Humes High School - Senior Herald Yearbook (Memphis, TN)

 - Class of 1945

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Humes High School - Senior Herald Yearbook (Memphis, TN) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 18 of 116
Page 18 of 116

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Page 18 text:

STICRGIOS, IRENE bra cos, NICK RoLi.1Ns, Sum KikTHRYN Senior Girl Reserves: two years typing: two yetirs stenography: two years Glee Club: two years algebra: member ot' Glee Club. SCH.-XEDLE, ROBERT G., JR. T' sure o o r S t- ' 45: euptziin - 4 , li Tk, 3- 4' Sabre 1. '43-45: secretary Non-Com '-13: n ' '-Fl--tiicyple an- is -l.-44' atin Tournament '42: ys' " te '4-i: pr nt te ith de home 1' m: n '- ' i bo ' t ' ,. 3 iost 5? t s boy i senio rss. Tris Ruls M. tary.,T. and , Cltb 4 5: set-rettiry .'.L. 45: ni er ' esplans '-lil--l5' Red ss repr ntrttl 42-43 4-45: co: me thr years' ty min 1' two ye' J 'rl R 'er' -l-l- : ion et-onomit-s wo ars: alg .1 tw ,ears, merivan 'tory ne yet r: gp ni y o yettri' ' O!! I My If '1 Two years Lrirl Reserves: Honor Society '-l-l- 45: four yenrs Glee Club: two years Span- ish: one year Latin: one year algebra: two years bookkeeping: vommerf-tal law: inter- national relations. z 1 VJ , in resident of a ,. b '44-45: pre,i ent f Non-Com Presiden y n . ' inth, eighth, seventh de ho ie ' r ,: A sione Oftir-ers ull '-L3-4 , s sretary til' Humes St f tlovertiineit: t et first lie tenut t :t,t'1't:g wtba years-- tw yi . first ' ' px, sketlial three ' s: wr tling Phan tree years-t'-atv in two years, 0LlISlf'lldl g wrestler '42: member ol' "l-l" Club three years: treasurer of "H" Club '4-l: Thespian member: haste- lvall '45: member ol''.L. Umitcnwooo, . 'rim A. Pres' l ' i , llovernmen ' - - 5: -t - ft' ' - : "t-ontl lieutenant R01 ' ' '- 1 ,e ' e' . ' 1- - . our years st-i it 3 ' ournzit en ' stvllle ' L: l t, W t tt 4. t tp tri 'I T -l '1 'lt 43 4 Il 43 -H 4' e I t ' l 4' vit-e-liresid 'abr Cl t .' 1'our years Latin: pres t ent V rt.:l --15: Jim Quinn Plato i ' 3: " , - nm. 'enior t-lttss: ring vumi itt t-lttss: most liusint-ss like lvoy in e ir tflass, Vt 1 t bULI.IYAN, Botusita N1-:L we- ,resident of n'nt grade home room: set-retftry of 12-4 home room: Retl Cross representative: Student Goyernment repre- senttttiye: two years typing: two years shorthand: one year offit-e prat-tive: two yt'-urs sewing: one year f-ommerr'ial foods: one year hookkeepintx: most natural girl in senior class: most irieztl girl in senior filass. SP1Nos.x, ANNA lvhuutc V Four yezirs English: four years musit-: two years typing: two years bookkeeping: one year offit-e proc-tive: one year home ero- notnit-s: one year general math: one yeztr history: two years gym: Student Govern- ment 'H-45: happiest girl ln senior t-lass. t Q . ZITI, s' '!' a s ' it il e 'lin ' tf 1" . PHI'-' , - 5 sh, three years history? to NH 'S G e Club: wo years speet-hi OUR ', 1 ' 1 t : Q 'taqlf y ' h0lTlE et-oi i' i. : on ' t ng' years gyn tree ,X tr .enlor 1 eserves: ring t-ummittt-e e io t-lass W Stttctntoti, MARY J UDITH English four years: art three years: Glee Club: algebra two years: history two years: Student Government monitor '42-43: science two years: gym two years: Speech one year: ROTC sponsor 'H-45. St 1 11t,L1AM A. ' 4 V. W0 tr ,li fe tt .t Z-a etry: four ye' . - "'u 4 two 3 Q - ' ee: two -' xv yea s 'I F g .. itll ea ': 'g ish: one year . X X Mx 5: h's : 'if'e- 45, " of T. and I. Club: i 'Q ff l sttlent w rt. .V en rs Sor-iety. V, ,W Ag ' U V5 ' L .5 i ' r . I X, - 'fx Y A 'fri 'Q' ..... , Us ' . , ' 18, sf 'lt ,awp , st W 2 refs, ws, 55 . , t. -t gy 'A rf? W f I , X Q I Q 1, to lf' 1- ve me 3 ff' - env 2 'Qt 1 XE. , ., . Q Q, ima it Al 357 ET' M., .fur- Poge Sixteen In ' STEWART, Doms Four years English '42-45: two years speech: two years typing: two years book- keeping: Girl Reserves '44-45, STt cs, J YC' RLENEf Your ' at s ie e omiws: reasur seni ' wla. ' Re C ss ' pr tatiye th, tm , fl nth es: U1 t Gove ent re 'ese ve 1 gr de, ypia 1' rt h ok- 6-pi t years: m mbet' tor irl Les es: is ory two airs sw est girl ill - iior 1' ' : nos la g' n senior vlass: mo. tittr i gg i sen r c-lass: ers irtli , girl ' . nio t-lass: friendliest "irl i enior f-1 STUIEIILICFIIQLII, JEAN Four years English: three years svience: three years honte et-onomit'-s: two years his. IUYYZ two years typing: two years algebra: set-retary of home room in tenth and Pllwellih t-TVIIGPS: sponsor '-l-l-45: president of Home Eronomics Club '44--15, .KN 9 Ol' . L f or sm,-t vit-in tt-- ,. t nt tore 'tt-45: stu - C tt ' - ' y uh 44-45: N011-4' ' our yen 1 natlt: ' 1 .ears H011 .- tw' hop: ' XPHYH iytvi .' .4-1 , . ,: most sellsih lttiy ' r, mr 1 gg. THODIAS, GEORGE L. Four years English: tour years shop: three years math: three years history: two years ROTC: member of T. and I. Club.

