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.,1, ' .f , .11 1 ,. . 1- H :L ug ,.. V g1 1 .,11.' . 1,1 -" 1:1451 . 1 4 1- ' 1-1:n'1 U W 1.1 " ' f - 1 "J fir, 1' - ' 1 A ' ' 11 r 11 'f 1 11 'Hwff -5-'Q55 - 11 ' 11rmf11"1 1, ' 1 ,L 111 , ' rl' -5 1 .U - 5 . ,.,. Ld fr ' f 1 . ' I I ' - ' 1 . 1 , 1 ' 1 I ' ' , , 1 , 1 . . U ' ' 1 . 1 . 1 ' X Tk 1 l "N I v ' . . , 1 ' . A W E . .1 ., 1 - . - ' J V . 1 ' 1 , S , 'J 1 Y V ' ' n - ' V 1 , I A I , , 4 A V I . ' : ' . , .1 ,xi V . I 1 . ' . 1 Q 1 . . 1 , , 1 I U w -, 1 4 ' V ' - .1 1 1 , 1 , ' I .- -1 V , . 1 5 , 1 ' 1 ' 1 F . 1 1 .-.1 . I , . 1 ' 1 1 A la" Y ' kj-. ' ' ' '-1 J . 1.x 1, -4 , F 45 , 1 1. , Y1 1 - H 2- f- ' "' 1-1 ' ' "11." : '1 i f P1 f, M. A ,. ..1. f,,,,, ' l an-1 1 F fm fx? KX M5 J 1 ll Mm J' I 00 Q if N W K QNX KW 2 Z , Q QF KX X K I OM fl iOQ!2f ,. AQ WF I fl!!! if r 1249 "YT To you. Miss Greenawalt, we the Seniors of 1950 dedicate this annual. in an attempt to express our appre- ciation for your kindly interest and faithful guidance through our high school years. It has been our pleasure to regard you as a friend as well as a teacher. and we know you will live forever in the hearts of all who come to know you. ? 1 X-N xx X15 fgd en ff-6315, E QQ E 59 4 U-'J My xg Eg-Lg 1:3 U U I Q6 5Q ,lT U Q +- ,W 1- 23?-fl X Z5 9 -- QQ M6905 mia? XX .ULD E Q ZEN GCLLU51 F acuity BACK ROW: Lett to Right: Mr. Kuhlrnan. Smperlntendentg Mrs. De Hnrtg Mr. Knstre FRONT ROW: Miss Greenlwaltg Mrs. Gardnerg Mrs. Young. Principal. 4 N WW XSQCSM WS vs!-, ANN GIBSON LEORA MOON G L.E'N GIBSON FERN MUMPER px, 51 Ns 4 Q' 1 fa 1- w. DOROTHY HENRY 6 BETT Y MURAT .nk -, J' V n , I 3,.y,,. 5 : : , ,g,.. ,. t4.:TZif- , ,5gg'.6- - -X 1-ca J. '. L' 5 Eff -1 Mr f' , 5142, D , LEROY PEDFRSON LAVADA RICHARDS PAUL SLATER '32 f T Ir 'R- uf- 'Nb M .k:. -. FRANCES SMITH M .N -I5 NYM V A55 12 .. ., ,, , -1 iii, , s'-W drag Q23 za i 1 3333- 1 ru 35' , . -lt! 'L k 3,1 WILLIAM ROSSITER 7 PATTY SYERS Class History In 1946 the following seventeen members of the Freshman Class entered Holton High School: Ronald Anderson, Reva Cooper, Marilyn Daily, Alice Burley, Ann Gibson. Glen Gibson, Dorothy Henry, Betty Murat, Donna Hall, Darlene Matthews, Peggy La Mont, Morris Pederson Lavada Richards. Billy Rossiter, Dolores Schroeder, Paul Slater. and Patti Syers. Peggy La Mont and Ronald Anderson dropped out while two new students, George and jim Kaw, joined our class but they too dropped out in the middle of the year. Our class officers were President: Darlene Mathewsg Vice- President: Billy Rossiterg Secretary: Patti Syersg Treasurer: Lavada Richards: Student Council Representative: Ann Gibson. In 1947, sixteen students enrolled in the Sophomore Class of H. H. S. They were Reva Cooper, Alice Burley, Marilyn Daily, Ann Gibson, Glen Gibson, Dorothy Henry, Donna Hall, Betty Murat, Morris Pederson. Lavada Richards, Betty Lynn, Billy Rossiter, Dolores Schroeder. Darlene Matthews, Paul Slater, and Patti Syers. Alyce Ransom joined our class in the middle of the year to make it seventeen students in our jolly group. Our class officers were President: Dolores Schroeder: Vice- President: Billy Rossiterg Secretary: Betty Lynn: Treasurer: