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" J ' AV.ttiv ' ' ' ■: ' ■ ' ' ' ' . ' tih .A p. f .„ B.-.stol ti ■TO The 1963 BOMB Iowa State University Ames, Iowa Published by Bomb Publication Board Printed by Iowa State University Press Features 4 Academic 66 Activities 100 Athletics 202 Residences 246 Seniors 418 General Index .... 465 Editor, Willa Bannister Business Manager, Jim Bull You see a little of the cost of it when you buy your books, a little of the loneliness when you unload your stiitcase in an empty dormitory room, and a little of the bigness of it when you join the crowd. Hear it at lectures, at bull sessions, or while you drink that Union coffee by yourself. Feel it in the push to get that paper in on time, the tension of final week, and the satisfaction of pidling the grade you wanted. Iowa State University. Catch it in snatches. As you go through, get a glimpse, a big glimpse, of it. The 1%3 Bomb A 71 ' ay of looking at loir a State University V »mwm — 1 M ■ II 1 M .„. , . ... .... 31 K. . 1 1 ! ■ 1 ? i i.- i 1 1 c I I t . " " V TWICE EACH DAY Ira Schroeder climbs the steps of the campanile to play a carillon concert. Schroeder has been around the world OS a guest corilloneur and has been playing for ISU since 1931. AS THE YEAR PROGRESSES, the campanile takes on a familiar and sentimental significance — the carillon concerts, tours up the winding steps at Veishea, and the midnight excursion to herald the arrival of another coed on campus. Freshman orientation this year showed the typical picture of the first few days of school. Small groups of bewildered freshmen wandered into the armory wondering why they were going to a convocation, if they were there at the right time and right place, and how to act so they wouldn ' t look like freshmen. And when convocation was over, they were let loose to roam around the campus. Everything was located from the most obvious landmark, the big tower with the clock. Night Life At Iowa State Three of the most familiar buildings on campus glow in the darkness. Beardshear, the busy and crowded hub of activity throughout the day, stands deserted at night. The Union, day and night the tra- ditional meeting place for first dates, hours of concentrated bridge playing, efforts at studying, or a quick cup of coffee before class, stands reflected in the dark waters of Lake La Verne. The library, jammed with book laden and sleepy btit determined sttidents, perhaps represents the most fre- quent night life during the week. Week- ends, however, were jammed with con- certs, parties, plays, dances, exchanges, games, and a few were still at the library. Expansion Pervades Campus Since its establishment in 1858, Iowa State has been growing and broadening its opportunities until in 1959, it became a university. But take a quick look around our campus this year. Carpenters perched percariously on top of half-completed structures, bare frames of boards glazed with winter ' s frost, stakes making proposed dimen- sions for room lengths — our campus is continuing to expand. The buildings under construction this year alone include a men ' s physical education addition, an engineering building, the WOI communica- tions building, an addition to the large men ' s dormitory and the Stange Road underpass. Other improvements have been departmental name changes such as Department of Animal Husbandry to Department of Animal Science, establishment of a department of metallmgy, addi- tion of a three-year certificate program in restaurant management to the college of Home Economics and the addition of undergraduate majors in English and Speech. Moffients of Silence Students alone contemplating .... away from the masses of chattering, bustling students. A girl sits in the Union with a book on her lap and her eyes wander. A boy lies on a bench staring at a tangle of red and gold leaves while he remembers his last year at college. Standing on one of the often frequented wooden bridges, a girl stares past a pile of leaves into a world of wondering. It is the same route home every day for the student wife, but every day there are different thoughts. A stone bench, a quiet library corner, a dorm room . . . each student has a place for infrequent but necessary luoments alone. 10 11 Sweetheart ' s Ball, Veishea, Greek Week, Registration Dances and house parties fill weekends for sociable people Soft lights, a tinkling stone fountain, blooming magnolia trees, and a touch of long formals brought out the Southern theme " Gone With the Wind " for this year ' s Autumn Cotillion. Formal dance programs, chaperone booths, and elaborate decorations suggested a return of the long-formal dance to Iowa State. The Autumn Cotillion was the first big dance of the year. The following social flurry included the Registration Dance, Homecoming, the Sweet- hearts ' Ball, the Military Ball, and Veishea as well as numerous individual house parties. 12 13 Year begins ivith bustle of activity, spring weather 14 Summer took over fall this year and fall chased away the beginning of winter. Enthusiastic students took full advantage of the warm weather by taking books, note- books, pencils and theme paper and retiring to a quiet spot outside to concentrate. Central campus was spotted with bits of color sprawled on stone benches and heaped in piles of leaves while the library was almost vacant. But although the autumnal weather persisted, unex- pected rains came just often enough to make the um- brella almost a habit. Football games, the Autumn Cotil- lion, Registration Dance, Blast, and the whirl of activ- ities filled the spare moments and made it even harder to begin studying again. 15 Chorus lines, gamblers and " Miss Legs " bring in money for Campus Chest at Blast Miss Legs 16 kl Cockroach races, egg throwing, people thrown in jail and ring throwing for coke dates were com- mon occurences at the Friday night Blast held for Campus Chest. Part of the Week ' s activities in- cluded an auction held Wednesday night with such things as Dr. Hilton ' s favorite cake, a my- stery package from Spike, a pizza party, and a car wash going up for bidding. One of the most popu- lar parts of the Blast was the Miss Legs contest where ten cents bought a ote for one of the con- testants. Food sales also contributed to the week, largest seller was taffy apples — over 1,000 sold. Special events were also held by individual resi- dences such as the Theta Xi pancake supper. The Blast proceeds, sweatshirt dance, and other money earned during the week plus individual donations were contributed to the Campus Chest. AS LONG as people have friends who want to drown them, there will be a way of collecting money for charity. Ballet, opera and concerts featured during the year GIANNI-SCHICCI, opera performed fall quarter. A four-part chord, with wave of a hand, and the beginning of a Gersh- win tune. It could be Sor-Dor, Sinfonia, a concert by the Iowa State Singers or America Musicale. It could be one of the groups brought to Iowa State for Focus, Greek Week or even a flash-act for Varieties. Musi- cal events include a wide variety of groups and types of music for par- ticipants as well as spectators. Winter quarter brought American Musi- cale, given by the men and women ' s music honoraries and featuring only music by American composers. 18 BALLET by a Canadian troop. " REQUIEM " , an Iowa State Singers presentation. IOWA STATE BAND accompanies SOV. 19 sports provide entertainment and recreatio n VICTORY over Colorado in footba FIRST home Big " 8 " meet for new track coach. Bob Lawson. 20 EVERY GAME has a loser ' s bench. It was Iowa State ' s at Homecoming. Football and basketball attract the largest student crowds at Iowa State. However, the true sports enthusiasts may also be found at the golf course watching a cross country track meet, in the men ' s gym timing a swimmer ' s backstroke, or in the Armory counting points in a wrestling meet. Intramurals also provide a chance for boys as Avell as girls to participate in such sports as basketball, ping pong, tennis, swimming, and volleyball. Spring, fall, or winter, outside or inside, large groups or individuals may be seen almost anywhere on campus competing for trophies, confer- ence titles or just personal satisfaction. THE SOCCER TEAM continues to win games and sup- port Itself independent of the athletic department. STUDENTS gather at the armory to eat at the Pep Bar-B-Q which starts the Homecoming weekend. MODERN DANCE Club provides part of the entertainment at the Bar-B-Q 22 HOMECOMING- festivities start with " Pep Bar-B-Q " and " Jazzboree " JUDGES follow close on the heels of long nights of . . Sleepy students stuffed bright crepe paper into holes in homecoming displays, and alums walked around proudly pointing out their old resi- dences. Friday night the armory rang with cheers for the tomorrow ' s big game, and after the pep barbeque, students flocked to the union for the informal dance or started the rounds of the homecoming displays. This was the one night of the year when walking was the fastest and most popular form of transportation. Saturday morning found crowds of mum-sporting mothers and dates rushing to the stadium with their escorts. Everyone was excited, the students with the promise of a free Monday morning and the alums with a game to renew their school spirit. Later in the afternoon disappointed fans poured out of the bleachers and across the campus to show visitors one last look at the new classroom building. " Well, there is always another year. " 23 Hot sun blazes on featured event— the game CHEERLEADERS, as well as players put out their best efForts, BUT the game ended in defeat. HOT SUN of a beautiful day beats down on the Homecoming crowd. People packed lightly together on the football bleachers, a hot fall sun beating down on the tops of metal helmets and the expectant hush just before the presentation of queen and attendants — half time at the Kansas-ISU Homecoming game. A blast of trumpets and Kay Kolosha, Homecoming Queen for 1962, was escorted to the field followed by Mary Jane Kimball and Pat Hildebrand, at- tendants. The team rushed back onto the field amid the cheering of an excited and still hopeful crowd. Cheer- leaders anxiously paced back and forth trying to watch the game and keep cheering at the same time. The sec- ond half brought a determined but imsuccessfid effort leaving the final score as 29-8. A mixture of talk on the way home included the strong defense used by Kansas, the winning SAE sweepstakes display, and plans for the Homecoming dance that night. Kay Winding ' s Orchestra played for the Satiuxlay night dance, the final event of this year ' s Homecoming. .w . »■ M s K w ' ■ ' -m mw sm ■ fn " ' X Wi ESCORTS for the Homecoming court of Pat Hildebrand, Kay Kolosha and Mary Jane Kimball were a representative of the 1952 football team. Governor Erbe, and Ralph Olson. ' «! 25 Homecorain Queen Katherine (Kay) Kaloosha was crowned queen at the Pep-Bar-B-O and presided over the rest of the weekend ' s events. Kay, from Pampa, T exas, is a junior in Home Economics Educa- tion and a Kappa Alpha Theta. 26 i H - rl l 8 1 PI 27 LAKE LAVERNE seemed to be frozen solid, but water still flowed over the dam. Winter brought less snow and more bitter cold than usual SNOW clothed Christian Petersen ' s statues on the MacKay lily pool. 28 ATHLETIC souls find that winter isn ' t all bad. Snowboots trudged through piles o£ whiteness on their way to class. Remarks about quitting school and going to Florida were fre quent, and buildings were more crowded than usual with students who just couldn ' t quite get up the courage to brave the cold. Winter had hit the campus again. The first few days brought many complaints, but after a couple of weeks most of the faces of students and instructors alike wore an expression of grim acceptance. About January when most people had decided that winter was going to stay for a wliile, snowball fights were frecjuent and a few snowmen dotted the resi- dence lawns. Lake La Verne was a retreat for those few winter en- thusiasts who liked to ice skate. Even the sale of Union coffee (be- lieve it or not) went up. " Well, at least it ' s hot. " Then in February those false starts of spring brought a few warm days which were fol- lowed immediately by heavy snow and zero temperatures. CAR OWNERS trotted out torches, heat lamps and inverted prayers in their efforts to get their cars thawed enough to move. i 29 Christmas Festival of Music presented for seventh year; participation has groivn to 1,000 students and faculty Eight hundred voices blended in an old German melody, Of The Fath- er s Loxie Begotten, the opening of the annual Christmas festival of music. This program was started seven years ago as a service to the campus and comminiity. The participants have grown from the origi- nal 500 to 1,000. Three years ago the performances were increased from one to two to accommodate the growing audience. This year the program included old popidar Christmas carols as well as contemporary 20th century and traditional Christmas music. Above the chorus, spot- lighted in the darkness was the modern dance cltib depicting the Na- tivity. The final Christmas wish was a combined offering from band, o rchestra and festival chorus — The Messiah Chorus. COACH HORNS opened the festival program. DANCERS interpreted the joyful mood of the Christmas music. 30 IOWA STATE SINGERS united with the special Festival Chorus to do the vocal work. .J. ' X C ' k " 1 V? ' ..Ji l 1 • • . J 4 " ' ? i? ' r ' ' • ' ' Ea. ■IK-- ' ii B CHRISTMAS TREE LIGHTING on central campus is held the v eek before the Festival, 31 State, university, and residence politics occupy Iowa State students and faculty FACULTY MEMBERS display political interest by running for offic Dr. Murray, 1958 candidate for Governor, welcomes Dr. E. B. Smi to the ranks of campaigners. Smith ran for the Senate this yec ALL-UNIVERSITY nominating convention has all the trimmings of a big-time con- vention, including pages and a committee to approve the seating of delegates. DON MEYER, center, and running mate, Don Christensen, won the student body presidency and vice presi dency by defeating Lee Johnson and Ron Goodman. CAMPUS organizations of both Republicans and Democrats outnumber the young Ameri- cans for freedom 15 to 1, but the YAF was the most vocal throughout the year. CAUCUSES at the GSB convention helped to shift delegate support to the major candidates. For the first time in three years two presidential candidates ran on the all-university ballots. 33 Varieties is highUg 34 take-offs on " We tside Story " and ' ' L ' il Abner " Whammy! Evil-eye Fleagle strikes again. Another man was caught and dragged to Marrying Sam because Sadie Hawkins Day had hit the campus. It wasn ' t an Iowa State coed during Dames Daze; it was the Phi Delt and Theta Sweepstakes Vari- eties winner, Dogpatch U.S.A. Second was Alpha Gamma Delta and Farm House with Wetside Story. Maria, the jock from SUI and Toni the slide rule case from Iowa State fell in love. " Toni. " Maria. " " Toni, Toni. " ' Maria, Maria " " Toni — " The third place skit by Delta Sig and Pi Phi was a serious portrayal based on the Civil War. It was entitled Brotherhood and directed to the students of Iowa State. " Look at you, your- self. " M.C. ' s Steve Busch and John Rock kept the audience laughing with their I.S.U. coloring book. Color them funny. Barb Flickinger, winner of the flash acts sang " You Can ' t Get A Man With A Gun, " and the winning Sig Ep Varieties girls tripped daintily across the stage dropping flowers. 35 Barjche The opening number of Barjche depicted a typical tryout, initia- tion, rehearsal and opening night of Modern Dance Club. The prologue as well as the rest of the program, was composed and arranged by the members of the club. This was followed by a variety of dance in design and movement. " There is a time to kill and a time to heal, a time to breakdown and a time to build up. " The emotions of mankind were depicted in this dance theme taken from Ecclesiastes 3:1-8. This music for this dance was written by a member of the faculty. ' Tre-Classic Dance Suites " was performed to a score written in 1670 and was accom- pained by a harpsicord. Barrels were used as props for " African Echoes, " ropes as designs for " Ropes, " and scarves for " Blow Prairie Wind. " One of the numbers was a dance depicting a dance. A wild can can, a humorous Charleston, and a jazz cha cha were portrayed in " The Three C ' s. " One of the longer parts of the program was a dance version of Porgy and Bess. 37 Religion-In-Life Week Religion-in-Life Week began with all-out-to-church morning and was continued on Monday by the All-Uni- versity Convocation. Dr. D. Elton Trueblood, author of 19 books spoke on " The Price of Excellence. " The second All-University convocation was held Wednesday night with Dr. Theodore Gill, president of the San Francisco Theological Seminary speaking on " Man ' s Quest for Peace in the Community. " 38 39 People-to-People, Model UN, and Cosmopolitan Club work to improve US- foreign student relations RUFUS ADEGBOYE presided over Cosmopolitan Club meetings. The club primarily exists to give students from all countries in- cluding the United States a chance to mix socially. PEOPLE-TO-PEOPLE tries to set up a buddy system for v elcom- ing students from other countries to ISU, and planning Model -UN. 40 An international banquet was held spring quarter with foreign stu- dents preparing their native foods for the buffet. This was part of the People-to-People program which was organized in October of last year for the ptnpose of establishing personal contacts between interna- tional students, American students, and the people in Ames. Part of the plan includes a brother-sister program where I.S.U. students are given a counterpart from among the international students. The biggest project of the year was the Model U.N. Delegates from uni- versities all over the state representing their native countries debated resolutions on current world problems. MODEL UN officials folk over the day ' s program. Model UN contains student delegations representing each UN member country, and the organization is patterned after the United Nations organization. AFRICAN NIGHT at Cosmopolitan Club consists of a program presented by the students from Africa and a display of African decorations and artwork. spring fc. " -. T r 43 Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra performs for Focus Week FOCUS 44 Music, dance, architecture, literature, drama — Variety in art for Focus 1962. In the field of literature was Richard Llewellyn, internationally known novelist, playwright, producer, and director who presented a lecture on " The Modern Novel. " Howard Clurgyman, director and drama critic, also gave a lecture, this one entitled " A View of the Contemporary Theatre. " The area of dance was represented by internationally famotis dancer and choreographer Bruce King who presented a master lesson in modern dance. A view of drama was given by students from the University of Iowa drama department who brought back the all-but- forgotten art of pantomine. International relations were brought to focus by Juscelino Kubitschek former president of Brazil who discussed " United States and Brazil: Partners for Peace. " A range of music was offered by Herb Shriner in Pops Americana, the Lime- liters singing rolicking folksongs, and the Minneapolis Symphony under the direction of Stanislaw Skrowaczewski. Variety in art for Focus 1962. 45 813 pints of blood given during Greek Week THESE COUPLES dance to the music of Ray McKinley Saturday night at the Greek Week dance. Greek Week, with a few additions and a new purpose was changed in many aspects this year. Formerly it had been limited to attendance only by Greeks but many of this year ' s events, including the Limeliters, were open to the public. In the attempt to make Greek Week more universal and important to the community, the afternoon Olympics were eliminated and replaced by a service project. Greeks volunteered to give what was most important to them, (besides their activity ticket) their blood. In two days, 813 pints of blood were given to the Red Cross Blood Bank to be used for patients tmdergoing surgery as well as replacement for other excessive loss of blood. The social events of Greek Week included a song packed two hours feattiring the Limeliters. This was followed by a round of parties bringing New York to the campus for a night: The Stork Club, Farm House; Peppermint Lounge, Kappa Sigma; " 21 " Club, Tri Delt; Stardust Lounge, Tau Kappa Epsilon. Other Greek Week old regulars were the dinner exchanges, the semi-formal dance on Saturday evening with Ray McKinley playing, and the crowning of the Greek Week King and Oueen. The more serious side of Greek Week included the opening convocation held Thursday night with Hugh Sidey, the Washington correspondent for Life Magazine, as speaker. The was followed by tapping for Gamma Gamma, the Greek honorary. 46 " I NOSE what you mean. " One of the Limelighters clowns around at the concert given Friday night as part of the entertainment of Greek Week. MARY HENNESSY smiles bravely at the nurse and tries not to think about the needle in her arm as she gives a pint of blood. ffxassftn. VAL LEMBKE is tapped by Victor Klopfenstein for Cardinal Key. JUDY CLAUSE smiles at interested onlool ers after being tapped for Mortar Board, the top women ' s honorary. " HEY, you guys. This is a race, remember? " The win- ning men ' s canoe team gets detoured for a minute by a traffic jam. 48 Skies are blue and sunny for Veishea ' s fortieth year PAT MELROY is monitoring the A. P. News through two different receivers in a mobile Military Radio Van. This demonstration was part of the R.O.T.C. open house. The Lime was Thursday, May 4th, 11:50. Thousands of jubilant students rushed across campus — Some to sheds and barns which housed half completed floats, and some to the steps of Beardshear for the opening ceremonies. Ray Cunningham lit the Veishea torch, oflicially opening the three day holiday and lending a note of solemnity to the afternoon. And then the announcement of queens. Veishea Queen of Queens, Barb Haugen; Attendants, Nancy Hillig and Joyce Rice. Veishea 1962 vas off to the races. People and swans lined the shores of Lake LaVerne, cheering for the wet but happy victors of the canoe races. Thursday ' s other events included Mortar Board and Cardinal Key tapping and the sweatshirt dance. Friday the campus was jammed with visitors, old and young, touring the open houses. 49 Wonderful Tojvn " presented by students in SOV " YEAH but styles aren ' t that short this year. " Hester Fassel, one cf the two sisters who have left Ohio to make their way in the big city, tries to reason with the Sport. WHAT do you mean my pants are too short? Jim Bobbitt, the best shirt ironer in New York doesn ' t seem to worry too much about what goes on the other half. WHO ' S GOT the pigtail? Bill Walker or D ' Ann Parrott? These two clowns dance their way across the stage as part of the 1 1 member dance group. 50 Friday and Saturday nighi Stars Over Veishea presented " Wonderful Town " including: cast, 16; chorus, 13; dancers, 11; and orchestra, 24, plus numerous production crews. This is the story of two sisters from Ohio who venture to New York to seek fame and fortune and wander into the curious realm of Greenwich Village. Eileen, the " femme fatale " , and her practical sister Ruth, the aspiring young writer, were forced into a basement apartment where they met all imaginable odd remnants of the human race; Wreck the football hero who ironed their clothes but would not wash them because " washing was women ' s work, " Helen who lived with Wreck because it was cheaper, the Brazilian admirals who carried off Ruth in a wild cha cha from the Brooklyn navy yard all the way across New York, and Violet, the former inhabitant of the apartment whose old customers kept dropping in on the girls. AS IF EXCITEMENT wasn ' t great enough In " Wonderful Town, " Ruth had to add to the confusion by continuing to write her book throughout the play. • f r V The Purple Shaft Before and After. Carpenters and paper stuffers from float building crews and demonstrators and tour guides from the open houses pulled on their finest sweatshirts and took a break from their labors to listen to the folk singing and collegiate-geared humor of the Brothers Four. This was followed by informal dancing to the music of the J Hall Four and the Al Sharon Quartet. Extended hours for women allowed time for a little more festivity and a chance for people to get a little wearier before they set out the next day to welcome the 1 ,000 high school students to career day and to finish their weekend chores. THE BROTHERS FOUR returned to Veishea for the second year in a row to highlight the first night. THE SWEATSHIRT BAtt gives float build- ers a chance to relax in their working clothes before putting the final hours in on their floats. 53 MRA DIVISION WINNER was the entry of Pearson House. •■ i y SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON and Kappa Alpha Theta combined talents to carry ofF the trophy for the combination float division. 54 Motion picture ' titles provide float ideas Crowds of spectators sat on blankets, lined the curbs and hung out of trees along the parade rdute Saturday morning. The day was bright and sunny without Veishea ' s usual parade day rain. After the long wait for the first float, bands and floats passed quickly in review with only a few minor breakdowns and stray band players. This year many of the residences combined their efforts in one float. Winners were: Theta and Phi Delt, Sweepstakes; Pi Phi and Beta, combination Sweepstakes; Sig Ep, fraternity division; Kappa, sorority division; and Pearson House, men ' s dormitories. After the parade hot and weary visitors took one last look at the campus and the long job of taking down and tearing apart was begun for another year ' s Veishea. 101 DALMATIANS from the Kappa Kappa Gamma float romped along the parade route. THE PARADE, the weekend, Veishea ' 62 ended. 55 Vc ' ishea Q en of Mfueens 56 m-Mm::.:. ■, ' « Barbara Haugen received the crown of Queen of Queen ' s at the opening Veishea ceremonies. She led the Saturday parade and reigned as guest of honor over the rest of the weekend ' s events. At the time of her coronation Barb was a junior in Home Ec Education. Her hometown is Rake, Iowa, and her home at ISU is Pi Beta Phi sorority. 57 Every school has its traditions that will be remembered with a smile or perhaps a small pang in years to come. No one is quite sure how they started but each new class gradually picks up the customs and supersti- tions. A student may be seen walking through the Union ' s revolving door and swinging deliberately aroimd the zodiac so he will not fail his next test. In the foimtain directly outside these doors sit four silent Indian maids who watch over passing students. The ring of the campa- nile is as familiar to most students as a friendly face on campus. And no Iowa State girl can traditionally become a coed until she has been kissed imder its darkened arch at midnight. Across from the union on the other side is Lake La Verne, in the winter a place for ice skating and in the spring a residence for the two swans, Lady Elaine and ' Lancelot. 58 Familiar sights groiv into traditions and become imbedded in memory 1 BOMB BEAUTY FINALISTS Pat H tide brand KAPPA ALPHA THETA Barb Flickinger PI BETA PHI Marilyn Freeman ALPHA DELTA PI RALPH OLSEN, the final judge, and his wife attended the Varieties performance at which Mr. Olsen pre- sented the Beauties. Cy ' s Favorite Alum Picks ivinner A detailed rating system was used by five local judges at the two Bomb Beauty teas to cut the field of 65 to the final eight. After the finalists were selected two photographs of each girl were sent to Cy ' s Favorite Alum, Ralph Olsen for the final judging. The Bomb Beauties were announced by Mr. Olsen at the third Varie- ties performance. Bomb Beauties were judged on poise, beauty and photogenic cjualities. 60 Mary Jane Kimball ALPHA CHI OMEGA Karen Carmichael ALPHA GA rM A DKLTA Mary Beth Sartor KAPPA ALPHA THETA Kay Kolosha KAPPA ALPHA THETA Leslie Rudell GAMMA PHI BETA 61 Pat Hildebrand 62 Leslie Rudell i 9 s Mary Jcuie Kimball 64 Karen Carmichael 65 Academic Editor Carolyn Campion This is the reason you are here, and . . . you sweat it. You slave in that lab, pour over the books when the weather is nice, and grind out that paper at three a.m. Yoti study and learn a little, maybe it gives you a thrill. This is part of it. Administration 68 College of Agriculture 72 College of Engineering 76 College of Home Economics 80 College of Sciences and Humanities .... 84 College of Veterinary Medicine 88 Graduate Research 92 E xtension 98 66 ACADEMICS 67 Governor of Iowa HAROLD HUGHES, newly elected Governor, works with Pres- ident Hilton, the Board of Regents, members of the Legisla- ture, and other administrative officials to plan continued de- velopment of the University. State Board of Regents Front Row: Mrs. Joseph Rosenfield, Harry H. Hagcniann, Mrs. Robert Valentine, Mrs. Kenneth Evans. Back Row: Maurice B. Crabbe, Wilbur C. Molison, Stanley E. Redecker, John C. Oberhausen, Arthur W. Noehrcn. 68 President James H. Hilton WITH RESPECT for the heritage of our University, a concern for present educational needs and a vision of high goals for the future. President Hilton completes o decade of serv- ice to Iowa State. GUESTS OF HONOR preside at Veishea ceremonies. President Hilton ' s duties in the course of the year include such social functions as well as his other work. 69 Boyne H. Piatt VICE-PRESIDENT OF BUSINESS AND FINANCE Millard Kratochvil DIRECTOR OF STUDENT AFFAIRS Vice-President of Business and Finance All business and physical operations of the University are supervised by Boyne H. Piatt. He manages all monetary aid and grants to the school, guides the distribution and budgeting of financial aid approved by the state legisla- ture, and coordinates expansion projects. J. Boyd Page VICE-PRESIDENT FOR RESEARCH 70 i Director of Student Affairs Student problems with college regulations, in residence groups, and student organizations are directed to Millard R. Kratochvil, Director of Student Affairs, whose job demands working close ly with students in all phases of campus life. Vice-President of Academic Affairs Dr. W. Robert Parks, Vice-President of Academic Affairs, is concerned with methods of instruction, changes in curricula, new educational pro- grams, and off-campus courses which provide a means of education for those who cannot attend classes at the University. W. Robert Parks VICE-PRESIDENT OF ACADEMIC AFFAIRS Arthur M. Gowan REGISTRAR Director of Admissions and Registrar Registrar Arthur M. Gowan is general supervisor of undergraduate and graduate admissions and records. He works with the registration pro- cedures and general curriculum committees, commencement and orien- tation committees, and is secretary of the graduate and general faculties. Vice-President for Research Vice-president for research and dean of the graduate school, J. Boyd Page helps formulate rules governing admissions, registration, and classification of graduate students. He coordinates, through deans and directors, special university research programs. 71 ANALYTICAL WORK in the poultry laboratory is aided by the use of the new refrigerated centrifuge. College of Agriculture LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTS take many architecture courses but are distinguished from other architects in that they also study soils and trees to equip them for landscaping jobs. 72 Graduates of the College of Agriculture are pre- pared to accept positions not only in increasingly complex farm management, but also in the fields of research, industry, and public service, includ- ing education and extension. The curricula provided in agriculture affords students an oppor- tunity to study in one or more of the nineteen separate departments of the College. Nine of of these departments participate in the two-year program leading to a certificate in technical agri- culture. The six months of practical experience required of agriculture students is administered by the various department heads. Federal and state funds and other grants and bequests for re- search, extension and instruction in agricidttire and related sciences enable the college to make effective use of the experimental fields, special buildings, processing plants, gardens and orchards as laboratories for practical investigation, as well as for instructional purposes. DEAN FtOYD ANDRE directs policies in the College of Agriculture to provide contin- ued expansion in the programs. 7S The flavor of international affairs accented programs begun this year in the College of Agriculture. A cooper- ative program with Perti in land economics involves the re-distribution of land holdings. Iowa State agriculture specialists cooperate in programs of the Uruguay contract at National University, the University of Trabajo, and an experiment station in Uruguay. The Center for Ag- ricultural and Economic Adjustment, organized in 1957, continues to coordinate and concentrate research, exten- sion, and teaching activities to aid in overcoming agri- cidtural problems in the United States. Activities at the Center this year included a conference on Goals and Values in American Agriculture and the Third Annual Farm Policy Review Conference sponsored jointly with The Agricultural Policy Institute at North Carolina State College. This increase in foreign interest is noted through the 146 agricultural staff members who have served in 46 foreign countries. In the past ten years, 1757 foreign visitors have viewed the complex organiza- tion of the College. A SPECTROSCOPE is used in the new foods laboratory of the Dairy Industry building. A TIMBER specialist points out a planting site to forestry students on the summer camp trip to the Arapaho National Forest, Colorado. The eight-week trip, including courses in silviculture, forest utilization, measurements and operations, is required by the students before their senior year. 74 PROF. JACK ALEXANDER points out to students at the Ag. 450 farm meat type characteristics of hogs determined through cross-breed- ing programs. College of Agriculture participates in cooperative programs with Latin American countries DEPARTMENT HEADS - front Row: Stoltenberg (forestry). Mahlstede (horticulture), Bockhop (agricul- tural engineering), Taubcr (entomology and wildlife), Bryan (education), Mitchell (farm operations). Back Row: Johnson (animal science), Pierre (agronomy), O ' Mara (genetics), Forsythe (poultry science), Bragonier (plant pathology). Barton (landscape architecture). Elder (information service). Porter (prof, in charge, dairy science), Hamilton (technical journalism). 75 College of Engineering DEAN of the College of Engineering, Dr. George Town completes his fifth year of di- recting the activities of the largest engineer- ing college west of the Mississippi. The College of Engineering, which began with only four de- partments, now has eleven major areas in which Bachelor of Science degrees may be earned. Architecture and architec- tural engineering are five year curricula leading to specialized degrees. Construction, electronics, and mechanical technology are administered by the technical institute and lead to an As- sociate in Applied Science certificate. Cooperative Programs in various departments allow the student to receive practical experience in his chosen field, motivation for greater interest in his studies and a substantial degree of financial return. In addition to its regular instructional work in engineering, the College is also active in research and extension work imple- mented through the Engineering Experiment Station and the Engineering Extension Service. Department Heads front Ro-w: Town (dean), Patterson (extension), Murphy (nuclear), Ohlsen (engineering mechanics), Lagerstrom (assistant dean), Wilder (ceramic), Bockhop (agricuhural), Hillyard (personnel), Boylan (engineering experiment station), Burnet (chemical). Back Row: Anderson (aerospace), Veline (clas- sification), Kkberg (civil), Rising (graphics). Black (mechanical) , Carlson (metallurgy), Walkup (indus- trial), Ellis (technical institute). Boast (electrical). 76 KENNETH KRUEMPEL, electrical engineering graduate student, and Dr. Paul M. Anderson attempt to coordinate the network analyzer with a Hall EfFect wattmeter, a research project built from components by Kruempel. DON LINN and Luis Gonzales record measurements made with the transit in a surveying class offered to landscape architecture and forestry students, as well as those students of the civil engineering department. Laurence Smiser uses the Siemens ELMISKOP I electron microscope in work for his masters degree. 77 MILLING CUTTERS for the engineering shops ore ground by Carnis Spires in the research machine shop. DON PETIT, aerospace engineering senior, simulates a complex dynamic sys- tem on the department ' s differential analyzer, on electronic analog used in studies of automatic control and guidance systems. A WING SECTION grove for the aerospace wind tunnel is machined by Robert Johns. 78 Business, management, and construction were combined to provide formal training for the construction program begun this year within the framework of the department of engineering operations. Sixteen men were enrolled fall quarter in the program sponsored by Master Builders. The Center for Industrial Research and Service was organ- ized to increase engineering service to Iowa industry in terms of ex- tension. International development of the College was increased in as- sociation with the Mid-America State Universities Association which conducted inspections at foreign universities. This year Iowa State par- ticipated in inspections of Egypt and Peru to evaluate the program, faculty, and facilities of the universities to determine how financial sup- port can be maximized. Service to Iowa industry and international development increased by College of Engineering CONSTRUCTION began this year on the new chemi- cal engineering building to be completed next year. STUDENTS MEASURE candle foot power as they improve a study situa- tion in a beginning household equipment laboratory. College of Home Economics AN APPLIED ART student creates her own textile design by block printing. STUDENTS GAIN valuable work experience and knowledge of time management in planning and preparation of meals in a meal man- agement lab of the food and nutrition department. 80 i DEAN HELEN LEBARON this year participated on a twenty-six member national committee created by Sec. of Education Ribblcoff to evaluate existing vocational legislation. Education for professional opportunities and for the development of students as citizens and family members are the objectives of the College of Home Economics. The freshman student is ori- ented with a general understanding and back- ground in both Home Economics and liberal arts. During her sophomore year, the Home Economics student selects her major and concentrates in this field of study. Majors are offered in the depart- ments of applied art, child development, food and nutrition, home economics education, home management, household equipment, institution management, physical education for women, and textiles and clothing. Due to the nation-wide reputation of this college, qualified professional graduates have a wide selection of job opportu- nities in a variety of these fields. Students in the college are encouraged to participate in the activi- ties of any of the seven departmental clubs. The Honors Program offered by the College provides the opportunity for students of high scholastic ability to pursue independent study and obtain special educational experiences not available in the regular degree programs. OBSERVATIONAL BOOTHS enable students in child develop- ment classes to take notes on the children ' s behavior without distracting the children from their normal ploy. 81 MISS SADDLER assists Mary Seitz in a draping class designed to teach how to make patterns by draping and how to properly fit garments. INSTITUTIONAL MANAGEMENT class gives students on opportunity to learn to handle quantity cooking. Front Row: Buchanan (placement), Rosenfield (extension), McKinley (institutional management), Garfield (applied art). Back Row: Listen (home management), Scruggs (education), Brewer (food and nutrition), Hawlces (child development), Beveridge (household equipment), Forker (physical education). 82 Constant vision keeps the College of Home Economics abreast of a changing world The dynamic and ever-changing nature of the field of Home Economics is under constant revision to keep abreast of the needs of our progres- sing times. A Cooperative Restaurant Management Department was established to meet the needs for supervisory positions in the rapidly growing restaurant industry. Men are eligible for a certificate in res- taurant management by completing six quarters of imiversity classes alternated with four quarters of on-the-job training. The Child De- velopment Department expanded to offer an elementary education major, and the cooperative program whereby a student can study at another college for two years and then transfer to Iowa State without the usual formalities to complete her education was extended. PART OF HOME MANAGEMENT classes include study of insurance, credit systems and social security, here studied by Carol Brindley, Deonne Stenstrom and Don Larew. TECHNIQUES of fencing are practiced in this class introduced into physical education for women last year. 83 The College of Sciences and Humanities, by giv- ing the student a broad science and humanities education, provides him with an understanding not only of his own intellectual concerns, but also those of others. Basic requirements in seven fields of study give a broad, liberal education while also allowing the student to specialize in his major and minor fields in the College. Besides supervising its own undergraduate cur- riculum, conducting instruction supporting the curricula of all other colleges in the university, and preparing students for admission into grad- uate schools, the College has special study pro- grams for outstanding students. These Honors Programs encourage individual work by increas- ing flexibility in the academic program. COLLEGE OF SCIENCES AND HUMANITIES DEPARTMENT HEADS Front Rozv: Schrampfcr (industrial administration). Walker (English). Taiibcr (zoology and entomology), Matterson (history) , Hussey (geology) , Lay ton (psychology) . Back Row: Lorch (speech) , Orr (library) , Carlson (metallurgy) , Bancroft (statistics) , Hinrichsen (associate dean) , Keisler (military science), Bortle (assistant dean). ua ■ S MflHPi . . 1 ■ — J. , .a r3r=7 ' ..|ap ' 2a L nil Ml L. M f • j y kIP F jn " JEl 1 K r ' 1 • " p ' m :, T m ■ Front Row: Kihlcnbtck (modern hinguagc), Hart (music), Vinogradc (malhcmatics) , I.otkhart (bacteri- ology), Goetz (chemistry), Zaifaraiio (physics). Back Row: Kcnkel (sociology). Sage (air science), Harwick (naval science), Roy (dean), Chalmers (men ' s physical education), Br.igonier (botany). Gram (student tu-alth service). 84 The goal of the College of Sciences and Human- ities is not only education in the formal sense, but also the individual ' s intellectual, emotional, and moral growth. This growth, through a constant reshaping and reexamination of the individual, can be gained throtigh the never ending process of learning. The developinent of the student ' s abil- ity and desire to learn is one of the purposes of formal education. Through formal education, educational institutions maintain an environment and foster programs which encourage students to discover the need and the means of individual ful- fillment that they may go on to enrich and strengthen society. These goals of education lead to the student ' s discovery, not just of a body of knowledge, but the fascination of learning. BACTERIA CUtTURES from the tubes are viewed more closely by George VanDeWolle by microscopic exam- ination of stained smears in this bacteriology class. FORMERtY head of the geology department. Dr. Chalmer J. Roy became dean of the Col- lege of Sciences and Humanities spring quarter. MEASUREMENT of the absorption spectrum of hemoglobin is done by a student in biochemistry using a spectrophotometer. 85 Growth is key word for the College as it enlarges classes, classrooms, and its academic program Facilities of the College were expanded with the opening of a new classroom building for use fall quarter. The new facilities were a special boon to the Modern Language Department because they included a language laboratory which will allow greater emphasis to be placed on the audio- lingual approach to languages. The new space also enabled the speech department to expand its speech therapy program and the English De- partment to increase the size of its remedial read- ing program. Besides generally easing the strain on classroom space the expansion also made it pos sible for office space to be expanded as several former classrooms in Beardshear were converted to offices. In addition to the changes in the phys- ical accommodations for the College there are constant changes in the academic programs of- fered. Evidence of these changes is the laying of plans to extend the metallurgy department, now present only on the graduate level, to an under- graduate major next year. LEAF AND STEM sections occupy the attention of two of the students in a beginning botany laboratory. A FACILITY in the new classroom building, the modern language laboratory allows the instructor to talk or listen to individual students as they work at their own paces. 86 DISSECTION in a zoology laboratory engrosses the attention of Rocky Zvendel and Bob Jungk. SAMPLES are extracted from a rock in order to test for the mineral content of the rock. 87 0R. . .»f«cH NT DEAN I. A. MERCHANT heads and directs the oldest College of Veter- inary Medicine in the country. COLLEGE OF VETERINARY MEDICINE The location of Iowa State University in the center of a great agricuhural area provides the student in the College of Veterinary Medicine with an excellent opportunity to gain practical ex- perience and to observe an established veterinar- ian. The students gain experience and knowledge through the Veterinary Medical Research Insti- tute, the Iowa Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Lab- oratory, and the College hospital and ambulatory clinics. The Ames Federal Animal Disease Eradi- cation Laboratory is important as a research center at the graduate level of the College. The College, the oldest school of veterinary medicine in the country, includes the departments of anatomy, hygiene, medicine and surgery, obstetrics and radiology, pathology, and physiology and phar- macology. The student who seeks admission to the four-year curriculum in Veterinary Medicine must first complete two years of pre-professional training. Careers in research, public health, gen- eral practice and governmental agencies await the graduate. United by personal and professional re- spect, veterinary medicine students form a very close-knit group within their college. ENGINEER Curran Swift checks prototype circuit for measuring blood pressure in his research oflfice. 88 WORKING with small animals in an applied ana- tomy class, veterinary medicine students practice the techniques of anaesthesia as part of their clinical training. DISEASED lung tissue is pointed out to students by Dr. R. J. Duncan in a pathology laboratory. RECORDINGS of the electrocardiogram and blood pressure of a normal dog are checl ed in a physiology laboratory. 89 The College of Veterinary Medicine strives to satisfy the increased demand for veterinarians The Colleges of Veterinary Medicine and Engi- neering collaborated to establish in 1957 the bio- medical electronics program at Iowa State Uni- versity. This is the world ' s first formal academic program in this interdisciplinary field. The pro- gram includes facilities, research and training pro- grams, all of which are administered jointly by the two colleges through a permanent administra- tive committee. Its goal is the design of equip- ment for detecting biological changes, the im- provement of present instruments and the evalua- tion of results by quantitative methods. The pro- gram offers training for veterinary medicine stu- dents specializing in advanced methods of using modern instruments for the solution of medical research problems, and for engineers training is afforded in advanced methods of designing instru- ments for biomedical measurements. The re- search and training program is svipported by grants and University contributions. DAVE NEtSON applies his surgical training on a dog at the Stange Memorial Clinic where upper- class students gain experience in working under supervision with actual cases. A SEMINAR with biomedical electronic engineers is con- ducted by Dr. Victor Bolie, biomedical electronics engineer. 90 RCWMinHMHWWW u iLua IkUMNBWMmXHaU !■ Front Row: Getty (anatomy), Swenson (physiology and pharmacology), Emmerson (obstetrics and radiology), Bennett (diagnostic laboratory), Hofstad (research institute). Back Row: Kingrey (medicine surgery and director of Clinic), Ramsey (pathology), Packer (hygiene). DEPARTMENT HEADS AN X-RAY of the foot of a surgical patient is taken in radiology laboratory by seniors Ron Beaumont, Robert Bashora and Ray Belding. CHRISTIAN PETERSEN ' S STATUE of a veterinarian adorns the veterinary medicine quadrangle. 91 GRADUATE COLLEGE Enrollment increase rate doubles national average growth rate of colleges and universities DR. AKHTAR JEHAN ANSARI, a visiting Fulbright Scholar in chemical engineering, concJucts an analysis as a part of her advanced study. ENGINEERS Allan Potter, Jerry Tonant, Tom Whitney, and Brittain Catron discuss biomedical radio telemetry equipment. DEAN BOYD PAGE heads the Graduate College, whose increasing enrollment in- dicates its outstanding reputation. The increasing trend toward higher education to meet today ' s standards is reflected in the Grad- uate College of Iowa State University. The Grad- uate College enrollment last year was 14 percent higher than in the previous year. This is double the national average growth rate of colleges and universities. Iowa State ranks seventh in the United States in the number of doctorates awarded in the biological sciences and 1 1 th in doctorates in the physical sciences. Iowa State enjoys a world wide reputation for its fine grad- uate programs and this year had students enrolled from 68 countries. Due to a lack of available classroom and laboratory space, housing, research support, money for scholarships, as well as the rigid application of admission standards, 60 per- cent of the applicants to the Graduate College this year were denied admission. Graduate students may either teach or do research in one of the 53 departments in which graduate work is offered at Iowa State. Through the practical application of their contributions to knowledge, the graduate students of ISU will take their place as leaders in an age of scientific accomplishment. SOItS TEST SOtUTIONS are prepared by Brad Johnson for projects involving the finding of CO- formation in farm lands heavily saturated with lime deposits. 93 Research is an important part of most graduate programs PAUL VOHS performs a serology study on pheasant blood in ANIMAL HUSBANDRY professor. Dr. Wise Burroghs, displays connection with his research in zoology. the intracacies of an artificial cow stomach. THE EFFECT of dietary protein is the subject of research for Lois Davidson, graduate in Home Economics. 94 Data from his computer is checked by Guy Schupp who is working with a spectrometer which measures the length of beta and gamma rays in a reacter. THE HEART OF A PIG is examined by Dr. Bernard H. Skold, Dr. Robert Getty and Dr. John F. Munnell for a gerontology study. Seven research agencies are in operation at Iowa State to dexelop new knowledge through basic and applied research. These agencies are the Agricul- tural Experiment Station, the Engineering Ex- periment Station, the Institute for Atomic Re- search, the Industrial Science Research Institute, the Statistical Laboratory, the Computation Cen- ter, and the Veterinary Medical Research Insti- tute. The National Animal Disease Laboratory near Ames, an agency of the USDA, cooperates closely with the College of Veterinary Medicine in research on highly commimicable animal dis- eases. The Institute for Atomic Research also has national responsibilities as one of its fimctions is to operate the Ames Laboratory of the United States Atomic Energy Commission. 95 RESEARCH PASSAGE of a molten zone along a bar of vanadium metal in a high-frequency furnace en ables metallurgy graduate assistant, Robert Thompson, to prepare high-purity vanadium. DETERMINATION of the strength of ma- terials at high temperatures occupies the research time of Tom Marcinik, as- sistant in engineering. The Atomic Energy Commission and Iowa State cooperate closely |AJ ' : ' ;:M. ' . ' aiit:,-:fJ ' , ' jJU f DR. FRANK H. SPEDDING, Director of the Institute for Atomic Research and the Ames Laboratory was feted this year by President Kennedy for his early atomic research v ork at ISU. 96 The atomic energy program began in 1941, soon after the discovery of nuclear fission had launched a new era in scientific research. With several promising processes for producing uranium de- veloped at Iowa State University, the project here was enlarged to the pilot plant stage and fidl-scale production of uranium metal was soon in pro- gress. The Lab, one of seven major, basic, inte- grated research laboratories of the AEC, now con- ducts research in the Institute Office and Labora- tory Building, the Metals Development, Metal- lurgy, Research, and Synchrotron Buildings. A large research reactor is presently under construc- tion and will be completed in 1963. LEWIS BARTEL, graduate assistant in physics, is de- termining absorption spectra of single crystal of rare earth ethyl sulfates by means of a Llttrow- Echelle spectrograph. RARE EARTHS are extracted and separated by a long process of filtration. The Institute for Atomic Research is a research division of the University and is concerned with basic research in fields of atomic energy and the supporting sciences. One of its functions is to op- erate the Ames Laboratory of the Atomic Energy Commission, which is located on the campus and which devotes itself to pioneering and basic re- search in atomic energy. The Ames Lab is a re- search center employing 800 persons, including over 200 graduate sttidents in the physical sciences and 60 undergraduate students. While students have the opportiniity to earn M.S. and Ph.D. de- grees in the various departments, they are em- ployed in the Ames Lab to carry on research, tis- ually in the same fields as their thesis work. The Lab, a $15 million facility, devotes much of its time to materials research, developing new meth- ods for producing pure metals, alloys, and ceram- ics, and studying their properties, particularly at high temperattires and pressures. Emphasis is placed on phases of chemistry, engineering, metal- lurgy and physics which apply to nuclear processes. 97 Extension MARGARET STOUT and Danora Waterhouse, in-service extension trainees, interview with Marcena VerPloeg, home management specialist, regarding her education program and service to families. DAIRYMAN from Delaware County watch Dwoyne Rohweder, exten- sion agronomist, work a forage seeding problem at one of the many workshops conducted for farmers by Extension specialists. PUSS MAHAN, extension specialist in human development and family life, provides information regularly to families through WOI-TV and other Iowa television stations. 98 Iowa State University provides available off-campus education to all Iowa people through the Cooperative Extension Service in Agricultine and Home Economics and the Iowa Engineering Extension Service. These educational programs are based on specific needs of indivdual families and broad public works in Iowa. The Coopera- tive Extension Service today focuses atten- tion on problems growing out of a rapidly changing social and economic environ- ment. Included in its program are short courses, workshops, and other methods of organized education dealing with public affairs, commimity welfare, agricultural production, and its relationship to agri- business, efficient marketing and buying, and conservation of natural resources. Methods tised convey knowledge of basic principles of technology. In its youth pro- gram the Cooperative Extension Service is placing special emphasis on career explora- tion and tmderstanding of scientific princi- ples. The trend in the Engineering Exten- sion Service is toward longer, more inform- ative and extensive programs associated with the needs of certain industries. There is statewide participation in the refresher courses and industrial training programs offered by the Service for individual engi- neers. The eight sub-divisions of the ex- tension service are emphasized in the visual aids prograins, lectures, short cotirses, and the distribution of publications. A PROBtEM in industrial electronics presents a challenge to three engi- neers enrolled in a Marshalltown adult evening school. These evening courses ore one phase of the programs provided by the Iowa Engineer- ing Extension service. DR. E. P. SYLWESTER, extension bota- nist and plant pathologist, discusses the complexities of plant struc- ture with a Muscatine 4-H youth. 99 Activities Editor Cathy Lundon Get to the meeting at five, but first; drop this off at the Daily office, run across campus seven times and say " Hi " to anyone you vaguely rec- ognize. Keep it up, and if your pep pills don ' t get you down you ' ll see a little of your school ' s inner workings. Honoraries 102 Clubs 118 Government 148 Religious Groups 160 Music 178 Publications 183 Military 199 100 ACTIVITIES 101 CARDINAL KEY All-University honorary taps thirteen Sam Bowen Daniel L. Griffen Dick Doak Jack Hansen Larry Hiller Roger Selley Jon Si ' ellman 102 Valdeax Lembke Dan Loper An old member appioaches an outstanding man on campus, slips a gold cord with a red key over the head of the man, and a new member has been officially tapped into Iowa State University ' s highest honor so- ciety. Cardinal Key. Cardinal Key is a sen- ior Honor Society which offers member- ship to men who ha ' e been outstanding leaders during their college careers at Iowa State University. The purposes of Cardinal Key are to promote the Cardinal virtues of leadership, service, character, and scholar- ship among all students. Highlight of spring quarter each year is the Men ' s Lead- ership Day and the tapping of new mem- bers for Cardinal Key. The men ' s Leader- ship Day convocation features an outstand- ing national speaker who stresses the Cardi- nal virtues and the evening banquet hon- ors the junior and senior men who have displayed the Cardinal virtues. The tap- ping of new members comes during a spe- cial ceremony at Veishea time. Tommy Timm Bob Vasko Dave Waters 103 front Row: Ingels, Bossert, Dove. Meyer, Schulte, Iverson. Second Rozi-: Gettys (sec), Stephens, White, Cox. Third Row: Cummins, Riidig, Holland, Hoover (pres.). Wolff. Fourth Row: Boyd, McClurg (v. p.), Gaffney, Karth, Miller. Back Row: Morris, Carlson, Shanklin (treas.), Gundcrson, Wood, Seeley. Tomahawk PLEDGES spend a week carrying wooden tomahawks around their necks for actives to sign, and wearing a feathered head- band. Tomahawk is a national honorary for independ- ent sophomores who have achieved a grade point of 2.25 or better. Members are selected dinging winter quarter by active me mbers on the basis of activities, grade point, and attitude. The purpose of this organization is to further the leadership ability of its members, to be of service to fellow students, and to be a stimulus to freshmen in ac- tivities. In order to do this, Tomahawk members conduct a baby-sitting service, usher at university functions, and try to set a good example by con- tributing their loyalty, service, and co-operation to Iowa State. Members were able to contribute .$120 dollars to the Iowa State Center fund last spring by holding a car wash. Tomahawk mem- bers also pro ' ided a good will service for visitors on the campus during Veishea last year by setting up and conducting information booths. 104 EARL HOLTZ, president, leads one of the monthly business meetings of Alpha Kappa Psi, the professional business fra- ternity. Alpha Kappa Psi is ISU ' s professional business fra- ternity. Membership is open to all male students in industrial administration who have a grade point of 2.00 and who are recommended by fac- ulty and student members. This year there were 70 active members. Thirty members went on a field trip to Chicago where they visited marketing, transportation, finance and accounting firms. Ted Hollander received the Alpha Kappa Psi scholar- ship key for the highest male cumulative grade point. Mr. Max Banshaf, Advertising, Promotion, and Public Relations Director of Armstrong Cork Company, was made a honorary member of the chapter. The national annual efficiency rating listed Iowa State ' s chapter among the top third in the nation. Service projects included compiling of a speaker ' s booklet of 300 speakers from the university and Ames community, ushers for RIL Week, Veishea display, and co-sponsorship of I. Ad. Banquet. Alpha Kappa Psi front Roir: Taylor, Dunahoo, Welty, Shadl e (fac. advisor), Holtz (prcs.), Jenkins (v.p.), Balodis, Burrell, Deppe, Ness. Second Row: Knapp, Bidler, Lallan, Kiesey. Smith, Frisa, Gavnor, Millang. Dalev. Third Roir: Merrifield, Gilbert, Hird, Graham, Short, Cory, Smith, Walker, Lenderts, KIcven. Fourlli Rou: Christcnscn Hollander, Seigliano, Robinson, Thorburn, Hain, Hayes, Karr, Lynn (sec.)- Back Row: Brown, Howard, Brownlee, Hanna, Findlow, Phster, Harrian, Thompson, Ellis, Clarey. 105 MORTAR BOARD -Fronf Roic: Waters, Barclay, Mclcher, Tomlinson, Royer, Hutchinson. Second Row: Rice, Cord, Anderson, Shepard, Johnson. Third Row: Abrarason, Kerl, Clause, Dodds (pres.), Ohde, Whitcomb. Mortar Board University pride and individual leadership are two features encouraged by Mortar Board. This is done partly through the sponsoring of the Women ' s Induction Service and the selection of a senior-woman-of-the-month. Mortar Board also holds study meetings every month. Outstanding women leaders with a fairly high grade point are eligible and the new members are tapped each Veishea after their selection by current members. Alpha Chi Sigma A safety program in the chemistry and chemical engineering departments was introduced by mem- bers of Alpha Chi Sigma this year. Members also constructed a bulletin board in the Chemistry building and instituted a scholarship program. This professional fraternity selects members from chemistry and chemical engineering majors who strive for safety and the advancement of Chemistry as a science and profession. ALPHA CHI SIGMA - fron( Row: Cash, Cook, Cramer. Back Rou-: Mishmash (trcas.), Dana (vice pres.), McGinnis, Alexander (pres.). 106 Phi Kappa Phi High scholastic achievement and encouragement for those students who are capable of superior scholarship are the purposes of Phi Kappa Phi, a national high scholarship honorary. Students from all the colleges, have ecjual opportiniity for membership. Besides the upper one-sixteenth of the graduating class, the upper one-tenth of the graduate students, one alinrinus, and several fac- ulty members who have made oiustanding contri- butions to scholarship are selected each year. Undergraduate Members Anderson, Nancy Karen Archer, John Lilburn Bahnsen, Loretta Elaine Baker, Allan Eugene Barth, Donald Eugene Beebout, Harold Seymour Berry, Marian Warner Birk, James Richard Bolte, Henry Frederick Boyer, Kenneth Earl Brown, Barbara Jean Brown, Robert Thomas Calhoon, Barbara Marie Christiansen, Marjorie Ann Clause, Judith Jane Colberg, Dayle Douglas Collier, John Lee Cord, Nancy Jane Davis, Lloyd Craig Dawe, Donald Louis Dow, Jean Ann Dutcher, Gerald Leland Edwards, Karolyn Jean Elwood, Barbara Anne Emke, JoAnn Margaret Eness, Paul Gene Engrav, Loren Henry Fuller, Edmund Lester, Jr. Gardner, Dennis Duane Gardner, James Mylchreest Gault, Jerry Russel Gorgen, Mary June Hafner, Georgia Lee Helgason, Richard Vernon Hench, David LeRoy Hendricks, Patricia Briscoe Hinrichse n, Sara Margaret Hoffman, Jean Slothouber Holcomb, Virginia Kay Hoist, Dean Harlan Honeck, Kayleen Karen Hoper, Janet Knight Jackson, David Wayne Jacobson, Karen Lynne Jansen, Ivan John fepson, Jacquelyn Johnson, Alan Frederic Johnson, Fred Thomas Johnson, Julie Colet Kaiser, Karolyn Kay Kennison, David Jon Koenig, Gary Ray Lyford, Charles LeRoy McCoy, Patrick Thomas McGinnis, Bryan John Mcintosh, Sharon Kay McManis, Lorraine Judith Marks, Martha Ann Miller, Janet Louise Moses, Ronald Wilson, Jr. Ney, James Frank Niebur, Douglas Paul Panncke, Mary Louise Peterson, Alice Karen Pierrot 111, Victor Charles Plager, Martha Lewis Power, Joyce Elaine Prendergast, James Daniel Pumplin, Bruce Allison Randall, William Carl Riess, Ronald Dean Royer, Jean Louise Saltou, Iris Elaine Schafbuch, Janet Frances Schmidt, Donald E., Jr. Schawab, Charles Willard Shepard, Judith Ellen Sickels, William Glen Smith, June Fisher Sonksen, Kay Ann Esbeck Spoor, John Houge Stanley, Carol Jean Starks, A ' illiam Edwin Sterling, Judith Lynne Sunde, Karen Marie Swain, Dennis Paul Syndergaard, Dale Ward Thompson, LeRoy Richard Tichy, Charles Robert Tokheim, Dorothy Ann Welch, Jean Anita Whitcombe, Martha Shelley Willms, Don Larry Wissbaum, Anne Marie Wolf, Lyle Clark Young, Constance Joanne Zimmerman, Glen Andrew Graduate Members Almquist, James Charles Battikh, Hani Khalil Cunning, Joe David Dubois, Thomas Edward Easton, Robert Hunt Fellosco, Caferino Lim Fox, William Robert French, Frank Elwood, Jr. Goering, Carroll Eugene Gowen, Richard Joseph Hendrickson, Richard Allan Hinton, Maxine Armstrong Horney, David Chris Hughes, Edwin Joseph Hutchinson, Lea Roy Jameson, William James, Jr Kim Heung Tae Kleese, Roger Allen Kriz, George James Larsen, Melvin Burdette Mitchell, William Warren Owen, Dean Harold Peterson, Donald John Pierce, Richard Brayton Radke, Jerry Kieth Randolph, William Mann Sansing, Norman Glenn Schmitz, Ronald John Schwenk, Lillian Casler Tanner, Jack William Tener, Robert Kinley Tripp, Marcia Jeanne Valfells, Agust Whitney, Thomas Michael Zyzanski, Stephen Jerome Faculty Members Hale, Harry William McKinley, Marjorie Marie Wilsie, Carroll Paton Zaffarano, Daniel Joseph Executive Committee Frank E. Bortle, President Henry M. Black, Vice President Aldor C. Peterson, Sec.-Treas. Marie Budolfson, Correspondent Paul A. Dahm, Representative William P. Switzer, Representative Louis M. Thompson, Past President MARTY WHITCOMBE and Judy Clause, new Initiates, examine a Phi Kappa Phi certificate which shows that they are now of- ficial members of the all-University honorary. 107 ALPHA ZET A -- Front Row: Morse, Beebout, Speers, Hanim, Weber, Pierrott, Fifcher, West, Dr. Frederick (adv.). Second Row: McClurg, Collins, Selley (v. p.), Dillman (pres.), Wildung, Latham, Hiedjc, LefFIer. Back Row: Hosch, Bcrkland, Fee, Grunig, Ackerman, Xollcn, Tine (sec). Miller, Lucas. Alpha Zeta The " tall corn " award is presented each year by Alpha Zeta to a professor who has shown devoted service to agricidtnre. This national professional agriculture fraternity tries to initiate standards of scholarship, character, and leadership among its members as well as creating a spirit of good fellow- ship. Alpha Zeta members are selected on the basis of scholarship and activities. Delta Phi Delta The Iowa State and Drake University chapters of Delta Phi Delta, presented an exchange art ex- hibit spring quarter. Iowa State members also displayed their work during Veishea. The actives of this national honorary art fraternity select new pledges each October from persons who are in the upper thirty-five percent of their graduating class and who have high grades in their art major. DKLTA PHI DELTA - Fro7it Row: Rictz, McElray, Held, Farmer, Boyes. Bath Roif: Hawkins, Laumbacli, Rodrifjue , KinnicTt, Hrindlay. Not Pictured: Clause. 108 EPSILOX PI TAV - Front Row: Vogt (pres.), Wille (sec), Chally, Maxwell, Gray, Faas, Kvapil. Kelsey, Fisher (treas.), Menke. Second Row: Prof. Al Sherick, Prof. Merle Wiener, Weede, Bishop, Baldus, Anderson, Schatz, Janssen Henry, Gatch. Back Row: Sarchctt, Kroiise, Morrow, Norris (v. p.). Home, Stump, Hamann, Turk, Thomac, Prof. Lowell Carver. Epsilon Pi Tau Research on current issues concerning industrial arts was conducted this year by thirty-seven mem- bers of Epsilon Pi Tau. A newsletter is also pub- lished and sent to all members with information about campus activities. This International Hon- orary is concerned with industrial arts and voca- tional education. It appoints new members from the upper twenty per cent of juniors and seniors. Eta Kappa Nu Electrical engineers in the upper one-fourth of their junior class and upper one-third of their sen- ior class are invited to a smoker each fall by Eta Kappa Nu. This national electrical engineering honorary then votes secretly to select new mem- bers. Visitors to Veishea may have their questions concerning EE answered at the Eta Kappa Nu in- formation booth or may take in their display. EKN — Front Row: Patterson (corr. sec). Jasper, Dykstra (treas.), Dutcher (v. p.), Schantz. Second Row: Shep- pard, A. Baker, Zobrist, Ennis, H. Baker (pres.). Back Row: Hiland, Ney, Stephens (rec. sec.), Lacey. 1G9 (;AMMA KFSILON SIGMA — -ron Hoiv: Schocneck, Smoldt (prcs.), Young, Ciszcwski, Carrough. Back Row: Hattcv, Wilson, Brush (sec), Schwyhart (trcas.). Gamma Epsilon Sigma Outstanding scholarship, and a good record of leadership, character, and achievements are the re- quirements for membership in Gamma Epsilon Sigma, a national honorary for juniors and seniors in industrial engineering. The organization ' s goals are to foster high ideals and ([ualities of lead- ership and responsibility among future engineers, as well as to spread interest and information about the industrial engineering department. Knights of St. Patrick Jtuiior and Senior Engineers who have been active in engineering, the college community, or resi- dence activities are eligible for membership in the engineering honorary, Guard of St. Patrick. This national honorary was founded on the Iowa State Campus in 1917 and 35 knights were se- lected for membership this year. Highlight of the spring activities was the March 17 initiation and the annual St. Patrick ' s Day Dance. KN ' IGHTS OF ST. ? AT - Front Row: Johnson, Smoldt, Wolfe (prcs.), Claycomb, Altorfcr (sec). Back Row: Dicken, Olsen, Oakland. Laumbach. no hAMPOS — Front Row: Fie, Rover, Smith, Ode, Abrahamson {v. p.). Back Row: (treas.), Coffin, Peterson (adv.). ' ot pictured: Kathy Kerl, Nancy Anderson. Davis. Murphy (pres.), Cassill Lampos Lampos is a local Science College honorary or- ganized in 1953 to recognize outstanding men and women in the college of Sciences and Humanities. Active members select four to seven seniors and four to ten jtuiiors each year from persons in the upper one fourth of their junior or senior classes who have shown outstanding leadership ability, scholarship, and character, and who have contrib- uted service to the college. Omicron Nu Omicron Nu, a Home Economics National Hon- orary, selects members who promote scholarship, leadership, and research in the field of Home Eco- nomics. Omicron Nu awards a $25 scholarship each year to a deserving member of Omicron Nu who indicates need and professional interest in Home Economics. During Winter quarter, it held a sophomore recognition tea to honor Home Ec. sophomores with a high grade point. OMICRON NU —Front Row: Dodds, Emkc, Mills, Cham| oux, Dorn, Panncke, Games. Second Roif: Tokheim. Reese, Johnson, Costcllo, Hutchinson, Sonksen. Third How: McKini, Clause, Benson, Stanley, Brown, Scliaf- biich. t ' ourtit Row: C:ord, Johnson, Corgcii, Visshaiim, Sterling, Hafner, Jepson. Bark Roxv: Rohwcdder, El- wood, Melther, Welch. Young, C liristensen. Ill 1-ront Roiv: Pigott, Crissman, McMullt-n, Foster, Johnson, Asnuisscn, Schnetzlcr, Messer, Anderson (adv.). fiec- ond Row: Lyon, O ' Connor, Johnson, Sundberg, Manns, Conelson, Hcnning, Dana, Harris, Hcllings. Third Row: Stansberry (v. p.), Covcrdale (pres.). Porter, Mills, Corrough, Knavel, Hamilton, Stevens, Koch, Crillv, Jester. Fourth Row: Boast, Willoughby, Brown, Baker, Needham. T. Baker, Hill, Heikens, Hitchcock (treas.), Witzenburg, Dailey. Filth Row: Myers, Reschly, Hayes, McBride, Bridge, Poock, Burr, Parks, EckofI, Carpenter. Bach Row: Roberts, Wruck, Vux, Dejong, Hess, Nilsson (sec). Harms, Ryerson, Coltvct, MrRoberls, .Miller, B. Johnson, McClellan. Phi Eta Sigma PLANS for giving an award to the residence with the greatest scholastic improvements are discussed by Phi Eta Sigma mem- bers. Organized in 1923, Phi Eta Sigma is a national freshman men ' s honorary whose purpose is to pro- mote and encourage high scholastic achievement din-ing the freshman year. To be eligible for mem- bership, the student must have a gradepoint of 3.5 at the end of his first quarter or a cumulative 3.5 at the end of the second or third quarter ' s work. Prospective members are invited to a fall smoker and this year nintey-four prospects joined. Initiation takes place at a banquet held during spring quarter. Meetings are called only when the president feels they are necessary. Phi Eta Sigina plans to give an award to the residence with the greatest scholastic improvement. Phi Eta Sigma also contributed $300 to the Iowa State Center. 112 PI MU EPSILON — Fronf Row: Wahrenbrock (sec), Moses (treas.), Feiner, Veale, Russell, Boehm. Back How: Swain, Davis, Ritland, Ashbaugh, Homer (adv.). Pi Mu Epsilon Students who have achieved distinction in a mathematical science compose the membership of Pi Mu Epsilon, a math honorary. Members are selected by a committee during spring quarter. Undergraduates are eligible for this national hon- orary if they have maintained a " B " average in college math courses for two years and are in the top half of their class. Graduate students and fac- ulty members are also selected. Pi Tau Sigma Members of Pi Tau Sigma, a mechanical engi- neering honorary, are selected from the top twenty-five per cent of the juniors and the top thirty-five per cent of the seniors in mechanical engineering. Pi Tau Sigma stimulates interest in the department and coordinates activities within it. The outstanding features of the year include the selection of new members and a banquet which honors old members. PI TAU SIGMA — Front Row: JolLinsen, Buls. Gcrber, Thompson (v.p.). Hutchinson, Hentzel. Back Row: Laumbach (pres.), Bedard, Beguin (treas.), Robinson, Michalek. 113 I ' SI CHI — front Row: Easton, Ebcl, Nord, La Barke, McMillen (adv.), Willoughby, Tice, Dearixon, Miller (sec.)- Second Row: Evans, Royer, Thompson, Baty, Cranny, Smith, Warman. Back Row: Hannum, Judisch, McCann, Holland Cunningham (pres.), Layton, Jones (v. p.). Psi Chi Psi Chi, the national psychology honorary, pre- sents lectures and programs dealing with areas of interest to sttidents of psychology. Psi Chi was founded to advance the science of psychology and to encourage and maintain scholarship in aca- demic fields. Members must have a major or a minor in psychology and must academically be in the upper one third of the psychology students. Sigma Alpha Iota Muscianship, participation in musical activities, a faculty recommendation, and a 2.5 grade point, are the requirements for membership in Sigma Alpha Iota, women ' s music fraternity. Members are hostesses at faculty and guest recitals and wel- comed delegates to the state mtisic convention held at Iowa State. The organization sponsors Sor-Dor, the group singing contest for women ' s residences. SIGMA ALPHA IOTA- Front Row: Wind (treas.), Shadle, Zimmerman, Lott, Wildman, Bottge. Second Row: Beloof, Emmert, Green, Butler, Gustafson, Bourne (sec). Third Row: Woline, Fair, Welch, Carmichael, Waters. Back Row: Welch, Gorgen, Kidney, Hafner (v.p.), Marra (pres.), Baldwin (sec). 114 !■■ I SIGMA DELTA CHI — Front Roxv; VanP ' kercn (sec.-treas.) , Kiewiet, Kiincrth (adv.) , Hsii, Grui iig, Scsker. Second Row: Parrish, Berkland, Murray, Weber (pres.). Livengood, VanNostrand. Back Row: Stephens (v. p.). Buck, Knight, Nowling, Michel (treas.). Sigma Delta Chi Sigma Delta Chi is a professional journalism so- ciety for men. The purposes of this organization are to serve and assist its members in acquiring the principles worthy of a journalist. In conjunc- tion with rheta Sigma Phi, Sigma Delta Chi pub- lishes the " Petticoat Pamphlet " . Each year it spon- sors a high school writing contest and invites the winners to a press day during Veishea. Theta Sigma Phi Students who reap the benefits of the " Petticoat Pamphlet " should give their thanks to Theta Sigma Phi for its help in the preparation. Theta Sigma Phi is a professional journalism and com- munications organization for highranking upper- class women who have intentions of making jom- nalism their profession. The chapter also honors Ames women at the annual Matrix Breakfast. THETA SIGMA PHI - Front Row: Baker, Pierson (pres.), Burns (adv.), Maxwell, Dahlin (v.p.). Back Row: Honeck, Freeman, Cassill, Dorrell, Lafrenz. 115 SIGMA GAMMA TAU — Front Row: Hoffman, Northup, Johnson, Wear, Stein, Gohman. Second Row: Mar- tinsen, Niebur, Evans, Kallaus, Pettit, Millett, Anderson. Sigma Gamma Tau In its tenth year under the name Sigma Gamma Tau, this organization is the highest honorary for aerospace engineers. By contributing to their pro- fession by outstanding scholarship and active in- terest in aeronautics, upperclassmen gain consider- ation for membership. New members are selected during their junior or senior year, and member- ship is held throughout graduate school. Tau Sigma Delta Tau Sigma Delta, emphasizing scholarship and character, is a national architecture honorary for men and women. Tau Sigma Delta ' s purpose is to reward with membership those students who attain high scholastic standing in architectiu e and allied arts of design. To be eligible for member- ship, a person is required to be in the upper 20% of his class and have an all-college average of 2.8. TAU SIGMA DELTA -Front Row; Burton (adv.), Dwinell, Engelbrecht. Back Row: Griffith, Middlebrook, Walton. 116 TAU BETA PI — from Row: Johnson, Wear, Hoffman, Wolf, Pierrot, Hemme. Second Row: Brown (pres.), Ney, Dwinell, McGinnis, Dutcher. Third Row: Boyer, Corrougfi, Dykstra, Baker, Pumplin. Back Row: Martin- sen, Niebur, Prendergast, Schnicker, Laumbach. Tau Beta Pi National honorary for all engineering students is Tau Beta Pi. It was organized in 1865 to honor students in engineering who excel in scholarship, character, and service. Sixty members were se- lected from the top one-fifth of the seniors and the top one-eighth of the juniors fall and winter quar- ters. These members are selected at smokers and they undergo a pledgeship which consists of wear- ing Tati Beta Pi robes and mortar boards for a week. During this week they also seranade the campus during the noon hour from the steps of Beardshear. The organization established the bul- letin board in Marston Hall for listing honor fraternities and posting the names of its own mem- bers. Members also conduct a tutoring service for freshmen engineering students. AN INFORMAt INTERVIEW is conducted by Tau Beta Pi mem- bers for each prospective member. Robert Brown, left, and Ron Laumbach, right, interview candidate Tim Lowe. 117 One outstanding meeting of the Ag Business Club last year attracted over one hundred-fifty people. This was the night that the president of the Na- tional Farm Organization spoke. All meetings, held monthly, feature a speaker and include a cof- fee hour afterwards. The club has sixty members who must be enrolled in an ag business curricu- lum. Its ptirpose is to give students a wider aquaintance with ag business and to foster a spirit of cooperation among students. The members also elect a committee which interviews outstanding farmers and then selects the " Outstanding Farm Manager of the Year. " The wanner is then hon- ored at the annual spring banquet. Last spring J. Merril Anderson received the honor. The secre- tary of the Iowa Farm Bureau also spoke at the banquet. Marketing management was emphasized by the club ' s Veishea open house display. COtLECTION of other members ' views on the farm financial report is one of the advantages of belonging to Ag. Bus. Club. Agricultural Business Club Front Row: Smith, Smalling, Hertz, Neville, Newcomb, Massey, Hill, Holden, Bencke (adv.), Fedeler. Second Row: Caldwell, Sanders, Selley, Link, Thomas, Poppen, Haufle, Bockholt (sec.), Fairbanks, Curtis. Third Row: Bowden (pres.), Lutz, Erwin, Sievers, See, Beebout, Wenthe, Fuhr, Hughes. Fourth Row: Munson, Dostal, Hunt, Hummel, Allen, Erickson, Krantz, Brutsche, Hockspcier, Hamilton. Fifth Row: Oliver, Helvick, Ducommun, Willms, Thoreson, Buss, White, Shouer, Ward. Back Row: Applegate, Herstrum, Abbas, Bartine, Stamp, Pleggenkuhle, Livingston, Higdon (treas.), Schnittjer, Gearhart. 118 Front Row: Rinderknecht, Johnson, Trunbo, Smith, Bundy (adv.), Thompson, Gregory. Second Row: Bryan, Peyton, Shadle, Beebout, Hoskey, Shimon, Dunaway, Brown. Third Row: G. Johnson. Kuhn, E. Johnson, Let- tow, Olson, Moeller. Fourth Row: McClurg, Grau, Rogers, Bartelson, Sleister, Fenton, Willett. Back Row: John- son H. (sec), Blankenship (v. p.), McCasIand, Mess, Wangsness, Denny, Witte. Agricultural Education Club Orientation for new members, freshman initi- ation, and selected programs were highlights of the Agricultural Education Club. The club works to improve professional interests and to develop an understanding of the problems of agricultural education. The senior trip to the National Fu- ture Farmers of America convention in Kansas City was sponsored by the club. Scholarships of $25 were presented to Erwin Johnson, freshman, and Ron McClurg, sophomore. The Agricul- tural Education Veishea open house received sec- ond place honors in the agriculture division. Members published a quarterly newsletter which was sent to the 99 members of the 1962-63 club. Front Row: Ertzinger, Hahlcr, Edwards, Blake (adv.), Irwin, Dewey. Second Row: . hrens (treas.), Cum- mins, Williams, Anderson, Lickteig. Third Row: Woodward, Lee, Bryan, Poivell (pres.). Brooks. Back Row: Nichols, Banwart, Lamers, Hoist, Tjaden, Buskohl, Patton. 119 Organizing early, six Agionomy Club members attended the national club meeting at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York last summer. Local president Bill Klein served as national re- cording secretary and received third place in the national speech contest. Jim Tiedje, junior repre- sentative, was elected national vice-president and the Iowa State Agronomy Club was placed in charge of the contest for next year. Organized to give agronomy students a chance to learn more about agronomy and to give them leadership ex- perience, the club sponsors members ' participa- tion in speech, essay, crop, and soil contests. Last fall the club compiled a fertilizer manual to guide various companies and individuals. Social festivi- ties included a fall steak fry and a spring picnic. SOIt MONOtYTHS are studied by club members in preparation for a soil judging contest sponsored by the club. Agronomy Club I ' ront Row: PcUctt, Latham, (v. p.), Yoder, Schelhase, Dillman, Grunenhagcn, Klein (pres.). Lcfllcr, Woltcr. Second Row: Thelen, Eggerling, Derscheid, Streck, Pierce, Montaner, Bernal, Knisley, Sclioltes, Nollen. Third Row: Mowry, Greimann, Small, Bloxham, Walter, Morton, Pardo, Schroedcr, Addleman, Kellen. Fourth Row: Hansen, Brandt, Finch, Ouren, Ward, Tiedje, Faubel, Young, Wilson. Fifth Row: Downing, Twomey, Ander- son, Klindt (rec. sec), McNeill (cor sec), Velez, Breitbach, Hevbrock, Johnson, Meadows. Bark Row: Gard- ner (adv.), Betz, Greimann (treas.), Blackledge, Krebill, Tope, Schafcr, Amunson, Waltz, Mcndcnhall. 120 A new feature of the American Institute of Archi- tects this year was the addition of a mixer-coffee during fall quarter to give the freshmen an oppor- tunity to get accjuainted with the faculty and tip- perclassmen. The AIA actively carried on a year- long program presenting aspects of the architec- ture profession to its members. These included demonstrations and meetings on office work, study abroad, historic preservation, and art and archi- tecture. The Iowa State Chapter of AIA held an exhibit of prints imported from Japan by a Min- neapolis firm and was also co-host at the regional convention held at the University of Nebraska. AIA is a national professional club, open to all interested students, which strives to promote in- terest in architecture through pertinent programs. FRESHMAN THROUGH SENIORS can be found working in labs on design courses, an important part of the curriculum. American Institute of Architects Front Row: Engclbrecht, Younggrcen, Youngman, Fuger, Knoop, Anderson, Dick. Second Row: Bolin (pres.), Ollenburg, Downing, Findlay, Roe (treas.), Worrell. Third Row: Winker, Jafvert, Dwinell, .Mills, Bragonier. Back Row: Carlson, Lyons, Griffith (sec), Heydcn, Lammers, Kurt. H S i J ' H ' W H Hpliyl Hj A piA B, ' . ' ' B i B ABl BI I nmtft -jH 121 AllE — Front Row: Staves, Jones, Wolf, Hynes, Schoolen (treas.), Beckord, Maxon. Second Row: Larson, Bat- tey, Ryberg, Schwyhart, J. Wolf, Young, Fischer. Third Row: Parks, Scott, Smoldt, Wilson, Mueller, Barch- field. Back Row: Davenport, Brush (sec), Wilson (v. p.), Cutler, Bodcnsteiner, Howell (pres.), Stropcs. Ab- sent: Behnke. American Institute of Industrial Engineers The American Institute of Industrial Engineers captured first place in the 1962 Veishea open house displays in the engineering division. The winning display inckided a computer display and a three-dimensional graph concerning the econ- omy of automobile operation. Purposes of AIIE are to provide contact for students with profes- sional industrial engineers and to promote inter- est in the industrial engineering curriculum. American Ceramic Society Information about developments and opportuni- ties in the field of ceramics is provided to members by the American Ceramic Society. The society ' s membership is all ceramic engineering students. The group ' s activities consist mainly of regular meetings at which recent papers on ceramic engi- neering are read, but some social functions are held. This year a picnic for members and ceramic engineering faculty was held at the Ledges. AMERICAN CERAMIC SOCIETY - Front Row: McFarlin, Riley, Jensen, Ramsey. Second Row: Stacy, Smi- ser, Crissman, Johnstone, Dodd. Back Row: McGee, Klemmensen, Wilder (adv.), Rigler. 122 AICHEM E — Front Row: Miller, D. Johnson, Garrett, Kviesitis, L. Johnson, M. Larson (adv.), Simpson. Sec- ond Row: Greubel, Hungerford, Faust, Mossman (v. p.), Tamasi, F. Lebens, Bettin. Third Row: Revell, Drumm, Tieke, Brutsman, Katzer, Ives, Rockwell. Fourth Row: Mumm, Meyers (pres.), Dana, Selander, Chase, Custodi, Fields, Carris. Back Row: Allen, Lindblom, Cramer, McGinnis, Larson J., Burkett, Vasey, Parker, Nelson. American Institute of Chemical Engineers The American Institute of Chemical Engineers is a national professional society whose purpose is to inform chemical engineers of activities and an- nouncements concerning college engineering. The sixty members sponsored the annual chemical en- gineering banquet and devised their Veishea open house display. Chemical engineers also held an open house during orientation to aquaint fresh- man with the chemical engineering program. American Society of Agricultural Engineers The American Society of Agricultural Engineers is a professional organization for those in an agri- cultural engineering curriculum. Highlights of their program were the spring picnic, a skit night, and a banquet for students, parents, faculty, and alumni. The Society also published the " Slide Rule Quarterly, " a magazine explaining Agricul- tural Engineers activities. It is sent to parents, prospective students, and other schools. ASAE — Front Row: Werner, Goering, Feldkamp, Sealine. Peterson, Herren, Richardson, Lothe. Second Row: Hitzhusen. Hull, Melvin, Hart, Pierrot (pres.), Tubbs, Amunson, Caiccdo, Dunn. Third Row: Fricke, Erickson, Brown, Baird, Gunderson, Wheat, Poore, DeBoer (treas.). Hall. Forth Row: Havcrdink, Dvorskv (sec), Martin, Gross, Gerst, Claycomb, Toms, Berning. Bach Row: Swanson, Humke, Evans, Rathe, Wolf (v. p.). Van Gilst, Priest, Osenbaugh, Andrews. minimWmm Jjl gB , k P 4 K l Kt .: L BT . ' l i H K 123 During Fall quarter about forty members of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engi- neers attended the National Electronics Confer- ence in Chicago. At this conference, the electron- ics industry showed new products and presented technical papers telling about new advances in the electrical engineering field. The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers sponsored the electrical engineering picnic at Brookside Park last spring, as well as the annual banquet. Elec- trical engineering seniors and faculty presented skits as entertainment at the banquet. Also last spring, several IEEE members went on a field trip to Collins Radio Company in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Highlights of the trip were a tour of the plant and a banquet. The organization is open to any stu- dent who is in electrical engineering. AFTER A MEETING, IEEE members pause to contemplate and, possibly, confuse one of the computers in the EE building. Institute of Electronics and Electronics Engineers Front Row: Weber, Dennis, Lickiss, Lane, Nicman, Griffith, Berg. Second Row: Anderson, Patterson, Page, Ackerman, Thovson, Schmiedel, Glas, Nystrom, Johnson. Third Row: Harvey, Camp, Scribner, Resch, Craw- ford, Stevens, Ennis, Koviepkamp, Lo, Zobrist. fourth Row: Chapman, Novak, Schlatter, Cox, Youngberg, Stielow, Kramer, Svuba, Bruns. Fifth Row: Barnes, Netten, Middleton, Hickling, Baker, Cobley, Jurschak, Becker, Bartlett. Bristol. Back Row: Gabel, Cummings, Wood, Flom, Hiland, Beers, Andres, McRoberts, Ul- rich, Syndergaard, Raymond. 124 I. S- ARS — Front Row: Herington, Bilsborough, Daehler (treas.), Eagle, Power, Mohling, Spears. Second Row: Hudson, Christianson, Page, L. Logan, Dumont, Gable, Hochstein. Third Row: Sherriil, Howard, Johnson (pres.) , Beall, Schalckamp, KIopp, Duscnbery, Heinemann. Fourth Row: Gucnlher, Cooper, Myrabo, Pries, Leege, Schilling (v.p.) , Frcdregill. Back Row: J. Logan, Bowman, Stanley, Gersi, Hurlbut, Scar, Grand ia, Blackman. Institute of Aerospace Sciences As its main objective, the Institute of Aerospace Sciences works to acquaint students with their field and to point out opportunities available to them. Speakers from various industries, faculty members, and informative films are all combined to help accomplish this purpose. During Veishea open house, visitors were allowed to operate the newly purchased wind tunnels, which were the highlight of the IAS display. American Society of Civil Engineers The American Society of Civil Engineers is a de- partmental club working to promote professional growth through close association with fellow stu- dents, faculty members, and practicing engineers. This local professional society had 115 members this year. The biggest annual event is the tug-of- war with the foresters which is held fall quarter at the west end of Lake LaVerne. They also spon- sor the civl engineering Veishea display. ASC¥. — Front Row: Mann, Merry, Moossavi, Griggs, Smalley, Pcnnock. Second Row: Hall (pres.), Nuebel, Krapfl, Tucker, Kelley, Passero, Moehrl, Claude, Olsen. Third Row: Goebel (treas.), Bertelson, Spenkelink, Teghtmeyer, Bartz, Anderson, Ankeny, Heimendinger, Bovy. Fourth Row: Ellis, Jenncss, Wearmouth, Niel- sen, Wilson, Prendergast, Baack, Knight. Fifth Row: Burke, Sheetz, Campbell, Mcintosh, Hollingshead, Keel, Wight (sec.), Poland, Greimann. Back Row: Jorgensen, Ross, Fox, Osipowicz, Holland, Boysen, Scott, Dick (v.p.). Janss, Dueland. o n C Q m 1 Vi i H IH ■HJHlfllil H Bi H Klil M 125 American Veterinary Medical Association OPERATIONS CONDUCTED UNDER SUPERVISION enable students to gain practical exper- ence ancJ exact training in actual cases before graduation. Junior and Senior students are required to work in the clinic for this experience. 126 Long hours of study and work on the same sub- jects helps encourage veterinary medicine stu- dents to stick together. This natural tendency is furthered by the student chapter of AVMA. The student chapter, besides providing an opportunity for a friendly spirit to develop among the students and faculty of the veterinary medicine depart- ment, makes available to the students the profes- fessional information obtained by contact with the parent American Veterinary Medical Association. The special projects of the organization are plan- ned and scheduled by the student Veterinary Medicine Council which is composed of the ex- ecutive officers of the organization. Responsibility for the completion of most special projects such as Veishea open houses, smokers, and banquets is usually delegated to the separate classes. RADIO connections to the mobile unit are checked out by Ed- ward Dunham. A quick coll on this set will send the ambula- tory clinic to wherever it ' s needed. JUNIORS — Front Row: Ttiakc, Jensen, Harting, Grover, Rcid. Booth, Sickels. Lott, Standlev. Second Row Harris, UUand, Stanley, Porch, Sievers, Troutman, Buelow, Kuflcl, Andersen. Third Row: Reschly, L. Smith P. Smith, Randolph, Quinn, Beck, Hauptmeier, Robinson, Rolston. Fourth Row: Nighswongcr, Mourn, Sch midt, Zierke, Means, Petty, Saveraid, Grimes, Campbell, Holland. Fijth Roic: Henke, Miller, McLain. Chris tcnsen, Bryant, Pick, Hecht, Bigbee, Aafedt. Back Row: Hageman, Kislingbury, Lanz, Bell, Romans, Dreibel bis, Larsen, Hodoval (treas.), Nelson (pres.), Velicer. 127 i. AVMA ' s calender of activities and events included a semi-formal dance, a slag picnic, a homecoming limcheon, and a fall banquet. The spring semi- formal for AVMA members and faculty guests was held in the South Ballroom and Sun Room of the Memorial Union under blue Hawaiian skies and the theme of the 50th state. The stag picnic was held spring quarter for faculty and stu- dent body at Brookside Park. The last meeting of AVMA during spring quarter was awards night and a $300 dollar scholarship, a new award from Walnut Grove, was presented to Al Droivold for his winning essay. At the awards banquet the new- est members of Phi Zeta, AVMA honorary, were announced and introduced. BACTERIA under observation are compared with their pictures by Frank Havlik. Sophomore hygiene lab gives students first hand information about animal disease-causing-organisms. SOPHOMORES - Front Row: Schilling, Belts, Gustafson, Hoist, Laiirsen, Roepke. Second Row: Schroeder, Fctty, Hcmmingson, Howard, Mctzger, Lucas, Prassc, Hillmann. Third Row: Paulsen, Mallicoat, Marinov, Wartig, Henderson, Stott, Holcomb, Grier, Fourth Row: Fawvcr, Donovan, Filkins, Wernimont, Hanich. Hav- ick, Koenig, Simonson, Heuver. Fifth Row: Schumann, Hullinger, Reimer, Clayton, Huhn, Thompson, Hayes, Drefke. Back Row: Aul, Havlik, Wogahn, Frank, Jorgensen, Madsen, Westercamp, Van Gelder, Schulke. 128 A constitutional amendment was passed establish- ing a committee to aid the Faculty Counseling Committee in counseling pre-vet students. Under the amendment, a program was established where a member of each class worked with the faculty in advising and helping Freshmen and Sophomore students. Veterinary medicine students planned a " Welcome Home " linicheon for alumni during the Homecoming weekend which was well at- tended by alumni, faculty, and students. High- light of the winter season for AVMA was the an- nual Christmas party where the Jimior vet med students were hosts to members of the faculty, the student body, and the families of AVMA members. mSTOtOGY, or microscopic anatomy, is the immediate interest of toren Appell and Steve Meier, first year students in the Vet Med curriculum. This study of cell tissue is opposed to the more commonly known gross anatomy of organs. f RESHMAN — fron( Rou ' : Rictiman, Matir, Draper. Atkins, Dayton, Roush, Sampson, Lum, Wylie, Amdor. Second Row: Seitsinger, Hutton, Ptarson, Jacob!, Stoner, Sweeney. Schwabe, Ahrens, Witt, Gute. Third Row: Adaitis, VanZee, Hilleman, Swingcn, Orlando, Wise, Farley, Wright, Win dom, Holmes, Wynia. Fourth Row: Callahan, Lupton, Ahrendsen, VerSteeg, Freitager, Appell, Wilson, Laurie, Dykstra, Eckhoff, Bonnes, Terry, Kraai. Back Row: Daehler, Frochlich, Carey, Nachreiner, Niedfeldt, Bcecher, Boucher, Brewer, Stevenson, Gavin, Olson. 129 TRYING TO PREDICT their futures. Carter Kudrle, George Robin- son, and Rich Stauffer, M. E. seniors, study the board which lists job offers seniors have received. Background for a career as a professional mechani- cal engineer is the objective of ASME. The Club tries to present information from practicing engi- neers to its members in order to interest them in and prepare them for different phases of life as professional engineers. It is hoped that members carry the perspectives learned in the club to their professional career so that a closeness among mechanical engineers is perpetuated. As an im- mediate purpose, the club strives to aquaint mem- bers with each other and with the faculty. Mem- bership in the American Society of Mechanical Engineers is open to any student enrolled in the curriculum. The program for the year includes, besides the regular meetings, a spring banquet and a special initiation of new members. American Society of Mechanical Engineers Front Row: Fahey, Sable (vice-pres.). Green (faculty adviser), Meehan, Kanellis, Nelson, Alleman, Wisehart. Second Row: Sheets, Franck, Battlces, Limas, L. Thompson, Olson, Sundberg. Third Row: Zahradnik, Lar- son, Niemeyer, Moeller, GifFord, Hays, Hopp, Titus, Cronin (sec). Fourth Row: Knox, Hutchinson, Kasel, Huisinga, Kudrle (prcs.). Erickson, Hentzel, Goering, Hansen, Johnson. Back Row: D. Thompson, Stauffrr (treas.), Faust, Hayes, Faxon, Beguin, Robinson, Ziemann, Bedard, McDonald, Rearick. 130 BOTANY — froni Row: Snyder, Hoist, Christiansen, Dorr, Anderson Karen. Paul, Piikering. Second Row: Tedore, McDorman, Graddy, Stoltenberg, Anderson Ken (pres.). Dykstra (v. p.), Keen. Back Row: Gustafson (treas.), Miller, Stranberg (sec), Dr. John Mickel (adv.). Dahmus, Myhr. Botany Club Botany Club captured the all-University sweep- stakes trophy for Veishea with the display " Knowl- edge of the Leaf Presents the Opportunity for Action. " Highlight of the display was the " Leaf Room " which was built to resemble the actual in- terior of a leaf. Lighting and other sensory effects created the atmosphere of walking through the inside of a leaf. Estimated time to complete the 1962 Veishea display was 2,000 man hours. Sigma Chi Tau Inspection trips, speakers, and closer contact with faculty members all helped give members of Sigma Chi Tau more practical experience in their field. The club, in its second year, has fifty mem- bers, all of whom must be enrolled in construction technology. Another purpose of the club, besides the presentation of a broader view of the curricu- lum, is the formation of closer ties between mem- bers of the technical institute. CpXSTRUCTlON TECHNOLOGY - from Row: Honeywell, Janssen, Carlson, Lenhardt (v.p.), Harrington, Hill, Petersen, West. Second Row: Spenner, Grantham, Carroll, VanBuskirk, Thompson, Foreman. Third Row: Kinrade, Munch, Gray, Pech, Cranston, Ohrt (pres.), Schoellen. Fourth Row: Dale, Kerns, Hennings, DeNio, Harry, Nygaard, Ory W., Ory J. Back Row: Abrams, Brooks, Whetstone, Duimstra, Vierow, Gossj, Ulrich, Am, Stock. 131 irojit Row: Hoick, Ford, Rt ' iiner, Ersland, Buch, Northey, Shuler, Sattcrkr. Second Row: Warner (adv.), Dohrmann W., Murphy, K. Mullcr, Barnts, Pearce, Patrick, Jones, Pellett, Cooper. Third Row: G. MuUer,. Sylvester, T. Johnson, Bell, Henderson, Thomas, Cox, Fitzgerald, Stable. Fourth Row: Dietericks, Vestweber, Zwald, Bergeson, Gross, Henderson, Dohrmann. Dee. Fifth Row: Scholl, Cheers, Sanderson, Jensen, Jackson, Rosengreen, Smith, Schmidt, Oldorf, Hanson. Back Row: Fee, J. Johnson, Pauley, Ledden, Riebeling, Brown, WoldrufF, Hertz, Strathe, Sundell, Cnoss. Block and Bridle Club Judging teams, an integral part of the Block and Bridle Club, represent Iowa State at intercolleg- iate contests throughout the country. The big- gest activity for Block and Bridle Club was the 43rd annual Little International Show. The cen- tral features of the show are a showmanship con- test and a judging contest for Iowa 4-H and FFA members. The club also annually sponsors an accredited Horse Show in the spring. Front Row: Dirksen, Kidney, Tanner, Olenius, Domer, Hanson, Ground, Nixon. Bniiman. Second Row: Flick, Blom, Anderson, Robertson, Kpling, Bowstead (sec), Campililli, Hosch (Ireas.), Berg, Thyle (pres.). Third Row: Henderson (v. p.), Sutton, Gamble, Wilkening, Barrow, Btidlong, Helm, Pitzen. Fourth Row: Robison, Davidson, Benson, IcFadden, Koboldt, Dunn, Zell, Ringkob. Fifth Row: Patterson, Greaser, Hcnning, Wes- ton, Quaas, Buchanan-Smith, Bean, Beck, Clark. Back Row: Judge, Van Zanle, Hermann, Lofgren, Waltz, Fox, Tekippe, Achenbach. Miller. 