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Iroquois Central High School - Iroquoian Yearbook (Elma, NY) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Cover

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IROQUOIS CENTRAL HIQH SCHOOL THE IRQQUOIAN ELMA, NEW YORK -1962DEDICATION During your many years of service for Mr. Corser and the entire student body, you have contributed generously to life here at Iroquois. It is felt by the Yearbook Staff that we want to acknowledge this fact. Your wonderful character and school spirit have been out- standing examples to students and faculty alike. Whenever someone needs help, you are always willing to give your time and efforts to help him. You have smoothed the way for many a class and individual student. Your cheerful countenance and attitude have become an established part of life at Iroquois. To you, Mrs. Robinson, we humbly dedicate this issue of the Iroquoian with sincere appreciation and deserved recognition for a job well done. Sincerely yours, The Class of 1962 2 BOARD OF EDUCATION Row 1: Mr. Allen O'Donnell: Mr. Gordan Stoddard, Jr.; Mr. George Nattrass, Vice President: Mr. Joseph Kurtz, President. Row 2: Mr. A. Donald Bartoo. Principal of the District; Mr. Cecil Scott. Clerk; Mr. Peter Bos; Mr. J. Howard Smith. Absent: Mr. George Field: Mr. Frank Drosendahl. Treasurer: Mr. Brainard Prescott. I.egal Counsel. To The 1962 Graduating Class—ICHS: Last year the challenge was—“The pursuit of excellence”—Still is, with this added observation. It’s a common experience as you grow to feel the pressure of the moment become almost unbearable—thinking the myriad detail that you are bound up with will never let up—saying to yourself, “I think I’ll quit or give up,” or “If I could only go to sleep and wake up in ten years to find all my troubles had disappeared.” Try this: Stay awake, be realistic, and tell yourself this overwhelming truth em- phatically, “Ten years from now, all my present seemingly unresolved problems and troubles will have disappeared.” By your continued pursuit, you will then have found the key to the happy, suc- cessful and meaningful life. Congratulations, you have successfully arrived at still another plateau—“Com- mencing” your drive to the next. Sincerely, Joseph D. Kurtz President of the Board of Education 3PRINCIPAL OF THE DISTRICT Class of 1962: Congratulations to each of you, upon your graduation from Iroquois Central and for another successful “Iroquoian”. You leave our school at a most unusual time in the history of our great nation. If a solution is found in the near future, for the coexistence of nations, then the future unfolds to each of you unlimited op- portunities for the good life” ahead, it is my fervent hope and prayer that such a solution may be found. With opportunity, however, goes grave responsibility. You are now entering adulthood, and must be prepared to accept your share of the responsibility of be- coming a part of our adult society. By right of franchise you will help to elect those who will govern the society in which you live. By honest effort and application of your talents, you will decide the economic status of your existence in this society. By the example of your moral and spiritual lives, you will influence your children and friends, to be divinely good or disgracefully evil. If your decisions of the future are to keep this nation a free society, then you must show courage, determination, sharpen your ability to think straight, and fight to maintain your individuality in the face of mass response. I have confidence in your ability to do these things, if you remain ever vigilant and alert to hidden danger. Best wishes and good luck to each of you upon your journey. A. Donald Bartoo, Principal of the District 4ADMINISTRATION To The Class of 1962: Congratulations on this momentous occasion— your graduation from high school. You have spent many years of your young lives working dil- igently toward this long-awaited and eagerly sought goal and in preparing yourselves in every way possible for the beginning of your new lives and careers after graduation. May you always recall with pleasure and pride your many, many days as a student at Iroquois. I do sincerely hope that each one of you does find deep and personal satisfaction and real and lasting happiness in whatever you do now that you are leaving Iroquois. It is also my warmest wish that the future will bring you whatever you need and want most and that all your individual dreams and desires will be realized. May goo'-1 ’uck, good health, and good fortune be with you at all times. Sincerely yours, Dennis Ryan Congratulations to the Class of 1962: It is my hope as you leave Iroquois Central Senior High School, with its rich educational heritage, that (first) you will carry with you certain attributes of scholarship, education and character which will prove useful during the remainder of your lives and (second) that you will enroll in life’s highest goal—“to realize the best that is in you.” The test of maturity is the ability to meet responsi- bility in all walks of life. Your school has given each of you innumerable opportunities to “grow up” and 1 am confident that most of you have made the most of them. Now, more than any time in our history, our nation needs citizens of high ability and advanced training. “The race which does not value trained intelligence is doomed.” In addition, our nation needs men and women of imagination, courage and high moral stand- ards. May you ever be willing “to take a stand” for what is right; to ask the fearless question and to dis- agree; to search for truth; to have respect for those with whom you differ. Remember—the great lesson of America is that there can be diversity within unity, one faith among many and individuality within the bounds of cooperation. Good luck to all of you! I shall recall with much pleasure and happiness the individual members and ac- complishments of the Class of 1962. Sincerely yours, Russell E. Corser Principal 5TABLE OF CONTENTS 1 2 3 4 5 7-14 15 16 17 18 Seniors 19-43 Senior Poll 44-45 Class History 46 Class Will 47 Class Directory 48-51 American Field Service 52 Classes 53-64 Officers 65 Senior Snaps 66 Activities 67-83 Senior Autographs 84 Junior High Activities and Sports 85-94 Sports 95-113 What Is School? 114-115 Patrons 116 6Mr. Thomas Bello Science Mrs. Eugenia Bender French Mr. Donald Boguhn Social Studies 8 Mrs. Elly Buchholz English Mrs. Dorothy Bush LibrarianMrs. Elizabeth Clack Latin, English Miss Margaret Croft Commercial Mr. Delbert Cronk Social Studies Mr. William DeFreis Industrial Arts Miss Stella DePaulo Commercial Mr. El wood Eaton Music 9 Mr. Fay Coblentz Science «I Mr. Robert Ferguson English Mr. Norman Foster Physical EducationMrs. Dorothy Frisbic English Mr. Richard Gill English Mrs. Gertrude Holden Science 10 Mr. Frederick Hoppe Englishii5r mi Mr. Charles LaDuca Art Mr. James Laven MathematicsMr. Clifford Ludcrs Agriculture A Mrs. Marion Mann Mathematics Mr. James McCready Science ■ Miss Margaret McMahon Homemaking Mr. Carl Norberg Mathematics 12 Mr. Richard Petersen MathematicsMr. Robert Ping Industrial Arts Mr. G. Donald Rathgebcr Music Mr. Numan Scott Commercial 13 Mrs. Dorothy Seileman Home makingMiss Verna Shedd Music Mr. Donald Sipprell Social Studies Mr. William Starkweather Social Studies Mr. Edwin Stohrer Physical Education Mr. Paul Van Ornum Mathematics 14 Mrs. Harriet Woodworth EnglishTO THE CLASS OF 62- High School graduation is perhaps the most significant event in a person’s transition from childhood to adulthood; for this is the line of demarcation which designates the end of preparation neces- sary for the assuming of rights, privi- leges, and responsibilities in the adult world. In the time allotted to each of you, there will be many instances when you will have cause to refer back to that preparation in meeting new problems and in making difficult decisions. It is the fer- vent hope of those of us to whom this task of preparation has fallen, that we have not failed you. Congratulations upon your past achievements, and best wishes for your future success in whatever field of en- deavor you choose. May you continue to be a credit to your families, your school, your community, and most important, yourselves. Richard C. Griffith GUIDANCE my congratulations to the class of 1962. Graduation from high school is the termination of one phase of life that has been an uphill endeavor for approximately twelve or thirteen years. Many of you will continue in some kind of formal education and others will leave to face the changing world of work and take your places in society. What- ever your plans are, it is my sincere hope that we at Iroquois contributed in some small way to making your life a more successful, happy and prosperous one. The changes in the world of work cer- tainly should challenge all of you to con- tinue your education, at work, home and school, so that you can become more worthwhile citizens. Sincerely yours, Daniel L. Clark sTi y- May I extend 15OFFICE PERSONNEL Mrs. Carol Robinson Mrs. Mary Dailey Mrs. Cornelia Tyler Mr. Cecil Scott 16 Mrs. Lillian Wiggins Mrs. Geraldine WelschMAINTENANCE STAFF Mr. Jesse Parker; Mr. Gerald Maxson. Head Custodian of District; Mrs. Bernadette Johnson; Mr. Darold Mathis; Mr. Kenneth Scheifla; Mr. Alfred Boldt (absent). DINING ROOM STAFF Row I: Mrs. Lois Stoll; Mrs. Emily Clark; Mrs. Veronica Macaulay. Manager of School Lunch Service; Mrs. Elizabeth Swartz; Mrs. Elizabeth Goehle. Row 2: Mrs. Mildred Lund; Mrs. Jeanette Bodekor; Mrs. Lucy Domon; Mrs. Elaine Eckert; Mrs. Catherine Wadell; Mrs. Mary Degan; Mrs. Marjorie Rutecki. Cook Manager. TRANSPORTATION STAFF Row I: K. Roloff; B. Bliemeister; J. Eiseman; A. Berry; J. Don Ion; E. Troutman; C. Bitter- man; M. Dabb; C. Martin; A. Schocnthal. Row 2: M. Munn; A. Sly; M. Kaiser; D. Eise- man; J. Dressel: S. Morris; R. Miller: A. Aldrich; N. Don Ion; D. Martin; A. Scheifla: M. Osta: V. Hauber: G. Szwaczkowski; M.Rauch. 17SERVICES Mrs. Dorothy Bush, School Librarian Dr. Shaver, School Physician M rs. Ruth Hamms, Clerical Assistant Mrs. Dorothy Ceranski, Dental Hygienist, Mrs. Thelma Neidig, School Nurse. 18GREGORY GEORGE DUNN President Major: Science, Mathematics Ambition: Make every acquaintance my friend Fondest Memory: The day I received my Eagle Scout Award Favorite Pastime: Hunting and camp- ing JAMES KENNETH SCHEIFLA Vice-President Major: Industrial Arts, Art Ambition: Live for today Fondest Memory: Living for more and better fondest memories Favorite Pastime: Living for today JANE VALENTINE Secretary Major: Mathematics, Science, Lan- guage Ambition: To live my life to its fullest Fondest Memory: The summer of 1961 Favorite Pastime: Talking and having a good time LUCILLE K. SWIERSKI Treasurer Major: Business, Homemaking Ambition: To lead a happy and suc- cessful life Fondest Memory: Summer of 1961 Favorite Pastime: Talking about “old timesPAUL ACKFRMANN Major: Science. Industrial Arts Ambition: To make something out of my life Fondest Memory: July 17, 1961 Favorite Pastime: Sports GARY N. BARROW Major: Agriculture Ambition: To become a rich farmer Fondest Memory: American History I in 1204 Favorite Pastime: Model cars and “work” DIANE JO BARTOO Major: Art. Science Ambition: To be a successful art teacher Fondest Memory: The summer of 1961. especially June 11 Favorite Pastime: Planning things with S.S. PHYLLIS ANN BARTOO Major: Language Ambition: To become an elementary teacher Fondest Memory: I.C.H.S. Favorite Pastime: Learning to drive CHERYL BEEBE Major: Business Ambition: Medical secretary Fondest Memory: October 17, 1960 Favorite Pastime: Listening to albums and dancing 21 JANICE BEIDLER Major: Mathematics. Science. Language Ambition: To go to college Fondest Memory: Activities at Iroquois Favorite Pastime: ReadingROBERT C BF.NZIN Major: Mathematics, Science, Latin Ambition: To teach secondary Science Fondest Memory: I.C.S. Favorite Pastime: Sleeping GREGORY BLACK Major: Mechanical Drawing, Business Ambition: To be a State Policeman Fondest Memory: When I burnt the lawnmower up! Favorite Pastime: Driving a certain car I EDWINA BERG Major: Business. Homcmaking Ambition: Own my own Beauty Shop Fondest Memory: May 7, '60. Pep Club Dance ’59 Favorite Pastime: Going over to Theals SETH H. BLOOD Major: Mathematics, Science Ambition: To be successful in college Fondest Memory: Activities at I.C.S. Favorite Pastime: Loafing GUY J. BINGHAM Major: Mathematics, Science. Language Ambition: To enter and complete college Fondest Memory: The years at Iroquois Favorite Pastime: Being with people DAVID A. BOLL Major: Agriculture Ambition: To be accepted at ECTI and graduate Fondest Memory: The summer of I960 Favorite Pastime: Boating 22 W RICHARD BRADLEY Major: Science Ambition: To be a success Fondest Memory: August 1, 1961 Favorite Pastime: Thinking about girls CAROL BUCHBINDER Major: Business. Homemaking Ambition: To be as happy as I am now Fondest Memory: ICS and the won- derful people I have met Favorite Pastime: Doing nothing ARLENE BRIGHT Major: Business. Homemaking Ambition: Become Mrs. F. Fondest Memory: November 20. I960 Favorite Pastime: Being with Jim ROBERT D. BUFFUM Major: Agriculture Ambition: Dairy Farming Fondest Memory: Agriculture classes Favorite Pastime: Work 23 DAVID BROOKMAN Major: Mathematics. Science. Mechanical Drawing Ambition: To graduate from college Fondest Memory: Being born Favorite Pastime: Swimming BRUCE A. BUSCH Major: Mathematics, Mechanical Drawing Ambition: To be an Architect Fondest Memory: The Junior-Senior Prom Favorite Pastime: DrivingPETER BYRNES Major: Mathematics, Science Ambition: To be an executive with General Motors Fondest Memory: May 20. 