Humes High School - Senior Herald Yearbook (Memphis, TN)

 - Class of 1942

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Humes High School - Senior Herald Yearbook (Memphis, TN) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Cover

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J ar it 'V ?5'.'f T!.uW1!"F?f5T..'W' E oLn HQNESTY If A I If vw 21-Pfmf the Bef mev.2fd11l1auv A QUAUTY PAINTS ' 'S-UPERlORl'BlilllVD. f b Are - f r SELECTED POULTRY CHEAPER PER GALLON . A BY THE YEAR 'md , El SUPERIQR BRAND EGGS FARRELL-CALHOUN EJ COMPANY NATIONAL PRODUCE CC. lil 527 No. Front St. Phone 8-7511 Imperial and Unitized Wall Papers E1 lil Sales Room 22-24 Soufh Second Sf- Your norohor Sells Superior Brand Poultry and Eggs Phone 8-2211 Or coo Gei 'nrorrr PAUSE AND REFRESH Drink . . . IN BCTTLES if f ff The I-lerotld stdtt in this is- sue presents the 1942 senior edition ot the school pdper. lt is d record ot the clctss dctivities ott l-lumes---ot the dmusements, dnd ot the dotily ex- periences, in which ds students, the seniors hotve spent some ot their hdppiest ddys. lt is the hope ot the stottt thott this edition moty prove ct source ot inspirdtion to turther endectvors, dnd thott it mdy provide motny pledsdnt memories cts the seniors look bctck upon its potges in tuture yeotrs. F or the tirst time in the history of the school, the I-lerdld cctrries ct potge ot I-lumes looys otnd girls in the service ot the United Stcttes. Almost Wher- ever the tlotg flies, l-lumes is represented. A W 'fi TR 7"YTYZ-FD -mx .. u.--.i'l -1.-1..- -- , W., , A . . . A e ,,n nf -ff - -- M .. .- Nnff 4 f,- mfr ff -,,fHHf ..n,deJer C. ,reCL:eee e,r 12,21 :ee ,VHhie3,....1, ,,Ue ,, ,,,,,,H 'ANA V: , if WL Mfg f,H,-N ,uf ,, ,N, A., WU,4 'ffgu ,W 'Tf.r. .,'Qn- -,A,e,n-ee,MM- ,M, ,,,-,,e,,.mM.eM,4e, ,.nuM, .-,,,,,U3 e,,U ,,.,,4 f--qv f .AL Lef:r,.e. -, . .- .- . . e. , -- . ,,- N, -, . . . f -V . , ., f fcw rkLne AQ3M,e wld rtmxcn henrf,L:r:Jgn ,Mex e.JquenCe, ye.-,zded "C 41- nr-rf-fp: 'v5f1- fvvfr- +1-C. fvvf-1-rv--1 ff nv- wffQ-Wf VQwrv T1-xv-f-ufvL-X -gn!-Q ri A., .J JyyJ-, ..-LJ .AL...z L.-- k:......,: J. .,--A -.5A-:..- .,--.:4. .uf j.. f-.4 ., J. W , . . . ,, , . .. N -, . -f., . .,- - ,, ,- , . ,w- N.. , ,. . -- ,w.n Her, ..zi.e.....g.31 L. .ie eiee. neue, 3. :,:e.L --.'.1r.-.:eee, -eu C: . ,. . , 1 . . W . ., , f-- -fvffvv-f rvvv- v- sf - --f- 4 of - -. 4 . 0 -,v ef- v--vff-rx rvr- F' "" Met f,,--,L... 1.---j J.:.,r.c,e .5 ...e 13.2-21 3. :r5.:..r.W me M..,..,--..-e J. ou- ,HL-sgfcfz :,L,:,:,W ,gffgm-.V ',.-',-fr ,,,.m-A-,L-J -ps ',,,,:-,Z-,f-.'f.-',:,,,. Jvwsgtr -...,.-.,.-.,.L ,.--J..,--- .,--A..,.. l.,,.,L.,., .H J.A.....,.4 ...., ,. .4.., ,.v-,.A.,-....1,,. .. .1..,.-,- ,ff-v 3 Q ff -ffl'--ff,--, f-.Y--Q' ,-'---,-,Q V- . .., ,-L ,Q l-,-.- f-Q -ff '.Ivf.,-L N- " -4 FQ ..- -n,,.313 ,.M ,uh, ,n,::-u.-,.,.uw .M,u ,efLheA..e.A.AeM ,,-e.u ,A.e2H4 H. . , . , F . . . , , , Q.-r fr xrfv-Af-f ' -V v- -- v 1 ,-1 -,- f-v--Av f of-44 ov' v . ,1,eueQ ,Me -ygM.L..r:uAr.eH:3 3,, .ue .,.Me -ernMn., 5. our L.,n,,,,., 4 :n,.F M,' 1, r W-.,, w,-L.,,'-,, ,h-,,w' . W, -1,,,.--.,,. - ...e . ,-..., ,Hz ,,e ,,- ,.e..2e ..,,..,U,- gale.-- ,.-y:f'W W,-,W ' mF.:: W f ..':, . - :ge:..A1C1 isle h.:ze -1 3 3erL:.,-. :..ree.Ue:. -::e,gn .slr years ,, , . ., ... , H v , . P' 'VIN 4' F 'vrf 0 ...A V. -0-v 1-4 'ff ' ',v 1- 5 rvv-' 41 v ,. ..,,:,.cr.1. ,r .Le .r.3.e,e5.,:...- ,. We ,Lex .ce ce,e.-M-:e ,.:'Je. 4,3 f,,..-p'L,- ',.,:,,,-pf, ,: ,,,, "f-H,f.,, 'ev' my :,pD,. '- 'DL .-.- ..-...-...--.: .,.A..-.:,..:, ,. , -.,':.. .-..,.,...,.--. L...-.,.,... .,.-.'l .,.,.J.,.k L. L..,-, .Q Q..-,.,,2:f .',-f'f-r fgz . .f :HW ,. -:.-., 'M .-?.- .ne., e U,-eW,g.h.-,,.U ,eec.,:z: ne.,MMe.-: atc., .:c.LLLe: ,mf :fm-Aw. vfffdrf... 'fv-TN ,4..,,,,, .LL 'wffa "fm ' um,.W,, .LQ ....,,., . ..,..4-..., .' -J . - .1 uf ...-.,.. .4,-....j ...- 41 .1..4 11 4. L, A.f.,-.4.-.., ...- f?-y -wfm :f,., pf, 2 F: nw W,W veg nr' f-Y. '.p .,Nu u H 1 . -,-ue,n.-H .L .ne U,Me, -. ,M n.An5u., ,Mc 5,HMe2..Me ..,. ,:re,:: Lie T ,.,. I" ,A ,-I ' .. v.,". .j.Q . 'l. ",,' 44, ' -eUg,e c,..3u::e,:r 3 ze er .Qui I1 m:x1..e ure ner. se e.txe -.- v' ' ,---" ' Q ' A v' +A v- vf-f - -' Y ,I Z " -,V ' LW- ,-',-. -A Mena C-m1 :ire Lee: :zz me Heu-:1Y:ee-.A:u: ec eteznung, A gclzzi' ei einer Qezfierz 'lillld he refifefi fixed :et Cline 1: the e,2i 2. tp tru fffl zevefiriei ::g. ii "eH f 'ie 'ei.f'i it M ef: v Zieiie iYe:1::e.2m':1e31:ie Cidtie UTxQerC:ge efrxixs eideivix ':.,L,-, f.f,,Cv...,,. ,fm V.: ,.v.-.- mf ' psp, ,-W-.- ffm- -f, ..- 'f--,3- wx. f-,, .....,.J j':..-.,,..,.. .,,. .., -..,z.,: ,UQ -l.,.A- 0.1.5 -.,..: .-. . 5 ..':.-'.: .QC1,.. ,. ,mv fe, -LW ,.L,. ,WW V - . ., . ,.,,: L -.. ,,.., ,,e U,.e --. :.,M,,u ..,HfH. ., .C:.e.eM M, .., . - - - ' - s 1 ' '17' ' ' ' x ' -,, .,, , .vff.- ,. .,,. .. . - . ., ,,-r-. uae Menu m,U,.-,CALM,: Nic .ne.:e.ei:ev i..3i HK. , . , e A,, N.,H, ,.,W NM m. fe.M ,C:-,. Q ,e-r 1GJe..,re ,Je ne 1.x 'r"YY " '7"r' HFYV' V' "Y.P f'n"'N " 5 'A A ,,,u.e, Uh, .Jude ,UL:,H., ,:.nc3 .,,.,h ,,.,,WW n,A,. h U,,h,.,- ,,,HHHM , 'U ..-.' x p, ,-Y.,-' 'L-,.. n, Mere Y1,p ne x:zn.e3,e :1..e3 irq LA 1. Hwi .232 The wind eCpr'vfxu Soccernet uno Mile ,ghWh" p,,,,',.H ,W ...,. .fe t..c,C ,,r r. rye.. .i fC'A ":pld 'ferk fi' ffATT fit fir ex e fer ui year KfQw0f'fTfi 173 11 .fzveu I, . , , 1 , H n a lflfwf 7 ff A A, THE HUMES HERALD Y MR. E. C. BALL, Superintendent MR. W. I. PRESCOTT, MR. Ir M, SMITH, Chairman, Boorrd ot Education Director of Instruction WM! I 1 V 1 7 M 2 MR. D M. HILLIARD, Prlncipql ,W '14 f' x '52 JWKWM. QW 1 'we' . ' 'Q . '6 ,Q 5. 3+ ,f Q MI HHH? MM, F'Pf"f'ffI'1 MI V ?f'P."Hf A:a:Q1:1TA:-:T lfmmflrm lII.IfANOR HICHARDSO I 2 .4 A-.-na- IIHUIIL FHII LTI Illll HIGH Q66lC 6734 Alderman, I. L. Alexander, Virginia Allensworth, Iennie Aiimomi, Nota 75? Ayrnett, McCallu 'r Bacon, Mrs. Maria K. Boswell, Zula M. Branch, Lila Brennan, Mrs. I. Pjij 4, f. v Conyers, Mrs. Katie Belle 0' ' I, f. D. M. HILLIARD - - - ELEANOR RICHARDSON ANNIE M. PRESCOTT - - MARGARET HUMPHREYS CAPT. LOUIS I. HARANT - SERGEANT B. A. TAYLOR fD.E.M.L.l CAPT. C. F. HARRISON - MRS WELLFORD WITHERS MRS MARY CODY SPENCER GUY B. BARNES - - MRS. CHARLES GRAY - MRS GRACE TAYLOR - WILLIE MAE CUMMINGS - MRS. T. S. MARTIN - - MRS. GEORGE TOMLINSON - ---- Principal - Asst Principal - Secretary - - Librarian - - P. M. S. T. - M. S. T. Instructor Band Director - Cafeteria Manager -Asst Cafeteria Manager - - - Engineer - Attendance Officer Hygiene Superintendent - - School Nurse Supply Manager President, P.-T.A. Elliott, Claire Marie , ff . Ak f England, Elizabeth Parr, Lilla Mae Fisher, Mary B. Geraghty, Gertrude Gibson, Agnes Green, Mrs. ary B. ' .. Hall, Dorothy fvlvk, Hall, Katherine Hargraves, Etta Mae Hritpoid, Waiter s. Z0 Hurt, Mary Iohnson, Susie M. Iones, Clay C. Keathley, Mrs. Gladys THE HUMES HERALD Lenegbtn, Mary P. Lewis, E. R. Lochrie, Helen Marmann, Elsie V. McCain, Elizabeth McCleary, Mary T. Moffett, Louise Moreland, Mrs. C. A. Neely, Mrs. Odessa atton, Lucille Pearce, Loriece Presgrove, Keathley Ralston, I. R., Ir. Reed, Mabel If Richmond, Eleanor Robinson, Lyde Schilling, Elsa Alice Scrivener, Mildred Shapiro, Dorothym A Starnper, Mrs. Marjorie Stephens, Mrs. Iulia Taylor, Gaston Tomlinson, Hortense Wadley, Rena Walker, Marjorie Walker, Mary gmail, , Wilford, Aillee Winfield, Sirn Miss Annie Mae Prescott llllllllllll To Miss Annie Mae Prescott, the Senior Class of l942 affectionately dedifato tlie Herald, witli grateful appreciation for lier many acts of kindness, lier devotion to tlioir interests, and lier loyalty at till timer: to tlio students of llllllllqli llifili Svlimwl l- I' ,,,,,,,,S,,,i THE HUMES HERALD HHH HTH X wwf I f ,ta X! XE X , , ,H,, , f W' SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS FRANK BILLINGSLEY ................V........,.. President EDGAR SING ..,,..,,,,........,..... Boys' Vice-President FRANCES RUMLEY ,...........,,.. Girls' Vice-President JEANNE HOOPER .....,.. Corresponding Secretary JUNE HOOPER .........Y..............., Recording Secretary EVA CLAIRE BRUCH .........,,,.....,.w... Reporter JUANITA BEARD .,,.,..Y..,.. .,,,. 1 2-1 Treasurer CLIFFORD DOUGLASS .,... ,... 1 2-2 Treasurer ROBERT JOHNSON ..,..... ..,..... 1 2-3 Treasurer SENIOR EDITION JEAN NICHOLAS ,,,...... ,. ,.Y,..,. 12-4 Treasurer JENNIVIE PAULLUS ....,., ,,... DOROTHY WALKER ....,.. .,,,. FRANK BILLINGSLEY ALVIN FOX ,.,,......ii,,...., EARL JONES ...,,,... HENRY NOLEN ...i,... MAX PLANT ,,,,.,rr,,....... VERNON WHITMAN . HH 12-5 Treasurer 12-6 Treasurer 12-1 President 12-2 President 12-3 President 12-4 President 12-5 President 12-6 President Page SGl'+'n HIRSCHELL D. AGEE "Goofus" English four years: Wood Shop four years: Band five years: First Lieu- tenant '40-'42: Algebra two years: Spanish two years: History three years: Mechanical Drawing one year: Entertainment Committee Chairman 12-1: Entertainment Committee Senior Class: Rifle Team '42: National De- fense School: Metal and Electric Shop one year. TILLIE ALABASTER "Honey" Sewing two years: Shorthand two years: Typing two years: English four years: Music three years: Office Practice one year: Bookkeeping one year: Home Hygiene Course: Invita- tion Committee of Senior Class: World Affairs 'Club. GEORGE T. BABIN "Duck Legs" Football '39-'41: H-'Club '39-'42: Oldest Member and Vice-president of HJClub: ROTC '39-'41: ROTC Cap- tain '42: Basketball '41: Saber Club '42: Wrestling '41: Herald Staff '42: National Defense School '42: English four years: Art two years. IANE FRANCES BAGWELL "Fingers" Secretary-Treasurer Fifty Club: Glee Club four years: Honor Roll four years: Girl Reserves one year: His- tory Club Vice-president: English four years: Bookkeeping two years: Typing two years: Shorthand two years: Stu- dent Government three years: Most talented girl in Senior Class: Honor Society '42. WALTER H. BARFLELD "Ruta Glutz" English four years: Science four years: History four years: Art two years: Math two years: Student Gov- ernment: Honor Society '42. MARGARET IUANITA BEARD "Nita" Secretary-Treasurer 12-1: Glee Club four years: Honor Roll six years: Vice-president Junior 'Class '39: Girl Reserves two years: Treasurer His- tory Club: Most versatile girl in Senior Class: English four years: Bookkeeping two years: Typing two years: Shorthand two years: Home- room Officer four years. FRANK BILLINGSLEY "Buddy" English four years: History four years: Spanish two years: Typing two years: Algebra two years: Senior Class President: Treasurer Student Government: Treasurer Spanish Club '40, '41: ROTC two years: ROTC Sergeant '41: Most reliable boy in Senior 'Class: Honor Society '42. VIRGINIA ELIZABETH BILLIONS ..I. I .. Girl Reserves three years: Home lCc'o- nomics four years: Virre-preside-nt Junior Retail Selling Assot-lution: Typing two years: Shorthand oni- year: Best groomed girl in Se-nior Class. ,zz 7 I X 'tim ,hav 'f-PG 1 'av ELSIE IUANITA AIKENS "Blondie" English four years: History four years: Typing two years: Shorthand two years: Bookkeeping one year: Office Practice one year: Gym two years: Home Hygiene Course: World Affairs Club: English Club: Math two years. IACOB ALABASTER "luke" Bookkeeping two years: Shop four years: Commercial Law one year: Economics one year: History four years: English four years: Red Cross Representative '38: Tennis three years: Sc'ence one year. EUGENIA IANE ANTON "Zero" Math four years: Spanish two years: English four years: History four years: Sewing two years: Tailoring one year: Typing two years: Monitor '39: Spanish Club '39s-'41: Most Athletic Girl in Senior Class: Red Cross Representative '40-'41: Honor Banquet three years: Honor Society '42 CHARLES BANDY English four years: Shop three years: Typing two years: Algebra two years: Science two years: ROTC three years: ROTC officer '41, '42: American His- tory: Junior 'Class President '38, '39: Most attractive boy in Senior Class. ALICE BARTEE "Ninety Pounds" Shorthand two years: Typing two years: Soc'al Studies two years: Speech two years: N. F. L. '40-'421 Ring Committee of Senior Class: Math two years: Sewing one year: Physical Education two years: English four years: Music one year: Red Cross Representative '40, '41. EUGENE BAXTER "Gene" English four years: History three years: Algebra two years: Spanish two years: Typing two years: Science one year: Commercial Work one year: Spanish Club '39-'41: Most natural boy in Senior Class: Meniber of Fifty Club, VIRGINIA MARCELLE BILGER "Beanie" llslorinn llonor Society: Glee Club thrt-v yt-urs: L. C. llumes Award tenth grtttlvg Most intelligent girl in Senior Class: l'rt-sidt-nl Caesar Club: Secre' tnry Vt-rgil 'Clulig ROTC Sponsor: Vivo-pix-sitlt-tit ot' 12-1 Home Roomi l'it'i--prt-siilt-nt of English Club: Honor Ilnnonet, six years: Latin Tournament in Nashville two years: Vice-presi- tie-nt ninth grade Home Room. CLARENCE ALBERT BLANTON "Carrie" Latin four years: History four years: English four years: Shop two years: Algebra two years: First Sergeant lland '41, '42: Sergeant-at-arms Cicero Club '41, '42: Virgil 'Club '40, '4l3 Caesar Club '39, '40: Red Cross Rep- resentative 12-1: Hand six years! Wittiest boy in Senior Class. HELEN BINGHAM "Butch" Sewing two years: Cooking one year: Commercial Foods one year: English four years: History three years: Algebra. one year: Plane Geometry one year: Commercial Law and Eco- nomicsl Home Hygiene Course. DAN BRYAN "nanny" Distributive Education: Latin two YGSJSQ ROTC two years: Shop three YGHFSJ English four years: History two years: Science one year. MAMIE BLUESTEIN --singer' English four years: History four YGHTSS Art two years: Algebra two years: Shorthand two years: Typing two years: Office Practice one year: Honor Society: Fifty Club: Glee Club. FRANK BARNETT CARROLL. IR. "Egghead" H1St0I'Y tWO years: Mechanical Draw- ing two Yea-TSI Wood Shop three XGHTSS Metal Shop one year: Distribu- IIVG Education. DOROTHY MAE BUTLER "Dot" English four years: Algebra two years: Stenography two yearsg Typ- ing three years: Office Practice one year: Home Economics one year: Music one year: Bookkeeping one year: Red Cross Representative '41, '42J Senior Girl Reserves Treasurer '41, '42: Honor Banquet four years. ROBERT IACKSON DAVISON llBo'bbYll English four years: Science four Y02-TSS Math two years: ROTC First Lieutenant: Rifle Team two years: Firing Squad one year: 'Color Guard two years: National Defense School. SALLY ANN CHAFETZ, "Sally Macy" Caesar Club '39, '4O: Treasurer 11-1 home room: Student Government '39-'41: Red Cross Representative '38-'42: Bookkeeping two years: Shorthand two years: Typing two years: Office Practice one year: Eng- lish four years: History two years: Algebra two years: Latin two years. IACK LEONARD DONNELL "Slim" English f011l' years: Science three years: History two years: Shop four years: Algebra one year: Dramatics one-half year: ROTC '41, '42: Presi- dent Saber Club '41, '42: Football '38-'41: Football 'Captain '41: H-Club '39-'42: Rifle Tteam '42: Typing- one year. ,. Vfj ,------ , :,.,, lf, - Q fl! K IAMES AUSTIN BRICE "I ed" English four years: Shop three years: History two years: ROTC two years: Distributive Education: Personality boy in Senior Class. EVELYN BISHOP "Rufus" Secretary Junior Retail Merchants' Association: Secretary Retail Selling Class: Glee Club three years: Girls' Tech three years: Shorthand one year: Typing two years: Gym two years: English four years: History three years: Speech and debate one year: Home Hygiene Course: Student Government '35, '36. RAYMOND CHARLES BRYAN "Bones" English four years: History three years: ROTC three years: Officer '41, '42: Algebra one year: Shop three years: National Defense School: Red Cross Representative two years: Span- ish two years: Happiest boy in Senior Class. EVA CLAIRE BRUCH "Babbling Brook" Senior Class Reporter: Honor So- siety Treasurer '40, '41: Herald Staff '40-'42: Student Government Girls' Vice-president '40, '41: Student Gov- ernment Treasurer '39, '40: ROT'C Sponsor '40-'42: Member of Fifty Club: Officers and Sponsors Club Secretary '40, '41: 12-1 Home-room Reporter: Red Cross Representative two years: Most popular girl in Sen- ior 'Class JACK D. CURRY "Icxckson" Typing 'Club '40, '41: Typing Club President '41, '42: History four years: Red Cross Representative '39-'42: Commercial Course '38-'42: Best groomed boy in Senior Class. RACHEL WINFRED CAIN "Ray" English four years: Science three years: Algebra two years: Latin two years: Home Economics two years: Gym two years: Music one year: Typ- ing one year: Civics one year: His- tory one year: Senior Girl Reserves one year: Home Hygiene Course. WILLIAM ENOCH DIXON "Bill" English four years: History three years: Science two years: Math one year: Metal Shop four years: Band five years: 'Captain Band '40-'42: Chairman Entertainment Committee 12-2 Best poised boy in Senior Class. HILDA ANTOINETTE CHAPMAN "Shorty" English four years: History two years: Speech one and one-half years: Typing one .and one-half years: Dis- tributive Education: Music two years: Sewing two years: Cooking one year. IENNIE CHRISAFIS "Jen" Red 'Cross Representative three years: Typing two years: Shorthand two years: English four years: History three years: Algebra one year: Sew- ing two years: Music one year: Of- fice Practice one year: Gym two years: Home-room Vice-president three years: English Club. ROBERT I. EPPINETTE "Roberta" English four years: History three years: Distributive Education: Typ- ing one year: ROTC two years: Biol- ogy one year: Math one year: Social Science one year: General Science one year: Shop two years. CAROL IEAN CLAYTON "Shorty" National Honor Society '40-'42: President Honor Society '41, '42: President Latin 'Club '41, '42: Secre- tary Physics Club '41, '42: President History Club '40, '41: Vice-president English Club '40, '41: Girl Reserves '40-'42: Reporter 12-2, '41, '42: In- vitation Committee of Senior Class: Science four years: Math four years: Most cultured girl in Senior 'Class. ERNEST HUGH FLANIKEN "Fish1ace" Latin four years: Caesar Club Presi- dent '39, '40: Cicero 'Club President '41, '42: ROTC Captain '41, '42: ROTC Sergeant '40, '41: L. C, Humes Award '38, '39: English 'Club President '41, '42: Red Cross Representative '39, '-11: Math three years: Winner of S.A.R. Medal in ROTC '41: Most intelligent boy in Senior Class. VIRGINIA CUMMINGS "Tressie" Art four years: English four years: Spanish two years: Home Economics two years: Physical Education two years: Algebra two years: Red Cross Representative one year: Honor Ban- quet two years: Vice-president World Affairs Club: Senior 'Class Ring Com- mittee: Student Governinent one year: Most natural girl in Senior Class. WARREN G. GAINES "Goop" Football '39-'4l: H-Club '-10.411 IVorld Affairs Club Treasurer :Eng- lish four years: History three years: Speech one year: Shop four years: ROTC two years: Math two years: Home-room President three years. RUTH EVELYN DEVERS "Rufus" Honor Society '-101'-12: Cbecrleridr-1' '40, '41: Secretary Student Govern- ment: Secretary Junior Graduation Class: Flower, Color, Motto Commit- tee of Senior Class: Debate Toarn '40, '41: L. C, Humes Award 'fl7: Football Sponsor '40: National Forcnsir- lma- gue: Girls' Drill Squad. IOHN MILTON GLANCY, IR. "Pete" English four years: Math tlirf-o yt-nt-zz, ROTC two years: ltGTt' St-rat-not 'to. '41: History two yr-ars: lJis.trilnitiw- Education: Attend:-d Iioys' Stzilw in Lebanon '4l: Attended .lnnior Ili-tail Merchants'Convention in Nztslivillt-'lt CLIFFORD L. DOUGLASS "Doug" English four years: History three years: Math one year: Shop three years: Science two years: Typing two years: School B.and one year: Drum Major ROTC Band '40, '41: Treasurer 12-2 home-room: Chairman Gift Com- mittee Senior Class: Most versatile boy in Senior 'Classg Honor Society '42 NELLIE LEE CHURCH "Little Nell" Secretary of 12-2 home-room: Presi- dent of History Club: Member of Glee Club '40, '41: Senior Girl Reserves '42: Commercial Diploma: Student Gov- ernment Representative '39, '40: Best all-round girl in Senior Class. DAVID LESTER FINN "Bacchus" Math four years: Latin two years: ROTC Band three years: Vice-presi- dent 12-2 home-room: ROTC Band one year: Physics Club '41, '-12: Draft- ing two years: Honor Society '42, FAITH CRAFT "Hope" English four years: Math four years: Typing two years: Shorthand two years: Bookkeeping two years: Busi- ness Math: Office Practice: Honor Banquet three years. ALVIN LATHAM FOX "Peck" Football '39-'-11: Baseball '40, '41: H-Club '39-'-12: Secretary and Treas- urer H-Club '41, '42: Major ROTC '41, '42: Vice-president Saber 'Club '41, '42: President 12-2 home-room: Chairman Entertainment Committee Senior Class: Sports Writer Herald '39-'-12: Vice-president World Affairs Club, '40, '41: National Defense School: Most popular boy in Senior Class. VIOLA DAWSON "L V." English four years: History two years: Typing one year: Shorthand one year: Distributive Education: Rt-d Cross Representative '-ltl. '41: Stndvnt Founril Representative '40, '-il: Girls' Tovh three years: Friend- liost girl in Sonior Class. ERNEST PHILIP GALBREATH upilip.. liatin llirvt- yours: Math three years: I-English four yt-airs: History