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MARGARET HOSTETLER Home Economics Lagrange High School BS. at Manchester College Taught: 9 years LORETTA HOFF English, Speech, lournalism Central, N. Manchester A,B, at Manchester College Taught: l year RUTH HARROD Music North Side High School Miami University Taught: 6 years IDA MALCOLM Seventh and Eighth Grades leo High School B.S. at Manchester College Taught: 31 years LELA DUNTEN Fifth and Sixth Grades Leo High School Indiana University Taught: 22 years 7 ROBERT SIBLE Government, English, Latin, Social Science Huntertown High School AB. at Manchester Taught: 7 years MILDRED BOYERS First Grade Huntertown High School B.S. at N. Manchester Taught: l4 years GRETCHEN BEAR Fourth Grade Huntertown High School Ball State Teachers College Taught: 12 years ANNA FOOTE First, Second, and Third Grades iluntertown High School B S. at Canterbury College Taught: 6 years GLEN MCINTOSH Fifth and Sixth Grades Morgqh Twp. High scifi Canterbury College Taught: 2 years GLADYS OTTO Fifth and Sixth Grades. Leo High School, B. S. at Manchester. Taught: 27 years. EVELYN GARDNER Third Grade Central High School, B.S. at Manchester College. Taught: 26 years. MARY PALICKI Typing, Phys. Ed., Health. Corrirri. Arith. Salem High School, B. S. at Canterbury College Taught: 6 years LUCIIIDA El-ILEY English, Health, Phys. Ed, Wheatland High School, In- diana University. Taught: I7 years. WALTER SLOFFER Bookkeeping, Shorthand, Band Huntertown, High School B. S. at Manchester College Taught: 9 years IMOGENE DILI. Art Rock Creek High School Indiana University Taught: ll years. WILLIAM FEE Science, Agriculture Hamilton High School, B.S. at Purdue. GEORGE FRYBACK History, Shop, Mech. Drawing. I Ossian High School, Indi- ana University. Taught: 28 years. CLARENCE APPLEMAN Mathrrietics, Science Woodruff High School, MS. at U. of Michigan. Taught: Zl years HOWARD BRAIIDYBERRY ICA GARMAN Coach, Phys. Ed., History, Second Grade Hmlfn- l Central High School Monroe 'High School, AB, Tri-State College, Canter- at Manchester. bury Cgllegeb Taught: I2 years. Taught: 22 years. tlfot Picturedl CNot Picturedl 8 0:1115 M Qnions f X X X X if QS ,ff 2 C Senior Class Officers Standing: M, Smith, E. Shafer. Seated: R. Sorclelet, P. Couture. Class History ln l935 the class of "47" began education with Miss Mildred Sauders as their teacher and thirty members in the class. Out of this class, Leona Hatch, Surfus, Carol Tueker, Wayne Waters, Delores .Weaver, Dale Sloffer, Don Opliger, LaVern May, Don Plummer, Russell Sordelet, Lois Caley, and Dora Ritter have been faithful to Huntertown for twelve years As they started their way onward they became acquainted with Phyllis Cr:-:t:n, Helen Gump, Leonard Karasiewcz, Ted Meyer, Roy Peters? Max Smith, Bernard Tfhonsetzler, Bob Frazier, Don Brown and Bill Bremer. After receiving our diplomas from the eighth grade, we were ushered into the as- serxbly to begin our course of High School work with an enrollment of sixty-five pupils. Dclzres Fritz, Pat Couture, Betty Hanauer, Murry Gause, Dorothy Leiter, Betty Steinbarger, Ara lea: Shank, Elva Shafer, Rosemary Stirlen, loseph Anerson, Ruth Wider and Rosemary .f1:::i '.-fere added to our class. Our first class party was held at Baraba Searfoss's home. lf the usual custom, we were fully initiated at the party by upper classmeng but we .za ii: mishaps Upon entering our Sophomore year we welcomed Suzanne Bobay to our '::.: This year we had a chili supper at the school which was followed by a scavenger .., ' lrlrs Dubsky and Miss Greenwalt were our sponsors. Ir. 46", new Iuntors we had Miss Enley and Mr. Appleman as our sponsors and Bob Frazier, Den Brown, Pat Couture and Wayne Surfus our class officers. After the basketball game: the class opened the canteen and during the game We sold ice cream. The Iunior play' '.',' as Lecernber 6 and 7 and was a three act comedy, titled "Tomboy". For our Iunior- Sezizr banquet of 1946, a ship motif was used, Eva lohnson and Anne Rondot entered our Clara: tht: year, At lazt in l947 we entered school as full fledged Se.niors. Some of our outstanding day' were 'icture day, and ordering our caps and gowns. "Find a Way or Make One" Auf.. .f,.- ri- our class motto, flower, pink Carnation, colors, blue and white. The class consisting if thirty-eight members was held on May 10 and commencement on May 13. The class z.:t:er: for our last year were Russell Sordelet, as presidentg Max Smith, vice president Pat Couture, secretary, and Elva Shafer, treasurer. The sponsors were Miss Hoff and Mr. Prible We ' .e :cz-.f leaving the halls of Huntertown and getting ready to either "find a way inane 2r.e.' Orr new class history will now begin in the different roads of life. lU 1' ELVA SHAFER PATRICIA COUTURE Valedictorian Sqluigigrign Peliie, bfuneile, CGpClble, in- TQII, brown eyegl Studiougl de telligence plus. pendable. This year the honor students who atfained a class average ol 93 or abave are Front row left to right Leona Hatch, Billie Sage, Helen Gump, Carol Tucker, Delores Fritz, Phyllis Croxton. Second row: Leonard Karasiewicz, Rosemary Ste-rlin, Betty Stienbarger, Aralean Shank, Lavern May. 11 IOSEPH ANDERSON "Shorty" Academic Black and Gold Flash 4, Citadel 4 DONALD BROWN "Brownie" General Chorus 2, Ask the Professor 2, History Club 3, Vice President 3, Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Softball 3, 4, Track 3, 4, Black and Gold Flash 4 SUZANNE BOBAY "Tootie" Academic Chorus 2, 3, Ask the Professor 2, Tomboy 3, History Club 3, Chonita 3, Black and Gold Flash 4 , WILLIAM BREMER "Yo-Yo" Academic History Club 3, Intra-Mural Black and Gold Flash 4 LOIS CALEY "Kay" Academic Ask the Professor 2, Chorus 2, 3, 4, Band l, 2, 3, 4, Chonita 3, History Club 3, Double Quartet 4, Office Girl 4, Black and Gold Flash 4, Citadel 4 PATRICIA COUTURE "Pat" Academic Basketball 4, Secretary 3, 4, History Club 3, Band 4, Chorus 4, Black and Gold Flash 4, Citadel 4, Saluta- torian PHYLLIS CROXTON "Phil" Commercial History Club 3, Black and Gold Flash 4, Cita- all del 4, Honor Student ROBERT FRAZIER "Bob" Academic Secretary l, Ask the Professor 2, History Club 3, President Z, 3, Black and Gold Flash 4 DOLORES FRITZ "Fritzi" Academic Vice President l, Ask the Professor 2, Tomboy 3, History Club 3, Black and Gold Flash 4, Citadel 4, Honor Student MURRAY GAUSE "Ogner" Academic History Club 3, Black and Gold Flash 4, Cita- del 4 Academic HELEN GUMP "Gumpie" Commercial Chorus 2, Ask the Professor 2, Tomboy 3, History Club 3, Band l, 2, 3, 4, Office Girl 4, Black and Gold Flash 4, Citadel 4, Good Citizenship 4, Honor Student LEONA MAE HATCH "Hatch" Chorus l, Z, 3, 4, Ask the Professor 2, Chonita 3, Ensemble 2, 3, 4, Double Quartet 4, Office Girl 2, 3, 4, History Club 3, Black and Gold Flash 4, Citadel Co-Editor 4, Honor Student BETTY HANAUER "Betts" General Ask the Professor 2, Chorus 2, 3, 4, Chonita 3, History Club 3, Black and Gold Flash 4, Citadel 4 EVA IOHNSON "Evie" General Waterloo High School, Band l, 2, 3, Girl Re- serve l, 2, 3, History Club 3, Black and Gold Flash 4, Citadel 4 LEONARD KARASIEWICZ General Black and Gold Flash 4, History Club 3, Cita- del 4, Honor Student DOROTHY LEITER "Dot" Academic Ask the Professor 2, History Clu b 3, Tomboy 3, Black and Gold Flash 4, Citadel 4 LaVERN MAY "Vernie" Academic Ask the Professor 2, Tomboy 3, Chorus 4, History Club President 3, Black and Gold Flash 4, Citadel 4, Honor Student TED MEYER "Tater" General History Club 3, Chorus 3, 4, Black and Gold Flash 4, Citadel 4 ROSEMARY MINTON "Rosie" Academic Twirler l, Chonita 3, History Club 3, Chorus 3, 4, Black and Gold Flash 4, Citadel 4 DONALD OPLIGER "Opie" General Ask the Professor 2, Chorus 2, 3, 4, Chonita 3, lntra-Mural Basketball 3, 4, Cheerleader 4, Black and Gold Flash 11 13 'Y 4' . .. 