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7 1 . H r ,, n fu K, 1 4, , 1 , 1 1 1 . M ,-'fgwd 5 if a1f9B.....,A,5.,.,LLu..l Kqluji, U. MMM Arwen, mam Gycugj 1 . le'?3'- Ab DIA' ugrglk 066 L45 Qm ?.,f1,.Mjj VLIEIZINI H5- lthaea College - Ithaca, New York 7 m " "g'VWWm x. WF-7, .,.... A .WWW ww Boarding the bus lor camp Freshman arriving at camp Fro h Camp f'It was pretty quiet around Ithaca College after the class of '55 graduated and most of the students went home, but early in September things started happening againg Freshman Camp brought fresh, new faces into town, and it wasn't long before this one new class made Ithaca as lively as all their up- per-classinen combined could've made it. My quiet summer of keeping the school in shape was overg there were more people to get to know and say 'hello' to. "The upper-classman counsellors got to Ithaca first, and, headed by Jack Holcomb, they got the camp in shape. Seems like they'd just gotten the place ready when a bus in front of the college library began filling up with freshmen who had been waiting to come to the camp at Danby. "VVith tired smiles, the counsellors watched 175 freshmen carrying their luggage up the hill to register in the main lodgef, 3 Boy meets girl at registration Outdoor air - Csame boy, same girll - out- - door appetites New frosh - old yearbook "Shyness soon disappears when people are having fun. The freshmen were hardly registered and settled in their cabins when the counsellors started things happening. During the day there were plenty of outdoor games and hikes. Informal cabin ses- sions cleveloped in which counsellors answered each frcshmnn's questions about college. At night there would always be dancing and entertainment in the lodge. It was too cold at night to sit around an outdoor campfire. The joke of the camp was the fellow who brought one blanket." Counsellor supervising freshman orientation Counsellors sing alma mater for frosh Left to right: D. Taylorg L. Carrollg J. McKennag E. l-Iarbaughg R. Doloanos Ll. Banfieldg P. Arcurig S. Parlcsg C. Abarg A. Vllheelerg B. Haywoodg B. Lone J. Holcombg E. Adamsg F. Baldwing T. Mele. I Q , sl -gt i : z " ' L .... . Q ..... J :':w'z-. , .,.,.,., H ff X . ,X -5 ,A f g 5'iI"W wi! -' 'Y , . si dv , 1.5395 3 . A 1 3 2 .53 "La an in qx. 1 azwfff Nam , qaggzv: YW,fNf-:- A Q 'K Q3 lf, V M 1' -ww' " ,. . nr Nm. 1 x w 4 x , w Wl1at's the motto? No school today! Camp's over Leonard B job A B M A , Ph.D. "The freshmen seemed most impressed by the way the deans of the College fdeans are supposed to be old and stuffyl visited the camp to join in the fun. Hlt was a successful camp. Later, back in Ithaca, the counsellors told me, 'It's going to be Z1 great class' I thought so too." Dean of VVomen Dean of Students E. Gretchen Taylor Earl E Clark AB., MA. B.S., M S Ed D 'H wk cw 'Kai 9 . ,. x ,Y ,-Q' N N k ,N W gk , Ywwiigaiy, X ' u 1 3" ,Mr 12 my f .. , V QA' --:,., ,W ..,,. .4 ww-mmwwmnw-V -f,-,vampga-f1,,4 'W arsity Soccer Team Left to right, first row: H. I-Iotalingg B. Paradising M. VVhiteg L. Sandy L. Zinnantig I. McEvoyg L. Gergerg A. Clarkg J. Kula. Second row: B. Fishellg R. Stoney F. Bleiberg R. Beckerg D. Gilletteg R. Davidsong I. Srnithg B. Punckg I. Yavits, coach. Third row: C. Buelg B. Fentong J. Thomasg E. Iiiiightg Zonnevylleg G. Reitherg Panettag A. Auerg R. Hoytg M. esi. "The first excitement over sports was stirred up by the soccer team this fall. The boys took on teams like Brockport and Cortland, but they managed to round out the season with zr record of four wins, five losses, and two ties. A few outstanding players, like jim Zonnevylle and Hank I-Iotaling, backed by good teamwork, led the squad to its victories over Hamilton, Rochester, Syracuse and Hobart." The score is . . Class of ' 9 Left to right, first row: R. Tropeanog Landsbergg N. Mayg M. I-Iallg M. O'Donnel1g W. Buckleyg V. Smithg L. Lovett. Second row: L. Harringtong A. Fortyg M. Levenbergg S. Kurtz S. Magaverog M. Elchysheng S. Huntg Carneyg L. Tackaburyg M. Prescottg R. Marra. Third row: O. Keehnerg H. Wallaceg E. Shusterg D. Meltzerg R. Williamsg B. Barrettg V. Kimmonsg I. Twymang R. Kudla. Fourth row: G. Youngg E. Milesg K. Smithg B. Iohnsong C. Baileyg P. Gordong Lawsong B. Wadeg K. Dunmoreg C. Buelg A. Gage. Left to right, first row: L. Minkler, J. John- song A. Bnrdslcyg S. Stewartg P. Parshall Second row: C. Gurtong M. Ornatog F. Mur- phyg C. Carpenter: J. Drumg M. VVhite5 ,I Blyg R. Lynng T. Rusmusseng S. Miller. Left to right, first row: S. Litchensteing S. Safontinig G. Marsh. Second row: I. Rockag C. Shayg I. Malorzog J. Iohnstong D. Wormuth. Third row: N. Ippolitog S. Harrisg D. Sovikg L. Andersong R. Violig C. Petitog I. Kettner. Left to right, first row: C. Gilles- pieg B. Boiihorst. Second row: D. Waiteg K. McDavitg A. Bowlbyg J. Slyg R. Buchanang R. Rochg R. El- liottg R. Mann. Third row: O. Keelmerg I. Folandg G. Dunfeeg J. I-Iasseg A. Kaplan. Left to right, first row: E. Halperng P. Bienstockg H. Wag- nerg C. Cordong S. Langeg M. Ruthg B. Zahrt. Second row: Carpenterg L. FitzPatrickg T. Clurkg R. Mnrellag D. Barsomiang R. Levyg V. Colapintu. Left to right, first row: L. Stravatog P. Dcmatellag A. Zollwegg R. Run- kleg T. Maxong S. Fultz. Second row: F. Ridleyg C. Gaydoshg T. Goodchilclg E. Dominiakg W. Ruli- song R. Kronsbergg G. Werthg M. Linkg IT. johnsong C. Toryla. Left to right, first row: S. Anthonyg I. Barnurdg L. Lcvineg R. Aldrich. Second row: Leesong VV. Hinug D. Cornishg E. Colbertg F. Spragueg V. Lescheg Potterg R. Slnmkow- skig B. Wzirclg B. Heller. I2 Left to right, first row: S. cog W. Basalg B. Curryg B. Lefguistg P. Dzmnibaleg J. D. Browng j. Swan. Scco Luthcrg T. Rusmusing B. R. Ginicckig B. Rudderg Third row: P. Wright: M. VVihsie: D. Kramer. , . ilm, ,,,, - .. is .W ,N ,, . K ,. " ' A . ' ,filiil 2 ' "Hr c iilliiii' - me it THX : llizizii i,,, m Niwj -Lf-1l.k'T up LM . Niigimj ., Qgkwmi, H H Left to right, first row: 1. Kulag T. Modianog F. Cirillog M. Dalrympleg T. Bui tino. Second row: C. Oweng O. I-Iudsong I. Bassig B. Hunterg R. Paradag N. Fuchsg R. Militellog C. Civitello. Third row: W. Murray, Iuddg F. O'Connor3 I'l. Barrg N. Regerg M. Edlifseng L. Cuomo: P. Johnsong R. Del Russog I. Bushg N. Watkirisg A. Hirt. "Every Fall DeVVitt Park becomes dotted with blue beanies, but this time there were more than usual. Looked to me like the biggest freshman class vve'd ever had. Looked that way to them too when they had to wait in line at registration." D. Bryang C. Linichg Silvestig 9 R. David- Lcft to right, first row: G. Bensong P.. Funckg VV. Mockg R. VVexler. Second row: D. VVestp V. Lehtog E. Sheridan: E. Grollg L. Moreeg I. Gunter. Third row: R. Grahamg P. Nictakis Song R. Thalerg Nl. Sheag T. Philo. Tascug E. Luthcrg J. Sac Properg L. Zinnantig I Cebhardtg K. Westccrttg nd row: D. Bishopg E. Thorshmidtg T. Romeo' R. Shoulesg Socinski Ccrronig j. Chesleyg T I3 t - .. ....., Ilan Left to riiht, first row: J. Hawesg D. Alekg J. Dockerctlyg G. Henciyg K. Leydeckcrg L. Barncttg A. Snope gE. Caster F. Shadruffg H. Stanton. Secon row: R. Koufg M. Bakerg B. johnsong I. Lubatkiug D. Schroderg P. Noun: H. Shapirog D. McNittg A. Steing R. Brunog I. Schwartz. Third row: M. Baker A. Walterg VV. Corrigang D. Freundg P. Socciarellig R. Gailowg R. Daven- portg I. Lowreyg M. Varneyg M. Quinng B. Wexler. Fourth row: R. Weisgerberg A. Springg G. Klineg O. Christenseng D. Jakubiakg J. Flynng I. Galving S. Collinsg J. Currang P.. Eastbury. Fourth hour of registration Freshman Dance "The first dance was cle- signcd to get freshman Cand sophomore and junior and scniorj boys acquainted with lrcshnmn girls. As usual, it started with boys standing in ziwlcwurcl groups and girls waiting nervously. But, hy thc end of the evening, thc floor was Iiillcd with danc- ers." Lett to right, first row: R. Morang J. Blumenaug L. Cum mingsg L. Prettymang C. Hendy. Second row: C. Vieni H. Dulceg J. Riverag J. Robertsg G. Browng A. Kendall B. VVooclg C. Mandia. Third row: P. Gattig E. Nlullins D. Brennang C. Mullins. Left to right, first row: I. Burris M. Shultzg R. Giglio J. McAlonic. Second row: R. Coleg E. Botniclcg R. Drain, J. Wilkirisoimg M. Gerbasig R. Browng R. Priceg I. Reed. . ,- ,'6..f?!?.. 'f bmw- - '?""V . .. .. 311639973231 ' 'E Wi i"":'V':,'. " ' A' f Outset: J. Kniffen, pres. Left to right, first row: D. Brown, Pt. Stoddard, J. Palmer. Second row: J. Martin, hist.g R. Goncler, SQYC.-21lZ'2lI'Il1S, D. Betts, rec. sec.g P. Miller, vice-pres.g A. Riley, treats., M. Corciltro, chap.g W. Shil- lington, corr. sec. Third row: A Pernasellig D. Millerg Roach, R. Salisa buryg H. Hughes, H. Catherwoodg R. Sitterly. Fourth row: D. Vistoccog J. Palellag A. Levineg G. Suplcog N. Warnerg D. Everitt. Delta Kappa Name, address, telephone number? . "T he first fraternity to greet the new fresh- men was Delta Kappa. The members were right on hand at registration getting each stu- clent's name and aclclress for their stuclent cli- rectory. Since it contains the phone numbers ancl aclclresses of every stuclent in school, this little clirectory turns out to he one of the most useful reference books at Ithaca College. Each tributes the clirectory for stuclents here. "Delta Kappa, a national honorary fratern- ity, has been here at Ithaca since 1931, ancl this year the hoys got themselves a new Fra- ternity house." 16 year Delta Kappa compiles, eclits, and clis- Inter- Departmental Educational Organi ation Co-ed at Co-Recreation An old story now "People had been talking accreditation around here for a long time, and, last April, it finally happened. The Middle States Association gave us their seal of approval. Accreditation perked up student morale and brought about a fast growth of our liberal arts department. The separate departments began working to- gether making the aims of activities like Co-Recreation and or- ganizations likc IDEO a lot easier to realizef' Left to right, first row: B. Griffingg C. Abar, treas.g V. Havrilkag Dr. Chen, advisory D. Colquhoung E. Kantosg B. Merrillg S. Mickelg VV. Ruger. Second row: I. Millerg P. Coxg N. Fuchsg M. Kiffg L. VVag- nerg B. Linkg G. Shawg M. D'Amore, vice-pres. Third row: F. Baldwin, Student Council rep.g A. Kayeg C. Cvorclong L. Carroll: R. Laddg B. Boleg H. Houghtal- ingg L. Peetsg VVilcoxg D. Drummg B. Bromley, sec.g L. Bakos, pres. -..Kira at Left to right, first row: C. Vienig L. Nlolisanig A. Gageg D. Wfinterg T. LaPlacag R. Salem: Finsterg A. Hirtg P. Noung R. Tropeanog C. Cirillo. Second row: M. Cordarog R. McFarlaneg S. Weinerg M. Coheng W. Piscitellig P. Nicktakisg D. Disting J. Kalinowski. Third row: B. Wadeg I. Dunlapg Pi. Marellag N. I-Iarrisg E. Stohrerg C. Seagerg R. Priceg J. Twyrnang A. Clark. Fourth row: I. DeMatog R. VVilliamsg K. Dunmore. "The hoys on the football team managed to stay cheerful this year in spite of a lot F 0 0 ly 3' I 1 of tough luck. After the Willces game jerry Kniffen got hurt in an automobile accident, and the boys seemed to lose their good start on the season. In spite of this Iieff to right: W. Citlaneg, assg. lglaclcfiild 602163113 ?17V.E ME- loss, they lJeCz1mC li1i0Wn fOr having the ar arxe, managerg . ami ton, ea coacig . oo , res - b. t L Q d Fe K, 2 N. all . H ' man coachg A. Wi helm, backfielcl coachg H. Broadwell, line tlfs nge lmlmg Sml C0 eges m coachg D. Parsons, manager. 15' f'Ar the encl of the season Don Diston was chosen as the mtlst valuable player of the year." 1 Qual Now listen! 8 mdk i rr' ,. 13,3 1 wwe Q as E 1 Q Q3 Q15 F7 Q Q w 3 ' A GQ f-1f ' '1 4 1 A all 1 :::.:asas-:zz ,1,-. K, 9 ,M is sb A ,-ff I . 1 "lt didn't matter what kind of weather we had this fall, if the football team could play, the marching band could march. The bandls director, Tom Pulaski, led them through all kinds of weather in a fine dis- play of music and marching. "It got so the marching band was a nec- essary part of every football game. Their brassy chorus inspired the rooters to louder cheering, and they performed some smart marching at half time to entertain the spec- tators. Director Thomas Pulaski arching Band Ithaca, thou lovely city 'iThe marching band's neat performances are no acci- dent, though. Many times during the week I hear the kids in the band complain- ing about having to go to practice, but, if they don't like rehearsals, the practice still docs them a lot of good as anyone can see by their performance." U Twirling, Squad Kneeling: S. Aronson. Left to right If. Broun N X mchrsm D Whitney Fi ht Team i ht "We can't ignore the girls. "The twirlcrs are always right out in front of the marching bancl at half time. Our twirling squad consists of three pretty girls and one lucky clrum major. This lively team always seems to put on a good show. "The twirlers have the spotlight at half time, but the cheerleaders take over during the game. This cheerleading squad seems tireless, and is always hopping up whenever time is called to leacl the rooting section in another cheer. Wlietlrcr the Bombers are win- ning or losing, they can he sure of strong moral support, thanks to these active girls." Cheerlcutling Squad Left to right: C. Yoggyg H. Ebbetsg B. Wilscing H. Stantong K. Sclrillrothg S. VVhitney. Left to right, first row: M. Levenbergg H. Tsao. Second row: M. Linkg I. Buys, scc.g S. Parks, Pres. E. Kantos, vice-pres.g V. Smithg M. Gerbasi. Third row: M. Tylerg H. VVagncrg M. Dulrympleg D Bryang L. Steeng R. Smith. Fourth row: P. Pelcharg A. Pompeii: S. Lzmgeg B. Burrettg M. O'Donnell. Egbert Hall I 20 -. -gvmxx X :N I 1 ff if 8 wx! 4 my WMM? gig . 