Humes High School - Senior Herald Yearbook (Memphis, TN)

 - Class of 1946

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Humes High School - Senior Herald Yearbook (Memphis, TN) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 15 of 112
Page 15 of 112

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Page 15 text:

1 9 J - ' THEONE GNOS ' "Pee ee" Honor Society -I5--iii: Senior Clee P11111 --H- 45-46: Fifty Club 4-1-45--l" rl serv S 41- 42-43-4-1: Auditorium Comm' tee : Soi-re-1:11-y Honor Society 46, Se 1 ' -rotnrv Senior Glee Club -15: Pr on - serves 43: President or 9-ii I'l0lII9l'0Olll: L. C I-Iunles .-Xward -lil-441 Htlliill' R111111t1vi. si years: Full Coiiimt-r1-i11l l'0lll'SB, 1l11-ee yi-11 - Musiv, four years: History, H ome Home ies: tory, LOIS LEVERN ARNOLD "Vern" Glee l.'lul1: on 1'l1:1111,111111 'l'e.1111 Y--ll1-3 lt:1ll 45--151 lf0STll9I11l1xgy, lun xr-,UNL lI1111l4lq1-vyiiligl two yearsg I-Iistury, ut.. 3.-nr, CHARLES BACIGALLPO "Rabbit" H l'lul1g 13411111111 1.1 XYr1--1l1r11: T--.1111 471. NY1'--- tling 44-451 Busl-11-1 l2:1ll1 lC1114l -l:. '1.u1' 5-.11s1 S1-ie-n1'e. three Xfnllfrl l"1-:irfinu 1i11'--1- 5--.1r-5 R, 0, T. V., Ani-1r11:111 ll'-11119. 1 1- y--:11 IVM1 W f x 1 1 I' 1 I 1 11 - W JAME , D 1 as ' J ' " K ' 45- I 'N e lflulx iii '1' Y1-:ir Cl .--l-lg Qf'1'er .le nil Brawl- l 1--11...111, It Jer Sena 1'l 5 ,Ill 1'm1111.-- ' 0111111111- t Chee-rle 45-41. unify Ji' gui1111 Vla- 1 on 44-45 .miie rl 11 11- - 1111111111 11- 455 S4'lE'llf, fuur 5. Iffl 5 1 'l11--1- 3.-.11-. Me1-hani Irrax 11 , 1 11 5 .1 , Af Q , F RUBY BEATY "Boots" English ljluhg Te-wh Sun11111-1' F1l11111l 43: 'I'1'v-:1f- urer of Bookke11pi111: 1'l:1--: H111111f li11111-111111-, three yearsg Typing, un. 11-111- li1111ki-.1-1-g.111u. two yearsg Eripflish, 111u1- 1-:11-, Sli-,1'1l1.1111i, one ye-ar. HELEN LAVERNE BELCH urlwinyn Sabre Club, Fifty Vlulvx Girl ll'-S1-rw-S: GI-fl Club' one year: H- 11 'l", 11 S1111r1s11r3 llr111r11 Banquet Tenth Grarh-g Xvlfr- PIU-Slflf-Ill 111' liirl Kegel-x'9g Vive Pri-siflr-1'1t nl' Girl Ii1-sl-1'xv lnlvr- 1-lub f'nun1-ily Perfewt AIIPll4lEl'l1'F-' in 2-11-1'er1ll1 and TQ-nlh Grades: H111'11+- E11'111o111i1's, thr1-e yearsp Typing, 1110 years: U1'ii11- P1-:11'tl-'P-, 11119 year, Bookkeeping, one ya-:lrg A1141-lint, one year. ROBERT W. BILGER ulleftyil H-Club 43-465 Pootiinll, three years: Nrm-Com Club, two years: N I" Lg President of Sff1'1i1'1r Class: Sgrretary of H-Club: P1-esirlent ul' Speevh Cluhg President of Non-1"r1m f'lui1Z All- Memphisi Baseball -15-465 Math., four yearsg History, three years: English, four 5'P3.l'SI R, O, T. C. fr 5 . ,... t S . if xg X 'M it 'iw , - , :gf S wa- . gk 1 . 