mind that never tails." DICKY BEARE Elective Diploma, Football '48, '49, '50j T, 8- I. Club '5l. "One cannot know everything." JESSIE DOH ERTY Elective Diploma, National I-lonor Society '50, '5Ij Future I-lornemakers ot Arnerica '501 T. 8 I. Club '5l. "Common sense is the best sense I know of." ALFRED LEE STEINDORFF LENN ANDERSON Elective Diploma, Hi-Y '49, '50, 'Sly Vice- President T. X: l. Club '5lg Monthly Tatler Statt '5Ig Annual Tatler Stattg Secretary Junior Class. "Let us eat, drink, and be merry." BETTY JOE STROUD Elective Diploma: Future I-lomernakers of America '50j T, 8: l, Club '5l. "Kindness is the key to every heart in the universe." JERRY CORLEW Elective Diplomag Basketball '50, '5.Ig I-li-Y '5Ig National Athletic Scholarship Society '50, '5lg Candy Stand '5l. "There is but one with whom he has the heart to be gay." Y x Elective Diploma, Band '49, '50, '5Ij Junior Red Cross Council '49, '50, '5l, Annual Tatler Statfg Assistant Editor Monthly Tatler '5l. Class Day Activities, "Hang sorrow! Let's be merry!" MARY BEAMISH EIective'DipIomag Tri-Hi-Y '49, '50, '5l3 Future Homemakers of America '49, '50, '5l. "Never love until you can bear with all the taults ot man," EDWARD BRUCE BYNUM. JR. Elective Diploma, Band '49, '50, 'Sly I-li-Y '5Ig Class Day Activities. "Where hearts are true, tew words will do." JOANNE WILLIAMS Elective Diploma, T. Bt I. Club '50, Future Homemakers ot America '50, '5Ig Tri-Hi-Y '49, Annual Tatler Stattg Candy Stand '5l. "Smiles are the language ot Iove." ROBERT WILEY DAILEY Elective Diploma, Distributors' Club 'Sly T. 81 I. Club 'SI. "Enioy lite, it can't last forever." MILDRED PIPKIN Elective Diplomag Distributors' Club '5Ig T. E: I, Club 'Sly Future I-lomemakers of America '50, "She would talk, lord how she talked!" BEVERLY BUTLER Eleclive Diploma, Monlhly Taller Sfaff '5l, Dramalic Club '5l. "You must look inlo people as well as at them," THOMAS MATTHEW SMILEY Ill Eledive Diploma, Junior Red Cross Coun- cil '49, '50, '51, Hi-Y '50, '5l, Annual Taller Slaffg Drarnalic Club '5l, "Everyfhing's gonna' be all right" VIRGINIA AUSBAN Eleclive Diploma, T. S: I. Club '49, '50, '5l, Secrefary T. 81 I. Club '5l7 Annual Taller Staff. "A smile lo all brings many friendsf' DAVID MERWIN Elecliva Diploma, Band '49, T. 81 I. Club '50, '5l. "Friendship is a shellaring free." DORIS CHARLINE CRAWFORD Eleclive Diploma, Fulure Hornemalrers of America '50, '5l, Tri-Hi-Y '50, '5l, Annual Taller Slafl, Drivers' Class '5I. "Il is such a piece of good luck fo be narural." DEXTER TAN KERSLEY Eledive Diploma. T. 8: l. Club '50, '5l. "To fake Ihings as lhey be, +haI'x my philosophy." Y x PAUL POOLE Elecfive Diploma, I-li'Y '49, '50g Dislribuf lors' Club '50, T. 81 l. Club '5l. "Life is iusl one long process of golfing lired," HOWARD ANN McCOY Eleclive Diploma, Nalional Honor Sociely '50, '5l, Tri-Hi-Y '5l, Monlhly Taller Slaff '5lg Annual Taller Staff. "My lile upon her failhf' DAVID WHITE Qecfive Diploma, Band '49, '50, '5lg HLY ' I. "Whal should a man do buf be merry?" M... ' 1 , 1 f 7 I JOYCE SH ELTON Eleclive Diploma, Vice-Presidenl Sopho- more Class, Dramalic Club '5l, National Honor Sociery '50, '5l, Secrelary Nalional Honor Sociely '5I, Tri-Hi-Y '49, Library Assislanl '5l, Winner Women's Club poelry conlesl '50, "l hasfen Io laugh al everylhingf' WILLIAM EARP Annual Taller Sfaff. "All fhe Lafin I conslrue is Amo, I love.' DOROTHY LEE WHEELER Elective Diploma, Annual Taller Slaff Candy Sland '5l. "I will si? down now bul Ihe lime will come when you will hear me." Eleclive Diploma, Track '50, Foolball '49g V , ff .yfzgxw W, fi! ww L gf' , y . , , 7 f f X NW Q xf fi: Q 1 15 W ,sf V' 'lf' 1 nf W, 5, V -,W A m , ,f . X x X K wg? N X-4 W Mkifm NW x, ff-""' x X, H f M4 x ! -'Q-.fxff 'S Q Il I 'al W :ll m ll ll, X X 3 x. w all ' - N EIIISIII II N Nm Ill IIA X ll III WU' lll lll Fu m l emma 'Y' X741 ' J? 'Y 'Khin x Y ,fwg k , Left to Right: RALPH EAVES, BILL RAY, GUY HQPPI-LR, AND EDDIE LONG , 1 .As ., I J Q ' A hi CATHERINE WRIGHT BETH HOLDEN INEZ WILSON w 'P M I f' M, , S. ,B ,I 2 f f, ' , I 9 ' AW DQ -Y '9 W' KV: , -,, . i 2 J P ' f Ez A WAS I 600' , if fl ' , , G. 1- ' ' A ' f I A E ff 4 f 1 my A 4, f JACKIE COOPER , A R ,ff I I DAVID WELRER , . I A f - I IA , A A , , I 5 EDDIIE TRU ETT A I ' M I I I GORDON ORREL A, A ff-P 6 IW A STERLING GIVENS 5 gg, I IA , ROY c. WYATT . B A ' Ajfjj, GORDON SIPES A ,Q I AA, A , ,I,I I I f X Ai BARBARA TINES A I' I A I P AA ., BARBARA STRUDER , W4 P T I Og A A 4 A PEGGY PARISH gl A 1 f I .IUANITA PATTERSON P W A A 'I' f fs., , ' fi JEANNE cREAsY A ,5 3 f A I A A, V R, Q ,V fy--,C f: -Ln Z I.-' JOHN FANNING I A RALPH EAVES 1 S, 1 A ,S A, W PAUL MERWIN A3 'I' Q TI BILLY WILLIAMS I in A 112, P ROBERT BuRIcI-IEAD I A f I ' A f , g ,AA I ff P, V . ff I A ' ' BETTY JEAN BROWN " , BILLIE JEANNE wHITTAIcER f A II ' :A If A MARY BURNETTE " A I' 1 g I A AI I , MARJORIE MCDONALD f .3 'I f " q e-LENDA ALEXANDER f 'E' I , '17 ,KW AA ! I AW Aw. ,P f A, 1 Mil ,,,, Q f 'lj 7 .sh 4: I I I X 1 ,ls' fWW , I I, 4 Y ,V r ' p. ,B , A ' I 7, ,W A I JERE cox 4 H wwf I'+C ' ENCER BR N M' 1:2 M LI, j W A gn SP JOE GARRETT I I ff 9 BILLY JOE WILSON M . A Zh AXA If K BILL HAMMOND f QA Ap I W A A , A A I ROANNE ROWLETTE A 6 A fm IA, DELILAH GAULDIN , ,I I A 'A I I NANCY BEASLEY I , I Y f A A f , PATSY BIvENs W , V f A N f 'Q Q ff A A4 f W4 A .A ,A,fW,,A JOYCE ALLRIDOE V " I CHARLES BOGGAN I, . I g I CARL JONES X A 3 HAROLD STANFILL A A If I RICHARD WORLEY f A I A 1 ROBERT MORSE I I ,I , X ' A SARAH WALKER AA A' MA 9' BETTY BROWN Tim' , I, W , ,I Pi BETTY SANDERSON f I Q ' JANE ALLEN 47 E I A ' f I MARIE WHITELAW f A I gf 4 'I 4222" 'rl' 9 ,' ,f I f L I ff 'P A 2, ff A ,.Bf A , A if Z ,,,,, T' ' A f V5 x , 40 A A N R ,Q ,N Z, A. XL! K 9' V! b L ,x .f f if 5-'fd' S 1 , . 1 - Pr uf P y I 4 W BETTY FREEMAN DOLORES SWANSON JOAN COOPER DORIS HOLLOWAY LUCY NELL BUTLER N f 3 Q Mx , DICK CASON f MM nw V W TED' CUNLIFFE 'W' M QV lf " BOBBY BRIGGS . M ig A ,, ERvlN LUTTRELL Y 71' 'L I JERRE BUMPUS E V W I K X S .P I A, I 0 I J! A " ' A g CLARA oAREs f ,Q 5 M I M A W PEGGY PATE 5 , A. ,,, SARAH MILAM 1' f A, 1 Q Jo ANNE MOONEY f I A A My P1 - JEANEYTE LOMAX f ,mg P P X f , ' I TOMMY ESTES f If V , N JACK DAYLoR A , mf 'W mb NSD L' ,fra ' f t, f,-2 MP EDWARD CRAWFORD ,W Y-P ,, I N BOBBY WILLIAMS I A Af ' 1' L f Pww FRED PERRY , P M R , A ,, ' A I PAULINE MERWIN i Q LORRAINE TANKERSLEY g 4, Y. ,S A ' PM ? X NANCY ERAZIER , I. 3 cARoL nuEHLER A A A f ffff 5 I M . ELIZABETH WILLIAMS I "Y ' 3 - - Y . Y BILL BURDETTE , - mm V f X 2 M MMP 4 ' ,P D1cRlE CONGER ,Y-gm f ff I A I 'Y , BILLY BAILEY A . Rfk BILL MccRoY ,Y Q Y ROBERT D-UVALL P f,9.,f K D 13 X " f . ,V Y ' LOUISE CAMPBELL FRANCES HARGROVE JOYCE EDWARDS JUDY MOREHEAD BETTY BONNER LAWRENCE JOHNSON HORACE HARPER nr W 'L 1 , Z 3 1 . '- ,,,, Q WRNWQ I . , 'ff Wits! " A A Y I Y I f X A 14 24 , PAUL STEPHENSON J' fgffx I JOE BARN ETT STAN LEY BROWN EVELYN DONNEL MARY ANNE CAWTHON BILLI E JOE CROSBY KATIE HUTCHESON 'K I I ' i PATSY RHODES , i A 'W " 'WNW G. Q I' f , , " , f 'Q -Mk ' " W X . fr LS 7 A P P2 X A M X V I Wi 45' x Q 0 0 :R x , A ,, 1, . I -f P5 M I ' I I I j 4 . V I I , ,Y ' ff Q ' 'I' yL ' L .. .QW A 0 , I 4 ' f , "P 3' 1 BOB SMITH BUDDY ANDREWS CHARLES HARDY JIMMY CANNON JACK FISHMAN CATHERINE OLIVER WIMPIE FRANCES RICHARDSON ELIZABETH RIDDILE CAROLYN WATSON BEVERLY RICKETTS EDWARD ZEHR FRANK KNAPP MORGAN SWEARENGEN BILL DRURY HERRON MORRIS BARBARA HENSON JOAN DOYLE NANCY WILLIAMS SHIRLEY LAWLER BETTY DOTSON RAYMOND NEWBILL EUGENE MORGAN JIMMY MILAM BILL RAY HUGH OWEN, JR. 