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1 ,.V. V, .L K, fp-1.. f Fl ' 747 WWW MW Q Wl' YV I Q M t ,, " f ' A 1 ' I yalqll t 2 X' A U fjb J Q My by W Jw , V , f ' f , ff f 1 , ,". 1 tif. 1 if! . viii!! ' W V LMIQU Vu x - I ' V ,ff X M rv W fgffffwywfw ' K .1 if A - Qf f N, -A mfg - Q M - ' ' . Q . A i f ' v his 'KX K 'I V ,.,, . , -. ,ig I . . Q Q , 'Lvl 3 ' ji g- .. ,,, - ' Q 'QW l f, ,, ,V . A 4 "' " '- 2 ,-- E, - wwe- - ., ' - -'H' Q-f .,..,. -f-1 - - . x-1 Q1 --3. ,-,qii-il !! ' "NA "' "'Lf'iL'Y'f'vr'2:--.11.-a:xs1mr-f,f-y:Q,wk- V ., . - . -V ., 1, ,Iv,', . 4 -. K I 3 V-.hull Y N K U 1,-, ., , ., nb 'Z -L V L. V ' A f Q? ,wifgrvl 0 53, or 'K '5 ,., gig W W A,r ig fi 5 r W air y R an is , 'NM' MQmOPq LGHQ Go wirh us down Memory Lane . . . . . A lane of memories of John Greer High School in The year l946- 47 .... Memories of our ieachers and ihe class of '47, of Jrhe upper and lower classmen .... Jrheir acfiviiies, parries, clubs .... and our work in presenfing To you This THE 1947 IDICAVUNE -43. ,Hoop-ESTON, u.LiNois '95 1 , u ,'m ,J c c c c lllw llll a l T 1177 TX l l Ml, THE cmss or 1947 Remember . . . +he fun we had on our hayride . . . Rolling along on counfry roads, singing and merrily ealing our lunches . . . Tacky Day when every one go'r our his blue jeans and plaidTshir+, and lhe picnic aflerwards , . . The very special Dignily Day when we all donned our besl bib and fucker. and looked down on all underclass- men . . . D.A.R. award'winnerQi'lnez Bloyd . . . The sludious A. York . . . l. Bloyd . . . J. Pelry. The presidenf si our class, Charles l-lopkins, who was elecled lhree dif- ferenf years 'ro hold lhis imporlanlf iob . . . The Vice-President Charles Peferson, who was ill, buf here in spirir and well wishing . . . The Secrefary, Bill l-lenk, and lhe Treas- urer, Byron Hedgecock . . . Senior advisors, Miss Hull and lvlr. Whilehouse, who wenl our of 'rheir way lo help us in every+hing . . . Remember? The 1947 Picayune Page 3 T E IDICAVUNE PT FF The above picTure represenTs The EdiTorial STaTT OT The Picayune. This group has acTed in advisory capaciTy on maTTers oT policy, since The regular sTaTT was so large as To be diTTiculT To geT TogeTher. The EdiTorial STaTT se-lecTed The cover maTerial and design and has agreed on various changes in The book. The members have had The responsibiliTy oT some wriTing and re-wriTing oT copy. EdiTorialisTs are, leTT To righT: Dale Ferrell, CharloTTe Russell, Co-EdiTor, Miss l-lull, Advisor, Julia PeTry, Co-EdiTor, Alice Campbell, l-lelen l-less, Bob GaTrell. We wish in This place To give special crediTs and Thanks. CrediTs To The re-wriTe arTisTs, Lee RaTesberger, CharloTTe Russell, Julia PeTry, RuTh Ann Egnewq To The Prophecy commiTTee, MargareT PeTers, Barbara Mayhew, Phyllis Sills, Bob Quacken- bush, ArT Hughes, Tor a clever execuTion oT Their idea: To The Calendar makers, Peggy Ingram, Elaine EllioTT, Peggy Musk--well done: Tor SporTs wriTe-up, Bob Jackson, Charles Hopkins-an arduous Task: To The ArT STaTT, Jane LiTTick TJ. G. and houre glassesl, Barbara Mayhew lp. 23l, BeTTy Colins lp. 7l, Marilyn Griner lp. 3l. l-learTTelT Thanks: To Mr. WhiTehouse and his TypisTs, To The oTTice Tor iTs encour- agemenT, and, Trom The advisor, To The enTire sTaTT, appreciaTion Tor individual and cooperaTive eTTorTs ThroughouT The year. P05994 The 19.47 Pfzcayzme DAYING FOIQ T E DICAVU E Many oT The sTudenTs here aT John Greer have been won- dering aloouT The way in which The Picayune inTends To pay Tor iTseIT. There are abouT Three answers To Their quesTion: The carnival which was given in The gymnasium aT The TirsT OT The year, The Donkey BaskeTbaII Game, and The Picayune sales. The carnival, as The John Greer sTudenTs remember, was one oT The rnosT successful evenTs oT The year. The evening's program had been well-planned, and The Speech classes had cooperaTed in The preparaTions To help make iT a Iong-remem- bered occasion. There were several games, a marriage booTh, The crowning OT The king and queen oT John Greer, a reTresh- menT booTh, a side show, dancing, and a iiTTerbug conTesT. In order To parTicipaTe in The games, wiTness The side show, and voTe Tor candidaTes Tor The king and queen, TickeTs Tor each evenT were sold aT Two cenTs each. In The mosT imporTanT evenT oT The evening Gene Myers and Jean OTT were crowned king and queen. The Donkey BaskeTbaII game drew a capaciTy crowd, which Tilled The gymnasium beTore The TirsT quarTer oT The game was over. The John Greer Team played hosT To The veTerans oT World War II and an exciTing as well as humorous game was enioyed by everyone presenT. The adverTising Tor The Picayune was soliciTed by Jack Fisher, John Paul Leigh, and Roy Powley, These boys used Their Tree periods To geT The adverTisemenTs Trom The local sTores. The Picayune sales will also help Take in The needed money. Only 200 year books had been ordered aT The beginning oT The year, buT IOO more were ordered laTer so ThaT anyone who wanTed one would noT be disappoinTed. FIRST ROW: LiTTick, G-riner IArT STaTTl, PeTers, Hughes, Mayhew IProphecyj, RaTzesberger, Fisher IFinancej, Pugh ITypisTI. SECOND ROW: Collins lArT-T, Jackson iSporTs, PicTuresT, Dawson fPicTuresl, Leigh lFinanceI, Musk lCaIendarl, Bridges fPicayune ArTicIr-T, Wallace lAideSl, Suhre l5pOTllghTl. THIRD ROW: Sills lProphecyl, B. Ingram ISaIesl, Dalrymple IFJ-I.A., Financel, Myers ISporTsI, P. Ingram ICaIendarT. FOURTI-I ROW: EIIioTT lCalendarl, Egnew ISeniors, Re-wriTesT, Powley lAdverTising, Who's Whol, Ray ISpanish Clubl, Finley IBA:-ok Clubl, Kissack fPicTuresI. The 1947 Picayune Page 5 ' MEMQIQY LA E WhaT an excellenT Theme Tor your Picayune as in iT you presenT The hisTory oT John Greer High School Tor This, your senior year. You will Tind ThaT The real value of your yearboolc is noT alone in iTs appeal To you aT The presenT Time louT in whaT iT will mean To you Ten or TwenTy years hence when you Travel along The fvlemory Lane oT iTs pages, recalling old days and old Triends. Then The Hgood old days" will come baclc To you vividly, recalled by The snapshoTs, group picTures, and club acTiviTy records. Your own inTeresT and iniTiaTive have al- ready deTermined how proTiTable These Tour years have been. May all The memories of your years spenT aT John Greer be pleasanT ones. NELSON N. STORK, Suplr. FuTure generaT1ons will no doubT remember This as The ATomic Age. IT is our duTy and pleasure To Take The iniTiaTive in helping educaTe youTh Tor more eTTecTive living in This aTornic age. The elemenT U-235 and oTher Tissionable maTe- rial will soon be as common To This generaTion as radio has been To The pasT. We are also inTeresled in The Peace which we are helping To build in This ATomic World. More and beTTer educaTion For The masses will go a long way To solve our diTliculTy. l am sure John Greer High will Take iTs place along wiTh our oTher educaTional insTiTuTions and do iTs parT. BesT wishes and congraTulaTions To The class oT l947 and may your Trip down Memory Lane be a pleasanT one. JARED T. LYON. Principal Page 6 The 1947 Pzcayrzme L I Tifig 4? H YQ? W' ll 1 l- ZTATATLTATATLTLTATAT 1 "1 f MEMOIQIES QE CLASSES Ross C. Allen B.S., English, Speech, Dra- malics Norlhern Missouri Slale Teachers College, Kirksville Lavere Aslrolh B.S., Physical Educalion, World I-lislory, Coach Universily of Illinois, Urbana Mayme Brall B.Ed., Home Economics Illinois Slale Normal Uni- verslly, Normal William Campbell, Jr. B.EcI., Science, Agricullure, Assl. Coach Soulhern Illinois Slale Teach- ers Colleqe, Carbondale 1sJj?,,,fl" Nelsie Hix M.A., Music Illinois Wesleyan Universily, Bloominglon Joanne Andersen A.B., English, Spanish DePauw Universily, Greencas lle Glenn Brasel B.Ed., lnduslrial Arls Soulhern Illinois Slale Teach ers College, Carbondale Clara Cade B.S., Arl Illinois Slale Normal Univer sily, Normal Belly Hassler B.A., Biology, Girls' Physica Educafion Carlhage College, Carlhuq' Belly Jane Hull B.Ed., Social Science Illinois Slale Normal Univer- sily, Normal mommy The 1947 Picayufne Carl C. Jensen B.Ed., Band, Physics Illinois Slale Normal Univer- sify, Normal Harry E. Kramer B.S., Mechanical Drawhq, Melal Shop Indiana Slale Teaciiws Col- leqe, Terre Henle Elinor Leigh Marlin H A 2 B.Ed., English, Librarian I I r Illinois Slale Normal Univer l' Sily, Normal x l' Lucille Nelms A.B., Malhemafics University of Illinois, Urbana Elizabelh Sanders BS., Commerce Universily ol Illinois, U v.!'l.'1 Alma W. Schrock B.S,, Home Economies Universily of lllino.s, lJ'om-2 Miriam Taylor MA., Malhemalics, English Teachers College, Columbia Universily, New York Cily William W. Whilehouse B.Ed., Commerce, Economics illinois Slale Normal Univer- sily, Normal Naomi Allcire Secrefary lo Superinlendeii' John Greer l-liqh School l-loopesfon Winona McGuire Secrerary lo Principal John Greer Hiqh Soho: Hoopeslon FACULTY 'rw Maxine Louise Allison "Max" Choral Club I, 2, 3, 43 Mixed Chorus 2, 43 F.I-LA. I, 43 6-.A.A. I, 43 Book Club 23 Music Con- lesf 3. Inez Eliza belh Bloyd 'llnieu Choral Club 2, 3, 43 Mixed Chorus Accompanisl 43 Book Club 23 National Honor iocicly 43 Camera Club Treasurer 4. Alice Ja nefle Campbell Choral Club I, 2, 3, 43 Mixed Chorus 43 F.H.A. I, 2, 3, 43 Book Club 23 Picayune Slaff 4. Carolyn Joyce Crumley "Kale" Mixed Chorus I, 2, 3, 43 Girls' Chorus 43 Transferred from Mo- line 4. Doroihy Dawson "Dol" Band I, 2, 3, 4, Sec:.'Treas. 43 F.H.A. I, 2, 3, 43 Orchestra 23 Sfudenl Council I3 Picayune Slafl 43 Camera Club Secre 'tary 4. Elaine Ellioll "Red" Choral Club I, 2, 33 Spanish Club 23 F.l'I.A. 2, 3, 4, Sec.- Treas. 3, 43 Spoflighl Srafl 33 Book Club 23 Picayune Sraff 4, Cha rlolle M. Ballershell "Char" Book Club 2. Thelma Marvene Cade "Pudqy" F.l'l.A. 43 G.A,A. I, 2, 3, Book Club 23 Drurn Maiorelfe I, 2, 3, 43 Head Mniorelle 2, 3, 4. Lois Carler "Red" Band I, 2, 33 F.H.A. 43 Aide 43 Camora Club 4, Virginia Dalrymple nevmnvn Band Librarian 23 F.l-l.A. I, 2, 3, 43 Book Club 23 Sludenf Council 3, 43 Picayune Slaff 43 Concessions 3, 4. Rufh Ann Egnew "Rulhie" Choral Club I, 23 Mixed Cho- rus I3 Thespians 2, 3, 4, Treas. 43 Spanish Club I, 23 C-.A.A. I, 23 Book Club 23 Picayune Slal'f 3, 43 Plays 2, 3, 43 Concessions 2, 3, 4. Elmer Dale Ferrell "Jake" Band I, 2, 33 Choral Club I, 2, 43 Thespians 43 Mixed Chorus I, 2, 33 Book Club 23 Orcheslra I, 43 Sludenl Council I, 2, 43 Picayune Sraff 43 Plays 43 Opera ellas I, 2, 43 Salam, Missouri 3. CLASS OF ,476 The 1947 Picayrme Band I, 2, 33 Spanish Club 23 John William Fisher "Fish" Band I, 2, 3, 4, Presidenl 43 Choral Club 43 Spanish Club 2, 3, 4, Program Chairman 33 Book Club 2, 33 Orcheslra 43 Sfudenl Council 2, 3, 43 Pica- yune Slafl 4. Marv Jane Gholson "Janie" Spanish Club 23 Book Club 2. Byron Hedgecock "Barney" Bandhl, 23 Thespians 2, 3, 43 Spofllghl Sfaff 43 Chil-Chai 43 Book Club 23 LeHern'1en's Club 43 Orcheslra 2. Beverly Anice Hix "Bev" Band l, 2, 3, 43 Spanish Club 3' Orcheslra 3, 4. Arlhor Ernesf Hughes, Jr. "Big Ar?" Band I, 2, 43 Thespians 43 Spor- Iiqhl Siaff 43 Chi?-Chai 43 Lel- iermen's Club 43 Sfudenl Coun- cil, Magislrafe 43 Picayune Siaff 4. Peggy Ingram npcg.. Cheerleader 3, 43 Choral Club I, 2, 3, 4' Sec.-Treas. 43 Mixed Chorus I, 2, 43 Thespians 43 G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 43 Spol- liqhl Slaff 43 Chil-Chai Ediior 4: Sludcnf Council I, 2, 3, 4, Clerk 43 Book Club 23 Lelier- men's Club 3, 43 Picavune Sfaff 3, 43 Vice-Pres. of Freshman Class I. Barbara Joan Galloway "Jody" F.H.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Treas. 