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Published by Associated Students of Humboldt State College Areata, California. Copyright 1941 by Maxine Maxwell, Editor. Milton Villa, Business Mgr.The late Mrs. Elma McCann Folsom assisted each student immeasurably by instilling in him a greater love and appreciation of literature and, consequently, of life itself. Because of her cheerful philosophy, sterling character, splendid teachings, and especially her utmost sincerity, this book is respectfully dedicated to her memory.Mrs. Elma McCann FolsomSaturday Morning at Nelson HallATHLETIC!;This attractive gym ol the successful and the favorite sf. many varied recreatio T” fa"'liar ■W ™ -Whs w. ”5h ,he » » '“ '» » ,0 ore,.zeatals fe . a'-College Elementary School Humboldt State College is ideally located for the sports-minded students. All year round one may trc himself in an hour or two from books and urban life to fis hunting, sailing, swimming, or, as above, skiing.These are the two most popular rooms in the building for a student not in class is usually either in the splendid library studying assiduously or in the comfortable social unit discussing school activities, the world situation, or the latest movie.Comfort, congenial atmosphere, beauty —these are expressive of the attractive Girls' Lounge of Nelson Hall, where dorm girls love to relax. Probably the most familiar meeting - place of Humboldt's students after an exhaustive examination or a fast game of tennis is the Co-op.President Arthur S. Gist THE PRESIDENT Continuity in the life of a school is represented by the president. He personifies the link between those of us who hope to graduate and those who preceeded us. He strikes the cords with which our school vibrates. In a large measure he determines the personality of our school. To a large extent the character of the president is the character of the school.We like our president. He is fair. He sees and appreciates the student's attitudes even though he does not always approve of them. He is capable. He has seen the school double in enrollment under his administration. He has had a new dormitory built which is the equal of any in California. Now he is seeing a new stadium constructed. It is no wonder that we like our president. Singing the Alma Mater Speaking at Honor Assembly Rug-cutting at Frosh round-upa d n i n i s t fi fl t The scholastic soul of any college is the administration. They weld the faculty and the students into a single academic unit. We can have professors and still not have a college—it is the work of the office staff that circulates the life blood of knowledge. Margaret Brookins, Financial Sec. to Assoc. Students. Myrtle McKittrick, Registrar. Jessie T. Woodcock, Financial Secretary.I 1 logon© Pratt. rad resident of Nelson Hall. £ R s C. Edward Graves. Librarian. Emmalina Ass’t. to Winkler, Financial Sec. Helen Everett. Assistant Librarian. Claire Speier. Ass t, to Registrar.In these trying times when democracy itseli is being threatened, the iunction oi student government has taken on increased importance. In the experience in democracy being gained by these men and women and by similar groups throughout America, we lind one oi the most important contributions which our school system makes to the cause ol a democratic way oi lite. Snooky Edsall, Vice-President. Rosie Ivancich. Socrotary. Gomer Jones, Treasurer.The Executive Council is the representative body through which student government functions. The members are elected by the students and represent and legislate lor all the varied types of student activities. They control absolutely the drawing up of the budget of the associated students; they establish in a large measure the athletic policy which the school will follow. To a large extent they determine the policy of the school itself. EXECUTIVE Waters, Larson, Hartman. Howatt, Edsall. Villa, Ivancich, Wrigley, Jonkins, Hagne, Howatt, Edsall. Hagne, Larson, Jenkins, Hartman. BOARD OF CONTROE The six members of the Board of Control serve as