'M' ., Z? , few , Wir f ,X 4 Qi , 1 I ,fu X I 2 X MARY ANN HENDRICKS MARTHA ANN CLARK , ff I A I 3 --Janus Huoems Sf A , 'JEANETTE FULLINGTON We 'W f f PAY HOLLEY N 'mf I ls f ' -v Q Q ' ' 1 1 I B, b . if G 'nw fi g , l I 'V .,,, If A V 7 rj f ,N . ,Q fy, , ff' 1 1 W f .W ff X27 , If I 1' fIff' 4:.. I v,L , W I ,M ' I 'rf '7 a J' ,Q I ,Z4iv"", f 1 A ' I I I W 2' ' , M ' ' 44 - WJ W A , 7,1 Q V f 4 f,, 1:7739 I ,f ,, 5 A 'X Z 3 V! 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JERRY ROGERS ff , I I I, 5 MICHAEL rms W A ' EDWIN YOUNG Z 'Z I I JJ A JIMMY MECORD A 5 ff Af -4 ,I M X BOBBY MOORE W U A if A , IIII RAY CAC-LE 'S I I JACK LAW If , FRED STEWART W' I A I f HOWARD SIMS f , A I JESSE MAYFIELD A I P " - "LL I ff? - 'f ,. , C ' X PAUL RICHARDSON , 5 A ,I ROBIN RAINEY I f A SH, A - Aw f CHARLIE HOWELL ' I I I A I CARROLL RIALS 'S I THOMAS PHILLIPS M I TILLMAN MAYS JAMES KNOWLTON , BILLY FRANK JOHNSON W RR-- S I A JOE THORNHILL f 2 Ls, we f wAYNE BRIDGES I SW X I Pg if Az X if if ff i7Qf fff Lgaihmadex N E Left to Right: HERMAN HEIGHT, BEVERLY ROOTE, NAN INGRAM, RONALD SMITH. I I RAMONA HUDSON MARY ELLEN MATTHEWS SHIRLEY BOGGAN JANICE SMITH ESTER MCHUGH PATRICIA SANSING ANNE SORENSON PATSY WOODY JANIE PENTECOST KAY HORTON NAN INGIIAM LIBBY JOBE JO ANN SHEPHERD NANCY LEE ALLEN JEAN HUTCHESON JOE MORRIS BEVERLY ROOTE ADELE POOLE I EJ ,E. gfyb f M f XS , MMS, "af" M W I K f Z7 fx f f Q M XZ W V jfv ' .YQ N' w,7 , A .3 , W, , 7 If 5, ' i, f S Lyn, E , fx K I ' w 7 X fN I R W 4 f M! f 1 A f jf L I I I D .wflwws fw xg MG I f X f X 1 ,iw 61 af WN XX X 7 1 f X 'Kam fFk.vJgfZ .nn ff" 'K 'XV I . il an I 4 ' Y 73 50 f ff gf f ' .fx 1 wp Q7 I ,X f LQ aff, I Q-.,, P 4 W II X IJ --7' 1 , . N I QR Sf- ' X ff I or vs w ,n ,f - Lv I , Q ef - A A EWS? 7 I .K A Mfg? 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JEAN AUSTIN w , MARY LOUISE EAvES .ff :iw ' I ' ' I M 5 QL , I fi A t ., A A CHARLES BELL 6 , ' M Q GORDON wooos 71- W X f ff ,WA BOBBY MCALEXANDIER 1, f. R T LA' 1 2 ,S FRANK OSBORNE f " , f 35 I I,II IIRY ,Y CLARENCE MILSTEAD ' if 7 ff f if f- I ' I I J i Linn. I I Rf R' "Wg, , pg X jg ,HSV I f ' 5 4 A , A A M .. MARY ANNE GLIsSoN I f I Z 4 ' ' NANCY COLVIN V ' f H W ,J W M31 X "' , ANNE EARRoR f , A .M ., I A , VIRGINIA WILSON I ILS, I , I . A f MARGIE vINsoN 7 4 I ' X M W z 1:-1 ,f , Q 3 ' J MZ , II,EA Qi Q I J ' A f BILL TRAUGHBER gf , f ROBERT BRUCE HuNT , Z f , ' f A IHS, .-A NANCY DICKERSON M I . f "2 ' ! !! 5 PEGGY PENNINGTON M 4 i f ' ANNE wATLINGToN J I ,f ,"v' , ' 7 XX A 1 A-' 'AGN .f w L L f FX V-QL V Z, h M Ag HERMAN HIGHT V ff I I V , Y DON BULLET V L V LIII JIMMY McKIssAcIc ,F ' KING MORGAN ER VZ? X II. v. cA1I-IEY - L f WL il LV, 4 f h I JOAN WARREN 5, V ,J My SHIRLEY GLENN 5 " 4 ' 4 I I I I ' , I f DORIS ANN JORDAN - .LLM I, X M R V55 L 1. V M nor THOMPSON IV J ' , I Q' ' BARBARA sILER I 4 L,. , , J, 1 ' .LJ - -I I A ' f , - 'R f JV Q JAMES WILLIAMS f V V , 3 V JACKIE LAUGHLIN 'G+ " A'-:af 2 1, I' 3 f I HOWARD WILLIAMSON L EV V JAMES GAITHER V Q1 xg 1 2 X IIEN SHIRES I f , x S 'F' 4 I ' ' I X5 Y 2:59 I - I oELoREs DOUGLAS I . - ' .L VIRGINIA EVEREI' , V V , 1 W ax A L f-1 'f ' ff m VV' RENNIE MAE PARI-IAM R, f -, R QL, 1 + JANNIE OOTILLA I ,N rg, I J, L. , DOROTHY NELL EzRA 'J QR I V JOHN MCNATT f 0 1 V JERRY ESCH L V, L L VV5wL,V4i M :QW ww ' " if I ou wAYNE POPE If E' 1, ,gf IW f JERRY MEoLIN ' f CARROLL CRAWFORD 'Q ' ,ff 4 h ' sf' Q all .XJ if 4 K ff, ELNEIM ek SHIRLEY FORSYTHE ,. if W ,V V.: , J A JEAN HAGAN , A f V 5 W f I , A f MARY ANN ARNETT L ,, A , , CAROLYN cI-IERRY ,V A Q ALICE FAY HAMILTON L ll' 1 I IV Q BILL VANDEN BOSCH JOHNNY LAUGHLIN ROSLEY BILLY McC BILL D'UDLEY JAY GAFFNEY BETTY COLVIN JANIS KILLOUGH BEVERLY FESMIRE VAREE PONDS SHIRLEY ROBERTS FLOYD FRY GERALD SUMNERS HAROLD FORTNER DOUGLAS TSCHORN BILLY HILLIARD E :L X X Z F3 Jw V .Lx 'ff' S W fm L " WPS J L V ,Q I 4 1 Q V! A f L 'M , S ,A MM " 7 RL I Na, -.L f ' L f A I I I f 5327! ,L ' 1 2' ' I' 'f 'V Q N ff, XC 5 W, 4 - .L-v -n' , ,- A X - K ' A ' LL , 4 f f , L RL ,f LV ,L if Q' Vg K . , 1 I ,Lf Vg I f 1 ' 1 L F' 1 W '73-5 , I W '+R 1 , ,Mx X I U4 x " an K 'xLLL-rv , V ,LL V , X R I Q , L Y' L W 1 M":W"R'fe I ' 1 rf I L 'fi .W if I fm f 1 ' Of, 5 ,, ,f JERRY BLACKWELL ARTIE WRIGHT CLARENCE JOHNSEY RONALD SMITH DON CREASON DONNA MAE DUKES REBECCA BLACKMON BETTY WILLIAMS ELAINE SHUMAKER SHIRLEY CRAWFORD SAM PEARSON BOBBY ROSS MAURICE STANSILL JOE ERVIN BILLY BUTLER RUTH JOYNER ELIZABETH ABERNATHY BARBARA SUE HAMILTON SHIRLEY LINDER GAYLE BOWMAN LOYD NELMS JERRY CROCKER BRUCE VANDIVER BOBBY MILLER VAN POOLE , ,rl I ' iff 'Wg If f ni I - b VV , 4 , f W X ,X .nw I I i , 4? 7 f f X2 1 ww 'f I . . f f '24, ,, ,X U' , X fy m, ,, I7 , f ff I 4 ' f if 'N N932 .Mi Sk ,Lffowliiu-. Q 3 P -Ay 7 1 , Aw, Z H! I ff n , 's ' I I A hx , ,V , .Wx 'Vi X K ' 4 4 ' 4 I ,i g 7' , If f ff: . 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NANCY MOORE A ,W IIA' BILLY LAW DONALD VESTER f MEL CARADINE, JR. 2 J, ARCHIE CRENSHAW , BOBBY JOE MINCEY Q f f vwfffwv 9 , w M JV X 1 1 QW vw fs . is iw? if, f E, X mf ,ki 1 , NW 1 A V Q, X W I 4 S K0 V, '?'f,vf,57 Q ,, k L ,fa ffw KM A ,X Q V ,,,, N M I ff f I 'G f ,, 4 5, ff A V W, xg A 8' Sf Ov' .Au lei ,,,,....wwff" W wa 3 J 2 f Q if 1 3 l HK an I f K ' x N X f 1 1" . qv Q -,ff 4 -f KJ Lf In 11" 'li' f 'L' nw V- ,",H 1,1 '. A -V- . M, , 1 'rf J' 'gpkgigl m . ff, N, -gm' ,L , M., 1 , I .wma 9 'g0 ',' , XXL , r 'Un " VII, W K x v N J A, Qwfifaa ,275 gf ' f ,, AN "MER 1 ff XQ:f WQ ig!,h -aa N ff- ' - nz- , - S! l 67 f 2 . NWI, I, 16127, .MLK m5K"lvI,. x 1 f H-471 XL , " V "1 , f - VH' ' V112- N-V' f WW "I , , g4A,f' 5 z 'ei f , ff f 1 1 ' f 'W NM X 4 1 I f 1 Lt! fi . -Q'Lfm I tl- X' xx , 1: ': K fs 'x ' I ,. .. ,X in ,. if- N fx Q- -A - , M wik i?-Q , if N ' ' ,. I, i- l W va! '. ' -55 'II' I I 7 F- q has L ,v M ,u Z- F!! 