Humes High School - Senior Herald Yearbook (Memphis, TN)

 - Class of 1945

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Humes High School - Senior Herald Yearbook (Memphis, TN) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Cover

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"How about nl' pn 'yep If a Coke. QS, 4 EZ ! fd The Coca-Cola Bottling Co. of Memphis, Tenn. H U you want the best money can buy demand- QUALITY PAINTS Superior Brand AN Selected Poultry CHEAPER PER GALLON 'md BY THE YEAR Superior Brand Eggs 'UQQO5' i NATIONAL PRODUCE FARRELL-CALHOUN C0- COMPANY 527 N. Front St. Phone 8-7511 IMPERIAL WALL PAPERS if . Sales 22-24 South Second Street PHONE 8-2211 :favs11.141nunuuu:vnuIn-....ulqnurvru--any.-rnnrrnt. Your Butcher Sells Superior Brand Poultry and Eggs or Can Get Thom I--I-nnnnuunu nnuunnun:nurnanauunruunuonunnansosouoruuunsnua oo bf ,vbvvrrvvu wx. ,yJfv,,vn1v-1? f 17" 1 "'7A' 039- ss ,N We M? QW WWW f J' . 4 my N1 15,551 V , J ,5A6.og,fJ fo GJ Q MJ, ,f',1f9+E 1945 J Q . , . ,gg 2 , u V h fWf'5' QQ fa! f ,jx emor era ,5 pf! , Kgs! 'Y Humes High School Memphis, Tennessee Page Two x A l ,W MISS IENNIE ALLENSWORTH DEDICATION To Miss Iennie Allensworth, with heartfelt appreciation lor her untiring efforts, her sincere interests in every student, her loyalty and gracious manner at all times, the Senior Class at l945 dedicates the l-lumes High l-lerald. She will always be remembered tor her ellorts in helping all ot her students with impartial consideration for each of them. I ,s W i ' 4 it I ' ' " Q I l l i in 2 3 4 t g l gi l t U G I I in MR. D. M. l-lILLlARD, Principal A fgfincqooak manage Let me commend to you the messages delivered to the seniors of many years ago: "We do not give you these diplomas as mere certifi- cates, showing how long you have spent in school, or that you have passed through a certain course of study, but we give them as Well-as the official and formal evidence that you have discharged the duties wjhich have devolved upon you as pupils. They are, however, at their best only parchment proofs, and we hope that you Will not consider them as cap- stones of an education finished and complete, but rather, as in fact they are, only the foundation upon which you may by patient effort in the coming years rear superstructures of intelligence and usefulness which will do honor to yourselves, and justice to the advantages you have enjoyed." From the address of W. A. Goodman, President of the Board of Education, Memphis City Schools, delivered to the graduating class of June 8, 1877. "A graduate is a prouder title than kings can confer, Money cannot purchase it. Time cannot destroy it." From an address of Thos. R. Boyle, Vice-President of the Board of Education, Memphis City Schools, delivered to the graduating class of May 27, 1881. "We place in your hands these testimonials of a well spent school life. To each of you we say, carry it into that sphere of life that destiny may cast you, let it be a talisman to spur you onward until you attain the fulfillment of life's ambitious dreams. Of this be assured-your teachers and instructors who have labored with you Will observe your rise and fall with emotions born of the tenderest solicitudef' From an address of R. D. Jordan, President of the Board of Education, Memphis City Schools, delivered to the gradu- ating class of'June 1, 1886. t'Education fits you for acting, not for idlenessf' From the address of Dr. H. L. Williford, Vice-President of the Board of Education, Memphis City Schools, delivered to the graduating class of May 31, 1892. Page Three l-lumes l-ligh School Hilliard, D. M .....,.,,,.,,,, Biclimond, Eleanor ........ Prescott, Annie M ..i..,,,. Barnes, Guy B ,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,, .. ...........Principal .Assistant Principal .....-............................Secretary l Superintendent Building Withers, Mrs. I. .Wellford .,....,,. ,.......,.. C afeteria Manager CLCULE7 T Somers, Lt. Col. lohn F ...,.i.. Anderson, Sgt. Ioe T ........ Harrison, C. F .............,.. Farbough, Mrs. W. M Taylor, Mrs. Grace .,..... M. S. ci T M. S. Attendance Officer ......................Hyg1ene Spencer, Mrs. Mary C ............,,.,.,,.,...... Assistant Manager McBryde, Mrs. I. W ...........,.. ........ P .-T. A. President Nelius, Mrs. E. W ........,...,...,.,.,. ..,..,,,.,,.... S upply Manager QKJC 623.4 Alexander, Virginia Lee Allensworth, lennie Allmond, Nola Aymett, McCallum Bacon, Mrs. Maria K. Baxter, Mrs. William N. Boswell, Zula M. Branch, Lila Brennan, Mrs. I. P. Clark, Evelyn Coats, B. Roy Conyers, Mrs. Katie Belle England, Elizabeth Eisher, Mary Cferaghty, Gertrude Cfiloson, Agnes Hall, Katherine Harrell, Virginia Hiltpold, Walter S. Hurt, Mary E. lensen, Phyllis A. lohnson, Susie M. lones, C. C. Keathley, Mrs. Clifton Page Eour Kinzey, Mrs. William T. Little, Mrs. Ardie Lochrie, Helen Marmann, Elsie V. McCleary, Mary T. Moffett, Louise Moreland, Mrs. C. A. Patterson, Iames . Patton, Lucille Pearce, Lorie e Presgrove, Keathley Reed, Mabel Boloinson, Lyde Schilling, Elsa A. Scrivener, Mildred Snipes, Edna Stephens, Mrs. lulia S. Thompson, Margaret Walker, Mary Weeks, Louise ' Viestbrooke, Mrs. Henry Winfield, Sim Wilford, Ailleey Williams, Weir O. Worman, Mrs. Harry we 9 . Y N ':g, ,. I i i. Q f L, '36, Q 5- J! fl' ij .gi 3 .A i i . A. 5 i MR. D. M. HILLIARD Principal , 1 I Miss Eleanor Richmond Miss Annie Mae Prescott 'I If J, Assistant Erincipaiii 'M Secretary Y I V V I 3 :we Q V 7 B, ,.,,f'i.,V,f"?-"!J9!-'5"fi','r"7, 'ifv ,,, A A i , r r or or , ,r . Q, r , W 5 H ' If - . "" L. C. HUMES HIGH SCHOOL Page Five Y TW J 1 ,f T0 ,. ff If tt , rf' X 1 , nf A 'LJ f 3 1' ff' 1,1 , "" ol Q! Page Six MR. E. C. BALL Superintendent MR. W. I. PRESCOTT MR. I. M. SMITH Choirrnon, Boord ot Education Director of Instruction X W QI- fI X- ulln ..- V X! 4 VIII-f I ' RIC! Z, fy I W 1 If Ski. 7945 0 E 6L15:5 0 J, E X .. I V ' ' 5 1 A 1- I Ig.. E., R 3 . X X 57 2, R .4 I I I QNTIII' If I 1. Y . 1- X I- -Iv. W f X 4 IIII X I' ' I 44 ' ' X 57 1 ' ' E I I I ' I I' M II L ICQ X- ' I W MN, I I I 571' A xx' " .. ' I U PEQPA 4 C' V, fgl II,- A A I ' , Q 2 -R ... .1-- I. IIIII If!" "'-1, A I I IK Z ' ffx- 4 Q I Mg!! I S XR I I 99 I - II I 1 i II 'H 'K X- I 4. X QI 1 if'r 4!' g,. PM X IW' 2 I ' V Qu' N I ' "II fff ff' II Z' T ,xI.l 'li' ' yi I I Q- - RV 'I-I ',, 'FT ff? , I , ' ' 1 III" fl' 21? ' ' I In I I ' . I If II' III . 'VI I' ,760 A 4 1 I I X X X M A I' I I. , :II A 'x,LjV. o ' - II ME. , K , V: I. I I I IP- ' I I-I UI WI L I -In H , D " 1ff:' f5F f 1, "ML ,J A I 60 yf- I N X Xfv. 4 I E. I bw . I 51 Iakvun' """' kk W -T Uk lf, 3-'LJ-IL! , ,.,,,g JI I J. Lff5 QMCQI45 LTL flfnftt- H P ,,,- 8950? 17,2355 sf . -QI. ww LLS1-f-J' - T E President ....,,.. ,. .,.,..... Boys' Vice-President ,.... . , Girls' Vice-President .w..w V. Secretary .. .......A..,...,,. Treasurer ,..... QSM EMEUGENE CURTIS ,MHARVEY CARTER BETTY SUE WILDES CMTHELMA WEAKS .TCCMIOYCE STOCKS uf? ADABIS, LLOYD Four years English: four years svienf-eg three years math: two years shop: two years ROTC: two years liistory: Non-Com Club '43-44: Student Government Representative '41-42. BARNETT, LORRAINE ALL113 Student Government Reprerenta'iye '40-413 four years English: two years history: two years speech: two years gym: ronunet'-mal foods '43-44: member of Speevli t'lub '42-113 treasurer ninth grade home iofvm: most attractive girl in January ll'l'Zl'li.l3.'llH.f vias. BEATQN. BARBARA J EAN ROTC sponsor '44-45: Honor Sov-iety 'tt-43: Herald Staff tartistb '4-1-45: sec-re-tary :intl treasurer of twelfth grade home room: secretary of Art Club '43-44: treasurer ot' Spanish '42-43: three years math: three years art: two yezirs Spanish: two years history: one year typing: first prize winner of city-wide iiialoriat poster tontest: most 1'tf'1"OY'nDliSl1etl girl in rt-iliur 4-lziss, BRENNICR, ROLYN AUC1' Treasu of I ionail Foronsit- League '44- 45: s ia o 'ary Dramatic Slot-it-ty '44- , seo d fe sate winner of Nu- t'on C ton ssay 'ontest '-tt: lleraltl aff ' -4": efense o nfil 'li-45: Senior I: rl X es IH- vit-e-ibresident of .. et:-h C a S '-14--l5' r :presented Huines in 'Y Id-Sou 1 Vetera Courier 'irlg Red Cross prose a ' e Qi" :Ig 'epresentative on Good XVil idu y, ,mn tee '42-43-4-1: niembir . E. rt ' 'onii tee '-Hs-15: ninth grueli- cretar, nost :tmilxtious :Jiri in senior class. 0 B1 vN.MARY 'sis nior ii P rye' "-- : iei be' ol' :gl : ' ' 3, flu : two CL . Glee Club: tw year' N s- metology in on tn st ent 9 one c- Ii 3' '1' tip gs a- A '- I ying! 'e xml, gg: f : ' years .- 'i ' : , y oi: mt , H A 3"-wi Braowx. VERA Riziu Girl Reserves two years two years typing: four years home e'onomi's: two years his- tory: one year Home Eronomivs Club. BUTLER. MARY FRANCES Member of Honor' Soriety: p"e'ident of Senior Girl Reserves: yife-president of No- tional I-'orensit' League: member of Thes- pians: member of Home Effonomirs Club: ROTC sponsor: Re-tl Vross representative '43: home room sen-retary '42: Het-l'1?t:tl'y ol' Junior Girl Reserves '12, CHISM, Tuizmcsit MARIE Two years English: two years bookkeeping: two years typing: two years shorthand: one year offit-e praftire: three years gym: one year math: two years sewing: one yt-ar Civics. A -it Zi X 7 f f ff f I ' , Bi: Avnoiio, Lonnie Four years English: two years history: two years typing: two years shorthand: two years bookkeeping: two year algebra: 'WU years homemaking: one year offioe praf-tire. ' V BARUCHMAN, FRANCES Treasurer of Senior Girl Reseryes: member of Home Eeonomifs Club: three years speerh: two years srienfe: three years homemaking: two years typing: four years English: one year algebra: reporter of third period Speevh Club: representative of De- fense Council '43-44: treasurer of Junior Girl Reserves '41-42. BISHOP, RUTH E. Four years English: two years shorthand: two years bookkeeping: two years typing: one year offir-e pravtile: two years home- inaking: one year st-ienwe: one year math. own, Auonizr LUCILLIA: Two years bookkeeping: two years typing: two years shorthand: four years English: one year Amerivan history: one year office pratcice. ' i BARFIELD, BILLY -1 : Ii -X ,, 1 f, V, f- Q 5:53, . 1 -, V . If A f HF: .2-1: ' sl Ev X . , 5 In the service: ROTC Band four years: first lieutenant ROTC '44-45: Sabre Club '44s-15: Non-Corn Club '43-44: three years math. : BUSSELL. Donornr MAE Four years history: four years English: three years math: president of ninth grade home room '41-42: representative of Stu- dent Goyernnient '42-43: three years home- making, 4. . C.ine15N'ri5R, Many Louise Four years English: two years bookkeeping: two years shorthand: two years algebra: two years history: one year home-making: one year offit-e pravtit-eg two years typing: two years gym: nieniber of Fifty Club '44-45: best all-round girl in senior v-lass. Cotton, RUBY LEE Four years English: two years typing: two years shorthand: two years bookkeeping: two years sewing: one year office practifge: one year swien'-Q: one year math: one year musiw-: ROTC sponsor '43--H: one year his- tory: two years gyni Page Nine Brusox, Burryu Editor of Herald '44-45: 4-o-editor of lllerzilil '43-44: Herald Staff '-I1-42-43-44-45: member of National l4'orensit- League: Thesniansg delegate to Mississippi Valley Press Asso- i-iation '-12-iii: representative to National Forsenif- Leaguo i-onterent-e at Nashville 513: Senior Girl Reserves: Fifty Cluh '44--151 l'9Dorter for Thespizins '44--15: Sriainish Cluli reporter '42-43--H: summer school at Ten-h '-14: student reporter to Commereinl Appeal: speaker at ninth grziile grzuluation exert-isvs: Honor Stn-iety. Crluuls. LoU1sE J l-IANNI-I'I"l'Ii Four years English: one your history: vom- lnerviul foods '-13: two years typini-Y: two years lvoolikeepinpr: two yours gym: suin- mer st-hool :it Tet-h, BENNETT, Bn.i.v Two years shop: two years drafting: illl't'1' l'P21i's history: four yours English: two years lltiTl': two years ulgelira: one yeiir gvolilv- X try: one 1't'lll' vivii-sg st-rp:eant in llt,lTt': PS1 Jim Quinn 'iZ!: lllnst aittruwtivp liuy in senior ff VIRISSZ host urooine-cl boy in sr-nior vlnss: f' itleul lioy ol' svilior 4-lftss. S' ,T V. E'i'ili:lm:i-1, DUIKIN Terli suninier svliool 'Hg four years English? tliror- years si-iente: two years Spanish: two years math: vivo-president of homeroom '13-14: tri-:isurer of Senior Girl Reserves '43-44. FERGUSON, SHIRLEY Four years English: three years history: two years shorthand: two years typing: two years art: one year xreneral Iiusiness: Olin' yr-ar algebra. COLLIE. EUGENE In servif-e. Drafted. .FORNYAl.'l'liR, BETTYE Sri: Monilwr uf Girl lic-serves ffllll' years: Your years tllm- tlluhg suniiner si-huol :tt Tewli 'Hg three years si-ii-nie: three years lioint- evonomlvs :ind t:iilorin:.:: most tulenti,-sl girl in .T:inu:iry 1-lass. CROOK, JERRY V. 1 Honor Sm-iety: vw-e-prositlf-nt of honif-room: two ymirs IiU'l'1' Battalion Adjutant Vap- lain 'lil--ii: yii'4--lwesifleiit of Sulirt- tjluli 'ifl-H: "H" 1'luli '-il--151 football' 'il--15: Vo-i-:iplain will foolliull 'H-ti: All-M1-nipliis 'Hg l-oxinx: 'HQ treusurr-r ol' ninth xqrarlz- lloinorooni: pro-sid:-nt of 1-lt-xi-nth urzulw horm-1-oolii: Inosl versatile lmy in st-nior wlnss, Page Ten 9 QU Z7 I G I .f'5':A ' "" ' . -.Ji 7" fillfv at , ,aa ""TDe ,. 4. . A My 5, K f 'Y X F' , X FF' , L H1 .V . . A: N 3, 'fd' ,, 1. 2 NX t X s xx N If y s BARTON, JOHN A -Vqy Four years English: three Years math? two 5' years ROTC: two years t-ivit-s: one year his- j tory: one year shop: two years drafting. fl D.tv1s, MARTHA W Four years English: two years history: two yea,-S home ei-onomit-s: two years Short- , hand: two years typing: three years Glee Club: one year office practice. , DUZIER, KATHRYN L. Girls' vice-president of Student Government: secretary of Fifty Club: SDUUSOY' in ROTC' ' third place for Carnival Queen in tenth grade: four years English: two years typ- ing: two years shorthand: two years book- keeping: two years sewing: one year offiee P praqtioeg one year Amerif-an history: most outstanding girl in senior elass, Finusmz, JANE EVELYN E Honor Sorfiety: Senior Girl Reserveii: Latin tournament at Nashville: Red Cross repre- sentative: treasurer of ninth grade home- ' room: winner of L. C. Humes Award in 3 seventh, ninth, and tenth grades: Caesar Club: two years bookkeeping: two years' ' shorthand: two years algebra: two YQHFS Latin. i, a C.Xlt'l'l-Ill, HARVEY I-my.-' 'ic - 1' e t vlassc vi-fe: ' pre. ' 'e h rade homeroom: foot- 4 I' -44 5: treas or of "H" Club '44-45: A 'on-Com lub '43- 4' three years band: . National inic Ban ' 4: years math: . most atrloty boy r 1-lass! most Q vulture ' ' 1' 0 ass. ' Q. 1 Form, GENEV u 'E i , X I J x v ' , l O ns 3 4' xp g ar years his ory: o 'ea s homemakiug: two ' it i 'J I , 'un ' l t l 4 44 tln C 43 it 4G 1 r ir if 45 ROTC A 4 -44- og treasurer of twelfth hom : entertainment eommittee : of ,enior s four ears English: two years tj ' 3 ' ffive practire: two years math: 1 'vit-nee: two years vor tology C tP.t'l'l5 ln. . -'ootball ' 3- : wres i g ' 4: ROT i '42- - -- .: s-ienve fou yea s: ath four years: ' team ' . . 'i . ' 1: ' H 1 Gi tsoow, 4RRY St 1. tl 1 f Q 5 President mJuni ed s- '41-42: Q 5 ' of 11 roo ' -43: rfosmotol y t N ': , ent of 'osmetol 2 31 . e ne year: hiolo n ' , algebra. on. year: offive iravt year: typing ' two years: ' to je- gym tw . years: ne ursing one yen meri history 0 year. N CURTIS, EUGIQNIQ T. Senior class president: football three years: "I-1" Club three years: Sabre Club two years: Non-Com Club '42-43: offieer in ROTC two years: shop two years: drafting two years: sergeant-at-arms ot' Sabre Club: most suv- vessful boy in senior rilass, Gassmv vo ,Af Em ' four V . ee 1' ub four yearsn xr och three ., . t Gower i e year: home ewonomivs: 'nip' y .rs: gym two years: Seni 1 fir' It se ve., oni- year. HELBIKE, ANNA lviaiioixnwr English four years: history three years: typing two years: stenography two years. HINES, Rosisuaiu' Art four years: history three years: Eng- lish four years: wommert-ial foods: general math: typing one year: gym one year: Girl Reserves two years: speevh one year: ulvit-s one year. DALLAS, JAt'K R. Shop one year: drafting one year: English four years: history four years: ROTC three years: first lieutenant in ROTC '44--15: foot- ball one year: physii-s one year: bookkeep- ing and typing. HUQHES, Bigrrx' Honor Soi-jelyi National l"ure-nsiv Leu:-fue: Glee Club four years: nialh tour years: srienoe three years: sewretary of 12-2 home- room: Student Government representative '43-44-45: Student Cfounf-il representative: Girl Reserves '-i-i-45: most sur-r-essful girl in senior f-lass: Student Count-il avtiyities. JAY, J.xcQUin.1N1c Two years gym: four years English: his- tory: Home E1-onomil-s 4'lub '44--15: file:- Club. EPSTEIN, Aiicnnc . History, four years: Spanish two years: ' algebra two years: Latin two years: SPPPPYI two years, U S.. . v I ,f . ,4 I 7' 43 'Q Q- . i' We K YQ if J 0 1 W f ft ' if ,t ' X' 7 ' i y ., .... , fel e " 2 l Gimric, Doius lVIiaI.i'r.l Member Fifty 4'lub: Honor Hof-if-ty 'ii-45: lie-al Cross reiiresentatixe two years: Herald Staff: reporter li!-2 vlass: treasurer B-l 1-lass: 4'OIllHlf'I'1'IZti I-ours:-: best gro-un-ni t:irl in senior I-lass. Haan, Bn,1,n-3 JAN:-1 tlyni two years: algebra Iwo years: typing two years: boolckeenint: two years: steno- graphy two years: ot'1'ir-e ima:-tiii-e one year: English 1'our years: .-tmei-it-an history: treasurer ul' I-'illy Club '44--15: Girl Reserves 'l-l-45: library assistant '-ll-45, D.u't's, Cam, 'l', and l. Club '-ll-45: English four years: history four years: shop four years: draft- ing two years: zteronallti-'s one year: math one year: ROTC one year. Hixics, xVILM.'k Girl Reserves two year:-a: lie-ll f'ross repre- sentatiyes '44-45: viyit-s: ewonomir- geog- raphy: English four years: sr-ieniie three years: algebra two years: fulyaneell foods one year: history three years: speerh one yi-nr: inost patriotit- girl in senior class. . Hrnsox, Jinx I. Three , 'arf onle 1' nil-s' years tyliinf: two yea e gra i " one year '3' 'Q fl 'il' I 'ilflil' 2 Year. nglish: 0 0 f . . p K y ' m : o yea hisgory. ,I '25 4 'ff 9' I f- I I'It'icl,m', NX IIJIA , l"0tlr ye: rs li 'Il l' I' ' : li .'il': lwo years lt or 'ri yr-:trs hui : i-o ornirs3 lyo h' . swieiil-e: one year ,-p ei' - wo . , gym: presillei t 1 ' 9- I- 4 ' - resident -Q ol' l0-li: 10 ' l ll " W ,ll tll L. ff V I Q ' M . F l W . X i it Y, Em Cinema- ' 41' :J f f . W -1 ti. ,.,ig,.4uLAa4 flligrlervkl x A -if - 1' " 'MSI' xrriiitr. t was ic-mm Q year ' " V " oullinll: one year, shop: tiio yenlisfigehrzig X ' ,in the st-l'yiwe.r' . s ,, . . f , ,..f',fgJ -f f' - : 1 Q if -.