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ff tiwwaywwme N CFrom the Columbia Picture, Rastar Production Entitled "THE WAY WE WERE"J f Music by Marvin Hamlisch Lyrics by Alan and Marilyn Bergman Mem'ries Light the corners of my mind , Misty water color mem'ries Of the way we were . Scattered pictures Of the smiles we left behind, Smiles we gave to one another For the way we were. Can it be that it was all so simple then, 3 Or has time rewritten ev'ry line? 4 4 If we had the chance to do it all again, 3 Tell me would we? Could we? 4 Mem'ries 'l May be beautiful, and yet, A What's too painful to remember E We simply choose to forget. , So it's the laughter We will remember, W Whenever we remember The Way We Were. i X W Q -' Copyright 1973 by Colgems-EMI Music Inc. Used by permission , All Rights Reserved M . I .1 .Q-.,, n Wim i 'gl 'lr wh . ,- NCQ ' Classes ---- Activities --- Faculty --- Elementary --- Advertisements HUNTINGTON SCHOOL Chillicothe , Ohio CONIENIQ l None of us will forget the winter we had this year! It was cold, hard, and long. lt began the end of November. By December 3rd, we had already missed two days of school because of snow. But even with this early warning, none of us were expecting what came next. January hit hard! Record snow- falls, frozen and burst water pipes, gas shortages, and buses that would not start in record breaking low temperatures, as low as 21 degrees below zero, allowed us to go to school only four days that month. By the end of January, most of us had tired of our extended vacation, and when Alaska began having warmer temperatures than Ohio, we began giving up all hope of spring. I ' As suddenly as the snow came, it was gone as February arrived with its "hot" temperatures of 20 and 30 degrees. But March came in like a lion, and on March 1st we missed our 1'7th and final day because of icy road conditions. .iz 'J A IDU 'vo rw , fll . 70 M If l X - M E- . 4' 1 " 0 Alu 4 'Q " ' KX, :. 'wg XXV :Shaadi if , v. Q43 ff - Q xg J 'I X ,att Q, ga f"'ii 51 ffl' 'Ei' 3: 31' ffrv gan , iq., 43 1'1- .,, A ,S 54.1. ' f V: eff .U if 4 Q A , M' -U el' 7' L' Tisf -,ff .,..' .. .1 . it-f, 'z - ' . V u , Jr v M 6 .ati vii ,ov-in l'f'1 1 .Q .Nou "'llEv a 'o.'.... Q ,,. 1 . 'A 1 ' Q 4 M ,.1.x:,- Mao.: - 4-fx L A , ' fy f f 1 . x H' Q? J ' f - . , ...fx - M X ,an F. n K' ,qw in A 4 1 Q ! 4 ,.. ,.-.:u.s.. . '5 Y Xi-J wif Q1 5515 uhh -'-N A'-'Elf' 'lr' 'Ku sis! Sf l X pwg :cd 9,44 FZ-+1 Sl fi o Qu .X 'Q ,xk. M., l ,QI XY., sf-'am ' 's 7 V ,ff f f. 1 5 :""f' A'-, 'x' 1 - 1 1 A l ' ' .. .N W ox r- 1 J . J A "v,'or""fi . A I . . Y r 1 . 13' 3 . . I I V V u ' .".. ' ' , I lxq ' , '- by . , s.. - Al 'f .. , 1 . QQ , s ' Jf' o it ,C q L H ' , !. M'-'f 'O' , ' ' I nfs' . .9 .' ff: ug K-640. ' , , I . ilu" .,. an !.l,, .V f ,EWG ' 'Q F Ki f ' fx' - 3 .kifg54iX3.'gf . gif!! - , " ' QA iQ!5,f-mf .g ' 'V fix? .-Q f' ha X ..g-. XR-y.sag,4, f?SXffffvQ f ' , 2.z,,.' 'xg 1 .-.. -3123. ' .fs"T 5 arf EM' ,Yap 4 1 ' .N""' J' Mg 1 I I 7th GRADE GIRLS: ROW 1: Teresa George, Karea Kottenbrook, Pamela Steadman, Valerie Gire, Darlene Ward, Arlene Neal, Marsha Angus, Jann Francis, Kelley Kaltenbach, Patricia McCarty, Anna Dearth. ROW 2: Penny Bridenbaugh, Charlotte Duty, Marla Price, Teresa Kim- bler. Pamela Johnson, Sonja Kennison, Michelle Mendenhall, Wanda Mendenhall, Dorenea Ingham, Trudi McKee, Jody Hamlin, Pamela Sue Coppock. ROW 3: Sonja Donohoe, Coleen Depew, Patricia Baker, Tammy Demint, Rebecca Kintner, Polly Brickles, Shanon Murray, Michelle Trego, Paula Cassady, Rita Rucker, Kelly White. ROW 4: Twana Io McGraw, Cathy Grubb, Freda Cade, Lisa Ward, Connie Gay Grubb, Deborah Johnson, Teresa Woodbridge, Debra Bethel, Tammy Reagin, Tonda Bosstic, Becky Taylor, Saundra Richardson. I Y, 1' if .- '4,,. ,Qw- if ff' 18K .il di .-o-ff' ti.. 7th GRADE BOYS: ROW 1: Kenneth Kellough, Michael Roll, Charlie Stewart, William Daniels, Jerry Atwood, Bryan Kellough, Clyde Suth- erland, Gregory Woods, Ricky Magill, Danny Stitt, Tom Eyre, James Ball, Curtis Graves, Robert Boggs, David Kellough. ROW 2: Lundy Estep, Jeffery Ball, Wade Cottrill, Terry Bethel. Eugene Kellough, Gregory Dennewitz, Timothy Penrod, Nicky Hurley. James Wildermuth. David Shaw, Ronald Shaw, Millard McComis, Charles Coterel, William Current, Larry Hamlin, James Moran. ROW 3: Charles Downs, Brian Chaney, John Easterday, Franky Beatty, Jim Barlage, Philip Legg, Terry Blazer, Scott Richards. Carl Worthen, Johnnie Uhrig, William Baker, Rick Shoemaker. ROW 4: Michael Cassady, Jerry Blazer, Jimmie Ratliff, Sammie Lane, Max Stewart, Dwayne Gillingham, Frank Sullivan. Douglas Cox, Eric Jobe, Rich Willett, Randy Chapman, Marcus Colburn, Mark Davis, Michael Sams, Mark Barnett. ROW 5: Ty Vickers, Russell Boggess, Andy Retherford, Mark McCown, Doug Green. Johnny Baldwin, Todd Bosstic, Rodney Ramsey. Nathan Rinehart, Lawrence Rucker, Keith White, Ronnie Flanary, Charles Morrison, Scott Kemper, Marvin McComis, Leonard Sines. ll - 1 I A D D if 8th GRADE GIRLS: ROW 1: Sheila Felts, Sherry Watkins, Darlene Hardbarger, Teresa Angus, Shari Mendenhall, Glenda Dye, Rhonda Men- denhall, Sarah Willis, Penny Williamson, Judy Cuckler, Robin Armstrong, Toni Shoemaker, Tina Williamson, Cassandra Downs, LuAnn Slutz. ROW 2: Denise Hale, Charlene Wilson, Dena Wells, Linda Withrow, Norma Seaman, Coreen Hoffman, Carol Knisley, Debbie Dem- int, Christine Watkins, Jacia Holbert, Tammy Malone, Grace Price, Nina Davis, Tracy Bradbury, Tosca Gozy, Kelly Rapp. ROW 3: Nancy Stratton, Vicki Sams, Sarah Lewis, Tammy Mason, Nicki Uhrig, Susan Coterel, Carolyn Edler, Laura Steinbrook, Deborah Wright, Pamela Brown, Terri Kellough, Teresa Young, Portia Shoemaker, Sheila McComis, April Monroe. ROW 4: Connie Nelson, Dawn Inman, Michelle Taylor, Cathy McComis, Lisa Davis, Terry Johnson, Karen Kellough, Lynette Cottrill, Beth Fizer, Beth Arrowood, Rogenia McWhorter. Carolyn Coon, Tammy Jacobs, Melody Phipps, Cathy Pollock, Julie Bowers. 53:3 'uf ,2-"' wg-ff F Irs .7 8th GRADE BOYS: ROW 1: Victor Lowery, Mark Dennewitz, Tony Easterday, Terry Young, Terry Stratton, Bruce Chaney, Gary Blazer, Paul Woods, Robert Flannery, Bobby Kellough, Sabin Sanders, lamie Hartley, Thomas Dennewitz. Shannon Bethel, Ronald Carrol. ROW 2: Jimmy Kellough, Larry Lowry, Ricky Hines, Kevin Locke, Larry Price, Brian Williams, Scott Carroll, Mike Mendenhall, Dwayne Beasley, Harry Withrow, Darryl Shaw, David Edgington, Steve Tackett, James Bethel, Frank Estep, Darrell Cox. ROW 3: Bruce Pierce. William Barnett, Jeff Cottrill, Glen Leach, Gerald Cade, Barry Oyer, Leroy Colvin, Robert Cook, John Good, Robert Grant, Brett Gibson, Linville Baldwin, Neil Daniel, Jerry Lewis, Barry Daniels. ROW 4: John Clifford, Dwayne Smith, Dorvin Bosstic, Arnold Moss, Harley Moss, Greg Dye, Tim Blanton, Darnell Beasley, Bill Kight, Fred Weinrich, Eric McKee, Richard Woods, Arnold Chaffin, Cletis Strausbaugh, Jeff Irvin, Mark McCloskey. rm- , .Nw-1 hY'V,2' wa, ' "Y'P1lt+.Q, -417- , , XV' ,fill I - f' 'J' 92' M- nl ,N M-Nd Q- :M 4.. l'Tl.vw'?' 214 gr- 3, -f A 'MM n , .5 m p 5 KVM. 1 . .mr ,gun fr' Class Op msc OFFICERS: Brent Zickafoose, Tina Salyers, and Fred Watkins We, the Freshman class of '77, feel that we have taken a big step toward growing up. Gone are the carefree days of childhood. We must now plan ahead, and strive to achieve our goals. Throughout this year, our parents, teachers and friends have given us help and guidance when we've needed it most, and we're grateful. The Freshmen were represented on the Miss Hunting- ton court by Jenny Leach and her escort, Wesley Lamm. Tina Salyers served as Freshman attendant for Homecoming. Her escort was Jeff Vickers. Other Freshman activities included basketball, cheerlead- ing, track, football, baseball, pom pom, band, French Club and Forerunners. Overall, it was a very exciting year, and we hope to accomplish just as much in the coming years. Good luck to next year's Freshmen. 4 .Q Glenda Acord Stacey Angus Chris Atwood Kevin Baker Kevin Barnes Lisa Bentley Karen Bethel Kim Bethel Glen Black Cindy Boggess Lerissa Bosstic Mary Ellen Bowers Mike Bowers Woody Carroll Melanie Cassady Howard Chaney Kim Chaney Rusty Chaney Carol Collins Tamara Coon Clara Coonrod Tammy Coppock Carol Cottrill Iohnna Cottrill Ricky Cox Tami Current Robin Dennewitz Tammy Depew Tracy DePugh Cindy Diehl rin args. 5.- 9:12 E-W ,.-f 'lu 5 Q r s HON. X ,,,,5'34-H . 