Humes High School - Senior Herald Yearbook (Memphis, TN)

 - Class of 1946

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Humes High School - Senior Herald Yearbook (Memphis, TN) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Cover

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J, 'LJ 'V ' W r 1 .1 'V ,Lf i ,f A r,1 1 I. 1 n 1. , ,. 'wi' 1 M ffm: -,ax , . V .- ., ' .1?,,, gg , I gg, ' ,4 PW, rf ! I . -f-.J if ,: " f b ' ' ' V 'QQ iff' 1 . l - 1 Q ', ' ,A -. f r Vui- .q 'Q vi ! W + A - ' ' by, hh in by VI 5 ...., .V .1 If Y bv b N . - V -I I ., Q ff 1 ' hQtog nhe: P, fax H f , I Ferrmewrlfy A f more senvrcs co. . -rag 1 ' . IT:-JE.Q,T5:jf"1gasMi, -is-Y 7-,xx 'V A I 2. 5 X Nr--, 1690 Union Avenue f F ' v f ' Rpnm. 221 A ,. 'A'fs4f1-f4 , . jg l J ,E H ' - ,. 5-0434 .Phm1es 1 4 -- 2-685-5 r - 2 N vu F u, -N N . J Y, V1 'X ' 5 1 A ' ,,,-Fa. 1 V L Q 5 if A4 b R. M, Q' K X , EQ 0 is-5: A 1 , . 3 " S H+, ' if V A f , i f a ' f, , Cammerczal Photos , W1 4 . w, y?",!'l'l-'hy vllb- V. V' .4 3 Y, M K T Y, wx K V A . N 1 , ' , gf' ' ' Wedding and Portrcnt , f Aw ,V ., W Q .Homfeszmngs By Appomtment V -:ET .I I- I "tif-X W 1' :'i3,VQ, ! 6 , H 44 V' x o 15 ' - .'.- M -, W s Q l by mid? I li ff xy, 1 x ,4 4 5? wk , Q'g 3,3f'g,g1 . ,,,if A- . ,PRESS ,. T, 2'-LQ, .ian ' ', fS 1+:r'vf' - uf-. ff-,u wr Q .g . -,N Zw 4vRe'..Q's H it - X.. . A " , A M . +V- , .N ' A -. .V -,Mx,,l . A Am .X 4, -1 A ww r, , X 1 4 f 'Z H Nh ' Kwan . X ' ' MNH 1 New xl.. ,yy 'Q .3..,,1r .9 f X . L : X41 .,.,.. - nnlnlinl than ne nrmnnnuna- nnnnnmnnunouun :lumen onmuo u nnulvnnllnnn on lu 1 n l-unu u-uonumnmnnnn anna wvwmqlu 'nunummn-n me as-nu -fwmnu nnnmnvqauwueum nu V I Q nw A A A nmnnariwsianum wnn muvnoulunmlannmnlullmnllio v-7-Lf ,-7'Z1f,f F! ii .. ,Q Q -1 w vw w w Avg 1 H , 1 j E 11 iff? 5- ,I 1- '1 11 31 .H bl lh ' IH N li ? an 5. 4 Wwwwfpkjxfqnmgxijlf ie IQ f6'C77Os-75-c,afi-.,QX Q?f,7'?'f'555fQfMM f2i4.,1zLl!4,, Sfmnmmjdmmuim ,ygf 2457A 5-CAM! t .x 6l4flM?Al.J, RV enneJJee I ff!! fl!!!ffflfllfflffflflffff ff!! ff 0'ClflL.lfl7 X6'CCi.Q-16.4 246 UEVMIUHUNM Jag Begins of 1--lomes 1-Jig? School eaclv morning wiflw wlwajc is COIHQJ4 UAE DEVQTIQNAL. THQ IS G Qlwf 'l"GlNQIOlJS OESGTWXGVICG XYVPICL COI'WS!9't9 O? 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Na-1-I fm . .M ' f-H--1Vf"5ff' ' -'Si' xii" xf' A '-'Tiff R ' " " A I A V , hmnil' ' -' :Q,'gf:-.1 .4 ' V ', V..f1-.4-ft" 'L' . ' -.955 ' " I J Rh , . V. 'Mk y mic., x I, 7 .J . A 'L . --.,,-an - -by ff, , , 1.4. 1--I :mn I , 5.-ww Air aqfna 7 I IEI IICATHON In memory ot the boys of Humes who have given their all to preserve the ideals ot their country-the boys who Were our relatives, our classmates, our friends, and our patriots-in memory ot these Who in their devotion to duty Will never see this hook, We rev- erently dedicate the 1946 Herald. SAM ALBIN HOLLIS ARCHIBALD MICKEY BOSCHERT DAN BRYAN HAROLD CALLOWAY WILLIAM CLARK THRUMAN DAVIS WILLIAM DEVITT J. C. ERVIN SHERROD W. FAUGHT JAMES FLEMING JACK GOFORTH HUBERT GORDON WALTER GRAY PHILLIP KINE FRANK MCDONALD C. T. JENNINGS COLUMBUS DE VAUGHN JONES CHARLES KELLY ELVIN KING JOHN MARTIN WILLIAM GEAN THOMAS BILLINGS NEMAS FARR JOE VVIKERSON CHARLES MINYARD JAMES PORTER READAS J. SANDERS TEDDY JONES RICHARD SCHUON awed Spilleyt WARREN BOWDON ELTON TIMBS CHARLES SMITH JOHN VINSON GEORGE MORGAN DONALD YOON CHARLES HOGUE GEORGE PARKER RAYMOND BRYAN ROBERT EASLEY HARRY LEON COOPER CLARENCE PREWITT WILLIAM TURNER WILLIAM D- WOOTEN. JR. JAMES COYLE ROY SHULL HARRY WASHER WILSON RAY BILLY DAVIS NORMAN ACHORD JAMES L' HISKEY NICHOLAS GORMAN JEFF C. HORNSBY EUGENE MEEKS JOE WILKESON MERLEN UNEAL IAN HUGHES KJ E gupevinJcen0:eni MQ, W. J. DVQESCQTT MQ. J. M. SMITH Clwaivman, BOMA oi: EJucaiion Divectov OF lnstwction 6 Cyunzsa cyigg Ssnioz fcfifion PRINCIPAL DQWJAVMDMOSSLHUJAQD HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM? ohlunzu clfiglf Senior fclition THIE lPlRIlNCIllPlAlL'S MIESSAGIE In portions of China the press of numbers on an infertile soil produces a state of nea:r poverty. Crops are raised and harvested by the crudest tools and methods. Sufficient food to sustain life and health is a daily problem for most individuals, Upon one Sunday morning at a Chris- tian Church Mission in the province of Nigeria, Madaki, a prosperous land owner requested those who would, to gather at his house the following morning. One hundred and four, mostly women and girls, assembled. From a storehouse filled with harvest baskets, some big, some small, and some middle-sized, Madaki invited each to select a basket, to follow thence three and one half miles to his farm, to harvest the ripened grain, and to bear it in the baskets back to his home and barns. Returning after a hard day's labor some struggled under the weight of the big baskets, while others brought only a small measure. The labor and journey concluded, Madaki called them together and told them, 'lThat which you have harvested and brought hither is my gift to you." There were shouts of joy and thanks- giving, also sighs of regret. "If only I had known, I would have taken a larger basket" was the plaint of some. Others had refused to go, saying, "I have work enough of my own." On the following day still others came, beg- ging to be permitted to go and bring in a load, but these were told, "The time is past, the grain was harvested yesterday." 'k 'ik' 'k 'A' ir 'lr 'A' 'Ir ir Upon your graduation from Humes High School you are invited to help garner the harvest. Select your own basket. 641411151 5512501 Edifion TEACMEQS HILLIARD, D. M. ..,,.1..,.,,,.,,,,. ...................... Pr incipffl EICHMQND, ELEANOR ....1. ........ A ssistcmt Principal PRESCOTT, ANNIE M .,,,,,, ............,............,... S ecrewry EIDDICK, N. E ...,,,,,.,,,, ,,,A,,,,,, .,,... B u tldmg Superintendent IOHNSON, MES. EMMA .......... ............ C afetericf Mfmcfgef SPENCER, MRS. MARY C .............. SOMERS, COLONEL IOHN E KEESLER, SERGEANT IOHN W. HARRISON, C. F .,..,,.......,, ...,.4..,,,....... .....E.. R . EARABOUGH, MRS. W. W ........ .... MCBRYDE, MRS. I. W .E,, ,.,...,E.. NELIUS, MRS. E. W .,.....,. SCHAEDLE, MRS. B. A .,.... FACULTY ALEXANDER. VIRGINIA LEE ALLENSVVORTH. JENNIE ALLINIOND. NOLA AYIVIETT, INICCALLUINI BACON. IYIRS. INIARIA K. BOSVVELL, ZULA IW. BRANCH. LILA BRENNAN, IVIRS. J. CLARK, EVELYN COATS, R. ROY CONYERS. IVIRS. VATIE BELLE CRAIG, HNTEZ KINIRS. HAROLD EJ ENGLAND, ELIZ ABETH FISHER, MARY P. . ..,., Assistant Manager O. T. C. Band Director Attendance Officer .......Attendance Officer Supplv Manager Stamps and Bonds f GIBSON. AGNES GVVALTNEY. FLOIS 1 HALL. KATHERDNTE HARRELL VIRGINIA I-HLTPOLD. YV ALTER S. HURT. INIARY POVVELL. JACOTTETAINTE IINIRS. E. BIA JOHNSON. SUSIE INT. JONES. C. C. KEATI-ILEY. GLADYS IINIRS. C. CJ LITTLE. ARDIE IINTRS. RAYIXIOND RJ LOCHIRIE. HELEN LOKEY. MRS. J. E. MARMANN. ELSIE MASON. PERRY IVIEEKR. JAINIES A. MOFFETT. N. LOUISE MORELAND. PATTIE rMRS. C. AJ PATTON LUCILLE PEARCE. LORIECE PRESGROVE. KEATHLEY REED. MABEL ROBINSON, LYDE SCHILLING. ELSA A. SCRIVENER, MILDRED SNIPES, EDNA STEPHENS. MRS. JULIA THOMPSON. MARGAR VVALKER, MIARY VVEAKS, LOUISE S. ET -' VVILFORD, AILLEE LD-6 XVILLIAMS. A. C.. JR. XYILLIAMS. XYEIR O. XVINFIELD, STM XVORMAN, LILLA AMPS. Harryt DEWDEO WEMEEQ.O5l4UMES-EACULIY WARE, BIRDIE L. c"7lul7z.51 csliflfz .genial Eclifion Q I E XS W My-M ELEM C5 i f9fQf D E'HE ? ll HE WXAE DIUEQCQTT L. C l-IUMES MEM SU-KDQL clfumgi Alaniofa Edition W QS. J. W. MCE-BVQYDE QIRIHE ll HNQS Dresident l-lumes, It is with regret that I am serving my last year as president of the Humes High Parent-Teacher Association. I shall always look back on my two years in this capacity as two ot the most pleasant years of my lite. I speak for the members of the group when I say that the association faculty, and students have been most co-operative in every way possible. Without this co-operation the association could do nothing. May we always keep in mind the thought that "Together we build To the graduating cla s of 1946, may you always press forward to the high calling of Christ Iesus. Remember as did the Psalm ist, "Let the words ot my mouth and the meditations of my heart be accptable in Thy sight, O Lord my Strength and my Redeemer." Gyumss Olfigg cgsnioz fliiion GRAXI UIXWVIES 4. ,a F2 1 ' f . ,. . fl- . p,' fi , .Iv JR. 4 f f 'vt 'H jQ G y i? 'I X' X 'BW IM If , I ,f H I" " 1 X' f ' fv, u. . - .Pi r : 'l'N if 51471 'fi Q 4" " v ' " Vl 'V If, J' I fm " ' ' I ' ' ' L ' I 'I f k T F W nl ,I ,vis-' " W M- ?"mg,. ' ?---'mf 3' ' ," , I I I1 - lk , IIN .gi W ,J ,L :,. , M, 1 v F W ' 1 ll! V' w lf af ' 1 A " 1 17! if f l 1 I' R ' L, ,I i21'1"!a '- ' an-u, L f ' 1,-4' vt' ' 1 :gl N ' "IH I" -fi? - if' -my , I' -'riff ' . qw 1 '- : .Ei ,I -fi' V l T' rx ' li. "?'.2' f il ' -, ,x ' -'-f 2: L.-1iL" 51' 'K L'-:Y mf--'H Q. -A P Af .I , gg pi" ' 1" Q.-'i gi . my 2 ,. Y -4 X VJVNQ - 'V - ? "-Q signs GLASS QI? H946 .0I7lLLllZEi cgsnioz Edifion Q3 CLASS QIHHIQIERS , -' x 1 , W yf SENICJ EQ? ,.Wvvf,,, Dobeff Qalgef, Dvegdenf fix' Sill Wegkleq, QM' XXQCQ-pvegdemf Jog Qlmlogk, Qwlj X!1Ce-pT,egaJenf Qgfkeme 1-lanes, Qecovglmg Sewenm Mmm Mom, Tfemwer Sue Deeler, Corfresponxnq Se-cvei q 1 9 J - ' THEONE GNOS ' "Pee ee" Honor Society -I5--iii: Senior Clee P11111 --H- 45-46: Fifty Club 4-1-45--l" rl serv S 41- 42-43-4-1: Auditorium Comm' tee : Soi-re-1:11-y Honor Society 46, Se 1 ' -rotnrv Senior Glee Club -15: Pr on - serves 43: President or 9-ii I'l0lII9l'0Olll: L. C I-Iunles .-Xward -lil-441 Htlliill' R111111t1vi. si years: Full Coiiimt-r1-i11l l'0lll'SB, 1l11-ee yi-11 - Musiv, four years: History, H ome Home ies: tory, LOIS LEVERN ARNOLD "Vern" Glee l.'lul1: on 1'l1:1111,111111 'l'e.1111 Y--ll1-3 lt:1ll 45--151 lf0STll9I11l1xgy, lun xr-,UNL lI1111l4lq1-vyiiligl two yearsg I-Iistury, ut.. 3.-nr, CHARLES BACIGALLPO "Rabbit" H l'lul1g 13411111111 1.1 XYr1--1l1r11: T--.1111 471. NY1'--- tling 44-451 Busl-11-1 l2:1ll1 lC1114l -l:. '1.u1' 5-.11s1 S1-ie-n1'e. three Xfnllfrl l"1-:irfinu 1i11'--1- 5--.1r-5 R, 0, T. V., Ani-1r11:111 ll'-11119. 1 1- y--:11 IVM1 W f x 1 1 I' 1 I 1 11 - W JAME , D 1 as ' J ' " K ' 45- I 'N e lflulx iii '1' Y1-:ir Cl .--l-lg Qf'1'er .le nil Brawl- l 1--11...111, It Jer Sena 1'l 5 ,Ill 1'm1111.-- ' 0111111111- t Chee-rle 45-41. unify Ji' gui1111 Vla- 1 on 44-45 .miie rl 11 11- - 1111111111 11- 455 S4'lE'llf, fuur 5. Iffl 5 1 'l11--1- 3.-.11-. Me1-hani Irrax 11 , 1 11 5 .1 , Af Q , F RUBY BEATY "Boots" English ljluhg Te-wh Sun11111-1' F1l11111l 43: 'I'1'v-:1f- urer of Bookke11pi111: 1'l:1--: H111111f li11111-111111-, three yearsg Typing, un. 11-111- li1111ki-.1-1-g.111u. two yearsg Eripflish, 111u1- 1-:11-, Sli-,1'1l1.1111i, one ye-ar. HELEN LAVERNE BELCH urlwinyn Sabre Club, Fifty Vlulvx Girl ll'-S1-rw-S: GI-fl Club' one year: H- 11 'l", 11 S1111r1s11r3 llr111r11 Banquet Tenth Grarh-g Xvlfr- PIU-Slflf-Ill 111' liirl Kegel-x'9g Vive Pri-siflr-1'1t nl' Girl Ii1-sl-1'xv lnlvr- 1-lub f'nun1-ily Perfewt AIIPll4lEl'l1'F-' in 2-11-1'er1ll1 and TQ-nlh Grades: H111'11+- E11'111o111i1's, thr1-e yearsp Typing, 1110 years: U1'ii11- P1-:11'tl-'P-, 11119 year, Bookkeeping, one ya-:lrg A1141-lint, one year. ROBERT W. BILGER ulleftyil H-Club 43-465 Pootiinll, three years: Nrm-Com Club, two years: N I" Lg President of Sff1'1i1'1r Class: Sgrretary of H-Club: P1-esirlent ul' Speevh Cluhg President of Non-1"r1m f'lui1Z All- Memphisi Baseball -15-465 Math., four yearsg History, three years: English, four 5'P3.l'SI R, O, T. C. fr 5 . ,... t S . if xg X 'M it 'iw , - , :gf S wa- . gk 1 . 5 Y I 1 ,in-Q . - 1 1' i 5 - ' f 'FF 1 4 2 A , 44 L, 4 fl' 4 1' A .2 , 8... I ft. "Bi op ' 'Ln I lug ,om 'ulip Vive President f T ' cl I l 1 II 241- gemtt, H. O. T. C-Z N - S111 tv yvarsp I'r1'11I'tir1g, two years, 1', thr e 4' 'sg linglis ,X I'0UI' years. BEVERLY GENE BLACKMAN tim!! First li:1111lg SLII111111-1' H1-l11111l T1-1-h -155 Sabre 1'luI1g l'Illl.1lINll, I'11ur y--:iraq 'l'y11i111,f z1n1l O1'i'i1'e l'1':111l11-1-3 Ii1111l1k1-1-pi1114', l1x'11 y1-zlrsg Band, tw0 51-zirw. .J CARLINE BLANKENSHIP li:1111l, il1r1--1- t1-zirsg H111111- E1-11no111i1's Club: lfllolnuy 1'luI1g lC11g'l1sl1, l'1'11,11' y1-nrsg Bookkeep- ing, 11111- 31-:11'g S1ie111-e, tl11'1-1- years, Typing, ixtu 51-urs, ll1st11l'y, H111 y1-urs. JOY ANNA BLAY OCK ulvattyn 'K' I1111 - 11 11i. ., A 1'lul'1g Sabre ' il P' "1 ws ', ' - '1 V ' -1-5 V' ' 1,1 - 1-7 ' T, 'V ' , ,"S ,' 1 L.- .'-1 - ' ,1- '1-111 in : H ,'onr11: f . l. , ", S11,111s11r - 7: ' 1I'ity ,111-1-11 - 'g , . -11 ' 1 1 rs: A 'l , 'sg 4 ' , lr xg ',, H 1 'wg L 1-- ' 1, . ye-ziri 1' 11 - '- f ls. 'O' 1 ll N Xl 1- P1 1 t 0 I u X1 1- I1 11 Ill or H11 1 S u li li 11- 1 ll 1 ll 111 t fe 15 11 x l1 4 1 0 if ' :11+-1- H--I r'1111tai11 111' 91-1'l1-at ers -15- 1 l il I 1 41 I' 0 ll I 1 1111- 1 1 1 Fx 111 1 rv 11 11 1 I 1 I Iul 1 0 X11ll11111l1 I ' LOUIS B. BOOTH "Bootie" 'l'1111111s I3-Ili, lfirst S1fr1:1-zi11l, ll. ll, 'l', t,',g Il1'nl'l1111:, ll11'1-1- yn--urs: 81411111-1-, tum yn-arsg I5:1111l, II11'-v 51-:irsg I-Ixiulish, l'11u1' 51--:1r::, MARJORIE TH AN NA BRAY AA ' YI li 1 1s ,u1, tlil' 1 Yt1'2ll'S 1-l rihzinml, 11 31-:11" l1l1114l' 1, I'1:u1' ,'1-urs, .pe1'l1, two y1-iirsg ' 1111' N111 'vars ,1 1" 1" - ' 5111111 i 1 nt ,'1-:V Q ,JP 55514 "" DORIS BROVVN ll uCky!, .':1 f"lLll+ -I"- i5-1' ' 'l H12 43-4 ' I 1 1-111 -:urer 0 Ni11 , Tenth, Cn Elf- l Gr- 1l1-sg l-l1111111'zl1'y Vndet First Lieu- i1-nu -lil-l 15--163 Enulisli, Your yt-arsg Amer- i1z111 Hist 1- , I 1 ' Il -l'-t1'11'y: Home E1'1'1n01n- i1-xg l41111li - 11 r' ,pi 14 ' fwI'I'it'9 P1':f11'lir'P' f:PllPl'1ll lX'l11i1,: it-119111 S . ' -653- GLADYS LOUISE BROWN 46L0u99 'I' :1n1l I Vlulv: lflnglish, I'11ur yi-111-sg 1'ns1111-tol- ULIY. lu 11 y1-:11'S: I'I1m11- E1-111111111i1-S, tu 0 t'1'-ars' l'lSUll'l'. NYU YPIIVSZ Gyni, two ye-airs: Math, two y1-rirsg Musiv, 11,Q yi-:img gl,p,,,.hI Um, Year. GOLDIE REVA BROWN CKGOMIP Honor Soriety: Art Club: Home Evonornirs Club: Red Cross Representative: Girl Reserves: Treasurer of Ninth Grade Graduation Class: Queen in Eighth Grade: English: History: Art: Cosmetology: General Math, VVAVA JEAN BROWN "Bean" Honor Sol-iety -15-46: Glee Club: Junior Girl Reserves: Red Cross: Spanish Club, txio years: Student Government: Honor Banquet, six years: Student Government Monitor -l-l: Presi- dent 12-1 Honieroom 45--tri: Set-retary of Span- ish Club, two years: Treasurer Junior Girl Reserves: Student Government Auditorium Committee 44: English, four years: History, four years: Typing, two years: Spanish, two years: Math, three years. BETTY RAY BURKE Npaltli National Forensic- League: Fifty Club: Honor Society: Girl Reserves: Secretary Spanish Club: N. F. L, Certifi-1-ate: English, four years: Shorthand, tivo years: Typing, tivo years: Speech, three years: Spanish, tyyo years: Math, three years: Anierit-an History. 