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W WE 3 QA, 1945 35 3 gg cr-XIIF r Q!! JK 35 ll 2 I' ERALD WMMMMMMMLW3 E3-7735 MEG 2F5'W5'Q5 '4 59 Z ,-I-I 5 3 5 -U no I L1 I F: w. f Z Z l'T'l U3 .D cm F77 f'T'l 4 xfx ' Q X 5,71 5717! 5 goof is E Yl'IT1'Il'm""ll'lT MMmMWmMm Q EE EE QE 'UUT71TTUTTTTlmTT1TTTllm1'TTT1TT17T11TFHTTIfT1T1TYTfUTlTNT'V EE EE EE EE E EE EE EE EA WW925JS-QWRWW?-ekWVff45iW7??fdQWWff?25WW?2SdSQWRJSSX'mR46N'mRl5Q'mRiW925 S ll ll ll ll s HIS year We have tried to avoid, somewhat, the stereotyped senior editions of the past. We have attempted to fashion a paper that is not so appar- ently posed, yet, one that contains the material which has constituted former annuals. ln this edition We have endeavored to portray in pictures the various school activities as they really are. We teel that We have in this plan adopted a progres- sive attitude. Through the years you will keep this Herald as a reminder of the '47-'48 school year. Our purpose is to give you an ac- curate record ol your curricular and ex- tra-curricular activities. We sincerely hope that you are pleased with our ef- forts. , 'R' ,: QXQVA 1 CQ-fafjft. V475'574VAV4VAVAV4V4'AV4V4V4V4Y5V4VAV .vw AAA AAA v,v4v,v4v, ,vvvv4v4v,v-vvvvvvvvvvvvv-vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv vv-v-v-vyvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv ,EI 6 e 14 ,1 : O e . iq ,4 I rj UI QI 7: UI UI 0 - gl D gi I X L - 5 - 2 3- 5 I Z 'I 2 1 I 1 X A X 51- 9- X I I E Z 3 15 ,W U : -3 1 2 1 3 ,.- f : W I I J Z I Q O 'D i ', T 1 E Z f 0 . 1 g If 'T 5 I : 3- P : TI ' : : 5 t 4 H a 1 Q Q Q ,, . P L, If g 5 I? 2 U1 H- 2 G AAAA AAAA A AAA AAAAA Tr F FI- CULTY ' i pI , A , , Lpzincifgal IQ mgn Qgnoyv Jqiififdnf gjlindifldl li Ig ,,,, juifrlirzg .gufismirzfsrzclarzf arvrfison . U I e dflfifiifll JVIQHQHST pemcew . Marg . . . 04115 JMUUQHST omers, ieui, Jo n . A T0 51101 Of will , Capi. Arthur . . C7455-f. SDTOII. CUM! es ev, ggi. J Im , Iuffzucfoz of and Simi S915 , Izifzuafoz of anal oo wlrw, M . , , , gjmsiirfsnk Oqmomn, M ' I , Supfzfy gang I, h Dovof L4 clfonzs Jvllliilljl ' E14 Ci-IERS ALEXANDER, VIRGINIA LEE GWALTNEY, FLOIS ALLENSWORTH IENNIE HALL, KATHERINE ALLMOND NOLA HARRELL, VIRGINIA AYMETT McCALLUM HILTPOLD, WALTER S. BOSWELL ZULA HURT, MARY BRANCH LILA IOHNSON, SUSIE M. COATS R ROY IONES, C. C. xx I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I CONYERS MRS KATIE BELLE KEATHLEY, Mrs. Gladys IMrs. C. CJ I ENGLAND ELIZABETH KENNEDY, MARY FRANCES I I FISHER MARY B. LITTLE, Mrs. Ardie IMrs. R. RJ FULLER DELORES LOCHRIE, HELEN GIBSON, AGNES LOKEY, Mrs. Bodch IMrs. I. EJ MARMANN ELSIE SCRIVENER, MILDRED MEEKS I A STEPHENS, MRS. IULIA S. MOFFETT N LOUISE TAYLOR, LESLIE B. MORELAND MRS PATTIE IMrs C. AJ THOMPSON, MARGARET MOSS MRS IEANNETTE IMrs. B. FJ WALKER, MARY PEARCE LORIECE WILLIAMS, A, C., IR. PRESGROVE KEATHLEY WILLIAMS, W. O. REED MABEL WINFIELD, SIM RIGGS MRS GLADYS IETER WORMAN, Mrs. Lille IMIS. Harryj ROBINSON LYDE BLAKENEY, MRS. AUBREY SCHILLING, ELSA A, PIERCE, DOROTHY Retlred Members BACON MRS MARIA K. WARE BIRDIE L. BRENNAN MRS. I. P. , , I , I 7 , , , P I - P , I I I P : , P P , I , , . . I I , f I PATTON, LUCILLE VVEAKS, LOUISE I I ' 5 I P P I I . , ' , I I I I I I P P D I I P 7 . , , P P I Q1 VA' I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I ,E I 9 P P I . I 1 I I I A , I I I 4 AVJAYAYAVAYAVYVYVVVYVYVYVVVVVAVY V VVVVVVVVV VY' YYY V V Y Y 'YV VVVYV VVVYVVVAYAVVVAYAVVYYAVAQ PAGE THREE I 4 ? PAGE FOUR gi EXECUTIVES O? U55 Jmsmflgii fgocvzcf of gducafion ODA O16 clfumaa cgcfioof SAMUEL WATKINS OVERTON IDVQESVDENT Cl TME SOAIQD QF EDUCATION MRS. W. I.. l Q IOHN T. I l MRS. IULIUS 1 FEREDAY SHEA GOODMAN Member OP Boowcl 'gomd Vice-Dvesigemf Membev OF BCQTA SUDEIQINTENDENT QF EDUCIZX-NGN DIQINCIDAL QF HUMES HIGH SCHOOL ELEANOR N ANNIE MAE I RICHMOND PRESCOTT Asslsfanf DrInclpaI OF ly-lumes 1-llglw School Secvelcarfq 01C 4-Iumes yt-Jlglw School M n Q QAG is U.. 'U -., Q i F0 'Z Q 'U 1. 05 I 111 FFF X.-f bi If I2 IC ...- iixxkxxxxxxxkxxxkxxxkxxxms iii i l'iii iiii i mi. Ghzifgazcf , .i.., . Y , W Y .. at-4 gli ET us be challenged by the heights to which men like ourselves can rise. Let us be proud ot the tact that We are human beings and, because We are human beings, We con-- .. tain Within ourselves resources ot strength and power great enough to enable us to climb tar and high. There is much dis- illusionment, much discouragement, much temptation to take the easy Way, the short cut, to do the expedient rather than the I :K 3555 i right. But We are men-and because we are men We can rise above the dead level of yielding. lt is not what destiny does with us but what we do With destiny that determines what We shall 2:9435 become . . . XT Let lite challenge you and be confident in your reply, for ZZ you are a man and the hardships of lite are sent you not by an unkind destiny to crush you, but to challenge you. Our Hhumani- 2555 ty" is not our Weakness but our strength. Despite much of the l mf artiliciality of lite around us, the two greatest words in the English language still are 'l can'! PAUL SPEICHER 1:1 ss 55 3,223.1 gwggw gd gg is no iii- to .ccc txiygg but c F224 vw mf riff 7:14 azz: ::.: M ,..X H M PAGE FIVE .qbcwf fpieiicfafzfi of Zyillilii Bottom io Top-First Row: Mrs. W. F, Goodwin, Mrs. I. W. McBryde, Mrs. Harry High, Mrs. George Tomlinson, Second How-V Mrs. O. B. Berry, Mrs. W H. Cory, Mrs. E. W. Nelius, Mrs. D. W. Hoke. Third Row-Mrs. Fred Brown, Mrs. C. C. Miller, Mrs. Roy Reeves, Mrs. Henry Krouse. Fourth Row-Mrs, I. H, Herring, Mrs. F. H. Ierorne, Mrs. A. C. Sperry. Mrs. A. B. Gordon fDece-dsedj. PAGE SIX SQQQ Q cfmw. goodwin QW gOO,zgt,5.f SJ r' Ii sf gy, QA Q I fffffu. ITV. giooffwirz gg' QA 94 f f S S f' mf S S ggi' Q ERVING as president of the I-Iumes I-Iigh PTA for the ggi' QA last two years has indeed been a privilege and a Q4 gg' pleasure. gi QA . Q4 r, With the support of the faculty and the student body, the ,I ggi I-Iumes PTA has had two very successful years of work. Without gi, Qs this co-operation the work that we have accomplished would Q' QA not have been possible. Q4 V' It is with regret that I leave the chair of president, but I gi A must step out in order that another may enjoy the same oppor- Q31 gig tunity that has been mine. mi. gg' I shall always cherish the memories of my office with the S, QA I-Iumes organization. I l gy, To the graduating class of 1948, I extend my sincere con- SA Q9 gratulations, and I wish for each one of you the success that Qt you so richly deserve. f gig Most sincerely yours, S54 Q51 MRS. W. L. coonwm, gf QA . . . Q-A f Retiring President of Humes PTA Q? SA Si f S S I Qin QQKIQ S2 S IQQQQQQ PA E SEVEN THE BUSINESS OE EDUCATION GOES FORWARD Ott tor Chattanooga Progress in Transportation Dr. Hilliard, realizing the necessity for some means ot school transportation which would be available at all times, has added to the school equipment a station wagon. Some of the trips the station wagon has made in its first year ot service are one to Chattanooga, one to Humboldt, one to lackson, one to Martin, and two to Nashville. ln addition this has been a ready means for getting members ot the athletic department to and from the games they have played, and for transacting many matters of school business. it ik ik ik l E , A 'l.......--1 L, C. HUMES HIGH SCHOOL V PAGE EIGHT CALL TO COLORS Ti-IE DEVOTIV NA.. BOTTOM TO TOP-LEET TO RIGHT First Row-Kenneth Benderman, Sarah Conder, Betty Lundy, Helen Grigsley, Mary Io Miles, Virginia Denson, Marlene Weger, Mary E. Steele, Iaames Garvey. Second Row-Robert Earl Shears, loAnn Hutcherson, Thelma Crone, Carl Tones, Lewis Smith, Iohnny Patterson, Iohnny Lovelady, Billy Carlton, Margaret Iohnson, Marjorie Draitin, Donald Purnell, Third Row-Darrell Eilce, lean Short, Sally Gray, Eleanor Mercer, Kathryn Doty, Martha Black, Delores Denson, Dorothy Sue Mallett, Ann Smith, Marylin Simpson, Eugene Murphy, Durrell Suber. Each morning the school begins its days work with the Devotional. This consists ot a reading from the Bible, songs by selected members trom the two Glee Clubs, and the Lords Prayer. The exercises are given over the public address system ot the school, and follow immediately the formal raising of the flag. il , Eitlltg SENIOR CLASS TEACHERS l2-l 12-3 MISS IENNIE ALLENSWORTH MR. C. C. IONES 12-2 l2-4 MISS MILDBED SCRIVENER MISS MARGARET THOMPSON PAGE TEN I wx 3:4 2:14 4 4 K l llllllg 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 2 3 5 5 3 5 5 5 5 5 5 54" ' ' I 5 44341111 v 4,4'4,4'4N4, D 4,4,4'4I44, D 4,4,4,4l4'4, 5 '4'4'4'4'4:4 ' 4gIg1g4gIg.g 3 1l:4:4l:l:l , 4'4'4'4'4' 9 4:1:1f:i:i . 4'f'ff'f'f '4'l'44'4'4 ' 'u'4'm'4 5 'l'l'441nf4 5 :4:u:44N4!4 wululnw 441414444 Wllllnllll N24 .... 4 4 4 4 4 1 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 3 4 4 4 4 4 3 4 4 3 4 4 3 I 4 4 I --4 , 4. . ' 4 if -E cmzi nz lIZLl.!2LlZL! sglucuhorz noi: onfy CUIIZHZOIZ fo LLM, gui in ionzs 4 4 L 4 3 xanga CUlII.!lLl.li0'lf.f on aff, ffiuf Ula Lfsifirzy of has fzas 'IEflLLl:liCi of .rqnzazicu 4 was fzlgzcficazffq 1.5fff5Ll.U 4 ' 4 4 4 I James IQLJQQQH Lovfel, 1 3 I 3 I 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 - PAGE ELEVEN 4 4 I I 'us SENIV R ' KENNETH BENDERMAN, Presrderrr we CLA I' V FrlC1-ERS BILLY MILLER, Boys' Vice-Pres. SHIRLEY MOSELEY, Girls' V,-P. BETTY IQ TUCKER, Cgy, Seq, SIDNEY LOSKOVITZ, Treasurer JIM MACK, Reporter ELEANOR SLAUGHTER, Rec. Sec'y ALEX GEORGE ALEXANDER "Greek" Senior Band '45-'48, Sabre Club '46-'47, Biology Club, Dance Band '45-'47, ROTC Band '45-'47, Hi-Y Club, Tennis '45-'47, First Year Club, Second Lieutenant in ROTC, Band Letter, Placed first for school in tennis '47, English 4 years, Band 4 years. BETTY IANE ALLEN "B. I." Future Homemakers of America '47-'48, Los Amigos '45-'47, Senior Y Teens '47-'48, Secretary Los Amigos '45-'46, Secretary of 9th grade homeroom, English 4 years, Home Economics 3 years, Spanish 2 years, Bookkeeping 2 years, Typing 2 years. CLAUDE CREIGHTON AZLIN "Dynamite" Boxing '47, Football '47, Key Club, Biology Club, President of 2nd Band, Drafting 3 years, Band Z years, Math Z years. BETTY IANE ATKINS "Sis" Honor Society '47-'48, Sabre Club '47-'48, Honorary Cadet Captain, Fifty Club '47- '48, Home Ec. Club '44-'47, Treasurer of Home Ec. Club '44-'46, Secretary of Home Ec. Club '46-'47, President of Advanced Home Ec, Class '46-'47, Home Ec. 3 years, Shorthand 2 years, Typing 2 years, Eng- lish 4 years. I AMES EUGENE BARRETT "Gene" Boys' Cooking Club, Vice-President of Boys' Cooking Club, Award for Cotton Composition Contest, English 4 years, Bookkeeping 2 years, Typing 2 years, Cooking l year. MARIE IACQUELINE BILGER "Jackie" Honor Society '47-'48, Sabre Club '46-'47, Co-Captain of Cheerleaders '47-'48, Y Teens, Fifty Club '47, Secretary of Red Cross '47, President of Red Cross '48, Pres- ident of 9th Grade Certification Class '45, President of 9th Grade Homeroom, Treasurer of 10th Grade Homeroom, Math 3 years, History 3 years, Typing 2 years, Bookkeeping 2 years. KENNETH DONALD BENDERMAN "Ken" Football '46-'48, "l-l" Club '47-'48, Swim- ming Team '46, Non-Com Club, lst Year Club, lim Quinn Platoon '46, Glee Club, Art Club, President of Senior Class, Vice- President of Club, President Senior Glee Club, Captain Color Guard '47, Master Sergeant ROTC. , .A VV ..: ..:5EE2 V 4 Q . " ' ' ' V - -, , it F 4 . e .f T .4 2-2:'j.,:- Q AS, ' 7 ' f 2 ' "'1'tisizEs2s2a2z5as:zsee. ::::::::::::::f ,f , ,.aeasaz2a2ara2 gy ? Q' 'Sai' J' ' . . F. 1 '- Q .E ,.:,::E gg A-r f - 24. 5" f 1 A VIRGINIA ADAMS "len" Fifty Club '46-'47, Student Government Representative '46-'47, English 4 years, Bookkeeping 2 years, History 4 years, Typing 2 years. CARL RAY ALLEN. IR. "Curly" Sabre Club, Non-Com Club, First Year Club, Biology Club, Second Lieutenant of ROTC '47-'48, English 4 years, History 3 years, Science 3 years, ROTC 3 years. ELIZABETH ANN ALLNUT "Annie" Honor Society '48, Fifty Club '46-"48, Ste- nography 2 years, Typing 2 years, His- tory 3 years. ROBERT MONROE BALL "Bird" T. 51 I. Club, English 4 years, Metal Shop l year, Wood Shop 2 years, Drafting 3 years, ROTC 2 years. IANE ELIZABETH BALLARD "Ianie" Honor Society '48, Student Council Moni- tor '46-'47, English 4 years, Math 3 years, Glee Club 2 years, LARRY GROULX BELL "King Size Papa" Club, Sabre Club, Boys Cooking Club, Co-Captain of Football Team, Second Lieu- tenant of ROTC, Sergeant-at-Arms of l2-l Homeroom, President of ll-5 Homeroom, Sergeant-at-Arms of Boys Cooking Club, Lettered in Football 4 years, Boxing l year, Baseball 2 years, City Light Heavy- weight Boxing Champion '47, Track Team 2 years. MARTHA ELIZABETH BLACK "Martie" National Forensic League '45-'48, City- Wide Glee Club '45-'48, Senior Y Teen '45-'48, Secretary of Senior Band '46-'47, Historian of Senior Band '47-'48, Head Majorette '47-'48, Superior Rating in West Tennessee Baton Twirling Contest '46, Cotton Land Musical Festival '46-'48, Sec- ond Place in Speech Contest '48. PAGE THIRTEEN THOMAS EUGENE BOLLINGER "Gene" Senior Band '46-'48, ROTC Band '45-'48, Honor Society '47, Sabre Club '47-'48, Fif- ty Club, Caesar Club, Student Director of Band '48, First Lieutenant ROTC Band, Solo Chair All-City Band '47, Homeroom Officer 3 years, Band Letter, Alternate to Boys' State '47, ROTC Band Efficiency Medals '46-'47, MARY LUCILLE BLAYDES "Legs" National Honor Society '47-'48, Senior Girl Reserves '47-'48, Fifty Club '46-'48, 4 years English, 2 years Shorthand, 2 years Typ- ing, Z years Bookkeeping. MAURICE LEE BRANDON "Goldilocks" T. G l. Club '45-'46, Staff Sergeant in Color Guard, Male Beauty '45-'46, English 4 years, History 3 years, Drafting 2 years, Science 2 years. S DOROTHY IEAN BOYANTON "Dot" Honor Society, T. 6: I. Club, Red Cross, Science Club, Speech Club, Glee Club, Reporter 9th grade Homeroom, Reporter of T. 6- l. Club, Cosmetology 2 years, His- tory 2 years, English 4 years, Speech 2 years, Glee Club 2 years. I AMES EDWARD BUSSELL "Ed" T. G I. Club '46-'48, Wrestling '46-'48, Foot- ball '47, Club '48, Glee Club '46, Art Club '45-'46, Letter in Wrestling, English 4 years, History 2 years, Drafting 3 years, Metal Shop Z years. DOROTHY BURRESS "Dot" Home Ec. Club, Vice-President 9th grade Homeroom, Red Cross Representative '46, English 4 years, Home Ec. 3 years, History 2 years, Glee Club 2 years. FLEMING LINDSEY CHILES, IR. "Sonny" "H" Club, Spanish Club, Sabre Club, Sec- ond Lieutenant ROTC, President llth grade Homeroom, President 12th grade Homeroom, President First Year Club ROTC, Lettered in Football '44-'47, Base- ball '45-'47, Basketball '44, Medal for Out- standing Cadet Private in ROTC. PAGE FOU RTEEN MARY ANN BLACK "Blackie" Glee Club 2 years, Home Ec. Club l year, Senior Girl Reserves l year, Home Nurs- ing Certificate, History 3 years, Speech 2 years, Typing 2 years. PEYTON BRANCH "Smiley" Band '46-'48, Dance Band '45-'47, Speech Club '48, Biology Club '47, President of Band '47, Sergeant ROTC, Band Letter. THELMA IOYCE BOGARD "Boggie" T. ci I. Club, Senior Y Teens, English 4 years, Cosmetology 2 years, History 3 years, Algebra 2 years. LONNIE GENE BURT "Dinky" T. G I. Club, Fifty Club, Biology Club, English 4 years, Drafting 3 years, Typing 2 years. MARY FELICIA BRADLEY "Fish" Spanish Club, Biology Club, English 4 years, Home Ec. 3 years, Science 2 years, Spanish Z years. HAROLD CANTOR Q "Cunner" Honor Society, Baseball"47-'48, Basketball '47, President lO-2 Homeroom, Sergeant in Color Guard '46-'47, Math 3 years, Drafting 3 years, Typing 2 years, Office Practice, English 4 years. DOROTHY LYNELL CANADAY "Dot" T. ci l. Club, Red Cross Representative, Biology Club, English 4 years, Cosmetol- ogy, Science, History 3 years, Typing 2 years. BILLY KEITH COLEMAN "Coleman" Honor Society, Key Club, Spanish Club, Bowling Team, First Year Club, Non-Com Club, Captain Bowling Team '46-'47, Eng- lish 4 years, Math, Drafting. PEARL CETNER "Brooklyn" Fifty Club, Student Government Repre- sentative, T. 6: I. Club, Home Ec. Club, English 4 years, History, Cosmetology, Typing, Office Practice, WILBERT GUY CRIPPIN. IR. "Crip" Key Club '47-'48, Bowling Team '45-'46, Basketball '46-'47, Swimming Team '45-'45, Art Club '44-'46, Non-Com Club, Spanish Club, 3rd Place Neatest Cadet Medal, Member of Best Drilled Company, Math 3 years, Spanish 2 years, Drafting 2 years, History 2112 years. CHRISTINE SIVEL COBLE "Chris" NFL, T. 61 I. Club, Biology Club, Dramatic Club, Secretary of Biology Club, Home- room Representative to Student Council, T. 5- I. Club Regional Contest, T. 6: l. State Contest, TILL, English 4 years, Cosmetol- OQY. GENE RICHARD DeMARCO "DeMcrrco" Honor Society '48, Member of Bowling Team '46-'47, Biology Club '45-'46, Perfect attendance llth Grade, English 4 years, Science 4 years, Math 3 years, Drafting 3 years. MARY ELIZABETH CROMWELL 'Libby" Glee Club, Senior