ex-officio members of the executive council. They determine student conduct, and establish what can and cannot be done by members of the student body.STUDENT The Associated Students are the supreme authority in the hierarchy of student government, but below it are the class organizations which control and supervise the activity of the various classes. The function of these class organizations are many and varied. The senior class is the most active, presenting the Senior Carnival and the Senior Ball. Haven Howatt, Senior Class President. Pete Domeyer, Junior Class President. Richie Davis. Sophomore Class President. Zane Nichols, Freshman Class President.Milton Villa, Acting Graduate Manager. Student Body President Milton Villa took over the job of Graduate Manager in January after Fred Hibler's resignation George Hartman, as President of the Men's Association supervises the annual Barn Dance and Men's Picnic— Dorothy Hunt, President of the Women's Association, oversees the organization of the annual Mothers' Tea. Dot Hunt, President of A. W. S. George Hartman, President of A. M. S.T H £ fflCULiy Dr. Balabanis—Wasn't it too bad about the Greeks? — Dr. Fisher makes Freshmen very unhappy with quizzes in Western Civilization — Prof. Arnold explains the divergent views held by the different schools of philosophy —Mr. Hunter has unfortunately made psychology a difficult course — Dr. Garff Bell Wilson holds a whip hand over the actors of Humboldt. Dr. Homer P. Balabanis, Economics. Homer Arnold, Mathematics, Philosophy. Dr. Raymond Fisher, History. James Huntor, Education, Psychology.Dr. Garff Bell Wilson. Speech, Drama. Adolla Johnson, Modern Languages. John Van Duzor, Music. Drama. Stella Sankey Little. Art. Prof. Murphy, blond and handsome, explains the complexities of English grammar and literature to under classmen— Prof. Hicklin wants students to go from the general to the specific, i. e., no bull— Mrs. Little explains balance, line, and design to unfortunate potential teachers— Miss Johnson teaches French. Nuff said? Well! Maurice Hicklin, English. George Murphy, English.Dr Harry Physical ac 3initie. scionce «= ssr- BiS5"5 Niles Biological Science. Sarah Davies. Shorthand. Sec. to Pres Imogen© Platt. English, Typing. Faye Jackson, Piano. Helen Garvin, Music. Dorothy Arnold. Brass String Instruments. THE fflCULTy Mac holds forth in the chem labs, from which horrible orors issue — Dr. Lanphere is the authority on photography and botany—Fred Telo-nicher has a beautiful collection of stuffed birds and stuff—Miss Platt patiently explains to would-be stenographers the technique of pounding the typewriter — "Kid” Jeffers does an excellent job of directing the choir—Miss Davies gives the commercial students huge assign-assignments in her shorthand classes — Bert Wilson absentmindedly calls the right roll in the wrong class, or vice versa.Herbert L. Hart, Physical Education. Monica Hadley, Physical Education. Harry E Griffith. Physical Education. Ellen Walter, Home Economics. Horace R. Jenkins, Industrial Arts. Good-bye, Herb Hart — Harry Griffith turns out hard playing and generally winning basketball teams—Mrs. Hadley directs women's athletics—Mrs. Walter teaches our young coeds how to cook, we hope, — "Pop" Jenkins uses ice cream feeds, or taffy pulls or donut fries to break the monotony of the Industrial Ed. Department.Dr. Vernon O. Tolle. Director. Ruth Bestor, Supervisor. Edna Pageier. Instructor. Dorothy Williams. Instructor. Eleanor McKay. Instructor. Boll© Dickson, Supervisor.zfluon;CLflSSfSflLHPfl psi orriEGfi The dramatic honorary society contributes to the many outstanding productions in the drama department, and sponsors many interesting dramatic readings ■and assemblies. Warrene Elmore, President of Alpha Psi Omega. Merlyn Allen, Pres, of Sigma Epsilon Rho. To further the interests of Science is the motto of S. E. R., honorary science society of H. S. C. Meetings are held in the social unit where guest speakers are invited to discuss current scientific topics. m EPsuon phoMembers