1961 Favorite Pastime: Mechanics, day dreaming RAYMOND BYRNES Major: Mathematics. Shop Ambition: Go to Erie County Tech. Fondest Memory: August 19-29 Favorite Pastime: Living LAURENCE CORAH Major: Mechanical drawing Ambition: Engineering Fondest Memory: Homeroom Favorite Pastime: Drawing CAROL CONLEY Major: Business Ambition: To be happy and success- ful Fondest Memory: Miami Beach Favorite Pastime: Reading MELANIE L. CARSON Major: Business Ambition: When it’s all over, to be able to say it’s been vivid Fondest Memory: Too many to count Favorite Pastime: The other end of town ROSE CRONIN Major: Business, Homemaking Ambition: Secretary Fondest Memory: South Park’s pep rallies and assemblies Favorite Pastime: Roller Skating 24MARGARET ROSE DABB Major: Business. Homemaking Ambition: Live. let. and be happy Fondest Memory: I’ll never tell! Favorite Pastime: Day dreaming ROBERT DILLINGER Major: Mathematics. Science Ambition: Do a good job in college Fondest Memory: There have been so many Favorite Pastime: Being with people and driving a “Chev. JOEL B. DOBBINS Major: Mathematics, Science. Language Ambition: Engineer Fondest Memory: Swimming team Favorite Pastime: Being with “the gang SHIRLEY A. DARBEE Major: Homemaking Ambition: To make Jim C. happy Fondest Memory: Summer of 60 and 61, and spring Favorite Pastime: Being with Jim C. RICHARD W. DAUPHINEE Major: Art Ambition: To teach art Fondest Memory: Beating East Aurora in track Favorite Pastime: Drinking coke at Linda's house DOROTHY DOLBER Major: Mathematics, Science Ambition: Work with physically handicapped Fondest Memory: Summer of 1961 Favorite Pastime: Laughing 25RITA-ELLEN DONOHUE Major: Language Ambition: To tour Europe Fondest Memory: Summer 61 Favorite Pastime: Swimming and Tennis PAULETTE ANNA DRUSHLER Major: Science and Homcmaking Ambition: Become a Registered Nurse Fondest Memory: My family and all the fun we have had Favorite Pastime: Playing the organ KARL EVERTS Major: Science and Mathematics Ambition: ? ? ? ? ? Fondest Memory: “The mild winters of the south” Favorite Pastime: Study Hall JUNE FLINT Major: Business and Homemaking Ambition: Be a success and happy in everything I do Fondest Memory: Sunday night Sept. 17,1961 Favorite Pastime: Dreaming TOM EULLINGTON Major: Art Ambition: Be a King and own a harem Fondest Memory: Sports at Iroquois Favorite Pastime: Water skiing 26 MICHAEL GAWRON Major: Shop. Mechanical Drawing Ambition: To have one Fondest Memory: “The Olds Favorite Pastime: Taking it easyMARCIA GEIB Major: Mathematics, Science. Language Ambition: Graduate from college and help others Fondest Memory: I.C.H.S. and my friends Favorite Pastime: Being with people I like LOIS ANN HAGER Major: Business, Homemaking Ambition: Private secretary Fondest Memory: Junior Play Favorite Pastime: Being with friends DORIS JO GLOWNIA Major: Science Ambition: To enjoy life to the ultimate Fondest Memory: I.C.H.S. and the wonderful people I've met Favorite Pastime: Having fun and helping others have it ROBERT L. HARVEY Major: Science. Mathematics, Mechanical Drawing Ambition: Electronics Fondest Memory: Girls 27 a? -‘ KENNETH GOEHLE Major: Mathematics, Science Ambition: Be a success in life Fondest Memory: Swimming Team Favorite Pastime: Playing guitar KAREN HAUSAUER Major: Business. Homemaking Ambition: To be happy and success- ful Fondest Memory: W.C. gang, parad- ing. and Petie” Favorite Pastime: Parading and drivingLYNETTE HAUSAUFR Major: Science Ambition: To become an R.N. Fondest Memory: My family and the fun I’ve had parading Favorite Pastime: Revcl-Aires and driving EVANGELINE CAROL HEIDEL Major: Mathematics, Language Ambition: To become a teacher Fondest Memory: Summer of ’61 Favorite Pastime: Working on “shows” and sewing MARIE HAUSAUFR Major: Business, Homemaking Ambition: To be a success in what- ever I do Fondest Memory: Rcvel-Aircs. H.N. Favorite Pastime: Parading: the W.C. girls; driving DONALD HICKEY Major: Mathematics, Science Ambition: To satisfy my longing Fondest Memory: The day E.A. burned to the ground Favorite Pastime: Wishful thinking EDWIN HAZARD Major: Mathematics, Science. Shop Ambition: To be a success Fondest Memory: Iroquois Favorite Pastime: Camping MICHAEL HOFFMAN Major: Mathematics. Science Ambition: To be healthy, wealthy, and wise Fondest Memory: Florida—St. Peters- burg Favorite Pastime: Electronics 28f I JOYCE HUDSON Major: Science. Mathematics Ambition: Find an ambition Fondest Memory: February 25. 1959 and many more Favorite Pastime: Eating and sleeping KAREN A. JOHNSON Major: Science. Language Ambition: Learn more than one Swahelian phrase Fondest Memory: Rushford Lake Favorite Pastime: Doing what I shouldn't be doing CHERYL JACOBS Major: Science. Mathematics Ambition: To become a Mathematics teacher Fondest Memory: Transferring to Iroquois Favorite Pastime: Sports, driving LORENZ JOHNSON Major: Shop. Mechanical Drawing Ambition: Find a job I like Fondest Memory: Cross Country, wild coon hunt Favorite Pastime: Hunting with H.W.K. and H.D. GLORIA JANOSZ Major: Business. Homemaking Ambition: To get my Mrs. degree Fondest Memory: Year of 1960-1961 Favorite Pastime: Being with Jim JL 7 SANDRA CAROL KALBACH Major: Business Ambition: Be a beautician like Mom Fondest Memory: March 11. 1961 and summer of 1961 Favorite Pastime: Being with Ken 29RICHARD KANE Major: Mathematics, Science Ambition: To achieve success and happiness Fondest Memory: Eventful weekends in the last four years Favorite Pastime: Spending time with my cronies NANCY KOESTER Major: Business. Homemaking Ambition: To make people happy Fondest Memory: California—1961, Texas—1961 Favorite Pastime: Talking late at “Windy’s” house MILTIADIS KITANIDIS Major: Business Ambition: To succeed in my life Fondest Memory: Trip from my country to here Favorite Pastime: With beloved persons STEPHEN KOZAK Major: Industrial Arts Ambition: Electrical Draftsman Fondest Memory: My senior year at I.C.S. Favorite Pastime: Eating lunch 30 DENNIS KLESS Major: Agriculture Ambition: Office work Fondest Memory: Picnics with my family Favorite Pastime: Sports RONALD KRANE Major: Industrial Arts Ambition: Own a gym and health center Fondest Memory: Iroquois wrestling squad and coaches Favorite Pastime: Wrestling and weight-liftingVIRGINIA LANE Major: Mathematics Ambition: To always he happy Fondest Memory: My trip to Maine Favorite Pastime: Doing something ALLEN JACK LEASURE Major: Mathematics, Mechanical Drawing Ambition: See the world in the U.S.N. Fondest Memory: Summer of 1959 Favorite Pastime: Trying my best to do nothing THOMAS LEWINSKI Major: Business Ambition: To succeed and do my best Fondest Memory: My first powered Chevy Favorite Pastime: Cruising the drag ELMER LINDHOLM Major: Business. Art Ambition: To collect 2Vi by 6 green ink “portraits” Fondest Memory: New York City with K.E., S.E.. and A.H. Favorite Pastime: Dating MICHAEL LOEFSTEDT Major: Mathematics. Science Ambition: To own a 1962 Chrysler 300H convertible Fondest Memory: The day I obtained my 60-’61 wrestling jacket Favorite Pastime: Working on my '58 Dodge BARBARA ANN LONG Major: Mathematics. Science Ambition: Complete my education and travel Fondest Memory: My trip to Cali- fornia and lunch sessions Favorite Pastime: People SHEILA McCORMICK Major: Homcmaking Ambition: Marry B.G. Fondest Memory: January 3. 1960 Favorite Pastime: Being with Skip LORRAINE METZGER Major: Science. Language Ambition: Teach American History Fondest Memory: Too many to tell Favorite Pastime: Reading, sports DONALD MALECKI Major: Shop Ambition: Be a success Fondest Memory: Summer of 1961 Favorite Pastime: Going out JAMES MALONEY Major: M at hematics Ambition: To “get ahead in life ’ Fondest Memory: My World History class Favorite Pastime: Sports I DONALD MILLER Major: Business Ambition: To succeed Fondest Memory: Summer of 1961 Favorite Pastime: Girls o RITA MILLER Major: Mathematics, Science Ambition: To keep learning Fondest Memory: My sixteenth birthday Favorite Pastime: Shopping for clothes, tennis, ping-pong 32RONALD G. MOCNV Major: Mathematics, Science Ambition: To enter college Fondest Memory: English Class Favorite Pastime: Working on engines and playing in a dance band MARLEEN MUSIAL Major: Science, Language Ambition: Registered Nurse Fondest Memory: June. 1960 Favorite Pastime: Reading JOHN MOFFITT Major: Mathematics, Science Ambition: Do well in college Fondest Memory: 1938 Plymouth Favorite Pastime: Sleeping JOYCE NIEDZWIECKI Major: Art. Homemaking Ambition: Own a Corvette Fondest Memory: Twirling at Westfield Favorite Pastime: Being Spring- brook’s majorette GLENN MONESMITH Major: Mathematics, Science Ambition: Successful at D.D.S. and Air Force R.O.T.C. Fondest Memory: Los Angeles Favorite Pastime: Sports and certain girls MICHAEL OCKLER Major: Art, Mathematics Ambition: Be successful and travel Fondest Memory: Last summer Favorite Pastime: Wasting gas 33BRUCE H. OFFHAUS Major: Mathematics, Science Ambition: To be a success Fondest Memory: Summer vacations Favorite Pastime: Driving LYNN PARKINSON Major: Business Ambition: To be happy and success- ful—“four” Fondest Memory: November 12, I960 Favorite Pastime: Having a good time JOYCE OFFHAUS Major: Science, Language Ambition: To be happy and never make anyone unhappy Fondest Memory: March 24, 1961 Favorite Pastime: Being with a certain someone CHARLES PARKE Major: Mechanical Drawing Ambition: Join the Navy Fondest Memory: March 16, 1944 Favorite Pastime: ? ? ? SHARON SUE PAWLICKI Major: Language. Mathematics, Science Ambition: Become a language teacher or interpreter Fondest Memory: Trip to California Favorite Pastime: Reading good books RONALD PENN Major: Art. Mechanical Drawing Ambition: To be a pilot in the Air Force Fondest Memory: Sandy S. Favorite Pastime: Working on my car 34PATRICIA PERRIN Major: Homemaking, Business Ambition: Become Mrs. K. C. W. Fondest Memory: February 17, 1961 and Summer of 1958 Favorite Pastime: Trying to prove that I.C.S. is better than E.A. MARY FRANCES PRACZKAJIO Major: Business. Homemaking Ambition: To get my Mrs. degree Fondest Memory: The fun I’ve had at I.C.S. and the prom Favorite Pastime: Writing and receiving his letters RONALD PETRELL Major: Shop Ambition: Be a barber at Sam’s in E.A. Fondest Memory: August 18. 1960 Favorite Pastime: Being in West Seneca ROY M. PUCCI Major: Business Ambition: U.S. Air Force Fondest Memory: Summer of 1961 Favorite Pastime: Being with friends 35 JOANN LOUISE POST Major: Science Ambition: To serve and make people happy by teaching Fondest Memory: The Moon Hangs Low” and August 25. 1961 Favorite Pastime: Music, sewing CAROL ALICE PULS Major: Business Ambition: To marry D.L.E. and keep him happy Fondest Memory: August 21. 1959 and W.C. gang Favorite Pastime: Being with D.L.E.EARL REIMER Major: Shop Ambition: To keep Manila on the map Fondest Memory: June 1960 Favorite Pastime: Working on the 1952 Chev. ROGER REINNAGEL Major: Mathematics, Science Ambition: Pour la qucrre commc a’ la querrc Fondest Memory: Summer of 1961 Favorite Pastime: Reading JOAN ROZESKI Major: Business, Homemaking Ambition: Be a success in the future Fondest Memory: Going with B.P. Favorite Pastime: Going places on the spur of the moment JO ANN RUDICH Major: Business, Homemaking Ambition: To live a happy and successful life Fondest Memory: Years 1956 to 1961 Favorite Pastime: Being with him. dancing, making clothes EILEEN RICKFRT Major: Business, Homemaking Ambition: To be a successful beautician Fondest Memory: 1960-1961, and the State Fair Favorite Pastime: Talking MARTIN RUDICH Major: Mathematics, Science Ambition: Get an easy job Fondest Memory: Sports at I.C.S. Favorite Pastime: Sports 36LINDA RUPP Major: Mathematics. Science. Language Ambition: Work with people in foreign countries Fondest Memory: Seventh grade English class Favorite Pastime: Day dreaming CHRIS W. RUSERT Major: Mathematics, Science Ambition: To complete college Fondest Memory: Nancie with the laughing face. Favorite Pastime: Going fishing JOYCE SCHEFFLER Major: Homemaking Ambition: To make a happy life with a certain someone Fondest Memory: October 17. 1960 Favorite Pastime: Chevy convertible JUDITH ANN SCHULENBERG Major: Business Ambition: Lead an interesting and successful life Fondest Memory: Washington. D. C. Prom night 1961 Favorite Pastime: Dancing and sports ROBERT SALISBURY Major: Art Ambition: To succeed in life Fondest Memory: Summer of 1961 Favorite Pastime: J.L. KATHLEEN C. SEIBOLD Major: Science Ambition: Physical education teacher Fondest Memory: Western trip and “mop-top” Favorite Pastime: Sports and music 37JOHN H SEILF.MAN, JR. Major: Mathematics. Science Ambition: A college education Fondest Memory: Summer in Wisconsin Favorite Pastime: Wasting my time SANDRA ANN STANDART Major: Art, Science Ambition: To be a physical education teacher Fondest Memory: June II, 1961 Favorite Pastime: Driving, sports, planning things with D.B. ROBERT SNYDER Major: Mathematics, Art. Mechanical Drawing Ambition: Graduate from college Fondest Memory: Track 1961 Favorite Pastime: Driving around MAX STOIBER Major: Mathematics, Science. Shop Ambition: Retire a millionaire at 25 Fondest Memory: Football under coaches Latimer and Foster Favorite Pastime: Putting off home- work until later 38 MARY SHAFFER Major: Mathematics, Science, Language Ambition: To deserve happiness and make a “someone ’ happy Fondest Memory: Everyone, every- where, Jr. Play “souffle”, L.R.W. Favorite Pastime: Why say? Every- body knows FREDERICK STRF.IF Major: Mechanical Drawing Ambition: Make my first million Fondest Memory: “El Slobo”—a 48 Indian Favorite Pastime: Swimming and Skin DivingCLIFFORD STROKE Major: Mathematics, Science Ambition: College, then a real life Fondest Memory: Java, a boat, a blond Favorite Pastime: Being with friends SANDRA LEE VAN LEW Major: Business Ambition: To always be part of a team Fondest Memory: Chcerleading at Iroquois Favorite Pastime: Talking on the telephone THERESA SZULEWSKI Major: Science. Homemaking Ambition: To become a Registered Nurse Fondest Memory: Summer of 1961. working in the nurse’s office Favorite Pastime: Parading with the Revel-Aires GERALD W. VAN HOOSER Major: Industrial Arts Ambition: Join the Air Force Fondest Memory: Summer of 1959 and 1960 Favorite Pastime: My cabin DAVID J. TOLSMA Major: Business, Shop Ambition: Auto salesman Fondest Memory: November 12. 