3, Pres. 43 Musicals I3 Aide 2, 3, 4, Aide Capfain 3, 4. John Ridge Glover "Jack" Aide 3. Bill Howard Henk Upon.. Book Club 23 Le+Terrnen's Club 2, 3, 4, Presideni 43 Baskelball I, 2, 3, 4, Caplain 43 Vice' President of Junior Class 3. Charles Ber'r Hopkins, Jr. "HODDv" Spollighi Slaff 3, 43 Chil-Chai 3, 43 Leflerrricn's Club 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 43 F.F.A. I, 23 Picayune Sfaff 3, 43 Baskelball I, 2, 3, 43 Baseball 43 Football I, 2, 3, 43 Track 2, 3, 43 Presi- dent of Class 2, 3, 4. Donald Ray Hunler "Masler I-Iunfer" F.F.A. 2. Roberf Eugene Jackson "Bob" Choral Club 43 Spanish Club 2, 3, 43 Spoilighf Slaff 43 Chil- Chal 43 Book Club 23 Leilere men's Club 43 Picavune Slaff 43 Camera Club 43 Track 2, 3, 4. CLASS OF '47 The 1947 Picayune LW! f,. 3 , , , fIf'ilff'gg4 , iff Mary Lou Jeffers "Mars" Choral Club 4, F.H.A. l, 22 G.A.A. lg Book Club 2. Raymond Kincaid "Skinny" Leffermen's Club 4. Evelyn Rose Lah "Pouch" Nafional Honor Sociely 4. John Paul Leigh "Baron" Band l, 2, 3, 4, Officer lg Mixed Chorus, President 4, Thespians 2, 3, 4, Presidenf 43 Book Club 2, President 2, Sfudenf Council I, 2, 3, 4, Mayor 45 Picayune Staff Ig Aides 2, 3, 4, Caplain 3, 4. Maurice McVicker "Mac" Band Ig Leffermen's Club 3, 43 Baskelball 3, 43 Football 3, 4. Joseph Bernard Means ..Joe.. Lorraine Kelley "Reenie" F.l"l.A. l, 23 G.A.A. l 2, 3: Book Club 2. Darlene Kissack "Smoky" Cheerleader 3, 4, Choral Club lg Thespians 3, 45 Spoflirwhl Slaff 45 Chif-Chat 4, Book Club Sec.-Treas. 23 LeHermen's Club 3, 4, Sec.-Treas. 3, 4, Picayune Staff 3, 4. Barbara Lawson "Barb" Spanish Club 2, 33 Thespians 2, 3, Book Club 21 C-3.A.A. 31 F.H.A. l, 2, Spotlight Slaff 2: Aides 2. Viola Janelle Lockharl ..Vi.. Choral Club l, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus I, 2, 3, 45 F.H.A. l, 2, G-.A.A. Ig Book Club 2. Barbara Jean Mayhew "Bobbie" Band 2, 3, 4, Choral Club l, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 2, 4: G.A.A. I, 3, 4, F.H.A. I, Spolli ht Slaff 45 Chit-Cha14, Book C?ub 23 Picayune Slafl 4. Maxine Morgeson "Max" Thespians 3, 47 F.H.A. 3, Aide 2, 3. C ASS OF '47 The 19.47 Picayune Dorolhy Jean Peers "Dogey Jean" Spanish Club 3, 4, F.I-I.A. 2, 3, 4, Book Club 2. Charles A. Peferson "Pele" Book Club 2: LeIIermcn's Club 3, 4, F.F.A. I, 2, Baskelball 3, Foolball 3, 4, Freshman Class Presidenl I, VicefPresidenI of Class 4, Thespians 4. Elmer Leroy Polls "Dude" Dorofhy June Powley HDOV. F.l-l.A. I, Book Club 2, Aide 3, Nalional Honor Sociery 4. Juanila May Pugh "Johnnie" Choral Club 4, Mixed Chorus 4, Spanish Club 3, 4, F.H.A. 3, 4, Parliamenlarlan 4, G.A.A. 4, Picayune Slaff 4, Aide 4, Cam- era Club 4. Roberf William Quakenbush "Ouack" Choral Club I, 2, 4, Mixed Chorus I, 2, 4, Thespians 3, 4, Spotlight Slafl 4, Book Club 2, 3, LeHermen's Club 2, 3, 4, Picayune Sfaff 4, Football Mgr. Z, 4, Baskelball Mgr. 2. Margarel Pelers "Maggie" Choral Club I, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus I, 4, Thespians 4, F. I-I.A. I, G.A.A. 2, 3, 4, Spot- Iiclghf Slaff 4, Chi?-Chal 4, Book C ub 2, Picayune Sfaff 4. Julia Perry "Ju-Ju" Choral Club I, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus I, 2, 4, Thespians 2, 3, 4, Parliamenlarian 4, Spanish Club I, 2, G.A.A. I, 2, Spoi- liqhl Sfaff I, 2, 4, Chil-Chai 4, Book Club 2, Nafional Honor Club 3, 4, Sfudenf Council I, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 4, Picayune Slaff 3, 4, Assislanl Edilor 3, Co-Edilor 4, Concessions 3, 4, Speech Conlesl' 2, 4, Music Conlesl 2, 3, 4. Doris Jean Powley "Dash" Choral 'Club 2, F.l-l.A. I, Z, 3, 4,- Presidenf 4, Book Club 2, Aides 2, 3. William R. Probasco "Basco" Book Club 22 Lelfermerfs Club 3. Grace Mario Pyle "Gracie" Choral Club I, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 4, F.H.A. 3, Book Club 2. Lelia Myra Rahesberger "Lee" Choral Club I, 2, Mixed Cho- rus I, 2, Thespians 2, 3, 4, Vice- Pres. 4, Spanish Club I, 2, Sec.- Treas. 2, Spoflighf Staff Editor 4, Book Club 2, Nafional Honor Sociely 3, 4, Secretary 4, Sludenf Council 4, Picayune Staff 3, 4, Music Conresl I, 2. 3, 4, Speech Confesf 2, Con- cessions 2, Plays 2, 3, 4. CLASS QF ,474 Belly Lou Rodgers "Froggy" Band I, 2, 33 Naiional Honor Sociefy 3, 4, Treas. 4: Ore chesfra 2. John Pafrick Scullin "Tex" Choral Club I, 23 Spanish Club I, 2, 43 Spollighl' Sfaff 43 Lel- Iermen's Club 33 Science Club 2, 33 R.O.T.C. FooIbalI 23 Bas- kefball 2, 33 Fall Play 33 Sham- rock Siaff 33 Transferred from Landy,JLake Charles, La., 4. Phyllis Ann .Sills "Peay" Choral Club I, 2, 33 Spanish Club 2, 3, 43 F.H.A. I, 2, 3,43 G.A.A. 33 Spoiliqhl' Sfaff 43 Chif-Char 43 Book Club 23 Pica- yune Sfaff 4. Ilea ne Timmons H1-immy.. F.H.A. I, 2. Marvin While "Whifey" Spanish Club I3 Book Club 2. EvereH' Harold Wood "Woodie" Charloffe Ann Russell "Rusfy" Choral Club I, 2, 3, 43 Mixed Chorus I, 43 Thespians 2, 3 4, Clerk 43 Spanish Club I, 23 G.A.A. I, 2, 33 Spoflighf Siaff 43 Chill-Char 43 Book Club 23 Nalional Honor Socieiv 3, 4, Presidenf 43 Picavune Siaff 3, 4, Co-Edifor 43 Concessions 3, 43 Music Confesf 3, 43 Speech Conlesf 43 Musicals I, 2, 3, 4. Howard Emmeii' Shelifield "Peewee" Band 2, 33 Spanish Club 23 Sooiliqhi SIaf'f 43 Chi'r'Chaf 43 Book Club 2. Rosemary Siork "Rosie" Choral Club I, 2, 3, 43 Mixed Chorus 4' F.H.A. I, 2, 33 Book Club 23 Nafional Honor Soci' efy 4. Geraldine Louise Wallace "Jerri" Choral Club 43 Mixed Chorus 43 Thespians 2, 3, 43 Picayune Sfaff 43 Aides 3, 4. Alice Ba rfIeH Wise "Barr" F.H.A. I, 2. Armenia C. York "Oscar" Spanish Club 2, 3, 4 Pres. 43 Spolliqhl Sfaff 2, 43 Chi?-Chai 2, 43 Book Club 23 Picayune Sfaff 33 Siudenf Council 4. CLASS QF ,472 The 1.947 Picayune WN s as f 5 MDW V -wg N vs' u -X W , R 1 S 101 A. Sinis, 111 Brarr, Sanders, Anderson, 121 Pliill and Armenia, 131 Mary Lou and Viola, 141 Barker, Kelly, York, Barrick, Luk, 151 Jvan and Ls-6W 71Na HI 95 nl l0MikandPI1I 33-'rx , 1 1 inonw, 1 onwi, 181 Nelnvs and ass er, 1 1 peec Cass 1 1 'Q ni ,1 1 "Sinqin' Sam", 1I21 Mary and Marilyn, 1I31 Ju Ju 1141 Mr. Jensen, 1l51 Cnarlo11e and Arl, 1I61 Mrs. Sclirock, 1171 Capf. l-lenk, 1l81 M. Srnillm, 1I91 Broflwer and sislcr, 1201 Brown and Alkire, 12l1 Corn pickr-rs, 1221 Gram and Juanifa, 1231 Do? and Joanne, 1241 Jane Lilfick, 1251 Madison, Sinclair, Hopkins' 1261 Basketball game, 1271 Thelma and Bllbby 1281 Leo, 1291 Ell and Pearl, 1301 Lawrence, 13l1 Peers, 1321 Denlon, Hunler, Beam, 1331 Fisher, 1341 Viola and Bob, 1351 Peg, Darlene, Kelley, Barb 1361 M. Sires, 1371 Todd, lleno, Rita, 1381 Barb Leernon and Mary Lee, 1391 "Al lhc Ritz", 1401 Helen, 14I1 Marilyn, 1421 R. Silvers, 1431 K. Freeland 1-141 Rose Ann' 1451 B. Daniels, 1461 Phill and Armenia, 1471 Murphy, Willy, Pinnick, 1481 A, Campbell, 1491 Dean and Belly Lou, 1501 Dorothy and Unrlef, 1511 Pauline, 1521 Ar1, 1531 Dean, Delores, Eugene, 1541 E. Wood, 1551 Dopey, Layonne, and Harrier, 1561 A. Wood, 1571 K. Crpaglij 1581 John Paul, 1591 Freddy, Buddy, "Pin", 1601 Mike, 1611 Jarnes Andrew Leslie, 1621, Barny, 1631 Jusl Gals, 1641 Galrell, Beam, Marfin, 1651 Nelson and Grnesj 1661 Jody Galloway, 1671 P. Silvers, 1681 Daniels, Galloway, Pugh, 1691 Fisher, 1701 A. Wise and friend, 17l1 Schools ouf! -Slolion ' 'T' E'lQ chorfled The radio, as Maxine M. Calvin, housewiTe, began drying dishes To The accompanimenT oi iTs programs. Good morning, iT is 8 A. M.. May l5, I947. We sTarT The morning's programs wiTh The serial, John's OTher Wife, sTar- ring John Leigh and CharloTTe Russell .... lAs The program ended The hero had Tled To anoTher ciTy Tor Tear oT dying aT The hands oT his beloved wiTe.l This is your announcer. Ever- eTT Wood. LisTen again Tomorrow Tor anoTher episode. Now, a singing commercial, 'Slurpy Soup, Slurpy Soup, eTc.' You have iusT heard The Ninx BroThers, Howard Sheffield and Leroy PoTTs, singing The adverTisemenT. NexT, "Bringing Home The Bacon" wiTh Jack Glover as old Tunny man M. C. The conTesTanTs are selecTed from The au- dience. Dale Ferrell and his orchesTra provide incidenTal mu- sic. Our singing sTar. Rosemary Sfork, will enTerTain wiTh sev- eral numbers. And now, here is Jack Glover! "Good morning, ladies and qen+lemen, beauTiTul morning. isn'T iT? We'II sTarT righT oTT wiTh our TirsT conTesTanT. WhaT is your name, please? 'Mary Lou l"lopkins.' OccupaTion? 'HousewiTe.' Married? 'Yes.' Any children? 'Six.' Your ques- Tion is, l-low many sTaTes are There in The UniTed STaTes? '46-' No-48, buT we wanT To give you a box of our one and only Noxydol. Use iT Tor dishes, eTc., eTc. Second ConTesTanT. Name? 'Bob Jackson.' OccupaTion? 'Newspaper reporTer.' Married? 'No.' Your quesTion, When was Lincoln born? 'February l2.' RighT! Give The man ThaT beauTiTul baby's bassineT. For our Third conTesTanT we have a Texas rancher. Name? 'PaT Scullin.' Married? 'Yes.' Children? 'Three.' Your ques- Tion is, WhaT is The capiTal oT Texas? 'AusTin.' RighT again- FiTTy silver dollars Tor ThaT answer. Sorry, ladies and genTlemen, buT ThaT's all The Time we have. See you Tomorrow. Keep "Bringing Home The Bacon." Now Tor a shorT musical inTerlude: recordings by Jack Fisher and his Hep-CaTs, inTerspersed wiTh classical music bv The noTable AuThor Tchissky Hughes, Jr. and Madame Julia Pefry of The MeTropoliTan Opera. The Pooroil Co. presenTs: Beverly Hix, Tamous commenTaTor, wifh her own analysis oT The news. "Carolyn Crumley has iusT won The lnTernaTional Motorcycle race compeTing againsT The greaTesT riders in The world, Bill Prabagee and Don Hur.-Ter, Here's a Flash from my secreTary, lleane Timmons-Professor Joe Means has iusT spliT The spliT aTom inTo anoTher spliT aTom. Names in The News: Mrs. Phyl- lis S. Hossacre TainTed when her husband. Ellis, made Two bas- keTs in succession in a recenT baskefball game. Inez Bloyd has iusT broken The Typing record aT 300 words a minuTe. CharloTTe BaTTershell has iusT been selecTed secreTary To The PresidenT oT The UniTed STaTes, Evelyn Lah. Be sure To read The imporTanT arTicle by Armenia York in Tomorrow's New York LoTspighT on sale aT The newssTands. Flash!! Final score of HoopesTon vs. Cheneyville Game. Coach Hopkins' boys did iT again wiTh sTar Maurice McVicker really in There all The Time. Final score: 48-6." If you will swiTch on The Television aTTachmenT To your radio, we shall now presenT "News PicTures of The Day." Page 1 6 Mrs. G. E. NeaThery. The Tormer B, J. Mayhew, is seen iniecTing penicillin inTo her husband's caTTle. Scene presenTed by our "Johnny on The SpoT" Raymond Kincaid, who Takes picTures oT anyThing. NexT scene is Player-Coach "Pop" Henk's Team, The Boids. sTarring Bob Quakenbush, who averages aT leasT 20 pTs. a game. They are playing againsT Player-Coach Barney Hedge- cock's Team, The KnockouTs. sTarring Charles PeTerson. The Tarmer-professional baskeTball player. The score is lO4-l03, wiTh "Pop" l"lenk's Team leading. There are only 2'f2 minuTes' playing Time. Henk and Quakenbush have been going wild. They've each scored 20 baskeTs and I2 Tree Throws. ln TaeT. you mighT say They are The whole Team. On The oTher side PeTerson has a lop-sided score Tor 25 baskeTs and TiTTeen Tree Throws, while Hedgecock does whaT he can wiTh Tive baskeTs and Three Tree Throws .... The game has iusT ended wiTh T-ledgecock's Team winning l2l-IZO. Hedgecock. himself. scored all The remaining poinTs in The lasT 2M minuTes. l"lere is The greaT woman poliTician, Lee Ralfzesberger, run- ning Tor governor of The STaTe oT Texas. l"ler campaign man- ager is Peggy lngram. The rival candidaTe Tor governor is Elaine EllioT+, wiTh Maxine Allison as her campaign manager. There is a greaT deal of fine debaTing going on beTween These Two women. This ends The "News PicTures of The Day." Our nexT program is a mysTery, TiTled, "Shocking, lsn'T IT?" wiTh The Morse Code Twins, DeTecTives DoT and Dash lThe Tor- mer DoroThy and Doris Powleyl. They have discovered ThaT The person who killed Mimi is none oTher Than her rival Lulu. Don'T TorgeT To Tune in nexT week To see whaT happens To Lulu, played by Darlene Kissack, as a resulT of her murdering livlimi, played by RuTh Ann Egnew. "Shocking, lsn'T lT?" So on-ng. Miss Alice Wise's program, "Advice To The Girls." Here is Miss Wise To read some oT The quesTions you have senT her and To answer Them in her own inimiTable way. 