-jf 1 .Ax Lf X ..-. A Q I 4. .' Ii' . 'ifl fp .s , F QA J 4 'gf-A' f ,f 'J' ' I ff-"K - Jicxiuxs. NIARII-l Loiisi-5 4 sm, 42 'Vk v . Historian ul llonoi' Sotiety '-ii-451 l:'iI'ly Vlub: Senior Girl llesi-tw.-s: Student Goxern- ni'-nt l'F'lIl'9NHlllHllXH in tenth grade: vom- pli-te I-oiiiinerwial r-ours.-: niosi rourteons girl in senior wloss: niost sensible girl in senioi wliiss. Page Eleven Hiatt-lit, Froru V. Two years typing: four years English: two Years si-ienve: T and I Club: sei-retary ol' Metal Benders Soeiety: two years shop: b - two years history: two years ROTC: mein- , ' .5 ber of Non-Commissioned Offir-ers Club '-i3- Q --14' i L 44: happiest boy ln senior 1,-lass: sunshine T E boy in senior class. .S , JOHNSON, Lois IZETTA y Two years typing: two years bookkeeping: 1' two years tailoring: two years gym: vom- meroial foods: commercial law: one year A, history: one year algebra. Q t X g xw ,J :Q X Q, X L i X N f X FINN, ROIIERH' A FUUI' years math: two yeurs st-it-noe: --honi- islry: physii-s: two years Spanish: ROTV Bzintl three years: i-aptain ot' llnini '44-45: vii-e-president ot' Honor Soviety '44-45: meni- her of Sabre Club '-l-l-45: member of Spun- ish t'lub two years: most 1-ourteous boy in senior class, MAN, ' RosE Fou' ' a s English: three years history: X tw ,ears bookkeeping: two years honie el-ononiit-S: two years ma : one year typ- . .. . . ' dying: oneghalt year al lam: one- s gym, on jnior busineis in X Kuirrs, M.XBlZL JEAN Three years math: three years English: one year home et-onomies: two years history: ' two years typing: two years shorthand: one Q year offit-e practiee: two years 'Red Cross representative: one year Herald Staff: most rultured girl in senior class, G4XGl,1ll, CH.i1cLEs L. Bookkeeping two ye-ers: typing one year: algebra two years: tllee Club four years: history two years: English four years: ROTC two years: shop one year: Red Cros: Q representative '41-42: most poised boy in Q Q ' senior class . 1, : I Licwis, MARY Fk.tNCEs Herald Staff artist: Senior Girl lie ei-yes two years: Art Club three years: lied Vi-oss X representatixe one year: treasurer ot' Art Club '41: four years English: three years 4 speet-li: one year .-knierii-an history: one " - year home ewonomli-s: Your years nrt: two , yr-:trs typing: Iixo ye-:urs gylllj one ye-:ir jf' ninth, V V X . i -.- my ' 1 Hl'Tt'1'IlNSON, Gt:oH.oE Football '42-43-44: baseball '-H: T anti l Club: member of "H" Club: ROTC two years, Page Twelve mfr' ,Q is 'Q' -ievgyx sh fzf... . : is 'tit E, Vs ft Z Q s ff, 5 i-n "L: rf i ,U ' i ,X Q I'IEx'i-zic, FRED S. Member of Fifty Club: member ot' T. and I- t'luli: reporter oi' Metal Benders Soi-ietyl two years typing: two years hiSt0Y'Y2 two yenrs shop: four years English: one Yeill' t'Ullll'Ilr'l't'llll math: two yeiirs ROTC: fiC'1eFll'9Z happiest boy in senior 1-lass: sunshine bob' in senior 1-lass. Jonics, BE'r'r1' LOUISE Four years Glee Club: two years typing: four years English: one year advanced sew- ing: two years gym: one year history: one year l-ivi--s: one year speeh: one year eeonomir- geography: one year bookkeeping. Joxizs, LESLIE H. Student Government treasurer '44-45: HOHOI' Society '44-45: Student Government repre- sentative '43-44: Defense Council '44-45: L, C. Humes Award '-14: Girl Reserves '44- 45: worked in office '44-45. 1 O . otb6ll sig ye rs: lub th e s-- Glee Cl four y ars' En ' ' s' r wo years: science three sto y two ears' friendliest boy in senior cl ss ' IAMBIRTH, Dotus lted Cross representative '41-42: tw years gym: two years home evonomics: four years English: two years bookkeeping: one year shorthand: two years typing: member ot' Fifty Club '44-45: Senior Girl Reserves '44-45: one year offif-e praetiee: one year i l il' ' I ' ION if ' ii . 1' S. I :Q al bra o ye ic! . OTC ' l t , d ' i 7 0 1 I l , ii' ff i ' 1 f I i- o s vi I history: library assistant '44-45, Ll'Il'JV1NE, Mliunt Li Fifty Club: Senior Girl Reserves: Student Government representative Sth, 10th, 11th grades: four years English: four years his- tory: two years typing: two years algebra: two years shorthand: gym. N l'Illl'lltGI'Ill, VIRGIN IA Four years English: history: two years hoolclteeping: two years shorthand: two yi-ars typing: one year offin-e pray'-tif-e: two ra: one year home eeonomies: tn o yenrs gym: vit-e-president of 9-6 home- room. years algeb M .ur mini l t ross f'0l'llI'lll ee: bonds -' cl stamps fl GS Hull: years English: ree years htel ,L 0 years typing: two book- lteep , best lo king rl .enior class: 1 f y nqple nth gr Z ati ik :Qc lf 1 f, ,. 134 al if MM -it rf' 1 ii. wig 4 ii. Q, Y ,J A ltls ,ia le Q , Po ,. tl gi Pl ! Lows, EDITH EARLE Four years English: two years history: three years home evonoiniesg two years typing: commert-ial law: riyif-s: biology: two years gym. MCCITLLAIR, IVIARTHA ELOXVICASIQ Four years English: four yt-ars home ero- nomivs: two years art: two years st-ienrt-: one year Glt-Q Uluh: one your r-f-onomiv goo:- raphy: two yt-airs Gym: stantp :intl ho'i1l representative 'til-lt: niost rliarininu girl in homeroom. W ', ther it' S o Vlub in tenth z:rafleL i'on-Calm t'lu li!--tt: three ye ',s1'ie111'f'2 four 'e Ei rlish: two yea' .'l0l'3'L UV" Year o l': int' your pl e iietry: two s shop. , MII, fit. A 'y.tnL:1, .- vo gi: :tl -r-1: tyo '-ars Spanish sh -3 h Q .on ' 1 dnsbuliikf Clux, one ear Heil Cross, WBC l't'ill'5 liistor '. - x ., X 5 -ag, ,- F ..J I BIILLER. Jo ANN Shorthand two Years: l100lili9Pi'lUU 'WU years: typing two years: riyit-s one year: history one year: home evonoinics one year? algebra one year: Fifty f"lub '44-451 English tour years: 1-ommervial law: Offire prai-rife ont- yvatr: Student Goyertiment reli- resentatiye. wt -ars Zflll' g years ' glisltp three f' ' , ma , .' ' ' eto .i llptl r, rf , 'D 'ee 5 . Sl HF ' ' 1" sme ogy t i '-13-44: treasurer of ninth rrr - oinerootn: rretary of telitll , . ' f f oni: ' 'trs home evo- Nicl, s. M.XlC'I'H.K EULLYN .tv ie os to n Y' ht o It 'lui C I I 4 . f Nou, EHQLYN Four years English: three years ory: tyvo ye-ars typing: one year 1-ommert-tal foods: one year rosmetology: two years gym: one year art. JOHNSON, Romain Four years English: four years shop: three years sv-ienwe: two years algebra: one year ROTC: mt-mber of T and I Clulti se1'l'etul'l' of XVoodpm-ker Cluh. , " w as , V . . A 4 f ff 1: 5 'U xy I K .T Q o. 4: Q l WWW' r 5' ' 6 V A I l f My 4, , ,mt K 5 IAVH , 5 475 IIC 'f , I X IQ ., Vvvn 1 4 f X W' f 1 1 A, . ,, ,aww M.tssE1', MARY CAROLYN Member of National Honor Sof-iety '44-45 yiuefpresident of Girl Reserves one year Iled Cross representative ninth and tenth grades: shorthand two years: bookkeeping two years: typing two years: commercial law: home ef-onomivs two years: English four years: Amerie-an history: best natured xxlrl in January class: Summer Srfhool at Teffh. Mi5Nm3I.soN, AIJLLI-3 llonor So'-is-ty: Fifty Club: Girl Reserves thi-eo years: Glr-9 Club three years: history four years: boolckef-ping two years: typing two years: tnffirio prar-titre one year: gym two years: homo ei-onomir-s one year. M1l,i.l5R, ALIVE J. I+'our years English: two years typing: two years bookkeeping: one year shorthand: one yvar offif-e prat-tive: one year tfommerwial :trithtnetit-: Fifty Club. Httlili, CURTIS LYNN Fire yea rs Glee Fluh: fix e years hanrll drum major ol' hand: four years history: two years ROTC Band: one year scienve and biologu fou years English: one year ortgliestra iEity boyaintsenior Class. 1.-4.5 nomivs: summer srhoo: four years lish: two years bookkeeping: two years typing: one year office prar-tive: two years gym: one year math: one year history. Jrzifrtanirzs, WVILLIAM, JR. Threr- years math: three years science: three years banfl: three years ROTC: sec- ond lieutenant in ROTC: Sabre Club: "H" C'Iuh: manager of football team '42: de- signed "H" Club emblem: Art Club '43' Hlee Club '42: Band Clinit- '43-44, P.t'l'TERSON: JrAN1T.x Girl Reserves one year: four years English: three years bookkeeping: offive practice' two years algebra: three years home evo- nontivs: two years typing: one year history. HICTTINGEB, FORREST Four Years srierwe: three years Latin: four years math: four years English: Latin tournament at Nashville '42: Honor Society. Page Thirteen Mms, HILDREIP l Two years Glee Club ne , .l t' it , .t gash P' W NMA.,L . it ' "1 l! 44 G Q sr, 44 15 y p 4 onor Soc- - ', -by - AI, ' . A f I 'it'e- t dent 'First ' anish Club ' "' DFL ent Set-ond. Yea ni Club ' - 4 e t"l1, Convention' at Nashyi -3- 441 . . n 'on '-13344: Latin Tourna- ment ln Nas iyt lil: on vommittee of tht- Student Yo th Counvil: Jim Quinn Drill Platoon yeal'S: master of veremonies Male 'ity S114 y MH: four years math. . Momusox, DoRo'rHy Ln.1.l.xN . Secretary of Junior Rod Cross '41-42: vire- president of homeroom '42-43: three years 1-osmetology: vice-president and treasurer of 1-osmetology '42-43: four years English: two years typing: two years home et-onomit-sg two YPBFS Srienve: one year math: one year Amerit-an history: two years gym: Red Cross representative 'tl-42- lil, 0 . 5 - ts 'Si' X ss l t , , l' - 'i ..t,,, i - V X A..::: 0 tcm: ' Lo ' it: e ye' . ' ' je rs Fgtlishp one 'e iome e-onon ics' t 1 5 e- b ' ' g: It . . ' . f A . tryi . o ar t' e u I 'r gi l n l n ,. . wi no-fo Ill, ,I . t I If ' ' H -, Q A J Ae- .1 . U6 , I t .os, N . V , T 'U . H-FS 'B' 'll-'II ti years st iograpliy: tw' years kkt-e i g: three ' ars G ee l'l li: me e ' ehra: o y ar h r P onon 1-sglfto ursing: lf ty 'lub 'tv 4-'lf' e ol' Girl 'eseryey 4-455 suns 'ie pn l :nioi class. X t it , Y! ' " t i l N ii' i. ., ff, I y ' mos, KA' ul: ' Pour ye iglish: two years typing: two 'ears bo l eping: two years shorthand: 'enior Gi l teserves: two years Glee Club: wo yt-ars omg 1-4-onomis-s: Fifty Clultl Ky L'lillZ, Dox .tw C. Captain football team 'Hg All-Memphis tavkle '4-1: lieutenant 4-olonel ROTC 'ltetig 1-aptain basketball tt-am '-14--15: vo-1-aptaio baseball team: president "H" Flub: presi- dent 12-2 home room: prep wrestling vhanip '43: Auditorium Vommittet- 'H-45: oulstantlf int: hoy in senior 1-lass: best looking lroy in senior vlass: All-llistrit-t basketball 'IR Ricyxoros, Jicwicl. R o Pct Four years English: two years gym: two yt-ars bool-tlteeping: ont- your Amt-rit-an his- tory: one year t'olnn1ei'l-ial foods: two years wosmelology: library assistant 'ell-15: two yt-ars tllee 4'lult: one- yt-ar math: ont- year home at-onomit-s, llII,I0, Axolcristz Yvorwxic Four years English: three years history: two years bookkeeping: two years typing: two years homo ef-ononiit-sg trea-'urer ol' ninth grade home room: president of tenth grade home room: most wliarniinu Mirl in senior vlass. ge Fourteen 'QS -iw s . 1 . .. is lf ..,:. 5 -I "s .::,ZvE? fifiitli Q Qflffflifv , may t we . an ,, ,, Q 'P 'f iilivii'-if'll'.'j-f ,z- ,. Q: P.xi.i,icu, os.t V ' onor Soviety '-H--155 Volumnlst o ld S tfl':- 'e 301' r ot' N.F. '43-443 por u Red ss -4 5 nt Gov- rmnt tn- vt .- - , yresident of .' t-et i ' '13-Al re rt ' 1' ' ' ' sl . , wg- . eev ronv ti at .' sliyll - Jac-kson, aint Jo esimro: Pl EF u If-1 me ' A Pl' ' . Pflfhf t ye . ty'0l'th grad l-lonor Ran- qu -t 'our years! ll ll' lfl' I' N VQS ' , -' ot i . a fit ' E' 1' Svnim- ' :reliable 'l in senior 143992 luusin I l igl in or vlass. .lou N s'ro D15 ' pam- 3 rs ishg ti ars science: two yea ' ry- u ars mpg T. and I. I'-1 '4 -45: - men of XVoodpe'cker 1 1 14.45 - imi ned Officers clutt ' 3- - ,g Porrs. Viv1AN W. Home Economies Club: three years home et-oiionmsg four years history: four years English: three years commerrial work, Joxics, R1t'H,t1:u J. Four years football, foul' YPHFS baSk91b3llC two years baseball: two years "H" Club? three years ROTC: four years English: four years math: entertainment 1-ommittee Of senior 1-lass: best all-round boy in S9l1i0F 4-lass, s Qtxtmx, Nicvis Myiul-1 XX'orked in library third period: American history: shorthand two years: typing two years: 1-onimervial law: t-iyies: general math: bookkeeping two years: home eco- nomies two years: English four years: merriest girl in January 1-lass: Summer Svhool at Tet-h. ltmsoys, Pyrsy Spanish t'luh two years: Home Economics t'luh one year: Student Government repre- sentative two years: gym two years: ronia nit-rvial foods one year: Summer Srhool at Tet-hz math three years: English four years: sol-ial study two years: svieiive two year. ltrrt'iin-3. PHYl.i,ls AN'rox Four years history: four years Englishg four years math: three years sewing: two years gymg most athletit- girl in senior t-lass. Kicicrox. THOMAS E. President ot' Honor Soviety: major in ROTC: Boys' State '-ll: president of tenth and t-leventli grade home room: instrut-tor first year military two years: four years science: four years math: president ot' Science Club: member of rifle team: Outstanding Cadet Medal 314: most ambitious boy in senior class. om-wt MCDONALD, Tnoyms E. ' Four years English: three years ma'h: , Thespians: president ot' ninth grade home room: treasurer of tenth and eleventh ptr:-nrle home rooms: two years svlenoe: one year " Q3 , slleeeh: two years history: tivo years l':tfl'l'4': ' r-ommereial law: two years shop: tllust eharmim.: hoy in senior 1-lass. .W , A 5 PHn,i,i s, 1, H K Girls ' -president ot"T 'rl,l.N:j,2'lfi1lwf llirl ,Q :Rese 'es tgguav'-ears o ar rosinetol 'yz rf - ' four years n sh: th y:1rs ho , -o- s nomy. , - ,- , I Y X- ,.,, ,, I. .Q aw- , wi' Pi ,,t.f'J-i ' " ,lf jf . 't , , i fir ,, YJ , , , - V ,-fl' 1 :I l y- ,W , ra' f' , ff: I Qt ,,- I .X ' ,V . Osiirus, H.utoi.n . A, -XM- J S ienpe three years: 'UTC two yi-wisp Salyh- ' , ' '-l - 5: l n ' years: ort-h slra three f : Stor: ye rslrii 1 it-ee years. I lg f, f ROSE, Jowis M. Four years Glee Club '42--13-l-l-45: two yr-:mrs bookkeeping: tno years typing: one year offiue prat-tite: one year spee h: one year library: four years English: one year Anteri- can history: tx.o years gym: one year inatli. gf ' ,251 W .,.. -, f yi 4' ,Q- -.uw N Z -. 71-4' l SCHN-' mt, D Horny THE -sA T' S er ninth grad home room: -easuri-r I V ' ,' 12 iom roon ' ' nt v r ment reprfe- J ff se at' fo? o me ro presentati if 5? f it " t . 'rm ent - ention i ,. " IA 1 5 A5 de our 'e rs Club: t' years ,Lf ff? :- "" .,,, V ' A' l ' si: if" 'lt year: ef ii- gt-o-- 1 ' R ! A t .tpl one ye : i ' 'v one :extri algl .l f - A onxe ':Q or - i-s .y r: nn, , f F t o :e rs: " I I 'lf p I ' 4 IK, V,,..4f I 2,2 il . an t - f j ' lt Z if 7 i Pryricovs r, THlQt,llXllilj Fifty luh: sf-hool swing lrantl: stamp a nl bond if presf-ntalive tor twelfth grade: tnrte I years Red C.-oss representative: Senior tllet- Club: Senior Art Vluh: two years Rt'l'l't': - f most vivaifious boy in senior i-lass: most Y V : :, avfomplished boy in si-nior i-latsg most tal- :my : ' ented boy in senior t-lass, X 'M .., A. S ' ' Vfgkf: . it A it Snlri-'M.1.N. SYl.l'I.l. Honor Hof-iety 'll-45: L. fl. Hutnes Awartl eighth, ninth, and tenth grades: l:t'l'l't' sponsor '-13--H: member ol' Fifty C'ul,: ' Senior Girl Reserves 'l-l-45: tiae-ar t'luh ,-:,, kf aa, '-i2-43: attenrleil Latin tournament in Nash- V 'W' " ' ville: niost intelligent girl in senior- i-lass ' ' , "T, V ,XV f Xt W f, 'Qt 8l1?if.,'t!E f 1 it I Russi-JLI., J.-xmas W. Four years English: four years history: , 2 : "shop two years: biology: p.:'ener:tl swivnt-e: gf., ' i t-hetriistry: physii-sg speer-h one year-: vom- ' e, me-rc-ial law: Itefl t'ross represervative ninth ,Q and eleventh grade: eleventh grade home ,QF room most intelligent, most polite: best . V - poised. most stntlious in senior ll'ho's ll'ho. ' ' A - A 1 K .3 A tri? e PIVHAI Z, lu' Ff!AXt'lCglJ nor sv . RMT cgllllflbltll' '42-42--13-45: 1- eer -aft 'Mg 'e re-tary Junior Refi t'ross 'l2: presltent ol' I' li gr 'Home rooni' seriretary ol' eley nth ' de -we ro: : 'stent ot' ,Lunio' t"'rI Iles 'es -423 x e-president of Ver Roncl Corn- nittes- lit-4-4: entertain: ent 1-onimittee senitfit-lass: treasurer Vat-sat' C'luh: mem- ti ,DPT Ili-serves. . V Y 5 Osxs t,n,W1i.1,i.x -. ,- , is rur years: nialh four years: his tory four years: hand four year: sr-lenrre Iwo years: 'ofthal '4l- . : " C 2 . nn e, en 'tainment tonihtittee senior 1'-lass. 5 J 4 W X ' f , 2 .. 7 , u I 3, Rook, S,llt.All LAPUISIC S Urr-hestra four years: math tour years: Latin three years: sriienve two years: gym three years: most studious girl in the senior 1-lass. o . -EY' S.u,'rz, Mean' NIQLL Home et'-onomii-s three years: typing two years: stenography two years: bookkeeping tw0,y'e:1rs:,algebra 'one year: ij-onnnerftial ztritliinietitl. one year: ojfite prar-tlog one year: gym two years: history one year: t-heerleatler '-14-45: most vivacious girl in the senior vlass. Svicuass, Jorma Typing two years: Commerr-ial Club one year: shorthand two years: bookkeeping one year: algebra two years: band one year: history four years: gym four years. Sn AN k MAN. Douorn v Sei-rt-tary ninth, tenth, twelftnh gralle honie ltetl Cross representative eleventh roonis: and twelfth grades: ROTI' sponsor '43--H: Student Goyernnient representative tenth grade: treasurer sevoinl year Spanish r-lass '43-4-i: popularity queen ninth grade home st-nior Girl Reserves Your years: room: honor hanquel two years: assistant librarian '43-44: delegate orange i-ony:-ntion ninth 14:-alle, alte-rna'e elf-ventli grmle: rift onin- niitti- senior i-lass. P.lRMlCN'l'l'lK. Grll'lNDLlC gh . , .,. Engli. three years: foui years, history four years: art years: ROTC' two years: speet'-h two metal shop one year: math one year: mush- one year. Sl-tt'nlvl'if, Gl,.un's C.v1n.laNl2 Home Et-onomir-s Vluh 'l5: English four years:' 'history three years: two years typ- ing: two years arlvant-ed t-lothing: one year math: one year t-ivii-sg one year otfive praw- tlvti, W Page Fifteen STICRGIOS, IRENE bra cos, NICK RoLi.1Ns, Sum KikTHRYN Senior Girl Reserves: two years typing: two yetirs stenography: two years Glee Club: two years algebra: member ot' Glee Club. SCH.-XEDLE, ROBERT G., JR. T' sure o o r S t- ' 45: euptziin - 4 , li Tk, 3- 4' Sabre 1. '43-45: secretary Non-Com '-13: n ' '-Fl--tiicyple an- is -l.-44' atin Tournament '42: ys' " te '4-i: pr nt te ith de home 1' m: n '- ' i bo ' t ' ,. 3 iost 5? t s boy i senio rss. Tris Ruls M. tary.,T. and , Cltb 4 5: set-rettiry .'