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X' X X xx ffff? xo if ff! f - F 4 Qfg gzff if W? wth lfffzffmrff Q . iff fwffw Wf x ' I . ,ff fy ffl W .sf Am ff f A ' Q 1 A z 'iff ,Vkf f I fy X f gf: f ff My A wx FLW W ff ,f WWA ,I f amhus Qfcff' M2 First Row: Lanell Waldrop, Mary Elizabeth Riddle, Connie Replogle, Beth Ward, Nancy Brann, Frances Wallace, Doris Woods, Frances Richardson, Peggy Jones, "Honey" Merwin, Nancy Gaither, Patsy Jones, Joan Morehead, Nancy Frazier, Sylvia Wilson, Patricia Sansing, Joanne Cooper, Dolores Swanson, Doris Crawford, Imogene Daniel. Second Row: Anna Laura Palmer, Joyce Henry, Katie Hutcheson, Joyce Shasteen, Jo Ellen Williams, Joyce Allridge, Delilah Gauldin, Shirley Williams, Greta Smith, June Miller, Laverne Maness, Pat Jones, Jane Lindy, Mary Lois Gilliam, Peggy Pennington, Sherry Only, liffargaret Crane, Janice Smith, Dolores Douglas, Margie Vinson, Geraldine Rushing, Shirley awler. Third Row: Dorothy Butler, Barbara Siler, Dorothy Barham, Jeanette Graves, Nancy Nell Cocke, Frances Jones, Doris Ann Holloway, Sara Merwin, Mary Burnette, Carolyn Watson, Jo Ann Mooney, Catherine Wright, Beth Holden, Frances Hargrove, Shirley Thurston, Nancy Colvin, Catherine Wimpee. Haifa e 6'77lZ77ld,4M5 af 526722 zbzz OFFICERS President-NANCY GAITHER Vice-President-"HONEY" MERWIN Secretary-PEGGY JONES TVEQSUVET-PATSY JONES Miss MARY DOAK-SPOHJOY To better the home is a woman's goal This, too, Miss Doak has always told "The people will waken and listen to hear" Of improvements that are made by the women each year. Many duties have these girls performed, Like sewing, cooking, and caring for the new-born. And then that very happy day, When a fashion show is on its way. g'There are things of which I may not speak" Because of the many activities they do each week, But of all of them, one stands alone, And that is, To build a better future in each and Every home. Front Row, Left to Right: John Womack, Juanita King, Joyce Shelton, Betty Pendergrast, Nancy Cocke, Thelma Newhart, Nancye Hamilton, Betty Freeman, Beth Holden, Ray Cagle, Carl Todd, Bobby Briggs. Row 2: Dick Cason, Christine Rockover, jo Ann Cooper, Roe Ann Rowlett, Faye Holley, Glyn Ann Carpenter, Nancy Davidson, K'Honey" Merwin, Evelyn Donnell, Nancy Frazier, Doris Holloway, Carey Duncan. Row 3: Howard Ann McCoy, Virginia Sewell, Shirley Ray, Nancy Brewer, June Miller, Martha Frances Watkins, June Frost, Mary Ann Cawthon, Martha Ann Clark, Billie Ruth Doss, Sarah Walker, Betty Bonner, Jane Allen, Peggy Parish. Row 4: Bruce Woodard, Virginia Johnsey, Edna Reynolds, Mary Lois Gilliam, Sara Merwin, Dorothy Barham, Clarice Walters Lacy, Lucy Nell Butler, Joan Doyle, Peggy Barnes, Peggy Jones, Joy Ann Lane, Frances jones, David Luckey. Mbmzf Uiiffzcw tgacfbfy OFFICERS President-JOHN WOMACK Vice-President-JUANITA KING Secretary-Treasufer-JOYCE SHELTON Miss ELIZABETH ETHERIDGEQ-Sponsor 'LA feeling of sadness and longing" When graduation at last is here Especially those in the N. H. S. Who worked so hard throughout the year. To reach the grade of 88 was their only aim So on that graduation night They could stand With a gold seal diploma in their hand. "The day is done, and the darkness" '6Falls from the wings of night" But the useful work which they did Will remain with us throughout our life. f First Row: Ernest Dike, Charles Little, Donald Deaton, Eddie Crawford. :QM - :X W 90' 5 ,, E A X igfgtsiift Y, f f X W , WMM, .Q Second Row: Robert Sipes, Harold Lile, Bill Ray, Jerry Corlew, Guy Hopper, Eddie Long. Mbfzfzf gzfmfwzf 455506115546 tgacvbfy OFFICERS President-BILL RAY Vice-President-ROBERT SIPES Secretary-Treasurer MR. TURY OMAN-Sponsor To maintain an average equal to the school To qualify for membership is their rule. They must have a letter in one major sport And keep up their standards to good report Each year they sponsor a "beauty revue" And have an induction ceremony in chapel, too. For the pleasure of people from near and far Who come to our gym, they run the "Snack Bar." Starting a picture collection of all athletic teams, These boys are really working hard it seems. -ERN EST DIKE M,,,, First Row: David Luckey, Fred Kendall, Ted Cunlille, Claran Boyd, Jack Fishman . Ernest Dike. Second Row: Don Creason, Jimmy Cannon, Ann Morris, Miss Faye Etheridge Sponsor John Womack. Third Row: Joan Morehead, Mary Elna Coplin, Beth Holden, May Jewell McCroy Barbara Siler. Vice-President -TED CUNLIFFE Fourth Row: Peggy Jones, Joyce Shasteen, Joyce Henry, Juanita King, Beverly Taylor mm ffm' 04155 OFFICERS President-ERNEST Duns Miss FAYE ETHERIDGE-Sponsor "Listen, my children, and you shall hear" What the Junior Red Cross did this past year, On the twenty-fifth of December, in years gone by, They gave food and gifts to the needy, And all a surprise. "Meanwhile, my friends, through alley and street" They saw that all things were clean and neat. To better the city was their only aim, And so they helped in the clean-up campaign "You know the rest. In the books you have read" How the Junior Red Cross is always ahead, So here's to the ones who so loyally work To help our city and nation forever alert. Secretary- AN NE MORRIS Front Row: Glyn Ann Carpenter, Mary Ellen Mathews, Nancy Gaither, Mona Murray, Billie Ruth Doss, Peggy Barnes, Betty Wilson, Thelma Newhart, Doris Crawford, Evlyn Hooker i Y-Iirginia Sewell, Katie Hutcheson, Barbara Henson, Jeanette Lomax, Nancy Frazier, Nancye amilton. Second Row: Virginia Johnsey, Nancy Brewer, Anna Laura Palmer, June Miller, Shirley Ray, Harriet Maranoff, Clarice Cox, Dian Lindseth, Betty Pendergrast, Edna Reynolds, Mary Lois Gilliam, Mary Ella Coplin, Louise Campbell, Joyce Allridge, Doris Holloway, Barbara Hamilton, Frances Jones, Mary Burnette, Carol Buehler, Betty Freeman, Glenda Alexander, Sarah Milam, Rosemary Castleman, Miss Edyth Worthy, Sponsor. Third Row: Miss Mary Charles Anderson, Sponsor, Dorothy Barham, Kay Horton, Jean Ann Scott, Jane Lindy, Gay Rush, Betty Castle-man, Martha Frances Watkins, Clarice Walters Lacy, Beverly Roote, Elaine Shumaker, Joan Shepherd, Shirley Crawford, Peggy Pate, Beverly Ricketts, Martha Jane Allen, Carol Rosenblum, Joan Mooney, Joan Doyle, Barbara Tines, Billy Jean Whittaker, Juanita Patterson, Barbara Struder. Fourth Row: Imogene Daniel, Anne Sorenson, Jane Hazlewood, Nancy Brann, Barbara Siler, Patsy Woody, Nancy Colvin, Faye Holley, Mary Ann Gaither, Shirley Linder, Dorothy Sue Snider, Pat Jones, Howard Anne McCoy, Joan Morehead, Nancy Cocke, Nancy Davidson, Marjorie McDonald, Sara Cox, Roe Ann Coughlin, Peggy Jones, Catherine Wright, Peggy Parish, Peggy Pennington, Mary Ann Cawthon, Carolyn Clark, Elizabeth Abernathy. Fifth Row: Doris Burgess, Nancy Lou Moore, Jean Austin, Ramona Hudson, Patsy Jones, Jane Hutson, Janice Smith, Betty Colvin, Jane Pentecost, Jean Cotilla, Velva Walding, Dorothy Thompson, Betty June Williams, Libby Jobe, Alice Faye Hamilton, Joy Lane, Jeanette Fullington, Lorraine Tankersley, May Jewell McCroy, Margaret Crain, Geraldine Rushing, Janis Killough, Patty Ruth Joyner. J '-U74 OFFICERS Palrner Chapter P7ESidENfmNANCY FRAZIER Vice-Presidents-BARBARA HENSON AND NANCYE HAMILTON Secretary-KATIE HUTCHESON TT6d5UTE71JEANETTE LOMAX SPOHSOT-MISS WORTHY Hodge Chapter President-BETTY WILSON Vice-Presidents-PEGGY BARNES AND THELMA NEWHART Secretary-BILLIE RUTH Doss T7Bd5uT8f1MONA MURRAY Sponsor-MISS MARY CHARLES ANDERSON "It was many and many a year agov When the Tri-Hi-Y began For there were some girls who thought "That all should be happy whenever they can" At Christmas time and Thanksgiving, too, They were busy seeing that no one was blue Loaded with gifts and baskets of food They covered the town to see what they could do. With all of this work and much more, too, The Tri-Hi-Y was working just for you. "And so this was the reason that long ago" The club was organized for all to know. 