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 - Class of 1949

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A ., , ' A.. A l X. ,,g.,,.f' nf . b , V F I 4 4. uk, L f, , M, , N ,X-,. . L aff ' JW" ,, M , '15 fx 'v L , . w ffl' -- 1' A- 1 5 A if f -v 1' vga 1' ', ff V A- V, 5 , , ,R , ,gm L :. 4, ,. N 'I , in wi 4- - ' , - - K A . ,E , -M,-g. ? ,gm A, z- ' , ' ' Ay, V. .say - - 'Q ' ' ' ' Aw r. .Q 1,4 'V ' UQ. Q., ', ' 1 flu Qt. , , HQ? "Q, il? ' ?Y,y',W - ' L 5 , W' wg' W 'L .j.,5L: . fi! f sf , T ' A ' 2,1..A.1399 X Wifi 4-Nl' 2 2 -mm 1? ,A .'w'G5'fH 1 , - Tw ' J Q ff: AW " ' , :N qw Wim ' ., ,-Jann 1 '31 ' qw ' . vb, 1-M? k K' v mm. 1 . Y 'V ' 4, My " , . 4 .1 'W "4 ., 1 I 'f"ff'fw ik ,, em , ' ya' 3 . 'N-, , ' ..44y1,,'- I ' wa 1 " gif ax f 11 M- 1- J7'1m"5'5 .' all 2 -' 2: ' F A -' sw-Q wfr wti 14 . 5:2 ,Lv ,Sly f 1 H-rf' W' 'Swim mf.gw+. ' H' " L, , W Y ,, ,, Q . R fig, MWC..-' HQ,"-Jfx ,' "C 's . I '- ' , - kj 'wtkeia .M . 3 5 ,Wmtfm 'Z A1-"cr V W " ' .,1, rr" fm" f M b W -,:"Ww-V'-'W W ivvfg' W , ' " k ' -1- 1 4 'ggggwsa f . Y 'w'u:'.1f-- , ,, wk , wk ' wr M" 'HM' ,,.fQg5',f ' mag V, . ' Z, 'A Q ' ' '- 5' gg. ,X 3. W' " " 1E21Mr,vp T, . 4 ' , F QWMVN U: -ev 41413: ,, , ' , , ,n3,m. f. 'wff.fMfg4 1-fit - b 1,-41 .Q4,,i7wf2 ' w-fN':J.- 3, vm J . . -va ,VA-: K gm 'fr . .,-.-1 1 X, -f' f - ' ugw. --11, ,, ,Q,.., ug U, -1,13 W .Wy , ' e- :V Q' --13 we fb W, F ,, , aff .931 ,1qxLfa'i1f-we " , " . , aw J Huw' f. ,My ,, , W .!,, T M, L! , 'ful 31114 "i -,Fig N 1. 1 1 'hw -H m 'ix N , .'d.ef"59 'xl vw .M A N. m - 'if 'm3LL..'- ,1..:.1L.. A ,-1, ,Qgwx.:s?m'. v- S' FYAQ 1949 YEAR BOOK Published by THE SENIOR CLASS Of JACKSON HIGH SCHOOL JACKSON, 'TENNESSEE RICH 'Yue STANDH o U 4- Y -iim'Lgp-gqqxv A, W F H ,O M FE E Eg M "' Z 5w -fz Q Qsosvw R A J' w O 'i - . ,, ,Ax Ev: "' I .5 ,A V, I 1, J 2 , r' : 515241 1 Z L45 -1, W- JL , . -- ' Le: 1 ' uv . I: :E N , .E - "' It 1-"4 ,ll- : an l:i.,:'.- Qs T'EQf5,L1 5 ' w, -:- 'E 'H Y' . "' - 1 133.542 rf fi' , L lf' V JY' -1 gfj zz E- 2-11+ T. fi 4 1' Q ef S CRSON J TENS 0l"8lfUOI" "When time, which steals our years away, Shall steal our pleasures too, The memory of the past will stay And half our joy renew." To have lived joyously-To have worked faithfully-To have tasted the happy experiences of High School Life --- These are the memories - The achievements will be prized hereafter. May your experienees as preserved within the pages of this 1949 issue of THE TATLER grow more precious with the passing of the years. We arc proud to be Amr-rifans. It gives us the feeling of belonging to something bigger than 0L11'St'lX'1'S. It makes us feel that we belong to something that stands for equality and liberty. We are responsible to the traditions of tho Ame-ric'z1n past, to the duties of the present, and thc opportunities of the future. America commzmds our loyalty for: I 4 This land umatished by little zvayx, This peacelexs vision, groping for the xtarx, Not ax a huge devouring maehine Rolling and clanking with remor.vele,f.x' force Orer submitted bodies' and the dead But ax lizfe earth where anything could grow Your eraizkinexs, my notz'on.v, and hiv dream, Grow and be looked at, gzozc' and live or die, But get their chance of 4QlA!IIi't7l.Q andthe xun. We made it and we make it and it's ours. 1 We shall maintain it. It .shall be su,vtained.' "Linen to the Peopleug STEPHEN VINCENT BENET 1.- -gpg a ' 2 vi x - ' s 5 An K ,Q x rw". W v 'Q Qfegq, x 'Q , f .F X'-'im' M 3' . ,X W , 2 x .H N - ,w.'.x',Q, Q 5 ' wh 3519. v 3 x Q fw v ,. , b Q' 9 ' Q ' '- . F! - ' 'S 'S' ' . 'awzigyvim P X M, 'L ' mt. u ' ' N, ' as M X 5 SN! ,,,i1'-"i"?5f4 -S 'H vU"'3DVl?'..- A . W M. , . , . lik "j.,?,sx 'E ti . Q, ' 1 5 0-' f- - 5' ,bv 532 5 f Vx 2 'X O 'Y- we .fgvfminidfrafion LOWELL W. CRANE Prinrijfal of High School D. E. RAY Superintendent of CityS1'hool.x' jk gown fy First row .ANNA GATES BUTLER English MARY DO.fkK Home Iiconomzcs ERNEST I'IOR'1'ON Distrzbutwe Edufatzon Second row JOHN T. MUSE Chcnzixtry and Phyxics FAY ETHRRIDGI-1 English CTRACIC EVRRILTT English Third row HORTIEN sr: HICAXII N Latin and Mz1A'ic ELIZABETH ETH IQRIDGIZ Spanzxh GH,m-LRT IFIURT DlU67'S1fi6ll Occupnnons Fourth vow WVR RR li N I" Ii s M 1 R Ii Biology and Assutaut Coach JOHN P. RUR.xv1N.x Mrzthenmtzcs MRS, JA-miles L. IIOIRH-1 Lzbmzmn MRS. DOROTHY ML1gKlII.I12X' Bookkeeping and Typing Ifirxt row BICR Nlulc BARRY Mathfnzaticx YFURY OMAN Biology, Physical Ifrluvatian, and Coarh EMMA INM.-xx W1l.1,mMs American History Semnzl iow .Il-zssu-1 BAR Nlcs Metal Shop MIQS. FR.fxNr11-zs YVALK ICR Mathematiov WV. R. Boxsox Direrrtor of Band 'l'hir1l iow IQXYIMIONIJ JUDY llixtory and Auislant Coach MRS. WARREN FICSMIRE Phyxical Ezlucatwn and Coach MAR J ORIIC HU NT linglixlz Ifmutli tow MRS. D. li. R.-xv MIlfll6ltlI1liC.f MRS. BIIJ, LlcF'rw1c:H Typing ana' Shorthand MRS. WvIl.l.IIE I'IliNRY Dietitian Mus. LYON!-31,l. WILLIAMS Typing and Shorthand jig jacu fy Q E NMSYH uw I 1 M.fKIiX' NEI.I.E EVAN S PATSY NVHITE BARIIARA JONES QZAROLYN BRANCH MARTHA JEAN IVIEADONVS Jo CZHIIIDS ROSPINI.-XRX' FORD NANCY W1 JOE RAl'F1R J 570127 QI' cv!2f8lf'6Ll" C0-lfdilmx LSON 11081 Ix1xRx 101113 A1Ifi.x'lx IQOBINSON LJXINI IIX uIRxc IIN JANE -JOHNSON JE, IN Sjzzzfls Ifdflm 'JOHN 1'IORNI"R 1J1lUf04QI'Ilf1hf'? I I OIIN FAYIC STANFIIII, DORIS .ANN 1VICAI.l'1XANDIiR MARY JANE DAVIS CHARLES MODOWI-21.1, SANDRA BROWN GEORGE A1,I,I-1N JOHN POPE S 0117 vwinem 13I4.Ii1II',I.I A'1IZllIlLQ1fl'.Y PAT IQUSII B0r1lI'l.'f'1'l1f'1' NANKIX' IIOVSIQR Faculty Arlziwm MISS EMMA INIIIAN XVILLIAINIS MR. l.OwIcI,L W. CRANI-1 PIQIIOY 'l'IIoRNIa JIIAN INGRAM FAYE SII'I4:s BI-:TTY FRIZZIQLI, CATIIERINI1 WVARI: JO LIHILDS MARY ANN VVALLACE FAYI-I STANFILL JEAN BUTLI-:R JANE JOHNSON BETTY Jo HAYS ISOIIIIY .IOIQ SIIIITII Bll,X'i71f'.S'S Stag NANIIY HOUSl'Zli CARLIN VINIHLYARII NIKNCY XNILSON RUTH RAY FRANCI-:s LOMAX CAROIIYN WVOMAOR MARY ELLA VOILGLLI BARBARA JONES .ARIANNA VTHOMASON MARTHA JEAN MI:ADOws PATSY WHITE NORIIIA JO LOFTON ROSHMARY FORM IRVIN SMITII JOI-1 IQAPICR CTAY JONIQS M.fXRY NIQLLI: EVANS. BI-:TSY SHIQLTON JOAN WVILSON WANIJA MCDONIXl,IJ FRIIII BIRMINIIIIAIII 63 'W Pa hwy ff P, , ll K 'Z "" A Wf N W WM VI: ,A .,.,..,.... , , :':,.... I C A 5 3' ""' !I'7:I2'xf:...5.. Y af 351451 ' f ' ' " ew, . X ww W' ,, , - A. 'F Lf -z , -, V " 'Sw ' fa L f ,f Q ,. g, f ,W .,,, M 'f ,,, R, Q , , 1 2 .' . ,Qg iv' fb V V fw-:ff-1"f-' 8 .,, . 2,5 ' 5 ' Ng , 5' "wg-4 . , ,I .,,'Z',:g-,-'- Af wa, 1 N , , Q A g In Q A .,., ,.,. Q ,gg , v -1 '- 0 ,, v 92 ,I y, MN' ' M455 X W 9 yx I ff M " is if f . f A 2s f 2 ' 'V y M 6 X 4 i f I5 Q- 1 sr Q 5 f 1 , 1 1 ,Q 'B 9: f al , sl M ,, 4 N J ,Q A , za Q ig fe -, Q. sm, MW. ' -, 5 'r-3 X'-M I - -x mv x V xl .,' ,. T Q I 755 'Une f Leif I K Qlx M f f S fgz 0, S mi Oli' ix 'H l'0U1f KDEUVP 0I'l0l" .S?lfL6!QIflf5 JOHN HORNER Essayzst Scienlific Diploma, Hi-Y '47, '48, '49, American Youlh Foundarion '48, Fool, ball Manager '48, Boys' Baskelbafl Manager '49, Monllwly Taller Stall '47, '43, Annual Taller Slall, Nalional Honor Sociely '48, '49, Nalional Honor Sociely Play '49, Secrelary and Treas- urer Nalional Allnlelic Scholarship Sociely '49, Junior Rolarian '49. "The longer ones lives, lhe more he learns." Doms ANN MCAl.EX.ANIJER Valedicimifzn Eleclive Diploma, Tri-l-li-Y '49, Annual Taller Slall, Library Assislanl '49, Nalional Honor Sociely '48, '49, Monlhly Taller Slall '47. "Wisdom has laughl us lo be calm and meek." Muw JANE DAVIS Salutatmian Scieknlific Diploma, Trirl-li-Y '48, '49, Nalional Honor Sociely '48, '49, Monllily Taller Slail '49, Annual Taller Slall. "Earneslness is enlhusiasm lempered by reason." N.NNCY HOUSER Eleclive Diploma, Secrelary and Bookkeeper ol Annual Taller Slall, Tri-Hi-Y '49, Nalional Honor Sociely '48, '49, Nalional Honor Sociely Play '49, Treasurer Nalional Honor Sociely '49, Band '47, Girls' Baskelball '48, '49, Caplain Girls' Baskelball '49, D. A. R. Cilizenship Award '49, Office Assiflanl '49, Drivers' Class '49, June ior-Senior Play '49, Monitor '47, "Love is the emblem of e9ernily." RUTH RAY Classical Diploma, Nalional Honor Sociely '48, '49, Tri-l-li-Y '47, '48, '49, Vice-Presidenl Tri-Hi-Y '48, Junior Red Cross Council '47, '48, '49, Delegate lo Nalional Red Cross Conyenlion '47, Deleqale lo American Youlh Foundalion '43, Monllily Taller Slalf '47, '48, '49, Annual Taller Slall, Drivers' Class '49, Class Day Hislorr ian: Slroble Music Award '49. "Her fulure is aqlow wllh brighl pos- Silillillllf' FRANCES LoMAx Elective Diploma, Nalional Honor Sociely '48, '49, Annual Taller Slail, D. E. Club '48, '49, Secrelary D. E. Club '49, D. E. Play '48. "Generoslly is lhe flower of iuslice." CAM icerri ,Ion BER NARD GAFF NICY, III, "JO JO" Scienlific Diploma, HiY '47, '48, '49, Vice Presidenl Hi-Y '49, Prvsidenl Senior Class, Foolball '46, '47, '48, Nalional Allwlelic Scholamhip Socieiy '48, '49, Cub Lion '49, Bme- ball '48, '49, Annual Taller nlnll. "May his soul be in Heaven. He deserves il, I'm sure," MARY NIQLLE EVANS Eleclive Diploma, TrL,a',iirer Senior Class, Nalional lionor Sociely '48, '49, Socrelary Nalional Honor Sociely '49, Tri Hi Y '48, '49, Repeller Irif Hi Y '49, Monlnly Taller Slalf '49, Annual Taller S---lf, Vol' unleer Girls' Slaie '48, Fool ball Royally '47, Senior Exeru- live Cornmillee '49, Office Assislanl' '48, '49, Delefale lo Soillnern Area Tri Hi'Y Council '48, Drivers' Clans '49, Class Dev Aelivilles. "So lef our love as endless prove: As pure as gold for- ever." IRVIN SMITH Scienfific Diploma, Secrelary Senior Class, Hi-Y '48 49, Senior Class Execulive Corn- rnillee '49, Monllwly Tafler Slafl '48, '49, Annual Taller Sfall, Volunlcer Bays' Slale '48, Junior-Senior Play '48, Cub Lion '49, Deleqale lo Soulhern Area Hi-Y Council '48, Winner of lvlillon Brown D. A. R. Medal. "If you would creale some- fhinq: You musl be some- thing." CIHORGE LAWSON t'XI,l.IiN Scienlific Diploma, Vice Preni denl Senior Class, HifY '48, '49, Annual Taller Mall, Jun ior Rolarian '49, Chaplain ol Hi'Y '49, Allernale Volunleer Boys' Slale '48, Deleqale lo Hi-Y and Tri Hi-Y Slale Con venlion '49. "The same loday, yeslerday, and lomorrow. v JOHN VAN DEN BOSCH Classical Diploma, Secretary of Hi-Y '48, '49, Volunteer Boys' State '48, National Honor Society '48, '49, Junior Rotarian '49, Annual Tatler Staff '49. "They are never alone who are accompanied by noble thoughts." M.XRY ANN WALLACE Elective Diploma, Tri-HieY '49, Annual Tatler Staff '49, Future Homernakers' Club '49, National Honor Society '48, '49, Class Day Activities. "Oh, I am stabbed with laughter." ARTHUR PATRICK BEAMISH asARTss Scientific Diploma, Transferred from Haywood High Brownsville, Tennessee, Hi'Y '47, '48, '49, Foot- ball '46, '47, '48, Basketball '47, '49, National Athletic Scholarship Society '48, '49. "l am not lazy, but l lust don't like working." CATHERINE WARE Elective Diploma, Tri-Hi-Y '47, '48, '49, Monthly Tatler Staff '47, '48, '49, Editor Monthly Tatler Staff '49, Annual Tatler Staff '49, Library Assistant '49, Junior Red Cross '47, '48, '49, National Honor Society '48, '49, Winner Ot Jack- son-Madison D. A. R. Medal. "What is lovely never dies but passes into other loveliness." FRED BIRMINGHAM Scientific Diploma, HieY '48, '49, Annual Tatler Staff '49, Class Day Activities. "To be happy we must not be too logical." JANE WALSH JOHNSON Classical Diploma, National Hon- or Society '48, '49, Monthly Tatler Staff '47, '48, '49, Annual Tatler Staff '49, Junior-Senior Play '48, SecretaryeTreasurer Junior Class, Basketball '48. "Bashful sincerity and comely love." BILLY FRANKLIN BURNETTE LSBILL75 Elective Diploma, Transfer frorn Tilghman High School, Paducah, Kentucky '48, Football '48, HifY '4 . "What a miserable world! Trouble if we love and trouble if we don't." JO ANN BAZEMORE Elective Diploma, TrieHi-Y '49, Class Day Activities. "Her voice was ever soft, gentle, and low. An excellent thing in woman." JAMES F. MURCHISON SKJIMMYHV Elective Diploma, T XI I Club '49, Distributors' Club '49, Hi-Y '49. "My tongue within my lips I reign, for who talks much must talk in vain." LlYNTHlA SPRAOINS Classical Diploma, Annual Tatler Staff. "I live the life l love." RICHARD JACK BOWERS IIJACKU Scientific Diploma, Hi-Y '47, '48, '49, Treasurer of Hi-Y '49, Foote ball '45, '46, '47, '48, CoACaptain of Football Team '48, Most vale uable player in football '48, Vice- President National Athletic Honor Society '49, National Athletic Scholarship Society '48, '49, Na- tional Honor Society '48, '49, President Ot National Honor SOA ciety '49, Alternate Volunteer Boys' State '48, Cub Lion '49, Honorable Mention AlleStato Football Team '48, Junior Red Cross Council '47, '48, '49. "He sits high in all the people's hearts." CAROLYN WOMACK Elective Diploma, TrieHifY 47 '48, 49, Vice-President Tri-HifY '49, Manager Girls' Basketball '48, Annual Tatler Staff '49, Monthly Tatler Staff '47, '48, '49, National Honor Society '48, '49, Office Assistant '49, American Youth Foundation '48, National Honor Society Play '49, Football Royalty '48, Library Assistant '48, Junior-Senior Play '49. "Life is iust one up and down after another." ROBERT FOSTER HARWELI. HBOBBYN Scientific Diploma, Hi-Y '49. "We must laugh before we are happy, for fear we die before we laugh at all." EVELYN JANE HOLDER Elective Diploma, National Honor Society i48, '49, Tri-Hi-Y '48, '49. "Genius is the power of lighting one's own fire." DAVID SNYDIER Elecfive Diploma, Transler lrorrv Corinllr High School, Corinlh, Mississippi '49, HiY '49, "Blushes are fhe rainbows of modesly." JEAN XVILSON Eleclive Diploma, T 81 l Club '43, D. E. Club '49, Treasurer of Dis- lricl D. E. Club '49, Class Day Poel. "Worry abouf nolhing under lhe sun." JOHN li'lNV.XRl? fJU'I'I..