.L. 45: ni er ' esplans '-lil--l5' Red ss repr ntrttl 42-43 4-45: co: me thr years' ty min 1' two ye' J 'rl R 'er' -l-l- : ion et-onomit-s wo ars: alg .1 tw ,ears, merivan 'tory ne yet r: gp ni y o yettri' ' O!! I My If '1 Two years Lrirl Reserves: Honor Society '-l-l- 45: four yenrs Glee Club: two years Span- ish: one year Latin: one year algebra: two years bookkeeping: vommerf-tal law: inter- national relations. z 1 VJ , in resident of a ,. b '44-45: pre,i ent f Non-Com Presiden y n . ' inth, eighth, seventh de ho ie ' r ,: A sione Oftir-ers ull '-L3-4 , s sretary til' Humes St f tlovertiineit: t et first lie tenut t :t,t'1't:g wtba years-- tw yi . first ' ' px, sketlial three ' s: wr tling Phan tree years-t'-atv in two years, 0LlISlf'lldl g wrestler '42: member ol' "l-l" Club three years: treasurer of "H" Club '4-l: Thespian member: haste- lvall '45: member ol''.L. Umitcnwooo, . 'rim A. Pres' l ' i , llovernmen ' - - 5: -t - ft' ' - : "t-ontl lieutenant R01 ' ' '- 1 ,e ' e' . ' 1- - . our years st-i it 3 ' ournzit en ' stvllle ' L: l t, W t tt 4. t tp tri 'I T -l '1 'lt 43 4 Il 43 -H 4' e I t ' l 4' vit-e-liresid 'abr Cl t .' 1'our years Latin: pres t ent V rt.:l --15: Jim Quinn Plato i ' 3: " , - nm. 'enior t-lttss: ring vumi itt t-lttss: most liusint-ss like lvoy in e ir tflass, Vt 1 t bULI.IYAN, Botusita N1-:L we- ,resident of n'nt grade home room: set-retftry of 12-4 home room: Retl Cross representative: Student Goyernment repre- senttttiye: two years typing: two years shorthand: one year offit-e prat-tive: two yt'-urs sewing: one year f-ommerr'ial foods: one year hookkeepintx: most natural girl in senior class: most irieztl girl in senior filass. SP1Nos.x, ANNA lvhuutc V Four yezirs English: four years musit-: two years typing: two years bookkeeping: one year offit-e proc-tive: one year home ero- notnit-s: one year general math: one yeztr history: two years gym: Student Govern- ment 'H-45: happiest girl ln senior t-lass. t Q . ZITI, s' '!' a s ' it il e 'lin ' tf 1" . PHI'-' , - 5 sh, three years history? to NH 'S G e Club: wo years speet-hi OUR ', 1 ' 1 t : Q 'taqlf y ' h0lTlE et-oi i' i. : on ' t ng' years gyn tree ,X tr .enlor 1 eserves: ring t-ummittt-e e io t-lass W Stttctntoti, MARY J UDITH English four years: art three years: Glee Club: algebra two years: history two years: Student Government monitor '42-43: science two years: gym two years: Speech one year: ROTC sponsor 'H-45. St 1 11t,L1AM A. ' 4 V. W0 tr ,li fe tt .t Z-a etry: four ye' . - "'u 4 two 3 Q - ' ee: two -' xv yea s 'I F g .. itll ea ': 'g ish: one year . X X Mx 5: h's : 'if'e- 45, " of T. and I. Club: i 'Q ff l sttlent w rt. .V en rs Sor-iety. V, ,W Ag ' U V5 ' L .5 i ' r . I X, - 'fx Y A 'fri 'Q' ..... , Us ' . , ' 18, sf 'lt ,awp , st W 2 refs, ws, 55 . , t. -t gy 'A rf? W f I , X Q I Q 1, to lf' 1- ve me 3 ff' - env 2 'Qt 1 XE. , ., . Q Q, ima it Al 357 ET' M., .fur- Poge Sixteen In ' STEWART, Doms Four years English '42-45: two years speech: two years typing: two years book- keeping: Girl Reserves '44-45, STt cs, J YC' RLENEf Your ' at s ie e omiws: reasur seni ' wla. ' Re C ss ' pr tatiye th, tm , fl nth es: U1 t Gove ent re 'ese ve 1 gr de, ypia 1' rt h ok- 6-pi t years: m mbet' tor irl Les es: is ory two airs sw est girl ill - iior 1' ' : nos la g' n senior vlass: mo. tittr i gg i sen r c-lass: ers irtli , girl ' . nio t-lass: friendliest "irl i enior f-1 STUIEIILICFIIQLII, JEAN Four years English: three years svience: three years honte et-onomit'-s: two years his. IUYYZ two years typing: two years algebra: set-retary of home room in tenth and Pllwellih t-TVIIGPS: sponsor '-l-l-45: president of Home Eronomics Club '44--15, .KN 9 Ol' . L f or sm,-t vit-in tt-- ,. t nt tore 'tt-45: stu - C tt ' - ' y uh 44-45: N011-4' ' our yen 1 natlt: ' 1 .ears H011 .- tw' hop: ' XPHYH iytvi .' .4-1 , . ,: most sellsih lttiy ' r, mr 1 gg. THODIAS, GEORGE L. Four years English: tour years shop: three years math: three years history: two years ROTC: member of T. and I. Club. Tix Yum, RONLSIJID Lina Member of Honor Soriety 't-t-15: student direvtor of band '44-tfi: 1-hairman of reniol' 1-lass entertainment f-oniinitteo '44-15: Red Cross representative two years: ba'-fkotball '45: direr-tor ot' danif- band: RUTH hand four years: home room o"l'i1'er ti' o yoarsl president of senior band '43-44: RO'l't' tour years. TANNER, JEAN Foul' years English: three years art: three years gym: two years home evonoinrs: tuo years musiv: Aint-rivnn hisztn y 1'ht"l11i'4ll'j'I biology: st-ienre: Art t'lub three year': G 'e Club two years: Iiiolojry t'lub one gear. 1 ToMLINsoN, GLYN ETTA Three years home er-onnniits: two years bookkeeping: two years shorthand: two years typing: two years gym: one year vom- merr-ial arithnietis-3 one year algebra: one year history: one year offif-P prawtire: Slu- clent Government represen atiyi- '43-4-t. WALLER, ALBEIIT' SIDS icy Non-Commissiond Uffit ers t'lnli '42--t3- 14: treasurer of Speevh Flub 'til-44: four years general shop: four years history: two years algebra: two years adyanved drafting: two years IKOTVQ reporter of 12--t homo room. XVICKEL. VELMA VAS Two years spanish: four years ,EngIi'l1: one year offiie praf-tif-e: two years typing: one year sf-ienve: one year biology: one year home evonomif-sz one year Ameririan his- tory: two years algebra: one year general math. XVICIXBIAX. Doiurrn Y Four years history: two years typinzz two years shorthand: two years uym: member of Girl Reserves: member of Fifty Vlubg one year Glee t'lub: 4 VVIQWER, GENE Non-t'ommissioned Uffifers Flub '-IR: First Period Speerh Vluh 'it-15: four years Ent:- lish: four years history: thrc-Q years shop: two years math: two years speet-li: one year art: one year HGTV: Art l'luh '-12: N,If,I,, member: most natural boy in senior 1-lass. W ILUER, FRANKIIQ Football four years: "H" f"lub four years: president of 12-4 home rooni: boxing four years: member of Herald Staff three years: twq yours I1tlTf': RUTI' oI'fi'er one year: three years math: sweetest boy in senior 1-lass: most reliable lioy in senior 1-lass, V A fy -i,.- 4 E k 0 it .ar .., I J :fi A ' 57' 1:21, 47 5 5 . I mi - 'I f' ' as il X ., X4 H., 7, " , it .,,,,,R, , 40+ :N ,,,q : Q X ai? ,xl . . -MQ Pi N ic, Jicixx icrrig G. Four years Senior Glef- Club: foul' year l+Ini.:lish: two years history: two yr-ars typ- lnill three years bookkeeping and offife niaf-hines: most friendly :girl In January 1-lass: summer Sr-html at 'Pm-I1 TILLAIAN. JERRY D. T. nd Linh '44-45 Sa 'lubf'44-453 1 - , t"l b ' 'l-i 1 our ' rs lish: ! r , ar. " 44, Iieutena inqt'l't': four y rs shop, jf 'Lao Wicizas, THELMA LOUISE Sofretary of senior rlass 'lt-45: two year.- typing: two years hooklter-ping: two years shorthand: one year oftifr- fIT'?l'flf'Pj presi- dent of Fifty Club '-H-45: member of Senior Girl Reserves: wittiest girl in senior olaxs THU M PSON, NETTIE LEVOR A Four years EIIQHFIIZ four years home e ri. noniixusg two years typing: one year offire ma:-hines: one year 4-iyivs: one year history: two years gym: ono yr-:ir math: one ymir bookkeeping. VVHITIC, JAM as EDWARD Football 'H-45: gym instruf tor '44--15, ail- yanf-ed wood shop: three years sriienfe: two l'P2U'S Hlflebrag fnnr years English, Worr, SYLYIA 'Honor Sowiety: attended Latin Tournament in Nashville: Caesar Club: most intelligent girl in January rlass, two years shorthouilg two years bookkeeping: two years typing: attended Summer S1-hool at Terh, V Wn,soN, Joy Marnicxig Home evonomii-s three years: algebra two years: typing two years: English four years, history two years: Bartlett High Sfitunl two years :intl :i half. WVILIDIER, Wunncx LINDY Tliespinn lllVxllll'H"l'Q Vaesai V'lul-, two peat-Q altff-bra: two years Latin: two yt-nrs spi-ei-li, tour years Enqlislig ont- year -iyi-sg one yoor lioolflioepinu: two years I:4i'1't'3 th,-,,,. years history: lit-il t'ross i'epiw-sontritiie 'tl-12 I t'l?lfiS.' F Ym'Nu, N0l!hl.K Lorlsic Four yours lilnglishg Iwo years bookkeepillg two years typing: two years SteimI!l'3-Phyi two yt-:urs lmmvmukimxg one year volumet- 1-ful :withim-tit-3 uno yt-ur offivu pravfivei 0116 vm-:lr musif-3 tu 11 yvnrs l.'f3'lll, Wu,i,I.xMs, L Uls Df YN 41 XII 11, is - 4: football .5443-44' boxing 2 41 "H" Club '41-453 three 'e 1 n ' fo r s mathg two yoars e I 3 " r ent of 12-41 most b y in senior classg mst athletic x in scnV ie. woy in senior Wn,l.1s. JAMES In the sewvit-9: drafted in January. Y,xNlPEl,l,, P1-:GGY JEAN Girl lie-serves two years: drum majorette three year-sg N.P,I.,g Thespiansg Student Governnie-ut two years: dramatic-S three yr-arsg typim: three- ye-ztrsg bookkeeping a.nd o1'l'ivf- prawtii-e twu years: history two years. 3 KW? ,,:, , Z' fx NV1l.x.uMs. Ii.X'I'Il'1 The time hos come when we must stond Yet tune shpped by on velvet feet, And fUC9 the WOf1d CYIOUG' And suddenly here We stdnd: Who would hdve thought ln such short tune Wlth our Whole hfe spread before us, We d COTUG 11'1TO OUT OWU' Our future in our hdnd. When first we ghmpsed this thlng cofled knowledge And there dedr Hurnes, is Where We find Some twelve YSOITS C190 Proof of what you've been, The TOUCI 1O0k9d H1001 Tefflblf IOUQ For you your guidonce ond your friendship, Arid The ffCfV9hUQ 50 SIOW Will stdy W1th us to the end. MRS. I. W. MCBRYDE President l-lumes Polrent-Teozcher Association Seniors: l count it or privilege ds Well os on honor to serve ds President ot the tlumes Pdrent-Teocher Associotion. lt is my obiect ond thot ot the dssociotion to promote the Weltore oi children ond youth in our community, Moy we pledge our time to the tgculty ond pupils ot l-lumes High Schooll To the Seniors of 1945, may you olwoys put God tirst, your school ond country second, ond l'm confident you shcxll olworys Win whatever tolsl: you undertdke. Sincerely, MRS, I. W, MCBRYDE, President l-lumes P,-T. A. SENIQR Cl 'llEfXClslll2lQS 4 Miss Jennie Allensworth Miss Gertrude ,V 12-3 12-4 Mr. C, C. Jones Miss Mildred Scrivener Poge Nineteen R N SENIOR CLASS he Senior Class of 1945! Ah, how beautiful those words do sound to our waiting ears. Twelve long years have we toiled, studied, and learned. All this for the moment when we take our sheepskins and murmur a polite but shaky "thank you" to the person doing the honors. Ours is quite an unusual class, there being approxi- mately orle hundred fifty members with an average of two girls to one boy. lt has indeed been affected by the war as these figures indicate. This also accounts for the marriages which have taken place during the year, among which are those of Wilma Hines to Clarence Sloper, Phyllis Anton to Charles Ritchie, leanette Pine to limmy lennings, Betty Sue Eorwalter to Victor Carlson, Lorraine Barnett to Iames Willis, and Mary Louise Nelson to William Butler. All the boys are in the service, while the girls are continuing to gain knowledge and experience by remaining in school. The senior class is divided into four sections with Miss Iennie Allensworth presiding over 12-1, Miss Gertrude Geraghty over 12-2, Mr. C. C. lones over 12-3, and Miss Mildred Scrivener over 12-4. Each of these homerooms is outstanding in its own right, for they include many students who are unusually gifted or talented, some who have notable birthdays such as Mary Lewis, hers falls on Mother's Day. She has won innumerable contests and awards for her art work. Among them, the Iames Lee Memorial Award for the Outstanding Young Artist of the year in 1938 and again in 1941. Her work has also been exhibited at Brooks Memorial. Other unusual birthday are loy Wilsons and Peggy lean Yandel1's. Theirs fall on Armistice Day and Halloween respectively. Teddy Petrovsky of 12-3 has also done outstanding work in Art and in Music. He puts his talents to use by playing the piano for almost all the school pro- grams and in addition for the USO whenever called upon. lrene Stergios collects figurines from different countries and has a large number in her possession. lean Beaton of 12-1 Won recognition for Humes by winning the city-wide Malaria Poster Contest for 1944. She has also done sketches for the Herald which have never failed to bring forth praise. Bettye Burson, Rosa Paller, and Carolyn Brenner have brought honors to Humes by outstanding work in the Speech Depart- ment and Herald Staff activities. Rosa Paller and Leslie lnman have done much to make the Humes Debating Team one of the best in the city. Bettye Page Twenty , . . . CAROLYN BRENNER Burson, the editor of the paper, is responsible for the wonderful editions put out this year. Vital statistics show that she is the shortest girl in the Senior Class, being a mere four feet-eleven inches. Carolyn Brenner has won several essay contests, among them Tennes- see second place in the 1944 National Cotton Essay Contest. Curtis Hall of 12-2 is the successful Humes drum major who in addition specializes in tap and ballet. Thomas Keeton and Ronald Taylor have hobbies that also serve as sources of income. Thomas builds and sells boats of almost any kind and description. Ron- nie's job as student director of the band led to his directing a jazz band of his own. An oddity lies in the fact that Eugene Curtis, Presi- dent and Harvey Carter, Vice-President of 12-1 hold the same offices for the entire Senior Class, as does loyce Stocks, Treasurer. Lindy Wilder is the envy of every speech student for he was selected to do a role in one of the Little Theater productions, "Iunior Miss,"' which he did very well according to the newspaper reviews, Few people know the accordionists, the Class boasts of, they are Sylvia Shiffman, Robert Iohn- son, and Teddy Petrovsky. ln Ianuary of this year eleven of the class graduated at Tech because of work done at summer school. All came from the 12-1 home- room. They were Lloyd Adams, George Hutchinson, Forrest Hettinger, George Thomas, Carolyn Massey, Sylvia Wolfe, Lorraine Barnett, Ieanette Currie, lean- ette Pine, Betty Sue Eorwalter, and Nevis Quarrin. Annabel Miller wrote the Senior Class Poem. Anna- bel likes to write poems, in which a speciality of hers is surprise endings that do exactly that-surprise one: Loraine Achord has kept it a secret, but those things will out. She, too, is a poet although she modestly denies it. Humes has always had a better-than-average ROTC Battalion. This year it was under the command of Don Kaurez, Lieutenant Colonel, who, too, served with ferry Crook as Co-Captain ofthe football team that made such a grand showing last fall. 12-3 boasts Nick Speros who won recognition for Humes by his excel- lent work as tailback on the team, 12-4 has Red Wil- liams who made All-Memphis and All-State in foot- ball this year-the first time this has come to a Humes boy. lt seems as if seniors pre-dominate in holding offices in the various clubs which go to form the business and social life here at school. Presidents of the clubs are: Thomas Keeton, Honor Society, Nick Speros, Sabre , Club, Donald Kaurez, H Club, Leslie Inman, National Forensic League, Carolyn Brenner, Thespians Drama- tics Societyg Iames Wright, T. and I. Clubg and Frances Butler, Senior Girl Reserves. A great many of the seniors have taken part-time jobs, among these are Mary Nell Saltz, Io Ann Miller, Martha McCullar, Thomas Grimes, Billy Bennett, lane Ferber, Dot Morrison, 'Evelyn Nelius, Miriam Leevine, Ioe Tanner, Sidney Waller, Betty Wildes, Sarah Book, Iewel Reynolds, Katie Dozier, Bobbie Nell Sullivan, Mary Richartz, Kathryn Poulos, Harold Osburn, Thelma Weeks, Adele Mendelson, Frankie Wilder and of course, Walter Underwood who is employed as chief cook and bottle-washer, and porter at the store, Schoffner's Inc. Because of his faithfulness to duty for the last three years, he has just recently been pro- moted to the office of floor-walker. We give him our heartiest congratulations. The blonde manicurist at Goldsmith's is Lila Lee Phillips. Bry's has given up trying to decide which of the Heyer twins is which, and so leaves it up to Miss Geraghty in whose home- room they reside. fUnfortunately for her.l Hilred Mims left her twin, Mildred, in the eleventh grade while she attended summer school in order to graduate this year. Edward White is not a twin himself, but he does have brothers who are. They seem to be living in New Caledonia at present. l2-3 probably doesn't even know it, but they have a young lady, so talented that she was asked to join the Skating Vanities when they played in Memphis recently. She is the youngest person in the class, and also the best-looking according to the Who's Who Contest. Her name is Mildred Martin. Several of our boys who lacked only a short time until graduation were called up on offer what was theirs to give in the various branches of the service. Some of them were Eugene Collie, Bob Williams, Iames Willis, and Billie Barfield. With them all go our best wishes with the hope that they return very soon, bringing total victory and peace with them. And so goes the history of the Senior Class-good times, sad times, gay times, mad times. All of them eventful, however, and never-to-be-forgotten for they occurred at the best Alma Mater any senior class ever could have-The L. C. Humes High School. Ap - if 24-af K 2 , ' TZ-4, f73J,e.1t-4,-c+!,Ae.4.,,L cl Qyg ,. E ki-cf C J . iw! M' " W4 S -Ovv 54,1 v44Je 14, age Twenty-One X esfowf can .idfozmenf We the class of May, one thousand , - High School city of Memphis county of Shelby stateof Tennessee being of r sound bodies and sane minds CPD in order that our loss will not be felt nearly so much by the teachers and u students of said 'Humes High School, can do hereby leave our much prized "ft f posessions, regardless of how they 'Zi "u l were acquired, to the faculty and stu- dents of the aforesaid Humes High School, advising that these heredita- ments be respectfully received and dutifully cherished. nine hundred forty-five, A.D., of Humes if 1 I e 9 i . W Article l. To Mr. D. M. Hilliard, our beloved princi- cipal, we will and bequeath the hope that next year's senior class will be only one-half as intelligent, one- third as attractive, one-fourth as studious, and one- fifth as cooperative, and at least one-sixth as well liked as the Class of l945. We sincerely hope that Mr. Hilliard doesn't take it too hard when he sees it is impossible for them to reach this standard that we have set. Article ll. To Miss Eleanor Richmond, we leave the hope that someday Humes will produce a "Gooch Girl" that will live up to her dreams. 