'SS s " f' em of Band 41-46: Member of Ort-hestra 41--l g I ree Years R. O. T. C.: Vice President i and Staff Sergeant R. O, T. C,: Letter in , ' S Pond Chair Solo Cornet in IV, M. C. and usio' istory. I FRANCES BUTLER uFran.n Girl Reserves: Student Government: English. four years: Home Er-onomir,-s, three years: Speer-h, tivo years: Typing, two years: Book- keeping, two years: Biologyy one year: General Math, one year, JEAN CANNON Home Efonomir-s Club: Reporter for Home El-onomiws Club: English, four years: Typing, two years: Home Et-onomifs, three years: Swi- enf-e, tivo years. RACHEL CARTER "Butch" Senior Girl Reserves: T and I Club: Math, three years: History, tno years: Home E- o- nornius, tivo years: General S'-ienre, one year: Typing, one year: Shorthand, one year: Cos- rnetology. HELEN CHRISAFIS "Double-Bubble" Red Cross li-pre-sentativep English, four years: Typing, tivo years: Booltlteei-ing, this years: Shorthand, vivo years: History, three years: Offire Praltil-2, one year: Commerrial Arith- metic-, one year. new-W.-1-v-.--,-,v,g-ft---Q-f-.Wg Q - --we-.V--N S, BILLY CLARK "C1a,rkbar" 1 F Q tt H-Club' five years: Non-qtjotn Club: 'Footbtaglvcl three Years: Filibuster bhO'J19f-YLg3ff9Srf1il1Orn9- W 1, years: Sergeant-at-Arms ot Tent Ere-Igh folk room: Sergeant R. U- T- C-if HI??L1'rv' r-W0 years: Llrafting. three Yeafbf mo" 1 9 ' years: Algebra. UY0 WHS? bPee"h- i J . 2. f . MY 'z RUBY ERCELLE CLARK '51, v , ,W "Honey Honor So'-iety: Latin Club, four years:-H Red " Cross: Bond and Stamp Hepreseritatlivei beffe' ten-v of Latin Club: se'-retary of Nmlh Grade f Hoinerooiiig l-lonon Banquet, three Ye2H'f5S Laun- .S , I-our years: Smen:-9, Lhree years: English. four ' " years. . l ' i 1 BERNARD B. COLE 'IK 2 aiBerny11 i-'ii-st in-ar lynn.: Non-com Club: Treasurer of 1 12-1 iioinei-noni: English, four years: Marb- ih ree years. x : i , f f , X -vii OL - 'fin f L cr G L ti -E . ' JOANNA LOUISE COSCIA HJOY! Jer, , 1 Honor Sowiety: Latin Club, four years: Presi- dent of Red Cross: Vile President of Latin Club: Honor Banquet, six years: Latin, four years: St-ient,-e, three years: Typing, tivo years. VIRGINIA COUGHLAN 4sG,i-nnyrs Honor Soliety 46: Glee Club, Ninth Grade: Latin Club: Treasurer of Latin Club 45--16: Latin, four years: S- lent-e. three years: Alge- bra, tivo years: Plane Geometry: English, four years: History, one year. l YZ F , Y V -I .-4 -.J KSFI' ,4 ., NANCY JANE COUNTESS -. VM' W' z M- 44N n 1 gp.. all 'K A I, , V -V Girl lleserxt-s 43-iii: Typing, iyvg 5-931-gg Short- " hand, inn years: Offi-e Prnt ti-e. one year, - .. 1 H l: V 5 pf., ,f f Q ' SUE CRAFTQ 6 .- V - "Burma" .M - V - I ill-Ae tfluif .xi-t Clnl-' i-ini f- Q f -- C' - , Q sw gl, . V . ini to-iety, -irl Re ' - 2 W Q' s"'U:SQA lil'-l Vrpss: Student Government Moni- . f 4, it-r: Xile l'r.'snlen1 Ninth Grade Hoineroom: Q L., if lresitleiii T--nth' Gin-le Iloineromn: Yi.-9 Presi- f f ,ar -lent lil--xentli Giwnle lltiinertmmg Honor Ban- : f f 'lupl' 'lit' 5"'lll'S3 RFI. four years: English. K f lvtilli' YP1lNl'51 S-fienle, tlir.-e years: Algebra, two ,ie :C -fri", 3"1lY'SZ 1-lvv Vluli, Inn years: Aineri--an His- 'Q Q'yf1g',t ,.,. of "WN mls 592111 'lXlll. inn ye-urs, 5,58 N ' ly ftaxeff-...ggi .sg :Eli JIBIDIY CRAIG 1 " N' "Curly" Hlhl l 'wllll-2 li-lf'lLll'1 N-in-Voin Club: two 5l'J1ll's HHS-'il'-zlllz one year Football: Revenue Y' 'i ' oi 12-lg Yi--e Presitlent and Delegate "IT f""l I P'llllAf'llll'lll in 15-4-H: Entertain- vnt 1'-iniinittee oi' T :intl I Pluh H-453 Se,-- de lionieronni: Lt-ver in nsebnl: Math, three years: English four Years: 51.1131 Shop. tum ,.,,m.S: R' 0 'T' C' 0 3'9i1l'Si Svienwe, tivo years, Q I 1 i , T - S V, "7 X tune in, -Q9 U in ' y ""l11l'3' nl Ninth Gra , R i : X tn ..3iaQ1LrS...-...,,vL,,,,. , , , - , F7 pg N , ELOUISE GENEVA CR N UNB!! Honor Society 45-461 Glee Vinh, four yr-urs: Student Government Monitor lip t'ltnni-lenliw 44-45: Soi-ini Chairinun nt' Spanish Vinh: .luninr Cheerleader 13: Red Cross Rt-nrt-st-nintire -lip Honor Banquet 43-H-45: S--it-ine, tnur yen:-si Math, three yvarsg Stuinish, tun yenrsz Musn-, four years. at 7-QA ft , t , v v " " e Vluh: RQ-ti i'r ss, llwnt sn-nbty, ' ' I Li ' 'if 'sn' 'l li. Fir oi Vlul-: Nnns Cont Clutg ' 'l', 'g N: : ' .Xuurti for Ruiltling Rlnti-l Punt' Grads: Ilrniling, thrtf- yr-airs, I glisli, itil' years: Htstnry xvnrs, ll, ti, tn. , , years: Art, in.. 5- 'linltl .. 3 -b - N - X NSW' "-i A ' X ANITA CYMMING, "Nita" Student litttvriiiiiviiti He--1 Vr.-ss ll--iii--fs--iiizitixv, 5r"F'lflFt' -,ti Ninth Grail- H.-inwr-intnp Sltnrif hand, TBIIIULZ, I-inzlish, ugfn., Vi-.i ti..-, pg,...k. krt-ping, History, Hoinv I-Iinii-it i-Q, S-i--n-P. N., I VIS Bill' ' u 1 Ba , R r-. IL H, T, I". Han-, up hr- yf'ui'f: Me tt, stun: .tv-itpsvrzl, A-- ' ant INT' U Ui' Hu: .- Livul, in . ff T. an-l. Lvvt--r tit iiarnig First l"h'i 4'ln vnwi, XYMV1 Hart! Vlitit, Elin:- f-5,1 .0 HERBERT DAVIS Left Humps tn 194: v- gint. r?,- i'i.ti-Y-i Fmt-1 ,Ji Marine Corps, WILLIAIVI DAVIS H-Vluh iz-in, iiftmtr 1-ty i:t.t.n.u imnt. i Non-Pom Flu!-1 Junint Fnntltztli 1':titutiii. Vit .- -3 Pre-sid-fnt ol' T- nth Grail' iiniil--rnnrii, Yit 1- A President oi' Eli-tenth firmly linriiffr-V--iii, Yn t- ' President ni' Tuwflith Grrni-Q iinint-r-nfin, Hnu- 1 . lish, four years: History, lnur 3'-ms, Suinln-lr j Svhool at Tr-1h '45, l A. 1 t , 'f ' . V 1 ,:-r 3, 5 L ' A, -'0' . GLEN DORA DIFFIE V . i "Tootsie" - 4 ' 1 -1- , i Junior Glt-tl tjlultg Stniur Girl Ilvfsvrte-sg Vit-A -' K ' Presirle-nt ot' Ninth Grail-A Honnfrnnni: Vosliw- UPIUHYZ Typing, twn ytzirsg Hnnn: Etmininifs, V I twr, ye-arsg Shorthantl, one yt-ar: 'VI'l'Il'4" I'i'?i-'- , ' ti.-e, ons- 3-var, I' f A 3 E R'-sl" Iv Y V i VIOLA DODSON 1 Musirg three years: English, Your ywtrs: Short- hand, two ytarsg Typing, two yvars: Offife- Praftife, one yolr. f fix G. B. DORMAN "La.nky" 'I' and I Club: Student Gnvernirtelit Repre sr-iitutiyeg Aeronauti-g Ce-rtifit-nie, Smith'Hughes t'lfi'tiI'it-site, English, four ysairsq iVnori Shop, Iwo yvnrsg I,li'afiinig, threc- ytzirsg Algebra, yt-'Jll'S, ODELL L. DUMAS tw 0 First Yr-ur li, U. 'I', V. Vluh: Non-Vom Club: ,Xrt t'luI-g Heil Cross Ht-lwesf-iitaliye: Non-Com Ii, ll, T, t'., sw-onli yt-:trg English, four years: Shop, throw :intl ai hzfilf ye-urs: Typing, two yvursj Ari, Your yviirsg Honlilivtlpintf, one yt-arg Alnlli, nun yt-nr: Atiieritnn History, onv 3 MARTHA C. DUPUY . Alhiyrtll X 'Half lfi' Vit - nitfi "l .wr 'esg tee g 1' 3 4- i l'lul-: Treztsurt- nf rl 'se 'es' 'I' p4, tw.. y ti . R 1 'I' t ' , il- K A- -, tl 3 u 's: En, . 0 r ye- ' , il it .viii-vp BI' 6- , th P ynnisuigi- ' Ai! onn ' a . MARTHA EASTDIAN Girl Rvs.-rin-sg English, four yt-ars.: History. two years: Short hand, two ynarsg Typing, two 5--airs. HAZEL EDVVARDS Sin-rtlintnl, two yt-arsg Typing. two ye-ars: Book- Iwrpittg, tiyo ywzirsg English, four years, H ii-nitoitiits, iwn y-Jars: .-Xnwri-'ztn History, MARVIN EDWARDS Hnnnr so-'ie-ly: Nun-Pont Piulv: Sabre' P ome- luhg 'l'i-vzisuiwi' nl' Spent-h Club: Prvside-nt of 12-2 Hnnipronin: Eniziish, History, Drafting, CATHERINE EDWARDS 44K-it!! Svnior Girl Rt-servvs, English, four ye Hnnie Et-.tin-tinitis, four yt-arsx Typing. years, History, two years: Bookke-eping.:, yunr: Vlffite Pratt-tive, one yvar, Math, you r, CORNELIA FILLON "Connie" Fifth Uluh: Honor Sn-fietyi English, four ye- Shnrthzintl, two years: Offi-'Q Pra--tif-P. ywarg Nitin-s, ont- yt-ar: Ame-ri--nn History. Ars: two one one HTS: ODE 0119 year: Boolzlceepiiig, two yt-urs: l7'O'IllIH9i'l'l21I Arithtnetiw-, one year: Gym, two years: Typing. two years: Home Et-ononiirs, tlirve years, i I NOMA FRENCH lisljnlil 3 i Girl Reseryes: English, four years: Home E.-0- nornics, three years: Anierit-an History, two years: Mathematics, one year: Bookkeeping, two years: Art, one year: Typing, one yt-ar: Glee Club, one year, v DAVID GARIHAN I K I Gus!! T and I Club: T and I Club President: T and ' I Club Regional Contest: YVood Shop: English, i o - . f y , M 13199: 3 four years. 3 - 4 5 ,ex " ' . ,MZ Q! 2-"7 A O H , BR 1 I 4 I ., ' lub 43- 4: .f n-Com Club 145: it ,Q ,wk -. Glee lub: President of " omeroom 44-4 Sec- 4 X ' retary St-ienre Forum , -, dgnt Orchestra , Leader: Red Cross fri ve 44-45: Eng- , Q ,.., ' lish, four years: and, th years. I CHARLINE MILLER GOINS "Chicken" . W Red Cross: English, four years: History, three W. 'L years: Bookkeeping, two years: Typing, two N years: Stenography, two years: Home Eeonorn- if-s, one year: Office Practice, one year: Alge- . -. bra, one year: . IN' k g vk ALLEN GOODVVIN Y ,' ' Key Club 46: same Club 45-46: T and I Club Q ,, ,t 5 45-46: Non-Com Club 44-45: First Year Club V 2: :1-3 ' it . ' Q., X 43-44: Treasurer of Key Club 46: Treasurer of . ' '65 Sabre Club 45-46: Captain, R. O. T. C.. 45-46: M English, four years: R. O. T. C. E Q ' J-5 in I F ii - HAROLD GOODWIN Sabre Club 44-45-46: Club 45-45: Art Flulv 43-44-45-46: Vive President of Art Club, two years: Vive President of 12-2 Homerooni: Ser- geant in ROTC 44: St-r-ond Lieut, 45: Paptain 46: VVinner of Jim Quinn Medal: YVinn+-r of Company Medal: English. four years: History, three years: Shop, three years: A f i -3' it t 'X TOMMY G T i N TandI..44'N omf' ee i A Club: Ser- n grad , Red Cross , X : -. , - Represe ti : Preside of Eleventh Grade I ' ' Homero : E , fo years: story, thr e ., years: Glee four h ars. t' ' ', Q S f, D I "f ,- f Q5 If KENNETH GRAHAM First YVinner of I-Iumes ROTP Knot-kout: , 3 Drill Medal: Svienf-e, four years: English. ' four years: Mathematif-s, three years: Drafting F and Shop, three years. R L tt ia J MARTHA VIRGINIA GRANTHAM 6KJenny!l Ty-ping, two years: Office Practice: Shorthand- tivo years: Bookkeeping, IWO YQKYS- HERBERT GREENBERG usonnyn Spanish Club: President of Tenth Grade Home- room: Mathematics, four W2-FSC English- four Wars: S:,i,3n,.e, three years: History. three years: Spanish, two Y99-TS ELBERT GREGORY "Red on the Head" Non-Com Club: First Year Club: Sabre Club: HQTC Staff Sergeant: ROTC feaptain: English. four years: Algebra, four years: Mathematic-s, four years: Drafting, two years: Hist0l'Y. three years: Physif-s: Commander of Best Drilled Company in City for 1946, JUNE GWALTNEY HPI-lg-7, Girl Reserves: Herald Staff: Band, four years: English, four years: Scienfe. three years: Alge- hra. two years: Home Er-onornifs, IWO KEEPS: Typing, one year. MARYANNE HADLEY "Hadley" National Honor Soi-iety 45-46: Fifty Club 45- 46: Herald Staff 45-46: Se-retarv of Senior Girl Reserves: Vit-e President of Senior Girl Reserves: Treasurer of Girl Reserve Inter-Tlub Count-il: Reporter of 12-2 Homeroom: Red Cross Representative 42-45: Sl wrthand ' 'ng, Book- keeping, Offii-e P fl I O H. j ll I7 ' N t 4 , nt G nmen te fen " Set-r ary N' t enth, venth N es: Popu r't' Que6r r' Te h a'nti Elley ng Gr e 'oom , Engli , four r-Ars: grime mis ui ve, t ye rs: ins. tug ,earsz At t Adv ed Sewing istoryf three e rs: vi' x I ' Xl 4. sf MARY LOR-ENE HARDAWAY HDHOI' So- ietyi lied Cross Representative: Eng- lislu four 5'P1H's: Typing, two years: Shorthand, tivo years: Nt't'ii-e Pravtit-e, one year: Akynerigan lllehiry. M19 5'f'HI'I Home Economics, two years: Mutlieitiutit-s, one yt-ar: Glee Club, three years: Gym. tun years, V' BILL 0 'YU' Clu Spani C 1 n Club: Gil Reserves. hree y rs: me Ea mics : English, - s: Cosmetol , , ears: TV ' ,ears: Commereial etie, one y t : no tkeeping. on 'ea ailoring, one year: Ainer'--nn ne Ideal.: Gvm' two years. ' 'Ye f Hffyfr Qfhf ' ' Q , , U'rl?Af:nTrT11: sf! Fi ' lub: T l lb: lR er tu- g0Vf?l' Ht T6 I' 9 QVEI ar, 'if SR nth g' home two: t'os1nEwl0S'3'.'tWJ yea! : -ping, two yen s: Office E111 -"gf, gnu .ye r Bookkeeping. two years: English. four si -Xinerii-an l-listory. BETTY HARRISON Fifty Club: English, it-nr ,f-wig Fiit.rtht'tr1d, two years: Typing, tu o Years: Offit-e Pratftive. one year: Arithnietit, tint- yt-nr: S-'tent-e, one year? Home E--uiioiiiit, in ti ps-:ti-sg Gym, two years. , . 1 A. 'i tt i .T .irl tix Z' PEGGY ALLEN IIILL NAI!! Junior and Senior Girl Res-fry.-sg Stull--nt Gm-- vernment: Glee t'lul-3 S.-1 retart ni Juni-ir Girl Reserves: 6e4're'ary of 9-4 Home rollin: Stu- dent Government Reprv-st-iiuitiw-1 Juni-ir Ph.-er Leader: Mathemati'-s, three pf-:ir-1 S it-nie anti Physiw-s, two years: Gi.-P "'luli, ihr.-.Q years: History, two years, CATHERINE HINES uliittyn Senior Girl Reserves: Fifty Plul-1 ILUTI' spon- sor 44-45: Ref-ording Se- rf-tary of Senior Vlass: Ser-retary of 12-2 Home mont: Typing, zito years: Shorthand. tuo years: fvtfi-e Pi-attii--. one year: Amerlf-an History: English. LlLLIA.N HOLT "Li1l" Senior Girl Reserves -15-46: Typing, two years: Shorthand, two years: Bookkeeping, one year: Office Pramtire. one year. BESS HOLT "Bess-af-ma," Student Government Representative: Student Government Counvil: Red Cross Representative: Typing, two years: Shorthand, two years: Bookkeeping, two years: English, four years: Glee Club, three years: Home Ewonomir-s, one year: Commert-ial Arithmetic-, one year: Offii-e Practice, one year. 9 ,f L owns 'K it . . -,aff mg, .., E.. M t -O 5 l .4 ii BILLIE FAYE HOPKINS l4H0p!l Shorthand, one year: Typing, two years: Book- keeping, one year: English, four years: Home E:-onomit-, two years: Anierif-an History, JACK HOUSEAL iapleckvi sobre vluh 45-46: Spanish Club 44-45: Captain lttI'l't' 45--ltig Vive President Spanish Club 44- 15: limi t'i'oss Representative 44-45-46: English, Your years: Shop, three years: Spanish, two years! Sr-ienve, two years: Drafting, one year: Mathematit-s, one year: ROTC, three years: Rl! tl K .KW Ainei-it-an llistory, ont- year. THERESA HOWARD Typing, two yi-urs: Shorthand, two years Lzitin. two yi-arsg Home Et-ononiiv, three years Math.-iiintii-s, tvo years: Hist v, one year. .g M50 Ciba.. ? ff 'art . HO nglis , 'o r ye' ': listogy, three y , lee lub. ' s - om-nqvea ' ro we. r.: Shi , yi-a 5 Drafting, ea ,- o D LE D W uba.-Hub " iunies g Band: Gi test-rrt-,' ' ary vasurer ot' Rami: " , ning: Book- t-e,.ini4g titfitit' A .1' , ?V LL UBBARD n T 5 G11 eser ' Stu Gov- E- it-nt est-ntati e, o Third ' i aywriting Contest: Cost ology' llistox . 