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IROQUOIS CENTRAL HIQH SCHOOL THE IROQUOIAN ELM A, NEW YORK 1961DEDICATION As the pages of the calendar turn, and months lapse into years, man builds faiths and allegiances to the things close to his heart. So it has been with Mr. Donald Lamp. His counsel and geniality through the eleven years of change and progress that have characterized his loyal work at Iroquois have proven him a genuine mainstay of our school. To you, Mr. Lamp, who has more than earned our admiration and esteem, this book is respectfully dedicated. 2THOMAS CLARENCE LIPPMAN 1943-1958 “Tom was the most cheerful boy I have ever known,” remarked one of his classmates. He was always willing to lend a helping hand in any school activity or to a friend in need. He was admired by all who knew him for his sincerity and integrity. Being an accomplished athlete he did his best in all activities. We cannot express how we miss him nor can we fully describe his congenial character and warm personality. Tom will be remembered by all who knew him. 3BOARD OF EDUCATION Mr. Kenneth J. Mcllraith—President of Board of Education; Mr. Brainard Prescott—School Attorney; Mr. J. Howard Smith; Mr. Peter Bos; Mr. A. Donald Bartoo—Principal of the District; Mr. Joseph D. Kurtz—Vice President of Board of Education; Mr. George B. Field; Mr. J. George Nattrass; Mr. Leon A. Piguet. Absent: Mr. Cecil Scott—Clerk of the Board. The Board of Education extends to each of you, members of the Class of 1961, heartiest congratulations on your graduation. Some of you will now pursue higher education in college, technical, or business schools; others of you will now begin your working careers; others may shortly be- gin careers in homemaking. Regardless of which path you follow, it is sincerely hoped that you will put into practice one over-riding lesson which all of us at Iroquois have tried to teach—the pursuit of excellence. Each of you, whether you are a college student or a truck driver, a store clerk or an engineer, a secretary or a housewife, must set high standards for yourselves and then meet these high standards. Only by so doing can we guarantee the survival of our nation as a great and free nation. Pledge yourself to do a better job wherever you are, be a better citizen, live a better life. In brief, pursue excellence! In this spirit of challenge, we extend our greetings to each of you. 4PRINCIPAL of the DISTRICT Congratulations for your success in school, and upon your yearbook project. Your last year at Iroquois Central comes during a great history making era, when leadership within our own nation changes, and when the events on the International scene reveal a deployment of power pressures to influence opinion and ideologies. It seems to me that one of the paramount issues for each of you is to maintain your individualism in thought and in person. Although most of your school life has been spent in a “togetherness environment, in which you became both a joiner and an organization person, do not let this overshadow your individualism. Remember the school reflects the culture of which it is a part. Sometimes it is easier to adhere to a principle in the company of others, it is even easier to believe in it. For the timid and the uncertain, shifting responsibility for moral decisions to an organ- ization is obviously the path of the least resistance. The substitution of a social conscience for the private conscience disposes of a number of troublesome moral problems. However, when people get in the habit of depending too much on others to solve their problems, they lose their capacity of applying thought and imagina- tion to private analysis and solution. This leads to demoralization of the individual as a private person. Individualism and freedom generate tremendous power. May you always maintain yours. Sincerely yours, A. Donald Bartoo Principal of the District 5ADMINISTRATION TO THE CLASS OF 1961 Congratulations on such a happy and mem- orable occasion—your graduation from high school. You must be filled with mixed emo- tions as you look back upon your past years as students while at the same time looking ahead to your futures and the beginning of new and different lives and careers. There is that feeling of pride and satisfaction you must have in knowing that because of your work and study, you have successfully reached that long awaited goal—graduation. I imagine, though, that you must have that same feeling of nostalgia that comes to every graduate when you think of leaving all the good friends and wonderful times which were so much a part of your life in high school. Instead of your leaving Iroquois, we think rather of your staying with us as a member of our alumni. I sincerely hope that you will find all the happiness and satisfaction you seek, and 1 do wish for each of you the best of everything always. Sincerely yours, Dennis Ryan Congratulations to the Class of 1961: As you leave this fine school, it is my sincere hope that you will never forget your many pleasant expe- riences nor your many fine friends. Graduation means the end of your stay as a student at Iroquois, but always remember it signifies the opening of new vistas. The world into which you are entering is passing through many crises. Even the wisest men find it difficult to keep a sense of balance under these con- ditions. However, remember that you have the ability to think. This involves the risk of misunder- standing, but it also presupposes that the mind can grow, that understanding can mature and that a man can advance from a false assumption to a new grasp of truth. It will take more than thought to redeem man- kind, but we should never underestimate the ability to think and to reason together. “Whatever is true, honest, just, pure, only of good report, think of these things.” Today is a time for sober thought and careful understanding, and I know that your education at Iroquois will give you a sound basis for future de- cisions. If you think and always remember the eternal verities, I feel confident that you will lead happy and successful lives. Good luck to all of you in whatever you pursue. I shall recall with much pleasure and happiness the Class of ’61. Sincerely, Russell E. Corser 6Alfred Baily Citizenship Education Gene E. Beckwith Music m Thomas A. Bello, Jr. Science Eugenia Bender French Ruth K. Bosch English Robert D. Bowen English Elly Buchholz English Elizabeth Mead Clack Latin Science Margaret M. Croft Commercial William J. DeFreis Industrial Arts 8Patricia Devine Special Reading Program Elwood F. Eaton Music Robert C. Ferguson English Citizenship Education Norman E. Foster Physical Education Robert Fox English Daniel M. Frisbie Citizenship Education Dorothy N. Frisbie English Gertrude W. Holden Science Frederick Hoppe English 9 Thomas H. Gibbons Science Arthur A. Gunthorpe CommercialMechanical Drawing Ralph A. Howell Science, Mathematics Donald Lamp Art Milton Latimer Physical Education Health James Laven Mathematics Allegra B. Lotz English Clifford F. Luders Agriculture Robert L. Manchester Mathematics Marion Mann Mathematics 10James S. McCrcady Science Homemaking Gordon Miller Science Mathematics Laura Miller Art Paul Miller English Citizenship Education Carl Norberg Mathematics Richard G. Petersen Mathematics Robert Riedel Physical Education G. Donald Rathgcber Driver Education Music William J. Saul, Jr. Citizenship Education 11 Robert Ping Industrial ArtsDonna E. Saunders Physical Education Numan Scott Commercial Dorothy Scileman Homemaking P. Leslie Shaw Citizenship Education Verna Shedd Music Lydia Steinseifer English Floyd R. Silliman Citizenship Education Edwin F. Stohrer, Jr. Physical Education Donald D. Sipprell Citizenship Education Walter Szyperski Industrial A rts William Starkweather Citizenship Education Paul VanOrnum Mathematics 12GUIDANCE To the Class of 1961: It is a pleasure to offer congratulations to you on the occasion of your high school graduation. You are in the envious position of having your productive life ahead of you at a time when more op- portunities are available than ever be- fore. Not only do you occupy a position of good fortune, but one of responsibility as well; for you represent the adult soci- ety of tomorrow. We hope that your high school education has afforded you the academic background necessary to meet these responsibilities and to enter your career with the ability to recognize op- portunity. Best of luck in your future endeavors. Sincerely, Richard C. Griffith Congratulations to the Class of 1961: I congratulate you on your successful completion of high school. The years in junior and senior high school have been ones during which you have had to make some rather important decisions. High school planning, vocational, occupational and educational problems had to be solved and upon each occasion you have tried your best to meet the challenge. Now, as you leave Iroquois, you will be entering a new phase in your life with more demands on you from your commu- nity, country, the world and perhaps even space. In a sense you have become freshmen again, but this time you will be faced with broader problems and more difficult decisions. It is my sincere wish that whatever you undertake you will be rewarded for your efforts with good health and happi- ness. 13 Daniel L. ClarkOFFICE Mrs. Scrimshaw, Mrs. Rusert, Mr. Scott, Mrs. Robinson, Mrs. Tyler, Mrs. Wiggens, Mrs. Dailey, Mrs. Welsch. CAFETERIA Left (front to back): M. Lund, L. Domon, L. Stolle. Center (front to back): J. Bodekor, V. MacCaulay, M. Rutecki. Right (front to back): K. Wadell, A. Conrad, G. Marzolf, E. Clark, L. Swartz. LIBRARY 14 Mrs. Bush (Librarian), Mrs. Hamms (Clerical Assistant)BUS DRIVERS Row 1: A. Aldrich, V. Hauber, A. Bliemeister, S. Morris. A. Sly. Row 2: R. Miller, A. Scheifla, D. Martin, G. Szwaczkowski, D. Eiseman, M. Dabb. Row 3: F. Hudson, C. Martin, A. Schoenthal, R. Gerlach, C. Bitterman, A. Berry. MAINTENANCE Row 1: B. Johnson, A. Boldt, H. Mathis. Row 2: J. Maxon (Head Custodian), K. Shiefla, J. Christensen. Dr. Shaver (School Physician), Mrs. Neidig (School Nurse), Mrs. Ceranski (Dental Hygienist). 15M-M-M-ello” “TWO cups of salt?” “Yes, Herman?” 