'NI' I First Row: Ray Powell, Jack Fishman, Jerry Smith, Eugene Morgan, Bob Smith, Jimmy Milam, Ted Cunliffe, Bill McCroy, Bill Traughber, Winston Martindale, Bill McAfee, Tommy Naef, Ernest Dike, Claran Boyd, Van Poole, Robert Sipes, Gordon Sipes. Second Row: Eddie Truett, Bobby Ross, King Morgan, Billy Hammonds, Buddy Andrews, Fred Stewart, Joe Frank Barnett, Bobby Briggs, Billy Frank Johnson, Charles Bledsoe, Joe Haney, Carey Duncan, Lenn Anderson, Billy Joe Amison, Harold Lile, Charles Little, Ike Castellaw. Third Row: Bruce Vandiver, Herron Morris, Jay Gaffney, David Williams, Carrol Rials, Dick Cason, jack Smith, Artie Wright, joe Morris, George Foster, Tommy Buntin, Bobby Bryant, David White, James Elam, Edwin Randolph, David Luckey. Fourth Row: Donald Simmons Jim McCord, Raymond Newbill, Howard Hale, Donald Deaton, Charles Pate, Billy Dudley, Jimmy Gleaves, john Womack, Neil Deloach, Burney Tucker, Jerry Corlew, Fred Kendall, Spencer Brown, Gordon Orrell. or-W OFFICERS Morse Chapter P7'65id671f-FRED STEYVART Vice-President-BOBBY BRIGGS Secretary-BILL RAY Treasurer-TED CUNLIFFE Chaplain-DICK CASON Sponsor-MR. ELIZER Williams Chapter President-CHARLES LITTLE Vice-President,-ERNEST DIKE Secretary-BOBBY ALLISON TT6d5U76T-GEORGE FOSTER Chaplain-ToMMY NAEF Spon5orfMR. ERNEST HORTON "To create, maintain, and extend throughout the school And community high standards of Christian character." This is the purpose of our Hi-Y And our members really try To live up to this Christian rule Throughout the community and school. Movies, musicals, and many a speech Presented at our meetings help to teach All our members better ways to live, Ways to help others, and how to give Our goods, ourselves, and our time To bring cheer to others at any time. Front Row fLeft to Rightj: Tommy Estes, Nancye Hamilton, Sara Merwin, Billie Gene Whittaker, Dickie Conger, Nancy Brewer, Shirley Ray, Anna Laura Palmer, Ted Cunliffe, June Miller. Second Row: Carl Todd, Hermon Hight, Joe Haney, Buddy Andrews, Bobby Miller. 1.97 umm Az! OFFICERS President-BILLIE GENE WHITTAKER Vice-President-TED CUNLIFFE Secretary-SARA MERWIN TT805UT671ANNA LAURA PALMER MR. WARREN FESMIRE-Sponsor . One of the newest clubs of Jackson High Which all are eager to join Is the Science Club, which is just getting wings For it was only organized last spring. Many aims have these members set before them But all too many to name For they are always discovering something new Which would be a benefit to you, To increase our knowledge of science Is always in their plan For they are always giving their service To every part of the land. gd!!! W. R. BON SONLDiTECt0T First Raw: David White, David Welker, Jack Fishman, Carol Bynum, Ann Andrews, Nancy Estes. Second Rofw: Ann Dozier fmajorettej, Carolyn Cherry, Carolyn Watson, Billy Willette. Jim Smith, Bert Clark, Mary Alice Clardy, Jimmy Hudson, Tommy Estes, Jack Laughlin. Majorettes: Carol Robertson, Nancy Applewhite, Elaine Gary. Third Row: Peggy Jones Cmajorettel, Buddy Andrews, Peggy Orr, Bobby Loyd, Jimmy Deaton, Al Steindorff, Jack Dugger, Susan Cole, Dan Robertson, Kay Pinkerton, Ileen Sipes. Fourth Row: George Marsten, Glen Batten, John Bartels, Dickie Laughlin. Johnny Laughlin. jerry Thurston, Frank Osborne, Bobby McAlexander, Buddy Bynum, Sonny Ellington, Billy Holmes, Bobby Bryant. Fifth, Rout' Ann Phillips, Freida Steindorff, Tommy Buntin, Jane Brooks, Bobby Hopper. Evlyn Hooker, Jerry Arnold, Bobby Kendig, John Gaither. Douglas Gilbert, Morris Brill, Arnold Schroeter, Ann Pinkerton, ,Timmy Osborne, jerry Clements, Lawrence Johnson, Sidney Case. What is that joyful sound I hear? Why, it's the Jackson High band lending cheer To the school assemblies and football games. And though we can't mention all the names Of the members of our wonderful band, We'd like to give them a great big hand. At the Strawberry Festival for the past four years The band took first place, amid many cheers. Each year at the Cotton Carnival they file Down Memphis streets for ten long miles. And rating Superior for two years in the state, They represented Tennessee at the Lion's Convention in forty-eight. To prove that our band wins under most any condition, They took fourth place in intemational competition. To Mr. Bonson, the director, much credit is due For he made the band what it is and brought it to you. WR, Nh, .. , to gm ,, .wi -5 -il t f aww! t -Nj-f f W me X , 'M . , . ,,.. M, 7,7 W mm f mee S Kneeling: Joe Sipes, John Drew Hawk, John Hawkings, Dickie Beare, Neil DeLoach. First Row: Jessie Doherty, Betty Jo Bridges, Virginia Ausban, Mildred Pipkin, Bill Burdette, Jimmy Williams, Tommy Naef, Mr. Jessie Barnes, sponsor, Second Row: Mr. Elizer, Robert Dailey, Patsy Rhodes, Nancy Hastings, Katherine Belew, Billy Laughlin, Paul Poole, Dickey Day, Howard Hale. Third Row: Mildred Sumler, Bobby Brien, Bobby Teague, Douglas Crenshaw, Sayle Sumners, Joe Garrett. Fourth Row: Dexter Tankersley, Harold Norvell, Leon Dyer, Howard Sims, David Merwin, Billy Spain, Jerry Cox, Robert Mayo. rm! UM OFFICERS President-BILLY LAUGHLIN Vice-PresidentELENN ANDERSON Secretary-VIRGINIA AUSBAN TTEGSUTET-KATHERINE BELEW Reporter-ROBERT DAILEY MR. JESSE BARNES, MR. T. ELIZER-Sponsors Students enrolled in the T. and I. Do their best and really try To prepare themselves for an occupation So they can work after graduation. They represent many kinds of work From auto mechanic to hardware clerk. In regional contest our club competes, And this year took Five first places in the meets. Affiliated with other clubs in the state, We are working to make our club first rate. MQW ,fe ,wma M1111 W 27 f 7mMs:,gm ww, Q, First Row: Charles May, Larry Killoulzh, DeRoy Hamilton, Sarah Baxter, Betty Dotson, Inez Wilson, Louise