4 t. Q .1 v"' X ' C7- gim' ,uh , A - KVA A C1 qv 4 at ix 6 tiki! I I, , s .A xf if - G f 4-Q' ., - .N , vs 4-V I 3' xt l fs Cindy Downs Diana Doyle Frank Dunaway Robin Easterday Darrell Evans Kim Foll Mike Fuller Suzette Gibson Janette Grubb Linda Hamlin Joe Hawk Larry Hawk Lisa Hughes Ricky Jones Joseph Kellough Lou King Eddie Kintner Lisa LaGard Wesley Lamm Delvin Lancaster Karen Landman Jenny Leach Ben Leasure Sandra Legg Melody Lewis Randy Lucas Mary Malone William McCarty Gary McCloskey Teresa McComis Jeff Mendenhall Marian Millner Karen Minney Joyce Mitchell Anita Montgomery Belinda Moss Fred Mossbarger Scott Music Dean Neff Steve Newland Tracy Oyer Karen Parsons Jerry Penrod Barbara Peters Mary Pritchard Greg Ray Pam Recobs Robert Roll Tina Salyers Chris Sammons Robin Sams Samelia Sams Randy Sanders Penny Scott Oi' cf' . Q X Q Q N S' lun' 4 , we . P EE.e x if the-EW -if Y I I n f S P as at W1 WSF! ,,n. L 0. 5 t T QS " Q I I" I . Q - x 4' S .if it J It SSN. M .f f M ' V Vx ftt- nl K , .. y A y - it . . Q ,Fm 4 CZ R I id Larry Seaman Sherri Sims Sherri Sines Cameron Spurlock Sheila Steadman Tina Steiner Suzette Stewart Andrea Studwell Mike Tackett Mark Taylor Marsha Uhrig Jeff Vickers Dennis Ward Charles Ware Fred Watkins Rick White Patty Williamson Randy Wilson Theresa Wood Lisa Woodbridge Carl Woods Jody Woods Carolyn Wright Brent Zickafoose Paul Zickafoose Class Of 1979 The Sophomore Class of 1977 has had a very memo- rable year. It has certainly been fun. Teri Uhrig and escort John Chaney represented us on the Miss Huntington Court. Pam Preston and escort Eddie Wright were our representatives on the Home- coming Court. Many activities which the Sophomores participated in were football, pom pom girls, basketball, base- ball, golf, cross-country, track, Forerunners, French Club. band, cheerleading, majorettes, and volleyball. This year Terri Haines received Honor- able Mention on the volleyball team. We are looking forward to our Junior and Senior years at Huntington. OFFICERS: Teri Uhrig, Steve Lowery and Tanya McKee A ,........ . . 08 'T' in x 'fm Y 'C' Tina Adkins Shena Basey Rhonda Beasley Randy Beatty lim Blain Barbara Bobo Walter Bobo Christy Boggs Allen Brickles Lisa Bridenbaugh Ronnie Butcher Eddie Cade Rick Cade Jeff Caler John Cassady John Chaney Kevin Chaney Pam Clark Willard Colvin Anna Conn Elmo Coonrod Mary Cox Candy Daniel Doug Daniel Steve Davidson Joyce Davis Carla Donohoe William Doyle Darrell Duty Marcia Duty Janice Dyer Janie Estep Chris Flannery Jessie Fuller Roy Fultz Charla Gozy Rona Gragg Gary Grant Becky Grubb Dynell Grubb Terri Haines Rita Hamlin Rick Hughes John Hutchison Charlotte Ingham Tom Irvin fu? 'J 5? F C an 9, Duane Ison Kim Jacobs Bobby Johnson Robbie Johnson Denver Kennison Rick Kisling Sam LaGard Cathy Lamm Jeff Leach Nancy Leach Jeff Leasure Steve Lowery Fred McCann Dave McCloskey Carson McComis Ruby McComis Anna McDonald Patricia McGraw Don McKee Paul McKee Tanya McKee Greg McKeever David Mitchell Donna Mitchell Patsy Moran Marion Moss Richard O'Leary Beth Parker Rex Pierce Pam Preston Becky Price Nikki Rapp Pam Ratliff Cindy Ray Debbie Recobs Kristi Reissig .,..- s.- ! X, Eddie Rhoads Cathy Richards Mark Rucker Danny Sams 3 in-X ,JJ EW? Y 1 Eddie Wright Sheila Wright A N 1 Tim Shoop Daniel Slaughter Annette Southward Pam Taylor Jackie Uhrig Teri Io Uhrig Tina Uhrig Kathy Vance Pauline Walker Phyllis Ware Margorie Watkins Curtis Weinrich Jandyll White Donna Wilson Brian Wilt Class of 1978 Students of the Junior Class reassembled in the fall of '76 to begin their upperclass position at Huntington. No longer lowly Sophomores, they couldn't help but feel a little superior. As we retrace the year in memory, one of the most anticipated and gratifying events for the Juniors was the arrival of class rings. Other activities included working at the basketball games, selling magazines, and the Junior-Senior Prom. The Juniors were repre- sented at the Halloween Carnival by Faith Straus- baugh, and at Homecoming by Tatjana Steiner. June arrived and with the graduation of Seniors came the realization to Juniors that now they were entering their final year at Huntington. All realized that they must now accept their responsibilities as leaders of the school and insure that there would be a lasting remembrance of the Class of '78. OFFICERS: Robin Haines, Gary McKee, John Bowers and Faith Straus- baugh Q . - , . , A 5 bl- It I YIAL. "x if B , 1 " x x ' ' ' A i n x 43 A - of X Qgfi X -.u.u' 5 Q. M 4 ,, LA, 'T' r 1 ' Zici' ' 5- r-1. C C 1 ll. r D -, , -4: s Choncida Angus Shelly Bayes Jeff Black John Bowers Debbie Brown Kevin Chaney Lori Clark Debbie Cook Sally Coterel Donna Cottrill Dusty Cox Coleen Daniels Tony Dennewitz Tim Diehl Mike Drury Patsy Dyer Rick Evans Mark Folly Iill Frances Ron Fultz Diana Gallimore Lisa Grubb Robin Haines Dawna Hardbarger Randy Henry Allen Hines Rhonda Hollander Jay Hughes Dan Keller Bruce Kellough Jeff Kellough Daniel Mathuews Lisa McGraw Gary McKee Marsha Mills Theresa Myers Carolyn Newlan Melody Newsome Cindy Oates Pat O'Leary Christi Oyer V f .' fl - nv W 4 , 'fm he ff rl' Kem 4 4 Q., g A u 'H '91- C7 .fir , 'ffrggfx 1 I r.Il'llR W-51 Tammy Page Benny Parsons Nancy Peters Barry Pollock Penny Price Steve Richards Debbie Richardson Verna Roll Patty Sams Shirley Shoop Victor Spolini Tatjana Steiner Laura Stitt Faith Strausbaugh Tom Sullivan Linda Tackett Twanna Taylor Teresa Williams Rick Wilson Gary Wolfe Linda Zoeller class of 1977 As we look back at the classes and activities of our years at Huntington and think of the halls now empty of '77 Seniors, we can't help but feel rather sad. But each must now move on to a life in which he will reap the rewards for twelve years spent in the seeking of knowledge. This year, despite trouble, shortages, and conflicts of the world, we, the Seniors of 1977, are leaving Huntington determined to earn an honorable place on the stage of life, to gain some measure of success and, if possible, to leave the world a little better than we found it. l 1 1 I , :ff NJ X4 V Y OFFICERS: Debbie Frey, Tammie Mason, Alice Christopher, and Gin- ger Chaney .1 V v I E N . .., ly' L egg. X li 5. i n F 1 ! G K s I as 'V . Z4 Te gi- ' 1-Li.-f. is iw K Mx ff f X V X!! gf X F x U s? , W 4, 4 Yg 1dW, as VY 'K-Q... - '54-H-,.,..+ aww Donaawst We, the graduating Seniors, have now reached the climax of one stage of life. Over the past twelve years we have gained not only knowledge. but also many new and valued friends among both students and teachers. This last year of high school has been for many the most exciting and satisfying yet. As we entered the year we felt a great sense of pride in being Seniors. This pride grew steadily as the months passed. Since the time we entered high school we have spent many important hours studying for research papers and examina- tions, choosing the right careers, selecting the right colleges, and planning for the future. Activities of our final year in high school included football, basketball, spring sports, our Halloween Carnival, dances, a Christmas Band Concert, Home- coming, and assemblies. These added zest to our academic pro- gram and will mean many trea- sured memories for each of us in future years. As the end of our final year approached, most Seniors looked forward eagerly to the prom, our Senior trip, Commencement. and all the wonderful, thrilling events which ended a very important phase of our lives. Joe Wilt Sandy Wdiuow pafwwoqs catbzwaqww .., ' 1 A" T' N.,-,,, . a is 1 A-1 an , 57 M'ti'1'.'f'11p 5 - --.R A '- .731 'x 11 11 4 M , 'E A 4' ,. - ,' 1 4 - . , 'V WA ... '4 -1- ,Y -ff -- - vi 1- A .arf is A.V....Y,- ..., . .- , 1? ': I : A' Q X I M V P 'F X if 2 :bg W ,f ,iw 1. ' -1. +4 fliii-MY I 1 ' I ., smiles wegaw faowanotiw ACYMIIEQ LL'1 l lrga 'I Y v ixzfubffl f ' - W bf ' "7 141' ,K 'O a ,' "Wulf Miss ATTENDANTS AND ESCORTS: 1. SENIORS, Susanne Sutherland and Wesley Mitchell: Alice Christopher and Alan Grubb. 2. IUNIORS. Faith Suausbaugh and Jeff Kel- loughg SOPHOMORES, Teri Uhrig and John Chaney: FRI-ISHMEN. Jenny Leach and Wesley Lamm . J 'Y 5 'fl b , f , A e .ff pgs td' After fighting to preserve their Senior trip, the Class of '77 had their spirits raised and their hopes lifted as the annual Halloween Carnival proved to be a success. The money they earned that night brought many a step closer to Washington D.C. The highlight of the evening was the crowning of Mitzi Crowe, Miss Huntington 1976. Queen Mitzi, escorted by Mark Tisdale, reigned gracefully over her subjects as the evening drew to a close. Once again the Halloween Carnival provided the students of Huntington with a sense of happiness, a feeling of pride, and memories to last a lifetime. asv. W' . , 0.2 ,, , fm-A Af ..... 3.5 4- -1 ., ff' nf' , la W' I - L pf 1 T. L fm! -4--1 'zism-TV' ' 'f . P 1,34 1--5 -- . 'N X 'R X 34Wh is 'Q 5 1. ww, M . , , -. 1 Nw- :xl-. T fzlniih- '-rl! . 4. ic. : :J ass , miss, ,g ' 1412 ' v I 1 I T-Hg. r 1 1 4 11, 1-.- .,, . . My .., ,li ' Ns Qi r 1 M J .X 54 F' Z Q lx" X f ff X H :M 3 ' , 5 3+ ' 'iv 9 6 Q Q. - D UE' kd.. gr 4 9 wa , 4- ,W Qw?Q? H1 1 , fmxgcfW.v .. f , -4 ,J fi ' m ilf -,,' 55225. J , 's f '1u:"Y' 5 n-1 W , A WY E' " 'x 3 X P I ., 7 7 T win? 1 nil M, ,.