5 Y I 1 ,in-Q . - 1 1' i 5 - ' f 'FF 1 4 2 A , 44 L, 4 fl' 4 1' A .2 , 8... I ft. "Bi op ' 'Ln I lug ,om 'ulip Vive President f T ' cl I l 1 II 241- gemtt, H. O. T. C-Z N - S111 tv yvarsp I'r1'11I'tir1g, two years, 1', thr e 4' 'sg linglis ,X I'0UI' years. BEVERLY GENE BLACKMAN tim!! First li:1111lg SLII111111-1' H1-l11111l T1-1-h -155 Sabre 1'luI1g l'Illl.1lINll, I'11ur y--:iraq 'l'y11i111,f z1n1l O1'i'i1'e l'1':111l11-1-3 Ii1111l1k1-1-pi1114', l1x'11 y1-zlrsg Band, tw0 51-zirw. .J CARLINE BLANKENSHIP li:1111l, il1r1--1- t1-zirsg H111111- E1-11no111i1's Club: lfllolnuy 1'luI1g lC11g'l1sl1, l'1'11,11' y1-nrsg Bookkeep- ing, 11111- 31-:11'g S1ie111-e, tl11'1-1- years, Typing, ixtu 51-urs, ll1st11l'y, H111 y1-urs. JOY ANNA BLAY OCK ulvattyn 'K' I1111 - 11 11i. ., A 1'lul'1g Sabre ' il P' "1 ws ', ' - '1 V ' -1-5 V' ' 1,1 - 1-7 ' T, 'V ' , ,"S ,' 1 L.- .'-1 - ' ,1- '1-111 in : H ,'onr11: f . l. , ", S11,111s11r - 7: ' 1I'ity ,111-1-11 - 'g , . -11 ' 1 1 rs: A 'l , 'sg 4 ' , lr xg ',, H 1 'wg L 1-- ' 1, . ye-ziri 1' 11 - '- f ls. 'O' 1 ll N Xl 1- P1 1 t 0 I u X1 1- I1 11 Ill or H11 1 S u li li 11- 1 ll 1 ll 111 t fe 15 11 x l1 4 1 0 if ' :11+-1- H--I r'1111tai11 111' 91-1'l1-at ers -15- 1 l il I 1 41 I' 0 ll I 1 1111- 1 1 1 Fx 111 1 rv 11 11 1 I 1 I Iul 1 0 X11ll11111l1 I ' LOUIS B. BOOTH "Bootie" 'l'1111111s I3-Ili, lfirst S1fr1:1-zi11l, ll. ll, 'l', t,',g Il1'nl'l1111:, ll11'1-1- yn--urs: 81411111-1-, tum yn-arsg I5:1111l, II11'-v 51-:irsg I-Ixiulish, l'11u1' 51--:1r::, MARJORIE TH AN NA BRAY AA ' YI li 1 1s ,u1, tlil' 1 Yt1'2ll'S 1-l rihzinml, 11 31-:11" l1l1114l' 1, I'1:u1' ,'1-urs, .pe1'l1, two y1-iirsg ' 1111' N111 'vars ,1 1" 1" - ' 5111111 i 1 nt ,'1-:V Q ,JP 55514 "" DORIS BROVVN ll uCky!, .':1 f"lLll+ -I"- i5-1' ' 'l H12 43-4 ' I 1 1-111 -:urer 0 Ni11 , Tenth, Cn Elf- l Gr- 1l1-sg l-l1111111'zl1'y Vndet First Lieu- i1-nu -lil-l 15--163 Enulisli, Your yt-arsg Amer- i1z111 Hist 1- , I 1 ' Il -l'-t1'11'y: Home E1'1'1n01n- i1-xg l41111li - 11 r' ,pi 14 ' fwI'I'it'9 P1':f11'lir'P' f:PllPl'1ll lX'l11i1,: it-119111 S . ' -653- GLADYS LOUISE BROWN 46L0u99 'I' :1n1l I Vlulv: lflnglish, I'11ur yi-111-sg 1'ns1111-tol- ULIY. lu 11 y1-:11'S: I'I1m11- E1-111111111i1-S, tu 0 t'1'-ars' l'lSUll'l'. NYU YPIIVSZ Gyni, two ye-airs: Math, two y1-rirsg Musiv, 11,Q yi-:img gl,p,,,.hI Um, Year.