'Dear Miss Wise, l am an arTisT oT some repuTe buT my Tiance says l musT give up my career IT l marry him. WhaT do you ad- vise? Mary Gholson.' l advise you To look for anoTher Tiance. ATTer all, a career is a liTe's work. AnoTher leTTer says 'Would you marry a school Teacher? signed Joan Galloway.' lT would depend on who The Teacher was. This is Miss Wise signing QTF. Your Hollywood ChaTTerer, Jerri Wallace, Telling you ThaT Dorofhiy DeVore and her producer-husband have reconciled. Lois CarTer, Tamous sTunT-girl, was noT iniured in her Tall from a cliTT as previously reporTed. JuaniTa Pugh and DoroThy Peers, scripT-girls, have been promoTed To AssisTanT DirecTors. More chaTTer-laTer. Bye-now. House hold-HinTs: We see Alice Campbell has found a new way To pop pop-corn and Virginia Dalrymple a new way To open pop boTTles. Lorraine Kelley, The TGPOOUS COOlsir1q arTisT. has iusT revealed some of her cooking secreTs To Barbara Lawson, These are being published in our new book, "HinTy- WinTy Cook Book." WriTe To BeTTy Lou Rodgers in care of This sTaTion. The address: STATION L-A-T-E-R. Now signing oTl. Good evening. Maxine puTs Bob, Jr., To bed and begins preparing dinner Tor Bob, Sr. The 19.47 Picayune The Senior Class NAME: Maxine Allison Charlolle Ballershell Inez Bloyd Thelma Cade Alice Campbell Lois Carler Carolyn Crumley Virginia Dalrymple Dorolhy Dawson Rulh Ann Egnew Elaine Ellioll Dale Ferrell Jack Fisher Joan Galloway Mary Gholson Jack Glover Byron Hedgecock Bill Henk Beverly Hix Charles Hopkins Arl Hughes Don Hunler Peggy Ingram Bob Jackson Mary Lou Jeffers Lorraine Kelley Raymond Kincaid Darlene Kissack Evelyn Lsh A gadgcaullsyllznbush Lee Ralzesberger Belly Lou Rodgers Charlolle Russell Pal Scullin Howard Sheffield Phyllis Sills Rosemary Slork , lleane Timmons Jerri Wallace Marvin While Alice Wise Everell Wood Armenia York John Paul Leigh Viola Lockharl Barbara Mayhew Joseph Means Maxine Morgeson Maurice McVicker Dorolhy Peers fvlargarel Pelers Charles Pelerson Julia Pelry Leroy Polls Doris Powley 5iii'ol32l.i.'Q'ZZ'.IeY Juanila Pugh AST ILL AHDITESTAME T of John Greer High School. being ol sound mind and inclined lo a disposilion ol ils properly lreal and personall. does hereby declare lhis, ils lasl will and leslamenl. I WILL: My abilily lo dance lo someone who can'l dance. My shorlhand and lyping abilily lo anyone who can use il. The mis-pronuncialions of my name lo anyone wilh lhe same name. My place as drum maiorelle lo Alice Wood. My place on concessions lo anyone who wanls lo go crazy. My shorl hair lo sisler Lucille. My abilily lo sing lo Millon Linn. My slable leelh lo Mary Lee Tucker and Millon Linn. My barilone lo Helen Suhre. My' unreadable handwrilinq lo "Jew- es." My place on lhe concession sland lo Mary Goold. My abilily lo read music lo Freddy Green. My heighl lo Harold Ray. My shorlhand knowledge lo Lorene Lawrence. My iob as usher al Lorraine Thealer lo anyone who is a spy for dear old J.G. Doyle Barker-all lhe knowledge of Enzwsh I have learned in four years. Mr. hilehouse-my law knowledge. My cenler posilion on lhe baskelball leam lo Moose. My dumbness in Algebra ll lo Jean Olson. My baskelball suil lo Trimble. My lolng legs lo Marion Tweedy, poor oy. My lasl quarl of Eidelweis lo "Murph" and my lasl pinl of Seagrams lo Chuck Fosler. To be a successful railroader's wife. My abilily lo run a mile lo Lloyd Pow- ers. My good heallh lo my molher. All my boy friends al lhe Tin Can lo Marilyn Decker. My abilily lo gel in class iusl as lhe bell rings or afler lo Jerry Murphy. My place as cheerleader lo Dolores Gusline. My noisiness on lhe bus lo Toolsie Goodrich. My curly hair lo Rosemary Slork. My way of memorizing girls' names lo Herbie Nealhery so he won'l gel mixed up so easily. My bug colleclion in biology lo D. Gusline. My place in lhe Honor Sociely lo Rene Lawrence. "Percy" lo Helen Hess. My bools lo my llllle brolher. All my fronl seals lo guys lillle enough lo gel lhem. One of my nicknames, Cannonball, lo Marilyn Griner. My arl grades lo anyone who needs lhem. My iob al lhe lhealer lo Fannie Moore ' and my skaling lo Eslher Snively. My long, black, nalurally curly hair lo Maxine Longfellow. My abilily lo gel Algebra lo Russell Cloud. My iobs al lhe lhealer lo my brolher and sisler. My seal beside Brasel in 6lh hour as- sembly lo J. Murphy. My meanness lo Palricia Mary Ann Regan-poor girll My ambilion lo play a lrumpel like Harry James lo David Caslrodale. Mv giggles lo Dolores Goodrich. Mv pug nose and freckles lo Jackie Nealhery. My abilily lo gel Economics lo Chuck Fosler. My Home Ec. Ill proiecls lo Dona Deck. My kicking abilily lo Reid Marlin. My one gray'and one brown eye lo Eslher Snively. My clean saddles lo Shirley Daugh- erly. My seal on lhe bus lo lhe firsl person who wanls il. My 3rd hour class wilh Miss Hull lo Alice Wood. My abilily lo blush when embarrassed lo George Polls. My curly hair lo Lorene Lawrence. I My abilily lo sludy lo Bonnie Barrick. -My molorcycle parking place lo Bill ngram's whizzzr bike. My desire lo be an angel in school lo my sisler Alla. PET PEEVE: Someone who can'l have more lhan one friend al a lime. . . Long assignmenls and no assemblies. Teachers wilh no sense of humor. Chemislry. Women who do nol remove hals in lhealers. People who are always lalking aboul someone else. People who slarl false rumors. People who lalk behind my back. Lipslick on girls' leelh. Tweedy! People lhal show-off. Lorraine Kelley. Girls who pop gum. People who are conslanlly rude! People who make you mad and lhen won'l leave you alone. Phyllis Sills' laugh. Physics Class. Girls combing lheir hair in your face. Anonymous phone calls. Girls popping chewing gum. Freddy Green. High School. Girls who lry lo lake olher girls' sleady. Girls who don'l lry lo gel lhe besl oul of lheir looks and charm. Conceiled and "show-off" people. Shirley Daugherly. Girls who wear shorl dresses. Jackie Nealheryll Teachers who lell dull iokes. People who don'l know whal lhey wanl. Girls who are friendly one day and sarcaslic lhe nexl. Gelling up early. Pinching. Physics Class. People who don'l like Texas. People who change my nickname. Sloppy-looking girls. People who are impolile lo sales girls. People lalking when sludying. Hill-billy music. Algebra II. The people who come around when nol wanled bul never show up when wanled. 1 . Peewee and Arl lalking in Physics class. People who are always lalell Popping gum. Girls who smoke. Those darn people lhal lease me. Vulgar language. To be leased aboul my fingernails. To see girls smoking. People who lake lheir kids lo movies. Girls in slacks wilh lheir hair up. People who whisper. Teachers who give long assignmenls. To be leased aboul anylhing. People who won'l lry. Girls wilh shorl dresses. Byron Hedgecock and John Leigh. CHATTER: Things like lhal make me mad. I like Thall Nlo sense in laking books home. Open lhe door, Richard! My molher wouldn'l lel me do lhall I lhink lhal is righll Thal's off lunell Whal's lhe answer? Oh-I likel The folks are gone- Oh, I like lhall! Now-Missouri wasn'l so badl Casey al lhe ball Nol lhis week. Oh, l can'l draw lhall Oh, myl Oh-Nowl Come on fellows, gel in lherel I gol eilher an A or B. Good deal, Bogol Thal's Rachmaninoffl Well- Oh, Jacob did- Whal are you doing? l had a swell lime. I can go wilh him anylimel l lhink soll ll makes me so mad! Oh, Goshl Oh, Come onl Peep, Peep lo you, fool John Allen is home lhis week- endl Yes, lhal's righll Now be quiefg girlsl Hello, Ensignl Thal's whal lhe Big Boys lell me. l wish Ellis was herel l don'l lhink so really. Thal's nol whal she said. l didn'l expecl lhall Oke! Oh, Geel Beansll Hi. Buddyl Nail till lhe Republicans- Oh, my goshl Wish l had a dale wilh- Silence. Bob's coming home lhis week- endl I suppose. l ol some more pages done in ihorlhandl You don'l know, do you7 l'm going lo see Janie, Friday. Flubheadll Okay, lel's goll Whal lime is il? The answer is- I have a new molorcyclel Wesl and up. ,, , --,.... . CI1 Campbell, York, Sills, and Campbell: C21 Cade and Bell: C31 Loclcharfg C41 Milf and Kale: C51 Progress: C61 Jackie: C71 Jackson arid friend? C81 Freddy arid lhe Whippoorwill' C91 Marilyn and brollwer: Cl01 Big Ari: CCl1 Lee and Cliarlorle: CIZ1 Dauglwerly Bell, Eripfew, Bosco: CI31 Grace and I4 J h P l Cl51 Naomi and Miss Hassler CI61 Jam: and I-lel n Cl71 Buddy Olson' CI81 Todd' CI91 Bob and arren Prafr' C201 Virginia' Leroy: C 1 o n au: 5 e : , , , , CZI1 Galrell, Sculliri, Murphy, and Barker: C221 Norma Couriers: C231 l-loppy and Gus: 241 Alice: C251 Hixsom, Ell, Cade, Hubby and Squire: C261 Van Vickle, Drollinger, and Correll: C271 Maedell: C281 Miss Covey: C291 E. Wise and C. Todd: C301 Phyllis: C311 M. Campbell: C321 Helen l-lcss wilh mumps: A ' A ' ' ' ' ' ' l " 39 L r b d l-l d 0 kj C401 Sinclair: C331 Herbie: C341 Norma Cox, C351 Squire, C361 A. Sims, C371 Todd and Bubby, C331 Madison and Smc air, C 1 a ra ee an e gcc c C411 Ju-Ju and Nancy: C421 Sunbalhers: C431 Pauline: C441 B. Thomas: C451 Milo Myers: C461 Denfon: C471 Darlene: C481 Tex: C491 Virginia: C501 Miss Hull: C5l1 Jack arid Siville: C521 Adkins, Penninglon, and Clyden: C531 Helen and Rose Ann: C541 Phyllis: C551 Lois Wilson: C561 Millon. Page 18 The 1947 Picayune ,,. Firsl Row: P. Silver, Suhre, Willianis, Miss Nelnns, Parker, Peirce, P. Olson. Second Row: A. Sirns, E. Wise, Saflell, B. Vorick M. Tweedy, L. Sinclair Piclcrell, Willy. Third Row: J. Nelson, Re- gan, M. Sniilh, Tuclcer 'Reynolds J. Olson, Snive- Y. Fourlh Row: Terry, R. Sil- ver, Powlcy, Powers, Ray Walsh, J. Nealhery, Yoa- kurn. Firsf Row: Longfellow, C. Crouch, Miss Hassler, Hixson, V. Conner, Dough! Crly. Second Row: Beam, V. Carlwrighl, Barker, Ar- nolrg, Cookscy, Longiel- low, L. Glover. Third Row: Groves, Faw- yer, Lawrence, P. Brown Bell, Gusline, F. Moore. Fourlh Row: B. Hopkins Musk, Coop, Lilllck, Gri- ner, Biorlclund, Misner. Fifth Row: J. Murphy, l-loll, l-l. Nealhery, Myers, Mc- Farland, M. Linn, B. ln- gram. CLASS The Junior Class ol I947 is proud ol ils rnany accomplish- menls and lhe aclive parl ils members have lalcen in school orflanizalions and allairs. Dial: McFarland was elecled presidenl: Herbie Nealhery, vice-presidenl: and Gene Myers, secrelary-lreasurer ol lhe class, wilh Miss Nelrns and Miss lclassler, sponsors, Jean Olson's learn was 'enlerlained by lhe learn ol Carol Crouch when lhey sold more subscriplions in lhe magazine sale. The sales goal was reached and Jaclc Nealhery and Joan Williams won prizes lor lheir salesrnanship. Diclc McFarland acled as oeneral manager ol lhe sales, lhe proceeds ol which were used lor lhe annual Junior-Senior Banquel and Prorn in The spring. The 1.947 Picayunc CF '48 ln lhe second sernesler live Juniors, Jean Olson, Peggy Muslc, Pauline Hixson, Jane Lilliclr, and Dow Coolcsey, were chc-sen lo belong lo lhe Nalional Honor Sociely. The class was represenled on lhe loolball squad by Herbie Nealhery, Gene Myers, Bob Sallell, and Millon Linn, man- ager. During lhe baslcelball season, when nol walching Herbie on lhe lloor, lhe allenlion ol lhe audience was held by "Bub" Ray's solid rendilion ol "Dinah," Sludenl Council alderrnen were P. Hixson, C. Crouch, D. McFarland, and T. Ralzesberger. Several Juniors in lhe band and chorus loolc parl in lhe music conlesl held here lhis Spring and olhers gave oul- slanding perlormances in lhe Fall and Spring plays. Page 19 ,.,--V 9, . -. - Q.. Qs. C