Patti Syers. In September of '48, eleven students were enrolled in the junior Class. They were Alice Burley, Ann Gibson. Glen Gibson. Dorothy Henry, Donna Hall, Betty Murat, Morris Pederson, Lavada Richards, Billy Rossiter, Paul Slater, and Patti Syers. Alice Burley and Morris Pederson dropped out but we had three new students, Leora Moon, Fern Mumper, and Frances Smith, to fill their places. Our class officers were President: Patti Syersg Vice-Pres- ident: Ann Gibsong Secretary-Treasurer: Billy Rossiterg Student Council Representative: Betty Murat and Glen Gibson. 8 In September 1949, twelve students enrolled in the Senior Class to rule over the underclassmen. They were Ann Gibson. Glen Gibson. Dorothy Henry, Betty Murat, Leora Moon, Fern Mumper, LeRoy Pederson, Lavada Richards, Billy Rossiter, Paul Slater, Frances Smith and Patti Syers. LeRoy Pederson entered our Senior Class to finish high school after serving three years in the army. Class officers were President: Billy Rossiterg Vice-President: Glen Gibsong Secretary: LeRoy Pedersong Treasurer: Paul Slater. 9 Senior Class Will I, Ann Gibson. will all my dances at Blue Heaven to my sister, Alice, and hope she has as much fun as I did. I. Frances Smith, will my sensitive nature to Donna Homan. I, Leora Moon. will two long years of high school to my sister. Elna. l, Dorothy Henry, will my five feet to Doug Johnston. I, Patti Syers, will a few strands of hair to our bald headed teacher, Mr. Kastre. 1. LeRoy Pederson, leave my quietness to Victor Smith. He surely needs it. I. Betty Murat, will my ability to get into trouble to Celia Pfeiffer. I. Lavada Richards, leave my ability to copy algebra to Max Noble. 1. Glen Gibson, leave my ability to flirt with girls to Fred Rudat. l, Paul Slater. leave my ability to get into Dutch with my girl to Owen Koehler. I. Fern Mumper. leave my mathematical ability to the Seventh Grade who can't even write a number with six digits. I. Billy Rossiter. will my ability to pull the wool over everyone's eyes to my brother. Lyle. 10 HOMEMAKER CARPENTER? ? STENOGRAPHER ENGINEER HOUSEWIFE ARTIST Senior Prophecy ll ff-5 STATE TROOPER STEWARDESS REPORTER SECRETARY TEACHER FLOR IST Senior Prophecy 12 YXf'3"X'z93s3i Q 62 f QQ E232 W QQ ff WWW QM I Lemenfcvfy 1 f Rmcfep .l . M ,,.4--Nw... ' , I . w J 45 I fi ' ' "'Q-N-4!?Tfvl7fFj-gd,L3 1, if f T,ug.j..,s...f4 , Eleventh Grade BACK ROW: Left to Right: Christine Tomarasg Vera Creggg Carl Christensen: Mike Higbyg Rally Townsendg Lester Vermilyea: Don Welsh: joan Bean. FRONT ROW: Pattie Marving Fred Rudat: Max Noble: Geraldine Henry: Victor Smithg Celia Pfeiffer. Not Pictured: Donna Homang Marva Wiggers. 14 Isa g...-Ll' Tenth Grade THIRD ROW: Left to Right: jerry Mumperg jim Dyerg Ted Osborneg Ray Syers1Elna Moon. SECOND ROW: Betty Kawg Arlene jeifersong Neal Blakkang Eleanor Dageng Carol jean Langlerp Betty Eckert. FIRST ROW: Peggy Scanlon: Douglas johnstong Marvin Richards: Benny Kulczyslzi: Douglas Crossg jean Kruszka. No! Pictured: Charles Kiogema: Marlene Burley. 