of Mu Epsilon Psi, Humboldt's music club, are music majors and minors and students possessing outstanding musical talent. The featured activity of the year was the club's gala presentation of its second annual Amateur Hour. Standing: Fountain, Schuss-man, Falor, Bendel, Schmitt, Monro®, McCann, Lambert, Heasman, Gosselin, Pratt, Ohman, Johnson. Carr, Malleoli, Yehudi, Ferguson, Miss Garvin, Maxwell. Sitting: Pinches, Elmore, Hagne, Yaloy, Ensign, Look, Lowry, Samons, Hunt, Crane. Grove, Hill, Schoel, Bartlett, Arnold, Kinkela.Back row: Goss. Farber, Howatt, Forson. Front row: Fountain, Sanders. Dolp, Howard, Buck, Gunderson, Woodcock. Ammer, Hawk, Scott. Hood, Caltoft. Zeigler, Edsall. SMUT TEACHERS’ ASSAC10 The Student Teachers' Association is composed of Juniors and Seniors enrolled in education courses. Its purpose is to promote a better understanding of the problems of teaching, and especially student teaching. At the annual convention of the California Student Teachers' Association, Marian Goss was elected state secretary-treasurer for the coming year. Bob Goss. Pres. Catherine Caltoft. Sec. Jim Cady. Vice-Pres.Kirkpatrick, Bendel, Correll, Lang-don, Koger, I. Fountain, Stemberger, Bartlett, Stickols, Howard, D. Fountain, Woodcock, Waldron, Larson, Caltoft, Hood. KIIMHIITfll CLUB All students interested in primary work may join the Kindergarten Club which meets every month to sew doll clothes, mend broken toys, and become acquainted with songs and games of the primary grades. This year the club sponsored a cake sale, and with the proceeds bought two sets of building blocks for the Elementary School. Miss Ruth Bestor is the faculty advisor. Dot Fountain, Pres. Carolyn Crane, Sec. Shirley Kirkpatrick, Treas.Gene German, Pres. Bob Bryan, V.-Pres. SKI CLUB The Ski Club members worked diligently completing their ski lodge on Grouse Mountain, combining hard work with pleasure on their week-end trips to the lodge. It was a good "snow year", and the members v ero well paid for their labor with excellent skiing. Betty Ann Carlson, Sec. Back: Robinson, German, Dalton, Kramer, Christie. Center: B. Carlson, Olivotti. Front: Podley, W. Carlson, Devoy, Bryan.Barbara Hoasman, Pres. Barb n Bill Susan Wilson. V.-Pres. This year's Tap Club program went on record as a smash hit, and a worthy achievement of the club, which is sponsored by the W. A. A. for the purpose of promoting interest and participation in tap dancing. Hanson, Prather. Hoasman, Wilson. Ensign, Newell, Shaw, Arnold, Bird. Lee Flink, Serge Stashuk, Leon Flink.(T1UTSUHIT0 To instigate school spirit and support all campus activities is the purpose of the Mutsuhito, women's social organization. Fall activities included a sport dance, pledge luncheon, and formal initiation. The Mutsuhito Formal and Campus Queen Contest, the Founder's Day Dinner, and formal installation of officers were spring events. Mrs. Fred Telonicher is sponsor of the group. Shaw Waldron Crane Hartsook Kirkpatrick Wrigley Nelson Stockton Ivancich Arnold Westbrook Ostrander Howard Southworth Schussman Yaley Members not pictured: Hagne, Stickels, Maxwell, Scholl, Wilkinson, Negro. Gray.This club, organized last fall by Mrs. Ellen Walter, is ready to assist at any college social function. The members are Home Econ majors or minors. Outstanding activities included Home Economics Day, for high school Home Econ students and teachers, the Mother's Day Tea, hall decorations for Christmas, and a formal dinner and installation. Front row: Devoy, McCann. Peterman. Eads, Jenson, Sequist, Alto. Southworth, Howard, Carpenter, Gray, Miller. Back row: Quarnhoim, Duf-lield, Yehudis, Mathows, Schmitt, Cloney, Johnson. Bertrand. MacMillan. Hill.Haven Howott, Pres. s £ n i What is that welter of intangible emotion that arises within the heart of every senior as he hears the first strains of the processional march announcing the culmination of four years of college activities? It is regret, anxiety, hope, or anticipation; or is it a composite reaction far more exclusive? Regardless, they