Humes High School - Senior Herald Yearbook (Memphis, TN)

 - Class of 1944

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I S vvvvvvvvv fir wfvl, wf'v'w7v'1fNfNfAVA I I Eg If Nou want the best money can buy I QUALITY PAINTS Superior Brand I I I :I I me Selected Poultry to 'P and, . M Ig CI-EAPER PER GALLON Superior Brand I Eggs 'I BY THE YEAR A I lg I NATIONAL PRODUG I I FARRELL-CALHCUN I CO ' LLIII I I COMPANY l I ' I . 527 N. Front SI. I Phage a 75511 IMPERIAL WALL PAPERS A I Sales Room 22-24 South Second Street E PHONE 8-2211 A I I I I I tl I I I I I 1, A I Your Butcher Sells Superior Brcngd Poultry em Eggs of Can Get I r ,Y . , I P ffxfxfv'n?xfv'w7xfv7r7r7r5r-'v'v'v'v'vi1r'-yy Av-, ,", ,-, ,-, ,- IE 'I Ig PAUSE AND REFRESH 3: I I DRINK... P ii 'Z I 1? 4 f Qlf4.L6" I Quo!-mn uv. 0.9. nn. on. 5 I I I Il - I I 21 IN BOTTLES - jxgxv1LA-AvA-A-1i1i1E-4gAAvA-1i4i4g-15A A A A AA Je A A A A A A A A A - - - v - - - T1klktA-Yjxiw TM 1944 Senior HERALD HUMES i-HGH SCHOGI. MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE DEDICATIQ ik To the boys and girls ot the class ot 1944 who have gone, and to those Who will go into the service of their country, the Staff affectionately dedicates the 1944 SENIOR HERALD. 4 "They have gone from the city, and with them spring has gone trorn the year". A -Pericles MR. D. M. HILLIARD. PRINCIPAL TI-tE PFQIIXICIPAIJS MESSAGE The message from Humes to the Seniors this year is presented by one who labored in the Memphis City Schools almost seventy years ago. "The history of the past holds up to our view, if we will count through all ages, a multitude of the truly great. All of these have arisen through one single path, the only path. ln this path lie self-culture, self-support and love of right, knowledge, and mental action. These things with all other kinds of culture are developed within, they spring from a fountain whose source is within the temple of the soul, made inaccessible to all direct external power, in the child and man alike. The mental structure called education that is to be erected in this secluded place is a life work. lt will be beautiful or ugly, lofty or insignificant, strong or weak, solely according to the character and perseverance of the voluntary effort of the individual soul that dwells therein. Neither love nor pity can directly raise one straw or move a dust of the balance to aid. All that the teachers can do is to stand Without and with wise words and pure example guide and encourage. The Creator Himself encroaches not upon the sacred precincts. However much, therefore of labor and skill may be demanded in the life of the teacher, all may be reduced to two single objects or aims: - First, to present to the pupil proper and adequate inducements, and second, to present proper and sufficient guides to mental action. There can scarcely be a more self-evident proposition to the human mind than that the pupil should be so instructed that he will need less and less of these exterior inducements and guards as he advances and become more and more self-sustaining until at length throughout the work of God and man, without a special teacher, the soul alone shall find sufficient guides, The work of the teacher should gradually cease, but the building within should go on forever." By AARON PICKETT Sup't of Memphis City Schools 1874-1877 Bacon, Mrs. Maria K. ltllllllt HIGH saloon. FCAULT GJ Hilliard, D. M ............. . Richmond, Eleanor ....... -------- A Ssislcmt Prescott, Annie M ..........,.. Warno, Mrs. Margaret H ......... Barnes, Guy B, ,.,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, .,..... S uperintendent Withers, Mrs. Virginia ......... ...............--. 1 Cafe Spencer, Mrs. Mary C .....,.... ------- A Ssisffmf Anderson, Col ..................... --'------------ P - M- S-V Anderson, Corp. loe T ..... Harrison, C. F., Colonel ..,...... . Earabough, Mrs. M. V ............ ........ A TfS1'1C1CII'1C6 Taylor, Mrs. Grace ............ High, Mrs, Harry ,,,,,r,,. ........ P resident P. T. A Nelius, Mrs. E. W ........ --.----Sl-IPDIY Alexander, Virginia Little, Mrs. Ardie Allenworth, Iennie Lochrie, Helen Allmond, Nola Marmann, Elsie V. Aymett, McCallum YWECQUMM WcCain, Elizabeth ' McCleary, Mary T. Boswell, Zula M. Branch, Lila Breckenridge, Mrs. Hortense Tomlinson Brennan, Mrs. I, P. Clark, Evelyn Coats, R. Roy Conyers, Mrs. Katie Belle Elliott, Claire Marie England, Elizabeth Farr, Lilla Mae Fisher, Mary B. Geraghty, Gertrude Gibson, Agnes Hall, Katherine Hiltpold, Walter S. Hurt, Mary E. Iohnson, Susie M. lones, C. C, Keathley, Mrs. Gladys Moffett, N. Louise Moreland, Mrs. C. A. Nichols, Mrs. Odessa Patterson, Iames M. Patton, Lucille Pearce, Loriece Prosgrove, Keathley Reed, Mabel Robinson, Lyde Schilling, Elsa A. Scrivener, Mildred Stephens, Mrs. Iulia S Stickles, Elizabeth Thompson, Margaret Wadley, Rena Walker, Mary Weaks, Louise Westbrooke, Mrs. Fern W Wilford, Aillee Winfield, Sim MISS ELEANOR RICHMON Assistant Principal I I . MR. D. M. I-IILLIARD, Principal MISS ANNIE M. PRESCOTT Secretary A A ,J Li C. I-IUMES I-IIGI-I SCHOOL Page Five e t. .. .et -,,-m,m MF? W I PRESCOTT Cl1mrmf1r1, Bcwrd ot Educfntion MR. E. C. BALL, Superintendent MR. I. M. SMITH Director of Instruction GRADUATES ! A A . . ' 1 S Q, 'Fw ,.,'f zg' F'g 'ff hf.S fa?'- , pie 'e 4552- ' 1 A ,'fk7'!," ,gg 'W ,I ,A f, S. f ff-yy, Q a n M X - L- '- 1115.1 y . 'lf IH, f ffl, f X f A - mm- A --Je-S -A-A-A w i I' 2 l V " ' . , If 'Ln' "1 4 f' N' WIZI1 ,f, Wu 'IH f 'fx N V S, mlji 5 g i' in -V IN 4f ,1!' W ' WT: Q, '- S'-UH V!! :IM ' L L u Nl" t C ' W IAM" Q: 1. A 75 YI ' I 'J TNQ? - fl I N' E11k Q s1V1I 'IM llliv "f M V-Ti f' ' A M 11 -Q lw fff fff44S f f':' I ' 1 w JJ - ' l:i V- I -Ag!fIfl7p VI7lH!'f 451 I - Am 1"- fy W 3 " - Q 's +14 ff, 14- ev Li . I 1 - , ' - I ,f vl- if' '?I7f ,, ff : I i l1y5Q '4-E-L - - W ..'N, 'jp' iliealaxv ir- gf-I Vp - . , SL ww 'HT , -Af i , vi N Vw! I1 "9 Q1 i -i f' ,"5'N'-tt -ta . I I ll fiffsk-74 'u if A L4 In 4 W D 1 A Hg MEM P , Eh, P5 ef - ,' A' Lvfggigif., ,: 4 " YQ: --L J' L v4.1-h,-.f, 4 e Q ",-- - -wg If SSL S4 - fa? xx CLASS CF 1944 Page Seven CLASS UHICERS r Left to right-Floyd Wright, President Oscar Buchanan, Boys' Vice-president Iulia Greer, Girls' Vice-presidentg Herman LaVe-He, Treasurerg Vivian Shofiner, Secretary. Page Eight ,gg PJ U V, ADLER, IEROME SDS-Dish Club., R. O. T. C. three years: member Non-vom. Cluh: Red Cross repre- sentative '43. ALEXAN ER, ERNELIA Z 0. J ALLEN, A ' . Four years math: three years st-ient-eg two years Latin: president of Girl Reserve: '44: secretary of homeroom '42: N. F. I, '44: Student Government '-13: Student Gov- ernment representative '-H: memlier of Girl Reserves '42-4-l. ,el-f'cLZ5 ' ALLNUT, DOROTHY MAY Girl Reserves three years: musit- three years piano: member of Glee Club: two typing: two years shorthand: two years years Latin: member of home hygiene rlassg two years mathematius: three years history: one-year health: one year gym. AUSTIN, GILBERT R. O. T. t'. one year. BAGWELL, GEORGE URQUHART Senior Glee Club four years: senior art one year: typing two years: Student Govern- ment one year: home ef-onomifgs one year: Amerioan history one year: English four years: f-ommerrial arithmetit- one year. BARCUS, LOIS Fifty Club '43-44: Girl Reserves '42: two years algebra: two years shorthand: two years bookkeeping: two years typing: one year sewing: one year r-oolciniq. BARTEE, VERNA MAE R. O. T. C, sponsor '42-43: Senior Girl Re- serves: four years English: two years hook- keeping: two years typing: one year home- making: two years shorthand: one year offii-e prar-tif-e: one year history: one year math.: most r-ourteous girl in Senior Class, '47 ALEXANDER, BESSIE AILEENE Two years vosmetology: 1-onimert-ifil law , two years history. ALSUP, IOLIDA l'lllHllSl'l Your yvzirs: t'UIlllllPl'l'lill foofls, BACIGALUPO, SHIRLEY Ser'retnry in ninth igratle homeroom: short- hanfl '43--H: typing '-I2-44: bookkeeping '42- -lil: Anieriwzin History '-14. BAILEY, NORMA IOYCE Il. ti, T. C. sponsor three years: vheer- leatler two years: vi:-e-president 12-1: lionor Soi-iety: Fifty Club: all r'ommeru-ial -ourse: Recl Vross representative: president ol' Junior lit-tl t'i-oss '-Ill-41: most popular girl in Senior Vlass. D, 4 ' ff' K Four years wood shop: two years general ' t in 1 Q shop: two years inerhanit-al drawing: one 'V X' W, x Aw r yeur bookkeeping: one year lilue print read- , 1 f f f ing: one year li. H, T. ti: period t-hairman if X ,I V: sg J ol xt ofifilipt-item viui.. " me fi' ay' G 'S WV' Page Nine ,ml , 'W , BARTEE, EDNA RUTH Bantl '41-44: rheerleader '43--l-l: Senior Heil Cross treasurer '43--tl: sevretary-treasurer lVorltl Affairs Club '43-44: secretary 9-1 homeroom: member Girl Reserves '41-4.13 Fifty t'lub member: sec-retary-treasurer Hand: English four years: 1'Ol'IlDlE'f6 P0111- rnertial 1-ourse: lflf-'ill girl in Senior Class: llfmtilarity queen 19-l-I. BAXLEY, DOT Three years home etfononiies: two years typing: two years :-nhorthantl: one ye-:ir bookkeeping: one year Latin: one yegti- tn-ig two years Band niemlier, BROOKS, RUSSELL Four years math.: Your years srieyitteg two YHKIN ll. U. T. V.: 19-lil summer st-hool ill Tet-h. Senior Girl ltr-serves: typini: two yenr:-I: BRENTS, DARREL EVERETTE Football three years: Honor Society '43-4-1: Captain R. O. T. C.: member of "H" Club: representatiye Volunteer Boys State '43: vii,-e-president home room T-S-9-10-11-12: four years math.: two years soient-eg enter- tainment 4-ommittee: best all around boy in Senior Class. BELCH, GLADYS MARIE Typing two years: rosnietology two years: Girl Reserves. BLOCKMAN, NATHAN Three years history: four years English: two years math.: two years R, O. T. C. one year physit-s BOGUE, MARY CHRISTINE Fifty ijluli '42-44: Set-retary Caesar Clul- '42-43: National Honor Soi-iety '43--ll: Iwo years Latin: two years bookkeeping: IXY-,i years shorthand: two years typing. BOZOE, ROSALEE lfitty Clul- '43-H: two years Spanish: too years shorthand: Iwo years typing: to o years honie erunonii-'sg one year aleei-ni: one year Atneri-'an History. BROWN, DOROTHY MAE Ilonop soriety Will: four years math.: two years s-'ieni-eg treasurer se-'ond year Span- ish: tno years gym: Senior Girl Reserves: Stuilent Goyertiiiieiit Monitor two years: niost ambitious girl in Senior Class. BROOKS, I. D. English four years: nootlshoti three years: two years III. tl T, mf: history, COYLE, IOSEPHINE Four years English: senior Girl Reserves one year history. BREEDEN, NORMA GRACE Honor So'-iety '43-4-I: R. 0. T. '-ll-42: National 1-'orensir League' ltepresentatiye tW0 5'G'ilI'S2 YiC'9- spnnish Ulub '42--13: 12-1 seeretary. BILLINGS, OLLIE MAE Four years or English: two years math.: two years of bookkeeping: two years of' shorthand: two years of gym. -v .. Q73- f ,Q sry. : . t I f f- tt: .s et. X . 33" .mg , t I ,S ss? i sT??'Q Page Ten BLAKE, MILDRED LOUISE Fifty Club '43-44: set-retary Caesar Cluh A21 two years Latin: two years typing: two years shorthand: XVest Tennessee Latin Tournament 42. BRADSHAW, GEORGE WILLIAM Student Government '41-42: four years niath.: too years Latin: two years st-Ie-nee: Tliespians: two years speevh: member R. O. T. C. Band six years: sergeant-at-arms Thespian Club: Moving picture operator two years: Captain R. O. T. C. Band HH. BROWN, BEVERLY tesrtiani Caesar Club '41-42: three years Z ee Vluli: student G--irei'iiiite1it '43-44: Art iflnli '43-44. CARLETON, ANN IETER I-lonierooni Representative Student Govern- ment: math. two years: i-ommercial foods two years: tailoring one year Glee Club: history two years: Art one year. CARMEN, MARCELLA Glee Club three years: hand three years: algebra one year: home making two years: reporter one year: tailoring. BROWN, MANUEL Three and one-half years math.: four years English: two years Spanish: two years st-ient-e: 1943 Summer Si-honl at Teoh: two years ll. Fi, T, C, 1 Y rh 'Q' CARTER, THELMA Secretary ninth grade: Senior Girl Re- serves '41-42: Red Cross Representative '40- 41. BUCHANAN, OSCAR EARL Football '41-44: prep boxing champions '41- 44: vice president Senior Class: most popu lar boy in Senior Class: most athletic bo, in Senior Class. COLE, SYLVIA COZETTE English four years: shorthand two years! typing two years: Treasurer of Honor So- ciety: R. O. T. C. Sponsor '44: commeri-ial foods one year: Ameritan History: sc-ieLi-ge and biology two years: Fifty Club '-H. DAVIS, VIRGINIA IAUNELLE Secretary of 1-osmetology '43: two years Cosmetology: one year typing: speech two years: tailoring one year: sewing one year: English four years: history two years: Glee Club one year. DAVIS, MARILYN English four years: typing two years: cosmetology two years: home making two years: history two years: speef-h one year: math one year: president of Cosmetology 1-lass '-l3: nominating vommittee for Senior Class Offiwers: Senior Girl Reserves. CRAIN, IOHN BOGAN "H" Club '43-44: offif,-er R. O, T. C.: foot- ball '43: Sabre Vluh '43-4-l: Hume: pre- flight Club '42-43: most cultured boy in Senior Class: best poised boy in Senior Class. DURBIN, MARY LOUISE Four years English: two years Spanish: two years algebra: two years typing: two years shorthand: one year office pravtif-e: one year American History. DAWSON, RUSSE i Four years w d , four ye rg. 'toryi three yea . T. C.: C in ' 3-443 President Sal Club: tv , ears Gen ral Sho - 'de 12- eroom: ,, ent Go 'nme '-l 44: tball '43, i:xZMale Sh tw yea s: member in, 'ood- c-ker Club: versati b n Senior Class: sw t 4 boy in S r ss: Friend- lie boy Senior Clas ' I . I gf? i fx + x Y Page Eleven CAMPBELL, MARY IANE Two years typing: two years shorthand: two years sewing: Student Government '42- 43: four years English: one year Com- mervial math. CLAPP, BEULAN ESTELLE Student Government: English four years: speevh two years: typing two years: com- mercial foods one year: office prar-tite: history: sf-ienr'e and biology two years. CRAWFORD, DOROTHY LUCILLE Two years Latin: two years speech: com- plete commerr-ial vourse '4-1: Treasurer of Student Government '44: R. O. T. C, '42- 441 Girl Reserves '44: secretary of Thesp.- BTISZ Vive president of ninth grade home- room: best all-around girl in Senior Class. COFFEY, COLLEEN Four years English: three years math.: three years history: two years Latin: two years typing: Red Cross Representative '42-43: Caesar Club '42, CASSIDY, IOHNNY Four years English: four years shop: one year math.: two years science: two years R. O. T. C.: one year American history. DEVINY, BETTY ' Four years English: two years Typing: two years bookkeeping: one year stenographer: one year office prac-tif-e: tw.o years home making: one year speevh: happiest girl in Senior Class: wittiest girl in Senior Class. DOZIER, CHRISTINE Two years typing: half year Commercial foods: one year c-ivif-s: two years home making: one year shorthand: one year Anierif-an History: one year vornmercial arithmetic: one year algebra. DAVIS, IUANITA Summer St-hool at Tech 'l3: Fifty Club: home ewoiioniif.-s two year: Girl Reserves two years: two years typingL two years shorthand, EDWARDS, KATHRYN TWO YGBVS algebrfil four years English: two years bookkeeping: two years shorthand: two years typing: two years history: one YPHI' lllLlSl1'j Girl Reserves. EVENSKY, LAVERNE DORIS Red Cross Representative: two years short. halldl two years lylling: Girls Reserves: llW0 yeiirs algebra: two years Spanish: f0U1' years English: one year ofriee prav- tioei two years history: one year spee.