two yi-urs: lhinil five yo-urs: Lieutenant in llnntl '-ll, 42: Most business-like boy in Senior Class: National De- t't-nse St-hoolg lied Cross Representa- tirt- 'Sift '-lil: Rod Cross Reporter '41. '-IU: llcrald Staff '41, '-42: Business Muuati.:t-r llt-rald Staff '-ll, '42. REMA IOYCE DRISKELL "Blondie" ldnglish four years: Home Econom- ivs thrco years: Tailoring one year: Algebra two years: Typing two years: Art two years: Music one year: Hon- or Banquet two years. Ei WILLIAM LEE GOINGS, IR. "BILLY" English four years: Math four years: History three years: Shorthand two years: Typing two years: ROTC three years: ROTC First Lieutenant: Vice- president Fifty Club: Vice-president World Affairs 'Club: Auditorium Com- mittee '41, '42: English Club: Perfect Attendance five years: Most accom- plished boy in Senior Class. ROSABELLE EPSTEIN "Ricky" English four years: History four years: Algebra two years: Latin two years: C.aesar 'Club '39, '40Z Typing two years: Shorthand two years: Red Cross Representative '40: Music one year: Home Hygiene Course: World Affairs Club: Photoplay Club. CHARLES HERMAN DOWDIE "stinky Dowaien Math four years: History four years: Spanish two years: English four years: Science one year. KATHERINE I. FILLON "Ccxthey" English four years: History three years: Typlng two years: Stenogra- phy two years: Tailoring one year: Cooking one year: Gym two years. I OE HADLEY "Sucker" Co-captain football team '41: Football four years: H-Club '41, '42: English four years: Shop four years: Friend- liest boy in Senior Class: ROTC two years: Vice-president home-room: Typing two years: Fifty Club. MARY GLANCY "Sis" English four years: History three years: Typing two years: Distribu- tive Education: Girl Reserves '36-'39: Math two years: Sewing two years: Stenography one year: Gym one year: Junior Retail Merchants Convention, Nashville '42, CHARLES E. HISKY "Bubba" President Junior Retail Merchants' Association: ROTC Officer: President Speech Club '39, '40: President home- room '40, '41: Member of Thespians: Member of National Forensic League: History four years: English four years: Speech two years: Most ambi- tious boy in Senior Class. MARY CATHERINE GRIMES llKa1dll Distributive Education: English four years: History three'years: Glee Club '39: Algebra two years: Girl Reserves six years: Typing two years: Short- hand one year: Student Government Representative: Gym two years: Mon- itor of Student Government '38: Hon- or Society '42, VIRGINIA LEE DURHAM "litter" Student Government Representative '36-'40: Home-room Officer 9th Grade: Girl Reserves '41, '42: Typing two years: Bookkeeping two years' Shorthand two years: Office Practice: Algebra two years: Commercial Law: English four years: Economic Geog- raphy one year: Most courteous girl in Senior Class. SEYMOUR GOLDMAN "Little Slooch" B00kk09DlI1g two years: Shop two years: History three years: English four years: FRANCES ELOISE FERGUSON "Ferg" English four years: Girls' Tech three years: Science three years: Gym one and one-half years: History three years: Student 'Council Representa- tive '38, '39: Most attractive girl in Senior Class: Distributive Education. LAURIE GREEN "Green" Latin four years: English four years: Math four years: History three years: Science two years: Band four and one-half years: Lieutenant in Band '40, '41: Member of Honor Society '41, '423 Honor Banquet six years: Mem- ber of Caesar and Vergil Clubs: Treasurer of Cicero 'Club '41, '42. DOROTHY ANN GASSAWAY ..Dot,, English four years: History four YG-HFS: Typing three years: Stenogra- Dhy two years: Algebra two years: Glee Club four years: Office Practice one year: Student Government: Gym one and one-half years: Most sensible girl in Senior Class. JAMES HARDAWAY "Jimmy" English four years: History four years: Shop two years: Typing two years: Shorthand two years: ROTC three years: ROTC Captain: English Club: World Affairs Club: Male Beau- ty Show '40, '4l: Auditorium Commit- I90 '41, '42: Student Government '40,'41. MARIE GLATT "Glcrtt" English four years: History three Sewing two years: Typing one year: Bookkeeping one year Math one year: Cooking one year: Music one year: Girl Reserves four years. ANGELO E. HODGES, IR. "Angele" ROTC four years: First Lieutenant '40: Math three years: Shop four years: English four years: History two years. FRANCES IOYCE HARRIS "Blondie English four years: History two years: Typing two years: Home Hygiene Course: Sewing two years: Cooking one year: Office Practice one year: Speech one year: Gym two years: ROTC Sponsor '41, '42: Gift Committee of Senior Class. RAYMOND HOUSTON "Termite" Math four years: Science two years: Latin two years: History two years: Band '39-'41: Student Government '37, '38: Red Cross '39: Sweetest boy in Senior Class. IEWELL ELVETA HAYES "Iud English four years: Science four years: History two years: Home Economics three years: Algebra one year: Geometry one year: Gym two years: Typing one year: Girl Re- serves two years: Home Hygiene Course. DEWEY ANDREW IONES "Doc" Math four years: History four years: English four years: Spanish two years: ROTC three years: Typing one yeaf. IEANNE HOOPER "Honey" Corresponding Secretary of Senior Class: Honor Society '41, '42: ROTC Sponsor '41, '42: Fifty Club Reporter: Class Oflicer four years: Commercial Course: Red Cross Representative three years: Student Government two years: English four years: Shorthand two years: Most reliable girl in Sen- ior Class. BILLY F. LEGGE "Erppy" English four years: History three years: Latin two years: Latin Club '40, '41: Band five years: Lieutenant in band '41, '42: Typing two years: Typing Club '41, '42: Math two years: American History Club '41, '42: English Club '41, '42: Male Beauty Show '40. SARAH EVA HORNBUCKLE "Twerp" School orchestra '37-'39: Junior High Glee Club '36-'39: Senior Girl Re- serves '41, '42: English four years: Typing three years: Shorthand two years: Office Practice one year: Alge- bra two years: Home Economics two years: American history: Civics: Music one year. WILLIAM EARL LOFT "Bi11 Member Honor Society: English four years: History three years: ROTK' Sergeant and Member Firing Squad Drafting and Woodwork two years: Math, Civics, Biology one year: Gen- eral Shop two years: National lie- fense School. HENRY HOLT "Bunny" English four years: Band three years '39, '41: History three years: Com- mercial Law: Latin two years: Typing one year: Math three years. VICTORIA HARRIS "Vickie" Distributive Education: History three years: English four years: Biology one year: Debating and Dramatics one year: Gym two years: Sewing two years: Typing two years. ROBERT LEE I OHNSON "Longdistance" English four years: ROTC three years: History three years: Shop four years: Lieutenant ROTC '41, '42. BETTY MAE HOLMES "Bet" Girl Reserves six years: Red Cross Representative '37, '38: Glee Club '39, '40: Honor Roll four years: Sec- retary of World Affairs Club: English four years: Shorthand two years: Typing three years: Bookkeeping two years: Offiice Practice one year: Gym two years: Girls' Tech one year: Honor Society '42. WALLACE EARL IONES "Glory" President 12-3 home-room: Chairman Ring Committee: Math four years: English four years: History four years: Football four years: Basketball four years: Captain Basketball '42: H-Club '41, '42: National Defense School. TUNE HOOPER "Baby" Recording Secretary of Senior Class: Member Honor Society '41, 42: Hon- orary ROTC Cadet Lieutenant '40, '-ll: Treasurer of Student Government '-i0. '-11: Secretary English Club: Treas- urer World Affairs Club: Ninth Grade Class Treasurer: Secretary of 12-3 home-room: Red Cross Representative two years: Class Otllcer six years: Of- ficer Speevh Club '39, '40: Commer- cial Course: Best poised girl in Senior Class. WILLIAM MIKE LINEBERGER --we .en lflmzllsh four years: History three years: Shop three years: Military two yenrsgg Football '40, '41: Baseball '402 ll-Club '-lo, '41: Typing one year: Mechanical Drawing two years: Math one year. ISOBEL HUGHES "Pumpkin" ROTC Sponsor '41, 42: English four years: Typing three years: Shorthand two years: Red Cross Representative two years: Student Government RBD' resentative two years: Class Officer two years: Honor Banquet six years: Most accomplished girl in Senior Class: Honor Society '42. IOE ALLEN MIDDLETON "Gabby" English four years, History three years, Algebra two years, Wood Shop three years, Electric welding three months, ROTC three years, Hand- somest boy in Senior Class, Vice-presi- dent 12-4 home-room, Electric Shop, Metal Shop, Mechanical Drawing. DOROTHY IOHNSON "Dot" English four years, History four years, Typing three years, Shorthand two years, Student Government Pa- trol, Glee Club four years, Algebra two years, Gym two years, Girls' Tech one year, Office Practice one year, Most charming girl in Senior Class. HENRY NOLEN "Herky" President 12-4 home-room, Cheer- leader '42, Spanish Club '41, '42, English Club '42, Best all-round boy in Senior Class, World Affairs Club '42, Transportation Committee '42, Math three years, Spanish two years, Shop three years, ROTC two years. IANE EVELYN KENNEDY "Icmie" History four years, Home Economics twoyears, Stenography and Typing two years, Speech one year, Glee Club '40-'42, Gym two years. RICHARD PEPPER, IH. "Mussles" History three years, English four years, Math two years, ROTC three years, Captain '41, '42, Science two years, Shop two years. BILLIE IEAN KING "Iel1y" Girl Reserves '37-'39, Program Chair- man Girl Reserves two years, Secre- tary World Affairs Club '41, 42, Sew- ing two years, Typing two years, Shorthand one year, History four years, Distributive Education, Retail Selling Convention '42. WILLARD PIKE "Red" English four years, History three years, Drafting two years, Metal Shop two years, Football '41, ROTC Cadet, Sergeant-at-arms History Club, National Defense School, Honor So- ciety '42. IUANITA LAMBIRTH "Nita" English four years, Cooking three years, Art three years, History three years, Gym two years, Science one and one-half years, Music one year, Math one year. PAULIN E VIRGINIA HURLEY "Peanut" Distributive Education, English four years, History three years, Algebra two years, Biology one year, Sewing one year, Cooking one year, Typing one year, Gym two years. IAMES IVIELVIN IVIILLER English four years, Math three years, History three years, Shop four years, ROTC Lieutenant, Member H-Club, Wrestling Team '40, '41, Boxing Team '41, '42, City Golden Glove champion, National Defense School, Ideal boy in senior class, Honor Society '42. NARENE FAY KEE "Screwball" English four years, Shorthand two years, Typing two years, Bookkeep- ing two years, Member N. F. L., Glee Club two years, Monitor-Marshall three years, Girls Reserves six years, Othce Practice one year, Speech one year, Publicity Chairman of Senior Class, Wittiest girl in Senior Class. HENRY WAYNE PARDON 'Cheerleader Captain '41, Spanish Club Reporter '41, '42, World Affairs Club '42, Red Cross Representative '39-'42, Student Government Repre- sentative '39-'41, Entertainment Corn- mittee '42, Reporter 12-4 home-room, Physics Club '41, '42, Math three years, English Club '41, '42, History three years, Most charming boy in Senior Class. SYBLE KENNON "Sib" English four years, History three years, Cosmetology one year, Typing two years, Cooking two years, Stu- dent Government '38-'40. JAMES HAYES PERSON "Iimmie" Electric Shop one year, Metal Shop three years, Wood Shop one year, Drafting four years, Music four years, History one year, English four years, Transportation Committee Senior Class, National Defense School. RUBY LOUISE KNIGHT "Shorty" English four years, History three years, Shorthand two years, Book- keeping two years, Typing two years, Gym two years, Oiiice Practice, Math one year, Music one year. MAX PLANT "Rena" Junior Football Captain, Junior All- Memphis, H-Club three years, Senior football three years, Shop four years, President 12-5 home-room, Treasurer English Club, President First Lochrie Speech Club, Reporter History Club: English four years, Male Beauty win- ner '41, Transportation Committee of Senior Class. HELEN LAVERNE LAVELLE xxpinkeyla Bookkeeping two years: Tailoring one year: English four years: Red Cross Representative four years: Secretary 12-4 Class: ROTC Sponsor '42. HAROLD PRESCOTT P." Typing two years: History three years: English four years: ROTC two years: Math one year: Shop four years. ROSALIE LAZAROV "Rolie" Fifty Club two years: Secretary and President Photoplay Club: Secretary Spanish Club '40, '41: Advanced Speech Class reporter: Spanish two years: Speech two years: Shorthand two years: Typing two years: Office Practice one year: Algebra two years. FREDINE MCCULLAR "Freddie" English four years: History two years: Cooking three years: Sewing two years: Typing one year. MARVIN E. ROGERS "I-'renchy" English four years: History three years: Algebra two years: Typing two years: Bookkeeping two years: Office Practice one year: ROTC three years: Ofhcer '41, '42, BARBARA IEAN MOSS "Elmer" Latin cup in state tournament: Typing two years: Bookkeeping two years: Shorthand two years. MATTIE MURPHY "Pete" English four years: History four years: Cooking two years: Sewing two years: Typing one year: Music four years: Glee Club three years: Girl Reserves four years: Commercial Arithmetic. BOYER SEWELL "Booer" English four years: History four years: Math three years: ROTC Iwo years: Red Cross Representative: Sto- dent Government: Shop three years. MILDRED LEE LAWRENCE "Millie" Girl Reserves '41, '42: Secretary Girl Reserves '42: Glee Club '39-'42: His- tory four years: Typing two years: Math two years: English four years: Home Economics one year: Office Practice one year. ANNE LYNDALE LEE "Annie" History four years: Home Economics four years: Speech two years: Glee Club four years: Distributive Educa- tion: Member Junior Retail Merchants' Association: Member N. F. L.: Debate Tournament Jackson '42. LESTER V. PRIDDY, IR. "Available" Vice-president 12-5 home-room: Mem- ber Honor Society '41, '42: Vice-presi- dent Stamp Club '40, '41: L. C. Humes Award eighth grade: West Tennessee Latin Tournament '39, '40: Member Caesar and Virgil Clubs '39-'41: Mar- shall Student Government '41, '42: President eighth and ninth grade home-rooms: Telephone committee flenior Class: Math four years: Latin three years: Typing two years. SARA IEANNETTE MCGREGOR "Sadie" Girl Reserves '41, '42: Shorthand two years: Bookkeeping two years: Red Cross Representative: History two years: Typing two years: Oiiice Practice one year. MARILYN FRANCES MAY "Wert" Music three years: Algebra two years: Sewing two years: Cooking three years: Distributive Education: His- tory three years: Gym one year: Eng- lish four years. CLYDE TOMMY SCOTT "Scotty" English four years: Art three years: Speech two years: History two years: Boxing team '39: Football chairman '41, '42 home-room: ROTC' two years: Shop two years. IEAN NICHOLAS "Nick" lZ0'l'I' Sponsor '42: Flower, Molto. Color Coniniiltee: Treasurer home- room '-ILE: Secretary home-room: Red Vu-oss Representative: Student Gov- ernment one year: Monitor one year: llonor liunqnct three years: English four years: llistory three years: Home l'Ic-onomir-sg Algebra two years: Sweet- est girl in Senior Class. VIRGINIA FRANCES NICKELLS "Shorty" ROTC Sponsor four years: Shorthand two years: Typing two years: Home Economics two years: Oflice Practice one year: English four years: History threc years: Music two years: Science one year: Prettiest girl in Senior Class: Invitation committee of Senior Class. VVILLIAM E. SHARP "Bill" History four years: Member Aviation Club: Winner Senior High Male Beau- ty Show '41: Best all-around boy in 12-5: Chemistry one year: Drafting two years: Social Science two years. ELIZABETH LORRAINE NOLAN "Beitye" History three years: Stenography two years: Office Practice one year: Typ- ing two years: Latin one year: Book- keeping one year: Home Economics one year: Gym two years: Music one year: Algebra two years. ANNA E. OSWALD "Sis" Latin two years: Math three years: Student Government '41, '42: Typing two years: Bookkeeping two years: Senior Girl Reserves '41, '42: Fifty Club: English four years: Office Prac- tice one year: Happiest girl in Sen- ior Class. IENNIVIE LOUISE PAULLUS xxBennY11 History four years: English four years: Home Economics four years: Math one year: Typing one year: Music four years: Glee Club three years: Girl Reserves four years: ROT'C Sponsor '38, '39. IANIE FRANCIS POOR "Scmcis" History four years: English four years: Science three years: Algebra two years: Art two years: Gym two years: Home Hygiene Course: Eco- nomics one year: Red Cross Repre- sentative '38, '39: Student Govern- ment '41, '42: English Club: Girl Re- serves '41, '42. WADE KAY SMITH "Mo" English four years: History four years: Math three years: Distributive Education: President World Affairs Club '41, '42: Red Cross Representa- tive one year: Entertainment Commit- tee Chairman. MARGARET RIGGIN "Rigg" English four years: Math three years: Home Economics three years: Span- ish two years: Senior 'Class Ring Committee: Football Sponsor '40, '41: Honor Banquet three years: Treas- urer Spanish Club: Secretary 9th Grade home-room: Junior Girl Re- serves three years: Red Cross Repre- sentative two years: Student Govern- ment Representative one year. FRANCES RUMLEY "Trcmtre" Honor Society '40-'42: Girls' Vice- president of 'Senior Class: President of Senior Girl Reserves '41, '42: Fifty Club '40-'42: Reporter of 12-5 Home- room: Caesar Club '39, '40: Photo- play 'Club '41, '42: English four years: History four years: Stenography two years: Typing two years: Most stu- dious girl in Senior Class. EX.. iff! 43 2 y , 1 V 1,-3, Q 5 fy Q In If ff .wf,,ff-- AGLAIA NICKLAS :'A1gie' History three years: Music one year: Home Economics four years: Distribu- tive Education: Shorthand one year: Typing two years. ETHEL ALLENE O'BRYAN IlMiCkeYll Student Government: Member of Cae- sar Club: English four years: Latin two years: Sewing two years: Short- hand two years: Typing two years: American History one year: Member of History Forum: Member English Club: Office Practice one year. EDGAR SING "Sing-Sing" Member Honor Society: Boys' Vice- president Senior Class: American His- tory: English four years: Physics Club: Red Cross Representative '41, '42: Glee Club '39, '42: 'Caesar Club '39, '41: President Spanish Club: Or- chestra and Band: Most studious boy in Senior Class: Treasurer Spanish Club '40, '41, AUDIE LEE PAYNE "Aud" English four years: Math three years: Typing two years: Shorthand two years: Office Practice one year: His- tory three years: Science two years: Girl Reserves '41, '42: Gym two years. SHIRLEY ELIZABETH PUREFOY "Beth" C Spanish Club two years: Girl Re- serves one year: History four years: Red Cross Representative '41, '42: Music one year: Gym one year: Home Economics three years: Commercial law one-half year: English four years. 1 CECELIA RICHARTZ "Celia" Treasurer 12-5 home-room: Treasurer History Club: tee of Senior toplay Club: tive '38-'41: English four three years: Algebra two Entertainment 'Commit- Class: Latin Club Pho- Red Cross Representa- Girl Reserves '41, '42: years: Home Economics Shorthand two years: years: Most outstanding if f 'J girl in Senior Class: Honor Society '42 RUBY PAULINE ROBERSON lipollyll English four years: History two years: Bookkeeping two years: Typ- ing two years: Office Practice one year: Gym two years: Girls' Tech one and one-half years: Glee Club '39- '42: Girl Reserves '41, '42: World Affairs Club '42: English 'Club '42. IAMES DEMPSEY SMITH "Nigger Lover" Shop four years: English four years: ROTC two years: History four years: Math two years: Typing one year. Defense School. FANNIE SALKY "Tubby" English four years: History four years: Algebra two years: Latin two years: Caesar Club '39, '40: Typing two years: Shorthand two years: Bookkeeping one year: Speech one year: Student Government Represen- tative '39: Gift Committee of Senior 'Class: Home Hygiene Course. DAVID SPACK "High Caliber" Math four years: Science four years: President Ninth Grade home-rooni: Red Cross Delegate '37-'40: Physics Club: ROT'C three years. SHIRLEY MARIE SANDEFUR "Sandy" English four years: History two years: Shorthand two years: Latin two years: Office Practice one year: Typing two years: Glee Club: Gym two years: Home Hygiene 'Course: ROTC Sponsor '42: Bookkeeping one year: Most business-like girl in Sen- ior Class. TALEETA ELIZABETH SCHNEIDER "Telce" Reporter Honor Society '41, '42: Glee Club four years-Treasurer '41: Red Cross Representative '39, '40: Student Government '39, '4O: Speaker 9th Grade Certification: Honor Banquet five years: Reporter 9th Grade home- room: Commercial Law and Econom- ics: Economic Geography: Office Staff '42: Sunshine girl of Senior Class. EUGENE F. STORY "Gene" Science four years: Math three years: ROTC three years: English four years: Physics Club. DORIS SEWELL "Dee" English four years: Home Economics three years: Algebra two years: Spanish two years: Physical Educa- tion two years: Honor Banquet two years: Senior Class Ring Committee: Football Sponsor '39-'41: Student Government Representative four years: Secretary VVorId Affairs Club: Vice-president ninth grade home- room: Most vivacious girl in Senior Class. FLORENCE SHANKS "Phronsie" Spanish 'Club '39-'41: Girl Reserve Re- porter: Fifty Club: English four: years: Spanish two years: Honor Banquet two years: Student Govern- ment Representative two years: Math three years: Home Economics two years: Typing two years: Shorthand two years: Bookkeeping one yt-ar: Honor Society '42. WILLIAM CHESTLEY TURNER "Bill" English four years: Math i'our yt-urs: Architectural tlrafting ihrm- yt-airs: Shop three years: ltU'l'tT two ye-airs: History two years: Biology ont- yt-ur: Male Beauty Show 'fifig Most stir:-4-ss ful boy in Senior Class. 