-' 'VV I A M 7 5 'i A ' 1 1 L : 'Y fs ' 1 Y. 3 JAH l ,i , -Tk VA A I 1., ', af ' ' f' My ' ..:1 f,-' .f- .,Y . 1 .2 Q A-.,Q-w - ' 4 - -,' M Qa4 i i an 3 f' , V V ,- '-' 4 ' , 3' 2: fx -6 9 M . - : gf ga 5 in .A , g... sa -...W pm , !Wwl ri ff,-:Jw K' X37 ", ,J lin' xiii -su! I 1 - .,,-as S ""' X 3,9 't 'ix li' iw K . .1 ki. 1 g ' ., -,fi 3ll - . .Lf ala- f-- V W 5 A8 V 'V 7 . 1 1 ? . E YH, .-ku' .n T .M 1' X ' .4 ' 1 ,.,,-f-. ' -ff . ' 1"f'7':' ..'f-lawn if X Ya , QE' - fm-5' ff- ', H ,U ,. AM, V . 'ki 5,3 53 K7 'PQ' O VOCA'l'ION.-'-.L STUDENTS: ROW 1: Howard Penrod, Wesley Mitchell, Steve Edler, Alan Cozy, Rhonda Hollander, Becky Shoemaker. Sheila Oyer, left' Kellough, Mark Grubb, Barry Pollock, Linda Lucas. ROW 3: Carolyn Newland, Marilyn Coonrod, lanie Estep, Roger Easter- day, lohn Cutright, Terry McDonald. Linda Zoeller, Penny Price, Lisa Grubb, Linda Tackett, Laura Stitr, Debbie Cook. ROW Ji: Rick Doss. Robert Wolfe, Elmo Coonrod, Steve Adkins, Duane Shoemaker, Bernie Richardson. Rick Cochenour. Rick Evans, Patty Sams. Debbie Brown, Donna Ciotrrill. ROW 4: Gary Wolfe, Waller Bobo, Keith Arrowood, Luther Chaffin, Ben Steiner. Mark Tisdale, Terry Easterday, Dwayne Howard, lay Hughes. Jeff Leach, Ron Fultz, Fran Southward, Betty Rinehart. ROW 5: Teresa Willianrs, Terri Sines. Ricky Cade, Lisa Hale, Shelley Bayes, Susanne Surherland, Teresa Penrod, Marcia Chaney, Brenda Wood Ratliff. Teresa Ramsey, Lisa McGraw, Sandy Withrow. 0 NATIONM. HONOR SOCIETY: ROW 1: Tammy Page, Bonita Gozy, Robin Haines. Alice Christopher. Dean Bowling. ROW 2: lohn Bowers. Coleen Daniels, Sally Coterel, Peggy Hutchison, Kathy McCoy. ROW fl: Mrs. Arrnbruster, advisor, Lorna Cockrell. Richard Chaffin, Earl Bethel. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY: ROW lr Laura Still. ROW 2: Debbie Cook, Penny Price. TM 1976 Qeasow Through the efforts of Coach Jim Woods, Hunt- ington High School can now pride itself in own- ing the newest scoreboard in the area, donated by the Coca-Cola Company. With the help of the football team and several parent volunteers, the scoreboard was in full operation by our second home game of the '77 football season. This year's football team also set a new school record of 19 points in a single game in winning over North Adams 19-8. 0 Keith Mason represented Huntington on the 1976-77 S.V.C. football team. 0 1976 HUNTSMEN: ROW 1: Chris Chaney, manager, Bruce Pierce, manager, Mike Fuller, Buddy Black, Wesley Lamm, Jeff Vickers, Larry Seaman, Eddie Kintner, Mike Tackett, Bernie Richardson, Gary McCloskey, Vic Lowery, manager, Troy Pierce, manager. ROW 2: Head Coach Jim Woods, Dave McCloskey, Steve Lowery, Dean Bowling, Walter Bobo, Tracy DePugh, Terry Easterday, Alan Grubb, Assistant Coach Bill Perkins, Assistant Coach Mike Shoop. Troy Mason, manager. ROW 3: Jim Blain, Tim Shoop, John Chaney, Van Mullins, John Bowers, Keith Mason, Tim Diehl, Sam LaGard, Doug Lowery, Rex Pierce. ROW 4: Dike Newland, Jeff Carl, Wes Mitchell, Victor Spolini, Mark Grubb, Jeff Kellough, Eddie Wright, Gary McKee. -Q. M n, ., .X sw, . -. J x ,as 'V 'I Xlxipi rf. " ' " ., rg, is .B - . - 4 . V V, ? f'7'v'fi-if 1' .vf.r,y:-' '- 5 -A. N, ' -at V ll.. f .X Nga N - :ni 1, , .er -, . ., , gh '-jj I f :fg3'Zln'- r- V' 'ff , it . A, if 3 I . '-.5 man. , -' ' ' fwfr.. . - ' 'J' n Y. . ' ' 4' 7 ' 7 is virgin -Q' , , kyry A A . .L W an VV 1 . A V V, N W Y , -.-, s A. ,x A , ...fini , , , I ' 'i.i , Mg is ' ' v . , , , W . K, .S -Y K M. 1. J Z ,El U .M M5 JW ' - K x , A 5 ' , , My ' " " - 57" . Y' , " H1 '- . 'J 'Q ' J: 3L?sf:7"i"' ' , ff 1' 2 .Q f.: - 'fr t 1 1- ' X i' -' , -. 7 x . f ,-we ,V 2. . V . jf. ,, i 1,7 F si, MAX ' VM :lim 1- ,. grassy'-7, -1..yT..,, ,rua 4 f -f ,R I vf A f . -Q , . a ,.. N I ., rs, 1 ra., . ,at 'S ,, ,ru -,, -f-. K K -- K ' ,Lg ...aa...-.aa 1 -' '2 4 . . - ,,,k,,g,,,,:,.,,.,,,,,,,,,.5 - '-.,-1 -Q We, 1 f 1 ,,. ,Sz MPM' """f-wx , , ' W. rf if ,, , '- ' f N . H.-I-fs, , ' sf s, 'f'i"?f- N 'Y f-', ,,,:.,.:,,f ,r,,., .rf :'z.-,,s?'S53':1L?e153 ,Q 1 .V N '- W -ff' M ' "K ' 1-f i Q ac., A-,f" ,a, Q , " , 1: jygjgyyfggfm,-,,' , ' , F . W " f 'H -- Nw' r- ' 'f' 3? ., 'U . ' - ' -1' ,- .4 af mi f.,1 50 In w , X i ll V . 9' S i . VARSITY FOOTBALL 1976-'77 I We They Vinton County 0 22 Kyger Creek O 52 Unioto 0 47 Paint Valley O 35 Westfall 6 36 Southeastern 12 20 Zane Trace 0 57 North Adams 19 8 Adena 6 45 Piketon 0 52 North Gallra Parnt Valley Unroto Southeastern Zane Trace Prketon 1 l l Y RESERVE FOOTBALL 1976 '77 l Hllllllllllll l They We ' 14 12 ' 6 0 ' 14 O Adena 12 O 6 12 0 20 ' 0 40 0 CROSS COUNTRY TEAM: ROW 1: lcff Black, Arthur Good. ROW 2: Coach Tim But- ler, Jeff Kinzer, lim Bowers, Brent Zicka- foose. 0 JUNIOR HIGH FOOT- BALL TEAM: ROW 1: Vic Lowery, Greg Woods, Terry Blazer, Steve Tackett, Sam Lane, Scott Richards. Rick Magill, Casey Sutherland, Scott Lane, manager. ROW 2: Scott Carroll, Mike Menden- hall, Dave Edgington, Chuck Morrison, Jerry Blazer. Barry Oyer, Brett Gibson, Troy Mason, Larry Lowry, Coach Rick Bethel. ROW 3: Dwayne Beasley, Clete Strausbaugh, John Good, Tim Blanton, Bill Kight, Eric McKee, Tim Buchanan, Buddy Cook, Harry Withrow, Bruce Pierce. 5 6. GIRLS Western Paint Valley Piketon Unroto Prketon Paint Valley Bishop Flaget Southeastern Zane Trace Adena Unroto Bishop Flaget Zane Trace VARSITY BASKETBALL 1976 '77 They This year Huntington had a great girls' basketball team. By the season's end we had compiled a 10-4 record. The girls advanced to the semi-finals of the Sec- tional Tournaments where they were defeated by Zane Trace in overtime. The team broke all the old records this year. Faith Strausbaugh set a scoring and rebounding record with 26 points and 25 rebounds. The team also set new scoring and rebounding records of 82 and 82 respec- tlvely. 0 Robin Haines and Faith Strausbaugh were chosen to represent Huntington on the S.V.C. team. Terri Haines and Suzette Gibson were Honorable Mention choices. 0 GIRLS' VARSITY AND RESERVE BASKETBALL TEAMS: ROW 1: Janice Dyer, manager, Shirley Shoop, Anita Montgomery, Suzette Gibson, Sammie Sams. Teri Uhrig, Bonita Gozy. Verna Roll. manager, Patsy Dyer, manager. ROW 2: Jody Woods, Tina Uhrig, Charlotte Ingham. Tammie DePew, Faith Strausbaugh, Twanna Taylor. Patty Williamson, Lisa Woodbridge, Donna Mitchell. ROW 8: Rhonda Beasley, Robin Haines, Robin Sams. Coach Dan Oyer, Terri Haines, Brenda Barlage. Charla Gozy. 17 lk :E l A i --f 5' BOYS VARSITY BASKETBALL Westfall Unloto Western Prketon Eastern Bishop Flaget Zane Trace Paint Valley Southeastern Adena Piketon Westfall Southeastern Paint Valley Unioto Bishop Flaget Adena Zane Trace Bishop Flaget T,-,-, , in is l FRESHMAN BASKETBALL Bishop Flaget Piketon Paint Valley Westfall Unioto Piketon Bishop Flaget Paint Valley Zane Trace Southeastern Adena Zane Trace Adena They 33 39 31 26 35 19 26 ' 15 37 ' 25 22 25 36 14 61 37 31 16 42 19 24 0 VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM: ROW 1: Terry Easterday, Mark Tisdale, Jim Bowers, Alan Grubb, Tim Diehl, Barry Oyer, manager. ROW Coach Tim Butler, Ben Steiner, Dwayne Howard, lay Cutright, Mark Grubb. Dave Barlage, Jeff Kellough. 0 RESERVE BASKETBALL TEAM: ROW 1: Coach Rick Bethel, Randy Wilson, manager. ROW 2: Rex Pierce, Jeff Vickers, Rick Evans, Fred Watkins. Brent Zickafoose, Ed Wright, Tracy DePugh, Steve Lowery, lim Lewis. 0 FRESHMAN BASKETBALL TEAM: ROW 1: Coach Neil Uhrig, Steve Newland. ROW 2: Mark Taylor, lerry Penrod, Rusty Chaney, Ben Lui sure. Buddy Black, Mike Bowers, Wes Lamm. Howie Chaney. 0 Jeff Kcllough was chosen for the 1976-77 S.V.C. basketball team. RESERVE BASKETBALL - We They Westfall 38 51 Unioto 34 43 Western 37 49 Piketon 30 34 Eastern 18 47 Bishop Flaget 50 64 Zane Trace 38 55 Paint Valley 41 33 Southeastern 24 34 Adena 31 42 Piketon 46 50 Westfall 45 55 Southeastern 35 33 Paint Valley 44 50 Unioto 63 55 Bishop Flaget 43 56 Adena 31 44 Zane Trace 69 57 r A 0 SEVENTH GRADE BASKETBALL: ROW 1: Danny Sriu, Casey Sutherland, Greg Dennewilz, Curtiss Graves, Rich Willem, Tom Eyre, Ricky Magill, Greg Woods. ROW 2: Ty Vickers, Mark McCown, Scott Kemper, Coach Randy Cox, Rodney Ramsey, Doug Cox, Chuck Morrison, Andy Retherford. 0 EIGHTH GRADE BASKETBALL: ROW 1: Bren Gibson, Mark Dennewirz, Terry Young, Paul Woods, Tony Easterday, Shannon Bethel, Jamie Hartley, manager. ROW 2: Mike Mendenhall, Dwayne Beasley. Clete Slrausbaugh, Barry Daniels, Bruce Pierce, Darryl Shaw, Dave Edging- ton. ROW 3: Fred Weinrich, Bill Kighl, Eric McKee, Coach Ray Keller. 56 4 I r TIN '. 1 '.u u 1 it 1. " '.lr tr ' lu 'nnxu 1 2' I'.nm V.tIIu ZH .7 1 .IUNIHR IIIGH IlASKIiTllAI.l. 1- 'rv' 'th timrlc W' x- I sl-mllr-.Nl-rn :I nz Wumll 1-J :I I umm v..ll.',' u gf. I Lint' Trai- zo :W A-Im.: so Jn ' .Mir-ft.. Jw I0 l'm..:.. 