J E Murphy High School - Log Yearbook (Hurley, WI)

 - Class of 1959

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4 ' , ff n A VM Cf? s MDR" W 5, 'ij ,- x.- ,ever , ,Kg -1 f up A X A 37113 , . - , 4.- , n X ' 1 4 S f I f a ,ti , vu U Si L9 .W gl . 4 4.4- n Qui? QS K, 1 '-7 ai! .... 'T 'V Nw 'Nw -x -.4. 3 fs WYY, W ,sg I -' .l'4 T 1 RAN om F fo ck E Q0'gaC"'ku ' " f -.., K. ? . Ns, 13 --" .N- , . LA 3 ,f?A , A X .M 'Q . 4 - x ,s ,, VC ks , N, A- 11 . b Xxx? 0 '.!g!'L , x"f4':"A, if 1 ' ' X- kzlglpgzrstvl :age 'n 6, QP Y- xj 1' ,fold .sqp - 'fi S - X wif 1 Srggdg, . x at ,Q 0- x e,'0'f3" Q' GM any ' 4 J. E. IVIURPHY HIGH SCHOOL , ,P a A - 2,-'TT 1 5,1 44. :gli .-,,,.,. . .' 5,7 lf, - ' fffffi- . , . , 275, ,., ...S-gfhr X1-s 'f ., 'A ,131 -Q 1 I .v 4, x - 'X eL0 'X To you, Miss Rubatt, wc dedicate the Log of l959 in appreciation and for all you have done for our school. Your willingness to assume extra tasks has been helpful to both faculty and students. Your conscientious service is reflected upon the fine records our school has established. In deepest appreciation, we proudly dedicate this annual to you. S QQ' sob Qs GOLDEN KEY AWARD The Golden Key Award thas year was presented to a very dastinguashed catazen Marion F Read a former Hurley attorney He was born on October 7 l89O at Hurley and had been a resident of the community all h s life Mr Read was graduated from Hurley Hagh School an 1909 and from the University of Machagan Low School an l9l2 He was one of the youngest attorneys to pass the bar examination He started a law practice at Hurley summer Mr Read was associated with has brother an the law farm of Read and Read Mr Read was distract attorney of Iron County for two terms, and served for o number of years on the grievance committee of the northern distract ofthe Wasconsan Bar assoct ataon He also served as a member of the Hurley Joint School Dastract Board for many years ln has law practice he was an attorney for large corporations, such as the Montreal Manang Co Odanah Iron Manang Co , and Soo Lane Railway Although he was o busy practacang lawyer and businessman, he always found time to aid has fellow man A 1' f , . . . 4 . , . I . I i , 1 . , i . . ' . at the age of twenty-one and continued the practice until he became critically ill last Y . U, A . I ' , I HD MINISTRATION S Wx QV IN s J X N gk F Q f 4 2 aff ji K . A KK 1 V . O Z X N N Q Y MR CONNORS S MR VANSLYKE SCHOOL BOARD MR REARDON MR CRAMER Qw- MR TAYLOR MR ERSPAMER MR HOLGERS 5 'I Q Q KY- .. l i 14" 1-3 X KX Nf, fsm-Q N -1.,.,N5.,1 1 " J' ! 'QI 3 X gi! X 5, H. X '1 ef' 5 6 L .ix xx- M Hom . I Home Economics B Smcss 4 MR. ANTYOUQM Miss Brno DHVU5 Library hifi: ni' ' ,ggi-A F Q, -'50 -w " " . , J' fi A Qiriizirr- Ly-- ' f -' ' 11 .1 cur .Q MR. FORTE Physics Sr. Science 3 Gi l MR- DE RUBEIS chow Machine Shop DfQffing MISS HAMBL E Y English Latin French MR. HAGLUND Advanced Moth. Geometry Trig . n io r .T i, L if L- ' H -s Q Y sf , E , . 1 A P 'Q1s3"sli- I f 1 ' FFMAN I ' l MR- MRD MR- HO - wiv -JENOVIC WOM Hts- fy MR. KORP1 MRS. MAZNER B Biology H Ps cricor1l'll5lO Algebra Girls' Plwy. Ed. DVS' phy Ed m Gcncrci Moth. ' - 'V -,N W , .ffss , ' xl. X 3 3 46" sg x 'Xp 'W' 1 1 3 .5 is rf, 'x K '- MISS OLSON M MR RICCELLI R. - Af' MR. ORSONQ ms .PATTERSON Gsnsfsi Business American lamb e C-g?mlSl"Y TYPWQ 'ology Bookkeeping .ff 12? ww-3 A X Q Axvl 4 iz, f MisS SCHUX' l shofiw' MR n . MR. SYBELDON 9'S'1 Civics World History . f' MISS WEISER MR. ZELL rsff, English Coach ' Speech 5, 'fb -6 U' MR. WICK A Industrial Arts ' .K A . , X A ,. 4 1 511 CHFETERIH LIBRARY HELP ROW1 K. Suzik, S. Pcdergnono, C. McKellar, M. Hcllcn, M. Luomc ROW 2 Miss Bino, J. Frcnzoi, P. Bokkclo, J. Wcigond, D. Mcntson ROW 3 M. Ahoncn, S. Thomas Mory G. Vittono, V. Borco, A. Mattson, S. Chiopusio, V. Kirby, J. Kurfc, G. Sco- bury, B. Wyszynski D. Morzcnti, M.J. Viffonc, M. Snorsl-ci, D. Morrcllo, J. Wcigond, K. Rosgo, J. Conclio, J. Frigo 'JR-WTF W A Mr.. Bono Mr. Morrls fafx 'Y -A ,a -' R ..- fx x X Q - - f f Y 'A x H11 'Q ff ,jf ,X W f ZX,- Q-. N W X X 5 RV M9 W wi 7 -9 WWI mx f , N A' vm K af y S i Q Q? X f 1 I 5 , W -'- , 4 x S v -A w s- N. a FN gf ' A fb f 335 it JJ tfkv-r-6"X'i 'lv 0 1' 'SUT S- if DENNIS AHOLA Mutsl Never o carc If nofhmg gc-rs done why worry? JAMES ALLEVA "Joslc" What's ihc use of sfudynng when there are so many other fhmgs to do. Qvvx 'L JOHN AHONEN Ronmc A qusct lad with thoughts own l JOAN AVE Joanmc A wmmng way attractuvo grace ambafeon fnrtmg hor for any place cf! MARLENE AHONEN Gus nsposnflon Al good a good un L if wu"4 scx M ,Jae PAULINE BAKKALA Polly Her ways arc ways of plcasantncss in X,3- 'tfx ivvuv Lf V L., X PATRICIA BENNET upotn Grow old along with rncl The best is yet to bc. 5.1 KENNETH BORCA "Kenny" I'm iust cm innocent boy in o big, bod, world. 'U' DORIS BRISKHE "Dorian Sho docs thc little things most of us leave undone. MARJORIE BROWN UMUQQSY., She is o raphsody of words. Find 4 9. 9 ,XT- . . 3 a N lt rlql i ' 1 JOSEPH BRIGHENTI "Som" cm, Fool cm, Forget cm. 1-Rc' i MARK BRUNEAU "Mark" The thinkingcst thinker that cvcr fl'1UI"llKa SQ, I ul gif ROXANA BRUNEAU uRoxy She'll try anything once and if she lives long enough she ' again.. N 3. JOANNE BUDDLE Butcher Life was made for living 5-C 4" JOSEPHINE CANALIA A busy girl without o doubt, bu never too busy to help you out 1 i""' MARY ANN CONHARTOSKI Mor cppy go lucky our on ree there is nothing that bothers me E NC xi? Q... 'ii 4, FRANCES CALLIGARO Franny know her by her I lly cm bright eyes and her curly hour ' ,A KENNETH CONSIE Pierre The elements are mixed in him il so u,4 I fl w ,. wit 0-o'N Q -6 PATRICIA COOK 'Cookie' I can only feII it once, I promised not to repeat it. JAMES CRAMER nm Why fake Infe so seruousIy" Youll never get out of It allve qi E f' 1 -o,.. DARLENE COOPER Coop A rnvcl of thc rose ns she FRANK CORTICHATO Frankne The deed I lntend to do is great but what It as I know not Ji fd?- C I DANNY DAOUST "Pusty" Napoleon was smaII too, but that didn't stop him! 1 CHARLES DE CARLO 'Butch' He looks safe and sound-but so does gunpowder. L all l YN K. QYWAIGA A 'gn 1 i ' 14 QX 'eff' MARY ELLEN DE ROSSO "Rusty" Every little girl hos u giggle all her own. 'of ...Lf EUGENE DE RUBEIS uzendon l'm not 0 musician-l'm the Wl'1O lwiglw sclwool bond. 4- KAREN ENGEL UK.. She has the will and the wcy to succeed in life. Q. .. A l Y R RICHARD EKMARK "Dick" Any mon who dances is crazy, bw SUZANNE EDDY "Suzie" lt's better to be little ond shine than big ond cost 0 shadow. 'WHQQQ MILTON ERICKSON "Malin There orc o lot of cords in the class, but only one loker. an, , NANCY FRANZOI "None" If 0 voie would be token in the Senior class, she'd bc voted the most all around loss. --4934 S Q, I I., vtlrj fi 5. f KENNETH GENISOT 'Shears' Life with me is o big yoke. 0 D 1:9 JEROME FRIGO "Jerry" Every mon is 0 volume if you know how fo read him. 1 -on .fm 'Y' E. ,M , Q 55 1- -SE "7" r DENNIS GALKA "Spinner" One girl ond only seven nights fo see her in EUGENE GENTILE uEUgn The quict mon-he docsn't snore in class. fpr- JEAN ANN GERRY "Jeanie" Mon has o will, but woman has her woy. - lj.AL AN ,1 ' I 3 P ggi . f o 3,7 JV f so 1 V, - ' ' 2 " Wi! """ 43,"3 x :L .jd 52 aim af o ,. .1 0,554 i o I '- : J . A -4 ,X . E , V Flys- F Us Nz 'E 4. ' - r ,,, A " . CJ x ' Ef N , 'U '. ,. v ,, . , C r. N f CP 4 -v ' 'Tu 2 36 C1 ' - LLC? 1 C, C - Q mA Q C, J Q I fC. x , C :I ! f Y 1 f ox ' KF? , kc LO. Z -x , x' , C 'Pb - . ,f f .JL T 4? K xg' C 54' N C' Y -2x Q'-I 7 , X' off , KK? a C-I X L, Q Q. - Q 4 ' Ll, j : , . ' W, , o . 