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SEMPERVIRENS Richard Elkinton Editor Published by the ASSOCIATED STUDENTS OF HUMBOLDT STATE COLLEGE ARCATA, CALIFORNIA June, 1943 DEDICATION We, of the H. S. C. Student Body, sincerely dedicate this issue of the Sempervirens to all our boys in the armed forces, especially to Allan Lowry, Amedeo Sandretto, Darrel Wing, and Donald Pedrazzini, who have given their lives in defense of our country.President Arthur S. Gist We at H. S. C. appreciate our president's kind and genial friendliness. Dr. Homf.r P. Balabanis Now serving on O P.A. at Washington, D. CTHE FACULTY Horace R. Jenkens Industrial Art Bert F. Wilson Commerce Dr. Edmund V. Jeffers Music Imogene B. Platt Commerce Homer Arnold Philosophy, Mathematics Adf.lla Johnson Stella Little Modern Languages Art Marty Matheson Athletics Nell Murphy Helen Garvin Speech, English Music FredTelonicher Biological ScienceLeft to right: Dr. Fisher, History; Ellen Walters, Home Economies; Helen Everett; Dorothy Rosiero, Education and Psychology; Dr. William Lanphere, Biological Science. Left: Don KarshNER, Speech and Dramatics Right: Maurice Hicklin, English C E. Graves, Librarian Helen Everett, Assistant LibrarianCharles Fulkerson Faye Jackson Dr. Natalie Hall Dr. Gillespie Niles Music Music Social Science Biological Science George Murphy, U. S. Arm) John Van Duzer. Speech Dept. Left to right: Emmalina Thompson, Asst, to Financial Secretary; Myrtle McKittrick, Registrar; Frances Balabanis, Asst, to Registrar; JESSIE T. WOODCOCK, Financial Secretary; Margaret Brookins, Student Controller; Clair Gustafson, Secretary to the President.COLLEGE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Center: Francis L. Drag, Director Left: Ruth Bestor, Supervisor Right: Belle L. Dixon, Supervisor Left to right: Dorothy Barnes, Eleanor Kellenberger, Irene Coyner, Warrene Elmore, Jeanette Christenson.ASSOCIATED STUDENTS Back row: Mr. Telonicher, Guy Keith, Jack Piersall, Homer Arnold, Merrit Nealle. Standing: Jim Roscoe, Joyce Bruner. Front row: Pat Bartlett, Marge Cloney, Pat Dillon, Barbara Graham. Under the capable leadership of Clarke Nellist and Jack Piersall, and the friendly guidance of Dr. Balabanis and Mr. Telonicher, the Board of Control has handled student body affairs with smoothness and efficiency. Jack Piersall President, Second Semester Clarke Nellist President, First SemesterMary Westbrook THE SENIOR CLASS Mary Silva Congratulations to you, the Senior Class for sticking to the business at hand and completing the work for your degree. Many are the more profitable fields which you could have entered during this war period, but it requires courage and forethought to go on and so build for the better world of the future and formation of a just and durable peace. Grant Ferguson Ruth Sequist Nadine SwanMuriel Yaley Patricia Dillon Vernon Lewis Sara Southworth Ilbne Jensen Grace Renfer Stanhope Pedley Eleanor Mathews Margery CloneyNorma Kinkela Imogene Elmore Peter Schmitt Ledo Matteoli Mildred Bunch Fern Blakey l: A Elma Cariker Zelma Woodcock Minnie Bristlin Called into armed ten-ice during last temetter and unable to graduate.COMMERCE GRADUATES Carolyn Merryman