-KN Scienfific Diploma, Clues Day Ac- rivilies. "l'd ralhcr laugh, a brighl-haired boy lhan reign, a gray beard king." clARI.lN hvINIiYARD Elecfive Diploma, Junior Red Cross '48, '49, Seerefary Junior Red Crow. '48, '49, Monllily Taller Slall '47, Fulure llornernakers' Club '49, Treasurer Fulure Home- nrakcrw' Club '49, Annual Taller Slall, Ollice Assislanl '48, Trifl-li' Y '48, '49, Class Day Gillorian. "To know her is fo love her." ITICNRY Prrrl.1.1Ps Eleclive Diploma, Hi-Y '47, '48, '49, Foolball '47, '48, Monthly Taller Slall '48, '49. "And his sunny locks hang on his lemples like a golden fleece." Ii Mrrv A1.1.1-:N Eleclive Diploma. "I'd ralher run 'lil l'm our of brealh than amble along and be bored fo deafh." fillR'l'Rl'IJl'1 AUELE BONNER "'I'RUnY" Eleclive Diploma, Transfer from Tilqhrnan Hiqh School, Paducah, Kenrucky '49, Cheerleader '49, Foolball Royally '49, Nalional Honor Sociely '49, Class Day Acliviliei. "Bul alas! alas! for lhe woman's Tale! who has from fhe mob lo choose a ma+e." PATSY ANN WHITE Eleclive Diploma, Trilli-Y '49' Fulure l-lorrremakers' Club '49, Manager Girls' Baskelball '49, Annual Taller Slalf, Monifor '47, Nafional Honor Sociely '49. Class Day Aclivifies. "A frue friend is forever a friend." CHARI.ES DAvm Wm'r1.ocK Scienfific Diploma, Hi-Y '49, Class Day Aclivilies. "Forfy acres and a mule." FRANKIE FAYE 'IQATE Eleclive Diploma. "Learn noi, know noi." LAWRENCE P1-rrL1.r1'S Scienlific Diploma, Hi-Y '47, '48, '49, "Like 'em all, love 'em none." NORMA SCOTT Eleclive Diploma. "Wilh virlue and quielness one may conquer lhe world." THOMAS HUDSON MCCIAGE Elecfive Diploma, Band '47, '48, Presidenf of Dislribulors' Club '49, Junior Rolarian '49, Sfroble Music Award '49. "Nealness is fhe crowning grace of manhood." PATRICIA ANN RUSH KKPAT77 Elecfive Diploma, Monlhly Taller Slalf '49, Business Manager An- nual Taller Slaff, Tri-Hi-Y '47, '48, '49, Fulure l-lornemakers' Club '49, Class Day Prophel. "Women are made Yo be loved, nol underslood." ,Ion RAI'liR Elective Diploma, Hi-Y '48, '49g Class Day Activities. "Good temper like a sunny day, sheds its brightness over every- thing." L,-xlnx LARIMER Elective Diploma. "Put meekness in thy mind." 1" ia ian I4.KNVRl'1NlIli i'FREDl7Ili" Elective Diploma. "lt is better to be lucky than wise." Sur: .ANN OLIVER Elective Diploma, Transter tronu Grove High School, Paris, Tennes- see '47g Basketball '48, '49, Future l'lornernal-'ern' Club '49, Class Day ACtiyitiCS. "Twas her thinking ot others made you think of her." ciII.XRl,liS Rn' l'U1,o11UM HBHAKU Elective Diploma, l-liY '47, '48, '49, Cheerleader '48, '49, Thespian Society '48, Monthly Tatler Statt '49, T. 81 l. Club '49, Class Day Joker, Track '49. "The world is too much for me." l1ic'rTY ,Io Hays Elective Diploma, Tri-Hi'Y '49g Monthly Tatler Statf '47, Annual Tatler Salt. "l would help others out of a fellow-feeling." RlJlll'1Ii'I' Liawis "Moms" Elective Diploma, HIY '47, '48, '49, Athletic Honor Society '49, Football '46, '47, '48, "He did nothing in particular." WANDA MoDoN,x1.n Elective Diploma, Transfer from Austin l-ligh School, Chicago, llli- nois '47, Tri-Hi'Y '48, '49, Annual Tatler Staff, Senior Executive Committee '49, "She dwelt in a tar-away country called The Land of Romance." JACK PERRY Elective Diploma, Transter from Castle Heights Military Acadeiry '47g Monthly Tatler staff '4a. "Hang sorrow! Let's be merry." MfkRY NP1I.I.li FORSYTHE Elective Diploma, Tri-t-lifY '47, '48, '49. "Quietness is best." BENNETT r1wILLMAN Classical Diploma, Band '46, '47, '4Bg Junior Rotarian '48, National Honor Society '48, '49. "Make me simple, modest, manly true, Safe from the many, honored by the few." NORMA Jo LOFTON Elective Diploma, Tri-l-li-Y '49, '49, Annual Tatler Staltq Future Horrternakers' Club '49. "l live on hope and that I think do all that came info this world." VV1L1,iAM MORSE HBILLH Elective Diploma, Transfer trorn Maury High School, Norfolk Vir- ginia '48, my 'wg Football Me. "Manners . . . the final and per- fect flower ot noble character." JOAN VVILSON Elective Diploma, Band '47, '48, Tri-l-li-Y '49j Future Hornemakers Club '49, Annual Tatler Stall. "Nothing is so popular as kind- ness." JAIvIEs 'TILLMAN Scienlific Diploma, Junior Rolar, ian '49, Band '49, "A wil's a fealher, and a chief's a rod, An honesl man's lhe noblesl work of God." JDIIN POPE Scienlific Diploma, Nalional Hon- or Sociely '48 '49, Junior Rolarian '49, Annual Taller Slall. "How vain is learning unless in- lelligence goes wilh il." NORMA CAROLYN HUNT Eleclive Diploma, Fulure Home' makers' Club '49, "The beller you know her lhe bele ler you like her." VORIQ KELLY BURNETTE Eleclive Diploma, Transfer from Tilghman High School, Paducah, Kenlucky '48, Foolball '48, Hi'Y '49, Nalional Honor Sociely '49, Nalional Alhlclic Scholarship So- Ciely '49. "Like 'em all, love 'em all." BI-:TTY jo SII-Es Eleclive Diploma, Tri-Hi-Y '47, '48, '49, Fulure Honnernalcers' Club '49, Candy Stand '49. "l love men, nol because lhey're men, bul because lhey're nol women." lNII.LIAM REYNOLIJS LIOLE, JR. UBILLH Scienlific Diploma, Band '48, '49, Junior Red Cross '47, '48, '49, Red Cross Training Camp '47. "The will of a man is his happi- ness." FAYE STANEILL Eleclive Diploma, Tri-Hi-Y '47, '48, '49, Monlhly Taller Slafl '47, '48, '49, Annual Taller Slall, Cheer- leader '49, Library Assislanl '47, Office Assislanl '49, Nalional Honor Sociely '49, Class Day Prophel. "A friend once, a friend forever." BETTY ,IEA N FRIzzEI.L Eleclive Diploma, Library Assislanl '47, '48, '49, Tri-Hi-Y '49, Member ol T and l Club '49, Monlhly Taller '47, Office Assislanl '48, '49, Annual Taller Slafl. "A lhing of beauly is a ioy for- ever." MARY ALINP1 RUSH Eleclive Diploma, Tri-l-li-Y '47, '48, '49, Fulure Hornemakers' Club '49. "Her loveliness l never knew unlil she smiled on me." ROY SCATES Scienlific Diploma, l-liYY '48, '49, Band '47, '48, '49, Annual Taller Slafl, Junior Rolarian '49, Nalion- al Honor Sociely '48, '49. "He may beal a palhway oul lo weallh and fame." PEGGY BOGLE Eleclive Diploma, Dixie D. E. Club '49 "A quiel longue shows a wise head." WILLIAM RONALD ARNOLD Eleclive Diploma, Hi-Y '48, '49, T and l Club '48, D. E. Club '49, Monlhly Taller Slalf '48, Junior' Senior Play '49. "Well lhen l now do plainly see, This busy world and I shall ne'er agree." CATHERINE WARREN Eleclive Diploma. "Ol manners genlle, of alfeclions mild." GLENN RAINEY Scienlific Diploma, l-lieY '49. "Pleasures are ever in our hands or eyes." BILLY TAYLOR Eleclive Diploma, Transfer from Malesus High School, Malesus, Tennessee '48, Nalional Honor Sociely '48, D. E. Club '48, '49, T 81 I Club '47, '48, "No one knows whal he can do lill he lries." MARTHA JEAN MEADOWS "JEANNIE" Eleclive Diploma, Nalional Honor Sociely '48, '49, Monlhly Taller Slall '47, '48, 49, Annual Taller Slalf, Junior-Senior Play '48, Tri- HifY '47, '48, '49, Treasurer Tri-Hi' Y '48, Presidenl Tri-Hi-Y '49, Dele- gale To Soulhern Area Hi-Y and Tri-Hi-Y Council '47, American Youlh Foundalion '48, Office Assislanl '49, Nalional Honor Sociely Play '49, D. A. R. Conlesl- anl, Delegale Hi-Y and Tri-Hi'Y Slale Conyenlion '49, "Thai old miracle-love al lirsl sighl-needs no explanalionf' JERRY KEFF LIOUCH Eleclive Diploma, Baskelball '49, Nalional Honor Sociely '48, '49, "Life, if lhou knowesl how lo use il, is long enough." LAURA FRANCES RAY Eleclive Diploma, Tri-l-liYY '47, '48, 49, Cheerleader '48, '49, Foolball Maid '47, Foolball Queen '48, Nalional Honor Sociely '48, '49, Nalional Honor Sociely Play '49, Delegale HifY and Tri-Hi-Y Slale Convenlion '49, Monlhly Taller Slaff '47, '48, '49, Class Day Giilorian. "Bonnie brown eyes are lhe eyes for me," LOUIS ROBINSON Eleclive Diploma, Hi-Y '49, An- nual Taller Slall. "The lrue arlisl will lel his wife slarve, his children go barelool, his molher drudqe al sevenly, sooner lhan work al anylhing buf arl." BETTYE SUE LAW Eleclive Diploma, Transfer from Maryville Hiqh School, Maryville, Tennessee '49, Fulure Homernakers' Club '49, "Bul lel me silenl be, for silence is lhe speech of love." IXRIANNA THOMASON 'iSISSIE', Eleclive Diploma, Tri-HiYY '49, An- nual Taller Slall, T 81 I Club '49, "All grand lhoughls come from lhe hearl." CLEITA FAYE SIPES Eleclive Diploma, Tri-Hi-Y '47, '48, '49, Fulure Hornemakers' Club '49, Annual Taller Slaff, " 'Tis beller lo be lale lhan never gel lhere al all." WILLIAM MILLS Eleclive Diploma, Hi-Y '48, '49. "His brighl smile haunls me slill." BETTY Jo RIALS Eleclive Diploma, Office Assislanl '49, Tri-HIVY '49, "The nexl besl lhing lo a really good woman is a really good na- lured one." JAMES ALLEN WARD "JIMMY" Eleclive Diploma, l-li-Y '47, '48, '49, Foolball '45, '46, '47, '48, Co-caplain of Foolball Team '48, Track '48, "All charming people are spoiled, ll is lhe secrel of lheir allrac- lion." NANCY MILDRED WILSON Eleclive Diploma, Nalional Honor Sociely '48, '49, VicefPresidenl of Fulure Hornernakers' Club '49, Vice-Presidenl Nalional Honor Sociely '49, Fulure Homemakers' Club '49, Monlhly Taller Slaff '47, '48, '49, Assislanl Edilor of Monlhly Taller '49, Associale Edilor Annual Taller Slafl, Senior Execulive Cornmillee, Tri-Hi-Y '48, '49, Class Day Will. "Our grealesl glory consisls nol in never falling, bul in rising every lime we fall," BOBBY LYTAL Eleclive Diploma, T Xi I Club '47, '48, '49, "Happy arl lhou as if every day lhou hasl picked up a horseshoe." JOYCE ANN REPLOGLE Eleclive Diploma. "Whalever is worlh doing al all is worlh doing well." Wll.I.IAM HARDTN GRAHAM K'BII.I.Y'i Scienfific Diploma, l-lieY '48, '49. "And he lells lhe iesf wilhoul lhe smile." SUSAN Sl'1Rl.l'1S Coox Fledive Diploma, Homemakers' Club '49, "Words, words, words!" WI1.I.IAM EASON LUCKMAN HBILLYH Eleciive Diploma, Candy Sland '49 "ln quielness and confidence shall be your slrenglhf' CAROLYN A N N VVITT Eleclive Diploma, Dislribulors' Club '49. "Happy am I, from care l'm free. Why aren'f lhey all confenled like me?" B011 BRIGANIIE BRIIIIIT Eleclive Diploma, Hi Y '47, '49. "Why sludy fo learn, and fhen die and forge! if all." AN NIE LAURIE FARROW GODDARD Eleclive Diploma, Library Assist' anl, Monlhly Taller '47, '48, 49, "To love, cherish, and obey." 'THOMAS FREDERICK MOORE HFREDH Eleclive Diploma, Hi-Y '47, '48, '49. "Thoughl finds ils way inlo ac- lion." FRANCES RI-2I'I.oGI.E Eleclive Diploma, Monthly Taller Slaff '48, T 81 l Club '49, Hon' orable Menlion of lhe D. A. R. Conlesl. "The secrel of success is consfancy of purpose." flHARl.ES SIDNEY l"INc1II Elecfive Diploma, Hi-Y '47, '48, '49. "All fha? a man halh would he give for his life." AIOHNNTIC MAE Ross Eleclive Diploma, Nalional Honor Sociely '48, '49, T 8: l Club '49. " 'Tis looking downward makes one dizzy." ROBPZRT NEIL BROWN Eleclive Diploma. "Learn fo live and live lo learn." DORA Lou MPZIKI.HS Eleclive Diploma, Tri-HiY '49, Monlhly Taller Slalf '49, Class Day Aclivilies. "Energy is efernal delight" VVILEY CLIFFORD NEWMAN HCLIFFH Eleclive Diploma, Foolball '46, '47, '48, Baskelball '47, '48, '49, Track '48, Naiional Alhlelic Scholarship Sociely '48, '49, Hi-Y '47, '48, '49, Chaplain Hi-Y '48, Presidenl ol Hi-Y '49, Delegale lo Soulhern Area Hi-Y Council '48, Deleqale lo American Youlh Foun- dalion Camp '48, Boys' Slale '48, Junior Red Cross '48, '49, Presi- denl of Junior Red Cross '49, Cub Lion '49, lvlonlhly Taller Slall '49, Annual Taller Slall '49, Dele' qale lo Hi-Y Slale Convenlion '49, Junior-senior Play '49. "The man lhal loves and laughs musf sure do well," BII.I.IE SUE SEELEY Eleclive Diploma, Fulure Home makers' Club, Cheerleader '46, '47. "Smile and fhe world smiles with you, cry and you cry alone." WILLIAM AUSTIN POWELL "BILL" Scienlific Diploma, Band '47, '48, '49, Nalional Honor Sociely '48, D, A. R. Conleslanl. "There is nolhing more lo be esleemed lhan a manly firmness and decision of characler." MARY JOYCE NEWBILL Scienlific Diploma, Trial-liYY '48, Nalional Honor Sociely '48, '49, Monlhly Taller Slalf '49, Class Day Acllvllles. "l have no lime for idle cares." JAMES RICHARD DEATON SSJIMMYYY Eleclive Diploma, Foolball '46, '47, '48,'HI-Y '46, '47, '48, Class Day Acllvllles. "An ounce of mirlh is worlh a pound of sorrow." BARBARA LANE PAGE Eleclive Diploma, Tri-Hi-Y '47, '48, '49, Drivers' Class '49. "ll is nol good lhal man should be alone." JAMES MAXWELL "COTTON" Eleclive Diploma, Foolball '46, '47, '48, Hi-Y '48, '49. "True love is lhe ripe fruil of a Iifelime." JOSEPHINE ANNE CHILDS .IJOA Eleclive Diploma, Tri-Hi-Y '47, '48, '49, Monlhly Taller Slaff '47, '48, '49, Annual Taller Slall, Nalional Honor Sociely '48, '49, Class Day Prophel. "lf eyes were made for seeing, Then beauly is ils own excuse for being." JOSEPH P. WALLACE UJOEN Eledive Diploma, Hi-Y '47, '48, '49, Foolball '46, '47, '48, Baskelf ball '47, '48, '49, Baseball '48, Class Day Aclivilies. "Keeping lo one woman is a small price." PEGGY LEE CORLEW Eleclive Diploma, Transfer from Malesus High School, Malesus, Tennessee '49. "Though lasl, nol leasl in love." JAMES DANIEL CROSSON .IJ D H Eleclive Diploma. "Learn lo live well or fairly make well." ALICE THORNHILL Eleclive Diploma, Dislribulive Eclucalion Club. "ll's no use pulling up your um- brella unlil il rains." JOHN ALBERT CLAYTON "JOHNNY" Eleclive Diploma, Transfer lrom Roberl E. Lee High School, Bay! lown, Texas '48, Cheerleader '48, '49, Hi-Y '49, T 81 I Club '49. "Love is lhe slrange bewildermenl which overlakes one person on ac- counl of another person." MARGARET LONG "MICKEY,, Eleclive Diploma, T 8: I Club '49. "Laugh and be well." FRANK WALTERS Eleclive Diploma, HiYY '48, '49, T 8- I Club '48, '49. "l would sludy lo live, bul nol live lo sludy." WILLIE MAUDE POPE Eleclive Diploma, Tri-Hi-Y '49, Fulure Homemakers' Club '49, Monlhly Taller Slafl '49, Annual Taller Slaff, Class Day Poel. "ln her longue is lhe law of kind- ness." CHAR1.Es EDWARD BAIN Elective Diploma, HIYY '48, '49, "He gazes at a mighty oak and says, "You were once a nut like me." ROSPIMARY FORD Elective Diploma, Tri-l-li-Y '48, '49, Monthly Tatler Statt '48, '49, Co editor Annual Tatler, Volun- teer Girls' State '48, National Honor Society '49, President of l-lomemakers' Club '49, Assistant Librarian '47, Office Assistant '48, '49, Class Day Giftorian, "Jesters do often prove prophets." ELTON 'l'ODD Elective Diploma. "Samson and Hercules both had their day. You, too, can be strong if you live the right way." ELEANOR GAY JONES MCIAYH Elective Diploma, Annual Tatler Staff, Tri-HifY '48, '49, Future l-lomemaliers' Club '49. "The loud laugh that speaks the vacant mind." JAMES EUGENE KING Elective Diploma. "His lite was gentle, and the ele- ments so mixed in him that Nature might stand up and say to all the world, 'This was a manl' " DORIS ,IEANNE ANDERSON Elective Diploma, Tri-Hi-Y '47, '48, '49, Basketball '48, Distributors' Club '49, Monthly Tatler Staff '49. "The shortest women love the tallest men." PEGGY WxL1.1s Elective Diploma, TriYHiYY '47, '48, '49, Future Hornemakers' Club '49. "Enioy life, it can't last forever." PEGGY fiAITHER Scientific Diploma, National Hon- or Society '48, '49, Monthly Tatler Statt '49, Class Day Activities. "As merry as the day is long." CIHARLES ROl!IiRT CDRR Scientific Diploma, Hi-Y '47, '48, '49, Baseball '48, "He is a second Hercules." MARTHA JEAN DINKINS Elective Diploma, Distributors' Club '48, '49. "My thoughts and I were of an- other worId." PAUL D. EAvEs Elective Diploma, Hi-Y '48, '49, Distributors' Club. "Once in a man's life he has a dream. May his dream come true." JEANNE CLAIRE INGRAM HPUIJGYU Elective Diploma, Tri-Hi-Y '47, Monotor '47, Future Hornemakers' Club '49, Ottice Assistant '48, Candy Stand '49, Annual Tatler Statl, Library Assistant '47, '48, '49, Honorable Mention D. A. R. Contest, Class Day Activities. "There's nothing hall so sweet in life, as love's young dream." f7SfZAR hNlI.I.lAMS Elective Diploma, Class Day Ac- tivities. "Happy-go-lucliy, carefree, and 95Y. What else more fitting could we say?" JAMES MALLOY HSNAGH Scientific Diploma, Hi-Y '47, '48, '49, Basketball '48, '49, Class Day Activities. "lt may be 'he who laughs last laughs best,' but he who laughs first sees the point." RALPH BURTON JOHNSON Scientific Diploma, HiYY '47, '48, '49, Football '48, '49, National Athletic Scholarship Society '49, "He was a man, take him for all and all." DOROTHY ANN OVERTON Elective Diploma, TriYHi-Y '47. "Rare as is true love, true friend- ship is rarer." JERRY SIMS Elective Diploma, T 81 l Club '48, '49, "He has both knowledge and wif." SANDRA NAOMA BROWN Elective Diploma, Annual Tafler Staff, Tri-Hi-Y '47, '48, Monthly Tatler Staff '47, Alternate D. A. R. Contest, Class Day Activities. "Son is the beginning, the middle, and the end of everything." CHARLES GAITHER Elective Diploma, Transfer from Knoxville High School, Knoxville, Tennessee '48. "What should a man do-But be merry?" EILEENE RAGSDALE Elective Diploma, Future Home- makers' Club '49, Tri-Hi-Y '47. "When love is af its best, one loves so much that she cannof for- get.. JAMES B. WHITE "JIMMY" Scientific Diploma, Band '47, '48, '49, National Honor Society '48, "For he is kind." PIELEN PARHAM Elective Diploma, Future Home makers' Club '49. "A little laughter and a grin will make the coolest frown cave in." LUTHER PAUL HOOKER Elective Diploma, Band '47, '48, '49, Hi-Y '48, '49, National Honor Society '48, '49, Junior Red Cross Council '47, Class Day Activities. "To blow is not to play as the flute, you must move the fingers." DONNA JEAN TINES