1' :TQ 5 I 'A - f' I, wr- -L' E : 7 x , F-35,111-A'f , , ' , 4 rf 'F?P4""'6 ' - P if' ' 'Q A1 . .1 Xx,,1 t ' M ,, Q rf 1 wtf, ,e r L94 .nf Aj MARIE GIBAS fl Gab: oitor os on for over KATHLEEN HAKALA Kufhy My heart as like the moon Twcrc :sc m n n 1 5-'Q TI 40 -4 go ,So cl-S 2 Igh 70 O- P O-.II- 0.550 30-.I Q. 2m 05, U -L 3 S0 Z 'Q-4 -.0 :c : Oo - 0 uf W if -ff THEODORE HEIER Tud I dont mnnd work uf someone clsc docs If x M LE X H rd HJ? IQQIKJ ,F V V J' VX ki fl NU JN ROBERT HENDRICKSON yv kj! Bob 'LX Q-I ,JJ Va, NKJV X, Iulogvvtor-:oi :mst tzucgshful but thc gn s A xv U vii jx .J X lf f A I S' -6159 "Q .ggiwh ,v :. :, I I Q Q- 4 -7, X xtv., J N I 'I III ' " u i: X A.. X DAVID HOCKENBROCK "Chorb" A quiet mon, but quite c mon.. 1 ,. X Qu' X ,'T:r SHARON HOLGERS 'Shar' Thinks weII, acts nobly, ond oc complishes much. ,ff EARL INNIS 1 Stull water runs deep fi ng? Qbq QW' inf ROCHELLE JACKSON 'Roxy' Life is c merry-go-round for mc. 'J' 'ff f' 'Oz' I X Tr ., GERALD HORNICK 'Scot' Who said 'good timc'? I'm right hcrc. in , V9 'T-T1-5 PATRICIA JANOV 'Pat' A giggIe today is worth two tomor row. E322 s Xvas 4 if lb' XQYC CONRAD JOHNSON Connie Extremely busy but quue obout N T' NICK JOHNSON Nicky fund o w or mo e Q 171' NANCY KAFFINE Koshoo S c looks lnkc on ongci ond ccfs like one foo But you never can fc what on ongcl mnght do AFI ROSEMARIE KASPER Rosle Wh: c you lnve why not enloy c 'Q' 'HY' CHARLES KUELEN Sonny Cursed be he that moves my bones JACK KOPACZ Mouse doesnt Her If o boy as cz m n mouse an the end some co usually gets hum -1 sg. il oil: M, .9 'C Grill 9' i DOUGLAS KRANKALA "Corky" Woitl l might yet do something sensational. MARIE KRYZEWSKI "Marion Bc silent ond scfc-silence ncvcr betrays you. I s, .1 -1' - 4 I-, W i' .YNY ' "732.i. 11- RICHARD LAIHINEN "Puntie" The Tommy Dorsey of Hurley High TRS I 59 'WJ' JACKLYN LAWLER f r 'Jockyc' -lvplf-' 4 Peppy, ready for fun and thorough- 1' -W ly olive. P. lf. DEAN LEINON "Dino" Ho is like Q doctor - he keeps us in stitches. -vw , .1f'4.,1f... sf 1. 4111' I i 5:-'JA Q,-L.-a 5:f2fg,V4,lg:' V' .I g4,.,g,,,1 4 "r-wy,-. - fy -1- A' 'V . 5 PAUL l.ESCELlUS "Les" A 'Country Gentleman' and c "Woman's Home Componiom' 'S 'B' v-wr., ARTHUR LEPPI MICRCY A mon Con do no more tlwcn lwc can .4' TERRANCE LIPSKE Tcrry s I c the Empurc to c on loss sforncs 105 'T 1"S PAULINE LUPINO Po ly rctty gurl like o mc o NADA MAENPAA Node ox n conno lldg 110 fun nn lmr c os PETER LOMBARDO Wcctcr xy locl-nor my books 0 I they orc or rcs? ond so om I 14" JAMES 'TAFFESANTI "Toyo 01 losses cum! longer woke mc wccp. l1c bc b alms an U on my S L p. 4.3 ' Q '53 Af? Z 11? 14' X -- A ld! 7 ' . 1 ,Q ' if A 'I I, . Z ' w' , X fl-2, .1 ' X- , , K .. , ,, ' f A A u K V ' l1V . ,f He' l'l4 ' 5 f - cl- V A ln rm d l'c, Ax , . N. nfl if A K, 4' -Y 'T 1' N , x l' Q - l A .lf Ajxsx , VX ,N x, I I v ' to ll I ll A p is ' l dy. Q X Y K . A qulcf Ycr or Y 1' 1 l I A 'I l Y . l 4 'I Th c - ' z s T II rr p ' l 'C .Wiiigu V, 'Q 4-, .D Q39 ' Ns .-f 'puny' Ii ' lfff, " '1 J , ,J 3 GORDON MAKI 'Gordy' A little work, c little ploy. Who? o mon hc'll be someday. 1:5 x as ,S ARLETTE MATTSON 'Shortstuffn is blond, lively, little lass is a credit to any class. 6?- .59 Ji JOHN MATICH 'Johnnie' Judge him by quality, not quantity. ca fs c., CAROL MATTSON 'Carol' She gives her opinion only when asked. if u 4 JAMES MATTEI A leader of men-and women! if N " V . ,tl - 9 She 3' Cir FLORENCE MATTSON 'Flora' is as likeable as she is look able. 1. - V -I :XWEQQI Qx, .wx K. yj . .55 DENNIS MATUSEWIC "Merrie" When I feel like working,l lic down and let the feeling go away. xx!! V41 ., WF" ' ROSE MARIE MAXINOSKI "Rosen A lively soul who knew the inmost art of how to win the spouse and hold his heart. IA ,f arf , IIAI W5-J I ,-,. . ,, . 9 L if, D I P I CAROL MCKELLAR U W Carol But you'll break an algebraic rule 'si Z V.,1j X 'S' M 4 'Nl SHARON MUHONEN "Shame" A one-man woman. PATRICIA MILLER , GEORGE MILES "Gcorge' I'm a senior-I gotta act dignified. "Pat" x'l Checrfulness is as natural fo her' as the sparkle in her eyes. b- 55:1 KAREN MURPHY ..Mu,phn Argument adds spice to life. -L . X I -1.53. ' . 1 tv we T ,f?,i5i "X, 'ffl' il" 1' i M 58 2' X .15 D 2 . KATHLEEN NAGRO "Kats" A full of mischief, wit and glee, as any human form could bc. i F g ., U MARGARIE OSBORNE "Marge" She looks rather quiet, but what can you tell by looks? N N. , N X . SHARON PEDERGNANA "Shar" One tongue is sufficient for a woman. L ,A noi , Q C -Q52 lp .-1" 'fr la ff' -of .Y ,,1 i'- , IT X DONALD NELSON 'Donnie' lt's not what you do that's wrong, it's what you get caught at. lf "1 . ,, My A514 Z, X .- ., ' 4-Z ROBERT PELLOW "Bob" Why worry? The more we study, the more our ignorance we discover. MARY JEAN PETERSON Pc-tue Always friendly always ga she ll make her mark an every way SHARON RAMME Shar Just o gurl wnth pleasant ways "'5,, 'z-- '- Lf DAVID PRETTI Pusscr Not only a good athlete but o me gentleman l' GEORGE REARDON George l get up at the crack of dawn stuff up the crack and go back to bed Sax frm! x Effrf , ' Q74 W5., X CARL PROSEK Car n Lead m not In o temptation l know where It as PATRICIA REARDON 'Pat' lf eyes were made for seemg, then Beauty I5 nts excuse for bcsng. is t l ll, fx il f Q-wit 9 -vs?" KATHLEEN ROSGA 'Kathy' On thc heights the air is rarest. w ug, 7 GERALD ROWE "Chico" Shy and quiet? Oh no-quite a riotl f N CLYDE SAILER 'Clyden A head for business and an eye for a good time. Q' ,f ,A 'i,1'l4 -Q Q1336' of x. N WI:-rr' ,gf . 63 f 1' 4 4 -0' .dz BONNIE SANDS "Bonnie" She entered the room, voice first. ,4 Q F UL' l, Nt t . , N, 41, , JOSEPH SEKELSKY 'Joe' A little nonsense now and then, but still as wise as other men. SUZANNE SELVES 'Suzie' Her smile and friendship help many. ik. f ing s - may gf? I I m ,aw 4-rf' SUZANNE SKOVlERA Us . If UZIC Her eyes give her owoy.. 1 .I- SERAFINO STELLA "Sonny" Who ever said curly lwair was o pleasure l O. ,x l + " flaw ' X ' X iv' A 1 f x - 'T K L, ,XX STEVEN soRvARr V' gn ustcvcn l sfudy when l'm in the mood, but E . l'm strictly not a moody guy. MARY SNARSKI llMoryll Sweei fr ' . y xx.. and smiling are her ways. 'gpfl 9- Nd .'1 A7 N PHYLLIS STREMSKI "Pl1yI" Slwo snnles af many lust for lun, but we all know Ylxcrc is only one. RICHARD STEVER ' 'J ff' A Moms' f, My only books were women's looks, and folly's all tl1ey'vc taught mc. 'V ' L'f'l"L Y 'Z' ROBERT STURKOL "Bob" " A"' ' A Bcwarc of a man that docs not talk. 4' WILLIAM THOMAS 'Billyn Dynamite comes in small packages. ag. w. MARCELLA SULLIVAN "Tootsie" lf "' Ah, why should life all labor bc? 50351 sffii? 5 J i la X " 1 L sax, 1' ia 52. -4 . I, , r 2 JUDITH TROMBI "Judy" A quict lady with a mind of her own, -"' - '11 'QF 6' ,L 5 , j il, . 'iq Q lo' 'T gi, 1'.w . ' Q, ,f wi .,,,f.v,., K, fL,1" 5?iH:fffCi-'i " " , fv,iwsy, '- ww M' Y , 4' t 4 .5 fx 'nfs . 'fv , CARL SWANSON llTommylY ln scholarship he heads the list, he has the brains we others missed ity P. 'S 4 r Jsfjv X. LOUIS VALLE 'Butch' Ma, she's making eyes at mel aa, 'T gy,- . VIRGINIA VALLE "Ginner" First to cheer you in success, The Iost to leave you in distress.. X.:-. 4 JUNE WEIGAND uJUnCn Gentle of speech, bcncficienf of mind. 5 JANET VOSS uJcnn Just being hoppy is o good thing. PATRICIA WESTLUND "Pot" An oII-around good girl. -'X f 'N 15 ' 6B?d?z9' 1'9" FERN WALTA "Fern" Be o good sweci uid ond Iet who ill be clcvof. ff In I ,J If I All . I I 1 J 1 'III 74 M L I X V II' K jf, fy I" gli DOROTHY ZANELLA "NoodIe" As pretty os o picmrc. X -2 in RONALD ZANELLA Ron glr hater he hates to leave them ml : :i-1- m 'ig: PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE As tumld freshmen we remember How scared we were that furst September Our heads were down our knees were shaksng A new adventurous undertakung As Sapnomores our tears were less Our troubles more as you mnght guess For as we grew a but more bold Our teachers grew a but more old Our gunlor year as we recall Wlth partues and dances was quote a ball Our future was not even thought about So then next year we d have to scout Our sennor year as almost gone And soon we Il all be on our own But as we look back to our freshman year We wish that next September, we d all be back here' Vnrgunla Valle ii 41- i' ici' -i:gi- 'in ! 