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,5 ., v. A Ag " ,. 1 .Q . 4 , ln , V X , , , 1 x , ,A 4 ,N X , w., ,. Q :,,. ,t -,. 1 ff f , . ,l 7 far.. f- .K . H' ' ' 1 v:'A-- jj, ' 5 . X i v .." N .f V' A '1 ' ' . i , w A, 4.-,ua . V " ' fl' '1 ' Hfznn-gQr, 9 7 l 'va . 5 H X4 ' V .V "' - lx -,-if.U5H'x 1- ' 54 2 fg , 'N-51" ' ' Qi' .f-' - w 533,452 ,, 'P , I , ' . 9, . ' ' A wb 1 4 ,- M A- 7 L . H n.4..,.. 4.0 x.. v ! , Q , V . 337- W 1 -- -. 1 - A ww .3 ., ,,1.V,. 1. , .A , .1J5'.1.' . 41' .V , -w F1 , N' .,.. .rf , Q ff 'b ,ZZ-4: .r.,.,, ' 775:-v' - U. Nw--. K 154 ' . , ' :Qing -LM ,. Lf-'-if x., , vq, .,'eg,g-,fd vv-...M :'f:, 5 - ,.-:W lx. '..n,.- 1. v r 4' k A - . 'nf' .yfu 37- F 'f 3 w W ""' xi 5 .Q 3 f r . "'-ff ,W-w '- 'A - Y-QUT, 'Y ,iV i'Ef'f,g , '. 1 .- 5 '1 ' "1 -ffm: V V ,- ' ' 5'-Q ,flfs -. A " 1 -xi' u N .-' ' ' ' "'i'L'1-if, -N., . 1 W! ,- V ,.,,rA ,1 Q . H I, "N 'ff' L L.. f..- .f ,-,Ai- - V,fp-L"."?fQx-w'f'E,3.,g , , 1' w . j , N 5' , .- .. Jw' , '?'f 5-4-1, '1 ' ff' Q . ' J-'Y-eig-.,,l.n:-xi 515.4 my ,H E 1 - Vu. ..,vA,f, , V 'ffl 9' 1 L. ,.., t n . 3 W H ' ,f , Q ,-, A 4 3 X , .Ql- 1 - "H 1 4. "' "Q fr., , ,My ,.::,5xf.v., ,, , -U -X- 'P 'S 'Q - . , "wg V . . f, f' -Q -fv rg, , AL. '5 - f .-'Mg . 1 iii ':g2wq:s', , . M. ' . , --'V - bl, A 4 W: 'R -it? ' az E' , ., ' .J'.f. fur.-' " 5 X' ,-1 iff' wi. , -- . "' .' , ."i"-5i',' Li ' ' fa U , . 35' , ', ,, Le. 1,,.L 5 ,,: . ' .P rf A -1 3 Q, 4 .1 ., ,Vatu f fy 5 3 3 E wzazfwgw ww Y Zf L' 1 S--1? Q Dedication We, the Senior Class of 1950, wish to dedicate this annual to Superintendent E. V. Heacock, in appreciation of his valuable instruction, his keen interest in the school and community, and for the zealous spirit shown in sponsoring our class. Z Holly Springs Consolidated School Yearbook 'Staff Ilene Belknap- ---- Janice Coover ------ Pat Heacock --- Evelyn Beem --- Amy Zortman --- - Elden Baker ---- Mary Modde --- --------- Editor -----------Assistant Editor ---- -----Literary Editor -- ---------- Photography ---- -------- Girls' Sports ---- ----- Boys' Sports ----Distributing Manager Board of Education Bernard Forney ----- Ed Westfall --------- Mrs. H. G. Arnold --- Lauritz Hansen -------- President ----- Secretary ------ Treasurer Alvin Sulsberger Dean Unkel Virgil Belknap Faculty Mr. E. V. I-Ieacock --- ---------- Superintendent Mrs. E. V. Heacock ---- ---- Mr. B, E, Wanser ------ Mrs. Orlie Coover ---- - Miss Helen Eckerman Mrs. Nellye Gesaman Mrs. Gordon Tuttle -- --- Principal - ---- Commercial --- Seventh and Eighth Grades ---Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Grades ---- --- Second and Third Grades --- Primary and First Grades 3 my was Q F2 Q E5 S db I mwmimfgzfwmriwm xx 4? X 4 J mx V. HEACOCK, B.A. M.A. B. E. WANSER, B.A. MRS. E. V. HEACOCK, B A 5'lP'Yil1i2hdHlf Wayne State Teachers College Principal Morningside College Major: Physical Education Morningside College 10" UDWQYIUY Minor: English and Science University ci Iowa Major: Mathematics Commercial and Coaching Major: Mathematics Minor: Science History and Science Minor: English l MRS. ORLIE COOVER MRS. NELLYE GESAMEN Wayne Stafg Tggchgfg Cgugga wif!! Sill! TORCH!!! College Elementary Education Elnnentary Education sinh, seventh, Second and Third Grades MISS HELEN ECKERMAN Briar Cliff College Elementary Education Fourth and Fifth Grades MRS. GORDON TUTTLE Iowa State Teachers College Morningside College Inc. Primary Degree Primary and First Grade in F2 Q K5 Q 55 H, 655913 QWMZWE S 4? f' x 2 I 'Q--1? Q 'Greater Men Than I Have Lived, But I Doubt It." EVELYN BEEM O lEviel I Basketball ------- Letter- ------- - One Act Play ------ Junior Play - ------ Senior Play ------ Dramatics Letter ---- Glee Club ------- Sextet --------- Trio ---------- Music Contest ----- Music Festival ----- Band --------- Music Letter ------ Paper Staff ------- Annual Staff ------ Class Officer ------ Declamatory ------ Attendant to Queen - - - Scholarship ------ Schooling: Holly Springs- 1,z,3,4 1,z,:,4 --1,4 -z,3,4 2,3,4 --- 4 -1,3,4 -x,3,4 --3,4 1,z,3,4 l,Z,3,4 1.z,3,4 --- 4 -l,3,4 -- 3,4 -1,z,3 ----1 -- 2,4 ----4 --1-iz ELDEN BAKER llBakerll Basketball ------- l, Z, 3, 4 Letter- -1 ------- 1, 2, 3, 4 Baseball ---- - - 1, 2, 3, 4 One Act Play ------ -- - - Z Junior Play - - - ---- - 3, 4 Senior Play ---- - - 3, 4, Dramatics Letter- - - - - 4 Paper Staff ---- - -, 3, 4 AnnualSta.if--- - -3,4' Claas Officer --------- 3 Attendant to King ------- 4 Schooling: Sioux City ---- l, 3 Bell Fourche, South'Dakota - - - 4 Sioux City ---------- 5 Paxnona, California ------ 6 Sioux City ----------- 7 Holy Springs - ------- 8-12 "Where The Stream Is Calln The Waters Run Deepest." F 1 This World Belongs To The Energetlc. " JANICE COOVER Basketball - - Letter ---- One Act Play - Janie" Junior Plsy ---- Senior Play ---- Drsmatlcs Letter - - Glee Club ----- Sextet ------- Trio ----- Music Contest - - Music Festival Band ----- Music Letter - Paper Staff - - Annual Staff - - Class Officer - Cheerleader - Queen - - - - l. 1. 1. 1. 1, Z. 2. 2. Z. 1. 1. 1. 2- 2. 1. 1. 3, 4 3, 4 Z, 4 3. 3, 4 3, 4 3, 4 3, 4 3, 4 3, 4 Z, 3 3, 4 -3,4 2. 2. 3 ,4 3,4 -4 Scholarship ---- Schooling: Holly Springs - - l-12 ---4 ILENE BELKNAP Oluenulf Basketball ------- I, Z, 3, 4 Letter ------- - - Z,.3, 4 OneActPlay-- ---2,4 Junior Play- - - - - Z, 3, 4 Senior Play ---- - - Z, 3, 4 Dramatic! Letter- - - - 4 Glee Club ----- - -1, 3, 4 Sextet ------ - - 3, 4 Music Contest - - - - - 3 Music Festival - - - Z, 3, 4 Band ----- - - Z, 3, 4 Music Letter - - - - 4 Paper Staff - - - l, 3, 4 Annual Staff - - -' - 3, 4 Class Officer - - - - Z, 4 Declamatory ---- - l Attendant to Queen - - - - 3 Scholarship ---------- 4 Schooling: Grant No. Z - - - - l-4 Holly Springs ----- - 5-ll "Even A Giggle, When Sincere Is Charming." "An Innocent Face, But You Never Can Tell." "When 1 Hear A Car Outside, My Heart Runs To The Window." PAT HEACOCK llmuttll Basketball ------- l, Z, 3, 4 Letter ------- - - One Act Play ----- - Junior Play ---- Senior Play ---- - - Dramatics Letter - - - - 2.3.4 2.3.4 -3,4 -3,4 --4 Glee Club -------- l, 2, 3, 4 Sextet --------- l, 2, 3, 4 Trio ------- - - - Z, 3,4 Music Contest ------ 1 , Z, 3, 4 Music Festival ----- 1, Z, 3, 4 Band ---- - ---- -- Mus ic Lette r ------- Paper Staff -------- Annual Staff- - - - - Class Officer - - - - Cheerleader ------- Queen ---------- Scholarship ----- Schooling: Pierson - - - Holly Springs ---- - MARY MODDE "Macaw Basketball-------- OneActPlay ------- IuniorPlay-------- Senior Play - - - - - - Dramatics Letter- - - - - Paper Staff -------- Annual ---- - - - Class Officer ----- - Scholarship -------- Schooling: Miller No. 3 - - Hickory Grove ------ Parkhill ---- - - - - - Holly Springs ---- - - AMY ZORTMAN "Aimless" Basketball ------- 1, Letter ----- - - - One Act Play - - - Junior Play - - - - Senior Play - - - - - Dramatics Letter - - Glee Club ---- - Sextet ----- Music Contest - - - Music Festival - - Music Letter - - Paper Staff - - - Annual Staff- - - - Class Officer - - - - - Scholarship ------ - - Schooling: Burlington, Wash. Onawa,lowa- - - - - - . - Smithland, Iowa- - - - - - Onawa,lowa- - - - - - - Holly Springs - - - - - - - 9 1.z,3 -- 4 - 3.4 -3,4 1.3.4 --3.4 ---3 --4 - 1-10 -ll-12 - 1,3 - z.4 -3.4 2,3,4 ---4 1.3.4 -3,4 --4 --4 --1-z - 3-4 - 5-6 -1-12 z.a,4 -3.4 -z.4 -z.s 2.3.4 -- 4 1.3.4 - 3,4 3,4 - 3.4 -- 4 1.3.4 -1.4 -1,2 --4 --1 1-4 - 5-6 - 1 a-1z "Short But Sweet-That's 'Modde Class History On a bright fall morning in 1938, nine little first graders started to school at Holly Springs. They were: Joan Mack, Iris Morey, Janice Coover, Evelyn Beem, Lila Ann Newman, Dwain Rose, Frankie Scheer, Donald McGarr, and Ardell Reed. Our fine teacher was Miss McCutchin. In our second year, Donna Sluyter and Lyle McLarty added to our class roll. Miss Rowe was our teacher that year. In our' third grade year, our number was the same with Miss Anderson as our teacher. Margery Smith, Anna Marie Krone, Virginia Marshall and Richard McLarty joined us during the year of our fourth grade. Miss Anderson remained as our well-liked teacher. Donnie McGarr was quite the popular little boy, as he was the one and only boy of our class. During the second semester one of our now graduating class, Ilene Belknap, joined us. At the beginning of our sixth grade year, six students enrolled under the direction of Miss Vander Schaaf again. They were: Rex Carnes, Ilene Belknap, Janice Coover, Evelyn Beem, Donnie McGarr, Donna Sluyter. Donna Sluyter left us during the last semester and Billy Frehman joined us. There were three grades in our room that year and we're sure that all of' us will remember the letters our teacher got from her friends in the service. Miss Vander Schaaf was again ourtteacher in the seventh grade, this year our class numbering six. Donnie and Billy left and Mary Modde and Melvin Hanner joined us. Also our dear friend Wilbur "Wink" Le Moine, was with 'us for about six weeks. "Glamorous Zella" was his all tinme sweet- heart, as everyone will remember! Our eighth grade year started with a bang! We now had some new boys to fight over, after going this long with just one boy to six or seven girls. Y We had four boys and four girls for awhile until our "Class Cut-up" Don Langstaff, and our class comedian, Amy Zorvtman and Bill Ryan joined us. We had a good year even if our poor teacher, Miss Smith, didn't !!!!! Soon we were through the eight grades. We had painfully struggled through the grades, so now we were ready to enter high school. We had twelve in our graduating class. We chose Coral Pink and Nile Green as our class colors: Sweet Peas as our flower, and "Prepare Now For The Future?', as our motto. With five girls and four boys in our class we- launched into our highschool career in the year of 1946. Of course we had to go through all the ritual and pains of initiation because of being poor, innocent, green Freshmen! Bill Ryan and Harold Ward left us that year. Mr. Brouwer was superintendent and Coach Mathers was our sponsor. Our Sophomore year started with the same enrollment. Coach Joe De Maine was our new sponsor. We took part in the Junior play that year and had many other activities. At the beginning of our Junior year, our Atom Bomb, Pat Heacock, hit Holly Springs and our Junior Class! Our new superintendent and teacher were Mr. and Mrs. Heacock and Mrs. Nyren was our sponsor. We received our class rings that year and everyone will remember the fun we had putting on our class plays!! Also the fun at our Junior and Senior banquet and the school parties! This year we have one boy and six girls in our graduating class. They are: Elden Baker, Evelyn Beem, Ilene Belknap, Janice Coover, Pat Heacock, Mary Modde and Amy Zortrnan. Mr. Heacock is our class sponsor. All the members of our class have taken active part in most of the school activities. As we are now leaving dear old Holly High we wish that we could have the privilege to thank all of our teachers throughout our schooling for the patience and understanding they have given us. We will always remember all the hard work school has meant, and the fun we'veNhad with -our schoolxnates and always above all our school days at "dear ole Holly High" !!!! 