Elective Diploma, Distributors' Club '49, "Virtue alone is true nobility." BOBBY TYSON HOLLAND Scientific Diploma, Football '47, '48, HifY '49, National Athletics Honor Society '49, Cub Lion '49, Class Day Orator. "The sincere alone can recognize sincerity." MARJORIE JEAN BUTLER Elective Diploma, National Honor Soceity '48, '49, National Honor Society Play '49, Monthly Tatler Staff '49, "Miss Home Economics" '48, Candy Stand '49, Volunteer Girls' State Alternate '48, Annual Tatler Staff '49, Office Assistant '49, Drivers' Class '49, Class Day Historian. "The most natural beauty in the world is honesty and moral truth." BILLY PERRY Elective Diploma, Band '46, '47, '48, l-li-Y '49, T 81 I Club '49. "That man may safely venture on his way, Who is so guided that he cannot stray." HARRIETT SHIRES Elective Diploma, Future Home- makers' Club '49, "Silence is golden, silence is real But to me it's iust an ordeal." Bomw GENE NoI.EN SKNICKIPII, Elecfive Diploma, HiYY '48, '49, Band '47, '48, '49, T XI I Club '49, Vice-Presidenl of T 81 I Club. "Enioy life, il can'l lasl forever." GRAIIE CAROIIYN BRANCH "BRANCH" Scienlilic Diploma, National Hon- or Sociely '48, '49, Future Horne- malrers' Club '49, Reporler Fulure Homemilcers' Club '49, Tri-Hi-Y '47, '48, '49' Monlhly Taller Slaff '47, '48, '49, Annual Taller Sfafl, Delenafe lo Soulhern Area Hi-Y and Tri-Hi Y Council '48, Nafional Honor Sociely Play '49, D. A. R. Conleslanl. "A flaming halo for her face." RoIIERT J. SMITH HBOBBY JOE" Scienlific Diploma, Hi-Y '49, Cub Lion '49, Band '47, '48, '49, Annual Taller Sfaff, D. A. R. Conleslanl. "Formed on the good old plan, a lrue, brave and downrighl honesl man." ROSEMARY TWOMEY iKROSIE,, Eleclive Diploma, Senior Candy Sland '49, Trifl-lifY '47, '48, '49. "An ounce of mirlh is worth a pound of sorrow." DAVID FRANCIS WALKUI' "UNCLE DAVEU Eleclive Diploma, HIYY '47, '48, '49, Junior Red Cross '47, '48, '49, Foolball '48, Baslselball '48, '49, T 81 I Club '49, JUDIOFYSCNIOV Play '48, Monlhly Taller Slafl '47, '48, '49, Class Day Joker. "Never frouble lrouble lill lrouble lroubles you." BARBARA ANNE JONES "Bo1xIxIE" Eleclive Diploma, TrifHieY '47, '48, '49, Treasurer of Tri-Hi-Y '49, Library Assislanf '49, Nalional Honor Sociely '48, '49, Monthly Taller Slaif '47, '48, '49, Annual Taller Slafl, Delegale lo Soulhern Area Hi-Y and TrivHi-Y Council '48, Office Assislanl '48, '49, Drivers' Course '49, Allernale D. A. R. Ccnlesf, Junior-Senior Play '49. "l would live lhis same life over If I had lo live il over." LYNN VANIHIVER Eleclive Diploma, HIYY '47, '48, '49. "To lake lhings as lhey be, lhal's my philosophy." YVONNIE CIlllllllS Eleclive Diploma, T Xi I Club '49, Monllwly Taller Slalf '46, '47, '48, '49, Thespian Club '47, "I fear nol loss, I hope no? gain, I envy none, I none disdain." XIAN HENRY l'VI'1l.l.S Scienlific Diploma, Foolball '46, '47, '48, Hi-Y '46, '47, '48, '49, Nalional Honor Sociely '48, '49, Nalional Honor Soclely Play '49' Nalional Alhlelic Scholarship So ciely '49, Secrelary Nalional Alhf lelic Scholarship Sociely '48, Boys' Slale '48, Hi'Y Council Camp '48, Boxinq '47, '48, Junior-Senior Play. "You gel a lhorn wilh every rose, buf ain'l lhey sweel?" BETTY JANE IIIINT Eleclive Diploma, Hornemakers' Club '49, Band '47. "I haslen lo laugh al everylhing." CHARLES AI.vIS Mc:DowEI.I. Scienlific Diploma, Hi-Y '49, Cub Lion '49, Annual Taller Slafl. "He who eslablishes his argument by noise and command, shows lhal his reason is weak." DORIS JANE FARIS Eleclive Diploma, Tri-HifY '48, '49. "Meekness is nol weakness." SAMUICII BANKS POWELL "JACK" Eleclive Diploma, Band '47, '48, '49. "Fair words never hurl lhe tongue." JUNE BENNETT Elective Diploma, Nalional Honor Sociely '48, '49, Secrcfary T Ili I Club '49, Candy Sland '49. "Never idle a moment buf Thrifty and lhoughllul of olhers." GRADY THREADGILL Scienlific Diploma, Transferred from J. B. Young High School '47. "A man wilh an aim will be a man wilh a name." JOAN BARBER Elecfive Diploma, Monfhly Taller Slaff '48, Dislribufors' Club '48, Library Assislanl '48, '49, Office Assisfanf '49. "My lrue love halh my hearl." WILLIAM BRYANT "BILLY" Eleclive Diploma, T 81 l Club. "ll is really lhe errors of a man fhal make him loveable." BETSY SHELTON Eleclive Diploma, Tri-HIYY '49, Annual Taller Staff, Fulure Horne- rnakers' Club '49. "Thouqhl dolh nol become a young woman." SAM FARRIS COGDELL, JR. Eledive Diploma, Foolball '47, '48 "He speakelh no? and yef fhere lies a conversalion in his eye." BOBBY JEAN FERGUSON Transferred lo Fulfon, Ky. '49. EUGENE HERMAN ALEXANDER Elecfive Diploma, T 81 I Club '48, '49, Presidenl of T 81 l Club '49. "Good humor is one of lhe besf articles of dress one can wear in sociely." PEGGY THORNE NPIGGYV Eleclive Diploma, Tri-Hi-Y '47, '48, '49, Nafional Honor Sociefy '48, '49, Nafional Honor Sociefy Play '49, Library Assislanf '48, '49, Annual Taller Sfaff, Class Day Will. "ll is a very hard underlaking lo seek fo please everybody." ' SAMUEL DENNISON MILAM 'SSAMMYH Eleclive Diploma, Hi-Y '47, '48, '49, Foolball '47, '48, '49, "O sleep! If is a genlle lhing, be- loved from pole fo pole." MARY Jo DUCK Eleclive Diploma. "Lei genlleness my slronq enforce- menl be, buf Ief The world beware genfle me." ROBERT WINSTON Eleclive Diploma, l-li-Y '47, '49, Nalional Honor Sociefy '48. "To gel through life why musf we run? Why can'1 we sfop and have some fun?" BETTY CLAIRE MAHON Elecfive Diploma, Trivl-li-Y '47, '48, '49, Secrefary Tri-HifY '48, Delegase fo Tri-HifY Congress '48, Nafional Honor Sociefy '48, '49, Class Day Hlsforian. "You know I say iusl wha? I lhink, nolhing more, nothing less." JAMES THOMAS WYATT Eleclive Diploma, Hi-Y '47, '49, T 81 I Club '49. "A closed book never makes a scholar." MARY ELLA VOEGELI Elecfive Diploma, Tri-HIYY '46, '47, Annual Taller Staff. "Genlleness succeeds belfer lhan violence." A MH X ' 5 X ' Ye 4 he mf i'i, ri t aim' ff! X -WW w ff Q 'mf 'fy ullflw gi: ff ' 'I Will I x +,x K, . wx' 'V ' A ,f ' wi, K X . Q.. J xg., Y! 'mx f gf' X l X , ' S viiqa A A V Al J .516 X I 'W H s M X rf' 1 ' at H X 4 :W 'X 5 X R' Nm Qu.. W' 72' x 'lr 1 CvNTH5'A CN!-.2 RUTH SUTTON BARBARA WIGHT BARBARA FINLEY EARL FRYE WOODS HOLLOWAY NORRIS AVEY MARY SUE LAWRIE BETH CRAWFORD ELAINE JONES unior icem JERRY TVARD, .S'nrrm'ary FRTEDA WILCOX, Vim'-P1'v.vz'1lr'rzf BILLY COOPER, Prmidfrzt T1-QD PEARSON, 7vl'f'llSllI'FI' MARY JANE COPPEDGE LILL1AN CUNDIFF THOMAS OLIVER BILLY SCHRIVNER WOODY NANCY SWEARENGEN JACQUELYN BEATTY 3 '68 .Law vm VI? Nm ,..v,f PCS my Mn' an :dh v""I3F -925 ww, " W- Q ,- ix I x : my 51,2 J. SI- :mf 'Q' I ,,.. , ,:. --Q-, X A If A -169' WALTER TOWNSEND JIMMY MATTHEWS JERRY WARD BOBBY HENDERSON BILL COX LINA MATTHEWS MOLLIE WALDROP BETTY ALLISON JANE GRAVETTE ANN PALMER CHARLES HESTER H. L. HAWK JULIAN T, DUNBAR ATHAN HOLLOVVAY J, C. HIIFLLY EVELYN COLLINS PEGGY WILLIAMS NANCY WHITE JOYCE TAYLOR GERTHAL WILSON BOBBY DEATON THOMAS HOPPER BILLY BOONE BILLY REEVES JAMES RICHARDSON VERA HENRY JUANITA EDWARDS JO ANN ALLRED NANCY HOOTS ROMONA MASON BILL THOMPSON HARRY TODD SAUNDERS TOMMY THOMPSON CHARLES FERGUSON GEORGE TRUETT LUCY BEACHMAN JANE MARCUM PAT BREWER BEVERLY BUTLER NORMA JEAN POPE JOHN PHILLIPS ,W CHARLES auzosos af XII IIIQ CHARLES GABA CHARLES GAY BOBBY OSBORNE BILLY SINGLETON BILL SMITH GLADEN LIFSEY SAM POWERS GENE DEATON JACOUEY CLARK BOBBIE JEANNE BURKE JO ANN BREWER RUTHIE RAMER CARMOND ARMOUR BILLY McKISSACK ADOLPHUS GRACE FREDDIE PRIVETT LARRY DUNN JAMES WYATT MARTHA ANN WEEKS NANCY WHETSTONE DOROTHY THOMAS ANN BUTLER MARY KATHERINE CANNON FRANKLIN MURCHISON RAY BAKER ROBERT EWING JERRY HALEY EARL GOFF GAYLE CHRISP GENE MCFARLAND JANE SMITH PAT CUNLIFFE BETSY GRUBBS KINZIE BARKER HAROLD NORVELL FARRELL ROE HENRY SUTTON BILLY MONTGOMERY IMOGENE ALEXANDER SHIRLEY ANN JONES FAYE FREEMAN PATSY PULLIAM RUTH WITHERSPOON BILLY OAKLEY GARVIN SHULTS JAMES DISMUKE BOBBY WEBB JOHN RUSH M., 4 ,Im . 'Q 'mil' Ya? M'-wr 'WST ..,., W s 4 90 , ,HM x A' ,an w .M-an 40? ww 'v-gr Num 'YQ A 'B ,,-nd :MM 211-V 15 M -4- , L ' .15 f . ..., -2 Ui 2 2 'W-11 E W I xv Wx Q . vm f""'s. - 'gi - 3 Sin s S 'K J' :M I Q5 Q 'E I 'Am 4--v nk ff-6 JIMMY CARTER ,W TOMMY COOK .z:q.:.:,,:,. , 1 LEONARD BROWN CHARLES MCAULEY 'oi N " ' 1" DONALD COLEMAN 1 'v xy ,, ,. 4 344+ qu DON BETTY PATTERSON JEANETTE MOORE VIRGINIA HARDY JUANITA COOPER PEGGY ROBERTS BILLY RAY DASTER BILLY KING JAMES SIPES CLINTON BUCK CHARLES PEARSON JEAN ETTE VERNON FRIEDA WILCOX SARA WAHL VIRGINIA ANN WILSON JOAN SHELTON JACK DUNNING SAMMY PATE COOPER McRAE BOBBY HALE BILLY MILLER ADRIENNE FREEMAN KARLINE MOODY JACOUELINE THOMPSON ELIZABETH ANN PINKSTON SUE SUBLETTE CHARLES SMITH BILL SCATES EDDIE BOYD MONTE TYSON JAMES HUBBELL BEVERLY ARNETTE BETTY JUNE MARTIN MARY JANE RIDINGS BARBARA VESTER MARY HOWELL ANDERSON YOUNG JAMES DRURY JIMMY HARPER ORLAN YARBRO JOE MOORE FRED MICHIE MARSHALL MORRIS BOBBY JOE BLACKWELL BOBBY VARNELL BELTON ALPER PEGGY WALL DORIS PATTON PAT RAPER NANCY MILLER BETTY CHEATHAM FRED CONGER PAUL WHITESIDE JIMMY O'NEILL TOBIE BAILEY PAUL BLACKWELL ANNETTE TINES DORIS WOOD NANCY McNATT CORINNE TOMLIN PATSY GAFFNEY PAUL WILSON THOMAS REPLOGLE TED PEARSON HORACE TAYLOR CHARLES WARMATH BETTY HARRIS ANN COLVIN NANCY ROBINETTE PAULA CLAYTON JOYCE WALDING JUNE LOFTON NANCY BENNETT JO GAULDIN IMOGENE JONES MARGIE ORMAN JO ANN RAY JEAN DORIS COOPER PEGGY WEAVER JEANETTE MOORE PATSY HOWELL REBECCA SUE JOHNSON BONNIE RAGAN JUANITA DOYLE PEGGY KEY DALE DENNISON 'ww fu", 1-sq, -wx ww ww ,Swv aim if K' Kwai' id" one-' ws-I gxj-22:7 if the Q W ig at LQ? f-if 27 , sent S 0 xx - Vx!!! 0 V MM - X lf10""O WS X 212 f 0. ft f X , 2 if -f Law: Ro BINS UN Sopkomore icem FRED KENDALL, Swvwtary JOYCE SIIELTON, View-Pz'v.vidv1zt Bl'1'I"l'Y TVILSON, Trvasunyr JOHN WOMACK, Pmvz'dmzt DAVID WHITE THOMAS SNIILEY GAY RUSH GLYN ANN CARPENTER EDWARD BYNUN MONA MURRA' WINSTON MARTINDALE HOUSTON HILL DICKIE DAY BILL MCAFEE KENNETH REEVES EVELYN HOOKER NANCY MAGILL VIRGINIA JOHNSEY ALLAH JO MAY VIRGINIA AUSBAN BETTY CASTLEMAN BEVERLY TAYLOR NANCY DAVIDSON PEGGY BARNES BETTY ANN WILSON DICKIE BEARE GEORGE WILSON CHARLES LITTLE BOBBY ALLISON TOMMY NAEF NANCY BREWER SHIRLEY MELTON THELMA NEWHART BARBARA PARKER CAROLYN DePRIEST ROBERT VALENTINE DeWITT WEBB JOHN BEARD WILLIAM SMITH TOMMY TUCKER JO ELLEN WILLIAMS BETTY JEAN PENDERGRAST JO ANN SHELTON JOYCE PEARSON MARGARET FERGUSON RAY JORDAN THOMAS ANDERSON ERNEST DIKE NEVILLE STEWART JACK LAW MILDRED SUMLER BETTY JEAN LASTER ANNA LAURA PALMER DELILAH GAULDIN JESSIE DOHERTY JACK DUGG ER LARRY KILLOUGH TOMMY DAWSON F VELVA WALDING RANK ROBINS EDSEL WILSON JOYCE SHELTON JANE LINDY JOAN MOREHEAD HARRIET MARANOFF LENN ANDERSON JOHN WOMACK BOBBY JOE BARBER BOBBY BRIEN RAY WARMATH JANELLE LUCKMAN EDNA REYN CLARI OLDS CE COX DORIS CRAWFORD NEI L DeLOACH ANN GOODIN JIMMY WILLIAMS BYRON COX OBBY RAY WILSON FRED KENDALL MARTHA OAKLEY HOWARD ANNE McCOY IMOGENE DANIEL MILDRED PIPKIN DELIA STUBBLEFIELD JAMES ELAM CHARLIE PATE TOMMY WEBER PAUL POOLE LYMON EVANS DELORES COOPER DOROTHY WHEELER JOANNE WILLIAMS DORIS WOODS BOBBY MOORE LOUISE MORRIS DONALD DEATON BOBB Y TEAGUE DAVID MERWIN BOBBY HOLMES CHARLES PENDERGRAST JOHN HAWKINS EUGENE OWEN WILLIAM EARP GLADYS JOHNSON SARA MERWIN BOBBY LAW PAT JONES BOBBIE PLUNK BILLY GENE SPAIN SARAH BAXTER BOBBY JOE MCMEANS JOE HANEY BILLY LAUGHLIN EDWIN RANDOLPH DORIS BAIN NORMA CARVER ANN HAGAN NANCY JONES HAROLD LI LE CHARLES MAYS JUANITA KING JERRY JAMES JERRY REPLOGLE TO MARY LOIS GILLIAM MMY BUNTIN IMOGENE MORRIS PAULINE KUYKENDALE CLARICE WALTERS ROMONA CARROLL DEXTER TANKERSLY TOMMY MURTAUGH THOMAS HAMILTON LEE EDWARD JERNIGAN AL STEINDORFF MARGARET TATE JUNE MILLER DOLLY JERN IGAN JEAN ETTE GRAVES PEGGY O' BANYEL DWAN E HOPPER RUBY JEAN TAYLOR VIRGINIA SEWELL ANNA MAE KERLEY GERALD REID JIMMY DOWDELL TOMMY CRAIG BILLY BREWTON ROBERT WARREN WILLIAM AMISON FRANCES CATH EY NANCY GAITH ER SHIRLEY RAY MARY AN ROSEM JAMES NEI L BRAS N GAITHER ARY CASTLEMAN FIELD RALPH BARBER BOBBY MORSE BRUCE WOODARD PATSY JON ES SUE HOWELL BEVERLY SIDNEY CASE LYNN BUTLER DOROTHY BARHAM S SAYLE SUMMERS MONTE JOE CHARLE HIRLEY WILLIAMS WEAVER S RICHARD SMITH BOBBY BRYANT JANICE ARNOLD JERRY COX BETTY JO BRIDGES ANN MORRIS MABLE USERY BOBBY WYATT JOAN JETER WILLIAMS MOORE ROBERT DAILEY DAVID LUCKY HERRON BOND JANE HAZELWOOD NANCY NELL COCKE BILLIE RUTH DOSS MARTHA MAR JERRY CORLEW ROBERT SIP BILLY FRANCES WATKI NS Y BEAMISH ES SIMPSON BOBBY McFARLAND HOWARD SIMS A WX io we W lmreSemts - Gif? Q - .i-N ww if f ,,h , , ff- .1- Z ff? 499 53? y 1 fi? 'A dff 'alll , 6 .1 ,, . , rt. ff 44 , . 4 ZZ 'W !a?'g':'M V 'Wah a 9 . :gig . 1 gf W J 'lllf41q-U. "' -v ,VMQ H , 9 T 444 ml W 4 X ' y Q'-' , ' A at X 9 J 121 7 f " 11 - -' 5 f 'f X 7' K :Z f 5 7 if ,' X' f , I I, , V ' "1 f f L Yi sn K jyf' . f 1 I W 4 A I X f 1 f V 'V I X , ' r, I FZ- yyii! K-.Leu I ,Y I I H A x- W E f I 2 Lungs - -rl pl gl , ' f l' 4 'V X 'YL V! All, Izzlnff , UI I, I W Q. X1 - l X., F 514 . 1, - T, V , ma JB- If . l Xxx J I aqq M : ' 1 -3 .L-L ' ..z..,.4, Uui':-LA W XC XX 5 -' Z ' V 'D A fag X I, ' , 0 9 f fig. r Z, , f a' ffxv, U I ' 2 . '52 I 4 ZQ QW , , M , , 4 .. 19777 77 w bi' . 1 H I ,LII . ' ' ohh 8 Medijenf if .fdclvlrefm Presenting zz comedy entitled, "Class Day, I949."1 s JOE GAFFNEY ident of the class of 1949, I bid you welcome to our Class Day program. On this event- As pres ful day the curtain will be raised on the first two Finished presentations of our careers. This morn- ing you will see us in a comedy, and this evening in our first real drama. Twelve years ago we began to rehearse for our parts in this program. The Hrst few stumbling lines that we spoke during kindergarten and primary rehearsals have gathered momentum until now, at the end of our high school days, we shall speak our parts with calm and precision. Some of you will remember with us this happy day, as in the future you see us reveal our parts in the great drama of life. In this group are some who will find fame and fortune in the literary and professional worlds. Perhaps at times you will see only those players who are ordinary Ameri- cans, those who play the "extras" But how necessary they will always be to lend color and back- ground to any stage production! h ' f ll the coach- To you, kind teachers, and to you, our parents, we wish to express our t anks or a I ing you have given from behind the scenes. May we always play our parts well. h H l' f this comcd entitled, f'Class Day, jack- Now it's curtain time. So listen for t e rst gay mes o . ? y son High School, l949!" -A 1 . , if A , fi 'fl' . Milk, . Wi i l l 7- 1 l-' aaa . to or . . :Z .,- ii . Xi I , . . ., Zn- BETTY CLAIRE MAHON, RUTH RAY, JEAN BUTLER B lui" fEntering with picks, shovels, and pansj All: We are Forty-niners We are seeking our 'goal'. Listen to our story Weill try to tell the whole. When we Forty-niners Came the ninth grade way, We made foe Gaffney president-- And he,s with us still today. B. C. I.et's see. Who were our other officers? R. R. Oh, I remember-George Allen was vice-president, Jack Bowers was secretary, and Jane Johnson and John Van den Bosch were co-treasurers. J. B. At our Junior High certification we got a taste of what graduation would be like. Our class was the Hrst in history to wear caps and gowns-and did we feel important! All: And when we came to High School, Our ability was such That even Seniors stared at us Because we knew so much. B. C. Our class certainly was cheerful. Billie Sue Seeley got to be cheerleader even while she was a Sophomore. R. R. And I'll never forget how thrilled we were when Mary Nelle Evans was