Humes High School - Senior Herald Yearbook (Memphis, TN)

 - Class of 1945

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Humes High School - Senior Herald Yearbook (Memphis, TN) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 25 of 116
Page 25 of 116

Humes High School - Senior Herald Yearbook (Memphis, TN) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 24
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Humes High School - Senior Herald Yearbook (Memphis, TN) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 26
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Page 25 text:

Section 14. Carolyn Massey, Leslie Iones, Forrest 1-lettinger, Thomas Keeton, and Sylvia Wolfe,.leave their places in the Honor Society to anyone smart enough to hold 'em. Section 15. Vernon Forgione leaves his ability to love only one at a time but make all believe he loves 'cm, to George Billingsley. Section 16. Bob Williams leaves his last name to Fred Williams. 1 Section 17. Harold Osburn, Billy Bartield, Ronald Taylor, leave their places in the bands to Bobby Buckalew and Sarah Nell Wright, to see if their suc- cessors can make as much noise as they did. Section 18. Rosa Paller beaueaths her ability to do nothing, say a lot, and get in good with everyone to Iohn Stathis. Section l9. Ierry Crook, Thomas McDonald, Charles Gaglio, and Leslie lnman leave their glamorous looks and manner to Aubrey Gaskins. Section 20. Charles Lowry, Earl Choate, and Ed- ward White leave their reserved seats on the bench to Pat Kee and Fred Smith. Section 21. Lorraine Achord, Gwindlo Parrnenter, Lloyd Adams, loe Tanner, and Eugene Collie, leave their bashfulness to Ralph Nichols, Catherine Rutland, and Mary Frances Allen. Section 22. Carolyn Brenner leaves her writing ability to Mary Anne Hadley. Section 23. Miriam Leevine leaves the Heyer twins, Fred and Floyd, to anyone who has a strong constitution. Section 24. Bettye Burson leaves her place on the Herald Staff and her diminutive size to Ioan Rooney. Section 25. Sue Rollins leaves Don Kaurez to any- one else with a crush on him for years to come. Section 26. Dorothy Shankman, Angeline Robilio and Louise Young leave their sweetness to Stanley Levitch. Section 27. Dick lones and Betty Sue Wildes leave their "on again, off again" romance to Bettye Peques and Richard Barton. Section 28. lean Stubblefield leaves her certain touch with the boys to Pill Moore. Section.29. Curtis Hall leaves his baton with his sister Dimple in anticipation that she can throw it higher than he does. Section 30. Vivian Potts leaves her dream of acquiring a football sweater to Charlotte Patterson. Section 31. leanette Pine, Betty Sue Forwalter, Mary Louise Nelson leave their martial ties to Martha Younger Hatcher. Section 32. lane Ferber, Marie lenkins, Sylvia Shiff- man, lrene Stergios leave their A's to loe Goldstein, to make use of as he sees fit. Section 33. Sarah Rook leaves her musical ability to Marvin Lassiter. ' Section 34. Betty Hughes and Dorothy Schneider, leave their priorities on locker lounging to Ferdy Brown and Carolyn Reitz. ' Section 35. Nevis Quarrin leaves her unsual name to Theone Agnos. , Section 36. Hildred Mims just leaves her twin, Mildred. Section. 37. Lila Lee Phillips leaves Billy Davis with the hope that he will graduate next year "Safe, sound, and single." Section 38. Roy Wilmoth leaves his friendly and engaging smile to Fred Bargiacchi. Section 39. Harvey Carter leaves his ability to be well-liked by all to Shirley Terry. Section 40. Red Williams leaves his All-State stripe to Louis Bargiacchi. I Section 41. Rosemary Hines leaves her zest for enjoying life to Thomas Shanks. ' Section 42. Mary ludith Sherrod leaves her spon- sor's uniform to Naomi Moore and Doris Brown, who are in search of one. Section 43. Iames Wright and Ierry Tillman leave their interest in the game of chess to anybody stupid enough to accept it. Section 44. Doris Lambirth, Virginia Lineberger, Edith Lowe, Evelyn Nelius, and Velma Van Wickel leave their beautiful hair to any bald headed girls who advertise for same. Section 45, Doris Steed leaves her alert attitude in history class to anyone who will call for it per- sonally in room 328 between 8:00 and 8:02 a.m. Section 46. Doris Stewart and Mary Rose Brown each leave one inch of their height to Peanut Smith. Section 47.. Robert Iohnson, Dewitt lohnson, Wil- liam Seymour, leave their places in the shops to Iimmy Craig, M. L. Winchester and lrvin McGroom. Section 48. Thelma Weeks, loyce Rose, Nettie Thompson, Martha Davis, Ieanette Currie, Theresa Chism, leave their ability to walk down the hall from one class to the other to any other suffers of laryn- gitis. Section 49. Rob Reid Smith, Anna Marie Spinosa, Dorothy Weinman, Carlene Shumaker keep their ambition tto get a manl. Section 50. Lola Mae Thomas leaves her way with Mr .Winfield to Geneva Crone and Virginia Mead. Page Twenty-Three