1 i I H H H " r £HJ " JAI L J 132 Front Row: Ellis, Hollander, Wagner, Stumpff, Marxer, McKee, McDevitt, Ryan, Manning. Second Row: Thieleke, Denny, Kaufraann, Herbert, Adams, Townsend, Nash. Third Row: Sunnquist, Thomas, Shearer, Heinsen, Scott, Housman, Gray, Smit, Rayman, Cordes. Fourth Row: Zenti, Mertes, Michael, First, Boesen, Han- son, Byueck, Burke, Adams, Spielman. Back Row: Hcrrian, Hanna, Brownlee, Brown, Adelman, Gilbert, Gun- nerson, Hayes, Vander Meyden, Lucken, Wolfe n sparger. Business Students Association This year the Business Students Association began a departmental newsletter, " Triad, " which is pub- lished quarterly. The club, open to any student registered in Industrial Administration, was orga- nized to further the students ' comprehension of the business world through programs which are highlighted with presentations by highly success- ful businessmen. Monthly meetings, a banquet, and a Veishea display rounded out club activities. Front Row: Smith, Lenderts (v. p.), Parrish, Hain, Schultz, Balodis, Lynn, Handy (adv.). Second Row: Fergu- son, Davis, Rossbach (sec), Dunahoo (pres.), Harris, Daley, Lind, Deppe. Third Row: Stella, Hayes, Warner, Raasch, Donaldson, Smith, Thompson. Fourth Row: Marquardt, Sindt, Minnis, Evans, Burrell, Goode, Schater, Fllingson. Back Row: Bergstrom, Peterson, Nelson, Pepper, Ashbaugh, Hoffman, Strachan, Grimm, Hoidahl, Witte. 133 ,© Front HouK Reams, Rathje, Stephens (v. p.). Jolly (sec), White, Lane. Second Row: Persinger, Dunn, Fett, Frankenfield, McClurg (pres.). Back Row: Beebout, Eeten, Delfs, Hahn, Fredrechsen, Holz. Campus 4-H Campus 4-H is a co-educational organization that gives former 4-H workers a chance to continue their interest in 4-H in an organization on a col- lege level. Purposes of the organization are to develop leadership, to provide social opportunity for members, to acquaint members with the as- pects of the state and national 4-H program, and to interest members in extension work as a career. Campus 4-H holds three educational meetings each quarter with some type of recreation in- cluded at each meeting. Social events of Campus 4-H included a winter campout at the state 4-H camp, tobogganing, and a spring picnic. For serv- ice projects, they had a work day at the state camp, a Christmas tree growing project, and held recre- ational training schools in nearby counties. Front Row: Fuller, Coins, Partridge, Beyer, Knapper, Hulsebus, Blue. Second Row: Ramona Esbeck (advisor), Pace, Zobrist, Almquist, Neppl, Steftensen, Irwin. Third Row: Cecil, Frantum, Marek, Hahn, Sawin, Lee, Tope. Fourth Row: Barnts, DeBoom, Schulte, Kilpatrick, Craven, Tapper, Munson, Obrecht. Back Row: White, Hopkey, Palmer, Werner, White, Gaarde, Maiers. 134 DAIRY SCIENCE - Fronf Row: Buchanan, R. Klodt, Pena, OberchI, Freyermuth (trcas.), Foreman (adv.)- Sec- ond Row: Woodward, Altman, Persinger, Thomas, Applegate, Orth (sec). Third Row: Rodecap, Halfwassen, L. Klodt, Dodds, Miller. Fourth Row: Gross (corr. sec), Mahr, Purmort, Daufeldt, Silberstein, Sera. Back Row: Thorcson, Almquist (v. p.), Schreiber, Scheidenhclm, Lueck. Dairy Science Dairy Science Club is an agricultural organization which strives to help the student develop his lead- ership abilities. In September the club sponsored a statewide 4-H and Future Farmers of America judging contest at the University Dairy Farm. About two hundred contestants were present. The club also co-sponsored the Little International at the dairy farm with the Block and Bridle Club. Dairy Industry The biggest project for the Iowa State Dairy In- dustry Club was their 1962 Veishea display. It showed the process of cheese making; members sold cheese, ice cream, milk, and orange drinks to ' isitors. The Dairy Industry Club was created to promote interest in the dairy field and is open to any student majoring in the dairy industry or dairy plant operation curriculums. DAIRY INDUSTRY - •ronf Roxr: Nielsen, M.icIntosh, Hamm, Recs, Bye, Rosrnbcrger. Second Row: Her- mann, Wulf. Richards, Nichols, Ryder. Back Row: Simmons, Craft, Yearns, Burke, Nielsen. 135 EXPECTATION of officers ' elections results in the gathering of club members at their January meeting. Meetings usually fea- ture special speakers, but elections show an exception. Fifty-five of the one hundred and thirty mem- bers of the Farm Operations Club set out on a club-sponsered tour just as the sun was rising one morning last October. Included in their itin- erary were the Roswell Garst farm, the Ralston Co-op Elevator, and the Ray Fischer Swine farm. These well managed farms made the trip informa- tive as well as interesting. This departmental club is striving to provide farm-op students with par- ticipation in extracurricular activities, to develop fellowship among members, and to help build and maintain a large enrollment in the farm opera- tions curriculum. Parents of the members were invited to the winter quarter banquet in January. An outstanding speaker entertained and awards were given to leading members of the club. Farm Operations Club front Row: Brucnc (adv.), Light, Heitmann, Bower (pres.). Augustine (sec), Buchler (v. p.). Roberts, Raikes, Mitchell (adv.). Second Row: Schmidt, Henderson, McFadden, Arens. Peters, Ahrenholu, Koster, Hughes, Buehler, Wagner (adv.). Third Row: Fotsch, Neppel, Cherland, Stephens, Sand, Harman. fourth Row: Bancks (treas.). Auliff, HoUkamp, Froehlich, Turner, Kingland, Early, Matthews, Raasch, McDonough. Fifth Row: Marek, Peterson, Walter, Morrissey, Byers, Crotty, Busch, Lintz, Nuzura, Skelton. Back Row: Graham, Frantum, Cornell, Woodin, Yeager, Schwieger, Filing, Dixon, Hocker, Jennings, Johnson, FuUen- worth. 136 Front Row: Cheers, Scholl, BordoU. Cullman. Dunn, Crilly, Hinz, Huffman, Wallerich. Second Row: Souh- rada, Doolittle, Vaughn, Holmes, Umana, Strissel, Danielson, Mulhern, Hollingsworth. Third Row: Bau- mann, Hansen, Anderson, Greif, O ' Hara, Peterson, Martin, Dooley, Walter. Fourth Row: Langdon, Schlosser, Ludwig, Melsa, Barr, White, Brinkman, Church, Harnett, Kimm. Back Row: Hawbaker, Ioseley, Knapp, Sanders, Wilson, Schroeder, Wise, Droegmiller, Hood, Bcrgstrom. Farm Op Club tours %ig business ' Iowa Farms Front Row: Pellett, Latham (v.p.), Yoder, Schcllhase, Dillman, Gruenhagen, Klein (pres.), l.effler, Wolter. Second Row: Thelen, Eggerling, Derscheid, Streck, Pierce, Montaner, Bernal, Knislev, Scholtes (adv.), Nollen. Third Row: Greimann, S. Small, Bloxham, Walter, Morton, Pardo, Schroeder, Addleman, Kellen. Fourth Row: Hansen, Brandt, Finch, Ouren, Ward, Tiedje, Faubel, Young, Wilson. Fifth Row: Downing, Twomev, Ander- son, Klindt (re. sec), McNeill (corr. sec.), Velez, Breitbach, Heubrock, D. Johnson, Meadows. Back Row: Gardner (adv.), Betz, Greimann (treas.), Blackledge, Krebill, Tope. Schafer, Amunson, Waltz, Mendenhall. 137 FORESTRY CLVh - Front Row: Poker, Riebsen, Fullerton, Webb, Bassett (treas.), Spinner, Blott, Rocca (sec.)- Second Row: Holliday, Waller, Streeby, Hall, McGuire. Third Row: Lindblom, Gjerstad, Bauer, Heck- enberg, Thurman, Miller, McGuire. Fourth Row: Carpenter, Barber, Kessclring (v.p), Adams, Gushing, Nethcrton, Mitchell, Foley. Back Row: Ballantyne, Hunziker, Scott (pres.), Lindsay, Torrens, Murphy, Ma- thias Shepard. Forestry Club P ' or the second year in a row, the foresters won the annual tug-of-war with the civl engineers across the west end of Lake LaVerne. Forestry club also sponsored the annual fall and spring forester ' s day where members spend a day competing in chop- ping and sawing contests and then top it off with dinner and a fireside. The forester ' s Veishea dis- play was a scale model of a forest and display of the operations and tools involved in forestry. Ames Forester The Ames Forester is a student publication to in- form faculty, alumni, and students of the latest phases in forestry techniques and the applications of these techniques. This annual publication also hopes to keep readers up to date on alumni news and on the activities of the forestry department at Iowa State. The club is organized solely to pub- lish the magazine and selects new members through application to the editor. A MEETING OF THE BOARD takes place as members of the Ames Forester stofF discuss and plan features for publication. Most staff members are also members of Forestry Club. 138 ikiS 9 n ■r O r Ir H- J B GEOLOGY — fronf iJou;: Norm (v.p.). Lemish, Gwynne, Hussey. Second Row: Wing (treas.), McKelvey, Frost, Galhoon. Third Row: Lasch. Stensland, Vredenburgh (pres.), Rodenberg, Klein. Back Row: Russell, Fox, Logsdon, Warner, Haas. Geology Club A new program for the bi-weekly meetings of Ge- ology Club was instituted winter quarter. This was the conduction of undergraduate seminars in conjunction with the meetings. The annual Easter field trip of the club was taken to northeast- ern Iowa and next year ' s is planned to cover the northwestern part of the state. The club works with the geology department to publish a maga- zine containing alumni, student, and faculty news. History and Government Club Any student who is interested in or wishes to become better acquainted with government and history is welcome to join the Government and History Club. The club provides a professional meeting ground for the students to discuss history- related topics. The big feature of the year is in- viting a well-known speaker to present a program at one of the meetings, which are regularly held every three weeks during the year. HISTORY AND GOVERNMENT - froni Row: Swanson, Hemer, Matterson, Zimmerman, Peterson (adv.), Selke, Bohlken, Eggert. Second Row: Papacek (treas.), Poncius, (pres.), Edwards, Bernard (v.p.). Third Row: Hansen, Murray, Christiansen, Ellett, Friesner, Thommen, Arthur. Back Row: Jones, Kaul, Ruedy, Bryan. 139 HORTICULTURE CLUB — Front Row: Dcnisen, Mahlstede, Sands, Nichols, Groves, Goemaat, Leetchcr, Holder. Second Row: Slaymaker, Fick, Hague, Hemen, Lrickson, Yamazake (sec.), Kellen. Third Row: New- march (v. p.), Yeast, Wildung (pres.), Schumacher, Brockshus, Hofmcsier. Fourth Row: Cohan, Wieborg, Halbach, Hall, StLffenson, Greeger, Feldhacker. Back Row: Bruns, Bernhardt, Collins, Snead, Trusty, Acker- man, Skaw. Horticulture Club Adoption of a revised constitution enabled Horti- culture Club to limit its membership to the stu- dents who have a genuine interest in the club. This revision requires interested students to apply for membership and states that if they don ' t attend a certain proportion of the meetings they are dropped from membership. Tropitime was the theme of this year ' s Horticulture Show which was held in the Siui Room of the Memorial Union. Iowa Chemistry Society The Iowa State Chemistry Society is an affiliate of the National American Chemical Society. Mem- bership is open to all students majoring in chem- istry or chemical engineering. Purpose of the society is to foster a professional spirit among its members and to give its members experience in preparing and presenting technical material to a chemical audience. This was partially carried out by explaining projects to Veishea visitors. IOWA CHEMISTRY SOCIETY - front Row: Mcsscr (treas.), Biiller, Cash (pros.). Bark Row: Jensen, Dyas, Bain, (Jcuys (sec). 140 PROFICIENCY IN SHOP WORK, such as this using of a metal spinning lathe, is necessary for I.EcJ. majors who will be trans- mitting this proficiency to students in both school and industry. A two day field trip, consisting of tours of indus- tries and high schools, was again taken by inter- ested members of the Industrial Education Club. The annual student-planned project included tours of Minneapolis and St. Paul industries. At the annual spring banquet the club honored the out- standing senior in the Industrial Arts Department from Ames High School. Work on their Veishea open house display and the annual industrial edu- cation picnic also helped to fill up spring activities for the club. Santa Claus made his appearance at the Christmas potluck, giving gifts to the children present. The Industrial Education Wives Club works jointly with the regular club on this affair. Members also publish a club pamphlet, Shop Sav- ings, which summarizes the year ' s activities and suggests plans for the future. Industrial Education Front Row: Sherick, Wiener, Faas (pres.), Carver, Hellmer, Willhile, Schwartz, HoUenbeck, Hendricks (treas.). Second Row: Gray, Smith, Sinner, Ferree, Dunn, Baughman, Chally, Fulton (sec). Third Row: Nagel, King, Finch, Ware, Baldus, Butler, Schlenker, McLcland. Fourth Row: Dorow, McNay. Grieve, Turk. Stump (v.p.). Vogt, Mann, Bosworth, Lang. Back Row: Freeman, VanKlomrenburg, Kuehnle, Knuth, Hardie, Adams, God- frey, Hibbard, Stoetzner, Parkinson. 9 141 LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE - fro«( Row: Walton (pres.). Srlix, Nelson, Butson, Butler, Neumann, Justice, Burkards. Second Row: Williams, Strock, Hussey, Reynolds, Hillig, Pryor, Drake (sec), Watson. Third Row: Bernstein, Mullin, Johnson, Belden, Lutz, Christiansen, Wille, Wiktor, Smith. Fourth Row: Dyas, Heintz, Lamb, Morse (v. p.), Donels, McGuire, Shafer, Prior, Hedrick, Bailey. Back Row: Barton (adv.). Johnson, McMinimee, Saladino, Frantz, Arthur (treas.). Linn, Westcott, Sanderman. Landscape Architecture Club The year ' s program for the Student Society of Landscape Architecture Club consisted of bi- monthly meetings, picnics in the spring and fall, a spring banquet and Christmas party, and con- struction of a Veishea open house display. The club was organized to promote interest in land- scape architecture and to discuss the problems of undergraduate landscape architects. Mathematics Club The aim of the Mathematics Club on the Iowa State Campus is to promote an interest in mathe- matics among all undergraduate students. Month- ly meetings are planned with a program to help the student get acquainted and to introduce stu- dents to different careers in math. Math Club normally invites a speaker to each meeting to help members " broaden their knowledge in all fields. " MATH CLUB Fron Row: Stewart (v. p.), Hansen, Kaldenberg (adv.). Shank (pres.), Herbst. Back Row: Johnson, Boehm, Cox, (sec), Swarbrick, Messerschmidt (treas.). 142 PHYSICS — Fron( Row: Erskine (sec), Reschly, Long, Liihr, Jensen. Second Row: Donelson, Wonio, Moses, Janson (v.p.), Kirby. Third Row: Klein (pres.). Skoznski, Knight, Piggett. fourth Row: Ballard, Wallcn. Back Row: Elbert, Wormley, Burrows, Nassen, Pardee. Physics Club Research on the Iowa State Physics Club cyclotron was the major project of members of Undergrad- uate Physics Club. Members also met to discuss the various fields of physics among themselves, as well as to get aquainted with fellow physics majors and physics instructors. The only requirement for membership in the organization is that the member be a physics major. Poultry Science Club Members of Iowa Turkey, Poultry, and Hatcher- ies Federation and other colleges and imiversities receive copies of " Cock ' s Crow, " the publication of the Iowa State chapter of Poultry Science Club. This publication not only insures contact between the club and the other organizations but provides recognition of the accomplishments in poultry sci- ence of Iowa State students and faculty. POULTRY SCIENCE -Fron( Row: Speers, Headlee, Siegel, Minzar, McClelland, Van DeWalle. Back Row: Forsythe, Patterson, Marion, Hying, Hayse, Thompson. 143 THE VET MED QUADRANGLE will soon be a familiar scene for present pre-vet med. students. For four years after they are admitted to the College of Veterinary Medicine all their classes will be within its walls. Pre- Veterinary Medicine Club 144 Front Row: Callahan, Scott. Second Row: Bloomquist, W. Hansen, Hottes. Third How: Flct-iier, Nesheim, Sperry. Fourth Row: Zell, Merz, Hauser, Halfvasscn, McKee, Svcnsen. Fifth Row: Ruehle, Bishop, Ibsen, Varland, Anderson. Sixth Row: Puff, Utsler, Lee, Thornton, Lindecker, Clark, Shelsy. Seventh Row: Over- baugh, Heuss, Spray, R. Hansen, Maiers. Eighth Row: Frey, Thompson, Riebeling. Back Row: Kislingbun. Over 300 students joined the Pre-Veterinary Medi- cine Club this year. The purposes of this pre-pro- fessional club are to arouse interest in veterinary medicine and to acquaint members with the dif- ferent aspects of the Vet. Med. College and with the veterinary medicine faculty. Career and Col- lege opportimities available to veterinarians are also studied by the club. Almost all purposes of the cltib were covered when the members took a tour through the veteri- nary clinic during fall quarter. Members used the knowledge they had gained about veterinary medicine to constrtict their open house display during Veishea. Veishea also gave members a chance to replenish the club treasury by main- taining a concession stand. Front Row: Andrews, Richter, Mullins, Carlson, Hanson, Dcnhart, Davis. Smith, Myrtiie. Second Row: Hilde- brand. Woody, Peterson, Lee, Chipperton, Dr. Skold (adv.), Baker, Harris (v.p.-treas.) , Callahan, O ' TooI. Third Row: Riggers, Rodenborn, Batz, O ' Connor, Holveck, Jorgenson, Wright, Puff, Pfund, Lage (pres.). Fourth Row: Troup, Terry, Lampert, Boone, Hill, Lowser, House, Risuis, Carlson, Bamhart. Back Row: Fidemiller, Bell, Malloy, Ervin, McKee, Lucas, Lipschutz, Hottes. Henning, Ducommun. 1 9 q § r 9 ft 9 «.JK«.4a Bi V J nUk riBvkBi J hA L IM F-- BiilHr 1 1 TlCt ' " ' ' B « BT lis iiA ■Ifi y V M r IBi B - P " ' ' 1 L " B l ■HSI ijSIJ M K -- H Hi H b] 145 O p SCIENCE WOMEN ' S CLUB - front Row: Heelland, Avaux, Moe, Kcnagv scc), Harding (adv.), Russell (treas.). Loftus, Weber. Second Row: Werth, Miller, Evans. Urenn (pres.), Breevaart, Butler, Wolf. Back Row: Kinsey, Darling, Banwart, Ashbaugh, Bowden, Swanson, Replogle, Utterback. Science Women ' s Club This fall the Science Women ' s club sold candy to raise money for a scholarship presented each spring to a deserving member of the club. The club made tray favors for the Ames Nursing Home and held panel discussions with members of clubs and honoraries in the college of Science and Humani- ties in addition to regular bi-monthly meetings. The club strives to bring women of different sci- ences together. Society of American Military Engineers The Society of the American Military Engineers was organized in the interest of national defense. SAME meets once a month to discuss general top- ics of over-all interest to military engineers and to present and discuss developments of special inter- est to students in an engineering profession. An- nual activities include field trips where students can get a look at special field problems first hand. SAM E — Front Row: Layton, Teghtmcyer, Gocring (treas.), Kuchl (v. p.). Bradham (pros.), Scllman (sec), Knox, Smalley, Stobcr, Brewster. Second Row: Miller, Sande, Sheetz, Griffin, Randecker, Joannides, Rietz, Bundy, Cox (adv.). Third Row: Moehrl, Ellis, Olson, D. Wilson, Stacy, Rcbholz, Simpson, Stone, Wilier. Fourth Row: Norris, McCauIey, Ooten, G. Wilson, Henn, Ennis. Wonder, Walkup, Grenawalt. Back Row: Hoi- land. Ford, Allison, Prendergast, Dueland, Greata, Mitcliell, Bailey, J. Erickson, Erickson, Selix. 146 STUDENT PROPERTIES - " ro«( Row: Sutter (chairman), Hoffman, Speers, Nelson (treas.). Back Row: Kesselring, Muller, Hurst, Steil (adv.). Student Properties Board Vacancies of the ten member Student Properties Board are filled through interviewing the appli- cants. The board furnishes equipment for any campus organization that requests it and uses any funds it collects to repair and replace materials. Emphasis this year was on the securing of new and different objects that have been requested in the past by campus groups. Zoology Club The Iowa State Zoology Club is open to anyone who is interested in zoology. In early March, its members took a weekend field trip to the Missouri River to observe the goose migration. They also planned several field trips around the Ames area. The purposes of the club are to provide entertain- ment while increasing knowledge about zoology and to study things of interest as a grotip. ZOOLOGY — Front Row: Shoesmith, Seifert, Morris, McWilliams, Stccnhock. Second Row: Buttery (adv.), Wright, Dinsmore, Harris, Staller, Grabbc. 147 TWO DAYS were spent at the All-university nominating con- vention v hile two candidates were weeded out from a half dozen favorite son nominees. MOVING executive headquarters from the second floor to the ground floor of the Union was one of the first jobs of Morris Mikkelson, president and Mickey Montgomery, vice president. Government SENATE — Front Row: Orr, Sebastian, Shcpard, Miller, Baker. Second Row: Nelson, Pappas, Hoy, Knowles, Everts. Back Row: Meyer, Sinoldt, Walker, Grover, Montgomery (v. p.), NoUen. Not pictured: Bottge, Lazos, Nagel, Erickson, Jotinson. 148 The Governmnt of the Student Body started off the 1962-63 school year with a new name, a new constitution and renewed enthusiasm. Formerly Cardinal Guild, the name was changed to the Gov- ernment of the Student Body of Iowa State Uni- versity and the constitution was revamped and approved in an all-university election. The govern- ment of the Student Body consists of a legislative branch, the senate; the administrative branch, the president and cabinet; and the judicial branch, the supreme court and the traffic appeals court. Under the new constitution, which went into ef- fect this year, the size of the senate was decreased. There is now one senator from each residence as- sociation, one from each college, and three sena- tors at large. A change was also made in the Fresh- man Government of Student Body constitution. This change combines ward system, Pammel Court, and unaffiliated students into one group and requires six meetings of the Freshman body. of the Student Body IN THE Att-UNIVERSITY elections, students ponder the ballots and vote for the best can- didates who will represent them in the coming school year in government positions. 149 Traffic Appeals Left to right: Munson (adv.), Ruegscggcr, Laslett, Hsu, Crissman (chairman). y 4 ■ GC D nl " ' « tni= t Front Row: Pigolt, Martincri, Kaul, Johnson, Dubbin. Second Row: Hart, GafFney, Mikkelsen (pros.), Ewing, •v3.JJ. Vj IU111CL Krumrey, Pappas. Not pictured: Ness. Supreme Court Front Roiv: Deuprcc, Latham, Wilson (chief justice). Second Roiv: Nichaus, Petit. . ot Pictured: Kirkgatter. 150 AGRICULTURE COUNCIL - from Row: Rodecap, Klodt, Hart, Chally, Weber, Reynolds. Second Row: Johnson (v. p.). Hill, Tiedse, Selley (pres.), Shcpard. Bancks, Poore, Lindsav. Third Row: Maschwitz, Hall, Harris, VVillms, Bartelson, Hoy, Collins. Back Row: .Murphy, Roberts, Kicwiet, Dillman, Grunig, Thompson, Fee, Herstrum (sec). Agriculture Council EVERY club in the College of Agriculture has the right to send o representative to the meetings of the Council. " Gone With The Wind " was the theme of this year ' s Autumn Cotillion dance sponsored by Agri- culture Council. Tony Marterie provided enter- tainment for the formal affair with which Agricul- ture Council tried to return to the idea of a formal college dance. Ag Council also sponsors a Fresh- man reception, an all ag banquet, a Veishea open house display, an annual recognition party, and an annual picnic. Council meets semi-montly to study problems of the various clubs and to present solutions for the betterment of the agriculttire di- vision through the combined efforts of the coimcil members. Ag Coinicil is composed of two repre- sentatives from each department of the division of agriculture, one representative from each club in the diA ' ision of agriculttire, two Government of Student Body senators, the editor of the " Agricul- turist, " and a faculty adviser. 151 Engineering Council THE LATEST issue of the IOWA ENGINEER gets close scrutiny by the members of the Engineering Council who represent each branch of engineering in the College of Engineering. All of the clubs in the College of Engineering are represented on the Iowa State Engineering Coun- cil. The covmcil strives to organize the activities within the College of Engineering and to promote the interests of the engineers, the engineering col- lege and the university. The council helps clubs plan their programs and provides speakers and activities for the various groups. Meetings are held twice a month to discuss business, problems, and to plan engineering events and aid the engi- neering faculty. Membership on the Engineering Coinicil is open to juniors and seniors in the Col- lege of Engineering. Members are selected by the various departmental clubs. Social activities in- cluded Engineering days during winter quarter vhich this year featured a dance and a concert sponsored by the Engineering Council. ENGINEERING COUNCIL - frorU Row: Rigler, Ackerman (treas.), Dana (sec), Olsen (pres.), Anderson (v.p.), Townsend (adv.). Second Row: Mraz, Kaiser, Piper, Stieppard, Hurd, Altorfcr, Wchrspann. Back Row: Brush, Goering, Bradshaw, Fox, Howard, Bragonier, Ollenburg, Sater. 152 HOME ECONOMICS COUNCIL - froni Row: Winakor (adv.). Countryman (sec), Franck, Wilson, Hutchin- son (prcs.), Anderson, Glover. Second Row: Hawkins, Amiing, Todoroff, Schwictert, Shepard, Fowler. Back Row: Christians, McKendrick (treas.), Bowman, LaBarrc, VascIko , Holt, Haugcii. Home Ec Council The Home Economics Council at Iowa State rep- resents one of the largest home economics clubs in the world. It is affiliated with the national Home Economics Council and was organized on the Iowa State campus to strengthen and co-ordinate college club activities. This club also aims to help students feel they are a member of a professional group, to create interest in the field of home eco- nomics and to financially assist students in home economics. During winter quarter the club spon- sored seminars on the " Int ernational Interest of Business and Professional Women. " A United Nations tea for foreign students, a sale of cook- books filled with the recipes of the favorite food of faculty members, the sponsoring of three schol- arships for home economics students, and the preparation of the annual " Dames Daze Dance, " were fovu of the numerous projects undertaken. OUTSTANDING MEMBERS of the College of Home Economics are given recognition at the annual Recognition Dessert sponsored by the Home Economics council. 153 MEMBERS of Science Council relax at an informal dinner in the Memorial Union following their regular meeting. Science Council aims to promote unity in the College of Science and Humanities and to coordinate the activities within the College. Science Council The Iowa State Science Council acts as a liaison between the students in the College of Science and Humanities and the college faculty members. The Council is com- posed of thirteen members and faculty advisor, Dr. Keith Hussey. Each fall Science Council sponsors a reception during the Freshmen Orientation Days. It also sponsors faculty firesides each quarter. During spring quarter the Council sponsored a banquet for the departmental club presidents and outstanding members of the clubs. At this time the three most outstanding club members were recognized and given awards. SCIENCE COUNCIL MEMBERSHIP Dan Bernard, president Joni Urenn, vice-president Sue Reynolds, sec.-treas. John Mertes, guild rep. John Donelson John Freeland Vivian Green Mary Hennessey Jim Johnson Jan McGowen Beverly Miller Nancy Neve Dr. Keith Hussey, faculty advisor 154 EXEC. COUNCIL -Aroni Rou- P. T. Pearson (adv.). West (v. p.), Fetty (sec), Christcnscn, Kufiel, Schroe- der. Back Row: Baxter, Hutton, Nelson, Grover, Larsen (treas.), Sutter (pres.). Veterinary Medicine Council The Veterinary Medicine Council is the executive coun- cil for the student chapter of American Veterinary Medi- cal Association and most of it ' s work centers around plans and programs in connection with AVMA. The Council meets monthly to select committees who prepare the spe- cial events in the College, and to plan and coordinate the activities of AVMA. Annual activities of the AVMA in- clude a homecoming luncheon for all ainnni, a winter smoker, a fall banquet, a Christmas jjarty, and the spring dance. The covmcil decides on the eligibility of appli- cants for membership in the AVMA and selects recipients of AVMA awards and presentations. WITH SANTA CLAUS, candy, Christmas frees, and lots of cheer, the American Veteri- nary Medical Association entertained their families at the annual Christmas party. The provision of recreational, social, and civic programs for the residence area for married stu- dents attending Iowa State is the service per- formed by Pammel Community Council. A mayor and nine councilmen make up the council. Five permanent ad ' isors and nine judges also serve on the council. They are elected by the adult resi- dents of Pammel Court and their chief job is to fimction as a residence government. However, members also initiate inntimerable projects for the physical improvement of the commimity of Pammel Court. During this last year the council suggested fluoridation of Pammel water, effected the improvement of community streets, sidewalks, and recreational areas, and sponsored a program of increased cooperation and communication with the Government of Student Body, residence, uni- versity, and city officials. ' ' If ' -iriB SOCIAt functions, such as the spring dance, are sponsored by the Council for Pammel and Hawthorne residents. Pammel Community Council Front Row: Gohman, Randolph, Croiisc, Cowgill, Gardner. Second Row: Duncan, Randolph, Hedding, Davis. Back Row: Bruncr (mayor), Sonkscn, Nichols, Fisher, Savcraid. 156 " CY " the largest and most enthusiastic member of Iowa State ' s Pep Club, aroused enthusiasm and led cheers at the football games and pep rallies during the year. " Give me an I. Give me an O. Give me a W. Give me an A. Iowa State!! " One of the aims of the Iowa State Pep Council is to promote enthusi- asm and support for the athletic teams of Iowa State. They also coordinate the activities of the band, cheerleaders, Varsity I, and the students. Generating enthusiasm, Pep Coimcil conducts pep rallies and coordinates the card stiuit section at football games. A new stimt initiated by Pep Council this year was moving designs with the cards. Highlight of winter quarter was a sports banquet for the wrestling and basketball teams. A new position on Pep Council this year was a representative elected from each residence. The representative attends meetings and obtains infor- mation about Pep Cotmcil activities and relays the information to his respective residence. Pep Council also sponsors Iowa State ' s mascot " CY. " Pep Council front Row: Prendergast, Coverdale, Huziker (pres.). Peterson. Second Row: Dr. Peterson (adv.), Waggoner (sec), Porter, Malik, Kopp treas.). Back Row: Rippetoe (v. p.), Carpenter, Andrews. Sterling, Reynolds. 157 NEWS FORUM held winter quarter in the Gallery of the Memorial Union was one of the most popular events sponsored by Union Board. Prof. Schwartz, journalism, discusses one of the major news Issue of the week. EACH DAY dozens of coffee cups, saucers, and dishes are placed on the new conveyor belt which was installed in the commons of the Memor- ial Union to aid in cleaning up. Union Board Interviews and an all college election is the method used to select members of the Me- morial Union Student Board. Members are elected whenever a vacancy occurs and usually serve until graduation. The pur- pose of the board is to serve Iowa State stu- dents since the group represents the stu- dent body on the Union Board of Direc- tors. The board attempts to provide activi- ties of interest to everyone. A news forum was held winter quarter and several other types of forums also took place. Siunmer vacation finds many students packing their suitcases, checking passports and boarding planes and cruisers for a summer abroad. For these lucky travelers and anyone else who wishes to dream along, the luiion sponsored a Fravel Forimi providing hints and information on foreign travel. Stu- dents and Ames residents Avho have trav- eled themselves were the main speakers. " JUST BROWSING " in the browsing library of the Memorial Union, students often stop between classes to relax a while and read a few lines in some of the many books available. STUDENT UNION BOARD - fron( Row: Christensen, Iverson, Malik, Bkckkc, Hayes, Waters. Back Row: Quinn, Lundon, Gerbig (pres.), Davis (sec.), Murray (v. p.), Roeder. 159 SPEAKERS at the Religion and Life Week events spend time after the program meeting and talking with their audiences. MR. LEE PHILLIPS of Prairie View A M University was the opening convocation speaker for Religion in Life Week. Studen INFORMAL youth fellowship get-togethers are encour- aged by the SRC in addition to their all college programs. 160 The Student Religious Council ' s largest project high- lighting each year is Religion in Life Week. This year SRC embarked on a new year-long program of Reli- gion in Life. Parallel programs were scheduled during the entire nine months of the school year and were split into different topics for emphasis each quarter. This year ' s topic was " Man ' s Quest for Peace. " During fall quarter the religious point of focus was " Man ' s Quest for Inner Peace. " With the beginning of the new winter quarter, the focus changed in scope to " Man ' s Quest for Peace in His Community. " Spring quarter stressed the idea of " Man ' s Quest for Peace in the World. " The actual religion in Life Week of 19(33 provided concentration in all three areas for a brief time. Mr. Lee C. Phillip of Prairie View A M, Prairie View, Texas, presented the opening convocation for Religion in Life Week. Religious Council Front Row: Casey, Abramson, B. Pahlmon. Crocker (prcs.). Borgstroni (v. p.), Pingel. Second Row: J. Pahlman, Biihr. Dusenberv, Heitshusen, Delfs, Ruhlman. Third Row: Rulide, Cavener, Johnson, Hockmuth, Gallagher, Hanks. 161 YMCA YWCA POPCORN SALES were carried on throughout the year to raise money for YWCA service projects. YWCA — Front Row: Scotty (v. p.), Arnold, Countryman, Krumrey (sec), Pillars, Miller. Second Row: Ben- son, Moore, Righter, Anderson, Brown, Abrahamson. Back Row: Strandberg, Frankenfield, Bracken, Hutchin- son, Abrahamson (pres.)- 162 Together, members of the YMCA and the YWCA sponsored discussion groups for the University community. Discussion topics ranged from " World Trouble Spots " to " Men and Women in the Twentieth Century. " The International Gift Fair sponsored by the YMCA and YWCA is an annual affair where students may purchase articles from foreign countries and meet foreign students that are attending Iowa State. The YMCA and YWCA also sponsored the International Christmas Party which introduces an American Christmas to for- eign students and a foreign Christmas to Ameri- can students. Other social activities included a Woodchopper ' s Ball in the fall and mixers between the YM-YW groups. The spring conference is also attended jointly by the YM and YW. Y members maintain the " Dugout " in the basement of Alumni Hall. One of the more informative and interest- ing projects carried out jointly by the two groups is the Tennessee Valley Authority Tour held dur- ing fall quarter break. Spring quarter break is the time for the Y sponsored Washington-United Na- tions Seminar. A REtlGIOUS BOOK display is presented in the Union by the YMCA during Religion in tife Week. YMCA — Front Row: Oelkers, Messerschmidt, Reinhart (exec, sec), Yctley. Second Row: Christensen (v. p.), Holtz (pres.), Timm, Loy. Third Row: Herrington, Merryman, Chapin, Wendell. Back Row: Torrey, Tain, Cummins, Balloun. 163 front Row: Childs (Angelos ed.). Larson (sec), Saltau (outreach), Messerschmidt (education). Back Row: Stadtmuellar (financial), Schlachtenhaufen (counselor), Schafcr (worship), Buhr (ecumenical). Front Row: Zwanzigcr, Davidson (v.p.) , Gruber, Knuckel, A. Niclson. Back Row: Schlachtenhaufen, }. Xiclstn, RliniKiistlKin. C ' .avci. Howell (treas.)» Noble (pres.). Pastor Locker. University Lutheran Presents AN ARCHITECTS model cf the proposed addition to the University Lutheran student center. 164 Front Row: Sthlachtenhaufen (counselor), Schlaclitcnhaufcn, Ahbuths, Beyer, Runckcl, Peterson, Groves, Zwanziger, Noble, Noble. Second Row: Amunson, Johnson, Carlson, Miller, Sommep, Wolter, Hampe, Arp, Blumenschein. Back Row: Ahlrichs, Rasmussen, Rossbach, Carlson, Espe, Slymme, Grau, Doyle, Schlachten- haufen (counselor), Johnson. Current plans for the construction of the new chapel to be built on the site of the student center was the main project occupying the time of the Student University Lutheran Congregation. Construction of the new Chapel is to begin in June. The proposed floor plan has the shape of a hexagon with the altar in the center of the church surrounded on all sides by seats. University Lutheran is a student congregation and student members are responsible for managing worship services, Sun- day evening fellowships, publicity, study groups, janitor service, and social events. Front Row: Boatman, Nielsen, Deanovic, Larson, Thompson, Miller, Kallem, Moren, Second Row: Gruber Pannckc, Sallou, Kaiser, Messerschmidt, Schoening, Arp, Lafrenz. Third Row: Shanklin, Okerberg, Pastor Bert Locker, Ellingson, Schafer, Hemmingson, Sevold, Childs, Noble (prcs.). Fourth Row: Wolfmeyer, Forsyth, Gavcr. Fritz. Fcdelcr. Wassel, Stoltenberg, Berkland, Buhr. 165 About fifty students from the Westminster Fellow- shiip of tlie Presbyterian University Center have par- ticipated in the weekly deputations to churches and church groups in Iowa this year. Topics used by these groups incltided such themes as " Youth in This Troubled World, " " Freedom to Know, " and " The Chtirch in Different Parts of the World. " In addition eighteen Iowa State students attended a work camp at Birch lake, Minnesota, and twelve stu- dents went to the Inter-collegiate Council retreat held in Cedar Rapids which emphasized " Roads to Peace in an Atomic Age. " As a Christian Student Movement, this group is part of the local, regional, and national united Campus Christian Fellowship. Fund-raising projects such as a pancake supper and work days have been carried out imder the direction of the group ' s faculty adviser, Dr. Charles Hutch- croft, and their spiritual director, the Rev. Charles G. Workman. KP DUTY for Sunday suppers is distributed among the mem- bers with cool ing responsibility rotated regularly and dish- washing distributed by chance. Westminster Fellowship AFTER SUPPER Westminster Fellowship meets to discuss topics of religious interest or to hear churchmen speak. 166 CHRISTIAN SCIENCE - ron Roxv: Shanower, Honeck (v.p.), Grosland (prcs.), Pahlman (sec), Herbst. Back Row: Galvin, Walters, Falken (adv.), Pahlman J. (treas.), Hostetter. Christian Science Members organized a University Forum to pro- vide cultural and social activities for the members of the Iowa State Christian Science Organization. Activities included bowling, dances, Sunday eve- ning meals, and informal meeting on the Chris- tian Science Monitor. Members of this group met each Tuesday evening to listen to readings and to discuss Christian Science as applied to campus life. Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship The members of the Inter- Varsity Christian Fel- lowship and members of the Drake Fellowship group spent a weekend during the fall on a retreat at the 4-H camp. The organization also sponsored a hayride with Drake students. A regular years ' program consisted of Bible study, discussion groups, conferences, prayer groups. Evangelistic breakfasts, and weekly meetings. SONG FESTS, and other social events gives members of Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship a chance to meet and get to know people of different denominations other than their own. 167 Evangelical United Brethern The Trinity Fellowship of the Evangelical United Brethren Church, is striving to relate young people to the total pro- gram of the Church through leadership, service, study, fellow- ship, and worship. This active group took a big interest in trying to share in the joy of giving as a part of the Christmas Spirit. One weekend was spent at the Riverside Bible Camp making Christmas favors for hospitals with caroling later. VAJTi — Front Row: Jcpsen, Cunningham (sec), Bosscrt (pres.), Kortemeier, Dclfs, Tapper (v.p), Hulsebus. Back Row: Palmer (adv.), Bundt, Swanson, Nolte. FIFTY STUDENTS were members of the Baptist Student fellowship. The fellowship has been in existence and open to all students since 1898. Baptist Student Fellowship A Leadership Training Workshop was a main feature of this year ' s Baptist Student Fellowship gioup. Promotion of the Christian faith was the object of many activities. PYeshmen were introduced to the Fellowship last fall at a reception. So- cial activities included a hayride attended by 2.5 couples who were entertained at the ' Flying W " Ranch with refreshments and singing around an open fire. 168 THE DISCIPLES OF CHRIST meet for the usual Sunday discussion groups and highlight their year with social action trips and work week ends. A journey to Austin Texas to view the Faith-In-Life commun- ity was the main social action tour this year for the members of the Disciple Student Fellowship. The Fellowship, student organization of the Christian Church, a program of social ac- tion, study, and worship. Members made social action tours to the state mental hospital in Minnesota and spent work week ends in Des Moines with an urban renewal area. Disciples of Christ Quarterly week-end retreats, an annual canoe trip to northern Minnesota, and a social action trip during spring quarter break were all part of the fun had by members of Frisbie Fel- lowship. Frisbie students also did volunteer work in Anoka State Mental Hospital. Behind these activities of the United Church Campus Center group is the purpose of good fellow- ship and religious study. Frisbie Fellowship FRISBIE HOUSE, on Lincolnway near the campus, provides a convenient meeting place for the fellowship members who go to the Congregational Church in downtown Ames. 169 Wesley Fellowship Three main groups are combined to form the Wesley Founda- tion. These inchide the Wesley Fellowship for undergraduate students, the Graduate Fellowship for single grad students and four sections of married students. Worship, study, and action tmits are formed from these groups. One type of study group is the Community of Lay Scholars which are groups of four to eight people who gather for worship, study, and fellowship. Two Methodist service fraternities, Kappa Phi for women and Sigma Theta Epsilon for men, make themselves usefid to the community and the campus throughout the year. 170 1 Q 9l . tt © wm 9Q L V • f k K ' ' v ■ t ' k ' . Hwv ' n L B a Qu B V i l P | ■l IP T! ?7i | B Bi KAPPA PHI —Front Row: Dean, Holt, Harryman. Mrs. Adin W. Rouze (assoc. sponsor), Mrs. H. L. Hedrick (sponsor), Raim, Haines, Dunn, Hofmann. Srrond Row: Carswell, Daggett, Mehaffey, Portee. PettJgrew, Liv ingston, Swinney. Larson, Randell (corr. sec). Third Row: Dennis, Thorpe, Taylor, Edwards (treas.), Wor sle y (pres.), Bozarth, Schwietert, Henry, Hulsebus. fourth Row: Gibbs, Hogge, Stiner (1st v. p.), Strachan Benson, Hersom, Smith (2nd v.p.), Siegel. Back Row: Turner, Johnson, Kemmerer, Nitzche, Burns, RofF, Humphrey. Idwin, Weaver. SIGMA THETA EPSILON — " ronf Row: Irwin, Fowler, Givens, Dixon (pres.), Stacker (v.p.). Second Row: Applegatc, Haymond, Hedrick, Cuthbert, Banks. Back Row: Busch (sec.-treas.), Smith, Lueck, Burcham, Tope. AN EDU-GRAM class meets with Rev. Walters to gain on opportunity for more study. ■M 171 THE REVEREND Father Paul Goodland is Rector of St. John ' s. ROGATION SUNDAY brings an open air serv- ice and the blessing of a form. St. John ' s Episcopal Church 172 STANDING room only is the situation as Father Hulme of Cedar Rapids leads the mem- bers in a study session. Canterbury Club is organized to help provide recreation, fellowship, worship, and learning for the Episcopal college students. However, any student is invited to attend. Twist parties are especially popular for the Canterbury members. Music supplied by Bob Scott and the Vanguards has been heard pouring from the church lounge where the students can be seen enjoying an evening of " relaxing " twisting. On Sunday evenings the students set aside time for an inspir- ational period spent in prayer. After these devotions, dinner is served. With appetites replenished and temporarily sat- isfied, speakers and group leaders guide the students in dis- cussion and thinking on various thought-provoking topics. During fall quarter one weekend was set aside for fun, wor- ship, and learning at the Madrid 4-H Camp. Father Douglas Haviland is the chaplain for St. John ' s. 4 SOLEMNITY FILLS the Episcopal Chapel as the Litany is said during Lent. Front Row: D. Erbcck, M. Erbeck, Sncad (treas.), Butler (sec). Yoder (v. p.), Whitley (adv.). Father Havi- land. Back Row: Haynaid, Nelson, Sayles, Pritchard, E. Yodcr (pres.). Milstead, Borchclt. 173 QUIET for reading and a variety of books makes the library at the Memorial Lutheran Church attractive to Gamma Delta members. THE INTERNATIONAL MISSION project which is supported by Gamma Delta is discussed by some of the members. Gamma Delta BUILDING PROJECTS for members include everything from constructing new book coses to building a con- cession stand for Veisheo. 174 Ironl Row: StiiwL-rin, Krusc, Metzlcr, Hammans, Hciman, Bremer, Kruse, Peirce, Harms. Second Row: Mich- ael, Peterson, Huedepohl, Schaper, Beck (treas.), Hcitshusen, Rogers, Hahm. Back Row: Eggerling, Boline, Peters, Hennings, Cash, Johnson, Schaper, Buss. Gamma Delta is the Lutheran Student Organization which aims to pro- vide a program of Christian fellowship based on Christian knowledge. The threefold purposes, of religious, educational, and social activities, are extended each week to approximately 60 members. Vespers are held each Sunday evening followed by supper and a program. Gamma Delta ' s main fund raising project of the year is the operation of a concession stand during Veishea. Part of the profits realized are sent to the international Gamma Delta mission project. Social activi- ties included a Rosebud Banquet, a mixer held the first Saturday night during fall quarter to introduce new students to the fellowship, and an ice cream freezer party the first Sunday night of fall quarter. Many members of Gamma Delta took advantage of several retreats, work- shops, and conventions that are sponsored by the group during the year. Front Row: Bunns, Schaller, Vctter, Lietz, Siefering, McCormick, Anderson, Mueller, Damm. Second Rou ' - Bielenberg, Spore, Jepsen, Harms. Third Row: Gruenhagen, Caltrider, Offerman, Milligan, Schumacher, Sch- werin (pres.), Schumacher, Hansen. Bar Row: Fields, Strissel, Dorow, Schrocder, Koskovich, Schoenfeldcr Kuehnast, Potratz, Poock. 175 Newman Club Construction of the new St. Thomas Aquinas church was the biggest project undertaken this year by the Catholic Student Center and the Newman club. Members had a penny barrel in their lovmge to collect money for the new building project and were aiming for a goal of one million pennies. The Newman Club is the national Roman Catholic student organization on college campuses. Highlighting the social scene of the year for the Newman Club was the semi-formal dance held win- ter quarter, featuring the music of the Don Hoy Orchestra. The New- man club also sponsors an international night where students of other countries present a program showing customs and traditions of their native lands. Sunday evening suppers were prepared each week and were followed by a program of entertainment. 176 I Front Row: Harper, Gafncy, Hurd, guest, O ' Connor, Jaworski, Barrett, Muenchrath. Second Row: guest. Otter, Blut, Shulte, Miller, Kilpatrick. Amick. Third Row: guest. Jacobs, Rossmiller Avvenire, Sullivan, Father, Sch- weikcrt, Detig, Carron. Front Row: McLaughlin, Marxer, Padilla, Downey, Mann. Second Row: Comfort, Luiders, Graca, Martin, Curtis. Back Row: Strickler, guest. Miller, Barber, Crowley, Lickteig, Collins. Dubiel, Front Row: Happe, Ryan, Bovey, guest, Berenyi, Quinn, guest, Brinkman. Second Row: Hawk, Ellis, Neu- house, Burghart, Knapper, Kerlin, Judge, Materson. Third Row: guest, Nilles, Faddoul, Heying, Connelly, Bodenstciner, Kettler, Mousel. 177 Music th ree areas fo THE UKRANIAN CHORUS was brought to the campus through the scheduling work of Dr. Edgar. Town and Gown Concert Series and other concerts are also han- dled by Edgar. IOWA STATE SINGERS give their own concerts as well as performing at the Christmas Festival, Club 2000 and Veishea ceremonies. The group is open to all students by audition with the director, Robert M. McCowen. 178 F « - 9 p W.I ac. 1 mi hib II 5L -9 h .i |n O| |HWiRggM| j ;-7.rg 1 c i ' -« sr J r?.v SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA directed by Dr. Edgar, is composed of students and adults of the university community. The group presents quarterly concerts and takes an annual tour. tudent performance Music at Iowa State echos forth from four main sources. The 120 members of the marching band make their appearance at all home football games. The group also appears at some road games and made a journey to Minneapolis last April. Some members of marching band also compose the small pep band which is heard at basketball games and pep rallies. Practice three times a week keeps musicians in the concert and varsity bands in top shape for formal concerts, the Christmas Festival of Music, and other campus ceremonies. Sym- phony orchestra is made up of both students and members of the community. It gives concerts and makes a small tour presenting the best in classical and symphonic music. Vocal music is produced by the Iowa State Singers at such events as Home- coming Barbeque and Christmas festivities. REHEARSAL three times a week results in the precision drill performances of Frank Piersol ' s marching band at all home football games. The group also takes part in the Veishea parade. 179 GIANNI-SCHICCI, a lab theatre production, was produced by the cooperative efForts of Players, the music Department and interested faculty members. Iowa State Playe rs ONE of the Iowa State players teeters on top of a ladder to dismantle the scenery in Shattuck Theatre so it can be moved to Curtiss Hall for one of the Players productions. Lab Theatre, Iowa State Players, Children ' s Theatre, Theatre 324, and Film Theatre are the five theatre groups which are open for stu- dent participation at Iowa State. Both Lab Theatre and Iowa State Players present one performance per quarter. Players use only student actors and actresses and produce popular well-known plays. Lab Thea- tre uses student talent combined with outside talent and experiments with productions of opera and eighteenth century comedies. Iowa State Players is a student organization made up of all the members of the Iowa State Theatre. Eligibility for membership in Players requires completion of work on two major productions. 180 THE " BIG MOVE " is on as the Iowa State Players brave the snow to move their sets from Shattuck Theatre to Curfiss Hall for their winter quarter production. Front Row: Renshaw, Peringer, Patrick, Else, Pullen, Gciger, Van Du seldorp, Purly. Second Row: Reed, Braden, Uisch, Hughes, Taylor, Miller, Sossalla, Drum, Grosland. Third Row: Moran, DozoUng, Beckenbach, Brant, Friesen, Sunde, Prawl, McKinness, Beatty, Lobaugh. Fourth Row: Sostales, App, Kaiser, Van Jahnke, Drcxler (adv.), Morton. 181 Front Row: Yohe, Marlin (adv.), Orr (sec.), Bowles, Peterson, Grosland, Grant. Second Row: Collins, Lang- ford (adv.). Berry, Hansen, demons. Smith. Third Row: Bernard, Diehl, Seward, Grossman, Corey (v. p.). Back Row: Sullivan, Fenton, Wilson, Orr (pres.), Orban, Buchanan, Brunkan. Iowa State Debaters At the nationally recognized Missouri Valley Forensic Association Tournament, the Iowa State Debaters took first place in oratory and second place in debate. This active and informally organized group not only gathers for its own purposes but acts as an asset to the campus and the community in many ways. The Debaters present weekly radio discussions over WOI and provide various community programs. On campus, their interests are even stronger. Speaking experience is given in the all-university Extemp Contest open only to non-members of the Debaters. Debates between the presidents of the Young Republicans and Young Democrats, between the MRA and IFC presidents, and be- tween GSB senator-at-large candidates are planned by Debaters. SECOND PLACE in the Missouri Valley Forensics Association tournament was taken by debate team, Grosland, Pease, Sumner, and Spencer. 182 Front Row: Lewis (assoc.ed.). Ling (assis. ed.)» Jumper (ed. advisor), Beatty. Second Row: Werth, Carrigan, Primus (art ed.), Thomas (books cokes chrm.). Third Row: Neuhaus (editor), Orlovich (adv.), Sargent (sec.). Booth, Pedersen. Back Row: Brindley (cir. mgr.). Bracken, Devaul, Haag (bus. mgr.). Sketch and Writers ' Roundtable An outlet for undergraduate writing as well as an incentive for more of it is the purpose of Sketch magazine. Sketch is the student operated quarterly publication which contains short stories, poetry, and art work selected from material submitted by Iowa State Students. The purpose of Sketch board is to perpetuate this literary magazine and to choose the creative material that goes into it. Sketch board sponsors Books and Cokes during the spring and fall quarters. Here, members of the faculty or students review a book each week at the Union. Thirteen members and apprentices of Writer ' s Roundtable meet bi-weekly to discuss and analyze the A Titings of the other members. Many of the writings that are discussed at the meetings are submitted to Sketch. " BOOKS AND COFFEE " features faculty book reviewers while the spring quarter " Books and Cokes " is completely a student effort. 183 JERRY KNIGHT assumed the duties of editor at the beginning of spring quarter succeeding Nancy An- derson who held the position since spring ' 62. CHECKING COPY, posting beat sheets, and digging up stories are some of the varied jobs of Dave Nilsson, assistant managing Editor during winter and spring quarter. BEHIND the " copy in " and " re- write baskets, Jerry Knight who was managing editor fall quarter and night editor winter quarter checked all of the copy that was to appear in the Daily. IT ' S ALL IN A DAY ' S work as the day gets longer for Kathy Jacobson, managing editor, who finds herself wearily checking the last minute copy and layout sheets for tomor- row ' s Daily. Iowa State Daily ALL-ROUND Dave Buck moved from the position of sports edi- tor fall quarter to associate editor winter quarter. He was suc- ceeded by Steve Dreeszen. The clack of the teletype is silent. The pounding of the typewriters is still and the flurry and hurry of the last minute deadlines are finished for another day. A half eaten sandwich rests in the " Copy In " basket, a smouldering cigarette guards the rim, and a coke bottle reigns supreme survey- ing the general havoc. Chairs are askew and the inner office is quiet now. The Iowa State Daily has gone to press! The Daily serves the University Community telling news of Iowa State and is dis- tributed on campus and the surrounding area five mornings a week — Tuesday through Saturday. The editor, sharing an office with associate edi- tors, lives in a world of deadlines. Amid a pile of papers and " extraneous " reference, a potted green vine, and lots of noise, the editor-in-chief, sets up the editorial policy, selects letters to the editor, writes editorials, lays out the editorial pages, and chooses editorials from other publications to be reprinted in the Daily. The business-like piles of paper on the desk just outside of the editor ' s door shows the work is completed, in the process of completion, or needs to be started. The manag- ing editor who is at this desk hides behind the copy baskets systematically checking the " Copy In " basket, the re-write basket, answering the tele- phone, and typing ideas for new stories. ¥i 185 ADVERTISING provides half of the cost of publishing the Daily. Max Schnept was business manager for the Daily this year. PINCH-HITTING In the slot of sports editor during winter quarter was Don Johnson who kept the University informed of Cyclone action. r ;f M» ' i lfi... " 186 Tips for stories come from all over the viniversity . . . professors, stu- dents, publicity chairmen for various groups, and reporters. The actual production of the day ' s issue of the Daily begins early in the morning when the managing editor posts the beat sheet on the east wall bulletin board, next to the critic sheet, lab reports, photographers notes, re- writes, phone call messages, and a bevy of left-over information. The society and sports editors also post their beat sheets early in the morn- ing. Beat sheets are the list of reporting assignments with that day ' s assignment and " creative " notes concerning previous assignments. Vol- unteer reporters and students of the technical journalism classes check the " beats " before classes and pursue that story for the day, checking all angles writing, rewriting, and collecting all information for the ar- ticle. All day telephones in the Daily office ring bringing news and information to be included in the next issue. The hum of activity reaches it highest tempo about four in the afternoon, when the presses are starting to roll and " dead line " comes closer. ASSOCIATE EDITOR fall and winter quarter Kayleen Honeck had a hand in every issue of the Daily and could often be found on the rim editing copy. " SPORTS IttUSTRATED " . . . what else for the sports editor of the Daily, Steve Dreeszen, who snatches a few minutes from a busy schedule to catch up on the latest sports news. 187 REPORTER Carol Jensen puts the final touches on her story. Daily re- porters come primarily from journalism 222 classes. THE " BACKSHOP " puts the Daily into its final form. Late deadlines sometimes keep pressmen working ' til midnight. The issue editor or the night editor positions the stories and pictures on the layout pages prepared by the advertising staff. Headlines are written and each story is checked. The headlines and pages are assem- bled and sent to the " backshop " downstairs. The sports editor and the society editor furiously make a last minute check of the " herd " book to make sure that a name is spelled correctly and their pages are also sent downstairs. As the layouts are sent down, the pages are readied. The proof readers read the galley proof and the page editors make the final approval of their pages. The corrections are made, the page proofs are ready and the " Daily " is returned to the backshop and goes to press. The presses roll and tomorrow ' s Daily telling of the university com- munity will be available to students and subscribers. A final check of the issue hot from the press and the staff heads home for some sleep. 188 The voice of the College of Agriculture, published by the students in agriculture, for the students in agricul- ture, and about the students in agriculture is the Iowa State Agriculturist. Under this year ' s editors, Ron Kie- wit and Jim Grunig, the Agriculturist went to press eight times during the school year. It offered information to the students in agriculture which they could not get from an ordinary farm magazine. It tells what the College is doing and relates agriculture at Iowa State to agricultural activities outside the University. This year the Agricul- turist was the recipient of several awards in a contest sponsored by Agricultural College Magazines, Associated. They awarded the magazine second place on the " cover award " and first in " general excellence " for the magazine as a whole. The " Ag " also received the First Place Award for Non-Fiction Writing from Sigma Delta Chi, profes- sional journalistic society. Iowa State CHIEF HONCHOS for the Ag, Ron Patrick, Vic Pier- ott, Ron Kiewiet and Jim Grunig, managed to hit an all-time high record for getting the issues out during their respective months. Agriculturist Front Row: Grunig, Patrick, Harmon, Pierott, Bryant, Kiewiet. Second Row: Vajgart, Henderson. Back Row: Raikes, Schwein, Glaser. 189 □an Left to Right: Martinsen, Schremp, Skeie, Herzog, Beimer, McPherson, Disch, Hampe, Broadbent. CO-EDITORS, Ken McPherson and Steve Herzog took over the top spots on the magazine late in winter quarter. Iowa Engineer 190 The Iowa Engineer is the publication of the engineer- ing college which tries to acquaint students with de- velopments in the engineering field. Under the 1962 editor, James Altorfer, the Iowa Engineer was distrib- uted each month to students in the College of Engi- neering. The magazine is edited, written and managed by students in engineering in order to give those in- terested in writing an " extra " which is not included in the engineering curriculum. The Iowa Engineer is a member of the Engineering College Magazines As- sociated. Featured in each issue are an " editorial " which offers thought provoking ideas to the students; " The Dean ' s Page " which shows the College of Engi- neering as reflected in the eyes of the dean; an " Engi- neer ' s Girl " chosen from the campus coeds; and the " Old Dog Sez " which is a page of jokes. Each issue also has stories related to the latest developments in the field of engineering. The Iowa State Scientist is the official publication of the College of Science and Humanities. Students cooperate to meet the monthly deadlines from October through May to bring information of interest to students in the Science and Humanities College. Introduced in the magazine this year was a new feature, " The Scientist ' s Lab Partner. " The month ' s " lab partner " is selected from Iowa State coeds. Staff members completely publish the magazine, selling all of the ads, making the layouts, writing the stories, editorials and taking the pictures. The Scientist each year presents a special award to best all-round article appearing in the Scientist, which may be either fiction or fact. Jim Livengood was this year ' s editor; Jim Stephens was associate editor; and Larry Gruel was managing editor. The Faculty adviser for the Scientist is Mr. Rodney Fox, technical journalism. Iowa State Scientist AN EDITOR just has to oversee the progress of the book while the real work of beating the staff Into line falls on the associate editor, Jim Stephens. Front Row: Larson, Gruel. Back Row: Livengood (ed.), Stephens, Drew. 191 LYLE HART, standing, editor of the Veterinarian for this year directs the work of his staff on the winter issue. With a bustle and a hurry of activity, students en- rolled in veterinary medicine publish the three issues of the Iowa State University Veterinarian. The magazine is distributed to students of vet- erinary medicine, veterinarians throughout the United States, and veterinarians in over 30 for- eign countries. Students, as well as veterinarians throughout the world, may submit manuscripts for publication. The writing, editing, and pub- lishing of the Veterinarian serves both the staff and the readers and gives students experience in preparing manuscripts for publication. As it is the official magazine of the Iowa State Veterinar- ian Alumni Association news of the college of vet- erinary medicine is published. The magazine also contains a wealth of information on recent devel- opments in the Veterinary Medicine profession for practitioners and researchers. Iowa State University Veterinarian front Row: Swaney, Dorwart, Heftie, Pitcher. Second Row: McKnight, Flint, Lucas, Boote. Back Row: Fick, Hart, Johnson, Kirchgatter, Seaton (adv.). 192 HOMEMAKER — frorif Ron-; Suhr, Pierson (ed.). Burns (adv.), Williams, Pielsen (bus. mgr.). Back Row: Dorrell, Jones, Collison, Morse, Sharbo, Lafrenz. Iowa State Homemaker The Iowa State Homemaker, a student publica- tion, celebrated its 40th Anniversary in March and published a special anniversary issue. The main highlight of the March 1962 isstie was an article written by Bess Storm Ferguson, the first editor of the Homemaker. The editorial staff of the Homemaker was reorganized this year, with the position of publisher being omitted and the position of editor added. Radio Workshop Radio Workshop is an all-University organization which offers training in broadcasting skills and methods. The Radio Workshop won $200 and national mention for their entry, " The Un- wanted " in a national radio production contest for the American Foundation for the Blind. Quarter hour childrens ' sho vs and half-hour dra- matic and documentary shows were presented weekly on WOI workshop members. RADIO WORKSHOP - fron( Row: Bland, Alexander, Burt (adv.). Ling, Vasey. Back Row: Meyer, Sunde, Schmiedel, Helms, Costales. 193 LIVING QUARTERS for the species known as editor are supposed to be the office, and Willa Bannister, ' 63 editor, is not above being comfortable in her home as she super- vises the editorial staff. JIM BULL, business manager, took over handling the finances after only one quarter ' s training as assis- tant. Jim will also head the ' 64 business staff. BOMB BOMB PUBLICATION BOARD consisted of Arnold Hciibrock, Keith Weber, Diane Jones (sec.), John Flint (pres.), J. W. Schwartz Cadv.), Willa Bannister, Mary Cord, and Deanne Stenstrom. Missing from the picture was J. E. Marks (adv.), Kurt Faxon. 194 Pressure increases in Afarch when two veeks re- main to get the Bomb printed and to the bindery, but the job of piuting the book out is an all year effort. Late in winter quarter the new editor and business manager are selected. Spring is occupied ' isath the receiving of bids and signing of contracts for senior pictures and engraving. At this time space is allocated. The layoiu is planned during the siunmer. Fall begins the push to get pictures and by December some of the 16 page units known as diunmies are due at the press. At the end of March all 480 pages must have been com- pleted and proofread three times and sent on their way to the bindery. Then there are only tag ends to tie up and the May distribution to get out of the way on that book while work on the next year ' s book has already begim. REtlANCE on Bill Cox, head photographer, was not only for meeting picture crises, advising the photography staff, and keeping the darkroom in order but also for finding new places such as under the enlarger in which to snooze. SCHEDULING of most of the pictures is the job of Ann Murray, photo editor. Fall quarter Ann was copy editor while Mary Weir handled the photo editorship. DENNIS BROWN, managing photo editor, wields a magnifying glass when picking pictures from contact sheets. The main part of Denny ' s job was making the layouts for the book. 195 ONE TRANSFER matched another and resulted in Lorry Hermann taking over the vacated seniors editor position. Prior to coming to lov a State Larry edited two college yearbooks. EMERGENCY replacement, Gary Murphy, took over one of the biggest jobs. Managing copy editor, a quarter and a half late and brought the copy into order. Everyone has his place and seldom was anyone in ii. The managing photo editor ' s main job was making layouts so it was perfectly natural that he should spend a whole afternoon typing residence active and pledge lists. This sort of incongruity was not only not out of place, but often was the saving factor for the Bomb. The staff was recurringly caught short-handed. Fall quarter started with the loss of a sports editor. This was followed by the transfer of the senior editor, the resig- nation of the managing copy and photo editors. Most of the positions were filled by shifting staff members and moving up new recruits, biu the position of copy editor was unfilled for the final two quarters. k% .« i ft« INDEXING the indentifications for all the pic- tures in the book was Mary Cord ' s responsi- bility. Mary will be editor of the 1964 Bomb. 196 OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY is taken up by Shirley Bailey, features editor, to counteract the efFects of struggling to find a way to show an overall picture of Iowa State activity. DONNA VAUGHAN, sports editor, and Carolyn Campion, ac- ademic editor, debate the value of one of the sports pictures. COLLECTION of information sheets and organization of copy writers, were the responsibility of Cathy Lundon and Sandy Gowan, activities and residence editors. 197 BRENT MITCHELL, assistant business manager, dictates a letter to Marty Hackenberg, secretary. Much paper work is involved in the letting of contracts for cover, engraving, and photographs. BOMB PHOTOGRAPHERS gather to give aid to a fellow photographer in trouble. The new printing machine was a great time saver. It turned out finished prints in half a minute — ties and shirt cuffs usually took a little longer. A yearbook for 10,000 people is of necessity a big job requiring much help. Interested, but inexperienced people are given copy writing, typing and indexing jobs. The editorial staff consists of these workers plus a core of ten titled and official staff members. The photography staff usually consists of about eight people. The number of photo- graphers varied from two to ten, but there were never enough of them, and equipment seemed to be even scarcer. Friendly relations with the other publications provided sources of aid in a pinch, and the Univer- sity Information Service ' s picture file frequently Avas mistaken for a fairy godmother. 198 I ' LRISHING RIFLES — " ronf Row: Allison, Sec, Sunde, Switzcr, Ford, Sheppard, Ziegler. Second Row: McKee, Sato, Walch, Rhoads, Smith, Greenwalt, Magnusson. Third Row: Dtas, Rambow, Davis, Stewart, Keown, Skeers. Back Row: Brown, Dennisdon, Becker, Rambow, Smith, Newland. Pershing Rifles The selection of a coed as honorary cadet com- mander is one of the highlights of the year for Pershing Rifles. Pershing Rifles is an honorary which strives to develop interest and ability in leadership, drill, and command. Annual activi- ties of this club include a banquet, regional drill contests, invitational drill meets, and perform- ances at various athletic contests. Only those enrolled in ROTC are eligible for membership. Scabbard and Blade Re-introduction of the Military Ball was the big- gest project undertaken this year by Scabbard and Blade, a military honorary. The last military ball was held in 1959 as an all-University dance, but this year it was limited to the military. The dance was used to promote interest and recogni- tion for the military and to establish unity among the three services. Members are selected from the top one-fourth of their respective military class. SCABBARD AND BLADE - fron! Row: Schnicker s ec), Fredrcgill (pres.), Christensen (adv.). Hart, (trcas.), Selander (v.p.), Lattan. Second Row: Hills, Kellstrom. Nelson, Greta, Cizek, Patch. Third Row: Patterson, Dueland, Allison, Lynn, Olsen, Long, Wilson. Fourth Row: Eno, Hollander, Pellett, Brown, Haack, Smallcy. Back Row: Prendergast, Lowe, Burrell, Gilson, Thompson, Callanan, Tntten. 199 ADVANCED ARTILLERY CADETS - Front Row: Poterack, Williams. Lattan, Glandorf (adv.). Green, See, Brockmann, Scholtz. Second Row: Johnson, Ford, Voorhees, Breitbach, Gross. Hollander, Shank. Third Row: Curtis. Sayers, Buls, Smit, Kuhn, Ryan, fourth Row: Morse, Riglcr, Finch, Hamann, Bergstrom, Peterson, McNeill, McClurg. Back Row: Pauley, Ovcrmohle, Sundell, Bower, Brown, Bowcrsox. Ducommun. Advanced Artillery Cadets The social aspects of being a military officer are the topics handled by the Society of Advanced Artillary Cadets. The club is a local professional and social honorary with seventy members. Monthly meetings are held to aquaint the mem- bers with tlie social side of the service. Members also liad a Veishea open house display on artillery equipment and presented a public demonstration on the use of a " Bishop " trainer. A.F.R.O.TC. (Rifle) The Air Force Reserve Officers Training Corps Rifle Team is organized to promote sportsinan- ship and good riflery. Approximately 20 members meet Thursday evenings in the Armory for a 2-3 hour practice. Members competed in rifle meets with Kansas University, Oklahoma State, and in Iowa League matches with State University of Iowa and Drake University. They also received first in the Iowa area of the National AF match. AF RIFLE TEAM — front Row: Thenhaus (adv.), Herstrum, Newell, Illingworth (v. p.), Franke (prcs.), McClellan, treas.}. Walker (sec), Adams, Koine (Coach). Back Row: Countryman, Danhauer, Rasmussen, Becm, Dale, Boline, Pilling. 200 ARNOLD AIR FORCE - Front Row: Howard. Harris, Callanan, Slchn, Fedregill, McDermott. Lowe. Second How: Tryiten (pres.). Parmer, Larson, McV ' ay, McMastcr, Cizek. Third Row: Burrell, Phillips, Heit, Wod- strchill, Adams, Wegner. Fourth Row: Brown, Hcnnigar, Tamura, Dinsdalc, Klein, Schnickcr. Back Row: Pearson, Dolejs, Howard, Moelter, Selandcr, Slicgelmeytr, Gridley. Arnold Air Society Arnold Air Society is organized to advocate sup- port of air power, to further the tradition of the Air Force, and to create a closer relationship within the Air Force Reserve on campus. Arnold Air ' s formal dance was held at the Ames Cotmtry Club spring quarter. The Veishea 1962 project Avas a concession stand in front of the Armory. Arnold Air also sponsored an auto-safety program along with the Ames Chamber of Commerce. Angel Flight Under the sponsorship of Arnold Air Society and Major Clarence Anderson, Iowa State ' s O ' Neil Squadron of Angel Flight was organized last spring. The squadron consists of twenty-three pledges chosen through application and inter- view, plus the charter members. " Angels " wear their imiforms every Tuesday. They function as a service organization to promote the Air Force usually by serving as hostesses. ANGEL FLIGHT — fron; Row: Dorrell. Larscn, Doty, O ' Ncil (honorary member), Waggoner (commander). Sartor, Ewoldt. Second Row: Landes, Buchanan, Bitting, Rippetoe, Bishop, Carpenter, Shallenberger, Fish. Third Row: Mehl, Knapheids, Runsvold, Sage, Scott, Bailev, Arnoff, Thompson, Hamill. Back Row: Radcliffc, VanDraska Crockett, Schwitters, Cramer, Roath, Bayes, Swcnson, Prochaska, Bowman. 201 Sports Editor Donna Vaughan Struggle, to discipline. Practice, to perfec- tion. Compete, to win. Major sport, minor sport, intramurals, or just an impromptu game — they ' re all part of the sports world at Iowa State. Grab a little of one. Fall sports 204 Winter sports 214 Spring sports 230 Organizations 238 Intramurals 242 202 SPORTS 203 GUARD Carl Proto and End Randy Kidd clear the way for the only score against Kansas. CYCLONE Captain Jim Clapper meets the Drake captain to begin another year on the gridiron. 204 The Iowa State Cyclones, 1962 edition, opened the season against Drake, the traditional first- game foe. The Cyclones began the season in fine style winning 14 to 7. This game provided several firsts in Iowa State fooball history. The team av- eraged 207 pounds making it the heaviest ever fielded here. The new single-wing " T " was used for the first time by the Cyclones. It was installed by Coach Stapleton in order to provide a more balanced running and passing attack. Twenty- two thousand people watched the game, becoming the largest crowd ever to visit Clyde Williams Field. Visiting Oregon State as the underdog, the Cyclones lost a real heartbreaker 39-35. With 1 :27 left to play, the Beavers recovered the ball on their own 36 and the widely acclaimed Terry Baker took over and passed for a touchdown to erase the lead that Iowa State had held for most of the game. Football Dave Hoover ' s fine running and Larry Switzer ' s passing arm were put to good use throughout the season as they backed up Dave Hoppmann at tail- back and quarterback. Hoppmann, showing the stuff that made him an Ail-American tailback as a junior, alternated between the quarterback slot where he showed skill in running the team and kept the defense on their toes with the ever-pres- ent threat of the long pass, and the tail back posi- tion where he ran with the slashing style that has ranked him among the all-time greats at Iowa State University. Other backfield standouts were Tom Vaughn, Ozzie Clay, and Dick Limerick. Vaughn provided a running punch at fullback and turned in a magnificent job on defense. Speed- ster Clay showed some flashing speed as the safety man. Wingback Dick Limerick was on the receiv- ing end of many passes and scored on several. DAVE HOOVER ' S one-arm handstand adds a few more vital yards to a close victory over Drake. TACKLE Chuck Walton holds off the charging Kansas line while Quarterback Larry Switzer selects a target. srisa 205 ALL AMERICAN Dave Hoppmann convinces Oklahoma State " He ' s tough enough to be a lineman. " JUNIOR TAILBACK Ozzie Clay stops a near Sooner score. Ozzie was a d oubtful starter because of a knee injury earlier. ISU rumbles . . . Colorado falls DAVE HOOVER demonstrates the blocking skill shown by all Iowa State backs while another Dave (Hoppmann) fires one of his completed passes. 206 Nebraska ' s rampaging Cornhuskers proved to be a little too much for the Cyclones in their conference opener. The lone bright spot was the smashing blocks and powerful running by fullback Tom Vaughn. The color and pageantry of Homecoming greeted the visiting Kansas Jay- hawks but failed to awe them enough to help the home team. Iowa State fell before KU and 23,000 fans by a score of 29-8. A wildly cheer- ing Parent ' s Day crowd helped spur the Cyclones to a .57-19 rout of the Buffaloes of Colorado University. An offensive show as this never fails to make oldtimers think back trying to think of similar feats in the past — the consensus was that there were not too many Saturday afternoons that could rival this one. IT WAS a long afternoon on the bench as a tough Oklahoma team mokes up for two consecutive losses to the Cyclones. ..G fe TACKLE Bruce Grosser blocks a Kansas lineman as Ozzie Clay takes the ball for a five yard gain. Hoppmann breaks Cyclone yardage record One of the finest efforts of the year reaped only six points against Missouri while the Tiger football machine ground out twenty- one points using sheer force. The Cyclone invasion of Stillwater, Oklahoma State ' s baliwick, proved to be highly satisfactory. Randy Kidd starred in the line and Tom Vaughn and Dave Hoppmann carried back- field honors. Vaughn played the entire 60 minutes and made his presence known. Some of his bone-jarring tackles coidd be felt in the twentieth row. Hoppmann broke a school record held by Dwight Nichols for most total yardage. Later in the game the Big Eight career yardage rec- ord also fell to Durable Dave. The 34-7 victory raised sjjirits in the Cyclone camp and set the stage for the reviving Oklahoma Sooner ' s visit to Clyde Williams Field. Bud Wilkensen ' s troops came in seeking venge- ance they had, 41-0. THE TOUGH defensive line (Brown, Van Sicklin, Grosser, Stiemie, and Tieke) wait for Kansas ' next move. wm M 208 LARRY SCHREIBER tries for that extra point. He missed collecting only six times this season. HARD HITTING sophomore Tom Vaughn comes through the tough spots for the score. M ' ' . ' ■ - « 209 J? -,. ' : ' .■..•• ?-«rtr»V:Tjw;? -iw BACKS Terry Chandler (34) and Dove Hoppmon (16) clear a path as Tom Vaughn takes the hand ofF for nine yards. WiNGBACK Dick Limerick, a fa- vorite target for Cyclone passes, has one taken away but he pulled down two more before. WATCHFULLY WAITING for the KU team to break from its huddle port of the defensive line stands in position. 210 Iowa State 14- -7 Drake Iowa State 35- -39 Oregon State Iowa State 22- -36 Nebraska Iowa State 8- -29 Kansas Iowa State 57- -19 Colorado Iowa State 6- -21 Missouri Iowa State 34- -7 Oklahoma State Iowa State 0- -41 Oklahoma Iowa State 28- -14 Kansas State Iowa State 31- -22 Ohio University The Cyclones closed the season with two straight wins. The Wildcats of Kansas State fell 28-14 and Ohio University was on the short end of a 31-22 score. While the 5-5 record was a disap- pointment to many, there were several high points during the season. Dave Hoppmann set six school records and broke the conference career total yardage mark. The team set a school mark of 57 points in a conference game. Looking back, there was some fine football played and some that was not so fine. The season might best be ended by saying " Wait until next year. " Cyclones finish fifth in the Big Eight front Row: Walton, Tieke, Cray ton, Schreiber, Mont re. Clapper (capt.) , Broun, Proto, Belichick, Pigott, Switzer. Second Row: Ellis, Trausch, Happ, Thomas. Andersen, Chandler, Esposito, Parrish, McGonegle, Ritchie, Postak. Third Row: Steffy, Strand, Kimbrough, Taylor, Kidd, Wipert, Limerick, Hoppman, Clay- berg, Bunte, Allen. Fourth Row: Williams, Hoover, Clay, Hanahs, Crasser, Vaughn, Trafals, Van Sicklen, King, Connelly, Alitz. Back Row: Berrington, Ellerbe, Hytr, Kennedy, Onopa, Steimle, Kun, Kasperek, Cox. 211 KEN DOWNING, left Inside, was high scorer for the soccer team. Front Row: K. Downing. Second Row: Wakefield, A. Lourida, M. Martineg, 1). Papageorgiou, L. Caicedo, F. Villigas. Third Row: Foze, T. Thompson, E. Papa- Reorgiou, W. Thompson, P. Taiganides (capt.), P. Cox, McCoy, R. Vandendricz, Bent. 212 Soccer DEMETRIUS PAPAGEORGIOU, center forward, and Louis Cai- cedo move into the thick of ploy in the game with Dubuque. GOAL KEEPER, Chris Saccopoulos, stops Charleton from racking up another goal. Loss of experienced players and addition of sev- eral new players made forecasters at the start of the season wary of being optimistic, but confi- dence would not have been ill-placed. Although they did have a loss to bring their longtime record to three losses in four years, the soccer team finished admirably with a 2-1 record. The season started fast with a 5-1 victory over Dubuque Uni- versity and closed with a victory over Grinnell College. The one blot on the record was a close defeat (2-3) at the hand of Carleton College. This was due to a scoreless second half for ISU. 213 Five returning seniors gave the 1962-63 Cyclones a basketball team packed solidly with experience. With these five forming a fully ex- perienced starting team and with the addition of promising new re- serves, Iowa State fans were justified in looking forward to a successful year and perhaps even a Big Eight championship. The starting five consisted of center Rich Froistad, forwards Vinnie Brewer and Gary Kleven, and guards Dave Groth and Marv Straw. Basketball 214 CENTER Rich Froistad gets a boost from unwary K. State Wildcats as he sinks it for two more. ENTHUSIASTIC FANS and cheerleaders lend lungpower to a close bat- tle. Close scores and last minute upsets gave them plenty of exercise. 215 THINKING under pressure forward Vinnle Brewer sizes up the Drake defense. Streaks of good and had fortune mark 12 win 10 loss season. Cyclofws rated in A. P. poll after 7 game win spurt THE BIG MAN is Rich Froistad as he goes up to start the Cyclones out ahead. 216 GUARD Tim Lowe outraces a Missouri pack for a loose ball as the Cyclones outscored the favored Tigers. The Cyclone season ran in streaks with the chib playing errorless and seemingly unbeatable ball at times and then going through stretches where nothing would go right. Slumps toward the end of several games, including losses to Illinois and Oklahoma State, also plagued the Cyclones and probably cost the team the opportunity to have one of Iowa State ' s most outstanding seasons. The season opened with two victories which included an impressive concpiest of Indiana which was then eighth in the nation. However, Drake stopped the Cyclone singe so thoroughly that the clid) was rocked into its first slump. The boys still looked impressi e against Big Jen Champion Illinois but fell in overtime to an Illinois rally. Appar- ently shook, the club then went through a West Coast trip, the Big Eight Tournament, and the first two games of the conference season with little or no success. The record showed four losses in a row and a zero and two conference record when the team started to jell. Vince Brewer looked like his old self and Marv Straw continued his hot shooting as Drake suffered the Cyclones revenge victory. Six straight conference wins followed and Iowa State was second in the Big Eight. The string of seven in a row appeared to be an almost sure eight before Oklahoma State started a rally and stopped the Cyclones 54-50. All was not dead however, and the best game of the season sa v nationally ranked Colorado go down to de- feat in the armory. PROTEST from the crowd attests to the difficulty of the referee ' s job of seeing everything at once. ■R l gP HBitfH m Ba l |B!S ? B H| B HB Kmm M B KL- J- ' kI I if HP, i M w T OV a 217 Big Eight title scramble sees Cyclones finish third PASS! Where to? Drake closes in but the Cyclones played their own kind of ball and finished on the long side. CYCLONE STAR Dave Groth tries the sneaky approach In o victory over Oklahoma. 218 With only foui ' games remaining four teams were still contending for the Big Eight title, and the Cyclones ' chances depended on two straight road games. The club drew a blank on the trip however and after los- ing a close final game at home they settled into their third place posi- tion. A review of the season however shows several outstanding indi- vidual performances which will go down in Cyclone history. Vince Brewer started the season slowly but soon again became the club ' s number one scrapper. Battling against men several inches taller, he set a Cyclone career rebounding record. SEN IOR FORWARD, Gary Kleven, adds one of his 62 free throws. Gary was high scorer for the season with 207 points. 219 AN INTENSE DESIRE to win put the Cyclones on the long side of the scoreboard against some of the nation ' s best. Brewer, Straw move to 2nd and 6th in Cyclone all time scoring Vinnie also upped his career scoring to over 1,000 points, making him the second highest scorer in Cyclone history. The transfer of Marv Straw to guard probably helped the club more than any other move as Marv opened up from outside and led the club in scoring. He also led the team in free throw percentage and saved several games with his coolness at the line when the pressure was on. These feats helped bring Marv the most valuable player honor, a first team all conference position, and an invitation to play in the East-West game. Gary Kleven not only led the team in reboiniding, but acted as leading scorer through the first few games. Dave Groth performed as the top defen- sive man and due to his spirit was named next year ' s honorary captain. 220 A FEW MINUTES REST and a strategy conference mark the a too short half-time break. Iowa State 73 -56 South Dakota Iowa State 63- -55 Indiana Iowa State 52 -74 Drake Iowa State 73 -76 Illinois Iowa State 69- -51 Toledo Iowa State 52- -87 Utah State Iowa State 59- -72 San Diego State Iowa State 42- -44 Oklahoma State Iowa State 85- -91 Oklahoma Iowa State 55- -51 Kansas Iowa State 69- -65 Drake Iowa State 54- -53 M issoiiri Iowa State 77- -69 Oklahoma lo va State 78- -66 Missouri lo va State 69- -57 Kansas Iowa State 83- -69 Nebraska Iowa State 50- -54 Oklahoma State Iowa State 74- -54 Nebraska Iowa State 73- -60 Colorado Iowa State 50- -62 Kansas State Iowa State 59- -72 Colorado Iowa State 71- -78 Kansas State Big Eight 3rd Front Row: Roth (mgr.), Gompert (ass ' t. coach), Anderson (head coach), Lamson (ass ' t. coach), BickcrstafF (trainer), Schieding (mgr.). Second Row: Lowe, Groth, Hurst, Davidson, Harmon, Brewer, McKale. Back Row: Vander Wilt, Bockholt, Kleven, Daniels, Froistad, Peterson, Straw, Sandbulte. 221 VETERAN Alii Sharify gets tough with Colorado opponent. Wrestling QUICK IN MOTION -Virgil Carr outma- neuvers his opponent from Mankato State. tTl Seven lettermen return to lead near perfect season Captain Joe Frank led the matmen to a siicessful season in which only one team could claim victory over the tough Cyclones. Injuries to key personnel were no real difficulty as teammates moved to higher classes and still did the job. A third place finish in a tough conference was only a clue to the action which took place in the N.C.A.A. meet. With five men in the semi-finals the Cyclones ended up three points short of the title as Virgil Carr (157) , Gardon Hassman (167) and Veryl Long (147) took third places and Larry Bewley (137) and Lowell Stewart (115) came through with 4th places and points. 223 Coach Nichols passes 100 Cyclone wins Iowa State 31-3 Colorado Mines Iowa State 29-11 Nebraska Iowa State 9- 15 Pittsburg Iowa State 18-8 Rutgers Iowa State 18-6 Lock Haven Iowa State 23-3 Mankato State Iowa State 18- 6 Colorado State Iowa State 23-3 St. Col. o£ Iowa Iowa State 23-3 Illinois Iowa State 23- 14 Colorado Iowa State 17-8 Cornell U. Iowa State 16- 13 So. Illinois Iowa State 19- 16 Oklahoma Iowa State 27- 12 Kansas State Iowa Slate 77 Minn. 45 Purdue 41 S CJ I 2(i Big Eight 3rd N.C.A.A. 2nd 15 Wins ] 1 Loss LOWELL STEWART does his share to make Iowa State vic- torious in its mid-season match with Cornell University. 224 Gymnastics Led by Captain Bob Stewart the fledgling gymnasts surpassed expectations to finish third in conference competition. With only one year of gymnastics the Cyclones swept their first two meets with Kansas and Kansas State. Against tougher teams the gymnasts ended up on the short side but their determination and continuotis improvement made them a force to be reckoned with. Outstanding individual performances were turned in by Hatfield (floor exercise) , Selby (trampoline) , Stewart (parallel bars) Westburg (side horse) and Wiggers (high bar and p. bars) . Wigger ' s 100 points was the years ' high and Selby ' s con- sistant hig h placing in national competition won him the Most Valuable Player award by team vote. His (kh place in the N.C.A.A. gave the Cyclones 20th place out of 42 entries. HIGH POINT MAN, Ken Wiggers, performs a back flip on the parallel bars. front Row: Gagnicr (coach), Daley, Gobel, Selby, Hatfield, Johannesen, Stewart (capt.), Wiggers, Block, Wil- helmsen, Westburg. 225 DARING AND BALANCE were part of the popular half- time shows given by the gymnasts at basketball games. GYMNASTIC SCOREBOARD Iowa State 77 Kansas 32 Iowa State 48 Western 111. 64 Iowa State 66 Kansas State 46 Iowa State 48.5 Mankato St. 63.5 Iowa State 31.5 Nebraska 80.5 Iowa State 44 Colorado 68 Central Championships 4th Big Eight 3r(l 2 wins 4 losses 226 CYCLONE DIVER Tony Downey demonstrates the form which added points to the scoreboard. Swimming Two a day practices during Christmas added the final touches to a greatly improved Cyclone team. Taking all their conference foes and the Air Force, the tankers only defeats came at the hands of 3 of the na- tions strongest teams. Fritz Hagen, Rol Wellman, and Bud Pierce were double winners in the Big Eight meet but injtiry and ineligibili- ties to 4 key men ruined Cyclone hopes for the title. ED TAMURA takes off on the third leg of the medley relay as the Cyclones prepare for K. State ' s defeat. Ineligibilities, injury, shatter hopes for Big Eight Championship. Team takes third DEFENDING CHAMP, Fritz Hagen, proved again there isn ' t a better diver in the conference at 1 or 3 meters. PETE HOSTETTER gets a small lead in the freestyle relay against Oklahoma. Winning this event gave the Cyclones victory and the Sooners their first conference defeat in 8 years. THE START is often the determining factor in sprint races. This Cyclone and his Wildcat opponnt stir up dynamic patterns as they hit the water. SWIMMING SCOREBOARD loAva State 64 Colorado 31 Iowa State 72 Kansas State 22 Iowa State 51 Air Force Acad. 44 Iowa State (36 Kansas 27 Iowa State 41 Southern 111. 54 Iowa State 50 Oklahoma 45 Iowa State 32 Michigan State 73 Iowa State 52 Nebraska 43 Iowa State 34 Minnesota 66 Iowa State 69 Kansas 26 Big Eight 3rd 7 wins 3 losses front Row: Wellman, Ruggles, McQuillen, Haugen, Downey, Second Row: Pritchard (mgr.), Meyers, Piepgras, Nelson, Hart, Tamura, Trewin (mgr.), Back Rou: Patterson (co-capt). Pierce (co-capt), O ' Reilly, Bobbin, Guslafson, McGuire (coach) . 229 A wet, cold Spring and only five returning lettermen (Ellis, Marienau, Johnson, Rierson, W. Weber) made pre-season predictions of the cellar look pretty accurate as the Cyclone baseball team dropped 7 of their first ten games. Snowed out of a series with Minnesota the Cyclones faced powerful Mizzou with only one outdoor practice. The team caught fire and started a 6 game winning streak which completely changed the picture and brought the Cyclones into position for a first division finish. OUTDOOR PRACTICE was a rare event for the Cyclones this year. The weather cancelled 5 games. 230 ON THE GO signal Wes Weber slides for home to aid a 4-3 win over Oklahoma State. Baseball First division despite weather Front Row: Goldsmith, Rierson, Johnston, W. Weber, McConnell, Johnson, Celoni, G. Weber, Ellis. Second Row: Lindgren, Posegate, Fraey, Armstrong, Hoyt, Moore, Brown, Pardun. Back Row: Timm (coach). Ward (mgr.), Leiding, Hoefle, Larson, Brown, Case. Thompson, Straw, Marienau, Brandhorst, Heaton, Cotcr, Har- rington (mgr.), Switzer, Van Der Hayden (mgr.). 231 BASEBALL SCOREBOARD MARV STRAW beats the throw to the plate as the Cyclones split with Nebraska. Iowa State 8- -12 Missouri Iowa State 3- -13 Missouri Iowa State 0- -3 Missouri Iowa State 1 - -4 St. Col. of Iowa Iowa State 4- -3 Oklahoma State Iowa State 1 - -3 Oklahoma State Iowa State 7- -3 Drake Iowa State 4- -0 Nebraska Iowa State 4- -5 Kansas Iowa State 0- -4 Kansas Iowa State 8- -7 Kansas Iowa State 7- -I Kansas State Iowa State 12- -1 Kansas State Iowa State 21- -4 Kansas State Iowa State 5- -2 Oklahoma Iowa State 6- -5 Oklahoma Iowa State 0- -1 Oklahoma MIKE MARIENAU on deck. The sophomore 2nd base- man finished the season with a .240 overage. 232 TENNIS SCOREBOARD Iowa Slate 2- -7 Minnesota Iowa State 2 - -5 Kansas Iowa State 8- - 1 Mankato St. Iowa State 8- - 1 Grinnell Iowa State 7- -0 Missouri Iowa State 7- - 2 S. C. I. Iowa State 8- - 1 Grinnell Iowa State 7- -0 Kansas Iowa State 4- 2 Wichita Iowa State 6- -1 Nebraska Iowa State 5- -2 Macalester Iowa State 5- -2 Drake Iowa State 7- -0 Omaha Big Eight 1 1 wins 2 losses Bill DIKIS prepares to smash one at his Monkoto State foe. Bill won 6-4, 6-4. Tennis Entire squad returns Front Row: Line, Barker, Dikis, Kvie.sitis. Back Roiv: Cordis, Vosburg, Counter, Schciding. 233 igi A II I " l y II Kill STAN BARNES proves that practice makes skinned elbo ws. tARRY EltERT, Big 8 Indoor and Outdoor high jump cham- pion, goes 6 ' 7 " against South Dakota State. Track INDOOR SCOREBOARD Iowa State 48.5 Minnesota 65.5 Iowa State 70.5 Drake 57.5 S. D. Univ. 22 Iowa State 32 Nebraska 89 Iowa State 60 St. Coll. of Iowa 44 Big Eight 8th 2 wins 2 losses OUTDOOR SCOREBOARD Iowa State 127.5 Grinnell 77 Iowa State 70 Minnesota 52 Iowa State 83 Drake 53 Iowa State 72 St. Coll. of Iowa 59 Iowa State 88 So. Dak. State Sioux City Relays 1st Big Eight 8th 48 5 wins losses After a 2-2 indoor season the ihinclads hit the cinders to rtni undefeated in dual competition during the otitdoor season, (irinnell succinnbed easily as the Cyclones opened. Minnesota proved tougher, but the Gophers also fell as Larry Eilert went 6 ' 6 " for a new meet record in the high jmnp and Dave Chipman cleared If) ' ; " ) " in the pole vault. A real team effort pulled a surprise upset on I rake. Despite a fall in the mile relay and a pulled muscle which sidelined Morgan Langston after three wins, the Cyclones couldn ' t be stopped as they took 9 of the 16 events and were assured of a win with three events to go. Dick Pilgrim and Norm Johnston were double winners as S.C.I, went down. South Dakota State made it 5-0 as the cindermen took 29 out of 44 places. Pilgrim, Johnston, and Bob Johnson took dual wins and Carl VanderWilt took three. SET, for the 100 yd. dash are Hammer (IS), Venlow (D), tang- ston (IS), and Sfamm (IS), tangston won in 10.1 as the Cyclones upset Drake 85-53. Undefeated outdoor dual season Front Rou-. Block, Smith, Teghtmeyer, Brown (capt.), McHonc, Langston, Sherman, Coil. Second: Row. Rogers, Chipman, Wincgar, Von Bergen, Lawrence, Schram, Grenawalt. Back Row: Berry (coach) Barnes, Dresser, Vanderwilt, Eilert, Toppenburg, Corev, Lvnn, Wion, Millikin. 235 THE IOWA STATE golf course was the scene of the Big Eight Cross Country meet held at iSU. Golfers have tivo returning lettermen to lead team, to 7-5 record GOLF SCOREBOARD Iowa State 13- -9 Drake Iowa State 11- -4 Grinnell Iowa State 4- - 11 Oklahoma St. Iowa State 4.5 - - 10.5 Missouri Iowa State 3- - 12 Oklahoma Iowa State 13- -2 Kansas Iowa State 9.5 - - 5.5 Kansas Iowa State 11.5- - 3.5 Kansas Iowa State 5- - 10 Nebraska Iowa State 1 1 .5 - -3.5 N. D. St. Iowa State 6- -9 Kansas St. Drake Invitational 3rd Big Eight 5th 7 wins 5 losses 236 Golf Beginning the season with a decisive vic- tory over Drake the Cyclone linksmen, led by letternien Clayton Arnold and Jim Mer- chant, traded win for loss most of the sea- son. The first loss to Oklahoma State was followed by a win over Kansas State and a loss to Oklahoma. After a few scattered wins in the early part of the season the Cy- clones came on to finish by taking 4 out of their last five dual meets losing only to Mis- souri. Jim Merchant finished with the low- est overall scores btit teammate Bill White compiled the largest number of points. FRESHMAN GOLFER Ken Lovett tees off into the sun as he plays his daily practice round on the campus course. Front Row: Andrews, Arnold. Back Row: Merchant, White, Wood, Morgan, Stehbens, Lamson (coach). 237 RESIDENCE INTRAMURALS chairman are the people responsible for notifying girls of events. Karen Dana, West Linden, chair- man checks the intramural board at the gym. " More fun than gay Paree " was the theme of the fall orientation program for freshmen given by the Women ' s Athletic Association. In a setting of a Parisian sidewalk cafe, members showed the girls the various activities of the WAA. These activities include intramurals and interesting club programs. Intramurals are open to any girl. Teams for various competitive sports are formed within residences. The club program bases mem- bership upon skill, and the WAA clubs offers a chance for fun and relaxation in a variety of ways. The WAA is governed by a cabinet and by the various club presidents. This year the officers traveled to Lincoln, Nebraska for a general con- ference. At this convention they gained new ideas concerning membership drives, awards, and sports days. Althea Gibson was the principle speaker for the convention. The WAA Veishea display incltided club demonstration showing the basic skills and new skills that members learn. Women ' s Athletic Association Front Row: Sears, Rohwcddcr, Vaughan. Ashley (adv.), McKdidrkk (treas.), Landcs (sec), Kcarns. Second Row: Sanny, Osterbcrger, Goslar, Elliiigson, Nessen, Johnson. Back Row: Harms, Pratt, Larsen (prcs.), Lucht, Thompson. 238 NAIADS, the synchronized swimming club, presents a show each spring. This year ' s show numbers were based on the names of perfumes. BARJCHE is the annual show of the Modern Dance Club. An OUTSTANDING WOMEN is selected from each class for recognition by the WAA. Marie Shimek, Marilyn Engers and Judy Sterling were chosen. 239 ROUSING up enthusiasm is the job of the cheerleader, but as demonstrated by Skip Hoff, there is sometimes time for intense watchfulness. Cheer Squad This year ' s Iowa State Cheer Squad consists of six girls and six boys who were chosen during spring tryoiUs last year. These cheerleaders roused support for the athletic teams during games and pep rallies. Members of the cheer sqtiad went on two migrations, decorated the goal posts for all home football games and sponsored a cheer clinic for over three hundred Iowa high school cheerleaders and attended most of the other athletic events. First Row: Ause, Burtnett (head thccrlcadcr) Buckaloo, Fiori, Juilcr. Secojid Row. Willenburg, Hoff, Rugglrs, Behm. Top Row: Sterling, MacConiber, Hash. 240 Front Row: Mortmer, O ' Reilly, Langston, Hosteller, Dr. Barnes. Second Row: Proto (pres.), Johnson, Hart, Crasser, Pierce, Chipman, Steimele. Third Row: Anderson, Patterson, Thompson, Rogers, Smith, Johnston. Fourth Row: Parrish, Schram, Kidd, Scesniack; Cox. Fifth Row: Winegar, Switzer, Dresser, Peterson, Straw. Sixth Row: Chandler, Eilert, Rutsman, Kleven. Back Row: Frank, . bbas. Varsity lettermen are eligible for membership in Varsity " I " Club. To become members candidates have first to undergo a pledge week. Duties during this week generally consist of wearing a large placard advertis- ing the next athletic event. The purpose of the club is to create closer relationships among the letter winners of the various sports, to provide an organization which will establish recognition of the athletes to the students and faculty, and to award an " I " blanket to those members who have met the qualifications. Varsity «T ? MONEY IS RAISED for Varsity " I " club through program soles at basketboll games. 