Humes High School - Senior Herald Yearbook (Memphis, TN)

 - Class of 1945

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Humes High School - Senior Herald Yearbook (Memphis, TN) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 14 of 116
Page 14 of 116

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Page 14 text:

Hiatt-lit, Froru V. Two years typing: four years English: two Years si-ienve: T and I Club: sei-retary ol' Metal Benders Soeiety: two years shop: b - two years history: two years ROTC: mein- , ' .5 ber of Non-Commissioned Offir-ers Club '-i3- Q --14' i L 44: happiest boy ln senior 1,-lass: sunshine T E boy in senior class. .S , JOHNSON, Lois IZETTA y Two years typing: two years bookkeeping: 1' two years tailoring: two years gym: vom- meroial foods: commercial law: one year A, history: one year algebra. Q t X g xw ,J :Q X Q, X L i X N f X FINN, ROIIERH' A FUUI' years math: two yeurs st-it-noe: --honi- islry: physii-s: two years Spanish: ROTV Bzintl three years: i-aptain ot' llnini '44-45: vii-e-president ot' Honor Soviety '44-45: meni- her of Sabre Club '-l-l-45: member of Spun- ish t'lub two years: most 1-ourteous boy in senior class, MAN, ' RosE Fou' ' a s English: three years history: X tw ,ears bookkeeping: two years honie el-ononiit-S: two years ma : one year typ- . .. . . ' dying: oneghalt year al lam: one- s gym, on jnior busineis in X Kuirrs, M.XBlZL JEAN Three years math: three years English: one year home et-onomies: two years history: ' two years typing: two years shorthand: one Q year offit-e practiee: two years 'Red Cross representative: one year Herald Staff: most rultured girl in senior class, G4XGl,1ll, CH.i1cLEs L. Bookkeeping two ye-ers: typing one year: algebra two years: tllee Club four years: history two years: English four years: ROTC two years: shop one year: Red Cros: Q representative '41-42: most poised boy in Q Q ' senior class . 1, : I Licwis, MARY Fk.tNCEs Herald Staff artist: Senior Girl lie ei-yes two years: Art Club three years: lied Vi-oss X representatixe one year: treasurer ot' Art Club '41: four years English: three years 4 speet-li: one year .-knierii-an history: one " - year home ewonomli-s: Your years nrt: two , yr-:trs typing: Iixo ye-:urs gylllj one ye-:ir jf' ninth, V V X . i -.- my ' 1 Hl'Tt'1'IlNSON, Gt:oH.oE Football '42-43-44: baseball '-H: T anti l Club: member of "H" Club: ROTC two years, Page Twelve mfr' ,Q is 'Q' -ievgyx sh fzf... . : is 'tit E, Vs ft Z Q s ff, 5 i-n "L: rf i ,U ' i ,X Q I'IEx'i-zic, FRED S. Member of Fifty Club: member ot' T. and I- t'luli: reporter oi' Metal Benders Soi-ietyl two years typing: two years hiSt0Y'Y2 two yenrs shop: four years English: one Yeill' t'Ullll'Ilr'l't'llll math: two yeiirs ROTC: fiC'1eFll'9Z happiest boy in senior 1-lass: sunshine bob' in senior 1-lass. Jonics, BE'r'r1' LOUISE Four years Glee Club: two years typing: four years English: one year advanced sew- ing: two years gym: one year history: one year l-ivi--s: one year speeh: one year eeonomir- geography: one year bookkeeping. Joxizs, LESLIE H. Student Government treasurer '44-45: HOHOI' Society '44-45: Student Government repre- sentative '43-44: Defense Council '44-45: L, C. Humes Award '-14: Girl Reserves '44- 45: worked in office '44-45. 1 O . otb6ll sig ye rs: lub th e s-- Glee Cl four y ars' En ' ' s' r wo years: science three sto y two ears' friendliest boy in senior cl ss ' IAMBIRTH, Dotus lted Cross representative '41-42: tw years gym: two years home evonomics: four years English: two years bookkeeping: one year shorthand: two years typing: member ot' Fifty Club '44-45: Senior Girl Reserves '44-45: one year offif-e praetiee: one year i l il' ' I ' ION if ' ii . 1' S. I :Q al bra o ye ic! . OTC ' l t , d ' i 7 0 1 I l , ii' ff i ' 1 f I i- o s vi I history: library assistant '44-45, Ll'Il'JV1NE, Mliunt Li Fifty Club: Senior Girl Reserves: Student Government representative Sth, 10th, 11th grades: four years English: four years his- tory: two years typing: two years algebra: two years shorthand: gym. N l'Illl'lltGI'Ill, VIRGIN IA Four years English: history: two years hoolclteeping: two years shorthand: two yi-ars typing: one year offin-e pray'-tif-e: two ra: one year home eeonomies: tn o yenrs gym: vit-e-president of 9-6 home- room. years algeb M .ur mini l t ross f'0l'llI'lll ee: bonds -' cl stamps fl GS Hull: years English: ree years htel ,L 0 years typing: two book- lteep , best lo king rl .enior class: 1 f y nqple nth gr Z ati ik :Qc lf 1 f, ,. 134 al if MM -it rf' 1 ii. wig 4 ii. Q, Y ,J A ltls ,ia le Q , Po ,. tl gi Pl !