9, ,gr Ii " 1 ROY PETERS "Pete" Academic Ask the Professor 2, Tomboy 3, Movie Pro- jector 4, History Club 3, Black and Gold Flash 4, Citadel 4 DONALD PLUMMER "Don" Academic History Club 3, Inter-Mural Basketball 4, Black and Gold Flash 4, Citadel 4 DORA RITTER "Dody" Commercial Chorus l, 2, 3, 4, Ask the Professor 2, Chonita 3, Black and Gold Flash 4, Citadel 4 ANNETTE RONDOT "Annie" College Preparatory North Side High High School 1, 2, Chonita 3, History Club 3, Chorus 3, 4, Double Quartet 4, Black and Gold Flash 4, Citadel 4 BlLLlE SAGE "Bill" Commercial Ask the Professor 2, Tomboy 3, History Club 3, Office Girl 3, 4, Black and Gold Flash 4, Citadel Co-Editor 4, Honor Student ELVA SHAFER "Elmie" Commercial History Club 3, Treasurer 4, Black and Gold Flash 4, Citadel 4, Valedictorian ARA IEAN SHANK "lean" Academic History Club 3, Black and Gold Flash 4, Citadel 4 DALE SLOFFER "Dale" Academic History Club 3, Band l, 2, 3, 4, Black and Gold Flash 4, Citadel 4 MAX SMITH "Smitty" Academic History Club 3, Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Vice President 4, Black and Gold Flash 4 RUSSELL SORDELET "Russ" Commercial Tomboy 3, History Club 3, Vice President 2, Inter-Mural Basketball 3, 4, Band l, Z, 3, 4, President 4, Black and Gold Flash 4, Citadel 4 ROSEMARY STIRLEN "Rose" Commercial History Club 3, Tomboy 3, Black and Gold Flash 4, Citadel 4, Honor Student BETTY STIENBARGER "Betts" Academic History Club 3, Tomboy 3, Black and Gold Flash 4, Citadel 4, Honor Student WAYNE SURFUS "Scud" Academic Chorus 2, 3, 4, Secretary Z, Ask the Professor 2, Chonita 3, Tornboy 3, Treasurer 3, Double Quartet 4, Inter-Mural Basketball 4 CAROL TUCKER "Blondie" Academic Chorus l, 2, 3, 4, Baton Twirler l, Ask the Professor 2, History Club Secretary 3, Choni- ta 3, Chorus Secretary 3, 4, Ensemble 3, 4, Office Girl 4, Black and Gold Flash 4, Cit- adel 4 WAYNE WATERS "Muddie" Commercial Treasurer 2, History Club 3, Tomboy 3, Band l, 2, 3, 4, Softball 3, 4, Band President 4, Track 3, 4, Inter-Mural Basketball 3, 4, Black and Gold Flash 4 Citadel 4. DOLORES WEAVER "Dee" Academic Band l, 2, 3, 4, Band Officer 2, 3, 4, Ask the Professor 2, Chorus 3, 4, Chorus Officer 3, Chonita 3, History Club 3, Black and Gold Flash 4, Citadel 4 BERNARD WHONSETLER "Bernie" Academic History Club 3, Basketball 2, 3, Student Man- ager 4, Black and Gold Flash 4 RUTH WIDNER "Ruthie" Academic Twirler l, Ask the Professor 2, Chorus 2, 3, 4, Chonita 3, History Club 3, Black and Gold Flash 4, Citadel 4 15 92' - S .f. ' J 0 S G1 4175 WNW H f , , L 6,1 1412-1P.wrfN ' G .WAQ PW- + f 9 ' 1!2f35If7AfL' w fTqvN? bf PN for ' ' 4 - X ' . Q H 2: .L -13, A. Q, 'Nr 'Lf .Z az! EX it fqsekggy-4 QW V Hcffelflfygr If '. . U ,gaze :L - ,gfsz jx 4- 9 ft y , 5 0 4' 5- L , ..4 Q - 5, , va' '7 Q 55 ' ,6 L FROM OUR SCHOOL SLATE The time is the twenty-first century and as we walk into the Plaza Building which houses a large rocket ship concern, we run into Billie Sage cmd Leona Hatch, former editors of the Citadel, preparing to take a trip to Huntertown, our old home town. Having been asked to go along we all entered the ship and took off for the scene of our childhood. In just a few minutes, our ship landed at the Huntertown Haven for Happy Rocket- ships. Stepping nimbley from the ship we proceed- ed through the revolving doors and somehow man- aged to get tangled up with about the tallest :nan we had ever seen. Upon closer observation we recognized Ioe Anderson, world famed as the tallest man in the universe, with him was his wife, the lovely and charming Suzanne Bobay. loe and Suzanne had but a few minutes to talk and immediately began to inform us as to the whereabouts of our former classmates. Russell Sordelet and Don Plummer were engaged as part- ners in a business, teaching students how to wreck a car in the quickest, easiest method with the least amount of injury to themselves. Their silent partner in this enterprise is Bill Bremer who then sells more cars CFords naturallyl to the students' parents. In this way they have managed to make themselves billion-aires. However, joe says, the richest man in Huntertown is the town bum, Wayne Waters, who through the generosity of the Huntertown public begs millions every week. 'iWell," says foe, "we have to leave, Take care of yourselves." Waving aloha to that happily married couple we continue down the main street, Ritter Avenue, named after a great native philanthropist, Dora Q. Ritter, who donated millions to the towns- people. "Oh, what a beautiful gown!" said Billie, spying one in the window of Elsworth P. Penny- pincher Paree Salon. This lovely shop is now owned and operated by Lois Caley and Helen Gump, second and third wives of E. P. Penny- pincher. flt is rumored that they married him for his trillionsl Poor Elsworth P., who because he could not undergo the rowdy ways of his last two wives, passed away very suddenly. Rushing in to try on the gown, Phyllis Croxtan, a sophisticated saleslady in every sense of the word, waited on us. The Shop, operated in the true way of a Paris shop, had their clothes modeled. From out of the silken draperies came Rosemary lffinton with her fair hair drawn back in a chignon and her beautiful figure covered with the lovely gown, she walked with the inspiring grace of a model Gazing around me I saw Betty Hanauer Karasiewcz, wife of the tobacco auctioneer, talking over the merits of the gown with Elva Shafer Whonsetler, wife of that terrific basketball center, Bernie "Flash" Whonsetler. Sitting alone over in the corner, looking very uncomfortable, was Roy Peters, trying to choose a gown for his wife, Pa- tricia Couture Peter's birthday. Billie finally de- cided to buy the gown and so we left the shop and again wondered among the multitudes on Ritter Avenue. Rounding a corner Leona bumped into a small and timid little lady with a pince nez perched on the end of her nose and several library books in her arms. With a cry of recognition she tippytoed toward us and said a quiet hello. The little old lady was Anne Rondot, chief librarian. She invited us to come to the