10 Prophecy of Class 1950 As I hurried to work that bright morning little did I know the assignment to be put before me today. I reached the office of the editor and knocked quietly. "Come ini" was the gruff reply which met me. I opened the door and walked in smiling, but was stopped by the unusually gay face of the Editor. After seating myself he began to speak. '3Esther, I have a big job for you. The Holly Springs Class of 1950 is having a reunion today and they have asked me to send one of my reporters to interview them. It will be like all class reunions, but I would like you to do your best and give us a different angle on the get-togetheri " As I came closer to Holly Springs I still was unable to think of something different to write. I drew my convertible to a stop before the school. Still mystified, I walked up the stairs to Mr. Heacock's office. After telling him of my assignment he gave me full excess to the records of the Class of 1950. Sometime later I emerged frorn the office with a plan forming in my mind that was little short of a genius. I walked bravely to the gym and was greeted with the smiling faces of the class. They greeted me warrnly and then continued their merrymaking. Suddenly a distinguished looking gentleman hurried in. "I'm sorry I'm late folks, but I was up late last night working on research for that new star I discovered and overslept this morning". This must be Elden Baker, the only boy of the class. Interrupting the conversation, I said, "Pardon me but weren't you planning on becorning an Admiral in the navy?" This question aroused curiosity among the other members. Elden only laughed and said, "I was but there were too many decks to scrub before I could reach that rank." A tall nice looking young lady added, "Yes, and remember how your folks were determined that you were going to be a poet, but then we seldom fulfill our parents dreams!" I A quiet woman with a baby in her arms asked, "Evelyn, weren't your parents anxious for you to become a concert pianist?" Evelyn flushed a little and replied, "Yes, Mary but I always had the drearn of becoming the owner of a huge dairy herd." Someone added "Why yes, you were always a strong member of the boys 4-I-I weren't you?" Everyone laughed recalling the fun we had kidding her about it. Mary then commented thoughtfully, "And here you are a model homemaker. My how things have changed!" A dark jolly woman looked up from the pictures she was musing over and said, "They certainly have, you were going to be an old maid remember ? She chuckled gaily, "And your folks wanted you to become a mortician!" . Mary smiled, "I had nearly forgotton Ilene, and here I am happily married and the mother of eight children." 'Ilene leaned back in her chair and laughed heartily. A smartly dressed blonde spoke up, "Say Ilene you shouldn't be laughing. Remember how your folks tried in every way to interest you in writing ?" At this Ilene smiled broadly and replied, "Well Amy, I'm just as happy where I'm at. I'll soon be made manager at the Webster Dictionary factory." Amy remarked, "You never did get Webster out of your mind did you?" Everyone laughed, recalling the days at Holly High. ll Attention was turned to a slixn graceful woman with short red tinted hair, who spoke to Amy, "How did you ever lose the drearn you had of becoming a hermit?" Amy quickly answered, "Oh, that was just a silly whim I had. I think it was mainly because of my folks trying so hard to make a model of me, and I never did like being dressed as if I had just stepped from a picture. You know that, Pat!" "Yes, but becoming the great explorer you are today is a far cry from becoming a hermit!" Q Everyone turned as a beautiful blonde with a high musical voice spoke. "Not much different than your old dream of becoming a professional player on the American Red- head Team and then turning out to be a famous ballet star." Pat turned and laughingly said, "I think my folks were more than a little disappointed but not surprised at my not becoming a college professor. Remember the fun we had with our crazy dancing every time we heard some music ?" Janice laughed and replied, "How well l do and also how well you liked to act and sing. If' someone would have told me then I would now be a taxi driver, I would have died laughing, I really had my heart set on being a doll collector." Someone asked, "How did you come with your music as I recall your folks had dreams of you becoming an opera singer. Janice then replied, "Oh I still like to sing, but I have frequent attacks of laryngitisg this ruined my chances of being a singer. Not that I'm really sorry!" Just then I heard the clock strike twelve o'clock and someone called that dinner was ready. After explaining that I would be unable to stay any longer, I hurried to my car with my head spinning with ideas! As I reached the office I was greeted with a scornful look from the Editor. "How did you expect to write an article on the reunion when you didn't even stay until it was over ?" He asked. "How does this sound chief?" I asked excitedly. "The three b's of the Class of '50 ? It would include: The parents dreams for their future, their own high school dreaxns for themselves, and what they really are today!" "GREAT!" The chief shouted, "Get in there and write it for the next edition." I sat down at my typewriter and began typing the things I had heard at the reunion of the Class of '50 of good ole Holly High! . l Z Class Will The day dawned brightly but, it was a dark day for the Seniors: for they were soon to leave the halls of Holly, never to return to its classrooms as students. Knowing that their time was limited, these six girls and one boy sent for Bettie Ericksen and Ina Ronfeldt, who they had chosen to be the executors of their will. When these two arrived they, realizing there was little tirne left, iznmediately began the transaction. After hours of toil and mental anguish these seven had dictated the following: We, the class of Nineteen Hundred and Fifty, being sound of mind and body, and feeling our lives as students drawing to a close bequeath the following: Pat Heacock-- My free shot ability to Marian Weber. My ability to get a diamond from a Hobbs while still in high school to Lois Zortrnan. Janice Coover--My fondness for dolls QDahlsl to Marian Oldis. My jars of pickles to Bettie Ericksen. Amy Z.ortman-- My one man heart to Bette Belknap. My Senior year free from car wrecks to Dick Pixler. Evelyn Beem-- My pivot shot to Esther Dietrich. My typing ability to Ed Weber. My heighth to Marilyn Haddock. Mary Modde-- My excuses for getting in late to Bud l-lanner. Worrying over assignments and grades to Wynola Haring. llene Belknap-- My Webster Dictionary to Suzzanna Stanley. My ability as Editor to Donna Dowling. Elden Baker-- My skill to annoy teachers to lna Ronfeldt. My way with blondes to Bob Dietrich. The Class of 1950 as a whole bequeath: First team positions to the subs. of 1950. Foui' years supply of gum under the desks to the Freshman Class. All worn out books to the paper drive. Carved desks next to the windows to the Junior Class. All unpaid debts to the activityfund. Our way with men to the Sophomore Class. Signed - - 031.6 - iacgw Mm utors - -W 13 2 Q K Q Q Q am 3 zwzwgxfqzzmsymsm if X V 4 4 LEFT TO RIGHT: Bettie Ericksen, Esther Dietrich, Dick Pixler, Edward Weber, Ina Ronfeldt. Absent Lois Zortman. LEFT TO RIGHT: Marian Weber, Marian Oldis, Bette Belknap, Donal Dowling, Suzzanna Stanley. 