Morris, Iris Hudgins, Billie Ruth Doss. Second Row: Jackie Douglas, Robert Morse, Delia Ann Stubblefield, Katherine Glenn, Doris Bain, Anne Hollis. Third Rowg Gerald Reid, Lymon Evans. Ralph Barber, Gladys Johnson, Frances Cathey, Joyce Pearson, Nancy Magill, Jean Kuykendall. Fourth Row: Richard Leonard. Bobby Allison, Bobby Law, Ann Hunt, Hillman Moore, Pauline Kuykendall, Dolly Jernigan, Buck Varnell. JQYIQIZZIQWX, 5515 OFFICERS Rebel Chapter President-TOMMY CRAIG Vice-President-HILLMAN MOORE Secretary-DELIA STUBBLEFIELD Treasurer-LYMON EVANS Reporter-BOBBY LAVV Dixie Chapter Prexident-BOBBY ALLISON Vice-President-JEANNE CREASY SKCTEIGTJ'-FRANCES CATHEY Treasurer-SARAH BAXTER Reporter-lRrs HUDGINS MR. ERNEST HORTONZSQOHSOV' Tell me not in a mournful number Members of the D. E. Club take time to slumber. Four out of ten of our lads and lassies Are enrolled in the two vocational classes. Through this we are earning while we learn To help ourselves and our employers, each in turn. We are taught the art of distribution While each student makes his contribution Toward strengthening relations between community and school This is our aim and we work by this rule. Give io March of Dimes ' VVVVVVVVVVVVVVV Volume XXW-.Ng 3 Brown :grown ,KE ,XIII " ' i'Z'ln?.I,.5S'5"2E,...m T fre J KLWJHU rs, Ware STQIHJOYFR Bam Cnsnc mon Go F QVILI Lui KG WCS ,HHS Of 111011. Wow-11K?EJ nnnaoufn a Eyne5T DlKC'H9Vf1grM9V9UOPF Hn U1111fl,1x', .1 111'1v 15. '1l1.v Wm ,.f1 Nr-A 1 xL.vfaf - -'.QL ,lxn 1 ..1' 1 1 1 X1-1.11 G Ones D 111.1 : 1 1fffLQN ewan, llsxnwef Mg HU F, 77ii2lf 111QQi11Qll'Q1 ff . ffQ.,l.fffll 'mm Won iiQl1i,,1,'l" U "" fb 'A OUT' 'A ,. , f,ff,fH"i 'f 1: mfneg, 1' IL., pi :1,,x 1.1111 ,,e1- 1 2.1 1. 'lfI1.f1'f7if7"ZQ'Z 11 1.11 V' HOOKU' 11.111x- 113111: 1,71 rm-:Q-'z' 1 11 1-4A gfownr Qnn N550 , June Miller' T0 HMQRY DEPT "mic, fixfnu. Qt 'VII Hftx' Hr ' 0 Remember this Date Feb 28 VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVY 1x ' 1 3111: Klum-I TVUM1 S I 6 F F 'Z'P1r11'1rL1l1 1111- aff, 1' V1 '1 5""W I J I ' ' Xl' vlan .1 1 -1 km Vim. Lau-1 F 1. nigv. aw -WHS' sw mm: 'W in-1 1, my 1, , ,hu 15111115121 53.1211 HSSISTRIIT EJ175 rs usmess Manager IVCUI9710 n n rv f-1 - Orin EAQBY5 Soclavlg Cuhlzppe 95515151115 P1155 re ker- Qff Qcfffofi' Exclmn e Ecmzlr Featfre Edmfr Q55fSTg'lhT5 U 1 ,H ,, Eb 's 11 ww f fu .J113 1.11 . V1 ST: 111111 U19 11171, 11,11 1111 ww neu' We 1 Irlix, 14315 L- I1 LIU1 vm ,11 1 In, Y 1 1111 411, mf mia ,in- ', Ii Q 5 H' WS G'H'H"'n 'M lf"'4fffff74', U0-V 9Q'f7Hm1 GH" M 1111 f i 1111 CJK 111,11 111w.1w1, G1 1 011 C11 ' K1zf11,1. 2211- 1111- -A in Jw" I ' U ' BQTV Pender mf, 'P0"TW if :A ' V Vefvn 'KIJGLJIU , am er-wnn, EJna Q noHS,BeTr IC 524 xgJ1f5on,Tl1eImR C-ZWIUQYI Beveri Burner Jfjbiigm M me U. 5' 1,6 1111111 . fepzz ltr 41:9 is 5 iff-W 1" NL ' 1 K gn, ,L4.,, mf' V High rw I1111! 1 ,ppux A.vV,t H! X17 ,V 'Q Hn f'.x,2 AVA I Ru K.,-,-br., H U U ji " f T A'L' 23' 1 :ss nr CPIQVIEES reom rs. GP Robergra-OD, i'QTfIZZ'?,,,T'I,f W' "ML" 111441 vm' 1, ,,..,i.:,, ,, 1, ,1 ,E Ithy, xrim LJ J CA S .KVJHW HH in ,X 1 :f-, a tlynw 11 H M111-'rr 5. ' yieiih ,Mr 0 e A M ,. ,., 41' UW? Y U U U 511 11 U.,-,111 , 1 . " EM' hwnri an -- I 41 I I1 hu -vya Z S51 A , 1,115 w11s11,11tf. H1125 HH 21,1 111 611111 1 1.1112 -1- Q ,A , - '1,:11111g1, 11 , 111111111 "'- 12 -:xii '1111r1w P141 111111 111-15 wiflx ,cncvll f11:1rm1m t I 112' HL13' 1111 11' 1111, 1,-,-11' , . . Wy 113115: 411.11x'1'11c-ff Simi Shri I X1v11f1v+' 1111141 111110 3':i!l.s11m'v, XT:11'j,Lx!'11l, 1 1 ,N11+z'.' X-11 ,- 5- 1 .1 11-11 I 115 f1ri1 Mix-f I-'1-,1, 1111111 ' 1, 3 'wx 11:11-1' nm, '1' 511121 1301 P111'm111 V .1v5f'a11I 1'-my -G '1ili5w'1111314?--I ixfwme smvm 1 1 111.11-1 11-5 Nw 111-.1-'11111 Q-Eu: '.fr11.f IU-z'1'111"y1,4 wx gwgp 31 1 ' ,, 1 1 , :J , Q. 1 u, 1st'x:1p151y.1xsc1r1.1'11fw 1' V, sf m 'Wm 55' ' K .1 ..11 H11 +3 'f eh 111111, rv' wma f 51541111 111 ai. -.x, 5.1 1111-11 1i'11:1c- 1-1 s- mv 11 1 1 m I 111111111 11 I-he P'1'1'wms,111 1111 1111111 11 1 111112111 211 11111f.'lu.'1,--1 'li c"111'1 Iv 13411111 1 11 1 11 1 11111,-1 3,111111,,11 1,'!fIs1-115:11 1112.111 43111111 11.11 111 tw- ri 1- 11111 1,-11 .1-,1-,111 111.1 115-11 H1 '111 xy 1111 11 My -'ymawyfrzilw-1111 l'1'1-11113 :J nm- llx 9 'JEL .XI fu N1 H 1 H111 ihcx 11 Il x11 .i1, , S! 1 fs, Top Row: Rockover, King, Jeter. Bottom Row: McAfee, Duncan, McFarland. fern? Z The Forty-fifth Annual Oratorical Contest sponsored by the Jackson-Madison Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution was held on May 8, 1951, in the High School Auditorium. Joan Jeter won the Jackson-Madison Medal and Carey Duncan won the Milton Brown Medal. l"09l'afl'I'Ifl'l'1f8 National Anthem ........,...,,.................................. john S. Smllh Bfoujn Mgda! Concert March-"Crusade for Freedom" ....,..... J. J. Richards nuts Up to - Bm McAfee H-Ioshuai """"""""" """' "" "" Haart' Paul Yoder "I Speak For Democracy" ...,.s. .,.,,,.,,, Ca rey Duncan Jef Son 'B C 00 an "The Fifth and Final Act" .,...........,......,..,,, Bobby Mcrnnana 'X 'X 'K 'X . 'X 'X 'K 'X fackfon-Madzfon Medal "in the Minds of Menu: ....................................... Jnnniin King Bm SMH?-"MemOfieS of Stephen F0Sfjf,"-gg--gblmes :For Yovf Freedom and QMS """"""""" Christine Rockover Sidney Case, Bobby Loyd, Bobby Hopper, Bobby Bryant, Humanity on the March ........... - ........................... Joan Jeter Frank Osborne, and Buddy Bynum 'X if 'K 'X Overture-"Beau Sabreurn ................,,....................., Olivadotti "Mexican Clap Hands Dance" ........ arr. by Frederic Fay Swift "Tennessee Waltz" ......,......................,.,......,. arr. Hal Leonard Senior Chorus Jackson High School Band , t .,.., , ,Q wax ,N .. Maw ,, 5 ..VA , , wbL 'l ' MQ. ' Al x : 4 . I ,ft -. ,4 -, 2 .nz N231 V lr X M wbgi Q X ,fy may , Z ,. f In 1 4.0 fy f W? "ft 4 k f If MMM? Uh! OFFICERS P7'6.S'id6?'Lf-SPENCER BROWN S 6CT6ld7j'-PEGGY PATH Vice-President-FRED KENDALL Treasurer-NANCY DAVIDSON Miss BETTY PORTER-Sponsor To further interest in drarnatics Is the purpose of this organization And the first year of its existence Will Close with graduation. They have laid a foundation For others to follow each year By sending delegates to literary meets In places both far and near. They present a pageant at Christmas time, And read the devotion each day. And when there is nothing else to do They entertain us with a play, To further dramatics in our school Is their purpose and their rule. S iii SJ X: -a' 1' ,ff n. 1 4 2295!- -il QM x 1' ss., ,,g-1 xf ,,.gurnlK 'I 1-11 ,- , " I Q m 7,1 gg ' , ' j, , , nm - E. " , f M , 'I ' , ,I . ,-,W '12, '-1 , i 'A' 'M'-W VW" 3 ff! f , J' 1 if Wig, MW W if f' , ' ' 1 " V, 1 vw Zfg 'P A f- ffl' f f f, f ' fig M W , ' f My C ,gf , I II f MH ,. , .,44? 