Jackson High School - Tatler Yearbook (Jackson, TN)

 - Class of 1944

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Jackson High School - Tatler Yearbook (Jackson, TN) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 29 of 36
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Page 29 text:

GIFTS FUR Tl-IE CLHSS JERRB FITE As is the custom from days of old, Children are dancing around the May Pole. The Queen of May, from her magic bowers Bestows on each one a garland Of flowers. But for my school mates so tried and true, More lasting gifts I have for you. ROSEMARY WILLIAMSON RoSemary's been Smart, Rosemary's been good, So here's a cunning medal to wear to Lindenwood. CHARLES YOUNG Charles Young is a night owl, roaming the hills, So to him, with best wishes, these standard sleeping pills. ALMA MANERS In our class, it seems to me, Alma Maners is the smallest, Now vitamins A and B might aid you toward being the tallest. MARY MASON NAQUIN Mary Mason Naquin once lived in Honolulu, So here's a small reminder, let's see you do the hula. JOE PARKER This timely suggestion is not given in derision, It's for Dr. joe Parker to make his first incision. OPHELIA PYLES I-Iere's a little token, you may hang it on the wall, It's for Ophelia Pylesg she's so good at basketball. THERESA Ricks Long tinlger nails are my weakness, how I envy Theresa Ric s, , So try this Chinese laquer, you'll achieve a lot Of tricks. SARA ALEXANDER Sara Alexander has simply too much poise, So for her I got this gadget to make a little noise. MARY ANN BARNES Now listen, Mary Ann, there's something you must not forget, So tie this string on your finger and go meet your favor- ite cadet. ANN CALDWELL A car for Ann Caldwell to use for this and that, She might even drive to Dyersburg and pick up hand- some Pat. ETHYLEE BLACKWELL l've been looking for some one these beads to wear, Now l've chosen Ethylee Blackwell because they go with her hair. BOBBIE COUCH For Egbllgie Couch the other day I bought this pocket- 0 I I hope he'll always keep it full by some wise hook or crook. BE l'TY SHEARIN I hope I haven't forgotten while giving things away, That Betty Shearin likes cologne put up by Dorothy Gray. DORIS MERWIN A small bunch of flowers, colorful and gay, For Doris Merwin to wear on graduation day. ELIZABETH STEED For Elizabeth Steed with her "never a care," Heres a perky bow to wear in her hair. EVELYN PIPKIN For Evelyn Pipkin, who has always done her duty, I give this box of powder to help her keep her beauty. NAOMA BRICKEY I envy Naoma Brickey of her long, black curly hair, I'll give her this little reminder so she'll handle it with care. CHARLES BRANCH Charles Branch is going to leave us, I'm sorry, I really am. Now take the stars and stripes along when you light for Uncle Sam. JESS CASEY Jess Casey has much music of a classical selection, So l chose Some boogie-woogie to add to his collection. JIMMY DIEEEE As football is his favorite game, you can tell in a jiffy, I found this small edition and brought it to jimmy Diffee. FRANCES GABA For Frances Gaba, who never has a care, Here's a stamp for "him" that goes by air. GEORGE HOLLAND George Holland's use Of words, in the world will make him rise, So a dictionary this is. but only pocket Size. OZIER KELLEY For Ozier Kelley a picture of a famous croonerg May your favorite girl Soon become a swooner. BETTYE WAYNE LONG Here's a little boat that's as cute as can be For Bettye Long to follow her sailor out to sea. ANNICE GOWAN Annice Gowan, take this apron to protect your pinafore While you're selling writing paper at a local busy Store. BEVERLY TOWNSEND Beverly, you're always acting funnyg So in case you can't remember, Bring this little monkey home, when we all meet in December. KATHERINE PARR For some one to use this hankey l've searched both near and farg Now l've finally decided to give it to comely Katherine Parr. BERNIGE STAFFORD I shall give glasses: Of course they're for your eyes, To Bernice Stafford to watch the planes in the Skies. I wish I had a gift for everyone who'S here, For after all the years, I hold their friendship dear. But time passes quickly, the end is nigh, So ggod luck, happy landings, and to all a fond good- ye.