Page 13 text:

CURTIS, EUGIQNIQ T. Senior class president: football three years: "I-1" Club three years: Sabre Club two years: Non-Com Club '42-43: offieer in ROTC two years: shop two years: drafting two years: sergeant-at-arms ot' Sabre Club: most suv- vessful boy in senior rilass, Gassmv vo ,Af Em ' four V . ee 1' ub four yearsn xr och three ., . t Gower i e year: home ewonomivs: 'nip' y .rs: gym two years: Seni 1 fir' It se ve., oni- year. HELBIKE, ANNA lviaiioixnwr English four years: history three years: typing two years: stenography two years. HINES, Rosisuaiu' Art four years: history three years: Eng- lish four years: wommert-ial foods: general math: typing one year: gym one year: Girl Reserves two years: speevh one year: ulvit-s one year. DALLAS, JAt'K R. Shop one year: drafting one year: English four years: history four years: ROTC three years: first lieutenant in ROTC '44--15: foot- ball one year: physii-s one year: bookkeep- ing and typing. HUQHES, Bigrrx' Honor Soi-jelyi National l"ure-nsiv Leu:-fue: Glee Club four years: nialh tour years: srienoe three years: sewretary of 12-2 home- room: Student Government representative '43-44-45: Student Cfounf-il representative: Girl Reserves '-i-i-45: most sur-r-essful girl in senior f-lass: Student Count-il avtiyities. JAY, J.xcQUin.1N1c Two years gym: four years English: his- tory: Home E1-onomil-s 4'lub '44--15: file:- Club. EPSTEIN, Aiicnnc . History, four years: Spanish two years: ' algebra two years: Latin two years: SPPPPYI two years, U S.. . v I ,f . ,4 I 7' 43 'Q Q- . i' We K YQ if J 0 1 W f ft ' if ,t ' X' 7 ' i y ., .... , fel e " 2 l Gimric, Doius lVIiaI.i'r.l Member Fifty 4'lub: Honor Hof-if-ty 'ii-45: lie-al Cross reiiresentatixe two years: Herald Staff: reporter li!-2 vlass: treasurer B-l 1-lass: 4'OIllHlf'I'1'IZti I-ours:-: best gro-un-ni t:irl in senior I-lass. Haan, Bn,1,n-3 JAN:-1 tlyni two years: algebra Iwo years: typing two years: boolckeenint: two years: steno- graphy two years: ot'1'ir-e ima:-tiii-e one year: English 1'our years: .-tmei-it-an history: treasurer ul' I-'illy Club '44--15: Girl Reserves 'l-l-45: library assistant '-ll-45, D.u't's, Cam, 'l', and l. Club '-ll-45: English four years: history four years: shop four years: draft- ing two years: zteronallti-'s one year: math one year: ROTC one year. Hixics, xVILM.'k Girl Reserves two year:-a: lie-ll f'ross repre- sentatiyes '44-45: viyit-s: ewonomir- geog- raphy: English four years: sr-ieniie three years: algebra two years: fulyaneell foods one year: history three years: speerh one yi-nr: inost patriotit- girl in senior class. . Hrnsox, Jinx I. Three , 'arf onle 1' nil-s' years tyliinf: two yea e gra i " one year '3' 'Q fl 'il' I 'ilflil' 2 Year. nglish: 0 0 f . . p K y ' m : o yea hisgory. ,I '25 4 'ff 9' I f- I I'It'icl,m', NX IIJIA , l"0tlr ye: rs li 'Il l' I' ' : li .'il': lwo years lt or 'ri yr-:trs hui : i-o ornirs3 lyo h' . swieiil-e: one year ,-p ei' - wo . , gym: presillei t 1 ' 9- I- 4 ' - resident -Q ol' l0-li: 10 ' l ll " W ,ll tll L. ff V I Q ' M . F l W . X i it Y, Em Cinema- ' 41' :J f f . W -1 ti. ,.,ig,.4uLAa4 flligrlervkl x A -if - 1' " 'MSI' xrriiitr. t was ic-mm Q year ' " V " oullinll: one year, shop: tiio yenlisfigehrzig X ' ,in the st-l'yiwe.r' . s ,, . . f , ,..f',fgJ -f f' - : 1 Q if -.-jf 1 .Ax Lf X ..-. A Q I 4. .' Ii' . 'ifl fp .s , F QA J 4 'gf-A' f ,f 'J' ' I ff-"K - Jicxiuxs. NIARII-l Loiisi-5 4 sm, 42 'Vk v . Historian ul llonoi' Sotiety '-ii-451 l:'iI'ly Vlub: Senior Girl llesi-tw.-s: Student Goxern- ni'-nt l'F'lIl'9NHlllHllXH in tenth grade: vom- pli-te I-oiiiinerwial r-ours.-: niosi rourteons girl in senior wloss: niost sensible girl in senioi wliiss. Page Eleven