Page 17 text:

om-wt MCDONALD, Tnoyms E. ' Four years English: three years ma'h: , Thespians: president ot' ninth grade home room: treasurer of tenth and eleventh ptr:-nrle home rooms: two years svlenoe: one year " Q3 , slleeeh: two years history: tivo years l':tfl'l'4': ' r-ommereial law: two years shop: tllust eharmim.: hoy in senior 1-lass. .W , A 5 PHn,i,i s, 1, H K Girls ' -president ot"T 'rl,l.N:j,2'lfi1lwf llirl ,Q :Rese 'es tgguav'-ears o ar rosinetol 'yz rf - ' four years n sh: th y:1rs ho , -o- s nomy. , - ,- , I Y X- ,.,, ,, I. .Q aw- , wi' Pi ,,t.f'J-i ' " ,lf jf . 't , , i fir ,, YJ , , , - V ,-fl' 1 :I l y- ,W , ra' f' , ff: I Qt ,,- I .X ' ,V . Osiirus, H.utoi.n . A, -XM- J S ienpe three years: 'UTC two yi-wisp Salyh- ' , ' '-l - 5: l n ' years: ort-h slra three f : Stor: ye rslrii 1 it-ee years. I lg f, f ROSE, Jowis M. Four years Glee Club '42--13-l-l-45: two yr-:mrs bookkeeping: tno years typing: one year offiue prat-tite: one year spee h: one year library: four years English: one year Anteri- can history: tx.o years gym: one year inatli. gf ' ,251 W .,.. -, f yi 4' ,Q- -.uw N Z -. 71-4' l SCHN-' mt, D Horny THE -sA T' S er ninth grad home room: -easuri-r I V ' ,' 12 iom roon ' ' nt v r ment reprfe- J ff se at' fo? o me ro presentati if 5? f it " t . 'rm ent - ention i ,. " IA 1 5 A5 de our 'e rs Club: t' years ,Lf ff? :- "" .,,, V ' A' l ' si: if" 'lt year: ef ii- gt-o-- 1 ' R ! A t .tpl one ye : i ' 'v one :extri algl .l f - A onxe ':Q or - i-s .y r: nn, , f F t o :e rs: " I I 'lf p I ' 4 IK, V,,..4f I 2,2 il . an t - f j ' lt Z if 7 i Pryricovs r, THlQt,llXllilj Fifty luh: sf-hool swing lrantl: stamp a nl bond if presf-ntalive tor twelfth grade: tnrte I years Red C.-oss representative: Senior tllet- Club: Senior Art Vluh: two years Rt'l'l't': - f most vivaifious boy in senior i-lass: most Y V : :, avfomplished boy in si-nior i-latsg most tal- :my : ' ented boy in senior t-lass, X 'M .., A. S ' ' Vfgkf: . it A it Snlri-'M.1.N. SYl.l'I.l. Honor Hof-iety 'll-45: L. fl. Hutnes Awartl eighth, ninth, and tenth grades: l:t'l'l't' sponsor '-13--H: member ol' Fifty C'ul,: ' Senior Girl Reserves 'l-l-45: tiae-ar t'luh ,-:,, kf aa, '-i2-43: attenrleil Latin tournament in Nash- V 'W' " ' ville: niost intelligent girl in senior- i-lass ' ' , "T, V ,XV f Xt W f, 'Qt 8l1?if.,'t!E f 1 it I Russi-JLI., J.