241 A SHARP EYE, a steady hand, tap, and one green striped ball runs across the table to drop during intramural pool play-offs. Intramurals AMIDST THE RUMBLE and clatter at the Union bowling alley, o team anchor man concentrates on making that perfect strike. PLENTY OF MEN covering the boards, but no rebound- ing was necessary as the boil dropped into the hoop. Seventeen different sports are included in the intramural program. The main sports are team efforts such as touch football, volleyball, basket- ball, and Softball. In these: the presence of former high school stars makes the competition quite keen and keeps the games exciting. Indi- vidual sports including billards, horseshoes, golf, and others makes the program well rou nded. Champions in each sport are decided in each of the four classifications (M.R.A., Fraternity, Ward, Grad) and then an all-university champion is usually decided from the four champions. Coeds also have a limited intramural program which gives them a chance to get together in friendly competition. They participate in such sports as tennis and deck tennis. 243 About the only way for the average student to get any exercise after coming to college is through participation in intramurals. Iowa State probably has one of the better organized systems for keeping its students in shape. The four groups of the intra- mural program combine in a year to pro- duce more than 1600 teams which include over 12,000 participants. Students must participate with the organization with which they are affiliated, but the wide coverage gives all students an opportunity. The only persons prohibited from playing are varsity athletes whose sport is in season at the time. COMPETITION in swimming and diving was port of the winter quarter intra- mural program for women. JIM MAHONEY and Gary Brown are poised for the rebound of their handball. 244 AN INDOOR WARM-UP for outdoor competition gives women a chance to get on early start on spring tennis intramurals. Gaining physical co-ordination and fencing experience is the primary function of the Cyclone Sabres, Iowa State ' s fencing club. The Sabres was organized in 1958 by Rev. E. W. Remley of Collegiate Presbyterian Church and Capt. William Thomas, Army ROTC, both en- thusiastic fencers. They organized people who could already fence, and later started a fencing course for men ' s physical education. A few months later, women demon- strated an interest and the club was opened to them. Many members are in the Iowa division of the Amateur Fencing League of America, AFLA, which competes with members over the state. The main reason for participat- ing in the club is for older members to gain experience from strong competition and to coach younger members. The club is attractive to its women members because their opportunities to compete in sports outside the University are scarce. Many female members think the sport is too difficult and drop otit, but those who remain become enthusiastic fencers. Cyclone Sabres CYCLONE SABRES — " rorj Row: Hanneman, Briard, Bock, Hohz, Taylor, French, Chapman (pres.). Agan. Second Row: Negraw (coach) , Lee Mohr (scc.-treas.) , Beers, Harvcs, demons. Back Row: French, lUing- worth, Goodman (v. p.). Freed, Kutish, Rulledge, Johnson. 245 ■■■I ■jjj HHH H X -.5 S ' ... - - ■■B 1 1 iC- ■fl l 1 H H Hg ' B B m fi Hrai HH .-99 1 Bl . S ■ 1 H 1 Bt i if Tvf W " " " lW is ■ r- 1 Residence Editor Sandy Gowan Fraternity brother, roommate, or spouse: you have to live with someone while you get through Iowa State, and if you ' re lucky you get along wherever you live. Not only do you get along, but you learn something, get to know people a little better, maybe find your residence enriching your contacts, and you fit this part into your college life. Ward 248 Women ' s Residence Association . . 250 Men ' s Residence Association . . . 268 Sororities 322 Fraternities 348 246 RESIDENCE 247 Organization is the key to the existence of Ward. This was discovered throughout the year whenever efforts were made to plan social func- tions for the students living in oif-campus hotising. The real impact came during the all-university convention when Ward arrived with 170 representatives too many. The crtix of the problem was who constituted a Ward member. The ensuing battle resulted in representation of dues-paying members only. The center for off-campus activities is the Ward office in the Union. Members can go to this office between classes to socialize, study, and dodge People-to-People officers. Activities and notices to Ward members are publicized by posting them on the Ward bulletin boards located on the ground floor of Beardshear and by the Westgate entrance to campus. Ward THE NUMBER of representatives from Ward to the All-University nominating convention was cut from 175 to 5 by the Credentials committee at the beginniii ; t f t ' v cony; ntion. ■mSOK NOT LIKE MOTHER ' S COOKING, but subsistence is the Important thing for students trying to live economically In their own apartments. Organizational difficulties hamper Ward activities REMAINING DELEGATES to the University nominating convention hold their caucus to decide for v hom their votes should be cast. 249 Front Row: Gruber, Miller, Mrs. Eland (assist, dir. of residence), Mosley, Stephens. Second Row: Walters, Giles, Goins, KnowUs, Gettys, Goodwin (treas.). Third Row: Schulte, Gaffney. Brown, Griffiths, Gunderson, Carlson. Back Row: Bopp (v. p. pro tem.), Johnson (pres.), Synncs, Timmer, Karth (corr. sec). Women ' s Residence Association This year, in hopes of creating a sense of iden- tity, the Women ' s Residence Association adopted a Crest, consisting of a red rose and the colors red and white. Increased interest in the WRA has been demonstrated in voting participation of over 82% in the WRA elections. The WRA now gives recognition to an outstanding coed for service to the WRA, to her own residence hall, and to other campus activities. Cathy Coed serves as social hostess for the WRA and is featured in the newly revised Q ' s for Coeds. Last year the Women ' s Residence Association worked with the Residence Department, the Office of Student Affairs, and Panhellenic Council to extend Women ' s hours. The Women ' s Residence Association has led dis- cussion groups on freshmen orientation and be- longs to both the Association of College and Uni- versity Residence Halls and the National Associa- tion of College and University Residence Halls. MARGARET GAFFNEY, WRA president elect, declines her nomi- nation at all-university convention for the position of student body president. 250 East Linden Hall 251 So girls don ' t play football! East Linden girls cjuickly disproved this theory when they put themselves tip as a football team at the ' 62 Blast atiction, were botight by Adelante, and then tied them 18-18 in the final play-off. On the more seri- ous side of dorm life, to enlarge the opportunities for reading and reference in the dorm, each gradu- ating senior class donates a book to the E. Linden library. The WRA, Mortar Board, Tomahawks, and Auttmin Cotillion Ball crowned girls with high honors, while twirling artist Joyce Rice again exhibited her professional ability at various cam- pus sports functions. Participation in Sor-Dor pro- vided music lovers with a wonderful chance to sing and enjoy themselves. Their clever entry in Veishea, in participation with Livingston House, brotight the girls a third place trophy. STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE for leaving the dorms after 6 p.m. is signing out at the office desk. Front Row: Bcardslec, Jensen, Young, Vigliotta, Giles, Rensink, Pagg. Second Row: Jepson, Cunningham, Hugill, Roberts, Svlowoy, Mrs. Stark (res. dir.), Mohler, Shepard, Kluckhohn, Shahan, Moore. Third Row: Barlenhagen, Cannon, Thompson, Andrews, Burns, Gettys, Hagcmann, Stout. Fourth Row: Frost, Schwerin, Moore, Harryman, Hance, Conklin, Armstrong, Hugl, Bechtcl. Fifth Row: Peterson, Johnson, Webber, Sher- man, McElrath, Tapper, Bell, Smith, Ingels, Link. Bark Rozu: Lemon, Fuller, Dove, Niebuhr, Baldrcy, S. Smitli. Brown (pres.), Sunde, Yankey. 252 Front Row: Greene, Cushman, Greaser, Gruber. rra is, Hofnian, Woolis, McCabe, Hulsebus. Second Row: Gruber, Xagel, Trelfa, McMiller, Potter, Humziker, Spear (treas.), Hersom, Soder, Drake. Third Row: Gris- wold, Fiander, Willis, Veazie, Pullen, Tobin, Rensliaw, Kramer, Franck. Fourth Row: Lindgren, Caldwell, Kingland, Johnson, Arnquist, Edward, Davis, Cruthirds, Frye. Fifth Row: Skultety, Woodman, Hill, Korte- meier, McGregor, Bossert, McDufFie. Schwiebert, Welch, Welch. Back Row: Sheckler, Weber, Nelson, Blan- chard, Asell, Peterson, Karth, McGuire, Tepper, Strong. East Linden football team ties with Adelantes; graduating seniors donate books to library Front Row: Lillibridge, Kaski, Langcsen, Strayer, Dow, Mcncoiigh, Black, Ware, Frissell, Crocker. Second Row: Weber, Clark, Campbell, Dyas, Renner, Valerius, Ferretcr, Zimmerman, Voigt, Mapcs. Third Row: Carswell, Paul, Sargent, Meredith, Crocker, Gruber, Mino, Wilson, Reese (sec). Fourth Row: Krahl. Rock, Conrad, Lind, Worsley, Jones, Sayers, Gunderson, Held. Fifth Row: Snclling, Poore, Spohn. Mansfield, Grif- fith, Christiansen, Meytr, Peterson, Taylor, Goodwin. Back Row: Hart, Miller, Johnson, Hunsberger, King, Taylor, Allen, Frolund, Orion (v. p.), Bopp. 253 i. front Row: Manilych, Miller, Mcluilkv, Il:uii;iit. Snrciiscn, Behrcns, Goodwin. Second Row: Church, Collin- ' , Mathews, Miller, Stoffrcgcn, Tiirmiuist, Buffing ton. Third Row: Riehni, Kline, Knaphelde, Rice, Andrescn, Carlson. Fourth Row: Pcarce, Hoinski, Templeton, Plate, Henierson, DeBoer, Bremer. Back Roiv: Fuelghum, Birkey, Adolfson, Vroman, Haines, Raps. Birch HaU WHAT WHO LOOKS one of the girl ' s visit LIKE is checked out by Birch Hall ing parents. girls for llitaK T " T ' ' ff " Tf c,s.,.,| V.. Sip£ jt " ! )-«».■ TH %tih dAltmiL •• IL ' itiLJTZ i «£,a ?3-|IUi Tl ' B m m Hp JITi iji l Bg . M fc K A £ 1 The transformation from ping pong tables to a Christmas scene occured in Roberts Rec Room and was instigated by the girls of Birch Hall for their Christmas party. Birch Hall was also the sight for numerous teas and open houses includ- ing ones for Freshman Days, Homecoming, Par- ent ' s Weekend, and Veishea. Along with Alumni Hall, they worked on their Veishea float " Gone With the Wind. " The girls joined together in teams and participated in intramurals including Softball in the spring and volleyball during the fall. " Hobo Holiday " was the name of their Blast booth which was done in combination with Liv- ingston House. " No Room for De-feet, " their Homecoming display, won 2nd place in the WRA division. They worked on their display with the men of Lange Hotise. Election of individuals into honoraries added more to house pride. 254 © f ft A f Front Row: Bauer, Uhl, BIyihc, Lovch, Gould, Kocnig, KroU, Klouda. McXabb, Bonnsletter, Trygg, Cclerin, Driscoll, Taylor, Forsythe, Nicholson. Third How: Yamaguchi, Hcetland, Yoder, B. Miller, Pettigrew, Krug, J. White, Bahn, Mitchell. Fourth Row: M. Miller, Crayne, Lindbcrg, Gerdes, Karas, Fitch, Roadfeldt, L. Wil- son. Fifth Row: Duea, Kruse, Primus, Cobie, Lenz, Groshens. M. Wilson, Mastcrson, P. White. Back Row: Raim, Tonne, Bohn, Replogle, Harms, Swanson, Hall, Carlson. Lawn display wins second place at Homecoming rec. room changes to winter for Christmas First Row: KruM (assist, res. dir.), Wong, Stephens, Brunstrom (treas.). Cox, Deupree, Hughes (sec), Grage, Haak, Kubicek, Bayes. Second Row: Held, Orum, Carr, Shaw, Gribben, Danielson, Hall, Quinn, Baker, Blue. Third Row: Partridge, Dusanek, Yamaguchi, Buckels (v.p.), Grieme, Fredergill, Stutsman. Belio, Schroeder, Lovely, Janovick. Fourth Row: Eeten, Gordon, Bauer, Timmer (pres.), Mrs. Forrest (res. dir.), Link, David- son, Tigges, Edwards, F.mannel. Fifth Row: Russell, Boylan, Dunn, P. Miller, Kruse, Harten, Porter, John- son, Houser, Gawne, Thorp. Back Row: Gaarde, Stotts, Blankenship, Lafrenz, Knuckel, Arp, Farnsworth, Billhorn, Roe, Hazleton, Lawhon. IP -- , A A n d o n 255 Green pine, candles, a warm fire, and a large Christmas tree set the mood for Elm Hall ' s Christ- mas Cotillion at the Nevada Country Club. The Skylarks played soft music for the couples and candy cane favors were given to the dates. Also during winter quarter twenty Elm Hall girls as- sembled and sang in the Sor-Dor chorus luider the direction of Jean Kramer. Spring quarter saw Elm Hall and Dodds Hotise industriously working on their float for Veishea, " Peter Pan. " At this time Sue Phillips received honors as high average girl in bowling club. Elm girls eagerly took part in all phases of intramtu ' als during the year. Fall (juarter was highlighted with the Blast and Home- coming. Working with Harriman House on their booth, " Tip the Bottle, " they won the Pre-Blast Publicity Trophy. Fairchild was their Homecom- ing partner in btiilding " Pluck the Jayhawks. " NOURISHMENT is one of the important things in life. Oppor- tunities for getting nourishment were increased in the women ' s dorms by the installation of ice cream vending machines. Elm Hall front Row: Johnson, Siiiidbcrg, Dodson, Mrs. Boshart (res. dir.), Walters (prcs.). Wise, Gagerstroni. Second Row: Graf, Rusk, McMillin, Strong, Sprague, Brouillelte, VonStolser, Dodge. Third Row: Busse, Larson, Smithers, Hariswald, Schroeder, Frevert, Daris. Fourth Row: Paydon, Mae (treas.), Brender, Cline, Johnson, Adamson, Stark, Swenson. Back Row: Voss, Wallace, Moss, Morrison (sec), Davenport, Larson, Peterson. 256 Front Row: AenofF, Gould, NackoUs, Hansen, Meyers, Dixon, Lee, Warren. Yamazahi, Lovely. Second Row: Burgett, Hazel, Giitins, Mollenhauer, Jones, Bachmann, Johnson, Friese, Hanson. Third Row: Ludley, Armaur, Edwards, Homervold, Henry (v. p.), Larson, Burrack, Paine, Fordyce. Fourth Row: Hoppe, Siackhouse, Greenley, Bengston, Willeke, Holz, Somleitner, Steffcnsen, Lehkuecher, Kapfer. Back Row: Ewoldt, Osterberger, Groener, Kipp, Hawk, Kelley, Pattison, Lee Evans (h.r.), Omeis, McConnell. Pre-Blast publicity trophy for booth won with help of men from Harriman House Front Row: Timmers, Dean, Stitely, Gibbs, Dedrikson, Berry, McFadden, Pcvestorf, Craven, Wieder, Overton. Second Row: Mueller, Butterfield, Robinson, Shoop, Cuthbert, Thompson, Goecke, Verga, Crabb, Dawson. Third Row: Buenther, Burr, Thorpe, Borgfelt, Dinnis, Dockendorff, Packer, Severidt, Sleight. Fourth Row: Gilkeson, Peterson, Hammer, Gooch, Sehultheis, Crawford, Colatriano, Nelson, Eickeiberg, Ettinger. Back Row: Boughtwood, Newton, Beaman, Banwart, Phillips, Chase, Smith, VanDraska, Spencer, Weaver. 257 Letting their imagination run wild, the women of Freeman Hall greeted 1962 Homecoming vis- itors with a colorful and well-coordinated open house theme: " We ' Plan ' to go to the Orange Bowl. " In addition to all doors and rooms in the dorm bearing clever decorations, the bushes and trees in the front were adorned with bright orange balloons to simulate real oranges. Originality con- tinued through the year as the Freeman women joined the men of Norman House in " Blastille " for Campus Chest in late October. Their effort and work was well rewarded when they received the trophy for selling more tickets than any other Blast booth. The " something for everyone " idea came through once again as song-loving Freeman girls organized an ensemble and began practice for the annual Sor-Dor competition. INSIDE, where It ' s warm and the television set is turned on, is a logical place for Freeman women to spend a winter Saturday. Freeman Hall Front Row: Armstrong, Hanisch, Mrs. Cowlcs (res. dir.), Hiicdepohl, Wood, Tisl. Second Row: Woodyard, Peterson, Lightner, Brownstone, Manley. Third Row: Lindquist, Halupnik, McDaniel, Wiese, Thompson, Mun- sell. Fourth Row: Hoist, Hungerford, Noonan, Taylor, Benson. Back Row: Johnson, Clark, Truog, Peters, Kennelly, Goeppinger, 258 9 Front Row: March, Borchelt, Prior, Christianson, Edgington, Callicott, Voss. Second Row: Mallonec, Abbott, McArthur, Bingham, Opella. Third Row: Ohde, Ives, Maxwell, Conley, Dieleman, Thomas. Fourth Row: Merrified, Anderson, Myers, Binning, Chaney. Back Row: Farley, Melius. Borden, Walralh, Mosley (pres.). Fickel. Most tickets sold at Blast for Freeman s ' Bastille) girls begin practice early for Sor-Dor Front Row: Pullen, Holland, Botine, Jordan, Picken, Lundon. Second Row: Else, Warner, Applegate, John- son, Damge, Wykert. Third Row: Unglenk, Beebower, Goslar, Mason, Hamann, PeteUk- Fourth Row: Skeie, Shanower, Putsch, Rubio. Powell, Bruning. Back Row: Knowles, Schaller, Ebertz, Mohr, Walrod, Deupree, Rota. 259 Bedecked in brightly colored roses, the Oak Hall dining room and recreational room served as the scene of their spring dinner-dance " Majesty in Roses. " A southern plantation and a minstrel show carried out the theme. The singers of Oak Hall survived the eliminations of Sor-Dor and entered the finals. Donned in black sheaths and white gloves, they sang excerpts from " Flower Drum Song. " The talents of the Oak Hall women were again put to use with those of the men of Carpenter House as they presented their Blast booth, " The Missing Goose. " In the course of the evening, 36 dozen eggs were broken over the heads of Oak Hall girls. This past year also saw many members of Oak Hall tapped for campus honoraries. Tomahawk, Omicron Nu, Theta Sigma Phi, and Delta Phi Delta all chose their share of Oak Hall girls to become pledges. DESTINATION Dogtown for these Oak Hollers In search of goodies and presents for Christmas. OakHaU Front Row: Boynton, N. Gregerson, Pratt, Rice, Bock, Koestcr, Johnson L., Adam, Harvey, Glascoe. Second Row: Knappcr, Nelson, Erickson, Brown, R. Johnson, Randcll, Rath, Walker, Keller, Costello. Third Row: Waterhouse, Tokheim, Sanford, Carney, Dorr, Werner, Palao-Hermoza, Sonnicksen, Marrone, Campbell. Fourth Row: Timberlake, Freese, Honeck, Bigelow, Engel, Friesen, Harper (sec.). Revers, Beyer. Fifth Row: Kuhn, Hughes, Sass, Evans, Hulsebus, Pavey, Averill, Hurst, Burgart, Busch. Back Row: Speth, Wenger, Smith, Borg- strom, Nies, Stine, Lybarger, Beaudine, Sherrer, King, C. Gregerson. " ' ' " HI K HR V H. - B i JMl . . t t t • m ' Hr i V Br V V 260 , v « fflfif tt t Front Row: Bridges, Johnson, Creveling, Bell, Maynard, Trapp, Voland, Martini, Fish, Thornton, Pearson. Second Row: Kropen, Otter, Regnier, Titler, Imhoft (v. p.), Janssen, McDowell, Liljcdahl, Badia, Takeguchi. Third Row: ndurs, Stevens, Gaftnev (pres.), Gere, Jones, Mrs. Margaret Near (res. dir.), Grunschel, DeVries, Frick, Caldwell, Selinoh. Fourth Row: Moscr, Sutherland, LeCocq, Seger, Scott, Magnusson, Emke, Joines, Munson, DeBoom. Back Roir: Drugswall, Bartsch (trcas.). Christian, Hirman, Pahlman, Tanaka, Carey, An- derson, Clark, Kobel, .Maston. Southern plantation and minstrel show bring ' ' Majesty in Roses " to Oak Hall for dinner-dance Front Row: McBride, Garrison, VanDusseldorp, Schwartz, Schwab, Christensen, Canady, Jones, Thomas, Kastien. Second Row: -Mitchell, Pappas, Perley, Strong, Ekren, Williams, Hemer, Schaatz, Jensen. Third Row: Eden- burn, J. Johnson, Emmert, Froeschner, Schlacks, Craychcc, Cooper, Neilson, Tigges. Fourth Row: Booth, Newell, Erickson, L., Johnson, French, Blankenhagen, Hildebrand, Sells. Back Row: Riegle, Wills, Jaycox, Fctt, Gouldin, Knudson, Bowden, Conway, Garherding. 261 front Row: Miller, Pfister, Sapp, Kemp, Mohr, Witter, Mitchell, Bielenberg. Second Row: Scklund, Swanson, Way, Braun, Zobrist, Hamilton (res. dir.), Heiman, Lohr. Third Row: Sievers, Wright, Stetzler, Van Rvekcl, Hays, Helland, Hirsch, White. Fourth Row: Miller, Wilson, McMichael, Kirlin, Lament, Michalrk, DiFazzio, Back Row: Anderson (h.r.), Bain, Lueders, Vestrem. Miller, Evans, Levin, Mosher (v. p.). Roberts Hall CURRENT EVENTS can be boned up on in the Roberts parlor as Roberts, like most of the residences, subscribes to several magazines and newspapers. Gay music and happy voices are an often heard sound in Roberts Hall when the girls gather for an after-dinner songfest. This informal practice paid dividends as Roberts won first place in Sor- Dor. Veishea found Noble House forming the other half of a combination float depicting the " Greatest Show on Earth. " " Cy " was a Homecom- ing visitor to the Roberts lawn as he prepared to tear the Jayhawks to bits. Traditions are an im- portant part of any residence. The Christmas Fireside is no exception. Other Christmas activi- ties found the girls caroling and giving gifts to a Des Moines children ' s home. In 1962 several girls from Roberts were honored. Mortar Board tapped one, two were selected for Tomahawk, and six were selected for Beacons. Barb Mosher was one of the finalists for 1962 Homecoming Queen. 262 fs f ( f ©© a Front Row: Carlson, Winters, Buzzetli, Spore, Eddy, Chapman, Kinsinger, Tiffany, Duffus, McCormick. Second Row: Logan, Drewry, Wemark, Douglas, Sellers, Conley, Draman, Foley, Bailey. Third Row: (Coins (pres.), Britton, Boylan. Short, Scholfield, Werner, Dahlby, Siefering, Butler. Fourth Row: Darling (sec.), Slucker, McCulley, Strachan, Stewart, Gesy, .Clauson, Barth, Lortz, Obrecht. Back Row: Holthaus, Lietz, Hopkey, Minden, Thompson, Specht, Morhauser, Nilan, Kittinger, Hodgson. Roberts places first in Sor-Dor; brightens Christmas for Des Moines orphans; individuals honored Front Row: Uthe, Harmon, Hitch (treas.), Keil, Harken, Jenkins, Amcnell, Carruthers, Denise. Second Row: DenHerder, Amunson, VanZee, Avaux, Bailey, Hazen, Jontz, Fox, Henke. Third Row: Ehlert, Ingram, Priebe, Drummond, Lundy, Fox, Campion, Kliegl. Fourth Row: VanWert, Zeigler, Cook, Saltou, Case, Falconer, Mil- stead, Daynard, Anderson. Back Row: Purine, Warner, Karn, Stump, Kinsey, Rinehart, Lundeen, Partell. 263 A NEW STEREO, dedicated to former housemother, Mrs. McCanon, brightened the leisure hours for Welch Hall. Welch HaU Top scholarship is only one of Welch Hall ' s many achievements this year. The girls of Welch combined their vocal talents well enough to capture the runner-up trophy in the dormitory competition of Sor- Dor. On the intramural fields they became softball champions and took third place in basketball. The Beacons honarary tapped four sophomore girls. A Welch Hall freshman, Audrey Chown, was chosen as a runner-up in the milkmaid contest sponsored by the Block and Bridle Club. Welch worked with Caine House to construct their Blast booth entitled " Fag and Fiend. " The firesides and teas held at Welch were made more enjoyable through the addition of a new stereo which was dedicated to their former Housemother, Mrs. Byrde McCanon. The formal dinner and dance sponsored annually by Welch was given this year under the theme of " Carousel. " Front Row: Gibson, Haupert, Crockett, Evans, Wilniarth, Lease, Braun, Bowers, Fredrechsen, Krnoch. Greenup. Second Row: Doose, Swinney, Irwin, Gordon, Mueller, Baker, Lawson, Geiger, Lyon, Foster DuBois. Third Row: Grether, Miller, New, Rice, Armitage, Mrs. Kehm (res. dir.), Bozarth, Gustafson, McKim, Swan (treas.), Radakovich. Fourth Row: Scudder, Plummer, Beale, Dunshee, Robertson, Kohel, Lee, VanEps, Swanson, Ma- loney, Larson. Back Row: Gibbs, Fee, Kemmerer, Hall, Puntenney, Nitzsche, Haverkamp, Shockley, Trumbo, Schulte (pres.), Smith (v. p.). 264 « O 9 O Front Row: Currey, Strait, Held, Lettow, North, Piper. Second Row: BL■I RosLiigiccn, Rathje, Hogge, Wau- ters, Greany, Meyer, Morgan, Chroup. Third Row: Leighty, Anderson, Hodges, Aniick, Curtis, Fielding, Mc- Mains, Morey, Buboltz. Fourth Row: Lenock, Carlson, Peterson, Stufflebeam, Jensen, Maloy, Nelson, Heikens, Chown. Fifth Roiu: Ripperger, Frankenfield, Chilgren, Martin, Johnson, Jensen, Lane, McCreary, Ashton. Back Row: Borchers, Vieths, Vernon, Trommer, Moore, Doanc, Wirth, Shields, Shorey, Woodley. Welch intramural teams take championship in Softball, place third in basketball Front Row: Bell, Anderson, Thompson, Hall, Blumenstein, Phillips, Bourne, Pingel, Tracy. Second Row: Bell, Randolph, Tolo, Gibbs, Conlev, Wilson, Minert. Third Row: Gunton, Matz, Huenemann, Woodhead, Mitchell, Brockett, Johnson, Kolls. Fourth Row: Stark, Hoehn, Lauer (sec). Judge, Hatlen, Asedlgeck, Wyatt, Horton, Hamill. Back Row: Mohn, Cotter, Conkin, Roff, Bender, DeGood, Branston, Moon. 265 OFFICERS of West Linden discuss plans for " Spice on Ice " the winter quarter dance held at the Sheldon Munn Hotel. With open doors and friendly smiles, the girls of West Linden made floor parties a popular idea this year. Colorful and fun themes were chosen and the rooms decorated accordingly. Refresh- ments made the get-togethers especially inviting and provided that often-needed late evening snack. Moving out of their dormitory world into campus life, the West Linden women enjoyed a variety of exchanges, ranging from miniature golf and old-fashioned hayrides to working on the Homecoming display or relaxing in front of a friendly warm fire. Cleaning rooms and cooking a spaghetti dinner were two of the tasks the girls were hired to do at Blast. Amidst all the fun, the importance of scholarship was not forgotten as several girls achieved the perfect 4.0 for their quarter average. Homecoming and Veishea open houses and a Parents ' Day tea were used to show the dorm off to parents and other guests. West Linden Hall Front Row: Howe, Seike, Catlin, Cord, McKelvey, Larson. Second Row: Daggett, Reckler, Hogue, Winter- meyer, Bennett, Ramsey, Thompson. Third Row: Jacobson, Jordan, Childs. Mott, Kallem, Warner. Fourth Row: Lyons, Tolson, Stiner, Vendclboe, Vetter, Naomi, Thompson, Paul. Fifth Row: Anderson, Miller, Noble, Happes, Arnold, Wiekoski. 266 © © Front Row: McNaught, Bilbrey, Lin, Matsuura, Almquist, Ricker. Second Row: Jensen, Marlatt, Bartley, Eg- gert, Glawe, Coffman, Deanovic, Nelson. Third Row: Unsderfer, Lunt, Johnston, Leutwiler, Bossen, Guthrie, Yost. Fourth Row: Palmer, Goodenow, Griffiths, Slack, Cosgrove, Taylor, Kelley. Fifth Row: Michael, Lerdal, Kaldenberg, Zwanziger, Carr, Roush, Christians (sec). Back Row: Brockett, Kinsey, Ballou, Holmberg, Run- neberg. Garner, Bowman. West Lindeners have parties to get acquainted with each other, have exchanges to meet %utsiders ' Front Row: Krucger, Schneider, Buckley, Tiefenthaler, Russell, Siegel, Hermann, Biery. Second Row: Knowles, Younggrecn, Carlson (v.p.). Huffaker, Thye, Smith, Davis. Third Row: Beyer, Ripper, Black, Steele, Thaden, Lane, Wolf, Danilson. Fourth Row: Carron, Schoening, Henryson, Ashbaugh, Utterback, Rowley (treas.), Ehckson. Back Row: Behr, Siberz, Bowman, Dunham, Maholic, Darrow, Blake, Danielson. 267 f M ii ' s Mens Residence Association 268 PRESIDENT Craig Davis was overseer for all the MRA organi- zations and coordinated the activities of the organization. Programs and services providing leadership, recreational, social, educa- tional, and special skills development are originated, financed, and administered by a student government whose foundation is forty Houses of approximately fifty-five men each. From a small, pioneering effort in 1946, the MRA has grown to an organization composed of 2,200 men and will increase by another 400 next year when the new Helser addition is occupied. Coordination of the activities of this con- federation of houses was handled by the Executive Council headed by MRA president Craig Davis. Members are elected by all-MRA vote. EXECUTIVE COUNCIL -fron( Row: Hoover (activities chr.), Smoldt (ext. v.p.), Davis (pres.), Smalley (int. v.p.), Mackie (social chr.). Second Row: Boyd, Seeiek (treas.). Rowley, Meyer, Shomper (sec). 269 Main Cabinet establishes policies; sets up group to interpret laws Law enforcement among the men is officially car- ried out by house conduct committees but the creatures known as head residents carry the main brunt of the order keeping job. The HR ' s are employees of the Residence Department and are responsible for taking care of the physical facili- ties, and are personal counselors for the men. As advisors the HR ' s stay in the background and leave the runnning of the house to the elected house officers. Besides providing rules and regu- lations for members and supporting the develop- ment of special interest clubs, the MRA plans special programs. One of these is an orientation program for freshman. This program includes tours organized by the MRA and special house freshman days programs. The MRA also spon- sors quarterly dances. At the spring dance recog- nition is given to outstanding men in the form of tapping for Chessmen, the MRA honorary. CHESSMAN - front Row: Smalley, Oakland (v.p.), Hoy. Second Row: Davis, Nollen, Wilson (sec.-treas.). COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN - Left to Right: Gary Lobaiigh, Rich Peters, Doug Cheever, Stan Smalley. 270 MAIN CABINET — front Row: Kanellis, Hawes, Shomper (sec), Schumacher G., Wikner, Bolton. Second Row: Mikesell, Conger, J. Morton, Rintoul, Melsa. Third Row: Witte, Hopfenspirger, Wildung, Teske, Dyk- slra, J. Thurman, J. Snyder. Fourth Row: R. Fox, NefF, Mishtnash, L. Harris, C. Mueller, O. Anderson, Kuehl, Dvorsky. Back Row: Achenbach, D. Fox, Sliegelmeyer, Hurd, Whipple, C. Jones, E. Olson. Vice -presidents of ihe forty houses compose Main Cabinet the legis- lative body for the MRA. This cabinet determines association policies, establishes by-laws, and approves administrative appointments. This year Main Cabinet changed the rates for rebates to houses building Veishea floats and Homecoming displays, established a group to in- terpret MRA rides, and passed an attendance requirement act for itself. Executive Council and Main Cabinet are the two main governing bodies for the Men ' s Residence Association. HEAD RESIDENTS — Front Row: Crisman, Boycr, Benning, Lowe, Griinig, Brcitbach. Willnis, Taylor (super- visor). Second Row: Rau, Greenfield, Hembry, Wise, Wisor, Mason, Schilling, Beebout. Third Flow: Kriens, Fitzpatrick, Cable, Johnson, Walker, Felland, R. Allen, Schwyhart, Mortensen. Fourth Row: Richmond, A. Allen, Wood, Curtis, McClurg, Webb, Vert, Cook, Yost. Back Row: Grooters, Heng, Tntten, Dardis, Cash, Pauley, Robinson, Grandia, Caruthers. 271 Growth of the MRA is being accompanied by growth of the MRA services and clubs. The MRA library has been expanding regularly with the purchase of new books provided for in their budget of almost $400. This money comes from the fund left for the library by past President Friley and from an annual allocation from MRA funds. Fall quarter of 1963 the library will be moved into new and larger quarters in the new addition to Helser Hall. Accom- panying this move will be a name change for the library. It will become officially the Charles Friley Memorial Library. RESIDENCE DIRECTORS - Left to Right: Mrs. Gcsler, Mrs. Thul, Mrs. Stow, Mrs. Baker. MRA growth accompanied by growth of internal organizations LIBRARY BOARD -I.e ( to Right: Helland, Divine, Rigler, Mrs. Thul, VanHouelling, Winters. 272 WEIGHTLIFTERS ' CLUB is composed of 350 men who benefit from membership by attending monthly meetings led by Pete Veller, pres., and using the work-out room in Hughes Hall. PRINTING SERVICE improved its ser- vice to MRA houses and members by purchasing a new press which produces greater quantity and better quality work. 273 KISU STAFF — Front Row: Salak, Greenlee, Wakefield, Schocppner. Back Row: Moe, Willoughby, Groff, Grienian, Dennis, Guslafson. Changing the transmitter system topped the program of improve- ments for MRA radio station KISU. This change was undertaken both to comply with the Federal Communication Coinmission ' s regulations and to improve reception. Other improvements include the purchase of a new tape recorder, a new control board and new turn tables. KISU covered campus events such as Veishea and athletic events, the all-university and MRA nominating conventions and President Hilton ' s speech to GSB. SPECIAL PROGRAMS of the MRA include quarterly dances at ISU and exchanges with Drake coeds and Des Moines working girls. 274 PLANNING the program forthe day as well as all technical and broadcasting work is done by the forty-five students working at KISU. MRA continues to sponsor special events: KISU maintained as ' voice ' ' NEWLY ELECTED MRA President John Nelson speaks at the inaugural banquet held annually for all new officers. D. J. DARYL RAY does his part to keep KISU, MRA radio station, broad- casting til 1 a.m. daily. Programs of show tunes, classical and jazz music ore regular features of the station. 275 Houses compete in all-university events - i ■ ' J f --- SECOND PLACE in the Veishea float MRA division went to Baker House ' s entry. Each residence group is ranked in a division by itself for Veishea float judging. 276 LAWN DISPLAY BUILDING and Veishea float construction is encouraged by the MRA. A $35 rebate of dues is given to each house participating in such v ork. r ;A r Ar " ' 1 J r — , k : HOMECOMING LAWN DISPLAYS occupy the time of members of about fifteen houses. The decision as to whether or not a house should build a display is made by each house. Recognition of outstanding house achievement was accomplished this year by awarding one Sweepstakes trophy and four trophies for hon- orable mention to all around outstanding houses. Previously, trophies have been awarded to each of the houses most outstanding in one of the four areas, scholarship, intramurals, activities and service. This year Lange House Avon the top award, and Beyer, Dodds, Harriman, and Pearson Houses receixed honorable mentions. 277 A 100 per cent increase in membership in the MRA Camera Club was made possible by the club ' s expansion into another room. This expansion included an increase in equipment. A new print dryer, an enlarger and other less expensive equipment were purchased. The Toastmasters Club also doubled in size, but no accompanying increase in facilities was necessary and the weekly meetings continued as before. Additions were also made to the entertainment facilities for the MRA men. These additions, besides including the usual intramural equipment replacement, included two aluminum canoes and car carriers for them, and several pairs of ice skates for rental. The intramural board also purchased jumper cables which were available to members during the cold winter weather. Proof that entertainment is a big business for the MRA is the fact that the Intramural Board ' s expenditures approached fifteen hundred dollars. Canoes and ice skates added to intramural equipment BLAST BOOTH construction was also done by MRA houses. Many times it is the same houses which participate in these projects. The MRA ' s change in awards system was designed to encourage a slightly more balanced diet of activities. TOASTMASTER ' S CLUB meets weekly to give members a chance to practice speaking. CAMERA CLUB doubled in size with the acquisition of more space and new equipment. The MRA did supply some mone y for the expansion, but usually the various clubs support themselves on dues. TEMPORARY HOUSING An over-supply of men and an under-supply of rooms results in the formation of a temporary housing group. These men live in the basement of Friley at the start of fall quarter. By the end of the quarter the normal drop- out relieves the space shortage enough so that by winter quarter all the men are permanently housed in one of the regular Men ' s Residence Association houses. TEMPORARY HOUSING - Front Row: Anderson, Kreitlow, Good Blythc, Walter, Fischer. Morrisscy. Second Row: Caltrider, Grover, Martin. Sthulte, Lovejoy, Melendez, Mace. Third Row: Lapchinski (tres. j. Skinner, Koester, Bates, Breitbach (h.r.). Wagoner. Back Row: Silk, Rust, Ctiarles (v. p.), Huss (pres.). Smith, Peters, Stropes. ii ' W " " " " I (k li Fm tfl HJ m H 279 The men of Bennett House have made a name for themselves during the past year as intramural champions. Such championships seldom are men- tioned on big time sports but nevertheless, to the men of Bennett, a volleyball championship and the gutterball league bowling championship brovight great pleasure and collective satisfac- tions. The Bennett House boys were on hand at Veishea and after many hours of planning and building, came up with a float, " Madame But- terfly " . The graciousness of this house was shown by the tea held for the Sweetheart ' s Ball Queen candidates. The spring formal, " Festival of Lan- ters " , gave the men of Bennett another oppor- tunity to show their lady friends a fine evening. Held in May at the Motor Inn, this dance was based on an oriental theme. CONSTRUCTION of an AM-FM receiver kit attracts a full squad of kibitzers in Bennett House. BENNETT HOUSE Oriental light thrown on Bennett by " Festival of Lanterns " Front Row: Swanson, Brinker, jenner. Hart, Anderson, Luick, Barker (v. p.), Magnusson, Hardin. Irvin. Second Row: McVay, Brown, McClintic, Hein, Irei, Murray, Greenwalt, Hadley. Third Row: Shull, Cox, Moeller, Bengtson, Rausch, Gifford, Koerth, Van Cleave, Wigton. Fourth Row: Wilier, Wilson, Grover, Camara, Schilling, Pieratt (pres.), Campbell, Henry, Sanders. Back Row: Kintigh (sec.-trca.), Satterlee, Boehm, Faidlcy, Svejda, Cash, Wormlcy, Woltcr, Davis. 280 Gung-ho about football and forming their own little traditional cheering section, Beyer House won third place in the MRA for their Homecom- ing display " On the Way to Miami. " At Veishea they won second place in the MRA for the float " Hansel and Gretel. " In order to keep tip to date with Iowa State coeds, Beyer House held seven exchanges throughout the year. Winter quarter they held their annual steak fry, and a month later was the house party " Avalanche Inn " at Lynn Fuhrer Lodge. Spring quarter the men took dates to a picnic at Pine Lake. Intramural wise, Beyer House won honors in both softball and bowling. As their special project, they collected money for the Iowa State Center. They also enlarged the den to make room for homecoming displays and Vei- shea floats, as well as informal parties. IN RESPONSE to pleas for " 50 copies of this, " or " enough for all the guys " ditto machine operating occuppies these men. BEYER HOUSE Beyer men move around with exchanges, settle at " Avalanche Inn " Front Row: Hoff, Kuhlemeier, Rambow, Rainbow, Shattuck, Sundall, Roscngrcen, DeWees, Edwards, Miller. Second Row: Becker, Johannsen, Stauffer, Olsen, Schutte, Bell, Olmsted, Dardis, Okonkwo, Meyers, Cheng. Third Row: Peoples (sec.). Gran, Mortensen. Cedar, Meyer, Erwin, Burrell, Perkinson, Taylor, HoUenbeck (pres.), Nasr. Fourth Row: Russell, Mumm, Harms, Lyon, Cory, Champion, Jones, Kain, Erickson, Oakland, Bass. Fifth Row: Mandernach, Greubel, Peterson, Brown, Hain (treas.), Fritz. L. HoUenbeck, Fox, Hager, Sterk, Haayer. Back Row: Erickson, Lucken, Achenbach (v.p.), Noyes, Boesen, Samiielson, Anderson, Ludwig, Shirk, Shanks, Bundt. ' i 9 9 281 USING THE PROPER METHOD you can go for months without emptying your wostebasket; these men prove that the method requires being well supplied with DAILYS and string. Caine House rounded out the year with good success in intrammals. They garnered two tro- phies in bowling and the first place trophy for Class B Softball. In addition, they were runnerup in Class A volleyball. Lack of success in swim- ming was not the fault of several members of the house. These rrien began swimming practice early in the fall at Ledges State Park. Perhaps, though, their spirits were dampened by the fact that they were not given any forewarning about the impromptu swim session. This practice took place at a stag picnic where most of the house members were satisfied with football. " Fag and Fiend " was the theme for the very successful Caine House Blast Booth. Welch Hall was their partner in this enterprize and much of the suc- cess of the booth was due to the cigarettes and coke dates which were given out as awards. CAINE HOUSE Surprise dunkings fail to keep Caine House " all wet " Front Row: Fullerton, See, Dunbar, Goering, Beebout, Hoeft, Martin, Passeri, Vespa, Armstrong. Second Row: Bond, Balsbaugh, Swift, StumpfF, Hamlin, Neppl, Bussell, Conlan, Dvorsky. Third Row: Zemke, Beach, Goetz, Schnetzler, Port, Allen. Fourth Row: Pearson, Flick, White, Benlin, Quaas, Weston, Hagstrom, White, Wallen, Schalekamp. Back Row: Braida, Lee, Peterson, C.leason, Becker, Perry, Davis, Scheidenhelm, Dunn. 282 The harvest moon wa« no doubt one of the items for the Cessna House fall dance, " Moonshine and Roses " . It was late in the season for roses but no doubt this refers to the coeds who added so much to the atmosphere of the party. The center of attraction was a still, used to carry out the theme. There was no report regarding the activity of this part of the decorations, but it certainly must have added atmosphere. The traditional cider and doughnuts rounded out an enjoyable eve- ning, along with dancing and the music of Jed Stelter. Cessna explored further the world of dance during Veishea when they produced a float entitled " Hey-Let ' s Twist " . This required a con- tinuous twist for the length of the parade route. Jello lovers in the house were probably eager par- ticipants in their Blast booth, " Catasplat " , where jello was catapulted at house members. A GLASS WALL is installed as part of the remodeling work on the Cessna House den. Dens in Friley-Hughes Hall are being remodeled at the rate of two per year. CESSNA HOUSE Cessna tries moonshine, then switches to jello Front Row: Cox, Hjortshoj, Vert (h.r.) , Barnett, Parcher, Klein, Sommers, VanderMeer. Second Row: Christopherson, Fisher, Giles, Miranowski, Anderson, Derscheid. Third Row: Harris, VanLuren, Schultz, Cahill, Thurman (v. p.), Gaumor, Marsh, Scott (pres.). Arbuckle. Fourth Row: Szomor. Lundquist. Pro, Fry, Brownlee, Walling, Molt, Pingel, Fachnian. Back Row: Buchholtz, Bryan, Terric ntcs, Zickefoose, Bakken, Waugh, O ' Hara, Olander, Way, Baker. Not in Picture: Seher, Abbs, Yohe, Crissman. ' - C5w — ' J. Mii(» « ' «9 H 1 f H , H wk M E . ■l ' 1 1 283 LAKE LAVERNE IS READY, and the men prepare to moke sure that Chamberlain is represented in the ranks of the ice skaters. I he men oi C hamberlain House are justly proud of their intramural record. In the fall of ' 62 they won the C ' lass B football championship. In the winter of ' 62 they captured the MRA total points trophy and also won in the MRA bowling league. In the spring of ' 62 they Avere Class C volleyball winners and first in tennis singles and doubles. How ' s that for a record! However, the dancing shoe refused to take a back seat to the gym shoe. Chamberlain House held a dance at the 4-H Camping Grounds, an orientation Day exchange, plus a hayride. A barbershop quartet, " The Chambermen " upheld the family name in Var- ieties competition. The men enjoyed many hours of fellowship as they built a " Moby Dick " float for Veishea and a booth entitled " Chamberlain Water Festival " for Blast. An activity within the house, namely scholarship, is being encouraged through an awards system. CHAMBERLAIN HOUSE Chatnberlain battles to the top in winter intramurals Frojit Row: AUcman, Stewart, Thompson. Erslaiul, Adams, Kammin, Miller, Collins. .Second Row: Smallcy, Sair, Smith, ParClow, Clostcr, Sokolski, McEntaffcr, Fight, Eckcrt. Third Row: Mcllrath. Meyer, Pellett, Clark, Nixon, B. Nelson, Switzer, H. Nelson, Goloskewitsch, Manch. Fourth Row: Brosamle, Trylten (h.r.), Nieman, Closter, Hoptenspirger (v. p.), Kolp, Schuck, Horan, Ruhs-r, Pierce. Fifth Row: Gate, Peterson, Brown, Freeman, Pauley, Collins, Bernal, Holdorf, Brockmann, Hitter, Miller. Hartman. Back Row: Wchmcyer, Lasch (treas.) Barnes, Thomsen, Lothe (sec), OfFerman, .Shull. Lee. Bet . Baxter, Beebc (pres.). 284 Anyone for intramurals? The men of ' Converse House engage in everything from basketball to bowling, track, swimming and even a mean hand of bridge. These stalwarts shared a toboggan party with Birch Hall girls, picnic at the Ledges with Elm Hall, and a dinner exchange with Welch. Also on the schedide were a hayride and ' arioiis impromptu exchanges to basketball games. An open house was held for parents and friends after the Homecoming game. Veishea float theme was " Aroimd the World in 80 Minutes " (needless to say, this engineering feat was not accomplished in 80 miniUes) . Three traveling scholarship trophies proved a stimulus for Converse House men. These trophies were for highest grade point, room with highest grade point, and greatest grade point improvement. Men in Converse like to sing and several are mem- bers of campus singing groups. AUCTIONS raise money and provide a trading place for the men to swap traffic signs, old tires and assorted junk. CONVERSE HOUSE Converse works on scholarship with house awards Front Rozv: Cubit, Melby, Donike, Doubler, Patterson, Skeers, Harves, Anderson. Second Row: Peckler, Stcenhoek, Carlson. Risius, Martin, Stanley. Shah, Wehr, Griggs. Third Row: Coffey, Kuehnast, Cook, Hoffman, Reppert, Mulert, Pribyl, Hurd Slillard, Addleman. Fourth Row: Barth, Duimslra, Beck, Wolff, Postak, Johnston. Moss, Ruegnitz. Fifth Row: Schlosser, F.ndres, Helzler, Hayden, Hiird Morris (v. p.), Kudrle, Plzak, Peters. R on. Back Row: Vierow, Stanley, Reschly, Robinson (h.r.), Campbell, Rudig (pres.). Moeller, Yager, Zikuda, Webb. Q fl © LA K-sr 1 V£ l bl ' " ' ' ' J LMi 1 m. , ■Lr » Jl I K ' j£ 1 Bi bcjA l V " L | H " ■a . ril ■iJL ' 3 1 L - s l M p u IK • . - ' wff w ' IjB Wm pHyH M 2911 I K 285 Contrasting climates created the atmosphere at parties sponsored by the men of Dodds House. With the help of Stanton and Godfrey, they pre- sented " Wonderland by Night " last December at the Nevada Coimtry Club. Moving from the snow and cold of winter to the sun and warm sand of a Hawaiian summer, Dodds decorated the Hoist Hotel in Boone with Vanda orchids and invited their guests to a Hawaiian cruise. Favors consisted of china statuettes of hula girls. The several other parties that took place included a picnic at Ledges State Park, a roller skating party, and a post-Drake game party. The men also left their racks early one morning for a breakfast ex- change with Elm Hall. Peter Pan battled Captain Hook aboard a pirate ship on their Veishea float built with Elm Hall. WHEN PROBtEMS COURSES raise their ugly heads it never hurts to have a few fellow housemen sweating for the same answer. DODDS HOUSE Dodds goes to climatic extremes for house parties Front Row: Elrod, Wakefield, Mueller (v.p.) , Mackie, Sandy, VandeLune, Utsler. Second Roxv: Backhaus, Long, Davenport. Diedrich, Bchling, Willoughby, Garrett, Wakefield, Warrick. Third Row: Reitan, Henning, McClain, Ahrendt, Grimes, Hamilton, Bishop, Scott, Woodall, Paradise. Fourth Row: Ahrens, Woolman, Johnson, Ciray, Peters (pres.) , Fobanz, Millen, Shorn per, Ternus. Fifth Row: Peterson, Carroll, Dykstra, Edwards, Watson (sec.-treas.) . Thoreson, Curtis. Fung, Ward, Boots. Third Row: Soukup, Sievers, Cummings, Fleming, VanderMeyden, Johnson, Nielsen, Grandia (h.r.), Wilson, Ncsheim, Lyddon. 286 When the intramural teams at Iowa State are on the field or on the court, Fairchild House is represented. Whether in team sports or indi- vidual competition, Fairchild was there many times and often up among the winners. This was especially true in track and field events last spring. This spirit of competition tended to weld together this group of men. A Homecoming display and participation in the Veishea canoe races were house contributions to all-iuiiversity activities. Fairchild House has revived one of its traditional social activities, " The Final Fling " , a house dance held the weekend before finals. This gives the boys a chance to forget for a moment the trials of the quarter and help them prepare for the struggle ahead. This last relaxation is usually held at the Val Air in Des Moines. PREPARATIONS are made for the " Playboy Party " which Fair- child and two other houses held in the recreation room. FAIRCHILD HOUSE Fairchild relieves tension with a " Final Fling " Front Row: Funk, Bardole, Campney, McWilliams. Harms, Jcschke (prcs.), Hewitt, Schi lling (h.r.), Shclsy. Second Row: Wisor, Nicklas, Moore, Sylvester, Mills. Third Row: Kilpatrick, Wildung (v. p.), Beall, Keppal, Youngberg, Hall (treas.), Heuer, Fisher, Schulze. Fourth Row: Yungclas, Kulhavy, Wright, Pals, Clansman, Ireland, Staller, Wilson, McDowell. Fifth Row: Tetrick, Levy, Ledden, Masuen, Moseley, Rasmussen, Stark, Clubine, Houser. 287 AN ADAPTATION of the space needle from the World ' s Fair served as the Homecoming lawn display for Franklin House. Franklin House continues its enviable scholastic record. Its nickname, " The Pinnacle of the MRA " , must relate to the standing of Franklin House when quarterly averages are announced. Franklin House men are not only recognized col- lectively but also individually as shown by three members having been tapped for Phi Eta Sigma, freshmen scholastic honorary. At Homecoming, study was piu aside brieHy so that a replica of the Seattle World ' s Fair space neddle could be con- structed as the Franklin contribution to house decorations. " Observing a Victory " was the appro- priate title. The spring formal found the house in a gay mood for a " Hawaiian Holiday " . A fine dance band and the singing of " The Chamber- men " gave the men a chance to show their ladies that scholarship is only one of their interest; they also believe that all sttidy makes Jack a dull boy. FRANKLIN HOUSE Scenes from World ' s Fair constructed by Franklin Front Roil ' : Cri.sman (hr.), Ash, Smith, Khan. Fedelcr, Lawrence, Roth, Emmons. Second Rotv: Becker, Holmes, Paneitz. Brandt, Petermcier, Wagner, Underwood, McLean, McQuiUen. Third Row: Noid, Strand, Waldron, Heckert, Peterson, Piepgras, Messer, Anderson. Fourth Row: Buehlcr, Herm, Lefebure, T. Johnson, McDonough. Walker (scc.-treas.) , Payne, Poock, Artz. Back Row: Schneckloth, Edson (pres.). Tope, Haakeim, Reynolds, Fox (v. p.), Bauge, M. Johnson. 288 The men of Godfrey started the year with enthu- siasm and kept it action packed throughout. In the fall they chose one of the college students ' fav- orite comic strips and featured Charlie Brown and Snoopy in their Homecoming display. Come winter, they went inside with their winter formal " Wonderland by Night " , held at the Nevada Country Club on December 2. Melody and mood for the evening were furnished by the Skylarks. The men were active in all intramurals through- out the year, but put the big push on in spring. Here, they battled down to the wire, finally losing in the class A softball semifinals. Godfrey men also allotted some time to loosening up their vocal cords and exhibited the results of this well spent time in Sinfonia. Here Godfrey was selected as a finalist in the MRA division. DISPtACED from his normal roof top position. Snoopy stands ready to serve the men of Godfrey as part of their Homecom- ing display. GODFREY HOUSE Intramural, singing competition strengthened by Godfrey Front Row: Wilcox, Bane, Donelson (v.p.)» Parrish, Nielsen, Lund, Berry. Richter. Second Row: ShauU, Allen, Barrow, Streck, Wageman, Davis, Kappa, Stoltenberg. Third Row: Felland (h.r.), Rayman. Coy, Chant- land (sec.-trcas.). Goers, Schumacher, Dodds, Erdelt. Fourth Row: Phillips, Lindblom, Ahrens, Cryberg, John- son, Frcy, Hcrbst. Back Row: Gidel (pres.), Riessen, Adam, Matiis, Storey, Rittgers, Anderson, Hood. 289 " Tip the Bottle " became a winning idea as Harri- man House joined with the women of Ehn Hall to create the booth which earned them the pre- Blast publicity trophy. From this successful ven- ture, the men of Harriman went on to plan a Homecoming open house. A prominent feature was the display bt 1961-62 MRA scholarship tro- phies, including a first place for fall and spring quarters. High scholarship in Harriman was bal- anced by numerous relaxing activities. Hotise tournaments in bridge, pool, ping-pong, cribbage, chess or checkers provided needed recreation. The men enthsusiastically engaged in basketball, vol- leyball, and Softball intramurals. An annual date party at the Sheldon-Munn Hotel included enter- tainment provided by a guitar player and short skits given by men of Harriman house. WAtL-TO-WAtL carpeting adds a distinctive and unique touch of elegance to the Harriman House den. HARRIMAN HOUSE Harriman men " Tip the Bottle " to win Blast trophy Frojit Row: McCann, Shonkwiler, Lutz, Mclvin (treas.), S. Longval, Hoover, Hoy. Second Row: Jackson, Mor- ris, Nagel, Davis, Melsa (v.p.)- Angel, Gilmore, Holland, Hammar. Third Row: Ludwig, J. Longval, Bule- chck, Pals, Katzer, Kothenbeutel, McCall, Reelfs, Patton. Fourth Row: Mikes (sec), Pollock, Brownlee, Maak, Hugg, Fick, SheeU, Walker, Mather (pres.)- Back Row: Knapp, Schluter, Lewis, Pauley (h.r.), Waskow, Hertz, Kleiss, Witt, Brunsvold, Keeler. 290 Kimball House started 5ut the fall in a wild man- ner by opening a Gambling ' 62 Kimball Klub. The club included all the fixtures of a gambling hall, even sharp dealers in red vests. A quiet spot for dancing was provided for those members who went " broke " . Switching the scene completely, the men of Kimball went " Hawaiian " for their semi-formal spring dance. Several exchanges were also interspaced among the social events of the year. At Veishea time, Kimball combined with Freeman Hall to construct a " Keystone Kops " float. In spite of all this activity members still found time to hit the books and did it so well that Kimball won first in the MRA for increase in grade point. Intramurals also drew attention and two individual winners were produced, placing two trophies in the newly added trophy case. UNDER THE SIGN of the happy rabbit and other insurrectionist signs the men of Kimball loll and think, " Study? Later! " KIMBALL HOUSE Kimball brings Las Vegas, Honolulu to Iowa State Front Row: Liss, Yost (h.r.), Lo (prcs.), Kolterman (sec-treas.) . K. Jotinson, Stevens, Manns, Donahe, Robi- son, Blomquist. Second Row: Oleson, Fistier, Claude, G. Jollnson, Jones, McGlynn, Irwin, Ives, Gabrielson, Amunson, Kanellis (vice-prcs.) . Third Row: Leech, Burghoffer, Ctiaussee, Waltz, Appell, Scott, Sykes, Faw- cett, Sctiultz, Nuebel, Burton. Fourth Row: West, Fleming, Jensen, Wiedeman, Groff, Cochran, Lodenquai, Pezzett, Pruess, Hunt, Gallagher. Back Row: Lynch, Gregory, Bumann, McRae, Coler, Svensen, Denniston, Uhl, Kuhlmann, Janssen. . % t 1 291 Pleasuie and profit were combined by the men of Knapp House last spring quarter by holding an auction to raise money for the house. Besides this annual function, a special all-house supper is held each quarter. Other special activities included dances during winter and spring quarters, one of which was set with a Valentine ' s Day theme. More informal was their twist party which took place after the Drake-Iowa State basketball game last winter. Not only were the men of Knapp Hotise avid spectators of Iowa State sports, but they also were active participants in intramurals. Such in- terest won the Class B bowling title for them win- ter quarter. Activities continued into this fall quarter with the construction of their Homecom- ing display. This display, " Roll ' Em, Cyclones " , won second place in the MRA division. BALANCING THE BOOKS seems to be the problem at hand as members of Knapp House get the latest word on house finances. KNAPP HOUSE Knapp moves out with twist, backs ISU athletics Front Row: StcfFcnson. Hottes, Glaspic, R. Wright, Allen (h.r.), Larson. Second Row: Rysavy, Tamura, Sund- bcrg , Schneider, Knock, Johnson, Trumbo, A. Wright, Hoffman. Third Row: Ryan, Bennett, Loria, O ' Neil, Weidlein, Cline, Howk, Antone (sec.-treas.) . Fourth Row: Oldorf, Tillson, Woodford, Rosengren, Kay, Hays, deNeui, Singer, Santi, Peterson. Fifth Row: Virant, Lorig, Jones, Fox (v.p.), Martin, J. Miller, Sullivan, Leid- ing, Voss. Back Row: M. Miller, Wilson, Jungling (pres.). Ware, Meadows, O ' Connell, McCracken, Stachour, Marks, Hyde. 292 Interest in the stock market proves the Lange House men to be up to date. During the winter Quarter of 1962, Richard Karstens and Mike Her- rian organized the Lange House Investment Club, an official corporation, the main purpose being to teach the members about making investments. This is the only club of its kind on Iowa State ' s campus. Twenty financially minded men are members of this organization. The original share is five dollars and only one dollar a month is needed to retain membership. Upon graduat ion membership can be sold or retained. The club has files for over three hundred companies ' stocks. Lange House has also received its share of scho- lastic honors. They received first place in MRA scholarship in the winter of ' 62 and second place for their spring quarter efforts. SATISFACTION is manifested in smiling faces as some members of Lange house admire their hard earned trophies. LANGE HOUSE Paths to fortunes studied by members of Lange House Front Row: McMulIin, Gash, Quebc, Jackson, Persinger. Second Row: Norris (sec.-treas.) . Lane, Dunn, Head, Okerberg, Ernst, Willms (h.r.). Cordis (pres.). Third Row: G. Miller, Cox, Rosauer, Bales, Brenner, Parks, Dennis, T. Miller, McCombs, Kiesey. Fourth Row: Stensberry, Southworth, Cater, Gano, Linder, Matthias, Turner, Karstens, Riehl. Fifth Row: Magnuson, Stucker, Hampe, Bowman, Cheever, Stropes, Evans, Bergman. Back Row: Tillman, Herrian, Wanzel, Dusenbery, Oltroggc, L. Wilson, Schumacher (v. p.). Intcrmill, Buskohl. 293 " Friley ' s Fourth Floor Utopia " , known by non- members as Lincoln House, may have to begin thinking about purchasing a new trophy case for their intramural awards. With the acquisition of a number of freshmen athletes, Lincoln House succeeded in capturing the Class B intramural tro- phies for football, bowling and volleyball. When not engaged in sports, the busy men of Lincoln found time to organize parties. Included among these were two dances held at the 66 Motor Inn. The first of these, based around a winter festival theme, took place last winter quarter with the " Four Knights " providing the dance music. Black cats and broken mirrors added atmosphere to their Friday the 13th party held during the spring. Laurel Reed ' s Combo swung out with musical contribution. EITHER PREPARATION for bomb shelter life or an attempt at a bunk bed sitting record might be the motive behind the forma- tion of this casual crowd of Lincoln men. LINCOLN HOUSE Lincoln breaks superstitions, shows potential in intramurals Front Roir: Looft. Wiser (h.r.). Gustafson, Ellington, Kcnncy, Callison. Second Row: Wilson, Gleim, Reichter, Widman (sec). Tamasi, Arnold, Hardie, Newell. Third Row: Loeffler, Johnson (treas) , Deas, Villegas, Carlson, Lammers, Richter, Crilly, Law. Fourth Row: Huffman, Bcrnal, Bigger, Gerts, Engquist, Dannenfeldt, Illingworth, Westberg, Diehl. Fifth Row: Sardi, Holtz, Kabele, Schaaf, Pedersen, Roseman, Nicholas, Ely, Carris. Back Row: Lichty (pres.), Currie, George, Carlson (v. p.), Werner, Rasmusscn, Chase, Kettler, Baker. 294 Second place in spring intramurals in the Men ' s Residence Association was copped by Lindstroni House. This feat topped off a full and successful year in intramurals Avhich included possession of the runner-up team in class B softball. The men of Lindstrom also preferred the out-of-doors when it came to social events. Hayrides highlighted the fall, inspite of some interference due to rain. Next, they braved the snow and cold in order to tackle the sport of tobaggoning. Several exchanges were arranged to help raise enthusiasm for the sport. More warmth was added to the fight against winter weather when Lindstrom journeyed forth on its Christmas caroling tour of the camptts. The men of Lindstrom pride themselves on being able to fill in any spare time with impromptu func- tions among which were several picnics. A REFRESHING BREAK is enjoyed by a few men of Lindstrom House while they limber up their vocal chords. The folk songs ore strummed out by some able guitarists in the house. LINDSTROM HOUSE Lindstrom men move parties outside also enjoy intramurals Front Row: Brown, Schilmoeller, Sutton, Chandler, Kaye, Nictiols, Ahrendt. Second Row: Dwinell, Catlett, Puff, Rintoul (v.p.), Cunningham, Goldsmith (pres.), O ' Hara. Third Row: Brandt, T. Veller, Chandler, Kent, Schwyhart, Robinson, Allison, Tanner. Fourth Row: Norton, Corwin, Canter, Risdon, Brooks, Lourido, Bean. Back Row: Brutsche, Dugdale, P. Veller, Lewman, Bartine (scc.-treas.), Durbin, Dewey. r 295 Athletics and social activities highlighted the past year for the men of Meeker House. Football is a common word within Meeker House since it is the home of three Cyclone hard noses, Dave Hoover, Ray Steffey and Tom Postak. Another popular sport among Meeker men is bowling. The Meeker " Keglers " captured a bowling trophy with Larry Clark finishing fourth in the MRA roll-offs. Deserving top billing in the social line was the presentation of the MRA award to the men of Meeker for their outstanding achievement in social activities. Social activities included ex- changes, parties, a fall hayride and a winter for- mal. Dancing, boating and volleyball served as entertainment at the Meeker spring party. The men and their dates ate " high on the hog " with T-bone steaks cooked beside Pine Lake. EARLY SKIT practice results In reward. The Meeker House skit qualified for the Varieties preliminaries. MEEKER HOUSE Meeker men lead MRA socially; support ISU on gridiron Front Row: Larson, Bernstein, Franck, Thun, Langstraat, Meyer, Dingman, K. Harris, Thomas. Second Row: Burt, Willard, Schroeder, Terry Chew, James Malloy, Tim Chew, Mitchell, Jon Malloy. Third Row: Long, Burrichter, Donahey. Zimmerman, Hansen, Ellis, Wilcox, Birk (pres.), Sheldon, Amunson. Fourth Row: Greenlee, Koellner, Karr, Ballantine, Hembry, D. Harris, Sanderson, Lofgren, Fischer. Bach Row: Sawin, Gramley, Maxon, Magnani, Legg, L. Harris (v.p), Vansteenburg, Howell, Stock, Klit. 296 Accompaniment on aij old-time piano served to make Niles House unique in one of its annual functions, Christmas serenading of the girls ' dorms. Throughout the year, the piano provided additional fun for the fellows. With the Kansas University team to defeat for ISU Homecoming, the Niles men created a display following the theme of " Clip ' Em " in which Cy was coming to clip the wings of a KU Jayhawk tied to the goal posts. Winter quarter, Niles migrated to Nevada for their house party. The theme, " Glacier Blue " , was carried out with the construction of a large glacier on the dance floor. Varying shades of blue succeeded in giving the party room a relaxed and casual atmosphere. An active interest vas also shown in intramurals, resulting in a class C bowl- ing championship for Niles House. ONE MORE PIECE of tinsel right there and Christmas decora- tions will be all set at Niles House. NILES HOUSE " Blue Glacier " party, Christmas serenade head Niles events Front Row: Gordon, Ward, Senning, Mulhcrn, Almquist, Rollins, Grigg. Second Row: Holland (sec). Reader, Dostal, Barnard, Bricker, Scott, Shelley, Holtz (pres.). Cannon. Third Row: Hamm, Chiu Fatt, Pederson, Swee- ney, Sanders, Gamble (treas.), Galloway, Martinez. Fourth Row: Rasmussen, Asnin, Tett, Dawson, Chatterton, Mousel, Cade, Johnson (h.r.). Fifth Row: Whigham, Ross, Bennett, Eliason, Weidauer, Eddy, Dannen, Schoepp- ncr. Slater. Back Row: .Murrow, Wcibel, W. Carter, Kuker, Haymond, Steadmen .Rath, E. Carter, Eagen. 297 A waterfront scene composed the background for the Noble House winter party of ' 62. The semi- formal dance was held in Ankeny, Iowa. Dance music was provided by the Don Van Ploeg Band, while decorations consisted of crepe paper with angel hair draped over lights. The Nobel House Pennant, containing blue background, white hat, cane and gloves, adorned their front yard at Home- coming. Intramural awards won by the men of Noble include a boAvling trophy and a place in the Class A basketball playoff. The honor of being in charge of the MRA Inaugural Banquet belonged to Noble House for the fourth consecutive year. It was their job to plan the decorations and the menu, take care of the invitations, and provide everything else that goes into making it a high- light of the year for the MRA. " WATCH OUT ASTRONAUTS " is the warning issued by mem- bers of Noble as they harmonize during a study break. NOBLE HOUSE MRA Inaugural Banquet responsibility for fourth year Front Row: Pierce (treas.), Bliss, Torney, Grieve, Cobley, Veni, Huntbatch. Second Row: Licko, Althaus, Wright, Tierney, Berlclson, Smith, Randolph, Lupkes, Cantrell, Mcintosh. Third Row: Hulbert, Fowlie, Sebert, Killen, Krejci, Conger, Nelson, Brewer, Levine. Fourth Row: Malchow, Walker, Ruth, Kenncy, West- phal, Liska, Krull, Kothenbcutel, Kounkel, Waldstein (v.p.). Fifth Row: Whetstone, Shively, Rooney, Ward, Skretta, Power, Eagle, Wishart, Poland, Hentzel, Sluyter. Back Row: Shanklin, Gates, Miller, Casady, Mo- zingo, Hillman (pres.), Olson, Osipowicz, Powell (sec.), Stookcy. i 298 Pearson House purchased a new trophy case in hopes that there would be many more trophies to add to it. These hopes were soon realized when the men of Pearson House succeeded in placing first among the MR A displays for Homecoming 1962. The theme of their display was " Cyclone Express " . Cy ran the engine of a train complete with flashing lights and moving wheels along the victory track. They also placed first among the MRA floats for Veishea, winning another trophy for the new case. A two unit float related the story of Moses and The Commandments. Blast for 1962 was also a success. Along with the Gamma Phi Betas, they ran a sweepstakes winning " Golden Belle " , an imitation riverboat, complete with a dixie band, chorus line, master of ceremonies, and a featured singer, Sandy Gowan. FINISHING TOUCHES are added to the Pearson House prize- winning. Homecoming display, " Cyclone Express. " PEARSON HOUSE Men of Pearson devise displays, work to fill trophy case Front Row: Scliilling, Carutheis, Kaufmann, L. Schultz, (pres), W. Schiiltz. S. Tubbs, Parmer, Anthony, Rupe, Salladc. Second Row: Juelts, Jaycox, Toftcy, Joannides. Anderson, Caicedo, Voorhees, Yelick, Mossman. Cole. Third Row: Morrison, Dosland, Schlafke, O ' Deen, Easier, Miller, Smoldt, Viesc, Card, Davis, Paulson, Marasco. Fourth Row: Samuelson, Vangeluwe, Whipple (v.p.), A. Tubbs, Baily, Fay, Schalekamp, Heving, Nelson, Tebben, Wirtz. Fifth Row: Moir, Quinn, Rigler, Ruchle, Reedquist, Reams, Miller, Hauser, Ander- son, Payne, Koontz, Woldruff (sec.-treas.) . Back Row: Klemmensen, VandeGarde, Huelse, Lowe, Morrow, Abbas, Hurlbut, Inman, Schroeder, Hoover, Stiegclmeyer. 299 " Chaos " shook the ballroom of the Sheldon-Munn Hotel on February 24, 1962. The event was the Spinney House winter party. Blue and whi te crepe paper streamed from the ceiling as pink and blue lights carried through the chaotic impres- sion. Al Sharon ' s Sextet rang out with swinging mtisic. Other entertainment was provided by folksinger Jed Selter, and Larry Moeller pre- sented a monologue. Other activities included the building of a Veishea float " Cat on a Hot Tin Roof " and the construction of a " Blast Memorial Clinic, " featuring " Dr. Ben Crazy " . Athletics is a big activity for Spinney with one or more teams entered in each MRA intramural contest. Two unique features of Spinney House are the " Man of the Week " and " Shaft of the Week " awards which are presented to outstanding members. CONSTRUCTION JOBS may be an obsession with the men of Spinney. At least it is obvious that King Tut had nothing over these confident members v hen it comes to building pyramids. SPINNEY HOUSE Unusual weekly " awards " highlight Spinney activities Front Row: Martin, Johannscn, James, Larson, Bailey, Hunter, Clay, Prince, Sturdivant. Second Row: Miller, Catlett, Brclig, Minscr, Kick, Schwartz, Weidlein, Steward, Stronezek, Church. Third Row: Weiner, Williams, Rajtora, Cassady, Tutt, Henderson, Gordon, Newsham, Way, Case. Fourth Row: Nagcl, NichoII, Merriday, Wehrspann, Ives (pres.), Dykstra (v.p.). Wall, Benson, Grooter, Ryerson. Fifth Row: Nielsen, Dennes, Drueg- miller, Lindccker, Champine, Cobb, Schroeder, Barber, Whitehead, Bittner. Back Row: Harcharik, Moeller, Johnston, McDowell, Hala, Hill, Lambertsen, Linden, Nelson, Allen, Swartz. 300 This past year proved to be quite an eventful one for the men of Stange House imder the capable direction of their president, Tom Bettin. The term was kicked off with their clever Homecom- ing display, " Monorail to Victory. " No year is complete without exchanges, and for Stange House they were numerous, including a football game. Veishea saw their teain qualify for canoe races, and they were not without intramural awards. They claimed the title of class " C " soft- ball champs and also actively participated in bowl- ing, football, wrestling, and track. To provide for spare time the men purchased a television set for the house. They also made good use of the Ledges State Park for their very successful house picnic. The year came to a close for Stange House with their spring dance Roman Holiday. " HANDS OFF " is the idea expressed by Darol Heineman as he opens a hole for Stange ball carrier Harold Meyer in a Men ' s Residence Association intramural game. STANGE HOUSE Men of Stange attempt coeducational football Front Row: Davis, Reeves, Raithel, Hitzhusen, Hamm, Anderson, Boyer, Ibsen, VanHouweling. Second Row: Weber, Freese, Israel, Budlong, Raps, Marsh, Roberts, Gatch, Clark, Wikner (v.p.). Third Row: Zachary, Porter, Devine, Russell, Stroud, Bettin (pres.), Montgomery, Easter. Fourth Row: Kidney, Vix, Cooper, Meyer, Drumm, Warrick, Dunaway, Strunk, Cole. Fifth Row: Miller, Forney, Boerner, Huntrods, Carpenter (sec- treas.), Boykcn, Blood, Salak, Mohling, Volkman, Thomsen. Back Row: Larson, Heinemann, Hanisch, War- ner, Christcnsen, Kuhn, Woodin, Eraser, Fox, Backstrom. 301 Winter raged inside as well as outside for the men of Stanton House last December. A coimtry snow storm served as the theme of their party " Winter Wonderland " . Christmas decorations, including a tree, stars and a winter evening sky, carried out the theme of this semi-formal dance which was held at the Nevada Country Club. Entertainment was provided by the Stanton House singers. The Christmas season was also welcomed by a song fest. In the fall, the men of Stanton collaborated with the women of Roberts Hall to build a Homecoming display. Stanton House also held an orientation picnic and ex- change during the fall, had a post-football game exchange and two roller skating parties. The men also took part in intramurals and had a qualifying team in the Veishea canoe races. FULtFltLMENT of the stipulations of a bet occupies the atten- tion of this member as the peanut gallery looks on. STANTON HOUSE " Blissful Blizzard " , hayrides and picnics keep Stanton outside Front Row: Beckord, Baago, Skowronski, Jcntz (v. p.), Bcrgstrom, Timm, Light (sec.-trcas.), Cramer. Second Row: Mason, Brickman, Cuthbert. Third Row: Reith, Sicvers, Heinemeyer, Christiansen (pres.), Niemeyer, Nelson, Schafbuch, Waltz, Gahwilerk. Fourth Row: Poock, McDermott, Balkovcc, Lowenberg, McDonald, Dan- ilson, Doty, Risser, Goemaat, DeGooycr. Back Row: Ross, Whitcomb, Crawford, Dunham, Wilson, McRob- erts, Kaled, Rater. Cox. 302 Stevenson House started the year off by welcom- ing twenty-eight freshmen into the house via picnics, exchanges, and informal recreation. Next, Stevenson made use of the wonderful fall weather to organize the " S. S. Stevenson Ship- Avreck " which occurred on a sandbar at Ledges State Park. Shrimp, prepared in boiling river water over burning drift wood, kept those strand- ed alive luitil they could be rescued with canoes. Instead of constructing their usual Homecoming display, Stevenson devoted its time to a Christ- mas lawn display. The display portrayed the na- tivity scene and was lit up at night for the benefit of Lincoln Way travelers. Veishea saw a battle be- tween two mounted chargers atop the Stevenson float, " Ivanhoe. " Stevenson also kicked off MRA contributions for the loAva State Center. WORK AND PLAY can mix prove the men of Stevenson as they put together their Christmas display in front of Friley . STEVENSON HOUSE Stevenson House shipwrecked; then reconstructs first Christmas Front Row: L. Goode (trcas.), Schrocder, Epley, Sees, Gaddaille, Ocstereich, Londot, f. Wiseman. Second Row: Bullis, Clarv, Donaldson, K. Johnson, Rosenblatt, Carniichacl, K. Wilson, Braitbach, Huffman. Third Row: McCrillis, Sim, Ropp, Griffith, Patch, Dowling, Guerrero. Fourth Row: Finch (sec.), Fitzpatrick (h.r.), Kruse, Logemann, Witte (v.p.), Klodt, Hinkeldey, R. Goode, R. Wiseman, fifth Row: Jensen, D. Ander- son, Selley, Koski, Harms, Gardner, Clarke, Flannagan, Pullman, Welch. Back Row: Daehler, Groves, Froch- lich, Buman (pres.), Hunziker, W. Wilson, Eilers, Gardner, Piercy, Hruska. 303 Dances, exchanges and intramurals were only a few activities engaged in by the men of Carpenter House. Carpenter, Louden and Woodrow col- laborated on their winter dance, " Carlouwood Capers " . The Stm Room of the Memorial Union was decorated with a colorful back-drop and mul- ti-colored lighting. Insignias from the three houses served as favors, and dancing was done to the music of the Squires Combo. Iowa snows fur- nished the perfect setting for the bobsled ex- changes held with various women ' s dorms. " The Absent-Minded Professor " was created by the women of Welch and men of Carpenter as their Veishea float. Construction of " The Missing Goose " , their Blast booth was aided by Oak Hall. The athletes of Carpenter House brought home the second place trophy in MRA volleyball. DREAMY MUSIC seems to be the mood as a few members of the house lean back and listen to some high class sounds. CARPENTER HOUSE Carpenter holds tri-house dance, men pilot bobsleds Front Row: Dahnnis, Cerbin, Nelsen, Looiker, Buntrock, Barta, Parker, Benning, Mayer, Kouri. Second Row: Block, Nielsen, Stable, Mcnning, Schakel, Lahr, Elling, Haddock. Third Row: Hummel, Eilian, Lang, Martini, Harmon, Teske, Harkness, Templer. Fourth Row: Helvick, Shannon, VanSicklen, Randall, Anderson, Ehlers, Lamb, Hockmuth, Dodd. Back Row: Beiterton, Stanley, Baughman, Rampelberg, Bowersox, Calder, Wulf, Johnson ( pres. ) , Bridge. 304 When the girls of East J inden were scheduled to meet the Adelantes in a football game, the men of Foster House willingly consented to coach the girls. After six practice sessions, including teach- ing the girls the number of players on a football team and how to kick, Foster House cheered the girls on to an 18-18 tie. A toboggan party held at the 4-H Camp in Boone on December 15 brought snow-covered dates and much fun inspite of the snowball fights. The lodge was open for dancing and refreshments. Even Santa Claus came to the party. Actually, Santa was one of the more jolly members of Foster House. The girls of Birch Hall sold themselves as slaves to Foster House and went over expecting an afternoon of hard work. The amount of work accomplished, however, probably failed to exceed the good time had. MORE BOOZE for us seems to be the plan of a couple of Foster men as several projects take place in the wreck room. FOSTER HOUSE Men of Foster prove to be good coaches, lenient masters Front Row: Tellin, Carlson, Anders, Richman (prcs.), Madsen, Holland, Shimon, Carl. Second Row: Tolstoi, Camp, Mahr, Baker, Morton (v.p), Johnson, Wood. Third Row: Schnebly, Patterson, Hsu, Lind, Grant, Ellis, Fisher. Fourth Row: Nurre, Cohan (sec.-treas.) , Nelson, Tcghtmeycr, Forler, Seaberg, Dahlby. Back Row: Dick- son, Mcnnen, Glcason, Threlkeld, Jorgenson, Tosch, Crosby, Blinn. 305 Dates of men of Fulmer House were startled when they received their favors at the " Jungle 66 " party. A shrunken head was presented to the girls as they entered. Palm trees, grasshuts, and the renowned masks of witch doctors furnished atmosphere along with the jungle costumes worn. Coconuts and bananas were included in the meal while a skit and dancing furnished entertainment for the evening. Winning the Class B intramural foot- ball and basketball championships brought recog- nition to Fulmer House. Helping Campus Chest and themselves along, the men of Fulmer House bought the Oak Hall girls as slaves at the Blast. Building a Veishea float with West Linden Hall called " Song of the South " was more fun than work. However, third place in MRA scholarship pointed out that life in Fulmer is not all play. THE BEAT of the bongos adds effect to folk songs during an ex- temporaneous session in the Fulmer lounge. FULMER HOUSE Jungle life reenacted at Fulmer house party Front Row: Brown, Malmberg, Pfund, Baldwin, Pumplin (pres.). Krapfl, Steenblock, Renner. Second Row: Hayes, Greenfield (h.r.). Ford, Lane, Ramirez, Dodge, Olson, Weldon. Third Row: Grcimann, Schroder, Lenderts, Rabe, Oxenreider, Williams, Fuller (sec.-treas.), Graves. Fourth Row: Purmort, Barton, Dreessen, Jennings, Baker, Hemme, Jensen, Swanson, Palmer, Carpenter. Back Row: Drew, Collins, Greimann, Pahl- man, Christ, Krebs, Greiman, Carr, Kncdler. f sa JbIl MHI " f Ali . [ " r H 1 fl ' ul? B H yQ 1 Bl H " m l l 306 A Man of the Week aw rd and a house forum sys- tem to bring special speakers to house meeting were two new innovations begun by the men of Halstead last year. Making use of college living, the men of Halstead House scheduled several un- usual exchanges. Christmas caroling with the Theta pledge class, and miniature golf and bowl- ing exchanges proved to be fun for all. A fall hay- ride, spring picnics and a Hawaiian theme party filled out their social calendar for the year. A house dinner in the fall honored their Homecom- ing queen candidate, Karen Orton. When their housemother, Mrs. Martin, decided to retire, a special dinner was held to show their appreciation for the years she had spent with them. Blast saw the men of Halstead accomplishing their annual cleaning by hiring the women of East Linden. MEMBERS of Halstead House are out in force to purchase a pre- viously earned award. HALSTEAD HOUSE Honorary dinners added to long list of social events Front Row: Zagar, Davis, J. Anderson (pres.). Cook h.r.), MiKesclI (v.p.), Lowry, Peterson, Mason. Sec- ond Row: Kern, Scheitzach, Frey, McArthur, Kokjohn, Ransom, Pugh, Duerr. Third Row: Hansen, Seagren, Davisson, Bisping, Brim, Kramer, Spinner, Gustin, Nies. Fourth Row: Denhart, Walter, Winkler, M. Andersen, B. Miller, Ryberg, Smith, McLean, Van Zee, Van Meter. Back Row: Elwick, Hawbaker, Doolittle, Boehnke, N. Miller, Jenkins, Fisher, Robbins, Ludwig, Stransky. 307 Social events occupied a high place in the life of the men of Jones House this past year. Selection of their nominee for Homecoming Queen, Kay Kolosha, came as a happy addition to Homecom- ing weekend. Jones House had previously served as the AIR A residence site for a Homecoming Queen ' s Tea. New acquaintances were made and old ones renewed through a dinner exchange with Oak Hall and dance exchanges with the Chi Omega pledge class and Broadlawn ' s student nur- ses. However, social life was overshadowed by ac- tivities as during winter cjuarter, Jones House placed first in the MRA for activity points and second during spring quarter. Individual honor winners included: Dave Boyd, Phi Mu Alpha, Tomahawk; Doug Hiland, Eta Kappa Nu and Tau Beta Pi; and Jon Meyer, FGSB President. PLENTY OF HELP is available as members of Jones house pitch in on some construction in the house den. JONES HOUSE Jones House picks a winner, heads MRA in activities Front Row: Moses, Conklu, Nehring, Berger (sec), Ryan, Whiton, Petrak. Second Roxt ' : Schaiirer, Morten- sen, Debo, Shaw, Johnson (prcs.), Meyer, Boyd. Third Row: Tucker, Auten, Carstens, Aafedt, Standley, Cook. Back Row: K. Bennett (treas.), Miller, J. Bennett, Hiland (v.p.), Campbell, Selix, Roberts. 308 Students who were shocked to see hobos wander- ing around campus should not fear that ISU standards are lowering. The hobos were only a part of the pre-Blast publicity for the Livingston House booth, " Hobo Holiday. " A house auction also added more money for Campus Chest. Vei- shea saw the men working hard along with the women of East Linden on their combined float, " Alice in Wonderland. " Their efforts proved to be worthwhile when the float was awarded thiid place in overall competition. Participation in bowling, volleyball, swimming and other intra- murals was also enjoyed by house members. Cam- pus exchanges were held frequently by Livingston men, as well as a dance exchange with Drake. Lynn Fuhrer Lodge was the scene of the Living- ston House party this past year. VARYING DEGREES of delight are produced by the Livingston House — Birch Hall Blast booth. LIVINGSTON HOUSE Livingston men build prize float, turn vagrant for Blast Front Row: Taber, Armstrong, Faidley, Kilburn, Schifif, Jacobsen, Balodis, Hanner, Carothers, Lewellyn. Sec- ond Row: Jeffrie. Madsen (pres.), Renken, Neff (v.p,), Burke, Jensen, Hockett. Third Row: Boyce, Boehlje, Hunter, Belden, Kuhn, Hogberg, Wahrenbrock (sec). Enghauser, Tiffany. Fourth Row: Jones, Hansen, Mil- ler, Lucbke, Webb, Wilson, Gross, Marshall. Back Row: DcXio, Roberts, Bauer, Schwien, Byers, Ransom, Hardy, Baderschncider (treas.), Bartclson. 309 ENROLLMENT INCREASE may have caused such a space short- age that the walls of Friley are bursting, or Is It that outsiders have realized that Louden House Is the place to live? The social events of Louden House were high- lighted by their big dance held winter quarter. In collaboration with Woodrow and Carpenter, Louden presented " Carlouwood Capers. " Enter- tainment was furnished by house members while dancing and swinging music added to the fun of the evening. Socializing was also found in the form of exchanges. Football and coke each served as the theme for an exchange, while bridge was the main form of entertainment for both a party exchange and a dance exchange. In the true spirit of Christmas, the men of Louden sponsored a party with gifts for needy families. In the field of athletics the men of Louden were runners-up in Class A Softball and participated in most other sports. An individual honor came to Jim Hayward when he became the MRA social chairman. LOUDEN HOUSE Bridge exchanges, gifts to needy among Louden activities front Row: Bartlett, Jones (v.p), Botton, Saddler, Cranston, Tjaden, Moeller, Gourley (sec.)- Second How: Travor (treas.), Speers, Dinsdale, Watts, Hibbs, L. Wilkening, Stanerson, Pace. Third Row: Benbow, Cart- wright, Kilstrom, Howard, Hill, Fox, C. Wilkening, Hokel. Ziegler. Fourth Row: Erickson, Addas, Tarr, O ' Reilly, Patterson, Sherman (pres.), Costales, Robinson, Moon. Back Row: Hamlin, Heng (h.r.), Conner, Vajgart, Goloskewitch, Basham, Strother, Andrews, Sherman. O . f % f % s. 310 Professional and amateur entertainment was found at the Merrill House spring formal " April Showers " held at the 66 Motor Inn. Dance music was provided by the " Four Knights " while a trio from the house sang during intermission. The dates were given umbrellas to protect them from the " April Showers " on their way home. Water was the password during Veishea for the men of Merrill as they participated in the finals of the canoe races and called upon " Popeye the Sailor " for their team ' s theme. The women of Roberts Hall joined with Merrill in presenting " The Blue Lantern, " their Blast booth during Campus Chest Week. All those who enjoyed twisting Avere in- vited to enter and " twist the night away. " House competitors in intramurals were led by the Mer- rill gridders who took a second spot. A GAMBtING CASINO, the " Blue tantern " , complete with rou- lette wheels and crap games Is the result of the Merrill House- Roberts Hall Campus Chest " Blast " Booth builders. MERRILL HOUSE April showers and high seas braved by men of Merrill Front Row: Schmitt, Shadle (treas.). Smith, Schwarzenbach, Creeger, Cable, Paulsen, Oras, Froehlich. Sec- ond Row: Hoy, Myrabo, Page, VanKley, Liu, Lau, Cooper. Third Row: Steffen, Olson (v. p.), Schrage, Sunn- quist. Stone (sec), Crim, Morrison, Oliphant. Fourth Row: Meinhard, Pleshek, Hoick, Ervin, Werner, McKoy, Bristow, Peyton. Back Row: Graeber, Saur, Anderson, Bergman, Wruck, Michalek, Berg, Iverson, McKay. 311 While attending the Blast for Campus Chest, many vinhappy people found themselves dragged away from their dates and thrown into the " Blas- tille " . The men of Norman House and the women of Freeman Hall were responsible for this predica- ment. After the fun of building the jail and run- ning it, their prize for selling the most tickets made their efforts completely rewarded. The men of Norman House were proud to be the builders of the Queen ' s Float for the Veishea parade. Also, Norman was picked as one of the MRA houses to be in the Veishea open house tour. The Road Runner and Wylie Coyote provided a theme for their Homecoming displa y for ' 62. They are justly proud of members Stan Nollen and Don Meyer who were elected respectively as senator-at-large and MRA Junior representative to GSB. ROYAL BEAUTY waits while the men of Norman House make one final check of the Queens ' float they built. NORMAN HOUSE Norman provides transportation for queens on " Cinema Holiday " First Row: Pelscr, Detig, Jensen, Michel, Dieken, Parkingson (v. p.), Hcrrington. Second Row: Lobaugh, Row- ley, Thomson, Benzkofer, Claeys, Wright Wilkstrom, Mowry (pres.), Bonwart. Third Row: McClurg. Leicht- man, Rau, Thompson, Kim, B. McClurg, S. Olsen, D. Meyer. Fourth Row: Faaberg, Skow, Corey, Finch, Lewi- ston, EUingson, Johnson, M. Olson, R. Olson. Fifth Row: Small, Longdon, Middleton, Dcmpewolt, Willekc, Sloybough, Hassman, Schilling. Back Row: Bent, Sccopoulo (sec.-treas.)s Flom, Hcnning, Garrett, Hansen, Nollen, Gosse, F. Meyer. 312 This past year found ihe m en of Richey enthusi- astically interested in intramurals. Swimming re- ceived the most emphasis as they participated in it Avinter, spring and fall quarter. When awards Avere given and first places annoiniced, Richey Avas right there to collect its honor for being the Class A Softball champions. A second award was made Avhen they received the most total points per man during spring quarter. Parties were another house highlight and in honor of the Christmas season, " Winter Wonderland " was staged at the 4-H Camp in Boone. Pirates and seamen Avere the guests at their " Pirates Party. " The guests, after being entertained by extemporaneous speeches by the house members, left the party Avith cups bear- ing the skull and crossbones to remind them of their night of mutinous activities. SOCIAt LIFE isn ' t slighted by this trio of Richey men who ore setting off for an evening ' s entertainment after collecting their dates at the dorm. RICHEY HOUSE Richey life centers on parties and athhtia Front Row: Woods, Reed, Patterson, Henry, Downing, Wagner, Dykstra, Hawes (v. p.), Fleming, Hegg, Novak. Second Row: Thompson, Bakker, Peterson, Sung, Wong, Berryhill. Third Row: Trent, Gabel, Hesse, Dahms, Townsend, Koch, Stebbings, Allen, Borchers. Fourth Row: Asklof, Benedict, Harman, Brooks, Yousseveh, Ozbey, Mooty, Leimcr, Keegan. Bach Row: Schroeder, Richmond, Wingrove, Seda (treas.). Booth (pres.), W ' isecup, Lange, Witte, Brady (sec), Bedard. 313 " STRICTLY STAG " steak fry, with the steaks paid for by the house, brightened the October bill of fore for house members. The Lynn Fuher Lodge Avas the scene of the Stalker House Homecoming party " Holiday. " The lodge was effectively decorated with corn stalks and pumpkins and activities included games and dancing. The Boone 4-H Camp housed the Val- entine party " Cupid ' s Capers, " and favors were decorated paper hearts. Stalker House had a tea for their former house mother, Mrs. Martin and held an open hotise for visitors and relatives during Veishea. Intramurals proved frtiitful this year when they captured the track and bowling titles and also claimed several finalists in individtial events. Their residence proudly boasts a new AM- FM stero won in a cigarette wrapper contest dur- ing the spring. Other new additions to the house include a large outdoor house sign, a piano, and a hand tooled leather house crest. STALKER HOUSE New additions to bouse add to fun-filled Stalker year Front Row: McPeak, Sherburne, Newmarch, Oliver, Prey (pres.), Curtis (h.r.), Jaksie, Peter Johnson, Howie, Manning. Second Row: Altman, Wymore, Myhr, Schmahl, Frazier, Venard, White, Hendrix. Third Row: New- march, Elza, Batey, Yeast, Kiesau, Lenth, MaClean, Phil Johnson, Berg. Fourth Row: Winters (treas.), Martin, Winterowd, Clark, Wilhelmsen, Anderson (v. p.), Frye (sec), Riede, Workman, Lipschutz. Back Row: Lickess, Griffith, Coltvet, Bailey, Mitchell, Payer, Olson, Mueller, Holihan. SL® . 314 Picnics are always fim, but even more fun when it ' s a beautiful day and the company is compat- able. These requirements being fulfilled, the Woodrow House spring picnic proved to be a big success. Before the picnic supper at Inis Grove Park, everyone played volleyball and softball. The Class D intramural basketball tournament was a hard fought battle in which Woodrow House came out on top. Wrestling, volleyball, bowling and bridge were some of the other tournaments in which members of Woodrow House partici- pated. Each year the MRA Camera Club spon- sors a Veishea print contest and last year the honor of entering the sweepstakes photograph went to Mike Wei, a member of Woodrow House. A new addition in the form of a television set has brought hours of pleasure to the men of Woo drow. HIGH INTEREST in Intramurals resulted In the formation of a bowling team as well as teams for basketball, volleyball and wrestling. WOODROW HOUSE Coeducational athletics tips appetites at Woodrow picnic Front Row: VanGendcren, Mishmasli (v.p.), Menetree, Wise, Cook, Sutton, Liston, Williams. Second Row: Thomas, Blumhagen, Wolfmeyer, Rajtora (treas.), Casey, Wistrom (sec). Miller, Zobrist )pres.), Kinne. Third Row: Dailey, Groppel, Jorgensen, Cooney, Alleman, Lamberts, Danielson, Hradsky. Fourth Row: Ken- nedy, Nielsen, Battles, Feuerhelm, Brueck, Fowler, Youngman, Hansen. Back Row: Drury, Bolte, Larson, Lord, Swanson, Otta, Abraham, McGuire, Matthiesen. 315 Informality is the key to the relaxed and pleasant atmosphere found in Baker House. At any time of the day, members of Baker House can be found sitting in their lounge talking or playing cards to- gether. Their annual Chirstmas party was also an informal get-together which included a gift ex- change. Informality was quite apparent in their fall house party which was a hayride. A casino was the setting for their spring dance. Appropri- ate decorations adorned Westgate L.ounge for the evening. Participation in intramurals involved many of the men of Baker House. This activeness led the way to their championships in Class B vol- leyball and bowling in the spring. The wide spread relaxation may be one of the underlying reasons behind the fact that they raised their grade point average to seventh in the MR A. FINALS CAN GET BAD for members of Baker house and this member tries on on escape route just in case. BAKER HOUSE Relaxation and informality monopolize scene in Baker House Front Row: Moossavi, Green, Berenyi, Feldkamp, Robson, Homan. Second Row: Larson, Minnick, Heftie, (prcs.), Herstrum, Snakenberg, Rabe (treas). Third Row: Damm, Navoichick, Storm, Burns, Gustafson, Atherton. Fourth Row: Hamm, Grunig (h.r.), Vaughan, Letz, Brewer, Smith, Kleen. Back Row: Douglas, Housman, Hclmers, Busch, Snyder (v. p.), Pederson, Bremser. 316 Boyd House membej-s found that working on Homecoming displays was twice as much fun when there were girls helping. They also enjoyed carroling, sleigh rides, and picnic exchanges. An informal dance spring quarter, entitled " Spring Swing, " was held March 30, 1962 at Westgate Hall. One of the more unique and inspirational parties co-sponsored by Boyd House was the one held in honor of its retiring custodian. A picnic at the Ledges and a canoe trip down the Des Moines River helped bring the men together. A volleyball exchange with Freeman Hall warmed the men tip for intramurals and they came in second in volley- ball in the fall quarter. In bowling they proved to be greedy, winning championships both winter and spring quarters. They also took part in semi- final contests in Class A of softball and basketball. " HEY, WATCH THE FOAM " complains a member of Boyd House as he trys to take his mind off the melodious outbursts of fel- low house members. BOYD HOUSE Variety of exchanges, strong intramural showing fill up year Front Row: Bristol, Koenig, Liddle, Higa. Second Row: Garnatz, Fujikawa, Jarnagin, Krough (sec.-treas.), Beebout (h.r.). Third Row: Terlouw, Jones (v. p.), Frucchte, Kolhenbeutel, Lavender, fourth Rou-: Lundberg, Anderson, Bartlett, Geadelmann, Whiteis. Back Row: Hermann, Nieland, Trewin, Wierck, Fortier (pres.). 317 Griffith House had no doubt the most demanding and unusual contribution to Campus Chest. David Wilson and Doug Drake, two of the braver house members, agreed to walk from Des Moines to Ames if the house could raise fifty dollars for Cam- pus Chest. It was decided to hold an auction to raise the money. It was pretty funny when a bun- dle of old love letters went up for sale and, need- less to say, the legal owner outbid all other con- tenders. However, it was soon evident that all items for sale had recently been taken from desk tops and halls of Griffith House. The astonished owners were quite generous in ransoming back the assorted items and fifty dollars was soon raised. Nine hours and seventeen minutes after leaving Des Moines, the two men arrived in Ames, resolving never to open their mouths again. CUBA had better beware, according to the looks of these Grif- fith house rebels. Perhaps it ' s only an antischolarship talk though. GRIFFITH HOUSE Unusual auction sends Griffith men hiking Front Row: McCIurg (h.r.). Rodgers, McKee, Zbornik, Huisman, Hively, Buster, D. Wilson. Second Row: Hampton, DeBruin, Buck, Rhoads, Lewis, Berning, Kancmoio. Third Row: Hommema, Krotz, Yocura, Loef- fler, Smit (pres.), Hucke, Rabcr, Jackson. Fourth Row: Zenti, Coleman, Chaney, VonWeihe. Bridges, Heil- man, Drake, G. Wilson. Back Row: Lamb, Witwer, Hanson (sec.-treas.). Mowen, Kacena, Thomas, Nelson, Kuchl (vice-pres.) . 318 Freshman students who were fortunate enough to be placed in Sage House had no need to feel lost at college. Sage prepared a fidl orientation week for the newcomers, including a picnic at Ledges State Park in Boone. Softball and volleyball games helped the new men to get acquainted and feel welcome. Participation in these sports was con- tinued throughout the year as Sage put in a full intramural schedide with better than average suc- cess in spring volleyball. The informality and friendliness of the Sage men demonstrated during orientation week was also evident in the ex- changes and spontaneous get-togethers which took place all year in Sage House. The lack of pressure on Sage men make them the envy of all other members of Westgate who probably all desire to retire to Sage when their studying days are over. DOING SOMETHING isn ' t Important, according to Mr. Berg- strom, but getting someone like Ron McMlllin to wait on you is. SAGE HOUSE Spontaneity and life of ease recognized by men of Sage Front Row: Graw, Eilbert, Nooryani, Bolton (v.p.), Pooler, Stephens, Wahl. Second Row: Haugen, Bailey, Morris (sec.-treas.) , Jaworski, Lowe, Bergstrom. Third Row: Nuernberger, Yoder, Williams, Polky, Ruebling, Harris. Back Row: Greiman, Mead, Ahrenholtz, McMillin, Staszak, Abernathy, Morris, Chamberlain. 319 ALUMNI HALL HOUSING for the meeting rooms of the YMCA and the YWCA as well as for the men of Alumni Hall is provided by Alumni Hall. An Eiffel Tower in the middle of Iowa? Why certainly! Alumni Hall vent French for their February party " Caprice en Hiver " at the Boone Country Club. For entertainment the house danc- ing team performed. Other events on the social calendar for the year included dances, work ex- changes, and picnics with sororities and women ' s dorms. Alumni Hall entered and won first place in the small group competition in Sinfonia. The men combined talents with Birch Hall girls to enter the Veishea float competition using " Gone With the Wind " for a theme. A large pile of jtuik adorned the front lawn of Alumni Hall at Home- coming. It was topped by a sign reading " Dmnp K.U. " The men did well in intramurals, captur- ing the Class B basketball first place award. They also entered football, bowling, and track intra- mural competition. 320 PING PONG games in the rec. room soak up lots of spare time as well as producing stifF necks for the onlookers. NO SORROWING over defeat here as Alumni Hall men party with Elm Hall women after their Varieties perform- ance. Meti excell in Sinfonia; party a " la Mode de Francais front Row: Ertzinger, DelGrippo, Gobel, Leggctt, Dunn, Ory, Workman, Frye. Second Row: Staker, Eggcrling, Walter, Cummins, Moeller, Chapin (adv.). Gjerstad, Shaver, W. Or -, G. Chapin. Third Row: Bell, Wcller, Epiey, Cherland, Holvcck, Stewart, Layten, Marsh, McNear, Messerschmidt. Fourth Row: Warren, Sharp (adv.). Gale, Needham, Wink, Trauger (Ireas.), VanZante, Befort, Hitchcock, Steckelberg. Fifth Row: Rice, Thor- son. Downing, Kesselring (pres.), Schnicker (v.p.) . Rippe, Kancy, Johnson, Bosworth, Klemesrud, Freeman. Back Row: Lewis, Shepard, Bonzer, Peterson, Merryman. Froehlich, Dickson, Wangsness, Lintz, Olson. h {4 ■k -T v " . H K " l J B V- ' i» ! ' % 321 Panhellenic Council PANHELLENIC COUNCIL - fron 7?o:ii.- Shurts, Hedeen, Scott, Hill, Tripp (v.p.), Suhr, Pillars, Loy (sec). Second Rmr: Adams, Whitcombc (pros.), naimcwitz, Dcnuttc, Ode, Dodds, Frankcnfield. Back Row: Pepper, Gorgeil, M(Kelulri(k, Hrown, Porter, Waggoner, Drahosh, Hunter. @ H ' XIOR PANHELLKMC COUNCIL - front Row: Williams (treas.), Wicder (pres.), Hamill, Runsvold, Kdwards, Emanuel. Second Rozv: Tripp (adv.), Anderson, Waggoner (adv.), Larson, Woodlcy, Hoehn (sec). 322 CRIPPLED AND RETARDED CHILDREN benefit from the Christ- mas tree money collecting project of the Kappa Alpha Thetos. Efforts are made to improve Greek-Independent relations EXCHANGES among the sororities improve relations within the system. The Alpha Chi ' s entertain the Kappa ' s and the Theta ' s at such an exchange at the Alpha Chi Omega house. Two delegates from each of the twelve sororities on campus comprise the inembership of Panhel- lenic Council, the governing body for these soror- ities. Panhel officers: president, vice president, secretary, are elected on a rotation basis. Once every twelve years each chapter selects a girl for these positions. This group adopts and enforces policies governing sorority activities. Each year trophies are awarded to the active chapter and the pledge class with the highest scholarship rankings. Kappa Alpha Theta received the active award and Alpha Gamma Delta received the pledge award. Junior Pan-Hellenic council was re-instated on campus this year to give pledges experience and acquaint them with the council ' s purposes. A $100 scholarship was established to be given to any women sttident on the basis of need scholar- ship and character. Emphasis was placed on the improvement of relations between the sororities and independents by the encouragement of ex- changes between sororities and residence halls. 323 Living in a new house is reason enough to have a party and the ALPHA CHI OMEGA ' s didn ' t pass up the chance. An open house for faculty, parents, and students from other residences kicked off the social life of the house. The girls continued to take advantage of their new surroundings by hold- ing both their spring formal and their fall party in the house. Floor length formals, tuxedos and the general air of elegance of the spring formal was changed to a gay and childish mood for " Babes in Toyland, " the fall party. For this the house was decorated with a Lollipop tree, cotton candy machine, and balloons. The Alpha Chi ' s collaborated with Tau Kappa Epsilon to build the Veishea float which received the " Purple Shaft Award. " Another combined effort, this time with Sigma Alpha Epsilon, resulted in presentation of a Varieties skit which was a satire on astronauts. PtEDGES Mary Sara Arnoff, Worthington, Ohio, ' 66 Patricia Bowman, Monmouth, III., ' 66 Mary Colatriano, Garden City, N.Y., ' 66 Virginia Dawson, Seneca Falls, N.Y., ' 66 Taini Ehlert, Cedar Rapids, ' 66 Ciwen Gibbs, Omaha, Nebr.. ' (i6 Janet Gilkeson, Rochester, N.Y., ' 66 Gail Kroll. Ueerfield, 111.. ' 66 Joyce Lebkuecher, Beardstown, 111., ' 66 Ann Lyman, Excelsior, .Minn., ' 65 Dorothy Mc Nabb, Arlington, Va., ' 66 Karen Mitvalsky, Cedar Rapids, ' 66 Marjore Mitchell, Mason City, ' 66 Pamela Nuckolls, Oskaloosa, ' 66 Vonna Oatman, Storm Lake, ' 66 Mary Lou Omeis, LaGrange, 111., ' 66 Margaret Priebe, Des Moines, ' 66 Mary Lou Von Stoesscr, Lake Villa, 111., ' 6( Darlene Warner, Des Moines, ' 66 ALPHA CHI OMEGA Alpha Chis finish first year in new house; keep it filled jvith activity 324 ACTIVES Marcia Aldiiigcr, Dickens, ' 65 Janet Andrews, Luther, ' 64 l.ana ArnofF, Worthington, Ohio, ' 64 Carol Baves, Des Moines, ' 63 Ina Jane Bowman. Clarion, " 63 Penny Bowman, NIonmouth, III., 64 Susan Cameron, Anaheim, Calif, ' 64 Rita Campbell, Low Mcwr, ' 63 Judy Casey, Sac City, ' 64 Beverly Orahosh, Minneapolis, Minn., F.ileen Garlock, Grinnell, ' 65 Gale Gibbs, Omaha, Ncbr., ' 64 Barbara Hahn, Davenport, ' 65 Sandra Hayward. Dysart, ' 65 Jean Hcnsing, Ames, ' 65 Pamela Hobson, Des Moines, ' 64 Patricia Hobson, Des Moines, ' 64 Judy Holmes, Park Ridge, 111., ' 65 Karen Hubby, Boone, ' 64 Sharon Humphre , Knoxvillc, ' 63 Mary Hunter, Minneapolis. Minn., ' 63 Marcia Jadrnicek. Cedar Rapids, ' 64 Diana Johnson, Dows, ' 64 Janet Johnson, Manhattan. 