LASS On our second lap down Memory Lane, we Sophomores have le-TT many markers as sign-posTs oT our achievemenTs. We seriously doubT wheTher The TooTball Team would have been as successful wiThouT The beneTiTs derived Trom Siville, Greenberg, and MarTin, and oT course, The baske+baIl Team proTiTed by Cloud, Trimble, Siville and MarTin. All The school acTiviTies seem To have Tlowered as a resulT of our eTTorTs: aides, concessions, Thespians, band, baTon Twirlers, G.A.A., Spanish Club, Book Club, Camera Club, and F.l-l.A. Leaders in our class were chosen as oTTicers: Reid MaiTin, presidenT: Don Trimble, vice-president Alice Wood, secre- Tary-Treasurerg and Miss Andersen and Coach AsTroTh as our Page 20 SOPHOMORES Firsi Row: P. Clyden, Den- Ton, 6. Kelly, L. Barker, Barrick, Hauser, Good- rich, Mr. Brasel. S e c o n d Row: BenneTT, Campbell, M. Clydcn, W, GosseTl', EllioTT, Har- ringTon, B. GosseTT, Deck. Third Row: Finch, P. Kin- caid, P. Hedgecock, Ad- kins, Dunlap, Finley, Gal- loway, Decker. Fourih Row: Cline, Daniels, Fox5worThy, Hess, Goold, Freeland, A. Gholson, Combs. Fiffh Row: Bradham, Al- kire, C l o u d, Brown, l-lolmberq, Curry, Green- berq, ClemenTs, Gafrell. SOPHOMORE CLASS First Row: Swope, McCor- mick, Larabee, Nelson, ScoTT, Thurman, Rudy, Mr, AsTroTh. Second Row: Riley, Pick- rell, LockharT, Probasco, Recfor, Sherrill, Miller, Third Row: M. Sims, Lufz, T a r m a n, SchmidT, G. Thomas, PenninqTon, OH, STormer. Fourfh Row: Swanson, M. J. Scullin, A. Pugh, Woods, W, Sills, Leernon. FifTh Row: G. LongTellow Schwab, Smifh, Siville, Trimble, B. Thomas. Mar- Tin, G. Poffs. l l GF '49 sponsors. Miss Andersen leTT us aT ChrisTr'nas, so Mr. Brasel sTepped in as The oTher sponsor. One of The mosT imporTanT posiTions To be Tilled is ThaT oT The STudenT Council represen- +aTives, who are chosen To idenTiTy The Sophomore class wiTh The resT oT The governing body oT The school. As members we chose Alice Wood, BeTTy Daniels, Russell Cloud. and Reid MarTin. Russell Cloud was chosen as Sophomore represenTa- Eive Trom The Council To The Illinois STudenT Council Conven- rion in Chicago. Even Thouqh we sTarTed ouT wiTh a low bank accounT our Treasury has been Tilled wiTh a sTore oT memories oT The good Times we've had so Tar. The 1947 Picayuue FRESHMEN Firsf Row: McVicker, Mc, Avoy, Wagoner, Miss Taylor, Murphy, Owens- by, Odle. 2nd Row: Robertson, W. Moore, Polls, Shinnenvan, Riley, Rarnsey, Sinus, Mc- Elhaney. 3rd Row: Olson, VanViclcle, G-addis, Buffs, Nicosin, Clark, Rulherlord, Wil- son, Morgeson. 41h Row: Shaw, Gooch, Sin' clair, Suddarlh, Tone-' Shellon, Roberlson, M. Winrersleen. Sfh Row: Whillow, Slreel, Pillser, Todd, Scullin, Melt, Wagoner, Vorick. FRESHMEN ls? Row: Evans, Canlner, Linn, Cowlhorn, Clyden, Franklin, Hedgecock, Mr. Campbell. Znd Row: Longfellow, P. Maffhews, Coon, Collins Cornpfon, C r u rn I e y Bridges, lngrarn. 3rd Row: Burlon, Carl- wrighr, Brooks, Correll Longfellow, S a rn a r a s Brown, Crouch. 4th Row: Carter, Connors B, Mallhews, Crocking Madison, Conner, Brown Freeland. 51h Row: Green, Good Casfrodale, Davis Keln- hofer, Drollinqer, Brown Merrill. CLASS OF 9 One of The imporlanl' dales of our lives was Sepfernber 3, Q946, when all slreels in laloopesion led lo John Greer High for eighly-six eager and hopeful freshmen who, wilh fear and frembling, approached lhe porlals ol lhe venerable place ol learning. Here we were lo rnalce new friends wilh olher high school sludenls and endeavor lo impress our new leachers. We soon discovered lhal high school was very dillerenl from grade school and fhal we would need lo sludy a lillle harder lhan we had in lhe pasl. Even wilh lhis lac? conlronfing us, and our difficullies wilh lockers, finding our rooms, and gelling lo classes on lime, we were 'fold 'rhal we gol' along "O.K." ln our eleclion we chose: Kay Freeland, presidenlg David The 1947 Picayune Lawson, vice-presidenlq Dorolhy Crurnley, secrelary-lreasurer: Miss Taylor and Mr. Campbell, sponsors, We learned lhaf high school is nol all sludy, so we af- iached ourselves lo various clubs and organizalions. Here we worlced wilh older sludenls and gained lcnowledge in lead- ership and learn worlc. Some day we will be seniors and lhen if will be our Turn ro help lhe freshmen. Our represenlalives on lhe sludenl council are Lesler Longfellow, David Caslro- dale, Kay Freeland, and Belly lngrarn. Loolc for our colors flying in fhe band, The chorus, The F.l-l.A., rho GAA., fha Spanish Club, and of course, in alhlelics. Page 21 'nom 'rZ xl' pq X an ' I -ans I v D I I ullita IN I fl Y, Y N P" g ' ' 7 1 Q .7 JS f f' Ex Sf ,gf S06 l"v N ' 0' "c4"'1', ",' , Y ' 4 l tr!-' lX':f.'l,, 4 2 - E - '5:',t"2fH.fZ'3:i,'-.f ' 1 sfv0,n"0,-fl U 1 KW' 'fn ' X16 :elf igllfl Q, 1-' I I' l 1I,uljf04p6f xeirlhlfff ff' "', 5' 5 g k'4'L'Av4,A-A-AvFAw4.'J - l..l 0 - ,, . 1- Q WN 'QD HJ Y M EMCDIQI E! GF ACTIVITI Ef I SEATED: P. Ingram, Miss Taylor, Hughes, Leigh, PeTry, Miss Nelms, Mr. Lyon. STANDING, TirsT row: RaTzesberger, Fisher, Dalrymple, Heclgecock, York, Ferrell, McFarland, Musk, I-lixson, Longfellow, Crouch. STANDING, second row: B. Ingram, Freeland, Longfellow, CasTrodale, Cloud, MarTin, VVood5, Daniels. STU DGNT GGVGQNMGN Following The suggesTions broughT back Trom The Illinois STudenT Coun- cil AssociaTion MeeTing held in Peoria lasT year, This year's sTudenT gov- ernmenT sponsored panel discussions, speakers, and programs, as well as iTs usual acTiviTies. The panel discussions were presenTed by Speech or American I-lisTory sTudenTs. The TirsT panel presenTed The Topic "Should Labor Unions Be ConTrolled?", The sec- ond, 'Pace Prejudice," and oThers Tollowed. ATTer The panel had presenTed TacTs in The case, The quesTion was open Tor commenT by The sTudenT body. Among The speakers presenTed were Harry WhiTe's demonsTraTion wiTh The Geiger CounTer, Miss GiTTa Sereny's discussion oT The People and CondiTions oT Europe, and Miss Ann PosTma's commenTary, "Russia's YouTh Plays I-losT To American YouTh." The sTudenT governmenT mainTains a Tlower Tuncl To send flowers To any classmaTe who is in The hospiTal or Tor deaTh wiThin a sTudenT's immediaTe Tamily. l:urTher acTiviTies This year included The ChrisTmas Tree aT The holidays, and The purchase oT drapes Tor The library and collaboraTion on The expense oT a recorder. The delegaTes To The sTaTe convenTion held in Chicago This year, were Armenia York, Dick McFarland, Russell Cloud and BeTTy Ingram. We hope The inTormaTion gained aT This meeTing will help The governmenT serve The needs OT The sTudenT body. Page 24 The 1947 Picayzme WHO'S WHO "Who, Who Whol'-now who leT an owl in here? "Who, 'Nho, Wno?"foh, you wanT To know Whois who, do you? Well, l'll Tell youesee The picTure under here? Now you waTch The TirsT row beginning aT The leTT side, and I'Il Tell you. Lee RaTzesberger is Co-EdiTor oT The SpoTlighT STaTT, Joan Galloway is one oT The Tour Aide CapTains, Doris Rowley is presidenT oT F.H,A., Julia PeTry is Co-EdiTor oT The Picayune, CharloTTe Russell is The oTher Picayune Co-EdiTor, head oT Concessions commiTTee, and presidenT oT NaTional I'lonor Sol ciery. Peg Ingram is G.A.A, presidenT, Armenia York is The oTher SpoTlighT Co-FdiTor and Spanish Club PresidenT, and Evelyn Lah is EdiTor oT The ChiT-ChaT. Second Row: Max LongTellow is an Aide CapTain, Lorene Lawrence is also an Aide CapTain, Mr. Lyon is I-ligh School Principal, Geraldine LockharT is presidenT oT The Book Club, Mary Kay Freeland is presidenT of The Freshman Class, John Leigh is presidenT oT Choral Club, head oT STudenT Council, presidenT oT Thespians, and The TourTh Aide CapTain. "Who, Who, Who." STick around and I'Il Tell you abouT The lasT row: Jack Fisher is presidenT oT Band, Charles Hopkins is presi- denT oT Senior Class and FooTbalI CapTain, Bill Henk is presi- denT oT LeTTermen's Club and BaskeTball CapTain, Roy Rowley is Camera Club presidenT, HONOR SOCIETY First Row: Slork, Peiry, Ratves- Iaerqer, Miss Sanders, Russell, Rodgers, York. Second Row: Olson, Musk, Hix- Son, LiTTick, Cooksev, Powley, Bloyd, Lah. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY The NaTional Honor SocieTy mighT well be called one of John Greerls mosl exclusive organizaTions. ln order To be admiTTed To membership in The socieTy, one musT have aT IeasT a 4. scholasTic average, and musT be graded on service, leadership, and characTer, by The TaculTy. Only ISC? of The Senior Class and 5? oT The Juniors are eligible Tor member' ship. This year The Honor SocieT'y can boasT iT has one oT The largesT memberships in The hisTory oT The organizaTion aT John Greer, wiTh The admission oT Ten new members: a ToTai of I4. CharloTTe Ann Russell, presidenT: Julia PeTry, vice-presidenTg Lee RaTzesberger, and BeTTy Lou Rodgers, Treasurer, Till The execuTive oTlices oT The club, and The groups sponsor is Miss Sanders. The NaTional l-lonor SocieTy sponsors an all-school spelling conTesT To encourage beTTer spelling. The winnerls name is engraved on a silver cup, and he geTs a personal giTT. LasT year's winner was John Toney, '46, To raise money This year's socieTy sold aTTracTive mechani- cal pencils on which were prinTed "Corn-ierkers, John Greer High School, I'loopesTon, Illinois." We saluTe you, honor sTudenTs, and Teel sure you will prove To be honor ciTizens oT The TuTure. Dick McFarland is Junior I Class presidenT, and Reid MarTin is Sophomore Class presidenT. "Who, Who, 'Whof' Now look, smarTy, you'Il have To go someplace else To ask "who," because ThaT's "Whos Who" aT John Greer. The 1947 P1'cayzme BAND First Row: Lillick, Brown l-lux, Galrell, Leernon Sills, Sforrncr. Second Row: Powley, OH Freeland, Shinnernan, Mc Vickcr, Crouch, Byrd Murphy, Mcfxyoy, Finley Thonias, Ellioll, Leigh Fisher, Ray. Third Row: Parker, Sud darlh, Dawson, Sllhre Toney, Metz, Caslrodale Reqan, Cline, Silver. Last Row: Goodrich, May hcw, Woods, Gusfine Myers, Davis, Hughes l.inn, Green, Hopkins, Ri lryy, Cade, Mr. Jensen. ORCHESTRA Firsf Row: Galrell, Hix, Powley, Cline, Sills. Second Row: Thomas, Mr. Jensen, Silyer, Regan, Ellioll, Ferrell, Fishcr, Green. CHORAL CLUB First Row: Goodrich, V. Connor, Scoff, Reclor, Miller, Coon, Miss Hix, Roberfson, Moore, Caw- lhon, Murphy, Wallace. Second Row: Longfellow, Bloyd, Bcnncll, M.Carr1p bell, D. Crurnley, OH, Clark, Gaddis, Collins, Hixson, Sherrill, P, In- grorn, l-ledqecoclc. Third Row: B. lngram, Bridges, W, Sills, Shelton, A, Campbell, Green, El lioll, Carlwrighl, Perry, Mayhew, Cline, N. Con' ners. Fourfh Row: Pyle, Daniels, A. Pugh, Jeffers, Finley, Leigh, Fisher, Garrell, Ferrell, Loclcharl, Scullin, Pelers, Tarman. Fiflh Row: Regan, J. Pugh, Slork, Thomas, Jackson, Ray, Myers, Caslrodale, Melz, Tucker, Russell, C, Crurriley. PGV? 26 The 1947 Picayzme There's The gun. IT's half-Time aT The TooTbaII game. A whisTIe pierces The air, Then comes The raTTIe oT drums, Tol- lowed by The gIiTTer oT Tlashing baTons as The Twirlers Iead The band onTo The Tield, column by column. A good marching band is a sighT To behold, and iT was To be seen aT every game played aT Honeywell Field This year. Every J. G. sTu- denT had good reason To be proud of each perTormance which The 43 blue-clad members gave. . The band has been quiTe acTive This year, playing Tor The summer concerTs Ias+ summer, appearing several Times aT Chrisfmas, and playing Tor every baskeTbaIl game aT The high school. They even played Tor a circus. AT a Halloween TooTbaII game There was a special sTunT beTween The halves. ATTer forming The opposing Team's IeTTers and playing Their IoyaITy song as They aIways'do, The band made a circle and marched slowly To The accompanimenT of weird music, dim yellow IighTs, and awful, Terrifying screams. AT The beginning oT The year. officers