elected Foot- ball Maid in our Junior year. We really worked for that honor. We showed our ability to accomplish what we set out to do. J. B. Junior-Senior Play of '48 was a success-naturally because members of our class were in it-Martha Jean Meadows, and Johnny Clayton, and Irvin Smith. B. C. Then came the biggest year with Jo Jo still holding forth as president, we elected George Allen as vice-president, Irvin Smith as secretary, and Mary Nelle Evans as treasurer. We were Seniors, most of us, that is. R. R. We started our football season off with a bang. J. B. Why we had the best team since Charlie Hoover was here. With Jack Bowers and Jimmy Ward as the co-captains, we won eight games, including the Exchange Bowl game, where we won that monstrous trophy, at least six feet tall! aaa .jshafory B. C. Maybe it was partly because we had such good cheerleaders that year. You remember there were Laura Frances Ray, Faye Stanfill, Trudy Bonner, Johnny Clayton, and that high stepping Fulghum boy. R. R. And don't forget the crowning of our Football Royalty when Jack Bowers gave Laura Frances that huge kiss. u J. B. Yes, and imagine-right in front of everybody at Rothrock, too. B. C. By no means leave out the maids, Carolyn Womack and Trudy Bonner. R. R. Hey, look! There's a piece of paper down there. Must be old. Look how ragged it is! Well what do you know! It's a copy of our old monthly Taller. Remember the time when there were four editors of the Tatler? Two of them were from our class, Catherine Ware and Irvin Smith. J. B. Yes, and the next year Catherine was still holding the job with Nancy Wilson. B. C. Speaking of Tatlers, the Senior Annual certainly takes the cake. Oh! What beautiful gold covers!! J. B. fNoddingj And those pictures inside! Why, it was the biggest thing in our young lives when we got that book published! B. C. Well, if it hadn't been for Rosemary Ford and Nancy Wilson, the co-editors, and Miss Williams, our adviser, we wouldn't have gotten very far, would we? R. R. No! It took a lot of work, but we really sold it! J. B. Remember our basketball team? We've really showed everybody how football and basket- ball ought to be played. Why, we won the district, the unit, and were runners-up to the regional. We surely gave Humboldt a scare before losing to them in the regional. Then came the state tour- nament in Nashville. Although we slipped up there, I think everyone had a wonderful time. B. C. Oh, yes. Jerry Couch, Art Beamish, and James Malloy certainly played the game. R. R. Uh, huh, and John Horner was tops as manager. i B. On the intellectual side of our school life, the D. A. R. Contest came along early in the spring. B. C. The girls were Catherine Ware, Martha Jean Meadows, and Carolyn Branch. R. R. And the boys were Bill Powell, Irvin Smith, and Bobbie Joe Smith. J. B. And Irvin and Catherine won the medals. R. R. After four years of hard study and fair play Doris McAlexander has received the highest honor of our class. She is valedictorian and running a close race with her are Jane Davis, saluta- torian, and John Horner, essayist. We certainly admire these brainy classmates. B. C. You, Ruth, along with Frances Lomax and Nancy Houser walked off with honorable mention. All: And now, O Forty-niners, Our diggingb almost done. C, Q Q The treasure is before us,' O Letis see what we have won. JU ESRC Withjoy, O Forty-niners, J , O We seize these treasured scrolls. ' Q0 Diplomas! Forty-niners, Q " lf? V At last welre reached our goals. IQ A I Kxr rt - f f 'x '-1 ' m-p-. ld -f-:'f,.v.-1: WILLIE MAUDE POPE Blessings on you, Senior Class, As from High School now you pass. Now the day is here so soon, That wondrous 7th day of June, To which we've traveled through the years With joys and not a few of fears. We've had our share of painless play, And laughter to brighten our studious way, Our fun that often forgot the rules- Our knowledge that never was taught by schools. Bob Bright, our friend, could Hnd in each word Something delightful, keen, and absurd. Mary Ann Wallace and Betty Rials, too, Will be remembered for their eyes of blue. Jerry Sims! A real swell guy is he, Besides being a brain in history. What is it? Why, itis Betty Hunt, to be sure. To stop her giggling there is no cure. Charles Bain, was always keen, And though he's short, heis sure to be seen. Although Fred Moore wasn't a teaeher's pet Hels one that we will never forget. And Sue Ann Oliver was one last fall Who became an expert in basketball. Although he had his troubles too, Bill Cole was one who was never blue. Annie Laurie Goddard, who was gay all the while, Cheered our hearts with her happy smile. Lynn Vandiver and Fred Birmingham were swell, As on our High School days we dwell. And Peggy Willis, with boy friends galore! How could she wish for anything more? Our D. E. Student, Carolyn Witt, Was always one who would never quit. Joe Raper was a guy who liked to eat And also one who was hard to beat. John Pope, a good boy to have around, For a better one could hardly be found. 6155 Gig 08147, JEAN But not eschewing book or task, Mary Jane Davis answers all we ask. And another of our bright and studious lasses Is Mary Nell Evans, who always passes. Among our Seniors so debonair Is Kelly Burnette with curly red hair. Then, there's Billy Perry, who seems to take fun In capturing the hearts of everyone. And Betty Frizzell in "Cotton", it seems Has found the ideal of all her dreams. 7 . While Van Wells is up to par, In Football, he's our star. This class is distinguished for good-looking girls- There's Wanda McDonald with pretty black curls. And Sissy Thomason, who has wit as well, Can easily hold all the boys under her spell. Barbara Jones, 'tis plain to see, Is noted for her dignity. Mickey Long with her own quaint way Is never in need of a word to sayg While Evelyn Holder and Betty Law, you see, Are always as quiet as quiet can be. There's one who has acquired great fame In Art-Herman Alexander is his name. James Tillman is one we can't overpass, We remember him in the Music Class. When you are attracted by a big nice lad, Behold David Snyder-that isn't bad! Talk with Roy Scates, and I think you'll find That he has a very logical mind. There are many other Seniors too For we have mentioned only a few, But it's getting late and we must go. Remember our date tonight, so- Come early and be on time To the graduation of the class of '49, WILSON First Witch .... Second Witch Third Witch . . . First Witch .... Second Witch . . Third Witch . . . First Witch .... Second Witch . . All n ........... Third Witch . . . First Witch .... U65 M I0 QC? JOSEPHINE CHILDS PAT RUSH FAYE STANFILL Twice we heard the school bell ring Twice we've heard the Seniors sing Now 'tis time to call the fates, And learn the future of these classmates. Round about the cauldron go 5 Long-dead Latin in we throw. Geometry with all its angles, Algebra with all its tangles The little of Chemistry that we got- All these we throw into the pot. A bit of history for Miss Williams' sake In the pot we boil and bake, An eye of Spanish, a toe of math Of your knowledge we shall grasp. A budget of typing, an English theme, The attitude of your football team. Thus we take your learned chauldron For the ingredients of your cauldron. O, well done, Sister, I recommend your Everyone shall share the gains, And now about the cauldron swing Like elves and fairies in a ring. Double, double, toil and trouble, Fire burn and cauldron bubble. Hail, class president of 1949, Now, you look proud and lordly, But tarry and hear what we have to say Then perhaps you'll not be so gay For the future of your noble class Is simply the outgrowth of your past, And though we're witches up-to-date, We predict strictly by the fates. In this bubble, I see a gigantic circus. Would you believe it your demure classmate Carolyn Hunt, is known as "Chi-Chi,,' the Lion Tamer. pains Ten years from now I see William Morse, making his debut as the world s most graceful toe dancer. Dots and dashes! Lots of flashes! It's incredible, but your quiet classmate ack Perry is known as the second Walter Winchell. Through dim lights and low voices, I hear the haunting strains of St Louis Blues sung as only that willowy and glamorous torch-singer, Gay Jones, can sing it I see a couple at the altar of the First Baptist Church. As I listen I hear the groom saying with a Texas drawl, "I do." But who's the bride? Why its none other than Martha ean Meadowsz The scene changes to the United States Senate. A tillibuster is being conducted and lookin very much pleased is Charles McDowell, who can now talk without being lnterrupted Why, look! Thereis Charles Orr in Marshall-Fields. What IS he dolng there? Oh no' He IS head buyer of the ladies' lingerie department. Alas! a streak of red! A shrill siren! It's a fire-engine-and a lady fire chief! Why, it can't be-but it is-your calm and never hurrying Ruth Ray on her way to a three-alarm fire. Through the smoke I see Fred Lawrence as president of the First National Bank. Five years hence-Jack Powell and his jiving jitterbugs are playing their thirtieth week on Broadway. I see an advertisement. It says- Will sit with your baby from eight till two Age preferably from 16 to 20 Signed, Billy Luckman I see Jo Ann Barber very happily married with two little kids flast name Brucej running around the house. Flash! Hollywood-The third production of "Gone With The Wind" has just been released, starring Bobby Holland as Rhett Butler and Doris jane Faris as Scarlett O'Hara. What's this? A woman bus-driver! Yes, it's Emily Allen driving the new city bus. I see black, now red, and green, what is happening? Now I see! It's Ray F ulghum, principal of Jackson High School. Who is the girl that is in the faculty? It is Susan Cooke. She has now taken over the Spanish department and is doing a good job, although it's hard for classmates to believe. In a huge arena in Madrid, the most renowned matador in all Spain is found to be none other than your own Billy CSkinneyj Graham. The scene now changes to China. I see Jean Butler teaching the children of war-wrecked homes and doing a wonderful job. I hear the familiar clamor of Coney Island! Would you believe it?-your quiet old classmate, Peggy Bogle, is "barker" for one of Ripley's "Believe It Or Not" shows. In the show we see Robert Brown who is the only man in the world that can talk two weeks without a pause of more than a minute at the time. Time Marches On! On the lawn of "Fountain of Youth" Sanitorium, Jimmy Deaton is per- forming his daily gymnastic routine in the hopes of building iup his frail and weak body. In this bubble, I see that Louis Robinson has made much progress with his great talent in art. He is now in Paris designing the latest fashions. The scene changes. I see a hugh school in the background. Norma Scott, principal of an cle- mentary school, is ringing the bell for recess. In fifteen years I see that Betty Jo Sipes is still the same. When she becomes bored with her history students, her reproach is always the same, "Now, pupils, when I was a girl, we didn't date on school nights." Alas! I see that after all these years, a famous psychologist has convinced Cynthia Spragins that all her complaints are imaginary. Twenty years hence many of you girls will be treating your graying hair with Peggy Thorne's ' famous "Guaranteed Colorbackf' . Along the highways and by-ways, we see posters bearing Donna Jean Tine's picture, advertis- ing Palmolive soap for that "school-girl" complexion. ' I see one of our fellow classmates, Frank Walters, running a car lot. The sign reads, "Drive your own g only 50c an hour." In this bubble, I can see that Carlin Vineyard has taken Miss Barry's position as geometry teacher, daily reminding her pupils that, "If you know geometry, it's awfully simple, but, if you don't it's simply awful." Jackson! Jimmy White and his famous orchestra are now playing at the Supper Club, fea- turing Jean Wilson as his vocalist. What's this? I see that Carolyn Womack married Aubrey Williams. Now they are rearing little musical brains. All ........... Double double, toil and trouble, Fire burn and cauldron bubble, 19 tt s 4, That's our version of your fates, ' f .,: 'il' E1 lf"'?'l Good luck and farewell, '49 class-mates. W l .gs - t v' .- gy . Y, R I 2 , t 1 ' 5 f - ' .A t . ,- I V M. f ,A fl. . t' f-.:., ,V ,heyy '- I ' 4915--!, 4'.T 35 -- ,-5 " . h:..,n. f Y M ., . M i- . 2 A, -f - .fl W' X "rf: 5 1, . ,, Vg ,N .,..,-E. . V .,' f"'fnF-i ff' L' ' 'Z ' 'WH . 'WF' "' " A--f,.?...Z':EcIv ' ""7f.'fF'!'fl ihorian emed LAURA FRANCES RAY CAROLYN BRANCH fLipstickj We wished for you this lipstick, dear. Smear it on from ear to ear. Since you're already such a pretty sight, To look at you would be more of a delight. BEN NE'r'r TILLMAN Q Trombone J If your trombone ever gets off key, You'll need a substitute, then, Play on this. It's one of the best Because it came from the "Five and Ten." JAMES MALLOY CPurple Heartj To James Malloy we give this purple heart Because basketball upset his apple cart. His smile to everyone was always so nice Until his two front teeth he had to sacrifice. J. D. CROSSON QMagnetj Herels a magnet, J. D. Crossong Take it and use it often To help you get yourself a girl As soon as your hard heart softens. BOBBY GENE NOLEN QDrumj To you we give this toy drum. So play it all you can, And if you practice hard enough, Some day you'll be leading Krupa's band. PEGGY GAITHER CParis Greenl A tiny portion of Paris green- To aid you in ridding yourself Of a pest-Us he really one?j Buster Dismuke-himself. RALPH JOHNSON QA Sofaj For Ralph we have this little sofa Because we know he's always tired, Or else he wouldn't have the nickname "Loafer". Now he can sit and rest until inspired. GLENN RAINEY CTonij I guess you're wondering what this is all about. Your hair is already curly, and we give you this "Toni" We thought maybe Spanish lessons straightened it out, When what you really needed was a pony. CARLIN VINEYARD RosEMARY FORD CATHERINE WARREN QA Toy Manj ' a For Catherine we have a toy m ng He doesn't dance-nor sing, But for being loyal and faithful too, A toy man is just the thing. HARRIETT SI-IIRES fMonkeyj About a gift for Harriet Shires, We have thought, and thought, and debated. This monkey will make you laugh, my dear, In case you and Betty are separated. BILLY ARNOLD fGold Keyj There's certainly something about Lambuth College That has nothing to do with classical knowledge. Billy, here is a lovely gold key. 