library and visit so we ankled over. Wandering around in the children's section we were surrounded by the Surfus-Stienbarger clan who were too numerous to mention. They were quietly driving their nurse, Deloris Fritz, crazy. Walzing on into the research department of the building, we notice a horrible odor. Finding the source to be Professors Smith and Brown, still eligi- ble bachelors, burning sulfur in the drawers of the table to keep the atmosphere just right for their further research on chemistry. We rushed out into the back corridor only to burst into the middle of an argument between Murray Gause and his wife, Carol Tucker Gause, as to who will go in and re- move the two profs. Raising the window to get a breath of fresh air, a newspaper smacked Leona in the face, and as she disengaged herself we noticed the six inch headlines on the sensational devorce of singer Don Opliger and his wife, Actress LaVern May. Don sued for divorce because he found he was still in love with LaVern's sister, Eileen, and said he only married LaVern because he did not want to desert his dear old class. His attorneys in the case were Eva Iohnson, noted for her bass voice and power of expression, and Ruth Widner, noted for her eloquency in the court- room. Still amazed at this turn in the life of Don and LaVern we left the pretentious building and who should we meet walking arm in arm along the street but Theodore Meyer and sultry blonde wife, the former Rosemary Stirlen, who ask us to be guests at a dinner party honoring Ara lean Shank, authoress of the famous book "Why Wou1dn't Richard Open the Door For Kilroy." Other couples at the party were to be Robert Frazier and his wife, Dorothy Leiterp Dale Sloffer and his wife, Dee Weaver, who reside in suburban Podunk in rose covered cottages. As we were taking off in the rocket ship the bell on the dashboard started ringing, warning us that we were loosing altitude. The rocket crashed to the ground. With this crash we woke up and found that we had just fallen out of our seat in Sociology. CLASS WILL OF 1947 We the 1947 graduating class of Huntertown High School-supposedly, in sane mind and sound body -do bequeath and dispose of some of our proud worldly possessions, This Will was approved, signed, and sealed on this day May 16, l947. If there are any hard feelings to those in the underclasses who receive these things please do not bring suit against us for they are now your possessions and responsibilities. ARTICLE I The Will I, Ioseph Anderson, will my great height to Gray- son Knight. I, Suzanne Bobay, will my ability to keep quiet in Iournalism to my sisters. I, William Bremer, being in an insane mind will and bequeath my keen interest and studious ability in lournalism to any ornery junior boy. l, Don Brown, do hereby will my ability to play basketball to Les Thomas. I, Lois Caley, do hereby will and bequeath the art of painting my toe nails to loe Huber. I, Pat Couture, do hereby will and bequeath my height to Ioan Schenher, I, Phyllis Ann Croxton, will my excellent grades and good looks to my sister, Norma lean-She needs them. I, Bob Frazier, hereby will my ability to be kind and very gentle to all of the opposite sex to Lowell Brown. 1, Dolores Fritz, hereby will my great height to George Dunten. I, Murray Gause, will my ability to keep my mind on one SUBIECT to Phil Reicke. I, Helen Gump, hereby will and bequeath my blond hair to Robert Horstmeyer. I, Betty Hanauer, do hereby will and bequeath my love for riding horses to Arthur Blanchard. I, Leona Mae Hatch, will my abality to sing to anyone who is ignorant enough to take it. I, Eva Iohnson, will my freckles to Ierry Edgar. I, Leonard Karasiewicz will my seat in govern- ment class to whoever may want it. I, Dorothy Leiter, will all of my loose and ill- fitting sloppy joe sweaters to Pat Brown. I, LaVern May, will my many seats in Iournalism to anyone who can keep from talking long enough to stay in one. l, Ted Meyers, will my love for algebra and gals to Allen Gillum. I, Rosie Minton, will and bequeath my quietness in Iournalism to Bob Kain, I, Don Opliger, will my abality to yell to Sam Shank. I, Roy Peters, will my weight to Grayson Knight who doesn't need it. 1, Don Plummer, hereby will my love for blondes to Bob Kain. I, Dora Ritter, hereby will and bequeath my seat in assembly to Bob Hawk. I, Anne Rondot, being of sound mind and body do hereby will and bequeath my abality to keep my hair neat cmd well-kept to Barbara Maxey. I, Billie Sage, do hereby will and bequeath my hopes of getting a date with Iack McComb to all the Senior girls of next year. Try hard, girls. I, Elva Shafer, do hereby will my excess weight to Mr. Fryback. l, Ara Iean Shank, will my brilliancy in book- keeping to my loving brother Samuel Edward Shank. I, Dale Slotfer, will my vast knowledge of algebra to anyone who can make use of it. I, Max Smith, hereby will my bashtulness to lack McComb. I, Betty Stienbarger, will my devine way of walking to Martha Ann Dice. 1, Rosemary Stirlen, do hereby will my ability not to tell all I know and hall of what I don't know to Eugene Iustus. I, Buss Sordelet, will my abality to drive a car with one hand to lack Bleekman. I, Wayne Surfus, do hereby will all my ways with the women to lack McComb Cas if he needed theml. Long may he cherish them. I, Carol Tucker, will and bequeath my position as chorus secretary to Ioan Schenher. I, Wayne Waters, will my superior ability to handle Plymouth cars to Ioe Huber. I, Dolores Weaves, will my liveliness and ability to never say a word in classes to Marita Stone. I, Ruth Widner, will my motto "Swing and Sway the Widner Way" to Billie Taner. I, Bernie Whonsetler, hereby will my wavy hair to Paul Gause. ARTICLE II - To Mrs. Palicki we will our forgetfullness about erasing over our newly cleaned typewriters. To Miss Enley we will our ability to say ain't in- stead of isn't. To Mrs. Hostetler we will our technique for forg- ing excuses, To Miss Harrod we will our ability to reach D above high C. To Mr. Sloffer we will our ability to achieve a beautiful effect when doing warm-up scales, To Mr. Fryback we will our ability to hit the nail on the head, To Miss Hott we will our ability to recite poems in speech class. To Miss Dill we will our ability to draw a straight crooked line. To Coach Brandyberry we will our ability to run 75 laps around the gym. To Mr. Appleman we will our ability to under- stand XZY. To Mr. Sible we will our ability to snooze through government and sociology class, To Mr. Fee we will our ability to get white and chocolate milk from the same cow. To Mr. Prible we will our ability to run the school. To the seventh grade we will our ability to make spit-balls. O To the eighth grade we will our ability to giggle through every class as Freshmen. To the Freshmen we will our ability to race through the halls. To the Sophomores we will our dramtic talents and our ability to give plays. To the Iuniors we will all ol our ability to get out of classes. O The Seniors elected the following as: DALE SLOFFER PAT COUTURE BILLIE SAGE MAX SMITH HELEN GUMP EVA IOHNSON LEONARD KARASIEWICZ DON BROWN DOLORES WEAVER DOLORES WEAVER DON PLUlfllflER The The The The The The The The The The Tho boy most likely to succeed girl most likely to prettiest girl. handsornest boy, most popular girl. most bashful girl. most bashtul boy. best athlete. best actress. best girl dancer. best boy dancer. 