-11, PELDMAN, ANNETTE l"our yt-ars homo em-ononiit-sg two years typing: one year shorthand: two years algebra: t-ivit-s and American llistory: tour years English. FREEDMAN, NANCY LEE Four years science: four years English: three years history: one year commeri,-ial foods: one year tailoring: one year algebra: two years gym, FITE, CHARLES President of Honor Society '43-44: Latin tournament '40: Lt. in R. O, T. C.: Sabre Club '42-44: treasurer Caesar Club '41--12: Four years math.: two years advanved drafting: three years R, O. T. C.: most business-like boy in Senior Class. FORCE, VIRGINIA EDNA Student Government: English four years: speech two years: typing two years: com- mercial foods one year: office practice: history: srienre and biology two years, GIPSON, HELEN EUNICE Two years typing: one year riyirsi two years history: one year f'ommerr:ial foods: one year tailoring: two years Glee Ciuh: two and one-half years gym: Girl Iiieseryes two years: one year General S1-ienre: tour years English. GRAHAM, RUBYE MARIE l-'our years English: two years typing: two years bookkeeping: two years home ero- nomit-s: two years gym. .gang Wav' Page Twelve DAY, DOUGLAS, IR. Two years football: two years basketball: one year wrestling: secretary of H Clubgi Non-Comnilssioned offlt-or one year: three years sriottvo. EPINETTE, HAZEL Il. O, T. G. Sponsor Hitt: tour years English: one year history: best poised girl in Senior Class: most vharming girl in Senior Class. FLOWERS, TILFORD In Service. FLEISCHER, HARRIETTE Cosmetology: rommeruial foods: tailoring: f-ivit-sg one year math.: two years home making: one year history. FREDRICKS ON, IUNE Fifty Club: four years English: one year history. FITZZGERALD, IOE Four years math.: two years Latin: four years history: three years R. O. T. C.: Captain in R. O. T. C. '43-44: football three years: BOYS' Vic-e president of Student Government: in the service, FERGUSON, IANIE 1943 Summer School at Tech: Fifty Club: two years shorthand: one and one-half years hookkeepiug: one year offive ma.- t-hines. GWALTNEY, BETTIE E. Fifty Club: Senior Girl Reserves: four years sig-ient-e: two years science: two' years alge- hra: tianver with sr-hool orchestra. L ,ye ts 141 v...g at F ,P if ft Vi 55 'hr . fl 5 xl si :ti ol v :Q -1 w f if wid GRIMES, DOUGLAS Most r-ourteous boy in Senior Class: Sabre Club: Honor sowiety: Captain in R. O. T. V. HUGHES, CORDIE LYNN Vice-president of Honor Society '43-44: Girl Reserves '43-44: 1943 Summer School at Ter-h: four years English: two years typing: two years home ec-onomivs: two years shorthand: two years gym: office :war-tit-e. GREGORY, GRIFFIN DURWOOD Four years shop: four years nglish: three years History: two years soie : two years R. O. T. C.: :Que year m h HOUSTON, BETTY IEAN Two years shorthand : two years typing: two years bookkeeping: one year office practice: two years home niaking: four years English: gym: one year musir-: Amerivan History. IIIGH, HARRY Three years shop, basketball '42--lil: two years si-ienreg Humes Pre-Flight Club: two years R, H. 'l'. 1'.: four years math, 1 IIUDGINS, ARY LOU 0 Pif ' Cl , Girl t rves: Gl ,lub three- ye . S t G 'ninent o years: two , sho ant three rs math.: two ars ho ron rie dliest girl in f ior Pl . . HENDERSON, REBECCA ROSE Four years English: one-half year vom- rnerf-ial foods: three years Glee Cluh: two years typing: one year tailoring: one year Modern History: one year Amerii-an His- tory: two yr-:ers ECYITL HUDSON, ELIZABETH ANN One and one-half years cooking: one-half year sewfng: one and one-half years tailor- ing: two years typing: two years bookkeep- ing: commeroial law: f-ommercial math. f f ,fn 7 .. , M W ,. . e wwf , of , ff' V. ,K ,ffm 2? lg, , M.,- f 4 -ig , I agp, ' I J" J 'G I 2 . Wfih if .A ff' f-fi , Q ' ,WJ , A ,ff figa , 5 1 Ngo ,,:,,.. 7 5 A,QQ 1 95 ,.i and .4 N , . Q ' f , I f rw ' Page Thirteen GREER, IULIA Typing two years: English four years: Glee Club one year: R. U, T. C. Sponsor '43: 11-G treasurer: general science: civies: girls' vit-e president of Senior Class: Ameri- van History one year: tailoring one year: most talented glrl in Senior Class: most surf-essful girl in Senior Class: most musical girl in Senior Class. HISKY, SHIRLEY KATHERINE Vosmetology 1500 hours: art three years: algebra: sneer-h: president of homeroom '42-43. GOODWIN, THOMAS Seven years shop: Smith Hughes Certifi- vate: one year economic geography: one year Civics: one year Amerir-an History: four years English: one year typing: one and one-half years R, O. T. C.: one year ge-iieral math. HOUSTON, BETTY IEAN Fifty Club: two years typing: two years shorthand: one year offive praf-tice: one Neal' Speerh: one year vivics: one year American History: two years 4'-ommerf-ial foods: two years hookkeeping: one year algebra, HIGDON, WALTER THOMAS Six and one-half years shop: two years ll. O., T, C.: three years history: four years English, HOLT, MARGARET ANNE HNOVB' KWO years: typing one year: sf.-it-nog IW-0 Q'92l'S: home e--onomic-s three years: tailoring' one year: Senior Art one year: :XIII UNO 3'Pf1l'S: Girl Reserves. HOLT, CLARENCE In Se-ryioe. HOUSTON, R. L. In Servir-e. IOLLY, FREDA IEAN Honor Soriety '43--H: Girls' vit-e President of Student Government '43-44: Herald Staff '41-44: Fifty Club: N. F, L. '42-44: Speevh Convention at Nashville '43-44: T. I, L. L. Convention H133 Caesar Club '41-42: on rom- mittee of the Student Youth Council: Latin Tournament in Nashville '-12: D. A. R. Representative '44: most outstanding girl in Senior Class Class. IOHNSON, IEAN Red Cross Representative in 12th grate: two years Latin, two years Glee Club: three years history: most athletit' girl in Senior Class. KOLIVAS, MARY 'Three yeurs stenographyand offit-e prat-ti e: two years typing: two years economies: two yenrs speet-h: Senior Class Play '42- 43: vit-e president of Thespians Honorary Soi-iety: Girl Reserves three years: Student Government Representative tenth grade: National lforensit- League '43-44. KAPLAN, IACK Four years English: four years shop: two years math.: two years R. O. T. C.: speerhi 1943 Summer St-hool at Terh: KATZ, FREIDA Honor Soi-iety: Cir-ero Club '-14: Virgil Cluh '43: Caesar Cluh '-12: Orchestra three years: Fifty Vluh: most studious girl in Senior Class. KELLY, MARY EMMA Honor Soi-iety '43-44: Girl Reserves three years: Student Government one year: hand and ort-hestra three years: Glee Club one year: math three years: Spanish two years: history two years: chemistry one yearl home making one year: physii-al edu:-ation two years. LANIER, VIRGINIA Two years home et-onomit-s: two years typing: two years shorthand: two years algebra: st-it-in-eg biology: 4-hemistry. LEVITCI-I, MYRTLE Two years vosmetologyl two years typing: two years algebra: three years history: two years IJhj'SlI'Hl eclui-ation: one year home making. JOYCE, IOI-IN KIMBLE History four years: boxing team three years: bun tl two yen rs. i Qs 'te I gk 2' . sf t .A st .,, s- ,Tx K 1 N x Q, x iv- G y Ri '1- .Q 5, I i - ,fm t 7 -I i K ' 1 'I 'X I b Y '93 V - qw' it i f 1:7 A1 4 Y L. ' , Q- 4213+ if pilot' IENNINGS, HELEN Two years typing: one year shorthand: one year office prat-tive: one year Civics: one year American History: two years book- keeping: one year algebra: one year com- mercial arithmetic-: one year commrciial law: one year biology! one year general st-ienm-e. IETT, IACQUELINE Spanish Club two years: International Re- lations: Ameriwan History: Gym: Speer-h. KLINE, FLORENCE Latin two years: biology: Chemistry: phys- ics: algebra two years: speech: Red Cross Representative '39-41: Latin Tournament '-il: typing one year: commercial law: physical edut-ation two years. LAVELLE, I-IERMAN Treasurer of Senior Class: tallest boy in Senior Class: most t-harming hoy in Senior t'lass. LEWIS, NORMA Comniert-ial t-ourse: two years on Student Government: vive president of History Club: Treasurer of English Club ninth BTHGGZ Fifty Club: most attractive girl in Senior Class. LADD, GLORIA Senior Girl Reserves '43--i-l: Caesar Cluh '-i1-42. . . KAPLANHERMANIACOB 1 5 :af .l 'i '-.fgf I Honor Society: vit-e president of the Senior Q N ' 5 Ret? Cross: vice president of N. F, L.: l " - ,5 , 'E A off cer in R. O. T. C.: Sabre Club: four ' if wg" A W' years science: most studious boy in Senior , . 1 K Q t , Class.: best read boy in Senior Class: most 3 . lie.. X , intelligent boy in Senior Class, ' fi' U - :. ,, ,jg Page Fourteen MCCULLOUGI-I, IEAN ANN Honor Society '43-443 vit-e president gf Stu- dent Government '42-43: Herald Staff '41- 44: Fifty Club '43-44: homeroom officer '40-44: Thespian '42-44: Thespian Tourna- ment at Jonesboro '43: Red Cross Rep!-Q. , sentative '40-43: committee of the Student Youth Council. MAYNARD, FRANCES Senior Girl Reserves: 1-osmetology: four years English: one year history. MADDEN, ANNIE PAULINE Three years home nxakingp two years al- gebra: two years typing: biology and chemistry: chairman of sunshine I-ommittee, MAY, IMOGENE Honor Society '43-44: 1943 Summer School at Teth: L. L1 l-lumes Award '42: three years history. MILLER, MARGARET English four years: two years algebra: two years home economics: two years his- tory: two years typing: two years short- hand: two years bookkeeping: two years Fifty Club: sweetest girl in Senior Class. MILTON, CLIFTON Football '40-43: Captain Football '-112: bask- etball '41--12: H Club '41-43: li. O. T, C. two years. MULHOLLAND, DOROTHY Two years typing: Fifty Club: Girl Re- serves: one year history: one year vom- merrial law: one year shorthand: one year hooklceping. MARTIN, MARIORIE Two years home er-onomics: Girl Reserves. W tw 4 ' , V.,I i iffy If! 4 32? ,, .. ,,,,9..f,v,.:.fmig4- f ff j az, x fit? 3- jrf .Y IL I I ,xx an ' I l , E I ziggy .V if if .W , . . ,.,. A f i f Z ar ' og 1 , f 1 I ,It ivy fi , " f QI, 4' , I f, " w.-ferfvfziff . , ,, , X 1 i M ,f L ff , 4, ,. i:.. 2' . EQ... , P 9 Page Fifteen I MCKENZIE, THOMAS Herald Staff '41-443 English four years: history one year. McGEE, LEAI-I I-IELEN Four years English: two years typing: two years bookkeeping: two years stenographyg Il, U. T, V. Sponsor '4fi. MAXEY, MORRIS MOSELEY, IEAN 19-I3 Summer School at Tet-h: January Graduating Class: radio 1-lass in Memphis Vocational School: Tailoring Class: math? si,-ienr-e. MEYERS, MORRIS E, Sunshine boy in Senior Class. MATHER, LUCILLE Four years English: two years history: tour years home 94'OIl0fHlf'SQ two years typ- ing: one year shorthand: two years gym: one year musifx MITCHELL, ORVILLE Pre-flight Course: four years English: one year history. MAY, BETTY IANE Bookkeeping two years: typing two yetrs Give Vluh three veirs: English four yefus o milking nes -5 eommer ial foods 1 yearg b twry ' sg typing' 'o yearsg 0 pr tt ice 0 ear. W ti PIKE, STANLEY Four years English, four years shop: three years historyg two years R. O. T. C.: two years math. POWERS, IANE Member ol' Fifty Club: Girl Reserves '-l3- -l-lg two years shorthand: two years QXIIIQ office prat-tice. PINNER, BUFORD ALBERT President 12-43 History four yearsg Glee Vlulw four yearsg bookkeeping three years: "ll" Cluh two yearsg basketball manager two yearsg English four years. ROBERTSON, MARY LOUISE Uommeri-ial f-ourseg Fifty tjlubg Honor So- vietyg Red Gross in tenth gradeg L. C. Humes Award ninth gradeg sei-retary ol' ninth gradeg most przustival girl in Senior Vlass. ROBERTS, LAWRENCE MORGAN Four years sf-ienr-eg four years rnttlr: 19423 Summer Sihool at Ter-h. RAMSEGER, IMOGENE Student Government '-I0-41: Girl Reaerves '39-40g tailoring one and one half years: ei-nnomiv geography: bookkeeping two years, typing one yearg vmnniert,-ial law. REITZ, MARTHA LOUISE Girl's vim- president of 12-lg sponsor in 1-Q, O, T. C, '-133 wheerleatier '43-443 Refi Cross I-:epresentntive '42. V, ,L I 5 I I X X- : . t .i E 3 A '1 i 1 Q, t N 3 ,. i S . wg I X 1 is A 'X G Nu' 1 X Q 5 V s f X t I X in Q, . , W - X X X ,, X Q I f W 1 ' 1- , -' Q . A -rm' ss , ' 4 f M, -, K 7 9 ,,, - eng. -,f 3 v fy? N ' Q . I I w t y t t . 1 l S I i ff H I , lt, , , ,MM ,,, , 1 -f-if . 5 , W. 'awww 4 Wg .. E:-1 i I i I ff f'f, M . M f S ft t .. I . - " we I :Is ' 5 F Ml 3. I aw? ly, A' i9f's:,. ,ft - I fm, . I at Q ,W A I Lag: .., 1 W , J , , .., .-,' .,w.1,e be-v,, My M Page Sixteen NIXON, FRANCES . Four years Enpxlishg twn years shorthandg two years typing: one year offire praeticeg two years gyni: lied Cross Representative 'tllg homeroom Ile-presentative l'0r bonds :incl stumpsg treasurer of homeroom '-12. PARDON, EARL 1 1 Cheerleader '41-42-43-443 art four years: vice president of 12-4- homeroom: Male Beauty for the Senior High '43-44: most artistic hoy in Senior Class. ' Club: one yearg two years ? PRICE, IAMES 1943 Summer Svhool at Tech: president 12-1 homeroom: three and one-half years math.: four years Englishg four years shopg two years Spanishg one year music, PULLIAM, ANN Three yeHrS sfie-nt-ez twn years Latin: two YEPITS typing: four years historyg Red Cross ltepresentative '42-435 Student Gov- ernment Representative '43-445 one year toniniert-ial foods: two yeays gym: Sun- shine girl in St-nior Class, REAGAN, IOSEPI-I ADAM R. .0. T. C. Non-Fonnnissioned. Officer: boxing team. NICHOLAS, IOYCE Ileralcl Staff '40--Hg Fifty Club '43-44: IIWSIHHII L42-449 Speef-h convention Nash- iille N. In L. '42g Thespian Tournament -IJ: l-lomeroom Officer '40-445 Student Gov- ernment '41-42. MURPHY, PAUL LESLIE III ROSENBERG, LEAI-I GERTRUDE Cadet Captain R. O. T. C. Sponsor '42-43: 1943 Summer School at Tech: four years English: three years Latin: two years al- gebra: two years typing: Girl Reserves '42- 43. REED, DORIS LOUISE President of Cicero Club '43-44: l-lonor Society: Treasurer Virgil Cluh '42--13: Vit-e President Caesar Club '41-42: Latin Tourna- ment '40-41: four years Latin: three years math.: three years history: two years science: one year typing: Honor Lunt-lieon four years, RIGGIN, CECIL Four years math: three years stfienve: 1943 Summer Sc-hool at Tet-h: National Honor Society: two years Spanish: lionierooni treasurer: two years R. O. T, C, SAPERSTEIN, MATILDA Fifty Club: two years bookkeeping: tivo years shorthand: two years typing: one year office practice: one year Speer-11: 1o,.i- years English: American History. SALLER, MAX Cadet 1st Lt.: five years R. O. T. C. Band: class room reporter of 12-5: member ot Sabre Club: Fifty Club: Student Govern- ment Moniter: vice president ninth grade homeroom: music department four years: most ambitious boy in Senior Class: most talented boy in Senior tjiass: niost ntusitfal boy in Senior Class. STRAUSS, MIKE In Servir-e, SCOTT, MAXINE Threb years sf'ien1"e: two years history: one year r-iviws: one year comme:-vial foods: two years Red Cross Representative: art two years: two years algelira. SKELTON, MARY ALICE Four years Latin: four years English: three years history: three years math: two years sr-ienr-e: vie-e president of Caesar Club? Serretary Cirero Club: Red Cross Relil'P' sentative 1938-39: L, C. Humes Award '41: most intelligent girl in Senior C'ass. f f y. Y :fi if' ,:,,,,,ma rw. -' 22,5 .- ' . I N, f s '-I emma . . 1 Var W i if f ' ' 'Lea-zftt .. : f , fl y: , I f JL , f 1 ZW? Q ' Y' :Nh if ' -R . ' f s 4 f We 4, 3 ' 1 J .W 3 X, 4 .A ,Z f , f V f 1 f ff X , 3 A , I 3 ' i f f f iw W ,- V af : f. 54 je S -MT I tx , ' 3 -. I K i -Ati? i .Nike--,. , t as 7 New ., ' - .. .