16HOPKINS, STEVE President Mathematics, Science, Latin RADEMACHER, JOHN NORMAN Vice-President Mathematics, Science YACOBUSH. LYNDA MAE Secretary Mathematics, Language 18 FAGAN, PATRICIA Co-Treasurer Science, Mathematics SAVAGE, BERYL Co-Treasurer ScienceABRAMS, KATHLEEN ROSE Business BALCERZAK. ROBERT Shop BAUDER, HOWARD Shop ACKERMAN, ALFRED Industrial Arts BARR. JANE Home Economics, Art BECKER. LYNNE LEE Science, Mathematics, Latin BACON. KATHLEEN MARION Science BARTLETT, SHARON LOUISE Business, Art 19BENNET. GEOFFREY Science, Shop BEITER, DAVID R. Mathematics, Science BEST, BARBARA ANN Home Economics. Business BOYD, PATRICIA ANN Home Economics BRIDGMAN. MICHAEL Mechanical Drawing. Business BENDER, TIMOTHY Mathematics, Science v BLINSTON. JUNE Mathematics BRIGGS. ALLEGRA Language, Art, Mathematics 20BUCHBINDER, RONALD Art CAMPBELL. PETER Mathematics. Science BUFFUM. PAMELA FRANCES Mathematics, Science CHAPMAN. SUZANNE CAROL Mathematics, Science BURCKHALTER. ALFRED Science. Mathematics CLABEAUX. JAMES Science, Mathematics CLARK, DOLORES E. Business CLAYCOMB, DONALD Shop, Mechanical Drawing 21 DUFFIN, PATRICIA Home Economics, Art DOBBINS, DAVID G. Mathematics, Science CORNING, MARSHA Home Economics, Business DECKER, JAMES E. Mathematics, Science CODD, DAVID Shop. Mechanical Drawing DAVIES, RONALD Shop, Mechanical Drawing CRYAN, KAREN LYNNE Mathematics, Science DARBEE, BEVERLY Business 22DU MOULIN, LYNNETTE Art, Science FASOLINO, ROBERT Science, Mathematics FILIPSKI. ROBERT C. Business FALTISKO, ROBERT Mathematics, Science DUNN, ROGER H. Mathematics, Science FELSKI. EMILY Mathematics FIELD, MARCIA A. Mathematics, Language, Science FINTACK, HENRY Mechanical Drawing, Industrial Arts 23FLAIG, ALFORD Agriculture, Shop FLICK, ROLAND Art FRISCH, EDWARD Mathematics, Science FRYE, NOLA PAULETTE Business GEE, HELEN Business GOLLER, MARY, G. Home Economics 24HARTMAN, ANNE L. Home Economics, Art y ft • HENDERSON, CLARE S. Business HILL, RICHARD Shop HINTERBERGER, DALE Mathematics, Science HILL, JAMES Agriculture HOLLO WOOD. RUSSELL Mathematics, Science 25KAY, VIRGINIA L. Business KLOC, PATRICIA ANN Mathematics, Science ILLIG, JEAN ADELE Business KIBLER, GEORGE Mathematics, Shop KOHLER, LINDA LEE Business, Home Economics KAMINSKI. EDWARD Mathematics, Science KIRSCH, CINDY LOU Science, Mathematics KORCZYNSKI, BARBARA ANN Business 26KURTZ, JON V. Business LARKIN, SUSAN Science, Business LATHROP, DONALD Mathematics LAUZZE, RALPH Mathematics, Science LEASURE, DONNA MAY Science, Mathematics LONG, PETER Mathematics, Science, Mechanical Drawing 27MacDONALD, DONALD Mathematics, Science MALTBIE, FLOYD A. Science, Shop, Mathematics LUDWIG, SUZANNE EVA LUDWIG, SUZETTE ANNE Mathematics, Science Mathematics, Science MacIVER, THOMAS Mathematics, Science MAURER, DOUGLAS Mathematics, Science ! -i MALECKI, DIANE Business MAZE, ROBERT Mathematics 28McCORMICK, EILEEN S. Home Economics U MITCHELL, JUDITH ANN Business MORRIS, JACQUELYN FAYE Business METZLER. JEAN B. Business MOFFETT, JOHN Mathematics, Science NEWELL, DAVID Mechanical Drawing, Shop MEYERS, PAUL Mathematics, Science MORITZ, MARY ANN Business 29OSTOLSKI. SHARON Business OFFHAUS, JANET Business, Home Economics OLSEN, ROBERT Agriculture PEARCE, BARBARA Business PERRIN, JANET Business Shop PIWKO, MARCIA Language PRUSKI. DOROTHY A. Business 30REKATE, SUZANNE Mathematics. Science. Language ROZESKI, ROBERT Art SALISBURY. PHYLLIS ANN Home Economics, Art ROBERTS, PETER Mathematics, Science RUTECKI, BONNIE Business SAUKA. MICHAEL D. Mathematics, Science ROBINSON, ROBERT B. Mathematics, Science RYSZKA ANNETTE A. Business, Home Economics 31SCHETTLER, GEORGE Agriculture SCHMIDT. ROBERT Mathematics, Science SCHOENTHAL. HARVEY Agriculture h i SCHREGLMAN, LINDA DALE Business, Home Economics SIEBERT, DENNIS R. Industrial Arts SIMME, RALPH, Jr. Mathematics, Science SKLARSKI, BONNIE Art, Latin SMITH, JUDY MARIE Business, Home Economics 32SMITH, KAREN VIRGINIA STIER, LINDA Business, Home Economics Mathematics, Science TURNQUIST, KARL C. Science, Mathematics TYLER, NANCY ANN Mathematics VON STEIN, JAMES Business VESPER, MARJORIE JEAN Business WAGNER. HERBERT JAMES Industrial Arts VINES, THOMAS Mathematics, Art 33WEBBER, CAROLYN Mathematics, Science WOLF, GERALD Shop WANTUCH, DANIEL Science, Mathematics WHITE, CAROL ANN Mathematics, Science A WOOSTER, DEBORAH TOI Mathematics, Home Economics WARD, LANCE R. Mathematics, Science, Mechanical Drawing WINIEWICZ, PETER Mathematics, Science ZIELINSKI, RONALD Mechanical Drawing, Shop 34ZIEZIULA, SYLVIA ANN Business REID, DANIEL Science JOHNSON, RICHARD Wrestling I, 2 LOW, MARGARET REID, DANIEL Stamp Club 1 Cross Country 1 Photography Club 2 Track Team 3 Volleyball 3, 4 Yearbook Staff 4 Track 4 RYBCZYNSKI, THOMAS Student Council 2 Intramural Basketball WEDEMEYER, GERALD Chess Club 1, 2 F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4 J.V. Bowling 2 JOHNSON, RICHARD Science RYBCZYNSKI, THOMAS Shop 35 LOW, MARGARET Business WEDEMEYER, GERALD AgricultureFOREIGN EXCHANGE STUDENTS y I CINDY KIRSCH On her trip to the Netherlands, Cindy Kirsch discovered what it is to be seasick; but when she reached her destination, she found it was well worth the trouble. She played on a winning girls’ soccer team, earning good Dutch chocolate. With her families she went bike riding; camping on Terschelling, an island with “nothing but sand”; visited castles in Germany; toured the china plant at Mak- kum, and learned never to tell jokes to people who do not understand English. During her stay she gained ten pounds, even though there was no pizza within miles. On the boat there were song fests, dances, and homework from orientation classes. It was a very memorable sum- mer for Cindy. BERYL SAVAGE Beryl Savage, an eighteen-year-old bundle of energy from Plymouth, New Zealand, has taken Iroquois by storm. Her enthusiasm seems to be contagious— what a racket she made at the Iroquois- East Aurora football game! “Berry” exerts some of her boundless energy in sports—swimming and basket- ball are among her favorites. The novels of Dickens, Jane Austin and Joyce Cary rate high on her list of reading favorites. Her life in America speeds forward at a far more hectic pace than her less- harried existence in New Zealand. Berry” says, “I find the pace of life much faster in America. When I go home to New Zealand, however, I will be kept busy cooking all your dishes for my fam- ily. Imagine life without hot-dogs, cheese- burgers and pizza! I have loved being at Iroquois and I want to come back and visit you all sometime in the future.” w I ft 1 36CLASS HISTORY We, as seniors, look upon our past years at Iroquois with fond remembrance. We recall entering seventh grade; looking forward with anticipation to the fact we would be the first class in Iroquois’ history to progress from seventh grade through senior high school. As freshmen, we elected our first class officers: Bob Robinson, president; Bob Balcerzak, vice-president; Dolores Clark, secretary; and Marge Vesper, treasurer. Our class was the first to hold a freshman dance, “Dig This!” This set a precedent, followed by all succeeding classes. Our sophomore year proved the validity of Mr. Corser’s adage, “This is the year that separates the men from the boys.” (Remember geometry, Latin II, world history and biology dissections?) John Moffett, Bob Balcerzak, Terry Holzborn, and Lynda Yacobush served as class officers. Rog Dunn was chosen by the student body to serve as treasurer of the Student Council. Ed Hill and Dick Krane served as D.J.’s for our sophomore dance, “Stagger Lee.” Our junior play, A Double Barreled Detective Story, contained a star-studded cast. By unanimous vote, Steve Hopkins was made president of our class; Rog Dunn became our vice-president; Pat Fagan, treasurer; and Terry Holzborn, sec- retary. Bob Robinson and Dolores Clark were our Student Council officers; “Dig This—Part II” was our junior dance. Many members of our class participated in Carousel, a “smash hit.” The Joseph Berg Foundation sponsored an advanced science program. Two members of our class, Rog Dunn and Marcia Field, had the privilege of attending during their junior and senior years. Our senior year began with the re-election of our former class president, Steve Hopkins. John Rademacher was elected as vice-president; Pat Fagan, treasurer; and Lynda Yacobush, secretary. Bob Robinson and Rog Dunn were elected president and vice-president of the Student Council. Suzette Ludwig became the able editor of our yearbook staff. With the assistance of Mrs. Buchholz and the heads of staff, Suzette inspired the seniors and juniors on the staff. The senior magazine sale proved to be a tremendous success with over thirty- seven hundred dollars worth of magazines sold. This was the highest goal ever reached in the history of our school. Lance Ward received first prize for his efforts; Dave Dobbins, second; and Anne Hartman, third. Our yearbook culminates six memorable years at Iroquois Junior-Senior High School. 37MOST ADMIRED Roger Dunn Allegra Briggs BEST LOOKING Robert Maze Lynda Yacobush MOST TALKATIVE David Dobbins Suzette Ludwig SENIOR POLL MOST STUDIOUS Roger Dunn Marcia Field BIGGEST APPETITE Geoffrey Bennet Kathy Abrams MOST DEPENDABLE Robert Robinson Allegra Briggs BEST SENSE OF HUMOR David Dobbins Judy Hossenlopr MOST MUSICAL Dale Hinterberger Linda Schreglman BIGGEST APPLE-POLISHERS Steve Hopkins Marcia Field 38SENIOR POLL MOST ORIGINAL BIGGEST DAY-DREAMERS David Dobbins Jon Kurtz Bonnie Sklarski Karen Smith MOST ATHLETIC Robert Balcerzak Clare Henderson MOST FRIENDLY Robert Robinson Suzanne Ludwig BEST APPEARANCE David Beiter Lynda Yacobush MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Roger Dunn Susan Larkin BEST DANCERS James Clabeaux Patricia Fagan MOST ARTISTIC Tom Vines Bonnie Sklarski 39 MOST BASHFUL Douglas Maurer June BlinstonCLASS WILL We, the Senior Class of 1961, being sound of body and memory, do hereby sub- mit these, our fondest wishes, to be our last will and testament. To Mr. Bartoo: An unfailing supply of amusing stories for his speeches. To Mr. Corser: A “remembrancer” for all the names of past and future graduates. To Mr. Griffith: A univac.” To Mr. Maxson: An occasional startled fire alarm gong. To our growing school: A will to do well. To the Faculty: Mimeographed sheets of information to replace faculty meetings. To the future senior classes: Ready and willing magazine sellers. Some 6' 2 athletes for the ever hopeful Mr. Latimer. To the Nurses's Office: Fewer absentees who lack legal excuses. To Bus Drivers: A special morning for sleeping overtime. To Coach Reidel: Another girls’ gym class. To the girls’ outdoor gym classes: Boys leering from study hall windows. To Mr. Fox: Time and opportunity to expound on his many fascinating veins of knowledge. To Mrs. Buchholz: To “get” more students who use the word “may.” To Mr. Eaton: Some fine tenor voices. To Mr. Lamp: Art materials that so often disappear. To patient Mrs. Bender: Fortitude to meet with French students who must mem- orize “etre” verbs. To Cafeteria Help: Outside co-operation and larger lunches to those who co- operate. To the halls near the Home Economics rooms: All the pickled pepper smell they can hold. To Mrs. Busch: An empty library. To Mr. Hoppe’s English classes: His dry sense of humor. To Mr. Frisbie: An everlasting sparkle for his eyes to match his glowing stories. (Aye, Aye, Aye!) To Mr. Shaw of the tender heart: Many people to gaze in amazement at his wearing his hat. To the unmatched Mrs. Kellogg: Students who will always strain to hear the famous “m m ’ello” as she answers the phone. To Mr. Manchester: Pupils who know how to do “basic arithmetic.” To Mr. Luders: Many well-ploughed fields to smell “rosy” in spring. To Mr. Gibbons: A whole tray full of yellow four o’clocks. To future typing students: Polka music by which to type. To Senior English Classes: A chance to act out “Macbeth.” To the Student Council: Room for improvement. To the Chemistry teachers: Freedom from students who will grind gunpowder. To Aquatic Club leaders: Swimmers who do more grinning than spitting. To Mrs. Johnson: Five minutes for her freshly mopped floors to dry. Expert map makers for Mr. Saul. To Mr. McCready: More publicity for his cross-country meets. To Driver Education Classes: Some new stanchions to replace the bent ones. To Mr. DcFries: A private art department for his own use. To “Berrie” Savage: Fond memories of I.C.S. and the U.S.A. To all who may read this: An inspiration to do their share for justice and peace. 