Page 14 text:

.0I7lLLllZEi cgsnioz Edifion Q3 CLASS QIHHIQIERS , -' x 1 , W yf SENICJ EQ? ,.Wvvf,,, Dobeff Qalgef, Dvegdenf fix' Sill Wegkleq, QM' XXQCQ-pvegdemf Jog Qlmlogk, Qwlj X!1Ce-pT,egaJenf Qgfkeme 1-lanes, Qecovglmg Sewenm Mmm Mom, Tfemwer Sue Deeler, Corfresponxnq Se-cvei q

Page 16 text:

GOLDIE REVA BROWN CKGOMIP Honor Soriety: Art Club: Home Evonornirs Club: Red Cross Representative: Girl Reserves: Treasurer of Ninth Grade Graduation Class: Queen in Eighth Grade: English: History: Art: Cosmetology: General Math, VVAVA JEAN BROWN "Bean" Honor Sol-iety -15-46: Glee Club: Junior Girl Reserves: Red Cross: Spanish Club, txio years: Student Government: Honor Banquet, six years: Student Government Monitor -l-l: Presi- dent 12-1 Honieroom 45--tri: Set-retary of Span- ish Club, two years: Treasurer Junior Girl Reserves: Student Government Auditorium Committee 44: English, four years: History, four years: Typing, two years: Spanish, two years: Math, three years. BETTY RAY BURKE Npaltli National Forensic- League: Fifty Club: Honor Society: Girl Reserves: Secretary Spanish Club: N. F. L, Certifi-1-ate: English, four years: Shorthand, tivo years: Typing, tivo years: Speech, three years: Spanish, tyyo years: Math, three years: Anierit-an History. 'SS s " f' em of Band 41-46: Member of Ort-hestra 41--l g I ree Years R. O. T. C.: Vice President i and Staff Sergeant R. O, T. C,: Letter in , ' S Pond Chair Solo Cornet in IV, M. C. and usio' istory. I FRANCES BUTLER uFran.n Girl Reserves: Student Government: English. four years: Home Er-onomir,-s, three years: Speer-h, tivo years: Typing, two years: Book- keeping, two years: Biologyy one year: General Math, one year, JEAN CANNON Home Efonomir-s Club: Reporter for Home El-onomiws Club: English, four years: Typing, two years: Home Et-onomifs, three years: Swi- enf-e, tivo years. RACHEL CARTER "Butch" Senior Girl Reserves: T and I Club: Math, three years: History, tno years: Home E- o- nornius, tivo years: General S'-ienre, one year: Typing, one year: Shorthand, one year: Cos- rnetology. HELEN CHRISAFIS "Double-Bubble" Red Cross li-pre-sentativep English, four years: Typing, tivo years: Booltlteei-ing, this years: Shorthand, vivo years: History, three years: Offire Praltil-2, one year: Commerrial Arith- metic-, one year. new-W.-1-v-.--,-,v,g-ft---Q-f-.Wg Q - --we-.V--N S, BILLY CLARK "C1a,rkbar" 1 F Q tt H-Club' five years: Non-qtjotn Club: 'Footbtaglvcl three Years: Filibuster bhO'J19f-YLg3ff9Srf1il1Orn9- W 1, years: Sergeant-at-Arms ot Tent Ere-Igh folk room: Sergeant R. U- T- C-if HI??L1'rv' r-W0 years: Llrafting. three Yeafbf mo" 1 9 ' years: Algebra. UY0 WHS? bPee"h- i J . 