1Mf'wp 7 3 , 0 f ,gi ,Q 2 ,V ,V .I -I I I' U 'fy ,f gh- 5 V ' 12 , , Wf 2 'I ' , ' - ,A Z 1 W ,,,' 2 ,,,!' 'Q ' ' H 's ,Q f l 542' ,fy 2 W, 4.41 'HQ W 9: ' ,Www' wwwwf'4 6 W , ,fff WM ,J , , 71, WL 7 I I I mx . 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ZEXQQAEQ ,.l'SfQ,.l.-xzx Adi-b .275 -" -'N - sr' 5- f- f1'.-lggi f ,Q A E 3 aiiftggii-354535 'jx 'Qi aigi 522-33C'G Ska- is -5 A 1 15L.Fi'i+,E: -dz.: 46,2455 A Q - f ' gfggisikiigg ,-14 ,dl- fhsgqg 5 Q 0 '1 'SG iii? gif? - 3 5555553 f JJ' : 'Ax 3 'gg'-E .fr 1' . aigxfimwff -2' ' 523' ' fg-3 gig'-as-E 53 gi X "' 4- 'ZA -- ' 2: Q 'fix - ,1.'3"Rwi - ATM,-X' 2. T CI 'N 5-EQai1,g: 2- :asia Q55 ll 3, -keg? f ,- "' 7 'hgxii apic! wx my-L . A by x R sf A'g .exgriaf -f - . f 1f-:"- - -1 we .1 ,-xeN- . Xyl xxu, ,fi I ,.,f .-. at , .f 2 AAQAQAQQ-sis, C5 5 59,2-Eli '5i3'?'2-.yur , ,X ' . x, gl. ' 0- !.. A 5 ' 'A 5 if ' x , .SN - 6152254 3 X N 1.1 , G X Lk, 'Q UV i MN X . EI ' 5 'Pf"'y-A ' QM -"' Af' " 2 Q ' Xa X . xvly X L-HEL X - V- . N , V Q 'Ss gk SS bxbgx Yxpx s XX 4' NN xX s Y gg -F H- l f 1, 5 '..- X N L .Y , x X X .XY ' .xx 1 .Un IJ' 1 X ix vi? L? P S +.. fiend 3 If fffkffbx -xt A , xy O fi Q A , TX 3 I X fx f L JEAN ANN SCOTT, BETTY WILSON, MONA MURRAY, VELVA WALDING, LUCY NELL BUTLER, JOYCE HENRY, MARTHA JANE ALLEN, BETTY BONNER, KAY HORTON. Q -:Q .... , . W, Q fi - - -f-z 11+ my .W.::f1wf7- "FH ' "f' ""' i "f' 'NW' '-11' 'ff 'W .yfrryrf A ffffffff - ,,,,,, ,,,,,.W,,,,,,,.,.f,Mivv-vnnwvw 4 JEAN ANN Soon, T , Queen H A ' Aw i,gL,W,,.L ,1, iii' ' L img. .,g...,M,,.....L..Q:J,L.1,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,Y,, A: I 1 I ' ' ' ' ll-!J , , QQ' tt y- :zz -I' fir' First Row: Van Poole, Jackie Douglas, Don Creason, Eddie Long, Burney Tucker, Stanley Brown, James Knolton, Jim McCord, Fred Stewart, Jimmy Williams, Bobby Ross. Second Row: Bobby Joe Mincey, Charles Little, Guy Hopper, Jerry Medlin, Dickie Beare, Roy Lee West, Robert Sipes, Wayne Bridges, John Drew Hawk, Douglas Crenshaw, Billy Bailey, Bill Dudley, Ernest Dike. Third Row: Jerry Replogle, Eddie Crawford, Donald Deaton, Bill Ray, Charlie Pate, Bobby Clark Moore, jimmy Gleaves, Billy Joe Amison, Ralph Eaves, Gordon Sipes, Winston Martindale, Teddy Cunliffe, Jerry Ferguson, Harold Lile. Qkafffzff 4725771 The students of Jackson High School salute the 1951 Golden Bears, They demonstrated a high sense of sportsmanship which the future athletes of Jackson High School should strive to attain. Twenty of our team are coming back next year and we all wish them a very successful season, TEAM HOME SCORE VISITORS Bartlett 6 7 Trenton 6 7 Humes 0 13 Blytheville 6 26 Clarksville 14 26 South Side 0 33 Paducah 6 39 Lexington 47 7 Paris 0 0 Messick 18 12 CAPTAINS DICKIE BEARE HAROLD LILE MANAGERS ERNEST DIKE, IKE CASTELLAW, JERRY REPLOGLE VAN PooLE I COACHES TURY OMAN, RAYMOND JUDY, WARREN FESMIRE fEquipment Managerj Wi' . .. ,nad X. ymmrf JA fgayxifgzzshffa ff Jackson High School has reason to be proud of its boys' basketball team this year. The team won 17 games and lost 8 during the regular season. They ranked third in the district tournament. Jackson scored 1390 points to its opponents 1236. The boys of our '51 team with the high scores are Bill Drury Qwith 319 pointsl, Eddie Truett Qwith 227 pointsl, and Jerry Corlew Qwith 222 pointsj. LETTERMEN BILL DRURY EDDIE TRLTETT ARCHIE CRENSHAXV EDDIE CRAVVFORD BOBBY C. MOORE BOBBY Ross THOMAS PHILLIPS JERRY CORLEW DONALD DEATON BILLY BAILEY BOBBY XV. TVIOORE MANAGERS ERNEST DIKE, IKE CASTELLAW, JERRY REPLOGLE COACHES TURY OMAN, RAYMOND -JUDY SCORES CKSON OPPONENTS JACKSON 43 42 57 Paris Milan Messick Paducah Tech Selmer Humboldt Treadwell Lexington Henderson Malesus Trenton North Side Adamsville Corinth SCORES OPPONENTS Bemis 45 Trenton 49 Henderson 45 Bemis 53 Treadwell 69 Humboldt 52 North Side 33 Malesus 3,4 Corinth 36 Tech 32 TOURNAMENT Bolivar 52 Beech Bluff 27 Bemis 49 i Firxt Row, Left to Right: Virginia Sewell, Mary Burnette, "I-Ioneyn Merwin, Jean Ann Scott, Dorothy Thompson. Second Row: Judy Morehead, Joan Morehead, Anna Laura Palmer, Mona Murray, Shirley Ray. Third Row: Manager Harriet Maranoff, Nancy Brewer, Jeanette Lomax, CoachfMiss Worthy, Joyce Henry, Velva Walding, Manager Betty Wilson. ,, ,-gfMs"f5a5f4ef!zzff The Lady Bears of Jackson High School had a very successful year. They won nine games and lost nine during the season. In the district tournament, the Lady Bears defeated Lexington 49 to 29, but lost to Henderson 59 to 30. The first string ,aff players were Jean Ann Scott, Velva Walding, Mary Burnett, Mona Murray, Shirley ,bf Ray, and Anna Laura Palmer. Other starters included Joan Morehead and Joyce I J' Henry. Mona Murray and Joan Morehead were co-captains. J The Ladies graduating this year are Anna Laura Palmer, Mona Murray, Shirley J' Ray, Velva Walding, Jean Ann Scott, Joan Morehead, Virginia Sewell, and Nancy ,V Brewer. Managers Harriet Maranoff and Betty Wilson also graduate. ' JACKSON REGULAR SEASON OPPONENTS ' 25 Paris 37 19 Milan 15 sd, -. 30 Holy Names 33 V 27 Humboldt 41 KX- fi i 1 52 Lexington 14 6.,4fX'P7 39 Henderson 42 I 47 Malesus 24 'JT' 7 33 Trenton 27 32 North Side 40 32 Adamsville 23 4 . 29 Bemis 33 38 Trenton 32 39 Henderson 57 39 Berriii 40 45 Holy Nafgnes 34 28 Humbgldt 31 40 North Side 34 45 Malesus 39 TOURNAMENT 49 Lexington 29 30 Henderson 59 Miss EDYTH WORTHY, Coach M f Q 7? . 7X f X, A ,-5 l Sf 1 gd 44, ff- X 54 . iii..-1p-1-u-n X f Xf iff VA W Tl " Y , "'T filg- l+r 1, E? LE, Elf Zi I Mm X 'Vw 1f,, , f f y H ni? 7 -In V Z f f Q Z f 4 Z Z gg X mir fff L4-?1'f f IENNQ -r 15 -if-1 'I V-1 QE Q LEE f ff! ..........-.4 iydflfgl fzkms '4 The IVIO0RIf STUDIO Qcforiafkome 0!f!Le G2-ga! .xyxgzfcofzfo of ibidfincfion Omring afwayd flae fozlfealf ana! Ledlf acfLie1femenf5 of !OA0f0gral0Aic .xgrf X., f f X!! x XXI ' V XM Ax ryl, J oh 'Nl' fu fr fYj7'fJ"fQU" llf','1 XIDRJV.-HJxfYE, I. I , J! x M, 1? X 7 U!JxJYJ'yXf,' f 1 DMU VJ , rj!! l.Lx!uyL,JLf f ,J:,u4J' ,ff -"'JvVV X ' lJvV3f A13 ee 4 ' l 4 l . 1 I 1 El We are proud fhai wise buyers of prinfing all over fhe counfry enfrusf fo us fheir finesf prinfing orders. McCowaf - Mercer Press, lncorporafed Corner Balfimore and Bolivar Sfreefs Jackson, Tennessee It Doesn,t Tale a Crystal Ball to See X YOUR FUTURE IN TELEPHONE WORK If you choose a Telephone career you may be sure of: - Good pay from tlze start - Frequent selzeduled raises - Friendbf eo-workers - Helpful supervisors ' Interesting, important work - Plengf of opportunity for advancement ' One cy' the best sieleness-benefit pension plans in all industry One 'visit to our employment supervisor will slzofw you deyfniteh wlzat you can expect in salary progression and oeneyfts, and lzofw tlze adfvantages qv teleplzone work can add up to a real future for YO U. SOUTHERN BELL TELEPHONE AND TELEGRAPH COMPANY Campus Favorite! STU-U-U-del11'S! Have you heard about the big test? Royal Crown Cola wins 5 out of 6 group taste-tests from coast to coast. More than 125 Hollywood stars have chosen R C then' taste test wmner Try It yourself. 