1. 1 A? f -..,i 1 n , iw 1 ,,f,-1.51: ' ff Q 34? . H, 1 , A f- -' ' 1 .f 5" f.v"lf:r N" . ,. 1-rf: 1: if:-.1 5- , i--f ,ga-1' , f-frfswarlffff. 43. . . 1-:N-U , 4..v- -- :'1 2 :-... A '-'K " Mfg ' Left to right, first row: P. Frey, sec.-treas.g C. Chapman, prcs.g S. Whitney, vice-pres. Second row: R. Dobrxs C Cholewag Mrs. Taylor, advisorg M. D'Amorep S. Boydeng J. Tyler. Women' Ci ie Committee "Sometimes an encouraging majority of the student body turns out for an event, proving that there is school spirit here. This fall, when the VVon1en's Civic Committee held its carwash for the benefit of Kim, the Korean war orphan Ithaca College had adopted, a surprising number of stu- dents turned out to work. Cuess when the goal is worthwhile, the student body will give a hand. "The W.C.C. is made up of girls from all de- partments of the college working to promote under- standing between students and the administration. This aim has been realized in such innovations as later permissions for the girls." 24 Solnebod f ass the soa 1 5 P l "Early in the year the freshman girls were kept hopping. They were weleomecl at the Big Sister Tea, a formal party at the home of Dr, and Mrs. job, where the girls met their 'big sisters'. Shortly after that they were busy preparing this year's pro- duction of 'Fresh l:rolics,' a show which the girls from each department put together in hopes that their team will take first place." 4 l Q i I i I l 1 l M Wigs. Tea, and Frolic K 1 Big and little 'sisters' meet for tea 25 Left to right, first row: J. Patch, sec.g S. Hanleyg N. Jamison hi. Tylerg B. Dorwalcl. Second row: S. Boycleng L. Dihlzxsog I Seeleyg D. Watkinsg E. Kantosg S. Parksg S. Mickelg J. Silver- man, vice-pres. Third row: N. Bellucciq 1. Kofflerg W. Pmugerg C. Pirkog R. Plattg K. Bogart. . . V . - v M X.. '. V- . . ' ..r.:- nf 4di!im4 Left to right, First row: J. Longg C. Horny J. Krong V. Havrilka L. Demetriaclou. Second row: G. Terwilligerg I. Tromblyg C Ricky R. Beclrerg R. Dobrisg B. McArdleg A. Walslig B. Griffing. Thircl row: D. Bcsigg R. Drumnig B. Hughesg R. Apling R. Vchar G. lVlucDougul. "lt's quite an honor to belong to Adelphi, the freshman lion- or society, since 21 student has to be in the top two percent 0 O of his class and show signs of leadership to be considered for membership." Director of Admissions Admissions Counselor Ben Light Lloyd R. Meeker "The Admissions De- partment tries to find prospective stu cl e n t s who are likely to prove their worth as students at Ithaca College." 1 3 "Girls can be as active in physical eclu- cation as boys arc. At our college they even have their own fraternity, Phi Delta Pi. "This honorary fraternity is usually busy with something. One of their more suc- cessful activities is organizing and spon- soring square dances. The girls have prov- ed to the rest of us that this old dance is as popular toclay as it was in the horse ancl buggy days." Our fraternity house Phi Delta Pi Left to right, first row Mrtcjlyi, B Bole Second row I Dauchv, P Arcuri pres , D Col D Amore, I Arll, M Russo, sec ' 'L . .if z . . ,' . ', .' . quhoung l-I. Elghetsg E. Darling, treas. Third row: C. Abar, vice-pres.g V. Cummertong M Left to right: Craig McHenry, Prof. of Musicg Donald Bube, Ass't. Prof. of Musicg Ferdinand Pranzatclli Assoc Prof. of Musicg Bert Rogers Lyon, Prof. of Nlusicg Thomas Pulaski, Ass't. Prof. of Musicg Martin Roscnwasser Ass't. Prof. of Musicg Donald Wells, Ass't. Prof. of Musicg Walter Beeler, Prof. of Music. "That music buildings never quiet. A different kind of music comes out of every window and the young musicians, inspired by their professors, can also be heard practicing all around school. "The music faculty likes their students to keep busy. Things always get lost in the rush. This year I found some of their for- gotten musicg 'Scampersf Bach and 'Oklahoma!'." The music building ff! ,, X W I ki" ...-: ,. ilii- k, K 0? W ,A J L-. , ' ww,-w,E,. 7f'f':',- L f- ,f r ' ' .., .:s..A. .QB !9?i" W ,..,. , A 1'21f 4. .6 'ix X, ,,.,..1,.,:,:.:,::: A Y. A V xg ' f ' 1.4,- 'Y . x S .. X,.,....,,v,. 9.7 Q, 3 x 4 iggiaiiwwuhiwwurw ,,M,v ,,,Ax , M. ,,,,mX .f,XAwW ,.Q5aaaawwiinQnuunnnuu wiiimym if ,iii 3,2 My . , .:,,: , w' f we in Q 'gm 3 zi'Q' ICT , iv-: 'Avi 1 ,Lf Your ship is the I-l.M.S. Indomitablc now.' 6Bill Budd' "A sign on the call board always tells us when there's a show coming up in the theatre. Pretty soon the Green Room fills up with hopeful actors trying out for the show. Then the east list goes up, ancl only half of the people get east. "Rehearsals start, ancl that means late hours For all of us. The actors get excited as the hox office opens and performance night gets close. After weeks of rehearsals, the show is ready For an audi- H CUCC. 30 I mrunmra 0 'No need to speak now, Billyf The sky is falling BOX QFFICE mmxuusfk 10" P Six tickets For Saturday night? 31 Opening Night "Opening night of 'Billy Budd' was a big event. Guess those weeks of rehearsal were really worth it after all. The theatre seemed pretty quiet when the applause liz-lcl enclecl and everyone was gone." 32 E, , ,, 1 E M " ..., 1 ' ' 2f E'4'ff':-1-'T' M4 pi M 1 ui -'-" ' "" .- I A 'f .fb ,Q 1 -'Q .,.,. ,f mb - , A fa 2 . f ' f A X Q 4 s N lx y 5 x 5 2 a, , pm, "HV xqw 3, ' -rf ' V1 f f 54 -1 I 'A 'XL Y' :fl , . 4' . 1' Q, in -- , V: as " : 2" W . : ggi QW ,MS ?',! ,, HS wg-'Sig ,,kg,2, Top: Bottom: Assistant Treasurer Registrar joseph N. Mayer, Ir. Florence M. Howland Admini trati e Officer Lillian S. Vail Supt. of Bldgs. and Grounds Marilyn Sanford, clerk David W. Cowan Alumni Secretary Hi ' "People sometimes say our Student Council isn't a strongorganization, but l'm not so sure. It seems . most of their work goes uuheralded. Many people I don't know that the council sponsored Freshman Camp and that each year they sponsor Fall VVeek- end. These activities were both great successes this year, thanks to the work of the Student Council, heralded or unheraldedf' Left picture, left to right: Dr. Clarke, advisorg F. Baldwin, pres.g R. Cleghorn, vice-pres., J. Decker, Sec.-treas. Right picture, left to right, first row: H. Feldsherg I. Seeleyg R. VVilliamsg P. Saggese. Second row: W. Traphagang J. Hcwittg C. Chapman: A. Asnuith: C. Pirko. - And now for your listening enjoyment . . . Nlrs. Taylor honored at Open House ITJ "VVe have our own radio station, WITJ, which broadcasts regularly from the radio workshop. Un- der the supervision of Robert Earle and Randolph Gretes, the gang over at the radio shack runs the whole works. They're busy with classes during the clay, and they're busy at night when WITJ goes on the air and they get a chance to use what theylve learned. The station features disc jockey and dra- matic shows and covers all college concerts and ball games. "People who wanted to sec just what the inside of a radio station looked like got their chance this fall when VVITJ held its open house. For the station, this was only the first in a number of plans for the year. The plans were big enough this year to take care of the largest enrollment we've ever had in the radio departments." Stewart Hou e '1 3 1 Left to right, first row: M. Wilsong R. Wexler. Second row: C. Civitellog B. Enker, treas.g J. Lazarony, pres.g A. Quisr, house chaperoncg B. Kern, vice-presq Pm. Dokianos, sec. Third row: P. Coxg M. Kiffg N. Saxtong L. Daviesg R. Wuvra. Fourth row: Nlillcrg B. VVils0n3 N. Fuchsg Carneyg C. Claremont. 37 Girl ' Badminton and Tumbling 'The Aurora Gym is lively on playtlays as the girls call those clzrys when they meet for competitive sports. BZlCllT1i1'1fO1l is always popu- lar on these Clays and I hear our girls, team took the doubles trophy at Cortland this year. Well, we tried. The Girls also keev in trim bv nractiein FD . tLll'l1lJllDf7 which is a ma or wart ol the re ular an .l 1 , physical education program." Rock and roll 38 l Aim to please Archer "And when the unpredictable Ithaca weather allows it, the girls go out to Stewart Park for archery classes. Here they try and try to hit the bull's-eye, and before the semester is over, they're succeed- ing. The archery class is envied by many of the girls in other depart- ments because it gets away from the gym and is the only class with a view of Lake Cayuga." 'P 39 'vf,f?iL.fT"f ALI, 'lil' . AT ijfsal' . i ggligg 'llllwlii ' 'ff' 6 I . 1 Qilllw ull: 'im' U llllki i ,,lgE: Left to right: R. Tecleschig Dr. Ogcieng L. Demetriacloug V. Hinkleg Dr. Batesg D. Sassy T. Monsellg N. Fuclisg S. Lange. lnlirnmr Dr. George McCauley, Medical Directorg Sara McDonald, ln- firmary Nurse, RN. Literal' Club "There always seemed to be a relaxed atmos- phere about our English department and this feel- ing is also present in the Literary Club. Students who are really interested in extra reacling find the club's meetings educational and a lot of fun." ,i .,,,... H ,... ,, .,f.,,i:s. W , , llwse, X ,lu ..i,:,,- ,Xe . , ,, , 1 , ir, .. I 5 i i - 2:s... it - III if i i i . 9 A ..,e e if ' 2 LK, A WI! Left to ri ht firQt row' J. I'Id'lSC' I Sade: Second row. A Borden vice-ues C. Dhundt treds. Mrs Sim gs - - 'f'n- 'JY ' r '1A'5 a 'AQ - mons, house chaperoneg A. VValsh, pres.g R. Eastbury. Third row: C. Fullerg B. Aheloveg j. Cebhardtg B. Boll- horstg J. Currang K. Schillrothg S. Collins. Fourth row: J. Gurneyg B. Auerhaang J. Blumenaug F. Stempler D. VVatkins. Bert Roger Lyon Hou e chool ol Health and Physical Education 'People who graduate from our physical educa- , tion department don't have to look far to find a job. The college's graduates seem to be in great demand. Last year the department, under Dean I-lill, had no trouble placing all of its graduates in good jobs and finding positions for its returning veterans too. The five-year plan, which was introduced last year, is being followed by students who want to earn a Master of Education degree. 94 freshmen got started on the course this year." Dean of School of Irlcalth and Physical Education Laurence Hill Lcft to right: Robert Biglcy, Prof. of Physical Educationg Isadore Yavits, Prof. of Physical Educa- tiong Rita LaRock, Ass't. Prof. of Physical Educationg Arnold VVilhelm, Assoc. Prof. of Physical Educationg Karl Birttell, Instructor in Physical Educationg Martha Kelsey, Ass't. Prof. of Physical Etlucationg Joseph Hamilton, Ass't. Prof. of Physical Educationg Carlton Wood, Ass't. Prof. of Physical Education. -11 Left to right, first row: W. juddg M. Coheng D. Feldmang R. Burnellg R. Slomkowski. Second row: Mr. VVood, coachg A. Marshg T. Almeterg I. Panetmg L. Molisanig A. Zodikoff, manager. Third row: M. Blaskg J. Zonnevylleg A. Chadwickg P. Rackliug I. Kuaak Ithaca ss Snmpbon V. 2 ' Ithaca captures hall from Ryder .,. Ba ketbal "After fifteen games and a record of eight victor- ies against seven losses, the basketball team felt a winning streak coming on. At this time the boys on the team were saying that the National Col- legiate Athletic Bureau placed Ithaca first among small colleges in foul shooting. Besides that, the Bureau listed Al Chadwick as fourteenth in the nation For free throws. Looked like a successful seasonf, i Chadwick scores 45 Q35 .. 2 2 i 3 ,M... .. .,...--.W mwmg 1 E LM W H.. .-Www-2' . .. . W, - - ..,..-.-.1-Q 1 T 5 4 Mes.. Z.. ,- ,,,... . ..,-.. -mmm: 33 5! 5. ...ii 4 .ff .......,,........... Left to right, first row: R. Apling D. Zohng L. Dcwlarcog C. I-Iigginsg M. Clement. Second row: B. Griffingg C. Carrollg A. Buemi. f' ' 'f""" " Wm-43' Class of '58 Left to right, first row: M. Gutterman. Sec- ond row: J. Kofflerg K. Lawsong R. Purretteg D. Taylorg B. Haywoodg J. Bcarceg R. Gin- ieclci. T year's sophomore class. Seems like they ways planning some sort of activity." Left to right, first row: V. Egglestong D. Mehlenbacherg NI. Sharak. Second row: J. Duncang F. Cicero. Third row: I. Minerg C. Gupton. Fourth row: C. Wheelerg N. Bel- luccig VV. Ruger. ff , J "ln this school there's a thing called the 'sopho more slump' which is a name the students h'1vc given to the inevitable slowing-down process which comes about in the second year of college. But there didn't seem to be much of a slump in this were 11 Left to right, first row: H. Hammerg A. Berkowitz. Second row: Sincockg I. Wilcoxg A. Pinslci. Third row: Brydges, pres.g N. Appelg N. VVarner. Will' me-r' wmv ff W Tfmfi .4 . .M...5r1, 'H :xc L4 44 Left to right: E. Dizlmondg B. Bromley L. DiMaso5 S. jamisong I. Krong I. Mun Left to right, First row: T. Gstapuck. Second row: M. Sheffekl S' Mlckel' Welchg D. I-Iutchg L. Banfieldg V. Stuartg F. Murlcy. Third row: A. Kemlerg C. Marshg R. Plattg R. Dokiauos. I I I .Uris-f?'if'f' ""ilW8TM?L'f "TWfvM 4513131-15" " V TWV ' - "' ' odel nited tion "You hear a lot about the United Nations these days, and some people up at Cornell even organized a Model United Nations. Stu- dents from Cornell and Ithaca College at- tended the convention as delegates from UN member nations. Between meetings thc dele- gates got better acquainted at dinners with foreign students and at a dance given for them on 'All Nations Nightf The highlight ol! the convention was a talli by lVlrs, Franltlin D. Roosevelt on 'The LIN in an Underdevelopecl e man Club Mrs. Roosevelt greets IC student at reception "The Newman Club at Ithaca College is a Catholic organiza- tion which tries to keep religion in the college life of its members. The club meets twice a month to discuss religious topics, and every month they meet for a communion breakfast. "They go in for social activities like picnics and their welcome dance for freshmen. They often hold dances jointly with the club members at Cornellfi Left to right, first row: A. VValsh, vice-pres.g L. Carrollg G. Malorzog G. Browng Pt. DelRusso. Second row: A. Car- rollg F. O'Connorg j. Salemmeg A. Buttinog M. Miller, sec.3 P. Liverio. Third row: R. Ginieckig I. Currang L. Di- Nlasog Swang M. Hallg R. Roch: N. lppolitog W. Nlclnerneyg D. Meltzer. l i T J 3 iiii ,H i v fi ,,,..,. 