1960 Favorite Pastime: My car and races at Perry KATHERINE VAN SICKLE Major: Mathematics, Language Ambition: Interior decoration Fondest Memory: My first million (Confederate money) Favorite Pastime: Riding and golf 39DOLORFS VESPER Major: Business. Homemaking Ambition: Always be as happy as I am now Fondest Memory: June 1960, John and cheerleading Favorite Pastime: Eating, sports, writing letters MARY ANN WASIELEWSKI Major: Business Ambition: Become a private secretary Fondest Memory: Summer of 1961 Favorite Pastime: Sports and Dancing CLIFFORD WALKER Major: Agriculture, Mathematics Ambition: Have fun and be happy Fondest Memory: Sports at Iroquois Favorite Pastime: Sleeping HENRY WEIL Major: Mathematics, Science Ambition: Hunt and travel in the US. Fondest Memory: My last four years Favorite Pastime: Watching the world go by JOAN WANTUCH Major: Business. Science Ambition: Attain eternal peace Fondest Memory: Washington. D. C. and “Rebel” Favorite Pastime: Listening to captivating “Johnny Mathis” ESTELLE WELLS Major: Mathematics. Science Ambition: To be a physical education teacher Fondest Memory: 1961 Favorite Pastime: Sports 40ANN E. WELSCH Major: Mathematics, Science. Language Ambition: To succeed in life Fondest Memory: Summer of 1961 Favorite Pastime: Horseback riding FRED WINGATE Major: Shop Ambition: To keep Marilla on the map Fondest Memory: Too many to tell Favorite Pastime: Outdoor sports ROGER WHEELER Major: Mathematics. Science Ambition: To always do my best Fondest Memory: Senior chorus Favorite Pastime: Being with those whom I like b JUDITH ANN WYSOCKI Major: Business. Homemaking Ambition: To be a success in what- ever I attempt to do Fondest Memory: Rusty and the summer of 1959 Favorite Pastime: Riding my horse “Sunset” JAMES WILLIAMSON Major: Mathematics, Science Ambition: Complete a successful full life Fondest Memory: The 1961 football season Favorite Pastime: Having a good time RONALD YOUNGMAN Major: Agriculture Ambition: To travel and become a well known athlete Fondest Memory: There are so many Favorite Pastime: Weight lifting 41ROBERT ZIEZIULA Major: Agriculture Ambition: To do what I want to do Fondest Memory: Trip to Ithaca with the Agriculture class Favorite Pastime: Hunting JAMES ZIMMERMANN Major: Mathematics, Science Ambition: To be useful Fondest Memory: Classes Favorite Pastime: Bowling and pool EDWARD ROBERT DODD Major: Mechanical Drawing Ambition: Draftsman Fondest Memory: May 2, 1962 Favorite Pastime: Hanging around Your Host at Southgate FRED HINCKLEY Major: Shop Ambition: To get through school Fondest Memory: Summer of 1959 Favorite Pastime: Going out LOUIS ZIMMERMAN Major: Art Ambition: To be a real success Fondest Memory: “48’ Indian” Favorite Pastime: Mechanics and “pudge” CAROL POPP Major: Business Ambition: To do what ever I try to the best of my ability Fondest Memory: Junior Prom at Alden Favorite Pastime: Reading and Writing 42RICHARD FILIPOWICZ Major: Shop Ambition: To be someone Fondest Memory: December 1, 1961 Favorite Pastime: Curb cruising WHITFORD MUNN Major: Agriculture Ambition: Fly my own plane Favorite Pastime: Being with John and the gang JOHN SCHROEDER Major: Shop, Agriculture Ambition: Diesel Specialist Fondest Memory: Agriculture room with Munn and boys Favorite Pastime: Driving in a maroon chevy WESLEY JOHN KLESS Major: Industrial Arts Ambition: Truck driver Fondest Memory: ’54 Olds Favorite Pastime: Racing THOMAS MURZYNSKI Major: Mechanical Drawing Ambition: Own a corvette Fondest Memory: Weekends around Elma Favorite Pastime: Fating RICHARD A. VALLONE Major: Mechanical Drawing Ambition: To be a success Fondest Memory: Too many of them! Favorite Pastime: Just doing different things 43 KENNETH McDONALD Major: Industrial Arts Ambition: Own a dragster Fondest Memory: June 18, 1959 Favorite Pastime: Curb cruising CECELIA NIE Major: Art Ambition: To be successful Fondest Memory: Summer 1960-winter 1961 Favorite Pastime: Sports and the gang GARY WOLF Major: Shop Ambition: To live life to the fullest Fondest Memory: A certain wedding! Favorite Pastime: HuntingSENIOR POLL MOST ADMIRED MOST STUDIOUS Jane Valentine, Donald Hickey Linda Rupp. Guy Bingham BEST SENSE OF HUMOR Sheila McCormick. Richard Kane MOST MUSICAL Kathy Seibold. David Brookman BEST LOOKING Carol Conley, James Schiefla MOST TALKATIVE Dolores Vesper. Ronald Petrell MOST ORIGINAL Barbara Long, Clifford Stroke MOST DEPENDABLE Diane Bartoo, Guy Bingham BIGGEST DAY-DREAMERS Joyce Schefllcr. Richard Dauphinee 44BIGGEST APPLE-POLISHERS Sharon Pawlicki, Donald Hickey MOST ATHLETIC Estelle Wells, James Schiefla MOST BASHFUL Linda Rupp, Henry Weil BEST DANCERS Judi Schulenberg, Ronald Krane BEST APPEARANCE Rita-Ellen Donohue, Elmer Lindholm MOST ARTISTIC Joyce Neidswicki. Thomas Fullington SENIOR POLL MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Jane Valentine, Donald Hickey MOST FRIENDLY Mary Shaffer, Guy Bingham MOST COURTEOUS Joan Wantuch. Guy Bingham 45CLASS HISTORY Our years at Iroquois have been characterized by noticeable growth, both phys- ical and mental. From our first days in the seventh grade to the last days of our senior year, we have gained much knowledge while having the most enjoyable time of our lives. As freshmen, we were offered our first opportunity to select our class officers. Ronald Petrell, our President, was aided in his duties by Vice President Sandra Van Lew, Secretary Lorraine Metzger, and Treasurer Carol Conley. “April in Paris was very successful as our first class sponsored dance. Our sophomore year proved to be a challenge as we advanced toward gradua- tion. We were represented by Donald Hickey, David Brookman, Jane Valentine, and James Williamson as President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer, respectively. Topping off the year was a touch of blarney provided by our dance, the “Shamrock Shag.” The dance, “The Unarranged Occasion, was a high spot in our junior year. Another was the dramatic performance of Rebel Without A Cause which dem- onstrated the ability of our class to present a production worthy of Iroquois Cen- tral. Our capable officers this year were James Williamson President, Ronald Pe- trell Vice President, Lynn Parkinson Secretary, and Judy Schulenberg, Treasurer. The entertaining operetta, Plain and Fancy, had many members of our class in its cast. Our Senior Year brought many responsibilities as well as privileges. Under the able leadership of President Gregory Dunn, with assistance from Vice President James Scheifla, Secretary Jane Valentine, and Treasurer Lucille Swierski, our class established a record collection of $4,285 in the annual magazine drive. This helped to defray the expenses of the Iroquoian, our yearbook, which is under the experienced direction of Mrs. Buchholz, Faculty Advisor, and Diane Bartoo, Editor. The first social event of the year was “The Autumn Fallout,” our Senior dance. A nice evening was enjoyed by all. Now we anticipate the busy times of the Senior Fair, the musical moments of the prom, and the practical jokes of the senior picnic. All in all, we hope to have a funfillcd, as well as productive year, as our last at Iroquois. We have reached a milestone, but not the end of that road to mature knowledge and growth. Iroquois has given us the hope, the aspiration, and the desire to do well in all we attempt, and we shall carry with us forever the spirit of Iroquois Central.3 CLASS WILL ) Wc. the Class of 1962. in order to form a more lasting impression, and to establish our memory, to our followers and teachers, do ordain and establish this as our last will and testa- ment: TO MR. BARTOO: More of the smile everyone likes to see. TO MR. CORSER: Acceptance of the term “Dining Room.” TO MR. GRIFFITH: A third hand to help fill out college applications. TO THE BOARD OF FDUCATION: Another class as “Trouble-free as ours. TO MRS. BENDER: Students who speak French. TO MRS. BUCHHOLZ: A tape recording of “1201.” TO MRS. CLACK: Latin students who know Ancient History. TO MR. COBLENTZ: Starch-free collars. TO MISS CROFT: Continued success with “asdf-jkl:”. TO MR. DeFREIS: Pictures worth a thousand words. TO MR. EATON: Many, many more birthdays! TO MR. FOX: A homeroom that always meets “the goal. TO MR. FOSTER: More spectators at “after school” meets TO MR. FRISBIF: Best of luck with the IBM-monster. TO MR. GIBBONS: More laboratory equipment for ever-increasing biology classes. TO MR. GRIENFR: Many happy years at I.C.S. TO MR. HOPPE: More “interested” English students. TO MRS. KELLOGG: More male students for F.T.A. field trips. TO MISS KREHBIEL: “Good Luck” TO MR. LAMP: Many beautiful art subjects. TO COACH LATIMER: The football team required for continued success in defeating E.A. TO MR. LUDERS: Acres and acres of farm land to plow and plow and plow. TO MR. MANCHESTER: Students who can tell the difference between a compass and a pro- tractor. TO MR. McCRFADV: 5,000 sticks of chewing gum for basketball games. TO MR. NORBERG: Male actors for future junior plays. TO MR. RATHGFBFR: IBM clocks that have the right time. TO MR. RIDER: An “armored driver education car. TO MISS SAUNDERS: Fewer senior gym classes. TO MRS. SEILEMAN. Freedom from frustrating homeroom periods. TO MR. SIPPRELL: Classes closer together. TO MR. VAN ORNUM: Students who know how to use a slide rule. TO THE FACULTY: The ambition to try again. TO MR. MAXSON AND HIS STAFF: Continuance of the wonderful job they are doing for I. C. S. TO THE CAFETERIA STAFF: Neater tables after lunch periods. TO THE BUS DRIVERS: Patience! TO “MILT : Happy memories of the U. S. A. and Iroquois. TO GREG DUNN: Many thanks for a job well done. TO THE DON JAY STUDIOS: Seniors who are satisfied with their first set of proofs. TO THE BAND. A ratings. TO THE CHORUS: Always successful operettas. TO THE STUDENT COUNCIL: Prompt payment of dues. TO THE CHEERLEADERS: An “organized cheering section. TO THE PEP CLUB “ORGANIZATION! TO THE JUNIORS: Our seats in the auditorium and “Seniors First.” TO FUTURE FOOTBALL TEAMS: The stamina to beat E. A. before the fourth quarter. TO THE SOPHOMORES: “Hang on. the fun (?) is just beginning. TO FUTURE BASKETBALL TEAMS: Lower nets and higher players. TO FUTURE MAGAZINE SELLERS: Blocks and blocks of homes full of magazine readers. TO THE JUNIOR HIGH: Success with their program of independence. TO GIRLS' GYM CLASSES: Higher shin guards. TO FUTURE SENIORS. Our “Senior Privileges.” TO EAST AURORA: An Iroquois team that will always beat ’em. TO FUTURE YEARBOOK STAFFS: Less laughs and more labor. TO THE STUDENTS OF IROQUOIS: Many wonderful years, such as those we have spent at Iroquois. TO EVERYONE: HEALTH. WEALTH AND HAPPINESS.CLASS DIRECTORY PAUL ACKERMANN Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Track 3. 4 Basketball 3, 4 Band 1, 2. 3. 4 Orchestra 1, 2. 3, 4 President of Orchestra 4 GARY N. BARROW F. F. A. 2. 3, 4 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 F. F. A. Vice-President 4 Orchestra 3, 4 DIANE JO BARTOO Chorus 1. 2. 3. 4 Intermurals 1, 2, 3. 4 Aquatic Club 2, 3, 4 Baton 1 Yearbook 3, 4 Youth Discussion Group 2 Pep Club 2, 3, 4 Bookstore Staff 3 Future Teachers of America 4 Operetta 3 Antics 2, 4 Aquatic Club Officer 3 Yearbook Editor 4 Pep Club 2. 3, 4 Pep Club Officer 3. 4 All State Chorus 3 PHYLLIS ANN BARTOO Student Council 3 Red Cross 1 Field Hockey 1 Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4 Softball 2 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Aquatic Club 4 Antics 2 Pep Club 2. 3. 4 Bowling 3, 4 Future Teachers of America 3, 4 CHERYL BEEBE Chorus 3, 4 Chieftain 4 JANICE BEIDLER National Junior Honor Society 1 Junior Red Cross Representative 3 Field Hockey 1 Volleyball 1. 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Baseball 2 Bowling 2. 3. 4 Junior Play 3 ROBERT C. BENZIN Junior Play 3 Swimming 1, 2 Operetta 2, 3, 4 Chess Club 1 Future Teachers of America 3, 4 EDWINA BERG Pep Club 2, 3 Volleyball 4 F. H. A. 4 Chieftain GUY J. BINGHAM Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Operetta 1, 2, 3, 4 Yearbook 4 Bowling 3, 4 Junior Play 3 Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4 National Junior Honor Society 1 National Senior Honor Society 3 Berg Science Seminar 2, 3 ROBERT BIRKE Wrestling 1. 3, 4 Football 4 GREGORY BLACK Junior Play 3 SETH H. BLOOD Cross Country 2, 3 Bowling 4 Football 4 National Junior Honor Society 2 Junior Play 3 Operetta 3, 4 Science Club 3, 4 Track 1. 2, 3, 4 DAVID A. BOLL F. F. A. 1. 2, 3, 4 Swimming 2, 4 Chess Club 1 RICHARD BRADLEY Operetta 2. 3 Chorus 1. 2, 3. 4 Rifle Team 4 Vice-President, Chorus 4 ARLENE BRIGHT Pep Club 2, 3 F. H. A. 3. 4 Yearbook 3. 4 F. H. A. Recorder 4 DAVID BROOKMAN Swimming I, 2, 3. 4 Cross Country 2. 3, 4 Track 2, 3, 4 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Dance Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Student Council 3 Vice-President 2 CAROL BUCHBINDER Bowling 3. 4 Basketball 3 Pep Club 3 Antics 2. 3 Junior Play 3 Aquatic Club 1, 4 ROBERT D. BUFFUM F. F. A. 1.2, 3. 4 Sentinel F. F. A. 2 Reporter F. F. A. 3 BRUCE A. BUSCH Football 1, 2. 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Track 2. 3, 4 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Yearbook 3, 4 PETER BYRNES Chorus 1. 2, 3, 4 Football 2, 3 Rifle Club 3, 4 Yearbook 4 Red Cross 2 Swimming 1, 2 RAYMOND BYRNES Swimming 1, 2, 3, 4 Football 2, 3, 4 Track 3, 4 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 MELANIE L. CARSON Library 1, 2, 3, 4 F. H. A. 3, 4 Bowling 1, 2, 3, 4 Softball 2 Field Hockey I Aquatic Club 1, 2 48 CAROL CONLEY Chorus 1 Basketball I, 2, 3, 4 Baseball 2 Volleyball 1. 2. 3, 4 Aquatic Club 3, 4 Pep Club 2, 3, 4 Cheerleading Captain I, 2 Bowling 2, 3. 4 Chess Club 2 Student Council 2 Yearbook 4 Treasurer 1 Pep Club President 4 Aquatic Club Secretary 3 Aquatic Club Treasurer 3 LAURENCE CORAH ROSE CRONIN MARGARET DABB Bowling 2, 3, 4 Library Staff 2 Bookstore Staff 1 Orchestra 2 Junior Play 3 F. H. A. 2, 3. 4 Aquatic Club 1 Antics 3 F. H. A. President 4 F. H. A. Reporter 3 SHIRLEY A. DARBEE F. H. A. 3.4 RICHARD W. DAUPHINEE Track 3 Football 4 Swimming 3, 4 ROBERT DILLINGER Swimming Team 1, 2 Rifle Team 3. 4 Yearbook 3, 4 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Operetta 3, 4 Junior Play 3 Chieftain 4 JOEL DOBBINS Swimming 1, 2. 3, 4 Football 1, 2 Track 1, 2, 3, 4 Cross Country 3, 4 EDWARD ROBERT DODD Red Cross 3 DOROTHY DOLBER Chorus 1. 3, 4 Bowling 3, 4 Junior Play 3 Operetta 3, 4 Antics 3 Pep Club 4 RITA-ELLEN DONOHUE Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4 Aquatic Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Pep Club 2, 3, 4 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4 Secretary-Treasurer of Orchestra 4 PAULETTE ANNA DRUSHLER Bookstore 2, 3, 4 Yearbook 4 Bowling 2, 3, 4 Basketball 4 Volleyball 4 Junior Play Usher 3 Aquatic Club 2, 4 Pep Club 4GREGORY GEORGE DUNN Swimming 2 Junior Play 3 Science Club 3 Stage Hand 2, 3, 4 Class President 4 KARL EVERTS Football 2 Latin Club 1, 2 German I Club 3 Science Club 1 Rifle Club 1 JUNE FLINT F. H. A. 1, 3. 4 Dance Club 1 Yearbook I, 4 Chorus 1. 2 Volleyball 2. 3 Basketball 3 Bowling 3 Chieftain 4 Athletic Club 1 Class Secretary 1 Girls’ Athletic Club President 1. 2 Treasurer of F. H. A. 4 TOM FULLINGTON Football 1.2. 3. 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3. 4 Track 1, 2, 3, 4 Chorus 1 Student Council Representative 2 MICHAEL GAWRON Basketball 1, 2. 4 Baseball 1 MARCIA C. GEIB Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Operetta 3 Orchestra 1, 2, 4 Junior Play 3 Aquatic Club Bowling 2. 