111., ' 64 Mary Jane Kimball, Des Moines, ' 64 Karen Lane, Moline, 111., ' 64 Anne Liston, State Center, ' 65 Anne Litchfield, Des Moines. ' 65 Mary Livingston, Monroe, ' 63 Jeanette McCorkle, Aurora, III., ' 63 .Melinda Meek, Annandaie, Va., ' 64 Nancy Miller, Harlan, ' 65 Paulettc Mitchell, Reinbeck, ' 63 Susan Petra, Cedar Falls, ' 65 Barbara Pierson, Eldora, ' 63 Virginia Pollock, Long Grove, ' 65 Denise Puriell, Oak Park, 111., ' 63 Ruth Ann Robinson, Omaha, Nebr., ' 6; Phyllis Ryan, Brooklyn, ' 64 Judy Sawyer, Ames, ' 64 Sue Schulzc, Rochester, Minn., ' 65 Shirley Schwietert, Burt, ' 63 Mary Sietz, Normal, 111., ' 63 Sandra Shelgren, Helena, Mont., ' 63 Becky Smith, Mason City, ' 65 Deanne Stenstrom, Des Moines, ' 63 Diane Tripp, Ames, ' 64 Sue UbI, Mankato, Minn., ' 63 Sherrlyann Waller, Omaha, Nebr., ' 65 Mary Lou Wendel, Sergeant Bluff, ' 64 KAREN HUBBY and Marcy Aldinger are ready for the spring formal. The idea of having the spring party formal went over so well that the Alpha Chi ' s decided to make it traditional. ALPHA CHI OMEGA -fron( Row: Ubl, McCorkle, Campbell, Lane, Waller, Wendel, Hobson, Ryan, Hohnes, Arnoff, Hobson. Second Row: Stubbs, Jadniceh, Johnson J., Stenstrom, Tripp, Schul e. Bayes (treas.), An- drews, Seitz. Third Row: Robinson, Carlock, Miller, Smith, Casey, Mary McCrary (res. dir.), Drahosh. Hunter. Mitchell, Pollock. Fourth Row: Gibbs, Havxvard, Liston, Humphrey, I. Bowman (v. p.), .Aldinger, P. Bowman. Livingston, Hubby, Meek. Back Row: Kimball, Hahn, Cameron, Schwietert, Lyman, Petra, Hensing, D. John- son, Pierson (pres.), Shelgren. b f f) n nf% 325 A twisting contest during parents weekend found daughters paired with their fathers. The fathers were rewarded for their efforts by being given the ALPHA DELTA PI house for the night. After entertaining their parents, the girls themselves were entertained by the pledges. The house was turned into a ski chalet. Popcorn, apples and hot chocolate satisfied the non-skiers appetites while dancing and fireside singing served as entertain- ment. Dancing served another purpose when the A D Pi chorus line performed as Varieties girls for the Cyclone Review at Veishea. The girls were also occupied at Veishea time with the build- ing of a float, " Babes in Toyland. " They were aided in this project by FarniHouse fraternity. The last fling of the spring was the formal dance at the Wakonda Club in Des Moines. ALPHA DELTA PI A D Pi ' s challenge fathers to twist contest; turn to ski lodge atmosphere for party ALPHA DELTA PI -Front Row: Hutchinson, Behm, Moorhead, Mrs. Peck (res. dir.), Nord, Bierstedt. Van- Scov, Raster. Second Row: Heck, McCarnan, Porter, Mynatt, Wheeler, Trachta, Brown (trcas.). Third Row: Peliett, Hansen, Baldwin, Skew, Johannesen, Campbell, Keppy, Sargent (v.p.). Fourth Rozo: Clark, Carrigan (sec), Haag, Franqucmont, McBride. Holtz, Webb, Freeman. Back Row: Legg, Hugen, Thompson, Riser, Churchill, Burns (pres.), Hcnnessy, Davis. 326 A LARGE VOCABULARY is handy for everything from explaining why you ' re break- ing a date to giving a reason for handing your paper in late. A thesaurus helps the A D Pi ' s brush up on how to say what you mean five hundred different ways. ACTIVES Sheila Baldwin, West Des Moines, ' 64 Val Bchm, Madison, Ohio, ' 64 Jan Bierstedt, Lone Rock, ' 63 Carol Brindley, Ames, ' 63 Judy Brown, Schaller, ' 64 Sandy Burns, Early, ' 63 Xancy Campbell, Ottumwa, ' 65 Diane Churchill. Ames, ' 64 Ann Carrigan, Crawfordsville, Ind., ' 6 3 Carolyn Davis, Silver Spring, Md. , ' 64 Sharon Franquemont, Roslyn Hgts., N.Y,, ' 64 Marilyn Freeman, Nebraska City, Nebr., ' 64 Mary I-ou Gould, Ames. ' 64 Karen Haag, Dcs Moines, ' 63 Holly Hansn, Omaha, Nebr., ' 66 Johnna Heck, Tabor. ' 65 Joan Holtz, 9mes, ' 64 Judy Hutchinson, Evanston, III., ' 63 Gini Raster, Holstein, ' 65 Betty Kaup. Ankeny, ' 63 Bonny Keppy, Eldridge, ' 65 Sandy Lcgg, Seymour, ' 65 Becky McBride, Ames, ' 65 Nfarilyn McCarnan, West Chester, ' 64 Pat ioorehead, Ames, ' 64 Carol Mvnatt, Ankeny, ' 64 Nancy Nichols. St. Charles, III.. ' 63 Sue Nord, W. Des Moines, ' 63 Pat Pellett, Atlantic. ' 64 Donna Porter, Humlwldt, ' 64 Marijean Pudenz, Varina, ' 64 Judy Riser, Winterset, ' 65 Ann Sargent, Ames, ' 64 Diane Ta lor, Webster Groves, Mo., ' 63 C;icnda Thompson, Amts, ' 65 Anita Trachta, Cedar Rapids. ' 63 Jan Wheeler, Charles City, ' 65 Sue Webb, Denver, Colo., ' 65 Layne Westrum, Missoula, Mont., ' 63 PLEDGES Sue Bailey, St. Louis, Mo.. ' Barb Bosscn, Clinton. ' 66 Sue Brockett, Elmhurst, 111., Sue Carruthers, Long Beach, Calif., ' 66 Jill Clark, Cherokee, ' 65 Cris Craychee, Pittsburgh, Pa., ' 66 Brenda Conley, Paintsvillc, Ky., ' 66 Karen Denise, Lytton, ' 66 Marsha Doose, Park Ridge, 111.. ' 66 Betty P dwards, Des Moines, ' 66 Paula Fitch, Perrv, ' 66 Marian Gordon, Omaha, Nebr., ' 6( Sue Huedepohl, Homestead, ' 66 Linda Hiigan. Oskaloosa, ' 65 Gini Judge, Ames, ' 66 Cris Jurgensen. Hudson. Colo.. " 66 Sue Mitchell, Hudson, ' 66 Trudy Munsell, Cincinnati. Ohio, ' 66 Sheryi Radokovich, Naperville, 111., ' 66 Pat Ryan, Western Springs, 111., ' 66 Sheryi Schofield, Dubuque, ' 66 Louise Skow, Weslev, ' 65 Sandy Stetzler, Morton, 111., ' 66 Sandy VanWert, Hampton. ' 66 327 POPULAR GIRLS are the Alpha Gams — so popular that the tele- phones obviously has to work above and beyond its capacity. ALPHA GAMMA DELTA 9 Alpha Gams get ivaiters from Office of Student Affairs; lease Acacia house for overnight Journeying to Des Moines, ALPHA GAMMA DELTA based their spring formal around a " Pearls and Mist " theme. The pledges took over party planning for winter quarter as they turned the chapter house into a nightclub with " Tables for Two " complete with champagne glasses. Blast was a successful and fun time for the Alpha Gams this year. Their purchases included the ac- c|uisition of employees of the Oflice of Student Af- fairs as waiters for their Halloween party and a one night lease on the Acacia House for an over- night. Another deal was made with the Acacians when they bought the girls for a pizza party. Scholarship is one of the main achievements stressed at 2118 Simset. In recognition of its grade improvement, the Alpha Gamma Delta sor- ority received the Panhellenic Scholarship Im- provement Trophy. Individual achievements also highlighted the year as three members of the Vei- shea Central Committee were Alpha Gams. 328 ACTIVES Shirley Bailey, Ames, ' 65 Janet Beckett, Gillespie, III., ' 65 Sandra Bell, LaGrange, III., ' 65 Bertha Boettger, Harlan, ' 63 Beverly Bottge, Dubuque, ' 63 Malita Burkhart, Glen Ellyn, III., ' 64 Karen Carmichael, Brooklyn, ' 65 Vera Colburn, Eureka. III., ' 63 Marilynn Cox, Dcs Moines, ' 65 Karen Davis, Des Moines, ' 64 Rosemarv ' Doty, Lake City, ' 64 Marilyn Enger, Minneapolis, Minn., ' 64 Jean Erickson, Lansing, 111., ' 65 Janice Ferguson, Ft. Dodge, ' 65 Kathryn Frankenfield, Charles City, ' 64 Linda French, Nevada, ' 65 Janet Glover, Webb, 63 Mary Gorgen, Ecelsior, Minn., ' 6 ' Marv Gray, Albion, Mich., ' 64 Kathy Griffin, Des Moines. ' 64 Jane Gro svenor. Newton. ' 65 Nancy Hartmann, Springfield, Penn., ' 64 Margaret Hillyard, Ames, ' 65 Sara Hinrichsen, Ames, ' 63 Gail Holley, Waterloo, ' 65 Mary Irwin, Sac City, ' 63 Karla Johnson, Chicago, III., ' 63 Barbara Jones, Oxford, N.Y., ' 63 Barbara Kerston, Dearborn, Mich., ' 63 Darlene Kruse. Nlarshalltown, ' 63 Judith Larkin, Minneapolis, Minn., ' 63 Louise Larsen, Ft. Dodge, ' 65 Janet Lewis, LaGrange, III., ' 65 Arlen Long, Madrid. ' 64 Leora Lucas, Russell. ' 65 Mary Lucht, Omaha, Nebr., ' 65 Marjorie MacFarlane, Jajnesville, Wis., ' 6: Susan Melcher, Des Moines, ' 63 Nancy Mleynek, Omaha, Nebr., ' 63 Carol Moore, Boone, ' 65 Harriet Murphy, Glen Ellyn, III.. ' 65 Sharon Ness. Sioux City. ' 65 Jan Osborn. Des Moines, ' 65 Mary Palmer, Montezuma, ' 63 Andrea Parks, Ames. ' 65 Susanne Pauly, Minneapolis, Minn., ' 61 Gwendeline Richter, Indianola, ' 64 Nancy Schueller, Dubuque, ' 65 Nancy Smalling, Ames, 65 Charlene Swartz, Clarendon Hills, III., ' 64 Jo Ann Thompson Hampton, ' 64 Kay Tolman, Orange City, ' 64 Janet Wasetkov, Waterloo, " 64 Gretchcn Wildinan, Ames. ' 64 Diane Wilson, Minneapolis, Minn., ' 65 Cara Winkelmeyer, Chlllicothe. Mo., ' 63 Anne Wissbaum, Oconomowoc. Wis., ' 63 Judith Woline. Oak Park. III., ' 64 PLEDGES Evelyn Bransion, Waysata, Minn., ' 66 Margaret Bridges, Indianola, ' 66 Elaine Busse, Barrington, III.. ' 66 Susan Campbell, Ames. ' 66 Cynthia Carlson. Cedar Rapids. ' 66 Mary Dixon. Coon Rapids. ' 66 Sally Ewoldt. Davenport. ' 66 Janet Frankenfield, Charles City, ' 66 Jean Hall, LaGrange, III., ' 66 Helen Holz, Grand Junction, ' 6(i Linda, Lawhon, Macon, Ga., ' 66 Beth Lettow, Iowa F ' alls, ' 66 Jane Moore, Des Moines, ' 66 Sara Quinn, Des Moines, ' ()6 Bonnie Roberts, Naperville, 111., ' 66 Margaret Wcider, Northboro. ' 66 ALPH.A GAMMA DELT. — Front Row: Thompson, Smalling. Moore, Gorgen, Carmichael. Erickson, Osborn, Ness, Murphy, French. Srrond Roiv: Holley, Wilson, Kersten, Winkelmeyer, Mrs. Tott (res. dir.), Frankenfield, Long (treas.). Enger, Lucht, Parks. Third Row: Larkin, Burkhart, Bottgc, Schueller, Hartmann, Davis, Lewis, Swartz. Fourth Row: Ferguson, Colburn, Hillyard, Gray, Dotv. Larsen, MacFarlane. Boettgcr. Fifth Row: Lucas, Woline. Johnson, Melcher, Cox, Richter, Irwin (pres.), Bailey, Vildman. Back Row: Wissbaum, Kruse (sec). Bell, Tolman. Griffith, Wasclkov (v. p.), Pauly, Jones, Grosvenor, Beckett. o 9 © 329 THE SWEEPSTAKES Sor-Dor trophy is presented to the Chi Omega song leader after the Chi O ' s successful final performance. I rom Row: Hampe, Dorrcll (sec), Nordland, Blomberg, Tacli. Green (treas.), Stedronsky, Ryb. Brown. Sec- ond Row: Kirkbride, Hull, Hoffman, Catron, Winberg, Larson, ' an Ham, Craven. Third Row: Holland, Run- an, Davis, Tincher, Shepard (v. p.), Bogc, Hurst, Lillie, Hackenberg. Fourtlt Row: Gertsen, Hapke, Lindc- sinith. Wells, Johnson. Scott, Helms, Dodds (pres.). Back Roxr: Rogness, Boiler, Philpott, Young, Thompson, (iunn. Huber, Speers. 330 PLEDGES Karen Bluincnstcin, Gcneseo, 111., ' 6() Barbara Dean, Glen Ellyn, III., ' 66 I ef?Ky Fricse, Park Ridge, 111., ' 66 Vicki Fryc, Walcott, ' 66 Pam Haupert, Jefferson, ' 66 l.u Hoehn, Wiilmcltc, 111., ' 66 Judy Hodgson, Plca-santville, ' 65 kathy Kitlingcr, Park Ridge, 111., ' 66 l.inda Knapheide, Quincy, 111., ' 66 I.inda Lawson, Jefferson, ' 66 .Sherry Mapes, Fort Madison, ' 66 I.inda Meinecke, Mason Citv, ' 66 Nyla Rinehart, Slechanicsville, ' 66 Anne Rock, Barringlon, 111., ' 66 Kathy Stine, Ames, ' 66 I.ynit Thorp, Coon Rapids, ' 66 Barbara Van Draska, Oskaloosa, ' 66 Diane Walker. Atlanta, Ga., ' 66 Karen Wlilfsberg, Arlington, Va., ' 66 A large Christmas tree, carnations, and evergreen boughs created just the right mood for the CHI OMEGA " Carnation Christmas " winter formal. The occasion included dinner, an open house and a dance. Favors for the dates were bridge sets in leather cases bearing the Chi O crest. Dem- onstrating their musical ability, the Chi O ' s took first place in sororities and sweepstakes in Sor-Dor. Four chairs on Veishea Central Committee were occupied by Chi O ' s and Jan Dodds and Judy Shepard were tapped for Mortar Board. The house now boasts a new trophy received for second place in Homecoming displays. Their theme, " Don ' t Toy with Our Team, " led to the construction of multi-colored toys placed all over their front lawn. First place in sorority scholarship showed that the Chi O ' s also had time for studying. CHI OMEGA Cht Os take sweepstakes in Sor-Dor first in scholarships second at Homecoming ACTIVES Barbara Blomberg, Chicago, III., ' 6 4 Carol Boge, Seneca, 111., ' 64 Barbara Boiler, Davenport, ' 63 Sharon Brandt, Madelia, Minn., ' 65 Annette Brown, N. Springfield, Va., ' 64 Carmen Catron, Atlantic, ' 64 Rosa Craven, Kellogg, ' 65 Julie Davis, Des Moines, ' 64 Janice Dodds. Springfield, 111., ' 63 Judy Dorrell, Fort Madison, ' 63 Anne F.aston, Ames, ' 63 JoAnn Gertson, Story City, ' 65 Vi Green, Greenfield, ' 64 Karen Gunn, Ames, ' 64 Marthc Hackenberg, Hinsdale. 111., ' 65 Lois Hampe, Hinsdale, 111., ' 64 Sandy Hapke, Palatine, III., ' 65 Diane Helms, Hope, Ark., ' 62 Nancy Hillig, Hinsdale, 111., ' 63 Jeanette Hoffman, Marshalltown, ' 64 Karen Holland, Mason City, ' 65 Susan Hood, Falls Church, Va., ' 65 Sue Hubcr, Singapore, Malaya, ' 65 Diane Hull, Davenport, ' 64 Jeanne Hurst, Waterloo, ' 63 Virginia Johnson, Chicago, 111., ' 65 Karen Kirkbride, -Arlington, Va., ' 65 Jan Larson, Fort Dodge, ' 65 Kllinor Lillie, Ames. ' 63 Judy I.indesmith, FarribauU, Minn., ' 65 IJnda Murray, New Providence, ' 63 Nancy Nordland, Clarinda, ' 64 Sharon Philpott, Fort Madison, ' 65 Karen Rogness, Ames. ' 61 Karen Runyand, Ames, ' 64 Jan Ryb, Milwaukee, Wis., ' 63 Shirley Scott. Cedar Rapids, ' 63 Judy Shepard, . urora. III., ' 63 Judy Speers. .Aurora, 111., ' 64 Karen Stedronsky, Vermillion, S.D., ' 64 Peg Steil, Ames, ' 63 Nat Thompson, Clarinda, ' 65 Sharon Tincher, Fort Madison, ' 65 Diana Trcssler, Marshalltown, ' 63 Nancy Van Ham, Naperville, 111., ' 62 Mary Jo Wells, Fonda, ' 63 Nancy Winberg, Des Moines, ' 64 Barbara Young, Charleston, S.C, ' 65 331 The DELTA DELTA DELTA house this year was not only home for the Tri Delts, but also for a foreign exchange student. Rigmor Anderson, from Norway, spent the year with the Tri Delts and received not only an Iowa State education btit, a display of sisterhood in action. The Tri Delt ' s had their share of parties and included " Club 21 " which was one of the four parties held dtiring Greek Week. The scenic view from the Des Moines Golf and Country Club was taken advantage of for the spring formal. The Christ- mas party used the theme " Cresent Christmas. " Phi Gamma Delta worked with the Tri Delts on their Veishea float with the theme, " We ' re Off to See the Wizard. " Veishea also saw Marty Hutchin- son and Judith Clause sharing honors as they were both tapped by Mortar Board. DELTA DELTA DELTA A Tri Delts play hostesses to Norwegian student; see sisters tapped by Mortar Board 332 ACTIVES Jae Aiulcrs(in. I.;i (irangc Park, III., ' (i3 Soiuii Baker, (iriniu-ll, ' ( 4 Jiidi lU ' iu ' S, RivfisicJc. 111.. (i4 Nancy Jo Jfiistii Ik ' tlu-a, Ames, ' 04 I.iiula Broadbent. West Heiiiietla, N.Y.. " (i ' ) Barbara Brown, C ' arroll, " ti.S C aroi BuckaUxj, Dixon. III.. ' (). ' Becky Burrell. IMeasanlville. (i.S Judy CUause, (Jraiui Juiulion, ' (i3 I)oreiie Cox. Meiilo, ' (iS Judy Disch. New (;larus, Wis., ' 65 Sue Duroc Dohnnan, Ames, ' 6S Mary Beth Fair. Ottumwa. ' 64 Jackie Foster, Waterloo, " 6.5 Nancy Harrington, C L ' dar Rapids, ' 6. ' Jane Henry, Sioux City, ' 63 Nancy Huser. Sac City, ' 63 Martha Hutchinson, East Alton, HI., ' 63 Polly Kaderabek, Fort Dodge, ' 65 Karen Rlicka, Hinsdale, III., ' 64 Rose -Vnn Kramer, Vinlon, ' 65 Sue Krueck, Milwaukee, Wis., ' 64 Peggy Ltx ' , Ames. ' 64 Mary Fllen Love. Waterloo, ' 63 Mary Maloney, Marshalltown, ' 65 Caroline Matterson, Ames, ' 65 Kay McCormick, W. Des Moines. ' 63 Judy McKcndrick. Ottawa, 111., ' 6t Pat Trow Mcricle, Ames, ' 63 Sue Mindrup. . Iton, 111., ' 63 Ann Murray, Dubuque, ' 64 Sandra Newell, Damascus, Md., ' 64 Jane Parker. Anita, ' 63 Karlyn Percrson, Ames, ' 63 Nancy Preston, Ames, ' 64 Carmen Riet , Rowan, ' 63 Connie Robinson, Rhodes, ' 65 Bev Sanny, Griswold, ' 63 Dene Segersten, Evanston, 111., ' 64 Diane Sharbo. Waterloo, ' 65 Joan Simon. Des Moines. ' 65 Bev Smith, Clear Lake. ' 65 Mary Ellen Stephens, LeMars. ' 65 Martha Strand, Ames, ' 63 Kay Wiegand. Storm Lake, ' 63 Sara Wilson, Britt, ' 63 Wendy Wood, Waterloo, ' 64 PLEDGES Sarah Baughman, Ames, ' 66 Joan Brownstonc, Clear Lake, ' 66 Kathy Crevcling, Mansfield, Ohio, ' 66 Kitty Crockett, Arlington Heights. 111., ' 66 RUSH PARTIES require numerous costumes for the skits the Tri Delts produce to enthuse rushees about the house. Barb Emanuel, Des Moines, ' 66 Donna Fagerstrom, Des Moines, ' 66 Sherry Forsythe, Ames, ' 66 Barbara Frick. Davenport, ' 66 Linda Gould. Onaha, Nebr., ' 66 Dec Ann Gustafson, Rembrant, ' 64 Claudia Krnock, Davenport, ' 66 Andrea Lundeen. East Moline, 111., ' Sue March, Dubuque, ' 66 .Ann McDernott, Boone. ' 65 Vickie Mueller, Dallas Center, ' 65 Sally Plager, Austin, Minn., " 66 Betsy Scott, Alton, 111., ' 65 Judy Schwartz, Sheldon, ' 64 Karen Shockley, Evanston, 111., ' 66 Lynn Swanson, Ames, ' 66 Barb Taylor, Mount Pleasant, ' 66 Betty Tolo. Albert Lee, Minn., ' 66 Helen Wagner. Pierre, S.D., ' 64 Barb Walmarth, Aurora, III., ' 66 Cindy Wise, Des Moines. ' 66 Pam Wright. Cedar Rapids, ' 66 Front Row: Baker, Klica, Matterson, Buckaloo, Miss Rambo (res. dir.), Burrell, Strand, Hutchinson, Lee, Wegner. Second Row: Simon, Kaderabek, Rielz, Parker, Harrington, McDermott, Smith, Andersen, Wilson, Foster. Third Row: Stephens, Wiegand, Anderson, Cox, Segersten (v. p.). Brown (treas.), Kramer, Clause (pres.), Maloney. fourth Row: Preston, Broadbent. Love, Peterson, Schwartz, Newell, Mindrup, Robinson, Henry. Back Row: Benes, Sharbo, McCormick, Fair, Sanny, McKendrick, Murray, Wood, Krueck, Disch. 333 Winter quarter is a time for formals. The DELTA ZETAS entitled theirs " Crystal Shad- ows. " Large glittering snowflakes were susp ended from the ceiling of the DZ house to add to the atmosphere. Originality was achieved by giving live turtles in sail boat shaped bowls for their spring party, appropriately named " Beach Party. " When Veishea arrived the D Z ' s combined with Pi Kappa Alpha to build their float " Cleopatra. " But Veishea meant more than just building floats: two DZs were tapped for Motarboard, two for Gamma Gamma, and one for Lampos. The girls ranked high in athletics and were 1st in in- tramurals for the year. Scholastically they rated third among sororities. With the coming of fall came the annual " DZ Man " party. Each year a pin mate or fiance is awarded a trophy which bears the names of all former " DZ Men. " DELTA ZETA D Z ' s rank high in scholarship, top in intramurals; members receive individual honors A Front Row: Rchder, Lorimor, W.iterman, Wicchman, Flora Fridley (res. dir.). Hill, Lunde, Clymer, Hammans, Hoover. Srcond Row: Werth, Boatman, Pappas, Nielsen, Steward, McElroy, Jones, Kuhl. Third Row: Warn- ing, Stewart, Butler, Miller, Benson, Kolls, Breevaart, Hahn, Burrowes. Fourth Row: Jensen, Metzler, Buch- wald, Harrison, Bane, Hafner, Weir, Jones Thompson. Back Row: Nesset, Royer (pres.), Bohne, Doll, Fowler, Deutsch, Van Beek, Morse, Johnson, Bracken. (5 l - ' 334 TEA TIME is enjoyed i D Z ' s and their housemother, Mrs. Fridley. ACTIVES Sallv Banc. Oakland, ' 64 Beth Benson, neWitl, ' 64 Sue Boatman, I)cs Moines, ' 63 Barb Bohne, F.Imhurst, 111., ' 65 Bunny Bracken. Clarendon Hills, 111., Barb Buchwald, Ames, ' 64 Sue Burrowes. Cedar Rapids, ' 63 Marj Brct ' vaart, Rock Rapids, ' 64 Kathy Butler, Council Bluffs, ' 64 Donnice Clymer, Woodward, ' 63 Kathy Deutsch, Newton, ' 65 Carol Doll, Avoca, ' 65 Marion Grismore, Corydon, ' 65 Donna Hafner, Quiney, 111., ' 64 Ann Fowler, Allendale, N.J., ' 65 Carol Hahn, Moville, ' 65 Jan Hammans, Lorimor, ' 65 Jan Harrison, Stratford. ' 65 Carolyn Hill, Des Moines, ' 64 Sherri Hoover, Spencer, ' 65 Betty Johnson. St. Louis. Mo., ' 64 Dolly Jones, Stratford, ' 63 Helen Jones, Stratford, ' 64 Marilyn Kuhl. Crcston, ' 65 Sandy Kolls, Newark, Ohio, ' 65 Sue Lorimore, Mendota. III., ' 64 Carol Lunde, Ottumwa, ' 63 Marth Lewis, Anken , ' 62 Donna McE ' roy, Corning, ' 63 Ruth Ann Metzlcr, St. Louis, Mo.. ' 65 Sue Morse, Washington D.C.. ' 64 Jan Miller, Ames, ' 64 Ardith Neilson, Kirkman, ' 64 Diane Ode, Lanesboro, Minn., ' 63 Tessie Pappas, Ames, ' 64 Jo Ann Rehder, Sioux City, ' 65 Jean Royer, Dallas Center, ' 63 Jan Stewart, Lamont, ' 64 Linda Strandburg, Centerville, ' 64 Norlcen Thompson, Alexander, ' 65 Marian Van Beek. Sheldon, ' 63 Ann Warning. Park Ridge. 111., ' 63 Veronica Waterman, Des Moines, ' 64 Liz Weichman, Hubbard. ' 63 Mary Weir, Walnut. " 64 Charlotte Verth, Chicago Heights, 111., ' 65 PLEDGES Mary Bohn, Mason City, ' 66 Gwynnc Deanovic, Bismark, N.D., ' 66 Jean DeYoung, Ames, " 66 Corine Foster, Robinsdale. Minn., ' 66 Karen Fox, Des Moines, ' 66 Carol Jensen, Madrid, ' 65 Pat Kolls. Newark. Ohio, ' 66 Jackie Nesset, Marshalltown, ' 65 Sue Petelik, St. Louis, Mo., ' 66 Janelle Poore, Coiuicil Bluffs, ' 66 Judy Rice, Ames, 64 Sandy Rice, Glenview. 111.. ' 66 Chris Steward, Des Moines, ' 64 Lauralee Yost, Esiherville, ' 66 Sue Walker. Rockford, 111., ' 66 335 LITTLE LULU served as the focal poinf of the Gamma Phi ' s effort to urge the team to victory at Homecoming. GAMMA PHI BETA Blast Sjveepstakes trophy goes home with Gamma Phis; their float takes second place at Veishea Beautiful flowers, cooperative weather and hard work aided GAMMA PHI BETA in capturing the second place Veishea trophy for combination floats. Other rewards of the project done in col- laboration with the Delts included many lasting friendships. For Varieties the Goo Phoos bor- rowed farm clothes to present Iowa Annie ' s esca- pades in her search for her true love, Clem. Ciamma Phi beauty reigned over Cjreek Week as Judy Wilkins was crowned {jueen. The Gamma Phi ' s built a house boat, ' The Ciolden Belle, " with the men of Pearson House and presented a river show for Blast. Their efforts were well re- warded when they returned home with the Chris- tian Peterson Sweepstakes trophy. Activities rep- resented in this house include Lampos, Omicron Nu, Phi Kappa Phi, and Sigma Alpha lota. 336 ACTIVES Karen Amling, Downers Grove, 111., ' 64 Betly Baldwin, Spencer, ' 63 Joyce Battey, LaGrange, 111., ' 65 Sue Bessman, Alden, ' 65 JoDce Brockman, Early, ' 65 Sandy Brooks, Iowa Falls, ' 64 Shirley Busch, Ames, ' 65 Kay Carpenter, Brooklyn, ' 64 Katy Denny, Des Moines, ' 63 Diane Devin, Des Moines, ' 64 Mar ' Dresser, Ames, ' 65 Linda Erickson, Minneapolis, Minn., ' 65 Sharron Fie, Bismarck, N.D., ' 63 Barb Gowan, Ames, ' 63 Sandy Gowan, Ames, ' 65 Sue Harter, Waterloo, ' 65 Linda Hawkins, Ames, ' 63 Virginia Holcomb, Lawton, ' 63 Marti Hollander, Sioux Center, ' 65 Karen Johnson, Reading, Mass., ' 64 Martha Judge, Ames. ' 65 Jan Juffer, LeMars, ' 63 Chris Lankford, Kirkwood, Mo., ' 64 Linda Larsen, Cassclton, .D., ' 64 Linda Laverty, Laurel, ' 65 Phyllis Lovrien, Excelsior, .Minn., ' 63 Pam Lynott, Davenport, ' 65 Lois Marra, Minneapolis, Minn., ' 63 Diane Messerschmidt, Shelby, ' 65 Marilyn Mott, Ames, ' 64 Jeri Nervig, Des Moines, ' 63 Nancy Neve, Marshalltown, ' 64 Ann Oyaas, Minneapolis, Minn., ' 65 Karen Paulsen, San Mateo, Calif., ' 64 Alice Paulson. .Ames. ' 64 Kathy Pegg, Slarshalltown, ' 64 Jackie Percival, Ames. ' 65 Mary Perr ' , Sioux Falls, S.D., Shelia Porter, Ames, ' 64 Linda Putnam, Des Moines, Leslie Rudell, Weston, Mass., Judy Ryan, Fort Dodge, ' 65 Sandra Schumacher, Minneapolis, Minn., Margie Schramek, Des Moines, ' 63 Beth Strand, Ames, ' 64 Bonnie Todoroff, Glendale, Mo., ' 63 •64 ' 65 ' 65 ' 64 Connie Waggoner, Elmhurst, 111., ' 63 Karen Waggoner, Klmhurst, III., ' 63 PLEDGES Janet Carlson, Edina, Minn., ' 66 Mary Cline, Downers Grove, III., ' 66 Natalie Cramer. Des Moines, ' 66 Dianna Dunshee, Burlington, ' 66 JoDee Fox, Washington, D.C., ' 66 Sandy Ives, Rolfe, ' 66 Barb Jontz, Melborne, ' 66 Sandy Kilbane, Excelsior, Minn., ' 66 Marcia Lindquist, Cader Rapids, ' 66 Mary .Ann McMains, Charles City, ' 66 Diane Miell, Cedar Rapids, ' 66 Linda Moser, Fremont, Neb., ' 66 Ellen Schroeder, Cedar Rapids, ' 66 Mary Schwitter, Cedar Rapids, ' 66 Kitt Trapp, Minneapolis, Minn., ' 66 LaVonne Watson, Sanborn, ' 66 Joan Woodley, Iowa Falls, ' 66 GAMM. PHI BETA- Front Roiv: Percival, Paulsen, Harter, Lauerly, Fie (pres.), Busch, Brooks. Pegg. Second Row: Johnson, Battev, Messerschmidt, Perry, Strand, Gowan B. )v.p.), Carpenter, Devin, Waggoner C. Third Row: Lynott, judge, Erickson, Juffer, Mrs. Bagge (residence director), Oyaas, Rudell, Bessman, Hol- lander. Fourth Row: Dresser, Denny, Hawkins, Larsen, Paulsen, Gowan S., Ryan, Gaines. Fifth Row: Lank- ford, Mott, Brockman, Porter, Marra, Amling, Putnam, Schumacher, Waggoner K. 337 VARIETIES SWEEPSTAKES winning skit presented by the Theta ' s and Phi Delt ' s ended in Li ' l Abner, freshly returned from college, being caught in the Sadie Hawkins Day race. KAPPA ALPHA THV.T A — front Row: Kidney, Hafncr, Hctzel, Gustafson, I.aBarre. Mrs. Pooley (res. dir.), Masters, Parizck, Pepper, Gurraii. Second Row: Anderson, Bishop, Jones, Wallace, Hedeen, Boling, Ander- son, Humphreys, Vard. Third Row: Johnson, Whitcombe, Kolosha, Hildebrand, Brock, Aniick. Erickson, Foley, Scott. Fourth How: Glenn, Latham, Evertscn, Reading, Petit, Minish, Sterling, Miller. Hark Row: Mcintosh (treas.), Niehaus, A. Abrahamson (pres.), Sartor, Smith, Fuldner, Beemcr, N. Abrahamson, KUis. 338 ACTIVES Ann Marie Abrahamson, Evanston, III., Nancy Abrahamson, Evanston, 111., " 65 Marty Amick, West Des Moines, ' 63 Julie Anderson, Evanston, III., ' 64 Lynn Anderson, Cedar Falls, ' 64 Nancy Anderson, Ames, ' 63 Barb Beemer, Corning, ' 65 Ann Bishop, West Des Moines, ' 64 Gail Boling. Clarendon Hills, 111., ' 64 Betty Brock, West Des Moines, ' 65 Jane Curran, Mason City, ' 65 Marie DeRaad, LeMars, ' 63 Jane Ellis, . llanlic, ' 64 Sherry Engcln, Evanston, ill., ' 63 Jane Erickson, Minneapolis, Minn., ' 63 Ellen Evertsen, Marslialitown. ' 64 Diane Foley, Edina. Minn., ' 64 Jean Fuldner, Milwaukee, Wis., ' 64 Coleen Glenn, Ottumwa, ' 65 Kay Giistafson, Evanston, 111., ' 64 Georgia Hafner, Edina, Minn., ' 63 Jo Hedeen, Cedar Falls, ' 64 Sue Hetzcl, Ames, ' 64 Pat Hildebrand, Ames, ' 63 Heather Humphreys, Naperville, 111., ' 63 Ann Johnson, Spicer, Minn., ' 64 Diane Jones, Mount Pleasant, ' 64 LaVonne Kidney, Glidden, ' 63 Kay Kolosha, Pampa. Tex., ' 64 Sue LaBarre, . ' Xlgona, ' 63 Suki Latham, Fort Dodge, ' 64 Nancy Longworth, Omaha, Neb., ' 63 Stephanie Masters, West Des Moines, 65 Pat Mayer, North Platte, Neb., ' 63 Sharon Mcintosh, Ida Grave, ' 63 Bev Miller, Shenandoah, ' 65 •63 This year proved to be another successful one for KAPPA ALPHA THETA. The Blast saw the Theta ' s auctioning their house for a Friday night work session while Pat Hildebrand was honored as " Miss Legs. " Fall ' s regal beauty came in the form of Kay Kolosha, 1962 Homecoming Queen. Last spring, along Avith Sigma Alpha Epsilon they won the Queen ' s Trophy for their Hoat " Water Babies " for Veishea. Of course, the Theta ' s are not without their special projects, their most im- portant being the little Greek girl they adopted through the Foster Parents ' Plan. They also have a new addition, a white poodle named Yankee which they presented to their housemother Mrs. Pooley at Christmas. Despite an activity filled year, the grade point didn ' t seem to suffer as they were first among sororities in scholarship. KAPPA ALPHA THETA V Theta ' s feted as campus beauties; become foster parents to Greek orphan Carol Minish, Clio, ' 65 Ann Xiehaus, Peoria, III., ' 64 Jonnie Parizek, Iowa City, ' 62 Connie Pepper, Harvard, 111., ' 63 Joan Petit, Des Moines, ' 65 Jo Power. Newton, ' 63 Bev Reading, Cedar Rapids, ' 63 Sue Reynolds, Marshalllown, ' 64 Beth Sartor, MasonCity, ' 64 Cindy Scott, Dallas Center, ' 65 Kaye Smith. Des Moines. ' 64 Judv Sterling. Berea, Ohio, ' 63 Cathie Wallace, Des Moines, 65 Mona Ward, Spencer. ' 65 Marly Whitcombe, Marshalltown, ' 63 PtEDGES Lynettc Andresen, Mason City, ' 66 Diane Brockett, Marshalllown, ' 66 Carol Cunningham, Marshalltown, ' 66 Judy Hansen. Marshalltown. Susie Jones. Kansas Citv, Mo. ' 66 ' 66 Kay Kasticn, Springfield, III., ' 66 Cindi Kemp. Fostoria, Ohio, ' 66 Sandv Mensing, Davenport, ' 66 Pat Miller, Omaha. Neb.. ' 66 Jane Xarland, Davenport, ' 66 Kalhy Shields, Edina, Minn., 66 Celia Smilhers, Moline, 111., ' 66 Sue Spcth, Des Moines. ' 66 Chris Tietze, Bakersficld, Cal., ' 66 Kalhy Williams, Des Moines, ' 66 339 It is traditional at the KAPPA DELTA house for each class to have a fireside. Last spring the sen- ior ' s contribution was a Mardi Gras party held on the patio of the K D house. Balloons and lights were strung overhead to add to the gala atmos- phere. A combo was set up on the lower terrace with plenty of room for the twisters. Also in the spring, the KD ' s won second place in the 26th annual Sor Dor Sing under the direction of Louise Thompson. Among their selections was " Kappa Delta Garden of Dreams. " This fall the K D ' s actively took part in Sigma Chi Derby Days and received the Participation Award. During the an- nual Campus Chest Auction, Jones House bought a Kappa Delta party for $71.00. The theme was " Fun in Sun Valley " and included skating and tobogganing to add outdoor winter fun. KAPPA DELTA r— gr K D ' s auction party for Campus Chest; Set Mardi Gras mood in spring 340 ACTIVES Jean Ackcrnian. Early, ' 6. ' l Janice Adams, Waterloo. ' (»4 Sharon Baade, Barringlcn. III.. ' ( ! Diane Curtis, Hinsdale, III., " (il Fran Dahl. Alta. ' ()5 Judy nahlstrom, Albtrt Citv, ' 64 Janet Dcarixon, Undcrwoad, " (H Darlenc OeCarlo, I)cs Moines, ' ( " Jo Arm Determan, Karly, ' 65 R(Klna Deur, Carroll, ' 64 Amy I)rnf(. Cicero, III., ' 64 Nancy Durian, Ames, ' 65 land Dunnell. Minot, .I . ' 6.S Kathleen Eiscle. Wheaion. 111.. ' 6t Carol Fox, Minbiirn, ' 64 Janua Fredregill, Ues Moines. " 6 " ) ianet Freed, Kldora, ' 64 Ann Hardy, Chicago. 111.. ' 63 Peggy Harvey. Barrington. II ' .. ' 63 Carole Johnson, Des Moines, ' 65 Mary Keller, West Lafayetf-. Ind., ' 65 Joyce Loflus. Des Moines, ' 65 Martha Marks, Ames, ' 63 Linda Massa, Sibley, ' 63 Janet Messelheiser, Meserve , ' 64 Sue Miller, Harris, ' 63 Diane Morris, Dallas Center, ' 65 Jackie Olson, Rockford, III., ' 65 Karen Peterson, Albert City. ' 64 Carmen PoUei, Fairmont, Minn., ' 6 " ) Sue Putnam. Des Moines, ' 63 Carolyn Quance, Des Moine ; ' 65 Meredith Rings, Harvard, 111., " 63 Claudia Sears, Wyoming, ' 65 ianet Schafbuch, Van Horn " . ' 63 Sandy Simc. Rockwell City, ' 63 Barbara Shurts. Winnebago, III., ' fit Karen Taunk, Des Plaines, 111., ' 63 Margaret Ticc, West Allis, Wis., ' 63 Sara Timmers. Excelsior, Minn., ' 63 Kllen Vance. Dvsart, ' 64 Cynthia Wolff, Rowan, ' 04 PLEDGES CONSERVATION is the best way to find out the latest news, and what better place is there for K D ' s to converse than in their own living room? ' 66 ' 66 Ramona Buzetti. Alden. ' 66 Sandra Canady, Waterloo, ' 66 Linda Crawford, Des Moines, ' 66 Susan Fcklund. Barrington, 111.. ' 66 Jane Hagemann, Wavncsboro. Va., ' 65 Cheryl Hamill. Des Moines, ' 66 Judy Hemerson, Sheldon, ' 65 Marjorie Jacklitch, Wayne, Pa Pamela Lcland, Ames, ' 66 Cx)nnie Levin. Oelwein, ' 66 Sandra Lort?, Coleridge, Neb., Marianne Manley, Shreveport, La., ' 65 Pam Minden, Newell, ' 66 Jane Nelson, Des Moines, ' 66 I. nn Plummer. Des Moines, ' 66 Linda Randolph. Ankeny, ' 66 Adelia Roberts, Virden, 111., ' 66 Marcia Timmers, Excelsior, Minn., ' 66 Rosalie Unglenk, Amana, ' 66 Julie Wagaman, Ames, ' 66 Sally Witter, Newell, ' 66 Susan Wyatt, Hastings. Neb., ' 66 K.APPA DELTA - Froni Row: Johnson, Ackerman, Messelheiser, Tice (treas.). Rings (sec), Dearixon. Second Row: Fredregill, Timmers, Dunnell, Loftus, Drnec, Miller. Third Row: Morris, Harvey, Schafbuch, Fox, Mrs. Osborne, Quance, Determan. Taunk. Fourth Row: Deur, Dahlstrom, Durian, Pollei, Sears, DeCarlo, Shurts, Curtis. Back Row: Vance, Eisele, Putnam, Baade, Wolff, Adams. Keller, Peterson, Olson. 341 The letters B.D.O.C invaded the KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA house, meaning it was time for a Big Dads on Campus weekend. Putting aside their own activities, the girls welcomed their fathers in grand style, furnishing them with strik- ing beanies with " Kappa Dad " on them, and re- serving a special section for the Dads at the Bas- ketball game. This week end also gave the Kap- pa ' s an opportunity to show off their newly decorated living room and card room. A special project for members provided entertainment for the children of Ames alums. This came in the form of a Valentine ' s Day party at which about twenty-five children filled the Kappa recreation room. The main feature on the Kappa social agenda was the traditional Monmouth Duo with the Pi Phi ' s, celebrating their founding. KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Kappa ' s host Dads for weekend and basketball game; throw party for children of Ames alums KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA -fronf Row: Wiley, Countryman, Cliite. Dahm, Hayenga (housemother), Rip- petoe (sec), Hecker, Hansen, Fortin. Second Row: Porter, Fleming, Radcliffe. Dahlin, Hazelton, Jones (pres.), Thomas, Macomber. Third Row: Arnold, Nielsen, Barron, Prochaska, Soults (v. p.), Urenn (treas.), Godin, Righter, Herbink. fourth Row: Bowers, Friley, Steinbeiser, Rohwedder, Smith, Bitting, Hamilton, Hootman. Back Row: Wilken, Farmer, EI wood, Holt, Goetsch, .Cassill, Ause, Barcus, McGowen. f% f f0% f 342 ACTIVES Jane Arnold, Audubon, ' 65 Marianne Ausc, Hinsdale, III., ' 64 Karen Barcus, Weldon, ' 64 Marsha Barron, Des Moines, ' 65 Leila Bitting, Louisville, Ky., ' 65 Amine Bowers, Montezuma, ' 65 Carol Brekke, Stillwater, Minn., ' 63 Joy Cassill, Ottumwa, ' 63 Susie Clute. Western Springs, Til., ' 65 Susan Countryman. Grafton, N.D., ' 64 Marcia Crago. Duluth, Minn., ' 62 Carolyn Oahlin, Boone, ' 63 Pat IJahm, Ames, ' 65 Donna de Graffenr ied. Dekalb, III., ' 65 Barbara Elwood, Omaha. Neb.. ' 63 Marv Farmer, Sac City, ' 63 Pat Fleming, West Orange, X.J., ' 64 Delma Fortin, Rockford, III.. ' 65 Katy Jo Friley, Calgar , Alberta. ' 64 Andrea Godin. Danville, 111., ' 65 Judy Goetsch, Gaylord, Minn., ' 64 Slarsha Hale. Iowa City, ' 65 Madonna Hamilton, Des Moines, ' 65 Diane Hansen, Hampton, ' 63 Pennev Hazelton. Kirkwood. Mo.. ' 64 Donna Mary Hecker, Sioux Falls. S. D.. 63 Jane Heebink, Middleton, Wis., ' 65 Martha Holt, Waterloo, ' 65 Judy Hootman, Ottumwa, ' 65 Virginia Jones, Moline, III., ' 63 I.vnn Landes, Evanston. 111., ' 64 Jill Macomber, Kalamazoo. Mich., ' 64 Janet McGowcn, Ottumwa. ' 65 Sherlyn Nielsen, Decatur, Ga., ' 65 Marcia Pike, Elmhurst, ' 63 Judy Porter, Markham, III., ' 64 Carol Prochaska, Muscatine, ' 65 Karen RadclifFe. Paris, France, ' 64 Man Righter, Bloomfield Hills, Mich., ' 64 Susan Rippeioe, Clayton, Mo., ' 63 Katherine Rohwedder, Evanston, ' 63 Donna Smith, Swift Current, Sask., ' 64 Maurene Soults, Adair, ' 63 Connie Stcinbeis-r, Stillwater, Minn., ' 64 Anne Thomas, Hinsdale, III.. ' 63 Joan Urenn. Fargo, N.D., ' 64 Kav Wilev, Boone. ' 64 Sue Wilken, Elmhurst, 111., ' 63 PLEDGES Deborah . nderson, Park Ridge, III., ' 66 Jean Bartell. Mason City, ' 65 Mary Bell, Osceola, ' 66 Terry Bornholtz, Sioux City, ' 66 Gena Dedrikson. Tucson, Ariz.. ' 66 Sara Hazelton, Delmar, X.Y., ' 66 Marv Jen Kubicek, Cedar Rapids, ' 66 Linda Klouda, Cedar Rapids, ' 66 Anne McConnell, Cedar Rapids, ' 66 Barbara McNaught, Minneapolis, Minn., ' 66 Barbara Pope, Des Moines, ' 66 Mary Runsvold, Sioux City. ' 66 Marsha Schupbach, Cedar Rapids, ' 66 Darcy Scudder, Nevada, ' 66 Marcella Soloway, West Orange, N.J., ' 64 Susan Soults, Ames, ' 66 Bambi Spencer, Davenoort, ' 66 Pat Vigliotia, Union, N.J., ' 64 Katherine Wilson, Buffalo Center. ' 65 Mary Woodhead, Edina, Minn., ' 66 JUST IN CASE they ' re ever in a hurry to get through the door to the living room the Kappa ' s test to see how many of them can make it at one time. 343 MEMORIES for reminiscences about the year ' s activi- ties are aided by looking over the historian ' s notebook. PI BETA PHI Pi Phi ' s play hostesses to Grand National President; welcome new housemother, Mrs Stevens " Royalty " paid a visit to the PI BETA PHI house in the form of the Grand National President of Pi Phi. Special reports and a chocolate hour were given in honor of the girls ' guest. A more perma- nent visitor welcomed wannly by the Phi Phi ' s was " Mother Jennie " Stevens, their new house- mother. During the spring, the Pi Phi ' s spent many of their evenings working with the Beta ' s on their Veishea float. The long nights of labor paid off when " Flower Drum Song " was awarded the first place trophy for combination floats. Sev- eral projects helped the Pi Phi chapter earn money for its national project, the Gatlinbtirg school in Tennessee. Excitement was always running through the house as difl:erent girls were awarded honors. Three girls were tapped for Mortar Board, while others became queens or Bomb Beauty finalists. 344 a 1® u u E 3 W ' S»5; - ' »K ;jr»;Vn--4L ' ' ' . V - ' : ' .- l t T 3i -. ' fr- . ' ' r--:- ' l ' - ' ' i. ACTIVES Judy Appenzeller, Boone, ' 65 Belts Baukol, Downers Grove, III., ' 65 Carolyn Beard, Des Moines, ' 65 Linda Boyd, Boone, ' 65 Sue Brookhart, Washington, D.C., ' 65 Brenda Carlson, Aurora, III., ' 64 Jill Chambers, Ottumwa, ' 65 Anne Chaney, Belle River, III., ' 64 Karen Coletti, Ames, ' 65 Anne Collison, Marshalltown, ' 63 Carol Cornelius, Menlo Park, Calif., ' 65 Barbara Flickinger, Minneapolis, Minn., ' 65 Nancy Flickinger, Minneapolis, Minn., ' 63 Kathryn Georiett, Moline, 111., ' 64 Marilyn Greeny, Sioux City, ' 65 Sheila Haggar, Watertown, S.D., ' 64 Jacquelin Hash, Xoblesville, Ind., ' 63 Barbara Haugen, Rake, ' 63 Pamela Helm, Cedar Rapids, ' 64 Sharon Holets, Cedar Rapids, ' 64 Susan Hoppe, Moline, 111., ' 64 Polly Horlacher, Storm Lake, ' 65 Cleta Ivcrson, Kllsworth, ' 64 Jacquelin Jepson, Sioux City, ' 63 Carol Johnson, Miimeapolis, Minn., ' 65 Helen Johnson, Dixon, 111., ' 65 Pollv Kent, Wilmette, III., ' 65 Kathryn Kerl, Sioux City, ' 63 Sondra Krumrey, Charles City, ' 64 Mary Susan Lee, Ames, ' 63 Nancy Lessel, Hinsdale, 111., ' 63 Cynthia Loy, Rockford, 111., ' 64 Marilyn Mack, Cedar Rapids, ' 65 Gleneta Miller, Marshalltown. ' 64 Susan Pillars, Des Moines, ' 64 Janet Readhead, Corning, ' 63 Merai Rodriquez, Hato Rcy. Puerto Rico. ' 63 Karen Scott, Des Moines, ' 63 Sheralyn Stoddard, Elm Grove, Wis., ' 63 Carol Straehle, Ames, 65 Judy Suhr, DeKalb. 111., ' 64 Diana Thomas, Cedar Rapids, ' 63 Barbara Throckmorton, Kansas City, Kan.. ' 65 Susan Tomlinson, Minneapolis, Minn., ' 63 Susan Uhlinger, Worcester, Mass., ' 64 Anne VanNess, Ames, ' 65 Mary Jane Walsh, .-Vmes, ' 65 Susan Wcntzell, Worchester. Mass., ' 65 Jane Williams, Waukesha, Wis., ' 64 PLEDGES Jane Armitage, Osceola, ' 66 Mar ' Cord, Sioux City, ' 65 Barbara Erbc, Boone, ' 65 Marlys Grage, Nfanilla, ' 66 Barbara Hemerson, Sheldon, ' 66 Eleanor Horton, Marshalltown, ' 66 Lynn Johnson, Nevada, ' 65 Mary Larson, Hopkins, Minn., ' 66 Marlcne Lyon, Sioux Falls, S.D., ' 66 Lynn Mitchell, Adel, ' 66 Judy Nagel, Cedar Rapids, ' 66 Linda Ohde, Manning, ' 66 Dawn Rosenbrecn, Boone, ' 66 Robin Rube, Ames, ' 66 Karen Smedal, Ames, ' 66 Lynda Sprague, LaGrange, III., ' 66 Le.-Xnn Sutherland. Des Moines, ' 66 Margaret Wilson, Mt. Pleasant, ' 65 Sandra Wood, Des Moines, " 66 PI BET. VHl — Front Row: Williams, Scott (treas.), Hoppe, H. Johnson, Brookhart, Lessel, Haggar, Iver- son, Walsh, Kent. Second Row: Greeny, Loy, N. Flickinger (sec), Pillars, Mrs. Stevens (res. dir.), Tomlin- son (pres.), Readhead (sec.) Erbe. Third Row: Chambers, Beard, Appenzeller, Holets, Houghan. C. John- son, Throckmorton, Helm, fourth Row: Suhr, Collison (vice-pres.) , Stoddard, Jepson, Wentzell, Mack, Van- Ness, Straehle, Krumrey. Back Row: Boyd, Cornelius, Lee, B. Flickinger, Thomas, Uhlinger, Nliller, Coletti. @ © - - 345 INSIDE THE CASTLE the Sigma Kappa ' s turn to completely modern forms of entertainment such as watching television. SIGMA KAI ' PA — front Ruw: Bothell, Andccson, Mrs. George, Miller, Perin ger, Dannewitz (trcas.) . Serotid Row: Miller (vicc-pres.) , Scott, Willoughby, Karen R. Anderson, Palmtiuist, Slrciff. Third Row: Johnson. Ho- bart, Shipton, Kllingson, Nissen (sec), Dcnulte. Fourth Roiv: Nelsen, Holdeman, Hale, Krebsbach, Kathy Andersen, Wallcn. B(trk Row: Eichhorn (prcs.). Ahrenholt , Karen A. Anderson, Weber, Klein. M6 Homecoming, Veishea, Sor-Dor and Blast kept many of the SIGMA KAPPAS away from their books. The crowning achievement was no doubt the winning of first place in Homecoming dis- plays. The front yard of the S K house was cov- ered by a htige argyle sock kicking a Jayhawk and depicting the theme, " Argyles ' ll Sock Um. " Vei- shea found Sigina Kappas winning the costume award at the canoe races. The Sigma Kappa vocal- ists advanced to the finals of Sor-Dor. A chapter house with a new coat of paint and a yard with new shrubbery greeted those who returned in the fall. But all was not work. The spring formal, " A Legend in Lavender, " and the fall formal, " Witchcraft, " were the highlights in their social life. In the area of philanthropy, the S K ' s made stuffed animals for their Maine Sea Coast Mission. SIGMA KAPPA Fresh paint and new shrubbery brighten Sigma Kappa house; lawn display wins first place at Homecoming ACTIVES Karen Ahrenholtz, Buck Grove, 65 Charlene Anderson, Ames, ' 63 Karen Anderson, Ames, ' 63 Kalhy Anderson, Jewell, ' 65 Susan Bothell, Ames, ' 65 Paula Champlin, Dts Moines, ' 6t Jane Dannewitz, Dubuque, ' 64 Diane Denutte, Bculd, 111,, ' 65 Sandra Eichhorn, Wyoming, ' 63 Anita Ellingson, Roland, ' 65 Mary Kathnn Evans, Warsaw, Ind., ' 63 I.ucrelia Hale, Des Nfoines, ' 65 Pamela Hampel, Ames, ' 64 Miriam Hansen, Omaha, Neb., ' 63 Carol Hobart, Lake City, ' 65 Mary Lou Holdeman, South Bend, Ind., ' 65 Carol Johnson, Alta, ' 64 ' 64 Mar Klein. San Bernadino, Calif., Virginia Krebsbach, Stacyville, ' 64 Ann Miller. Shenandoah, ' 63 Joyce Miller. Park Ridge. 111., ' 63 Jan Meyers. Springfield, 111., ' 63 Sandra Nauman, Riceville. ' 64 Suann Nichols, Ames, ' 63 Phvllis Nisscn, Moqiioketa, Pamela Owings, Ames, ' 64 Lois Palmcjuist, North Riverside, II Irene Perringer, Omaha, Neb.. ' 64 Rollie Scott, Grand Marais, Minn., Marcia Shoemaker, Winterset, ' 63 Barbara Strieff, Racine, Wis., Gait Wallen, Sioux City, ' 63 Barbara Weber, Geneseo, 111., Pamela Willoughby, Keokuk, •62 ' 64 ' 65 ' 64 PLEDGES Karen Anderson, Norrkoping, Sweden. Maryann Bortle, Ames, ' 66 Kathy DeVries. Sioux City, ' 66 Linda Edwards, Monmouth, III., ' 66 Shirley Falconer, Riverside. 111.. ' 66 Susan Farnsworth, Madison, Wis.. ' 66 . rdys Garberding, Albert City, ' 66 Phyllis Gibbs, Greenfield, ' 66 Margaret Goodman. Ames, ' 66 Susanne Gordon, Marion, ' 66 Eleanora Baring, Eli abeth, 111.. ' 66 Joell Johnson. Washta. ' 66 Charlene Kobel. Elein. III.. ' 65 Nancy Liljedahl, Lafayette, Ind., " 66 Pamela Morcy. Mason City, ' 66 Sue Nclsen, Alden, ' 65 Susan Schlacks, Glen Ellyn, III.. ' 66 Judy Shipton, Lake Geneva. Wis., " 61 347 RAY SEBASTION, center, newly elected IFC President discusses the use of some of the office equipment with a couple of fraternity men. Interfraternity Council NOMINATING CONVENTION for IFC took pi January 19 in the Great Hall of the Memorial ace on Union. t ' . - " .• ' • %«• 1H[ » i 2 1 3 348 THE NUMBER of combination floats in the Veishea parade continued to increase as more fraternities and sororities collaborated on their floats this year than ever before. INTRAMURAL competition is a big enough concern to give almost every fraternity man a chance to use his athletic abilities. The Interfraternity Council provides an organization which represents and serves the member fraternities and the fraternity system at Iowa State University. Their Preamble has set the goals in the two words, " represent " and " serve, " and it is the responsibility of each of the IFC officers to strive for effective representation for the fraternity system and worthwhile service to the members of the fraternities, to the Uni- versity, and to the community. Mr. Ralph Daniel, executi ' e secretary of Phi Kappa Psi, addressed the IFC and IFC Nominating Convention presenting nine specific points concerning a fraternity and its responsi- bility to educational, to social, and spiritual training of its members. Another subject, expansion of the Greek system at Iowa State, vas being considered by three national fraternities. Chi Phi, Triangle, and Phi Sigma Kappa are the three being discussed by IFC. .S49 IPC helps the Ames Fire Dept. enforce safety regulations, (ireek housing is given an aid by the I F C Fire and Safety Committee which sponsors a seminar with the Ames Fire Department as Avell as inspections of the fraternities and sororities. Houses also receive bene- fits in printing and in material for their alumni relationships. Indi- vidtials are honored through their selection into Gamma Gamma, the local Greek honorary. Scholarship, character, and service are the basis for the selection of members. No more than one per cent of the total undergraduate Greek poptdation is chosen each year for active mem- bership. These persons have exemplified the qualities of leadership and service through their activities within the Greek system, within their own chapters, and on the campus as a whole. THE IFC party for children MR. RAtPH DANIEt, executive secretary for Phi Kappa Psi, addressed the IFC nominating convention. The subject of his address was the responsibility of the fraternity system. 350 provides services to members of the system. r ■I T — r j i r %i W ■ IvJ [ ■ii l AJ finds Santa Clous revealed as who he really is " Operation Lifeline, " the Limelighters, and Ray McKinley ' s band received top billing in an outstanding Greek Week for 1962. Besides the service project and the concerts which were open to the public, four of the Greek houses were selected to house parties after the Lime- lighters ' concert. Other I F C activities included a greater expansion of the Fraternity Buyers Association in both increased participation and in the amotmt of services ofEered to the members such as increased savings. Members were also given benefits through the organization of the Fraternity News Service tised to coordinate I F C communication. 351 " ' sa l«Ut Pledge members ot the fraternity system are represented at the Interiraternity Pledge Council which seeks to promote cooperation among pledge classes and encourages develop- ment of leadership in new members of the fraternity system. Main project of the year for the fraternity pledges is the IPFC dance, lliis year the group collaborated with Junior Panhellenic Council in presenting " Greek Gardens. " Can- didates for pledge princesses were selected from sorority pledge classes, with one coed chosen to reign over the dance. GOLDEN AGERS ' are hosted by the Kappa Sig ' s at a dinner. This is an example of the service projects encouraged by IFC. ADMINISTRATION BOARD - Christcnsen, Whitney, An- derson. Wolfe, Murphy, Vasko, Nagel, Merrifield, Roeder. 352 IMERFRATERNITY PLEDGE COUNCIL - front Row: Wolfe (adv.). Snell (v.p.), Miles (prcs.). Craig (sec), Plcggenkuhle treas.)- Second Row: Fuhr. Bece. Talcott. Mandeville. Third Row: Ham, Postma. Dall, Lewis, Lundberg. Fourth Row: Robinson, Hickling, Nelson, Kriz, Brown, Spray. Back Row: Green, Ander- son, Hertz, Peters, Parrott, Schar, Mcl-uen. GAMMA GAMMA — Front Row: Nagel, Coffin, Murphy. Back Row: Launibach, Whitcombe, Dodds, Ohde. INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL - front Row: Hird, Longnecker, Kuhles, Anderson (sec.), Murphy (pres.), Barta, Roeder, Herstrum. Second Row: Lattan, Schuppe, Corrough, Hoobcr, Gerbig, Jones, Gartner, Nelson. Third Row: Henderson, Hiley, Johnson, Schatz, Harrington, Evans, Hansen, Tiedje. Fourth Row: St. John, McGinnis, Dicken Claycomb, Morse, Christensen, Kolbe. Back Row: Nagel, Pfister, Mamilton, William, Thomp- son, Sebastian, Kushlak, Wolfe (v.p.)- 353 This past year ACACIA pledges and actives both ranked second in scholarship for three quarters. At the summer National Conclave they accepted the national scholarship trophy which is presented to the Acacia chapter with the highest grade point. It was the third year for the Iowa State chapter to receive this honor. " Ports of Call, " based on different seaports, was presented during winter quarter. Spring was the time for the Black and Gold Formal held at the Ames Golf and Country Club. Earth and hell comprised a duel theme for their " Suppressed Desires " party in November. First floor of the Acacia house was decorated as earth with various nature settings while the basement was turned into hell with a sin and corruption theme. The men of Acacia continued their philanthropy projects this past year by holding a Christmas party for the under- privileged children of Ames and washing windows for the Eastern Star Home for the Aged in Boone. ACACIA Acacia accepts national trophy for third consecutive year, suppressed desires revealed at party 354 ACTIVES Eldon Anderson, Stanton, ' 64 Paul Anderson, Humboldt, ' 64 Ron Anderson. Renwick, ' 63 Jcrald Ball, Laurens, ' 65 John Baiy, Monticcllo, 64 Aivars Bcrzins, Dubuque, 65 Charles Boast, Ames. ' 65 George Carlson, Toledo, ' 64 Chrislensen, Toledo, ' 63 John Collier, Des Moines. ' 63 Robert Dick, Fort Dodge, ' 63 Peter Eversole. LaCrosse, Wis., ' 64 Alex Fraser, Aurelia, ' 64 Dean Harms, Alden, ' 65 David Hoiiser, Ames ' 64 Calvin Hultman, Stanton, 64 Willam Jasper, Newton, ' 63 Richard Johnson, Lowden, ' 63 Paul Johansen, Newell, ' 63 Harry LcfFler, Johnston, ' 64 James Lyon, Alden, ' 65 John Martinscn, Audubon, ' 63 William Martinsen, Audubon, ' 6 " ) Albert Maxwell. Redfield, ' 63 Dallas Mulder, Rock Rapids. ' 64 Wavne Nowlan, Lafayette, III., ' 63 Bruce Page, Kingsley, ' 64 Ralph Patterson, Ames. ' 63 Wilber Peter, Mexico City, Mex., " 65 Michael Raven. Webster City, 65 Richard Rew, Olds, ' 63 John Roberts, Albert City, ' 65 Gary Ruegscgger. Wellman, ' 64 Wilbur Sandbulte, Sioux Center, ' 65 Howard Spcer, Buckingham, ' 63 Harlan Steintjes, Albert City, ' 65 David Thomas, Ringstead, ' 64 Doug Wallway, Milford, ' 65 Doug Whitney, Aurelia, ' 65 PLEDGES John Allen, Fort Dodge, ' 65 Wayne Anderson, Stanton, ' 66 Richard Barnard, Eldora, ' 66 Montour Beck, LaCrosse, Wis., ' 65 Darrell Boettcher, Storm Lake, ' 65 Don Good. Atlantic, ' 66 Robert Ketch, Des Moines, 66 Dale Lischer, Red Oak, ' 66 Thomas McLuen, Anita, ' 66 Douglas Nelson, Jewell, ' 66 Timothy Nielsen, Newton, ' 66 Gail Nystrom, Boone, ' 64 Jack Robinson, Colo, 66 Randall Sievers, Storm Lake, ' 65 Jerald Tuttle, Red Oak, ' 66 Jerald Wilcox, Atlantic, ' 66 David Wolfe. Alta, ' 66 Dennis Zwiefel, ' 64 BATHUB PUNCH is ladled out to thirsty dancers at the Acacia " 20 ' s " party held winter quarter. ACACIA Fron Row: Tuttle, Graff, Baty, Eversole, Rew (v.p.), Patterson, Wolfe. Second Row: W. Ander- son, Roberts, Carlson (treas.), Robinson, Dinsmore, Roy, Simpson, Zweifel, Lyon. Third Row: Sievers, Chris- tensen. Ball, Johansen, J. Martinsen, Lischer, Sayles, Leffler. Fourth Row: Page, Johnson (pres.), Stientjes, Ketch, Berzins, Nystrom, Hunt, Hultman, Sandbulte. Fifth Row: Whitney, Fraser, Mulder, Jasper, P. Ander- sen, Houser, Ruegsegger, Thomas, B. Martinsen, Maxwell. Back Row: E. Anderson, Harms (sec), Allen, Binns, McLuen, Boast, Barnard, Peter, Dick, R. Anderson, Raven. 355 Lack of numbers proved to be no deterrent to the men of Adelante on the intramural field. The fiery spirit of the members resulted in champion- ships in basketball and ping pong and runnerup awards in football and softball. This lust for bat- tle in athl etics was carried over to their parties via a Viking theme. The Adelante house became " Valhalla, " complete with spears and other Vik- ing weapons. The Adelantes then moved to the other side of the world in order to carry out their theme for the spring formal. " Oriental Dreams " were brought to life, especially for Miss Judy Innes who was named " Lady of Adelante. " A third phase of life at the Adelante house is the Scholastic one. Members never fail to excell in this field and the house always ranks among the top few residences in grade point. ADELANTE Adelante ' s prove themselves in intratnurals, scholarship; switch from being Vikings to Orientals ADELANTE — Fron Row: Moore, P. Anderson, Atkins, Randall, Mrs. Nuckolls, B. Anderson. Berkland. Sec- ond Row: Tomecek, Nelson (pres.). Ouverson, Chaplin (sec), Reeves, Sime, Wessels. Third Row: Burrows, Koch (vice-pres.), Doohen, Ayer, Needham, Freitager, S. Thien, Boysen, Poock. Back Row: Gerdes, Peters- burg, Ott, Friar, D. Thien, Brindley, Hunziker, Berkland. Back Row: Allen, Wedewer, Vasey, Brunkan, Price, Essmann, Smaha, Zuendel, Wallin. 356 BUNNIES were hung from the ceiling with care in preparation for the winter quarter " Playboy Party " at the house. ACTIVES Philip Anderson, Rockwell City, ' 63 George Atkins, Morris, III., ' 66 Harry Ayer, Hudson, ' 65 Larry Bell, North English, ' 64 Bill, Berkland, Fenton, ' 63 Merv Berkland, Cylinder, ' 64 Jack Brindley, Des Moines, 64 Bill Brunkan, Hoplington, ' 65 Marlin Chaplin, Kingston, III., ' 64 Larry Doohen, Fort Dodge, ' 63 Edward Dunham, Madrid, ' 63 Don Gerdes, Forest City, ' 63 Bob Goldsmith, Ames, ' 63 Lee Hodoval, Onslow, ' 64 John Hunziker, Sac City, ' 65 James Johnson, Burlington, ' 63 Jim Koch, Hudson, ' 65 Tom Koch, Eldridge, ' 63 Don Needham. Winston-Salem, N.C., ' 65 Jim Nelson, Cylinder, ' 63 Leo Ott, Webster, ' 64 Paul Ouverson, Fertile, ' 64 Charles Overton, Des Moines, Ray Petersburg, Joice, ' 64 Merritt Pitcher, Nevada, ' 63 Steve Poock, Monticello, 64 Ray Randall, Lesuer, Minn., Bob Reeves, Graettinger, 64 Dean Riess, North English, Larry Sime, Scarville, 64 Lvnn Smaha, Garwin, ' 64 Bill Tomecek, Binghamton, N.Y., ' 64 Bob Vasey, Des Moines, ' 63 Carl Wallin, Kingston, 111., ' 65 Jerry Wessels, Onslow, ' 65 Robert Zuendel, West Des Moines, ' 65 ' 63 ' 64 ' 63 PLEDGES Charles Allen, West Des Moines. ' 66 Bruce Anderson. Fort Dodge, ' 66 Byron Boysen. Harlan, ' 65 Harold Burrows, Minneapolis, Minn., ' 64 Charles Essman, Waterloo, ' 66 John Freitager, Dversville, ' 65 Tom Friar, West Des Moines, ' 66 Jerry Moore, Grinnell, ' 66 Russ Price, Watertown, S.D., ' 66 James Robertson, Monticello, ' 66 Don Thien, Tipton, ' 65 Steve Thien, Clarence, ' 66 Tom Wcdewer. Dyersville, ' 65 Paul Schultz, Conrad, ' 66 Lolyd VanZee. Prairie City, ' 66 Ken Brown, Ames. ' 66 Skip Hoff. Council Bluffs, ' 64 357 INTO LINE pledge! The Alpha Chi ' s take a little time out to set their pledges on the right path. ALPHA CHI RHO Crotvs celebrate 30th anniversary, remodel house, and get new console stereo This year marks the thirtieth anniversay of Alpha Chi Rho at Iowa State University. The " Crows " were treated to a complete interior remodeling of the first floor and basement and to a new console stereo as an " anniversary present. " Intramurals rated high on the activity list with Alpha Chi Rho winning first place in Class D football and in Class B bowling and runnerup in Class B volley- ball. An unusual but effective activity of the Crows was the holding of work sessions for the Ames Children ' s Home and for local churches. Anxious to " show off " their recent remodeling, they held open houses on Parent ' s Day and on Homecoming. Adding to the glamour of Home- coming was their display, Dr. " Cy " working on a Kansas player to remove a football imbedded in his head, evidently by some Iowa State player. 358 ACTIVES Fred Barnett, Marion, ' 64 Philip Boelter, Rowley, ' 65 Roger Burke, Muscatine, ' 65 Dennis Casey, Peterson, ' 64 Gary Casey, Peterson, ' 65 Stephen Clow, Cedar Falls, ' 64 Neil Deupree, Fremont, Neb., ' 64 James Edwards, Alexis, 111., ' 63 Thomas Fitzpatrick, Davenport, ' 64 Wayne Haines, Walker, ' 64 David Hench, Aurelia, ' 63 James Henderson, Waterloo, ' 65 Charles Howe, Belvidcre, III., ' 64 Bryan McGinis, Fort Madison, ' 63 Ronald Speilman, Freeport, 111., ' 64 Robert Wolfe nsperger. Cedar Falls, ' 64 PLEDGES James AfFholder, Madison, Wis., ' 66 Larry Anderson, Northboro, ' 66 Charles Crain, Rowley, ' 64 William Fllenson, Grinnell, ' 66 Allan Fuhr, Taylor Ridge, 111., ' 66 George Goebel, West Babylon, N.Y., ' 66 Terry Leonard, Orion, 111. ' 67 Merlin Miller, Eldora, ' 65 Edward Nickels, St. Louis, Mo., ' 66 Keith Parchert, Taylor Ridge, 111., ' 66 Jerry Scheurs, Muscatine, ' 65 Eugene Stropcs, Orion, I!!., ' 66 Ray Stropes, Coal Valley, 111., ' 66 Doug Way, Pittsburg, Pa., ' 67 Don Willadsen, Newell, ' 65 Larry Writh, Prophetstown. 111., ' 66 Bob Woodfill, Hastings, ' 66 ALPHA CHI RHO - Front Row: Barnett. Woodfill, Rieve, Burke, Grain. Cecond Row: Edwards, D. Casey. Ellenson, Henderson. Third Row: Wirth, Wolfensperger, G. Casey, Boelter, Haines, Fitzpatrick. Fourth Row: Lante, Clow (v.p.), Parchert, Fuhr, Hench, Anderson. Back Row: Howe, Clary, Spielman (sec), Deupree (treas.), McGinnis (pres.), Olson, Nickels. 359 A COMFORTABLE living room and a few newspapers provide quiet noon hour entertainment for the men of AGR. ALPHA GAMMA RHO - Front Row: B. Dohrmann, Nielsen, Poker, Stinton, Murphy, Stoner, Blankenship. Second Row: Butson, Shoultz, Ahrendsen, Ringkob, HoUiday, Mrs. Beulah Larson (res. dir.). Rule, Freyer- muth, Domcr, Corricll, Sievcrs. Third Row: Purmort, M. Henderson, Vasko, D. Henderson, Dockendorff, McClelland, Benner, Mahr, Priebc. Fourlh Roto: T. Henderson, Krantz, Latham (sec), Bockholt, Eilert, Stadtmueller, VanNice, Schwicger, Cooper. Fifth Row: Willey (v. p.). Greaser, Rinderknecht, J. Thoreson, Buchanan, Smith, Kiewiet, D. Thoreson, Ackerman. Back Row. Herstrum (pres.), W. Dohrmann, Brown, Johnson, Ycager, Fee, Klein (treas.), Engnell, Bowden, Miehe. 360 ACTIVES Jerry Ackcrman, Waterloo , ' 64 Don Ahrendsen, Oxford Junction, ' 64 Dennis Blankenship, Sheffield, ' 64 Tom Bockholt, Keystone, 65 Delwin Bowden, Winthrop, ' 63 Jock Bu chanan-Smith, Edinborough, Scotland, 63 Gary Butson, Geneva, ' 64 Craig Cooper, Hartley, ' 65 Gary Dockendorff, Danville, ' 64 William Dohrmann, Hampton, ' 63 Bob Donier, Stanwood, ' 63 Larry Eilert, Newton, ' 63 Bruce Engnell, Lynn Center, 111., ' 65 Rodney Fee, Pleasantvillc, ' 63 Marlon Greaser, Vinton, ' 64 Dean Henderson, tiarner, ' 63 Michael Henderson, Des Moines, ' 63 James Herbold, Colfax, ' 64 Allan Herstrum, Burlington, III., ' 63 Lewis HoHiday, Downers Grove, 111., ' 65 James Johnson, Latimer, ' 63 Xorman Johnston, Coin, ' 64 David Kjome, Spring Grove. Minn., ' 63 William Klein, Newton, ' 63 Willard Latham. Alexander, ' 63 Larry Mahr, Indianola, ' 64 Dan Murphy. Carmel, Ind., ' 63 Roger RInderknecht, Vinton, ' 64 Bill Murrav, Lime Springs, ' 63 Kent Ringkob, Jackson, Minn., ' 64 Athletic awards, numerous parties and a case of remodeling fever made the past year a success for the ALPHA GAMMA RHO ' s. The men of AGR participated in all intramural programs and went on to become the Class B champions in volleyball and Softball, as well as horseshoe throwing cham- pions. Their flower, the pink rose, served as the theme for the formal as Donna Gingerich reigned as queen. A banquet in the Sun Room of the Union highlighted the Founders Day weekend, after a reception was held the preceding night. The remodeling job given to third floor of the AGR house was only part of the additions made by the brothers. New furniture added to the rec- reation room also gives added comfort to the AGR ' s home. Veishea found the AGR ' s collabo- rating with the KD ' s to build their combination float, ' Tady and the Tramp. " ALPHA GAMMA RHO AGR ' s remodel house; bring ' ' Lady and the Tramp ' ' to campus for Veishea; hold banquet for founders Ted Rule, Waterloo, ' 65 Barton Sciiweigcr, Dows, ' 64 David Shoultz, Muscatine, ' 64 Richard Stadmueller, Monticello, ' 63 Dale Stinton, Le Mars, ' 65 Dan Stoner, Homer, Neb., ' 64 Ron Stutsman, Iowa City, ' 63 J.D. Thoreson, Postville, ' 65 jack Van Nice, Mucatine, ' 63 Joe Van Nice, Muscatine, ' 65 Bob Vasko. Glen Allen, Va., 63 Wythe Willey, Baldwin. ' 64 Clark Ycager, Agency, ' 63 PLEDGES Kent Cohce, Oregon, Wis., ' 63 Wayne Corriell, Atalissa, ' 63 Boyd Dohrmann, Hampton, ' 66 Neilan Hanson, Dows, ' 66 Tom Henderson, Lenox, ' 66 Marian Hall, Waterloo, ' 65 Stephen Lindblom, Davenport, ' 65 John Livingston, Monroe, ' b W. J. McClelland, Washington, Pa., ' Doug Miehe, Lisbon, ' 66 David Olson, Emmons, Minn., ' 65 Gary Priebe, . ' lgona, ' 66 John Purmort, Van W ' ert, Ohio, ' 66 Tom Rohwedder, Wvoming, ' 65 Ken Sievers, Wyoming, ' 66 Dick Thoreson, Postville, ' 66 361 Christmas at the ALPHA KAPPA LAMBDA house was celebrated with their winter party, " Snowflakes over Psi, " held on December 16. The AKL house became a winter wonderland for the occasion and miniature pledge paddles were given as favors. For entertainment the men presented a take oft on " The Night Before Christmas. " Later in the quarter a sweetheart fireside was held and Mrs. Henry Bonnes was given the title of Sweet- heart of AKL. During Homecoming the AKL ' s featured a lawn display with Cy plunging a toilet with a Jayhawk in it and with the slogan " Plung- ing to Victory. " Scholarship played an important part this year and the actives ranked fifth and the pledges sixth among fraternities for winter quar- ter. Eight national awards are given by AKL and Psi chapter received two of them. They were for Religious Activities and Chapter Newsletter. ALPHA KAPPA LAMBDA Snow sets the stage for AKL party; men rank high in activities; chapter newsletter honored r. sp i -, -s a -- - 362 ACTIVES Jerry Am, Atlantic, ' 63 Charles Baker, Ashland, Neb.. ' 65 Stanley Bonnes, Shenadoah, ' 64 Cicurge Boyscn, Hayfield, Minn., ' 65 Hon Burkley, Geneva. ' 64 Rex demons, Marslialltown, ' 65 Phil Crowley, Des Moines, ' 63 Dale Far ' and, Armstrong, ' 64 Ronald Gruber. Farragiit, ' 65 William Hamilton, Whcaton, 111., ' 64 Richard Hoidahl. Mt. Vernon, ' 64 Larry Hyncs, Nevada, ' 63 Jon Miller. Austin. Minn., ' 65 Allan Morrison, Cincinnati, ' 64 Darrell Neinnann, Denison, ' 64 (Javlord Odegaard, Scranton, N.D., ' 6€ Allan Ruhde. Manilla. ' 65 Donald Ruhde, Manilla. ' 63 Micha-1 Rutledce. Des Moines, ' 64 Jack Smith, Bellevue, ' 63 Bill Williams, Montour, ' 61 PLEDGES James Allen, Farragut, ' 66 Edward Bargficld, Ames, ' 65 Clarence Burns, Marion, ' 66 Bob Carl, Atlantic, ' 66 Gary Harper, Davenport, ' 66 Ike Harry, New Sharon, 65 Robert Knittle, Monroe, ' 66 Gene Lutz, Vinton, ' 66 Mike Miller, Ames, ' 64 Dave Riley, Burlington, ' 6 6 Jerry Soncrant, Webster City, ' 66 Richard Yeoman, Fallon, Nev., ' 66 COEDUCATIONAL athletics were instituted by the A K L ' s with a football exchange with the women of Birch Hall. ALPHA KAPPA LAMBDA - Front Row: Morrison, Hynes, Crowley, Mrs. Baichly, D. Ruhde, Burkley, Gros- land. Second Row: A. Ruhde, Harper, Clemons, Farland. Third Row: Bonnes, Baker (sec), Pugh, Rutledge, Odegaard (v.p.), Smith. Fourth Row: Bargfield, Hoidahl, Harry, Allen, Yeoman, Soncrant, W illiams (trcas.). Back Row: Miller, Neumann, Hamilton (pres.), Am, Boysen, Gruber. 363 Mysterious characters could be seen lurking around the ALPHA SIGMA PHI house last fall. They arrived via a black cadillac limotisine and entered the house through a window into a dark room to be suddenly surprised by bright flashing lights, loud buzzers, and a set of truck horns. This " Crook ' s Convention " was a big success. During winter q uarter the Alpha Sig house took on the appearance of the backwood ' s of Tennessee for the " Still Stomp. " The traditional " Black and White Formal " provided an enjoyable evening at the Wakonda Country Club in Des Moines for the Alpha Sigs and their guests. The Alpha Sig rush program netted 24 pledges this year who combined well with the active chapter to keep the house name in activities and to fill out spirited teams in almost all intramural events. ALPHA SIGMA PHI Alpha Stgs sponsor " Crooks Convention " , move to Tennessee for " Still Stomp " ALPHA SIGMA VWl — Front Row: Kennedy, Kaled. Long, Dicken (pres.). Mrs. Baker (res. dir.), Davey, Eichorn (treas.), Boyd. Second Row: White, Chipps, Greenstein, Lester, Foucauli, Trucano. Third Row: Dale, Postma, Hoffman, Denzin, Cisler, Hall, Ziemann, Foster. Fourth Row: Forster, Brayton, Cnossen, Jensen, How- ard, Mossholder, Davey, McClellan. Bach Row: Dickinson, Jennings, Kleweg, Thompson, Peterson, Ponder, Anderson (sec.) . 364 LIMBO DANCERS at the Alpha Sig house get a large audience just by routing out the musicians in the house for accompaniment. ACTIVES Thomas Anderson, Ames, ' 64 Winton Boyd, Marshalltown, ' 65 Fred Chipps, Des Moines, ' 65 Jan Cisler, Cedar Rapids, ' 64 Michael Cnossen, Washington, ' 65 Allen Davey, Milo, ' 65 Fredrik Denzin, Grandview, ' 64 David Dicken. Dysart, ' 62 Ronald Eichorn, Marshalltown, ' 64 Michael Greenstein, Silver Springs, Md., ' 65 Richard Hall, Marshalltown, ' 64 Ed Jennings, Des Moines, ' 64 Albert Kaled, Sioux City, ' 64 Robert Kennedy, Cedar Rapids, ' 65 Richard Kirchgarter, St. Anzgar, ' 63 Larry Meyers, Iowa Falls, ' 65 Gene McClellan. Bayard, ' 65 Stephen Mossholder, Des Moines, ' 65 Richard Pearson, Williams, ' 63 William Peterson, Des Moines, ' 64 Kenneth Schumann, Mundelein. 111., ' 61 Frank Sterbenz, Auburn, 111., ' 62 William Towne, Fairmont, Minn., ' 64 DeLon Thompson, Roland, ' 64 .Allen Trucano, Santa Clara, Calif., ' 64 Mike White, Marshalltown, ' 65 John Wilson, W ' ashhigton, ' 65 Lyle Zieman, Fairmont, ' 64 PLEDGES Thomas Brayton, Ames, ' 65 Robert Carmichael, Brooklyn, ' 66 Bill Dale, Pella. ' 66 Leo Davey, Milo. ' 66 Gary Dickinson, Rock Rapids, ' 66 Wayne Farewell, Onawa, ' 66 Martin Fay, Tipton, ' 66 Wayne Foucault, Barrington, 111., ' 66 John Foster, Ames, ' 65 Peter Forster, Chicago, 111., ' 66 James Harris, Waterloo, ' 66 Richard Heincmeyer, Sioux Falls, S.D.. ' 66 Russell Howard, Moline, 111., ' 66 Jay Hoffman, . urora, ' 66 Barry Jensen, Des Moines, ' 66 Chuck Kieweg, Terra Haute. Ind., ' 66 Mike Kinnev, Des Moines, ' 66 Paul Klein, Sioux Falls, S.D., ' 66 Robert Lester, Fairmont, Minn., ' 65 Phil Long, Ames. ' 66 Dick Postma, Mason City, ' 66 William Ponder, Crosse Point, Mich., ' 66 Fred Roewcrt, Waterloo, ' 66 David Smith, Poslville, ' 65 365 A QUESTION on plans for an upcoming house party stops presi- dent Gary Angle on his way through the living room. ALPHA TAU OMEGA ATO ' s turn " beat " ; informal entertainment enhanced by addition of color television and stereo set Going modern, the ALPHA TAU OMEGA ' S presented " Like, ATO. " A coEee shop replaced the familiar surroundings of their house as beat- nicks dropped in from all over campus. Christ- mas is an extra special holiday at the Alpha Tau Omega house. Dinner consists of a large roasted pig served with all the trimmings amid the color- ful decorations covering the house. The evening is closed with the singing of carols in front of the glowing fireplace. In the realm of athletics, the Taus won the trophy for highest number of points earned per man during spring quarter intramtir- als. Their founders ' day was celebrated with a dinner at the Solar Inn on March ir)th. With a color television set and new stereo, the ATO ' s should now have an unlimited amount of enter- tainment for the brothers and their dates. 366 ACTIVES Gary Angle, Algona, ' 65 Lee Ashmore, Greenfield, ' 63 Tom Beshaw, Cedar Rapids, ' 63 Dick Brauman, Union, N.J., ' 64 Steve Busch, Ames, ' 63 Jim Carr, White River, S.D., ' 65 Bob Chambers, Elmhurst, 111., ' 65 Tom Clacomb, Lakeside, Cal., ' 63 Joe Cox, Grinnell, ' 64 Leonard Crouch, Denison, Jim Curtiss, Ames, ' 64 Jerry Daley, Ames, ' 63 John Estal, Grinnell, ' 64 Frank Fabre, Mobile, Ala Rick Erickson, Newport, R. I., ' 63 Mike Foreman, Ames, ' 64 Bob Gable, Cedar Rapids, ' 63 Tom Greiner, Keota, ' 65 , ' 65 •64 Norm Hammer, Ringstead, ' 63 Rick Henry, Coral Gables, Fla., ' 65 Gene Irons, Cantom, S.D. ' 64 Jack Kent, Clinton, ' 63 Larry Kocon, Bismark, N.D., ' 65 Dennis Dushlak, Berea, Ohio, ' 63 Bill Ludwig, Des Moines, ' 65 Mike McDonald, Castana, ' 63 Rod Madsen, Holstein, ' 65 Larry Millang, Story City, ' 63 Ed Norris, Long Prairie, Minn., ' 63 Chuck Nielsen, Wilmette, 111., ' 64 Pete O ' Reilly, Binghampton, N.Y., ' 64 Al Smith, Morning Sun, ' 63 Dave Stamp, Clinton, ' 63 Keith Stiver, Clinton, ' 65 Pete Van Jahnke, Newton, N.J., ' 64 Jack Wolfe, Clinton, ' 63 PLEDGES Lyn Ashmore, Greenfield, ' 65 Harry Bauge, Des Moines, ' 66 Frosty Carlson, Elmhurst, 111., ' 65 Joel Cerwick, Ames, ' 65 Jim Dallas, Cedar Rapids, ' 65 Fred Duerr, Algona, ' 66 Bruce Dumont, Cross River, N.Y., ' 66 Scott Feamster, Ames, ' 66 Bill Grundaman, Waukesha, Wis., ' 66 Jenkins, Waterloo, ' 65 Mike Jurgenson, Clinton, ' 66 Tom Jones, Sioux City, ' 66 Fred Killinger, Sao Paulo, Brazil, ' 66 Dan Kramer, Clinton, ' 66 Ried Mullin, New York, N.Y.. ' 66 Pat O ' Reilly, Binghampton, N.Y., ' 66 George Ryan. Edina, Minn., ' 65 Bob Rippe, Evergreen Park, 111., 66 Steve Schneckloth, Des Moines, ' 66 Jack Sherman, Grinnell, ' 66 Greg Snell, Clinton, ' 66 Bob Wampler, Des Moines, ' 66 ALPHA TAU OMEGA Front Row: Lee Ashmore, Feamster, Snell, R an, Henry, Kramer. Second Row: Grei- ner, Lyn, Ashmore, Wampler, Angle, Brauman, Ludwig, Crouch, Kushlak, Nady. Third Row: Dallas, Parme- lee, Cerwick, Mrs. Thompson (res. dir.), Serdes, Stivers, Nord, Jones. Fourth Row: Rippe, Killinger, Curtis, Kent, Estal, Kocon, Sherman, Grundmann. Fifth Row: Chambers, McDonald, Cox, Miller, Foreman, Smith, Hammer, Gustafson. Back Row: Carlson, Jurgensen, Ericson, Millang, Nielsen, Vanjahnke, Fabre, Daley, Wolfe. 367 ROUSED from their studying and bull sessions to answer the phone the brothers hang around just in case it is for them. BETA SIGMA I ' Sl From Row: Johnson. DeBoer, Miller. CarLson, Greenwood (pres.), Michel. Second Row: Schar, Ncrvig, Sommers, Thoelkc, Buhr (1st v. p.), Hiicdepohl, Ziemcr, Musfeldt. Third Roiv: Hansen, Gayer (rush chrm.), Daniels, Kienapfel, Fonken, Peters, Heitshusen, Glandorf, Lensch. Fourth Row: Doyle. Burr, Schafr. Mocllcr. A. Cirau. Stumme, Scar. Espe, G. Grau, Dnneman. Back Row: Gruel, Puck (treas.), Werner, Grunimcr, Brus, Kngh, Willcrs, Lund, Reinier. 368 The BETA SIGMA PSI house was converted into a speakeasy, complete with password and bar, for their " Roaring Twenties " party. " Gay Blades " in red vests and flappers filled the house and sip- ped apple cider from the bar. The Gold Rose Formal in April featured gold rose decorations on tables and beams and the crowning of the Gold Rose Queen, Marianne Holland. " November Nocturne " set a quiet scene for the fall dinner- dance. Their Veishea float, " Cartoon Holiday " featured Walt Disney cartoon characters. At their Homecoming display Cy struck a mallet-bell de- vice so that a Jayhawker ' s neck was stretched until his head hit a bell. Intramural strength was shown by winning the points-per-man trophy winter quarter as the basketball team won the class A all-college championship. BETA SIGMA PSI Beta Sig ' s win intramural points-per-man trophy build a ' cartoon holiday ' ' ACTIVES Wayne Brus, Manning, ' 64 Kea Buhr, Cresco, ' 64 Ron Burr, Des Moines, 65 Harry Daniels, Oelwcin, ' 65 Gary Duncman, .Cresco, ' 65 Dennie F.ngh, Independence, ' 64 Dave Glandorf. Williamsburg, ' 63 Dale Hansen, Westgate, ' 65 Wayne Heitshusen, Williamsburg. ' 65 Al Fonken, Manning, ' 63 Lee Gayer, Rock Valley, ' 64 Anrie Grau, Newell, ' 64 Gary Greenwood, Des Moints, ' 62 Larr ' Gruel, Postville, ' 63 Don Grummer, Fairfax, ' 65 Rog Lorber, Oran. ' 63 Bil Lund. Elmhurst, 111.. ' 63 Greg Michel, Boone, ' 63 Dave Moeller, Boone, ' 65 Rich Noble. Ireton. ' 63 Dave Peters, Manning, ' 63 Ken Puck. Manning. ' 64 Dick Scar, Earlham, ' 64 Dewayne Schafer, Monticello. ' 64 Arlen Schwerin. Sumner, ' 64 I ' t-te Werner, Hemit. Cal., ' 6. ' ) [olui Willers, Davenport, ' 64 PtEDGES Jim Garlson, Des Moines, ' 66 Larry DeBoer, Ledyard, ' 65 Cialen Doyle, Humbolt, ' 66 Steve Espe, Kanawa, ' 66 Cierald Grau. Newell, ' 66 Merlyn Huedcpohl. Williamsburg, ' 66 (iary Johnson. Humbolt, ' 66 Bruce Kienapfel. Carroll, ' 66 Dave Lensth. Atkins, ' 65 Barry Miller, Cedar Falls, ' 66 Dale Musfeldl, Manning, ' 66 Dennis Nervig. Hardy, ' 66 Lauren Reimer. Clinton, ' 66 Steve Schar, Hull. ' 65 Cierald Sommers, Roland, ' 66 Leroy Stummc, Tripoli, ' 65 Steve Waugh, Cedar Rapids, ' 66 Max Ziemer, Waterloo, ' 66 369 Decorated like a bedroom? Why certainly! The BETA THETA Pi ' s were having their annual pajania party. Can yon think of more appropriate decorations? A complete change of scenery was present at " Twist at the Beta Bar-B-Q " which featured a twist band from Omaha and stuffed piglets as favors. Other social functions included the pledge party, an all house party, and the spring formal in Des Moines. Various exchanges included a dessert with the Chi O ' s, pool with the Alpha Gams, and football with the Kappas. Veishea saw the addition of another trophy to the Beta collection. Combining with Pi Beta Phi, they created " Flower Drinu Song " which cap- tured first place in the combination division. Another towering Beta display, " We ' re Be-head- ing for Victory " highlighted Homecoming. ACTIVES John Axel, Muscatine, ' 63 Bob liall, Marshalltown ' 64 Joe Balloun, Ames, ' 63 Kent Besley, Des Moines, ' 63 Terry Brown, Des Moines, ' 63 Dick Carlson, Omaha, Nebr., ' 65 Mike Courtney, Minneapolis, Minn., ' 64 Clif Dejong, Oskaloosa, ' 65 Henry Dietz, Sycamore, III., ' 64 Bill Dikis, Des Moines, ' 65 Henry Drake, Glenwood, ' 65 Dan Cannon, Bondurant, ' 65 Dave Gardner, Waterloo, ' 65 William Gaynor, Mooreslown, N.J., ' 63 John Gianos, Chicago, 111., ' 65 Dave Gridk-y. Washington, DX ., ' 65 Stanford Griffith, Ft. Dodge, ' 63 Gary Hammerstrom, San Mateo, Cal., ' 63 George Heikens, Spencer ' 65 Roger Heit, Charles City, ' 65 Philip Heckenberg, Mediapolis, ' 64 Cirtg Held, Jefferson, ' 65 Philip Hiley, Glenwood, ' 63 Tom Hoopcs, Muscatine, ' 63 Blake Keasey, Tin Cup, Colo., ' 63 Frank Knoll, Flemington, N.J., ' 64 Dave Larson, Kenowa, ' 64 Dave Michaels, Michigan City. Ind.. ' 64 Glen Monisen, Lakeview, ' 65 Paul Neal, Des Moines, ' 65 Gale Peterson, Laurens, 65 William Prouty, Des Moines, ' 64 Gary Ramsey, Des Moines, 64 John Risser, Des Moines, ' 63 Thomas Rohwer, Orinda, Cal., 63 Ronald Sande, Humboldt, ' 64 Gerald Schlatter, Kansas City, Mo., ' 64 Larry Schreiber, Sioux City, ' 64 Lloyd Schultz, Ix st Nation, ' 65 BETA THETA PI 13 Tivist, pool, and football brighten Beta social life; trophy goes to " Flower Drum Song " float 370 Paul Sullivan, Chicago, 111., ' 63 Tony Tysseling, Pella, ' 65 Tom Thomscn, Dcs Moines, ' G5 John Walkup, Ames, ' G- Stephen Wilder, Cedar Rapids, ' 63 Craig Zamzow, Omaha, Neb.. ' 65 PLEDGES Steve Bailor, Glcnwood, ' 66 Sieve Barnett. Marshalltown, ' 66 Tom Bcnda, Humboldt, ' 66 Dave Boyum, Albert Lea, Minn., ' 06 (laiy Brandt, Clarion, ' 65 Jack Cassidy, Gloucester, N.J., ' 66 Dick Chapman, Sac City. ' 66 Alan C ' ipperton Humboldt. ' 66 Mike Dubes, Des Moines, ' 65 (iary Kchlernacht, Des Moines, ' 66 John Hamann, Rock Rapids, ' 66 George Havercnmp. Minneapolis, Minn., ' 66 Jim Healy. Portland, Ore, ' 66 Mark Hcathman, Solon, ' 66 Artie Hiley, Glenwood. ' 66 I.oren Lohman, Rock Rapids, ' 66 Tom Malsack, Iron Mountain, Mich.. ' 66 l eter Mandeville, Cherokee, ' 66 lom Marple, Newell, ' 65 Mick Menage. Rock Rapids, ' 66 Dale Miller, Rochester, Minn., ' 65 Riv Miller, So ' on, ' 65 Dick Olson, Sac City, ' 66 Cireg Schurtcr, Sibley, ' 66 John Scoltock, Des Moines, ' 66 John Soderquist. Alta, ' 66 Todd Tucker, Akron, ' 66 (lary Shaffer, Chailes City, ' 65 PAJAMA PARTIES are for eating, not for sleeping. Whoever tells you difFerently didn ' t attend the Beta ' s winter party. BKTA THETA ¥1 - Front Roio: Heckenberg. Ball (sec), Malsack. Hiley (pres.), Dikis, Dietz, Mandeville Lohman, Miller. Second Row: Cou rtney, Healy, Neal, Michaels, Sullivan, Mrs. Borre (res. dir.). Hammers trom. Gaynor, Ramsey (treas.), Schultz, Schreiber. Third Roiv: Benda, Gannon, Brown, Sande (v. p.), Cassidy Hamann, Held, Camp, Scoltock, Leimer. Fourth Row: Kchternacht, Bailor, Momsen, Schurter, Barnetl, Heit Heikens, Garner, Walkup, Gridley. Fifth Row: Groothoff, Knoll, Haverkamp, Menage, Marple, Dejong. Carl son, Miller, Clipperton, Thomsen, Boyum. Back Row: Axel, Heathman, Rohwer, Peterson, Besley, Hoopes Larson, Shaffer, Hiley, Tucker, Zamzow, Dubes. 371 Hobgoblins and witches haunted the scene of the DELTA CHI Halloween party last fall quarter. Elaborate decorations gave the house an eerie tone on Halloween night. Pledges used a similar theme to turn their living quarters into a haunted house for their party in October. Switching to a happier mode of make believe, the Delta Chi ' s presented " Carnation Fantasy " at the Hotel Fort Des Moines for their spring formal. Congratula- tions are in order for the Delta Chi ' s for their winning of the traveling trophy for the greatest improvement in scholarship. Two additions were made to the house this past year — • a new house- mother, Mrs. Ida Watson, and a new cook, Mrs. Mary Tripp. A tea in honor of Mother Watson spring quarter and a formal dinner for alumni during Homecoming were held. DELTA CHI ANetv housemother atid iW7V cook come to Delta Chi ' s; scholarship tm,provement earns award DELTA QM Front Row; Cheers, SchoII, Schott, Mrs. Watson (res. dir.), Doherly, Senior, T. Dana. Second Row: Vilmont, VanDonselaar, Wold, Dieterichs, Feree, Eberhardt, Sirowy, Bell (v.p.). Third Row: Edwards, Wilson, Koltz (sec). Force, Lundbcrg, Henderson (pres.). Soldwish, Barcus. Fourth Row: Abraham, Matthi- essen, P. Dana, Ainsworth, Lewis, Landhuis, Northam, Swenson, Strawn. Back Row: Hornbacher, Lytle, Wal- ter, Foxman, Halliburton, Larson, Starbuck, Kemper, Slack. 372 TWO COSTUME PARTIES set the pace for fall quarter as both pledges and actives used this as a theme. ACTIVES AND PLEDGES Michael Abraham, Spcarfish, S.D., 65 Stanley Ainsworth, Spearfish, S.D., ' 66 Allan Ambrose, Nevada, ' 63 Theodore Bailey, Washington, ' 65 Roger Barcus, Weldon, ' 63 William Bell, Osceola, ' 64 Charles Burroughs, Findley Lake, N.Y., ' 64 Kenneth Cheers, Afton, ' 65 Robert Cochran, Ames, grad. Donald Criswell, Waterloo, ' 63 Paul Dana, Nevada, ' 63 Thomas Dana, Nevada, ' 65 William Dieterichs, Osage, ' 66 Richard Dohertv, Elmhurst, III., ' 65 Curt Eberhardt, McHenry. 111.. ' 65 David Edwards, Humboldt, ' 65 John Ferree, Oskaloosa, ' 64 Ronald Force, Sioux City, ' 64 Bruce Foxman, Youngstown, Ohio, ' 64 Duane Haack, Early, ' 63 Calvin Haliburton, Nevada, ' 66 Gray Hernderson, Wiota, ' 64 Jack Henderson, Perry, ' 64 Keith Hornbacher, Nevada, ' 63 Lawrence Kemmer, Des Moines, ' 63 George Kemper, Sharon, Pa., ' 63 Bruce Koltz, Downers Grove, III., ' 65 Keith Landhuis, Sheldon, ' 64 Roger Larson, Webster City, ' 65 Charles Lewis, Woodburn, ' 65 Glen Lewis, Ft. Madison, ' 65 John Lundberg, Mason City, ' 65 John Lytle, Oskaloosa, ' 66 Jon Matihicsson, Lindenhurts, III., ' 66 Neil Murphy, Chester, ' 64 Cal Northam, Chicago, III., ' 64 Phillip Ridout, Wintersct, ' 63 David Scholl, Franklin, Ohio, ' 65 Whitney Schott, Kingston, Mass., ' 65 Collin Senior, Ccnlerville, ' 65 William Sirowy, Fairfax, ' 66 Jerald Slack, Omaha, Nebr., ' 64 Sidney Soldwish, Ames, ' 66 Jerry Starbuck, Clinton, ' 66 Marvin Strawn, Sycamore, 111., ' 66 John Tuttle, Boone, ' 64 C. Laverne Van Donselaar, Grinnell, ' 64 Jule Vilmont, Ames, ' 64 Leonard Walter, Spearfish, S.D. ' 64 Nick Wilson, Edgewood, ' 66 Ben Wold, Council Bluffs, ' 66 37S A BEARD GROWING contest prompts Jim Carver, Noel Raufoste, Larry Hannahs, and Die Wlllett to get together at the living room mirror to check progress. DELTA SIGMA PHI Delta Stgs hold Greek Week chairmanships; nab first place at Homecoming Betty MacQuacker, Gamma Phi Beta, reigned as DELTA SIGMA PHI Dream Girl at their spring formal " Carnation Ball. " Along with the presentation of the dream girl and her attendants, individual honors were awarded to outstanding men of the house. Red Avas the dominant color at " Transfusion ' 62. " The brothers turned their house into a hospital overrunning with interns and nurses. Various rooms became wards for sur- gery, maternity and out-patients. Cartoon char- acters helped the Delta Sig ' s to capture first place among fraternity Homecoming displays. Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam posed for " K.U. Ain ' t Got a Hare of a Chance. " During Greek Week men of the house held the positions of co-chair- man for the entire event, chairman for the Lime- liters concert and chairman for the house parties. 374 ACTIVES Gordon Bazsali. Elgin, III., ' 63 Phil Brown, Walker, ' 64 Charles Burnidge, Elgin, 111., ' 62 Jim Carver, Waverlv, ' 64 William Cook, Shelbyville, Ky., ' 64 Vern Corporon, Sheffield, ' 62 Roger A. Cunningham, Cherokee, ' 63 Richard DeMore, Pittsburgh, Pa., ' 63 George Ecstein, Boone, ' 63 Gary Ellis, Ames, ' 62 Mark Engelbrecht, Waverly, ' 63 Gary Ernsberger, Bettendorf, ' 63 Gary Fink, Toledo. ' 63 Terry Fiori, Des Moines, ' 65 Jim Goettsch, Davenport, ' 63 Jerry Gooch, Davenport, ' 63 Gary Grange, Waterloo, ' 64 Dennis Grummitt, Chicago, 111., ' 63 David Halpin, Cedar Rapids, ' 6.5 Bob Hagman, Homewood, 111., ' 63 Larry Hannahs, Circlcville, Ohio, ' 64 Denis Harrington, River Forest, 111., ' 63 Larry Horton, Hamilton, III., ' 64 Robert Jenkins, Waverly, ' 63 Gary Karr, Traer, ' 63 Dick Kasparek, LeSeur, Minn., ' 65 Harvey Klindt, Davenport, ' 63 John Koser, Cherokee, ' 64 Paul Kvistad, Elgin, HI., ' 62 ' 63 ' 65 Terry Lewis, Davenport, ' 65 Richard Lind, Iowa City, ' 65 Ronald Lutz, Lone Tree, ' 63 Charles Lyford, Manley, ' 63 Mickey Maxon, Lewiston, N.Y., Jim Merrick, Ames, ' 65 Dick Milder, West Liberty, ' 65 Eric Miller, Nacogdoches, Tex., Wayne Murphy, Davenport, ' 63 Richard Pfister, Elgin, 111., ' 62 James Racine, Concord, Calif., ' 64 jeriy Retzlaff, Pierce, Ncbr., ' 65 John Rock, Onawa, ' 64 Mike Roeder, Davenport, ' 63 Howard Rohm. Elgin, III., ' 63 Richard Samscl. Cherokee, ' 64 Richard Scesniak, Chicago, 111., ' 62 Michael Scigliano, Omaha. Nebr., ' 63 Dick Stevens, Marshalltown. ' 64 Robert Stewart, Massapequa, N. Y., ' 6 Bart Switzer, Independence, ' 63 Bruce Tester. Sioux City, ' 63 Lowell Thomas, Corning, ' 64 Dick Thompson, Millerton, ' 65 Dennis Tice, Ames, ' 64 Olin Willit, Hastings, Nebr., ' 64 Gary Wisby, Cedar Falls, ' 63 Edward Zosulis, Davenport, ' 63 PLEDGES James Botlcnhorn, Oxnard, Calif., ' 65 Al Brclig. Oak Park, III., ' 66 A! Closter, Creighton, Nebr., ' 65 Voorhees Craig, Cranbury, N.J., ' 66 Robert Crowe, Davenport, ' 66 George Dennis, Cedar Rapids, ' 66 Gene Kriz, Osage, ' 66 Robert Krotz. Washington, ' 66 Wayne Lenders, LeSeur, Minn., ' 66 Bill Martin, Omaha. Nebr., ' 66 John Pooler, Whcaton. 111., ' 66 Noel Raufaste, Hasbrouck, N.J., ' 64 Ron Rickcr, Des Moines, ' 66 Rogert Scott, Cherokee, ' 66 Jerry Springer, Cherokee, ' 66 Michael Strusky, Danbury. Conn., ' 66 Bill Tiedje, Davenport, ' 66 Ty Trainor, Berrington, Vermont. ' 66 Rick Trimble, Burlington. ' 66 Don Wadsworth. Niagara, N.Y., ' 66 Bill Walch, Cedar Rapids, ' 66 Dick Warrcnder. Cherokee, ' 66 Dan Wilkins, Omaha, Nebr.. ' 66 Darrell Winterowd, Cedar Rapids, ' 66 DELTA SIGMA V HI - Front Row: Lewis, Eckstein, Horton, Starbuck, DeMore, Murphy. Second Row: Baz- sail, Thompson, Willett, Karr (treas.), Jenkins, Hansen, Archer, Ernsberger. Samsel. Third Row: Harring- ton, Trimble, Rehder, Fink, Wilma Dieterichs (res. dir.), Pfister (pres.), Springer, Ricker, Wisby, Tester. Fourth Row: Maxon, Retzlaff, Walch, Wilkins, Wadsworth, Halpin, Fiori, Klindt, Switzer, Scigliano. Fifth Row: Rohm (sec), Zosulis, Stevens, Raufaste, Scott, Carver, Kasperek, Goetsch (v. p.), Thomas, Merrick, Milder, Martin. Sixth Row: Engelbrecht, Grange, Corporon, Koser, Craig, Kriz, Racine, Phillips, Tice, Lind, Keilson, Cook. Back Row: Cunningham, Stewart, Brown, Tiedje, Long, Bottenhorn, Dennis, Roeder, Grummitt, Lueders, Strusky, Lyford. 375 THE SETTING FOR PHOTOGRAPHS at the " 4-Poster " pajama party, Delt winter house party, was an actual four poster bed. DLLTA TAU DELTA — Front Row: Southard, Piper, krcnic, Tliorblirn, Dolejs, Gclljaar. Second Row: Nfyers, Werdell, Tibbetts, Armentroiit. Schuppe (pres.), Mrs. Pcden (res. dir.), L. Johnson, Bergman, Deppe, Hei- mendinger. Third Row: Kopp, Cuslodi, Nickels, Moore, Rhone, Safris (v. p.), Koranda, Hatfield, Metcalf. Fourth Row: VanderWilt, McKale, Smith, Boone, Loy, James, H. Johnson, Hoffman, Nelson, Mannes. Fifth Row: Turek. Mattix, Kviesitis, Scheiding, Kramme, Sacquety, Fauble, Reynolds, Burt, Reschly. Back Row: Findlow, Hansen, Nagel, Knudscn, Olson, Roth, Witte, Andreano, Greenlee, Elsbury, Petrick. t rM s M 1 Q 0. k w- V 1 B B ' ' -o ' B tir K ' l l V 1 k - ' ' ' wk i l Kjfl Pj m ' V P ' PPI IBh fe B XI ini " 1 Km h i Bl 1 » ' " ■» " E l B B 376 PLEDGES C ' .ary Akoni, Sheiiandoal), ' ( ' ) Amlumv Andrcano, !)es Moines, ' 65 Dick rrccmaii, Oskaloosa. ' dH Dennis Btxine, Western Springs, III., ' (ili Wendell Burt. La Grange Park, III., ' (M Richard Dodge, Cedar Rapids, ' 66 -Mian Becker, New Hartford, ' 6.5 Fred Hansen, Council Bluffs, ' 66 Cieorge Hoffman, Ida Grove, ' 66 Glenn Mannes. Sioux Falls, S.D., ' 66 Richard Mctcalf, Grimes, ' 66 Edward Mvers, Boone, ' 66 Kenneth Nikels, Ottawa, 111., ' 66 Larry Patrick, . It. Vernon, ' 66 Daniel Reschley, Wayland, ' 66 Richard Rhone, Des Moines, ' 65 William Wantiez, Marshalltown, ' 66 .James Werdcll, Chicago, III.. ' 66 Gary Wittc, Glenview, HI., ' 66 An orchid tree in the middle ol lo va was a sig- nificant feature of the DELTA 1 AU DELTA " Orchid Formal. " The orchids were later picked and given as corsages to the dates. Joan Robinson, Alpha Gamma Delta, was chosen as the Delt Queen. Delt social life was also filled with nu- merous firesides and exchanges. Another house party, motivated by Christmas Spirit, was a Christ- mas party for the " Golden Agers " of the com- mimity. The Delts, working with the Gannna Phi ' s, captured the second place trophy for combi- nation floats last Veishea. Members of the house also filled positions in campus honoraries includ- ing GSB, IFC court, Alpha Chi Sigma and Phi Eta Sigina. Added construction to the Delt house came in the form of sound proofing to the study rooms during Christmas vacation. DELTA TAU DELTA Delts host golden agers at Christmas time; get soundproof study rooms ACTIVES WilliaiTi Aldendifcr, Watikcgan, III., ' 63 Barry Armentrout, Griswold, ' 64 Donnis Bergman, Stratford, ' 64 Rex Blom, Oskaloosa, ' 64 George Ciistodi, Alexandria, Va., ' 64 Laird Deppe, Grinnell, ' 63 Joseph Doiejs, Ida Grove, ' 64 Richard Findlow, Des Moines, ' 63 Charles Gclhaar, Glen Ellyn, 111., ' 64 Richard Greenlee, Des Moines, ' 66 Larry Hatfield. Rock Island, 111., ' 64. Bruce Havick, Avoca, ' 65 Michael Helmendinger, Oska ' oosa, ' 63 Richard Horneck, Moline, IlL, ' 63 Dennis James, Glen Ellyn, III., ' 65 Halvard Johnson, Lombard, III., ' 64 Lcc Johnson, Avoca, ' 64 Dennis Knowlton, Underwood, ' 63 Roger Knudsen, Eagle Grove, ' 65 Robert Kopp, Lombard, III., ' 64 Ferdinand Krciik, Ida Grove, ' 64 Allan Kuhlman, Lake Bluff, III., ' 63 I ' cter Kvitsiiis, Des Moines, ' 63 Robert Lorentzcn, Omaha, Nebr., ' 64 Lynn Loy, Ottumwa, ' 64 John Mattix, University Park, 64 Donald McKale, Spencer, ' 65 James Moore, Boone, ' 63 Stephen Moore, New Hartford, ' 04 David Nagel, Lacona, ' 63 Donald Nelson, Rockford, ' 63 David Olson, Nevada, ' 65 David Piper, Nevada. ' 64 Wilbur Roth, Wayland, ' 65 Roger Sacquety, Ida Grove, ' 64 Charles Safris, Des Moines, ' 63 David Scheiding, Marshalltown, ' 64 Thomas Schuppe, Bellwood, III., ' 63 Ronald Smith, Jefferson, ' 63 Ronald Southard, New Hartford, ' 66 William Speer. Rockford, III., ' 63 Richard Thorburn, Oak Park, III., ' 63 John Tibbetts, Eslherville, ' 63 Anthony Turek, Albert City, ' 65 Robert Vanderwilt, Spencer, ' 65 377 Homecoming vas made a belated success for DELTA IJPSILON this year when their display, " Hottest Brand Going " was awarded the Purple Shaft. The mechanized project showed Cy brand- ing a Jayhawk with a sizzling branding iron. As Christmas rolled around the brothers again con- structed a first place winning door decoration. Last spring was highlighted by a beach party held at the house. The appropiately chosen favors were large beach towels with I U on them, and a swinging guitar band tested the endurance of the DU ' s and their dates. Two of the most sought after honors in the house are the Chev Adams award which is gi ' en each year to the most out- standing senior and the Larry Jurgens outstand- ing pledge award given in honor of late brother Larry Jurgens. DELTA UPSILON D Us succeed mth decorations: Christmas door gets first, Homecoming brings ' purple shaft " m 378 ACTIVES Jim AUorfer, Cedar Rapids, " 63 Tom Anderson. Ames. ' fir Wick Balrhcr. Cedar Falls. ' 6:1 Robert Rciiner, Fi. Madison, ' 65 Richard Benson, I a enporl, " (iS Larry Bewley, Davenport, ' 64 Gary Blumenschein. Omaha, Nebr., ' 6: Mike Br wman. Bur ' ington, ' 65 David Brandliorst. Waterloo, " 64 I,indlc Branson. Waterloo. ' 64 Boh Campbell, Omaha, Xebr., ' 65 Glen Christcnsen, Omaha, Nebr., ' 63 Dave Cloni. Highland Park, 111., ' 65 Steve Drees cii, Ames, ' 64 James Fdgar, Dubuque, ' 64 Ron Faust, Moline, III.. " 65 Kurt Faxon, Waterloo, ' 64 Jack Flctl, Sioux City, ' 65 Doug Greenleaf, Sioux City. ' 65 Glendon Creta, Sioux City, ' 64 Rovce Hall, Burlington, ' 6.3 John Hayes. Moline, 111., ' 65 I ' reston Hayse, Sioux City, ' 64 Steve Hcr og, Blandinsville, III., ' 64 Bert Johnson. Dcs Moines, ' 65 (iary Johnson, Sioux City. ' 64 I,arr Kerr. Sioux City, 64 Roger Knight. Omaha, Nebr., ' 64 Jim Koch. Adel, ' 65 Don I.arew, Iowa City, ' 63 Mike I.connrd, Dubuque, ' 65 Dave Loll, Omaha, Nebr., ' 64 Mike Nickey, Ames, ' 65 Larry Pearson, Boone, ' 64 William Rameker, Madison, Wis., ' 6i Rick Rarick, Sioux Citv, ' 65 Alan Rofdcr, Boone, ' 63 Steve Rotiler, Greene, ' 65 Bill Ro eboom. I.eMars, ' 63 Ron Sanderson, Moline, III., ' 65 Jim Sirois, Ft. Madison, ' 63 I.arrv Skeic, Ames, ' 64 Kduard Soenke, Da enport, ' 65 Jeff Si ears, Leawood, Kan.. ' 65 Clary Slielow, Des Moines, ' 65 Jerry Swan, Waterloo, ' 64 Sam Thrasher, St. Joseph, Mo., ' 65 John Willoughby, Western Springs, 111., 65 PLEDGES W. W. Acord, Moline, III., ' 66 F. M. Andersen, Sioux City, ' 66 K. W. Andres, Flmhurst, III., ' 66 I). C. Buck. Waterloo, ' 66 P. B. Diehl, Moline, 111.. ' 66 I). R. Hoppe, Redondo Beach, Calif, " 66 R. B. liiRols, Waterloo, ' 66 A. J. Kadon, Oak Park, III.. ' 66 J. Kaminsky, Waupon, Wis., ' 66 G. R. Long, Burlington, ' 66 I. L. Luft, Sioux Citv, ' 66 R. C. Miller, Bloomficld, ' 66 B. K. Nelson, Wauwatosa, Wis., " 66 A. C;. Pappas, Ames ' 66 (;. J. Pforr, Omaha, Nebr.. ' 66 K. L. Randies, Ames, ' 66 C. G. Rausch. Waterloo, ' 66 J. B. Schindler, Torrance, Calif., ' 66 V. D. Sche es, Sioux City, ' 65 W. J. Sutton, Dubuque, ' 66 R. H. Talcott. Ames, ' 66 C. H. Wahtola, Joliet, III., ' 66 LIGHT AND NOISE-FILLED nights precede Homecoming as the D U ' s build their " purple shaft " winning display. DELTA UPSILON — Front Roiv: Skeie, B. Johnson, Rottler, Cooper, Weaver, Kadon, Pearson, Faxon, Leo- nard, Hayse. Second Row; Herzog, Rozeboom, G. Johnson, Dreeszen (v. p.), Mrs. Peterson (res. dir.), Roeder (pres.) , Sutton, Nickey, Larew, Knight. Third Row: Buck, Bewley, Pappas, Hoppe, Long, Nelson, Koch, Campbell, Thrasher. Fourth Row: Spears, Batcher, Diehl, Soenke, Swan, Luft, Willoughby, Greenleaf, Ra- meker, Beimer, Andres. Fifth Row: Pforr, Flett, Bowman, Hayes, Faust, Acord, Benson, Rarick, Sanderson, Joslin, Talcott, Christensen. Back Row: Brandhorst, Hinesly, Branson, Blumenschein, Stielow, Mittvalsky, Altorfer, Greta, Sirois, Miller, Cioni. 379 CONVERSION of the house recreation room into a barn was the first step for the men who participated in the fall quarter " ' Farmers Boll. " FARMHOUSE — fron? Row: Fowler, Harman, Hoklen, Hcubrock. Ticdjc (prcs.), Smith, Rcsclily. Second Row: Dinsmore, Klodt, O ' Connor, Augustine (treas.), Mrs. Hansen (res. dir.), Weber, Mvrtue, Epling, Schmidt. Third Row: Pierrot, Machacek, Snyder, Hanson, Shuler, Orth, Patrick. Fourth Roxv: Bower, Ahrens, L. John- son, Hertz, Hill, Peterson, Raikes, McFadden, House. Fijth Row: Bowden Hosch, Thye, Morris, Kay, E. John- son, Sleistcr, McNeill, Van Zee. Back Row: Hlgdon, Selley, Miller, Dillman, Massey, Collins, Gute, Witt, Smalling. . 9 i f»-r J W ' - i . . ™w im M H i H:ii%i Mi x v% ' !Pf Iff f 7f If 1 " -- f f ▼ r w i ■ " t 1 mr S 1 r r 11 r T V ' • f • ' ' ' ' . - g 380 ACTIVES Don Ahrcns, Osage, ' 64 Kd Augustine, Washington, ' 63 Don Bowden, Winthrop, ' 65 Ron Bower, Lockridge, ' 63 Charles Collins, Cresco, ' 63 Don Dillman, Chariton, ' 63 Jim Dinsmore, Owatonna, Minn., ' 65 I.arry Epling, Moville, ' 63 Mike Fowler, Floyd, ' 64 Jim Gute, Owatonna, Minn., ' 66 John Han.son, Eagle Grove, ' 65 Ray Harman, Osage ' 63 David Hertz, Laurens, ' 65 Arnold Heubrock, Hawarden, ' 65 Bob Higdon, Grinnell, ' 64 Harold Hill, Minburn, ' 64 Bill Hillenian, State Center, ' 66 Lowell Holden, .Manly, ' 65 Jim Hosch, Parkersburg, ' 63 Wes House, Newark, III., ' 65 Erwin Johnson, Glenwood, ' 64 Les Johnson, Glenwood, ' 64 Ken Kay, Atlantic, ' 64 Richard Klodt, Ottumwa, ' 64 Gary Kluever, Atlantic, ' 66 Dave Machacek, Winthrop, ' 65 FARM HOUSE backed up a successful year by again leading fraternities in grade point. Last year it also had the highest grade point for all residences for two quarters. Putting their brains to practical use, FarmHotise men devised a " Rome, Sweet Rome, " satire on campus life and activities to win sweepstakes for Varieties ' 62. Their entry in Sinfonia was good enough to net them the second place award. On the social scene. Farm House left Iowa State students with the memory of the Stork Club, one of the four house parties held last Greek Week. The big house so- cial event was the spring formal, entitled " Spring Fantasia. " FarmHouse was also the site of the first tea for Homecoming Queen selections, and the host of such house events as Founders ' Day and Parents ' Day which was held at a different date than the school ' s Parents ' Day. FARMHOUSE FarmHouse reaches Varieties finals for second year in a row, hosts Homecoming queen candidates Dennis Masscy, Aurora, Colo., ' 64 Michael McNeill, Algona, ' 64 Paul Miller, Cedar Falls, ' 63 Dave Morris, Columbus Junction, ' 64 Don Myrtue, Smithland, ' 64 Larry O ' Connor, Webster Citv, ' 65 Ronald Orth, VVaverly, ' 65 Max Peterson, Stanton, ' 65 Vic Pierrot, Wever, ' 63 Ron Raikes, Ashland, Nebr., ' 65 Ron Reschley, Olds, ' 65 Bruce Schmidt, Holstein. ' 63 Roger Selley, Villisca. ' 63 I.arry Sleistcr, Manilla, ' 65 Marlin Smalling, La Porte City, ' 65 Cliff Smith. Jefferson. ' 65 Cilenn Snyder, Whealon, ' 64 Forrest Thye. BiirHngton, ' 63 Jim Tiedje, Newton, ' 64 Bruce VanZee, Prairie Citv, ' 66 Keith Weber. Hornick. ' 63 Jnn Witt, Osage, ' 66 PLEDGES Duane Harris. Atlantic, 66 Tom Hertz, Nevada, ' 65 Manyard Hogberg, Stanton, ' 66 Mark Peterson, Stanton, ' 66 Richard Schuler, Ames, ' 66 Monte Strathe, Hubbard, ' 66 Al Sutton, Farmington, 111., ' 65 381 THE RANCH with the brand Kappa Sig come to life again this year as the men and their dates donned their ten-gallon hats to attend the annual Western dance. KAPPA SIGMA Kappa Sig National gives scholarship award to ISJJ chapter; group honors founder Tr Another swinging KAPPA SIGMA year was christened at their annual Black and White For- mal which was held at the Kirk vood Hotel in Des Moines. Two foot panda bears were given as favors. Winter quarter also brought a Pajama Party, which speaks for itself, and the Kappa Sig Peppermint Lounge which was one of the Greek Week fimctions. Aided by Dominic and the Dominoes, this was the most spectacular party given. Spring cjuarter saw the Kappa Sigs honor- ing Seaman A. Knapp, one of the founders, at a tea, and also capturing the Class A volleyball championship as well as a scholarship award from Kappa Sigma national. Fall quarter and Rush Week once again saw Dominic entertaining Kappa Sigs and their dates. ;582 ACTIVES Bruce Becker, Fargo, N.D., 65 Dennis Brewer, Webster City, ' 65 Tim Brown, Grafton, Wis., ' 64 Warren Brown, Webster Groves, Mo Frank Burgess, Middleton, Wis.. ' 64 Tom Connelly, South Bend, Ind., ' 64 Larry Dixon, Keosauqua, ' 63 Poney Downey, Raton, N.M., ' 64 jon Eikenberry, Oelwein, ' 63 Richard Erickson, Omaha, Nebr., ' 65 Kent Falk, Omaha, Nebr.. ' 65 Tom Goebel, DeWitt, ' 63 Gerald Grummer, Pittsburgh, Pa., ' 65 C. Russell Hill, Omaha, Nebr., ' 64 David Hoober, Omaha, Nebr., ' 64 Robert Hall, Miami, Fla., ' 65 Steven Jess, Media, Pa., ' 63 John Kiesling, Moline, III., ' 63 James Lammers, Rockford, 111., ' 64 Douglas Lane. Omaha, Nebr., ' 65 Gene Lesch, Osage, ' 64 William Lieb, Spirit Lake, ' 65 ' 63 Terry Millis, Des Moines. ' 65 Kent Muller. Griswold, ' 64 Stephen Nelson, Ogden, ' 64 Donald Ogg, Adel, ' 65 Rodger Overholser, Shenandoah, ' 65 James Pellctt. Atlantic, ' 63 Arthur Reimers, DeWitt. " 64 Lonny Rodd, Des Moines, ' 65 Clair Satcr, Danville, ' 64 John Scott, Arlington, Va., ' 63 Ray Sebastian. Rock Hill, Mo., ' 64 W. John Shallenberger. Chesterland. Ohio, ' 64 Richard Sutler, Niagra Falls, N.Y., ' 63 William Welty. Brookfield, Wis., ' 63 PLEDGES John Burch, Webster Groves. Mo.. ' 66 Peter Braun, Wauwatosa, Wis.. ' 66 Keith Brandt, Council Bluffs. ' 66 Richard Casady, Atlantic, ' 66 Allen Clark, Osage, ' 66 Richard Dall, Council Bhiffs. ' 66 Robert Fleischer, Younkers, N.Y.. ' 65 John Johnson, Sioux City, ' 66 Kirk Johnson, Council Bluffs. ' 66 Randall Kleinhcssclink. Alton. ' 66 Steve McMullen, Des Moines, " 65 Gary Muller. Atlantic, ' 66 Craig Nelson, Ogden, ' 66 Dick Peterson, Colfax, ' 65 Peter Pruessing, Milwaukee, Wis.. T)0 Mark Rogers, Arlington, Va., ' 66 Donald Schaller, Des Moines, ' 66 Ronald Schlick, Charles City, ' 66 Wayne Snyder, Sanborn, ' 66 Robert Sogge, Sioux City. ' 65 Tom Terrill, Atlantic, ' 66 Guy Thiel, St. Louis, Mo., ' 66 Larry Twecdt, Slater, ' 65 Chester Ward, Council Bluffs, ' 66 James Williams, Ames. ' 66 James Witham, Cedar Falls, 65 KAPPA SIGMA Front Row: D. Johnson, Taylor. Sutter, Scott, Welty, Becker, Hoober, Sebastian (pres.), S. Nelson (v. p.), Olson. Second Row: Burch, F.rickson, Rogers, Williams, Braun, Fleischer, Falk, Burgess, Over- holser, Grummer. Third Row: McCay, Sater. Hall, Muller. Thiel, Mrs. Seidler, Millis, Tweedt, Kiesling (sec), Reimers. fourth Row: Sogge, Ward, K. Johnson, Brown, Eikenberry (trcas.), Dall, Schaller, Anderson. Terrill, Brewer, Hill. Fifth Row: Schorpp. Muller, Connelly, Schlick. Peterson, Dixon, J. Johnson, Lesch, Lieb, Furt- wagler, Pellett. Back Row: Pruessing, Lane, Witham, Brandenburg, Stifel, Kacena, Shallenberger, Downey, C. Nelson, Klcinhesselink, Snyder, Brandt. ;!83 The era of the Charleston, flapper, and bath tub gin was recreated when LAMBDA CHI ALPHA had its " roaring twenties " party, " Sin and Gin, " at the Boone Country Club. The favors given were black procelain bath tub ash trays. The Lambda Chi ' s celebrated Founders Day with a tea on March 22 and then housed the Greek Week Awards Banquet during last Greek Week. Christ- mas spirit ran high in the Lambda Chi hotise and motivated backing behind several projects. The chapter held a Christmas party for patients at the Woodward State Hospital and School and spon- sored the annual Christmas Door Decoration Con- test. The main emphasis of the chapter has been on growth and this has been accomplished quite well with a tripling of the membership in the past three years. LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Lambda Chi ' s host Greek Week Awards Banquet; give party for retarded children 384 ACTIVES Jon Abrahamson, Dcs Moines, ' 63 William Bowling, Ottuniwa, ' 64 Gary Buttcrbaugh, Waiikce. ' 64 Richard Crist, Dcs Moines, ' 64 Terry Elliott, Rothelle, 111., ' 63 Thomas Erskine, Ames. ' 64 Kerry Geringer, Des Moines, ' 65 Phillip Hammitt, Logan, ' 66 Stewart Harris, Clinton, 111., ' 64 Stephen Hill, Des Moines, " 65 C harlcs Howard. Ames, ' 63 Lester Hribar, Antioch, III., ' 65 James Hnggins, Omaha, Nebr., ' 65 Robert Jones, Clarence, N.Y., ' 63 Franklin King, Milo, ' 65 Thomas Knoop, Oshkosh, Wis., ' 63 Jerry Laack, Sheboygan, Wis., ' 66 Eugene Mangold, Des Moines, ' 65 Dennis Martini, Des Moines, ' 66 Gordon Mills, Watertown, S.D., ' 65 Fred . linnis, Ames, ' 64 Wayne McDevilt, Davenport. ' 63 Michael Nelson, Titonka, ' 64 William Orr, Fort Madison, ' 65 Gene Schatz, Manning, ' 64 Gary Scott, Blairsburg, ' 63 Don Searcy, Des Moines, ' 63 Francis Smith, Rockton, 111., ' 67 Darryl Sparks, Burt, ' 63 James Stehn, Boone, ' 63 Robert Van Houten, Lincoln, Nebr., Arthur Verdoorn, Sioux City, ' 63 Edward Carter, Dexter, Minn., ' 63 John Zimmerman, Des Moines, ' 65 PLEDGES Dennis Bishop, Webster City, ' 65 James Brown, Ames, ' 65 Richard Chapman, Urbandale, ' 66 Michael Delap, Sioux City, ' 65 William Happe, New Holland, Penn., ' 66 Robert Johnson, Westchester, 111., ' 67 John Judge, Albia, ' 68 David Kaled, Sioux City, ' 65 Joseph Kaled, Sioux City, ' 66 James Mellon, Aurora, 111., ' 66 David Nelson, Clear Lake, ' 65 Thomas Rampy, Albia, ' 66 Thomas Rodine, Des Moines, ' 66 Carl Saubert, Boone, ' 65 Kenneth Schultz, Evanston, 111., ' 65 Gerald Sewell, Fort Madison, ' 66 Donald Sherrill, North Mankato, Minn., ' 66 Edward Smith, Lebanon, Tenn., ' 66 Robert Urich, Garner, ' 66 Glenn Veenstra, Des Moines, ' 66 DARING AND FAITH in the brothers ' workmanship Is needed to do the work on the top of the Lambda Chi Homecoming display. LAMBDA CHI ALPHA - ron Row: McDevitt (treas.), Mrs. Harcll (res. dir.), Erskine, Hansen. Saubert, D. Nelson, Bowling. Second Row: Johnson, Kaled, M. Nelson, Schultz, Harrell, Zimmerman, Fowler, Mangold, Laack. Third Row: Huggins, Martens, Crist, Calzada, Stehn, Sparks, Milikin, Butterbaugh, Sewell. Fourth Row: Rodine, Schatz (pres.). Hill, Chapman, Engle, Hribar, Mellon, Sherrill, Bishop. Fifth Row: Scott, Harris, VanHouten, Urich, Schmaker (sec). Martini, Orr, Veenstra, Martin. Back Row: Rorsyth, Smith, Searcy, Min- nis, Verdoorn, Happe, Mills, Rampy, King. 385 Out of 122 PHI DELTA THETA chapters in the nation, Gamma chapter at ISU received the Har- vard Trophy Award for outstanding excellence. This is the seventh time Gamma chapter has re- ceived this award which is presented at the Na- tional Convention. The Phi Delts boast many reasons for the winning of the trophy. Three members were tapped for Cardinal Key, and Tom Timm was elected president of the senior class. The Phi Delt social calendar also contained an im- pressive lineup of events. The Tri-Hoiise Party with the Sig Alphs and the Sig Eps was definitely sticcessfid as was the Spring Formal held at the Hotel Fort Des Moines. Sweepstakes for Sinfonia was presented to the Phi Delts and the Queen ' s Trophy was awarded them for their Veishea float " When You Wish Upon a Star. " ACTIVES Jim Adelman, Sioux City, 63 Kent Anderson, Appleton, Wis., ' 65 Gordon Adkins, Grinncll, ' 64 Ron Beaver, Bedford, ' 63 Dan Bernard, Kenton, Ohio, ' 64 Frank Biba, Cedar Rapids, ' 64 Dave Bomgaars, Sioux City, ' 65 Tom Brown, Des Moines, ' 65 Larry Bussard, Clarlnda, ' 63 Bruce Byers, Wabash, Ind., ' 63 Don Christensen, Storm Lake, ' 64 Bert Cliff. Schnectady, N.Y., ' 64 Ron Coverdale, Spencer ' 65 Mike Cox, Ames, ' 65 Frank Crawford, Sioux City, ' 65 Colonel Dolby, Warren, Ohio, ' 65 Pat Gammon, Keokuk, ' 64 Jeff Gilbert, Alexandria. ' 64 Tim Glass, Cedar Rapids, ' 64 Tom Graham, Sioux Falls. S.D., ' 62 Dave Groth, Des Moines, ' 63 Terry Hankins, Lakewood, Calif., ' 63 Richard Hayes, StillWater, Minn., ' 64 Charles Hird, Cedar Rapids, ' 63 Earl Holtz. Ames, ' 63 Ron Hougham, Des Moines, ' 63 Dave Hoyt. Cedar Rapids, ' 63 Bob Huey, Klmhurst, 111., ' 65 Jim Ingersoll, Cresco, ' 63 Dennis Joseph, Sioux City, ' 63 Tom Koch, Denison, ' 63 Charles Laughlin, Cedar Rapids, ' 63 PHI DELTA THETA Sinfonia Sweepstakes taken by Phi Delt ' s; national award goes to ISU chapter Tony Lazes, Sioux City, 64 Bill Lenz, l eban on. Mo., ' 63 Dan Longnecker, Rockford, 111.. ' 64 Gary Lust, Anchorage. Alaska, ' 64 Dave Mahling, Sioux iCity, ' 64 John Meese, Security, Colo., ' 65 Fred Mcrrifield, La Grange Park, 111., ' 65 Roger Mcrrifield, La Grange Park. 111., ' 62 Terry McGiverin, Cedar Rapids, ' 63 Mike McPherson, Omaha, Ncbr., ' 64 Clark Munger, Sioux Citv, ' 64 Gary Nelson, Clarinda, ' 63 Gary Ness, Sioux City. ' 62 Bob Owen, Omaha, Nebr., ' 65 Russ Reddick, Sioux City, ' 64 Bill Rhvmer, Sioux City. ' 64 Dave Ringsmuth, Cedar Rapids, ' 63 Don St. John, Wyoming, 111., ' 63 Charles Saladino, Huntington, N.Y., ' 62 Wendell Schcib, Shenandoah, ' 64 Don Schmidt, Cedar Rapids, ' 63 Don Scott, McLean, Va., ' 64 Orlo Stilt, Memphis, Tenn., ' 64 Hayne Thompson, Sioux City, 63 Tommy Timm, Ames, ' 63 Bill Walker, Storm Lake, ' 64 Fric Wheeler, La Crosse, Wis., 63 led Wiktor. Peotoni. 