Page 24 text:

esfowf can .idfozmenf We the class of May, one thousand , - High School city of Memphis county of Shelby stateof Tennessee being of r sound bodies and sane minds CPD in order that our loss will not be felt nearly so much by the teachers and u students of said 'Humes High School, can do hereby leave our much prized "ft f posessions, regardless of how they 'Zi "u l were acquired, to the faculty and stu- dents of the aforesaid Humes High School, advising that these heredita- ments be respectfully received and dutifully cherished. nine hundred forty-five, A.D., of Humes if 1 I e 9 i . W Article l. To Mr. D. M. Hilliard, our beloved princi- cipal, we will and bequeath the hope that next year's senior class will be only one-half as intelligent, one- third as attractive, one-fourth as studious, and one- fifth as cooperative, and at least one-sixth as well liked as the Class of l945. We sincerely hope that Mr. Hilliard doesn't take it too hard when he sees it is impossible for them to reach this standard that we have set. Article ll. To Miss Eleanor Richmond, we leave the hope that someday Humes will produce a "Gooch Girl" that will live up to her dreams. 1 Article lll. To Miss Annie Mae Prescott, we be- queath hope that other classes will produce fewer 'Christmas Decorations" on their report cards. Article lV. To Miss Iennie Allensworth, o.f l2'-l homeroom, we sincerely hope that once again she will have a president of the Senior Class as quiet, polite and bashful as the one of this year. , Article V. To Miss Gertrude Geraghty, of l2-2' 'homeroom, we hope that next year's class, if quiet at no other time, will be as quiet when the Heralds come out as the present Senior Class is. Article Vl. To Mr. C. C. Iones, 12-3, We leave the hope that some day he will have enough gas so that he will not have to walkidown to Iackson Avenue to get on a bus. Article Vll. To Miss Mildred Scrivener, l2-4, we leave the eleventh grade 'to become better citizens by learning all the American history cmd dates that are possible. ' Page Twenty-Two Y 1 ! x Article VIH. To Mrs. Withers we leave our milk bottles on the tables in the lunch room. Q Article IX. The dignified Seniors of 1945 will and bequeath the ,following to the Iuniors and Sophomores and Freshmen: with the hope that they can have as much fun using these as we did getting them and applying them ourselves. Section l. Eugene Curtis leaves his seat in the physics class to Bill Weakley. Clt's padded for corn- fortll Section 2. Phyllis Anton and Buth Bishop leave their ability to smile all the time to Iack Houseal. Section 3. Tiny Poorj Annabel Miller, and lean Hudson, lohn Barton and Gene Weaver leave their height to Frances Kelly and Margaret Meyers. Section 4. Don Kaurez leaves his ability to get by with the teachers to Paul Iaffe who will handle it very capably. Section 5. Walter A. Underwood and lack Dallas leave their ability to quarrel and still be friends to Iimmy Papageorge and Carrol Gewin. Section 5. William Ieffries leaves his latest line that makes all the girls swoon to Pete Vergos. Section 7. Peggy lean Yandell leaves her swing and sway to Gladys Dye. Section? 8. Io Ann Miller, Mary Nell Saltz, Lois Iohnson, and'AGlyn Etta Tomlinson, leave their ever- lasting friendship to Mary Ruth Shelby and Martha Dupuy. 1 Section 9. lean Beaton and Robert Finn leave their rn-iifual -regdfd to Harold Goodwin and Dorothy Pear- son, ,F Section 10. Berfiard Schoenberg leaves his west- ern accent to Georgia Skouteris. Section ll. Mildred Martin, ferry Glasgow, Ioyce Stocks, leave their good looks to Billye Sanders and Glendora Diffey. t Section l2. Geneva Ford, Mary Bichartz and Doris Ethridge leave their ability, to look well always to Glenda Allen and Venita Trotter. Section l3. Nick Speros leaves his quiet technique with the women to "Cookie" Morrow.