1: ll I'.:m: V.tlIr-r 27 1. XY't1lstun in JK 7,.mt' 'I'r.uc Rl I0 liurcrvx KN Z2 Htl: timin- In pu 1-A xx Nvmht I-nm tu ss kt-:lull ts so Adm. as wo fmtimr ax xx I nu r X II x is U AI : 1 tx I I L U 4 l r lr I ' D f ,, ,.'-- A 0 VARSITY AND RESERVE VOLLEYBALL: ROW 1: Ginger Chaney, Donna Cottrill, Bonita Gozy, Linda Zoeller, Terri Haines, Robin Haines. Faith Strausbaugh, Lori Clark, Penny Price, Teri Uhrig, Shirley Shoop. ROW 2: Donna Mitchell, Tanya McKee, Rhonda Beasley, Lisa Bri- denbaugh, Robin Sams, Tammy Coppock, Charla Gozy, Jackie Uhrig, Kim Jacobs, Coach Judy Cook. ROW 3: Alice Greene, Lisa Wood- bridge, Lisa Bentley, Marsha Mills, Lisa LaGard, Joyce Mitchell, Carla Donohoe, Rona Gragg, Tina Steiner, Carol Cottrill. ROW 4: Tina Salyers, Lou King, Cathy Lamm, Donna Wilson, Karen Minney, Jenny Grubb. Marian Millner, Anita Montgomery, Penny Scott. 0 POM POM GIRLS: ROW 1: Kelly Rapp, Tina Adkins. Sammie Sams, Jennie Leach, Shari Mendenhall. ROW 2: Rona Gragg, Cathy Lamm. Lisa Woodbridge, Lisa Grubb, Andrea Studwell, Patty Sams. ROW 3: Jill McCoy, instructor, Christi Oyer. Linda Zocller, Lisa Bridenbaugh, Rhonda Beasley, Jackie Uhrig, Nikki Rapp, Advisor Joan Bennett. 0 Robin Haines 'was chosen to the 1976-'77 S.V.C. volleyball team. 0 BASEBALL TEAM: ROW 1: Jason Uhrig, batboy. ROW 2: Barry Oyer, manager, Bill Doyle, Mark Tisdale, Steve Newland, John Cassady. Tim Buchanan, manager. ROW 3: Steve Edler, Jeff Vickers, John Chaney, Duane Shoemaker, Coach Neil Uhrig, Dwayne Howard, Brent Zickafoose, Tracy DePugh, Jimmy Blain. 0 COACHES: ROW 1: Tim Butler, Dave Patterson, Judy Cook, Ray Keller, Jim Woods. ROW 2: Rick Bethel, Tim DeBord, Dan Oycr, Neil Uhrig, James l-lixon. .- ,.,-.....,. T fr-X r ' E asv, K5 X 'fifA'? ' f' ,,. X.. K - is ...ik ,,,,x'. 1 v.,1'."": ,TN M. -Yau," LSI, .T ,ua 'qfi'4CMfl',E ' 5 f ..t i' 'f '7 . -. , -'i'. 5',l"f? .4L,k,'74'.?.. -giml, -f ..' . ' "V,'j:,' ,.- V, Z. H . ,' ' . Ni gl . ' " .... 3, w, s 5 X - -K 'x P I , li gui . . . Q., L -,ff 7 15 5 1v-.,,d5"'ls1 -L I , , , .I V' . . I f rf? , - I ' 1 jg! i '. fix' ,X , X 1 an 'V' I . wg 2 , , ,Y ,Q -'T -t F1 , rt A xv, , ' . yn I Tix .A A Dx? y' T A 1 f , ' I X.. , YH EEE! 11 4 0 BOYS' TRACK TEAM: ROW 1: Ginger Chaney, manager, Rusty Chaney, Dean Bowling, Rex Pierce, Benny Parsons, Doug Lowery, John Bowers, Tim Diehl, Danny Mathuews, Denver Kennison, manager. ROW 2: Valerie Kennison, manager, Tim Shoop, Doug Foll, Keith Mason, Jim Bowers, Alan Grubb, Greg McKeever, Fred Watkins, Jeff Kellough, Steve Davidson, Ben Steiner, Rick Evans, Coach Tim DeBord. 0 GIRLS' TRACK TEAM: ROW 1: Kim Bethel, manager, Penny Scott, Carol Cottrill, Shirley Shoop, Lou King, Mary Pritchard, Donna Mitc- hell, Suzette Gibson, Anita Mohtgomery. ROW 2: Lisa Bentley, manager, Karen Bethel, manager, Karen Parsons, Pam Clark, Marian Mill- ner, Carolyn Wright, Rhonda Beasley, Kim Jacobs, Jenny Grubb. ROW 3: Coach Judy Cook, Tammy Coppock, Brenda Barlage, Robin Haines, Terri Haines, Charla Gozy, Faith Strausbaugh, Lerissa Bosstic, Jackie Uhrig, Penny Price, Marsha Mills, Becky Price, Phyllis Ware, Lisa LaGard, manager. ' ' wcbTemwWow Wie 1 is . 2. 'E' ,Q x ' I Q39 vs' an nal-B 0 IUNIOR HIGH BOYS' TRACK TEAM: ROW 1: Sam Lane, Mark Barnett, Terry Young, Tom Dennewitz, Danny Stitt, Victor Lowery, Robert Boggs, Tom Eyre, Philip Legg. ROW 2: Todd Bosstic, Troy Mason, Brett Gibson, Mike Mendenhall, Doug Cox, Rodney Ramsey. Darryl Shaw, Dave Edgington. ROW 3: Coach Dave Patterson, Barry Daniels, Cletis Strausbaugh, Tim Blanton, Darnell Beasley. Iohn Good, Bruce Pierce, Billy Barnett, manager. 0 IUNIOR HIGH GIRLS' TRACK TEAM: ROW 1: Judy Cuckler, manager, Charlotte Duty, Jann Francis, Susie Coppock, Penny Williamson, Charlene Wilson, Melissa Brown, Kelly Rapp, Tosca Gozy, Pam Steadman, Valerie Gire. ROW 2: Robin Armstrong, Christine Watkins, Tracy Bradbury, Sonja Kennison, Becky Kintner, Tammy Mason, Tonda Bosstic, Sonja Donohoe, Pam Brown, Laura Steinbrook. Teresa Young, Kelley Kaltenbach. ROW 3: Cathy Grubb, Tammy Reagin, Iulie Bowers, Michelle Taylor, Melody Phipps, Lynette Cottrill, Beth Fizer, Teresa Woodbridge, Tammy Jacobs, Gay Grubb, Lisa Davis, Tammy Demint, Kelly White, Coach Rick Bethel. 1 l L. 415' We Www Numbmf Om IwQtate SENIOR BAND: ROW lx Lou King, Randy Lucas, Eddie Rhoads, Mary Ellen Bowers, Christine Watkins. Darrel Duty, Terri Haines. ROW 2: Kim Bethel, Curtis Weinrich, Carol Collins, Lisa Bentley, Jenny Grubb, Pam Brown, Karen Minney. ROW 3: Robin Haines, Marsha Uhrig, Cathy Pollock, Doug Cox, Sonja Kennison. Sheila Steadman, Nicki Uhrig. ROW 4: Terri Kellough, John Cassady, Rex Pierce, Darryl Shaw, Karen Parsons, Teresa Young, Lori Clark. ROW 5: Kim Foll, William Doyle, Daniel Slaughter, Clarence Chapman, Becky Kintner, Kristi Reissig, Debbie Wright, Wilbur Aldridge, director. ROW 6: Sherri Sims, Kevin Chaney, Lisa Davis, Terry Young, Bruce Pierce, Teresa Woodbridge, Kelley Kaltenbaeh. ROW '71 Tammy Depew, Diana Doyle, Tina Steiner. Dawn lnman, Sheila Wright, Shari Mendenhall, Rogenia McWhorter. ROW 8: Lisa Woodbridge, Julie Bowers, Laura Steinbrook, Kelly Rapp, Pam Johnson, Tammy Mason, Buddy Cook. f-IIB pi ,351 UN st, Q JUNIOR HIGH BAND: ROW 1: Dawn lnman, Kim Foll, Kim Bethel, Terri Kellough, Tammy Depew, Rogenia McWhorter, Gay Grubb, Mel- issa Brown, Kelley Kaltenbach. ROW 2: Diana Doyle, Tina Steiner, Shari Mendenhall, Iulie Bowers, Laura Steinbrook, Kelly Rapp, Tammy Mason, Debbie Wright, Pam Johnson. ROW 3: Mark Barnett. Debbie Bethel, Iudy Cuckler, Marsha Uhrig, Cathy Pollock, Doug Cox, Valerie Gire. Sonja Kennison. Sheila Steadman. ROW 4: Portia Shoemaker, Teresa Young, Karen Minney, Carol Collins, Lisa Bentley, Jenny Grubb, Pam Brown. ROW 5: Greg Dennewitz, Danny Stitt, Lou King, Barry Oyer, Lisa Davis, Bruce Pierce, Karen Parsons, Wilbur Aldridge, director. ROW 6: Darryl Shaw, Terry Young, Nicki Uhrig, Teresa Woodbridge, Becky Kintner, Charlotte Duty, Coleen Depew, John Uhrig, Greg Woods. ROW 7: Lisa Woodbridge, Randy Lucas, Mary Ellen Bowers, Christine Watkins, Bill Barnett, Brian Chaney, Scott Richards. Buddy Cook. .ffm 'fwgxm' 0 MAJORETTES: Kim Bethel, Karen Minney. Robin Haines, Terri Haines, Lou King. 0 FLAG BEARER: Kim Foll. 0 PEP BAND: ROW 1: Mary Ellen Bowers, Eddie Rhoads, Randy Lucas, Carol Collins, Darryl Shaw, lolin Cassady, Wilbur Aldridge, director ROW 2: Kristi Reissig, Lou King, Clarence Chapman, Daniel Slaughter, Curtis Weinricli. William Doyle. ROW Ci: Lisa Bentley, Teresr Woodbridge, Julie Bowers. Sheila Wright, Dawn Inman. Tina Steiner, Diana Doyle. RUM' -1: Lisa Woodbridge, Kim Bethel. Marsha Uhrig Sheila Sieadman, Karen Minney, Teresa Young. A f Ax Ixf ""4 ,ny .15 4 . S A 4 4 .. 1 if' 1 gi X X-Q .Q 3, ,, ..-, I 1 ' x ss. 'J' N I, - me 1' X ,N 9 'X . ' . n ' - ' ' o 'Y xg' 'F .Y 'M is o 1 -J' 1 s ,Q ,x 1 '23 J x - y 1 x 5 Q' E. N Q f NN M M NN fm 'M 5 x w m 'kv 1 1 W f x ,A s "H v gn I :V st' Y .L gg ,E -5,-re i' - .. .4 QW ,X A, 0 we K' 'M 1 X '1- ,1,, ,- -.,nL J. 4f. grim! I AwafwH2ec41' 1. SPELLING BEE WINNERS: Dawn Inman, Doug Green, and Nikki Kaltenbach. Nikki placed third in the county. 2. GARY MCKEE AWARD and FIRST PLACE IN STATE TRACK MEET: Alan Grubb 3. CITIZENSHIP: Alice Christopher 4. BETTY CROCKER and VOICE OF DEMOCRACY STATE FINAL- IST: Kathy McCoy 5. CLARA KENNEY AWARD: Bev Mead 6. AMERICAN LEGION AWARD: Barry Daniels and Terri Kellough 7. BOYS' STATE: Benny Parsons 8. BOYS' STATE: Mike Drury 9. GIRLS' STATE and DAUGHTER OF THE AMERICAN COLO- NISTS: Robin Haines 10. VALEDICTORIAN and DAUGHTER OF THE AMERICAN REVO- LUTION: Lorna Cockrell 11. SALUTATORIAN: Bonita Gozy I I y PLH ,.-1 T v 'EEK V ' v X355 CLASS COLORS f ' Y S4 Q v I a GzeewAua6Wh:2ta COAMOJUOW WdkThel20pe6 O,fThePa56We wzluawg nfsellg OHM Fatwa -r-- -7'-71 0 Iohn Aber: Carnival 12: Class Play 12 0 Virginia Baker: Carnival 12: F.H.A. 11 0 Earl Bethel: Carnival 12: Class Play 12: Nat'l Honor Society 0 Jim Bowers: Basketball 9, 11, 12: Foot- ball 9, 10: Cross Country 11, 12: Track 9, 10, 11, 12: Boys' State QE.: . 9: Cheerleader 9, 10: Miss Huntington 12: Who's Who: Carnival 12: Class Play 12 0 Cheryl Dennewitz: F.H.A. 11: Pep Club 9: Business Club 9 , 10: Carnival 12 0 Doug Foll: Band 9, 10. 11: Pep Band 9. 10: Basketball 9: Track 11, 12: Carnival 12: Class Play 12 Who: Carnival 12: Class Play 12: Nat'l Honor Society Bev Mead: Class Officer 11: Annual Staff 11, 12: F.T.A. 10, 11, 122 Y.F.C. 9, 10: Newspaper Staff 10, 11: Pep Club 9, 10: Business Club 11: Vol- leyball 10: Carnival 12: Class Play 12: Clara Kenney Award 0 Dean Boys ' Pom 0 MarciaAChaney: Pom, om Girl 10: Cagrmival 12: Nat'l QMAlice Christopher: Class 12: Stu- Council 12: Staff 11: fig 10, 11, 12: 11: in 10: Flagbearer 10: Pj 2.1, E 9, Club 9, 10: 10, 11: 0 Valerie Kennison: F.T.A. ,10, 11: F.H.A. 10, 11: Y.F.C. 9, 10: Band 9. 10:'Pep Club 9, 10, 11: Pep Band 9, 10: Business Club 9, 10, 11: Basketball 10: French Club 12: Track 11. 