were chosen as Tol- Iows: Jack Fisher, presidenT: Bill Thomas, vice-presidenT: and DoroThy Dawson. secreTary-rTreasurer. These oTTicers, TogeTher wiTh Mr. Jensen, The direcTor, have worked ouT a poinT-award sysTem whereby Those wiTh a ToTaI oT 9O'Z1 oT all possible poinTs, IO Tor baskeTbaII games, 20 Tor TooTbaIl games, and 30 Tor special occasions. will receive special awards. As Their years in band mounT up, so will Their awards. The only award which we are able To give Them is Three cheers Tor Their fine enTerTainmenT all year. GIQCI-IESTIQ "IT's Wonderful, So They Say." WhaT's wonderTuI? Why, The John Greer OrchesTra, of course. JusT lisTen To iT awhile, and you will Think so, Too. When They play some of Those dreamy songs like "The Old LampIighTer", and "All Through The Day", you can hardly keep from "swooning." "Who" is in The orchesTra This year? IT is made up oT Roy Powley, who plays saxophone: Beverly I-Tix. saxophone, Joanne Cline, saxophone: Bob GaTreII, saxophone: Dale Ferrell, TrumpeT: Jack Fisher, TrumpeT: John ElIioTT, TrumpeT: PaT Regan, Trombone: Raymond Silver, Trombone: Bill Thomas, piano: and Fred Green, drums. The group pracTices during The TiTTh hour on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Usually. some oT The girls who have P.E. ThaT pe- riod came running in and shouT, "OhI Mr. Jensen, have The orchesTra play someThing TasT so ThaT we can dance." So, The orchesTra swings ouT wiTh "Johnson Rag", "Every Tub". or someThing really groovy. The orchesTra has made several appearances This year: The Picayune Carnival, The Spanish Club Dance, The SpoTIighT Dance, and aT The P.T.A. Mr. Jensen has charge of The orchesTra and he has been able To give Them valuable help. The group, besides prac- Ticing during school Time, has also had several pracTices dl' nighT. As you no doubT will agree--"SweeT and HoT, ThaT's WhaT They've GoT." CHGIQAL CLUB Music and more music! ThaT's whaT The Choral Club, con- sisTing oT abouT sevenTy boys and girls and under The lead- ership oT Miss Hix hear and give every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday morning. Their presidenT is John Leigh: vice-presidenT, Gene Myers: and secreTary, Peggy Ingram. ln The Tall a wiener roasT Tollowed by a scavenger hunT was held aT McFerren Park. IT was enjoyed by all The mem- bers. The club has been very acTive This winTer, preparing iTs annual musical. IT was divided inTo Two parTs: one Theme suggesTing coIorTuI rainbows, and The oTher, Indians. Many of The group parTicipaTed in The music conTesT as conTesTanTs The 1947 Picayune in bo+h The solo selecTions and The choral groups. For The TirsT Time in several years we senT members To The All-STaTe Chorus aT La Salle, Illinois. For This group, Julia PeTry, Mary Campbell, Ernie Clark and John Earl EIIioTT were chosen To be senT by Miss Hix Tor being among The hardesf workers in The club. The Trio. proved To be quiTe a success again wiTh Their singiing-forararious clubs in HoopesTon and Tor The assembly programs ThTI'John Greer. Mary Campbell, soprano: Lavone SherriII:'.aITo: and Pauline Hixson, second soprano, are The new Trioi Page 27 SPANISH CLUB Firsl Row: Hixson, York Guslino, Linn. Second Row: Sills, Caw- thon, Thurman, Murphy Williams, McVicker, Loclcl harr, Larrabcc, McCor, mick. Third Row: Lonqlellow, Brown, Crouch, Miller PeirCC, Polls, Crumloy Campbell, Decker, Finch OH. Fourlh Row: lngrarn, Cline Leenion, Olson, Samaras Slreel, Ellioll, Tarman l-ledqecock, MacMurray. Fiffh Row: Freeland Woods, A. Pugh, Regan Reynolds, J. Puqh, l. Peers, Hess, Goold, Free- land, Lillick, D. Peers Daniels. Sixth Row: Finley, Galrell Bradham, Powley, M. Scullin, P. Scullin, Mc Farland, Jackson, Caslro' dale, Thomas, Cooksey. CONCESSIONS Sealed: Williarris, Musk. Sfandinq: Dalrymple, Pelry Miller, Campbell, Mrs. Smylha, Goold, Russell. F. H. A. Firs? Row: Dawson, Carler, Sills. Second Row: Dalrymple, Musk, Powley, Elliolf, Suhre, Galloway, Miss Brall, Mrs. Smylhe. Third Row: McElhaney, Bridges, W. Riley, H. Ri- ley, Mallhcws, McAvoy, Linn. Fourth Row: Puqh, Camp- bell, I. Peers, Goold, D. Peers, Daniels, Madison, Carter. Filfh Row: Collins, Kincaid, Shaw, Galloway, Law- rence, Ramsey. P000 28 The 19.47 Picayune v, f f 5 .w 1 'vi' :ww fa., P -T. SDAN This year's Spanish Club consisTed oT TiTTy-Tour members, wiTh Armenia York as presidenT, Pauline Hixson as vice- presidenT, Delores GusTine as secreTary, and MilTon Linn as Treasurer. Miss Andersen was our sponsor unTil The end of The TirsT semesTer, when she resigned as Spanish and English Teacher. For The remainder of The year, Miss Joy Covey, The new Spanish Teacher, was our sponsor. During The year we had various parTies and geT-TogeThers. in The Tall we all wenT on a hayride To McCormick's Cabin. where we kepT up The harvesT TradiTion by roasTing apples. LaTer, we celebraTed Halloween wiTh a parTy aT Carol Crouch's home in The counTrv, where we helped The spooks wiTh Their midnighi pranks. ISH C .UB The purpose oT The Spanish Club is To promoTe a beTTer undersTanding wiTh people in Spanish-speaking counTries. wiTh girls and boys a laborious Task To This was accomplished by corresponding who live in l.aTin-America. IT was quiTe Those who received replies Tound ThaT Their Spanish-speaking Triends are much wriTe leTTers in a Toreign language, and more deTT aT wriTing in our naTive Tongue Than we are in Theirs. We enioyed learning oT Their schools, home-life, and culTure as iT was relaTed in These leTTers. The Spanish Club is one of The mosT acTive organizaiions in our school and has proved To be one of The mosT popula' among The sTudenTs. CGHCESS ONS "Your choice of candy. popcorn or pop if you have Ten cenTs." "ThaT's righT, everyThing sells Tor Ten cenTs." IT you have ever aTTended any of The home TooTball or baskeTball games you probably know righT now wha+ corner oT The gym or Tield This Type of conversaTion comes Tram. lT is Those angels of mercy for whaTever you wish To call Theml, The concession sTand members, speaking. As candy was raTher hard To geT aT The beginning of The year, we inTroduced The selling of popcorn To The public. We made quiTe a proTiT Trom These sales. ThaT pleased all of us. since The money earned goes inTo The STudenT Council Treas- ury and brings To John Greer inTeresTing speakers and enTer- TainmenT. Mrs. Schrock. a former sponsor. leTT aT The end of The TirsT semesTer. AlThough we haTed To see her leave, we were pleased To welcome Mrs. M. Smyfhe, who sTepped in and conTinued in Mrs. Schrock's absence as our sponsor. Only eighT girls are needed To Tend The concession sTand, buT There were several oTher girls who worked as subsTiTuTes. and we wish To Thank These girls for Their splendid help. The regular commiTTee This year consisTed oT Business Manager. CharloTTe Ann Russell, Julia PeTry, RuTh Ann Egnew, Mary Leigh Goold. Alice Campbell, Virginia Dalrymple, Peggy Musk. and Joan Williams. I, Tor one, Think everyone should give These girls Tiffeen hearTy "rahs" Tor all The splendid help They have given To- ward making The games more enjoyable. ve ' F.I.. The FuTure Homemakers oT America began The year wiTh a Tormal iniTiaTion. All who had earned Tour hundred poinTs or more received Their chapTer pins. The Theme for The club This year was "A Twig of The Branch", which means ThaT This chapTer is one Twig of The disTricT, which is a branch of The naTional organizaTion or The Tree. Miss BraTT and Mrs. Schrock were sponsors Tor The TirsT semesTer. buT when Mrs. Schrock leTT, she was replaced by Mrs. SmyThe, who carried on her work. Under The direcTion oT The following oTTicers: Doris Powley, president Peggy Musk, vice-presidenT: Elaine EllioTT, secreTaryg Helen Suhre, Treasurer: Jean Galloway, reporfer, and Virginia Dalrymple, corresponding secreTary. The chapTer enjoyed a successful year. ,'. The 1947 Picayune 16 . . A For The purpose oT raising5.,i,'pone2f:2Qi'i1e'i club operaTed a coaT-check aT The baskeTball 4jaQri.e32rjQQfQThanksgiving and ChrisTmas They Tilled baskeTs andlf-Vfpviejhem To Two needy Tamilies and also made several garmenTs Tor The Children's Home aT Danville. During The year a neighboring chapTer was enTerTained, and in April The eighTh grade girls visiTed a meeTing. ln addiTion To These many acTiviTies, Two F.H.A. delegaTes are senT To STaTe Club Camp aT EasT Bay. Bloom- ingTon, every AugusT. The club was very TorTunaTe To have Miss Hazel HaskeTT of The sTaTe oTTice spend a day aT John Greer. She gave The girls new and beTTer ideas Tor earning pins and The fouls: Tfomemaking degrees To add To The chain guard oi Their chap! Tag pins. The members are all looking forward To The honor of wiearing Their hard-earned degrees. Page 29 THESPIANS Sealed: Russell Eqnew, Rafzesborger, Lciqh, Hik- son, Perry, Gnslinc. Sfandinq: Mr. Allen, Rogan, Wallace, McFarland, ln- grarn, Nealhery, Peirce, Powley, Morqrrson, Hughes, Kissack, Hedqe- fock, Parlors, Siyille, Rey- nolds, Ouakcnbnsh. SPOTLIGHT STAFF Flrsl Row: lnqrarn, Misa Sanders, Mr. Whils2hou5C, Miss Taylor, York, Raves bcrqcr, Linn, Mills-r. Second Row: Lilriak, Jerk' son, Casrrodalre, Powlcy Goold. Third Row: Kissnck, Wil lianws, Finch, Dcckrfr, M. Freeland, R. Frveland Grlner, Eqnrfw, Mayhew, Pelers, Lah. Fourfh Row: Shczflicld, Sills Pelry, Russell, Heclqc- cock, Fisher, Hughes, Hopkins, Scullin, M, Scul- lin, Bishop. BOOK CLUB Flrsf Row: Leemon, Mrs. Marlin, Tarrnan, Camp bell, Thornas, Lockharl, Scullin, Pugh. Second Row: Lutz, OH, Wllllorns, Sherrill, Miller, Galloway. Third Row: Goold, Walsh, Garrell, Powlcy, Curry, Silver, Finley, Freeland. Fourth Row: Sills, Cline, Swanson, Daniels, Hess, Cooksey, Dunlap, Elliolf, ffffff JU The 151.47 Pricayfimc TH ESDIAHS 'Placesl House lighTs! CurTains! and On STagel" are Ta- miliar words To all The John Greer Thespians, Troupe 282. Membership in This dramaTic organizaTion is earned by par- iicipaTion in various plays and skiTs and for helping on The producTion sTaTfs for The Fall and Spring play. Meefings, which are held once a monTh aT The members' homes, are spenT in discussing currenT plays, liferajure, and music. This year The Thespians presenTed "Papa ls All" and "My SisTer Eileen", in addiTion To various programs Throughouf The year. Several of our Thespian members enTered The Speech conTesT: Julia PeTry, Armenia York, anld Jerri Wallace each gave a reading, and CharloTTe Russell, RuTh Egnew, Roy Pow- Iey. Pauline Hixson. and John Leigh presenTed "Happy Jour- The SpoTlighT, as you know, is The weekly news of John Greer which appears in The Chronicle-Herald. Through This page, Townspeople learn of The acTiviTies of The school, The presenT SpoTlighT sTaTT was formed aT The beginning of The second semesTer on a compeTiTive basis, wiTh Armenia York and Lee RaTzesberger as ediTors. All reporTers musT be able To pass The wriTing requiremenTs before being admiTTed To The sTaTT. By exchanging newspapers wiTh oTher high schools, The sTaTf has been able To keep up To daTe on The currenT acTiviTies and new ideas in high school iournalism. Ofher sTu- denTs inTeresTed in journalism belong To The ChiTAChaT sTaTf. Evelyn Lah and Peggy lngram are The ediTors of This popular . ,ag 1 , .v nay", a one-acT play. As in The pasT few years, The Thespians iourneyed To Chi- cago To aTTend a professional play. The group charTered a bus, and TogeTher wiTh The SpaTlighT STafT, spenT February I2 in The "big ciTy." The day was spenT shopping and sighT- seeing, and in The evening everyone aTTended The opereTTa, "Song of Norway." Among The acTiviTies of The Troupe This year were Two in- formal and one formal iniTiaTions. The laTTer held aT The semi- Tormal dinner-dance in April: a TheaTer parTy aT The movie, "Spellbound": and The showing of