- Page Seventeen - ROONEY, BETTY Honor Soi-iety '43: four years math: two years pfsf,-ienge: four years history: Latin Tournament' '-40: President Caesar Club '39-40: secretary treasurer of 12-4 home- room Girl Reserve reporter '-13: Girl Re- serve 'ounr-il president '43-44: Honorary Cadet Major '43-44, RODGERS, EDDIE Math three years: English four years: shop six years: history three years: R. 0. T. C, two years: musir' one year, RUSSUM, ELEANOR RUTH Student Government Representative '41-42: Red Cross Representative '41-42: Girl Re- serves '41-42: Cosmetology Club two years: typing two years: best looking girl in Senior Class: hest groomed girl in Senior Class, SALLER, GLORIA Red Cross Representative: Student Govern- ment Representative: Photoplay Club: four years English: two years typing: two years bookkeeping: two years shorthand: office practit-e, w L A SUMMERS, MARGUERITE Three years math: three years scienwe: two years home et-onomivs: two years Latin: two years history: four years Girl Reserves. STOWERS, SUNSHINE Fifty Club: two years typing: two years shorthand: two years bookkeeping: two years math: two years home et-onomirj-s: two years history: one year soienr-e, SI-IOEENER, VIVIAN Two years algebra: two years Spanish: tour years Art: National Forensir- League: Secretary National I-lqnor Society: Girls' vice President of 12-5 homeroom: Sertretary of Senior Class: President of Art Class: most artistic' girl in Senior Plass: Herald Staff Artist. ROBINSON, ROSEMARY Fifty Club '42-4-l: tour years English: two years typing: two years bookkeeping: two years shorthand: one year r-osmetology: Senior Girl Reserves: nominating 1'0l1ll'lliIliP tor Senior Floss otfiwers: two years home- making. SLATER, IACK Four years English: three years math: three years srienre: two years history: two years Spanish: eiyif-sg Red Cross Rep- resentative two years. SMITH, BETTY IANE One year rivit-s: one year Anieriran ll.s- tory: International relations: 4-ommerrial foods: cooking: 'one year general swienre: one year biology: one year 1-hemistry: one year bookkeeping: two years typing. TEMPLE, ELIZABETH IEAN Four years si-ient-e: tour years math: four years history! Senior Girl Reserves: lied Cross Representative four years: ninth grade elass offirer: twelfth grade 1-hairman oi' War Bond Count-il: Honor Banquet lll,ll' years: perfevt attendanwe three years! president home room '-tl: 1-lass offit-er 1'iye years: most reliable girl in Senior Vlass: most patriotic' girl in Senior Class, TENENBAUM, SYLVIA RENA l-'our years English: three years history: two years typing: two years bookkeeping: one year shorthand: one year offive prac- tire: two years 1101119 making: one-half year 1-ommeri-ial law: president ot' history 1-lass. THORNLEY, MARY B. Algebra two years: Latin two years: l.o:i1e eronomivs two years: Student Governnieit '43-44: Red t'ross Representative 'Lila-12' Band '41-42: Student Library Assistant '41- 44: i-iyi--s. WAGERMAN, IEANETTE 1943 Summer Si-hool at Tevh: Junior Girl Reserves: Fifty Club: Caesar Club: Heil Cross representative of 11-3: four years English: three years Latin: two years al- gebra: two years history. WALKER, SHIRLEY MARIE 1943 Summer S1-bool t'lass: January rlrailu- ating t'lass: Latin Ulub: Photoplay t'lub: three years sv-ierii-e: three years math, SIMI, MARGARET 1943 Summer Sf-hool at Te:-h: three years home ei-onomii-s: two years shorthand: two years typing: four years English: two years gym. l t l NWN ,V .3 .1 ,, by, A I We 'V 'mr Wx, S L . ,tiz 4 , -....t..ti..,L -, at 7 O - Page Eighteen 'ei is e Il SHIPMAN,LORRAINE ' tllrl lit-serves 'Ili-l-40: l'tlllll'llPl't'ltl.l 4-nurse, speet-li '41-Al... TALBOT, FRANK Four years English: four years shop: two years math: two years history: one anfl one-half years R, O. T. C.: one year sc-ienfe: one-half year international relations: hap- piest boy in Senior Class, SHOOK, DOROTHY Four years English: three years history: three years bookkeeping: two years typ- ing: two years Glee Club: two years sew- ing: two years gym: shortest girl in Senior Class. TENENBAUM, HELEN Four years English: three years history: tw-o years typing: two years bookkeeping: two years sewing: one year shorthand: one year 1-ommerc-ial law: two years music-: tivo years math: treasurer of history t-lass. THOMAS, WILLIE MAE English four years: history three years: Latin two years: algehra two years: gym two years: home evonomirs two years: treasurer of Junior Certification Class: personality girl in Senior Class. TATE, MARGIE Three years history: two years cosmetolo- HN! four years English: two years home et-ouomies: two years gym. TURNER, EUGENE Four years math: two years Latin: two YPHFS Spanish: Business Manager of Herald '43-44: president Spanish I Club: four years English: three years history: moving pir- ture operator two years: most praetieal boy in Senior Class. STERLING, MARGARET Three years band and theory: two years typing: one year st-ienre and biology: one year tailoring: one year 4-ooltlng: one year history: two years Glee Club: 1943 Summer Hr-hool at Tet-li. WEBBER, HAROLD President of Thespians: member of N. F. L.: Cadet Captain in R. O. T. C.: Speefh work. WATTS, MARTHA ELLOUISE Two years Girl Reserves '43-44: two years bookkeeping: two years typing: four years home eononiits: one year algebra: one year eivir-s. WILLIAMS, IOYCE Three years Glee Club, three years in orchestra: three years history: president Fifty Club: ser-retary Student Government: serretary 12-5 homeroom: four years Eng- lish: cheerleader: Red Cross representative: sponsor two years: most versatile girl in Senior Class. WATERS, IUN E ELISE Honor Society '43-44: Senior girl Reserves '43-44: Fifty Club '42-44: Caesar Club '41- 42: West Tennessee Latin Tournament '41- 42: State Latin Tournament. WILLIAMS, ROBERT C. Football '41-44: Boxing two years: XVrest- ling two years: president "H" Club: presi- dent Student Government: Cadet Lieutenant Colonel R. O. T. C.: president VVorld Affairs Club: president homeroom ninth and eleventh grades: winner Sons of Amerir-an Revolution medal: winner in 1-ity Kno-kout Drill R. O. T. C.: Representative Boys State '-f3: most reliable boy in Senior Class: most sunt-essful boy in Senior Class: most outstanding boy in Senior Class. WALKER, CLARICE Four years English: two years homemalcing: one year Civics: one year eeonomir' geogra- phy: two years history: two years short- hand: two years typing: one year office practice. WILLIAMS, NANCY Four years English: one year history, WRIGHT, EARLIN E Vice-president Girl Reserves: 1943 summer school at Tech: radio course in Memphis Vocational School: three years science. Y.. re: . C V v 5 r l i i l x 5 l l . i ir . 4 - O x: K I w I l I , ...eil-" f. gf - Q .Z , , .. ft 5 ' . var' i 1 - Q E-S ' ,L t , Page Nineteen TAYLOR, LOUISE Honor S01-iety '43--li: Herald Staff '42-44: treasurer 12-5 homeroom: Fifty Club '42- 44: Senior Girl Reserves '42-44: Photoplay tjlub '42-44: se:-retary eleventh grade home- room: honor banquet three years: two years typing: two years bookkeeping: 111051 businesslike Girl in Senior Class. WAINMAN, E C Edi r erald '43-44: Historian Honor ife '4 44: preside National Forensic e ' 49 ent reporter to Press- f.-imitar :winner T. I. . . Wes T firls' original r 3: se ' ' s N. F. L. distri ' - or uncheon six years: S n tourna- ment '-ll: news editor d '42-43: Girl Reserves: most culture girl in Senior Class: best read girl in Se or Class. WILLIAMS, IACK Four years math: two years R. O. T, C.: one year history. WHITE, DOROTHY Two years bookkeeping: two years typing: two years shorthand: one year office prac- tice: two years algebra. WRIGHT, FLOYD PARRISI-I President Senior Class: three years wheel'- leader: three years basketball: Sadet First Lieutenant R. O. T. C.: Jim Quinn drill platoon two years: ser-retary Sabre Club: vii-e-vhairman Art Club: Buddy in play "Buddy Buys An Ort-hid": sports writer on Herald Staff three years: Youth Service llrganization Voniinittee: ideal boy in Senior Class: most attrawtive boy in Senior Class. WRAY, BETTYE Vit-e-president Fifty Club: two years Band: one year gr:-hestra: Girl Reserves '-14: two years math: two years typing: two years shorthand: two years st-ienf-e: one year history. YORK, TED , . W1 " I7 , 1" is ' t iw-ogg of mtn-ae-sgff R. o. T. C. nd two years: first t-larinetist , Orches- trapfpersonaltty boy in Senior Class: best lool ing bo' in Senior .lx-iss. .. , . 52- Vxr,,j,li.,Qi 'J .- fi. fbi: 1 I ' . A I , ,-4 YOUNG, IAMES HARRY Four years wood shop: two years general shop: three years R. O. T. C.: four years history: Cadet Major R. O. T. C. '43-44: rifle team '43--ii: member city wide Jim Quinn Platoon '41-42: vit-e-president period five history: prosevuting attorney XVood- per-lters Club: Red Cross representative '41- 44: wittiest boy in Senior Class: best groomed boy in Senior Class. ZELLNER, IESSE , Four years math: Hunor Sur-it-ty '43-4-l: ' one year 1i11yS11'SQ 1911! Summer Sw-haul ill , K Teuhp three ye-nrs band: two years Spanish, " Kg: ,Q 1 XE m y-1 X .. X .q gk X Y F X NN X 1 X ' 2. X 1 f 91 1 X X PATZSCH, WALTER 1 English four years: H ist Ury three x vu 1-sg H. O. T. C. twu years: three years mmhg one year physics: txvu yr--xrs shun: with the Marines in the South Pau-iI'i.-A ,- 13-ix BAUCUIVI, IIMMY A F? '.. .nl ff, fi Q .-.- 1 SANIDAS, GEORGE President ul' lhe- Senior Red Cross: 1943 Summer S1-huol ul Tevhi four years mifthg UH, X-gays ll, U. T. tj.: four years Ellgllhfllj one veal- lxisluryl United States Navi'- 12-1 12-2 123 IENNIE ALLENSWORTH GERTRUDE GERAGHTY ELIZABETH MCCAIN 12-4 12-5 C. C. IONES MILDRED SCRIVENER Page Twenty Greetings From Humes l5.T.fAX.l3resident Students, Faculty and P. T. A. ot Humes l-ligh School, l bring you greetings. The past two years ot my lite have been very pleasant ones. Serving as your President has been one ot the greatest privileges that it has ever been my pleasure to enjoy. Your cooperation and understanding have been the factors which have made this true. My every dream and aspiration has been made true by your help ant faithfulness. P . . h To the l944 Graduates-May you practice the lessons you have learned in l-lurnes High School and always carry the colors of your country and your school high. MRS. HARRY HIGH Senior Class Officers .fra If f 7,94 K5 x 3 W FLOYD WRIGHT ...........i.......i............................................i............................,.,.............,...... President JULIA GREER ................. ....i...... G iris' Vice President OSCAR BUCHANAN .,..... VIVIAN SHOFFNER ........ HERMAN LAVELLE ...i. ,.,.......Boys' Vice President ...Secretary ..,.......Treasurer SENICDR CLASS HISTCDRY The class of '44. lust another graduating class. Although this is not the first class to graduate during this world conflict, it is the first real war class. For several reasons it can be called that. First, its number has been decreased greatly, second, every boy and many girls are planning to go into the United States Service, a number of boys have already been drafted from the classroom. Here is a class that has gone through all the years of school together. They've looked forward to the parties, dances, class-days, and what goes to make up a senior school year in normal times. But, just when these dreams were about to be realized, the call to war took many members of the class. lt also took away many of the things that have always symbolized a senior year. The purpose of the class was turned from one of personal desires and likes, and turned toward one of unified purpose to do its part individually and collectively, to get the war over, and to get the old world straightened out, so that the boys and girls could step into a peaceful and promis- ing future. The class of '44 is really two classes in one. ln lune of '43 twenty members of this class began their senior year, by taking the first half of the work at Tech High in the summer school. This summer session was conducted to enable the boys going to war to obtain their diplomas before leavingg the class gradu- ated at the half-way mark in Ianuary '44. All the boys in the class expect to be drafted im- mediately, some have already gone, some have pass- ed the Army Specialized Test, and may go to college -courtesy Uncle Sam. The other members of the class began their year in September, and graduated at the regular time in May, l944. Two members of the class are foreign born, Leah Rosenberg, in Wyshkow, Poland, and Herman Kap- lan, in Lithuania. X srl , gl' N I4 - f ' ,J 5 SNSE1 X ei T Page Twenty-Two LAST WILL M TESTAMENT gl P We, the class of May, one thousand nine hundred forty-four, A. D., of l-lumes High School, of Memphis, Shelby Cunty, Tennessee, being in the sanest minds to be expected of seniors, in order to leave you more fully endowed with the things that are worth while, to provide for the separated lovers, and to do all we can to keep you from missing us too much, do will and bequeath and bestow the following to the stated members of the beloved faculty and the mentioned ones of the student bodyg l To Mr. D. M. Hilliard, our principal, we will anti bequeath all of our personalty and realty wherever it is situated in the building, and the fervent wish that the Class of '45 will be as superior a specie as we are. ll To Miss Eleanor Richmond and Miss Annie M. Prescott, we grant the responsibility of keeping track of wayward seniors. We also leave with them our sincere and heartfelt sympathy. Ill To Miss lennie Allensworth, l2-l home room teacher, we leave the hope that at least half of next year's l2-l will show up on time in the morning. To Miss Gertrude Geraghty, the l2-2's simply wish to say that they will leave. They also wish to say that they hope the month of May will see the end of her headache which they have caused. Since the l2-3 class had to leave Miss Elizabeth McCain in the middle of the year, they will to leer their sincere regret at having to leave, and hope that next year's l2-3 will also be the best senior home- room. The 12-4 homeroom leaves cr collection to be used by Mr. lones to purchase a new de-Luxe spring It cushion. They hope this will make it more comfortable for him to remember his '44 class. To Miss Mildred Scrivener the l2-5's leave the fervent wish that in future years she may have just as many senior class celebrities and a few less senior class scatter-brains. IV limmy Young leaves all the hot air he has been blowing off these past few years to heat the school during the coal shortage next winter. Charles Fite leaves his hall hand-holding to some other love struck sucker who can get by with being late to all his classes. Mary Emma Kelley leaves her band uniform to the next person skinny enough to wear it. lack Slater and Douglas Grimes leave the first four seats on the second row of the north side of the balcony to Robert Schaedle and Monte Smith for use during the show. Oscar Buchanan and Russell Dawson refuse to leave their "swoon girls!" looks to anybody. They expect to take over when Sinatra retires. Betty Rooney will leave the book she is writing, entitled "l-low to Win and lnfluence All Men", to little sister Ioan who is following in her footsteps. Rosalie Bozof and Lois Barcus leave their giggles to Frances Butler and Frances Baruchman. Cordie Hughes and lane Powers leave their "unto death" friendship to Sylvia Shiffman and Sylvia Wolf. Smilin' lack Kaplan leaves that certain intangible something that enables him to get by with murder with the teachers to Donald Kauerz. Ollie Mae Billings, Ruby Graham, Louise Taylor, and Mary Christine Bogue bequeath their business training upon Virginia Lineberger, Page Twenty-Three I. D. Brooks bestows his gift for double talk upon Verdie Brown. Iolida Alsup leaves her perfectly groomed hair to Goldie Brown, on the condition that she pay close attention to Mrs. Nichols. Myrtle Levitch, Marilyn Davis, and Margie Tate leave their cosmetology licenses to all girls now com- pleting their second year of the course. Ierome Adler leaves his publicity "hogging" to Monte Smith. KEd. note: My sympathy to next year's Staffl. Manuel Brown and Iesse Zellner leave their pin- up girls to adorn Ralph Shankman's locker. Ruth and Verna Mae Bartee, Sylvia and Helen Tenenbaum will their sister teams to Hildred and Mildred Mimms. Iulia Greer, George Bagwell, and Cornelia Alex- ander leave their glee clubbing to Peggy Gassaway. Cecil Riggin and lack Williams will their genius to somebody, but since none can ever hope to measure up to them, they'll just have to keep it. Ioyce Bailey, Norma Breeden, Martha Reitz, Ioyce Williams, and Norma Lewis leave their hall flirtations to Mary Richartz, Rosemary Hines, and Geneva Ford. Herman LaVelle wills all the nickels he collected from perpetually tardy 12-l's to support the school next year. Freda Iolly bequeaths all her debate material to Leslie Inman, who already has it anyway. loyce Nicholas and Beverley Brown finally leave their sixth period speech class seats to all other third termers. lames Price, Eugene Turner, Eugene Anton, and Lawrence Roberts bestow their agreeable and like- able dispositions upon Ioe Tanner and Robert Finn George Sanidas leaves to George Hutchinson this quotation, "George is always right!" Ieanette Wagerman, Leah Rosenberg, and Earline Wright leave their good standing with the teachers to Rosa Paller, Nick Speros, and Betty Burke. Clif Milton and Tilford Flowers leave their foot- ball successes to Ierry Crook and Louis Williams, Shirley Bacigalupo and Annette Feldman leave their Navy following to Sonya Rosenberg. Doris Reed and Florence Kline leave all the sul- phuric and nitric acids to Forrest Hettinger, and hope that there will be two other conscientous girls next year to keep him from destroying the lab. Frances Nixon and Dorothy Shook leave their name "Shorty" to "Tiny" Poor who will also be a senior next year. Betty lean Houston CBlondei leaves her name to anyone else who cares to have it. Louise Robertson and Betty lane Smith leave "their ability to put up with each other" to Rubye Couch and Walter Underwood. Maxine Scott, Nancy Freedman and lean Temple leave their seats in the science classes to the next person who thinkshe can pass. Clarence Walker and Christine Dozier leave to any juniors who are lucky enough, the