12: Carnival ' 12: Class Play 12 M, x, l l : u Jeff Kinzerz Pep Club 9: Baseball 10, 11: ' ess Club 11: Track Hum- , Who's Who: Carniv 112: Class Play 12 Q ...5 Court:11.,.,12..:..,Who's-f opelml- wf is .rw W M W V p: V, racrmffa "'Nat'E ,Mfg .0Ci" ilp s K, ,lg ,ggweIy:q,9otba11 9 :.,' .jp Q A W-1 5F5'?915 0 2 Busebame, 10: Tricks 119 fff f i 0 Teresa Clark: Pom Pom Girl 9: Cheer- leader 10, 11: High Skill Steno Club 11, 12: O.E.A. 11. 12: Volleyball 11: Homecoming Court 10: Carnival 12: Nat' l . Honor Society 0 Lorna Cockrell: Class Officer 11: Annual Staff 11, 12: F.T.A. 10, 11, 12: Bas- ketball 12: French Club 11: Who's Who: Carnival 12: Class Play 12: Nat'l Honor Society: Valedictorian 0 Marilyn Coonrod: F.H.A. 10, 12: Car- nival 12 0 Mitzi Crowe: F.T.A. 10, 12: Y.F.C. 9: Band 9, 10: Flagbearer 10: Pep Club 12: Class Play 12 0 Sarah Malone: F.H.A. 11: Carnival 12 0 Keith Mason: Band 9, 10: Pep Band 9, 10: Basketball 10, 11: Football 9, 10, 11, 12: Track 9, 12: Who's Who: Carni- val 12: Class Play 12 0 Tammie Mason: Class Officer 12: F.H.A. 10: Y.F.C. 9, 10: Pep Club 9, 10: Track 9, 10: Volleyball 9: Carnival 12: Class Play 12 , 0 Kathy McCoy: Class Officer 11: F.T.A. 10, 11, 12: Business Club 10, 11: French Club 12: American Legion Award: Who's O nw Ratliffz 10, Band Staff 9- 10, 11: Pep Band 9: Business Club 9. 10: O.E.A. 11, 12: Volleyball 9, 10: Car- nival 12 Susanne Sutherland: Pep Club 9: Business Club 9: Cheerleader 9, 10: O.E.A. 11, 12: Newspaper Siaff 11, 12: Track 9, 10, 11: Miss Huntington Court 12: Homecoming Queen 12: Carnival 12 Sandy Withrow: Class Officer 10: Pep Club 9, 10: Business Club 9, 10: Pom Pom Girl 10. 11: Basketball 9, 10: Track 10, 11: Volleyball 10, 11: Carni- val 12: O.E.A. 11, 12: High Skill Steno Club 12: Nat'l Honor Society LL narzMG.N I I -Qt I ' N 1 3-s ml i X' The 1977 Senior Play Production Class presented lT'S COLD IN THEM THAR HILLS to the high school and elementary classes on May 20 , 1977, under the direction of Mrs. Judy Greene. The story takes place in a quiet mountain shack. inhabited by ordinary mountain folk. lt opens as Maw is worried because one of the younger daughters is going to get married before the oldest daughter. Snoddy. Snoddy, who is very shy, ugly, and can't cook, spends most of her time playing with her pet hog. Hubert. By some act of fate, Bill, the sophisticated dude from the city, and his mother get lost and stumble upon the shack. Snoddy immedi- ately takes a liken to Bill, and Paw "aims to git thet dude fer her." CAST Paw: Dean Bowling Mrs. Vandemere: Kathy McCoy Maw: Tammie Mason Mandy: Valerie Kennison Snoddy: Loma Cockrell Sarray: Mitzi Crowe Bill: Doug Poll Neelie Ann: Bonita Gozy Zeke: Keith Mason Becky Mae: Ginger Chaney Prissy Lou: Alice Preacher: Van Mullins Christopher ull '97 f "il ,gr 1 X U . CN 4 I 322 W1 , bfi IAP, ijt., tx L 7 is ' ' Vi ' f T 3 W Q V ., lr 4 , ...T ' l 1: A i L : 9, .1-I f? fi ,HI fl, 1" ' 1-umm-.MW W, M , iunununu ,- ,f 5' - ...1 .4 X f""fw f 'rift in X n .Li v is 21 is cf 73 :gp zz, tw ,, ,nv ! A s ,Inj I' 5"1 .Q :mm QWQX 4 Iwme 95550 OQWUNQM E' C2 'CT fr V L Nga, -1 3 0 FORERUNNERS: ROW 1: Judy Greene, advisor, Rita Rucker, Dorenea Ingham, Karea Kottenbrook, Christy Boggs, Patsy Moran, Kim Cha- ney, Judy Cuckler, Randy Lucas, Carol Collins, Tami Current. Helen Tracy, advisor. ROW 2: Karen Parsons, Doug Cox, Dawn Inman, Dynell Grubb, Mary Ellen Bowers, Randy Sanders, Kevin Locke, Barry Oyer, Joe Hawk, Marilyn Kellough, advisor, Sam Cydrus, advisor. 0 STUDENT COUNCIL: ROW 1: Alan Grubb, Alice Christopher, Peggy Hutchison. ROW 2: Pam Preston, Tim Diehl, Tammy Coppock, John Chaney, Chris Sammons. - 0 STUDENT TEACHER AIDES: ROW 1: Karen Min- ney, Benny Parsons, Lorna Cockrell, Christi Oyer, Alice Christopher, Mitzi Crowe, Bonita Gozy. Kathy McCoy, Valerie Kennison. ROW 2: Tammy Page, Bev Mead, Kim Jacobs, Robin Haines, Tanya McKee, Terri Haines, Christy Boggs. ROW 3: Mike Drury, Mark Foll, Jeff Uhrig. 0 FRENCH CLUB: ROW 1: Diana Doyle, Pauline Walker, Christy Boggs, Patsy Moran, Tanya McKee. Kim Jacobs, Terri Haines, Kim Bethel, Carol Col- lins, Marilyn Kellough, advisor. ROW 2: Lisa Bent- ley, Tina Steiner, Robin Sams, Anita Montgomery. William Doyle, Jeff Uhrig, Teri Uhrig, Curtis Wein- rich, Kathy McCoy, Randy Lucas. ROW 3: Sheila Steadman. Lou King, Tina Salyers, Andrea Stud- well, Kim Foll, Kim Chaney. Joyce Mitchell, Carol Cottrill, Valerie Kennison. 0 ANNUAL STAFF: ROW 1: Mrs. Armbruster, advi- sor, Bev Mead, Tammy Page, Debbie Frey. ROOF: Lorna Cockrell, Jeff Black, Coleen Daniels. jug, 3. ms' wa., t i I ann fvxsvvo ldt. 'inn s- if w fofdawaldagamf FACULTY Q., fm, M Q ggfi 7.41 ESTILL BOWLING: Supcrinrcndcnt, Eastern Ky. Statc - B.S. in Social Studios and M, in Ed. Admin. Eightccn Yoars at Huntington QC. -..- ,va-.v 'Mu' ALAN COX: Board of Education J. MARTIN MCGUIRE: High School Princi- CHARLES TREGO: Pros. of thc Board of Edu pal, Ohio Univ. - B.S. in Ed. Xavier Univ. cation - M.Ed. Eight Years at Huntingtonq Golf Coach WAYNE HAINES: Board of Education IOHN KELLOUGH: Board of Education f S 1 ov 1 . In E IIM LONG: Board of Education 1 ij V5 Q..-.. FLORENCE ARMBRUSTER: Counselor, Univ. nf Cin. - B.S. in Ed. Ohio Univ. - M.Ed. Elcvun Years at Huntington: N.H.S. and Ycarbook Advisor 5 1 0 Q 5:5 t .H f BARBARA BRADY: Reading and Math Departs. Ohio Univ. - M.Ed. Five Ycars at Huntington . RVILBUR ALDRIDGE: Music Depart. Murray Slzxtc - B. of Music Ed. Univ. of Idaho - M. of Music Ed. Four Years at Huntington 4 - ,F Y"'5, ,ir 1 IOAN BENNETT: Science Depart. Ohio Univ. - B.S. in Ed. Six Years at Huntington: Pom Porn Advisor . f I ,. ' 4 X wx' .. ,i ' 4' 3' vw" T.. . r I - x. E .. T , av. 3 ff J X K.. h x N N 4 x t Xf B X I x HELEN TRACY: Librarian, Ohio Univ. - B.S. in Ed. and M.A. Eight Yours at Hunt- ington ci tt, Y X 5 'Q m T Clif Z 1' 3 Q' 45. Mig. Q u I I ' . 'V , . f L 3. TIM BUTLER: Busincss Depart.-Morchcad Static Univ. - B.S. in Ed. Xavicr Univ. - M.Ed. Fivc Years at HUIlliIlgIOTl1 Bnskctball and Cross Country Conch and Athictic Director is JOHN CASSADY: Special Education Depart. Morehead State Univ. - B. A. Three Years at Huntington 4 JUDY GREENE: English Depart. Pikeville College - B.S. in Ed. Eight Years at Hunt- ington: Forerunners Advisor JUDY KALTENBACH: Science and Math Departs. Ohio Univ. - B.S. in Ed. Xavier Univ. - M.Ed. Eleven Years at Huntington: Cheerleading Advisor TIM DEBORD: English Depart. Morehead State Univ. - B.A. Five Years at Hunting- ton: Boys' Track Coach SAM CYDRUS: Social Studies Depart. Ohio State Univ. - B.A. Eight Years at Hunting- tong Forerunners Advisor JAMES HIXON: Business Depart. Ohio Univ. BILL JONES: Social Studies Depart. Lip- scomb College - B.A. Xavier Univ. - M.Ed. Eight Years at Huntington - B. of Bus. Ad. Seven Years at Huntington: Junior High Football Coach 4 -A .vi-5 K. I An ix. 4' 4p-av- X.- .ff K I MARILYN KELLOUGH: English and French EARL KNIGHT: Phys. Ed., Health and Sci. Departs. Morehead State Univ. - B.A. Two Departs. Eastern Ky. State - B.S. in Ed. Years at Huntington: Forerunners and French Twelve Years at Huntington Club Advisor ,,7 4,. .L.... fi.. v AQ N .., i H -F:.--- N4.4',fi':gt, '9- FAYE KNIGHT: Phys. Ed. , Health and Sci. Departs. Eastern Ky. State - B.S. in Ed. Twelve Years at Huntington 1 . - A JEAN ROMERO: Math Depart. Ohio Univ. - B.S. in Ed. Fourteen Years at Huntington CINDA WILSON: Home Ec. Depart. Ohio State Univ. - B.S. in Ed. Xavier Univ. - M.Ed. Three Years at Huntington .Jfh CURTIS WILSON: lndust. Arts Depart. Morehead State Univ. - B.S. in Ed. Xavier Univ. - M.Ed. Five Years at Huntington: Junior and Senior Class Advisor 'Ps .1 .ff fo - A , 1 ,J-4-. ss. -f1Qs.f' ' J A N, Xe , Y NEIL UHRIG: Phys. Ed. and Sci. Departs. Rio Grande - B.A. Xavier Univ. - M.Ed. Six Years at Huntington: Baseball and Fresh- man Basketball Coach JAMES WOODS: Phys. Ed., Health and Driver's Ed. Departs. Univ. of Hawaii - B.S. in Ed. Two Years at Huntington: Var- sity and Reserve Football Coach 'N -'F fri 4. , Q A A 2,2 1515 ,mt - . t f 'fe-44s. ff F' :Fit 1315 4,,,M-N212 E5 N ',v"ffz- ' 5 4? t" M I4 "' "K , 1.52: 1 . fd I ,Q i . 5 L 2 , ' I' ' . . 2 i Y 'gm fi- ty. V i , 5313, A ,:iQ:Qf1Fii-5' .- , , X .uf:-,-fr:-2:1-:Qu-,-ZX 1 - it 3.22.1 ,ifitz3iifIf?r:f2'T-' E ' 12' v 311:11 ,Da ,.ggr-71,5 ,'.,mg..,r Ig... . 1:-N A ' 11, --'ffl -11'-.. f..1- ,fn 12, -if". 411512 .QW fgffwvaf-'ail ' "ff':f32 21H-. K' . ,.1s.:1eilf21:r! ttf ,H 24'- -ty' . A -.tis-3" M 1:6 , A ' .' v' 1 F2 NWS' N 1 6.14. ' W 1 JJ' jiri, 'Ii , ,-- ,..., . "-,-'22-"'-1 P ...:,,--...",., f ., ,,,, b , . 'fa sr '53 D' it X f , 'viifxyx 4 . 