1 1-still' ish i .f ui ' as iw We . it y ,.. lb. 1 ...... U? V . is ill? ii il Success formula General College Department of Business Left to right: Gordon Chen, Ass't. Prof. of Accountiugg Ia ck Gelfancl, Ass't. Prof. of Economicsg Ruth Konkle, Ass? Prof. of Sec. Scienceg Frank Kolmin, Ass't Prof. of Accounting. 50 Business by degrees Hlt seems like the business department at ltllaea College contains some of our most all-arouncl people. You'll see a business stu- clent in clrzunatie productions, on tbe bas- ketball team, and participating in just about every activity. They seem able to go into anything with an open mind, ancl maybe tl1at's why tlie department turns out so many successful people. "Each year the department arranges field trips like this year's trip to the National Cash Register Companyf' K . , Blackboard battle Left to right, first row: P. Rupert. Second row: B. Drexlerg A. Kaye, vice-pres.g S. Hzmley, pres.: M. Kehoe, sec I. Schoonmaker. Third row: S. Tarrg C. Gordong P. Kerng B. Mecklcg M. Codyg P. Parslmllg R. Frizzi. V, jfs 07600 an ' Ml "' ,KI-M'-5 WM54 MH' -. 1-J: , A 4- 033226. ?l.Zu,Jw7'QQffUZi4QadL'ww H ff' fad. M 7755 6 El 4 "j"'?-9'-'f Ii 924. Zu ff we 7 -vfwmwffgfb . jaw.-Q4 WLM J ffs Ewa, Ed? 52 ll gr iw' gs? , , " E 5: ii ,Ili Wag- V1 .M Pi Theta. Phi "Pi Theta Phi is our professional physiotherapy fraternity at Ithaca College. They concern themselves with keeping up a spirit of pride and unity within the physiotherapy department, and they practice what they preach. For instance, they publish the 'Fizzio Follies,' a magazine that keeps physio students up to date on the newest methods being used in their field. The magazine is also sent to the alumnae of the physiotherapy department. Besides publishing the 'Fizzio Folliesf which certainly seems like a full-time job, Pi Theta Phi sponsors quite a few educational pro- grams during the course of the year." Left to right, first row: M. Tyler, vice-pres.g H. Litt, pres.g A. Kaye, sec. Second row: E. Kantos S. Parksg In Cirruzzog B. Kerng A. Nlakransky. 'cf Left to right, first row: T. Murakamig D. Vistoccog E. Sullivang T. Borriellog J. I-Iughesg S. Zuccarelli. Second roW:D. VVl1itloclcg D. Sovikg R. Davisong R. N1cFarlaneg R. llochg R. Appleg D. Bills. Third row: C. Vanl-Iorn, trainerg R. Saleng R. Marellag R. Violig R. Genclerong E. Mycrsg P. Nicktalcisg A. Gageg Mr. Broadwell, coach. re tling "lt's nothing like the kind of wrestling you see on television when our wrestlers get out those mats. Our wrestling squacl has built up a name for itself in the past, and this year two of our wrestlers, Dom Vistocco and Dave Wfhit- lock, will compete in the Inter-State Championships at Cleveland." Four-legged monster d"""l' ""I"" """' 'N L' ,lf l r 1,1 4 i r l '1 blip 1 1. lf Young man meets diathermy machine 4-Q 57 s , , Deep heat treatment York Cit Physiotherap "After three years at lthaca, our physiotherapy seniors in New York City find themselves getting right out and collecting practical experience' They say the mornings are spent in classes just like the mornings here, but the afternoons are spent treat- ing actual hospital cases. Those complicated dia- grams in textbooks become real machines that have to he operated, and 'case A' is a real person. The seniors feel that working in various hospitals and lending a helping hand in overcrowded clinics is valuable training, By June physiotherapy seniors are back in Ithaca for a well-earned diploma on graduation day." Director of Division of Physiotherapy A. Carman Dingwall Division oi Physiotherap "The great thing ahout physiotherapy stu- dents is that they're working for a worthwhile goal, the ability to treat and rehabilitate the physically hanclicappecl. After two years ol' prep- aration in classes with 'Mix Bonesf the skeleton in their closetg and judgment clay, that test to encl all testsg the students are reacly for some practical experience. Physio juniors treat patients at the colleges own clinic in the physiotherapy build- ing, ancl they spend their second term working at the Reconstruction Home in Ithaca." Ultra-violet treatment - 'SE?.1?Q?ffhf4ff'EY!Liliff H, :L , " 5 "3,2iiiI'f."I,Ii'zfxiiby: gf, ". ' -TX 4- ,, , wg , . f f 'vokiwf ,azfixla . A - 'Q .KK Y sf ra-f-4 'hm Left to right: Edward Secber, Ass't. Prof. of Scicnccg Frank Alo, Instructor in Physiotherapy Helen Hood, Assoc. Prof. of Hiologyg Cecil VVest, Prof. of Anatomy. 'I just wanted nn aspirinf rrrrr ML . -e 2 ,,,,,,, k N: ...... on I rrrrr Mllg .rw N -Ill ' 1 s 4 mf" . Hi! L. Na., I , 9 camper LeFt to right: Jack K utz, chairmang Williaiiii El- liott, Jrod. mana 'er' Bruce FOlll1lCl' ass't. arod. l E- v i l IU klllllgef . "Students seein to like heing given a chance to show just what they can do in the line of showmanship. Every year they give a show called 'Scampers' which is designed to give all students this chance. The students write the show, direct it, act in it, design their own scenery and costumes, arrange their own music and listen to their music played by a student orchestra under a student conductor. This year 'Scampers' initiated its own show curtain which was designed and painted by a student. "The final performance ends with much noise at the dance studio where everyone goes for the Seampers Party. At this party the stage crew performs a satire of the original show, and dancing to the 'Seampers' music sort of adds to the patriotic feeling students have always had ahout the show." 'Elation Ballet! in rehearsal Left to right, First row: D. Mehlenbacherg B. Haywooclp VV. Traphagan, vice-pres.g E. Harhaugh, pres.g R. Lewis, sec. Second row: R. Parretteg F. DelRussog G. Zampinog K. Lawsong I. Miller. Third row: D. Tuylorg V. Bceheg R. VVright. Kappa Gamma P i "This was a busy year for the boys in Kappa Gamma Psi, national musical fraternity. They started their year with a decisive victory over all the other male snake walkers during Fall Weelcend and continued to include an annual smoker, an open house, their annual recital, the 'Original Compositions recital', and 'Program Notes', their lecture-listening sessionsfl N 62 Left to right, Ifirst row: E. Belcn. Second row: C. Cirillog R. Kudlag W. Mclzarlaneg C. Vanl-Iorng Karl Brittell, Coachg E. Stohrcrg A. Bucmig T. LaPlacag A. Borriello. "Our vvm ELIID is l7ILll.V well lrnown ,Z . .,.. , . Q D, , 1 around this section for their clcmonstrations ,. in the various high schools. Varsity Club "The Varsity Club makes the lettcifmcn glad theyre lcttcrmcn. This year, for the first time in addition to thc annual lctterman's banquet and picnic, the club presented gifts to the graduating lcttcrmcnf' Left to right, first row: Gelman, vicerpresg E. Luxg T. Carroll, prcs.g L. Sand. Second row: D. I-luszarg T. Laljlacag R. Tropcanog E. Berrisfordg I. lrinstcr. Third row: G. Suplrog D. Disting L. Zin- nantig II. lVlcl'ivoyg M. Alcssig Mr. Hamilton, advisor. llll. Xt" Lelt to right, first row: A. Zodikoilg R, Salemg G. Reither D. Vistoccog D. VVinterg B. VVade. Second row: L. Bakos M. Coheng VV. Piscirellig W. Graneyg L. Molisanig K Dunmoreg N. Harris. Kappa P i Alpha "Kappa Psi Alpha, our business fraternity, has always been notecl for its concern with civic welfare. This year the fraternity took over the care of Kim, Ithaca Colleges acloptecl Korean war orphan. They also helpecl the Blood Bank by encouraging and organizing the contributions of the colleges students and faculty. "I see the fraternity at its busiest every March when they holcl their Career Conference. The e0nference's purpose is to lencl a helping hancl to liberal arts and business students who are planning careers in private industry." Now let's get down to businessf Left to right, first row: R. Burnellg Manginig G. Nlilne, pres.g P. Liverio, see.g C. Wll6GlCl', vice-pres.g R. Platt. Second row: I. Boolg G. Boscog McDonoughg J. Lynchg P. Looneyg S. Goodmang R. Rainer. Third row: J. Seelyg F. Feraco, T. Stokasg R. Vromang S. Sammareog K. Chamberlain. Ca, uga Hou e Left to right, first row: R. Kronsbergg G. Dunfee. Sec' ond row: B. Bromley, sec.- treas.g I. Lipe, pres.g S. Mick- el, vice-pres.g S. Fultz. Third row: I. Folandg C. Lauzg I. Michelg S. Iamisoug I. Mans- heffer. l O Left to right, first rowg P. Andrews. Second row: S. VVl1itnCy: Nl. Sharak, treasq S. Boyden, pres.g J. VVhite, vice-pres.g C. Green, I sec.g L. Norco. Third row: C. Rozeng M. McCu1loughg L. Korn- weissg Caffiing A. Kemlerg L. Glanzberg. The Ithacan "VVith a new staff 'The Ithacanf our college newspaper, has grown to become one of the biggest influences on student opinion in the college." Late into the night l Left to right, first row: F. Ridley. Second row: L. VVagnerg R. Militellog B. Catsiffg S. Aronson. Third row: R. McDon- aldg V. I-linkleg D. Ruskg T. Buttino. Left to right, first row: B. Casper, adv. nranagerg P Kelly. Second row: L. Banfield, news ecl.g A. Berko witz, bus. managerg B. Ruger, ed.-in-chiefg C Wlxeeler, managing ecl.g Applegate, feature ed Third row: R. Gartner, org. ecl.g B. Tuttle, photo ecl.g D. Clapperg R. Plattg N. Bellucci, gen. manager 66 f Left to right, first row: IVI. VVebsterg E. Colbert. Second row: Nlrs. Taylor, aclvisorg C. Gordon: D. Downerg ll. Ruppg S. Lange, see.g A. Aldriclgeg E. Ahraliamiang Rev. Best, advisor. Third row: K. Mellavitg D. Kemp B. llulisong R. Platt, pres.g D. McNittg R. Buchanan. Chri tian Felle hip "The Christian fellowship is made up of people who are interested in learning about the different beliefs and how they affect a person's life. Speakers at every meeting, professors and ministers, lecture on different phases of religion." U O . "'rr "rr 4,33 v wwvfff'.3'4i A Conference A . 4 f "Every year the XfVo1n- en's Athletic Association sends representatives to the state conference ut Cornell where W.tX.lX. members from all over the stzlte meet to discuss prob- lems in their fieltlf' 4 .. . .,.. .. 1 A Left to right: Roberta Barnett, Proli. of Spcechg Emmett Haney, Ass't. Prof. of Spccchg Mare garet Behringer, Instructor in Speechg john Gunning, Instructor in Spcechg Dorothy Midg- ley, Instructor in Speech. General College Department el peeeh iv "I've heard some people say that a speech stu- dent is just a drama student looking For security, but I kind of Wonder about that. Sure, there probably are some who take speech just for secur- e ity reasons, but, from what I hear, most of the I students in the speech department are there to re learn something so they can get somewhere. The gl speech program is a full-time job, and it's mostly Il the people who are sincerely interested who come out on top in the department." Practice teacher directs high school play GS -MQ .tw ,1-'i,f,s.if ,, gg ll: iiiflfl V 1' . 'Y ski ml E 5 Q 19. ,s. .. if m I r Unaccustomerl as I am to public speaking Beautiful tone "T he full program begins with classes in which the new speech student finds himself operating dif- ferent types of recording machines, becoming fami- liar with various dialects, learning all of those tech- nical words they use in speech and finding out how to help people who need speech correction. Later on, the speech student disappears from Ithaca for a few weeks while he's practice teaching. Out- side the scheduled work there're always radio shows and dramatic productions to make a full program even fuller." Phi Alpha "Phi Mu Alpha's tuxedo hand lends distinction to the Fall Vlfeelcend float parade. After the parade they march into the theatre and fill the balcony. Their music floods the theatre and starts the coronation off with a roar. "Phi Mu Alpha, a national musical fraternity, al- ways does things in a big way. They begin hy hold- ing a freshman smolcer, and .continue with a noisy house opening, a formal concert in Decemher, inform- al music reading sessions, and a big spring weekend. "The girls in the clormitories often wake up late at night to the wavering strains of the Phi Mu German Band saluting them gravely from a street cornerf, 70 The German Band Left to right: Coeg A. Cadwallaclerg R. Nelsong Kra- merg M. Mrinthauptg R. Piaynor. We tmin ter Hall Left to right, first row: S. NAIEIISIIRIHQ F. Huntcrg M. Shultz. Second row: E. Abrahamiang Gunterg B. Nlerrillg IVI. Vilamil, treusq Mrs. Ilylundcr, house chupcroncg M. VVebster, pres.g S. Shailer, sec.g G. Shaw. Third row: C. Oweng I. I-Iowardg D. I3L1ycegNl. Vnrncy: V. Nadwodncyg V. Kimmonsg O. Hudson. Fourth row: J. Longg J. I-lollovvayg S. Huntg K. Ley- clcckcrg D. Downcrg GX'Vi2lZLIK.lXN'SlCi. ,1sf""' Mez! ' .NJ am' wg W 'K 1 w .V ... SW 201, i l Top picture - left to right, First row: P. Rupcrtg R. Frizzig A. Kaye G Duntee Fallon Dtuchx B Dorw 11d il. Folanclg lllgolqtiliourmg B. llnlcg E. Kantos: A. Kcmlerg J. Matejko D Bryan V Cummerton P. Bartell S Lol insg . I-Iavri a. Bottom picture - left to right, First row: S. Whitrmeyg V. Smithg M. O'Donnell: Gurney: B. Barrett. Scconcl row: R. Easthur ' C. Gor- don: S Lange' H Ehbets Tliird row. M Kiff L. Carrolilihfl . , . . - . ' 3 . 