Lena Taylor Barbara Graham After two years of hard work, with many hours spent at shorthand, bookkeeping, typing, etc., five of our okey Humboldt sophomores have qualified for the Certificate which entitles them to go out into the business world and hold down a good job. Good luck, kids! Janice Peers Evelyn TedsenJUNIORS Front row, left to right: J. Fountain, G. Langdon. E. Emerson, E. Giulieri. J. Barkdull. D. Todd, M. Lewis. Second row: M. Foster, N. Miller, G. Smith, G. Negro, N. Carr, E. Clayton, B. Brown. Third row: M. Budisflic, J. Quarnheim, A. Wilkinson, F. Adams, E. Purse, D. Hanson. P. Bartlett. SOPHOMORES Front row, left to right: J. Landahl, O. Shull. J. Roth, M. Clark. J. Bruner, N. Crane. D. Toole. Second row: J. Morgan, B. Graham. C. Merryman, B. Conoly. V. Petrovich, J. Piersall. Third iow:C. Murray, B. Johnson. G. Fisher, P. Cloney, F. Nunes, V. Hunter. J. Bruner. B. Oliveira, J.Falor. Fourth row: K. Swap, G. Roberts, G. Keith, E. Jackson, B. McMillan, A. Anderson. D. Shanahan. Fifth row: R. Elkinton, M. Nealle, G. Wilson, W. Elliot, L. Alkirb, O. Sequist, D. Hurst, J. Swanson. w FRESHMEN Front row, left to right: S. Westbrook. C. Lamson, P. Wright. M. Toft. S. Thompson, K. Layman. Second row: V. Hansen, M. Garland, C. Boyes. L. Sherman. R. Hill. M. Ackerman. M. Papini, J. Robinson. Third row: L. Nordquist, S. Merryman, C Spinas, H. Arnold, D. Tolle. Fourth row: A. Relac. L. Hathaway. B. Poe, J. Williams. W. MacPherson, F. Cook. Front row. left to right: J. Hovey, M. Lancfr. E. Straughan. M Fnnes, B. Hodge, M. Babler. Second row: V. Coeur. M. Johnson, P. LeValley, V. Cloney, E. Silva. H. Dusina. V. Cobeen. E. Jensen. Third row: P. Grazoli, R. Sweet. Fourth row; W. Johnston, P. Delaney, P. Anderson. R. Coffey, E. Bifhn, J Stowe. Front row. left to right: Z Hill. B. McCarthy, M. Henry, P Woodcock, V. Marsh, D. McCann. Second row: F. Oldridge. B. Mathews, A. Peterson, F. Rovai, M. McIntosh, B. Lfskinen. Third row: I. Davies. L. Manley, D. Cunningham. G. Moore.MU EPSILON PSI Front row, left to right: J. Rotm, M. Lancer, S. Westbrook. Second row: M. Westbrook, G. Roberts, C. Merryman, M. A. Koger. J. Bruner. Third row: A. Anderson, Miss Garvin, E. Mathews. V. Cobeen, E. Silva, K. Swap, President. Fourth row: M. Ackerman, I,. Hathaway, P. Grazoli. V. Cloney. Fifth row: G. Ferguson, J. Barkdull, Dr. Jeffers, D. Shanahan. B. Oliveira. ALPHA PSI OMEGA Front row, left to right: E. Purse, D. Garland, J. Levi, Mr. Karshner. Second row: J. Morgan, B. Conoly, P. Dillon, P. Cloney, P. Bartlett, S. Pedley.DRAMA The fall play, presented in November, was "Heart of a City.” It was a stirring drama of the present war with the setting in London, and written by Lesley Storm. In February the One Act plays were given. They were "Problem Child," by Pauline Best; "Wyoming,” by John Wintermute; and "Little Prison,” by Geo. M. Savage. On the nights of April 13, 14, and 15, the student show, called "Hilarities of '43,” was presented in the auditorium. Due to an earlier dead-line this year pictures of said show could not be included in this edition of the Semper VIRENS. P. S.