Hoopeston High School - Picayune Yearbook (Hoopeston, IL)

 - Class of 1926

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Hoopeston High School - Picayune Yearbook (Hoopeston, IL) online yearbook collection, 1926 Edition, Page 40 of 118
Page 40 of 118

Hoopeston High School - Picayune Yearbook (Hoopeston, IL) online yearbook collection, 1926 Edition, Page 39
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Page 40 text:

lQjlU ilU 'fifvvwf I 1 H n I u U I 1 - - E E I 1 I I n I I 1 U I - I U 1 1 n Q I 3 D 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - - 1 Q - I 1 1 I I I 1 U 1 n 1 1 U 1 I 1 , li ,N , Q , i ' l u I Q 2 1 - - I 1 - U I 1 I I U U - 1 E 1 I U I U I I 2 1 n I U E p 1 - C H I l I - U 1 E 1 E U I 1 1 1 I Q U Q - S Q 1 I L- C l - I Eli. secured a divorce from his wife, for- merly Maxine Jessup. Mr. Elmer Pickrell is running a sec- ond-hand store in Westville. He says he owes all of his business success to his wife, formerly Vera Olson. Mr. Edgar Vifhitman is a lion tamer in Africa. He is catching and taming lions for the C. 8x H. Circus, of which Margaret Cleveland and Margaret Hawk are the owners. Edgar says he is very much satisfied with his pro- fession. Mr. Charles Yates is now hunting big game, with his wife, in Africa. Mrs. Yates was formerly Eva Al- kire, of Hoopeston, Ill. Eudora Bishop, Alice Blackwell and Evellyn Brougher are doing pro- fessional dancing under the direction of Myrtle Bunch. Kathleen Campbell is running a hardware store for her husband, Law- rence Morrison, who is on a fishing trip near Cedar Rapids, Mich. Marguerite Dilley has become, a great toe dancer and has a contract for ten years with one of New York's best musical comedies. Cora Belle Mathews, Mary Lee Mathews, Maxine Hamilton, Laura Potts and Lois Poyner have estab- lished the Come-in Hotel and Dining Room. They report a wonderful trade. Frances Kohncke and Barbara Munn are telephone operators in the Cheneyville Telephone Company, Cheneyville, Ill. They say they have such a big business that they have time to read three or four books each ay. Gladys Riggs and Ellen Tullis will establish a beauty parlor in the heart of Chicago, Ill. They will always have a rushing trade, but will never marry. -Tom Merritt, '29. Julian Allison Vernon Anderson Guy Beckner Stanley Boughton Dale Bowman Frank Brickey Nathan Clouse Gerald Cox Randall Davis Floyd Duncan Earl Goudy Maxwell Hamilton William Hardy Howard Jackson Louis Keister Albert Knox Lorenzo Long Donald Luby Hubert McClure Donald McElhaney Benjamin McGee Harold McMurray Charles Merritt Thomas Merritt Richard Miskimen Laurence Morrison Arthur Murray Russell Newburn Page Twenty-Eight Jack Norris John Nelson Kenneth Nelson Thomas Ogdon Willard Owensby Elmer Pickrell Orville Schlinker Hugh Sharp William Shaw James Shields Richard Vigus Charles Webb Edgar Whitman Charles Yates Eva Alkire Elizabeth Bennett Eudora Bishop Alice Blackwell Evelyn Brougher Myrtle Bunch Kathleen Campbell Margaret Cleveland Maxine Cooper Evelyn Davis Marguerite Dilley Ethel Duncan Jessie Griffith Maxine Hamilton Coetta Hanner Margaret Hawk Margaret Hoover Maxine Jessup Edythe Johnston Mabel Karrick Frances Kohncke Gertrude McGuire Isaacine Manuel Isabelle Marshall Cora Bell Mathews Mary Lee Mathews Helen Matthews Barbara Munn Vera Olson Laura Potts Lois Poyner Gladys Riggs Mae Seeman Thelma Slauter Marguerite Snively Marian Swanson Helen T rego Ellen Tullis Margaret Wood Viola Wood Roxia Wray lll 51 A l- .LJ l I -I ,Tl ,H lil ri fi .Eg Eli 1 gl Hit hi' ill: bi! lL--..l! ff H1 l i will