emerge triumphant and victorious leaving behind a world of ideals and accepting the challenge to put into practice the many theories which have formed the basis for years of study.CLASS 7 Clarence Edsall Vivian Larson William Ziegler Helen Howard Helen Hawk Milton Villa Catherine Caltoft Robert Goss  Pete Domeyer. President. Hunt Look Wilson Lowry C. Moor© Ohman N. Moor© Bird Hagn® j. Moor© Bornoman Mitchell Le© Shaw Bryan Elmo'-' Hartsook McGrath . ioWer classmen, inters serve as tojo nd are the =ackb e Sempervirens and the oasts the editors ol theRiddle Eads Kotick Heasman Berner Baldwin Russell Lawronce Tinkey McCord Lindgren Johnson Murray wove German Caprile Carlson Allen Newell McCann Davis Metcalf Lambert Corbin Turner Hibler Juell •% '-arrRichie Davis, President. Vivian Larson, Secretary. Faced with the problem of keeping in check an unusually energetic freshman class, the sophomores succeeded admirably in this traditional duty, at the same time giving full cooperation to Associated Student activities. Saucy Sophs chastise erroring Frosh.Zone Nichols, President. f R E S H m € n Harold Canepa, V.-Pres. Bert Johnson, Sec. This year's freshman class was again a large one, and again, as usual, continued to take the play away from the more advanced classes, adding a zest and youthful enthusiasm to college life. Bewildered Frosh in woes of registration.! a Commercial students at work. OOmmERCIOL GRADUATES For many years one of the five largest and most popular departments in the school is the Commercial department whose graduates have built an enviable reputation for themselves among the business houses of Humboldt County. Members have the added advantage of preparing for a vocation in a two year period and still availing themselves of the opportunity of participation in college life. Students now receive their diplomas with the graduating class.Katherine Nelson Rose Katri Josephine Keating JCOn SlOttO Betty Hess Merle Fearrien Olive Cooper Faye McCord.ATHLETICSGoorgo Hartman, Pres. The Men's Association, one of the oldest of campus organizations with perhaps the largest membership, again continued on its merry way this year, intent on giving both its members Richie Davis, Sec. Tom Hanson, V.-Pres. and the campus as a whole a good time. Of course, the top events were, as usual, the annual barn Dance and later the "picnic". Interest in both reached a new high, and overshadowed perhaps even the serious duty of awarding two scholarships to local high school graduates proficient in athletics and scholarship.ASSOCIATED IllOlil SMS The still new, but steadily growing more important Associated Women Students of Humboldt State College this year had its year of greatest and most comprehensive activity. Starting again with the Frosh Roundup, the A. W. S. got under way with a bang. A series of panel discussions were held at various times throughout the year to help Humboldt's women better understand the problems they must face. Other activities included "get acquainted" dances at the start of each semester, principally Dot Hunt, Pres. for the benefit of incoming freshmen, the A. W. S. drill team, and the Mother's Day tea and fashion show. Also through the efforts of A. W. S. delegates, the sectional convention of Women's Associations was secured for Humboldt next year. Hazel Hagne, V.-Pres. Eleanor Shaw, Treas. Lois Wrigley, Sec.John Van Duzer, Technical Director. DRAIHfl The year in drama at Humboldt was marked first by the return of Garff Bell Wilson—now Dr. Wilson —to head of the department after two years' leave of absence which he spent studying at Cornell Secondly the year was marked by the consistent excellence of his productions. Richard Jarboe, Dramatic Manager. Eleanor Buck. Makeup Asst. Ward Falor, House Manager. Now don't tell me he just shot and stabbed himself!