'et1r': Gle "lu English. C' 5 mf ADA ANNETTE HUDSO f tcAnnn: Student Government Representative: T and 1 t'luh: Home Etionomivs Club: Terh Summer Swhool 45: English, four years: Typing, two years: History, one year: Civics, one year: Uosnietology. two yearsp Home Ei-onomit-s, two years: Mathematit-S., one year. VALERIA LUCILLE HUFF Clvickil! Girl l'1t-serves: T and l Club: Cosmetology, two years: English, four years: History, two years: Speer-h, two years: Home E--onoinivs. two years: Matheniativs, one year, MARY VIRGINIA JOHNSON Thespians: N, F. L.: President of Senior Red Cross 44-45: Se--reiary oi' Senior Red Cross -lil- 43: Typing, two years: Bookkeeping, one year: Shorthand, one year: Algebra, two years. BETTYE GRA.HM JONES "Bertrina" National Honor Soviet, 45-415: Fifty Club 44- 45-46: L. C, Humes Award 45: English, tour years: Typing, two years: Bookkeeping, two years: Ciyit-s, one year: Home Et-onomii-s, three years: Shorthand, two years: Ameriwan History: Ofti--e Putt-ti--e, one year: Cotnmervial Arithmetic. JEAN N E MARIE JORDAN "" Glee Club: T and I Club: Girl Reserves: Treasurer of ninth grade home room: Treas- urer of tenth grade home room: Sevre- tary of eleventh grade home room: English. four years: Musii-, three years: Home Evonom- it-s, two years: Cosmetology, two years: Alge- bra, one year: Amerii-an History. if Q X X u h E MARIAN KAPLAN i , "Mini" ' qt M Honor So--iety: Fifty Club: Senior and Junior ' 1 Glee Club: Defense Stamp Count-il: XVittiesi Girl in tenth and eleventh Grades: Red Cross Representative: Shorthand, two years: Typing. two years: Bookkeeping, two years: Home Ei-onomi-s, two years: Offii-e Prawtice. one ' year: Algebra: History, one year. .., , X' C: 1 I my 3 . , , Z K A Xi, K 'Y 'Qs Honor So--iety: N, F I.: Sei-retary of N.F.l.: ' K Latin Award 44: L tin, four years: Mathe- ' Q: matii-s. three year 3 E sh, four years: Q 1 Speerh, two years: vlass, Re 'esentarye i ' '3 Q : fill ff 1 " -n .. L E: -.F ' fsf l .F VANCE EARL KEE 5 X "Pali" r A -T9 1 i by g First Year Cluh: H-Cluht Football, three years: - ' , Vvrestling, two years: Vit-e President of First ' 1 Year Club: Vive President of 12-3 home roorni V 1 s sf X English, four years: History three Years: t .. Spee-'h, two years. , 'A 2 N I :xx l t ' ,fi Ji . rt i EUGENE KEITH .X A X Q X X 4cGeneu 5 ,M gg l St-ienve, four years: English, four years: Mathe- it matii-s, four years: Shop, three years, Q it X " " fl ' . 9 N FRANCIS KELLEY il ell ' - Kelly A . . A G 5 Girl Reserves tour years: Red Cross 40-ll-42: x Q.. Studia-nt Giiyeriiiiieiit il-42-414: Band: English: if Algebra: Fil-fe vlui-1 Stieeflip General Srien--ep Offiie Pra--tire: Typing, , ' CARRIE KELTNER "Peanut" Student Government Representative, two Yffafsi Ninth grade treasurer: QUGSH Of homfjmom three years: Home Erronomics: Bi010gY2 Ch9m' :Stn-3 Typing, two years: Glee Club, two years: Bookkeeping, two years American H1st0I'5'. GERALDINE E. KNIGHT a4Gerry!! HQTiV' Sponsor: Sabre Club: Home E4-onomics Club: T and l Club: Spanish Club: Cosmet- ology, tyyg years: Home E-'onomii-s, two Z"f:2U'5Z Tailoring, our XGHFZ TYDUIE-'V UNO F99-F53 4-Om' merf-ial Arithmeii-: Glee Vlubi -XH1EI'i"aTl H15- tory. ETHELDA LOUISE KOELZ 44 il-lie!! . t , ogy Cl ' - 1 -' fo 'Jani' 'f' K , in. two , 'r' ' . IUUT XP' ' yls' 1 . - ll GEORGE DL-XBIE llDuke,! Key Club: Football, two years: H Club: First Year ijlulig Non-ujoni. Club: Sabre Club: Sr-eeeh Club: Rifle Team: President of 12-3 homeroom: Yiie President of Key Club: Squad leader of Best Drilled squad: Thircl plat-e in Inter City Rifle Mat--hes: Mathernatiis, four years: Phys- ir-s and Chemistry. CLAUDE MAULDIN Key l'lLllt -lvi: Sabre 1'lul'i 45: First Year Club 43-44: Vive President or tenth grade home room: St-ien-e, two years: Algebra. two years: English, four years: ROTC. four years: ROTC two and one halt years: Metal Ship: Drafting, two years. NANCY BICARTHUR Cheinistry: Latin: Typing: Algebra. REGINA BICD.'xNIEL "Mac" spiieili Club: Art vluiy: S-ie-nt-e Club: Art, three years: English, tour years: Algebra, two years: Si it-ni ii, three yifztrsg vit-i.-S and Amer-i- --:tn ll istory: Slit-ei-li, VIRGINIA BIEAD an Ginny!! Glee Club a-wt-iiitiaiiigt, tyyqy yogi-5: 01-,vhestra li-'-Ullllilltiist. In-1 years: Girl Reserves: Student Noun--il Representative H-45: Treasurer of Honor So--iety 45-iii: se--retary of 12-3 Home Room: Huines Award, three years: D, A. R, Girl: S-ienre. three years: Latin. two years: Algsblil. Iwo rears: Must--, three years: His- tory, two years, JETTIE MARIE MIDDLETON "Binks" Glee Club: Girl Reserves: Stfieni-e, three years' Glee Club, three years: Typing. two years: Bookkeeping, two years: English. four years' Home Et-onomi--sg Aint-rit-nn History. ELSIE MILLER Girl Reserves, three years: Give Vinh, threw years: Ori-hestra, two years: English, Your yeurs: Speech, two yt-urs: Amt-ri--:in llistory. JEAN LAVERNE MILTON "Dean" Art Club: Glee Club: Senior Girl Reserves: Student Government Monitor: Girls' Vive Presi- dent of Art Vlul-: Siholarship to Menipliis At-ademv of Arts: Enzlish: History, :no years: Glee Club, four y--:irsz Home Eitinoniii-s, two years: Art, three :infi one half yenrs: Mathe- mati'-s. MILDRED DIDI S 4aMilvn Glee Vluh, tour years: Enul-sh. tour years: Amerii-an History: Bnokke.-yiinu. run ww-FIl'rl Typing, two years: Give Vluli: Huiiw Iiwoiiviiii- if-s: Tailoring. FRA.NK MITCHELL Left Humes in 1943 to join Vniv--fl smut-- Naval Reserve. O 1 , ff ,1 :yy I or Sm-' y' ff ' ti, tim wars: KH' 'lu - Fi 3 'ea ' ,Sidi-ri, fi lifinor So- e ' a ' "1 Ye I ii PFl'Fl4lPlll gf gra ' n 1 V. rl prize in 194 Plays - ' Vo 'If' rffnv, four years: Ma hem , lf four Amr, 1, two yiars: Histor . vo Y ' t HAROLD EDWARD MOORE "Professor" H Club 41-42: Stamp Fluh 41: I-'irst Year f'l"li: Non-Com. Club: Glef- Vluli, three years: R-fl Cross Representative: History, three years: Musir-, three years: Bookkeepinu. two years: Typing, two years. EARL KENNETH MOORE IKKCDU Key Club: Speer-h Club: National Fore-nsiv League: Art Club: President of N.F.L.: Third pla'-e Humorous Reading Tennessee State Con- test: History: Publir' Spfiaking: Coniinerwial Law. YS ,.. L .: X12 IQ 4 QA: t 4-tl P, 5 t , W X, K ,tx ll 1 5 1 P ... N f 3 it K Q t X N 1 : til i A , 'f I-VV, , ,,,: iw ,WW X 'X V f :U fy W! f . , is if W N X Oi 4 'W' 1 W, I I .Q ,, . 1 y , V: 1 :Aff , . ' , ' ' .4 , Q ' 1'. ,f 9 , i Y JO SAT MARTHA MOORE ul-Jill!! Sabre Club, two years: National Forensif' League: Treasurer of Senior Class: Treasurer ot' 12-3 Home Room: Ser-rs-tary of Speevh Club: Reporter oi' ninth grade Home Room: Secre- tary ol' tenth and eleventh grade home room: Student Government Representative, three years: History: Speevh: Art. NAOMI DELORES MOORE "Nancy" Ort-hestra, four years: Herald Staff, three yt-urs: Reporter ol' ninth grade Home Room: President ot' ltr-2 Home Room: Biology Club: Iflntriishg Typing: Home Evontinlif-s, two years: Sv-ieinwf, two years, DOYLE MURPHY Football: History, two years: English: Physics: Bookkt-eping. 2,4591 1' 7 N -om - l ' l,- ef Ri e . 'Q , 1 , 4 , 1 . ' ,ol , pi AE in mor' '. lc Essa ontest: Mathe- n1z1tiws,V, y - s: M sir- ee years: Svience, three y rs' I " 1,2-ars, JAMES NEAL 4, . sp ' ss: . tur t Jover ntf: President ninth gran me room: Vit- st- ile-'nt tt-nth g'r'a e oom: onor ry, R C Lieutenant , 1-I' Ju ' rl erg hand, two y rs Ty ' , vs S' 00 keeping, two years: fi'i:-Q Prar , RALPH NICHOLS "Gremlin" H Pluh: Football 43-44-45:'Roxing 46: Non-Com Pluh: XVrestling Manager: Sabre Club: Glee Cluh: Sergeant-at-Arms of Sabre Club: First Lieutenant in ROTC: Vit-e President of ninth grade: Member of Champion Boxing Team: l'rral'tim:, four years, K E X fait! J glish: ypil , two 'e ' ckee in two years: Ge Club, two x ars: Hom E' qi ' s, two year.: Amerif-an Histor, ' i- Pra. 'e, saves? y 7 1' r 1" .i is ff 5 ' , ,ff Q51 Ke g wtf i BILLIE JOE NORTH f ' Y "Blu" Q ' , V fi . , . . C 1 , Si First Xt-ar Club: Non-Com Club: En ish, tour 1 'it 4- 331 :J , . . wt 1. -' ' . 5 X years: History. tour years: Matlieniatir-s, two is V ,rj ' A years: Drafting, two yeurs: ROTC, two years: '-" 5 P' ' S--ienve, three years. v, . . i t ' .'17"'.W '. was V fag .fr .. X ern '. ,italy s ef ,Hi JAMES PE P EORG if I ' !! ' y Sa 'e Club il- - ' Non- 'om Club -IT!--it minor- . 'ery is- : '-H" if it 14-is-iw: P- AQ tl nt t ent C vi si ent K 'dal jor R : Li . : Jr s en Fir 'ear C Ou antliny I ' ye- ' wulet: le e Boy- Ste e' t, is , to r years: i 1-, foir ye nl enialit- ' ' years: 03 9 Club, tvv h ars: IU? C, three rs. i DOROTHY MILLER PEARSONT lKD0t7! Sabre Club 44-45-46: Home Ei-onomii-s Club 44- 45: Cheerleader 44-45-46: l-lonnrary Se-'onrl Lieutenant 44--15: Honorary Captain 45--iii: Captain of Championship Volley Rall Team 45- 46: English, four years: S1 ien--e, two yexirs: History, two years: Home E:-ononii-'s, four years, SUE N'ELL PEELER "Susie" Junior and Senior Girl Reserves: Home Ern- nomitfs Club: Junior 1-heerleader ninth grade: Student Government Representative: Refi Cross Representative: Bookkeeping Club: Correspond- ing Set-retary Senior Class: Sei-retary Junior Reserves: Set-retary tenth grade: Treasurer eleventh grade: Ser-reary and Treasurer ninth grade: Typing, two years: Glee Club, two years. B NEPE S ClPi ll . r eseripsz S -nt overngae' t M t or , l , ' 'ears: ROTI' S we resi Gir eserves 45: i a Popu- C Queen 5: History, P greg 1-is-nt-sg, t o years: Typing, two e , Engl , four years, VVILLIAM PENDERGRASS "Mississippi" Glee Club: Red Cross: First Year Club: Non. Com Club: Art Club: Color Guarrl 45-46: 'Winner of Knoekout Drill three times: History. three years: English, four years: Mathemativs, two years: Glee Club, one year: Art. nnp year, EDVVIN POOLE "Eddie" T and I Club: 'Treasurer of T :ind l Flubg Shop, four years, MARY JANE PRICE "Proudajay" Senior Girl Reserves: Rml Cross Representative ninth smile: Tl'-pi-eswiitfitivo for riranife Von- vention I-li-ie-nth :rmlf-3 Rnnlqlqilpplng i"1ul,5 llooltlceepine, two yi-fn-sg 3I.iili.-marifs, one war: Trtiinfr, we A"-:ivsz Iliime Ei', three Y"fll'SZ 1n'fi.f-it Prniti-e, mn- yeilr: Voms rnerwlal Law, one y-wir: History. two yi-airs: Gym, two years: English, four years. , 1 2 41 I? ALLAN PRYOR C6Nub7! T and I Club: First Year Club: Non-Com Club? Instrumental Band: Seffond Lieutenant in RQTAQQ shop, three years: Sf-ienc-e, two YQHFS- RUTH ELEAN OR RAY "Ruthie" Senior Girl Reserves: -English, four' Years! History, two years: TYDIUE. -two Years- BOOK' kaeping two years: Commereial Law, One year: Home Ewonomif-s, three years: Mathematics, one year: Offif-e Practice. one year: Gym- IWO years. RAY RIDDLE Gln? plum ROTC: Medal for City-wifle ROTC Essay rmntest: Basketball, three YEHTSZ B356- ball,. three years: English, four wars: H15- tory, four years: Algebra, two years: Speefh. two years. L few 'I , ,fi w ff , nl - I' ' : l if . , ! I .gin Q lt IXR SQHQLZ " gra e Red Cross -Rep- : entative: 1 de Gf ' rfimenti Cl1Pm1SU'YI . V .s, th a s: Shorthand, two ' , ug , of' L years C t ::.i . QB? Vt: 5 C 452 "Wt :fe l ti: -an' Q? it 5 , ' K ' ' 4 X, r 1-4 ...X l. . X wx ., X -V --'- . - V . - qtfgv :V kt. .. LX mi. . J OAN ROON'EY Fifty Club: Sabre Club. two years: Senior Class Entertainment Committee: Co-editor of Herald: President of Girl Reserve Inter-club Couneil 44-45-46: Knee President and Secretary of Girl Reserves: Reporter of Honor Soolstyf Ser-retary and Treasurer of Red Cross: Ferre- tary of home room, three years: West 'len- nessee Latin Tournament Award: Seeond place Best Drilled Sponsor Contest: Student Go'-'n- rnent Courtesy Campaign: Mathematics, foot years: Science, three years: Latin. SONIA ROSENBERG Glee Club: Girl Reserves: Thespians: English: Cosmetology, two years: Speech, two years: Glee Club. two years: History, tg-9 yas: Maitheniaitivsg "l"ziilnrlng, WVILBUR CHRIS RULEMAN, JR. Alpercyii ll vlul- 43--ll-45: Football 43-44-45: Boxing 41: 'l' :intl l Club: Co-Captain Football: Seccn-l String .-Xll-Memphis 45: City Boxing Champ lil .Xlutilwi-ii, two yours: Amerivan I-Iistwv: XY"U'lSll'll'. two ye-t1l'SZ Typitlgi ROTC Bayiij, fixt- yours, CATHERINE RU lKRut7l Girl IWSGIWPSI Vifll' Club: Student Govern- lllnllll Trenlsurer of home room, three vears: 'Wi llsselwsz Fifty Club: student siwifn- Tyltllli-Ti YWO XPZIVSQ Bofxkkggpjng' two yea!-3: Ulli--e Pra--tit-t-: History, two yearn, BILLYE SANDERS usandyn Honor Society: National Forensic' Leaguqg Sabre Club. UY0 years: Speech Club: l-'tty Club. three YGBPSL Honorary Lieutenant Colonel H01l01'al'Y MRj0l'i Senior Cheerleader 44-45-l6: Vice President Student Count-il: Girls' Vzte President 12-3 home room: President ot' ninth and eleventh grade ltonit-rooms: President of Speech Club: Student Count-ll Representative: Red Cross Representative, MYRTLE JEAN SCOBEY "Scooter" Art Club: Home Et-ononti-is Club: Senior Glrl Reserves: Matheniatit-s: l-listory: llonie 1:10- nomit-s. four years: Art, two yen:-sg Qffttg Pt-attire. MARJORIE ANN SCOTT "Ma.rg'ieP' Art Club: Glee Club: Girl lies--rves: Stutl-nt Government Monitor, thret- y--ars: Booklieeqtittg, ttto years: Art. three and one half years: Hs- tory, tuo years: S-it-nee: Bi-Niggv: Home Etononiits: Mathentatt-S, OHN XVE A at u ' f " Club -I3--l-l--lt? I Fuotltall -lI5--i-i- ' Basketball 43--i-l--15--lfj B' seball l-i-45-lb: Son ' Cont Club -H-45: I'l t- -15-lil: Vive Pres- W de ' ' " 'as r J. .8 . r' tn. home room: t ' tn, 1 ' e -nth grade home room: tj- in ul' toot ' l Ki l5: All- Mejnphio basetth " F ' 'ttea r: Mathe- K , rg: y s. EUGENE SEXTON HSI-ickY, 'tt Member of Speefh tglul,-: ILQTQ, two years: English, four years: Llrattlttg, three years: Shop, one year: Algebra, tty-J 3-are: Speeuh. two years: History, four years. THOMAS EDW s , Cl !! Baseball, t. ye : Basketball , . ri nnis, year: ey Club: of Rifle e -46: Vi--e rest: t ninth grail'- roon Se-rg t-' , rms of I-'ir t Year uh: Hist y, t years: tin tt y M hemati , fou years: S-- nt-e, rs: E 1' ur, years. I 1? I I ALMA LOUISE SHEARS "Shorty" Cornmerrial Law: Typing, two years: Book- keeping. two years: Offtt-e Praf,-tl--e. one year. I ' I, MARY R ' HE "Hu ' .f . A t: 1 1-I tt. of-iety: . ional F r lc ' , L eg ed 717, Stude vernm rest- d ' Se i nit' Reserve I airman Junior ' i Se ,t efense un . C0 FFS fl If er:-iid ff: Ser' ar S f' 'U ' Was' urer of Danish .' bi -I , Banqu our - years: ating .1 ' -5, a- . .. s: Srie ,e, two '. ye 5: His: wo a : YDUIE- C ' II 4 W W its Qs y A s 'v X X x WK N Xl - .3 Q 5? 