'Twill unlock your co-edls heart, you will see. BILL BURNETTE fTieket to Kentuckyj Here, Bill, is a ticket to old "Kaintuck" Now you needn't go by hitch-hiking a truck. It will take you by a direct bus And bring you back soon to stay with us. PAUL EAvEs C Record J With girls, Paul is as quiet as can beg So I give him this record, "Does Your Heart Beat for Me ?" Do play it over often and loud, And you'll have some girl with you up in that cloud. NANCY HOUSER iBook of Rulesj Nancy, here's a book of rules Not ever studied in any schools 'Twill teach you clever things to say And keep all your beaus definitely that way. LALA LCRIMER CCombj To you, Lala, I give this comb-- So that your pretty locks will never roam, And you'll always have at your beck and call Many fellows-handsome, dark, and tall. WILLIAM MILLS fAirplanel For you from the stars I have a nice gift, An airplane, which will always give you a lift. We'll'be watching with wonder from down here below, So go up high and put on a good show. HELEN PARHAM CLoud-speakerj Helen is so sweet, quiet, and dzmure She needs this loud speaker, fOf that I am surej Now cause a commotion and make yourself heard And always be sure that you get the last word! JOYCE REPLOGLE fHair rinsej 'Twould be a shame if lovely blond hair Like Joyce's should ever be less fair. So here's a rare and secret rinse Always to keep its lovely tmts. PAT RUSH fCook bookj Here is a cook book for you, dear Pat. Quit dreaming of frat pins and this and that. A lot of house work you'll need to learn Unless for that 'fS.A.E." you cease to yearn. JOHN VAN DEN BoscH fCamera sc-tj For John I have a camera set To practice snapping his favorite brunette, So work hard and try and try And you'll be famous bye and bye. OSCAR WILLIAMS CPicture of Betty Grablej Oscar's shunning the gals has me really upset. But some day he'll change I just bet. To you I give a picture of Betty Grable, Swap it for a real girl as soon as you are able. JUNE BENNETT QThermometerJ Here's a thermometer for you, June. Be careful now, don't lose it. When you become a full-fledged nurse, Then youill be able to use it. SAM COGDELL fBieyeleJ I-Iere's a brand new bicycle, But notice, it's built for two. Now you must find a girl to ride, So she can pedal for you. MARY N. FORSYTHE CCarJ For you, Mary Nelle, we have a car, We hope you'll put it to use. Now you can go to Bemis, And not have to wait on a bus. BETTY Jo HAYs fStarJ For Betty Jo I have a star. It shows how swell we think you are. Put it on and wear it often A boy's heart some day it'll soften. FRANCES LoMAx QRolling pinj For you, Frances, we have a rolling pin To help you capture a tribe of men. And some bright day when you are wed, If your husband is stubborn, use it on his head. THOMAS MCCAGE fHarmonicaJ We hear you can play any organ That ever was made, and then You can take it all to pieces And put it together again. Some call the harmonica "mouth organ". Hereis a chance you shouldn't miss: If you can play any organ, Then show your skill on this. WILLIE MAUDE POPE CMap of Oklahomaj Dear Willie Maude, we have for you a map of Oklahoma. Sit down and write to your friends back home About your new diploma. BOBIIIE JOE SMITH fAj Herels an A for you, Bobby Joe, It's from the Senior class. We know you wanted it sooner. Without it, though, you did pass. BILLY TAYLOR fCoea-Colaj Because you pause before you speak, And your words come rather slow, We give you this Coca-Cola For the pause that refresher, you know. DAVID WALKUP CCharles Atlas bookj We have for you a new Charles Atlas book Now you can always keep that "he man look." ROBERT WIN STON Q Heart J Every day in every way, no matter what the weatherg You and a certain Junior girl have strolled around together. So here's her heart-it's all for you, As true as we could make it, Now take it, Robert, and treasure it! And, please, oh please, don't break it! Q Cm 'UM NANCY WILSON PEGGY THORNE We, the members of the class of 1949, Jackson High School, Jackson, Tennessee, while still suffering from the dreadful disease caused by final examinations, do hereby write and prepare for publication our last will and testament. We set down in writing on this seventh day of June, 1949 our wishes, being perfectly conscious of our every act. The reading of such an important document, upon this sad and solemn occasion, calls for your full attention. Quiet, please. To our dear old school building, we leave any apple cores, candy wrappers, crumpled notes, or traces of bubble gum that we may have left behind. To the faculty we bequeath the peaceful quiet caused by our absence and we wish to make known to them our appreciation for constant kindness and help. As proud, dignified, and generous Seniors, we wish to bestow upon our undeserving under- classmen some of our most valuable possessions and our sought-in-vain-for Senior privileges. To the Juniors we leave our forged excuses, our ability to sign test papers and report cards, and also the patience needed to overlook the Sophomores entirely. To the Sophomore children we should like to say that if we left you all oflour combined talents, they could never help you to grow up. X George Allen leaves his position as official chauffeur to Norris Avey. Take full advantage of this excuse to skip class, Norris. ' X f Joan Bazemore wants her quiet ways to be equally divided between Betty Jean Patterson and Sue Sublette. . Gay Rush is the receiver of Sandra Brown's ability to manage her male triangle. Trudy Bonner relinquishes her seat on the train to Paducah to any junior girl who might be bored with life in Jackson. To the twin, Jo Shelton, Jo Childs leaves her ability to do nothing and rate a passing mark in Physical Education. Jimmy Ward, after much persuasion, is leaving his cute walk to Jimmy Williams. Martha Jean Dinkins and Joan Wilson have requested that Beverly Butler and Juanita Edwards have their "never worry" attitude about everything. James Thomas Wyatt believes that Charles Little would appreciate his knack of driving like a streak of lightning and remaining in one piece. In dividing our talents, Peggy Corlew has not forgotten to leave her sales girl ability to jean Doris Cooper, who is not lacking in that field herself. Patsy White declares that Betty Allison must have her love of teasing and her good disposition when being teased. ' Lawrence Phillips bequeaths to Bobby Henderson his ability to keep Betty Castleman laugh- ing at recess. Jane Marcum and Jimmy Matthews fall heir to Jeane Claire Ingram's and Bobby Lewis's standing space in the corridors between classes, "But you'll have to be responsible for your own conversation," says Jeane Claire. Yvonne Grubbs has demanded that her needle, thread, and Home Ee. key be left to any Sophomore girl who wants to sew. She gives up. Elton Todd and Charles Finch grant their titles as man-about-town to Dickie Day and Jimmy Chambers, who deserve them. Billy Sue Seeley bestows upon Mary Jane Ridings her courage to like Bemis boys and attend Jackson High at the same time. Mary Joyce Newbill and Dora Lou Meales have requested that Luey,Beaeham and Shirley Jones have their life-long friendship. As long as we'rc being so generous, Laura Frances Ray has decided that Nancy White can have some of her sunny smiles. Now Nancy, please look on the bright side of life. Joyfully, Merry Ella Voegeli leaves her typewriter and that most important eraser to Barbara Wight on the condition that she will not let speed tests get her down. To Mary Jane Coppedge, Faye Stanfill wills her ability to keep more than one boy on the string. However, we have an idea that she already knows how. W Eugene King and Jimmy Murchison bequeath their silence to any Sophomore or Junior who would like to stay out of the detention hall. Bill Powell leaves his seat by Lawrie Beth Crawford in the auditorium to some Junior. First requirement is that it not be a he. Jo-Jo Gaffney entrusts his heart to the care of the Sophomore girls. They seem to have taken full possession thus far. Paul Hooker wills to Bobby Allison his wolfish line, just in case he has no other way to spend his idle hours. To the biology students John Edward Outlan bequeaths his menagerie, including eoons, turtles, and what have you. As one red-head to another, Bobby Lytal leaves his very becoming blushes to Sam Powers. Faye Sipes wants Romona Carroll to have her school days, consisting of five periods. Romona, let's hope you can manage to skip the sixth period also. To Evelyn Collins, Johnnie Mae Ross obligingly relinquishes her peaches and cream complexion to add to Evelyn's own. Alice Thornhill has consented to bestow upon Vera Henry her blank expression when asked a question in class. We do hereby appoint our class President, Joe Gaffney, sole executor of this, our Last Will and Testament. In witness whereof, we the Class of 194-9, do set our hand and seal today. J I .ati -Q' i. 'Q 41'-az' .11--?h'1'f 'A' f5-.'f1xgg.5Lifi.'isi?4?.' iff? :JL ', ,. Q T 3,--221753. 'Tiki fy?-.1 W ff Q "gnu-,f uf-As, , ev .-. -V ,.',,C.'1.-pw'-,-qw, .1-ai,-V VY., F.. ,., ,f rel ,Nygw Q 5 - f as ff rt- wi. xv 1 ',iP'-F". 1 +L, if 9- XX fl 4 ' ' ' ' W M . - . :SEQ 'IL X J J: 'A 'Wf J A Egan' " - . ' ,- -'fgiiiip 5,21 if 1 -J lr ff T7 f J N, Ta", mr-:Iii-lei ' 'A Tlzgim. f . . W. 'fl -' " 1' .. , r u 0l'l 0lfl'L0l"l"0lfU BOBBY HOLLAND, Orator Friends, parents, and classmates: Today we stand at the threshold of a new epoch in our lives. To this hour our pathway has been very smooth. We have encountered very few obstacles along the way. But now we are about to embark upon a new route along the Highway of Life. As we approach it, we are confronted with a stop-light which signals-Stop! Caution! Go! Today the light registers Stop! Caution! It warns us to choose wisely for our route of to- morrow, to be on guard against the petty things that tend to sway us from choosing the right be- ginning, the right mode of travel, and the right goal. Tonight as our names are called and as we go forward to receive that cherished scroll, the light will turn greenAGo! Each of us on viewing the green light will have a different journey planned, a different des- tination in mind. Much counsel has been given us as to the making of our plans, but no one can decide for us which goals to strive for. Many will be indifferent as to where their steps will carry them. Others will see the Highway as it really is, a place for advancement, self-improvement, and happiness-with happiness the shining light of them all. The attaining of our goals will not be all drudgery and toil, for in the hard Fight for survival and happiness, there will be thrills-thrills that will keep up our spirit and break the monotony of every-day routine. Mrs. Edward McCormack once said, "If happiness is contentment with wings, then thrills are enthusiasm with wings. There are all sorts of thrills, but the thrills of accomplish- ments are the result of a job well done, whether it be flying the Atlantic, braving the icy wastes, dar- ing the perils of polar seas, or catching the swinging trapeze in a circus tent. It's all a matter of knowledge accurately timed, with undaunted courage and unconquerable enthusiasm. And incident- ally, that combination of knowledge, courage, and enthusiasm is the Blue Streak of Success." In our course of journey will stand things to hinder us. just as Christian in the "Pilgrim's Progress" faced hazards and pitfalls, so shall we face the same hazards and pitfalls in life. And if we hope to succeed, we must, even as Christian did, overcome these obstacles. It is our destiny to try hard to attain success in the field of our choice. We must not expect to be a success overnight. Longfellow says, "Heaven is not gained at a single boundg But we build the ladder by which we rise From the lowly earth to vaulted skies, And we mount to its .summit round by round." Even though we are made of dust, there is within that dust a spark which can lift us on to the glory of achievement, a spark which can be nourished to a flame by the resolution to achieve. Certain qualities are needed for our venture out onto the great Highway of Life. We must be willing to overlook trifling lowness on the part of our associates, not to hold grudges in our deal- ings with men. We must also be able to turn the other cheek occasionally. Even as Jesus forgave his enemies, so must we forgive ours, if our aims are to achieve true greatness of character in life. Also we must be prepared to say to God's recording angel who writes our every deed and word: "I pray thee, then, Write me as one that loves his fellow men." All of these qualities are necessary to reach our goal at the end of the Highway of Life, not so much to be a big success in the world, but to know in our own hearts that we have accomplished some- thing worthwhile. And when we come to the last inning in the Great Game of Life, we may be able to say with Longfellow in his "Psalm of Life": "Lives of great men all remind us We can make our lives sublime, And, departing, leave behind us Footprints on the sands of time." C arid Gt JULQJ DAVID WALKU Art Beamish: "What is the meanest thing you can do to a woman?" Jerry Couch: "Will her a fortune payable at the age of 35." Mr. Muse: "What would you do in the case of a person eating poisoned mushrooms ?l' John Horner: "Recommend a change of dietf' Bill Bryant: "Why do some girls part their hair in the middle?" Bobby Harwell: "Oh, those are the ones with the split personalities." Betty C. Mahon: "Did you really knit that sweat- er all by yourself?" Jane johnson: "Yes, all but the hole you put your head through. .That was there when I started." Jack Bowers: "What should I give my girl for Christmas?" Johnny Clayton: "Does she like you?" "Oh, yes!" Jack Bowers: Johnny Clayton: "Then she will like anything." "The doctor told me to drink a hot bath every night.', Dorothy Overton: "Well, what's wrong with that ?" Doris Anderson: "After drinking the hot bath, I haven't any room: left for the tea." Doris Anderson: a cup of tea after Miss Anna: "Sammy Milam, you have mispelled almost every word in your composition." Sammy Milam: "Yes, Ma'am, I'm going to be a dialect writer." Miss Williams: 'KWhat is the Mason and Dixon Line ?" Charles Gaither: "A division between 'you all' and 'youre guys'." ' When asked if she was afraid of high places, Rosemary Ford boldly replied, "Yes, I have hydro- phobia!" Nancy Wilson: "Thomas McCage has insured his voice for ten thousands dollars." Mary Aline Rush: "What has he done with the money?" Frankie Tate: "A big game hunter has been miss- ing for days." jack Bowers: "Is that so?" Frankie Tate: "Yes, it is feared that what he disagreed with ate himf, Mr. Judy: K'Does the foreman know the trench has fallen in?" Cliff Newman: to tell him." Henry Phillips: "You can't trust anybody now- Glisson in the cafeteria gave me a "Well, sir, we're diggin' him out adays. Why Mrs. phoney quarter in change this morning." Frances Replogle: "Let me see itf, Henry Phillips: "Oh, I havenit got it anymore. I spent it at the candy standf' P RAY FULGHUM Employer: "Now that I have given you a job I must tell you that early hours are the rule in this storef' Joe Wallace: "That's good. You can't close too early for me." Rosemary Twomey: "Did your uncle remember you when he made out his will?" David Whitlock: "I guess he must have because he left me out of it." nIt's not necessary to knock me down like that is it ?" asked Grady Threadgill who was taking his first boxing lesson. "No,,' replied Irvin Smith, "stand up and I'll show you thirteen other ways of doing it." Doris A. McAlexander: K'Did you hear about the fish that has the measles?,' Betsy Shelton: "No, how is he doing?" Doris A. Mc.: "Pretty well: he just has them on a small scale." Ei1een's Mother: "What did your teacher think of your playing the KMorning, Noon, and Night' over- ture, Eileen?" Eileen Ragsdale: "After Ild played a few bars he told me to call it a day." First Patient: "How do you do? I'm aching from neuritisf' Second Patient: "Glad to know you, I'm Cath- erine Ware from Jackson." Norma Jo Lofton: "Name three ways of saying goodbye." Mary Jo Duck: " 'Adieu, adios, and arsenic." Mr. Crane: '6When you saw Barbara Lane driving toward you, why didn't you give her half of the road ?" Billy Bryant: "I was going to as soon as I found out which half she wantedf, Miss Doak: "State what you want in a post-war house." Betty Claire Mahon: "Mef' Teacher: "DeHnejury.i1 Art Beamish: "A jury is a body of twelve men selected to decide who has the best lawyerf, Mrs. Fesmire: "Name two ancient sportsf, Catherine Ware: 'KAnthony and Cleopatra: in Sl :L- X 5 2' N K Q if f E 1 3 YY m ' j ' if f 1,7-f 'Y7 fl I, A fx 579' ' ' 7 y r uf,-'e Q ' ' r ef J 'uv I '9 " 4 V L ' I f" f f' QW f , IT x 7" A A y -,ALM 43 ' j is ijkx ' 'R f 4- , .., - , WV' 1 1 44 52 , f ,Af , XX fgfrl, V 5, fr , Q ,ga S 'S V XI ' N Lfgfi v ' ,Q is , 55,1 ,Q fm Fa 'Q ' X52 the f F f f X3 ff f LGF 'A em 444 I ff 5 EN?