111., ' 63 loin Wilson, Des Moines, 65 liin Wolf. Cedar Rapids. ' 63 lohn Wolf, C " dar Rapids, ' 63 Stu Wright, Ml. Pleasant. ' 64 CJlcn Zimmerman, Sioux City, ' 63 386 PLEDGES 4 Dave Brown, Dcs Moines, ' (i( Al Carl. Waterloo. ' ( ( Dick Farr, CJrcelev. Colo., " 06 Tom Kick. Oak Park. II!.. " 66 Leigh C;ilbcrt. DcKalb. 111.. ' 66 Dick Green, Aurora. III.. ' 66 Colin Halfwassen, Alexandria, ' 66 Bruce Helm, Rockford. III.. ' 66 K 1 Irwin, Sac Citv, ' 66 Dave Klinger. Cedar Falls. ' 66 Dave Mcintosh, Cedar Rapids. " 66 Jim Maland. Charles City, ' 66 Russ Nnssbaum, Des Moines, ' 66 Steve Peterson, Spencer, ' 66 Terrv Rcid. La Grange Park, ' 66 Tom Sawyer. Mason City, ' 66 Jim Soppe, Waterloo, ' 66 Chuck Sperry, Clarinda. ' 66 Fred Spern-, Clarinda, ' 66 Wally Stephenson, Ames, ' 66 Denny Sullivan, Sioux City, ' 65 Gary Thompson. Cedar Rapids. ' 66 Larry Urbik, Downers Grove, 111., ' 66 Randy Vick. Bloomhigton, Minn., ' 66 Don Zilmer, Waterloo. ' 66 THIRD PLACE for lawn displays went to the Phi Delt entry which was titled " It ' s a Shoo Inn. " PHI DELTA THETA-fronf «on ' ; Wilson. Crawford. Zimmerman. Green, Hird. Soppc, Christensen, C. Spcrrv-, Scllcib, Lust. Second Row: Rhymer, McGiverin, Ness. Glass. Nelson, Petersen, Mrs. Miller (res. dir.). R. Mer- rificld, John Wolf, Schmidt, Nussbaum, Sullivan, Cliff. Third Row: Irwin, Thompson. Zilmer. Pick, Long- necker, F. Merrifield, Brown, Reid, Wheeler, Walker. Mcintosh. Fourth Row: Jim Wolf, Coverdale, Hucy, Halfwassen, Lenz, Graham, St. John, Bernard (pres.). Holtz, Helm, llrbik, Gustafson. Fifth Row: Stitt, Hoyt, Koch, Hougham, Gammon, Brown, Dolby, Farr, Hayes (treas.), Mahling. Stephenson, Klinger. Back Row: Beaver, Stephenson, Biba, Gilbert, Thompson, Saladino, McPherson, Gunnerson, Owen, Byers, Bussard. 387 " Around her leg she wore a purple garter, she wore it for her Fiji who was far, far away. " This seems to have been the inspiration for the annual PHI GAMMA DELTA Purple Garter party held this year at Des Moines Wakonda Club with pur- ple garters as favors, of course. The Fiji year-round theme is " Fiji Island " which they successfiilly in- corporate into many of their activities such as Homecoming, Veishea and the spring " Grass Skirt Dance " . Speaking of the grass skirt, the Fiji ' s man- aged to create a tropical island in the middle of Iowa, quite a feat! Fall quarter was highlighted by a " Peppermint Lounge Party " held in collabo- ration with the Gamma Phi ' s. The earnings of a work day were put into a scholarship to the Uni- versity of Mexico which will be put to good use by some lucky brother. PHI GAMMA DELTA y Fiji ' s make money for scholarship to the University of Mexico; " Fiji Island " is year-round theme k 4 .r.ji ■ BBjumr PHI GAMMA DELTA — Front Row: Wilkes, Stevens, Drnec, Tieke, Gellerslcdt, DeMeyer. Second Row: My- thaler, Schlichardt, Olson, Kuhles (pres.), Baldwin, Halverson, Barger, Krueger, Schrcmp, Neuffer. Third Row: Foster, Halaska, Haves, Green, Kujac, Hcrron, Irvine, Sorensen, Gregory, Protz. Fourth Row: Johnson, Lage, Bottorff, Clark, Stevens, Mrs. Bellamy (res. dir.), Rhind, .Mangle, Drumm, Andreasen, Bish, Wheaton, Fritz. Fifth Row: Plager, Dethmann, Burmeister (sec.), Capouch, Mense, Andresen, Warner, McPhcrson, Erwin, Willenburg, Smith, Haugen. Sixth Row: Reichard, Larsen, Fry (sec), Weihoten, Montague, Parrott, Paul, Dirks, Reynolds, Blankenship, Nelson, Bauer. Back Row: Thomson, Bachman, Palmer, Van Scoy, Petkus, Buck, Torrens, Treabess, Ashworth, Thompson, Lesley, Carpenter. 388 EVERY SENIOR donates a beer mug to the collection at the Figi house. Even Hondo, the mascot, has a cup of his own. ACTIVES Ken Andreasen. Omaha, Nebr., ' 64 James Ashworth. Omaha, Nebr., ' G2 Tom Baldwin, l)es Moines, ' 64 Bill Bish, Birmingham, Mich., ' 63 Bruce Blankenship, Ottumwa, ' 65 Don Boltorff, Webster City, ' 64 Dave Buck, Waterloo, ' 64 Leon Burmeister, Muscatine, ' 64 Dave Carpenter, Ottumwa, ' 65 Eldon Clark, Le Claire, ' 65 Dave Delaine, Willmette, 111., ' 63 Tom Dc Meyer, Grayslake, 111., ' 65 Werncs Dethman, Denison, ' 65 Tom Dirks, Omaha, Nebr., ' 63 Phil Drumm, Ottumwa, ' 65 George Erwin, Cedar Rapids, ' 64 Dick Fickey, Ames, ' 63 Tom Foster, Sioux Falls, S.D., 64 Chuck Fritz, Palatine, III., ' 63 Ed Fry, Davenport, ' 64 jack Gellerstedt, Molinc, 111., ' 64 Ron Goodman, Des Moines, ' 64 Neil Goodman, Downers Grove, 111., ' 63 Bob Green, Bettendorf. ' 64 Chuck Gregory, West Des Moines, ' 64 Bob Halverson, Decorah, ' 64 Jan Haugen, Decorah, ' 65 John Johannesen, Arlington Heights, 111., Ken Kuhlcs, Kenosha, Wis., ' 63 Art Lage, Montgomery, III., ' 65 Al Larsen, Moline, 111., ' 63 Doug Lidstcr, Glen Ellyn, III., ' 65 Jim Mangle Macomb, III., ' 64 Ken McPherson Aurora, 111., ' 64 Tom Meyers Davenport, ' 63 John Montague, Omaha, Nev., 65 Ron Onopa, Schofield, Wis., ' 64 Bill Palmer, Evanston, 111., ' 63 Cal Parrott, Audubon, ' 65 Dan Paul Waterloo, ' 64 Greg Petkus, Aurora, 111., ' 64 Dean Plager, Des Moines, ' 65 Tom Prendergast, Riverside, III., ' 63 John Reynolds, Yellowstone Natl. Park, ' Dave Rhind, Lancaster, Ohio, ' 64 Dave Schreiner, Council Bluffs, ' 64 John Schremp, Omaha, Nebr., ' 65 Art Stephens, Downers Grove, III., ' 62 Spencer Stephens, Omaha, Nebr., ' 65 Jim Stout, Des Moines, ' 65 Tom Tamlyn, Evanston, III., ' 63 Larry Thompson, Ames, ' 64 Scott Tieke, Cincinalti, Ohio, ' 64 John Torrens, Mount Prospect, III., ' 63 Tom Trafals, Chicago, III., ' 65 Ron Treabcss, Mount Prospect, III., ' 64 Mike Van Scoy, .Ames, ' 65 Mark Walker, Council Bluifs, 64 Kurt Wandrey, Markham, 111.. ' 65 Jeff Warner, Larchmont, N. Y., ' 64 Tom Whcaton, Downers Grove, III., ' 65 Bob Wilkes, Omaha, Nebr., ' 64 Roger Willcnburg, Omaha, Nebr., ' 64 Dick Wimmermark, Franklin Park, 111., Bob Wolf, South Euclid. Ohio, ' 65 PLEDGES John Bachman, Park Ridge, 111 Steve Barger, Des Moines, ' 66 Paul Drnec, Cicero, 111., ' 66 Steve Forney, Sioux City, ' 66 Chuck Halaska, Winnetka, III., Moe Harrison, Miami, Fla., ' 66 Pete Hayes, New Rochelle, N.Y., Greg Herron, Des Moines, ' 66 Mike Irvine, Omaha, Nebr., ' 66 Joe Lesely, Oxford, Penn., ' 65 Brad Nelson, Omaha, Nebr., ' 66 Jerrv Olson, Sioux Citv, ' 6(i Bill Protz, Carlsbad, New Mex., ' ( John Reichard, Glen Ellyn, 111.. ' ( Dan Sorenscn, Omaha, Nebr,, ' 66 Jim Thomson, Cedar Falls, ' 66 66 It BB iiui!i ii 389 RECOGNITION is given to the man in the house with the high- est grade point. Last quarter Virgil Elings was the winner. PHI KAPPA PSI Phi Psi ' s feature water skiers at beach party and Veishea shoiv, place first in intramural baseball and track Athletics is practically synonymous with PHI KAPPA PSI. A representation of both intranuiral and varsity champions can be fotmd vithin this house. In the last year the Phi Psi ' s won fii ' st place in Class A softball, first in outdoor track and first in indoor track. Varsity squad members in- clude five players on the football travelling squad, two first string wrestlers, and two baseball players on first string. Putting their muscles and brawn to good use, the brothers recently repainted all the upstairs rooms of their colonial style hotise. Among the partie s engaged in by the Phi Psi ' s were an an- nual beach party held at Clear Lake last spring and a masquerade ball held at the hotise in the fall. The main attraction of the beach party was water skiing which was also the theme of their Veishea show on Lake Laverne. 390 ACTIVES Frank Belichick, Youngstown, Ohio, ' 65 Jon Breese, Red Oak, ' 65 Dave Carlson. Des Moines, ' 65 Dan Celoni, Milwaukee, Wis.. ' 63 Tern- Chandler. Clearmont, Okla., ' 63 ChfF Crystal, Omaha, Nebr.. ' 63 Errol Dierks, Monticcllo, ' 64 Dave Evans, Red Oak, ' 64 Glen Evans, Davenport, ' 63 Bob Fields, Red Oak, ' 64 Nfike Hall, Monticello, ' 64 Daryl Halqnist, Red Oak, ' 65 Jud Isebrands. Red Oak, ' 65 Jim Johnson, Owatona, Minn., ' 63 Lvnn Johnson, Chariton. ' 63 Mike Keefer. Rochelle, III., ' 63 Ernie Kun, Palmerton, Penn., ' 64 Larry Lee, Webster City, ' 63 Dan Lefgren, Hastings, ' 64 Dick Limerick, Sioux City. ' 64 Mike McDowell. Boone, ' 63 Dick McGuire, Cedar Rapids, ' 63 Mike Marienau, Ames, ' 63 Dick Mason, Webster City. ' 64 Tom Miltner, Iowa City, ' 63 Dick Pattschull, Mason City. ' 63 Charles Pierce, Webster Citv, ' 63 Dick Pilgrim, Davenport, ' 63 Bob Scott, Burlington, ' 65 Steve Simpson, Omaha, Nebr.. ' 64 Jim Smith, Rockford. 111., ' 63 Steve Spencer, Des Moines, ' 64 Richard Stauffer, Gladbrook, ' 65 Jim Van Dyke, Cedar Falls, ' 63 Charles Walton, Canvon Citv, Colo.. Bob Williams. Iowa City, ' 63 Jim Wipert, Ironton, Ohio, ' 65 PLEDGES Scott Asnin, Sterling, 111., ' 66 Dennis Carlson, Red Oak, ' 66 Roger Fischer, Peapack, N.J., ' 65 Richard Froistad, Gladbrook, ' 64 Dave Happ. Qiilncy. 111., ' 65 Bob Hill, Huxley. ' 66 Don Lewis, Harlan, ' 66 Dale Lindel, Red Oak, ' 66 Logan McCelyland. Springfield. III., ' 65 Larry Montre, Detroit, Mich., ' 64 Dave Shurts, Eldora, ' 66 Gene Smith, Ottumwa. ' 66 Dennis Stamp, Harlan. ' 66 Frank Steinmetz, Minneapolis, Minn., ' 6i Steve Stout, Springfield, 111., ' 66 Jim Watsabaugh, Omaha, Nebr., ' 63 PHI KAPPA VSl — Front Row: Rosemont, Fischer, Happ, Crystal, Mrs. Greer (res. dir.), Evans (pres.), Mason (treas.), Asnin, Johnson, Shurts. Second Row: J. Smith, G. Smith, McClelland, Pierce, Carlson, Stout, Mc- Guire. Third Row: Lefgren, Kun, Celoni, Simpson (sec.) , Pilgrim, Froistad, Walton, Lesmeister, Hallquist. Fifth Row: Steinmetz, Chandler, Evans, Stauffer, Williams. Spencer, Dierks, Breese, Fields (v. p.). Back Row: Wipert, Johnson J., Belichick, Marienau, Miltner, Scott, Limerick, Bauer. 391 QUARTERLY house parties are traditional with the Phi Tau ' s. A new twist in transportation was provided when the men used horse-drawn carriages to collect their dates. PHI KAPPA TAU- Front Row: Halbach, Simons, Kccs. Thompson (pres.). Reding, Beckenbacli, Martens, }ranks. Second Row: Ford, Hart, Carroll, Mrs. Winkler (res. dir.). Smith, Lathrum, Dixon. Third Row: .Mason, Skozynski, Kuhlman, Heinsen, Groth (treas.), VanHauen, Nelson, Daubenmier. Fourth Row: Curley, Hart, Wieborg, Knox, Larson, Hughes, Lipschutz. Back Row: Hawthorne, Slibeck, Lee, Bettcnhauscn, Kauz- larich (v. p.), Jasman, Logan (sec.), Murray. 392 PLEDGES Clarence Carrel, Omaha. Ncbr., ' 66 Willard Curley, Ottuniwa, ' 66 Jim Daubenmier, Cedar Rapids, ' 65 Robert Dixon. Peoria, III., ' 66 Gary Hughes, Bath, N.Y.. ' 64 Gary Kuhlman, Spirit Lake, ' 66 Joe Lee, Ksteryille, ' 6.5 Mark Lipschnlz. NIanitowoc, Wis., ' 66 Alan Marlins, Persia, ' 66 John Mason. Brooklield. 111., ' 66 Bruno .Sko ywske. Floral Park, N ' .Y.. ' 66 Howard ,Slibe k. Manhattan. III.. ' 66 Mark Van Hauen, Cedar Falls, ' 65 From within the depths of an old lamp came the genies of PHI KAPPA TAU and Alpha Gamma Delta, who tised their magic powers to build their Veishea float " The Wonders of Aladdin " . The selection of Linda Hugen as dream girl was the highlight of the Phi Kappa Tau " Spring Fantasy " held at the Boone Coimtry Club. Never being ones to overlook the novelty of the unusual, the Phi Taus arrived for their dates to the " Gas Light Club " party in horse-dra vn carriages. Cy vinging his vay toward a stadimn that repre- sented the Orange Bowl, was the product of in- dustrious efforts for Homecoming. Alumni Karl Johnson was honored for attending ISU ' s Home- coming every year for the last 42 years. The Cen- tral Office Operation Award was presented to the local chapter for management efficiency. PHI KAPPA TAU Phi Taus deal in magic and fantasy; sivitch to old-fashioned mode of transportation for ' ' Gas Lights ' ' party pt ACTIVES Raymond fielding, Stuart, ' 63 Joe Beckcnbach, Gainsville, F!a., 65 Lyle Bettenhausen, Peotone, 111., ' 64 Michael Ford, Laurens, ' 64 William Franks, Palos Heights, III., ' 64 Paul Groth, Winterset, ' 61 Dennis Hatbach, Spencer, ' 63 Richard Hart, Winterset, ' 64 Robert Hart. Peoria, III., ' 65 Ron Hawthorne, Lohrville, ' 64 Robert Heinson, Clinton, ' 65 Ouen Hofer, Bridgewater, S.D., ' 63 Michael Jasman, Des Moines, ' 65 William Kauzlarich, Des Moines, ' 64 William Kecs, Laurens, ' 64 George Knox, Webb, ' 63 Kent Krusce, Oskaloosa, ' 63 Gary Lathrum, Winterset, ' 64 Roger Larson, Arinstrong, ' 63 John Logan, Mondamin, ' 63 Keith Mcissner, Sioux City, ' 63 Don Murray, Laurens, ' 64 Kent Nelson, Denison, ' 64 Jim Poland, Winterset, ' 63 Larry Reding, Armstrong, ' 63 Warren Simons, Webb, ' 64 Ron Surace, Utica, N.Y., ' 65 Ron Thompson, Des Moines, ' 64 Rodney Wartig, Des Moines, ' 63 Don Westcrcamp, Oskaloosa, ' 63 James Weiborg, Odebolt, ' 64 393 A victory in the annual Reformation Day football game with Beta Sigma Psi evened the series at one a piece for the PHI KAPPA THETA ' S. The brothers also did well in intramural pingpong as they captured the class A championship. On the party scene, winter cpiarter is the time for the Phi Kappa Theta pirates. Each year the house is con- verted into a huge pirate ship complete with gang plank for those who fail to adhere to the " rules. " " Time Out " ! was the theme for their spring formal held at the Savery Hotel in Des Moines. A Hawaiian theme was the setting for the " Fish- eaters Brawl. " The Phi Kap Blast booth, " Egg Nog, " seems to have a self-explanatory title. A highlight of the year was the address given at their Greek Week banquet by Father Mclnerney, na- tional scholarship chairman for Phi Kappa Theta. PHI KAPPA THETA WPbi Kap ' s build gangplank for ' ' pirate ' ' friends ivho don ' t follow the rules; throiv eggs at " Blast " 394 ACTIVES , Richard Bair. Kcswitk, ' 62 Alan Barta, Solon, ' 64 Thoinas Botlin, New Hampton, ' 65 Jerry Corcoran, Fairbank, ' 65 janifs iCrtKk, Mcchanicsville, ' 63 Keith Downey, Luana, ' 64 (ierakl Cartner, Dubuque, 63 Brian Cluthein , Utica, N.Y., ' 65 C:hu(k Hcider. Carroll, ' 63 Jerrv Kuennen, Lawlor, 64 David Long. Marshalltown, ' 64 Gary McCabe, Cresco, ' 67 Bob McCurdy, Dubutiuc. ' 63 James McLaughlin, Highland Park, 111., ' 62 Joe Miller, Waterloo, ' 62 Robert Montag. West Bend, ' 63 Gerald Nehls, Dubuque, ' 63 James Schroeder, Omaha, Xcbr., ' 63 Phillip Sosalla, Sac City, ' 64 Mike Strieker, Middleton, Wis., ' 65 Rudolph Slupar, Lansing, 111., ' 64 Albert White, Worthington, ' 64 David White, Worthington, ' 63 PLEDGES William Bradford, Eagle River, W is., ' 65 Clem DcCristofaro, Bedford, Mass.. ' 67 Roger Ferris, Algona, ' 67 Frank Hermsen, Carroll, ' 66 Howard Holtz, Rochester, N.Y., ' 66 Leo LeClair, Peterson, ' 64 (ieorge Lemery, Moundsville, W. Va., ' 66 Ste e Link, Dyersville. ' 66 Ronald Marek, Riverside, ' 64 Charles Parrott, Rapid City, S.D.. ' 67 Da id Perschau, Carroll, ' 66 Ron Petrosky, Athol, Mass., ' 6 7 Larry Pfeifer, Fremont, Nebr., ' 65 James Reier, West Liberty, ' 66 James Schafbuch, Van Horn, ' 65 Alan Schilmoeller, Granville, ' 66 Rudolph Sedlak, Johnson City, N.Y., ' 65 John Sullivan, Waterloo, ' 66 Don VanDen Berge, Calamus, ' 65 Clem Ward, Clarence, ' 66 John Weigel, Farlville, ' 65 Gary Weyker, Marshalltown, ' 64 FISHEATER ' S BALL gave the men of Phi Kappa Theta a chance to party in their olcJest and least elegant clothes. PHI KAPPA THV.T A - Front Roiv: Bair, Sullivan. Heidcr. Sosalla (treas.). Mrs. Ibeisen (res. dir.). Gartner (prcs.), Schilmoeller, Strieker. Second Row: McCabe, Barta, W evker, Perschau. DcCristofaro, Ward, White, Ferris. Third Row: Sedlak, McCurdy, Van den Borghe, Parrott, White (v.p.), LeClair, Reier, Long, Weigel. fourth Row: Bottin, Corcoran, Marek, Petrosky, Bradford, Pfeifer, Schafbuch, Hermsen, Downev. Back Row: Crock, Kuenen, Schroeder, Stupar, Lemery Link, Gutheinz (sec), Holtz, Montag. 395 According to the men of PI KAPPA ALPHA, the highlight of winter quarter was the Hawaiian Party when their house was temporarily trans- formed into a tropical paradise. Spring was made all the better by their " Dream Girl Formal " at the Wakanda Cotmtry Club in Des Moines. Pike dates will never forget the 70 otince brandy sniffers, however, given as favorsat their fall party " Roman Holiday. " Besides being great party lovers, the Pikes are a brave crew. 70% of the house came forth and gave blood to operation lifeline for Greek Week. The Pikes showed their talent at the Blast by designing the largest booth which towered 28 feet. Probably the most important event of the year was the construction of their new $150,000 addition which will increase their capac- ity within the house to 77 men. PI KAPPA ALPHA Pikes bring Hawaii to house, have 70 Jo turn-out for operation lifeline during Greek Week PI KAPPA ALPHA — roHf Row: Lconhard, Foster, Robinson, Ace (mascot), Whitford, Cusack, Labertew, Albertson. Second Row: Whitson, Sweetman, Schreib, Byrne, Klumpar, Bell, Clause, Schroeder, Himes, Gun- derson. Third Row: Gibson, Pearson, Underwood, Bittikoffer, Mrs. Beryl Tague (res. dir.), Selby, Bye, Trier, Coon. Fourth Row: Downing, Hughes, Freeland, Roudabush, Schoon. Hess, Mott, Dietz, Costello. Fifth Row: Dinklc, Goettsch, McFarlin, Norris, Glaser, Hutchings, Jeglum, Brcngard, Dufour, Peterson. Back Row: Hyde, Faudel, Armstrong, Wallen, Gilson, Pederson, Cudzilo, Rossmill cr, Carstrom, Hango. 396 HAWAII came to Pi K A offer the men finished making a bam- boo doorway and adding tropical embellishments to the house. ACTIVES G. Curtis Armstrong, Omaha, Ncbr., ' 64 Jerry Baldus, Ames, ' 63 Roy Brengard, Garden City, N.Y., ' 63 Raymond Bye, Emmons, Minn., ' 65 Bill Byrne, Pocahontas, ' 65 Stanton Coffin, Fairmont, Minn., ' 63 Dale Dietz, Mankato, Minn., ' 64 Timothy Downing, Bettendorf, ' 64 Alan Erdman, Waterloo, ' 64 Donald Foster, Bellvue, Nebr., ' 64 John Freeland, Des Moines, ' 65 Harold Gilson, Des Moines, ' 63 Doug Haines, St. Louis, Mo., ' 62 Don Hazen, Davenport, ' 62 Don Hess, Davenport, ' 64 Dan Himes, Davenport, ' 64 Robert Hatchings, Des Moines, ' 64 James Hulse HI, Des Moines, ' 63 Don Hughes, Pasadena, Gal., ' 63 Jim Jeglum, Des Moines, ' 64 William Kellstrom, Omaha, Nebr., ' 63 Richard Martinka, Springfield, N.J., ' 63 Robert Manders. Adel, ' 63 Wesley Lind, Omaha, Nebr., ' 62 Tom McDonald, Keota, ' 63 William McFarlin, Davenport, ' 65 Robert McNutt. St. Ansgar, ' 64 Dale Pearson, Omaha, Nebr., ' 64 Lawrence Pederson, Des Moines, ' 64 H. Dean Peterson, Hartly, ' 65 Max Robinson, Milford, ' 63 Robert Roudabush, Brooklyn, ' 64 Patrick Rossmiller, Davenport, ' 65 John Schmidt, Niles, Mich., ' 65 Kent Schroeder, Grand Island, Nebr., James Selby, Des Moines, ' 65 J. Richard Smith, Creston, ' 63 Douglas Wallen, Bettendorf, ' 64 Gary Wicklund, Cedar Rapids, ' 63 Thomas Whitson, Minden, ' 63 Harold Watson, Charles City, ' 63 PLEDGES Arthur Albertson, Lake Mills, ' 66 Carlos Ambler. Iendota, III., ' 66 J. Douglas Bell, Keota, ' 65 Mike Carlstrom, Fremont, Nebr., ' 66 Thomas Clause, Jefferson, ' 65 Frederick Coon, Sioux City, ' 6.5 Michael Costello H, Des Moines, ' 66 Martin Cud ilo, Madison, Ohio, ' 65 John Cusack, Brooklyn, N. Y., ' 66 John Dufour, Wheaton, 111., ' 66 Edw ard Faudel, Davenport, ' 66 Thomas Gibson, Des Moines, ' 66 Arvon Glaser, Hartley, ' 66 Terry Goettsch, Des NIoincs, ' 66 Charles Gunderson, Rolfe, ' 66 Lynn Haugo, Lake Mills, ' 66 James Hyde, Garden Prairie, III., ' 66 Richard Klumpar, Cedar Rapids. ' 66 Gary Labertcw, Flora, 111., ' 66 Donald Leonhard Jr., East Moline, ' 66 Roger Mott. Mason City, ' 65 Keith Norris, Gracttinger, ' 66 William Pond, Davenport, ' 66 Larry Schreib, Des Moines, ' 65 Richard Steele, Omaha, Nebr., ' 66 Charles S veetman, Johnstown, N.Y., ' 66 Dale Trier. Keota. ' 66 John Underwood, McClelland, ' 66 F. Wendell Whitford Jr., West Union, ' 65 Charles Witt, Graettinger, ' 65 397 FINAL WEEK makes it doubly necessary for the men to keep up their strength by eating. Mealtime at the house also gives the brothers a chance to relax and talk to each other. PI KAPPA PHI Pi Kaps go from snoiv to roses for entertainment; me dual theme for Homecoming display ' The Friendliest House on Campus, " PI KAPPA PHI, swung out with many large parties last year. Snow vas the appropriate theme for their winter hotise party ■ " Sno-Ball. " The theme of this semi- formal dance was carried otit with favors of champagne bubble bath. Going from winter to spring and snow to roses, the brothers sponsored the " Rose Ball " during spring quarter. The beauty of the formals worn by the dates was matched only by the thotisands of stars and btid- ding roses which adorned the room. Miss Karen Knudson, Kappa Delta, reigned as the Rose Ball Queen. A dual theme of " Bowl ' Em Over " and " Cy Strikes Again " marked the Pi Kapps Home- coming display. A 25-foot Cy was shown bowling at Jayhawk pins. Strong intramural participation was shown with teams entered in all sports. 398 ACTIVES PLEDGES Richard Adams, Glen Ellyn, III., ' 64 Richard Anderson, Downers Grove, III., ' 64 Thomas Baker, Lombard 111., ' 6 ' ) Kelly Bergstroni, Des Moines, ' 64 Robert Bryant, Washta, ' 63 Jack Gethmann, Gladbrook, 63 Lynn Hess, Waterloo, ' 65 Donald Howell, Des Moines, ' 63 Lawrence Jones, Des Moines. ' 65 James Knavel, Waterloo, ' 65 Michael Landwehr, Des Moines, ' 63 Hubert Lattan, Glen Ellyn, III., ' 63 Michael McDevitt, Des Moines, ' 64 James Mefferd, Jr., Des Moines, ' 65 Mark Niffenegger, Des Moines, ' 65 Frank Parrish III, North Piatt, Nebr., ' 64 Ralph Ruedy, Middle, ' 65 Patrick Ryan, LaGrange Park. 111.. ' 64 Lawrence Stella, Oak Park. 111., ' 64 Keith Ticknor, Exira, ' 63 Wayne Wenthe, Hawkeye, ' 65 Allan Behar, Oak Park, III.. ' 66 John Cole, Des Moines, ' 66 Jay Crawford, Sheffield, ' 66 Jim Destival, Waterloo, ' 65 Robert Hickling, Clinton, ' 66 Event Kemp, Des Moines, ' 66 Dennis McDonald, Scotch Grove, James Peterson, Des Moines, ' 64 Daryl Pleggenkiihle, Hawkeye, ' 66 Roger Russei. Omaha, Nebr., ' 66 Terry Schamberger, Cedar Rapids, Russell Schlatter, Hawkeye. ' 66 Michael Wonio, Bettendorf, ' 66 Gary Ziegier, Muscatine, ' 64 ' 66 ' 66 PI KAPPA PHI — Front Row: Behar, Russell, Lattan (pres.), Mrs. Garner (res. dir.). King, Parrish. Adams. Second Row: Wenthe. Kemp, Landwehr, Knavel, Wonio, Jalir, Ziegler, Crawford. Third Roii ' : Devitt, Jones, Baker, Bergstrom (sec). Ryan (treas.), Schlatter, McDevitt. fourth Row: Niffenegger, Destival, Cole, Ruedy, Hickling, Mefferd, Schamberger. Back Row: Stella, Hess, Peterson, Howell, Pleggenkuhle, Anderson, McDonald. i 399 PLEDGES Allen Anderson, Arlington, Va., ' 66 Stephen Arthur, Des Moines, ' 65 Paul Baker, Denison, ' 64 Richard Bcek, La Grange, III., ' 66 Daniel Borg. Dcs Moines, ' 66 Richard Bower. DcKalb, III.. ' 65 Steven Christcnsen, Des Moines, ' 66 Richard Bunn, Oakmoiit. Pa., ' 66 Thomas Ellerhofl. Des Moines. ' 66 William Findlev. Fort Dodge, ' 66 Harold Garwood jr.. Des Moines, ' 65 Kugene Hall. Shenandoah, ' 64 Bob Hunziker, Ames, ' 66 Danial Ilgen. Cedarville, 111., ' 65 Joe Kobes, Mitchell. S.D.. ' 66 Wavne Kohler. Chicago, III., ' 66 William Lehman, Des Moines, ' 66 Rex Lowe, Marshalltown, ' 66 Harry Morris, Des Moines. ' 66 Robert Ostrander, Ludlngton, Mich., ' Jeffrey Pilling. Omaha, Xebr., ' 66 Robert Rankin. Kansas City, Mo., ' 65 Dana Robes, F.Ina, N.H., ' 66 Steven Robinson, Ft. Dodge, ' 66 Thomas Sexton, Sumner, ' 66 John Shaw, Des Moines. ' 66 David Spatcher, Ames, ' 65 Richard Stanley, Marshalltown, ' 66 Kent rhorntoii, Davenport, ' 66 Douglas Waterbury, Des Moines, ' 66 MINERVA, goddess of love and the SAE ' s protectoress, is being prevailed upon to help Ken Rogerson and Judd Erickson. SIGMA ALPHA KPSILON -Front Row: Shaw, Johnson, Ward, Neiman, Arthur, Anderson, Gunson, Marshall, T. H. Jones, Waterbury. Second Row: Groustra, Kleven, Baker, Nelson, Sexton, Ruggles, Bishop (pres.), Mrs. Buch (res. dir.), Borg, Laslett, Grisvold. Brown. Third Row: Lowe, Lehman, Taylor, Ketcham, Pilling, Kobes, Holmes, Garwood, Thornton, Robes, Penaluna, Dunn. Fourth Row: Short, VanWechel, Lemkc, Rogerson (v. p.), Rankin, J. Erickson, D. Erickson, Findlay, Larson, Christensen, Stanley. Fifth Row: Ilgen, Robinson, Hatcher, King, Burtnett, Bundy, Beck, Hall, Ellerhoff, Morris, Dunn, Bower. Back Row: Huntoon, Burrell, Line, Mohr, VonBergen, Gamble, Lowe. T. A. Jones, Hunziker, Hughes, Russell, KoUer. 400 ACTIVES Bob Bashara, Ames, ' 63 Dave Bishop, West Des Moines, grad. Joseph Blichfeldt, Milford, Conn., ' 64 Merle Brand, Waterloo, ' 65 Bob Brock, West Des Moines, grad. Bob Brown, Sioux City, ' 63 Lin Bundy, St. Joseph, Mo., ' 64 Steve Burrell, Ames, ' 63 Steve Burnett, Downey, Cal., ' 64 John Coder, Des Moines, ' 64 Lynn Cunningham, Ames, ' 63 Terry Dunn, Oakmont, Pa., grad. Dave Dwyer, Ames, ' 64 Dave Ericson, Western Springs, III., ' 64 Judd Ericson, Morton Grove, 111., ' 64 Pete Fuller. Mitchell, S.D., ' 67 John Gamble, Shenandoah, ' 65 Gregg Gammack, Ames, ' 63 Dean Gisvold, Bonne, ' 63 Chuck Groustra, Decorah, ' 63 John Gunson, Des Moines, ' 65 Mike Gunson, Des Moines, ' 65 Joel Harris, Algona, ' 63 Bob Hatcher, Omaha, Nebr., ' 64 Terry Holmes, Mitchell, S.D., ' 63 John Hoper, Ames, grad. Jim Howalt, Sioux Falls, S.D., grad Phil Johnson, Terrill, grad. Rich Johnson, Marshalltown, ' 65 Tom A. Jones, Omaha, Nebr., ' 65 Tom H. Jones, Minneapolis, Minn., ' 64 Dennis Ketcham, Shenandoah, ' 65 Aaron King, Ames, ' 65 Gary Kleven, Westbrook, Minn., ' 63 Gary Larson, Shenandoah, ' 64 With the aqtiisition of two new large trophies, the men of SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON made 1962 a big success. In collaboration with the Theta ' s, they took first place in the combination division for their Veishea float " Water Babies ' Sweep stakes for Homecoming displays then went to the SAE ' s for their display, " Beat Kansas, " featuring some realistic beatniks. Jonnie Parizek reigned as queen for the Sig Alph winter formal. During spring quarter the brothers and their dates launched rafts in Tom Sawyer style down the Des Moines river. Upon finding a sandy beach, the travellers disembarked for dancing and a pie throwing contest. Mourning clothes were the ap- parel for the funeral of Paddy Murphy. An all university championship football team led the Alphs to the fraternity intramural trophy. SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Sig Alph victories include Homecoming Sweepstakes display winner and first place Veishea float Lars Laslett, Ames, ' 64 Ron Laumbach, Ames, ' 63 Ron Lemke, Dundee, III., ' 65 Jim Lindstrom, Aurora, 111., ' 64 Tom Line, Sioux Falls, S.D., ' 63 Tim Lowe, Marshalltown, ' 64 Jim Marshall, Clarsburg, Cal., ' 64 Terry Mohr, Rock Island, 111., ' 64 Mick Montgomery, Des Moines, ' 64 Bob Moore, Des Moines, ' 64 Ted Munday, Cransford, N.J., grad Bill Muter, Warren, Ohio, ' 64 Rick Neiman, Waterloo, ' 65 Dave Nelson, Boone, ' 63 Tom Norris, Indianola, grad Tom Penuluna, Hampton, ' 63 Ken Pigott, DeKalb, 111., ' 65 Doug Rogers, Ames, ' 63 Ken Rogerson, Des Moines, ' 64 Bob Rufenacht, Archabald, Ohio, ' 64 Jim Ruggles, Moline, 111., ' 65 Steve Russell, Sioux City, ' 65 Pete Schroeder, Dallas, Tex., ' 65 Mel Short, Des Moines, ' 64 Dwight Steege, Waterloo, grad Jerry Swilzer, Omaha, Nebr., ' 65 Larrv Tavlor, Ames, ' 65 Bob Van Wechel, Grinnell, ' 63 Mick Von Bergen, Ames, ' 64 Larry Ward, Des Moines, ' 63 Tom Gray, Ames, ' 63 401 Crowning of Sue Rank as the fraternity ' s " sweet- heart " took place as the final words of the famous song, " The Sweetheart of SIGMA CHI " , filled the Wakonda Country Club. The occasion was the spring " Sweetheart Formal. " Girls attending the " Undertakers Ball " were in for several novel experiences. First, they rode to the house in a hearse, and then, after going through a maze, each girl had to identify the sheet covered body of her escort. The men of Sigma Chi had no com- plaints about " refereeing " for their " Derby Days " . Chi Omega captured top honors in the competitive events and a new " Derby Darlin ' " was proclaimed. Interest on activities outside the house is evidenced by the fact that three Sigma Chi ' s served on the Central Committee for Greek Week and one was coordinator for Varieties ' 62. SIGMA CHI w Dates ride to party in a hearse, Sigma Chi ' s select srveetheart, sponsor ' Derby Days " 402 ACTIVES 4 Frank Boock, Dcs Moines, ' 64 Willard Combs, Des Moines, ' 63 jim Corrough, Mason City, ' 63 Alan Cuinming, Peoria, III., ' 66 Jim Dreitzlcr, Buchanan, Mich., ' 65 Marvin Duckworth. Des Moines, ' 64 Dean Ellis, Des Moines, ' 63 • Frank F.nnis. Fairmont, Minn., ' 64 Robert Fries, Davenport, ' 64 Terry Fritz, Fort Dodge, ' 65 Don Gravbill, Council Bluffs. ' 64 C:harles Crumley, Racine, Wis., ' 63 Jack Hayes, Creston, ' 66 Robert Henricksen, Davenport. ' 64 Jon Iscnhart, Davenport, 65 Bill Knudsen, Creston , ' 64 Robert Kraai, Holstein, ' 66 Rich Long, Mason City, ' 64 Jim McCarville, Moorland, 65 Dick Mcl.ain, Des Moines, ' 65 James McDonald, Ames, ' 63 Jim Magill, Jefferson. ' 63 Thomas Meier, Northbrook, 111., ' 63 Don Mcricle, Enchant, Canada, ' 65 liavid Ouren, Council Bluffs, ' 65 Edward Parker. Russell, ' 64 Dick Patton. Mason City, ' 64 Roger Santleman, Des Moines. ' 63 Clayton Shank. Des Moines. ' 63 Aly Sharif, Tehran, Iran, ' 64 Bnan Sharif, Tehran, Iran, ' 65 Fred Sheppard, Webster Groves, Mo., ' Steve Shippos, Iihica, N.Y., ' 65 William Soth. Bettendorf, ' 63 Jeffrey Terrill, Glendale, Cal.. ' 63 Warwick Tobias, Oak Park, 111., ' 63 Michael, Weibel. Dcs Moines, ' 63 (;ary Weiland, Hosstein, ' 65 PLEDGES Jim Asklof, Villisca, 66 John Boldes, Des Moines, ' 66 Dave Carlson, Des Moines, ' 64 Denny Ham. Des Moines, ' 67 Don Jacob, Sumner, ' 67 Tom Kenyon, Fort Dodge, ' 64 Ken Mericle, Alberta Canada, ' 67 Galen Miler, Ottumwa, ' 66 Bill Pabst, Des Moines, ' 66 Doug Powell, FuUerton, Cal., ' 66 Rich Schwartz, Forest Hills, N.Y., ' 65 Jim Shaffer, Des Moines, ' 65 Gil Stewart, Memphis, Tenn., ' 65 Steve Terrill, Glendale, Cal., 66 Jim Trewin, Richardson, Tex., ' 66 DERBY DAY, traditional Sigma Chi-sponsored event for Greek system members, includes beauty, athletic, and costume con- tests as well as providing an excuse for applying point to the rear of girls ' levis. SIGMA CHI Front Row: Asklof, Trewin, S. Terrill, Boldes, Weller, Powell, J. Terrill. Second Row: Mc- Donald, Kraai, Ellis, McLain, Mrs. Williams, D. Mericle, Parker, Patton, Knudsen. Third Row: Shaffer, Jacob, Blackbeak, Isenhart, Corrough (pres.), Sheppard, Ennis, McCarville, Henricksen (treas.). Fourtli Row: Miler, Pabst, Combs (v. p.), Shippos, Duckworth, Sharify, Boock, Meier, Weiland, Schreiber. Bask Row: K. Mericle, Carlson, Gumming, Tobias, Magill, Long, Fritz, Ouren, Soth. 403 Iowa farms and fields invaded the V.F.W. Hall in Nevada for the SIGMA NU " Sod-Busters ' Ball " , September 30, 1962. The brothers and their dates donned farmer-type clothing complete with the old familiar corncob pipes. Entertainment con- sisted of dancing in-and-out between corn stalks, pumpkins, straw and hay. Al Capone himself couldn ' t have concealed a speakeasy any better than the Sigma Nu ' s did at their Roaring Twen- ties party during winter quarter. Spring quarter found the Sigma Nu ' s and their dates paddling down the Des Moines River from the Ledges to have a picnic dinner on the beach. Bugs were the main attraction at their Blast booth entitled " Roachill Downs " where contestants placed bets on the outcome of races run by six cockroaches on a specially constructed track. SIGMA NU Sigma Nu ' s turn " sod-busters " , revert to ' ' 20 ' s " for entertainment, race cockroaches for charity SIGMA S — Front Row: Pundt, Sorcnsen, Burkhart, Kaigh, Mrs. Shaw, Knock, Peterson, McFarland, Trene- man. Second Row: Hyde, VanHorn, Hogan, Lee. Third Row: Brown, Mulvihill, Allen, Cunningham, Stan- ley Schroder, Mitchell, Stephen Schroder, Militello, Newell. Fourth Row: Johnson (sec.), Trexel, Gallagher, Hollander (treas.), Robinson, Wood, Sloe, Tinker, Miller. Back Row: Corwin, Newton, Anderson, Zinkil Hankins, Schreiber, Papacek, Grubb, VanNostrand. i L F tI f k • l Bh ' ' itj f |t r p mt J . 1 B ' 1 [ " j k- K 2 V ' - 9 k. " H |[m 0H H ' " ' ' " v |KJk|| " » f ' ! n HL B ' ' ■ r ' = ' R ' n ' i B 404 BEING MASCOT for the Sigma Nu ' s means that you must be a dog who enjoys kibitzing on a bridge game. ACTIVES Jim Allen, Morton Grove, III,, ' 63 Don Anderson, Columbus, Nebr., ' 64 Jim Arendts, Dcs Moines, ' 64 Bruce Bogard, Cedar Rapids, ' 63 Warren Brewer, Crescent, ' 64 Gerry Brown, Rockford, 111., ' 65 Bob Buckhart, New London, ' 64 Chuck Corwin, Punta Gerda, Fla., ' 65 P. J. Cunningham, Winterset, ' 64 Rich Galagher, Waterloo, ' 63 Don Eckhart, Melbourne, ' 65 John Gound, Hamburg, ' 63 Jerry Grubb, Des Moines, ' 64 Jim Hockstra, Rock Rapids, ' 63 Rich Hogan, Glen Ellvn, III., ' 66 Ted Hollander, Gilbert. ' 63 Bill Hyde, Hastings, ' 64 Don Johnson, East Peoria, III., ' 64 Mike McFarland, Quincy, 111., ' 64 Joe Militello, Rockford, III,, ' 64 Bob Mulvihill, Gumming, ' 64 Bob Newton, Winterset, ' 65 Kent Schach, Ames, ' 63 Bill Schreiber, Horicon, Wis., ' 64 Stan Schroder, East Moline, 111., ' 66 Steve Schroder, Silvis, 111., ' 65 Ray Sorensen, West Des Moines, ' 63 Alan Tinker, Postville, ' 65 Jim Van Nostrand, Creston, ' 64 Roger Wood, Palatine, III., ' 66 George Zinkil, St. Joseph, Mich., ' 66 PLEDGES Dana Gerecz, Des Moines. ' 66 Stacy Hankins, Nevada, 66 Rod Heller, Phrophetstown, 111., ' 66 Bill Kaigh, Stuttgart, Germany, ' 66 Joe Knock, Creston, ' 66 Larrv Lee, Rivera Beach, Fla,, ' 66 Keith Mitchell, Burt, ' 66 Don Newell, Des Moines, ' 66 Dave Peterson, Milan, III,. ' 66 Earl Robinson, Peublo, Colo., ' 66 Harry Sloe, Springfield, 111,, ' 66 Bayard Treneman, Ottumwa, ' 66 Roger VanHorn, Des Moines, ' 66 405 SIGMA PHI EPSILON Sig Eps build winning float, form two popular campus entertainment groups " BAMBI " brought the Sig Ep ' s the first place trophy for the fraternity division in the Veishea parade. The SIGMA PHI EPSILON house was again the scene of a whirl of social activities, projects, and other campus activities. The three annual house parties highlighted the social agenda. They in- cluded the " Saddle and Gun " which featured a Western type night club, the overnight party with its Christmas theme, and the " Queen of Hearts Ball " which filled the house with formals, tux- edoes, and a new Sig Ep Sweetheart. Strong volleyball, swimming, and wrestling teams helped the Sig Ep ' s to a lead in fraternity intra- murals and to a final second place award. Two of the leading entertainment groups on campus come from the " Ep Lodge. " These are the Var- ieties winning Sig Ep Trio and the Vanguards who provided twist music for The Memorial Union ' s Jazz and Java sessions, campus parties, and for the Sig Ep ' s themselves. 406 Front Row: Crcber, Meyer, Callanan, Barta (pres.), Mrs. Carl I. McKone, Donels, Livengood, Stephens (record- er), Nelson. Second Row: Counter, Krajnovich, Soclbcrg, Murphy, Posegate, J. McGuire, Earhardt, Hannaman, Tait, Lowman. Third Row: Hcimbuch, Moehrl (sec). Carpenter, Ohrl, Hanson. Straw, Sanford, VanderWilt, Newton, Unreau, Biderman. Fourth Row: Hartung, Wornson, Christenson, Carlson, Kirk, Gustin, Watson, Rupp. Tobcrer, Corder. Back Row: Pierce, Prendercast, Hitzemann, Bull, Drobney, Stlne, O ' Fallon (v. p.), M. McGuire, Chipman, Yungclas, Jester. ACTIVES Dick Andre, Ames, ' 65 Bruce Barta, Berwyn, III., 63 Jim Beaman, Lake Bluff. III., ' 64 Dennie Bradshaw, New Hampton, ' 64 Jim Bull, Mason City, ' 63 Tony Callanan, Santa Anna, Calif., ' 63 Earl Carpenter, Brooklyn, ' 64 Dave Chipman, Ames, ' 64 Mike Corder, Clinton, ' 64 Louie Counter, Burlington, ' 64 Joe Creber, Glen Ellyn, III., ' 65 John DeVilbiss, Burlington, ' 63 Bill Donels, Ames, ' 64 Don Drobny, Cedar Rapids, ' 65 Jim Edwards, Lawton, ' 65 John Essig. Ames, ' 64 Larry Faulhaber, Downers Grove, III., ' 65 Bruce Gibson, Downers Grove, III., ' 63 Gcof Goetz, Keokuk, ' 64 Phil Gordon, Webster City, ' 63 Bill Grenawalt, Iowa City, ' 64 Dave Grimm, Ames, ' 63 John Gustin, Fort Dodge, ' 64 Bill Hannaman, Mason City, ' 65 Mike Hartung, Des Moines, ' 65 Dave Hatala, Fort Madison, ' 64 Roger Hcimbuch, Mason City, ' 65 Lee Henningson, Des Moines. ' 64 Chuck Hiuemann, Downers Grove, HI., ' 65 Jim Holcomb, Lawton, ' 65 Bob Jester, Des Moines, ' 63 Bob Johnson, Mason Citv, ' 65 Cliff Kasdorf, Wauwatosa, Wis., ' 62 Bill Kinnan, Mason City, ' 65 Gary Kirk, Ames, ' 64 Pat Klingseis, Ames, ' 64 Ron Krajnovich, Ames, ' 64 Jeff Krommenhoek, Sioux City, ' 62 Fran Lebcns. Plattsmouth, Nebr., ' 64 Steve Lind, Clarendon Hills, 111., ' 63 Jim Livengood, Burlington, ' 63 Jim Lyons. Burlington , ' 64 Dan McCarthy, Ames, ' 63 Jack McGuire, Ames, " 63 Mike McGuire, Ames. ' 64 Mike Metz, Tremonton, Utah, ' 65 Gary Meyer, Cherokee, ' 64 Mike Moehrl, Marshalltown, ' 64 Dave Mott, Hampton, ' 62 Gary Murphy, Mason City, 65 Dave Neal, Mt. Vernon, ' 64 Paul Nelson, Ft. Dodge, ' 65 John Newton, Burlington, ' 65 Dick Novak, Berwyn, III.. ' 65 Tom O ' Fallon, Mason Citv, ' 63 Herb Ohrt. Mason Citv, ' ( 3 Bud Pierce, Ft. Dodge, ' 63 Dave Posegate, Ames, ' 63 Jim Prendergast. Ft. Dodge, ' 63 Craig Ritland. Ames, ' 64 John Rupp, Crystal Lake, III., ' 65 Fred Ryder, Clinton , ' 65 Dick Sanford, St. Louis. Mo., ' 64 Denny, Schumacher, Washington, ' 65 Bob Scott, Dubuque, ' 64 Al Smith. Des Moines, ' 65 Steve Soelberg, Sioux City, ' 63 Jim Stephens, Ainsworth, ' 63 Bob Stevens, Mason City, ' 63 Terry Stine, Ames, ' 62 Tim Stine, Ames, 63 Jim Strain. Dubuque, ' 63 Marv Straw, Lee. 111., ' 63 Gary Sutton, Minneapolis, Minn., ' 64 Bruc e Thalacker, Ottumwa, ' 64 Jerry Unrau, Spencer, ' 64 Carl Vandrewilt. Ottumwa, ' 64 Tuck Vosburg, Omaha, Nebr., ' 63 Mark Watson, Ames, ' 65 Brad Weidman, Ft. Dodge, ' 65 Dick Wornson, Mason City, ' 63 John Young, La Grange, III., ' 64 Bill Yungclas, Webster City, ' 65 PLEDGES Bob Adams, Newton, ' 66 Mike Adams, Omaha, Neb.. ' 66 Mike Biderman, Mt. Vernon. ' 66 Dale Brown, Burlington, ' 65 Gary Burhite, Mason City, ' 65 Mick Carlson, Burlington, ' 66 Mike Christenson, Vincent, ' 65 Bill Dailey, Ames. ' 66 Gary Evans, Seneca Falls, N.Y., ' 66 John Hanson, Forest City, ' 64 John Horns. Ottumwa, ' 66 Bill Knaak, Marshalltown, ' 66 Dennie Lowman, Clear Lake, ' 66 Paul McGuire, Ames. ' 66 Fritz Opel. Clear Lake, ' 65 Mike Rich, Oskaloosa. ' 64 Henrv Shoop, Mason City, ' 66 Bud Stelter, Mt. Prospect, 111., ' 66 Jim Tait, Mason City, ' 66 Jeff Toberer, Omaha, Nebr., ' 65 Paul Townsend, Ames, ' 66 Mike Terrill, Creston, ' 66 Tom Wornson, Mason City, ' 65 SIGMA PHI EPSILOS - FroTJt Row: Essig. Gibson. Lebens. Lind. Mrs. McKone, Opel, M. Adams, Gordon. Second Row: Andre, D. Goetz, Stelter, Vosburg, Novak, Smith, Wiedmann. Third Row: Evans, Brown, Strain, Wornson, Grenawalt, Scott. Fourth Row: Caldbeck, Rich, Shoop, Townsend, P. McGuire, Horns, G. Goetz, Ter- rell, Schumacher. Back Row: Faulhaber, Young, Lyons, Hatala, B. .Adams, DeVilbiss, Ryder, Dailey, Knaack, Burhite. t C f t t SIGMA PI — Front Row: Hochwald, LaRow, Feller, Mrs. Noland, Frost, Lott, Widmer, Fessler. Second Row: Vicker, Ensign, Thoftipson, Frost, Bice, Sherwood, Olscn. Third Row: Ellingson, Sayers, Ratterree, Michgel- son (sec), Shelton, Lightcap, Geissler. Fourth Row: Brownlee (treas.), Knecht, Peterson, Calkins, Chrisinger, Askland, Schaffer. Back Row: Hanna (v. p.), Babcock, Nelson, Hageman, Safford, Sellman (pres.), Flanagan, Hoffbauer. 408 For the SIGMA Pi ' s, a Valentine ' s Day dance and a Halloween party were the social highlights of the year. The dance was climaxed by the Valen- tine sweethearts taking over the house for the night and, in true feminine fashion, rearranging the furniture before the boys returned the next morning. The " Shocktail Party " at Halloween found the front yard turned into a graveyard and appropriate decorations to emphasize one en- trance into the land of the departed. A fall hay- ride, more appropriate for the land of the living, helped round out the year ' s ftm. Homecoming found the boys on North Hyland, btirning the midnight oil for their display. Their efforts were rewarded when they received the second place trophy for fraternities with the display " K U ' s Headed for a Fall " , featuring a working waterfall. SIGMA PI Sig Pi house taken over by Valentine ' s Day sweethearts, front latvn occupied by spooks for Halloween ACTIVES Carl Askland, Des Moines, ' 63 Howard Babcock, Wells, Minn., ' 63 Ronald Brownlec, Emmetsburg, 64 Larry Ellingson, McCallsburg, ' 63 George Ensign, Elgin, 111., ' 62 Blair Feller, Victor, ' 65 Ron Fessler, Des Moines, ' 64 Kirby Flanagan, Boone, ' 65 Robert Hanna, Kansas City, Mo., 64 Kermit Frost, Windsor, Mo., 64 Robert Hochwald, Croydon, Pa., ' 65 Craig Hoffbauer, Muscatine, 65 William LaRow, Londonville, N. Y., ' 62 Dominick Leo, Des Moines, ' 64 Donald Lott, Springville, Pa., ' 65 Jim Micgelson, Mt. Prospect, 111., ' 64 Bert Nelson, Aurora, ' 65 Michael Peterson, Rockford, ' 65 Michael Pfaff, Aurora, III., ' 65 Merle Pierson, Madison, S.D., ' 64 Richard Ratterree, Ames, ' 63 Glen SafFord, Schnectady, N.Y.. ' 64 Larry Sayers, Blairstown, ' 64 Gary Sellman, Des Moines, ' 63 Larry Shelton, Rock Island. 111., ' 65 Robert West, Rome, Italy, ' 64 John Widmer, Westport, Conn., ' 64 Julian Yates, Kamucia, Hawaii, ' 64 PLEDGES Earl Bice, Marne, ' 66 Danny Chrissinger, Cedar Rapids, ' 66 Gary Frost, Windsor, Mo., ' 66 Raymond Geissler, McKeesport, Pa., ' 66 John Knecht, Washington, 66 Brian Lightcap, Rockford, III., ' 66 Terry Moore, Philadelphia, Pa., ' 65 John Olsen, Sedro- Wool ley. Wash., ' 66 Timothy Sherwood. Atlanta, Ga., ' 66 John Thompson, Roland, ' 66 Jack Vickers, Ames, ' 66 HOMECOMING ' 62 results in the construction of a real water- fall for K U ' s Jayhawk to plunge over. 409 Reward for building the float that should have gotten a trophy, but didn ' t, was given to TAU KAPPA EPSILON in the form of the Chi Omega " Purple Shaft " award. The float was " Ben-Hur " which the men built with the help of the Alpha Chi Omegas. To help celebrate Greek Week ' 62, the brothers sponsored one of the all-campus parties and provided dance music for the men and women of Iowa State. Intramurals proved to be one of their major interests. The Teke foot- ball team placed second in Class A football, and Tekes also became handball champions. Fall quarter found them winning the Class B volley- ball and football championships. The pledge class of ' 62 was kept busy by constructing a new basketball court as an aid to the entertainment and physical activity of the whole house. ACTIVES Don Achtcrberg, Williamsburg, ' 65 Chuck Ash, Waterloo, ' 64 Mike Auliff, Princeton, ' 65 Forest Bartenhagen, Wapello, ' 65 J. n. Beatty, Hancock, ' 64 Bob Bomgaars, LeMars, ' 65 Dennis Brehm, Cedar Rapids, ' 64 Ron Briggs, St. Joseph, Mo., ' 65 Bob Brutsman, Tracr, ' 64 George Burkards, Berlin, Wis., ' 64 Dennis Burns, Cedar Rapids, ' 63 Chuck Carl, Storm Lake, ' 64 Len Christiansen. Ventura, ' 64 Jerry Ciszewski, Chicago, 111., ' 63 Jack Clarey, Des Moines, ' 64 John Cronn, North Platte, Nebr., ' 63 Mike Davenport, Storm Lake, ' 65 Eric Dee, State Center, ' 65 Tom Dobbin, State Center, ' 65 Steve Dunlap, Peoria. 111., ' 64 Ron Ewing, Farley, ' 63 Chuck Filipi, Cedar Rapids, ' 63 Bill Frcdrcgill, W. Des Moines, ' 65 Bill Gronau, Dubuque, ' 63 Russ Hall, Atlantic, ' 63 Dick Hanna, Waterloo, ' 64 Earl Hanselman, LuVerne, ' 64 Chuck Hooker, Marengo, ' 64 Bill Hoefie, Grand Junction, ' 66 Pete Hostetter, Cedar Rapids, ' 62 Gary Hrdlicka, Cedar Rapids, ' 63 Steve Jacobson, Birmingham, Mich., ' t Bob Johnson, Boone, ' 63 Bob Kaiser, Elmhurst, 111., ' 64 Chuck Kolbe, Lake View, ' 64 Dann Kroeger, Bettendorf, ' 65 Mike Krouse, Garner, ' 64 Phil Kuhn., Wichita, Kan., ' 62 TAU KAPPA EPSILON Tekes win ' ' Purple Shaft " , take trophies in intramurals, W pledges build new basketball court John Lamb, Cedar Rapids, ' 64 Bob Lunt, Grand Junction, ' 63 Bill Lynn, W. Des Moines, ' 63 Doug McKiness, Mason City, ' 64 Cieorge Matiz, Bogota, Colombia, ' 64 Dick Mayberry, Omaha, Nebr., ' 63 Al Mitchell, West Des Moines, ' 64 Roger Mraz, Waterloo, ' 64 Dennis Moran, Harlan, ' 63 Tom Mullins, Corwith, ' 63 Jim Olberding, Granby, Colo., ' 63 Nick Olberding, Granby, Colo., ' 65 Bob Paulson, Waterloo, ' 63 Tom Pilcher, Osage, ' 63 Jerry Prawl, Omaha, Nebr., ' 63 Don Primus, Vinton, ' 63 Tom Reading, Louisville, Ky., ' 65 Gordon Rcisinger, Eldora, ' 63 Sam Reynolds, Waterloo, ' 64 Mary Richards. Knoxville, ' 64 Daryl Richardson, Austin. Minn., ' 64 Dan Roberts, Galcsburg, 111., 65 Bill Roe, Garner, ' 64 Ken Sanderman, Schaller, ' 64 Ed Schram, Manilla, ' 64 Lon Seymour, Lake View, ' 65 Skip Starke, Des Moines, ' 65 Tom Stille, Clear Lake, ' 62 Larry Switzer, Osceola, ' 65 Brooke Tannrr. Atlantic, ' 63 Jim Taylor. Hudson, ' 63 John Taylor, St. Joseph, Mo., ' 65 John Terry, Dubuque, ' 65 Zip Thompson, Clarinda, ' 64 Marv Walter, Lennox, ' 63 Dave Waters, Regina, Sask., Canada, ' 63 Jim Weigle, Decorah. ' 63 410 PLEDGES , Bob Anderson, F.vanston, III., ' 66 John Andrews, Luther, ' 65 Tom Calhoun, Barrington, 111.. ' 66 Bob Carlson, Hoopeston, III., ' 66 Ed Behnke, Albia, ' 65 Dave Dippold, Peoria, III., ' 66 Carl Domke, Sioux City, ' 66 Denny Doering, LeMars, ' 66 joe Elstner, West Des Moines. ' 66 Jim Frein, Waterloo, ' 66 Roger Hardy. Sioux City, ' 66 Ken Hucke, Philadelphia. Pa., ' 66 Cary Jones, Sioux City, 66 Dave Justice, Manchester, ' 66 Rick Lacey, Georgetown, Mass., ' 66 Rick Laird, Cedar Rapids, ' 66 Bob Larson, East Moline, 111.. ' 65 Scott Leighty, Burlington, ' 66 Jay Lewis, Bethcsda, Md., ' 66 Gar ' Lobaugh, Blairsburg, ' 65 Jack McAuliffe. Barrington. III., ' 66 Mike Maier, Peoria, III.. ' 66 Mike Miles, Galesburg, 111., ' 66 Jim Oslrander, Woodbridge. Conn., ' 65 Ivars Palks, Marshalltown, ' 65 George Peters, North Platte, Nebr., ' 65 Pat Peterson, Pittsburjgh, Pa., ' 65 Dave Prince, Sioux City, ' 66 Ed Skowronski, Rock Island. III., ' 66 Don Tesdell, Des Moines, ' 66 Ken Wiggers, Eldridge, ' 65 Jim Willenborg, Dyersville, ' 66 Dave Willig, Dccorah, ' 66 HIGHLIGHT of the Christmas season is the anuual dinner-dance held at the TKE house. Seventy-five couples attended this year. TAU KAPPA EPSILON - Front Row: Lvnn, Matiz, Elstner, Leightv, Paulson, Jim Taylor, Justice, Mra . Sec- ond Row: McKiness, Dippold, Thompson, Richardson, Kolbe (prcs.), Mullins, Hall, Tanner, Johnson, Hoefle. Primus. Third Row: Carl, Kaiser, Clarey, Dunlap, Prawl (sec), Mrs. Grimm, Ash. Davenport, Brehm, John Tavlor, Dee, Willig. Fourth Row: Weigle, Carlson, Starke, Hanna, Laird, Maier, Miles, Lamb, Filipi, Schram, Hanselman (treas.), Kroeger, Briggs. Fifth Row: Peters, Sevmour, Wiggers, Willenborg, Terry, Brutsman, May- berry. Ciszewski, Burkards, Achterberg, Lewis, Hocker, McAuliffe. Sixth Roxv: Waller, Reynolds, Anderson. Prince, Bomgaars, Tesdell, Christiansen, Franke, Hrdlicka, Sanderman, Cronn, Frein, Pilcher. Back Row: Doer- ing, Jacobson, Roberts, .Auliff, Lacey, N. Olberding, Burns, Dobbin. Bartenhagcn, Fredergill, Reading, Calhoun, Hardy, Stille, Richards, Roc (v. p.). I 411 THETA CHI ' S and their dates participated in a " Roman Holiday " during spring quarter. Dress- ing in togas, everyone in their costumes appeared as part of a picture of ancient Rome as they sat on cushions. Stone columns and a wine fountain added to the atmosphere. On another trip to Europe, the " Hotel Theta Chi " was established along The Iron Curtain in Germany. The hotel served as a way-station for refugees escaping from East Germany via an underground tunnel. The attire consisted of Old German style clothes and German beer steins served as favors for the dates. On April 20 at the Savory Hotel in Des Moines, Ann Lowe was crowned the Theta Chi sweetheart at the " Carnation Cotillion " . Taking time out from their parties, the Theta Chi ' s earned the IPC award for scholarship advancement for 1962. THETA CHI Scholarship advancement award goes to Theta Chi ' s, Europe featured in house party settings THETA CHI — Front Row: Arens, Morse, Mrs. Denman, Pfitzenmaier, Moellcr (sec), Albrecht, Gruenhagen. Second Row: Weresch, Schwensohn, Blough (treas.), Pryor. Third Row: Englert, French, McKiness, Blue, Spooner, Leege, Fourth Row: Johnson, Grimes, Tult, McMinn, Jensvold, Hughes, Anderson. Back Row: Woods, Boten (v. p.), Laurie, HofE, Heggen, Stevenson, Heintz, Schutter. 412 THE MYNAH BIRD ENTERTAINING Rich Gruenhagen, Jim Arens, and Andy Thompson is the present given to the house by the pledges. ACTIVES Gary Albrecht, Rcadlyn, 64 Dave Arendts, Des Moines, ' 63 Ron Blough, Western Springs, 111., ' 63 Jim Blue, Marshalltown, ' 64 Jerry Booth, Ames, ' 64 John Boten, Roland, ' 64 Ron Clark, Sioux City, ' 63 Alfred French, Ames, ' 65 Jack Grimes, Buffalo Center, ' 64 Richard Gruenhagen, Walcott, 63 Norman Heintz, Nevada, 65 Dennis Hughes, Conrad, ' 63 Jack Laurie, Orchard Park, N.Y., ' 66 Gary Moeller, Milford, ' 64 Samuel Morse, Trinidad, Colo., ' 63 Gary Pryor, Des Moines, ' 64 Ray Schutter, Buffalo Center, ' 65 Herb Schwensohn, Cedar Rapids, ' 64 Darrel Thake, State Center, ' 64 Bruce Woods, Ames, ' 65 PLEDGES Tom Anderson, Sioux City, ' 67 Jim Arens, Remsen, 66 Ron Englert, Remsen, ' 65 Paul Heggan, State Center, ' 64 Steve Hoff, DavenFwrt, ' 66 Mark Jensvold, Buffalo Center, ' 65 Roger Johnson, Chevy Chase, Md., ' 65 Verl Leege, Lytton, ' 64 Ron McKiness, Mason City, 66 Logan McMinn, Springfield, 111., 66 Larry Pfitzenmaier, Cleveland, Ohio, ' 66 Bob Stevenson, Colo., ' 66 Dennis Tutt, Davenport, ' 66 Bill Weresch, Lombard, 111., ' 65 Richard Lutz, Donnellson, ' 64 413 RESULT OF OUTSTANDING SERVICE in the field of foreign stu- dent relations is the Norman Hockett Service Trophy. THETA DELTA CHI Theta DeWs lead in Model U N, People-to-People, and organization of foreign student weekend A new addition to the THETA DELTA CHI house is the Norman Hackett Service Trophy which they were awarded for outstanding service in the foreign student reahn. They are leaders in the university Model United Nations and once a month hold a " foreign student dinner " and " bull session " which usually lasts about three hours. Other cosmopolitan activities include the Inter- national Weekend at Des Moines, Cosmopolitan club, and the YMCA. Theta Delt members also had leading parts in organizing the Foreign Stu- dent Weekend held on campus. Competition among rooms for scholastic recognition helps keep the house high in scholastic rankings. House par- ties included a " Roman Rampage " and a " Swamp Party " with the fitting decorations and dress, and the formal, " Carnation Cotillion. " 414 ACTIVES Dwight Bates, Glen Ellyn. III.. ' 64 Edward Booth, Clinton, ' 65 Norman Caldwell, Council Bluffs, ' 64 Stan Collins, Mason City, ' 63 Ron Grier, Marshalltown, ' 65 Robert Hagerman, Kirkwood, Mo., ' 65 Gerry Hansen, Clinton, ' 63 James Hennigar, Manly, ' 64 Richard Heuwinkel, Council Bluffs, ' 65 Richard Horton, Marshalltown, 63 Gary Johnson, Green Bay, Wis., ' 65 Ronald Kaldendberg. Pella. ' 63 Richard King, McCook, Neb., ' 65 James Korte, Melbourne. ' 64 Stan Layton, Layton, Utah, ' 63 Dennis Lettow. Alden, ' 64 Walter Maciak, Worcester, Mass., ' 63 Donald Mehaffey, Cedar Rapids, ' 64 James Meehan, Dumont, 63 Wayne Miller, Moline, III., ' 64 Bill Moore, Ames, ' 63 David Nilsson, Hampton, 65 Bernie Poore, Council Bluffs, ' 64 Kenneth Reimer, Guttenberg, 65 John Richards, Ames, ' 63 John Schrock, Lockport. 111.. 65 Karl Sera, Tokyo. Japan, ' 64 Robert Smith, Waukee. ' 6 4 Robert Thompson, Ames, ' 63 Leroy Torkleson, Ames, ' 63 Terry Wehrman, Marshalltown. ' 63 Jerry Whitlock, Des Moines, ' 63 PLEDGES James Barber, Council Bluffs, ' 66 Frank Brand, Winona, Minn., ' 66 Emerson Brown, Kinnelson, N.J., ' 66 Terry Chew, Council Bluffs, ' 66 Tim Chew, Council Bluffs, ' 66 Wayne Hibbs, Forest City, 66 Keith Jenkins, Belleville, III.. ' 66 Richard Jorgenson, Joliet, III., ' 66 Ken Kaiser, Lake Bluff, 111.. ' 65 Michael Knotek, Council Bluffs, ' 66 Billy McKee. Oskaloosa, ' 66 Steve Shearer, Webste r Groves, Mo., ' 6 Dan Spray, Hillsboro, ' 66 Denny Wilson, Monroe, ' 66 Eugene Young, Council Bluffs, ' 66 Allan Zittergruen, Farmersburg, ' 64 THETA DELT. CHI - Frorj( Row: Meehan, Lettow (sec), Caldwell (sec), Mrs. Moseley, Sera, Grier. Sec- ond Row: Layton, Hibbs, Jorgenson, Hagerman, Chew, Jenkins, McKee. Third Row: Smith, Shearer, Poore, King, Booth, Nilsson. Fourth Row: Hennigar (treas.), Johnson, Mehaffey, Kaiser, Torkelson, Barber, Knight. Back Row: Schrock, Miller, Maciak, Young, Brown, Brand, Spray, Wilson. 415 Four hundred thirteen hungry coeds ate their way through all the pancakes they wanted at the THETA XI Pancake supper in the fall. Some of the fellows donned chef hats and took over in the kitchen, while others served as chauffers to trans- port the girls from the dorms. After two nights of flapjacks, fun, and fellowship, the boys turned in their $225 profit to the Campus Chest. As the girls visited the Theta Xi house and wandered by the trophy cases, they saw gold symbols of the boys ' recent softball and volleyball championships. No- vember 3, the house took on decorations of fleur- de-lis for the annual fall formal, which included the crowning of a Theta Xi sweetheart. March, 1963, marked the beginning of a new addition which includes a new rec room, chapter room, en- larged kitchen, and housemother ' s quarters. THETA XI Theta Xi plans addition to house, hosts $225 pancake supper for campus chest 1 1 mm THETA XI - Front Row: Eberle, Sharp, Conklin, Carter, Schutte, Hixson, Nelson, Selby. Second Row: En- grav. Miller, Christiansen, Mrs. Dickman, Stewart, Holdsworth, Lacher, Schooley. Third Row: Voorhees, Wille, Witzenburg, Panther (sec.), Pedersen, Shelton, Petersen, McGovern. Fourth Row: Jennison, Ziegler (v. p.), Anderson, Frey, Meltzer, Gerbig, Selander, Honert. Back Row: Streeter, Obenaut, Voorhees, Jones, Burke tt, Calvin, Larson, Watson. 416 FLEUR-DE-LIS blossomed at the Theta Xi house for the annual fall formal at which the fraternity ' s " sweetheart " was crowned. ACTIVES Ron Burkett, Merrill, ' 05 eal Carter, Muscatine, ' 63 Larry Christiansen, Denison, ' 65 Jim Dresser, Ames, ' 63 Jim Eberle, Schenectady, S.Y., ' 65 Fred Gerbig, Fairbault, Minn., ' 63 Marvin Hixson, Waterloo, ' 65 Al Holdsworth, Newton, ' 65 Gene Honert, Davenport, ' 65 Steve Jennison, Riceville, ' 65 Tom Jones, Des Moines, ' 65 Gil Lacker, Ruchford, Minn. ' 65 Bill Meltzer, Cedar Rapids, ' 63 Larn ' Nelson, Dysarl, ' 63 Jim Panther, Davenport, ' 64 Mike Pederson, Waterloo, ' 65 Bob Schooley, Washington D.C., ' 64 Ted Schutte, Sibley, ' 65 Jim Selander, Cottonwood, Ariz., ' 63 Jim Sharp, Arion. ' 65 Mike Stewart, Swea City, ' 65 Dennis Witzenburg, Des Moines, ' 65 Ciary Witzenburg, Des Moines, ' 63 John Ziegler, Vaterloo, ' 63 PLEDGES Jerry Bailey, Humboldt, ' 64 Pat Butler, Rochester. Minn., ' 64 Roger Coltvet, Humboldt, 65 Doug Frey, Oskaloosa, ' 66 Terr ' Galvin, Waterloo, 66 Tom Gerbig, Fairbault, Minn. ' 66 Bob Hansen, Waterloo, ' 66 Bill Johnson, Pine Beach, N.J., ' 66 Jon Larson, Cresco, ' 66 Bob Licko, Mediapolis, ' 66 Doug Mauch. Sibley, ' 65 Larry Obenauf, Mundelein, ' 66 Bruce Peterson, Ames, ' 66 John Selbv, Des Moines, ' 66 Dane Shelton, Glen Ellyn, 111., ' 66 Don Streeter, Kellogg, ' 66 Caral Swalla, Des Moines, ' 66 Jeff Voorhees, Des Moines, ' 66 Dale Willie, Hartley, ' 64 ji 417 " I , ' «« ■, ' •V. ' Hj .»• ' Seniors Editor Larry Hermann Senior, you ' ve spent four years or more hop- ing you ' ll leave Iowa State clutching a di- ploma, and at last it looks like you have a good chance of doing it. But there ' s more than the diploma, maybe you ' re also up for a commission and due for getting those bars pinned on your dress tmiform. There are interviews, interview trips, and decisions to be made. This is your last look at ISU as an tindergraduate part of it. Look with relief or with nostalgia, you won ' t change the fact that it is a way of living and a part of your life you are finishing. Look as you leave. 418 SENIORS 419 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS PLANNING senior activities and deciding on the class gift to the university is the job of the senior class officers. Handling the job this year v ere: Bill Murray, vice president; Karen Waggoner, secretary; Tom Timm, president; Keith Weber, treasurer. COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE There is a great demand for men and women who are educated in agriculture at Iowa State University. As agriculture becomes a more complex enterprise, scientific programs, concepts, and training are applied to the many phases of agriculture. The demand is for the young graduate who has a thorough understanding of the basic concepts related to this more complex agriculture. Graduates with a degree in agriculture from Iowa State aim their training to many oc- cupations including work in agricultural industries, farmers or farm managers, extension specialists and assistants, and communication directors. A curriculum in agriculture gives the student an opportun- ity to study the phase of agriculture in which he is most interested. Graduates of the college must have spent at least six months gaining practical experience in their chosen field before graduation. 420 krfrA ' jkit itMS ' !? € " Ci ' R Abbas, Leon E. Ackerman, Richard H. Adams, Dennis D. Aldrich, R. E. Lee, III Allen, Richard D. Amunson, Leonard E. Anderson, Harvey J. Anderson, Richard E. Anderson, Roger G. Augustine, Edwin J. Avey, James A. Bancks, Robert C. Bane, Kenneth M. Bassett, Richard L. Beck, Arnold J. Beebout, Harold S. Belden, Carl R. Benedict, John R. Berkland, William R. Betz, Douglas JJ. Black, Duane A. Blott, James T. Booth, Russell K. Bowden, Del K. Bower, Ronald A. Bowersox, James J. Bowstead, Jane L. Bradley, Nicholas N. Brooks, Claire E. Brown, J. Kent Brown, Wayne E. Brutsche, Dan L. Buehler, Duane R. Biunan, John M. Burchlield, John S. Burcham, Robert O. Burrack, Jim W. Busch, Wayne A. Buss, Val D. Campidilli, William R. Cassabaum, Gerry R. Chally, Darrel E. Clark, Larry J. Collins, Charles H. Cook, Harlan D. Cuttell, Gary L. Cunningham, Roger A. Davis, Gary S. Dillman, Donald A. Dingman, Donald R. Dohrmann, William B. Dooley, Robert W. Drew, John K. Ducommun, William H, 421 Agriculture Dunn, Terry W. Easter, Gilbert H. Elling, Fred H. EUingson, Larry A. Engwall, Robert E. Epiing, Larry H. Erickson, Larry E. Erickson, Mark S. Erickson, Nanette M. Faas, Donald F. Fortier, John A. Fotsch, Wesley A. FuUenworth, Karlton L. Fuller, Edmund L., Jr. FuUerton, Gerald E. Fulton, Rodney G. Gamble, John C. Gerdts, Ronald C. Goldsmith, Jerry G. Goodman, Donald R. Gound, John C. Graham, Harold W. Graham, John G. Gray, Jack P. Greimann, Vernon L. Grimm, David R. Gross, George R. Gruenhagen, Richard D. Guge, Gary G. Hamm, David L. Harman, Raymond W. Helfert, Mervyn L. Hembry, F. Glen Henderson, Douglas C Hendricks, Donald P. Hoel, Edwin G. Hollenbeck, Larry D. Hosch, James C. Hummem, Larry M. Hunziker, Roger F. Ingersoll, James W. Jahr, Fred W. m janr, rrea w. Jansen, Ivan J. Janssen, Bernard J. Janssen, Steven A. Johnson, James D. Johnson, Melvin T., Jr. Johnson, Robert C. Johnston, Tommy L. Jorgensen, LeRoy A. Kabela, Lawrence J. 422 MMJmM. |- , • - L 4 Kain, Patrick H. Kesselring, Ronald D. Kinney, James R. Kirsch, Alvin J., Jr. Kjome, David J. Klein, William C. Kleiss, Stanley W. Kli ndt, Harvey A. Krotter, Fred C. Kuhlman, Allen B. Kuhn, Keith F. Lahmann, Paul E. Lake, Max B. Larson, Charles G. Larsen, Richard L. Latham, Willard J. Lesch, Gene L. Livengood, Kenneth R. Louscher, Steven V. Loutfi, Mohammed H. McCauley, David W. McDonough, Edward C. McDowell, Michael L. McFadden, Duane C. McFarlane, Donald G. McGuire, Richard J. McGuire, Robert L. McMinimee, Andrew C. Mann, Arthur R. Maschwitz, David E. Melsa, Larry L. Mess, Elmer L. Michel, Greg A. Miller, Donald R. Miller, Paul D. Mindrup, Larry A. Mitchell, Clark J. Morgan, James W. Mortimer, John R. Midlins, Thomas E. Murphy, Dan M. Murray, William A. Myli, Russell C. Newcomb, Jim Newmarch, Jack L. Nixon, James H. Nollen, Stanley D. Nuzum, Arnold L., Jr. Oliver, Stewart A. Pace, David E. Parkinson, Richard C. Patrick, Elizabeth G. Patrick, Ronald D. Pauley, Lyle D. 423 Agriculture PROFESSOR Wayne Scholte, in a soils lab, lists some indentifying characteristics of various types of soils. Pellett, James V. Pena, Numa P. Peterson, John J. Piatt, Roger L. Poppen, Roger D. Prior, Scott L. Reeves, Robert R. Richards, Marvin D. Risius, Larry J. Saladino, Charles S., II Sanders, Bernard L. Satterlee, Alan K. Schaurer, Claude H. Schellhase, Curtis B. Schmuckey, James H. Schneider, Donald W. Schmidt, Bruce E. Schwieger, Barton L. Scott, LeRoy A. Selley, Roger A. Severson, Larry S. Shattuck, Richard H. Shepard, John K. Siex, Dwayne R. dikikMrnk 424 Silberstein, Roger C. Snead, John E. Speers, George M. Stadtmuellen, Richard A. kg £ .Steege, Dwight, L. StefFenson, Earl R. Stiegehneyer, John R. Stephens, Boyd L. Stille, Thomas A. Stutsman, Ronald E. Tanner, Brooke B. Tekippe, Earl W. Thelen, Ronald T. Thompson, William O. Thye, Forrest W. Ticknor, Keith A. Treloar, Robert H. Turk, Melvin D. Van De Valle, George L. Van Kiev, Alan C. Vasko, Robert C. Voltz, James W. Vosburg, Noble E. Walton, William N. Webb, Gary A. Weber, Keith A. Whitson, Thomas D. Willms, Donald L. Wildung, David K. Winters, Larry L. Wilson, Wendell W. Wisor, James F. Woldruff, Alan Yearns, Kerald 425 Electrical Technology Graduates Front Row: Couch, Adams, Petersen, Lohrman, Kunz, Smith. Second Row: Dennis, Zagan, Schaper, Fowler, Rojohn. Back Row: Svejda, Lickiss, Arbuckie, Vander Pol, Farr, Storer. COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING A slide rule. A log table. A math book. An Iowa State engineer can usually be foimd with one or more of the tools of his trade as he pursues his engineering studies at Iowa State. An engineering educa- tion aims to develop an engineer with a capacity for objective and analytical thought. An engineer is an individual trained to bring the finest and newest developments to industry and homes. A nuclear rocket is sent into space and the knowledge of an Iowa State engineer is at hand. Your home is heated by solar power and an Iowa State engineer figures directly in the research. A graduate engineer working for his PhD degree unravels a mystery for a new fuel and the promi- nent man is an Iowa State engineer. An Iowa State engineer is a man with a well-rounded education working to give his family, his friends and his nation a safer place to work and play. Ackerman, David L. Ahlstrand, Robert Allen, Alexander S. Altorfer, James R. Anderson, Robert J. Archer, John L. Baack, Edwin W. Bailey, Ronald L. Bair, Richard A. Baker, Allan E. Ballard, Dale A. Barker, William C. 426 E9 f W i ' H ' - ■ rr.f Ifftfp T 4k t }A4kA i% %■ i r 4 - - f- " f?? ' Tf uA rk iii Barnes, C. David Batcher, Richard M. Battey, John C. Bedard, Patrick J. Beers, Warren E. Beguin, Robert G. Behlmer, Terrence R. Bengtson, Harlan H. Benning, Roger D. Berryhill, David V. Beshaw, Thomas A. Bilsborough, Arlen T. Bilyeu, David P. Bossard, Fredrick R. BoH ' man, Gary L. Boyer, Kenneth E. Brown, Bernard E. Brown, Robert T. Bruns, Douglas V. Brush, Warren B. Buls, Melvin L. Burke, Patrick T. Burns, Donald Burrell, Samuel M. Burt, Richard L. Byers, Bruce E. Casson, Keith L. Chalfant, Ronald L. Chapman, Donald E. Cheng, Peter S. C. Christianon, Robert D. Clark, Ronald L. Claude, Jerry L. Cobie, Robert B. Coffin, Ronald L. Cornish, G. Kent Corrough, James V. Crabb, James O. Cramer, William D. Cronin, Don D. Crouse, Fred W., Jr. Crowley, Philip C. Cutler, Jody L. Cyphers, George E. Daehler, Thomas G. Dana, Paul R. Davis, Douglas A. Debo, John C. DeBoer, Darrell W. Dick, John R. Dommel, Richard L. Dressen, Ronald J. Dutcher, Gerald L. Dvorky, James R. 427 Engineering Dwinell, James I. Dyktra, K. James Eilers, Delos A. fc» fc - Ellis Robert L. Engelbrecht, Mark Ennis, N. Neil Ernsberger, Garry E. Evans, Samuel W. Fitzpatrick, John D. Flom, Roger E. Forrester, John H. Fowler, Richard F. Fredregill, Jame M. Freese, Frederick P. Fritz, James E. Fuger, Val E. Gabe ' l, Richard C. Gable, Robert W. Gelhaar, Charle J. Gerber, Dean E. Gerdes, Donald E. Gerst, Adolph H. Gerst, Melvyn L. Gethmann, Jack B. Gibson, Bruce M. Clifford, Donald C. Gilson, Harold L. Glandorf, David R. Glas, Charles M. Glaspie, Richard D. Goebel, Thomas W. Goering, Gerald T. Goering, Kenneth R. Gooch, Richard M. Griffith, Ronald J. Guenther, Charles D. Guerrero, Marian B. Hadden, Hugh J. Haddock, Lyndon K. Haddock, Ronald B. Hagman, Robert M. Hall, Royce D. Hammond, Philip S. Hansen, Daryl D. Hansen, Marion G. Harvey, Jerry G. Hays, Allen E. Heider, Charles H. Heinemann, Darol A. Hemme, William R. Henn, John I. 428 mm. Hentzel, Henry C. Herington, Carl L. Hiland, Douglas A. Hiley, Phil Hink, Gary Hocshtein, Alan L. Hoffman, Richard O. Hoffstatter, John P. Hollingshead, David H. Hougham, Ronald L. Howalt, James P. Howard, James P. Howell, Donald A. Hudson, Donald £. Hutchinson, Boyd L. Hynes, Larry J. Jacobsen, Karsten O. Janss, Peter F. Jasper, William L. Johnson, Fred T. Johnson, Joel B. Johnson, M. Richard Johnson, Ronald T. Karlsbakk, Oyvard Kellstrom, William A. King, Merle L. Kniepkamp, Richard L. Knoop, Thomas A. Knox, Jack Koel, Delmar P. Kouri, James Krocheske, Joes Kudrle, Carter S. Lacey, Royce O. Lane, Ronald F. Lanman, John E. Larson, Dennis L. Larson, Lowell A. Latta, Larry D. Laumbach, Ron L. Lemesh, Michael S. Limas, Robert Linder, Richard L. Liu, Rex R. Y. Lo, Alvin H. Logan, John W. Long, Howard A. Lund, Oscar M. McDonald, James C. McFarland, James R. McGinnis, Bryan J. McWilliams, Conrad Maden, Richard E. Mann, Henry A. 429 Engineering Martinsen, John L, Mason, Ronald C. Meehan, James B. Mentzer, Robert E. Messner, Alan Meyer, Harold W. Meyer, William D. Michaiek, Robert H. Middlebrook, Ronald F. Mohling, Gerald D. Moldt, James R. Moore, James R. Mooty, Donald J. Mortensen, Ronald A. Morton, David M. Mossnian, Gary Neiers, James W. Nelson, David L. Nelson, Gary A. Nelson, Larry R. Netten, Alvin D. Ney, James F. Nichols, Dave A. Nicklas, David G. Neibur, Douglas P. Nielsen, George V. Novak, Leonard L. Nutt, Melvin J. Oakland, John A. Oleson, Gary K. Oleson, Norman S. Olsen, Neil C. Olson, Donald S. O ' Neill, James E. Ory, Jack H. Ory, William A. Ostermann, Robert K. Page, James M. Pallas, Edwin J. Passerd, Richard N. Patterson, Ralph Paulson, Robert O. Pedersen, Dean R. Penaluna, Thomas R. Petermeier, Norman B. Peire, Alan W. Pestotnik, Thomas ' . Peterson, Delbcrt R. Pettit, Donald E. Philipp, Bruce E. Pickett, Frank W. Pilcher, Thomas E. O n ' ' nl r r ' wlf ' " w " 2 Jm . 430 i j- -aaE-i % MiifZ t f jL ' Q ' ' 3 Ploss, Jon L. Poland, Charles E. Power, Howard L. Prendergast, Thomas K. Pries, David R. Pullen, Mark C. Pumplin, Bruce A. Raps, Stephen G. Reed, Larry E. Resch, Gerald W. Ridout, Philip E. Rinkleff, Hermann Robinson, George M. Rodewald, Terrence J. Roeder, Alan W. Roeder, Michael L. Roth, Dennis L. Rump, William M. Ryberg, Roger D. Safris, Charles E. Sandahl, Michael L. Santelman, Roger D. Schach, Kent I. Schantz, Richard Schaub, Sherry J. Schilling, John F. Schlotteldt, Raymond J. Schmiedel, Robert H. Schnicker, Donald L. Schoeneck, Kenneth A. Schoeppner, Michael P. Schroeder, James R. Schumann, Donald H. Schwartz, Rodney E. Schwyhart, Winston R. Scott, Gary G. Scribner, Richard C. Shah, Anil K. Sheets, James B. Sheetz, James R. Sheppard, Dale A. Siglin, Donald J. Sirois, James E. Slothower, Charles E. Smalley, Stanley P. Smith, J. Richard Smith, Kent C. Smith, Richard A. Smoldt, James D. Sorenson, John D. Speer, Howard V. Spiess, Edward A . Spoor, John H. Stacey, Mark L. 431 Engineering Stanley, Raymond E. Stauffer, Richard C. Stehn, James L. Stephens, Kenneth R. Sundquist, Stephen A. Swain, Dennis Snydergaard, Dale W. Thompson, Hayne A. Thompson ,LeRoy R. Thovson ,Eldean F. Thiailkill, Ramon Titus, Gary W. Tobias, Warwick R. Toms, Philip M. Townsend, Donald A. Trytten, Chris T. Uhlenhopp, P. Bruce Ulrich, Jerry L. Vert, David H. Walter, David L. Watson, Carl R. Weber, Robert J. Wedemeyer, Lowell R. Wherspann, Jerry R. Wernecke, Frank W. White, David W. Wicklund, Gary A. Wictor, Kenneth P. Williamson, Michael D. Wilson, David M. Wilson, Ronald Wilson, Wayne W. Wiltgen, Eugene F. Wiltsic, Kenneth K. Winters, Wesley H. Wirtz, Richard W. Wisbev, Robert V. Wolf, Lyle C. Wolfe, John R. Woodford, Robert C. Woods, Gerald R. Woodward, Jerome M. Worrell, Vernon L. Yager, Yale W . Young, Hugh A. Youssefyeh, RouhoUah D. Zobenica, Ronald M. Jl Mmk mM f " . f i 432 VARIOUS YARNS and a floor loom allow Judy Clause to experiment with textures in a special problems course offered by the Clothing and Textile division of Home Ec. STUDENTS in Home Ec. learn the art of serving a full course dinner while living in West Fisher Home Management House. College of Home Economics Child development. Education. Textiles and clothing. Home ma nagement. These are only a few of the many fields one can choose in the Col- lege of Home Economics. Graduates of the Col- lege of Economics may be foimd in these and many other varied walks of life all over the world. The college provides their graduates with a " lib- eral " education preparing the student as a person, citizen, and family member. From freshman days each student works closely with a faculty advisor who serves as a factulty friend, giving assistance in planning academic programs and counseling in all aspects of camptis life. Graduates, found scattered all over the world, represent Iowa State training in indtistry as research technicians in the midwest, as buyers and designers for department stores in style-conscious communities, as teachers in many schools and as organizers in many of the nation ' s homes being excellent mothers and managers of their own families. 433 Home Economics Adix, Marilyn A. Allen, Marilyn K. Amick, Martha A. Anderson, Joann L. Anderson, Mary Jo E. Asell, Carol Lou Barclay, Jean A. Barcus, Karen R. Bartsch, Karen M. Bayes, Carol A. Beitelspacher, Arlene F. Blanchard, Karen A. Boatman, Susan M. Boe, Mary E. Bopp, Hane E. Bonte, Linda R. Botine, Karen E. Bottomley, Patricia A. Bowman, Ina Jane Brekke, Carol E. Brown, Barbara J. Burns, Sandra S. Burrowes, Susan A. Campbell, Rita M. Carlson, Janet M. Carnes, Sue K. Carney, Roberta Carswell, Barbara R. Cassabaiun, Linda S. Clause, Judith J. Clymer, Donnice K. Comfort, Carol A. Cord, Nancy J. Costello, Jane E. Cox, D. Dorene Cruthirds, Sharon T. Cunningham, Carolyn R. Dankenbring, Janet F. Davis, Kathleen E. Denny, Kathryn L. Dodds, Janice Dorrell, Judith F. Dunnell, Janet R. Duroe, Susan J. Eichhorn, Sandra L. Fisen, Sally H. Flickenger, Nancy Elliott, Terry B. Elwood, Barbara A. Emmert, Katherine Erickson, Kathleen K. Farmer, Mary K. TTWW R 5 434 Foerder, Ruth H. Forrester, Jean E. Fredregill, Julia R. Glover, Janet K. Goodin, Ellen E. Gorgen, Mary J. Gouldin, Sybil A. Gray, Mary M. Gregerson, Nancy L. Grunschel, Karen G. Hafner, Georgia L. Hall, Marina D. Hardy, Ann Harper, Mary M. Harvey, Peggy L. Hash, Jacquelin Haugen, Barbara D. Hawkins, Malinda H. Hecker, Donna Mary Hicks, Virginia L. Hill, Jeannine G. Hirman, Majorie A. Hoffman, Patricia R. Holcomb, Virginia K. Holt, Mary E. Houghan, Nancy J. Howe, Marilyn A. Hughes, Judith K. Humphrey, Sharon L. Hiunphreys, Heather A. Hunsberger, Gretchen R. Hunter, Mary J. Hurst, Jeanne A. Huser, Nancy Hutchinson, Judith Ann Hutchinson, Martha L. Irwin, Mary Lee Johannsen, Marilyn J. Johnson, Julie C. Johnson, Patricia B. Jolly, Joye Jones, Barbara R. Jones, Dorothy F. Jones, Virginia Juffer, Janice E. Kaiser, Karolyn K. Kaiip, Betty Ketelsen, Carole A. Kidney, LaVonne D. Kleespie, Karen L. Klein, Mary E. Knudson, Joyce £. Koski, Bonnie R. Kragt, Diane B. 435 Home Economia Krahl, Barbara C. Kruse, Darlene J. LaBarre, Susan Larew, Donald £. Larkin, Judith E. Lumbach, Sabra Leinen, Verlee A. Lemon, Marilyn C. Leonard, Margaret E. Lewis, Martha M. Livingston, Mary O. Livingston, Sally K. Lott, Sandra H. Love, Mary E. Lovrien, Phyllis A. Lunde, Carole A. McCorniick, Kay A. McElroy, Donna M. McGregor, Mary D. McKim, Grace A. McMillen, D. Marlene Marra, Lois A. Mayer, Patricia J. Melcher, Susan E. Miller, Debres J. Miller, Joyce R. Miller, Marsha A. Minert, Keo A. Mino, Evelyn L. Mitchel, Paulette Mleynick, Nancy Moore, Nancy A. Moren, L. Ann Nelson, Mary A. Newell, Elizabeth A. Nichols, Suann P. Niebuhr, Linda D. Nieman, Patricia A. Nord, Rosemary S. Orton, Karen K. Palmer, Mary P. Panncke, Maty L. Parizek, Jonette R. Parker, Jane Parks, Beverly J. Pavey, Carol A. Peterson, Valois R. Petsche, Mary E. Pike, Marcia S. Pierson, Barbara K. Plumb, Marilyn A. K Wk €,07 436 Potter, Janet M. Putnam, Nancy S. Readhead, Janet E. Reese, Joy E. Rice, Joyce E. Rietz, Carmen J. Rings, Meredith S. Rippetoe, Susan B. Rodriguez, Meriemil Rohwedder, Kathy A. Roush, Mary A. Rubio, Maria de L. Ruger, Jane L. Ryan, P. Jane Ryb, Jan Saltou, Iris E. Sanny, Beverly L. Sargent, Darlys M. Schafbuch, Janet F. Schweitzer, Mary A. Schweitert, Shirley J. Shadle, Julie M. Shahan, Karen M. Shelgren, Sandra C. Shepard, Judith E. Sime, Sandra E. Sindt, Ann M. Slykhuis, Janice N. Smith, Eleanor B. Smith, Joyce A. Smith, Sally J. Sonksen, Kay A. Soults, Maurene Stanley, Carol J. Steele, Meredith A. Stenstrom, Deanne L. Sterling, Judy L. Stine, Norma R. Strayer, Rebecca S. Synnes, Linda I. Tanaka, Elaine T. Taunk, Karen I. Taylor, Diane Thomas, Anne S. Thompson, Susan D. Todoroff, Bonnie Thornton, Margery Tigges, Sybil J. Tokheim, Dorothy A. Tomlinson, Susan B. Trachta, Anita K. Turner, Jane E. Vetter, Naomi A. Voigt, Carolyn A. 437 Home Economics Waggoner, Karen D. Wallen, Gail L. Warner, Donna R. Warner, Nancy J. Warning, Ann C. Waterhouse, C. Danora Welch, Jean A. Welch, Joan M. Westrum, Layne L. Wiegnad, Kay L. Wightinan, Patricia S. Wilfong, Judy A. Wilken, Carolyn S. Wilson, Nancy I. Wilson, Sara M. Winkelmeyer, Cara E. Wissbaum, Anne M. Woodman, Carol L. Worsley, Suzanne F. Wright, Anita M. Wubben, Julia M. Young, Constance J. College of Science and Humanities FINE MEASUREMENT is made on a physics research project. Re- search and Graduate school work await some of the seniors. Variety. Depth of knowledge. Humanities. Ex- pansion. These are only a few of the characteris- tics of the College of Science and Humanities. Variety is the key. Many majors and courses of study are open to the men and women who choose a career in this department. These choices may range from chemistry or English to physical edu- cation, naval science, or history and graduates may be found as teachers, laboratory technicians, office managers or research workers in industry. The College of Science and Humanities offers a great depth of knowledge for the science student. Core courses such as mathematics, history, and modern language, aim to develop the humanities area of a science student ' s education and helps a sttident to understand himself and others better. Crowing is also a big characteristic of the College of Science and Humanities. The enrollment in the College eq vials the enrollment of the largest College, En- gineering. 438 ft ' O 1 Q[ Abbas, William Abrahamson, Ann M. Ackerman, Jean M. Anderson, Karen K. Anderson, Kenneth L. Anderson, Ronald R. Arnould, Richard J. Asklof, Shirley A. Bahnsen, Loretta E. Bailiff, Rosemary J. Baldwin, Elizabeth A. Balloun, Joe L. Balodis, Zigurds Barketna, Dorothy J. Bergstrom, Richard F. Birk, James R. Bottge, Beverly J. Brenner, Christopher H. Brown, Barbara J. Brown, Dennis L. Brown, Warren L. Bruner, Dick Burrell, Steven K. Calhoon, Barbara M, Carey, DeLorese M. Charlson, Arthur K. Carlson, Craig E. Cassill, Joy Christensen, Glenn K. Christensen, Lee R. Christian, J. Mark Christiansen, Marjorie A. Coffin, Stanton F. Collier, John L. Conger, Larry A. Cook, Lawrence E. Cox, William F. Cronn, John C. Dahlin, Carolyn J. Dahmus, Michael E. Dambe, Gunars Davis, Billy W. Davis, L. Craig Denny, Lynden J. Deppe, Laird R. Dow, Jean A. Dunahoo, Kermit L. Durr, Linda L. Dykstra, Gerald M. Dykstra, Richard F. Easton, Anne E. Edwards, Karolyn J. Eichorn, Nancy E. Eikenberry, jon N. 439 Sciences mid Humanities Ellis, Gary D. Engrav, Loren H. Erickson, Jane L. Ewing, Ronald W. Exlev, Charles E. Feld, Jay E. Fie, Sharron L. Filipi, Charles J. Findlow, Richard C. Finnigan, Sally J. First, William B. Frisa, Ernest J. Frye, David G. Fuller, Ralph E. Garner, Paul J. Gartner, Gerald J. Gaynor, C. William Gisvold, Dean P. Gowan, Barbara L. Graham, Ronald J. Graham, Thomas W. Gray, Frederick J. Greene, Sharon V. Greenlee, Robert D. Haag, Karen M. Hammar, Walton J. Hammerstrom, Gary A. Hankins, F. Terry Hansen, Miriam K. Hanson, Mari L. Harrington, Denis L. Harris, Joel W. Hart, Maureen J. Hart, Michael J. Hayes, Claude W. Henderson, Robert A. Herbst, Nancy L. Hrmann, Cheryll K. Hermanson, Walter L. Hicks, John F. Hilgenberg, Judith P. Holland, Marianne Hollander, Adian W. Hoist, Dale J. Holtz, Earl W. Honeck, Kayleen K. Hood, Michael J. Hopkins, Ronald H. Hrdlicka, R. Gary Irons, Eugene J. Jackson, David W. iL iirJiT lSl 440 Jacobson, Karen L. Jarnagin, Jerald L. Jaycox, Alan L. Jensen, Larry W. Johnson, Alan F. Jones, Coral S. Joseph, Dennis H. Jess, Steve F. Jones, Karen G. Johnson, Charles K. Johnson, Karia L. Kaiil, Eldon G. Kay, Dennis H. Keen, Noel T. Kelly, Gary W. Kemmer, Lawrence M. Kennison, David J. Kenoyer, Charles E. Kiesey, Douglas T. Klein, Douglas P. Kleven, Gary L. Knapp, Dean H. Koch, Thomas E. Koch, Thomas H. Koenig, Gary R. Krummel, Larry L. Kueper, Theodore V. Kunce, Jerald A. Kushlak, Dennis £. Landwehr, Michael A. Langesen, Judith M. Langill, Michael E. Larsen, C. Allen Lee Margaret Lendertz, Jon D. Lenz, William B. Ling, Donald R. Lowe, Thomas E. Lyford, Charles Lynn, William E. McBride, Loren C. McCabe, Mary K. McCorkle, Jeannett A. McDevitt, Wayne F. McDorman, Donald J. McDuffie, Frances J. McGlynn, Cleo L. Mcintosh, Sharon K. McManis, Lorraine J. Marquardt, Lyie £. Massa, Linda L. Mehalfey, Ronald C. Meier, Thomas W. Merriday, AVilfred W. 441 Merrifield, Roger, C. Miller, Elizabeth A. Miller, Susan A. Miltner, Thomas E. Montag, Robert J. Morris, Charles E. Moses, Ronald W. Murphy, Wayne T. Murray, Linda J. Nagel, David L. Nelson, Carole H. Nervig, Jeri A. Ness, Gary C. Nies, Elizabeth L. Nowling, David P. Nye, John R. Ode, Diane R. Oliphant, Jean R. Packer, Ellen R. Papacek, Clifford A. Parrish, Robert R. Patch, Kenneth P. Pilgrim, Richard J. Pearson, Richard K. Peterson, Alice K. Peyton, Phillis A. Prawl, Jerry F. Rahe, Mary K. Randall, William Reading, Beverly J. Renshaw, Nancy H. Rew, Richard W. Richmond, James M. Riess, Dean Risser, John F. Robinson, Max B. Rowe, Susan B. Rover, Jean L. Rozeboom, William L. Ruebling, Charles E. Ruhde, Donald E. Ryken, M. Judy Salak, Ronald K. Sander, Paulette M. Schuppe, Thomas G. Schutz, Frederick M. Shramek, Margaret A. Scott, Shirley L. Selke, Judith W. Shank, Clayton D. Sindt, Duane D. Smith, Kenneth E. Smith, Ronald L. Smith, William A. 442 dl i n Yocum, Charles F. Zeien, Ralph C. Zimmerman, Clen A. Soth, William R. Sparks, Darryl R. Sterk, Kenneth R. Stewart, Gail J. Strachan, Gary L. Strand, Martha R. Schmidt, Donald E. Sunde, Karen M. Sutter, Richard J. Tam, Patrick T. Taylor, Robert B. Tebben, E. Marvin Thomas, Diana Thompson, Maries M. Thorburn, Richard H. Tice, Margaret A. Timm, Tommy L. Twachtmann, Larry A. Veale, James R. Viggers, Kurtis G. Voltz, James W. Vredenburgh, Larry D. Wagner, Thomas M. Wahrenbrock, James B. Walker, John A. Wall, David Waters, David G. Waters, Deanna M. Weber, James G. Wei, Cynthia S. Whitcomb, Martha S. Wiese, Charles H. Wind, LaVonne J. Wittkopf, Carole J. Wiseman, Michael W. Woolis, Lucille A. 443 AS A PART of routine requirement in vet med., Ray Morandi, x-ray technician for the day, exomins a film after it has been developed. College of Veterinary Medicine A checklist of the graduate o£ the College of Vet- erinary Medicine includes; twenty-one years of age, good moral character, good professional char- acter, at least two quality points, and approval by all departments of the college. The most popular career for an Iowa State graduate of the College of Veterinary Medicine is private practice. Many of the vet med graduates are finding " small animal practice " in larger towns inviting and some main- tain small private hospitals equipped for diagnosis and treatment of diseases of household pets. Other vet med graduates aim their careers to occupations with the Federal Government such as meat inspec- tors and in disease research. All over the nation, graduates of Iowa State ' s vet med department are found in positions of state and municipal govern- ments, commercial work, public health service, and education and research. Andrino, Luis R. Bashara, Robert T. Baxter, Bruce E. Beaumont, Ronald E. Belding, Raymond L. Bolte, Henry F. Boote, Edwin F. Brown, Roger T. Byington, Donald P. Cockrum, Richard H. C;olberg, Dayle D. Davis, Sidney N. Dawe, Donald L. Dorwart, Lee E. Broivold, Aldcn O. Duitscher, Dean W. Dunham, Edward E. Elliott, Marvin A. Eness, Paul G. Evans, Lawrence E. Fisher, Gary W. Flint, John E. Gardner, Dennis D. Gilbert, Donald M. 444 Hart, Lyle A. Hertie, Delbcrt M. Isaacson, Ronald H. Jaspers, Richard H. Johnson, James L. Johnson, Thomas P. Katzer, Earl D. Kirchgatter, Richard H. Kruse, Kent A. Larson, Ronald Laii, Timothy Lindner, Edwin R. Lucas, James F. McGovern, Michael J. McKnight, James H. Marcus, Sherman J. Meissner, Keith R. Morandi, Raymond J. Nederhiser, Morgan E. O ' Connor, Lawrence M. Patch, Martin A. Pitcher, Merritt AV. Rekeineyer, Ross R. Schickel, David J. Schumacher, Harrv Sickels, William G. Solberg, Gaylord M. Shutter, Glenn A. Swaney, David M. Thompson, Robert J. Wagner, Joseph E. West, Judson R. Williams, Dennis L. 445 BOMB SENIORS Who dichi ' t get their pictures inchided. Abbott, Lynn C. Abrahamson, Jon W. Aggus, Larry R. Ahart, Louis C. Ahrendt, Mario C. Aldendifer, William H. Allen, James C. Allison, David B. Ambrose, Allen A. Amenson, Henry L. Andersen, Daryl E. Anderson, Lawrence R. Anderson, Nancy K. Anderson, Phillip J. Andresen, Jack E. Andrews, James E. Anthony, Tad B. Applegate, Martin H. 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Howard, Charles F. Hudleson, Bruce D. Hughes, Donald E. Hulse, James H. Hunt, Larry E. Hupton, James R. lliff, Kenneth W. Isenberger, Kenyon J. Jackson, LyIe F. Jafvert, Lloyd R. Jamison, Jane R. Jarvis, Elizabeth H. Jensen, Larry W. Jepson, Jacquelyn Jess, John C Jester, Robert E. Johnson, Alan F. Johnson, Betty J. Johnson, Dennis H. Johnson, Joseph L. Johnson, Julie C. Johnson, Kenneth H. Johnson, Leon C. Johnson, Marcia A. Johnson, Phillip M. Johnson, Richard E. Johnson, Richard L. Johnston, Terrance T. Joines, Sheryl D. Jones, Paula I. Jones, Robert E. Jordan, John R. Kaldenberg, Mary M. Kallaus, Richard A. Karstens, Richard B. Kasdort, Clifford P. Keagle, Quentin L. Keasey, Charles B. Kemper, Gene A. Kenealy, Timothy P. Kerl, Kathryn J. Kern, Verna L. Kim, Chong H. Kim, Hyung G. King, Dale E. Kistenmacher, Dennis L. Klima, Jon E. Kopish, William J. Kramer, Bruce L. Kramer, Lawrence L. Krommenhoek, Jeffrey M. Kruse, James F. Kuhles, Kenneth K. Kuhn, Philip E. Kvistad, Paul J. 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Poncius, Juris Poulos, David A. Powell, Thomas R. Power, William A. Prendergast, James D. Prichard, Ronald C. Primus, Donald E. Propst, Lawrence B. Purtell, Denise M. Rabe, Janice A. Rannells, Richard D. Rasmussen, Roger A. Rathke, Michael W. Ratterree, Richard L. Rau, Kenneth G. Raymond, John W. Reddick, William R. Redman, Billy R. Redman, Joseph C. Reed, Gary B. Reeves, Lawrence Riebsamen, Thomas W. Reisinger, Gordon M. Rekemeyer, Phyllis S. Rhodes, Jerry D. Rhodes, Karen M. Rietz, Paul W. Ringsniuth, David C. Ritchie, Johnie M. Ritland, Steven R. Robertson, Carol A. Rocca, James P. Rogerson, Kenneth A. Rohm, Howard H. Roscoe, Richard R. Rowe, Mearle C. Roy, Arthur P. Ruegnitz, William G. Ruliffson, James H. Rush, Roscoe C. Ryan, Gerald P. Sable, William W. Salton, Robert L. Sande, Ronald G. Saviano, Joseph Scesniak, Richard P. Schmahl, Hartmuth Schneider, Richard L. Schoeppner, Michael P. Schoonover, Virginia Schrock, Martin O. Schultz, Glen J. Shcultz, Linn H. Schwab, Charles W. Schwartz, Gerald F. Scigliano, J. Michael Scott, Karen K. Scott, Winston T. Searcy, Donald T. Seeks, Robert L. Selander, James G. Sellman, Gary K. Sesker, Monte N. Sharp, Dale E. Shelton, Carl E. Sherwin, Frank C Shouse, John H. Siddall, Karen K. Sime, Harlin D. Slater, William D. Sleege, Gary A. Sly, Paul E. Smit, Stephen J. Smith, James A. Smith, John R. Smith, June F. Smith, Leona M. Smith, Richard O. Smith, Sandra A. Smith, Stephen H. Snyder, William R. Sogard, Allyn C. Sohn, Charles H. Sorensen, Raymond F. Spenkelink, Gary Sprague, Barbara B. Staehling, David M. Stanton, Gary L. Starks, William E. Stauffacher, Richard R. Staves, Nicholas H. 44 7 Stefani, Angelo O. Steil, Margaret K. Stemm, Richard D. Stensland, William B. Stephens, Arthur J. Stephenson, Richard H. Sterbenz, Frank A. Stevens, Robert V. Stine, Terrente P. Straka, James L. Streeby, Larry L. Struthers, Kathleen C. Stuve, Mary M. Sumner, Perry L. Tallman, Roy R. Terawanij, Vatanachai Thrift, Robert L. Thun, Donald L. Thurber, Walter W. Thurman, John R. Thurman, Ronald L. Tichy, Charles R. Tietenthaler, Alan A. Timm, Donald W. Toppenberg, Ronnie R. Torrens, John R. Tressler, Diana R. Trusler, James H. Tucker, Philip W. TuUis, Thomas N. Ubl, Susan L. Undem, Dianne M. Utterback, Larry B. VanBeek, Mary A. Vanderham, Thomas L. Vanekeren, Ronald A. Vangilst, Carl W. Vanham, Nancy J. Vanroekel, Maynard B. Vasey, Robert G. Velez, Dario A. Vespa, Anthony J. Vileta, Lawrence A. Vcsler, Warren F. Wake, James G. Wakefield, Robert C. Walker, Ro bert C. Walker, John A. Wallin, Robert V. Waltz, James F. Wang, Teresa L. Ward, Donald G. Waters, Daniel A. Watsabaugh, James J. Watson, Judy W. Weber, David E. Weber, Weston E. Webster, Donald L. Wehrman, Terry J. Weibel, Mike K. Welander, David N. Welsh, Wesley D. Welty, William B. Wendell, Dennis C. Werth, Nancy A. Wessel, Thomas R. Weyker, Robert J. Whan, Thomas J. Wheaton, Nelson E. Wheeler, Donald E. Whipple, James H. Whitlock, Jerry E. Wiechman, Karla E. Wieseler, David L. Wightman, Bruce L. Wilder, Stephen T. Will, Wilberta L. Williams, Robert S. Williams, Ted L. Wimmermark, Richard R. Winegar, Rodger A. Winker, Larry J. Wong, Yen C. Wright, Russell E. Yankey, Mary J. Yetley, Mervin J. Young, S. Howard Yuhas, Eileen P. Zahradnik, Gerald R. Ziegler, John W. Zimmerman, Jean L. Senior Activities ABBAS, LEON E. Ackley Agricultural Business Toastmaster MRA, v. p.; Ag. Bus. Club; Fris- bic Fellowship, prcs.; Delta Psi Omega; Sing- ers; Glee Club; F ' estival Chorus. Transferred from Ells vorth Junior College. ABBAS. WILLIAM Titonka History; Physical Education Football; Wrestling; Varsity I Club. ABRAHAMSON. ANN M. Evanstoii, Illinois English Kappa Alpha ' llicta, pres., pledge class pres., ass ' t scholar, thm., stand, comm.; YWCA, pres.; Alpha Lambda Delia, treas.; Veishea, luncheon chm., central conim.; Science Coini- cil; Lampos, v-jj.; Mortar Board, v. p.; Psi Chi. ACKERMAN, DAVID L. George Electrical Engineering Dodds House, pub. rel. chm., scholar, chm.; Tomahawk, v. p.; MRA, elections comm.; Iowa Engineer, circ. mgr., bus. mgr.; AIEE-IRE, Engineering Council, Weight! if tors Club. ACKERMAN, JEAN M. Early Mathematics Kappa Delta, act. chm.; WRA Formal, prog, chm.; Bomb, sen. ed.; Singers; Festival Chorus; SRC; Fisbie Fellowship, retreats chm.; pub. rel. chm.; Alpha Lambda Delta. ACKERMAN, RICHARD H. Marshalllown Horticulture Horticulture Club, ag. council rep.; Alpha eta; Veishea, hort. open house chm.; Horti- culture Show. Transferred from Marshall- town Junior College. ADAMS, DENNIS I). Webb Forestry Class officer; Forestry Club; Ames Forester. ADIX. MARILYN A. Waterloo Education; English Festival Chorus; Home Ec. Ed. Club; LSA; West Linden, torr. chm.; Intramurals; Home- maker Staff. Transferred from St. Olaf Col- lege, Northfield, Minn, ALDRICH, R. E., LEE Belmond Agricultural Education Farmhouse, pledge trainer; Ag. Ed. Club; Ag. Council; Ag. I ' ul). Board; Autumn Cotillion, co-chm.; Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Zeta, banq. thm.; Pi Tan Pi Sigma; Gamma Sigma Delta. ALLEN, ALEXANDER S. Salinas, California Chemical Engineering Alpha Chi Sigma, v. p., pres.; AIChemE., sec; Head Resident, group treas. ALLEN, MARILYN K. Jamaica Home Economics Education Lamplighter; Roberts Hall, adv.; Intramurals; HH. F.q. Club; Home Ec. Ed. Club, contact chm.; Ed. Senior Baiu]., ticket chm. ALLEN, RICIL RD D. Yale Agricultural Business Ag. Bus. Club; MR.A Reflector; Caine House, H. R.; Fairchild House, officer. ALTORFER. JAMES R. Cedar Rapids Mechanical Engineering Delta U psi Ion. songleadcr, see, chm. intra, chm., treas.; Iowa Engineer, hist, cd., story ed., asst. cd., cd.; Knights of St. Patrick, sec.; Journalism " I " Award; ASME; Engineering Council. AMICK. MARIHA A. West Des Moines Child Development Kappa Alpha Iheta; YWCA; Modern Dance. AMUNSON, LEONARD E. Soldier Agronomy Agronomy Club. ANDERSON, HARVEY J. Roland Industrial Education Ind. Ed. Club; Epsilon Pi Tan. Transferred from Waldorf Junior College, Forest City, Iowa. ANDERSON. JOANN L. La Grange Park, Illinois Textiles and Clothing Delta Delta Delta, pledge class sec., chaplain; sponsors ' chm.; Festival Chorus; Freshman YWCA, sec.; YWCA; Fr. Home Ec. Club; Tex. and Clothing Club; R. I. L. Week Events, co-chm.; Stu. Rel. Council, spec, events sec; Home Ec. Council, treas., v. p. ANDERSON, KAREN K. Ames Mathematics Sigma Kappa, Botany Club. ANDERSON, KENNETH L. Ames Botany Fr. Card. Guild, South Ward, soc. chm.. Bot- any Club, treas., pres.; Alpha Phi Omega, treas. ANDERSON, MARY JO E. Ironwood, Michigan Textiles and Clothing Festival Choir; T C Club. Fransfcrred from University of Minnesota, Duluth, Minn. ANDERSON, RICHARD E, Deep River Agronomy Salker House, pub. rel. chm., sec. -treas., v. p., homecoming dis. chm.; MRA, asst. sec, main cab., const, connn.; Pep Council; Agronomy Club, fert. man. comm. chm, ANDERSON, ROBERT J. Hartley Architecture Louden House, pres.; AIA. Transferred from University of South Dakota. ANDERSON, ROGER G. Pomeroy Agricultural Business; Market Management Ag. Bus. Club. ANDERSON, RONALD R. Remvick Statistics Acacia, asst. treas., treas. ANDRINO, LUIS R. Guatemal a City, Guatemala Veterinary Medicine Transferred from Universidad Nacional de Mexico. ARCHER, JOHN L. Glidden Ceramic Engineering Amer. Cer. Soc, pres.; Keramos, v. p.; Veishea, cer. eng. open house chm.; Pearson House, intra, chm.; Daily Pub. Board; Tau Beta Pi, corres. sec. ARNOLD, RICHARD J. ComfJton, Illinois Economics Econ. Forum.; Inst, of Aerospace Eng. Trans- ferred from Northern Illinois University. ASELL, CAROL L. Hastings Child Development CD. Club; Officials Club, sec; Wesley; Mr. Roberts, stage crew; CO. open house disp. ASKLOF, SHIRLEY A. Villisca Modern Language West Linden, pres., act. chm., chm. dorm homecoming disp., Veishea, homecoming, campus chest; WRA, exec, board, act. coun.; YWCA. disc leader; People to People, big sis.; WRA fall dances, dec. chm. Transferred from N. W. Missouri State College. AUGUSTINE, EDWIN J. Washington Farm Operations Farmhouse, treas. , formal co-chm., float co- chm.; Farm Op. Club, sec; All Ag Banquet; Iowa Agriculturist; Farm Op. open house, banquet, picnic, watermelon feed. AVEY, JAMES A. Blockton Agricultural Journalism MR.A; Sigma Delta Chi; Iowa State Daily. B BAACK, ERWIN W. LeMars ASCE. Civil Engineering BAHNSEN, LORETTA E. DeWitt Modern Language Festival Chorus; LSA; NACURH, scc.