15 Ninth Grade TIIDD IUYS Lol! to light: Mnrlon Smith: Leonard Welsh: Wsrren Olson: Edward Dngeng Glen SIB? ROW: FIRST ROW: Porgnsong Bsrnnrd Burrlngtong George Psrmenter: Donna Franken: Maxine Lone. Rober! Crswlord: Msrns Bogus: Alles Gibson: Delores Pederson: Mary Lon Reed llsrvs Moon: Shiny Brsnnnmg Pegg Monnette: Richard Crawford: Elaine Vermllyvon. jsmss Hlcksg Men-lllyn Kamlngl Albert Smith: Bruce Smith: Louise Kruszynsklg Roy Henry. Not Pictured: Betty Gue- 16 f' If f V, f 1 z ,ff N - fi ,, 2 X f X yi 7 6 A ZW' -ff I II! M I 'E ' A 1' f f ff 4 41 ' O IH ' f x WRX ff I 55 4 X 'V ' E N WN KA 11:2 Xxx N X . xqxwy .... W' XJ v 5 , J Q -f NW ,., EVK 7 'Q' 'fa-l -' Vtzi- ' -V - - ff frfif' -P l-i- L - -l ". ,.-,p - l " l i' 5 " " --v .. v L ' - ir Y , - L- eg Um eden, Q N s ' U 'NVQ xy. x im-'f" in xi xi!! I 9 0 -s J ' N-: Basketball BACK ROW: Le!! to Right: Nesl Blskksn: jim Dyer: Lester Vermilyesz Rolly Townsend: Ted Osborne: Dan Welsh: Benny Kulczyskiz Conch. Mr. Ksstre. FRONT ROW: Mike Higby: Marvin Richards: Douglas Johnston: Douglas Cross: jerry Mumper. 18 "FUI s E fx Q7 'S :Ffh wqpf Baseball THIRD ROW: Left to Right: jim Dyer. Leiter Verrnilyea. Douglas johnson. Rowland Townsend, Max Noble, William Roeaiter. SECOND ROW: jim Jonavan. Glen Ferguson. Marvin Richards, Ray Syerl. Fred Rudat. Charles Syers. FIRST ROW: Douglaa Cx-ole. Leonard Welsh, Coach, Mr. Kastre. Benny Kulczyski. Neal Blakkan. 1 9 ' 1: lan X , I f ,.,, 3 4,3 1 gil 2 2 04 0 C twLtLca Q Junior-Sen ior Prom 194 9 On May 6. 1949. the juniors entertained the Seniors at the Annual Prom in the high school auditorium. Music was by junior King and his Orchestra. iv Z1 I Glee Club THIRD ROW: Marva Wlggere: Ann Gibson: Eleanor Dagen: Marlene Burley: Leora Moon: Patty Syerl: Marlon Smhh: Marv: Moon: Elna Moon: Donna Franklin. SECOND ROW: Vera Cregg: Patty Marvin: Betty Eckert: Arlene jefferson: Christine Tomaras: Teacher, Mra. Gardner: Louise Kruayznlki: Delores Pederson: Shirley Branam: Carol jean Langler: Peggy Monnette. FIRST ROW: Mary Lou Reed: Peggy Scanlon: Myrna Bogue: Alcie Gibson: Dorothy Henry: Elaine Vermilyea: Betty Kaw: Merrllyn Koning. ZZ The Scarlet Ghost Watch Out for Spooks Z3 The Scarlet Ghost On May IZ and 13, 1949, the Senior Class, then juniors, gave "The Scarlet Ghost," to two capacity audiences at the Town Hall. Our director was Mrs, Mattie j. Gardner, assisted by Mr. Dominic Kastre. The cast consisted of Patti Syers, Lavada Richards. Billy Rossiter, Ann Gibson, Dorothy Henry. Leora Moon, Paul Slater, Glen Gibson. Frances Smith, and Fern Mumper. ,U-,,W'atch Out for Spookscm The nineteenth and twentieth of December, 1949, were nights of stage performance for the Senior Class. "Watch Out For Spooks" was given with great success. The cast was: Patti Syers, Billy Rossiter, Ann Gibson. Fern Mumper, Dorothy Henry, LeRoy Pederson, Leora Moon, Frances Smith. Paul Slater, Lavada Richards. Betty Murat. Z4 Junior-Senior Banquet 1949 The junior-Senior Banque! wss held st 8 P. M. on April Z3. st the high schtwl auditorium. Ti The menu Mn shed Potntoe s Toastmaster . . . . Grace Welcorne ..... Response . . . Music ...... Speaker .... Group Singin Z5 A western theme wss carried out In the room and hble decor- stlons. 