1 Article lll. To Miss Annie Mae Prescott, we be- queath hope that other classes will produce fewer 'Christmas Decorations" on their report cards. Article lV. To Miss Iennie Allensworth, o.f l2'-l homeroom, we sincerely hope that once again she will have a president of the Senior Class as quiet, polite and bashful as the one of this year. , Article V. To Miss Gertrude Geraghty, of l2-2' 'homeroom, we hope that next year's class, if quiet at no other time, will be as quiet when the Heralds come out as the present Senior Class is. Article Vl. To Mr. C. C. Iones, 12-3, We leave the hope that some day he will have enough gas so that he will not have to walkidown to Iackson Avenue to get on a bus. Article Vll. To Miss Mildred Scrivener, l2-4, we leave the eleventh grade 'to become better citizens by learning all the American history cmd dates that are possible. ' Page Twenty-Two Y 1 ! x Article VIH. To Mrs. Withers we leave our milk bottles on the tables in the lunch room. Q Article IX. The dignified Seniors of 1945 will and bequeath the ,following to the Iuniors and Sophomores and Freshmen: with the hope that they can have as much fun using these as we did getting them and applying them ourselves. Section l. Eugene Curtis leaves his seat in the physics class to Bill Weakley. Clt's padded for corn- fortll Section 2. Phyllis Anton and Buth Bishop leave their ability to smile all the time to Iack Houseal. Section 3. Tiny Poorj Annabel Miller, and lean Hudson, lohn Barton and Gene Weaver leave their height to Frances Kelly and Margaret Meyers. Section 4. Don Kaurez leaves his ability to get by with the teachers to Paul Iaffe who will handle it very capably. Section 5. Walter A. Underwood and lack Dallas leave their ability to quarrel and still be friends to Iimmy Papageorge and Carrol Gewin. Section 5. William Ieffries leaves his latest line that makes all the girls swoon to Pete Vergos. Section 7. Peggy lean Yandell leaves her swing and sway to Gladys Dye. Section? 8. Io Ann Miller, Mary Nell Saltz, Lois Iohnson, and'AGlyn Etta Tomlinson, leave their ever- lasting friendship to Mary Ruth Shelby and Martha Dupuy. 1 Section 9. lean Beaton and Robert Finn leave their rn-iifual -regdfd to Harold Goodwin and Dorothy Pear- son, ,F Section 10. Berfiard Schoenberg leaves his west- ern accent to Georgia Skouteris. Section ll. Mildred Martin, ferry Glasgow, Ioyce Stocks, leave their good looks to Billye Sanders and Glendora Diffey. t Section l2. Geneva Ford, Mary Bichartz and Doris Ethridge leave their ability, to look well always to Glenda Allen and Venita Trotter. Section l3. Nick Speros leaves his quiet technique with the women to "Cookie" Morrow. Section 14. Carolyn Massey, Leslie Iones, Forrest 1-lettinger, Thomas Keeton, and Sylvia Wolfe,.leave their places in the Honor Society to anyone smart enough to hold 'em. Section 15. Vernon Forgione leaves his ability to love only one at a time but make all believe he loves 'cm, to George Billingsley. Section 16. Bob Williams leaves his last name to Fred Williams. 1 Section 17. Harold Osburn, Billy Bartield, Ronald Taylor, leave their places in the bands to Bobby Buckalew and Sarah Nell Wright, to see if their suc- cessors can make as much noise as they did. Section 18. Rosa Paller beaueaths her ability to do nothing, say a lot, and get in good with everyone to Iohn Stathis. Section l9. Ierry Crook, Thomas McDonald, Charles Gaglio, and Leslie lnman leave their glamorous looks and manner to Aubrey Gaskins. Section 20. Charles Lowry, Earl Choate, and Ed- ward White leave their reserved seats on the bench to Pat Kee and Fred Smith. Section 21. Lorraine Achord, Gwindlo Parrnenter, Lloyd Adams, loe Tanner, and Eugene Collie, leave their bashfulness to Ralph Nichols, Catherine Rutland, and Mary Frances Allen. Section 22. Carolyn Brenner leaves her writing ability to Mary Anne Hadley. Section 23. Miriam Leevine leaves the Heyer twins, Fred and Floyd, to anyone who has a strong constitution. Section 24. Bettye Burson leaves her place on the Herald Staff and her diminutive size to Ioan Rooney. Section 25. Sue Rollins leaves Don Kaurez to any- one else with a crush on him for years to come. Section 26. Dorothy Shankman, Angeline Robilio and Louise Young leave their sweetness to Stanley Levitch. Section 27. Dick lones and Betty Sue Wildes leave their "on again, off again" romance to Bettye Peques and Richard Barton. Section 28. lean Stubblefield leaves her certain touch with the boys to Pill Moore. Section.29. Curtis Hall leaves his baton with his sister Dimple in anticipation that she can throw it higher than he does. Section 30. Vivian Potts leaves her dream of acquiring a football sweater to Charlotte Patterson. Section 31. leanette Pine, Betty Sue Forwalter, Mary Louise Nelson leave their martial ties to Martha Younger Hatcher. Section 32. lane Ferber, Marie lenkins, Sylvia Shiff- man, lrene Stergios leave their A's to loe Goldstein, to make use of as he sees fit. Section 33. Sarah Rook leaves her musical ability to Marvin Lassiter. ' Section 34. Betty Hughes and Dorothy Schneider, leave their priorities on locker lounging to Ferdy Brown and Carolyn Reitz. ' Section 35. Nevis Quarrin leaves her unsual name to Theone Agnos. , Section 36. Hildred Mims just leaves her twin, Mildred. Section. 37. Lila Lee Phillips leaves Billy Davis with the hope that he will graduate next year "Safe, sound, and single." Section 38. Roy Wilmoth leaves his friendly and engaging smile to Fred Bargiacchi. Section 39. Harvey Carter leaves his ability to be well-liked by all to Shirley Terry. Section 40. Red Williams leaves his All-State stripe to Louis Bargiacchi. I Section 41. Rosemary Hines leaves her zest for enjoying life to Thomas Shanks. ' Section 42. Mary ludith Sherrod leaves her spon- sor's uniform to Naomi Moore and Doris Brown, who are in search of one. Section 43. Iames Wright and Ierry Tillman leave their interest in the game of chess to anybody stupid enough to accept it. Section 44. Doris Lambirth, Virginia Lineberger, Edith Lowe, Evelyn Nelius, and Velma Van Wickel leave their beautiful hair to any bald headed girls who advertise for same. Section 45, Doris Steed leaves her alert attitude in history class to anyone who will call for it per- sonally in room 328 between 8:00 and 8:02 a.m. Section 46. Doris Stewart and Mary Rose Brown each leave one inch of their height to Peanut Smith. Section 47.. Robert Iohnson, Dewitt lohnson, Wil- liam Seymour, leave their places in the shops to Iimmy Craig, M. L. Winchester and lrvin McGroom. Section 48. Thelma Weeks, loyce Rose, Nettie Thompson, Martha Davis, Ieanette Currie, Theresa Chism, leave their ability to walk down the hall from one class to the other to any other suffers of laryn- gitis. Section 49. Rob Reid Smith, Anna Marie Spinosa, Dorothy Weinman, Carlene Shumaker keep their ambition tto get a manl. Section 50. Lola Mae Thomas leaves her way with Mr .Winfield to Geneva Crone and Virginia Mead. Page Twenty-Three Section 5l. Ioy Wilson and Iean Tanner bequeath their pointless arguments and jokes to any other dopes that can amuse themselves- - Section 52. Melita Grace leaves her nickname "Sissy" to Miss Iennie to do anything she wants to with it. Section 53. 'Ruby Lee Couch, Frances Butler, and Frances Barauchman leaves their silliness to Seymour Petrovsky. Section 54. Billy Bennett and Sidney Waller leave their charming "I like you" line to Roy Crook. Section 55. Dorothy Bussell and Reba Brown leave school as soon as possible tperiodl. Section 56. Kathryn Dozier and Bobbie Nell Sulli- van don't want to leave anything and want to take all they can with them. Section 57. Peggy Gassaway, Margaret Helmke, and Betty Louise Iones leave their very odd last names to Betty Iones, Robert Iones, and Iohn Smith, respec- tively. Section 58. Patsy Reasons leaves her lack of rea- soning to Mary Frances True. Section 59. Wilma Hurley, Wilma Hines and Evelyn Noe leave the clocks to run three minutes taster dur- ing class and three minutes slower between periods. Section 60. Archie Epstein and Iames Russell leave their psychology to Bailey Thompson and Franklin Bruch. Section 61. Katherine and Iean Poulos leave their likeness and names to Ray and Ralph Riddle only to confuse people more and more. Section 62. Teddy Petrovsky leaves his voice to Roy Horrocks, thank goodness! Section 63. Billy Oswald lost everything and hasn't a thing to leave. Section 64. Iuanita Patterson leaves that "Ah, fella!" voice to Rubye Clark to use to her advantage. Section 65. Iewel Reynolds, Shirley Ferguson, and Martha McCullar want to take all the men with them and leave anything else worth leaving. I Page Twenty-Four Section 66. Adele Mendelson and Alice Miller leave their understanding of English literature to Tommy Gost. Section 67. Mary Lewis leaves her drawing ability to Goldie Brown. Section 68. Dot Morrison, Billie lane High and Mabel Kurts, leave their ability to be congenial to Beverly Shivers. Section 69. Betty Kirkman leaves her smile to Ruth Katz. Section 70. Lindy Wilder leaves his fondness for the theater to Dorothy Boyington. Section 7l. Iames Willis leaves the senior class for the Army and advises all other boys to stay at home. Section 72. George Hutchinson leaves his baseball ability to Robert Bilger. Section 73. Charles Edman leaves his array of girls to Wallace Cowan. . 1 Section 74. Frankie Wilder leaves his 'sweetness' to Betty Ann Gresham. Section 75. Thomas Grimes leaves the picture ma- chine to the next person who has two study periods. Section 76. Ioyce Scruggs leaves her wonderful hir:- tory grades to Louis Booth. Section 77. Audrey Brown and Mary Louise Car- penter leave their happiness to Anita Cummings. Section 78. Carl Dacus leaves Land to the future seniors. Section 79. Robert Schaedle just leaves. ln witness thereof, we the Senior Class of '45 place our highly respected seal on this. The above is respectfully submitted May, 1945, after having been duly witness by the following: Herman von Krushenshack, Esquire Hot Shot Charlie Hot Dog Ioe Lil' Abner and Gravel Gertie fwrit bi handll SENIOR CLASS One bright morning of May, l952, found me, Bettye Burson, busily getting together my be- longings which I had accumu- lated coming over from Europe. My arrival had been generously announced in every paper throughout the country, and as l glanced over the rail l suddenly realized my importance by the vast crowds of people awaiting to see the first female Secretary of War return to America after seven years control over enemy territories. The moment had come -the flash of a camera blinded- Robert Schaedle, the world re- nouned photographer had taken my picture. The editor of the ' New York Times, Archie Epstein followed him. After battling the mob a few hours my personal adviser, Dorothy Shankman, and I were received by the newly elected President of the United States, and also our old classmate, ferry Tillman, and Senators Billie Iane High and Mary Louise Carpenter from Tennessee. The committee had made reservations at the Hotel Grace owned by the genteel girl of the class of '45 Melita met us at the door and lead us to a ring side tablein full view of the orchestra. Harold Osburn's orchestra was playing this week to pay for the room he used the year before. Other members in the band were Billy Barfield, Nick Speros, and Ioe Tanner. A shrill voice calling "Cigars, cigarettes, chewing gum, mints" caught my attention and l looked round to see Louise Young. Other cigarette girls em- ployed were Velma Van Wickel, Marie Ienkins, and Rosemary Hines. Chambermaids included Anna Marie Spinosa, Mabel Kurts, Betty Iones, and Betty Sue Forwalter who had become independently wealthy by their new profession. Presently our dinner was served by the head waiter, Ierry Crook. l-le told us the chef, Vernon Forgione had prepared the meal with special care and hoped we enjoyed it. The floor show was now in process and Peggy lean Yandell hadn't lost a thing she possessed in '45!! The only change was that she had thrown away the batons and picked up the fans. Betty Kirk- ham was next on the program giving a nerve racking 1 f f BETTYE BURSON ballet. After learning there would be no more of our acquaintances, Dorothy and l were ushered to our room by the bell boy, Gene Weaver. On learning that lack Dallas was piloting the plane over from Europe to America, we had considered our safety and ven- tured by boat. The next morning found us up early ready for the busy days ahead. We were awakened at lU a.m. by the Coca-Cola correct time operator, Io Ann Miller. The War Department had been kind enough to send us two chauffeurs to drive us around during our stay in New York. The boys turned out to be Billy Bennett and Thomas Keeton. We learned from them that Robert Finn and lean Beaton had said "l Do" and had started housekeeping. The first engagement of the day was to speak to the Presbyterian Church on the conditions in Europe. To my great surprise the minister turned out to be Louis "Red" Williams. His drawling Southern accent had at last been altered to a rasping Northern tone. Among the ladies at the Circle Meeting were Virginia Lineberger, lewel Reynolds, lean Tanner, Nettie Thompson, Peggy Gassaway, and Evelyn Noe, all of whom were active workers of the church. At twelve noon we stood waiting for the chauffeurs and when at last they arrived we learned they had lost their cash rolling the bones, so good natured Dorothy slipped the boys their spending money. We decided to get out at Twenty-five West Forty-third Street and take in all the sights. Walking down the Avenue we saw a sign that read HRichartz's Exclu- sive." On inquiry we heard the proprietor was Mary Richartz. We took the elevator up and entered her private office. We spoke for several hours about some of the queer creatures we went to school with. She told us that Bob Williams stuck to his dog shoe trade and owned a small bootery in Memphis. Those em- ployed there are lames Willis, whose wife, Lorraine, was a plain housewife, Carl Dacus, lames Russell, Lloyd Adams, Robert lohnson, and George Thomas. Working in Mary's l-lut were Geneva Ford, lane Eer- ber, Kathryn Poulos, l-lildred Mims and lohn Barton Cemployed as office boyl. Bidding the gang goodbye we walked a short distance when we noticed two extremely well-dressed women leading a beautiful set of English wolf hounds. On coming closer we could see a slight resemblance to Dot Morrison and lerry Glasgow. Yes, it was they!! They had married in a double ceremony to two wealthy bankers and were Page Twenty-Five living in the Honie Ponnie Apartments owned by Floyd and Fred Heyer. We rushed back to the hotel and found Ted Petrovsky perched on a piano. After listening to his sob story we left for our engagement at the Stork Club with the Congressmen from Tennes- see, Leslie Inman and Walter Underwood. My atten- tio nwas called to a lovely striking figure of the young lady selling cigarettes and as she neared our table we could see it was Miriam Lee Vine. Shortly, we were attracted by a clamorous noise and turned just in time to see the bouncer, Billy Oswald, picking up George Hutchinson, the New York play boy, and pitching him in Eugene Collie's squad car. We stopped and talked to Oswald and he told us that Martha McCuller, Ioy Wilson, Martha Davis, Angeline Robilio, Doris Stewart, Carlene Shumate, luanita Patterson and Dorothy Weinman had all taken husbands. He also mentioned that Frank Wilder and Kathryn Dozier had finally given in to one another and were living on a real country farm in Mississippi. We left early to go to see the stage show on Broad- way and Lola Thomas sold us the tickets. Ushers in- cluded loyce Scruggs, Vivian Potts, Mary Rose Brown, lrene Stergios and Doris Lainbirth. We were lead to our seats and the M. C. just walked out and it was no other than Donald Kaurez. He announced the first number to be lacgueline lay in a neat polka act. We understand now why Kaurez had chosen the profes- sion. lean Stubblefield, Mary Lewis, Wilma Hurley and Thelma Weeks gave a brilliant tap number. The out- standing number of the evening was given by the famous Gypsy Dance Team,'Phyllis Anton and lames Wright. lust outside the show stood a bent lady calling "shoe strings, razor blades, bobby pins." To our amazement it was Bettye Sue Wildes. At the hotel we bade the boys goodbye and bought a paper from Carolyn Brenner's newsstand. We were taken up in the elevator by Edith Lowe. ln answer to my ques- tions, Edith told us that Wilma Hines, Bobbie Nell Sullivan, leanette Pine, and Ruth Bishop were also operators, and Nevis Ouarin, and Frances Butler were bareback riders with the Wilder Circus, owned and operated by Lindy. l read in the paper where Choate's and Carter's Fifth Avenue stores owned by Earl and Harvey were having there annual fashion show and the Powers model, Mildred Martin, was going to be the outstand- ing attraction. Other models announced were Rob Reid Smith and Sue Kathryn Rollins. Someone knocked on the door and it was Dick Iones with a Western Union message. The telegram was announcing plans Page Twerily-Six for us to be in Reno as soon as possible. The follow- ing morning we were taken to the Pennsylvania Sta- tion and red caps, Charles Gagilio and Dewitt lohns- ton took our bags. Serving as hostesses on the train were Syilvia Wolf, Glyn Etta Tomlinson, Carolyn Massey, Frances Baruchman, and Audrey Brown. Roy Wilmoth came thru selling sandwiches later in the day. We arrived at Reno early the next morning and caught a cab driven by Sarah Rook. Also driving cabs these days were Leslie Iones, Mary Iudith Sherrod, Lorraine Achord, and Alice Miller. She had heard that Doris Steed owned a beauty shop and Evelyn Nelius and Lila Lee Phillips were her so-called slaves. We bade her farewell in front of the courthouse and my eye caught that of Ronald Taylor. He certainly hadn't changed a bit and learning he was there forthe fifth time to be set free, I was more certain. We entered and the three of us glanced down the registry and learned that the former Reba Brown, Ruby Lee Couch, and Shirley Ferguson had also paid recent visits. We got away from the courthouse earlier than expected and returned to the hotel. Sitting behind the desk snoozing was Thomas McDonald, manager. He told us that lean Hudson, Doris Ethridge and Dorothy Bus- sell were his chief cooks. We read in the paper in striking headines where Rosa Paller had bought all the Cossitt Libraries in the country. I saw Forrest Hettinger in a corner pondering over a shoe trying to get it shined. We left Reno for Memphis by plane the next day and it was shortly after we arrived when we heard that William Seymour and William Ieffries were com- pelled to buy the Model Drug Store. One Sunday evening strolling thru Court Square we heard a familiar voice speaking from the text and on coming closer we knew it was Eugene Curtis. We visited Kress' early Monday morning and Adele Mendelson, Theresa Chism, Ioyce Stocks, Dorothy Schneider, and lean Poulos were working within. Passing by the book counter we sawia book written by Annabel Miller. We met our friend Sylvia Shiff- man for dinner. She was president of the First National Bank. Mary Nell Saltz was one of her incapable ste- nographers and Edward White and Gwindle Parmten- ter were tellers. We checked our hats at the Peabody with Lois Iohnson, and went in for lunch. Later, as we drove past Fisher Aircraft we saw Betty Hughes, Sidney Waller, Anna Margaret Helmke, leanette Currie, and Patsy passing thru. I suddenly realized we had seen or heard of every member of the great class of '45, and now l could return to my vital position and get down to work. T J 'tl' W 51 C: 'I T9 to -Ks 'll X r ee J l s JANUAIW CIIRAHDUFWIES-1945 Left to right: George Hutchinson, Jeanette Pine, Nevis Hilliard, Principal, Betty Sue Forwalter, George Thomas, Q Quarin, Carolyn Massey, Forrest Hettinger, Mr. D. M. Jeanette Currie Lorraine Barnet, Sylvia Wolf, Lloyd Adams. I' I. ,lu k Q iff Q ', XYKJA X X X I ZX XIU HFN K 14-f I n ' I I I V S, 1: V V .. f N fp 4 W , QW , X ' K if , f X fi ' V f V ES AQ" ' T4 N - r . Him: X f i ff . tj f NVQ X Nilffgig f, 5 ,225- f 21' i ' . e ' a . ?f5 .