Hoopeston High School - Picayune Yearbook (Hoopeston, IL)

 - Class of 1926

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Hoopeston High School - Picayune Yearbook (Hoopeston, IL) online yearbook collection, 1926 Edition, Page 48 of 118
Page 48 of 118

Hoopeston High School - Picayune Yearbook (Hoopeston, IL) online yearbook collection, 1926 Edition, Page 47
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Page 48 text:

llillll 'El 5' u .qi -- a Til ..-4, til :ff ,-. f' r E H U wfl Il? I-ij' Hlif Fi 1E E E l 1 l l 1,-. , -r lr l 3Tl L-l li lg Vi? Q Lil ri 2 ,-, v if ljii. lliili iigll .,, lfirl' 1371 . J l El LE: mmmmiiiwgiMCAYUhg1QJLmmmmmmmK3 iJ ing break up the other team's play. Ingle-Quarterback Ingle, playing his last year of foot- ball, proved a good manager of the team. His head work was of the best and he was also an able passer and kicker. He was always a good re- ceiver of punts and gained many yards by this method. He will be greatly missed the coming season. Duley-Right End Tate had the weight and height and this determined the breaking up of the other team's plays. He was equally as good on the offense, smear- ing passes and making large gains. He will be with the team next year and, being more experienced, should show up well. Davis, Harold-Right Tackle Davis, a sophomore playing his first year of football, showed up well. He was used in the backfield at first, but, on account of his size, the coach moved him to the line. He always played a hard game and many times would throw men for losses. He is the main cog around which the coach will build that side of his line next year. Leach--Left Guard Leach, another senior, played his second and last year of high school football. He was used as a backfield man last season, but because of his weight was moved to the line. He gave all he had at all times and was always helping break up opponents' plays. He will leave a hole in the line that will be hard to till next season. Vines-Center Keith, another senior, played a fine game at center. He was on the in- jured list earlier in the season, but played enough games to show his stuff. He was fast and therefore hard to keep from breaking up plays. He was an accurate passer and made large holes which meant gains. Very few players ever came over him that Page Thirty-Four were not stopped. He will be greatly missed next season. Reed-Right Guard Reed, a sophomore, played his first year of football. He was used on and od last year, but failed to make the squad. He had the weight and speed and this aided him in throwing men for losses. He will be back next year and should be of much help to the team. Musson-Left Tackle "Mussie," a senior, ended his foot- ball career for H. H. S. this year. He was the man around which that side of the line was built. Injuries kept him out of a few games, but he played enough to show his real worth to the team. He seldom failed in making holes and take his man out of the play. He was a sure tackle and very few plays got by him. With him out of the line, a large gap is left to be filled next season. Nelson-Left End "Nellie," a junior, playing his first year as regular, played a whale of a game. He was always breaking up opponents' plays and because of his height he had the ability to go up in the air and snare passes. He should be of great aid to next year's grid- ironers. He was another man from Hoopeston on the all-county team. Subs Welty-End "Bob," a junior, played his first season of football. He played in sev- eral games and showed up well. He has speed and is a good receiver of passes. He will be of great value to the team next season. Carlson-Sub Lineman This was "Swede's" first year of football and he performed well. He had the weight and speed for a line- man. He played in several games and showed opposing schools that H. H. S. was not weak in linemen. He is a senior and this will be his last year playing football for H. H. S. 'llmj mmmmmmmmmmwmmE3iEiEQ l l

Page 47 text:

I. , L- L i T, . 'I A.-. ,- t..- 'v i in, ...i L 1 ni- il ' i I l ,. ml lmlPlcAYUNEIml llUiEl E CE-1 H. H. S., 403 Rossville, 6 eleven in the final game of the season. I This was one of the easiest games We were outcharged-in most of the if a stop to our run of shut out victories. same. but SeVe1'a1 tlmee We had a li on our schedule, because the team geed Opportunity to Score- The Passes was primed for the battle. Keen that were thrown by the Northerners Hi rivalry always exists between these spelled defeat for Hoopeston- When- H. . two schools and Coach Brasel, taking ever a Da-SS WaS thrown there Was a P no chances, had a large number of teammate ready to grasp lt- Tne lg I new plays to be put into execution if H00DeSt0n Squad neterlnlned to Wln 1- needed. The Rossville team was and ,tne Old ngntlng Spnnt, Was not lim i heavier, but we literally buried them laekmg- Wnen the nnal Wnletle blew aim :Y at to 6 Score. Brasel Kankakee Won af Score of t again sent in most of his squad to to 0- but Heepesten had ended a very ILW give them experience. Successful Season' Eff F . Coach Brasel, to give his second 'el I' H- H- S-- 03 Weetvllle, 13 squad a better idea of the game, Q 2 Westville has been an old rival of scheduled two games with Wellington ,111 ours for a long time and this game to be played after school hours. The QE' is looked forward to as the classic of second team showed the few fans that if ,, the season. Both teams were primed witnessed them that they Were faSt l -4 for the game, but the field was in learning the Brasel system. In both :W i' such a bad condition neither team ganlee Wellington WaS defeated by could show her real strength. Dura large scores. ll, in th fir t alf stvil e ri e 2: thrgouglli our? lirlile andzvilvould soonpbe Captain Creamer-Fuuback llyl in scoring distance. But at this stage "Tl-1Ck," playing' his Second and 1aSt It 7 of the game the plucky Hoopeston year Of football, always played a fr' line would hold and Westville was great game- He Was a Player Whe helpless. Time after time this was WaS a threat to any team- One that 5" C done and the half ended 0 to 0. Then can kick, Da-SS and Carry the ball with r. 1 F came the fatal second half in which equal ability is a valuable man for ICQ ff' Westville proved to be the better on any team- He always gaVe the team til i muddy field. The game ended 13 to 0 all he had and was a leader that put iii Vi in favor of Westville. This was the pep into the team. He was placed as ,pigs 'A first setback of the year for Hoopes- captain of the all-county team and re- 1 , ton, ceived honorable metntion on the als nfl' , state team. He will e great y misse M! 1 J .45 H- H- S-s 293 Milford, 0 u next season and his shoes will be hard iee- if ' pi The strongt Milford taggaegaiiiog to fill, - Wi i was our nex opponen . e a 4 5. tasted defeat at their expense last Ben-Halfbaen A ' ii year and were eager for revenge. Glenn always played a good game F Both teams were well coached, but on offense as well as defense. He had - the superior coaching of Mr. Brasel the fighting spirit and grit and these sg: and the old H. H. S. fight again alone should make him an able leader 3 fill brought us victory. The entire squad next year. When carrying the ball he T1 I played the best game of the year, but was never down until the whistle 'f l- Captain Creamer led the attack. He blew. He should do wonders next I: played a splendid game on defense season. E Zlelifftiebinfhliliuiflltlttiybffii. Berg-Halfback if-u gig H- S. "Swede," a sophomore playing his ilji' mil second year of football, was also a fgi H- H- tS-- 09 Kankakee- 16 main factor in the team's success. He lt! gi Coach Brasel sent his warriors into had the Weight and speed and most :itll battle against the strong Kankakee always made good gains or was help- L1 1 u i f"' Ll I Qi? Page Thirty-Three l I E33 .c1:,3