4' I for our banquet was: Tomnio juice Baked Ham Pens and Carrots Coleslaw Rolls and Butter Apple Pie Ala Mode Coffee PROGRAM . . . Mr. Dominic Ksstre . . . Miss Helen Greemwalt . . . William Rossiter . . . Marcelllne Carr . . . Mrs. jean Gardner . . . . Mr. Allsn G. Robinson Candid Shots SEN IORS MR. KASTRE l, r I I STUDY PAUL AND FRED Z6 4. 'Q v f 5 AFTER BREAKFAST TRUE LOVE? ? ? a - - SENIORS QNX" rl 3 cl I E 'sr , ,"'E THE L.Aw O is -----, -0 :1 ,f?"--' 2 l HT? , H SOPHOMORES THE NEW BUS IN T1-us: LIBRARY Z7 MRS. G. OUR SCHOOL 'R S T ANN G. PATTI-S. PALS :yigjyi Qi? M, ' P41 STUDY 9TH GRADER-GUESS WHO? BONNHE K. J? MARY LOU R, A ssmoa PAIR BOBBY C Z8 9 11 I H OUR SUPERINTENDENT THE GLASS BLOWER ...N A BALL. GAME W E LNA AR LENE MAR LENE ALCIE BETTY K. CAROL JEAN 29 N A 1 1 ,J-' 2 PAUL GENE MIKE K., A' .M ' ' " ' 1--3Qi,"!.' fx: Nj - . . flf. H ,P if . 1 'iw' ' . 5'-' '- LVL. 'A 1 .325 5' . 'Yo ny, N- 'V' '4 7' 'ff -E , ,' ' ' If Q jml D. PLANT ING TREES I P? Qfcn QN SENIOR PARTY jf ray. f X 'Qs K if V -3!!!im, , l c - I - w. f 4. 1 y . INITIATION Ll-BEAR IANS w W r SCHOOL DANCE .. , .1- 1 ' Iv I if .JJ A I 74 A BOYS' HOME Ee. CLASS C ,i F 3.515555 abit! 51 GRAND RAPIDS TRIP HOT LUNCH 3 1 S 1 ' Iii! 'lllllill q-D. -ll. if O ,ii TN w if ,ip 'fum fir' Q E212 HFTF' T A Q ' Z CKWQRLIQLQCYNQ fi BEST WISHES TO THE SENIORS OF HOLTON HIGH SCHOOL FROM THE GERBER BABY Gerber Proclucrs Co. OSLUND'S Prices Within Reach Of A11, Combined With The Better Service And Better Variety Of An Above-Average Market Makes Os1und's Super Market In Twin Lake A Favorite Shopping Center With Folks For Miles Around. STOP AND SHOP AT OSLUND'S PHONE 3292 TWIN LAKE MICHIGAN A. P. Reber Co. HAS BEEN SELLING GOOD CLOTHING TO THE STUDENTS AND GRADUATES OF HOLTON SCHOOL FOR 51 YEARS. THE SAME GOOD VALUES THE SAME GOOD SERVICES MAY BE FOUND TODAY ARROW SHIRTS-HOLEPROOF HOSIERY JARMON SHOES-JANTZEN SPORTS WEAR JOCKEY SHORTS-BOTANY TIES FREMONT PHONE 405 MICHIGAN BROWNIES GRILL AND DAIRY BAR Hamburgers-Light Lunches-Homemade Pies And Soups Ice Cream-Malteds Plate Dinner At Noon Phvne 2401 M-20 At Holton FREMONT RECREATION Bowl For Health Proprietor Carl H. johnson Fremont Phone 3 Michigan Hilltop Tovern Shuffleboard Dancing Saturday Night-Glen Sullivan Beer And Wine To Take Out-Lunches Holton Phone 2402 Michigan Bud's Snock Bor Meet Your Friends Here Sundies - Sodas - Sandwiches Fremont Michigan TI-IE CAMERA CENTRE Cameras And Supplies Movie Equipment And Rentals-Photo Finishing Portraits-Groups-Weddings 18 West Main Street Fremont Phone 685 Michigan .IONESSALESAND SERVICE Oliver Farm Machinery-Pontiac Automobiles Fremont 404 West Main Street Michigan FREMONT CO-OPERATIVE PRODUCE CO. Lots Of Success To The Graduates Feed, Seeds, Fertilizer, Farm Machinery. Fencing And Coal Phone 157 Fremont Michigan H A P P Y H O I.. I.. O W A Good Place To Eat A Good Place To Play Restaurant And Recreation Fremont Michigan FREMONT FLORAL. AND NURSERY aa--iw. A' of u. 9 , A Q , "Yours For Flowers" Expert Floral Designing Plants, Trees And Shrubs Phone 368 Fremont Michigan Congratulations And Best Wishes PALMERS DRUG STORE fOn The Corner, Fremont Michigan LARRY GEETING Watchmaker All Watches Timed Electronically BY -Watchmaster- OZ Theatre Building Fremont Michigan HAVEMAN HARDWARE General Hardware And