15 LEFT TO RIGHT: Marilyn Haddock, Donnie Chilton, Robert Dietrin 21, Bud Hanner, Wynola Hating. LEFT TO RIGHT: Benny Cox, Jane! Ronfeldt, Billy Ericksen, Gene Belknap, Dean Lillie, Clifford Kendall, Roberta Hansen, Barbara Hall. Absent Jeanette Beem 16 BACK ROW: Agnes Dietrich, Doris Stanley, Melvin Butcher, Marvin Lillie, Ronnie Haddock Jerry Webster, Donald Audroy, Kenneth Stanley, Mrs. Orlie Coover, Teacher. FRONT ROW: Avalee Metcalf, Annette Modde, Lois Lundeen, Elmont Baker, Larry Weber, Jim Beem, Roland Androy. BACK ROW: John Modde, Geary Kendall, Steven Cox, Terry Unkel, Alan Rose, John Dietrich, Gary Baxley, Sandra Forney, Shardell Sulsberger. MIDDLE ROW: Paul Pollard, Gary Gesamen, Mary Beem, Raymond Belknap, Elaine Arveson, Nancy Smith, Judy Dowling, Miss Eckerman. FRONT ROW: Shirley Moore, Jon Haddock, Dennis Metcalf, Judith Webster, Bonnie Scott, Charles Piercy: Absent-Jack Cox: Moved in- Bernice Robinson, Arlene Carrell, Joyce Otten. 17 BACK ROW: MIDDLE ROW: FRONT ROW: Alice Dawdy, Sharon Moore, Pete Modde, Margaret Johnston, Kristi Metcalf, Lyndon Haddock, Ron Kilzer, Julia Ronfeldt, Rayetta Gallagher. Bryon Bennett, Freddie Harlng, Richard Gallagher, Robert Green, Charlene Parker, Richard Jones, Jan Baxley, Glenn Rose, Mervin Weber, Mrs. Gesamen, Teacher. Jane Luchinger, Marlo Berg, Larry Forney, Andrea Pixler, Billy Heinie, Billy Smith, Shirley Belknap: Absent- Delores Weber: Moved in- Grace Otten, Beverly Leech. V BACK ROW: MIDDLE ROW: FRONT ROW: Melvin Johnston, Cheryl Metcalf, Bonny Smith, Leon Lillie, Lowell Berg, Mark Metcalf, Craig Jones, Jimmy Piersal, Donald Hall, Dian Baker, Nancy Piercy. Keith Metcalf, Jerry Plummer, Bobby Ericksen, Linda Hansen, Charles Rose, Gary Unkel, Thelma Green, Buddy Parker, Daryl Unkel, Patty McLarty, Mrs. Tuttle, Teacher. Micheal Moore, Lynda Weber, Janis Webster, Diana Hall, Jan Webster, Eddie Beyerink, Byron Stanley, Sandra Moore, Melvin Kendall: Absent-Kay Scott, Randy Hobbs, Stanley Hobbs, Gary Lundeen: Moved in-Julie Chilton, Richard Leech. 18 Q ggwywyg, 3 K 3 R mzfwzggzfms T2 Girls' Squad BACK ROW: Marian Weber, F, Bettie Ericknen, G, Wynola Haring, F, Bette Belknap, G, Donna Dowling, G, Roberta Hnnsen, F, Marilyn Haddock, F. FRONT: Janice Coover, F, Pat Heacock, F. Ilene Belknap, G, Evelyn Beem, F, Esther Dietrich, G, Amy Zortman, G, Mr. Wanser, Coach. F irst Team LEFT TO RIGHT: Coach Wanser, Esther Dietrich, G, Janice Coover, F, Pat Heacock, F, Ilene Belknap, G, Amy Zortman, G, Evelyn Beem, F. Z0 A .ailsgga Girls' Sports This has been the most successful season in girls' basketball in the history of our school. Our team came home from the tournaments this year with two hard won trophies. We won third place in the "Little Eight" at Hornick and we received a beautiful runner-up trophy in the "Sectional" at Sloan. We had a 17 win - 6 loss record. E THEY 45 Salix St. Joe 7 12 Climbing Hill 33 43 Lawton 38 31 Oto 32 47 Salix 41 49 Bronson 50 35 Smithland 17 51 Salix St. Joe 24 41 Oto 35 37 Luton 19 32 Hornick 31 43 Smithland 23 53 Bronson 34 52 Hornick 30 53 Salix 64 52 Lawton 46 33 Clixnbing Hill 32 40 ' Hornick 27 36 Climbing Hill 35 35 Sloan 47 33 Hornick 27 42 Luton 38 42 Salix 72 95 'EE per game per game 40.82 34.471 We received new blue and gold suits this year which we enjoyed very much. The student body voted to change our school colors from blue and orange to blue and gold and we all think these colors add much to the appearance of our suits. . We owe our basketball success this year to our Coach, Mr. Wanser for getting us really interested in the game and making us work hard to win. We all appreciated the friendly encouragement given by Mrs. Wanser while sponsoring our team. All of us feel that it has been an outstanding year and we would all like to see many more seasons as successful as this one. 21 Boys' Squad LEFT TO RIGHT: Donnie Chilton, F. Eiden Baker, G, Robert Dietrich, F, Dick Pixler, G, Ed Weber, F, Bud Hanner, C, Mr. Wanser, Coach. Boys' Sports Since our squad consisted of only six men we were able to win only four games, in basketball this year. We defeated Salix St. J'oe, 40 to Z8 and 34 to 30. The other two victories were over Luton, 67 to ZZ and 52 to 27. Bud Hanner was high scorer for the team with an average of 13.7 points per game. Best of luck to the boys team next year, as the prospects are good! Cllcerlcadcrs Lois Zortrnan Pat Heacock Janice Coover Bettie Ericksen zz, Junior High Squad BACK ROW: Donnie Androy, Ron Haddock, Jerry Webster, Roland Androy, Larry Weber, Jim Beem, Marvin Lillie, Melvin Butcher, Kenneth Stanley. FRONT ROW: Coach Wanser, Elmont Baker, Clifford Kendall, Billy Ericksen, Gene Belknap, Dean Lillie, Benny Cox. Junior High Boys' Sports We are very proud of our Jr. High team this year. This is their first year of playing basketball and we think they did very well. The Jr. High Little Eight Tournament was held here this year and our boys came out with a Fourth place trophy. Many of our games were handicapped by illness. Several of our team's members took turns staying home with the flu, but the rest of us worked all the harder. We enjoyed every bit of our season. li E' 3 Bronson 0 Z3 Smithland 16 Z3 Hornick Z5 12 Smithland Z8 19 Hornick Z8 Z4 Br ons on 18 19 Salix 35 ll Sgt. Bluff 36 We are looking forward to next years season when some of us can play on the high school team. The rest of us will strive to have a bigger and better Junior High team for 