“Then it's up to you. Baby." “To der Fuehrer." Big, bad Bund bum. “—or else back to Germany.' First play of the year was Clare Boothe's satirical anti-Nazi melodrama, "Margin for Error". The play saw several Freshmen share honors with two old hands in a rapid-fire hit. Dealing with the murder of a hated Nazi consul in America, the drama first centered around the villainous victim, then around the lowly Jewish cop who finally solves the crime. Freshman Zane Nichols played cop Moe Finkelstein, and Rod Belcher was consul Karl Baumer. Remainder of the fine cast included Richard Jar-boe, Clarke Nellist, Marella White, Bill Madsen, Allen Lowry, Nancy Jo Birnie, and Hermon Jones. Late again, and catching it. Dan McClure, Eleanor Buck, and Gilbert Negro in one of tho three one - act experimental plays presented by the drama department.D R fl ID fl ffitncH Second major production of the year and one of the most outstanding and effective plays ever produced at Humboldt was Paul Osborn's fantasy, "On Borrowed Time." Starring in the very human and touching tale of devotion between grandfather and grandson were Richard Jarboe and young Maurice Elmore of the College Elementary School. Completing the cast were Jack Si vert, Louise Corbin, Warrene Elmore, Betty Fay, Dean Galloway, Charles Waters, Martin Stockel, and Hobart Davis. Oil BORROWED III Sunset on the slope of a hill. So you're Gordon's wife! Between the two aforementioned productions, the drama department presented an evening of three experimental one-act plays—one a farce, one a poetic fantasy, and one a comedy-drama. The varied farce offered an evening of interesting and well performed plays. Gramps" and "Pud.'' Miss Nellie goes with Mr. Brink. Yes, it's a dead mouse. Now scream if I prickTEARS Final effort of the season was the gay comedy by Terence Rattigan, "French Without Tears." Presented in May in the spirit of spring, this light offering was the tale of a group of men and their individual methods of combatting a predatory female. In the slap-happy cast were Maxine Maxwell, Zane Nichols, Jack Sivert, Marella White, Clarke Nellist, Marilynn Brown, Dan McClure, Bud Villa and Bill Fiedler. Demon Rum lays 'em low. Non, Non! "Gare” is not that kind of station. Gramps and Pud plan to thwart Mr. Brink. Learn French in ten easy lessons.The music department of Humboldt has four purposes: to provide for the cultural education of students through acquaintanceship with music as a literature; to provide prospective teachers with some musical education as a part of their teaching equipment; to provide music for the community; and, to provide some training for specialists in music.Humboldt's mixed chorus of ninety voices and the College Little Symphony Orchestra presented Bach's Christmas Oratorio during the holiday season. J. H. Welton, faculty member of the College of the Pacific, was guest soloist. Student soloists included Karen Loft, Jean Schussman, Allan Lowry, and Eugene Hammond. Following the Oratorio, the A Cappella Choir presented a beautiful candlelight service, singing old Christmas Carols of foreign countries. In Iho receiving line: Mrs. Edmund V. Jeffers. J. Henry Welton, tenor; Jean Schussman, soprano; Allan Lowry, baritono; Karon Loft, contralto; Eugene Hammond, baritone; Mrs. Arthur S. Gist.Front row: Gosselin, Pratt, Schuss-man, Swan, Arnold, School, Bird. Birme, Crane, W. Elmore, Walsh, Pinches, Ruud, Bongio, Roscoe, Hammond, Belfils, Matteoli. Back row: Lewis, Johnson, Lang-don, Vincent, I. Elmore, Loft, Hartsook, Morrell, Samons, Beer. Speer. Orlandi, Look, Lowry. Falor, Speier. fl CUP PELLfl CHI The A Cappella Choir, composed of thirty-four selected voices, made a 700 mile tour of high schools and educational conferences this spring. The world famous Reverend William J. Finn of New York, before whom the group appeared, had only the highest praise for the choir. Locally the choir made over twenty-five appearances. . . . The chorus of 100 members was started this year as an experiment and has proven highly successful. It provides an opportunity for any student to participate in a musical organization without tryouts. Noon rehearsals in preparation for trip to bay sympHony.. spr "Ballad for Americans” and "Song of Faith” were