125.151 . A JEROME GORDON: Special Education CHRIS HANKS: Junior High Math Depart. DAN OYER: junior High English Depmrt Depart. Uhio State Univ. - B.S. in Ed. Rio Grande College - B.S. in Math. Five Bowling Green State Univ. - B.S in Xavier Univ. - M.Ed. One Year at Hunting- Years at Huntington Two Years at Huntington: Girls' Basltetbill ton Coach FST' 5.1 DAVID PATTERSON: Social Studies Depart. Morehead State Univ. - B.A. Five Yeats at Huntington: Junior High Boys' Track Coach GAYLA LOCKARD: Clerk of Board of Educa- CAROL BLACK: Title I Aide tion 'U - 1 .iff f 4 , 'fz 1 " I 4? +- '- 'Q ,,-.Q ' ' ' . , uluifffl,-f -. - , "- - l ' x ' .4 . J 2 Q -, , r -4 A F . , I ' -.M fir lf"1'?"f'f-'3v,1"v3a':'V'3F5W-""."', -."'..-wa' Eff.. .Q -4-.- V . . ,.4, 4 A -. tr I. '. 10 1 ,Jw W A- - Q 1 - - . Q-.' L vm -.J , . ' 1 v-X5 THELMA PFEIFER: Secretary IO the Superin- tcndcnl LYNN WOODS: Secretary to the High School Principal 0 CUSTODIAN: Irvin Slcclc. 0 COOKS: ROW 1: Loretta Watkins, E111 Young, Marian Millncr, Mary Howard. ROW D: Mac Combs, Rcncc Riclmus. Vurncdzi Sims, Felicia Ulirig, Eve EJISICFKIEIY, Ruth Rinehart. 0 BUS DRIVER:Jz1Incs Milincr. 0 BUS DRIVERS: Don Chaney, Jackie Grccnu, Henry Russull, Forrest Cosy, Clayton D2lIlix:1S, Esicn Arrowood, Arnold Chaifin, Pnl Kcnnison. Xfprx .sa gas 222: :pw-ff - iii- hs. ,..--""""""""W ,",,N .W i Ju' 9 ' V K , ug4, - J 'SV EN 3 - 1- i, - unix 655 Melaaghfw wewlilaememlaw mmap- DARRELL COTTRILL: Elcmcn- RUTH CRABTREE: Librarian nary Principal f vs, :g':1. z- fn. ' 5 MICHELLE MACKlN:13rd and -ith Grade, Title I rn --P BRENDA WALLS: lsr Grade, Title I and xx, 4,g,.,4 PEGGY KELLER: Sth and Gth RITA RAMSEY: LibraryAidc Grade Aide iw N-1 DEBORAH FLETCHER: Kinder- garmn, Tiilu I W SHEILA ALLEN: lsr and ind Grade Aide LOUELLA SHEETS: 3rd and -uh Grade Aide ,fl if, A Q, xx E K f 5- 'f U p 1 N ,,'. ,Y ' ' ' -' -1 ' f Z, U qi L X E5 E iff as I! ROBERTA MAGILL: flrd and Alrh Grade, Tirlcl 1? ..,l I A MARY ALTHOUSE: Kindurgarrcn Aide IOY UHRIG: Secretary to thc Elementary School Principal tml lith GRADE Cl,,1.SSl2S: Mr. Bethel, Teacher. RUM' 1: Crystal Kel- lough. leff Uates, lim Rogers, Lola Stratton, Randy Detty, Michelle McCarty. RUM' 2: Tim Woodbridge, Eric Ral- ston, Curtis M'illoughhy, Michelle Ross, Toby Doyle, Rick Seharen- berg, Tom Mctlraw, Robert Hixon. RUM' fl: Teresa Grubb, Peggy Shaw, Rhonda Preston, Penny Easterday, Mike New- some, Nicole Speakman, Suzanne De-Pew. RUM' -l: Brett Clark, Rhonda Sanders, lva Rucker, Lisa Right, Vanessa Caler, Karla Beeler, Tim M'right. Rodney M'oods, Miss Cox, Teacher. RUM' 1: Tina Stein- brook, Candy liellough, Lisa Buskirk, Toni McCam1, Tina M'hite, Tony Daniel, Mike Legg. RUM' 2: Norma Usborn, Steve Sturgell. Cindy Conley, Cheryl McM'horter, Beverly Vest, Henry M'oods, A A Frank Roll, Chuck M'at- kins. Robin Foll. RUM' 13: Lisa Cochenour, Melinda Green, Pam Rinehart, Lisa Penrod, Sheri Fizer, Cheryl Colburn, Garland Shoemaker. RUM' -l: Frank Congrove, Richard Detty, Robin Cantrell, Richard King, Dwayne Seeling, Mike Ulson, Tim Oyer, Nancy Dunaway, Mike M'liire. Mr. Keller, Teacher. RUM' 1: Todd Kellough, Regina Fultz, Kim Mitchell. Brian Trego. Bobbi Bowers, Charles Zoeller, Robhi Mont- gomery, Nikki Kalten- -s bach. RUM' 2: Marsha Carter, Allan Clifford. Buffy Shoemaker, Rocky 4 . Gragg, Larry Murray. . ' Mark Kohn, Melissa Digges, Tisa Estep. Douglas Legg. :RUM' Il: Anna Zimmerman, Teresa Mclieever, Dean Good, Cherie Daniels, Donnette Inman, Evan Diehl, Frank Coon, Fam Rutter, Terri Higby. RUM' -1: Richard Brown, Douglas Nelson, Lee M'illett, Don Brown- field, Tina Beatty, Duane lrvin, Frankie Sterling. Melissa Stewart, Drema M'ells. - 87 5th GRADE CLASSES: Mr. Howard, Teacher. ROW 1: Emmalee Price, John Atwood, Jennifer Wilder- muth, Steve Detillion, Lee Moran, David Carroll. ROW 2: Roger Chapman, Heather Shoop, Rick Hartley, Sherry White, Marla Kellough. Chris Chaney, Melissa Recobs, Raymond Estep. ROW 3: Pat Hopkins, Sonja Shoemaker, Joe Woods, Mike Miller, Brian Stud- vu-'P' well, Cindy Gill. ROW 4: Jill Miller, Bill Malott, Angie Donohoe, Sherry Cade. Robert Woods, Jeff Grubb, Tracey Blazer, Iodi Drury. Mr. Marshall, Teacher. ROW 1: Scott Lane, Keith Greene, Ken Smith, Brain Morrison, Melissa Beatty. Mischelle McCorkle, Troy Pierce. ROW 2: Kelly Mitc- hell, Jonathan Boggs, Jeri Gozy, Buddy Workman, Randy Cade, Wanda Willis, Helen Speakman, Tammy Scott. ROW 3: Todd P01- lock, Melinda Brown, Jaye Ball, Curtis Nelson, Melvin Bowers, Robbie Martin, Mike Cuckler. ROW 4: Lisa 1'5" ,Q H L 4 I ' , . 'o.' , 1. O 5, O 1 s D -.NN .' o vw, Detillion, Darrell Watkins, Angie Sines, Connie Thomas, Dorothy Spencer, Peggy Cochenour, Dwayne Steinbrook, Wendy Magill. Mrs. Ross, Teacher. ROW 1: Teddy Evans, Nancy Ball, Debbie Conley, Philip Mendenhall, John Rogers, Tonya Seamen. ROW 2: Ryan Wilson, Cynthia Lamm, Donna Hutchinson, Lynette Bethel, Dean George, Angela Lowery, Mary Coon. Tim Hale. ROW 3: Tammy Eyre, Carl McCloskey, Melany Black. Sam Beeler, Kristen Moore, Dane Osborn. ROW 4: Bryan Speakman, Ray Elliott, Ro Aaron Neff, Barbara Brickl Demint. 88 ,via rm --JJ 'lut- L 'LQ VA ger Hamlin, Greg Graves, es, Dwayne Trego, Robert wg. iffifvf, rl if 2. 5 rm Q I x -x ...' gg Q' it A, yf f' ni' 4 4th GRADE CLASSES: Mrs. Cook. Teacher. ROW 1: Barbara Brewster, lon East- erday, Chrissy Stewart, Rhonda Park, Larry Woods, Vickie Price, Angie Stein- brook, Bobbie Haubeil, Rose Cochenour, Chris Estep. ROW 2: Rhonda Duty, Cindy Carter, Kathe- rine Brickles, Peggy Cop- pock, Starla Grubb, John Kellough, Tammy Hutchi- son. ROW 8: Bryan Smith, Sherri Hammond, Starla Olson, Linda Skaggs, Jim Kel- lough, Paula Ackley, Matt Kellough, Karen Trego, Machele DePugh, James Boggess. .1-. F- fatale McCoy, Althea Siders, Bret Mrs. Good, Teacher. ROW 1: Mike Bowling, Sondra McWhorter, Lisa Scott, Kevin Williamson, Tracy Williamson, Randy Stur- gell, Michael Osborn. ROW 2: John Dearth, Dawn Smith, Milinda Clark, Ste- phanie Mathers, David Landman, Larry McConahay, Tanya Pierce, Mark Rinehart. ROW 3: Scott Kohn, Tony Briden- baugh, Tina Black, Billy t McKee, David King. ROW 4: Candy Doyle, Beth McGarvey, Charles Hixon, Brent Fleming, Tracy Carter, Cathy Flannery, Fred Stitt, Iulie Shoemaker. Darrell Atwood, Brenda Co Mr. Rife, Teacher. ROW 1: Karen Elliott, Mary Cott- rill, Ralph Shaw, Kevin McComis, Lisa Flannery. Angie Kellough, Dwayne Miller. ROW 2: Charles Kottenbrook, Dave Kel- lough, LeAnn Watkins. Melissa Hughes, Jeff Ral- ston, Terry Evans, Norman Chaffin. ROW 3: Bucky Inman, Tina Recobs, Anthony Lewis, Keith Jones, Terry Bridenbaugh, on, Tommy Reed. ROW 4: Jeff Harrington, Jimmy Rinehart, Wanda Millner, Danita Wells, Kim Phipps, Bobby Kimbler, Danny Oyer, Roger Cydrus. 89 3rd GRADE CLASSES: Mrs. Jenkins, Teacher. ROW 1: LaRhonda Shoe- maker, Delohn Murray, Stacey Pollock, Trey Sams, Billy Kellough, Paula Jones. ROW 2: David Hines, Kim Hop- kins, Lisa Pauley, Tim Vanderpool, Tammy Richards, Dale Carter, Sandy Johnson, Matthew Kottenbrook. ROW 3: Tammy Speakman, Rickey McQuay, Tawana Smith, Tim Hersman, Melanie Gragg, Garry Ray. ROW 4: Rusty Cochen- our, Aaron Gallagher, Zachary Thacker, Patrick Terry, Charles Johnson, Susan Barlage, Lloyd Wil- son, Kirk Cottrill. Miss Henderson, Teacher. ROW 1: Mark Steinbrook, Mark Cochenour, Paula Lane, Richard Rubel, Melodie Vickers, Greg Hopkins, Billy Felts. Terry Wilt. ROW 2: Debbie Detil- lion, Scott Grubb, John- nie Cooper, Randy Haines, Lisa Uhrig. Karrol Ewry, Mary Magill, David Wyatt. ROW 3: Montie Colburn. Gene Harrell, Melissa Boggs, Paula Brown, Kirk Jor- dan, Melissa Mendenhall. ROW 4: Tom Lewis, Lyn- ette Marsh. Greg Flannery, David LeMaster, Pam Mitchell, Sherry Gerwig, Mark Ingham, Mark Bryan, Brandon Taylor. Mr. Proctor, Teacher. ROW 1: Roger Carl, Rex Newlan, Jeff Hopkins, Christina Fisher, Tommy Carroll, Melissa Mitchell. ROW 2: Danny Walters, Danny Lewis, Cathy Gragg, Jay Smith, Dennis Neff, Eric Seelingf Jackie k Cassady, Carla Jones. ROW 3: Kim Smith, Randy Green, Thurman Zimmerman, Janet Pritt, Thea Hawk, Lisa Sullivan, Bryan Bobo. ROW 4: Andy Mason, Mike Rucker, Jamie Dennewitz, Heidi Steiner, Dean Evans, Mike Congrove, Jerry Kempton, Shane Ross. 90 4, Q - , . ,V . f ll - ,, . A 1Y 'f'l- ' W' ' 'V ff f y Y N' Sines, Nicole Sams, David Brown. li Cochenour. T iv Mark Chaney. Keith Payn Johnson, Curtis Davis, Jame 2nd GRADE CLASSES: Mrs. Hamilton, Teacher. ROW 1: Diana McGlone, Gerald Marsh, Tina Grubb, Natalie Gragg, Jesse Baldwin. ROW 2: Jammie Richards. Tam- mie Coon, Janet Richard- son, Susie Brown, Michael George, Tatnmy Tolle. ROW 3: Lori Rodgers, Pau- lette Seaman, Becky Cade. Stephanie Beeler, Neil Workman, Mark Cline. ROW 4: Kevin Trego, Tim Ray, Crystal Rucker, Mike Mrs. Hopkins, Teacher. ROW 1: Brenea Moore, Kim Sullivan, Ricky Wyatt. Chris Shoemaker. Jim Brewster. ROW 2: Mike Detty, Adren Wells, Lisa Rodgers, Tara Cunningham. Shelly Wildermuth. Tracy Scott, Scott Neff. ROW 13: Dennis Irvin, Angela Conn, Choncita Aekley, Thomas Lamm, Landon Workman. ROW 4: Michelle Reaster. Steve Rinehart, Chris Ham- n, Gary Sowers, Jesse Stinson, Randall Hughes, Larry Mrs. Uhrigt Teacher. ROW 1: Shane Sims, Clyde Carl, Luther Malone, Twana McCorkle, Michelle Kutschbach. ROW 2: Jimmy Pendleton. Ronnie Cochen- our, Kelly Lowery. Nancy Jacobs, Rocky Conley. Laura Lewis, Concetta Estep. ROW 3: Ricky Kel- lough, Danny Seymour. Christine Mendenhall, Frankie Wright, Gary Ham- mond. ROW 4: Ray Ratliff, e, Robert Jornigan, Bernie s Skaggs. 