-I'f. ft . 7 ' sl , ' Page TwentyvSe-Ven mx , Lieutenont Colonel Iohn F. Somers P, M. S. ond T. -..dw First Lieutenont Iohn L. Holliday S Asst P. Mt S. ond T, ergefnMC5ghfQ'f1efSOn t et, Q tx fcfwi- if of e Jflffodi 'Refi X V 4 Poge Twentyfight A U fi J WW- W . CQILQIR C1lLUfXRLD ww, x V UL? 'XS Q23-J I V ss, x WM ,,.V Xa S ki XJ X4 James Robert Wright, Howard Morrow John Sewell, Robcrt Bilger, Edgar Hoyff ci K1 3 f "VL X K5 ' 9 1 L., s PCIQJQ Twenty-Nine J 6 J DIN 'jf fa-Jfgf W f if xf' WNQUILTW SIPQNSQIRS .. A . .,... ...... , -.H V. - ,. .. . ., - . .. ..,,. . . . .. , ,. . . , . , - 1 SifQ""'S'4 s As: :oi if .632 -f5f, :-.img 5- , ' ff s ---- ff WEN' I -fur... ..:,55... 3 JY me as yr: f. 5,8 X 5 . . 1 gm A, is 1 I , . li S if 'S S' J'- Ti f V.-IEW wi - 'QW 5 SMS 1 fef5Ez s I .C - oh ,M -X . , N . ,f w 5 , 2 w, M 4. gzhxlfif' 153' 5: Vlfiiiro if. if Q Q 5 X A ,QQ .wx gf, 5 nfgfgf 21" 14. f iz. 35 ffl X 5' 25 . f Q ,w Q. 'ww ew 3 ",- . 49W .-s-:2-:N . f- is .Q egg , xi ' ,mx 5 l ,cv Q . J ,. ,l i-if WW 2- 25 Q if ev .K 1 w ' .viii 3 I Q xg., - Q ,Q y X Six if: 5:52 S . uf ms?-. X 53 5. .e is U if f 5 1? M' S ti 7 , 'L ir s ,X 14 Q V ,i . f , ,Qi HONORARY SPONSORS ACTIVE SPONSORS 1. Mr. D. M. Hilliard .....,.....,...,........,...,,.... Honorary Colonel 2 Nigga EI:-anor Richmond.. Honorary Lieutenant Colonel fx 'i x l ,Vik - Q X: .ffsi i 2 X 4, Miss Mary Fisher ....,. .............. ,.,.. H o norary Major I 5. Miss Mabel Reed ..... ............,............... I iomorary Major MJw!es if IYUW, Aff? 3. Miss Annie Mae Prescott ..,..,.,.....,,,,.. .. Honorary Major P Th' 1- jydfgf fe OIFIFFCIERS ANE7S ONSORS C MMM? 0114 ai' 'cw-..e.... raw AM t w We . V lo- . If ,Wagga .,.,M,.--M' 4- MV A an-f"',""' QAWH ,yung fd' 9 .,f"""4fl"'-- -I 1. Lieutenant Colonel John F. Somers ........ P. M. S. and T. 2. Sergeant Joe T. Anderson .....,.. ..........,..,... I . M. S. and T, 3. Donald Kauerz .,.....,..................., Cadet Lieutenant Colonel 4. Billye Sanders .....,.. Honorary Cadet Lieutenent Colonel Thomas E, Keeton., June Hardwick.. J. E. Shipman ....... Geneva Ford ,,,.... . 8 . . ,IL . fd ' fm Qi? ,V qlvv f 19-..-1. Q L I7 bfi' -N r ki K , f .gms F X V, . U . :int-,O 4 ' if .ff--3-'ff w-.L Y ,. .........Cadet Major ......Honorary Cadet Major .Cadet Captain Adjutant Honorary Cadet Captain Page Thirtyflne 5, . 4 l A w 1 136' w iEW5iZ3".lZ'-fW"Fi.f' 4W'f.- f-' .Zhi-,. ' " 4 , "' . 1' - ff ff L-'f j"' Q z 1 ' . ' - ' ""7 1 5 ! I I 1 N CCMMHSSUCNIEID CWHUEIRS First row, left to right: Jerry Crook, Donald Kauerz, J. E. Joe Tanner. Third row: Pete Vergos, Bill Weakley, Jimmy Shipman. Second row: Jack Dallas, Eugene Curtis, Robert Papageorge, Nick Speros, Jerry Tillman, Harold Goodwin, Schaedle, Walter Underwood, Thomas Keeton, Robert Finn, Vililliam Jeffries. Xl X , x RNIB SIPQNSQRS ,Grou p 3 Stubblefield, Cadet Second Lieutenarft, NlEULeft to right, bottom row: Donald Kaurez, Lieutenant Colonel-Billie Sanders, pid.. First Platoon, Co. I-Harold Osburn, Qi, Cadet Lieutenant Colonel. Thomas Keeton, Major-June Hardwick, Cadet Majo . ' Band First Lieutenant+Gera1dine, Middle row: J. E. Shipman, Captain Adjutant-Geneva Ford, Cad t ,, 'f' Knight, Cadet First Lieutenant . X r l'qAdjuta1lt. Robert Schaedle, Captain-Kathxlyn Dozier, Cadet Captainuq L if., AJ ' 3 il! r JJ ff V f 'A 37? . EW - i X""'FXU'N' ' f M269 ' IA ff kj R.Q.T.C. BXXNIU , ,,l1. Bottom Row Frank Davis... Dan Currie ,.A, Robert Finn ,,.,....... Robert Tillman ,,,.A.,, Billy Davis. ,...., Vincent Spinosa ....... Bobby Buckalew ,...... Louis Booth ....,..,...,.. Middle Row Seymour Petrovskv ....., Judson Williams... Sa1Calsky... ..... Paul Jaffee ...... Allan Pryor ........ Gartley Bradley ...... Cecil Springer ...... Back Row liarold Osburn . .. Ijurl liittcrinan... Alex Alexander .... . Eugen Potts.. , . Eugene Ballinger Paige TlllFl'f'i'-'OUT Rank Instrument .......Private...,... .......,...Cymbals ................Privatew.,.,.,....... ..,....Bass Drum Captain, Drum Major ...... ...Second Lieutenant... .. ...,..., Private ......,.. ,. ........Private.,........ ...mrirst sergeanr....... Rank . Staff Sergeant ....... .......Sergeant... ......Siaff Sergcant....., ..........Sergeant......... ......S1aff Sergeantm... .. ,,.. Private .... . . .,..,,..Privatc........ Rank .. .First Lieirenant.. .. . .... .I"rivatc. . . . . Private . .. .... Private. . .. Private.. ........Alto-Sax , .. ..... Trumpet ........ Trumpet ...,,,..Trumpet ........Drum ........Drum Instrument .......Clarinet .......Clarinet .Clarinet ...,....Alto-Sax ........Trumpet ...Trumpet ........I3-aritone Instrument . .. .Trombone .. ...Trombone .. .Trombone Trombone .Trombone COL. C. F. HARRISON, Dlrecior IRMSIING THE CQLOIRS Left to right: James Wright, Staff Sergeantg Edgar Ho ye, Billy Davis, Second Lieutenant: John Sewell, Sergeant: Robert Bilger, Sergeant: Howard Morrow, Sergeant. fqllwla ,, mild i an 75 " ' .95 ,...f 22210 Walla-f 5-,Sf 'K 110 Page Thiriyfxive ' lf . f' ff ll f ' i Jr, "fda 'll V ll iff If J NON:CO1lflNllSSlQNlElJ OFll7lClElRS f First row, bottom to top, left to ght: M. L. Winchester, Third row: Seymour Petrovsky, Earl Choate, Howard Morrow, Ferdy Brown orge Mable, Judson Wil- Edwin Poole, Sam Bell, Charles liams, James Bark r, William m, lbert Gregory, Eugene Bobbie Harris, Norman Hines Keith, Billy v' , Claude in, ack Ruleman. Cirahman, Marvin Edwards. ,, Second row: Lawrenc ' Mank' , James Wright, John Fourth row: Aubrey Gaskinsll Sewell, B'l er, ar H , Charles Ackens, Eugene Riddle, Barnard Cole, Ral h Nich' Collie, ln Go dwi Howa Long, John Stathis, Elvis Jaffe, Alfred Bass, Sal Co sky,' Lolle s o C ok, 1lly D s. lv 'J, I ll 'V lx P f l 1 of 5 5 Z? fail f. l lxli-13 lvlaraaret Thompson, Faculty Spofisoi' M155 Lguige Weeks Ralph A-9 lr ' nfl: 'Q ,gf Non-Commissioned Officers Faculty Sponsor First-Year Club Page Thirty-Six Pa l WRSE' YEAR TLUIL3 Q , ,.. V I .74 .A t . f ,gif ,ik 'K First row, left to right: Charles Dawson, Cuion Wilkerson, Marvin Prescott, Bailey Crowe, Leon Hart, Rile Reyle, Sey- Jack Ruleman, Benny Salky, Ray I-Iarrocks, Walter Tomlin- mour Petrovsky, Marcus Smitthart, George Veigos, Jack son, Bailey Thompson, Roy Crook, John Stathis, Bobby Torti, Hendun, Lawrence Manker. Bobby Hughes, Ferdy Brown, Donald Benyhill, Adolph Rosenetrater, Billy Richardson, Lawrence Markham, Charles Chrrhifd gg"lg1J?ft go fightigufifme fI'h0H?33Ti Cgimafgl ifagori J 1 ar es. a 1s, eorge 1 ings ey, 1y ron, o er ames Pettit, Maurice Brandon, Ed Pepper, Ed Barron, Jim Second row, left to right: George Walter, Hugh Saller, Osburn, Bobby Rhodes, Lloyd Rea, Fred Quarin, Bobby David Watson, Jack Maroon, Adrian Hayes, Johnny Pittman, ' McKenzie. Z f Y A J V, RFIFLE IIHQAM ' 1 Bottom row, left to right: John Barton, Charles Murrell, .I . E. Shipman, Fred Smith, Earl Choate. Top row: M. L. Win- chester, Billy Davis, Jerry Tillmann, Thomas Keeton, Allen Goodwin, Edgar Hoyc, George Mabie, Sgt. Anderson. Page Thirty-Seven ff' ffj',4f,5yQffg:I21t,E5'AiooN, riofxvllefiiw l First row, bottom to top, left to right: Walter A. n r- wood, Joe P. Tanner, Eugene Collie, Kenneth Graham, A. . Riley, Harold Moore, Thomas Wright, Henry Clark, Maur Owens, John Barton, Earl Clower, Robert Everett, ' Davis, Marvin Edwards, Charles Dawson, Bill Weakley Mosely, Charles Barnette, Lawrence Marcum, Bobby ............ Walter Tomlinson, Eugene Sexton, Eugene Keith. Third row: Elvis Lolless, Clarence Austin, Billy North, Howard Lewis, Kenneth Moore, Louis Queen, Tony Austin, Stanley Levitch, Paul Nelius, Henry Keith, Aaron Wilkin- Second row: Aubrey Gaskins, Morris Shore, Lloyd H son, Bobby Hughes, nny Salky,.,Billy Clark. Pat Kee, Charles Watson, Jack Rudy, Irvin McGroom, John ,lf ' J QQ! Q X T w X W X ,Y ell! 'V ff , set two ietfxit , ,cMl1PAlili,i lf A "' -9 A .ibm . , 1' ,. A se, I First row, bottom to top, left to right: Walter A. Under- wood, Elbert Gregory, George Mabie, Ed Pepper, Robert, Petite, Marcus Smithart, Robert Bishop, Jack Maroon, Billy Richardson, Joe Goldstein, Robert Jones, John Smith, Wil- liam Reim, Ray Riddle, Charles Dawson, Jerry Tillman. Second row: Allcn Goodwin, George Vergos, Marvin Prescott, Ralph Shankman, Harold West, Alvin Thomas. Page Tliiriyiicght 1 . I w in si, .1-Qi' -s Carmack Seaton, Kenneth Hill, Charles Gipson, Billy Hodges, Lowell Webb, Irving Gregory, C. A. Bell, Emery Simms, Bobby Harris. Third row: James Barker, Bobby McKenzie, Gene Thomas, Charles Robbins, Bailey Thompson, Richard Curle, Leverett Cole, Judd Baker, Odell Dumas, Robert Drinkeral, Robert Davis, Herbert Clayton, Charles Akers. ' . It f -L! ,ff 4 V' I ,i ' 5' . R Ali? 4 'J f 4' ' J ee" Elf W nm rtfxioom, Qozwiw-xmy t 'Y VW V 'fe -Y - Y--W - First row, bottom to top, left to right: Captain Eugene Curtis, Jimmy Craig, Roy Crook, Bobby Rhodes, Billy Mul- lins, Larry Bell, Billy Strong, Bobby Torti, Calvin Allen, Bobby Butler, Bernard Cole, Jack Ruleman, Second Lieut. Harold Goodwin. Second row: Howard Long, Jack Hendren, Lloyd Rea. Jacobus, Benny Salky, Bobby Crow, Raymond Windsor, Jack Glancy, Hugh Saller, Bernard Hirsh, James Vernor, Claude Mauldin. Third row: Sam Bell, Fred Quarin, Richard Barton. Franklin Bruch, Charles Brogdon, Maurice Brandon, Ed Barron, Lee Anthony, Lowell Holbrooke, J. P. Woodstl, Glenn Ill-0 IP? ,ff M Clinton Langdon, Everett Hill, J. D. Dorman, Donald Patterson, John Staihis, Norman Hines. JW yy 1 'Ll ' NJ SECONID IPLMVOON, COMIPANY l, A it Q , .L , , r' , J' 77: , .,L,'u-- LLTZ L'-"IP 7 First row, bottom to top, left to right: Eugene Curtis, Jack Dallas, Ralph Nichols, Bruce Rook, Billy Rogers, Alfred Miller, Jack Tennison, Leon Hart, George Walters, Jimmy Quick, L. T. Marby, Malcolm Leadford, Paul Greenberg, Edwin Poole, Jack Ruleman, Jimmie Papageorge. Second row: Ralph Riddle, Lloyd Austin, Jim Osburn, Richard Wilson, Dillman Steel, Louis Rhodes, David Watson, Charles Jones, Adrian Hayes, Marvin Moss, Joe Phelps, I Delbert Easton, lfVayne Medcaris, Donald Berryhill, Fred Smith, Charles Bascigalupo. Third row: Ferdy Brown, Louis Bargiacchi, Debrell Brazzel, George Billingsley, Thomas Shanks, Charles Murrel, Fred Bargiacclii, Fred Williams, Johnny Harris, Hays Mit- chell, Herbert Greenberg, Roy Horrocks, Hershel Boling, Billy Pendegrass. Page ThirtyeN1ne f.: P f.. H -. 6 MM A , yy COACH HMMY PATTERSON fx A E1 1 Wsr rr r , , Z X Y W Y .1 111411411 1.1. 1111.111 x11..1J, Fx-DD1.DLkJ11l gg 855. ' ' Jmiafoflaaa' 0 l5QO'llBAl,l, SQUAD? X 'ggfcmmw First row, bottom to top, left to right: Jimmy Pat- terson, Jr. Second row: Assistant Coach Walter Hiltpold, Principle D. M. Hilliard, Coach Jimmy Patterson. Third row: Manager Seymour Petrovsky, Pat Kee, Bobby Torti, 'Thomas Shanks, Freddie Brown, Frand Wilder, Fred Smith, Louis Barglacchi, Jerry Crook, Donald Kaurez, Billy Davis, Charley May, Nick Speros. Fourth row: Manager Lawrence Mankin, David Garahan, Wallace Cowan, Calvin Allen, Vincent Spinosa, Billy Oswald, Wilbur Ruleman, Dick Jones, Red Williams, Charles Lowry, Billy Strong, Fred Bargiacchi, Charles Taylor. Fifth row: Alfred Miller, Vernon Forgione, Hugh Saller, Cookie Marrow, Robert Bilger, Roy Crook, Bill Weakley, George Hutchinson, Earl Choate, Billy Mullins, Harvey Carter, Raymond Wenzler, Harold Goodwin, Bernard Freiden. Sixth row: Jack Hendren, Jimmy Papageorge, Eugene Curtis, John Sewell, Ralph Nichols, Jack Dallas, Charles Edmond, Larry Bell, Billy Clark, Fred Williams, Jaclg Glaney, Delbert Easton, Joe Marcum, Robert Petit. iv. -.wr-we -.4 . are on ' :fm 1, i X f W L ' pa 'f J ,ff f,.5Jg,f,5w,,9i,, -34 f, f 1 f, X yay ,aye H,-an-fix . .4 ,Q G , , Q f ., fy, QM I ., , ,A XX , ' - , V ,. . 9, , , ,. ,,... ,,,, WA , 4 ff. fs, . ,V W, M V CF: ..,, .. U H V 3? :xg N 46524 v I .. We if s wag, X 3 ,J 3 .s-- .iff x H ,,,, ,J V. , L, Saas, and w as + , Ag 3 - Q, K -ef '- MJ . 3 u 2555 . R 4 gfxf' fy ...asf .. I Y e H 3 P X I , l ENDS Left to right: Jack Glancy, Charles Taylor, Harvey Carter, Billy Mullins, Jimxmy Papageorge, Pat Kee, John Sewell Thomas Shanks. af f af if Sr S WXCIKILES Left to right: Billy Oswald, Robert Pettit, Billy Strong, Calvin Allen, Alfred Miller, Don Kaurez, Vernon Forgione. Billy Davis. 'k 'Ir if 'k it C1U.lM3IDS Lf-ft to right: Fred Smith, Bobby Torti, Wilbur Ruleman, Louis Williams, Louis Bargiacchi, Earl Choate, Jack Dallas, Forge Forty-Two FHM IEACIKS AND 'FML4 BACIKS Left to right: Billy Clark, Larry Bell, Roy Crook, Jerry Crook, Nick Speros, Robert Bilger, Ferdy Brown, Charlie May. Charles Edman. 1 WING BACKS AND QuAR'mf3R f fv , , A 4' ! 'j LefL to right: Fred Barg acchi, George Hutchinson, Ralgh Nichols, Eugene Curtis, Frankie VVilder, Bill Woakley, How- ard 1.10- row, Fred Williams. foo., Left to right: Charles Lowry, Dick Jones, Vincent Spinosa, Hugh Saller, .1 ' ,," r ' xl X ,iff 1 ,I 3' V - jf 1.54: l ' 5 Page Forty-Three vp' pf Left to right: Lawrence Marcum, Raymond Wenzler, Joe, Hendren, Harold Goodwyn, Delbert Eastin 1-+1 , favs 'N qi ' 4 114 iff' i . N I L l . Page Forty-Four 'Q Page Fortyflve TRQIPHY CASE 'iff ,y, fii fa. 1 , , , K X Q NNY Naam X Xia XXX FX xxx N Q if. amor rflnwkllilxuavlalas y y .Joy Blaylock, Dorothy Pearson, Johnnie Harris, Mary Thompson, Geneva Crone Billye 'Sanders Ruth Gamble Richartz, Walter Underwood, Mary Nell Saltz, Bailey ' ' Page Forty-Six W fftf' WC First row, bottom to top, left to right: Donald Kauerz, Howard Morrow, Jack Ruleman, Billy Davis, Eugene Curtis, Roy Crook, Bobby Torti, Louis Williams, Harvey Carter, George Mabie, Seymour Petrovsky, Louis Bargaicchi. Second row: Coach Jimmy Patterson, Charles Lowry, George Hutchinson, Robert Bilger, Bernard Freiden, John DRUM MAJQR AND DRUM MAJORE LTEQ Dimple Hall, Gladys Dye, Julia Thompson, Peggy Jean Yandell Curtis Hall VERNGN FORGIONE Guard Z ES IERRY CROOK 1 Fullback R CEOPGE HUTCHINSON 1 DICK IOIJES DON K1-XUE Z I - Center Tackle Winqback Page Forty-Eight RED WILLIAMS GENE CURTIS Guard W ingback HARVEY CARTER BILLY OSWALD FRANK WILDER End Tackle Tcxilbcfck CHARLES EDMAN NICKSPEROS Tcrilbctck TG11bGCk gig A IACK DALLAS EARL CHOA-TE Tcrckle G'-lfffd all M , l fswat 1Bfisltt1rrBfil,l,4 E First row, bottom to top, left to right: Jack Ruleman, Second row: Seymour Petrovsky, Donald Kaurez, Harvey Charlie May, Ronald Taylor, Ralph Riddle, Fred Bargiacchi, Carter, John Stathis, George Mabie, John Sewell, Robert Louis Bargiacchi, Ray Riddle, Delbert Easton, Jack Glancy, Bilger, Bill Weakley, Delbert Steele, Robert, Pettit, Sam Nick Speros, Charles Bac-igalupo. Bell, Coach Jimmy Patterson. DONALD KAUERZ and IERRY CROOK Coecaplains of Humeb 1944 Football Team Page Filly 4 I l From gridiron to court goes Don Kauerz of Humes, All-Memphis tackle, now a guard and cap- tain of the basketball team. P 1' Y 041 , 5 t Z W I ,Hur x . K... lc F53-T 7 I .I Q en R -gi. Iwi gif, 4 -LE gg' Z, L,-gil. f f f t Iii f--f Teo. NMA Page Fifty-Que fQ'+1 QIQU.v?Ul K1+l' 'K wtf Q j""5'A7'W 1-ff Fiftyfwm 25 . I X NH Q' X !l..:2 175321 Q- EWWIAHES WTHR UEH HH THE YM 1 6 fl Cl D Cl S992 xi mi if 3 Mm ' - , 2 .I '2 9 zhil 1 , I f ff 2 ,,,,?,:,.Q ,:11, 7 3 ff lla., A. m L35-sg-L fi , 1 3 x W Q 1' Sfvoy HALL f SENIOR Ciltlili CEMIW3 First row, left to right: Miss Virginia Alexander, James Warrick, Annabel Miller, Irene Stergios, Lillian Holt, Shirley Saller, Billie Atkins, Doris Ethridge, Theone Agnos, Peggy Hill, Charlotte Boyle, Betty Pegues, Mildred Mims, Virginia Mead, Sue Craft. Second row: Evelyn Forgione, William Jefferies, Raymond Wenzler, Ray Riddle, Delbert Eastin, Fred Bargiacchi, Ralph Riddle, Sam Bell, Vernon Forgione, Adele Mendelson. Third row: Jean Tanner, Georgia Durling, Shirley Curtis, Jeanette Pine, Jacqueline Jay, Helen Louise Poor, Anna Maria Spinosa, Bess Holt, Jean Atkins, Mary Judith Sher- rod. Bob Reid Smith, Peggy Gassaway, Viola Dodson. Fourth row: Betty Hughes, Dorothy Schneider, Catherine Crutcher, Beautone Thornburg, Wilma Hurley, Helen Poulos, Kathryn Poulos, Sue Kathryn Rollins, Jean Poulos, Jean Milton, Sue Peeler, Florence Peacock. Fifth row: Mary Hardaway, Martha Quinley, Shirley Freedman, Shirley Terry, Mary Rose Brown, Ted Petrovsky, Richard Barton, Jimmy Papageorge, Charles Gaglio, Edgar Hoye, Curtis Hall, Eugene Collie. A r igs- 91 .: "9 x'7y' v V Miss Virginia Alexander AUDITORIUM PROGRAM fl, K f M ' my V W N XZ I I I C64 Y x 1 f J an 1' , 9' Q' 1 ngfg' X' ' XW ZQ' Q A , f F W A 1 f 1 -1-,i-2-M..