-treas.; East Linden, scholar, chm.; WRA, GSB sena- tor; Psi Clti. Transferred from Warlburg College. BAILEY, RONALD L. Cedar Rapids AIChemE. Chemical Engineering BAILIFF, ROSEMARY J. Corning Distributed Studies 448 BAIR. RICHARD A. Keswick A gricu It urar Engineering BAKER. ALLAN E. Lihertyville Electrical Engineering Lincoln House, trcas.; AIEE-IRK; Eta Kappa Nu; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Ela Sigma. BALDWIN, ELIZABETH A. Spencer Mathematics Sigma Alpha Iota; Alpha Lambda Delta; Con- cert Band; Marching Band; Orchestra; Writ- ers ' Round table; Intramurals; Wesley Foun- dation; Wesley Council; Community of Lay Theologians. BALLARD, DALE A. Ames Electrical Engineering Transferred from Marshalltown Junior Col- lege. BALLOUN, JOE L. Ames Psych ology YMCA, p.r. chm., v. p.; Beta Theta Pi, People to People rep., SCORE rep., hist. BALODIS. ZIGURDS Des Moines Industrial Administration Alpha Kappa Psi; Business Students Associ- ation. BANCKS, ROBERT C. Muscatine Farm Operation Lincoln House, scholar, chm.; Farm Op. Club, treas.. Fall Funct. chm.; Veishea, bus. mgr. Transferred from Muscatine Junior College. BANE, KENNETH M. Oakland Farm Operation Lindstrom House, soc. chm.. Spring Dance chm.. Blast Booth chm.; Sweethearts Ball co- chm,; .April Fantasy Ball co-chm.; Farm Op. Club, Winter Banquet Program chm.; Nomi- nating conven.; Men ' s Glee Club; Band. BARCLAY, JEAN A. West Liberty Home Economics Education Roberts Hall, pres., guild liaison; WRA, exec. board, v. p.; Freshman Home Ec. Club; H. Ed. Club; Newman Club; Camp Counselors Club; Beacons; Tomahawk; Mortar Board. BARCUS, KAREN R. Weldon Home Economics Education Kappa Kappa Gamma; Bomb, writer, res. ed., copy ed. BARKEMA. DOROTHY J. A lexander Sociology Alpha Kappa Delta; Singers; Festival Chorus; Sor-Dor. Transferred from Central College, Pella, Iowa and Mexico City College. BARKER. WILLIAM C. Sanborn Electrical Engineering BARNES, CARL D. Des Moines Electrical Engineering BARTSCH. KAREN M. Milwaukee, Wis. Dietetics Oak Hall, treas.; Young Republicans; F N Club. Transferred from Valparaiso University. BASHARA, ROBERT T. Sioux City Veterinary Medicine Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Jr. AVMA: Pre-Vet Club. BASSETT, RICHARD L. Greenfield Forestry Forestry Club. BATCHER, RICHARD M. Cedar Falls Mechanical Engineering ASME; Delta Upsilon corr. sec, alumni sec, act. chm., rec sec; Greek Week, chm., housemother bridge tourney. BATTEY, JOHN C. Charles, City Industrial Engineering Stalker House, pub. rel., Veishea open house; Concert Band; Orchestra; Phi Mu Alpha; (•amma Epsilon Sigma; HIIE; Iowa Inler-col- legiate Band; Baptist Student Fellowship; Freshmen Orientation. Transferred from Wartburg College. BAXTER. BRUCE E. Primghar Veterinary Medicine BAYES, CAROL A. Des Moines Applied Art . ' Mpha Chi Omega, chaplin, treas.; Festival Chorus; Home Ec. Club; Applied Art Club; Veishea, open house; Delta Phi Delta; Home- coming, dance dec. Transferred from Drake University and the University of Rhode Is- land. BEAUMONT, RONALD E. Helenville, Wis. Veterinary Medicine BECK. ARNOLD J. Belle Plaine Agricultural Business Sigma Theta Epsilon. BEDARD, PATRICK J. (m Porte City Mechanical Engineering ASME; Pi Tau Sigma; MRA; Newman Club; Veishea, parade co-ord., mcc. engr, open house. BEEBOUT. HAROLD S. Columbia Agricultural Education Cainc House, pres.; Boyd House, h.r.; Alpha Zeta; Campus 4-H; Ag. Ed. Club. BEERS. WARREN E. Churchville, Pa. Mechanical Engineering Transferred from Graceland College. BEGUIN. ROBERT G. Sioux City Mechanical Engineering Pi Tau Sigma; ASME. BEHLEMER, TERRENCE R. Whittemore Aerospace Engineering BEITELSPACHER. ARLENE F. Le Mars Home Economics Education East Linden, corridor chm.; Freshman Home Ec. Club; Home Ec. Ed. Club; Festival Chorus; Singers; Lutheran Student Assoc. BELDING, RAYMOND L. Stuart Veterinary Medicine Phi Kappa Tau. BENEDICT, JOHN R. Erie, Pa. Agricultural Business Ag. Bus. Club; Westminister Fellowship, cab. Transferred from Agricultural Technical Institute, Alfred, N. Y. BENGSTON, HARLAN H. Grand Mound Chemical Engineering AIChemE.; Bennett House, scholar, chm. BENNING, ROGER D. Wai ' erly Electrical Engineering Carpenter House, h.r.; Meeker House, v. p.: Order of Sextant, treas.; Navy Helm; Navy Ball co-chm.; AIEE; Eta Kappa Nu; Phi Eta Sigma. BERGSTROM, RICHARD F. Onawa History Writers ' Round Table; Varsity Band; SAAC; MRA, house officer . BERKLAND, WILLIAM R. Fenton Agricultural Journalism Adelante, pledge treas., chaplain, house mgr., asst. ed. annual., ed. house annual; Iowa State Star, cir. mgr.; Veishea, parade comm., band guides co-chm., p.r., open house; Ag. Jrnls. Club, v.p., treas.; Iowa Agriculturist, ad sales- man, asst. ed., mgng. ed., photog., pub. brd., ad. mgr., ed.; .Agricultural College Magazines, Associated, conven. del., contest chm.; Daily, rep., photogr.; Little International, prop, asst., Sigma Delta Chi; Petticoat Pamphlet, ad. Salesman; Alpha Zeta; Ag. Council; Univer- sity Lutheran Cong., program comm., coun- cil, ed. BERRYHILL, DAVID W. Buffalo Civil Engineering Transferred from St. Ambrose College. BESHAW, THOMAS A. Cedar Rapids Electrical Engineering Mathematics Alpha Tau Omega, pres., treas.; Eta Kappa Nu; Knights of St. Patrick; Phi Eta Sigma; Pi Mu Epsilon; Tau Beta Pi; Traffic Appeals Board. BETZ, DOUGLAS J. Marengo Agronomy Agronomy Club; Chamberlain House, scho- lar, chm. BILSBOROUGH, ARLEN T. Titonka Aerospace Engineering Society of Advanced Artillary Cadets; Institute of Aerospace Sciences; American Rocket So- ciety. BILYEU. DAVID P. Chester Aerospace Engineering BIRK. JAMES R. Knoxi ' ille Chemistry Meeker House Scholarship Chm.; sec-treas.. President, MRA Scholarship Chairman, Alter- nate cochairman MRA; Conduct Review Board; Board of Trustees of MRA; Scholar- ships; NACURH Convention Delegate; Honors Program; Phi Lambda Upsilon; Gamma Delta; Iowa Chemical Society. BL.ACK. DUANE A. Ames Farm Operations Farm Operations Club; Campus 4-H; Merrill House. BLANCHARD, KAREN A. Ottumwa Textiles and Clothing Home Economics Core Curriculum Commit- mitee; Festival Chorus; Y.W.C.A.; Y Cabinet member; Textiles and Clothing Club. BLOTT, JAMES T. Davenport Forestry Marching Band; Basketball Band; Forestry Club. BOATMAN, SUSAN M. Des Moines Textiles and Clothing Delta Zeta (Rush Counselor-Alumni Chair- man-Courtesy Chairman); Textiles and Cloth- ing Club; Y.W.C.A.; Frisbie; People-to-People; YR. BOE. MARY E. Le Hoy, Minn. Home Economics Education Bowling Club; Freshman Home Economics Education Club; Lutheran Student Association; Freshman Advisor; Festival Chorus. BOLTE. HENRY F. Rock Rapids Veterinary Medicine V(X)drow House Treasurer; Junior .A.V.M.A.; Phi Zeta; Vet. Med. class sec BONTE. LINDA R. Belmond Education WRA Activities Coimcil; Singers; Festival Chorus; Religion in Life Week; Panhellenic Council; Homecoming Ticket Sales; Home Ec. Education Club. BOOTE. EDWIN L. Hull Veterinary Medicine Vet. Med., class treas.; Veterinarian, copy ed.; Jr. AVMA. BOOTH, RUSSELL K. Waukee Animal Science Richey House, soc. chm., pres. BOPP, JANE E. River Forest, III. Child Development WR.A, adv., exec, bd., rec. sec, v.p.; West- minister Fellowship, food chm.; YWCA; CD Club, Beacons, Tomahawk. BOSSARD. FREDRICK R. Ames Aerospace Engineering Institute of Aero. Sci. BOTINE. KAREN E. Pocahontas Home Economics Education Fresh. Home Ec. Club; Home Ec. Ed. Club; Festival Chorus; Freeman Hall, h.r., scholar- ship chm. BOTTGE, BEVERLY J. Dubuque Mathematics Alpha Gamma Delta, pledge pres., v.p., pledge trainer, asst. song leader; GSB, sen, exec, bud- getary comm.: Pep Council, v.p.; Veishea, SOV cast, make-up crew; Singers; Festival Chorus; Young Republicans; Little Interna- tional; Homecoming Central Comm. BOTTOMLEY, PATRICIA A. Winnebago, Minn. Home Economics Education East Linden, Corridor Chrm., Sor-Dor, co- chm. float, pres.; WRA, v.p.; Home Ec Ed. Club. BOWDEN. DEL K. Winthrop Agricultural Business Alpha Gamma Rho; Ag. Bus. Club, sec, pres., Veishea open house; Co-chrm. All-Ag. Banquet. BOWER. RONALD A. Lockridge Farm Operations Farmhouse, bus. mgr., hist.; F. Op. Club, pic- nic chm., membership chm., banquet bus. mgr., banquet chrm., pres.; AIl-Ag Banquet, guest chm., bus. mgr. BOWERSOX, JAMES J. Swisher Farm Operation F. Op. Club; Y.R.; Soc. Adv. Art Cadets. BOWMAN, GARY L. Fort Dodge Aerospace Engineering Institute of Aero. Sci.; AF Riflj Team, cap- tain. BOWMAN, INA JANE Clarion Household Equipment Alpha Chi Omega, v.p.; Household Equip. Club, pres.; Home Ec Council; Harvest Ball Sec; Singers; Festival Chorus; Homecoming, athletic sec; Veishea; Campus 4-H; Frisbie Fellowship. BOWSTEAD, JANE L. Lowden Animal Science Elm Hall, v.p., adv.; Block and Bridle Club, co-chrm. livestock judging contest, sec. horse show, sec Little International, sec club; Vei- shea open house, sec. Banquet; Beacons; Fresh- man Days Guide. BOYER, KENNETH E. Centerville Engineering Operations I.ange House, pres.; Stange House, h.r.; ASCE; Phi Ela Sigma; Tau Beta Pi. BRADLEY, NICHOLAS N. Ames Agricultural Education Ag. Ed. Club. BREKKE, CAROL E. Stillwater, Minn. Home Economics Education Kappa Kappa Gamma, pledge trainer, mar- shall: Union Student Board; Varieties, sec; Social Bureau. BRENNER, CHRISTOPHER H. Maplewood, N.J. Technical Journalism R ichey House, treas. , soc chrm . ; Scien t ist ; Daily; Sigma Delta Chi. BROOKS. CLAIRE E. I.uana Agricultural Education Lindstrom House, pres.; Ag. Ed. Club, treas., pres. 449 BROWN, BARBARA JEAN Boone Child Develolmieut Welch Hall, adv.; East Linden, pres.; WRA exec, bd.; YWCA. cabinet, Iowa district chrm.; Alpha Lambda Delta; Omicron Nu; Beacons; Tomahawk, pledge trainer; Campus Chest Central Comm.; Campus 4-H; Wesley; CD. Club. BROWN. BARBARA J. Carroll English and Speech Delta Delia Delta, treas., homecoming dis- play chrm.; Freshman Home Ec. Club, sec.; Home Ec. Core Curric. Comm.; Home Ec. Council; Veishea publications sec; Scientist, sec; Presbyterian Church, choir, sec; Festi- val Chorus. BROWN. BERNARD E. Corning Mechanical Engineering ASME; Pi Tau Sigma; Pammel Judicial Comm;. Transferred from Northwest Missouri State College. BROWN, DENNIS L. Monroe Industrial Administration B.S.A.; Concert Band; Marching Band; Var- sity Band; Pep Band; Orchestra; Veishea. BROWN, J. KENT Hampton Animal Science Alpha Gamma Rho, pledge trainer; Block and Bridle Club; Livestock Judging Team; Meats Judging Team; Little International, res. champ, showman, entries chrm.; All-Ag Ban- quet, Honors co-chrm.; Young Republicans; Transferred from Oklahoma State. University. BROWN, ROBERT T. Sioux City Mechanical Engineering Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Tau Beta Pi, pres.; Pi Tau Sigma, sec; Phi Eta Sigma; A.S.M.E. BROWN. ROGER T. Ankeny Veterinary Medicine Kappa Sigma; Pre-Vet. Club; Jr. A.V.M.A., class pres., exec, council, veishea open house chrm., soc. chrm., .Merrill Anderson Memorial Comm. BROWN, WARREN L. Saint Louis, Mo. Industrial Administration Kappa Sigma, pledge pres., pledge trainer, pres., act. chrm.; IFPC, exec, council; B.S.A.; Iowa Engineer, treas.; Homecoming, treas., central comm. bus. mgr.; Veishea, central comm. coordinator; Alpha Kappa Psi; Scab- bard and Blade; Soc of Adv. Art. Cadets. BROWN, WAYNE E. Oakville Agricultural Education Cessna House, pres.; Ag. Ed. Club; Trans- ferred from Burlington College. BRUNS, DOUGLAS V. Strawberry Point Electrical Engineering BRUSH, WARREN B. Chelsea Industrial Engineering Am. Inst, of I.E., corr. sec; Engineering Council; Gamma Epsilon Sigma; Pi Tau Sigma. BRUTSCHE, DAN L. Coon Rapids Agricultural Business Ag. Bus. Club; Marching Band; Newman Club. BUEHLER. DUANE R. Odebolt Farm Operations Farm Op. Club, sgt-of-arms, v. p., chrm. deco- rations banquet. BULS, MELVIN L. Sumner Mechanical Engineering Stange House, sec-treas.; Soc. of Adv. Art. Cadets; Pi Tau Sigma. BUMAN. JOHN M. Harlan Agronomy Stevenson House, pres.; Cyclone Flying Club, treas. BURCHAM. ROBERT Ames Agricultural Business BURCHFIELD. JOHN S. Humboldt Industrial Engineering Pi Kappa Alpha; T au Beta Pi; Gamma Epsi- lon Sigma; Am. Inst, of I.E., Veishea open house chrm. BURKE, PATRICK T. Davenport Civil Engineering A.S.C.E.; Newman Club. Transferred from St. Ambrose, Davenport. BURNS, DONALD BURNS. SANDRA S. Early Textiles and Clothing Alpha Delta Pi, membership chrm., pres.; Cliristmas Ball, dec chrm.; Veishea Dance, dec chrm.; Modern Dance Club; Singers; Festival Chorus; Transferred from Morning- side Colleges, Sioux City. BURRACK. JAMES W. Arlington Farm Operations F. Op. Club; Lutheran Student Center. Transferred from Wartburg College, Waverly. Agricultural Business BURRELL. SAMUEL M. Burlington Electrical Engineering Beyer House, p.r. chrm. Transferred from Burlington Jr. College, Burlington. BURRELL, STEVEN K. Ames Industrial Administration Sigma Alpha Epsilon. pledge trainer; B.S.A., prog, chrm.; Alpha Kappa Psi; Scabbard and Blade; Arnold Air Soc, opcr. officer; Baseball team. BURROWKS. SUSAN A. Cedar Rapids Education Delta Zeta. corr. sec, philanthropies chrm.; Freshman Home Ec. Club; YWCA. BURT, RICHARD L. Sioux City Electrical Engineering Pi Tau Pi Sigma; Pershing Rifles; Inst of Radio Engineers. BUSCH. WAYNE A. Allison Animal Science Meeker Hous- ' , act. chrm.; Campus 4-H. BUSS. VAL D. Struble Ag. Bus. Club. BYERS. BRUCE E. Wabash, Ind. Engineering Operations Phi Delta Theta; Fresliman golf. RYINGTON, DONALD P. Plymouth Veterinary Medicine GSB; Jr. AVMA. CALHOON, BARBARA M. Ames Geology Tau Gamma Ward; Geology Club; YWCA; Alpha Lambda Delta; Baptist Student Fel- lowship. CAMPBELL, RITA M. Low Moor Home Economics Education Alpha Chi Omega, chaplain; Trampoline Club; Festival Chorus; Varsity Band; YWCA; ' 61 Blast; ' 62 Bomb stafl. CAMPIDILLI, WILLIAM R. Havelock Animal Science Block and Bridle Club; Livestock Judging Team; Rodeo Club. CAREY, DELORESE M. Burnside Technical Journalism Oak Hall, co-chrm. dinner dance, corridor chrm., librarian; Daily reporter; Baptist Stu- dent Fellowship, sec Transferred from Sioux Falls College. CARLSON, ARTHUR K. Boone Botany Lincoln House, pres.; MRA, traffic comm.. rep. for main cabinet; Campus 4-H. CARLSON, CRAIG E. Bondurant Government Transferred from Drake, Des Moines. CARLSON, JANET M. Red Oak Dietetics West Linden, v.p.; F. and N. Club; SOV cos- tumes comm.; Festival Chorus; Sor-Dor; WRA Mirror; Campus 4-H; Varsity Band. CARNES, SUE K. Weritworth, Wis. i. Home Economics Omicron Nu; Psi Chi; N.F.C.C.S. Jr. dele- gate. Kappa Zela; Phi Alpha Chi; transferred from College of St. Scholastics, Duluth, Minn. CARNEY, ROBERTA .Adair Textiles and Clothing Oak Hall, corridor chrm.; Campus 4-H; West- minster Fellowship; T. and C. Club; Festival Chorus; Sor-Dor. CARSWELL, BARBARA R. Rochester, III. Textiles and Clothing Textiles and Clothing Club; Wesley Founda- tion; Kappa Phi. CAS SABAUM, GERRY R. Springfield, III. Industrial Education Transferred from Greenville College, Green- ville, III. CASSABAUM, LINDA S. New Sharon Child Development Transferred from Simpson College, Indianola. CASSILL, JOY Ottumwa Technical Journalism Kappa Kappa Gamma, treas., scholarship chrm.; Naiads, sec, pres.; Science Council; Lampos, sec-treas.; Iowa State Daily. CASSON, KEITH L. Des Moines Industrial Engineering Foster House, act. chrm.; Southeast Ward, in- tramurals chrm.; Des Moines Commuters Club, v.p.; Veishea; Homecoming. CHALFANT, RONALD L. Webster City Electrical Engineering Transferred from Webster City Jr. College, Webster City. CHALLY, BARREL E. Stratford Industrial Education Industrial Ed. ,CIub; Ag. Council; Epsilon Pi Tau; Transferred from Drake University, Des Moines. CHAPMAN. DONALD E. Fort Dodge Electrical Enginering Cyclone Sabres, pres.; Varsity Band. c;hexg, peter s. c. Hong Kong Mechanical Engineering Phi Eta Sigma; A.S.M.E.; Cosmopolitan Club; Chinese Club; Pi Tau Sigma. Transferred from Simpson College. CHRISTENSEN. GLENN K. Omaha. Nebr. Industrial Administration Delta Upsilon. scholarship chrm.; I EC. pub- lications chrm.. admin, bd.; BS. . Alpha kappa Psi; Iowa State " Scientist, " treas. CHRISTENSEN, LEE ROY Toledo Botany Acacia, sec, social chrm.. rush chrm.; YMCA; Marching Band. CHRISTIAN, J, MARK Colo Physics CHISTIANSEN. MARJORIE A. Council Bluffs Botany WRA, adv., sec, pres., chief justice supreme court.; Tomahawk; Beacons; SCORE; Botany Club; Singers; Wesley. CHRISTIANSON, ROBERT D. Gilbert .Aerospace Engineering Kimball House, pres.; Inst. Aero. Sci. CLARK. LARRY J. Cherokee Agricultural Business MRA, soc chrm.; Pre-Vet Club; Ag. Bus. Club; Bowling Team; Blast Booth; Varieties. CLARK. RONALD L. Delhi Electrical Engineering CLAUDE. JERRY L. Woolstock Civil Engineering Am. Soc. of C.E. Transferred from Eagle Grove Jr. College, Eagle Grove. CLAUSE, JUDITH J. Grand Junction Applied Art Delta Delta Delta, act. chrm., pres.; A. A. Club, v.p.; Freshmen H. Ec. Club, v.p.; H. Ec. Council; Singers; Festival Chorus; Mod- ern Dance Club, sec; SOV, cast and chorus; Omicron Nu; Phi Upsilon Omicron; Delta Phi Delta; Mortar Board. CLYMER. DONNICE K. Woodward Child Development Delta Zeta; LSA; Freshman H. Ec. Club; Va- rieties Girl; Cyclone Review dancer; Home- coming dancer; Trampoline Club; H. Ec Club; CD. Club. COBIE. ROBERT B. Ackley Ceramic Engineering Am. Ceramic Soc, sec-treas.; MRA, sec. library comm.; Newman Club. fr. guide. COCKRUM, RICHARD H. Ames Veterinary Medicine Pre-Vet Club .treas.; Jr. AVMA. Transferred from Washburn University, Topeka, Kansas. COFFIN. RONALD L. Des Moines Electrical Engineering COFFIN, STANTON F. Fairmont, Minn. Industrial Administration Pi Kappa Alpha; Fraternity buyers assoc. treas.; Varieties Central Comm.; Science Coun- cil, pres.; Iowa State Scientist, publications bd.; Alpha Kappa Psi; Lampos; Gamma Gam- ma. COLBERG, DAYLE D. Inwood Jr. AVMA. COLLIER. JOHN L. Des Moines History Acacia; YMCA, fresh, v.p., v.p.; Phi Eta Sigma. COLLINS, CHARLES H. Cresco Horticu It u re Ag. Council, rep.; Agriculturist, sta writer; Farmhouse, Varieties skit co chrm.; Concert Band; Alpha Zeta; Concert Band; Horticul- ture Club, show mgr.; Iowa State Players; Marching Band. COMFORT, CAROL A. Onawa Child Development Alpha Delta Pi; Newman Club, corr. src, v.p. CONGER. LARRY A. Davenport Statistics Noble House, v.p.; MRA mahi cabinet, finan- cial affairs comm. Transferred from Coe Col- lege. COOK, HARLAN D. Hearing Farm Operations Lincoln House, soc, chrm.. h.r. COOK. LAWRENCE E. Des Moines Science Veterinary Medicine 450 y CORD. NANCY J. Indianola HomS Management Freeman Hall, prcs.. GSB Liaison, adv.; WRA exec, bd.: Home F.c. Council, v. p.; Veishca, Home Mgl. open house chrm.; Singers; Festi- val Chorus; YWCA; Kappa Phi, rcc. sec, circle chrm.; Beacons; Tomahawk; Phi tJpsi- lon Omicron; Omicron Nu; Mortar Board. CORNISH. G. KENT Linn Grot ' e Agricultural Engineering Bcver House, v. p.; SlRA, main cabinet; ASAE, co-chrm., Veishea open house. CORROUGH, JAMES V. Mason City Industrial Engineering Sigma Chi, treas., pres.; Singers: Gamma En- silon Sigma; Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Beta Pi. Transferred from Beloit College, Beloil, Wis. COSTEIXO. JANE E. Cedar Rapids Apfjlied Art Oak Hall, house council; WR. publicity council; Homecoming, publicity council; Con- cert Band; Omicron Nu; Newman Club. COX, n. DORENE Menlo Child Dn-elopment Delta Delta Delta, hist.; Singers, Festival Chorus; T .and C. Club. Transferred from State College of Iowa. COX, WILLIAM F. Omaha. Nebr. Industr ' al Administration Sextant, Semper Fi Society, Alpha Psi; Bomb staff, head photographer. CRABB. JAMES O. Jamaica Electrical Eneinering MRA, printing service, KMRI; AIEE-IRE; Campus Radio Club; Festival Chorus; March- ing Band. Concert Band. CRAMER. WILLIAM D. Des Moines Chemical Engineering AlChemE.; Veishea; Alpha Chi Sigma, sec; IVCF. CRONIN, DON D. Grand Junction Ehctrical Engtnering: Mechanical Engineering Iota Ward, sec, v. p.; Social Bureau; Conccl Band; Marching Band; ASME; Pi Tau Pi Sigma. CRONN, JOHN C. North Platte, Nebr. voology Tau Kappa Epsilon, pledge trainer; Pep Coun- cil, co-chrm. card section. Transferred from Nebraska W esleyan University. GROUSE. FRED W. JR. Fort Dodge Aerospace Structures Pammel Council, treas.; E. Op. Club. Trans- ferred from Fort Dodge Community College. CROWLEY, PHILIP C Des Moines Chemical Engineering Alpha Kappa Lambda; Newman Club, treas., pres. CRUTHIRDS. SHARON T. Columbus Junction Textiles and Clothing Roberts Hall, adv.; Freshman Home Ec. Club; T. C. Club; Veishca, T. C. open house chrm.; Sor-Dor; Pep Council. CUNNINGHAM, CAROLYN R. Polo, III. Home Economics Education Home Ec. Club; Trinity Fellowship, sec. Transferred from Manchester College, North Manchester, Indiana. CUNNINGHAM, ROGER A. Cherokee Industrial Education Delta Sigma Phi. CUTLER. JODY L. Algona Industrial Engineering Noble House, p.m. chrm., act. chrm., v. p.; Iowa State Players; Arnold . ir Society; AIIE. CUTTELL, GARY L. spencer Farm Op. Club. CYPHERS, GEORGE E. Davenport Mechanical Enginertng Transferred from Augustana College. Ag. Business D DAEHLER. THOMAS G. Clinton Aerospace Engineering Institute of -Aerospace Sciences, treas. IAS. DAHLIH. CAROLYN J. Boone Technical Journalism Singers: Pep Council; Science Council; Society Editor, Iowa State Daily; Greek Star; Kappa Kappa Gamma. DAHMUS, MICHAEL E. Waterloo Botany Newman Club; Botany Club; House Social Chairman, House Religious Chairman. DAMBE. GUNARS Ames DANA, PAUL R. Ames Farm Operation DANKKNBRING. JANET E. Waterloo Home Economics H. Ft. Club; Campus Chest Central Comm.; Veishea Publicity Comm.; Singers; Festival chorus; Gamma Delta, t-ditor. DAVIS. BILLY W. Knoxx ' ille Industrial Administration DAVIS, DOUGLAS A. Sioux City Electrical Engineering Institute of Radio Engineers; Pammel Court councilman. DAVIS. GARY S. Atlantic Farm Op. Club; Ag Council. DAVIS. KATHLEAN E. Center Junction Home Economics Education H. Ec. Club; Dorm .Advisors, sec; YWCA, chairman Crippled Children ' s project; Chair- man WRA Banquet. DAVIS. L. CRATG Oakland Physics YRC; Math Club; Physics Club; Order of Chessman; Lampos; Pi Mu Epsilon; Nation Science Foundation Und?rgrad. Fellow; Car- penter House, pres.; MR. pres. DAVIS, SIDNEY N. Ames DAWK. DONALD L. Oak Creek, Wis. Veterinary Medicine Transferred from l nivcrsity of Wisconsin. DEBO. JOHN C. Ottumzi ' a KISU. Veterinary Medicine Electrical Engineering DEBOER. DARRELL W. Maurice Aricultural Engineering ASAE. Transferred from Northwestern Col- lege. Orange City. DENNY, KATHRYN L. Des Moines Gamma Phi Beta. Experimental Foo ' fs Mathematics Chemical Engineering DENNY. LYNDEN J. Sigourney Industrial Administrnt ' on BS.A, program chrm., banquet comm.; MRA, intramurals house chrm. DEPPE. LAIRD R. Grinnell Industrial Adminisfrat ' on Delta Tau Delta, asst. treas., treas.; Veishea float chrm.; Alpha Kappa Psi; BSA; ROTC; Soc. of Am. Militarv Eng., treas.; Wrestling; YMCA, pub. rel. chrm. DICK, JOHN R. Fort Dodge Civil Engineering Acacia, bl. comm. chrm., ed.. sr. steward; Am. Soc of Civil Eng.; Iowa Engineer. DILLMAN. DON A. Chariton Agronomy Farmhouse; Agronomy Club; Ag. Coimcil; .Alpha Zeta. pres.; Campus 4-H; Marching Band; Varsity Band; Wesley. DINGMAN, DONALD R. Scranton Farm Operations Farm Op. Club, banquet, sp. picnic. DODDS. JANICE M. Springfield, III. Dietetics Chi Omega, pres., pan-hel rep.; Festival Chorus; Frisbie Fellowship, outreach chrm.; Gamma Gamma; Homecoming Central Comm.; Home Ec. Council, pres.; Morter Board, pres.; Omicron Nu; Singers. DOHRMAN, WILLIAM B. Hampton Animal Science Alpha Gamma Rho. asst. pledge traner. intra- mural chrm., pledge class pres.; Animal Sci- ence open house; -All-Ag. Banquet, honors chrm. and proram chrm.; Block and Bridle Club; Livestock judging; Little International: Intramural Council, pres.; Young Republicans. DOMMEL. RICHARD L. Des Moines Industrial Engineering Foster House, pres., intramurals chrm.; M.E. Veishea open house; Des Moines Commuter Club. DOOLEY, ROBERT W. A del Farm Op. Club. DORRELL, JUDITH F. Fort Madison Home Economics Journalism Chi Omega, sec, intramurals. chapter corr., social chrm.; Iowa State Daily, society ed.. night ed., proofreader, asst. mgr. ed.; loua State Homemaker, circulation, public rela- tions, staff writer, nat ' l. ad. mgr., assoc ed.; Iowa State Star, writer, co-ed.; Newman Club; H.E. Core Curriculum Comm.; Angel Flight; Intramurals. DORWART. LEE, E. Kimball, S.D. Veterinary Medicine Jr. AVMA; " Veterinarian. " DOW. JEAN, A. Decorah Chemistry Varsity Band; Newman Club; Elm Hall, treas., advisor; Beacons; Iota Sigma Pi; WA.A Bowl- ing Club. Farm Operations Veterinary Medicine DREESSEN, RONALD J. Traer Mechanical Engineering Freshman wrestler; Eullenir House, act. chrm. DREW, JOHN K. Mason City Agricultural Journalism Iowa State Singers; Scientist, ad. mgr.; Ag. Journalism Club; Festival Chorus. Trans- ferred from Mason Ciiy Jr. College. DROIVOLD. ALDKN O. Spring Groxe, Minn. Veterinary Medicine DUCOMMUN, WILLIAM H. Cleghorn Agricultural Business Ag. Business Club; Society of Advanced Ar- tillery Cadets. DUITSCHER, DEAN W. Clarion Kappa Sigma. DUNAHOO, KERMIT L. Zearin Industrial Administration Alpha Kappa Psi; Business Students Assoc, Banquet chrm.. pub. chrm., pres., newsletter co-ed.; KISU, disk jockey. DUNHAM. EDWARD E. Marshalltown Veterinary Medicine Adelante, act. chrm.; YMCA, v. p.; Iowa State Star, bus. mgr.; Pre-Vet Veishea Open house, chrm.; Vet. Med. Veishea Open house, chrm.: Pre-Vet Club; Jr. AVMA; " Veterinarian, " treas. DUNN, TERRY W. Oakmont, Pa. Industrial Education Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Marching Band; Ind. Ed. Club; Society of Am. Military Engrs.; Glee Club. DUNNELL, JANET R. Af:no(. N.D. Kappa Delta. DUROE, SUSAN J. Jesup Home Economics Education Delta Delta Delta. DURR. LINDA L. Kellogg Bacteriology East Linden, act. chrm., advisor; Bact. Club; Festival Chorus; Sor-Dor. DUTCHER, GERALD L. Ankeny Electrical Engineering Band; Festival Chorus; Physics Club; AIEE- IRE; Orchestra; Veishea Open house. DVORSKY. JAMES R. Iowa City Agricultural Engineering Caine House, v. p., scholarship chrm.; AS.AE, scribe, sec; SACC; Newman Club. Textiles and Clothing Architecture Tau Beta Pi; DWINDELL, JAMES I. Bedford Lindstrom House, v. p.; AlA; Tau Sigma Delta. DYSKTRA, GERALD M. Ashton Chemistry Chem. Club, p.r. chrm., treas.; Spinney House, v. p.; Chem. Soc; Young Dem.; MRA. main cabinet, rep.; Veishea, Chem. open house. DYSKTRA, KKENNETH J. Weston, Conn. Electrical Enginering Chi Phi; Tau Beta, v. p.; Eta Kappa Nu, treas. Transferred from Amherst College. DYKSLRA, RICHARD F. Rock Valley Botany Niles House, v. p.; Marching Band; West- minster Fellowship; Botany Club; Pershing Rifles, exec officer; Society of Advanced Ar- tillery Cadets; Scabbard and Blade. EASTER, GILBERT H. Sioux City Forestry Forestry Club; Farm Op. Club; House, act. chrm., orientation chrm. EASTON, ANNE E. Ames Psycholoy Nietles; Psi Chi. EDWARDS, KAROLYN J. Osceola Mathematics Dorm Advisor; Kappa Phi, Treas.; Wesley Foundation; Summer Fellowship, Chrm.; Var- sity Band; Festival Chorus, Alpha Lambda Delta, v.p.; Math. Open House; Freshman Recognition Tea; SCORE. EICHORN, NANCY E. Forest Cilv Modern Languages Debate; WRA Rep. PTP Advisory Board; Science Education Club, Exec Brd.; Westmin- ster Fellowship; Iowa Slate Players Crew. EICHHORN, SANDRA L. Wyoming Education Pan-Hellenic Rush Counselor; Publicity Chair- man of Sorority; YWCA; International Friend- ship WUS Rcpr.; Festival Chorus; Education Club; Sigma Kappa, pres. 451 EIKENBERRY, JON N. Oehvein Chemistry Vcishea Open House Co-Chairman; Scab- bard and Blade: Kappa Sigma, treas.; Society of Ad aiircd Artillery Cadets. p:ilkrs. ni-ios a. Couiril Blufjs Electrical Engiueering Iowa State Men ' s (ile:- Club; Iowa State Sing- ers; Festival Chorus .Radio Workshop; Cy- clone Review, tech. dir.; SOV. Child Development Veterinary Medicine EISF.X. SALLY H. Rochester. AM ' . YWCA; Naiads. ELLING. FERD H. Latimer Farm Operations Farm Op. Club; Veishra Open House, co- chairman; Livestock JudginK Team; Wool judging Team; Danforth Senior Summer Fel- lowship. ELLINGSON, LARRY A. McCallsburg Farm Operations Sigma Pi; Farm Op. Club; Lutheran Student Aoss.; Iowa State Singers. ELLIOT, MARVIN A. Central Cilv AVMA. ELLIOTT. " I ERRY B. Rochelle, III. Restaurant Management Lambda Chi Alpha. ELLIS, GARY 1). Ames Physical Education Baseball, captain; Football; I club; Delta Sigma Plii. ELLIS, ROBERT L. Sioux City AIEE. ELWOOD, BARBARA A. Omaha, Neb. Home Economics Omicron u; Newman club; Kappa Kappa Gamma. EMMERT, KATHERINE Eldora Applied Art Frisbie Fellowship; Delta Phi Delta; Sigma Alpha loia; Concert band; Symphony Orches- tra; SOV orchestra. ENESS, PAULA G. Ames Veterinary Medicine Phi Zeta; Homecoming, luncheon chrm.; Vet- erinary Alumni Award; Veterinarian, asst. ed.; Vet. Med. exec, council; Alpha Gamma Rho. ENGELBRECH T, MARK Waverly Electrical Engineering Animal Science Architecture ENGRAV. LOREN H. Decorah Distributive Studies Marching Band; Concert Band; Theta Xi. ENGWALL, ROBERT E. Fair pe Id ENNIS, N. NEIL Cedar Rapids Electrical Engineering AIEE-IRE; Eta Kappa Nu; Tau Beta Pi. EPLING. LARRY H. Moville Animal Science Agronomy Club; Campus 4-H; Block Bridle, open house chrm.; Y. R.; Farmhouse, chaplin. ERICKSON, JANE L. Minneapolis, Minn. English Kappa Alpha Theta, ed.; Psi Chi, sec; Scien- tist, pub. bd., pres.; Theatre 324; Varieties. ERK:KS0N. KATHLEEN K. Eagle drove Child Development Festival Clborus; Home Ec. Club. ERICKSON, MARK S. Webh Agricultural Business Beyer House, treas., open house co-chrm., Vei- sbea float chrm.; Ag. Bus. Club; Campus 4-H; Wesley Foundation; Festival Chorus. ERICKSON, NANETTE M. Humboldt Horticulture Horticulture Club, historian; Vcishea, sign comm.; Honors Program; Womcns Ag. Club, pub. chrm.; Miss Milkmaid, lOliO; Freshman dorm adv. ERNSBERCiER, C;ARRY E. liettendorf Industrial Engineering Delta Sigma Phi; AIIE; Cardinal Guild Senate; Engineering Council; Gamma Epsilon Sigma; IFPC; Knights of St. Patrick, v. p. EVANS, LAWRENCE E. Ames Veterinary Medicine Jr. AVMA. EVANS, SAMUEL W. C.lenu ' ood Aerospace Engineering Sigma Ciamma Tau, v. p.; IAS. EWING, RON Dyersville EXLEY, CHARLES E. Humrston Chemistry Iowa C hemical Society; American Chemical Society; Ward System. FAAS, DONALD F. Ladora Industrial F.ducation Alumni Hall historian; Industrial Education Club; Agricultural Council; Veishea Open House Chairman: All College Nominating Convention; I. Ed. Club, pres.; Gamma Delta; Epsilon Pi ' lau. FARMER, MARY K. .Sac City Applied Art Education Kappa Kappa Gamma, v. p.; Dean ' s Advisory Board; Veishea, Publications Assist. Chrm., Cy- clone Review sec; Student Union Board, sec; Panhcllenic Council; Delta Phi Delta. FEED, JAY E. Carroll Industrial Administration Dodds House, snc. chrm.; Newman Club; Business Students Assn.; Marketing Club; Iowa State Daily, advertising mgr., business mgr. FIE, SHARRON L. Bismark, N.D. Mathematics Gamma Phi Beta, Cardinal Guild, sec; Cardi- nal Guild Senate; Science Council: Veishea Sales Staff; Sketch Publication Board. FILIPI, CHARLES J. Cedar Rapids Chemistry Tau Kappa Epsilon; Homecoming; Veishea, AIChE.; Alpha Xi Sigma. FINDLOW, ROCHARD C. Des Moinfs Industrial Administration Delta Tau Delta, soc chrm., rush chrm., asst. rush chrm., v. p.; pledge class v. p., act. chrm., soc. chrm.; Veishea, asst. treas.; Marketing Club, pres.; BSA; Alpha Kappa Lambda. FINNIGAN, SALLY Cedar Rapids Speech Iowa State University Players. FIRST. WILLIAM B. Monticf ' llo Indutrial Administration Business Students Association. FISHER, GARY W. Jefferson J ' eterinary Medicine Transferred from Illinois Wesleyan University. FITZPATRICK, JOHN D. Manchester Mechanical Engineering Stevenson House, pres., h.r.; MR A, orienta- tion co-chrm.; ASME. FLICKINGER. NANCY Minneapolis, Minn. Home Economics Educatioyi FLINT, JOHN E. Glenxvood Veterinary Medicine Band: " Bomb, " Pub. Board; Jr. AVMA; Pre- Vet. Club; Veterinarian. FLOM, ROGER E. Wesley Electrical Engineering Norman House, officer. FOERDER, RUTH A. Kewanee, III. Textiles and Clothing Festival Chorus; Home Ec Club; T. C. open house; Varsity Band; WAA; YWCA. FRITZ, JAMES E. Sioux Rapids Electrical Engineering Beyer House, p.r. chrm.; YMCA, discussion chrm. Child Development FORRESTER, JEAN E. Cedar Falls Singers. FORRESTER, JOHN H. Ames Mechanical Engineering ASME; Tau Beta Pi; Pi Tau Sigma; Veishea, bus. mgr.; Mechanical Engineering open house. FORTIER, JOHN A. Mt. Vernon, N.Y. Forestry Boyd House, pres., sec. -treas., intramurals chrm.; MRA Weight Lifters; Cantebury Club; Forestry Club. FOTSCH,WESLEY A. Farmington Farm Operation Farm Op. Club. Transferred from Iowa Wes- leyan and Northeast Missouri State Teachers. FOWLER, RICHARD F. Sioux City Electronics Technology Sigma Phi Epsilon; Iowa Engineer; Glee Club. FREDREGILL, JAMES M. Des Moines Aerosfmce Engineering Arnold Air Society; IAS; Scabbard and Blade. FREDREGILL, JULIA R. Des Moines Textiles and Clothing Angel Flight; Chorus; Order of Eastern Star; T. C. Club; Volley Ball. Transferred from Grandview. FREESE, FREDERICK P. I.oivden Engineering Oi erations Engineering Op. Club; Electrical Engineering Club. FRINK, GLENN M. Moulton Block 8: Bridle Club. ERISA, ERNESF J. Tonaivanda, N.Y. htdu itrial Administration Alpha Kappa Psi; Pammel Community, coun- cilman, council chrm. Transferred from Mil- waukee School of Engineering. Animal Science Psychology FRYE, DAVID G. St. Geneva, 111. Stalker House, sec. FUGER, VAL E. Donnellson Architecture AIA. Transferred from Slate University of Iowa, Iowa City. FULLENWORTH, KARLTON L. Marathon Farm Operations Farm Op. Club; Little International; Veishea open house. Transferred from Morningside College and Buena Vista College. FULLER, EDMUND L. Great Bend, Kan. Dairy Industry Dairy Industry Club; Honors Program; Phi Eta Sigma. FULLER, RALPH E. Stanhope Chemistry Band; Glee Club; Fulmer House, sec. -treas. FULLERTON, GERALD E. Grand River Agronomy Caine House, intramural chm., rep. to all- college nomination convention; Wesley Foun- dation; Forestry Club. FULTON, RODNEY G. Malvern Industrial Education Knapp House, act. chrm.; Industrial Ed. Club, sec. open house chrm.; ed. of departmental news letter. GABEL. RICHARD C. Kanawha Electrical Engineering Richcy House, sec, pres. GABLE, ROBERT W. Cfdar Rapids Aerospace E,ngineerin " Alpha Tau Omega, asst. treas., treas., IFPC rep.; IAS; ARS, treas. GAMBLE, JOHN C. Shenandoah Agricultural Business Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Ag. Bus. Club; Festival Chorus; People to People, big brother; SAAC; Scabbard and Blade; Singers. GARDNER, DENNIS D. Ames Veterinary Medicine GARNER, PAUL J. Ames Chemistry Phi Eta Sigma; Iowa Chem. Soc; Am. Chemi- cal Soc. GARTNER, GERALD J. Dubuque Physics Phi Kappa Theta, pres. v. p.; IFC, asst. bus. mgr.; Newman Club. Transferred from Loras College, Dubuque, Iowa. GAYNOR. C. WILLIAM Moorestown, N.J. Industrial Administration Beta Theta Pi, song chrm., treas., v. p.; Sing- ers; Veishea, pub. comm.; SOV; Cardinal Guild, orchestra service; " Scientist " , pub. Board; Homecoming co-chm.; Phi Eta Sigma; Order of the Sextant; Phi Mu Alpha; Alpha Kappa Psi. (;ELHAAR. CHARLES J. Glenn Ellyn, III. Engineering Operations Delta Tau Delta, social chrm.. rush chrm., v. p.; Fug. Op. Club; Young Republicans; Freshman Guild, rep.; Vcishea, Delt float chrm. CiERBER, DEAN E. Holstein Mechanical Engineering Pi Tau Sigma; Order of the Sextant; ASME. GKRDES, DONALD E. Forest City Electrical Engineering Adelante; " Bomb " : Lutheran Students Assoc; " Engineer " ; " Daily " ; Players; SOV; " Sci- entist " . GERDTS, RONALD C. Clinton Animal Science GERST, ADOLPH H. Burlington Agricultural Engineering Freshman Days; Vcishea, open house; Engi- neering Carnival; ASAE. ;erst, melvyn l. Des Moines Aerospace Engineering Iowa State Gymnastics Club. GETHMANN, JACK B. Gladbrook Architectural Engineering Pi Kappa Phi; AIA; Engineering Operations. C;iBSON, BRUCE M. Downers Grove, III. Mechanical Engineering Sigma Phi Epsilon, v. p.; Veishea, ad, mgr.; Pi Tau Sigma; baseball. 452 CIFKORl). DON ' ALD C. Chirtif o, III, Mtrhanirtil Engineerhig ASME. Bcniutt House, v. p., soc. chrm.; Sweet- heart ' s Ball, bus. nigr.; GSB nominating con- vention delegate; MRA, cabinet rep., finance comni. Transferred from University of 111. and Wright Jr. College. GILBERT. DONALD M. Cranston, R,I. Veterinary Medicine Student Chapter of AVMA. GILSON, HAROLD L. Des Moines Industrial Engineering Pi Kappa . Ipha; Scabbard and Blade: S. . C; .iVmerican Institute of Industrial Engineers. GISVOI.D. DEAN P. Boone Distributed Studies Sigma .Alpha Epsilon, pledge class sec. and pres., asst. trcas. and treas.; FBA, asst. treas. CLANDORF. DAVID R. Witliamshurg Aeros mce: Electrical Engineering Beta Sigma Psi: Institute of Acrcnautiral Sciences: .American Institute of Electrical En- gineers; Institute of Radio Engineers; Gamma Delta. GLAS. CHARLES M. Des Moines Electrical Engineering GLASPIE, RICH. RD D. Creene Electrical Engineering GLOVER. JANET K. Webb Education . Ipha Gamma Delta: Er. Home Ec. Club: Welch Hall Council; Beacons; Tomahawk: Home Ec. Education Club, sec. ores.; Phi Upsilon Omicron, pres.: Harvest Ball Com- mittee: Wesley Foundation. GOEBEL, THOMAS W. DeWitt Civil Eneineering Kappa Sigma: Physics Club; Math Club; Vci- shea, eng. coord.; .American Society of Civil Engineering, trcas.: .American Society of Civil Engineers Student Convention, co-chairman. GOERING, GERARD T. Walcott Mechanical Engineering GOERING, KENNETH R. Des Moines Electrical Engineeting Caine House, soc. ch.; AIEE-IRE; Veishea, EE oi en house. GOLDSMITH, JERRY G. Clarence .Agricultural Education Lindstrom House, intramural chrm., pres.: Ag. Ed. Club. GOOCH, RICHARD L Islington, Mass, Mechanical Engineering GOODIN, ELLEN E. Independence, Mo. Experimental Foods F. N. Club Council. GOODM.AN, DONALD R. State Center Agricultural Business .Ag. Bus. Club; Newman Club; Varsity Band. GORGEN, MARY J. Excelsior, Minn, Textiles and Clothing Alpha Gamma Delta, soc. chrm., sr. Panhcl. rep.; Dean ' s Advisory Board; Phi Upsilon Omicron; Omicron Nu; Home Ec. Council; Sigma .Alpha Iota; Homecoming Beauty Re- view; Varieties Banquets, pianist; Scholar- ship Recognition Certificate; Honors Program; Sor-Dor chrm. GOULDIN, SYBIL A. Cedar Rapids HoutehoH Equipment Household Equipment Club: YWCA: Oak Hall, soc. chrm., house council; WRA, soc. chrm.; Sweethearts Ball, co-chrm.; Varieties. GOUND, JOHN C. Hamburg Animal Science Sigma Nu, steward; Block and Bridle, ban- quet; Horse Show, tickets chrm.; Laboratory Theatre; Little International. COWAN, BARBARA L. Ames English Gamma Phi Beta, pledge schol. chrm.: schol. comm., asst. pledge trainer, v. p., pledge train- er; Panhel. Senator to Fresh. Guild: Varieties: Women ' s Intramural Tennis Champion; " Bomb " asst., index ed., academic ed.; Home- coming, promotions co-chrm.; Veishea Canoe Races; People-To-People; Coordinator of For- eign Study Program. GRAHAM. HAROLD W. Gilman Block and Bridle Club. GRAHAM, JOHN G. Clear Lake Farm Operations Farm Op. Club, concession stand chrm.: Pam- mel Court Judicial Comm. Justice; Newman Club. GRAHAM, RONALD J. Slorden, Minn, Economics Wesley Fellowship; house religion chrm.; Church Choir; Sigma Tau Epsilon; Orchestra. Animal Science GRAHAM, THOMAS W. Sioux Falls, S,D. Industrial Administration Phi Delta Theta; Alpha Kappa Psi; Pep Coun- cil; Varsity Football; " I " Club; BSA; SAAC. GRAY, FREDERICK J. Siuox City Industrial .idministration KISU, d.j.; MRA Camera Club; MRA; BSA. GRAY, JACK P. New London Industrial Education Epsilon Pi Tau; I. Ed. Club. CRAY. MARY M. Albion, Mich, Textiles and Clothing Alpha Gamma Delta, pledge pres., social chrm.; Cosmopolitan Club; Freshman Guild, senator; Home Ec. Core Curr. Comm., sec- treas.; Homecoming, dance dec. chrm.; Model UN, housing; Panhel, summer orientation chrm.; PeopIe-to-PeopIe, planning comm. sec; T. S: C. Club; YWCA. GREENE. SHARON V. Warrington, Va, History and Government AGC, sec; GSB, sec. GREENLEE, ROBERT D. Omaha, Nebr, Telecommunicatii ' e Arts KISU, production news dir., co-mgr.; Meek- er House, v.p.; MRA, main cabinet, standards comm. chrm.; Veishea, pub. comm.; YD. GREGERSON, NANCY I.. Sanborn Applied .-Irt Bowling Club; Elm, Homecoming display co- chrm.; Home Fc. Club; Iowa State Prome- naders, pub. chrm., pres.; Vesley Foundation. GREIMANN, VERNON L. Garner .Agronomy Agronomy Club, treas., open house co-chrm.; National .Agronomy Convention del. GRIFFITH, RONALD J. Cherokee Electrical Engineering AIEE-IRE; Arnold Air Society; Phi Eta Sigma; GRIMM, DAVID R. Wapello Animal Science Sigma Phi Epsilon; Chamber Singers: Glee Club: Marching Band; Pre-Vet. Club; SOV, cast, opera; Y.M,CA; Singers. GROSS, GEORGE R. Osceola Agricultural Business Ag. Bus. Club; Campus Chest, bus. mgr. GRUENHAGEN, RICHARD D. Walcott Agronomy Theta Chi, v.p.; historian, social chrm.; Agron. Club, program chrm.; Autumn Cotil- lion, ticket chrm.; Gamma Delta, program chrm., projects chrm., worship chrm.; Varsity Band. GRUNSCHEL, KAREN G. Park Ridge, 111, Dietetics Roberts Hall, Veishea, float chrm.; Oak Hall, dinner-dance co-chrm.; Festival Chorus: Lamp- lighters; Singers; Sor-Dor. GUENTHER, CHARLES D. Charles City Aerospace Engineering lASS. GUERRERO, MARIAN B. Des Moines Engineering Operations Cyclone Club; MR.A Camera Club; Society for Eng. Op. GUGE, GARY G. Esthen ' ille .Animal Science Transferred from Esterville Junior College. H HAAG, KAREN M. Des Moines Mathematics Alpha Delta Pi, treas.; English Club; Veishea, open house. HADDEN, HUGH J. Jackson, Mich. Industrial Engineerinfr T. E. Club. Transferred from N.W. Missouri State. HADDOCK, LYNDON K. Mocille Mechanical Engineering ASME; Pi Tau Sigma; Carpenter House, Blast booth chrm., Veishea float chrm., act. chrm. HADDOCK. RONALD B. Hornick Agricultural Engineering Tau Kappa Epsilon, Singers; ASAE; Phi Mu Alpha, v.p. Transferred from Morningside College, Sioux City. HAFNER. GEORGIA L. Edina, Minn. Textiles and Clothing Kappa Alpha Theta, act. chrm., frat. ed. chrm.; Jr. Panhel.; Pledge Dance Advison,- Committee; Concert Band: Orchestra: Home Ec. Stud. Adv.; Veishea. canoe races co-chrm., ticket sales co-chrm.; " Bomb " Beauties, selec- tion co-chrm.; Singers; HCC, queens and deco- rations co-chrm.; Sigma Alpha Iota, v.p.; Phi Upsilon Omicron; Omicron Nu. HAGNL N. ROBERT M. Homewood. III. Chemical Engineering Delta Sigma Phi; Basketball; AIChE. HALL, MARINA I). Chicago, III. Chihl Drvrlo nnent West Linden. :ict. chrm.; CD. Club; Home Ec. Club; YWCA. Transferred from Purdue University. HALL, ROYCE D. Ames Mechanical Engineering Delta Upsilon; Intramural Sports; ASME; Vei- shea, SlE open house co-chrm. Transferred from Burlington Jr. College, Burlington, Iowa. HAMM, DAVID L. MoHne. III. Dairy and Food Industries Veishea, DEI open house co-chrm., and chrm.; DFI Club, pres.: Alpha Zcta. HAMMER. WALTON J. Parkersburg Chemistry Marching Band; Harriman House, sec, pres.; Tomahawk; Newman Club; la. Chcm. Soc, sec, pres. HAMMERSTROM. GARY A. San Mateo, Calif. History Beta Theta Pi. intram. chrm., pledge trainer; Homecoming, pub. chrm.; Veishea, newspaper CO ord.; History and Go ernment Club, v.p. HAMMOND, PHILIP S. Athf-rton. Calif. Mechanical Engine ' ' ring Phi Gamma Delta. Transferred from Bald- win-Wallace College. HANKIXS, F. TERRY St. Lakewood, Calif. Chemistry Technology Phi Delta Theta; Cardinal Guild for a Day; Veishea, sweatshirt hall, asst. properties co- ord.; Gra-Y Leader. HANSEN, DARYL D. Renwick El ' Ctrical Engineering Navv Helm; Navv Chorus; Navy Sextant; Meeker House, pub. rel. chrm., pres. HANSEN. MARION G. Harlan Mechanical Engineering MRA; ASME; Livingston House, soc. chrm. HANSEN. MIRIAM K. Omaha. Xebr. Mathematics Sigma Kappa, house mgr.; Freeman Hall, schol. chrm., advisor; Embers chrm.; Home- coming, art. chrm.; Math, open house, art chrm., co-chrm.; Maih. Club, exec, coiuicil. HANSON, MARI L. Mason City Psychology Psi Chi. Transferred from University of North Dakota. HARDY, ANN Chicago, III. Phy.sical Education Kappa Delta; Trampoline Club, pres.; PEMM, pres.; Naiads, pres.; Festival Chorus; Singers. HARMON, RAYMOND W. Osage Farm Oherations Farmhous " , sec, pledge class treas.; Farm Op. Club; SAAC; Godfrey House, soc chrm.; Vei- shea, farm op. open house; Iowa Agriculturist; GSB Activities Advisory Service, asst. chrm.; Greek Veek. HARPER, MARY M. Muscatine General Home Economics Newman Club; Campus 4-H; Oak Hall, sec Transferred from Viterbo College, LaCrosse, Wis. HARRINGTON, DENIS C. Rix ' er Forest. III. Psychology Delta Sigma Phi: Chamberlain House, v.p.; MRA, main cabinet; IFC, asst. rush chrm., rush chrm. HARRIS. JOEL W. Algona Industrial Administration Sigma Alpha Epsilon. HART, LYLE A. eenah, Wis. Veterinary Medicine Veishea, open house bus. mgr.; Pre-Vet Coun- seling; " Veterinarian ' , ed. Transferred from Oshkosh State College, University of Wisconsin. HART, MAUREEN J. Iowa Falls Sociology Majorette; Naiads; Women ' s Rifle Team, pres., capt.; Angel Flight; WA.A, presidents council; Sociology Club. Transferred from Ellsworth Jr. College. HART, MICHAEL J. Iowa Falls Sociology Swimming; Track; " I " Club; Sextant, exec, council; Scabbard and Blade, 2nd lieutenant; Sociology Club, v.p.; Veishea; NROTC Pislol Team, capt.; NROTC Rigle Team; Helm, pres. Transfercd from Ellsworth Jr. College. HARVEY, JERRY G. Pierson Electrical Engineering HARVEY, PEGGY L. Barrington. III. Textiles and Clothing Kappa Delta; T. C. Club: Festival Chorus; Veishea, sec. to parade chm. H. SH, lACQUELIN Nobleuille. Ind. ApfAied Art Education Pi Beta Phi; Pep Council; Cheerleader; Homecoming, treas.; Freshman Y; Naiads; Applied Art Club; Canterbury Club. 453 Chemistry board. Transfcrcd HAUGEN. BARBARA D. Hake Education Pi Beta Phi; Naiads; Singers; Harvest Ball. lrc. dim.; Lab. Tbeater; SOV; Home F.c. Club, hist., v.p.; Angel Flight, exec, comm., v.p.; sorority pledge trainer. HAWKINS, MALINDA H. Ames A ftlilied A rt Gamma Phi Beta, pledge pres., pnb. rel., hist., v.p. Varieties; Applied Art Club, pres.; Home Fc. Council; Delta Phi Delta; Home Ec. Re( ruitmen Comm.; YWCA, live wire, sml. gp. leader; SOV, make-up asst. HAVES. CLAUDE W. Atlantic People- to-Peoplc, adv. from Cornell College. HAYS, ALLEN E. Red Oak Mechanical EiiRinerin Knapp House, v.p.; ASME; fRA, main cabinet rep.; Intramurals; Homecoming. Transferred from Clarinda Jr. College. HECKER, DONNA L Sioux Falls, S.Dak. Getiral Home Economics Kappa Kappa Gamma; Pep Council; house song leader; pledge dance; Varieties; " Cyclone Review. " HEFTIE. DELBERT M. Stockham, Nebr. Veterinary Medicine AVMA; Veterinarian. Transferred from University of Nebraska. HEIDER, CHARLES H. Carroll Electrical F.nginering Phi Kappa Theta, soc. cbm., scbol. chm.; AIEE. Transferred from Marquette Univer- sity. HFINEMANN, DAROL A. Sumner Aerosfmce Enginering IAS. HELFERT, MERVYN L. Sahula Agricultural Business Godfrey House; Agricultural Business Club. Transferred from Clinton Jr. College. HEMBRY, F. GLEN Van Wert Animal Science Mekr House, Head Resident. HEMME. WILLIAM R. Tcrril Electrical Engineering Tau Beta Pi; AIEE; IRE. HENDERSON, DOUGLAS C. Boone Animal Science HENDERSON, ROBERT A. Seymour Industrial Administration B.S.A. HENDRICKS, DONALD P. Tipton Industrial Education Franklin House, pres.; Veishea. I.Ed, open house co-chm.; I. Ed. Club, trcas. HENN. JOHN I. Belmond A.S.M.E. HENTZEL, HENRY C. Burlington Mechanical Enginering Pi Tau Sigma; A.S.M.E. Transferred from Burlington Community College, Burlington, la. HERBST, NANCY L. Davenport Mathematics Christian Scientist Organization; Math. Club. Transferred from Northwestern Michigan College. HERINGTON, CARL L. Hopkinton Aerospace Engineerne, IAS; ARS. HERMAN. CHERYLL K. Madrid Mathematics Roberts Hall, adv isor, pub. chrm.; WRA, pub. council. HERMANSON. WALTER L. Story City English, zooloev YMCA; English Club; Zoology Club; Merrill House, intram. chm., v.p., pres. HICKS, JOHN F. Ames Geology HICKS, VIRGINL ' V L. Decatur, On. Dietetics Sor Dor; Foods and Nutrition Chib; Home Ec. Club; East Linden. Veisbea float, courtcsv chm., cooridor chm. Transferred from Wes- leyan College, Macon, Ga. HILAND. DOUGLAS A. Cedar Rapids Electrical Enginering IRE-AIEE; MRA Camera Club; Eta Kappa Nn; Jones House, sec., soc. chm., v.p. HILEY. PHILIP E. Glenwood HILL. JEANNINE G. Mayzvood, III. HINK. GARY R. Ida Grove Dietetics Mechanical Enginering Arospace Engineering HIRMAN. MARJORIE A. Rochester, Minn. Household Equipment H. H. Eq. Club; Veisbea, co-chm. of H. Eq. display, home c. Veishea open house central comm. Transferred from St. Olaf College, Nortbfield, Minn. HOCHSTEIN, ALAN L. Osceola Aerospace Engineering AHE; IAS; Veishea. HOEL, EDWIN G. Floyd Agricultural Business HOFFMAN. PATRICIA Sioux City Education Kappa Delta; Festival Chorus; Kappa Phi, sec; Wesley Fellowship; Veishea; Dorm House Council; Fr. Home Ec. Club: Home Ec. Ed. Club; T. N. T. Club; Homecoming. HOFFMAN, RICHARD O. Wonder Fake, III. Industrial Engineering Intramurals; Air Force Rifle Team; Geologv Club; Veishea; AIIE Club; T. N. T. Club; Homecoming. HOFFSTATTER, JOHN P. Keokuk Cix ' il Engineering HOLCOMB. VIRGINIA K. I.awton Education Gamma Phi Beta; Intramural Board; Home Ec. Club; Outstanding Jr. Girl in W. A. A.; Omicron Nu; Alpha Lambda Delta. HOLLAND, MARIANNE Leland Chemistry Alpha Lambda Delta; Elm Hall, schol. chm., advisor; Sigma Iota Pi. HOLANDFR, ADRIAN Gilbert Industrial Administration Sigma Nu, treasurer; Alpha Kapna Psi; Scab- bard and Blade; S.A.A.C; B.S.A., treasurer; Interfraternity Pledge Council, s-cretary; I.F.P.C. -Jr. Pan. Hel. Joint Social Board. HOLLENBECK, LARRY D. Quimby Industrial Education HILGENBERG, JUDITH P. Ames Roberts Hall, schol. chm.; Psi Ch Aerospace Engineering Psycliology HOLLINGSHEAD, DAVID H. Des Moines Civil Engineering A.S.C.E. HOLST, DALE J. Belle Plaine Mathematics HOLT, MARY E. Afton Home Economics Education Festival Chorus; Kappa Phi; Home Ec. Ed. Club. HOLTZ, EARL W Ames Industrial Administration Phi Delta Theta; Alpha Kappa Psi; pres.; Phi Mu Alpha, Sinfonia Sing co-chm., oub. chm., Am. Musicale; YMCA, pres., chm. World Service comm., cbm. International Gift Fair, Books for Asia; BSA, treas.: Pep Council, re- cruitment chm.: I Club, Track. Letterman, Cross Country; Singers; Festival Chorus; Con- cert Band; Marching Band; SAAC. HONECK, KAYLFEN K. Hampton Technical Journalism Alpha Lambda Delta; CSF, sec, pres.; Writer ' s Roundtable, Radio Workshop: Sweetheart Ball, pub. chm.; Th-i-ta Sigma Phi; Journal- ism I award; Honors program; Dailv, night cd.; new dimen. ed., mgng. ed., assoc. ed. HOOD, MICHAEL J. Humboldt Industrial Administration HOPKINS, RONALD H. Boone Physics Newman Club; Physics Club: Band HOSCH. JAMES C. Parkersburg Animal Science Farm House, hist.; Block and Bridle, treas.: Alpha Zeta; ISU livestock Judg. Team; ISU Dairy Judg. team; An. Sci. Open House, co- chm.; Newman Club. HOUGHAM. RONALD L. Des Moines Electrical Engineering Phi Delta Theta; Homecoming Pep Bar-b-que, tech. dir.; Navy Ball, decorations co-chm. MOUGHAN, NANCY J. Fort Morgan, Col. Child Dex ' elopment Pi Beta Phi, pub. rel. cbm.; Fr. Home Fx. Chib; C. D. Club; Veishea open house co- chm.; Greek Week, kickoff sec HOWALT, JAMES P. Sioux Falls, S.D. Industrial Engineering Sigma Alpha Epsilon HOWARD, JAMES P. Mawn City Aerospace Engineering Phi Gamma Delta; Eng. Council; Arnold Air Snc; IAS. HOWE. MARILYN A. Des Moines Lamplighter. HOWELL, DONALD A. Des Moines Industrial,ineering Pi Kappa Phi: AIIE, pres., sec. Veishea open house chm.; Baseball; YD; Ames Pingoong Club. Transferred from Wcsleyan College, Grandview Jr. College. HRDLICKA, R. GARY Cedar Rapids Mathematics Tau Kappa Epsilon, hist.; Pi Tau Pi Sigma, trcas.; ASME; IS Players; Math Club. HUDLESON, BRUCE D. Onawa Electrical Engineering Fulmer House, sec-treas.; MRA; Weightllft- , ers; Singers; Vieshea, open house chm.; AIEE- IRE. HUDSON. DONALD E. Esterville Aerospace Engineering .Am. Rocket Soc; IAS. Transferred from Est?rville Jr. College. HUGHES, JUDITH K. Corydon Child Development Fr. H. Ec Club; CD Club; .Sor-Dor; Festival Chorus; Residence Hall, Fr. advis.. Home- coming displ. chm., Veishea displ. chm.; Wes- ley Foiuidation. HUMMEL. LARRY M. Griswold Agricultural Business Carpenter House, act. chm.; Ag. Bus. Club. HUMPHREY, SHARON L . Knoxville Dietetics Alpha Chi Omega, house mgr.; WVsley Foun- dation; Kappa Phi; Women ' s Ath. Assoc; Fr. Home Ec. Club; F. 8: N. Club. HUMPHREYS, HEATHER A. Naperx ' ille, III. English Kappa Alpha Theta; Supreme Ct., sec; Var- ieties Cent. Comm.; Grek Week, cent, comm.; English Club, v.p.; SPAN, ass. chm.; Lamp- lighter. HUNSBERGER, GRETCHEN R. Wadszvorth, O. Home Economics Education East Linden, corridor chm.; Beacons Cab.: KMRI, d.j.; Festival chorus; YWCA, cabinet. HUNTER, MARY J. Minneapolis, Minn. General Home Economics Alpha Chi Omcca; Home Ec. Cub; YWCA; Festival Chorus; Panhcl Council: Cyclone Club. Transferred from Drake University. HUNZIKER. ROGER F. Crystal I.ake. III. Forestry Stevnson House, soc. chm.; MRA, dance class cbm., rep. to Pep Council; Pep Council, pres.; Forestry Club. HURST, JEANNE A. Waterloo Child Devlopment Chi Omega, treas.; SOV; Student props; IFC, HUSER. NANCY Sac City Home Economics Education Delta Delta Delta, rec sec; Dean ' s Adv. Board, v.p.; Veishea. H. Ec foyer display; Carer Day. scholarship chm.; RIL, book dis- play chm.; Home Ec. kick-off chm. HUTCHINSON, BOYD L. Slater Mechanical Engineering Pi Tau Sigma HUTCHINSON, JUDITH A. Ex ' anston, III. Genral Home Economics Alpha Delta Pi; YWCA, sec, cabinet; Festival Chorus; Homecoming pub. comm., sec HUTCHINSON, MARTHA L. E. Alton. III. Home Economics Education Delta Delta Delta, house mgr., scholarship chm.; Naiads: Fr. Home Ec. Club; Home Ec. Ed. Club; YWCA; Greek membership chm.; RIL Week, art show chm.: Cardinal Guild, Home Fc. senator; Home f.c. Council, Pub. rel. chm., pres.; Omicron Nu; Phi Upsilon Omicron; Mortar Board. HYNES, LARRY J. Nevada Industrial Engineering Alpha Kappa Lambda; .AIIE; Intramurals. Textiles and Clothing I INGERSOLL, JAMES W. Cresco .4gricultural Business Phi Delta Theta: YMCA, cabinet, freshman- Y coord.; Singers; Mens Glee Club; Phi Mu Alpha-Sinfonia. People-ToPeople. Big Brother Prog, chm.; Ag. Business Club; SOV. IRONS, EUGENE J. Canton. S.D. Industrial Administration Alpha Tau Omega, snec events co-chm., pledge trainer, treas.; Alpha Kappa Psi ef- ficiency comm., program comm.; Cardinal Guild, council of ed. affairs. IRWIN. MARY L. Sac City Household Equipment ISAACSON. RONALD H. Charles City Veterinary Medicine ' AllUniv. Bowling League; Big-8 Bowling J.cague; Student Cbm. of . VMA. 454 JACKSON, DAVID W. Ralston, Nebr. Phyxics Farm Operations JACOBSEX, KARSTF.N O. Sxi. Jaerlialden, Hi ' aler, Norxtay Electrical Engineering Transferred from Schous Institute of Tech., Oslo, Norway. JACOBSEN, KAREN L. Daws English Singers; English Chib; Asst. to Housemother. Transferred from State College of Iowa. JAHR. FRED W. Wapello Farm Operations Pi Kappa Phi, pledg trainer; Track, fresh- man, varsity; Farm Op. Club. JANSEN. IVAN J. Sully Farm Op. Club. JANSS, PETER F. Des Moines Cii ' il Engineering Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Football Team; Swim- ming Team; " I " Club; A.S.C.E. JANSSEN, BERNARD J. Eddyville Farm Opera ' ions Newman Club. Transferred from William Penn. College. JANSSEN, STEVEN A. Ida Grove Industrial Education I. Ed. Club; Epsilon Pi Tau; Harriman House, soc. chra. Transferred from Morning- side Col. JARNAGIN, JERALD L. Sac City Bacteriology Disciple Student Fellowship; Boyd House, act. chm. JASPER, WILLIAM L. Newton Electrical Engineering Acacia; Festival Chorus; AIEE, vice-chm., chm.; Tennis Team; Veishea, open house. JASPERS, RICHARD H. Roland Veterinary Medicine Alpha Sigma Phi, pres. lAYCOX, ALAN L. Webster City Sintislirs Transferred from Webster City Jr. College. JANSEN, LARRY W. Kirkman Chemistry Transferred from Dana College, Blair, Nebr. JESS. STEVEN F. Media, Pa. Industrial Administration Kappa Sigma, soc. chm., dance chm.; Inter- frat. Pledge Dance, bus. mgr.; Business Stu- dents assoc; Alpha Kappa Psi. JOHANNESEN, MARILYN J. Bancroft Education Alpha Delta Pi; Festival Chorus; Iowa State Singers; Varieties, flash act ahm.; Act. Adv. Service, office chm. Transferred from . ugus- tina (Lutheran,) Sioux Falls, S.D. JOHNSON, ALAN F. Fairfield Mathematics Singers; Men ' s Gle Club; Order of the Sex- tant; Wesley Foundation; The Happy Diner Club. JOHNSON. CH.ARLES K. Madrid Industrial Administration Carpenter House, pres.; Alpha Phi Omega, v.p.; YR; BSA. JOHN.SON, FRED T. Ottosrn Mechanical Enginering Pershing Rifles; Phi Eta Sigma; Tomahawk; Pi Tau Pi Sigma; Pi Tau Sigma; Scabbard and Blade. JOHNSON, JAMES D. latimer Animal Science Alpha Gamma Rho; an. bus. ooen house; Block Bridle, initiation chm.. stabling chm., invitation chm.; Washington D.C. 4-H trip; YD; Little International; Meats Judg. team. JOHNSON, JAMES L. Burlington Veterinary Medicine Adelante, intramurals; Pre. Vet. Club, sr. adv., v.p.; A.V.M.A. JOHNSON, JOEL B. Ames Architecture Sigma Phi Epsilon; Am. Inst, of Architects. JOHNSON. JULIE C. Dallas Center Home Economics Education Alpha Lambda Delta; Mortar Board; Omicron Nu; Phi Upsilon Omicron; Cardinal Guild, Home Ec. senator: Home Ec. Council; " Can- dle " ed.; " Bomb, " seniors ed.: Beacons, stu- dent adv.; Tomahawk; E. Linden, scholarship chm.; Birch Hall, adv.. Embers chm.; WR.A, pres.; Wesley, pub. chm.; Singers; Festival Chorus; All-university Calendar comm.; Ex- tension trainee. JOHNSON, KARLA L. Chicago, III. Sociology Alpha Gamma Delta, corr. sec. Varieties,; Sor-Dor; VR; Festival Chorus; Veishea, Ski Show, open house central comm. sec. JOHNSON, M. RICHARD Lou ' den .ierosfyace Engineering Acacia; pres.. intramural chm., soc. chm.; IAS, pres.; Am. Rocket Soc, pres.; Tau Beta Pi, treas.; Sigma Gamma Tau; Knights of St. Patrick; Eng. Council. JOHNSON, MELVIN T. Webster City Landscape Architecture Arch., Veishea open bouse, rep. to Ag. Coun- cil; Ag. Council, v.p. Transferred from Web- ster City Jr. College. JOHNSON, PATRICIA B. Ames General Omicron Nu. Transferred from Kansas State University. Animal Science JOHNSON, ROBERT C. Bonne Tau Kappa Epsilon JOHNSON, RONALD T. Des Moines Chemical Engineering JOHNSON, THOMAS Ames Veterinary Medicine JOHN.SON, TOMMY L. Baxter Farm Operation JOLLY, JOYE Pleasantville Home Economics Education Elm Hall, adv.; WRA, Formal, program chm.; Home Ec. Ed. Club; Campus 4-H, pub. chm., Harvest Ball. pub. chm. JONES, BARBARA R. Oxford. .Y . Home Economics Education Alpha Gamma Delta; Homecoming, judg. chm.; Veishea, sales bus. staff; Festival Chorus; Home Ec. Ed. Club. JONES, CORAL S. Garner History Louden House, v.p.; MR. . main cabinet. JONES. DOROTHY F. Statford Textiles and Clothing Delta Zeta, rec. sec, pledge class sec; H. Ec. Council, pub.; home ec, open house; SOV, costumes; T. 8: C. Club, sec-treas., v.p.; Fes- tival Chorus Wesley, pub.; Union Band, pub. Core Curriculum. JONES, KAREN G. Hampton Industrial Administration W. Linden, liason; Block and Bridle: BS.A; Little Internat ' I Freeman Hall, adv.; All-Uni- versity Nominating Convcn.; Inaugural Ban- quet, dec; Marketing Club. JONES, VIRGINIA Moline, III. Dietetics Kappa Kappa Gamma, pledge class pres., rush chm., pres.; Greek Week, co-chm., Olympics. JORGENSEN, LeROY A. Hampton Agricultural Education Mixed Chorus; ETA; Ag. Ed. Club. Trans- ferred from Ellsworth Jr. College, Iowa Falls. JOSEPH, DENNIS H. Sioux Ci(v Mathematics Phi Delta Theta, treas. JUFFER, JANICE E. LeMars Child Development Gamma Phi Beta, asst. rush chm., rush chm.; Cheerleader; Veishea, home economics open house, judg. chm., sales sec; CD. Club, treas.; Home Ec. Banquet, bus. mgr. KABEI.A. LAWRENCE J. Solon Agricultural Bitsiness Ag. Ed. Club KAIN. PATRICK H. Algona Fish and Wildlife Mgt. Zoology Club; Newman Club; Ag. Council. KAISER, KAROLYN K. Garnavilln H. Ec. Education Campus 4-H; Omicron Nu: Singers; Univer- sity Lutheran Cong. Transferred from Wart- burg Col., Waverly. KARLSBAKK, OYVARD Orsta, Norway Electrical Engineering Transferred from Schov ' s Institute of Tech., Oslo, Norway. KATZER, EARL D. Conrad .Mpha Gamma Rho. Veterinary Medicine K. Y. DENNIS H. Atlantic Distributed Studies Singers; Debaters; Band; Tomahawk; Glee Club. KEEN, NOEL T. Slate Center Botany Botany Club; SOV; KISU; Niles House, in- tramural chm.; Freshman Guild. KELLSTROM, WILLIAM A. Omaha, Xebr. Aerospace Engineering Pi Kappa Alpha, sec, v.p.; Veishea, eng. open house bus. mgr. and chm.; S.A..A.C.; Scabbard and Bl.ide; IAS; Knights of St. Patrick; Mili- tar y Ball, chm. KELLY, GARY W. Council Bluffs Mathematics KAUL. ELDON G. Chadwick. III. Government .Stevenson House, soc. chm., pres.; Order of the Sextant; Iowa State Debaters; GSB. cabinet, nat. affairs dir.; History and Gov. Club, v.p. KAUP, BETTY Ankeny H.G.E. KEMMER, LAWRENCE M. Emmetsburg Industrial .Administration Delta Chi, soc. chm.; BS. ; Newman Club. KENNISON, DAVID J. Mtt-son City Malhematics Phi Eta Sigma; Pi Mu Epsilon, pres.; Hawian Club. Transferred from St. Olaf Col., North- field, Minn. KENOYER, CHARLES E. Ames Psychology Transferred from U. and U. of Hawaii. KESSELRING, RONALD D. Parnell Forestry Alumni Hall, pres., soc. chm.; Festival Chorus; Men ' s Glee Club; Student Properties Board, bus. mgr.; Ames Forester, bus. mgr.; Forestry Club, sec; Veishea, open house comm.; YMCA, Wash. -U.N. Seminar; Sinfonia; Homecoming, display co-chm.; Wesley Foundation; Society of American Foresters. Transferred from State University of Iowa. KETELSEN, CAROLE A. Little Cedar Home Economic Education Home Economic Ed. Club; Lamplighters; West Linden, soc. chm.; All College Nominating Convention; Intramurals. KIDNEY LaVONNE D. Glidden Education Kappa Alpha Theta, asst. song leader, chap- lain: Fr. Home Ec. Council; Singers; Band; Varieties, co-chm. flash acts; Model U.N.; Homecoming, beauty review co-chm.; Sigma Alpha Iota, rush chm.; Festival Chorus; Sor- Dor. KIESEY, DOUGLAS T. Keota Industrial Administration Lange House, act. chm.; Business Students ' Assoc; Alpha Kappa Psi, sec. KING, MERLE L. loiea Falls Civil Engineering ASCE; Newman Club. Transferred from Ells- worth Jr. College. KINNEY, JAMES R. Eima Rural Sociology Sociology Club; Plays. Transferred from Marquette U., Milwaukee. KIRCHGATTER, RICHARD H. St. Ansgar Veterinary Medicine Alpha Sigma Phi. v.p.; GSB. supreme court justice. Transferred from .Austin Jr. Col., Austin, Minn. KIRSCH, ALVIN J. Gloversville, N.Y. Marketing Management Agricultural Business Club. Transferred from State U. of New York, . gr. and Tech. Inst., Cobleskil, N.Y. KJOME, DAVID J. Spring Grove. Minn. Dairy Science Alpha Gamma Rho, chap.: .Soph. Dairy Judg. Contest, winner; Veishea. co-rhm. dairy ooen house; Dairy Science Club, pres.; Alpha Zeta: Gamma Sigma Delta; ISU Dairy Judg. Team; Paul H. Stewart Scholarship, recipient. Trans- ferred from Luther Col., Decorah. KLEESPIE, KAREN L. Tearing Home Economic Education Home Ec. Ed. Club. KLEIN, DOUGLAS P. Brainerd. Minn. Geology Marching Band; Geologv Club; Soc of Am. Military Engineers; United Church of Christ Fellowship. KLEIN, MARY E. San Bernardino, Calif. Education Sigma Kappa, treas.; Festival Chorus: H. Ec. Recognition Dessert, vice chm.: Omicron Nu; Home Ec. Ed. Club. Transferred from U. of Redlands, Redlands, Calif. KLEIN, WILLIAM C. Newton Agronomy Alpha Gamma Rho, song leader, hist., treas.; . gron. Club. act. carnival co-chm., refresh- ment co-chrm.. program chm.. pres.. nat. re- cording sec; Aloha Zeta; Phi Mu Alpha Sin- fonia: .Arnold . ir Society: Marching Band; Basketball Band; Concert Band. KI.FISS. STANLEY W. Fredericksburg Agricultural Business 455 KI.EVEN. GARY L. Weslbrook, Minji. Industrial Admhihlralion Sigma Alpha Epsilon, rush chm.; Alpha Kappa I ' si; Varsity Basketball; BSA; Varsity " I " Club. KI.INBT. HARVEY A. Davet ' O ' l Agronomy Delta Sigma Phi, house mgr.; Agrou. Club, rcc. s?c. KNAPP, DEAN H. Dollwer Industrial Administration Alpha Kappa Psi; BSA; MRA: Kimball House, act. chm.. pres.; All College Nomiuating Con- vention; MR. Nominating Convention; I. Ad. Banquet, pub. chm.; Veishea, Psych, display; Homecoming, Bar-B-Q. KNIEPKAMP, RICHARD L. Newton AlEE- IRE. Electrical Enginering KNOOP, THOMAS A. Oshkosh. IViv. Architecture Lambda Chi Alpha; . .. . Transferred from Wisconsin State College, Oskosh. KNOX, G. JACK Webb Mechanical Engineering KNUDSON. JOYCE E. Parker-iburg Child Development Oak Hall, sec; Sweetheart Ball Queen. KOCH, THOMAS E. Denison Telecornmunicative Arts Phi Delta Thela; Veishea, T.V. pub., televi- sion open hous-; Pre-Vet. Club; Singers; pro- ducer of " This is Iowa State " . KOCH, THOMAS H. Etdridge htafhematics Adelante; Pre Vet CUib; Iowa State Star, Dist. mgr.; Homecoming, dance decorations comm.; Christmas Ball, dec. comm. Transferred from University of .Alabama. KOEL. DELMAR, P. Rock Rapids Civil Enninering ASCE. Transferred from Northwestern Col- lege, Orange City. KOENIG.GARY R. Waterloo Zoology KOSKI, BONNIE R. Dnnlat! Education Home Ec. Club; Wesley Fellowship; E. Lin- den, off., fr. adv.; Sor-Dor; .Score; People-to- Pcoplc; Sister to an International Student. KAUR, JAMES Des Moines Industrial Engineering Chemical Engineering Animal Science Mathematics KRAGT, DIANE B. Mingo Home Economic Ediicntion Birch Hall, advisor, v. p.: WR. . exec, board rorr. sec; Home Ec. Ed. Club; Beacons; Tomahawks; Westminster Fellowship. KRAHL BARBARA C. Boone Textiles and Clothing T. 8: C. Club; YWCA; Welch, advisor; WRA Mirror, typist: Veishea, parade sec, open house; Fr. Home Ec. Club. KROCHESKl, JOSE Ames AIChE. KROTTER, FRED C. Palisade, Nebr. Phi Gamma Delta. KRUMMEL, LARRY L. Avoca Iowa State Plavers. KRUSE, DARI.FNE J. Marshalltown C.D., Elementary Education Alpha Gamma Delta, corn sec; Festival Chonis; A. A. Club. Transferred from Mar- shalltown Jr. College. KRUSE. KENT A. Oslialoosa Veterinary Medicine Phi Kappa Tau. treas.; AVMA, treas. KUDRLE, CARTER S. Cedar Rapids Mechanical Engineering . SME., pres. KUEPKR. THEODORE V. Dubuque Biochemistry Kimball House, v. p.. chaplain; Iowa Chem. Soc; Newman Club; MR.A. ma ' n cabinet, bud- get comm.; all Univ. Nom. Convention; Fresh. Nom. Convention; Veishea, chem. disp. KUHLMAN. AI.LF.N B. Lake Bluff, III. Agricultural Business Delta Tau Delta; Ag. Business Club; Pen Council; " Athlete of the week " chrm.; Block and Bridle Club. Transferred from S.D. St. College. KUHN, KEITH F. Moville Animal Science Block and Bridle Club; Newman Club; Liv- ingston House, blast co-chrm. S.A.A.C. KUNCE, JERALD A. Ames Animal Science KUSHLAK, DENNIS E. Berea, Ohio Mathematics Alpha Tau Omega, v. p., pres.; Football, fresh., varsity; Math. Club; PepCotuicil, res. rep.; Frat. Intramural Council, pres. l.ABARRE, SUE Algona Child Derrlopmcnt Kappa Alpha Theta, asst. rush chrm., house mgr.; . 11 University Election Comm.; Fr. Home Ec. Club; Veishea, anoc races co-chrm.. ticket sales co-chrm.; CD. Club. sec. pres.; Pep Council, card sec, pub. chrm.; Bomb Beauty Selection, co-chrm.; Phi Chi; Home Ec. Council; Homecoming, queens and decorations co-chrm. i.ACF.Y, royc:e O. Ida Grove Electrical Engineering Phi Eta Sigma; Eta Kappa Nu. pledge trainer; Tau Beta Pi: Marthing Band: Concert Band; . IEE-IRE. pub. chrm.; Wesley Foundation, coiMicil; Veishea, E.E. open house. LAHMANN, PAUL E. Tripoli Agricultural Business Ag. Bus. Club; Veishea, open house. LAKE, MAX B. Ames Eish and Wildlife Management Zoology Club. LANDWEHR, MICHAEL A. Des Moines Statistics Pi Kappa Phi. rush chrm., sec, chap., song chrm.; Math. Club; YR; Pep Council, rep. El-ctrical Engineering Pre-Vet.; Block and Bridle Club. LANE. RONALD F. Albin AIEE. LANGESEN, JUDITH M. Keiv Richland, Minn. Sociology E. Linden, advisor; Sociology Club; Frisbic Fellowship, sec. Transferred from Ellsworth Jr. College, Iowa Falls. LANGILL, MICHAEL F. Pammel Court Industrial Administration LANMAN, JOHN E. Bonaparte Industrial Engineering AIEE; Veishea, dept. displays. LAREW, DONALD E. loica City APIilied Art Delta Upsilon, pres., rush chrm., pledge v.p., soc. chrm., rush chrm.; Players; Pep Council; " Fngineer " ; .SOV, set designer; Homecoming, beauty review ' . LARKIN, JUDTTH E. Minneapolis, Minn. Dietetics .Alpha Gamma Delta, rush chrm., membership chrm., pledge soc. chrm.; Naiettes; Fr. Home Ec. Council; Varieties, girls; Greek Week, pub. sec; Legs Contest; Campus Chest. LARSEN, C. ALAN Moline, III. Hislorv Phi Gamma Delta; Baseball: Pep Council; Pi Tau Pi Sigma, exec, office; IFPC. LARSEN, RICHARD L. Elk Horn Ag. Business; Mkt. Manaezement Knapp House, sec, treas.; Ag. Bus. Club; Lit- tle Internat ' l. LARSON, CHARLES G. Iowa Falls Animal Science Block and Bridle Club; Meat Judg.; Little In- ternat ' l: Sage House, sec. Transferred from F ' llsworth Jr. College, Iowa Falls, LARSON, DENNIS L. Nora Springs Agricultural Engineering Spinney House, sec, treas.. pres.; Homec(mi- ing, chrm. house disp.; Veishea, chrm. ag. eng. disp.; John Deere Co-op. LARSON, LOWELL A. Stratford Industrial Engineering LARSON, RONALD Berwyn, III. LATHAM, WILLARD J. Al-xander Agronomy Alpha Gamma Rho, sec, rush chrm., pledge pres., float chrm.; IFC, rush chrm.. treas.; Daily Pub. Brd., pres.; Agron. Club, v.o.. corr. sec, nat. conv. delegate; Fresh. Guild, ag. senator. I.ATTA. LARRY D. Keokuk Electrical Engineering KMRI, chief eng.; AIEE-IRE; Campus Radio Club. LAU, TIMOTHY Honolulu, Hawaii Veterinary Medicine Transferred from University of Hawaii and Ohio State University Veterinarian; Alum. Ed. LAUMBACH, RONALD L. Lake City Mechanical Engineering Sigma Aloha Epsilon; Singers; Festival Chorus; IFPC; IFC Scholarship and Expansion Com- mittees; ASME; Pi Tau Sigma: Phi Eta Sigma; Knights of St. Patrick; Tau Beta Pi. LAUMBACH, SABRA Ames Applied Art LEE, MARGARET A. Ames Distributive Studies LEI N EN, VERLEE A, Portsmouth Home Economics Education Corridor Chairman, East Linden; Home Ec. F.d. Club; Newman Club; Bus. mgr. for East Linden Veishea float. Transferred from Mary- crest College, Davenport, LEMESH MICHAEL S, McKees Rooks, Pennsylvania Agricultural Engineering . SAE; Converse House Act. chrm.; Freshman Guild Senator; Layout Director Activities Car- nival, Representative to all college nominating convention. LEMON, MARILYN C, Chariton Experimental Foods Festival Chorus; Fr. Home Ec. Club; F 8: N Club: Beacons: East Linden Blast co-chrm; Tomahawks; Historian; Wesminter Fellowship; Cabinet: Executive Council; Program chrm.; Stated Clerk; Foods chrm.; Fr. Adv. (Roberts Hall); E. Linden pub. chrm.; WRA Publicity Council. LENDERTS, JON D. Ellsworth, Minnesota Industrial .administration BS.A, v.p.; Alpha Kappa Psi; Marketing Club; Toastmasters Club; Co-Chrm. I. Ad. Veishea open house; co-chrm. I. Ad. Banquet; Weight- lifters Club. I.ENZ, WILLIAM B. Lebanon. Mo. Telecornmunicative Arts Phi Delta Theta; Freshman Senat; Radio-T.V. Coordinator; Homecoming; ISU Concert Band; SOV Band; Phi Mu .Alpha Music Honorary: Mc for the following: Sorority Pledge Debut; Homecoming Beauty Review; Naiads Swim- ming Shows; Bomb Beauty Presentation: Vei- shea pcning Ceremonies; Brothers Four; Home- coming T.V. Shows. LEONARD. MARGARET E. St. John, Indiana Applied Art Alpha Chi Omega; Freshmen Nom. Conven- tion; Singers, Players, Sigma Alpha Iota; SOV; Varieties. LESCH, GENE L. Osage Industrial Education Kappa Sigma: Homecoming disp. chrm.; Vei- shea Float Chrm.; I. Ed. Club officer. LEWIS, MARTHA M. Ankeny Education Delta Zeta, pledse trainer; Home Ec, recruit- ment comm.; YWCA, membership chrm.: Ed. Club; Cosmopolitan Club; .Alpha Lambda Delta, pub. chrm., jr. adv., sr. adv.; Omicron Nu; Phi Upsilon Omicron. LI MAS, ROBERT Ft. Madison Mechanical Engineering . Alpha Kappa Lambda; M.F.. open house: ME. ME. Open house Machine Shop chrm.; ASME. LINDER, RICHARD L. Centerville Electrical Engineering Phi Eta Sigma; Freshman Guild: Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia; University Traffic Appeals Board; Singers; AIEE-IRE. LINDNER. EDWIN R. Waverly Veterinary Medicine A.V.M.A.; " Veterinarian " ; Vet. Med. Student Counselor. LING. DONALD R. Sheldon Fnelis ' i and Speech Radio Workshop, pres,; Writers Round Table, selection comm.; English club; Choral and Interpretive Reading; Science Club. I.IU, REX R.Y. Taipei, Republic of China Aero Space Engineering MR.A Weightlitting Club, v.p.; American Rocket Soci ' tv; Cosmopolitan club; Chinese Student Club. LIVENGOOD, KENNETH R. Braddyville Animal Science Transferred from Northwest Missouri State. LIVINGSTON, MARY C. Monroe Home Economics Education Alpha Chi Omega; Festival Chorus; Singers, pres.; Home Ec. Core Curriculum comm.: Home Ec. Council; cor. sec. of Alpha Chi Omega; Home Ec. Ed. Club. LIVINGSTON, SALLY K. Ma.wn City Dietetics Transferred from Mason Cilv lunior College: Kappa Phi; F ft N Club; YW CA; Collegiate Methodist Choir. LO, ALVIN H. Koloa, Hawaii Electrical Engineering Kimball House act. chrm., v.p., pres.; Hawaii- an Club v.p. LOGAN, JOHN W, Mondamin Phi Kappa Tau; IAS. .Aero Engineering 456 Anirnal Science I.ONG, HOWARD A. Cre.slon Mechanical ' .naineerinii Treas. Stevenson House; ASME; Arnold Air Society; Scabbard - Blade; Veishea Float co- chrm. Stevenson House. LOTT. SANDRA H. York, Sehr. Child Dei ' elopment Pi Beta Phi; Symphony; SOV orchestra; Sigma Alpha Iota. Transferred from University of Kansas and Nebraska. I.OUSCHER, STEVEN V. Paullina Agricultural Business Ag. Bus. Club; Cyclone Club; Mariners. Transferred from Morningside College. I.OIJTFI. MOHAMMED H. Midel, Morocco Cosmopolitan Club; Soccer. LOVE. MARY E. Waterloo Home Economics Education Delta Delta Delta; Home Ec. Club: Lamp- lighter. Transferred from Denison University. LOVERIEN. PHYLLIS A. Excelsior, Minnesota Experimental Foods and Homr Economics Education Gamma Phi Beta; YWCA officer; Home Ec. Recruitment: Home Ec. Council: Home Ec. Cabinet: Phi Upsilon Omicron; Panhel Rep. to all-University Elections. LOWE, THOMAS E. Centen ' ille History Concert Band; Symphony Orchestra; Pi Mn Alpha Sinfonia; Arnold Air Society; Com- mander of Arnold Air Socictv; Scabbard and Blade. LUCAS, JAMES F. Bedford AVMA; Pre-Vet. Club. LUND. OSCAR M. Spearfish, South Dakota Engineering Operations Transferred from U.C.L.A. and South Da- kota School of Mines; Sinfonia; Singers; Festi- val Chorus; Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship: Act. Adv. Service mgr.; A.LLE. LUNDE. CAROLE A. Ottumwa Home Economics Physical Education Delta Zeta; Veishea; Homecoming; Intramur- als; PEMM. LVFORD, CHARLES Ames Veterinary Medicine Pre-Med. LYNN. WILLIAM E. West Des Moines Industrial Administration Tau Kappa Epsilon; Varsity " I " Club; Scab- bard and Blade; Fraternitv: Track and Cross Countrv Sport; Pershing Rifles; YMCA; Alpha Kappa Psi; BS. . M McBRIDE. LOREN C. Hampton Chemistry McCABE, M.-VY K. Dyersi ' ille English English Club. McCAULEY. DAVID W. Park Ridge, Illinois Industrial Education Phi Kappa Theta; Newman Club; I. Ed. Club; Veishea Float chrm.; SA. C; ireas.. Phi Kappa Theta. McCORKLE, JEANNETTE ANN Oswego, Illinois Chemistry .Mpha Chi Omega; Singers; Chem. Society; Homecoming. McCORMICK, KAY A. West Des Moines Textiles and Clothing Delta Delta Delta; Junior panhel rep.; Pep council rep.; Intramural chrm.; Pledge Dance; Singers; Festival Chorus; YWCA; Home Ec. Club; Sor-Dor: T. : C. Club. Young Re- publicans; Homecoming; Veishea Parade Judge ' s Sec; Sweatshirt Ball; Student Proper- ties Board-Asst. treas. McDEVITT, WAYNE F. Davenport Industrial Administration and Government Lambda Chi Alpha; BSA; Newman Club; treas. Lambda Chi Alpha. McDonald, james c. Peoria, Illinois Engineering Operations Sigma Chi; A.S.M.E.; Pershing Rifles. McDONOUGH, EDWARD C. Libertyville Farm Operations Farm Operation Club. Transferred from Iowa Wesleyan College. McDORMAN. DONALD Burlington Modern Lanzuages: Botany YMCA; Newman Club. Student Religious Council Rep.; Newman Club; Botany Club. McDOWELL. MICH. EL L. Kellerton Animal Science Phi Kappa Psi; Ag. Ed. Club; Block and Bridle Club. Transferred from Northwest Missouri State. McDUFFIK. FRANCES 1. Laurinburg, orth Carolina Pre-Med. Science Women ' s Club; Zoology Club. Trans- ferred from Florida A M University, Mcelroy, donna m. Corning Applied Art and Education Delta Zeta; YW ' C. -Freshman Pres.; Applied Art Club; V.P.A.A. Club; Delta Pi Delta Sec.; Homecoming- Bar-B-Q, sec; Jazzboree decora- tions; Delta Zeta soc. chrm., asst. Rush chrm. McFADDEN, DUANE C. Atlantic Animal Science Farm House; Block and Bridle Club; Harvest Ball; Block and Bridle Banquet; Animal Sci- ence Vieshca open house co-chrm. McFARLAND. JAMES R. Lake Park Chemical Engineering AIChE.; Cain House Intramural chrm. and Blast chrm.; MR A Weight lifters; Newman Club. McFARLANE, DONALD G. Palo Agriculture Business McGINNIS, BRYAN J. Ft. Madison Chemical Engineering Alpha Chi Rho, v. p., pledge trainer, pres.; Alpha Chi Sigma; .Mpha Chi Sigma Reoorter: Tau Beta Pi; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Lambda Up- Pi; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Lambda Upsilon silon; Interfraternity Council. McGLYNN. CLEO L. Boone Industrial Administration BSA; YD. McGOVERN, MICHEAL J. Riccville Veterinary Medicine McGregor, mary d. Mapleton. Minnesota Applied Art Westminster Fellowship, Cabinet, Exec. Coun- cil; Music-Band; A. A. Club; Ed. Club. McGUIRE. RICHARD J. Cedar Rafiids Landscape Architectiure Phi Kappa Psi. McGUIRE. ROBERT L. Ames Forest Range Management Forestry Club; Festival Chorus; Glee Club; sec. All College Bowling league. McINTOSH, SHARON K. Ida Grove Industrial Administration Kappa Alpha Thc ' . asst. treas.; Alpha Lam- bda Delta, v. p.; BSA, s- ' c; treas. Sales Staff Veishea; Veishea Sale Manager; Veishea In- terim; Lampoos Honorary; Honors Dinner; treas. of Women ' s Panhel Council. McKIM, GR. CE A. West Bend Home Economics Education Welch Hall Advisor and Scholarship chrm.: Fr. Home Ec. Club; Home Ec. Ed. Club; YWCA; Wes!ey; Lamplighter. Mcknight, james h. De Smet, S.D. Veterinary Medicine .WMA; " Veterinarian " ; Cla«s Rep. Transfer- red from South Dakota School of Mines and Technology and South Dakota Slate College. McMANIS, LORRAINE J. Sioux City Chemistry American Chemical Society; Transferred from Morningside College. NfcMILLEN. D. MARLF.NE Hubbard Child Development Festival Chorus; CD. Club; Sor-Dor. McMINIMEE, ANDREW C. Denison Landscape Architecture Student Society of Landscape Architects. McWILLIAMS. CONRAD Architecture Engineering MADSEN, RICHARD E. Hornick Electrical Engineering Livingston House, sec, pres.; Eta Kappa Nu; IRE. MANN. ARTHUR R. Grinn ll Industrial Ed. Club. MANN. HENRY A. Muscatine Civil Engineering ASCE; Newman CUib; Promenaders; Veishea Plav. Transferred from Muscatine Junior Col- lege. M. RCUS. SHERMAN J. Milwaukee. Wisconsin V ' ' terinarx Medicine Student chapter .WM.A; Hillel. Transferred from University of Wisconsin. MARQU. RDT, LYLE E. Earlham Industrial .Administration Business Students . ssn. MARRA. LOIS A. Minneapolis, Minnesota T tiles and Clothing Gamma Phi Beta; Sigma AHha Iota; Home Ec. Council; Veishea- Coordinators Sec; Var- sity I Queen Att.: Blast: Naiettes; Veishea Ticket Sales co-chrm.; T. C. Club. Industrial Education Veterinary Medicine MARI INSEN, JOHN L. Audubon Aerosfmce Engineering Acacia; IAS; American Rocket Society; Tau Beta Pi. sec; Phi Eta Sigma, sec; Sigma Gamma Tau, pres. and treas.; Knights of St. Patrick; Cardinal Guild Senate; chrm. of So- cial Coordinating Commission; Comm. on Stu- dent Conduct; Campus Chest. CC; YR; Or- ganization Recognition and Control Commis- sion. MASCHWnZ. DAVID E. Flossmoor Entomology Zoology Club, v.p.; Spinney House, pres.; Ag. Council Senior Rep.; Cyclone Sabres; Vei- shea worker. MASON, RONALD C. Dystart Agricultural Engineering Cheerleader; House pres, v.p.. Scholarship chrm.; ASAE; Pep Council; Head Resident. MASSA, LINDA L. Sibley English Kappa Delta. Scholarship chrm.; Newman Club, Executive Council; Science Women ' s Club; Theater . 24. Transferred from Black Hills Teacher College. MAYER. PATRICIA J. North Platte, Nebraska Home Economics Education Kappa Aloha Theta, Standard chrm.; Home Ec Ed. Club; YW ' CA; Homecoming Flections co-chrm.; Veishea Canoe Races. MEEHAN. JAMES B. Dumont Mechanical F.ngineerini Theta Delta Chi; Varsity Band; Concert Band; Marching Band; Armv R.O.T.C. Rifle team; A.S.M.E. MEHAFFFY, RONALD C. Atlantic Mathematics Tomahawk; Head Resident; Track; Singers; Festival Chorus. MEIER, THOMAS W. Northbrook, Illinois Industrial Administration Sigma Chi; Act. Adv. Service; bus. mgr. Home- coming; BSA. MEISSNER. KEITH R. Sioux City Phi Kappa Tau. MELCHER. SUSAN E. Des Moines Child Development Alpha Gamma Delta, schol. chrm.. rush chrm.. Panhel. rep.; Veishea. VCC open house co- chrm., CD. open house co-chrm.; Homecom- ing, queens and decorations sec; Omicron Nu, pres.; Univ. Lutheran Church, sec; Mortar Board; Phi Upsilon Omicron. Transferred from Grandview Jr. College. ELSA, LARRY L. Amana Farm Operation Harriman House, v.p., intramural chrm. MFNTZER, ROBERT E. Ames Electrical Engineering AIEE. Transferred from Loyola U. of Los .Angeles and Santa Monica City College. MERRID. Y, WILFORD W. Westwego. La. Phys. Ed.; I. Ed. Varsity football: varsity track. MERRIFIELD, ROGER C La Grange Park. III. Industrial Administration Phi Delta Theta. house mgr., pledge trainer, treas., pres.; Homecoming; Veishea. nromo- tions. pub. advisor: IFC. tax co-chrm.; YMCA, Gra-Y leader; .Mpha Kappa Psi. MESS, ELMER L. Davenport Agricultural Ed ' ica ' inn Agronomy Club, membership chrm.: Veishea. agron. open house: Ag. Ed. Club. Transfer- red from St. Ambrose, Davenport. MESSNER, ALAN Cedar Rapids Electrical F.nginering Phi Eta Sigma; Camnus Chest; Veishea, disp.; IRE, exec, council; Eta Kappa Nu; Tau Beta Pi. MEYER. HAROLD W. Rock Island, III ASCE. MEYER. WILLIA f D. .ickley Chemical Engineering Festival Chorus; Sineers; Cessna House, act. chrm., blast booth chrm.; AIChE. MICHALEK. ROBERT H. Cedar Ratfids Mechanical Engineering Merrill House, treas., 2nd v.d.; MR.A Weight- lifters Club; Pi Tau Sigma: ASME. MICHEL. GREG A. Boone Agricultural Journalism Beta Sigma Psi. rush chrm., sec; IFPC Joint Soc. Council; " Dailv " ; " Scientist " , mrg. ed.; Sigma Delta Chi, treas.; Veishea, publ. asst. chrm.; Ag. Journalism Club. MIDDLEBROOK. RONALD F. Des Moines Architectural Engineering Phi Gamma Delta; Tau Sigma Delta; AIA. Cix ' il Engineering 457 NflLI.F.R, DF.LORES J. Eagle Grox ' e Experimental Foods Fr. Home Kr. Club; LSA; F. N. Club; Oak Hall, corr. thrm, MILLKR DONALD R. Des Moines Animal Science Newman Club; Agron. Club; Block and Bridle Club. Transferred from University of Minn. MII.I.KR. KI.TZABF.TH A. Creslon History ¥.. Linden, corr. chrin.; ' cishea float cbrni.: YD; Hist, and Govt. Club, Veishea open house: Newman Club; Homecoming, disp. Trsnaferred from Creston Jr. College. nLLFR, JOYCE R. Park Ridge, III. Experimental Foods Sigma Kappa, registrar, asst. soc. chrm.; F. S: N. Club; Singers; Festival Chorus; Gamma Delta, sec. Transferred from Valparaiso Uni- versity. MHJ.F.R. MARSHA A. Shenandoah Experimental Foods Siijma Kappa, bouse mgr., 1st v. p.; Home Fc. Club: " ' WCA; Festival Chorus; Women ' s In- tramural Board. MILLER, PAUL D. Cedar Falls Dairy Science Farm House, sec; Ag. Col. Stud. -Faculty Curr. Comm.: Ag. Col. Stud-Factultv Awards and Schol. Comm.: Trinitv Fellowship, pres.; Vei- shea: Dairv Science Club, hist.; Alpha Zeta; Block and Bridle Club; Fed. Land Bank Scho- larship; E.S. Estel Mem. School; Paul P. Slew- art Mem. Schol.; Chicago Farmers Club Scliol. MILLER. SUE A. Harris EnRUsli Kappa Delta, rush chrm.; Singers: Festival Chorus: Cheerleader; Psi Chi; Angel Flight: Panhel.. asst. rush chrm.; Gamma Delta, trcas.; Pep Council. MILTNER. THOMAS F. loira City Technical Journalism Phi Kappa Psi, soc. chrm.. hist., pledge train- er, nat. convention rep., pledge pres. MINDRUP, LARRY A. Logan Agricultural Business Ag. Bus. Club; MRA. Transferred from Wayne St. Teachers College, Wayne, Ncbr. MINERT. KEO A. Jewell Home F.c Education KISU. d.j.; Radio Workshop; Singers; Sor- Dor; Home Ec. Ed. Club; East Linden, adv.; Festival Chorus. MINO. EVELYN L. Ledyard Home Economics Education Home Ec. Club; E. Linden Hall, off.; Singers; Festival Chorus. MITCHELL. CLARKE J. Dundee, III. Forestry Fr. Cardinal Guild; Bennett House, sec.; For- estry Club; Ames Forester; Driftwood, co-ed. MITCHELL. PAULETTE Reinbeck Textiles and Clothing MLTYNICK, NANCY Omaha, Nebraska Home Economics Education MOHLING, GERALD D. Sumner Aerosftace Engineering Arnold Air Soc; Fr. Guild-for-a-Dav; Stange House, off.; IAS. MOLDT, JAMES R. Dubuque AIEE-IRE. Electrical Engineering MONTAG, ROBERT J. West Bend Chemistry Phi Kappa Theta: Newman Club; I. Chem. Soc; YD; Halfway House Soc MOORE JAMES R. Xejv Hartford Industrial Engineering Delta Tau Delta: Stud. Properties Board; SOV; Homecoming; Greek Week Co-ordinator. MOORF. NANCY A. Atlantic Experimental Foods Welch Hall, advisor; Orientation Days; Bea- cons, sec, i)ledge trainer: Intramural Brd.; W.AA; Fr. Home Fc Club; Campus Cbrst: F. R: N. Club; Wesley Foundation: Festival Chorus; Veishea, open house; Campus 4-H. MOOTY. DONALD J. Frundy Center Richey House, officer. Electrical Engineering MORANDI, RAYMOND J. Chicago, III. Veterinary Medicine Class, sec, treas.; Pre- Vet. adv.; Veterinarian Class, sec, treas.; Pre- Vet. adv.; " Veteri- narian " Pub. Board.; Newman Club; AVMA, pres. Transferred from Bradley University. MOREN, L. ANN Elko. NeT. Home Ec. Education Home Fc Ed. Club; Fr. Home Ec Club; Svm- phony Orchestra; Elm Hall, pub. dim., adv.; WRA. set. cbm.; Fresh. Recog. Tea, comm.; westerners. .MORGAN, JAMES W. Correction-! ille Agricultural Education Ag. Ed. Club. Transferred from Wayne St. Teachers Col., Wayne, Ncbr. .MORRIS, CHARLES E. Detroit, Mich. Physics Sage House, pres. MORTENSEN, RONALD A. Frnton FJ ' ctriral Engineering Cosmopolitan Club; YD; AIEE. MORTIMER, JOHN R. Dallas Center Farm Operations Varsitv Football, head mgr.; Farm Op. Club; MRA Weightlifters; Varsity " 1 " Club. MORTON, DAVID M. Ames Electrical Engineering AIEE-IRE; Campus Radio Club; Eta Kappa Nu; Phi Eta Sigma. MOSES, RONALD W. Ames Physics Physics Club, pres.; YMCA; Phi Eta Sigma; Pi Mu Epsilon, treas.; Jones House, sec, schol. cbm. MOSSMAN, GARY Iowa Falls Chemical Engineering MULLINS, THOMAS E. Corwith Animal Science Tau Kappa Epsilon; Baseball: Plavers; Sing- ers; Glee Club; Block and Bridle Club; Horse Show; Little Internat ' I. MURPHY, DAN M. Carmel, Ind. Animal Snpv Alpha Gamma Rho; All Ag. Council: Stud.- Faculty Schol. Comm.; Block and Bridle Club: All Ag. Banquet; Little Internat ' I: B 8: B Horse Show; B B Banquet; Livestock and Wool Judg. Teams. MURPHY, WAYNE T. Davenport Mathematics Delta Sigma Phi, act. chm.; Veishea, publ. re- lations comm. and chm.; Homecoming, jazz- borce chm.; In t erf rat. Pledge Council, pres.; Stud. Senate, jr. rep. from I EC; IFC. pres.; Math. Club; Phi Eta Sigma: Pi Mu Epsilon; Lampos, pres.; Gamma Gamma. MURRAY, LINDA J. New Providence English Chi Omega MURRAY, WILLIAM A. Cresco Journalism Alpha Gamma Rho, soc chm., reporter; Wrestling; Varsity " V ,Club: Daily, reporter; Union Board, b.p.; Varieties, chm.. Senior Class, v.p.; All ag. Banquet, publ. dir.; Re- gion ACV, v.p.; Sigma Delta Chi. MYLI. RUSSELL C. Kensett Ag. Business — Mkt. Management Transferred from Mason City Jr. Col., Mason City. N NAGEL, DAVID L. Lacona Government Delta Tau Delta, pledge trainer, pres., rush chm., publications chm., outstanding pledge, outstandine active; Pep Council, treas.; IFC Court; IFC Administrative Board; Gamma Gamma: GSB Senate; Cardinal Key Leader- ship Award. NEDFRHISER, MORGAN E. Cascade Veterinary Medicine AVMA. Transferred from Loras Col., Du- buque. NEIERS. JAMES W. Cascade Electrical Engineering Jones House, treas.; Veishea, EE open house co-chm. NELSON, CAROLE H. Atlantic Botany Oak Hall, songleadcr. schol. chm., debaters; Botany Club. Transferred from Drake Univ. NELSON, DAVID L. Boone Architecture Sigma Alpha Ensilon: .MA; Singers: Fr. Swim- ming Team; Men ' s Glee Club, v.p.; Festival Chorus. NELSON. GARY A. Clarinda Aerospace Engineering Phi Delta Theta: Veishea. eng. open house, career davs; SAAC: TAS; Knights of St. Pat- rick; Scabbard and Blade. NELSON. LARRY R. Dysart Chemical Engineering Theta Xi; IFPC; GSB; Eng. Council. NELSON, MARY A. Watertown, S.D. Home Economics Education Kappa Kappa Gamma; Homecoming, beautv review chm.. queen semi-finalist: Sigma Alpha F ' .psilon S veet heart: Home Ec. Ed. Club; Fr. Y; Home Ec. Club; Festival Chorus. NERVIG, JERI A. Des Moines English Gamma Phi Beta, sec, asst. soc chrm.; Veishea, bands chrm., career day sec NESS, GARY C. Sioux City Ind. Ad. and History Phi Delta Theta; Social Bureau, v.p.; Varsity Wrestling Mgr.; Society of Adv. Artillery Ca- dets; BSA; Alpha Kappa Psi; Veishea, sweet- heart ball cbm.; GSB, cabinet. NETTEN, ALVIN D. Orange City Electrical Engineering Tau Beta Pi; Phi Kappa Phi; Veishea, EE co- chm.; IEEE. Transferred from Northwestern College. NEWCOMB, JIM Brandon, S.D. Agricultural Business Singers; A.F.R.O.T.C. Rifle Team; Ag. Bus. Club. Transferred from Augusiana Col., Sioux Falls, S.D. NEWELL, ELIZABETH A. Keokuk Child Development Westminister Fellowship, vice moderator; Stu- dent Religious Council; Protestant Student Council; CD. Club. Transferred from North- east Mo. St. Teachers Col. NEWMARCH. JACK L. Lo v Moor Horticulture Hort. Club. NEY. JAMES F. Granville Electrical Eneineering YD; Eta Kappa Nu; Tau Beta Pi; AIEE-IRE, IRE, sec NICHOLS, DAVID A. Fdzvardsville, III. Chemical Engineering Delta Sigma Phi; All Univ. Nominating Con- vention. NICHOLS, SUANN P. Edwards ' ille, III. Textiles and Clothing Sigma Kappa; Veishea; Homecoming: All Univ. Nominating Convention. Transferred from Monmouth (111.) College. NICKLAS, DAVID G. Cedar Falls Aerospace Engineering Lincoln House, in tram, chm.; IAS; Weight- lifters Club. NIEBUHR, LINDA D. .iur lia Applied Art Transferred from State College of Iowa, Cedar Falls. NIEBUR, DOUGLAS P. Eagle Grove Aerospace Engineering Phi F.ta Sigma; Newman Club; Tau Beta Pi; Sigma Gamma Tau; IAS. NIELSEN, GEORGE V. Harlan ASCE; Basketball. NIEMAN, PATRICIA A. Wheaton, III. Experimental Foods Homecoming, diso. comm.; Festival Chorus: W. Linden, spring dance comm., corridor chm.; Home Ec Ball, ticket chrm.; Veishea, float chrm.; Rifle Club; Trampoline Club; Newman Club; Nominating Convention. Transferred from Northern 111. University. NIES. ELIZABETH L. Falls, City, Nebr. Cosmopolitan Club, sec; Club; YD; Newman Club. NIXON. JAMES H. Stockport Animal Science Ag. Journalism Club: Block and Bridle Club; Men ' s Glee Club; Festival Chorus; Little In- ternat ' I. NOLLEN, STANLEY D. Pella Agronomy Norman House, act. chrm.; MRA, act. chrm., summer internal v.p., toastmaster ' s club; ACURH, delegation chrm.; Tomahawk, treas.; Agronomy Club; Signers; Festival Chorus; Order of Chessmen, king; Alpha Zeta: Act. Advisory Service; GSB, sen. at Ig.; ISU Center Commission. NORD, ROSEMARY S. Des Moines Child Dei ' dopmerit Alpha Delta Pi; Psi Chi; Varieties. NOVAK. LEONARD L. Chelsea Electrical Engineering Campus Baptist Youth Fellowship, pres., v.p.; Inter-Varsity Christ. Fellowship, treas.; Lind- Strom House, pub.rel. chrm.; Richey House, rclig. chrm.; Marching Band; Varsity Band. NOWLING, DAVID P. Council Bluffs Technical Journalism Institute of Aeronautical Sciences; Sigma Delta Chi. NUTT, MELVIN J. Madrid Civil Engineering Stud. Chap, of the Am. Soc of Civ. Engineers. Transferred from Boone Jr. Col., Boone. NUZUM, ARNOLD L. Baxter Farm Operation Farm Op. Club. Transferred from Kansas State U., Manhattan. Civil Engineering Gox ' ernment Hist, and Govt. 458 NYE, JOHN R. CedaT Ratiids , Sociology Sociology Club; Psi Chi. Transferred from Anderson Col., Anderson, Ind. o OAKLAND, JOHN A. Algona Engineering Oheraliuns Bc er House, prcs.; Nat. . sso. of Col. and Univ. Res. Halls, prcs.; Knights of St. Patrick; Chessmen, v. p. O ' CONNOR LAURENCE M. Dunlap Veterinary Medicine Stud. Chap, of AVMA. ODE. DL NE R. I.anesboro, Minn. Zoology Delta Zeta. panhcl. delegate, treas., homecom- ing disp. chrm.; I,SA; Sci. Women ' s Club, sec, pnbl., chrm. Scientist Publ. Brd., prcs.; VCC, gen. sec. Interim, chm.; Homecoming, CD-chrm.; IFC, sec; Greek Week, events en- chrm., interim; Gamma Gamma; Lampos; Mortar Brd. OI.F.SON, GARY K. Laurens Electrical Engineering OLE.SON, NORM. N S. Webster City Aeroshace Engineering Transferred from Webster City Jr. Col. OLIPHANT, JEAN R. Toddville Mathematics OLIVER, STEWART A. Kewanee. III. .4gricullural Business . g. Bus. Club. OLSEN, NEIL C. Moline, III. Civil Engineering Bever House, v. p., treas.; Scabbard and Blade; Knights of St. Patrick; Engineering Council, pres.; . SCE; S.A.M.E. OLSON, DONALD S. Sloan Chemical Engineering ONEIL, JAMES E. Marion Electrical Engineering , ' IEE-IRE, prog. chrm. ORTON, KAREN K. Atlantic Home Ec. Education East Linden, v. p.. Card. Guild liason; Cvrlone Sabres, sec.-treas.; Home Ec. Club. Trans- ferred from Christian Col., Columbia, Mo. ORV, JACK Earlham Chemistry Technology ORY, WILLIAM A. Earlham Construcliort Technology OSTERMAN.ROBERT K. Woden Civil Engineering PACE, D.4VID E. Muscatine Rural Sociology Bennet House, act. chrm.; Louden House: Ap. Ed. Club; Campus 4-H, v.p.; jr. adv.; IFYE to Uruguay, S. Am. P.-VCKER. ELLEN R. Ames English and Speech Singers, Festival Chorus; Writer ' s Round Table; English Club; Newman Club. Trans- ferred from Grinnel College. P. GE, JAMES M. Muscatine Electrical Engineering Stanton House, Homecomine co-chrm., rep. to MRA Nom. Council; AIEE. Transferred from Muscatine Jr. College. PALLAS, EDWIN J. Thurston, Neb. IRE. Electrical Engineering PALMER, MARY P. Montezuma Child Development Alpha Gamma Delta, altruistic chrm.; Tom- ahawk; Singers; Campus 4-H; Veishca, pub. rel.; Wesley Foundation; Harvest Ball. PANNCKE, MARY L. Luana E-liication Home Ec. Ed. Club; Omicron Nu. treas.; E. Linden, corr. chrm.; WR.-V Supreme Ct.; Luth- eran Student Association; WA. . Transferred from Carthage College. PAPACEK, CLIFFORD A. West Chicago, III. Political Science Sigma Nu, v.p., chaplin; YR; Forestry Club; Debaters; History 8: Gvt. Club. PARIZEK, JONETTE R. Iowa City Home Economics Education Kappa Alpha Theta. rush chrm.; Omicron Nu; Pep Council; Union Board, art dir. for pub.; Intramural Board, sec; Homecoming Queen attend. PARKER, JANE Anita Home Economics Education Delta Delta Delta, Intramural chrm., librar- ian; Lamplighter; Intramurals Board; H. Ec. Ed. Club, contact chrm. PARKINSON, RICHARD C. Palos Park. III. Industrial Education Norman House, soc chrm., v.p., pres.; MR- cab. rep.; Helser Expan. comm., I. Ed. Club. PARKS, BEVERLY J. Carri-r Mills, III. Education E. Linden, dorm, formal chrm.; Tomahawk, pledge trainer; Baptist Student Fellowship, soc. chrm., pres., nat. seminar; Foreign Stu- dent Orientation. Fr. orieulalion; Home Ec. Fd. Club; Fr. Home Ec. Ed. Club; Festival Chorus. PARRISH. ROBERT R. Anhcny Technical Journalism Godfrey House, v.p.. soc. chrm., pub. rel. chrm.; MRA.-WRA, GSB, Service Dir.; Sigma Delta Chi; K:F. PASSKRO, RICHARD N. Rochester. N.Y. Civil Engineering ASCE. Transferred from State University of New York. PATCH, KENNETH P. Lacona Mathematics Scabbard and Blade: SAAC: Nat. Ed. Asso. I.S. Ed. .Asso.; Stevenson House. PATCH, MARTIN A. Lacona Veterinary Medicine Stevenson House, AVDA; Pre-Vet Club. PATRICK, ELIZABETH G. Dundee, III. .Animal Science W. Linden; Campus Chest: Cyclone Club; Homecoming disp. chrm.: Rodeo Club, sec.- treas.; Festival Chorus; Veishea Horse Show comm.; Veishea, an. sci. open house comm.; WAA, Hockcv Club; . -. g Banquet, co- chrm.; Veishea, Ag openhouse pub. chrm.; Little Internal ' l, pub. and premiums: Block Bridle, horse show, pub. chrm., program chrm.. banquet; Fr. Guild, personel chrm., inaugural — personel chrm. •(add to Little Internat ' l — fashion show co-ordinator;) PATRICK, RONALD D. Hawarden Agricultultural Business and Agricultural Journalism FarmHousc, hist., chaplain, senior critic; De- baters; Block k Bridle Club; Ag. Bus. Club; Wesley Foundation; " .Agriculturist " , pub. board, staff writer, asst. ed., ed.; Int. Farm Youth Exchange: YR: Peoole-lo-Peoplc Cosmopolitan Club; " Daily " , staff writer; Ag. J ' l Club. PATTERSON, RALPH Ames Electrical Engineering PAULEY, LYLE D. Vinton Animal Science Pearson House, .act. chrm., co-chrm.: Veishea (Pearson) float; Little Internat ' l Milkmaid Contest, chrm.; S. .AC. PAULSON. ROBERT O. Wa ' -rloo Industrial Engineering Tan Kappa Epsilon, treas., rush chrm.; AIIE; IFC, asst. rush chrm. PAVEY. CAROL A. Webster City Experimental Foods Oak Hall, scholarship chrm.; F N Club; dis- ciple Student Fellowship, member chrm. Transferred from ' (Vebster City Jr. College. PEARSON, RICHARD K. Ellsworth Jnd " tr!al .-Idministration .Mpha Sigma Phi; BS. ; YD. Transferred from .- ugstana Collge. PEDERSON, DEAN R. Harlan M chanical Engineering Alpha Kappa Lambda; Pi Tan Sigma, .ASME. PELLETT. JAMES V. Atlantic .Animal Science Kappa Sigma, house mgr., rush chrm., pledge sec: Veishea, an. sci. open house chrm.. Lit- tle Internat ' l, ticket chrm., co-chrm.; Scabbard and Blade; Veishea, judge chrm. PENA NUMA P. Maracaibo, Veifzula Dairy Science PENALUNA, THOMAS R. Hampton Industrial Engineering Sigma Alpha Epsilon; AIIE. Thransferred from Mason City Jr. College. PESTOTNIK, THOMAS E. Boone Civil Engineering ASCE. Transferred from Boone Jr. College. PETERMEIER, NORMAN B. Melbourne Electrical Engineering Franklin House, act. chrm.. fr. orientation; Veishea. EE open house; Homecoming; Fris- bie Fellowship; Marching Band. PETERSON, ALICE K. Trimonl. Minn. Chemistry Lutheran Student Asso.; Iota Sigma Pi. PETERSON, DELBERT R. Manwn Mechanical Engineering Noble House. PETERSON, lOHN J. Maywood, III. Forestry Chamberlain House. PETERSON. VALOIS R. Ciowrie Home Economics Education E. Linden; Home Ec. Ed. Club, projects chrm.; Sor-Dor; Festi al Chorus; Singers; SRC, treas.; Prosleslant Stud. Council, sec.-treas.; RIL Week, pub.; Lutheran Student Assoc, ecumen- ical chrm.: Covenant Commimity. Transfer- red from Luther College. PETRE, ALAN W. Carlisle Electrical Engineering Dodds House; AIEE; Campus Radio Club. PETSCHE, MARY E. Portsmouth C.ewral Home Economics ¥.. Linden; Home Ec. Club; Newman Club. Transferred from Mary Crest College, Daven- port, Iowa. PETTIT, DONALD F. Ames .Aerospace F.ngineering Sigma Gamma Tau; IAS. PEYTON, PHYLLIS A. Ames ' .oology Alpha Delta Pi, efiiciency chrm.. Veishea float chrm.; Varsity Band; Concert Band; Gamma Sigma Delta. PHILLIP, BRUCE E. Floyd Electrical Engineering Stalker House. s(h()larship chrm., pub. rel. chrm.; Veishca, asst. bus. mgr. PICKETT, FRANK W. Fayette Electrical Engineering AIEE-IRE; Caine House. PIERSON, BARBARA K. Eldora Journalism Alpha Chi Omega, prcs.; " Homemaker " , ed.; Home Ec. Pub. Board; Festival Chorus; Sing- ers; Model U.N., pub. comm.: Vieshea, jour- nalism open house chrm.; Theta Sigma Phi, pres. PIKE. MARCIA S. Elmhurst, III. Child Developm-nl Kappa Kappa Gamma; Cheer Squad: Pep Council; Modern Dance Club. PILCHER, THOMAS E. Osage Industrial Engineering Tau Kappa Epsilon; Stanton House. PILGRIM. RICHARD J. Davenport Industrial Engineering Phi Kappa Psi, soc. chrm.; BSA; Track; " I " Club. PITCHER. MERRITT W. Nex ' ada Veterinary Mediciw Adclante, pres.. corp. board., house mainte- nance chrm., scholarship chrm., pub. chrm., pledge class pres.; IFC: AVMA: Pre-Vet Club: " Veterinarian " , pub. board, bus. mgr., asst. adv. mgr.; Soph. Vet class, treas.; Pre-Vet advis.; Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Zeta. PLATT. ROGER L. Glidden Farm Operations Farm Op. Club. PLOSS, JON L: .Ames .Aerospace Engineering MR.A, Baker intramural rep., v.p., cabinet rep.; LAS; Singers; Men ' s Glee Club. PLUMB, MARILYN A. Harlan Home Economics Education E. Linden; Birch Hall, treas.. Spring formal, dorm, adv.; Kappa Phi, cabinet; Campus Chest; Home Ec. Ed. Club; Wesley Founda- tion, council. POLAND, CHARLES E. Burlington Civil Engineerim ASCE. Transferred from Burlington Jr. Col- lege. Agricultural Business Child Development POPPEN. ROGER D. lanson Ag. Bus. Club . POTTER, JANET M. Menlo Festival Chorus; CD. Club POWER. HOWARD L. Davenport Aerospace Engineering L.AS. prog. chrm. Ttransferred from St. .Am- brose College, Davenport. PR.AWL, JERRY F. Omaha, Nebr. Government ( Tau Kappa Epsilon; SOV, set; YR; Govern- ment Club: Lab Theater, tech. crew: Singers. Transferred from University of Omaha. PRENDERGAST. THOMAS K. Riverside. III. Electrical Engineering Phi Gamma Delta, treas.; Campus Chest; Pep Council; Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Beta Pi. Aerospace Engineering PRIES. DAVID R. Achl ' y AIS; ARS. PROR, SCOTT L. Esterville Landscape Architecture Stud. soc. of L..A. Transferred from Ester- ville Jr. College. PULI.EN, MARK C. Ida Grove Industrial Engineering Players; AIIE. 459 I»UMI ' I,IX. BRUCE A. Bcttendorf Fiilmcr House. F.leclrica! EttgitwrriTi PUTNAM. NANCY S. Dfs Moines Child Devrloptn ' -nl Kappa Delta; Festival Chorus; Fr. Home Fc. Kd. Club; YWCA; CD. Club. pub. chrm., Veishca open house; Bowling Club, sec. RANK, M. RY K. Dyersvillf Baclertology Newman Club; Festival Chorus; Veishea, bact. open house chrm. Transferred from Briar Cliff College, Sioux City. RANDAI.I.. WILLIAM Ham pi on Chemislry RAPS, STEPHEN G. Des Moines Engineering Ot eralions Stangc House, religious chrm., v. p.; Chcm. E. Club; Engineering Op Club, sec.-treas. READHEAD, JANET E. Corning Household Eqnuipmfnl Pi Beta Phi. act. chrm.. corr. sec; Home Ec. Club; Cheerleader; SOV; Festival Chorus; Sing- ers; Pep Council. Transferred from Simpson College, Indianola. READING, BEVERLY J. Cedar Rapids induslriol Administration Kappa Alplia Theta; Niattes; Homecoming, pubL relations; Union Board; publ. comm.; Pep Council; Migration, chrm. REED. LARRY E. Fairfield Agricultural Engineering Am. .Soc. Ag. Engineers; Wesley Fellowship Foundation; Veishea, open house guide ag. eng. Transferred from Wisconsin St. College and Institute of Tech. REESE, JOY E. Grand Rapids, Minn. Home Economic! Journalism Singers; Festival Chorus; Omicron Nu; Home- maker; Iowa Slate " Daily " ; E. Linden, exec, council. Transferred from Itasca Jr. College, Coleraine, Minn. REEVES, ROBERT R. Graettinger Agronomy Adelantc; Gamma Sigma Delta. Transferred from State University of Iowa. REKEMEYER, ROSS R. Bennett Veterinary Medicine Alpha Chi Rho. pres.; " Veterinarian " ; IFC; Pre-Vet. Club; Stud. Chap, of AVMA. RENSHAW, NANCY H. Affl50« City Speech Players; Singers; Festival Chorus; Blast Booth; E. Linden, act. chrm.; Veishea, dcpt. disp., events comm.; Baptist Student Fellowship; WRA, act. council. RESCH. GERALD W. Independence, Mo. Electrical Engineering Liahana Fellowship, soc. chrm.; Woodrow House, soc. chrm.; Ward System; Alumni assoc. p.r. chrm.; IRE; SCORE, pub. and trans.; Veishea. alumni host chrm.; MR A, winter dance nub. chrm.: Camera Club; Joint Soc. Council. Transferred from Graceland College, and Long Beach City College. REW. RICHARD W. Olds Mathematics Acacia, soc. chrm., pledge trainer, v. p.; Order of the Sextant, sec., commanding off.; Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, treas.; Singers; Men ' s Glee Club; Festival Chorus; SOV; Cardinal Guild, cabinet. RICE, JOYCE E. Greenfield Education Tomahawk; Fr. Adv.; Marching Band, feature twirler, head of nom-pom corps; Mortar Boar l; Home Ec. Ed. Club. RICHARDS, MARVIN D. Knoxville Dairy and Foods Industry Tau Kappa Epsilon; Ag. Council Rep.; D.F.L Club, v.p.; A.F.R.O.T.C. Rifle team. RICHMOND, JAMES M. Armstrong Chemistry Caine House, pres.; Richey House, h.r.; Semper Fidelis Society. RIDOUT. PHILLIP E. Wintersrt Electrical EnJgneering Delta Chi, treas.; Singers: Varsity Four; Festi- val Chorus; AIEETRE; SOV; Chamber Singers. RIESS, DEAN North English Mathematics RIETZ. CARMEN J. Rowan Applied Art; Education Delta Delta Delta, asst. treas., chaplain; Stud.- Faculty Advisory Comm.: A. A. Club, sec; Delta Phi Delta, pres.; Homecoming, dance comm.; RIL. art disp. chrm.; Veishea. art dir. Home Ec. Ed. open house; ISEA NEA; Festival Chorus; Singers. RINC;S, MEREDITH S. Harx ' ard, 111. Dietetics Kappa Delta, sec,; Bowling Club, v.p.; WAA, asst. treas.; Festival C:horus; SOV, makeup; Core Curriculum Conun., v.p. RINKLEFF, HERMANN Waterloo Mechanical Engineering Men ' s Singers. RIPPETOE, SUSAN B. Clayton, Mo. Household Equipment Kappa Kappa Gamma, act. chrm., sec; Fresh. Cardinal Guild, sen. at Ig.; Cardinal Guild, sec; YWC. , dorm rep.; Pep Council, rep., soc. chrm., v.p.; Homecoming, queen elections chrm.; Angel Flight; Household Equip. Club. RISIUS, LARRY J. Rake Agronomy Agron. Club. RISSER, JOHN F. Des Moines Economics Beta Theta Pi; YMCA. Transferred from Drake Univ. and Grinnell College. ROBINSON, GEORGE M. Des Moines Mechanical Engineering ASME; Pi Tau Sigma; Cessna House, intram. chrm., v.p.; Head Resident. ROBINSON, MAX B. Mil ford Industrial Administration Pi Kappa Alpha, hist., soc. chrm., sec, v.p., exec, council, acting pres.; Alpha Kappa Psi, p.r. chrm.; BSA; Veishea. sci. open house co- ord; Singers; Men ' s Glee Club; Festival Chorus; Varieties; Physics Club. RODEWALD, TERRENCE J. Maso7i City Aerospace Engineering Newman Club; IAS. Transferred from Mason City Jr. College. RODRIGUEZ, MERIEMIL Hato Rey, Puerto Rico Applied Art Pi Beta Phi, soc. chrm.; Decoration Commit- tees; SOV, tech. crew; Newman Club, exec council; Delta Phi Delta, hist.; Singers; Transferred from Univ. of Puerto Rico. ROEDER, ALAN W. Boone Industrial Engineering Delta Upsilon, intram. clirm., chrm. home- coming disp.. v.p., pres.; " Engineer " , profile ed.; Greek Week, royalty sel. chrm.; IFC, rep., adm. board.; Univ. Comm. of Frat. and Sor., stud. rep. ROEDER, MICHAEL L. Davenport Industrial Engineering Delta Sigma Phi; Union Board, eng. rep.; Knights of St. Patrick, treas.; AIIE. ROHWEDDER, KATHY A. Evansfon, III. Child Dei ' elopment Kappa Kappa Gamma, intram. chrm., panhel. rep.; Veishea, parade sec; Camous Chest, publ. sec; Homecoming, queen selections co- chrm.; Omicron Nu. ROTH, DENNIS L. Mason City Engineering Transferred from Mason City Jr. College. ROUSH, MARY A. Crete, III. CD. Club. ROWE, SUE B. Ottumwa Mathematics Transferred from State Univ. of Iowa and Univ. of Alaska. ROYER, JEAN L. Dallas Center Mathematics Delta Zeta, pres., schol. chrm.: Concert Band; Sci. Women ' s Club; YWC. , all-v chrm.. treas.; Alpha Lambda Delta; Pi Mu Epsilon; Mortar Board, treas.; Psi Chi; Sigma Alpha Iota, ed.; Cosmopolitan Club, prog, chrm.; Model UN, prog, chrm.; Lampos. ROZKBOOM, WILLIAM L. LeMars Industrial Adminisfrnfion Delta Upsilon, treas., bus mgr.; Scientist, bus. mgr.; Veishca, sci. open house advert, mgr. RUBIO. MARIA de L. Panama, Rep of Panama Home Economics Education H. Ec. Ed. Club, soc. chrm.; Cosmopolitan Club; Model UN; Newman Club; Freeman Hall, advisor; WRA ext. rep. to Pcople-to- People. RUEBLING, CHARLES E. Richmond Heights, Mo. Child Development Mathematics RUGER. JANE L. Fcnton Experimental Foods Foods and Nutrition Club. RUHDE DON E. Manilla Modern languages Aloha Kappa Lambda; Westminster Fellow- ship. RUMP. WILLIAM M. Burlington Chemical Engineering AICliE; Newman Club. Transferred from Burlington Community College. RYAN, P. JANE Fake City Dietetics Delta Zeta, pledge class pres.; Veishea, open house pub. chrm,, cyclone review asst. chrra.; Homecoming, pep Bar-B-Q pub. chrm., jazz- boree chrm.; Campus Chest, pub. chrm.; Pan- hel Rush Counselor; Greek Week, events co- chrm. RYB, JAN Milwaukee, Wis. Home Economics Education RYBERG, ROGER D. Urbandale Industrial Engineering Band; AIIE; Veishea. RYKEN, M. JUDY Acklcy Newman Club. English SAFRTS, CHARLES E. Des Moines Engineeritig Operations Delta Tau Delta, v.p,, corr. sec. SALADINO, CHARLES S. Huntington, N.Y. Landscape Architecture Phi Delta Theta, soc chrm., pledge cl. pres. and work chrm., pledge training and house improvement comm.; Homecoming, queens presentation chrm., asst. sales mgr.; Bomb Beauty, pub. rel. chrm.; Veishea, promotions chrm., advisor to publ. comm.; Stud. Soc. of Landscape Architects; Am. Soc. of L, A.; Rho Upsilon Beta. SALAK, RONALD K. Columbus, Nebr. Telecommunicative Arts Arnold Air Society; KISU, d.j., prog, dir.; Veishea, publ. comm.; Stange House, p.r. chrm. SALTOU, IRIS E. Otranlo Education and Extension Fr. advisor; Roberts Hall, v.p., embers chm., house council; WRA Advisory Council; Vei- shea, Home Ec open house hostess chrm.; University Lutheran, soc. chrm.. council, out- reach chrm.; Camp Counselors Club, sec: Alpha Lambda Delta; Beacons; Omicron Nu; Home Ec. Ed. Club; YWCA, crippled child- ren ' s project co-chrm.; Comm. for Beloit Childrens Home, chrm.; Smorgasbord, chrm. of meats and veg.; Core Curriculum Comm. SANDAHL, MICHAEL L. Ames Electrical Engineering SANDER, PAULETTE M, Santa Monica, Calif. Statistics Transferred from Santa Monica City College and U.C.L.A. SANDERS. BERNARD L. Sf)irit Fake Agricultural Business Ag. Bus. Club; Franklin House, intram. chrm., schol. chrm.; Newman Club. SANNY, BEVERLY L. Griswold Child Development Delta Delta Delta, intram. chrm., sponsor chrm., service proj. chrm.; CD. Club; Home Ec Club; YWCA; Drill Team; Festival Chorus; Republican ClulT Transferred from Simpson College. SANTELMAN, ROGER D. Winona, Minn. Architectural Eneineering Sigma Chi; Fresh. Guild: Homecoming, pep Bar-B-Q chrm.; Phi Epsilon; AIA; Semper Fidelis. SARGENT. DARLYS M. Nashua Home Economics Education Bomb staff; Veishea; Campus 4-H; YWCA; Gen. Home Ec. Club. Transferred from Wart- burg College, Waverly. SATTERKE, ALAN K. Brandon Animal Science Block and Bridle Club; Pi Tau Pi Sigma. SCHACH, KENT I. Ames Sigma Nu. SCHAFBUCH, JANET F. Jan Home Home Economics Education Kappa Delta; Varsity Band; Fresh. Curricu- lum Advisor; Newman Club, rec sec; Omi- cron Nu; Veishea, Home Ec open house sec; Home Ec. Ed. Club. Transferred from Clarke College, Dubuque. SCHANTZ, RICHARD Red Oak Electrical Engineering SCHAUR. SHERRY J. Spearfish, S.D. Engineering Operations AIIE; Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship; Iowa State Dcbators. Transferred from South Da- kota School of Mines and Tech. SCHAURER, CLAUDE H. .4rcanum, Ohio Animal Science Block and Bridle Club; " Agriculturist " , bus. and credit mgr.; Wesley Fellowship; Wesley United System Chrm.; Jones House. SCHFLLHASE, CURTIS B. Blue Island, III. Agronomy Agronomy Club. Engineering Science 460 SCHICKEL. DAVID J. Dubuque Velerirftiry Medicine Stud. Chap, of AVMA; Veishea, open house co-chrm.; AVMA Homecoming Luncheon, chrm.; Pre-Vel. Club; MRA. SCHILLING. JOHN F. Xcw Haml lon Aerospace Engineering Newman Club; IAS; ARS, v.p.: Foster House, see. chrm.; MRA Toastmasters. Transferred from Loras College. Dubuque. SCHLOriKLDT, RAYMOND J. l. Mars ASCE. Civil Enginering SCHMIDT. BRUCE E. Hohtein Animal Science Farm House, pledge prcs.; Block and Bridle Club, horse show entries co-chrm.; Ag. Ban- quet, guest co-chrm.; Norman House, float chrm., dance chrm.; Griffith House, soc. chrm.; Gamma Delta; Festival Chorus. SCHMIDT. DONALD E. Cedar Rntnds Chemistry Phi Delta Theta; Phi Eta Sigma, treas.; Home- coming, pep Bar-B-Que. personel co-chrm.; Phi Lambda Upsilon; Pi Mu Epsilon. SCHMIEDEL. ROBERT H. Charles City Electrical Engineering IRE. SCHMUFXiHER. JAMES H. Marengo Animal Science Block and Bridle Club. Transferred from Upper Iowa University. SCHNEIDER. DONALD W. Lost Nation Animal Science SCHNICKER. DONALD L. Burlington Civil Engineering .Alumni Hall. v.p.. schol. chrm., devotion chrm.; YMCA; Fresh. Y, pub. chrm.; Phi Eta Sigma; Tomahawk; Arnold Air Soc.; Tau Beta Pi; .ASCE; Scabbard and Blade, sec; Westmin- ster Fellowship; Sinfonia; Transit, " ed.; Blast, res. booth chrm.; Mock Political Convention, del. SCHOENICK, KENNETH A. Itasca, III. Industrial Engineering Gamma Epsilon Sigma. SCHOEPPNER, MICHAEL P. Coon Rapids Electrical Engineering Chamberlain House, pres.. schol. chm.; KISU. board of control, announcer; Newman Club; IRE. SCHROEDER, JAMES R. Omaha, Nehr, Electrical Engineering Phi Kappa Theta; Newman Club; AIEE-IRE. SCHUMACHER. HARRY Hodman Vet ' -rmary Medicine Siud. Chp. of AVMA; Class Pres. Trans- ferred from 111. Inst, of Technology. SCHUMANN. DONALD H. Rockwell City Civil Engineering ASCE. SCHUPPE. THOMAS G. Bellwood, III. English Delta Tau Delta, pres.; Alpha Kappa Psi. SCHUTZ, FREDERICK M. Mallard Industrial Administration Business Students Association. SCHWARTZ, RODNEY E. Hedrick Electrical Engineering Fairchild House, pres. SCHWEITZER, MARY A. Ames Applied Art Newman Club; Young Am. for Freedom; Ap- plied Art Club. SCHWEIGER, B. RTON L. Dozv.s Farm Operations Alpha Gamma Rho; Freshman Guild, sen.