40DIRECTORY ABRAMS. KATHLEEN ROSE BENNET, GEOFFREY Aquatic Club 2. 4 Football 1. 2. 3. 4 Library Staff 2. 3 Wrestling I. 2. 3. 4 Chieftain 4 Baseball 1 Pep Club 3. 4 F.H.A. 4 Track 3 Chess Club 1 BEST. BARBARA ANN Secretarial Service 4 F.H.A. 2. 3. 4 ACKERMAN. ALFRED Basketball 2, 3 Cross Country 2 Volleyball 3 Track 3 Field Hockey 2 BACON. KATHLEEN MARION Library Staff I Drama Club 1 BLINSTON. JUNE Spanish 2 Softball 1, 2, 3 BALCERZAK. ROBERT Basketball 1. 2. 3. 4 Football 1, 2, 3. 4 Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4 Wrestling 1, 2, 3, 4 Field Hockey 1, 2, 3 Track 1. 2, 3, 4 Band 1, 2, 3,4 BARR, JANE Orchestra 3, 4 Aquatic Club 2 Student Council 4 Bowling 3, 4 BARTLETT. SHARON LOUISE : Yearbook 4 Aquatic Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Future Teachers of America 4 Basketball 2 Junior Red Cross 2, 3 Aquatic Club 1. 2. 3 Yearbook 4 BOYD. PATRICIA ANN Library Staff 2 Chorus 1, 2. 3, 4 Operetta 3 Orchestra I Baton Twirling 2 Baton Twirling 1, 2 Iroquois Antics 3 Aquatic Club 1. 2, 3 Chorus I, 2. 3. 4 Bowling 1 Junior Play 3 BAUDER. HOWARD International Relations Club 1 Student Council 1 BECKER. LYNNE LEE Pep Club 3 Cheerleading 2, 3, 4 BRIDGMAN. MICHAEL Aquatic Club 2 Visual Aids Staff 1, 2 Operetta 2. 3 Football 1 Basketball 1. 2. 3 Swimming 1, 2, 3, 4 Volleyball 1, 2. 3 Cross Country 3, 4 Softball 2, 3 Track 3, 4 Chorus 1, 2, 4 Bookstore Manager 2 Chieftain 4 Yearbook 4 Yearbook 4 Pep Club 3, 4 BRIGGS, ALLEGRA National Junior Honor Society 2 Aquatic Club 1, 2, 3 Latin Club 1 Secretary 2 Oratorical Contest 3 Vice-President 3 BEITER. DAVID R. Junior Red Cross 1 Chess Club 1, 2 Chieftain 2. 3 Junior Play 3 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Operetta 3 Yearbook 4 Iroquois Antics 3 Iroquois Antics 3 Volleyball 3. 4 Syracuse Cit. Ed. Conference 3 Chorus 4 Bowling 1, 2, 3 Future Teachers of America 4 Field Hockey 2 BENDER. TIMOTHY Basketball 1. 3 Football 1, 2. 3, 4 Volleyball 1, 2. 3 Basketball I, 2. 3, 4 Softball 1, 2, 3 Junior Red Cross 2 National Junior Honor Society Student Council 3, 4 Oratorical Contest 3 Yearbook 4 BUCHBINDER. RONALD Chorus 4 Track 2 Baseball 1 Yearbook 3, 4 Track 2, 3. 4 Art Editor 4 BUFFUM. PAMELA FRANCES Chorus I, 2 Aquatic Club 1 Volleyball 1, 2 Basketball I, 2 BURCKHALTER. ALFRED Cross Country 4 CAMPBELL, PETER Basketball I Junior Red Cross 1 Band 1.2. 3. 4 Orchestra 3. 4 Dance Band 2 Junior Play 3 Iroquois Antics 3 Cross Country 3 Bowling 3 CHAPMAN. SUZANNE CAROL Yearbook 3, 4 Layout Editor 4 Bowling 3 Basketball 3 Pep Club 3 Junior Play 3 National Junior Honor Society 2 CLABF.AUX, JAMES Photography Club 1. 2, 3, 4 Yearbook 4 Bowling 2, 3. 4 Baseball 1 CLARK. DOLORES E. Student Council Secretary 3 Class Secretary 1 Junior Red Cross 2 Bookstore Staff 2 Bowling 3 Basketball 1. 2, 3 Volleyball 3 Softball I. 2 Library Staff 2 Operetta 2 Chorus 1, 2, 3 Erie County Music Organization I. 2 All County Chorus 2 CLAYCOMB. DONALD Cross Country 1 Wrestling I, 2 CODD. DAVID Visual Aids Staff 2 Photography Club 3 CORNING, MARSHA Softball 2, 3 F.H.A. 2. 3. 4 Vice-President 4 Aquatic Club 2, 3 Volleyball 2, 3 National Junior Honor Society 2 Chieftain 4 Basketball 1,2,3 CRYAN. KAREN LYNNE Junior Play 3 Basketball 3 Volleyball 1, 2. 3 Baseball 1. 2 Chorus I. 2. 3 DARBEE. BEVERLY Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Operetta 1, 3 Basketball 2 Volleyball 2 Yearbook 4 DAVIES. RONALD Wrestling I DECKER. JAMES E. Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Wrestling I DOBBINS. DAVID G. Football 2 Swimming 1 Wrestling 2 Cross Country 3. 4 Volleyball 3 DUFFIN. PATRICIA Aquatic Club 2 Bowling 3, 4 Basketball 3, 4 Volleyball 3, 4 Softball 3. 4 F.H.A. 2, 3, 4 Chieftain 4 DuMOULIN. LYNNETTE Student Council 3, 4 Chorus 1, 2, 4 Discussion Club 3. 4 Chieftain 3. 4 Yearbook 3 Aquatic Club 1, 2, 3 Basketball I, 2, 4 Bowling 2, 3. 4 Volleyball 2, 3. 4 Softball 2, 3. 4 Pep Club 3. 4 Operetta 2 Iroquois Antics 3 DUNN. ROGER H. Swimming I Junior Play 3 Student Council I, 2. 4 Treasurer 2 Vice-President 4 Junior Red Cross 1 Science Club 2. 3 National Junior Honor Society 1. 2 National Honor Society 3, 4 Class Vice-President 3 Operetta 3 41FAGAN. PATRICIA Cheerleading 2, 3, 4 Orchestra 1, 2 Chorus 1 Student Council 2 Pep Club 3. 4 Vice-President 3 President 4 Class Treasurer 3 Aquatic Club 1 Softball 2, 3 Volleyball 1 FALTISKO, ROBERT Chorus 3. 4 FASOLINO. ROBERT Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 2. 4 Baseball 2, 4 Student Council 2 FELSKI. EMILY FIELD. MARCIA A. Chorus I, 2. 3. 4 Operetta 2. 3 Volleyball 1. 3 Basketball 1 Bowling 1, 3 National Junior Honor Society I, 2 Science Club 3 Future Teachers of America 4 Syracuse Cit. Ed. Conference 3 Berg Science Seminar 3, 4 Yearbook Copy Editor 4 FILIPSKI. ROBERT C. Wrestling 1. 2 Football 1 Visual Aids Staff 1. 2, 3 Photography Club 1 FINTACK. HENRY FLAIG. ALFORD FLICK. ROLAND Football 2. 3, 4 Visual Aids Staff 1. 2. 3. 4 Chess Club 2 Yearbook 3 FRISCH. EDWARD Swimming 2, 3, 4 Chess Club 3 Yearbook Sports Editor 4 FRYE. NOLA PAULETTE Chorus 2, 3 F.H.A. 3.4 President 4 Aquatic Club 3, 4 Basketball 4 Volleyball 4 Operetta 2 Bowling 4 GEE. HELEN Basketball 1 Softball 1 Junior Red Cross 1 Volleyball 2 Chorus 1,2,3 Bowling 3 Yearbook 3. 4 Secretarial Service 4 GOLLER. MARY G. GRAHAM, DIANNE CAROLE International Relations Club 1 Basketball 1. 2. 3. 4 Bowling 3. 4 Student Council 3. 4 Junior Red Cross 1, 2 Yearbook 3. 4 Business Manager 4 Volleyball 1. 2. 3, 4 Field Hockey 2 Operetta 2. 3, 4 Aquatic Club 1, 3 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Softball 2 Library Staff 1 HANDY. JULIE Pep Club 3, 4 Bowling 3 Student Council 3, 4 Library Staff 4 Basketball 3 Softball 2 Aquatic Club 1, 2, 4 Yearbook 4 Junior Play 3 Operetta 3 HARTMAN. ANNE L. Aquatic Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Band 1 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Bowling 2. 3, 4 Chess Club 2 F.H.A. 3, 4 Historian 3 Library Staff 2, 3, 4 Historian 3 Field Hockey 2 Volleyball 1.2. 3. 4 Yearbook 4 Pep Club 3, 4 Softball 1, 2. 3. 4 HENDERSON. CLARE S. Volleyball 1, 2. 3. 4 Basketball 1. 2. 3. 4 Field Hockey 1, 2 Bowling 3, 4 Yearbook 4 Softball 1.2. 3.4 Secretarial Service 4 Chieftain 4 HILL. JAMES F.F.A. 1.2. 3. 4 HILL. RICHARD HINTERBERGER. DALE Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4 Dance Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Junior Play 3 HOLLOWOOD, RUSSELL Chorus 1, 2, 3. 4 Track 1, 2, 3. 4 Football 4 HOLZBORN. THERESA ANN Aquatic Club 1, 2, 4 Vice-President 4 Class Secretary 2, 3 Yearbook 3, 4 Bowling 3. 4 Junior Play 3 Pep Club 3, 4 Volleyball 3 Basketball 2 Operetta 3 Future Teachers of America Secretary 4 HOPKINS. STEVE Basketball 1. 2, 3. 4 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Football 1. 2. 3, 4 Chess Club 1 Student Council 2 Class President 3 Junior Play 3 Chieftain 3 Yearbook 4 Orchestra 1, 2. 3, 4 Syracuse Cit. Ed. Conference 3 HOSSENLOPP. JUDITH Basketball 3. 4 Baseball 2, 3, 4 Volleyball 3, 4 Yearbook 4 Operetta 2, 3 Bowling 3. 4 Chorus 2. 3. 4 Aquatic Club 4 ILLIG. JEAN ADELE Chorus 1, 2. 3. 4 All County Chorus 3, 4 Operetta 3, 4 Bowling 3. 4 Basketball 3, 4 Yearbook 4 Secretarial Service 4 Chieftain 4 All State Sectionals 4 KAMINSKI. EDWARD Basketball 1, 2 Baseball 1 Cross Country 1 Bowling 1 KAY, VIRGINIA L. Chorus 1 Bowling 2, 3 Basketball 1, 2, 3 Pep Club 3, 4 Library Staff 2 Yearbook 3, 4 Chieftain 4 National Junior Honor Society 1. 2 National Honor Society 3. 4 Syracuse Cit. Ed. Conference 3 Junior Red Cross 2 Volleyball 1. 2 F.B.L.A. 1 KIBLER. GEORGE KIRSCH. CINDY LOU Chorus 1. 2, 3. 4 Volleyball 2 Basketball 2, 3 Baseball 1. 2 Junior Red Cross 1, 2, 3 Student Council 4 Yearbook 4 Aquatic Club 1 Iroquois Antics 3 KLOC. PATRICIA ANN Aquatic Club 1 Basketball 1. 2. 3 Bowling 3 Christmas Pageant 3 Junior Play 3 Pep Club 3. 4 Volleyball I. 2 KOHLER. LINDA LEE F.B.L.A. 1 F.H.A. 3, 4 National Junior Honor .Society 2 Chorus 1. 2. 3. 4 Band 1. 2, 3, 4 Orchestra 2 Basketball 3 Volleyball 3 Bowling 3 Field Hockey 1, 2 Yearbook Treasurer 4 Junior Play 3 Operetta I. 2, 3 KORCZYNSKL BARBARA ANN Volleyball 1,2,3 Basketball I, 2, 3 Bowling 2 Chorus 1, 2, 3. 4 Aquatic Club 1 Baseball 3 Yearbook 4 KURTZ. JON V. Swimming 1 Football 1. 2. 3, 4 Basketball 2, 3, 4 Baseball 1. 2. 3, 4 Track 2 42LARKIN. SUSAN Syracuse Cit. Ed. Conference 3 Chorus I, 2, 3, 4 Bowling 2, 3. 4 Basketball I. 2. 3. 4 Volleyball 1. 2, 3. 4 Baseball 2. 3. 4 Yearbook 3, 4 Copy Editor 4 Science Club 3 F.B.L.A. 1 Junior Play 3 Operetta 2. 3, 4 All County Chorus 1 National Junior Honor Society 1, 2 National Honor Society 3, 4 LATHROP. DONALD Chorus 3. 4 Junior Play 3 LAUZZE. RALPH Volleyball 3. 4 Cross Country 3 Baseball 3 Yearbook 4 Track 4 LEASURE. DONNA MAY Chorus 1, 2, 3. 4 Aquatic Club 2, 4 F.H.A. 3. 4 Yearbook 4 Basketball 2 Volleyball 2. 3 Bowling 2, 4 Chess Club 1 Junior Lifesaving LONG. PETER Wrestling 1, 3 LUCIE. DANYA A. Aquatic Club 2, 4 Pep Club 3, 4 Operetta 3 Bookstore Staff 2 Library Staff 3 Student Council 1. 3 Chieftain 2, 3, 4 Treasurer 3. 4 Bowling 2, 3, 4 Yearbook 4 Secretarial Service 4 Baseball 1. 2 LUDERS. ANNE D. Basketball 2. 3 Chorus 1 Chieftain 3 Secretarial Service 4 Student Council 3 Volleyball 3 Yearbook 4 National Junior Honor Society 2 National Honor Society 3. 4 LUDWIG. SUZANNE EVA National Junior Honor Society 2 Library Staff 1, 2. 3. 4 Yearbook 3. 4 Junior Red Cross 1, 3 Chess Club 1.2 Bowling 2. 3. 4 Softball 3. 4 Volleyball 3, 4 Basketball 2, 3. 4 Future Teachers of America Treasurer 4 Student Government 3 LUDWIG. SUZETTE ANNE Junior Red Cross 1, 3 Library Staff 1, 2, 3, 4 Yearbook 3. 4 Editor 4 Youth Discussion Group 3 Bowling 2, 3, 4 Volleyball 3. 4 Basketball 2. 3. 4 Chess Club 1. 2 Softball 3. 4 MacDONALD, DONALD Basketball 1 Baseball 1 Junior Play 3 MacIVER. THOMAS Cross Country 1 Photography Club 1, 2, 3. 4 Yearbook 3, 4 Photography Editor 4 F.F.A. 3, 4 Chess Club 1.2 Stamp Club 1 Science Club 1 Junior Play 3 Iroquois Antics 3. 