Page 49 text:

UW W ' . I.. MU I - 4. Til I .4 I .-i --v r-1 . l 1 W. If "vt 1 - I -1: E IW I i ., I - t I.. 9 . Z i -E' S 1 1 E Davis, Leroy-Sub Lineman several games while the regular cen- Davis, another sophomore, did not Fel' Was 011 the injured list- He D1'0Ved 551' P get to play many games because of H1 liheee few g?1'f1eS thai? he Wa? ea' tpli injuries. He has the weight and een pable Qf hendhng the D1V0t p0S1t10n 'ggi be used either in the backfield er and this will undoubtedly fall to him line. He will be with the team next UeXt SeaS0I1- f lg year and should be a valuable man. Cardiff-Sub Quarterback T r Stanley-Sub Lineman In the few games that .Qardtff - ,, . ,, . . played in, he showed his ability in F131 i . Tlger' the glam hrfeman' played calling signals. This is his second le- -- In Several games thls year and year of school and he should show 1'1" E showed he had the ability. He can be - f iiil L . up fine next year. He also carries t used for either guard and therefore , . . . . fl-3, th. . the ball for gains and this is the kind 1' I is department will not be weak next of men that is needed y e- . lf-. year. In the games he played not ' ' ' :ply F- p many plays were sent over him be- Merritt-Sub Lineman ,Ht 1 Cause Of his Slze- "Buckey," the seventh sophomore iff' on the squad, should also be of great g Endsley-Sub Center help next year. He played in a few 5 Endsley, another sophomore, is an- games and, with more experience, 1 other good linesman. He played in should prove valuable. 1,1 rr -f r i-I' +Ff - . 1. y ,ei F I! E 88 1 . Basketball 1925-26 32 tn! gif. 155 r. 1 E The Hoopeston cage squad had a H. H. S. ..... 18 Georgetown -- 3 Eli QI very successful season, their final H. H. S. ..... 38 Westville .... 20 E standing being above the 600 mark. H. H. S. ..... 22 East Lynn --- 26 F4 E In spite of the small gymnasium in H. H. S. ....- 25 Alvin ....... 19 lx. if our school, Coach Brasel produced a H. H. S. ..... 28 Bismark ----- 12 QE team that was a threat to any team in H. H. S. ..... 43 Rankin ...... 23 l 3.33 the county. In the county and dis- Games Wen 13- lost 8. lil? lj trict meets his team came forward PereentageL,6i9. , lil' PQI! with the unexpected, beating teams ll' that were rated much higher. The The C0l1lliy Meet Eti if majority of the games .were played H. H. S., 17: Potomac, 7 iii away from home and this also shows Hoopeston's first game of the coun- I? lie the team's strength. ty meet was with the strong Potomac 1 lil ..... gotcimac ..... cagers. uPotomac had been going w: . . . ..... V ax on ...... s rong a season and the do e was f W1 H. H. S. ..... 43 Bismark ..... 8 favoring them. Hoopeston hadptasted ij 551 H. H. S. ..... 28 Georgetown -- 8 defeat at their hands earlier in the ijjl S. ..... 14 East Iuynn --- 18 season and was now determined to Fiji Fi H. H. S. ..... 33 Westville .... 19 beat them. Hoopeston displayed a IE H. H. S. ..... 14 Potomac ..... 22 fine game of ball throughout and fig? H. H. S. ..... 16 Watseka ..... 25 when the whistle blew, ending the if ggj H. H. S. ..... 28 Milford ...... 23 game, our team was victorious. By nf' Fei - Page Thirty-Five , I Elml lmlg

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