6. i Y C7 f 1 V v G' ,, . ' f , Q L if "ef . y 4 A f L REBECCA szmcv "Becky" Red Cross Representative '37, '39, '40: History four years: Speech two years: Cosmetology one year: Home Eco- nomics three years: Typing two years: Music one year: English four years: Senior Girl Reserves '42: Home Hygiene Course. BOBBIE SALLER "Shorty" Photoplay Club: Speech Club: Na- tional Forensic League: Bookkeeping two years: Shorthand two years: Typ- ing two years: Office Practice one year: Student Government Represen- tative '39: World Affairs Club: Eng- lish four years: History two years, JOHN B. SHELBY, IR. "Sonny Boy" Football '38-'41: Baseball '41, '42: Boxing '3fiJ42-1 Champion Boxing '40, '41: Baeketball,'40, 141: All-Memphis Football '-11: Most athletic boy in Senior Class: President H-Club '41- '42: Lieut-'Colonel ROTC '41, '42: Chairman Auditorium Conrnimeeg Captain Boxing '41, '-12. ROSA LEE SCHNEIDER "Duchess" President Thespians '41, '42: Speech two years: History two years: Typing two years: Stenography two years: Office Practice one year: English four years: Spanish two years: Cook- ing one year: Music one year: Mem- ber of History Forum: Member Eng- lish Club. LOIS SMITH "Penny" ROTC Sponsor '41, '42: Junior Girl Reserves '38, '39: Senior Girl Re- serves '41, '42: English four years: History three years: Shorthand two years: Typing two years: Bookkeep- ing IWO Years: Gym two years: Office Practice one year. IOSEPH D. TOGNETTI "Punchy" Wood Shop three years: Mechanical Drawing one-half year: Electric Shop one-half year: Metal Shop one-half year: History three years: English follt' YPHTS: Art two and one-lnilf Years: Alilelirzi one yt-nr: lliology one Near: ROTC two :ind one-half years: ldlm-li'it' Welding tlirov inontlis. EMMA MAY YOUNG "Maisie" lfllsltsli four years: Girl Reserves one yt-str: i'to-snr Club: Shorthand two 3'l'Ill'HL 'l'5'lPillt-2 Iwo years: Alhegra 'WU 5'l'ill'SL World Affail's Clubl Spt-vt-It om- year: tlyni two years: llotnt- llytgit-tic Course: Office Prac- lltw' tllll' Vvill' MARY PAYE SPIVEY "Murphy" lbislrihutive Education: Algebra two yt-urs: liookkceping one year: Typ- illll our year: Cooking and Sewing ihrvt- yt-urs: Music one year: English four years: llistory three years. MILTON STANLEY WEISS "Lefty" English four years: History four years: Latin two years: Caesar Club: Science two years: ROT'C three years: Speech two years: Baseball '40, '41: Music one year: Boys' Glee Club: National Forensic League. MARY EMMA THOMPSON "Corky" Student Government Representative: English four years: Algebra two years: Plane Geometry one year: Latin two years: History two years: General Science one year: Biology one year: Music two years. NANNIE LAURA THORNTON nNanCYu English four years: History two years: Bookkeeping two years: Typ- ing two years: Stenography two years: Home Economics two years: Commercial Arithmetic one year: Gym two years: Honor Society '42. VERNON C. WHITMAN "Dimples" Vice-president Student Government: Vice-president Senior Red 'Cross: President 12-6 home-room: Sunshine boy of Senior Class: Representative to Red Cross Convention in Washing- ton '41: Representative S.A.S.G. Con- vention: Herald Stai '41, '42: War- rant Officer ROTC Band: Math four years: English four years. DOROTHY IRENE WALKER "Drip" President of Senior Red Cross '41, '42: Representative Red Cross Convention in Washington '41: Vice-president Stu- dent Government '41, '42: Secretary Honor Society '41, '42: Secretary of 'City Wide Red Cross Council '41, '42: Member Glee Club '40-'42: ROTC Sponsor '41, '42: Treasurer of 12-6 home-room: Representative of S. A. S. G. Convention '41: Gift Committee of Senior Class '42: Honor Society '41, '42: Ideal girl in the Senior Class. MARGIE M. WALTERS "Marge" English four years: Sewing two years: Art two years: Typing two years: Cooking one year: Science one year: Distributive Education: Ameri- can History. I OE E. WILDER "Sharecropper" English four years: Wood Shop three years: Metal Shop three years: ROTC three years: Science three years: History two years. GLORIA WENZLER "Puddin" English four years: Shorthand two years: Typing two years: Algebra two years: Home Economics two years: Girl Reserves '41, '42. I MELBA LOUISE STINSON "Shorty" English four years: Shorthand two years: Office Practice one year: Book- keeping two years: Typing two years: History two years: Algebra one year: Biology one year: Civics one year: Gym two years. DALE THORNLEY "Thomy" English four years: Economics three ye.ars: Algebra two years: Typing two years: Shorthand two years: Gym two years: Glee Club three years: Distributive Education. BILLY WHITE "Motto" Math four years: English four years: Mechanical Drawing three years: Science two years: History two years, Civics one year ROTC two years: Most outstanding boy in Senior Class. ELLEN DOROTHY TIN KLE "Tinkle" English four years: Sewing three and one-half years: History two years: Cooking two years: Football Sponsor '37, '40: Tailoring Club President: Civics two years: Typing one year: Biology one year: Food Service one year: Physical Education two years. DOROTHY IEAN WALLACE "Blondie" English four years: Sewing two years: Art two years: Food Service two years: Red Cross Representative one year: Home Hygiene Course: Tailoring one year: Typing one year: Gym two years: Cooking one year: History two years: Social Science one year. BURTON A. WILDER "Wilbur" Honor Society '41, '42: President His- tory Club '41, '42: Vice-president Spanish 'Club: Vice-president Physics Club '41, '42: Most courteous boy in Senior Class: President Spanish Club '40, '41: Reporter Caesar Club '39, '40: Math four years: ROTC three years: Science two years: Latin two years: Spanish two years. MAXINE WEAKLEY "Mac" Cheerleader '40, '41: Senior Girl Re- serves '39, '40: Student Government Representative one year: Senior Class Welfare Committee: Girls' Drill Team '40, '41: Honor Banquet one year: Member Spanish Club '41, '42: Eng- lish four years: Home Economics three years: History two years: Alge- bra two years: Art 'Club '41, '42. HELEN FLORENCE WILLIAMS "He-Wi" Honor Society '42: Vice-president of 12-6 home-room: ROTC Sponsor: Glee Club '40-'-12: Entertainment Commit- tee of Senior Class: Secretary of English Club: Most ambitious girl in Senior 'Class: Secretary of Caesar Club '40: Honor Banquet six years: City-wide President Junior Girl Re- serves. tllii, FLOYD WINELL WILMOTH "Sweet Pea" Baseball '40, '41: ROTC two years: English four years: Bookkeeping two years: Typing two years: National Defense School: American History one year: Commercial Law one-halt' year: General Shop two years: Busi- ness Math: General Math one year. MARY ANN WYNNE "Pumpkin" English four years: History three years: Home Economies two years: Typing two years: Economic Geog- raphy one year: Girl Reserve '41, '42: Cosmetology one year. ig' ici 4,34 4:44 4 fx fs-4 +4 'I-4 A 44,1 'Y-if 45" Q JMQUC-- MBP: not the first by wlncii ilifg nf-'ff lil lriwl, Nor yet the lost to lfiy tiif- fflfl fiwlo President Student Government: Honor Society, ,41, '42: Honorary ROTC Ma- jor '41, '-12: D.A.R. Citizenship Award: M ROTC band sponsor '40, '41: S.A.S.G. Humes Representative: Football spon- son, '38-'41: Chairman Color, Flower, Motto Committee: Treasurer Student Government '40, '4l: Personality Girl of Senior Class, ' FRANCES LEE VVILSON"Sweetpecx" English four years: History three years: ROTC three years: Bookkeep- ing two years: Metal Shop two years: f Wood Work two years: Biology one year: Red Cross Representative '39, '40: Auditorium Committee '41, '42: Male Beauty Show '40: Student Gov- ernment '40, '41. W i ff FRANK WOODBURY "Woody" English four years: Latin two years: Algebra two years: Bookkeeping Iwi: years: Typing Iwo years: Shorthand -k two yeais, Office Prartire one year, I ,XXX American History one year: Fifty X. 'Club '41, '-12: ROTC two years. 1 i I Pl t 'I- 'L f x'Q ,. ' EDDY THAN WROTEN "Eddie" 1111111111111 HF THE 1111111 111118 Entertainment Transportation 12-1 - - - Hirsche11Agee 12-1 - - - Charles Bandy 12-2 - - - Alvin Fox 12-2 - - - Ernest Galbreath 12-3 - - - lsobel Hughes 12-3 - - - Raymond Houston 12-4 - - - Henry Pardon 12-4 - - - Iames Person 12-5 - - - Cecelia Richartz 12-5 - - - lohn Shelby 12-6 ---- Helen Williams '12-6 - - - Vernon Whitman Ring Invitation 12-1 - - - Alice Bartee 12-1 - - - Tillie Alabaster 12-2 - - - Virginia Cummings 12-2 - - - Carol Clayton 12-3 - - - Earl Iones 12-3 - - - Robert Iohnson 12-4 - - - Ioe Middleton 12-4 - - - Virginia Nickells 12-5 - - - Margaret Riggin 12-5 - - - Taleeta Schneider 12-6 - - - Doris Sewell 12-6 - - - Bill Turner Motto, Color, Flower Constitutional 12-1 ---- Marcelle Bilger 12-1 - - - Gene Baxter 12-2 - - - Ruth De-Vers 12-2 - - - Ernest Flaniken 12-3 - - - Angelo Hodges 12-3 - - - Charles Hiskey 12-4 - - - lean Nicholas 12-4 - - - Billy Legge 12-5 - - - David Spack 12-5 - - - Max Plant 12-6 - - - Eddy 1eanWroten 12-6 - - - Billy White Welfare Gift 12-1 - - - Dan Bryan 12-1 - - - Mamie Bluestein 12-2 - - - Sally Ann Chafetz 12-2 - - - Clifford Douglass 12-3 - - - Henry Holt 12-3 - - - loyce Harris 12-4 - - - Helen 1.aVelle 12-4 - - - Iames Miller 12-5 - - - Anna Oswald 12-5 - - - Fannie Salky 12-6 - - - Maxine Weakley 12-6 - - - Dorothy Walker Telephone 12-1 - - - Clarence Blanton 12-4 - - - William Lott 12-1 - - - Eugenia Anton 12-4 - - - Billy lean King 12-2 - - - Robert Eppinette 12-5 - - - L. V. Priddy 12-2 - - - Hilda Chapman 12-5 - - - Frances Poor 12-3 - - - lames Hardaway 12-6 - - - Francis Wilson 12-3 - - - Dorothy Cfassaway 12-6 - - - Burton Wilder T H E H U M E S H E R A L D PWUP Xjzzrffvwii IZ-1 Home Room First row, left to right: Raymond Bryan. Geortle Babill- MMVCGIIQ Bilzer. Miss .Iennie M155 IENNIE AU-ENSWORN Allensworth, Dorothy Butler, Elsie Aikens, Frank Billingsley. S9f'Ullfl row: .II ifrk Curry, ' V 1 Uh Walter Barfield, Eugenia Anton, Helen Bingham, Virginia Billions, Mamie Bluestein, Hirscliell Azee, Frank' 'Ca1oll. Tlnid rowg Charles Bandy, Austin Brice, Juanita Beard, Jane Bagwell, Tillie Alabaster, Alice Bar-tee, Jake Alabaster, Clarence Blanton. IZ-Z Home Room Q99 1 .. - H I iv MISS GEFTFUDE GEFAGHTY First row, le1't to riulitg Iiinest Flzrniken, David Finn, Jennie Crisafis, Katherine Fillon. Miss tlertrinle tleimzlity, llilrla lflizipinan, Williani Goings, Seymour Goldman. Second row: John Glancy, Robert Eppinette, Nellie Lee Vliurrfli, Yireinin lmrliain. llenia Ilriskell, Viola Dawson, Frances Ferguson, Virginia Cummings, Alvin Fox, William Dixon. Tliirtl rowg l-Irnest Galbreatli, Jack Donnell, Ruth Devers, Rachel Cain. Faith Craft. Rosahelle Epstein, Sally Ann C'liat'etz, Faro! Vlayton, Vliffortl Iionglass, Warren Gaines, 12-3 Home Room .,' ' First row, left, to rigiilg H4-nry lloll, lit-tty lioinn-rs, .llnry llrnint-s, .lliss .Xenos llilison, MISS AGNES GIBSON June Hooper, Isobel Hughes, llewey Jones. St-roinl ion, l.:iuril- tin-t-n, .Xnpn-lo Ilotlgvs, Joyce Harris, Doroihy Gassuwny, llorollrr Jolinson, .iwniiiw llonpt-r, .launvs llairtlziwziy, Hilylllllllll Houston. Third rowg Charles Hisky, Robert. Johnson, Jewel Hayes, Mwry tllziiuqx, Ihinlim- llulrli-5, Vit-lorizi Ilurris, Joe llzulley, Charles Dowtlie. f'fl!lf' 7'111f'vff1f THE HUMES HERALD 12-4 Home Room 1 Y x V , MR- C. C, IONES First row, left to rightg Billy Legge, Richard Pepper, Helen La'Velle, Betty Nolan, Mr. C. C. Jones, Rosalie Lazarov, Sarah Hornbuckle, Henry Pardon, Henry Nolen. Second rowg Mike Lineberger, Marie Glatt, Billye Jean King, Aglaia Nicklas, Juanita Lambirth, Jean Nicholas, Janie Kennedy, Fred- ine McCullar, Marilyn May, William Loft. Third rowg Syble Kennon, Anne Lee, Mildred Lawrence, Sara McGregor, Narene Kee, Virginia Nickells, Mattie Murphy, Louise Knight, James Miller. 12-5 Home Room First row, left to right, David Spack, Edgar Sing, Shirley Purefoy, Shirley Sandefur, MISS MILDPED SCRIVENE3 Miss Mildred Scrivener, Fannie Salky, Bobby Saller, Marvin Rogers, Harold Prescott. Second row, Kay Smith, Pauline Robinson, Jennivie Paullus, Ethel 0'Bryan, Rebecca Salky. Rosa Lee Schneider, Taleeta Schneider, William Sharp, Dempsey Smith. Third row, John Shelby, Clyde Scott, Margaret Riggin, Cecelia Richartz, Anna Oswald, Francis Poor, Frances Rumley, Lois Smith, L. V. Priddy. Q 12-6 Home Room 'V .7 MR. SIM WINFIELD First row, left to right, Burton Wilder, Maxine Weakley, lla Wayne Smith, Mary Emma Thompson, Mr. Sim Winfield, Mary Faye Spivey, Dale Thornley, Helen Wil- liams, Francis Wilson. Second row, Billy White, Winnell Wilmoth, Gloria Wenzler. Mary Ann Wynne, Florence Shanks, May Young, Marjorie Walters, Bill Turner, Frank Woodbury. Third row, Vernon Whitman, Joe Wilder. Dorothy Walker, Ellen Tinkle, Doris Sewell, Eddy Jean Wroten, Jean Wallace, Nannie Laura Thornton, Milton Weiss. S E N I O R E D I T I O N A? Q Page Tir-0111.11-mit' !. limit cinss Hl wiv The Senior Class of 1942 started its highschool educational career in the fall of 1935 here at Humes. Came September 1941, the time for their debut into senior supremacy. With the spirit of "Veni, Vedi, Vici," they entered into the intricacies of their last year at school, only to find themselves quickly and alarmingly mobilized into the whirl of patriotic duty. Their minds have been trained intellectually and their hearts have been taught the true value of friendship through close contact with fellow class- mates. The meaning of co-operation has been em- phasized to them, the program for their physical well- being has not been neglected. They represent, to- ward the end of their senior year, the example of a well-rounded educational program. Autobiographies always yield interesting personal news items and writings of the Seniors in English compositions are no exception to this rule. lake Alabaster and Mike Lineberger were both born on Christmas Eve, Vernon Whitman was born on New Year's Eve, Evelyn Bishop was born on May Day, and Eva Claire Bruch hcnored her father by being found on Father's day, Alvin Fox had his birth- day on Friday 13th, Mary and lohn Glancy are the only twins in the 1942 class, while Ieanne Hooper was born on their birthday. This year's senior class has two foreign born students-Isobel Hughes and Re- becca Salky-the former being born in Belfast, lre- land, and the latter in Warsaw, Poland. lake and Tillie Alabaster's parents came from Poland while Victoria Harris and Aglaia Nicholas report that their parents lived originally in Greece. Among the unusual hobbies, we find that Walter Barfield specializes in marionettes, Frances Rumley collects gum wrappers, Pauline Hurley collects per- fume bottles, Burton Wilder collects road maps. Ambition knocks at the doors of Alice Bartee and Eugenia Anton who plan to be air-plane stewardessesg Ellen Tinkle, Iuanita Beard, and Martha Nell Brown want to take up costume designing. Would-be nurses are Marie Glatt, Victoria Harris, and lewel Hayes. A few students will consider college and a larger num- ber will probably take a business course. The person with the most frankly written biography, lack Don- nell, declares his life is a blank, and so, turned in a blank sheet of paper. 614 L01 S644 06141 The years glide by on winged feet, Twelve years have slipped away, Since first we entered the gates of knowledge, That gave us a candle to light our way. Twelve years we've been guided, ln ways of truth and right, But now the task is ours To make our future bright, We must not hesitate, we shall not stumble, Though the road we travel is darke- With high ideals shining nelore us We hope to make our mark. Though wars do rage around us, Moy our courage carry us through, And with Victory as our watchword, Dear Humes well be true to you. -ANNE LEE 12-4. l'ugr: Tummy-tuzo Q Q T H E H U M E S H E R A L D HT HIHH HHH THHHHHHT We, the Senior Class of 1942, of Humes High School, City of Memphis, County of Shelby, and State of Tennessee being of sound mind and body, do hereby revoke all former wills heretofore made by us and do hereby bequeath all our possessions in the manner hereunto subscribed, said will to be executed immediately following our graduation. Article I. To Mr. Hilliard, our principal who has so skillfully guided us, we leave and bequeath the fervent wish that the Class of '43 will be one half as attractive, equally as intelligent, and twice as studious as the Class of '42. Article ll. To Miss Eleanor Richardson and Miss Annie Prescott, who have worked so faithfully, We will our hopes that there will be fewer difficult prob- lems for them to have to solve next year. Article lll. Section l. To the six Senior Class sponsors, Miss Iennie Allensworth, Miss Gertrude Geraghty, Miss Agnes Gibson, Miss Mildred Scrivener, Mr. C. C. Iones, and Mr. Sim Winfield we leave the hope that next year's Seniors will carry on a Who's Who Contest as good as this year's. Section 2. As a special request, the l2-2 home- room Wills to Miss Geragthy the wish that her next year's homeroom will have fewer late-comers such as Will Dixon, Warren Gaines, and lack Donnell. Article IV. The individual members of the Senior Class have many cherished possessions to be be- stowed upon numerous worthy heirs of Humes High School. These are to be distributed in the manner herein described. Henry Pardon and Herky Nolen leave their book entitled, "How to Get A's in English Quickly and Easily" to lack Drucker and Tommie Vinson. Virginia Nickells, Isobel Hughe-S, Rosalie LCIZCIIOV, Audie Lee Payne, and Iewel Hayes leave their lovely locks to Freda Harrison, Shirley McConnell, Iean Ann McCullough, and Barbara on the condition that they visit the Cosmetology room weekly. lake Alabaster leaves his own invention, the "Hooper Radio" to any eccentric inventor who is will- ing to untangle the wires. Eugenia Anton and Frances Poor leave their ath- letic ability to Nellie Barton, Tune and lane Majors. Iuanita Beard, Pauline Roberson, and Shirley Pure- foy leave their timidity to Mary Emma Kelly. Charles Hisky leaves his lordly manners to any- one who'll accept them. Evelyn Bishop, Virginia Billions, L. V. Dawson, and Dale Thornley leave their salesrnanship worries to Miss Marjorie Walkers next year pupils. Gene Baxter wills his daily 'bone-rollin" game to Frankie Vego and hopes hell be as successful. Lois Smith, Dempsey Smith, and Kay Smith leave their last name to any person who'd like it. Earl Iones, Warren Gaines, Angelo Hodges, Willard Pike, and Iames Person leave their hours in defense school to future defense workers, Iune Hooper leaves her t'daring" evening dress to Marilyn Davis. Dorothy Butler, Iennie Chrisaiis, Virginia Durham, Dorothy Gassaway, and Ianie Kennedy leave their shorthand transcription worries to next year's pupils. Max Plant leaves his Uzoot suit" to any "drape shape" who can wear it. Hilda Chapman, Frances Ferguson, Victoria Har- ris, Fredine McCullar, and Mary Glancy leave their left-over graduation invitations to seniors of '43. Frances Rumley, Laurie Green, and William Loft leave their honor society places to the students who are lucky enough to get them. Iames Miller and Sonny Boy Shelby will their boxing gloves to Louis Anderson and Louis Williams. Jeanne Hooper and Helen Williams bequeath their sponsor outfits, buttons included, to Iayne Seymour and Naomi Gibson. May Young, Mary Ann Wynne, Anna Oswald and Ethel O'Bryan leave their "sweetness and sunshine" to Louise Neeley and Ruth Bartee. Rema Driskell and Aglaia Nicklas leave their unique names to Voula Skouteris and Theone Agnos. Raymond Houston and Ernest Galbreath leave their height to Eugene Walsh and Arthur Senn. lane Bagwell, Taleeta Schneider, Anne Lee and Mamie Bluestein leave their high notes to luanita Astin and all other chirping birdies. Edgar Sing, Burton Wilder and L. V, Priddy leave their book knowledge to William Ferguson and Paul Webb. Clarence Blanton, Winell Vfilmoth, Ioe Hadley and lack Donnell leave their wonderful "line" to Bobby Thompson. David Finn leaves his "dry" remarks to some wet blanket that needs them. Betty Holmes, Betty Nolan, Sarah Hornbuckle, and May Young leave their discarded Shorthand Books to Margaret Evensky, Virginia Schneider, and Eloise Iohnson. S E N I O R E D I T I O N E Ei P05112 Tzwizflf-f711'w William Goings and lames Hardaway leave their Sam Brownes and sabers to two future R. O. T. C. officers. Ioe Middleton leaves his Uway with the women" to Bevo Covington-shop early and avoid the rush. Ruth Devers, Carol Clayton, and Eddy lean Wroten leave their radio