4 MALECKI. DIANE Library Staff 3 Basketball 2 Volleyball 2 Baseball 1 Chorus 1 MALTBIE, FLOYD A. Photography Club 3, 4 Junior Play 3 Operetta 3 MAURER. DOUGLAS Swimming 1, 2, 3 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Orchestra 3, 4 MAZE, ROBERT Football 1.2. 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3. 4 Baseball 1. 2. 3. 4 McCORMICK. EILEEN S. Chorus 1 Aquatic Club 1, 2 Junior Lifesaving Senior Lifesaving Bowling 4 METZLER. JEAN B. All County Chorus 4 All State Sectional Chorus 4 Chorus 1, 2. 3. 4 National Junior Honor Society 1, Operetta 2. 3. 4 Yearbook 3. 4 Typing Editor 4 Secretarial Service 4 Lockport Sectional All-State Festival 4 MEYERS. PAUL Chess Club 1, 2 Junior Play 3 Operetta 3 MITCHELL. JUDITH ANN Volleyball 1. 2 Basketball 1. 2. 3. 4 Bowling 2 Orchestra 1, 2 Band 1, 2 Chorus 3. 4 Baseball 1, 2 Iroquois Antics 3. 4 Yearbook 4 MOFFETT, JOHN Football 1.2. 3. 4 Baseball 1. 2 Swimming 2 Youth Discussion Group 3. 4 Student Council 3. 4 MORITZ. MARY ANN Orchestra I, 2. 3. 4 Aquatic Club 1 Bowling 1, 3 Yearbook 3. 4 Secretarial Service 4 Chieftain 4 Junior Play 3 MORRIS. JACQUELYN FAYE Basketball 1 Chorus 1, 2, 3 Bowling 2 F.H.A. 3. 4 Junior Red Cross 1 Yearbook 4 NEWELL, DAVID Cross Country 1 Basketball 1 Football 2 Wrestling 2, 3, 4 Baseball 1, 2, 3,4 OFFHAUS, JANET F.H.A. 3, 4 Library Staff 3 Bowling 4 OSTOLSKI, SHARON Yearbook 4 Library Staff 3, 4 Chess Club 3 Volleyball 1, 2, 3 Basketball 1, 2, 3 Softball 3 PEARCE. BARBARA National Junior Honor Society 2 Chess Club 1 Bowling 2 Basketball 1. 2. 3 Softball 2, 3 Chorus 1, 2, 3 Yearbook 4 Future Teachers of America 4 Volleyball 2. 3 Aquatic Club 1 Secretarial Service 4 PERRIN. JANET Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Bowling 1, 2, 3, 4 Volleyball 3. 4 Chorus 1 Pep Club 4 F.H.A. 2. 3,4 Aquatic Club 1 PHILLIPS, ROBERT Chorus 3, 4 Football 1,2, 3, 4 Baseball 2, 3 Volleyball 2 PIWKO, MARCIA Student Council 1 Volleyball 2, 3 Basketball 2, 3 Pep Club 3 Future Teachers of America 3 PRUSKI, DOROTHY A. Library Staff 3, 4 Basketball 1,2, 3, 4 Baseball 3, 4 Volleyball 2, 3 Chorus 1 Aquatic Club 4 Bowling 4 RADEMACHER. JOHN NORMAN Bowling 3, 4 Junior Red Cross 3, 4 Junior Play 3 Student Council 2 Yearbook 4 Baseball 3, 4 Stage Hand 1. 2, 3. 4 Chorus 3 American Essay Contest Winner 1 National Junior Honor Society 1. 2 REKATE, SUZANNE Student Council 3, 4 Bowling 2. 3, 4 Chieftain 4 Yearbook 3, 4 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Aquatic Club 4 Pep Club 3. 4 Field Hockey 2 Junior Play 3 Operetta 2, 3 43ROBERTS, PETER Swimming 1, 2. 3, 4 Track 1, 2. 3, 4 Football 1, 2 Cross Country 3, 4 Operetta 3 Junior Play 3 Band I ROBINSON. ROBERT B. Student Council 2. 3, 4 Vice-President 3 President 4 Youth Discussion Group 3, 4 Class President 1 Football 1, 2, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Track 2, 3, 4 Baseball 1 ROZESKI, ROBERT Basketball 1 Yearbook 3, 4 Wrestling 2, 3 RUTECKI, BONNIE Aquatic Club 1 Baseball 2. 3 Basketball 2, 3 Volleyball 2. 3 Bowling 1. 2. 3 Yearbook 4 Secretarial Service 4 Chorus 1 Future Teachers of America 4 Library Staff 3 RYSZKA, ANNETTE A. Basketball 1, 2 National Junior Honor Society 1, 2 F.H.A. 3 Bowling 2, 3. 4 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Softball 3. 4 Secretarial Service 4 SALISBURY. PHYLLIS ANN F.H.A. 2. 3.4 Bowling 3 SAUKA. MICHAEL D. Photography Club 1. 2, 4 Visual Aids Staff 4 Chess Club 4 SAVAGE. BERYL Yearbook 4 Chieftain 4 A.F.S. Student 4 SCHETTLER. GEORGE F.F.A. 3. 4 SCHMIDT. ROBERT Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1. 2. 3, 4 Baseball I Track 2. 3. 4 Chorus 1 SCHOENTHAL. HARVEY F.F.A. 1.2. 3.4 Wrestling 1. 2. 3. 4 SCHREGLMAN. LINDA DALE Aquatic Club 1 Band 1. 2. 3. 4 Basketball 3 Chess Club 1 Dance Band 2, 3. 4 F.H.A. 2. 3. 4 President 3 Junior Play 3 Junior Red Cross 1. 3. 4 Vice-President 3 Library Staff 1. 2. 3 Music Solo Festival 1. 2. 3. 4 Orchestra 1 Softball 3 Volleyball 2. 3 SI EBERT. DENNIS R Basketball 1 Audio Visual Staff 1, 2, 4 Football (manager) 1, 2, 3 Baseball 1 Wrestling 2, 3 Track (manager) 3 Bowling 4 SIMME, RALPH. JR. Swimming 1, 2, 3, 4 Cross Country 2 Band 1.2.3 Orchestra 3 Student Council 2. 3 SKLARSKL BONNIE Chess Club I Aquatic Club 1 Basketball 2 Operetta 2 Junior Play 3 Yearbook 4 Chorus 2, 3 SMITH. JUDY MARIE Basketball I. 3. 4 Bowling 1. 2. 3. 4 Secretarial Service 4 Softball 3. 4 Volleyball 1. 3. 4 Yearbook 4 SMITH. KAREN VIRGINIA Aquatic Club 1. 2, 3, 4 President 4 Baton Twirling 1. 2. 3 Chorus 1, 2 Pep Club 3, 4 Junior Play 3 Volleyball 1. 2 Basketball I. 2 Softball 2 Yearbook 3, 4 STIER. LINDA Library Staff 3, 4 Volleyball 2. 3. 4 Bowling 3, 4 Basketball 1. 2. 3. 4 Aquatic Club 4 TURNQUIST, KARL C. Basketball 1 Volleyball 2 TYLER. NANCY ANN Chorus I, 2, 3. 4 Cheerleading 2. 3. 4 Junior Red Cross 2 Chieftain 2 Aquatic Club 1 Volleyball 2. 3. 4 Bowling 1. 2, 3 Softball 2. 3 Student Council 3 Junior Play 3 Operetta 3 Basketball 1. 2 Pep Club 3. 4 VESPER. MARJORIE JEAN Volleyball 1 Aquatic Club 1 Class Treasurer I Cheerleading 2 Student Council 2 Pep Club 3 VINES. THOMAS Football 3. 4 Wrestling 3, 4 Track 3, 4 Student Council 4 VON STEIN. JAMES WAGNER. HERBERT JAMES Football 1. 2. 3 Basketball 2 Track 2 Visual Aids Staff 1, 3 WANTUCH. DANIEL Chess Club 1,2.4 Photography Club 4 Cross Country 3, 4 Track 3, 4 Volleyball 4 WARD. LANCE R. Swimming 1, 3 Iroquois Antics 3 WEBBER, CAROLYN Pep Club 3. 4 Chieftain 2 Yearbook 3. 4 Literary Editor 4 Bowling 2, 3, 4 Aquatic Club 2, 4 Student Council 4 Junior Play 3 Library Staff 4 WHITE. CAROL ANN Aquatic Club I. 2 Library Staff 1. 2 National Junior Honor Society 1, 2 Junior Red Cross 2 Photography Club 2 Chorus 2. 4 Volleyball 2. 3 Basketball 2. 3 Bowling 2. 3 Yearbook 3. 4 WINIEWICZ, PETER Chfitt Club 2, 3, 4 Volleyball 4 Track 4 WOLF. GERALD Football 2 Wrestling 2 Track 3 WOOSTER, DEBORAH TOI Chorus 1 Aquatic Club 1 Student Council 1. 2 Junior Red Cross 2 Junior Play 3 Pep Club 3. 4 Chieftain 2 Volleyball 2 Basketball 1, 2 YACOBUSH, LYNDA MAE Chorus 1, 2, 3. 4 Bowling 3 Volleyball 1, 3 Aquatic Club 1, 4 Chieftain 3. 4 Yearbook 3 Pep Club 3, 4 Junior Play 3 Basketball 1 Class Treasurer 2 Softball 3 Operetta 2. 3 National Junior Honor Society 1, 2 ZIELINSKI, RONALD Cross Country 1, 2 Wrestling 1, 2, 3, 4 Track 1 Visual Aids Staff 1. 2, 3. 4 Baseball 3. 4 Chorus 3, 4 Football 3, 4 ZIEZIULA. SYLVIA ANN Volleyball 1.2. 3. 4 Chorus 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1. 2, 3. 4 Bowling 2, 3, 4 Softball 3 44assesCLASS OF 1962 Row I: M. Shaffer, A. Welsch, C. Nie, P. Perrin, K. Whitbeck, B. Long, E. Wells, S. Darbee. Row 2: R. Wheeler, R. Pucci, S. Blood, P. Byrnes, M. Loefstcdt, A. Lcasure, J. Wysocki, J. Rozeski. Row 3 R. Mocny, G. Barrow, T. Szulewski, L. Hausauer, M. Hausauer, L. Hager, S. Kalbach, S. Pawlicki. Row 4: E. Hazard, B. Buffum, W. Kless, K. Goehle, R. Zieziula, L. Johnson, C. Stroke, J. Dobbins, J. Zimmermann. Row I: L. Metzger, J. Bcidler, M. Dabb, K. Johnson, J. Post, K. Seibold, J. Valentine, R. Donohue. Row 2: G. Bingham, J. Moffitt, P. Bartoo, N. Vesper, S. Van Lew, D. Bartoo, S. Standart, G. Dunn, B. Benzin. Row 3: M. Gcib, E. Heidel, G. Van Hooser, T. Fullington, R. Dauphinee, M. Ockler, V. Lane, D. Glownia, F. Wingate. Row 4: E. Reimer, R. Salisbury, R. Kane, G. Wolf, T. Lewinski, R. Vallonc, D. Brookman, J. Seileman, M. Rudich. 46CLASS OF 1962 Row I: J. Hudson, J. Offhaus, M. Musial, W. Stein, C. Buchbinder, D. Dolber, L. Rupp, A. Bright. Row 2: R. Bradley, R. Miller, C. Beebe, E. Rickert, A. Harbison, J. Wantuch, J. Schulenbcrg, B. Busch. Row J: S. Kozak, B. Snyder, B. Harvey, R. Rcinnagel, D. Tolsma, L. Swierski, M. Wasielewski, D. Malecki. Row 4: J. Maloney, L. Corah, R. Penn, D. Boll, D. Schindler, F. Strcif, M. Stoiber, E. Lindholm, B. OfThaus, R. Byrnes. Row 1: C. Conley, L. Parkinson, J. Flint, C. Puls, J. Van Housen, W. Berg, N. Koester, J. Rudich, Row 2: S. McCormick, R. Krane, L. Zimmerman, K. Hausauer, M. Carson, J. Niedzwiecki, J. Scheffler, G. Black. Row 3: B. Salisbury, R. Phillips, C. Rusert, C. Walker, H. Weil, J. Schroeder, E. King, C. Parke, D. Miller. Row 4: K. McDonald, B. Towner, T. Murzynski, D. Hickey, G. Monesmith, P. Ackerman, R. Pctrell, J. Scheifla, J. Wil- liamson, J. Wagner. 47CLASS OF 1963 Row I: S. Griffin, A. McMahon, J. James, M. Hudson, M. Meyers, B. Bciter, A. Hauber, M. Jazel. Row 2: B. Tobcr, C. Solly, J. Straub, D. Stuckey, L. Thorpe, L. Adams, A. Radcmachcr, K. Musial, T. Ward. Row 3: P. Roode, D. Reiter, L. Scott, N. Bippcrt, E. Conley. P. Orr, D. Wrobel, S. Harris. Row 4: L. Brown, S. Gollcr, B. Price, L. Bove, R. Barrow, R. Weiss, D. Krzyzan, A. Wadsworth, G. Mausteller. Row I: D. Bundy, E. Pentz, C. Stevens, N. Snyder, M. Dabb, K. Dabb, C. Reid, M. Mitchell. Row 2: M. Max- son, S. Schreglman, C. Krischan, G. Januale, D. Hcintz, S. Kotlarski, D. Hill, K. Pucci. Row 3: K. Boiler, A. Cook, M. Abitszch, J. Hill, S. Henderson, D. Jones, N. Glowka, F. Woods, S. Nicpon. Row 4: D. Cook, C. Reinard, D. Jones, T. Bicrl, R. Kolhlcr, F. Boldt, F. Wetzel, C. Schroedcr, A. Streif. 48CLASS OF 1963 Row I: C. Moore, S. Eurbin, N. Petrille, A. Lis, L. Starr, L. Briggs, G. Offhaus, M. Reuther. Row 2: J. Kirsch, K. Pudlcwski, P. Meyers, S. Kyscr, G. Kirszcnstein, L. Schindler, B. Wright, G. Foss. Row 3: M. Lehman, T. Choate, J. Mann, N. Donacik, N. Neidig, L. Tolsma, D. Petrill, J. Cyrulik, B. Paddock. Row 4: D. Murzynski, D. Bove, J. Ferner, D. Theal, J. Wagner, E. Schauk, B. Fricdhaber, V. McCormick. Row I P. Rudick, M. Zaporowski, C. Blum, W. Robinson, I. Vines, J. Pearce, F. Comstock, M. Samer. Row 2: I. Marks, C. Wadell, J. Moritz, E. Hucbsch, M. Heller, S. Schasel, F. Ducrmcycr, M. Krupski, R. Brookman. Row 3: J. Becker, T. Weil, C. Handy, B. Smith, T. Winthec, D. Kerr, J. Scheifla, J. Sanborn, J. Byrnes, J. Blin- ston. Row 4: B. Jandzenski, O. Berry, J. Matchulet, F. Handy, G. Zee, D. Newell, K. Ellison, C. Fay, T. Hopkins. 49CLASS OF 1964 Row 1: E. Korczynski, D. Kcdzicrski, C. Connoly, B. Windahl, K. Allen, N. Radder, B. Rieman, T. Bcnnct, C. Knarr, M. Bodekor. Row 2: C. Lctson, J. Kirsch, T. Starr, M. O'Donnell, K. Williamson, K. Rusert, B. Moffett, D. Spink, B. Radder, P. Schaefer, T. Cordner, G. Wilkinson, D. Hausauer. Row 3: N. Nye, M. Dziulko, E. Schilling, J. Walker, T. Thurston, P. Bos, DuMoulin, M. Norris, J. Clark, N. Strcsing, D. Dickens, J. Vinton, L. Chase. Row 4: J. Bakston, D. Bradford, L. Briggs, P. Bussman, K. Pettapiece, R. Kingsley, J. Hamp, E. Kacz- marck, E. Shanahan, F. Makoczy, S. Strauss. Row I: C. Meyer, M. Campbell, S. Reimer, P. Davies, C. Goodemote, D. Farrington, N. Monnin, D. Griffin, M. Valentine, B. Dodd. Row 2: J. Tomaszewski, W. Reinard, W. Wheeler, A. Schrader, R. Larson, R. Wheeler, R. Reimer, D. Hill, M. Edwards, W. Shaub, G. Bennett, B. Buchbinder. Row J: D. Flaig, J. Will, L. Barr, M. Miley, B. Drummond, J. Ryan, M. Rupp, C. Matthews, L. Berner, M. Kintzcl, J. Baer, R. VanLcw. Row 4: B. Wolfe, J. Duenmcycr, B. Swartz, J. Wesolowski, A. Frantz, M. Szwaczkowski, D. Murzynski, R. Best, B. Michalski, J. Salisbury, J. Ludwig, R. Wadsworth. 