91 - L lst GRADE CLASSES: Mrs. Parsons, Teacher. ROW 1: Lcxie Estep, Nicole Wat- son, Suzanne Detillion, Cheryl Payne, Melissa Cline, Rachel Kuhn. ROW A 2: Cindy White, Karen Sowers, Kenneth Brown, 4 T' Heather Trego, Billy Magill, Monica Miller. Wendell Johnson. ROW 3: John Thacker, Kim Pauley, Ronna Carter, Lana Detty, Melissa Brown, Mary Rubel. ROW 4: Tracy Wilt, Dwayne McCloskey, David How- ard, Robert Clifford, Tammera Bennett, Gene Johnson, Duane Carroll. Mrs. Wooldridge, Teacher. ROW 1: Kim Cooper, Che ryl Miller, Michelle Wil- loughby, Shawn Murray, Melynda Ralston, Julie Thomas, Carol Rhoads, Frank Boggess. ROW 2: Lori Irvin, Roy Parks, Chad Hopkins, Orville Brewster, Shane Sanders, Ronald Kel- lough, Michelle More- house, Shelby Coon. ROW ' . 3: Chris Digges, Zale Coat- ney, Stephanie Graves, Nicol Cottrill, Heidi Mathers, Jonette Lancen, Rodney Cydrus, Melinda Bowers. ROW 4: Stacia Bullock, Tammy Davis, Robert Bobo, Amy Bowling, Samatha Bates, Richard Butler, Mark Bridenbaugh. , , , Mrs. Young, Teacher. ROW 1: Richard Good, Charles Richter, Scott Lowery, Shelly McCloskey, Richard Wells, Danette Lowery, Jennifer Good. ROW 2: Tracy McComis, Lisa Lan- caster, Scott Eyre. Julie Smith. Ryan Payne, Patrick McCarty, Carla Cochenour, Tina Jones. ROW 3: Debra Arrowood, Jerry Reed, Charlotte Tackett, Billy Mitchell, Marsha Carter, Felix Jornigan, Denise Pritt, Cathy Sines. ROW 4: Lisa Greeno, Herbert Zimmerman, Stephanie Lyons, Wil- liam Chandler, Renee Borland, Robert Detillion, Kim- berly Good, Tim Cox. 92 .W , 1' 1 6 X59 S . Riff so , if Sf' y Q 5, W 1 r L Carlotta Johnson, Sarira Wri SPECIAL EDUCATION: Mrs. Smith, Teacher. ROW 1: Valeri Boggs, Patricia Mal- ou, Carl Jones, Oscar Con- ley, Vance McComis, Con- nie Peters, Donald Cox. ROW 2: Susan Knisley. Marvin Leasure, Gary Hors- ley, Jerry McComis, Rhonda McCloskey. Jeff Dunaway. EVEN DAY KINDERGAR- TEN: Mrs. Oyer, Teacher. ROW 1: Sammy Walters, Dcric Cox, Ronnie Johnson, John Smith, Danny Penrod, Everett Cox, Gererny Ray. ROW 2: Wendy Gaines, Denise Ramsey, Jodi Uhrig, Sean Young, Norman Mitc- hell, Rusty Gragg, Amy Gragg. ROW 3: Jodi Pendle- ton, Alicia Thompson, Kathy Davis, Nichole MCCown, lane! Mossbarger, ght. ODD DAY KINDERGARTEN: Mrs. Oyer, Teacher. ROW 1: Bobby Garrett. Sandy Sager, Lisa Smith, Nickie Rutter, Tommy Rhoads. Paula Cisco, Chad Carroll, Greg Mullins, Tracy Good. ROW 2: Dawn Mitchell. Troy Sullivan, Doug Lyons, Crystal Kohn. Mark Hop-- kins, Bobby Taylor, Todd Black, Kelly lo McQuay, Marty Conley, Mariana Van Buskirk, Michell Kellough. 93 INTERMEDIATE SPECIAL EDUCATION: Mrs. Sulzer. Teacher. ROW 1: Stacey Rose, Duane McComis, Randall Miller, Johnny Cox, Doyt Downs, Eva Cox. Patty Downs. ROW 2: Buddy Taylor, Gary Malott, Jimmy Dunaway. Dwight Ewry, Tony Hawk, Tony Hersman. ROW 3: Ricky Newlan, Dennis Millner, Martin Lowery, Jeff Mul- lins, Sandy-Rubel. Linda Peters. EVEN DAY KINDERGAR- TEN: Mrs. Keller, Teacher. ROW 1: Angie Flannery, Becky McGarvey, Sherrie Carroll, Heidi Ben- son. Stacie Letarte, Tom Mossbarger, John Ball. ROW 2: Krista Miller, Carrie Woods, Sheila Jones, Bambi Hart, Katrina Graves, Mac- helle Richards. Jada Conn. ROW 3: Patrick Riehle, Doug Gill, Frank Thomp- son. Marty Kellough, Don- YH? ald Woods, Adam Uhrig. Greg Jones, Shawn Gragg. ODD DAY KINDERGARTEN: Mrs. Keller. Teacher. ROW 1: Trina Lytle, William Newlan, Brad Moore, Ben- jamin Lewis, Jimmy Davis, Debbie Reed, Christy Kel- lough. ROW 2: Tammy Cottrill. Mike Tackett, John Blesedell. Loretta Brickles, Richard Aldridge. Benji Davis, Gina Pendle- ton, Tracy Shoemaker, Tonya Kellough. 94 L 45 551 -N, 'iv rv .2 , X , fn - '? : ff sg -1 -3 . .aww-X .rw -f-- . CHARLEY'S FLOWERS "Constantly Creating Confidence" 13 South Paint St. Chillicothe, Ohio .... .--.---+..- - .- - OSBORNE STUDIOS 133 W. Main St. 774-4120 N PATRONS Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Carter, Robin and Tracy Ray, Luann, Tammy and Cindy Carter Mr. and Mrs. Arvel Phipps, Melody, Kim and Amy Bob, Donna, Suzette and Brett Gibson Mr. and Mrs. Eliza Bridenbaugh, Steve, Ron and Lisa Jody, Paul and Greg Woods Mr. and Mrs. Edward Cockrell and Family Jim, Faye, Sheila, Barry, and Joetta Oyer Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Ingham and Family Mr. and Mrs. Estill Bowling Mr. and Mrs. Donald Chaney Carol, Elaine and Jeff Black Mr. and Mrs. Charles Trego and Family Mr. and Mrs. Charles Sims Dan and Ronda Oyer Herbert and Dorothy Frey Greg, Gayle, Jill and Jan Francis Mr. and Mrs. George King Sr. and Family Mr. and Mrs. Bill Wilt and Family Gerald and Evelyn Kintner Mary Newland Mr. and Mrs. Howard Chaney and Family Mr. and Mrs. Larry Speakman and Family Neil and Joy Uhrig Mr. and Mrs. Denver Kennison Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Christopher Mrs. Helen Tracy Linda Frey Richard and Betty McKee Mr. and Mrs. Russell Oyer CLASS FLIRTS Sandy W' h ow and Jeff Carl ple THE WAVERLY STATE BANK "Full Time Service" Mastercharge N h k S WEAR EVER CHILLICOTHE SUNDRY STORE S Y Subsldla ry ALCOA Com im n+s of of We Never Stop - Savin You Mone ! ! ! V vt-ef-rw v--v- - -f-.-----1--,-- OIL 81 BATTERY PETROLEUM , Route 5 SAL ES X Box 6 Chillicothe, Ohi 45601 Compliments of STEWARTS MEN'S WEAR twfft the X ,T 'Xt ff 'i - w ' f W ' f' . .lg CQKQMMWE Z5,a9Qf144zQQ,...nQ7,Mwa f h 542253525 . Maman l PINKERTONS T.V. SERVICE Admiral and Zenith Sales and Service Ph 772 2691 946 E M S Chillicothe, Oh1o SCHACHNE'S DEPT. sToRE Paint and Main Sts. Chillicothe, Ohio 45601 Jill its Sh ues Fashion Footwear For Women Phone: 772-5826 27 N P ' tSt. Chill h Ohio MOST ATHLETIC Bonita Gozy and Alan Grubb 1-4 -luuquu-I JL, ...,,., ,J-rllwwww-5 W W. f -fxuq, THE CHILLICOTHE TELEPHONE COMPANY Chillicothe , Ohio MOST TALKATIVE Kathy McCoy and Terry McDonald TWO-M CABLEVISION INC. Route 4 Box 85 Waverly, Ohio 45690 947-4471 Route 10 Box 398 Chillicothe, Ohio 45601 663-5559 E. M. SMITH JEWELERS Diamond Specialists 670 Central Center ,. Q64 t. Chillicothe, Ohio 441, 2'-QC 1 figs' T I ,.t.,...1.., 5 MODEL DAIRY OF CHILLICOTHE CO. Serving This Area For Over 60 Years Phone: 774-1103 ZANE PLAZA BARBER SHOP O 49. Il" I Regular Haircuts xo and Styles Q 772-1921 Chillicothe, Ohio THE FASHION FLAIR "Latest Styles in Ladies Wear" Route 3 - U.S. 23 North, Waverly Phone 947-7227 Owners: Genevieve Corbin and Maxine Deskins JIMS SUPER DUPER 1080 N, Bridge St. Phone: 773-1850 "Love That Iim's Super Duper" -,ir ,lr +,,. ,L vww, V V. -input HIL-. '--1 - ' ' ' i -' Good Luck ' f I ""X Seniors ' x u, - ','7- ' A ."qwr . , 7Q.l:Xf:1-4 K - N' I . 24-4 43-,qs-'X' ' . 1 -, 7 , R sf .r , 3 . - "ef f fo' "Ja, ' KKQAQAQ A:AQMQAlmojlkljikljlkljkljlkljlkUAQAQAUAUMQAIAQAU 'Ill I fl I IIII I I IIrI LVY4 U: Matthew 28:5 And The angel st jf? answered and said unto the women, ' jcar not ye: For I know that ye seek ' 1' ugly Jesus, which was crucified. 4 Eg 6 He is 1101 here: For He is risen, as Q. He said. Come see the place where ' tl1e Lord lay. A Call HARRY INGHAM Phone: 663-5455 Monuments and Markers Marble or Granite Bronze Plaques and Markers Compliments of CELLAR LUMBER COMPANY 490 South Paint Street FARM BUREAU CO-OP OF ROSS COU NTY 331 S. Watt St. Chillicothe, Ohio Seed - Feed - Fertilizer - Farm Supplies I of A 77 I, ,. i - - .L'9Q -Q' IJ. , WL' 1' ' W ' 3 '1 --.mama 1 U:-'if HUNTINGTON BAND BOOSTERS RAY'S ALIGNMENT SERVICE Frame and Front End Service Proprietor Richard C. Brown Rear 160 E. Second St. Chillicothe, Ohio Phone 772-1797 Compliments of TOM OSTOICH AND BILL PACEY HERFF JONES REPRESENTATIVES Best Wishes Class of "7'7" RUSS PRICE HEATING AND COOLING 625 South Watt St. Chillicothe , Ohio Phone 772-2715 Compliments of TRAINER JEWELERS Diamond and Watch Specialist Downtown Waverly, Ohio A+ McDonald We Do II AII For You MCD0l'l3ld'S ' I Q ions N . Bridge and Second Str and 1225 Western Ave. SEARS Where America DUFFY ELECTRIC CO. AND Congratulations M I'I I N E R Graduates East Main at Renick Ave. 773-2206 BON D'S MARATHON MASON RY 510 South Paint Street N T Chillicothe, Ohio 7742000 Warren S. Stevens Specialty - Fireplace, Stone, Brick and Block Construction Free Estimates - 35 yrs. Experience Phone: 775-6627 BASIC CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS DIVISION OF DAVON INC . 