-f 5? xg MR. R. IEQLSOATES Pcfqe Fifty-SW fy ZW? NP X , V Qi' if C " ' A i gf X Maj ' L Nc X ,Q Y fa Z w if fl ,,-L ,Ti -X . n I X , Y' S , ' 'L' , Qi X ' ' A , -Lk Xxw x I V TA M ZCHESTVRA M 'Ty J fgvv V, f 5 9 1 - X WW V Q . Q. AED M NM f if W Page Fi Q 4 Q ' xy -' A H -x 5 V? W fy Q f, , 1 wg ,M diy" ,WMM .QM ' ,kg f , QP' -X4 , jx wp f 0 X , X, v Q 37 Z5 Q 922 :Q , 5 X X .mf ,i Y' f'5f'i2?':1 EJ f -,M , y V., . Left to right: Lloyd Adams. George Adams, Jeanette Pine. Lorraine Barnett, Jeanette Currie, Sylvia Wolf, Betty Sue For- walter, Nevis, Quarrin, Carolyn Massey, Forrest Hettinger. George Hutchinson, absent from picture. THIRD LDIERIQD CELEB? CLUB First row, left to right: Lois Griffin, Doris Ball, Nick Gost, William Smith, George Tumlin, Edward Bussell, Miss Virginia Alexander. Mable Harlow, Aliene Jones, Mary Esther Miller, Patsy Barnes, Carrol Murrell. Second row: Joyce Cutsinger, Carolyn Turley, Dorothy Boyanton, Bonnie Phillips. Evelyn Gibson, Barbara Dycus, Betty Jean McFarland, .lane Smith, Betty Jo Moore, Betty Holder. Jean Stuhblefield. Joy Wilson, Shirley Moseley, Rose Goin. TW f' . , roge oixtj W Third row: Frances Keith, Betty Joy Mills, Thelma Crone, Blanche Saltz, Betty Evans, Betty Clark, Mary Elizabeth Cromwell, Bettye Jo Tucker, Irene Katsonlis, Joyce Ragers, Jacqueline Bilger, Nancy Temple, Dan Crunk. Fourth row: Sally Gray, Roberta Sherman Martha Black. Dorothy Medor, Patsy Denton, Eva Jean Jones, .James Vernor, Robert Kinkle, Bobby Hammons, Charlie May, Dill- man Steele, Ernest Wright. Tb ox .. X. if . Xixll X x -sb V x . XX' n, 1 X rfFSlWu"l,gT4 V I lil I x I V.. 'V lf! I Z! 4-' ' ll? X A-y'f'5-fn' vo r My, . V ff? P' J r f J' 'V I ' -i ,if g Z , J it X g ef V ixfiiofs Wi-io in srni ii rims Most Courteous Boy-RobertFinn. Girl-Marielenkins. Most Talented Boy-Teddy Petrovsky. Girl-lean Beaton. Most Intelligent Boy-Robert Shaedle. Girl-Sylvia Shitfman. Most Outstanding Boy-Donald Kauerz. Girl-Kathryn Dozier. Most Athletic Boy-Bed Williams. Girl-Phyllis Anton. Sweetest Boy-Frankie Wilder. Girl-Ioyce Stocks. Most Cultured Boy-Harvey Carter. Girlelviabel Kurts. Best-All-Around Boy-Dick Iones. Girl-Mary Louise Carpenter. Most Natural Boy-Gene Weaver. GirlfBobbie Nell Sullivan. Most SuccesstulBoy-Eugene Curtis. Girl-Betty Hughes Most Sensible Boy-Ioe Tanner. Girl-Marie Ienkins. Ideal Boy'-Billy Bennett. Girl-Bobbie Nell Sullivan, Vivacious Boy-Teddy Pe-trovsky. Girl-Mary Nell Saltz. Happiest Boy-The Heyers. Girl-Anna Spinosa. Most Popular Boy-Bed Williams. Girl-Ioyce Stocks. Most Studious Boy-Robert Shaedle. Girl-Sarah Rook. Most Versatile Boy-Ierry Crook. Girl-Betty Wildes. Best Looking Boy-Donald Kaurez. Girl-Mildred Martin. Most Poised Boy - Charles Gaglio. Girl - Mary Sherrod. Sunshine Boy-The Heyers. Girl-Iean Poulos. Most Reliable Boy-Frankie Wilder. Girl-Rosa Paller. Most Attractive Boy-Billy Bennett. Girl-Ioyce Stocks. Business-Like Boy - Walter Underwood. Girl 3 Rosa Paller. Personality Boy-Curtis Hall. Girl Ioyce Stocks. Wittiest Boy-Bed Williams. Girl-Thelma Weeks. Best Groomed Boy-Billy Bennett. Girl-Melita Grace. Most Friendliest Boy-Vernon Porgione. Girl-Ioyce Stocks. Most 1ZEmbifiOUS BOY-T1'10mCIS K?eTOf1' Girl-CCITOIYY1 Most Patriotic Boy-Harvey Carter. Girl-Wilma renner. Hines' Most Charming Boy-Thomas McDonald. Girl-Ange- Most Accomplished Boy-Teddy Petrovsky. Girl-lean line Robilio. B5-gton. s Wg - Tj X 32,12 'i X X 32: 1 40 - V ' j B A A y V J--f-. , J , ' 4 . Page Sixty-Cne i MISS N. LOUISE MOFFETT ' X ART CLUB 1 ml Q S. i sf f 3 s s f. 'il i s IS ,,'-' g 4 2 5 i 5 9 Q 1? S 2 2 4 f 47 1 QMS ".- -,. .., f , First row, left to right: Ernest Story, Nickey Gost, Doris Anderson, Shirley Fitzgerald, Mary Lewis, Jean Beaton, Sue Craft, Harold Goodwin, Jean Tanner, Rosemary Hines. Goldie Brown, Margaret Briscoe, Dorothy Lutmann, Betty Carroll, Jimmy Stanton, Ted Petrovsky. Second row: Mary Harmon, Lily Pendergrass, Josie Tam- boli, Kathryn Tanner, Mary Ann Cole, Devo,-. Maxwell, Dempsey Marbut, H-cnry Schwartz, Odell Dumas, Jack Glancy, Glenn Foster, Wilbert Crippin, Billie Mae Atkins, Page Sixty-Two srifiiiiil Betty Heffner, Jean Milton, Marjorie Scott, Miss Louise Moffett. J Third row: Ed Williams, Bobby Siler, Robert Warden, Robert Bills, George Tumlin, George Maddox, Hugh Powers, Billy Smith, Dan Crunk, Roy Stinson, Benjamin Wagerman, Elvis Lollers, Bobby Crow. Fourth row: Marvin Edwards, Clyde Rietz, Pete Vergas, Norman Hines, Kennth Benderman, Jack Hitt, Curtis Hall, Gwindle Parmenter, Bobby Hamnions, Ernest Wright, Rob- ert Bishop, John Hczidren, James Neal, Floyd Johnson. 4" qv - - f . ,"i1,2j2m.yv'xl X' "wtf K '?P,a X1 it YI , 1 HGAA NNN' QI' ' M 'I 1 'ww' kg-3-' N +5 E' A N ? X Q96 . : ,Q-Film Q W i . -f,-E : ' if e - f f'-tit-ee'ffHf"C. ' H i X ff' "tiff if . ' VV 5 331233 .f A+ Y -I - K -. X 9511-ff -X xx , ,fi vfr, i Q rp, ,jf A Q 'V V GEORGE TUMLIN 4 V i ' A ,- '-vc Third Prize in City-Wide Fire Prevention Contest , ii ' First Year Art Student it I'-if-QU ,..-- ..f ,- g g g 5 3 f , , I , 5 g ,- ,Z ,f Z ,f XXX XXX XXX XXX IWW ' fy' in fi it Page Sig-:ty-Three Q5 l no 1 Q 5 iii N? A Page Sixty-Four lu 'L WALTER UNDERWOOD President of the Humes Student Government Sl1JUl3EN'lV QQWIRNMENHV QIFFIICEIRS First row, left to right: Fred Williams, Leslie Jones, Walter Underwood, Nick Speros, Kathryn Dozier. If 1 ,pf mir wgluotmi oovtlwmatwi? e x C?7Ll?lElPRESEN'lAlIVES f sir -ef 33 'if E: ,K ,Q vm' if 47 , Q. , , 'K 'T ' w if ' Q L ' fir. G keggxx .. ff, w X26 R' I :ii A' "7 ,gi 5327 L X , 'LQ tk wt Ulm? Cloiftlilxlfyltymb ff 17:55 an , J, J. ,ff -'V' Sf L, if A :SV ,J 4:59 ' ' vgaff Q L Mknwifg VV! ' ' N ,-1 ,V 4 I First row, left to right: Shirley Curtis, Leslie Jones, Fred Helen Belch, Betty Lynn Overton, Evangeline Macris, Margie ' Williams, Walter Underwood, Kathryn Dozier, Nick Speros, Scott, Fanny Mae Stewart, Miss Zula Boswell. Eleanor Slaughter. Third row: Louis Nodd, Jerry Crook, Jack olt, Donald Second row: Billye Sanders, Hazel Wright, Jean Milton, Kaurez, Charles Robbins, Jim Osburn, Marga 't yers. H Page Sixty-Five I E EX E me . 1-xLsHAuuAml1b UHHW XX XX , Q E I FS -LJX ! q 7, Cgg ips V' f " F. A My , xii CHX Y mg S 7 ' A . i fi A V A ,, Q Q I , .Aj ' , q x U 'ZA' ' f- Q - A kv b- " -Q f 6 Q3 3 if QZQIZI N f' V 'M A Q ii Qi N HH-1 LEWiS K 1: . - - x ' .' ' , . , w-- :f, 4' f, -.5-7-1 ,' ,Y , -V, ' L " .H'37 'k', af L 41 ' r ' ' ' ' V ' " ,, -1-.-A , 4 - - ' 'iiilili , f :Rd we li ctu w First row, left to right: Miss Hurt, Mr. Williams, ............... . Billie Briggs, Joan Smith, Modess Carter, Jean Marie Jordan, Shirley Saller, Glenda Moore, Jean Johnson, Geraldine Knight, Billie Hardison, Jane' Hays, Glendora Diffie, Hazel Trentham, Louise Rule, Dorris Steed, Myrtle Cartwright, Louise Brown, Robert Ball, Mr. Presgrove, Miss Jensen. Second row: Imogene Woodruff, Ada Hudson, Ruth Cun- ningham, Ruth Harper, Doris Fite, Millie Nell Rutland, La Verne Arnold, Betty Jo Clark, Kathryn Winchester, Valeria Huff, Doris Carr, Betty Butler, Nelle Hubbard, Eleanor McMilland, Lila Lee Phillips, Florence Peacock, Mary Rose Brown. Third row: Louis Rose, James Wright, ............,... ...........,,,.. Everett Hill, .................... .................... , Johnny Lowe, George Hutchinson, Johnny Harris, Norman Hines, Edwin Poole, Jack Rudy, Irvin McGroom, William Seymour, Earl Clower. Fourth row: Glenn Patterson, William Reims, M. L. Win- chester, Carl Gamble, Jimmie Craig, Jimmie Quick, G. B. Darman, Pete Bruno, Howard Lewis, Wayne Maderice, Dewitt Cox, Everett Hill, ..........,...,. .....,,......... , Charles Brogden, Robert Bishop. Fifth row: Jack Tenneson, David Garabam, .,.....,.....,. . George Thomas, Charles Taylor, Robert Johnson, Dewitt Johnson, Fred Heyer, James Neal, Floyd Heyer, Dan Crunk, Carl Dacus, Jerry Tillman. mf --it I fu -'U "J '71 ii i? . - ,,,'-ij,m'wX1-L. 1.35: ,- ' 231. . ll-im1rg:4,' :ilu ' '11 ' nw .,f"'fif', ' I QFHCEIRS Zuni? lx Q K ...- First row, left to right: Lila Lee Phillips, James Wright Louise Rule. Second row: Doris Steed, William Seymour. Page SixtyeSeven 2 1 711' 1. 'I C QSIWETQHJQCIY First row, left to right: Hallie Mae Stephenson, Florence Smith, Lila Lee Phillips, Miss Phyllis Jensen, Imogene Wood- Peacock, Doris Carr, Mary Rose Brown, Jane Hayes, Louisa ruff, MOd 3ft6T,' ldie Brown, Sonia Rosenberg, Billie Rule, Evelyn Nelius. Jean Har son, Evelyn N ., Geraldine Knight, Jo Ann Smith, Second row: Billie Briggs, Myrtle Cartwright, Valeria Shirley Saller, Ruth Cun ifxgham. Huff, Dot Morrison, Nelle Hubbard, Glendora, Diffie, Alvlary J .jd N .1-' A ,- .' 6 A A 1 is x xv' .N 'f' . ,. Q it uv, y xr l f J f' V ,, , ,X JW f if J fp Muff? X W L J f l Weolo me , . V 1 7 viii First row, left to right: James Wright, Dewitt Johnson, Jerry Tillman, Carl Dacus, Robert Johnson, David Garohan, M. L. Winchester, Howard Lewis. Pete Bruns. Mr- K9-9dthl9Y Presgrove. I Second row: Flvcrettc Hill, Marcus Smlthhart, Tommy Page SlXlYAElQJl'll Gast., Earl Clower, Charles Taylor, Jack Tennison, Charles Brogdon, Robert Ball. George Hutchinson. Third row: G. B. Dorman, Jim Archer, Dewitte Cox, Lloyd Austin, Jlmmy Quick, Edwin Poole, Bobby Harris, Norman Hines, William Riems. Sf llfllillf-lille SHCI? First row, left to right: Clinton Langdon, John Mosely, Wayne Mederis. Fred Hebfef- FIOYQ1 Heyefi 5317295 Neil- .James Craig, -106 Third roow: Glenn Patterson, Lowell Webb, Carnack Phe1pS.R1ChardW11s0n,Mr. Welr O- Wllllams. searon, Robert Pettitt, C. A, Bell, Jack Rudy, William Second row: Robert Jones, Malcolm Ledford, L. T. Maubey, Seymour, Hirskell Booling. Louis Rhodes, James Bishop, Irvin McGro n, Carl Gamble, I X Wx by I f' I' x fy . , X' l' ' AH if j ouilsi Hom l,Nll9S 'lwgljjf Page Sixty-Nine SENIOR REID CKQSS ,L QQ P .4-.- First row, left to right: Bernard Cole, Margaret Parker. Virginia Coscia, Joan Rooney, Mary Virginia Johnson, Fred Smith, Rosa Paller, Beverly Shivers, Miss Mary Fisher, Miss Louise Weeks. A Second row: Charlottic Boyle, Odell Dumas, Ronald Taylor, Hugh Saller, Donald Bfcrryhill, Forrest Hettinger, Ralph IDEFENSE First row, left to right: Lawrence Blueman, Miss Mary Hurt, Margaret Banks, Janet Lewis, Ruth Katz, Elizabeth Fort, Mary Ruth Shelby, Beverly Blackman, Betty Hughes, Miss Allie Wilford, Maurice Petrovsky. Second row: Mrs. Patty Moreland, Mrs. Artie Little, Patsy Woods, Bobby Hughes, .......,........ .........,......, P atsy Jo Good- win, Nancy Hill, Patsy Barnes, Christine Walker, Irene Mar- tin, Sophie- Makris, Miss Gertrude Geraghty, Miss Agnes a i l I 1 r l Shankman, Bailey Thompson, Charlotte Walters, Betty Jo Green, Dorris Steed. Third row: Helen Belch, Mary Ruth Shelby, Eleanor Mc- Millan, Margaret Hadley, Dorothy Shankman, Wilma Hines, Mabel Kurts, Georgia Skouteris, Sue Craft, Joanna Coscia, Thomas Keeton, Dorothy Johnson, Mary Frances Davis, coumcllo Gibson. Third row: Juanita Patterson, Joy Wilson, Sally Gray, Sue Craft, Bernie Hellsley, Bietty Graham Jones, Camille Perry, Dorothy Jean Johnson, Joyce Perkins. Fourth row: Leslie Jones, Kenneth Moore, Teddy Petrov- sky, Franklin Bruch, Lawrence Marcum, Lowell Hollbrook, Carolyn Brenner. SENEQIR GIRL RESERVES Q00 First row, left to right: Miss Scrivner, Thelma Weeks, Emma Lee Smith, Amela Ringolal, Irene- Stergious, Mary Ann Hadley, Joan Rooney, Bettye Pegue, Frances Butler, Frances Baruchman, Mary Ruth Shelby, Marie Jenkins. Adele Mendelson, Mary Lewis, Celia Trotter, Jean Tanner, Joy Wilson. Second row: Rosemary Hines, Peggy Yandell, Jane Ferber, Jo Ann Smith, Glenda Allen, Shirley Saller, Doris Brown. Catherine Crutcher Aviatti, Katherine Rutland, Mary Richartz, Juanita Patterson, Billie Jean Hardison, Jane Hayes, Dorothy Weinman, Miriam Lee Vine, .,...,,.,,,.,.,.,,,..,....., , Billie Jane High. Third row: Doris Lambirth, Betty Hughes, Jean Poulos, Georgia Skouteris, Beverly Shivers, Betty Burke, June Hard- wick, Sue Kathryn Rollins, Lolis Williams, Dorris Steed, Martha Dupree, Elise Miller, Sylvia Shiffman, Dorothy Shankman, Carolyn Brenner. Fourth row: Valerie Huff, Betty Greshem, Rob Reid Smith, Peggy Gassaway, Martha Black, Betty Sue Wildes, Eva Joan Jones, Mervyn Lassiter, Kathryn Poulos, Reba Brown, Mary Rose Brown, Doris Stewart, Wilma Hines, Leslie Jones. OE E FC E ASSlSllYlN'lTS 1925? ,QF KD" Left to' right:.Marie Jenkins, Betty Sue Wildes, Sue Peeler, B etty Hughes, Ruby Lee Couch, Doro'hy Schneicler, Alice Miller, Charlotte Walters. Page Seventyeifln LEBRAIW ,. W MRS. MARGARET WARNO, Librarian i 'N 0 I iirimlw Assi5iiX6i?g,fhM Lf-ft, to right: George Billingsley, Elizabeth Roberts, Jerry Gla sgow, Mary Ann Hadley, Anita Cummings, Billie Jane High Baritone Thornburg, Sally Gray, Doris Lambirth, Joyce Rose, Jewel Reynolds, Eleanor Mercer. Page Seventy-Two J e v ,V ,I 4.11 IJ 1 1 , 4 s y -I PX .iq ffl-ll Xa! lk S A A nl I ?fif'!'A:JJ l Wx I K' In f d If Y - 2 Y hi 0 iz! fp! 5 '01, 1 i ,,,. l'J"' X ,,1f",' Q-fe 2 IFFWY mu my M, if If X 'rst row, left to right: Helen Poor, Billie Jane High, The ma Weeks, Billye Sanders, Kathryn Dozier, Bettyie Burson. Second row: Mrs. Lila Mae Farr Worman, Lorine Achord, Alice Miller, Dorothy Weinman, Miriam Lee Vine, Adele Mandelson, Sylvia Shiffman, Miss Louise Weeks. M' Third row: Katherine Rutland, Doris Lambirth, Betty Jones, Theone Agnos, Jean Poulos, Fourth row: Kathryn Poulos, Marie Jenkins, Teddy Petrov- sky, Joe Tanner, Fred Heyer, Melita Grace, Jo Ann Miller. Not in picture: Mary Louise Carpenter, Marian Kaplan, Bar- bara English. y W 5 0 . CLUB , J 3 - M I fs' ,, 1 is Al' N 2eg5':,:e.ff-'ff I., 1 rr I X tigsgf? A 1 mb' fiat - 1 A lr' -1 im uf .' 191' T4 k fig' -- " ' tu:- M e ' Li IIHII' 6427 fiiff 1, -gg:-51 K ,,,,,,, I 1, if Q L- R' Pvrrunfy a n - J Page Seventy-Three coMME1RcnMf'HfQouvs nvEWx1wM1EN'n 2 Il V' ph 6 v ' J ,fy V ' S ' , V . L- r , , N, J 0 I - ,I if K 3 J : P ' pdf" 1 , f ' ' ', -Ax 9' X Ki , -. ' X YN f , yy, ls If gi 1 ' 'nil , fl f 4 ' X TW! 1 M 0 4 1 l R? 'V P 5. X if 4 J 1 I' l j ,X , wngunyug. X M? If 1' ' FWQQWI -xi j X y OO. f M nullnnv ,J , . 0 0 O , . ..f f , 2 uQQdpg A .409 5 1 Fi -ff I 4 X M-0 uw V1 Tx' ' IF- oy' 1 , 1 . ,QD J -f??5,AD, R K, 4 . gfx ' . Page Seventyfour Nw MISS LILA BRANCH, Instructor and-av N w 1 l.. 'w ss. R i Flrst row left to rlght Lesle Inman Frances Butler Johnson Martha Black Bobby Hughes Bi. Y' Y Carolyn Brenner Rosa Paller B y Hughes Gene Weaver Tlnrd row Betty Burke Georgxa Skouteriswifgfneth , I-,Q .. ' K Second ron Johnnv Harrxs Dorrxs Steed Mary Vxrg1n1a Fourth row Mlss H len Lochrle Margaret E "i's.j :iff R I. , r WJ BGA, -X 1 .1-' l, V XY . l 3 F Lila Branch. Jean Beaton Leslie Jones Seventy F17 r 1 Music M I W iii? 1 I , , at 4 V m -N W a ' ffffrifww ' . 'J N - eil Qi I - KWSN 'JJ K? n Z 'J Xi - M Y Q 53:9 gy ? . t F REX , ff 9 1,5 ' 5. 5' 30 4' to W WN Q' X9 V Q TENS V J J M .' ,585 ' WS' . E y If 5 Q lwixtll IJ NY hw X5 Q Xxx' - ' , J: y .' by M- Qt sk A b y Q t . o y wo y to J fff yf5'tJ' Jjfx Q 1 Lf tt SMENQ Ezmotooyf yn :xx I Li Left to right: Bobby Torti, Elaine White, Betty Blockman, Seymour Petrovsky, Dorothy Glatt, Frod Quarin, Bobby H gh Paige Se entj l H 1 IK Y I ESSAY WFNNEIRS 'k'k'k'k tiki 1 ' rf ' L L' 3 A 'Q ' i Q lx . C i ! 5 'C"w'? " " First row, left to right: Mary Ann Hadley, June Gwaltney. 3 i , Second row: Carolyn Brennlefr, M, L. Winchester, E 1-.l v Tl., , 4 Q .Q . Lg, , ' I C . Lf l 'GYQAQ 'fl OL ' s Q . 4 1 r' 16" ,., T? il . C M ' 1 P k A d-B bb Crowe and Charles Winner of Park Commission P1aywritingfMary Ann Murigfrla at War O y Hadley, Hays Mitchell, Nell Hubbard. Page Seventy-Seven ML If J f ,f if fig? FN 'IVHIE CAFEU'ElRIVN MRS. I, WELFORD WITHERS cmd MRS. MARY SPENCER HILUMES, CUSTQIDW-NN M mv-Eiqht MR. GUY B. BARNES Mrs. I. Welford Withers and Mrs. Mary C. Spencer With Their Cafeteria Helpers -3 5 ,, .. A rs: n A v- 1 L XLE i ww M f in' , i 16551 F ' N , -1' S153 . 'H x 1 ' N. I ky x f - 1 rllilili ff i"ff4 " W7 A 5 Fl ' -4 ' .x - D5 rL,pnl'I 13 505 5 .1. . I lb -ZEN! , -1 ,E cf - All HW 5 X , I +L. ,'-- L:-I -.,.'-1 V,.. 1 Q U " ' , rf m I -,, , 3 :wi . ii ' - 1 1 -V-5' , . V 9 A X fm 1 . 5 r "' as . M 'j'1 .STuoy HALL X M., Page Seventy-Nm I I 3 I n i i i i S I u I n F I J i 5 s i 5 i Q I 5 n F 5 I i T 5 w I L 5 I n l 9 I Y THE HUMES HIGH HERALD PUBLISHED MONTHLY DURING THE SCHOOL YEAR BY THE STUDENTS OF L. C. HUMES HIGH SCHOOL, MEMPHIS, TENN THE STAFF Editor ........,.......,...,.., .............,,..,..,.,. .,......., B e ttye Burson Advertising Editor ..,,... ...,..,........, 4...,,. G e orge Billingsley Business Manager .,,.,,..,...............,. ,.....,,.,,......,,.. F ranklin Bruch Sports Writers .,..,....... Frankie- Wilder and George Billingsley Exchange Editor .,,,....,.......,.,.,,............,,.,.,.,..,,,. Earl Kitterman Columnist ..,,,,,...,...,.......,......,.....,......,.......,.............,..... Rosa Paller Artists ,..,...,............ Paul Brown, Mary Lewis and Jean Beaton Typists .i....,.,,.............. Mary Ruth Shelby and Melita Grace Reporters-Charlotte Patterson, Naomi Moore, Eli Weil, Joan Rooney, Jim Osburn, Carolyn Brenner, Paul Jaffee, Bailey Thompson, Mabel Kurtz, Charlie May, John Stathisg J THE EIDWQR Mm Lf. Roso Pcfllor Columnist BETTYE BURSON f I In 'i xp' X MWBV, iw 6 I ,mf Ji IW- My I' h .z. , f lj X.. qffff' a uify' 1 x if Ui 'J . fl , ,V , - ,Vf .Jr-L 'f GEM! QW 0D1PSf 5'9f7 ff" ix I ,w I H M' is ff 'll W ,U 4 LC, if army WJ ly 1:5 L. fi .1 ,fc',Lfu, J , K ff an vb QI' 9, -X N V 1 , J QL- A y,, X 1 ' 4 ' J1',2m!'j ' 2T'," 'W JE: ' y ' wo f I , f-49 Egg Q . k K HEALTH, A FACTQR EN EDUC!