2-EF? X X X. ,, 4 ."i1f:?ff r r .. n A 'l - . Cl U I I I . b O I l I I ' . , 1 . I CLASS WILL Dennas Ahola wall my empty notebooks to John R Buddle John Ahonen, wall anythang l have or anythang l can do to anybody who thanks they need or want to Marlene Ahon n wall my handbag to Geraldane Males and Pat Geshal may they fand somethang an t James Alleva, wall my car to Bonnae Harma so she wall come to town to see me. Joan Ave wall my abalaty to keep quaet an Mass Hambley s room to my cousan Janet Paulane Bakkala wall my lab an the offace to Molly Traen Patracaa Bennett, wall my abalaty to get A s an Ameracan Problems to Chrastane Gyga. Kenneth Barca wall my abalaty to stay sober to Joe Walta who as always tharsty Joseph Braghenta, wall my halfback posataon on the football team to Dave Martana Doras Braskae wall my car keys to my saster Betty who wants them badly Marlorae Brown wall the lattle yellow laght on my front porch to anyone who wants complete pravacy Mark Bruneau wall my anythang to anyone who s unlucky enough to fand at. Roxana Bruneau, wall my abalaty not to bum school and not to park to Patty Conhartoska Joann Buddle wall my abalaty to make the school bus every mornang to my brother, John R Frances Callagaro, wall my seat an the Sth peraod study hall to my saster Annabelle an hopes that sh get along better wath Mr Mrdlenovach than I dad Josephane Canalaa wall my abalaty to get Mary Ann Conhartoska wall my abalaty to Kenneth Consae, wall my dravcr s lacense Patracaa Cook wall my broken typewrater Darlene Cooper, wall my draver s license Frank Cortachaato, wall my determanataon James Cramer, wall my place on Barca s corner to Bobby Da Ronco Danny Daoust,wall my abalaty to get along wath the teachers to my brother Joe Charles DeCarlo, wall my physacs to Jam Comparan, may everythang come out all raght Mary Ellen DeRosso wall my abalaty to play basketball to Charlotte Foryan Eugene DeRubeas wall my center posataon on the football team to J Bucldle Suzanne Eddy wall my abalaty to talk a Blue Streak to anyone who loves to talk Karen Engel, wall my temper to my saster, Nancy, who doesnt want at Rachard Ekmark, wall my seat an Physacs class to Rachard Frago Malton Erackson wall my seat an Ameracan Problems to Clyde Sanders our car to Mary Vattonc. come to school on tame to my cousan Pat to Art Prosek because I know he won t be able to get one an typang class to Karen Lundgren to Wally Bruneau so hc can use has car to learn to dance to my brother Mackey Jerome Frago wall my seat an Englash to my cousan Duck Dennas Galka wall my laght complexaon to Denny Casanova so he can see Kenneth Genasot wall my garl Delores to my brother Tommy because he as the only one l can trust Eugene Gentale, wall my Physacs book to Make Wesolowska Jean Ann Gerry, wall my blond haar and laght complexaon to Sharley Chaapusao Marae Gabas, wall my sense of humor to my saster Franny an hopes she wall laugh at my lokes Kathleen Hakala wall my heavy foot to my brother and l hope he can get to places on tame as l dad to Clyde Sanders along wath Mass Weaser ta my cousan Ron Saara to Helen Bowers play football to Paul Pasana an hopes he can catch passes get along wath the garls to anyone who needs at Sharon Holgers, w Il my musacal abalaty to my saster Susan, may she love at as much as l do along wath the teachers to Robert Hornack Earl Innas, wall my rade to school every day to Gary Eskala Rochelle Jackson wall my abalaty to mass the bus on tame to my brother Terry Patracaa Janov, wall my Seat an choar to Sharley Olala so she can learn to sang. Conrad Johnson, wall my nackname Connae to anyone who wants at Nack Johnson wall my abalaty to pack up garls to my cousan Jon Nancy Kaffane wall my year round tan to anyone who wants at Rosemarae Kasper, wall my knowledge of boys to my saster Margaret Charles Keulen, wall my abalaty to get to school on tame to Ball Leppala Jack Kopacz wall my Lincoln to my saster Gerry. Douglas Krankkala wall my abalaty to sleep anytame, anywhere to anyone who a Marae Kryzewska wall my seat an Mass Frace s Englash class to my brother Joe Jacklyn Lawler, wall my car to Ronnae Buccannero so he can pay for the gas Rachard Laahanen, wall my place onthe Drug Store corner to Dave Martana Dean Lennon, wall my abalaty to get along wath Mass Frace ta Paul Pasana better an the halls Gerald Hedman w ll my Physics book Theodore Heuer, wall my abalaty to get Marlene Hellen wall my abalaty to sew Robert Hendrackson wall my abalaty to Davad Hockenbrock wall my abalaty to Gerald Hornack, w ll my abalaty to get 'lf A'-J lafbmaivwb do at e wa la ' , ' . . I, . . , , , ll 9 1 A I I I I I I In II . . . I' . I . . . . . ll - I - a a l - v a . . ll . . . . . . .0 I' . . . I . . D I' I . . f a . l, ' ' ' ', lf , ' ' ' ' . I, . . . . . . . . . .V . . . II . . I . , . . I' . .I . . . . . . 'I . . . , , , . Il . . . . . . . ' I , . I, ' ' ' ' . ll . , . . , . , . l, , ' " a l, '., ' U l ' 'H n . . I 1 ' I, . . a .- Il . . . . . . I I' . . I . . . . l, Nancy Franzoi, will my ability to keep quiet to Clare Garro, hoping she'll do a better lab of it than I did. Il . ' . . . . . U I, . I . . . . . I, . I . . . l I, . . . . .. , . 'I . . . . . . . . l, , ' ' ' . l, , i ' . I, . . . . . , . . .. l, , ' " . Il . I . . . . . . . . 'I . I . . . . . I l, i ' ' ' ' ' ' a I . i . . . - . l, ' ' ' . 'I I . . . . . . :I . , , , .H . I . , . Il . I . . . . . . ' ll I I I I' l, ' ' ' w l, ' ' A ' ' a , . I' . . . . - -. I' , . , , , , . ,. my v I Q ,Eli aa' 1 Paul Lescelaus wall my abalaty to take a scorf to John R Buddle Arthur Leppa wall my old car motor to Danny Santana Terry Lapske wall my uncomfortable seat an the assembly to anyone who can sleep anywhere Peter Lombardo wall my slalom skas to Mr Patterson Paulane Lupano wall my nace long walk to school to Sharley Sorvala may she enaoy at the next two cold wanters Nada Moenpaa wall my water skas to Elazabeth Kaara May she have as much fun wath them as l dad James Maffesanta wall my abalaty to get along wath Mr Hoffman to Jam Ransanaca Gordon Maka wall my abalaty to do nofhang o nobody John Matach wall my 5 ft 8 an heaght to Tony Daran James Mattea, wall my halfback posataon an football to Jam Comparan Arlette Mattson, wall my shorthand book to Carolyn Holma may she get as many C Carol Mattson wall my Sheen to Charles Trent who needs a good car badly Florence Mattson wall 'ny lasp to anyone who lakes to use t Dennas Matusewac wall my alley 5 at the Lcgaon to Ball Beres Rose Marac Maxanoska, wall my last name to anyone who can guess my nataonalaty Carol McKeller, wall my abalaty to keep my bag mouth shut to LaVerne Hamberg George Males wall all my talent to anyone who has more success an fandang at than l d Pat Maller, wall my small feet to my cousan Pat Geshel may they carry her through hagh school lake they have Carraed me Sharon Muhonen, wall my blonde haar and laght complexaon to my dark brother Gerald Karen Murphy, wall my saxth peraod assembly seat to Tommy Peterson who l hope wall make better use of at than l d d Kathleen Nagro wall all my good tames an my four years of hagh school to my saster, Sharon Donald Nelson wall my abalaty to get along wath Mass Frace