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fi 4 5 .if Y 4 .V-.6 .M .1 J1- , 1.12 " ..i15fP' .4, -.4,. T, Q" ow- ? , X . '., .i' Q". 3,14 -.ff f. ... - 4. ., Lu ,xl v - .'-5 Q , 5 , .921 m' , . . H. ',,.,X 4 1 JW- -,KW .:Q. LQ?-,, . , , Q-3553 'vjgveg W, 5 asv: i' 1 J... v 1 . Ev. ,z .-.J , . -:fl-. . .. ., ' 1 V , fb, 1 3 i S , 1-rj f:.'-3? t "in :L 'lv- , ,gf'.-l"',-. ' 'wi 1 .3 -rp , 2 1-' -- Ja, -V 3 ,b'.1,',Q, j ,rm- , F., X 4 1 .- 1- v 1 - - I 5 , v L . . n .-1-11,3 I. ,,:-' 5 ,V ,., , ..,4 , ui - s 21 4 -4 J , v 4 f .4 'f ' 1 f 4 A w ' 1 mn.. ' I 5 ' .1 .9 4. n 11 n a 4 X A A DEn1c T1oN We, the Senior Class of nineteen forty-nine, dedicate this annual to Mrs. E. V. Heacock who helped with the preparation of this book. Z HOLLY SPRINGS CONSOLIDATED SCHOOL B OARD OF EDUCATION Bernard Forney - - - - - - Bruce Haddock ---- Mrs. H. G. Arnold --- Lauritz Hansen Keith Haddock Mr. E. V. Heacock - - Mrs. Mrs. John Nyren ---- Mrs. Orlie Coover - - Miss Helen Eckerman - Mrs. Mrs. Gordon Tuttle - - - Junior Gallagher - - John Sulsberger - - Ted Ericksen - - John Sulsberger Juniors Gallagher Ted Ericksen ---- E. V. I-Ieacock - - - OFFICERS DIRECTORS STAFF Nellye Gesaman - - - - - YEARBOOK STAFF 3 President Secretary Treasurer Alvin Sulsberger Virgil Belknap Superintendent Principal Home Economics 'lth and 8th Grades 4th, 5th, and 6th Grades Znd and 3rd Grades Primary and First Grades Editor Photography Literary Editor Advertising and Distributing Managers A 7 ' 1 .rv ' I -' ,f ." 4 1 , K I - ik , xv , -v , v ,. , A, Q Q Egg I x F ' aw ' 'JMX W hi Y . M... if C' M I ' rf .WA "55 '1f 9'? :Ai:31?5,fE'f- M W 41 SUPERINTENDENT E. V. HEACOCK Morningside College State University of lows. Sclence MRS. E. V. HEACOCK Morningside College Mathematics English 'M'RS. KATHYRN NYREN lows State College Morningside College Home Economics 5 7 K1'.IS wi TED ERICKSEN Basketball. Junior Play Senior Play Letterman Baseball Class Officers Salutatorian 1, z, 3,4 3,4 3,4 3,4 1, z, 3,4 1,z, 3,4 JUNIOR GALLAGHER B asketball One Act Play Junior Play Senior Play Letterman Bas eball Class Officers Attendant to King Valedlctorlan Basketball Junior Play Senior Play Letterman Baseball Class Officers King lZ,3, 2. 3. 1. 2. 3. 1 Z, 3, JOHN SULSBERGER 1, z, 3 4 3, 4 3, 4 z, 3 4 3, 4 3 Senior Class Motto KA LIVE WIRE NEVER GETS STEPPED ONJ CLASS HISTORY Twelve years ago on a bright fall morning in the year 1937 the Senior Class of 1949 started on their journey through school. Along the way various problems crossed their paths but they were soon solved by using the Golden Rule. Six pupils started-they were Lucille Claus, Esther Morey, Wylma Davis, Irvin Dale Sherman, John Sulsberger, and Junior Gallagher. From year to year different ones moved and Loran Rose, Phillip Hanner, Ted Ericksen, and Betty Lou Miller joined us. Last year Loran, Phillip, and Betty Lou left Holly Springs leaving the class with only three members Ted, John, and Junior, called "The Big Three." ' The Class officers are-President, Junior Gallagher: Vice-President, John Sulsberger, Secretary and Treasurer, Ted Ericksen. Our grade teachers included Miss Palmer, first grade: Miss McCutchen, sec- ond grade: Miss Dawson, third grade, Miss Anderson, fourth grade: Miss Lindquist, fifth grade: and Miss Vander Schaff, sixth, seventh, and eighth grades. Our previous high school teachers included Superintendent, Mr. Brouwer, during the years, 1945, 1946, and 1947, Mrs. Wright, Mrs. Brouwer, Mrs. Haddock, Mrs. Nyren, Mr. Mathers, and Mr. DeMaine. The teachers this year are Superinten- dent, Mr. Heacockg Principal, Mrs. Heacock, and Home Economics, Mrs. Nyren. We must say the teachers have shown us great co-operation and although we have been mischievious at times, we still meant