3 'V if I nb r ,Q yt. V 'I if , , 4 ,ff 49 1 I i i J. E. SHIPMAN uBuddyn Sabre Club 44-45-46: Key Club 45-461 Honor .Bot-iety 45-46: Cadet Ll, Col. ROTC 45--16: President 12-4 home room: Vive President Honor Sowiety: L. C. Humes Award ninth gratle: Delegate Boy's State 45: St-ient-e, three years: Matheniatit-s, foul' years: Latin, three years: History, two years: ROTC, three years: Shop, one year: Class Represetitative. BEVERLY JANE SHIVERS I6BevU llonor Soi-iety: Spanish Cluh: Girl Reserves: llonie Evonomit-s Club -15--Hi: Treasurer 11-2 honit- rootn: St-1-retary 12-4 home room: Sevre- tary Senior Red Cross: President Jr. High ltetl Cross: Set-retary Spanish Club: Vice Presi- tlent ot' Spanish Club: Matlientati--s, four years: llonte Et-onutnit-s, three years, MORIS SHORE "Fiddler" National llonor Sovit-ty: Ki-y Club: ROTC: Mentber ot' Ort-ht-strap Treasurer First Year Cluli: Noni-L'oni Cluh: Treasurer Latin Club: Three year Violin S--liolarship: Fourth place Latin Tournament: Mathematit-s, tour years. MARTHA SIMON DS "Rabbit" National Honor Soi-it-ty: Girl Rest-rves: Com- ntert-ial Voursta. GEORGIA SKOUTERIS "Georgie" National llonor Sotiit-ty: National Forensir- League: Fifty Club: Senior Girl Reserves: Spanish Cluhg Vive President ot' Senior Girl ltesetwes -14: Matheniatit-s, thretf years: Span- ish, two years: Stenogrttphy, two years: Typ- lng, ttto years: History, two years: Speech, two years, MAREN E SMART 4lSiS!! llontir So--lt-ty 45-46: Senior Girl Reserves 44- 45-4113 Home Et-onoiniws Club -14-45: Honor Banquet 45: English, four years: History. four yt-ars: Home Et-onomit-s, three years: Short- hand, two years: Typing, two years, EMMA LEE SMITH ffrew' Senior Girl Reserves: Fifty Club: English, four yt-ars: Bnolclceepingl two years: Typing, two years: Shorthand. two years: Offit-e Prartioe: Algebra, two years: Home Et-onomit-s: General St-lent-e, FRED EUGENE SMITH "Bean-face" Ki-y Club: ROTC Rifle Teant 4-l-45-46: Presi- rlent eleventh grade hottie room: Vive Presi- tlt tg N ' - ted Pr ' -14: English, four yt-at-': M , ', It y History, four yt- , Typing, ttwa-a : ' ' ' . I Q ffm! at JO ANN SMITH "Peanut" T and l t'luh: Girl Reserves: Entertainment Committee ot Senior Class and home room: Cosmetology. MILDRED ANN SOLOMITO 44B0b0i! Art Club: Glee Club: Senior Girl Reserves: Student Government Representative: St-ienee, three years: Glee Club, three years: Art, three years: Mafhentatic-s, one year: l-lomemaking, one year: Gym, two years. EMMA LAURA STURDIVANT Klstudil English, four years: History, three years: Home Eeonomics, two years: S4-ienr-e, two years: Typing, two years: Mathematics, one year: Speech, one year: Office Prat-tif-e. SYDNEY A Y A "Cindy Honor Sor ty: pa Cl :So Forum: Spanis: hemis y: et ' t ' lgebra: . pin Ci ,three BEAUTONE ELIZABETH THORNBURG KKT0ni!P Glee Club Senior Girl Reserves: Treasurer of 12-4 home room: Captain of Volley Ball Team: Music, two years: Commerf-ial Course: Typing: Bookkeeping: Office Pramtic-e. HAZEL TRENTHEM "Chfere"' T and I Club: Girl Reserves: Orr-hestra: Eng- lish: Cosmetology, two years: Home Er-onomlcs, three years: Shorthand, two years: Typing. LOUISE RULE TRENTHEM 6lTriXH T and I Club: Girl Reserves: English: Cos- metology, two years: Typing, two years: Short- hand, two years: Home Evonomivs, one year: Srienwei Algebra, VENITA TROTTER f-Nita" Girl Reserves 45-46: Se-ire-tary of Girl Re- serves: English: Sliorrhziinl: Typing: Home Evononiif-s. W ' if W Qt , , Z ,,,, or 1 x 1 ff 7 I f ff Q ,ff W . ,, Q '-as f I ' f ff ,fe 1 fe f in ,, D we 1 Q, wma , 'XM I x yr ' - ,., ,,:.. . "', . I I I ' 'L ,,,1 t r lr , A f X., fe 5 ' F1112 L71 1131: 4532- eb, nd I C. ' enio Girl Re-serv Y ICU-IPI ed' oss le ' ative: ent Counvlli lrcepor fo I Cl b' and I Club En- t r ment n ' osmetology. CHARLES D. VAN NIEUWENHUYZE "Chuck" ILUTU: -Staff Sergeant on Color Guard: Mathe- matii-s, four years: Physiws, PETE JOHN VERGOS Non-Com Club 43-44: Sabre Club 44-45-46: Art Vlub 44-45: Te-eh Sergeant ROTC 43-44: Qnfl Lt. RUTC -1-4-45: Captain ROTC 45-46: English, four years: Mathematil,-s, four years: History, two years: Swienre, two years: Draft- ing, two years. ILA RAYE WALLACE "Baby Raye" Senior Girl Reserve: Home Eeonomics, three years: Mathematiws, three years: Typing, two years: Offif-e Practice, one year. CHARLOTTE WALTER "Charlie" Junior Red Cross 44-45-46: XYorked in Office: Typing. two years: Shorthand, :Wo years: Of- fiwe Practif-e, one year: Home Econontit-S. two years: Gym, two years. JAMES WARRICK S1-eetflt: Glee Club: .-Xnteri-'an History: English: GI'-Wal Geesrui-lu: .xlsem-ti: cn-i.-sg Modern ll istory. ,,.. :' fe mr. Y F. W A 1 'B' ' , - 434155 First uh 43--l-l: Sabre Vllllf -il-i5 I' o nt .--15: Basketball 43-44: ' WW is l Y ' tall -lil-46: National Forensic l.- le liespi ns: Boys Yi-'e President of V ass: Presiden of H-Club 45-46: Box- ill! Vll lll 45 -lli ' ner of Knot-lvout Drill laik f HU is D ' ns" UI' Yf'i1l'S, 5- F LLIAMS ljflllll 4 ' abre Club: Non-Com Club: First Near ' Ft l W0 YPIIFSL Boxing, two 3'P1'U'SI Q Presid f St ent Government 13452 -of L xOTL .ing ha plon 43- 4'-1, 'Engl1sh:j. ve, 0 ygg ry' three wars: ROTL, two y -- D,-a , two years, are - Clllunzsi 04595 gsniom Etfition 236 JUDSON WILLIAMS Band: Ori-hestra: Non-vom Club: Se.-rt-gary ofA Band: Band. three und one hall' years: HISYOFX. three and one hall' years: Ori-hestra. two years. MARCUS L. IVINCHESTER slwvmdyiv Sabre Klub 45--lli: Non-Pom Club 43- l-l--lip T and l Clul- 44-45: Key Ululi -I5-alll: Vnpmin ROTC 45-46: Porpornl and Sm, RHT1' lf!-4,13 Seri-Yrillli xliljill' H-45: Student Goxernine-nt lil- H2 Reporter T and I Cluh ll-45: lfelegzzite Ro- 's Stall: 44-45: Winner or t'0KlUll Essay 43.1.55 Mzxtlwxnatns, four years: HHTV, three years: Shop. tno years . N SHIRLEY ELOUISE WOOD -X'nu .u 1. is Senior Girl Reserves: Glee Club: Treasurer X W ll-lg Red Cross Representative: Typing, two years: Bookkeeping, two years: Offir-e Prar-tirfe, one year: Commerf.-ial Law, Home Er nomics, k 'f two years. 5 Z BRY E OODS 14 addy!! F Studv t Go e mne tg St t ernment Moni lor: S n'l e 1' mittee 46: T -asurer , Sl en vernm n ep sentati : 'ho d, tw 1 ': Boo le ring, two A 'ng, In 'ea : 0l"i' Prai-til-eg o ncono '1- tw yt-a 1 I 1-an Hist . Q HAZEL DEAN WRIGHT ,l 'fsiimf' ' Senior Girl Reserves: Student Government , ll N oo' y 'Q . +V' 5 ef' El ll Ei- A u...,. ' Monitor: Student Government Representative: Set-rr-tary of ll-Il: Shorthand, two years: Typ- ing, two years: Bookkeeping, two years: Of- fice Pravtif-e, two year:-wg Amerir-an History: Home E4-nnoniif-s. .W f MIDYTEVQM GIQADUATES Frank Adcock Oliver J. Butler, Jr. Howard Coats Thomas William Craigo Herbert Davis William Franklin Davis, Jr. Clarence Dillingham Rufus Alton Eichelberger VETEl3fL...i+lS Harvey Aden Eugene Anton David Blaylock Austin Brice Joseph E. Bridges Ralph Carter Martin Cooke Billy Curette William S. fBillyl Dowdie Jack Elder Nick Fillon Armond Greganti, Junior James H. Hicks William A. Jennings Ebb Kitchens Melvin Eugene Lewis Justin Lyon Joseph Raymond Marchisio Frank Mitchell Charles Harry Padower Milton Rhodes Wilbur Chris Ruleman, Jr. Frank Sexton John Surber Donald Thompson Milton Stanley Weiss ,W VJECEIVIINIG DIDLQMAS Vernon Marler Charles May Elmer D. Moore Orville Lloyd Moye Lawrence J. Pleasants William Emery Richards Floyd Rowe Miles E. Smith Richard Smith Vermont M. Smith Thomas Summers Edward Donald Taylor James O. Thomas Lee John Visconti John Wallace Stanley Walter Sidney White it 24 Oqulvzsi cgerzioz Edition LAST Wllllglg ll Ailfllllg-NIV We, the seniors of 1946, in order to alleviate the great sorrow We are causing our fellow classmates by leav- ing them behind, do hereby bequeath to them some of our most prized possessions, to be duly distributed immediately after our graduation. ARTICLE I. To Mr. Hilliard we leave the hope that next year's senior class will carry out his Model Class Day. ARTICLE II. To Miss Richmond we leave the com- mercial department, hoping that it will relieve her of some of her numerous duties. ARTICLE III. To Miss Prescott we leave our undying gratitude for having so much patience when coping with our problems. ARTICLE IV. To Miss Jennie Allensworth we leave the hope that 12-1 continues to produce the class president and as many other students of distinction as possible. ARTICLE V. To Mr. Jones we leave a typewriter and plenty of paper with which to write a book of jokes that we hope he will some day publish. ARTICLE VI. To Miss Thompson we leave Shirley Fitzgerald to decorate her bulletin board, since Kenneth Moore w0n't be here next year to do it. ARTICLE VII. To Miss Scrivener we leave our history contracts and the hope that next year's students will get theirs in on time. ARTICLE VIII. The numerous bequests of the individ- ual students are hereby recorded. SECTION 1. Joan Rooney leaves the junk in her locker, due to the lack of transportation which would be required to cart it away. SECTION 2. Frances Butler leaves her dimples to Ed Lilliard, to make him even more attractive. SECTION 3. "Hootie" Shelby and Martha Dupuy, Jane Hayes and Billie Jean Hardison, Peggy Woods and Noma French will their everlasting friendships to Roselyn Strong and Carolyn Reitz. SECTION 4. Theone Agnos leaves her chain of broken hearts for that sailor. SECTION 5. Bernard Cole leaves his unbalanced books to the next treasurer of 12-1. SECTION 6. Jettie Middleton, Hazel Wright, and Viola Dodson leave their height to Maurice Petrovsky. SECTION 7. Geraldine Knight, Ruth Ray, Beautone Thornberg, and Charline Miller leave their hope chests to some girls who haven't already found their men. SECTION 8. Mildred Mims leaves in a hurry, trying to catch up with her twin, Hildred. SECTION 9. Jean Milton, Marjorie Scott, and Regina McDaniel leave their artistic ability to Ferdy Brown. SECTION 10. Eloise Wood, Kathleen Nolan, and Mary Jo Nearn leave their dry wit to Hugh Powers. SECTION 11. Venita Trotter leaves her collection of class rings fsize largel to Mary Willie Lambeth. SECTION 12. Aubrey Gaskins leaves his band, complete with personal arrangements and singer, to Bob Tillman. SECTION 13. J. E. Shipman leaves his roving nature to Carl Womble. SECTION 14. Georgia Skouteris, Mary Hardaway, and Beverly Shivers leave their quiet, studious ways to Virginia Coscia. SECTION 15. Dimple Hall leaves her baton and strut- tin' style to Gladys Dye, who, We're sure, will do it justice. SECTION 16. Billy North and Martha Eastman be- queath their last names to Laverne South with the provision that he find a West to complete the cycle. SECTION 17. George Mabie leaves his finesse with the chicks to "Greek" Stathis, who really doesn't need it. SECTION 18. Francis Kelly, Dorothy Hubbard, Louis Booth, and Alfred Buss leave their positions in the band to anyone with enough endurance to rehearse far into the night. SECTION 19. Beverly Blackman and Billye Sanders leave their sponsors' uniforms togwho knows '?-But may the best girl win. SECTION 20. Emma Lee Smith, Louise Brown, and Betty Jones leave their names to Irene Katsoulis. SECTION 21. Goldie Brown, Nancy Countess, and Helen Chrisafis leave their immaculate hairdos to Fannie Mae Stuart. SECTION 22. Jimmy Papageorge leaves the chemistry lab and what's left of the equipment to Mr. Winfield. SECTION 23. Rachel Carter, Ada Hudson, Mary Frances True, Nelle Hubbard, and Louise Rule leave their places in cosmetology and a handbook on the application of the subject to future Misses America. SECTION 24. Johnny Harris and Jean Marie Jordan leave that wicked jitterbuggin' to any pair who can get around that fast. SECTION 25. Pat Kee leaves his versatility on the gridiron to Calvin Allen. SECTION 26. Edwin Poole leaves his verse writing to anyone else who can't concentrate on English. SECTION 27. M. L. Winchester leaves school hoping that his sister, Catherine, will keep up the VVinchester reputation. SECTION 28. Robert Bishop leaves his place in the shop to Jack Rudy. SECTION 29. Sue Peeler leaves her daily question "Did I get any mail?" to the other girls whose O.A.O.'s are far away. SECTION 30. Peanut Smith, Hazel Trenthem, Bettye Pegues, Alma Shears, Cornelia Fillion, and Lillian Holt leave their height to Billie Marie Briggs. SECTION 31. Anita Cummings and Kitty Hines leave their ability to be well liked to Mary Frances Davis. SECTION 32. Peggy Hill and Geneva Crone leave their front seats in physics class to Billie Hill and Thelma Crone, to be used by them to the best advantage. SECTION 33. Marian Kaplan leaves her abilitv to talk to six people at once to Charlotte Patterson. ' SECTION 34. Virginia Mead leaves the piano bench in Glee Club empty and Miss Alexander with a sorrowful countenance. SECTION 35. Jimmy Craig leaves his position as 12-1 internal revenue collector to anyone else who needs some extra pocket change. SECTION 36. Charles Bacigalupo and Charles Van Nieuwenhuyze leave their names to Humphrey Kotrecht and Sydney Loskovitz. SECTION 37. Billy Davis leaves his torchy trumpet playing and the music to "Stormy Weather" to Gartley Bradley. SECTION 38. Mary Frances Allen and Catherine Rut- land leave their quiet -L 'FD manners to Shirley Saller. X CI!7lU.I7ZEi. .Senior Edition 25 A h SECTION 39. Sue Craft, Amelia Ringold, and Martha Simonds leave their little triumvirate to Betty Jo Tucker, Shirley Mosley, and Betty Joy Mills. SECTION 40. Ruth Katz, Betty Burke, Virginia Cough- lan, Joanna Coseia, and Sidney Tardy leave their A's to Sonny Astin so that he may get a diploma two years sooner than expected. SECTION 41. Martha Moore leaves her adeptness at coping with the male shortage to Jackie Bilger. SECTION 42. Ruth Harper and Doris Brown leave their good looks to Betty Jane Allen. SECTION 43. Carrie Keltner leaves her slow southern drawl to Seymour Petrovsky in the hope that it will slow him down for a while. SECTION 44. Marene Smart and Lavern Arnold leave their affection for and loyalty to "Hollywood" to Skinny Miller. SECTION 45. Hays Mitchell and Moris Shore leave the picture show machine tin a state of collapsel to two other 'boys who get fun out of the little things in life. SECTION 46. Catherine Edwards and Helen Belch leave their friendly quarrels to Betty Blancett and Barbara Goings. SECTION 47. VVava Brown leaves her