a renTed movie To The Thespians Qnd,Their guesTs. .gf DOTLIGHT rnonThly newspaper, which is mimeographed aT school and sold only To John Greer sTudenTs. In February The combined SpoTlighT and ChiT-ChaT sTaTfs spenT The day in Chicago. They visiTed Tribune Tower and The Chicago Tribune planT and in The evening saw "Song of Norway." AT The end of The year awards were given To The ediTors and all reporTers who had wriTTen The prescribed number of inches. Miss Sanders, Miss Taylor, and Mr. WhiTehouse have been The sponsors Tor These prinTer's devils who have pleased boTh The sTudenTs of John Greer and The Townspeople wiTh Their accounTs of IiTe aT John Greer High. QUIK CLUB The John Greer Book Club was organized in I94-3, The char- Ter members graduaTing wiTh The Class of I946. AlThough rnosT Book Club members are Sophomores, This year There are a few Juniors in iT, Too. This organizaTion cooperaTes wiTh The English ll classes, generally. and iTs purpose is To en- courage The members To read and appreciaTe beTTer liTera- Ture. The Tollowing were elecTed as oliiicers for The year: Geraldine LockharT, presidenT: Bill Thomas, vice-presidenT: Jean Tarman, Treasurer: Mary Campbell, seEreTary, and Mrs. Marlin, sponsor. There are approximaTely ThirTy members in The club This year. i The 1947 Picayune AT our meeTings some members presenTed reporfs on These books: "OuT On A Limb", by Louise Baker: "Long Way From BosTon", by BeTh O'Shea: "Jungle Journey", by Jo Besse Wal- deck: and "Tiger AT CiTy High", by Joseph Gallomb. WiTh business we mixed pleasure. Our meeTings have been enTerTaining as well as educ'aTional, as everyone who wenT on our sleigh ride knows. We regreT ThaT nexT year we will be unable To enioy The associaTions and beneTiTs of This worThwhile organizafion. We Teel sure The new Sophomore Class will mainTain The high s-Tandards which have been previously esTabIished and which we have aTTempTed To mainTain. Page 31 SEPTEMBER 3-J. G. sludenls discarded lheir working lools, and look up lheir school lools. Don'+ leel so discouraged, kids, il's lun! 20-We losl our lirsl loolball game lo Oakwood. l.el's win il lhe nexl lime. boys!! 26'-Firsl banquel ol lhe year was held by lhe Thespians al Murphy's. How does John Paul Leigh hold so much?? 27-Aller lraveling 80 miles lo Ponliac. we were delealed again. Il was a good game anyway. OCTOBER 4-Hurrah!! We beal Gibson Cily. Thal's il, boys, now you're righl on lhe ball." 8-The Picayune Slall "dood il again" wilh lheir carnival. Did you ever see such a "slrip-lease acl"? 9-Tang-a-lang!! Hurry, bul walk! Thal's whal we heard as we hurried lrom lhe building lor our lirsl fire drill!! IO-Vacalion! lsn'l il wonderful! Two whole days al lhal!! il--Viclory again! Weslville was delealed by our Cornierk- ers. E7-We were horrified lo hear aboul Charles Pelerson. I8-We lraveled lar. bul losl "Square" lo Wesl Lalayelle. P2-A lillle breezy. bul lhe Seniors enioyed lheir hayride and lhen lheir hol chocolale. Mmmm!! 25-Anolher deleal lor our boys, bul Walseka was scared lo lhe lasl minule. 76--Hoopeslon was hosl lo anolher favorable GAA. "Play Day." Peggy lngram made a nice hosless, didn'l she? 28-Some ol lhe kids gol lheir "llickers" oul and organized a new club al J. G. The "Camera Club." 29-We heard Carol Crouch showed some ol lhe boys how lo shool pool al her house for lhe Spanish Club parly!! NOVEMBER I-Rain, Rain, go away!! Bul we had lo play Kankakee in lhe mud, and we lell ---- when lhey beal us. 5-"Now no riding in cars." No one did eilher and lhe Music Class had a hilarious lime on lhe Scavenger hunl. 8-Radium! When Harry While had finished his lalk, we lhoughl S300 was gone +iII Roy Powley and Dick Mc- Farland were "caughl wilh lhe goods." ll-Armislice Day! Anolher day ol peace lor lhe world, bul Hoopeslon was lighling hard lo beal Georgelown. Boo- hoo!!! IZ-Nexl, please! Now lhis needle won'l hurl. Freshmen look lheir physical exams. Ow! I4-Aller seeing Mr. Allen's play. "Papa ls All", I5-do you really lhink Dale Ferrell and Jerry Echard have wheels in lheir heads??? 2l-Juniors enioyed lhemselves al a parly in lhe Gym. 22--Back lo hardwood aclion again! Hoopeslon won lhe lirsl game lrom Bismarck. 26-The second win lor our leam. Henning sure look a pounc- ing!! DECEMBER 3-One, lwo, lhree, hip!! Hall! Onarga Mililary Academy was cerlainly halled by our boys!! 6-Wheel We beal Callin, bul il looked disappoinling for awhile. 7-Our Fulure Homemakers iourneyed lo Polomac for a one-day convenlion. 9-Mr. Lyon slill makes good chili!! Al leasl. no one was sick aller lhe Falher-Son Banquel! IO-Walseka was surprised when we beal lhem. bul we weren'l!! l ll-Everyone walch her poslure now, especially lhe Home Ec. girls!! Miss Haskell visiled us from lhe slale ollice. I2-Oh, no, nol lhal, bul Maggie Pelers. Peg Ingram. Arl Hughes, and Dale Ferrell gol il anyway al lhe Thespian Xmas parly. Yes, we mean lNlTlATlON. I3-Rankin relurned home sad aller being bealen by lhe Cornierkers. Six conseculive wins!! I4-Weren'l lhose Moosehearl boys wonderful sporls? Bul Hoopeslon balled lhem down!!! I7-Yeah, HOOPESTON. beal Rossville!! and we did. 20-Good-bye lo Miss Andersen. She was a swell "Seniorila." 20-Chrislmas vacalion begins. Sanla Claus visiled all lhe good girls and boys. Vacalion, sleep. and eel! Wasn'l il a super-deluxe vacalion? JCHOOL EVE if Page 32 The 1947 Picayune JANUARY 3-Such icy weaTher, buT iT didn'T boTher our boys in The leasT. We more Than doubled The score on PoTomac. 7-The "Red Devils" were Turned back by The Cornierkers. Greer work. boys!! I0-Anofher easy win from WesTville. I4-Were you scared?? Well. I was for a while. buT Urbana was Turned back easily enough. e5-Oh, Mercy!! How can Teachers be so cruel as To give us Those mid-semesTer exams?? I7-Two kinds of wins! One was over exams and The oTher over EasT Lynn. 2l-Tough luck. boys, buf you were wonderful sporTs in The counTy TournamenT. We'll win The nexT Time from Ross- villell 24-Seemed as Though The boys crowded The TronT rows ifor oncel as Miss GiTTa Sereny Told us abouT The condiTions of Russia. 27-No one is leTT ouT. The High School P.T.A. enTerTained The MoThers aT The MoTher-DaughTer BanqueT. 30-"PeanuTs. Popcorn. and Crackeriacku, were familiar shouTs when The Indoor Circus. sponsored by J. G. P.T.A.. came To Town. FEBRUARY 7-Our boys are sTill undeTeaTed in scheduled games by Taking The honors from GeorgeTown. ll-WhaT happened To PaT Madison aT The Freshman ParTy? I2-Sleep and eaT for all. except The Thespians and SpoT- Iigh+ STafi. They had quiTe a Time in Chicago. I4-We worried during The firsT half of The Oakwood game. buT The come-back won us The CounTy Conference Tro- phy. I8-Miss Ann PosTma. who attended The Youfh Conference in London. gave an inTeresTing Talk on condiTions in Europe. I8-The Cornierkers were successful again. They defeafed RanToul. I9-The D.A.R. Award winner was announced. CongraTula- Tions To lnez Bloydl 2I-Our boys didn'T geT off To a very good sTarT, buT They ran up The score againsT Milford. 28-All of us were holding our breaTh-wondering who would win--WaTseka or J. G. MARCH I-STudenTs of John Greer wished The conTesTanTs in The Speech ConTesT The besT of luck as They puT TorTh Their besT efforTs. Happy Journey. 4. "Do you Think we will win The Regional?" 7-I'm sure mosT of us Tried To answer iT wiTh high hopes for J. G. I5-CongraTulaTions To Those speech sTudenTs who wenT To The SecTional Speech ConTesT. I8-AnoTher hilarious incidenT-The Donkey BaskeTball Game sponsored by The Piceyune STaTF. 2I-Miss Hix presenTed us wiTh anoTher successful musical. 29-John Greer was hosT for The DisTricT Music ConTesT. We had several conTesTanTs parTicipaTing. APRIL 4--Good Friday-Yes! A whole day oT vacaTion. IO-Mr. Allen's Speech classes enTerTained us wiTh "My SisTer Eileen!" Good work--kids!! I2-We exTended our besT wishes To Those who enfered The Speech Finals. I9-The DisTricT Music ConTesT for bands and choruses. 28-Parenfs and friends seemed To enioy looking aT The va- rieTy of educaTional exhibifs aT P.T.A. Open House. l know we enioyed making Them. lBig Joke.l 3l-Tacky Day Tor Seniors-Picnic aTTerwards. MAY 2-DigniTy Day-Seniors speak only To Seniors. 9--We're wondering how many of our conTesTanTs I0-will be successful in The Music Finals. I2-The Picayune is ouT! I6-The Junior-Senior Prom was simply divine. Good food. plenTy of music, and your dream boy To dance wiTh. And The nc-xT day was SaTurday. 25-Friends, relaTives, and parenTs of The graduafing class gaThered for The BaccalaureaTe services. 27-The sTudenTs of John Greer wish The graduaTes The besT of luck in everyThing They aTTempT To do. SCHOOL EVENTS The 1947 Picayune Page 83 1Il Jody and Reneg 121 Mr. Whlfelwouse and "Squeaky"j 13l Tnelrnag 143 Twirlersg 15l "Big ,lokc"g 155 Jonn and Leeg 171 Paflyg 18l Aliceg 19l G-usp 1I0l Jackson: 1IIl Dorls Jean: 1l2j Dorofny and l-larryg 1l3j Marvin C.: 1l4l Inlcg 1l5j Boreless and Barong 1l6l Mary Leeg 1I7l Pearl and Dong 1l8l Cheerleaders: 1l9l Dorollwy Juneg 12Ol Jane, Marllvn and lvlaryg 12ll Cold? 122l Mlss Hasslerg 123l "Tex" and "Beaky"q 124l Freslwiesg 125l John Greer: 1265 Physics Classy 1273 Golclwal 1285 Marilyng 129l Miss Nelmsg 130D Our Team!! 13Il Ju-Jug 132j Elaine: 133j Three Muskclcersg 13-lj 'Speak no evil, see no evil, hear no evll.' Page 34 The 1947 Picayune aallaall The following are fhe leffermen fhis year. These consfiluled fhe John Greer High School foofloall 'ream of I946, and were fhus chiefly responsible for anofher successful season al' John Greer. JACK ALKIRE-a Junior and one lefferman. Jack played leff fackle. He was a good defensive player. HARRY "Jack" BEAM-a Junior and one lefferrnan. Jack played leff halfback. He furned in a nice iob on defense fhroughouf fhe season. RUSSELL "Russ" CLOUD-a Sophomore and one lefferman. Russ played lefl' end and was mighfy fough, bofh on offense and defense. V RUSSELL G-REENBURG-a Sophomore. Russell played leff fackle. He played well as a hard defensive man. BYRON 'Barney" HEDGECOCK-a Senior and one leffer- man. Barney played righl' end. His iob was cafching passes lhroughouf fhe season. BlLL "Henk" HENK-a Senior and fwo lefferman. Bill played righf end. His hobby was snagging passes. RONALD HOLT-a Junior. Ronald played righf halfback. He was hurl' during fhe season and was ouf for fhe resf of fhe fime wifh a broken ankle. CHARLES "Hoppy" HOPKINS-a Senior and 'fhree leHer- man. Happy, capfaininq the feam, played righf halfback and called signals and plays. RAY "Skinny" KlNCAlD-a Senior and one lefferman. A+ righf Tackle, Ray enioyed breaking up opponenfs' plays. JAMES "Diz" MARTIN-a Senior and ex-serviceman. Diz played quarferback during fhe foofball season. He was a fough player on defense. REID "Lassie" MARTIN-a Sophomore and one lefferman. Reid played quarferback. He fhrew mosf of fhe passes and complefed 20 per cenf of Them. BOB MERRITT-a Freshman and one lefferman. Bob played righf guard and also saw quife a bil of acfion ihroughoul' fhe season. A GENE "Milo" MYERS-a Junior and one lefferman. Gene played fullback affer moving here from Onarga, Illinois. He furned in some effecfive blocking and running during fhe season. HERBIE "Herb" NEATHERY-a Junior and 'two lefferman. Herb played leff halfback. He did fhe kicking during The season and was a sfrong man on defense. CHARLES "Fefe" PETERSON-a Senior and fwo lefferman. Pefe played righf guard. He was one of fhe mosf aggres- sive players on fha squad. BOB "Curley" SAFFELL-a Junior and one lefferman. Bob. who was leff guard, was acfive in faking opposing linemen oul' of play. RAY "Moose" SlVlLLE-a Sophomore and one lefferman. Ray's work, af cenfer, was always dependable. BILL WAGONER-a Freshman and one lefferman. Bill