9133:-w 1111 East Main St. 0 S I Chillicothe, Ohio 45601 'I gf!!! x Phone 773-2172 .pl X Q f. 3 QIIII 'Im ' iff 1. , TEACHERS PETS Ginger Chaney and Dean Bowling HUFFMAN ELECTRIC Residential Wiring m 927 East Main Street wage Chillicothe, Ohio 45601 Phone: 775-4333 If , """' 9 W 1, A 6' I 7, 'S E ef , MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Bev Mead and Keith Mason Compliments of WAVERLY TIRES I INC. West Emmitt Ave . Waverly. Ohio CUSTOM UPHOLSTERY SHOP Owner - Operator: Kermit Vickers Complete Auto Upholstery Service Congraiulaiions +o Seniors From THE HUNTINGTON MOTHER'S CLUB TREBER MEMORIAL ,swift W S 2 XX ,VY ' Q rain' ,gn f ' RX. K Waverly , Ohio Congratulations to the Class of "l'7 Since 1914 Y F ' our riendly Ford Dealer Maverick - Mustang - Pinto - LTD Torino - Thunderbird VALLERY FORD Toot Hoffman, Mike Vallery, Chuck Osborne Route 23 South Phone 663 2692 ' Waverly , Ohio Good Luck From BLEVINS BROTHERS ELECTRIC Chillicothe , Ohio GATEWAY SU PERMARKET Independently Owned and Operated 126B 2nd Chillicothe Ohio '773-1839 MAX M. FULKS AGENCY 15 N. Paint St. Chillicothe 774-1218 - 773-1620 Complete Insurance Service Max M. Fulks - Paul Dean Gary E. Brenning OLIVER'S GENERAL STORE Complete Plumbing Supplies Hardware - Building Supplies Route 8 Chillicothe Ohio HUNTINGTON GROCERY Corner of 772 and Blaine Highway FAWCETT-OLIVER AND GLASS FUNERAL HOME Good Luck Class of '77 77 East Fifth Street Chillicothe, Ohio High Earning Thrift Certificates with Monthly D1v1 Cheks and Regular Passbook Accounts Provide You a Total Savings Opportunity at Ohio Federal OHIO FEDERAL 24 W. Second St. Phone: 773-2169 X X ,..-..--....,-....,,,,,- W., ,-. , .,.. --.,v,,wv H Congratulations to the Graduating Class of 1977 President lst. Vice President 2nd. Vice President 3rd. Vice President Secretary Treasurer Delegates Alternate Delegates Hospitality Membership Publicity Program Magazine Prom THE HUNTINGTON LOCAL P.T.S.A. Mrs Mrs MIS . Mrs Mrs . Mrs . Curtis Weinrich Sr Charles Coterel Elmer Shoemaker Gary Hopkins Larry Gragg Wayne Neff John Angus and Curtis Weinrich Mrs. Stanley Fisher Mrs. John Angus Mr. Ted Rodgers Mr. Charles Marshall Mrs. Charles Clark Mrs. Charles Coterel Mr. Fred Weinrich . - OF PA -a 9 Q-0 fy: O 5' v 2 Z N507 J' 1 Z. f-. fav Q63 g n? OBJECTS OF THE NATIONAL CONGRESS OF PARENTS AND TEACHERS To promote the welfare of children and youth in home , school, church and community To raise the standards of home life. To secure adequate laws for the care and protection of children and youth. To bring into closer relation the home and the school that parents and teachers may cooperate intelligently in the training of the child. To develop between educators and the general public such united efforts as will secure for every child the highest advantages in physical, mental, social and spiritual education. EVV WV' Y rr, HUNTINGTON BANKS MOST ATTRACTIVE 0 F P H t hison and Mark Tisdale ew uc CHILLICOTHE Downtown - North Paint St. - 773-2681 Central Center Branch 600 Central Center 772 1302 GLOBE Chi1u2TI3ZePlif3efIaI32JIZSNOM F U R N I T U R E Member Fecggiiolsiggiit Insurance COMPANY I, I 63-79 East Main St. I Chillicothe , Ohio A WEISENBERGER INSURANCE SERVICE, INC. YQUR rnfepvrlnrl lnrwanrz IIGINT IIIIVII 'UU gll' 610 Central Center Chillicothe, Ohio 45601 If 11 can be written, WE can write it SEA-WAY -MM -Jw ., - . Ss T-I , I Serving Ross Co. '.-.--'Ili' A I- ,, f grp-LE Customers for 12 Yrs. X X -AE ,Qvf - X ,X T i 1 - E- I ul CHILLICOTHE'S C,-ff! oLDEsT rfff'-Mfg mSc0uNY sfogrs DISCOUNT STORE 186 West Main ROSS AUTO PARTS 347 South Watt Street Chillicothe , Ohio Phones 774-4300 774- 1860 Dependable Parts It is Our Policy to Serve You Better To Save You Money Chillicothe, Ohio DICK BARCH, Owner tl SUZUKI SALES BARCH'S SUZUKI-HUSQVARNA S. Emmitt Ave. Telephone Waverly, Ohio 45690 947-2729 ROSS COUNTY AUTO DEALERS ASSOCIATION Chillicothe, Jeep Sales, Inc. Jennings GMC Trucks Brake Payne Lincoln Mercury Inc ., McAllister Chevrolet Volkswagen of Chillicothe Lynch Motor Car Company Cunningham's Buick - Oldsmobile Shawnee Dodge Molnar Pontiac - Cadillac Herrenstein Chrysler Plymouth Compliments From the -v W -V - - -,-15'-M f ff---I-'ng p,-:.lll!!El0I!r- -- - -Yf..-.,. 1 E' FIRST NATIONAL MOSTBASHFUL BANK JOHN DEERE SCHMITT IMPLEMENT COMPANY Waverly Ohio Phone 947 4477 Compliments of PARKER HANNIFIN CORPORATION MOBILE I-IYDRAULICS DIVISION Route 23 Waverly, Ohio 45690 6141947-2156 Debbie Frey and Earl Bethel BOTKIN FUNERAL HOME Waverly, Ohio X B F Goodrnch TUBELESS TIRES QALWQ GENERAL TIRE Names You Can Depend On! CHENEY TIRE of Chillicothe, Inc Phone: 773-4131 235 Delano Ave Chillicothe , Ohio Dave Wiles, Manager r ' ' r BEST PERSONALITY Ahce Christopher and Terry Easterday HUSTON S GIFT SHOP 3 Miles South of Ch1l11cothe on Rt 23 Gifts From A11 Over the World Open 8 AM to 9 PM Including Sunday Phone 663 2881 SCIOTO OIL CO BARNHART GRANITE 500 Eastern Avenue Chillicothe Ohio SHELL If you think you might need what we have why not stop 1n and see us sometime s ff OIL 81 BATTERY SERVICE Compliments of ALLEN S PHARMACY 215 Eastern Avenue Chillicothe Ohio Phone: 772-5180 Compliments of BOYER FUNERAL HOME Phone: 947-2161 Waverly , Ohio Auto Truck and Tractor Parts Second and Mulberry St Phone 773-2291 THE UNION Central Center Chillicothe , Ohio 45601 If .vf :un JOE'S TEXACO 24 Hour Wrecker Service Phone 663-2475 U.S Rt 23 South Chillicothe Ohio Usb. A 5 4 0 I -:' . I 1' CLASS CLOWNS Brenda Ratliff and Mark Grubb SHOEMAKER'S SUNOCO . Complete Electrical System Service 35 Years 'Brake Service Phone Experience 'Motor Tune-Up 772 4600 'Minor Repairs -H M- -- -f'- --ff-fr-ll FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 128 West Main Street Chillicothe, Ohio 45601 Phone: '774 4180 CHARLES HUNN MEATS f' XX 238 E. Main Street 3440 Chillicothe Ohio Congratulations to the Seniors THE LINCOLN INN Route 23 South Chillicothe Ohio CHILLICOTHE ELECTRIC SUPPLY COMPANY Wholesale Electrlcal Supplres Commercral Industrral Resrdentlal A complete selectron of rndoor and outdoor lrght frxtures for your home 139 41 West Water Street Chrllrcothe Oh1o 45601 Telephone 16145775 0800 BETHEL S CUSTOM BUTCHERING AND PROCESSING 775 8708 Chrllrcothe Oh1o DANIEL R STALNAKER REALTOR Bus 775 3461 229 East Marn Street Home 775 3759 Chrllrcothe Oh1o 45601 BURTON S GROCERY Rozelle Creek Rd 663 5661 Good Luck From the DAIRY DREAM CARRY OUT Complete Lme of Meats Grocerles Snacks Ice Cream and A11 Legal Beverages 486 S Patnt St Phon Chrllrcothe Oh1o 774 140 I I Chillicothe , Ohio O I Congratulations to the Class of '77 From the Manufacturers of CARROLL'S POTATO CHIPS At 80 E. Main St. "We Furnish the Home Comp1ete" in Chillicothe , Ohio Phone 772-4150 M. N. BILLINGS , Compliments of 1, Don E. Hyer SIMON'S Y ' FLOWERS A' ' Call ' 772-1660 or 773-2810 lm 9 f ff W i f 35 ' ,V -no Ili xlxl 18 East Second Street CGMPANY on-no UNIVERSITY C' cl-uttlcorl-IE A small college atmosphere Close contact with faculty A creative, innovative faculty Emphasis on student oriented effective teaching Language, reading and mathematics labs A modern classroom building with work areas for art, psychology, and student activities Modern equipment in science labs OFFERS YOU . . . A new learning resources center A new student center area with a hot foods service Plays, films, lectures, concerts Intramural and extramural sports for men and women Competition in basketball, golf and tennis through the Ohio Regional Campus Athletic League WHY NOT MAKE OHIO UNIVERSITY - CHILLICOTHE YOUR FIRST COLLEGE HOME? HERRMANN S MEATS Three Stores to Serve You 2640 Gallia St 354 5656 913 Gallia St 353 0815 221 Market St 353 3660 Let Us Stock Your Freezer Besi' of Luck Class of '77 fTWeod oe Compliments WARE FUNERAL HOME ED AND JOEL GERBER INSURANCE AGENCY P.O. Box 261 382 Arch Street Corner of Arch and Cherry Phone 775 0600 Res 774 1026 or 775 2995 Bus Across From Smith Jr. High School Best Wishes to the Class of 1977 FROM A FRIEND 3 I. J 5 '4 I 1 I 1 1 1 I F 1 g. fue.: p.Lg..'Z'x.v...s., X - V. 2? XI' I J 5 1 i r K f fiwwaywewma fFrom the Columbia Picture, Rastar Production Entitled "THE WAY WE WERE"J Music by Marvin Hamlisch Lyrics by Alan and Marilyn Bergman Mem'ries Light the corners of my mind , Misty water color mem'ries Of the way we were. Scattered pictures Of the smiles we left behind , Smiles we gave to one another For the way we were. f Can it be that it was all so simple then, Ur has time rewritten ev'ry line? If we had the chance to do it all again Tell me would we? Could we? X Mem'ries ' May be beautiful, and yet, What's too painful to remember We simply choose to forget. So it's the laughter We will remember, Whenever we remember X The Way We Were. "' Copyright 1973 by Colgems-EMI Music Inc. Used by permission All Rights Reserved

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