well. The class subjects include Physics, Algebra 2, English Literature, Trigono- metry, Government and Manual Training. We shall never forget the Iowa Essay Con- test Junior Gallagher won in his ninth year of school. He told the story of Iowa's one hundred years of progress in less than one thousand five hundred words. The Cham- ber of Commerce gave him S25 and presented the school with a large map of Iowa. We Seniors have been very active in athletics-both baseball and basketball. Our basketball team consists of only six players. Even though we do not always win we enjoy playing the game and are considered good losers. We felt quite fortunate having new basketball suits this season. Holly Springs School is small, but at that we feel proud wearing our new royal blue sweaters lettered with gold. The Seniors had their class pictures taken at the Genelli Studio in Sioux City. Each one seemed well pleased with the results. We Seniors took part in the Junior Class Play, The Ready Made Family. We look forward to presenting the Senior Class Play later on. The Junior and Senior Banquet last year was held in the Holly House, Mrs. Nyren and the Junior Class Mothers, Mrs. Ericksen, Mrs. Lewie Sulsberger, and Mrs. John Gallagher cooked and served the dinner. Later in the evening we went to Sioux City to the Orpheum. Everyone seemed to enjoy the banquet and show very much. Our Senior year is almost completed, we have finally reached the top. We cannot say we have finished school as we are just beginning. Life is now our school, our teachers and friends will greatly be missed. We shall never forget those study periods and wonderful times we enjoyed together. The Seniors, John, Ted, and Junior, will say Good-bye but memories will linger on of Good Old Holly High. Class Colors ---- Aqua and Gold Class Flower - - - American Beauty Rose 8 ,J CLASS PROPHECY FOR '49 After work one day Mary and I were reminiscing over some old keepsakes from college days. The diplomas of '54 reminded us of our fantastic ambition. ' After working and pinching pennies for the last five years, we decided to check our bank account. At the bank, we found by pooling our savings we'd have an encouraging amount. We drew out the entire million dollars, astonishing the teller, who asked, "Are you folks leaving town?" While l was counting the money, Mary answered, "Better yet, we're going to fulfill our ambition at last, and visit and explore Mars! " Determined to travel in style, we decided to get a Jet-Propelled rocketship. Wasting no time, we set out, suitcases in hand, for the nearest rocketship factory. After consulting several dealers, we finally saw one that would suit the purpose, but to secure this ship it was necessary to see the President. After much red tape, we finally carrie face to face with the President. Being so excited, his farn- iliarity didn't strike us fully, glancing happily at the bill of sale he handed us we noticed the signature of J. J. Gallagher. Scrutinizing him more fully we recog- nized none other than Junior Gallagher, from good old Holly Springs! I 2 2 After reminiscing about school days for a while, he offered to take us on a tour of his plant. We saw how much he had accomplished in the last ten years. Offering our congratulations and arnazement that he did become President, we wished him luck and left the office. Passing his secretary's desk, we heard her say, "Yes, your husband is in, Mrs. Gallagher." Turning around we saw a short blonde woman going towards his office. Next stop was a grocery store where we bought supplies enough to last a couple of months. Five days later we reached Mars. Since it was the first day of summer it was very warm and sunny. We won't attempt to describe Mars, but we are sure anyone would enjoy