privilege to going over Ann Pulliam's house every day for lunch. -Q Gilbert Austin and Iohn loyce leave their gay and vivacious personalities to George Billingsley and Franklin Bruch. Margaret Simi and Matilda Saperstein leave their geniality to Miriam Levine and Mary Ruth Shelby. Rosemary Robinson, Sunshine Stowers, and Bettye Wray will their seats in the office practice room to Bettye Burson, Dorothy Shankman, and lane Ferber, with the stipulation that they don't spend all their spare time in there. Dorothy Mulhollen leaves her gorgeous wardrobe and color combinations to loyce Perkins and Doris Steed. Margaret Allen and Kathryn Edwards will their angelic personalities to Sue Katherine Rollins and Charlotte Patterson. Robert Williams leaves his Mother Goose verse: Little lack Horner sat in a corner Eating his Christmas pie. I-le put in his thumb and pulled out a plumb And said, "Ch what a good boy am I!" to Thomas MacKenzie. Buford Pinner, Gloria Saller, Billy Bradshaw, and Nathan Blockman leave their wings and halos to Naomi Moore. Martha Watts, Gladys Belch and Shirley Walker leave their unassuming ways to Shirley Margolin, and Peggy Yandell. Nona Minor, Betty Diviney, and Marcella Carmen leave their love of school, and the knowledge that they have there acquired to Kathleen Nolen. Iuanelle Davis and Bessie Alexander leave to the eleventh grade girls that take their table in the lunch room, the poor table-if still there. Betty Iean,l-louston CBrunetteh leaves the care and watering of Miss Robinsons flowers to some other slap-happy senior-with the request that she buy a sprinkler. Earl Pardon leaves that gorgeous hunk of hair to Teddy Petrovsky. Imogene Ramseger and Ann Carlton leave all the pots and pans they messed up in Commercial Foods to be washed by Ieannette Curie and lean Hudson. Dorothy Crawford leaves that "come hither" look to Peggy Yandell. Helen Iennings leaves her bookkeeping worries to all future bookkeeping classes. lt's enough for all of them. Herman Kaplan wills his debating genius to any- one else who has the brains, voice, and will power to handle it. Fredia Katz leaves her violin, together with less- ons to Morris Shore, provided he retains the proper scholarly attitude. LaVerne Evensky and Lorraine Shippman leave their transcription worries to Audrey Brown and Betty Sue Wildes. Floyd Wright leaves his "nose for news", and we mean all kinds, too, to Frankie Wilder. R. L. Houston and Russell Brooks bequeath all their cinema offers to Iames Edminston. Esther Wainman leaves the surplus from her five years of hard work to all future seventh graders who want to have a good time loafing their senior year, and get by with it. Page Twenty-Four Leah McGee, julia Greer, Hazel Eppinette, and Cozette Cole leave all the knowledge thy have in regard to catching men during the shortage to Betty Margolin and Betty jo Green. Dot Baxley leaves her "southern belle" charms to Frances Earls. Max Saller and Ted York will their saxaphones to Harvey Carter and Ronald Taylor. A Dorothy Brown, Lucille Mather, Marjorie Martin, and Gloria Ladd leave their red locks to Betty Cun- ningham and Ann Winfred. Harriet Fleisher, Frances Maynard, and Dorothy White leave their long, dark, curly coiffures to Ann Moore. Darrell Brents leaves to any junior who can stand it, all books, papers, reports, etc. of his correspondence course on women, and how to have a new one on the line every fortnight. Betty Gwaltney leaves her dancing ability and adorable costumes to Shirley Salky, Virginia Pyle, Dorothy Allnut, Mildred Blake, jac- queline jett, Marilyn Davis, and josephine Coyle simp- ly request that they be allowed to leave this place in peace. Virginia Force and Estelle Clapp leave their "smile of beauty" to jean Beaton. A voice of beauty, quality, richness, and volume of tone is what Harold Webber is offering to some lucky undergraduate. Mary Thornley, Willie Mae Thomas, and june Fredrickson leave their fun loving spirit to Dorothy Weinman. Betty jane May and jimmie Mae Overton will their ability to get down to lunch fifteen minutes early to all future seniors. Rosemary Robinson leaves her now famous atti- tudes and opinions, which are so well liked by all teachers, to anyone who can stand up under the strain of fire from all sides. jimmy Baucum, the darling from Darlington, just naturally can't help radiating personality, and so would like to distribute it among a number of Humes students. Report to him immediately upon his graduae tion. Mary Alice Skelton leaves all her Armed Force's hardware to the United States government. They're the ones who really want it. Mike Strauss, j. B. Crain, joe Fitzgerald, and Harry High leave a little bit of those play boy looks to several designated undergraduates whom the "pro- files" have taken pity on. Margaret Holt, Elizabeth Hudson, Thelma Carter, Virginia Lanier, Margaret Miller ,Margaret Sterling, Marguerite Summers, Nancy Williams, Elise Waters, Pauline Madden, juanita Davis, and lmogene May bequeath their quiet manners to the dozen Hurnes girls who are in most need of it, Vivian Shoffner leaves her gifted fingers to the next occupant of seat No. l, row No. l, room No. 232. Paul Murphy leaves his figure, especially in a grass skirt, to anyone willing to endure days of gruel- ing massage. Mary jane Campbell, janie Ferguson, and jean Moseley leave their slim attractiveness to Georgia Skouteris and Patsy Reasons. Colleen Coffey bequeathes all her secrets to jean Beaton, with the hope that they will help. Of course, there are always those who after a life of notoriety and adventure in school, wish to leave just as quickly and as quietly as possible. Among these are Douglas Day and Morris Maxey. joe Reagan leaves all his Skating Rink adventures to anyone else willing to stand the strain. Ruth Russom wills part of her cool loveliness to Mary Louise Nelson. Mary Kolivas leaves her ability to get on the good side of Miss Scrivener in history class to any- body else who knows how to do it. j. T. Barnes wills his genius for copying other people's homework to Carl Dacus. Mary Lou Hudgins and Becky Henderson be- queath their copyright on "How to Talk to Teachersh to Sue Rollins. Frank Talbot, johnny Cassidy, Thomas Goodwin, Griffin Gregory, Walter Higdon, Eddie Rodgers, Stan- ley Pike, and Eugene Meyers will their saws and hammers to next year's Woodpecker Club. Orville Mitchell leaves his class ring to Dimple Hall. jean johnson, Helen Gipson, Mary Louise Durbin, and Shirley Hiskey leave their love of the outdoors to Emma Lee Smith and Carlyn Crane. Clarence Holt wills a book of instructions on how to get along in the Army to all those going in im- mediately upon graduation. ln witness, thereof, we the class of May, l944, place our seal this nineteenth day of May, l944. The above is submitted by Esther Wainman, after having been duly witnessed by the following: Merrie Morale Winnie Warbond Connie Clothescare Susie Savehealth Frank Sinatra Page Twenty-Five 1944 GRADUATES JANUARY CLASS First row-left to rightflqussell Brooks, Cecil Rig- Third row-Iuonita Davis, Ianie Ferguson, Marg Qin, lesse Zellner. lC1IT1eS PUC9- aret Sirni, Imogene May, George Sanidas. Second row-Cordie Hughes, Leah Rosenberg, Ieannette Wagerman, lean Moseley, lane Powers, Fourth mwflack KGPIGHI Lawrence Roberts Earhne Wright- Manuel Brown, Shirley Walker. Center-Mr. D. M. Hilliard. Not in picture-Clifton Milton. -WS. ,, f 9" Q Wg, X ,U R fl iii Page Twenty-Six SEIXIIGR CLASS PRGPHECY The year 1950 found me, Ioyce Nicholas, busily packing my exclusive wardrobe fstyled by my own shop-Nikki's, New Yorkl, preparing for my ocean cruise around the world. That awful World War of 1938-1944 was just a dark terrible thing of the past, and life in a new world was before us. My packing was interrupted by the ring of the telephone. lt proved to be Colleen Coffey, successful editor of the "New York Times," calling to find out what was new. l quickly told her of my plans to .travel around the world, and she replied that she would tell her publicity editor, Esther Wainman, to headline it on the front page. She gave me a bit of news, too, from "Iackie's Iuicy Gossip Column," writ- ten by I. Kaplan. lt seemed that Lorraine Shippman, after obtaining a divorce from her fifth husband, was engaged to her old schoolmate, Iohnny Cassidy. Thanking each other heartily, we hung up. Our call had been put through by Clarice Walker, now chief operator of the Bell Telephone Company. l-fer predecessor she informed me, was Virginia Force. Thrilled at finding the whereabouts of some of my old schoolmates of 1944, l called lean McCullough, the Helen Hayes of this day, and Freda Iolly, woman governor of New York State, who were going with me on my trip. lean informed me that the two Betty lean Houstons had finally gotten together as barmaids in the l-lotel Holt fowned by Clarence himselfl, where Iean was staying at the time. Freda told me that she had just appointed Rubye Graham as her chief adviser. They both explained that they would hurry over to my hotel, as the plane to Florida, where we caught the Pan-American Clipper for South America, our first stop, left in an hour. Once together, we piled into a cab and headed for the airport. We were surprised to find that our cab- driver was none other than Morris Maxey. Turning on the radio, we heard the news, broadcast by that brilliant commentator of the day, Harold Webber. A special bulletin was issued to the effect that Helen f'5 ff? ly all If 'fb Gipson, leading debutante, was seen at Dreamland Gardens, dancing with that notorious gentleman gang- ster, Iohn fSpeedJ Ioyce. Tiring of the news, we tuned in to the Quiz Kids program, mceed by that walking encyclopedia, Mary Emma Kelly. Also on the program was Lawrence Roberts, Ir., smart protege, and we recognized him to be the son of our old school chum. Switching the dials, we heard a familiar voice beat- ing out the jive with Dorothy Crawfords All-Girl Orchestra. We discovered the voice to be that of Leah McGee. Soon bored with music, we found a soap- opera, and recognized the voices of Mary Kolivas and Mike Strauss, acting in "lohn's Fifth Wife," or "Shoot Me Quick." Finally Morris the stewardess us that we we arrived at the airport, and tipping usual nickel, we were greeted by the on the plane, Maxine Scott. She assured would have a safe trip, as the pilot was lack Williams, who, incidentally owned the airlines. Arriving in Florida after a safe trip, we immedi- ately headed for the Pan-American Airlines, where the clipper was waiting for us. We were presented with a huge box of candy from the President of the United States, Ioe Fitzgerald, by his personal secretary, Gloria Saller fwho always made A+ in shorthandl. We noticed that the box was from Bailey and Stover's and we realized that that organization was headed by Ioyce Bailey, who fixed our box of candy especially for us. Our first stop was Mexico, and we quickly plan- ned an exciting stay there. The first day we took in the bull-fights and were amazed to find that the fear- less, dashing figure in the ring with the bull was Thomas McKenzie. From there we took in a fiesta, and found Myrtle Levitch selling fancy Mexican souvenirs, while Rosalie Bozof entertained us by swinging the the Mexican hat dance. Reclining lazily in his dia- mond-studded, gold easy chair was Stanley Pike, hav- ing made a fortune on the nylon hose business in Mexico during World War ll. In one of the most famous restaurants, we asked for one of its well-known "hot Mexican dishes." We were immediately presented with Mexico's favorite Page Twenty-Seven, dish, losephine Coyle. From there we came across a big crowd gathered around two beat-up bloody roosters, and found it to be a cock-fight, one of the most exciting sports in Mexico. Thewinning bird be- longed to loe Reagan, and the battered one to Griffin Gregory. Under a sombrero, snoring lazily in the Mexican sun, we found Billie Bradshaw. Strolling in the beautiful sunken garden, we found lane Powera and Cordie Hughes. They seemed to know what a few of the graduates of IQ44 were doing and we listened eagerly. It seemed that Margaret Simi and her three little Maggies' had come down for a visit Walter Higdon, touring South America with his great orations, h,ad won fame in Mexico. From Mexico, we iourneyed southward to Brazil. Our guide proved to be our old school churn, I. B. Crain, who we knew would know the right places to take us. We took in all the night clubs, and were astonished to find that the popular Brazilian bomb- shell was Iuanita Davis. In other places, we found the Bartee Sisters, Ruth and Verna Mae, wowing everybody with their dancing. At one place, Baucum's Bar for Browsing Brazilians, owned by Iimmy himself, we discovered Betty Gualtney. Max Saller's Scfntillat- ing Sextette of Saxes provided the music. After winding up our sight-seeing tour of Brazil, we thanked I. B. heartily, and departed on a fast plane for Argentina. While on the plane, we saw Norma Breeden, who told us she was now Spanish interpreter for a large South American firm. We wish- ed her luck and started on our trip through Argentina Roping cattle on a large Argentine ranch we found three of our former class-mates, Manuel Brown, Gil- bert Austin, and Eugene Turner. The famous fan- dancer of Argentine turned out to be Norma Lewis, that sweater girl of Humes High. Lnigering only a while in Argentine, we hopped over to Chile for a brief stay. We arrived just in time for their annual holiday festival. We were surprised to find some of the girls we had graduated with, participating in many of its activities. Gloria Ladd and Thelma Carter entertained with many Chilean songs, while Marjorie Martin and Margaret Holt yelled "Pop corn, peanuts, candy!" After two busy days in Chile, we said Adios Amigos to South America and left for our tour of Europe. The huge ocean liner stopped along the coast of Africa. While there we heard of the great Reverend lack Slater, doing his missionary work in darkest Africa. We first arrived in England, planning to stay for a good while. During the first day we visited the great Oxford College, and found that Herman Kaplan had completed his entire college course in one year and I6 days, and was now military attache to seven dif- ferent countries, being able to speak their languages from childhood. Being very proud of Herman we learned that Tilford Flowers was coaching cricket at Oxford. Furthering his aeronautic engineering educa- tion at Oxford we also found Charles Fite. The next day found us admiring the work of another former student, Earline Wright, who had become world- famous through her invention of a new radio, now on display in the great English museum. While visiting England's famous Cambridge Library, we came across ing over huge volumes of intellectual books, explain ing his research on his theory of animalistic elements. That night we went to a famous concert hall, and were happy to hear Iulia Greer swinging Beethoven, accompanied by Freida Katz at the violin and Mary Christine Bogue at the concert piano. The next day found us at the magnificent University of Medicine, surveying the work of Drs. Paul Murphy and Herman LaVelle., assisted by the brilliant woman doctor, Florence Kline. The English stage provided the great actress, Beverley Brown, in a magnificent portrayal of Lady Macbeth. Playing opposite her as the mighty Macbeth was Douglas Grimes. While in England, we were honored to meet King George fSonidasD, the VIII, and Prime Minister Ierome Adler. Visiting a quaint Olde English Antigue Shoppe, we came upon lean lohnson, proprietor. Before leaving England, we ran into Gene Myers, and chatted with him awhile. He explained his work as Chief Street Cleaner in that district of London. After assuring him that we did not want to buy the London Bridge, we wished him luck and left. Professor Douglas Day, complete with monacle, pour- . From England, our next stop was France, and we planned eagerly how we would spend our few days in gay Paree. Walking through the streets of Paris, we saw a familiar sign on a large building which read, "YOU CAN'T GO WRONG WITH WRIGHT" and we immediately knew that our old senior class presi- dent, Floyd Wright, had finally owned a large cloth- ing store. This one proved to be the largest one in Paris and we hurried inside to greet