—We made it! Tommy and Roialind console Anna in "Hear! of a City”An action scene from "Problem Child"A CAPELLA CHOIR Front row. left to right: G. I.angdon, M. Langer, J. Robinson, N. Miller, K Morgan, J. Morrow, T. Baldwin, C. Lamson, J. Roth, R. Coffey, J. Roscoe, E. Blackburn, L. Matteoli, J. Latham. Dr. Jeffers, Director. Second row: J. Bruner, M. A. Koger. J. McMillan, G. Smith, D. Todd, N. Crane, G. Roberts. J. Levi, K. Swab, A. Re lac, M. Nfalle, C. Bosch. E. D. Wilson, R. Oliveira. H. S. C. MIXED QUARTET There's not one of us who hasn’t listened enthralled to the beautiful voices of the quartet— Nancy, Jo, Bob and Merrit. They've sung at assemblies, programs and over the radio, and everywhere they go they leave you spell-bound. Merrit Nealle, tenor, Joyce Bruner, soprano, Nancy Crane, alto, Robert Oliveira, bass.MADRIGAL GROUP Left to right: N. Swan, J. McMillan, J. Bruner, K. Swap, N. Crane, C. Bosch, M. Nealle, R. Oliveira, Mr. Fulkerson, Dr. Jeffers. Yes, they’re good these Humboldt Musicians, riding into the spotlight on waves of sound. The A Capella Choir, Chorus, and Madrigal group entertained a large group with their excellent Christmas concert. Not only can Humboldt boast of a band and an orchestra, but a new group has come into being during the year— that group of solid senders, known as the H. S. C. Swing Band. Keep it up, all you Maestros! SPRING CONCERT At the close of the spring semester last year the combined Music Department presented the Spring Concert. The main part of the program was when the entire group united in the "Rio Grande.”CHI SIGMA EPSILON Front row, left to right: J. Roscoe, N. Villa, J. Fountain, Z Woodcock, President, M. Yaley, P. Dillon. Back row: M. Bunch, F. Adams, V. Nelson, M. Silva, M. Westbrook. Chi Sigma Epsilon is the upper division honor society, and Rho Sigma is the society for the students of the sophomore class. Each year a cup is awarded to either the men or women of Nelson Hall on the scholarship basis. This year it went to the women, and Pat Bartlett took the honors for having the highest individual index. How about it, fellows? RHO SIGMA Pat Bartlett M. Nealle, O. Sequist, C. Murray, G. Keith, R. Bryant, I. Moxon.STUDENT TEACHERS ASSOCIATION Front row, left to right: F. Blakey, Mrs. Frost, R. Sequist, N. Kinkela. Second row; G. Renfer, M. Yaley, Z Woodcock, President, M. Silva. Third row; J. Quarnheim, V. Nelson, M. Bristlin, G. Ferguson. Front row, left to right: I. Elmore. P. Gray, M. Crabtree, A. McMillan. Second row: M. Westbrook, P. Dillon, J. Fountain, G. Grove. Third row: L. Hiblfr, Z. Stemberger, E. Lewis. Fourth row: E. Cariker, E. Mathews, V. Zerlang. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB Front row, left to right: P. Gray, A. Wilkinson, Mrs. Walter, Advisor, I. Jensen, President, R. Sequist. Back row: F. Nunes, A. McMillan, J. Quarnheim, E. Silva, M. Silva.SEMPERVIRENS We’re few, but we’ve worked hard and "have done the best we could with the tools at hand. ’ It's shorter this year kids, and man, was it hard to get materials (something about a war); but here it is, hope you’ll like it. Front row, left to right: G. Wilson, R. Elkinton, Editor, W. Johnston, W. Elliot. Second row: D. Toole, E. Mathews, A. Wilkinson, G. Negro. LUMBERJACK Editor Conoly rushing around