50CLASS OF 1964 Row 1: A. Shank, K. Gilbert, L. Penn, E. Gibbs, M. Kerr, B. Praczkajlo, W. Siebert, F. Monnin, L. Miller, M. Blum. Row 2: G. Hubbs, L. Malccki, T. Wright, D. Martin, J. Bauer, K. Koch, R. Hausauer, B. Eagle, J. Pan- zarella, N. Kerling, L. Flint. Row 3: B. Ferguson, D. Lee, S. Wells, M. Dabb, S. Willard, G. Barrow, R. Goller, B. Schattner, E. Pruski, P. Walter, E. Schoenthal, J. Swierski. Row 4: J. Theal, R. Smith, J. Frey, N. Lis, L. Wallace, J. Jednat, R. Harrington, J. Piwko, D. Siler, N. Hartloflf, J. Tuck. Row I: J. Armstrong, L. Ertel, J. Vallone, E. Vones, L. Gertis, B. Koch, P. Lippman, L. Tschofen, L. Thomas, J. Kesson. Row 2: S. Rowland, R. Munn, F. Dyttmer, S. Bradley, J. Kostrzycki, J. Glownia, D. Barclay, K. Baker, D. Schwab, C. Hajduk, M. Foley, B. Drosiqul. Row 3: D. Clark, L. Knell, L. Gilbert, J. Berberich, J. Brocklchurst, R. Raidmae, C. Reali, K. Althoff, C. Reichert, G. Kohl, D. Kraft. Row 4: M. Low, S. Franklin, D. Holmes, J. Woodard, R. Balcerzak, G. Clark, D. Friedhaber, A. Henderson, J. Bernhardt, D. Weis. 51CLASS OF 1965 Row I. K. Groff , L. Lawrence, B. Spink, G. Wagner, L. Wright, K. Hudson, B. Bo master, J. Smith, S. Becker, D. Colburn. Row 2 R. Willard, I). Schocnthal, G. Wolf. P. Atkinson, T. DuMoulin, D. Cotton, R. Hamp, J. Hill, R. Szulcwski, R. Brookman, J. Ruscrt, M. Sobezak. Row 3: D. Foss, J. Dittmann, H. Tomlinson, P. Yaw, J. Newman, C. Vanlderstinc, J. Wrobel, M. Tunney, J. Mcssinger, B. Nattrass, J. Schmidt, C. Pepper, L. Hanny. Row 4: P. Bosch, R. Hunt, S. Coil, V. Demme, R. Franklin, C. Stradtman, J. McCarthy, D. Harrigan, J. Haubcr, D. Pcnfold, T. Block, T. Scott, R. Roode, L. Rowland. 52 Row I: K. Welsch, L. Graham, D. Griffin, S. Santangclo, C. Gilbert, F. Fisher, D. Smith, F. Bielccki, K. Dunn, F. Shoemaker. Row 2: M. Michalski, S. Leasurc, R. Hargrave, W. Grecnwald, P. Gasz, J. Hines, M. Armesto, B. Kahlhagcn, R. Rudich, E. Trcdinnick, B. Scheffler. Row 3: K. Jackie, N. Decker, J. Kane, J. Eaton, S. Bat- taglia, M. Lindholm, B. Roberts, B. Ulrich, E. Schucler, E. Crosby, D. Knarr. Row 4: R. Swartz, S. Reimann, D. Magee, G. Leone, R. Domon, R. Monin, S. Boldt, J. Donohue, F. Parke, T. Miller.CLASS OF 1965 Row I: C. Hintcrberger, B. Piquet, R. Kesson, M. James, B. Basinski, S. Krayenvenger, P. Jacobs, C. Blinston, M. Krause, B. Blair. Row 2: A. Moffitt, R. Benzin, M. Rieman, L. Greenwald, R. Boldt, H. Pitt, S. Reukauf, R. Ciski, R. Hopper, K. Mocny, J. Pcnzcs, G. Dean. Row 3: C. Wysocki, J. Paddock, L. Pratt, S. Bender, K. Schmidt, M. Jones, T. White, K. Frisch, M. Pucci, L. Metzler, J. Coates, A. Valentine, T. Eaton. Row 4: J. Stewart, B. Luders, D. Kratzke, D. Eder, B. DeWitt, K. Pepper, L. Boland, J. Snyder, E. Benson, M. Elam, E. Rankin. Row 1: S. Long, S. Rumley, W. Zankner, B. Bahl, J. Langcndorfer, R. DiPardo, R. Duffin, L. MacDonald, J. Drzazgowski, M. Benz. Row 2: R. Unverdorben, K. Weyand, R. Kaminski, G. Monesmith, R. McCabe, M. Fabian, J. Post, S. Sluberski, J. Hubbs, J. Coatsworth, T. Klotz, W. Geib. Row 3: L. Harrington, R. Baker, J. Halliday, B. Pfitzinger, M. Skrobacz, M. Frye, A. Handy, N. Mally, R. Prior, K. Podkowicz, J. McKennan, R. McCabe. Row 4: D. Nichols, B. Paine, C. Oflfhaus, R. Eurbin, J.Cichocki, B. Glenny, J. Baumgartner, D. Bcrn- feld, J. Dodge, T. Miller, J. Crane, P. Lux. 53CLASS OF 1966 Row I: C. Pawlicki, S. Nadrowski, L. Rees, K. Glowka, S. Maverman, J. Springston, B. Rowland, J. Eagle. Row 2: A. Uhlman, B. Clancey, R. Rautcnstrauch, L. Upton, L. Holmes, J. Kaminski, D. Darbee, C. Filipiak, T. Boiler, J. Brown. Row 3: G. Fargo, E. Barr, E. Jednat, D. Hoth, K. Rautcnstrauch, M. OfThaus, T. Heller, C. Wheeler, L. Keem, B. Griffiths. Row 4: D. Miller, W. Ellis, D. Wadsworth, D. Hauber, D. Benson, G. Kinal, G. Schrader, J. Maclvcr, J. Anticola, D. Bielecki. Row I: C. Eaton, T. Ulrich, D. Hunt, D. Stroke, S. Foss, M. Moore, D. Shnydcr, D. Fay. Row 2 R. Rudich, A. Coates, D. Sernoffsky, C. Dolker, B. Zarcmka, B. James, C. Baker, J. Schreglman, J. Ganas, T. Wadell, R. Hollowood. Row 3: J. Wasielcwski, J. Goodcmote, M. Wagner, E. Zaporowski, S. Sawyer, R. M. Meindl, P. Lee, J. Bcrkerich, B. Yaw, D. Donohue, A. Hill. Row 4: M. Ward, P. Frye, G. Ruestow, L. Anger, E. Locsch, K. Hcidel, R. Grzegorczak, R. Zicziula, B. Armesto. 54CLASS OF 1966 Row I: E. Canfield, J. Seileman, J. Atkinson, R. Berner, D. Darbee, N. Drzazgowski, A. Mathews, K, Gast. L. Hagen. Row 2: L. Ertcl, E. Grace, R. Missel, J. Larson, D. Rogacki, E. Vesper, B. Shoemaker, B. Fleming, J. Van Hooser, R. Hoeft, J. McMahon, R. Rudich. Row 3: D. Chapman, L. Mcrkling, B. Mohn, M. Neidig, B. Rankin, M. Kraus, J. Eaton, J. Elam, J. Morgan, B. Marks, R. Bieman. Row 4: M. Kaufman, N. Phillips, G. Amann, E. Valentine, F. Van Sickle, T. Boirc, J. Thorpe, R. Luders, M. Snow, J. OfThaus, J. Lcxo, R. Seibold. Row : J. Rademacher, L. Canfield, E. Nie, S. Geib. J. Langendorfer, P. Heitz, S. Kilyn, J. Hein, L. Gochle. Row 2: J. Gillogly, K. Koehler, E. Blackman, N. Winiewicz, J. Snyder, T. Gasz, H. Codd, W. Hulse, K. Phillips, D. Heidel. M. Evers. Row 3: M. Bippcrt, L. Plate, C. Drummond, E. Dodd, J. Bosiacki, D. Clark, R. Striegel, J. Becker, G. Cichocki, L. Watts, C. Buell, P. Becker. Row 4: T. West, D. Hess, L. Juliano, D. Kelly, J. Tim, R. Winegar, C. Johnson, K. Schroeder, M. Winiewicz, J. Doster. 55OFFICERS STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS R. Robinson, President; R. Dunn, Vice President; S. Pawlicki. Secretary; R. Smith, Treasurer. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Row I: R. Pctrcll. Vice President; J. Williamson. Presi- dent. Row 2: L. Parkinson, Secretary; J. Schulcnberg, Treasurer. 56 SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Row I: J. James. Secretary. Row 2: J. Matchulat, Presi- dent; J. Sanborn. Vice President; T. Hopkins, Treasurer. FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Row : P. Lippman, President; B. Rieman. Vice President. Row 2: M. A. Rupp. Secretary; R. Van I.ew, Treasurer.YEARBOOK EDITORS SUZETTE LUDWIG Editor SUE LARKIN Co-copy Editor DIANE GRAHAM Business Editor RONALD BUCHB1NDER Art Editor MRS. E BUCHHOLZ Advisor LINDA KOHLER Treasurer CAROLYN WEBBER Literary Editor THOMAS MacIVER Photography Editor SUZANNE CHAPMAN Layout Editor MARCIA FIELD Co-copy Editor JEAN METZLER Typing Editor EDWARD FRISCH Sports Editor 58YEARBOOK STAFFS LAYOUT STAFF Row I: S. VanLew, T. Holzborn, J. Handy. Row 2: M. Gollcr. D. Lucie, D. Vesper. Row 3: A. Bright, E. Rickert, J. Rademacher, K. Cryan, S. Bartlett. BUSINESS STAFF Row I: J. Offhaus, J. Hossenlopp, J. Blinston. Row 2: B. Korczynski, A. Hartman, D. Leas- ure. Row 3: M. Musial, L. Stier, B. Pierce, B. Rutecki, S. Olstolski. TYPING STAFF Row I: M. Moritz, C. White, J. Illig, M. Wasielewski. Row 2: C. Puls. M. Hausauer, K. Hausauer, B. Darbec. Row 3: C. Hender- son, A. Luders, J. Smith, J. Schulenberg. PHOTOGRAPHY ART STAFF Row I: M. Fields, S. Ludwig. Row 2: S. Lar- kin, L. Hausauer, D. Bartoo. Row 3: B. Sklarski, S. Rekate, F. Maltbie, I. Kozack. B. Rozeski, J. Calbeaux. LITERARY STAFF Row I: R. Dunn, D. Glownia. Row 2: A. Briggs, L. Becker. SPORTS STAFF Row 1: R. Dillinger, D. Lathrop, L. Metzger. Row 2: M. Bridgeman, T. Bender, S. Hopkins. 59STUDENT COUNCIL Row J B. Savage, J. Wysocki, L. DuMoulin, S. Rckatc, C. Kirsch, D. Wooster, M. Geib. Row 2: D. Graham, J. Handy, J. Blinston, E. Conley, M. Reuthcr, J. Kirsch, P. Bartoo, L. Metzger, B. Long, A. Welsch, M. Zaporowski, C. Wadell, P. Rudich, F. Monnin. Row 3: T. Bender, J. Matchulet, T. Weil, F. Wetzel, D. Brookman, R. Kane, M. Ocklcr, C. Stroke, G. Bingham, T. DuMoulin, K. Pettapiece, R. Simmc, J. Moffett. Row 4 B. Jandzinski. B. Brookman, S. Bradley. JUNIOR RED CROSS Row I: J. Wantuch, W. Siebert, B. Dodd, L. Schreglman— President, G. Kay—Secretary. J. Valentine—Treasurer, S. Ludwig—Parliamentarian, Mrs. Bender. Row 2: N. Frye, J. Brocklchurst, J. Bear, J. Hudson, J. Rudich, L. Stier, S. Eurbin, M. Meyers, T. Ward. M. Dabb, C. Kirsch, W. Robinson. Row 3: R. Bradley, R. Dodd, K. Boiler, M. Lehman, E. Kaczmarek. 60CHIEFTAIN Row I: J. Kirsch, L. DuMoulin, L. Bcckcr. Row 2: S. Pawlicki, S. Rckatc, D. Lucic, J. Nicdz- wiccki, V. Kay. Row 3: J. Rademachcr, Mr. Ferguson—Advisor, D. Hickey, F. Maltbie, J. Clabeaux. REPORTERS TYPISTS Row I: B. Beitcr, J. James, M. Jasel, M. Meyers. Row 2: A. Hauber, L. Thorp, A. Briggs, S. Rckate, M. Maxon, A. Rade- machcr, M. Hudson. 61 Row I: M. Goller, A. Ryszka. Row 2: B. Pearce, J. Illig, C. Henderson, M. Corning.FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA Row I: Mr. Luders, R. Phillips, R. Barrow, S. Goller, R. BufTum, J. Schoenthal, J. Hill. A. Flaig. G. Kcphart, W. Munn, R. Groff. Row 2: W. Wheeler, D. Clark, S. Strauss, R. Larson, N. Hartloff, B. Siler, K. Cook, J. Bauer, J. Wedemcyer, B. Olsen, J. Schroder. Row 3: D. Flag, G. Barrow, C. Walker, D. Boll, L. Flint, G. Bcnnet, R. Munn, G. Clark, J. Baxton, T. Maclver, F. Handy, D. Schindler, G. Schettler. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA Row I: L. Kohler, Mrs. Seilcman, D. Leasure—Historian, J. Perrin—Treasurer, N. Frye—Pres- ident, M. Corning—Vice President, P. Perrin—Secretary, M. Dabb—Rep., K. Pucci. Row 2: J. VanHousen, G. Janosz, A. Bright, B. Best, S. Darbec, K. Dabb, C. Nic, W. Stein. Row 3: L. Tolsma, E. Rickert, K. Abrams, J. Offhaus, J. Flint, L. Hager, M. Dabb. Absent: P. Duffin. 62AUDIO-VISUAL STAFF Mr. DeFrcis—Advisor, S. Strauss, F. Woods, R. Kingsley, K. Boiler, D. Phillips, D. Jones, F. Maltbie, J. Clabcaux. PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB M. Sauka, J. Clabcaux, F. Maltbie, T. Maclvcr, Mr. DeFrcis—Advisor, J. Straub. 63FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA Row I: E. Felski—Historian, S. Ludwig—Treasurer, M. Field President, T. Holzborn—Secretary, D. Bciter— Vice President. Row 2: A. Ryszka, C. White, D. Wooster, M. Piwko, J. Blinston, B. Pearce, B. Rutecki, J. Decker, R. Bcnzin. NURSE’S STAFF SCIENCE CLUB Mrs. Neidg, K. Cryan, S. Ludwig, S. Ludwig, M. Moritz, T. Szulewski. Mr. Coblentz, G. Dunn, G. Kohl, F. Dyttmer, E. Heidel, S. Hopkins, S. Rowland. 64LIBRARY STAFF Row I: Mrs. Bush, S. Ludwig—President, S. Ludwig—Vice President, J. Handy— Secretary, B. Koch—Treasurer, Mrs. Hamms. Row 2: J. Walker, S. Ostolski, E. Richert, M. Carson, J. Scheffler, J. Ryan, D. Pruski, L. Sticr, J. Rozeski, C. Blum. JUNIOR HIGH LIBRARY STAFF Row I: L. Hanny, M. Tunncy—News Reporter, J. Drzazgowski—Secretary, B. Nat trass—President, S. Battagli Vice President, M. Frye—Treasurer, B. Roberts, L. Metzler. Row 2: Mrs. Bush, M. Ormcsto, F. Shoemaker, B. Ulrich, M. Benz, S. Bender, L. Graham Program Manager, P. Jacobs, S. Krayenucnger, L. Pratt, B. Basinski, A. Valentine, E. Crosby, J. Atkinson, T. J. White, E. Nie, Mrs. Hamms. 