Page 26 text:

Section 5l. Ioy Wilson and Iean Tanner bequeath their pointless arguments and jokes to any other dopes that can amuse themselves- - Section 52. Melita Grace leaves her nickname "Sissy" to Miss Iennie to do anything she wants to with it. Section 53. 'Ruby Lee Couch, Frances Butler, and Frances Barauchman leaves their silliness to Seymour Petrovsky. Section 54. Billy Bennett and Sidney Waller leave their charming "I like you" line to Roy Crook. Section 55. Dorothy Bussell and Reba Brown leave school as soon as possible tperiodl. Section 56. Kathryn Dozier and Bobbie Nell Sulli- van don't want to leave anything and want to take all they can with them. Section 57. Peggy Gassaway, Margaret Helmke, and Betty Louise Iones leave their very odd last names to Betty Iones, Robert Iones, and Iohn Smith, respec- tively. Section 58. Patsy Reasons leaves her lack of rea- soning to Mary Frances True. Section 59. Wilma Hurley, Wilma Hines and Evelyn Noe leave the clocks to run three minutes taster dur- ing class and three minutes slower between periods. Section 60. Archie Epstein and Iames Russell leave their psychology to Bailey Thompson and Franklin Bruch. Section 61. Katherine and Iean Poulos leave their likeness and names to Ray and Ralph Riddle only to confuse people more and more. Section 62. Teddy Petrovsky leaves his voice to Roy Horrocks, thank goodness! Section 63. Billy Oswald lost everything and hasn't a thing to leave. Section 64. Iuanita Patterson leaves that "Ah, fella!" voice to Rubye Clark to use to her advantage. Section 65. Iewel Reynolds, Shirley Ferguson, and Martha McCullar want to take all the men with them and leave anything else worth leaving. I Page Twenty-Four Section 66. Adele Mendelson and Alice Miller leave their understanding of English literature to Tommy Gost. Section 67. Mary Lewis leaves her drawing ability to Goldie Brown. Section 68. Dot Morrison, Billie lane High and Mabel Kurts, leave their ability to be congenial to Beverly Shivers. Section 69. Betty Kirkman leaves her smile to Ruth Katz. Section 70. Lindy Wilder leaves his fondness for the theater to Dorothy Boyington. Section 7l. Iames Willis leaves the senior class for the Army and advises all other boys to stay at home. Section 72. George Hutchinson leaves his baseball ability to Robert Bilger. Section 73. Charles Edman leaves his array of girls to Wallace Cowan. . 1 Section 74. Frankie Wilder leaves his 'sweetness' to Betty Ann Gresham. Section 75. Thomas Grimes leaves the picture ma- chine to the next person who has two study periods. Section 76. Ioyce Scruggs leaves her wonderful hir:- tory grades to Louis Booth. Section 77. Audrey Brown and Mary Louise Car- penter leave their happiness to Anita Cummings. Section 78. Carl Dacus leaves Land to the future seniors. Section 79. Robert Schaedle just leaves. ln witness thereof, we the Senior Class of '45 place our highly respected seal on this. The above is respectfully submitted May, 1945, after having been duly witness by the following: Herman von Krushenshack, Esquire Hot Shot Charlie Hot Dog Ioe Lil' Abner and Gravel Gertie fwrit bi handll

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