winnin' way with the teachers to Ann VVallnutt with the provision that she make good use of it. SECTION 48. Valeria Huff leavcw her skillful art of gold bricking in Miss Conyer's class to Shirley Terry. SECTION 49. Claude Mauldin leaves all his "Wimmin" at other schools to Jack Tennison. SECTION 50. Carline Blankenship, Thomasina Bray, Naomi Moore, Jean Cannon. Ethelda Koelz, and Billie Faye Hopkins leave their ambition to all tenth graders who would like to go to summer school and graduate in '47. SECTION 51. Bess Holt leaves all of Mr. Jones' un- finished Work to Dibrell Brazzil. SECTION 52. Ruby Clark and Mildred Solomito leave their seats in the auditorium at lunch to Mary Jean Newton. SECTION 53. Tootsie Diffie leaves that sweater-girl figure to Ruth Cunningham. SECTION 54. Sonia Rosenberg leaves her trips to the office during fifth period history class to the next occupant of the last seat, fifth row. SECTION 55. Nancy McArthur, Ruby Beaty, Emma Laura Sturdivant, and lla Raye Vvallace leave their ability to be seen and not heard to Betty Jo Green with the hope that a hint to the wise is sufficient. SECTION 56. Myrtle Scobey leaves her devotion to Buddy to Carroll Murrell-different Buddies, of course. SECTION 57. Mary Jane Price, Virginia Grantham, and Theresa Howard leave gladly the hours of toiling in Miss Robinson's room to Jo Ann Gaines. SECTION 58. Maryanne Hadley and June Gwaltney leave their positions in the Girl Reserves to two other girls who don't Want to work for their A's in history. SECTION 59. Richard Barton leaves his collection of sharp-looking sweaters to J. W. True. SECTION 60. Kenneth Moore bequeathes his big mouth to the next guy who can talk as much and get as good re- sults. SECTION 61. Allen Pryor leaves his "off again, on again" love affair, in hopes that he won't have as much trouble in future years. SECTION 62. Ray Riddle leaves his diploma to his twin, Ralph, hoping that he will receive Ralph's next year. SECTION 63. John Sewell and Wilbur Ruleman leave their positions as captain and co-captain of the football team to .....................,..........,,...... fthey won't let us tell, yet.J SECTION 64. Thomas Shanks and Fred Smith leave their "buddy-buddy" attitude toward each other to two other boys who promise to keep the home fires burning. SECTION 65: Pete Vergos bequeathes his nickname on the dance floor, "Smoothie", to Vince Spinosa. SECTION 66. Bill Weakley leaves his dry remarks to be saved for a rainy day. SECTION 67. Billy Pendergras leaves his seat in the Red Cross meetings, to next year's representative, with the provision that it be filled more often than it was this year. SECTION 68. Judson Williams just leaves, if he gets his diploma.. SECTION 69. Marvin Edwards bequeathes his good manners to be divided equally among all the boys at Humes. SECTION 70. David Garihan leaves his T and I Club leadership to any other able-bodied metal shop member. SECTION 71. Jack Houseal, Elbert Gregory, leave their beauteous red hair to Dan Curry. SECTION 72. Edgar Hoye and Charles Murrell leave their "Keep 'em Guessing" line to the next best Casanova in line. SECTION 73. Doyle Murphy and Sonny Greenb-erglleave their bashful Ways to little Billy Clark, who could use a little bashfulness. SECTION 74. Allen Goodwin leaves his Captain's rank to Bob Kinkle, because that's the only way he'Ll ever get one. SECTION 75. Harold Goodwin and Dot Pearson leave their hopes and dreams to the next couple who get along as well as they do. SECTION 76. Tommy Gost leaves that well groomed look to Bailey Thompson, who undoubtedly also uses Wild Root Cream Oil. SECTION 77. Kenneth Graham leaves his excuse to get out of study to Charles Dawson. SECTION 78. Eugene Keith leaves his worries about Physics to the next sucker. SECTION 79. James Neal leaves his footballish look to next year's star, Billy Miller. SECTION 80. Ralph Nichols and Fred Williams leave their money worries to the other guys who make a living mooching pennies. SECTION 81. Billy Clark leaves his fighting ability to Ferdy Brown, to make all the victories certain. SECTION 82. Bobby Crow and Harold Moore leave their journalistic ability to Earl Kitterman. SECTION 83. Odell Dumas and Eugene Sexton leave their height to Nicky Gost. SECTION 84. Mary Virginia Johnson and William Davis leave, before anyone else, since they were eager enough to go to Summer School. SECTION 85. Frank Mitchell, Herbert Davis, Milton Weiss, Clarence Dillingham, John Surber, Milton Rhodes, Donald Thompson, Charlie Padawer, Oliver Butler, Ruful Eichelberger, and Frank Adcock, Thomas Craig, Frank Sex- ton left our ranks with Uncle Sam's greetings still ringing in their ears. SECTION 86. Joy Blaylock leaves her wonderful store of energy to Willie Nell Rutland. . SECTION 87. Hazel Edwards leaves her soda-jerking Job at night to the next Senior who can stand up under the strain. SECTION 88. James Warrick leaves his ability to out think or out wit the teachers to the next brilliant mind who can do it. SECTION 89. Robert Bilger leaves his many titles and his Southern drawl to Roy Crook. SECTION 90. Charlotte Walter leaves her knowledge of English lreceived from her English auntl to anyone who will listen. SECTION 91. Betty Harrison leaves that question "Should I or should I not say "I do" before I graduate" to all those love-lorn girls. SECTION 92. G. B. Dorman leaves his ambition to learn to type to anyone who is willing to get to school be- fore eight. SECTION 93. Elsie Miller reluctantly leaves the second seat, fifth row, in sixth period English class to any- one who is Willing to fight for it. In witness whereof, we place our seal on this the twenty-ninth day of May, 1946, A. D. The above is respectfully submitted by Peggy Hill and Geneva Crone, after being duly witnessed and vouched for by the following: Sioux City Sue Murgatroy Glockenspiel Nilon Hose Clementine MacDougal lfl J Alleml.-Clr'll'l le-l Inu cgxsnioz Elifion CLASS ll5OlEMl By gms C?"LLLff 'se-SJC Jclme clolclw liaole ana leave Us Elimalg 1 Leaf me yforgef anal mem mes wlncl lnjco a tale O15 long ago Wleee llle ae Ieel ara Jaime ae elew- We eleeelJ X ,.aaa vele eaaev eqes eemlme Tlle clveame eeel leave flee melee eeefll elleeg lieeeeleee eel fle eeeee el ell get veaplma Beef leeleee ,fe meld. Vlslons elf lleeeefllie ll,l , fe gee- Tllee llle eeeleeel slmgs to fllee. '3 all is Pxtf' QHQP CLASS TEACMEVQS We C Cf. ,leeee Q42 l l'qlll.lm3l4l gl'fT'lX6VlST',. lie? lfll-,n l flanjaveli Tllormpson, l Q-4 CMLLIIZEL ahlifjg gsrzioz flfifion 27 SIENHCR GLASS PRCIPIHIIECY June 30, 1958 Dear Diary: I am sorry to have neglected you the past few weeks, but some of the greatest events in my life have taken place. On June 13, as I busily proceeded in compiling material for the monthly publication "Movie Capital," Sidney Tardy, one of my fellow editors, informed me that I was wanted on the phone. In a few minutes Noma French had connec- tions through and I found myself in conversation with Doyle Murphy of the World Wide Pictures, Inc. Doyle asked me to come to Hollywood as soon as possible. Naturally I was so excited over this assignment I could hardly finish business in New York and pack fast enough. At 11:30 A. M. on June 14, I left New York by rocket ship for the West coast. As the huge ship kept going higher and higher, I looked out the window. The earth looked like a molding of green and brown clay down below the ship. This being my first rocket ship trip, I thought it would get cold, but the stewardess, I recalled, had laid a con- ductable blanket over each of us when strapping us to our seats before taking off. I examined the blank- et and found it was manufactured by "The North Star Company" owned by Billy North. The steward- ess, who was walking down the aisle handing out newspapers, was supported bv special metal devices hanging from the ceiling of the ship to prevent her floating around in mid-air since we were out of the earth's gravity, I recognized her to be Venita Trot- ter. She told me that Marvin Edwards and Eugene Keith were also with the Rocket Line. At 9 A. M. we prepared to land at the Hollywood Airport, the time systems ran our watches back three hours and the trip had taken only 30 minutes, so we were land- ing two and a half hours before we took off. The wings folded out as we came down out of the atmo- sphere. The jet motors were turned off. and the diesel engines were turned on for the landing. As I stepped from the 160 passenger giant ship, Hays Mitchell was on hand to greet me. We boarded his all plastic helicopter for the studio, as Havs said the helicopter was much ouicker than bucking the street traffic. We landed on top of the studio roof and took the special elevator down to Dovle's office. The elevator operator was none other than Robert Bishop. We alighted on the fourth floor and Beau- tone Thornburg directed us to Doyle's private of- fice. We got down to business at once and he told me his studio wanted to make a super movie but I-Iollvwood did not have the talent thev wanted. so it would be mv iob to comb the country for new talent. Elsie Miller, his private secretarv was on hand to give me a complete account of details. The next day, which was the 15th. I left the Coast in my "Duckmobile". which travels in water as well as on land, and arrived in Denver about 3 P. M. I registered at the Post Hotel and then went to tele- graph the studio, and who should be the beaming 4 clerk but Herbert Greenberg. Later in the evening I meet Ruth Ray and Jo Ann Smith in the hotel lobby. They told me that they worked at the Gov- ernment Mint in Denver. On the 16th I traveled to Kansas City where I saw Emma Lee Smith, who operates "The Smith Steak House," and Jimmy Craig, who is a cattle buyer. On the 17th I arrived in Chicago. The first thing I saw made my heart leap, for there in five foot neon letters was the name ROBERT BILGER. Yes, he finally had his name in lights-there it was-"Robert Bilger's Liquor Store." I checked my luggage at the Drake Hotel and began my search for undiscovered talent. My first stop was the Marshall Field Department Store. I found Emma Laura Sturdivant and Louise Rule Trenthem selling a device that defuzzes peaches. In the furniture department, Harold Good- win and Edgar Hoye were displaying the latest model television sets, while Kenneth Graham and Allen Goodwin were showing the modern living room furniture. The novel thing about this new lightweight furniture is that a child of five can pick up a couch. because it weighs only about fifteen pounds. William Davis and Frank Sexton were dis- playing a five room house with tile bath, which is delivered in one truck. Mildred Solomito was com- bining shopping with trying to keep her twelve children from wrecking the store. Sonia Rosenberg, Ruby Beaty, Levern Arnold, and Ethelda Koelz were picking over the nvlon stockings, and fussing at the clerk about the high price of 20 cents a pair. In the food department I found Carline Blanken- ship buying a "packaged dinner," a complete meal from appetizer to dessert, all in one package. -G. B. Dorman, Charles Bacigalupo, Elmer D. Moore, and gllaience Dillingham were floor walkers and house ic s. On leaving the store I noticed a fimiliar figure being handled rather roughly by one of the floor walkers, and on Questioning him, I found it to be Bernard Cole being taken to the office for shop lifting. On the street I met Wava Jean Brown who is now a reporter for the Chicago Sun: she started talking at once, telling me about our old friends liv- ing in Chicago. She said that Tommie Gost now owns a chain of shoe stores: that David Garihan was manager of the Stevens Hotel and that Valeria Huff had announced her engagement to the Duke of Wellington. About this time I tried to get a word in, but before I could, Wava began telling me about her operation and after half an hour attempting to say a word, I left her standing on the sidewalk talking and taking notes. Back at the hotel, after a fruitless dav's search I left for Detroit where I registered at the Brook Cadilac. At the desk were Regina McDaniel and Hazel Trenthem. On the way to the elevator I met Nancy McArthur who said she lived with a rich uncle in Windsor. After freshening up, I left the 28 G'j7llU7Z-Ei Chlijfi cgenioz fifition o- 4-W - -- 1. hotel to tour the city. Passing the United Artists' Theatre, I noticed a billboard that announced that Virginia Mead and Dr. Moris Shore were appearing in the International Music Troup. In Grand Circus Park I met Thomas Shanks and Fred Smith who are operating a fine fishing enterprise on Lake Erie. They told me they had installed the latest frozen food lockers on board their ship that would keep seafood for days, thus saving shipping cost, and making profits bigger. . On the way back to the hotel I bought some newspapers thinking I might get a lead on where I could find hidden talent. In the Boston Globe's theatre column I found an ad announcing that J ov Blaylock, radio and Met Star would appear there June 20. Another ad said that Mildred Mims. wo- man's world champion baseball player, eats Wheat- ies every morning. In the societv column, one of the highlight features was that Miss Mary Francis True would return to her Boston town house after spending a few weeks in Europe. The Washington Times front page featured what seemed at first to be a display card of army medals. but on closer ex- amination I found a patch of red hair sticking from the top, and I recognized my old friend Jack Houseal. The Washington paper states also that congressmen Jimmy Papageorge, M. L. Winchester, John Surber, Milton Weiss, Herbert Davis. Thomas Craigo, Frank Adcock, and Frank Mitchell were staging a fillibuster on the Draft Act, now 15 years old. The New York Herald had a full page color ad announcing the Harris Brothers' Circus in Madison Snuare Garden. owned by John and Bob Harris. The circus featured the renowned tight rope walker, Odell Dumas: side show barker, Marv Virginia John- son, the famous sword eater,Billy Clarkgthe world's greatest lion trainer, Richard Barton: popcorn ven- dor, Wilbur Rulemang and a special magic show con- ducted by none other than George Mabie. The Memphis Press-Scimitar stated that Gov- ernor John Sewell would be in Memphis June 19th and 20th for a meeting with Mavor Bill Weaklev. Also in the Memphis paper was a picture showing Dot