hunting slackers who haven’t turned in last minute copy, and at last the anti-climax for the staff arrives, this week's worth has been done, all copy is in. There’s a climax for news hungry or gossip-monger students too, and it's found in this week’s four pages of the Lumberjack. Front row, left to right: J. Morgan, O. Shull, J. Hardwick. Second row: C. Bosch, D. Shanahan. Standing: B. Blackford, A. Hill, B. Bell, J. Wheeler, R. Elkinton, J. Roscoe, B. Conoly, Editor, J. Roth.NAVAL RESERVE Front row, left to right: G. Keith, J. Piersall, P. Delaney, M. Nealle, Second row: D. Brown, E. Jackson, J. Roscoe, B. Poe, D. Hurst, C. Nellist, G. Wilson, R. Sweet. Third row: W. Johnston, G. Bark-dull, E. Giulieri, E. Biehn. Standing: Dr. MacGinitie, C. Gor-det, J. Barkdull, D. Wilson, L. Alkire, J. Falor, F. Cook, J. Stowe, B. Blackford, G. Swanson. FAVONIANS They are the elite women's society of the campus. Outstanding of their activities are the semi-formal dance in the fall, and the Humboldt Queen Contest conducted later in the spring. Left to right: G. Negro, A. Wilkin son, M. Papini, R. Hill, A. Me Millan, P. Bartlett, M. Acker man, V. Petrovich, I. Jensen, J Peers, N. Swan, R. Sequist, G Smith, B. Conoly.KINDERGARTEN CLUB The club is for students interested in children of kindergarten and primary ages, and their aim is to become acquainted with these children and their teachers. COLLEGE Y Front row, left to right: N. Kinkela, M. A. Roger, G. Smith, M. Ackerman. Second row: J. Fountain, J. Lewis. Third row: G. Langdon, Miss Bestor, Z. Stem-BERCER. Fourth row: F. Blakey, Mrs. Murphy, F. Old-ridge, Mrs. Kellenberger. Front row, left to right: R. Elkinton, Pretident; M. A. Roger, V. Hansen, M. Bunch, V. Gilhousen, J. Roth, G. Fisher. Second row: D. Toole, V. Hunter, B. Johnson, E. Clayton. A. Anderson. The purpose of the "Y" is to add Christian Fellowship to college life.A.W.S G. Smith, J. Bruner, M. Cloney, P. Bartlett. M. Clark, P. Riciiardo W.A.A. L. Taylor, O. Shull, A. Wilkinson, A. McMillan, C. Murray, V. Petrovich, N. Crane.MEN IN THE SERVICE Allen, Merlyn Amen, Thomas Arnold, Charles Bishop, Darrell Brennen, Jack Brown, William Businello, Zun Belcher. Roderick Beer. William Bocgess, William Burgess, Edward Barnes, Bradley Belfils, Darwin Canepa. Alvin Cady, James Campbell, Robert Caro, Ernest Carr. Walter Christie, Herbert Colwell, Stanley Con nick. Prf.ston CoURTRIGHT, GlLLIS Cousins, Wiley Crichton, Frank Cameron, Donald DeLong, Robert Davis, Charles Davis, Richard Dunston, Vonnie Emenegger. Keith Eaton, Clyde Edsall, Clarence Ellis, Jack Farber, William Fanucchi. Elio Feldmiller, George Ferguson, George Fitzgibbons, James Flocchini, Eugene Frakes, Robert Glenn. Charles Gomes, Herbert Galloway, Dean Goddi, Ralph Goodwin, Howard Graham. Wesley Hartman, George Henderson, Keith Heuschkel, Frank Hosier. Kenneth Hutchinson. William Hall, James Hammond, Eugene Hansen, Thomas Haughey, Warren Howatt, Haven Huse, Lloyd Hill, Allen Inskip. William Johnson, Stanley Jones, Hermon Jenkins, Channing Jackson, Fred Jarboe, Richard Juel, Leonard Iten, Fred Lorenz, Victor Lowry, Allan Lee, Howard Lee, William Lima, Jack Longholm,Leonard Look, Wallace Langdon, Harold