ar second peraod study hall to Mackey Lehoccey Maraorae Osborn wall my long blond haar to Jeanne Martanetta Sharon Pedergnana wall my damples to any underclassmen who want to charm Mr Hoffman Robert Pellow wall my abalaty to dance to Rachard Sereno who needs at badly Mary Jean Peterson wall my flugelhorn to John Lantta- Davad Pretta wall my demolataon abalaty to the south lust an case at rases agaan Carl Prosek, wall my experaences an Madason to anyone who wall benefat by them Sharon Ramme, wall my four years of hagh school to my cousan Margae, may she make good use of them s out of as Pat Reardon wall nothang to nobody Kathleen Rosgca wall my abalaty to get the car every week end to Marlene Moncher, who wants at badly Gerald Rowe, wall my abalaty to waat untal l get out of the car before l shoot a gun to Dave Honkanem Clyde Saaler wall my abalaty to take up space to Butch Gulan Bonnae Sands wall our super deluxe Chevrolet to my brother Tommy, may he treat at as kandly as l dad Joseph Sekelsky wall my geometry average to my saster Kathleen an the hope that she wall amprove at Susan Selves, wall my seraousness to Wallaam Shakespeare, an hope that he wall make some more comedaes Suzanne Skovaera wall my tallness to Duane Morello who needs at badly Mary Snorska wall my seats an Mass Frace s homeroom, Englash class and study hall to Judy Olson Steve Sorvara, wall my l950 Chev car door to Dave Honkanen for target practace Scrafano Stella wall my curly haar and eyelashes to my saster Cookae, who needs them badly Rachard Stever, wall my three front teeth to my brother Ball C who needs them badly Phyllas Stremska wall my Packard to Mass Bano obert Sturkol wall my abalaty to shoot to Peter Leatza who needs at badly Marcella Sullavan wall my abalaty to learn and my love for school to Margaret Conhartoska Carl Swanson wall my long bus rade to school everyday to my saster Daane Wallaam Thomas, wall my abalaty to get along wath Mass Frace to my brother Ted Judath Tromba, wall my abalaty to fanash school to my saster Duane Louas Valle wall my charm to Wally Kopacz who needs at badly Varganaa Valle, wall my knowledge for cars and V 6 Chevae to all the mechanacs at the Pure Daary Store Janet Voss, wall my abalaty to stay awake durang school to Mr Patterson. Fern Walta wall my perfect attendance record to my brother Joe. June Weagand, wall my abalaty to catch the school bus to Jean Kurta. Pat Westlund, wall my abalaty to gave dravang lessons to Patty Bunaavac who needs them badly Dorothy Zanella wall all my happy years an Hagh School to my cousan Jeanne Smath. Ronald Zanella wall my nackname Johnson and Johnson whach I receaved an football, to my brother Rachard ,s S la ' , ' ' ' ' - - I, ,I . . .. I, , , . . 1 l, , ' ' . . I, , , . , . . , : , . . l, , ' ' ' '.. ' ' . I, ., . . . . i . . .- I, .I . . . . I 1 l, ' , ' a ' . ' ' . I, . . . . , . . I l, ' 5 ' it l do. I, , . at aa I l, , ' ' ' i . I, , I . , . . . , , . I, . . . . I I, . , 4 ,... di . I, . . , , . . . I, . , . . . I, , . . , I . ' l . la , ' ' ' ' ' - Il I A V A ' A A I A l I l, ' ' , ' ' ' '. l, , ' ' . . I, , . . . . . I la I ' I, . ., . . , . . , . . . . . I I, , . . . . . I I, . . . . I I, l, George Reardon, will my seat in speech class to Bucky Laguna. l, , ' ' . l, , ' ' ' - ' . I, . . . . . l, ' , ' ' ' . , I, , . , . . . . lt , ' ' ' ' ' ' - I, , . . . , . . . I, , , . . I . . l, ' ' ' ' ' a l, ' ' . ' . I, I . , . . . . . l, ' ' ' . . I, . ,, . . . . , R , . . , . . . I, , 4 . . . ' I, . . . . . . . . I' . . , . . . . . . I , . , . . . I, , , . . . , . . 0 l, ' ' ' ' o la I ' I, . . . . I, . . . . . . . . I, , , . . . . I, , I . . a. .I . . . . - ,ELI xx , sg C - aaa i. l I I A A -lima JUNIORS N Q. Ny I ,IX N I i JUNIOR OFFICERS G Bruncllo R Hormc G Mak: ffflx Mr Hoglund s Homeroom g ROW1 IZ m cr s c nc-ou oc S1 dmgcr Wyszynskn C Holmo ROW 2 ohnson R oogo G uom men 0 CJ Es Ncgr ROW3 G Mako L N X x H X , X. X V I X X f "5 7 L' f ' 1 0 Nw? Q f f 7 S 'Q I I L Q - xo ,,.,, , -, .,i,.vl Y . B , 1 , :W 41.4 ii -- Tw- T-11 . . 1 -' :L W ' 1 J I -0 , 1 hi . 4 5 , . ' 0 7 ' , V A, 'H : ' W I I' I :V. Kit , T. Tho cs, R. B es, D. Lap k , L. Bru , L. Gi kino, J. GU ' , B. fC. J I, . L I , C. Sanders, B. Tcrro, R. T i , P. Th m s, G. kolo, T. in : . ', . Zonuffo, J. Peterson, J. Buddlc, D. Stella, J. Bock, P. Mumcy. Miss Humbleyls Homeroom ,ll N ml QQJ. l: ,'.'.. Conlwfzrtoskl, 5. Ulolz, J. lnlondrnclcson, 21. E. Mccdc, C. Trcnr, C. Foryun. , fn fn RUE! 2: J. Erssowcr, 3. Socri, F. Sorvolo, D. Younger, X.. urondclus, J. Olson, R. Pcltomcnn ROW 3: J. Yclnclu, J. Kl'yZC,VJSKI, l.. Kongcs, A. Darin, D. Morcllo, M. Zlonclwcr, R. Frugo. Mr. Trckc's Homeroom RUF! li B. Brisklc, P. Pclkolo, C. Zurzyclax, D. Vcxccc. RON 2: M. Lconi, B. Constontum, A. Abrolwom, C. Bouton, G. prctti, S. Tlwornos, J. Lonttc RON 3: J. Carlson, J. Kopocz, A. Loiwno, P. 3unlcvoc, FQ. Sclvcs, R. Sereno, K. Vick, C RON 11: D. Martins, D. Nelson, J. Hokolo, T. Nolan, D. Mattson, M. Henning, N. Lundgrcn. LJJF l Mr. Patterson' s Homeroom gn N. Y ROW l: N. Mcrconti, C. Clwiapusio, A. Abranarn, E. Kaari, H. Baxter, P. DiUlio, D. Maxinoski, N. Engel, D., Cornctto. ROW 2: D. Haywood, D. Hcrop M. Luorna.. ROW 3: L. Bruncllo, J. Compo Wcsolowski. kic, J. Syocldon, W. Sargent, J. Martvncttn, D.'Sfal1ovuc, D. Nicmn, run, P. Pisani, J. Tarro, J. Kompsic, W. Johnson, P. Conncrs, M. Mr. Ricelli's Homeroom ROW l: 3. Dahl, P. Young, A.Moxinask1, G. Milos, C. Cumarastn, M. Ralala. ROW' 2: D. Santinu, P. Gcslwcl, A. Abraham, M. Trier, K. Studdc-n. ROW 3: D. Haaswirth, V. Zandi, W. Pcllcola, B. Gianunzio, R. Vandcrschagcn, E. Gulan, G. 3 ROW11: R. Buccancro, F. Mandolin, J. Raffini, P. Pinzuti, J. Cattclino, R. Harrna, Y. Koski Zanclla. 1...-..-x .. A, .,.,. x V , J ......Ja N N13 N, ,S xy ' Z E SOPH OM ORES -11 SOPHOMORE OFFICERS G Plcrpont G Muhoncn J Scandnn .-.Ja Mr Korpl s Homeroom ROW I ROW 2 ROW 3 ROW 4 L ntza K Curlk E Mandolin M Lennon S Na ra Sfanczak W Bruneau R Brunella R KUUSISfO C Thom G Skovucra Scandm A Gulan P Gnovanom R Saarn T Baron G Gurske Johnson R Bgork K Hauswnrth R Kuula D Casanova M Dorm 9 O, Q I I 7 I A ' 1 V -,..- V....... -.1....,,.. -4. Q -- , ',g ,V 1.Ij,i -,ll ' F-.-i - -1--- w- . ! W , - ---L Y , -M, I' K 1, -- v vt ff' Y- , l 1 - . Q 'W I1 l L7AY,,,1 I - val. 4 -1 Y W A fl :J. c' , . ', . ', . ' , . g . IM- , - , - , - ' , - , - ' :J. ', . , . ' ', . ', . , . . :. , . ' , . E' , . , . , . ' J .QE D . L"i I QPF. S 5 'il ,gf Q r- -,ma J J Olglvara W wa 'FM' 4' vi lf, fx r f y, A' UQ Miss Weiser's Homeroom Mr. Sybeldon's Homeroom RO.'V1:5. Roalctti, K. Framcus, M. Baccancro. ROW 2: F. Lcrza, H. Schwartz, J T. Bon. ROW 3: J. Carnatic, D. Haampaa Cortnchnafo, J. Hagstrom. M. Mandclm, M. Grandclis, F. Gibas, B. Wicklund, C. Moscllc nsamci, D. Aho, M. Saba-C, D. Trombi, D. KosRcll,M. Bruncau DCMQIO, D. Poynter, E. Schiavo, P. Lcutza, D. Honkancn, M ROW 1: K. Sckolsky, J. Baldawin, R. Fochino!li, S. Hckala, P. Murphy, K. Urli, M. Vntfonc, L. Hambcrg. ROW 2: D. Nciflcblad, D. Dictcl, J. Kcsslcr, S. Syrns, G. Lindberg, S. Sorvaia, A. Prothin, W. Baxter. ROW 3: A. Prosck, R. Hornick, J. Pudas, F. Kellerman, R. Chnapusuo, K. Lundgrcn, P. Rowe, T. Olshcski, R. Rowe. JM, -,W - --f- . A 4 a ,,-,......., M csTcgnu's Home RO I J. Hiller, A. Quito! ima, C. C 3 ROZV DH J T VT R IP Il R3 S I P 1 :l m 53 if' QF 4 Q Q 7 U A 1 ffm Y I Elf! 1 ' r"lf 4 I 3355 '59 W? mf QQ' FRESHMEN L i FRESHMEN OFFICERS J Korpl S Chnopusno W Ko oz XS Mr Orson: s Homeroom QOW B rio Vo n ROI Nygorc J Zcrz cm ROV Orca corn Mcncclm ROv A LH ' CFTYI crz cn c O S Lcrza r ou zvnsnu J Homkcrwcrw Scabury 4 ct Loc gr uvwbgrj .Jus ba I Q U L L - ', - ' ' , - P 1 - A - - ,, ,,,l.A , AV pr.. - " -,- .