50-51 basketball season. Z3 iqM iWvU?gE5 Q Q Ci is Q KA N mcfifwngs if QUEEN OF 1947 Bcity Lou Miller First Attendant Evelyn Beem Second Attendant Betty Weber High School Royalty KING AND QUEEN OF 1949 Dick Pixler Janice Coover First Attendants Evelyn Beem Edward Weber Second Attendants llene Belknap Elden Baker Z5 KING AND QUEEN OF 1948 Johnny Suhberget Pat Heacock First Attendants Ilene Belknap Junior Gallagher Second Attendant! Marian Oldis Dick Pixler I h Carnival of 1949 The Carnival planned by the Senior Class and Mr. I-leacock, was open to the community of Holly Springs and the surrounding territory, on October 28, 1949. It was a beautiful day and although everyone would rather have talked than worked, they were kept busy by Mr. Wanser, decorating the gym for that evening. Everything was finished in record time and everyone was very proud of his work. The Senior girls under the direction of Mr. Heacock, presented a one act play entitled "Our Aunt From California". Everyone has a hilarious time as each tries to-impress their auntie who is really none other than the girls impish sister. The greatest part of it is when the real Aunt comes and chooses the impish sister to go with her for the tour to Europe. Next on the prograna was the annual crowning of the King and Queen by last year's King and Queen, Johnny Sulsberger and Pat Heacock. The new King and Queen were Dick Pixler and Janice Coover. Evelyn Beem and Ed Weber were first attendants and Ilene Belknap and Elden Baker were second attendants. After the crowning of the Royal Party, Amy Zortman sang, "Drea.rners Holiday", and Mary Moddei read the King's Proclamation and the Carnival proceeded in good' order. The crowd was free and encouraged to try our various stands such as Bingo, Penny Pitch, Fishing Pond, Basketball Throw and many others. Everyone enjoyed the eats which were furnished in part by the community and sold by the high school girls. i Our Carnival was a very successful affair, for we. took in a new receipt of 5210.37 We're sure everyone had a grand tirne and we appreciate the support of all! 26 Junior Class Play The Junior Class Play this year was a three act comedy, "Saved By The Belle" The play was presented Friday, November 18, 1949. "Saved By The Belle" was under the fine direction of Mrs. Heacock. The cast was as follows: Mrs. Fish Pudge Lulu Mitzie Ginny Doris Harriet Rita Bonnie Jackie Clark Slugger O'Day Warren Sands the house mother a good natured girl of l9 girl of Z0 with a "deadpan" humor a sentimental girl of 19 a very athletic looking girl of 19 she used people for her purpose a very studious girl she inherited the fortune--a fighter a girl of Z0 with a nice personality a fighter J'ackie's trainer a young reporter--Rita's fiance' Mary Modde Ilene Belknap Lois Zortman Ina Ronfeldt Esther Dietrich Pat Heacock Evelyn Beem Bettie Ericksen Janice Coover Edward Weber Dick Pixler Elden Baker The play took place in the living room of the Aurora Sorority House at the Stone- hall College for Women. The main character was Rita Powers who was an orphan. She had been sent to college through the generosity of her Uncle Henry. When he passed on, he left Rita one piece of property, which soon turned up at the sorority house. It came to be Jackie Clark, a young contender for middleweight championship. He was accompanied by his trainer Slugger O'Day. They were penniless so the girls hid them in the garage and took food to them when Mrs. Fish wasn't around. When Mrs. Fish appeared on the scene, the boys posed as dancing instructors--with very amusing conse- quences. But when Warren Sands threatened to expose them in his paper, the girls kidnapped him and held them captives until the championship fight. The entire cast is shocked to learn that Mrs. Fish knew all along about the stowaways, but she is able to explain everything to the Dean, so that the girls are not expelled. Dispite all the trouble everything turns out swell, Jackie wins the fight, Rita has enough money to remain at the college, the girls are not expelled, and Rita promises to marry Jackie in the future. The play was a success, in production as well as attendance. All the cast had loads of fun at practices and wish to thank Mrs. Heacock for the patience she had to endure while we were having fun back stage. Z7 Junior-Sen ior Banquet About the first of April, the six Juniors began casting furtive glances in the Seniors direction and hiding mysterious boxes when any of the Honorable Upperclassmen came into view. The reason for all this secrecy was the Junior-Senior Banquet, of course. The Seniors were very much surprised when their invitations read Hotel Martin instead of the Mayfair as they had all guessed. They still hadn't found out what our theme was to be and we tried very hard to keep "Gay Nineties" out of our conversation. After much tedious typing and planning, the glorious night came and we all thought we were well rewarded for all our hard work. On Friday night, April 14, 1950, six excited Juniors and seven less-delirious Seniors, Mr. and Mrs. Heacock and Mr. Wanser met in the Corn-room of the Martin Hotel for the Junior-Senior Banquet of 1950. Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Haddock were our guests. All the girls looked very pretty in their new formals and with Ina Ronfeldt as Toast- mistress, we sat down to enjoy a delicious meal and a delightful program. Ina gave the Seniors a warm welcome and Mary Modde, Senior Class President, thanked us heartily for the lovely banquet. At the end of the program, Mr. Heacock gave a very inspiring talk on setting up a goal in life. Afterwards we all went to the Capitol Theatre to finish out our evenings entertain- ment with a very good movie. We all remember how Pat and Bettie Lee stepped on their formals with very damaging results. Mrs. Heacock took pictures of all of us and some were on color film. All in all, everyone agreed the Junior-Senior Banquet was a very successful event. Z8 Music f We feel that this year has been an outstanding and successful year in music. Mr. Luedtke has been our fine band instructor for the past year and we feel that we have made a lot of progress. We have given several public concerts, and made a trip to the music festival at Sloan, at which Benny Cox played a clarinet solo for the evening performance. On April 1, we went to Onawa to the Preliminary State Contest with seven entries coming back with two first ratings, Dick Pixler and Marilyn Haddock, the rest were second ratings. Dick and Marilyn then went to the District Contest. Marilyn again V getting a first and Dick a third rating. Marilyn went on to the State Contest at Perry to come back with another first rating on her saxophone solo. We want to congratulate Marilyn on her achievements and hard work. Also all the others who have very ably represented our school in the contests. Mrs. Haddock assisted Mr. Luedtke in directing the trio and sextette this year. She has put in a lot of time and effort to help us and we sincerely want to thank her for what she has done. Our trio rated a second at the contest at Onawa. As for our financial standpoint is concerned, our Band Mothers Club has done very well in providing us with sufficient funds. They have sponsored several extra activities to raise money for the band. We hope that this next year will be as successful in music for our school as this year has been!2!!! 29 Senior Class Play This year, we found a play that fit our characters and class enrollment very well. We chose the mystery melodrama "Spider Island" which consisted of a cast of six girls and one boy. We worked hard on it for five weeks and then presented it on Friday night, April 28. We had a pretty large turnout netting S53.65. The cast was as follows: Abbie Mayo. . . . The younger sister .... . . Janice Coover Salem Mayo . . . . . The domineering sister . . . Ilene Belknap Dullie Peabody . . . . Their hired girl .... . Amy Zortman Star Mayo .... . . Their niece. . . . . . . Evelyn Beem Pat Casey . . . . . Star's girl friend . . . . Pat Heacock Meg Crosby . . . . An old crone .... . . Mary Modde Daniel Mayo . . . The brother ...... ...... . . Elden Baker lt was a thriller-diller mystery with an old abandoned lighthouse as the setting. It is inhabited by the two elderly sisters, Salem and Abbie Mayo and Dullie the maid. When their niece, Star Mayo, comes unexpectedly and learns about the ax murder, the gold, and her father's strange disappearance, mystery fills every corner! Not until the last act, after the tower has crumbled and Meg and Daniel are killed, is everything explained to Star satisfactorily. The blame is finally placed where it belongs on Meg Crosby, and everyone decides to leave "Spider Island" and start life anew. Everyone will remember the hilarious times we had at play practice. Amy's little fashion creations and J'anice's absurd knitting kept us all amused.. After practice one night Pat presented Janice with a beautiful birthday cake, which everyone enjoyed. The night of the play, Mrs. Heacock received a beautiful necklace from the Seniors for her splendid direction. We all enjoyed putting on this exciting play very much. 30 Holly High Lights Staff "Saved by the Belle" cast Jr.-Sr. typing class Jr.-Sr. Banquet at the Martin Hotel---April 14, 1950 Freshman Initiation--Sept. 1949 "Spooks and Spasms" - 1949 Ir.-Sr. Banquet at Warriar Hotel ---April Z9, 1949-Evelyn Beem Junior Class of 1949 Amy Zortman -- April 29, 1949 N4 NE, 167 fa., Ilene Belknap -- April 29, 1949 Pat Heacock -- Warrior Hotel Mary Modde -- Banquet of 1949 Janice Coover -- April Z9, 1948 Christmas Operetta of 1949 Jr.-Sr. Banquet -- Hotel Martin ---April 14, 1949 "Spooks and Spasms" cast--1949 Typing Tournament of 1950 Jr.-Sr. Banquet --- 1950 Debate team: Resolved: "The New Deal Was Successful and Beneficial." x 1 yT2i33 5 6 E y av 5612760 fl! HW 52 V db S f X 9 Q Aug. Sept. Oct. Nov. 5 Dec. 30 31 l Z 9 ll 14 15 16 ZZ 30 l 5 6 10 IZ 18 Z4 Z8 31 l 3 8 ll 14 15 16 17 18 Z3 2.4 Z8 Z9 30 Z High School Calendar 1949 - 1950 Back to school once again! The high school chose their class officers. Lois Zortman's birthday! Ilene Belknap's birthday! Big Social event out at Belknaps that night. Bettie Lee was knocked dizzy! fMore that isj The boy's journeyed to I-lornick for the first baseball game. We lost. Donna Dowling's birthday. Wynola Haring's birthday. Ed Weber's birthday! People were warned--He could now get his drivers license. Juniors carefully mauled and chose their rings! Shattered cameras lay around! Our individual pictures were taken! Esther Dietrich's birthday. Community night. Bud Hannei"s birthday. ' The Seniors collected money for the annual all day! Lucky dogs! There is sunshine again in the Senior Class--Janice and Cappy have made up! Disillusioned faces were seen around school--the individual pictures have arrived. Sorneone's been talking again--the trees blew down in the schoolyard. Big Surprise!! Four kids went out for cheerleading! Guess what four were elected! Marilyn Haddock's birthday! Ta Ta Ta Ta The King and Queen were elected. The schoolhouse was rocked by the concussion of Mr. Wanser falling gracefully through his chair during typing class!! The gum fiends were rejoicing! We could chew gum while working on the Carnival. Mr. Wanser, trusting soul, let Pat drive his car!! Big night of the Carnival!! Everyone had loads of fun!! Cleaned up the Carnival mess! The Juniors strutted around with conspicuous hands! Their class rings arrived. Genelli's were honored by the H. S. Seniors having their pictures taken! Saw the famous Don Stone at K. S. C. J.! The girls won the practice garne from Sergeant Bluff, here. Both teams won from St. Joe Salix, here. Evelyn was sick! Played Climbing Hill. Both teams lost. Mr. Heacock gave us a talk on facts of the killing power of an automobile! Most of the 'Bucket of Bolts' around here won't go that fast!! Journeyed to Lawton for a B. B. game. Girls wore their new suits! The long effect of the legs was not appreciated by some. Girls won--boys lost! Dick