5 . Ger- hasi: L. Tacltabury: C. Fullerg Nl. Greenglass. Wometfs Athletic Association Left to right, first row: C. Parlclnan, vice-pres.g E. Darling, pres.g L. Callahan, sec. Second row: Tascog S. Parks, treas.g B. Catsitl, publicity. "The VVoniCn's Athletic Association is the organization that sponsors all those playdays I tolcl you about. This year they have the largest membership they've ever had and they plan to aclcl a couple of new sports to their activities next year." Left to right, first row: J. McKenna, vice-pres.g R. Dobris, sec. Sec oncl row: Rachmiel, social ehairmang . Kutzg I-loleomh, pres. V. Hinkle, treas. Third rowg VV. Alcxanc erg S. Parhkillg E. Menclus B. Follmer, historian. ' -fo , r . 1i:- .32I'..' . ' .Q " Theta lpha Phi Scene from James Hashimys .World of Scene from B111 Alexanders Home Again David Thompson' "When the Green Room was kept open late on nights in December TAP was working, on its one-acts, Each year Theta Alpha Phi, our national honorary clramaties fraternity, sponsors a play-writing contest and produces the prize-winning plays. T AP's success reach- ed a peak this year because it was fillecl with working members. TAP also sponsored the After-Scampers Party ancl the Weleoliie to Freshmen and Salute to Seniors shows." s Left to riiglmt, first row: F. Riclleyg I. Hawes. Second row: A. Schechterg J. Landsberg: E. Diamond, sec.g L. Dimaso, pres.g hllljrcmlxfmb y, vice-prcs.g K. VVcstcott. Third row: R. Hnft1I.Terefenkog QI. Bushg V. Cnlapintog M. Hallg A. Lefquistg R. 1 llfli 0. 1 Griffi Hall 'Z5 , Concert Band Another concert Corning up :The lqids in Concert hand are always talking about their hand tours. They've performed in Bos- ton, in all the northeastern states, PCDI'1SYlVilIllll, New jersey and Long Island. Mr. Beeler, whois spent twenty-one years as their director, guides them skillfully through a yeur that often includes the testing of new Compositions for publishers." 7:5 "Our fraternity for female musicians is called Sigma Alpha Iota. The girls at SAI are noted pretty much for their musical abilities, and they often team up with their brother fraternity Phi Mu Alpha, for concerts. The two fraternities also hold their open houses together, and go caroling together after the annual Christmas Concert." Left to right, first row: N. Havensg R. VanAlen5 S. Boyclen. Second row: S. Aronson: C. Chapmang C. Cholewa, sec.g C. I-Iorn, prcs.g Mrs. Hallock, house chaperoneg Butler, vice-pres.g A. VVheeler, treas.g E. Kolakowski. Third row: B. Coney M. Villztmilg J. Decker: A. Sticlcclg D. VanZoeremg L. Littcerg M. Cody: P. Kern. Fourth row: M. VVebsterg H. Kilmerg 3 B. Stcvensg I. lutchg G. Ballg J. Long. U 1 ma, Alpha Iota 77 Left to right, first row: C. Claremontg I. Patch. Second row: M. Engberg E. Adamsg C. Gordong L. DcMarcog J. Mil- lerg J. Tylerg 1. Silvermang L. Demetriadou. Third row: M. Brinthauptg H. Burlesong Holcombg R. Crawford: B. Follmerg D. Dixg A. Cadwallader. Fourth row: D. Feldmims L- Levines J- I-6050113 PM Elliott: J- NICKUITITHQ R- Rein- llflll "You dont see much of the Cuyugan staff during the year, but when they Come Out of hid- Cowan, art ed.g B. Tun1e,'plmf ed., J. Rachmiel, oolfin-ghief ing each Spring the College yearbook has gone R. Dobns, consultmg ed.g R. Becker, adv. managerp B. Dor to press." Left to right: I. Bool, bus. manugcrg R. Dokizmow Sec' M Wald, photo ed. Shaping up '78 "Every spring Delta Phi Zeta holds its 'Mad l'latter's Ball,' and for Clays you can see all the people from VVon- clerland paracling around school to acl- vertise the big event." The maclclest hatters Delta Phi Zeta Left to right, first row: R. Dobris, L. Casper. Second row: N. Carroll, C. Parkmang S. Parkhillg I. Magee, trees. B. Dorwalcl, pres.g Mrs. Dunlap, house chaperoneg B. Catsiff, vice-pres., Silverman, sec. Third row: M. Welclm M. Engberg M. Millerg M. Francisco, L. Banfield, C. Jessupg S. Stambach. Fourth row: C. Carroll, L. Callahan, C. Rozeng B. Merrill, P. Freyg S. Miller. ' f ' r --H - - - - Y' -s 1- "Q--if -Xlnufwwwrv---' V umm-we-V -u'M ,L Sm MMI: R as as 51 Mg. fs ffalkx x is Q2 , , K g1wF2V,ff'f:-sf W fi ' ' ....- mmf 'ff NSW-S-S-416.425 + fi::44..A,W-5.-Q45 I X I, ,.1 5 '44 -....1.-h..-..... .-.....,. - 1 nj wg, F is . hh., .iff-w.-ff ' .:' I - me 5 W ff J The royal family unier Weekend SAI Pajama Band Seated: P. Ackerman, queen. Left to right, stand- ing: B. Catsiff, soph. attendantg D. Feldman, Princeg S. Whitney, princessg D. Horn, kingg E. I-larbaugh, Ir. class pres.q S. Lawrence, Sr. attendantg M. Mc- Meekin, sr. attendantg C. Horn, jr. attenclantg M. Miller, freshman attendant. Cocktails for two "Things sure got hectic last spring the day before the float parade when people were still rushing to finish their floats for 'Dreamer's Holiduyf But Junior Weekerid turned out to be one of the best ever, the float parade included." 82 fm. 1 .-1 V '.f ..Jw ' ' 1' VY- wv ix Igtllluiwll 1-PN121 v N WY fx ,"",':I wh: ,. aw' W W U,' H' E Uv Q Vv F' Q2 Their royal mujcsties S3 Left to right, first row: A. Lavine, vice-pres.3 J. McKenna, pres.: E. Kolalcowslci, sec.g P. Arcuri. Seconcl row: VV. Traphagan, student council rep.g R. Cleghorng Tylerg L. Callahan. Inter-Fraternit Council llWhC11 there are a number of fraternities and sororities in a school there has to he a council to govern them, ancl IFC, with a representative from each organization, keeps fraternity life running smoothly." ajor Club 'The Majors Club is com- posed of physical education students. They hold a ban- quet each year in honor of one of their teachers." Left to right, first row: M. Allessig L. Sanclg D. I-luszarg M. Russo, sec Second row: VV. Piscitellig L. Bakosg C. Gorclong G. Reitherg L. Zin nanti. 8-l " SNC" fH'sf---we Left to right: W. Traphagang B. Dorwalclg R. Gonder, C. Horn, sec. 0racle "The college Hillel or- ganization very often teams up with Cornell I-Iillel for debates, dances, breakfasts and lectures." A as "Oracle is our senior honor society. We hear the most from them when they sponsor 'Scampers' each year. The kids in the organization seem to know brains aren't everything, for they've established a student loan fund with the proceeds from 'Scam- pers'." Hillel Left to right, first row: H. Litt, D. Sass, pres.g M. Shapiro, M. Levy. Second row: D. Sally R. Kronsbergg B. Heller, corr. sec.g J. Millerg A. Kaye, E. Roover, sec., G. Ball. Third row: P. Pearlmang H. Hammerg A. Zodikoff, vice-pres., I. Kofflerg R. Rossg D. Zion. i 1 I Tenni "The varsity tennis team was suffering from growing pains last year since the team had begun with mostly freshmen, but, with the experience they got from their losses and the addition of Don Cardea to the squad, things look brighter for next year. "The golf team's story is a little different, though. Last year the team won games against Utica, Middletown and Cortland, and our Ithaca golfers finished fourth in the I-larpur College Invitational Tournament." Left to right: R. flouglitalingg Goodman D. laugh, N. French: A. zadikaff, Mr. Brirz tell, coach. Golf Left to right: I. Panettag F. Digilio. Track nd Fiel . a..,is.5 f-i Left to right, first row: H. I-Iotalingg A. Buemig L. Sandg E. Berrisfordg A. I-leitzg F. Bleilerg R. Genclreau. Second row: Mr. Yavits, coachg McE.v0yg F. Siriannig W. Paraclising W. Nelsong L. Bakosg L. Euvrardg P. Saggeseg S. Gooclmang B. Block. "At their only triangular meet with Buffalo State and Canisius our track team scored a victory that people were talking about for a long time afterwards. Our Bombers wound up with a score - and they'll never forget it - of 84 points against Buffalo State's 53W and Canisius's 24- W. The Bombers lost to Rochester, Alfrecl, Hamilton and Cortland but won over Scranton in their last meet. "Lou Bakos turned out to be the most valuable track man on the team." And o-0-over - A .--'L .W -1' fu1.r4f,w, " "' .. - ,, 1...-L. -1 - - Left to right: W. Iuddg W. Freemang R. Fishellg G. Supkog F. Ceag E. Luxg G. Houghtalingg A. Scerbog A. Levineg M. Branskig D. Huszarg D. Parsonsg I. Manginig D. I-Iorng G. Jones, co-captaing K. Lenhoffg C. Boccia, co- captaing H. Catherwoodg R. Thwaitesg R. Teeterg W. 1VIcFarlaneg D. Kern. Ba eball Coach ames CBuckyD Freeman "Bucky Freeman has had some great teams in the past, but they all lost chances for the national tournament - and they lost those chances in com- mittee decisions. Last spring was a different story though. Their regular sea- son's record was thirteen wins against one defeat in inter-collegiate competi- tion. Before losing to Colgate by a score of 10-9 in their regular season play, the Bombers had won 23 successive games in the past two years." 155 M, ..m....1,.. d "The boys felt great. With the one-hit pitching of Walt Judd, the Bomb- ers defeated Lafayette, thc defending N.C.A.A. district two champions by :1 score of 5-O in the semi-finals. Ithaca College had a ball team. They were one pitch away Iironi a trip to Omaha for the N.C.A.A. title when Len Krans connected For Colgate giving them a 7-6 victoryf, Upper left picture, left to right: R. Teeterg G. Hoatling. Upper right picture, left to right: D. I-Iorng D. I'Iusza.rg C. Bocciag VV. Mcljarlaneg M. Brauslci. Loazvler lett picture, left to right: G. Supkog H. Caiherwooclz R. Fishellg R. Tllwaitesg D. Kerng W. 'Inc L . Lower right picture, left to right: A. Levineg VV. F1'C6Il1e1r1: C. Jones, D. Parsons, A. Scerbo. I V, + . Q . ..l l . I -1 - . - - WMV- ,,, ,.... ,mmm V -"- Wmwm- V Vfhrmzw V1 V mm A MAVMM ,,,,1.r,yxy,wV,,,,,,,,,V,,wg,w, . lm. bum "They may have missed their trip to Oma- ha, but the boys hacl one of their finest sea- sons with victories over Villanova, American University, Navy, Fairleigh Dickinson, Llp- sala, Elmira, Sampson, Wilkes, Canisius, Hamilton, R.P.I., Hobart, St. Lawrence ancl Griffiss before the Colgate heart-hreaker. ln- sicle the team, Bill McFarlane was high batter with a .449 average. Willf juclcl tied thc all- time college worlcl series pitching record. "Prospects lor 1956 look good with the loss of only two regulars, Boccia to the Marines and jones to the Wliite Sox." Walt lucid, with 18 strikeouts, tied the all-time college world series record. VVhere's the umpire? ll ,mme .., 1. gs. Grover Jones, now in the Wliite Sox chain ul 451. W w . 3 I, w ww r N M . . -"--'w,4"' ' .f Y .-155. z: NP' N 1,, .L .1 , 'H W w nw 1 ,SJ 5 -. f .KA wjwxwx LJ .-.-,u.m.v...hWw? , ,A .. X.. .... ,an . ll V 1. HG.n..-3.4.3-k'TQ,. . ,ml xv, 'f X . A . . mb 23" 5- " ",. 2 li M ' v f 2 :5553 Miimzzzmf-'Y M., .M .. " --I 1' ' ' gg: ff if M A ' aj my-QQ qw ' 337' x, '::: : m m 5 ' 5 W K .W ...N 4 . WMM-. .. mm Qi I . .XX 1 ,P Q fix N fl I 4 4: - I 1 1 if 1 A af' ii . X f -vwf..-ver, Q ,Ei zo 'us san. in' f :C A EEE. .1 V - .:.: 'l-- V Z Z5 P Q 1 'x 4, llq, me .Q ff' Q .--114' M41 -A A Z., 3 Q eg.. A , . fi ,.. V1 yi ,Q ' W x w .AJ General College Dean of General College VVarren L. Hickman Left to right: John Harcourt, Asslt. Prof. of Englishg Nlarion Miller, Left to right, first row: Mary Calnpfielcl, Ass't. Librariang Mar- -fffS,l:,1lPr?f' if, Egglgslizf EVHFQIT guerite Rowland, Prof. of History. Second row: Carleton Worth, Nfmylggu' ASS Prof' of Eugllsh' Ass't. Prof. of Nluthematicsg Sarah Osborne, Librariang John How- an mes' ssl' IO ' O ngls ' land, Ass't. Prof. of Historyg Jolm Maclnnes, Assoc. Prof. of History. General C ll Q 000 Department el Radio "The radio clcpurlinent, working through its FM station, Wflrlil, schools its students in all phases of radio. "The radio tower is one lfcaturc of thc clcpartnicnt hroaclczisting foothull games at Percy Field." Covering gimc from ridio tomar Left to right, first row: j. Finstcrg D. Disting I. Zonnevylleg B. Blockg P. llafusc pres D Lirdea tr is M Alessig W. Graneyg P. Saggese. Second row: B. Smithg J. VanNessg R. Spohrg D. VVh1tlnck D VVmter F Ptestilzo A. Yoriog G. Reitherg C. Kiehlg L. Euvrarclg I. McFall. Third row: J. Welslig C. Ahhcrto Buy no Q Bcninati D. I-luszarg VV. Conroyg E. Sullivang L. Sand. Phi ' "Phi Epsilon Kappa is a very active national physical education fratern- ity. They sponsor the Most Valuable Player Awards, one of the greatest honors a physical education student can ohtain. Each winter Phi EK. sponsors the Sweetheartis Ball and the Sports Circus which this year Featured the Ithaca College Gym Team and a basketball game with Delta Kappa." Ep llon Kappa Snow-covered campus il-1 Ca cadilla Hou e Left to right, first row: D. Zohng C. Shayg L. DeMarc0. Second row: V. Havrilka, treas.g H. Hutchings, pres.g J. Schwartz, secg D. VVormuthg M. Clement. Third row: T. VVhildeng S. Lichtensteing L. Kachurg B. Brettleg E. Kuvnnaugh. Fourth row: F. Quintg G. Mzxrshg N. Appel- B. Wexler. v 95 L L L Left to right, first row: L. Kachurg B. Brettleg A. Left to right: E. Ruppg S. Millerg B. Catsiffg P Kaye. Second row: N. Carrollg F. Quint. Kelly: R. Nlclicznneyf. Class of '57 'Y 555 .1 .ga Left to right: I. Tylerg P. Kerng L. Royg C. Parkmang R. Dobris, vice-pres. 4 .fp 3 Left to rlght VV Collms Sec treas L Cflwnl bug A VVhz.c,lLr I3 Com D Dwvxaon . y . w . . , - .. .. . . . ., . . .., . 