-.,,,. ,.,vgw.w1 -57 ' ll iw: 'M A4 .1 L - K - , f .4 5' ' QQ 'f ' Q ' 'Jn - . V fy 3 ' u ' 'K I 1 ' - - - ,J T f , .:' , .1 I 11 J A ! .:E?'EQ u, JN 1 I ' - 4' "", """'f J 4 a. ' I ' . V ' Jr , . f 1 X I 1 x - X ,Q I Y ' . I J U - J n ' .Y v I: J. 0 , L. X Sk , J. DUN, Q. Sawmill. 'f 2: M. , . 7' ' , C. L 3, S. R k lc, PJ. H wgnsfo, J. S' MH, . . v' 31 K. B I D. S , J. Luncgrc ,, J. Sw I ch, S. v"yS , , .N ' , G. , B. v :R. Prx I, D. Jorz , C. Z 'IJ' Q. PISOHII G. 'fr fl L. A LN , LJ. H : N 1-I Q. ' wzon 'XG -nz. ,Dx K vv T7 KW gf: Mrs. Mozner' s Homeroom Mr. 0rsoni's Homeroom FQOW1: M. Uhtokori, J. Ccxcy, T. Gulcn, J. Lombardo, J. Korpi, M. En'--vzu. XJXJE OOO :Eli bb-JN! Singh ww 2303 3132. 93' .din w . -U 1 0455 .,-. 0-.0 -1"O moc oar P-Q FTW I 7qI'o -.Oa sir no-' ,453 ' 4 -4h-' ' PU -4?'2, .TQ..3 oco Emi. ooo mi' .Qin Og .,Q ZX: goo DMU U POS ..-. Q' ho 'ru Z'Y 20 35 223 -VI 'o ROW1: R. Vcrnctti, J. Stevens, A. Socri, S. Holgcrs, D. Rintomckr, R. Eddy. ROW 22 J. Kurto, V. Kirby, R. Kryzowski, D. Nygcrd, A. Zcmcllo, T. Boron. ROW 3: K. Ehnboni, D. Popko, C. Briskic, D. Dictcl, D. Max, T. Sands. ROW 4: E. Gygi, D. O'Lccry, D. Hclin, W. Kopocz, W. Bcrcs, W. Kompsic, J. Lurwdgrcn. im Q L' Q I v '-03 , I D IJ: .l 'U gr YW' aft ROW lz J. Bruun, M. Koivisto, D. Pekola, M. DeFerro, J. Trombi, G. Nygard F vlhee er. ROW 2: R. DoRonco, R. Peterson, V. Borcc, D. LG Clow, J. Herlevi, K. osse , . Saori, . Vittone. ROW 3: D. Buddle, T. Peterson, D. Sepcnslci, R. Kuula, D. Snarsl-ci, P. Hanson W Briskie 8 De Rizzo. ROW 4: D. Enrietto, C. Pelkolo, R. Toivonen, M. Sybeldon, D. Julien, W. CO i-garo Zan I Gehrlfe. i 4:-V fl-4? 1741- el- 1- OUR SENIOR YEAR Always remember, classmates deor, What happened in our senior year. The closs play was first to come around, Our actinr abilities were soon to be found' J 1 The-sc talents were then corefully nourished, To present "A Man Called Peter" with flourish. Then came the long hard grind - To get our year-boolc storted and in on time, Committees were chosen ond then the cover, We soon had the rob of getting details touetherg This was accomplished in :J great hurry, And finishing touches were put on in a flurry. With this finished we soon aiscovered, That tern papers left alot of 5round to be covered Ne managed to finish these, Haw? I wonder' Without getting eorrpletely snowed under. The Senior Banquet topped oft the year, With lust the right amount of laughter :ind cheer. Groduotion carve, for which X'-any were sorry, v'v'hat's in the future caused fi-any a worry, Alter the exercises, all were free - To begin o branc new lile's spree. But Weill never forget the trienos -'-' C' " ode - ln thot long trecn up fron the iroies. - Shoron Hclgers - .if-35 H Vfii Qi 'Xp 324 if 7477 3.5 x ffz 'qfxx .3-LS - -ji X X cg:-9 fgvrw '-T ' in 5 Q., V XX -- , '-,X z g5j',-f- XX 'V ., A I -l i? fx - " xl 35- L T e' ' .Q Q-A FORENSICS Forensic students, under the able direction of 'Aiss Helen Weiser, have won much tonne for them- selves and their school through their exceptieral work in speech and drama. ROW l: K. Francis, R. Tochinelli, DiUIio, D. Briskic, P. Reardon, J. Mor- tinetti, G. lindberg, V. Valle, P. Ge- shel, D. Maxinoski. C 9 -'nr fx ROW 2: P. Stremslci, K. Nagro, P. Steinmetz, B. Tarno, J. Brighenti, J. Kompsie, R. Rowe, J. Mattei,C. Decarlo, J. Carlson, H. Weiser. gn L I P i National. HONOR f. SOCIETY One of the highest goals that can be achieved by a high school student is the National Honor So- ciety. Here are the top fifteen per- cent of our class. We know that these students will succeed in everything they do in the future. ROW lr S. Holgers, K. Nagro, J. Ave M. Brown, D. Briskie, P. Stremski, V Valle, M. Gibas, K. Engel. ROW 2: J. Sekelsky, C. Johnson, M. Dc-Rosso, J. Gerry, P. Cook, N. Pranzoi, F. Calligaro, J. Mattei, C Swanson. LATIN CLUB At the meetings of this club, the members study the customs of Rome. Their annual Latin Banquet is a colorful event at which the participants relive a Roman fes- tival. l 3 ROW l: V. Kirby, G. Seabury, F. Gibos, V. Borca, P. Pelkola, J. Dahl, J. Stevens, S. Holgers. POW 2: Miss Hambley, A. Prothin, D. Saari, S. Oiala, P. Geshel, P. Lupino, E. Kaari, K. Barca, K. Ehnboiii, ROV: 3: J. Carlson, C. Chiapusio, C. Sriskie, D. Laflaw, M. E. Johnson, M.A. Corimporin, D. Hlaxinoski, J. Herlevi. ROW 4: D. Aho, B. Tarro, J. Rollins, D. Poynter, '.'i. "'esolowsl4i, P. Zturney, E. Gygi. - s.. .1h1,- F' 551, ROW 'lz M. Louma, D. Gustafson, H. Baxter, Miss Harvbley. ROW 2: N. Engel, K. Sckclsky, T. Schlais, A. Calligaro. ROW 3: S. Gertz, G. Miles, K. Valsuano, K. Urli. ROW 41: S. Halaka, D. Koskcll, J. Mar PEP CLUB The pep club consists of Junior and Senior girls. lts purpose is to promote good sportsmanship at home and away. The pep club traveled to Ashland this year for the Hurley-Ashland basketball game. tinetti, B. Tarro, P. DiUlio. FRENCH CLUB Thcsc French students, under the capable airection of Miss Mary H bl celebrities. They take part in an cy, study well-known French annual banquet. TT ROW l: K. Engel ROW 2: K. Nagro, N. Pranzoi, S. Eddy, P. Stremski, J. Voss, J. Lawler, S. gc-rs, C. Mattson, J. Buddlc, A. Mattson. ROW 3: Mrs. Mazner, V. Valle, R. Maxinoslci, J. Gerry, M. J. Peterson, D. an ella, M. Osborne, S. Ramme, M. Hellcn, N. Maenpaa. ROW 4: K.. Hakala, S. Solves, D. Briskie, D. Cooper, J. Ave, M. Brown, M DeRosso, M. Gibas, P. Cook, R. Bruneau, N. Kaffine. ROW 5: P. Reardon, B. Sands, J. Canalia, K. Rosga, J. Weigond, P. Miller J Trombi, P. Westlund, M. Conhartoski, R. Kasper, M. Sullivan. ROW l ROW 3 ROW 5 ROW 2' ROW 4: R. Bcres, P. DiUlio, D. Gus- tafson, N. Engel. S. Oiala, P. Pelkola, 5. Thomas, M. Trier, L. Giackino, J. Staud- inger, B. Dahl, C. Poryan, P. Young, G. Pretti, M. Lconi, C. Halma. E. Briskic, D. Ncimi, J. Hen- drickson, A. Maxinoski, L Bruncau, J. Carlson, C. Chia- pusio, M. Raiala, C. Cimarosti G. Miles, C. Zarzyclci, N. Mer: conti, D. Stella. M. Conhartoski, E. Kaari, B Constantini, K. Studden, M Louma, P. Geshel, H. Baxter D. Maxinoski, C. Rintamaki, E Gulan, D. Stahovic, M. E. Meade C. Boutan. B. Saari, P. Thomas, P. Murney D. Morello, C. Gygi, J. Raffini Y. Koski, J. Martinetti, J. Ko pacz, J. Yelich, J. Olson, C Johnson, J. Erspamer. I u STUDENT COUNCIL -,-...J KJ l 1 i l i ROW l: Mr. Buccanero, S. Oiala, M. Leoni, C. Chiapusio, J. Ave, D. Briskie, P. Reardon, M. Endrizzi. ROW 2: W. Beres, M. DeR0550,S. Wyszynski, D. L.aClaw, A. Prothin, S. Holgers, C. DeCarlo, J. Mattei. ROW 3: W. Kopacz, J. Pasqualucci, P. Steinmetz, J. Scandin, R. Rowe, G. Muhonen, J. Scandin, D. GUS tofson, R. Harma. Student Council The Student Council is the only form of student government in our high school. its aims are ta improve conditions within our school. The Student Council for i959 was headed by Doris Briskic, President, Pat Reardon, Vice-Presidentg and Joan Ave, Secretary-Treasurer. This organization supported such movements as the Marine Band Concert, Teens for Polio and Brother- hood Week with posters and other means of publication. Many campaigns and protects were launched by this active group. One of the most prominent was "Twirp Season," a whole week ofthe boys and girls exchanging responsibilities. It was cliniaxed by the "Twirp Dance" where the queen, Janet Hendrickson and her king, Jack Kopacz, were crowned. Punish. ments for violation of the Twirp rules were handed out at the dance. Jim Mattei, senior class president, presided over the crowning and served as 'prosecutor' for the punishment. Another important protect was the selection of the Citizen of the Month. Each month, an outstanding student was