3 Junior Honor Society 1 Volleyball 3 National Senior Honor Society 3 Yearbook 3. 4 Chieftain 3, 4 Future Teachers 4 Pep Club 2. 3 Junior Red Cross 1 DORIS JO GLOWNIA Aquatic Club 1, 2. 4 Library Staff 2 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4 Chieftain 4 Pep Club 2, 3, 4 Basketball I, 2, 3, 4 Softball 1, 2 Bowling 2. 3. 4 Yearbook 3, 4 Junior Play 3 Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4 Antics 3 KENNETH GOEHLE Swimming Team 1, 2, 3, 4 Football 2 Cross Country 3 Projection Staff 1, 2 Yearbook 4 LOIS ANN HAGER Orchestra 2. 3. 4 F. H. A. 2, 3. 4 Junior Play 3 Bowling 3, 4 Aquatic Club 1 Antics 3 Secretary of F. H. A. 4 ROBERT L. HARVEY Cross Country 4 Bowling 1 Track 3. 4 Wrestling 4 Yearbook 4 Volleyball 3 Model Airplane Club 1 KAREN HAUSAUER Volleyball 1, 3 Bowling 2, 3 Yearbook 3, 4 Junior Play 3 Chorus I. 2. 3, 4 Antics 3 Junior Honor Society 2 Operetta 4 Majorette 1 Field Hockey 4 Pep Club 4 LYNETTE HAUSAUER Aquatic Club 1 Basketball 3 Bowling 2. 3 Bookstore 3 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Red Cross 1, 2 Library Staff 1, 2 Majorette 1 Volleyball 1 Nurses' Staff 4 Pep Club 4 Yearbook 3. 4 MARIE HAUSAUER Volleyball 1 Aquatic Club 1 Bowling 3 Yearbook 3, 4 Yearbook Typing Editor 4 Chorus I. 2. 4 Pep Club 4 Basketball 3 Junior Honor Society 2 EDWIN HAZARD Band 1, 4 Orchestra 4 EVANGELINE CAROL HEIDEL Antics 2, 3. 4 Aquatic Club 1, 2 Pep Club 4 Chorus 1, 2. 3, 4 Junior Play 3 Bowling 3, 4 Junior Honor Society 2 Operetta 1, 2, 3, 4 Softball 2 Science Club 3 Yearbook 4 Future Teachers 4 DONALD HICKEY Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Football 2, 3, 4 Track 2, 3 Yearbook Sports Editor 4 Chieftain Sports Editor 3, 4 Student Council 4 Junior Honor Society 1 Senior Honor Society 3 American League Boy’s State President 2 Syracuse Conference FRED HINCKLEY Swimming 1, 2, 3 MICHAEL HOFFMAN JOYCE HUDSON Red Cross 2 Basketball 1, 2, 3 Volleyball 1, 2, 3 CHERYL JACOBS Sports Letters 1, 2, 3 Future Teachers 2, 3, 4 Pep Rally 1 German Club 1, 2 Chemistry Club 2 Orchestra 1, 2, 3 Chorus 4 GLORIA JANOSZ Chorus 1 Photography Club 1 F. H. A. 3 Aquatic Club 3 KAREN A. JOHNSON Aquatic Club 1, 3, 4 Volleyball 1. 2, 3. 4 Field Hockey 1 Softball 2 Cheerleading 2 Basketball 1, 2, 3. 4 Yearbook 4 Library Staff 1, 2 Chieftain 4 Bowling 2, 3, 4 Pep Club 2, 3 Future Teachers 4 Baton I LORENZ JOHNSON Cross Country 1, 2, 3, 4 Track 2, 3. 4 Volleyball 3, 4 Cross Country Co-Captain 4 SANDRA CAROL KALBACH Aquatic Club 1 Bowling 2, 3. 4 Yearbook 3, 4 Red Cross 2 Pep Club 2, 3, 4 Softball 1 Volleyball 1 Junior Play 2, 3 Antics 2, 3, 4 Operetta 2, 3, 4 Basketball 3 RICHARD KANE Student Council 2, 3, 4 Football 1, 3, 4 Bowling 2, 3 Student Council Treasurer 2 Student Council Vice-President 4 MILTIADIS KITANIDIS Yearbook 4 Volleyball 4 Play High Physical Education Show National Parade DENNIS KLESS NANCY KOESTER Pep Club 2, 3 Chieftain 4 Junior Play 3 Antics 3 STEPHEN KOZAK Track 3 Cross Country 4 Baseball 2 Yearbook 3, 4 Red Cross Treasurer 2 RONALD KRANE Wrestling 1, 2, 3, 4 Track 1, 3, 4 Football 1 Cross Country 2 Baseball 2 VIRGINIA LANE Chorus 1 Basketball 2, 3, 4 Volleyball 2, 3, 4 Pep Club 3, 4 ALLEN JACK LEASURE Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Football 3 49Wrestling 1, 2, 3, 4 Track 2, 3, 4 Operetta 2, 3 THOMAS LEWINSKI Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Track 1, 4 ELMER LINDHOLM Swimming Team 1, 2 Student Council 1, 2 Rifle Team 3, 4 Operetta 1, 2 Junior Red Cross 3 Bookstore 4 Cross Country 1 Baseball 2 Junior Play 3 MICHAEL LOEFSTEDT Wrestling 1, 2, 3, 4 BARBARA ANN LONG Aquatic Club 1 Pep Club 2. 3. 4 Student Council 3, 4 Future Teachers 3, 4 Basketball 2, 3, 4 Bowling 2, 3, 4 Volleyball 2, 3, 4 Swim Club 3 Yearbook 4 Junior Play 3 SHELIA McCORMICK Aquatic Club 1 DONALD MALECKI Wrestling 1. 2, 3, 4 Football 4 Track 2 JAMES MALONEY Cross Country 4 Track 3, 4 LORRAINE METZGER Field Hockey 1 Student Council 1, 3, 4 Chorus 1, 2. 3, 4 Aquatic Club 1,2, 3, 4 Volleyball 2, 3, 4 Girls Softball 2 Girls Basketball 2, 3, 4 Pep Club 2, 3, 4 Secretary 1 Treasurer of Leaders Club 3, 4 Director of Aquatic Club 2 All State Chorus 3 DONALD MILLER Rifle Team 1, 2 Bookstore 1 RITA MILLER Chorus 1, 2, 3 Bowling 2 National Junior Honor Society 2 Student Council 2 RONALD MOCNY Swimming 1, 2, 3, 4 Baseball 3, 4 Band and Dance Band 3, 4 JOHN MOFFITT Cross Country 2, 3. 4 Chorus 1, 4 Wrestling 3 Basketball Manager 2, 4 Track 2, 3, 4 Operetta 1, 2, 3, 4 GLENN MONESMITH Cross Country 1, 3 Football 2, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Baseball 2, 4 Track 3 Yearbook 4 Chieftain 3, 4 National Junior Honor Society 2 Student Council 4 MARLEEN MUSIAL Library I, 2, 4 Yearbook 3. 4 Junior Play 3 Operetta 1, 3, 4 Aquatic Club 4 Chorus 1, 3. 4 Bowling 3, 4 JOYCE NIEDZWIECKI Baton 1 Chorus 1, 2 Chieftain 2, 3. 4 Basketball 2 Volleyball 3 Aquatic Club 1, 2 Gossip Editor 2, 3, 4 MICHAEL OCKLER Swimming 1, 2, 3, 4 Crosscountry 1 Yearbook 4 Student Council 3 BRUCE OFFHAUS Chorus 1, 2, 3. 4 Operetta 1, 2, 3 Senior Chorus President 4 JOYCE OFFHAUS Junior Play 3 Yearbook 3, 4 CHARLES PARKE LYNN PARKINSON Chorus I, 2, 3, 4 Student Council 1, 2 Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Softball 1 Bowling 3, 4 Bookstore 3 Aquatic Club 1, 2, 3 SHARON SUE PAWLICKI Student Council 3, 4 Chieftain 2, 3, 4 Bowling 3. 4 Library Staff 1, 2, 4 Junior Honor Society 1 Senior Honor Society 3 Secretary of Student Council 3 Chieftain Activities Editor 2 Chieftain Features Editor 3 Chieftain Co-Editor-in-Chicf 4 RONALD PENN PATRICIA PERRIN Chorus 1, 3, 4 Yearbook 4 Chieftain 4 F. H. A. 2, 3.4 Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Bowling 1, 2, 4 Volleyball 3, 4 Junior Red Cross 1 Secretary of F. H. A. 3 RONALD PETRELL Football 1,2, 3, 4 President 1 Vice-President 3 JOANN LOUISE POST Chorus 1,2, 3, 4 Orchestra 1, 2 Red Cross 2 Basketball 3 Junior Play 3 Operetta I, 2, 3, 4 MARY FRANCIS PRACZKAJIO Chieftain 4 Yearbook 4 50 Bowling 4 Pep Club 4 ROY PUCCI Wrestling 1,2 CAROL ALICE PULS Chorus 1, 2, 3. 4 Field Hockey 4 Bowling 1 Pep Club 2 Volleyball 3, 4 Yearbook 3. 4 EARL REIMER ROGER REINNAGEL Cross Country 2, 3, 4 Audio-visual Staff 1, 2 Model Airplane Club 1, 2 EILEEN RICKERT Pep Club 2, 3, 4 Chorus 1, 2 F. H. A. 2, 3, 4 Aquatic Club 1 Yearbook 3, 4 Library 2, 3 Volleyball 3 Bowling 2 JOAN ROZESKI F. H. A. 2, 3 Pep Club 2, 3, 4 Library Staff 2, 3, 4 Aquatic Club 1 Bowling 2 JOANN RUDICH Pep Club 2, 3, 4 Aquatic Club 2, 4 Bowling 2, 3, 4 Chieftain 4 Yearbook 4 Basketball 2. 4 Field Hockey I, 4 Softball 2, 4 Volleyball 2, 3, 4 Library 2 MARTIN RUDICH Track I, 2 Baseball 3, 4 Basketball I, 2, 3, 4 Football 1, 2, 3, 4 LINDA RUPP Aquatic Club 3 National Junior Honor Society 1 Band 1, 4 Chorus 3 National Senior Honor Society 3 Volleyball 3 Baseball 2 Basketball 2, 3 Junior Play 3 Yearbook 4 Bowling 3 U. N. Contest 3 CHRIS W. RUSERT Cross Country 1,2, 3, 4 Student Council 2, 4 ROBERT SALISBURY Swimming 2, 3, 4 JOYCE SCHEFFLER Library I, 2, 3 Bowling 2, 3 Volleyball 2 Softball 2 Basketball 2, 3 Field Hockey 1 Aquatic Club 1 JAMES KENNETH SC H FI FLA Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Football 1,2, 3, 4 Orchestra 3, 4Basketball I, 2, 3, 4 Band I. 2. 3, 4 Dance Band 3, 4 Student Council I, 3 President of Senior Band 4 Vice-President 4 JUDITH ANN SCHULENBERG Aquatic Club 1. 2 Volleyball 2. 3. 4 Bowling 2. 3, 4 Basketball 2, 3, 4 Cheerleading 3, 4 Pep Club 2. 3. 4 Swim Club 3 Future Teachers 3 Library Staff I Red Cross I Softball 2 Treasurer 3 KATHLEEN C. SEIBOLD Basketball I. 2, 3, 4 Volleyball I. 2, 3, 4 Bowling I. 2. 3. 4 Softball L 2 Aquatic Club 1. 2. 4 Band 1,2, 3,4 Orchestra I, 2, 3. 4 Future Teachers 3 Pep Club 2, 3, 4 JOHN H. SE1LEMAN, JR. Student Council I, 2 Swimming 1 Baseball 1. 2 Bowling 2, 3, 4 Yearbook 4 Junior Play 3 ROBERT SNYDER Swimming 1 Photography Club 2 Track 3 Volleyball 3 MARY SHAFFER Volleyball 1 Red Cross 2 Junior Play 3 Operetta 1, 2, 3 Antics 2 Yearbook 4 Swim Club 4 Future Teachers 4 Bowling 3 Pep Club 2, 3, 4 SANDRA ANN STANDART Chorus 3, 4 Pep Club 2, 3, 4 Cheerleading 1, 3 Aquatic Club 2 Intermurals 1,2, 3, 4 Future Teachers 4 Softball 2 Bowling 1, 2, 3, 4 MAX STOIBER Football 2, 3. 4 Track 3, 4 FREDERICK STREIF Swimming Team 1, 2, 3, 4 Photography Club 3 Track 2, 3, 4 Band I, 2 CLIFFORD STROKE Cross Country 1, 2, 3 Wrestling 1, 2, 3 Track 1, 2, 3, 4 Football 4 Student Council 3, 4 Student Council President 4 LUCILLE K. SWIERSKI Basketball 2, 3, 4 Bowling 3 Volleyball 2, 3, 4 Pep Club 2. 3 Junior Play 3 Library Staff 2 Treasurer 4 THERESA SZULEWSKI Nurses’ Staff 1,2, 3. 4 Yearbook 4 Baton I Aquatic Club 4 Pep Club 4 Volleyball 4 Basketball 4 DAVID J. TOLSMA Intermural Bowling 3 Junior Play 3 Bowling I GERALD VAN HOOSFR Track 4 SANDRA VAN LEW Cheerleading 1. 2. 3, 4 Cheerleading Captain 2, 4 Yearbook 3, 4 Bowling 1,2, 3, 4 Basketball I. 2, 3.4 Softball 2 Volleyball I. 2, 3, 4 Pep Club 2, 3, 4 JANE VALENTINE Aquatic Club I, 2, 3, 4 National Junior Honor Society 1 American Field Service 3 Red Cross 1, 2, 3, 4 Secretary 2. 4 Red Cross Secretary 2 Red Cross Treasurer 3 Red Cross President 4 Operetta 1 Yearbook 4 Pep Club 2, 3, 4 Junior Play 3 Volleyball I. 3, 4 Basketball 1, 3, 4 Field Hockey 1 KATHERINE VAN SICKLE Yearbook 3, 4 DOLORES VESPER Cheerleading 1. 3 Softball 2 Basketball 2, 4 Volleyball 1,2, 3, 4 Aquatic Club 2 Bowling 2. 4 Pep Club 2, 3, 4 Yearbook 3, 4 Chieftain 2 Chorus 1, 3, 4 Red Cross 1 CLIFFORD WALKER Wrestling 1, 2, 3, 4 F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 Football 4 JOAN WANTUCH Red Cross 1, 3, 4 Basketball 2, 3, 4 Volleyball 2, 3. 4 Pep Club 3, 4 Junior Play 3 Yearbook 4 Junior Honor Society 2 Bowling 3 Student Council 4 MARY ANN WASIELEWSKI Red Cross 2 Library Staff 2 Bookstore 1 Basketball 1, 2, 3. 4 Volleyball 1,2, 3, 4 51 Field Hockey I Pep Club 2. 3. 4 Bowling 2. 3 Aquatic Club I, 2 Pep Club Vice-President 3 HENRY WEIL Wrestling 2, 3, 4 Student Council 2 ESTELLE WELLS Volleyball 1, 2. 3. 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3. 4 Field Hockey 1, 2 Baseball 1, 2 Bowling 2, 3. 4 Aquatic Club 1, 2 Pep Club I. 2. 3. 4 Cheerleading 2, 3, 4 Senior Band I, 2, 3. 4 Orchestra 1. 2, 3. 4 Secretary-Treasurer of Senior Band 3 Secretary of Senior Band 4 ANN WELSCH Student Council 2, 3, 4 Junior Honor Society I Yearbook 3, 4 Yearbook Literary Editor 4 Field Hockey 1 Volleyball 1, 2. 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2. 3, 4 Softball 2 Pep Club 2, 4 Bowling 2, 3, 4 ROGER WHEELER Chorus 1. 2, 3, 4 Operetta 1, 2, 3, 4 Junior Play 3 Student Council 4 Junior Honor Society 1 Senior Honor Society 3 Baseball 1. 2. 3 Syracuse Citizenship Conference 3 JAMES WILLIAMSON Student Council 1 Football 1. 2. 3. 4 Basketball 1,2, 3, 4 Track 1. 2, 4 Red Cross 1 Class Treasurer 2 Class President 3 FRED WINGATE Wrestling 1 GARY WOLF Football 2, 4 Wrestling 1, 2, 3, 4 Track 1 Cross Country 3 Baseball 3, 4 JUDITH ANN WYSOCKI Pep Club 2, 3, 4 Student Council 3 RONALD YOUNGMAN Track 1 Cross Country 2, 3 Wrestling 3, 4 ROBERT ZIEZLULA Football 4 JAMES ZIMMERMANN Bowling 3, 4 Operetta 1, 2, 3, 4 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Baseball 2 LOUIS ZIMMERMAN Swimming 3, 4 Band 3. 4 Orchestra 3, 4 Dance Band 3 Track 3From the time you are a child till the time you will be a man you always want to meet something better than you meet every day. This time of the history U.S.A. or commonly America is a lovely dream of any person that lives far away in a small poor country. You arc always saying to your- self, “1 would like to go to America.” This was a dazing dream for me too. So, when I got this scholarship it seemed to me just unbelievable. And now 1 am here, I am living in America. That was a real great gift to me. The time 1 will return to Greece my country- fellows will ask me what did I lind down here. If 1 liked it or not. That will be not a question for me, but a surprise. Of course I like the life here. I find myself happy, cverytime and everywhere. Home, family, school, teachers, friends they all are so good to me. 1 see my dream realized and I would like to repeat it everytime I could. A very big thank you is a little word to express my feelings to America and the Americans. Elma October 9, 1961 Milton Kitanidis Greece—A .F.S. Exchange Student AMERICAN FIELD SERVICE STUDENTS No one can argue the point that forty AFS’ers, stranded in a fabulous Caracas hotel for twenty hours, didn't have fun. This was only the begin- ning of all the exciting and memorable experi- ences which were part of my life for two months. Late, but happy, we arrived at our destination and were overjoyed by the warm welcome we re- ceived from our Brazilian families and friends. 1 lived with a doctor and his wife who accepted me as the sixth child in the family; for 1 had two sis- ters and three older brothers. My main activities of the summer included speaking to Brazilian students in Portuguese, tak- ing a fifteen mile hike, enjoying trips to Brazilia, Rio de Janeiro, and Sao Paulo and attending numerous parties. Although 1 had my share of fun I feel that my trip was very worthwhile. I gained a better under- standing of people and I have broadened my ap- preciation of life in the United States. I only wish that more people could have the opportunity to share similar experiences. 52 Jane ValentineRow 1: S. Hartrick; P. Meyers; G. OfFhaus; B. Tober; C. Reid; K. Musial; K. Pucci; C. Blum. Row 2: M. Lehman; R. Paddock; J. Cyrulik; O. Berry; A. Strcif; D. Reiter; J. Byrnes; R. Jandzinski; F. Handy. Row 3: M. Heller; J. Hill; M. Dabb; G. Kirszenstein; A. Harbison; D. Yandricha; F. Deurmeyer; C. Solly; M. Mitchell. Row 4: R. Boland; F. Woods; J. Matchulat; N. Donacik; D. Sherman; D. Jones; R. Koehler; A. Wadsworth; D. Theal. CLASS OF 1963 Row I: F. Comstock; M. Moritz; M. Krupski; S. Reimer; P. Rudich; J. Pearce; A. McMahon. Row 2: L. Brown; S. Nicpon; J. Blinston; J. Mann; N. Glowka; D. Cook; C. Schraedcr. Row 3: L Marks; L. Tolsma; E. Huebsch; M. Samer; P. Orr; S. Schasel; C. Wadell. Row 4: D. Newell; K. Ellison; G. Zee; D. Petrell; J. Wagner; T. Bierl; E. Schaub; R. Friedhabcr. 