1 .. .. . 444. N- r' ., . , .. , . Q . sk. Luft to right: A. VValshg B. Putrizi, I Sudcy, A Yorxo, D Wgitlcins "Tha junior clz1ss's biggest activi- ties arc the Sadie lizlwkins Dance in the full and junior weekend in the spring." Left to right, sented: B. Drexlerg A. Mai kranskyg P. Jaffe. Standing: R. Spohrg M. Wclnstcrg Lipcg H. Ebbcts. "'- -iw---, 'lun Hou e Chaperone Left to right, first row: Helen Totman, Phi Delta Pig Nell Pease, Griffis Hallg Alice Quist, Stewart Houseg Alice Sullivan, Phi Mu Alphag Blanche Brownell, Williams Hallg Suzanne Lopez, Egbert Hall: Clare Simmons, Bert Rogers Lyon House. Second row: Beatrice Albee, Cascadilla Houseg Mabel Feint, Cayuga Houseg Katherine Sawyer, Newman I-lallg Ruth Bailey, Hilliard 5115565 Nellie Hallock, Sigma Alpha Iotag Augusta Hylancler, VVestminstcr f a . Canterbur Club "The Canterbury Club is a religious organization made up mostly of Episco- palian students who meet regularly to hear lectures by people representing clif- ferent faiths." Left to right, First row: P. Staniong G. Milne. Second row: L. Staniong L. Demetriadou, sec.-treas.g F. Lang- leyg F. Ridleyg I. Scoonmakerg B. Rupp. Third row: Rev. Scottg K. Bogartg D. Bishopg C. VVheeler, pres.g J. VVilcoxg Dr. Harcourt, advisor. The last mile Yap. nwux 1 Class of '56 i ALBERT IRELAND NELLE ONEILL VVILLIAM McFARLANE CHARLOTTE ROZEN VICTOR ORGANEK nlllllm Nf,-vez--ey 5 HENRY NEUMAN ANTI IONY SALLRNO JU DITH SCHXNARTZ MARLENE SCELSI LAWRENCE ETKIND TRUDY WHILDEN f K Wx X F 'v.-- -, f ' "- ,551-'Fx-1 - in, I .Q ,- ,st if L . VVILLIAM FREEMAN ELIZABETH KOLAKOVV SKI LAEL VVASHBURN JOSEPH REVELLA JOHN SEELEY VAN VALLN 101 DOROTHY1 NAT ROCKER JANET LANPHEAR EDGAR MUSICUS DAVID FELDMAN VINA NADVVODNY JAMES VANNESS W M jmszfgiif ' qw ,ns . - 4 A ,f ,if-X, va J. B Ik U, My ix V. 2 A ini .. N6-7 H., 1: : . K , 105 Cf-XROLYN BAILEY jAMES MCKENNA HAROLD NEUBERT BARBARA DORVVALD THOMAS SARTORI THOMAS ABELING .1 " 3.3 ifiefy 19142171 v 4 o fiffwl,-,. ,A ,, 1 M A , -wr 4 -fl 1. - , mx Qa- 1 e Z Q an NVQ 1- --4. :W i"Vi"-f . we' PP , wwf! I xt I Q M . L. rx 5. H' W ""3,,,, ,Fl VASSIL RU HANEN ROBERT ROSS ELFREDA RICKS ROBERT SCOTT f 9' X 'X ,Q ,fp ,,,,,,,,,, X 5 W if Q 3 1+ N X x . X N'NN...2 2 X ,ll E f' Q: 7 ' 1 Ease -. 'iii if A-fx ,J"i",, .:1: - N" ' 51 x , . 1-1.5 juz" 1 HiT :lififmzuslm-'fig M H-wr Xiiiffw EDWIN I IARBAUCJII EDWIN STOHER THOMAS STOKAS HARRY SCHROEDI R RUTH BRAUCH MARILYN MILLER lm ..,., . , 'f X I -vw :QW 5, ad, -X K 1 .dsx ,vw x 5 , , v pn S 5 , L lg Q f 5 ' 1 Q ' , - 'E 3 , GORDON MYERS DONALD MORELLI FRANCIS MCLAUGHLIN CLIFTON IVIEREDAY CORINNE KONCHAR ALFRED LAVINE 1 Wifi ll5 JEROME RACHM I EL LAMBRIN1 DEMETRIADOU JANE DECKER RONALD GONDER VERNON HINKLE OI IN MANGINI -AU ff Jifwm ff9fQ5"iiQ1,,,., 3 N, X Glyn 'sg' 1 X ,,.. "5"'.:,. V 4 'If-C -2 ,, rm mm A -. f .5-A 1-N we . A f,,. Q IIN GERALD KNIFFEN PATRICIA BROWN JOAN cwmznowslql Romzm' GOODMAN ,VVALTER JUDD CLAIRE HORN FRANK FERACO MARIE FRANCISCO I IELILN COULD DONALD KERN JOSEPH BAYNO 120 if X. V. 1 Q I , . 1 'JF' f ' 1 iz. ,, y MATTI IEW ALESSI DAVID COVVGER RIC! IARD BADEII ELLEN ABRAIIAMIAN - ROSE MARIE BARTELL ,IGAN SILVERIVIAN ff . .4 Q ff, ' A ,530 , ' ff f F, ,W ,ff K, . f :Nw , I V I j sf xg A 4 F + Q rf 1 ' g , . 'A Q, ll? Y 1 1 A .- ., ,Q-,..,4,, , ,h,. Q M., . .,Q Q W m ff gl, " AS ' ' I mi. , .A.,.1, it , W W 'H ff 2 S5 L " XQ ' 4 S ff . . . , ,155 s , X Q 4 P + 5 1 4 'wx y nf H v ,, ,lf LJ. ,- .- :. m y- 3, ,sljigls af ff' -V Q 'N 'M Mu 'QW '5-N. , X ' s .vu ARTHUR BOLLING CAROL ABAR ARDITH BORDEN DIANE BUYCE LEONARD BOOS 126 fa! x , f Director of Graduate Studies VVillia111 Grimshaw "There was so much going on all year that you kind of forgot it was ever going to end, but this school year did end, and Ithaca became a kind of ghost town again. "But things at the college keep going during the summer. Not too long after everyone has gone home, people come here for the graduate school summer session, and they keep the school ticking until Sep- tember. Like most graduate stu- dents, these are 21 group of serious- mincled people who are shooting For something higher than the un- dergraduate degree. This summer, some of them will have the privi- lege of studying in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands with Dr. Clarke while others stay here to keep the school alive until next year." 'srl Graduate tudie Wliere do we go from here? , I ,. - 'ill' ON -if QQSR'-SSX 5-M ' ml 6 15,luW 1 . SUN Vp f QQEGULAR t TERM luW 9 M9 7 4 lntersessiun Wurkshnps l Riff 1955 J, 1 wr- 0474753 017.0 . A, , Regular - J' f ' we g X.. - Auazwvatuqv 1 T I - ' . 1 M -Mn 2 FH Study In Puerta lhcu ---A f- - l , Mamtowm and VIFQIII Islands , .. ,,,?-.,,,,i . Dfw., educamm l Mum Edmnem - cn .4m...f,,,4,,,,,,,,,, 1 W I V t P1-yum: Ef1..wn0f. Q.-.s,n.,.,....-,,...: r - rum kdamm-.H l r mn' 5 ' l - Health If-.main G W" - en..-r.,wrcf..,.m..., ,,.,,,,.u.,, H l - GencmlEduwlion -airy -TM?-rl - N Y.a oa.fmr- yi 'fn "W , ,., , Cweylkua- l ' 5efiHl5h1diH fffQ'ffQIl'Md"' u u U 1 e - N,Y.S.Dinm!o' ' Z ' fi" Hb Cmimwm A I J all ti f' nmllm-nl I.-mud my .51 11 1011 DIRECTIPRY ABAR, CAROL . . . Picture appears on p. 126 . . . Syracusg, New York . . .B.S.. . .Physical Education . . . Phi Delta Pi, alumni secretary, vice- president, I.D.E.O., secretary, treasurer, Outing Club, vice-president, president, Majors Club, W.A.A., City League Basketball, Playclays, Frosh Camp Counselor. ABELINC, THOMAS H. . . . Picture appears on p. 106 . . . Canajoharie, New York . . . B.S. . . . Physical Edu- cation . . . Newman Club, I.D.E.O., Freshman Basketball, Freshman Base- ball, Soccer. ABRA1-IAMIAN, ELLEN T. . . . Pic- ture appears on p. 122 . . . Elmira, New York . . . B.F.A. . . . Music. . . Protestant Fellowship, Opera, VVes1ey, vice-president. ALESSI, MA"1'T1r1EXN P. . . . Picture appears on p. 122 . . . Clifton, New Jersey . . . B.S .... Physical Educa- tion . . . Newman Club, Phi Epsilon Kappa, guide, Majors Club, president, I.D.E.O., Soccer, Fall Weeltencl, ticket committee, Scampers committee, Intra- murals. ALEXANDER, VVILLIAM JR. . . . Picture appears on p. 113 . . . Lan- drum, South Carolina . . . B.S. . . . Speech . . . Major Productions, T.A.P. One-Acts: Radio Workshop, Readers' T hcatre, Scampers. ALIBERTO, CHARLES A .... Pic- ture appears on p. 124 . . . Yorktown Heights, Now York .. . B.S. .. . Physical Education . . . Newman Club, Phi Epsilon Kappa, Intramural Basketball, I.D.E.O., Scampers. ALLECRETTO, ANTHONY . . . Picture appears on p. 108 . . . Ridge- way, Pennsylvania . . . music. ANGIELL, DONALD . . . Picture ap- pears on p. 123 . . . Canisteo, New York. . .B.S.. . .Physiotherapy. . . Pi Theta Phi, treasurer, Sophomore Class President, Student Senate, Oracle, Varsity Tennis, Marching Band, A-'I.A.C., Freshman VVrest1ing. ARCURI, PATRICIA . . . Picture ap- pears on p. 125 . . . Utica, New York . . . B.S.. . .Physical Education. . . Phi Delta Pi, president, VV.A.A., secre- tary, VV.C.C., vice-chairman, 1.D.E.O., Student Council representative, Majors Club: Frosh Camp counselor, Playdays, City League Basketball, Inter-Fraterni- ty Council. ASQUITI-I, ARTHUR . . . Picture appears on p. 125 . . . Little Valley, New York . . . B.S. Physical Educa- tion . . . Cym Team, Scampers, Major Productions, Phi Epsilon Kappa, vice- presideut, Student Council, Majors Club. AUSTIN, CARL F .... Picure ap- pears on p. 121 . . . VVestport, New York . . . B.S .... Accounting . . . laappa Psi Alpha, vice-president, Adel- p1l. BADER, RICHARD . . . Picture ap- pears on p. 122 . . . Syracuse, New York . . . B.S .... Physical Educa- tion . . . Varsity Club, Majors Club, Football. BAILEY, CAROLYN SUE . . . Pic- ture appears on p. 106 . . . Spencer, New York . . . B.F.A .... Music. .. Music Representative for Scampers, Drum Majorette, T.A.P. One-Acts, VVITJ Radio, Student Recitals. BAKOS, LOUIS . . . Picture appears on p. 124 . . . Brookfield, New Jersey . . . B.S. . . .Physical Education . . . l.D.E.O., Track Team, Junior Varsity Basketball. BARTELL, ROSE MARIE . . . Pic- ture appears on p. 122 . . . Parish, New York . . . B.S. . . . Physical Edu- cation . .. Delta Phi Zeta, house chairman, Newman Club, W.A.A., City Lea ue Basketball, Majors Club, Basketlaallg and Hockey Play Days. BALDVVIN, FLORENCE E. . . . Pic- ture appears on p. 117 . . . North Babylon, New York . . . B.S. . . . Physical Education . . . Student Coun- cil, president, representativg, I.D.E.O, vice-iresident, VV.A.A., fall manager, Frosli Camp Counselor, Director, Head of Girls, Majors Club, Outing Club, Canterbury Club, Phi Delta Pi, vice- president, historian, editor. BAYNO, JOSEPH F .... Picture ap- pears on p. 120 . . . Florida, New York . . . B.S. . . .Physical Education . . . Intramural Director, Phi Epsilon Kap- pa, sergeant-at-arms, Majors Club, Vars- ity Baseball, manager, Gym Team. BELEN. ERNEST . . . Picture ap- pears on p. 117 . . . Bronx, New York . . . B.S.. . .Physical Education . . . Phi Epsilon Kappa, secretary, lylaiors Club, president, Track, manager, Soc- cer, Cym Team, I.D.E.O, Hillel, Major Productions, Scampers, Fresh Camp. BERCMARK, Neil L. . . . Picture ap- pears on p. 113 . . . Elmira, New York . . . B.S .... Business . . . Adelphi, treasurer. BIERCE, ARTHUR J. JR .... Pic- ture appears on p. 117 . . . Ithaca, New York . . . B.S .... Business. BLOCK, BERNARD I .... Picture appears on p. 113 . . . VVestmoreland, New York . . . B.S. . . . Physical Edu- cation . . . Phi Epsilon Kappa, histor- ian, Varsity Club, Nlajors Club, Ath- letic Equipment, manager, Football, Soccer, Track, Wrestling. BLODGETT, JOHN STONE . . . Picture appears on p. 107 . . . Ithaca, New York . . . B.A. . . . Liberal Arts . . . Cmfugnn. advertising manager, Bailey Hall Talent Show, VVinner, lllmcmvg Student Council, I.D.E.O: Clee Club, Choir, Scampers: One Acts, Radio Theatre: Sampson U.S.O. BOLLINC, ARTHUR M. . . . Picture appears on n. 126 . . . New York, New York . . .B.S. . . .Physiotherapv. . . Pi Theta Phi, Intramural Basketball. 15111 BOOL, JOHN I-I. . . . Picture appears on p. 123 . . . Ithaca, New York . . . B.S .... Business . . . Kappa Psi A1- pha, president, secretary, Oracle, presi- dent, Adelphi, business representative, executive council, Student Council, Business representative. BOOS, LEONARD F. JR. . . . Picture appears on p. 126 . . . Cohacton, New York. . .B.S.. . . Physiotherapy. . . Pi Theta Phi, Varsity Track, Freshman Football: Intramural Basketball, M.A.C. BORDEN, ARDITH GAIL . . . Pic- ture appears on P. 126 . . . Liberty, New York . . . A.A. . . . Business . . . VV.A.A. BOULOS, ANDREW7 . . . Picturg ap- pears on P. 124 . . . Jonesville, Wis- consm . . . B.S. . . . Physiotherapy . . . Pi Theta Phi. BRAUCH, RUTH . . . Picture ap- pears on p. 112 . . . Rochester, New York . . . B.S. . . . Physiotherapy. . . Dormitory, secretary, Pi Theta Phi, Sophomore Representative, VV.A.A., Adelphi, Oracle. BROWN, PATRICIA W. . . . Picture appears on p. 119 . . . Buffalo, New York. . . B.S.. . .Physiotherapy . . . WI.A.A., Adelphi, Pi Theta Phi, Oracle, Cheerleading, Canterbury Club, FIZZIO Forrnas. BURNELL, ROBERT E .... Picture appears on p. 124 . . . Brooklyn, New York . . . Business Management . . . Varsity Club, manager, Varsity Bas- ketball, co-captain, Kappa Psi Alpha, Career Conference, Athletics, student manager, Newman Club, M.A.C. BUTLER, JEAN . . . Picture appears on p. 123 . . . VVal1iugforcl. Connecti- cut . . . B.S .... Music . . . Sigma Alpha Iota, treasurer, vice-president, Dormitory, secrteary, Band, Orchestra, Marching Band, Chorus, Newman Club, Choir, M.E.N.C. BUYCE, DIANE A .... Picture ap- pears on p. 126 . . . VVe11s, New York . . . B.S .... Business Management . . . Dormitory president, W.A.A. BUYS, E. JEAN . . . Picture appears on p. 118 . . . VVest Sayville, New York . . . B.S. . . . Physical Education . . . Dormitory Secretary, lXfIajors Club, VV.A.A. 1 CAVE, ALLAN C .... Binghamton, New VVork . . . B.S .... Physical Education . . . Football. CHADVVICK, ALDEN C .... Pic- ture appears on p. 118 . . . Lakemont, New York . . . B.S. . . . Business Management . . . Varsity Basketball. CHAPMAN, CAROLE . . . Picture appears on p. 103 . . . Springville, New York . . . B.S .... Music . . . Sigma Alpha Iota, chaplain, VV.C.C., president, Band, Orchestra, Choir, Scampers, Opera. COVVGER, DAVID L. . . . Picture appears on p. 122 . . . Walden, New York . . . B.F.A .... Radio. COX, PAULYN M .... Picture ap- pears on p. 117 . . . Schenectady, New York . . . B.S .... Liberal Arts . . . Spring VVeek-End, publicity committee, I.D.E.O.: Protestant Fellowship. CUMMERTON, VERA . . . Picture appears on p. 124 . . . Batavia, New York . . . B.S. . . . Physical Education . . . Phi