awarded this honor. At the end of the year, an outstanding senior will receive the Citizen of the Year award. Some Student Council protects included: Good Sportsmanship Week, Better Dress for H.H.S,, Good Citizenship Week, and a scholarship of SlOO ta a deserving senior. The Student Council for 1959 was a very active organization and we wish to congratulate them on their line achievements. gs Y AAI '. XX fl' 1 "1I',, l P " ,ff ',f 4 IQ A H-fgi'4 "" ' Naxigwf-kv 'W' FGET5' fu: IUNTNR HIN it FIURLEE' QLHSS HOMECOMING Our homecoming was a great success this year, with the whole student body working hand in hand to make our celeeration a memorable event. Joseph Brighcnti, our homecoming king, chose Virginia Valle the reigning queen. Each class as well as the Pep Club, the Choir, the Band, and other school clubs entered floats in the parade. After the parade there was a dance in the gymnasium. Although our homecoming game didn't end in victory for us, we all had a most enloyable time. CLASS HISTORY Most at us can look back to that day tour years ago when as freshmen we entered Hurley Hugh School with a teelung of dread The furst week was one of aduustments, and tor the boys one of unutuatuon Soon afterward, class elections were held un which Jim Matteu was elected president Clyde Sailor vuce presu dent and Frank Cortuchuato secretary treasurer At our freshman party we were further introduced to our classmates and everyone enuoyed themselves very much That year passed quite rapidly and soon our sophomore year was upon us Our class ottucers were Doris Bruskue president Ron Zanella vuce president and Sonny Stella secretary treasurer Biology proved to be the most unterestung subuect and the field trips were antucupated by all Hard work un band chour sports and forensics caused our sophomore year to virtually fly by Junior year means P om Time and we looked forward to ours with keen expectation class elections resulted un choosing Richard Stever as president as secretary treasurer After much planning and hard work Blue Hawauu was selected as our theme It was carrued out un beautiful udeas and colors making ut one ot the prettiest proms ever Duck chose Vurgunua Valle as his queen and at the prom, everyone had a thoroughly enuoyable time Near the end ot the year we received our class rungs a reminder of our approaching final year As senuors we elected Jum Matteu president Joe Brughentu vuce president and Mary Ellen DeRosso secretary treasurer Our first actuvuty was Homecoming Our method of puckung our kung was modeled on the udea of a small election Each senuor homeroom picked a candidate and for one week, serious campaigns were conducted A vote of the enture student body selected Joe Brughentu as kung and he chose Vurgunua Valle as his queen Next came the senuor class play entitled "A Man Called Peter After weeks of hard work ut was presented, and turned out to be a huge success Finally, our pucnuc, banquet and commencement exer cuses came upon us drawing our hugh school years to a close Tne events of the past four years wull provide many cherished memorues for all of us I I I . 1 . u A I . . . . ' , I h . .- . . I ' 1 A I - ' ' , , . . . 0 , I A I I A I Q ll - YY , r . ,- . . . . . . ltheretore prom kingl, Dennis Taraboi as vice president and Richard Laihinen u U 4-I - . I . . . ' I . . . . . ' O . . . , . . . . . . . ll ' ' I . , , . - ,- ,,ff' -I ! ,I if-I ...pf 1 - ,A -Xxx A l Q ,X I" 1 1-fi' .44-2 ga., ',, , 4,-.-' vs , K . if' , .1'?"'f"', i -,' .w ' f ' ' x , MJXX 14 .-0" , fr? xx " ll 1' .1 lr' y t -P' 1-sr-. PROM Qur iunxor prom theme "Blue Hawaii' created an illusion of delightful fantasy through the calorful lighting and beautiful scenery. A Hawaiian atmosphere was created by palni trees scattered about tbe gym and hula dancers gracing the railings. Behind a picturesque little islana, the mural depicted a young couple in a canoe silhouetted against the full moon and glimmering water. The orchestra was inclosed by a typical Hawaiian hut and our king, Qichard Stover, and his queen, Virginia Valle, reigned from a shell-lixc throne enhanced with white satin and filmy blue tarlatan. The grand march was led by the King and Queen, followed by the court, consisting ot J. Ave, J. Brighenti, B. Sands, and R. Zanclla. We can truly say that this was a night which we will always remember with pleasure. ,lf Q ' 'Q X.!- ON FLOOR: F. Wheeler, N. Maenpaa, S. Eddy. SEATED: D. Hockinbrock, D. Pretti, D. Briskie, V. Valle, P. Reardon, J. Lawler, K. Engel. STANDING: M. Alwonen, C. DeCarlo, M. DeRosso, K. Nagro, M. Gibas, M. Peterson, J. Mattei, M. Brown, G. Maki, P. Stremslci, G. Rowe, P. Lupino, J. Gerry. SENIOR CLASS PLAY Under the direction of Miss Helen Weiser, the Hurley High School seniors presented "A Man Called Peter", atl1ree act play by Jol1nMcGreevey. The production portrayed the true life and activities of Dr. Peter Marshall, tlwe min- ister of thc President's Church in Washington, D. C. By using two casts of girls in alternating performances, the play was successfully presented on November 6 and 7. All twenty-tl'iree cast members worked hard to rnalce the play a success, and we will never forget "A Man Called Petcrn. " New Ea led .. 1 . If 9 nf- cle r if F ff Q' ,fy - ND f4 x K MARINE BAND This tall our hugh school was the scene ot one ot the most spectacular band concerts ever presented an our community the President s own United States Marane Band Our musnc department went all out IH promoting thus gala event and It proved and heard ln their matunee performance our gymnaslum was tnlled to capacnty wnth a most apprecuatlve audrence Their performance that nught was equally engoyed by another capacity Crowd We hope that the students nnthe future wall succeed nn gettung tune organlzatuons such as the United States Marnne Band to come tothe J E llurphy Hugh School K fl , f 2' . . , , . I . . . . , . worthwhile, for we feel that this Band is the most colorful we have ever seen Q5 0 lf, , A -565 Rf 0 J W' ' R I QS' A-'gf .42-5' ff, f M M xfjf' xx' K Am M. ROWI D Poynter B Hormo S Wyszynskl J Pu as ROW 'I: K. Murphy, E. Koori, R. M. Moxinoski, P. Pol ROW 2: G. Secbury, M. Rommc, K. Hokolc, Y. Koski, M.E ROW 3 ,x 3 .of CD 'Q amz f J R offini, P. Murncy, C. Briskic, M. E. DcRosso, M Brown. R Chropusuo D Lennon V Borco kolo, J. Carlson, J. Frigo. Johnson, N. Mocnpoo, A. Monson. : P. Murphy, J. Lowlcr, W. Soctcbicr, R. Bcrtug 4-R Q noli, G. Snarski, A. Prothin, K. Sekclsky. 'V EJ" 11 - :,r I L . 1 3 ll 1 'I v I 'V A. it .L 4? 7. ,a n.l+1l'31M2R fi ,lm ROW 1: 5. Holgcrs, C. Zorzycki ROW 2: F. Gibos, J. Stevens ROW 3: S. Holgcrs, D. Soori . Kompsio, G. Pelkolo, K. Consic, J. Tcrro .5 Q I ROW l ROW 2 ROW 3 ROW 4: Pierpont, R. Loihincn Muhonen, P. P. Cortichioto Hormo, E. DeRube6s Hewitt, P. Pinzuti Be 4,49 " "' X , 'Se V 1 . l A xfq , l ,I 1X N .- ' l A .X JT l-ei ROW ln L. Bruncllo, I.. Hornberg, K. Engel, R. Morcllo ROW 2: D. Houswirth, F. Kellerman, P. Stremski, Engel, M. Peterson. ROW 3: R. Rowe, J. Dahl, A. Cclligoro, W. Kompsic. ROW l: J. Zorzycki, B. Briskie, V. Valle. ROW 2: A. Prosek, P. Reardon, M. Gibcus, G. Nelson. MHJORETTES BAND COUNCIL ROW 'I P Reardon E Karrl, P Strcmslu M E Johnson ROW 2 S Holgers K Barca, H Baxter G Pelkola G Muhonen Mr Favulle NQ ii- Thns year the band councll has tried to ralse money for scholarships to the Um 7 versuty of Wnsconsm Musuc Clumc KD The officers elected this year arc ter :cc resident M vu e ns e council advisor "-1'3-3 I u , o n u 4, 0 0 I n , 0 s , 0 , s g...E - A ,-A A Y A 'Q 2, , 'R 1- V Elizabeth Karri, President, and Helen Baxl F ' , - 5 , V' P ' . r. Fa 'll ' th L 1-D C . P ,G Gsm in Ft, ..,. 