Y Teens '46-'47, Home- making Club '44-'45, Perfect Attendance '44-'47, English 4 years, History 3 years, Typing 2 years, Shorthand 2 years, Book- keeping 2 years, Office Practice l year. ROY RUSSELL DURELL ' "Buck" Key Club '45-'48, Sabre Club, First Year Club, Speech Club, Key Club President. Sabre .Club Sergeant-at-Arms, Homeroom Treasurer llth and l2 grade, Speech Club Treasurer llth Grade, History 4 yearS, Math 2 years, Speech 2 years, ROTC 3 years. WKM3 DOROTHY JEAN CAVETT "Dot" English 4 years, History 3 years, Typing 2 years, Stenography 2 years, Algebra 2 years, Science 2 years, Office Practice l year. CLARENCE COX, IR. "Rocky" Club 5 years, Speech Club, Iunior Red Cross, Biology Club, President of Club '47, President of Speech Club, Cap- tain of Boxing Team '47, President of 9th and lUth Grade Homerooms, Sergeant-at- Arms History Class, Lettered in Football '47, City Prep Welterweight Champ '43-'47, Golden Gloves Champ '43-'45, '47-'48, Eng- lish 4 years, Algebra 2 years. BETTY ANN CLARK "Pete" Student Council Monitor, Senior Glee Club, Speech Club, Home Ec. Club, Treas- urer of Home Ec. Club, Homeroom Red Cross Representative, English 4 years, His- tory 4 years, Speech Z years, Typing 2 years. EARL HA U N HA tx-1 ryham N IR. ciet , Key Club, Sabre Club, President of tudent Cou , Lieutenant Colonel of T o-Cap a' of Football Team '47-4 V' - reside of "H" Club, Lettered in o W ' '47, Basketball E347-'48, Track , is ry 3 years, Math years ra inggifyeyrs !e Zqcears , D ft' ,fS,p,e ch . ,fe -' ' -------H' Z 27 . x,ff' MARY ANN COLEMAN "Mac" Girls' Bowling Team '46-'48, Student Coun- cil Monitor, Reporter of Biology Club, Eng- lish 4 years, History 4 years, Science Z years, Typing Z years, Math l year. LUBY IACK DOTY, IR. "Sleepy" Senior Football Z years, Iunior Football l year, Non-Com Club, President of 9th Grade Homeroom, Vice-President of lOtli Grade Homeroom, English 4 years, Draft- ing, Social Studies, Biology, Woodshop. THELMA IRENE CRONE "Teebe" Honor Society, Sabre Club, Cheerleader, Vice-President of Student Council '48, Co- Captain of Cheerleaders '48, Secretary of Iunior Red Cross, President of Biology Club '46, Humes "City Beautiful" Candi- date, Representative to SASG Convention at Corpus Christi, Texas, Carnival Queen '45, '46, '47, English 4 years, Science 3 years, Glee Club 4 years. PAGE FIFTEEN MELVIN FLEISCHER "Admiral Byrd" Football 2 years, NFL, Speech Club '44-'46, ROTC 2 years, Parliamentarian oi NFL '45-'46, English 4 years, Latin 2 years, HARRIETTE IOYCE CUTSINGER "Tillie" Honor Society '47-'48, Sabre Club '47, Stu- dent Council '4Z-'47, Red Cross '47-'48, Secretary-Treasurer of l2-l, Vice-President ol City-Wide Red Cross Council '47-'48, L. C. Humes Award '42-'45, SASG Conven- tion at Little Rock, Ark., '46, Red Cross Training Camp, '47, English, Math, His- tory, Glee ClubX, C 2 'lffwl R F . ,, l. . y , ,H f R friAcKl61.AN,l:Y- ,,lXr'ff "smiley" K x 1 W ar ' FOOlbGltl,.l2 ect, Basketball, '44-1485 Club, Biolo ub '4 2KSe geqlzlt-at-Arms ' 'f lBQlogy ub '47ff irst 'r Club '44, l -, C b I'45l,l'S eech ub '45, Ser- ' e nt- t-Ar Vlof l2- ,r Min .l Show '47, US ymee: nsgll orlt' 755748, E li, History, " pe, , clence. X .' ff l , ' I ,M ,,f BETTY LOUISE EVANS "Hotshot" Sabre Club '45-'46, Y Teens, Secretary 9th Grade Homeroom, Secretary -of llth Grade Homeroom, Honorary Lieutenant- Colonel in ROTC '46, Homeroom Queen of llth Grade Homeroom, History, Typing, Speech. TOMMY GWALTNEY "Tommy" Biology Club, First Year Club, Non-Corn Club, English, Science, History, Drafting. BETTY RUTH GEE "Bet" Biology Club, Home EC. Club, Senior Cheerleader, Senior Girl Reserves, Senior Glee Club, English 4 years, History 3 years, Home Ec. 2 years, Glee Club 2 years. RICHARD EUGENE HELBIG "Gene" Baseball '46-'48, Latin Club '45, Band Clin- ic '45, Treasurer of Band, Treasurer First Year Club, Math, English, Latin, Science, Band. PAGE SIXTEEN MELBA FERN CROW "Flor De" Honor Society '47-'48, National Homemak- ers oi America, Perfect Attendance six years, English, History, Home Economics, Art. GLENN FUQUA "Doc" Band Photographer, Speech Club, First Year Club ROTC, Non-Com Club ROTC, Letter in Band, English, Speech, Band, Art. LEONA DYCUS "Sis" Senior Y Teens, Red Cross, Glee Club, Biology Club, English 4 years, Home Ec. 3 years, Typing 2 years, History 2 years. ELVIN B. GLAZE "Preacher" 2,440 hours in Aircraft Engine Mechanics, English, History 2 years, Math l year. IOAN FREDERICKSON "Freddie" Distributive Education Club, Secretary oi Distributive Education Club, English 4 years, History 4 years, Math 2 years, Typ- ing 2 years, Home Ec. l year. WALTER DELMER HEDGE "Hedgy" Honor Society '47-'48, Fifty Club '47-'48, Band '44-'47, Hi-Y '44-'45, Sousa Club '44- '45, City-Wide Band '47, Vice-President of Fifty Club, Alt Boys' All-State, Math 4 years, Science 3 years, Band 3 years. ROSE MAE GOIN "Rosie" Senior Glee Club, Iunior Girl Reserves, Senior Y Teens, Student Council Monitor, Secretary Senior Y Teens, Math 2 years, Glee Club 3 years, English 4 years, Ste- nography 2 years. BERNARD HIRSH "Bernie" Biology Club, English 4 years, Radio 2 years, Drafting 2 years, Science 3 years, MABEL RUTH GRAVES "Little Bit" Perfect Attendance '46-'47, Typing 2 years, Science 3 years, English 4 years, Home Ec. l year, IACK S. HOLT "SParkey" T. 61 I. Club, English 4 years, Latin 2 years, Math 2 years, History 2 years, Met- al Shop. BERNIE IOAN HELSLEY "Bernie" Y Teens, Girl Reserves, Spanish Club, Red Cross Representative, Treasurer of Spanish Club, English 4 years, Math 2 years, Spanish 2 years, Band 2 years, Speech l year. HOWARD EDWARD IOHNSON "Birddog" "H" Club, First Year Club, Non-Com Club, Captain of Basketball Team '48, Sergeant- at-Arms of "H" Club, Lettered in Football '46 and '47, Basketball '45, '46, '47 and '48, English 4 years, History 3 years. MARY LEE HOLCOMB I "Lee" Came to Humes from Bartlett in '46, Glee Club, Distributive Education, Reporter of Distributive Education, English 4 years, Glee Club 3 years. FORREST R. IONES "Sonny" Cheerleader, Rifle Team '46-'48, Sabre Club, Captain of ROTC, Captain of '47- '48 Ritle Team, Vice-President oi Sabre Club, Rifle Team Letter, Cheerleader Let- ter, English 4 years, Science 3 years, Mu- sic 3 years. H .W AS the BARBARA ANNE GOINGS "Baba" Senior Y Teens '46-48, Honor Society '47- 48, Sabre Club '46-'47, Secretary of Stu- dent Council '47-'48, Senior Class Enter- tainment Committee, President of Senior Y Teens '47-'48, L. C. Humes Award '46- '47, Representative to S. A. S. G. in Cor- pus Christi, Texas, Danforth Award, Eng- lish 4 years. IACK D. HOLT "Bud" Sabre Club, Fifty Club, Non-Com Club, First Year Club, Captain in ROTC '47-'48, English 4 years, History 4 years, Science 3 years, ROTC 3 years. SALLY BARBARA GRAY "Nook" T. 61 I. Club, Y Teens, Future Homemakers of America, Glee Club, Reporter of T. dt I. Club, President of 9th Grade Homeroom, Red Cross Representative, Student Gov- ernment Representative, Cosmetology 2 years, Glee Club 3 years. FLOYD V. IOHNSON, IR. "Buddy" T. G I. Club, Sabre Club, Reporter of 9th Grade Homeroom, English 4 years, History 3 years, Art 3 years, Woodshop 2 years. AGNES HENDREN "Babe" Girl Reserves '44-'45, Student Council Rep- resentative '47-'48, English 4 years, Histo- ry 2 years, Shorthand 2 years, Typing 2 years. HARRY IONES "Sonny" Football 3 years, Track 2 years, Thespians Letter in Football, President of Thespians English, History, Drafting, Speech, I I THELMA LORRAINE IACKSON "Iackson" Y Teens '47-'48, Honor Society '48, Eng- lish 4 years, Math 4 years. PAGE SEVENTEEN IOHN FITZGERALD KELLY "lack" Honor Society, Key Club, Spanish Club, Student Council, Red Cross, Vice-Presi- dent of Honor Society, Vice-President of Red Cross, President Spanish Club, Treas- urer of ll-6, President of Homeroom '43, '44, '45, Delegate to Volunteer Boys' State '47, English, Math, History, Language. DONNA LOUISE IOHNSON "Io" Senior Girl Reserves, Home Ec. Club, Re- porter of 9th Grade Homeroom '44-'45, Re- porter of 9th Grade Certification Class '44- '45, Secretary of 12-2 '48, English, Typing, Stenography, Bookkeeping. WILLIAM LAWRENCE KITCHENS "Billy" Honor Society, Key Club, Sabre Club, President of Honor Society '47-'48, Presi- dent of American History Class '48, Presi- dent of Speech Class '48, English, Math. IOANN IONES "Io" Red Cross Representative '46-'48, Senior Y Teens '45-'48, Home Ec, Club '46-'48, Student Council '45-'46, Secretary of lUth Grade Homeroom, Reporter of l2th Grade Homeroom, Officer of Home Economics Club, Secretary of llth Grade Homeroom, English, History, Typing, Glee Club. GEORGE KUSS "Kussword" Senior Cheerleader '48, Non-Com Club '47, Biology Club '46, Staff Sergeant in ROTC Color Guard '47, Treasurer of Non- Com Club '47, English, Art, Science. FRANCES CORINNE KEITH "Frankie" Sabre Club, Student Government, Glee Club City-Wide '45-'48, English, History, Glee Club, Bookkeeping. ISRAEL SAMMY LAZEROV "Luz" Key Club '47-'48, Spanish Club '45-46, First Year Club '45-'46, Non-Com Club '46- '47, Student Government, Red Cross, Vice- President of Homeroom '43-'45, President of Boys' Cooking Club '48, Winner of Safe- ty Essay Contest '47, English, History, Drafting. PAGE EIGHTEEN GLORIA 1oYcE mconus -1. 15' Honor Society '47-'48, Sabre Club '47-'48, Fifty Club '46-'48, Biology Club '46, Secre- tary of Sabre Club '47, Secretary of Biol- OQY Club '46, Secretary of Fifth Period History Class '48, Honorary Cadet First Lieutenant in ROTC '48, English, Science, Typing, Shorthand. ROBERT A. KINKLE "Bob" Honor Society '48, "H" Club, Rifle Team, Sabre Club, Senior Cheerleader '48, Pres- ldent First Year Club, President Non-Com Club, Vice-President of Freshman Class President of Homeroom '45, '46, '48, Vice: Pfesldenl KSY Club, Outstanding Second gteDarrCCadet ROTC '46-'47, Cadet Major of EVA EUGENE IONES --Mes," Sepior girl Regeriiei '45, Distributive Edu- ca ion ass, n ' , G1 C1 b T ' Bookkeeping. g ls ee U ' ypmg' HUMPHREY KORTHECHT "Hump" BQOIOQY Club '46, Shop, English, Science, History. IRENE xA'rsoUr.1s "Km" Honor Society, Office Assistant, Latin Club, 'Student Council, Girls' Bowling Team 46, Y Teens, English, History, Math Latin, Music. ' IACK LAMPLEY "Punchy" Club, First Year Club, Non-Com Club, City Boxing Champion '46, Boxing 2 years, Baseball 2 years, English, History, Typing, Drafting. MARY EDNA KING "Queens," Home Ec. Club '46-'47, Student Govern- ment Monitor '46-'47, English, History, Sci- ence, Home Ec. HOMER DEE LONG "Dee" Band '43-'45, Biology Club '48, First Year Club, English, History, Shop, Drafting. DOROTHY IEAN LaVELLE "Dot" Honor Society '47-'48, Spanish Club '47- '48, Speech Club '47-'48, Treasurer of Honor Society '47-'48, President of Spanish Club '47, English, Math, Science, Languages. IAMES W. MACK "Rogue" Reporter of Senior Class '48, Reporter of 9th Grade Certification Class, Speaker at Certification Exercises, Latin Club, Non- Com Club, First Year Club, Vice-President of History Class, Rifle Team Letter, Eng- lish, Math, Latin, Drafting. IANET GERTRUDE LEWIS "Ginger" Senior Y Teens, Home Ec. Club, Speech Club, Red Cross Chairman '45-'47, Biology Club, llth Grade Homeroom Treasurer, Treasurer in Bookkeeping, Treasurer of Commercial Law Class, English, Home Ec., Bookkeeping, Speech. ROY EUGENE MADDOX "Gene" Student Council '44-'47, Spanish Club '46- '48, Reporter of 9th Grade Homeroom, Math, Speech, Spanish, History. GEORGEANNE LOWE "Ann" T. G I. Club, Speech Club, Biology Club, English, Cosmetology, Speech, History. WILLIAM ROY MARBUT, IR. "Dempsey" Glee Club, First Year Club, Non-Com Club, Sabre Club, Second Lieutenant in ROTC, Treasurer of Boys' Cooking Club, Second Lieutenant Award, English, His- tory, Drafting, Glee Club. MARY WILLIE LAMBETH "Willie" ROTC Sponsor '46-'48, Treasurer ot 9th Grade Homeroom, Red Cross Representa- tive 2 years, Y Teens, English, Math, His- tory, Commercial Course. SIDNEY LOSKOVITZ "Lesko" Non-Com Club, First Year Club, Biology Club, Speech Club, Treasurer of Senior Class '48, President of Biology Club '46, Treasurer of Speech Class '48, English, History ,Science, Algebra. ROSLYN LEEVINE "Ros'e" Fifty Club '47-'48, Sabre Club '46, Home Ec. '45, Y Teens '45-'48, Student Council Representative '46, Honorary Cadet Cap- tain in ROTC '46, English, History, Short- hand, Typing. GEORGE WILLIAM MADDOX "Duck" T. CS I. Club, Treasurer of T. 51 I. Club, English, Shop, Art, History. IEANETTE LIVINGSTON "Ian" Y Teens '46-'48, Student Council Repre- sentative '45-'48, Home Ec. Club '44, Treas- urer of Y Teen City Inter-Club Council '48, English, History, Typing, Stenography. EDDIE MANKER "Lefty" T. G I. Club, First Year Club, Non-Com Club, Red Cross Representative '45-'48, English, Math, Biology, Drafting. SOPHIE MAKRIS "Soi" Honor Society '47-'48, Latin Club '44-'45, Biology Forum '44-'45, Y Teens '47-'48, Sec- ond Place Latin Toumament Award, Al- gebra, English, Science, Latin. PAGE NINETEEN BILL MARTIN "Teddy Bear" Club, Senior Class Entertainment Committee, Football 5 years, Basketball 2 years, Wrestling l year, Track l year, Non-Com Club, First Year Club, President of 12-3, President of Speech Class, All- Memphis Iunior Football, Honorable Men- tion Senior Football All-Memphis, English, Drafting, Speech, Science. IRENE ELIZABETH MARTIN "Rosebud" Herald Staff '47-'48, Honor Society '47-'48, Y Teens, Spanish Club, Co-Editor of Her- ald '48, Secretary of History Class, Social Committee of 12-l, Candidate for the Pep- si-Cola Scholarship, English, Math, Sci- ence, Foreign Languages. ELEENE MCCOY "Chick" Home Ec. Club, Iunior Y Teens, Distribu- tive Education Club '48, Glee Club '48, English, History, Bookkeeping, Home Ec. RUSSELL E. MCGROOM "Dick" Biology Club, First Year Club, Non-Prim Club, Distributive Education Club, Presi- dent of ll-l, President of Distributive Edu- cation Class, Math, English, Science, -'md Drafting. ABE DEWEY MIMS. IR. "Dick" T. 61 I. Club '45-'48, Vice-President of West Tennessee T. G l. Club, Sergeant-at-Arms of T. G I. Club, English, Drafting, Shop, Band. BETTY IEAN McFARLAND "Mac" Honor Society '47-'48, Fifty Club '45-'46, Senior Y Teens, Latin Club, Girls' Vice- President of 12-3, Red Cross Representa- tive, Speaker at Iunior Graduation, Eng- lish 4 years, Bookkeeping 2 years, Typing 2 years, Senior Band 3 years, Glee Club 3 years. IAMES R. MOORE "Iimmy" Non-Com Club, Biology Club, First Year Club, English 4 years, Science 4 years, History 2 years. PAGE TWENTY M . .. . . .7 X . I J no X3 id? fy ,g-g-:Zu 3 ' 'X 4-, ' is ,A y ,, H u 1 ., ...J 4 ' ' ,. f 3 ' E IANET MARTIN "Mickey" Senior Y Teens, Home EC. Club, English 4 years, Shorthand 2 years, Bookkeeping 2 years, Office Practice l year . PATRICK LEWIS MAY "PQI" First Year Club, Non-Com Club, Boys' Cooking Club, Secretary of Boys' Cooking Club, Sergeant-at-Arms of Non-Com Club, H Club, Lettered in Football '47, Man- ager of Boxing Team '45, English 4 years Math 3 years. ' I0 ANN MAY --I,,,,o-- Senior Glee Club, Senior Y Teens, Lunch ROO111 Worker, English 4 years, History 3 YSGTSI TYp1ng 2 years. WILLIAM 1-II-:NIIY MILLER "amy" Non-Com Club, First Year Club, Boys' Vice-President of Senior Class, President of 9th and l0th Grade Homeroom, Ser- geant-at-Arms of 12-3, 2 ye-Q1-S Fggtbqll '44-'46, Science 2 years, History 3 years Speech 2 years. ' GWYNETTE McDONALD "Gwyn" T. G I. Club, English, History, Cosmetol- ogy, Home Ec., Typing. MAURICE STANLEY MINER "Moe" Red Cross Representative '42-'44, Student Government Representative '44-'45, Or- ange Ticket Convention '45, Gym Instruc- tor '47-'48, English 4 years, History 4 years. ELEANOR IEAN MERCER "E. I." Home Ec. Club, Sabre Club, Honorary Second Lieutenant, Social Chairman for Sabre Club, Secretary of 6th Period Speech Club, English 4 years, Home Ec., Glee Club, Speech. IOE PRESLEY MOORE "Bud" Biology Club '47, Treasurer of Biology Club First Period. BETTY IO MOORE "B IO" Sabre Club '47-'48, Honorary Cadet Sec- ond Lieutenant, Home Ec. Club '46-'47, Glee Club '44-'48, Girl Reserves '44-'48, Treasurer of Sabre Club, English, Math, History, Typing. LOUIS W. NODD "CurlY" Senior Band '44-'48, Dance Band '46, ROTC Band '46, President of Senior Band '48, Senior Band Letter, English, History, Book- keeping, Commercial Law. CARROLL MURRELL "Allowishes" Home Ec. Club, Y Teens, Glee Club, Bi- ology Club, Sabre Club, Fifty Club, Treas- urer Biology Club, Honorary Cadet First Lieutenant in ROTC, English, History, Shorthand, Typing. ABBY DELL OATES. "Bud" T. G I. Club '45-'48, First Year Club '47, Non-Com Club '48, English, Drafting, Met- al Shop. BETTYE PEARSON "Bet" T G I. Club '45-'47, lunior Y Teens '45, Senior Y Teens '46, Home Ec. Club '45-'48, English, History, Cosmetology, Home Ec. FRANK P. PAULLUS "Paul" Sabre Club, Second Lieutenant ROTC, English, Drafting, History, Science. F ff I ' 1 , , ,QM . T , tw . . g, Ml, .. S, . .. -.