thought maybe he ought to have some trunks to play in, so Cap and Merv made a speedy trip to Holly Springs! Practiced all day on the Junior Play. Had a chili supper tonight and then launched afresh into dress rehearsal! Sorrow reigned over all!! Six weeks tests! Marian Weber's birthday! The Juniors and Seniors suffered nervous prostration! Oral book reports were given! Groan! The Junior play was given. "Saved By The Belle". Had a swell turnout! Basketball game with Oto, here! Nip and tuck all the way! Both teams lost! Bette Belknap's and'Dick Pixler's birthdays. People were just daring to venture out after Ed got his license, and then they heard--Dick got his!! Elden Baker, brave soul, got a butch! Familiar cry--Hi Baldy!! Salix came here for a B. B. game! Strange odor of Atom Bomb--Compliments of Peanuts! The girls won and the boys lost. Community meeting. Bud and Elden set traps and got caught! Went to Bronson and played a wonderful game, but lost by one measly point. Disillus ioned girls rode home in the bus and NOT in the car. 1- 33 Dec. Dec. Jan. Feb 8- 6 13 17 Z0 Z1 Z3 Z9 30 1 Z 4 6 9 10 IZ 13 16 18 19 Z1 Z4 Z7 26 31 Z 4 6 7 14 High School Calendar C0n't. Played St. Joe Salix at Salix. Both Teams won! Jeanette was high pointer with 20 points!! Janice came to school a startling peroxide blonde. It seemed for some strange reason her hair turned brown the night before! Janet and Barbara were chosen as girl's cheerleaders. Played Smithland tonight and the boys lost--girls won! Played Oto, there.f Girls won and boys lost! Some girls did a little experimenting with other peoples knitting! And after all that hard work, too! Donnie Chilton's birthday! Ohs and Ahs and Congrats filled the gym! Sunglasses were needed to shade the glare of Pat's diaxnond from Merv! We played Luton, here! Both teams won but Jeanette lost quite a few bets. For shame gambling! Community night! Woman's night! For some high school women it was quite a night. Perhaps Lois and Janice will remember!?! High School Christmas Party! Donna gave a cute story. Oh freedom at last for a whole week!! Coach Wanser's birthday. Bettie Lee's birthday. Big shindig at the Owego schoolhouse tonight. Square dancing and FOOD! Elden Baker's birthday! Bettie Lee is sporting a new necklace from One and Only. Everyone dragged back to school today. SOB! Vacation is over. Bud suddenly has waves in his hair!! Schemes are being laid to beat Hornick in the Little Eight. Jeanette seems to have a butch! Game with Hornick, there. Boys lost--Girls won! End of first semester! Rah Rah! Bookkeeping is over! Ed got a hard lead pencil for bookkeeping! Better late than never! Marian Oldis's birthday! Sweet Sixteen!! Pat and Janice fell victims to the Butch Bug Another plea was made to pay the twelve cents for the Christmas Party! Played Smithland tonight and Girls won--Boys lost! At Wanser's signal, loyal angry friends were ready to defend a two-timed friend! Toothpaste ad smiles were gracing the Halls of Holly--group pictures were taken! Mr. Heacock did a striptease on a nail! Old faceful shot Mr. Wanser in the face. Dick officially named the drinking fountain "The Sprinkler System" fturn on in case of firej Played Bronson here. Girls won and boys lost. Agony again! The Senior pictures are arriving! They chose their annual staff and their '50 pins have arrived! Girls came home victor of their first game in the "Little Eight Tournament". Girls came home the loser, defeated by Salix in the second game! Girls took third place in the "Little Eight" First trophy won by the girls in the history of Holly! It was decided snow was man's best friend! Big blizzard so no school for two days! The girls caught up on their sleep on the Basketball floor at Climbing Hill! They won in an overtime and the boys lost! The boys were defeated in their first round at the "Little Eight". ' Girl's Sectional Tournament and the winners of the first round! Pat and Ev shot in the Free Throw Contest, but failed to qualify by one point! Mary Modde's birthday! We played a hair-tearing ga.me with C. Hill at the tourna- ment and won fwhewj by one point!! Played a good game against Sloan in the Finals! Became the winners of the runner- up trophy! Pat Heacock's birthday! Girls and boys went to the Music Festival and had great fun as usual'. Amy and Lauren broke up forever! fAgainj Posed prettily for the Des Moines Register today. Played Hornick, there! Girls won and boys lost! Famous last words by Janice "Oh take me out!" Valentines Day! Dedicated to all the young lovers in high school! 34 Feb. Mar. Apr . May High School Calendar Crm't. Surprise! Perfect attendance today! Another plea was made for the Christmas Party money! Interesting signatures were read in Bettie Lee's Business Training book! Boys were defeated by Whiting in the Boys' Sectional at Sloan. Pained and strained looks were on all faces today. We listened to the results of the Music Festival! Voted to change the Merit System to Scholarship. The Algebra Class had fudge and a farewell party for Donnie Chilton! The Jr. High Boys won their game with Bronson in the Little Eight here at Holly! Big blizzard of 1950!! One hundred people and children marooned in the schoolhouse! Those who missed. out being marooned-were deeply disappointed!! No School! Creak and Groan!! The athletes of 1951 are getting in shape through calisthenics! Coach has launched full force into another idea! The typing tournament has begun. No rats dared venture around the school today! The Senior pictures were on display!! All loyal lrishmen came adorned in green today! Another one of Pat's numerous anniversaries. Janice, Evelyn and Pat competed for Championship in the Typing Tournament! Pat took first place and Marian Weber is consolation champ! Janice Coover's birthday. Seniors had play practice. Afterwards they all summed up enough courage to eat the birthday cake Pat baked for Janice! Abdulla, I-Iaziz, and Ameir silently stole away for Sioux City today! Mr. Wanser is definitely slipping--no English test