our old friend. Before entering however, we saw one of our best friends, l-Iarriette Fleisher, in one of the show-windows. trimming each window carefully. Inside, we fwund three beautiful girls, modeling the latest Paris Fash- ions, and recognized them as Dorothy Mulhollan, Betty Ann Wray, and Rosemary Robinson. Modeling the latest styles in men's clothing was handsome Cliff Milton. On the sales force was Pauline Madden, sell- ing hose, lean Moseley, selling cosmetics, and Elise Waters, selling hats. Saying -good-bye to all our friends at Wright's, we left. That night we visited the famous Parisian cafe where Brents Ballet of Beautiful Bouncing Belles was playing, and we were'n.t surpris- ed to find that this galley of gals belonged to our old woman killer, Darrel Brents of Humes. Amid the wine and song, we spotted Betty Rooney, news columnist, reporting all the night's events. The cigarette girl in the Cafe D'Brents proved to be Cozette Cole. Finally tearing ourselves away from the gaiety and frivolity of France, we departed for Switzerland. We found a guiet, quaint little place called, "Annie's Little Olde Tea Shoppe" and upon entering, found the owner to be Ann Pulliam. lnguiring about any of our old school mates, we were told by Ann that Mary Alice Skelton had a Home for Recupercrting Service Men a few miles from there, where Betty Deviney was employed to read bed-time stories to the boys every night. We decided to drop in and see them before leaving. From there we took in the all-sports carnival. Page Twenty-Eight We found Martha Reitz, world's tennis champion, and watched excitingly as she won game after game. Next was the world's heavy-weight boxing champion, Eu- gene Anton, and we talked over old times with his little wife, jean Temple. Then came the skiing and skating sports. The famous skier, Marguerite Sum- mers, agreed to help us learn, and we finally master- ed the basic training of the art of skiing. We saw many friends among the skiers-the famous comed- ienne, Nona Minor, and her friend, Helen jennings, Lucille Mather and Annette Feldman, well-known acrobats, Frances Nixon, pin-up girl of World War ll, the two lrnogenes, Ramseger, and May, dancing part- ners, and Margie Tate, hair stylist, all vacationing in Switzerland. The famous skating team, Vivian Shoffner and Ruth Russom, were two of the most popular girls in the country. Bidding farewell to Switzerland, we journeyed to Italy, home of wine and spaghetti. We noticed the brand of a favorite wine there, and discovered that Ted York had become a connoisseur of ltalian grape juice. At an ltalian restaurant, owned by jesse Zellner, we found as head cooks, Leah Rosenberg and Matilda Sapenstein, and as waitresses, Nancy Freedman and LaVerne Evensky. We came across Marilyn Davis, author of the two best-sellers, 'iCall of the Open Fire- place," and "The Mystery of the Clubbed Cop." From Italy, Russia was next. There we were met by a welcoming party from the Soviet Newspaper, the Blue Sun, headed by its publisher, Irving Cooperman. On its staff were Dorothy Brown, commentator, juan- elle Davis, world affairs editor, and Mary Louise Rob- ertson, woman's editor. We were taken to a brilliant Russian cafe operated by Buford Pinner. There we were entertained by the Ouaint Cossacks of Color, a group of Russian chorus cuties. Outstanding in the chorus line were Willie Mae Thomas, Mary Thornley, and Virginia Pyle. Frances Maynard crooned several Russian lullabies to us and after that we left, rejoicing over the many former school friends we had run into. We were interviewed the next day by Russia's only woman foreign correspondent, joyce Williams, who told us about several of our school-mates of IQ44. George Bagwell had become a great nurse and was still practicing in Sweden, Christine Dozier had be- come manager of a large chain of Walgreens drug stores all over the world, Sunshine Stowers had spread her name all over the universe selling comic books, Louise Taylor was now a school teacher, and jolida Alsup was head of a famous school of poise and personality. From Russia we visited briefly the old empire of japan, and met Robert Williams, our popular boy of l944, now heading the new government there. Under him, Cecil Riggin and Thomas Goodwin, kept order. j. D. Brooks acted as interpreter and solved many difficulties. From japan we continued to the last stop on our tour before we got back to the good old U. S. A. ln Hawaii we came across several more of our former friends. We were surprised to find dressed in those grass skirts four of them-Shirley Walker, Elizabeth Hudson, ,Virginia Lanier, and Mildred Blake. Earl Pardon and Frank Talbot, when not indulging in the age-old game of craps, owned a pineapple company. Several girls worked in this company-among them, Betty jean Smith, Vivian Mills, Katherine Edwards, june Frederickson, Shirley Bacialupo, and Gladys Belch. A few boys from the old wolf-pack, james Price, Eddie Rogers, and Orville Mitchell, had a grass skirt manufacturing business, but we expected that it was who wore the grass skirts that interested them. We also found Walter Patzch, commander of our Marine forces there. We finally left the isle of pinapple and palm trees, to journey homeward. Weighed down with leis and fruit, we tossed pennies from the boat into the water for the little boys to dive after. We laughed to see Russell Brooks among the divers, getting rich quick. Back in the states, we decided to take in Holly- wood, little realizing we would find more of our former class mates. Since Clark Gable had retired from the screen, that beautiful hunk of man, Oscar Buchanan had moved in to No. I spot as the "Great Lover." Playing opposite him in many of his films was glomor- ous Dorothy Allnut. Taking Mae West's place, we found Dot Baxley, wowing cinema fans all over America. Replacing johnny Weissmeller in the Tarzan series was Nathan Blockman. Other screen stars were Marcella Carmon, Lois Barcus, Estelle Clapp, Margaret Allan, and Martha Watts. Favorite commedienne was Cornelia Alexander. The ballet team of Eppinette and Alexander four own Hazel and Bessiej was a popular one, In the famous Trocadero now owned by j. T. Barnes, was the regular billing of Nancy Williams and Betty jane May, while Shirley Hiskey and Mary Louise Durbin had just left for New York and a career on the stage. The biggest motion picture studio was owned by jimmie Mae Overton, who started out as a mere ticket girl in an up-town theater in our home town. Upon visiting this studio we found Margaret Miller directing Doris Reeds latest picture, "Single Girl." We soon left Hollywood, and finally arrived in New York City. There we learned of many new haa- penings while we were away. jimmy Young was ap- pointed a General in the United States Army and Mary Lou Hudgins was head of the W'oman's Army. The charitable Tenenbaum sisters, Helen and Sylvia, now had "Tenenbaum's Home for Homeless Renasf' There too, we learned that janie Ferguson and jean- ette Wagerman had been given permission to be the only two women students at Harvard. Dorothy White and Mary jane Campbell were given a high degree of honor by john Robert Gregg, for their excellence in shorthand. Thomas Davis was awarded first prize for his collection of fine dogs, and Margaret Sterling was given a position in the world Symphony Orchestra, Ann Carleton was voted "Miss America of l950," and Ollie Mae Billings and Dorothy Shook contributed to science by their work at the University, while jacueline jett had become a brilliant criminal lawyer. Russell Dawson, replacing Frank Sinatra, was still knocking the poor girls in the aisles with just one look. We found another old friend, heading Harry CContinued on page 575 Page Twenty-Nine MILITARY SECTICN DEDICATICN To Captain Eber L. Daughtry and to Corporal Toe T. Anderson, the cadets oi the Hurnes High R. O. T. C. Battalion, as a token of appreciation and adrniration, dedicate this, the Military Section of the Hurnes Herald of 1944. ' I T jf,f,f-1-X427 L fffiiiffi If ,Kg friggin it 'X X ff f X 3 ,, .h Jw M lllls! Page Thirty iii 09' ' W5 vlwlgjvlil JEGLACDRXGUARD Left to right: Louis Williams, Monte Smith, Ioe Glaricy, Felix Maupin, Harvey Carter. Page Thirty-One FACULTY SPONSORS L HONORARY SPONSORS ACTIVE SPONSORS Mr. D. M. Hilliard, Honorary Colonel. 4. Mrs. Katie Belle Conyers, Lieuten- Miss Eleanor Richmond, Honorary Lieutenant Colonel. ant Colonel. Miss Annie Mae Prescott, Honorary Major. 5. Miss Mabel Reed, Honorary Major Page Thirty-Two CHICHQS AND SPCNSCRS Q vgwyi " fy X X f, f VA? fri, . Lieutenant Colonel Carl C. Anderson. . Corporal joe T. Anderson. . Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Robert Williams, . Honorary Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Mary jo Nearne. l 2 3 4 Cadet Major jirnrny Young. Honorary Cadet Major Betty Rooney. Cadet Adjutant Captain jerry Crook. Honorary Cadet Adjutant Captain Mary Richertz Lieutenant Colonel Carl C. Anderson P. M. S. G T. Captain Eber L. Daughtry Assistant P. M. S. G T. Page Thirty-Four Corporal Ioe T. Anderson I. M. S. QS. T. 2' ,Z 'hw Major Jimmy Young-Betty Rooney Lt. 'Col. R. Williams-Mary .Io Nearne Capt. Donald Kauerz-Martha Reitz Lt. Jackie Stocks-Katherine Richards Capt. Jerry Crook-Mary Richertz Lt. Herman Kaplan-Sylvia Shipman Officers and Sponsors 7. Lt. Max Saller-Julia Greer S. Capt. Harold Webber-Joyce Williams 9. Lt, Walter Underwood-Ruby Couch 10. Lt. Floyd Wright-Joyce Bailey 11. Capt. Darrell BrentsfBetty Jo Green 12. Capt. Douglas Grimes-Hazel Epinette .LL Sainlny Adler-Dorolliy Shankman .Lt. Eugene Curtis-Geneva Ford ,Capt. Billy Bradshaw-Betty Gwaltney Lt. J. B. Crain-Doris Brown Capt. Russell Dawson-Cozette Cole Lt. Charles Fite-Dorothy Crawford R. O. T. C. Band Rig. , .. i .:,,.w l wffw'i'N X " vw gf. ag ,- 'ggi A.. g-T, vm Left-Frollt to Back: 7.Al1eu Pryorg 8. Bobby Bucka- Colskyg 5. Ronald Taylorg 6. Sey 1. Billy Bal-field: 2. Wilbur Rule- len' 9'L0u1S Booth' Hwur Petrovskys 7- Billy Brad man? 3.Bi11y Oswald: 4.Cu,-Us Right-Front to Back: shawg 8. Robert Finn: 9. Paul Jaf H3115 5-Bi11yDaViS5 6'A1fl-ed Buss- 1. Clarence Holt: 2. Judson Wil- feg 10. Ted York. lianlsg 3, James Hodgesg +L. S01 Q Instructor C l1OI'1Cl Chcllex F. Hclrrlgorl Page Thll'ty-Slx Battalion Staff Out in Front-Cadet Lieutenant 'Colonel Robert Williams First Row-Major Jimmy Young: Captain Jerry V. Crook: Second Rowwlltobert Bilgerg Jerry Tillmang Sgt. Major Nick Captain Joe Fitzgeraldg Captain Douglas Grimes. Speros. l Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Robert C, Williams Page Thirty-Seven Commissioned Officers Left to Right, First Row-Lt. Colonel Robert Williams: Kaplan: Captain Harold Webber: Captain Douglas Grimes: Major Jimmy Young: 'Captain Jerry Crook: Captain Joe Captain 'Clarence Holt: Second Lt. Walter Underwood. Fitzgerald: Captain Russell Dawson: Captain Darrell Brents: , ' U Captain Donald Dauerzv Third Row-Second Lt. Charles F1te: First Lt. J. B. Crain: Second Lt. Eugene Curits: Second Lt. Sammy Adler: Second Second Row-First Lt. Floyd Wright: First Lt. Herman Lt. Jack Stocks: Captain Billy Bradshaw. Sponsors l First Row-Left to Right-Leah MLGGGZ JOYC2 Baileyl Rubye Lee Couch: Betty Gwaltney: Cozette Cole: Hazel Mary Richertz: Mary Jo Near-ne: Betty Rooney: Dorothy EDDIIIC-BUG. Shankmanz Martha Rein. Third Row-Let to Rigrht-Geneva Ford: Dorothy Crawford: Joyce Williams: Betty Jo Green: Katherine Richards: Julia Second RowiLe-ft to Right-Doris Brown: Sylvia Wolfe: Greer, Page Thirty-Eight Non-Commissioned Officers First Row-Left to Right-Nick Speros, Monte Smit.h. Herbert Higdon, Jerome Adler, J .T. White, Robert Finn, Joe Glancy, Dick Jones, Harry High, George Hutchinson, Roland Goin, Robert Schaedle, Felix Maupin, Pete Vergas. Second Row-Jerry Tillman. Robert Bilger, Charles Har- mon, Thomas Keeton, William Jefferies, Ronald Taylor, Ted York. Jack Hauseal, Nick Fillon, M. L. Winchester, J. W. McBride. Third Row-Earl Carver, Sidney Waller, Dewitt Johnson, Louis Williams, Harvey Carter, Charles Edmon, Charles Lowery, Leslie Inman, 'Charles Gaglio, J. E. Shipman, Wilbur Ruleman, Floyd Heyer. Fourth Row-Bobby Williams, James Willis, Benjamin An- derson, Teddy Petrovsky, Joe Tanner, Fred Heyer, Lloyd Adams, Billy Davis, Joe Reagan, Billy Oswald, George Mabie, Thomas Grimes. Fifth Row-Tommy Gost, Billy Weakley, James Barker, Elvis Lolless, Ralph Riddle, Hays Mitchell, John Sewell, Ralph Nichols, E, D. Moore, William Seymour, William Keel, Howard Morrow. Sponsors Miss Louise Weoks Honorary Moijor Foculiy Sponsor First Yeoir Club aff , N 7 'ii ' .Muze 4' ' Axxxk5 ,,., . ,W f rv. f! f ZS Miss Merry Fisher, Major Forculiy Sponsor NoneCommissioned Cliicers W Q,.7 'QQUE mf i A. X., R N? ix 'Z fr ini., of wi 1- -V N - .' - . - Y ,......fR ix'-T 1 I i i I First Row7Left to Rig,ht7C:1pt. Russell Dawson, Vaughn Dickie, Marvin Edwards, James Dotson, Corp. Nor- Pendergrass George Thomas, Kenneth Turner, Sgt. J. E. man Hines, Charles Edmond. Shipman, Dewitt Johnson, Second Lt. J. B. Crain, First Sgt. T.hird Row-Staff Sgt. George Hutchinson, Bernard Clark. J. T. White, William Seymour. Pete Vergas. George Mabie, Eugene Calley, Forrest Hettinger, Second Row7Sgt. Richard Gibson, Kenneth Graham, La- Nick Fillon. li ll Company I -Second crtoon Second Lieutenant Walter Underwood , 7777 i 1 i -W in l First How-Left to Right-Capt. Russell Dawson. Jess Second Row-Cpl. Billy Davis, Bernard 'Cole, Henry Clark lgomaing. Curtis Forte, Louis La Croix, James Adcock, Sgt. Edgar Haye, 'Charles Lowery, Harold Moore. William Jeffries, Second Lt. Walter Vnderwood, First Sgt, J. Third Row-Tommy Gost, Thomas McDonald, Bobby Hewitt T. White, William Seymour. J Edwin Poole, James Neal, Floyd Heyer. Page Forty -fi' Company "K"-First Platoon Second Lieutenant Eugene Curtis I First Row-Left to Right-Capt. Darrell Brents, First Lt. Second Row-Sgt. Thomas Keaton, Gregory Bailey, Edmond Floyd Wright, Cpl. Thomas Grimes, Roy Wilxnoth, Eugene Brock, Jo.lm Joyce, Jimmy Baucum. Meyers, Sgt. Roland Goin, Lt. Eugene Curtis, Cpl. William Third Row-Lloyd Adams, Gwindle Parmenter, James Seymour. Koelz, Alfred French, Cpl. M. L. Winchester. Company "K"-Second Platoon Second Lieutenant lack Stocks 1 I I ! I N First Row-Left to Right-Capt. Darrel Brents, First Lt. Mauldin, Alfred Buss, Robert Bishop, William Keel, Hays Floyd Wright, John Sewell, Ben Anderson, Troy Griffith. Mitchell. Jimmy Craig, Sgt. Dick Jones, Sgt. Herbert Higdon, Second Third ROWiBob Williams, Lawrence Pieasants, Conway Lt. Jack Stocks, Cpl. William Seymour. Yates, Maris Shore, Billy Clark, 'Charles Nagle, Ralph Second RowASgt. James Willis, Billy Bennett, Claude Nichols. Page FortyeOne i 'y ,S J SCompa ' latoon l H ,1 5:4 A X Second L n Tv. Charles Fite H, J C: ' in A- First Row-Left to Right-Capt. Donald Kauerz, First Lt. Moye, Bobby Harris, Dewey Guthrie, William Wolfe, Louis Herman Kaplan, Sgt. Earl 'Carver, Sgt. Fred Heyer, Charles Bigocci, Cpl. Howard Morrow. Akers, Charles Murrell, Fred Smith, Cpl. Elvis Lolless, First Third Row-Sgt. Joe Tanner, Gilbert Austin, J. D. Wilson, Sgt. Jerome Adler, First Lt. Charles Fite, Cpl, Bill Weakley. Kenneth Moore, Tony Austin, Cpl. J. W. McBride, Ray Riddle, Second Row-Sgt. Leslie Inman, William Reim, Lloyd . Sgt. Robert Schaedle. . lil 1 2' .i i 1 Y ff ff ,f pi l If A f Company "L"-Second Platoon Second Lieutenant Sammy Adler A , n FiI'St xrvvv uv+- lv Avo'--M VMI.-H -----f f -f Y . ,, , , Y V F'iI'lgel', Herman Kaplan, Sgt. Teddy Petrovsky, Sgt. Charles HaI'mo oodwin. Winston Martin, Jack Tennyson, First Sgt. Harry High, First Third Row-Sgt. Sidney' Waller, Carl Dacus, Pat Kee, Sgt. Jerome Adler, First Lt. Sam Adler, Cpl. Bill Weakley. Jimmy Barker, Jack Honseal, Eugene Keith, Cpl, Joseph Second RowYSgt. Charles Gaglio, David Garahan, Jimmy Reagan. Page FortyeT'wo , V IZ., ., :ef Visgy iz I , if A 935' A 'PF 5 ' Xi'-2EgE,,: ' ,. :mug MQW' if 5225: 3Qgs5wee,g A Y '- C -X 5:39 . If 42, :rg ,- ,E .A 3,11 5233 155: ' 35 " ' Q '15 V I COACH HMMY PATTERSON SPH T X21 2 : .,b: ,Z V ,11.:.: ,.