-:.-:rg ..:ss:e-wit. -X ie 3 N' ee. .. ,f 3. P- jg ' Q ----- tyre? affszz. ' 122 'Wgww 'hx A vm 'gt L Y! Q gs, 5 fist -ff X A f K ' X 1 1' rr... . f ......,.....: -7... X ft at ' X . . .mx i '16 :X -...S , Q ar -vx 5' 1 35 ggfmi ,sg CHRISTINE MARIE MILLS "Teenie" Y Teens '47-'48, Student Government '45- '48, Red Cross, Home Ec. Club, Treasurer of Y Teens, English, History, Stenography, Typing. ' IOYCE RANDOLPH MORROW "Bird" National Forensic League, Biology Club, First Year Club, President of Speech Club '47, English, History, Science, Drafting. SHIRLEY IOY MOSELEY "Fat" Sabre Club, NFL, Y Teens, Vice-President of Senior Class, Honorary Lieutenant-Col- onel in ROTC, Vice-President of the Thes- pians, Treasurer of 12-3, Vice-President of ll-l, Reporter 10-2, Parliamentarian of Home Ec. Club, Award for Best Dramatics '45-'46, Math, English, Science. RUSSELL CLARENCE NODD. IR. "Iunior" Key Club '47-'48, Sabre Club '46-'48, Speech Club '48, ROTC Band Captain '47- '48, First Lieutenant in ROTC '46-'47, Boys' Vice-President l2-3, Officer in Senior Band '46-'48, Military Efficiency '46, Band Letter '46-'48, Band, English, History. MERRY IEAN NEWTON "Corky" T. G I. Club, Sabre Club, Red Cross Rep- resentative in 9th Grade, Representative for White Convention 10th Grade, Home- room Queen 10th Grade C2nd Place Win- nerl, English, History, Cosmetology, and Speech. ROBERT L. PARKER "Bob" Honor Society '48, Humes High Dance Or- chestra '47-'48, Motion Picture Operator '45-'47, All-City Band '46-'47, Science, Band, Algebra. CAMILLE THELMA PERRY "Mille" Honor Society '47-'48, Senior Y Teens, F. H. A. Club '44-'48, Biology Club '45-'46, Reporter in F. H. A. Club '45-'46, Home Ec., Typing, English, Shorthand, Science, History. PAGE TWENTY-ONE I ,, fs ' .2 , 6 9 ," ,if ,f"'s T . X . i exit-I5 I ,.., THOMAS EDWARD PEQBY "Tommy" ..., . T. 61 I. Club, ElgliQ,6'Drafting, Metal Shop. u lf' ' ' 1' ' '...-f' ' HELEN POULOS "Dutch" Fifty Club, Home Ec. Club, Iunior and Senior Y Teens, Herald Staff, Vice-Presi- dent of Senior Y Teens '47-'48, Secretary of Home Ec. Club, English, Shorthand, Typing, Glee Club. ANCYLE EUGENE RABURN "Red" First Year Club, Art Club, History, Art, Glee Club, English. CAROLYN PAULINE REITZ "Slinky" Sabre Club '45-'48, Fifty Club, Y Teens, Secretary of l2-3 Homeroom, Sponsor 3 years, Speech Secretary, Popularity Queen l0th Grade, Latin, Algebra, Speech, His- tory, English. IULIAN RAYMOND ROSS "Shortie" Band, Letter in Band, English, Bookkeep- ing, Typing, History. BERNADINE RHODES "Decmie" Honor Society '48, F. H. A. '46-'47, Fifty Club '46-'47, Perfect Attendance 4 years, Home Ec., Latin, Typing, History, Art. HENRY L. SCWARTZ "Butch" T. 61 I. Club, Art, History, English, Metal Shop, . PAGE TWENTY-TWO DOLORES IEAN PICKARD "Diiip" Senior Y Teens, Home Ec. Club, Science Forum, Reporter Science Forum, Cheer- leader in 9th Grade lMillingtonl, Science, English, Math, Latin, Home Ec. DALTON HAROLD PIERCEY "Hal" Sabre Club '47-'48, T. 61 I. Club '45-'46, Non-Com Club '46-'47, Herald Staff '47- '48, First Lieutenant ROTC '47-'48, Eng- lish, Mechanical Drawing. GRACE LEE RAGSDALE "Clem" Honor Society '48, T. G I. Club '47-'48, N. F. L. '46-'48, Dramatic Club '46 fTread- welll, Classical Chain Club '45-'46 fTread- welll, Classical Chain Award '45 KTread- welll, Delegate T. 61 l. Convention '47, English, Math, Latin. CHARLES REYLE "Charlie" Charter Member of Key Club '45-'48, Biol- ogy Club '45-'46, First Year Club '45-'46, Color Guard '46-'47, Secretary Key Club '47-'48, Sergeant-at-Arms of First Year Club '45-'46, Math, Science, English, Draft- ing. MAvxs RHEA 9 "sis" English, History, Bookkeeping, Typing. FRANK L. RUSSELL "Russ" T. 61 I. Club, N. F. L. Club, Speech Club, Biology Club, English, Speech, History, Shop, Drafting. VIVIAN RUSSELL "Viv" Home Ec. Club, Senior Y Teens, Speech Club '47, Glee Club, President of Second Period Home Ec. Class, English, Typing, History, Speech, Glee Club, Math. DONALD E. SHARP "E-Flat" Sabre Club, Non-Com Club, Biology Club, First Year Club, Second Lieutenant of ROTC, Band, English, Science, History, ROTC. IUDITH BESS SAUL "Indy" Herald Staff, Honor Society '48, Student Council, V. F. W. City Essay Contest '47, Vice-President of Nat'l Forensic League, Student Government Monitor, Pepsi-Cola Scholarship Finalist, University of Chicago Scholarship '47, Southern Speech Ass'n Tournament and Congress '47, Winner of full year scholarship to Washington Uni- versity, First Place in City Civitan Essay Contest, Social Studies, Math, Speech, Latin. WILLIAM GUY SMITH "Billy" T. 61 I. Club '44-'46, First Year Club, Non- Com. Club, President of T. 61 I. Club '45- '46, Member of Football Squad, English, Metal Shop, Art. GLORIA QUAY SINGLETON "Tubby" Senior Y Teens, Glee Club, Senior Red Cross Representative, English, Bookkeep- ing, Typing, History. GEORGE STANLEY "Southpaw" "H" Club, Speech Club, Non-Com Club, First Year Club, Baseball, Football, All- Memphis Baseball '47, English, History, Drafting, Speech. MARY ANN SOWELL "Littlebit" English, History, Shorthand, Typing, Book- keeping, Office Practice. IOI-IN IOSEPH STRAUSER "Sonny Boy" Sabre Club '47-'48, Rifle Team '46-'48, Ri- fle Team Letter, IZ-4 Vice-President, His- tory, English, Shop. BERNICE SAPERSTEIN "Bunny" Herald Staff '46-'48, Honor Society '48, Student Government Representative '46- 48, Delegate to White Convention '47, Co- Editor of Herald '47-'48, Delegate to Stu- dent Government Convention at Little Rock '46, Monitor '45-'47, Senior Y Teens, Spanish Club, Biology Club, English. HERBERT LAMAR SMITH "Herb" Football, Art, History, Science. IEAN ELIZABETH SHORT "Chenie" Y Teens '47-'48, Glee Club '47-'48, Student Council Representative, English, Short- hand, Typing, Bookkeeping. WILLIAM IAMES SMITH "Spider" History Club, Glee Club, Art Club, Non- Com Club, First Year Club, Sergeant in ICEOTC, English, History, Drafting, Glee lub. ROSE ELEANOR SLAUGHTER "Rosie" National Forensic League '45-'48, Student Government '44-'48, Senior Y Teens '48, Secretary of Certification Class, Recording Secretary of Senior Class, President of 9-6, Vice-President of ll-6, Secretary of I2-4, English, History, Spanish, Math. ROGER STANLEY "Iunior" History Club, Biology Club, English, Sci- ence, Art, History. ALICE LAWANDA STEWART "Wanda" T. :S I. Club, Home Economics Club '48, Vice-President of T. 6. I. Club 48, Vice- President of Home Ec. Club '48, English, Cosmetology, Home Ec., History. PAGE TWENTY-THREE V ,,, DURELL SUBER "Bug" Club, Key Club '48, ROTC First Year Club '46, Non-Com Club '47, All-District Basketball 9th Grade, Lettered in Basket- ball '46-'48, English, History, Math, Draft- ing. CONNIE MAXINE STREET "Max" Spanish Club, Senior Y Teens, American History Club, English, Math, Science, His- tory. IAMES WALTER TOMLINSON "Walter" First Year Club, Non-Com Club, T. 6 I. Club, English, History, Math. I O ANN STUBBLEFIELD "Stub" Fifty Club '48, Y Teens '45-'48, Home Ec. Club '45-'48, Student Council '46-'47, Vice- President of Home Room llth Grade, Vice- President of Home Ec. Club '47-'48, Secre- tary of Speech Club '48, English, History, Typing, Home Economics. BENJAMIN WAGERMAN "Ben" First Year Club, Non-Com Club, Biology Club, History Club, Art Club, Speech Club, Sergeant-at-Arms of Art Club, Cer- tificate of Proficiency in ROTC, Non-Com Award, English, History, Science, Art. IRENE TOULIATOS "Touli" Y Teens, Latin Club, Biology Club, Cham- pion Girls' Basketball Team, English, Sci- ence, History, Latin. EDWARD H. WILLIAMS "Ed" First Year Club '46, Sabre Club '46-'48, Art Club, Secretary of First Year Club '46, Neatest Cadet Medal, Member of Iim Quinn Platoon, Lettered in Boxing '47-'48, Wrestling Letter '46-'48, Football Letter '47- '48, English, Drafting, Art. PAGE TWENTY-FOUR FANNIE MAE STEWART "Fan" Honor Society, Y Teens, Fifty Club, Thes- pian Club, President of llth Grade Home- room, Treasurer of 12th Grade Homeroom, Treasurer of Thespians, English, History, Bookkeeping, Shorthand. IAMES HARVEY TERRY "Buddie" First Band '44-'48, Biology Club '45, ROTC Band, Dance Band '45-'47, Sergeant in ROTC, Business Manager of Band '48, Band Letter, English, Science, Band, His- tory. ROSELYN STRONG "Minnie" Honor Society, Secretary Sabre Club, Cheerleader, Co-Captain of Cheerleaders '48, Red Cross, Latin Club, Y Teens, Home- Room Officer 2 years, Officer of Iunior Red Cross, English. LOUIS IOSEPH TURRI "Lou" Football '47, Boxing '46, English, Math, History, Drafting. SARAH KATHRYN TANNER "Kat" National Honor Society, Science Forum, Future Homemakers' Club, Spanish Club, Art Club, Senior Red Cross Representa- tive, Vice-President of Future Homemak- ers, English, ELI WEIL l'Gizmo" Key Club '46-'48, NFL '47-'48, Herald Staff '43-'48, Student Government 3 years, Red Cross 3 years, History Club '48, Speech Club '47-'48, Latin Club '47, Biology Club '46, Sports Editor of Herald '48, President of Latin Club '47, Secretary of Caesar Club '46, Vice-President of Biology Club '46, Reporter of National Forensic League '47, Reporter of Red Cross '46, Winner of "Safety" Essay Contest from Memphis, Represented Humes in Interscholastic De- bate, English. BETTYE IO TUCKER "Tucker '48" Honor Society, Captain of Girls' Bowling Team '46-'48, President of I2-4, Vice-Pres- ident of Senior Y Teens, Corresponding Secretary of Senior Class, Secretary- Treasurer of Selected Glee Club. IAMES E. WILLIAMS "I. E." Bookkeeping, Science, Typing, History. IUANITA MARIE WARDEN 'lTootsie" Student Government Monitor, Glee Club, Iunior Girl Reserves, Home Ec. Club, Art Club, Secretary of Fifth Period Global Geography Class, Bookkeeping, Home Ec., Glee Club, English, History. HAL GENE WINFIELD "Sonny" Track Letter at Tech, West Tennessee Track Meet '46-'47, Vice-President of llth Grade Homeroom at Tech, English, His- tory, Science. BETTY IEAN WESBRO OK "Betts" Senior Y Teens '47-'48, Glee Club '46-'48, Home Ec, Club '46-'47, English, Horne Ec., Glee Club, Gym. ERNEST CLIFTON WRIGHT "Percy" Art Club, Artist for Band, Student Gov- ernment Representative, Male Beauty Winner for 10th and llth Grade Band, History, Art, Speech. BETTY CATHERINE WHITE "Cathy" Came from Little Rock Senior High School, Girls' Council, Stamp Club, Teen-Age Book Club, lunior Red Cross, President of 9th Grade Homeroom, Secretary of lUth and llth Grade Homeroom, English, His- tory, Home Ec. VERNA VIRGINIA WILLIAMS "V. V." Honor Society '47-'48, N. F. L., Caesar Club, Spanish Club, Y Teens, Office Staff, Candidate for Pepsi-Cola Scholarship, En- glish, Foreign Languages, Science, Math. S CAROL SYBIL WALKER "Ceo Ceo" Student Government Monitor, Senior Y Teens, Home Ec. Club, Future Home Mak- ers of America, N. F. L., English, Home Ec., History, Speech. PHILIP ARLEN WILSON "Phil" Sabre Club '47-'48, Non Com Club '46-'47, English, Drafting, History. BURTINA IUNE WARREN "Tina" Sabre Club '45-'46, Senior Y Teens '47- '48, Home Ec. Club, Scholarship at Art Academy, English, History, Speech. ARCI-IIE M. WOOD "Little Archie" T. 6 I. Club, First Year Club, Non-Com Club, Sabre Club, First Lieutenant in ROTC, English, Drafting. ALMEDA FERN WHITE "Medan T. 61 I. Club, Home Ec. Club, lunior and Senior Y Teens, English, Cosmetology, Home Ec., History. STANLEY ZELLNER "Sleepy" First Year Club, Non-Com Club, Sabre Club, N. F. L., Speech Club, Boxing Team '47, President of Iunior Red Cross, Captain in ROTC '47-'48, Vice-President of Speech Club, Master of Ceremonies of Male Beau- ty Show '47, Winner in "So You Want to Be An Announcer" Contest, Delegate to Speech Tournament in "Baton Rouge," Delegate to T. I. L. L., History, English, Speech, Band. IEAN WINTER "Eskimo" Home Ec. Club, N. F. L., Senior Y Teens, Red Cross Representative, Vice-President of Iunior Y Teens '44-'45, History, English, Speech, Home Ec. PAGE TWENTY-FIVE EGF' ,,,v V ' V44 4444 v-,v 4 444444444 4 4444444 AAAAAAAAA4AAAAA 4 4 444 AAAAAAVAALAAAAAAIE ' 3 ' 4 ' 4 4 4 4 1 I E 4 f' I' I , I ' rr- W 4 X I x 1 Q r X Q ' 3 4 4 ' 4 ' 4 I 4 ' 3 4 4 , 4 I 4 4 4 9 4 V ' 3 , 4 r 4 r 4 v 4 v 4 v 4 v v 4 v 4 0 4 r v 4 v 4 r 4 v r 4 v v 4 v 4 v 4 v v 4 v v 4 v 4 1 ' 4 4 4 4 Q 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 1 4 4 1 1 4 4 4 4 , I 9 4 9 r 4 E W E ' W ' W I 3 4 DU MONT IONES ,,,,,,A,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, E ditor of the Shrine Broadcaster 5 4 . , U 4 S GILBERTA DOWDA ,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,, A ssociate Editor ot the Shrine Broadcaster E ' E 5 BETTY IEAN BOWEN .........,...........,a.r,,...,..,aY..a.......,.......aY,...,,....,.... .,.aa.r..7,....wYVVaaVV E I President of the Girls Club and Associate Editor of the Shrine Broadcaster 3 3 4 4 W ' 5 S 4 4 E ' W ' E 4 W S 3 Ev' .vvvpgvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvgpvvgg PAGE TW ENTY-SIX v LA ST III ILL ana! ' ES'l'AMEN'l' By IRENE MARTIN, BERNICE SAPERSTEIN and ELI WEIL E, THE SENIOR CLASS of Humes High School, City of Memphis, County of Shelby, State of Tennessee, United States of America, Continent of America, Planet Earth, in the year of Our Lord one thousand nine hundred forty-eight, being of sound mind UD and body do here- by revoke all former wills made by us, and do hereby declare this to be our last will and testament, which becomes effective at the stroke of twelve midnight, Iune 3, 1948. Article I. To our principal, Dr. D. M. Hilliard, we leave a private filling station, so that the station wagon, like the Boy Scouts, will always "be pre- pared." Article II. To Miss Eleanor Richmond we leave a pair of X-Ray glasses, so that she will know exactly who is ill and who isn't. Article III. To Miss Annie Mae Prescott we leave our heartfelt gratitude for the hours she spent laboring over the Senior Class of '48, Article IV. To Miss Iennie Allensworth we leave the hope that some day in the near future the I-Ierald will have a complete sellout. Article V. To Mr. C. C. jones we leave all the ab- sentees of next year's Senior Class, hoping that he will find them as easily as he did us. Article VI. To Miss Mildred Scrivener we leave hap- py visions of Andrew jackson and Teddy Roosevelt, Article VII. To Miss Margaret Thompson we leave a Senior Homeroom next year that will be happy to have a party at Overton Park. Article VIII. The individual members of the Senior Class Wish to distribute their following possessions to their successors, in the following manner: Our handsome president, Kenneth Benderman, be- queaths his beauty to be divided equally among the male members of the Iunior Class. Billy Miller, the Boys' Vice-President, leaves his abil- ity to be a lady-killer to Bobby Lamberth, to add to his list of abilities. Girls' Vice-President, Shirley Moseley, leaves her school girl figure to anyone who thinks she can equal it. Recording Secretary, Eleanor Slaughter, bestows upon "Sis" Bargiacchi her popularity, providing she keeps it in the good way Eleanor has done. Someone who is brave enough to hold it falls heir to Betty Io. Tucker's pert attitude. Sidney Loskovitz, the Class Treasurer, leaves his walk to Iimmy Yopp, providing she can master it as well as he has. Reporter lim Mack leaves his way with the office to that courageous soul, David Clark. Irene Martin and Bernice Saperstein give their habit of yelling down the hall at each other to Pat Morrison and Virginia Lee Sammons, who have had quite a bit of practice in it. jack Doty leaves his ability to sleep in ROTC to Paul Mathis in hope that Paul can have a gay time at night, too. Eli Weil leaves his wonder at what to leave in the annual to anyone else who doesn't have anything to leave. Verna Williams leaves her tardiness to anyone who tqhigks he would enjoy hearing the devotional in the a . jimmy Henderson and Iohn Davis are left Donald Sharp's drumming talent so that they won't have to be amateurs forever. Forrest jones bestows his knack of climbing and decorating goal posts to next year's Senior Cheer- leaders. Donna johnson leaves her seat in Mr. jones' room to anyone broad enough to fill it. Roy Durell leaves the Key Club to the next president hoping that he can do better. Irene Katsoulis and Sophie Makris leave their his- tory notes to anyone who can decode them. Hal Winfield leaves his father to torture future sci- ence students. Carolyn Reitz leaves her many efforts to snag Mel- ton Bertrand to others with much the same idea. Clarence Cox gives his ability to box to jerry Byars hoping that jerry will never meet Richard Serratt. Sidney Kaufman falls heir to Benjamin Wagerman's gift of gab. john Strauser wishes to take everything with him, especially Betty. Mary Bradley, Virginia Adams, Mavis Rhea, and Mary King leave their gossiping to Mary Ann Lundy and Beulah Durling. Carroll Murrell would like to leave her sweet man- ners and pleasing personality