today! Everyone warbled and played their best at the Music Contest. Marilyn and Dick received first ratings! Eighth grade girls are all a flutter--a new boy, Darwin Walters, entered! Clifford Kendall's birthday. The Senior girls and Mr. Wanser journeyed to Wayne, Nebraska. They may be honored with our presence next year at college. Tonight the' Seniors were honored with a lovely banquet at Sioux City by the Juniors! Three honorable Seniors and Mr. Heacock went to Sioux City to a teachers clinic. Another plea was made for the Christmas Party money! The Seniors "Snuk" off to Des Moines at 5 A.M. lmost were just getting ini All the Seniors will remember the Rubber Plant, the fun and food in Rooms Z10 and 208, and our shopping expedition!! Dick and Marilyn played in the Sub-State Music Contest. Marilyn rated a first! Dress rehearsal! A few sickly specimens of Seniors didn't make it! Nineteen intel- lectual ? people excluding the Seniors, attended the Morningside Science display! Big Surprise! The play "Spider Island", turned out beautifully! ' It couldn't be! The Seniors were at school today! Ghastly noises were heard in the gym! The Senior Sextet was practicing! Woe is us! Tests! More tests! The last day of school for the Seniors! We know how they'll miss us! Senior Baccalaureate. Mrs. Heacock gave a reception for the girls and boy friends! Hah! Seniors weren't so smart! They're back working on the annual. The rest of the high school are suffering from tests! One last final cry and plea was made for the Christmas Party money! Commencement!' Last day of school work!!! Senior Class Day! Gave a program and then all celebrated at the picnic! All in all 1949-1950 was a year full of fun which we'll all remember! 35 gy ..V, 1 .:' 'L 231.2 5 vw.. , Y if W Q 4 1 5 saga 8 1 1 ...f-1-any x ,A Q 1 ., , .. y , f jg 5 dll 10 ...R if .2 7 . 4 4 4 at ff f , ff' ....,'Q R, P if' , ff I .,.., 2. , 4 1 . M riai ,i, f a 22 M .:',- ":' " ""' A"' A :-are A W Qt . 9, i ,5 ,. . - if - 4. y nll' Y"' if:.:,. s V' 4 wa... I Z - f Q. 1 ' 29 3 'p L ,, A 11' .hw .53 e4'::.' , :.:., A ms fs' , .. .,,. . ., 2. ,J f 'L 1 . -ea ii. 4 sf' - , -:A-V - . . . 1 :f...2.:.f.::: x. ff - f N... I, .,..- Q., ' . ' ' 5:-:V 9 'i .. :I. :- -:if -:. .2 5 . , .z M X .V 1. Z. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. ll. IZ. 13. 14. 15. Mr. and Mrs. Sweethearts! Pats Room Buddy-Buddy Skip-Day: in Des Moines Eighth Grade Girls All dressed-up and no place to go! What hoppenedf Sweethearts Swoon Girls Sweethearts! Esther--with an 'h' Look before you leap!! '49 Ford 'Models' Model Beem 16. No Garnbling Allowed!! l 7. Lost--one No. 17 18. New Frontiers!! 19. Pals in Crime 20. Banquet Preparations 21. Totem Pole 22. That l-'iendish Cactuslllf 23. Helen and Louise 24. Honorable Legs 25. Snapshot 26. "The Escapees" 27. Lazy Day 28. Sweethearts 29. Looking for something ? 30. "Juliet" 31. Marian O. 36 32. Happy Birthday, Janie! 33. 34., and 35., Lost 36. The Editor 37. Eating again? ? 38. Sweethearts! 39. Alcatraz Chorus 40. Oh myll OH MY!! 41. Cheerleaders in 'Clvies 42. Friends to the end. 43. You're telling mel: 44. 'tick 'em up, I'm a tongue tied 'towboyll 45. The A-rabs are backff 'flQf?NF3 5 3 E mwfwfgmmfwy E Q' Q 7 Q v 1- ,Q .. - I ,- 1 .nn w , . 13, . L .wma . -ff Z' Cffigiy iv F2 fa fb S Q M WEQFISHWG x D Q f Q Q Rex Fountain INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER DEALER REFRIGERATION - DAIRY EQUIPMENT TRACTORS - FARM EQUIPMENT TRUCKS PARTS 8: SERVICE PHONE 94 SLOAN, IOWA CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OF 1950 CLASS FROIw WestfoII's Form Market Store Savings Bunk HORNICK, IOWA COMPLETE BANKING SERVICE - INSURANCE ESTATES - REAL ESTATE 45 YEARS OF CONTINUOUS SERVICE MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Beebe-Pcurklwill Implement CQ. TRACTOR REPAIR - PARTS GENERAL FARM EQUIPNIENT DUO-THERM OIL HEATERS PHONE 2207 HOLLY SPRINGS, IOWA l 1 M il Farm Seeds Feeds For Livestock and Poultry Dehydrated Alfalfa Meal - High Line Chickens Cash Buyers Of Eggs - Cream and Poultry WRAYBILI.. DEHYDRATING COMPANY Box 152 Phone 143 Sloan, Iowa FARMERS CO-OP ELEVATOR COMPANY Grain - Feed - Coal - Seed Eldon C. Hurley, Manager Hornick, Iowa FRED'S MOBILE SERVICE Gas - Oil - Grease Hornick, Iowa Cl..ARK'S CAFE Ice Cream - Pop - Candy Sloan, Iowa GM MN Mol JOHN DEERE Sales and Service Sloan Phone 110 Iowa Sherwin- Williams Paints and Varnishes Building Materials - Hardware - Coal j. F. ANDERSON LUMBER COMPANY Morris-Rost Hornick, Iowa Congratulations To The Class Of '50 H. A. PIERCY Holly Springs, Iowa Meals - Lunc PLUMMER's CAFE hes - Cigarettes Blue Bunny Ice Cream Hornick, Iowa CLIMBING HILI. SAVINGS BANK Climbing Hill - Oto Iowa Insurance - Safety Deposit Boxes Sloan NORDSTROM LUMBER COMPANY Building Materials Of All Kinds Phone 138 Iowa COIL HATCHERY Baby Chicks - Feed Produce - Free Culling Service Highest Prices For No. One Eggs OWEGO GRAIN AND EQUIPMENT Grain and Farm Equipment Owego and Salix Harry Erickson, Manager Phone 2391 CLIFFS TAVERN Cigarettes - Beer - Cigars Pop - Candy Pool Salix, Iowa Maytag Washers Crosley - Shelvadors At ,IUNEMAN HARDWARE Sloan , Iowa CASS MOTORS Dodge - Plymouth Sales - Service Phone 760 Sloan, Iowa HAAKINSON MOTOR COMPANY Ford Sales and Service 2.4 Hour Wrecker Service Phone 19 Sloan, Iowa Congratulations To Class 1950 From FARMERS CERAI.. COMPANY CO-OPERATI VE Grain - Lumber - Coal - Feed Sloan, Iowa ROSE HARD WARE Plumbing - Heating - Appliances Hornick, Iowa LONGVAI.. BROS. HARD WARE Stoves - Washing Machines - Paint Frigidaire Appliances Phone ll Sloan, Iowa We Wish To Thank The Advertisers For Helping Make This Book Possible x L, J. 'X .f 1+ -1,,.f1'. '--. .. . E. ,Lg i K ' 1 .11 4 1 wr :ua 1' .- 1 --Zac-1 V A "..,-' .P '-1-2-zz! , , .. .,..-,. , 14.1 ' 1' "F .' r. .i-1' 1 1 ,.1w-14,'f55f4Fl21 'g -. r' -wp- Em' HYIH Amp-:fri .5515 ww 1.hi..,L ,. . .vn.,q,. ,., V ., ii U1-" n- - 1 - - -' -f,-mf. A "' 1 is .4 A 1 Q 111 L.LI- Quinn ': wif .:'1 5: 1 ,I Ja,

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