announcements to Esther Wainman and Esther lenne. Marcelle Bilger leaves "Onkie the Donkey" and her other unique costume pins to Doris McBride. George Babin leaves his ability as a political boss to a next year l2-l member. Shirley Sandefur and loyce Harris will their "chumminess" to loyce Nicholas and Betty Rooney, loe Wilder leaves his farming knowledge to Charles Walker. "Drip" Walker leaves her nickname to the leaky faucet in the lunch room. Mary Katherine Grimes, Pauline Hurley, and Syble kennon leave their book reports to Toby Glisson, Norma Breeden and Mamie Cole. Seymour Goldman and Harold Prescott want to take everything with them. Billye lean King, Louise Knight, Iuanita Lambirth, and Mildred Lawrence leave their night work to Doro- thy Grimes, Una Grace Anderson and Evelyn Kidd. Marilyn May, Mattie Murphy, Rebecca Salky, and Iennivie Paullus leave their happy school day memo- ries to Elizabeth Brogden, Ianie Hilliard, Elaine La Croix, and Sarah lane Schaedle. Cecelia Richartz wills all future basketball cap- tains to Martha Reitz. Billy Legge, Vernon Whitman, Clifford Douglass and Will Dixon bequeath their band music to Clarence Holt, Wilbur Rulemen, Keith Massey, and Billy Rich- ards provided they practice iong and diligently. Doris Sewell, Virginia Cummings, lean Nicholas, and Margaret Riggin leave their deep friendship and that 'lspot" in front of Miss Scrivener's room to Iulia Blanton and Dorothy Dunn. Elsie Aikens, Helen Bingham, Rachel Cain, Faith Craft, Katherine Fillon, and lvlarie Glatt leave their erasers and rubber bands to the Humes Defense Pro- gram. Charles Bandy, lack Curry, Bill Turner, and Frank Carroll leave their knack for dressing to Iustin Lyons, Conway Moore, Earl Pardon, and Gene Lewis. Hirschell Agee leaves his bass drum, straps, sticks, and a strained back to Bobby lvfaterna. Alice Bartee leaves Charles Choate to the care of her sister Verna Mae. Tillie Alabaster leaves her trips to Nashville to anyone else who can afford them. Bobbie Saller leaves her ways with Mr. Iones to Sylvia Tennenbaum and Gloria Saller. Ellen Tinkle leaves her pretty dimples to La Verne Lazarov. Maxine Weakley leaves her place on the cheering squad to Ruth Hediker. Florence Shanks, Mary Fay Spivey, Melba Stinson, and Mary Emma Thompson leave their campus chat- ters to their friends. Gloria Wenzler, Margie Walters, lean Wallace, and Nannie Laura Thornton leave a package of note book paper to a worthy pupil. Raymond Bryan and Ernest Flaniken leave their "crew-cuts" to Harry Tate. Sallie Chafetz leaves to Sylvia Tennenbaum the gleam in her right eye. Robert Davison, Eugene Story, foe Tognetti, and Dan Bryan leave that much abused excuse for sleep- ing in class, which is that they have to work late, to all other lazy people. Robert Iohnson, Charles Dowdie, Henry Holt, and Boyer Sewell leave their nice dispositions to all stu- dents whose conduct needs to he improved. Billy White, and Richard Pepper each leave an inch from their height to Albert Nelius. Marvin Rogers, Dewey Iones, Frank Woodbury, Iohn Glancy, and Walter Barfield leave their quiet demeanors to the students that need them. Barbara Moss, Helen LaVelle, Dorothy lohnson, and Rosa Lee Schneider leave their well-groomed appearances to Freda Iolly, Mary Richartz, Florence Siegel, and Iulia Greer. Narene Kee wills her wisecracking ability to Helen Harris. Milton Weiss leaves his seeming ability to worry English teachers to some other sucker. Nellie Church and Austin Brice leave their romance to anyone else who can stand up under the strain. Rosalie Epstein and Fannie Salky leave two more pests to annoy Mr. Iones at the first three periods. Mike Lineberger leaves his absentee slip to lack Thorpe. David Spack, William Sharp, Francis Wilson and Clyde Scott leave their smiling personalities to the sour-pusses. To all Sixth Grade Students, Alvin Fox leaves the fervent wish that they will not have to spend as many years in highschool as he did. ln witness thereof, we the Senior Class of '42 place our seal on this first day ot lune l942. The above is respectfully submitted after having been duly witnessed by the following: GUNGA DIN, HECTIGEE MCGILLICUDDY, DAISY IUNE, A BUCK PRIVATE. P. S. Claire Bruch and Frank Billingsley just leave, period. Page Tuveuty-four ? ? T H E H U M E S H E R A L D Sinmn miss ituiiiuv As we, George Babin and Alvin Fox, sat at the table occupied by only the high officials of the United States government, we holding the office of Chief of Staff of the U. S. Army and Admiral of the U. S. Navy respectively, saw the names of several of our old friends of the class of '42 pass before us. In fact several were here with us. Presiding over the table was the newly elected President of the U. S., Warren Gaines. Around the table sat several members of the President's cabinet which included Secretary of State Billy White-who had just finished his 200 point peace plang Secretary of Interior Raymond Bryan-who had just resigned as president of Bee Line Oil Co., Secretary of Labor lla Wayne Smith, the pacifier, who had just settled an argument between Henry Nolen, president of C. I. O., Ernest Galbreath of the A. F. of L., Secretary of Treasury Gene Baxter-who was trying to explain the one hundred million dollar shortage in the treas- ury department, as if he didn't know where it went, Secretary of War jack Curry-who was now using a tank to keep the women off himg Secretary of Navy james Miller-who had converted the Normandie into a pleasure ship for his family which numbered in the tens, Secretary of Agriculture joe Wilder--who was arguing with Price Administrator Earl jones over the price of eggs. Chairman of OPM Marvin Rogers was trying to gyp someone out of a set of tires for his small combined pleasure and business coupe, a six- teen cylinder Ford. At this time in rushed Vice-presi- dent Frank Carroll who informed us that Frank Wood- bury had just been elected the speaker of the House of Representatives. Some of the business brought news of old friends before us. General Austin Brice, who was now mar- ried to Nellie CBeer-bottlej Church, was head of the First Army. Chief of the Second "Yoo-Hoo" Army is General Dewey jones. Head of the Third Army is General Charles Dowdie, who is engaged to marry Gloria Wenzler. General joe Hadley is boss of the Fourth Army. Private jack Donnell has been General I-Iadley's orderly for several years now. While everyone else was arguing, I noticed in the paper that Bill Turner, head of Scripps-Howard, had signed the Presidents wife Sarah Hornbuckle, to write her column "My Day", for his newspaper chain. Someone interrupted my peaceful reading to ask me who I was going to put in charge of the Pacific Fleet? I told him that before I did, Rear Admirals Kay Smith and joe Tognetti had to quit fighting over Vir- ginia Nickells, I didn't want to send a single man to the Hawaiian Islands. After discussing all matters of state, the members proceeded to Scotts Bar-run by Clyde Scott, for a round of nourishment. Ernest Flaniken, resplendent in his new uniform, with the title of head doorman ushered us in. As we checked our hats we found that the hat check girl was Ellen Tinkle, who had Sally Ann Chafetz as her assistant. General Babin was stopped by the cigarette girl who turned out much to his surprise, to be june Hooper. To accommodate her he purchased a pack- age of Bilger's Best Cigarettes. They had to call Doc- tor Robert johnson to revive her when he tipped her a dollar. Our ale was brought to us by Tillie Ala- baster and Alice Bartee. As we sat and talked, we heard the WPA. band start its nightly concert in the park across the street. General Babin and I went across the street to hear it and found standing upon the directors stand none other than the former drum major at Humes, Bill Dixon. We noticed that Vernon Whitman and Laurie Green were playing the slip-horns with David Finn on the trumpet. And still in the same old rut was Hirschell Agee contentedly pounding away on the bass drum. The vocalist was Maxine Weakley. As we stood listening to the glorious music, our chauffeurs, Corporal Max Plant and Seaman David Spack informed us it was time to pick up our wives, Dorothy Walker now playing the role of Mrs. Babin and Dee Sewell had the elegant position of Mrs. Fox. We instructed Max and David to return home by way of Fatzo's gym as the little ladies were having their weekly gym class. This is an exclusive gym run by Eddy jean l'Squsshy" Wroten and Ruth "Lard" Devers, who had started it for their own use. On arriving we found that Mrs. Fox was still under the supervision of juanita Lambirth and Mrs. Babin was in the capable hands of Helen Bingham. As we sat in the lobby waiting patiently for them, janitor Clarence Blanton walked by and picked up the cigar stub I threw away and stopped to talk with us, From him we learned -that Henry Pardon was teaching bar-bell exercises from 3 to 4. He also told us that the women's physical ed class was overcrowd- ed with the new instructor, handsome Milton Weiss. He was aided by joe Middleton. We also found out from our little visit that Frances Rumley, Lois Smith, Melba Stinson, Mary Ann Wynne, Mary Glancy, and Billy jean Ping worked there as masseurs. After the girls had their workout we returned home to the Edgar Sing Hotel. General Manager William Sharp met us at the door and welcomed us back. On the way up we learned from jennivie Paullus, the elevator girl, that we had two new chamber maids in our suite. They turned out to be Frances Ferguson and Viola Dawson. I pushed the bell and S E N I O R E D I T I O N Ei ? Page Trrpnfjf-fit'1' the door was opened by my personal valet, Mike Lineberger, who had a double job tonight because General Babin's valet, Private Charles Hisky, was ill. After my tub, the bell sounded and was answered by Margaret Riggin who was Mrs. Fox's personal maid. It was Bellhop Henry Holt with a telegram from our friend Anglo Hodges, the U. S. Ambassador to Africa who was going to marry the wild animal trainer Dot "Bring 'Em Back Alive" Gassaway, at the Cape of Good Hope that night. As we were prepar- ing to leave Helen Williams, Mrs. Babin's personal maid, asked for the night off as she had a date with 'lAvailable" Priddy, who run a gambling house. For a change from our normal span of life, we decided to go honky-tonkying. Our first stop was Bar- bara Moss' Tavern and the car was hopped by jua- nita Beard and jane Bagwell. Other car hops were Syble Kennon, Dorothy johnson, Mattie Murphy, Rosa Lee Schneider, Sara McGregor, and Mary Emma Thompson. After cr few drinks and a couple of spins upon the floor, we left and went to Walk In and Stag- ger Out ran by Tressie Cummings. The music was supplied by Virginia Billions and her all girl orchestra, of which several members were old graduates. Among them were Mildred Lawrence, Elizabeth Nolen, Anna Oswald, Pauline Robertson, and Rebecca Salky, with much to do, they had ob- tained vocalist Shirley Sandefur from james Persons orchestra. We ordered a bottle of champagne from waitress jean Nicholas. Other waitresses we noticed were Shirley Purefoy, Frances Poor, Marilyn May, janie Kennedy, and Ethel O'Bryan. We were told either to be quiet or get thrown out by the bouncer, Raymond Houston. As we sat and sipped our champagne we noticed several old friends in the joint. Among them was the noted gossip columnist Eva Claire "Babbling" Bruch. The only lady foreign correspondent, Cecelia Richartz, had just arrived from Greenland, Others were Eugenia Anton, who had just won the women's heavyweight championship, Anne Lee, noted opera star, Charles, latest Hollywood matinee idol, jake Ala- baster, who had come a long way from North Main Street and is now head of Sears, Roebuck CS Co. We noticed Willard Pike and Eugene Story were serving from behind the rail. Cigarette girls seemed to run in the Hooper family because here we found jeanne Hooper selling cigarettes too. As an added attraction to Miss Billions orchestra was a floor show which included such outstanding performers as William Goings and his guitar, Billy Legge still singing the Sugar Blues, and Francis Wil- son with his accordian. There was a dance put on by a chorus which included Hilda Chapman, Katie Fillon, Evelyn Bishop, Helen LaVelle, Audie Lee Payne, Betty Holmes, Ruby Knight, and jewel Hayes. As we had dismissed our chauffers for the night we caught a cab when we got ready to leave and to our surprise it was driven by our old president, Frank Billingsley. When we went down to breakfast the noxt morn ing, we found it had been cooked by Rosalie Lazarov and Fredine McCullough. It was served by joyce Harris and Rema Driskell. joyce informed us that Narene Kee was acting in the official capacity of dish- washer. We had an appointment with Carol Clayton, the new head of Civilian Defense. Miss Clayton had as her assistants Isobel Hughes, May Young, and Taleeta Schneider. On the return from Miss Clayton's office to our office, General Babin purchased a paper. The headlines said that the chief of the FBI, Richard Pep- per, had just captured jean Wallace, gun moll for the mob run by Winell Wilmoth. As I had, no use for any part except the funny papers I gave the re- mains to General Babin. As he was glancing through it, he noticed on the society page that Clifford Doug- lass, new president of Western Union, had finally won the hand of Marie Glatt. As we got out of the car in front of the War De- partment we noticed Bobbie Saller, Florence Shanks, and Margie Walters who were now running the "21" Club. Their biggest competition was from Dale Thom- ley, Mary Faye Spivey, and Nannie Thornton who ran the Stork Club. When we went into our office, my office boy, Wil- liam Loft, told us that our friend, Burton Wilder, who had the romantic lead in the opera, had left us some tickets for tonight. The opera was at the theater run by Robert Davison, and the opera was produced by john Glancey. As we arrived at the theater we noticed on the bill board that Virginia Durham had the feminine lead. Boyer Sewell played the part of the villian. Others in the play were Elsie Aikens and Dorothy Butler. Our tickets were taken by Aglaia Nicholas and we were ushered to our seats by Pauline Hurley. At intermission when the lights came on, I noticed sitting behind me was Walter Barfield and Mamie Bluestein, now Mrs. Barfield. They were operating a large art studio and had just finished a portrait of President Gaines for the White House. Sitting in front of Babin was Robert Eppinette who was now head of a large brewery. Vice-president of the brewery was Dempsey Smith. Seated in the balcony were several army hostesses which included jennie Chrisafis, Faith Craft, Rosabelle Epstein, Mary Grimes and Fannie Salky. We stopped in an all night restaurant run by Dan Bryan and purchased a cup of coffee before retiring. lt was served by Victoria Harris. While there, Harold Prescott, the waiter, gave the bums rush to james Hardaway, who had been forcing his atten- tions upon Narene Kee. Narene had just been dis- missed from her former position at the hotel, and was now holding the same position here. As we fell asleep we wondered what the United States could do without our valuable help. When we just about had it figured out we were rudely awaken- ed. l looked at Babin and Babin looked at me. Glar- inq down at us was Sergeant john Shelby who want- ed to know why we did not have all the onions peeled. You we were doing K. P. duty and the sweet fragrance of the onions had caused us to cry our- selves to sleep. lt had been a horrible nightmare! I ! Pfrgr- 7'1rrfnty-.v1.1' El T H E H U M E S H E H A L D MRS. GEORGE TOMLINSON ll THE FHEULTY llllll T llllll At this time l Wish to congratulate each member of the Senior Class of l942. As the first War class of l-lumes High School, yours is a mighty task. You are faced with a great problem, but l am sure that you Will leave your class rooms and bring glory, laud, and honor to your Alma Mater. l am happy to have had the privilege of serving l-lumes P-TA as president for the term, l94l-'4l, and l look forward to a greater task serving I-lumes P-TA in l942-'43. l think that today when We are all geared for Victory, We parents and teachers are faced with a challenge to serve our country by co-operation and friendliness to all, by fostering education, and serving Where our country needs us. So with this thought, and the hope to enlist all of us for service Wherever we may be called upon, l leave with you my best Wishes for a successful Victory. Sincerely yours, MRS. GEORGE L. TOMLINSON, President, l-fumes High P.-TA. ::56l'll:C'C ame jgoom 5j9O'lfl.i0'CJ Mrs. Frank Billingsley Mrs. I. L. Person Mrs. W. D. Gassaway Mrs. l-l. L. Schneider Mrs. B. F. Legge Mrs. G. E. Wilson SENIOR EDITION ?? 'l Wes, N. N We wwf' N, .xxx I l 1. MOSI CU1ll'f:Y0llEj Virginia Durham, Burton XX'ilrler T4, Mus! ,XIlil"I.1' liiiuu-iii.i Airlwii, S1-imp Hwy Slim-llwy 2, Must Popular: Eva Claire Brush, Alvin Fo .". l". Mfrs! lIIlPllIl1VIIl Iirrwwi I-'lzmrln-rr. Ninn-1-Ile liilger pe,v5,'maV1j15-5 fjrlrly ,lean W1-mera, Auslin Iirif-Q ll. live! l, :fff limp Yiragiurr Nirlie-I r, .luv Nlinlrlln-mir 4, Iflepilg Jamey- Miller, Imroflry Walker 12. Alun S114-41-will! lilll 'I'lii'rn-r, liarrlmixi Nlwfs M051 srrifiinusi I-jflzar Sing, I-'ram-es Iiunrley Ili, lin-Ni lmm-rl .lurw lllllilll'l', liill lnwn 5, M051 Wfrfgtile: .Juanita Beard, f'liffwrrl lmuiplsihw II Mlm Iirisrrr--wslnlw lirm-sl tiarllm-uilr, Sliirlvy Sandefnr 7, Aflpfgf flriielairflirryi f'fef'eli:1 Iiir-lrurlz, Ililly Wlrilv IS. Mum N1-rihilllv, l.ClllI'lt' lirn-env, liurulliy Gassaway X, Mus! f'lllllll'4'll' lCir'Iu:irwl l'n'plu-ly llllllil Vlrryluii jhffjx' Tfffnllf-1 rllflf Q 1. Most Charming: Dorothy Johnson, Henry Pardon 9. Most Talented: Francis Wilson, Jane Bagwell 2. Best All Round: Nellie Church, Herky Nolen 10. Wittiest: Clarence Blanton, Narene Kee 3. Most Natural: Gene Baxter, Virginia Cummings 11. Sweetest: Raymond Houston, Jean Nicholas 4. Sunshine: Vernon Whitman, Taleeta Schneider 12. Most Vivacious: Doris Sewell, Earl Jones 5. Most Accomplished: Billy Goings, Isobel Hughes 13. Best Groomed: Virginia Billions, Jack Curry 6. Most Reliable: Frank Billingsley, Jeanne Hooper 14. Happiest: Raymond Bryan, Anna Oswald T. Most Attractive: Charles Bandy, Frances Ferguson 15. Friendliestz Viola Dawson, Joe Hadley 8. Most Ambitious: Helen Williams, Charles Hiskey S E N I O R E D I T I O N Ei Q Prlgf' Tlfflllf-ll-II Hlllllllll "The hope of democracy de- pends on the diffusion of knowledge ond wisdom." "The whole world here un- locks the experience of the post to builders of the future." Ill IIUISIIIH F zz ENTER TQ LEARN-u GO EQRTI-l TO SERVE HHIIUHHE HEPHHTIHEHT First row, left to right: Cecil Riggln, Rosale Bozof. Floyd Wright, Miss Agnes Gibson, Richard Person, Dorothy Brown, Jack Slater, Mary Emma Kelly. Second row: Jesse Zellner, Norina Breeden. James Price. Mary Louise Dur- bin. Jimmy Van Sickel, Betty Jean Mason. Albert Nelius, Manuel Brown. First row. left to right: Henry Pardon. Doris Sewell. Edgar Sing, 'Wynona Vernor. Miss Agnes Gibson. Maxine Weakley, Henry Nolen. Virginia Cuin- niings, Burton 'Wildeix Second row: Dewey Jones, Shirley Purefoy, Charles Don-die. Lela Mae Ashton. Meyer Kipper, Margaret Riggin. Hirschell Agee. THE HUMES HERALD QHMLA L I C,,2.'CJlfl 'Z!E4Z'E Qm,,f,A CAA I lfjrt-ftuazil Je EAAPJHSK X-e ,4--3 Senontq Agnes Ggzso: ' 1 C'5CCC'llvf Zftfaif ZEPKIILZJA LK!!! J'f.'f!f l7ffl'7'1-M11 X LCETU ,f" LM i.'bL.9C!A f!l"rz'ctt! J Ll6JLi'Z First row, lf'lvl to right: Idmilivr' Wa,inina.n, .Vlary Alirr' Siu-lion, Carol C'nyion, Mary 'f'hi'i:-1Iin1- Bogne, Milrlrf-rl lilsikc-, lit-vvrly lladfl, llwcaii ltozaf-nlv -r" I" I I Q 1' Pyle. 