Hubbard. Nelle Hubbard, and Francis Kelley being presented checks by Walgreen's for 15 years of service. The New York Herald magazine section ran an article on the ten best dressed women ip America during 1957. This list included Georgia Skouteris, Martha Simonds. Beverly Shivers. Congresswoman Mary Ruth Shelby. Fifth Avenue designer Marv Hardaway, worthy Lady Naomi Moore, Movie Star Sue Peeler, and Miss Alma Shears. On the 19th of June I arrived back in New York City. where I had planned to dig up something to show World Wide Pictures that I had at least tried, but before I could catch mv breath, Sidney Tardv. called and informed me that she had received a radio-gram from Goldie Brown, inviting us to attend the reunion ball she was having in her thirtv room mansion in Memphis. I certainly could not afford to miss this event, so we took off for Mem- phis. where we arrived on the morning of .Tune 20th. Goldie welcomed us with open arms. Frankly, I was ouite shocked at the home: I knew she had married one of the Petrovsky boys. and I never would have thought a pig skin manufacturer could afford a home like this However Goldie cleared this up for me. About five years after her departure from Humes she had had a brainstorm, and the result was a million dollar business. She had developed a replacement for the Dor- trait studio, by introducing the Personal Film Studios, a Goldie Brown Enterprise. These studios now spread from Coast to Coast. Back in 1946, when we had left Humes, the modern method of remembering a person was to have a picture made of him, but now they go to Goldie's and she makes a short film of them. Children can not only tell how their grandmother looked, but how she talked, walk- ed and acted. Goldie also sells home film projectors, which are common in every home. By this time the guests had begun to arrive. Bobby Crow flew in from Baker's Field, where he is a captain in the Army. Billie Jean Hardison, Betty Harrison, and Jane Hayes arrived on the crack Universal Limited from London where they are working for our Foreign Department. Ruth Harper, Anita Cummings, Viola Dodson, Martha Eastman, Hazel Edwards, Nancy Countess, Theresa Howard, Lillian Holt, Doris Brown, Thomasina Bray, Helen Belch, Elouise Wood, and Charlotte Walter arrived from New York, on an Army Transport, being wives of men who are serving in the Peacetime Army. Strolling around the golf course, I spied Kath- leen Nolen and hubbyg Catherine Rutland, who said she was not married but was working for the Park Commission, in charge of Dave Wells. Eugene Sex- ton, who was resting on the green, said he was tired after walking from Sears. Sunning and swimming in Goldie's Masterful Deluxe swimming pool was J. E. Shipman who had stopped in on his way to Moscow, where he is to address the Atomic Committee. June Gwaltney and Pete Vergos seemed to be right at home, because they are partners in an orange juice stand at Miami Beach, but the free refreshments seemed to curb their activities here. Bess Holt, Betty Jones, Marian Kaplan and Marene Smart, who are court reporters, were discussing their mutual interests on the beach. Carrie Keltner, Geraldine Knight and Mary Jo Nearn, all married to former Navy men, seemed to enjoy the water. Supreme Court Justice James War- rick and his wife were chatting with Congresswo- raen Ruth Katz. Betty Burke, Maryanne Hadley, Joanna Coscia, Bettye Pegues and Theone Agnos. Later in the evening the guests began to gather around the lake, and some took a row before din- ner. Among the rowmen were Frances Butler and her husband, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Van Nieuwen- huyze, and their eight children, lthey were using three boats, don't get worriedl, Virginia Grantham, Cornelia Fillon, and Beverly Blackman. About seven o'clock dinner was served. By this time Helen Chrisafis, Virginia Coughlan, and Rachel Carter had arrived from New Orleans where they are residing. Ray Riddle, Fred Williams, Judson Williams, Allan Pryor, and Edwin Poole were all seated and packing away dinner as fast as it could be served. ' After dinner was over, Goldie had a very de- lightful program planned for our late evening en- tertainment. She had engaged one of America's top bands. led by Aubrey Gaskins. who broadcast their c 'X , f7,, ,D I -. Clhffg HER? LD,fjiMTff WL Leg. nightly television show from Go1die's mansion. Some of the dancers on the floor were Jean Marie Jordan, Glendora Diffie, Jettie Middleton, Mary Frances Allen, Donald Thompson, Elbert Gregory, Ralph Nichols, Oliver Butler and Milton Rhodes. Leaving the soft music, I strolled around the spacious lawns, and ran into Peggy Woods, who looked like she had been run through a washing machine. She explained that Jimmy's farm truck had broken down, and she had had to hitch-hike all the Way from Husspuppy, Arkansas. Leaving Peg- gy, I continued on to the patio where I found Pat Kee, Harold Moore, Charles Murrell, James Neal, Billy Pendergrass, Claude Mauldin, Rufus Eichl- berger and Charles Padover, all of whom are suc- cessful business men in St. Louis, engaged in a friendly "poker" game. About this time several black limousines came to a stop in front of the house and the occupants rushed inside, then we heard loud talk, and someone kept saying "Show me your card," Not being able to endure the suspense I hurriedly made my wav through the crowd to get a view of what was going on. On arriving at the edge of the dance floor, I thought my eyes were deceiving me, for standing on the orchestra's stand pointing his finger at Au- brey was Louis Booth, trying to make him produce his union card. Standing around helping the little C. I. O. King were Ada Hudson, Louise Brown, Hazel Wright, Billie Faye Hopkins, Peggy Hill, while Ila Raye Wallace, Catherine Edwards, and Amelia Ringold were preparing the picket signs. Finally Goldie settled the labor bugs by giving them something to eat. Despite all she could do, 5-ri I turned on the radio, and continued to dance to Billy Davis and Alfred Buss's music. Among the late arrivals were Jean Milton from Paris, where she is a hat designer, Sue Craft from London where she is in charge of the British Acad- emy of Modern Arts, Charline Miller from Jackson- ville where she is engaged in the citrus fruit busi- ness, .Ioan Rooney from Rome where she is in charge of our foreign office, Billye Sanders and Martha Moore arrived together from Mexico City, Margie Scott lFisherJ came from Seattle, and Myrtle Scobey from Tokyo, where she is living with her soldier husband. Dorothy Pearson pulled Harold away from his painting long enough to attend the affair, Mary .lane Price, Martha Dupuy, Rubye Clark, Geneva Crone, and Catherine Hines were the few single carefree girls there, and so they were trying to drink each other under the table Con Coca-Cola.J Looking up, what I saw made my heart leap, because coming toward me was Doyle Murphy-I didn't know where to turn for I didn't have any- thing to show in the way of discovered talent. I opened my mouth to speak, when he hit me on the back and said, "Kenneth O'Boy, forget about any- thing you have found elsewhere. I have what I want right here at this reunion-top bands, dancers, actors, everything for a first-rate picture." And so dear diary, as I lay my head to rest tonite, back in my New York home, it makes me happy to know each and every one of my senior class mates has climbed the rugged path of life and reached the very heights of success in their re- spective fields. they would not listen to a non-union band, so we! THE END -gg- 40' x30 C,7lLLl7ZE5. clrligg Sznioz Edifion RIESIERVIE UIHFIIGEIRSS TRMNIING QURIPS .. Vw, ,. .....F-c vw.. . -, ..-,,.., , , ,, WY, H... .--,j-fvv--- .,'i . , A 3 as LIZUT-ENANT CQLCNEL JQMN li. SQWEVQS Dvofcessov OIC Milifavq Science ard -lracfics ' . ..,..i.--1 -x .. . f ,x Q Q , - L 1 . A..H.Ngsi,i -:. X -Q kffdyju, , c.X.,weg-'xgw X16 Cafffflm fgwfpmr Sevgeanlc John Keesler ff4x',plsb:'rwf D'r'oyEe'3:o'r" QI' I 'fl i1if,fwr'L4 INSJCPLJQJCOT' OWU Millfavq Science mmol Tactics Science anal Tactics olfunzuu cqigg gsnioz fcfiiiorz CQPILUR GUPXRD 1' i LEFT TO RIGHT: Frcmklin Bruch, C1S,AShCIT1 S, F, d E,f1'1iEE ,iChC1T1SS Iones, Richard Curle. .1479 aj Q MMM 5"f1j"" 'Q"""' L' V32 CJ7lLLIllEi Gvifllg cganioz Eilifion 'ic EACULTYSDQNSQRS L+ sf , 11,7 . ui ' ' 3 i 1 2 X MDWQPAPYSDQNSQQS Dr. D. M. Hilliard, Honorary Colonel, Miss Eleanor Richmond, Honorary Lieutenant Colonel, Miss Annie Mae Prescott, Honorary Major, Active Sponsor, Miss Mary Fisher, Honorary Major. cljlunzsi gzlzioz Etlifion Q otimoses mi stvowsop wilt!! 2'-1-QvW""" ax'-'jp wr!! ,516 fl? We Cadet Lieutenant Colonel, I. E. Shipman Lieutenant Colonel, john F. Somers First Sergeant, I. W. Kessler e Honorary Cadet Major, Billye Sanders Cadet Major, jimmy Papageorg Cadet Adjutant Captain, Roy Crook Honorary Cadet Adjutant Captain, Roselyn Strong 'Q Q4 fi Hof 4521 4 Q. ff, cop 'Yana fwhuf Honorary Cadet Lieutenant Colonel, Betty Evans tx BATTALION STAF F COMMISSICDNFD UF F ICFRS If W W wx S A g 30 -S - Y X Q. x ,SX NW sk lf A 5 m N' X x X X x R Xi X X X X x w fff Q ' S S . vw vf Q -xxx mtl ,FX Y, 'Q WC x lf -I .6 W' JK' QV' T 1 f 2' , f R f 1 ,ff 46 I, 'E y , Q Nw .fy . m'P cf M Q- ,, xr I fb ,Z B + B P n,,v A! ' 'K17' in E vu 1, 5 CH 's J X' ,. ,f Y , I r V I -' J' ' A six , sf-gg, A m R, Q1 . I J., A YK iV'4:LQ -7, W w f , if ffm E5 ' gx' F m f" JJ I w . .1 fs fdgdff' tri '14-x X"--T KPLUWJDF R-QQQ-. hx , !fJ,a 5 lf ,gf 3 0 1 ' f -v-at 'XJ-A K 1 WV -n .Ara 6 Li f ,Z W , Z I , , M M W! ,wth f ,, ,, ,. ,.. ,, A f fu-WJ if ' KV, 1 2 "'fQa,?' "X 'A 1.-I ffbni' "1 f- f-,ffgixji fr ,iv ff' 5, ,Af , 19 1 J 4 tn ,,f. 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Private .,....., Private., Private. ., A Irector SEYMOUR PETROVSKY BOBBY BUCKALEW SOL COLSKY EARL KITTERMAN ROBERT TILMAN FRANK DAVIS DAN CURRIE .........EUGENE BOLLINGER DEWITT COX ALEX ALEXANDER GLEN FUQUA PEYTON BRANCH WM. GRAHAM LEWIS NODD MAURICE PETROVSKY RAYMOND ROSS JAMES TERRY CLAUDE AZLHXI GARTLEY BRADLEY DARLUS COOK ROBERT HOLT SAMMY LAZAROV MACK MARSH ROBERT PARKER DONALD SHARP ., ..,......... ELI WEIL X ff -1' 5. Mn w gn-papa 5 Af , 1 X : - p Q 4 . ff ,. iff , M. ,G,,,,,? f' 'A 'in.I. ""w-..,Q. -h . XX +A lliig: 'U ll M' 'X L-1, r r,,i ll ll U I , , it 3 N f' Ng ' ,jx xi C171 LLf11 gi .flfz I2 Zfion ' ,add n C o ,Q My f !Q!I NONtQ SI yeE'54foFq1gz6E "N 9 ow ff af 'Ns o Q H155 Mu FREDDIE BARGIACCHI, Pre-sidesi ? ? ? ? ? ? f ,ff K W rgoret Thompson, Faculty Sponsor Non-Commissioned Officers .3 U 1 I cvlfzuvzsi 0515312 5EI2iO'L fclifion RECEIVING I-IUMES AWARD FACULTY SPONSOR, FIRST YEAR CLUB MR. WALTER S. I-IILTIQDS XIV f '.-1 m 4U guinea C'7li5jf2 :genial Effifion RIFLE TEAM SERGEANT IOHN W. KEESLER, Instructor CADET GFFICERS' BANQUET ,SJ , ly WLLIIZEL 6515515 5.511501 gtfifiofz Q xxx' S I DU -X ,A Q Q . YT ff' . , 5 7 . 5 5 51.43 4 83 A A ' X "af TQ HY f f + j"'?f ,r . ff- W xx" I in ' A I' 'QM 'X ' ' 4' WJ k 1 ,,-'. "3,,'. .1M I ' I' ' 7' 'Fifi' ' milf' 5II"m"" ' -" ':i J ' 'Qfgaflzlt-All 1945 unzsi Cgsnioz Eflifiorz HHH SPORTS EDITGR W' M--w GEORGE M. BILLINGSLEY 5? , ii 3' 5 3 35 -b V f F , Q ' 5 ' 5 5 Q' IN'-my XX' .Q L 5 X X XXX. H X X xi x , ,NN ,.., g Q KAN , Q X-. X, ,,,, X , ' 4 X S X W xx X wg, , , ,A olfumsa olfigfl ganioz Edition ANNUIML SPURTS RIEWWEW As this school year ends so ends another sports year. Also another successful year ends for the Humes High Tigers. The Tigers were very successful in some sports but not so successful in others. Starting off back in the fall, the Tigers had their ups and downs and finally wound up by capturing the third place in the Memphis Prep League Football race. Humes placed two men on the annual "All Memphis Eleven." "Flying" Freddie Bargiacchi and "Lefty" Robert Bilger received the great honor. From football the Tigers jumped right into boxing and walked off with the Prep Crown. The Scrappy Tigers, with 64 points, were far ahead of their closest opponent. Next came basketball, where the Tigers weren't so victorious. Al- though not Winning the championship, the Tigers were tough opponents for the best, and had two or three outstanding players in the city, Freddie Bargiacchi placing on the All-Memphis Five. After a few weeks lay off from spring football practice the Tigers entered the Prep Wrestling Tournament. Starting off well, but dropping fast, the best the Bengals could do was second place. Bobby Torti was selected the outstanding wrestler in the city. The Tigers finished fourth in the Swimming Tournament held at the Y. M. C. A. in April. At the time of this writing the baseball season was not in full swing and the track team was still in the preparatory stage, both having bright Outlooks, especially the baseball team. BASEBALL SCORES FOOTBALL SCORES Humes 10-C.B.C. ..................... .... ..... 5 H umes 6 CBQCD Humes 7-South Side ...,.... O Humes 6-Messick ........ ..,...... 1 Humes 26-Catholic Hi Humes 18-Treadwell ........ ......... 1 Humes 5-13-,ch ........A'. Humes 5-Central .... ........ 4 Humes 5-Tech .......... ........ 0 Humes 19-Tfeadwell -- Humes 7-Catholic .. 5 Humes Humes 10-South Side ........ 3 Humes 8-Treadwell ........ 1 Humes Humes 3-Messick .... ,....... 1 Humes Humes 4-Tech .......... ........ 3 Humes 0-C.B.C. ...,.. ......,. 7 Humes Humes 5-Central .... ........ 4 Humes 6- 20-South Side 31-Jackson .... Central ...... -Whitehaven Messick ...... :4z5,!l 455,101 fiat . fx . ,-N ,J , V - x .f-x , V1 . .-. ,-f .-.4 A l ll 3 w.-4 i -Q, , X X., .. ,Li X N., CMLLIILE1 -f5EI2lfO'L Ezflffiqrz H - CLUB 'T 'Jw qf A N - fx. KQJ2 ? J I-I - CLUB QFPICERS 45 wwjva D7 46 Glfulrzaa Ssniom fcfibion. 8 l if CCDACM DQVQQY MASQN , ,Q 'gfjv' il K wmif N' 5,4 'pf f +5 M 42" A' W W' JM Q3 X Ng FQQTBALL SQUAD gpy WJ AM fy MLM? MLW? ,M bv. gf-4.-A Z Cl7!LLIIZ5i 61715515 5512601 fllifiorz SENIOR MEMBERS OE SQUAD CHEERLEADERS JOY BLAYLOCK, Captain 48 Olfigg cssniom finfion ,M 4 3 ,jywfj Z5 Zrfhgig E 'fa AQ .ZX NM if We Q f , , ,f:f. , m- 1 IIIA ,I 1 if , X-A Z!! A vii: 5.- T-:gi - N 4 Q- Luci? 5 ff f W fi if FIRST TEAM R 5 .Q ,JJ xx X W w JJ 1 1 NP 0 , 53 6 ., LLHZEA clgliflfi igsnfoz gtffffom i J 7 TACKLES L J f Q, -wx :www fsrfw wig' Q3 my L, 'lf ff x E A ,lx X. n, 1 vnvwww ' .- .,,,,,. wf' J E CENTERS gp' .- Zfi mf , E A , 'QQ W 4 J 35Lf'5l3,,g ,N .. l , NEW, X- - SENIQR CHEERLEADERS Z7 KW3? fv. 