presented by the chorus, choir, orchestra, and Areata High School A Cappella Choir. Joel Carter of Stanford University was soloist. The orchestra, composed of forty-five students and community people, played a Mozart Symphony. The A Cappella Choir also gave several selections.Back row: Coach Hart, Rousseau, Montgomery, Wators, Davenport, Mosoly. Savage, Ayala. Center row: Edsall. Randle. Daigan, Wheeler. Fitzpatrick. Iten. McGrath. Del Fatti, Mahan. Front row: Caro, Saunderson, Davis, Crichton, Brown. Murray. Stashuk, Longholm, Lee, Walton. The good fortune of many years crept up on Humboldt at last during the 1940 season. Blessed for several seasons by good weather and freedom from injuries in any number, the hard-heartedness of Jupe Pluvius and the old injury jinx combined to help Humboldt to its poorest season in many years. It was the first time in five years that the Lumberjacks lost more games than they won, and the first time in 19 years that Herb Hart had coached a losing team. However, for a team that was reduced from 30 Bill Brown, quarter. Grant Ferguson, guard. Frank Saunderson, full.members to 17 by injuries, and that played two games in knee-deep mud, the season wasn't so bad. The Lumberjacks opened by eking out a 7-6 decision over the Alhambra Alumni Club. This was followed by another close shave win over Cal Poly 13-12 in what was Humboldt's Longholm back to pass in Chico game. Lumberjacks hustle after Chico fumble.Arkansas tacklers swarm over Longholm. Pre-gam© rally in down-town Eureka. 20-9, and then the third and final win of the year came over Arkansas A M 13-0. The Cal Ramblers out - mudded Humboldt 12-0 and the season closed with Chico State downing the Lumberjacks 7-0 on the Wildcat field. best effort of the year. The first setback came at San Francisco when the S. F. Staters pulled a 3-0 victory out of the fire. The powerful Cal Aggies walloped an injury weakened Humboldt team Harvey Del Fatti, tackle. Art McGrath, end.B fl S K £ T B After a shaky start, Harry Griffith's Humboldt basketballers got under way in mid-season and finished the 1940-41 season as one of the best teams in Humboldt's history. The Lumberjack Pre-game strategy from Griff. Rod Belcher, guard. Bill Lee, forward.Jim Savage, guard. Curt Wilson, guard. Goodwin pleases crowd with balancing act. Southern Oregon series. cagers carried Humboldt's colors through five states and the Republic of Mexico in an early season barnstorming tour, and chalked up over 7000 miles in travel during the season. It was the toughest schedule ever faced by a Humboldt athletic team, and especially in late season, the Lumberjacks came through with flying Coach GriffithTod Speier, forward. Lon Longholm, forward. Howard Goodwin, confer. Serge Stashuk, guard. Savage outjumps a Southern Oregon. colors, winning 9 out of their last 10 games. Mention must be given to Bill Lee, all Far Western Conference forward who sparked the team with his aggressiveness and uncanny shooting ability. Opening the season, San Jose State won two games from Humboldt 62-40 and 55-51 in what was also the opening of the barnstorm tour. Next stop was Gila J. C., Arizona, with Humboldt winning 52-48. Then came a jaunt to Chi-huaha, Mexico, where the Lumberjacks found the champions of that republic the toughest team they faced all year, dropping two, 55-52 (over-I ♦ BflSKtTBflLL the following night. In a return series with Chico, the boys dropped the first 60-47 but took the second 41-26. Travelling to Ashland, Humboldt copped both ends of the series from Southern Oregon 55-53 and 57-50. Next was Oregon College of Education and the Lumberjacks again took two, 47-40 and 53-45. Southern Oregon split in a return series, Humboldt winning the first 57-49 and the Ashlanders the second 46-34. The season closed with two Far Western Conference wins over the Cal Aggies five 54-28 and 51-29. time) and 51-45. Returning home, the wanderers dropped two more to Chico's Far West-tern champs 44-37 and 53-36. Then after dropping the first to San Francisco State 