to Peggy Richardson to add to that she already has. Maurice Miner and Bettye Pearson give their ability to skip seventh period to anyone else who can do it as successfully as they have. Gloria Singleton leaves her last hope of making an "A" in American History to Betty Kile. Billy Smith and Lucille Blaydes Want to leave their lovable ways to anyone who thinks he can get by with what they have. Camille Perry, Betty Ann Clark, and Betty Io Moore bequeath their giggles to anyone who thinks he can accomplish such an amazing feat. Maurice Brandon leaves his place in the Senior Class, whatever it is, to the fellow who thinks he can handle it. A. D. Mims leaves the T. CS I. Club to the girls in cos- metology. Mary Elizabeth Cromwell gives her shy and bashful ways to Ioy Meyers, who might find a use for them. Roger Stanley wills his parking space north of the building to "Buddy" Barber. Durell Suber bequeaths his "red" hair to anyone brave enough to stand up under it. Grace Ragsdale and Christine Coble will their abil- ity to argue, pull jokes, and be everyone's friend, to Elaine Hilton and Edna Hines. Betty Iane Allen leaves her place in the trio of Beu- lah, Peggy, and Betty to Ioan Blancett. jean Winter leaves to Ioyce Scott her silly spells in Mr. Iones' seventh period Bookkeeping Class, as if she needs it. PAGE TWENTY -SEVEN Carol Walker leaves her ability to talk when not Wanted to Mildred Mathews. Wilbert Crippin would like to leave some weight to all the skinny girls of next year's Senior Class. Betty Ruth Gee leaves the "A" she made in seventh period study hall to Iune Wolfe-who will need it. Sally Gray, Thelma Crone, and Betty Evans be- queath their hope chests to Betty Wadell and Anne Tanner. Harold Cantor wills his seat in the Honor Study Hall to someone who can keep it hotter than he did. Dempsey Marbut leaves his place in Home Ec. to any other male who likes to cook. Melvin Fleischer confers his place on the football team to anyone who can make "All-Memphis" in one play. Earl Cunningham wills to the future Student Coun- cil President a calendar of the year's events so that he may know before hand when an auditorium is go- ing to be held. Thelma Bogard, Thelma Iackson, and Iuanita War- dent wish to .leave their ability to carry on a conver- sation without mentioning the subject to any other trio who can talk continuously and never listen. Vivian Russell grants her ability to cook delicious food to anyone who can eat her own cooking and swear it is good. George Stanley bestows his wonderful pitching arm on Iarnes Brackeen. Peyton Branch, Alex Alexander, Eugene Bollinger, and Russell Nodd, the world's four greatest trombo- nists, leave the first four chairs of the Senior band's trombone section to the world's next four greatest trombonists. Henry Schwartz, Frank Russell, and Thomas Perry bequeath their nack for loafing to Iimmy Smith in hope that it will bring him as much happiness as it has brought them. Ann Allnut, the last of the nuts, bestows her speed ability in shorthand to anyone who thinks he can keep up with her. Little Mickey Martin would like to leave, not her height, but her sweetness of nature,-to Ann Kelly. Charles Reyle lost everything and therefore he hasn't anything to leave. Ianet Lewis confers upon Betty Ann Shine a locker to clutter up all by herself. Dorothy Burress wills her peroxide hair to Barbara Sutton or anyone else who can afford peroxide and ammonia. Ann Smith falls heir to Ioann Iones' love troubles although Ann has almost as many now. Sammy Lazerov and Iack Kelly leave' their Damon and Pythias friendship to Damon and Pythias. lo Ann Stubblefield bequeaths her ability to "go steady" to Betty Lou Tracy. Bill Matirn bestows his art of bumming to Alex Les- lie. He was left this art last year by Wallace Cowan and hopes that Alex can find some worthy person to leave it to next year. Iackie Bilger and Roselyn Strong leave their sweat- ers to anyone else who would like to wear them. Betty Atkins and Fanny Stewart bequeath their po- sitions in the office to two other athletic girls. Roslyn Leevine leaves her ways of maintaining her "A" standard in conduct to Ioan Harris who already has a good start. Eddie Nuckols falls heir to Percy Wright's finesse. Almeda White and Frances Keith leave their Pep- sodent grins to Ioan Helm and Donna Myers. PAGE TWENTY-EIGHT , Bob Kinkle bequeaths his way with the teacherst?J to anyone else who likes to make up English during shows. . Louis Nodd, Louis Turri, Carl Ray A.llen, lack S. Holt, and Harold Piercey leave their curlilocks to Billy Graham who has quite a few now. Martha Black gives a well-earned box of aspirin to Mr. Roy Coats to cure the many headaches she has caused him. Ed Bussell leaves his title of "Metal Shop Terror" to Stenis Cane who can carry it quite competently. Bernard Hirsch, Stanley Zellner, Robert Ball, lack D. Holt, and William Smith give their ability to sleep to Roy Crook to make sure that Roy gets a lot of sleep. Iudy Saul leaves the corruption of words to a pair of collops, Gerald Krone and Fay Bussel. Claude Azlin bestows his sparkling personality upon foe Bell. Larry Bell bequeaths his Atlas physique to Gene Murphy to do as he pleases with it. Fleming Chiles and Howard Iohnson leave their ability to get along with members of the opposite sex to Melton Bertrand and Howard True. Gene Burt, Gene DeMarco, Elvin Glaze, and Ioyce Morrow bestow their silence upon Billy Iordan in hope that he will make good use of it in the future. lack Glancy and Tommy Gwaltney give their snow shoes to anyone who lives on the other side of town and would like to get to school some time before lunch when it snows. Walter Hedge gives his questions in Physics to any- one else with a wandering mind. Billy Coleman and Eugene Helbig leave their bowl- ing averages to their colleagues, Walter Helbig and Ray DeShazo. Floyd Iohnson will be doing well to leave. Harry Iones leaves his star position on the "B" Team to anyone else who lacks a few pounds from being a "Doc" Blanchard. lack Lampley leaves his knack to sweat the lunch .line to Gerald Proctor who always sweats the line, anyway. Eugene Maddox bequeaths his average attitude to Maurice Petrovsky in hope that he will use it once in awhile. Eddie Manker sadly leaves Doris. Pat May and George Kuss bequeath their inebriat- ing habits to anyone who can stand up tHicl under it. Russell McGroom gives his conversational ability with the faculty to Louis Cooper. Presley Moore who hasn't been here very long hasn't received anything, so he can't leave anything. Abby Dell Oates leaves his name to .all the Smiths in the Senior Class. T Bob Parker leaves his musical ingenuity to Nick Vergos. Ancyle Raburn leaves his color to the Oklahoma lndians who envy him. Raymond Ross wills his weight to Emmett Edwards so that Emmett will be the tallest man in the world. Iames Terry bequeaths his knowledge of records to Billy Ienne. Walter Tomlinson leaves his credit in General Sci- ence to any person who would like to spend four years getting one credit. Ed Williams would like to bequeath all his athletic equipment to Winston Wooten. Archie Wood leaves his ability to speak Yiddish bet- ter than anyone else in Humes to lke Lusky. Philip Wilson wills his scooter troubles to "Mousie." Homer Long bequeaths his bicycle to anyone whose legs are long enough to walk with a bicycle under him. Eugene Barrett leaves his knock for eating off the school premises to the next person who can get by with it. Glen Fuqua gives his dramatic aptitude to Miss Lochrie for use in her Speech Department. William Kitchens bestows his brains upon anyone who would like to be President of the Honor Society. Humphrey Kortrecht wills his Saturday night job at the Commercial Appeal to Milton Martin. George Maddox and Iames Moore leave their corn- bined talents to next year's ideal Senior. F rank Paullus will his pull in ROTC to Ronald Han- over. Lamar Smith leaves his "early arrivals" to all the people who make the tardy list. I. E. Williams bestows his combined third and fourth lunch period upon Ioe Harrison. Pearl Cetner .leaves her nickname "Brooklyn" to whoever can live up to it as well as she has. Merry Iean Newton, Melba Crow, and Dorothy La- Velle just leave to go to their husbands. Barbara Goings bestows her talent to get along with everybody upon Betty Torti who really doesn't need it. Rose Goin leaves her consideration, kindness and way with boys to Norma Nichols in hope that Norma will have as much success in her social life as she has. Berney Helsley gives that questioning look to Al Herbert Thomas, so he will at least look like he doesn't know everything. Mary Willie Lamberth leaves her manners of speak- ing and walking to any girl who would like to be a gentleman's lady. Betty lean Wesbrook leaves her talent for jitterbug- ging to all the girls who think they can jitterbug. Ieanette Livingston wills her list of military personnel to all of next year's patriotis Senior girls. Betty lean McFarland leaves her position as drum majorette to anyone who thinks she can do it. Kathryn Tanner wills her sweet disposition to Bar- bara Brunner to add to that she already has. Dorothy Boyanton and Anne Lowe leave their ideal friendship to Mary Helen Ramsey and Georgia Per- kins. Mary Ann Coleman gives her position on the bowl- ing team to an athletic girl wanting to lose a pound or two. Mary Lee Holcomb and Bernadine Rhodes leave their hairdoes to anyone capable of copying them. Christine Mills wills her slim Lauren Bacall look to Elizabeth West. Irene Touliatos bestows her sincerity upon Shirley Gifford in the hope that she will use it. Babe Hendren leaves her position in gym to anyone strong enough to endure the strain. Eva lean Iones wills her candy-making technique to the Home Ec. girls for future use. Burtina Warren wills her vim, vigor, and vitality to Martha Lee Goodwin to use on the cheerleading squad. Mary Ann Black and Mabel Ruth Graves leave their seats in history to anyone brave enough to sit in the front of the room. Dorothy Cavett and Leona Dycus leave their places in the lunch room vacant so that it won't be quite so crowded next year. Helen Poulos gives her position on the Herald Staff to Betty Manker and hopes that Betty will Write her articles as promptly as she did. Io Ann May takes her name of Ann but leaves the rest to Ioe May in case people wear his out calling him so much. lean Short and Mary Ann Sowell give their height to Iune Tanner and hope that she grows a little more. Dorothy Canady leaves her rosy outlook on life to Francine Mitchell, providing she uses it all the time. Gloria Iacobus wills her ability to take dictation at 300 words a minute to the next superwoman. Eleene McCoy leaves her last name to the real one. loan Frederickson and Gwynette McDonald be- queath their unassuming manner to Louise Belch and Io Ann Finney. LaWanda Stewart, Connie Street, and Betty Cather- ine White will their short stature to Darrel Pike in hope that he will like the Weather down here, too. The above is respectfully submitted by Irene Mar- tin, Bernice Saperstein, and Eli Weil, after being duly witnessed and vouched for by the following: KING SIZE PAPA. CHI CHI THE VOICE OF THE TURTLE. HARVEY. SHMOE HAWK. Q!! ilk PAGE TWENTY-N I N E SENIV R CLA PI f ?i-IECY By IRENE MARTIN and BERNICE SAPERSTEIN S WE, Irene Martin and Bernice Saperstein, the world's two most famous connoisseurs of fashion watch the Statue of Liberty melt into the horizon, we wonder what surprises this trip will unfold. We have consented, as a special favor to lim Mack, to go on a world tour in quest of new styles for his exclusive salon, Mack's Fifth Avenue. We have pledged ourselves to fulfill this duty even if we must travel to the ends of the earth. We are suddenly awakened from our pleasant remi- niscences by our agent, Claude Azlin, who informs us that our jet-propelled yacht fwhich was designed by Walter Hedgej is approaching our first stop-Rio. From the dock we are driven by Roger Stanley to Larry Bell's hacienda. Worn to a frazzle, we try des- perately to catch a little sleep in the newest of Nodd and Nodd noiseless gliders, but we are rudely aroused by a commotion caused by the Bell children and their coach, Earl Cunningham, having their daily scrim- mage. Although this is the life of Reyle fCharlesl we decide to move on for our obligations come before comfort. Stopping in Rio for a tube of K. Tanner toothpaste, we are startled to find that our clerk is our Spanish- speaking classmate, Eleanor Slaughter. After eight hours of gossip with the aid of a Coleman-Crippen Spanish-American dictionary to help us interpret the conversation she mentions that 'tis rumored that one of Humes' '48 graduates is spending some time at Devil's Island. Women will be women and we have to find out who it is. After all, we might find a new style there. Ordering that our steward, Fannie Mae, tell Ed Bus- sell, our pilot to gear the engine at full speed, we pon- der during dinner as to who this classmate can be. However, we are told by Bob Kinkle, the warden of Devil's lsland, that even our most far-fetched imagin- ings could never conceive this member of the Senior Class of '48 in prison. Our curiosity is consuming us, but his name deals us the death blow. Eli Weil, our radical classmate, on Devil's Islandl After recovering from this blow, we, with our pur- pose still in mind, head for the states to charter a con- tinent-bound plane. At the same instant our foot touches U. S. soil, the Poulos Post is thrust into our hands declaring that our old buddy, Sidney Losko- vitz, is running for President of the United States on the fourth ticket-Enough for Everybody!-with Percy Wright as his running mate. Yes, I-fumes is in the news! The paper thrown aside, we rush to our waiting limousine with Eugene Barrett at the wheel and are driven to the Crow Club, owned and operated by Mel- ba Crow. We arrive just as Donald Sharp and his Six Flats, Alex Alexander, Eugene Bollinger, Peyton Branch, james Terry, Eugene I-lelbig, and Bob Parker, give the fanfare for the floor show. The house lights dim and Ed Williams, that card of cards, announce the feature detraction, Gypsy lo Iones and her double, Eva Gene jones. We are interrupted by our waiter, Lamar Emith, informing us that our PAGE THIRTY plane is ready to leave. Buying a pack of Phillip Wil- sons from the "cig-aars" yelling cigarette girl, Mary Willie Lambeth, and grabbing our wraps from Frances Keith, the hat check girl, we rush out the door only to be confronted by a flock of autograph hounds. Stop- ping only a moment to pass out autographed pictures to Stanley Zellner and the other ardent admirers, we hail a Black fMarthaj and White fAlmedal cab, which is a Tucker '48 model, and speed to the airport. We arrive at Cetner Field, recently renamed for the present mayor of Brooklyn, Pearl, and board our Short Ueanl and Long fl-lomerj rocket ship for Paris. 