'Vliirrl row' Irvin Vooini lirown. Sr-whirl rf Hrirron, Annf- z 'r Wo,1,f:1'H, . :Q . man, I':Ugf'llf' " ' l':illl Nlnrpliy, Joi- l"IlX1Ql'I'lllll, flfforgo S:inifl:iH. aim 7' i 'K C, l'CJ- ZTLGL ,. ,. :Z 6.1 ci 'C Xu! First row, left to right: Louise Neely, Freida Katz, Colleen Coffey, Doris Heed, Betty Rooney, Dorothy Crawford, Charles Fite, Jeannette Wagerman, Shirley Walker. Sec- ond row: Willie Mae Thomas, Mary Thornley, Mrs. M. K. Bacon, Billy Bradshaw, Florence Kline, Freda Jolly, Thomas McKenzie, Pauline Parrish, Earline Wright, Donna Vonunt, Sarah .lane Schnedle. First row, left to right: Margelene Sutton, Gloria Rut- la n d, Lil 1 i a n Kauerz. Cleighton Gannon, M i l t O ri Luhin, Celia Frei- den. Sec-ond row: Mrs. M. K. Bacon, Evelyn Clll'IlS.BlL1l'- jorie W i l 1 i a 111 s, E r n e s t Flaniken. Laurie Green. Clar- ence Blanton. i anti! cgivfi grief! anim: 51f1L,ff4A C-ALA: First row, left ,to right: Burton Wilder, J. D. Hibner, Frank Woodbury, L. V. Prlddy, David Spack, Billy Goings, James Hardaway, Billy Legge, Richard Pepper, Earl Jones. Second row: Boyer Sewell, David Finn, Rosa Lee Schneider. Ethel O'Bryan, Marcelle Bilger, Helen Williams, Rema Driskell, Nannie Laura Thornton, Carol Clayton, June Hooper, Joyce Harris, Cecelia Richartz, Isobel Hughes, Edgar Sing, Raymond Houston. Third row: VVillian1 Sharp, Willard Pike, Jewel Hayes, Mary Ann Wynne, Syble Kennon, Pauline Robinson, Miss Gertrude Geraghty, Betty Holmes, Elsie Aikens, Ruth Devers, Jeanne Hooper, Eddy Jean Wroten, Alvin Fox, Ernest Galbreath. Fourth row: Henry Nolen, Henry Pardon, Ernest Flaniken, Narene Kee, Gloria VVenzler, Sarah McGregor, Anna Oswald, Wayne Smith, Francis Poor, Jennie Crisafis, Betty Nolen, Rachel Cain, Laurie Green, Harold Prescott, John Shelby. faint 0-lcfivfffeui The Latin Department ot Humes High School otters tour years oi Latin to its students-a year of preparatory grammar, Caesar, the ora- tions ot Cicero and Virgil. Each year the students ot the Latin Depart- ment, under the direction of Mrs. M. K. Bacon, look forward with eagerness and anticipation to the annual Latin Tournament held at Mem- phis State College. Cups are awarded to the winners. The Winners and students with the WAL.1fu:V!7ZlZ5l First row, left to right: Rosalie Lazarov, Frances Rumley, Gloria Rutland, Jennie Siegel, Miss Claire Marie Elliott, Dorothy Willis, Betty Jean Mason, Voula Skouteris, Esther Jenne, Glenda Moore. Second row: John Tonsman, Sain 'Crone, Louise Neely, Nevagene Shoemate, Ethel Young, Celia Freiden, Margelene Sut- ton, Shirley Walker, Gloria Saller, Mike McFarland, Glen Honeycutt. THE HUMES HERALD ten next highest grades contend in the States wide Tournament at Nashville. l-lumes is Well represented in this, too. Members ot the Latin Clubs offer a scholar- ship to one of their group who is to continue Latin in college. This scholarship ol titty dol- lars is derived from the monthly dues ot the Latin clubs. The winners have been Elijah White, Eddie O'Neil, and William Kline. ? ? l"1!ff "Mend your speech a little lest you may mar yuur for- tune." YSIIHKQSIJQHTQ. IN CLASS IJZECI lg difflllfill I fffiss Helen Latina, Ii'.:fr'gfgic: If . . J ' X . J LiflDllLi :,. C'CC1l,4lC Milf!!! zillnf 1 lclilllclll 'COMP ' . . 1' A Fil'-I rmfx, lflll m r.:l11- Alu- Elm Sf-llillizlu. I-5.4 ,lu-fp' Sllfwmsnfl. lin,-11 Lew Sfzlmffirlffr. limll Ilffwr-. f"'lllll'l"'llT" Ryan. .3xllf"' liarlf-ff, lillzuiwlll Hman:-. XX'yf.4f1l:,l KW-rllm. Imrmllj. XYIUIL, ,XILH Hfflfn I.fff'l'1u1f4. FMwr,fl Mm I-jrl,f41Yf,w1n:. Paul Xklllll. Alalmr, V.'f'l': fill-1: lI'frwj.'v'rHV, Wnllffr .XIf'l'l'.'.f41l, Hlrwlrl Wf4l1lwI', .Iwlm llalrfq ,Xllwll Xwliue. fiawxlrf l-if-14. ' J ,J ff,,i,,7'1,,,f,,,rf,,f, THE HUMES HERALD 2 if Misses Lilla Mae Farr and Margaret Newton, Sponsors UHHHEHEIHL HEPHHTTHEHT The Commercial Department offers the student courses in Shorthand, Bookkeeping, Type- Writing, and Business Machine Operation. This prepares him to go immediately into the lousi- ness World. This department places all students Who finish the complete course. Special courses on office machines are given to students who desire them. Mr. C. C. lones, Teacher t N1..w,, - if .-11.- FIF TY CLUB OFFICE PRACTICE NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY First ro v, left to right: Burton Wilder, Edgar Sing, Ruth Devers, Eddy Jean Wroten, Miss Ma f Walker, Carol Clayton, June Jooper, Mamie Bluestein, Laurie Green. 'William oft. Second row: Miss Eleanor Richmond, Ernest Flaniken, Alarvello Bilger, anne Hooper, Frances Rumley, Dorothy Walker, Helen Williams, Talef-ra Schneidr, L. V. Priddy, Miss Mabel Reed. l if NEW MEMBERS NJ' First row, left to right: Miss Mary Walker, Annemarie Rrauer, Freda llurrison, .lzinv Bagwell, Voula Skouteris, Esther Jenne, Florence Siegel, Isolwl Hughes, llnrolliy Daniel, Miss Eleanor Richmond. Second row: Miss Mabel Heed, Vee-elia liii-liairlz. Walter liarfielrl, Shirley McConnell, Forrest Flaniken, Elaine l,aI'roix, lloln-rl llarlwr. Eugenia Anton, David Finn, Gloria Rutland, Miss Lila Brant-li. 'l'liird row: .lainn-s Miller, Florence Shanks, Tommy Tanner, Nannie Laura 'l'liornlon, Ifrzink llilliinzllf-,. Mary Grimes, Bobby Thompson, Betty Mae Holmes, l4'ram'is Wilson, 1'lliffiS':'L,4li.i'ifl.'Ql,fi AROUND THE CAMPUS WAMQWMMWM it l l SENIOR GIRLS RESERVES QQ First row, left to right: Dorothy Shankman, Bettye Burson, LaVerne Evensky, Donna Conant, Lois Smith, Virginia Durham, Miss Mildred Scrivener, Jennivie Paullus, Mattie Murphy, Frances Rumley, Dorothy Willis, Louise Neely, Betty Mae Holmes, Narene Kee. Second row: Margaret Allen, Jean Redden, Mary Emma Kelly, Sarah Hornbuckle, Mary Ann Wynn, Syble Kennon, Shirley Purefoy, Rachel Cain, Jewel Hayes. Glenda Moore, Juanita Beard, Nellie Church, Imogene Ramseger. Third row: 'Carol Clayton, Cecelia Richartz, Dorothy Murphy, Mary Kolivas, Anna Oswald, Florence Shanks, Gloria Wenzler, Sara McGregor, Fannie Goldstein, Katherine Paulos, Pauline Roberson, Mildred Lawrence, Frances Poor. 'Q X nmegi 5261? Miss Margaret Humphreys, Libra ian ,W an mir Z Q V R 'W 1 K "Nic, rx' .K , l 4 lft ezvigfe jgemflnf C!a44e4 The purposes of supervised reading classes for a if , selected group are to develop reading skills and habits, which are necessary for effective reading, to "' MW' stimulate a desire to read, and to give training in the choice of reading materials. Different devices, various methods, and a wide selection of materials Mygg AILLEE WILFQRD are used in an atternpt to achieve these ends. MISS SUSIE lOHNSON QPHTHALMCGPAPH TEST or FILMIHG TELEEITJOCULAF TEST or DZSCQVER OF EYE MOVEIAEIITS METROIIOSCOPE OF DPILL MACHINE jyjg VISUAI pgpgx-75 'QW 2 1 CCIfefe1'iCI Manager Attendance Oiiicer of f ' ' ' i ,ee . I i :X X X QW Mas. wELLroRD Wtrnians N . QD . Z 6 1, , . 'Xl Mas. cHARLEs W, GRAY p I DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCHTION A distributive education program has not go to college may by this means go been inaugurated at Humes this year. immediately into the business world, This course provides for the business Distributive Education is education in ace man a better trained Worker, and pro- tion. vides tor the student an opportunity in Miss Marjorie Walker is the teacher in the business World. Students who will charge ot this Work. Distributive Education Group s ,iw First row, left to right: Victoria Harris, Viola Dawson, Pauline Hurley, Marilyn - May, Miss Marjorie Walker, Dale Thornley, Hilda Chapman, Mary Glancy, Billie Jean King. Second row: Frances Ferguson, Evelyn Bishop, Mary Faye Spivey, Mary Grimes, Aglaia Nicholas, Anne Lee, Margie Walker. Third row: Kay Smith, Dan Bryan, Austin Brice, John Glancy, Robert Eppinette, Charles Hiskey. MISS MARIORIE WALKER, insrnucron T H E H U M E S H E R A L D ? ? Pfryw Thirty-iiinf Nt W Q' Af? X f,, , I The Cosmetology Clgfe, under the, of fire Qdeeig Ifeej, :ci legrned :ow to grle Sigm- pooe, finger vfgvez, fgeiovle, mgn1Cg,re2, groiefg, :errf.3r,er.tfy igxd gig grit, ifoeeggei, heirs pgoke, Color rmigee, hgir outing omd direotgorfg to beg ,ZZ Tie hooijf o '.'.'i.o.:, Kr.o'f,'Qeoige of 15.2 fgbfeoie Egleelmglizhgp, huiineerg ethici, :nop,f ooirxeff tiergpjr 13172 zterllizgilon, zomitgtior., bgoteriology, ?.ygQ-ene, Und gngtomy' irre 'g,g:i f f , rwmwww W N 4 'V , ,W W "2 , f 74 f,f', ,A 6, aye I-1,1111 A W f 05946 PREPARING MEALS YQ llllltllllltllll FUUU HEPHHTIHEHT 5 The Home Economics Department otters a practical course in Quality Food Preparation and Comrner cial Food Service. Each day the girls prepare and serve luncheon to about seventy-tive teachers and stu dents in cafeteria style and Tea-roorn Service. Miss Lila Branch is teacher ot this Work. a r!r 5 SERVING MEALS it ii it it vw'-'wwf " f r N N o, wg? Il it 'ff 5 'f ' .,,,, ,. ,,,,,, 7 3, , , f. Z 4 Z 5 l 2 ,Q ,wWWff ' I , fr, 0 W' 'A rr TAILORING Miss ETTA MAE HARGRAVES, Instructor The clothing unit ol the Homemaking Department is housed in a new location, a large room facing the South Court with freshly decorated walls, tiled floor, new book cases and magazine racks, with ample storage space and dressing room to accommodate these activities. The l-lomemaking classes devote one semester to foods and related subjects and the other semester to clothing and related subjects. SEWING Mss. KATIE BELL coNYERs, irrgrrrrcror l W, METAL SHOP MR. I. R. RALSTON, IR., Instructor The Industrial Arts Department of I-Iurnes includes courses in General Shop for ninth and tenth grade-3 and advanced courses in Mechanical Drawing, Woodwork, Sheet Metal, Machine Shop, and Electricity tor pupils in the eleventh and twelfth grades. These advanced courses otter basic training in industrial pur- suits, thereby enabling the student to select the vocation for which he is best suited. WOOD SHOP MR. E. R. LEWIS, Instructor Z 6 'z 2 5 I eniaz jgevf C1044 The Senior Red Cross, sponsored by Miss Mary Fisher, has as its objective this year the meeting of a definite need in current war necessities. The officers are-Dorothy Walker, president, Vernon Whitman, vice- president, Freda I-larrison, secretary, William Ferguson, treasurer, Ernest Flaniken, reporter. The Red Cross is more in need of supplies this year than ever before. The girls in the sewing classes have made a number of shirts for Britain. Thirty-five pounds of tin-foil have been collected in the oat-meal boxes in the home-rooms. The boys in the wood shop made a book rack for a canteen, and during the Victory Book Campaign 386 books were collected. They have advocated the sale of Defense Bonds and Stamps, and in every way have gone to work to meet the present crisis. At Christmas time gifts and candies were sent to the Leprosarium in Louisiana. Twelve lap boards were made for the Crippled Adults. Dorothy Walker, president of the Red Cross of Humes, is the city-wide reporter of the City Council. nnfoz flgecf C-w.4.4 The Red Cross which has continued to maintain its status during times of peace, has an active future before its organization today. At I-fumes there are two chapters regularly functioning. Miss Mary Lenehan and Miss Loriece Pearce sponsored the depart- ment for the junior high school in l94l-'42. Thirty home-rooms paid their dues of one dollar each, early in October, making f-fumes one hundred per cent in membership. At the first meeting of the junior delegates, the following officers were elected: jerry Glasgow, president, Dan Thompson, vice-presidentg Mary Richartz, secretary, Evelyn Nelius, reporter. During the year, three hundred menu covers were made for the Veterans and Marines, Hundreds of tray favors have been sent to chil- dren's wards of the various hospitals. The Mary Galloway Home and the Sunshine Home have been remembered with cards and candy. The art classes of Misses Moffet, Wadley, and l-lall have contributed many beautiful favors for our work. Many crossword puzzle booklets were sent to the hospitals to help the patients while away their weary days. A mountain school was provided with Christmas gifts, all wrapped and packed, ready for delivery. Our Salvage Units are collecting everything useful for the defense of our beloved nation. t s n ,l ' 1' R i ,1 i ,. i -R Q 8 y,'t 4 H . .Q R S K iz Q i if-. j S l. 49 F4 Miss Eleanor Richardson, Sponsor WELDERS DEFENSE SCHOOL BOYS a SENIOR RED CROSS REPRESENTATIVES T, EE,., , , E 'f f 'ff ,ffvfw f, X Elly :, I "5 First row, left to right: Cecil Wfildes, ,Sue Cochrell, Eloise Johnson, Dorothy Willis, Miss Mary Fisher, Dorothy YV.alker, Miss Eleanor Richardson, Jeanne' Hooper, Isobel Hughes, Sally Ann Chafetz, Edgar Sing. Second row: Joseph Bridges, Vernon Ivllltlllklll. Elinor Shoffner, Freda Harrison, Donna Conant, Helen La Velle, Shirley Purefoy, Joyce VVilliarns, Frankie Vego, Ernest Galbreath. Third row: Bobby Boillot, Jack Slater, George Sanidas, Frances Boswell, Marilyn Alexander, Joyce Bailey, Norma Breeden, Jean McCullough, Glenda lVloore, Jack Donnell, Henry Pardon. IUNIOR RED CROSS , REPRESENTATIVES ' , ,, +L' L, ,, 6 5 .oi -f I -H ,Wav 4, oemig! Q , , , Eily El First row, left to right: Eugene Pruitt, Herman Kaplan, 'Chris Ferranti, Jeanne Milton, Sylvia Wolf, Kay Blessing, Anna Belle Miller, Miss Mary Lenehan-Sponsor, Miss Lorieoe Pearce-Sponsor. Goldie Brown, Joanna Coseia, Hilda Fay Pitt, Jane Ellen Pitt, Dollie Collier, Dan Thompson, Bobby Hewitt, Eleanor Richardson. Second row: Robert Bilger, Richard Barton, Paul Boswell, Christine Butler, Mary Richartz, Diana Lazerov, Imalie Malamas, Annabelle Gwartney, Evelyn Nelius, Waiidialyn Shoemate, Fay Williams, Bess Holt, Marion Person, 'Charles Broegdon, Burl Laster, Kenneth Moore, Jimmy Papageorge. Third row: Teddy Petrovsky, Edgar Hoye, William Keel, Charles Gaglio, Jerry Glasgow, Arline Wright, Helen Belch, Dorothy Forrester, Ida Lou Weldon, Mildred Lubin, 'Catherine Richards, Mary Ann English, Carl Shipley, James Greganti, Bailey Thompson, John Reisser, Houston Meyers. F2 Sinmi iii uiiniimini The art department is enjoying very much their grand new room and running water The Classes Ca-Operated in advertising various activities of the school and with mernherz of Civic organizations. The outstanding feature of the year ie the opportunity far a number of student: to Work with the noted designer Emmy Zmybruck from Vienna In addition to the above, the department has Carried an the regular art Work-Calor harmonies, design, Costume, advertising, or lettering and pozters, figure drawing, iiiustrat- ing, fpapier machiej or various Crafts IJ , W L J ul 1. V -H Old CLI! WY l. First row, left to right: Marlow Cornfield, 'Clyde Scott, Virginia Cummings, Doris Sewell, Jean Nicholas, Miss Louise Moffett, Maxine Weakley, Hazel Gipson, Elizabeth Goings, Walter Barfield. Sec- ond row: Dan Thompson, Margaret Riggin, Billy Barfield, Evelyn Kidd, Una Grace Anderson, Mary Lewis. Carolyn Lanimey, Miriam Cristil, Albert Westbrook, Charlie Clark, Jethro Lindsey. Third row: Jessie Williams, Bobby Boillot, Dorothy Grimes, Margie McDaniel, Freddie Kirby, Mary Judith Sher- wood, Francis Poor, Earl Pardon, Teddy Petrovsky. min Jef QS-fnlenfi sigma Miss Louise Moffett, A Instructor ,A, J , .ff-fi Y , , - . T 1 f Clif , fgocnz 4 ' T r sv ,f f f if f 0106, fwwwaff ' fl g X wwf-wb if 4 2 ff X g " fmwww f ,,,, , W if f,.,,,,np9ggp9w , W7 ,V x W II IE IIIHIIWIII Since Music has been made a major in the highschool, the Iuniors have had to look upon the subject with a great deal more seriousness than heretotore. They have had to lay the foundation necessary tor a more thorough study in highschool, lt is with this point in mind that teachers have worked the past year, The purpose of the new program ol musie cal instruction tor the Memphis Public Schools is to enlarge the musical experience and enjoyment ot the student in providing an outlet for his ability, both in vocal music and in instrumental music, ln so doing, to discover and develop talent and musical ability for social, aesthetic, avocational, and possible vocational purposes, and tor means of employing leisure time. Also to provide an adequate organization, which can add to the musical enjoyment ot the student body and help in setting and maintaining high standards ot musical activity in the entire community. 'ZFQ Miss Virginia Alexander cmnnn 4..V Ilfnrwllly .IVIIIIIIJIII Ilfilwillax f.:l',.IIx.Ix', .IlI.IIIII4l X IIII I IIIII Illnyl my x44 " V' ' ' 4- V4 1- '-' 41 I4,, .l.1luI I.mI1I5,.,IIIuI . ,i.ll1IIIll, Xml. I llllllm lux UH 'Hull 'XIII llluln. Ilmmx SIN lltllf lx IIII IIIIII IIIIIII Ill I I I Ilmaiqlf .I:1r1r- HWII: I g 'I 1- ' ' , ' it :I I- rish, fIIf'1uI:1 ,lI4lUl'1',.lIII'II"1I I,:1uI4ii+'1-, ,II.umlI1 Iillli I1 III Iulml: I1 in IIIIIIIIIIH 'sill I pmt. Ili, Y Z n .L Ill!! r'uI.x,I1-II In IITJIII' Imnwllui XXJIIIM-I, 114-I-It I1 null IIIIIII Snlnmnlfl llm I, XUII lllmll. I 'HI SENIOR CHORUS GROUP First row, left to right: Jeanette Pine, Jewel Reynolds, Charlotte Holstegge, Joyce Rose, Wayne Smith, Ruby Lee Couch, Sarah Poston, Mildred Lubin, Dorothy Weinman, Willie Bee Owens, Bordine Lemonds, Dorothy Schneider, Melita Grace, Betty Moore, Dorothy Wynne. Second row: Anna Oswald, Jule McDougall, Jean Redden, Marilyn Alex- ander, Virginia Nickells, Marie Glatt, Pauline Robinson, Peggy Gassaway, Dorothy Jean Fuqua, Martha Davis, Jean Paulos, Beverly Brown, Sara Beth Meadows, Ceda Lee, Mary Emma Thompson, Dorothy McLemore. Third row: Dorothy Willis, Marcella Carmen, Shirley XValters, Shirley Purefoy, Martha McCullar, Jeanette McGiel, Betty Hughes, Jo Mary Hurdle, Cornelia Alexander, Jennie Chrisafis, Adele Mendel- son, Nell Taylor, Wanda Watts, Freda Reisman. Fourth row: Buford Pinner, Alfred Davidson, Catherine Crutcher. Rob Reid Smith, Alpha Pilant, Gertrude Weise, Ruby Van- horn, Ernestine Ray, Catherine Richards, Anne Marie Spi- noso, Betty Jones, Dorothy Shook, Donna Conant, Virginia Wright, Lillian Maxey, Lou Young, Rolan Goins. Fifth row: Charles Steiger, John Shelby, Frank Tamboli, Teddy Petrov-- sky, Edgar Sing, Floyd Smithart, William Sharp, Charles Gaglio, James Porter, John Edwards, Johnnie Jones, James Person, Ernest Flaniken, Forrest Flaniken. acne! Mmm ' IUNIOR CHORUS GROUP First row, left to right: Harold Moore, Mary Lou Turner, Betty Burke, Georgia Skouter' filean Schwend, Jennie Mid- dleton, Virginia Coughlin, Mar xFrances True, Betty Jones, Helen Loenneke, Rubie Yarbrough. Second row: Willene Rawles, Eugene Sexton, Lutherlxlordan, Thomas Shanks, Q-zeBHenderson, Jean Parker, Howington, La- Light, Edgar Hoye. Pete Vergos, James Walker, ra Helen Redden, Audrey Stewart, verne Weir, Joy Blaylock, 4 Third row: Charlotte Sharp, ly ia Barfield, Beverly Shivers, Billy Joe Davis, John Kelly, Joan Coscia, Forrester, Martha Sue Peeler, Billy Jean Joyce Shotnei, Tl Mildred Jones, Betty Jean Pitts, Mildred Solomito. Fourth row: Jimmie Baskin, Fred Smith, Curtis Forte, Diana Lazarov, Louise Rule. Glendora Diffie, Wava Jean Brown, Geneva 'Crone, Nancy McArthur, Charles Murrell, Robert Holthofer, Tommy Gost, Mary Smith, Carrie Keltner, Jeanette Brown, Mary E. VVhite, Mary Hardaway. Fifth row: Johnny Harris, Geral- dine Knight, Bernice ,VV Lena Pirtle, J. E. Shipman, 4 x Joyce Cooper, Peggy Hill, Jane Hayes, Roy Jaffe, Mary Betty Jane Bell, Alma Lo,uise Davis, Helen Katherine Gewin, Miriam Kaplan, Bobby Harris. 7 1 Q, c- -ff? f I It My U L2 46, LX UU' 1.1 xr, "ki I QS, v Q fl-fs D " xx gd Llvk' C7 ll.4f'Clfll1fl6lfLfd! JMMALC v1oL1Ns rf' IMSS VHKEHUA ALEXANDER,DUedor BRASSES AND REEDS MH JH 1 I LIAWDHIMWM ,. -I X ' 11 THE HUMES HERALD i gf P , ii I Homes oRcHEsIaII,.'f'o , I , 'J PERSONNEL VIOLINS: SAXAPHONES: Jimmy Young, Charles Murrell, Freida Katz, Edgar Robert Finn, Jack Drucker, Paul Jaffe, John Hender Sing. Edna Sanidas, Hazel Trenthen, Ruth Katz, Mor- son, Betty Johnson, Floyd Sinitlrail. ris Shore, Thomas Wright, Joyce Williams, Betty Jean Mason, Juanita Astin, Edward Gamble, Mildred Daniels, FRENCH HORNS: Naomi Moore. Johnny Archer, Jake Lusky. VIOLAS: BASS CLARINET: Alfred Buss, William Jeffries. CELLOS: David Finn, Nellie Hubbard. STRING BASSES: ' Marcella Carmen, Margaret Sterling. TRUIVIPETS: Gene Lewis, Billy Hawkins, Billy Davis, James Walker, Jimmy Baskin, Lawson Pryor, Benny Salky, Vincent Spinosa, Joe Babb, Mary Louise Lunati, Wallace Cowan, Norman Craig. CLARINETS: Nick Speros, Keith Massey, Ronald Taylor, James Hodges, Joe Beasley, Judson Williams, Johnny Reisser. Clarence Holt, Harvey 'Carter, Sol Colsky, Seymore Petrovsky, Charlotte Quirk, Dorothy Hubbard, Martha Butler, Richard Barton, Imelia Meliamas, Imogene Joy- ner, Emmagene Joyner, Gene Browder, Charlotte Baugh. Jesse Zellner. FLUTES: Thomas Kent, Mary Emma Kelly, OBOE: Max Saller. DRUMS: Everett Lackey, Billy Richards, Mac Gamble, Ruth Bai tee, Bobby Materna, Gladys Dye, Carl Shipley, Donald Keifer, Mary Thornley. TROMBONES: Oscar Archer, 'Clarence Astin, Rile Reyle, Eirl Kitier man, Eugene Anton. BARITONES: Billy Anderson, Clifford Douglass. BASS HORN: Sammy Alabaster, Robert Mattox. SENIOR EDITION l'flfff' Fiffu-r Si mini iniiiiiiqggi First row, left to right: Joyce Nicholas, Doroiliy Wgilker, Fiziiices Boswell, Louis Neely, Miss Eleanor Richmond, Dorothy Gassaway, June Bagwell, Wynonu V+.-ruor, Jean Johnson. Second row: Imogene Ramseger, Margaret Simi, Anna Oswald, llulli In-vt-rs. Eddy Jean XVl'0l6I'l, Johnny Cassiday, Jean McCullough, Elaine La Croix, Nellie Clmi-rfli, Iiorotliy Jolinson. Third row: Walter Barfield, George Sanidas, Vernon Whitman, Robert Iiurker, Frzinic Billingsley, Billy White, Charles Dowdie, Dewey Jones, Eugene Turner. NON-UNIFORM MONITORS First row, left to right: Frziiirr-s Poor, Mildred l,z-iwrence, Gloria Rutland, Taleetu Schneider. Sm:- ond row: Irvin Cooperman, Mari Saller, Billy Bi'zulslw,w, Mike Mc'- Farlpind, L. V. Priddy, lddwurd Itiirlivel. I I l'r1yr: f"iff,lI',i'l'I STUDENT '-5 GOVERNMENT OFFICERS Left to right: Dorothy Walker, Vernon Whitman, Eddy Jean Wroten, Frank Billingsley, Ruth Devers. - pi, E vv' My . .i W.. wi ,lk 5'-QW . 