- at-Ig.; Veishea, career day; Campus 4-H; IFC Outstanding Pledge; Campus Chest, frat. soli- citations chm.; Homecoming, asst. coord.; YR, v.p., membership chm.; Farm Op. Club, mem- bership chm., banquet comm.: All Ag. Ban- quet, publ. co-chm.; Sigma Theta Epsilon; Wesley Fellowship. SCHWIETART, SHIRLEY J. Burt Dietetics Alpha Chi Omega; Varsity Band; F. N. Club; Fresh. H. Ec. Club; Union Brd., sec, publ. comm.; Dorm., comm. for parent ' s tea, varieties skit cast; Home Ec. Council; Var- ieties Central Comm.; Veishea, asst. pub. sec; Sorority, pub. chm., act. chm.; Kappa Phi Club. SCHWYHART, WINSTON R. Waterloo Industrial Engineering Lindstrom House, h.r.; Godfrey House, pres., act. chm.; Gamma Epsilon Sigma, treas.; Marching and Basketball Bands; Navy Ball, pubL co-chm.; Tomahawk, nat. v.p.; AHE; Sweethearts Ball, tickets chm.; Festival Chorus; Summer Singers; " Daily, " copyreader; N.R.O.T.C, bat. sup. off. SCOTT. GARY G. Blairsburg Industrial Engineering Lambda Chi Alpha; Men ' s Glee Club; Singers; Festival Chorus; AIIE. SCOTT, LcROY A. Waukegan, III. Forest Management Ag. Council, forestry rep.; Forestry Club, v.p., pres.; Game Banquet, chm.; Forester ' s Day, chm.; Fresh. Orientation Grp. Leader. SCOTT, SHIRLEY L. Cedar Rapids English Chi Oega, asst. rush chm., asst. sec, chap, corr.; Festival Chorus; Singers; Homecoming, dance decorations chm.; Angel Flight, pledge trainer; Stud. Properties Board, soc. SCRIBNER, RICHARD C. Clinton Electrical Engineering AIEE. Transferred from Clinton Jr. College. SELKE, JUDITH W. Evergreen Park, 111. History and Government Intramurals; Sci. Women ' s Club; YR. SELLEY, ROGER A. Villisca Agricultural Business Farm House; YMCA; Ag. Bus. Club; Ag. Council; Alpha Zeta; People-to-People; Ag. Curriculum Comm.; Cardinal Key. SEVERSON, LARRY S. iMwler Industrial Agronomy Agron. Club; Wrestling; Ag. Council, jr. sr. rep., sec; Tomahawk; Nat. Agron. Hand- book Chm.; Alumni Hall, pres. SHADLE, JULIE M. Eldora Home Ec. Education Welch Hall, treas., advisor, pres.; Sor-Dor, ac- companiest; WRA, exec, board, pres. council; Siga Alpha Iota, rec sec, accompanies!; Bea- cons; Concert Band; Orchestra; Frcs. Wesley; Worship Comm. at Wesley; RIL Services, pianist and organist; Mortar Board Recogni- tions. SHAH, ANIL KUMAR Bombay, India Chemical Engineering SHAHAN, KAREN M. Marne Child Development Welch Hall, advisor; Orientation Days; Wes- ley Foundation; Campus 4-H; Campus Chest; Intramural Board; WAA; H. Ec Ed. Club; CD. Club; Veishea, H. Ec Ed. open house, CD. open house. SHANK, CLAYTON D. Des Moines Mathematics Sigma Chi, house mgr., pledge trainer, soc. chm.; SAAC; Math. Club, pres. SHATTUCK, RICHARD H. Deerfield, III. Forestry Forestry Club. Transferred from Wright Jr. Col. and Univ. of III. M chanical Engineering SHEETS, JAMES B. Fairfield ASME. SHEETZ, JAMES R. Davenport Civil Engineering Pershing Rifles; ASCE; Soc. of Am. Military Engineers; Disciple Student Fellowship; Caine House, act. chm. SHELGREN, SANDRA C HtUna, Mont. A. A. and Telecommunicalive Arts Alpha Chi Omega, pledge class corr. sec, chap. ed.. pub. chrm., homecoming disp. chrm., Vfishea float chrm.; H. Ec Club; Newman Club. Transferred from Carol College, He- lena, Montana. SHEPARD. JOHN K. Muscatine Forestry Forestry Club; Wesley; Ag. Council. Trans- ferred from Nluscatine Jr. College. SHEPARD, JUDITH E. Aurora, III. Child Development Chi Omega, v.p., pledge trainer; Mortar Brd.; Homecoming Central Clomm.; Student Advisor; Home Ec. Council, sec; Phi Upsilon Omicron; Omicron Nu. SHEPPARD, DALE A. Kasson, Minn. Electrical Engineering AIEF-IRE; Eng. Council, Jr. rep., sr. rep.; Eta Kappa Nu. Transferred from Mankato State College. SHRAMEK, MARGARET A. Des Moines Mathematics Gamma Phi Beta. asst. treas.. treas.; Cardinal Guild, sec, sec. to cabinet; Veishea, eng. open house soc SICKELS, WILLIAM G. Kellcrton Veterinary Medicine SIEX. DWAYNE R. Dixon, III. Forestry Transferred from Wheatin College and Taylor University. SIGLIN, DONALD J. Ogden Agricultural Engineering Festival Chorus; Singers; . SAE; SAME; Ag. Council; Kli Lillv Advanced Curriculum Prog.; Godfrey House, v.p. SILBERSTEIN, ROGER C Paullina Dairy Science Veishea , head of D . Sci . disp. ; Woodrow House, intram. chrm, SIME SANDRA E. Rockwell City F-ducalion Kappa Delta; YWCA; Singers; Festival Chorus; Radio Workshop; Varieties, flash acts; C clone Review. SINDT. ANN M. Beltendorf Home Economics Journalism Homomaker, staff writer, issue ed.; YWCA, live-Y ' er; Iowa State Daily, summer bus. mgr., reported. Transferred from University of Ver- mont. SINDT, DUANE D. Sheffield Industrial Administration Fairchild House, v.p., pros., diiuier comm. co- chrm.; Marketing Club; Business Student ' s Assoc; Intramural Bowling Foam. SIROSIS, JAMES E. Ft. Madison Mechanical Engineering Delta Upsilon; Golf; People-to-People, coord.; Intornat ' l Student Panels. SLOTHOWER, CHARLFS E. Sioux City Aerospace Engineering SLYKHUIS, JANICE N. Dallas Applied Art YWCA; Wesley Foundation; Homecoming, art comm.; Home, Ec Ball; NIRA, Spring Fan- tasy publ. chrm. SM ALLEY. STANLEY P. A ' eiv Virginia Civil Engineering Chamberlain House, soc chrm.; MRA. soc. chrm., int. v.p.; Chessmen, off.; Tomahawk, pres.; Sextant; Scabbard and Blade; ASCE. SMITH. ELEANOR B. Fayettei ' ille, N.Y. Child Development E. Linden, act. chrm.; Roberts Hall, advisor; Radio Workshop, publ. chrm.; CD. Club; Veishea, disp. co-chrm.; Blast, co-chrm.; Ac- tivities Advisory Council; Festival Chorus. SMITH, J. RICHARD Creston Civil Engineeritig Pi Kappa Alpha; ASCE; IFPC. Transferred from Creston Community College. SMITH, JOYCE A. Hartley Home Economics Education Roberts Hall, act. chrm.; advisor, council; Wesley Foun Iation; WRA Formal, chrm., bus. mgr.; Home Ec. Ed. Club; Festival Chorus; Sor-Dor. SMITH, KENNETH E. Vinton Industrial Administration Alpha Kappa Psi; BSA. Transferred from State College of Iowa. SMITH, KENT C Waterloo Electrical Engineering SMITH. RICHARD A. Clear lake Electrical Engineering AIEE-IRE; Eta Kappa Nu; MRA Toastmast ers ' Club; Spinney House, schol. chrm.; MRA, asst. soc. Reflector staff. SMITH, RONALD L. Jefferson Industrial Administration YMCA; MRA, summer treas.. temporary treas.; BS. ; Alpha Kappa Gamma; Delta Tau Delta, intram. chrm. SMITH, SALLY J. Emerson Household Equipment Household Equip. Club, sec; Frosh. Dorm., advisor, asst. soc. chrm.; Harvest Ball, guest chrm.; WRA, spring formal intermis. chrm.; Home Ec. ball, sec; Intramurals; Festival Chorus; Singers. SMITH, W. ALAN Morning Sun Psychology Alpha Tau Omega. SMOLDT, JAMES D. Reinbeck Industrial Engineering Fulmer House, intram. chrm.; Sweetheart ' s Ball, M.C; MRA, orientation kick-off chrm.. ext. v.p.; GSB, sen.; Gamma Epsilon Sigma, pres.; Knights of St. Patrick; AIIE. SNEAD, JOHN E. Hobbs, N.M. Horticulture Canterbury Club, treas.: SOV; Baker House, act. chrm.; Alumni Hall. Veishea open house chrm., etiquette chrm.; YMCA, main cabinet; Hort. Club; Hort. Show, floriculture chrm.; Summer Band; Varsity Band; Festival Chorus. SOLBERG. GAYLORD M. Armstrong Veterinary Medicine Class sec; AVMA. SONKSEN, K. Y A. Exira Child Development Fr. Home Ec. Council; CD. Club; Gamma Delta; Omicron Nu. SORENSON, JOHN D. Ames Engineering Operations SOTH, WILLIAM R. Bettendorf Sigma Chi. Chemistry 461 Electrical Engineering SOULTS. MAUREXE Adair Home Economics Educalion Kappa Kappa Gamma, v. p.; intram. chrm.; Home Ec. Ed. Club; Festival Chorus. SPARKS, DARRVL R. Hurt English and Speech Lambda Chi Alpha, sec, v. p.; Veishea; Eng- lish Club. SFKKR. HOWARD V. liiu kitighani Agricultural Engineering Acacia; Eng. Council; ASAE, officer. SI ' EERS. GEORGE M. Stale Center Poultry Science PouUrv Sci. Club, pros.; Ag. Council; Veishea, poultry open house co-chr.; MRA Printing Service, co-dir., operator; All Univ. Nominat- ing Conv.; Fresh. Guild Conv.; Univ. Lutheran Congregation; Alpha Zeta. SPH.SS. EDWARD A. Muscatine Agricultural Engineering Newman Club; Singers; ASAE; Festival Chor- us. Transferred from Muscatine Jr. College. SPOOR, JOHN H. Badger Sigma Phi Epsilon STAGEY, MARK L. Des Moines E.E and Engineerirjg Of). Pi Kappa Phi, trcas., pros., rush chrm., pledge trainer; Alpha Phi Omega, prcs.; IFPC, sec; IFC; Navy Helm; AIEE-IRE; Veishea; Home- coming. STAUDTMUELLER, RICHARD A. Monticello Agricultural Business Alpha Gamma Rho; LSA, fin. sec; YR; Ag. Business Club. STANLEY. CAROL J. F.ddyville Home Economics Education Horjie Ec. Ec. Ed. Club; Wesley Foundation, retreats chrm., deputations chrm., council; Oak Hall, corridor chrm.; Omicron Nii; Promenaders. STANLEY, RAYMOND E. Kellerton Industrial Engineering Pearson House, schol. chrm.; Veishea, LE. open house co-chrm. STAUFFER. RICHARD C. Argos, Ind. Mechanical Engineering ASME, treas.; Beyer House, soc. chrm. SIEEGE. DWIGHT L. Waterloo Agricultural Business Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Ag. Bus. Club; Veishea, ag, bus. open house bus. mgr.; Ag. Bus. CUib. SFEELE, MEREDITH A. Anita Home Ecoriomics Educalion Singers; E. Linden, advisor. STEFFENSON, EARL R. Waukon Hortioilture Hort. Club, trcas.; Hort. Show, div. chrm.; Knapp House. STEHN, JAMES L. Boone Chemical Engineering Lambda Chi Alpha, correspondent; Arnold Air Society; AIChE. SFRENSTROM, DEANNE L. (Iriufs Household Equiptnerit Alpha Chi Omega, chap, and tyre ed., corr. sec, prog, chrm.; " Bomb " photog.; Bomb pub. Board, Home Ec. rep.; LSA; Sor-Dor, Varie- ties; " Homemaker " , ad. mgr., sales mgr.; Intra- murals, volleyball; Fresh. H. Ec Club; House- hold Equip. Club, v. p., pub!, chrm.; Players; Veishea, Hh. Eq. open house co-chrm. SIEPHEXS, BOYD L. Ainsworth farm Operations Alumni Hall, trcas., sgt.-at-arms; Farm Op. C;Uib. SIEPHENS, KENNETH R- Chicago, 111. Electrical Engineering Phi Eta Sigma; Eta Kappa Nu, rec. sec; Tan Beta Pi. Transferred from University of Il- linois. SIKRK, KENNEIH R. Montezuma Industrial Administration Pershing Riflt-s; Business Students of Am. SFERLING, JUDY L. Berea, Ohio Women ' s Physical Education WAA. asst. pub. chrm.; pres.; PEMM; Pep (Council, pub. co-chrm.; Varsity Cheer Squad. Transferred from Miami University. STEWART, GAIL J. Boulder Colo. Mathematics Math. Club, v. p.; Tomahawk, sec; Welch Hall, advisor, schol. chrm.; WRA, exec board, elections board; Veishea, dept. co-chrm. open house; Asst. to Residence Dir.; Sci. Ed. Club. Transferred from St. Olaf College, Northfield, Minn. STIEGELMEYER, JOHN R. Vinton Animal Science Pearson House, v. p.; MRA Main Cabinet, rep., chrm.; Block and Bridle Club; Arnold Air Soc Civil Engineering Aerospace Engineering STILLE, THOMAS A. Clear Lake Horticulture Tau Kappa Epsilon, sgt. of arms; Veishea, (lueen selection chrm., co-chrm.; Homecoming, queen and dccorat.ons co-chrm.; IFC, p.r. dir.; Dcbators; Hort. Show, floriculture chrm.; Hort. Club; YR; Gamma Gamma. SEINE, NORMA R. Adel Household Equipment Campus 4-H, hist.; Home Ec Club; Oak Hall, corr. chrm.; Wesley Foundation. SFRACHAN, GARY L. Humboldt hidustrial Administration BSA. STRAND, MARTHA R. Ames Sociology Delta Delta Delta, rush chrm.; Festival Chorus; Soc. Club. STRAYER, REBECCA S. Hudson Home Economics Education Fresh. Home Ec. Club; YWCA; Wesley Fel- lowship; Kappa Phi Club, treas.; Dorm, ad- visor. STUTSMAN, RONALD E. Iowa City Ag. Bus.; Mkt. Management Alpha Gamma Rho; Ag. Bus. Club; Little Internat ' l. SUNDE. KAREN M. Ida Grove English Singers; Festival Chorus; Players, core member at Ig.; Radio Players, v. p.; English Club; Pershing Rifles ' Honorary Sponsor; Honors Program. SUNDQUIST, STEPHAN A. Primghar SUTTER, GLENN A. Cedar falls Veterinary Medicine Stud. Chap, of AVMA, pres.; Veishea; Pre- Vet. Club, stud. adv. Alpha Zeta; Block and Bridle Club; Little Internat ' l. SUTTER, RICHARD J. Niagara falls, N.Y. Industrial Administration Kappa Sigma, sgt. at arms, house mgr.; Stu- dents Properties Board, office mgr., chrm.; Marketing Club, v. p.; Alpha Kappa Psi; BSA. SW AIN, DENNIS Little Sioux Pi Mu Epsil on. SWANKY, DAVID M. Lowellvilie, Ohio Veterinary Medicine Pre-Vet. adv., " Veterinarian " , staff; Veishea, open house co-chrm. Transferred from Youngs- town University, Youngslown, Ohio. SYNDERGAARD, DALE W. Spencr Electrical Engineering IEEE. Transferred from Emmetsburg Jr. Col- lege. SYNNES, LINDA I. New London Dietetics East Linden, pres., soc. chrm., house council; WRA, soc. council, pres. council, exec, board: Weslev, senior banquet comm.; Fresh. Home Ec. club; Home Ec Ed. Club; F. : N. Club; Veishea, guide, inst. mgt. open house, WRA open house; Festival Chorus; SRC, treas.; RII. Week, Pub. comm.; Campus Chest Cent. Comm.; Campus PEO. TAM, PATRICK T-M. Hong Kong Physics YMCA, internat ' l understanding co-chrm.; MRA Camera Club; Chinese Student Assoc. lANAKA. ELAINE T. Honolulu, Hawaii Experimental Foods Home Ec. Club; F. N. Club; Hawaii Club, v.p.; Wesley Council. TANNER, BROOKE. B. Atlantic Animal Science Tau Kappa Epsilon; Block and Bridle Club; Little Internat ' l. TAUNK, KAREN F. Dcs Plaines, III. Textiles and Clothing Kappa Delta; Home Ec. Club; SOV; Veishea. psych, open house; T. Sc C. Club; Bowling c:iub. lAYLOR, DIANE Webster droves, Mo. Home Economics Journalism TAYLOR, ROBERT B. findlay, Ohio zoology lEBBEN. E. MARVIN Hopkins, Minn. Chemistry YD, pres.; SOV, set const, chrm.; Veishea, or- ganic chem. disp. chrm.; Homecoming, sales. ' Fransferred from Mason City Jr. College. FEKIPPE, EARL W. fort Atkinson Animal Science Newman House; Pershing Rifles; Church Choir; Newman Club: AVMA Club: Block and Bridle Club. Transferred from St. John ' s University at Collegevillc, Minnesota. Agronomy English THELEN, RONALD T. Breda Newman Club; Agron. Club. I HOMAS. ANNE S. Hinsdale, III. Institutional Management Kappa Kappa Gamma; Home Ec Council; YWCA, workshop chm.; Greek Week, chm.; Home Ec. Club; Inst. Mgt. Club pres. THOMAS. DIANA Ce!:ar liafjids English Pi Beta Phi; Sci. Women ' s Club; Festival Chorus; Pep Council; Writer ' s Round Table; English Club; Varieties. IHOMPSON, HAYNE A. Sioux City Aerospace Engineering Phi Delta Theta; Scabbard and Blade; Arnold air Society; IAS. FHOMPSON, LeROY R. C.rinnell Mechanical Engineering Richey House, v.p.; Phi Beta Sigma; Pi Tau Sigma, sec, v.p.; Pi Mu Epsilon; Newman Club; ASME. THOMPSON, MARLES M. Roland Transferred from St. Univ. of Iowa. THOMPSON, ROBERT J. Ames Veterinary Medicine Theta Delta Chi; Marching Band; Concert Band; SOV Orchestra. THOMPSON, SUSAN D. Boone Education Transferred from State University of Iowa. THOMPSON, WILLIAM O. New London Poultry Science Ag. Council; Poultry Sci. Club, sec, treas., v.p. THORBURN, RICHARD H. Oak Park, III. Industrial Administration Delta Tau Delta; Alpha Kappa Psi; BSA. THORNTON. MARGERY Pleasantville Applied Art THOVSON, ELDEAN F. Forest City Electrical Engineering Ward System, ward sec; IRE-IRE. Trans- ferred from George Washington Univ., Wash- ington, D.C. THAILKILL, RAMON Macksburg ASCE; Tau Beta Pi. Civil Engineering THYE. FORREST W. Burlington Animal Science Farm House, rush chm.; Alpha Zeta, sec p. Block and Bridle Club, pres.. v.p.; Veishea, ag. open house co-chm., bus. mgr.; All Ag. Banquet, bus. mgr.; Singers, sec; Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, alumni sec; Marching Band; Basketball Band; Chamber Singers; SOV; Fes- tival Chorus; Little Internat ' l; B. B. Horse Show. TICE, MARGARET A. West .■illis, Wis. Psychology Kappa Delta, asst. trcas., treas.; Sci. Women ' s Club, treas., v.p.; Festival Chorus; Psi Chi. FICKNOR, KEITH A. Exira Forestry Pi Kappa Phi; Forestry Club. TIGGES, SYBILL J. Peterson Institutional Management Frisbie Fellowship, food chm.; I. Mgt. Club; Veishea, cherry pie co-chm. TIMM, TOMMY L. Ames Distributed Studies Phi Delia Theta; Frisbie Fellowship, retreats chm.; YMCA, campus discussion chm., pres.; Singers; Symphony Orchestra; Homecoming, cent, comm., pep Bar-B-Q; Phi Mu Alpha, song leader, v.p.; Sinfonia Sing, co-chm.; I eople- to- People, v.p.; SOV Orchestra; Var- sity For Quartet. TITUS, GARY W. Sioux City Mechanical Engineering TOBIAS, WARWICK R. Oak Park, III. Chemical Engineering Sigma Chi, sec, schol. chm., song leacler; Soc- cer Team; (ircek Week, decorations chm. lODOROFF, BONNIE S. Gleudale, Mo. Dietitics Gamma Phi Beta, schol. chm.; Home Ec. Club; pres., proj. chm.; Veishea, Home Ec. open house publ. chm.; H. Ec. Council; Phi Upsilon Omicron, v.p. TOKEIM, DOROTHY A. Des Moines Institutional Management SOV; Singers, I. Mgt. Club. sec. treas; Veishea, dept. disp. clun., cherry pies. lOMLINSON. SUSAN B. Minneapolis, Minn. Education Pi Beta Phi. pres.; Dean ' s advisory Board, chm.; Student advisor; YWCA, chm. of in- t ' -rnat ' l friendship and Y. cabinel: Phi Upsi- lon Omicron, v.p.; Mortar Board; Hemic Ec. Club; Councilon Internat ' l Students ' Atfairs. 462 TOMS.PHILUP M. Ames ASME. Agricultural-fEngineering TOWNSEND, DON A. Altoona Medianical Engineering IRACHTA, ANITA K. Cedar Hafiids Home Ec. Education Alpha Delta Pi, Vcishca float chm., formal chm., schol. chm.; Iowa Homeraaker, asst. treas.; Home Ec. Ball, bus mgr.; Christ- mas Ball, bus. mgr.; Festival Chorus; Lamp- lighter. TRELOAR, ROBERT H. Nora Springs Animal Science Farm Operations Club; Block and Bridle Club. TRYTTEN, CHRIS T. Decorah Electrical Engineering Griffith House, intram. chm.; Chamberlain House, h.r.; Arnold Air Soc, exec, off.; Ange. Flight Comm., chm.; Luthern Student Assoc.; Scabbard and Blade; AIEE-IRE. TURNER, JANE E. Dexter Home Ec. Education Fresh. Home Ec. Club; Elm Hall, advisor. campus chest auction chm., pres.; President ' s Council; WRA Exec. Board; Kappa Phi; Wes- ley Foundation; Fresh. Days Guide. TURK. MELVIN D. Oakland Industrial Education Ind. Ed. Club; Epsilon Pi Tau. TWACHTMANN, LARRY A. Loxvden Physical Education u UHLENHOPP, P. BRUCE Kesley Electrical Engineering AIEE-IRE, publ., v.-chm., proj. chm. ULRICH, JERRY L. Pella Electrical Engineering Arnold Air Society; AIEE-IRE; Ward Intra- mural System. VAX DE WALLE, GEORGE L. Tama Poultry Science Poultry Club. Transferred from Loras Col- lege and Dubuque College. VANKLEY, ALAN C. Ocheydan Farm Operations Merrill House, treas.; Farm Op. Club. VASKO, ROBERT C. Glen Allen, Va. Agricultural Business Alpha Gamma Rho, pres., pledge trainer; Block and Bridle Club; Ag. Bus. Club; IFC, v.p.. chm. espansion comm., IFC court; Card- inal Guild, ag. sen., chm. student center com- mission; Ag. Banquet, co-chm.; Alpha Zeta; Gamma Gamma, pres.; Cardinal Key; YD. VEALE. JAMES R. Boone Statistics Singers. Transferred from Boone Jr. College. VKRT. DAVID H. Chevy Chase, Md. Electrical Engineering AIEE; MR A Elections Comm.; Harriman House, pub.rcl. chm., pres.; MR A Camera Club, v.p.; Cessna House, h.r. VKTTER, NAOMI A. Calamus Textiles and Clothing Singers; Festival Chorus; Gamma Delia; Fr. Home Ec. Club; Home Ec. Ed. Club; T. C. Club. VIGGERS, KURTIS G. Des Moines Economics Econ. Club; Commuters Club. Transferred From Grand View College, Des Moines. VOG T. EDWARD D. Melbourne Industrial Education Sigma Phi Epsilon; I. Ed. Club; Epsilon Rho Tau. Transferred from Lakeland College and Iowa Wesleyan College. VOK; I-, CAROLYN A. Des Moines Applied Art Homecoming, disp. work chm.; Sor-Dor; Birch Hall, advisor, asst. soc. chm.; Veishea; Ja 7- boree, decorations cochm.; Sweethearts ' Ball, decorations chm.; E. Linden, spring dance co- chm.; Festival Chorus; WRA, summer soc. co- chm.; Fresh. Da s Guide. VOLTZ, JAMES W. Oak Park, III. Foreign Trade and Sen- ce Bomb Beauties Selection Board; Harvest Ball. queen selection chm.; YR, soc. chm.; Campus Chest, co-chm.; Singers. VOSBURG, NOBLE E. Omaha, Nebr. Agricultural Business Sigma Phi Epsilon; Fresh. Tennis; " I " CMuh; Scabbard and Blade; SAC; Ag. Business Club. w WAGGONER, KAREN D. Ehnhurt, III. Textiles and Clothing Gamma Phi Beta, rec. sec, rituals chm., em- bers chm.; Naiettes; Varieties; Homecoming, dance ticket sales chm.; Home Ec. Club; Lamplighter; Student Religious Chapel Chm.; Senior Class Sec. WAGNER, JOSEPH. E. Bernard Veterinary Medic in. r WAGNER, THOMAS M. Waterloo Industrial Administration Franklin House, intram. chm.; MRA, sec. in- tram. council: MRA Intram. Protestant Comm., chm.; Marketing Club; B.S.A.; Alpha Kappa Psi, v.p. of pledge class; Veishea, I. Ad. dept. co-chm.; Weightlifters; Presbyter- ian Youth Fellowship. WAHRENBROCK, JAMES B. Jewell Physics IRE. WALKER, JOHN A. Williams Industrial Administration Carpenter House, v.p., pres.; Noble House, h.r.; BSA; Alpha Kappa Psi; YR. WALL, DAVID Pre-Medicine WALLEN, GAIL L. Sioux City Dietetics Sigma Kappa, rush chm., asst. soc. chm.; Home Ec. Club; Lamplighters YWCA; F. N. Club; Homemaker, reporter. WALTER, DAVE L. Keokuk Civil Engineering WALTON, WILLIAM N. Keivane " , III. Landscape Architecture Theta Chi; Student Soc. of Landscape Archi- tects, pres.; Fan Gamma Delta, scribe. Trans- ferred from .Monmouth College; Bradley Uni- versity. WARNER, DONNA R. Ruthren Textiles and Clothing LSA; W. Linden, corr. chm., intram board; Homecoming Disp., chm.; T. C. Club. Tarnsferred from Grandview Jr. College, Des Moines. WARNER, NANCY J. Iowa Falls Home Ec. Education Festival Chorus; Blast; E. Linden, advisor; LSA; Home Ec. Ed. Club. WARNING, ANN C. Park Ridge, III. Child Development Delta Zeta; Fr. Home Ec. Club; CD. Club, v.p.; YWCA, live Y-er, SmI. grp. leader, Bible study leader; Homecoming, pep Bar-B-Que food service chm.; Festival Chorus. WATERHOUSE. C. DANORA Michigan City, Ind. Gen. Home Economics Home Ec. Ed. Club; Frisbie. Transferred from Texas Christian University. W. TERS, DAVID G. Regina, Sask., Canada Telecommunicative Arts Tau Kappa Epsilon; Singers, pres.; Festival Chorus; Phi Mu Alpha, pres.; Cardinal Key, treas.; Orchestra Service, mgr.; Chamber Sing- ers, soloist; SOV, chorus, lead, co-dir.; Iowa State Octet; Veishea, TV publ.; Music Coun- cil. WATERS, DEANNA M. Regina, Sask., Canada Telecommunicative Arts Pi Beta Phi; Modern Dance Club; Singers, v.p. Festival Chorus; " Daily " , salesman; Home- maker, salesman; " Born Yesterday " , lead; Sigma Alpha Iota; Mortar Board, sec; SOV, chorus, lead, co-dir.; VCC. WATSON, CARL R. Mont ezuma Agricultural Engineering ASAE. WEBB, GARY A. Akron, Ohio Forestry Lincoln House, intram. chm.; Livingston House, h.r.; MR.A Soc Council, sec; Fores- try Club; Singers. WEBER. JAMES G. Dolliver Math. Club. WEBER, KEITH A. Hornick Agricultural Journalism Farm House, publications and act. chm.; Senior Class Treas.; Ag. Council, treas.; .Alpha Zeta; Sigma Delta Chi, pres., sec; g. Jl. Club, v.p.; " . griculturist " , assoc. ed. and staff writer; Bomb Pub. Board, v.p. and sec: Har- vest Ball, queen selection co-chm.; Singers; Festival Chorus; Mens ' Glee Club; Veishea, all ag. open house publ. chm. Mathematics VREDENBURGH, LARRY D. Moor head Geology Club, treas., pres. Geology WEBER, ROBERT J. Stout AIEE-IRE. Electrical Engineering WEDEMEYER. LOWELL R. Atlantic Chemical Engineering Newman Club; AIChE. WEHRSPANN, JERRY R. Ottosen Agricultural Engineering . SAE; Eng. Council. WEI. CYNTHIA S. Hong Kong zoology Transferred from Simpson College. WELCH. JEAN A. Denison Dietetics Concert Band; Orchestra; SOV Orchestra; Sigma Alpha loia; Omicron Nu. Transferrecl from State University of Iowa. WELCH. JOAN M. Denison Dietetics Concert Band; Sigma Alpha Tota, ed. WERNECKE, FRANK W. Des Moines Electrical Engineering AIEE. WEST. JUDSON R. Ida Grox ' e Veterinary Medicine AVMA, sec, fall banquet co-chm.; Pre- Vet. Counseling, chm.; Clurriculum Comm. WESTRUM, LAYNE L. Missoula, Alont. Applied Art Alpha Delta Pi, pledge sec, soc. chm., rec sec; Fr. Nominating Conv.; Variety Girls; Home Ec Club. WHITCOMBE. MARTHA S. Marshalltown zoology - Med. Technology Kappa Alpha Theta, pledge schol. chm.; su- preme Court of Cardinal Guild, sec; Nalattes; Fresh. Guild; Singers; Festival Chorus; Var- ieties, judges and trophies chm.; Veishea. luncheons chm.; Panhel., v.p., pres.. Big Eight Conf.; Alpha Lambda Delta; Mortar Board. WHITE, DAVID V. Worthintgon Mechanical Engineering Phi Kappa Theta, v.p.; Pi Tau Sigma. Trans- ferred from Loras College, Dubuque. WHITSON, THOMAS D. Minden Agricultural Business Pi Kappa Alpha, house mgr., sec. pres.; Home- coming, food supply chm.; Wesley Fellow- ship, unit chm.; Ag. bus. Club; IFC, court judge, council. WICKLUND, GARY A. Cedar Rapids Engineering Operations Pi Kappa Alpha, exec, council, treas., act. chm., house corporation, summer rush chm., rush chm.; Veishea, bus. staff, E.Op. open house chm.; Cardinal (iuild Cabinet, treas.; AGC; AIIE: Eng. Op. Club, pres.; YD; Stu- dent Loan Committee. WICTOR. KENNETH P. Remsen A rch itfctu re Transferred from S. Dak. School of Mines and Technology. WIEGAND. KAY L. Storm Lake Gen. Home Economics Delta Delta Delta; Registration Dance Comm.; Modern Dance; H. Ec. Club. WIESE, CHARLES H. Davenport Ind. Administration Accounting BSA; .All Univ. Nominating Conv.; Intra- m Urals. WK;HTMAN, PATRICIA S. Thompson Home Ec. Education Birch, advisor; Festival Chorus: Fr. Home Ec. Club; Home Ec. Club; Intramural Board; Veishea, SOV contume comm.; Ind. Ad. Wives Club; Military Ball Queen .Att. WILDUNG. DAVID K. Marshalltown Horticulture Hort. Club, treas., pres.; Fairchild House, v.p., delegate to MRA main cabinet; Alpha Zeta. Transferred from Marshalltown Jr. Col- lege. WILFONG. JUDY A. Eagle Grove Home Ec. Education Home Ec. Ed. Club; Festival Chorus; W. Lin- den, corridor chm. WILKEN, CAROLYN S. Elmhurst, 111. Home Ec. Education Kappa Kappa Gamma, soc. chm.; Act. Adv. Service, sec; Greek Week. WILLIAMS, DENNIS L. Huron, S.D. Veterinary Medicine W ILLIAMSON, MICHAEL D. Creston Industrial Engineering Veishea; AIIE. Transferred from Creston Jr. College. WILLMS, DON L. Dike .Agricultural Busine. s Fresh. Guild, ag. rep.; Lange House, party chm., intram. chm., h.r.; Veishea, open house; MR.A, dance comm. chm.; Ag. Council: Alpha Zeta, chronicler; Sinfonia; .Ag. Bus. Club. WILSON, D.AVID M. Norwalk Civil Engineering Soc. of Am. Militarv Engineers; Scabbard and Blade. 463 WILSON, NANCY J. Washington Home Ec. Education Birch Hall, soc. chm., advisor, Christmas party chm.; E. Linden, sec; Beacons, pres.; Toma- hawk, pub.rel.; YWCA; Home Ec. Ed. Club; Fr. Home Ec. Club; Home Ec. Council, proj. chm.; Home Ec. Senior Banquet, chm.; Wes- ley; Singers; Festival Chorus; Veishea, pub. comm.; Dames Da e Dance, intermission chm.; Sweethearts ' Ball, intermission chm. Industrial Engineering WILSON, RON A mes WILSON, SARA M. Britt Applied Art Delta Delta Delta; Festival Chorus; Sweetheart Ball, sec.; Home Ec. Ed. Club; Applied Art Club. WILSON, WAYNE W. Creston Industrial Engineering GSB Supreme Court; GSB, sen., welfare comm. chm.. R.O.T.C. comm. chm., gen. proj. comm.; MRA, exec, council, nominating conv. chm., main cabinet; Stevenson House, v. p.; Guild-for-a-Day; Chessmen, sec, treas.; Gam- ma Epsilon Sigma; Tomahawk; AIIE, v. p.; People-to-People, hospitality chm.; Festival Chorus; Veishea, asst. bus. mgr. WILSON, WENDELL W. Milford Block and Bridle Club. WILTGEN, EUGENE F. Animal Science Alton AIEE; Newman Club. Electrical Engineering WILTSIE, KENNETH K. Ames Engineering Operations Transferred from Mason City Jr. College. WIND, La VONNE J. Hum bolt Distributed Studies Sigma Alpha Iota, treas.; E. Linden, adv.; Sor- Dor, dir.; Concert Band. WINKELMEYER. CARA E. Chillicothie, Mo. Home Ec. for Gen. Education Alpha Gamma Delta; Festival Chorus; Home Ec. Club; People-to-Peoplc. Transferred from Central Missouri State. WINTERS, LARRY L. New Providence Animal Science Varsity Band; Ag. Ed. Club; Block and Bridle Club. WINTERS, WESLEY H. Bassett Electrical Engineering MRA, library board treas.; Stalker House, treas.; AIEE-IRE. WIRTZ, RICHARD W. Madrid Mechanical Engineering ASME; Pearson House, p.r. chm. WISBEY, ROBERT W. Milton Electrical Engineering WISEMAN, MICHAEL W. Paton History Intramural Sports; Campus Chest. WISOR, JAMES F. Goose Lake Animal Science Newman Club: Agriculturist staff; " Daily " , staff; Lincoln House, h.r.; Little Internat ' l. WISSBAUM, ANNE M. Oconomowoc, Wis. Dietetics Alpha Gamma Delta; Fresh. YWCA, prog, chm.; pledge class act. chm.; Alpha Lambda Delta; H. Ec. Club; Core Curriculum Com- mitted, sec, treas., chm.; Home Ec Council, publ. chm.; F. N. Club, sec. -treas.; Veishea, open house publ. co-ord.; Phi Upsilon Omi- cron; Omicron Nu. WITTKOPF, CAROLE J. Algona zoology Alpha Delta Pi; Sci. Women ' s Club; Gamma Delta; " Sketch, ' cir. mgr.; Alpha Lambda Delta. WOLDRUFF, ALAN L. Clarinda Animal Science Pearson House, sec, treas., parliamentary procedure team; Veishea, ag. cd. open house chm.; Block and Bridle Club; MRA Weight- lifters. Transferred from Clarinda Jr. Col- lege. WOLF, LYLE C. Keosauqua Agricultural Engineering Eng. Council; ASAE, v.p.; Tau Beta Pi. Transferred from Parsons College, Fairfield. WOLFE, JOHN R. Clinton Industrial Engineering Alpha Tau Omega, v.p., pres., pres. pledge class; Fresh, and Varsity Swimming; Interfrat. Pledge Council; " I " Club; Big " 8 " All Con- ference Swimming Team; Knight ' s of St. Patrick, pres.; IFC, v.p.; Big " 8, " IFC, v.p. WOODFORD, ROBERT C. New Hampton Electrical Engineering Marching Band; Concert Band; Basketball Band; Symphony Orchestra, treas.; Erisbie Fel- lowship; Knapp House, act. dir.; Phi Mu Alpha. WOODMAN, CAROL L. Rochester, Minn. Textiles and Clothing Transferred from St. Olaf College, Northfield. Minnesota. WOODS, GERALD R. Perry Electrical Engineering Cessna House, officer; IRE; Veishea, open house. WOODWARD, JEROME M. Claire, Wis. YMCA; AIChE. Chemical Engineering WOOLIS, LUCILLE A. Corydon English Concert Band; Varsity Band; Orchestra; Sigma Alpha Iota, chap.; Beacons; LSA; Sor-Dor, chm.; WRA, fresh, advisor, ed. of " Mirror " : Festival Chorus; Fr. Home Ec. Club. WORRELL, VERNON L. Sioux City Architecture Bennett House, intram chm.; AIA. WORSLEY, SUZANNE F. Farnhamville Experimental Foods Wesley Council; Kappa Phi, corrs. sec, pres.; Sor-Dor; Elm Hall, advisor; Lamplighter Fr. Home Ec. Club; F. N. Club; Home Ec Ball, chm.; WRA Formal, chm.; Social Co- ordinating Commission. WRIGHT, ANITA M. Glendora, Calif. Home Economic General Education Transferred from University of California, Santa Barbara. WUBBEN, JULIA M. Wesley Elementary Education Kappa Delta Pi; Student National Education Assoc; CD. Club. Transferred from Trinity College Chicago and Nebraska State Teachers College, Kearney. YAGER, YALE W. Ralston, Nebr. Chemical Engineering Converse House, act. chm. bowling team; AIChE. Transferred from Omaha University. YEARNS, KERALD E. iMke City Dairy and Food Industry Singers; Men ' s Glee Club; Festival Chorus; D.I. Club; Debators; Ag. Council, parliamen- tarian. YOCUM, CHARLES F. Storm Lake Biochemistry Concert Band; Symphony Orchestra; Phi Mu Alpha; Marching Band. YOUNG, CONSTANCE J. Indianola Home Ec. Education H. Ec Club; YWCA; Sor-Dor; E. Linden, corridor chm. Transferred from Simpson Col- lege. YOUNG, HUGH A. Monroe Industrial Engineering Veishea, I.E. open house; AIIE; Gamma Epsi- lon Sigma. YOUSSEFYEH, ROUHOLLAH D. Tehran, Iran Electrical Engineering Cosmopolitan Club. Transferred from State College of Iowa. ZEIEN, RALPH C. Antioch, III. Mathematics Tau Kappa Epsilon. Transferred from Beloit College. ZIMMERMAN, GLEN A. Sioux City History Phi Delta Theta; Homecoming, asst. bus. mgr.; Veishea, career day co-ord. ZOBENICA, RONALD M. Bovey, Minn. Industrial Engineering Kappa Delta Gamma (Mich. Tech.); Semper Fidelis, bat. commander; Intramurals; AHE. Transferred from Mich. College of Mining and Technology. 464 Organization Index Acacia 354 Adelante 356 Advanced Artillery Cadets . 200 Ag Business Club . .118 Ag Education Club .119 Agriculture Council . 151 Agronomy Club .120 Air Force Rifle Team . 200 AIA 121 Al Cer E 122 Al Chem E 123 AIEE-IRE 124 AIIE 122 AS Ag E 123 Alpha Chi Omega . 324 Alpha Chi Rho .... 358 Alpha Chi Sigma .106 Alpha Delta Pi .... 326 Alpha Gamma Delta . . 328 Alpha Gamma Rho . 360 Alpha Kappa Lambda . 362 Alpha Kappa Psi . .105 Alpha Sigma Phi .... 364 Alpha Tau Omega . 366 Alpha Zeta 108 Alumni Hall 320 ASME 130 Ames Forester 138 Angel Flight 201 Arnold Air Society .... 201 ASCE 125 AVMA 126 Baker House 316 Baseball 230 Basketball 214 Bennett Housa 280 Beta Sigma PsJ .... 368 Beta Theta Pi 370 Beyer House 281 Birch Hall 254 Block and Bridle Club . . .132 Bomb 194 Botany Club 131 Boyd House 317 Business Students Assn. . 133 Caine House 282 Campus 4-H 134 Canterbury Club .... 172 Cardinal Key 102 Carpenter House .... 304 Cessna House 283 Chamberlain House . 284 Cheerleaders 240 Chi Omega 330 Christian Science Fellowship . 167 Construction Technology . 131 Converse House . 285 Cyclone Sabres . 245 Dairy Science Club . 135 Dairy Industry Club . 135 Delta Chi ... . . 372 Delta Delta Delta . . 332 Delta Phi Delta . 108 Delta Sigma Phi . 374 Delta Tau Delta . 376 Delta Upsilon . 378 Delta Zeta .... . 334 Disciples of Christ . . 169 Dodds House . 286 East Linden Hall . 251 Elm Hall .... . 256 Engineering Council . 152 Epsilon Pi Tau . . 109 Eta Kappa Nu . . 109 EUB 168 Fairchild House . 287 FarmHouse .... . 380 Farm Operations Club . 136 First Baptist Fellowship . 168 Football .... . 204 Forestry Club . 138 Foster House . 305 Franklin House . 288 Freeman Hall . 258 Fulmer House . 306 Gamm Delta . 174 Gamma Epsilon Sigma . 110 Gamma Phi Beta . 336 Geology Club . . 139 Godfrey House . 289 Golf . 237 GSB . 148 Griffith House . . 318 Gymnastics . 225 Halstead House . 307 Harriman House . .290 History Club . 139 Home Economics Council . 153 Horticulture Club . 140 Interfraternity Council . 348 Industrial Education Club . 141 Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship . 167 Iowa Agriculturalist . 189 Iowa Chemical Society . 140 Iowa Engineer . 190 Iowa Homemaker . . 193 Iowa State Daily . . 184 Iowa State Debaters . 182 Iowa State Scientist . 191 Iowa State Theatre .180 Iowa State Veterinarian .192 Institute of Aerospace Sciences 125 Intramurals 242 Jones House 308 Kappa Alpha Theta . 338 Kappa Delta 340 Kappa Kappa Gamma . 342 Kappa Sigma 382 Kimball Houso 291 Knapp House 292 Knights of St. Patrick . .110 Lambda Chi Alpha . 384 Lampos Ill Landscape Arch. Club . .142 Lange House 293 Lincoln House 294 Lindstrom House .... 295 Livingston House .... 309 Louden House 310 Mathematics Club .... 142 Meeker House 296 Merrill House 311 Mortar Board 106 Men ' s Residence Assoc. . 268 Newman Club 176 Niles House 297 Noble House 298 Norman House .... 312 Oak Hall 260 Omicron Nu Ill Pommel Community Council . 156 Panhellenic Council . 322 Pearson House 299 Pep Council 157 Pershing Rifles 199 Phi Delta Theta .... 386 Phi Eta Sigma 112 Phi Gamma Delta . 388 Phi Kappa Phi .... 107 Phi Kappa Psi 390 Phi Kappa Tau .... 392 Phi Kappa Theta .... 394 Pi Beta Phi 344 Pi Kappa Alpha .... 396 Pi Kappa Phi 398 Pi Mu Epsilon 113 Pi Tau Sigma 113 Physics 143 Poultry Science Club . 143 Pre-Vet Club 144 Psi Chi 114 Radio Workshop . . .193 Richey House 313 Roberts Hall 262 St. John ' s by the Campus . 173 Sage House 319 Scabbard Blade . . . .199 Science Council .... 154 Science Women ' s Club .146 Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . 400 Sigma Alpha Iota .114 Sigma Chi 402 Sigma Delta Chi . .115 Sigma Gamma Tau .116 Sigma Kappa 346 Sigma Nu 404 Sigma Phi Epsilon . 406 Sigma Pi 408 Sketch 183 SAME 146 Soccer 212 Spinney House .... 300 Stalker House 314 Stange House 301 Stanton House 302 Stevenson House .... 303 Student Properties Bd. .147 Student Religious Council 36, 160 Student Union Board . .158 Swimming 228 Tau Beta Pi 117 Tau Kappa Epsilon . 410 Tau Sigma Delta . .116 Tennis 233 Theta Chi 412 Theta Delta Chi .414 Theta Xi 416 Theta Sigma Phi . . .115 Tomahawk 104 Track 234 Liniversity Lutheran . 164 Varsity I Club 241 Veterinary Medicine Council . 155 Ward 248 Welch Hall 264 Wesley Foundation .170 West Linden Hall .... 266 Westminster Fellowship . 172 Women ' s Athletic Assoc. . . 238 Women ' s Residence Assoc. . 250 Woodrow House .... 315 Wrestling 324 YMCA-YWCA 162 Zoology Club 147 General Index A Aafedt Charles R 91 30S Abbas Leon Elverne 118 299 421 Abbas William 439 Abbott Linda Lee 259 Abernathy James B 319 Abraham Michael 373 Abraham Robert S 145 315 Abrahamson Ann Marie . . .111 163 339 439 Abrahamson Nancy Jane 163 339 Abrahms Robert F 131 Achenbach Myron W 132 269 281 Achterberg Donald D 411 Ackerman David Lynn 124 152 426 Ackerman Gerald Dean 361 Ackerman Jean Marie 341 439 Ackerman Richard H 108 140 421 Acord Woodrow W Jr 379 Adam Kathlynn Raye 261 Adam Neil Walter 289 Adams Dennis Dale 138 421 Adams Donald Dwayne 145 Adams Douglass 133 Adams James Dennis 284 Adams Janice Kay 322 341 Adams Jerry Rodney 426 Adams John Collins 141 Adams Michael Quentin 407 Adams Richard Fulton 200 201 399 Adams Robert Douglas 133 Adams Robert Lynn 407 Adamson Sharon Louise 256 Addas Munir Hosny 310 Addleman David Neal 137 285 Adelman James Robert 133 Adix Marilyn Agnes 434 Adolfson Carol Ann 254 Agan Mike 245 Ahlrichs David Wiese 165 Ahlrichs Rachael Ann 165 Ahlstrand Robert J 426 Ahrendsen Donald Dean 145 361 Ahrendt Mario Char 286 Ahrcndt Myron John 295 Ahrenholtz Harry E Jr 137 319 Ahrenholtz Karen Ann 347 Ahrens Donald Louis 119 381 Ahrens Doncll Edward 145 Ahrens Merrill Dean 286 Ahrens Phillio D 289 Ainsworth Stanley D 373 Albertson Arthur M 397 Albrecht Gary Dean 913 Aldinger Marcia Jean 325 Aldrich R E Lee III 421 Alitz Dennis James 211 Alleman Kenneth Ray 284 Alleman Mark Milton 130 315 Allen Alexander S 106 123 272 292 421 Allen Charles Raymond 357 Allen Don Edward 289 Allen James Craig 405 Allen James Neil 363 Allen John Swift 355 Allen John W 313 Allen Larry Lavern 300 Allen Marilyn Kay 253 434 Allen Richard Dean ..118 272 282 421 Allen William Robert 211 Allison Byron Lee III 295 Allison David Berg 130 199 Anderson Almquist Douglas E 135 297 Anderson Almquist Peggy Jeanne 134 267 Anderson Althause James Robert 298 Anderson Altman Paul Grant 135 314 Anderson Altorfer James Reed ..110 152 379 426 Anderson Ambler Carlos Howard 397 Anderson Amdor John Edward 145 Anderson Amenell Judith Eileen 263 Anderson Amick Judy Ann 265 Anderson Amick Martha Ann 339 434 Anderson Amiing Karen Ann 153 337 Anderson Amunson Keith Leo 123 165 291 Anderson Amunson Leonard E 137 296 421 Anderson Amunson Mary Ellen 263 Anderson Anders Bryce Leroy 305 Anderson Andersen Arthur Allan 91 Anderson Andersen Donald Gene 211 Anderson Andersen Kathleen M 347 Anderson Andersen Marlin R 307 Anderson Andersen Nicklos Jay 311 Anderson Andersen Paul Gilbert 355 Anderson Andersen Rigmar 333 Anderson Anderson Allen Robert 401 Anderson Anderson Barton D 283 Anderson Anderson Bruce M 357 Anderson Anderson Charlene Kay 163 347 Anderson Anderson David Allan 145 301 Anderson Anderson Deborah Jean 265 Anderson Anderson Dennis A 132 285 Anderson Anderson Dennis Dean 299 Anderson Anderson Dennis E 137 Anderson Anderson Don Pearse 405 Anderson Anderson Don M 112 Anderson Anderson Donald T 279 Anderson Anderson Douglas P 303 Anderson Edward E 289 Eldon C 124 355 E W 116 Glen 221 Gordon Leroy 119 Harvey James 421 James David 307 Jerald E 288 Joann Louise 333 434 John Allan 145 Judy Rae 265 Julie Beth 263 Julie Ellen 339 Karen Ann 260 323 347 Karen Kaye 131 175 347 439 Kenneth L 131 439 Larry Dale 359 Lawrence R 383 Lester Ray 416 Lynda Kaye ... .153 339 353 Martha Jean 266 Mary Jo 262 434 Pamela A 259 Phillip John 152 357 P M 150 Richard E 269 314 421 Richard M 399 Robert D 411 Robert James 121 426 Robert R 280 Roger Dale 421 Ronald R 355 439 Terry N 304 Thomas Leo 365 Tom Lee 319 Wallace W 317 465 Anderson Wayne Harold 355 Anderson William A 125 Anderson William Carl 281 299 Andre Richard Graham 407 Andreano Anthony P 377 Andreasen Kenneth E 389 Andres Kent William 124 379 Andresen Lynette W 254 Andresen Robert W 389 Andrews Arlan Ray 123 Andrews James Elden 235 Andrews Janet Kaye 157 325 Andrews John Jordan 144 310 Andrews Lorna Lynn 251 Andrino Luis Roberto 444 Angell Brian Arthur 290 Angle Gary Lee 366 367 Ankeny Robert Allen 125 A nsari Arthur Jehan 92 Anthony Tad Bur 299 Antone Clyde Paul 292 App Palmer Jr 181 Appell Loren Howard 129 145 291 Appenzeller Judith E 345 Applegate Jerold Lee 135 171 Applegate Martha Jane 259 Applegate Martin H 118 Arbuckic John W 283 426 Archer John Lilburn 426 Archer William M 375 Arens James Roman 137 401 413 Armentrout Barry Ross 377 Armitage Kathleen J 264 Armour Gwyndolyn T 257 Armstrong David Jon 309 Armstrong G Curtis 397 Armstrong Gordon D 282 Armstrong Judith Ann 258 Armstrong Wendy Joyce 251 Arn Jerald Ray 131 363 Arnoff Lana Virginia 325 Arnoff Mary Sara 201 257 Arnold Clayton J Jr 235 Arnold James Dale 294 Arnold Jane Anne 163 343 Arnold Judith Jean 266 Arnoud Richard J 439 Arnquist Kathryn Mae 252 Arp Dennis Walter 165 Arp Sandra Lou 165 255 Arthur Richard Bruce 142 Arthur Stephen Ray 139 401 Artz Tyrone Dean 288 Asell Carol Lou 252 434 Ash Charles Wesley 411 Ash William Fred 288 Ashbaugh Charlotte L ....113 174 267 Ashbaugh Robert R 133 Ashley Ann 238 Ashmore Lee Ellis 367 Ashmore Lyn Starl 367 Ashton Linda Carol 265 Ashworth James Thomas 389 Askland Carl L Jr 409 Asklof Jimmy LeRoy 313 403 Asklof Shirley Ann 439 Asmussen Keith Eugene 112 287 Asnin Scott Kennedy 297 399 Atherton Allen Bruce 316 Atkins George Henry 145 357 Augustine Edwin J 137 381 421 Aul David George 90 Auliff Michael Lee 137 Ause Marianne L 240 343 411 Auten David Kelly III 308 Avaux Martha Sue 146 263 Averill Mary Ellen 261 Avcy James Allen 421 Axel John Werner 371 Ayer Harry Wright 357 B Baack Edwin William 125 426 Baade Sharon Lee 341 Baago Myron Lee 302 Babbitt Jim 49 Babcock Howard Larry 409 Bachman John Clark 389 Bachmann Janet Ruth 257 Backhaus Loren Arno 286 Backstrom Michael E 301 Baderschneider Roger 309 Badia Phoebe Gay 260 Bagg Mrs 337 Bahn Beverly Ann 254 Bahnsen Loretta E 439 Baichly Mrs Jennie 363 Bailey Denis Arlcn 299 Bailey Frank Ronald 300 Bailey Jerry Lee 130 142 314 Bailey Pamela Lee 263 Bailey Ronald Lynn 319 426 Bailey Shirley Louise 197 201 329 Bailey Susan Ellen 263 Bailiff Rosemary J 439 Bailor Stephen M 371 Bain Florence Lillian 140 262 Bair Richard Arlan 395 426 Baird Bruce William 123 Baker Allan Eugene ..109 117 124 426 Baker Mrs Carrie 365 Baker Charles William 112 363 Baker George Gardner 144 306 Baker Harlan K 109 Baker Jon Franklin 305 Baker Judith Lee 264 Baker Kay Louise 255 Baker Larry Joe 283 Baker Paul Arthur 401 Baker Sondra Faye 115 148 333 Baker Thomas Sencer 112 399 Bakken Paul James 283 Bakker Marvin Lee 313 Baldrey Barbara Ann 251 294 Baldus Robert L 141 Baldwin Elizabeth A 114 439 Baldwin Leonard W Jr 306 Baldwin Sheila D 327 Baldwin Thomas Alan 389 Bales Stephen G 293 Balkovec Steve Louis 302 Ball Robert Ray 371 Ball Jerald Duane 355 Ballantine Larry Gene 296 Ballantyne Marvin D 138 Ballard Clifford Don 143 Ballard Dale Allen 426 Ballou Susan I 267 Balloun Joe L 439 Balodis Zigurds 105 133 30: 439 Balsbaugh Stephen G 282 Bancks Robert Charles 137 151 421 Banc Kenneth Mac 421 Bane Rodney Bruce 289 Bane Sally Dee 335 Bangert Mary Lynn Rae 254 Banks Baldwin R C 171 Bannister Willa M 194 Banwart Delores Celia 174 257 Banwart Donald Edwin 119 312 Barber James Edmund 115 300 Barber Halstead W 138 Barclay Jean Ann 434 Barcus Karen Ruby 343 434 Barcus Roger Harold 373 Bardole Roy Paul 137 287 Barger Steven Bruce 389 Barglield Edward H 363 Barkema Dorothy Joan 439 Barker John Eardley 280 Barker William C 426 Barnard Richard Brent 297 355 Barnes Carl David 124 427 Barnes Standish D 235 284 Barnett Fredrick Lee 359 Barnett John William 137 283 Barnett Steven Yates 371 Barnhart Arthur K 144 Barnts Shirley Kay 132 134 Barr Richard Thomas 137 Barron Marsha Bliss 343 Barrow Lloyd Harley 132 289 Barta Allan Lee 395 Barta Bruce Robert 353 407 Barta Gary Edward 304 Bartel Lewis Clark 97 Bartell Jean Carole 263 Bartelson Jim 119 151 Bartelson Ronald J 309 Bartenhagen Carol E 351 Bartenhagen Forrest H 411 Barth Alice Dianne 263 Barth Donald Eugene 285 Bartine Edwin Willard 118 295 Bartlett Roger James 124 317 Bartlett Roy Thomas 310 Bartley Phyllis Jean 267 Barton Dwight LeRoy 134 306 Barton T A 142 Bartsch Karen Marie 260 434 Bartz Warren F Jr 125 Basham Richard llo 310 Bashara Robert Thomas 91 444 Basler David Bruce 299 Bass Byron Whitman 281 Bassett Richard Lee 138 421 Batcher Richard Max 379 427 Bates Kenneth Robert 279 Battey John Charles ..110 122 314 427 Battey Joyce Eileen 337 Battles Carroll K 130 315 Baty John Wehrley 355 Batz Ronald Arlis 144 Bauer Donald Grain 389 Bauer Keith Allen 138 Bauer Mary Jane 255 Bauer Richard Lee 309 Bauer Roger Dean 399 Bauge Harry Grant 288 Baughman Michael Lee 304 Baughman Robert Wm 141 Bauman Dale Clair 132 Baxter Bruce Edward 155 444 Baxter Walter Stuart 284 Bayes Carol Ann 108 325 434 Bayes Jacqueline Lee 201 255 Bazsali Gordon Robert 375 Beach Allen Burgn 282 Beale Kathleen Ann 264 Beall Haynie Prince 125 287 Beaman Colleen Mae 257 Bean Richard Peter 132 295 Beard Carolyn Joan 345 Beardslee Rebecca B 251 Beatty James Donald 183 Beaudinc Marlys P 177 261 Beaumont Ronald Elmer 91 444 Beaver Ronald Dean 387 Bechtel Grace Edra 251 Beck Arnold James 421 Beck Donald John 285 Beck Phyllis Christy 91 Beck Richard Anton 132 401 Beckenbach Joseph Jr 393 Becker Bruce Erhart 383 Becker James Joseph 124 281 Becker John Paul 282 Becker Larry Eugene 199 288 Beckett Janet 329 Beckord Donald G 122 302 Bedard Patrick J 130 145 313 427 Beebe Raymond Mark 284 Becbout Harold S lUS 119 272 317 421 Beebout Leo Eugene 118 134 282 Beebower Janet Ellen 259 Bcecher Robert A 145 Beem Clifford Lee 200 Beemer Barbara Lynn 399 Beers Thelma 245 Beers Warren Edward 124 427 Befort Jay Ambler 321 Beguin Robert Gayl 145 130 427 Benar Allan Randall 399 Behling Robert Albert 286 Behlmer Terrence R 427 Behm Valerie Anne .238 327 Behr Marlene Ranae 267 Behrens Georgieann 254 Beimer Robert Glenn 379 Beitelspacher Arlene 434 Belden Carl R 142 309 421 Belding Raymond LeRoy 91 444 Belichick Frank S 211 399 Belio Monika Agnes 255 Bell Dennise Diane 260 Bell Gary Lee 144 Bell James Douglas 397 Bell Jean Lee 251 Bell Kathleen V 265 Bell Kenneth Allen 91 Bel l Mary Diane 265 Bell Raetord Arnold 281 Bell Sandra Sue 329 Bell Warren Raymond 321 Bell William Ray 132 373 Bellamy Mrs. Greta 389 Beloof Margaret Anne 114 Benbow James Earle 310 Benda Tom Wesly 371 Bender Carolyn Ann 265 Bender Martha Lucile 177 Benedict John Ralph 313 421 Bendlin Robert C 282 Beneke Ray 118 Benes Judith Marie 333 Bengtson Harlan H 280 427 Bengtson Phyllis L 257 Benner Frederick L 361 Bennett George K Jr 308 Bennett John Edward 308 Bennett Linnea Jean 266 Bennett Norman A II 292 Bennett Ronald Eugene 297 Benning Roger David 272 304 427 Benson Charles R 132 300 Benson Elizabeth E Ill 163 335 Benson Kathie Alice 171 258 Benson Richard Harlan 379 Bent David Adrian 312 Benzkofer Philip Dale 312 Berenyi Tibor A 316 Berg Douglas Alan 311 Berg Ervin William 314 Berg Mary Louise 265 Berg Sherman Orville 132 Berg William Wheeler 124 Berger Swen Uwe 308 Bergeson Dennis Gene 132 145 Bergman Alan Leonard 311 Bergman Donnis Larue 377 Bergman Norman Daniel 293 Bergstrom Carl Norman 137 302 Bergstrom Kelley A 133 200 399 Bergstrom Richard F 319 439 Berkland Mervin Arlo 357 Berkland William R 108 115 165 357 421 Bernal Alfredo D 132.284 Bernal Rodrigo 294 Bernard Daniel Fox 139 182 387 Bernhardt Victor Joe 140 Bernstein Seymour H 142 296 Berning William H 123 318 Berrington John Kent 211 Berry Burl 235 Berry Corwin Thomas 289 Berry Loretta Kay 182 257 Bcrryhill David Wayne 313 427 Bertelson Daniel F 125 298 Bcrzins Aivars Talis 355 Beshaw Thomas A 427 Bcsley Ke nt Edward 371 Bessman Sandra Sue 337 Bcttenhauscn Lyie E 393 Betterton Harold D 304 Bettin Thomas Lester 123 301 Belts Daniel Morton 90 Betz Douglas John 137 284 421 Bewley Lawrence Alden 379 Beyer Joyce Arlene 134 165 261 Biba Frank Joseph 387 Bice Earl Duane 409 Bickerstaff Ray 221 Biderman Michael D 407 Bidler Carroll LeRoy 105 Bielenberg Mary Ann 175 262 Bierstedt Janice H 327 Biery Kay Ellen 267 Bigbee Harlan Gene 91 Bigelow Kay Ellen 261 Bigger John Eber 294 Bilbrey Jacqueline L 267 Billhorn Jane Louise 255 Bilsborough Arlen T 125 427 Bilyeu David Paul 427 Bingham Barbara Jo 259 Binning Elizabeth J 259 Binns Phillip Ray 355 Birk James Richard 296 439 Birkley Helen Jean 254 Bish William Ray 389 Bishop Ann Aravilla 201 339 Bishop Dav id Dana 401 Bishop Dennis LeRoy 385 Bishop Robert Lynn 145 286 Bisping Gale Alan 307 Bittikoffer Thomas H 397 Bitting Leila Ann 201 343 Bittner Chancy Ira 300 Black Duane Allyn 421 Black Janet Kay 267 Black Mary Jo 253 Blackledge Kenneth E 137 Blackman Larry Dale 125 Blake Barbara Ann 267 Blake Duane L 119 Blanchard Karen Ann 252 434 Bland David C 193 Blankenship Bruce 389 Blankenship Dennis L 361 Blankenhagen Judith M 261 Blankenship Dennis 119 Blankenship Karen B 255 Blinn James C 305 Bliss Robert Myron Jr 145 298 Block David Arthur 235 304 Blom Rex Lee 132 Blomberg Barbara Ann 331 Blomkcr William D 145 Blomquist Dale John 291 Blood Martin Lewis 301 Bloomquist Kristina L 145 Blott James Turner 138 421 Blough Ronald Edward 913 Bloxham Ronald Lee 137 Blue James B 913 Blue Lavonne Kay 134 255 Blumenschein Gary Lee 165 379 Blumenstein Karen Sue 265 Blumhagen Gary Alvin 315 Blythe Daryl Clark 279 BIythe Mary Lou 254 Boast Charles Warren 112 355 Boatman Susan Mari 165 335 434 Bock Gayle Margo 245 Bock Janet Ann 261 Bockholt Thomas Lynn 118 221 Bodensteiner Mark C 122 Boc Mary Elizabeth 434 Boehlje Michael Dean 309 Boehm Geoffrey S 113 142 280 Boehnke Lewis Herman 307 Boelter Philip Floyd 359 Boerner Gary Jon 301 Boesen Ronald Neil 133 281 Boettger Bertha L 329 Boge Carol Anne 331 Bohlken Jean Louise 139 Bohn Mary Jean 254 Boldes John 403 Bohne Barbara Jeanne 335 Bolin Perry R 121 Boline Laurel Francis 200 Boling Gail Wendy 339 Boiler Barbara Kaye 331 Bolte Henry F 315 444 Bolton Gary Robert 269 319 Bomgaars Robert D 411 Bond Stanley A 282 Bonnes Henry Marvin 145 Bonnes Stanley Bruce 363 Bonnstetter Janet Kay 254 Bonte Linda Rose 434 Bonzer William Jacob 321 Boock Herbert Frank 403 Boone Dennis Alan 144 377 Boote Edwin Leslie 444 Booth Barbara Jean 261 Booth Edward Charles 115 183 Booth Jerry John 91 Booth Russell Kenneth 313 421 Boots Jerry Blayne 286 Bopp Jane Ellen 250 253 434 Borchelt Carol Cundy 259 321 Borchers Jerrene Leah 265 Borchers John M 313 Borden Esther Mary 259 Borg Daniel Joseph 401 Borgfelt Joan Carol 257 Borgstrom Lorna Jo 261 Borre Mrs Rose 371 Boshart Mrs 256 Bossard Fredrick R 427 Bossen Barbara Jean 267 Bossert Katherine A 104 168 252 Bosworth Melvin Leon 141321 Boten John William 413 Bothcll Susan Kay 347 Botine Karen E 259 434 Botten John Howard 310 Bottenhorn Donald J 375 Bottge Beverly Jean 114 329 439 Bottin Thomas Edward 395 Bottomley Patricia A 434 Bottorff Don Jcrrie 389 Boucher Lewis Claire 145 Boughtwood Holly Ann 257 Bourne Sharon Kay 114 265 Bovy Robert William 125 Bowden Delwyn Kent 118 361 421 Bowden Don Robert 144 381 Bowden Katherine Elaine 174 261 Bower Richard James 401 Bower Ronald Allen ..137 200 381 421 Bowers Anne Marie 343 Bowers Connie Rae 264 Bowersox James Joseph . . .200 304 421 Bowles Stephen Eugene 182 Bowling William E 385 466 Bowman Betty Ann 267 Bowman Gary Lee 125 293 427 Bowman Ina Jane 153 32S 434 Bowman Michael Dail 379 Bowman Patricia Lynn 201 267 Bowman Penny Lee 325 Bowstead Jane Louise 132 421 Boyce Donald Lloyd 309 Boyd David James 104 269 30S Boyd Linda Lou 345 Boyd Winton Edward 365 Boyer Kenneth Earl ..117 272 301 427 Boycr Mary Sue 267 Boyl en Jeffrey W 301 Boylan Betty Anne 255 Boylan Donna Mauree 263 Boynton Jayne Frances 261 Boysen Byron Gene 357 Boysen George Allen 125 363 Boyum David Michael 371 Bozarth Karen Jane 171 264 Bracken Evelyn Ruth 163 1S3 335 Bradford William M 395 Bracham Ramon Floyd 130 Bradley Nicholas Nyle 421 Bradshaw Dennis C 152 Brady Michael Donavon 313 Bragonier James W 121 152 Braida John Paul 282 Brand Franlilin James 115 144 Brandenburg Howard J 383 Brandhorst David E 231379 Brandt James Henry 137 295 Brandt Keith John 383 Brandt Larry B 288 Branson Lindley S 379 Branston Evelyn Ruth 265 Brauman Richard B 367 Braun Barbara Ann 262 Braun Carol Adelle 264 Braun Peter Denniston 383 Brayton Thomas Lee 365 Breese Jon 399 Breevaart Marjorie E 174 335 Brehm Dennis Evans 411 Breitbach David D 137 200 272 279 303 Brekke Carol E 159 434 Brelig Allen Harold 300 Bremer Verna Jean 254 Bremser Bruce Don 316 Brengard Roy Lawrence 397 Brenker Nancy Warren 256 Brenner Christopher H 439 Brenner Richard Loren 293 Brewer Daniel Lyie 316 Brewer Dennis Allen 145 383 Brewer Norman Kent 298 Brewer Vincent 216 221 Brewster William Neil 130 Briard Arlene Ann 245 Bricker Marlin John 297 Brickman Jerry C 302 Bridge Alan Lloyd 112 304 Bridges Harold Ray 318 Bridges Margaret Ann 260 Briggs Ronald Alan 411 Brim LyIe Ellis 307 Brindley Carol Esther ... 83 108 183 Brindley Jack William 357 Brinker Norman E 280 Brinkman David Edmund 137 Bristol Robert Alan 124 317 Bristow Judson L 311 Britton Barbara F 263 Broadbent Linda Ann 333 Brock Elizabeth Ruth 339 Brockett Diane Kay 265 Brockett Susan Lynn 267 Brockman Joan Dee 337 Brockmann Charles L 200 Brockshus Delmar Roy 140 Brookhart Susan Jane 345 Brooks Clair Everett 119 295 421 Brooks Sandra Lee 337 Brooks William Keith 131 313 Brosamie Bryan Curtis 284 Brouillette Mary E 256 Brown Annette Marie 322 331 Brown Barbara Jean HI 163 250 251 434 Brown Barbara Jeanne 333 439 Brown Bernard Eugene 427 Brown Dale Carl 232 407 Brown David Harold 387 Brown Dennis Bruce 195 280 Brown Dennis Leon 133 439 Brown Duane Burton 119 Brown George Emerson 115 Brown Gerald Kleckner ...123 199 405 Brown Gerald Lavon 112 Brown Gordon Dean 105 Brown James Kent 361 421 Brown James Philip 375 Brown Janet Kay 261 Brown Judy Darlene 327 Brown Kendrick Lee 132 Brown Larry LeRoy 201 281 Brown Robert Henry 295 Brown Robert Thomas 117 401 427 Brown Roger Truman 444 Brown Ronald Dwight 306 Brown Terry Norman 371 Brown Thomas Allen 387 Brown Timothy A 208 211 Brown Warren Lee ...199 200 383 439 Brown Wayne Eldon 421 Brownlee Michael B 283 Brownlee Robert W 290 409 Brownlee Ronald A 105 133 Brownstone Joan M 258 Brueck Robert E 133 315 Bruene Roger Julius 137 Bruner Buddy LeRoy 156 Bruner Richard 439 Bruning Kathleen M 259 Brunkan William A 182 357 Bruns Douglas Vernon 124 427 Bruns Jack Elwood 140 Brunstrom Valerie J 255 Brunsvold Kenneth S 290 Brus Wayne Otto 369 Brush Warren Brian ..110 122 152 427 Brutsche Dan L 118 295 421 Brutsman Robert Duane 123 411 Bryan Donald Loyd 119 Bryan Jack Wesley 283 Bryan Ronald Floyd 119 Bryant John M 139 Bryant Robert Eugene 91 Buboltz Joan Mary 265 Buch Ron Raye 132 Buchanan Nancy lone 201 Buchanan Smith Jock G 132 135 182 361 Buchholtz John Copley 283 Buchwald Barbara Zoe 335 Buck David Charles 379 Buck David Harrington 115 389 Buck Dennis Eugene 318 Buckaloo Carol C 240 333 Buckels Colleen Joan 255 Buckley Linda Jane 267 Budlong Delbert W 132 134 301 Buehler Duane Robert 137 421 Buehler Roger Dean 137 288 Buelow Raymond Albert 91 Buffington Carolyn F 254 Buhr Kenneth Lee 165 369 Bulechek Donald W 290 Bull James Robert 194 407 Bullis James C 303 Buls Melvin Lawrence 145 200 427 Buman John Michael 303 421 Bumann Raymond Julius 137 291 Bundt Duane Joseph 168 281 Bundy Clarence 119 Bundy Linwood Jay 130 Bunte Kenneth Milton 211 Buntrock Kermii Arno 304 Burch John Edson 383 Burcham Robert Oliver 171 421 Burchlield John S 122 421 Burgart Theresa Mae 177 261 Burgess Frank Edward 383 Burgett Sue Marie 257 Burghoffer Leo L 291 Burhite Gary Lee 407 Burkhards George Ivars 142 411 Burke Patrick Thomas 125 427 Burke Roger LyIe 133 359 Burke William Joseph 309 Burkett Ronald James 123 416 Burkhart Malita Elsie 329 Burkhart Robert Ivan 405 Burkley Donald Dean 363 Burmeister Leon F 389 Burns Bernice 115 193 Burns Clarence 175 316 Burns Dennis Dean 411 Burns Donald Edward 427 Burns Marilyn Jean 171251 Burns Robert Arthur 369 Burns Sandra Sue 327 434 Burr Marietta 257 Burrack James W 421 Burr Ronald John 112 Burrack Judy Eileen 257 Burrell Rebecca Lee 333 Burrell Samuel Melvin 281427 Burrell Steven Kirby 105 133 199 201 401 439 Burrichter David Paul 145 296 Burrill David Reid 403 Burrowes Susan Adelle 335 434 Burrows Harold Henry 143 357 Burt Patricia 193 Burt Richard Lee 296 427 Burt Rowell Wendell 377 Burtnett Steven C 240 401 Burton Arthur E 116 Burton Richard Lee 291 Busch James A 137 171 316 Busch Lois Ann 261 Busch Shirley Marie 337 Busch Wayne Alvin 421 Buskohl Benjamin Paul 119 293 Buss Val Dean 118 421 Bussard Larry David 387 Busse Elaine Suzanne 256 Bussell Kendall Keith 282 Buster John Paul 318 Busy Mrs. E B 401 Butenhoff Richard D 145 Buterhaugh Gary Galen 385 Butler Cheryl Ann ...140 166 174 263 Butler Edward Iver 141 Butler Kathleen Ann 114 335 Butler Patrick R 142 Butson Gary Robert 142 361 Butterfield Mary Dee 257 Buttrey Benton W 147 Buzzetti Ramona Rae 263 Bye Raymond Selmer 397 Byers Bruce Eugene 387 427 Byers Lynn Everett 137 309 Syington Donald Paul 444 Byrne William M 397 c Cable James Karl 272 311 Cade Gene Raymond 297 Cahill Thomas James 283 Caicedo Luis F ..123 177 212 213 299 Caldbeck William E 407 Calder Bruce Daniel 304 Caldwell Donna Kay 252 Caldwell Norman B 115 118 Caldwell Sara Jane 260 Calhoon Barbara Marie 139 439 Calhoun Thomas Kent 411 Calkins Dennis LaRoy 409 Callahan Patrick G 145 Callahan William V 144 145 Callanan Anthony P 199 201 407 Callicott Caryl Anne 259 Callison Terry Wayne 294 Caltrider Larry D 175 279 Calzada Jose Enrique 385 Camara Moussa 280 Cameron Susan Ann 325 Camp David Richard 124 305 371 Campbell Barbara Ann 253 Campbell Gordon Glenn 280 Campbell Jack Robert 125 285 Campbell Jon Paul 91 Campbell Nancy Lee 327 Campbell Norman S 308 Campbell Rita Mae 325 434 Campbell Robert Dean 379 Campbell Susan E 261 Campidilli William R 132 421 Campion Carolyn Ann 197 263 Campney James Thomas 287 Canady Sandra Kaye 261 Cannon. Donna Lynn 251 Cannon Robert Arthur 297 Canter Barry Ray 295 Cantrell David Norman 298 Capouch Gary Kenneth 389 Carey Delorese M 260 439 Carey James Melvin 145 Carl Charles Lewis 411 Carl Robert Dale 305 Carlson Alice lone 104 250 Carlson Arthur Kent 294 439 Carlson Carol Cleone 254 Carlson Carolyn Ann 254 Carlson Craig Eugene 439 Carlson Cynthia Sue 263 Ca rlson David Arnold 403 Carlson David L 305 399 Carlson Dennis Marlyn 131 Carlson Douglas Clare 294 Carlson Forrest L 367 Carlson Gary William 144 165 285 Carlson George Grier 355 Carlson James Edwin 165 369 Carlson Janet Louise 265 267 Carlson Janet Marlene 434 Carlson Michael Lee 407 Carlson Richard E 121371 Carlson Robert Earl 144 411 Carlstrom John M 397 Carmichael Karen Sue . .61 65 114 329 Carmichael Robert W 303 Carnes Susan Kathleen 111431 Carney Roberta 261 434 Carothers John Muller 309 Carpenter Bruce Leon 112 306 Carpenter Earl E 407 Carpenter John Launce 301 Carpenter Joseph D 389 Carpenter Kathleen 157 201 337 Carpenter Robert Lee 138 Carr Daniel Leo 306 Carr Marie Louise 267 Carr Patricia Agnes 255 Carrell Clarence R 393 Carrigan Ann 183 327 Carris Colin Timothy 123 294 Carroll Bill James 286 Carroll David James 131 Carron Catherine E 267 Carruthers Susan L 263 Carstens Gary Ernest 308 Carswell Barbara Ruth 171 253 434 Carter Everett Morris 297 Carter Neal Edward 416 Carter Woodrow W Jr 297 Cartwright Paul D 310 Caruthers Marvin H 272 299 Carver James Douglas 374 375 Carver Lowell 141 Casady Richard Dale 298 Case Lucille Susan 263 Case Robert Earl 231 Case Roger Dale 300 Casey Dennis Wayne 359 Casey aGry Lee 359 Casey Jim Earl 315 Casey Judith Ann 325 Cash Ted Earl 106 140 272 280 Cassabaum Gerry R 421 Cassabaum Linda S 434 Cassidy John Patrick 371 Cassill Joy 111115 343 439 Casson Keith Leroy 427 Cate David Clair 284 Catlett Thomas T 295 Catlett Vernon Jack 300 Catlin Sharon Fern 266 Catron Brittain N 92 Catron Carmen Rosalee 331 Cecil James Robert 134 Cedar Gene Arvid 281 Celerin Emilia Maria 254 Celoni Dan G 231 399 Cerbin Dale B 304 Cerwick Joel Alan 367 Chalfant Ronald Lynn 427 Chally Darrel Eugene 141151421 Chamberlain Roger A 319 Chambers Jill Elaine 344 345 Chambers Robert B 367 Champine John Robert 300 Champion Kenneth K 281 Champoux Ellen m Chandler Delmar Kaye 295 Chandler Terry Reid 210 211 399 Chandler Warren Kent 295 Chaney Ann Elizabeth 259 Chaney Lloyd Allen 318 Chantland Dennis A 289 Chapin Gordon Rae 321 Chapin Mark Alan ! 321 Chaplin Marlin Gail 357 Chapman Donald Eugene ..124 245 427 Chapman Jacquelyn C 263 Chapman Richard Irwin 385 Charles Mitchell 279 Chase Gerald Lawrence 123 294 Chase Judy Ann 257 Chatterton Gale H 297 Chaussee Denny Scott 291 Cheers Kenneth Wayne 132 137 373 Cheever Douglas Lyle 293 Cheng Shu Chun 281 427 Cherland Roger Allen 137 321 Chew Terry Fee 115 296 Chew Timmy Lee 296 Childs Carol Ann ' . !i65 266 Chilgren Nancy Dee 265 Chin Fatt Arthur L 297 Chipman David J 235 407 Chipperton Alan X44 Chipps Fredrick Ray . ' . ' . ' .365 Chown Audrey Eloise 265 Chrisinger Danny Lee ....409 Christ Ronald Duane 3O6 Christensen Allen J 301 Christensen Don 337 Christensen Glenn K ..105 353 379 439 Christensen John E 199 Christensen Lee Roy 355 439 Christensen Lois Jean Ill 261 Christensen Robert M 91 155 159 Christensen Steven W 401 Christenson Michael C 407 Christian John Mark 439 Christian Linda Lou 260 Christians Kathryn J 153 267 Christiansen Larry A 139 4 16 Christiansen Leonard 411 Christiansen Marjorie 131253 439 Christiansen Monty L 142 302 Christianson Elaine S 259 Christianson Robert D 125 427 Christopherson Kent W 283 Chroup Gloria Jean 265 Church Margaret K 254 Church Walter S 137 300 Churchill Diane 327 Cioni David Laverne 379 Cisler Jan Edward 365 Olszewski Jerome J 110 411 Cizek James William 199 201 Claeys Frank Charles 312 Clapper James F 204 211 Clarey John Robert 105 411 Clark Allen James 314 Clark Eldon Leroy 132 389 Clark Jane Susan 258 Clark Janet Carol 253 Clark Jill J 327 Clark Larry James 421 Clark Linda Kay 260 Clark Robert Vaughn 284 Clark Robert William 145 Clark Ronald Leigh 427 Clark William Robert 301 Clary John Charles 303 359 Claude Jerry Lynn 125 291 427 Clause Judith Jane . . .111 333 433 434 Clause Tom Roger 397 Clansman Edward W 287 Clauson Donelle S 263 Clay Ozzie 206 211 300 Clayberg David C 211 Claycomb Thomas D 110 123 353 Clayton Harry David 90 Clemons Rex Wayne 182 245 363 Cliff Halbert Reid 387 Cline Larry Dean 292 Cline Mary Ellen 256 Clipperton Alan Dale 371 Closter Alan Edward 284 Closter Gerald Robert 284 Clow Stephen Eldridge 359 Clute Susan Louise 343 Clymer Donnice Kay 335 434 Cnossen Michael D 365 Cobb Terry Bradlce 300 Cobie Diane Sue 254 Cobie Robert Burkle 427 Cobley George A 124 298 Cochran Ronald Lee 291 Cockrum Richard Henry 444 Coffey Leo Frederick 285 Coffin Ronald Lee 427 Coffin Stanton F 111 353 397 439 Coffman Linda Sue 267 Coffman Lyle F 137 Cohan Steven MeyrI 140 305 Coil Robert Kenneth 235 Colatriano Mary E 257 Colberg Dayle Douglas 444 Colburn Vera Lynn 329 467 Cole Gary Wayne 301 Cole Jonri tdward 399 Cole Larry Clarence 299 Coleman Leonard Allan 31S Coler Micnel Lynn 291 Coletti Karen Huth 345 Collier Jonn Lee 439 Collins Cnarles H lus X4U 131 3!S1 421 Collins Christie Lou 182 254 Collins Gerald Keith 134 306 Collins James Dayton 284 Collins Kobert W 284 Collison Anne M 193 345 Coltvet Roger Allen 112 314 Combs Wiliard J III 403 Comtort Carol Ann 434 Conger Larry Allan 298 439 Conklln Editn Mary 251 Conkin Jermaine E 265 Conklln Terry Davis 416 Conklu Ozdemir 3QS Conlan Robert William 282 Conley Marian Kay 134 259 Conley Virginia Anne 265 Connelly Tiiomas K 211383 Conner Robert Uewitt 310 Conrad Sue Kay 253 Conway Constance C 261 Cook Billy Scott 375 Cook Carol June 263 Cook Gilbert Eugene 315 Cook Harlan David 272 307 421 Cook James Michael 308 Cook Lawrence E 106 285 439 Coon Frederick M 397 Cooney Michael W 315 Cooper Craig Colin 132 361 Cooper Gwendolyn Sue 261 Cooper James Fenimore 379 Cooper James M Jr 125 311 Cooper Phillip C 301 Corcoran Jerry F 395 Cord Mary Call 194 196 266 Cord Nancy Swanson 111434 Corder Michael Reed 407 Cordes Wayne Richard 133 Cordts Robert Edward 293 Corey Leroy Dale 1S2 233 312 Cornelius Carol Ann 345 Cornish G Kent 427 Corporon Lavern R 375 Corriell L Wayne 137 361 Corrough James V Jr 110 112 117 353 403 427 Corwin Charles Dudley 405 Corwin Charles Robert 295 Cory Clarence B lUb 281 Cosgrove Kathleen S 267 Costales Don Jamison lul 193 319 Costello Jane Ellen Ill 261 434 Costello Michael J 397 Coter 231 Cotter Mary Louise 265 Couch Micnael Lee 426 Couger Larry 269 Counter Louis Frank 407 Countryman David W 200 Countryman Susan Jane ...153 163 343 Courtney Michael W 371 Coverdale Charles R 112 157 387 Cowgill Mary Lou 156 Cowles Mrs 258 Cowley Brenda 263 Cox Donna Dorene 333 434 Cox James Louis 302 Cox Joseph Webb 367 Cox Kcrmitt Lee 293 Cox Linda Barlene 104 255 Cox Marilynn Ann 329 Cox Merle Lee 132 Cox Michael Edward 211 Cox P 212 Cox Rodney Edgerton 130 Cox Ronald Wayne 124 142 283 Cox William Floyd 195 280 439 Crabb Alene Kay 257 Crabb James Otis 427 Craig Voorhees Abram 375 Grain Charles Robert 359 Cramer Douglas R 302 Cramer Natalie Louise 201 Cramer William D 106 123 427 Cranston Franklin L 131 Cranston Raymond K 310 Craven Judy Darlene 134 257 Craven Lillian Rosa 331 Crawford Harvey Frank 387 Crawford Jay Dee 124 399 Crawford Linda Belle 257 Crawford Paul N III 302 Craychee Christina 261 Crayne Rosann 254 Crayton Willie George 211 Creeger Randall R 140 311 Creveling Kathleen J 260 Crilly William Titus ..112 137 177 294 Crim John William 311 Crisman Craig Devere 272 288 Crissman Kenneth G Jr , . . .112 122 150 182 Crist Richard Howard 385 Crock James Francis 395 Crocker Elizabeth A 253 Crocker Jeanne Ellen 253 Crockett Catherine L 201264 Cronin Don D 130 427 Cronn John Carlton 411 439 Crosby Gene Marvin 305 Cross Gary Lee 132 287 Cross William Gordon 145 Crotty James Michael 137 Croucn Leonard Alvin 367 Grouse Fred W Jr 156 427 Crowley Philip C 363 427 Cruthirds Sharon T 252 434 Cryberg James Robert 289 Crystal Jeffrey Reid 399 Cubit Dewey A 285 Cudzilo Martin Frank 397 Gumming Alan Paul 403 Cummings Richard J 124 286 Cummins George Gibson ..104 119 321 Cunningham Carolyn R 168 251 434 Cunningham Peter J 405 Cunningham Roger A 375 421 Cunningham William P 295 Curley Wiliard Thomas 393 Curran Jane Ann 339 Currey Jane Ann 265 Currie Stephen W 294 Curtis Danny Darwin 118 200 272 314 Curtis Diane Dungan 341 Curtis Donald Leroy 286 Curtiss James Ross 367 Curtis Lou Ann 265 Cusack John Robert 397 Gushing Barry Charles 138 Cushman Jeanne C 252 Custafson Dale 316 Custodi George Louis 123 171 377 Cuthbert Douglas D 302 Cuthbert Judith Irene 257 Cutler Jody Lee 122 427 Cuttrell Gary Lee 421 Cyphers George Eugene 427 D Daehler Mervyn Henry 145 303 Uaehler Thomas George 125 427 Daggett Mary Eva 171266 UanI Frances Lee 341 Uahlby Karen Irene 263 Dahlby Stephen Harold 305 Dahlin Carolyn June 115 343 439 Danlstrom Judith M 341 Dahm Patricia Helen 343 Dahms Denis Lee 313 Dahmus Michael E 131 304 439 Uailey George F 112 315 Dailey William M Jr 407 Dale William Grover 200 365 Daley Jerry Max 105 133 367 Dall Richard Nels 383 Dallas James Lee 367 Dambe Gunars 439 Damge Marsha Ann 259 Damm Fred Charles 175 316 Dana Paul Robert ...106 123 153 373 427 Dana Thomas Harry 112 373 Danhauer James W 200 Daniels Harry 221 369 Danielsen Carl E 315 Danielson Ona Mae 255 Danielson Richard W 137 Danielson Sandra G 267 Danilson Carole Ann 267 Danilson Danny Mac 302 Dankenbring Janet 434 Dannen Richard John 297 Dannenfeldt Allen E 294 Dannewitz Jane Ann 322 347 Dardis Thomas William 272 281 Darling Paula Jean 174 Darrow Phyllis B 267 Daubenmier James D 393 Daufeldt Marvin G Jr 135 Davenport Connie E 256 Davenport Delbert J 122 286 Davenport Michael C 411 Davey Clare Allen 365 Davey Leo Bennett 365 Davidson John Edward 221 Davidson Lois Ann 94 Davidson Robert E 132 Davidson Ruth Ann 255 Davis Billy Wayne 439 Davis Blair F 144 307 Davis Carolyn Kay 159 327 Davis Craig Ill 113 269 272 Davis Daryl Lee 280 Davis Dennis Eugene 301 Davis Douglas A 427 Davis Gary Stephen 290 421 Davis James Harold 282 Davis Julie Ann 331 Davis Karen Jean 329 Davis Kathleen E 252 434 Davis Kay M 156 Davis Larry Curtis 289 Davis Linda Ellen 267 Davis Lloyd Craig 299 439 Davis Lynn Arlyn 199 Davis Ralph Richard 133 Davis Sidney Neal 444 Davisson Donald R 307 Dawe Donald Louis 444 Dawson Douglas Grant 297 Dawson Virginia Ellen 257 Daynard Melanie G 263 Dayton Raymond M 145 Dean Annette Lee 171 Dean Barbara Jane 257 Deanovic Gwynne L 165 267 Dearixon Janet E 341 Deas Bernard Winford 199 294 Debo John Clinton 308 427 Dehoer Bernette Rose 254 Deboer Darrell Wayne 123 427 Deboer Larry Michael 369 Oeboom Ueiores uiane 134 260 Debruin Kenneth E 318 Decarlo Darlene Marie 341 Decristofaro Clement 395 Uedrikson Gena Marge 257 Dee Eric Wayne 132 411 Dee Erica 132 Degood Diane Mary 265 Uegoover Kobert James 302 Dejong Clifford Dale 112 371 Delts Jeanine Marie 134 168 Uelgrippo M A Jr 321 Demeyer Thomas Albert 145 3S9 Demore Richard Albert 375 Dempewolf Philip W 312 Deneui Daryl Gene .292 Deniiart James Douglas 144 307 Denherder Mary Lynn 263 Denio Douglas Alan 131 309 Denise Karen Deanna 263 Denisen E L 140 Denman Mrs L Elma 319 Dennis George Leonard 145 375 Dennis Joyce Carroll 171257 Dennis Marlin Loy 124 426 Dennis Raymond Carol 300 Denniston Leroy W 199 291 Denny Katnryn Lynn 337 434 Denny Lynden James 133 439 Denny Paul Eric 119 Denutte Diane Jeanne 322 347 Deonier Dick Lee 365 Deppe Laird Ray 105 133 377 439 Derscheid Bruce James 137 283 Deshaw Paul Joseph 145 Destival Jim Leslie 399 Determan Jo Ann G 341 Dethmann Wernes W 389 Detig Kenneth Paul 312 Deupree Kathryn E 259 Deupree Lorraine C 255 Deupree Neil Wallace 150 154 359 Deur Rodna Michael 341 Deutsch Catherine E 335 Devaul Diane Louise 183 Devilbiss John Mark 407 Devin Diane Elizabeth 337 Devine Don Alden 301 Devitt Ronald Ralph 399 Devries Kathryn Ann 260 Dewees Donald Duane 281 Dewey Leslie Rolland 119 295 Dick John Robert 125 355 427 Dick Roman Steve 121 Dicken David Michael 110 353 365 Dickinson Gary Wells 365 Dickman Mrs. Ruth 416 Dickson Darol Arthur 305 Dickson Harold Dean 321 Diedrich Doug 286 Diehl Charles Eugene 294 Diehl Paul Byron 182 379 Dieken John Paul 312 Dieleman Delores Jean 259 Dierks Errol Robert 399 Dies Terry Ray 132 145 Dieterichs William R 132 373 Dieterichs Mrs. Wilma 375 Dietz Dale Lee 397 Dietz Henry W 371 Ditazzio Mary M 262 Dikis William Melvin 371 Dillman Donald Andrew ..108 134 137 151 381 421 Dingman Donald Reese 296 421 Dinkel Stephen Eugene 397 Dinsdale David Ray 201310 Dinsmore James Jay 147 381 Dinsmore Mrs Robert 355 Dippolo David George 411 Dirks Thomas Nelson 389 Dirksen Robert D 132 Disch Judy Ann 101333 Dixon Jimmy Dale 137 171 Dixon Larry Earl 383 Dixon Mary Ann 257 Dixon Robert B Jr 393 Doane Karen Sue 265 Dobbin Thomas Daniel 150 411 Dockendorff Gary Don 361 Dockendorff Karen L 134 257 Dodd C M 122 Dodd Michael Grover 304 Dodds Herbert E 135 289 Dodds Janice M .311 322 331 353 434 Dodge Dennis Dean 306 Dodge Jennifer Deale 256 Dodson Diana Fay 256 Doeland Richard C 199 Doering Dennis H 411 Doggett David Edward 143 Doherty Richard Errol 373 Dohrmann Boyd Fergus 132 361 Dohrmann William B 132 361 421 Doley Cornelius Allen 387 Dolejs Joseph M Jr 201 377 Doll Carole Ann 335 Domer Robert Arthur 132 361 Domke Carl Theodore 285 Dommel Richard Lee 427 Donahe David Leonard 291 Donahey Tom Joseph 296 Donaldson David Lee 133 303 Donels William Ray 142 407 Donelson John Everett 112 143 289 Donovan Joseph J Jr 90 Doohen Lawrence Ed 357 Dooley Robert Wayne 137 421 Doolittle Dennis Fred 137 307 Doose Marsha Marie 264 Dorn Virginia Ill Dorow Raymond Robert 141175 Dorr Georgia Ann 261 Dorrell Judith F 115 193 2U1 331 434 uorwart Lee Edward 444 Dosland Roger Ellis 299 Dostal Marvin Dean 118 Dostal Raymond F 297 Doty James Russell 302 Doty Rosemary Cheryl 201329 Douoler Gerald W 285 Douglas Katnleen G 263 Douglas Richard Duane 316 Dove Penelope Anne 104 251 Uow Jean Ann 253 439 Dowling Wayne Charles 101303 Downey Antnony R 383 Downey4Keitn Bernard 395 Downing Dale Alden 137 321 Downing Kenneth John 212 313 Downing Timothy Wm 121397 Doyle Galen PaOraic 165 369 Drahosh Beverly Ann 322 325 Drake Douglas Raymond 318 Drake Henry Grant 142 Drake Virginia Phelan 252 Draman Carlynn Ann 263 Draper Donald Daniel 145 Dreessen Ronald J 306 427 Dretke Ray Delmer 90 Dreibelbis Charles W 91 Dresser James William 235 Dresser Mary Ann 337 Dreezen, Steve K 379 Drew Gerald Cecil 306 Drew John Kenyon 421 Drewry Judy Kay 263 Driscoil Norma Jane 254 Drnec Amy Rose 341 Drnec Paul Frank 389 Drobny Donald Dean 407 Droegmiller Harold D 137 300 Droivold Alden 444 Drugswall Sandra Jane 260 Drum Ryan William 101 Drumm Alfred Wendall 123 301 Drummond Jane Cameron 263 Drury David James 315 Dubes Michael John 371 Dubois Diana Virginia 264 Duckworth Marvin E 403 Ducommun Louis David 144 145 Ducommun William H 118 200 422 Duea Carolyn Rae 254 Dueland Richard Carl 125 130 Duerr Fred J 307 Duffus Janice K 263 Dufour John Wilson 397 Dugdale Donn Michael 295 Duimstra Daniel James 131 285 Duitscher Dean W 444 Dumont Bruce Richard 125 177 Dunahoo Kermit Lee 105 133 439 Dunaway Robert Martin 119 301 Dunbar Lawrence Wayne 282 Duncan Robert Eugene 156 Duneman Gary Donald 369 Dunham Edward Everett 127 444 Dunham Julie Ellen 267 Dunham Thomas Clark 145 302 Dunlap Steven Alan 411 Dunn Francis Leo 132 282 Dunn Kenneth Duane 137 293 Dunn Marjory Anorea 137 171 255 Dunn Richard Lloyd 401 Dunn Terry William 141 401 422 Dunn Tom Garvin 123 321 Dunnell Janet Ruth 341 434 Dunshee Dianna Louise 264 Durbin Kenneth Roy 295 Durian Nancy Ann 341 Durr Linda 131 434 439 Dusanek Mary Rosalie 255 Dusenbery Larry Ray 125 293 Dutcher Gerald Leiand 109 117 150 427 Dvorsky James Richard ...121 123 269 282 427 Dwinell James Ira ...116 117 295 428 Dyas Deanna Louise 253 Dyas Nancy Lee 140 Dyas Robert 142 Dykstra Dennis Dean 286 Dykstra Edward W 145 313 Dykstra Gerald Mason 269 300 439 Dykstra Kenneth James ...109 117 428 Dykstra Richard Frank 131439 Eagan Larry James 297 Eagle Robert Wesley 125 298 Earley Craig Boyd 137 Easter Gilbert H Jr 422 Easter James Michael 301 Easton Anne Elizabeth 114 439 Ebel Shelley Hoffman 114 Eherhardt Arthur C 373 Eberle James A 416 Ebertz Mary Margare 259 Echternacht Gary J 371 Eckert Stephen 284 Eckhoff Gary Arcnd 112 145 Ecklund Susan Marie 262 Eckstein George 375 Eddy Barbara Jean 263 Eddy Larry Glenn 297 Edenburn Sharon Lee 261 Eddington Cora Rose 259 Edson Larry Eugene 288 468 Edwards David Hugh 139 373 Edwards Elizabeth J 255 323 Edwards George W •i ' .281 Edwards James Robert 287 Edwards James Rogert 359 Edwards Karolyn Jean 171 252 439 Edwards Linda Ruth 257 Edwards Marlin Leroy 119 2S6 Eeten Betty Jean 134 255 Eggerling Arlen Anton 137 321 Eggert Mary Elizabeth 139 267 Ehlers Richard Elmer 304 Ehlert Tami Jan 263 Eichhorn Sandra Lea 344 Eichorn Nancy E 439 Eichorn Ronald Leroy 365 Eicl(elberg Lorelei M 257 Eidemiller John H 144 Eikenberry Jon Nathan 383 439 Eilers Dclos Alan 303 428 Eilert Larry Lee 235 361 Eilian Ghodratollah 304 Eisele Kathleen L 341 Eisen Sally Helin 434 Ekren Betty Jane 261 Eland Mrs. Edna 250 Elbert Jerome William 143 319 Eliason David Wayne 297 Elings Virgil 390 Ellenson William D 359 Ellerbe Roosevelt Jr 217 Ellerhoff Thomas M 401 Ellett Steven Grier 139 Elling Fred Henry 137 422 Elling Walter John 304 Ellingson Anita C 238 347 Ellingson Donald Lee 312 Ellingson Larry Allen 165 409 422 Ellingson Ronald Lee 133 Ellington Douglas C 294 Elliott Marvin A 444 Elliott Terry Bruce 434 Ellis Charles Bernard 133 405 Ellis David Charles 125 130 305 Ellis Dean Earl 403 Ellis Gary Dean 211 231 440 Ellis Jane Elisabeth 339 Ellis Larry Jay 296 Ellis Robert Lee 428 EIrod Hugh Ernest 286 Elsbury Robert Archie 397 Else Colleen Carol 101 259 Elstner Joseph C 411 Elwick Michael Glen 307 Elwood Barbara Anne 111 343 434 Ely John Montague III 294 Elza James D Jr 314 Emanuel Barbara E 255 323 Emke Joann Margaret 111260 Emmert Katherine ...108 114 261434 Emmons Dwight Neil 288 Endres Wayne Allen 285 Eness Paul Gene 444 Engel Karen Jean 261 Engelbrecht Mark C ..116 121 375 428 Enocr Marilyn Davis 329 Enghauser David Paul 309 Engle David James 385 Englert Ronald James 413 Engnell Bruce Alan 361 Engguist Michael L 294 Engrav Loren Henry 416 440 Engwall Robert Eugene 422 Ennis Frank Edward 130 403 Ennis Norman Neil 109 124 428 Eno John Peter 199 Ensign George Mayhew 409 Eoley Roger Rufus 321 Epiey Walter Floyd 303 Eolinq Larry Hugh 132 381 422 Erbe Barbara L 345 Erbe Gov. Norman 25 Erbeck David Hiatt 166 Erberk Mary U 166 Erdelt Robert Louis 289 Erhardt J William 407 Erickson Eldean Milan 310 Erickson Elizabeth J 329 Erickson Glenn Richar 123 Erickson Jane Louise 339 440 Erickson Judd David 130 390 401 Erickson Judith Ann 261 Erickson Kathleen Kay 267 434 Erickson Kenneth E Jr 281 Erickson Larry E 422 Erickson Linda Beth 337 Erickson Luther Earl 130 Erickson Mark Steven 118 281 422 Erickson Nanette M 147 261 422 Erickson Richard R 383 Ericson David Rolfe 130 401 Ericson Rick G 367 Ernsberaer Garry E 375 428 Ernst Kenneth William 293 Erskine Thomas Alan 143 385 Frsland Lynn Jay 132 284 Ertzinoer Charles E 119 321 Ervin David Paul 144 311 Erwin George Fredric 389 Erwin Ronald Dwight 118 281 Esbeck Ramona 134 Espc Steven Lein 165 369 Esposito Ralnh Jr 211 Essig John Woodside 407 Essmann Charles E 357 E tal John Wayne 367 Ettinger Ann C 257 Evans Cynthia Lu 146 262 Evans David Lynn 353 399 Evans Delbert Leroy 133 293 Evans Gale Marie 257 Evans Gary Foster 407 Evans Glenn Richard 399 Evans John E 114 Evans Joseph Benjamin 123 Evans Judith Ann 261 Evans Kathryn Sue 264 Evans Lawrence E 444 Evans Samuel Wesley 116 428 Eversole Peter James 355 Everts Donald John 148 Evertsen Ellen Marie 339 Ewing Ronald William 150 440 Ewoldt Naomi Jean 201 Ewoldt Sally Jo Ann 257 Exiey Charles Edward 440 F Faaberg Kenneth M 312 Faas Donald Floyd 141422 Fabre Frank J Jr 367 Fashman Frank Herbert 283 Fagerstrom Donna M 256 Fahey Richard Julian 130 Faidley Allan Wayne 280 Faidley Levern W 309 Fair Mary Beth 114 333 Fairbanks Gary L 118 Falconer Shirley J 263 Falk Kent Wayne 383 Falken Stephen N 167 Farland Dale Stanton 363 Farley Donna Mae 259 Farley Marvin Eugene 145 Farmer Mary K 108 343 434 Farnsworth Susan J 255 Farr Donald Jerry 426 Farr Harry Richard 387 FasscI Hester 49 Faubel Gerald Lee 137 Fauble Frank Edward 377 Faudel Edward Wallace 397 Faulhaber Larry Dean 407 Faust Albert John 123 Faust Ronald Willard 130 379 Fawcett Robert S 291 Fawver Wayne Lee 90 Faxon Kurt Jensen 130 379 Fay Martin Patrick 299 Feamster Robert Scott 367 Fedeler Jerry A 118 165 288 Fedler Nadine Ann 177 Fee Marlys Ann 264 Fee Rodney Jay 108 132 151 361 Feiner Henri 199 Feld Jay Edward 440 Feldhacker Kenneth H 147 Feldkamp Harold Peter 123 316 Felland Norman Allen 272 289 Feller Blair 409 Fenton Robert Kay 119 182 Ferguson Barbara I 133 Ferguson Janice Kay 329 Ferree John Edward 141 373 Ferreter Patricia E 253 Ferris Roger Kendrick 395 Fcssler Ronald Lee 409 Fett Ardyce Ann 134 261 Fetty Jerry D 90 155 Feuerhelm Monte K 315 Fick Donald Dean 91 Fick Earl Dean 290 Fick Harold Thomas 147 300 387 Fickel Linda Ann 259 Fie Sharron Louise Ill 337 440 Fielding Susan R 265 Fieldner Joan 339 Fields Robert Louis 123 399 Fields W J 175 Fight Roger Dean 284 Filipi Charles Joe 411 440 Filkins Mylon Earl 90 Finch John Preston 137 312 Finch Warren Ivan 141 200 303 Findlay William S 121401 Findlow Richard Chris ...105 377 440 Finnrgan Sally Jo 440 Fiori Terry George 240 375 First William Byron 133 440 Fischer Arnold E 279 Fischer Gary Lynn 122 296 Fischer Roger F 399 Fish Barbara Gail 201 260 Fisher Dale Ralph 307 Fisher Dale Theodore 283 Fisher Dean Frank 305 Fisher Gary Lee 287 Fisher Gary William 444 Fisher Paul Frederick 291 Fisher Robert Wayne 156 Fitch Pauline Jean 254 Fitzgerald Patrick G 132 Fitzpatrick John D 272 303 428 Fitzpatrick Thomas J 359 Flanagan George F 303 Flanagan Kirby James 409 Flander Geraldine B 145 200 252 Fleener Jerry Dean 145 Fleischer Robert F 383 Fleming David Charles 313 Fleming Dennis Edward 286 Fleming Patricia Anne 343 Fleming William James 291 Flett Jack Wilcox 379 Flick Charles Wayne 132 282 Flickinger Barbara K 60 345 Flickinger Nancy Jane 345 434 Flint John Eugene 194 444 Flom Roger Eriing 124 312 428 Foerder Ruth Ann 435 Foley Cletis Dow 138 Foley Diane Joyce 339 Foley Sara Kay 263 Fonken Allan Donald 369 Force Ronald Wayne 373 Ford David Russell 130 199 Ford Johny Joe 132 306 Ford Michael Terrance 200 393 Fordyce Shirley Anne 257 Foreman C F 135 Foreman Michael Dean 131367 Forler James Eastwood 305 Forney Steven Wallace 301 Forrest Mrs Magdalene 255 Forrester Jean Hannan 435 Forrester John Harold 428 Forster Peter Joseph 365 Forsyth George Allen 165 385 Forsythc R H 143 Forsythe Sherry 254 Fortier John Alan 317 422 Fortin Delma Rose 343 Foster Corine 264 Foster Donald C Jr 397 Foster Jacquelyn Rae 333 Foster John David 112 365 Foster Thomas Michael 389 Fotsch Wesley Allen 137 422 Foucalt James F 365 Fowler Ann Louise 153 335 Fowler Dennis Edmond 385 Fowler Michael Allen 381 Fowler Richard C Jr 315 Fowler Richard F 171 426 428 Fowlie Jerald Lindsey 298 Fox Carol Ann 341 Fox Darwin Eugene 310 Fox David Martin ...125 152 269 288 Fox Franklin R 281 Fox Joanne Elizabeth 263 Fox Karen Ann 263 Fox Marshall David 132 145 301 Fox Richard Dale 139 269 292 Foxman Bruce Mayer 373 Franck Ester Mae 153 252 Franck Max Edward 130 296 Franey James Vincent 231 Frank Marlin Dwight 90 Franke Russell E 200 411 Frankenfield Janet L 134 265 Frankenfield Kathryn 163 322 329 Franks William E 393 Franquemont Sharon L 327 Frantum Terry Linn 134 137 Frantz Roger Stewart 143 Eraser Alex Ian 355 Eraser William R 301 Frazier Melvin Arnold 314 Frederick Or L R 108 Fredrechsen Nancy C 134 264 341 Frcdregill Dorothy S 255 Frcdregill James M ..125 199 201 428 Fredregill Janna Lee 341 Frcdregill Julia R 201435 Fredregill William R 411 Freed Gary Lee 245 Frceland John Carl 397 Freeman David William 284 Freeman Jimmie Wayne 321 Freeman John Richard 141 Freeman Marilyn Gee 60 115 327 Freese Frederick Paul 428 Freese Mary Kay 261 Freese Roger Dean 301 Frein James Freerick 411 Freitager Bernard L 145 Freitager John Neal 357 French Alfred Dexter 413 French Frank Elwood 245 French Linda Kay 329 French Lorraine 245 French Nancy Jo 261 Frcvert Alice Mae 256 Frey Douglas Allan 416 Frey Michael Dean 145 307 Frey Thomas Erwin 289 Freyermuth Kenneth W 135 361 Friar Tom Murray 357 Frick Barbara Frances 260 Fricke Jerry Aldcn 123 Friederich Ronald Lee 145 Fries Robert Michael 403 Frrese Margot Claire 257 Fricsen Asenath Ann 261 Friesner Wayne Louis 139 Friley Katy Jo 343 Frisa Ernest Joseph 105 440 Frissell Carole Ann 253 Fritz Charles W Jr 389 Fritz James Edward 165 281 428 Fritz Terry Lee 403 Froehlich David V 311 Froehlich Loren Hugo 137 321 Froehlich Robert E 145 303 Froeschner Ellen L 261 Froistad Melvin R ..215 216 221.399 Frolund Janet Darlene 253 Frost Emily Jeannette 251 Frost Gary Roger 409 Frost Kermit Keith 139 409 Fuechtc Gaylcn Lloyd 317 Frueh Leo Henry 177 Fry Edmund Mortimer 389 Fry Edward Arthur 283 Frye David George 314 440 Frye Richard Norman 321 Frye Victoria Anne 252 Fuger Val Eugene 121 428 Fuhr Allan Walter US 359 Fujikawa Francis J 317 Fulghum Joan Kay 254 Fullenworth Karlton L 137 422 Fuller Edmund L Jr 422 Fuller Mary Elaine 134 251 Fuller Ralph Everett 306 440 Fullerton Gerald E 138 282 422 Fulton Rodney Gene 141422 Fung Michael K 286 Funk Leonard Jon 287 Furtwangler Stephen E 383 G Gaarde Paula Ann 134 255 Gabel Richard Carlyle 124 313 428 Gable Robert William 125 428 Gabrielson Dale G 291 Gadpaille Carlos A 303 Gaffney Margaret Mary 104 150 250 260 Gahwiler Carl John 302 Gaines Valerie Dix 337 Gale James Ray 321 Gallagher Richard Ray 291 405 Galloway Darrell B 297 Galvin Terry Michael 167 416 Gamble John Clark 401422 Gamble Richard John 132 145 297 Gammon John Patrick 387 Gannon Daniel James 371 Gano John Charles 293 Garberding Ardys A 261 Gard Roger L 299 Gardner Dennis D 444 Gardner Lawrence Lee 303 Gardner Lucile (Mrs) 399 Gardner Mary 156 303 Gardner Richard E 303 Gardner Roland David 371 Garlock Eileen I 325 Garnatz Larry Lee 317 Garner Mary E 267 Garner Paul Jerry 440 Garrett Kenneth L Jr 123 286 Garrett William Ray 312 Garrison Donna D 261 Gartner Gerald James 353 395 440 Garwood Harold C Jr 401 Gash Larry Dwight 293 Gatch Thomas Carol 301 Gater David Lytton 293 Gates John E 298 Gaumon Douglas S 283 Gavin Bernard Joseph 145 Gawne Diane M 255 Gayer Leiand Karl 165 369 Gaynor Cornelius W 105 371 440 Geadelmann Jon Lee 317 Gearhart Dennis Duane 118 Geiger Carolyn Sue 101264 Geissler Raymond E 409 Gelhaar Charles John 377 428 Gellerstcdt Jack S 389 George Mrs Helen 347 George Lynn Roger 294 Gerber Dean Earl 113 428 Gerbig Fred Theodore 159 353 416 Gerdes Alma Jean 254 Gerdes Donald Eugene 357 428 Gerdts Ronald Charles 294 422 Gere Linda Sue 260 Gcrst Adolf Henry 123 428 Gerst Melvin Louie 125 428 Gertsen Jo Nann 331 Gesy Barbara Jean 263 Gethman Jack B 428 Gettys Patricia Gayle 104 140 250 251 Gibbs Gale Edith 325 Gibbs Gwen Ellen 264 Gibbs Meredith 171 265 Gibbs Phyllis Ellen 257 Gibson Bruce Malcolm 407 428 Gibson Mary Jessie 264 Gibson Thomas Raymond 397 Gidel Elmer Glenn 289 Gifford Donald C 130 280 428 Gilbert Donald M 444 Gilbert Jeffrey R 105 133 387 Giles Judy Loann 250 251 Giles Richard W 283 Gilkeson Janet E 257 Gilmore Richard Duane 290 Gilson Harold Leroy 199 397 428 Gisvold Dean Paul 401.440 Gittins Harriet Rae 257 Givens Curtis William 171 Gierstad Dean Harold 141321 Glandorf David Robert 369 428 Glas Charles Michael 124 428 Glascoe Mary Mathilde 261 Glaser Arvon Von 397 Glaspie Richard D 292 428 Glass Tim E 387 Glawc Mariann Evelyn 267 Gleason Albert W 305 Gleason Charles Glen 282 Glenn Coleen Evonne 339 Gliem Joseph Anthony 294 Glover Janet Kay 156 435 Gobel Garreth Harold 321 Godfrey Noel Eugene 141 Godin Andrea 343 Goebel Thomas Wilson 125 428 Goecke Sheryll Inn 257 Goemaat Larry Richard 147 302 Goeppinoer Barbara 258 Goerdt Earl John 145 Goering Edwin Allan ..123 130 152 287 Goering Gerard Thomas 130 428 469 Goering Kenneth Rae 282 428 Goctsch Judith Lynn 343 Gocttsch James Cedric 375 Goettsch Terry Wayne 397 Goetz David Joseph 407 Goetz Geoffrey James 407 Goetz Robert Charles 282 Gohman Richard W 116 Gohman Ann 134 156 250 263 Goldsmith Jerry Gene 295 422 Goldsmith Robert A 231 Goldskewitsch Alex 284 Goldskewitsch Oleh 310 Gompert Frank 221 Gonzalez Carlos L 73 Gooch Nancy Kay 257 Gooch Richard Melvin 428 Good James Monroe 279 Goode Lisle Keith 133 303 Goode Robert Lorane 303 Goodenow Mary Alice 267 Goodin Ellen Eariene 435 Goodman Donald R 422 Goodman Neil 76 Goodman Richard W 425 Goodwin Julie Anne 253 Goodwin Karen Elaine 134 250 254 Gordon Frederick F 145 Gordon Joseph Garrard 300 Gordon Loren Jay 297 Gordon Marian Jane 264 Gordon Philip Wayne 407 Gordon Suzanne 255 Gorjen Mary Jane 111 114 329 322 435 Goslar Cherie Eunice 238 259 Gossc Gary Edward 131312 Gould Linda Jane 257 Gould Sylvia Jean 254 Gouldin Sybil Ann 261 435 Gouno John Charles 132 422 Gourley Walter F 310 Gowan Barbara Lynne 337 440 Gowan Sandra Kay 197 201337 Goy Rodney Allen 289 Grabbe Holland Ralph 147 Graddy Thomas Earl 131 Graeber Steven Jerry 311 Graf Marvel M 256 Graff Gary Lee 355 Grage Marlys Arlene 255 Graham Harold William 422 Graham John Elwood 137 422 Graham Michael Arthur 145 Graham Ronald James 440 Graham Thomas Willard ..105 387 440 Gramley Leon Flanders 296 Gran William Edward 281 Grandia Dwight E 272 286 Grange Gary Arthur 125 375 Grant Walter H Jr 182 305 Grantham John H 131 Crasser Bruce H 208 211 Grau Arnold Ivan 119 369 Grau Floyd Allen 319 Grau Frederick C 145 Grau Gerald Alfred 165 369 Graves David Frank 147 Graves Ronald Dean 306 Gray Frederick James 133 286 440 Gray Jack Pearl 141 422 Gray Mary McPhail 329 435 Gray Russell Dean 131 Graybill Donald Alan 403 Greany Joyce Ann 265 Greaser Frances P 252 Greaser Marion Lewis 132 361 Green CIco Andrew 316 Green John Morrison 130 Green Richard William 387 Green Robert Hyde 389 Green Vivian M 114 331 Greene Sharon V 252 440 Greenfield Lowell R 272 306 Greenleaf Douglas A 379 Greenlee Richard M 377 Greenlee Robert D 296 440 Greenley Judith J 257 Greenstein Michael E 365 Greenup Carol Aileen 264 Greenwalt Robert J Jr 199 280 Greenwood Gary R 353 369 Greeny Marilyn Sue 345 Greer Lorene 399 Gregerson Connie Jo 261 Gregerson Nancy Lee 261 435 Gregory Charles R 389 Gregory Richard E 119 291 Greif Robert William 137 Greiman Everett Dean 319 Greiman William Henry 306 Greimann Calvin 137 306 Greimann Lowell F 125 306 Greimann Vernon LeRoy 137 422 Greiner Thomas Paul 367 Grenawalt William R 130 235 407 Greta Glendon Donald 130 199 379 Grether Lee Anne 264 Greubel Raymond L 123 281 Grihben Barbara L 255 Gridley David Darrin 201 371 Griebel Darry D 144 Grieme Gayle Lovinia 255 Grieman 274 Grier Ronald Lee 90 115 Grieve Douglas M 141 298 Griffin Charles Otis 130 Griffin Kathy Ann 329 Griffith Gerald W 314 Griffith Jarrett F 121 Griffith Nancy Carole 253 Griffith Ronald James 124 428 Griffith Stanford F 116 Griffith Thomas W 303 Griffiths Sharon May 250 267 Grigg Albert George 297 Griggs Randall Lowell 125 285 Grimes Bill Brandt 286 Grimes Jack Duane 413 Grimm Mrs 411 Grimm David Ross 91 422 Grimm William Frank 133 Griswold Paula Jane 252 Groener Marlene Ellen 257 Groff Alvin Henry 274 291 Grootcrs Ronald K 300 272 Groothoff Craig E 371 Groppel Thomas Lee 145 315 Groshens Margaret L 254 Grosland David Allen .101 167 182 363 Gross Donald A 123 Gross George Royce 422 Gross Malcolm Daniel ....135 200 309 Grosvenor Jane E 329 Groth David Alan 218 221 Groth Paul Everett 393 Groustra Charles W 401 Grover Gerald Richard 279 280 Grover James Paul 91 148 155 Grover Virginia Ann 165 Groves Robert Victor 303 Gruhb Jerry Lee 405 Gruber Constance Kay 253 Gruber Ronald Harold 363 Grber Rosemary 250 252 Gruber Susan Emalyn 165 252 Gruel Larry Edwin 369 Gruenhagen Richard D 137 175 413 422 Grummer Donald Dean 369 Grummer Gerald A 383 Grummitt Dennis W 375 Grundmann William J 367 Grunig James Elmer 108 115 151 272 316 Grunschel Karen Gail 260 435 Guenther Charles D 125 428 Guenther Kathryn Ann 257 Guerrero Marian B 303 428 Guge Gary G 422 Gunderson Charles A 123 397 Gunderson Clara J 104 250 253 Gunn Karen Jean 331 Gunnerson Jerry C 133 387 Gunson John Herbert 401 Gunton Diann Patricia 265 Gustafson Bertil H 131 Gustafson Brian Lee 145 387 Gustafson Carroll A 90 Gustafson Dale Roy 274 Gustafson Dee Ann 114 264 Gustafson Donald Lee 294 Gustafson Douglas C 145 Gustafson Kathryn A 339 Gustafson Neil C 367 Gustin John Quinlan 407 Gustin William C 307 Gute James Russell 145 381 Gutheinz Brian Paul 395 Guthrie Mary Ellen 267 Gwynne Charles 139 H Haack Duane Glen 199 Haag Karen Mae 183 327 440 Haaheim John Mikal 288 Haak Karen Ann 255 Haas James Howard 139 Haayer Harry Lee 281 Hackenberg Marine J 198 331 Hadden Hugh John 428 Haddock Lyndon Keith 304 428 Haddock Ronald Bruce 428 Hadley Roger Keith 280 Hafner Donna Lee 335 Hafner Georgia Lee ..111 114 339 435 Hageman Douglas R 91 Hageman Roderic Lee 409 Hagemann Jane R 251 Hager James Robert 281 Hagerman Joe Robert 115 Haggar Sheila C 201 345 Hagman Robert M 428 Hagstrom Gerald F 282 Hahn Barbara Lou 325 Hahn Carol Ann 134 335 Main Larry Dean 105 133 281 Haines Twilah Jean 171 254 Haines Wayne Robert 359 Hala Roger Aloysius 300 Halaska Charles 389 Halbach Dennis E 147 393 Hale Lucretia Diane 347 Halfwassen Colin John 135 145 387 Hall Bruce Barton 125 Hall Eugene M 147 151 401 Hall Gary Allen 287 Hall Jean Myrtle 254 Hall Kathleen Jane 255 Hall Linda Lou 264 Hall Marina Dorothy 435 Hall Richard John 365 Hall Robert Eric III 383 Hall Roy Ephriam 123 Hall Royce Dale 428 Hall Russell Verl 138 411 Hall Sonja Glee 265 Halliburton Calvin 373 Hallquist Daryl Dean 399 Halpin David Michael 375 Halupnik Carma Faye 258 Halverson Robert J 389 Ham Dennis Leinard 403 Hamann Constance J 259 Hamann Dale Frank 200 287 Hamann Jon Thomas 371 Hamill Cheryl Ann 201 265 323 Hamilton David A Jr 112 286 Hamilton J Keith 118 Hamilton Madonna L 343 Hamilton William E 153 353 363 Hamlin Gordon Earl 282 Hamlin Richard Lee 310 Hamm David Lee 108 422 Hamm Frederic B Jr 297 Hamm Robert Bruce ,..301 Hamm Ronald Lee 145 316 Hammans Janet Kay 335 Hammar Patricia M 257 Hammar Walton James 290 440 Hammer Norman Dean 367 Hammerstrom Gary Alan 371 440 Hammond Philip S 428 Hampe Clark Carl 165 293 Hampe Lois Ruth 331 Hampton Lester Owen 318 Hance Marian Louise 251 Handy C B 133 Hanich Herbert B 90 Hanisch Jo Ann 177 258 Hanisch Martin Edward 177 301 Hankins F Terry 440 Hankins Stacy Glen 405 Hanna Richard Lee 411 Hanna Robert Dale 105 133 409 Hannahs Larry Dale 211 374 Hannaman George W Jr 407 Hanneman Larry F 245 Hanner Clifford Carl 309 Hannum Thomas E 114 Hanselman Earle Aaron 411 Hanselmann Steven Jay 287 Hansen Mrs 381 Hansen Arthur G 353 Hansen Dale Harry 137 175 369 Hansen Daryl Duane 296 428 Hansen David Junior 375 Hansen Diane Marie 343 Hansen Frederick D 377 Hansen Holly Ann 327 Hansen James Martin 137 307 Hansen Marion G 130 309 428 Hansen Miriam Kay 142 440 Hansen Robert Lee 315 Hansen Robert Newton 145 Hansen Roger Alvan 385 Hansen Shirley J 139 182 257 H ansen Wayne 145 Hanson Barbara Jane 257 Hanson Charles Oscar 318 Hanson Jack Orvel 143 Hanson John David 132 381 Hanson John Voss 407 Hanson Marl Lois 440 Hanson Randall Roe 144 312 Hanson Verne Burdette 133 Hapke Sandra Lee 331 Happ David Emil 211 399 Haope William Van 385 Happes Dawn 266 Harcharik David A 300 Hardie David Clifford 141 Hardie John David 177 294 Hardin Ross Alson 280 Harding Dr D E 146 Hardy Ann 435 Hardy Roger Joseph 309 411 Harewald Jebnanne 256 Harken Sylvia Kay 145 200 263 Harkness Richard J 304 Harman Raymond W 137 381 422 Harman Roger Eugene , 313 Harmon Patricia D 263 Harmon Steven Arthur 221 .304 Harms Catherine Rae 238 254 Harms Dean Mason 145 .355 Harms Jerald Paul 281 Harms Neil Herbert 287 Harms Richard Paul 112 175 Harms Virgil Dean 303 Harper Gary Walter 363 Harper Joseph Walter 130 134 Harper Mary Margaret 261 435 Harrell Robert L Jr 385 Harrington Dale S 131 Harrington Denis 231 353 375 440 Harrington Nancy D 333 Harris Delbert Linn 145 Harris Duane Gail 296 Harris Gary Lee 133 Harris Joel W 440 Harris Kenneth S 112 144 296 Harris Larry Leo 147 151 Harris Lawrence Dean 269 296 Harris Louis Fredrick 319 Harris Michael W 201 283 Harris Roger Dean 91 Harris Stewart M 385 Harrison Janice V 335 Harry Isaac Larnes 131 363 Harryman Marcia Lu 171 251 Hart David Paul 280 Hart Lvie Alan 445 Hart Maureen Jean 253 440 Hart Michael John 199 440 Hart Richard Grover 123 151 .393 Hart Robert Dean Jr 150 393 Hart Vernon Russell 145 Harten Claudia Maxine 255 Harter Sue Ann 337 Hartman John Sweeny 284 Hartmann Nancy Gay 329 Hartung Michael Paul 407 Hartwig Nolan Robert 91 Harves Allen Dale 245 285 Harvey Janet Irene 261 Harvey Jerry Gilmore 124 428 Harvey Peggy Ann 341 Harvey Peggy Lees 435 Hash Jacguelin 240 435 H assman Gordon 312 Hatala Dave 407 Hatcher Robert E 401 Hatfield Larry M 377 Hatlcn Connie Kay 265 Hauerhamp Ann 264 Haufle Ronald Lee 118 Haugen Barbara Diane 56 57 153 201 435 Haugen Bruce Alan 319 Haugen Jan Clayton 389 Haugo Lynn Allan 397 Haupert Pamela Rose 264 Hauptmeier Larry Dale 91 Hauser Ronald Doyle 145 299 Haverdink Virgil Dean 123 Haverkamp George E 371 Havick Bruce Robert 90 Haviland Douglas 166 Havlik Frank A 90 128 Hawbaker Joseph E 134 137 307 Hawes Richard Allen 269 313 Hawk Lenore Janet 257 Hawkins Malinda Helen 108 153 337 435 Haworth Gordon Lee 287 Hawthorne Ronald Dean 393 Hayden Robert Wesley 285 Hayenga Mrs Mary 343 Hayes Claude W 306 440 Hayes John Loren 90 Hayes John Oscar 112 130 379 Hayes Kipp Thornton 133 Hayes Peter Adams 389 Hayes Richard Snell ..105 133 159 387 Haymond Marvin Rex 171297 Hays Allen Eugene 130 292 428 Hays Sandra Jean 262 Hayse Preston Loring 143 379 Hayward James Kay 166 Hazel Nancy Jo 257 Hazelton Penelope J 255 343 Hazen Donald E 397 Hazen Sheryl Ann 263 Head Elton LeRoy 293 Hcadlee Charles Allen 143 Healy James Patrick 371 Heass Charles 145 Heathman Mark Mason 371 Heaton 231 Hecht Bernard Ross 91 Heck Johnna Lee 327 Heckcnberg Francis P 138 371 Hecker Donna Mary 343 435 Heckert John Wayne 288 Hedding James Francis 156 Hedeen Jo Ann 322 339 Hedrick Roger Kenneth 142 171 Heebink Jane Ellen 343 Heetland Carol Lvnn 146 254 Heftie Delbert Martin 316 445 Hegg Bob Allen 313 Hengcn Paul Joseph 413 Heider Charles Henry 395 428 Heikens George Andrew 112 371 Heikens Mary Kathleen 265 Heilman Logan Lee 318 Heiman Carolyn Rae 262 Heimbuch Roger A 407 Heimendinger Michael 125 377 Heinemann Carol Allen ...125 301 428 Heinemeyer Richard R 302 Heinsen Robert James 133 393 Heintz Frederick N 142 413 Heit Roger John 201 371 Heitmann Russell Karl 137 Heitshusen Wayne A 369 Held Beverly Rae 255 Held Doris Jeanne 253 Held Elma Kay 265 Held Gregory Dale 371 Held Shirley lOg Helfcrt Mervvn Leigh 422 Helland David Roger 91 Hclland Eileen Bette 262 Hellinga Henry James 112 Hellmer Corwin 141 Helm Bruce Johnston 387 Helm Frank David 132 Helm Pamela Joan 345 Helmers Glenn Albert 316 Helms Su ' an Diane 193 331 Helvick Allen Keith 118 304 Hemhry Foster Glen 272 296 422 Hemer Carol Anne 147 201 261 Hemerson Barbara Jean 254 Hemme William Raymond ..117 306 428 Hemminnson Leslie C 90 1 5 Hench David LeRoy 359 Henderson Dean W 132 300 361 Henderson Douglas C 422 Henderson Gray S 353 Henderson Howard R 137 Henderson Jack Lee 373 Henderson James D 90 359 Henderson Michael A 132 361 Henderson Robert A 440 Henderson Tom Lee 132 361 Hendricks Donald P 141422 Hendriksen Harold 403 470 Hendrix Raymond Dale 314 Henj Owen Albert 272,310 Henke Clair Lewis ...91 Henke Virginia Leslie 263 Henn John Ivan 130 428 Hennessy Mary E 327 Hennigar James Devere 115 201 Henning David Edward 286 Henning Frank Allen 112 287 Henning Leonard John 132 144 145 Henning Melvin 312 Hennings Thomas Lynn 131 Henricksen Robert F 403 Henry Charles Lee 280 Henry Jane Elizabeth 333 Henry Michael Paul 313 Henry Pamela Linnet 171 257 Henry Richard Hart 367 Henryson Anna Louise 267 Hensing Jean Ellen 325 Hentzel Henry Charles 113 130 298 428 Herbert James Joseph 133 Herbst Carl Eugene 289 Herbst Nancy Louise 142 167 440 Harington Carl Louis 125 429 Herm Robert James Jr 288 Hermann Cheryll Kay 267 440 Hermann Lawrence F 196 Hermanson Walter L 440 Hermscn Frank Harold 395 Hernandez Ornelas SI 177 Herrcn Kenneth E 123 Herrian Michael Lee 105 133 293 Herrington Richard D 312 Herron Greg Wilson 389 Hersom Jeannine C 171 252 Herstrum Alan Walter 118 151 353 361 Herstrum Dean Wayne 200 316 Hertz David Richard 118 381 Hertz Thomas Arthur 132 290 Herzog Stephen John 379 Hess Donald Robert 397 Hess Lynn Howard 112 399 Hesse Gary Lowell 313 Hetzel Karen Sue 339 Hetzler George L 285 Heubrock Arnold Leo 137 194 381 Heuer Paul L 287 Heuss Charles Andrew 145 Heuver Ronald Dale 90 Hewitt Frank Eugene 287 Hcydcn Gary F 121 H eying Terrance Jon 143 299 Hibbard Philip Martin 141 Hibbs Robert Harry 310 Hibbs Wayne Baird Jr 115 Hickie Gary D 397 Hickling Robert Lloyd 124 399 Hicks John F 440 Hicks Virginia Lynn 435 Higa Henry Yasutaka 317 Higdon Robert Eugene 118 381 Hiland Douglas Andrew 109 124 308 429 Hildebrand Fred Alton 144 Hildebrand Judith Ann 261 Hildebrand Patti Ann ...25 60 62 339 Hiley Artie Ray 371 Hiley Phillip Evans 353 371428 Hilgenberg Judith P 440 Hill Allanson 144 310 Hill Carolyn 322 335 Hill Charles Russell 383 Hill Harold Fredrick 118 151 381 Hill Jeannine Gay 252 435 Hill Lyie Rex 300 Hill Robert Lavern Jr 131 Hill Stephen James 112 385 Hilleman William L 145 Hillig Nancy Lynette 142 Hillmann Daniel John 90 Hills Norman Lynn 199 Hillyard Margaret E 329 Himes Daniel H 397 Hinesly Raymond Doyle 379 Hink Gary Richard 429 Hinkeldey Robert M 303 Hinz Gordon Lee 137 Hird Charles Allen 105 353 387 Hirman Marjorie Ann 260 435 Hirsch Norma Jean 262 Hitch Jo Ellen 263 Hitchcock Bion Earl 112 321 Hitter Robert Anthony 284 Hitzeman Charles W 407 Hitzhusen Thomas E 123 301 Hively Harlan Ray 318 Hixson Marvin D 416 Hjortshoj Paul Dean 283 Hobart Carol Ann 