Lawrence. Robert Lawyer, Jack Lewis, Vf.rnon Madsen, Elton McGleam, William Madsen, William Mahan, Donald Manning, Harry McCready, Wilfred McCutcheon, Clyde Meneweather. Earl Mitchell, Robert Montgomery, Loy Moore, James M. Moore, Joseph Morton, Jack Moseley, Leonard Murray, Arlo McClure, Dan McGrath, Art Murray, Dayton Matteoli, Ledo McMillan, William Merryman, Sam Moxon, Gaylord Newell, Kenneth Nickerson, Harlan Naggiar. Maurice Nichols, Zane Oberholster, Bill O’Donnell, Mike Oglesby, Walf Oliveira, Robert Pinches, Robert Price, Alfred Price, John Porter, James Reid, Charles Riddle, Merwyn Robinson, Waynf. Rush. Edwin Russell, Harry Reimer, George Randle, Norman Sanard, L. Bert Saunderson, Frank Sarina, Ernest Samuelson, Simpson, James Sivert, Jack Speier, Ted Spinas, Elrid Stashuk, Serge Sundquist, Curtis Sanders. Brian Stover. Marlan Sutton, Eugene Schmitt, Peter Shanahan, Desmond Torp, Casper Trione, Henry Turner, Donald Terbush, Donald Tinkey, Richard Thorn, Paul Villa, Milton Walton, Harold Walton, Louis Williamson, Ellis Williams, KennethAtwood, Kenneth Bosch, Chet Blackburn, Gene Coffee. Richard Davis, Hobart Elmore, Pedro Kellog, Jack Latham, John McKain, Herb Reid, Jack Womack, Thurston Ziegler, Bill Johnsen, Melvin Jensen, Wilber Wheeler, Jim Ferguson, Grant Gordet, CharlesNELSON HALL Front row: Ardith Peterson, Janice Bruner, Jeanne Sweet, Alice Wilkenson, President; Miss Platt, House Mother; Sally Westbrook, Obie Layman, Eva Clayton, Marge Kemper, Jean Hardwick. Second row: Pat Wright, Carol Boyes. Lola Grove, Jean Robinson, Ardith Anderson, Edra Emerson, Janice Peers. Third row: Dolly Toole, Nancy Miller, Ellen Purse. Fourth row: Joan Roth, Pat Cloney, Lorraine Hathaway, Faye Nunes, Mary Westbrook, Joan Hovey, Gladys Smith, Joyce Bruner. Not present: Gwyneth Langdon, Gilly Negro, Faith Hope, Barbara Conoly, Thais Baldwin. Front row: Gene Blackburn. Merrit Nealle, Bob Bell, Jimmy Roscoe, Jack Williams, Chet Bosch, Wes Graham. Second Row. Finn Jackson, Dave Tolle. Al Hill. Third row; Jack Piersall, Dayton Murray, Pat Grazoli, Fred Iten, Dick Elkinton, Charlie Vogel. Fourth row: Wally Elliot, Perry Delany, Bob Oliveira, Bert Davis, Kenny Williams, Jim Wheeler. Not present: Vern Lewis, Jack Reid, Bill Blackford, Wilber Jensen, Clarke Nellist, Hank Frank, Herb McKain, Don Terbush.CAMPUS QUEEN Amid bunnies and Easter eggs and yellow and lavender flowers, vivacious Gilly Negro was crowned Campus Queen of '43, at the Eavonians annual Queen's Ball. Pretty Nell Dickson was Maid of Honor, while three other charming Humboldters—Margaret Ackerman, Mary Pa-pini, and Lorraine Hathaway, were attendants. To Queen Gilly and her court of beauties, we say: "Long may they reign!” Personality and charm—that's Queen Gilly! What other co-ed displays the sunny disposition, charming personality, and enthusiasm that Gilly does? HILARITIES The work, and talent, and planning of 145 students went into this show, and it will not be forgotten soon. The Finale—this superb show was closed with Don Wilson’s dramatic "The Yanks Are Coming” and "The Star Spangled Banner” sung by the entire cast and audience.Scene from "Army Life” Earl Beihn and Rosanne Hill’irr “Reverie,” a