'L ,,er I , 2 M, , . Complimenfs of IRVING HARRIS, Manager TENNESSEE DIVISION l. G. BALFUUR COMP Y Maurice Building Jackson, Tenn Manufacfuring Jewelers and Sfafioners for TI-IE SENIOR CLASS ir E. E. TALIAFERRII JEWELRY SIURE JACKSON, TENNESSEE Complimenls of 0 National Bank of Commerce Jackson, Tennessee Member Federal Deposil Insurance Corporalion Federal Reserve Syslem Compliments of EDU Q3 wma THE MANUFA E D M DA N Y S Q 4 Q9 Complimenrs of First ational Bank Jackson, Tennessee Member Federal Deposir Insurance Corporation Federal Reserve Sysrem 1 r 1 ll Tlwere's a Home in Your Future see JUHNSUN-HEARN Construction and Realty lla may Compliments of of' THETA KAPPA UMEGA FRATIERNITY CiDED Delta Mu Chapter ke Sure If s Elec C I I MUGEE-RUSS Hardware Co. Servme Is Our Ideal C I IIIEIII 'f PIIIMIIIIIII: a III5IIIIIIIIs INIIIIPIIIIII 220 N. Church S+. MILK CUMPANY MURDUCK Wood-Mosaic Co. , Acceptance Corporation Incorporated HARDWOOD - LUMBER - First in Financing FLOORING First in Loans Williams Street Phone 7-853l 430 E CHESTER PHONE 7 l535 Compliments Compliments ot ot c. E. BLEDSOE 5 A Olftf elnfl Phone 7-l568 We Deliver Complimenfs of LUCILLE CLEANERS Complimenfs of OIYIIIATDIM IIAIVISTII T + -T k-Rfgf F JACKSON TRUCK 81 TRACTOR CO JACKSON H"s fHomzud,6 .lackson's Greafesf Sfore Since I87l Dick C lippard, I ncorporafed We service ll k J. C. Edenton Co. Wholesale Grocers ir BRANCHES MILAN HUMBOLDT BROWNSVILLE RIPLEY CORINTH, MISS. For fhe life of your Car Go GULF if Distributor: L. W. Scott 2-l93l Compliments of Union University Compliments of The New Southern Hotel Scene of Various Social Activities Th gh t th Y Compliments of Yup BUTTLING CUMPANY Seniors We Wish You Every Success Smith Funeral Home Cornplimenfs SOUTHWESTERN CANDY CO., IHC. of 423 N. Royal Phone 1370: HIGHLAND GRILL Manufacfurers of Hi Grade Candies Complimenfs Complimenfs of of ROBERT'S JEWELRY STORE GEORGE-ANNA COURTS Compliment of TOWNSEND HARDWARE CO., ll1C. Compliments Complirnenfs of of HIGHLAND GRQCERY Complimenfs . . of d LEHNING PHAnMAcY an 927 Highland Phone 7-6774 A Complimenfs of BAKEIPS E550 STATION I4OO Highland Jackson, Tenn. Phone 7-624l Congratulafions 'ro The Class of '5I THE BLACK 5 WHITE STORE For The Junior Size Miss- DORIS DODSON 84 JUNE PATTON DRESSES 4 GRMDIEADER compiimenis of' DIXIE IIREYHIIUND LINES J "VT ,-- T TT G ""' fp' -N 4 . M K L -F 'iii 5l3If3F me-l 5? GREYHOUND BUS TERMINAL Main and Cumberland Slrreefs Phone 7- I 573 Jackson, Tenn. MILLER LUMBER COMPANY, Inc. Williams Sfreef Phone 2-376I Compliments ot Hubert Uwen Construction Co. Jackson, Tennessee DOUBLE COLA Q "School Firrl - Then Your Fmiernilyn Compliments 8 ot CD' SIGMA PHI OMEGA FRATERNITY PAINT - WALLPAPER Member of the Inter-Fraternity Congress of Nationa Secondary Fraternities. Compliments S. M. LAWRENCE COAL COMPANY 532 E. Chester Street Jackson, Tenn. Phone: 7-670I - 7-6702 - 7-350I QM' FURNITURE CO. JACKSON, TENN. Compliments Compliments of ot scones wn.uAMs cHAPmz Pg0pI3'5 Prgtggtivg I-n-Y life Insurance Cn. Compliments of I ALICE FREEMAN PALMER CHAPTER of TRI-HI-Y Slipper Shop Compliments Compliments of ef vlNEYAno's Flower and Gift Shop Whalley Construction Co. NSW H with F,OWe,Si- 320 E. Latayette Phone 7-749i Compliments Compliments to Seniors ef SIGMA ALPHA EPSILQN WEST TENNESSEE GAS coMPANY Tennessee Ele Union University for all , X- FOX RESTAURANT soon svokrs c r ff 203 East Main OMG 0 ly if 9 Jackson, Tennessee D S 5' Market and Chester Complimenls of if Complimenfs of WILLIAM C. COX, JR. Dishicf Manager EQUITABLE LIFE ASSURANCE SOCIETY ZIO Williams Bldg. Jackson, Tenn. Compliments ' of JOE'S CAFE H. M. FELSENTHAL CO. Complimenls of Distribulors of , j SCl-lRAFFT'S 1:3 122 'ei' 3 .xiii 2 CHOCOLATES gx , f 15. ZZf?6UNlT Sq. IX IIO W. Main S+. Phone 7-l46l I Il Complimenfs of Compliments DICK WILLIAMS SERVICE STATION and GARAGE Of 394 Poplar Telephone 2-498I , 06 5 Jackson, Tennessee 'VOUI STO!! Vi BIA Model Mill Co., lne. Jackson, Tenn. Ivlanufaclurers IISOL1ll1IS Finesl Flour, Corn Meal, Slock and Poullry Feed." LOCATED IN THE HEART OF THE TERRITORY WE SERVE. Compliments of THOMPSON'S Busfer Brown Shoe Store HANDY ANDY MARKET NO. 1 Plnone 7-4676 I73 Campbell AND HANDY ANDY MARKET No. 2 FANCY GROCERIES. FRESH MEATS, and VEGETABLES FREE DELIVERY Oldsmobile Cadillac Jackson Motors, lne. IO7 Poplar Slreel Sales Service Complimenls of BURNETT-HE DERSO Complimenls of The li. H. Robertson Co. lvlain and lvlarlcel Since I896 9 Allen Appliance Co. Across from KeIly's Foods jqgk5on's Leading Shoe Sfore 5I4 Poplar Exrended 'Oo E. Main Hallicrafier Television Norge Appliances Convenienl Charge Accounts EVERY THURSDAY NIGHT IS FAMILY NIGHT AT SIMPSON CENTER 1403 Highland Ave. SIMPSONS SUPER STORES THE FRANCES SHOPPE Ladies' Ready-To-Wear Fashionable Apparel Ivloderalely Priced III N. Church I403 Highland up Iown Simpson Cenfer I I2 N. Church Phone 7-I62I . . Complimenls laycook Printing Co. f O Besl Equipped Small Prinling Planr in Souih Church Sfreef, Soufh of Chesfer 'I' T' WORKS Jackson, Tenn. Besf wishes Io Ihe Class of '5I PE N N E Y'S "Where Everyone Can Afford Qualify' Complimenis of Helen lf JACKSON-MEMPHIS DIAMONDS - WATCHES SILVER - CHINA - CRYSTAL l. P. JAIIKSIIN Compliments of MIDWEST Ice Cream and Grade "A" Mille BEARE ICE 81 COAL CO. Established l89O lce - Retrigerators - Coal Compliments ot Standard Drug Store Compliments ot The llutlet Store lO9 E. Lafayette Five Floors ot Fine Furniture Smith Furniture Company Jackson, Tennessee "One ot the Soutl'1's Leading Furniture Stores" Compliments ot ALPHA TAU OMEGA Union University Compliments ot Clen-Moore Clothing Co. ZI4 North lvlarlcet Jackson, Tenn. Compliments ot Cecil M. Harper Contractor Phone 7-9207 Drink LEE In Bottles Phone 7-7I36 JACKSON SECRETARIAL SERVICE Mrs. Clara Ausban, Manager MIMEOGRAPI-IING, ADDRESSING AND MAILING SERVICE From your copy ro lhe mail bag l03V2 So. Marlcef S+. Jackson, Tennesse Cornplimenls of Carter's Restaurant The Home of Home Cooked Food II7 Poplar Phone 2-9I64 Cornplimenls of KAPPA CHI SURURITY Bela Chaprer Complirnenls of JOLLY CHOLLY Complimenfs of JACKSON SHEET METAL WORKS C. L. JOHNSON, Manager GEORGE'S GREENHOUSE Flowers for all occasions l-lumlaoldr l-lighway-Ridgecresr Cemelery Phone 7-665l 24-l-lour Service Bonded-Insured Complgmems of HUB CITY TAXI CO- R. c. Hone: Gnocfkv 8. MARKET Dial 7-331' 52l Madison Also DFIVGPUV-SGH Service Phone 7-7926 FREE DELIVERY