-., 4,-3-1,,,l K 5 .". - f'9"Xf 5 ,, 1 A. Wi T --ifwl in.: 5 W fff ,f11 3 'Hia ' JJKA ' -11? X N K . f 1 I X . H+ af f WH ,X f uf f . Ylfr p L -. --'eq 2' L ,-Es, H 'f" ' 1 I Y.: It ro.,-rg-1,., y I . ,V '1 , -,I 1 -4 fm 9 E' W ' ,I wiv. V: .iitifjil yi x Lf x 1Q aJf k Page Forty-Three Cheerleaders S i if ix. . - c , w Left to RightvJ0yce Bailey, Floyd Wright, Martha Reitz, Walter Underwood, Joyce 5 Williams, Jackie Stocks, Ruth Bartee. t wif: Q iv., l 'V wiv K , I mm ,Ki . S ., fi y I XJ JJ: ' X- an tmik, Coach Iimmy Patterson ks ' I u 5 Seniorfootball Squad i L 5 ,f S Front-Douglas Day. First Row-Left to Right-Mgr. Lawrence Mankers, Capt. 'Cliff Milton, J. B. Crain, Mike Strauss, Jerry Crook, Darrell Brents, Louis Williams, Ralph Nichols, Louis Bigocci, Frankie Wilder, Capt. Tilford Flowers, Mgr. Jack Rulemaii. Second Row-Coach Fld Molinski, Harvey Carter, Billy Davis. Wilbur Rulenian, Dick Jones, Oscar Buchanan, Don liauerz, Eugene Curtis, Joe Glancy, Monte Smith, Billy Clark. Coacli Jimmy Patterson. . ,WK ss . Third Rowf'Clarence Cox, Earl Carver, Jimmy Pappa- george, Jimmy Craig, John Sewell, Nick Speros, Billy Oswald, Billy Leslie, Charles Lowry, Roland Goins, George Hutchin- son, Gus Gai-alian. Fourth Row-Mr. D. M. Hilliard, William Knight, George Maliie, Billy Weakley, Earl Choate, William Hines, Robert Williains. Vernon Forgione, James Edminston, Robert Bilger, Pat Kee. Football-First Team FiTSi ROW-Left to Rig-ht-Clifton MUKOH. OSC-HI' Bl1CllHH2-111, Second Row-Tilford Flowers, Mike Strauss, Jerry Crool James Edminston, Darrell Brents, Red Williamsg Don Kauerr, Nick Spams. J. B. Crain. Senior Cheerleaders r A H Left to Right-Floyd Wright, Martha Reitz, Joyce Williams, Walter Underwood, Ruth Bartee, Jackie Stocks, Joyce Bailey. ,,, i J H . we ,N . A X N l Coach Ed Molinsky Oscar Buchanan Roberi Williams Mike Strauss Darrell Brents I. B. Crain Cliff Milton Tilford Flowers HQ xx Y ll F' , SL: 9 RR :Xl 'x 5. ., -3. Douglas Day .., ll 'X . , W iQrA'Fjli 1,.'JQfW ff' yt ., iw illlify .. l eu .1 fy y :FEW V XC ' V. V," by 'J lv R ,lf it Q,yfsLeq ,,Sen1or Cheerleaders -EV ivy, V, 1. KW, 1 1 First Row-Left to Right-Floyd Wright, Joyce Bailey. Second Row-Martha Reitz, Walter Underwood, Joyce Williams, Jackie Stocks, Ruth Bartee. Football-Second Team ,V lg. i l First Row-fLet to Higlit-'Clifton Milton, William Hines. Second .RowfEugene Curtis, Robert Williams, Frankie Wilbur Ruleinan, Joe Glancy, Roland Gxbins, Billy Oswald, Wilder, Robert Bilgeru Monte Smith. "H" Club Officers Left to Right-Coach Ed Molinsky, Douglas Day, Robert Williams, Donald Kauerz, Nick Speros, Oscar Buchanan, Coach Jimmy Patterson. sl, . 5. LJ- Ox AV N r 54 KXHII x X First Rowffheft to Right-Coach Ed Molinsky, Frankie liains, Douglas Day, Robert Bilger, Louis Williams. Billy Wilder, Darrell Brents. Jerry Crook, Roy Crook. Donald Oswald, Lawrence 1WHIlk9I'S,JH1ll9S Edniinston. Tinnell, Oscar Buchanan, Donald Kauerz, Wilbur Rulenian. I - Coach Jimmy Patterson. Third Row-Norman Hines, Johnny Harris. Monte Smith. ' J. B. Crain, John Sewell. Billy Clark, Floyd Wright, Harvey Second Row-Jack Rulexnan. William Jeffries, Robert Wil- Carter, George Hutchinson, Eugene Curtis. Page Fifty ff! ew Basketball gl A First Row-Floyd Wright, Ralph Riddle, Ray Riddle, Louis Third Row-Douglas Day, George Mabie, Harry High Biggcci, Bill Weakley. Second Row-John Sewell, Russell Dawson, Robert Bilger, Fourth Row-Coach Jimmy Patterson, Harvey Carter ,109 Glancy, Monte Smith, Donald Kauerz. Fifth Row-Lawrence Mankers, Manager. Page Fifty-One lll Q- W ll CS' KHUMF' XX Krufiwifz N- - ' 2 ?ym ! FQ X WN XX 7 k . W W9 is ,Q X " I I mf Z- X Q jk XXK VET L M J 1 XQy! Q - 5 v x 9 : ,, ' 513 1 Uxzvug fi ii W N :' D 5949 Tl 7 X f f x X I QX +I My X H mi xx ji if R., 'X X 'ff'-":Q,1:, 14 'R if Dix 4 A U . ' , Y ,W -.::g:lVgAwVmE .? .,y' liiiiugxgf-,il.,.k',-5.4, jug nw . I QQ-ri-,:i:fjv...: . X .- fs QQ 6 A A-Af" HETI lTlE QAm7A,mf M 564001 Q WXGEANTI? way, x W if 4 A W W? 7 Q f f . 4, f, x ' Q 5.4 S ,.:: - ff , ,. , ,A LN K 9222 Z nf I sf 1 X ik f Q 'LX 24 sm 6 fx 11 ,z ff A f 5 3 1 , af 3, AT I-IUMES 2 E ! Z 6 e 1 z 2 f 4 f Q 3, ? H 2 4 V ' v X' f Z, 4 VV , .-My V V. , . Q, ,, I, , 2 f f . Q' If 094' M V 22 . Q : ,QM . ., fy 43 fs -X V f f 2 ff fs' PM 1 W Sify yy, Q , 4 J f N T f 3 Z is 2 4 I Q X M Z if f' X Z W ,V ff?-X fl? if ggi' al M, Wi ff if Q! Z ff f . ,Y f , , M 4 ,ffa 1 , , ff!! I ff! fe ,11, W f 'c N my .. M A ff'f'fc'ifL. f , f 52" ifrxm PAGEANTIQY af W, Pageantry at Humes, as developed in the last three years, is one among the many activities of the school year. The pictorial representation of the commencement program for the spring of 1943 is found on the preceding page. A pageant, The Music of America, was the theme of the graduating exercises in May. The combined talent of the school was used to produce this colorful climax of the year's Work, which was given at the Overton Park Shell. This modernized type of graduation is an effort to move forward, not backward, in a changing World, and to abandon the traditional unless it can also be the useful. Presenting diplomas is Mr. W. M. Prescott, President of the Memphis Board of Education, leading the academic procession is Mr. D. M. Hilliard, Principal of Humes High School. Page Fifty-Six XP-id Q'N Q QQ.r,Jf rw I4 LJ ,ff A l',.r ffnior Glee cz U"- First Row-Left to Right-Miss Alexander, Betty Jane May, Jean Milton, Mary Virginia Johnston. Wava Brown, Betty Sue Forwalter, George Bagwell, Dorothy Schneider, Carolyn Lam- mey, Betty Hughes, Betty Jones, Hildred Nims, Viola Dot- son, Mary Hardaway. Second Row-Joyce Rose, Jewel Reynolds, Sonja Rosen- berg, Ruby Yarbrough, Rachel Beard, Wilma Hurley, Barbara Richards, Lillian Crantz, Jettie Middleton, 'Carrie Keltner, Mildred Solomito, Jean Johnson, Dorothy Allnut, Mildred Nims, Virginia Meade. Third Row-Mary Rose Brown, Martha Davis, Kathrine Poulos, Kathrine Crutcher, Connie Alexander, Virginia Cole, Class Prophecy l-ligh School. Becky Henderson was touring cities of the United States telling of the Wonders of California. Bess Holt, Anna Spinosa, Dorothy Fuque, Peggy Gassaway. Rohreed Smith, Fay Williams, Kathleen Nolan, .Jeanette Pine, Hazel Eppinette. Fourth RowWFrances Kelley, Frances Maynard, Julia Greer, Mary Emma Kelley, Evelyn McDowell, Joyce Williams, Marcella Carmon, Betty Crable, Elsie Miller, Helen Glatt, Beverly Brown, Helen Gipson, Helen Brickey, Hilda Pitt. Fifth Row-Mary Lou Turner, Irene Propes, Harold Moore, 'Charles Gaglio, Jimmie Pappageorge, Curtis Hall, Tommy Gost, Buford Pinner, Edgar Hoye, Roland Goins, Teddy Petrovsky, Phyllis For-opalous. -Continued from page 29 X oi us smiled conientedly, for We had seen the World and knew now how all our graduating class of l944 We listened eagerly to their success, and the three had turned out. D Page Fifty-Seven Miss Elsie Marmann The First Humex Musical Review ...W--F Miss Virginia Alexander H .5 ' f M , , we , ,, 2 fzf ,- W 4, a f ff ' f ff-,fr fV f,-',!Q46,-fwgf Wu f , H f A iz 4 Z ff , ,we 4, lg: " c , ,' 'nf-.4 7 'P ,W ii za , - ,, - f ' ,,,.f.04 M2421 z 1' :w,,wMMW,i?fZ:iQ f V MM if WMM ' W Mr. R. Roy Coats Librarians Mary Emma Kelley and Betty lo Green ,ig fl I Q i ivpsfgyt , , Q I Lf 4-ff I t 9 . 9 Y V .x,"' ' 'X l' ' ,J BM w I f A X., spanish 1 0' , A N. X... . 4 U N' A A nf, - - ly to 'Wi WW? . V,Jc r , 4 , 1 . Q-9 -' X n -Y or .1 ' f H . ' -A E Q Q! Z y'yQ ' Y, N- N' . N , v , . ,- ,,,x..,. L6 tw Third RowiDoris Ethridge, Howard Morrow, Carolyn rain, Monte ee Holder. Fourth Row-Annabelle Miller, Franklin Brueh, Jean John- on, John Stathis. Velma Van Wickle, Archie Epstein, Carolyn -enner. First Row-Left to Right-Robert Schaedle. BGIIY ANU Gresham, Hays Mitchell, Shirley Margolin. Kenneth Turner. , Miss Agnes Gibson. - Second Row-Betty Blockman, Paul Jaffe, Betty Margolin. Donald Thomas. Rosa Paller, Hugh Saller, Bobby Jean Anderson. Smith. Patsy Reasons, William Stone, Mary Zia.: . P of Jw' F Q, J 8 Wim l u First How-Left to Righl-Miss Agnes Gibson. Moria Second Row-Mary Emma Kelly, Leslie Inman, Georgia Shore, Be-ttye Burson. Robert Finn, Dorothy Slliillklllidll. Sl-mtlteris, Eugene Turner, Betty Burke, Jerome Adler, Jean Felix Maupin, Beverly Shivers. Beaton. Page Sixty Cicero ll K i ws q . -O First Row-Left to Right-Virginia Pyle, Doris Reed. Second RowsNick Fillon, Mary Alice Skelton, Walter Freida Katz, Sarah Rook. Underwood, Forrest Hettinger. Caesar First RowhLeft to Right-Themes Slmanks, Nancy Mac- Second Row-Ruth Katz, Joanna Coscia, Rubye Clark. Afihllf, Virginia Coughlin, Mary Vlfgillla CZIIHDUGU. J. E. James B3l1Clll1l,ClOY6S Conover, Joan Rooney, Carolyn Smith. Shipman. Page Sixty-One MISS N. LOUISE MOFFETT Instructor in Senior Art h A 3:1 Ly Ari Club wid' First Row-Left to Right-Miss N. Louise Moffett, Sue Kirby, Beverly Brown, Cornelia Alexander, Gladys Dye, Craft, Maxine Scott, Martha McCullough, Mary Lewis, 'Carolyn Georgia Durling, Mary Judith Sherrod. Lammey. Jean Beaton, Vivian Shoffner, Rosemary Hines, Jean Dickinson, Frances Allen, Joy Blaylock. Second Row-Sue Harmon, Ann Carlton, Margaret Allen, Harold Goodwin, John Joyce, Ralph Hilstrom, Robert Jones George Bagwell, Teddy Petrovsky, Ruth Russum, Freddie Jack Tennyson, James Willis, Earl Pardon, Bob Williams li it l 5 Page Sixty-Three Third Row-Jack Hendren, James Dozier, Bill Rogers, Howard Lewis, Paul Brown, Billy Barfield, James Neal, DN THE CAMPUS ATNQQN ff 1 v ef' .f 1- ,F -.' ,f V , i- J ' Q if q!f,..: Humes Libratygiag jk W XX MVP' Mrs. Margaret H. Warno, Librarian fl. 'f Y xklxgxl lffixxqi ii , ' . cinlfg S 3 ill Eiiilff -H-Fill ' as H , --amlnii- ,UE Xu UI.'.'.'.'.' V UI!!! 'III 'I 'I '.'.'.'l.' '.'.'l!.'.'.'!! U Defense Council First Row-Left to Right-Miss Clark, Frances Brockman, Doris Curle, Shirley Shiffman, Jane Booth, Dorothy Holmes. Faye Williams, Humphreys Kortrecht, Wava Brown, Jean Nellie Arwood, Ruby Neal Fine, Martha McCullough, Bernice Temple, Esther Wainman, Paul Nelius, Eli Weil, Raymond Favassa. Ross, Nellie Farris, Evelyn Forgione, Sue Craft, Ruby 'Clark, Third Row-Joyce McCoy, Leslie Jones, Carolyn Lammey, Miss Hurt. Mary Riehartz, Virginia 'Coseir, Betty Overton, Mary Frances Davis, Elaine White, Gene McConnell, Emmett Edwards. Second Row-Miss Agnes Gibson, Shirley Saller, Leona Morris Biller, Frank Bruno. Mary Ruth Shelby, Betty Block- DeMere, Janet Lewis, Christine Walker, Betty Jane Allen. man. Page Sixty-Five Who's Wholln The Mid-Term Class of '44 V sei' First Row-Left to Right-Jesse Zellner, Shirley Walker James Price, Earline Wright, 'Clifton Milton. Second Row-Imogene May, George Sanidas, Janie Fergu- son, Leah Rosenberg, Lawrence Roberts, Cordie Hughes, .lack Kaplan. Simi. Best All-Round Girl-Cordie Hughes. Best All-Round Boy-James Price. Sweetest Girl-Jane Powers. Sweetest Boy-Lawrence Roberts. Best Natured Girl-Margaret Simi. Best Natured Boy-Manuel Brown. Wittiest Girl-Margaret Simi. Wittiest Boy-James Price. Prettiest Girl-Jane Powers. Most Most Most Most Most Handsome Boy-Russell Brooks. Intelligent Girl-Earline Wright. Intelligent Boy-Jesse Zellner. Talented Girl-Jeanette Wagerman. Talented Boy-James Price. Cutest Girl-Cordie Hughes. Cutest Boy-Jack Kaplan and Cecil Riggiu. Most Most Serious Girl-Imogene May. Serious Boy-Lawrence Roberts Girl Most Likely to succeed-Eariine wi-ight. 4 Boy Most Likely to Succeed-Jesse Zellner. Friendliest Girl4Cordie Hughes. Friendliest Boy-James Price. Loudest Girl-Margaret Simi. Loudest Boy-George Sanidas. Quietest Girl-Jane Powers. Quietest BoykLawrence Roberts. Page Sixty-Six , Third Row-Jeanette Wagerman, Cecil Riggin, Jean Mose- ly, Russel Brooks, Jane Powers, Manuel Brown, Margaret fd CAT Q'- 4 + Appl-E!" 41" LJ '-I 71564 5. Sxffojfz, P 7 41,1 ji-'L H gt I . KE, ' Q ' I P 8359 X ' Mile Student Government Home Room Representatives ,......-.-N K W I I I I I Front Row-Left to Right-Sophie Makris, Glen Ella. Joann Miller, Norma Lewis, Mary Thornley, Ann Pulliam, Margaret Allen, Ann Carlton, Rosa Paller, Emma Jean She:- rill, Joy Scott, Charles Alexander. Second Row-Billie Buck, Maurice Minor, Yvonne Butler. Betty Hoye, Marjorie Zachery, June Hardwick, Mary Louise Cox, Joann Pickle, Bonnie Garner, Chris Sanidas, Maxine Pollard. Third Row-Evelyn Bennett, Joann Stubblefield, Martha Black, Fannie May Stewart, VVandalyn Schumate, Rose Wash- er, Dorothy Shankinan, 'Charlotte VValter, Mary V.rginia John- son, Mary Ruth Shelby, Mary Ann Hadley. Fourth Row-Margaret Akins, Irene Carter. Shirley Saller, Susan Kent, Ernest Wright, Charles Robbins, Earl Clower, Patsy Reasons, Walter Tomlinson, Faye Williams, Allan Goodwin. V MM, -,av , 3 :tw , , W 1 I r Student Governmen'i6JOtficers First Row-Left to Right-Robert Williams, Jerry Crook, Darrel Brents, Russsell Dawson, Joe Fitzgerald, Louis Wil- liams, 'Charles Harmon, Elvis Lolless, Miss Zula Boswell. Second RowMM.argie Scott, Dorothy Brown, Betty Sue Q! Wildes, Mary Emma Kelley, Mary Thornley, Joyce Williams, Bailey Thompson. Third Row-Frances Butler, Peggy Gassaway, Dorothy Fuqua, Wava Jean Brown. Theone Agnos, Beverly Brown, Dorothy Crawford. Page Sixty-Seven few f . M egf S9 7 2-'M will V Q41 1 E+ , I '4 VM 1' 2 I o 4 fig Q5 VW J f ff 5 gg? UQ ,,,-...x inf' ffgffff' QW , x Air 5 SQ X, ' N V K: "'l xx ...v ASW of Q +5 5 ,I Q 1 11".5:: , ,,,,., Q' , .. " , -2 -2 QSM Wx? '- x la, J.,- . "5 'L W , jv .f,',' , SA p , -V-' V. A me .WN W5 H, v , ,H-yf5kLg,. . 94Us1,: Q SfE"'X5M.w ,K Zh: ,X ., -, nv. 7 , E. Z, , -5 ,, , A wil w I ,.-.. .... . 2 P 6 1 Y 2 K T47 ML, A W ,Q , . M, 4: ""'F 'Ms ,......-...--.,-.-.--- -iw' an I , O 'fs ff Bbw Th The Contestants NX! GIG BGHGV Thompson Maurice Petrovsky Emrl Pfwrflfm PPIVJ4' flf-vQr1IyPl'w0 Donold Kouerz Reeuty Contest Bailey Thompson Lczwrence Blumon Curtis Holl Robert Bilgor Eorl Pordon --'Cmxrtesy Sc,-llaedle Stud in Honor Society First Row-Left to Right-Miss Mabel Reed, Mary Emma Brents, Joyce Bailey, Mary Louise Robinson, Cozette Cole, Kelly, Esther Wainman, Doris Reed, Louise Taylor, Dorothy Mary Alice Skelton. . Crawford, Christine Bogue, Elise Waters, Miss Mary Hurt. Third ROW-506 F1fZgGI'a1f1, Charles Flte, Dorothy Brown. Douglas Grimes, Betty Rooney, Robert Williams, Vivian Second Row-Freida Katz, Jean McCullough, Darrell Shoffner, Herman Kaplan. Commercial Foods Department First Row-Let to RightfLola Thomas, Estelle Clapp. Bonnie Moss, Mary Carrigan, Mary Frances, Kelley, Gladys Virginia Force, Mary Thornley, Maxine Scott, Nancy Fried- Belch, , Q man' 1 awe Thompgon Third Row-Miss Lila Branch, Reba Brown Jean Hudson. Second Row-Jeanette Currie, Evelyn Noe, Edith Lowe, Margaret Hall, Dorothy Hicks, Ann Pulliam. y Page Seventy-Four ,fir 1 f 1' J f I ' Cosmetolgy Group ff, A, , J ' 'J H' ,,. ' If 1 f , l W 1 First Row-Left to Right-Mrs. Odessa Nichols, Doris Third Row-Gloria Terhune, Virginia Hollowell, 'Louise Steed, Geraldine Knight, Jean Marie Jordan, Billie Jean Rule, Hazel Trenton, Florence Peacock, Frankie South, Mary Hardison, Jane Hays, Joyce Lott. Rose Brown. Second Row-Ruth Harper, Laverne Arnold, Hazel Ar- Fourth Row-Mary Smith, Glelldora Diffie, Jewel Reynolds. nold, Mildred Jones, Evelyn Nelius, Geneva Ford, Gerry Goldie Brown, Sonia Rosenberg, Dorothy Morrison, Lila Lee Glasglow. Phillips. Tailorin g Club First Row-Left to Right-Miss Stickles, Rubye Graham, Martha Watts, Helen Ilotson, Phyllis Anton. Gladys Belcll. gggglersogate- Ifene Pmpesi FTQUCQS Maynard' Re"e"'a rlm-d Row-Josephine Coyle, Mary rlmrnley, NVillie lvlatr I I Thomas, Jean Moseley, Jaunelle Davis, Jolirlzl Alsup. Second Row-Margaret Sterllng Egbert, lvlartha Re-liz, Pfixqe Seveniyflve l f 'W VW' 5'f3f,m P Physical riuccrtio -Ist Period I 5 1 x First Row-Left to Right-Marjorie Scott, Shirley Saller, .lean Johnson, Emma Lee Smith, Sue Craft, Imogene Brow- tler. Ann Smith, Cornelia Fillon, Charlotte Walter. Second Row-Lola Thomas, Imogene Scott, Jean, 'P er. Third Row-Mrs. Hortense Tomlinson Breckenridge, Helen Chrisafas, Joanna Coscia, Frances Butler, Nancy MacArthur, Peggy Conant, Imogene Woodruff, Margie Martin, Mary Louise Sanderson, Velma Van Wickle. Kathleen Dorman, Velma Laxton, Mary Ali e Fly, rothy QFourth Row-Shirley Terry, Phyllis Foropolous, Joyce Allnut, Mary Elizabeth Nicastro, Ada Pfvyighins iriam 'N Rose, ,Mary Ruth Shelby, Mary Jane Price, Wanda Vernon, Kiiblan, A , Charlotte Patterson, Beautonne Thornburg, Kathleen Nolen. N . Physical Educdtfohl-Znd Period First Row-Left to Right-Myrtle Levitch, Jeanette Cuilli, Lerline Briscoe, Myrtle Cartwright, Geneva Fleming, Dorothy Jones, Valeria Huff, Billie Briggs, Mary Ann Horn, Jeanette Wzigeriiiuii. Second ltow-Marguerite Summers, Thomasina Bray, Mar- garet Atltin, Billie High, Nellie Hubbard, Peggy Patton, Nida