18 succeed Q 1 Y 'ft J , Y the Senior Baby Pictures Row one-Phyllis Croxton, Betty Hclnouer, Roy Peters, Bernie Whonsetler, Anne Rondot. Row two-Doro Ritter, Ioe Anderson. Rowe three-Evo Iohnson, LcnVern Moy cmd Dolores Weaver, Helen Gump, Wayne Wotors Row four-Lois Corley, Bob Frazier, Don Brown, Russ Sordelet 19 Mg 9 If -Miss Hoff, Thomas Gnd Cmnflelfi fC C J, Mr. Prible, V Mcsrschond, -Cplzger, Brown, Srxmth, Meyer, Surfuz, Sordeletg Brown and Smiihg Davis, Dunten erg Oplig-arg Widner, Weaver, Boboy, Minton. 1 m'.'fhzr.s-efler cmd Ophqerg Our Leumg Longnecker. 20 Oun U assmales V Y Q N 3 Kg my fly j N 2 XB Q JUNIORS Leading the Iunior Class we find that pretty little lorunnette, Iean Branning as president. To help her along with all the great ditliculties ot the term they elected three able assistants. They are Bob Kain, vice-prcsidentg Bob Hadley, sccretaryg and Phil Hyndinan as treasurer. Acting as class sponsors tcr the juniors are Mr. Bible and Mis: Enley. IUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Seatodwzli Kain, N. B'anning. Standing-t R. Hadley, P. Hyndman. . 'F Q Y yn' T ,Q ' ow . 't I l R 1 g I . E. Arnold L. Aikens D. Barhydt af, M. Be-cktell as T. Berberich 1- I. Bleekrnan ' Bow 2. D. Bobay -f I R. Bobay I 'ai N. Branning A I. Buchanan ' I. V. Bunn 1 .Q .- .E -I 4 - I f 4, ' I rt chfismeb ' :- I, X if ' Y Row 3.1 LA ' L D l , 3 . anie s . 7 R. Daniels - 1 1, I. Davis I ...,,,'. I ' A " "" 4 lA Dice " F. Dunten ' .F R. Edgar . . ', A C' Ki" A - 5 I- ' POW 4 Q. .. V A, , . . , Y - XF? --', 9: ij H. Engleright ' " ' N. I I , B. Fulk ' . l V!! ' I! 1 M. Gordon ' I . , A R. Hadley vf ' " 'l""' F. Hiqhlen I. Huber Y- B A , dir Bow 5. g -- P: l B :," 'I ' ' .,, P. Hyndman -V 7 'T' 'Z' ea QD "Y"' E. Iustus 5 ' R. Kain f ,fly A f , Eg. Y. Kell .sf . 'A' ' ' G. Kniqht 'li R. Knight Row 6. D. Kongcr B. Kovets 5 gf' U Q, 5 22 B. Ma'-:ey S McLane M. Miller I. Morehous Row 7. Lf Pepple I, Porter W. Toner B. Snider M. Snider R. Spangler I. Wise In memory of Mac Van Anda, deceased Icmuary 13. 1947 23 SOPHOMORES The Sophomores have elected lack McComb as their president, and Paul Gause is helping hirn at the tough job of directing the class as vice-presi- dent. The secretary and treasurer are Sherry Witharn and Bob Lutter respectively. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Seated-B Lutter, I. McComb. Stanslingal-9. Gause, S. Witharn. D5 Adams D. Arnstutz S. Barkley stiff' l. Barhydt A. Bauman Av - -L i ' Q, G C. Bilger dx ',, 4' ' Q f f A. Blanchard tl r 'Vx '1 A. Bowser -f ' f . I ' if, lr BTCi'ilI1'1 1 - - 5 H-5 lil. Dietz: , ' Z.-f ' 't ' Ax , ' " 4' ful. Dice " P. Dickes 1 G. Ltunten ' - tc ' - 1 1. Edgar s' 7 . Y 'ef y 4--1 - - 3 B. Emerick l Y N f 1 . ' -H, D. Forrest 'A , 55 W g Fl llevfrzicfn A - A 1 M Y-wi A B Fritz 'L 5 A V I' Ccuiic B. Circ-titer we e T. Gjhss H I w " . "Tw -F .- M G-imp A W W G. Hatch h . l f . B' -F Hawk Q' ' gf '52, Vx 5 l 'l B 'S Y 'A T H" ...l. 'fycr l " ' 'cr A 1 N R l 'l' '." cf' ',,- ' 9 5 L 3 gi A- Hurst V '?, ' J- 1 A 23. I.. lslwnson I iv .. P Hullollfiiller L... L. if' if 'f' l""-z in Y " V 4-1 ', . 74 l"'i-r 4 , I 3 av Q A .F t ge l.. lonaenecker .3-Q 3 N' ,N ' ' - R Lutter ' ' f, ' 4 - N ' ' A B Mccliey 1 I ,l . f V' ' I in V .XJ A E. Mhvtfm jg j 1. I. .flcoomb -f f - ----- 1 ' V ' '7 'ton 4, . N gg, rx. s , X 8' .bc ,VI at . . V' Us lr 1 4:-' " f ' X xx. 1 B Urillips ' ,M 1 . ty D Btuncyer Z' LK g- Q , T' Biecke A ' in .1 'Xf A W, 7 A I NN v K. Ruger W ' l. Sl iv l: M l. Bimon an - g- 4 f 9, 4: . , ,A gt W , A ."- 5 , 61 D. :nples f' 3 1? .Y ,y -fr N. smien X P- I "' , , I H' L. Thomas , - - ' , ' f' , V "H .- I. Walter " fu "W 1' M! A V ' ' W. Waterson Q. - ll Voors . . C, . . .C ,F 1- fi ,. -r Usfwham .1 4' " A i 5- 'vs x A, c. Wetzel 5 ' .I I. Wappes is ' f A. Guiff '4"-' V I, Willson S. Whcm P.bser.t-Chzriez Decker B. Sloffer FRESHMEN Under the supervision of their class officers Vaughn Roger Marchand as presidentg Richard Porter, vice-presidentg Lois Siples, secretary: and Ioanna Snider, treasurer. Class sponsors for the freshman are: Mr. Fee and Mrs. Hostetler, who helped them along with the many difficulties that arose. FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Standing-V. Marchand. Seated-L Siples, I, Snider ax, .A ,X 6' . ga ' . E. F ,. i gb . f. at I f , 5 . A p , Q ' I ' 55 ,- "f'v'1 14. ' ,4 6' x . ' ' 4- J. , , 1 E' g Fc. f T ' x 2... , .-, . . --. W- -ve- Hi .7.111:ld '7 l EQYYJEQ ri c :'.-.tie V. Chapman eb HC .i.. -li iyiipher 'rvu V.J..1:k. . . Crace If Crobiton L Cummins l. Flaig c ffl? . . . neeman 4 4,' ri' Fritz A S ' V l Fulk - -N E Cause - A ai W. Genth fn V 4: -' - .2 U 'A lpllurtz i '- X ' f N fi I 1 A 5, - uui -A l ',l , -1 fx ' 1- Gordon 4 -' ' ' P ' ' ' - X Gordon - 7 R. Green " in 4 " E M. Grosje-an . 5 1 f' il ' f 5 U 1, ,,- .3 .M VA, Y is 'J 5 4' 'alt' ft: 5 ,, ' - ' L liI:"'li . - 3' ' r , ' Hill 111 1 . S- l ' l -- N it t . f . L.. n .hifi fa K' " D rluoer lohnson X N. Keener .. V Fi' ' 5 1 4 Lo ' tlfi if, Y " ' 'ninlev Absent: C. Shupe 25 f' V fahon Peters .1 Porter I Ruger L G .1 QQ. i S Sfnnlc I L Siples 14 , I Snider - M, Stone F Streets 6- ' 'Tow 8 yt Marchand i E, Tom P. Thurman R. Wise R. Konger EIGHTH GRADE Front row: M. Meyer, B. Streets, L. Hess, V. Perry, S. Maloney, N. Deetz, D. Martin, G. Timniermcin, I. Horstmeyer, M. Ycites, I. Steciger, V. Opliger, I. Snider. Second rowi I. Dunten, R. Slolfer, D. Dollorn, M. 1-Xikins, B, Lecizier, G. Simon, M. Houser, D. Dice, D. Wilson, I. Thompson, M. Myers, F. Lieberenz. Third row: I. Surius, H. Richey, L. Dickes, S. Pooler, M. Herendeen, I. Martin, G. Till, C. Moy, R. McBride, D. Neuhouser, L. Cook, W. Gcitton. SEVENTH GRADE Front row G Moy, V. Shank, L Byerley, I. Phillips, B. Forrest, I. Lecizier, E. Gross, I. Gcztton, I. L':idrur:, G Robinson, P. Peters, D. Green. second :cw I Eucriunzir. D Gorman, D Opliger, I. Miller, I. Leozier, R. Iones, I. Wetzel, C. Petrini, C. Gephert, D. Lee, E. Bauqher, R. lohnson, R. Meyers. Third row H Thorripson, C Boker, S. Arnold, P. Dice, R. Smith, B. Ritter, D. Withcirn, B. Spungle, D. Fulk, li.. Gross, I. Post, D. Surlus. 