very serious scene written by Wilber Jensen. Scene from "Fiesta Pan Americana”BASKETBALL Left to right: Coach Mathbson, Darrell Brown, Jack Williams, Grant Ferguson. Front row: Homer Arnold, Curtis Spinas, Elvin Jackson, Allen Hill.COMMANDO TRAINING Part of the Commando Course around the athletic field "Over and unde ' Besides the good work-out Coach Matheson gives the fellows in the gym each day, the "commandos-to-be" are timed in running the obstacle course. The course includes scaling a steep bank with the aid of a rope, down a slope, and around the athletic field through, over and under a variety of obstructions. Over you go, RichSTANDARD FURNITURE CO. PHONE 448 EUREKA M. VONSEN CO. WHOLESALE FEEDS AND GRAINS First and E Streets Eureka MEET YOUR FRIENDS at the BON BONNIERE HUMBOLDT 611 431 F Street Eureka BEER INSURANCE AGENCY SAM BEER HILFIKER ELECTRIC CO. RADIO - PUMP and ELECTRIC SERVICE ARCATA, CALIFORNIA Insurance, Bonds, Notary Public Licensed Real Estate Broker 932 G Street, Areata Phone 41 DANIELSON PETERSEN for QUALITY MENS WEAR Corner 4th and F Streets Eureka, California THANKS to the California Barrel Co., Ltd., many, many college men are able to secure part time employment. THE CALIFORNIA BARREL CO., Ltd. is a true friend to Humboldt State College 8 very one prefers the EUREKA BOWLHOLMES EUREKA LUMBER CO. DOLBEER CARSON JManufacturers of LUMBER CO. HE BRAND ★ REDWOOD LUMBER AND Quality Redwood PRODUCTS Since 1863 ★ ★ WHOLESALE AND RETAIL Retail Service ★ Phone 332 Retail Yard at the foot of L Street Phone 379 ★ ★ EUREKA CALIFORNIA EUREKA CALIFORNIA Compliments of HAMMOND LUMBER COMPANY RETAIL YARD BUILDING MATERIAL MERCHANTS LUMBER AND MILLWORK REDWOOD SHINGLES MEDICINE CABINETS SPLIT SHAKES IRONING BOARDS CELOTEX PRODUCTS DOORS SHEETROCK WALLBOARD SASH BUILDING PAPER WINDOW FRAMES BUILT IN FIXTURES GLASS Phone 25 Areata, CaliforniaFEUERWERKERS DISTINCTIVE FURNITURE OUTSTANDING APPLIANCES Realize your dreams of a Well Furnished Home ARCATA, CALIF. PHONE 164 COLLEGE SHOE APPAREL STORE E. CANCLINI, Prop. Eighth and G Streets Areata, Calif. A Locally Controlled Strong Conservative Bank THE BANK OF EUREKA COMMERCIAL and SAVINGS HAPPY HILL EVERYTHING TO WEAR » ✓Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp'n ARCATA 3rd and E Streets Eureka, California E. S. CLONEY 6TH F STREET DRUG STORE Phone 18 and CALIFORNIA C ongratulati ons RED CROSS PHARMACY Phone 360 -Agents for Yardley, Elizabeth Arden, Colonial Dames, Toiletries EUREKA CALIFORNIA ALLEN HENSEL FURNITURE and APPLIANCES FULLER PAINT DEALER Areata California SPORTSMEN’S CLUB EATS and DRINKS 511 - 4th Street to HUMBOLDT STATE COLLEGE from HUMBOLDT MOTOR STAGES Phone 2286 Eureka California EUREKA CALIFORNIADR. N. A. STROMBERG DENTIST "The College Dentist” ARCATA CALIFORNIA 'Best Wishes to HUMBOLDT STATE COLLEGE HUMBOLDT BAY WOOLEN COMPANY EUREKA CALIFORNIA GRIER S CORNER DRUG STORE AND BEAUTY SALON Claude R. Grier, Owner ARCATA CALIFORNIA MASTER BREAD Will 'Please Tou Ask Your Grocer FLUHRER BAKERIES EUREKA CALIFORNIA ALBEE and FIELDING CANDY... FOUNTAIN SUPPLIES 4th and C Streets, Eureka A JOB WELL DONE ARCATA CLEANERS TAILORS Bert Chapman, Prop. The 'Pause That Refreshes