Page 15 text:

Lows, EDITH EARLE Four years English: two years history: three years home evonoiniesg two years typing: commert-ial law: riyif-s: biology: two years gym. MCCITLLAIR, IVIARTHA ELOXVICASIQ Four years English: four yt-ars home ero- nomivs: two years art: two years st-ienrt-: one year Glt-Q Uluh: one your r-f-onomiv goo:- raphy: two yt-airs Gym: stantp :intl ho'i1l representative 'til-lt: niost rliarininu girl in homeroom. W ', ther it' S o Vlub in tenth z:rafleL i'on-Calm t'lu li!--tt: three ye ',s1'ie111'f'2 four 'e Ei rlish: two yea' .'l0l'3'L UV" Year o l': int' your pl e iietry: two s shop. , MII, fit. A 'y.tnL:1, .- vo gi: :tl -r-1: tyo '-ars Spanish sh -3 h Q .on ' 1 dnsbuliikf Clux, one ear Heil Cross, WBC l't'ill'5 liistor '. - x ., X 5 -ag, ,- F ..J I BIILLER. Jo ANN Shorthand two Years: l100lili9Pi'lUU 'WU years: typing two years: riyit-s one year: history one year: home evonoinics one year? algebra one year: Fifty f"lub '44-451 English tour years: 1-ommervial law: Offire prai-rife ont- yvatr: Student Goyertiment reli- resentatiye. wt -ars Zflll' g years ' glisltp three f' ' , ma , .' ' ' eto .i llptl r, rf , 'D 'ee 5 . Sl HF ' ' 1" sme ogy t i '-13-44: treasurer of ninth rrr - oinerootn: rretary of telitll , . ' f f oni: ' 'trs home evo- Nicl, s. M.XlC'I'H.K EULLYN .tv ie os to n Y' ht o It 'lui C I I 4 . f Nou, EHQLYN Four years English: three years ory: tyvo ye-ars typing: one year 1-ommert-tal foods: one year rosmetology: two years gym: one year art. JOHNSON, Romain Four years English: four years shop: three years sv-ienwe: two years algebra: one year ROTC: mt-mber of T and I Clulti se1'l'etul'l' of XVoodpm-ker Cluh. , " w as , V . . A 4 f ff 1: 5 'U xy I K .T Q o. 4: Q l WWW' r 5' ' 6 V A I l f My 4, , ,mt K 5 IAVH , 5 475 IIC 'f , I X IQ ., Vvvn 1 4 f X W' f 1 1 A, . ,, ,aww M.tssE1', MARY CAROLYN Member of National Honor Sof-iety '44-45 yiuefpresident of Girl Reserves one year Iled Cross representative ninth and tenth grades: shorthand two years: bookkeeping two years: typing two years: commercial law: home ef-onomivs two years: English four years: Amerie-an history: best natured xxlrl in January class: Summer Srfhool at Teffh. Mi5Nm3I.soN, AIJLLI-3 llonor So'-is-ty: Fifty Club: Girl Reserves thi-eo years: Glr-9 Club three years: history four years: boolckef-ping two years: typing two years: tnffirio prar-titre one year: gym two years: homo ei-onomir-s one year. M1l,i.l5R, ALIVE J. I+'our years English: two years typing: two years bookkeeping: one year shorthand: one yvar offif-e prat-tive: one year tfommerwial :trithtnetit-: Fifty Club. Httlili, CURTIS LYNN Fire yea rs Glee Fluh: fix e years hanrll drum major ol' hand: four years history: two years ROTC Band: one year scienve and biologu fou years English: one year ortgliestra iEity boyaintsenior Class. 1.-4.5 nomivs: summer srhoo: four years lish: two years bookkeeping: two years typing: one year office prar-tive: two years gym: one year math: one year history. Jrzifrtanirzs, WVILLIAM, JR. Threr- years math: three years science: three years banfl: three years ROTC: sec- ond lieutenant in ROTC: Sabre Club: "H" C'Iuh: manager of football team '42: de- signed "H" Club emblem: Art Club '43' Hlee Club '42: Band Clinit- '43-44, P.t'l'TERSON: JrAN1T.x Girl Reserves one year: four years English: three years bookkeeping: offive practice' two years algebra: three years home evo- nontivs: two years typing: one year history. HICTTINGEB, FORREST Four Years srierwe: three years Latin: four years math: four years English: Latin tournament at Nashville '42: Honor Society. Page Thirteen Mms, HILDREIP l Two years Glee Club ne , .l t' it , .t

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