1 ' 'SWT .- ROW l: K. Murphy, C. Brislcie, D. Saari, C. Zarzycki, F. Gibas, S. Holgers. aari, R. Maxinoski, P. Pelkola, J. Carlson, J. Prigo, J. Zarzycki, E. Briskie, V. Valle, M. Brown, S. Holgers, J. Stevens. ROW 3: M. E. Johnson, N. Maenpaa, P. Murphy, J. Lawler, F. Kellerman, W. Kompsie, J. Dahl, P. Strem- ski, N. Engel, M. J. Peterson, K. Engel, R. Morello, L. Hamburg, L. Brunello, P. Murney, J. Raf- fini, M. E. DeRosso, A. Prosek, M. Gibas. ROW 4: Y. Koski, M. Ramme, W. Soetibier, A. Calligaro, J. Lantta, R. Rowe, D. Hauswirth, P. Cortichiato, P. Pinzuti, G. Pierpont, G. Muhonen, R. Hewitt, D. Harma, R. Laihinen, E. DeRubeis, J. Hakala, K. Borca, K. Valsuano, R. Paiula, H. Baxter, G. Nelson, P. Reardon. ROW 5: K. Hakala, G. Seabury, A. Mattson, K. Sekelsky, A. Prothin, R. Bertignoli, G. Snarski, J. Kompsie, G. Pelkolo, K. Consie, J. Tarro, Mr. Faville, D. Poynter, S. Wyszynski, J. Pudas, R. Chiapusio, D. Lcinon, V. Barca, D. Aho, M. Penna, F. Mattson. ROW 2: E.K :R l ff l Af, l -- 3:7 H BAND A-ef Through Mr Favnlle s capable guidance the band thus year has entered Into a dlstmgulshed posntlon For many years they have been playing Class B competition at the Dlstrlct Muslc Festival but this year they have confudently entered unto Class A competltnon Without Mr Favnlle s unfaulung fauth In the band thus would not have been pos slble Whenever there I5 an actlvlty at the school you wull fund either the band or a representatlvc entertalmng everyone wrth nts fnne musical lectlons If you attend o football or basketball game you wall always fund the band lnspnrmg the school splrut with thenr fune muslc We must gave crednt where credit IS due and commend Mr Favulle and the band for theur wonderful school splrnt and muslcal performances iff ,it -l -ii t- it lx Ji e c 0 OHFXH C --r 'ini Sands W Baxter W Beres D OLeary, G Reed, W Kopacz T Lauren J Kessler P Cook S Thomas, B Brrskne ROW2 K Nagro S Eddy S Holgers P Pelkola V Rernerro S Rokola K Borca C Chrapusro, Crmarostr, D MGXIHOSRI T Thomas W Kompsle, W Lundgren J Scandln P Lombardo R Pa lula R Prsanr C Prosek, G Nolan D Aho B Peterson V Barca J Carlson M DQRQSSQ M Brown F Glbas M Glbas, P DlUlro N Engel Mrs Dahl ROW3 J Gerry, E Kaarr M Luoma J Kopacz C Brrskre J Arducant K Thomas D Nc-ttleblad G Lundberg M Wesolowskr J Hakala D Galka G Pierpont B Soetebrer, R Rowe J Sybeldon B Sargent, P Lescellus, M- Penna J Lundgren H Baxter K Srudden D Soon, J Smrth K Engel R Eddy J Lundgren N Franzor D Zanella M Endrlzzr ROW4 orvala J Catteluno J Mll r I er San s Canara D Brrskre V Valle P e don P Rowe D Poynter J Kompsle J Cattellno L Brunello D Helm A Leppr, G Mak. T N0l0r1 V COFISIQ C Zell D Hockenbrock J Raffrm P Janov, J Martmettl S Burns F Mar tson R Maxrnoskr CHOIR As usual under the func drrectron of Mrs Dahl the chorr has become one ofthe best rn years They are always ready wrth a song for the varrous occasrons that arrrve durrng the school year, such as Chrrstmas and Sprung Festrvals and the many concerts whrch are given rn the course of the year There are many In the chorr who deserve nndlvrdual prarse for their solos and ensem bles at Ashland and at Madrson Every year Hurley rs represented by members ofthe chorr at the State Musrc Festrval And knowrng hard worlcrng determmcd, Mrs Dahl, this year wull not be an exception l T v tl' xfxv if N! v 'l" ' . 4 s - n4i-in fi . ,YA X1 v Q .., A I U 0 -, -5 -- H ' - 1 4 Q- rf 7 p , n' 1 Q' ' ,gi my M 1 . ' ' .i' , 1:1 1 1 f .Ll M Q' N Y Y V v ,. , , - ,nl ' 'V 2 g Q- ,L ' , S. J 1 ' 'f '1'l if . 'fl - - f -- - - A - C - ROW lg J. Korpi, D. Caruso, H. Hongisto, S. Holgers, J. Dahl, J. Lombardo, J. Stevens, J. Coxey, T. I . ,I q , 0 l s 0 , u , s , s I , Z p , 0 , 0 , n , s J l , n , n , n l ' C4 ' ' n ' I, u , u ' a , n ' , . I , - - I ' . . .1 ' 4 ' . -1 ' 1 ' 1 ' 1 ' 1 ' , n , a , Q 0 , 0 , u 0 ' ' u 0 I ' o l J - 'I ' 1 Q I I ' 1 ' I 1 0 , 0 I ' 1 ' b 1 ' I ' 1 9 1 ' I , u I -4 , ' ' 1 'l 1 ' 1 ' , 0 . 0 . I g ' ll 1 ' 1 ' 1 ' 1 ' r ' I I' W J :s.s ,. ae,P.M'll,B. a,J. l',. ' ,,R,,,. rl 1 ' 1 .' 1 ' . 1 ' l 1 ' , s ' , s l I 'I , 1 X' 1 ' 1 ' 1 ' D .1 l s l I, . I , . , n ' ls l I P 4 ,I I . . . ' I . 1, ' . I I I I I V 4 l l l 1' , 1 , L, Q f -,I 'J 7 ., , 1 ,, 1. 1 , l -- y 1 ,, .. , . 1 S. Tvowcs, r' l -s, f. Ncfrc, P. O.llxs, E. ' ' Ktzcrl, ... Bm:-fn:-, T. fwgcl, 5. Dol-15.3. QJF1 ll 3.1. L-c'-1, J. Curlscr, P. Jafwcv ,. wlftszf.. -J .'. 2: M. K. DQQQSSQ, D. Zzfcllu, F.. :rzmz D. 'fuxmzsku O. films: nz. CHOIR R T 7 ROW l: V. Vollc, K. Engel, S. Holgers ROW 2: D. Brnslcno, M. Brown R. Mcxinos ROW 3: P. Qcordon, P. Cook, M. Glbos. .4 Prosck, W. Lundgrcn, D. Golko, D. Hoclfcn- brock. ENSEMBLES ROW l: J. Sccmdin, G. Maki, K. Consic, P. Lom- bordo. ROW 2: T. Nolan, D. Poynter, J. Kompsic, J. Coffcl ino. Q ,DX K fig ? gg eb ,Z fc' M fo Qx J'770NU0op K K ,K K 91659 X-X fx Sf ffm? Q QL f-,L Q K Af if.. 'Y L I - vu 5 ll ff-J' r.,- Vg, - ' 1555 1 . 9 9 , , '-4. fr, lu. Fx 1,7 O A XQEYQYII' X vytqf X pf' MIGHTY MIDGETS TOMMY JOE BOB BUTCH ZENDA DAVE PAUL M RON A . , , 3. .- 'W A x 5 V5 N 3 -QV., ' is If 1 K W 8 ' "gil 14,1 n 91 , 6 'N U L n Se.. 4. ' V gl, -. v "1L M ' 4' , 9 ...U "WJ nab: tm ROWI P Plsanl J Comparm J Buddle J Matteu P Lescellus R Zanella D Prettu T Swanson R Hendrlckson L Valle J Brughentl G Mak: ROW2 J Scandln R Rowe R Morello A Prosek J Scandln R Harnnck E DeRubels G Pierpont T Olsheskl F Casanova W Beres, D Marten: Mr Mrdlenovlch ROW3 W Sargent Mr Zell D OLeary R Pagula R Pusanu G Nolan C Zell G Muhonen,D Jullen M. Sargent W Kopaz R Zanella Mr Guanunzlo FOOTBALL TEAM This year our football team took our school and the rest of the schools by surprise havlng been labeled one of the most light and inexperienced teams on the range The boys on the team came through with flymg colors making every game as rough as they could for their opponents Thesr spurlt and aggresslveness took them through the season better than had been expected We would luke to wlsh Mr Zell and the rest ofthe coach mg staff the best of luck for the coming seasons Hurley Park Falls Hurley Wakefield Hurley Ironwood Hurley Bessemer Hurley Rhlnelander 27 Hurley Tomahawk Hurley Ashland Hurley Superlor East 7 ,A T srl' ' Q J , f "A, gg-Aj . ' , - 1. Z f x 5 . A, ,rf-'K K 'I , Q -I A . . , . j W qi. I Q, 5 I I U . C z .U . . .I . 0 - l. .I I . . ' 0 6 I2 ' 34 8 I5 I9 37 I3 ' 38 26 33 0 26 ' qi A OEASS 4 Qc x RON JOE M H91 FRANK BOB GORDY HOT SHOTS -Krzgx .N P- ill Swanson, J. Mattei, F. Cortichiato, G. Maki, P. Pisani, A. Darin, R. Hendrickson, D. Pretti, R. Stever, J. Brighenti, R. Zanella, Coach W. Zell. - TEAM BASKETBALL ' The Hurley Midget basketball team of this year had a fair season, ending it with'lO Wins and 8 losses. Although the Midgets were handicapped by a lack of experience, they fought hard and were able to surprise everyone by securing a tie inthe Michigan-Wisconsin Conference Title. The Hurley team this year was dominated by seniors. They were: Jim Mattei, Joe Brighenti, Carl Swanson, Frank Cortichiato, Ron Zanella, Gordon Maki, Bob Hendrickson and Dave Pretti. Next year the Hurley team will probably be built around the only juniors on this years team, Paul Pisani and Tony Darin. These two boys have proved themselves with their good shooting and capable rebounding. BASKETBALL SCORES Hurley St. Ambrose Hurley Ashland Hurley Ashland Hurley Superior East Hurley Park Falls Hurley Wakefield Hurley Phillips Hurley Rhinelander Hurley Wakefield Hurley Bessemer Hurle Bessemer Hurley lronwood Hurley Washburn Hurley Mellen Hurley lronwood Hurley Superior Central Hurley Superior Cath. Hurley Medford B - TEAM again this year com- piled a fine record. Coach