63-29, Humboldt finally got in the right track by coming back with a surprise 41-36 win Goodwin lofts one in O. C. E. series. Goodwin out-recovers Oregon “Wolves". Ashlanders heckle Belcher's efforts.Tcnms.joLf... The Block H Society this year continued to award honor sweaters and letters to Humboldt's athletes, and in addition was more active under the presidency of Ernie Caro than ever before in its history. A big Block H dance was held the night of Work Day in the gym, the theme being a farewell gesture to departing coach Herb Hart and a benefit for Cliff "Swede" Olson, Humboldt football star now in the hospital. Frank Saunderson. Harvey Del Fatti. H” SOCIETY Standing: Montgomery, Fitzpatrick, Williamson. Howatt. Cady, Speer. McGrath. Speier, F. Waters. Villa. Leo. H. Walton, Iton, Belcher. Ferguson, C. Waters. Meneweathcr. Sitting (center): Mahan, Stashuk, Murray, Longholm, Del Fatti. Saunderson. Sitting (front): L. Walton, Caro, Eaton, Crichton. Ayala. Williams. TRUCK...BASmil... 4 % Minor sports at Humboldt this year included track, tennis, baseball, boxing, and several others which had intramural competition. A small contingent of track men represented Humboldt at the Far Western Conference track meet at Davis in May. This was the only inter-collegiate competition entered into by Humboldt in minor sports. Grant Ferguson Frank Crichton and Bill HutchinsonLUOIM’S SPORTS Women's sports at Humboldt are organized on a basis of interclass competition, and are sponsored by the Women's Athletic Association. Among the sports in which Humboldt's women athletes participated this year were hockey, basketball, badminton, archery, and tennis. In addition to this interclass activity, a big "Individual Sports Day" was held under the Rosie Ivancich Imogene Elmore and Lois JohnsonFrosh basketball practice. sponsorship of the W. A. A. in which women participated in badminton, golf, tennis, archery, and other sports. The Women's Athletic Association this year was under the able leadership and presidency of Mary Caprile. Monica Hadley, Women's Athletic director.Fashion show models. Dancers at Christmas formal. Queen and her court—Sadie Ranta, Mary Acheson, Queen Alta Fulton, Frances Prather, Betty Morrell, Alice Wilkinson. Mothers' Day Tea and Fashion Show.fl P s Frosh reaction to History A B. Intermission—Christmas formal. H. S. C. exhorts Eureka customers. Mothers' Day Tea. Nelson Hall “Joe Penners". Tomato-head Belcher. Serge'n Barb, 'n howlsnflps of THt oono Old gag—still good. Chesty Laborers. Characters make pretense at working. Willie stoops to labor— Winning foremen get cakes. Gold-brick gals. Constructing winning project. The chain gang.Balabanis heckles Gist at faculty frolic. Schussman, Cluxton, Graves give out. Nelson Hall dedication. Humboldt card stunt. Jarboe's Ravin's. Rainy night for yell leaders. Moist Mohorovich. Where is thy sting? Frosh gal gets overdose of paint. ISEELY and TITLOW You can depend on us for the Freshest of vegetables as well as the Finest in Groceries. Areata, Cali1. °c With Humboldt State Students its Brizards for the Best Service A. BRIZARDS, Inc Since 18 6 7 Areata, Klamath, Weitchpec, Willow Creek, Hoopa.HOME of Humboldt's Finest Bakery CjHufounfs LOG CABIN BREAD Eureka. California C. O. LINCOLN CO. School Supplies, Books. Stationery Eureka, Calif. M. VONSEN CO. Wholesale Feeds and Grains First and E Sts. Eureka DRINK Delicious and Refreshing GOOD LUCK TO H. G. C. from ALBEE and FIELDING Candy Fountain Supplies 136-2nd Street Eureka McQUAY - NORRIS Engineered Set PISTON RINGS For Worn and Tapered Cylinders EUREKA AUTOMOTIVE SUPPLY Eureka residents students can tell you that for SAFETY PUNCTUALITY COMFORT They ride by “BUS" HUMBOLDT MOTOR STAGES Telephone Eureka 2289COMPLIMENTS OF TIMES PRINTING COMPANY Complete Printing Service ★ We Specialize In ANNUALS, ANNOUNCEMENTS, PROGRAMS 319 Fourth Street ★ Eureka, Caliiornia THANKS to the California Barrel Co., Ltd. Many, many college men are able to secure part time employment. Noted for delicious Sandwiches and a good