Delta Pi, historian, editor, ser- geant-at-arms, VV.A.A., I.D.E.O., New- man Club: Play Days, Co-Recreation Club, Outing Club, Majors Club. CUR'1 ISS, RICHARD . . . Leon, New York . . . B.S. , . . Business . . . Kappa Psi Alpha, vice-president. DALLAL, SI-IAVVKAT J .... Jeru- salem, Israel . . . B.A. . . . Liberal Arts . . . Camerata Quarterly, editorial staff, Canterbury Club. D'AMORE. MARY ANN . . . Picture appears on p. 123 . . . Lackawanna, New York . . . B.S. . . . Physical Edu- cation . . . Phi Delta Pi, corresponding secretary, Dormitory president, Majors Club, treasurer, I.D.E.O, vice-president, VV.A.A., house representative, W.C.C., Igiysieal Education representative, Play ays. DARLING, ELIZABETH . . . Picture appears on p. 101 . . . Northport, New York . . . B.S. . . . Physical Education . . . Majors Club, treasurer, Phi Delta Pi, president, treasurer, VV.A.A., vice- president, president. DECKER, JANE . . . Picture appears on p. 116 . . . Springville, New York . . . B.S. . . . Music . . . Concert Band, secretary, Marching Band, secre- tary, Student Council, secretary, treas- urer, Newman Club, M.E.N.C., Con- cert Orchestra, Sigma Alpha Iota. DEL RUSSO, FRANK . . . Rochester, New York . . . B.S .... Music . . . Concert Band, president, Marching Band, manager, Kappa Gamma Psi, house manager. DEMETRIADOU, LAMBRINI . . . Picture appears on p. 116 . . . Thes- saloniki, Greece . . . B.A. . . . Liberal Arts . . . Canterbury Club, secretary, treasurer, Cajvugan, secretarial staff, Protestant Fellowship, Model United Nations, Adelphi, VVHOlS VVHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIESQ One-Acts. ' DENTON, LEROY RICHARD . . . Picture appears on p. 123 . . . Saratoga Springs, New York B.S. Physiotherapy . . . Wrestling. DHONDT, CAROL . . . Picture ap- pears on p. 123 . . . Canandaigua, New York . . .. A.A. . . . Business . . . Dormitory treasurer, Newman Club. DIPAULO, BERNARD . . . Picture appears on p. 103 . . . Rochester, New York . . . B.S. . . . Physical Education . . . Inter-Fraternity Council, repre- sentative, Student Council, Junior Class Representative, Phi Epsilon Kappa, sec- retary, Majors Club, Newman Club, I.D.E.O., M.A.C., Football, Track, Intramurals DORWALD, BARBARA . . . Picture appears on page 166 . . . Kenmore, New York . . . Delta Phi Zeta, ser- geant-at-arms and president, Oracle, bis- torian, Adelphi, vice-president and Physical Education representative, Cnyirgan, professional photograpy edi- tor, W.A.A., Majors Club, Scainpers, WI-Io's WHO AIXIONG STUDENTS IN AMEIIICAN CIOLLEGES AND UNIVERSI- TIES. ETKIND, LAWVRENCE . . . Picture appears on p. 102 . . . Elmira, New York . . . B.S .... Liberal Arts . . . Model United Nations, representative, chairman, Hillel, treasurer. FALKNER, JULIA . . . Ithaca, New York . . . A.A. . . . Business. FELDIVIAN, DAVID . . . Picture ap- pears on p. 105 . . . Albany, New York . . . B.S .... Accounting . . . WI-IKDIS Wiici AIVIONG STUDENTS IN AINIERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSI- TIES, Dean's List, National Cash Regis- ter Scholarship-first prize, Senior Class president, Fall Weekend, Junior VVeek- end Prince, Oracle, vice-president, Adel- phi, president, treasurer, Student Coun- cil, Kappa Psi Alpha, Basketball, Itha- cari., sports editor, Criyiigan, Frosh Camp, freshman counselor, Scainpers, Varsity Club. FERACO, FRANK J. . . . Picture ap- pears on p. 120 . . . Brooklyn, New York . . . B.S .... Business lVIanage- ment . . . Inter-Fraternity representa- tive, Basketball, Intramurals, Newman Club, Kappa Psi Alpha, Career Con- ference. FIS1-IELL, ROBERT . . . Picture ap- pears on p. 113 . . . I-Ioneoyc Falls, New York . . . B.S. . . . Physical Edu- cation . . . Phi Epsilon Kappa, Majors Club, Varsity Club, Soccer, co-captain, Basketball, Intramurals. FRANCISCO, MARIE Picture appears on p. 120 . . . Andover, New Jersey . . . A.A. . . . Business . . . Delta Phi Zeta, VV.A.A., Dormitory rep- resentative. FREEMAN, VVILLIAM PATRICK . . . Picturg appears on p. 104 . . . Ithaca, New York . . . B.S. . . . Busi- ness Management . . . Football, Bas- ketball, Baseball, Varsity Club. FURRY, ANNE M .... Picture ap- pears on p. 124 . . . Ithaca, New York . . . B.S .... Music Education . . . Student Recital, Original Composition Recital, Adelphi, treasurer, Oracle, Sigma Alpha Iota, I.D.E.O., One-Acts, Scampers. GLIENKE, VIRGINIA . . . Picture appears on p. 110 . . . Rochester, New York . . . B.S. . . . Secretarial Science. 130 GONDER, RONALD . . . Picture ap- pears on p. 116 . . . Youngstown, New York . . . B.S .... Radio . . . Delta Kappa, sergeant of arms, Adelphi, Oracle. GOODMAN, ROBERT THOMAS . . . Picture appears on p. 119 . . . Ncward, New York . . . B.S. . . . Physiotherapy . . . Pi Theta Phi, vice- president, M.A.C., Intramural Basket- ball, Inter-Fraternity Council. GOLUD, LENI . . . Picture appears on p. 101 . . . Bronx, New York . . . B.S. . . . Physical Education . . . Phi Delta Pi, secretary, chaplain, VV.A.A., Majors Club, secretary, 1.D.E.O., Hil- lel, Play Days, Outing Club. GRANEY, VVILLIAM J .... Picture appears on p, 125 . . . Dobbs Ferry, New York . . . B.S. . . . Physical Edu- cation . . . Freshman Baseball, Intra- Inural Basketball, Varsity Football, stu- dent coach, Varsity Club, Phi Epsilon Kappa, sergeant at arms. GREANEY, GEORGIA Anna- polis, Maryland . . . B.A .... Liberal Arts. GREENGLASS, MARILYN . . . Pic- ture appears on p. 125 . . . Brooklyn, New York . . . B.S. . . . Physical Edu- cation . . . Dormitory treasurer, VV.A.A. GVVIAZDOVVSKI, JOAN E. . . . Pic- ture appears on p. 119 . . . Schenec- tady, New York . . . B.S .... Music Education . . . Scampers, M.E.N.C., Dormitory treasurer, vice-president, Girls' Glee Club. HARBAUG1-1, EDVVIN . . . Picture appears on p. 112 . . . York, Pennsyl- vania . . . B.S .... Music Education . . . Junior Class president, Concert Band, Symphony Orchestra, College Choir, Kappa Gamma Psi, president, Oracle, Adelphi, M.E.N.C., vice-presia dent, Student Council, Marching Band, property manager. HAVENS, NANCY . . . Picture ap- pears on p. 125 Schenectady, New York . . , B.S .... Music Edu- :ation . . . Orchestra, Choir, M.E.N.C., Scampcrs, Operas, Marching Band, Sigma Alpha Iota, music chairman. 1-IESLOP, DOROTHY JOAN Picture appears on p. 109 . . . New- field, New York . . . B.S. . . . Physic- al Education. ' HEVVETT, JACK D .... Picture ap- pears on p. 118 . . . Elmira, New York . . . B.S. . . .Radio-TV. . . M.A.C., vice-president, Orchestra, Student Coun- cil, WITJ, sports director, Intramural Basketball, One-Acts, Major Produc- tions, Radio VVorkshop. I-IINKLE, VERNON . . . Picture ap- pears on p. 116 . . . Fort Plain, New York . . . B.A. Liberal Arts . . . Theta Alpha Phi, treasurer, Major Produc- tions, Scampers, ltlmemi, Crrmemm, edi- torial board, Czly-iigtm, T.A.P. Play- writing Contest VVinner. HOGAN, JAMES D .... Picture ap- pears on p. 118 . . . Saratoga Springs. New York . . . B.S. . . . Physical Edu- cation . . . Track, manager, Newman Club, Majors Club. HOC11, HIRAM D .... Picture ap- pears on p. 125 . . . Reading, Pennsyl- vania . . . B.S .... Music Education . . . Concert Band, Choir, Marching Band, Phi Mu Alpha, Varsity Club, Tennis Team. IIOLCOMB, JACK K .... Picture appears on p. 123 . . . Canton, New York . . . B.S .... Speech . . . Phi Mu Alpha, Theta Alpha Phi, president, Scampers, Major' Productions, Cnyugmzg Frosh Camp Director, Counselor, Read- ers Theatre: One-Acts, Radio Produc- tions. HORN, CLAIRE CAPITANIO . . . Picture appears on p. 119 . . . Merrick, New York . . . B.S. . . . Music Educa- tion . . . Sophomore Class, vice-presi- -dent, Concert Band, Orchestra, Vocal Ensemble, Girls' Chorus, Marching Band, Adelphi, executive board, Oracle, secretary, VV:-io's VVuo Aixioive Sru- DEN'rs IN fbMI2RlCAN Co1.r.izczias ANU l.lNlVE1lSl'I'lI2Sj Scainpers orchestra, W7.C.C., M.E.N.C,, Frosh Camp Counselor, Sigma Alpha lota. president, social chairman. HOTALING, GEORGE HENRY . . . Picture appears on p. 101 . . . Voor- lieesville, New York . . . B.S. . . . Physical Education . . . Soccer, cap- tain, Basketball, Co-recreation, director, Baseball, Track, Majors Club, Varsity Club: 1.D.E.O. HOYT, DORIS . . . Picture appears on p. 121 . . . Bainbrid,1,e, New York . . . B.S .... Physiotherapy . . . Pi Theta Phi, Plzzio FoLi.iEs, co-editor, Cheerleading, Wl.C.C., Adelphi, Oracle, Student Council. HUNTER, VVILLIAM Picture appears on p. 117 . . . Newfane, New York . . . B.S. . . .Radio. . .Govern- ment Club, VVITJ, music director, news director, continuity director. 1-IUSZAR. DON . . . Picture appears on p. 121 . . . Valhalla, New York . . .B.S.. . .Physical Education. . . Majors Club, social chairman, Phi Epsi- lon Kappa, Varsity Baseball, Varsity Club, J.V. Soccer, Intramurals. HUTCHINCS, JO . . . Virgil, New York . . . A.A .... Business. IRELAND, ALBERT . . . Picture ap- pears on p. 100 . . . Coldsprinu, New York . . . B.S. . . . Physical Education . . . Sports Editor. Cnyugm1. JACKSON, SHIRLEY FOSTER . . . Picture appears on p. 101 . . . Savan- nah, New York . . . B.S .... Music Education . . . M.E.N.C. JAEGER, MARTIN J. . . . Picture appears on p. 114 . . . Middle Village, New York . . . B.S. . . . Physiotherapy . . . Pi Theta Phi, Newman Club, In- tramural Basketball. JAMES, ELMER . . . Kingston, Penn- sylvania . . . B.M .... Music . . . Band, Orchestra. JONES, GROVER JR. . . . Picture ap- pears on p. 118 . . . Xvhite Plains, New York B.S. . .. Physio- therapy . . . Baseball, co-captain, Bas- ketball. JUDD, VVALTER J .... Picture ap- pears on p. 119 . . . Albany, New York . . . B.S. . . . Business . . . Baseball, Basketball, Varsity Club. JUDVVAY, JOAN M. . . . Picture ap- pears on p. 121 . . . Ithaca, New York . . . A.A .... Business. KERN, DONALD E .... Picture ap- pears on p. 120 . . . Cranford, New Jer- sey . . . B.S .... Business . . . Base- ball, Basketball, Varsity Club. KNIFFEN, GERALD . . . Picture ap- pears on p. 119 . . . Unadilla, New York . . . B.S .... Business Manage- ment . . . Delta Kappa. president, Football, Baseball. A KOLAKOVVSKI, ELIZABETH . . . Picture appears on p. 104 . . . North- ford, Connecticut . . . B.S. . . . Nlusic Education . . . Senior Class secretary, treasurer, Band, Orchestra, Newman Club, secretary, Sigma Alpha Iota, cor- responding secretary, Inter-Fraternity Council, secretary. KONCHOR, CORINNE . . . Picture appears on p. 115 . . . Endicott, New York . . . B.S .... Nlusic Education . . . Sigma Alpha Iota: Newman Club. treasurer, Orchestra, NI.E.N.C., Seamp- ers. KUTZ, JACK E .... Picture appears on p. 108 . . . Bath, Pennsylvania . . . B.F.A .... Drama . . . Theta Alpha Phi, Seampers, Major Productions, T.A.P. One-Acts, Junior VVeekend, Coronation chairman. LANP1-IEAR, JANET . . . Picture ap- pears on p. 105 . . . Dundee, New York . . . B.S. . . . Music . . . Sigma Alpha Iota. LAVINE, ALFRED E. . . . Picture appears on p. 115 . . . Syracuse, New York . . . B.S .... Business Manage- ment. Mc MCFADDEN, DONALD . . . Picture appears on p. 114 . . . Ogdensburg, New York . . . B.S .... Physiother- apy . . . Pi Theta Phi, Intramural Basketball. MCFARLANE, VVILLIAM . . . Pic- ture appears on p. 100 . . . Brooklyn, New York . . . B.S. . . . Physical Edu- cation . . . Phi Epsilon Kappa, presi- dent, Baseball, Football, Gym Team, captain, Newman Club, Varsity Club, Majors Club. MCKENNA, JAMES B .... Picture appears on p. 106 . . . Potsdam, New 131 York . . . B.S .... Speech . . . Phi Mu Alpha, Theta Alpha Phi, vice-pres- ident, Inter-Fraternity Council, presi- dent, Nlajor Productions, T.A.P. One- Acts, Scampers, executive conunittee, Crlyifgcmg Frosh Camp, ass't. director, M.A.C., executive committee, Junior VVeekend, Newman Club. MCLAUGI-ILIN, FRANCIS ART- HUR . . . Picture appears on p. 115 . . . Ithaca, New York . . . B.S. . . . Physiotherapy . . . Pi Theta Phi . . . VVrestling. MAGEE, JOAN . . . Picture appears on p. 113 . . . Aquelogue, New York .V . . B.S. . . . Physical Education . . . Delta Phi Zeta, house chairman, treas- urer, VV.A.A., sports manager, Majors Club, VV.C.C., Newman Club. MANGINI, JOHN PETER . . . Pic- ture appears on p. 116 . . . Roselle Park, New Jersey . . . B.S .... Busi- ness . . . Kappa Psi Alpha, sergeant of arms, Baseball, Varsity Club, Intramur- al Basketball, Newman Club. MANVVARING, RICHARD . . Greenport, New York . . . B.S. . . . Physical Education . . . Majors Club, Phi Epsilon Kappa, Intramural Basket- ball. MENDUS, EDWARD JOSEPH . . . Picture appears on p. 120 . . . Amster- dam, New York . . . B.S .... Speech . . . Theta Alpha Phi, vice-president, Dean's List, Major Productions, T.A.P. One-Acts, T.A.P. Playwriting Contest VVinner, Scampers Readers Theatre, VVHo's VVHO AMONG STUDENTS IN ANIE1iIC1XN COLLEGES AND UN1vE1tsr- TIES, Itlancmi.. MEREDAY, CLIFTON S .... Pic- ture appears on p. 115 . . . Hempstead, New York . . . B.S .... Physiother- apy . . . Pi Theta Phi. NIILLER, MARILYN . . . Picture ap- pears on p. 112 . . . Rochester, New York . . . A.A. . . . Secretarial Science . . . VV.A.A., Newman Club, sercetaryg Freshman Class, secretary-treasurer, Sophomore Class, secretary, Dormitory secretary. NIILLER, PAUL C. . . . Picture ap- pears on p. 113 . . . Williaiiisxfille, New York . . . B.S .... Speech . . . Delta Kappa, vice-president, pledge- master, Soccer, Scampers, Newman Club, Student Directory Editor, Inter- Fraternity Council, vice-president. MILLS, WILLARD . . . Picture ap- pears on p. 114 . . . Rochester, New York . . . Vermont . . . B.S. . . . Physical Education . . . Phi Epsilon Kappa. MILNE, GEORGE P. . . . Picture ap- pears on p. 114 . . . Elmira, New York . . . B.S .... Business Management , . . Kappa Psi Alpha, president, Can- terbury Club, president, M.A.C., vice- president. MONACO, FRANK . . . Troy New York . . . B.S .... Physical Educa- tion. MONSELL, THOMAS OLIVER . . . Picture appears on p. 111 . . . Green- port, New York . . . B.A. . . . Liberal Arts . . . Major Productions, One-Acts, Ct71118l'fIl, chairman, editorial Board. MORELL1, DONALD S. . . . Picture appears on p. 115 . . . Schenectady, New York . . . B.S .... Physiother- apy . . . Intramural Basketball, Intra- Inural Baseball. MUSICUS, EDGAR ALAN . . . Pic- ture appears on p. 105 . . . Rochester, New York . . . B.P.A .... Drama . . . Major Productions, One-Acts, Scampers, Radio Productions, Intramur- al Basketball MYERS, GORDEN . . . Picture ap- pears on p. 115 . . . King Perry, New York . . . B.S .... Business. NADVVODNY, VINA CECELIA . . . Picture appears on p. 105 . . . Ashley, Pennsylvania . . . B.M. . . . 