Page 39 text:

i til n V" l 'rl l-- L.. 4 PY, l K, lil YI l l ' 1 P l P I C o W llc Q ' l ml jmfPlcAYUNE1m 'L-JI EI C' , 89 li sl M 'Qllzws nf Z9 igrnplfgeng 2 z -4 88 l My This is Radio Station F-U-T-U-R-E latest wife, the seventh, we believe, l l- broadcasting its first program from are spending their honeymoon in Ire- 1, A V Prophecy, Mars. In this year of 1957 land at the summer home of his wife, 3' the marvels of invention have reached formerly Gertrude McGuire. 5 R i l! afltupendous hfnghtxlwe nowgcaiyou Mr. Knox and Mr. Miskimen are ll. ,g' aleawarmrecewe dal Xreques S rom now playing in the Knox-Miskimen g-. the Umvefse for Vaflolis Pfogfiims Twilight Orchestra. Miss Helen gf il and I1Umbe1'S- We have Just fecelve Trego's Charleston Specials are com- fg i f H tl J k d - 1 ,QQ ?reffueS1fI Yong, Ewan Tx? S511 ag petlng with this orchestra for the QQ' pi aiml Y, ew or liya . . 6 Charleston orchestra cup to be given ,, is fffisheslegge tfiiagglj gig :E away within a few months. i it now , L- about his schoolmates from Hoopes- Mr- Lorenzo Long and MY- Russell 'Ei ton High School, Hoopeston, IH., Newburn are proprietors of a pros- IE lg United States of America, Earth. We Pemus dairy in W9l1iY1gl50Ui Ill- il 'l E? will l'l0W grant J2tCkS0l'1,S I'6ql16St. Mr, Donald Luby is playing a Sug- Lili i . cession of solos from Radio Station Q-it E nolxg. gigrgon ai2:i1dei1gsorEJrg3dg1a0SY2gnZ' H-H-S, Hoopeston, Ill. El semi-weekly from Radio Station H-H- Mr. Hubert McClure is now a sales- l S, Hoopeston, Ill. Mr. Anderson has man for the National Pool and Bil- ilzgf ji his wife assist him in his work. His liard Table. Company. Mr. McClure ,Beg wife was formerly Elizabeth Bennett. gives exhibitions for the benefit of his gfj l 4: A B k , , - cus omers. My i gl.lgggivgugouligynganrfopyag E231 1323- l Mr. Benjamin McGee is now coach- l'!11 ing out a new food for chickens glgopzgtogheIHUn1ltfe1'Sg5,Y h 0151, Polliilmi Fifi? H 4- gf H h t , ., o w 1C ISS ar- 5: j lll?I?1Gg,kglISiOI1?E?tg0ld61'? egg? O ave gallgi-rt Hlflvovellziiivldean. ggi: li - R, - r. aro c urray is working Cl I . Stanleg-Boufgtqn lslngw iauhf on his latest invention, making Fords Ley 5 lei ln the Iilrst at.ona an 0 that Wonit rattle V lg-l, is Miami' Fla' Mr Charles Merritt i o " t h lui' iii . . . s n W ca c - , . , ,Mr'.Dak? Bowman 1.5 now Spiclaq' ing" for the Chicago Bears. His ggi lZ1l'ig ln DIES- H9 tried 3 nevlf, ek' home runs are more numerous than fill E13 perlment but finally found out p1gS Babe Ruthis Were. gil., P1 is pigs!! Mr. Arthur Murray has been pro- Ein, Mn Randall Davis endlllii-. Flcgyd inoted to ti position in the United tiff if Duncan are traveing Sa esmen Or States Mint. He now casts pennies if' the Ch3I'19S'f0U Music QOHIDHHY- MF- for Uncle Sam instead of in Hoopes- gg" Earl Goudy accompanies Mr, Davis ton High Schgoll QQ: and Mr' Duncan tc? give exhflwufms Mr. Jack Norris is now writing lr, of the latest steps ln the Chaneston. stories for the Norris-Nelson Moving 'T 5 fgli Mr. Maxwell Hamilton and Mrs. Picture Company. Mr. John Nelson ' 'l Marion Swanson Hamilton are featur- is manager of the company and Ken- l. I W ii ing in Broadway's latest musical neth Nelson directs the filming of the I comedy. Mrs. Hamilton is making a pnctures. fini the H1911 IH the head Mr. Thomas Qgdon is running a 'l row. wholesale grocery in Chicago, Ill. it 3: ,fig Mr. Howard "Pat" Jackson and his Mr. Willard Owensby has just Ulf r-3 1. . l l ' ' T l I i ly Page Twenty-Seven Lyn! 6223.1 ,47"::1 it f -- ll-Li I I , llll llll lllllllllllIIIIllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllIIIIIIllllllIllIllllllllllllllllllllll M

Page 41 text:

Qi -m mf'-im iuQ l-l. H. . Bughouse Fables Vol. X No. 40 APRIL 33, 1933 Issued Today and Everyday New Candidate For Nlaym' WAKELAND'S CORNER T0 nooPEs1'oN 'ro HAVE NEW PERSONALS HAVE NEW MAYOR! CITY MATRON Miss Claire Cardiff. former stu- dent at Hoopeston High, has been appointed city matron by Mayor Creamer. The new matron's duties will be to patrol the city streets after the curfew has sounded, and round up every mother's son found loitering around the streets. Miss Cardiff is very capable of handling these 12 o'clocks and it is hoped she will help to cure the youngsters of their roaming habits. BOARDER KILLS HIS LAND- LADY Because she served hash and fried onions every other day, Mr. Howard Musson today stabbed Miss Edna Rcgowski, his landlady. The sad event took place at supper lrst eve- ning when Mr. Musson came home and found the aforesaid menu. The murdered woman and the murderer were beth members of the class of '26. The deed was done--Contim uezl on page 30, column 8. GREAT ATHLETIC TRIUMPH Fred Poland and Keith Vines Feature. F Poland and Keith Vines bore the Blue and White to victory in the annual iiapjack contest held in the new gym at the Hoopeston High School. Their teamwork was per- fect, Keith holding his false teeth in cne hand and a pan in the other showed remarkable skill. Freddie would catch them and mix them up so cleverly that the judges could not detect a single Haw. The casting of the tlapjacks was very fine and H. H. S. has a team to be proud of. LICENSE TO WED Percy Fenwick, age 20, Hoopes- ton: Thelma Hoskins, age 17, Hoopeston. Glenn Bell, age 18, Hoopestong Helen Hamilton, age 17, Hoopeston. Truel Lindgren, age 18. Paxton: Evelyn Dazey, age 17, I-Ioopeston. Red Grange visits in Hoopeston. Shakes hands with Ada Reitz. Misses Katherine Frantz, Loy- ette Sparks, Margaret Harlan and Richolene Hughes have returned home from a week-end camping trip at Lake Vermilion near Dan- ville. Keith Vines hns returned to West Baden, Ind, where he will join the Sello Floto circus, after spendini the past months with parents and friends. WANTED Pupils to take lessons in the art cf turning up eyelids. S1.00 per lessonfno credit. Scott Ingle, Jr. NOTICE I will not be responsible for any debts contracted by my wife. Bardrick Daughters. TOO LATE T0 CLASSIFY Wanted-Experienced dish washer. H. H. S. Cafeteria. Wanted-A wife-education not necessary. Must cock and take care of her own toothbrush. Don Ekvall, E q. LOST AND FOUND Lost-The January 17th number of the Literary Digest. If found please do not lcok inside. Finder return to Arnold Alkire. Found--A leather pocketbook on Main street with a quarter in it. I HAVE SPENT THE QUARTER FOR THIS AD. The owner may have the Docketbook by calling at my home. A Friend. Lost-Duofold fountain pen by Picayune editor half full of green gik.X Return and received reward. . . L. Miss Elizabeth Adsit has assumed new duties. She is now helping col- lect old clothes for the poor. Mr. Scott Ingle, prominent citizen of Wakeland's corner, announces his candidacy for mayor. He will be rcmcmbered as a former mem- ber of Hoopeston High-class of '26l Mr. Ingle is a staunch advo- cate of clean politics and announces that he stands "for the people and against the public." It is also an- nounced that he intends to rid Wakeland's Corner of fake slot ma- chines and Florida tourists. RECKLESS DRIVER FINED! Vernon Willingham was brought before Justice of the Peace Reed Rudy this morning and fined 815.00 anfbcosts. He was charged with driving at an excessive rate of speed, and said something that sounded like "sosyouroldman" when officer Leach told him he was pinched for speeding. Willingham. said that it was his last offense, and when his police court record was examined it was found to he true, so the case was dismissed. YOUNGSTER CARRIES OFF HONORS! Otto Donaldson starred in the track meet held here on Decem- ber 25th. It is understood that the tracks were presented to Otto by his Parents as a Christmas gift. NOTED DOCTORS ABROAD!!! Doctor Ogdon and Dr. Baltz, former Hoopeston boys now re- siding in New York City, have been Called 10 EUPODE to examine the MOST RECENT FRACTURE of the Prince of VVales. The noted doctors will be remembered as ac- tive members in Hoopeston High School. ROME, Italy. April 29, 1933.--An attempt to assasinate Mussolini was made by an American, Tuck Cream- 911 but the Italian Premier suc- ceeded in escapini-I by climbing a. llght post. The would-be assassin was Finally subdued by 'the League of Nation's Army. Page Thirty-Two Il lllllllllllllllIlllllllllllIIIlllllllllIllllIIIIIlllllllIlIlllllllIIIllIllllIIllllllllllllllllllllllll l L l ,L li 7 g f-1 ,W l L. --a V1 lv-i v---4 '-1 ff i ' l lil Q 1 Q Q 9 Ei El 5 I ie E El a 1 ei .i I i I I.- gs..

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