54Row 1: J. Sanborn; C. Fay; S. Harris; F. Wetzel; J. Becker; K. Pudlewski; M. Meyers; T. Hopkins. Row 2: C. Moore; E. Pentz; C. Stevens; B. Bcitcr; M. Reuthcr; V. Kiblcr; D. Jones; E. Conley; V. McCormick. Row 3: N. Bippert; L. Starr; L. Briggs; M. Hudson; A. Hauber; M. Jasel; J. Kirsch; J. James; D. Bundy; D. LcMieux. Row 4: R. Hoeft; M. Szwaczkowski; C. Reinard; P. Rhode; R. Smith; T. Winther; F. Boldt; R. Brookman. CLASS OF 1963 Row 1: S. Goller; N. Neidig; G. Foss; S. Henderson; D. Hill; S. Schreglman; N. Snyder; N. Petrille. Row 2: T. Choate; R. Murzynski; R. Best; G. Mausteller; A. Cook; L. Scott; F. Miley; D. Stuckey; G. Januale. Row 3: B. Wright; S. Kyser; D. Wrobel; A. Rademacher; D. Heintz; M. McNeil; M. Maxson; L. Thorpe; C. Krischan; L. Adams. Row 4: T. Weil; W. Byrnes; J. Scheifla; D. Krzyzan; C. Handy; V. Ball; W. Price; D. Kerr; R. Barrow. 55Row 1: M. Bodekor; E. Korczynski: A. Shank; B. Windahl; M. Dabb; M. Blum; K. Allen; C. Knarr; J. Armstrong; C. Meyers. Row 2: D. Wagner; R. Radder; A. Berry; E. Becker; M. Lowe; D. Clark; S. Rowland; T. Bennett; D. Hausauer; R. Buchbinder. Row 3; M. Campbell; L. Ertel; F. Monnin; D. Griffin; S. Kelley; S. Wells; I. Hintcrberger; C. Goode- mote; B. Schattner; K. Gilbert. Row 4: L. Flint; R. Reimer; P. Schaefer; D. Schaub; D. Spink; W. Ferguson; N. Kerling; D. Hill; G. Hubbs; D. Kraft. CLASS OF 1964 Row 1: L. Gertis; M. Valentine; B. Koch; P. Lippman; E. Pruski; J. Vallonc; N. Radder; J. Ryan; B. Rieman; M. Rupp. Row 2: M. Low; T. Miller; D. Barclay; S. Strauss; R. Jednat; A. Schrader; W. Reinard; K. Rusert; K. Williamson; T. Cordner. Row 3: J. Vin- ton; E. Jones; L. Gilbert; L. Chase; L. Barr; D. Farrington; B. Drummond; J. Will; C. Mat- thews; K. Althoff. Row 4: J. Tomaszewski; C. Hajduk; J. Hamp; M. O'Donnell; G. Kohl; J. Ludwig; R. Hausauer; D. Flick; R. Hoeft; L. Malecki. 07 Row 1: E. Schilling; E. Schoenthal; M. Kerr; W. Seibert; B. Praczkajlo; J. Swierski; P. Davies; L. Tschofen; D: Connolly; D. Kedzierski. Row 2: S. Bradley; J. Glownia; J. Bernhardt; G. Miller; D. Siler; J. Bauer; D. Martin; K. Koch; J. Panzarella; R. Wheeler. Row 3: P. Kamens; N. Nye; C. Reali; J. Kesson; C. Reichert; T. Thurston; J. Berberich; R. Raidmae; B. Dodd; L. Knell. Row 4: D. Flaig; D. Bradford; R. Munn; R. Larson; D. :hwab; E. Kaczmarek; E. Shanahan; J. Kostrycki; K. Baker; F. Dyttmer. CLASS OF 1964 Row 1: M. Kintzel; J. Baer; C. Malach; J. Walker; J. Clark; D. Dickens; R. Goller; K. Koeppel; G. Barrow; J. Jablonski. Row 2; M. Szwazkowski; A. Henderson; R. Wads- worth; P. Dickson; D. Lee; L. Briggs; R. Van Lew; D. Weis; N. Lis; J. Dvermeyer; J. Wood- ard. Row 3: P. Bos; J. Theal; L. Wallace; T. DuMoulin; J. Brocktehurst; L. Berner; N. Stres- sing; L. Jerome; K. Pettapiece; M. Morris; D. Ganas. Row 4: R. Smith; B. Michalski; J. Wesolowski; D. Friedhaber; J. Frey; S. Franklin; P. Bussman; A. Frantz; B. Swartz; J. Piwko; J. Bernhardt.Row 1: N. Mally; R. Prior; S. Kamman; S. Battaglia; M. Lindholm; C. Van Iderstine; J. Wrobel; M. Frye. Row 2: R. Swartz; J. Post; J. Cichocki; R. Kaminski; B. Hamp; P. Lux; E. Rankin; J. Dodge; L. Boland. Row 3: J. Crane; E. Benson; J. Coates; D. Colburn; M. Pucci; J. Schmidt; D. Cotton; G. Wolf. Row 4: F. Parke; J. Snyder; P. Glenny; T. Baumgartner; C. Sexton; R. Monnin; B. Paine: B. Moffett. CLASS OF 1965 Row 1: J. Dittmann; T. White; J. Smith; D. Foss; S. Rumley; B. Pfitzinger; W. Zankner; C. Buffum. Row 2: T. Starr; C. Offhaus; R. Boldt; C. Stradtman; H. Pitt; J. Penzes; R. Willard; M. Michalski; K. Stresing. Row 3: T. Podkowicz; F. Biclicki; M. Skrobacz; R. Baker; L. MacDonald; J. Drzazgowski; A. Handy. Row 4: J. Hauber; D. Schoenthal; D. Magee; D. Eder; D. Kowalczak; M. Fabian; D. Penfold; R. Brookman. 58Row 1: B. Piquet; B. Roberts; M. Krause; B. Blair; P. Jacobs; S. Santangelo; B. Hollowood; M. James. Row 2: S. Coil; B. Eagle; K. Pepper; D. Kratzke; V. Demme: W. Faleski; J. McKennan; R. Hunt. Row 3: R. Szulewski; T. Miller; C. Wysocki; M. Jones; P. Reisch; F. Fisher; J. Eaton. Row 4: J. Hill; M. Elam; B. Luders; J. McCarthy; D. Bernfeld; R. Hartrick; S. Reiman; P. Gasz; K. Weyand. Row 1: D. Knarr; E. Scheuler; R. Kesson; E. Crosby; L. Harrington; K. Hudson; B. Ulrich; P. Yaw. Row 2: R. Hopper; J. Donohue; A. Reinnagel; G. Monesmith; S. Sluberski; T. Jones; R. McCabe; R. Unverdorben. Row 3: K. Welsch; M. Herman; J. Halliday; N. Decker; J. Paddock; A. Valentine; J. Newman. Row 4: R. Junquist; W. Dewitt; T. DuMoulin; R. Domon; R. Franklin; D. Nichols; P. Atkinson; S. Boldt; R. Goldbach. 59Row 1: L. Hanny; B. Bahl; R. Duffin; S. Long; L. Wright; G. Wagner; F. Shoemaker; M. Benz. Row 2: B. Kohlhgan; M. Armesto; B. Roode; B. Scheffler; E. Tredinnick; T. Eaton; L. Rowland; J. Kcdzierski. Row 3: B. Spink; B. Basinski; C. Hintcrbcrgcr; L. Pratt; L. Graham; S. Bender; B. Rankin. Row 4: D. Horigan; G. Dean; J. Coatsworth; J. Hines; T. Scott; R. Benzin; B. Gib; T. Wantuch; T. Klotz. CLASS OF 1965 Row 1: S. Becker; L. Mctzler; K. Groff; C. Gilbert; D. Griffin; R. DePardo; D. Smith; P. Yandricha. Row 2: M. Edwards; B. Moffett; M. Foley; S. Leasure; T. Black; K. Mocny; R. McCabe; B. Hargrave. Row 3: B. Becker; C. Blinston; K. Jackie; J. Kane; K. Dunn; S. Cordner; S. Krayenvenger; B. Nattrass; K. Frisch. Row 4: M. Sobczak; J. Hubbs; R. Rudich; J. Rusert; N. Van Iderstine; R. Greenwall; S. Reukauf; P. Bosch; R. Ciski. 60Row I: J. Radcmachcr; T. Ulrich; L. Canfield; J. Scileman; B. Rowland; P. Heitz; J. Atkinson; L. Rees; S. Foss. Row 2: J. Snyder; J. Larson; H. Codd; D. Rogacki; B. Armesto; D. Hauber; G. Stroh; D. Miller; M. Evers; R. Rudich. Row 3: C. Drummond; J. Eagle; S. Mauerman; L. Goehle; M. Krauss; C. Baker; C. Dolber; A. Uhlman; P. Solly; A. Meindl; L. Holmes. Row 4: K. Rautenstrauch; R. Grzegorczak; D. Hoth; C. Johnson; M. Winiewicz; K. Heidel; N. Winiewicz; G. Fargo; L. Keem; P. Becker. CLASS OF 1966 Row 1: C. Eaton; E. Nie; D. Grabcnstatter; S. Geib; K. Gast; D. Fay; E. Canfield; J. Spring- ston; J. McCarthy. Row 2: R. Rudich; R. Hoeft; A. Coates; J. McMahon; B. Griffiths; A. Hill; J. Anticola; D. Bielecki; J. Wasiclewski; E. Van Hooscr. Row 3: M. Moore; D. Snyder; B. Grabenstatter; C. Pawlicki; S. Gaiser; D. Hunt; S. Nadrowski; K. Glowka; C. Filipiak; S. Kilyn; M. Bippert. Row 4; D. Heidel; R. Missel; M. Wagner; E. Zaporowski; N. Phillips; D. Ser- noffsky; E. Grace; K. Phillips; G. Amann; R. Bieman. 61Row 1: L. Merkling; E. Dodd; B. James; L. Lc Mieux; J. Ganas; R. Striegel; S. Sawyer; J. Schreglman; J. Becker; G. Trautwein. Row 2: C. Wheeler; M. Ward; P. Frye; R. Zieziula; L. Juliano; J. Aldrich; A. Wadell; R. Wineger; R. Hewitt; T. Heller; D. Wadsworth; K. Koehler. Row 3: M. Snow; J. Eaton; B. Yaw; D. Rautenstrauch; J. Berberich; L. Upton; G. Cichocki; H. Tomlinson; P. Lee; J. Wcierheiser; L. Watts; C. Buell. Row 4: J. Tim; E. Jednat; J. Offhaus; R. Hollowood; T. West; F. Van Sickle; D. Kelly; L. Anger; G. Ruestow; D. Hess; T. Pouthier; F. Blackman; T. Boire. CLASS OF 1966 Row 1: N. Drzazgowski; D. Stroke; J. Brown; J. Pryll; R. Berner; B. Shoemaker; E. Vesper; I. . Ertcl; J. Morgan. Row 2: J. Doster; W. Ellis; G. Kina!; J. Stangl; D. Donohue; R. Seibold; J. Goodemote; J. Gillogly; R. Hollowood; W. Marks; J. Maclver. Row 3: B. Clancey; B. Zaremba; J. Kaminski; B. Fleming; D. Darbec; L. Plate; J. Elam; B. Mohn; M. Neidig; D. Clark; B. Rankin. Row 4; T. Gasz; G. Schrader; D. Chapman; K. Schroeder; J. Lexo; A. Val- entine; J. Thorpe; M. Rieman; M. Kaufman; M. Offhaus; D. Benson; R. Luders; E. Loesch. 62Row 1: M. Nevergold; J. Rootle; A. Mathews; B. Rudder; E. Klotz; K. Bridgman; N. Petta- piece; D. Morris; B. Hauber. Row 2: L. Penzes; I). Ferguson; W. Coddington; D. Hurling; L. Hill; D. Buchbinder; B. Hubbs; T. Sobczak; R. Donley; G. Missel. Row 3: L. Corning; M. Turner; E. Burke; D. Watts; D. Gee; A. Pajak; B. Hochadel; B. Jaekle; J. Podkowicz. Row 4: P. Kalla; W. Meyer; G. Snyder; G. Reinard; G. Hinterberger; G. Theal; A. Ricotta; J. Grace; B. Marcheson; P. Witkop; C. Berry. CLASS OF 1967 Row 1: M. Kalinowski; C. Lauzze; P. Morse; M. Miller; S. Weeks; J. Schonblom; D. Edcr; K. Fasolino; K. Little. Row 2: W. Slaczyk; J. Hilton; C. Klein; F. Stuckey; S. Green; H. Kra- jewski; M. Baumgartner; K. Rankin; C. Dunn; M. Abt; B. Kyser. Row 3: C. Kenney; C. Grif- fin; L. Schlueter; D. Jankowski; C. Kaiser; E. Tomlinson; H. Batterson; D. Gilbert; D. Coogan; B. Kelver. Row 4; K. Maurer; C. Casper; E. Barr; T. Dabb; D. Barrow; J. Snow; J. Hill; W. Jasel; K. Glenny; D. Swartz; A. Bussman. 63Row 1: D. Schulz: D. Baun; P. Briggs; M. Ciski; A. Crowe; P. Weiss; D. Beaver: J. Fisher; D. Darby. Row 2: R. Morgantc; C. White; R. Krischan; T. Upham; D. Morgan; D. Yacobush; G. Cook; G. Hanny. Row 3: P. Swartz; D. Frantz; E. Kennedy; E. Schlueter; P. MacDon- ald: L. Striegel; L. James; J. Fisher; V. Bradford; K. Martin. Row 4: M. Simon; K. Eisen- hower; M. Foley: T. Trzepacz; B. Heckathorn; S. Piguet; W. Reling: M. Loefstedt. CLASS OF 1967 Row 1: K. Williamson; L. Welsch; E. Armstrong; C. Bennett; L. Bodckor; L. Hopkins; D. Whitney; D. Matthews. Row 2: J. Martin; T. McCarthy; S. Bosch; D. Handy; M. Gasz; R. Offhaus; D. Spink; W. Leasure; R. Sanborn; B. MacDonald; H. Kohler. Row 3: S. RolofT; D. Penfold; C. Rusert; J. Ball; N. Scott; D. Oberst; K. Miller; C. Gala; S. Bradley. Row 4: R. Kephart; R. Zaremba; D. Mitchell; S. Byrnes; C. McCabe; R. Hochadel; F. Foss; D. George; R. Guard; R. Mathews. 64STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS—Row 1: R. Jan- dzinski. Secretary; C. Stroke, President. Row 2: A. Frantz, Treasurer; R. Kane, Vice President. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS—Row 1: L. Briggs, Sec- retary; D. Kerr, Treasurer. Row 2: P. Rudich, President; L. Starr. Vice President. OFFICERS FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS—Row 1: T. Bie- lecki. Vice President; S. Battaglia. Secretary. Row 2: M. Sobczak, President; T. DuMoulin. Treasurer. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS—Row 1: M. Val- entine, Secretary; K. Pettapiecc. Treasurer. Row 2: T. DuMoulin. President; M. Morris, Vice President. 65SENIOR “Those senior parties” Mr. Greiner, a booster of every team” Happy birthday. Hank” SNAPS 66YEARBOOK EDITORS Diane Bartoo Editor Joan Wantuch Treasurer Joyce Offhaus Business Co-Editor Jane Valentine Co-Copy Editor Donald Hickey Sports Editor Ken Goehle Photography Editor Lynctte Hausauer Art Editor Ann Welsch Literary Editor Marie Hausauer Typing Editor Tina Van Sickle Business Co-Editor Marcia Geib Co-Copy Editor 68YEARBOOK STAFFS TYPING STAFF; LAYOUT STAFF; PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF—Row 1: M. Hudson; A. Haubcr; P. Drushlcr; D. Bundy; M. Jasel; C. Conley; M. Samer. Row 2: M. Praczkajlo; J. Rudich; C. Stevens; K. Pudlewski; M. Maxson; L. Adams; S. Kotlarski; C. Krischan; M. Shaffer. Row 3: D. Glownia; R. Dillinger; E. Hcidel; S. Kalbach; C. Puls; K. Hausauer; M. Dabb; C. Blum; S. Hartrick; K. Johnson. Row 4: G. Mausteller; B. Busch; P. Byrnes; C. Fay; R. Harvey; R. Wheeler; R. Benzin; G. Bingham. ART STAFF; LITERARY STAFF; SPORTS STAFF; BUSINESS STAFF—Row 1: E. Conley; L. Rupp; B. Long; J. Hill. Row 2: N. Neidig; C. Moore; L. Briggs; M. Musial; P. Rudich; L. Starr; M. Reuther. Row 3; N. Petrille; M. Mitchell; E. Huebsch; J. Moritz; B. Wright; L. Thorpe; S. Kyser; M. Heller; S. Henderson; D. Hill. Row 4: J. Williamson; M. Ocklcr; G. Monesmith; D. Stuckey; G. Januale. 69STUDENT COUNCIL Row I: D. Hickey; B. Long: A. Welsch; S. Pawlicki; R. Wheeler; C. Rusert; G. Bingham. Row 2: C. Knarr; J. Swierski; F. Monnin; K. Baker; M. Samer; E. Conley; J. James. Row 3: G. Mausteller; J. Sanborn; M. Wright; J. Panzarella; R. Brookman. JUNIOR RED CROSS Row 1: D. Vandricha; W. Siebert. Treasurer; B. Dodd. Secretary; J. Wantuch, Vice Presi- dent; J. Valentine. President; N. Vesper. Row 2: A. Hauber; M. Kintzel; L. Knell; B. Praczkajlo: B. Koch; V. Lane; M. Dabb; M. Hausauer; M. Praczkajlo; L. Hager. Row 3: Mrs. Bender, Advisor; C. Stevens; J. Brocklehurst; J. Wagner; R. Smith; W. Price; P. Byrnes; R. Reinnagel; S. Strauss. 70CHIEFTAIN Row I: J. Rudich: M. Praczkajlo; M. Hudson; S. Pawlicki; M. Geib; J. Kirsch; E. Berg. Row 2: J. Rozeski; D. Seibold; K. Johnson; D. Glownia; B. Beiter; J. James; A. Hauber; C. Meyer. Row 3: R. Dillinger; J. Moffitt; G. Monesmith; D. Hickey; N. Koester; E. Heidel. 71FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA Row 1: E. Heidel; B. Benzin; D. Bundy; S. Pawlicki; M. Shaffer; E. Conley. Row 2: B. Wright: M. Hudson: M. Jasel; K. Johnson: N. Neidig; D. Stuckey; S. Standart. Row 3: B. Long; J. Schulenberg: J. Wantuch; K. Seibold; M. Geib; D. Glownia; L. Rupp; C. Jacobs; D. Vesper; P. Bartoo; L. Metzger; D. Bartoo; J. Hill; A. Radcmachcr. F. Dittman; S. Bradley; G. Dunn; Mr. Coblentz, Ad- visor; S. Blood; S. Roland; G. Kohl. NURSE’S STAFF CIENCE CLUB Row I: L. Hausauer; L. Hanny; S. Santagelo; L. Mac- Donald; A. Handy; F. Balecki. Row 2: Mrs. Neidig; T. Szulewski. 72B NATIONAL □nkjAD nunun .vuvii SENIOR HONOR SOCIETY A : Row 1: C. Conley; K. Hausauer; D. Hickey: M. Geib; R. Wheeler; S. Pawlicki; G. Bing- ham; M. Hausauer; K. Pudlewski. Row 2: J. Sanborn; J. Jandzinski; M. Dabb; J. Wantuch; M. Shaffer; D. Brookman: J. Beidler; A. Welsh; C. Popp; M. Hudson. Row 3: M. Kitanidis; S. Blood; F. Wetzel; G. Monesmith; P. Byrnes; M. Stoiber; S. Kozak; J. Dobbins; Mr. Corser. 73 Taking the oath. Come on Kathy, just a little smile!FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA Row I: J. Flint, Treasurer; M. Carson. Vice President; M. Dabb, President; L. Hager, Secre- tary; K. Dabb, Historian. Row 2: D. Dickens; F. Monnin; J. Will; K. Koeppel; D. Farring- ton; L. Tolsma; J. Clark; C. Malach; G. Barrow. Row 3: Mrs. Seileman; M. Dabb; L. Penn; N. Monnin; W. Siebert; L. Tschofen; T. Bennett; L. Chase; N. Nye; C. Letson; C. Knarr; S. Darbec; G. Janosz; C. Nie; E. Korczynski; B. Windahl; A. McMahon; S. Kelly; J. Pearce; K. Pucci; I. Hinterberger; P. Orr; M. Dabb. 74 FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA Row 1: D. Flaig; S. Siler; W. Munn; G. Barrow; K. Koch. Row 2: R. Reimer; J. Schroeder; J. Bauer; R. Larson; R. Buffum; S. Goller; R. Phillips; Mr. Ludcrs. Row 3: D. Boll; B. Swartz; C. Walker; T. Baumgartner; S. Franklin. Row 4: R. Hopper; R. Hartrick; R. Franklin; G. Bennett: S. Strauss; A. Schrader; R. Munn; G. Kcphart; D. Schoenthal; J. Dodge; D. Hill; R. Macabe; C. Handy; D. Clark; F. Parke; P. Atkinson; W. Wheeler; B. Wolff.AUDIO-VISUAL STAFF Row 1: R. Cichocki; D. Kaminski; K. Rautenstrauch; D. Rogacki; R. Szulewski; E. Benson; M. Kaufman; D. Hauber; M. Winiewicz; D. Benson; L. Keem. Row 2: K. Heidel; R. Mc- Cabe; B. Luders; T. Eaton; R. Meindl; P. Heitz; L. Plate; J. Atkinson; L. Canfield; D. Wadsworth; R. Willard; J. McCarthy; N. Winiewicz. Row 3: Mr. Bello; R. Paddock; G. Bennett; R. Vallone; D. Jones; F. Wood; Mr. De Freis; F. Miley; G. Miller; L. Jerome; E. Kaczmarek: A. Wadsworth; G. Mausteller; G. Ruestow. PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB Row 1: L. Greenwald; N. Kerling; L. Jerome; M. Armesto; D. Wagner. Row 2: L. Malecki; J. Hauber; B. Ulrich; B. Bahl; K. Goehle; E. Kaczmarek; R. Hoeft. Row 3: K. Pepper; E. Benson; Mr. De Freis; W. Greenwald; G. Mausteller; S. Roland; R. Flick. 