it very much. After touring the planet for a couple of days, we grew tired of our canned food. One noon we happened upon a small city. The first building we saw was a poultry house. Outside we saw a sign for fresh fried chicken. We hurried in and to our astonishment it looked very much like home. While we were enjoying our delicious meal we saw an American approaching us. I-le seemed glad to see someone from home and immediately started a conversation We learned that he owned the poultry house and was doing a very profitable bus- iness. When we learned he was also from Iowa, he suddenly looked familiar. When he discovered we had come in a rocket ship, he inquired as to where we had pur- chased it. When the J. J. Gallagher Company was mentioned he seemed interested and said that he was one of Junior's High School classmates. We looked at each other, and l asked if he could be Ted Ericksen. "Why how did you know?" he asked in surprise. 9 Then Mary said, "Don't you recognize us ?" Ted suddenly recalled who we were. We told him all about Junior's factory: and then and there we decided to name our ship the H. S. Torpedo. After recalling various old school incidents, we began talking seriously on the latest scientific discoveries. Among those men- tioned were the new planet, Gastrophita, about which Ted was very excited. We had heard vaguely of it, and he proceeded to explain more about it. When he learned it was located between earth and Mars, we decided to visit it on the way back, by going 100 East. Telling Ted to say hello to his faxnily, and wishing him luck we bade him good-bye and proceeded to our hotel room to make plans for visiting the new planet. Three days later found us at the landing field in Gastrophita. It proved to be much smaller, but not less interesting, than Mars. , America seemed to be quite a novelty here, and the reason was soon evident. They had an Arnerican King. We were escorted to the Palace and made very com- fortable. We were to meet the king at dinner that evening. With much ceremony, we were introduced, but it wouldn't have been necessary, because Johnny Sulsberger hadn't changed much in the last ten years. He said he had farmed for a while but he became bored so he journeyed here for excitement. We discovered he had a harem, but nevertheless, he is still courting his red-headed school-day sweetheart. Johnny provided us with official guides and we really tourned his planet. Diminishing funds finally forced us to return to earth and we received a hearty welcome by fellow classmates and teachers, accompanied by reporters. This trip was very interesting and held many surprises. Little did we know we would meet the good old class of '49 as well as many other schoolmates. Johnny's and Ted's families were also very happy when we visited them and gave them the messages the boys had sent. By Ilene Belknap and Mary Modde. 10 CLASS WILL OF '49 We, the Senior Class of 1949, having a sound mind and body, do hereby make our last will and testament. I, Johnny Sulsberger bequeath: My magnetic smile to Donna Dowling. My way with women to Elden Baker. My ability to keep in training to the Freshmen. My successful stage appearances to Esther Dietrich. ability to argue with teachers to Ina Ronfeldt. skill to be at school one second before the tardy bell to Ilene Belknap. . MY MY I, Ted Ericksen leave: My quietness and serenity to Marian Oldis. My careful driving to A.my Zortman. My school absences to Janice Coover. My great conversation ability to Bettie Ericksen. My dancing talents to Pat Heacock. My ability to get assignrnents in promptly to Lois Zortman I, Junior Gallagher, bequeath the following: ' My mathematical ability to Bette Belknap. My basketball skill to Dick Pixler. My curling irons to Ed Weber. My Piano Concert bookings to Evelyn Beem. My skating ability to Mary Modde. My Date Book to Marian Weber. ll UNDERGRADS JUNIORS Janice Coover Evelyn Beem Amy Zortrnan Elden Baker Pat Heacock Ilene Belknap Mary Modde SENIORS John Sulsberger Junior Gallagher Ted Ericksen LEFT TO RIGHT: Dick Pixler, Bettie Lee Ericksen, Lois Zortman, Esther Dietrich Ina Ronieldt, and Edward Weber. LEFT TO RIGHT: Marian Olnxs, Maman Weber, .Bette Belknap, Donna Dowling. 