'oi , 4 'i Q, JM' X 49 XV 'SQ 51744112.51 cgxsrzioz Eiifion 'FLYING' RULEMAN FREDDIE BARGIACCI-II IN ACTION ? 5 . ,Q . , . , Is 0' 1 X I N I M , ,, Y W ,mf ' ' If " is "" 11 49394 A wv4?lf2".i U I 'sv 0 I e - I 7 -'61 " "H .if 71. A W . 'N W 'tar' ffl W Sm? EQ? 2 I 4 'Q - X Sgxx S. W5 Wk-f'J MQ , M MW' "MM ' 1 , JfP'7'Pq: if 'PQ IREADY rv A M KIQ, x, E V tt X I XX TIGi22gQfffiI AXCBJTION -W, I " -W.. fl M .ff-W MQW- 5 'QQ vw WCDRKING TOGETHER X X Yo ,Fl Qu We , f X .Vw V-ww Q W,-W' 4 , bf 4 H . f f' W 3 Xe BILGER BGCDTING 95,-si .I ,IS as QI ,YQNW x 4 X 1 X S i S Q -W , Awww? glff ,fy . ww ,NBWW K, I, . I F Nwxw ImQ,QwfV ',g x I 9 I , I ww ..,, - .J . I. xv, f Q Q X6 fixtwmx I KEE IN THE AIR ' v Q W, W . M IW, 63515 I WN, ww. Q I, gp ,ws I, I mv .N A 4.22 X sf Q if .I M -. DIGGING IN V4 V-nw-A all , - A' A, I f f, M" I Af WM -M Wlmrw, 1 'W 'awfi f flwf- WM' I 'UN L, wif. I I I 51539 I v , Ma I ., H 1,2 ,M I Zi., NY-ff 'V ' J f , W , , My , . I , My 4 I v I . W Wk M. any S QI III X px s N 4...-wx Q XA sw .ww Wm N N' KX I ,X im X we M as M ilk 'lim' A f .,..,A. i ...A AAA: . , . E , 39 X 2 , m 2 1 WK ...RQ ' 12 L E WW ff "5 :qw ff f 1 -,1" mfx ?' .me,:f,f,T ' W , 5 4 If QM' aug W A X , :,, ,.:1 I ,,,,.1 2 - W x W' I , waxy-- I 2 x V 1 my , 4 , ' f U 6- - .A N ,,.A?0 4 ,,..2 A ,f 0' , X lfw :-:.-w-:-:s:a:- ,,,,1::: Q Jiffy? g ff, ass-f ,g gf 2 ,' e232 1 sf" U V ,M new .L ml if I x M nw f f , x 'Q X k -H Q Q .J X. Nf - - - ' ' 5 X Y N L' k5"1'i, ' x X' www? Xxx x X , X 5 F g un m i C7,7ZLLI7Z8:1 041195 Ssrzioz Eifiiiorz BASKETBALL MASCOT "BUDDY" WILLIAMS N. '. f, fJ7ZLLlllEi cjfifjfl cgsnicvz gulf CQACM A CA WILLIAMS 641111151 cyiflg 51511501 fzfifion GUTSTANDING WRESTLER IN CITY l .QU ,ff ff ' A .Hd YI7 14494,-f BOBBY TOBTI 44 O ,Wff B! Q lfffo. pf jQ"BvA' ff :fi lj --.xx ff f'i4.?LJt f "" fa N., 'tx' 3 4 ,,- xx -,-M 5' N QQ! X ,V ly! W.,-gum , I Iv, Al ff F .- '7' 'W ,..' ' ' .B ! H W -w . QQ ffl! 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Franklin Brucliyand' Joann Rooney Cluh News ooo,,,,,o,,,,,,,,oo,, TQ ...,.,,.... Patterson Business Manager ..,..oooAsoooo,,,,,,, 94,54 Earl Kittlerman 'IIQIYPISPSBX M ,f H dl J G It ' - -I V- ' aonn oore, ,ary e a ey, une wa ney Aipirtts Edltor 'SSSSSS""' """ , GS0Qgi3BI?E'g?ey Reporters-.Al Her ert Thomas, Thompson, In IS oo"""ooo""""""A"' , 'oooooo"o-' f""' ""' 1' "'-- 1 au wr WH John Stat ' S Maryanne , Fay Bussell, Columnists- qi-,J jhe 1 i June Gwa ney, Eli Weil Gruber, Jackie WMary Ruth Slylby, Naomi: Mooreg' Jim Osburn Moore, Gloria Pettus, Frances Davis. ij, J lb Y- L L 4 mv M565 X s Y 'PLANNING THE HERALD ff A ,ff N!! i r BAN D DIRECTQR , site. 1- ' F i, . 75 Dewi C9955 3 , if A N-. . X, iii ,'gk ' iw ., Kp' A QQ! Q Ria, WX'- ir 'Q bi Q X' Ei Sip If Q fini -W i 'ij Q A i , M 1, 4 J L 9 WV Y ,xx -X V A ,. xy q 1 Miss Virginia Alexander-Kipfgyt A Virginia Mead, Accompanist -' MJ X 1 -lm! , VW X K A Lit L! 4 ,J i M 1 1 X AH I wx? 'Q W f f 62 aff!! H L7l7lQuI1l.Si :uifjfzi -SEIZZOZ fcfifiofz Q 'fa 'U HUMES HIGH BAND Q 7 N My ' M J' -ff ' ffffQ' ' yy gffa, - ,fzf c .f, - ff, ' V J -1 DRUM MAJQRETTES 3 A uQ1J V! - lr , X x , 1 0 FJ Kfx FX ' XP Q! i D I una gsniom Etfiiion 63 ww ' I SWING BAND AUBREY GASKINS, Student Director -. :Z 'ii 1 ' '."' - .: :. -1' 'f 1 C! J 22 5 -'S - P- 3 2: 7 :-. 'J I-1' -" -. bl . 3 8' F' 5' 'i ' ' 15 If " V' Z: " 12- 'W 35 ' A ,Q 4' .1 ' 'I 3 'xo ' 0 4 4 'N 'x nn X -x N ' ' N1 ' 6, Av H '- .-aff' ' 'Q'-12: ' 1' , fu' I l ag, ff: . f . . ' . o . I , . - J .'1 : ' - .- 'flgzi , ' . 0 1 0 :vu .",, 15. ff' .'. ,-L2 il. " ' . ' '. ,'.'.' ..z".Z! '. " WZ:-., ' . 1 IZ: "'r'2 . , . ,. 0 .-174. - . ' ,4I'7o! . agp!" ' A . . J. s f '56-1!'jj , L' it , 1 gm' fn ' ' , , 05... 0. . "' :' -. ' f':v'?2Sa.f. " n T Y - 1 ' f:,4V".'.? 0 fg .fig 1 'of' -" .1211 ' ' . ,I ' -AQ ' -v -"'- 'Z 'J-'. " . 'Q 1 ,' 'YI Jah. 'Q-, :Y fun ., ' a 'Q lov a' .. ' .1 A Q' ,. 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LOUISE MOFFETT, fy? if f .4 ' v -tiff, J CLllLLl7ZEi genial gitfzon iee HM WHEN JIMMY PAPAGEORGE BILL WEAKLEY .A,..,..,.,, ..,,, FRED WILLIAMS ........ JOHNNY HARRIS ,,.... TOMMY GOST .,..... PAT KEE .................. ROBERT BILGER JOHN SEWELL ...... KENNETH MOORE .... AUBREY GASKINS ....,........ HAYS MITCHELL ...... PETE VERGOS ..... J. E. SHIPMAN ........ ALLEN GOODWIN ...... HAROLD GOODWIN -- MORIS SHORE ..... GEORGE MABIE ....,. BILLY NORTH ,.... RALPH NICHOLS ...... RICHARD BARTON ............. .Most Popular .................. BILLYE SANDERS .Best A11-Round ,L.L,.L.....,,.LLL MARTHA MOORE Handsomest-Prettiest ........ JOY BLAYLOCK .Cutest .......,...,,.,,.,,,, CARRIE KELTNER Best Groomed .......,. I....... B ETTYE PEGUES .Sunshine .....,.. DIMPLE HALL MOSTL Athletlc ......,.., .......L. D OT PEARSON Most Successful ....,..,..,..... GENEVA CRONE Most Talented ........ .f...... V IRGINIA MEAD .Most Ideal ........ Sweetest ................. Most Outstanding ......... Fmendhest ............... ---------.W1tt16St..-..---..---..- PEELER ANITA CUMMINGS .------JOAN ROONEY .----.-KITTY HINES . ...... MARY JO NEARN Most Intelligent .......................... RUTH KATZ Most Courteous ............ BEVERLY SHIVERS Most Reliable ...................... THEONE AGNOS Loudest ......,......... MARY FRANCES ALLEN JEAN MARIE JORDAN Personality ............ CATHERINE RUTLAND ogeoege A - ' ' . A K A ., fm LQ is-ff4-mg-.:'g3wff-Lfgmfmw' f':1f'H3iL-mx-Qwffgaiwt:MZ-:Q . . h V ,fm :,3L.h,Vftgk- I f m f . , ,, ,,,w:m,,,4fnfE-,LI M1553 Qgqg: 1 A .o- , f - ' ' , ' qv- - gf 1 ' . . l 1 . A ' . , t . - 7 Q J I LX.. - Y, I- - 5 4, , , . ,W '65 ,ZZ-.ffgia .Nagy ' , ' - "' N1-' ' 2 f,y1"-'-,':,g,-9,,y,g'-'la1,f.1,' 2,-,.5:'.,. '11 2-fi 1,-L.-fggr. 4 0 f - , 4" ' H ' --,gf ::2:'f':3.1: . - - V -1 .-.... . ,Z 3,-WL? i"g:6fx-uf,-Q", wvg-.g:.L'EA 135:15-.4--Q12-.1 ,: --rt I 5- . 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N XJJYW 641411254 01715516 gsniom flition PJ 715 NK -ALE xg, if . 'gf' we THESPIANS 'KDVX yy? i I -f , ,ix ' su L nge WW N f Bailey Thompson, Joyce Perkins? u N ,Y iw 5 b I ufff O IYS.fX,,oYf"fJ LfJ,,"A H, E7 ,Lf gt! ' 1. 1 ig. in 7 Kiwi ., ', oiif' XA sf b y A o 'KVM Q If W o NATIONAL FQRFfN SLQ-IEACHUE X o V I JSJKLQ f ,Q JH if Life? 5 KENNETH MOORE, President , if KW iuunzsi gsnioz fnfif F IF TY CLUB 'X X. lf 73 CJ7ZlU7l-55 C,7ll:1-1,2 Qssrzium fziiorz SENIGR RED CROSS . R 5' W . X HQME ECQNQMICS CLLTH' ,. :f f D clfunzai cuigg fjsnioz E,cljiiDgzP15 T AND 1 GFFIC1fRg X Xp - DAVID GARIBAN, President x :V f 0 'Tx V ' :I Vp! E gfw-,q ' ,, fx, x I 1 , v W 'f' .J LA . N9 U K . r ox 0 7 I -,fi 3 A Aj U Q' is W 'H fn 'fy W ' X ' 'f' vw A 44 D ' T AND I 'CLUB3' f X, . Q gf -, ., ' 3 Th ., C , 4, 4 J' , ,J J A -1 Cymru-is Cyvlifjfi :Yanioz frfif NX u VISUAL EDUCATIGN Z b 'KS e M4R GROW MR. SIM WINFIELD, Sponsor and Projector Operators CLfLLnza1 Cglifjfi 5'EI2I:O'L Elifion SENIOR GIRL RESERVES H , i r.. ,x , J CIQAMRION INTRA-MURAL VQLLEY ,- - f . -2 H, - ,, f Q, 13 o' gs I 'X A 3 Y 3 ,,,, GLIZ'-U12-Si Oqffjlli gsnioz Elfiiiorz PHYSICAL EDUCATICN, I M 1 'n PHYSICAL EDUCATION, H 25 78 L'j7!LUIZEi 61716516 5511601 fdifion HCDNCDR SOCIETY INDUCTICDN Sponsors for Honor Society: Miss Agnes Gibson, Miss Margaret Thomp- s:1r:eM osinoq ssiw '1xnH MQW ssiw 'uos 2 if Q' , '-P X ,X , ff ff y :,'. Mfr aw Z .ku 1 1 5' ,W 5 x ,L 2"' K f Q 2 W X T K fu.: : 5 ' ? X ' ,ff mesa, -' . N X i ffffl' X .ink g .IW MU row .fix 'QQ lirx iff! iff MN . R 1' Kyla ' ig ', , ', f l M f ,M M M ii.i bi, ii, W i M "iff: "Iii Ml girl, 'lt' i . iw ' ,xy-1.i?l'i, I lhrldlyivl Q ,'-"':" 'f Ni Mali, lug if i x 'I' 'J XX MALE BEAUTY SHOW Q, PROVIDES SCHOLARSHIP EOE HONOR SOCIETY 4 v.fLlll.LI7ZEi .fssrzioz fdifion HUMES GIRLS fx Ld ff 's SHA, 2 B' ' ' ' aww- Z K lZgQ k 'U' - Ax, 5 X . 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U., Q, MXH ,Ve, BOBBY LAMBERT Secretary 641111281 6465312 45511601 fcfifion CLASS OFFICERS ,HW U J ,Ni X .cg-NINTH GRADE HOME RQQM QPFICERS gg N5 cLfunz51 cvifjfi Ssniom Edifion 9-1, 9-2, 9-3 Q x7 I 0-.lflflyi-,o "-v ,' -'I ,V - ' DTT' - .4 -.- -3,1 ' W3 3 ,. ,J 9-4, 9-5, 9-6 ' f 9' 1- A 9 L I if -ff? ,fl j ,ff K 5 ,..f - I fr 5-- r Rf? " , 9 ,, xf 9. I, sg , 1. - 1. .Z 5 . J!7ZLLlIlEi Cyifjfg cgxsrziom fzfifiorz 9-7, 9-8, 9-9 11nu1-nu-n-unnnnInnnunu-InnnInInnnlInnIn1nn-nn-u-un-n-nl x7x.aC-X2fk75fXuQZWC'XDQ!'3CU3'5KX9C?5CX':'L'23fX'L'Q'Z5C'X9 1 Q 9 unzai ig snioz cfi ion C4 54y'5 HERALD 5 5 f IUNIGR CHEERLEADERS ffffffffijigi U X X Q. X 'fix'- 5 W X I yt .-A r' F ,FI X 'ff-"ya ",. " is V., .' i f!! "f"-' v 1 ' W 'V 5 .1 1, , E df .4 ' , gf .A -I , E E 1 J 61711111221 Glfifgfz .fganim fzfifion IUNIGR RED C3033 ,Q fr- . ' 1:-M7-' f 89 sfs, ,Vins s! Miss Elsie Marmann Sponsor, Glee Club IUNIOR GLEE CLUB ELCDWER, MCDTTO, DRESS COMMITTEE IUNIGR GIRL RESERVES 6J7lLUllS1 gsrziom Etiifion Q1 JIUINIKOR HOMIE ROOMS President ..., ,.,.,... ,.......Q..., Vice President Secretary .......,...,. Treasurer ,..e...,, Reporter James Brackeen Jerry Byars Glenn Dupey Joe Harrison Alva Ivy Burlow Jackson Carl Jackson Herbert Lewis James Sanders 9-1- MISS SUSIE JOHNSON Walter Thorpe Jerry Walker Harold Whitely Smith Yancey Jean Armstrong Olette Bishop Diana Brown Beulah Durling Joann Gipson . KATHERINE DOTY MURRAY SHARPE DAVID CLARK JOYCE MCCOY JUNE WOLFE Elizabeth Gray Bobbie Hendricks Marie McGee Dorothy Moore Betty Dell Orr Montez Parham Joy Smith Christine Walker Mary Ann Wilhelm 9-2-MR. WALTER HILTPOLD President ,,,,,,Y,,,ii,,4,,,.,,,,...,,,,,,.,,aaaa..,...U.....,.ai.,..,.,.................. BILLY GROVES Vice President ,,,,7Y,,i77,,.77,ooo,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,v,,,aaaaaaa.iaaa.... MAURICE PETROVSKY Secretary-Treasurer ,aa. - . ......... BOBBY LAMBERT Reporter ........,,...a .C.a..,.....,................ia.. Jimmy Henderson Farrel Greer Bernice Siegel Christ T. Sanidas John L. Koelz Jack L. Sanders L. Jack Doty Stennis Ray Coin Billy Martin Angelo Robilio Bobby Lambert Billy Groves Henry Pittman Charles Hensley Maurice Petrovsky Gerald Holbrook James E. Morrison Chester J. Todd Stephen W. Pettus, James Sprague Charles Alexander J BILLY PARSONS Robert Ruben Myer Hirsh 'Broadus Shaye Floyd Roburn Jesse Butcher Charles Craig Billy Parsons W. L. Leadford Milburn Avery, Jr. Phillip Mandelman Raymond Vun Cannon, Jr. 9-3-MISS LORIECE PEARCE President ........,.......................... .....--------w-.--.--,-----,------fssss Vice President Secretary ............ . Treasurer .......,.. Reporter ...,.,, Alex Alexander Marvin Allison James Bailey Jimmy Brewton Marvin Dinner Frank Forolpoulos Gerald Fow er Jack Ronald Hanover Sidney Kaufman Gene Marcotte Frank Mulliken Eugene Murphy Clifford Nolen L, EUGENE MURPHY WINSTON WOOTEN MARY ELIZABETH BARGIACCHI Robert Parham Paul Parker Charles Sanders Henry Schneider James Walden Kenneth Wildes Bobby Willis Winston Wooten Shirley Barber CHARLES SANDERS RONALD HANOVER Dorothy Lee Moore Patsv Anne Newton Betty Pennington Georgia Katherine Perkins Mary Katherine Pike Joyce Powell Mary Helen Ramsey Betty Shine Monna Smith Mary Elizabeth Bargiacchi Connie Dacus Irene Miller Doris Temple Mary Ellen Towery Jeanne Wilson cblurnai dbligg ghsnioz Edition President ...... , Vice President Secretary ..,eee.. Treasurer ..,,.re Reporter ..e... Glen Bell Morris Biller Lawrence Blumen William Clark Donald Dans Billy J enne Floyd Johnson Alex Leslie Arthur Miller Gerald Proctor Clarence Pyle President ..,,.....e.. .ie..,., Vice President Secretary .e.,... Treasurer ......, Reporter ....., Suzanne Boydston Barbara Bruner Jessie Darnell Mary Denton Betty Everett Selma Greenbaum Edwina Harris Joan Anita Harris Joanna Hutcherson Mary Lou Jett President ...,........ ...........v....... ,e,l,....,.,,.. .......,......,e,,,,li Vice President Secretary ....... Treasurer ....... Reporter ,,.,eeeei Paul William Adcock John Edward Davis Ralph Franklin Bobbie Hall Ralph Kitterman Thomas Maupin David Maynard Jessie Robert McClain Morris Moskovitz Eddie Nuckolls Edward Patterson Robert Lewis Smith Raymond Tanner 9-4-MISS KATHERINE HALL NICK VERGOS BONNIE GARNER MARTHA GOODWIN K "ff .,..,..., RAY DESHAZO LORETTA LYLES if Norman Shine Edgar Wilson Paul Yarbrough George Tumlin Clara Ashmore Martha Bills Elizabeth Johnson Lorain King Betty Marshall Francine Mitchell Barbara Ross 9-5-MRS. MARIA K. BACON Anita Rush Mildred Russehff 3 5 Joyce Scott Ellen Simmons Gloria Smith Mary Smith 'A Betty Waddell Daphne White Belle Williams Juanita Wright BETTYE JOHNSON ROSE NADINE MCDONALD VIRGINIA LEE SAMMONS CLEO PARKER BARBARA BRUNER Bettye Johnson Beverly Ann Kelly Bobbie Lou Kinton Lanez Lawrence Georgia Madden Rose Nadine McDonald Betty Jean Quick Myrtice Reeves Laverne Robertson Helen Rosen Lois Russell Emogene Nunn Cleo Parker Vivian Yvonne Parker Carolyn Peeler 9-6-MISS ZULA M. BOSVVELL Virginia Lee Sammons Martha Elizabeth Strauser Frances Sweatt Carolyn Anne Tanner Nora Louise Wasson PEGGY FLANIKEN JOHN EDWARD DAVIS NORMA NICHOLS JESSIE ROBERT MCCLAIN AL HERBERT THOMAS Al Herbert Thomas Richard Whitby Dorothy Marie Auest Billie Jean Bland Joan Blancett Inez Clark Mary Frances Cotton Peggy Flaniken Joanne Gaines Shirley Gifford Margaret Elaine Hilton Geraldine Irvin Mary Anne Lundy Norma Nichols Charlotte Rhodes Miriam Ross Carolyn Sanders Joy Sanderson Judith Bess Saul Joan Scott Shirley Shiffman Bettye Ruth Taylor Julia Thomas Selma Weiss , 'Y Gtfi:fr'iiHfEBALDrf?i2f3iffiff We or Q 9-7-MISS VIRGINIA ALEXANDER PreS1dent A.A....,AAAA.........A............A,..A,AA.AA...,AA,.. ....A.,..... W INFRED NICHOLSON Vice President e,.., Secretary L Treasurer ,, Reporter .,er.. Jack Aeschleman John Bailey Billy Carlton Leon Deviney Guy Freeman Bernard Fleischer Aubrey Gamble Elvin Glaze Walter Helbig Elton Hreland Benny Keywood Mac Marsh Jimmy Martin President ,e.lll,,lle Vice President .lloc Secretary ..,,....... Treasurer Reporter .,ll..,ec Roy Acklin Delmar Leon Allison Gartley Bradley William Thomas Branch Louis Arnold Cooper Hugh Finger Halbert Goolsby Johnny Herring John Hugh Lovelady John Malamas, Jr. George Scott President .uu..,uf,,s. Vice President ..,,,, Secretary ., Treasurer u....... Reporter .uu.,i Frank Bruno Billy Buck Tommy Cash Bobby Davis John Hammons William Hester Arnold Jennings Milton Martin Bobby Mullinox Bruce Nickolson LOUISE BELCH Gene McConnell Winfred Nicholson Johnny Patterson Kathleen Baker Louise Belch Marion Craig Doris Curle Mary Crumby Joyce English Betty Jean Hawkins Janet Helm Joan Helm GENE MCCONNELL AUBREY GAMBLE DORIS CURLE Anita Jones June Love Joy Meyers Betty Joan Pittman Rose Mary Sherrill Catherine Spurlock Mildred Spurlock Barbara Sutton Joan Tardy Betty Torti Mary Carolyn Woods Dorothy Jean York 9-8-MRS. P. A. MORELAND MILDRED J. MATTHEWS LAVONIA STEWART PATSY ANN CRABLE ANNA ENGELMAN Homer Stanley J. W. True Vertie Mae Adams Lela Mae Alberson Bessie Rudell Bell Irene Carter Patsy Ann Crable Jean Dannreuther Anna Engelman Wanda Lee Guice Jewel Gurley 9-9-MRS. J. E. LOKEY Jeanne Kennedy Mildred J. Matthews Donna Janette Myers Veta Marie Palazola Mary A. Patterson Joann Pickle Margarette L. Sharp Lavonia Stewart Elise Whitaker Margaret Ann White Elizabeth Willis CHARLES REASONS ARNOLD J ENNINGS Billy Nolan Charles Reasons Sam Sadler Billy Stone Beulah Anderton Barbara Ann Bailey Anna Denton Maude Dougher Hazel Faught Dorothy Gentry DORIS HOWELL PAT MORRISON BILLY NOLAN Peggy Henderson Doris Howell Margarete Jenkins Carol Jolly Wella Dean Ledford Marlene Levitch Doris McDaniel Mary Frances Mclkleil Pat Morrison, O4 :l7lLLn1.s1 -gzrziom Eififion ,f 4 --L-+7217-Y W-Y i..