-v ' f 4 ff f - M X fs f f 1' 51 X se" f ' ,w 31 , , XX jj M A! f f, 7 Q 0 KU: ' wf z my J u' 4. ffw All 'fu 3 J - HQ f f , 1 ':,- X W K , 1 lil' W1 X fr N ,W ? f V ff? ' W ,' if f I A I, 'L Ax! ax U 'Z ff I if . gf W, 1 Z' O W, 1 ,. lm' 6 ll Ulf." ' ' f f I A MF A , LQ, , 1 1 f V J kj ' M. 4, N 1' ' - f ' , N wfffzix Il '5 5, if L l n' 'f - j' 1 7 142 V3 ' ,, """""' :Mi 'I' -Ii-M'? 4wV W ffl gy f .J Wy, M! I -In 2 qi, - A l f A , M1 3 lllfllll fb' Q + ,W N-ZX ' '. 0- - 'G Jx:fr'f"' ' ' 5?95":"1- Q J f- 5 -'HE R' I' '- M ig1 My m . WM, Q ' N , N 'M X , pig: ' ' ' ' Wfiaal. V , 'I 4 QM' suv .+,71!:n2A W W -f FMA X f W ' 1 , , , Lf1fmi5.!: "VM f 200' Levi 1 l x X, "ff nil' 1 A f ly .5 X J, L' A ,f iffy, If ir? 1 X If ' Zig' m gf. f1' !Q'jf'!y .A . fi L V , I, , I ,j , Zi,z D y. bwsbafwsw " " ""f' LETTERS, FOOD, AND BOXES WE SEND TO SAVE THE PEACE AND MAKE MANY A FRIEND omior TQ 6055 CLIFF NEXN'lN'IAN . . . . . . . Pmvidffzt TXTOLLIE GENE XVALIIROII . Vice-P1'cxidmIt CARLIN VINEYARD . . . Secretary To lend a helping hand was thc aim of thc Junior Red Cross Couneil in our school thoughout the l948-l949 vear. iSending edueational boxes overseas, and providing food for needy families at Thanksgiving and Christmas were among the numerous activities of the members. Under the efficient sponsorship Of Miss Fay Etheridge this organization has been a vital form: In the life of our sehool. The work of the eouneil eould not have been carried out so eI'fec'tively, had it IIOt been for the splendid co-Operation on the part of the student body. Thank you!! Bark row-left to righ t- JIMMY O,NEIL BILL COLE i,AX'ID XVALKVI' ROBER'1' EWVING ERNEST DYKE MARSHALL MORRIS Second ron? Third ron"- JUANITA KING ANN MORRIS CATHERINE VVARIQ SARA WAHL JOAN lVIOREHEAD BILLIE RUTH Doss BARBARA FINLEY MISS FAYE ETHERIIJGE BEVERLY TAYLOR FRIEDA WILc:cnx Rll'l'II RAY MOLLIE NVALDROI' CARLIN VINEYARD CLIFF NEW'MAN WITH SCHOLARSHIP AND LEADERSHIP WE ARE INSTATED,- ALSO BY CHARACTER AND SERVICE WE'RE RATED Moefionce Amor ,Diddy 'JACK BOWERS . . . Prmizlerzt NANCY WILSON . . Vier'-Pwsiderrt MARY NELLE EVANS . . Secretary NANCY HOITSIQR . . . . . '1TI'0ll.S'llTI?I' Struggling for the required average of 88 and above, the eligible juniors and seniors of '48 and ,419 took great pride in being seleeted as members of the National Honor Soeiety. Throughout the year, the competent sponsor of our soeiety, Miss Elizabeth Etheridge, stressed the importanee of our motto, "Light is the symbol of truth." Early in the seeond semester the play, "TAKE YOUR MEDICINE," whose east was made up of members of the National Honor Soeiety, was greatly enjoyed by all who attended the performanee. Firxt role ANN cl0l.VIN ANNIETTE VTVINES SHIRLEY JONES FRANCES LOMAX JOHNNIE ROSS MARY CATHERINE ClANNON JUNE LOETON JOAN BREWER BARIIARA WIGHT JAGQUELINE THOMPSON MOLLIE WALDROP JANE MARCUM JANE DAVIS PEGGY cTAITHER VIRGINIA WILSON DORIS WOOD BI-:TTY CHEATHAM ADRIENNE FREEMAN BEVERLY BUTLER Second row RORERT EWING JOHN HORNER, JR. ROY SCATES BILLY MCKISSACK JOHN POPE c,RLAN YARIIRO BOBBY HAI.E HENRY SUTTON QIHARLES GAY JACK BOWERS, President RVOODS HOLLOWAY CLINTON BUCK BENNETT TILI.MAN VAN WELLS PAUL HOOKER DON YOUNG Third row REBECCA JOHNSON NANCY ROEINETTE EVELYN HOLDER DORIS MCAI.EXANDER NANCY WILSON, Vice-President BOBEIE JONES JANE JOHNSON MARY ANN WAI,LACE LAURA FRANCES RAY NANCY HOUSER, Treasurer JEAN BUTLER CAROLYN BRANCH MARY NELLE EVANS, Secretary JOSEPHINE CHILDS MARY HOWELL ANDERSON LILLIAN CUNDIFF Bark row RUTIIII-I R.AMER MARTHA WEEKS BETTY HARRIS DAI.PI DENNISON JOYCE WALDING BONNIE RAGIKN MARY JOYCE NEWISII RUTH RAY SARA WAHI. CAROLYN VVOMACK CATHERINE NVARE PEGGY TYHORNE JUNE BENNETT MARTHA JEAN MEADOWS PATRICIA CUNLIFFE IMOGENE JONES PAT BREWER JUANITA EDWARDS WE HAVE AIDED WORTHY CAUSES AND OUR ENTERTAINAIENT RATES APPLAUSES L- JU- CLIEF NEWMAN . . . . President JOE GAFFNEY . . . Vice-President JOHN VAN DEN BOSCH . . Secretary JACK BOVVERS . . . Treasurer GEORGE ALLEN . . . . . . . . . Chaplain "To create, maintain, and extend throuvhout the school and communit ' hiffh standards o Christian 1 - . nb 3 5 characterf'-T his zs our purpose. At the Y. M. C. A. the Hi-Y meets every Tuesday night at 7:30 alternately with the Tri-Hi-Y. Programs of the club during the year have included fine speeches and musical programs. The social activities have been of an uplifting and entertaining sort. This club, under the fine leadership of Mr. Ernest Horton, has been of decided advantage to our school in providing wholesome recrea- tion and line fellowship for our boys as well as encouraging them to take part in community projects. Seventh row Robert Ewing, Billy Miller, Jimmy O'Neil, Billy Schrivncr, Tommy Cook. Sixth row Bobby Dcaton, Johnny Clayton, Billy Ray Daster, Charles Bain, Tommy Tucker, Bobby Allison, Bobby Wyatt, Tom Oliver, Frank Murchison, Frank Robins, Bobby Varnell, Kenton Burnette, Athan Holloway, Bill Burnette, Bill Morse, Bobby Joe Smith, Louis Robinson. Fifth row James Thomas Wyatt, Byron Cox, Jimmy Carter, David Luckey, Roy Scates, Ralph Johnson, James Hubbell, Kcnzie Barker, George Truett, Woods Holloway, Norris Avcy, Bobby Holland, Charles Bledsoe, Ray Baker, Bob Bright, Kelly Burnette. Fourth row Ray Fulghum, Irvin Smith, Garvin Shults, Eddie Boyd, Thomas Smiley, Charles Finch, Bobby Harwell, Tommy Buntin, Jimmy Matthews, Jimmy Ward, Sammy Milam, Jimmy Murchison, William Mills, Jimmy Deaton, Donald Coleman. Third row Frank Walters, Billy Perry, Bobby Gene Nolen, Glenn Rainey, Charles McDowell, Robert Winston, Henry Phillips, Joe Wallace, Bobby Lewis, Van Wells, James Maxwell, Paul Poole, Leonard Brown. Second row Fred Birmingham, Joe Raper, Charles David Whitlock, Paul Whiteside, Paul Wilson, Arthur Beamish, James Mal- loy, Ernest Dikc, Bob Thompson, Lawrence Phillips, Ted Pearson. First row Billy Graham, John Horner, John Van den Bosch, Joe Gaffney, Cliff Newman, George Al1en,'John Womack, Joe Haney, Charles Pearson. Jack Bowers was not present when picture was taken. IN HAVING FUN WEIRE PRETTY GOOD, FRIENDLY DEEDS WE DO AS WE SHOULD PL-,M- MAR1'I-IA JEAN MEADows . . . President CAROI.YN WOMACK . . . Vice-President MOLLIE GENE VVALDROP . . Secretary BARBARA ANN JONES . . Treasurer MARY NELLE EVANS . Reporter The Tri-Hi-Y Club is affiliated with the Y. M. C. A. It is organized in Jackson High School under the capable leadership of Mrs. James L. Hodge and Miss Nancy Jean Stout. The purpose of the organization is "To create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community high stand- ards of Christian characterf' It is the aim of every girl in the club to develop the four sides of a well rounded life: spiritual, physical, mental, and social. During the year the programs have included speeches, worship programs, discussions, and talent programs. The Tri-Hi-Y meets alternately with the Hi-Y every Tuesday night at the Y. M. C. A. and at school during activity period. Front row left to right-Dorothy Thomas, Barbara Finley, Jane Davis, Willie Maude Pope, Betty Patterson, Ruth Ray, Peggy Thorne, Carolyn Womack, Bobbie Jones, Martha Jean Meadows, Mollie Waldrop, Jane Marcum, Mary Nelle Evans, Carolyn Branch, Nancy Houser, Patsy White, Patsy Howell, Mary Nelle Forsythe. Second row left to right-Joan Morehead, Peggy Barnes, Paula Clayton, Faye Sipes, Ann Morris, Betty Wilson, Jane Lindy, Joanne Williams, Mona Murray, Dorothy Barham, Nancy Wilson, Pat Rush, Carlin Vineyard, Elaine Jones, Sara Wahl, Harriett Maranoff, Jane Holder, Jo Childs, Jo Ann Allred. Third row left to right-Mrs. Hodge, Gay Rush, Jacqueline Thompson, Mary Jane Coppedge, Pat Raper, Nancy Robinette, Lucy Beacham, Shirley Jones, Beverly Butler, Edna Reynolds, Doris Anderson, Virginia Sewell, Virginia Hardy, Mary Sue Woody, Lawrie Beth Crawford, Pat Cunliffe, Betty Allison, Nancy Swearengen, Jo Ann Baze- more, Bobbie Burke, Wanda McDonald, Betty Hays, Arianna Thomason, Peggy O'Banyel, Miss Nancy Stout. Fourth row left to right-Margaret Ferguson, Sue Sublette, Evelyn Hooker, Betty Pendergrast, Thelma Newhart, Nancy Nell Cocke, Nancy White, Betsy Shelton, Beverly Taylor, Billy Ruth Doss, Gay Jones, Betty Jo Sipes, Rosemary Ford, Norma Jo Lofton, Juanita Edwards, Rosemary Twomey, Laura Frances Ray, Nancy McNatt, Betty Cheatham, Shirley Melton. Fifth row left to right-Jo Ann Shelton, Nancy Davidson, Glyn Ann Carpenter, Frieda Wilcox, Betty Rials, Joyce Walding, Joan Wilson, Mary Ann Gaither, Vera Henry, Doris Faris, Doris McAlexanrler, Mary Ann Wallace, Romona Mason, Martha Frances Watkins, Catherine Ware, Jeanette Vernon, Gerthal Wilson, Doris Patton, Adrienne Freeman, Barbara Wight. J6LCA50lfL Shoo! gdlfw! The Jackson High School band, an organization of fifty pivccs undffr thc dirvvtion of Mr. W. R. Bonson, is fast hc'- coming thc outstanding hand in thc' statc. Since its bcxginning thrvc' yvars ago it has surpassed all vx- pcvtations of pcrformancc-. The band rccc-ntly made- a trip to thc Lions International Convention at New York City, New York and rcturnvd home with fourth place, having Cornpctvd with somc Of thc' outstanding bands of thc- nation. Front row left to fighffDAVID WHITE, BETTY PATTERSON, SUE SUBLETTE, NORMA CARVEN. Second row-AL STEINDORFF, NANCY WI-IETSTONE, JOYCE TAY- LOR, BILL SCATES, BONNIE RAGAN. Third row--TOMMY DAWSON, TOMMY TUCKER, JAMES ED HUBBELL, I'1ARRY TODD SAUNDERS. ' Fourth row-JACK DUNNING, BOBBY MORSE, BUDDY BYNUM, BOBBY BRYANT, COOPER MCRAE, GENE DEATON. Fifth row fStandirIgj-V-Bass drum, EVELYN HOOKER, Small drum, ROBERT VALENTINE. To left-PAUL HOOKER, Drum Major. l'HliRl:' IS NOTHING OUR BAND MEMBERS WOULD LACK THliY'1,L ALWAYS B15 TRUE TO THE GOLD AND BLACK 'l'hI-y liavc' playm-d for all thc' football gamvs of Jackson High and Illlllly vivim' l'Vl'I1tS. In fompctition with bands l'I'oIII VVI'st Vlll'I1Ill'SSl'l', thvy have- won first prizv at tht' StI'zIwhI'I'I'y lfvstixul for thx' past two yvars and have playvd :It thr- Cotton cll1I'I1lY11l in lVlI'IIIphis. 'l'hc'y havc' also sI'I'vI'd :Is hosts lor thv third lllllllllll Exchurigv Bowl football gamma 'l'hI' hzmcl I'IItI'I'I-d thc' RI-gional Band Fvstival in Mvmphis on M11l'l'l1 26 :md I'I'c'I-ive-d Division I rating whivh madr' Illl'lIl I-ligihlv to vnte-I' thc' statr- contcst in Murfrfxrsboro. lfmnf row iff! to right BOIIIIY JACK FISI-IMAN, IJAVID IIICINDIIIRSON, H.xIzOI,D VIWIIOMAS, DAVID W li I . K IIII. .S'f'cmIrl row BOIIIIY JOE SMITH, DAVID MIIIIWIA, BUDDY JXNIJICRSON, 'TOMMY ESTES. Tlzizd row BII.IY JARIIIQTT, ROY SCATHS, BOIIIIY l'.xIII:IsII, .IACZK DUNNING. lfflilllh raw BIIII. POWI-:I,I., CHARLES TATE, BOIIIIY MC1.AlIP1X.XNI1IiR. Fifth I'ozo-- I,.xwIII-:NIIIAL JOHNSON, SIDNEY CASE, BII.I. lIoI,Ia, BIINNIITT 'l'II,I.M.fxN, JIMMY WHITE. Sixlh mu' fSw1l1'fIjf H.XIlOI,IJ ST,xNFII,I., JERIQ Cox, Julia POVVliI,I,. To riyhl I.'IwIzIIa BIITII C1Iz.fIwFORD, PIQGIIY -lowes, l,.KI'I.,X llI,.KYTON, Mzijorcttc-S. Nw. REPORTERS OUT FOR ANYTHING THAT'S NEW PRESENT OUR 'WIONTHLY TATLER" TO YOU Uh with jatdr News! Feature Stories! Jokes! these eonstitute The Morzthlyf Tatler which serves as a written ueeount Ol' our school life during 1948-1949. For more than twenty years Our sehool paper has served as an expression Of the thoughts and ideals Of Our student bOdy as well as an aeeount Of the clay by day happenings and aetivities Of our sehool. It is Our wish that during the eoming years students will eontinue to give their eo-Operation to the eornpetent supervisor of the Monthly Taller, Miss Craee Everett. EDITORIAL STAFF BI'sINEss STAF1-' Editor-in-Chief . . . . . . CATHERINE VVARE Business Managers . FAYE STANFI1.I.,IRvIN SMITI1 Assistants . . . . . MARTHA JI-:AN ME,KDONVS, A.vxi,Itant Editor . . NANCIY WII,SON V Cartoonivt . . . . BARBARA WIGHT ,- - CARLIN XINEYARD . I . . Czrculatzon Managerx . RUTI-I RAY, ROSEMIKRY FORD l'6f1fU'f -VUVJ' hdllvf - --" YVONNE GRUBBS Exchange Editor .... MARY JOYCE NEWBILL Sporty Editors . . JOI-IN HORNER, JANE MARCUM Photographer . ....... JACK DUNNING Typixtx ..... , DORIS JEANNE XXNDERSON, ANNIE LAURIE FARROW, RAY FU1.GHUIvI Faculty Advisor . . . . MISS GRACE EVERETT Humor ........ BOEEY HENDERSON, DAVID NNvAl.KUl", JOE WALLACE, HENRY SUTTON FIRST ROW-Henry Sutton, David Walkup, Barbara Wight, Catherine Ware, Nancy Wilson, Jean Butler, Carolyn Branch. SECOND ROW-Rosemary Ford, Mary Jane Coppedge, Sara Wahl, Willie Maude Pope, John Horner, Jane Marcum, Mary Nelle Evans, Nancy Robinette, Laura Frances Ray. THIRD ROW-Henry Phillips, Cliff Newman, Yvonne Grubbs, Joe Wallace, Dora Lou Meales, Bobby Henderson. FIRST ROW-Harry Todd Saunders, Ruth Ray, Doris Jeanne Anderson, Irvin Smith, Faye Stanfill, Martha Jean Meadows, Carlin Vine- yard, Peggy Gaither. SECOND ROW-Horace Taylor, Lina Matthews, Betty Patterson, Carolyn Womack, Jo Childs, Betty Castleman, P-if RUSH. B-Ifbflfd JOHN. Mary Howell Anderson, Tl-HRD ROW-Clinton Buck, Mary Joyce Nowblll. Jana Johnson, Annie Laurie Farrow, Beverly Butler, Jack Dunning. H'E'RE SEARCHING FOR THE PERFECT WAY BY LEARNING T0 LIVE BETTER TODAY . Qzfzlfvwe omema em of .America ROSICLIIXRX' FORD . . . Preiizlent NANGY NYILSON . Vice-Pfvafiflmzt NANGY Nl'1l.l. ClOCKIC . Secretary BI'1'l"l'Y JANN WILSON . . Treasurer' ELAINE JON!-LS . . . . Song Lemlrz' lVf0l.I.lE GENE YNALIJROI- . . Pmlianzerztarifzrz lim-ttvr ll0lIl4'S for AII1I'I'iI'a,S lwlltllll' is thc' goal toward whivh The Futura' HilIIll'1llLlR1'I'S, Cllllb is striv- ing, for wa' liaxv thc I'lc'aI' K'OIlSl'l0USIli'SS of svvking old and prvcious valuvs. Among tht- oIItst1IIIdiIIg' z1m'tivitiI'S ol' thx' Club this yvar was thc IJI'l'SK'I1t3IlOIl of a fashion show in thc spring in which thm' girls modr-lI'd Spring I'ostuII1vs Inaclt' in tht' HOIIIQA El'0I'l0IIliC'S lJI'paI'tIIIvnt. 