26 Sixth Grade lst row-V. Post, W. Knafel, S. Spangle, V. Fletcher, N. Peters, S. Hefleltinger, P. Deetz, H. Hart, S. Felger, M. Felger, A. Gump, B. Cummins, G. Fox, P. Noble, I. Ott. 2nd row-B. Lytle, E. Aikens, M. Smith, M. Lytle, P. Burton, M. Croxton, L. Fryback, L. Robinson, L. Tonkel, D. Landsaw, L. Kidder, V. O'Connel, G. Fulk. 3rd row-I. Myers, I. Yates, I. Gruet- er, D. Wood, F. Heifellinger, R. Gordon, N. Fitch, M. Martin, L. Martin, E. Gordon, E. Howard, C. Anderson, G. Hess. 4th row-B. Bower, P. Brown, R. Sordelet, R. Coak, O. Bauman, C. Easterday, E. Campbell, C. Ab- bott, P. McDaniel, F. Kell, D. Gor- don, L. Watersonl. Fifth Grade lst row-B. Noll, B. Freeman, C. Horstmeyer, R. May, B. Maloney, D. Landsaw, C. Hoeppner, C. Early, F. Green, A. Iones, C. Mac- key, C. Kerchner, D. Swinhart, M. Blessing. 2nd row-S. Sprouls, B. Newport, S. Blanchard, R. Fulk, H. Arnold, M. Iohnson, P. Sammers, N. Bowers, L. Raliegh, M. Anderson, L. Baugher, L. Hyndman, S. Lewis. 3rd row-R. Ritter, D. Geller, E. Baer, I. Vfalcutt, I. O'Connell, O. Hatch I. Campbell, N. Kreger, W. Walter R. Baker, A. Fulk, R. Hartung, R Arnold. Fourth Grade lst row-F. Burton, R. Harris, I. Lee F.. McKinley, Y. Buckles, M. Herd- man, S. Knafel, B. Dinius, V Green, C. Geese, B. Emberling. 2nd row-K. Geller, R. Kreager, B Gump, W. Iohnson, B. Shank, R Harter, L. Rindtusz, D. Fieldler, Ft Phillips, I. Sylvester, W. Pranger 3rd row-M. Arnold, D. Shepherd, P Robinson, I. Witham, A. Grueter M. Bruns, R. Byerley, S. Heftel- iinger, L. Gross, P. Fielder. 1 Third Grade Front row: Mrs. Evelyn Gardner iteacherl, V. Harter, G. Lewis, S Yohne, D. Hyndman, M. Eytche- son, R. Lung, P. Emrick, L. Noll B. Burton, A. Geese. Second row: D. Eby, M. Moudy, T Bower, I. Witham, D. Easterday B. Meyer, A. Knop, B. Newport F. Croy, D. Montooth. Third row: L. Dove, l... Martin, K. Fel! er, L. Griliis, K. Frazier, M. Ar- Fiold, I. Fieldler, L. Smith, L Adams. Absent: R. Rinehold, C. Compton, B Holmes, T. Decker, R. Iones. Second Grade Front row: I. Emberling, L. Dove, M Tracin, L. Bloom, Ft. Gandy, R Wiclner, I. Sprouls, F. Leazier, I Miller, S. Hosuer, N. Dinius. Second row: I. McBride, B. Roberson R. Gross, P. Reitdorf, I. Schlatter V. Pranger, I. Hegge, D. Easter- day, R. Spangle, I. Fletcher. Third row: W. Hollinger, I. Pulver R. Deetz, I. Kreger, K. Yant, D Sylvester, B. Anstutz, H. Lansaw L. Gump. Absent: P. Greenwell, B. Iones, G Vires, T. Iohnston. First Grade Front row: L. Vires, H. Moudy, G Stoops, S. Dove, G. Herdman, S Amstutz, B. Shlutz, D. Holopeter C. Holopeter, Mrs. Boyer, teacher Second row: C. McDaniel, S. Miller B. Hollinger, M. Trabin, R. Abbot R. Fiedler, I. Malcolm, W. Gordon R. Blanchard, D. Bockman. Tihrd row: D. Earley, I. Newport, H Gritfis, R. Hursh, G. Pepple, B Fletcher, E. Dice, Ft. Kitsmiller, M Rowley. Overflow Front row: M. Geese, M. Magginis, V. Montooth, L. Fulk, C. Rhodes, D. Sprouls, N. Magginnis, M. Weaver, B. Kirchner, Miss Foote, teacher. Second row: L. Gross, D. Smith, D. Timmerman, L. Deetz, I. Maggin- nis, W. Lewis, R. Hollinger, D. Dunten, D. Malcoln, H. Robinson, H. Post. Absent: A. Taulbee, V. Taulbee. 1 1 1 1 x 'x . J ' , - Q ,,--E .QA A' X KN ix 7 Z H N 531 x cfivit ies First row: B. Sage, A. Rondot, P. Croxton, E. Iohnson, R. Widner, R. Minton, D. Ritter, D. Fritz, E. Shafer and Mrs. Palicki, Second row: C. Tucker, L. Hatch, D. Leiter, B. Stienbarger, I. Shank, S. Bobay, R. Stirlen, B. Hanauer, P. Couture, L. May. Third row: I. Anderson, R. Sordelet, L. Karasiewcz, D. Plummer, R. Peters, D. Sloffer, M. Gause, T. Meyer. Citadel Billie Sage and Leona Hatch were appointed by Mrs. Palicki as co-editors of the "ClTADEL" this year They have been working hard to fulfill the re- sponsibility of this position. Taking care of the izriaxszal affairs involved in raising money for the 'IIYTADELH are Plasemary Stirlen, business man- ager and Ray Peters, assistant business manager. The :ales manaaer is Anne Rondot and assisting her lr. selling subscriptions are foe Anderson, Ara ,ean Shank, Phyllis Crozton, Betty Hanauer, Don Plurnrzer and Dora Ritter. On the advertising staff are Dale Sloffer, advertising manager, Russell ,- sardelet, Leonard Karasiewicz and Murray Gause. 'flayne 'Haters has been kept busy taking pic- tures of outstanding interest to everyone. Whether he said, Look at the birdie", "smi1s'yOuf prettiest", or simply took you by surprise, his technique seems to have gotten results. Other positions on the staff were filled by Carol Tucker, Helen Gump, Elva Shafer and Lois Caley in charge of the organiza- tion, Dorothy Leiter, Dolores Fritz, Betty Stienbarger, Eva Iohnson, Pat Couture and LaVern May in charge of the various grades and faculty. Of course the yearbook wou1dn't be complete without the sports section so Delores Weaver, Rosemary Minton, Ruth Wiclner, Ted Meyer and Suzanne Bobay were given the responsibility of keeping us informed about the sports World. Last but by far not "least" is Mrs, Palicki who has been of great value to the staff by giving us advise and information on how to publish a year- book. This concludes the staff of the 1946-47 year- book, the CITADEL. Black and Gold Flash Thirty-six busy, energetic journalism students are getting the last issue of the Black and Gold Flash ready for the press. In the cafeteria we lo- cate Pat Courture and Elva Shafer Ceditorsl work- ing feverishly trying to fill up the front page, with the able assistance of their reporters: Delores Fritz, Rosemary Stirlen, Ioe Anderson, Eva Iohnson, Leon- ard Karasiewicz, Roy Peters, La Vern May, Leona Hatch, Ted Meyers and Lois Caley. At another table we view Bernie Whonsetler, Don Brown, Max Smith and Bob Frazier in a huddle writing up the latest sport activities. On our way upstairs we stop to write a pass for Dale Sloffcr, Murray Gause, Bill Bremer, Don Plummer and Wayne Surfus who are collecting money for ads. Dashing on up to the typing room who should we see pounding a Royal but Wayne Waters, sports writer, with Russell Sordelet and Delores Weaver Ksports editorsl keeping him busy. Hurrying down the stairs we nearly bump into Dorothy Leiter who has just collected the latest in grade news. As we hasten down the main hall we meet Anne Rondot and Carol Tucker tfeature editorsl hunting up some .new victims for the ln- quiring Reporter. We breeze on past the office where Billie Sage Cfeature editorl is hard at work at the typewriter while Betty Stienbarger and Ara lean Shank Cfeature writersl are waiting their turn. Hastily proof-reading at the eleventh hour we heave a sigh of relief as we hand the finished product to Ted Meyers who delivers the paper to our printer at Churubusco. lust a week later the art room is the scene of activity as Phyllis Croxton and Roy Peters lcircu- lation managersl and their helpers sort papers, From here Dorothy Leiter, texchange editorl Lois Caley and Leona Hatch see that the papers are mailed. Helping on the town delivery are Suzanne Bobay, Ruth Widner, Delores Weaver, Don Plum- mer arid Murray Gause. At noon the halls are alive with activity as the papers finally reach the hands of the students and the money reaches the hands of our very capable business manager, Helen Gump. Thus the seniors of '47 close up shop and leave the work of The Black and Gold Flash to