Sliumaker, Varlene Shuniaker, Theresa Chism, Einnia Sue Rorlgers. Third Row-Marian Hebert, Cecilia Trotter, Loraine Craine, Ruth Cunningham, Katie Windrester, Emogene Rodgers, Evelyn Bennett, Doris Wiseman, Audrey Brown. Fourth Row-Billie Faye Hopkins, Miriam Hubert, Betty Johnson, Emogene Joyner, Imogene Joyner, Evelyn Forgione, Laverne Parker, Mary Gray, Sue Praete, Billy Sanders, Sue Katherine Rollins, Pansy Williams. Physical Education-3rd Period Front Row, left to right: Annabelle Miller, Mary Frances Allen, Billie Jean McCullin, Betty Hamett, Dorothy Glatt. Doris Brown, Jean Stubberfield, Peggy Wyatt, Kathryn Rut- land, Beverly Shivers, Doris Reed, Jennie Mae Baker. Second Row: Joan Rooney, Hildred Mims, Beverly Brown. Helen Gipson, Doris Ethridge, Mildred Mims, Wava Brown, Shirley Margolin, Theone Agnos, Hazel Edwards, Ruth Had- ley. V Third Row: Carolyn Crain, Virginia Mead, Mary Lou Hud- gins, Kathryn Hines, Glenda Allen, Ruth Brower, Mary Lewis, Carolyn Massey, Bernice George, Eleanor McMillan, Betty Lowe. Fourth Row: Doris Stewart, Marie Jenkins, Georgia Skou- terous, Betty Burke, Ruby Yarbough, Gretchum Yancey, Joy Blaylock, Lois Johnson, Norma French, Sarah Rook. Physical Education-5tl1iPeriod Front Row, left to right: 'Charlotte Baugh, Mary Lou Turner, Charlene Miller, Dot Pearson, Fay Williams, Mary Jo Nern, Alma Shears, Nita Nance, Betty Jones, Margaret Sterling, Robbie Hayley, Myrtle Scolby, Carrie Keltner, Mary Ann Hadley. Second Row: Mrs. Breckenridge, Mary Varnalus, Cloyes Canover, June Gwaltney, Doris Fit, Betty Jones, Peggy Jean Yandell, Mary Virginia Johnson, Marian Martin, Louise Brown, Alma Davis, Doris MacMann, Lillian Holt, Regena Allen, Joy Woffard. Third Row: Martha Younger, Sarah Sieles, Betty Jo Green Frances Barachman, Dot Baxley, Frances True, Martha Duprey, Edith McCoy, Betty Jean Dupey, Dot Davis, Tommy Newsome, Elizabeth Smith, Betty Harrison, Mary Lee Holder, Betty Jones, Ann Winford, Carolyn Smith, Mary Hardaway, Viola Doson, Marene Smart, Jettie Midelton, Mildred Solo- mito, Ruth Ray, Virginia Laier, 'Clara Ayers, Dorothy Draf- fin, Catherine Edwards. Physical Education-6th Period-on page 83 Page Seventy-Seven .J National Forensic Club i i C 0 First Row-Left to Right-Matilda Saperstein, Charlotte Miss Helen Lochrie, Georgia Skouteris, Shirley Margolin Sharp, Marilyn Davis, Billy Bradshaw, Jean Ann McCul- Betty Margolin, Estelle Clapp. longh, Joyce Nicholas, Peggy Yandel, Mary Kolivas, Carolyn Third ROWWBQ-,bby Hughes, Norma Breeden' Vivian Shoff, Brenner. nor, Betty Hughes, Freda Jolly, Rosa Paller, Esther Wain- Second Row-Bettye Burson, Betty Burke, Margaret Allen, man, Leslie Inman, Herman Kaplan. ' Thespicrns First Row-Left to Right-Mary Kolivas, Billy Bradshaw, Peggy Yandel, Miss Helen Lochrie, Joyce Nicholas, .lean Ann McCullough, Beverly Brown. Page Seventy-Eight DIRECTQQ GF CHILD ADJUSTMENT MISS ELIZABETH MCCAIN Division ot Child Adjustment Memphis City Schools The Division of Child Adjustment is an additional service provided recently for the students ot the City Schools by the Board of Education. lt has been organized tor the study and guidance of students who have specific problems which are interfering with regular school progress. This service is available to all students of grades one through twelve inclusive, Elizabeth McCain, a former teacher of l-lurnes High School, is the director ot this division. Page Seventy-Nine Smith - Hu ghes Shop I LL..- First Row-Left to Right-Mr. Presgrove, Walter Higdon, Third Row-Bill Leslie, George Thomas, William Riem, 'hike husky' W- S- Polk, Robert Johnson- Jlmmy Young, Bobby Crow, Robert Wright, Stanley Pike, Carl Dacus, James Russel Dawson. Wilber Rulenian, Henry Clark, Frank Talbot. wqllis Bobby Harris xviuiam Knight James Edminston Sec-ond Row-M. L. Winshester, Griffin Gregory, Gene . ,1 Y 7 ' Avent, Eddie Rogers. Lawrence Pleasants, Gene Finger, J. T. Foulth ROW Conway Yates' Joe Person' Ed H hue' Jack Barnes, Joe Glancy, Thomas Goodwin, Charles Lowry, John House-31' Diok Hodges, John Barton, Odell Dumas' Fred Uassiciy, Williams, G. B. Dorman, Earl Choate, Thomas Garmley. 0 Smith - Hughes Certification Class First Row-Left to Right-Eddie Rogers. RHSSQI DHWSOIL Second Row-Walter Higdon, Griffin Gregory, Stanley Jake Lusky, Jimmy Young, Thomas Goodwin. John Cassidy, pike. Frank Talbot, J. T. Barnes' Mr' Presgmvet Cliff Milton. Page Eighty HUMES VIEWS N Page Eighty-One Senior Girl Reserves Front Row-Lett to Right-Charlotte Sharpe, Elaine White. Willie Nell Rutland, Virginia Meade, Jolida Alsup, Margaret Holt, Jean Temple. Georgia Skouteris, Margaret Allen, Caro- lyn Massey, Joan Rooney, Betty Rooney, Doris Ethridge, Betty Goforth, Miss Mildred Scrivener, Second Row-'Cornelia Alexander, Bob Reid Smith, Adele Mendelson, Kathryn Edwards, Dorothy Crawford. Peggy Jean Yandell, Esther Wainman, Frances Baruchman, Frances May- nard, Mary Rose Brown, Marie Jenkins, Betty Burke, Kathryn Paulos, Verna Mae Bartee. Third Row-Theone Agnos, Dorothy Mulholland, Rosemary Robinson. Betty Ann Wray. Martha Watts, Elsie Miller, La- Verne Evensky, Ruth Bartee, Jane Hays, Billie Jean Hardi-- son. Mary Kolivas, Jaunelle Davis, Mary Emma Kelley. Fourth Row-Dorothy Brown, Helen Belch. Gladys Belch. Katherine Rutland, Helen Gipson, Marcella Carmon, Doris Brown. Jeanie Williamson, Anita Cummings. Beverly Shivers, Mary Ruth Shelby, Elise Waters, Gloria Ladd. Senior Red Cross Front Row-Left to Right-Miss Mary Fisher, Mary Vir- ginia Johnson, Herman Kaplan, Theone Agnos, George Sa- nidas, Beverly Shivers, Jerome Adler, Ruth Bartee, Miss Louise Weaks. Second Row-Jane Hays, J. W. McBryde, Irene Stirgios. James Russell, Betty Rooney, Bernard Cole, Mary Lewis. Third Row-Peggy Yandell, James Hodges, Joan Rooney, Fred Smith, Cloyes Conover, Moris Shore, Bonnie Moss, Kenneth Moore. Fourth Row-Jimmy Young, Loraine Barnett, Buford Pin- ner, Jean Temple, Darrel Brents, Rosa Paller, Teddy Petrov- sky. Page Eighty-Two Fifty 315 gl 5' we ,gr l gy mv Front Row-Left to Right-Bettye Wray, Mary Louise Vine, Sunshine Stowers, Rosalie Bozof, Lois Barcus, Freidl Robertson, Joyce Williams, Becky Henderson, Herbert Hid- gon, Joyce Bailey, Leah Rosenberg, Mildred Blake, Norma Lewis, Jeannette Wagerman. Miss Weaks. Second Row-Miss Farr, Matilda Saperstein, Elise Waters, Katz. Third Row-Joyce Nichols, Bettye Burson, Dot Mulholland, Rosemary Robinson, Betty Jean Houston, Janie Ferguson, Jane Powers, Betty Gwaltney, Virginia Force, Margaret Louise Taylor, Christine Bogue, Vivian Easley, Miriagn Lee X Miller. ii. V, , ,ff ' X ffigfff , ,V , I v , 1 i ui..- Y, - 1 X 1 K. 1' ' 0 ,.,z,, First Row-Left to Right-Billie Mae Atkins, Alice Miller, Clarice Kenamel, Edna Sandas, Amelia Ringald, Georgia Durling, Mildred Gilliham, Mary Ann English, Alberta Bur- nett, Virginia Coscia, Edna Allen, Barbara English, Rosalie Bernatsky. Second Row-Ethelda Koelz, Helen Levenson, Jay Smith. Betty Conningham, Betty Blocknian, Joyce Perkins, Bettye Lynn Overton, Wanderlyn Shumaker, Rose Washer, Jimmie Mae Overton, Betty Hoffman, Betty Boyce, Imalea Maldmas. Third RowwHortense Tomlinson, Margaret Ellis, Virginia Coughlan, Jean Atkins, Willie Rutland, Jeanne VVilliamSon, Rubye Clark, Bess Holt, Helen Billings, Shirley Curtis, Jean Cannon, Evelyn Poole, Hilda Pitt, Helen Brickey. Fourth Row-Frances Kelly, Bettye Wray, Elizabeth Rob- erts, Betty Blancett, Betty Anderson, Shirley Freedman, Mary Frances Davis, Lillian Krantz, Lois Williams. Mary Frances Todd. Page Eighty-Three THE HUMES HIGH HERALD Bettye Bursou Co-Editor Business Manager Eugene Turner T3 PUBLISHED MONTHLY DURING THE SCHOOL YEAR BY THE STUDENTS OF L. C. HUMES HIGH SCHOOL, MEMPHIS, TENN. THE STAFF CO-EDITORS ....,.L ...,,., B ETTYE BURSON-ESTHER WAINMAN Commercial Press Scimitar ADVERTISING EDITOR ........ ........ J EAN ANN MCCULLOUGH BUSINESS MANAGER ,..... ..............................,.... E UGENE TURNER SPORTS WRITERS ....w,, ...... F RANK WILDER-FLOYD WRIGHT COLUMNIST ,,,,,w ..........,,...vA,..,,wW.,..,,Y..... R OSA PALLER TYPISTS ...,,... ......,..Y..w................................, - .v... F REDA JOLLY-LOUISE TAYLOR REPORTERS-JOYCE NICHOLAS, EARL KITTERMAN, GEORGE BILLINGS- LEY, THOMAS MCKENZIE, CHARLOTTE PATTERSON, NAOMI MOORE. LINDY WILDER, ELI WEIL, JOAN ROONEY, MARY RUTH SHELBY, FRANKLIN K. BRUCH. SENIOR HERALD ARTIST ....... ..,... V IVIAN SHOFFNER ARTIST ....,,.,.....,......,,... .,,.,. E ARL PARDON EXCHANGE EDITOR ,,.,,. ,,,,, E UGENE TURNER EW ,SiL HA Esther Waininan Co-Editor Vivian Shoffner Senior Herald Artist Page Eighty-Four -fzfrmv. , , , ' Getting Out The Senior Edition Front Rowklieft to Right-'Charlotte Patterson, Rosa Pal- Second Row-Eugene Turner, George Billingsley, Naomi ler, Bettye Burson, Joan Rooney, Mary Ruth Shelby, Esther Moore, Franklin Bruchy Freda Jolly Wainnian. ' if-f-is sx 5 ff' ll" ' Av K' is L-l Herald Staii -2 EEE or -lx 1 A in E I 2 ,Z K fc 5 - ,It f, jg TQ Ky M, .Q fi MW Q, ,eff so :z fi ,ff -g ' "' , -2' 5 J if X Front ROW-Left to RightfGeorge Billingsley, Mary Ruth Shelby, Bettye Burson, Joyce Nicholas, Joan Rooney, Rosa Paller, Floyd Wright. Second Row-Frankie Wilder, Naomi Moore, Charlotte Patterson, Louise 'l'aylo1-, Franklin Bruch, Eugene Turner, Earl Kitterman. ,N if YW 4 v ? 1 5 Q ni 1, x 'V f 16 'X 11 - .f , dm, , yy. I 9, -, ff 5, , f- 4 . . . A , Z3 -if ,, 1 Lyiw' 'Hwa.4h z as ' In ,4 ,.- fn 1 X ff 3 if ' i -.,, . , ' 'T' 3 J" f L., , A fr ' 7 'NN 604 QP' 1 min' 4m 5: hw-f g W- 4'-v , ' mg 1 7""'v 'f ,M , """'f-M3 f M, wr' 4 fm.!w:f, 3 ' - K wflf fy? ,1 f , 51' q is Pit- G 3 , 1 ,,. 5 x ls' . ' -C' -- ' .5,., f'A"4"'1M ,fur ' ,,,. 4 ,,1,,,Z 'K ,. ,,, . , -, ,f ,An ,, X V515 M I A ' 'f ,Kg A5 gap, I Q. If 5 4 ff QC 1- ,w?L5,f' ,af 'Su l M f Q 495955 JUN UH? HU LH MISS ZULA BOSWELL MISS LORIECE PEARCE Sponsors Dolge Eighty-Se-Ver. ff, If Lmior .Certilication Class Flower Committee "BED CABNATIONH Mrs. Maria K. Bacon Chairman 9-l ......,.. .......... M oneeze Brook 9-2 .,....... .......... I ohn Mosley 9-3 ..,,.,,,. ,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,, I oy Smith 9-4 .,,,A.o, ,,,,,,,,,,,, E velyn Bennett 9-5 ,..,,o,,. ,,.,,..,, B etty Cunningham 9-6 ...,.,,.. ....... M ary Frances Davis 9-7 ,.,.,.... ,,.,.,.,,,,,,,, M ary Harmon 9-8 ...,.,... ............... H oward Long 9-9 .....,,,, ........, Donald Berryhill Motto Committee "LABOR WINS OVER ALL" Miss Elizabeth England Chairman 9-1 ,,,,,s.,, ......,, D orothy Hallon I 9-2 ......,.. ........ I oyce Perkins 9-3 ........ ...... E thelda Koelz 9-4 ........ .......... F red Quarin 9-5 ...,.... ........,, D orothy Iones 9-6 .....s.. .,......... B alph Shankrnan 9-7 ......,. .,... B etty Ann Gresham 9-8 ........ ...,.,... B ernard Ereiden 9-9 l,...... ...,...., E d Pepper Dress Committee Miss Susie Iohnson Chairman 9-l ......,.. ,ss............ V aleria Huff 9-2 .....,.,. ..... I mogene Woodruff 9-3 ......... .,...., C harlotte Patterson 9-4 ...,...,. ......... 9-5 ..,...... .......... 9-6 ......... ,,.... 9-7 ....,,... ...... 9-8 ......... ,..,.. 9-9 ' Page Eighty-Eight Betty Blockman Helen Billings Margaret Akins Barbara English Lowell Holbrook Charles Dawson I ' V- ex , is U, if XX' lx "xx X ,fi L Q 7 K ' 5S,g'H1i1 Q ff xp 3 slsd Cjffic ' L- . 'Tix 5 ' 1 H s .fo pw , fl ,Egg ,hr -Qqx., K 3. ,QA i" VLA- . nfflivl? X L xg ,, Xx,n:.6,f Agphx, . ,H iden Y, 5' ident , 4 Q f Sponiors i ffl , J Q, fi J Miss lmiedc 1'Q2ll'YlE-'I I, W A gy fi 4 ,, , 1 , , '51 ,Q- ib is JA Miss 11,114 B'ws,wiEl'l gf- , J IQ,-qf' 5-1 1 - J K L ll- ' xr 1 ii ,. 'H' if Af' In Y J -J V Ann Grisliuiii, Shirley Suller, Shirley Fl'96l1lilll, Mary Ann English, Jean Cannon, Bailey Thoinpson, Naomi Moore. Fourth Row-Richard 'Cui'le, Thomas Wright, Leverette Cole, Howard Long, Charles Dawson, Bobby Rhodes, Donald Berryhill, Ralph Shankinan, Sol Colsky, Seymore Petrovsky. J 2, .f i X .1 li f is Q-L V 1 4 7 I 'J- 1 1 K lx x X K. WJ KG' QM IHQR C E RTI 1 'C M03 .- - M pcfj 1 0 , , tx jj , 4,,,,- "Milf f Ijf , ,J dx 1,21 I' W' H Y 6 X , x . . J , I Q: 7,0 S 4 Qi V39 My ,NNY 'N ?Q 'W ' ,x 'Wx UW Q 5 5 ATWON CLAS S 1 I l 1 4 r f lf, Y 1 Q 4 4 V- 'f , , 'Ki' 4,1 I 051513, 'Sl BUYS' GYM CLASS if A, f.Z2f'7'0": KWILLDC DW if' JUIXIICDR ATHLETIC MR. KEATHLEY PRESGROVE, Coach lunior Cheerleaders Left to Right-Bailey Thompson, Betty Johnson, Walter Undelwood Thelma C1 one Ralph Shankman. Page Ninety-Three 35 XL . xv- V Q3 Q M 5 'T h X 4 kk. .W .-., xx 'I' Q x 32? S32 3 K W4 X FN Yxxxx W ,Im Q X off, Wi ' . .Tw ez.w..m4,4LU-AMW e 1111101 leaders '04'Vl47 E 1 'iz - txt? gl! eff A+' 1 'fl l A1 ' 1' '- . ' x W1 , X' Left to Right-Bailey Thompson, Walter Underwood, Ralph.S knian, Betty John- l ll 5 son, Thelma Crone. fi 1 'if' -,Fw ll lug: My N . J' v ill ,Li-' H gl' J I t A alll l l lt l-llllll 1 il ' j 'gji 1 .,4. P ' HJ , ' lr jf ' L xs s il" , xt- , 2' . - ,lf ' f + x T A lskf 4' ll I ' lumor ootbcr11 Squad X. ll F N .. .J - ' Q ,I gl :,. Jkjmg, 2, A l I, 75, ,elf I l Front Row-Left to Right-Mr. Presgrove, Norman Craig, Third Row-Billy Beals, Bill Martin, 'Clarence Astin, Vin- , XziggepicgtgrgyCS1Eg?snlMay' Darlus Cook' Irving Gregory' cent Spinosa, Bennie Salky, Marcus Smitheart, Robert Pettit. Second Row-Charles Taylor, Calvin Allen, Paul Brown, FOu1'th Rows-lack Blount- ROY BHFYOH. S31lf01'd B3l'1'0lh - Wallaoe Cowan, Roy Crook, Billy Mullins, Bobby Hainmons, Charles Bmgden' Billy Craig, Albert Roberts' Jack Glanceyv Joe Fitzgerald. Page Ninety-Five 5, K, ix iid wg, , ' .iv uaagt, , I unior Girl Reserves Front Row-Left to Right-Joyce Scott, Marion Craig. Selina Greenbauni, June Taggart, Sarah Langdon, Dorothy Moore, Norma Lee Johnson, Elaine Hilton, Beverly Ann Kelly, Dorothy Anest, Betty Cooper. Bonnie Garner, Betty t'urroll, Miss Lucille Patton, Second Row-Lee Earl Mask, Carol Jolly, Joyce Cutsinger, Edith Mays, Dorothy Boyanton, Ann Lowe, Mildred Matthews, Betty Jane Crable, Patsy Ann Crable, Jerry Berry, Rose Mae Goin. Irene Martin, Dorothy La Velle. I I I l Third Row-Charlotte Rhodes, Joy Meyers, Barbara Dycus, Mary Carolyn Woods, Joy Smith, Betty Jo Pittman, Phyllis Sinkey, Betty Joy Mills, Bernice Saperstein, Rose YVasher, Shirley Saller, Shirley Freeman, Mary Louise Belch. Fourth Row-Carol Massey, Betty Pennington, Betty John- son, Shirley Mosely, Jo Ann Stubblefield, Christine Walker. Mary Ethel Smith, Mary Yancey, Dorothy Hubbard, Valeria Huff, Edna Pulliam, Jean lVinter, Barbara English. rx 12 ij Iuiigiililar Red Cross Aik Front Row-Left to RightAMiss Susie Jqihnson, Ralph Shanknian, Peggy Flaniken, Betty Jo Green, ailey Thomp- son, Miss Loriece Pearce. I Second How-Shirley Saller, Stanley Levitcli Imalea Mala- lllilS, Bobby Webber, Anna Engleman, Eli gwWiel, Marlene Levitch, Hugh Powers, Jean Booth, DfJllElld,1! Berryhill, Ed 'lihird Row-Hugh Saller, Marguerite Kotsoulis, Eugene Bollinger, Christine Walker, Eugene Storey, Shirley Mosley. Lawrence Bluinen, Carol Langdos, Maurice Minor, Floyd Johnson, Patricia Waltzer, Clyde Reitz. Fourth Row-Elaine White, Joyce Morrow, Wanda Dutnis, John Lovelady, Nellie Mae Farris, John Malamas, Norma Tuton, Edgar Wilson, David Maynard, Bonnie Griggs, Milte Pepper. Leona Dycus, Sara Nell lV1'ighI. Q on Martin, Janet Martin. Ji' 1 9 , r ,. W 1, 5 H if U Page Ninety-Six I f If N., ma' I , ,af I qv 5 Vx N , 5 'H Iunior Glee Club ,fi ' 1 i 1' First Row-Left to Right-Darlene Graham, Jacqueline Bilger, Betty Jo Tucker, Shirley Mosley, Carol Massey, Connie Kolivas, Betty Mills, Joan Jones, Thelma Crone, Dorothy Bosanton, Josie Tamboli, Betty Crowe, Irene Cot- soulis, Fannie Mae Stewart, Jean Winter, Rose May Goin, Edith Mays, Joyce Cutsinger, Miss E. V. Marniann. Second Row-Josephine Cuilla, Janet Lewis, Helen Cecil. Jean Ganong. Helen Hines, Ann Allnut, Helen Poulos, Olette Bishop, Betty Jones, P.hyllis Sinkey, Joan Stubblefield, Betty Allen, Eleanor Slaughter. Joan May, Norma Tutor. Gloria Singleton, Virginia Adams. Third Row-Joyce Rogers, Mary Elizabeth Cromwell, Marie Hurt, Mary Gangi, Belvia Epps, Betty Jo Moore, Charlene Maxwell, Juanita Worden, Jean Short, Sophie Makris, Bever- oi ly Stout, Camille Perry, Donna Johnson, Janet Martin, Jea- nette Bozeman, Lois Griffin, Evelyn Lott, Helen Horner. Jean Hopper. Fourth Row-Mary Ann Moore, Helen Kernodle, Dorothy -Holmes, Corene Horner, Mary F. Davis, Jack Holt, Ancyle Rayburn, Albert Roberts, Billy Miller, Malcolm Wilson, Dar- lus Cook, Neal Edman, Jack