-WIQN 'H-7 at 9 ?" A E E E E EHVSICAL EXERCISE Page E1ghty-Four IKEEIPIINQ PHVSIICALW FW AN EARLY MQRNENC1 WQRIKQUT 1 ' aw J' M -I-""' ,An q 9 1+ 1 v x eh 'ff 7, A MuQ41rufumH u N MSS l 0w4MQ 55325 233222 Jlfij-3 if It . KATHERI E HALL K 1 V Q! - RS. PATTY MORELAND 771411 77Lv'r!fL,-.f..gC' J S D ' Y X pOnSOfS I I W fy Q RMK V Vw MQ Qgflw X37 x Q if f' W ylftltllllfls J 1, ,ffl f J .fr ft 0, x, fourth Donna Johnson mob. J First, Jacqueline Bilgerg second, Jim Mackg third, Eleanor Slaughter, NUNTH CIRFNJUE CILFXSS OFFlC fi? gs' , First row, left to right: Darleen Graham, Fannie M. Sfewart, Betty Joe Tucker, Jacqueline Bilger, Betty Jane Allen, Charlie May, Jim Mack, Eleanor Henrietta Williams, Sammie Lazerov, Jack Kelley, Joyce Morrow, Dorothy Boyanton, Betty Evans, Maylynn Smith, Dorothy Holmew, Sally Gray. Page Eighty-Eight , t ,L ,,,, Second row: Russell Nodd, Dorothy Burress, Nickey Gost, Sanford Barron, Jack Doty, June Hardwick, John Strauser, Bernie Joan Helsey, Bobby Kinkle, Donna Johnson, Helen Poulos. Roselyn Strong, Betty Bennett, Tommy Gwaltney, Mrs. Pat1y Moreland. K 5' E K, X 'N S 'wi 5 RF' V N. wi 1 Q E X 'RG N? Q A s NE'-91 N ai' U5 ug Jcvuuwu- 4 QQ,m9.L,-W-J gl:-150 QUUNUQIR mms mi lf5if bl-W 'EXIF :."J . T A , , , , xbkfg 'af 44 :LQ JUNIOR RED CROSS X Fw, Aff- md-mr. Miss Susie Iohnson, Sponsx -IUNIQR GIRL RESERVES E y Page Ninety Misses Katherine HGH and Evelyn Clark, Sponsors Q r rig Junior tittlagtttir if First row, left to right: June Love, Doris Corle, Elise Whitaker, Juanita Teague, Barbara Bruner, Mary Ann Lundy, Joyce Scott, Marian Craig, Gloria Pettus, Irene Carter, Marlene Levitch, Joan Harris, Joyce English, Catherine Spurlock, Mary Smith, Helen Medaris, Donna Meyers, Shirley Shiffman, Miss Elsie V. Marmann. Second row: Peggy Flaniken, Bonnie Garner, Mary Frances Cotton, Betty Pittman, Richard Whitby, Frank Bruno, Jack Huffman, Ed Patterson, Ray Tanner, Robert Mullinax, Robert Parham, Wilford Nicholson, Marvin Dinner, Charles Alexander, James Brackeen, Mary Catherine Summers, Geraldine-Irvin, Inez Clark, Jerry Barry, Joy Sanderson. Third row: Norma Nichols, Margaret Sharp, Martha Goodwin, Fay Goodwin, Helen Roberts, Laura Jett, Mildred Spurlock, Dorothy York, Doris Williams, Dorothy Moore, Jeanne Wilson, Dorothy Shurden, Rosemary Sherrill, Char- lotte' Rhodes, Carolyn Sanders, Pauline Yancey, Patsy Crable. Fourth row: Selma Weiss, Martha Gipson, Mary Patterson, Shirley Gifford, Joan Scott, Elaine Hilton, Dorothy Anest, Elizabeth Johnson, Jessie Darnell, Betty Waddell, Betty Johnson, Ramona Cole, Dorothy Lee Moore, Joan Picklep 5 Anne Engleman, Ernestine Cole, Vertie Mae Adams, Mildred if Q7 Russell. Fifth row: Gerald Holbrook, Winston Wooten, John Pat- terson, James Walden, Gene McConne1, John Loveladyf? Benny Smith, John Malamas, Guy Freeman, Eldon Holland, jf., Jack Sanders, Ronald Hanover, Paul Adcock, Robert San-i ders, George Nail. ' , ,L -6- P ,Q Miss Elsie Molrmornn I X xxx - 53 'E A , Wt-., 5 X Xi, , u Vxasvg 'xi SX Y ' A X Page Ninety-On QL JUNITQIR tlINlEHiIK H,llifXIDlEIRS w. Bottom row: Louise Belch, Thelma Crone, Blanch Top row: Joe May, Shirley Fitzgerald, Martha Lee Good- Saltz. win, Doris Carr, Oliver Conder. JUNICR IPQQVIHBAUJ TEAM Bottom row: Bobby Nelson, Bill Martin, Bobby Dod- Angelo Robilio, Charles Watson, Stanley Horton, Bobby son, Earl Cunningham, Albert Roberts, Billy Miller, John Hammons. Strauser, Wyman Stallings, Wilbert Crippen, Mr. Keathley Top row: Robert Kinkle, Jack Doty, Hugh Powers, Jack presgmveh Malamas, Tommy Huffman, Fleming Childs, Darlus Cook. Middle row: Billy Parsons, Jack Blount, Thomas Hamm, l Pogo It-hnetyfTvfCf lllwnolk Bflslftflwelo Wim 1 - First Row, left to right-Robert Kinkle, Sanford Barron, Bill Martin, Darnell Suber, Murray Sharp. Third Row- Flemming Childs, Albert Roberts, Wilbert Crippen, Coach Wyman Stallings, Billy Parsons, Clifford Rose. Presgrove. Second Row-Darlus Cook, Tommy Huffman, fu MR. KEATHLEY PRESCQROVE R Cocrcll "1 N y bm , xl f-0 X ! ! ff , , I' f K ' 'lf l , K l, 4 Q tw , ',V GMX X EN 'pr 4 451, X W w ik g X - Q . it it if SV? Few new A 4 - ,f X fi 43 V0 W 5 , ' I is, ii xrer is-+'i,y.Vl xVAnlmk M-Nkrfv JUNEQR 9-l Class Roll Ball, Robert Monroe Benderman, Kenneth Donald Crunk, Dan Vernon Gost, Nickey Helmke, Wallace Hudgens, Charles Lee Long, Homer Dee llladdox, George Maxwell, Devon McGroom, Russell Earl Mims, A. D. Moore, James Robert Arwood, Nellie Joel Barber, Dorothy Elaine Barnes, Patsy Jean Burress, Dorothy Mae Everett, Lou Ella Guess, Maxine Ura Hill, Ouida Ruth Holcomb, Beulah Goldean Miss Susie I ohnson BOYS Noddf Russell Paullus, Frank Randall, Richard E. Rose, Clifford Eugene Sharpe, Murray Smith, Billy Smith, Lamar Smith, William Stinson, Roy Edgar lfVatts, Jack Nowlis Willis, Billie Lee GIRLS Horner, Corene Horner, Vurda Helen Jordan, Shirley Orr, Bettie Dell Piercey, Neva Roberts, Elizabeth Anne Thornton, Mildred 9-Z Class Roll HOMIE ROOMS Anderson, Doris Blaydes, Lucille Coleman, Mary Ann Hammer, Mildred Hardwick, June Helsey, Bernie Joan Hendren, Agnes Hoye, Betty Jones, Eva Gene Johnson, Norma Lee Langdon, Sarah GIRLS Mercer, Eleanor Miller, Mary Esther Pearson, Betty Joyce Pendergrass, Lily Reitz, Carolyn Saul, Judith Street, Connie Stewart, Lawanda Wenzler, Billie White, Almeda 9-4 Class Roll Miss Katherine Hall Baker, J. D. Berryhill, Clifford Bussell, Edward Cook, Darlus Edman, Neal Gipson, Clifford Gwaltney, Tommy Jett, Otis Miller, Billy Mr. Walter Hiltpold BOYS Allnutt, Ann Bennett, Betty Bogard, Thelma Clark, Betty Ashton, Don Azlin, Claude Bailey, John Barrom, Stanford Barnes, William Ballinger, Eugene Bridgewater, Sam Cox, Gene Crippin, Wilbert Cryer, Tommy Doty, Jack Dunavant, James Fleicher, Melvin Fuqua, Glenn Herndon, Ralph Horton, Stanley Kirchner, Milton Leadford, W. T. Levenson, Philip Manker, Eddie Marbut, Dempsey Marsh, Mac Martin, Bill Miner, Maurice Mincey, George Nichols, James Perry, Tommy Pruett, John Russia-ll, David Stout, Billy Suber, Darull Stanton, Jimmy Thompson, Elvis Thrailkill, Walter Watson, Charles Williams, Ed Williams, Richard 9-3 Class Roll Miss Lorice Pearce Allen, Carl Armstrong, Willard Beck, Jack Blount, Jack Duke, Dickey Foster, Glenn Gray, Robert Kinkle, Robert Jones, Forrest I ,1 fflfl iw, XJ, Page Ninety-Four xg - l-me BOYS Jones, Harry Oates, Abby Dell Schneider, Henry Strouser, John Wagerman, Ben Warden, Robert Weil, Eli Wilkins, Walter Wilson, hilip Cuilla, Josephine Griffin, Lois Hodges, Geneva Johnson, Donna Lewis, Janet Martin, Janet McCoy, Eleene BOYS Powers, Hugh Raburn, Ancyle Story, Ernest x Townsend, Lawrence Tumlin, George VVright, Ernest WVilson, Ray Zellner, Stanley GIRLS McCoy, Gwen Mills, Christine Moore, Betty Jo Perry, Camille Poulos, Helen Short, Jean Strong, Rosalyn Tubbs, Betty Jean Warden, Juanita Whittington, Patricia 9-5 Class Roll Mrs. Maria K. Bacon Adams, Virginia Allen, Betty Bilger, Jacqueline Black, Martha Carrigan, Sue Cromwell, Mary Elizabeth Crone, Thelma Crowe, Betty Jo Dycus, Barbara Fitzgerald, Shirley Fredlcrickson, Joan Ganong, Jean Graham, Darlene Holder, Betty Jones, Joann Jones, Marie 1Tatsoulis, Irene Keith, Frances Kolivas, Connie , Livingston, Jeanette IV. ' if 6"Qf--'X GIRLS Luttman, Dorothy MacDonald, Gwynette Makris, Sophia Massey, Carol Mills, Betty Joy Mosely, Shirley Murrell. Carroll Newton, Mary Jean Oakley, Martha Saperstein, Bernice Scruggs, Martha Singleton, Gloria Stewart, Fannie Mae Tanner, Katlrcxyn Temple, Nancy Tucker, Betty Jo Warren, Bertina Whitely, Norma Jean Wright, Sara Nell 9-6 Class Roll Miss Zula Boswell Addington, Ralph Coleman, Billy Fancher, Carrol Graham, William Hamm, Thomas Helbig, Eugene Hitt, Jack-Left Holt, Jack Lampley, Jack Mack, Jim V Ball, Doris Canaday, Dorothy Carroll, Betty Lou Dumas, Wanda Favazza, Bernice Goings, Barbara Jacobus, Gloria Lambeth, Mary Willie May, Jo Ann BOYS Maddox, Eugene May, Charlie Nodd, Louis Parker, Robert Roberts, Albert Russell, Frank Sharp, Donald Terry, James Wilson, Malcolm Wood, Archie McCuller, Ed GIRLS Meador, Dorothy Parham, Montez Parker, Elizabeth Rogers, Joyce Slaughter, Eleanor Stout, Beverly Tutor, Noma Winter, Jean 9-7 Class Roll Miss Mary Fisher Barber, Presley Brooks, Billy Burt, Gene Cunningham, Earl Gill, Elbert Holt, Robert Kelly, Jack Kitchens, William Kortrecht, Humphreys Kuss, George Lazerov, Sammy Loskovitz, Sidney Atkins, Bit-tty Jane Boyanton, Dorothy Cutsinger, Joyce DeLancey, Marjorie Denton, Patsy Epps, Belvia Goin, Rose Mae King, Mary LaVell'c, Dorothy 9-8 Class Roll Mrs. C. A. Moreland Bills, Robert Bradley, Gartly Chiles, Fleming Davis, Joe Clifford DeMarco, Gene Richard Gallarno, Edgar Ellis Hendren, Joe Howard, Billy Boutwell, Luvonda Bradley, Mary Carrigan, Shirley Davis, Lucille Douglas, Dorothy Dycus, Leona Evans, Betty Louise Ferrell, Dorothy Lee Graves, Mabel Ruth Gray, Sally Gurley, Mary Ann Hofler, Marjorie Elaine P BOYS Johnson, Floyd U. McBride, Huey Williard McClain, Alvin Oglesby, Virgil Piercey, Harold Stallings, Wyman Williams, Murel GIRLS Holmes, Dorothy Leevinfe, Roslyn McFarland, Betty Jean Rook, Jean Skaggs, Birdie Smith, Charline Smith, Maylynn Tamboli, Josie Traynom, Mattie Lou Traynom, Patty Sue Watson, Gloria Marie Wilson, Margaret Ruth C, BOYS Lusky, Irving Moore, Jimmie. Morrow, Joyce Nunnery, Clifford Royle, Charles Ross, Raymond Stanley, Roger South, Lavern Stonebraker, Clarence Whitley, Audean XVilliarns, J. E. GIRLS Lowe, Anne Martin, Irene Maxwell, Charlene Mays, Edith Pulliam, Edna Saltz, Blanche Sinkfey, Phyllis Stubblefield, Jo Ann Williams, Verna Page Ninety Fi ve -IFE SC R. S1 LASS if R Il SE 'U Q lil W mg -A-J E bn 5? 5 -C1 -A-3 5 E O Q Q 3 :,2 o 2' U Q53 - o 8 W -323 .C o FIS'-'ani ggu Shaw Z-E3 fini Oo N O-Oo r-..,3,.:: ago' H : H W bbw g C O N moe-vu 2:16649 Uvh fm-of GJ 5 1 4 bnbbg B Que-Q M oov Ooooo EEZ CLIE-4E-+P.-1 g Q U2 Efl CH w o m 5 E 5 P-5 3 3 n U 0 gig S E Ln!-T23 C: .fl wggfw L?-W2 2 bmw! at Q OESO ho: "' gimh asowf onlinr. 1-.Ensign Q gg rv -4-v Kr4""-EL. .Q8""'x.c OOO OQSEE Zoo MUQHN Z O 3 Q E +3 lil ..- gf X E Q H 3 .S 521 cv CQ 5 un, 5 .8 D151 OE3 S5 F .ogg mo- :: bu., Q F-'cd-lqgqg fxdc 3,232 ki o of! 3 o gfg o Zim -I-mm -A-9 E 8 -S C560 2 -- Em 35 ?w U2 Ganges'-'g:Dg:D'5..E QEGHSSSBEM plum?-jjnm-gmfg Q35 55383 FII 2 3 5 +5 M S 03 Bi Qggi iiE3a m Z-was 552522 : 5 E L4 SE -C05 emi 2-2 SEQ Qggim :SN oiego o DJ H.-CQ'-lm HGQJ gm O 5 :Q CQ C:,,C11 .- op, Q 5 O --,H 0 4,51-SI QSOHE' ZL.-cv gg'-'Y-'U oo- Q,5cu-52 -Jin P-:DSUSYTZ Ninety-Six T - O her ot D1 grand 'at eagrt H1 CO To be ng I-I -H T - L4 O 3 0 -C 4-3 T3 C 'J O F-4 - TU E5 H J p 54 'U -4 N M 0 xc.: E .CI out of school with least work To get CS class ng' pi E x H5102 Q1 E 5 's cv L. 41 .Et E o DD as .- JD 13 an 03 ci 3 o L CD N n GJ M 5 O IA GJ c o E n .2 C 5 P: m m E E H E c o I0 I-4 s CQ cu 31 A-5 4-3 cu EQ M Lv -L. 5 o P4 O 4-2 bo E .31 .Q 5-4 GJ 4-v 4-v 5 CQ 4-3 3 O 4-7 -H 3 O - CQ bo L: an :vs o A n ns Bussell Y th Doro 0 x m E u : 'Fi E S E m : P B 2 E 2 Di -1 F-4 -H U 3 o c x a 3 4-I m s B g fun avin H utler B Frances Butler 's English class ty Geragh Iiss lt ach To te Laughing ity P Oh sto ay Ore VV g TH Learnin ie NVD F0 B Carpenter Louise ary M S Q3 E 3 Sleep late on Monday mornings E n Q GJ Q3 x w Q Q c m E Q 4-5 GJ w o E-' ening to people's troubles w E st m TW G get one BT CV T3 .':L-4 'QL-4 9,3 I3 C Q E N 4-3 3 bo 5? gs Q3 Um U Fm sa Chism F6 Phe .-C o 5 O O as an -l P: .Q :S . 01 To be a good housewife 3 m C5 U m E O P4 shows ng to ting Ln-1 'F' O N 3 .bd o Q-. .-CS... O J: O Sh ng reami rn B O .CI m O -A-l mu .Em on UQ GJ -H N -C-3 Q GJ 5 2 M - GJ 'F4 N O Q C ?'z L .C- 4-3 N M .2 L m Q N r A-V H m 2 sailor good ogeta T VJ F-4 O -4 -H G U2 :J o 3. 0 GJ U1 o -A-5 1: ed - cb m A O EI G UQ Dot ridge th oris E Q D5 F-4 Q 4-v cv 1- Q as rn 'rn w O JJ an -C1 4-7 cu 13 O C4 M E A G JI L NJ CI .- +4 U Q - -4 O O as E C rn as :J L. bn 2 an D .- +4 .- ID C CL yi -A-I H ho E 75 R cv D-1 0 .- C R P1 L. an JU L. as in as C N PD G +J N 5 13 E5 5 p w bn E CL P5 +4 E u CD GJ Q m -A-I .H E G va : C 'P4 M +4 F-4 C CL GQ D5 4-3 S-4 C J: U7 f: C E. L-4 GJ Ln Pi w I'-4 .b J: U7 life To succeed in fe c a good wi Vi ke To ma cv C o Z bn bnbn E55 50:- - N bb 0525-4 BD C -H T5 TJ -H .3 3 4 bu L. N E fs E bb CI -H C U GJ -H 94 C Di 15 L4 o In N 5 an C an CJ 5 C Pa .9 rn rn GJ - c a GJ E Y' c o u : o FH ng Sewi Little bit Forwalter Sue Pu 4.1 4- GJ EQ To get a man y ears D1 US' Wriggli E E Q .id ofa' GJ -CIF' O bn E E cu H as E 2 S m 3 2 3 U E bn cv 0-1 C1 S-- 4 NJ C -H 4-3 P-4 I in m L m BJ 3 C UD rn 2 U F 5 37 and work UU fW CD v-4 school 5 out of fa GJ 424.3 cd :S fo G6 P' an get m I 15 G 5 ooo HE-'54 E 5 3 E z :AS-1 ca- cd E NJ rv .EH P G P150 nee 3 O S-1 cu, D- UD E H 0 . D 1 mL. O O -ICQ Z I O Du 32 ga QL. at -4 75 E' H3- P-'T .- as 305 CL I 23 EEN aw B UD E1 '5- oia MB .Sw EE nba ssy okey illie Si To W T306 G ta Meli GJ x E E H: 35 am GJ Ss 2- ww c: c: dm E JI as Q2 JD O I-f UD E 4-I N Q3 GJ 43 JJ EE aviatrix E111 To be 15 .- C I-4 H E N .- .- -- A1 TJ O .bt Q ml P1 Rosie HCS Rosemary Hi E 3 GJ GJ Y ery G id TO Emb Pat ines aH Wilm P5 L Q Q2 A-3 m : u 95 P4 w o E4 V2 .Q E A fi' B 2 Q : C I-1 -0-3 c 'F4 60 C L3 4-1 GJ CJ ho C1 -H J: 4-7 T5 - C you eading R aby B udson Jean H c o F0 E Q o M To be a nurse , trig ein HC Ignora 3 n 3 UD E 4-U N 51 rv K E Pm -J-7 4-V cv C0 Ill 4 s w : E GJ S 4-3 4-D vu U3 Nurse hool SC oing to 'G ut that abo How bn C1 SCI :vs o A G? .H v-4 v-4 -H B B G I : E 6 E 3 dess Stewar Talking ng You must be kiddi afing o A GJ -H X U G F1 P1 cv P1 as C LII cu IJ cr Q cv! '-a be a good secretary To bookkeener Cir her 3-P nogr e a good ste Tob HIIPSC 2 be To To GJ A-I cd 11 15 n L. bn E bnbn E R .W U olly G Playing the piano yi Tyke va SL' .H X C G F1 1 -H L4 G 2 35 CL mms 2:6 E051 bb C Bab y feelings H1 rt uhu 570 please Oh er numb SE ,E Pu M8 bn C .bd Sa Sle S R fy Babe s 3 rankm D Le ouise nes etty L eslie Jones C1 o 2 o Q - - -C2 o v-ICQ-I OC1,-J work do commercial To HCSS Slow F-4 0 E I1 C .I-I -I N o I3 'U aa m E GJ S F1 'l-1 -A-J C o O o E-4 +4 m -- m a E E U1 S E rn fn an o U IJ rn cd cv JD 15 C ol .21 L4 C 3 C ind a real he-man E-'In 2 La N D-4 E bo E 'Pi C GJ P H bn :Q -- 5-4 I .H -E- B4 I '4-4 P5 C C rn cv .rd cv rn Q. NUI QJ E538 Q-m F1 C - : Sogmg Ill 5-4 Q3 -A-F -A-l UD 5023359 ::Q: QE - .- Q-U Qgd GJ -H T5 WUI 4-I 3-v 'Fi is K assi HMM? E m -Ci .31 b M P: +- +A G DQ U1 J-3 L 5 N - .-C1 u .E JD E G L-1 GJV1 if o E Q o In cu T5 C bn E o U H 1 E 3 Q GJ A E G3 : E F Mary Frances Lewis Penny Bowling Oh, I dare, don't blame To hurry up and get my To become a famous -artist of a newspape husband A Virginia Lineberger Pidy Flirting Hoy-hoy Laugh Own 3, helicopter Edith Lowe Edie Going to the show Gosh Being quiet Nurse Mildred Martin Midgie Roller skating Is that right Talking Model Il Carolyn Massey Sis Dancing Sure 'nough Eating mints To be a good housewife Martha McCullar Mot Dancing All-right, now Acting silly - To be a good housewife Adele Mende-lson Itta Writing letters Any mail? Arguing with Miriam and To hear from Herby Doroth - Alice Miller Shorty Playing the piano Let me tell you Big mough A To be a good wife Annabel Miller Baby Day dreaming That's my song WVriting corny poetry ' To grow Jo Ann Miller Jo Writing letters Dog gone the luck lfVriting letters To be on time Hildred Mims Hil Reading What ya say Eating Always to be 3, Success Dorothy Morrison Dot Writing to Pat The devil Weari g flowers To raise a football team 3 o I: E cd E E .Ci S 3.- SE gn 5 O .S S3 od HE in U fc F1 film 3 H e I-I white lies -Q III 0 -C1 4-2 lping in lling He 'De ud tlo OU crying OT F' You're mean the t 3 CS ey Dreaming Making Squirt O P7 n N elius O .2 E 0,5 as is N -CI EE 2: ge to colle VVH to of be go out 4-I G3 42 L. bn oo E454 E 5 U0 - I3 m WE is QE Q : +- IDU! W w E T2 Q Q-l 3 Ee in O wg r-13-1 C O B Q F-4 fi 3 UD 32 s.. TJ A go m3 S Q O wg O O ze 0 H O2 ZR EDM 38 HM Z 4-2 E C Q4 Resign from Southern Bell Telephone Co. PS d starn an g bonds Sellin Golly Company Telephone at P Patterson ita all Ju 0 CL O WD Q z F-4 d E Get GFS Wearing flow gal E E Q-4.: Slee Wri hillips e P PS illi Ph Lee Lila school of aa E 13 O o bn Q 4: m3 .51 QE Sw O o E-'E-' rried Being ma U1 L. an CL n o bn C -vi 4-P 4-2 : U Sw EE 3565 E+-3 we Q in Wher letters 8' g E 3 3 o Q : F4 m I o J-3 C -- bo E o U In EE all-1 s.. 8 D-4 was im .-..,.. QE SA +3 aa CI C an z 1 F-1 G S! plane VVD Fly my o .': as 1: 3, -a O O .Ci o rn n M n P11 an D N :- 4-2 C E-4 E LS E C L '4-4 G 4-9 e : u s L cn -C1 U 5 E C O 4-2 L' 1 U1 Pa E Q-4 o UD E 5 o E o TH Q li ui E o P' C E m : 3 E hobo :Ei E D10 :SS cu .hd N un yi 4-2 N o :- O CH bb E o E m un 4-2 4-U O I14 75 cv 1- Q-4 .Fl CI 3 s: as fl-1 3 4'-1 3 Pu D N x- bo T5 C C 0 G O Str the radi to ening an st D ie Li J eann ra 2 D C D4 E 4-2 C C -C1 ..- 4-3 4-V as C5 in I'-1 4a W L -- A: DDND CIC 5 Q5 cu .-. U2 E M va 2 I3 C D-o e M 5 F 5 Danci ey Spark uarin Q is Nev mispronounced To be successful housewife Sears H1 re fro ti F9 T0 test in popularity con dreaming Being HY C2 E EE E5 Q LI 3 I 1 5 c C Q : bn we L1 O E TJ N 44 w R ECO Q9 D-I-4 Reasons nolds Patsy Jewel S m CL -4-1 U2 t yA Exclusivel "Sold read ads have the To y look elf That L t idi d hat T h Phil Gossiping wit U2 C bn Bab Mary Richartz rv Richartz's : E C IICCS da te the ska ll EL To learn To To To Q 0 : E E 35 S S Ox no Ci N ISI Du N E E Q O M 3 Q G A3 L6 3111.2 En Skating Skating Che 'n SS as DJ busine 7, cd U2 Down to Well I'1l swear f S UE ,534 ei C -n as G L 3 2 GJ UU fo 35 w c 'Fi s G9 C1 'Fi NJ E 4-2 G 3 5 E Q 3 Sk Butch 4-2 U2 ..- 2-J Sk el AHS' .-1 C0 as IJ U1 IA Q2 as ngeline Yvonne Robilio itchie R nton A llis Phy A vi E 5 o ij., E EE 3 .3 o o ai .Ci 4-2 Qs Cd L sl ED a2 :1 U2 s 5013 we 5? CD Z 1 .3 inter VV t ell Sleep n and school, of out Get : w E F1 m E Q .E 2 L Q 38 Ew C Ee no C N J: 52 ii 7-,ID J-112050 EEE 33 M 2 E E U2 Z5 C C -'ai as hZU is 4-I :J O o JJ .id U N SE 3 Fm p54J QEE EE P 4-7 2 o CL G vu .hd o Q-9 bo ssipin Talking Working Dot o U in ,aa D95 mE Dorothy Schneider N 4-3 s U1 is m G CJ Q H5 Z .rd 1- O 3 Q-4 C N E G3 -Q m F1 4 U-4 o Pi 4.2 ..- UU L To of To be a millionaire GJ D --4 C1 D To be great IA 13 C 32 E 44 82 oo D50 C P' supply history teacher ready :- C w 1: 8 Having a U7 Q To bea 4:5 .2 cv o C15 :- 03 days Being W What ya know something rict Q9 -4 CL IL N st 3 ISI an e That's GJ Z 'Sw mm poetry U2 l-4 42 3: 4-2 : E L4 T m Q . 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I3 miinm 3 E 3 Q55 5 m ti E w, I3 -C2 U2 lene Reid ob L G D814 G5 CFI Q8 13 GJ GJ 44 UQ 'Do A .un Cl E U2 ee, lm 1-35 UJQ E gg cd 35 -41 13 E Q m E un C x C9 CJ sweetheart third To be a football the to pal EL eing B 1121 gre Bi T C111 Concentrating Joy Stocks Joyce GJ U7 In : c WD .2 Y: 5 Q , 3 Us is n m O O E-'E' U E 2 ETS x u og Q 'ge .- at Q 3 E 5 u l-4 o 3 Z'.E .bs U3 5 3 O U 45 : C2116 CD 5 H A u 5.51 Q 2 Wu? .ECB DSE CD A 3 D? 5 Q C1203 c Q 3 E E .25 v-U2 3 - Q 1 ,QQ 5 Z -4-7 V7.2 Q S n Q O will db +3 G P -- ld CL a book Talking to improve my Eng- Write Hi ya ferocious Eating peanuts Tanner Jean Tanner AI V2 .-1 v-4 bb C 'I-4 CL Vu T sodas Jerking 3a on E 3 Ill in Oklaho Wie li d 811 married get To ort To be sh ht ing Heig Argu' CIKJYV Ch D hm 4-I My in UP to catch 3 Wm Q o A 3 E o 5 2 o nl ..- - , G E-4 5 .EQMH CJ.-1QQ Qx n s Em T et tter N E SCJI1 Thompson Etta Tomlin Glyn C I3 4-2 GJ Z 88 87' y MRS. de III get To nut and pencils 'g OFTO B Chuck G arin M E th t0 Going ndy Wi Thelma Weeks bn F1 .F- C I4 I3 4-3 GJ 54 Canteen E 2 bn 511 Q U1 dm: college to ate Go 8 SP3 uth GJ .E 4-2 55 :av-4 C Ee .C T0 .-1 C Being l Studyin Big mo you really WIGIIS HQ' My hea E x Do h a Central wit lirting F a sailor ing 3 2 Q GJ A +-7 m : 's, Pla Writ ie WU an 01 an Dot kel Dutch UQ GJ E -vu 3 as CI .Sa 35a S C0 in 4-3 ES B'-I EJ? :G Ss :- O Q QP L- CD ..- ct QD ui school Finish history 8' P1 'U IJ 4-1 U2 .C va C bb 3 2 w E E o CQ Irish ilson W Joy er ph gm To be a good steno U-1 C C .G U m E 4-V D C JJ as bn C E-' I S 3 '44 C in Intelligence 6-7 S CD bn E 4-J 4-2 an U 2 59, ES 1'2" EIC CD CD WD T3 DD O C P434 vi 3: C JD GJ .CI 4.2 :- C '4-4 bn E S, D.-1 --as 53 0.2 .Sm Syl J dell E111 Y Jean SY Pqgy G Q9 Wolf lvia to return To graduate Writing shorthand Heavens to Betsy Writing shorthand Lou Young Louise p Q Q m Z 5 2 5 m m 4 m 5 PMQRCSCQPE SS lfl ll UQ? 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O B B 5 SI M 'U 2 9: C EP 'O 4-v O G5 O 4-1 no .E ?. 