future journalism students of Huntertown High School. First row: C. Tucker, L. Hatch, B. Sage, A. Rondot, P. Croxton, E. lohnson, R. Widner, R. Minton, D. Ritter, E. Shafer, D. Fritz, Miss Hoff. Second row: B. Frazier D. Brown, D. Leiter, B. Stienbarger, I, Shank, S. Bobay, R. Stirlen, B. Hanauer, P. Couture, L. May, M. Gause. Third row: I. Anderson, M. Smith, R, Sordelet, B. Whonsetler, L. Karasiewicz, R, Peters, D. Opliger, D. Slofferf D. Plummer, W. Bremer, Ted Meyer. BAND OFFICERS left to right: P. Gause, properties, D. Weaver, student directory W. Waters, presidentg D. Slotfer, vice- presidentg C. Wetzel, librarian, and V. Bunn, assistant student director. DRUM MAIORETTES Ann Arnold and Betty Kovets led lay Betty Snider have done a splen- did job of twirling with the band d f.. tring the basketball games of this lQ46-47 season. Left to right: B. Snider, A. Arnold and B. Kovets. OFFICE GIRLS Six seniors and one junior were chosen by Mr. Prible to Work in the office, one each period of the day. They are, seated, B. Sage, L. Caley, H. Gump. Standing, Mr. Prible, L. l-latch, C. Tucker, D. Weaver. Left side of H: Mr. Sloffer Cdirectorl, I. Gatton, G. Simon, I. Surfus, L. Dickes, W. Waters, W, Gatton, V. Bunn, P. Couture, P. Gause, G. Dunten, P. Dickes, C. Wetzel, R. Knight. Middle: B. Bovets, B. Snider, A. Arnold ftwirlersl M Houser, R. Gordon, I. Dunten, G. Till, R. Green, V. Marschand. Right side of H: H. Gump, B. Fox, D. Weaver, L. Caley, I. Houser, R. McMahon, I. Morehous, P. Kelham, R. Surfus, R. Sordelet, D. Sloffer, I. Davis. Band Remember how early we had to roll out that "big" morning we took oif for lndianapolis to do our bit in the Farmers Parade at the state fair last fall? We had a good time but were sure dragging our dogs by nightfall. This year we are in a new remodeled room, it isn't complete, but a great improvement over that cold gym, especially when the weather man goes off on a tangent. We will be all set when we get those new uniforms the trustees have almost promised. However, don't forget, we must keep asking for them. ln reminiscing, we will long remember the band in its performance the night of the C. C. game when all the lights were turned out and each mem- ber then pressed the button on his red, blue or green flashlight. Silent Night and Come All Ye Faithful sort of made us forget our depressed feeling of the way the game was going. The music performed by the band was somewhat varied. The overture to the operetta "The Student Prince", a novelty "The Kid Grows Up" and Ioan Schenher singing "Memories" and "Winter Wonder- land" were among the most interesting musical numbers presented during the year. The latter probably accounts for the most peppy interest in the or- ganization. Seven students, Lois Caley, Pat Couture, Helen Gump, Delores Weaver, Dale Sloffer, Russell Sordelet and Wayne Waters are completing their senior year in the band. 33 Junior Class Play Miss Lucinda Enley, director of the Iunior Play, enjoyed, along with the Iunior Class, another successful play. The cast of the play, Vampire Bat, writ- ten by Robert Sinclair, was headed by Francis Dunten and lack Davis. Out- standing in their character roles Were lim Buchanan as the negro Zombie and Donald Konger as Iugobia. Providing the comedy for the play were Phil Hynd- man and Barbara Maxey cast as two young lovers. The play was presented to the public, December 12 and l3. Other roles were portrayed by Helen Engleright, Eleanor Arnold, Wilma Taner, Fred Highlen, Mary Becktell. ENSEMBLE Dressed in White blouses and black skirts the girls ensemble un- der the direction of Miss l-larrod, have participated in many programs this year. The seven girls are: l. to r.l L. Hatch, C. Tucker, I. Schenher, P. Keller, B. Sloffer, V. Bunn. Absent: D Weaver. DOUBLE QUARTET Four girls and four boys: L. l-latch, A. Bondot, P. Couture, L. Brown, B. Horstrneyer, G. Hatch Cabsent: L. Caley, W. Surfusl were selected from the chorus to form a double quartet. Guided by Miss Harrod they sang for several programs dur- ing the year. -T V l 34 First Row: C. McKinley, I. Snider, D. Amstutz, R. Wiclner, E. May, R. Crace, M. Hess, O. Gross, R. Iones, I. Fulk, G. Hatch, S. Whan R Minton B. Emerich and Miss Harrod. Second Row: D. Huber, D. Freeman, B. Maxey, M. Dice, B. Thomas, I. Wappes, P. Hurst, I. McComb, L. Brown, R. Bower, B. McBride, I. Hauser, R Horstmeyer, R. Konger, A. Bauman, P. Couture cmd S. Barkley. Third Row: A. Rondot, L. Hatch, C. Tucker, I. Schenher, M. Stone, P. Keller, P. Kelham, L. Siples, L. Gordon, D. Siples, R. Knight, G. Knight, I. Ruger, D. Opliger, V. Bunn, B. Hanauer, B. Sloffer, L. May. Chorus For the second year the mixed chorus of H.H.S. has enjoyed a successful season of musical programs under the direction of Miss Ruth I-larrod. Singing for the Teachers institute was the beginning program, and the season Was cli- maxed by the Spring festival. Several other county schools participated in the festival which was under the direction of Noble Kain. The chorus has a point system which enables students to make pins, letters or sweaters by extra activities. Officers elected for this year are: President, Don Opigerp Vice pres., Wayne Surfusg secretary, 'Carol Tuckerg librarian, Ioan Schenher, and proper- ties, Iack McComb. , 35 IANITORS Sweeping floors and washing caricatures oil the wallsiare only a few of the jobs per- formed by our two loyal janitors, Sidney Dunten and Lester Borne. They have been with us nearly five and four years respectice- ly. OPERATORS OF MOVIE PROIECTOR Behind the movie projector this year, we find four boys: Clem Wetzel, lack Davis, Ray Cummins and Roy Peters. They have enabled us to enjoy those "super-duper" motion pic- tures throughout the year. COOKS Nutritious and well-balanced hot meals were served to us by the cooks throughout the year. They are as follows Cleft to rightl: Edna Malcolm, Clara McCombs, Velma May, Kathern Emerick, and Iessie Dice. BUS DRIVERS The job seeing that the students ot Hunter- town High School get to school on time falls to the bus drivers: Cleft to rightl, row l: Loyal Yoder. Earl Meyer, Gayle Spitler, Sidney Fogel, Roger Disler and Ralph McBride. Row 2: Clarence Wells, Roger Clark, Wilbur Span- gle, Arthur Opliger, Edward Sylvester, and William Bryan. I-,.,,.,,, .-. ..., .......v, .,.. Y. A' ' r-"'t?, W QMW ,f f I uf , Row one: Mclxey, Dunten, Tcmer. Row two: Mr. Siblep Woppes cmd Amstutz. Row three: Rondot cmd Hcxtghg Bcxumcm, Shank, Withom, Longnecke Tom, Weaver, Widner, cmd Minton. ' Outside: Leiter, Sho k ' n , Stxenbcrger, Howordg Ritter and Hcmcuerg Mc 37 qt y r 3 .u Wffij 2' ' -A? 'ef' g , It ':'l'.QfQ: r "' SQ f wg' f rg Stirl y cmd Stirlen en cmd Shafer You Wrote on My Slate - - - f l I i l T K is ,Jia l i. . I 1 :- , . .1 l Lug Q sf' ' ti R .- 1.1 . '. ' K , If . 4' A , -A NVD- ' '21 xy .1 A , f u 'S l S- Q, v F 1 V I I l l r I l L i , 'NE - . ,' 'Q' W mln.. if Y M? 7 X A , A ' , Y? K.: . Q2 'Wi . 