Gianunzio did a good iob in building thc physical abilities of his Jr. Cagcrs, who probably will form the corc of next year's Midget squad. I 3 4 il, Mr. Gianunzio, G. Bowers, M. Cortichiato, G. Pierpont, J. Comparin, R. Buccanero, G. Maki, D. O'l.eary, R. Vanderschagen. T. Sands, W. Kopacz, T. Yelich, G. Nolan, T. Thomas, D. Julien, R. Pisani, C. Zell, B. Peterson, M. Sybeldon, W. Beres, Mr. Mrdienovich. S. 25 '18 I fue-11-1, F RESHMEN TEAM The freshman team, under the coaching of Steve Mrdienovich, had an exceptionally successful season. This team is the least known, but it gives the players valuable experience which they can use in future years. CHEERLEADERS N N L N 96 QE, D GUST FSON I ' P DIULIO R BERES 1- , " " " " TERM CHEERLEADERS Sahaol Spm ROW G Pre G Ml es RO I 2 R Beres J Kopacz P Murncy P DnUI o ROW3 D Gustafson K Engel N Engel TEAM CHEERLEADERS G Prettl G Mules J Kopacz P Murney Our cheerleaders work hard throughout the year promotmg good schoo splrlt and sportsmanshnp through pep sessnons parades and school protects These vvgorous sup porters of the orange and black travel to all the games doang their best to ch er our team on to vnctary As the captain ofthe squad Karen Engel will be graduatlng Deanna Gus tafson Rose Ann Beres Paulette DlUllo and Nancy Engel will be left to go on wlth the tune 'ob for which we commend them 5 S l ,J ll Y, K f, V ,rsfr , , ,A la. 1fi,.'I V:. ,. ,. ,.'i 66 if W c SKI TEAM This club was formed a few years ago. They have proved themselves very successful, and we hope they will continue on doing their best in the future. Thanks bays for your thrills and spills, and keep up the good work. I I I l ...M f-15 4? J' ' 'W 1 , ,, , gqggi .. 4, ,'l, 'U - ,ji x ., .1 X 1 -.un i - . i ROW l: D. Gustafson, N. Johnson Pellow, D. Pretti, P. Lombardo Pierpont, R. Pisani. HRCHERY TEAM This team that is still young, has proved very successful. The girls are the top shooters in the gym classes. M. Laguna, P. Miller, S. Burns, M. A. Comparin, R. A. Beres, D. Gus- tafson, V. Reinerio, P. Pelkola. UOLLEY BALL TEAM This volley ball team has been the best throughout the year. They worked hard, with the help of Mrs. Mazner, and won the tournaments. I I i J I -..f - K H, l s,zL?.,jA ll sk f - A 'H J. Ave, M. Snarski, M. Hellen, J. Hendrickson, D. Briskie, D. Morello, K. Rosga, J. Canalia, P. DiUlio, P. Cook. wo' Enfael' Gil' Bugle l 01 Vs' 'N Geal: NX, Bro 5 i 3: 001 cm Q. Swell: V' W oc'-' xqds' X1-Xml ' 3-'hop . Q0 xsvje' O. Co'XOu Kbosl Oo 6' Ca O6 I O. l O55 . Qcxcrsoncooki Noonan OCR NN, 5' ofxlv. oi lk' M pi. 206556 Reovacosioqn fl.. 6' PNC: Vo' TN' . '- 20 53 cena '51 ' 90" ' .X i . .. . up X v - 'X A -s x 'X .xl J, 1 x Uwnljl-Ai 3 2.1.11 J 1 pil' , E ist., ,jj E tty' xx X' ilin 1, - ' " K' L5 1 "'-' A If X 4 7 Having enioyed other Logs, we have waited for three years to put one of our own to- l, gether. We feel that we are being original in centering our annual around Indian folklore. Even though we had friendly arguments over the variations of our theme, the time spent was worthwhile, as we feel that our Log is unique. After our theme was chosen the race l ' was on because the deadline was close in sight. 4 7 However, we made it! We hope this Log will bring back to our class all of its fondest Il and happiest memories ofthe four memorable years spent at the J. E. Murphy High School. qt 9 s - A W I -Y Y 75 , , if ir, , , , ' ' ,l',, "i, ' l -7 A y All If YV 3 V l l. . Jw? , wlrgqf' ' A ' J ,' he 'ar l'X NVBU4- 'L A JJ SU H-1 Q ,A-.R UPN 5 ,-' VC '-' uv jmhrii QL-19:1 Y. .. -ar , 40 .41 xx J'hf-I'-Ju J vi '5 , - ,-, 4- -I . - A 4 I L- ix 1 Amen .C . I 4 - I 4 .U ...V !.'A5 fx N--, ri Trax 1' slr" "' A Un' . ' 4. . . w 4 . OR , ,,12'W' "Q, fr , 'Q W .1 5 'N ' x A K ,Auf :Q , fl 'Gif f-'QP' 1 , 'J' 4' 9552" -Q ..r , 'x-Q, . - ,yn Q . -1+ ,Z- v.- -J, ' 'ti -At, , 'QV .-L I i 1 xx H x sa' W .1 iQ- Q ' V X f' "A 2 ' ' " . A r A ' ' r ' .. I' fi fly f .- ' jpg my gg . ' ' ' ,f 5 A ya K V, : I Lf Q. , YV Y ' is ' , 'V ' "G t ' ' 7 ' . , 12- .SJ X in ' A '-L. A lr shi ,bg . A 8- P Store Ben Franklin Brack Electruc Buccanero s Servuce Statnon Calvettn Transportatlon Co Cclvn s Store Charbonneau St Co Cnty Cab Cnty Drug Store Cornolo s Barber Shop SPONSORS HURLEY Fyr Fyter Sales 8 Servuce George Hockln s Grocery George s Super Servucc Glovanon: Hardware Great Lakes Heating Co Haruu Jewelry Howard Hardie Agency Hurley Tile Shop Hurley Tnre and Repalr Hurley Webb Servnce Da Ed oust Pasty Shop T R Lepore Odorlzzr C J Ramaldo her dy s Grocery Erspamer Lumber Co Erspamcr Super Market Eulo s Store lndu ron ron ron ron Joe strlal Pnplng Co Belt Co op County Lumber 8- Fuel County Mnner Exchange Bank s Radlo 8- T V Shop Kopacz Garage Llttle Fvnland Village Motel L 8- M Hardware Montreal Mme Co Murphy s Cafe Oscar Swee Agency Paternaster Shoe Service Paul s Store Pecotte s Jewelry Padre Hardware Prospero Barber Shop Pure Danry Store Ray s Servlce Station Rena s Yarn Shop Saarn s Service Statnon Secor s Barber Shop Shabel s Servnce Statnon Shanghau Cafe Spnc 8- Span Cleaners South Side Grocery Trolla s Meats 8- Groceries Varalln s Grocery Store Frank Mules and Sons Fruendly Flower Shop Allen s Studno AI s Custard Drlve ln Ann s Beauty Shop Bennett Floors Bollch s Grocery Bootery Callngaro 5 Appliance Carlson Conoco Chum s Service Statlon Cloverland Court Coast to Coast Store Dnamond Shop Don s Standard Service Eva Wurl Freedstron s Fnner Shoes Gemsot T V Servnce Gertz Furniture Gogebac National Bank Hamacheck s Drug Store Harold Garvey Plumbung and Heatnng lrn s Body Shop lronwood Dye Works lronwood Glass lronwood Motel lronwood Pharmacy lronwood Surplus Store Martina Grocerles Modern Cleaners IRONWOOD J A Mlnken and Son Jav s Drapery J C Penney Joe s Drlve ln and Pasty Shop John Albert s Jewelers Johnson s Musnc Store Ketola Furmture Kllponen Hardware Larry Boyer s Servnce Station Lelno s Factory Shoe Shop Len s Danry Store Local 'l922 U S W Newport and Geneva Mme Lopez Super Market Lutey s Green House Ma s Kltchen Mary s Lunch Box Mayme s Hugh Style McKevltt Kershner Patrick Company Meyer s Sausage Company Modern Portrant Mt Zion Motel Munarn Agency Naple's Store Natlonal Metals Bank Newman s Furs Vlttane s Motel White Cross Pharmacy Company O Donnell Style Shop Oriental Cleaners Range Jewelers Range Photo Service Ray s Flower Shop Ronnie s Camera Shop Sally s Shoe Shop Santlm Dlstrlbutlng Company Sears Roebuck Company Simmonds Produce Slnger Sewing Center S S Kresge Company Stern 8- Fleld Studden Televlslon Company Tauslgnant Barber Tncknor s Pharmacy T 81 l Panel Co Totem Pole Toy Shop Trler s Drug Store Ulosvch Store Wheeler s Cafe Whlrlpool Applaance Wright and Zann . - I I . , , . . , , Dr. . . l - 0 " ' ' Dr. ' ' I ' Dr. - . 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Suggestions in the J E Murphy High School - Log Yearbook (Hurley, WI) collection:

J E Murphy High School - Log Yearbook (Hurley, WI) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 44

1959, pg 44

J E Murphy High School - Log Yearbook (Hurley, WI) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 41

1959, pg 41

J E Murphy High School - Log Yearbook (Hurley, WI) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 8

1959, pg 8

J E Murphy High School - Log Yearbook (Hurley, WI) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 40

1959, pg 40

J E Murphy High School - Log Yearbook (Hurley, WI) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 9

1959, pg 9

J E Murphy High School - Log Yearbook (Hurley, WI) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 32

1959, pg 32

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