'Fha' sm'lI'I'tion of ROSl'Il12ll'y Ford as "Miss l'l0IIll' EC'0IlOII1li'SH was of intvrvst to thc- vntirc' studvnt body. Carlin VlI1l'y'llI'll SI'I've'd as SCl'I'l't21I'y of thc club during thc' first St'1Tll'Stl'I'. Ein! f0ZUfJl'1SSIE DOIIERTY, CEAYLI-I CRISP, JUANITA KING, ELAINE JONES, ANN HINGAN, PATSY HOW'l41l.I., BETTY WILSON, VIRGINIA VVILSON, NORMA JEAN POPE, NANCY WHITE, MARY LOUISE MORRIS, VIRGINIA IIARDY, ROSI'1MARX' CASTLEMAN, IMOGENE ALEXANDER, BETSY SHELTON. Second row NANIIY NIEIII. flOCKE, FAYE COOPER, BETSY GRUBES, MARY SUE YNOOIIY, ROSEMARY FORD, clARO- LYN flUNT, Jo ANN RAY, BETTY PENDERGRAST, JANELLE LUCKMAN, WILLIE MAUIJE POPE, PAT RAIIER, clAROl.YN BRANIIII. Third row EII.l'1liNE RAGSIIALE, HARRIPIT SHIRES, SUSAN COOKE, JOAN JETER, PATSY WHITE, NANCY WILSON, BI'2T'l'Y JO SII-ES, IVIARY ANN WALLACE, MARY ALINE RUSH, FAYE SIPES, PEGGY VVILLIS, BI-:TTY LAW, DOIIORICS clOOPl-ZR, EIINA RPIYNOI.IJS, :ALLAH JO MAY, MARGARET FERGUSON, BETTY JANE HUNT, BEVERLY BUTLER, PATSY CAFENEY. Fourth row-f FRANc:ES CATIIEY, DORIS WOODS, DOROTHY BARHAM, JANE HAZELWOOD, MARY ANN fiAlTliI'ZR, fiAY JONES, HELEN PARHAM, 'llHEI.MA NEWHART, DOLLY JERNIGAN, JOAN WILSON. Eifth row' BILLII-1 SUE SEI-ZLEY, JEANETTE VERNON, JEAN DORIS COOPER, PEGGY BARNES, SUE ANN QILIVICR, JI-:AN QlI.AlRl-1 INGRAM, PAT RUSH, MOI.l.Ik1 GENE WAIIDROP, BARBARA FINLEY, MARGIE ORMAN, MlI.l5RP1ll PII-RIN, MAliI.Ii USERY. Sixth row- ROMONA CARROLL, FRIEDA WILCOX, FRANKIE FAYE TATE, BILLIE RUTH Doss, DELIA STUIIIILEEIELIJ, NANCY Hoors, CAROLYN DEPRIEST, DOROTHY WHEELER, BEVERLY ARNETTE, ANN HOLLIS. TO LEARN AN OCCUPATION IS OUR AIM WHILE PRACTICINC, EXTRA DOLLARS WI? CLAIIVI Ulm 7 E9 J CM BOBBY GENE NOLEN . . Prexident BILLY COOPER . . . Vice-President JUNE BENNETT . . . Secretary ARIANNA THOMASON . . Treasurer FRANCES REPLOGLE . . Reporter illlll' Hub City Trade and lndustry Club composed of students enrolled in the Diversified Occupa- tions and shop programs of Jackson High School was organized on September 28, 1948. Under the sponsorship of Mr. Gilbert Hurt, the club is affiliated with the state organization and members of the jackson High club entered contests of spelling, prepared speech, unprepared speech, essays, and others sponsored by the Tennessee Trade and Industry Club. Students enrolled in this program are studying to be sign-painters, auto parts men, electricians, printers, carpenters, office workers, and a nurse. The officers of the club for the first semester were Herman Alexander, President, Bobby Gene Nolen, Vice-President, June Bennett, Secretary-Treasurer, and Franees Replogle, Reporter. BETTER JVIETHODS OF BUSINESS WE LEARN WHILE DOING THIS, WE ALSO EARN 25. if CM THOMAS MOCAGE . . Pmvident T. IJUNBAR . . Vive-Prarizlmt FRANCES LOMAX . . Secretary TOMMY COOK . . Treaxurer BILLY ARNOLD . . Repomfr The course in Distributive Education at Jackson High School helps equip students in a very practical way for entering into thc business field of distribution of goods and services. The students attend a daily class in school related to the job of selling and in addition they work in retail businesses and other establishments. The downtown work is the laboratory part of the program where students learn to practice what they learn in school. This program is of mutual benefit to the students and thc merchants, and is another practical way in which the school meets thc needs of the community. The Forty-third Annual Oratorieal Contest sponsored by thc Jackson-Madison Chapter Of the Daughters of the American Revolution was held On March 29, 1949 in the High School Auditorium. Catherine Ware won the Jackson-Madison Medal and Irvin Smith won the Milton Brown Medal. Programme "The Star Spangled Banner" ..... .. .,........,...... . ....... ......, T HE AUDIENCE "His Honor March" ................ ....,.,..,..,, F ILLMORE "Orlando Palendrinal' ...,...... .................,....................,..........,.... ,..,....... .... ,.... H A Y D EN "The Red Mill Overture" ..........................,...,..,.....,..............,............ ..,.... V IOTOR HERBERT Jackson High School Band JACKSON-MADISON MEDAL "Our American Herilage7Liberty:' ....,..,...........................,..,........ ., ....,........ CATHERINE WARE "Strengthening the Foundations of Democraeyv .,... .........,..,,....... C AROLYN BRANCH "Of Thee I Sing' .,........,..,...............,.....................,..,. ....,.., M ARTHA JEAN MEfXDOWS " .........,... ...... F RANZ LEHAR Yours Is Aly Heart Alone" ..... . ,.........,...... ....... Ruth Ray MIL'I'ON BROVVN MEIDAL "The Road Ahead" ....... I., ..... ,........... ................................ ,..,.... .... , . . , . ...,..... IRVIN SMITH "Are You A Good Ameriean?J'. ..,.. .....,...., ..,....., . ........,..............,..,.... B I LL POWELL "Rise Of American Communism!! .......,...............,..,,.....,..,........,...,.,,.......,,..,..,...... BOBBY JOE SMITH "Colonial Minuelv .......,........ . ..,..,......... .i,............,.. SIXTEEN MEMBERS OF THE CLASS OF '59 Cnow in West Jackson School, " .SWIFT Row, Row, Rowv .,.i....,..,.. ,..,....... . , ..,... ..... ..,,...,,..,..,.........,..,.,...,...,.,.....,......,.....,............. . "The Night Is Young" ...,... .....,...,..,.....,..,.....,.............................,...... A RRANGED BY FRED WARING Jackson High School Chorus FUTURE BUSINESSMEN WE,RE LEARNING TO BE BY OBSERVING EXAJVIPLES OF A HIGH DEGREE zfufufor Qlfarioznd F0l'lIllIl2ltl'ly for I-ight boys of tht' senior class, Miss lil'I'I1li'l' Barry and Miss Anna Butlcr sClCt't rr'pI'csvIIt:1tivrs Of thc' class tO attvnd thc' wvckly IIlt'l'tlIlgS of tht- Jackson Rotary Club for a Ont' month pvriod. Functions of tht- vlub arc under thc Obscfrva- tion of tht' boys during this pc-riod and with the Inm'nIbI'rs of thc Club thvy vnjoy Incals and vn- tI'rtztiIIIII4-nt. For this Opportunity and privilvgc, thc boys 1-xtvnd to tht- Jackson Rotary thvir dccp appro- Ciation. JUNIOR ROTARIANS Back row 'llI1OMAS BICCAGE, JAMES VYILLMAN, ROY SCATES, JOIIN POPE. Front rozf' BILL MORSli, JOIIN HORNER, BENNETT 'FILL- MAN, JOHN VAN DEN BOSCH, GEORGE ALLEN. 645 OLAOW5 This yvar, also, Right otha-r svnior boys art' honorvd at bning vhosvn by Miss lil'I'I1iC'l' Barry and Miss Anna Butler to attvnd mm-tings ol' Jackson Lions Club. Thrsv boys vnjoy thc' hospitality Of thc IDCITlbl'fS and bl'C'0II1C' ac'- quaintcd with thc avtivitivs of thc' vlub. Aftvr attcnding wvvkly mvvtings Of thc- club for 21 period Of Ont' month, E1 short spvwh of zipprv- riation is Inadc by Cach Cub Lion. CUB LIONS Back row ROBERT SMITH, BOBBY HOLIIANIJ, VAN WIcLLs, CHARLES MCDOWELL. Front row JOE RAPER, JACK BOWERS, JOE GAP'FN1iY, CLIFF NEWMAN, IRVIN SMITII. MISS NANCY JEAN STOIIT, Ofice Secretary 1 -a s 3 5 ff?" , 53 if QQ 5 2 ax-F Xa W-4 ' . sggff Z Q 5 Q? 5 WZ fu , v .M 'ravi' 3 W ' ' ,l WWW' 'Elf fnggg : 'Y fzgq 9 'w . ',,. P Q 2 x ami 2'mQi'E3!?f" zz"',iI':g H u 1 ' 5 Walfionaf .fglwdlfic .SZAO!ezr:5Aq9 Lghcielfff MEMBERS OF THIS SOCIETY WE'RE PROUD TO BE WE REPRESENT STRENGTH AS WELL AS ABILITY! - - - - Q - JOE GAFFNEY . . President JACK BOWERS . Vice-President JOHN HORNER . . Secretary Membership into this society is open to any boy who has earned a letter in some school sport, has an average for three consecutive semesters equal to the school average, and has shown good sportsman- ship throughout the year. The purpose of this society, which is under the capable direction Of Mr. Tury Oman and Mr. Ray- mond Judy, is to encourage scholarship with athletics. Back row EARL GOFF JOHN HORNER KELLY BURNETTE RALl'H JOHNSON BOBBY LEWIS Second row BOBBY HOLLAND SAMMY PATE PAUL WHITESIDE FRANKLIN MUROI-IIsON JOE GAFENEY CLIFF NEWMAN Front row KENTON BURNE'I"rE ART BEAMISH VAN WELLS GEORGE TRUET1' WOODS HOLLOWAY rllHOMAS OLIVER unior- enior Zag "GIRL SH Y" can of Characters Tom Arsdale ........ Oke Stimson ....... Caroline ................... Anthony Arsdale ....... Sylvia Webster ....... Dean Marlow ......... Peaches Carter ........ Asma .................... .........CL1FF NEWMAN ......,.....VAN WELLS ......PAT CUNLIFF ......WILLIAM ARNOLD ............NANCY HOUSER MORSE ,......NANCY SWEARENGEN .......CAROLYN BRANCH Birdie Laverne ,........................ ............. B ARBARA JONES Barbara Sanford ............................. ...CAROLYN WOMACK Alfred Tennyson Murgatoyd .............................,..............,............... CHARLES WARMATH Chuck Mayo .......................................................................,................. ..,..... S AM POWERS The Junior-Senior Play was presented on June 3 in the School Auditorium. The play, "GIRL SHY," was a delightful comedy under the direction of Miss Marjorie Hunt, assisted by Miss Mary Doak, Messrs. Jesse Barnes and Gilbert Hurt. REU Wafiona .Honor ociefy may "TAKE YOUR MEDlClNE" Henry Dodson ....... Angela Warren ....... Bill Jackson .......... Miss Holt .......... Pat Pryor ...... Dottie ..........,. Lottie .................... Jack Benson ................. Jonathan Puckett ....... Miss Cordelia Puckett Miss Dovie Finkledink ......... Dodie ,........,....................... A little girl ................... Her mother ................. Cast of Characters ..............DON YOUNG .........NANCY HOUSER .........JACK BOWERS CUNLIFFE .............,...NANCY ROBINETTE LAURA FRANCES RAY .........MARTlIA JEAN MEADOWS SUTTON WELLS ........................BEVERLY BUTLER .......MARY HOWELL ANDERSON THORNE ....,.,.......,CAROLYN BRANCH ..........CAROLYN WOMACK A business man ....,...............................................................i...........,...,....... JOHN HORNER A demented patient ........JEAN BUTLER HTAKE YOUR MEDICINE" was an hilarious three-act comedy presented in the Jackson High School Auditorium on February l5th. This successful play was under the capable direction of Miss Elizabeth Etheridge. E 3 ' an ,Q 5 l --an ,mx " wi. , .M ,, 'V 3 .ff-dd if'29!i7i3"3fx'z ,."' W "a:xmr:pn'W"W:'f' 2" ' ON TNC N ,-' A..., I Buss , 'Qtr f L li E3 Hssonfso wx ww ,neil ATRRNED l 1 3 e Q 5 F ! l : ! 5 51 B If ' ,.-w'LL.M KW FEV? . ' ,fm E 'ls -x 'F-T A, xii--N Wu -K T xv- J A Y X 75, k V ff V., , ' sg f Wink X 4 I y I , f mg Vlff mv TV the atm tw 'SYSXX A O N Q , , liv ' my mu N ' 1 M A X. kv I .- 55 K X , kg X at xg. x NES' ' WVU V jjn 'f f N 1 ' ' ' f ' 4 f Q N ' xx . x , f-4 'Ui V' 1. f'lj?7 X ,Vg NWN!! N, , 79, H.-. f W f ' f f,'ff?W- " k ' s ,... faq b ' -V f , If 'f . 14 X -5 ,,, 4 . ' ff . V , X I M -Q W- , .X fl X V, X 'Vt xnxx f ,I X f ' - K X Jn f . I I X I X .. X X 'L-'J' f H g. I xx X ,,' G , , K ' H, ' x , X, fm ! cm-VHTA C"KJ KM, s KAQQI' 9120, 8If':5 GIVE A SHOUT, GIVE A CHEER! 1T'S TIME TO YELL! THE BEARS ARE HERE! Sehool spirit was their theme as thc cheerleaders of 1948-1949 football and basketball seasons. Representatives of the student body following ten: Johnny Clayton, Garvin Shults, Ray Fulghum, Jimmy Nlary Sue YVoody, Elaine jones, Trudy Bonner, Jane Mareurn, Evelyn alternate. Their laeulty sponsors were Mrs. Warren Fesrnirc and Mr. joofha f 6L FOR OVR ROYALTY, WIC SELECTED YOU! lllfllla' 1,Il:'S BICAUTY, PERSONALITY TOO! The Football Queen ol' l948, Laura Franees Ray, and her two maids, Carolyn TVOII1klK'li and Trudy Bonner, were ehosen by the student body in a eontest, pro- eeeds ol' whieh were used by the athletic' department ol' our sehool. They reigned supreme Horneeoxning Day, Noyeuiber when the queen was erowned by .laek Bowers. eo-eaptain. The girls also appeared in the "Spirit ol' Christmas" parade. led our school during the and the faeulty seleeted the Carter, Laura Franees Ray, Collins with Faye Stanhll as Jesse Barnes. TOUCHDOWN, FIELD GOAL, AND THEN A SCORE LISTEN TO THE BIG CROWD ROAR EMM Gone, but never to be forgotten is the 1948 football season. Playing the toughest sehedule faeed by the Golden Bears in many years, the Jaekson High Golden Bears emerged with a reeord ol' six wins, two losses, and two ties. The Bears' season was elimaxed by a vietory over the Grover Cleveland High Sehool Dutehmen of St. Louis, Missouri, in the third annual Exehange Bowl Game on Deeem- ber fs, 1948. SEASON'S SCORES Ojzjmzlezzlx jackson 01111011 mils lrzrlpvozl 20 t:011ii-m11.- . 7 :as Ielopkinsvillv - - 7 ' 1 'l',-4-mon 6 6 Whitehaven . . 6 .34 Humvs ' . 1 14 7 Lexington . . . 7 I5 South Sidi. b l l 18 7 Lawreneeburg .... l3 lfi Clarksville . . 6 14 EXCHANGE BOWL GAME Padueah , 0 13 Grover Cleveland . . . 6 19 LETTERMEN Ray Baker, Arthur Beamish, Paul Blackwell, Jack Bowers CCO-Captainj, Bill Burnette, Kenton Burnette, Kelly Burnette, Jimmy Deaton, Joe Gaffney, Earl Coll, Bobby Holland, Ralph Johnson, Bobby Lewis, Jimmy Matthews, James Maxwell, Sammy Milam, Bill Morse, Franklin Murchison, Cliff Newman, Thomas Oliver, Charles Pearson, Ted Pearson, Henry Phillips, George Truett, David Walkup, Joe Wallaee, Jimmy Ward CCO-Captainj, Jerry Ward, Van Wells, Paul Whiteside, John Horner, Sammy Pate, Ray Jordan, Ike Castellaw. COACHES TITRY OMAN RAYMOND JUDY WARIIEN FESMIRE Idenliication Front row left to 1'ight7J0e Gaffney, Kelly Burnette, Van Wells, Bobby Holland, Ralph Johnson, Charles Smith, Jimmy Ward, Charles Little, Bobby Lewis. Second row-Bill Morse, Ray Baker, Kenton Burnette, Jimmy Williams, Sammy Milam, Jimmy Deaton, Joe Wallaee, Ted Pearson, Art Bc-amish, Jaek Bowers, Cliff Newman, Henry Phillips, Jimmy Matthews, Thomas Oliver, George Truett, James Maxwell. Third rowaCharles Pearson, Earl GOH, Charles Bled- soe, Paul Wilson, Harold Lyle, Bill Cox, Sam Powers, Woods Holloway, David Walkup, Bill Burnette, Bill Thompson, Paul Whiteside, Paul Blackwell, James Dismuke, Jackie Douglass, Norris Avey, Franklin Murchison. i 1 LM, PJ! A ' nk mf... J QQ ip 1 QI!! ga-wleffaf . 7 U45 WHILE OUR GIRLS MAKE A HIGH SCORE THE FANS CONTINUE TO COME BACK FOR MORE Thr Lady Bvars undvr thc lvadvrship of Mr. and Mrs. Warrcn Frslnirc' Cornplrtrd a vvry surcc-ssful yvar, winning swond plarv in thc' Sixtc-vnth District. In thc' district tournamvnt tht- Ladivs downrd Malcsus 37-26, but lost to Bvmis 28-32. III thc unit tournamcnt thc team wvnt ahvad to brat Bolivar 34-32, only to bc stoppvd latcr by a stronger Hrndvrson team. A starting tram composed of Frirda Wilcox, Jane' Marrum, Karlinc' Moody, Nancy Housrr, -Io Ann Ray, and Sum- Ann Olivvr lvd the' girls in Inost of their gamrs. Oth:-I' startrrs inrludrd Vclva Walding and Mona Murray. The Ladivs graduating this yvar arm' Ulfvcr, Houscr, and Poprg but tht' rmnaining girls will return next year to form onv of thc bcst trams yrtl REGULAR SEASON frwkxon Opponentf 26.. ..... . ...... Holy Names. ..... 31 19.. ,.... ....... M it-hiv .,....... . .... 36 311 .....,. ...,.,. H oly Narnc-s.... .... . 24 31.. ..... ....... N orth Side ...... ,.... A 12 17 ....... . ...... Humboldt ...... ..... 2 7 43 ....... ....... S pringhill ...... .. 8 24 ....... ....... I In-ndcrson .... ..... 4 1 28 ....... ....... M I-dina ....... ..... 3 6 35 ....... ....... M alrsus ....... ..... 2 3 35 ....... . ..... .Lf-xington ...... ..... 1 9 33. ..,... ....... N orth Sidc ...... ..... 3 4 37 ...,... ....... B cmis ......... ..... 3 5 21 ....... .. ..... Hcndrrson 39 BASKETBAL Back row- NANCY BRICVVER, JOAN MOREIIEAD, VERA HENRY, l5ET'rY HARRIS, ANNIE IIAIIRIE PALMER, 'IANICE ARNOLII. Second row- MRS. WARREN FESMZRE, Coach: PATSY VVIIITE, Manager: VELN'A VVALDING, KARLINE MooDY, jackson Opponents 40 ......... ......... M I-rr:-r ........ .. ..... 14 31 ...... .. ......... Humboldt .... 23 34 ......... ......... M rdina ..... .... 4 7 25 .....,... ......... B olivar .. 25 31 ......... ......... B rmis ................. 38 30 ...,..... ......... M alcsus ...,..,....,...... 21 TOURNAMENTS 37 ......... ........ M ale-sus .,................ 26 28 ......... .... ..... B I -mis ....... ..,. f 52 34 ......... ............ B olivar ......,..... 32 24 ........................ Hcndvrson ............ 68 Jackson avrragcd 30 points por KZIIIIC. Opponents avvragcd 29 points per gain:-. L GIRLS SHIRLEY RAY, FRIEIJA WILcox, Co-Cajztainq JANE MARCUM, VIRGINIA SEXVELL, MR. XVARREN FESMIRE, Assixtafzt Coach. First row- WILLIE MAIIIIE POPE, JACQITELINIC 'l'IIoMI-soN, MONA INIURRAY, Jo ANN RAY, SUE ANN LJLI- VER, NANCY HOUSER, Co-Caplain. 1 5 gig. , .X , ,. . . , Q? '6L.'5A8 nga ' AFTER MANY LONG HOURS OF PRACTICE OUR BOYS ARE ABLE TO HIT THE BASKET REGULAR SEASON During the 1948-1949 regular season the Bears were very successful. Under the excellent tutor- ing of Coach Tury Oman and Assistant Coach Raymond Judy the Bears won 16 games, lost 8, and tied 1. During regular season play the Bears scored 1 137 points for an average of 45.48 per game. The opposition scored 913 points for an average of 36.52 per game. jackson 62'll'lI07If'7Zf.9 30 ....... ......... T readwell ..... 14 49 ....... ......... M ichie ....... 23 47 ....... ......... T eeh ......... 37 43 ....... ......... N orth Side ........ 41 43 ....... ......... H umboldt ..... 59 58 ....... ......... T readwell ..... 34 52 ....... ......... M essiek ..... 42 57 ....... ,........ C entral ..... 57 34 ....... ......... I lumboldt ..... 