played righf guard, seeing a lof of acfion fhroughouf fhe season. FRONT ROW: Henk, Kincaid, Wagoner, Merriff, Siville, Saffell, Alkire, Cloud, Hedgecock. BACK ROW: Beam, Hopkins, Myers, Neafhery, Marlin. The 1947 Picayune Page 35 I-IG SCORE CARD The I947 TooTbaII squad proTiTed by The end of The war as much as did many oTher school acTiviTies. Several Tormer TooTbaII IeTTermen reTurned To John Greer To help our Team baTTIe some oT The ToughesT Teams in The viciniTy. The eighTeen IeTTermen who made up The squad were led by CapTain Charles lHoppyI Hopkins, a senior whose eTTorTs have giv- en him Three Ie++ers. The season was successTuI in spiTe of several serious iniuries which handicapped The Team. Every game was well aTTended by sTu- denTs and local Tans who cheered The Team on To vicTory. Their Tine sporTsmanship greaTIy increased The spiriT and enioymenT oT The game. John Greer's TirsT game oT The season was a close game. buT a loss of 6-O To Oakwood. One oT The besT plays oT The game was a I5 yard pass To our righT end, Bill Henk. from Reid MarTin. AT Gibson CiTy The Team won iTs TirsT game by anoTher score oT 6-O. AIThough The whole Team played a good game. The Touchdown was made wiTh a 25 yard run over righT Tackle by Herb NeaThery. WaTseka deTeaTed John Greer aT Honeywell Field, I2-O. Charles Hopkins. The capTain and leTT half back. did The besT TooTwork Tor gains oT IO To 25 yards. In a dense Tog, a heavy Kankakee eleven ouT- scored HoopesTon by The IargesT margin oT The sea- son, 25 To 7. ATTer Russell Cloud, a sophomore end. recovered a Tumble, Herb NeaThery, on a Triple re- verse in The backfield, ran around righT end for a goal. Reid MarTin, quarTerback, passed over IeTT end To Cloud Tor The exTra poinT. The heavy WesT LaTayeTTe squad won I3 To 0, aIThough They had Their back To The wall several Times. Bill Henk, who had a cuT lip, sTopped The ball carriers wiTh some good Tackles near our goal. By anoTher I3-0 score The husky PonTiac Team handed HoopesTon iTs TourTh deTeaT. Gene Myers sTopped an opponenTs backTieId man aTTer he had Page 36 DaTe WiTh Whom They We SepT. 20-Oakwood . . . . . 6 0 SepT. 27-PonTiac .... . . . I3 O OCT. 4-Gibson CiTy ....... 0 6 OCT. I I-WesTviIIe ....... . . . O I2 OcT. I8-WesT LaTayeTTe .... I4 0 OCT. 25-WaTseka ....... . . . I2 0 Nov. I-Kankakee . . . .. .25 7 Nov. I I-GeorgeTown . . , . . I3 0 run 40 yards Toward a goal, on a good Tackle. John Greer gave The capaciTy crowds The besT game oT The year as They ouTpIayed an over-con- TidenT WesTviIle Team I2-0. James MarTin did The nicesT job of Tackling aT quarTerback spoT. Herb NeaThery ran 60 yards Tor a Touchdown. aided bv a beauTiTuI block by Charles PeTerson and one by Cloud. AnoTher 40 yard run broughT Gene Myers To anoTher goal Tor John Greer. The closing game was an ArmisTice day game wiTh a Tavored GeorgeTown Team wiTh a loss To us. by a I3 To 0 score. AIThough Herb NeaThery Tailed To make a goal by one yard, iT s+ilI was a Tine game. The reserve TooTbaIl squad played Tour games This year and won Three of Them. WesTviIle alone deTeaTed Them 6-O on a lasT minuTe Touchdown. We succeeded in deTeaTing MiITord Twice, and Schlar- man. There were a large number oT boys ouT Tor TooTbaII and The second squad had 30 players ready To go. Many oT Them will make up The TirsT eleven nexT season. Russell Cloud a sophomore who played IeTT end made all of The poinTs excepT one Touchdown by Harry Beam. Cloud played some on The TirsT Team and received a leTTer as did Beam and MerriTT and Wagoner. The 1947 Picayrwne Many more games are being planned every year for lhe John Greer second leam lo help lhem gain experience, because aller all lhey will make up lhe lirsl slring some day. Tl-lE MANAGERS Those hardworking boys who see lhal lhe players have lowels, balls, iaclcels and lirsl aid are lfnown as lhe managers. Bob Quaclcenbush. a senior, and lvlillon Linn, a iunior, acled as managers again lhis year. The loolball players are graleful lo lhem and lhanlc lhern for lhose glass jars ol wafer lhey broughl onlo lhe field when lheir moulhs became dry. For lhis job, which demands lime and heclic periods, lhe boys gol' a leller, lhe John Greer blue and while. Kissack Ingram Dauqherfy Fawver i Q in M - M FRONT ROW: Kelnhcler, Burlon, Ingram, Correll, Nealhery, Samaras, Srnilh, Curry, Greenberg. BACK ROW: Scullin, Wise, Sfreef, Dunlap, Longfellow, Trimble, Whillow, Sheffield, Piflser, Brewingfon. The 19.47 Picayfmn Page 37 aslallsall FRONT ROW: Trimble, Cloud, H. Nealhery, Henk, Hopkins, Quakenbush, Marlin. BACK ROW: Managers Dunlap and Linn, J. Ncalhery, Siville, Hughes, Arnold, Beam, Coach Aslrolh. An exceplionally good season was enioyed by lhis year's baskelball leam under lhe direclion ol coaches Lavere Aslrolh and William Campbell, Jr. There were only lhree lellermen held over lor lhis year's leam, Bill Henk, Charles Hopkins, and Herbie Nealhery. Some regularly played boys from lhe second learn ol lasl year's squad proved capable of lirsl rale work lhis season. The lirsl live had lwo seniors, a iunior, and lwo sophomores. The Cornierkers lallied lhe grand lolal ol 995 poinls lor an average ol more lhan 43.2 poinls per game. The lolal is slighlly less lhan lhe previous year's score, bul more games were won. The op- ponenls were held lo only 746 poinls which is de- cidedly lower lhan lasl year's record. The John Greer leam won our own Chrislmas Tournamenl and wenl on lo win lhe Vermilion Counly Conlerence lrophy unbealen in scheduled games. Allhough lhree boys have high scores, lhe olhers al leasl proved able lo score on occasion, loo. Her- bie Nealhery again was high poinl man wilh 26l poinls. Bill Henk had 224, Charles Hopkins l75, Russell Cloud I72, and Don Trimble 78. The subs ol lhe lirsl live who have lhe besl scores are Bob Quackenbush wilh EI, Reid Marlin 22, and Arl Hughes wilhi I3. The second learn did a lol beller lhan lhe second Page 38 leam ol lasl year by winning IO oul ol I7. They rolled up 443 poinls lo lhe opponenls 436 wilh Siville as high poinl man wilh 93 poinls. There were a lol ol iuniors on lhe second squad lhis year wilh lhe underclassmen. The following players made up lhe lirsl seven ol lhe varsily squad lhis year. Bill "Honk" Henk-a senior and lwo lellerman. Bill was caplain lhis year and a valuable man al cenler posilion where his lavorile shols were lip- ins and pivol shols. Charles "Hoppy" Hopkins-a senior and a lwo lellerman. Hoppy played lhe guard spol again and was lhe spark plug lor lhe leam. His lavorile shols were long lwo handers and drive-in shols. "Herbie" Nealhery-a iunior and a lwo leller- man. "Herbie" is a very consislenl and inlelligenl' player who does an excellenl iob ol rebounding and making long lwo handers lrom lhe righl side ol lhe baskel. Russell Cloud-a sophomore and one lellerman. "Russ" is a very lasl boy and has a 'Favorile one hand shol. "Don" Trimble-a sophomore and a one leller- man. "Don" didn'l gel so many poinls bul he is apl al handling a ball and dribbling in lo his males. The 1947 Pficayfune His scores were on Two hand drive in shoTs near The Tree Throw line. Don has The besT in The Tree Throw record. Reid MarTin-a sophomore and a one leTTerman. Reid is known as The sixTh man, who goes in when The coach wished To insTrucT a player. AlThough he didn'T geT in many games Tor a long Time, Reid proved able To dribble well and handle The ball while his parTners made The poinTs. Bob "Ouack" Ouakenbush-a senior and a one leTTerman. Bob didn'T see much acTion, buT like Mar- Tin did a loT oT subbing. Bob proved To be a good shoT on long Two handers ThaT oTTen helped raise our score in The lasT rninuTes of The game. S C O R E C A R D Season's Record: Won 22, LosT 2 HoopesTon ..., .,,,. 4 5 Bismarck ........., 28 l'loopesTon. . .... .54 RanToul, . . . 4I l-loopesTon ,.,. .,... 5 O Henning ........., 38 l-loopesTon, . ....... 52 MilTord ..,. .... 2 4 l-loopesTon . . , ..... 55 Onarga MiliTary. . 43 l-loopesTon ,......,.. 26 WaTseka .... ,. .34 l'loopesTon ..,. .,... 3 5 CaTlin .....,.,..,. 30 - l'loopesTon. . . ...,. 45 WaTseka ..,... . . .35 Hoopesmn E E glir.'R?iri2S3 Touzgaargielijnn 30 HSOPZISH "" ""' Z 3 bagiglheagf' " ' T'loopesTon ,,..,..,.. 45 Henning. . Q 4 128 OF' nu' ""4 "" ' H .......... 3l R 'Il .... 29 Hoopeslon . . ..,. 54 PoTomac ...,... . 27 Oopesmn OSSVI e l'loopesTon .... .,... 2 9 Cissna Park .,.. . 24 COUMY Tournf-fmen+ I-loopesTon. .. ,,... 63 WesTville .... . . .3I HOOPGSTOV' -'------'- All Bmmafclf- A A ' ' -32 Hoopesironn '--4435 Urbana' A H M30 HoopesTon .....,.... 36 Rossville. .. . U38 HoopesTon .... 4.... 4 5 EasT Lynn. . . . . .35 Regional TournamenT HoopesTon. . ..... 39 Rossville .... ..... 3 6 HoopesTon ....... , .52 PoTomac ...... . .24 HoopesTon ..., ..... 4 6 GeorgeTown ..,... 32 l-loopesTon .......... 30 Cissna Park. .,.., 27 HoopesTon. . . ...., 48 Oakwood .,.,,,. .34 I-loopesTon ...., ..., 4 2 Rossville .... . . . 32 Secfional TournamenT HoopesTon ,...,...,. 32 Champaign ....... 66 BASKETBALL IQESEIQVE FRONT ROW: Adkins, Wise, Managers, Dunlap and Linn Tweedy, GosseTT. BACK ROW: Vorick, Longfellow, Yoakam, Myers, Coach Camobell, Drollinger, Smifh, Correll, Samaras. The 1947 Pficayune Page 39 T E LETTEIQMETNVS CLUB The LeTTerman's Club which was organized in l944, is an organizaTion oT all The leTTermen, man- agers, coaches, and cheerleaders aT John Greer. The club was TirsT organized in order ThaT money coudl be raised To buy accessories Tor The school. In T944 and l945 The club raised money, boughT, erecTed The Tlag pole which now sTands in TronT oT The old building. In l945 and T946 The club sTarTed raising money To buy a servicemen's plaque. This plaque is To conTain The names oT The servicemen oT This communiTy who losT Their lives in The service oT our counTry during World War ll. The club is sTill working on The plague proiecT This year. TiclceTs G The Girl's AThleTic AssociaTion is a parT oT a sTaTe organizaTion which encourages girls To Take parT in sporTs and all physical acTiviTies Tor The promoTion oT good healTh, scholarship, and sporTsmanship. The oTTicers This year were Peggy Ingram, presidenT: Delores GusTine, vice-presidenT: and Rose Anne Freeland, secreTary-Treasurer. Miss BeTTy Hassler was The sponsor. Awards are granTed To each girl Tor earning poinTs. Each girl musT earn l60O acTiviTy poinTs and 400 healTh poinTs, which are obTained by doing exTra acTiviTies ouT oT school, and have senior sTand- ing Tor The Top award. Two advanced awards are given by The sTaTe. The club has been very acTive This year. Early in were sold by The leTTermen on chances Tor an auTo- graphed TooTball wiTh names of The Team and The coach, which was raTTled oTT aT The ArmisTice Day TooTball game. The proceeds Trom The raTTle wenT Toward The cosT oT The plaque. The oTTicers oT The club are: PresidenT, Bill Henk: ViceMPresidenT. Charles Hopkins: SecreTary and Treasurer, Darleen Kissack: and The Sponsors, Mr. AsTroTh, Mr. Campbell, and Mr. Brasel. The club senT an auTographed TooTball To Charles PeTerson who had been a leTTerman and guard on The TirsT TooTball Team unTil he became ill. .A.A. The year a play day was enioyed by all when The clubs Trom Rankin, Danville, GeorgeTown, and STock- land were enTerTained. In The Eall They enTerTaihed Their guesTs aT a dinner dance aT Murphy's ResTau- ranT. LaTer in The year, They gave a dance Tor all sTudenTs aT John Greer aT which noT only were The orchesTras, To whose music They were dancing, heard, buT They were also seen by means oT a screen. Each Monday aTTer school The girls occupied The bowling alleys, and aT The end of The year Peg- gy Ingram had The highesT score Tor all The games. ln a Telegraphic bowling TournamenT held beTween our