Page 28 text:

- CLHSS PROPHECY MONA HARRIS-Barry SHEARIN Scene: Washroom of Tee-Heed Aircraft Factory. Characters: Rosie the Riveter and Swing-Shift Mazie. Mazie: Golly, this first day has strictly been hard. Look, Rosie, I broke my longest and most cherished finger nail. Rosie: So what! "I gave a finger nail." What kind of slogan is that in comparison to "I gave a son" or a brother or a sweetheart? Mazie: For heaven sakes, I'm not beeling. I just merely said-Oh, skip it! Rosie: Say! Did that cute foreman give you the brush-off? Oh, brother! Blonde tresses et cetera. From now on you might as well keep 'em hidden under that scarf, according to rules, for all the good it does. Mazie: Maybe. But I'd rather have this book of instructions than his attention any time. After all, I'm at Tee-Heed Aircraft to help win the war. Rosie: I agree with you IOOW. For a dizzy sweater girl you've got the right idea. Now, let's have a look at that pamphlet before they decide our place is at home knitting socks instead of riveting airplanes. Mazie: Hey, this can't be the right book. It says: Imlrurtiani' at to lbe Future of the Clair of '44, Rosie: Not really! Let's investigate. I might have scruples about prying into somebody's past, but his future . . . that different. Mazie: You might is right. Um-mum. Listen. This must have been quite a fella. The youth of America will flock to hear the popular lecturer, James Mays, expound his theories on love, court- ship, and marriage. His method of practicing what he preaches, has well fitted him for this work. Jessie George of the snapping black eyes, ten years hence, will still be trying to choose between Joe, Robert and that perfectly woo-onderful sailor man. Josephine Ferguson of Fancy Finger Waves and Company will be presented after ten years of faithful service with a gold plated comb and a half hour off each day in which to comb her hair as much as she wants to. It seems that Stoten Outlan's years spent at local drug stores watching the Babes go by was not in vain. It inspired Stoten to establish a chain of soda fountains at such Jrenir spots as Miami Beach, Daytona Beach, and Atlantic City. Virginia McLeary thought that with shoe-rationing on, the smart thing to do would be to marry a shoe salesman. She will do just that and ten years from to- day will find her still wearing her graduation shoes. Frances Crosson, whose red-haired temperament will win many an argument for the State of Tennessee in Congress, will put the clever Clare Boothe Luce com- pletely out of the picture. The successors to Lum and Abner will be Roy Whitworth, the local farmer, and William Johnston, his blacksmith pal. It seems that since they took over, Kob Korner has developed into a thriving metropolis. Bobby Douglass, the would-be Sergeant York of World War II, will make a name for himself not as a hero, but as the author of a book titled, How lo Condurt a Hiitory Clan, and dedicated with grateful appreciation to his Sr. History teacher. Nancy Yelton, along with Carmen Miranda, will share honors awarded by Secretary of State Cordell Hull for her splendid work in smoothing out the rough spots in our Pan-American Relationship. Anne Shelley will play the organ in a little church around the corner in a large city where her husband will be a widely known pastor. Ten years from now, the most discussed lawsuit of the year will be that of the State of Tennessee veriux Charles Lansden. The state is suing for damages which the highway between Jackson and Atwood suffered while Charles wore it out trying to get Martha Anne to say "Yes," Frances Hilliard, who preferred brunets, but was pursued by tall, blond, and curly haired boys while in high school, will finally assert her preference and marry that remain brunet, Nowell Bingham of oratorical fame, will become the silver "mouthpiece" of notorious Lefty, the Lug. Isabell Reynolds, who in her own sweet, serene way always managed everybody and everything, will surprise her family and friends alike, by becoming one of the many wives of a glamorous Arabian sheik, and will submissively spend the rest of her life gazing from behind the veil according to Arabian customs. Elise Eaves, of the raven locks, will become the ace commentator for Drip Drop Lotion, and will give Mr. Winchell, himself, the run-around with her light- ning tongue and ability to get around fast. Frances Seward Wilson joined the WACS shortly after graduation to be near Private Wallace Wilson. With astounding rapidity, Frances will rise to the rank of Major. She will attribute her success to learning on the J. H. S. Candy Stand to whom and not to whom to sell Hershey Bars. Billy Moore will become a famous research scientist and Ed Tillman will offer his services as a ,"human guinea pig." As you've already guessed, Billy will be searching for the vitamin or whatever-it-is that makes people grow tall. Ray "Acuff" Boone, after returning as the Aviation Ace of America, will sing himself right into being the governor of Tennessee. Jerre Fite will change her mind about arsenic, and settle down to helping the Naval Air Corps keep one of its fliers a happy family man. After years of unsuccessful attempts to win the 100 yard dash in the American Olympics, "easy going" Bruce Campbell will give up and become a stand-in for -of all people-actor Fred MacMurray. The twins, Jimmy and Mac Phillips, will become jewelers of. international renown, but each in his sep- arate business, because not even their brotherly love could make them agree on the merits of "old English" or "block" engraving. Margaret Owens and John L. have had so much fun shopping on Saturday nights that they will agree to shop together for the rest of their lives. The future All-American Football Player, Paul James, will present Miss Nancy Bumpus with a perma- nent pass to all football games in appreciation of her untiring study and understanding of the various football maneuvers. Richard Clayton will be quite a success, at what --we know not--but it rould beibecause he has what it takes to be known as "Delightful Dickie," or because he is sometimes mistaken for "Swoon King Sinatra." Mazie: Wow! Listen to what comes next. "Dear Swing-Shift Mazie: I gave you the wrong book on pur- pose. How's about bringing the Book of Inrtrurlions- with illustrations-over to your house this P.M. fR.S. V.P.J Signed, The Foreman." Will I answer But P.D.Q. Rosie: Wait a minute. Aren't you going to read the future of the rest? Mazie: Here. You read it. Looks like I got a future of my own. fNote: Exit Mazie unwinding the scarf from about her blonde tresses, and letting them fall defiantly about her shoulders, while Rosie helplessly looks on.J