1V1usic . . . Newman Club, Choir, Operas. NEUBERT, HAROLD E. . . . Pic- ture appears on p. 106 . . . Newburgh, New York . . . B.S .... Music . . . Band, librarian, Marching Band, Chor- us, hlens, Glee Club, Repertory Band. NEUMAN, HENRY B .... Picture appears on p. 102 . . . New York, New York . . . B.S. . . . Radio-TV . . . Major Productions, One-Acts. O'NEILL, NELLE . . . Picture ap- pears on p. 100 . . . Nlatawan, New jersey . . . B.S. Music Education . . . Orchestra, Mixed Glee Club, Sigma Al- 'pha Iota, Adelphi, Scampers, ltlmcan, M.E.N.C. ORGANEK, VICTOR S., IR. . . . Picture appears on p. 100 . . . Port- land, Connecticut . . . B.S. . . . Music Education . . . Vocal Ensemble, Chor- us, Kappa Gamma Psi, treasurer, social chairman. PARKHILL, SUZANNE . . . Picture appears on p. 108 . . . Corning, New York . . . B.P.A. . . . Drama . . . Scampers, Delta Phi Zeta, social chair- Inan, corresponding secretary, Freshman Class, secretary, Sophomore Class, social chairman, VVA.A., publicity chairman, VV.C.C., Cnyugan, Prosh Camp Coun- selor CH111CTHfHj Major Productions, VVHo's VVIIO AMIJNG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVEIKSI- TIES. PARSONS, DONALD R. . . . Picture appears on p. 117 . . . VVilInington, Vermont . . . B.S .... Physical Edu- cation Varsity Baseball: Prosh Baseball, Intramural Basketball, Foot- ball, manager, Varsity Club, Majors Club, Phi Epsilon Kappa. PATCH, JANE E .... Picture ap- pears on p. 121 . . . Bristol, Connecti- cut . . . B.S .... Nlusic . . . Cayua gan-1, assistant photography editor, VV.C.C., president, Adelphi, secretary, Oracle, Scampers, Student Council, Glee Club. PERNASELLI, ALEXANDER . . . Picture appears on p. 114 . . . Roches- ter, New York . . . B.S .... Radio- TV . . . Radio VVorkshop, Delta Kap- pa. PITTMAN, JANICE A .... Picture appears on p. 114 . . . McGraw, New York. . .B.S. . . .Physiotherapy . . . Pi Theta Phi, recording secretary, jun- ior Class, secretary, Dormitory, vice- president. POMPE11, ANTOINETTE . . . Pic- ture appears on p. 103 . . . Bingham- ton, New York . . . B.S. . . . Physical Education . . . Majors Club, Newman Club, corresponding secretary. RACHMIEL, JEROME A . . . Pic- ture on p. 116 . . . Bloomfield, New jersey . . . B.S .... Speech . . . VVHo's VVHO AMONG STUDENTS 1N AMERICAN CoI.LEcEs AND UNIVERSI- TlESj Frosh Camp Counselor, Cayu- grm, editor, Itlmcmi, Theta Alpha Phi, social chairman, Student Council, Major Productions, Scampers. RAPUSE, PAUL KENNETH Picture appears on p. 111 . . . Wil- mington, Vermont B.S. . .. Physical Education . . . Majors Club, Track, Scampers, Phi Epsilon Kappa, guide, president, Gym Team, vice-pres- ident, Intramural CoInInittee. RAMER, IRVVIN . . . Passaic, New jersey . . . B.A. . . . Liberal Arts . . . junior Class, treasurer, Hillel, Student Council, Kappa Psi Alpha, pledge master, historian, Inter-Fraternity Coun- cil, Spring Weekencl, ticket chairman, Fall Weekend, ticket chairman. REEVES, DONALD R .... Picture appears on p. 109 . . . Greenport, New York . . . B.S .... Physical .Educa- tion . . . Adelphi, Intramurals. REMSEN, GUY . . . Glen Cove, New York . . . B.P.A. . . . Drama . . . Scampers, Major Productions, Community Theatre, VVITJ. REVELLA, JOSEPH VINCENT . . . Picture appears on p. 104 . . . Sche- nectady, New York .. . B.S. . . . Physiotherapy . . . Pi Theta Phi, pres- ident, sergent at arms, Newman Club, Intramural Basketball. RICKS, ELPREDA A. B. . . . Picture appears on p. 110 . . . hflonrovia, Li- beria . . . B.A .... Liberal Arts . . . VV.A.A., Itlmcer-rr, Dormitory treasurer, Canterbury Club, Spring VVeckend, publicity committee, Scampers, publi- city committee. ROBINSON, ELEANOR . . . Can- astota, New York . . . A.A .... Busi- ness . . . VV.A.A. 132 ROCKER, NAT . . . Picture appears on p. 105 . . . Ithaca, New York . . . A.A .... Business. ROSENBERGER, JANET B . . . Pic- ture appears on p. 109 . . . Nlorton- ville, New York . . . B.S .... Music Education . . . Concert Band, March- ing Band, Girls Chorus, Adelphi, Sigma Alpha Iota, corresponding secretary, ln- ter-Fraternity Council, M.E.N.C. ROSS, ROBERT . . . Picture appears on p. 110 . . . Bronx, New York . . . B.S. . . . Physical Education . . . Tfaik, Soccer, Hillel, president, Majors C Ll . ROSS, ROXANE W. . . . Picture ap- pears on p. 1.18 . . . VVhite Plains, New York . . . B.M .... Music . . . Canterbury Club. ROZEN, CHARLOTTE . . . Picture appears on p. 100 . . . Binghamton, New York . . . B.S .... Speech . . . Delta Phi Zeta, historian, Dormitory vice-president, ltlmczzrig Hillel. RUHANEN, VASSIL C. . . . Picture appears on p. 110 . . . Spencer, New York . . . B.S .... Business Manage- ment. RUSSELL, KAYE . . . Picture ap- pears on p. 113 . . . Hyde Park, New York . . . B.S .... Physical Educa- tion . . . Cheerleader, Majors Club, W.A.A., Delta Phi Zeta, Scampers. SALERNO, ANTHONY H. . . . Pic- ture appears on p. 102 . . . Utica, New York. . .B.S.. . . Physiotherapy. . . Pi Theta Phi, social chairman, rules chairman, Fizzro FoI.LIEs, co-editor, VVHo's VVI-Io AMONG STUDENTS IN AIvrEnIo.tN COLLEGES AND LINIVERSI- TIES, Oracle, Adelphi, Newman Club, M.A.C., Intramural Basketball. SARTOR1, THOMAS A. . . . Picture appears on p. 106 . . . Dover Plains, New York . . . B.S. . . . Physical Edu- cation . . . Prosh Soccer, Lacrosse, Southern Association Basketball Offici- al, Track, Phi Epsilon Kappa, lV1ajors Club, Fall VVeekcnd, ticket committee. SCELS1, MARLENE . . . Picture ap- pears on p. 102 . . . New Hartford, New York . . . B.S .... Physiother- apy . . . Delta Phi Zeta, recording sec- retary, alumni SCCICHIIYQ Oracle, Adel- phi, secretary, Pi Theta Phi, Newman Club, W.A.A., ltlzucart, C:Nj"llgt'l'Vl. SCHROEDER, HARRY . . . Picture appears on p. 112 . . . Youngsyille, New York . . . B.S. Physiotherapy . . . Pi Theta Phi, athletic chairman, Intra- mural Basketball, Football team, trainer SCHVVARTZ, JUDITH R .... Pic- ture appears on p. 102 . . . Schenec- tady, New York . . . B.F.A. . . . Dra- ma . . . Dormitory, president, secre- tary, Hillel, Major Productions, Scamp- ers. SCOTT, ROBERT . . . Picture ap- pears on p. 110 . . . jamestown, New York . . . B.S .... Physiotherapy. SEELY, JOHN VVHITNEY . . . Pic- ture appears on p. 10-1 . . . Ithaca, New York . . . B.S ..., Accounting . . . Adelphi, president: Oracle, treasurer: Kappa Psi Alpha, treasurer: Junior Vlleekend, publicity chairman: Fall YVeekend, publicity chairman: Student Council: ltlmcan. SHAPIRO, MARVIN . . . Picture ap- pears on p. 109 . . . Newburgh, New York . . . B.S .... Radio. SHERVVOOD, GLENN O .... El- mira, New York . . . B.S .... Busi- ness Management. SILVERMAN, JOAN . . . Picture ap- pears on p. 122 . . . Mount Vernon. New York . . . B.S. . . . Physical Edu- cation . . . Delta Phi Zeta, historian, recording secretary: VV.A.A.: Majors Club: Student Council: Adelphi, vice- president: CClj'1lgfllI, consulting stalli. SIRIANNI, FRANK S .... Picture appears on p. 109 . . . New York, New York . . . B.S .... Physiotherapy . . . Pi Theta Phi, chaplain: Student Coun- cil: I.D.E.O., vice-president, president: Newman Club, president: Scampers: M.A.C.: Major Productions: Varsity Track, co-captain. SITTERLY, ROBERT F. . . . Picture appears on p. 103 . . . St. Jolmsville, New York . . . B.S .... Radio-TV . . . Delta Kappa, recording secretary: VVITJ, news director, sports director. SPAULDING, CLARICE ARLENE . . . Erieville, New York. . . B.S. . . . Music Education . . . Concert Band: Concert Orchestra: Repertory Band: Repertory Orchestra: String Ensemble: Brass Ensemble: Percussion Ensemble: Marching Band: Student Council: Major Productions: Orchestra: Scamp- ers: Sigma Alpha Iota: Girls' Ensemble. STEVENS, BARBARA ANN . . . Picture appears on p. 101 . . . Ithaca, New York . . . M.S .... Music Edu- cation . . . Sigma Alpha Iota: choir: M.E.N.C.: Student Group: College VVestminster Church Group, organist. STICKEL. ANN . . . Picture appears on p. 109 . . . Rhinebeck, New York . . . B.S .... Music Education . . . Choir: Orchestra: String Ensetnble: Chorus: Glee Club: Opera: Madrigal Group: Sigma Alpha Iota, rush chair- man, liinancial chairman. STODDARD, ROY . . . Picture ap- pears on p. 111 . . . Sochoharie, New York . . . B.S.T .... Business Manage- ment . . . Delta Kappa, president. STOHRER, EDVVIN F., JR. Picture appears on p. 112 . . . Wales Hollow, New York . . . B.S. Physical Education Football: VVrestling: Outdoor Club: Gym Team: Baseball, manager: Phi Epsilon Kappa: Majors Club: I.D.E.O.: Varsity Club. STOKAS, THOMAS A .... Picture appears on p. 112 . . . Bronxville, New York . . . B.S. Business Dean's List: Kappa Psi Alpha, secre- tary: Career Conference, social chair- man, co-chairman SYVANSORI, DURVVOOD I. Picture appears on p. 103 . . . Ash- ville, New York . . . B.S .... Radio- TV . . . Intramurals: Wesley Poun- clation: Radio-TV VVorkship: WITJ, assistant sports director. SZALKOVVSKI, BARBARA . . . Pic- ture appears on p 111 . . . Utica, New York . . . B.S. Physiotherapy . . . Pi Theta Phi: Delta Phi Zeta, correspond- ing secretary: Newman Club: Oracle: Adelphi. Physio representative: Frosh Camp Counselor: Cayrtgrmz Junior Prom committee: VV.A.A. TACCONE, RICHARD . . . Picture appears on p. 108 . . . Rochester, New York . . . B.S. Physiotherapy . . . Pi Theta Phi, social chairman. TAURISANO, MICHAEL ROBERT . . . Picture appears on p. 107 . . . Utica, New York . . . B.S .... Phy- siotherapy . . . Pi Theta Phi, pledge- master: Ftzzro Forrnss: Newman Club. TERAMO, LEON F. . . Picture ap- pears on p. 108 . . . Cedarhurst, New York . . . B.S. . . . Physiotherapy . . . Delta Kappa, president, pledge- master: Outing Club, treasurer: In- tramural Basketball: Newman Club. TETRO, PATRICIA A .... Fulton, New York . . . B.S. . . . Physio- therapy . . . Pi Theta Phi: Frzzto FoLL1Es: IV.A.A. THOMPSON, CARLA . . . Picture appears on p. 101 . . . Binghamton, New York . . . B.S .... Music Edu- cation . . . Sigma Alpha Iota: Operas: M.E.N.C.: Choir. TI-IVVAITES, ROBERT V .... Pic- ture appears on p. 107 . . . Clark, New Jersey . . . B.S. . . . Physical Education Baseball: I.D.E.O.: Phi Epsilon Kappa. TORRENTI, JOHN J., JR .... Pic- ture appears on p. 103 . . . Old Say- brook, Connecticut . . . B.S. . . . Mus- ic . . . Phi Mu Alpha, secretary-treas- urer: Senior Class vice-president: Stu- dent Council: Student Recitals: M.E.- N.C. TRAPHAGAN, VVILLIS E .... Pic- ture appears on p. 101 . . . Richland, New York . . . B.M .... 1VIusic . . . Band, manager: Orchestra: Choir: bflarching Band: Student Council, rep- resentative: Kappa Gamma Psi, sec- retary, vice-president: Inter-fraternity Ciouncil: Oracle, delegate-at-large: Adel- pu. Y VANNESS, JAMES E .... Picture appears on p. 105 . . . Chatham Cen- ter, New York . . . B.S .... Physical Education . . . Football: Phi Epsilon Kappa. 133 VANVALEN, DOROTHY JANE . . . Picture appears on p. 104 . . . Trumansburg, New York . . . A.A. . . . Secretarial Science. T VVASHBURN, LAEL . . . Picture ap- pears on p. 104 . . . Susquehanna, Pennsylvania . . . B.S. . . . Music . . . Sigma Alpha Iota: M.E.N.C.: Ma- jor Productions. WENDLAND, VVILLIAM M. Pic- ture appears on p. 107 . . . Napanoch, New York . . . B.S. . . . Physical Education. VVHEELER, CHARLES M. JR .... Geneseo, New York . . . A.A. . . . Business . . . ltlmctm, managing editor: Kappa Psi Alpha, corresponding sec- retary: Canterbury Club, publicity chairman. VVHILDEN, TRUDY . . . Picture ap- pears on p. 102 . . . VVildwood, New Jersey . . . A.A. . . . Business . . . W.A.A.: Scampers: Dormitory pres- ident. WHITNEY, SHARON KAY . . . Picture appears on p. 111 . . . Pana- ma, New York . . . B.S .... Speech . . . Dormitory president, treasurer: W.C.C., vice-president: Junior Class, social chairman: Cheerleader: Nlajorette: W.A.A.: I.D.E.O.: Scampers: One Acts: Protestant Fellowship: Junior Weekend Princess, Sophomore attend- ant. WILMOT, STELLA IRENE . . . Pic- ture appears on p. 107 . . . Rome, Pennsylvania . . . B.S .... Physiother- apy . . . Dormitory president: W.A.A.: PiTheta Phi, corresponding secretary: Adelphi: Frzzro FOLLIES, circulating manager. VVINTER, DONALD A .... Picture appears on p. 108 . . . Bronx, New York . . . B.S. . . . Physical Education . . . Football: Basketball, student man- ager: Intramural Basketball: Varsity Club: Phi Epsilon Kappa. WOOLEY, DONALD P. . . . Picture appears on p. 103 . . . Cranford, New Jersey . . . B.S .... Physical Edu- cation . . . Varsity Club: Junior Class vice-president: Track: Wrestling: Soc- cer: Inter-Fraternity Council: Delta Kappa. YANCHISIN, NEAL . . . Picture ap- pears on p. 107 . . . Auburn, New York . . . B.S .... Music Education . . . Concert Band: Choir: Orchestra: Marching Band: Vocal Ensemble: Ma- drigale Group: Percussion Ensemble: M.E.N.C., president: State M.E.N.C. Executive Committee Delegate to Na- tional Convention in Boston: Kappa Gamma Psi, chaplain, historian, ser- geant-at-arms. Ca ugan taff Editor-In-Chief ,,...A...... ..