G.A.A. and oTher clubs in The sTaTe, iT was Tound ThaT The J. G. bowlers were ranked among The highesT. AIDES Who makes The mosT enemies aT a game, The reTeree or The aides? To anyone who has worn one oT Those blue and whiTe iackeTs The answer would be, The aides. By saying a Tew words like, HOTT The Tloor please," "l'm sorry buT you can'T siT on The sTeps," and "Please move back of ThaT line," The aides make enemies. The aides' duTies do noT end wiTh keeping The people in line. They are always aT The game 30 To 45 minuTes early To geT Things ready. When The game is over and The players and Tans are homeward bound, The aides' work has iusT begun. They sTay Till The lasT bench or sign is puT away, The lasT pop boTTle is picked up, and every- Thing cleaned up. Some aides hand ouT programs, Page 40 K oThers Take TickeTs. Some sTamp The people going ouT so They can geT back in wiThouT paying again, some waTch The locker rooms, and sTill oThers help wiTh concessions, iT They are needed. The aides are always on hand To see ThaT no TighTs occur, or To break Them up very quickly iT They should sTarT. WhaTever The iob or emergency may be, you can be sure ThaT an aide is close by To help ouT. The aides are a volunTeer group Trom The sTudenT body. There are Tour aide capTains, one iunior boy and a girl and one senior boy and a girl. TwenTy To ThirTy aides are chosen and assigned specific du- Ties by The principal and aide capTains, The 1947 Picayune he in -all in Q llj Maple Graduoling Clash--'43, l2j J. Black, D, Trimble, E. Nelson, M. L. Jeffers, Naomi Franklin, lneg Bloyd, Mrs. Hunl, B. Curry, C31 Kinderqarlen Classy f4l Guess who? l5l Helen Suhre, lbj Lee and Todd R., l7l El Peirce and Jean Olson, fill V. Lockharf, J. Olson, P. Musk, Alkire, Elliott, H. Melz, Pefers, Pal Musk, D. Vanyoorheesy l? Peg lnqrainy U01 C. Yokum, Phyllis and Wanda Sills, lllj Bill Thomas, lI2l Ray Sivilleq ll3l Swee'rWill1 lI4l Mar- liyn Griner, Peggy Hedgecoclcg ll5l Cornelius, Elliolf, bafrell, Finley and Thomas, Ilbj Carol and Kenny, lI7j Yoakum, Granclpappyg ll8l Belly Collins: U91 Mary Kay, f20l Linda, l2Il Saflellg IZZJ 4ll1 Grade, lZ3l Julia, 1241 BJHQ l25l Kincaid, Whillow, Bloyd, Griner, LaBounlyg l2bl Julia, Lee, Rulh. Page 42 The 1947 Picayune CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WIS!-IES TO THE CLASS OF I947 TT The Illinuis Canning Company The 1947 Picayune Page 43 CONGRATULATIONS COMPQMENTS ORABUATINO CLASS JOHN GREER WSH OF I947 HARRIS BOTTLING CO. WO0Il - STOGKER QUALITY HOME FURNISHINGS and APPLIANCES FLOOR COVERINGS FUNERAL HOME AMBULANCE SERVICE IDay or Nighfl Phones ISI-327 Hoopesfon, III. Phone 792 HOOPESTON ILLINOIS FOR QUALITY LUBRICATION AND WASHING See Us Allison Sfanclard Service HOOPESTON, ILLINOIS COMPLIMENTS OF Hoopes+on Implemeni' Co. McCormick-Deering Farm Machinery SERVICE PARTS SOUTH SIDE MARKET OLLIE R. BISHOP Fresh Meafs and Groceries J. B. SIMS MOTOR CO. BUICK . PONTIAC and G. M. C. MOTORS Phone I78 ORA J. BAER CO. BUILDERS OF FINE HOMES MURPHY'S CAFETERIA AND RESTAURANT IOI-IO3 EOST Main Phone 78 YI? "RIVALS THE BEST, SURPASSES THE REST" BEST OF LUCK TO THE CLASS OF '47 HOOPESTON HARDWARE 81 ELECTRIC CO. HARDWARE and ELECTRIC SERVICE II COMPLIMENTS OF Phone IBS Dollie Ann Beau+y Shoppe 2 IOV2 EasT Main STreeI' HOOPESTON ILLINOIS OVER MURPHY'S 5c X: I0c STORE Page 44 The 1947 Picayune vu I7 1l1 "Pe1e"g 121 Powfeys, Barb, B. Rodgers, and The Dawsormsg 131 "Bula" arid Gcheg 141 Bloyd, Terry, Luiz, and Suhreg 151 Leo and Dorofhyg 161 Aiice, Peggy, and Ginrivl 171 Dee-Dee and Juahlfag 181 M. Sculling 191Ju-Ju, 1l01 Lahg 1II1 Lawsorig 1I21 Good Mornlngl 1l31 Charlofle B,g 1I41 Mayhew, Woods, Cade, Gui, and Goodrichg 1l51 Wheel 1161 Roberfs, J. Wifllams, C. Solarsg 1I71 Beily Maeg 1l81 Pinnick and Pickrellg 1I91 Roberfs, Luiz and Liifickg 1201 "Fish", Dick, and Milf, 1211 J. P.g 1221 We wonder? 1231 Pefersg 1241 Barbg 1251 Kelley, Kissack, arid Mayhew: 1261 Moore, Rodgers, Puqh, Morqesorlg 1271 Silver and Powleyg 1281 Noonilrricg 1291 "The Cheyy": 1301 Papa, Emma, and Brendlcg 13I1 Arlisisg 1321 Ruslyg 1331 Sriowmang 1341 l-loboes? 1351 Wandag 1361 Thelma Marvencg 1371 Sinclairg 1381 Presbyferiansg 1391 Marilyn: 1401 Peek-a-boo: 14l1 I see youg 1421 Maryg 1431 "Spei' gel" workfers. The 1947 Picayune Page 45 'W 'I 0lIAM'S Grocery and Markei' Home of Happy Hour Foods O PHONE 50 SECOND AVENUE AT WASHINGTON STOP AND SHOP AT C R A M ' S Famous for Our Own Ice Cream Giani' Shakes SANDWICHES S+eaIcs Chops Rou+es I 8: 9 Hoopesfon, IIIinois Qeaaqe Nanlwll' PHONE II7 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF I947 G. C. MURPHY CO. Sc Io I0c STORE K R O G E R ' S GROCERIES . . MEATS COM PLIMENTS OF JAMES STREAN Manager BEST WISHES CLASS OF I947 Cragg-Cunningham Ho'reI O. V. BRADHAM, Prop. Hoopesfon IIIinois CADE-SMYTHE OIL CO. SUPER SERVICE STATION Bulk Farm Sales SIceIIy Proc.IucI's We Give S8aH Green Sfamps H. F. HEATON, D.D.S. HOOPESTON, ILLINOIS LARSON'S CLOTHES SHOP CLOTHING. SHOES, MEN'S FURNISHINGS COmpIImerIIs DR, L, P, DUNN HoH"s Lumber and Coal Co. DENTIST "We Aim I'o PIease" Telephone I29 Phone I62 30I-302 Willdon Bldg. H. L. HOTT L. R. HOTT - Page 46' The 1947 Pzcayune CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF I947 TT Food aohinery Corporation ISPRAGUE-SELLS DIVISIONJ The 1947 Picayune Page 47 COMPLIIVIENTS CompIimen+S OF of THE WALLACE AGENCY INSURANCE T A Y L O R ' S ICE CREAM PAR'-OR 2l0 Sou+h Markei' S+reei HOOPESTON PHONE 46 CONGRATULATONS TO THE FLOWER SHOP TT-TE CLASS OF '47 FLOWERS AND GIFTS RUBY YONKELOWITZ HIGHEST CASH PRICES EOR HIDES. FURS. JUNK "WE TELEGRAPH FLOWERS HOOPESTON ILLINOIS ANYWHERE" I-I COIVIPLIMENTS oopeston OF Ice 8: Fuel Co. A pl-IQNE lbl HOOPESTON v TELEPHONE Hoopesfon, Illinois Page 48 COMPANY The 19.47 Pzcayune A 'Wir " vi. ' fs 1 H TRW ,Q ,fy Q y -W . P N N ii' 155 P. S1l1s, 1. Blovd, E. Lan: 125 G. Myfvrsg 135-Dovisg 145-B. GAVE-Ll, F. Dent' B.Ol51vv, M, SQu.'5In, 'v'anVirL1.:, B1-'Lv-'vp 155 B. Rvvqvvvs, J. lv-I v2'L' 5 S. Lf. S 3 . , -24 q5v 1F.511vq11 165 J. Pcfry, L. RJYQQSLJE-vqev, R, Sforkg 175 Lcvgn, M. Lvnng 185 L. Lawfonffi-Q 195 N. Pmvvvs Av' 5-1x.q'vwsg 1505 J. Fvdvlvj 1555 iw-vvqv-qmv' qm 1575 Lon, Yofkj 1135 Lev, 1I45 Cavvvpbe11Sg 1555 Laird, CAM, NGGTPWVVQ 1165 Mixnfvv Kv 5.14, 1575 Fv5'vv', Fnwvfv, Sv5vnluv, Qnmkj 1595 D.v5wv :Hg 15'75 Bvvmv, Mayhew, G-voovvv Lgnikngvfg 1205 Gglkpwgyg 1255 Mrs. Svvwyinvv, Hovfv E51 1225 Happy Journey, C5'nv1cHf', RMP Avvvv, H 5 ng P 5 v- U me L- .vv' Lvn5 vv 1 35 B v N H 51 v 1 Dauqhfhvfyj 1245 Bgvrvsyg 1255 Gvonp around door, 1265 Lnvvq1n11ov.g 1275 C'u"'5f'x an.: Sv'n11v'vg 12B5T1gv1vvqlg 1295 5nvv1vvv.vg 1305 D1v,v'5.vwvv 51'v-vpvvvihvv' 1555 ' L vv 1375 5 1 Loisg 1325 Miss Covey, Spanish and Eng5is5v I5Ig 1335 Jacksovvg 1345 Jane and S?v5'5v-v 1355 CHS sm! Wglghg 1355 C5mr.fwHn, Vinh, Mqvy Lv 3 ' O5son, W1I5vn'::s, Smith, Cronrb, Brown, Coop, 1385 Happy Journey ai We G11 Smtcrvj 13575 POW, 1405 Mayhew, Locknnfv, L5'vvvv vw 3 1415 Qual 5. The 1.947 Picafyune Pagv .49 AMILTON FUNERAL OME OOPESTON, ILLINOIS AMBULANCE SERVICE YY HARRY H. HAMILTON PAUL S. TROTTER COMPLIMENTS OF OYLER'S GROCERY FRESH MEATS AND GROCERIES S02 THOMPSON PHONE 325 B 81 K OIL CO. CORNER WEST MAIN AND SECOND AVE NUE HOOPESTON, ILLINOIS The Corner of Friendly Service Ralph W. Boren Paul J. Keene COMPLIMENTS OF The Ciky NaI:ionaI Bank WEBER'S Drug Store PAUL E. WEBER CARL W. WEBER 'I IT HOOPESTON, ILLINOIS THE HOME OF DISTINCTLY BETTER CLEANING SANITARY DRY CLEANERS PHONE S50 HOOPESTON SALES 81 SERVICE CO. FORD PRODUCTS Member HOOPESTON ILLINOIS Cf OONIPLINIENTS FEDERAL DEPOSIT AND INSURANCE OF CORPOWON THE HI-wAY GRILL Mrs. Goldie SI'OIceS Mrs. Lona Sweef 1 l Page 50 The 1947 Picayfune MAXHS GROCERY To you +ha'l' are abou? lo embark info a new adveniure in lhis rhing called life, we congralulale you for having achieved anolher milesione of fhis iourney. I+ is yours io look back on your accomplishmenfs wilh a iusfifiecl amounf of pricle, and wilh confidence. you should look Toward your fufure. We exiend our besi wishes for a very successful and happy life. MAX I-IEIST, Proprielor PHONE 269 Bloomingion Highway af 2nd Ave. HOOPESTON, ILLINOIS The 1947 Picayune Page 51 COMPLIMENTS CONGRATULATIONS OF CLASS OF '47 SHERIDAN'S GROCERY COMPLIMENTS OF FRANK F. DORNFELD AND CO. YOUR CLOTHIER Kuppenheimer CIoIIIes Mallory I-Iajrs BosIonIan Shoes J. R. HEATON, M.D. TOM MERRITT 8: CO. INSURANCE AND LOANS 202 S. Markef S+ree+ ScI1uII'z BroI'I1ers Company SCHOOL SUPPLIES AND GENERAL MERCHANDISE Brownie's Home Bakery PHONE IOO O HOME OF GOOD PASTRIES COMPLIMENTS OF I-IOOPESTON GRAIN AND COAL CO. GRAIN AND COAL I-IOOPESTON ILLINOIS ' A . K L I G M A N COMPLIMENTS ZI7 Sou+I1 Bank S+reeI SHOES FOR OF WORTHENS - Page 52 THE WHOLE FAMILY DR. J. C. MOORE PHYSICIAN - SURGEON WiIIcIon Building The 1947 Pzcayune - - CONGRATULATIONS-CLASS OF '47 Make the Lorraine YOUR ENTERTAINMENT HEADQUARTERS McCOLLUM'S LORRAINE THEATRE EasIern Illinois' EIrIes+TI1eaIer HOOPESTON, ILLINOIS EGNEW CHEVROLET -PHONE I39- SALES HOOPESTON TIRE AND 2'2'2'4 ISGSIIEIZIIR STREET APPLIANCE CC. I-IOOPESTON ILLINOIS QI? E. Main S+. Hoopesfon, IIIInoIs Herb WoI+er's Ha'I'cI1ery RET,Ci2,TSlZ,JIgES PHONE 69 ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES 2I5 Eirslr Avenue Hoopes+on, III. HEATING EQUIPMENT BEST WISHES TO AI' THE GRADUATING CLASS YOUR SERVICE CLARK'SDF EAIROCERY PHONE 3 Ouaiify-Groceries, Meafs, FruH's and V s Chronicle-Herald egeIabIe D . and , . DR. J. M. I-IANNELL KYIOX Pl'In+Il'lg a PUbIISl"lIng CO. CONGRATULATIONS TO PHONE 72 THE CLASS OF '47 The 1947 Picayune CONGRATULATIONS STOKLEY FOODS, INC. To THE CLASS Packers of +I'Ie Famous OF '47 IVANO, INC. SOUTH END COAL YARD QuaIi+y Coal and Prompf Service MARVIN WILSON, Prop. F. B. WILLIAMS, O.D. HOOPESTON, ILLINOIS THE ILLINOIS LUMBER, GRA IN AND COAL COMPANY S-'N WISH TO EXTEND THEIR CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF '47 VAN CAMP'S IMPROVED BEANS IN TOMATO SAUCE ALSO STOKLIEY'S FINEST- ALL GREEN ASPARAGUS AND SWEET CORN, Bo+II WI1oIe Kernel and Cream SIyIe FOR THE BEST-SERVE THE ALWAYS DELICIOUS SI'oIcIey - Van Camp ProcIucI's HAROLD C. HEITSMAN INSURANCE OF ALL KINDS PHONE 87 . HOOPESTON PASSON'S GROCERY sIRD's EYE FROZEN Eoons 6OI Easi' Lincoln NELSON'S HARDWARE STORE ABC WASHERS AND IRONERS 2I8 EasI Main SI. Phone 6 The 1947 Pzcayune CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF '47 T I-I E R I T Z "WHERE QUALITY REIGNS SUPREME" Home-Made Candies Lunch Founfain Service "Always Welcome" GEORGE SAMARAS, Prop. WALKER'S GROCERY COMPSQAENTS We Give S8uH Green S+amps -IIS N. SevenTh ST. I Phone 79 MILES S. ODLE ATTORNEY AT LAW T H R A S H E R ' S BROWN-BILT si-TOE STORE Roblee-Air-S+ep Bus+er Brown Shoes 407 WIIIdOn BICIQ. I'IoOpesTOn, III. DR- R- E- E'-HOTT BIEDENKOPF MOTORS OPTOMETRIST GIasses I:iTTecI New Low Prices R. G. KLINE, M.D. X-RAY LABORATORY DIAGNOSIS TECHNICIAN-MISS RUTH HAUGEN The 1947 Picayune "Ask The Man Who Owns One" Page 55 U5 The RHI, Mayhew, Kissack, Gusfihe, Pauh Q25 "Our Gang"-Leemon. KeHey, Kissack, Cai BQH, Neafhery lihcyifablyj, Eqnew, Lairdg 135 Pugh and Cwfvrg H3 Myers, Gena, Pais, Coachffrcarj White, MXH, Henk, Herbie and cousin, Trimbleg f5j Marian Smifhg 155 Joanne and Chuck 1Firerhah's BJIUQ C71 Vfofa, Mary, Loisg 183 Happy Journey-iusf lesyihqg Q95 John and Jackg H01 Hoppy and pfffilf Ulj The RIMA: QIZJ Those Threeg U31 ?7??g H47 Jody and Rchic. eanqaaiaalaiiand . . . TO THE CL.ASS OF I947 American Can Company MEADOW Gow DAIRY CQWQQQAWS ! I 2 PASTEURIZED DAIRY PRODUCTS A. 8. P. Foon sToRE Phone '68 W. C. CALVIN, Manacler Page 56 The 1947 Picayfune Wfyyjfff Rigs? UQZWQ wwf! , 5 MM DW My wwf W WM -f f-f"1..z-Qi.. , I :W

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