'Tis true Paris in spring is beautiful we realize as we ride down the Rue de la May Uo Annl to the DeMarco Hotel. Gur car door is opened by Roy Durell, our bags are carried by Eddie Manker and Frank Paulus, our registration is accepted by Carl Ray Allen, and we are lifted in an Oates Elevator to the 188th floor by I-Iarry jones. The maids, Ann Allnutt, lane Ballard, Ioyce Cutsinger, Betty Io Gaetano, and Mary Lee Hol- comb, are just filing out the door as we move in. Gay Paree presents us with a full calendar and our first date is Mademoiselle Reitz's fashion show, which gives us an idea on the new look which is definitely old by this time. Among the celebrities at this collos- sal affair are Billy Smith and the former Lucille Blaydes choosing Lucille's new fall ensembleg Betty Evans, Sally Gray, Camille Perry, Carroll Murrell, and Thel- ma Crone, selecting their trousseaus. The manne- quins, Shirley Mosely and Christine Mills, under An- cyle Raburn's supervision, were showing the Ioan Frederickson hats, fGenel Burt shoes, and Westbrook fBettyj bags off to advantage. The reception follow- ing is catered by Kitchen, Inc., with Sammy Lazerov, Dempsey Marbut, and Pat May preparing the Crappe Suzettes. The main event of our sojourn in Paris is forthcoming. Our party, consisting of Count Bender- man, the Duke of Cantor, and ourselves, makes its way to the LaVelle Follies. We are ushered to our seats by Glenn Fuqua. The curtain goes up and the song-and-dance man, Fleming Chiles, begins the show. Our motive for coming to the follies is the next num- ber on the program-the CAN-CAN! Craining our necks, we identify the individual members of the cho- rus, now turned French-Iacqueline Bilger, Fifi fRose- lynj Strong, Chi Chi fDotD Burress, Babette fBetty lol Moore, Viviane Russell, Merry lean Newton, and Rene Clrene Touliatos. Unable to envision anything more exciting, we take leave of Gay Paree. As business matters are pressing, we fly due south across the Med- iterranean into Africa-and continent of mystery. We touch African soil at Algiers. Hearing the ancient cry of the slave auctioneer we seek it source. In the cen- ter of the crowd stands Billy Miller surrounded by slave girls, Betty lane Allen, Bettye Atkins, Christine Coble, Gloria Iacobus, and Donna Iohnson. The mo- mentary bids are being taken for Rose Goin, the only red-headed slave in captivity. From pleasure to business-we again board our plane. From our place in the observation room of the plane our attention is attracted by a startling orange object on the desert below. Our curiosity is enhanced by the memory of our school colors and we ask our co-pilots, lack S. Holt and lack D. Holt, to land. As the orange-cloaked figure rides toward us we identify him as lack Doty. He informs us that his life-long am- bition had at last come true, and he is now a mem- ber of the Foreign Legion. Bidding lack adieu, we once more ascend in the plane. We stop in Cairo to refuel and meet some old friends boarding a ship. They have formed a new Lewis Uanetl and Clark CBetty Annl, CGeorgel Stanley and Cleanettej Livings- ton expedition to explore the jungles of Africa. Winging our way to Delhi, we are reminded of pre- vious invitation from the Sultan of Begdad, Bill Mar- tin, to spend some time at his palace. Awaiting our plane are the elephant boys, Howard johnson, Archie Wood, I. E. Williams, and George Kuss, who are to escort us to his mansion. We find Bill surrounded by a few members of his harem. He explained that he did not wish to leave the states entirely behind and had brought along Babe Hendren, Ann Lowe, Ianet Martin, Betty lean McFarland, Betty loyce Pearson, and IoAnn Stubblefield, with the latter as queen of the harem. We are entertained by Burtina Warren and her famous Dance of the Seven Veils. However, her dance is interrupted by Hal Winfield. Poor Hal likes to travel so much that he has become a Fleischer Brush Man. We are surprised to receive a phone call from Lord Mount Gwaltney fTommyl inviting us to the Olympic Games which are being held in Forrest Clonesl Park in London. We sail immediately. Our guide, Floyd johnson, meets us at the boat and takes us to the field of activity. We see the two women champion bowlers, Mary Ann Coleman and Betty Ruth Gee, wearing "On the Ball with Robert Ball Bowling Shoes." Their pri- vate pin boys, A. D. Mims and Louis Turri, scurry to replace the pins. From the clatter of pins we go to the batter of fists to see Clarence Cox and lack Lampley struggle for the "Unlimited" Championship. The referee, lack Glan- cy, is unable to come to a decision so we leave. We- drop into the House of Commons a moment to hear a debate between Iudy Saul and the quartet, Sophie Makris, lrene Katsoulis, Betty Catherine White, and Barbara Goins, debating whether Maurice Bran- don should or shouldn't. lt was decided that he should. He did. Deciding that grass skirts never go out of style, we set sail for Hawaii. According to tradition, we are greeted by penny divers, Bernard Hirsch, Frank Rus- sell, Humphrey Kortrecht, Henry Schwartz, and Har- old Piercey. We are further welcomed by flower girls, Virginia Adams, Mary Elizabeth Cromwell, Mabel Ruth Graves, Mary Edna King, Dorothy Cavett, and Mary Ann Sowell who bedeck us with colorful leis. As a visit to Hawaii is not complete without seeing the hula girls, we make the row of grass huts our first stop. We are surprised to find Bernie Helsley and Roslyn Leevine dancing behind two stacks of hay, ac- companied by the Maddox Boys CGene and Georgel on the geetar. And so, on to Mexico. We enter the bullring just in time to see Verna Williams, the only female matador in the world, approaching the bull. Her assistants, Benjamin Wagerman and Walter Tomlinson, the torea- dor and picador, respectively, are also familiar to us. Vending hot tamales in the stands are Senoritas Thel- ma Bogard, Thelma jackson, and luanita Warden. As we are about to leave the stadium we stand a moment in respectful silence listening to Mexico's newly adopted national anthem, "Manana," sung by Dorothy Boyanton. Driving through the streetss toward the airport, we notice several familiar figures, though part- ly hidden by concealing sombreros, Pancho McGroom, Sancho Miner, Pedro Morrow, Chico lack Fitzgerald Kelly, Gaucho Perry, taking advantage of the siesta. Before terminating our tour we decide to visit the windy city in hope that the visit will be profitable. On our sojourn to the CMaryl Black Hotel we are inter- cepted by a crowd which pushes us into Pickard Park, which we later find is named for the founder, lean Pickard, who discovered this territory while traveling in Chicago. However, our attention is attracted by a platform speaker, who with the aid of a pair of Brad- ley Binoculars, we identify as lohn Strauser. Elbow- ing our way to the range of his speech we find that he is heading a BETTER FARM MOVEMENT, and pro- viding a background are Durell Suber and his Corn- fed Crooners, William james Smith, Elvin Glaze, james Moore, Presley Moore, with Raymond Ross on the banjo. This floors us so we leave. We make our last stop New York City, by way of the Rhea-Rhodes Railroad. Stopping at the Ragsdale Restaurant, we partake of a bottle of Canaday Cola supplie by the waitress, Gloria Singleton. Our tour at an end, we rush to Mack's to report our progress. We whiz through the store stopping only long enough to greet at their respective counters, lean Winter, Gwynette MacDonald, Eleene McCoy, Leona Dycus, and Carol Walker. We are taken to Mr. Mack's private penthouse office by Lawanda Stewart, the ele- vator girl. Our presence is announced by Connie Street and we are ushered into lim's panelled cham- bers. 'lWe failed, Mr. Mack, to secure ultra-modern fash- ions but we have brought you some information as to the whereabouts of the Senior Class of '48." PAGE THIRTY-ONE 'Ii-IE SENK R CLASS HISTORY ' By ELI WEIL and IACK DOTY N l942 this graduating class entered the halls of Humes High School. We were supposed to be an outstanding group of young peo- ple-the hope of the world for future peace. We came to l-lumes from various schools, the city ele- mentary schools, the county schools, and from some out-of-town schools. While in the grammar grades we had given all our allegiance to our respective institutions. Now we had entered Humes, and although we still cherished the memories of grammar school, all our loyalty and alle- giance were given to Humes. Humes High School Was the melting pot of the city grammar schools, just as the United States was the melting pot of the world. The resemblance between our school government and our Federal democracy did not stop there. We were allowed to pick our own classes, teachers, and to vote in the election of student government officers. During our first year, in the seventh grade, we dis- covered so many new and different things that we were amazed. A different class every hour, the fine auditorium periods, the lunch room provisions, and many more things were greeted first with bewilder- ment, later with a pride that we attended Humes. Our second year was rather normal and uneventful, as we began to feel like big shots to the new crop of seventh graders. In the ninth grade we began to meet with new ex- periences again. We had heard of Certification Ex- ercises, but these did not even seem real until we en- tered the ninth grade. We practiced and worked and finally a thrill of pride went through us as we received our certificates before our assembled parents and friends. Our number, then an impressive 350, has noticeably diminished since the ninth grade, leaving us l82 grad- uates. This decrease can be attributed to some stu- dents moving out of town, some going to other schools and others dropping their education completely. To those who did this through necessity we offer our sym- pathy, and to those who left without reason we offer condolence. As we entered the tenth grade, having now arrived in Senior High School, we began to choose our school careers. Some of us became interested in band work, some in shop and vocational training, others in aca- demic studies in preparation for college. Peace came to the world again after years of ravaging wars, and we looked forward to normal, peaceful life. The elev- enth grade was the year that we enjoyed most since we came to Humes. This year passed most rapidly. Many of our close friends received honors and grad- uated at the end of the year. Then came the big time-WE WERE SENIORS. We were in the very shoes of those we had looked up to in our first five years at I-fumes. We were the grad- uating class of 1948! For those who planned to go to college, scholarships were offered. Awards were given the prize athletes. Recognition was given to seniors whose intelligence ranked high, and as al- ways, when the time presented itself, the faculty and Senior Class selected outstanding students. Now we go forth into the world, armed with six years of preparation on "HOW TO LIVE." We can never overestimate the value of the lessons learned in Humes. We hope, and feel sure, that in future years the pupils of I-lumes will enjoy themselves and learn as much in their years here as We did in ours. 1 SENIVR CLA PF EM We look out at the world today And wonder what it holds, As we start to make our forays Against the world's strongholds. We'll remember our days at I-lumes, The happy and the the sad, But now our school days come to end And none of us are glad. The lessons learned, still fresh in mind, Will ease the load a bit, But we bear the torch of knowledge, Which was in Humes first lit. And when, far off in distant years, Your goals have been attained, Think once again of old Humes High Where our knowledge was gained. PAGE TH I RTY -TWO TI-IE COLOR GUARD Left to right: A1 Thomas, Ronald Hanover, Bruce Nicholson, Tommy Cash, PAGE THIRTY THREE RESERVE OFFICERS' TRAINING CORPS JK X -K LT. COL. IOHN F. SOMERS CAPT. ARTHUR ELLIS FIRST SGT, IOHN W. KESLER TECH, SGT- DAVID SIMS i-lONf RARY SPONSV R3 i l Dr. D. M. Hilliard, Honorary Colonel, Miss Eleanor Richmond, Honorary Lieutenant Colonel, Miss Annie Mae Prescott, Honorary Major, Active Sponsor, Miss Mary Fisher, Honorary Major. Qi' 49 PAGE THIRTY FIVE THE R. O. T. C. STAFF OFFICERS AND SPONSORS BOTTOM. TO TOPALEFT TO RIGHT First Row-Earl Cunningham, Shirley Moseley. Second Row-Ed Williams, Mary Elizabeth Bargiacchi, Robert Kinlcle, Betty Lou Tracy. Third row-Forrest lones, Barbara Sutton, Stanley Zellner, Carolyn Beitz, Floyd lohn- son, Martha Lee Goodwin. 455: THE R. O. T. C. OFFICERS First Row-Bottom to top, left to right: Ed Williams, Earl Cunningham, Robert Kinkle. Second Row-Forrest lanes, Stanley Zellner, Floyd lohnson. Third Row-lack D. Holt, lohn Strauser, Hugh Powers, Russell Nodd. Fourth Row-Eugene Bollinger, Philip Wilson, William Kitchens, Archie Woods, Harold Piercy. Fifth Row-Roy Durrell, Frank Paullus, Dempsey Marlout, Carl Allen, Neal Edman, Mack Marsh, Donald Sharp. C. 46? PAGE THIRTY-SEVEN NGN-COMMISSIONED OFFICERS First Row-Lloyd Raeburn, Lawrence Blumen, Maurice Pe- trovsky, Ronald Hanover, Raymond Tanner, Chris Sanidas Bernard Fleischer, lack Aeschleman, lvan Richards, Henry Pittl man, Billy Ienne, Tommy Cash, Walter Helbig, Frank Coscia. Second RowhBobby Davis, Kenneth Wildes, Eugene Mur- h Bobb Hall Bruce Nicholson Sam Sadler Gene Marcotte P Yi Y I I 1 , Iohn Malamas, Nick Vergos, William Moore, Milburn Avery, Charlie Alexander, Iames Martin, Iohn Davis, Ioe Wallace. Third Row-Billy Parsons, Gerald Proctor, Floyd Iohnson, George Stanley, Billy Smith, Billy Iordan, Farrell Greer, Charles Lumen, Paul Gilbert, Bill Thorpe, Clarence Pyle, Iames Bracken, Alex Brown, Paul Yarbrough, Iimmie Moore. Fourth RoWkAleX Leslie, Billy Buck, Bobby Lamberth, lack Doty, Billy Summers, Darrell Fike, Alva lvy, Lewis Smith, Ger- ald Holbrook, Charles Phillips, Iesse McNatt, William McCarty, lack Sanders. COMPANY A BOTTOM TO TOP-LEFT TO RIGHT First Row-Abby Dell Oates, Carl Ray Allen, Phillip Wil- son, Gene Murphy, Maurice Petrovsky, Roy Iones, T. H. Van Bibber, Glen Hess, Frank Coscia, Arty Smith, Frank Davis, Alva lvy, Iack Holt, Archie Wood, Second Row-Sam Sadler, Charles Lumen, Marvin Dinner, Bryan Cunningham, Edward Barrow, Melburn Avery, Dickie Russell, Timmy Smith, Edward Galerno, Iarnes Milligan, George Stanley, Ed Cregg, Luther Baker, Billy Stone. Third Row-Iames Archer, Ioe Wallace, Charles Phillips, Burlin Iackson, Raymond Hurley, Gene Cole, Sidney Kaufman, timmy Henderson, Ioe Harrison, Harvey Gipson, William Moore, Iackie Moore, Paul Yarbrough. Fourth Row-Mansel Curle, Bunyan Hammons, Arley Crumpler, Gerald Crone, Richard Iohnson, Guy Freeman, Ray- mond Tanner, Ed Galerno, Donald Davis, Iames Morrison, Wil- lis Riddick, Bernard Hirsch, Alex Leslie, lack Sanders, Gerald Proctor. COMPANY B BOTTOM TO TOP Firsst Bow-Lawrence Blumen, Gerald Holbrook, Frank Paul- lus, Boy Burrell, Billy Parsons, Bradus Sharp, Maurice Ingram, Bailey Helms, Benny Keywood, Darrell Bidles, Iohnny Gregant, Billy Cruse, Marvin Loskove, lohn Strauser, Billy Kitchens, Second Bow--Irving Freedman, loe Boschert, Bobby Fer- rant, loe Beed, I W True, Frank Bruno, Billy Spence, Kenneth Shoemaker, Howard lohnson, loe Bell, lames Barber, Lawrence Steelrnar, Floyd lohnson. 4LEFT TO RIGHT Third Bowelohn Malamas, Bobby Nelson, Charles Mad- dox, Billy Countess, Kenneth Wildes, Charles Alexander, Lloyd Bayburn, Charles Hines, Frank Tindell, Charles Banks, Louis Smith, I. W. Cannon, Bobert Nolen, William Turner. Fourth Row-Alec Brown, Harvey Cummings, Gene Mar- cott, Billy Carlton, Chester Todd, Iames Moore, William McCar- ty, Darrell Fike, Lewis Coober, lere Walker, Doyle Smith, Edgar Wilson, lohnny Lovelady, Albert Burnett. COMPANY C First Bow-Henry Pittman, Neal Eclman, Dempsey Marbut, Bobby Davis, lackie Pryer, Bobby Williams, Bobert Thorn, Stan- ley Dillard, Frank Foropolous, Dean Gasaway, Bichard Boyce, Charles Hensley, Harold Piercey, Hugh Powers. Second Bowff-George lohnson, Howard True, I. B, Ham- mons, Billy Smith, Paul Mathis, Henry Martin, loe May, W. H. Vincent, lack Cole, lames Martin, Clyde Casey, Harold Murrell, Ivan Richards, Bobby Lamberth. Third Row-Bobby Dodson, Bernie Siegel, Chris Sanidas, Norman Shine, George Iohnson, Billy Buck, lesse McNatt. Smith Yancey, George Scott, lack Doty, Glen Aschbrenner, Billy O'Berle, Iames Brackeen, Fourth Ftow- ---' Bobby Sorrell, Beryl Garey, Clarence Pyle, Billy lordan, Farrell Greer, Paul ham, Harry Shettles, Carl Iones. Beck, Bobby Hall, Boy McDur- PAGE THIRTY-NINE 7 fi RIFLE TEAM BOTTOM TO TOP-LEFT TO RIGHT First Row-Earl Cunningham, loe Wallace, Billy Parsons, Second Row-Forrest Tones, Bobby Kinkle, Hugh Hathcock, Iohnny Lovelady, lohn Davis, Neal Edmond. Iohn Sirausser, William Moore. R. O. T. C. BAND 0"'s:,. HSN? I X J BOTTOM TO TOP-LEFT TO RIGHT First Row-Russell Nodd, lr., Eugene Bollinger, lirnrny Hen- Fourth Row-Ralph Franklin, Robert Hirsch, Howard Sim- derson, Aubrey Gamble, Donald Sharp, Mac Marsh. mmm, Waher Helbigv Second Row-Timmy Millican, Larry Winkle. Third Row-Ralph Kilterman, Bill O'Mary, Dale Harrison ,,,A , A Marvin Allison, Richard Camp, Maurice Peirovsky, Robert Som- Flllh Rowflxllck Vergcs' BIHY Mgrlmf Waller Hedge' Eddle mers. Nuckolls, Aubrey Lampley, Billy lenne. S E FIRIN T FROM FRONT TO BACK A4 . SS 9 5 5 2 .-. L: -H Q, Q an 5. U -s: :1 C 'cs was o U an 760 'H TQ : 'Uh ,J IJ U CL- qg U1 U U0 O 5: U22 Q: 5 Q, N6 - -G 59 H Q S 22 8 2 fe 23 U o U sw U T1 E U- qy C LD ZW 1: 2 : U3 o '5 U EU .-. 4: ? 0 11.9 Q, ... 'G --pg Q4 58 5 S Z ,., GJ 3 g S E .5 M D is E-2 5 CDE.-9'5" Uw ,Q H 532 952 E Hu: 3 "' -.H mmm trmg 0 .UN 'ngb 3 SEP- :nog " .v-lbw C U-4 U1 E.:E 'cg 3 Cflbzqg-11:55 Pg wtU3g-E V3 -ff , cz: 3843 PUVP' 2 gon: ,QE rv EG 'Um ,,5'C I ,Q Uzmqw 3 D':-.Eof- 055 3' ,HG-5' mga gosh' 311 CHM 89. 3532 -55300 5153.51-.O -C E05-'-'ap url-1 D2 wp. 3 E5 E2 -G mu H Ulsl-rd .920 aw 11 Som 5" C .HCC moo U .C2U.r:: C53 h D- ,Q'.... rn MU: Emo f-1 -c .H -I-1 Q' m'U?- 04:3 'U 1-1 .,-.E-1 -1 UUE: .Q Liu. o-Im - UO- 'E' U' ,'rL'h5E,Q S2 r:-,,, cb MH Egg 338 2 :Eb QIUE 'J ,,1Oq, 1.13 L? Lp, 301' -.. wi- 12.3 U GJ U sq 'E Tglu cu,,,4D U ESE 505 -2 U-120 -112 U E on o sic- 'HUQJ .. ggjsizxk-.ff O Cgggfa... 