65SECRETARIAL SERVICE IE Vi Sitting: C. Henderson, J. Smith, M. Moritz, D. Lucie, J. Illig, B. Rutccki, B. Pearce, A. Ryszka. Standing: H. Gee, D. Clark, J. Morris, L. Schreglman, K. Abrams, M. Vesper, A. Luders, J. Mctzler, B. Darbee. BOOK STORE STAFF Row I: D. Hausaucr, M. O'Donnell, D. Bartoo, L. Metzger, A. Valentine. Row 2: T. White, J. VanHousen, B. Nattrass, E. Benson. Row 3: K. Pettapiece, D. Bradford. 66RIFLE CLUB Row , (front to back): J. Bauer, D. Kaczmarck—Secretary, L. Malecki, J. Wcsolowski, N. Lis, Mr. Gunthorpe— Advisor. Row 2, (front to back): D. Hausaucr—Vice President, P. Schaefer—President, M. O’Donnell—Treasurer. Row 2, (front to back): M. Low, G. Wilkinson, R. Radder. Row 4, (front to back): D. Barclay, E. Shanahan, D. Bradford, K. Pettapiccc, J. Clabcaux. RIFLE TEAM Row I: E. Lindholm, D. Bradford, N. Lis, P. Schaefer. Row 2: Mr. Scott—Advisor, D. Hausauer— Manager, M. Michalski—Asst. Manager, M. O’Donnell. Row 3: J. Clabcaux, C. Parke, D. Miller. 67SENIOR CHORUS Row 1: K. Musia!, B. Beiter, C. Moore, T. Ward, D. Dolbcr, M. Rcuther, S. Schrcglman, J. Post, A. Leasure, M. Lehman. Row 2: B. Darbec, S. Larkin, M. Musial, P. Boyd, M. Geib, J. Metzler, L. Kohler, E. Pentz, D. Bundy, G. Bingham, R. Wheeler, D. Lathrop. Row 3 P. Rudich, J. Mitchell, L. Metzger, M. Samer, E. Huebsch.C. Krischan, J. Hill, L. Starr, K. Pudlewski, C. Solly, T. Murzynski, R. Byrnes. Row 4: D. Bartoo, R. Miller, N. Neidig, S. Pawlicki, E. Heidel, S. Rekate, M. Heller, J. Illig, T. Hopkins, R. Koehler, R. Hollowood, B. Offhaus. 9TH GRADE CHORUS Row I: C. Knarr, C. Meyer, M. Campbell, M. Dabb, E. Schoenthal, L. Gcrtis, L. Tschofcn, N. Raddcr. Row 2: F. Miller, B. Schattner, J. Vallone, E. Jones, B. Rieman, P. Lippman, T. Thurston, R. Goller, J. Kesson, D. Farrington, N. Nye. Row 3: B. Drummond, J. Berberich, R. Raidmae, K. AlthofT, M. Miley, J. Baer, J. Clark, L. Thomas, C. Reichert, J. Brocklehurst, L. Knell, S. Willard, C. Reali, P. Davies, L. Ertel. Row 4: M. Low, J. Bauer, R. Martin, R. Wadsworth, S. Bradley, K. Baker, J. Walker, J. Kostrzycki, D. Schaub, D. Lee, D. Siler, L. Wallace, M. Rupp, T. DuMoulin, J. Ludwig, K. Koch. 68SENIOR CHORUS Row I: R. Dillinger, J. Becker, M. Hudson, J. James, M. Meyers, P. Perrin, C. White, D. Graham, A. Ryszka, N. Petrillc, M. Jasel, W. Robinson, I. Vines. Row 2: F. Handy, R. Zielinski, L. Parkinson, E. Conley, C. Stevens, S. Zicziula, D. Lcasurc, B. Savage, J. Hosscnlopp, L. Yacobush, L. Becker, N. Vesper, S. Eurbin, J. Kirsch. Row 3: P. Byrnes, J. Zimmermann, B. Busch, M. Maxson, L. Adams, N. Bippert, B. Korczynski, S. Kyser, M. Dabb, G. Foss, L. Schindler, M. Field, A. Briggs, M. Mitchell, A. Haubcr. Row 4: R. Faltisko, D. Bciter, R. Phillips, F. Boldt, R. Bradley, T. Bender, L. DuMoulin, L. Tolsma, C. Beebe, S. Standart, B. Wright, K. Hausaucr, L. Hausaucr, C. Puls, N. Tyler, C. Kirsch. SENIOR ORCHESTRA Row 1: T. Ward, J. Hill, S. Hopkins, S. Schrcglman, C. Stevens, L. Starr, M. Moritz, L. Hager, J. Brocklehurst. Row 2: R. Donohue, K. AlthoflF, E. Schilling, D. Glownia, K. Scibold, S. Kotlarski, F. Wetzel, D. Heintz, R. Simme, P. Campbell, J. Blinston, T. Winther. Row 3: D. Wrobcl, D. Jones. J. Matchulct, L. Zimmerman, G. Barrow, A. Cook, D. Hintcrbergcr, E. Wells, P. Ackerman, S. Goller, J. Scheifla, D. Maurer. 69SENIOR BAND Row I: J. James, F. Wetzel, S. Kotlarski, D. Heintz, M. Campbell, K. Seibold. Row 2: J. Blinston, E. Hazard, R. Simme, P. Campbell, S. Bradley, F. Dyttmer, K. Gilbert. Row 3: J. Glownia, R. Martin, R. Munn, J. Armstrong, C. Goodemote, J. Walker. Row 4: M. Jascl, T. Winthcr, F. Boldt, L. Schrcglman, R. Mocny, D. Brookman, C. Moore. SENIOR DANCE BAND Row I: T. Winthcr, F. Wetzel, D. Brookman, R. Simme, D. Heintz, C. Moore, R. Mocny. Row 2: F. Boldt, T. DuMoulin, J. Scheifla, D. Maurer, D. Hintcrbcrgcr, L. Zimmerman, J. Blinston. Row 3: M. Jascl, D. Wrobel, J. Matchulat, D. Jones. 70SENIOR BAND Row I: L. Kohler, M. Morris, K. Koch, J. Blinston, L. Briggs, D. Hinterberger, L. Zimmerman, A. Cook. Row 2: G. Barrow, P. Ackerman, E. Wells, D. Bradford, J. Kirsch, G. Bennett, D. Ganas. Row 3: T. Thurston, T. Du- Moulin, D. Jones, S. Gollcr, D. Maurer, J. Schcifla. Row 4: J. Schcifia, D. Jones, J. Matchulat, T. Klotz, D. Wrobcl. MARCHING BAND Row I: J. Walker, D. Heintz, K. Gilbert, J. James, M. Jasel. Row 2: C. Goodemotc, R. Munn, J. Armstrong, S. Bradley, E. Hazard. Row 3: F. Dyttmer, R. Martin, J. Glownia, R. Simmc. Row 4: D. Hinterberger, J. Blinston, A. Cook, G. Barrow, L. Zimmerman. Row 5: D. Jones, T. Klotz, F. Boldt, T. Winthcr. Row 6: M. Campbell, K. Seibold, J. Kirsch, L. Schcglman. Row 7: S. Gollcr, D. Jones, R. Mocny, T. Thurston, D. Maurer, P. Campbell — Drum Major. 71PEP CLUB Row 1: S. Standart, P. Bartoo, J. Rudich, D. Bartoo—Art Chairman, L. Metzger—Treasurer, P. Fagan—President, M. Wasielewski—Vice President, D. Wooster—Secretary, P. Perrin, M. Shaffer, K. Johnson, M. Vesper. Row 2: D. Glownia, M. Geib, L. Swierski, J. Schulenberg, B. Long, J. Wantuch, S. Kalbach, C. Buchbindcr, A. Bright, E. Rickcrt. Row 3: K. Seibold, S. Rekatc, L. DuMoulin, J. Handy, C. Webber, T. Holzborn, P. Kloc, M. Piwko, K. Abrams, D. Leasurc, J. Rozeski. Row 4: N. Vesper, L. Parkinson, C. Conley, K. Smith, S. VanLew, J. Valentine, E. Wells, R. Donohue, L. Yacobush, N. Tyler, W. Berg, N. Koestcr. Row I: G. Januale, D. Stuckey, T. Ward, B. Wright, A. Lis, P. Rudich, J. Moritz, L. Ertel, C. Solly, B. Tober, L. Penn, J. Swierski, N. Monnin, O. Malach, P. Lippmann. Row 2: S. Schreglman, P. Pcntz, L. Thorpe, L. Tolsman, B. Schattner, C. Meyer, M. Valentine, J. Ryan, M. Rupp, N. Radder, B. Rieman, M. Heller, J. James, M. Jasel, B. Bciter. Row 3: E. Conley, L. Briggs, L. Starr, I. Vines, W. Robinson, L. Schindler, G. Kirszenstcin, S. Eurbin, G. Foss, M. Hudson, J. Kirsch, A. Hauber, S. Kotlarski. Row 4: L. Berner, D. Griffin, F. Comstock, F. Monnin, M. Samer, E. Huebsch, M. Heller, L. Adams, D. Bundy, C. Stevens, C. Krischan, J. Baer, B. Dodd, S. Reimer. Row 5: W. Sicbcrt, M. Kerr, B. Praczkajlo, L. Knell, M. Meyers, N. Bippcrt, M. Maxon, N. Ncidig, C. Moore, M. Reuther, D. Heintz, A. Rademacher, K. Pudlewski, K. Pucci, C. Goodcmotc, M. Kintzel. 72AQUATIC CLUB Row 1: E. Conley, T. Holzborn, C. Conley, K. Smith. Row 2: L. Rupp, L. Briggs, G. Foss, L. Parkinson, L. Yaco- bush. Row 3: K. Whitbeck, M. Hudson, K. Johnson, J. Kirsch, C. Nye, J. Valentine, R. Donohue, M. Reuther, E. Pentz, A. Rademacher. Row 4: M. Maxon, G. Kirszenstein, G. Januale, J. Hossenlopp, P. Duffin, F. Wallace, Miss Krehbiel, P. Roberts, B. Wright, D. Bundy, N. Frye, M. Corning. “But I can’t do a handstand on water! C. Conley. Secretary-Treasurer; K. Smith. President; T. Holz- ‘’Last one in is a born. Vice President; Miss Krehbiel. Advisor: D. Bartoo. Pub- rotten egg!” licity; E. Conley. Maintenance. 73JUNIOR PLAY Row I: J. Scileman, G. Dunn, M. Shaffer, J. Wantuch, L. Hager, J. Post. Row 2: B. Long, M. Dabb, E. Hcidel, D. Glownia, L. Swicrski, D. Dolber. Row 3: R. Benzin, R. Dillingcr, R. Wheeler, G. Bingham, D. Tolsma, R. Vallone. Absent: E. Lindholm, G. Black. Rebel Without o Couse 74JUNIOR HIGH STUDENT COUNCIL Row I: J. McMahon, B. Nattrass, C. Hinterbcrger, D. Colburn, B. Rankin, M. Frye, M. Skrobacz, Mr. Silliman— Advisor. Row 2: R. Bieman, N. Drzazgowski, L. Rees, J. Paddock, A. Uhlman, M. Kaufman, J. Gillogly, B. Mohn, E. Valentine, M. Lindholm, D. Knarr, B. Ulrich. Row 3: D. Eder, S. Reimann, L. Greenwald, K. Koehler, M. Sobczak, P. Bosch. JUNIOR HIGH RED CROSS Row I: S. Bender—President, N. Phillips—Vice President, P. Jacobs—Secretary, M. Evers—Treasurer, K. Schmidt, K. Frisch. Row 2: B. Rowland, S. Nadrowski, M. James, T. West, G. Wolf, D. Sernoffsky, H. Codd, H. Pitt. Row 3: Miss Stcinseifer—Advisor, C. Filipiak, R. Striegel, J. Wrobel, J. Newman, K. Heidel, D. Magee, D. Schoenthal 75CADET BAND Row 1: C. Blinston, L. Mctzlcr, D. Stroke, L. Graham, R. Brookman, K. Podkowicz, D. Fay, D. Knarr, J. Paddock. Row 2: M. Pucci, J. Dittmann, K. Gast, J. Brown, R. Baker, K. Phillips, I. Van Hooser, M. Elam, G. Monesmith, D. Foss, K. Hudson. Row 3: C. Baker, D. Sernoflfsky, T. Borie, K. Koehler, G. Fargo, J. McKcnnan, J. Gillogly, D. Colborn, D. Pcnfold, M. Michalski, K. Morny, T. DuMoulin. Row 4: T. Klotz, N. Winiewicz, T. Miller, J. Hill, M. Evers, M. Winiewicz, D. Heidel, R. Willard, G. Ruestow, L. Juliana, T. Heller. JUNIOR HIGH ORCHESTRA Row I: J. Wrobcl, K. Frisch, A. Handy, M. James, L. Pratt, A. Uhlman, M. Jonas, D. Miller. Row 2: J. Becker, P. Lee, M. L. Neidig, B. Rankin, D. Hunt, J. Ganas, E. Vesper, C. Eaton, L. MacDonald, B. Clancey, K. Schmidt. Row 3: J. Paddock, D. Clark, L. Plate, L. Metzler, L. Graham, R. Brookman, G. Monesmith, C. Blinston, M. Michalski, K. Mocny, T. DuMoulin. Row 4: T. Miller, T. Klotz, D. SernofTsky, T. Boire, K. Koehler, M. Elam. 767TH GRADE CHORUS Row I: B. Rowland, J. Scilcman, I. Van Hooser, M. Kaufman, E. Grace, N. Phillips, K. Glowka, A. Coates, T. Ulrich, D. Fay, A. Mathews, J. Springston, E. Nie, S. Geib, J. Rademacher, C. Eaton. Row 2: D. Miller, P. Frye, J. Langcndorfer, M. Winiewicz, G. Fargo, M. Wagner, E. Valentine, L. Ertel, F. Van Sickle, N. Winiewicz, J. Gil- logly, M. Moore, D. Stroke, L. Goehle, C. Filipiak, J. Brown. Row 3: B. James, K. Phillips, G. Amann, B. Mohn, M. Bippert, E. Vesper, B. Clancy, J. Eaton, S. Foss, L. Plate, C. Dolber, J. Morgan, C. Pawlicki, J. Hein, J. Atkin- son, J. Eagle. Row 4: D. Clark, B. Rankin, P. Lee, C. Johnson, G. Rucstow, T. West, E. Locsch, K. Koehler, J. Becker, R. Striegcl, E. Dodd, L. Merkling, S. Sawyer, J. Elam, T. Boiler, B. Zaremba. 8TH GRADE CHORUS Row I: T. Eaton, D. Pcnfold, M. Krause, B. Piquet, C. Gilbert, M. James, C. Hintcrbcrger, P. Jacobs, T. White, T. Scott, M. Michalski, R. Willard. Row 2: R. Benzin, W. Geib, K. Groff, L. Graham, E. Schueler, E. Crosby, K. Podkowicz, K. Hudson, S. Bender, C. Blinston, R. Kesson, L. MacDonald, D. Knarr. Row 3: D. Smith, G. Wagner, B. Blair, N. Decker, B. Ulrich, K. Welsch, B. Basinski, L. Pratt, R. Duffin, D. Colburn, J. Dittmann, S. Slubcrski, R. Szulewski. Row 4: M. Jones, J. Mcssinger, K. Schmidt, B. Roberts, J. Holliday, B. Pfitzinger, A. Lindholm S. Battaglia, K. Frisch, S. Santangclo, J. Schmidt, B. Nattrass, A. Valentine, J. Newman, J. Wrobcl, J. Coatsworth. 777TH GRADE SCIENCE CLUB Row 1: E. Dodd, B. Armesto, C. Buell, C. Johnson, M. Bippert, K. Gast. Row 2: G. Fargo, G. Ruestow, E. Loesch, K. Phillips, R. Bieman, K. Koehler, N. Winiewicz, D. Hoth, L. Kecm, L. Plate, S. Kilyn, G. Miller—Advisor. 8TH GRADE SCIENCE CLUB Row 1: P. Jacobs, S. Santangelo, J. McCarthy—President, C. OfThaus—Vice President, M. Lindholm—Secretary, B. Bahl, R. Willard, T. Bello—Advisor. Row 2: L. Graham, F. Bielccki, L. MacDonald, E. Schueler, E. Crosby, J. Hauber, P. Bosch, T. Scott, R. Ciski, W. Geib. Row 3: S. Battaglia, R. Duffin, H. Tomlinson, L. Metzler, B. Luders, B. Paine, B. Szulewski, S. Sluberski. 