75SENIOR BAND WOODWINDS Row 1: D. Heintz; J. James; J. Paddock; F. Wetzel; S. kotlarski; M. Campbell; D. Knarr. Row 2: T. Winther; F. Boldt; M. Jasel; K. Sei- bold; C. Blinston. Row 3: M. Elam; R. Mocny; C. Moore; D. Brookman. WOODWINDS Row 1: F. Dyttmer; S. Bradley; E. Hazard; J. Hill; L. Rupp; L. Metzler; K. Gilbert. Row 2: R. Koehler; R. Munn; A. Shank; J. Walker; R. Martin; J. Glownia. Row 3: J. Armstrong; R. Brookman; C. Goodemote. BRASS Row 1: D. Bradford; J. Kirsch; P. Ackermann; T. Thurston; J. Schcifla. Row 2: J. Schcifla; D. Sherman; T. Du Moulin; S. Goller; D. Wrobel. • vH PERCUSSION Row 1: T. Miller; J. Hill; T. Klotz; J. Matchu- let; D. Jones. Row 2: L. Zimmerman; L. Briggs; T. DuMoulin; A. Cook; M. Michalski; K. Mocny; G. Barrow; J. Blinston. 76DANCE BAND Row 1: F. Boldt; T. Winther; F. Wetzel; D. Brookman; D. Heintz; R. Mocny. Row 2: J. Scheifla; D. Sherman; T. DuMoulin; L. Zimmerman; L. Briggs. Row 3: M. Jasel; C. Moore; D. Jones; D. Wrobel. MARCHING BAND Row I; K. Seibold; J. Armstrong; J. Paddock; J. James; M. Jasel; E. Hazard; J. Kirsch, D. Jones; S. Goller. Row 2; J. Ruestow; K. Gilbert; J. Walker; L. Metzler; J. Hill; J. Glownia; S. Bradley; F. Dyttmcr. Row 3: D. Ganas; L. Zimmerman; A. Cook; F. Boldt; J. Hill; D. Jones; T. Klotz. 77SENIOR CHORUS Row 1: C. Moore; C. Meyer; M. Campbell; M. Reuther; L. Parkinson; L. Starr; K. Musial; M. Dabb; J. James; M. Hudson; C. Stevens; J. Kirsch. Row 2; A. Hauber; P. Rudich; K. Pudlcwski; E. Pentz; J. Post; N. Neidig; S. Willard; E. Schoenthal; L. Tschofen; P. Davies; P. Lippman; E. Conley; N. Petrille; C. Solly. Row 3: K. Althoff; R. Gollar; J. Brocklehurst; J. Jablonski; J. Clark; E. Heidel; L. Knell; B. Drummond; L. Metzger; B. Wright; L. Tolsma; C. Reichart; G. Foss; M. Rupp. Row 4: J. Kostrycki; K. Koch; D. Siler; J. Bauer; C. Fay; K. Goehle; B. Busch; B. Offhaus; R. Byrnes; B. Byrnes; T. Du Moulin; D. Lee; F. Boldt. 9TH GRADE CHORUS Row I: M. Armesto; D. Penfold; J. Coatsworth; T. Ea- ton; M. James; D. Knarr; C. Hinterberger; E. Schueler; P. Jacobs; B. Bahl; S. Santangelo. Row 2: R. Benzin; C. Groff; B. Piquet; B. Blair; M. Krause; S. Cordner; S. Bender; B. Basinski; L. Graham; R. Duffin; K. Hudson; K. Podkowicz; L. MacDonald. Row 3: B. Rankin; J. Paddock; K. Welsh; E. Crosby; B. Ulrich; R. Di Pardo; L. Pratt; C. Van Idcrstine; J. Newman; A. Valentine; J. Ditt- man; T. White; R. Szulewski; R. Willard. Row 4: M. Jones; G. Wagner; L. Wright; B. Pfitzinger; B. Roberts; B. Spink; J. Halliday; N. Decker; J. Schmidt; B. Nattrass; M. Lindholm; S. Battaglia; J. Wrobel; D. Colburn; D. Frisch. 78SENIOR CHORUS Row 1: M. Dabb; K. Dabb; W. Robinson; S. Kelly; N. Vesper; M. Musial; D. Dolber; N. Raddcr; M. Meyers; S. Hartrick; S. Schreglman; C. Reali; M. Maxson. Row 2: M. Heller; A. Rademacher; S. Kyser; I. Vines; D. Bundy; M. Miley; E. Huebsch; D. Farrington; N. Nye; P. Walters; M. Jasel; B. Beiter; C. Knarr; B. Reiman. Row 3: J. Vallone; M. Geib; T. Thurston; R. Raidmae; J. Berberich; C. Jacobs; S. Standart; C. Krischan; M. Hausauer; L. Adams; K. Hausaucr; C. Puls; L. Hau- sauer; J. Baer; J. Walker; L. Thorpe; L. Rupp. Row 4: J. Becker; S. Bradley; K. Baker; J. Ludwig; J. Moffitt; R. Dillinger; P. Byrnes; R. Wadsworth; T. Murzynski; R. Bradley; L. Wallace; T. Hopkins; J. Zimmerman; R. Wheeler; A. Leasure; G. Bingham. ORCHESTRA Row 1: L. Hager; J. Brocklehurst; L. Starr; C. Stevens; bold; C. Blinton; A. Cook; L. Zimmerman; G. Barrow. L. MacDonald; S. Schreglman; J. Hill. Row 2: E. Schil- Row 4: R. Koehler; T. Winther; P. Ackcrmann; J. ling; J. Wrobel; A. Handy; D. Glownia; M. Geib; M. Scheifla; S. Goller; D. Jones; J. Scheifla; D. Wrobel; James; R. Donohue; K. Althoff. Row 3: E. Hazard; F. M. Elam. Dyttmer; S. Kotlarski; D. Heintz; F. Wetzel; K. Sei- 79BOOKSTORE STAFF Row 1: L. Metzger; D. Hausauer; J. Starr; Mr. Gunthorpe, Advisor. Row 2: P. Drushler; M. O’Donnell; T. DuMoulin. Row 3: D. Bradford; K. Pettapicce. SECRETARIAL SERVICE Row 1: J. Rozeski; E. Rickert. Row 2: P. Kamens; L. Hager. Row 3; L. Parkinson; M. Dabb. Row 4: J. Wysocki; M. Carson; S. Kalbach; M. Hausauer; 80 C. Popp; K. Hausauer; G. Janosz; C. Puls; N. Kocstcr; M. Wasiclcwski; J. Flint; S. Van Lew; D. Vesper; C. Conley; J. Rudich; M. Praczkajlo; J. Schindler.LIBRARY STAFF Row 1: L. Rupp; D. Yandricha: E. Korczynski; M. Blum. Row 2: B. Koch; M. Dabb; R. Gollcr; C. Blum; M. Musial; S. Pawlicki. Row 3: Mrs. Bush; K. Koeppel; E. Rickcrt; i. Rozeski; Mrs. Hamms. The school library is of paramount importance in this challenging and complicated world today. This center of learning provides the resources for satisfying reference, research, curricular, and personal needs of the school population. The school library was created to give students op- portunities to read discriminate , locate information quickly, do reference and research work efficiently and systematically, and select books wisely for reading en- joyment. The librarian, with the help of her assistant and the student library staff, strives to achieve the foremost aim of any library—to give service. However, the success of the junior-senior high school library program is not the sole responsibility of the librarian and her assistant. Since the school library is only a part of the whole school program, and reflects the philosophy of the school, the responsibility also rests on others, namely; the administrators, teachers, students, parents, and peo- ple of the community. Few realize the tremendous tasks to be performed by the librarian. A partial list of activities in which the li- brarian participates includes library “administration, per- sonnel management, self-development, public relations, the selection, acquisition, cataloging, classification and mechanical preparation of books and materials, circula- tion, reference guidance, assistance to leaders, physical upkeep of books and materials and care of shelves and files.” To ease the “work load” of the librarian, the assistant performs many duties which include typing bulletins, letters, cards; filing cards and verifying filing; bookkeep- ing; preparing books for use; professional tasks as the need arises. The work and services of the student library assistants cannot be underestimated. Student library staff work consists of routine duties, such as: checking books in and out, reading shelves, reserving books, locating books, magazines and pamphlets, filing magazines, filing cards. Simple reference questions are occasionally answered by student library staff members. The benefits derived from their participation are aptly expressed in Standards for School Library Programs.” “Under favorable circum- stances organized student participation in the school li- brary program yields educational and other values for the students involved. It heightens a sense of belonging, provides opportunities for leadership and cooperation, fosters the abilities to assume responsibility and to work satisfactorily with others, expands the knowledge and appreciation of libraries and their resources and for some students leads to an interest in librarianship as a profession.” The school library is usually open before 8 a.m. and seldom closes before 4:30 p.m. Students come to use the facilities of the library during their free periods. At times classes accompanied by their teachers come to select books or to work on projects. Any limitations to the use of the library by students are made in co-opera- tion with the policies of the school. In formulating rules and regulations school policy is followed to assure a co-ordinated program. A large reference collection, to which additions are made each year, is a valuable source for information, reference and research. The expanding circulating col- lection satisfies the needs of many students. A profes- sional collection is available to provide for the needs of the teachers and administrators. % 81RIFLE CLUB Row 1: I. Vines; W. Robinson; C. Solly; E. Kacz- Malecki; D. Bradford; T. Starr; A. Berry; P. Schae- marek; E. Shanahan; D. Ganas; N. Lis; R. Barclay; fer; J. Kirsch; R. Martin; D. Miller. E. Lindholm; Mr. Scott. Row 2: J. Panzarella; L. RIFLE TEAM Row 1: T. Starr; J. Kirsch. Co-Captain; J. Penzes; D. Hausauer. Row 2: N. Lis; P. Byrnes; C. Parke; P. Schaefer; D. Bradford. Co-Captain; D. Martin. Row 3: Mr. Scott. Coach; M. O'Donnell; D. Ganas; D. Nichols; E. Shanahan; D. Barclay; M. Foley. 82Row 1: D. Yandricha; A. Wadsworth; L. Scott; B. Beiter. Row 2: S. Harris; T. Bierl; R. Paddock; F. Boldt; J. Kirsch; A. Rademacher; D. Jones; S. Hartrick. One too many—Joey, or are you tired? Leaving town in a hurry! I’m going to take a bath! The theatre is so-o-o glamorous! 83 Lights! Camera! Action! Mr. Colburn's brother. StanislavskySENIOR AUTOGRAPHSJUNIOR HIGH STUDENT COUNCIL Seated: K. Glenny; T. McCarthy, S. Bradley; C. Filipiak; S. Gaiser; L. Rees; D. Magee; B. Rankin; C. Van Idcrstine; D. Knarr; K. Frisch. Standing: Row 1: L. Corning; A. Mathews; C. Eaton; C. Wil- liamson; C. Rusert; C. Bennett; A. Uhlman; J. Gil- logly. Assistant Treasurer; R. Rudich; J. McCarthy, President; S. Reimann, Vice-President; E. Rankin; J. Newman; L. Pratt; L. Graham, Treasurer; M. Her- man; J. Paddock. Row 2: Mr. Starkweather; C. Kenny; C. Pawlicki, Secretary; J. Hill; M. Ciski, Assistant Treasurer, absent; W. Reling; J. Berberich; E. Valentine; J. Aldrich; K. Schroeder; R. Missel. JUNIOR HIGH RED CROSS Row 1: E. Vesper; B. Mohn; D. Colburn; B. Nattress. Row 2: T. Sobczak; L. Penzes; K. Jackie; E. Klotz; E. Armstrong; B. Grabenstatter; P. Solly. Row 3: R. Rudich; J. Fisher; M. Moore; S. Rumley; R. Hol- lowood; B. MacDonald; T. Upham; G. Missel; P. Briggs. Row 4: J. Rusert; W. Jasel; R. Striegel; G. Cichocki; P. Heitz; B. Glenny; J. Dittmann; S. Green; K. Rankin. 85CADET BAND Row 1: D. Fay; K. Podkowicz; A. Crowe; P. Swartz; J. Dittmann; M. Pucci; K. Cast; K. Phillips; R. Donley; I. Van Hooscr. Row 2: E. Tomlinson; J. Eagle; B. Hau- ber; W. Reling; S. Piquet; G. Cook; R. Baker; D. Hoth; S. Sluberski; D. Foss; S. Green; K. Hudson. Row 3: J. Martin; J. Fisher; D. Sernoffsky; K. Koehler; S. Roloff; J. Podkowicz; J. Gillogly; J. Aldrich; T. West; D. Pen- fold; J. McKennan. Row 4: D. Yacobush; B. Kyser; K. Maurer; D. Heidel; G. Ruestow; T. Heller; L. Juliano; K. Heidel; C. Baker. Row 5: C. Berry; T. Bussman; W. Jasel; B. Coddington; M. Evers; M. Winiewicz; N. Winiewicz. JUNIOR HIGH ORCHESTRA Row 1: B. Clancey; B. Rankin; M. Neidig; E. Vesper; A. Uhlman; J. Ganas; J. Becker; D. Miller. Row 2: M. Wagner; E. Schlueter; L. Schlueter; D. Penfold; 86 P. Briggs; S. Bradley; D. Eder; M. Kalinowski; K. Little. Row 3: B. MacDonald; G. Ruestow; T. Mc- Carthy.7TH GRADE CHORUS Row 1: B. MacDonald; D. Pcnfold; C. Rusert; K. Williamson; E. Armstrong; C. Bennett; B. Pitchure; D. Matthews; D. Eder; S. Roloff; G. Cook; L. Penzes. Row 2: J. Martin; D. Yacobush; N. Scott; D. Baun; C. Griffin; D. Oberst; M. Nevergold; B. Coddington; B. Kyser; T. McCarthy; S. Bradley; J. Ball. Row 3: P. Swartz; D. Frantz; V. Bradford; B. Hauber; D. Gersting; D. Morris; J. Fisher; E. Klotz; K. Fasolino; C. Lauzze; S. Weeks; D. Watts; C. Ken- ney; K. Little; A. Matthews; E. Burke. Row 4: W. Jascl; J. Podkowicz; W. Reling; J. Hilton; B. Hecka- thorn; F. Stuckey; K. Glenny; C. Kaiser; D. Coogan; D. Jankowski; D. Beaver; A. Crowe; P. Briggs; M. Millard; L. Corning. 8TH GRADE CHORUS Row 1: E. Nie; T. Ulrich; J. Pryll; D. Stroke; S. Nadrowski; M. Moore; C. Glowka; J. Seilcman; J. Springston; C. Eaton. Row 2: M. Evers; K. Phillips; N. Phillips; G. Amann; I. Van Hooser; E. Grace; M. Kaufman; D. Miller; J. Brown; J. Eagle. Row 3: K. Koehler; B. Clancey; B. Rowland; C. Pawlicki; L. Goehle; C. Filipiak; C. Dolber; D. Schnyder; L. Er- tel; J. Atkinson; J. Morgan; A. Uhlman; E. Vesper; L. Rees; S. Foss. Row 4: N. Winiewicz; M. Winie- wicz; E. Dodd; L. Merkling; J. Elam; S. Sawyer; J. Eaton; P. Solly; B. Rankin; D. Rautenstrouch; R. Stricgcl; M. Neidig; B. Mohn; D. Clark. 87JUNIOR HIGH DANCE BAND Row 1: M. Elam; K. Phillips; L. Metzler; R. Brookman; 2: K. Heidel; L. Juliano; K. Koehler; M. Michalski; T. S. Sluberski; D. Hoth; C. Blinston; M. Beckwith. Row DuMouIin. Row 3: G. Ruestow; T. Klotz. JUNIOR HIGH STAMP CLUB Row 1: L. Grccnwald; L. Stricgel; B. Paine; W. Eagle. Row 2: R. Krischan; T. Block; Mr. Hoppe, Advisor; A. Moffitt; L. Rowland. 88JUNIOR HIGH LIBRARY STAFF ”ab» -i - • ■»» y i letiitnii mam Row I: S. Battaglia, President; N. Drzazgowski, Vice-President; M. Benz, Secretary; M. Lind- holm. Treasurer. Row 2: L. Graham; T. White; R. Striegel; B. Nattrass; B. Roberts; A. Pajak; P. Reisch. Row 3: Mrs. Bush; F. Shoemaker; D. Watts; D. Schulz; E. Klotz; D. Frantz; S. Mauerman; F. Bielecki; J. Atkinson; L. Corning; C. Eaton; M. Armesto; Mrs. Hamms. JUNIOR HIGH RIFLE CLUB Row 1: M. Winiewicz; E. Rankin; N. Winiewicz; D. Row 2: A. Bailey. Advisor; B. Sicbold; T. Heller; J. Nicols; B. Coddington; M. Kaufman; M. Fabian; J. Hines; M. Michalski; R. Hamp. Stangle; R. Hoeft; E. Grace; D. Benson; M. Foley. 89YORKER’S CLUB Row 1: S. Burns; W. Leasure; K. Little; C. Grif- fin; B. Pitchure; L. Welsch; C. Bennett; B. Marchi- son; P. Witkop. Row 2: B. Kyser; R. Krischan; L. Striegel; M. Turner; M. Ciski; E. Klotz; L. Hopkins; S. Weeks; J. Fisher. Row 3: Mr. D. Boguhn. Advisor; P. Kalla; T. Upham; J. Podkowicz; C. White; W. MATH CLUB Jasel; B. MacDonald; T. Sobczak; G. Theal; P. Swartz; S. Bradley; M. Briggs; M. Kalinowski; D. Gersting; D. Coogan. Row 4: M. Foley; M. Loef- stedt; M. Simon; T. Trzepacz; K. Glenny; E. Schlcu- ter; A. Crowe; B. Weiss. 90 Row 1: J. Drzazgowski; A. Handy; J. Elam; M. Ar- mesto. Row 2: F. Shoemaker. President; F. Bic- lecki. Vice President; N. Drzazgowski; B. Shoemak- er; M. Benz; R. M. DiPardo; R. Bieman; C. Eaton; Mr. Petersen. Advisor.SCIENCE CLUB Left to Right: Mr. Howell; Mr. Miller; Mr. Bello— ver; B. Kyser; E. Tomlinson; C. Kaiser; P. Bosch; J. Advisors; P. Kalla; K. Phillips; T. Block; G. Amann; McCarthy; R. Ciski; B. Luders; R. Szulewski (absent). D. Heidel; B. Paine; B. Slayzk; B. Matthews; B. Kel- ART CLUB Row 1: M. Nevcrgold; D. Watts; L. Corning; B. Kcl- ver; M. Foley; C. Kaiser; D. Oberst; C. Bennett; L. Welsch; P. Kalla; B. Marchison; B. Haubcr; R. Hochadel; M. Gasz. Row 2: A. Bussman; R. Matthews; S. Piquet; L. Goehlc; K. Glowka; J. Ka- minski; N. Scott; W. Leasurc; R. Radder; D. Fer- guson; T. Trzepacz; C. Kenney; E. Schleuter; R. Offhaus; E. Burke; D. Frantz; D. George; J. Fisher; A. Coates; D. Beaver; G. Trautwein; D. Rauten- strauch; D. Darbee; S. Maurerman. 