+, ...v ,,--1..,,,,,- LA, 1 - Humes Humes Humes Humes Humes Humes Humes Humes Humes 9 V WY Y Y -Y VW YYY vni W,-V YYY,YYY, FQQTBALL SCG QES 28 ..., .. v, v. S Outh Side 13 , ,,,,.. , . . S nowden 18 .. . Q... F airview 26 ..,AA, vv..... C . B. C. 27 i... . v,,.. C atholic Hi 20 ......,.. ,C....,. M essick 34 ,A4C,C..C CCC..,.. P entecost 13 ,11111111 . A.1111 Treadwell 6 1111111. ....1 . Bellevue X 0 0 12 0 13 7 20 7 20 ' QV Via 3:12. ia-1 J 41 1615 -. 'fL1if""'1rff X .i:T.g.1 'Ti' If-6 eq 1, " 1? L ,ii . 4 - '. - hifi, A iff' BAS KETBALL GA MES Humes Humes Humes Humes Humes Humes Humes Humes Humes Humes Humes Humes Humes Humes .. 3.,330 Fairview Hollywood Bellevue Training ...1.1.Snowden Last Part Messick South Side Treadwell Catholic Hi .Bellevue Hollywood Training Snowden Messick 5 , . 11 , , - 'V,UiufvYL.f !, f I' Y,- - R X7 - X X 1 V 'lx in Ml X v , Ji, '7 V rl!-If N - f hw- fwf VL , I f X l w L, A I IUNIQR FOOTBALL sQUAD , W X 13 K 5' 1 G, -...W cf -,, P , , , , fr D A ,f . Z ,. V . - ., 1- y. f . B ry -I A ' ,1 Q 1. ' ' ' Q, v 5 2 V 4 k J Y- , a J J Q , C Q BOYS GYM CLASSES D, 2 N, J f , . , , , Mr. Perry Mason. Instructor M ff 9 96 C5lul1zu ganioz fxfiiion. MRS. EDMONIA HUMES Q. fi C? ff ff ff E5 nwwwmww IWW WWWWWWHWWWWW 3. aw UQUQUQUQUQUEUQUE ffwmwmw W U? Mother of Man For Humes High was Named Dies W Pi 13" cu QQ Ea QCD 2.5 mo """S pi 755 Q00 ii HZ USD FD! r-1 EQ H- E+-A QJCD Q3 O- 'EJ-P CDD' mm ?? LZ' o 2 ,... Z5 UQ S1 n F14 ro sw 'U "CS co sw +1 cn O-f ,.. D 03555 O ,-,l 030g Ummm! 529' +-sg rgggg cnmgm- Sadly-P1 FD 32355 -X1 wWgQS gag!-h99 warg-'PU fDQJfD"'S 535 2 ings Q-Hmm 9-H75 44502-lm E555 '-:Umm 5 off' Emp O'-s UQ'-:QB 2,202 ggmg H'-s 2530 Emam 35:9 fbfpgm 2m'S 9558 wogg zmhgf 30wO ggff. C11 mggm QH5 Qgom I H1-m cr '-+1 U 55525 cn L: gg '2fQO? '1Q,, Eggnm 2 gguff Qgagg EEEQE W5 mm 'GEMS mpgs: CDU" F49-s 4 295Qw 'QSHI 9099 gang? :aww rf-f-v-gp: 5 Him fgwfbs: ws 11,4--Q E,gD'::-U' CDQCDQS "S sw CD B201 wmom Sffmcwf-f :59mmrJ' 02339-QJCD c Ewgasf c: mmggm Fungi 5'f+Eswc'o L""g,r+"s Sfvmzo an m H, 50.2. 99 mzigg f'f""" fb ogzrwh-l 55532 r1."5?"CD :H 2 5 5 52 CDO P0 5: MD4 ig is gs 409 CD 2 32 mm B UE me "S Os- ,.,,O o- Q5 gm :vm :Ls ,Um U1 Q5 cr 55 SE EW SE QQ. 'sf 55 0:1 PGP E. cr O C+ :T TU I 52 22 QS 4 Elm D-zn HZ G Ei US Ei mg gm 50 ,DE Hr: EE sw 55 O94 292 O o-r,Q4 SE as H8 '41-s I C5 ga -z 99 '1 CE CD C+ 555 93:-P mM 524 mm Bw'-S OQ,,"4 5-V314 323 Sf-ff r-1-U7 :rig KD 0 'ig-,FD gcg PEG, Q. CD 33 rg ""o or-va ff' rr Q5 Q. :QCII UQ: -55 2,2 535' 0+-I 'ts Ev Ez M5 ECI! gc U25 gg gm' ri Pi IJ' cn rn o S' O Fi 5 E an un E '-s En I C B rn m 9-9 E5 CL P+ 13" rn E. rn E. '-s 99 if O I3 FY' 23" 99 FP m 'J' rn D" 99 U2 U' no CD 5 gi ?5 5 3 CD 3 S E E FJ' 2 FY' FY' 3 5 C'l7lunzsi 04595 ganiom Edition 97 aaognifiolz ..... The Herald Staff wishes to recognize and to thank the pupils who helped them in the preparation of copy for the Senior Herald. The following gave their services in typing: Bernard Cole, Wava Brown, Anita Cummings, Frances Butler, and Glendora Diffie. To Miss N. Louise Moffett, instructor in art, the Staff expresses its appreciation for supervision in selection and arrangement of the art work and linoleum blocks. The blocks were made by Paul Brown, Jean Milton, Marjorie Scott, Regina McDaniel, Pete Vergas, and Harold Goodwin. To all others who gave assistance in various ways, a big THANK YOU. 'EB .C 539 'E' C bm 'R CO 12 iix.'fQ:rs 0 iff MA my Q WA 'fyuyw Q f fi jifff f BERNARD COLE Typist for Baneis 98 dqumsi 0'-fig!! gsnioz Ecfifion v HUMES VIEWS 1 fL7llU'l-'Ii 646535 ggauzuz,rw SPECIAL DAYS THROUGHOUT THE YEAR E Tf . X S' X U: 4 5 fund 5 elim! Y nh E -Q Jr X I ix.: Q H 5 X 1 C H J I - s if I V " , -villas. ' A f - 117 71 'Xxx xxx- I' 11555 0,7lLU12E1 Gyfigg essnioz Edition REGISTRATION Student Council Members Assist in September Registration A -4" .-f I 9 M Vi Y' 3 0 Avy.. . Vx- e KEY CLUB vi i '-Q, J 'ss 4., Jimmy Papageorge, President-George Mabie, Vice President 'SJ Greetings and Best Wishes to the V SILVER MOON CANDIES and COFFEE OLIVER-FINNIE CO. Extend Hearty Congratulations Class of 1946! HULL-DOBBS CO. "WORLD'S LARGEST FORD DEALER" PARTS - SALES - SERVICE Third cmd Gayoso CNext to Peabody Hotell Phone 8-3131 'I III. 4 ..,,...r I., Agivg' Iv 'ft 4,3 , VINT LAWSON - GETZ Sporting Goods Co. 110,- SCHOOL IACKETS AND SWEATEBS 1.0.-..- MODEL AIRPLANES AND SUPPLIES ,oi 9-11 No. 3rd St. Phone 5-2725 Opposite Sterick Bldg. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE HUMES HIGH SCHOOL Good Luck, Graduates! GRADUATES' O .-Where Eating IS A 6 K Pleasure" Riviera Golden Brown Ffled Chicken "The Diamond Store of the South" 1380 IACKSON AVE. Phone 36-2442 144 SOUTH MAIN STREET PHONE 5-6711 - SINCERE WISHES TO THE 1946 GRADUATES! Compliments of A. W. HEUERTZ, Tenn. State Mgr. NATIUNAL SHIRT SHOPS MUTUAL BENEFIT HEALTH 5. ACCIDENT ASSOCIATION 91 SOUTH MAIN STREET 10th Floor Sterick Bldg. Compiamems of BEST WISHES. GRADUATES! l THE GIFT OF A LIFETIME! , Bulova Watches North Side Cleaners GREER S I I H. E BBAVEB, Owner SCIHCIWICITI Shop 1037 Iackson Phone 36-9633 In the Same Location 25 Years 588 N. Second-Phone 8-7047 Schaifer's Dry Goods Store "We Outfit the Whole Family" Our Specialty is Peter's Diamond Brand Shoes for Men, Women and Children Corner Second and Chelsea WE-O-NA FOOD SORE 27 Owners: Cacciola cmd Danovi Fancy Groceries, Quality Meats, FREE DELIVERY 1042 Chelsea Phones 8-0658-9 Congratulations. Graduates! MAYME'S Beauty Shoppe MRS. MAYME DORRIS 868 Chelsea Phone 8-0721 May Success and Happiness Be Yours, Class of '46! GEORGE GUNTI Grocery 6: Market 671 Saflarans Phone 8-2904 Y I Largest Assortment oi Iewelry Elgin Watches S24.75 Up LAGUZZI QS BARRASSO Iewelry Company "Out Ot High Rent District Better Prices are Available" 1361445 No. Main St. Phone 8-0956 ll"'ll'l IllIIllIInlllulllllllllllllllllIll lllllllll lulllnlIIIInulllnllllullunlnnuunnunnnw, iz -4 wqrlz-W ,E ,. -,Li . ,- t ,- .Q .1. .vga 'V G2 Ilifigsisglgsisi. ' bfi .-'k"'jE?7-If "3'r,'P Z1- . ,sean f'1SA:3'- .' 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Wedding in- vitations and Announcements :Social Sftzfionszu :Section TOOF S. C. TOOF 6. CO., 195 MADISON Printers - Lithographers - Office Outfitters Stationers qt 5kUfin9'S Fun - - - fmd Best Wishes to the -5.5111 if Healthy, Too! , , gl Graduahon Class of 45 ', Aff?" Gi Afternoons 6. Nights . -It ll -fr . 4- , 3, EAST END RINK YELLOW CABS if , "R . . ., Z- Madison at Morrison 8-2121 PHONE 8-2121 - ' Phone 36-6332 BEST OF LUCK TO THE 1946 CLASS! Memphis Auto Parts Co. SPECIALIZING IN TRUCK PARTS "PARTS FOR EVERYTHING THAT ROLLS" 1093 Chelsea Ave. Phone 8-1202 Compliments of IVIULF ORD IEWELRY CO. 26 South Main Memphis, Tenn. WHITFIELD KING 51 CO. Insurance YORK ARMS CO. Wholesale cmd Retail Distributors Sporting Goods Fourth Store South of Loews State 162 South ivlcfin Street Telephone E-1217 uwumnuswu nlrrnunu nun WEAKLEY KEY 6. LOCK WORKS 633 Monroe Ave. Phone 5-2222 . WEAKLEY EQUIPMENT CO. 639 Monroe Ave. Phone 8-6972 Speedway Drug Store 631 Chelsea at Thomas FREE DELIVERY Phone 5-2766 PESCRIPTIONS CAREFULLY as COMPOUNDED Compliments ol IOHNIE COSCIA OWNER WEONA FOOD STORE NO. 61 1092 N. Manassas Phone 8-8789 Compliments of DILLON POTATO CHIP CO. 3175 Southern Ave. Phone 4-9171 STUDENTS! COMPLETE YOUR SCHOOLING! An Education Is Your Best Asset! Heartiest Congratulations to You, the Class of '46 M. I. PALLER Grocery and Market FREE DELIVERY 956 Breedlove Phone 5-2318 WALTER I. CLINE WATCH AND CLOCK REPAIRING High Grade Watches for Sale Room 303, 81 Madison Bldg. Phone 8-7984 Best of Luck to You, the Graduates of '46 Co1eman's Service Station and Garage 7th and Chelsea Best Wishes to the Graduates of 1946! f L PAT CLANCY Heavy Hauling 900 N. Second St. Telephone 5-0306 Good Luck. Graduates! MANGEL'S Feminine Apparel 51 North Main St. PHONE 5-5507 BEST OF LUCK Liberty Cash Grocery No. 44 1052 CHELSEA Good Luck to the Humes Class of 1946! F UTRIS BROS. Cleaners :S Hatters "Well Known in North Memphis" We own and operate our own Clecming Plant 398 Jackson Phone 8-0968 GRAYSON'S esoufhmaansf. Dresses. Coats. Sportswear, Lingerie A Smart Shop for Smart Women McLELLAN'S 59-61 South Main Street 5c to 51.00 STORE Congratulations, Graduates! X Guthrie Pharmacy GUS GAINER, Mgr. M' DRUGS QS SUNDRIES 910 Chelsea Phone 8-7404 W. B. BARRON Groceries and Meats 1306 Hollywood Phone 4-3346 FREE DELIVERY Compliments of SCOTT ELECTRIC CO. ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS 272 Madison Ave. Phone 8-3743 WILLIAMS SHADE fs. AWNING co. AWNINGS - WINDOW SHADES - VENETIAN BLINDS - sHADEs CLEANED - LINOLEUM RUGS Two Convenient Locations: 807 UNION AVE. 95 S. MAIN ST. Phones 5-4444-5-4445-5-4446 Congratulations I-Iumes Graduates! WEONA FOOD STORE NO. 100 W. C. SMITH, Ovsmer 607 CHELSEA PHONE 8-1992 Smith's Grocery df Market 1088 Thomas Phone 5-9142 SUCCESS LAUNDRY Our Motto "Success" NOTHING SUCCEEDS ' I s UccEs f V 1000 1efferS0nfAveg, 0 e 2-3123 we ft f THE DAIRY BAR' AND CAFE ' REAL PIT BARBECUE MALTED MILKS AND nnuuunuunnmnun.-umN..-nnmvul-tm'1 E . , . .!.!.-I .154- BEAUTY WITHOUT A FLAIW Fine Cosmetics BY THE HOUSE OF SHAW FOR SALE IN BEAUTY SHOPS ff If WE OWN A OPERAT o I o CL NING PLA 4' HARYEY W Cgaru s Phone 'I-4774 1622 Union Ave. o xl SUCCESS TO THE. 1946 GRADUATES! D. CANALE :Sf CO. Wholesale Fruit and Produce BIRDS EYE FROSTED FOODS -um-H-.ttufn nun 2 l w M Q-zmgrmzrtuloxtiens imc! Gggd Lqick to the 1946 Graduates! LAVVSONHS RESTAURANT 636 Chelsea Phone 5-9271 V Good Luck, Graduates! HURLEY TRACTOR COMPANY I "KEEP 'EM PLOWING" ! 396 North Main St. Greetings. Graduates! E. E. DUNN'S Leadway Food Store No. 18 741 North Decatur Phone 5-0283 Congratulations to the Graduates of 1946! SHEF FIELD 51 STANLEY Esso Station courteous service ICE CREAM 1267 Iackson Phone 36-9276 408 S. Front St. - Phone 8-4121 1379 Iackson Phone 36-9341 DOERR BEST WISI-IES, GEADS! ABROS RADIO SALES MQDEL DRUG STORE MEATS AND SERVICE , i 917 JACKSON AVENUE QfedA'e Fegfufing ABRAHAM ar ware, pormg Goods 6: Nu-Enamel ...MECO... BROS' Admiral and zenith "WELDING and CUTTING APPARATUS" PACKING Dealer . . . HOBART . . . CO 1078 Breedlove MARC WELDERSH I Gt ch-1--Q D.h?'tif'22d1T3.ii133 i'g3E?3Z.1.. ' PHONE 5-7632 HAYS SUPPLY COMPANY MEMPHIS 287 South Front Street Telephone 5-2717 , nn nuunnnnuuunnnununnnulununuun nnnnznn-nnuvxununuuxun aunfnuwlzym fyggw,-up-4 mu- fl G!.,lumEi 05159171 ci:-znioz fiifion ,Xl N N M XO M-14, CJ Q 0 X Sz R-Q4-Q '1"""', 'R lf l, Q ' fd! "Q I A! wa.-4r'1fwQU' ew: ewwqix CBVM IR ' W 5 "u"'N3q6"'X'-'Q , A , -3' ,f ' "Adi-144 ' L.- -J 7 'wk-4461 W? Q , '19 - , my Qfw , X Q gf vp Qs if XQ3 fx g xi W Q X Y X g lQf7X I 'Q I N B? Y 5, 1 Qffwf 2 1345 X H 25- 'Q V 6' MID-SOUTH OIL v T f Jw ZR-15' Eawfflb I'-eva, U"0"j, BEST WISHES TO THE 1946 After You Graduate May We Continue to Serve You? GRADUATES! In PAUIJS SPEEDWAY Dlstrzbutors of S H O E P H A R M A C Y Pure O11 Company s S T O R E PRESCRIPTIONS Products COMPLETE SODA FOUNTAIN General Offices: 101 South Main St' SCHGSEI-nSI5:lE:PLIES 431 NORTH DUNLAP ST. HOSIERY BAGS 1013 Iackson Ave.-Phone 5-4646 "Keep Physically Fit" Swim - Skate - Dine - Dcmce RAINBOW LAKE Free Picnic Grounds-Free Park- ing Spaceflrountain Service Lamar Blvd, one block from end of Lamar Bus Line. For Reservations Phone 4-1918 Skate All Summer In Air Conditioned Rink The BRODNAX name on the box adds much to the value but nothing to the cost ' R H 0 IHC- Registierecl Ieweler-American Gem Society MAIN AT MONROE MEMPHIS, TENN. Geo. T. Headquarters for School Pins and Rings Fraternity Iewelry EJ nunnnuuunununlnununllnlluH-Inunlllllllllllllvll-Il ll''IHIllI'llIIllIII''III'Ill'HIIIIIllIIllIIIIHIIIIHIIIIIHIIIIII' llllll E M J vig? V dl' xi I jx ff!! ,fV,ffi'i -XVI E Clif: XWVVI !yu4fr,4?44:4::lf7d.-446 Q1 .1 , ,' .Him V!A f 34 g!,,.,-df' X ...A 5 Qaxjgfjglfywlky k X if X QU-Aff SQL lJKQ1,u.. Q I x2 ff' W 505 TMXE- Q, , ff. Il W , r W, N W N W N,fvsf'w , ' ' M ark ME NWW QQQM . I , -f- JNOV QR - fm KM, ' H ' ' -A K REX? M U 3 O my MM A R 5, Mlm gy' BfMA ' . . E I V ,NJ f Q2-K if! N 0 W Q dwfjjffkjfw M Mwy5fNf9WM' ig WV fp J 5 x A Wd ff' o HP - iiiiii tiff 1hl"k'ki' if ,'wxy Qnf, J t ie. -i fo XE 'W ' Y' j'gJ'd basil Lffq' Qbyb 40,4-IZA - ' r , U C L g . J ,, .V-Si 'QQ' ,ij QM Jack CSE! WN ALUZM2, A f W-me mlullllllllllllllll E I n - n -A 1 - - - 1 . Q Q 2 i E Euuunm BEST WIS!-IES TO THE 1946 BEST WISI-IES TO GRADUATION cmsss THE GRADUATES SAM FORTAS DAN PERKINS u M D HOUSE 1-'URNISHING . , ' COMPANY COMPANY THE A . "EVERYTHING IN az n FURNn'URE" America's Finest A COOKING 1-'AT Seasonings It's Wonderful! ' x ' 1 145 N. Main at washington 511 SOUTH MAIN ST- PhOn46 5-3515 PHONE S-5366 H i 1 ' 1 CONGRATULATIONS. GRADUATES: . "You're Always Welcome" DAIRY PRODUCTS - A 1 A' I Liberty Cash Grocery A: A No. 25 Q"Buddy" and "Happy" Vannucci. MgrsJ Ask Your Grocer Where Prices Are Right And Merchandise Complete or "Buy For Less At Liberty" y PHONE 4-2101 T 1065 IACKSON AVENUE ' For Home Delivery PHONE 2-1191 GREETINGS TO THE 1946 HUMES HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATES! Stanley's Grocery 8a Market "YOUR NEIGHBOR" 955 North Manassas 5-0864--Phones--5-0865 nuununan-Inunnmn-Iunnnmunuunuruunmnnnmmumnn Munn unInn:lunuulnnnnunnnuxnnnnuun Inu rnlllnnluulnnlu

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