43 43 ....... ......... H enderson ........ 24 36 ....... ......... M edina ......... 32 4-0 ..,.... ......... lN lalcsus ..... 39 52 ...,... ......... L exington ..... 23 42 ....... ......... T ech ......... 44 32 ....... ......... N orth Side ..... 36 52 ....... ......... B emis ................ 56 42 ....... ......... H enderson ........ 31 79 ....... ......... M ercer ......... 9 42 ....... ......... P lumboldt 70 50 ....... ......... M edina ..... 33 26 ....... ......... B emis ......... 28 39 ....... ......... B olivar ....... 28 35 ....... ......... B emis ......... 48 57 ....... ......... M alesus ......... 35 57 ....... ....... G ermantown ...... 27 TOURNAMENT RECORD The jackson Golden Bears made an excellent record in the tournaments. They won the 16th District, the 4th Unit, and were runners-up in the Regional. The Bears earned a trip to the state tourna- ment. Although the Bears were eliminated in two games, Jimmy Bivens was given a berth on the All-State team. The Bears scored 450 points in the tournaments for an average of 45 per game. The opposition scored 380 points for an average of 38 per game. jackson 16th Diitritt Opponrnlx 43 ....... ......... M alesus ......... 38 58 ....... ......... B emis ......... 57 4th Unit 49 ....... .....,... A damsville 26 58 ..,.... ......... P lenderson ........ 30 48 ....... ......... 1 Semis ...........,. ... 38 Regional 27 ....... ......... U nion City ........ 25 43 ....... .......,. C . B. C ............ 29 48 ....... ......... H umboldt ..... 52 State f 31 ....... ......... D uPont ,.... 37 45 ....... ......... C linton ..... 48 l l Iii lf? Qfflie si A 3. Ai N i bw www 3 M ,i-In-dl .71 S ww 50 . 5. 1- x xx ' 'Z Xa, 5 ', .J X wg 5 W ,R AvZ""i' I A the Q T -Q fb 27 W ' 52 f nies nts E X 'fix ff f Vw W J Ullf USQWS CM , 1 K W L XXX, , -5, l .A mvgpjf. ML ' v -X -jf, fl 4 fi ' 5' ,. " 1 Q 31" 1 .-', Qgffkxx. QQ 'Wy A... p'kWmX,Qf-.xl p N faq MMV Q1 ' L3a"Q5', ' N -7 avSw2W?QsX , T CRl,f1Mifk"1,f XTWAWIIKX ' WW? 5Z'i':YQm .1" ,- I1 LOU! s Poems iw Complimenfs of EEIM IIIANY Congrafulafions, Seniors Jackson Marble 81 Granite Works mmorrfag of ibiafincfion Nlys+ may ac +y Ph 73756 Jk T See Our Display of Nice MONUMENTS AND MARKERS. r The lVl00Rl2 STUDI Qcforiaf ,Home of Mae C2-gc! A jincfio O! ibidfincfion Omring afwayd Me fafwf ana! Aedlf cw!Lie1femenlf5 of pA0f0gralaAic .xdrf WISE! We are proud fhaf wise buyers of prinfing all over fhe counfry enfrusf fo us fheir finesf prinfing orders. M cC owcn' - Mercer Press, lncorporafed Corner Balfimore and Bolivar Sfreefs Jackson, Tennessee Cpllr f IRVING HARRIS, Manager TENNESSEE DIVISION l. 6. BALFUUR CUIVIPANY Maurice Building Jackson, Tennessee Manufacfuring Jewelers and Sfaiioners for THE SENIOR CLASS ir E. If. Taliaferro Jewelry Store Jackson, Tennessee Aubrey Reed John Gaffney Emmet Guy Represenling THE EQUITHBILE LIFE ASSURANCE SOCIETY REED, GAFFNEY and GUY invile you +0 lislen "THIS IS YOUR F. B. I." WTJS each Friday night at 7:30 Dislricf Offices: Williams Building, Jackson, Tennessee Dial 7-3576 AUBREY REED, Dislricl Manager fllvlldhvls JACKSOINVS FINEST STORE Eslablislwecl I87l Visif Jrhe New QUALITY - AT PRICES YOU CAN AFFORD TO PAY - , b -Y Simps0n's Super Stores Tl-IE FINEST GROCERIES, MEATS AND PRODUCE I I I N. Church Slreef - I403 Highland Jackson, Tennessee Cornplimenls of First ational Bank Jackson, Tennessee Member Federal Deposll Insurance Corporalion Federal Reserve Syslem Campus Favorite! STU-U-U-denfsl Have you heard about the big test? Royal Crown Cola wins 5 out of 6 group taste tests from coast to coast More than 125 Hollywood stars have chosen R C the1r taste test wmner 'I ry mt yourself mail "School First - Then Your Fraternity" Compliments ot Sigma Phi Umega Fraternit Member ot the Inter-Fraternity Congress ot National Secondary Fraternities K' Make No Bones I+ Pays +0 Trade wifh Complimenfs of ggzlflikelnlfl olI6tbtlfl6!l"y "We Service All Makes" Comlimem ol,6tgCO0L J I I N IQ Y uwnmmwrllmm QQ. ll U N G l. E 3l3 S. Church S+. Phon 917 VINEYARITS TLITWER BURNETT-HENITERSUN HUDSON PACKARD I and GIFT SHUI' h "Say It Wifh Flowers" E L I I1 Jimmie llnak Complmen of ITUAK TIRE IIUMPANY GENERAL TIRES SG S k BIRD LUMBER IIITIVIPANY MARTIN SENOUR PAINTS 0 KINIYS GRUCERY GROCERIES - VEGETABLES FRESH MEATS Phone 9270 922 Neely S+ JEWIEl MAINURIJ Tire Service Phone 7 2643 Mann af Bolivar Jackson Tennessee MUNTGUMERY W RD RETAIL' MAIL ORDER SHOP AT WARDS AND SAVE 2 I4 N Liberfy 7 44-6I DAIRY Q 44- QUEEN 1 'SW ' x7 fvfgx 5 HN T I -1. L 7' L S 4 A f Telephone 7-6132 In melnvul. :ET , 55:5 936 CAMPBELL :T N0 nsunm! C. LH. LITTLE MCGEE-ROSS and COMPANY Hardware Co. LUCILLE McCAULEY'S CLEANERS MOTORS SECOND MILLER NATIONAL BANK LUIVIBER ik Inc. CO MERCIAL SA GS UST BANK! 6 ik Williams S+. II hushed ,8 b C Senior C I We Wish You Ev Su CI f SMITH BLACK as WHITE FUNERAL HOME STORE JACKSON TRUCK 8: TRACTOR COMPANY WTIS:IFMI and WTIS ae TI-IE JACKSGN SUN STATIGNS Jackson, Tennessee WILSON'S OUTDOOR EQUIPMENT v' .99 . Harley 4553 -,3I.,,Q Dcavldson M uf -aff Q-' AH - 'QQ - 1- :441 ,Q : I '-" II Pays to Play EA 5,4 5 uno 0+ 'fg- S jf Q' Lf' - l - - A Q 06, T231-V, O 45 04 no uno WILSON'S OUTDOOR EQUIPMENT JoI1n D. Wilson NG T J 395 W 3: 5 wg 5 ' if X n mul ZZW Eine DIAMONDS - WATCHES QUALITY GIFT JEWELRY l. P. JAIIKSIIN, JEWELER FOR RADIOS AND RECORDS I :J 'W 'Im 'W "eww 3, E ' . I .rx Ml gl? I JAC O'S CornpIimenIs of PE OPLE'S PROTECTIVE LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY Jackson, Tennessee GLEAVES BEDDING 00. Manufadurers MaI+resses - Inner Springs - Box Springs Wholesale Disfribufors I.eggeH X4 PIaI+ COII Springs and RoII-Away Beds 345 347 N. Royal S+. Dial 7-348I Jackson, Tennessee ConnpIimenIs of UNIIIN U IVERSIIY THE LITTLE REBEL CAFE 3 I2 Poplar CURB SERVICE Phone 9I77 Warre n Young Compliments of MAC CRAIG TIRE CO. Phone 7-6734 Jackson, Tenn II Pays To Shop A+ PENN Y'S J. C. PENNEY CO., Inc. Phone IO54 MOTOR TRADE CO. CASI-I FOR YOUR CAR Oscar Freeman. Manager 457 E. CI1esIer Penn. s. LOWENSTEIN COmP'Ime"IS Jewelers of PARAMOUNT "THE DIAMOND STORE OF THE souTH" and STATE THEATERS 2I3 E. Mann SI. U Jackson, Tenn. Harold H. Thomas' CHY Manager First in Compliments SALES - SERVICE - PARTS of TRUEX CHEVROLET CO. I.. K. RUSH CO. College 84 Church Phone 7-74Ol Compliments Compliments ot of ERANKLAND'S KAPPA CHI Corner Market 84 Chester SORORITY Phone 3400 BETA CHAPTER Meet Me At Compliments ot 0 7 l 6 JOE'S CAFE Compliments JACKSON LINEN suPPl.Y t O DIAPER 29 LINEN SERVICE SMlTH'S FOOD STORE "We Furnish the Linen 307 S. Royal Phones 7-l543 - 7-1544 Phone 7-57 I 2 EAT Compliments TOM'S TOASTED PEANUTS of and WILLIAM H. COLEMAN PEANUT BUTTER sANnwlcl-les COMPANY Compliments BOND SHOE COMPANY of JACKSOINVS LEADING SI-IOE STORE IO7 E. Ivlain THOMPSON'S BUSTER BROWN SHOE STORE Convenien+ Charge Accounfs H. M. FELSENTHAI. CO. Compliments of Dis+riIou+ors of SCHRAFF-VS DIXIE CASTLE CI-IOCOLATES SYSTEM I IO W. Main SI. Phone 7-I46I I I I S. Church Homework Compliments pause if o MCCALL-HUGHES CLOTHING COMPANY SPECIALISTS IN Iv1EN'S STYLES Compliments of HAYS AVENUE PHARMACY THE CAMERA SHOP "EVERYTl-HN6 FOR PHOTOGRAPHY 2l2 E. Main St. Phone IIZ3 Jackson, Tennessee Compliments of Compliments ot Hi-Y to create, maintain and extend through- ROSENBLOOM'S out the school ancl community high standards of Christian character." Compliments of ALLEN PLUMBING CO. S. M. LAWRENCE COAL COMPANY 532 East Chester St. Jackson, Tennessee Phone Nos. 7-6701 - 7-6702 - 7 35OI NATHAN'S STYLISI-l APPAREL Jackson, Tennessee Compliments of WEST TENNESSEE GAS COMPANY Complimenfs of JOHN wn.uAMs steel. womcs Congrafulafions and Best Wishes Sam Wahl ARMSTRONG'S USED CARS FOR BETTER USED CARS Phone 7-5753 We Buy for Cash - Sell on Terms 22I Wesf Balfimore Jackson, Tenn Complimenfs of ALLEN'S TRADE SCHOOL and ALLEN WELDING COMPANY REFRIGERATIQN Complimenfs SALES 8. SERVICE of eEMCgiSA1iEucJggNCgTTl0NS MIDWEST ' ICE CREAM Day Nighw' and 7-4826 Phones 3976-W 7-3468 GRADE "A" MILK Complimenfs Compliments of of LANIER FUNERAL HOME wAnnEN's Phone 7-67I I NU-WAY SHOE SHOP Compliments ot TATE BROTHERS FRIGIDAIRE - PONTIAC Church 8: Chester Sts. Phone 4680 THE I. T. GROCERY FOODS YOU WILL ENJOY I. E. Thomason, Owner Phones 438 and 439 400 Poplar St. COURSES: Stenographic, Secretarial, Executive Secre- tarial, Junior Accounting, Higher Accounting and Business Administration, Office Machines and Teachers' Business Course. High School Graduates! Continue your Preparation with Your Friends at WEST TENNESSEE BUSINESS COLLEGE J ackson, Tennessee CMember of National Association of Accredit- ed Commercial Schoolsj STUDENTS MAY ENROLL AT ANY TIME Romus W. Massey, President School approved for Veterans' Training Meet Me At The CHEF CAFE Royal Street Jackson, Tennessee RHEA WHOLESALE COMPANY CIGARS - CIGARETTES - TOBACCO PIPES - CANDIES - LOTIONS - FOUNTAIN SUPPLIES PAPER PRODUCTS - SCI-IOOL SUPPLIES DRUGC-LIST SUNDRIES I05 State St. Phone 5040 Compliments ot JACKSON SUPPLY COMPANY 2 I2-2 I4 W. Latayette Connplimenfs of SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Union Universify Complirnenfs of ROBINS' CIGAR COMPANY WI LKERSON'S HIGHWAY GARAGE CompIimen+s of ANDERSON, CLAYTON 81 CO. THOSE IIncorporaIedI STEGALL SHOE COMPANY JARMAN SHOES FOR MEN PENALJO SHOES FOR YOUNGER Complimenfs of WOMEN PEPSI-COLA BOTTLING CO. Cornplimenfs of Complimenjrs FANNYPS SHOP of Sfyle Wifhouf Exfravagance LADIES' APPAREL I I2 E. Lafayeffe NOLEN'S KIDDIE SHOP Complimenfs JERRY P. BLACK of General Agenf SECURITY LIFE 81 TRUST CO. NAND0 JONES I-IoIIancI Building Jackson, Tenn. COmIOIImeIIIS OI Complimenfs of R. C. HODGE GROCERY AND MARKET FENNER RADIO 81 ELECTRIC CO. 32I Madison Sfreef Phone 7-7926 IO6 S' LIberIy phone 2243 Complimenfs LIFE of ASSOCIATION S H KRESS A SOUTI-IERN INSTITUTION I I 4-5I E. Chesfer ROGERS JACKSONS ELI wm CIGAR co. MOST MODERN JEWELRY STORE ZI6 Lafayelle Phone 3300 Complimenls ADERHOLT 81 RHODES f o Church 8: Lafayefle SIS. Phone 7-3962 GEORGE-ANNA COURT VVII.LIANISON'S Complimenfs EIISIE Eooos of Phone IO8O U-TOTE-EM GROCERY Cornplimenfs Complimen+s of of MAJOR'S senvlcs STATION OWEN FURNITURE CO. EasT Chesler Exld. Phone 7-6I7I W. P. DABNEY 81 SON "Serving Jaclcson and Madison Counly for More Than 40 Years" FURNITURE - RUGS - APPLIANCES "On Church Slreel Where College Passes" Telephone 7-55 I 6 Cornplirnenfs of BAKER'S DRUG STORE JACKSON GLASS sa MIRROR CO. 249 Easl Deadericlc Complimenfs of COURT ALLEY CAFE BASFORD 8. WALDEN FURNITURE JONES SUPPLY CO. COMPANY TIRES - BATTERIES . APPLIANCES CROSBY RADIOS 31 APPLIANCES I I I E. College ST. Phone 7-I6I I Complimenls Complimenfs of of L. I. DAVIDSON INSURANCE AGENCY SAVINGS OIL COMPANY I27 LexIng+on BABY SITTERS OF JACKSON 24-Hour Service - Call I362 Dependable Malure While Baby Si+Iers wifh Heallh Card HUNDLEY CONSTRUCTION COMPANY, Inc. "WE MOVE THE EARTH" 238 1nS+i+u+e 3I4 Poplar Phone IO3O-J Complirnenls f FRANK P. CRAIG o HOUSE OF MAGEE OFFICE 81 RECEPTION ROOM FURNITURE PAINTER AND DECORATOR 425 N, Royal GLENN-MORE CLOTHES FACTORY TO YOU ZI4 N. Merkel' MOVING, CRATING AND STORAGE RUSSELL TRANSFER CO. II7 E. College Slreel Telephone 7-I496 J. M, Lanlcforcl - Jackson, Tenn. , I-IAPPY DAYS FOR ALL OF YOU Compllmenls of NEW SOUTHERN HOTEL and A FREN" come sl-lon Compllmenls HARDEMAN MUSIC CO. of LEHNlNG'S DRUGS BUESHER-BLESSING MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS PRONTO-PUP Drive In MAKE IT YOUR STOP FOR EATS - Thanlis Howard ISIICIQI Glisson Cornplimenls ol MEL B. CARADINE , You'II Find II AI Complumenls of TUCHFELD'S New Localion HICKSVILLE REALTY CO. Phone 7-3636 ZII Marlcel' O .IOHNSEY'S PAINT SHOE 8: SPORTING GOODS REPAIR WALLPAPER Free Delivery 7-IO82 a CU. Corn plimenfs of SANITS ELORIST WILSON-GEYER CO. IMPERIAL WASI-IABLE WALL PAPER Day Phone 7-I I36 Nighf Phone 7-5633 I-IANNA PAINT PRODUCTS Complimems Complimenfs of of BRASI'IER's LAMBUTH COLLEGE I Il Iv1arIceI S+. VVI'IITI.oW'S SPORTING Complimenfs RAWLINGS - SPALDING EQUIPMENT of 2I5 NorIh IvIarIceI' Jackson, Tenn. A CompIe+e Line of Sporfing Goods LEXINGTON INN Complimenfs Complimenfs of of NICAULEY BROTHERS GROCERY GRIFFIN FUNERAL I'IoNIE 346 E. Deaderick Phone 7-4696 44I E. Chesfer Good Luck Erorn JOHN E. PARKER SEED BI.IRNLEY'S FLOWERS AND GIFTS COMPANY 24-I-Iour Service Bonded-Insured CongraIuIa'rions HUB CITY TAXI CO. BAKER'S Dial 7-331' ESSO STATION Also Drive-Ur-Self Service 1400 Highland Complimenfs of BILLY KIRBY FURNITURE COMPANY DELUXE TAXI Co. Radio Telephone 7-I5I5 WI-IEREVER YOU GO. GO DELUXE cz 1- + Ompxfmem sos PAscl-:ALL O GROCERY 81 MARKET nrrANY's Gkocsnv Wed Phone Phone AVG CompIimen+s FRAZIER-HALL OI LAUNDRY sa CLEANERS JEWEL BEAUTY SHOP Phone I243 2l5 Liberfy 2l5 O'Connor SIr'ee+ Jackson, Tenn. Compliment Complimenfs of of JACKSON PACKING BUDDE sn WEIS MFG. CO. CQMPANY CompIirnenIs of W. W. SCATES 81 SON RADIATOR REPAIR AND WRECKER SERVICE L. 81 M. FOOD DISTRIBUTORS SHARPE COFFEE CO. Complimenfs of CHESTERFIELD MARKET Con'1pIimenIs of WEST'S SERVICE STATION OWEN GROCERY 81 MARKET FREE DELIVERY Complimerns of ADAMS MOTOR CO. CampbeII 81 King SIS. Phones 838 - 839 HOME OF QUALITY USED CARS Air ConcIiHoned for Your Comforf Church and BGIIIFTIOFS Complimems CornpIimenIs of of GOOCH-EDENTON HARDWARE COMPANY HIGHLAND GROCERY I. M. VAUGHN FIRE AGENCY C. D. Chrisp, Mgr. USED CARS BOUGHT AND SOLD OMAR-STANFILL USED CARS 207 E. Balfimore Sfreef Jackson, Tenn. Phones I826 and 7-I873 259 W. I.afayeIIe Phone 4729 Cornplimenfs of Complimems R. W. McAULEY of GROCERIES AND GOOD MEATS Em ggjjleg-7ggi+Y LMS nAnN:s ssso s1A1loN MOORE'S USED CARS I I5 W. Chesler Phone 7-7206 "EOR TI-IE BEST DEAL IN TOWN" Complimenls of DAVIS STORE Complimenls of GULF CENTRAL STATION Complimenls of WHITE DRUG CO. McMILLAN ELECTRIC COMPANY Complimenls of C I I CCIVIMERCIAL 8TIlIIIID:U2T'RIAL WIRING MCDANIEL AMUSEMENT Commercial Bldg., 3O8If2 E. Main COMPANY Phone 7-I396 504 S. Royal Phone 7-2I I I .IOE WRIGHT BEACH WEW USED CARS IO' BAR-B-Q - FREE DELIVERY 232 W' Mem Phone 74026 Neely S+. al Wesl End Phone 9276 SHERWINWILLIAIVIS PAINTS Complimems of FIVE POINTS PAINT 81 WALLPAPER COMPANY BALLARD MOTORS Telephone 7-539I Jackson, Tenn. DEALERS IN USED CARS Complimenls Parlicular People OI Palronize MUDFI- CLEANERS PARK DRY CLEANERS Phone 7-4276 935 Campbell Phone 7-74I3 SMITH EXCHANGE 22IIf2 E. Ballirnore HOSPITAL BEDS - Renled - WI-IEEL CHAIRS We Buy and Sell lvlosl Anyfhing PINKSTON 81 SCRUGGS DRUGS Phone 7-4453 Complimenls of FARROW'S BARBER SHOP Complimenls of ROBERTS JEWELRY CO. Cornplimenls of APPLIANCE DEPARTMENT 333 TIRE CO. EVERY HOUSE NEEDS WESTINGHOUSEH Complimenls of METROPOLITAN LIFE INSURANCE SpencerBrown,hAanager Complimenls of VOGUE BEAUTY SHOP WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE Everyllwing for +l'1e Au+omobile - Home Supplies Ben Langford, Owner Phone 7-540i Jackson, Tennessee PEARLOIS BEAUTY SHOP 306 E. Main Telephone 7-4433 Cornplimenls ol HIGH scl-lool. Complimems PAREN1-1:Acl-lens' of Assocumou ROYAL BEAUTY SHOP Phone 7-7887 Complimenls of HOLLYWOOD GROCERY 407 Neely S+ree+ Complimenls of HUDSON'S RADIO AND RECORD SHOP BEARE ICE 8g COAL CO. PICNIC CHESTS ICE CREAM FREEZERS DRINK BOXES MOBILGAS - MOBILOIL FOSTER GULF STATION Corner Lexinglon 81 Hays Ave. Complirnen+s ol SAM BERGEL Joll llholl FAMOUS NAMES IN SHOES . . . NWN , W 0 ron woMEN 55 0 S60 4' ffl., 4, . X9 vw" 0 0 gif ' 'Q I 5 Pol roi Oc Z Insign ia C,-QTY "'1u"' as Q8 f .!'4 1 S vis' ,ZW ,359 6500070 00d 714516 ill 07964, 00,3 Jackson Dyersburg Salt Lake City San Diego . 3.1

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