Lampley, Clifford Berryhill, Tom Gwaltney, Betty Bennett, Barbara Dycus. Fifth Row-Tommy Gost, Ernest Wright, Robert Kinkle, Frank Russell, Harold Nelson, Edward Bussell, Eugene Maddox, Hugh Powers, Dan Crunk, Humphrey Kortrecht, William Graham, Raymond Ross, Presley Barber, Roger Stanley, Edward Williams, Laverne South, Q 1 ij!!! it ea QE as I SQEQEQQ J , vp L J Page Ninety-Seven .........................Beporter -- 1, .J -f.l,"f:2r5:mQ i Junior Hofvigfroofvis Maurice Owen ......,,. Claudean Magness . Geneva Fleming ...., Damon Meyers ....... Dorothy Halton ...,, BOYS .z:,1e 69.5 9-l-MISS SUSIE IOHNSON, Teacher 9-2-MISS ELIZABETH ENGLAND, Teacher , Class Officers Class Officers ,.,.,,,..,.,,,Pre3idenl lohn Stathis ..............PrSSiClSI'1l ,,,,,,V1Ce President Bettye Lynn Overton ......Vice President ,.,,,,M,,SeCretQff Wandalynn Shoemate .............Secretary .m,,,Treq5uref Bobby Buckalew ........Treasurer .,,mRepOrief Gladys Dye .......Reporte: GIRLS BOYS GIRLS Moneeze Violet Brock Bobby A111'6d Edna Allen Lee Anthony J. D. Brown Pete Bruno Robert Everett John Hendren John Kelso Harold Dee King Leon Knight Howard Lewis Leonard Damon Meyers Maurice Owen Robert Pettitt Charles Robbins Roy Edward Stinnett William Stone George Vergos David Watson Bobby Wildes Montaree Corzine Evelyn Virginia Forgione Geneva Fleming Mary Louise Gray Molene Haas Dorothy Halton Valeria Huff Maxine Kennamore Claudean Magness Lavern Parker Imogene Rodgers Lorine Thomas Doris Wiseman 9-3-MISS LOBIECE PEABCE, Teacher Class Officers Bailey Thompson ..........,v.......,...,....... .....,a......... P resident Vincent Spinosa .... Elaine White ,,,.. Bobby Hughes Naomi Moore ...,., BUYS Bobby Hughes Donald Jacobus Lawrence Mankers Bobby McKenzie Glenn Patterson Rile Reyle Bruce Rook Bennie Salky Vincent Spinosa Billy Strong Bailey Thompson George Walter Raymond Wenzler ......Vice President ..........Secretarf ..,....Treasure , ..,....t.,ia,...,...,... Reporter GIRLS Georgia Durling Myrtle Hewlett Ethelda Koelz Naomi Moore Peggy Patton ' Charlotte Patterson Martha Qulnley Joy Rush Edna Sanidas Sara Seibs Nida Shumaker Joy Smith Shirley Terry Rose Marie Washer Doris Wheat Elaine White Pansy Williams Anna Gean Williamson I Charles Brodgen Bobby Buckalew Dan Currie Lean Hart Billy Hodges Wayne Hurley Johnny Jove Lawrence Marcrurn Russell McKenzie John Mosley lVLarvin Moss Joe Phelps Adolph Rosentrater Harold Smith John Stathis Bobby Webber Sarah Arwood Billie Mae Atkins Betty Blancett Jean Dickson Gladys Dye Dorothy Glatt Marjorie James Imalea Malamas Billie Newsom Bettye Lynn Overton Joyce Perkins , Wandalynn Shoemate Mary Frances Todd 'Cecelia Trotter Imogene Woodruff 9-4hMlSS KATHERINE HALL, Teacher Class Officers Betty Io Green ..,,. ..........,,,,,,.,,.,.,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,, P r esident Paul Brown ,,,,.. Bobby Torti ..,, Evelyn Benett Fred Ouarim ..,,. BUYS Alfred Allen Calvin Allen C. A. Bell George M. Billingsley Wallace E. Cowan Dewitt Cox Bill Craig Frank Love Davis Wayne Horton 'Charles T. Jones Fred Quarim Louis Queen J.inmy Quick Hugh David Saller Cec.l E. Springer Charles Warren Taylor Donald Allen Thomas Robert Torti Paul W. Brown til Page Ninety-Eight ......Vice President ........,.Secretary .......Trea3uror GIRLS Charlotte May Baugh Evelyn Bennett Betty Blockman Myrtle Cartwright Doris Fite Betty Jo Giaetano Betty Jo Green Betty Jean Hammett Nancy Kennedy Margaret Parker Willie Nelle Rutland Kathryn Winchester .U he .. W, I I 9-5-MRS. MARIA K. BACON, Teacher 9-6-Miss ZULA BOSWELL, Teacher Class Officers Class Officers Virginia Coscia ,,,,.,,,.,s,,,,..,.,.,.,.,,,,,,,, ......,....,. Pr esident Shirley Margolin ......,.,........ President Margaret Ellis ..,,. ,.,... V ice President Leverette Cole ...,........ ,...... V ice President Lois Williams ........ ...,.,.,.. S ecretary Anna Bell Gwaltney .c..,.. ,...,.,... S ecretar Betty Nell Boyce ,.... ..c.,.. T reasurer Richard Curie ,,,.,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, T reasurer Rosaline Bernatsky ,.,, ..,.,,.....,.,c,,,,.,...,..T...,,,,. R eporter Ralph Shankrnan ,,,, ,t,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,A,,,A,A,,,,.,,,,-,,, R eporter GIRLS Bonnie Griggs BOYS ' Mary Frances Davis Betty Anderson Bobby Jean Anderson Jean Atkins Rosalie Bernatsky Helen Billings Betty Boyce Helen Brickey Virginia Brickey Billy Briggs Alberta Burnett Virginia 'Coscia Betty Cunningham Margaret Ellis Mildred Billie Frances Irvin Margaret Ann Johnson Dorothy Jones Susan Kent Clarence Astin Leverette Cole Richard Curle Bernice George Anna Bell Gwaltney Dorothy Dale Hubbard Betty Claire Johnson Lillian Krantz Myrvin Lassiter Velma Laxton Helen Levenson Robert Davis Jack Glancy Roy Horrocks Clinton Langdon Dorothy Johnson Emogene Joyner Imogene Joyner Betty Margolin Evangeline Makris Nita Nance Hilda Pitt Evelyn Poole Dorothy Pugh Dorothy Senn Lois Williams 9-7-MRS. ODESSA NlCl-lOLS, Teacher Class Officers Betty Ann Gresham .c,,,, .. ,i.,.,,......... President Shirley Saller ...,...,....... Shirley Freeman .....,, Mary Ann English ..,... lean Cannon .......... GIRLS Martha Babb 'Carlin Blankenship Charlotte Boyle Thomasina Bray Jean Cannon Virginia Cole Ruth Cunningham Jeannette Cuilla Shirley Curtis Dorothy Draffin Nlurilene Ezell Birdie Mae Edwards Mary Ann English Barbara English Mary Alice Fly Shirley Freeman Betty Ann Gresham BOYS Eugene Bartmess Donald Berryhill Franklin Bruch Earl Clower Charles Dawson Chris Ferrante ...,..Vice President .,...,,,,.Secretary L. T. Marbry Huey McBride Billy Richardson Benny Salky Ralph Shankman GIRLS Margaret Atkins Regenia Allen Shirley Margolin Betty Jo May Elizabeth Roberts Emma Sue Rogers Imogene Scott Gloria Fay Thompson Joy Wofford Martha Sue Prater 9-8-MR. W. S. HILTPOLD, Teacher Class Officers ROY Crook ----e v--------,,...-------.............. ....,.....,.. Pr e sident S01 CO1SkY -e--------,---,---- ...... V ice President Seymour Petrovsky ,.,-,,,,-- Secretary Thomas Wright .,,,,,, q-.,,A. T reasurer Howard Long ,,,,c ,,,,.,,.,,,,-N-..,,,.g-'. -tylnv R e porter BUYS .,.,..,Treasurer ......,c,,,,,..,..,.,,.,,,,,,.,,.,Reportef Betty Jean Hendricks Mary Harmon Betty Hefner Billie Faye Hopkins Ada Hudson Mary Ann Horn Marguerite Jobe Clarice Kimmell Eleanor McMillen Mary Nicastro Violet Ramsey Mary Katherine Rhea Shirley Saller Claudia West Gloria West Gloria Terhune Virginia Hollowell Ann W'inford Bernard Clark Sol Colsky Roy Crook James Dozier Bernard Freiden Bert Hall B'lly Hatchett Everett Hill Ralph Hillstrom Lowell Holbrook Don Jones 9-9-MR. I. M. PATTERSON, Teacher Donald Berryhill ....v............. Earl Kitterman ...,.i Franklin Bruch ..... Charles Dawson ...... ....................c.............. James Fikes Joe Goldstein Irving Gregory Adrian Hayes Bernard Hirsch Robert Jones Earl Kitterman Class Otticers Bobby Jones Thomas Kent Orville King Jimmie Le Queux Stanley Levitch Howard Long Wayne Medearis Elvin Maxwell Alvin Morgan Billy Mullins Seymour Petrovsky Bill Rogers Eugene Smith if b L ......,.,.........Pres1dent ,.,,....Vice President Secretary Pat May thas movedl James Palmer Ed Pepper Johnny Pittman Marvin Presscott Bobby Rhodes Louis Rhodes Page Ninety-Nine Reporter A. C. Riley Jack Ruleman Carmack Seaton Marcus Smithart Gene Verner J.ames Vernor George Hall Gene Thomas , ew Gumpfimewil ancf Eau' Zffiftfzed ttttttgttttlg tttlttttttltttt IHIURS MILITARY UNIFORMS AND INSIGNIFI SPORTSWEAR 100 NORTH MAIN STREET Best Wishes to the Graduates- Thompson Brothers After You Graduate May We M t Continue To Serve You? or uary I-I. W. Lcmccrsterci Co. acrematorium SPEEDWAY I 1 P H A R M A C Y Plumbmg 6. Heating Contractors AMBULANCE SERVICE PRESCRIPTIONS COMPLETE SODA 2-8181-Phones-2-8182 BURIAL INSURANCE FOUNTAIN SERVICE SCHOOL SUPPLIES 797 Roland 257 Adams Ave. Phone 8-3281 1013 Iackson Ave.-Phone 5-4646 Best Wishes To All The Graduates titty? ALWAYS THE BEST SHOWS IN MEMPHIS' CAA!-JoJQsJQv lit' 5' H+ 'If s s a 1 K U M it K Q. if V' nf, -1, 2. Q. Fw,-1 ,AL ,if ,,. P1543 V jp N G 35392 AW Mm' ,Q X WM iW I ff Xm Jw--. XS A CI O 'U H O U errill The BRODNAX nameon the box adds much to the value but nothing to the cost Geo. T. Main at Monroe 111111, 1... Registered Ieweler-American Gem Society MEMPHIS HEADQUARTERS For School Pins 6. Rings Fratemity Iewelry Compliments ot SUCCESS TO THE 1944 MID-SOUTH OIL COMPANY Distributors of Pure Oil Company's Products General Offices: 431 NORTH DUNLAP ST. Good Luck Graduates! Hurley Tractor Co. "KEEP 'EM PLow1NG" 393 North Main sf. PHONE 8-6230 Greetings Graduates! E. E. DUNN'S Leaclway Food Store No. 18 741 North Decatur Congratulations to the MEMPHIS GRADUATES GRADUATES OF 1944 NATURAL GAS CO. D. CANALE 6: CO. SHEFFIELD 6' . Wholesale Fruit and STANLEY produce Esso STATION ME14PH1s 408 s. Front st.-Phone 8-4121 1379 Iaiiiieous 35125536-9341 Congratulations to The Graduates MEMPHIS VENEER. Incorporated O 83 Waterworks MEMPH1S, TENN. YORK ARMS CO. Wholesale and Retail Distributors Sporting Goods 162 SOUTH MAIN STREET 8-1217 ...MECO... 'XWELDING and CUTTING APPARATUS" Compliments of F O R E S T PRODUCTS CHEMICAL G COMPANY . . . HOBART . . . "ARC WELDERSH Welding Rods and Supplies HAYS SUPPLY co. MEMPHIS. TENN- 269 South Front Street Telephone 5-2717 v'x!K,A,A,A,AvAvAvAvA fr 's .. 4 ul. I r' 5. M. Y wg fffgsfsg mf' b 3, qw B My Guthrie Humes f ,f 4 Lyon's Open Air Christine HUMES GRADUATES OF 1944 Who plan business careers a s s u r e permanent positions by training thoroughly now for maximum wartime service Enroll Early QA., fMfNe-c-Jvlawhfnx cg-4:4004 158 Madison Avenue 8-6461 Entire Second Floor 4.L4.4n....4kA.4u4e4L4.,........'A4.a.444.....44..44,.A-..44444444 xfvvvilvvvvvvvvvvvyrxfvvvvvyfvvvvvvyrvvvvvvvyfvv Choice of the South since 1864 lor line writing papers engraved invitations and announcements greeting cards it 'l'00F S. C. TOOF 6 CO., 195 Madison Printers, Engravers, Stationers tlffverything executed in our own plantl Call 8-2271 for "Good Printing - All Ways" i Congratulations to the Humes High School Graduates! u from Automobile Sales Co. 1195 Union Ave. - Phone 7-1060 The Best of Luck to the 1944 Graduates Memphis Auto Parts Company SPECIALIZING IN TRUCK PARTS "Parts for Everything that Rolls" Best Wishes to the Graduation Class of '44 YELLOW CABS 8-2121 PHONE 8-2121 WHITFIELD KING 6. CC. Insurance 1093 Chelsea Phone 8-1202 Compliments ol MULFORD IEWELRY C0. 26 South Main Memphis, Tenn. w v AAAvA1a4 i,x1xAAJXJx-fN.!x1xAAA fx!YfS!'vvw-v, Y vvvv - 1 , ' ' . v,,,' V, ' "xiii il- Mfg: jk, f L,Hi4,,a1,,!4iiigLff4y?1 i, uf.. We ,V A , lg Y A we '-1-iff?-'i'Lf4,w,f'5Qmf-, 'f -2513-Lg, 1 " Aipfgi-ff?.,P,375'1i1f'fl 1 ':-gv 13QIT5'c-Q '7i'5e""'fSg.b' f ' ' L '.'.f,4'qsP Qvf w fa? " -+':Lv f- 1 ' ' . 3 . , . aff A-.-f--1'Y.',.f,A .J gg W 'Q 1 ' 5 ' L, ' M gf-4. QJH ' 1 " f . f 9 E Jing L-. m4,::' "V - ' UMFQGRAPHS .,.,J,4+,4,,,,.LW, WQMLJQW , its 1 Xiaffi? mfg WW ?WMf W 'N 0-ggfjlewwf an QA ymgjjp 1 ii V Jilijaf folwfjyj Lid h ""Q?W Olga Wjwjff' ff C- A 70' C is 9 E Aim 952,32 g? ? ,ik ff 0' gig F 31? il gf R! .. 'Si ,ti Lf A ' 3 if , ' , SILVER, Moon CANDIES . and COFFEE OLIVER-FINNIE CO. Extend I-learty Congratulations CL S . dl Q ' COMPLIMENTS or , h J I 'fi I Q Underwood HPIGGTV It li' Elliott Fisher co. --4 ' TZ ig Typewrifers SPORTING r oons jc "The Machine of COMP SY Charnpionsll VINT LAWSON- - ED GETZ 150-152 MONROE AVE. Phones 8-5137, 8-5138 9 N. 3rd - Opp. Sterick Bldg. I - ' ll' f ' . I f BEST WISHES TO THE 5 ., . SINCERE GOOD WTSHES TO -fad lffcraduates' 1944 GRADUATEST 'Q A Aja THE 1944 GRADUATES! " GOOD PLACE TO EAT" .T 'B1LIO'S GRILL T 1380 Iackson Ave. Near Watkins LAGUZZI 6. BARRASSO Iewelry Company 'fOut of High Rent District Better Prices are Available" National Shirt Shop 91 South Main Street Q 0 l36'f7 N. Main St. Phone 8-0956 Greetings To You, Graduates 'of '44 COMPLIMENTS OF , , A. W. HEUERTZ, Tenn Stare Mgr. Hawkms Equlpnfent Co' MUTUAL BENEFIT HEALTH 6. C011ffCfCf0IS Equlpment ACCIDENT ASSOCIATION Thornqs Phgne 10th Floor Sterrick Bldg. 'I COMPLIMENTS OF North Side Cleaners H. E BRAVER, owner In the Same Location Z5 Years 675 N. Second-Phone 8-7047 BEST WTSHES GRADUATES! GREER'S Sandwich Shop 1037 Iackson Phone 36-9633 BEST WTSHES GRADUATESV Doerr Radio Service ALL WORK GUARANTEED 1165 Breedlove . Phone 8-5785 SchaiIer's Dry Goods Store ' "We Outfit the Whole Family" Our Specialty is Peters' Diamond Brand Shoes for Men, Women and Children Congratulations Graduates! MAYME'S Beauty Shoppe MRS, MAYME DoRRiS We-O-Na Food Store' Z7 Owners: Cacciola 6. Danovi FUUCY Groceries, Quality Meats, Fresh Vegetables FREE DELIVERY Comer Second and Chelsea 858 Chelsea 191710119 343721 1042 Chelsea - Phones 8-0658-9 COMPLIMENTS OF Congratulations to the Sincere Good Wishes! Graduates! Wessell Construction B W INGRAM Guthrie Pharmacy COITIPCIUY ' ' GUS GAIN YOUR PROIECTIONIST ER' Mgr' 388 North Front St. AT HUMES 910 Chelsea Phlone 8-7404 ir in in in ir in in in it it in in in in it ir in it in in in it in If 3 it it it ir lr lr 4 fl ir it in 1 in in 4a 3 u wlgyxvzx-ly-1X!gv1yvfev4xv4gv,g!0 u +9 wyf! M? XS? X mff-QQQLMUHQ' agyfw wfff X fw4mMfM, s' Km Mfffg,,,,5 MLW WW J 0 fm.-,L,. f Q My 5 vfigfxg ' f A Q 9 M 3 . 95 2-GJ R? A 1 JM - H 4 .Af Lgfipp 1 vs digg W W1 M i0j5'iWZAR 5 ?'L?AQ9gW JJ V WVWWM 9 Q3 'Q W ff! , ,WA M 10 ' 1.5. k My ,1 0J . ,'vf 75' 5 i-as ,f X. N by ff' ., Wjl-,' P A I RF 1 015 W ,, f' :Q 1Qf-ff X Tgmatf bauldw XX row..- Your Hat Search Always Ends Happily AT RHEALEE 5lSo.MAlN Speedway Drug Store 63l Chelsea at Thomas FREE DELIVERY Phone 5-2766 Prescriptions Carefully Compounded -WA N G E L ' S Feminine Apparel 51 North Main Street Phone 5-5507 Best ot Luck To You, the- GRADUATES OF '44 Coleman's Service Station and Garage 7th,-. nd Chelsea I ,QQ-""'l 7 , . 1 Jr.: C. ffl T iv if -vga sys... .Ng ' ,.,' ,X XY'-gy : "' Q! 51 r o . MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS - EASY TERMS - Amro Music Store 113 Madison Ave., Second Floor 1-IUMES GRADUATES! Lend Part ot Your First Earnings To Your Government BUY WAR BONDS Regularly Help Win The War! GRAYSON'S 9 S0335 Main St. Dresses, Coats, Sportswear, Lingerie. A,JSmart Shop for Smart Women pHMcLELLAN'S .gg ,4 1 South Main Street 31.00 STORE COMPLIMENTS OF Dillon Potato Chip Co. 3715 Southern Ave. Phone 4-9171 WE OWN AND OPERATE OUR OWN CLEANING PLANT FLOYD HARVEY Cleaners SHOE REBUILDERS Phone 7-4774 1622 Union Ave. COMPLIMENTS OF BEST WISHES CR!-ins Suzore Theatres MODEL No. 1-869 Iackson - Ph. 8-9100 DRUG STORE No. 2-279 N. Main-Ph. 8-9200 Thomas Street Garage General Repairing "All We Ask ls A Trial" I. B. CRAIN 1414 Thomas Street Phones 5-3256-5-9210 WALTER I. CLINE WATCH is CLOCK REPAIRING New Elgin Watches lor Sale Room 303-81 Madison Bldg. Phone 8-7984 X.!' 917 IACKSON AVE COMPLIMENTS OF THE TOGGERY MEN'S SHOP Main and Adams W . B . B A R R O N Groceries and Meats 1306 Hollywood Phone 4-3346 FREE DELIVERY BEST OF LUCK Liberty Cash Grocery No. 44 1052 Chelsea COMPLIMENTS or SCOTT ELECTRIC CO. Electrical Contractors 272 Madison Ave. Phone 8-3743 r' ' 'N ,dwg . if -..- -.E,y.,v 1 n-I :tx I.-Z 'V ' I o foto fmmm:EmL5Qm. MQ -,.1'f.. -- , - ' ' ,X-7 "I my PHONE 2'2ll5 '--741.15-,-4 ...-o,,..,o II77 UNION AVENUE 3 it in in vii :xv :LA 4 fl ir it lr lr it is 3, l in ir tl in it ir ir 3 -V Nfv ir? i7N7Nf'5r V-Ffv v v-fv4w7ifv Nfwfv vlv V v'xfv v'v'v 1fNfVA 1T'S WONDERFUL" H U M Ko The Dainty Cooking Fat ABROS MEATS Abraham Brothers Packing Company MEMPHIS BEST WISHES TO THE 1944 GRADUATES! Sir I ames E. Stark Co. Memphis, Tenn. Liberal Real Estate Loans ' FIRE, AUTOMOBILE AND GENERAL INSURANCE ik E. H. CRUMP ol COMPANY North Memphis Savings Bank Building. 6-3683 The South's Largest Direct Writing Insurance Agency "You' KLINKE BROS. DAIRY PRODUCTS Ask Your Grocer Ol' PHONE 4-2101 For Home Delivery re Always We1come" At L Liberty Cash Grocery No. 25 K"Buddy" 6- "Happy" Vannucci, MgrsJ Where Price Are Right and Merchandise Complete "Buy For Less At Liberty" 1065 Iackson Avenue PHONE 2-1191 Williams Shade 6 Awning Co. Qur Mottwguccess Awnings - Window Shades - Venetian Blinds - Shades Cleaned - Draperies SUCCESS L AUNDRY Linoleum - Slip Covers - Rugs i . Phones - 5-4444 - 5-4445 - 5-4446 Nctfhmg Sccccccc I-lkc Scccccc Twc Ccnvccicm Lcccficcc 1000 Jeffersen Avenue Phone 2-3123 807 Union Ave. 95 South Main St.

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