'K E N I O R E D I T I O N ? ? Pflgw Fiftgf-tlirwv lllllll' llllll ELHSSES FhstPeHod First row, left to right: Gladys Belch, Billie Brown, Elise Waters, lVIar,a'a1'et Holt, Betty Gwaltney, Louise Taylor, Mary Christine Bogue, Virginia Burk- holder, Ann Mathis, Jean Mt-Cullough, Joyce Stocks, Joyce Williams. Second row: Imogene May, Norma Breeden, Frances Maynard, Matilda Saperstein, Dorothy Fuqua, Betty Jo Leathers, Doro- thy White, Shirley Sandefur, Arline Wright, 'Carinon Dunn, Mildred Blake. Third row: Martha Nelson, Kay Blessing, Lucille Hannah, Margie Tate, Shirley Hiskey, Mary Louise Durbin, Helen Tene- baum, LaVerne Evensky, Jean Temple, Mattie Murphy, Ernestine Ray, Mnraret Baldwin, Jean Johnson. Fourth row: Dorothy Shook, Joyce Harris, Sara Pos- ton, Ruby Lee Couch, Katherine Richartz, Ruth Hediker, Marilyn Alexander, Joyce Harris, Jane Ferber, Helen George, Ceda Lee, Lola Rogers, Inez Few. Second Pedod First row, left to right.: Elizabeth Raye, Eddy Jean Wroten, Ruth Ogletree, Eliza- beth Hudson, Marie Jenkins, Magdelene Mcllvain, Norma Lewis, Sue Welsh. Second row: Dorothy Arnold, Voula Skouteris, Cornita Alexander, Jerry Glas- gow, Ruby Jennings, Dorothy Willis. Marjorie lVilliams, Martha Watts, Pauline Madden, .Jacqueline Hayes. Third row: Betty Jo Martin, Virginia Pyle, Mary Louise Carpenter, 'Cecelia Richartz, Mary Richartz, Doris McBride, Rosemary Robinson, Ruby Graham, Ollie Mae Bill' ings, Cristine Gost, Lucy Westbrook. Fourth row: Marilyn Davis, Charlotte Holstegge, Ann Carlton, Betty .lane May, Commelite Ryan, Dorothy Cricknian. Nancy Freedman, Gloria Triplette, Marge- lene Sutton, Evelyn Curtis, Anne-inarie Brauer, Lorraine Barnett. Fifth rowi Edna Taylor, Myrtle Lee, Henrietta Neff, Ruth Bartee, Cristine Hay, Donnie Bell Ruth, Cristine Dozier, Elizabeth Wil- liams, Maxine Scott, Sue Cor-krell, Helen Harris, Barbara Turner, Martha lteitz. Sixth row: Ruby Van Horn, Mary Sin- onds, Esther Jenne, Margarite Parrot, Nona Minor, .lean Sue Fletcher, Hazel Eppinette, Bessie Alexander, llfn-olhy Stewart, Gloria Saller, Leah Rosenberg. Virginia Griffin. Thhd Pedod First row, left to right: Mary Alles- Skel- ton, Mary Emnia, Mallirfk, Marjorie- Mc- Daniel, June Majors, Willie Maude liar- ris, Alice Cornelison, .lane Majors. Ser-- ond row: Ruth Foster, Dorothy Murphy, Margaret, Allen, Gloria Larifl, Virginia Sherman, Nancy Williams, Mary l'lnnn:i Kelly, Betty llolrnf-s, ldarlinr- Wi-ialil, Jane Power:-3, Tliird rowi .Xl:ii'a:ii'i-I Latham, Leah Nlcfim-, Sylvia Sllllllllllllll. Joyce Nicholas, Mirinni Vrislil, .layin- Seymour, Tlif-linsi Vnrlf-r, l"r:lnr-es lit-itll. Vera Mac ltoliff, li?lVf'l'llf' lnixnrov, Sntnll ,lgimg Sr-llaedlr-, flf'l4'll .I1'IIIllIiLgH, l+'oill'lll row: Mary Louise llolilnsoii, l,orriinv Shipimin, l"i':inkie lthlwnrfls, 'f'l:ii'iw' Walker, llzirrietla. l"Il'lHt'll4'l', Iloi-ollll ltntli liovsfrs, 'l':il1-win Sl'IlII4'llll'l', .luzinilu Hrearfl, l':l'1llll'l' Xvilllllllilll, ltorolliy tlrliiivs. lu,-,,,j,, ,j.,1ly, l+'il'tIi row: 'l'ln-linn Wit-Its. IAN,-ruilu. Af-lluyflv Ill-Hy Hrnllln-yl l'nll1'1'll f',,n',.V, .l,,,,lw lllllinrrl, Ann l'uIIi:ini, H:-IIY Iiollirst- Wlilllovli, l'xlfPl"'lI"4' Klint-, liorolllv llrown, l,oi:: ll:lr1'llH. l"l""'li' Katz, 37 bf ff! , ,W , if ' ' 7 Fifth Period First row, left to right: Mart-ella Carmon, Doris Shelby, Dorothy Dunn, Julia Blanton, Vivian Shoffner, Ruth Russom, Rachel Cain, Betty Jean Houston, Frances Boswell, Doris Camp, Gladys Stone, Margaret Helmke. Second row: Jeanette Currie, Juanita Patterson, Carolyn Massey, Betty Moore, Katherine Chrisafis, Betty Sue 'xVildes, lVilma Hurley, Shirley Mt-Connell, Robbie YVilkes, Virginia Lineberger, Eloise Schneider, TVava Clark, Carolyn Hamilton, Jule McDougall, Katherine Paulos, Bonnie Baker. Third row: Elizabeth Brogdon, Adele Mendle- son, Joyce Bailey, Janie Ferguson, Beverly Velonas, Jean Mosley, Melita Grace, Jean Moss, Iona Maxwell, Margaret Miller, Kathryne Edwards, Selma Brown, Neva Quarin, Dorothy McLemore, Phyllis Anton, Julanne Mf'Crory. Fourth row: Velma Turnipseefl, Jewel Rey- nolds, Martha :lIf'CUllEil", Bonnie .lean Xvilliamsj Blildrerl Elder, Jean Tanner, Mary Frances Jackson, Dorothy Morrison, Freddie Kirby. Thelma Thomason, Dorothy Bussell, Doris Lamhirth, Freda Harrison, Julia Greer, Elizabeth Higgins, Margaret Sterling, Blanche Cash. Fifth row: Betty Sue Forwalter, Lena Edminston, Alpha Pilant, Anna Spinosa, Gertrude XVeise, Ruth Bishop, Evelyn Nelius, Fatherine Dozier, Violet Rusing, Evelyn Mrvljloyvell, Mildred Lubin, Dorothy Vxfeinman, Joy Smith, Roll Reid Smith, Helen Farrell, Fannie Goldstein, Dorothy Hummel. Sixth Period First row, left to right: Margaret Evensky, Alice Mae Tippit, Ger- trude Fleischer, Lihhie Rosen, Annette Feldman, Miriam Lee Vine, Helen Louise Poor, Irene Kelso, Betty Eavenson, Edith Lowe, Juanita Loyd, Florence Siegel, Dollie Collier, Cozette Cole, Sophie Durling, Jean Hudson, Jeannette Pine. Sefonrl row: Luf-ille Manley, Josephine Coyle, Florence Shanks, Nahoma Everett. Peggy Gassaway, Virginia Schneider, Yvonne Rhodes, Mary Louise Nelson, Ora Anest, Jeanette McGill, Katherine Barmer, Virginia Force, Estelle Clapp, Betty Jean Houston, Juanelle Davis, liosa Paller, Dorothy Shankman, Sylvia XVolfe, Bobbie Nell Sullivan. Third row: Betty Jean Mason, Dorothy Crawford, Rosalie Bozof, Louise Young, Glynetta Tomlinson, Vivian Easley, Joann Miller. Frerline Mr-Cullar, Lula Vassnnrlras, lloris Glaze. Margaret Simi, Mary Jane Campbell, Verna Mae Bartee, Cordie Hughes, Irene Propes, Pauline Hendren, XVillie Mae Thomas, Mary Thornley. Fourth row: June Pitts, Leslie Jones, Martha Davis, Rose Marie Gentry, Rose Mary Brown, June Frederidkson, Louise Gaurell, Shirley Ba'-igztlupo, Mary Morris, Evelyn Peters, Miriam Brey, Vir- ginia Vir-lcery, xvlllllkt Heinz, Lucille Mather. Jean Surratt, Katherine Hollis. Lloris Ileerl, Elaine LaCroix, Helen Morrow, Q Wff' 1ll ...- 'if , ..w. fm gg O Interest MR, AND To All MRS, D. M. HILLARD , , . . .,,,. N., , MRS. MARY CODY SPENCER, ASSISTANT CAFETERIA MANAGER Of Us .fgfvff V,-f W 52 ' -Afmzv. H I ,K r Q QM . ef! -. M4Wf'W L f M - , M62 .ff 'Q S. 423 4' f ,: V V, V fwffagko Ng ' ff , f yg'f, , - K: gif, am ' 5 fiiwfy, , VW 2 U5 f - va- .Mg M as fi. . ' yr , H fvgasfw , f' W X a MWLQ5, Wi' :rf 1 .4 , A ,-4553: V nr. ' f' -' - W 'fe , Mi ,M 1 , www fa .. A: . ' WW , , 5 , H4 ,W x 3 .,y,. . . I an EE ' L BE ,Z .V su k I ,I .,, , , K, . , 'M - ' I' - Pf , ' f ' :A www f - x fw ' A ' , w , A ,J-1 X K 14,4 4 , , ' ' . , 4, YF, , - f4w5?"f .7212 nv' ,em , 1 f. .h '4 1' K xx, fl 431.gif Mf ..:fu.4.si7x2f,.....d.m 1' .1 2-V fy ff" V L.. , f L f ALBERT NELIUS FLORENCE SIEGEL ERNEST GALBREATH COVEDITOR CO-EDITOP BUSINESS MANAGER Editors ..... ALBERT NELIUS, FLORENCE SIEGEL Reporters ...., ESTI-IER WAINMAN, THOMAS Mc- Business Manager ....,.. ERNEST GALBREATH KENZIE, EVA CLAIRE BRUCH, LA- Artists ..,...,,, EARL PARDON, GEORGE BABIN VERNE L A Z A R O V, T A L E E T A Sports Writers .r... ALVIN FOX, FLOYD WRIGHT SCHNEIDER, IOYCE NICHOLAS, Iunior Reporter ,.r,,........ BETTYE BURSON MARIORIE WILLIAMS, V E R N O N Columnist ...,. ,....... I AYNE SEYMOUR WHITMAN, IIMMY VAN SICKEL Commercial Appeal Correspondent . ALBERT NELIUS PressAScirnitar Correspondent . , FLORENCE SIEGEL Typist .,r.....,.. ,.... I AYNE SEYMOUR M , :kt + 5 THE HERALD STAFF AT WORK Z, w W: W , 4' A.. if-2 W 432 f M WW f-Q.-.,,,, my mv-,..M . 4 I I 7 I FU E BUTE HIV! IUH SERGEANT B. A. TAYLOR C lC'fl!l0ll Q25 TGSQffjQ"JV11 fi A 'I'-Iylfwr, llmf- lv--',':1 111 tin- IIIIIIIKH 5 .V ,V-,--w Uflltfl fxfffeftlmrmfxiwly Il1'dlf'Ilf4" ilu- NJIC, rf-f'I1fwr1 -'wi fhf? 1942 flf-rmmr llfwxlfi l'ugf',S'1.rlu Cazm , . TT 'R W it F ABN X A , ia? 'arf Y TL if - ' z f 1 Robert Ieffe-ries, Tommie Vinson, Alfred Brogdon, Charles Ver- gos, Iethro Linsey. S E N I O R E D I T I O N ? ? zmgff Ni.:-fy-on 9 P H, OFFICERS AND SPONSORS ""'M'MSS H g , I 1 i r J 1. flaptuirm Louis J. Ilnrzmt, I'.XlS'l' 5, Villln-I IXlaljm' Alvin Fox 2. Sfergf-:mf H, A. 'l'uylm', .NIST 4Ibl'1All,v li, Ilmwru1'y Vauh-l Mnjm' ICrlrly.I1-:nn Wrote-11 3. fladf-I Li:-ut:-rlunt 'f'uI:m4-I .lnlm Sin-Im' T. 'Vznmia-I Villblilill 111-umm-'l'. Iiuhin 4, flfmnrury 6721111-t I,if-urs-nam! fmlmwl Marilyn M1-x:uul4-I' H, lIumn'u'y Vzndvl Vlllililill lmrulhy Waxlkvr Q X I ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,.,,,A,,, ,, ' T H E H U M E s H 1-: H A L D FACULTY SPONSORS z v, ...J X 2, f. 2, 4 SENIOR EDITION Mr. D. M. Hillard, Honorary Colonel. Miss Eleanor Richardson, Honorary Lieutenant Colonel Miss Annie M. Prescott, Honorary Major. Mrs. Katie B. Conyers, Honorary Major. Miss Margaret Humphreys, Hvnorary Major. E ? Pflyff' Si.rIJ1-Ihr: ROTC Band Cfficers and Sponsors First row, left to right: Warrant Officer Vernon Whitman, Nurnia Breeden, Second Lieutenant Ernest Galbreath. Joyce Bailey, Captain William Dixon, Helen Williams. Sccrind row: First Lieutenant Hirschell Agee, Eva Claire Bruch, Second Lieutenant Billy Legge, Jeanne Hrmpeig ' ' Band Instructor CHPT. C. F. HARRISON qv v sl! I ,,,,,,,, H,,,.,A,,,,,,,,,. g THE HUMES HER A LD y MILITARY BAND, , I f ,nw- First row, left to right: William Jeffries, Alfred Brogdon, Bill Fitzpatrick, David Middleton, J. D. Franks, Captain William Dixon, Hirschell Agee, Walter Barfield, Dick Jones, Edward Xiques, Jesse Zellner, Billy Myers, Kieth Massey, Jethro Lind- sey, 'Charles Vergos, Conway Moore, Second row: Billy Legge, Clarence Blanton, Harold Shute, Billy Hawkins, Gene Lewis, Herbert Glaze, Sammy Alabaster, James Hodges, Joe Beasley! George Hutchinson, Nick Speros, Clarence Holt, Max Saller, Third row: Herman LaVelle, Eugene Anton, Vernon Whitman, John Hightower, Ernest Galbreath, VVilbur Ruleman, Billy Oswald, Eugene Myers, Billv Bradshaw, John Henderson, Robert Mattox. Fourth row: Billy Richards, Harry Tate, Rayuiontl Craig, Cecil Wildes, Bobby Materna. ' IUNIQR BAND t w MNH- A A - lj First row, left to right: Bobby McGorery, Franklin Bruch, Judson Williams, Joe Beasley, Robert Bilger, Paul Gurley, Bobby Buckalew. Second row: Raymond Lester, E. D. Moore, Billy Davis, Joe Babb. S E N I O R E D I T I O N ? Q lmyfr .sniff-firr R. O. T. C. OFFICERS irst row, left to right: Honorary Colonel Il, Al. Hilliard, Captain .James Hirdaway. Captain Richard Pepper, aptain George Babin, Lieutenant Colonel .Iolin Slielliy, Major Alvin Fox, Captain William Dixon, Captain lrnest Flaniken, Sergeant I3, A, 'I'ayloi'. Smfniirl row: First Lieutenant Billy Goings, First Lieutenant Charles H I e iskey, First Lieutenant Angelo Hodges, Frat Lieutenant Hirst-h ll Agee, First Lieuterilnt Marvin Rogers. First Lieutenant liobert Johnson, First Lieiitf-naiit Iflyllllbllfl Bryan. Tliird row: Second Lieutenant Billy egge, Warrant Uifieer Vernon Vfliitman, Sevonfl Leiiteiiaiii .James Miller, Second Lieutenant Ernest Galbreatli. Seeond Lieutenant .lark Donnell, Ser-ond lmeiiteiiaiiit f'l'iarleS Ilandy. R. O. T. C. SPONSORS 'M 'gi ff' ' ' 4 2 3 Iirezl rfiinuv If-II Io tlplil' ,NIi'-' Iflli-:ilior Il'l'llLll'1I'lIII lsiilii-I IIIIMIIVIS, SlIII'll'y f'lIllll'l'lll', ll'iI'olliy XV:ilki'l', M:iTilVll Alexuiirlmt, lifltjy .Irwin XX'rol4-ii, Ili-lvii Xvllllilllll, .Nl:ii't'i'll1- ll1Ipt'i',5I1SS Aniiit- l'i'vst'oll, Sift-oiitl rowi MNH Kali.- jflll Imnyi-i':-., .llizinllai A:-liii, Vziinion lrunn, l'Ilif:il+t- Ii lliggins, Lois Hinilli, .Ioivv Ilnrris. Virginia Xiq-In-115. I val Vlziirrr lliliv li, .lliv ,Xl1lI'L'iIll'l Iltiiiiiiliiw-yzei 'l'liirtl tow: Ili-It-ii l.:iV1-Ili-,.lu1:iii Nlvliolns, IHlI'lSAlK'Hl'lll1'.,ltflllllltl lfnilqpafrl Pgililiiis- Ilwlitllw-li, .I1nxi'4- Iilllllfl, N4'l'lll,l lll'l'4'lll'Il. BATTALION STAFF M ani' , MAL Frst ion left to iight 1st Lieut. Marvin Rogers, Captain Richard Pepper Captain George Rabin Lieut Colonel John Shelbv Nlaior Alvin Fox, 2nd Lieut. Jack Donnell, 2nd Lieut Charles Pandy Second now lst Sgt Justin Lvons Sgt livin Cooperinan, Sgt. Nick Agnos, Sgt. Jack Crlstll Staff Sgt Chailes Kelly bt ff Sgt George Lirkins Coip. Richard Person. "The World rnusi loe inode sole ior democ- rocyf' -Woodrow Wilson. 'A' ir 'A' 'A' l'God grants liberty only to those who love ii, ond olwoys reody to guord ond defend ii." eDoniel Webster. if ir 'A' ak "Eternal vigilonce is the price oi liloeriyfi -Wendoll Phillips. 5 FIRST PLATOON, COMPANY I Platoon CommanderfRaymond Bryan: SIJOI'lS4ll'fXvIY'Hi1liH Nickells Firft row, I-:fx rm riuhr' Vhnrlvs NVAIIU-rv filfmn, Hffnr PM 1?:4Il:4uh'-r, Mxlmn lnxhm, Vlmvl--.4 Illvg-mw-Ihr, Tllrflrlzfg Imxyf. JM, Bufhanan, Jnrnmy Hwyrl, I-'vrlv I1If'ljI+1llHl'H Hzxynmnrl Hrynn. Ylrunnm lluswll, Mulf-A Smxrh, H1-:I-I5 lin:-rm-'IL I-'mul-1 'I':1lI,-,n I-'ffuylh luv., Luv Nifk-ella, Harvr-y Advn. .Inhrmy 19-lntry, Jw- XYiIkffrf.m, Vllff MMI'-n. Anllvx-run, Jnnws Prim-, Mznswn NX'HII:vw-, Mnlfwlm Strauss. Arm' Jimmy Younu Sefwnfl rffw. .larmlg I.ulli:nr:l, John Thfrnms' Huh-JI 'lr'-ummm, I-Illxrf-rw Whllhy, liuffv-II Imxxwmy Iinl-1-rr XY1H1arn.N, Eflxw, Fumfvr, Hhroirl XX':1lsh, Vharlw Muunf, Tllfurrl lfluwf-rs, Iiusfapl Hr-wks, Iflullxw-I J. E Grinwf-afl, .Imlfz Kaplan, Paul Wfllm, Thnrfi rrm, Fr-Ar-I Iianxlnv. SECOND PLATOON, COMPANY I Platmm f'mmn:1nrlvr-Angelo Hwdizesz SDfvrISwl'fHff1e11 IfaVellQ Ifrr-I rff'.f.'. In-fr my null! .Xu-llll Hrlfv, Hlixv-r .I--rlxxna 'I'Imm.nx M-- Kf-rgzxf-, I-'lim Ilh-11, Vnrlv Li'-Ill:-:mul ,Xrvuv-In IIUIIAJHN H'-Iffn lm- Y'-llll, Jmhxmjv "7mr:Hw-rg Mwrlxe l':ulI:vV, llznrnlfl XY--lm--rl ,jznrnf-N July'-, XYfwjnf- XYHH-:wr Sf- fmfl rffv. Sun Hull, .lulun 'l'unsl11::n, Su-llwx Ilyich. Iam-rv sunuwr, Ifjlmffzv- 'funn--1, Jw- I-'nlzuwc-I-I. J, 'I' liwllw-, NHITIHYI BIND.-I-I .Lnnws Thuxxms. 'I'hir11 lwwt Luth:-r T':4v1wrrfmy VLHPIW- Yan, x Mrk- Slvlfurlurul, Ilnlph Sfntv, Juni'-s I'JlY1II"l5, I-Iflunr NYM!!--Y Hrmll Mn- hvll, Altrf-fl lm x :sun Ifuurth rffw Sn ru 1'r--mv, I-'Iuyd Smut lm XYHII,-r lhgflnrl, Jw- Iilmd-'sl Jnwk Xwllxnnxs .M1v'1:m Vrunk Hum Quinn, P211 H'-uf-ll. In-nrnnv tmlw. 4 ,- ': , ' , 'M FIRST PLATOON, COMPANY K Platoon 'Commander-Charles Hiskyg Sponsorflilizabeth Higgins Firfi row. left in right: XYz1lI-er M-Eu'-en, Br-nnie Ulsuing, fflnarlffs row: Gurdon Hr-fkl-P, Iuaxifl Frarililir., Ijmuulaf Pryuig Paul l.f,Hr.r.-Eli' Idrfml-cs, Billy Vurle, Fire: Lwuwnarii Vharlf-5 Hirky, Elizabeth Hug- Harry High, Douglas XVallafe. I-:iihard H:l1r.sf,in, Harry: Jflrfjgn, 5,11 :ing Jos'-ph Bridge-S, Jimnii-f P1lPl'IllfiQ, Vigirnvay 1I0fJf"f, I-'red Davis. Hruwn. Fourth row: Frarik Rffhr, Roland 'I'orhlm:uri. f,'la,r'LIi'ff Shearf Jimmy Yan Si'-k-fl. 5-ffunil r-Jw: Bob Thompson, Toby Glissrm, Albert VVe5rhr'uul:. Paul Murphy, Karl Paiilffnl Ifefifi Engl-rfini. fwm I-'rarwis Kussorn. Juli-1 Thuriig-s-in, Thuriias Guoflwiri, Eflrlif- Br-amlitt. ley Pil-xv. Lfouglaf Day. li L, H-lu-mn, Julia slarwr, Flily-1 XVrighn, kfihffrn Bal-fer. Third SECOND PLATOON, COMPANY K Platoon Commaude1'vBilly Goirigs: Sponsor-Joyce Ha I-Urn: row, l-ef: to right' fjlfielrl-ef Clnoat-e. L. C, H51TflFlf'l'I, Sidney Whitf-. 'iewrge Sanzila-, Pri' l.i-eu'-fnarix XYill1aiii Guings, Joywf Harris, I1-fliliy Bmllonv Lmuglas Grim-iz, J, Lf, Brooks, Harry Britton, Xhlllarrl lrlrzu- ffm, und rutvt Turnriig' T:1nnffr, liirlfm Iiuwlli, Jiihriiiy issifly, Wilbur Lea!-ze, J, XV, XYilhfme, H-eriieri I.vaf.'is, Jawk W1-1i,l4ley, Jai mf-s L.a,rii1i'wg.'. Fury-Ni Iflanilibn. .If-1-fy ri, Ailfim Au,-.ff Jawliiv XYZ-el. I-'uurih iff." Pliplfili, Neal, 1'-'il Iiiuuiri. , ,, rrifs Th ril rw.-. flnrl-fs I-'it-1 B.llj.' Arid-fr l"n,L1l I-'imfil Julius Silliiifl, Vfbli-r Paxil. 15r.AT.r. 491-qiiry. J li. "f'h.7. .-uh, Alarm I-li-heliuru-fr. E,.il -:Q--wil, Eflfzlff liffligffi'-. Charli- ' 'wqymaw MARKSMANSHIP CLUB First row, left to right: Sgt, B. A. Taylor, Charles Kelly, Hirschell Agee, Jack Williams, Charles Handy, Mike McFar- land, Jack Donnell. Robert Jefferies, John Shelby, Freddy Ilamlett, Toby Glisson, Leslie Saines. Second row: George Babin, Johnny Chambers, Donald Taylor, Robert Johnson, Raymond Bryan, Nick Agnos, Tommie Vinson, Conway Moore, L. C. Hamrick, Bennie Olswing. Third row: Raymond Craig, Richard Pepper, Harold Webber, Morris Maxey, Walter McEwen, .l, N. Cain, Jimmy Van Siekel, Harvey Aden. Joseph Bridges, Jimmy Young. WILLIAM RANDOLPH HEARST TEAM I.f:Il to riulili .lurk ln:::::1-ll, .Iol::: Slivllvy, f'I::::'l:-s II:::::ly, I.:-sliv ll::i:::-s, Iiob:i:'t J:-lTrius. OFFICERS AND SPONSORS SNAP-SHOTS ' ' ' Nwoliul lin:-ul Hlllv I,:,g,:,. HW: JU 1 f.,,., jl,.Uy y1,l1..':,.,:,,y ,::::I .I::':: II.:::: - v,::-l.:::: I-.:::-- I I I.::::I:-:: .::::l Xl,::-:Alle 1 :Inn , I'::pr:::f: filforufi I1::I:::: ::::fI Ifo:oII:- X':,:II:: IIII:-I lloolfl-V, I'::.f: !,::-:II f':::::I- II: Li- .::::I I,I:f.:l.: :H fl l,:: ::: 1'-:I-::::l .IoI:: Shell-x .:::-I !XI.:: :lx :: la- bv- -:ml l.::'::I. .I::: I: IIo:::::-ll :::::l llori 1:12-54-f,,,:V XI:N,::::I:: Mililani:-, 4, l,':':::: :r:: ':'I:::r X'-:::o:. XXI::I::.::: ,::::I Il' 5-f---::-I I.:-ul l:Il::- : 4i.:ll:l:-.:lI: .::::i .I::x::- Il: l'::::l::::: .l::l:::-s II::::I::u::5 n:::l lgulwl .'!or::::: I1::-- :Iwi HMI' X Hl1:.1I::-fi. I-'H I I.:- :iv l2.:' :::o:::I IZ: ' .::: ,::::I X ::: :: : II .-: -:::-I I,:: lu, .I.:::::--. Mill:-: :::::l .l:-.::: IT 1'::g:I::Il: XK'llI:::::: lr:x::n :ind ll.,-lpn yylllmm jg:-If:-II. ?"'I"'l:'r- Is. Al::,io:' ,Xlx::: I-'ox :::::I I-I:l:Iy Joni: Xl'r::1:-1: . I-'f::::::I i,::::: "I::::I: lL,::.:I- .::,:I I',:::l:::: IC I'::-I I.::::I Nl:::x::: llouvi ::l::l I,::l'- III l"::':sl l.I:'uI ll:1'H:l::-ll Ang:-v ::l::l luxa: II:'r:1I:: ri S::::II: I'l::i::- lI:'u: Ii, rf ln' : I':4 I - :I I' ::::-: ,::I .JI::: I: :. .- ::' II, I llrl I,l1'III .Mir-:Io Ilo1lI.1::.+ :ind IIl'I4'Il 20 l":r:4l Lwul, liolo-ri ,y:,lm,.,n Hn.: Judnn, ,I : ,::: . :..: I : lin. I,::X':-llv. Astln, OFFICERS AND SPONSORS SNAP-SHOTS 4 NON-COMMISSIONED OFFICERS' CLUB First row, left to right: Miss Elizabeth McCain, Alfred Broedon, Austin Brice, Sam Holt, John Haire, Charles Choate, Irvin Cooperrnan Charles Kelly, George Larkins, 'Clarence Blanton, Justin Lyons, Robert Jefferies, Jethro Linsey, XVa1ter McEwen, Forrest Flaniken, Second row: John Hightower, Nick Agnos. Charles Vergos, Wilbur Leake, Gene Lewis, Luther aPtterS0r1, Toby Glisson, Jack Cristil, John Tonsman, Gordon Heekle, Franklin Rohr, Fred Hamlett, Gren Honeycutt, Bill Anderson, Charles VV1lker. Third row: James Lilliard, Bobby Thompson, David Middleton, Billy Richards, Tommy Tanner Louis Ander- ton, Keith Massey, 'Clarence Holt, Max Saller, Edward Xiques. Harold Shute, Jimmy Young, Eugene Antone, Fred Davis. Fourth row: Earl Jerkins, Julius Sutton, William Ferguson, Lionel Coffey, Paul Webb, Harry Jordan, Jimmy Van Sickel, Bennie Olswing, Oliver Jerkins, Wayne Walker, Ed Ee-well, Fliff Milton, Robert Barker. M Hifi III ,IZA l3ilITl'l Mf:CAlN ALVIN FOX, SPORTS WRITER PUHT 7 fp A! , 41 , . , ,,,,,,,, f f 'Mya' ff COACH WALTER S, I-HLTPOLD COACH IESSE ALDERMAN W CHEERLEADERS ,,.,,,,,,M r-"""""' , mi' V Y ff in I"r'vmI In hnr-ki .Xlurilyn .XI1-xnmlfw, Ilwvlwlluy llnmu, Xlzuxnm- Wvalhlf-y, lllllll IM-u-nv Shirlf-5 KIr4f'4m1u-II, Ilvrxrx Nvvlvn, llvnry l'zll'1i1+H w L 3. ,. Puffy' ,X'r'7'f'11l11Afl,Hf' Q Q' SENIOR FOOTBALL SQUAD gs C? - + Q, ,, First row, left to right: Jack 'Cristil-Mgr., Bevo Covington, Frankie Vego, Alvin Fox, Joe Hadley, Jack Donnell, George Babin, John Hightower, Tommie Vinson, Joe Gallo-Mgr., 'Coach Walter Hiltpold. Second row: War- ren Gaines, Forrest Flaniken, Tilford Flowers, Harvey Aden, Sam Crone, Bethel Foster, Alfred Brogdon, Garvis Quinn, Earl Jones, John Shelby. Third row: Oscar Buchanan, Max Plant, Cliff Milton, Mike Lineberger, Wil- lard Pike, Harry Tate, Joe Fitzgerald, Jack Weakley, Frances Russom. SENIOR BASKETBALL SQUAD , 7 4 1, , .. f 25 First row, left to right: Johnny Gentry, Garvizs Quinn, Earl Jones, Frankie,Vego, Mike Strauss, Freddie Hamlett. Second row: Harold Moore, Manager, Joe Gallo, Richard Pepper, Harry High, Bethel Foster, Jack Weakley, Coach Walter Hiltpold. S E N I O R E D I T I O N ? ? l'f1yr' Sf'1'f'Hfy1 Irf CLUB First row, left to right: Luther Sills, Harold Moore. Clarence Anderton, Luther Jordon, Joe Wilkerson, Frankie Wilder, Billy Clark, Louis Williams. Second row: Fred Hamlett, Bevo Covington, Frankie Vego, Harvey Aden. Jack Vlleakley, Mike Strauss, John Hightower, George Rabin, Garvis Quinn, Jack 'Cristil. Third row: John Shelby, John Gentry, Tommie Vinson, Winnell Wilmoth, Louis Anderton, Oscar Buchanan, James Miller, Rich- ard Pepper, Clifton Milton, Warren Gaines. Fourth row: Coach Jesse Alderman, Bethel Foster, Alvin Fox, Joe Gallo, Sam Crone, Gene Randell, .lack Donnell, Joe Hadley, Mike Lineherger, Coach Walter Hiltpold. Y 'Ir i' BOXING TEAM 1 5 I "' , fy fb, 0 . A 'za' wil 4, t 1 , 1 Q 4 ,Q 1 5 ns, John lliflluiown-r, Louis iXIHl4'l'Iull, I94-vvrly Vovnliglon, .lolin Slit-llmy, l'rc-rlrliv Ilzunlcll, USPIII' llllcliaumn, t to righl: f'U3If'Il .If-ssc Alfl4'I'lIlIlII, lnillici' .lor1Iun, Ililly Vlairli, l4'l'n1llcim- Wilder, .lov Wilkerson, .lcrry Crook, Louis XXII 4 HUMES CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING TEAM 1. James Miller 2. Bevo Covington 3. Freddie Hamlett 4. Oscar Buchanan 8. Joe Wilkerson 5. Clarence Anderton 9. Jack Thorpe 6. Luther Jordan 10. Frankie VVi1ker 7. John Hightower Dn- if 5 1 HUMES FIRST STRING Betllel For-zlfrr lf-l'I 4-nfl, S. llovo f'UVllH.2llDll Illlill'IUI'l!iH'k. .lack Ill'J7lllffHf'flI'l'l tm-kln-, fl. l"l'llllIill' V1-go -lm-l'l lmll'luu'k. George Bulmin---lr-H gllurll. IU. Sonny lloy Sllulhy riglll ll,1lll'llZlI'k. Alvin Fox vc-nic-r. Il. Wnrrvn Gaim-s fulllmc'k. Joe llzullvyf right l.fll1ll'Il. 115, Ilm-nry Noll-ll, Marilyn All-xumlur, Shirley Mm-C'onnell Earl Jones right lnvklv, ltulln IM-vers, lflenry Pardon, c-lnec-rlezldcws. Tommie Vinson right 1-nd, lil. "Jello" Uristil, "Blackout" Gallo, managers. E Illl HF HTHLETICT FOOTBALL This year Humes had among the highlights of the season the 80 yard mad dash of George Babin when he intercepted a pass at Paris-the year's big upset, when Humes scored more points on Tech than all the rest of the teams together. Climaxing the season, Sonny Boy Shelby was selected on the All-Memphis teams. In the opening home game of the season, after a quick start, Humes gave way and South Side won 18-U. Then Catholic High also beat them l8 to O. Messick got off to a good start and won 19 to U. Humes then turned the tables on C.B.C. and beat them 7 to 6, in the coldest game of the year, playing with mud over their ankles. Shelby scored all seven points, Next came the near upset of Tech with Vinson, Shelby, and Covington making the touchdowns and Covington adding the extra points. Then Treadwell beat them in the day light 25 to 13. To end the home season Central won by a score of 37 to O. ln the other non-titular games, Humes traveled to Paducah and was defeated 4U to O. They went to Iackson and were beaten l8 to U, and then to Paris, where Babin tied it up with his mad dash. Captains this year were lack Donnell and loe Hadley. BOXING For the first time, Humes went all out for the sport of fisticuffs as performed in the squared circle under the tutelage of Coach lesse Alderman. The big event of the season was the winning of the Prep-YMCA championship by taking ten of the eleven titles. The boys also defeated Belzoni, Missis- sippi, the Mississippi State High School champions twice, once there and once in our gym. They also defeated Tech in our gym and performed several ex- hibition bouts on programs including the Humes car- nival. ln the annual Golden Gloves Tournament, Humes won the city novice championship. Among the individuals, honors collected by mem- bers of the team included Ioe Wilkerson, most out- standing boxer in the prep tournament, Bevo Coving- ton, most valuable boxer on the team, Louis Anderton, Mid-South open Golden Gloves featherweight champ, Louis Williams, Mid-South novice Golden Gloves bantamweight crown holder, Ioe Wilkerson and Iames Miller won the city Golden Gloves title, and Sonny Boy Shelby won the North Memphis crown and was captain of the team. Boys on the team that won the prep championship were Luther "Penrod" lordon, tissue paper weight, Clarence Anderton, paperweight, Frank Wilder, fly- weight, Ioe Wilkerson, bantamweight, Iohn "PeeWee" Hightower, lightweight, Freddie Hamlett, welter- weight, Bevo Covington, junior middle weight, Sonny Boy Shelby, middle weight, Iack Thorpe, light weight, and Oscar Buchanan, heavyweight. BASKETBALL At the start of the season, Humes had a good team but it came out rather badly, and they finished in sixth place. The team defeated Catholic High and Millington twice. Members of the first string were Earl lones, Frankie Vego, lohn Gentry, Bethel Foster, and Gene Randle. Earl Iones and Frankie Vego were captains. ALVlN FOX, Sports Writer. 