l-ligh Qualify Worlzmanship J. T. MORGAN PLUMBING CO. Reasonable Prices MORGAN MOTORS 5l2 Easl' Main Sf. and MORGAN SERVICE STATION Highway 70 of Cify Limifs Complimenfs of E. B. McAUlEY QUALITY room sroize Free Delivery Service Phone 7-7459 Larnbulh and I-laHon Complimenls of STAR if LAUNDRY Cornplimenls of .IIIHN WILLIAMS STEEL WIIRKS Complimenfs of THE BOOTERY Cornplimenls of JASPER TRANSFER 81 STORAGE OFFICES JACKSON-M EM PI-I IS-CLARKSVILLE Complimenls I srsr 01-4 O .....l...... S. I'I. KRESS Cornplirnenls Complimenfs OI of MID-TOWN MOTEL Air condilioned year 'round DIXIE CASTLE SYSTEM I I I S. Church Complimenls of BEVERLY THOMPSON'S DANCING STUDIO NEWSOM BROTHERS GROCERY Johnson al Deaclericlc Tel. 2-338I Complirnenfs of PAN-AM SERVICE CENTER Corner of Main and Royal hal Ware Carl Jackson Smarl Apparel TUCHFELD'S 2IIN.MarIceI WILSON-GEYER CO. Imperial Washable Wallpaper I-Ianna Painl Rroclucls THE LITTLE REBEL CAFE 3 I2 Poplar CURB SERVICE 2-9266 Warren Young FRANK P. CRAIG Painling 84 Decorafing 425 N. Royal Phone 7-IO9I Complimenls of C. D. YOUNG -- CONTRACTOR Phone 7-8925 MOTOR PARTS 8. BEARING CO. 270 W. Ballirnore Slreef P. 0. Box 566 Phone 7-5523 Jackson, Tennessee THE COMPLETE PARTS SERVICE Complimenfs of INSTITUTIONAL FOOD SUPPLIES Joe D. Monlgomery Phone 2-456I DOTSON FLOOR CO. Acouslical Tile 275 I-Ilghvlew Phone 7-804I Jackson, Tennes Complimenfs of MALCO THEATER COMMERCIAL NEWS STAND and SHINE PARLOR Memphis Commercial Appeal Harold H. Thomas, Manager Charlie Chandler Ecldle Chandler Compllmem TIFFANY'S GROCERY of Groceries 8. Meats Complgcmems Complimenls of o HUNDLEY CONSTRUCTION CO. BRASHER'S I I I MarIceI Slreel' Bill Hundley and Horace Taylor Phone 2-47I I Complimenls NANDO JONES DRY GOODS of Phone 2-9268 III W. Lafayeffe S+. Jackson, Tenn. The Sfore Thar Saves You Money 44I Chesler ROGER'S Complimenls of ,ACKSON5 I-lAYs AVENUE PHARMACY Prescri Hon Dru isls Mosr MoDERN JEWELRY sToRE PROMPT SE,,,,ERYgfERV,CE 2I6 Lafayeffe SI. Phone 7-4496 Hays 6+ Dupree Sh' I. Comp Imam LAWRENCE Eoon STORE O KEITH'S GROCERY 540 N. Hays Phone 7-742I I70 Allen Avenue Pl1Of16 2-l903 .lERRY'S MARKET GROCERIES - FISH - OYSTERS FRESH MEATS AND VEGETABLES Phone 7-8546 205 W. Lafayeffe EAT TOM'S TOASTED PEANUTS and PEANUT BUTTER SANDWICHES Complimenls of ROBINS CIGAR COMPANY CONGRATULATIONS HIGH SCHOOL SUNSHINE CLEANERS Phone 7-2256 Complimenls of WALL 8. JONES CONSTRUCTION COMPANY Complimenls of MURPHY TRACTOR COMPANY 309 Bellevue Phone 2-l36I Jackson, Tenn. Particular People Pafronize PARK DRY CLEANERS SUPER TRADING POST "Pride of Jackson" MEAT PRODUCTS Phone 7-79'6I Jackson, Tenn R. S. NEWMAN Groceries - Veqelables - Fresh Meals Phone 7-2638 434 Preslron FREE DELIVERY Complimenfs of E. H. JOHNSON Painfing-Paper Hanging-Floor Finishing Rug 81 Upholsfery Cleaning-Baichelor Laundry 627 Burkeff phone 2-3378 Campbell PIIOHB Jackson. Tenneggeg Complimenfs of WILI-IAMsoN,s FINE FOODS HICKSVILLE HARDWARE CO POPLAR 1 I406 Highland Phone 7-6874 Jackson, Tennessee Complimenfs s1EGAl.l.'s of SHOES - HOSIERY McDANIEL AMUSEMENT CO. 504 S. Royal Slreel Jackson, Tenn. Tel. 7-2I I I THEO. JONES SUPPLY CO. Cornplimenls of DAVIS STORE Complimenfs of PRONTO PUP DRIVE-IN H. W. SMITH PLUMBING AND HEATING SUPPLY CO. In Our Plumbing You Will Find - - - Service of Ihe Belief Kind IIZ Highland Ave. Phone 7-I936 Good Luck Prom Connplimenls of BURN'-EY'5 CRIDER FEED STORE Flowers and Gills I33lf2 E. College Phone: 7-7936 Complimenfs Cornplimenfs of of JACKSON GLASS 81 MIRROR CO. WILSON MOTORS, INC. FLU FFY CAKES Disfribuled By HASSELL 81 FRY CO. Jackson, Tenn. MEET ME AT O ON MAIN i nnucss i Complimenfs of DELOACH BROS. PRODUCE OUALITY EGGS 81 PRODUCE Jackson, Tenn. TENN. VALLEY LIFE A Soulhern InsIi'ru'rion For Soulhern People Jackson, Tenn. POLLARD SERVICE STATION I48 Poplar Slreef Phone 7-9368 HARRIS-FANNING GMC SALES 384 S. RoyaI Sfreef Jackson, Tenn. SALES 81 SERVICE-GASOLINE-OIL 8: TIRES Phones 7-858 I - 7-8582 - 2-9IO3 E. R. DIKE, C. E. civiL ENGINEER AND suRvEYoR THE GREEN LANTERN SANDWICI-IES OF ALL KINDS COLD DRINKS - PIT BARBECUE - Ph 7-4508 28 Wmdom Avenue one 7I3 Whifehall Phone 2-9278 smml EXCHANGE Comesy 22IIf2 Balfimore Q-f I-Iospifal Beds - Renfed - Wheelchairs We Buy and Sell Mosf Anyfhing LAMBUTH COLLEGE CAFETERIA Complimenls Complimenls of of FANNYE SHOP FRED MICHIE 8. SON '07 E- Main USED CARS AND TRUCKS Phone 7-l406 Complimenfs of COOPER sa COMPANY PEARLOIS BEAUTY SHOP 306 E. Main NEGN Slelxls Telephone 7-4433 Complimenfs Compclmenls of MAC CRAIG TIRE co. WEST'S RESTAURANT Phone 7-6734 219 E- Main Jackson, Tenn. HUDSON'S Complimenls Phone 7-389i Jackson, Tenn. of 308 Ecsl Lalayelle Sires? RECORDS-RADIOS-TELEVISION BARNES ESSO STATION OWEN GROCERY 81 MARKET FREE DELIVERY R. E. BUTT POULTRY CO. FRESH ERIERS, HENS and EGGS Campbell 81 King Sls. Phones 2-33l I -2433I2 Air Conclifionecl for Your Comforl' Phone: 7-426l WE DEUVER , Com limenls Compllmenls of pf O DAIRY QUEEN IN HLCRSVLLLE, 936 CAMPBELL LANIER FUNERAL HOME Phone 7-67I I Complimenfs Complimems of of rowNsEND ELEc1Rlc COMPANY MAJOWS SERVWE STAHON Easl Chesler Exlcl. Phone 7-6l7l Complimenls of Comphmenfs COFFEE CUP gf 2I3 S. Merkel CRADE A CAFE FINE FOOD CARROLL TYPEWRITER CO. Complimenfs Complimenls Oi of SAND'S NO N' Church VOGUE BEAUTY SHOP Phone 7-9607 Nighfs 7-5633 Phone 2-I IO! - 2-4594 RUSSELL TRANSFER COMPANY Compllmemis Moving - Slorege - Creling - Shipping Oi Telephone 7-I496 II7 E. College Sf. Jackson, Tennessee WARREN'S NU-WAY SHOE SHOP 205 Easl Main JOHNSEY'S SPORTING GOODS and SHOE REPAIR Fred Johnsey Harry Johnsey Phone 7-1082 We Deliver PAT 8g MIKE'S LEXINGTON INN eooo room Foil LESS Where Sfudenls lvleel IHE CAMERA SHIIP "Everything For Pho+ography" 2l2 E. Main S+. Jackson, Tennessee PINKSTON 8: SCRUGGS, Inc. Rexall Drug Store Phone 7-4453 l I7 N. Liberly Sfreel Complimenrs of BAKER'S DRUGS Complirnenfs of W. W. SCATES 8g SON Raclieror and Wreclcer Service Day Phone 2-l9OI Night Phone 2-2782 Complimenfs Cornplirnenls of of McCALL-HUGHES A FRWND Cornplimenfs T, M, TAYLOR of INSURANCE Church and Lafayelfe SIS. ALBERT'S SI.IPPER SHOP Phone 7-9341 Cornplirnenls Complirnenls of of MEL B. CARADINE HOWARD TRANSFER COMPANY We sincerely appreciale lhe response of Jrhe business esloblish- menls lisled in our adveririsemenl sec- rlon. We urge all facully members, sludenls and friends of Jackson High School +o palronize lhem. The Taller Slafl E. C. MARTIN, JR., Manager C oncreie Produds Company NAILABLE LIGHTWEIGHT MASONRY BLOCKS FOR FIRESAFE CONSTRUCTION BI S+ee++NC81S+LRR Ph 7852! J lc T Hgh School Graduafesl Confinue your Prepare? Wifh Your Friends WEST TENNESSEE BUSINESS COLLEGE Jackson, Tennessee Sf denfs may enroll T y Y Romus W. 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