78YORKERS CLUB Row 1: B. Mohn, D. Clark, M. Ncidig, B. Rankin, A. Uhlman—President, J. Morgan—Vice President, L. Rees— Secretary, J. Lexo—Treasurer, D. Darbee, Mr. Starkweather. Row 2: E. Crosby, A. Valentine, J. Elam, L. Ertel, S. Nadrowski, N. Phillips, J. Seilcman, I. Van Hooser, C. Eaton, N. Drzazgowski. Row 3: Mr. Silliman, M. Armesto, T. Block, L. MacDonald, K. Frisch, K. Schmidt, J. Goodemote, J. Gillogly, C. Johnson, K. Phillips, L. Holmes, E. Vesper, M. Moore, D. Shnyder. JUNIOR HIGH FUTURE NURSES OF AMERICA Row 1: B. Fleming, E. Crosby—President, D. Fay, K. Glowka, N. Drzazgowski. Row 2: Mrs. Neidig—Advisor, A. Handy, S. Krayenvenger, F. Bielecki, J. Drzazgowski, J. Langendorfer, L. Goehle, B. Shoemaker. Row 3: M. Frye, L. Hanny, L. MadDonald, L. Plate, D. Rautenstrauch. 79EIGHTH GRADE MATH CLUB Mr. Petersen—Advisor, E. Benson, M. Armesto, F. Bielecki—Treasurer, F. Shoemaker-President, T. Block, K. Schmidt—Secretary, E. Crosby. RIFLE CLUB Row 1: P. Bosch, L. Rowland, J. Penzcs, R. Bcnzin, R. Hoeft, M. Kaufman, B. Schcfflcr, S. Rumley, D. Knarr. Row 2: E. Rankin—Range Officer, H. Pitt—Treasurer, K. Schmidt—Secretary, D. Penfold—Vice President, C. Vanlderstine—President, J. Post—President, S. Sluberski—Secretary, M. Michalski—Vice President, B. Roode— Treasurer, E. Benson—Ex. OfTiccr. Row 3: A. Bailey—Advisor, K. Frisch, B. Roberts, K. Dunn, J. Hines, D. Benson, R. Willard, P. Becker, J. McKennan. Row 4: D. Nicholis, M. Fabian, P. Lux, J. McCarthy, J. Dodge, R. Hamp, B. Luders, J. Cichocki. 80ART CLUB Row 1: R. Rudich, J. McMahon, R. Rudich. Row 2: J. Atkinson, K. Hudson, E. Dodd, E. Vesper, B. Mohn, L. Upton, D. Hunt. Row 3: D. Sernoflsky, M. Wagner, E. Zaporowski, J. Gillogly, L. Gochle, K. Koehler, B. Spink, G. Wagner, D. Chapman, R. Missel, M. Neidig, J. Morgan, B. Zaremba, C. Pawlicki. DRAMATICS CLUB Row 1: D. Rogacki, D. Heidcl, R. Seibold, M. Evers, J. Wasielewski, T. Klotz, R. Benzin, M. Michalski, R. Willard. Row 2: L. Plate, T. Boiler, D. Smith, J. Seileman, L. Ertcl, D. Fay, E. Nie, L. Graham—Secretary. D. Knarr— President, B. Bahl, K. Jackie. Row 3: S. Sawyer, P. Jacobs, S. Mauerman, K. Glowka, J. Elam, J. Morgan, J. Atkinson, J. Kaminski, L. MacDonald, M. Lindholm, B. Ulrich. Row 4: K. Koehler, R. Striegel, J. Schmidt, S. Santangclo, L. Hanny, C. Van Iderstine, B. Nattrass, P. Lee, D. Clark, T. West, E. Benson, R. Szulewski, G. Wolf. 81AUDIO-VISUAL STAFF Row I: J. Rusert, R. Willard, J. Cichocki, R. Szulcwski, D. Magee. Row 2: T. Bello, Jr.—Advisor, T. Eaton, L. Rowland, D. Pcnfold, T. Scott, R. Benzin, J. McKennan, R. McCabe. Row 3: G. Monesmith, P. Gasz, E. Benson, R. Kaminski, R. McCabe, S. Reimann, J. McCarthy, B. Luders. 82VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Row I: L. Becker, N. Tyler. Row 2: E. Wells, S. VanLew, S. Standart, P. Fagan, N. Vesper, J. Schulenbcrg. JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Row I: C. Moore, C. Stevens, S. Kotlarski, A. Haubcr, P. Rudich, S. Schrcglman. Row 2: A. Lis, L. Starr, P. Lippmann, I. Vines. 84VARSITY FOOTBALL Row I: T. Starr, T. Fullington. M. Rudich. T. Vines. B. Maze, R. Robinson. F, Wallace, K, McDonald. T. Lew- inski, B. Busch. J. Brynes, Row 2: B. Paddock. R. Radder, J. Decker, J. Kurtz, T. Bender. R. Hollowood, R. Flick. G. Bennett, R. Phillips, S. Hopkins. R, Zielinski, J. Moffett, B. Balcerzak, B. Schmidt, B. Moffett. Row 3: Coach Latimer, R. Kane, J. Williamson, J. Schroeder, J. Schcifla, R. Petrell, P. Ackerman. M. Stoiber, D. Hickey, R. Byrnes. D. Domcn, Coach Foster. CO-CAPTAINS B. Balcerzak, S. Hopkins. We’ve Got the Power! Push 'em back—way back.” The Chiefs from Iroquois, co-captained by Steve Hopkins ind Bob Balcerzak, established an excellent record, winning six games and losing two. Iroquois 12—Lakeshore 6 Iroquois 12—East Aurora 14 Iroquois 18—Springville 6 Iroquois 2—Depew 20 Iroquois 25—Eden 0 Iroquois 26—Sloan 0 Iroquois 20—Clarence 13 Iroquois 46—Lancaster 6 Throughout the season the squad was aided by the great running of Hopkins, Maze and Rudich. Don Doman, our surprise passer, also saw action. Bob Balcerzak, Bob Schmidt, John Moffett and Max Stoiber did exceptional jobs of block- ing on the line. Kurtz and Vines gained yardage when we needed it. We had a good center in Ken MacDonald. Jim Williamson and Tim Bender did outstanding jobs as blocking backs. Jim Scheifia helped to put a punch in our defense. Everyone on the squad has had a part in the success of our team. Each member contributed much in ability and morale. 85 “S-T-R-E-T-C-H JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL Row I: R. Holmes, P. Bos, B. Eagle, D. Flick, A. Strief, J, Becker, D. Wrobel, L. Wallace, O. Berry, A. Leasure, F. Handy, R. Van Lew, L, Briggs. Row 2: R. Radder—Manager, J. Scheifla, J. Theal, D. Kerr, K. Pcttapiccc, D. Krzyzan, D. Sherman, T. DuMoulin, R. Smith, M. Szwaczkowski, W. Price, L. Bove, C. Handy, M. Morris, R. Moffett Manager. Row 3: Mr. Stohrer, T. DuMoulin—Manager, T. Tuck, J. Sanborn, C. Hajduk, D. Spink, D. Bradford, I. Matchulat, P. Byrnes, R. Boland, W. Byrnes, T. Hopkins, G. Maustellar, C. Schroeder, A. Berry, R. Paddock—Manager, Mr. Petersen. Hit ’em again—harder” 86 The Iroquois Braves, under the coaching of Mr. Stohrer and Mr. Petersen, completed a successful season with a record of six wins and two losses. Their improvement was constant through- out the season. The highlight came with a thrilling 18-0 victory over the Lancaster team which had not lost a game in its last forty-one starts. No summary of the season would be complete without mentioning the tremendous running of Bob Smith who provided much excitement in scoring seventy-eight of the Braves one hundred and forty-four points. The J.V.’s opened the season on the home field by hammering out a 13-0 victory against Lakeshore. In another hard fought game, the Braves conquered Springville 13-7. Eden was an easier game for our continually improving J.V.’s. They triumphed by a score of 31-7. The next game was more difficult as the Braves defeated a determined Clarence team 19-6. Playing the East Aurora J.V.’s on our home field, the Braves lost an exciting yet disappointing game by a score of 28-19. The following week our boys were subdued by a strong Depew team by a margin of 21-7. The J.V.’s roared back against Sloan on the next Friday afternoon, pounding out a 24-0 victory. The season reached an exciting climax in the last game against Lancaster, when the J.V.'s ground out an 18-0 victory in an overwhelming game. Our congratulations to the boys and their coaches for an ex- cellent season. “Let’s get organized CROSS COUNTRY Row I: D. Clark, R. Ellis, K. Goehle, T. Choate, J. Mann, N. Glowka, C. Rusert, B. Wolfe, N. Hartloff. Row 2: D. Dobbins, S. Nicpon, F. Wetzel, R. Reinagcl, B. Rcinard, E. Shaub, R. Balccrzak. R. Youngman, C. Rcinard, S. Blood, J. Moffitt. Row 3: Coach McCready, B. Brookman, C. Stroke, P. Roberts, G. Wolf, N. Bridgman, G. Moncsmith, A. Burckhalter, L. Johnson, F. Miley, J. Dobbins, B. Brookman, P. Campbell—Manager. At the termination of the season, our team had the best record of any cross-country team in the history of Iroquois by remain- ing undefeated for five consecutive meets. In the first meet Iroquois played host to Eden, with Iroquois winning 16 to 47. In the second meet Iroquois jogged a 19 to 39 victory over Clarence, in spite of bad running conditions. Our third meet was against East Aurora. In this meet the team, encouraged by the offering of ice cream treats for the place win- ners by coach McCready, ran hard enough to beat the East Au- rora team 22 to 36. In this race Dave Brookman led the team of Iroquois runners by setting a new course record. This victory gave Iroquois its first point toward the Moog trophy. In our fourth meet, Mike Bridgman led the team to defeat Lakeshore 19-39. Our fifth meet was the most exciting of the whole season. Iro- quois was to run undefeated Lancaster for the Division II cham- pionship and was predicted to lose to the previous year’s title defender. But much to the dismay of Lancaster, Iroquois retali- ated by beating them 26 to 30 and captured Division II standings. The following Saturday, Iroquois took part in the Buffalo State Teacher Invitational meet along with thirty-one other schools and some 320 runners. Iroquois performed its best in bringing home a second place trophy for our class. In the sectionals at Chestnut Ridge, Iroquois took third in our division by defeating such schools as Orchard Park and Lan- caster. Mike Bridgman did a fine job by taking fifth place over all, and getting a sectional shield. All of the boys enjoyed a most eventful and exciting season under the most capable coaching of Mr. McCready. “Co-Captains Pete Roberts, Mike Bridgman” 87VARSITY BASKETBALL Coach Riedel, R. Robinson, R. Maze, M. Rudich, T. Fullington, B, Busch, J. Williamson, T. Bender, R. Schmidt, J. Kurtz, J. Scheifla, D. Hickey, G. Monesmith, K. Turnquist—Asst. Manager, N. Glowka—Manager. Co-Captains Bob Robinson, Bob Maze. Don’t worry Coach, they’ll pull through. Bob Maze Bruce Busch The Varsity basketball team, captained by seniors Bob Robinson and Bob Maze, fared excellent competition this year. The team performed well and the attitude of the players was dominated by the charac- teristic Iroquois spirit. Our won-lost rec- ord does not portray the real ability of the boys. Many heart-breaking games were lost only by a slim margin of points and the team’s “second-half comebacks” gained the respect of our opponents. Wit- ness the second Clarence game the cagers were down by a fifteen point deficit, but came back with a forty-two point second- half performance. One of the highlights of the season was the Depew game played on its court. Thanks to the steady influence and fine ball handling of the captains, the team came from behind to squeeze through, 52 to 51. The squad will always be grateful to the steady encouragement of Coach Reidel and his boundless patience. At the termination of the season, the squad will be losing Bob Maze, Bob Rob- inson, Bob Schmidt, Tim Bender and Jon Kurtz. The hope for an even better team next year will depend on several returning juniors. Put it in, Tim!JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL Row I: R. Radder, D. Spink, D. Lee, F. Makoczy, O. Berry, R. VanLcw, ). Matchulat, D. Domon, T. Hopkins, S. Strass, D. Magee. Row 2: Coach McCready, J. Theal, J. Scheifta, M. Morris, A. Frantz, D. Kerr, L. Wallace, R. Smith, T. Winther, T. Baumgartner, C. Handy. This year's J.V. Basketball team has provided much excitement and many thrills for Iroquois basketball fans since the beginning of the winter sports’ season. Steady improvement, both as individuals and as a team, has been evident among the players. The rebounding of Bob Smith, Lew Wallace, Dan Kerr and Albie Frantz has aided the team immensely; as has Smith’s and Matchulat’s scoring and Ted Hopkin’s playmaking. At this point in the season, the over-all record is 7 wins and 5 defeats; but it is interesting to note that, except for Lancaster and East Aurora, both of whom will be played again, our boys have beaten every team which they have played! Mr. McCready and his fine team are to be commended for the fine job done so far this season. Let’s hope that the team con- tinues to show the determination and ef- fort needed to complete a successful sea- son. Did it go in? Lou Wallace Keep that ball! 89BOWLING Row .