91JUNIOR HIGH FOOTBALL Row 1: K. Mocny; D. Chapman; E. Blackman; J. Al- Missel; S. Rcukauf; J. Lexo. Row 3: Mr. Starkweather; drich; G. Amann; M. Snow; K. Koehler. Row 2: B. R- Bieman; E. Valentine; D. Hoth; J. Snyder; K. Geib; F. Van Sickle; T. West; D. Penfold; J. Doster; R. Schroedcr; R. Winegar. JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL Row 1: J. Snow; J. Goodemote; M. Wagner; J. Gil- K. Heidel; D. Benson; D. Yacobush. Row 3: L. Hill; logly; E. Zaparowski; R. Missel; J. Wasielewski. Row S. Green; B. Heckathorne; T. Bussman; C. Berry; 2: M. Baumgartner; T. West; J. Lexo; D. Chapman; D. Handy; Mr. Szyperski, Coach. 92JUNIOR HIGH WRESTLING Row 1: R. Rudich; G. Missel; R. Rudich; R. Kep- hart; R. Mathews; L. Pcnzes; W. Leasure; J. Mac- Iver; D. George; R. Offhaus. Row 2: M. Evers; K. Phillips; A. Hill; G. Rcinard; G. Snyder; A. Ricotta; T. Dabb; D. Guard; E. Barr. Row 3: Mr. Rider; R. Wine- gar; E. Jednot: K. Schrocder; J. Offhaus; G. Fargo: R. Grzegorczak; T. Trepacz; F. Van Sickle; J. Hill; T. Heller; M. Offhaus; J. Doster. JUNIOR HIGH SWIMMING Row 1: P. Witkop; D. Scrnoffsky; D. Hauber; S. McMahon; E. Valentine. Row 3: Coach Laven; G. Piquet; J. Podkowicz. Row 2: J. Snyder; D. Rogacki; Ruestow; L. Julian; P. Frye; M. Ward; T. Boire. M. Kaufman; G. Theal; R. Sanborn; D. Miller; J. 93JUNIOR HIGH BOWLING Row 1: T. Eaton; R. Hunt. League Secretaries. Row 2: A. Coates; J. Missel; D. Heidel; M. Gasz; J. Anticola; D. Bielecki; G. Wasiclcwski; L. Rowland. Row 3: J. Hines; R. Roode; M. Loefstedt; R. McCabe; R. Bieman; G. Amann; K. Phillips; D. Rogacki. Row 4: K. Rautenstrauth; W. Ellis; J. Snyder; K. Stresing; G. Kinal; R. Siebold; M. Reiman; T. Block. M. Michalski. Row 5: G. Schroeder; D. Kratzke; W. Faleski; B. Glenny; E. Loesch; C. Johnson; R. McCabe; M. Fabian: R. Winegar; Mr. Saul, coach. 7TH GRADE CHEERLEADERS 8TH GRADE CHEERLEADERS Row 1: K. Williamson; L. Welsch; E. Armstrong; C. Bennett. Row 2: P. Ciski; K. Fasolino: D. Eder; S. Bradley. 94 Row 1: S. Gaiser; E. Canfield; P. Heitz; C. Filipiak. Row 2: E. Vesper; A. Uhlman; M. Moore: absent- J. Morgan.VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Victory, Victory Is our cry. V-I-C-T-O-R-Y Are we in it? Well, I guess. Iroquois Central Yes! Yes! Yes! Judi Schulenberg, Co-Captain Yea Red, Yea White Red, White Red and White Fight! Fight! Estelle Wells, Co-Captain Sandy Van Lew, Co-Captain Sandy Schreglman Ann Hauber Cherie Stevens Pat Rudich Carol Moore 967 71 - JUNIOR VARSIT.y,Wfc£RLEADERS Row I: J. Swierski; M. Kerr; J. Ryan; S. alt.; L. Wright, alt.; M. Rupp; P. Lippman; S. Bender. We would like to give special recognition to the cheerleaders of Iroquois Central. These girls were given the difficult task of cheering for our teams in victory and defeat. Faced with excited and, sometimes, enthusiastic spectators, it was the duty of these girls to cheer and cheer and cheer! This year’s varsity squad had co-captains Judi Schulenbcrg, Sandy Van Lew and Estelle Wells. These seniors and five junior girls comprised the varsity cheering squad, which consisted of six regulars and two alternates. Six regulars and two alternates from the freshman and sophomore classes participated on the junior varsity squad. The great school spirit and originality of the varsity and junior varsity squads were displayed many times in the pep assemblies, on the football field, and on the basketball court. These cheer- leaders have enlivened the loyalty toward Iro- quois. All the students of Iroquois Central owe these girls a debt of gratitude for this. Each and every one of these girls did a won- derful job for Iroquois, putting forth a great amount of effort to help make the cheerleaders of 1962 the best Iroquois has ever seen. Well twirl my headdress man alive. There’s the coaches super tribe Arc we for them, Yes, Yes, Yes, Iroquois J.V.’s they’re the best. Whether we win, whether we lose, Iroquois’s the team That we’ll always choose. “Yea. rah. Iroquois! Two bits, four bits. Six bits, a dollar— All for Iroquois Stand up and holler. 97 “Noble Alma Mater Score! VARSITY FOOTBALL Row I: J. Williamson; D. Malccki; P. Ackermann; T. Lewinski; K. McDonald; B. Busch; G. Wolf; R. Byrnes; M. Rudich; R. Dauphince. Row 2: R. Kane; J. Schei- fla; B. Smith; D. Kerr; G. Monesmith; S. Blood; T. Fullington; M. Stoiber; C. Walker; B. Zieziula. Row 3: D. Hickey; E. Schaub; D. Sherman; J. Matchulat; O. Berry; J. Byrnes. Row 4: Coach Foster; J. Becker; L. Briggs; J. Scheifla; T. Hopkins; B. Byrnes; D. Domon; D. Wrobel; P. Roode; Coach Latimer. Co-Captain, Tom Fullington y; J. Sanborn; R. Petrell; Co-Captain, Max Stoiber Iroquois 13 West Seneca 7 Iroquois 19 Springville 0 Iroquois 13 Clarence 20 Iroquois 0 Maryvale 6 Iroquois 8 East Aurora 6 Iroquois 40 Lakeshore 0 Iroquois 32 Sloan 26 Iroquois 35 Alden 20 Coaches Latimer and Foster fielded their sixth Iro- quois football team this season with high hopes for a successful year. The boys worked hard and finished the season ranking third in their division. The competition was stiff; few rooters can complain about a lack of ex- citement. The season opened on September 23 when West Sen- eca succumbed to a stronger Iroquois team. The game was hard-fought; its outcome was dependent on the Chiefs superior line play. Tom Fullington and Bruce Busch both scored with runs of 15 and 9 yards respec- tively; Bob Smith followed with a point after touchdown. Springville was defeated on its field giving the Chiefs a second victory. Halfback Bruce Busch spirited the of- fense with a 35 yard run to begin the scoring. Linemen Bob Zieziula, Rick Dauphince, Cliff Walker and Don Malecki supplied the punch that gave the Chiefs ground game momentum. Clarence overcame the Chiefs at their third league contest. Clarence rolled up 259 yards rushing com- pared to Iroquois 158 yards. The opposition completed 3 out of 7 passes, but the Chiefs intercepted 2 and re- covered 3 fumbles. Perhaps the main reason for defeat was the 105 yards, the Chiefs were penalized. Max Stoiber, Ron Petrel I. and Gary Wolf played fine defense. On October 15, Iroquois played host to Maryvalc. Statistically the Chiefs played the better game, but five fumbles and a porous pass defense gave the opposition the upper hand. “Happy days are here again was the theme after the traditionally important East Aurora-Iroquois game. Footballers Ken MacDonald, Paul Ackerman, Tom Le- winski, Jim Williamson, and John Schroeder prevented the advancement of the Devils. Time and again E. A.’s hopes for victory were thwarted by rugged defensive play. Jim Scheifia scored a safety in the first quarter and John Schroeder climaxed a 57 yard march by scoring with only 30 seconds remaining in the game. This was the Chiefs’ first victory over E. A. Inspired by the previous week’s success, Iroquois emerged victorious. The Chiefs rushed 223 yards to the Shoremen’s 53 yards, but forfeited 94 yards on penal- ties. Marty Rudich, and Jim Scheifla scored their first touchdowns for the year. Line-play was stimulated by Whit Munn, Seth Blood, Ray Byrnes and Rick Kane. Sloan fell to the Chiefs on November 4th. Linemen Don Domon, Don Hickey, and back Glenn Monesmith did their part to insure the victory. The season’s final game saw Aldcn yield to the Chiefs. Tom Fullington scored 3 touchdowns to give him the year’s lead in scoring with 49 points. Jack Matchulat kicked 4 of his 11 P. A. T.’s, establishing a new record for Iroquois.FOOTBALL SNAPS Iroquois' defense stops Clarence. Short gain by John Schroeder. V Fullington around end on a keeper. Springville Captains receive pre-game instruc- tions. 99 A good job on pass defense. There goes Fullington again!JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL Row 1: L. Boland; P. Bos; M. Morris; G. Ludwig; M. Sobczak; L. Wallace; R. Van Lew; K. Pettapiece; J. Theal; T. Du Moulin. Row 2: R. Rudich; D. Eder; D. Bradford; D. Magee; W. Faleski; D. Lee; R. Hargrave; T. Jones; P. Dickson; A. Frantz. Row 3: Coach Stohrer; R. Domon; Coach Petersen. Strief racks up another one against Springville. The Iroquois J. V. gridders compiled a highly successful won 6-lost 2 rec- ord this season under the leadership of Coaches Stohrer and Petersen. They coupled an exciting offense with a stalwart defense to gain the reputation as being one of the teams to beat in the Junior Varsity football circuit. Against West Seneca. Iroquois was. by far. the stronger team though a few mistakes and several fumbles inhibited the scoring, resulting in a 6-0 victory. In the second game it was Art Striefs day, as he tallied five times in leading the Braves to a 32-6 victory over demoralized Springville. On the next Saturday, the Braves had to fight hard in order to defeat a tough Clarence team 12-6. Lou Wallace paved the way for Iroquois 19-0 victory over Mary vale. He returned the opening kick-off 50 yards for a touchdown. East Aurora and Lakeshore capitalized on Iroquois pass defense mistakes to emerge as victors over the Braves 19-6 and 18-12 respectively. The J. V.’s retaliated by pounding a weak Sloan team 26-6 and on the fol- lowing Saturday, defeating Aldcn 19-0. In the Alden game the opposition hit hard but our tough defense and our capitalizing on their mistakes proved to be the margin for our victory. Acting co-captains this year were D. Magee. M. Sobczak. D. Bradford. D. Eder, Jim and Todd DuMoulin. G. Ludwig. D. Theal. P. Bos, K. Pettapiece, L. Wallace, and R. Domon. The boys who did the scoring for this year were R. Rudich, D. Magee, F. Faliski, G. Ludwig, A. Strief, D. Theal. F. Pettapiece, and R. Domon. Lou Wallace had a touchdown and shared the P. A. T. kicking duties with Don Lee. D. Kratzke was the only interior lineman to score as he fell on a loose ball in the end zone resulting from a blocked punt by Pete Bos. This was a fine year for the J. V.'s. 100CROSS COUNTRY Row 1: D. Brookman; Mr. McCready; L. Johnson. Row 2: C. Rusert; J. Dobbins; R. Rcinnagei; A. Leasure; J. Moffitt. Row 3: F. Miley; C. Reinard; J. Mann; N. Glowka; J. Blinston; F. Wetzel; R. Brookman; R. Roller. Row 4: S. Nicpon; H. Pitt; V. Demme; R. Brookman; T. Wantuch; B. Luders; A. Reinnagel; S. Rieman J. Penzes; W. Reinhardt; J. Hubbs; M. Evers, Manager. The Iroquois harriers compiled an impressive, won 4-lost 1, record for the 1961-1962 season. The competition was very keen and made achieving the previous year’s undefeated record just out of reach. In Iroquois first meet the Chiefs played host to a strong adversary, over- confident East Aurora. Much to the Blue Devils' dismay, Iroquois won a 24 to 33 victory. This triumph gave Iroquois its third consecutive win over East Aurora and first point toward the Moog Trophy. Witnesses of the second contest saw the Chiefs win a decisive 23 to 35 vic- tory over Lake Shore, even though one of the Shoreman’s runners placed first. By this time the Chiefs had visions of an undefeated season. Their hopes were smashed in the third meet when Dave Brookman. the team’s consist- ent first place runner, could only muster sixth place. Orchard Park won an overwhelming victory, 15 to 40. Undaunted by their first defeat, McCready’s harriers trounced Clarence 15 to 40 (a perfect score). In the fifth meet Maryvale runners placed first and second, but because of the team’s tremendous depth, lost, 25 to 34. The following Saturday Iroquois took part in the Buffalo State Teachers’ Invitational Meet, which included some 310 runners. Dave Brookman and Larry Johnson received individual medals for placing in the top 10 in class “B.” Iroquois tied for third place in the sectionals at Chestnut Ridge with last year’s first place contenders, Lewiston-Porter. The competition included twelve strong double “A teams. Boys who completed their final season of cross-country include; D. Brook- man. L. Johnson. R. Youngman, C. Rusert. J. Moffitt. A. Leasure and Joel Dobbins. Throughout the year they worked hard and had many enjoyable practices together. Fond memories of their comrades and Coach McCready will depart with them from I.C.S. Co-Captains Lorenz Johnson. Dave Brookman. Go Kevin Go!VARSITY BASKETBALL Row 1: B. Busch; J. Schcifla; D. Hickey; P. Acker- mann: G. Monesmith; T. Fullington. Row 2; Coach Latimer; J. Matchulat; T. Hopkins; D. Kerr; J. Schcifla; B. Smith; J. Moffitt; F. Woods. The Iroquois Chiefs, under Coach Latimer's able direction, were pitted against rugged competitors. The Chiefs nearly tasted victory against Clarence in the first game of the season, but were defeated 41-37. The thirst for victory was fulfilled in the meeting with Lake Shore. Jim Schcifla’s 19 points lead the team to a 44-42 victory. Alden was also beaten by us in the next game. Despite the poor performance of the Chiefs against Maryvalc, Jim Schcifla was able to score 24 points, the highest individual point total of the year. The East Aurora game was prone to be another Mary vale game as the Chiefs were scalped. The game was hard-fought but it was lost on the foul line. At the beginning of the second half of the Springville game. Iroquois was behind. For the first time, the Chiefs became a team and victory was our reward. The Chiefs then went down to defeat by strong Sweet Home and Clarence teams. The Clarence game was especially hard-fought as the Chiefs lost the game in the last two minutes. The Chiefs then rebounded to scalp the Lake Shore team. In the next game, Iroquois was defeated by East Aurora but rebounded to defeat Alden. The Alden game was won. 51-50 by Glenn Monesmith’s long jump shot with a fraction of a second left to play. Due to a second half let down, Iroquois was defeated by a strong Sweet Home team bent on victory. Springville was the last game for the seniors and Springville was defeated 78-63. Paul Ackermann was the high scorer with 18 points and the Chiefs made 42% of their shots. This was the highest the Chiefs shot during the year and they were happy about the win. Jim Scheifla, captain of the team, became the second highest scorer in Iroquois’ history with 205 points. Paul, Glenn, and Don did a good job of rebounding while Tom Fullington and Bruce Busch were fine ball- handlers and play-makers. The above seniors gained experience during the year and will be missed next year. luniors who aided the team were Bob Smith, Ted