- ,..g.A.. e ,L W ,ees .. ,w,Y ..,.,, 'Jerome A. Rachmiel Literary Editor ..,r. .. r,..r.,r, We ,,,,,., We, ,.,,,,,--,e..-,.-. ..., Vernon Hinkle Assistant Editor ,sw ..,..,....,.rrr,r ,,.r, L --Sally Applegate Staff: Robert Rein, Lawrence Roy Art Editor d,...d,r,,,,H,.,,,,,..W.,m,H,.,, , an W ,tvs e,.,,, L, ,,Nla1'y Cox-van Staff: Elmae Adams, Alan Ostrander, Carol Cordon, Lillian DiMarco Studio Photography Editor ...... ,--, ....., - ,, ......... Mm--- , --Barbara Dorwald Assistant Editor: lane Patch Staff: Lucinda Banfielcl, Marilyn Engber, Pauline Kelly, Gladys Vifasser, Nancy Saxton, Carolyn Parkman, Rose Marie Bartell. Student Photography Editor ........t..t.....At.. t--e.t.e,- -t ,Barry Tuttle Staff: lohn Sly, Dale Dix. Sports Editor ....L..,, ,, w,,.,-,..-.,...t...,,... . ..,,,V, , V, , ,, Albert lreland Business Manager ...u.Lr.t,u.uttut,tYutv,u,,,t, atv, . at john Bool Advertising Manager ..,,.,..,....r.t...t -. ..,r. .- .ttt at .tt trttt -t,Boh Becker Staff: Robert Shannon, Herbert Burleson, lack Leeson, ,loan Miller, Ronald Crawford, David Sass. Auxiliary Staff: lames lVlcKenna, lack Holcomb, Eva hflary Mendus, Mona Meeker. Secretarial Staff: Secretary - .... -.---.. u...t wut , mi H. .,,.,, eds, , r.,. .--Rose Dokianos Staff: Lambrini Demetriadou, Rose Kronsberg, Carolyn Claremont. Consulting Editor ,,.,,, .ts - ,,,,,,, ,, ,,,,, ,, ,,,,, ., tes-.- C-.- ,. ,et Roddie Dobris Staff: Albert Cadwalcler, lane Tylor, David Feldman, joan Silverman, Mark Brinhaupt. Advisor ,,t,,,,,. Tn-.- ,,,,... ,-, Mr. Emmett Lee Raney Photograph Credit GOIXDON CAxrP1n5r.L BUZZELL Srunro Erosh Camp Story, Divider Bleeds, Senior Portraits, Faculty Groups, Deans, Fraterni- ties, Sororities, Dormitories, Cayugan Stall, lthaean Staff, Orchestra, Concert Band. Choir. lVlARION VVESP "Billy Budd" 'iColden Boy" lTHACA -IOURNAL Basketball Team Drk Crmftonn STUDIO Photograph of Dr. Leonard B. job l-IADLEY Srvrrru Music Building, Football Action, Baseball Action STUDENT PI-IOTOGRAPI-IERS All other photographs. Produced by lahn S4 Ollier Engraving Company, Chicago, Illinois, Hurley Printing Company, Camden, Arkansas, and Smith Cover Company, Cleveland, Qhio. Representative - R. B'lCVVlLLIAB1S 13-I 0f0fIgf77!!j! E! i7 ef 77 P h' 0 7' U 5 P A P H J' RYKIASI STAHL STRIET 0 ITHACANEW YORK N Q Q.- ig- S, M I 1 F - , wgwnwuwmfmm zs 15.a:.u Vit' Y.?Sdrl.A E 55.139 IEW? LEE OF ITHACA, INC. Gifts ond Fixtures ESTABLISHED I938 SMALL APPLIANCES, WIRING SUPPLIES HOUSEWARES Phone 458I2 I IO East State SI. ITHACA, NEW YORK H EAD'S CAMERA SHOP 109 NORTH AURORA STREET ITHACA, NEW YORK CAMERAS AND PHOTOGRAPHIC SUPPLIES OUR SPECIALTY IS High Grade Photo Finishing We Processed All Student Photography in the I956 Cayugan J. C. PENNEY CO. We Extend Our Congratulations and Best Wishes in I956 COSENTINI'S 2I7 E. State Street WORTH REMEMBERING! The Friendship ond Cooperation Between Ithoco College ond . FM AM 97.3 870 GOOD LUCK TO A GRAND CLASS C. J. Rumsey 81 Co. ItI'1oco's Complete Ho rdwo re Store l'l2ll'ClXVZll'C Small Electrical Appliances House Furnislmings Paints - Toys CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '56 College Spa RESTAURANT AND COCKTAIL LOUNGE Posters . . . Programs . . . Banquet Menus ALL Youll PRINTING Nlfuns CAN B15 PRODUCED AT NORTON PRINTING COMPANY Across from llze Stmnd Theatre Printer ol? The ITHACAN Phone il-I 2'7l 7 "One of the G7'UII,fK.Sf Clothing Stores of the State" THE PLACE TO GO FOR THE BRAND NAMES YOU KNOW IN MEN'S CLOTHING We 66-Er SHOP GLUTHING grunwnsunrvus DRISCOLL'S I.G.A. GROCERIES - LEGAL BEVERAGES OPEN NIGHTS AND SUNDAYS 8 A.M. Io II PM. Across From Aurora Gym Phone 3-I l7I 42555 Phone 42I I I For Wonderful Milkshokes GO TO THE FROZEN - GOLD The Soda Bar-Luncheonette Alumni Al'l1Ie1'iC ICE CREAM Equipmenl' CO. In Packages or aI' The FounI'ain 433 Norfh Cayuga SIree+ If IfVe Had 21 Guns, IfVe'd Fire a 21 Gfzm Salma io the Clnss of 1956 GEORGE'S RESTAURANT VISIT THE RAINBOW7 LOUNGE I28 S. Cayuga S+. - I06 W. Green S+. IS THE STUDENTS STORE for ATHLETIC AND RECREATION EQUIPMENT In The S+aIe Theafre Building Second Floor BEN LIGHT JOE GLUCK CORNER BOOK STORE Eorle W. Demotre OUR SINCERE BEST VVISI-IES FOR GREAT SUCCESS IN WHATEVER UNDERTAKING YOU MAY NOTIV GRADUATE TO. 109 N. Tioga hvlphi FRESHMAN DELTA PI-II ZETA HONOR SOCIETY C ' CONGRATULATES T THE CLASS OF 1956 Congratulafes the Class of 1956 CONGRATULATIONS and Sincere Wishes TO THE Graduating Class of T956- FM SERVING ITHACA AND THE FINGER LAKES REGION FOR '74 CONSECUTIVE YEARS 139 Telephone 4-63I8 Es+abIished I908 H Dean of Ithaca, Inc I MAYFLOWER WAREHOUSES C Coast To Coost . K Music LOCAL AND LONG DISTANCE MOVING BUSES FOR CHARTER E Store Nos. 40I-409 Eas+ SI'aI'e S+ree'I Hhaca, N. Y. Y 1 S I 330 E. Siafe Sfreef C-0mpI'menI'5 ITHACA N. Y. of CONGRATULATIONS PI THETA PHI GIFTS GALORE SMART JEWELRY WATCHES - DIAMONDS STERLING 84 PLATED SILVER CHINA - CRYSTAL ALUMINUM GIFT WARES R. A. Hegie 81 Bro., Co. I36 E. S+a+e SI'ree'I' CLASS OF I956 I R V L Merfs E Wear W I I20 E. S'Ia'Ie SI'reeI' 140 JOE SOLOMONIS Dining and Doncing SERVICE STATION Nightly COMPLETE SERVICE "ON THE HILL" Cayuga and F21 1'111 Sts. ROYAL PALM I.,-HMA, N. yu 209 DRYDEN RD. TOMPKINS COUNTY AUTOMOBILE DEALERS ASSOCIATION BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1956 KAPPA PSI ALPHA CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1956 lil PATTERSON'S CONGRATULATIONS TO THE MOBII-GAS CLASS OF 1956 WGSNH9 Johnny's Big Red Grill Greoslng "oN THE HILL" oPEN DAILY CORNER BUFFAEREETZURORA Restaurant Cocktail Lounge CONGRATULATIONS H I LLEL Class of l956 Compliments BEST WlSHES FROM of THE llihilrim NORTHSIDE Your Campus Newspaper PHARMACY 507 N. CAYUGA H NEW CENTRAL MARKET L. G. BGI'fOUl' CC. CHOICE MEATS D OULT Y AN P R YOUR OFFICIAL FRATERNITY II4 N. Cayuga S+reeI AND SORORITY Phone 4-587I JEWELER Badges - Fovors - Steins DOWNTOWN Rmgs - TrOphIes LAUNDROMAT ITHACA OFFICE IN WASHING - FLUFF DRY ROTHCHILD'S SHIRTS - DRY CLEANING "4 W- STATE RAY ROBINSON Phone 4-6252 TO The Faculty cmd Students ot LC. We Offer These Services: A COMMERCIAL BANKING AND TRUST DEPARTMENT SAVINGS ACCOUNTS TRAVELLER'S CI-IECKS AND LETTERS OE CREDIT SAFE DEPOSIT BOXES EUR STORAGE BULK STORAGE Convenienfly Locafed ai' Sfafe and Tioga X ' , H I. , .. ..,. ,,,, . . ,I 'I KZ MEMIIUL rznzruu. DEPOSIT INSURANCE convomrlou SERVI1. FEDERAL - RESERVE - SYSTEM l-I3 P REAL ESTATE H Buying-Selling-Leasing I E Burns Realty Co. P R E A L T O R S S I GOOD Room 306-Firsi' NaTional Bank Bidg. L LUCK TO THE O CLASS OF I956 JOHN C. BURNS N JOSEPH T. CONLEY JACK BURNS K CLARE B. CONLEY A ,, P SERVING THE COMMUNITY SINCE I9l4" P A KAPPA GAMMA PSI CONGRATULATES THE CLASS OF 1956 Northside Liquor and Wine Store AlwcIyS in Good Spirits LICENSE NO. L22I8 L. E. SPENCER, Prop. 433If2 N. Cayuga S+. ITHACA, NEW YORK Q I Q DELTA CHAPTER OF PHI MU ALPHA f,,,ff.m aaapm 1 4' + nu! If .sumo "- 01' 3, C ,. A Q, om p :ments of SINFONIA FRATERNITY DELTA KAPPA OF AMERICA For Choicer Meofs ond Poultry THE PUBLIC MARKET lthoco, New York H5 North Auroro 14 Best Wishes to The Closs of '56 The Clinton House ITHACA, NEW YORK VISIT THE MURAL LOUNGE SMORGASBORD EVERY SATURDAY 5:30 +0 azso PM. "FAMOUS FOR FINE FOODS AND DRINK SINCE l83I" "OUR PADDLES MAKE A LASTING IMPRESSIONH Makers of Inijriajrion Paddles for over 'IIIJry years. Sfock s+yIes or cusrom made Io suII your Individual Ias+e. AIso bullefin boards. HARDWARE - PAINTS - LUMBER AND BUILDING MATERIALS Driscoll Bros. 81 Co. I3O S. Aurora Sl. Phone 236I Food Service Monogers Lombard-al-25+I1 PHILADELPHIA 46, PENNSYLVANIA SERVING THE STUDENTS AT ITHACA COLLEGE Aftm' the Ing l?U6?1.f,, vwryomf goes to . . . The Normandie ItI1aca's Most Popular Restaurant SUPERB FOOD AND DRINK SINCE 1909 II2-I I4 East State Street ITHACA, NEW YORK .-I .Most Unusual ZVIen.'s Vffem' Shop! Sturm Bros. Here Mr. I.C. can find: Pants - Shirts - Sweaters Shoes - Boots - Hats For Work, Dress, or Play Here, Men, is El Store of Character IO3 E. GREEN ST. EVERYTHING FOR THE WELL DRESSED MAN! STURM.,BROS.Y,EXTENDS,.ITSMBEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF l956 TOMPKINS CCUNTY TRUST COMPANY 5 I!!l!'P'I VNV' mi 1 fe in 'I -A ,D4 R E 2 - I rx 3 K I I T N os- 9 I vonvnnnsiqinlv 5: t "X f nvsv oonnu Y I .-- ' N, 'NJN' D F 'gin--X ,J IETF, - 1 p It Sl T- Wil!! mmcn T L... I ff I I I . ,L , E"' -. ,. Q . , I ,,, I' V4-7 -LX A X f-7 . . . . .... ...,l..,... . ...,., ,.. . ---:G jg 7 rag IIO NORTH TIOGA STREET OFFERS TO THE FACULTY AND STUDENTS OF THE COLLEGE, EFFICIENT, PROMPT SERVICE AND COURTEOUS TREATMENT Member: FecIeraI Reserve System and FederaI Deposit Insurance Corporation I-I7 ITHACA PHOTO SUPPLY "Everything From Ansco to Zeiss" USE THE PARKING LOT NEXT DOOR ON GREEN STREET l.ONGO'S Shoe Service SUCCESS R' T' Quality Repairing AT AND Moderate Cost Best Wishes EXTENDS 207 N. Aurora S+. 9430 to THE ITS Class of 1956 BEST Congratulations FROM THE WISHES FROM TO THE I Farrell s Class ot 1956 Restaurant Cl-U3 QFORMERLY MICHIANAI IZ3 N. Aurora St. 148 TRAVELER'S HOTEL "SCENE OF THE ORIGINAL FAMOUS FRIDAY MAT1NEES" 121 S. Aurora Sweet JOE CAPALONGO ll You HflY7l'll1l Been in ffm New Pro-I-'I-'S Flower cozy Corner HSIZD' If Wiifl, FlOZl16T51J Restaurant NVQ Cougratulate the Class of 1956 You 1-1over1't Lived 1 1 1 , Flowers for Any Occasion Come in Soon: Inquire About Dormitory Food Delivery 214 E' SENECA STREET CORNER BUFFALO AND AURORA PHONE 3471 Ithaca College Alumni Association EXTENDS CONGRATULATIONS To The Members of The Closs of 1956 AND INILL BE GLAD TO YVELCOME THEM TO ITS MEMBERSHIP UPON GRADUATION AI1 Good Wishes for Your Future Success l-I9 B T R The Finest Food . . , H 328 C""ege A' 0 . . . Grociously Served E Phonezm W Open: 8:00 A.M. N CONGRATULATIONS TO THE "M'D"'GHT I N CLASS OF 1956 H G Pnescnlrrlons I DISTINCTNE We say Iwiih some measure of pridej ihai we TO'LET ARTICLES CLOTHING Think you'Il enjoy The fine cuisine and gracious L COSMETICS K service ai The Lehigh Valley Resiauranl. L I TRY OUR CARRY OUT SERVICE N . coRNER srons e The Lehigh Valley D ,,i,,,,m,am, R Resfqurq nf Hanshaw as 8: U o I no A M aio W. Buffalo Q. P 9 P M C Phone 9F40 O. S T O R E S T Th COMPLIMENTS OF O e Compliznents . Class of ,56 Ithaca Laundrles and Cleaners 1-HE I Esiablished uses OLYMPIA 0 , RESTAURANT I02 ADAMS CORNERS 2364 COMMUNITY CTR Quai SAYS Free Parking Free Parking THE CLINTON H BEST CORNERS OF 209 E. SENECA ,I I HE H ALBANY AND SENECA 2679 W S S 7 HOUR SERVICE 208 N. Tioga Slreel' 150 Congrotulotions, Seniors ot ltnoco College STAY IN THE LEAD YVITH O Adding and Subtracting Machines 0 Bookkeeping Machines 0 Siatcmeniz Machines The National Cash Register Company ADDING MACHINE DIVISION ITHACA, NEW Yom BEST WISH ES FROM Finney Motors, Inc. 2l0 S. Cayuga Street Compliments of ITHACA, New YoRK TH ETA "VVlzff1'e Service is Not Il Sideline" Codilloc - The Generol Tire - Oldsmobile PHONE 9662 ALPHA BEST WISHES PHI National Army Stores I06-lO8 N. Cayuga Street HEADQUARTERS FOR: Camping Needs - Jackets - Sportswear Footwear - Chino Slacks - Sporting Goods You Sove More ot o Notionol Army Store 151 ltl'iaca's Recreation Center I D E ' S DROME BOWLING LANES ROLLER sKATlNe lb Nimtggdern Vvigjjgday Beautiful Lounge Sahlrdgy Fine Restaurant Bus From Greyhound Terminal Varsity Billiard Parlor IO7 N. Tioga Street A GOOD WAY TO SPEND YOUR LEISURE TIME POOL - BILLIARDS come IN AND SEE Us BEST WISHES FROM The Cornell Theatres, Inc. STRAND STATE TEMPLE WE APPRECIATE YOUR PATRONAGE ltl1aca's Largest lndustry SALUTES ITHACA COLLEGE GRADUATES OF I956 Morse Chain Company A Borg-Warner lndustry COMRLIMENTS OF CAYUGA INN AN INTIMATE ATMOSPHERE FOR WINING AND DINING The Place for Your Next Banquet CALL 42079 FOR RESERVATIONS 8 MILES NORTH ON ROUTE 89 4f:,..,.,ff. ,, 1511.0 .,,4, Wfdvgylrf WP L-wi w3"'J"""J"-JM!-W"-w4fLfW.., xfL'1,7,Wf'Z':Jrj2,WmWv,7.ww,k4Ma,, ', BEM fm WZUKQQJKW . lCflj4,1,4,n,u'qk -su..3f,e-Q,4,z,5.,u,g4qAo!b ?MM" fm ,, A,cA,47?5g1,L,,o5va,mj'W' . L ' - i :JJ acwg .4-,K.?d.-q,,'1,.,.ZMqlM,d4:uw G? mm, 'dwndf X. ' LL 1 1 . Xi, , f s ! x 1 1 ' g " I

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Ithaca College - Cayugan Yearbook (Ithaca, NY) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


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