- J. Scilcman, G. Bingham, D. Siebert, Coach Saul. Row 2: E. Kaminski, J. Rademachcr, P. Campbell, R. Kane, G. Zee. P. Campbell—Captain J. Seileman The bowling team proved to be a strong squad this year with good performance from the members. Denny Siebert led the way with the season’s high total of 378 with a 218 game. During the season there were four 800's with the best total very close to 1600 pins. The team was very generous this year by giving away all of its points towards the end of the season and starting over. Although Pete Campbell, John Radamachcr, Denny Sie- bert and Ed Kaminski will not remain for next year; Zee, Wetzel and Jandzinski should receive help from other juniors and seniors who will return to the varsity team. The coming E.C.l.C. roll-offs and the sectionals will be the opportune time for the team to surge ahead and break some Division II records. G. Bingham, R. Kane, J. Rade- D. Siebert, P. Campbell macher. 90SWIMMING Row 1: T. Murzynski, R. Byrnes, L. Ward, J. Dobbins, R. Simme—Co-Captain, P. Roberts—Co-Captain, R. Fasolino, K. Goehle, L. Zimmerman, F. Streif, R. Brookman—Manager. Row 2: T. DuMoulin—Manager, R. Salisbury, R. Dauphincc, E. Frisch, M. Ockler, R. Mocony, P. Hinckley, D. Brookman, T. DuMoulin. Row 3: D. Maurer, R. Benzin, K. Williamson, J. Sanborn, D. Wrobel, R. Friedhaber, C. Fay, L. Briggs, J. Byrnes, J. Becker, J. Salisbury, Coach Latimer. The 1961 swimming team, coached by Mr. Latimer, is currently tied for third place with Clarence in Division II. In our first meet with Clarence, the team, unable to find the depth, lost by the last relay. In the second meet our improved team defeated Sweet Home with a 26 point margin. The meet with Lancaster, more exciting than expected, was again lost by the last relay. We easily defeated Akron only to be overwhelmed by East Aurora’s superior team, in which the only first and second scored for Iroquois were taken by Pete Roberts. Our next three meets were victories for Coach Latimer’s team. Our second Lan- caster meet showed improvement although it was again lost by the last relay. We easily defeated Akron but East Aurora’s team defeated us again by a score of 75 to 11 in which Pete Roberts again scored the only second. The team will miss the efforts and spirits of the nine graduating seniors: Pete Roberts, the high scorer; Ralph Simme, second high scorer; Mike Bridgman, Lance Ward, Ed Frisch, Floyd Maltbie, Bob Fasolino, Doug Maurer, and Fred Wallace. How's your stomach, Joe? R. Simme and P. Roberts—Co-Captains 91 Another winner for Iroquois Nice take-offWRESTLING Row .• J. Moffitt, C. Rcinard, G. Bcnnct, J. Schroeder, C. Walker, K. Ellison, R. Zielinski, D. Malecki, R. Kranc, H. Schoenthal, A. Leasure, D. Newell, R. Brookman, R. Paddock—Manager. Row 2: R. Best, W. Wheeler, N. Hartloff, J. Decker, J. Moffett, H. Weil, R. Balccrzak, G. Wolf, K. McDonald, C. Schroeder, A. Strief, D. Newell, P. Long, S. Nicpon, D. Kraft, D. Schoenthal—Manager, Coach Foster. Row J: G. Ludwig, T. Weil, T. Bierl, G. Zee, R. Youngman, S. Harris, D. Krzyzan, K. Pettapiece. F. Miley, W. Reinard, D. Cook, C. Stroke, M. Loefstedt, J. Mann, R. Munn, M. Kcphart, D. Horrigan—Manager. The Chiefs began the year by blasting Lakeshore 46-0. Decisive vic- tories over such highly rated teams as Lancaster 46-0, Eden 48, Alden 60-0, Springville 49-5, Franklinville 56-0, Arcade 40-0, and Attica 41-3, certainly indicate the dynamic power of the Iroquois matmen. Williamsville, the Division I champions, were also overpowered by the Chiefs 25-17; Canisteo, the champions of the Rochester area, were defeated 44-6. Dave Newell, Ron Ellison, Bob Balcerzak and Geoff Bennett are undefeated with only three meets and the sectionals remaining. Dave Newell has 31 wins and 4 losses, Ken Ellison 22 wins, 0 losses and 1 tic, Harvey Schoenthal 58-7, Ron Zielinski 44-8. To date the Chiefs have 66 consecutive victories. Congratulations are in order for Mr. Foster and the boys on the team for giving Iro- quois something to remember with pride. Co-Captains B. Balcerzak, H. Schoenthal i' ’ e » j . bV I’ll bet that hurts!' Another win for Geoff” Switch positions, Ron!' 92GIRLS’ VOLLEYBALL Row I: B. Korczynski, N. Tyler. Row 2: S. Ostolski, J. Mitchell, S. Zieziula, D. Malecki, L. DuMoulin, A. Briggs, S. Larkin, L. Becker. Row 3: B. Pierce, A. Hartman, D. Pruski, L. Stier, L. Yacobush, S. Rckate, P. Fagan, C. Kirsch. GIRLS’ BOWLING Row I: K. Smith, B. Long, J. Schulenberg, J. Scheffler, J. Rudich, M. Maxson, D. Wooster, L. Starr, C. Moore, E. Hcidcl, S. Kalbach. Row 2: J. Kirsch, M. Jasel, A. Rademacher, L. Thorpe, B. Wright, M. Dabb, G. Kirszen- stein, J. Barr, J. Smith, J. Clark. GIRLS’ BASKETBALL Row ; S. Standart, M. Kerr, G. Foss, B. Wright, D. Graham, C. Malach, L. Penn. Row 2: G. Janulc, B. Pearce, D. Glownia, A. Rademacher, J. Illig, L. Becker, L. Swierski, J. Valentine. 93BOYS’ INTRAMURAL BOWLING A. Schrader, E. Schawb, F. Wetzel, J. Scilcman, P. Campbell, D. Siebcrt, F. Dyttmcr, J. Glownia. EIGHTH GRADE BASKETBALL Mr. Szyperski, R. Rudich, J. Coatsworth, J. Hubbs, M. Sobczak, G. Monesmith, D. Magee, S. Reiman, D. Eder, J. Baumgartner. SEVENTH GRADE BASKETBALL Row I: R. Rudich, R. Rudich, B. Griffiths. Row 2: E. Zaparowski, R. Missel, J. Goodcmote, M. Wagner, E. Valentine, F. VanSickle, D. Benson, J. Lexo, D. Chapman, K. Heidel, T. West. 94SNAPS “And we shall never forget thee . . “Thanks for the backscratch, Dad!” “A study in woodshavings.” “Mr. Gibbons! It moved!” “Guess who’s next!” Did you grow it or make it?” “Senior Dance” “Now, if it only had some gas!” “Pep Assembly?” 95SENIOR BABY SNAPS Jean Metzler Ralph Simme Howard Bauder Paul Meyers Helen Gee Karen Cryan Pat Boyd Jim Clabeaux Marge Vesper Mike Bridgman John Rademachcr Herb Wagner Bonnie Rutecki Cindy Kirsch Bob Rozeski Barbara Korczynski 96 Dave Codd Tom Maclver5f SENIOR BABY SNAPS A1 Ackerman Bob Filipski Bob Robinson Nola Frye Sue Larkin Lance Ward Sharon Bartlett Donna Leasure Lynda Yacobush Pete Long Marcia Field Lynda Yacobush Danya Lucie Marsha Corning Ron Davies Anne Ludcrs Barbara Pearce Dave Beiter 97 Mary Ann Moritz Diane Graham A 4tSENIOR BABY SNAPS Pat Kloc Lynnette DuMoulin Clare Henderson Ann Hartman Mike Sauka Linda Schreglman Diane Malecki Terry Holzborn Nancy Tyler Judy Mitchell Russell Hollowood Roger Dunn Bob Fasolino Bonnie Sklarski Ginny Kay Ralph Lauzze Pam Buffum r Janet Offhaus Pat Duffin 98 Bob Schmidt Bob Phillips Judy SmithSENIOR BABY SNAPS Denny Siebert Suzanne Suzette Ludwig Debbie Wooster Bob Faltisko Mary Goller Jean Illig Lynne Becker Sue Chapman Dave Dobbins Allegra Briggs Jackie Morris Bob Olsen Ed Frisch Pete Roberts v. , K Kathy Abrams Barbara Best 99 Jim Dick HillSENIOR SNAPS Row I: A. Ryszka, B. Pierce, J. Smith, S. Ziezuila. Row 2: B. Korcynski, S. Ostolski, B. Ru- tecki. B. Schmidt, P. Boyd, J. Handy, T. Vines—7th grade. Ginny Kay Oh! Those Driving Educational classes! Remember Eighth Grade History, Lance ? J. Handy, A. Duell, B. Best. 100PATRONS OF 1961 Mr. and Mrs. Walter Ackerman Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Henderson Mr. and Mrs. R. G. Beiter Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Holzborn Mr. and Mrs. Milton Bender Mr. and Mrs. Norbert L. Hossenlopp Berry’s Store Iroquois Faculty Association Mr. and Mrs. Alton Blinston Iroquois Student Book Store Blossom G.L.F. Mr. and Mrs. Samuel E. Kellogg Blossom Market “Martha Kimble” Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Boyd Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Kloc Mr. and Mrs. Ralph B. Bridgman Mr. and Mrs. Harry H. Larkin, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Courtland M. Briggs Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Ludwig Briggs Dairy Macaluso Service Station Mr. and Mrs. Leon Britt Marilla P.T.A. Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Clabeaux Mayer Bros. Cider Mill Mr. and Mrs. Joseph T. Corning Moog Servocontrols, Inc. Cy’s Pharmacy Inc. Mrs. Allen O’Donald Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Dobbins Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Payne Elma Lunch Mr. and Mrs. John H. Rademacher Elma Manor Dr. and Mrs. Albert Rekate Fair Play Sporting Goods Mr. and Mrs. Raynor Robinson Mr. and Mrs. George B. Field Mr. and Mrs. H. Schettler H. L. Gentry Co., Inc. Mr. and Mrs. R. Simme Mr. and Mrs. Allan Graham Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Smith Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Hartman Mr. and Mrs. Fred J. Stier Helen Mary Farm Dairy, Inc. Tenny Lumber Company 101COMMENCEMENT AND AWARDS OF 1960 Class of 1960 REGENTS SCHOLARSHIP WINNERS Seated: S. Northrup, J. Miller, K. Miller, S. Thurston. Standing: A. Becker, R. Hickey, G. Blair, D. Baker, J. Frank, K. Griffith, H. Moffitt, A. Winther, E. Pentz, D. Bender. Absent: M. Radder. D. Baker, P.T.A. Service Award; J. Miller, D.A.R. Award; K. Griffith, Boys State Representative; M. Nattrass, P.T.A. Service Award; S. Thurston, Pan- hellenic Award. K. Miller. J. Straub, winners of Americanism Essay Con- test; T. Winther, Current Events Award; I). Kohler, run- ner-up in spelling bee; H. Moffitt, winner of spelling bee; R. Lattimore, winner of Oratorical Contest and also Amer- icanism Essay Contest; J. Jandzinski, American Essay Contest winner. , F. Wheeler, Farm Mechanics Award; R. Scho- enthal. Star Farmer Award; T. Maclver, winner of F.F.A. Speaking Contest.JUNIOR-SENIOR PROM OF 1960 THE ROYAL COURT George Blair and June Rcuther, senior attendants; Sue Thurston and Bob Hickey, King and Queen of the “Enchanted Island ; and Diane Underwood and Bob Robinson, junior at- tendants. What a relief to relax after a few dances. It's cool here in the refreshment headquarters. The Grand March, full of surprising twists and turns.IN APPRECIATION Many hours of work and enjoyment arc incorpo- rated in this 1961 IROQUOIAN. The publishing of this book would not have been possible with- out the assistance and co-operation of faculty, seniors and students. For their contributions, we express our sincere and heartfelt gratitude. We would like to bestow a special thanks to our ad- visor, Mrs. Buchholz, who has given unsparingly of her time and knowledge to make our yearbook a success. 104 This book printed by VELVATONE, a special process of litho graphic printing. Sole producers: Wm. J. Keller Inc., Buffalo, N. Y No other printing firm is authorized to use the Velvatone method

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