-xmas W. Four years English: four years history: , 2 : "shop two years: biology: p.:'ener:tl swivnt-e: gf., ' i t-hetriistry: physii-sg speer-h one year-: vom- ' e, me-rc-ial law: Itefl t'ross represervative ninth ,Q and eleventh grade: eleventh grade home ,QF room most intelligent, most polite: best . V - poised. most stntlious in senior ll'ho's ll'ho. ' ' A - A 1 K .3 A tri? e PIVHAI Z, lu' Ff!AXt'lCglJ nor sv . RMT cgllllflbltll' '42-42--13-45: 1- eer -aft 'Mg 'e re-tary Junior Refi t'ross 'l2: presltent ol' I' li gr 'Home rooni' seriretary ol' eley nth ' de -we ro: : 'stent ot' ,Lunio' t"'rI Iles 'es -423 x e-president of Ver Roncl Corn- nittes- lit-4-4: entertain: ent 1-onimittee senitfit-lass: treasurer Vat-sat' C'luh: mem- ti ,DPT Ili-serves. . V Y 5 Osxs t,n,W1i.1,i.x -. ,- , is rur years: nialh four years: his tory four years: hand four year: sr-lenrre Iwo years: 'ofthal '4l- . : " C 2 . nn e, en 'tainment tonihtittee senior 1'-lass. 5 J 4 W X ' f , 2 .. 7 , u I 3, Rook, S,llt.All LAPUISIC S Urr-hestra four years: math tour years: Latin three years: sriienve two years: gym three years: most studious girl in the senior 1-lass. o . -EY' S.u,'rz, Mean' NIQLL Home et'-onomii-s three years: typing two years: stenography two years: bookkeeping tw0,y'e:1rs:,algebra 'one year: ij-onnnerftial ztritliinietitl. one year: ojfite prar-tlog one year: gym two years: history one year: t-heerleatler '-14-45: most vivacious girl in the senior vlass. Svicuass, Jorma Typing two years: Commerr-ial Club one year: shorthand two years: bookkeeping one year: algebra two years: band one year: history four years: gym four years. Sn AN k MAN. Douorn v Sei-rt-tary ninth, tenth, twelftnh gralle honie ltetl Cross representative eleventh roonis: and twelfth grades: ROTI' sponsor '43--H: Student Goyernnient representative tenth grade: treasurer sevoinl year Spanish r-lass '43-4-i: popularity queen ninth grade home st-nior Girl Reserves Your years: room: honor hanquel two years: assistant librarian '43-44: delegate orange i-ony:-ntion ninth 14:-alle, alte-rna'e elf-ventli grmle: rift onin- niitti- senior i-lass. P.lRMlCN'l'l'lK. Grll'lNDLlC gh . , .,. Engli. three years: foui years, history four years: art years: ROTC' two years: speet'-h two metal shop one year: math one year: mush- one year. Sl-tt'nlvl'if, Gl,.un's C.v1n.laNl2 Home Et-onomir-s Vluh 'l5: English four years:' 'history three years: two years typ- ing: two years arlvant-ed t-lothing: one year math: one year t-ivii-sg one year otfive praw- tlvti, W Page Fifteen

Page 19 text:

Tix Yum, RONLSIJID Lina Member of Honor Soriety 't-t-15: student direvtor of band '44-tfi: 1-hairman of reniol' 1-lass entertainment f-oniinitteo '44-15: Red Cross representative two years: ba'-fkotball '45: direr-tor ot' danif- band: RUTH hand four years: home room o"l'i1'er ti' o yoarsl president of senior band '43-44: RO'l't' tour years. TANNER, JEAN Foul' years English: three years art: three years gym: two years home evonoinrs: tuo years musiv: Aint-rivnn hisztn y 1'ht"l11i'4ll'j'I biology: st-ienre: Art t'lub three year': G 'e Club two years: Iiiolojry t'lub one gear. 1 ToMLINsoN, GLYN ETTA Three years home er-onnniits: two years bookkeeping: two years shorthand: two years typing: two years gym: one year vom- merr-ial arithnietis-3 one year algebra: one year history: one year offif-P prawtire: Slu- clent Government represen atiyi- '43-4-t. WALLER, ALBEIIT' SIDS icy Non-Commissiond Uffit ers t'lnli '42--t3- 14: treasurer of Speevh Flub 'til-44: four years general shop: four years history: two years algebra: two years adyanved drafting: two years IKOTVQ reporter of 12--t homo room. XVICKEL. VELMA VAS Two years spanish: four years ,EngIi'l1: one year offiie praf-tif-e: two years typing: one year sf-ienve: one year biology: one year home evonomif-sz one year Ameririan his- tory: two years algebra: one year general math. XVICIXBIAX. Doiurrn Y Four years history: two years typinzz two years shorthand: two years uym: member of Girl Reserves: member of Fifty Vlubg one year Glee t'lub: 4 VVIQWER, GENE Non-t'ommissioned Uffifers Flub '-IR: First Period Speerh Vluh 'it-15: four years Ent:- lish: four years history: thrc-Q years shop: two years math: two years speet-li: one year art: one year HGTV: Art l'luh '-12: N,If,I,, member: most natural boy in senior 1-lass. W ILUER, FRANKIIQ Football four years: "H" f"lub four years: president of 12-4 home rooni: boxing four years: member of Herald Staff three years: twq yours I1tlTf': RUTI' oI'fi'er one year: three years math: sweetest boy in senior 1-lass: most reliable lioy in senior 1-lass, V A fy -i,.- 4 E k 0 it .ar .., I J :fi A ' 57' 1:21, 47 5 5 . I mi - 'I f' ' as il X ., X4 H., 7, " , it .,,,,,R, , 40+ :N ,,,q : Q X ai? ,xl . . -MQ Pi N ic, Jicixx icrrig G. Four years Senior Glef- Club: foul' year l+Ini.:lish: two years history: two yr-ars typ- lnill three years bookkeeping and offife niaf-hines: most friendly :girl In January 1-lass: summer Sr-html at 'Pm-I1 TILLAIAN. JERRY D. T. nd Linh '44-45 Sa 'lubf'44-453 1 - , t"l b ' 'l-i 1 our ' rs lish: ! r , ar. " 44, Iieutena inqt'l't': four y rs shop, jf 'Lao Wicizas, THELMA LOUISE Sofretary of senior rlass 'lt-45: two year.- typing: two years hooklter-ping: two years shorthand: one year oftifr- fIT'?l'flf'Pj presi- dent of Fifty Club '-H-45: member of Senior Girl Reserves: wittiest girl in senior olaxs THU M PSON, NETTIE LEVOR A Four years EIIQHFIIZ four years home e ri. noniixusg two years typing: one year offire ma:-hines: one year 4-iyivs: one year history: two years gym: ono yr-:ir math: one ymir bookkeeping. VVHITIC, JAM as EDWARD Football 'H-45: gym instruf tor '44--15, ail- yanf-ed wood shop: three years sriienfe: two l'P2U'S Hlflebrag fnnr years English, Worr, SYLYIA 'Honor Sowiety: attended Latin Tournament in Nashville: Caesar Club: most intelligent girl in January rlass, two years shorthouilg two years bookkeeping: two years typing: attended Summer S1-hool at Terh, V Wn,soN, Joy Marnicxig Home evonomii-s three years: algebra two years: typing two years: English four years, history two years: Bartlett High Sfitunl two years :intl :i half. WVILIDIER, Wunncx LINDY Tliespinn lllVxllll'H"l'Q Vaesai V'lul-, two peat-Q altff-bra: two years Latin: two yt-nrs spi-ei-li, tour years Enqlislig ont- year -iyi-sg one yoor lioolflioepinu: two years I:4i'1't'3 th,-,,,. years history: lit-il t'ross i'epiw-sontritiie 'tl-12

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