Merchant's Lunch STATE CAFE N. Boyias Eureka SWANLUND STUDIO Center of Photography 516 F St. Eureka GUS PETERSON THE CALIFORNIA BARREL CO., Ltd. is a true friend to Humboldt State College Fishing Tackle Ammunition Soft Drinks BUS LUNCH COUNTER Where the Football Men Go For HOME COOKED FOOD Areata, Calif.S. h. KRESS CO. 5-10 S 25 Cent Store 410 F St. Eureka, Calil. FEUERWERKER'S Distinctive Furniture Outstanding Appliances Realize your dreams of a well Furnished Home Areata, Calif. Phone 164 A Locally Controlled Strong Conservative Bank THE BANK OF EUREKA COMMERCIAL and SAVINGS Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp'n. 3rd and E Streets Eureka, Calif. AND NOW.... Northern California’s Most Modern New Style Center! For 46 years the shopping center of Humboldt's smartest Women . . gloriously new for YOUR greater shopping convenience! jbalu'd. KRAMER AUTO SUPPLY CO. Eureka, Calif. Nov in our new and modern home Corner 4th and C Streets COME AND SEE US PENNEY'S HUMBOLDT'S FRIENDLY DEPARTMENT STORE Fifth £ G Sts. Eureka 4 HAPPY HILL EVERYTHING TO WEAR Areata, California RUSS MARKET COMPANY Wholesale and Retail "QUALITY MEATS" Eureka, California WILSON SODA WORKS Eureka, California M A ' S The new home of Mr. and Mrs. Karl Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Milk Shakes HILFIKER ELECTRIC CO. Radio and Electric Service Phone 20 Areata, Calif. Complete Home Furnishers— FRIEND £ PAWLUS Furniture Company 635-5th St. Ph. 816 Eat and Drink at— V the Eureka, Calif. 511 -4th St. A Place to Get Together— THE CLASSIC BILLIARDS Billiards Pool Soft Drinks Candies Cigarettes THE HUB Men's Wear Shop 619-5th St. Loo Gilmore 529 - 4th St. Eureka REDWOOD DISTRIBUTING CO. Wholesale Candy and Confections 4th C Eureka 1 | F. W. WOOLWORTH CO. ! 5 - 10 - 25c Store I | 426 - 428 F St. I I [ Eureka, Calil. Congratulations to your Graduates from the PACIFIC PHARMACY James Pemberton, Prop. Eureka Areata Eureka ROBERTSON'S SUPERCREAM I Ice Cream Shop Giant Shakes Frosted Malts Our Specialty Good Variety Ice Cream Flavors CAMEO STUDIO THE COLLEGE COMMONS Braekfast, Lunch and Dinner ON THE CAMPUS Sid Jacomella Vic Caprile SEQUOIA GROCERY Groceries, Liquors, Feed and Seed Ph. 26 P. O. Box 162 Areata, Calif. College Students: The Delicious Servings of BORDEN'S CREAMERY and the Kandy Kitchen (in Eureka) are made from the products of the I I I I COTTAGE GROVE DAIRY Nels Jorgenson Prop. i IE. S. C L O N E Y 6th (S F STREET DRUG STORE and RED CROSS PHARMACY Agents for Yardley, Elizabeth Arden. Colonial Dames Toiletries CONGRATULATIONS GRADS: from HUGHES CHEVROLET CO. Fortuna 24-hour Tow Service HORNBROOK'S BUSTER BROWN SHOE STORE Eureka. California GOLDEN STATE Fire Dairy Products = , e G ° V- PARADISE GRILL Charcoal Broiled Steaks 416 - 5th Street Sea Food Dinners Eureka A JOB WELL DONE ARCATA CLEANERS TAILORS Bert Chapman, Prop. B. B. BARTLETT, Opt. D. S. P. BARTLETT, Opt. D. 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D. 5th S F Euroka Dr. Eugene Fountain DENTIST Areata, Calif. ■■t t t I t t • I t ! Dr. P. W. Quintrell First National Bank H. L. Jenkins, M. D. “The College Physician" Euroka. Calif. Areata, Calif. Lawrence A. Wing. M. D. First National Bank Euroka  -N . - i l'£ %$E!:t WM- . ' • ■ " ; ■ '■ ' • .:••.•-• ■ : , r : : :. :■ ........................................................................................................................... - . , ' ............................................................................................... - ... - . • |. ■ N u ‘iIt M ifff; M , .--••• : : • • • — : - t r.t: t;; ; .» ,«................................•- - •••.• ••• :•: •:••.....1 ;;..............., • ; • ... - . .Vf-,. ’ m rrifrV ! •• • • • -Si truicn ■.:.«..:::r4"- -Itr. ;•$::=«:•:•:?:•••••• • :WA : s :«r ! - " ‘ i ; • :; W'- ■ IW:" • • • .-..•• .... I'lijilf ■ t? 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Suggestions in the Humboldt State University - Sempervirens Yearbook (Arcata, CA) collection:

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