2. f . MY 'z RUBY ERCELLE CLARK '51, v , ,W "Honey Honor So'-iety: Latin Club, four years:-H Red " Cross: Bond and Stamp Hepreseritatlivei beffe' ten-v of Latin Club: se'-retary of Nmlh Grade f Hoinerooiiig l-lonon Banquet, three Ye2H'f5S Laun- .S , I-our years: Smen:-9, Lhree years: English. four ' " years. . l ' i 1 BERNARD B. COLE 'IK 2 aiBerny11 i-'ii-st in-ar lynn.: Non-com Club: Treasurer of 1 12-1 iioinei-noni: English, four years: Marb- ih ree years. x : i , f f , X -vii OL - 'fin f L cr G L ti -E . ' JOANNA LOUISE COSCIA HJOY! Jer, , 1 Honor Sowiety: Latin Club, four years: Presi- dent of Red Cross: Vile President of Latin Club: Honor Banquet, six years: Latin, four years: St-ient,-e, three years: Typing, tivo years. VIRGINIA COUGHLAN 4sG,i-nnyrs Honor Soliety 46: Glee Club, Ninth Grade: Latin Club: Treasurer of Latin Club 45--16: Latin, four years: S- lent-e. three years: Alge- bra, tivo years: Plane Geometry: English, four years: History, one year. l YZ F , Y V -I .-4 -.J KSFI' ,4 ., NANCY JANE COUNTESS -. VM' W' z M- 44N n 1 gp.. all 'K A I, , V -V Girl lleserxt-s 43-iii: Typing, iyvg 5-931-gg Short- " hand, inn years: Offi-e Prnt ti-e. one year, - .. 1 H l: V 5 pf., ,f f Q ' SUE CRAFTQ 6 .- V - "Burma" .M - V - I ill-Ae tfluif .xi-t Clnl-' i-ini f- Q f -- C' - , Q sw gl, . V . ini to-iety, -irl Re ' - 2 W Q' s"'U:SQA lil'-l Vrpss: Student Government Moni- . f 4, it-r: Xile l'r.'snlen1 Ninth Grade Hoineroom: Q L., if lresitleiii T--nth' Gin-le Iloineromn: Yi.-9 Presi- f f ,ar -lent lil--xentli Giwnle lltiinertmmg Honor Ban- : f f 'lupl' 'lit' 5"'lll'S3 RFI. four years: English. K f lvtilli' YP1lNl'51 S-fienle, tlir.-e years: Algebra, two ,ie :C -fri", 3"1lY'SZ 1-lvv Vluli, Inn years: Aineri--an His- 'Q Q'yf1g',t ,.,. of "WN mls 592111 'lXlll. inn ye-urs, 5,58 N ' ly ftaxeff-...ggi .sg :Eli JIBIDIY CRAIG 1 " N' "Curly" Hlhl l 'wllll-2 li-lf'lLll'1 N-in-Voin Club: two 5l'J1ll's HHS-'il'-zlllz one year Football: Revenue Y' 'i ' oi 12-lg Yi--e Presitlent and Delegate "IT f""l I P'llllAf'llll'lll in 15-4-H: Entertain- vnt 1'-iniinittee oi' T :intl I Pluh H-453 Se,-- de lionieronni: Lt-ver in nsebnl: Math, three years: English four Years: 51.1131 Shop. tum ,.,,m.S: R' 0 'T' C' 0 3'9i1l'Si Svienwe, tivo years, Q I 1 i , T - S V, "7 X tune in, -Q9 U in ' y ""l11l'3' nl Ninth Gra , R i : X tn ..3iaQ1LrS...-...,,vL,,,,. , , , - ,

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