Page 30 text:

f Ctass UIILL f 'kit We are assembled on this sad occasion to read this the last will and testament of the Senior Class of 1944 while we are in sound mind and in one body. To the faculty we leave the memory of our bright and intelligent faces. We know they will miss us terribly. To the Juniors we leave our beloved seats in chapel. To the Sophomores we bequeath the untiring patience that we used to put up with the Juniors. Jane Perry leaves her ability to complete her Home Economics problems faster and with more ease to Martha Hawkins. Nancy Montgomery wills her poise and composure to Gladys Hunt. Martha Johnston wants Betty Talkington to have her long curls. To Herschel Simmons, Billy Osborne leaves his ability to write a good D.A.R. paper. Hazel Jean Hudson wants Doris Atterbury to have her shy personality. Mary Maude Birmingham bequeaths her friendly smile and sunny disposition to Patsy Phillips. Hays Frankland leaves his good looks and his way with the ladies to any boy who thinks he needs it. Barbara Kohler wills her Northern brogue to any you-all Southerners who want it. Peggy Wall bequeaths her friendship with Miss Anna to all the Junior girls. Clara Haynes wants Lyda White to have her gorgeous black hair. Mary Virginia Woodard leaves to Emily Ann Dabney her "five by five" physique. John Sledd leaves his sister, Rose Nell, to next year's bookkeeping class since she has been such a help to him. Margaret Bourne falls heir to Chris Cox's sympathy to a newcomer. Sybil Arwood leaves her quiet manner and studious ways to Jane Barton. Jessie Stringfellow leaves her blond hair rinse to Barbara Hussey. George Ann Smith bequeaths her habit of being absent from school to all those "eager-beavers" who come everyday. Billy Marlowe leaves his habit of always having his lessons tto Thomas Shelley. To Margaret Wise, Sara Jane Evans leaves her soft babyish voice. Ida Faye Boone leaves her love of Sophomore Latin to all those who wait 'till their Senior year to take it. Dot Hunt leaves Wayne Rogers her moccasins so that she can slip them off whenever she wants to. Mary Jane Tidwell leaves the advice "Crime Doesn't Pay" to any Junior or Sophomore who thinks he or she can get by with skipping school. Elmer Roddy wills his special privileges of getting into Uncle Sam's Army to "Mush" Smith. Sandra Gasell wills her technique of "curling" her hair to Sharlene McAuley who has wanted it so long. Emmy Carey Griffin leaves her many boy friends to Mary Nell Sinclair. Rachel Chambers leaves her ability to stick with Latin for four years to Jeanette Fuqua. Mary Elizabeth Rainey says that she wouldn't leave her Staff Sergeant from Dyersburg to anyone. Lastly, we do now appoint our class president, Jimmy Diffee, as executor of this our Last Will and Testament. In witness whereof, we do set our seal on this the 26th day of May, 1944. 'ANNE SHELLEY, Allowzey-at-Law.

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