3 SEE Mgo .2 ,U Cl .E E Z -o ggi T510 3 ...p mom EI-W5 Ng... Q 9-"' " o .. E332 Swm .A ,ui 905 O mmm 0131- li' sg-8 ,ogg .2 no U113 2 CD03 3,4 o C E U09 U U2 'Ugg ... o U -.cs E51 ff.,-as O..:l" Snogs: Z'g cwig-'93 L22 COETJE 099 :E..'f'.GJ419Q mwimgwgs HEQZQQLZUE :gm AEE f-WWE-in .,, G, c 55 -E.c:.E PAGE FORTY-ONE MILITARY UNITS PARTICIPATE IN ARIVIISTICE DAY PARADE CADET CADET CADET CADET CADET CADET CADET CADET CADET CADET CADET CADET CADET CADET CADET CADET CADET CADET CADET CADET CADET CADET CADET OFFICERSIAND SPONSORS LT. COL. EARL CUNNINGHAM-SHIRLEY MOSELEY. W MAIOR ROBERT KINKLE-BETTY LOU TRACY. CAPTAIN ED WILLIAMS-MARY ELIZABETH BARGIACCHI. CAPTAIN FORREST IONES-BARBARA SUTTON. IE CAPTAIN FLOYD IOHNSON-MARTHA GOODWIN. A CAPTAIN STANLEY ZELLNER-CAROLYN REITZ. CAPTAIN IACK HOLT-IOYCE SCOTT. FIRST LIEUTENANT ARCHIE WOOD-FRANCES KEITH. U " SECOND LIEUTENANT CARL RAY ALLEN-ELEANOR MERCER. 1' A SECOND LIEUTENANT PHILIP WILSON-MARGARET ANN WHITE 'I CAPTAIN IOI-IN STRAUSER-BETTY IANE ATKINS. - FIRST LIEUTENANT WILLIAM KITCHENS-GLORIA IACOBUS. I U " SECOND LIEUTENANT ROY DURELL-MARY WILLIE LAMBETH. 3 B SECOND LIEUTENANT FRANK PAULLUS-ANITA RUSH. ' CAPTAIN HUGH POWERS-BETTY IOHNSON. FIRST LIEUTENANT HAROLD PIERCY-IOYCE CUTSINGER. U " SECOND LIEUTENANT DEMPSEY MARBUT-BETTY IO MOORE, ar C SECOND LIEUTENANT NEAL EDMAN-FRANCINE MITCHELL. I CAPTAIN RUSSELL NODD-INC Picturei. FIRST LIEUTENANT EUGENE BOLLINGER-GRACE RAGSDALE. I SECOND LIEUTENANT DONALD SHARP-IOCELYN COHEN. 72 SECOND LIEUTENANT MAC MARSH-NADINE COLEMAN. With Their Sponsors Ready for Review 5 PAGE FORTY-THREE Y F1 F I' i'l Ln I' I CS THE 1947 PooTBALL SUMMARY The 1948 football team retained from former years the fighting spirit that 1-lumes has become known for. Every game the Tigers played was closely contested and "win or lose" the honor of l-lumes was always upheld. The season opened at Crump Stadium on Sep- tember 12 as the Tigers romped over Ripley, Tennes- see 32-7. Less than a week later prep league play began and Humes faced the vaunted South Side Scrappers and lost 2U-U to the team who eventually won the city championship. The Tigers took Catholic High 39-7 on October 24. The next game proved to be one of the biggest upsets of the year, as a fighting 1-fumes team outplayed and outscored a Central team 7-U. On Friday, October 3, a contingent from Hurnes traveled to Iackson, Tennessee to defeat the Golden Bears 7-6. This win was followed by losses to Tread- well 18-2 and Whitehaven 20-13. On October 29, C. B. C. nosed out the Tigers 13-U. Tech beat the Tigers 20-6 and Messick won 27-7. Record-Won 4, Lost 6. Basketball Basketball at l-fumes was definitely on the im- provement side this year. Coach Taylor had the boys playing a well organized brand of scientific ball and seemed destined to place the Tiger cagers in the league's upper bracket until ineligibility and injuries to key men brought a set back. With most of this year's cagers due back for another year of play we can look forward to better prospects for success next season. A Baseball The baseball team of spring l947 failed to live up to expectations as the hitters failed to come through at the plate. Where the championship team of l946 had 8 boys batting better than .300 the slump in 1947 pulled all hitters below that mark. Highlight of the season was the selection of Lefty ir George Stanley and second baseman Fred Bargiacchi as All-Memphis. As we go to press during this year's season the Tigers are in second place with 5 wins against 2 setbacks at the end of the first half of season's play. ir SPORTS EDITORS ELI WEIL AL HERBERT THOMAS '-234' '19 PAGE FORTY-FOUR 453+ COACH A. C. WlLLlAMS, IR. 'fair 2 J I sink A flip- .Wi ,gf L v- K uf ,v m rg H a s O L g I-Q- v fi! T it it'- 1 ' tl' .,, "' ,, tt ' f ir, PM tf.,f -it Track As the Senior Herald goes to press we note with pride that the Tiger Medley Belay team ot Harry tones, Billy Parsons, Hugh Powers, and Milton Ber- trand has just set a new city record in winning that event in the prep track meet, and although the record is not yet eligible tor State recognition, the Humes team bettered the State record tor the event by more than 9 seconds. ir 'Ir uk Qt' Iljgr ',.,,-iii . ,trttt fi A -,,-. , ,Q L Q Q. -QQ' Boxing Humes wins again! For the fourth straight year the Humes mittmen slugged their way to the prep championship. With only 5 men in the tinals against 9 for the favored Catholic High team, the Tigers came through with tour wins, namely Bobby Weakley, Ierry Byars, Clarence Cox, and Larry Bell, while Catholic was dropping all 9 of their bouts and another beauti- ful championship boxing trophy was added to the Humes collection. A' 'A' 'Ir ASST, COACH LESLIE BUFORD TAYLOR 49 PAGE FORTY-FIVE 46 f 7 -- 1 L. 1947 SENIOR FOOTBALL SQUAD First Bow--Frank Foropolus, Howard Simmons, Bryan Cun- ningham, W. T. Leadtord, Bill O'Mary, Luther Baker, Clyde Casey, Stanley Dilliard, Frank Coscia, Melvin Fleischer, Benard Fleischer, loe Harrison. Second Row-Coach Williams, Ioe Bell, Billy Iordon, Bobby Lamberth, Gerald Proctor, Bill Martin, Melton Bertrand, Howard Iohnston, Darrell Fike, Winston Wooten, Earl Cunningham, Larry Bell, Coach Taylor. Third Bow-Manager Bobby Williams, Manager Henry Pittman, Billy Graham, Billy Parsons, lack Doty, lackie Moore, David Maynard, Fleming Chiles, Pat May, Hugh Hathcock, Bob- by Dodson, Gene Murphy, Kenneth Benderman, Manager Leon- ard Davis, loe Hunt. Fourth Row-Frank Tindell, Ed Williams, Clarence Cox, Claude Azlin, Melvin Gatlin, Alex Leslie, Howard True, George lohnson, Willie Moore, Hugh Powers, loe May, Harry lones, Fifth Row-Manager Billy Smith, Ed Gallerno, Bobby Lath- am, Christ Sanidis, Ivan Richards, lack Aeschleman, Billy Sum- rners, I. W. True, lohn Malamus, Louis Cooper, Iames Brac- keen, Burl Gary, Robin Riddick. XXHII 'A' 'A' i CLUB -54 BOTTOM TO TOP-LEFT TO RIGHT First Bow-Bobby Weakley, Earl Cunningham, Bob Kinkle, George Stanley, lack Lampley, Ed Williams. Second Bow-lerry Byars, Boy Crook, Bobby Blancett, Clar- ence Cox, Kenneth Benderman, Paul Litell, Leonard Davis, Lio- nell Farrell. PAGE FORTY-SIX Third Bow-Frank Foropolus, Henry Pittman, Al Thomas, Durrell Suber, Hugh Powers, Ed Bussell, Bill Martin, Sam Sadler. Fourth Row-David Maynard, Howard True, Fleming Chiles, Howard Iohnson, Melton Bertrand, Bobby Larnberth, Gerald Proctor, Larry Bell. Coach A. C. Williams, Ir. ' Plans Formations OFFENSIVE FORMATION DEFENSIVE FORMATION Co-Captains Larry Bell and Earl Cunningham With Their Graduating Team Members nter-Francine Mitchell, ry Eltzabeth Bargtacchr nter Bottom, lelt to rlght G g K I lc' B' , Boselyn Strong, For- t M t l.. o Wm, o 1n e, ar- a Sutton, Thelma Crone. The Blma Game E ootball Parade for E. H. Crump Charity Game 'A' ir 'A' f6:5w SENICB CHEEB- LEADERS eor e uss, ac 16 11- Iones, ar ha ee d B b K kl B K 2 PAGE FORT Nl E SENIQR BASKETBALIJS HA" TEAM WITH COACH BUFORD TAYLOR BOTTOM TO TOP-LEFT TO RIGHT First Row-Leonard Davis. Third Row-David Clark, Hugh Hathcock, Bobby Dodson Second Row-Billy Parsons, Melton Bertrand, Bobby Lam- Iames Brackeen, Earl Cunningham, berth, Howard Iohnson, Durrell Suber. Defensive Ciiensive BASKETBALL INDIVIDUALS-Lett to right: Hugh Hathcock, Left to Right-Howard Iohnson, Iames Brackeen, Durell Bobby Lamberth, Melton Bertrand, Bobby Dodson. Suber, Earl Cunningham, Billy Parsons. SENIOR BASKETBALL UB" TEAM First Row-Left to right: William Noland. Second RoW-- Reed, Billy Countess, 'llhomas Chapman, Chris Sanidas, Ronald Beryl Garey, Floyd Iohnson, Emmett Edwards, Darrell Pike, Hanover, Ardie Smith. Howard True, lack Glancey, Third Row-Coach Taylor, loe PAGE FIFTY-ONE PREP BOXING CHAMPIONS i 'Left to right, bottom to top-Roy Crook, Bobby Weakley, Byars, Claude Azlin, Clarence Cox, lack Lampley, Stanley Larry Bell, Lionell Farrell, Ed Williams, Rudy Gamble, lerry Zellner. PAGE Fl FTY-TWO I-IUMES WINS 1947-1948 PREP BGXING TOURNAMENT UNCONQUERABLE TIGERS SLUG WAY TO FOURTH STRAIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP Weakley, Byars, Cox and Bell Win in Finals to Become Mem- phis City Champs On Thursday, December 18, 1947, the fourth night of the four-day tournament, the Humes Tigers boxed themselves to the top at the Ellis Auditorium to remain champions. First Night The defending champions, coached by Iohnny Goodspeed, set the foundation the first night by winning four out of four fights. In the Gnatweight, Ruby Gamble, decisioned Earl Quin- ley from Tech. lerry Byars took Gill Bull, Tech, in the Bantam- weight. lack Lampley won on default in the Featherweight division when Bobby Guin, Southside, failed to show up. Bobby Weakley defeated Dick Nellis, C. B. C., in a very close fight. Second Night The Tigers moved into the second round with nine fighters on the line. Again showing strong talent, the Bengals took seven of the nine fights. Ray from South Side, who later won the Gnatweight Championship, defeated Rudy Gamble. Lion- nell Farrell, making his initial appearance, decisioned Brennan from C. B. C. Ray Crook, fighting for the Fleaweight, took a decision from Whitehead of Central. Ierry Byars, who won the Bantamweight Championship, defeated Paul Berlin, Central, in a very hard fight. Ed Williams lost a decision to Wener, C. B. C., who won the championship in the lightweight division. Clarence Cox pounded out a decision over Hearn from Tread- well. ln the Senior Welterweight, Claude Azlin decisioned Drewery, also from the Highland Heights gang. Stanley Zell- ner scored the only knockout up to this point when he caught up with Laverne Dean, a Central gridiron star, in 55 seconds of the second round. Third Night Humes sent seven men up to fight in the semi-finals only to have three come out victors. Lionell Farrell dropped a de- cision to Rosenberry from South Side, the champion in that di- vision. Roy Crook, looking as good as ever, snatched a deci- sion from Cole, hailing from C. B. C. Ed Buffaloe, an excep- tionally good gladiator from Messick, who took the champion- ship, defeated lack Lampley. Clarence Cox defeated Drennan ir Humes Ties for Third Place CLYDE CASEY BECOMES FLYWEIGHT CHAMP-TECH NOSES OUT C. B. C. TO BECOME MAT CHAMPS A two-day tournament, replacing the usual three-day, got under way at the Y. M. C. A. on the night of March 17, 1948. First Night Nine grapplers from Humes drew first-round opponents and five came out victorious. Robert Shears, paperweight, defeated Albert Burson from South Side. ln the Bantamweight, Glen Duprey was pinned by Haynes Iohnson. Cecil Stallings, C. B. C., was given the nod over Feather- weight Ed Williams in a much disputed decision. Ed Lilliard, lightweight of Tech, defeated Winston Wooten. Humes Welterweight Bobby Gargett defeated Bobby Row from South Side. h A I Ed Bussell pinned Louie Werne, C. B. C., in the Iunior Mid- dleweight. I from C. B. C. Iimmy Martin, an ex-Tiger, pulled a decision from Claude Azlin. Stanley Zellner had the tables turned on him when Bill Haas of Tech, who went on to win the Middle- weight Championship, K. O.ed him in the first round. Larry Bell, a heavy puncher and a smart boxer, made his initial roll by knocking out Holmes from Catholic High in the first round. A ffffxs A f 4- 's t '. S 'N 9 X IJ fl 3 " o ,fl Q I FIN ALS The fights shifted from the Shelby County Gym to the Audi- torium and to the finals with Humes claiming five men left. Catholic High with eight men in the finals seemed to be a cinch to get a first or second, but wound up without a cham- pion and a defeated list of fighters. Humes took four fights and first place. C. B. C. took three and second. Roy Crook, after some good fighting, ran into a mighty right from McLaurine. Treadwell, in the last of the first. He was saved by the bell and the game little fighter came out in the second somewhat shaken up. A minute of the second round was enough for Coach Goodspeed, who has coached Humes' boxing team for some time, to throw in the towell. Bobbie Weakley brought new hopes with a decisive victory over Lawrence from Catholic High. Ierry Byars pounded out a decision over Shipley, also from Catholic High, in one of the best fights of the night. Terry showed true championship form. Clarence Cox followed with a tough victory over Pete May- nard from Catholic High. Both of the men looked good, but it was plainly Cox's fight all the way. Larry Bell came up next to find the crown staring him in the face. One more fight for Humes and the championship was cinched, and that he did. Bell took the decision from Carl- ton Miller, a returning champ, in a very tough encounter. All the losing Humes boxers lost to the title holders! Clarence Cox received the trophy from Henry Reynolds immediately after the fights in behalf of the team. ir 'k in Prep Wrestling Tournament A. D. Minis, middleweight, was defeated by Hugh Gregory from C. B. C. Melton Bertrand decisioned Hal Lipsey, a '48 champ from South Side, in the light heavyweight division. Alex Leslie, just tipping the scales for the Heavyweight, gras outweighted and defeated by Iimmy Shackouls of South 1 e. Second Night Humes sent six men into the finals, coming out with one champion and 21 points. South Side also had Z1 to tie with Humes for third place. Tech came out with 30 for the first and C. B. C. 27 for second. Lonnie Wilson lost out to Alvin Ray, South Side, in the tissue paper weight Robert Shears was also downed by Ioe lmm from Tech in the paperweight. Clyde Casey, the Humes flyweight, pinned Robert Mahoney from C. B. C. in one of the best fights of the night. PAGE FIFTY-THREE HUMES GRAPPLERS Left to right, bottom to top-Bobby Hargett, Ed Williams, Duprey, Winston Wooten, Lonnie Wilson, A. D. Mims, Robert Alex Leslie, Ed Bussell, Melton Bertrand, Bill Martin, Glen Shears, Clyde Casey. PAGE FIFTY-FOUR ' MUSIC DEPARTMENT GAINS RECOGNITION MR. R. ROY COATES, Director of Band The Humes Senior Band, consisting of 88 pieces, has scored many triumphs during the 1947-'48 school year. Among these the Band has won First Place among the marching bands for two successive years in the City Beautiful Parades. The award in each case Was a silver Loving Cup. Another signal honor which came to them was selection to lead the Wednesday afternoon parade in the Cotton Carnival. The Hurnes Band is one of the first in Memphis to be invited to appear at the Strawberry Festival in Humboldt, Ten- nessee, Where they went in May. The members of the Band will enter the contest over television during the i947-'48 Cotton Carnival. One of the most colorful exhibitions of the Band was its appearance at the football games. It was their custom with Drum Major and Majorettes to pa- rade during the half. In colorful procedure the Band personnel displayed their excellent training. This year was an important year in the history of the Band, because they received new orange and grey uniforms, which added to their appearance. The highlight of the Bands school activities was a record album of the numbers played in their Annual Spring Concert, which was especially dedicated to the Humes Alumni. The program follows: ,ENTRANCE OF THE GLADIATORS KMarchl . Fucik POET AND PEASANT OVERTURE .. . .... .. Suppe OL' MAN RIVER SELECTION flrrom Showboatl .. . . Kerns RAYMOND OVERTURE ...... .. . .... . . Thomas Encore-STORMY WEATHER . Encore--CHANCELLOR MARCH . .. Arlen and Koehler . . . .. Coats POMP AND CIRCUMSTANCE MARCH NO, 1 .... ........ E lgar RIENZI OVERTURE . .. . ..... . Wagner Encore-DIZZY PINGERS . Confrey HALLELUIAH CHORUS ..... . .. Handel Postlude for Humes Alumni STUDENT PRINCE OVERTURE Romberg '29 , th - glib ' K It ' s MISS ELSIE MARMAN Iunior Glee Club MISS VIRGINIA ALEXANDER Senior Glee Club PAGE FIFTY-FIVE A Drum Majors And Majorettes Add Color To The Bond ff msmm-H5 's DRUM MAIORETTES-Botton to top, lett to right: Catherine Doty, Iulia Thomas, Betty lean McFarland, Mary Ann Hewlett, Martha Black, Geraldine Irving, Emett Edwards, Floyd Baker. Bernd Activities Under the Direction of Mr. R. Roy Coates PAGE FIFTY-SE aim Key Club Cfiicers Lett to right: GENE MURPHY , ROY DURRELL , ROBERT KINKLE CHARLES REYLE ,Vice Treasurer ,President President Secretary ik ik ik ik Sr. Y-Teens Officers BARBARA GOINGS , , ,,,,,,, , ,,,,,,, President CHRISTINE MILLS , , ., , Treasurer HELEN POULOS ,, ,, ,,,, First Vice President BETTY IO TUCKER Second Vice President ROSE GOIN ,, , , ,,,, Secretary ik ik ik ik PHA. Clficers Bottom to top, left to right. Row l-Betty Torti, Gloria Smith, Betty Manker, Betty Ruth Taylor, Miss Frances Ken- nedy. Row 2-Mrs. Katie Bell Conyers, Lee Hel- sey, Norma Archard, Betty Lynn Nichols, lane Garey, Miss Lila Branch. Row 3-Kathryn Tanner, Viola Cummings, Pattie Watson, Vivian Russell, Robbie Davis, May Ioan Parker, Doris Whitaker. Student Government Officers Bottom to top, left to right: Barbara Goings, Thelma Crone, Earl Cun- ningham, Frank Coscia. ik Sir Sf? wir Clulo Officers Left to Right-Al Herbert Thomas, Kenneth Benderman, Howard Iohnson, Clarence Cox, Earl Cunningham, Melton Bertrand. ik ik ik ik Honor Society Officers President H A ,,,, ,WILLIAM KITCHENS Vice President ,,i..., ,HWIACK KELLY Secretary .,,,, ,.,,,,, , , ,,,,, ROSELYN STRONG Treasurer .,.,..,,, . , ,HDOROTHY LaVELLE HCNCR SOCIETY Bottom to Top, Lett to Right-Row One: Miss Flois Gwalt- ney, lack Kelly, Roselyn Strong, Dorothy LaVelle, William Kitchens, Miss Margaret Thompson, Miss Louise Weaks. Row Two-Lucille Blaydes, Irene Martin, Barbara Goings, Irene Katsoulis, Sophie Makris, Peggy Flaniken, Bonnie Garner, Diana Brown, Shirley Shittman, Iudith Saul, Dorothy Boyanton. Row Three-Iacqueline Bilgar, loyce Cutsinger, Betty Ruth Taylor, Betty Torti, Patsy Newton, Shirley Barber, Betty lane 'A' Atkins, Gloria Iacobus, Camille Perry, Bernice Saperstein, Earl Cunningham, Row Four-Verna Williams, Doris Howell, Betty lean Mc- Farland, Thelma Crone, lane Ballard, Fannie Mae Stewart, Ann Allnutt, Katherine Tanner, Melba Crowe, Bernadine Rhodes, Bob Kinkle. Row Five-Billy Coleman, Eugene Helbig, Gene DeMarCo, Eugene Bollinger, Harold Cantor, Winston Wooten, Walter Hedge, Bobby McClain, Raymond Tanner, Iohnny Lovelady. if Fl? TY CLUB Bottom to top, left to right: Row One-Mrs. Worrnan, Le- Row Three-Gene Burt, Charlotte Rhodes, Ann Allnut, Iudy Wanda Stewart, Walter Hedge, Gloria lacobus, Eugene Bol- Thomas, Betty McFarland, lacgueline Bilger, Carolyn Reitz, linger, Ellen Simmons, Miss Weaks. Betty Atkins, Norma lean Edwards, lack D, Holt. Row Two-Beulah Durling, Lena Mae Lewis, Dorothy Wil! Row Four-Fannie Mae Stewart, Doris Howell, Ioan Blan- liams, Erica Greenbaum, Carroll Murrell, Roselyn Leevine, Dor- Cett, Helen Poulos, Georgia Madden, Bernadine Rhodes, Mary othy Burress, Gloria Smith, Lucille Blaydes. Carolyn Woods, Shirley Shitfman. SPANISH CLUB Lett to right, bottom to top: Row One4Miss Agnes Gib- son, Georgia Perkins, Betty Ann Shine, Bella Shore, Erica Greenbaum, Goldie Higgins, Ann Tabot, Dorothy I. Hosse, lrene Martin, Mary Helen Ramsey, Bonnie Garner, Francine Mitchell. Row TwoABobbie Lou Kinton, Betty Everette, Ioyce Powell, Ann Smith, Annie Varnivas, Ellen Simmons, Mona Fay Smith, Norma Nichols, Iocelyn Cohen, Eleanor Slaughter, Dorothy La- Velle, Barbara Brunner. Row Three-Melton Bertrand, Billy Graham, Chris Sanidas, Marvin Loskove, Roy Iones, lohnny Gregant, Bernard Fleisher, Bobby McClain, Stanley Dillard, Maurice Petrousky, Betty Iohnson. Row Four-Henry Martin, Berl Garey, Walter Helbig, Lewis Cooper, Marvin Dinner, Leez Brown, Gerald Crone, lsaac Gru- ber, Richard Camp, Ronald Hanover, Ray De Shazo, if 'A' ir STUDENT COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVES I Row One-Elizabeth Homrick, Billie Mae Chiles, lame: Melvin, Howard Doyle, George Klein, Douglas Goodwin, Mary lane Lossiter, George Makris, Margaret Nance, Miss Lucille Patton, Sponsor. Row Two-Ioyce Record, Billie Ann Duncan, Bonnie Fite, Barbara Wener, Ioan Finney, Elnora Sylvester, Betty Lou Tracy, Peggy Richardson, Mary Elizabeth Bargiacchi, lean Short, Mary Frances Gean, I. W. Edwards. Row Three-Robbie Davis, Nona Bass, Edna Hines, Fay Bussel, Doris Sanders, Virginia Lee Sammons, Bonnie Garner, Ieannette Livingston, Bernice Saperstein, Roselyn Strong, Bar- bara McKenzie. Row Four-Thomas Van Bibber, Opal Bailey, Barbara Wat- son, Iohn Malamas, Rose Goin, lack Kelly, Martha Lee Good- win, Donald Purnell, Harold Odom, Carolyn Dellinger, Row Five-Wayne Mooney, David McCoy, Iames Archard, Iames Bishop, Bruce Kitchens, Iohn Carson, Thomas Brackeen, Eugene Wilson, Iames Barber. AJ KEY CLUB Bottom to top, left to right: First Row-Roy Durell, Bob Kin- Third Row-Gerald Proctor, Earl Cunningham, Melton Ber- kle, Charles Reyle. trand, Claude Azlin, Harvey Cummings, Eli Weil. Second Row-lack Aeschliman, Iohn Davis, Frank Coscia, Fourth RowvSammy Lazerov, Billy Coleman, Billy Kitchens, lack Kelly, Durrell Suber, Bill O'Mary, Floyd Iohnson. Russell Nodd, Ir., Paul Yarbrough. ak ir ir SEN ICB BED CBCSS Bottom to top, left to right: Row One-Miss Mary Fisher, Harvey Cummings, Shirley Barber, Lewis Smith, Patsy Newton Iacqueline Bilger, lack Kelly, Maribette Siftord, Iohnny Grel ganti, Miss Louise Vffealcs. Bow Two-Diana Brown, Margaret White, Gloria Single- PAGE SIXTY-TWO ton, Ioann lones, Ioanne Hutcherson, Ioyce McCoy, Ioyce Cut- singer, Virginia Smith. Bow Three-Claude Azlin, Paul Beck, Eddie Manker, Mac Marsh. SENIGB "Y" TEENS t l l Bottom to top, lelt to right: First Row-Lucille Blaydes, Norma Tate, Barbara Pennington, Peggy Flaniken, Shirley Gif- ford, Nita Reed, lean Winter, Carroll Murrell, Peggy Richard- son, Barbara Goings, Roselyn Strong, Bernice Saperstein, Betty lane Allen, Vivian Russell, Delois Permenter, lrene Touliatos, Helen Hirsch, Miss Mildred Scrivener. Second Row-lanet Martin, Sophie Makris, lrene Katsoulis, Betty Manker, Ioanne Hutcherson, lrene Martin, Betty Lou Tra- cy, Doris Dillenger, Nancy Hill, Maribette Sifford, Burtina War- ren, Christine Mills, Martha Lee Goodwin, Mary Anne Gateno, Bernie Helsley, ludy Thomas, Gloria Singleton. Third Row-Louise Belch, Mildred Mathews, Nita Rush, Ioan Hearn, Lavern Adair, Mary Willie Lambeth, Carolyn Reitz, Roslyn Lee Vine, leanette Livingston, Ianet Lewis, Shirley Mose- ir ley, Barbara Sutton, loanne Iones, Connie Street, loyce Dietotz, loan Blancett. Fourth Row-Betty Smith, Gloria Britton, Miriam Ross, Bet- tye Evans, Helen Poulos, Barbara Moore, Bella Shore, Erica Greenbaum, Rose Goin, Donna lohnson, Agnes Hendren, Betty lo Moore, Carol Walker, Patsy Newton, lean Short, Camille Perry, Eleanor Slaughter. Fifth Row-Eloise Gurley, Fannie Lanchan, Dorothy Gentry, lo Ann May, Beverly Faverty, Barbara Mills, lean Brassfield, Gertrude Pallas, Fannie Mae Stewart, Dorothy Hausse, Ann Smith, Martha Black, lacqueline Bilger, Betty McFarland, Peggy Henderson, lean Piclcard, Martha Hill, Verna Williams, Beulah Anderton. ir SENIOR GLEE CLUB Botton to top, lett to right: First Row-Barbara Mason, Alice Marie Davis, Marlene Stanley, Shirley Mansfield, loanne Hutchinson, Ioann lones, Thelma Crone, William Moore, lesse McNatt, Carl lones, Iimmy Denson, Louise Parker, Ann Cald- well, Peggy Baird, loann Martin. Second Bow!Delores Perrnenter, Frances Keith, Sally Gray, lrene Katsoulis, loann May, loyce Cutsinger, Nadine Coleman, Anne Tanner, lohnny Lovelady, Robert Parker, Darrell Fike, Hugh Hathcock, Durrell Suber, lean Short, Sarah Forte, Nita Reed, Margaret Robertson, Third RowMDorrothy Sue Mallett, Betty Poole, Opal Bailey, Iuanita Warden, Delores Denson, Ann Smith, lane Ballard, Dempsey Marbut, Kenneth Benderman, loe Harrison, Lewis Smith, Ancyll Raeburn, Harry lones, Frances Bailey, Martha Black, Willojean Brown, Willie Mae Dennington, Marilyn Simp- son. PAGE S!XTY-THREE 'W I I-Il-Y CLUB ln the first row are Billy Oberle, Bill O'Mary, and Stanley ln the second row are Wayne Mooney, Iarnes Martin, Bobby Dillard, Williarns, and Mr, W. S. Hiltpolold. 'ir it ak SENIOR ART Left to Right-Doris Sewell, Ann Varnavas, Melbct Crow, Betty Catherine White, Ioe May, Christine Mills, Miss N. Louise Moffett, Eddie Nuckolls, Norman Shine. PAGE SlXTY'FOUR T. and l. CLUB From bottom to top, lett to right: Row One-Abby Dell Oates, Lewanda Stewart, Presley Barber, Anita Rush, lune Wolfe, A. D, Mims. Row Two-Ruth Brogden, Thelma Bogard, Pattie Watson, Mary K. Pike, Margaret White, Willie May Tindall, Gwynette Macdonald, Grace R. Ragsdale, Charlote Wolte,Christine Coble. Row Three-Betty Smith, Dorothy Gentry, Melba Walker, Gerald Fowler, William King, Glen Dupuy, Clyde Casey, lim- mie Yopp, Dorris McDaniels, ' Row Four-David Maynard, Edward Busisell Tommy Perry, Winston Wooten, George Scott, Herbert Lew'is, Gene Burt, Eddie Manker, lirnmie Smith, Henry Schwartzi if 'A' ir LATIN CLUB -t LATIN CLUB MOTTO: "LABOR OMNIA VINClT." MRS. GLADYS LETER RIGGS, Teacher .41 First Row-lack Tanner, George Makris, Ruth Mandelman, George Burns, Ann Caldwell, Charlotte Young, Lenita Massey, Reva Weinberg, loyce Dean, Katherine Overholt, Dorothy Mallick, Sammie Ray, Winifred McKnatt, Helen Hirsch, Ianis Letkovitz, Mrs. Gladys Riggs. Second RoWhMelvin Fleisher, Ed Craig, Walter Murky, lames Barber, Marlene Stanley, Harvey Cummings, Beth Green, Fay Bussel, Louise Parker, Regina Kitterman, Christine Pipkin, Doris Varnavas, Martha Morris, loyce Record. Third Row- Roy Coats, lr., Hubert Dellinger, Paul Gibert, lohnny Malamas, Sylvia Sizler, Barbara Looney, Shirley Barber, Patsy Newton, lerre Bolton, Vera Doyle, Marilyn Mitchell, Barbara Wener, Betty Woodward, Bernadine Rhodes, Irene Cassidy, Elizabeth Sparks, luanita Hudson. H.- OFFICE STAFF Left to right, seatedelacqueline Bilger, Sophie Makris, Verna Williams, loy Sanderson, Norma Nichols Left to Bight-Bettye lane Atkins, Fannie Mae Stewart, Elizabeth West, Diana Brown, Shirley Shifiman. 'A' ir 'Ir LIBRARY STAFF Lelt to RightANorma Banks, Annie Varnavas, Eleanor Flois Gwaltney, Gerald Crone, Mary lean Webb, George Mak Slaughter, Charlotte Young, lane Ballard, Patsy Newton, Philip ris, loyce Cutsinger, lean Pickard, Shirley Barloer, Boy Crook Mandleman, Mary Catherine Pike, Charles Alexander, Miss Thelma Bogard. PAGE SIXTY-SIX HONOR SOCIETY INDUCTION Lett to Rightwlcxne Ballard, ludith Saul, Robert Parker, Shirley Bfxrbcr, Rowflyrx Strong, Harold Cantor. PAGE SIXTY SEVEN PRGIECTION MACHINE OPERATORS Bottom to top, left to right: First Row-Stenis Coin, Carl Roy Allen. Seooncl Row-eBilly Shelton, Gene DeMorco, Bobby Holl, Billy Coleman, Third Rowflock D. Holt, Alex Alexander. 7 ' 41 . l f - cr' Iwi ,jfs l K if 5 .f ifgai'-A i fa l ' LI l PAGE SIXTY NINE Lunch Room Receives The Added Aitrdction of Cocoi-Cold Machines QJSERSRJSQ QQWQSQSVE Hot Lunches of Wholesome Food Moike Healthy Bodies for Bright Minds Boys' Cooking Class L lt to Rightf amm a L y Bell, Eugene Barrett N... Practical Experience in The Classroom Prepares Betty Ruth Taylor anol Kathryn Tanner tor The Future Miss Kennedys Classes Serve Lunch in The Tea Room PA E SE ENTY ONE FACULTY COMMITTEE CN PUPIL GUIDANCE Left to Right-Miss Mary Frances Kennedy, Miss Louise Weaks, Miss Zula Boswell, Miss Delores Fuller, Mrs. Paltie Moreland. if 'Ir ir soCiAL CQMMITTEETC l a Left to Right-Captain Ellis, Peggy Flanniken, Miss Mable Reed, Mr. I, A. Meeks, Miss Mary Hurt, Earl Cunningham, Roy Durrell, Roselyn Strong, Kenneth Benderman, PAGE SEVENTY-TWO ATIONAL EGRENSIC LEAGUE TEA L l R h D h DCIVIS, ludlth Saul, E11 We1l, loyce McCoy, Stanley Zellner, Paul Ycxrbrought, B G M 'kit Thespicms cmd Debcrters Complete Of Successful Yecfr of Speech Work OFFICE PRACTICE PAGE SEVENTY-FOUR ln Office Practice a pupil has the opportunity of learning the following machines: Burroughs Bookkeeping Machine, Burroughs Calculator, Comptometer, Marchant, Monroe, Mimeograph, Sundstrand, Dictaphone. Office practice may be taken by any l2th grade pupil, provided he has had one year of typing, This course carries one credit. Office Practice may be combined with either 2 years of typing, 2 years of Bookkeeping or 2 years of shorthand to make a three-year sequence. Miss Lyde Robinson supervises this course, C538 'rea i" '- THE CCMMEECIAL DEPARTMENT Mrs. Lillo E. Wormcm ,,,.,,T ..,T,,T,,,T,A.,,,T.,.T. ,.,,., T,,T7,,T.T,.,,, ,T..T.,,.,.,,,,T,, T y p i ng Miss Louise Weolks .,..,,, .,.,YYY,,,,,,AT,...,......,.,,,,,,,,,,,,A,,,,,,T, ,T.Y.,.,,,.,,,,,,,,, T y ping Miss Lycle Robinson sss,,,..,. Steriogrcxphy, Bookkeeping, Clfice Prorcticc Mr. C. C. Iories ...,. s,,..,..,,s....,,s,.,s,.s,, B ookkeeping, Commercial Low PAGE SEVENTY FIVE Scenes ot Interest Throughout the SchooI Give Some Ideo of the Votriety ot Work ot I-Iumes P GE SEVE TY SIX LT I. 2. 3. PRACTICE UNIEORMS HANG IN THE DRESSING ROOM. RECORDS PLAY AN IMPORTANT PART IN CLASSWORK. MR. WINFIELD EXPLAINS EXPERIMENT TO PHYSICS CLASS 'A' 'A' 'A' Mr. Keatliley Presgrove Drives the lunior Team to the Basketball Game 465 MR. N. E. RIDDICK E Humes Custodian At all times of the day or night, whether for Work or entertainment, Mr. Riddick is ready to assist in preparing the building for the faculty and student body of Hurnes. l '19 PAGE SEVENTY SEVEN Irene Martin Bernice Saperstein Irene Martin and Bernice Saperstein served as co-editors tor the IQ47-'48 school year. Under their leadership the HERALD Was edited monthly, the SENIOR HERALD prepared and sold, and the scrapbook made up from daily clippings throughout the year. PA E SEVE TY EIGHT 7fzerll":' ' Published Monthly Durt th ng e School Yeo:r by the Students ofL C Hume H h Co-Editors ,,.t,,. Sports Editors ,. Assistant Sports Columnists ,...,l., Exchorige Editor Artist ,...,,.l.w.,,...... EDDIE NUCKOLS Stott Photographers LOUIS COOPER ond IRVING FRIEDMAN Reporters-PAY RUSSELL IACKIE MOORE JOYCE BEARD WILLIAM HARRIS BETTY MANKER, PHILIP MANDELMAN BERI GARY MARY CAIN, ERNES Students Representing the Herald at the Commercial Appeal Newspaper Clinic Left to Right-Louis Cooper, Elmer Todd, Betty Manker, lsaac Gruber, Al Herbert Thomas. , C NYC Q C ffslilllfflfof Q Wll lat ltgltrlt 0 V M f ge -QQQ, 5 t is r-exxlwix Wag is it D Q . V ' v E 9 5 v 9 v P P P 5 V 5 5 P r rg F 1 X P x NS I ' Q Q , P r P 5 P v P 5 P P P V 5 U f' ' f' 5 ET L LCQ LOI2 Clif. v P v 5 v 5 9 5 P 9 7 Q45 - P P P P P P 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 3 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 3 4 4 2 4 4 4 4 4 4 . 3 3 MISS Loviece Deane cEf'i'l"m'l 4 3 Miss Susie Jobnsom f7L7l5'm!J 4 4 4 4 4 3 : ik Ugrlis van, ifyzingf am! zoof: of fiorzsify am! uizkwzs Zia in 4 ' ' , 1 H22 fsficify of fiqlifirul on Ll yomf alucufiorz'H-gghafuzcrfi 5 ' ' . 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 3 I PAGE EIGHTY'ONE Q I I LT. , IUNICB CERTIFICATION CLASS CFFICEBS Ll ""' ' ' I 3. ' I n r , V, N mth Grade Officers , ,,: .Lf I X A r la I '- ,C ' LEFT TC RIGHT K President II.,II....II..II., I I,.I,.,.,..,.,,..I,,.,III,III.,, ,,,,,,I, 1 oHN Avoi-21215, 9-4 Q if VICE-pTGSldGTQ.i ..... I,,,,,I ,I,,,, B RUCE KITCHENS, 9-7 its , ' e fi xx . Q ' -2 Secretary... ..., 5.5 ...,, ,,...,, ,...... R UTI-I MANDELMAN, 9-9 -X , Treasurerwii I...w... fi .Y.,. I.IIIIII ,,A,,,,,,,.Yw. E LMER TODD, 9-4 X! Reporter .,..,,, v..,,, H . .,,I,,, ,..,III L EWIS PITTM1-tN,9-8 Q 7 ,if il.. ' .X It , Xt X. I X 5 yi in if A I 9 M M , .bg XXX. A ' I ., .5 t 5 X. ME Room oPPioERs Q Bottom to top, left to right: Row One-Iohn Kenny, Billy Britton, George,Autry, Ie-rry Burkett, Homer Hudspeth. Row Two-Sue Grimes, Sara Tupper, Wanda Lott, Ianet Diepholz, Ierry Gail Bolton, loan Parker, Margaret Allred. Flow Three-Betty Ioyce Bradley, George Burns, George Makris, Barbara Dees, Amy Nell Ae-schilrnan, Regina Kitter- man, Doris Varnavas, Betty Poole, Malcolm Anderton, Bruce Kitchens. PAGE EIGHTY-TWO Bow Four-Ioe Hunt, Wayne Davenport, lohn Avgeris, Peggy Baird, Elmer Todd, Sylvia Smith, Boy Crook, Bobby Crook, Bobby Hargett, Lewis Pittman. Row Five-Alfred Williams, Ralph Brown, Margie Mcllvain, Betty Woodward, Barbara Watson, Beth Greer, Winitred Mc- Knatt, Ruth Mandelman, Billy Brown, Ann Caldwell. 9-1, 9-2, 9-3, 9-4 Home Rooms NIH ' II lllllllll l l lllllllllllllllll l l lll lll llllllllllll llll I ll IlllllllllIlllllllllIllIllIIIIllllIllIIllllIIIIIIIIlllIlllllilllllllllllllllj ' lv Q, Q x - fs :, in 12-M ,wwf . ,ivf'EQg99', if il ' 9 QW! - 4 gjejgf 56 ,gov-U, W ,MQXB 9 5 9 6 9 8 9 9 Home Rooms Q4 7-J 1 . 1 3. fx , . ff?-lx' .. M u V ., fl., of " ' PAGE EIGHTY-THR:-: -4 IUNICR Y-TEENS OFFICERS Lett to Right-Billy Hill, Lillian Carver, Martha Wells, loyce Byrum, Doris Lowe, loyce Dean 'k 'A' if IUNICR Y-TEENSF Bottorn to top, lelt to right: First Row-Miss Katherine Hall, Lillian Carver, loyce Byrurn, Billy Hill, Martha Wells, Doris Lowe, loyce Dean. Second BowePeggy Patterson, Leona Sandridgef Patsy loyner, Peggy Cannon, Betty Sandridge, Freddie lean Barrow, Rachael Maddox, Billie Mae Chiles. PAGE EIGHTY-FOUR Third Bow-Patty Tucker, loyce Beard, Birdie M. Borie, Shirley Eubanks, Bonita Franklin, Lucille Stanley, Barbara Dees, Betty Whitlock. Fourth Row-lean lohnson, Mary lane Lassiter, Leona Wa- ters, Barbara Weatherley, Doris Berryhill, loan Winter, Norma Achard, Betty Pate, ? IUNIOR RED CRCSS Iunior Red Ross-Left to right, bottom to top-Officers and Sponsors: Row One-'Betty Tutor, Miss Susie Iohnson, Sponsor, Peggy Baird, Amy Nell Aeschliman, Margie Draffin, Miss Lo- riece Pearce, Sponsor, George Autry, Row TwoAIames Kidd, lames Yarbrough, Norma Childs, Barbara Rafferty, Io Ann Rea, Mona Raburn, Bobbie Hardy, Io Ann Liberto, Billy Iohnson, David Lloyd, wi? vi? Row ThreefRussell Hallard, Dewey Ann Brown, Ruth Man- delman, Fraulien Finney, Martha lane Graham, lean Sander- son, Bobby lean Hardy, Maryleen Reece, Charlotte McCollum, Peggy Patterson, Opal Murphy. Row FourfDolores Permenter, Frances Sechrist, larnes Sanders, David Ashmore, Arnett Phillips, timmy Mullins, Elmer Todd, Roxie lnnis, Doris Berry Liel. ik ik IUNICR ART Front, Left, Back Right-Betty Tutor, Milton Crutchfield, I. Benny foe Barnes, Peggy Alice Smith, Margaret Nance. B. Bates, Mary Leone Sandidge, Homer Bates, lack Nolen, PAGE EIGHTY-FIVE IUNICB GLEE CLUB Back Bow, Lett to RightwWillie lean Ellis, Loretta Cotros, Bettie VanVickel, Geraldine Bishop, Frances Secrest, Barbara Giles, Birdie Rorie, Bannie lean Bullock, Doris Lowe, Milton Horton, Chas. Hogan, Fred Harbor, Wallace Ball, Glenn Honey- cutt, Herman Ioyner, Donald Pornell, Ralph White, Faye De- lancy, Monterey Mcllvain, Mary Steele, Marlene Weger, Abbie Sue North, Evelyn Hendricks, Robbie Davis, Ann Seymour. Middle Rowiliebecca Stanley, Annie Dycus, Margie Draf- lin, Velma Ervin, Virginia Newman, Doris Vandiver, Martha Frances Coyle, Mary Evelyn Bringle, Mary Io Miles, Robert 2 Earl Shears, Roger Helms, Lonell Ferrell, William Prater, David Lloyd, Richard lones, Richard Cain, Iames Garvey, E. G. Skin- ner, Doris Sanders, Betty Lundy, Iackie Newsome, Arlene Har- ris, Shirley Escue, Margaret Earl Iohnson, Virginia Young. Front Row-Norma Chiles, Delores Irvin, Ioan Cresswell, Helen Griasby, Ieanette Webb, Phoebe Coscia, Virginia Den- son, Betty Lawrence, Cora Davis, Marjorie Sweeney, Dorothy Helms, Barbara Goodwin, lean Cross, Ioan Cross, Ramona Paul, Amogene Ingram, Mary Sanidas, Miriam Buck, Barbara Weath- erly, Dorothy Saltz, Sophie Shore. , ?5::1 IUNIOB SEWING MRS. K. B. CONGERS, Instructor. PAGE EIGHTY-SIX Miss Virginia Harrell, 7-8 l-lomeroom, Helps loan Rea loan Rea some from Merrill as a champion speller deternlned to bs champion at Humes. All during spelling lessons and contests she showed her superior ability and rep- resented Hurnes in a satisfactory manner at the l948 Memphis-Shelby County Spelling Bee. Her rating was eighteenth arnong the spellers. 