Sporting Goods Duo-Therm Fremont Phone 219-W Michigan DEUR CHEVROLET SALES Best Wishes To Class Of 1950 New Cars-Trucks-Used Cars Phone 73 lelil- fcl-IEVROLET Fremont I L' Michigan FREMONT L Fremont Compliments Of Incorporated Telephone 41 502 West Main Street UMBER 8: FUE L C O M P A N Y Michigan MAIN ST. GREENHOUSE 8: FLORAL SHOP Milli jesty. Proprietor "A Growing Business-Let Us Grow For You" Holton Agent-jackson Service Station 514 East Main Street Phone 759 FREMONT TRACTOR SALES TRACTOR 232 West Main Street Phone 531 Fremont, Michigan FARM EQUIPMENT D A K E S Q'U A L Brunswick I T Y S E R V I C E Frozen Food Lockers Smoking And Curing Phone Holton .1554 FOOD STORE Michigan HOME TOWN SUPER MARKET Good Place To Trade Every Day Of The Week Complete Line Meats-Produce-Groceries And Frozen Foods Fremont ZZ East Main Michigan BEN FRANKLIN STORE B. L.. Froehle, Owner Fremont Michigan Compliments DETER'S SC TO 51.00 Gifts-Toys-Greeting Cards-Housewares Stationery-School Supplies Fremont 14 East Main Michigan Boom 's SHOE STORE High Schoo'1 Footwear A Specialty Fittings Checked By X-Ray Expert Prompt Shoe Repair Frernont Phone 98 Niichigan Frigidaire Sales And Services HOl..I..OWEI..L.'S REFRIGERATION Household And Commercial Service james Hollowell, Manager Fremont Phone 502 Michigan R A I N B O W I N N HOTEL HOLTON Beer-W ine-Liquor -Chicken-Fish-Steaks We Specialize In Chicken-Steak-Giblets Holton Phone 2211 Michigan TWIN LAKE LUMBER CO. Quality Building Material Of All Kinds Phone Holton 2462 Twin Lake, Michigan WILK BROTHERS Hotpoint Appliances Complete Electrical And Plumbing Sales And Service Holton Phone 2311 Michigan Compliments Of FREMONT STATE BANK Fremont Michigan Conga atulations Seniors FREMONT BAKERY Fresh Bake Goods Daily Special Cakes For Special Occasions Mr.. And Mrs.. Ralph King,- Proprietors Fremont Phone 272 Michigan ANCELICA'S EAT SHOP Spaghetti-Steaks-Chops-Dinners Fremont Phone 773 Michigan Compliments Compliments Of Of SWANSON STUDIO MARY'S DRIVE'-IN To Class Of 1950 Twin Lake, Michigan Fremont Michigan KEITH JEWELRY Hamilton Watches Costume jewelry Boulevard Diamonds And Watches Prompt Repairing Watches And Clocks Fremont Michigan Compliments Of CAVANAUGH CLEANERS Fremont Michigan Compliments Of CRANDELL AND ENSING Furniture Dealers Funeral Directors Phone 80-W-310 Fremont Michigan FREMONT MARKET Meet Us For Better Meats Leo Novosad Meats-Groceries-Produce Phone 38 5 West Main Fremont, Michigan SEYMOUR RADIO SHOP Radios And Television Records Fremont Michigan FREMONT BARGAIN STORE Linoleum A sphalt Tile Ford Paint Phone 566 Fremont. Michigan FRED BOUWMAN "Your jeweler" Fremont, Michigan MOYER'S DRY GOODS STORE 32 West Main Fremont Michigan Compliments Of Congratulations Class Of '50 WITTE BROTHERS HINDES BLOCK CO. New And Used Furniture Building Material Auction Service Phone 293 Phone Holton 2297 Fremont. Michigan Twin Lake Michigan HANKE HARDWARE YEAGERS BARBER SHOP Phone 2252 Holton, Michigan Holton Michigan THE "LOU-EMMA" Compliments Sodas-Sundies-Malts-Candy Of Cigars-Pop Holton, Michigan A FRIEND WE WISH TO THANK THE ADVERTISERS FOR HELPING MAKE THIS BOOK POSSIBLE

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