177 347 Hobson Pamela Kay 325 Hobson Patricia Ann 325 Hochstein Alan LeRoy 125 429 Hochwald Robert A 409 Hocker Charles Leslie 137 411 Hockett Ronald Lee 309 Hockmuth Dennis Paul 304 Hockspeier John R 118 Hodges Jane Elizabeth 265 Hodgson Judith Ann 263 Hodoval Leland F 91 Hoefle William Dale 231 411 Hoeft Dennis Jeffery 145 282 Hoehn Elizabeth Jean 265 323 Hoel Edwin Gene 422 Hoff Lawrence Elvin 240 281 Hoff Stephen Charles 413 Hoffbauer Craig E 409 Hoffman George Harry 377 Hoffman Gerald Kent 133 Hoffman Jack A 116 117 Hoffman Jay Ranor 365 Hoffman Jeanette Sue 147 331 Hoffman Keith Merril 285 Hoffman Maurice Edwin 292 Hoffman Patricia Mark 435 Hoffman Richard Otto 429 Hoffstattcr John P 429 Hofmann Ruth K 171252 Hofmcister David 147 Hogan Richard Mark 405 Hogberg Maynard G 309 Hogge Marcella Irene 171 265 Hogue Carolyn Rae 147 Hogue Marilyn Jean 266 Hoidahl Richard Allan 133 363 Hoinski Judith Ann 254 Hokcl Gary Irwin 310 Hoick Dennis Donald 132 311 Holcomb Harry Thomas 90 Holcomb Virginia Kay 435 Holdeman Mary Lou 347 Holden Lowell Thomas 118 381 Holder Steven F 147 Holdorf Gary Elwin 284 Holdsworth Alan F 416 Holcts Sharon Kay 345 Holihan John Michael 314 Holland David 114 Holland Karen Jean 331 Holland Raymond Lyle 104 125 130 297 Holland Marianne 440 Holland Rebecca Sue 259 Holland Robert J 290 Holland Thomas E 305 Hollander Adrian W 105 133 199 200 405 440 Hollander Martha Lee 337 Hollenbeck Larry Dean ...141 281 422 Hollenbeck Rodney L 281 Holley Gail Marie 329 Holliday Lewis M 138 361 Hollingshead David H 125 429 Hollingsworth W D 137 Holmberg Judith Ann 267 Holmes Judith Gail 325 Holmes Lloyd E 145 Holmes Max John 137 Holmes Richard Adrian 288 Holmes Terrance Lee 401 Hoist Dale John 440 Hoist Dean Harlan 153 Hoist Phyllis Ann 131 258 Hoist Stanley Ross 90 Holt Martha Robb 153 343 Holt Mary Ella 171 435 Holthaus Mary Ann 263 Holtkamp Marvin G 137 Holtz Earl Wesley 105 387 440 Holtz Howard Alan 395 Holtz Joan Marie 327 245 Holtz LeRoy Fred 294 Holtz Richard Lee 297 Holveck Robert K 144 321 Holz Helen Ann 134 257 Homan James Vern 316 Homer Roger 199 Homervold Anita Faye 257 Hommema Charles Roe 318 Honeck Kayleen Karen 132 167 261 440 Honert Eugene Edwin 416 Honeywell Eugene C 131 Hoober David Harold 353 383 Hood Gilbert Lee 137 289 Hood Michael Joseph 440 Hoopes Thomas J 371 Hootman Judith Kay 343 Hoover David Floyd 205 206 211 Hoover Harold M Jr 104 269 299 Hoover Patrick Henry 290 Hoover Sherry Kay 335 Hopfenspirger T W 269 284 Hopkey Delorus Elaine 134 263 Hopkins Ronald H 440 Hopp Alfred Dale 130 Hoppe Donald Robert 177 379 Hoppe Ellen Dee 257 Hoppe Susan B 345 Hoppmann David Peter ..206 210 211 Horan Joseph Patrick 284 Hormann Daryl Calvin 132 317 Hornbachcr Keith D 373 Horns John Edward 407 Horton Eleanor Lee 265 Horton Larry Frank 375 Hosch James Charles . .108 132 281 422 Hoskey Marvin Ray 119 Hostctter Herher P Jr 167 Hottes Joseph Henry 144 145 292 Hougham Ronald Lee 387 429 Houghan Nancy Jane 345 435 House Wesley Gerald 144 381 Houser David John 355 Houser Hubert Merrill 287 Houser Nancy Jean 255 Housman Harry Jon 133 316 Howalt James Paul 429 Howard Charles F 105 201 Howard Donald Dean 310 Howard James Paul 125 201 429 Howard James Raley 90 152 Howard Russell Duane 365 Howe Charles G 359 Howe Marilyn Ann 266 43S Howell Donald Adrian 122 399 429 Howell Robert Laverne 296 Howie Steven Dwight 314 Howk Richard Paul 292 Hoy Donald Allen ...148 151 272 290 Hoy Marvin James 311 Hoyt David William 231 387 Hradsky Jon 315 Hrdlicka Richard C 411440 Hribar Lester Charles 385 Hruska Jeffrey Martin 303 Hsu John 115 150 305 Hubby Karen Kay 325 Huber Susan Ellen 331 Hucke Kenneth W 318 Hudson Donald Eugene 125 429 Huedepohl Merlyn A 369 Huedepohl Suzanne Kay 258 Huclse Ronald Edward 299 Huenemann Joyce Ruth 265 Hucy Robert Bradley 387 Huffaker Barbara Ruth 267 Huffman Gary Verlin 303 Huffman Wallace Edgar 137 294 Hugen Linda Kay 327 Hugg Richard Curtis 290 Huggins James Edson 385 Hughes Dennis Ray 118 137 413 Hughes Donald Eames 397 Hughes Dwight S 401 H ughes Gary Lee 393 Hughes Judith Kay 261 435 Hughes Rita Kay 101 255 Hugill Diane E 251 Hugl Joan Anna 251 Huhn Ronald G 90 Huisinga Harold Wayne 130 Huisman Robert Patton 318 Hulbcrt Jim Richard 298 Hull Phyllis Diane 331 Hull Walter Edward 123 Hullinger Ronald L 90 Hulse James H III 397 Hulsebus Connie Jean 171 252 Hulsebus Judy Jane 134 168 261 Hultman Calvin Oscar 355 Humke C Dwight 123 Hummel Larry Max 118 304 422 Humphrey Sharon L 171 325 435 Humphreys Heather Ann 339 435 Hungerford Barbara J 258 Hungerford Charles W 123 Hunsberger Gretchen R 253 435 Hunt James Eugene 118 355 Hunt John West 291 Huntbatch Dennis G 298 Hunter James Allen 309 Hunter John Henry 300 Hunter Mary Jean 322 325 435 Huntoon Steven M 401 Huntrods Terrence E 301 Hunziker Carol Louise 252 Hunziker Jon Arvin 357 Hunziker Robert Lee 401 Hunziker Roger F ...138 210 303 422 Hurd Millard Dwight 152 285 Hurd Morris Chester 269 285 Hurlbut Brian Roger 125 299 Hurley Patrick J 177 Hurst Dianne Kay 261 Hurst Jeanne Ann 147 331 435 Hurst Joseph Reginald 221 Huscr Nancy Pearl 435 Huss William Elvin 279 Hussey Keith 139 Hussey Michael Keith 142 Hutchings Robert L 397 Hutchinson Boyd Linn 113 130 429 Hutchinson Judith Ann 163 327 435 Hutchinson Martha L .111 153 333 435 Hutton Norman Eugene 145 155 Hyde James Lee 397 Hyde John Patrick 292 Hyde Richard William 405 Hyer Donald F 211 Hynes Larry James 122 363 429 t Ibsen Allen George 145 301 Ilgen Daniel Richard 401 Illingworth Ronald D 200 245 294 Imhoff Constance Ann 260 Induss Ilze 260 Ingels Alice Jean 104 251 Ingcrsoll James W 422 Ingols Robert Burgess 287 Ingram Janice Louise 263 Inman Robert Russell 299 Intermill Lloyd H 293 Irei Takehiro 280 Ireland Larry LeRoy 287 Irons Eugene John 440 Irvin Ronald Dean 280 Irvine Michael Howard 389 Irwin Edward Dale 387 Irwin Joyce Elaine 171 264 Irwin Mary Lee 329 435 Irwin Robert George ..119 134 171 291 Isaacson Ronald H 445 Isenhart Jon Wagner 403 Israel Steven Ross 301 Iverson Cleta Lou 104 159 345 Iverson Richard Lowel 311 Ives Brian Fredric 123 300 Ives Gary Robert 291 Ives Sandra M 259 J Jackson David Wayne 290 440 Jackson Harold M 318 Jackson Harvey Ray 293 Jackson LeRoy Everett 132 Jacob! Donald R 145 403 Jacobsen Karsten 309 429 Jacobson Karen L 266 441 Jacobson Steven Eric 411 Jadrnicek Marsha Anne 325 Jafvert Lloyd Raymond 121 Jahr Fred William 399 422 Jaksic Mileta Nikola 314 James Dennis Tarpey 377 James Lewis Clair 300 Janovick Judith Ann 255 Jansen Ivan John 422 Janss Peter Fuller 293 429 Janssen Bernard John 291 422 Janssen Faye Ann 260 Janssen Steven Aldcn 422 Janssen Terry Lou 131 Jarnagin Jerald LeRoy 317 441 Jasman Michael Carl 393 Jasper William Lee ..109 150 355 429 Jaspers Richard H 445 Jaworski Richard Lee 319 Jaycox Alan Lloyd 299 441 Jaycox Emma Jane 261 Jeffrie Howard Leslie 309 Jeglum James Russell 397 Jenkins Gloria Ann 263 Jenkins Keith Arthur 115 Jenkins Robert Wilson 105 375 Jenkins Terry Lee 307 Jenner Donald Allan 280 Jenness Ervin Eugene 125 Jennings Larry J 137 306 Jennings Ronald Edwin 365 Jennison Steven Lloyd 416 Jensen Ann 265 Jensen Barry Alan 365 Jensen Carol Anna 335 Jensen Christine L 265 Jensen Deanna Faye 140 267 Jensen Donald Paul 309 Jensen Emily Ann 177 261 Jensen Howard Allen 312 Jensen James Francis 303 Jensen John William 132 291 Jensen Larry Alan 441 Jensen Larry Warren 143 Jensen Larry Wayne 306 Jensen Marlene Kay 251 Jensen Richard Donald 91 Jensen Vernon L Jr 122 Jensvold Marcus D 413 Jentz Earl Eugene 302 Jepsen Carolyn Jean 175 Jepsen Katherine E 168 251 Jepson Jacquelyn Ill 345 Jeschke Jerry Jurgen 287 Jess Steve Frederick 441 Jester Robert Edgar 407 Joannides Christopher 130 299 Johannesen Marilyn J 327 435 Johannsen John F 300 Johannsen Noel F 281 Johansen Paul Robert 113 355 Johnson Alan Frederic 441 Johnson Angle 255 Johnson Ann Booth 339 Johnson Bertram C 112 379 Johnson Betty Jean 251 Johnson Betty Jo 335 Johnson Brad 93 Johnson Carol Ann 347 Johnson Carol Lyn 345 Johnson Carol Marie 258 Johnson Carole Deanne 341 Johnson Carolyn Sue 256 Johnson Charles K 304 441 Johnson David Charles 123 Johnson David Keith 130 Johnson David Robert 137 321 Johnson Dianna Kay 238 325 Johnson Donald E L 405 Johnson Dorothy Ann 171 265 Johnson Drew Bennett 383 Johnson Ellen Frances 256 Johnson Erwin Herbert 119 381 Johnson Fred Thomas 429 Johnson Gary Andrew 200 291 Johnson Gary Dean 379 Johnson Gary Lane 115 Johnson Gary Verne 369 Johnson Glenn Leslie 119 381 Johnson Halvord T Jr 377 Johnson Harvey Dennis 119 Johnson Helen 345 Johnson James Carl 297 Johnson James C 134 272 286 Johnson James Douglas ...132 361 422 Johnson James E 399 Johnson James L 445 Johnson Janet Adele 325 Johnson Jerry Wray 112 Johnson Joel Bernard 429 Johnson Joell lone 261 Johnson John Carl 383 Johnson Julie Ann 435 Johnson Julie Colet Ill 250 253 Johnson Karen Ann 337 Johnson Karia Louise 329 441 Johnson Keith Lee 124 245 291 Johnson Kenneth 142 303 Johnson Kenneth H .308 Johnson Kim Ellen 265 Johnson Kirk Alan 383 Johnson Larry G 294 Johnson Lee Edwin 123 150 377 Johnson Leon Charles 231 Johnson Linda Lee 261 471 Johnson Lynne C 261 Johnson Madolyn Jane 260 Johnson Marlin Arthur 165 Johnson Marvin Ernest 28S Johnson Mary Lou 259 Johnson M Richard ..110 116 117 125 353 355 429 Johnson Melvin T Jr 142 422 Johnson Patricia B 435 Johnson Peter Mark 142 314 Johnson Phillip John 314 Johnson Richard A 289 Johnson Richard C 165 401 Johnson Richard D 3S9 Johnson Robert C 411 422 Johnson Robert Eugene 3S5 Johnson Robert LeRoy 399 Johnson Robert Morris 137 305 Johnson Roger Alan 413 Johnson Ronald T 429 Johnson Rosanne Carol Ill 261 Johnson Russell C 112 119 Johnson Russell R 292 Johnson Susan E 257 Johnson Terry Wayne 2SS Johnson Thomas Dale 132 151 Johnson Virginia D 252 Johnson Virginia Lee 331 Johnson William R 286 Johnston Byron James 231 Johnston Lynn Jaye 267 Johnston Richard F 300 Johnston Terrance T 285 Johnston Tommy L 422 Johnstone James Keith 122 Joines Sheryl Diane 260 Jolly Joye 435 Jonas Barbara Eddis 261 Jones Barbara Rae 329 435 Jones Bruce Morgan 317 Jones Coral Shirley ..139 269 310 441 Jones Diane Adele 194 339 Jones Donald Gene 291 Jones Dorothy F 193 335 435 Jones Dorothy L 253 Jones Helen Sharon 335 Jones Janet Ann 257 Jones Karen Gwynne 441 Jones Lawrence Paul 122 399 Jones Loren Keith 281 Jones Paula Irene 260 Jones Stephen Michael 292 Jones Theodore J 309 Jones Thomas Alvin 401 Jones Thomas Henry 114 353 401 Jones Thomas Lee 416 Jones Thomas William 367 Jones Virginia 343 435 Jontz Barbara Pearl 263 Jordan Judith Kay 266 Jordan Sandra Kay 259 Jorgensen Dennis Dean 315 Jorgensen Garry Lee 125 305 Jorgensen George A 90 Jorgensen Leroy A 422 Jorgenson Richard F 144 155 Joseph Dennis H 441 Joslin Larry William 379 Judge John William 132 Judge Martha Maureen 337 Judge Virginia Marie 265 Judisch James Mann 114 Juelfs John Lee 299 Juffer Janice Elaine 240 337 435 Jumper Will C 183 Jungl Robert Arthur 87 177 Jungling Rodney Keith 292 Jurgensen Michael A 367 Jurschak John J Jr 124 Justice David John 142 411 K Kabela Lawrence J 423 Kabele Richard W 294 Kacena William J III 318 383 Kaderabek Polly Marie 333 Kadon Alan Joseph 379 Kahler Alan Arnold 119 Kaigh William D Jr 411 Kain Patrick Hugh 281 423 Kaiser Karolyn Kay 165 435 Kaiser Kenneth Paul 155 Kaiser Robert H 152 411 Kaldenberg Mary M 267 Kaldenberg T E 142 Kaled Albert R 365 Kaled David Aleck 385 Kaled Joseph Arthur 302 Kallaus Richard Alan 116 Kallem Marjorie Lou 165 266 Kammin Marvin Ray 284 Kanellis George Roger 130 269 291 Kanemoto Wayne Keith 318 Kancy Gary Robert 321 Kaochinski Martin A 279 Kapfer Linda Lee 257 Kappa John Robert 289 Karras Patricia A 254 Karlsbakk Dyvard 429 Karn Patricia Evelyn 263 Karr Gary Lee 105 .VS Karr James Richard 296 Karstens Richard B 293 Karth Christine F 104 250 252 Kasel Theodore Henry 130 Kaski Bonnie . .253 Kasnerek Richard Lee 211 375 Kaster Virginia Lois 327 Kastien Katherine Ann 261 Katzer Earl Deans 445 Katzer James Robert 123 290 Kaufmann Donald Otto 133 299 Kaul Eldon George 150 441 Kaup Betty Ann 435 Kauzlarich William J 393 Kay Arlan Keppy 292 Kay Dennis Harry 441 Kay Kenneth Christian 381 Kazantzakis Wayne 155 Kearns Dennis Robert 299 Kearns Elizabeth J 134 238 Keegan Kenneth P 313 Keeler Warren Wayne 290 Keen Noel Thomas 131 441 Kees William Craig 393 Kehm Mrs (housemother) 264 Keil Pamela Ann 263 Keilson Harvey Jay 375 Kellen Arnold Louis 137 Kellen Daniel 140 Keller Anna Mary 261 Keller Mary Elizabeth 341 Kelley Mary Lou 125 257 Kelley Ruth Jane 267 Kellstrom William A 199 397 429 Kelly Gary Wayne 441 Kemmer Lawrence M 441 Kemmerer Reva Nell 171 264 Kemp Cynthia Jane 262 Kemp Everett Alan 399 Kemper George Madsen 373 Kenagy Janet 146 Kennedy Earnest 211 Kennedy Richard Dale 315 Kennedy Robert W 365 Kennelly Kathleen 259 Kenney David L 294 Kenney Robert David 298 Kennison David Jon 441 Kenoyer Charles E 441 Kent John Joseph III 367 Kent Polly Jessie 345 Kenyon Thomas Alan 403 Keown Ira Curt 199 Keppel George C Jr 287 Keppcrt Roger F 145 Keppy Bonnie Rae 327 Kern Robert Fred 307 Kerns Douglas Joseph 131 Kersten Barbara Jean 329 Kesselring Ronald C ..138 147 321 423 Ketch Robert Allen 355 Ketchan Dennis D 401 Ketelsen Carole Anne 435 Kettler Edward Joseph 294 Khan Mohamed Wahid 288 Kidd James Randy 204 211 Kidney Frank R Jr 132 301 Kidney Lavonne Diann 114 339 435 Kienapfel Bruce Joel 369 Kiesau Kenneth Albert 314 Kiesey Douglas T 105 293 441 Kiesling John Robert 383 Kieweg Charles Alan 365 Kiewict Ronald Lee 115 151 361 Kilburn Richard F 309 Killen Carroll G III 298 Killinger Fred Mieras 367 Kilpatrick Maureen M 134 Kilstrom Robert G 310 Kim Chong Hun 312 Kimball Mary Jane 25 61 64 325 Kimbrough Edward Lee 211 Kimm Robert George 137 King Aaron 401 King Dale Everett 141 King Franklin Thomas 385 King Janet Rae 261 King Merle Lawrence 429 King Michael Roger 399 King Richard Carl 155 King Sarah Jane 253 King William Arthur 211 Kingland David Lee 137 Kingland Nancy Kay 252 Kinne Fredric Lee 315 Kinney James Richard 423 Kinrade William J 131 Kinsey Bonnie M 146 263 Kinsey Mary Kay 267 Kinsinger Judy Ann 263 Kintigh Richard Wayne 280 Kipp Berdine Roberta 257 Kirby Allan Robert 143 Kirchoatter Richard H 150 445 Kirk Gary Richard 407 Kirkbride Karen Lou 331 Kirlin Celia Jean 262 Kirsch Alvin John Jr 423 Kislingbury Clyde K 91 Kislingbury Terry B 145 Kittinger Kathleen A 263 Kiome David John 423 Kleen Edwin D 316 Kleespie Karen Lee 435 Klein Douglas Pyner 139 441 Klein Mary Ellen 347 435 Klein Patrick Eugene 283 Klein Robert Allen 143 Klein Ronald Anthony 143 Klein William Charles ....137 201 361 423 Kleinhesselink R R 383 Kleiss Stanley Wavne 290 423 Klemesrud James Henry 321 Klemmensen Wayne R 122 299 Kleven Gary Leroy . . .105 219 221 401 441 Klicka Karen Elaine 333 Kliegl Jeanne Marie 263 Klindt Harvey Allan 137 375 423 Kline Sandra Lea 254 Klinger David Lewis 387 Klit John Allen 296 Klodt Leo Anthony 135 145 303 Klodt Richard Ernest 135 151 381 Klopp Calvin Merrill 125 Klouda Linda Kay 254 Kluckhohn Linda Ann 251 Klumpar Richard S 397 Knaack William Roy 407 Knapheide Linda Rae 201 254 Knapp Dean Harold 105 441 Knapp Roger Cyrus 137 290 Knapper Catherine L 112 177 261 Knavel Jim Lee 112 399 Knecht John Lawrence 409 Knedler Michael Lee 306 Kniepkamp Richard Lee 124 429 Knight Jerrald K 115 155 Knight Kimbell Lee 143 Knight Roger Scott 125 379 Knisley Donald George 137 Knock Joseph Ray 292 405 Knoll Frank Steve 371 Knoop Thomas Armin 121 429 Knowlcs Karen Dorene 259 Knowlcs Sharon Lee 148 250 267 Knoll George Jack 130 393 429 Knudsen Roger Duane 377 Knudscn William Peter 403 Knudsen Joyce Elaine 261 435 Knuth Roger Allen 141 Kobel Charlene 260 Kobes Joe Henry 401 Koboldt Kenneth Earl 132 Koch Allan James 313 Koch James Allan 357 Koch James Kristian 112 379 Koch Thomas Edgar 387 441 Koch Thomas Henry 441 Kocon Lawrence Earl 367 KocI Delmar Peter 125 429 Koellner William H 296 Kocnig Bruce Harold 90 Koenig Gary Ray 317 441 Koenig Karen Louise 254 Koerth Kurt Davis 280 Koester Douglas F 279 Koester Joan Marie 261 Kohel Joanne Elaine 264 Koine William R 200 Kokiohn Leonard D 307 Kolbe Charles Leon 353 411 Koller Wayne George 401 Kolls Patricia Lynn 265 Kolls Sandra Dale 335 Kolosha Katherine ...25 26 27 61 339 Kolo John Oilman 284 Kolterman Glen M 291 Koltz Bruce George 373 Kooiker Clayton Dale 304 Koontz Ronald Dean 299 Kopp Robert Henry 157 377 Koranda Tom George 377 Kortemeier Janet E 168 252 Koser John Frederick 375 Koski Bonnie Ruth 435 Koski Gene Lyman 145 303 Koskovich, Eldon 175 Koster Kenneth Kermit 137 Kothenbeutel Richard 298 Kothenbeutel Robert L 317 Kothenbeutel Donald C 290 Kounkel Kenneth Lloyd 298 Kouri James Paul 304 429 Kraai Robert Russell 145 403 Kragt Clifford Lee 435 Krahl Barbara Corinc 253 436 Krajnovich Ronald Eli 407 Kramer Daniel Ralph 367 Kramer Jean Ann 252 Kramer Loren Dean 124 307 Kramer Rose Anne 333 Kramme Christian H 377 Krant R Dverg 118 361 KraofI Roger James 125 306 Krebill Michael E 137 Krebs Martin Gene 306 Krehsbach Virginia E 347 Kreitlow Dennis Ray 279 Kreici Robert Henry 298 Krenk Ferdinand R 377 Kriens Richard D 272 Kriz Euoene Francis 375 Krnoch Claudia Kay 264 Krocheski Joe Francis 429 Kroeger Dann Ellwyn 411 Kroll Gail Vivian 254 Kronen Jacqueline Ann 260 Krotter Frederick C 423 Krotz Robert John 318 Krough Carroll W 317 Krueck Susan E 333 Krueger Carolyn Sue 267 Kruegcr Kenneth W 389 Kruemnel Kenneth C 73 Krug Inez Mae 254 Krull Gary Lynn 298 Krull Sharon Kay 255 Krummel Larry Leroy 441 Krumrey Sondra Kae 150 163 345 Kruse Darlene Janey 329 436 Kruse Janet Kay 255 Kruse Joan Marie 254 Kruse Kent Allen 445 Kruse Nyle John 303 Kuhirek Mary Jeanette 255 Kudrle Carter S 130 285 429 Kuehl Neal Ralph 130 318 Kuehl Ronald John 269 Kuehnast Gary William 175 Kuehnle John Allen 141 Kuennen Jerome E 395 Kueper Theodore V 441 Kuffel Roger Wayne 91 155 Kuhl Marilyn Lee 335 Kuhlemeier Keith V 281 Kuhles Kenneth Karl 353 389 Kuhlman Allen Burton 423 Kuhlman Gary Gale 393 Kuhlman Brian Paul 291 Kuhn Danese Ann 261 Kuhn Harold Leroy 301 Kuhn Keith Francis 200 309 423 Kuhn Vincent Paul 119 Kujac John George 389 Kuker Ronald Nelson 297 Kulhavy Joeseph A 287 Kun Ernest John 211 399 Kunce Jerald Albert 441 Kunckel Judith L 165 255 Kunz Daniel Edmund 426 Kurt Charles Martin 121 Kushlak Dennis Earl 353 367 441 Kutish Gerald Francis 245 Kviesitis Peter D 123 377 I Laack Jerry Allen 385 Labarre Sue 114 153 339 436 Labertew Gary Neil 397 Lacey Richard L 411 Lacey Royce Ownes 109 150 429 Lacher Gilbert Hayncs 416 Lafrenz Melva Lorene 115 165 193 255 Lage Art Lee 144 389 Lague Mrs. Beryl 397 Lahmann Paul E 423 Lahr James Harry 304 Laird David Rick 411 Lake Max Byron 423 Lamb Gary Duane 304 Lamb John Howard 411 Lamb Joseph Thomas 142 318 Lamberts Harold 315 Lambertscn John F 300 Lamers Gerald Raymond 119 Lammers Donald Gary 294 Lammers James Ivan 121 Lamont Susan Gail 262 Lamoureux Larry Leo 177 Lampert David Lester 144 Lamson Bob 221 235 Landes Lynn Margaret 201 238 Landhuis Keith Davies 373 Landwehr Michael A 399 441 Lane Barbara Lee 134 265 Lane Clinton Fisher 306 Lane Douglas Harry 383 Lane Fayne 267 Lane John Thomas 293 Lane Karen Kae 325 Lane Ronald Francis 124 429 Lang David Harold 304 Lang Richard Joseph 141 Langdon Grant D 137 312 Langesen Judith Marie 253 441 Langford Frances 182 Langill Michael E 441 Langle Douglas 313 Langston Morgan H 235 Langstraat Wayne R 296 Lankford Christine L 337 Lanman John Emery 429 Lante A. D 359 Lanz John Delano 91 Larcw Donald Elwood 379 436 Larkin Judith Ethel 329 436 Lamer Donald Micaael S3 Larow William Corriga 409 Larsen Carleton Alan 389 441 Larsen Louise Helen 329 Larsen Lynda Dianne 171 201 238 337 Larsen Richard Lee 423 Larsen Richard Lee 91 155 Larson Charles Glenn 423 Larson Dale Edwin 292 Larson David James 371 Larson Dennis L 429 Larson Gary Royce 401 Larson Jan Louise 331 Larson Jon David 123 416 Larson Lora Beth 257 Larson Lowell Arnold 301 429 Larson Lynn Marie 264 Larson Mary Kathryn 256 323 Larson Maurice A 123 Larson Michael Dean 201 Larson Norman George 300 Larson Paul Thomas 130 315 Larson Roger Allen 393 Larson Roger Lee 122 373 Larson Ronald 445 Larson Ronald Leonard 296 Larson Rosalie Iris 165 266 Larson Rudy Nicholas 316 Larson Ruth Elaine 256 Lasch David Karl 139 284 Laslett Lawrence J 150 401 Latham Suzanne W 339 Latham Willard John .108 137 154 361 423 Lathrum Gary Lee 393 Latta Larry Dean 429 Lattan Hubert M 105 109 200 353 399 472 Lau Timothy 445 Lau William Wai 311 Lauer Sandra Rae . . 265 Laumbach Ronald Lee 110 113 117 429 Laumbach Sabra Olson 108 353 436 Laurie John Charles 145 413 Laursen Conrad Wesley 90 Lavely Mary Linda 257 Lavender Robert J 317 Laverty Linda Kay 337 Law Richard James 294 Lawhon Linda Jean 255 Lawrence Douglass W 2SS Lawrence Joe 235 Lawson Linda L 264 Layten Lawrence James 321 Layton Stanford John 130 155 Layton Wilbur L 114 Lease Jane Evelyn 264 Lebens Francis Thomas 123 407 Lebaron Dean Helen 81 Leclair Leo Junior 395 Lecoco Christine M 260 Ledden David Aubrey 132 287 Lee David George 287 Lee Emma Jane 264 Lee James Marvin 177 284 Lee Joseph Robert 393 Lee Larry Allison 144 405 Lee Larry Rex 145 Lee Margaret Aletha 333 441 Lee Mary Jo 257 Lee Mary Susan 345 Lee Ronald Kenneth 134 282 Lee Susan Kay 245 257 Lee Warren Ray 119 Leech William Dale 291 Leege Ver! Dean 125 413 Lefebure James Henry 288 Leffler Harry Rex 108 137 355 Lefgren Daniel Leroy 399 Legg Bernard Henry 296 Legg Sandra Lynn 327 Leogett Daniel C 321 Lehkuecher Joyce 257 Lehman William R 401 Lehnhardt Fred Otto 131 Leichtman Richard J 312 Leiding Marlin C 231 292 Leighty Scott Malcolm 411 Leighty Shirleyann 265 Leimer Gerald Wayne 313 371 Leinen Verlee Ann 436 Lemery George Vincent 395 Lemesh Michael S 429 Lemish John 139 Lemke Ronald Kenneth 401 Lemon Marilyn Carol 251 436 Lendcrts David Lee 306 Lenderts Jon Denis 105 133 441 Lenoch Linda Marie 265 Lensch David Charles 369 Lenth Edward George 314 Lenz Carolyn Louise 254 Lenz William Browning 387 441 Leonard Margaret E 436 Leonard Michael J ■ 79 Leonhard Donald F 397 Lerdal Marilyn Jean 267 Lesch Gene Leroy 383 423 Lesley Sem Josenh 389 Lesmeister Robert E 349 Les«el Nancy Lee 345 Lester Robert Albert 112 365 Lettow Beth 265 Lettow Dennis J 119 415 Letz Robert Ames 316 Leutwiler Georgia Lee 267 Levin Connie Sarah 262 l.evine Michael Lewis 298 Lewellyn Donald Ross 309 Lewis Charles William 373 Lewis Gary William 183 Lewis Janet Rich 329 Lewis Jerry Lee 318 Lewis John Raymond 411 Lewis Kenneth Woodrow 21 Lewis Martha M 436 Lewis Robert Allen 290 Lewis Terry Dean 375 Lewtston Bernard E 312 Lewman Terry Frank 295 Lichty Michael P 294 Lickiss Larry Dean 124 314 426 Lickn Robert Steohen 298 Lickteig David Len W Liddle Linus Lavel 317 Lieh William Mitchell 383 Lietz Karen Lavern 175 263 Light Dounlas Paul 137 302 Liohtcao Brian W 409 Linhtner Suzanne Fae 258 Lilledahl N?nry Lee 260 Lillibrirtne Gail J 253 Lillie Elinor 331 Limas Robert l n 429 Limerick Richard Lee 209 211 399 LinH Ann Louise 133 25 ' ' L-nd Jacob H uah 305 Lind Richard Allvn 375 l.ind Stephen William 407 Linriherg Mary Alice 254 Lindblom Leofwin 123 LinHblnm Stephen E 13g 289 Linderker Howard J 145 177 300 LinHfll Dale Delano 131 Linden Arno Richard 300 L ' nder Donald Laverne 293 Linder Richard Lyie 429 Lindesmith Judy Ann 331 Lindgren Janis A 252 Lindgren Richard Paul 231 Lindner Edwin Richard 445 Lindquist Marcia Jean 258 Lindsay Don Carl 138 151 Line Thomas Peter 401 Ling Donald Richard 183 193 441 Link Barbara Ann 255 Link John Elihue 118 Link Mary Catherine 251 Link Stephen A 395 Linn Donald LyIe 73 142 Lintz Eugene 137 321 Lipschutz Mark Ross 144 314 393 Lischer Dale Lee 355 Liska Kenneth Ray 145 298 Liss H John 291 Listen Anne Marie 325 Liston Robert Charles 315 Liu Rex Ruoh Yu 311 429 Liu Vibrana 267 Livengood James H 115 407 Livengood Kenneth R 423 Livingston John S 118 Livingston Mary C 325 436 Livingston Sally Kay 171 436 Lo Alvin Hung Wai 124 291 429 Lobaugh Garry Maurice 312 Lodenquai George S 291 Loeffler Hans Helmute 294 Loeffler James R Jr 318 Loenser Larry Eldon 144 Lofgren Philip Allen 132 296 Lottus Joyce Darlene 146 341 Logan John William 393 429 Logan Linda Ann 125 263 Logemann Dean Dennis 303 Logsdon Doug 139 Lohman Loren Leroy 371 Lohr Charia Jean 262 Lohrman Robert C 426 Londot Klaus 303 Long Arlen Marie 329 Long Charles Arthur 375 Long Gary.Myner 286 Long Gary Richard 134 143 379 Long Gless Olivia 395 Long Howard Arthur 199 429 Long. Larry. Dean 296 Long Philip LyIe 365 Long Richard English 403 Longnecker Daniel A ' 53 387 Longval Joseph M 290 Lonnval Stephen Ray 290 Looft William Russel 294 Lord Frederick G 145 315 Loretan Philip Arthur 177 Loria William 292 Lorig Ronald Joe 292 Lorimor Susan Beth 335 Lortz Sandra Lee 263 Lothe Victor Gordon 123 284 Lott David Peter 91 Lott Donald Bruce 409 Lott Sandra Sue 114 436 Lourido Alfonso M 295 Lourido Luis Gonzalo 212 Louscher Steven V 423 Loutfi Mohammed H 423 Love Mary Ellen 333 436 Loveioy James Millard 279 Lovely Donna Lou 254 Lovely Susan Virginia 255 Lovett Ken 235 Lovrien Phyllis Ann 436 Lowe Arthur George 272 319 Lowe Rex Loren 401 Lowe Thomas Edward 199 201 299 441 Lowe Timothy Joe 221 401 Lowenberg Carmi F 302 Lowman Dennis Jack 407 Lowrv Patrick R 307 Loy Cynthia Mary 322 345 Loy Lynn David 377 Lucas Donovan Leroy 90 Luras Ivan Timothy 144 Lucas James F 108 445 Lucas Leora Lnu 329 Lucht Mary Ellen 238 .329 Lucken Gary James 133 281 Ludlev Mary Jane 257 LuHwig Craig Gary 137 290 Ludwig Thomas Wilson 307 Ludwiq Vernell P 281 Ludwig William Joseph 367 Luebke Robe ' t John 309 Lueck John Elmer 135 171 Lueders Julie Ann 262 Lupders. Wayne. John 375 Luft Jack Lee 379 Luhr Monte Keith 143 Luick Lawrence Alan 280 Luiken George A 145 Lum Calvin Wai Sung 145 Lund Oscar M Jr 289 429 Lund William Arthur 369 Lundberg David L 317 Lundberg John David 573 Lunde Carole Ann 335 436 Lundeen Andrea Ruth 263 Lundon Catherine M 159 197 259 Lundquist David Gene 283 Lundy Anne Elizabeth 263 Lunt Sarah Jane 267 Lupkes Lawrence D 298 Lupton Harold Wayne 145 Lust Gary Lee 387 Lutz Donald Dean 118 Lutz Richard Earl 142 290 Lybarger Joydel Ann 261 Lydoon David George 286 Lyford Charles Leroy 375 441 Lymann Ann Catherine 325 Lynch Maurice Francis 291 Lynn William Edward 105 133 199 235 411 441 Lynott Pamela Ann 337 Lyon James Bamber 112 355 Lyon Marlene Joyce 264 Lyon Michael David 281 Lyons Anne Elizabeth 266 Lyons Jim Dennis 407 Lyons Thomas Binte 121 Lytle John Wilson 373 Mc McArthur Gail Ann 259 Mc Arthur Robert Bruce 307 McAuliffe John H 411 McBride Floramay Ann 261 McBride Loren Clare 441 McBride Rebecca Jean 327 McBride William H Jr 112 McCabe Gary Robert 395 McCabe Mary Kay 252 441 McCall Alexander 290 McCann Lee Ivon 114 290 McCarnan Marilyn Ann 327 McCarville James R 403 McCasland Joseph Wade 119 McCauley David W 423 McCauley Joseph Paul 130 McCay Roger Earl 383 McClain Arnold David 286 McClellan Gene E 112 200.365 McClelland W J II 143 361 399 McClintic David Lee 280 McClurg Carroll R 119 312 McClurg Charles Alan 134 312 McClurg Ronald Bruce 104 108 134 200 272 318 McCombs William S 293 McConnell Anne Duncan 257 McConnell Ronald Fred 231 McCorkle Jeannette A 325 441 McCormick Judith Lois 175 263 McCormick Kay Ann 333 436 McCormick Larry F 145 177 McCracken Edward Ray 292 McCrary Mary 325 McCreary Mary K 265 McCrillis James G 303 McCulley Margaret Sue 263 McCurdy Robert L 395 McDaniel Lula 258 McDermott.Ann.K 333 McDermott. Larry. Dee 201 302 McDevitt Michael D 133 399 McDevitt Wayne F 441 McDevitt Wayne F 385 McDonald Bruce LyIe 302 McDonald Dennis Dean 399 McDonald James Carlos ...130 403 429 430 McDonald Michael Gene 367 McDonough Douglas V 137 288 McDonough Edward C 423 McDorman Donald J 131 441 McDowell Bradley E 132 287 McDowell Charlotte 260 McDowell Michael Lee 423 McDowell Walter F 300 McDuffie Frances Jean 252 441 McElrath Mary M 251 McElroy Donna Maureen ...108 335 436 McEntaffer Roger E 284 McFadden Dennis Dean 137 McFaddcn Duane C 132 381 423 McFadden Leanne Ruth 257 McFarland James Ray 429 McFarland Rolland Jr 405 McFarlane Donald G 423 McFarlin William Owen 122 397 McGinnis Bryan John .106 117 123 353 359 429 McGiverin Terry James 387 McGlynn Cleo Lawrence 291 441 McGonegle John Joseph 211 McGovern Michael J 445 McGovern Terrance E 416 McGowen Janet Lee 343 McGregor Mary Delight 252 436 McGuire Jack Francis 407 McGuire Jon Patrick 315 McGuire Michael Edwin 407 McGuire Paul William 407 McGuire Richard J 142 399 423 McGuire Robert Lynn 139 423 McGuire Sandra K 138 McGuire Sherry Ann 252 McHone 235 Mcllrath Vaughn Evan 284 Mcintosh James David 387 Mcintosh Sharon Kay 339 441 Mcintosh Thomas W 125 298 McKale Donald M 221 377 McKay 0 i-ar Marcelind 311 McKee Billy Gene 133 155 McKee Harry James 200 318 McKee John Boylston 144 McKelvey Joann 139 266 McKendrick Judith Lee 153 238 322 333 McKim Grace Annette 111 264 436 McKiness Douglas R 411 McKiness Ronald M 413 McKniqht James H 445 McKone Mrs. Carl 407 McLain Richard L 403 McLain Robert Harley 91 McLaughlin Harold R 287 McLean Clarke Keyes 307 McLean Robert Barclay 288 McLeland James Harvey 141 McCluen Thomas Mark 353 McMains Mary Ann 265 McManis Lorraine J 441 McMaster Larry Lee 201 McMichacI Mary S 262 McMillen Dan 114 McMillin Donna M 252 436 McMillin Jane Eileen 256 McMillin Ronald Allen 319 McMinimee Andrew C 142 423 McMinn Logan Lindsay 413 McMullen John Steves 112 McMullin George E 293 McNabb Dorothy Ann 254 McNaught Barbara Ann 267 McNay Thomas Garrett 141 McNear Gary Francis 321 McNeill Michael John 137 200 381 McPeak Alan Westly 314 Mcpherson Kenneth W 389 McPherson Michael F 387 McQuilln Joseph D Jr 288 McRae Paul Donald Jr 291 McRoberts Thomas Lee ...112 124 302 McVay James L 201 280 McWilliams Conrad 429 McWilliams Richard H 147 287 M Maak Wayne Vernon 290 Mace Ronald Lou 279 MacFarlane Marjorie A 329 Machacek David Reed 381 Mack Marilyn Gay 345 Mackie Glen Edward 269 286 Maclean Raymond G 314 Macomber Julianne 240 343 Madsen Richard E 309 429 Madsen Rodney Marc 90 Madsen Stephen Henry 305 Magill James Stanley 403 Magnani Nicholas J 296 Magnuson Ronald E 293 Magnusson John Allen 199 280 Magnusson Norine Ann 260 Mahalic Mary Frances 267 Mahan, Russ 98 Mahling David Roy 387 Mahlstede J P 140 Mahr Larry Dean 145 361 Mahr Loren Fred 135 Mahr Stephen Gibbs 305 Maier Michael Thomas 411 Maiers Jerome Donald 134 145 Malchow Peter 298 Malik Chuck 159 Mallicoat Larry T 90 Mallonee Donna Kaye 259 Malloy James F 296 Malloy Jon William 144 296 Malmberg Ken neth B 306 Maloney Mary Patricia 333 Maloney Sara Ann 264 Maloy Nancy Ann 265 Malsack Thomas James 371 Mandernach Craig G 281 Manders Robert Harold 397 Mandeville Peter B 371 Mangle James Jay 389 Mangold Gene Albert 385 Manilycb Carol Ann 254 Manley Marianne 258 Mann Arthur Romig 141 423 Mann Henry Albert 125 429 Mannes Glen Henry 377 Manning Harry Arthur 133 Manning Thomas W 314 Manns William Gary 114 291 Mansfield Carole J 253 Mapes Sharon Kay 253 Marasco Robert F 299 March Sue Ann 259 Marciniak Thomas J 96 Marcus Sherman Jordan 445 Marek Ronald LcRoy 134 137 .395 Marienau Michael 231 232 399 Marinov Uria 90 Marion W W 143 Marks Del Kenford 292 Marlatt Grace Brown 267 Marlin Charles 182 Marole Thomas Dean 371 Marguardt Lvie Ernest 133 441 Marra Lois Ann 114 337 436 Marrone Linda Kay 261 Marsh Kenneth John 301 Marsh Mitchell Eugene 321 Marsh Virgil Curtis 283 Marshall James R 401 Marshall Kenneth E 309 Martens Allen Edward 393 Martens Marvin Earl 385 Martin Bill G 279 Martin Cly e Allen 292 Martin David Lawrence 282 Martin David Michael 385 Martin Jim Frank 300 Martin Karen Ann 265 Martin Marshall A 123 314 Martin Steve LyIe 137 285 Martin WiMiam Harry 375 Martincic Joseph A 150 Martinez Miguel Angel 212 297 473 Martini Arthur Paul 304 Martini Dennis Gene 3S5 Martini Teresa Ann 177 260 Martinl a Ricliard F 397 Martinsen Jolin Louis 116 117 355 430 Martinsen William E 355 Marxcr Michael W 133 Maschwitz David Eric 151423 Mason Cheryl Kaye 259 Mason Dicl 399 Mason John Bradford 393 Mason Ronald Charles 76 272 302 430 Mason William T Jr 307 Massa Linda Lee 441 Massarini Bob 177 Massey Dennis Dean 118 381 Masters Stephanie V 339 Masterson Judith Ann 254 Maston Karen Jean 260 Masuen David Milton 287 Mather David Arthur 290 Mathews Elizabeth Ann 254 Matiz George 411 Matsuura Barbara S 267 Matterson Caroline 139 333 Matthcvjs Burlin H 137 Matthias Arthur Gene 138 293 Matthiesen Ralph W 315 Matthiessen John 373 Mattix John Dallas 377 Matus Richard J 289 Matz Judith Ann 265 Mauch Douglas Raymond 284 Maxon John Michael 122 375 Maxon William Dean 296 Maxwell Albert Keith 355 Maxwell Janet Diane 259 Maxwell Sondra Sue 115 Mayberry Richard L 411 Mayer Patricia Jane 436 Mayer Richard Francis 304 Maynard Marl Margaret 260 Mead Ronnie J 319 Meadows Gary James 137 292 Means Robert L 91 Meehan James Bartley ....130 145 430 Meek Melinda Kay 325 Mefferd James Bu,d Jr 399 Megraw Robert Ellis 245 Mehaffey Donald Lee 155 Mehaffcy Linda Kay 254 Mehaffey Marvy Y 171 Mehaffey Ronald C 441 Mehl Kay Joanne 201 Meier Steven Lewis 129 Meier Thomas William 403 441 Meinhard Richard Karl 311 Meinhart Robert P Jr 403 Meissner Keith R 445 Melby Steven Paul 285 Melchcr Susan Elaine 111 329 436 Melendez Luis A 279 Melius Darlene Adair 259 Mellon James Isaac 385 Melroy Patrick J 49 Melsa Larry Lee 137 269 290 423 Mcltzer William D 416 Melvin Stewart Wayne 123 290 Menage Michael Lee 371 Mendenhall Ralph L 137 Menefee Dennis Allen 145 315 Menedough Mary Marcia 253 Mennen Lesly Jesse 305 Menning Michael Don 304 Mense James Burr 389 Mentzer Robert Edward 430 Merchant Jim 235 Meredith Judith E 253 Mericle Donald A H 403 Mericle Kenneth Scott 403 Merrick James Lee Jr 375 Merribay Wilfred Jr 300 441 Merrifield Barbara G 259 Merrifield Frederick 387 Merrifield Roger C 105 387 442 Merris John David 287 Merry Kenneth Jake 125 Merryman Wesley Edwin 321 Mertes John Frederick 133 Merz Eugene Claude 145 Mess Elmer Laverne 119 423 Messelheiser Janet F 341 Messer Wayne Ronald 112 140 288 Messerschmidt David C 142 165 321 Messerschmidt Dianne 337 Messner Alan 430 Metcalf Rick Eugene 377 Metzger George G 90 Mtzler Ruth Ann V 335 Meyer Carol Armstrong 265 Meyer Donald Clarence 33 104 148 269 312 Meyer Frederick J 312 Meyer Gary Lynn 407 Meyer Harold Wayne 301 430 Myer Jerry Donald 284 Meyer John Dodge 308 Meyer Larry Alan 193 Meyer Phyllis Elaine 253 Meyer William D 123 296 430 Meyer William Louie 281 Meyers Pamela Ann 257 Meyers Richard Frank 281 Meyers Thomas Paul 145 Michael Patricia Ann 267 Michael Wayne Allen 133 312 Michaels David LeRoy 371 Michaiek Lorraine K 262 Michaiek Robert Harry ...113 311 430 Michel Greg Alan 115 369 423 Michgelson James M 409 Mickel Dr. John 131 Middlebrook Ronald F 116 430 Middleton Michael R 124 312 Miehe Douglas Grove 361 Mikes Richard J 290 Mikesell James Jay 269 307 Mikkelsen Morris E 148 150 Milder Richard W 375 Miler Galen K Jr 403 Miles Michael Van 411 Millang Larry Dean 105 367 Millen Theodore Wier 286 Miller Barry Lowell 165 369 Miller Beverly Ann 254 Miller Beverly Jane 339 Miller Clark 405 Miller Dale Edward 371 Miller Daryl Glenn 416 Miller Deanne Ruth 262 Miller Delores Jane 165 253 436 Miller Donald L 132 Miller Donald Ralph 423 Miller Dorothy M 266 Miller Eileen 254 Miller Elizabeth Ann 442 Miller Florence 387 Miller Frederick T 315 Miller Gary Thomas 284 Miller Glen Raymond 293 Miller Gleneta Mae 344 345 Miller Gregory L 301 Miller Harvey C 299 Miller Henry Jon 363 Miller James L 281 Miller James Ardell 308 Miller Janet Irene 262 Miller Janet Louise 163 335 Miller Jimmie Lee 292 Miller John H 91 Miller Joyce Ruth 355 436 Miller Kenneth W 130 367 Miller Margaret Ann 177 Miller Marsha Ann 347 436 Miller Mary Ann 148 254 Miller Mary Lou 131 Miller Mary Priscilla 104 250 Miller Herle Leonard 112 292 Miller Merlin R 300 Miller Nancy K 325 Miller Nancy Sue 254 Miller Nicholas Carl 123 307 Miller Patricia Ann 146 262 Miller Patricia Jo 255 Miller Paul Dean 135 381 423 Miller Raymond Thomas 371 Miller Richard Curtis 298 Miller Robert Carl 379 Miller Robert Harold 309 Miller Sharon Kay 264 Miller Sue Alice 114 341 442 Miller Thomas Dean 293 Miller Wayne Raymond 155 Miller William B 284 Miller William Dwight 307 Miller William John 138 Miller William Silas 299 Millctt M L 116 Milligan Roger LeRoy 175 Millikin Donald Ralph 385 Millikin Harlan D 235 Millis Terence Lee 112 383 Mills Gordon Earl 121 385 Mills Helen HI Mills Larry E 287 Milstead Marianne 166 263 Miltner Thomas E 399 442 Minden Pamela Sue 263 Mindrup Larry Allen 423 Mindrup Sue Ann 333 Minear Lance Rollin 143 M inert Ann Louise 265 Minert Keo Arklay 436 Minish Carole Jean 339 Minnick Hal Dean 145 316 Minnis Fred A 133 385 Mino Evelyn Leona 253 436 Minser Richard Brian 300 Miranowski John A 283 Mishmash Harold E 106 269 315 Mitchell Alice Lynn 262 Mitchell Brent N 130 198 314 Mitchell Clark Jay 138 423 Mitchell Diana Kay 261 Mitchell Keith Clark 405 Mitchell Marjorie J 254 Mitchell Paulette S 325 436 Mitchell Rodrick S 296 Mitchell Roger 137 Mitchell Suzette M 265 Mittvalsky Edward C 379 MIeynik Nancy Ann 436 Moe Ruth Elaine 146 256 Moe Terry Wayne 274 Moehrl Michael F 125 130 407 Moeller Dale LeRoy 285 Moeller David Lee 369 Moeller Gary Milford 413 Moeller Lee D 119 310 Moeller Lorence C Jr 201 300 Moeller Peter George 321 Moeller Robert Wm 130 280 Mohler Carole Ann 125 251 Mohling Gerald Dale 301430 Mohn Myrna Mae 265 Mohr Pamela Ann 262 Mohr Sharon Ann 245 259 Mohr Terry Richard 401 Moir John Earl 299 Moldt James Richard 430 Mollenhauer Karen Sue 257 Momsen Glen Chris 371 Montag Robert Joseph 395 442 Montague Harry John 389 Montaner Federico A 137 Montgomery Michael T 148 Montgomery Robert T 301 Moon Barbara Jeanne 265 Moon James Burton 310 Moore James Robert 430 Moore Jane Ann 265 Moore Jerry Michael 357 Moore Juanita Mae 163 251 Moore Nancy Ann ' . .251 Moore Robert Francis 231 Moore Stephen Alan 377 Moore Susan 329 Moore Wayne Eugene 287 Moorhead Patricia C 327 Moors Nancy A 436 Moossavi Mahmood 125 316 Mooty Donald James 313 430 Morandi Raymond John 444 445 Moren Laurena Ann .165 436 Morey Pamela Ann 265 Morgan James William 423 Morgan John 235 Morgan Patricia Ann 265 Morhauser Mary Lee 263 Morris Charles Edward 319 442 Morris David L 381 Morris Diane Jean 341 Morris Gerald Lewis 319 Morris Harry F 401 Morris Jerry Wayne 290 Morris John Edward 147 Morrison Allan Lee 363 Morrison David John 311 Morrison James W 299 Morrison Linda Ann 256 Morrissey Patrick J 137 279 Morrow John Allen 299 Morse Jan Robert 200 Morse Samuel A Jr 108 142 353 413 Morse Susan 193 335 Mortensen Bryan Fred 281 Mortensen Ronald A 272 308 430 Mortimer John Ralph 423 Morton David Maurice 430 Morton John Alden Jr 137 269 305 Moseley Stephen Hall 137 287 Moser Linda Louise 260 Moses Ronald W Jr 113 143 308 442 Mosher Barbara J 201 262 Mosley Mary Margaret 250 259 Moss John Eugene 285 Moss Susan Kay 256 Mossholder Stephen B 365 Mossman Gary Lynn 123 299 430 Mott Gary Lee 283 Mott Marilyn Sue 337 Mott Roger Eugene 397 Mott Sharon Louise 266 Moum Stanley G 91 Mousel John Patrick 297 Mowen John Edward 318 Mowry Clark Vernon 137 312 Mozingo John Marshall 298 Mraz Roger Edward 152 411 Mueller Charles W 122 269 286 Mueller Leta Arleen 175 257 Mueller Reid Michael 314 Mueller Vicki Lynn 264 Mulder Dallas Henry 355 Mulert William L 285 Mulhern Bob Dean 137 Mulhern Ronald Ray 297 Muller Gary Dean 132 383 Muller Kent Roger 132 147 383 Mullin Harold Ried 142 Mullins Donald Hugh 144 Mullins Thomas Edward 411 423 Mulvihill Robert J 405 Mumm Douglas Vernon 123 281 Munch Ralph Dennis 131 Munsell Trudy Ann 258 Munson David James 118 Munson Jane Roberta 134 260 Murphy Dan M 132 361 423 Murphy Dennis Doyle 138 151 Murphy Doris Karen 256 Murphy Gary Allan 196 407 Murphy Harriet Ellen 329 Murphy Wayne Thomas ...250 353 375 442 Murray Ann Virginia 139 195 333 Murray Bill 159 Murray Donald Eugene 393 Murray Linda Jayne 442 Murray Stephen Brye 280 Murray William Allen 115 423 Murray Dr Wm G 32 Murrow Keith LeRoy 297 Musfeldt Dale Eldon 369 Myers Claudia Eileen 259 Meyers Edward M III 377 Myers Gary Allen 112 Myhr John Derwin 131 314 Myli Russell Curtiss 423 Mynatt Carol Suzanne 327 Myrabo Leik Norwald 125 311 Myrtue Donald Ralph 144 381 Mythaler Ronald David 389 N Nachreiner Raymond F 145 Nady Leo Lewis 367 Nagel David Leslie 353 377 442 Nagel Ralph Henry Jr 141 300 Nagel William F 145 290 Nash Clyde Willfred 133 Nasr C Faramars 281 Nassen Donald Owen 143 Navoichick Michael W 316 Neal Paul III 371 Near Mrs Margaret 260 Nederhiser Morgan E 445 Needham Donald Edward 112 357 Needham Sherman Joel 321 Neff Michael Eugene 269 309 Nehring Richard F 308 Neiers James William 430 Neilson Rebecca Jo 261 Neiman Richard James 401 Nelson Arlyn Ray 304 Nelsen Susan Kay 347 Nelson Barbara Ruth 261 Nelson Bert Laverne 409 Nelson Brian Keith 379 Nelson Carole Haines 442 Nelson Carolyn Ann 166 252 Nelson Craig Crary 383 Nelson David Ernest 385 Nelson David Howard 91 155 Nelson David Lee 430 Nelson David Vin 130 Nelson Dennis Albin 144 Nelson Donald Palmer 147 377 Nelson Douglas Roy 318 Nelson Gary Alan 199 387 430 Nelson Harold Bruce 284 Nelson James Edward 305 Nelson James Lee 353 357 Nelson Jeffrey Roger 300 Nelson John 275 Nelson Karen June 257 Nelson Kent Severin 133 393 Nelson Larry Russell 123 148 416 430 Nelson Mary Austin 436 Nelson Mary Ellen 265 Nelson Michael Arvid 385 Nelson Nancy Lynn 267 Nelson Paul Conrad 302 Nelson Robert Francis 284 401 Nelson Stephen C 383 Nelson Thomas Swan 298 Nelson William B 389 Nelson William Dean 299 NeppI Larry Joseph 134 137 282 Nervig Dennis Lee 369 Nervig Jerletta Ann 442 Nesheim Daniel Albert 145 286 Ness Gary Clifford 105 387 442 Ness Sharon Lynne 329 Nesset Jacquelyn M 335 Netherton Dale LeRoy 138 Netten Alvin Dean 124 430 Neuffer Kenneth T 389 Neuhaus Ronald LeRoy 183 Neumann Darrell Leon 143 363 Neville Joseph Vernon 118 New Miriam Sawyer 264 Newcomb Jim 118 423 Newell Darrell Joseph 294 Newell Donald Richard 200 405 Newell Elizabeth Ann 261 436 Newell Sandra J 333 Newland Jay Edward 199 Newmarch Jack Lyle 140 314 423 Newmarch Paul Richard 314 Newsham Robert Louis 300 Newton Cathie Jane 257 Newton John Atkinson 407 Newton Robert D 405 Ney James Frank ....109 115 117 430 Ni ' ' N N N N N N N Ni N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N Ni N N N N N N N N N N N cholas David Cole 294 icholl Larry Gene 300 ichols David Alan 156 430 ichols H E 140 ichols Nick Eugene 119 295 ichols Suann Page 436 icholson Jane Alice 254 ickels Edward F 359 ckey Michael Allen 379 cklas David Glenn 430 cklas Roger William 287 iebuhr Linda D 251 436 iebur Douglas Paul 116 117 430 edfeldt Ronald Dean 145 ehaus Elizabeth Ann 154 339 eland Laverne Alois 317 elsen Ardith V 165 193 335 elsen Charles A 367 elsen Clifton Paul 300 361 elsen Duane Arthur 286 icisen George V 125 430 elsen John Holberg 289 elsen Larry Arnold 304 ielsen Sherlyn Gay 343 elsn Timothy Keith 315 eman Patricia Ann 436 eman Richard Larry 124 284 emeyer John Linus 130 177 302 es Elizabeth L 261 442 es Joseph Lee 307 ffencgger Mark E 399 ghaus Ann 150 ghswonger David D 91 kels Kenneth W 377 Ian Marlene Eloise 263 Isson David Forbes 112 155 ssen Phyllis Ann 238 347 474 Nit2sche Jean Sheryl 171 264 Nixon James Hugh 132 2S4 423 Noble Curtiss . . 165 Noble Richard Lee 165 Noble Priscilla 165 Noble Sharon Ann 266 Nolo John August 2SS Noland Mrs Lillian 409 Nollen Stanley Dale ..108 137 148 272 312 423 Nolte Stanley 168 Noonan Susan Francis 258 Nooryani Mehroad 319 Nord Carl William 367 Nord Rosemary Sue 114 327 436 Nordland Nancy Lou 331 Norem Dale Curtis 139 Norris Edmond Hand 130 Norris Gary Ralph 293 Norris Keith Iven 397 North Jane Ann 265 Northam Callen Kent 373 Northey Gilbert Boyd 132 Northup Larry Lee 116 Norton William Alan 295 Notter Alfred John 145 Novak Leonard Lamb 124 313 430 Novak Richard Allen 407 Nowling David Paul 115 442 Noyes Dale Henry Jr 281 Nuckolls Pamela Lynne 257 Nuckolls Mrs. R F 357 Nuebel Daniel Leo 125 291 Nuernberger Howard P 319 Murre Richard Carl Jr 305 Nussbaum Russell Lynn 387 Nutt Melvin J 430 Nuzum Arnold Lester 137 423 Nye John Robert 442 Nygaard Edwin C 131 Nystrom Gail Henro 124 355 o Oakland John Arnald ..110 272 281 430 Obenauf Lawrence John 416 Obrecht Audrene Kay 134 135 263 O ' Connell Michael D 144 292 O ' Connor Larry Eugene ...134 144 162 381 O ' Connor Laurence M 445 Ode Diane Rose 250 322 353 442 Odeen William Alan 299 Odegaard Gaylord A 363 Oestereich Robert M 303 Ofallon Thomas Edward 407 Offerman Gerald D 175 284 Ohara Dennis Lee 295 Ohara James Michael 137 283 Ohdc Linda Marie 259 Ohrt Herbert R Jr 131 407 Okerbcrg Craig F 165 293 Okonkwo Richard 281 Olander Phillip Gary 283 Olberding Nicholas K 411 Oldorf Roger Harold 132 292 Olenius Curtis LeRoy 132 Oleson Gary Kcrwin 291 430 Oleson Norman Scott 430 Oliphant Jean Ray 311 442 Oliver Stewart Alan 118 314 423 Ollenburg Roger Verle 121 152 Olmsted Stephen G 281 Olsen John Clarence 409 DIsen Neil Clement ..110 125 152 199 281 430 Olson Darrell Dean 314 Olson David Jon 377 Olson David Marvin 145 359 Olson Donald Stanley 430 Olson Edwin Arthur 269 311 Olson Jacquelyn Lea 341 Olson Jerry Corrie 389 Olson Keith Martin 145 321 Olson Larry Lee 298 Olson Mark Sherrill 312 Olson Phillip Bowie 383 Olson Roger Kent 145 Olson Rynd William 119 312 Olson Scott E 306 Olson Stanley Ray 130 312 Oltrogge Robert David 293 Omeis Mary Lou 257 O ' Neal Alan Donald 292 O ' Neill James Ernest 150 430 Onopa Ronald Francis 211 Ooten Robert James 130 Opel George Frederick 407 Opclla Bonnie Ann 259 Oras Wayne James 311 Orban Don 182 O ' Reilly Patrick C 310 Orlando Gerald Martin 145 Orlovich Robert 183 Orr Bette Magers 182 Orr Larry Lynn 148 182 Orr William Stanley 385 Orth Ronald Leo 135 381 Orton Karen Kay 253 436 Drum Judith Ann 255 Ory Jack Hugh 131 321 430 Dry William Alvis 131 321 430 Osborn Jan Ella 329 Osborne Mrs Violet 341 Osenbaugh John W 123 Osipowicj Dennis E 125 298 Osterbergcr Judith A 238 257 Osternann Robert K 430 O ' Tool Kenneth L 144 Ott Leo Edward 357 Otta Jack Duane 315 Otter Suzanne E 260 Ouren David Tatroe 137 403 Ouverson Paul Ray 357 Overbaugh Randall G 145 Overholser Roger E 383 Overmohle Robert J 200 Overton Rebecca Sarah 257 Owen Robert Edward 387 Oxenreider G Gen 306 Oyaas Ann Elizabtch 337 Ozby Metin 313 P Pabst William Carl Jr 403 Pace David Ernest 134 310 423 Packer Ellen R 442 Packer Juliann 257 Page Bruce Dean 355 Page Edward Charles 125 311 Page James Milton 124 430 Pahlman Bonnie Joan 167 260 Pahlman John Edward 167 306 Paine Holly Beth 257 Palao Hermoza Orietta 261 Pallas Edwin John 430 Palmer David B 168 Palmer Donald W II 389 Palmer Fred William 306 Palmer Mary Patricia 436 aimer Nancy Jean 134 267 Palmquist Lois Ann 347 Pals Howard Gary 290 Pals Marlin Richard 2S7 Paneitz Douglas M 288 Pannckc Mary Louise Ill 165 436 Panther James Charles 416 Papacek Clifford Alan 139 405 442 Papageorgiou Demetrru 212 213 Papageorgiou E 212 Pappas Annastatia M 148 150 335 Pappas Anthony George 379 Pappas Elena Jane 261 Paradise Michael D 286 Parcher Dick LeRoy 286 Parchcrt Keith Andrew 359 Pardee William Joseph 143 Pardo Fernando 137 Pardun Roger Lynn 231 Parizek Jonette Rae 339 436 Parker Edward Douglas 123 403 Parker Jane 333 436 Parker Monte Bryce 304 Parkinson Richard C 141312 423 Parks Andrea Taylor 329 Parks Beverly Jean 436 Parks Robert Wayne 112 122 293 Parmelee Thomas Edwin 367 Parmer Marvin Earl 201 299 Parrish Frank M III 399 133 Parrish Robert R 115 289 442 Parrish Thomas Harlan 211 Parrott D ' Ann 49 Parott Charles A III 395 Parrott John C III 389 Parsons Jerry 134 Partlow Steve Alan 284 Partridge Carolyn M 134 255 Passeri David Paul 282 Passero Richard N 125 430 Patch Kenneth Phillip 199 442 Patch Martin Arthur 303 445 Patrick Elizabeth G 132 423 Patrick Ronald Dean 381 423 Patterson Donald F 305 Patterson Gary Levi 132 Patterson Gary Michae 313 Patterson Glenn W 134 285 Patterson Larry Lee 310 Patterson Ralph E ...109 124 199 355 430 Pattison Charlene Ann 257 Patton James Lee 119 290 Patton Richard Deming 403 Paul Albert Dan 389 Paul Kay Sharon 131 253 Paul Laurel Lee 266 Pauley J Donald 284 Pauley Lyic Dean 132 200 272 290 424 Paulsen Karen A 337 Paulsen Kenneth Lynn 90 Paulsen Richard M 311 Paulson Alice Louise 337 Paulson James Bennett 299 Paulson Robert Okcy 411 430 Pauly Sue M 329 Pavey Carol Ann 261 436 Paydon Mary Ellen 256 Payer Robert Francis 314 Payne Allan Russell 299 Payne James E 288 Pcarce Sally 132 254 Pearixon Janet 114 Pearson Dale Sheldon 397 Pearson David Kenneth 201282 Pearson James Edwin 145 Pearson Patty Ann 260 Pearson Philip T 155 Pearson Richard K 442 Pcch Douglas Alan 131 Peckler Lester J Jr 285 Pcdcn Mrs. Bernice 377 Pedersen Allan R 294 Pedersen Dean Russell 430 Pedersen Lawrence D 397 Pedersen Lloyd J Jr 297 Pedersen Michael F M 183 416 Pedersen David Lee 316 Pegs Kathleen Louise 337 Pegg Marilyn Sue 251 Pellett Garry Bruce 137 284 Pellctt James Vallie ..132 199 383 424 Pellett Patricia S 327 Pelzer Carl A Jr 312 Pena Numa Pampilio 135 424 Penaluna Thomas R 401 430 Pennock Paul Richard 125 Peoples William Ray 281 Pepper Constance Jean 322 339 Pepper Timothy Leon 133 Percival Jacqueline K 337 Peringer Irene Ruth 347 Perkinson Peter J 281 Perley Jane 261 Perry Larry George 282 Perry Mary Hawley 201 337 Perschau David Lester 395 Persinger Harlen Jay 134 135 293 Pestotnik Thomas E 430 Petelik Susan Lyon 259 Peter Wilbur H III 355 Petermeier Norman B 288 430 Peters Carl John 137 Peters Charles John 279 285 Peters David Noel 369 Peters George Edward 411 Peters John Lee 145 Peters Richard Arlan 286 Peters Sara Jo 259 Petersburg Ray Alan 357 Petersen Bruce Lynn 416 Petersen Kenneth L 131 Petersen Stephen D 387 Peterson Albert Lee 321 Peterson Alice Karen 253 442 Peterson Barbara Jane 265 Peterson Carol Joan 258 Peterson David Allyn 405 Peterson David W 288 Peterson Delbert R 430 Peterson Don Carl 123 292 Peterson Donald Edwin 383 Peterson Donald E 200 Peterson Gale Eugene 313 Peterson Gale M Jr 182 371 Peterson Harlan Dean 397 Peterson James S 133 399 Peterson Joan Lenore 257 Peterson John Jan is 284 424 Peterson John Oscar 137 Peterson John Scott 281 Peterson Joseph P 144 Peterson Judith Ann 256 Peterson Karen E 341 Peterson Karen Lea 252 Peterson Karlyn Ann 333 Peterson Mark Richard 123 307 Peterson Max Darwin 137 381 Peterson Michael C 409 Peterson PA 157 Peterson Richard D 282 Peterson Terry Lee 145 Peterson Tom 221 Peterson Valois Rae 165 251 436 Pcttit Joan Marie 150 154 339 Petkus Gregory Alan 145 389 Petra Susan Jane 325 Petrak Darryl Lester 308 Petre Alan Ward 430 Petrick Larry Edward 377 Petrosky Ronald John 395 Petschc Mary E 436 Pettigrew Janice M 171 254 Pettit Donald Ethan 74 116 430 Petty Virgil Max 91 Pcvestarf Nancy Ann 257 Peyton Harold Leroy 119 311 Peyton Phillis A 442 Pezzetti Ronald Lee 291 Pfeifer Lawrence Lee 395 Pfister Marilyn Sue 262 Pfister Richard G 105 353 375 Pfitzenmaicr Larry D 413 Pforr Gregory Joel 379 Pfund Donald Edwin 144 306 Phillipo Bruce Edward 430 Phillips Jean Beth 265 Phillips Roger Morgan 201 289 Phillips Suzanne Lee 257 Phillips Wallace D 287 Phillips William M Jr 375 Philpott Sharon Kay 331 Picken Judith Mae 259 Pickering Jerry Lee 131 Pickett Frank William 430 Piepgras Richard P 288 Picratt William Jon 280 Pierce Charles M 399 Pierce Harold M Jr 284 Pierce Jerry Lee 298 Pierce Robert Charles 407 Piercy Richard J 303 Pierrot Victor C III . .108 117 123 381 Pierson Barbara Kay 115 193 325 436 Pigott Kenneth George 112 150 211 Pike Marcia Sue 436 Pilcher Thomas Eugene 411 431 Pilgrim Richard John 399 442 Pillars Susan Mary 163 322 345 Pilling Jeffrey J 200 401 Pingel David Charles 283 Pingel Eldona Louise 265 Piper David Earl 152 377 Piper Lynn Gladys 265 Pitcher Merritt W 108 445 Pitzen Daniel F 132 Planer Dean Roseland 389 Plate Carol Joyce 254 Piatt Roger Lee 424 Pleggenkuhle Daryl A 118 399 Pleshek Richard C 311 Ploss Jon Lee .431 Plumb Marilyn Ann 436 Plummer Lynn Marie 264 Plzak James Roy 285 Pobanz Richard K 286 Pogemiller Jerry Alan 145 Poland Charles Edward ...125 298 431 Polcer Michael A 138 361 Polky Charles W Jr 319 Pollei Carmen Marie 341 Pollock James Burncll 290 Pollock Virginia Lee 325 Poncius Juris 139 Pond William Arthur 397 Ponder William Kemp 365 Poock David William 302 Poock Myron Jerome 112 175 288 Poock Steven James 357 Pooler John Shelby 319 Poolcy Mrs J B 339 Poore Bernie Brandt 123 151 155 Poore Janelle Ruth 253 Poppcn Roger Dean 118 424 Porch Boyd Leroy 91 Port Roger Charles 282 Porter Donna Rae 171 327 Porter Judith Kay 343 Porter Max Lee 112 301 Porter Penelope Anne 255 Porter Shelia Jane 157 322 337 Posegate David Linn 231 407 Postak Thomas Lee 211285 Postma Dick Gcrrit 365 Poterack Richard M 200 Potratz Roger Fred 175 Potter Allan 92 Potter Janet Maye 252 437 Powell Douglas A 403 Powell Sarah Ann 259 Powell Thomas Raymond 119 298 Power Howard Leon Jr 125 298 431 Prassc Keith William 90 Pratt Karen Elaine 238 261 Prawl Jerry Frank 411 442 Prendergast James D 125 130 199 407 Prendergast Thomas K 117 157 431 Preston Nancy Ann 333 Prey Richard Leo 314 Pribyl Gary Francis 285 Price Russell K 357 Priebe Gary Carl 361 Priebc Margaret L 263 Pries David Robert 125 431 Priest John Nicholas 123 Primus Delores Ann 254 Primus Donald Eugene 183 411 Prince John David 300 411 Prior Ronene Denise 259 Prior Scott Lee 142 424 Pritchard David Ivan 166 Pro Wallace Dean 283 Prochaska Carol Ann 201 343 Proto Carl Charles 204 211 Protz William Otto 389 Proul Peter Leroy 145 Prucss Steven Arthur 291 Pruessing Peter S 383 Pryor Gary Lee 413 Puck Kenneth Albert 369 Puff Michael John 144 Pugh Jon Gilbert 363 Pugh Philip Stuart H 307 Pullen Mark Charles 431 Pullen Mary Jo 252 Pullen Nancy Edith 259 Pullman Donald Leroy 303 Pumplin Bruce Allison 117 306 431 Punot Richard Arthur 405 Puntenney Karen E 145 264 Purlee Marilyn Jean 263 Purmort John Steven 135 306 361 Putnam Linda Kay 337 Putnam Nancy Sue 341 437 Putsch Jeanne Anne 259 Q Quass Richard Louis 132 282 Quance Carolyn Joan 341 Quebe Jerry Lee 293 Quinn John Dexter 159 299 Quinn Sara Louise 255 Quinn William James 91 R Raasch Curtis Allan 137 Raasch Larry Lew 133 Rabe Leon Dale 306 Rabe Robert Raymond 316 Raber James Hopkins 318 Racine James Gordon 375 Radakovich Sharyl L 264 Radcliffe Karen E 201343 Rahe Mary Kathryn 442 Raikes Ronald Eugene 137 381 Raim Carol Ann 171 254 Raithel Kenneth Leroy 361 Rajtora Dennis Wayne 315 Rajtora Otto James 300 Rambow Paul Alan 199 281 Rambow Pihilip Alvin 199 281 Ramekcr William John 379 Ramirez Jose 306 Rampelberg Michael R 304 Rampy Tom Franklin 385 Ramsey Gary Lee 122 371 475 Ramsey Linda Rose 266 Randall Raymon Harold 357 Randall William Carl 304 442 Randcckcr Victor W Jr 130 Randell Jeanne Ann 171 261 Randolph Joann 156 Randolph Jeptha R 91 156 Randolph Larry Dean 298 Randolph Linda S 265 Rankin Robert Dean 401 Ransom Richard C 307 Ransom Thomas James 112 309 Raps Carolee Jeanne 254 Raps Stephen GrcDory 301 431 Rarick Richard Robert 379 Rasmussen Gary Steven 200 294 Rasmussen Lyie Allen 165 Rasmussen Noel Gene 297 Rater Clifford A Jr 302 Rath Richard H 297 Rathe Robert Allyn 123 Rathjc Laurie Jean 134 265 Ratterrec Richard L 409 Rau Kenneth Georoe 272 312 Raufaste Noel John 374 375 Rausch Carl George 280 Raven Michael J 355 Ray Daryll Eugene 275 Rayman jack Richard 289 Rayman John Robert 133 Raymond John Warren 124 Reader Kelley H 297 Readhead Janet Elaine 345 437 Reading Beverly J 339 442 Reading Thomas C 411 Rearick Edward W 130 Rebholz F Eugene 130 Reckler Roberta Ruth 266 Reding Larry Leon 393 Reed Larry E 431 Reedguist Howard R Jr 299 Reelfs Edward Albert 290 Reese Joy Ellen Ill 253 437 Reeves Robert Ralph 357 424 Reeves Thomas Gordon 301 Regnier Suzanne A 260 Rehder Joanne Lea 335 Rehder Larry Elmer 375 Reichard John Edward 389 Reichter David Bruce 294 Reid Terry Allan 387 Reid Wallace S 91 Reier James Edward 395 Reimer Ken Gene 90 Reimer Lauren Louis 369 Reimers Arthur James 383 Rcitan Albert G Jr 286 Reith John Clair 302 Rekemeyer Ross R 445 Renken Alan Clay 309 Renner Jane Linda 253 Renner William S 132 306 Renshaw Nancy Helen 252 442 Rensink Helen Jean 251 Rcplogle Linda Louise 145 254 Reppert Roger Fred 145 285 Resch Gerald William 124 431 Reschly Christian J 285 Reschly Daniel James 377 Reschly Lester John 91 Reschly Ronald Ray 123 143 381 Retzlaff Gerald Gene 375 Revcll Curtis Arnold 123 Rew Richard William 355 442 Reynolds John James 151389 Reynolds Richard J 145 Reynolds Robert A 288 Reynolds Samuel P 411 Reynolds Susan Ann 157 Reynolds Thomas W 377 Rhind David 389 Rhoads Dale Howard 199 318 Rhone Richard Allan 377 Rhymer Bill Ray 387 Rice Donna Mae 261 Rice Eugenie Loralee 254 Rice Joyce Elaine 437 Rice Richard Lee 321 Rice Sandra Ellen 264 Rich Michael Charles 407 Richards Marvin Deas 411424 Richardson Daryl G 411 Richardson John D 123 Richman Richard Lee 145 305 Richmond James M 272 313 442 Richter David Edwin 144 289 Richter Francis L 294 Richter Gwendolyn 329 Ricker Karen Marie 267 Ricker Ronald R 375 Ridout Philip Eugene 431 Riebeling John Henry ...132 134 145 Ricde Ronald Edgar 314 Ricgle Elaine Vera 261 Riehl Francis Louis 293 Richm Susan Ellen 254 Riess Ronald Dean 442 Rierson C E 231 Ricsscn Gary Allen 138 289 Rietz Carmen June 108 333 437 Rietz Paul Whetstone 130 Righter Mary Kadyk 163 343 Riglcr Wilson Foster ..122 152 200 209 Riley Richard Elvin 122 Rinderknecht Roger R 119.361 Rinehart Nyla Mae 263 Ringkob Kent Arthur 132 361 Rings Meredith Sue 341 437 Rinkleff Hermann 431 Rintoul James Archie 269 295 Rippe Robert Dwight 321 367 Ripper Donna Rae 267 Ripperger Joan Mae 265 Rippetoe Susan Braden 157 201 343 437 Risdon Ronald Leroy 295 Riser Judith Kay 327 Risius Gary Paul 144 285 Risius Larry J 424 Risser John F 442 Risser John H 302 Ritchie Philip Andrew 211 Ritland Steven Rolfe 113 Rittgers Kenneth W 289 Roadfeldt Joyce Ann 254 Roath Diane Kay 201 261 Robbins Ronald Clyde 307 Roberts Adelia E 251 Roberts Daniel A 112 137 151 411 Roberts John H 355 Roberts Holland A 308 Roberts Steven Kent 301 Roberts Steven Ross 309 Robertson James L 357 Robertson Leiand C 132 Robertson Mary B 264 Robes Dana Ross 401 Robinson Clifton H 295 Robinson Connie Kay 333 Robinson David Alan 91 Robinson Earl James 405 431 Robinson George M ..113 130 272 285 Robinson Jack Mead 145 355 Robinson James Robert 310 Robinson Max Bailey 105 397 442 Robinson Ruth Ann 325 Robinson Shirley Lu 257 Robinson Steven Bruce 401 Robison Archie L 132 Robison Dale Leroy 291 Robson Richard Morris 316 Rocca James Peter 138 Rock Anne Mitchell 253 Rockwell James Heber 123 Rodecap John Joseph 135 151 Rodcnberg Keith Allen 139 Rodenborn William P 144 Rodewald Terrencc J 431 Rodgers James Gordon 318 Rodine Thomas Gordon 385 Rodriguez Meriemil 108 437 Roe Barbara Joanne 255 Roe William Carl 121 411 Roeder Alan Wesley 353 379 431 Roeder Michael Lavern 159 375 431 Roepke Martin David 90 Roff Hazel Earleen 171265 Rogers Dennis Michael 232 Rogers Keith Daniel 119 Rogers Mark Darwin 383 Rogerson Kenneth A 400 401 Rogness Karen Ruth 331 Rohm Howard Hugo 375 Rohwedder Katherine A ...111 238 343 437 Rohweder Dwayne A 98 Rohwer Jay Thomas 371 Roiohn D Scott 426 Rollins James Herbert 297 Rolston Keith Carmen 91 Romans Michael Hove 91 Roningen Bruce Jewel 145 Rodney Marvin Leroy 298 Ropp William Levi 303 Rosauer Robert Joseph 293 Roseman James Lloyd 294 Rosemont Leiand W Jr 399 Rosenblatt Michael M 303 Rosengreen Dawn V 265 Rosengreen Ronald J 132 281 Rosengren Douglas P 292 Ross Joseph Harold 125 302 Ross Reggie Carl 297 Rosshach Donald Paul 133 165 Rossmiller Patrick R 397 Rossmiller Timothy J 177 Rota Elizabeth Carol 259 Roth Dennis Leon 431 Roth Gregory Lee 288 Roth Wilbur Meyer 377 Rottler Steven P 379 Roudabush Robert J 397 Roush James Charles 145 Roush Mary Antoinette 437 Rowe N Sue Blackford 442 Rowley Irvin Larry 269 312 Rowley Mildred Jane 267 Roy Arthur Putnam 355 Roy Dr. Chalmer J 85 Royer Jean Louise ...114 250 335 442 Rozeboom William LyIe 379 442 Rubic Maria De L 259 437 Rudell Leslie Ann 61 63 337 Rudin David Alan 104 285 Rucbling Charles E 319 442 Ruedy Ralph Herman 139 399 Ruegnitz William G 285 Ruegsegger Gary L 150 355 Ruehle Charles Joseph 145 299 Ruger Jane Louise 437 Ruggles James Allan 240 401 Ruhde Allen William 363 Ruhde Don Edward 363 442 Ruhser Gary Gene 284 Rule Ted James 145 361 Rump William Mannus 431 Runneberg Marian C 267 Runsvold Mary Ruth 201323 Runyan Karen Lea 331 Rupe Ronald Jean 299 Rupp John Andrew 407 Rush Roscoe Charle s 123 Rusk Bonita Sue 256 Russell Harold Daniel 301 Russell Kenneth L 139 281 Russell Marilyn Joyce 113 146 267 Russell Martha Ellen 255 Russell Roger Lee 399 Russell Stephen J 401 Rust Robert Noel 279 Ruth Richard Alan 298 Rutledge Michael W 177 245 363 Ryan Dale Joseph 292 Ryan George Bushnell 367 Ryan Judith Josephine 337 Ryan Patrick J 144 200 399 437 Ryan Phyllis Ruth 325 Ryan Stevan Edgar 397 Ryan William Arthur 308 Ryh Janice Laurie 331 437 Ryberg Roger David 122 431 Ryberg Tim Wayne 307 Ryder Fred Bruce 407 Ryerson David Edward 112 300 Ryken M Judy 442 Ryon Roger Lynn 285 Rysavy Joseph V J 292 s Sable William Walter 130 Saccopoulos Christos 213 312 Sacquety Roger Lloyd 377 Saddler David 310 Saddler Miss Jane 82 Safford Glen Leiand 409 Safris Charles Earl 377 431 Sage Sally Ann 201 Sair Ralph Alan 284 Saladino Charles S II 142 387 424 Salak Ronald Keith 274 301442 Sallade Donald Raye 299 Saltou Iris Elaine 165 437 Saltou Susan Marie 263 Sampson Darrell Daniel 145 Samsel Richard Allen 375 Samuelson Gary Edmund 281 Samuelson Lawrence E 299 Sand David Burke 137 Sandahl Michael L 431 Sandbulte Wilbur G 221 355 Sande Ronald Gene 130 371 Sander Paulcttc M 442 Sandcrman Kenneth G 143 411 Sanders Bernard Lee 118 424 Sanders Thomas M 280 Sanders William D 297 Sanders William J 137 Sanderson George L 132 296 Sanderson Ronald K 379 Sandi Hayward 325 Sands Elizabeth Jo 140 Sandy Walter Garry 286 Sanford Richard M 407 Sanford Ruby Anna 261 Sanny Beverly Luene 238 437 Santclman Roger Dean 403 431 Santi Richard Gene 292 Sapp Cynthia Ann 262 Sardi Gabriel 294 Sargent Ann Margaret 183 327 Sargent Darlys Macrec ...134 253 437 Sartor Mary Beth 61 201 272 339 Sass Jaset Jean 261 Safer Clair William 152 383 Sato Melvin Masahi 199 Satterlce Alan Kent 132 280 424 Saubert Carl W IV 385 Saur Gerald Norman 311 Saveraid Herbert D 91156 Sawin Steven Paul 134 296 Sayers Larry Lee 200 409 Sayers Susan Kay 253 Sayles Charles White 166 355 Scar Richard Wilson 125 369 Schaaf Douglas Wayne 294 Schach Kent Irwin 431 Schabuch James S 395 Schafbuch Janet F Ill 341 437 Schafbuch William C 145 302 Schafer Dewaync J 137 165 369 Schafcr Steven D 133 Schafer William J 145 Schaffer Robert J Jr 409 Schakel Leonard Lee 304 Schalckamp Neil David 125 299 Schalekamp William A 282 Schaller Donald Bruce 383 Schaller Elizabeth C 175 259 Schamberger Terry C 399 Schantz Richard Lowel 109 Schapcr Richard T 426 Schar Stephen Warren 369 Schatz Gene Arthur 353 385 Schatz Richard 431 Schatz Stephanie Lou 261 Schaub Sherry John 431 Schaurer Claude H 308 424 Scheib Wendell Lee 387 Schidenhelm Philin H 135 282 Scheiding David Oscar 377 Scheitzach Robert F 307 Schellhase Curtis B 137 424 Schickel David J 445 Schieding 213.221 Schiff Bernard H 309 Schilling James Ross 90 299 Schilling John F ....125 272 287 431 Schilling Michael W 280 Schilling Walter E 312 Schilmoeller Alan Rae 295 395 Schindler James B 177 Schlach Tenhaufcr 165 Schlacks Susan Jean 261 Schlafke John Robert 299 Schlatter Russell D 124 399 Schlcnker George W 141 Schlick Ronald Dean 383 Schlosser Wayne Allan 137 285 Schlotfeldt Raymond J 431 Schluter Gerald E 290 Schmacker John Arthur 385 Schmahl Hartmuth 314 Schmidt Bruce Emil 132 381 424 Schmidt Donald E 387 443 Schmidt Donald Parker 137 Schmidt John Martin 157 397 Schmidt Richard E 91 Schmicdcl Robert H 124 431 Schmiedel Sharon 193 Schmitt Stuart Orin 311 Schmuecker James H 424 Schnebly Dexter A 305 Schneckloth Stephen E 288 Schneider Donald W 424 Schneider Richard Lee 292 Schneider Sheryl Ann 267 Schnetzler Douglas E 112 282 Schnicker Donald L ..117 199 201 321 431 Schnittjer Dale A 118 Schoellen Thomas Paul 113 Schoeneck Kennth A 110 431 Schoenfelder Glenn C 175 Schoening Connie Kay 165 267 Schoeppner Michael P 274 297 431 Scholl R David 132 137 373 Schotiz Linn H 200 Schooley Robert Allen 416 Schoolen Earl L 122 Schoon Craig Gerald 97 Schorpp Ronald Lee 383 Schott Charles W 373 Schragc Stephen Ralph 311 Schram Edward Charles 232 411 Schreib Larry Charles 397 Schreibcr Ernest F 403 Schreiber Laurence S 211 371 Schreiber William A 135 405 Schrcmp John Edward 389 Schrock John Eldon 415 Schroder Darrell C 306 Schroder Stanley D 405 Schroder Stephen D 405 Schroeder Barbara E 256 Schroeder Charles A 137 296 Schroeder Don Louis 137 303 Schroeder Edwin F 313 Schroeder Ellen Kay 255 Schroeder James R 395 431 Schroeder Joe Bill 300 Schroeder Joseph P 90 155 Schroeder Kent A 397 Schroeder Robert S 175 299 Schuchardt Peter W 389 Schuck Paul Robert 284 Schueller Nancy L 329 Schuctt Gary Leroy 287 Schuike Douglas Alan 90 Schulte Florine Mary 104 134 264 250 Schulte Josenh James 279 Schultheis Elizabeth 257 Schultz Kenneth R 385 Schultz Linn Howard 299 Schultz Lloyd E 371 Schultz Paul Edwin 283 Schultz Richard Carl 291 Schultz Wayne Lee 299 Schuize Kent Risvold 287 Schuize Sue Van 325 Schumacher Dennis L 175 407 Schumacher Gary M 269 293 Schumacher Harry Jr 445 Schumacher Kenneth N ....140 175 289 Schumacher Sandra Lee 337 Schumann Kenneth W 90 Schumann Donald L 431 Schupp Guy 95 Schuppe Thomas G 353 377 442 Schurter William G 371 Schutte Robert Ray 281 Schutte Theodore H 416 Schutter Ray Thomas 413 Schutz Frederick M 133 442 Schwab Gretchen Avis 261 Schwabe Richard J 145 Schwartz Judith C 333 Schwartz J W 194 Schwartz Rodney Earl 431 Schwartz Valerie Gail 261 Schwarz James Patrick 141 300 Schwarzenbach LyIe E 311 Schweitzer Mary Ann 437 Schwensohn Herbert P 413 Schwerin Arlen E 175 Schwerin Elaine Marie 251 Schwicbert Sara K 252 Schwieger Barton Lee 137 361 424 Schwien Jerry Douglas 309 Schwietert Shirley J . .153.171 325 437 Srhwitters Mary Lynne 201 Schwyhart Winston ..110 122 292 295 43T Scidliano J Michael 375 Rcoltock John Wilson 371 Scott Cvnthia Jane 201 339 Scott Elizabeth Ellen 260 Scott Gary Gene 122 385 431 Scott John Clayton 383 Scott Jon Dale 291 Scott Karen Kay 163 322 345 476 Scott Keith Raymond 133 Scott Leroy A 13S 424 Scott Melvin Harry V. .297 Scott Richard Coe 145 2S6 Scott Robert Earl 407 Scott Robert Lee 399 Scott Roger Edward 375 Scott Rollie Dean 347 Scott Shirley Louise 331 442 Scott Terry Allan 283 Scott Winston Thomas 138 Scribner Richard C 124 431 Scudder Darcy J 264 Seaberg Phillip George 305 Seagren Hardan Ray 307 Sealine Ronald L 123 Searcy Donald Thomas 385 Sears Claudia M 238 341 Sebastion Raymond F 148 348 353 383 Sebert Roger Dean 298 Seda Theodore Paul 313 Sedlacek Sally Jo 177 265 Sadlak Rudolph B 395 See Frederick William 118 199 200 282 Seeley Douglas Allen 104 269 303 Sees Carlyle F 303 Seger Kathleen Marie 260 Segersten Dene L 333 Seidler Mrs Ethel 383 Seifert Melvin F 147 Seigliano J Michael 105 Seitsinger Ronald H 145 Setiz Mary Margaret 82 325 Selander James G 123 199 416 Selby James Clark 201 397 Selby John William 416 Selindh Donna Gwen 260 Selix James Kent 130 142 308 Seike Judith Wilma 266 442 Sellers Beth Kay 263 Selley Roger Alan ..101118 151 381 424 Sellman Gary Kenneth 130 409 Sells Janice Darlene 261 Selman Ralph Leroy 145 Senior Colin Campbell 373 Senning Dean Eugene 297 Sera Hidesuke Karl 135 415 Serdes George E 367 Sesker Monte Neil 115 Severidt Betty Ann 257 Severson Larry S 424 Sevold Robert 165 Seward John Nichol 182 Sewell Gerald Wayne 385 Sexton Thomas James 401 Seymour Lon Leroy 411 Shadle Julie Myers 114 437 Shadle Kenneth Leeroy ...105 109 311 Shafer Kenneth H 142 Shaffer Gary Lee 371 Shaffer Jamie Harold 403 Shah Anil Kumar N 285 431 Shahan Karen Marie 251 437 Shallenberger Walter 383 Shank Clayton Delano 140 200 403 442 Shanklin John Pack Jr 104 165 298 Shanks Larry Roger 281 Shannon Edward Leo 304 Shanower Dena Ann 167 259 Sharbo Diane Esther 193 Sharif-Vatani Ali 403 Sharp Andrew James 416 Sharp Dale Rollie 321 Sharp James Leroy 145 Shattuck Richard H 281 424 Shaull Keith Leroy 289 Shaver Darrel Gene 321 Shaw Bertha Jean 255 Shaw John Michael 308 401 Shearer Steven R 133 415 Sheckler Shirley Ann 252 Sheets James Barker 130 431 Sheetz James Russell 130 138 431 Sheetz Jerry Wendall 290 Sheldon Richard Dale 296 Shelgren Sandra C 177 325 431 Shelley Stephen M 297 Shclsy Michael Samuel 145 Shelton Dane Philip 416 Shelton Larry Wayne 409 Shepard John Kendal 138 151 321 424 Shepard Judith Ellen 148 153 331 437 Shepard Susan Elaine 251 Sheppard Dale Arthur 109 150 152 431 Sheppard Fred A Jr 199 403 Sherburne Paul Allyn 314 Sherman Allan Robert 310 Sherman Donald H 232 310 Sherman Jack Pilgrim 367 Sherman Sharon 125 251 Sherrer Ann 261 Sherrill Donald Gene 385 Sherwood Timothy W 409 Shields Kathleen Ann 265 Shimon Raymond V 119 305 Shippos Stephen John 403 Shipton Judy Lynn 347 Shrik Gerald Joseph 281 Shively Terry Richard 298 Shockley Karen Ann 264 Shoesmith Merlin W 147 Shomper Charles R 269 286 Shonkwiler David L 290 Shoop Henry Andrew 407 Shoop Tressa Ann 257 Shorey Donna Lucille 265 Short Joann 263 Short Melvin Chester 105 401 Shoultz Oaxid Leroy 361 Shover James Larence 118 Shramek Margaret Ann 442 Shulcr Richard Olin 132 134 381 Shull Dale Ross 380 Shull Ronald Eugene 284 Shurts Barbara Jean 322 341 Shurts David Michael 399 Siberz Suzanne E 267 Sickels Mack Gordon 91 Sickels William Glen 445 Siefering Joyce Ann 175 263 Siegel Jean Ellen 143 171 267 Sicrck Ronald Dean 317 Sievers Glenyce Sue 262 Sievers James W 91 Sievers Ken Robert 302 361 Sievers Randal H 118 355 Siex Dwayne Keigle 425 Siglin Donald Jacob 431 Silberstein Roger C 135 425 Silk Gary Francis 279 Sim Henry Peter 303 Sime Larry Dean 357 Sime Sandra Elizabeth 437 Simons Warren Howard 393 Simonson Donn Maurice 90 Simpson Richard Dale 355 Simpson Stephen Kent 123 140 399 Sindt Ann Marcia 437 Sindt Duane Donald 133 442 Singer Alan Bernard 292 Sinner Stephen Kent 141 Sirois James Eugene 379 431 Sirowy William Neil 373 Skaw Loran Kent 140 Skeers Jerome M 199 285 Skeie Larry Jay 379 Skeie Marilyn Kay 259 Skclton Larry Martin 137 Skinner Robert Bruce 279 Skold Bernard H 145 Skow Daniel Lee 299 Skow Louise May 327 Skowronski Edmund 302 Skozynski Bruno E 143 393 Skretta Fabian J 298 Skultety Elaine K 252 Slack Gerald Thomas 373 Slack Sharon Kay 267 Slater William Dewey 297 Slaybaugh Michael J 312 Slaymaker Leroy Dean 140 Sleight Susanne Mary 257 Slcister Larry Keith 119 381 Slibeck Howard E Jr 393 Sloe Harold Irwin 405 Slothower Charles E 431 Sluyter Harlan Leroy 298 Slykhuis Janice Nell 437 Smaha Lynn Allan 357 Small Larry David 137 312 Smalley Stanley Paul 130 139 199 269 272 284 431 Smalling Marlin Lee 118 134 381 Smalling Nancy Jean 329 Smiser Laurence W 73 122 Smit Stephen James 133 200 318 Smith Alan Frank 389 407 Smith Anthony 144 Smith Ann Louise 171 182 264 Smith Beverly Jean 333 Smith Carroll C Jr 199 298 Smith Charles Leroy 142 Smith Clifford E 118 Smith Clifford Ross 381 Smith Delmar Wayne 119 Smith Donna Arlene 343 Smith Dr. E B 32 Smith Elaine Claire 267 Smith Eleanor Busby 251437 Smith Francis A 385 Smith Fred Paul 279 Smith Gene L 399 Smith Gene Ronald 288 Smith Gilbert Duane 141 284 Smith Jack Vincent 363 426 Smith James Arthur 399 Smith John Richard 397 Smith John Richard 316 431 Smith Joyce Ann 437 Smith June Fisher Ill Smith Kaye Corrine 339 Smith Kenneth Eugene 105 443 Smith Kent Carlisle 232 431 Smith Larry Dean 311 Smith Larry Lake 91 Smith Nancy Jo 261 Smith Ray Rex 171 Smith Rebecca Joan 325 Smith Richard Allan 431 Smith Richard Dixon 307 Smith Richard Lynn 415 Smith Richard M III 114 Smith Richard Otis 199 Smith Roger Clair 133 Smith Ronald Herbert 393 Smith Ronald Lynn ..105 133 377 443 Smith Sally Jane 251 437 Smith William Alan 367 443 Smithers Celia Anne 256 Smoldt James David 110 122 148 269 299 431 Snakcnbcrg Robert L 145 316 Snead John Edward 140 166 425 Sncll Gregory Michael 367 Snelling Linnea Sue 253 Snyder Glenn Melvin 131 381 Snyder John Raymond 269 316 Snyder Wayne Normin 383 Soder Shirley Jane 252 Soelberg Stephen L 407 Soenke Edward L 379 Sogge Robert William 383 Sokolski John Joseph 284 Solberg Gaylord M 445 Soldwish Sidney Lynn 373 Soloway Marcella 251 Sommers Gerald Marcus ..165 283 369 Soncrant Jerry Eugene 363 Sonksen Kay Esbeck Ill 156 437 Sonnicksen Janet M 261 Sonnleitner Joane L 257 Soppe Bernard James 387 Sorensen Daniel Dean 389 Sorensen Louise M 254 Sorenson John D 431 Sorenson Raymond F 405 Sosalla Phillip Myron 395 Soth William Ray 403 443 Souhrada Dave Arden 137 Soukup George Milton 286 Soults Maurene 343 437 Southard Ronnie W 377 Southworth Larry W 293 Sparks Darryl Roger 385 443 Spear Janice Margaret 252 Spears Jeffrey F 125 379 Specht Janet 263 Speer Howard V 431 Speers George Michael 108 143 310 425 Speers Judith Ann 147 331 Spencer Darby Joan 257 Spencer John Stephen 399 Spenkelink Gary Jr 138 Spenner Donald Duane 131 Sperry Charles Earl 145 387 Speth Susan Gay 261 Spielman Ron Maurice 133 359 Spiess Edward A 431 Spinner William F 138 307 Spires Carnis 74 Spohn Sandra Kay 253 Spooner Herbert Glenn 413 Spoor John Houge 431 Spore Katherine L 227 263 Sprague Lynda Frances 256 Spray Danny Leroy 144 145 415 Springer Jerry Lee 375 Stacey Mark L 431 Stachour Paul Donald 292 Stackhouse Ladona Rae 257 Stacy Denzil 122 130 Stadtmueller Richard 361 425 Stable Roger R II 132 304 Staker Daniel A 321 Staller Willis C 147 287 Stamp Gary Norman 118 Standley Phillip Dean 91 308 Stanerson Ronald W 310 Stanley Carol Jean Ill 437 Stanley Gerald W 285 Stanley Larry Robert 125 285 Stanley Raymond Earl 304 432 Stanley Richard Ray 401 Stansberry Kent G 112 293 Starbuck Jerry L 373 Starbuck Van Taylor 375 Stark Judith Mary 256 Stark Mrs 251 Stark Nancy Jeanne 265 Stark Ronald James 287 Starke Ivan Leigh Jr 411 Staszak David John 319 Stauffer Richard Alan 130 Stauffer Richard C ..130 281 399 432 Staves Nicholas H 122 Steadman William F Jr 297 Stebbings William Lee 313 Steckelberg Rickey L 321 Steele Margaret E 267 Steele Meredith A 437 Steele Richard Bemund 397 Steenblock David Alan 306 Steenhock Harlcy H 285 Steenhoek Larry E 147 Stcffen Richard Alan 311 Stelfensen Louann C 134 257 Steffenson Earl R 140 292 425 Steffy Raymond Earl 211 Stehbens James Alan 235 Stehn James Lowell 201 385 432 Steil V 147 Stein Lawrence Hugh 116 Steinbeiser Constance 343 Stcinmetz Frank J III 399 Stella Lawrence Mark 133 399 Steltcr Ernest Edward 407 Stensland Robert Dean 139 Stenstrom Deanne L ..83 194 325 437 Stephens Boyd Lytle 137 425 Stephens Enid Nadene 104 134 250 255 Stephens James Dewey 115 407 Stephens Kenneth R 109 432 Stephans Larry C 319 Stephens Mary Ellen 333 Stephenson Conrad Jr 387 Stephenson Wallace G 387 Sterk Kenneth Ray 281443 Sterling Judith Lynne ..111 157 240 339 437 Stetzler Sandra Sue 262 Stevens Charles G 112 124 291 Stevens Mrs. Jennie 345 Stevens Richard Dale 375 Stevens Sharon Mary 177 260 Stevens Spencer C 389 Stevens Stephen B 389 Stevenson Gene Hurley 145 Stevenson Robert S 413 Steward Christina Lee 335 Stewart Alvin Jay 321 Stewart Gail Joanne 142 443 Stewart Janet Christy 335 Stewart Janet Marie 263 Stewart Michael C 416 Stewart Robert Nevin 199 Stewart Robert W 284 Stewart Thomas Edwin 300 Sticgelmeyer John R ..201 269 299 425 Stielow Gary Lorenz 124 379 Stientjes Harlan C 355 Stiemle Chuck 208 211 Stifel Frederick B 383 Stille Tom Albce 411 425 Stine Norma Rae 261 437 Stine Timothy Michael 407 Stiner Susan Emily 171266 Stinton Dale Gene 361 Stitely Patricia Ann 257 Stitt William Orlo 387 Stivers Keith Herbert 367 St John Donald B 307 353 Stober Dan Ross 130 Stock Lawrence Peter 131296 Stoddard Sheralyn Sue 345 Stoetzner Robert T 141 Stoffregen Paula Jean 254 Stoltenberg Larry E 131 165 289 Stone Charles Paul 130 311 Stoner Danford D 145 361 Stookey Leslie David 298 Storer William A Jr 426 Storey David Michael 289 Storm William Roger 3i6 Stott George Goulding 90 Stotts Judith C 255 Stout Margaret Fern 98 251 Stout Stephen Klor 399 Strachan Gary Lyie 133 443 Strachan Mary Lu 171 263 Straehle Carol Ann 345 Strain James Richard 407 Strait Pamela Nan 265 Straley James Andrew 91 Strand Eli S 211 Strand Elizabeth 337 Strand Eugene Stanley 288 Strand Martha Rose 333 443 Strandberg Linda Kay 131163 Stransky Kenneth R 307 Strathe Montgomery S 132 Straw Marvin Leroy 221 231 407 Strawn Marvin Ivan 373 Strayer Rebecca Sue 253 437 Streck Walter Leo 137 Streeby Larry Lee 138 Streeter Donald Dean 416 Streiff Barbara L 347 Strieker Michael A 395 Strissel Jerry Fred 137 157 Strock Duane Clarence 142 Stronczek Robert A 300 Strong Elaine Joyce 256 Strong Judith Ann 252 Strong Meri Michele 261 Stropes Eugene L 122 293 Stropes Ray Eugene 279 Strother William R 310 Stroud Eddie Wayne 301 Strunk William L 301 Strusky Michael Alan 375 Stubbs Mary Kay 325 Stucker Carolee Ann 263 Stucker William M 171 293 Stufflebeam Sandra L 265 Stull Nancy Kay 262 Stumme Leroy William 165 Stump James Clinton 141 Stump Marjorie M 263 Stumpff Henry T Jr 133 282 Stupar Rudolhp A 395 Sturdivant Rodney B 300 Stutsman Carolyn Ann 255 Stutsman Ronald E 425 Suhr Judith Faye 193 322 345 Sullivan Brian Barry 182 292 Sullivan Dennis M 387 Sullivan John William 395 Sullivan Paul Francis 371 Sundberg Sally Sue 256 Sundberg Wayne David 120 130 292 Sundc Karen Marie ..193 199 251 443 Sundell William Dean 132 200 281 Sundquist Stephen A 432 Sung Roger Denis 313 Sunnquist Duane Roger 133 311 Sutherland Leann 260 Sutter Glenn Allen 155 445 Sutter Richard John 147 383 443 Sutton Alan Larue 315 Sutton Maurice Elden 132 295 Sutton Nicholas J 379 Svejda Elmer James 280 426 Svenson Gene Dougia ' ; 291 373 Svenson William M 144 145 Svuba Dwight Vernon 124 Swain Dennis Paul 113 432 Swan Jerry Lee 379 Swan Karen Ann 264 Swaney David Martin 445 Swanson C Lynn 139 264 Swanson Char les D 123 Swanson Dale Leo 315 Swanson Gerald L 306 Swanson Marilyn Jean 146 254 Swanson Paul L 132 144 168 Swanson Robert Alec 280 Swarbrick John H 142 Swartz Charlene I 329 Swartz Larry Lloyd 300 477 Sweeney Michael D 297 Sweeney William H 145 Sweetman Charles Leon 397 Swcnson Annette Marie 201256 Swift Curran Stewart 88 Swift Wayne Dennis 282 Swingen Robert F 145 Swinney Constance L 171 264 Switzer Barton Basel 199 375 Switzer Larry K 205 201 231 Switzer Robert Dennis 284 Sykes William Morgan 291 Sylvester Frank A 132 287 Sylwcster Dr E P 99 Syndergaard Dale Ward 124 432 Synnes Linda lies 250 437 Szomor Laszio 283 T Taber Paul Eugene 309 Tague Mrs Beryl 397 Taiganides Eliseos P 212 Tail James William 407 Takecuchi Elsie F 260 Talcott Robert H 379 Tarn Patrick Tin Ming 443 Tamasi Philip Michael 123 294 Tamura Edward Haruo 201 292 Tanaka Elaine Tatsue 260 437 Tanner Alison Lee 132 Tanner Brooke R 411 425 Tanner Sears Vaughn 295 Tapper Sharon Ilenc 134 168 251 Tarr Cornelius F 310 Tarrem John R 138 Taunk Karen Irene 341437 Taylor Barbara Sue 254 Taylor Oiane 437 Taylor Gordon Fred 383 Taylor James Robert 281 Taylor James Stanley 105 411 Taylor Janice M 245 267 Taylor John Charles 411 Taylor Joie Louise 258 Taylor Joyce Eileen 253 Taylor Larry Calvin 401 Taylor Nancy Kay 171 253 Taylor Norman Owen 211 Taylor Robert Bern 272 443 Tebben E Marvin 299 443 Tedore Stephen Gary 131 Teghtmeyer Edward Lee . .130 138 232 305 Tekippe Earl William 132 425 Tellin Larry Duane 305 Templer Jerry James 304 Templeton Patricia A 234 Tepper Florence Sybil 252 Terloum William John 317 Ternus Gary Stephen 286 Terrell Michael D 407 Terrientes Cesar A Jr 203 Terrill Jeff 403 Terrill Stephen M 403 Terrill Thomas J 383 Terry John Miller 144 411 Terry Robert Peter 145 Tesdell Donald Steven 411 Teske Milton Earl 269 304 Tester Bruce Alan 375 Tetrick James Loren 287 Tett Hubert Francis 267 Thaden Marcia Mae 267 Thake Daryl C 91 Theisen Eleanor 395 Thelen Ronald T 137 425 Thenhaus Capt Duane 200 Thiel Guy Claude 383 Thieleke David R 133 Thien Donald Lee 357 Thien Stephen John 357 Thoeike Ann 369 Thomas Anne Spencer 343 437 Thomas Barry Ray 315 Thomas Cheryl C 259 Thomas David Clair 355 Thomas David George 211 Thomas Dean 132 Thomas Dennis M 296 Thomas Diana 345 443 Thomas Keith Allen 318 Thomas Larry Lee 118 Thomas Lowell David 375 Thomas R Dean 135 Thompson Andy 413 Thompson. Barbara Ann 257 Thompson Barbara L 165 258 Thompson Carolyn 201 Thompson Delon Ray 231 365 Thompson Dennis Lee 130 284 Thompson Dennis W 113 Thompson Dorothy Kaye 114 Thompson Jr Earl G 411 Thompson Gary Sefton 387 Thompson Mrs Genevieve 367 Thompson Glenda Ray 327 Thompson Hayne Amos ....199 387 432 Thompson Jane Eleanor 263 Thompson Jerry Vernon 90 Thompson Jo Ann 329 Thompson John Mark 409 Thompson Karon L 251 Thompson Larry Lee 133 Thompson Lawrence H .... 105 240 389 Thompson LeRoy R ..113 130 312 432 Thompson Lynda Lee 266 Thompson Maries Mac 266 443 Thompson Natalie Ann 331 Thompson Norlene Kay 335 Thompson Reginald E 212 Thompson Richard John 375 Thompson Robert John 445 Thompson Robert W Jr 313 Thompson Robert Wayne 96 Thompson Ronald L 353 393 Thompson Susan P 437 Thompson W Reavis 119 Thompson William 143 151 425 Thompson Wilton P 212 Thomsen Dennis Dale 284 Thomsen Dennis Eugene 301 Thomsen Thomas C III 213 371 Thomson James Douglas 389 Thomson John Ulan 312 Thorburn Richard Hay 105 377 443 Thoreson Joseph D 135 361 Thoreson Richard W 118 286 361 Thornton Kent W 145 401 Thornton Margery Jean 260 437 Thorp Lynn Faye 255 Thorpe Sandra Kay 171 257 Thorson Delmar Dean 321 Thovson Eldean F 124 432 Thrailkill Ramon 432 Thrasher Samuel R 379 Threlkeld Dennis J 305 Throckmorton Barbara 345 Thun Donald LeRoy 296 Thurman John Reese 138 269 283 Thye Forrest Wallace .108 132 381 425 Thye Lois Lorraine 267 Tihbetts John B 377 Tice Dennis Lee 375 Tice Margaret Ann 114 341 443 Ticknor Keith Allen 425 Tiedjc James Michael 108 137 151 353 381 Tiedje William Joseh 375 Tiefenthaler Jean Ann 267 Tieke Edward Scott ..123 208 211 389 Tierney Michael James 298 Tiffany Irving Carl 309 Tiffany Ivetta Carlyn 263 Tigges Linda Anne 255 Tigges Sybil Jean 261 437 Tillman Terrill Lee 293 Tillson Thomas R 292 Timberlake Rebecca J 261 Timm Arthur Paul 302 Timm L C 231 Timm Tommy Lee 443 Timmer Marjorie 250 255 Timmers Marcia Kay 257 Timmers Sara June 341 Tincher Sharon Kay 331 Tinker Alan Delos 405 TisI Linda Louise 258 Titler Mary Virginia 177 260 Titus Gary Wellington 130 432 Tjaden Larry Edward 119 310 Toberer Jeffrey D 407 Tobias Warwick R 403 432 Tobin Kathleen Nora 252 Todoroff Bonnie Sue 153 437 Toftey Craig Lcroy 299 Tokheim Dorothy Ann HI 261 437 Tolman Kay Andrea 329 Tolo Betty Kay 265 Tolson Carolyn Kay 266 Tolstoi Harvey 305 Tomecek William R 357 Tomlinson Susan Berge 345 437 Toms Philip M 76 123 432 Tonant Jerry 92 Tonne Mary Ellen 254 Tope Roger Dean . .134 137 171 288 Toppenberg Ronnie Ray 232 Torkelson Leroy Edgar 415 Torney Donald Arthur 298 Torrens John Richard 389 Tosch Paul Richard 305 Tott Mrs Ruth 329 Townsend Charles Lee 152 Townsend Donald A 432 Townsend Hugh Douglas 313 Townsend Paul Steven 133 407 Trachta Anita K 327 437 Tracy Lillian Anne 265 Trafals Thomas James 211 Trapp Kathleen Jo 260 Trauger David Lee 321 Trausch Merlin R 211 Travis Elaine Jean 252 Travor Carl A Jr 310 Treabess Ronald H 389 Trelfa Lois Annette 252 Trcloar Robert H 425 Treneman Bayard A 405 Trent David Ross 313 Trewin James H 317 403 Trexel Richard Dean 405 Trier Dale Gene 397 Trimble Richard Allen 375 Tripp Diane Louise 322 323 325 Trommer Pamela Alyce 265 Troup Charles W 144 Troutman Frederick J 91 Trucano Allen James 365 Truman Harry S 313 Trumbo Karen Chirlene 264 Trumbo R Daniel 119 292 Trugg Susan Alrone 258 Trusty Steven Michael 140 Trygg Tanis Ann 254 Trytten Chris Thomas 199 201 272 284 432 Tubbs Alan Roy 299 Tubbs Steven Edward 123 299 Tucker Philip Wayne 138 308 Tucker Todd Moore 371 Turek Anthony John 377 Turk Mclvin Dean 141 42i Turner Albert Linn 137 Turner Jane Evelyn 171 437 Turner Robert Lee 293 Turnquist Sharon Ann 254 Tutt Dennis Joseh 300 413 Tuttle Jerry Lee 355 Twachtmann Larry A 443 Tweedt Larry Earl 383 Twomey Thomas A 137 u UbI Susan Lynne 325 Uhl Mary Kay 254 Uhl Richard Glenn 291 Uhlenhopp Paul Bruce 150 432 Uhlinger Susan Jane 345 Ulland Bo-gee Milton v .91 Ulrich Jerry Lee 124 432 Umana Jose Antonio 137 Underwood Douglas N 288 Underwood John M 397 Unglenk Rosalie E 259 Unrau Jerry Lee 407 Unsderfer Jan E 267 Urbik Lawrence W 387 Urenn Joan Carol 146 343 Urich Robert Jon 385 Uthe Colleen Marie 263 Utsler Gary Lewis 145 286 Utterback Avis Mae 146 267 V Vajgrt Robert B 310 Valerius Ann Susan 253 Van Beek Mary Ann 335 Vanbuskirk Ira R Jr 113 Vance Ellen 341 Vancleave David A 280 Vandegarde Gerald A 299 Vandelune Max Eldon 286 Vandenberghe Don H 395 Vandendries Rene I 212 Vandermeer Thomas J 283 Vandermeyden Ronald R ..133 231 286 Vanderpol Dennis Alan 426 Vanderwilt Carl E 407 Vanderwilt Robert B 221232 377 Vandewalle George L 85 143 425 Vandonselaar Clarence 373 Van Draska Barbara A 201257 Vandusseldorp Marilyn 261 Vanekeren Ronald A 115 Vaneps Janet Lee 264 Vangeluwe John D Jr 299 Vangenderen Dwight E 145 315 Vangilst Carl Wayne 123 Vanham Nancy Jean 331 Vanhauen Mark Wayne 393 Vanhorn Keith Roger 405 Vanhouten Robert R 385 Vanhouweling D E 301 Vanjahnke Peter Henry 367 Vanklcy Alan Casey 311 425 Vanklompenburg D W 141 Vanluven Martin M 283 Vanmetcr Whitam K 307 Vanness Anne 345 Vannice Jack Webster 361 Vannostrand James R 115 405 Vanroekel Carole Ann 262 Vanroekcl Maynard B 143 Vanscoy Catherine A 327 Vanscoy Michael Ray 389 Vansicklen John T 208 211 304 Vansteenburg Ronald V 296 Van Stoeser Mary 256 401 Vanwert Sondra Lee 134 263 Vanzante Robert H 132 321 Vanzce Bruce W 145 381 Vanzee Lloyd Elliot 307 Vanzee Mary Ellen 263 Varland Wayne Allan 145 Vasey Michael R 193 Vasey Robert Glen 123 357 Vasko Robert Clinton 361425 Vaughan Donna Marie 197 238 Vaughan Harry C 316 Vaughn Roger Merle 137 Vaughn Thomas Robert 209 211 Vcale James Raymond 113 443 Veazie Suzanne C 252 Veenstra Glenn James 385 Velez Dario Alfonso 137 Velicer Leiand Frank 91 Veller Peter Kenneth 273 295 Veller Thomas Owen 295 Venard William Eugene 314 Venz Alan Albert 298 Verdoorn Arthur E 385 Verga Jeanne Louise 257 Vernon Cheryl C 265 Verploeg Marccna 98 Versteeg Eugene Duane 145 Vert David Henry 272 283 432 Vespa Anthony J Jr 282 Vestrem Rosemary Lee 262 Vestweber Dennis Ray 132 Vetter Naomi Ann 175 256 437 Vicker John Edward 409 Vierow Ralph Eugene 131 285 Vieths Gayle Carolyn 265 299 Viggers Kurtis George 443 Vigliotta Patricia J 251 Villegas Francisco 212 213 294 Vilmont Jule Allen 373 Virant Edward Charles 292 Vis Bonnie Mae 145 Vix Rodger Gary 112 301 Vogt Edward Dwayne 141 425 Vohs Paul Anthony Jr 94 Voigt Carolyn Ann 253 437 Voland Judith Ellen 260 Volkman Loren Bernell 301 Voltz James Willard 443 Von Bergen Mickey 232 401 Vonweihe Marlyn Elmer 318 Voorhees Jeffrey W 416 Voorhees Michael G 416 Voorhees William A 200 299 Vosburg Noble Edward 407 425 Voss David Errol 292 Voss Leota Ann 259 Voss Sharon Raye 256 Vredenburgh Larry D 139 443 Vroman Katherine Rae 254 w Wadsworth Donald A 375 Wageman Michael Roy 289 Waggoner Constance L 157 201 272 322 323 337 Waggoner Karen Dee 337 438 Wagner Gerald Richard 137 Wagner Joseph Edward . .445 Wagner Thomas C 313 Wagner Thomas Martin ...133 288 443 Wagoner John Cecil 279 Wahl Steve Leroy 319 Wahrenbrock James B 113 309 443 Wakefield John Albert 274 286 Wakefield Robert C 286 Walch William E 199 375 Waldron Peter Allycen 288 Waldstein Sammy James 298 Walker David Allan 288 Walker John Adrian 443 Walker John Asher 11 105 200 272 298 Walker Mark Alan 290 Walker Mark George 148 Walker Susan Luann 261 Walker William Phelps 49 387 Walkup John Davis 130 371 Wall David 443 Wall Thomas Eugene 300 Wallace Catharine A 339 Wallace Wanda Louise 256 Wallcn Douglas Owen 397 Walien Gail Louise 347 438 Wallen Richard Alex 143 282 Waller Melvin Arba 138 Waller Sherlyann 325 Wallerich Gary Lee 137 Wallin Carl Leroy 357 Walling James Decosta 283 Walrath Judith Ann 259 Walrod Judith Ann 259 Walsh Mary Jane 345 Walter Dave Lee 432 Walter Lawrence E 137 321 Walter Leonard Dale 373 Walter Marvin Julian 411 Walter Ralph Chester 137 307 Walter Ray Warren 137 279 Walters Carolyn Jean 256 Walters Ralph Edward 167 Walton Charles R 205 211 399 Walton William Neil 116 142 425 Waltz James Francis 137 Waltz Jon Horace 132 302 Waltz Randall Charles 291 Wampler Robert E Jr 367 Wangsness Clayton E 119 321 Wanzel Robert Jess 293 Ward Chester Douglas 297 383 Ward Clement Edward 118 395 Ward Donald George 18 Ward John Paul 145 Ward John R H 145 298 Ward Larry Douglas 401 Ward Mona Kay 339 Ward Russell Darrell 137 286 Warden Lyie Loy 145 Ware Ronald Theodore 141 292 Ware Suzanne Kay 134 407 Warman Roy 114 Warner Albert John 139 301 Warner Darlene E 263 Warner Donald R 132 Warner Donna Rae 266 438 Warner Jeffrey T 133 389 Warner Judith Ann 259 Warner Nancy Jo 438 Warning Ann Carol 335 438 Warren Anne Karene 257 Warren William Jerome 321 Warrick Gordon Lee 301 Warrick Ronald E 286 Wartig Rodney Fred 90 Waselkov Janet Dee 153 329 Waskow James Rudolph 290 Waterbury Douglas K 401 Waterhouse Carolyn D CC 250 261 438 Waterman Veronica Gay 335 Waters David George 159 443 Waters Deanna Margo 114 443 Watson Carl Robey 432 Watson George Houston 416 Watson Lavonne Raye 142 Watson Mark Edwin 407 Watson Mrs 373 Watson Stephen Louis 286 478 Watts James Joseph 310 Waugh Steven Michael 2S3 Wauters Connie Mary V7 265 Way Bryan George 283 Way Douglas Stewart 300 Way Mary Irene 263 Wear Richard Rodney 116 117 Wearmouth Jack Dale 138 Weaver David Phillip 379 Weaver Eleanor Ann 171 257 Webb Gary Allen 138 231 272 309 425 Webb Jacl( L 285 Webb Susan Ellen 327 Webber Jane Ann 251 Weber Barbara Jane 347 Weber James Gail 301 443 Weber Kathleen Rose 146 407 Weber Keith Alfred . .115 151 194 381 425 Weber Keith E 108 Weber Linda Alice 252 Weber Robert John 124 432 Weber Weston Edward 231 Wedemeyer Lowell Remy 432 Wedewer Thomas Edward 357 Wegner Helen Virginia 333 Wegner Kermit Jurgen 201 Wehmeyer Gary Orlyn 284 Wehr Larry Wayne 285 Wehrspann Jerry Ray 152 300 432 Wei Cynthia Suet Fai 177 443 Wei Michael Si-swin 177 Weibel Frank Paul 18 Weibel Mike Kent 403 Weidauer Timothy 297 Weidlein Charles W 300 Weidlein Glenn Lloyd 292 Weigel John Joseph 395 Weigie James Thorne 411 Weihofen Michael G 389 Weiland Gary Franklin 403 Weiner Merle 141 Weiner Richard Allen 300 Weir Mary Kathryn 335 Welander Robert Elder 145 Welch Jean Anita 111 114 252 438 Welch Joan Marie 114 252 438 Welch Richard Mark 303 Weldon Ronald Henry 306 Weller Frederick E 321 403 Wells Mary Jo 331 Welty William B 105 383 Wemark Elaine Joyce 263 Werner Jane Eileen 134 263 Werner Robert Claire 123 311 Wendel Mary Louise 325 Wenger Judith Ann 261 Wenthe Wayne William 118 399 Wentzcll Susan 345 Werdcll James Stanley 377 Weresch William H 413 Wernecke Frank W 150 432 Werner Carol Dianne 261 Werner Peter Herman 369 Werner William John 294 Wernimont Leon J 90 Werth Charlotte V 146 183 335 Wessei Thomas Roger 165 Wessels Gerald R 357 West Dewey Neil 291 West Judson R 108 155.445 Westberg Ralph L 294 Westcott John S 142 Westprcamp Donald H 90 Weston Kenneth Dean 132 282 Westphal Douglas W 298 Westrum Layne LIsbeth 438 Weyker Donald Gary 395 Wheat Duane Elmer 123 Wheaton John Thomas 389 Wheeler Donald Eric 387 Wheeler Janet Kirke 327 Whetstone James R 113 298 Whigham Maurice Alan 297 Whipple Harold W 269 299 Whrtcomh Fred Ralph 302 Whitcombe Martha S 322 353 339 443 White Albert Edward 395 White David Victor 395 432 White Doris Ann 134 262 White Janet Jean 134 254 White Jerry William 118 134 282 White Laurence S 314 White Michael Louis 137 282 White Michael William 365 White Patricia Ann 104 254 White William 235 Whitehead Dennis C 300 Whiteis Lamont Jay 317 Whitford F Wendell Jr 397 Whitley Guyon 166 Whitney Douglas Rex 355 Whitney Thomas M 92 Whiton Robert Roland 308 Whitson Thomas Daniel 397 425 Wicklund Gary Allen 397 432 Wictor Kenneth Paul 432 Widman James Orville 294 Widmer John Max 409 Wieborg James Edward 140 393 Wiechman Karia E 335 Wiedeman John Lee 291 Wieder Margaret Ann 257 323 Wiedmann James B 407 Wiegand Kay Lyn 333 438 Wiekoski Patricia Ann 266 Wiese Charles H III 443 Wiese Ladon Frederick 137 Wiese Sandra Kay 258 Wiese Vern Marvin 299 Wiggers Kenneth Dale 144 411 Wight Harold Dale 138 Wightman Patricia S 438 WIgton Jimmie Eugene 280 Wikner Mark Anthony 269 301 WIgstrom Donald Irwin 312 Wiktor Thaddeus J 142 Wilcox Jerry David 296 Wilcox Robert Keith 289 Wilder D R 122 Wildman Gretchen Ann 114 329 Wildung David Keith 108 140 269 287 425 ley Kay Lea 343 Ifong Judy A 438 Ihelmsen Bernard E 314 Iken Carolyn Sue 343 438 Ikening Clifford P 310 Ikening Lanny Ross 132 310 Ikes Robert Lee 389 Ikins Dan Carl 375 Ikinson Sharon Anne 229 Hard James Alan 296 lie Dale Delmer 142 416 lleke James Howard 312 lleke Judy Jean 257 llenborg James F 411 llenburg Roger John 240 389 Hers John Ludwig 130 369 llett Gary Irel 119 llett Olin Norwood 374 375 Hey Wythe Willis 361 llhitc Darrell Van 141 lliams Billy Lee 363 lliams Darwin Basil 319 lliams Dennis Leon 445 lliams Hugh Andrew 200 lliams James Howard 383 lliams Jane Ann 193 345 lliams John Philip 300 lliams Kathryn E 261 323 lliams Kenneth W 119 315 lliams Otis James .... ' . 211 lliams Ralph E 306 lliams Robert S 399 lliams Russell Todd 142 lliamson Michael D 432 llig David Roger 411 His Rita Kae 252 llms Don Larry 118 151 272 293 425 lloughby D Curtis 150 274 286 lloughby John K 112 379 lloughby Pamela 114 347 lis Carol Diana 261 Imarth Barbara Ann 264 Ison Brian Thompson 137 302 Ison David Hugh 292 Ison David Merle 432 Ison David Michael 130 138 199 318 Ison Denny Ray 137 415 Ison Diane Susan 329 Ison Doyle Edward 309 Ison Gary Dennis 130 318 Ison James Darwin 287 Ison Kenneth Lee 303 Ison Larry Dean 293 Ison Linda Kay 254 Ison Margaret Ann 254 Ison Marsha Lee 262 Ison Mary Ann 265 Wilson Nancy Jane 153 253 438 Wilson Nick Lynn 373 Wilson Richard James 294 Wilson Robert Larry 286 Wilson Ronald Eugene 122 182 432 Wilson Sara Margaret 333 438 Wilson Thomas Hewes 387 Wilson Wayne William 110 122 150 154 272 303 432 Wilson Wendell Wayne 272 425 Wilson William Carrel 145 Wiltgen Eugene F 150 432 Wiltsie Kenneth Kay 432 Winakor Geitel 153 Winberg Nancy Ruth 331 Wind Lavonne Jean 114 443 Windom Glenn Dean 145 Winegar Rodger Arnold 232 Wing Mary Alice 139 Wingrove Frank Arnold 144 313 Wink Gary Lee 321 Winkelmeyer Cara E 329 438 Winker Larry James 121 Winkler Duane Ralph 307 Winkler Mrs 393 Wintermeyer Ronna J 266 Winterowd Darrell D 145 314 Winters Larry Lyie 425 Winters Patricia Gwen 263 Winters Wesley Harlen 314 432 Wion Garry Paul 232 Wipert Jimmy Dalton 211399 Wirth Karen Ruth 265 Wirth Larry Gene 359 Wirtz Richard Walter 299 432 Wisbey Robert William 432 Wisby Gary Charles 375 Wise Cynthia 256 Wise Robert Edwin 145 272 315 Wisecup Duane Kaye 313 Wiseman Michael W 303 443 Wiseman Richard Alan 303 Wishart John Rehder 130 298 Wisor James Francis 272 294 425 Wisor Robert Roman 132 287 Wissbaum Anne Marie 111 328 438 Wistrom Gordon Karl 315 Witham James Thomas 383 Witt Charles N 397 Witt Jon Roy 145 381 Witt Richard A 290 Witte David William 133 269 303 Witte Gary Lee 377 Witte Larry Douglas 119 313 Witter Sally Rene 262 Willkopf Carol J 443 Witwer Keith Lee 318 Witzenburg Dennis L 112 416 Woostrchill Daniel L 201 Wogahn Larry Arthur 90 Wold Benjamin C Jr 373 Woldruff Lonnie Alan 132 299 425 Wolf Carol Ann 146 267 Wolf James Richard 122 387 Wolf John Robert 122 387 Wolf LyIe Clark 117 123 432 Wolfe David Ernest 355 Wolfe John Robert ..110 353 367 432 Wolfensperger Robert 133 359 Wolff Cynthia A 341 Wolff Phillip Russell 104 285 Wolfmeyer Paul Albert 165 315 Woline Judith Claire 114 329 Wolter Gene Ernest 137 165 280 Wonder George Dale 130 Wong Douglas G 313 Wong Virginia Mei-kam 255 Wonio Michael Lee 143 399 Wood Archie St Clair 235 Wood Roger Lee 405 Wood Sandra 258 Wood Steven Douglas 104 272 305 Woodall Robert Leslie 286 Woodfill Robert E 359 Woodford Robert C 292 432 Woodhead Mary 265 Woodin Dennis Rochard 137 301 Woodley Joan Lynette 265 323 Woodman Carol Lewise 252 438 Woods Bruce Dean 413 Woods Gerald Ray 124 313 432 Woodward Duane H 119 Woodward William D 135 Woodyard Sammy Jean 258 Woolis Lucille Ann 252 443 Woolman Terry Gene 286 Workman David Allen 314 Workman William John 321 Wormley Samuel James 143 280 Wornson Richard F 407 Wornson Thomas Albert 407 Worrell Vernon Leroy 121 432 Worsley Suzanne F 171 253 438 Wright Alvin Lee 144 292 Wright Anita Marie 438 Wright Darrell Lynn 312 Wright Dickie Dean 298 Wright Karen Ann 262 Wright Robert Alan 292 Wright Robert Richard 145 Wright Vernon Lee 147 287 Wruck Robert Vincent 112 311 Wubben Julia May 438 Wulf Marvin Harry 304 Wurster William G 287 Wyatt David Garfield 145 Wyatt Susan Kay 265 Wykert Janet Kaye 259 Wylie James Peter 145 Wymore David Allen 314 Wynia David Kent 145 Y Yager Yale W 285 432 Yamaguchi Ann Misako 254 255 Yamazaki Kayoko 140 257 Yankey Mary Jane 251 Yao Modesto Go 78 Yeager Clark Adams 137 361 Yearns Kerald E 425 Yeast Jerry Lee 140 314 Yelick Robert Lee 299 Yeoman Richard Jay 363 Yocum Charles F 318 443 Yoder Delmar Jackson 319 Yoder Elizabeth 166 Yoder Patricia Ann 254 Yoder Ronald Carroll 137 166 Johe Thomas Harold 182 Yost Charles C III 272 291 Yost Laura Lee 267 Young Barbara E 331 Young Constance J Ill 251 438 Young Eugene Walter 137 155 415 Young Hugh Albert 110 122 432 Young John William 407 Youngberg Roland E 124 Younggreen Ann Marie 121 257 Youngman Harold M 121315 Yousscfyeh Rouhollah 313 432 Yungclas Richard Paul 287 Yungclas William R 407 z Zachary Loren William 301 Zagar Talbert Neil 307 426 Zahradnik Gerald R 130 Zamzow Craig Dean 371 Zbornik Barry Marcus 318 Zeien Ralph Charles 443 Zeigler Barbara Ann 263 Zell Floyd Ross 132 145 Zemke Bruce Edward 282 Zenti Louis Augustine 133 318 Zickefoose Loren D 283 Ziegler Gary Daniel 399 Ziegler John William 199 416 Ziegler Robert Lee 310 Ziemann Lyle Elmore 130 365 Ziemer Max Eric 369 Zierke Arlen Verle 91 Zikuda Jerry David 285 Zilmer Donald Dean 387 Zimmerman Gerald Lee 296 Zimmerman Glen Andrew 387 443 Zimmerman Jean Louise ..114 139 253 Zimmerman John M 385 Zinkil George A Jr 405 Zobenica Ronald Milan 432 Zobrist Dale Walter 109 124 315 Zobrist Suzanne L 134 262 Zosulis Edwin 375 Zuendel Robert C 357 Zvendel Rocky 87 Zwald Eugene Richard 132 Zwanzlger Mary Ann 165 267 Zweifel Dennis Eugene 355 479 Editorial Staff Editor WiLLA Bannister Managing Editor — Copy Gary Murphy Managing Editor — Photo . . Dennis Brown Head Photograplier Bill Cox Photo Editor Mary Weir Ann Murray Academic Editor Carolyn Campion Activities Editor Cathy Lundon Residence Editor Sandy Gowan Features Editor Shirley Bailey Seniors Editor Larry Hermann Sports Editor Donna Vaughan Index Editor Mary Cord Bomb Beauties Chairman . ■ Lois Hampe Copy Writers: Sherry Arkless, Joyce Battey, Mary Berg, Elaine Bowden, Joan Kohl, Marsha Lindquist, Diane Messerschmidt, Pat Miller, Vonna Oatman, Tudy Omeis, Ann Oyaas, Jackie Percival, Margie Priebe, Mike Raven, Jan Sells, Celia Smithers . . . special thanks to Eleanor Lillie and John Flint. Business Staff Business Manager Assistant Business Manager Jim Bull Brent Mitchell Sales Manager Ted Wiktor Secretary Marthe Hackenberg Photo Credits Dave Arendts: 19, 44, 45, 47, 50, 51, 52, 70, 71, 72. 84, 89, 93, 95, 233, 349. Sondra Baker: 8. Jack Baty: 355. Karen Blanchard: 11, 15. Marsha Barron: 28. Larry Bower: 5. Get; Boehm: 8, 13, 16, 17, 30, 70, 73, 74, 75, 83, 152, 194, 198, 218, 241, 270, 272, 273, 275, 279, 280, 281, 282, 283, 284, 285, 286, 287, 291, 293, 294, 296, 297, 298, 299, 300, 301, 302, 315, 316, 317, 318, 319, 321, 371, 376. Dee Carey: 78, 118, 124, 151, 169, 192, 2.54, 256, 258, 438, 480. Kay Carpenter: 15, 82, 336. Bill Cox: 2, 12, 13, 21, 23, 25, 26, 27, 31, 32, 33, 46, 48, 49, 53, 54, 55, 56, 57, 62, 63 64, 65, 67, 69, 71, 72, 77, 80, 81, 82, 85, 88, 89, 91, 148, 156, 184, 185, 187,189, 191, 194, 195, 196, 197, 198, 206, 207, 209, 210, 214, 216, 234, 237, 248, 249, 250, 251, 269, 272, 274, 275, 276, 277, 288, 289, 290, 292, 295, 304, 305, 306, 307, 308, 309, 310, 311, 312, 313, 330, 406, 409, 418, 419. Ray Dennis: 234. Dave Doggett: 22, 178, 249. Wayne Dowling: 303. Dennis Eilers: 9, 41, 148, 182, 202, 208, 210, 230, 232, 246. Larry Edwards: 40, 76, 149, 158, 169, 176, 178, 246, 348. David Eliason: 10. Martin Fay: .34, 40, 41, 60, 215, 278, 348, 350, 365, 368, 403, 411. Gary Freed: 79, 139, 141, 163, 190, 216, 219, 252, 260, 262, 264, 327, 328, 333, 335 341 343 344 Don Gerdes: ' i, 9, 18, 50, 58, 60, 61, 101, 164, 180, 220, 226, 239, 240, 357. Joe Glime: 95. R Greenlee ■ 93 Gerald Griffith: ' SZ, 85, 86, 87, 90, 91, 121, 150, 247, 314, 433. Bill Hamilton: 23, 363, 373, 379, 380, 382, 387, 392, 397, 405, 417. Mike Harris: 69. Bob Harrison: 19. Dean Hoist: 237. Katy Honeck: 7, 90. l.loyd Hobl: 5, 87, 234. Bob Johnson: 3, 20, 21, 24, 25, 33, 157, 203, 206, 209, 210, 212, 213. Gary Kaney: 39. Tom King: 385, 395, 433. Jerry Knight: 158, 222. Joyce Lischka: 43, 73, 242. Bob Lorentzen: 185, 186, 188. Cathy Lundon: 159. Greg Michael: 48. Mike Miller: 36, 37, 91, 98, 117, 120, 126, 127, 136, 154, 166, 177. Tony Mormon: 235. Tom Murray: 28, 29. Russ Nelson: 34, 35, 38, 98, 128, 160, 162, 170, 171, 174, 180, 181, 222, 223, 224, 229, 238, 239, 242, 243, 244, 338, .349, 352, 420. Patty Pearson: 66. Don Ogg: 239. Joy Reese: 80. Steve Ritland: 204, 205, 208. 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Mr. Ed Hackleman, Mr. Ralph VanDyke, and Miss Molly Flanders of Jahn and oilier Engraving Co. for their help in planning the book and getting the engravings to us. Mr. Bill Snell of Smithcraft Covers who helped us with the cover design and handled the details. Mr. John Morgan of College Town Studios who photographed seniors and groups for the Bomb. Engravings by Jahn Oilier Engraving Company, Chicago, Illinois. Printing by Iowa State University Press, Ames, Iowa. Covers by S. K. Smith Company, Chicago, Illinois. Bindings by National Bookbinding Co., Stevens Point, Wis. ' : ■(■ ' • ■• V . 1 • i ■ . ' ., -s 1 , , ' ■ - " .■■ ' " ■), ■ f l .W

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