Hopkins, Jack Matchulat. Dan Kerr, and Jack Scheifia. Next year’s team will depend on this years juniors and sophomores. Nice passing, Don.” Rebound” 102JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL Row 1: J. Hubbs; R. Van Lew; J. Theal; A. Frantz; L. Edcr; T. Baumgartner; R. Bcrnfelt; H. Pitt; J. Me- Wallace; M. Morris; D. Lee; A. Berry. Row 2: S. Strauss; Carthy; R. Rudich; Mr. McCready. M. Sobczak; S. Ricman; D. Siler; T. DuMoulin; D. L. Wallace; A. Frantz. There it goes—aw too bad! Clarence Iroq. 26 Opp. 31 Iroq. 27 Opp. 32 Lakeshore 51 36 44 32 Alden 30 23 42 46 Maryvale 34 62 40 52 East Aurora 39 54 41 60 Springville 40 50 68 48 Sweet Home 52 29 42 40 The above listed record of the Junior Varsity basketball team does not fully exemplify its true ability. The boys did a fine job against a group of very rugged foes. Their first game was lost to Clarence in a hard fought over- time contest. They retaliated strongly by de- feating Lakeshore 51 to 36 and by beating Alden, 30 to 23. It was against Maryvalc that the jinx of the Iroquois Braves emerged. While Maryvale scored only one more field goal, they outscored the Braves 26-2 on the foul line. Relinquishing points to the other team on the foul line played a major role in each of their eight defeats. Highlights of the season were victories over Sweet Home and Spring- ville. The J. V.’s defeated Sweet Home 42-40 in overtime, and recorded an impressive 68-48 victory over Springville. The combination of A1 Frantz, Lou Wallace and John Theal led the team as they held their own in rebounding against each opponent. Frantz led the team in scoring with 156 points and recorded a new J. V. single game high of 24 points. Lou Wallace had the best shooting percentage. The team was greatly helped by the steady influence of John Hubbs. Dave Eder, Terry Baumgartner and Mike So- bczak. Scrambled eggs” Jump it up. Lew” 103BOWLING Row 1: Mr. Saul, coach; G. Bingham, captain. Row 2; J. Bernhardt; E. Schaub; D. Schwab; J. Seileman; E. Becker. Row 3: G. Zee; E. Kaczmarek; R. Kane; A. Henderson; F. Wetzel. “Dan Cook, pin sticker. Rick and Gary trying for a strike! Under the able guidance of Mr. Saul, the Iroquois bowling team added another season to its Division II log. Although it was not a winning season, the matches were well fought with many losses being very close and the outcomes not being decided until the last frame. The first meeting with Clarence proved to be an exciting match when the Chiefs rolled a season high of 1623 for two games and subdued the visitors 3-0. Two records were broken during the regular season by Jack Seileman, when he rolled a high game of 246 and a total for two games of 438. The team was fortunate in the E.C.I.C. roll-offs with Guy Bingham and Jack Seileman receiving trophies. Being seniors, Rick Kane. Guy Bingham, and Jack Seileman will be leaving the squad this year, but the juniors, who have already performed well, will be back with the support of some promising sophomores. Sportsmanship was exhibited by all members, and high spirits and a will to do better prevailed, even after a defeat. These important qualities have been characteristic of all Iroquois bowling teams, and. with them in mind, future teams should prove themselves strong competitors. 104SWIMMING Row 1: D. Brookman; L. Zimmerman; D. Boland. Row 2: J. Dobbins; F. Strief; J. Sanborn; D. Wrobel; J. Byrnes; P. Hinckley. Row 3: D. Boll; L. Jerome; D. Theal; B. Byrnes; R. Byrnes; K. Goehle; C. Fay; M. Ocklcr. This year Co-captains Dave Brookman, Joe Dobbins and Lou Zimmer- man led the Iroquois mermen to a third place position in Division II. Under the watchful eye of Coach Lavin, the squad put forth a tremendous effort. The entire season was characterized by a good deal of hard work and tough competition. Since the emphasis this year was on individual achievement, many attempts were made at school records. New records were established by Joe Dobbins in the 400 yard free style, time 5:12.3; and in the 200 yard Individual Medley, time 2:32; by Dave Wrobel in the 100 yard butterfly, time. 1:11.8; and Dan Theal in the 100 yard back, time 1:05.4. The team effort began slowly. Lancaster won the first meet, 53-42. However, the squad rebounded with two decisive victories, sinking Clarence 57 to 38 and Chccktowaga 71 to 24. The team’s elation was shortlived for East Aurora came up with an 86 to 9 victory over the Chiefs. Again the squad bounded back, crushing Maryvale 67 to 28. The laurels of the next meet, our second with East Aurora, was won as before by our neighbor and arch-rival 53 to 42. Downhearted, the Iroquois mermen dropped the next meet to Sweet Home 50 to 41. This slump did not last long. The team came back by winning six straight. The squad out swam Depew 70 to 25, Akron 63 to 32, Clarence 66 to 29, Cheektowaga 72 to 23, Maryvale 64 to 31, and Canisteo 77 to 18. Then the flu struck the team. With many members sick, the finmen of Iroquois fell prey to Sweet Home 51 to 44. and Canisius 48 to 47. As the Iroquoian goes to press a meet with Depew and Akron. ECIC Championships and the Sectionals are remaining in the season. One, Two. Three, Bang, Go!!” Interesting Spectators???” Co-Captains: L. Zimmerman; J. Dob- bins; Mr. Laven, Coach; D. Brook- man. Determination!!! 105WRESTLING Row 1: D. Horrigan; J. Mann; D. Newell; C. Schroeder; J. Schroeder; H. Weil; C. Walker; J. Williamson; K. Ellison; R. Krane; A. Leasure; B. Scheffler. Row 2: R. Brookman; C. Reinard; B. Reinard; T. DuMoulin; D. Sherman; D. Domon; K. Pettapiece; T. Bicrl; D. Schocnthal; B. Brookman; R. Penzes. Row 3: W. Geib; R. Munn; S. Harris; J. Ludwig; L. Boland; J. Miller; W. Wheeler; T. Jones; M. Loefstedt; S. Leasure. Row 4: F. Dyttmer; D. Malecki; T. Weil; S. Nicpon; M. Ru- dich: R. Paddock; Coach Rider. “This has been a good group to work with.” Mr. Foster, the man who has coached Iroquois wrestling teams through eighty-four consecutive victories, had this to say about the 1962 wrestlers. Yes, Coach, it has been a good year. Both “A” and “B” teams have gone undefeated this year and the team has conquered its fifth straight division championship in six years of competition. In addition, five senior grapplers have completed the season unbeaten and untied in league bouts: Co-captain, A1 Leasure, one hundred and three pound Section VI Champion, won fourteen and lost none by February 28, 1962; co-captain, John Schroeder. won thirteen and lost none (John was a Section champ as a sophomore and a runner-up last year in the one hundred and sixty-five pound class); Ron Krane, wrestling at one hundred and twenty-seven pounds, finished the last league match with a fourteen and zero record; Don Malecki won ten and lost none; and Cliff Walker, last year’s Sectional runner-up in the one hundred and sixty-five pound class, won thirteen, losing none. Ken Ellison, a junior and a former sectional con- tender, was also undefeated this season. Ken finished with a twelve win, no loss record. Senior, Hank Weil, topped off a very successful high- school wrestling career with a season record of twelve wins, no losses, and one tie. Two other exceptional men on this year’s squad were Denny Newell and Bill Reinard. One of the season’s high points occurred when Arcade succumbed to a much stronger Iroquois team. Score: 32-12. Mary vale, Iroquois’ traditional rival, was drubbed badly by a score of 37-3. Host, Canistco, felt the Chiefs supremacy with a loss of 45-2. All the team members contributed and sacrificed to make 1962 another memorable wrestling year at I.C.S. Thank you. Coaches Foster and Rider for a job well done. Co-Captains John Schroeder, Allen Leasure “Ron Krane earns three points for Iroquois.” “Dan Horrigan misses pin; but still scores against Maryvale.” 106SPORTS’ SNAPS D. Bradford; J. Kirsch, Captains. Row 1: G. Theal, Manager; K. Williamson; J. Salisbury; B. Benzin; B. Kohlhagcn; J. Beck- er; O. Berry; J. McMahon. Row 2: B. DeWitt; P. Atkinson; J. Tomaszewski; V. Demme; C. Rusert; L. Briggs; E. Rankin; E. Benson; B. Ludcrs; D. Rogacki, Manager. “Hurdles??” k ’fly boys. “Two points, Iroquois.” “Varsity bowlers. Correct positions. 107AQUATIC CLUB Row 1: R. Donohue; E. Conley; J. Valentine; B. Rie- man; L. Starr. Row 2: B. Basinski; M. Hudson; G. Foss; M. Reuther; S. Kotlarski; S. Kelly; K. Johnson. Row 3: L. Thorpe; D. Bundy; L. Pratt; B. Rankin; E. Pcntz; B. Schaltner; C. Goodemote; B. Praczkajlo; A. Valen- tine; K. Seibold. Row 4: E. Jones; R. Raidmac; B. Nattrass; D. Heintz; B. Roberts; G. Januale; L. Metzger; M. Maxson; M. Frye; B. Wright; J. Hill; P. Drushlcr. “Morning’s Mist”PEP CLUB Row 1: J. Wantuch; B. Long; E. Wells; J. Schulenberg; M. Shaffer; P. Perrin; D. Bartoo; Art Chairman; C. Conley, President; E. Conley, Vice-President; M. Samer, Assistant Treasurer; M. Geib; D. Glownia; Miss San- ders, Advisor. Row 2: F. Monnin; P. Rudich; E. Huebsch; J. Moritz; B. Wright; P. Bartoo; L. Parkinson; S. Van Lew; R. Donohue; E. Jones; J. Vallone; N. Stressing. Row 3: J. Walker; E. Pentz; D. Stuckey; K. Seibold; J. Armstrong; J. Ryan; N. Radder; M. Rupp; P. Lippmann; S. Kelly. Row 4: L. Ertel; L. Thorpe; M. Maxson; S. Kotlarski; C. Krischan; C. Stevens; D. Bundy; M. Kerr; C. Goodemote; L. Knell. Row 5: N. Bippert; K. Pudlewski; B. Rieman; C. Moore; L. Starr; A. Hauber; B. Praczkajlo; J. Swerski; J. Kirsch; A. Radamacher. Row 6: D. Heintz; M. Hudson; M. Jasel; G. Kirszenstein; S. Hartrick; G. Januale; S. Schreg- leman; C. Malack; D. Kedzierski. Absent: N. Neidig, Secretary; L. Metzger, Treasurer. BOWLING CAPTAINS Row 1: M. Jasel; J. Swierski; G. Foss; B. Wright; J. Wantuch; S. McCormick; J. Flint; A. Welsch; B. Cook; E. Jones. Row 2: J. James; M. Dabb; S. Schasel; E. Huebsch; M. McNeil; D. Dolbcr; E. Pentz; K. Pud- lewski; E. Conley; L. Parkinson; K. Seibold. Row 3: K. Hausauer; S. Kalbach; N. Stressing; L. Tolsma; G. Januale; D. Heintz; D. Glownia; P. Drushler. 109JUNIOR AND SENIOR VOLLEYBALL Row 1: J. Schulenberg; D. Stuckey; E. Pentz; K. Pudlewski; P. Perrin; G. Foss; C. Stevens; L. Tolsma; J. Hill. Row 2: B. Wright; D. Bartoo; C. Conley; L. Parkinson; E. Wells; A. Welsch; S. Hartrick; J. Moritz; M. Samer. Row 3: E. Conley; J. Valentine; J. Kirsch; M. Jasel: L. Swierski; P. Rudich; P. Drushlcr. FRESHMAN AND SOPHOMORE VOLLEYBALL Row 1: J. Vallone; B. Koch; J. Brocklehurst; R. Raidmae; B. Praczkajlo; J. Swierski. Row 2: D. Foss; L. Graham; C. Malach: N. Radder; J. Ryan; C. Goodcmote; B. Rieman. 110JUNIOR AND SENIOR GIRLS’ BASKETBALL CAPTAINS AND REFEREES Row I: B. Wright; C. Stevens; P. Rudich; C. Moore; S. Van Lew; H. Conley; B. Long: E. Wells; K. Pudlewski; K. Seibold; J. Hill; M. Jasel. Row 2: L. Thorpe; M. Samcr; S. Schrcglman; J. Rudich; G. Foss; M. Wasielewski: L. Swerski; J. Schulenberg; K. Johnson; D. Glownia; J. Kirsch. FRESHMAN AND SOPHOMORE GIRLS’ BASKETBALL CAPTAINS AND REFEREES Row 1: C. Meyer: J. Ryan; M. Rupp; N. Raddcr; K. Koeppel. Row 2: J. Brocklchurst; L. Graham; S. Battaglia: L. Wright; M. Kerr: D. Foss. IllGIRLS’ SPORTS SNAPS ‘‘Is this suppose to be the best gym class. Miss Sanders?” 112THIS AND THAT “That’s what you think!” “You don't say!” “Nice twisting. Ellen!” “Oh no. not again!” “Those wild senior slumber parties! Are they good. Lu?” What Is High School? . . . books, bricks, paper, pencils, apples . . . teachers, classes, homework ... It is exams, confused kids, and more books ... A school is many, many things . . . sports, clubs, teams, games, cheerleaders . . . nurses, term papers, organiza- tions ... It is exchange stu- dents, class activities, long lunch lines, study halls . . . custodians, cooks, and bus drivers .. . ... a school is students . . . all types of students . . . ath- letic stars, honor students, club leaders, and teachers’ pets . . . lively students, quiet students, shy students, and loud students ... It is bookworms, gum chewers, nail biters, toe tap- pers, and day dreamers . . . students who wish to learn, students who want to graduate . . . students who want to be popular, to have fun, or to be a success . . . This is our school . . . . . . Iroquois Central School system was begun in 1952. It was then that our school was centralized. We were just a group of small white school- houses with three or four rooms apiece. As the community’s needs grew, Iroquois grew. In 1953 several new buildings were started. Students moved into the elementary schools the fol- lowing year. With the opening of the Jun- ior-Senior High School in 1955, students formerly scattered and separated combined to establish themselves as a unit. They founded a tradition of loyal service and enthusiastic school spirit . . . this is perhaps the essence of our school . . . Our school grew with its students. In 1958 a new wing was added . . . the Senior wing ... It has a certain atmosphere of con- fidence and hope . . . Students who will soon embark on a new life. A quick look into the future shows more expansion . . . a school expanding to meet the needs of its students . . . toward new experiences and new horizons.PATRONS Adams Klehm Al’s Shoe Service Amsier’s Delicatessen Mr. Mrs. Howard J. Arkins Aungst-Difilippo Mrs. Mildred Barber Mr. Mrs. A. Donald Bartoo Becker’s Kendall Station Berry Family Blossom G.L.F. Feed Service Blossom Market Board of Education Brigg’s Dairy R. Conley Cotton Nurseries Mr. M. V. Curtis Cy’s Pharmacy Dubois Hardware Earl’s Super Duper East Aurora Mailman RD 2 Elma Manor Fair Play Sporting Goods Inc. Mr. Mrs. George W. Fletcher Mr. Mrs. Charlton S. Frantz Mr. Mrs. Daniel M. Frisbie Mr. Mrs. Richard Gilmore E. E. Godfrey Mr. Mrs. Charles Heintz The Hollywood Bridal Shop Howbill Motors H. R. Hunt Motor Inc. Iroquois Student Bookstore Jamison Garage Mr. Mrs. Ray H. Johnson Kunz Market Mr. Donald Lamp Larwood Pharmacy Leader Toy Hobby Shop Mr. Mrs. George A. Lerch Logan Youngers Automotive Supplies Major’s Men Boys Store Marilla Democratic Club Monchow’s General Store Moog Servocontrols R. S. Moore G.L.F. Service Nyhart’s Music Center Arthur F. Phillips Pine Grove Farms Mr. Oliver Reed Mr. Mrs. Merle Reuther Roll’s Esso Servicenter Roycroft Gift Shop Mr. Mrs. H. A. Scrimshaw Joseph F. Sheen Mr. Mrs. Eli Shepard Mr. Donald Sipprell Tackberry’s Furniture Store Thomas Drug Store Mr. Mrs. John Van Sickle Mr. Mrs. Howard Walczyk Wilking’s Grocery Store This book printed by VELVATONE, a special process of li graphic printing. Sole producers: Wm. J. Keller Inc., Buffalo, N No other printing firm is authorized to use the Velvatone metl•

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