5-4 B ?. .--. .- O 6.0 5. M UZ U2 .-4 2 bb .E P1 .2 .-v L. D U E3 GJ Q GJ no Q E15 I' 6 , Geraghty Y Carl Dacus Red Lands Lands Land's To own Land s I Jack Dallas Ch0C013.'C0 Censored You lie Telling corny jokes To be the best pilot you eve saw Charles Edman Charlie Loafing Where you going Laziness TO g0 'CQ W01'k Archie Epstein Dead Pan Writing It s a possibility Talking JOUTHHIISITI Robert Finn Flnny Jean Jean Jean Jean I U Vernon F01-gione P0-Johnny Dancing Son Football ' To succeed 1n life n Charles Gagno Giguo Shows Thats what you think Wearing a tie To make Uncle Sam a good soldier Thomas W. Grimes Tommy Movies Oh you bright little thing Nothing TO US H daHC9I' . A Curtis Lynn Hallh Muscles Shows, playing You vulture culture Drum majoring To be a dancer or music teacher? finish school and go to work La ev bn bn ..-. 'U .-CI 0 4-F ..-. 'U U2 rn CG Ii o 4-7 UZ L. ..-. Q-I C6 an CQ To D ng My twin brother bn .E .Q 4-3 O Q ..-. O your Of OTC IH 6 HOW SOITI VV hat pmg Thais d loafing 3.I1 Hg ti Ea Shorty Bobby Heyer yd Flo as aa .-. U2 Forrest I-Iettinger business. Quit working at Bry's,and get a good job CI' broth Twin cv 'O 5 Q rn Z C6 .-C1 on .CI .J .E bn .E 4-7 L. ..- E P. .Q .Q O FQ I-Ieyer red F V1 an as .2 CI cd P4 .31 S-4 o bi 3 an Z gl we Pu SE l1.Kr. U2 bn .E .II 4-J Q-4 Oo m'U 4-DOJ os.. .-Nr. GJ U1 G5 2 D: cv .31 cu is is Ek. VZ GJ M G5 .-C. U1 E E bn .E gas EE F-QS-4 Cllr. .Ci QS 'Jas Us-. 'SECT-. CI Q U1 .E .-C1 mQ wr-4 boa: 5-'LII om oo UA GJ .-'S cd 5 cd Q. :vs 4-3 U1 O E' GJ E .Lv bn C. E 4-v oi bn SI 'rl D. GJ GJ .-. U2 IP. 2 cd 5-4 5 .J G3 C1 bb .E 4-5 .E lr. :G L. as f-a on .CI 4-I Q-4 w-4 cu P1 U7 an ..- L. 'H Q-4 ev P1 E G3 .,. 3' E .Q W 0-4 E E.. 3 E 8 'EQ U1 E 5 0 Q '4-l Q 3 S m U2 E 3 g 2 5 2 L .E E S E3 SEO, won omo H E-4 9, O E 'U Q 3 3 E Q 3 'U Q. 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' f i 22554 f ag' W - ,f ii PQQ.2.i.N1wvsN1ne -1- FRANKLIN DELANO ROQSEVELT fu ,sw V S XX N Qi V ,N 9 x 6 " S Humes High School Memorial Service For President Franklin Delano Roosevlet April 13, 1945 Vlalter Underwood, President of Humes Student Government, Presiding The Lord's Prayer .....oo....,,............rr,.... The Humes Iunior High School Cflee Club First Corinthians, Chapter Thirteen .ii,,vv,vo,,,W,,Yv,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,i Read by Bernard Cole Responsei 'lThy Will Be Done ".iv,,.,,,.,, Sung by Iunior High School Glee Club Remarks .........,...,,.,.i...,.,ii.....oio,..iw ,,iv,oiv,.YV,iV,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,ioiV,,.o,i............ K enneth More l'OnWard Christian Soldiers .,..i,,......... The Humes High School Senior Glee Club Remarks ..i.....,,,..,...,...,.......,..... .....,..iu,,.............,..,.,.... D . M. Hilliard, Principal Sabre Salute ...iuu. ,.....i.... R . O. T. C. Officers Taps .,,,.,,.v,,,,.,,....,,.Y,,,,.,,,,,,w,.iiuiiY.,.,,iuiui.w,,.i,,w.w,,,,,,,,V,,,,,,,,.iii,w,w..,. Blown by Billy Davis Color Guard: Ianies Wright, Howard Morrow, Robert Bilger and Iohn Sewell ir fCourtesy of Acme Telephoto and the Commercial Appeal The Guard of Honor stands at attention at the side of the casket as the train begins its journey to Washington. Navy man at left is Tilford Flowers, llurnes High football star of two years ago, and son of Mrs. Dee Flowers of 595 Bethel. Page One Hundred and One A Letter To a Dear Une CAROLYN BRENNER f'1zT'C S-Y. ,-A. W A , .. - . .. .. -.- .. Mf- My Dear School: I should like to for the many things which you have given me during the past three years. I shall leave soon in search of greener pas- tures of knowledge, but I can never forget because you have instilled in me the seed of learning and the desire to make that seed grow. Never shall I forget the lovely campus, the beautiful building, the inspiring words imprinted on your portals. I shall miss the joy of seeing you through the treetops as I walk toward you. I shall miss your long halls and seemingly endless stair- ways, I shall miss the spirit of friendliness which prevails among your teachers and students. I shall miss the loud-speaker system that always makes me start upon first hearing it, and I shall miss the pictures of earlier graduating classes that adorn your walls. I shall always remember the dainty little tea room and bustling cafeteria, with the students' good-natured push- ing and shoving. Never can I forget the thrill of acting on your stage: of speaking in your auditorium, of watching you bestow your greatest honor on that selected group at the impressive Honor Society induction ceremony. Never can I forget the amount of pride that wells up within me when your orchestra, band or glee club gives a concert. Nor can I forget the customary morning devotional which is your way of tying religious knowledge in with book knowledge. The memories of the football games, the basketball games, the rapidly-filling trophy case and right above it the most cherished memory of all-the I-Iumes Creed. I shall take with me the memory of the last two graduation exercises which were so delightful, I shall take the words and thoughts and instructions which have been given me by the teachers who have influenced my entire life. I owe a great deal to them and to you, but I know of no way to repay the debt. I had quite a few hopes and ambitions that I wanted fulfilled, now I realize that there is really only one-that of being a success: In any field that I may choose, I want to be successful so that I can be a credit to you. Before I leave, I want to sit once more in your auditorium as I watch a beau- tiful program unfold before my eyes. Before I leave, I want to enjoy that great moment when the Message of Peace arrives. I want to enjoy it with you, with the sense of beauty and security that only you give me. This I want before stepping into a world that doesn't yet know I am alive. May Almighty God see fit to reward us with this moment soon, and may you continue to guide, protect, and inspire others as you have me. Devotedly yours, ' It A STUDENT Page One I-Iundred and Two HUMES' GOLD STAR ALUMNI 5 . 'kit D 'Y iyixxitl lffenxy xfinl I, 'K ,rf-jr-ki N ., P.. fxqdr'-kia: ' I ' l :in nth.: I "3 2 r A 3 !Q . 2 1 i e",-. NICOLAS GORMAN TEDDY IONES NORMAN ACHORD WILLIAM GEAN THOMAS BILLINGS SAM ALBIN HOLLIS ARCHIBALD MICKEY BOSCHERT DAN BRYANT HAROLD CALLOWAY WILLIAM DEVITT SHERROD W. FAUGHT IAMES FLEMING TACK GOFORTH HUBERT GORDON IAMES L. HISKEY IEFF C. HORNSBY I. E. IRVIN C. T. IENNINGS COLUMBUS DEVAUGHN IONES CHARLES KELLY ELVIN KING CHARLES IVIINYARD IOHN MARTIN IAIVIES PORTER READUS I. SANDERS RICHARD SHUON KFRED SPILLEYJ ELTON TIMBS IOHN VINSON DONALD YOON HARRY LEON COOPER WALTER GRAY RAYMOND BRYAN GEORGE PARKER CHARLES HOGUE WINSTON KILE ROBERT EASLEY WILLIAM TURNER - CLARENCE PREWITT IAMES COYLE VVILLIAM D. WOOTEN. IR. HARRY WASHER ROY SHULL WILSON RAY BILLY DAVIS Page One Hundred cmd Three uuuuunvn jig fMifzi5g!,.L,i.',., Ls si X Recommends Business or secretarial training for young men and young women who expect to succeed in lite, Whether at home, in or profession, or in a business. Graduates of 1945 Are invited to call and arrange for summer study, Day and Night Schools. Free Placement 158 Madison-Telephone 8-6461 lLeader Federal Buildingl Accredited by American Association of Commercial Colleges For Beautifully Engraved . . . CALLING CARDS Personalized Writing Paper and Napkins for Graduates O Wedding Invitations and Announcements Social Stationery Section IIIIIII S. C. TOOF 6 CO ...... 195 Madison Printers 0 Litographers O Stationers Office Outfitters A SUCCESS LAUNDRY OUR MOTTO-SUCCESS NOTHING SUCCEEDS LIKE SUCCESS 1000 Iefferson Ave. Z-3123 The Best of Luck to the 1945 Graduates MEMPHIS AUTO PARTS COMPANY SPECIALIZING IN TRUCK PARTS "Parts for Everything That Rolls" 1093 Chelsea Phone 8-1202 Compliments of MULF ORD IEWELRY CO. 26 South Main Memphis, Term. Best Wishes to the Graduation Class of '45 YELLOW CABS 8-2121 PHONE 8-2121 WHITFIELD KING :S CO Insurance YORK ARMS CO. Wholesale and Retail Distributors Sporting Goods Fourth Store South ol Loews State 162 South Main Street Telephone 8-1217 C1 uunnnmunuunu uunnn I :nl n vu nun E if j 3 iq? P2 J -vo 115' 5-Z, fi N-Q' wglff. M' "fe,-J X EXE C nu llllun EIIIIIIIII IIInIInIInInnuunuuuunnuuuuunnunununn nnuunnnlnnnuIuunuauunnnnuunluunnunnn E Best of Luck to You, the Graduates of 1945! WEAKLEY KEY and LOCK WORKS 633 Monroe Ave. ' Phone 5-2222 Speedway Drug Store E331 Chelsea at Thomas FREE DELIVERY Phone 5-2766 PRESCRIPTIONS CAREFULLY Z COMPOUNDED A N G E L ' s f ,wlfeminine Apparel W 51 North Main Street Wgg-famous 5-5507 1 .. Compliments of : DILLON POTATO CHIP CO. 3175 Southern Ave. Phone 4-9171 Compliments of I SUZORE THEATRES No. 1-869 Jackson-Ph. 8-9100 No. 2-279 N. Main-Ph. 8-9200 Heartiest Congratulations to You, the Class of '45 M. I. PALLER Grocery and Market I 956 Breedlove Phone 5-2318 , WALTER I. CLINE WATCH AND CLOCK REPAIRING 5 High Grade Watches for Sale 5 Room 303, 81 Madison Bldg. Phone 8-7984 . Best of Luck to You, the Graduates of '45 Coleman's Service Station and Garage 7th and Chelsea ff1 " ii-'ll J , Q. Q MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS - EASY TERMS - Amro Music Store 113 Madison Ave. Second Floor Congratulations, Humes High Graduates! NORTH MEMPHIS MOTORCYCLE CO. w. I. du BIIUCQ, Mgr. INDIAN MOTORCYCLES Sales And Service 1031 Iackson Phone 36-2857 BEST WISHIES, GRADS! MODEL DRUG STORE 917 IACKSON AVE. BEST OF LUCK Liberty Cash Grocery NO. 44 1052 CHELSEA HUMES GRADUATES! Lend Part of Your First Earnings to Your Government BUY WAR BONDS Regularly Help Win The War! I GRAYSON'S. 9 South Main St. 1 Dresses, Coats, Sportswear, Lingerie A Smart Shop for Smart Women McLELLAN'S 59-61 South Main Street 5c to 31.00 STORE Compliments ol THE TOGGERY Men's Shop MAIN AND ADAMS W. B. BARRON Groceries and Meats 1306 Hollywood Phone 4-3343 FREE DELIVERY Compliments of SCOTT ELECTRIC CO. ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS 272 Madison Ave. Phone 8-3743 WILLIAMS SHADE 6. AWNING CO. AWNINGS - WINDOW SHADES - VENETIAN BLINDS - SHADES CLEANED - DRAPERIES LINOLEUM-SLIP COVERS - RUGS Two Convenient Locations: 807 UNION AVE. 95 S. MAIN ST. Phones 5-4444-5-4445-5-4446 'X WW Ofwfu' ggmf ' jf Z 3 S 09"'5J""' , a WWW' .2 f fggidfw-7-fl X W if Qi F milf? gs 'f+ 6W W WEN! QQ iimfwifkgfg, in 'Wg 0 4, 4 iw W J5Q4Wif5W5'Wmif Y W6 WLM i'Wwf?ff W W? Mix 'WWW ig W sa if gfii EWQQSQWWM W E W awww WM? fy nnnnu uun1un1nnnnunnnunuuun 4 'R l unn- I Q .,.t i Q K: 5.19.-li 'N .1--9515.4-. 'sififfmski:-'-'till. B 1 A- f -Q '--za B ', -1 2. 1 -lg-1 fc jf xxi 1. Ji. iv. V , - L I - ,N -. ' . '- 1 -- f - f' as .Afi- '-f"'s,"' - Z ai-3525 'A.5f-M' X- - ,I .' 2 We-. - -i-2 gp.. Q -. - . 'fl-1155. .syi9W?ha"f-' .- in jgfxl f-'Af' ' :fave .5-'19 - ffimi t, 29 . 1. 1 1. . .1 f '-n',.-4..3,wte -5, -, f,z,.: ' - iv -.. -' ' 'S f e -.222 v- N- iw . , n g 1 ,A pmlj X ' -V . as. an . - J - 4- - r ,Q X :" kr. -.. -1 Q- + Q5 8 , 'sg 2. gt 1 N, . -: ' s. - . .- 1 H." ..QQ'd gun' G Q- ' 1 t , f X 1 v THE COMPLETE STORE FOR THE ARMED FORCES MEMPHIS MILITARY TAILORS 100 NORTH MAIN OPPOSITE CLARIDGE HOTEL War Department Authorization No. A.G.-095 Tailor-Made Uniforms !For immediate de- livery! Q M Cleaning 124-Hour Se v' ed Ratels-liisignia X Campaign Ribbons + Gifts, Furnishings, Etc, Tailoring While You ,Em Wait -L,-L5 Q Telephone 'C ,Z 8-1531 J' B A K E R ' S Dairy Bar and Cafe 1267 Iackson Phone 36-9276 REAL PIT BARBECUE MALTED MILKS AND ICE CREAM We Deliver After 6 P.M. BEAUTY VVITHOUT A FLAW Fine Cosmetics BY THE HOUSE OF SHAW FOR SALE IN BEAUTY SHOPS WE OWN AND OPERATE OUR OWN CLEANING PLANT FLOYD HARVEY Clean ers SHOE REBUILDERS Phone 7-4774 1622 Union Ave. SUCCESS TO THE 1945 GRADUATES! D. CANALE 6. CO. Wholesale Fruit and! Produce BIRDS EYE FROSTED FOODS Congratulations and Good Luck , fe the 1945 Graduates! LAWSON 'S RESTAURANT 636 Chelsea Phone 5-9271 Good Luck, Graduates! HURLEY TRACTOR COMPANY "KEEP 'EM PLOWING 396 North Main St. Phone 5-0283 Greetings. Graduates! E.- E. DUNN'S Leadway Food Store No. I8 - 741 North Decatur Congratulations to the Graduates of 1945! SHEFFIELD 61 1 STANLEY Esso Station Courteous Service Open Until 1 A.M. 408 S. Front St.-Phone 8-4121 1379 Iackson Phone 35-9341 COHQMUIGUOHS fo Y Best Wishes, 1945 Humes Graduates The Gradua es! t BROWN TIRE 5. SUPPLY co. MEMS . 1350 Thomas Street U Phone 8-0938 ' . . . MECO . . . BROS- frssis PACKING , "ARC WELDERSH CQ. 83 Waterworks 83 Waterworks Welding Rods and Supplies Delta Wood-working Equipment HAYS SUPPLY COMPANY 287 South Front Street Telephone 5-2717 MEMPHIS nnnununuuuunuuunl nn nuun:nnuunuuuulnnvuulnnununu ununnunnululluInn ulnul qmy. fl, Z "LEM 03915 4.3 j1jj'5f3f5f5w' 2.'7ZQ'fZm,Z.73z1Vf54VAf nivfriww . , gt gzggwi MW MA0 'Z' MW hw W6 M f3i7f? W :gf ', k ja' To Wyly! fX+-J'W'QQMJQ30J ff3fk,fv'HJWfZJAg f I 20 Xikgji 3653 ,sffff W tmlix' ii' 6 ' ,A f.ffifM -Q wifjf . 252' f ff ff ff My -fxx f' f WJ' 5 ,M -,M A- ff I W... , ....-u .1 El ---.--------------------.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------'-------------'------- --------f----'--'--'--'-'--------------------------------- --------------'------'---'------'-----'--'- El MID-SOUTH OIL BEST w1s1-1155 TO THE 1945 After You Graduate May We GRADUATES! Continue To Serve You? U I S P E E D W A Y Distributors of PAUL S PHARMACY Pure Oil Company's S H O E PRESCRIPTIONS STORE COMPLETE soDA FOUNTAIN Products SERVICE G I Ounces 101 south Main st. SCHOOL SUPPLIES ne C 1 I 431 NERTZ-i DUNLAP ST HOSIERY BAGS 1013 Iackson Ave.-Phone 5-4646 The BRODNAX name on the box adds much BEST WISHES To THE 1945 to the value but nothing to the cost ' GRADUATES! Geo. T. A t FISCHER HEATING 0 Inc. and Registered Ieweler-American Gem Society MAIN AT MONROE IVIEIVIPHIS S Ph 8 5801 Headquarters for School Pins and Rings 367 Adams t. one - Fraternity lewelry E luunnunnuu nun E www V cd' in MY muff MQ, fzfmffy 15512322 W if QE'i4f sg W 43 is Q5 fi? Ev 5 2,55 Q my X f-:iw if Kam sf R ' ' U-1 MLM? iw? WZ? fig vm' IE E SILVER MOON COMPLIMENTS OF "Play -- It Pays", "7 VINT I-'RED K Underwood CANDIES - - . LAWSON-GETZ Elliott Flsherg Co. and ' SPORTING GOODS T ewriters com-:E YP , . 'fp is 3' GDM-PANY 'Wx . "The Mdclfmerol 5, I sc. A - 'fi'ACxEi's',lAtQD Champions" SWEATERS Q ' OLIVER-FINNIE CO. MODEL AIRPLANES' AND ' l50-152 MONROE AVE. SUPPLIES Extend Hearty Congratulations Phones 8-5137, 8-5138 9 N. 3rd - Opp. Sterick Bld-g. Good Luck. Graduates! , ' "PAY US A VISIT" SINCERE GQQD WISHES TO 6' THE 1945 GRADUATES! 1 "Whore Eating Is A Iewelry Company Pleasure" - H : , , WATCHES DIAMONDS NATIONAL SHIRT k RIVIGIG Golden BIOWII "Out oi High Rent District Ffied Chicken Better Prices Are Available" 1380 IACKSON AVE. Large Assortment of Iewelry Phone 35-2442 l361f2 N. MGIH St. Phone 8-0956 91 South Main Street Greetings To You. Graduats of '45 Compliments Of ' ' A. W. HEUERTZ, 'I' . S M . Hawkins Equipment Co. em me 9' A ACCIDENT ASSOCIATION 1475 Thomas Phone 5-5747 10th Floor sierick Bldg. Compliments of REST WISHES, GRADUATES! BEST WISHES, GRADUATES! ' North Side Cleqners GREER'S Doerr Radio Service Sandwich Shop HARDWARE, SPORTING GOODS ' - H' E' BEAVER' Owner 1037 I k Ph 36 9633 AND PHoNoc.nAPH RECORDS , ' In the Same Location 25 Years ac Son one ' 1078 Breedlove X V 588 N. Second-Phone 8-7047 Phone 5-7632 Congratulations, Gradua'es! Scheffefgtggf Goods MAYME5 We-O-Na Food store 27 ' --We Outfit the Whole Family" Beauty Shoppe Owners: Cctcciolcr 6 Ddnovi . A Our Specialty is Peter's Diamond Fancy Groceries' QUQHIY Meats' A ' ' Brand Shoes for Men, Women 868 Cbgnf' MAYME RRIS 2 Fresh Vegetables r and Childfen 9595 one 8-07 1 FREE DELIVERY Comer Second and Chelsea 4 1042 Chelsea - Phones 8-0658-9 May Success and Happiness Be Best Wishes to Graduates of l945! Yours' Class of '45! Sincere Good Wishes! Q3 " . . ' gl Claridge Repair Shop GEORGE GUNTI GUTHRIE X. E. H. ANTON, Prop. , . -f.. Grocery 6. Market PHARMACY I Y GUS GAINER, Mgr, Foot of Iefferson Phone 5-2124 671 Srrffarans Phone 8-9580 910 Chelsea Phone 8-7404 E nllvrlllvl I """"'"""""""""""' lllllvll I mul nulull 'm..,,,,, E Q A FI Wx f qi-I,4.iKQ5ir4:i.ij Kg vrvl 1 E My ,,. , mpegs .. , nw,-f fy,-1n.r.,,-,mi me JJ' . '.-as f f? HMPF I1 he -' - tr 1 - A R lE'?!E'ff2pB1'vf1., Qlfiwlgah-'fir ,Jia'-15-E-tif-,WiFI'WV it ' 0 1 lfhawsq,!, :mf '-:.f- 1z'wWffi-5,11 Lp,fg,,vwHr':.-N fm ,f:f'Xy15fa,"'fE7luprQF's'-,f-'- -. 1 - ' 4 E5 H, A , A f Q 1 E . vi F 51lQg!'f"i'ff"2rllllqu llllfililllll H p I A 'f' 2,g2ii?:Mr?iff1fi A - - Y ' A F ri' 35 , , , N . fgff,s ? '2'5 ll'-1'iY1g.,m'lt 55 f fl ' 1 ' N Lo S 1 BEST WISHES TO THE 1945 LIBERAL REAL ES TE AN 1:-' '- 1'S':.:,:1.'-1-Q1 Puig. , .f 'Y ei"9"'l' W3 Nil-.'Ib ' ' ' 'EW' 'K' 5'e'i'f,'f1f:-"1-"Q QW" .r- 41 ,,, , , R Sgt -wh 531' 2 E E , , , ,g,,'-Mm N. W -M, ., 1 - .. . vp V . , -, 4 l -.,,15,,nIg. -Q we-C , -E.-"Wi" .Alfie ' , r , ..,r- 1. Q, 1,1111 , 'JW'-xaygw 1 K , 1 - 131, , ,. A, , ,W ,,., . I Q L tl ,Stix .3 In avi, 12:71. K. ,, ,, .A V. I Q Y 1 ,V , V fri nfs- Hou Q5 , - ' - V .y ' ' 2 'Z . ' 11 -' , 'V vm , .15 R . or W 111. ' ' " A -f ' X . , S " J - . . ., K .1 - I - , 'L A'-' lf? fllzf A N 5 Vit ,R I E 3 N - 35 L: 5 . 2 . . - 2 ,. Q . . - .H S 2 5 2 1 ,Q - - 1 I 2 5 2 S : : : E E 5 2 E, S z 3 E z E! 5 , S. it ' 4: 3 E 1 , s 2 7 I :A - "E ,:' ' ,.. Q 1 fi ANN , -.rgdgw 1 f ,u i Q Wal' 1 . H511 ' ' . 5-if 5' " ii? 1 is 5, ,, . aj, I, LH, -3f,51t.,. V 3 ' di My f . H J ',25?fQ'fi, 61316 7151 ev si' ' an fm- ff-'iw ,VN 5 -afwvw. V ' ,. ,- . 44 KLINKE BROS. FIRE, AUTOMOBILE AND GENERAL INSURANCE GRADUATOIN cmssi SAM FORTAS SE FURNISHING COMPANY A P E. H. CRUMP . s e t 1 ' din-fy "EVERYTHING nv H OO 'FAT ,,.,,R,,,mE.. 1 6. C O M P A N Y 1 North Memphis Savings Bank ' Building 1 6-3683 Main at Washington Phone 5-3515 145 N. The South's Largest Direct Writing Insurance Agency "You're Always Welcome" DAIRY PRODUCTS A' ' - Liberty Cash Grocery is No. 25 C'Bucidy" and "Happy" Vannucci. MgrsJ 32 Where Prices Are Right And Merchandise Complete Ask Your Grocer Ol' PHONE 4-2101 "Buy For Less At Liberty" 1065 IACKSON AVENUE For Home Delivery PHONE 24191 GREETINGS TO THE 1945 HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATES! he Stanley's Grocery8a Market Broun NEIGHBOR" I 955 NORTH MANASSAS 5-0864-PHONES-5-0865 ii , 1 f ian-11 Min , . rw:-Ugg e. . .. S,lkw 'HMfMl:E??rg?irg!Qppl'dlKtrxurbouluuunoluinumuIIrlumunuunnmunqnuunu mm. B - E .u ff.,Ei'z",f-1.6-. ', . .,Q45Efrawdgllw-iflviipeflgfyfy:f-nysf-- .mfr .- af . ' V , , w

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