3? "?,v5',1 ' galil'- 35 A' "ffl, - .N .L - 'ff' :lf I. - aga- nfj I 1 - Jxqlix? Mini f 381- r . 1, ,a, . 2 - :.. ...H-. , . K Paw one he Huber and Lois Daniels, Ioan Sclienhcr and Phil Dickes, Raw two Pan Spangler and Betriha Emerick, Phil l-lyndman and Yvonne Kell. Middle Picture' Eileen May and Don Opliger. Raw three: Tr-ella Gross and Murray Gause, Manford Snider and Frances Dunten. Raw four. Diana Huber and Phil Riecke, Richard Lee and Betty Fritz. 38 DUR S Slaolifs K Q ' T 'N WL ! W 5 ,if V r M' 4 02 M -f X ,f 61 Y! f M f , U11 JI E K K L-S53 Q ' 4Q .' ig X 1 r fy Team Huntertown 1-luntertown , Huntertown , Huntertown . Huntertown Huntertown Huntertown Huntertown Huntertown 1-lxxntertawn 1-luntertown ,, Huntertown Huntertown Team Huntertown 1-luntertown CHEER LEADERS cneerzxg .tethzit 121: jr of lun Opltger, a Semzr COACH BRANDYBERRY Under the coaching of Howard Branclyberry the basketball team came through with 10 wins and 5 losses. He has been coaching at Huntertown for three years and has constant ly inspired them to victory, BASKETBALL SCORES fl'-'irst Teaml Scores Team ,, , ,33 Arcola ,. ,. ,36 Avilla 38 Leo . . 42 New Haven , 32 Garrett , 53 Busco . , 39 Hoagland , . . ,, 41 Monroeville 27 Central Cath. . 31 Roanoke ., . . . 41 Leo ,.., , 33 Elmhurst ..,.. , . 35 Woodburn . County Tourney Scores Team 27 New Haven , . 23 Hoagland , , 1 f- If HCL Dui.. and Marilyn G p a sophomore They' have both co- , J ed '.-ltr. the gdinvi 1.5 E13"G maie a .g zectrzr. worth lzeznq przud of at Scores 19 35 35 Z7 21 27 43 39 32 43 23 32 Scores ,,.,. .21 4 ,38 40 Name Robert Hadley Leslie Thomas Iirn Buchanan Don Brown Max Smith lock McComb Robert Lutter Lowell Brown Paul Gouse Fred Highlen George Dunten "Little Brownie "Chester" Nickname "Bob" "Les" "Buck" Brownie" "Smitty" "Moc" 'Bob" Gcusel' George" Height 5-11 6-3 6-1 5-11 5-11 5-7 5-7 5-10 5-11 6-1 6-0 Weight 155 195 165 165 160 135 140 150 155 165 145 Class H. Soph h. Sr Sr Soph Soph Soph Soph k. Soph 41 -.i student managers, lack a punior and Bernard Jw ,r.:etler, a senior have helped a .,,' out a great deal during the L cetzall season this year, Second Team Row 1, Cleft to rightl: E. Tom, L. Brown, S. Shank, P. Iohnson, I. Clark. Row 2: G. Dunten, I. McComb, D. Siples, B. Lutter, I. Houser. Row 3: P. Gause, F. Highlen, Brandyberry, N. Keener, I. Simon. Absent: D. Porter, B. Iohnston. BASKETBALL SCORES fSecond Teaml Team Score Team Score 25 18 Huntertown . ...... , ., Arcola ,,.... ........... . .. Huntertown .... .31 Avilla .......... ....... . .. 9 l-luntertown .. 27 Leo ........ .......... . ...... . .22 l-luntertown .31 New Haven ..... Huntertown .. 26 Garrett ..,.............. .......... 3 l l-luntertown 15 Churubusco ....... ..... . ....16 1-luntertown 27 Hoagland ........... ........ . .18 Huntertown , , 20 Monroeville .......... .......... 2 2 Huntertown ' ,,... . 23 Central Cath. ..... .......... 2 1 Hantertown . , 17 Woodburn ......... ....,..... 3 U Huntertown . .. 29 Roanoke ......... .......... 3 1 Huntertown .,... . 14 Leo ................ .......... 2 5 l-luniertown , 18 Elmhurst .,.... .......... 3 Z STUDENT MANAGERS 42 Softball Team Seated-I. McComb, R. Lutter, L. Brown, P. Gause, Brandyberry Standing-D. Brown, M, Smith, I, Buchanan, R. Hadley, G. Dunten, D Siples. Tough competition brought our Softball season to a close with two wins and eight losses. Max Smith, lim Buchanan and Bob Hadley changed posts at pitching, Track ,Team First Row: VV'. Waters, I. McComb, D. Brown, I. Buchanan, R. Lutter, L. Brown. Second Row: I. Bleekman Cmanagerj B. Hadley, M. Smith, L. Thomas, D. Pranger, D Siples, I. Simon, B. Whonsetler Kmanagerj. Center: Coach Brandyberry. 43 ,- J, K . ,V . W!n11y1fnf:14zf2n21.j gina Inj filiff HUNTERTOWN GRAIN AND LUMBER CCMPANY Inc. Huntertown, Indiana Phone 414 GRAIN, FEED, SEED, COAL LUMBER AND BUILDERS SUPPLY 44 LAYMAN'S cRocERY and MARKET Produce, Groceries and Meats W. I. SNYDER PLUMBING and HEATING Electric Water Systems Churubusco, Indiana I-Iuntertown, Ind. Phone 431 LEMLER HARDWARE Compliments of RAPOLE Phone 4823 STANDARD ssnvrcs srAr1oN Churubusco Indiana Churubusco IFICUCIUCI Mayberry Furniture Store High Grade Furniture Philco Refrigerator, Radio and Home Freezers Bendix Automatic Washers GRQCERIES - MEATS Phone 3973 Churubusco, Indiana ICE A "Where Quality Counts" ICE CREAM STORE Enjoy Delicious Wholesome Phone 463 Ice Cream Everyday Phone 2393 Churubusco, Indiana Hu1'1t9riOW1'1 If1C1iC1f1G CHURUBUSCO SPANGLE HATCHERY SUPER SERVICE BUSCO EGG MASTER Mobilgas-Mobiloil AND CHICKS FARM IMPLEMENTS What you Want when you want it Churubusco Indiana Phone 3713 We Vulcanize All Sizes of Tires Huntertown Phone 753 W. A. SPANGLE -'Ee it gclg of H+! W DOH 6,1601 A 5 ,bbyas I Tpubliehel hw X Penlpr Chas I' ' EGL RIVCl"'Pcr I. Hvhftrjfowq, Ihdwtng s gf, Fort Wayne Indiana BOLEYN AUTO EXCHANGE FORT WAYNES LARGEST USED CAR DEALERS Highest Prices Paid for Used Cars A-7276 First and Cass Streets T. Boleyn, Owner - Ervin I. Wiesjahn, Ass't. Mgr. Ruclerman's Certified Seed Talole Stock Onions All Kinds ot Spraying Material for sale Phone: Huntertown 473 Huntertown, lndiana 46 STANDARD OIL CO. Huntertown, 1ndiCII1G Phone 613 Agent-Gerry Martin DR. BRIGGS Phone 3333 Churubusco, Indiana DRINK C IN BOTTLES Delicious and Refreshing COCA COLA BOTTLING WORKS OF FORT WAYNE EAT and ENIOY BORDEN'S ICE CREAM There is a dealer near y SCHNEPP'S WOODWORKING SHOP Custom Mill Work Kiln Drying Inside Trim Flooring Moldings Lumber Huntertown, Indiana HARI..AN'S MARKET 6 HARDWARE La Otto Indiana Avilla 130W PORTER'S BARBER SHOP La Otto Indiana Compliments of The Iohnston Commission UNION STOCK YARDS Fort Wayne Indiana YOUNG'S HOME STORE DRY GOODS, GROCERIES BOOTS and SHOES Churubusco 3182 La Otto Indiana HUPITERTOERFN AUTO SALES CHEVROLET SALES and SERVICE In Our New Location MACKEY'S I-IARDWARE and APPLIANCE RADIOS and APPLIANCES GIFT DEPARTMENT DUPONT PAINTS We Are Equipped to Serve You Gnd GENERAL HARDWARE RUSSELL BUNN. Owner Phone 553 I-Iuntertown, Ind. Humertown Phone 683 C. O. BUSH S K A T I N G Sunday 2 PM.