5? 9 , f-" xx Q Y 5 - - ----f . t? gftl't 'r W' i t t Gi' " J Miss Lorice Pearce, 9-3 l-lomeroom, Talks to Donald Gorgas Donald Gorgas, who was born in Goerlita, Poland, entered Hurnes at the beginning ot February. Al- though his course ot study in Poland was somewhat ditterent from that here, he is taking a regular ninth- grade course. Before coming to l-luines Donald had spent some time in a concentration camp, PAGE EIGHTY SEVEN T 1 " 4 ire - x 1 f IUNIQR BASKETBALL First Bow, left to right, bottom to top--George Oliver, man- Second Row-Cecil Gann, Charles Fisher, Arthur High- ager, Gary Coleman, Charles Yoe, Bobby Blancett, lohn Kinney, tower, Howard Boler, Allred Williams, Fred Harbor, Wallace Bobby Hargett, loe Allen, Bobby loe lohrisori. Ball, Harold Stanfield, Coach Keathley Presgrove, iff ik ik wif IUNIOR CHEERLEADERS Bottom, Lett to Bight-Barbara Giles, Barbara Massey, Bar- Top Bow-Doris Davis, Martha Durling, loan Finney, Doris bara West, Begiria Kitterman. Whimkeff AYIYUS DYCUS- PAGE EIGHTY-EIGHT 66 a er eg Speec M To you, who each day Take on anew your tasks Along the lines that speech will go Through city streets or far out Upon some mountainside Wl1ei'e you have blazed a trail And kept it clearg To you there comes from all Xvho use the wires A tribute for a joh well done. For these are not just still And idle strands That stretch across a country Vast and wide But bearers Of lile's friendly words And messages of high import To people everywhere. Not spectacular, your usual day, Nor in the headlines Except they be of fire, or storm, or flood. Then a grateful nation Knows the lull measure Of your skill and worth And the fine spirit of service Which puts truth and purpose In this honored creed- "The message must go throughf' SOUTHERN BELL TELEPHONE AND TELEGRAPH COMPANY PAGE EIGHTY NINE GYM PRACTICE I-IASIZE A HEALTH PRCGRAM MMM GYM CLASSES AT WORK I PAGE N I N ETY-TWO 64' 46 IN APPRECIATION The Stuff ond their sponsors wish to express their op- preciotion to the following who served cms or committee of consultation for the Senior Herald: MR. R. ROY COATS SGT. I. W. KESLER COACH A. C. WILLIAMS COACH L. B. TAYLOR MISS N. LOUISE MOFEETT MISS SUSIE IOHNSON Qi' 49 NintIr1tGrade Home Room Officers President Vice-President , , Secretary , Treasurer , Reporter , President , ,, Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Reporter ,,,, President , Vice President ,, Secretary, , , Treasurer ,, Reporter ,, President, , Vice-President , , Secretary ,, , Treasurer Reporter ,, President ,, , Vice4President, ,,,,, , Secretary . ,, Treasurer , Reporter President , ,, , Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Reporter , President ,, Vice-President , ,, Secretary ,, , Treasurer , ,, Reporter ,. President .,,,,, . Vice-President . . Secretary ,, Treasurer Reporter President , ,, , Vice-President , Secretary . Treasurer Reporter , 1oHN KENNY ,GEORGE AUTEY , rrru ,BILLY BEITTON , ,,HoMEE HUDSPETH A ,,,,IERRY BURKETT ,,,,IANET DIEPHOLZ ., WANDA LOTT ,, , SUE CRIMES , , SARA TUPPER ,, ,GEORGE BURNS ,,,,,,BARBARA DEES AMY NELL AESCHLEMAN ,GEORGE MAKRIS BETTY JOYCE BRADLEY , ,IOHN AVGERIS ,,,,,,,PEGGY BAIRD , IOE HUNT , ,,,,,,,,,,, ELMER TODD ,,WAYNE DAVENPORT ,,MARGIE MCILVAIN ,, ALFRED WILLIAMS , .BARBARA WATSON , ,HRALPH BROWN BETTY WOODWARD .,,IERRY BOLTON ,IOAN PARKER , ,,,.,, ,IOHN CARSON ,, ,WMARGARET ALLRED ,, ,,,,,,,,, DORIS DAVIS MALCOLM ANDERTON , BRUCE KITCHENS , ,,,,,,,,,,, ,BETTY POOLE ,DORIS VARNAVAS REGENA KITTERMAN ,, ,,,. ROY CROOK ,,,,,,,,,BOBBY HARGETT ,,,,,,,,,SYLVIA SMITH .....,,,,BOBBY CROOK , ,,,,.,,, LEWIS PITTMAN ,, .,,., ANN CALDWELL , ,,,. ...BILLY BROWN , RUTH MANDELMAN , ,WINIFRED MCKNATT , . ,,,,, ., BETH GREER PAGE NINETY-THREE W I I J Earl Odell Allen George Willard Autry Louis Harley Barrett Iames Ross Bennett lames Earl Bishop William Alflred Boshers Billy Green Britton Bernard Carberry William Farris lessee George Donald Kennedy Eugene Kolb Clifton Marshall Ernest Palmer Otis Doyle Bailey, Ir. George Burns Robert Edmonds Donald Gorgas Malcolm Eugene Hensley George Makris Iimmy Mann Iimmy Mullins Eugene Alexander Lowell Avery lohn Avgeris I. B. Cowan Wayne Davenport Fred Fleming Ioe Hunt Edward Bolding Ralph Brown Leonard Davis Edward Henderson Iohn Paul Iones Sidney Kline Ierry May Edwin Moskowitz Billy Ioe Murray Iohn Carson Bobby Harris Billy Wayne Fite Robert McDaniel Iames E. Monow lack Tanner Margaret Allred Malcolmn Anderton Robert Bell Charles Hines Iack Kennon Bruce Kitchens lerry Mann Russell Mauk Bobby Pleasants Gene Atkins Charles Austein Winford Baker Bobby Blancett Howard Bolen Robert Brown Glen Burress Roy Cain Billy Brown Roy Coats, lr. Hubert Dellinger Conrad Hopp Tam Iustice Iimmy Lackey Billy Livingston PAGE N INETY-FOUR Ierry Hay Burkett Royce Edward Church Charles Peterson Davis Wallace Davis Richard Lovell Dougher, I. W. Edwards Carl Arthur Goolsby Tilford Rickard Billy Robbins Robert Russell Betty Sue Dickey lanet Diepholz Helen Dollahite Fraulein Finney Robert Everett Sanders Ellery Smith William Farell Smith Iackie Donald Washer Amy Nell Aeschliman Ola May Anderson Betty Io Baxter Bobby Reed Lewis Shores Buford Thomas Don Tielens Elmer Todd Irving Tucker Charles Wellons Mardy McCommon William Noland Maxey Spence Iohnny Stacks Babby Stanfield Alfred Williams Frances Bailey Doris Bell Nellie Clemmen Norma Banks loyce Beard Ierry Gail Bolton May Lyn Cates lrene Cassidy Marlene Craig Gloria Cordell as -Bm R, loan rooks Peggy Cannon Roselee Cates Bonita Franklin luanita Hudson Regena Kitterman Irene Lefevers Bobby Crook Roy Crook Charlie Fisher Cecil Gann Bobby Hargett Carl Hillstrom Clarence Houston Franklin Morton Walter Murphy Ed Powell Donald Williams Ann Caldwell Georgia Chapman Betty Cunningham 9- I Wilson Harwood Homer Clay Hudspeth Iimmy Wyatt Ioyner Iohn Larkin Kenny George Edgar Nail Ierry Eugene Pannell David Dewey Pearson 9-2 Ioan Finney Sue Grimes Mary Iones Betty Ann Kile Carol Mae Lang Beatrice Lewis Wanda Lott 3 Betty Ioyce Bradley Barbara Ann Dees Thelma Iean Doyle Delores Nadine Fleming Nancy Elizabeth Iones Billie lean Kelso Lillian Aileen Long 4 Wayne Williams Tommy Wilson Peggy Baird Wanda Bogue Ioyce Ann Byrum Lillian Carver Ioyce Dean 5 Amy Cole Alma Delk Mary Frances Gean Dolores Harrison Mary Nell Howard Roxie lnnis Marie Messer Martha Morris 9-6 luanita Crook Doris Earline Davis leanetie Favazza Betty Gray Nina Pearl Griffin Eunice Hill 9-7 Ianie Ruth Lawrence Lenita Massey Delores Permenter Io Ann Permenter Christine Pipkin Betty Poole Ioyce Record Colleen Reece Paul Lightell George Oliver Lewis Pittman Paul Posey Harold Stanfield Bobby Weakley Doris Berryhill 9-9 Nina Faverty Beth Greer Billie Hill Lois Houston Ruth Mandelman Winifred McKnatt Marilyn lane Anderson Dewey Ann Brown Clara Emmer Burroughs Florence Marie Ervin Betty Lou Sharp Wanda Walton Doris McDonald Frankie Miller Eva Smith Sarah Neagle Betty Iean Sparks Wilma Stewart Sara Tupper Billie Iean Magness Arden McGee Marie Pilcher Patricia Ann Tucker Barbara lean West Doris lean Whitaker Io Ann Winter Maxine Hale Io Ann Robertson Deloris Turner Betty Vaughn Leona Waters Martha Wells Marjie Mcllvain Peggy Patterson Patsy Roberts Lula Mae Sorrell Lucille Stanley loyce Thomas Barbara Watson Betty Woodward Victoria Himmaugh Sylvia Levenson Alice Lloyd Opal Murphy loan Parker Anna Laura Skoggs Barbara Alice Sealy Iune LaVell Stedman Doris Varnovas Ioy Watson Bobbie Nell Whitehead Rita Mae Wilder Peggy Wilson Blanche Iordan Lucille Ledbetter Barbara Massey Betty Lynn Nicholas Loletta Reimler Sylvia Smith Barbara Wener Catherine Rogers Marlene Stanley Iune Tanner Betty Tomlinson Morma Delores Turner Charlotte Young ALL PORTRAITS AND GRQUP PHOTOGRAPHS IN THIS ISSUE BY ig, , yqge Photographer 160 Union Avenue - Memphis, Tennessee 5-0494-Phones-48-3294 ' Specializing in PHOTOS FOR SCHOOL AND COLLEGE YEAR BOOKS ALL PHOTOS TAKEN AT THE SCHOOL Q73 COMMERCIAL - INDUSTRIAL - PRESS - PUBLICITY WEDDING AND PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHERS uounusnnusu uns-uunnnnn-nuuun4 P Mig I M .L M aw P WM JW! Jfdwdg 4, ,f Z x 57 fy x f'717?kC-L2 '6 'uff' ' ,Z I dwg? 7 fy Illia:nuununn-nnuuuunuunnlnnlnuulu:noununuuuunun11lInnnIIIuuuuuuuuunuuuuunsnnluuuu N CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES! "KEEP PHYSICALLY FIT" "YOU'RE ALWAYS WELCOME" AT S I Sk t Une D w1m- ae- 1 - ance LIBERTY CASH GROCERY No. 25 I C"BUDDY" and "HAPPY" VANNUCCI. Mgfsg R L Whiere Prices Are Right And Merchandise Complete NBUY FOR LESS AT LIBERTYU Free Picnic Grounds-Free Park 1055 Jackson Avenue Phone 24191 ing Space-Fountain Service Greetings to the 1948 Class! SILVER MOON Lamar Blvd. one block' from end HULL-DOBBS CO. "World's Largest Ford Dea1er" PARTS-SALES-SERVICE Third and Gayoso Phone 8-8871 CANDIES and COFFEE OLIVER-FINNIE CO. Extend Hearty Congratulations of Lamar Bus Line For Reservations Phone 4-1918 Skate All Summer In Air Conditioned Rink Good Luck Graduates RIVIERA GRILL Where Eating is a Pleasure NEWLY REMODELED AND DECORATED 1380 Iackson Ave. Phone 36-2442 "WE NEVER CLOSE" After You Graduate May We Continue to Serve You? Compliments of A. W. HEUERTZ. Tennessee State Mgr. PRESCRIPTIONS, SCHOOL SUPPLIES 6: COMPLETE SODA FOUNTAIN SERVICE 1013 Iackson Ave. ACCIDENT ASSOCIATION 10th FLOOR STERICK BLDG. Phone 5-4646 Special Rates Given to School Class Parties for Swimming and Skating! EAST END RINK Madison at Morrison Phone 36-6332 Best of Luck to The 1948 Class! MEMPHIS AUTO PARTS CO. SPECIALIZING IN TRUCK PARTS " Parts for Everything That Rolls" 1093 Chelsea Ave. Phone 8-1202 Good Luck Humes High Graduates VENTRINI'S GROCERY Ernest and Pete Ventrini 752 No. Dunlap Phone 8-9309 THE GIFT OF A LIFETIME! Bulova Watches Largest Assortment of Iewelry Hamilton. Elgin and Gruen Watches LAGUZZI 6. BARRASSO IEWELRY COMPANY "Out of High Rent District Better Prices Are Available" 1361f2 No. Main St.-Phone 8-0956 L., Q 'Hum swam-15 AQ if- ii Q ? uxii BEST WISHES, GRADS! GREER'S SANDWICH SHOP 1037 Iackson Avenue Phone 36-9633 WeOna Food Store 27 Owners: Cacciola and Danovi Fancy Groceries, Quality Meats, FREE DELIVERY 1042 Chelsea Phones 8-0648-9 SUCCESS LAUNDRY 'A' Our Motto "Success" NOTHING SUCCEEDS LIKE COMPLIMENTS OF WESSELL CONSTRUCTION CO. I. Walter Iones, Sr. I. Walter Iones, Ir. Owners 388 No. Front St. Phone 5-3134 Congratulations to the Graduates! PARAMOUNT CLEANERS SANITONE CLEANING 1274 Iackson Avfe. Phone 36-3566 Congratulations and Good Luck to the 1948 Graduates! LAWSON'S LUNCH ROOM 636 Chelsea Phone 5-9271 SCHAFFER'S DRY GOODS STORE "We Outfit the Whole Family" Our Specialty is Peter's Diamond Brand Shoes For Men, Women and Children 718 No. Second, Comer Chelsea Greetings, Graduates! E. E. DUNN'S Leadway Food Store No. 18 SUCCESS 741 NORTH DECATUR -A' SUCCESS TO THE 1948 GRADUATES! 1000 Ieflerson Ave., Phone 2-3123 Congratulations to the Graduates of 1948! l I D. CANALE 6. co. Congratulations, Graduates. I 6: , Wholesale F ru1t and STANLEY M1-1Y1v1E s P C1 IO UCS , BEAUTY SHOPPE E550 SICIUOH MRS. MAYME DORRIS BIRDS EYE FROSTED FOODS COUR-I-EOUS SERVICE 868 Chelsea Phone 8-0721 408 s. Front sf. - Phone 8-4121 1379 Idckson Phone 36-9341 BEST WISHES, GRADS! ABROS AND IVIEATS HARDWARE MODEL DRUG STORE . 'A' We Are Featuflng Hardware and Sporting Goods Admiral and RCA I I I I ,I I Dealer 'WELDING and CUTTING APPARATUS" PACKING 1078 B dl at Cgljsejje . . . HOBART . . . co. "ARC WELDERSH PHONE 5-7632 Welding Rods and Supplies ik Delta Woodworking Equipment Flow Sgndefggmd HAYS SUPPLY COMPANY MEMPHIS Pohshers for em South Front Street Telephone 37-1563 7 A X. oA 'FluTo Gramm-4 5 Q, .4 .K b 5 4s? - .ya E O O ............................................................... . ............................ .......... ............. O fcczcfuafai Has Keep memories ot schoolmates CI Future lt's easy and fun, too, with school memory books, photo and auto- for graph albums, Scrapbooks and diaries from Tool's. Leqfn And, you'll Want to say "thanks" M0161 for those graduation gifts with your own "personalized" thank you notes. Earn More! DAY AND NIGHT SCHOOL X mining . . suslurss - SECBEIAHIALJW urulrnls IDI 7 SE Entire Second Floor, 158 Madison - Memphis, Tenn. DRINK MILK FOR HEALTH AND BEAUTY! 'A' KLINKE BROS. DAIRY 'Ir Phone 4-2101 Fon HOME DELIVERY Best of Luck. Class of '48 H. L. DELLINGER FLOOR COMPANY ACOUSTICAL TREATMENTS WOOD. ASPHALT 6. RUBBER TILE FLOORS See them today at Toot's, O gocial cgfafionszy Section S. Us TU.iU.l..s.Ql.. Best Wishes to the Graduates YELLOW CABS 8-2121 PHONE 8-2121 Good Luck Graduates! 'k ARNOLD BARBER AND BEAUTY SUPPLY CO. 205 Madison Ave. Phone 8-5194 Good Luck Humes High Graduating Class! WeOna Food Store No. 100 W. C. Smith. Owner 607 Chelsea Phone 8-1992 YORK ARMS CO. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DISTRIBUTORS SPORTING GOODS Fourth Store South of Loew's State 712 No. Decature Phone 8-4492 162 So. Main St. Telephone 8-1217 if --nn-uunu--nn ---..- 1 IIIIIIIII IIIII I llllllllllu X7 A 'H UTO GRHPH S 0 48 T i- - die f A 0 .... . ...... .... .... ......................... .... .. ........................ .... ..... ............ . ,P WEAKLEY KEY 6: LOCK WORKS 633 Monroe Ave. Phone 5-2222 'k WEAKLEY EQUIPMENT CO. 639 Monroe Ave. Phone 8-6972 Speedway Drug Store 631 Chelsea at Thomas FREE DELIVERY Phone 5-2766 PRESCRIPTIONS CAREFULLY COMPOUNDED A C ongratulations, H umes Graduates! ir LIBERTY CASH GROCERS Congratulations Seniors ot 1948 B. F. Craig 6: Sons WeOna No. 129 1262 Breedlove Phone 8-2887 I Best Wishes to the Graduates! Peal's Hardware 61 Paint Store Blackstone Washing Machines Enamels and House Paints for Inside and Out 810 Breedlove Phone 8-9914 Thomas Street Garage IOHNNIE BURSI-N. E. CAMBELL GENERAL REPAIRING BODY WORK AND PAINTING 1414 Thomas Street Phones: 5-3256. 5-9210 Best of Luck to You, the Graduates of '48! ir Co1eman's Service Station and Garage 7TH AND CHELSEA WHITFIELD KING 6: COMPANY 'lr Insurance I-Ieartiest Congratulations Class of 1948 R. E. SHOOK Plumbing and Heating Service 1177 Iackson Ave. Phone 66-7348 Best Wishes Humes High Class ot 1948 C. O. DAVIS ELECTRIC CO. 1317 Iackson Ave. Phone 7-0674 BEST OF LUCK 'A' Liberty Cash Grocery No. 44 1052 CHELSEA Good Luck to the Humes Class ot 1948! F UTRIS BROS. Cleaners 5: Hatters "Well Known in North Memphis" We Own and Operate Our Own Cleaning Plant 998 Iackson Phone 8-0968 Congratulations to the Humes High School Graduates! F ISCHER HEATING AND PLUMBING CO. 167 Adams St. Phone 8-5801 May Success and Happiness Be Yours, Class of 1948! WEONA NO. 112 671 Satlarans TELEPHONE 8-2904 Congratulations, Graduates! GUTHRIE PHARMACY GUS GAINER, Manager DRUGS 6. SUNDRIES 910 Ch-elsea ' Phone 8-7404 Good Luck Graduates! W. B. BARRON Groceries and Meats 1306 Hollywood Phone 4-3346 FREE DELIVERY Greetings, Graduates! SCOTT ELECTRIC CO. ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS 272 Madison Ave. Phone 8-3743 BEST WISHES, CLASS or '48! H. BLOCKMAN 6. CO. Producers ot WIPING CLOTHS 376 North Front Street Phone 8-6545 Good Luck, Class of '48 TRI-STATE VACUUM 1 CLEANER CO. KE. E. BROCK. Owner, Parts cmd Repairs lor All Makes 995 Iackson Ave. Phon-e 37-0706 Congratulations, Class ot '48 THOMAS DEPT. STORE 1239-41-43 Thomas St. 5-2205-Phone-5-9545

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