1 3 J I 4 +4 4+ ++'+ 11-1- -19+ f fx D XT T FQ N! yi? J i : no F f f' f' A1 HUIHE BUY Ill THE lllllll STHTES Sllllllll Who is the happy Warrior? Who is he That every man in arms should wish to be? -It is the generous spirit, who, when brought Among the tasks of real life, hath wrought Upon the plan that pleased his boyish thought, Whose high endeavors are an inward light That makes the path before him always bright. Alexander, Jack ..... Applebaum, Max ..,,... Achord, Norman E ....,... Anderson, Odell ..,.... -From Characters of the Happy Warrior. ......,Navy Allen, Ben ...,................ ,v,..,.. S tate Guard Allen, Logan-Pacific ..... .......,............ N avy Andrews, Reese .,.,...,.. ,.......,.......r...,........,...,...,t.,......,......,.., A rmy Adams, Lois .............w.. ....................,................,...........,.. A ir 'Corps Alsobrook, George ...... ....... N avy Patrol Bombing Squadron Barcus, Jack ...,.,.,,.... ,...,..........,....,............................... Butler, Bill .......... ....... N avy Boillot, Billy .,.,,.,,,,, ........ N avy Bellew, Russell ....,............Y.........,........,.........,, ......,,........,... N avy Blaylock, David .....,..,...,,,.,.,,.....,.,,,................,.. ....................... N avy Blumberg, Albert-Camp Forrest, Tenn .,,.,.,.,..,., Field Artillery Boschert, Mickey ......,......,,.........................,...... ...........,...... M arines Bozof, Robt. .......,........,,...,.,,...,...,.,..,................. ....i.i...,.,....,.. A rmy Butler, William, Jr. ...........,......,...... ........ M arines Barker, Jake .........................,.................... . Billings, James-Ft. Benning, Ga. ...... .Army Baxter, Franklin ........,..,..................,.... Baxter, Alvin, Dr. ......................,...... . Barksdale, Eugene ............................ .......... A rmy Barksdale, James ...............................................,.,...................... Army Bassi, James-Ft. Jackson, N. C. ......l.....................,.......,..,.... Army Braden, James ....,.,,,...,........................... Navy Aviation Machinist Brown, Richard ...... ....................................... A rmy Bruno, John ........ ...i... A rmy Bryant, Frank ........,.,....,..................... ..................l,.... N avy Brogden, George ..........................,,........ .....,....,..........l.... A rmy Bailey, Hildria-Camp Croft, S. C. ....... Army Instructor Baxter, Nat ..................................l........ ...,............................. N avy Bell, Ned ............................................... .,,..,........ N avy, Air Beasley, Virgil-Meridian, Miss .................. Bunnell, Cecil-Ft. Lee, Va. .............. . Bluestein, Milton-Fayetteville, N. 'C .Army Photographer .....,,Army ...,...Army Batsel, Homer-Texas ........................... Blaine, Charles .............................. ............. Boothe, Elwin .............................. .............................. Billings, Alton ......................,,..,..............,.............................. Buchanan, Robert-Selma, Ala. ............ . Benthal, Wm. R.-Cape May ,,,,.... . Baucum, Francis F. .................,....,..... . Blalock, David-New River, N. C. .. Cady, Howard ...........,............................. Campbell, Phil T. .......................... . Carraway, Harold ....., Carpenter, Albert ................................... Cates, Paul ............................................................. Conover, Harver, Jr.-Pacific Ocean Cook, Martin ........................,.......,........................ Cox, Neal ...,.................,...............................,........... Cristil, Harold-Drew Field, Tampa, Crutcher, W. L.-Ft. Benning, Ga ..................... Crutchfield, Billy .................................... Caudel, Donald-Keesler Field, Miss ............... Curry, Tom .................................................... Davis, Leon ................................................. Diffee, George .... .Army Radio Mechanic Corps ......,....Mar1nes ....,.,Air 'Corps .,.,..........Navy ...........Navy Navy ......Navy, USS Arkansas Fla ..... Army Com. Co. Corps Army Air Corps By William Wordsworth Donnelly, James .... Dries, Lawrence .... Dries, Eugene .... Dino, Pete , ........,..,.,,,,,.....,.,,,,,.,.....,,,,....,,,, , Durling, William ......,,.........,...,,,,,,............... Dawson, Robert E.-Memphis, Tenn ...... Davis, Richard-Carlisle Barracks, Pa. ..,...Arrny .......Army ...,..Army ........A1'my Air Corps DHVIS, Ed-Ft. Sill, Okla ...,....,.......................,.,..... Field Artillery Davitt, William ................................ Chemical Warfare Instructor Epstein, David-San Diego ,,,.,,,,.,,..,...,,,......,.,.......,...,.,,,, Early, Jack-New River, N. C. ...,.,.,,,,....,,.... Marines Elmore, Alvin .............,.,...........,........,. ,..,...,,...,,.,.., Ferguson, James ........................................... ..,,.... A rmy Air Corps Flaniken, John A.-Ft. Bragg, N. 'C ...... Futris, George-Camp Blanding, Ga. Futris, Pete-Ft. Oglethorpe, Ga. ........ . G2-TY, Albert ............,................................. ........ M arines Godfrey, Lloyd ,..,.......................,.....,.....,....,.,....,....,.........,.....,... Army Farr, Nemus ........,.....,.....................................,,,...........,..,.........,, ,Navy Green, Farno L.-Scott Field, Ill ...., Aviation Cadet Detachment Helms, Orville D.-Las Vegas, Nev., Staff Sgt. Corps Gunnery School Grashot, Louis E. ....................,................. U.S. Probation Officer Gwin, Robert Kelly-Shepherd Field, Texas ....,.,,...,.. Hardaway, Charles P. Sgt.-Ft. Bragg, N. C .................,. Army Holstegg, Frank ,,........,,..,,..,..,............................,,,,.,,,,..,.,,......,,. Navy Hurst, Forrest Lamar-Norfolk, Va., USS Nitro .,,,,,,,,,,, Navy Holt, 'Clayton ....,....,...........,.........................,.......... Army Air Corps Gragg, Paley-South Bend, Ind ...., Officers' Training School Green, L. W. .......,.............,.,...........,....,.....,.............,....,..,.,.. . Hill, Waltel' .......... ......................... .........,...... ................ ...,.. N a v y Hardy, Ted ..........,., Hawks, Marvin ..... Howe, Billy .......... Heckle, Nubby ..,....... Henderson, Ernest ...... Hediker, Graham ...... Hodges, Milton ....... Hoffman, Charles ...... Hook, Fred .,....,,...,........... Horton, Billy .....,...,,...,....,... Holloway, George Allen .,... Hall, Charles .....,............,.,. Hall, Bill .............,... Hubler, Marion ..... Hubler, Frank Hubber, Jack .....,... Humphreys, Ross .... Heckle, Hubert ...,. ..,,,..Air Corps ,....,.AlF Corps , ................ Navy .......A1r Corps .......Navy .,.....Navy .......Navy .......Navy Hyatt, Henry ................,..... ,..... ....,.........,,...,...... A i 1- 'Corps Halfoak, Howard ............,.............. ,,......,,..............,.,.,.,..,.,.. A rmy Jacobus, Charles-Norfolk, Va ........ ...... N avy Training Station Jennings, C. T. .......................,,,...... .,.,,..,,...................,...,.,. N avy Jennings, Jimmie ................ ...... ................................. N a vy Jennings, Roy ..,.... James, Robert .... Jones, James ..........,.. Johnston, Moody ...... Jennings, William ...... .......Navy ......Army ..,.,..Army T H E H U M E S H E R A L D ? E Pf1ycEiyllty-one Johnson, Joe Pate-Ft. Blanning i Fla ....... ....,........ 6 th Calvary Jaie, Sol-Memphis, Tenn. .,,....,,..,.,,,.w....,...,,,,,,,,,,4,,,,,,, Air C01-ps "Johnson, Joseph Q.-Philippines ........ With MacArthur, Army Jaffe, E11-Memphis, Tenn .......,........v.... U.S. Gov. Photographer Knickerbrocker, John Ed. .......,.., . KIIOX, Halbert Mack ......,...... ........ N avy Fire Control Operator Kates, Paul ...,....,.,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,n,wA,,,,4.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Kirkpatrick, Harry ,.... Kaplan, Sam ,.......... Kaplan, Dave .,,,.. Kane, Paul ,.,,.,,..,,,,4 ....-,,, N avy Kelly, Lawrence ....... ,,..,,,, N avy Kllllk, Hugh ,.,,..,.,,r .'-,--- A rmy Lamar, Clifford ,.., Latham, Ernest .... ........Navy ........Navy Lancaster, Lon .....,....,..,.....,..,,.,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, A rmy Lewis, Bob .,.,.,,..,,,,,,,,.,,,,.,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,-,-, A I-my Land, Edward-Portsmouth, Va. .......... Navy Training Hosp. Land, Jimmy ..,,....,,.,,,,.,,.,.,....,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,, H ,,,,,-,,,,,,,,-,-,,,,,',-,---,, N avy Lovelace, Bill ......,..,.......,.,....r...,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Lents, Charles ,....,...,,..........,.,,,,,,,,.,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Lewis, R. W.-Keesler Field, Miss ..... Air Corps Tech. School MOOFB, Lllthel' ...,....,,,,,,,,.....,,.....,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Air Cgrps Mays, HOIIIEI' ..... ...... ..........,..........,,........,,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, A i 1' Corps Malone, David ....,,,,,,,,,,,,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Air Corps Martin, Raymond, Cpl.-Battery E., 115 Field Art. Ft. Jackson, C. C ...,,.,..,,...,.......,,,,,,,,,..,,.,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Army Moore, William Richard ..,,,,. ,,,,,,, A rmy Mosby, Dewitt .....,,.,............. H Marchisso, Raymond ..,,.. ,,,,,,,, N avy Martin, John .................,,. .........r,.,,.,.,...r,.....,,.,,,,,, Moody, Pete .,,.........,.........,....,...,...............,...r.....,,,,., Maynard, John C. Sgt.-Long Island, N. Y ....r.,,, .,,,. Maxy, Charles .......................,....,..,..,...........,.,,,.. Moody, Roy-Maxwell Field .... ,..... , ,Air Corps Miller, Robt. ..................r.............,,,.....,..... ..,, . .Navy Radio Morrow, Edwin ..,.....,.........,..............,........... .... ,,,, . ,.,,,.., N a vy McDougal, Howard-Napier Field, Ala. ,.... ..,,.,.,......... . Noble, Edward ..,.. ...,,......,,,..................... ...,.,. N a tional Guard Ogg, Edwin ................. .......... ......... ,,,, . . . Marines O'Gwinn, Edward ...,....,.............,....,,.,.......... ..........,.,...,....,....,. N avy O'Neal, Eddie-San Francisco, 'Calif .,,......,,.. ...USS Aldebaran 0'Neal, Merlin ,.........,............................,,.,....,......................,. 0'Neill, Arthur-Gunter Field, Ala ............. Detachment Q.M.C. Pierce, Billy Joe ...........,,.,.,...,,,............. .....,.,.,,.,..... A ir Corps Paul, Leonard ...... Parham, John ........., Pleasants, Charles .... ..............Army ..,,....Navy .......Army Pike, Arnold, Jr. ................,............... ..................................,. A rmy Parrish, Elmore-Santiago, Calif ............. Navy Training School Patty, Clarence-Ft. Belvoir, Va. Pappas, Spero ................,,............... Pannell, Thomas ,..... Panas, Nick ........,.,. ..,... . .. Pope, Lyons .,..................................,... Padower, SperoWQuintelas, Va. Powell, D. H.-Memphis, Tenn ........ Richardson, Francis ,.,......., ....,.... Ross, Roy B. ......,,.. . Russen, Ben ....... .. Robinson, James . ., Robinson, Arthur . Roper, Eugene A.-Keesler Field Pngw ldiffllfif-l11'u ......Mar1nes ........Navy Range Finder .. ..Army Air 'Corps Nnvy Army Ali' Uorps Rudolf, Wade-Hawaii .....,.................. ....,... Navy Ruth, Ernest R.-Honolulu ..,........................... ........ N avy Riggins, R. W.-Hattiesburg, 2nd Lt. ................................ Army Roberts, Arnold W., Staff Sgt.-Manchester, Mass, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,....,.,.......,..,.,.,..,.,........... Army Air Base Robinson, Jas. Edward ............................... ......................... A rmy Russel, Thornton-Maxwell Field, Ala. ..... ...................... A rmy Russell, Ben Hardy-Pearl Harbor, T.H. ........ U .... SS Phoenix Ryan . ,............................................. ...........,...... . Schuller, Charles ....., Strong, Ralph ......... Sexton, Frank C. Stewart, Galen ...... ..........Navy ........R.C.A.T. . ...... Marines .........Army Stewart, Harry .............................................................................. Navy Stewart, Earl .................................................................................. Navy Summers, 'C. T.-Springfield, Mass .... Studying for Army Inst. Spear, Jack ,,,,...,,,,,,........................,..,..........,............ Field Artillery Sawyer, William Thomas ....... ...................... A rmy Schuster, Charles .................. ......... A rmy Sides, John ,.,.....,. . ..... ...Army Sullivan, Adrian .... ......... A rmy Stone, Roy ............ ......... A rmy Scott, Frank .......,... Spinosa, Thomas ..... . Summers, Thomas ..,... Swarner, Frank .... Tate, Clark ........... Tompkins, Alan ....,. Tognetti, Joe ,......... Thompson, Allen ..,.,.. Timbs, Eldon ......... ,......N.avy, R.C.A.T. ...,...Air Corps ............Army .......Navy Shelby, Dewitt .................................................... .. ...... Pacific 'Schuon, Richard M. ..................................,........ ,..... P acific Shapiro, Norman-Ft. Oglethorp, Ga. 33rd Surgical Hospital ....................................... ......... Ar my Strange, Douglas .................................... ......... A rmy Stone, Roy V.-Ft. Jackson, S. C ........ South, Elwin-Battery B ....................... ...... .......... Suzore, Nelson .,,,.......,,...........,,..........................,...........,.... ........ A rmy Vinson, John M.-Ft. Jackson, S.C .,............ Army Medical Det. Sappington, Tommy ........................... ....................... White, William-Norfolk, Va. ...... Navy VVilson, Erby ..................... ...... ,,,,,,,,,, N a vy Warren, Burney .... Wenzler, Luke ..... Whitaker, Ben Williams, D. L. ..... . Wolf, Morris ..... . Wooley, Clifford .. Wolfe, Teddy .. .... .......,. . . Wolfe, George ......... .. . Willis, T. A.-Pearl Harbor . .... .. ...Army .. . Army . . .. Afllly .. .. .ANDY . ...Al'llll' . .. Army . .. . . Navy . ...ltlercluint Marine . . ........ ...Navy Waldrup, K. G.-115th Field Artillery ......... Army Wooley, J. C.-Ft. .lun-kson, S. C... Walker, llezzic . . . . White, Xvlllllllll--'Plllllllllll Zone ..,.. Navy Air Corps Wilson, .lnnivs . . . , ...... ..,...,.....,........ N avy Wilson, Clydce- Mullin-ul llotuclinwiit Station Hospital First Aid Station . . ...Ft. McClellan, Ala. Wriizlil, Wilbur ,... Coast Guard, 5th Naval District Wt-inninn, llurold Biloxi ...... ,.,.,.. ...............,.....,... A rmy Young, l'll'Ilt'Sl- Pourl Harbor . " Cnr-innlty. .....,.Navy Q THE HUMES HERALD HIHH EEHTIFIEHTIUH ELHSS CLASS OFFICERS l Left to right: Bob YYilliams, secretary, Miriam Cristil, presia dent: James Willis, vice-president: Jack Stocks. treasurer. HOME ROOM OFFICERS First row, left to right: Bob Williams, James VVillis, Nick Speros, Charles Harmon, Miriam Cristil, Bobbie Sullivan, Jane Ferber, Ceda Lee. Second row: Thomas McDonald, Frances Butler, Earl Choate, Thomas McKenzie, Dorothy Schneider, Dorothy Shankman, Charlotte King, Bettye Sue Wildes. Third row: Mary Richartz, Sylvia Shiifman, Virginia Lineberger, .lick Stocks, Bettye Burson. Donald Kauerz. Fourth row: Rosa Paller, Herman Kaplan, Evelyn Nelius, Eugene Curtis, Shirley Deason, Yvonne Rhodes, Louise Barnette, Joyce Stocks. Fifth row: Evelyn Peters, Wilma Hur- ley, Betty Jean Moore, Melita Grace, Dorothy Bussell. Dick Jones, Sylvia Wolf. Jerry Crook. 'l IUNIOR CLASS C000 E f f in HUT 'I U If VI Y I IUI1' wifi "ffJl,lI1'l'HY FLOWER GLADIOLA , I .xl JX xi lllllllt ELHSS We, the Iunior Class of 1942, established ourselves in I-lumes High School in September of '39. How well we remember the day we entered Humes, an enormous building with many rooms. lt took us a few weeks to become accustomed to the building. Very often we were late to classes, but fortunately, the teachers were lenient and we learned our way around by Iune. Among the many things that happened to us dur- ing our first year at Humes, probably the most amus- ing and interesting was the operetta, "Sleeping Beauty," directed by two of our teachers, Miss Claire Marie Elliott and Miss Elsie Marmann. Many of our seventh grade class took part in it. Dr. S. L. Ragsdale, our devoted principal, whom we all loved and respected, passed away while we were in the eighth grade, '4U-'4l. Mr. D. M. Hilliard, our present principal, has done much in helping the progress of our school. Upon entering the eighth grade, we felt glad that we had passed the ordeal of the former year. By the end of the year we made our programs for the ninth grade, but with much confusion. We began to look forward to the day of our junior graduation exercises. Finally we were in the ninth grade. We began to study diligently and to fulfill our ambitions by taking advantage of the many won- derful opportunities we found in our school. The building was arranged differently. The numbers of the rooms were changed and a new addition had been added. O 0I4fLI4fLl flied! lf! J! Q J villa owen zen Miss Susie Iohnson, Chairman Mrs. Marjorie Stamper, Chairman Mrs. C. A. Moreland, Chairman 9-1 Gertrude Wiese 9-1 Betty Moore 9-1 Joyce Rose 9-2 Evelyn McDowell 9-2 Jean Lee Harrell 9-2 Peggy Jean Yandell 9-3 Forrest Hettinger 9-3 Carolyn Lammey 9-3 Catherine Cruther 9-4 Anne Wells 9-4 Joyce Stocks 9-4 Joyce Stocks 9-5 Sylvia Shiffman 9-5 Sara Beth Meadows 9-5 Mary Richartz 9-6 Bettye Burson 9-6 Martha Nelson 9-6 Martha Nelson 9-7 Frances Butler if 9-7 Kay Blessing 9-7 Thomas McKenzie 9-8 Dorothy Shankman 9-8 Bettye Sue Wildes 9-8 Charlotte King 9-9 Betty Livingstone 9-9 Nick Speros 9-9 Nick Speros 9-10 Anna Belle Miller 9-10 Jane Ferber 9-10 Miriam Vristil 11.1 auf fl ' 1611 ' 1' 7' -. Pl . A ,Nasty- v .-wht' " xii? C C An --2' Ab' rf' I 15? If ..- X I' P l f 'I' i f 4924 'ff' f I cd tfgfl Ml, 1 Z 5? ,,-YI, bl 'f S' "' If , ' V . . ' , , '-- 'L ' J l LA' 7 . 