-Nightly at 8 P.M. DRUGS - MEDICINE Eilrns and Einishings School Supplies Except Monday and Wednesday Humertown Indiana BELL S RINK c. 5. H. WELDING SHOP On 30 and 24 East of Eort Wayne WAGONS and TRAILERS RIDE THE SKATERS BUS Huntertown Indiana B. A. SLOFFER I I. G. A. STORE WARNER S MOTOR GROCERIES DRY GOODS I-IARDWARE ERESI-I MEATS Low Everyday Prices Phone 484 ERMAN K' WARNER I-Iuntertown Indiana Greasing - Washing I . . HOME STORE General Repairing , QUALITY Bsffefles GROCERIES AND MEATS Tires Phone: I-Iuntertown 643 'Little Elf" Food Products Phone 523 Huntertown InCliClI'1Cl PAT'S CAFE Trecxt Yourself to CI delicious SUNDAY DINNER Bdr-b-q Sandwiches Churubusco, Indiana DR. F. B. WEAVER DENTIST Phone 4313 When You Think of the Word " B O R R O W " Think ot the Word Bdnk CHURUBUSCO STATE BANK Deposits Insured up to 55,000 for Eoch Depositor by the E.D.I.C. ORT 6 SON The Best Plolce to Trode After A11 Phone 2473 Churubusco, Indiono Compliments ot KOCHER'S SHOE STORE Churubusco Phone 3783 DR. HOWARD EGLOF F DENTIST Office Hours: 9-11:30 A.M. I-5 P.M, Except Wednesday Evenings by Appointment Phone 3033 Churubusco, Indioino TURNER TEXACO SERVICE CROSLEY REERIGERATORS RADIOS SOUTH WIND HEATERS TIRES AND BATTERIES Avillo B136L Lc1Otto, Indiond LCIOTTO GRAIN CO. Your Potronoge Solicited BRINDLE BROTHERS ALLIS-CI-IALMERS TRACTORS ALL CROPS-CORN PICKERS SALES and SERVICE Avilld A126R LdOtto, Indiono CHURUBUSCO BHERN'S COAL co. LUMBER CO- Q BUILDING MATERIAL POR QUALITY COAL AND COKE "Every thing to build any thing" Phone 4884 Churubusco Phone 2513 GEE WI-HZ! What a Line WM. W. SHEW Complete Line ot Printing .... F O R D SALES-SERVICE We can otter all types ot printing Letterpress-Offset Churubusco Indiana For Complete News Coverage Read SILVER ANNIVERSARY UJCOCJ6f! A "Greater Wee-k1ies" Newspaper 1922-1947 Phone 3433 Churubusco, Indiana 50 VERN CALEY AUCTIONEER Dealer for Pratts Eeed and Remedies Churubusco, Indiana Phone 4613 BAN GS' 5c to Sl.00 Store TRY Us FIRST EOR Compliments Of YOUR MANY NEEDS Mcrckey's General Store . Ari, Ind. Phone Chur. 4246 Chumbusco Indlcmc Compliments of KRIDER MONUMEN T WORKS FUNERAL HOME Phone 2434 Churubusco Indiana Compliments of YORK THEATRE Churubusco, Indiana Compliments of VIM SPORTING GOODS Port Wayne Indiana Leitch's Grocery 6. Market 6: Locker Churubusco, Indiana Phone 4703 CEMETERY MEMORIALS OP EVERY DESCRIPTION Phone 3803 Churubusco Indiana CHURUBUSCO GRAIN 6 COAL CO. GLIDDEN'S AND PURINA FEEDS COAL - FEED SEED - FERTILIZER Phone 2703 CASH BUYERS OF GRAIN Churubusco Indiana GAFF TIN SHOP ROOFING, SPOUTING FURNACES General Repair Work Phone 45l3 Churubusco Indiana RITTER SWAPSHOP BUY-SELL-TRADE Tires-Batteries Stoves-Used Cars Huntertown Indiana CONSIGN YOUR LIVESTOCK TO FARMERS COMMISSION CO. Live Stock Merchants Phone A-4333 FORT WAYNE UNION STOCK YARDS Fort Wayne, Indiana For A Square Deal see, Torn Burns Fred Lee Frank Iohnston THE CENTRAL STUDIO AND FILM SERVICE Better Film Service Portraiture Churubusco Indiana SAND, GRAVEL AND CRUSI-IED STONE ALL GRADES Gravel Your Driveway Now CLAUDE MCCLISI-I 6. SON "Quick and Satisfactory Service" Phone 441 Huntertown WHITE SWAN SERVICE I. G. A. FARMERS AND MERCHANTS Hardware Pipe Fittings QUALITY THAT PLEASES La Otto Indiana Lima Road Phone A-96738 Ned Doster IENSEN'S BARBER SHOP First Class Work Huntertown, Indiana RAY'S GARAGE General Repairing Body and Fender Work Welding-Cars Refinished Phone 4933 Churubusco Indiana NEW HAVEN-THURMAN Equity Exchange Dealers in GRAIN, COAL, BUILDING MATERIALS, GENERAL FARM SUPPLIES Phone: New Haven 2943 Thurman 3616 New I-Iaven, Indiana Compliments oi Mrs. Iean Dunten AVON Representative Huntertown Phone 7 I 5 W. L. Gordon Well Drilling - Electric Pumps Pneumatic Water Systems Cl-IURUBUSCO, INDIANA Phone 4433 VJAYSIDE GARAGE General Repairing TEXACO Gasoline and Oils Phone A-99117 W. Van Kirk FELGERS DRIVE-IN All Kinds of MEATS Nationally Known Foods WE SELL FOR CASH Walter McComb, Ambulance Service Iames McComb, Funeral Home Anna C. McComb, Lady Assistant D. O. MCCOMB 6. SON FUNERAL DiREcToRs Phones: A-9110-A-3509 ll4U Lake Avenue WE SELL EOR LESS Fort Wayne Indiana Compliments ot "Eternal Vigilance is the B Price of Liberty" Huntertown, lndiana Compliments of WAYSIDE GROCERY Phone: Anthony 99ll7 GUMPS GROCERY GROCERIES AND MEATS Phone E-2577 2232 N, Clinton Fort Wayne, lnd. SONDAY SERVICE Phone: 3553 Churubusco, Indiana Livestock marketing co-operatives are the vigilantes ot a great indus- try. Guarantee for yourself and your posterity a future of which you can be proud. PATRONIZE YOUR PRODUCER AGENCY PRODUCERS MARKETING ASSOCIATION. INC. , Union Stock Yards Phone E-2066 Fort Wayne, Ind. 'Contact Your Local Trucker HOWARD TUCKER SINCLAIR REFINING co. Full Line of Petroleum Products Phones: 343 I-Iuntertown A-4436 Fort Wayne F A R M E R S NOW IS THE TIME TO REPAIR YOUR Farm Machinery Look Over Your Equipment And let us help you make repairs We do ACETYLENE and ELECTRIC WELDING For Machinery too Big to bring in we have MOBILE UNIT All Work Guaranteed SMITH WELDING G MACHINE SHOP Located in lap Harrold Building on Washington Street CHURUBUSCO, INDIANA Farm Freezers Custom Butchering Compliments SPEEDWAY MARKET 6 LOCKER SERVICE COMMISSION CO. California ci Lima Rd. E 3116 Knop's Appliance Store Electrical Appliances Plumbing and Heating I-Iuntertown, Indiana Phone 783 CRON LEONE STUDIOS Indiana's Leading School Photographers '7!ze Gdadel Wu plulnfecl amigaumihf BURTCH PRINTING COMPANY GARRETT, ' INDIANA Graduation Announcements Senior's Name Cards FOREWORD The l947 CITADEL is a symbol ot the knowledge We have gained and the spirit ot co-operation that has come to us during our high school career. Persistent work, along With the assistance and guidance ot Mrs. Palicki has made this book possible. Our many generous advertisers has aided us greatly With the iinancial problems that confronted us. We take this oppor- tunity to extend our thanks to them. We also Wish to thank Mr. Prible and all other faculty members for their assistance. As our chain ot memories grows and We look back on days past We bc- lieve that one of the brightest links in that chain will bo our school days. ll, in the unpredictable years ahead, you can look at this CITADEL and recall some small happening of those days our Work will not have been in vain. CO-EDITORS CLeona-Mae Hatch and Billie Sagel an: , i -. ,,w,,,a,.,,.,,,,.,,.-. W., ...-..,- ,. f., M., ., .nm Schafer's Confecfionery Boafewi ice eaeam Served Exclusively B -42 +9 12 v iq, S Q MAGAZINES - SUNDRIES Qpen Seven Days or Week 56 's 73425 WY Wfff . . X ,f . 1 if , f NW, x A X, if N, X lf , .1 X v f . ' I , K! lvl" 9 1fl"W"1f 9 1 ,1-,NI , ,,fU','f -' -3d.i"T"!f'41-ffQ'CQT' 1' W, , J ' 1 P I M xx 14951 PM t 4 "f ,4-116: My 'X .J .1 "".,-.-1141.7 qv' ". . -4 'fbi' 'iii' if A .nw , K V , .5 'x' f WL r It , .W ,J J ,V .Lv llhb V. is-Hffgylj M Y, 1 1 o I . r, , , E ,, .,. 965961 may , Zig! F I? ,f I f I -l'v'7',ig2. ,f ff , 7 7 V' -if I yfgjffu ' B976 'W ' ' ,Lf . Aff! Lx N ,- 1' 1 1 -' I ' ' A f "" ,q4fgg.a?,"f17 f' 1" , , X All, . ,rlv .4 I J, ,L.r,' X, 1 ,. . X ,ff 365 M 1 Q ff V I 1, Yi F if , " gfif- ff X M .11 j ,Q ff 4 ffff' 'iyiig UL' ,- ' - ffl! I ' Mfg W' Q A3 7 'Ya MW ,L ff .vp-e.fv95-":wr4"f"3 ffywvr ' ff! . JQJJ fifafd . 2 Q V f ' A4-J J Z ,J "-pwwf'-f ..,,v ,' W . J1- , 7,75 5 ' DEDICATICN We Wish to dedicate this 1947 CITADEL to our patient and understanding parents. They have helped us through the most happy and formative years of our lives with careful and thoughtful guidance. For this we owe thern much more than We shall ever be able to repay. May this dedication show the-rn, in a small Way, our gratitude and appreciation. 3 Cur- Cur- Our Cur Our Faculty Seniors Classmates Activities s Sports

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