COCA-COLA chas. McDonoughs” College-Styjcd Pipes and Eurcka’s Largest Variety of Cigarettes and Cigars 320 F STREET EUREKA McQUAY-NORRIS Engineered Set PISTON RINGS For Worn and Tapered Cylinders EUREKA AUTOMOTIVE SUPPLY Sid Jacomella Vic Caprile SEQUOIA GROCERY Groceries, Liquors, Feed and Seed Phone 26 P. O. Box 162 Areata, CaliforniaSEELY’S STUDIO 526 G Street PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY QL Tbe quality of ice cream depends upon the ingredients — Eureka California VARSITY -r'MB. SWEET SHOP PENNEY’S Mrs. Bob Gayhart, Prop. ARCATA CALIFORNIA HUMBOLDTS FRIENDLY DEPARTMENT STORE BISTREN’S MEN’S WEAR COMPLETE OUTFITTERS FOR Fifth and G Streets Eureka YOUNG MEN 534 5th Street Eureka BLEDSOE’S B. M. MARSHALL, M.D. Rooms 208-9-10 For the Best in Stationery First National Bank Building Phones: Office 723, Residence 610 ARCATA CALIFORNIA EUREKA CALIFORNIA FORA A. BRIZARDS, INC. TASTEFUL MEAL established 7863 or a Delicious Dish of Ice Cream Off to a good start on our a Milk Shake The Best in or a Groceries — Hardware Sundae Men’s and Women’s Wear gather at Furniture — Meats — Feed BORDEN’S Heating — Farm Implements on the Plaza e r Frigidaires STUDENTS’ HEADQUARTERS 6 ARCATA Our Motto: "Real Service to All”RITCHIE WOODS DRUGS RHXALL DRUG STORK EUREKA CALIFORNIA • RUSS MARKETS INCORPORATED Wholesale and Retail "Quality JMeats” EUREKA CALIFORNIA B. B. BARTLETT, Opt. D. S. P. BARTLETT, Opt. D. OPTOMETRISTS ' EUREKA CALIFORNIA HORNBROOK’S BUSTER BROWN SHOE STORE EUREKA CALIFORNIA C. L. STARKEY JEWELER Watches .. . Jewelry We do our own repairing, in our own shops Next door to P. O., Areata A. W. ERICSON CO. PHOTO FINISHING JOB PRINTING PHOTO SUPPLIES ARCATA CALIFORNIA MATHEWS MUSIC STATIONERY HOUSE Records - Musical Supplies - Sheet Music Gifts ■» Greeting Cards - Stationery Thone 565 423 F Street Eureka, California S. H. KRESS CO. 5 - 10 and 25 Cent Store 410 F STREET EUREKA CALIFORNIA F. W. WOOLWORTH CO. 5 - 10 - 25c STORE 426 - 428 F Street EUREKA CALIFORNIA FREEMAN ART STUDIO takers of Cjood 'Pictures EUREKA CALIFORNIA DALY’S IS YOUR STORE Humboldt’s foremost style center for 48 years! Areata Eureka Phone 96 Phone 63 Flowers C. O. LINCOLN CO. SCHOOL SUPPLIES, BOOKS STATIONERY EUREKA CALIFORNIA ARTHUR JOHNSON HUMBOLDT’S LEADING CLOTHIER FOR YOUNG COLLEGE MEN 5th and F Streets Eureka, CaliforniaThe 1943 SEMPERVIRENS Produced by A. CARLISLE CO. STATIONERS PRINTERS LITHOGRAPHERS 135 Post Street San FranciscoBUCK’S CAFE NOTED FOR ITS GOOD FOOD "Look for the Horns” ARCATA CALIFORNIA McCLURE McCREERY OPTOMETRISTS EUREKA CALIFORNIA Compliments from the "B G” •BUON GUSTO” ARCATA BAPTIST CHURCH The friendly church with the beautiful setting The 'Bible as our guide. Christ as our way. Tony A1 Vince Heaven as our home. MASSEI ARCATA CALIFORNIA JOE WALSH, M. D. Medical Art Building 6th and G Streets EUREKA CALIFORNIA t-Arcata Churches Welcome You • PRESBYTERIAN • BAPTIST • NAZARENE • FULL GOSPEL • METHODIST H.S.C. MUSKETRY CLASS OFFICERS Areata California Janice Peers; Mr. Frost, Instructor; Clarke Nellist. Second Row; Mr. Hicklin; Mr. Gist. Third row: Lyle Alkire, President; Darrel Brown.Wfm

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