9 COACH I. R. RALSTON, IH. FLOYD WRIGHT, SPORTS WRITER OTBALLS UAD e ' PEFQ Q 'fi' ' I 'V fr a,v"" Il, ,.... n xi" If 'A-yaf"f'ii ni First row, left to right: Allman Lawson, Monte Smith, Touxinie McKenzie, .Ierrie Crook, Charles Steiger, Dick Jones, Billy Davis, Robert Mattox, Louis Williams. Seri-ond row: Jimmie Holstegge, Johnnie Jones, Carl Wombel, Roland Goins, Arthur Russel, .Iohn Harris,'I'e1o Kasaires, Hob Harris, Billy Oswald, Billy Rogers, Coach J. R. Ralston, Jr. Third row: Donald Kauerz, .lark Malone, .lake Lusky, Billy Mullins, Vernon Marler, Frank Wilder, Doss Steed, Paul Brown, David Mclntyre, Vernon Forgione. BASKETBALL SQUAD Fri 9744, fi Nt ? I ,je , ., ff f ' l 5 If . X ' 2 V , X I f' Af Q, f11""1'- fm- I f , 6 .W V! 097472 NIf:Keiizir-, llilly llopy-rss. F11-gi, row, lr-fl In i-ipiii3 Alliiiiii Inu:-1oii, .I. Ii l+'l':ulili:-r, .li-mio Williams, Nlizirli-s Sli-igi-r, Monte Smith, Donald Kziuerz Sftffflllfj row: f'o:ir-li .l. li. Iizilrzloii, .Iig .lzivii Iiiiizliws, Iiohi-rl Hilgs-r, Jiiimiiv ilolsli-u,p4o, Dick Jones, Arthur Russel, Tommii IUNIOR GIRL RESERVES 5 2 First row, left to right: Betty Burke, Audrey Stewart, Adele Mendleson, Frances Baruchman, Miss Lucille Patton, Carolyn Laniniey, Dorothy Forrester, Jerry Glasgow, Mary Richartz. Second row: Helen Belcli, Hazel Henderson, Marguerite Suinmers. Louise Young, Kay Blessing, Elaine VVhite, Betty Blockntaii. Betty Sue Forewalter. Third row: Butler, Barbara Smith, etty Hammett, VVava Brown, Sue Peeler, Martha Younger, Diana Lazarov, Theone Agnos, Frances Kelly. if if if 5 JUNIOR GIRLS' COOKING LABORATORY , f "funny .M 'try' ff s, A ,, + , was T H E H U M E S H E R A L D ? E Ptlflr? L'if17ltg1-.S-P1-P11 llllli Hllllll lilllllll Miss Susie lohnson, Teacher Miss Loriece Pearce, Teacher Class Officers Class Officers WILMA DEWANE HURLEY ,,,,,,,,,,,,c,,,r,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, President EUGENE CURTIS ,,,,,A,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.........,,,................ President BETTY IEAN MOORE ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, V ice-President I-IERMAN KAPLAN ,,,,, ...... V ice-President GLADYS EVELYN PETERS ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, S ecretqry ROSA PALLER ,,,,,,,,,, ........., S ecretary DORIS MELITA GRACE ........ ...,.., .,,,,,,,., T r easurer EVELYN NELIUS ,.r,..,.....,., Treasurer Boys Girls Boys Girls Selma Ma Brown Jimmie Adams Ora Arrest Earl Allen Blackwell Nick Fillon Joseph Glancy Jack Hisky John Elbert Kirby Virgil O'Bryan Maury Rubin Frank Tamboli George Lee Thomas Martha Lucille Davis Hilda Deaton Kathryn Louise Dozier Rosemary Faulk Doris Hamilton Lois Johnson Mildred Lubin Helen Juanita Mosley Martha Elizabeth Parker Mildred Jean Qualls Joyce Mae Rose Eleanora Sanders Mallie 'Chloe Smith Anna Marie Spinosa Nettie Thompson Dorothy Weinman Gertrude Wiese Dorothy Eleanor Wynne 9-2 Mrs. C. A. Moreland, Teacher Class Ollicers DOROTHY BUSSELL ........................... ....... ........ Pr e sident RICHARD STEWART IONES ......... .....,.. V ice-President SYLVIA WOLF ...................................... .............. S ecretary IERRY VARDAMAN CROOK, IR. .................. Treasurer Boys Girls Jerry Vardaman Crook, Jr. Jack Waymond Davis James Golden George William Hutchinson Eugene Inman James Herbert Larson Richard Stewart .Iones Jacob Lusky J. P. Miller Frank Edward Mitchell Charles Neal William Joseph Oswald Eiyene Mathew Pegues, .Ir. 4 Theodore Petrovsky William Earl Rogers Jerry David Tillman Jesse Emmett Williams James Robert Wright lmqr' lfirflilif-f'2y1l1l Christine Arwood Kerra Dell Baker Dorothy Bussell Jean Lee Harrell Marie Louise Jenkins Evelyn McDowell June Marie Millwood Alpha Pilant Jeanette Pine Roh Reid Smith Jewel Reynolds Sue Kathryn Rollins Charlotte Fra nces Weaklw' Sylvia Wolf Peggy .lean Yandell Lloyd Adams Eugene Curtis Oliver John Butler 'Charles Edman Roy Travis Evans Forrest A. Hettinger Herman Jacob Kaplan Altman Lawson William Leslie Charles Lowry Robert Mattox Louis De Lynn Williams Frances Baruchman Catherine Crutcher Mary Mae Darnell Nahoma Everett Bettye Sue Forwalter Carolyn Lammey Margaret Lewis Adele Mendelson Dorothy McLemore Evelyn Nelius Rosa Paller Juanita Patterson Irene Propes Sarah Poston Nell Taylor Wanda Ruth Watts Gene Whitaker Peggy Wyatt 9-4 Miss Helen Lochrie, Teacher Class Ollicers IOYCE STOCKS ..................... ............... P resident SHIRLEY IEAN DEASON ..... ...... V ice-President YVONNE RHODES ............ ......... S ecretary LORRAINE BARNETT ..l. ........... ...... ....... .... T r e a surer A 4 I . BOYS ifllllalillollzleriliililregliillzf lgllllstegge Raymond Terry Craig Robert Hewitt Johnny Jones Donald Simpson Keifer Vernon Alvin Marler Paul Edward Mays Monte Smith 'Charles Edward Steiger Robert Moore Williams Girls Lorr,:ilnv llnrnt-tt Miriiiin Jczin llrvy Shirley Jt-nn llviison lic-tty Mziiwilviit- Eavcnson Corrie- Hardin George Bagwell ii Jean Mason Hudson Willo Gwendolyn Jones Miriam Mate Lee Vino Mary Frziiit-es Lewis Ann Mathis lrinu Maxwell Murgiit-i'it0 Jenn Perkins llolen Louise Poor lizithryn Poulos Nivcs Marie Quarin Grace Yvonne Rhodes Violet Lucille Rushing Iris Joy Smith Dorothy Mae Stewart Joyce Stocks Anna Jane Wells Arline Joyce Wright Louise Young THE HUMES HERALD 9-5 Miss McCallum Aymeti, Teacher Class Officers MARY FRANCES RlCl'lARTZ ....... ...........,,,,.,,,,, P resident SYLVIA SHTFFMAN ,................. ........ V ice-President SARA BETH MEADOWS ..,,., ..,,,,,,..,,,. T reasurer IEAN ELIZABETH MOSS .... ..............., S ecretary Boys Girls Samuel Alabaster Benjamin A. Anderson Billie Barfield C. J. Clark Archie Epstein Billy Baker Hawkins Herbert R. Higdon James T. Hodges Lawrence Lester Horton Betty Hughes Leslie Jones Julanne Mc'Crory Mary Louise Nelson Jean Poulos Mary Nell Saltz Mary Judith Sherrod Leslie L. Inman Lilly Marguerite Summers Robert Sidney Johnson Thomas E. Keeton Felix Charles Maupin, Jr. Glyn Etta Tomlinson Mary Nell Riba 9-6 Miss Zula M. Boswell, Teacher Class Officers DONALD KAUERZ .,...,,,.,,..,...,..,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, P resident VIRGINIA LTNEBERGER ,,,.,, ,,,,..,, V ice-President ETHEL BETTYE BURSON ....., ,,,,,,,,,,,.., S ecretqry IACK STOCKS ...................... ................, T reasurer Boys Girls Emmett Louis Abington Neward Eugene Anderson Gregory Bailey Riley Eston Barnett Virgil Bishop Jack Bolling, Jr. Byron K. Chanoine Robert Finn James David Franks, Jr. Donald Kauerz Joseph Thomas O'Kelly William A. Seymour Jack Stocks Joe Pearce Tanner Ronald Lee Taylor Sidney Waller Frank Wilder Warren Lindy Wilder Lorine Achord Ethel Bettye Burson Dollie Collier Vivian Easley Helen Mae Ferrell Peggy Jean Gassaway Dorothy Hummel Audrey Hinsley Doris Lambirth Virginia Lineberger Edith Lowe Velma Love Joann Miller Martha Florence Nelson Alma Doris Stewart Gladys Virginia Stone 9-7 Miss Elsa Alice Schilling, Teacher Class Officers THOMAS MCDONALD ........,.......... ..................... Pr 6-Sideni THOMAS MCKENZIE .........,... ......., V ice-PreSiCle1'1i MARY FRANCES BUTLER .... .............. S GCTGTCITY EARL CHGATE ................. ................ T reasurer Boys Girls Alfred French Carl H. Gamble Turner Eugene Gipson Thomas Walker Grimes Orbin Holland De Witt Johnson Richard Watto Smith Walter A. Underwood Edwin Travis Von Buettner John Thomas White Willie Neal White, Jr. Lawrence Wickham Margaret Louise Baldwin Betty Blair Kay Blessing Doris Beasley Mary Rose Brown Blanche Charline Cash Wilma Ann Hines Lucille James Mildred Juanita Lloyd Mae Elizabeth Marbry Tommie Louise Newsom Zelphia Sowell Margaret Aleez Sterling Frances Jean Stubblefield 9-8 Miss Lilla Mae Farr, Teacher Class Officers BETTY SUE WILDES ...............,...., .,,,,................ P resident CHARLOTTE YVONNE KING .... ....... V ice-President DOROTHY SHANKMAN ...,,,.. .,...,.,,,,,.... S ecretary DOROTHY SCHNEIDER .... .......,,..,...,., T reasurer Boys Girls Harvey P. 'Carter James Forrester Charles Lloyd Gaglio Richard Knipple Robert Martin James Eugene Francis McCl Irvin McGroom Herbert Hoover Miller, Jr. Wilbur C. Ruleman, Jr. Edward White Phyllis Anton Janie Arnold Attie Belle Boschert Helen George Doris Mildred Glaze Freddie Louise Kirby Bordine Lemons Carolyn Massey Lillian Maxey Vera Virginia Peterson Katherine Richards Jeane Tanner Corrine Vanover Thelma Louise Weeks Helen Elizabeth Wilson 9-9 Miss Margaret Newton, Teacher Class Officers NICK SPEROS .......,....,...........,.............................. President IAMES WILLIS ,,,,.,,,,,,, ....,....,...... V ice-President BOB WILLIAMS ,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,, ........ S ecretary-Treasurer MARILYN BOYDSTUN .......................... Reporter Boys Girls Jack Dallas Vernon Forgione Richard Gibson 'Charlie Harmon Ernest Price Hutchins Charles William McCoy, William Jeffries Ebb Kitchens William E. Knight James Koelz James Vinson Smith Thomas McMillan Robert Schaedle J Cornelia Alexander Marilyn Boydstun Mary Louise Carpenter Ruby Lee Couch Phyllis Foropoulos Dorothy Jean Fuqua Jerry Glasgow Ethyl Irene Kelso Betty Louise Livingston Minnie Jeanette McGill Dorothy June Osborne Mildred June Pitts Freda Reisman Velma Turnipseed 9-10 Mrs. Marjorie Stamper, Teacher Class Officers MIRIAM CRISTIL ............,...................................... President BOBBIE NELL SULLIVAN ...... ....,.. V ice-President CEDA LEE ...........,............. ...... . .A .......... Secretary JANE FERBER ,,,,, .,......., ..,....,.............,.... T r easurer BOYS Vivian Dawson Billy Bennett Marlow 'Cornfield Thomas Duncan Rolan Goins Charles Hostetler W. S. Polk Lawson Pryor Dan Thompson Edward Wooten Jimmy Wyatt Ray Young Girls Miriam Cristil Jeanette Currie Lena Edmiston Jane Ferber Inez Few Ruth Foster Joyce Harris Jo Mary Hurdle Vivian Hurt Joyce Johnson Ceda Lee Martha McCullar Magdalene Mcllvain Annabel Miller 'Carlene Shumaker Bobbie Nell Sullivan Velma Van Wickel HERE AND THERE ON THE CAMPUS ,ff V I l xxx.. 144 .,..- ,-rv HUMES GRADS 1' Know the School to Choose . for Business Success! 1-..-T. .M RECENT HUMES GRADS WHO CHOSE MILLER-HAWKINS HUMES H.S. '41 Bluestein Ruth Burma-r Dorothy Baxter HUMES PLS. '39 P15 :1 tw 'TJ KD nv E. sther Brow n Milton D, Brown, Jr Jes. B. Car way Fay Franklin Vivi Clark Helen Gipson Troy Ci-out-h Winifred Nolan Elizabeth Cruze- ,, , , Mary E. Dismukt- HUMEb H'S' 40 Martha Lee Grow Rita Burson Voulii Kasaftes Betty Davis Clara Kney L I Margaret Hamilton Genrgiai PII 1, 1, Richard Hughes .lat-li Rogn Frances Morris Earl Ste cl Mary F. Thomas lfaitlierine XX i Do Not Delay Your Enrollment HELP DEFENSE . . . HELP YOURSELF fiyzilffer-.?7Zcini1fgz'1zA CS-Chev! 158 Madison "Memphis' No. 1 Business School" 70 Keep. Qfzfee fqmeaica FREE ln seventy-eight years dedicated to printing pro- gress the craftsmen of S. C. Toot di Company have labored to spread knowledge and culture. Skilled hands have set type for small cards and large cataloguesg have made fine books, tooled art bindings honored the World over. With equal skill other hands have graven the Wedding invi- tations and announcements ot three generationsg designed, printed and engraved commencement invitations and announcements, made treasured annuals for proud seniors. In the spirit ot "a tree press" the House ot Toot hopes it may long con- tinue to serve you-and America! TOGF S. C. TOOF 6 CO., MEMPHIS. 78th year. Printers - Lithographers - Stationers Office Furniture - Safes -- Vault Doors To Enrich the years choose "Gzfz'5 of Good' Tame" for Graduate, Bride and Yourself GEO. T. BRODNAX, INC. Official Iewelers for 1942 Class Rings Registered Ieweler ' American Gem Society The Gift Center of MEMPHIS Engraved Wedding Invitations -Announcements COMPLIMENTS OF MULFORD IEWELRY CO. 26 South Main Memphis Best Wishes to the Graduation Class ol '42 YELLOW Cl-KBS 8-2121 Phone 8-2121 coMPLiMENTs or A F R I E N D ARTISTS I ENG RH UERS ANU PHVTVGRHPHER A..,.V, -lzv IVZIAI In . .. f - Y V ,.,.4 ,.A, Z iizt I, ,-.. gli, . -V .-:-ziirfrivz . . 21 : 5 1 : 15 1 1 : -: 1::s: 1 2 :112 :-2+ : ::4-:-:g:1:r-2:-:-:- :-:ss:-:-:'1-1-1:. -z-:- 1+ -: .1.,.1.. - - + .V - --::: 'e1e1.1e 2 1-.1.- -1.:." .1....:,f2:a Q1- .,...1.., .-Y-,.-.f,-- V ,- I I I I I I I I I I II I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I ,II I I I III I I II 'I II II 'I ImgiliI31572333E1312313132313I3I3I15:Eiiiflflflfliiflflfifl IgigifiilgiE1E1EIEfiiiiglgIglgiglglflfliliiiISI f:f:f:f1f:f:f:f1f: :E:f:f:E:f:f2f: 'ziiflfifiiflfiffffx NIII :III "The Star-Spangled Banner in Congratulations Graduates! Congratulations First Year Cosmetology .II Triumph Shall Wave-O'er the Class! Best of Luck to All of You! IMI: L cl ith E dth H . - .II O?riheOB,Cf,e,fee TI e me A 5' M DRUG STORE Kar-H111 Beauty Service 'III --Get In The Scrap.. Your Patronage Appreciated Wholesale geauty Supplies and II, quipment 1233 Thomas Street Weuare proud to have furnished initial 1166 No' ,hh Phone 8-1960 Phone 8-9305 equipmentCgcgringiceloglggngsagiigh School :III II' WE OWN AND OPERATE OUR I .":I Speedwcw Drug Store OWN CLEANING PLANT G R A Y S O N S ,I, 631 Chelsea at Thomas H 9 5011111 M6111 51- II' FREE DELIVERY Cleqnefg "Dresses, Coats, Sportswear, II: Phone 5-2766 FREE DELIVERY SERVICE L-111991191 IIIIII III Prescriptions Carefully Compourided SHOE REBUILDERS I I I I II 'III I I I I I I I 'I I I I I I I III I II I I I I I I I I I W Phone 7-4774 1622 Union Ave. Use our EQSY to PGY Budget Pm I IIIII I I II III " II- , SUCCESS TO THE 1942 I-I 'Il M A N G E L S , I' III GRADUATES M C L E L L A N S Feminine Appqrel D. 6 U II l Wholesale Fruit and 59-61 South Mcnn Street II 51 North Ma1n Street ,lg-I Ph 5 5507 Pmduce Sc to 51.00 'III one ' 408 S. Front SI. Phone 8-4121 'I I I Florist Club ol Memphis MP ,I,I CQMPLII.!lENTS OF hi1f7HifIgXfIRril23q1sT' I CO LIMENTS OF LULLISEV OflI,ESI5Y 3137 :II N THE TOGGERY ,IH n ' MEMPHIS Pl HAI 2322 :III DIHOI1 Potato CO. Fvioxfiicxxs ailhrcxxrric LSP' I EI,HlEltTlNI"S4 PL IIST -H 4 III LTL 'lQ.'f,5if,JlL-J 2 lo Sill' 3715 Southern Ave, Phone 4-9171 2'ILL:iAIIA'E1AI-g:,gf.:L Main and Adams II' III ANSI-:TTE WAI E 2118 I IPI I,'I COMPLIIIEIITS or soo rho New W. B. B A R R o N - I :III Suzore Theatres Philco Refrigerator Groceries and Meats ,II No. 1-asa Jackson-P11 8-9100 Produced by the Makers of mos Hollywood Phone 4-3346 ' No 2-279N Main-ph 8,9200 FREE DELIVERY IIIIII ' ' III Thomas Street Garage CCMPLIMENTS or COMPLIMENTS or III, G J 1 RJ , . I II ,I 'ipmgf - s 1 L v E R s SCOTT ELECTRIC Co. All We Ask ls a Tr1al I Ig, It B. Cram I3 L- H- Cram 5 6, 10C Store Elooinooi Contractors I F D III P31414 036330 17 South Main St. 272 Madison Ave. Phone 8-3743 f es.-. -io ,I :I Jl'1 I I III: I I-CLINE NI 'rloNAl. IIII 1-7 ' 1 III WATCH is CLOCK REPAIRING g g ' . pf. fi 'sf fs. - 1 . V' ll I New Elgin Wf1If,h.., I r ., 11 -Mllrlfl.. Nad klt - EIFYWL HQ II, -, ',.'1.'::I " 1' - ?u I :gd -L.:l" , "I Room 303 Fil liflf1ClIf1OU Blfifi -LLM ' .2 ' ,PHONE 2'2ll3 II 1.-.,, -..... ..,i,,..., .S . I - I 7uNlo III Phone 8-7984 " I I N NEW' II III I 'I' - ...- A ---- - A:.-Y-C-C-Y-.-.-.---.-.---.-v-v -----A-A-1--v-2-2-t-rv:-t-:-:-2-:vi-:vt-:-2-1-:-1-1-2-:-:-:-1-1-2-:v-----v2 - - - - -I 'IISEEgiQQr3'A""' 1532123232335223::Ziiiiatlglglglgz-Aifziigi3 2:i:i:1:2:Z:2:-:i:I:-:-:-:-:-:A:A:-:-:AZ-:A:A:-: :-Z-:-:-:-:-1-1-:A:A:A:-ifzigi:i:i:Z1 SQEQQEJ I W IOHNNYS 9-5 OFFICERS Johnny LStza:IigTcx,'lTl,xlXQ Johnny Archer Johnny McMahon Johnny Rogers Johnny Adams Ill HPPHEIIIHTIUH Jean Moss Sana Beth Meadows The Staft expresses sincere appreciation to Frances Rumley and to Dorothy Butler for their assistance in typing material lor the Senior Edition. They Wish to thank Miss Moffett and her students for the art work in the Herald. They also want to thank Mr, Hilliard tor his support and co-operation. ALBERT NELIUS, EDITOR ' fi, The Editor Writes "3U" to the 1942 Herald 4 4 I 4 4 I I 4 I I I 4 I I 4 I F I I 4 aiu 'I 'I 4 II I II I I GIFTS FOR LESS I CANDIES Diamonds-Watches ' 61 Iewelry , S LAWSON-GETZ I COPPEE R 5 Wgwgfffl, SPORTING Goons I Extend Hearty Congratulations ,Ay bo. , -1 R. A. Zanone, Owner 110 Madison Ave. ,I CO' 'IWa1k 20 Steps From Main 9-N 3rd-CPD Stefick Bldg- 'I Save ZUZH Il, 4, BEST WISHES TO ALL THE GRADUATES FROM I'I 4, , .. LOEWS THEATRES In :' STATE and PALACE 4, ALWAYS THE BEST SHOWS IN MEMPHIS I4 II I Iflg QI! BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATES- COMP!-IMENTS OF '-,I H W 6' A. W. HEUERTZ, State Mgr. If I . MUTUAL BENEFIT HEALTH 6 Plumbxng cmd Hecxtmg Contractors 797 Roland Phone 2-9181-2-8182 lmh Floor Sterick Bldg- I'I ,I 'I E: CQMPLIMENTS QF BRING YOUR RADIO A Memphis Tradition- II , lg' North S1de Cleaners REPAIR TROUBLE T0 EAST END :I4 In the Same Location 24 Years Swimming '4' 675 N second Phone 8-7047 Skating Dining ' HUTO STORES ,I In I Schcxffer's Dry Goods We-O-Na Food Store 27 I5 store -TWO STORES- Owm'rS: '4'llk't't0ltl M lmnovi IL awe outfit the whole Family No. 1-239 Monroe Ave. I-'zmvy 4lr'm-cries, Quality Meals, Our Specialty Peter"S Iliamond Fwsh Vegetables :I Brand Sri: W"U""f1 No. 2-Crosstown cmd Poplar FREE Umdwmu. ,E Corner Second and flhelswt. l'Il4'Hl'H N-4If55I4"5-04559 1042 CYIGISQH I :E COMPLIMETNITS QF I 1pl':llllIz1t4-S In lln- llrzuluulu-SY Chickasaw Broom 44, . 1:-' - . . Mcmufactunn Co. '4 Wessell Constructlon MGUIICG 4BuddyI Pnest g I' Corn an "Browns of All D1-S0rtption" 'I P Y v ' ' l House-llold Brooms, Industrial BNNIIIIS ,I Your I'mJ1-dnnrlnsl ut HIIIIIPS 5,4 388 No. Front Sf. 2344 S. Wellington Sn. rnom- umm QEQEEE? Eg2gE2EEEiE2EgEEE222252222222 A A A A A'-- A A A AYEIEIE A EIEIEIEEIEYA 321212 A EYETEZA Aififlfif J 9 . . V .f ! 1 , A s v fn , F , . f , . U 5 X N L x 'IFA C , wg 4 ' bf , . - wp. Y v , 1 Us 092' If if-ff-rw: 1., "' Y- ' 1' 4 I v K 647' N, 1 9 , 1 , , ' , if Q4 f 'J' C' 4 A M, , f i "1 'f"J W 2 5, gi, V 'V lf., QW ,lx I 4 ymwg 51 I , 1 , A f if f 1 A-f ww, 5 k A I lv rf," i wiki, 541' i ff l'f -gs' . fgbffyt ' ff 'X uf 1 X' 15 wi X, g -. ,, ,.xY , . ik, 7 WL A I ll f !f 1 f ffz-ff N ' x t L 4 is H :J X mx I .1 5 Y as x I K - 4 I Q 4 A , X Sh 3 , i XXX, M xx n U f, 1 4 i STAN LEY' S Grocery 61 Market 955 N. Manassas at Vollentine Phones 8-8288-88289 After You Graduate May We Continue to Serve You? SPEEDWAY PHARMACY PRESCRIPTIONS COMPLETE SODA FOUNTAIN SERVICE SCHOOL SUPPLIES IOI3 Iackson Phone 5-4646 Compliments of 051116 Qzff of, a Bifefirrwf 0 1 , . ,11:2:55ii?525iii5255555Efl555E5Efi??f53?ZQ 151- ,II1:5f222i5552352?5?5f22'15:QWXQB? 'GQ'?1P?fS??5i2i:22522242252.i'5E5E22s?E?i???iiEE 553555252255 1 '62, f 5f2i25?iiiE2EE?i5? ,rg -3" ici ':-:4:-:-:4-:- t 1 -, ':E:1' ,, 121312 22- TT? ' -ff1'1gZ5f3fY1.E21-Q-2:1-2 , .. f: ii A 2: 552' 7-'ff-' I ,V 11. EET 15? 3 155.1 5 1 f 355 1 12, -E55 222 35 llgtgl. , 13'y' :1 g f' 1 ' g r1'rg iv, ,'Ij,i.,'l,' -iz' 51 Q 12 2 f x' tfjff lisa - 1 I 2 w, gr , A+'s1z2a M V 1 422-ilL'2,5 1 525535255352555555535321: -, '77''f"12Qf15:525125ifieiiii-if?12551?'iEff5i31f'iiiiifiilrf' ' Lx :f 5435552555 ELGIN 524.75 up COMPLIMENTS FROM TOM M. PHILLIPS IUSTICE OF THE PEACE 99 North Second Street Phone 8-6471 MID-SOUTH OIL COMPANY Distributors of Pure Oil C'ompany's Products General Offices: 431 NORTH DUNLAP ST. Congratulations to the GRADUATES OF I9-42 or STANLEY CQ- LAGUZZI 61 BARRASSO ESSO STATION Iewelry Company t'Out ot High Rent District" Courteous Service MEMPHIS Better Prices Are Available" P1 V T 135112 110, 11151111 s1 Phone 8-0956 1379 lgckwl me QLIMIT Congratulations to The Graduates YORK ARMS COMPANY Wholesale and Retail Distributors COIUPTIIIIQUIS Of VENEER, Sporting Goods Incorporated Fourth Store South ol Loowls Shilo A-:Crest . fl if I CO O W 0 0:1 tl S il H 83 Wmmmkg IF2 s th M ' s1 1 '1' 1 1 1 If 1 1 MEMPHIS,TEiIII. J H tm ' D I T 'I P1-Oducts . . . IVIECO . . . Chemigql 'lWEI.DINO and CU'I"l'ING APPARA Complimems Cf . . .HOBART . . . Company LOUIS PHILIPPI "AHC WIILDEHSH Welding Rnds and Supplies MEMPHIS, TENN HAYS SUPPLY COMPANY 259 South Front St. Telephone 5e27I7 C 22212213-1Aif-25-2523555215122232323252fiiiiifififiifffifgEZEZEYEYEYA'-'-"'iii3535I321552521222fifiiifiziliiiiifiiifi?E2E212: ggi J S COMPLIMENTS' or R FINISH YOUR 'Undefwggd Commercial Education LIBERAL REAL ESTATE LOANS Fisher Cog For Best Paying -Positions' With I Corporations or With All Branches TYpeWf1tefS of Government Service HOMES FOR SALE ll 3 Q . A The Macplngl of Special Summer Rates' CIICIIIIIJIOIIS Day and Evening Classes C 150-152 Monroe Ave. Telephones 8-5137. 8-5138 Best Wishes to the 1942 Graduation Class! Wiz! 0 Q . Free Employment Service . . Accounting Courses ot the American Academy of Accounting i Typing, Shorthand, Calculators y . Fire, Automobile 6 General,,fes,.f921:1 mmm-EY 8' Fox 'mmce A Distributors of instinctive BllSlIlBSS SGIIOOI PHQNE 6,3683 Class Iewelry 133.6 Madison gv I Phone 2-2833 "You're Always Welcome" , ' At 1 IC E C R E A M 6' Liberty Cash Grocery No. 25 l"Bi1ddy" G "Happy" Vannucci. MgrsJ Used Exclusively By l A . ,pix - N , ,fr 1 4: gF g 1 :3 -525' 1-" Where Prices Are Right and Merchandise Complete "Buy For Less At Liberty" Humes High School Cafeteria 4-1101 . . . PHONE . . . 4-2101 1005 Iackson Ave. Free Delivery 2-1192 . . . PHONES . . . 2-1191 ICE CREAM DAIRY PRODUCTS O M -S EVERGREEN DRY CLEANERS ur one uccess FREE-Prompt City-Wide Delivery-FREE Quality Cleaning and Pressing'-"Your Neighborhood Cleaner" Nothing succeeds Like Success Iackson 6 Breedlove Phones 2-2389-2-2390 1000 IGHGISOH Avenue Ph0ne 2-3123 E. H. CRUMP 6. CO.

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