14 FOURTH, FIFTH, AND SIXTH GRADES THIRD ROW: Marvin Lillie, Mary Jane Beem, Annette Modde, Ronnie Haddock, Gary Gesaman. Melvin Butcher, Miss Eckerman. SECOND ROW: Wilfred Petty, Jimmy Beem, Larry Weber, Avalee Metcalf, Jerry McGee, Elmont Baker. FIRST ROW: Judy Dowling, Agnes Dietrich, Dana Ewing. Steven Cox, John Modde, Geary Kendall. -'W SEVENTH AND EIGHTH GRADES BACK ROW: Billie Emksen. Dean Lillie, Robert Dietrich, Gene Belknap, Robert Hanner, Clifford Kendall. FRONT ROW: Marilyn Haddock, Janet Ronieldt, Jeanette Beem, Barbara Hall, Roberta Hansen, Mrs. Orlie Coover. 15 PRIMARY AND FIRST GRADES TOP ROW: Left to Right: Brian Bennett: Marlowe Berg: Larry Forney: Mrs. Tuttle, Teacher: Billie Heine: Richard Gallagher: Shirley Belknap: Richard Jones: and Glen Rose. MIDDLE ROW: Jan Baxley: Deloras Weber: Jerry Plurnmer: Randy Hobbs: Linda Hansen: Mervin Weber: Charles Rose: Lynda Weber: Bobby Ericksen: Billy Smith. BOTTOM ROW: Bonny Smith: Michael Moore: Dian Baker: Cheryl Metcalf: Donald Hall: Sharon Douglass: Dian Hall: Gary Unkel: Gary Lundeen: Leon Lillie: Andrea Pixler: Jon Ewing, and Edward Beyerink. SECOND AND THIRD GRADES FIRST ROW: Left to Right: Rayetta Gallagher: Sharon Moore: Julia Ronfeldt: Leota Petty: Margaret Johnston: Sandra Forney: Alice Dawdy. MIDDLE ROW: Mrs. Gesaman, Teacher: Ronnie Arvesen: Raymond Belknap: John Dietrich: Paul Pollard. BACK ROW: Dennis Metcalf: Shirley Moore: Nancey Smith: Jack Cox: Allen Rose: Terry Unkel: Shardell Sulsberger: and John Haddock. Peter Modde and Gary Baxley were absent in the picture. 16 .... W: lgmw ::f::551.-: :C CLL!1f,w A ll :, i! 11, ,. . ., AIY1' 11' I, . !'9'2?W1' 77,111 ,11ll111,'1f 5 l Q "WY 1511 5,1 f , X X X , , f11,,f, N lin' f Q hh' X x ,1 F Q 0 S 'Ili 11' xx .f!ffl1!H1Q4:i 1 X YQ 1' ,f RON' I M ,I 'HI .,., jwiffifii AX 1111" nh: W! 'Y film XVI' 'M V 1'1" "WI M5517 NSA ,W 1 I ,g , 1 I ,,,1,jqqg1,j '11 1 X XX ,WH I f, 5 ,A 1,1171 X f1',flf4"1""'Z 'll W i5'iIl:,1L 1107. QSMX , 1,1 . 1' 1 ll ' 1 1'11 1 MIIV11 lrillwbqfmf 11' Hiivfllmifulfdljfj ,Zu 45' 69' 1' fr .rf 11111 "fm 1 11 111 ,, g,,f1,11,,f f , I, I ,h1f17,l!',' ll if, 1. all 1 , f1f,,'7A 1 H nl I JV Hy IM, f My H 1 1 7f 2 1 '.1 li, g.:".f' w!jQ!,gj', , V H, pi 11, ' J , 1,157 N 1 X3 1f,,- sc oo FUN Z 'TF if N 'Q-NW Q fs: 1 if s " fs ' lf 1 M Q f. aff! 1 -.'. 5- wm, g-f 5, z ' ,zijn 5 - Q, A .Km 9' - s w V AA R mg, .v X. QQ A NW" , HM A x ,, 1, img 14' ,. .v . m ,f A-, f 4 Vg .kg MM: 1 f iii, , J cg ' 5 -1. X f . M y 5, N J Xkxfax . , W 5 . if 5 1 A ,. 'iff' K 2 4 x ' 'V 'L , "fi ' 3 I I , f., A A R '7 ' , 1 1. 4 V ' A ...., Q ai S 'f . 1:21 , ,. ,J s, K , ,., , M w , 1 , M Q Q f 5 ' W fl 'A iff, .8434 ..f , ,ii A gal- :is 68 i . aqui . . , , 4, 5 11 f -, K , ,.,, S f ' 9' iz A wb 5: I A ' . ' ' ' ' 'fv ' 2 Q N. bs. . ' L- .MQ www V ' L M 2 Y .Ly- 1 yy f ,pi 3 ' Q I gtg, g fi if , fi Q , Ax ' 1 , , f ,LL, L " ' "' ' 1 - M K ,. F '7' YQ K " ' Siu 0' 3 .. Vi I, W g ,. ii 5,2 4-f....ai ' X 4 A 4 ' . mv .,,, 1' l ?P?g.L4 ,fu ,fu A K , , '.q,gq es: -w K .. - Q , 2 xv A " f': , v. cf s 'fx my N1 ,. 1, Q ' ' " '7'LL ,V ,' 'K V 3a 'X .: , Q "' E 'lf v 4 1 ,W 3 . l ,N 3 1' M 'K 2 ,xx YE h M, K A,4 4-. 5 M 4- fjp ww , 'I X i A 18 N, X ,. Ms. THE COMMUNITY OF HOLLY SPRINGS There have been a few changes in our little town since last year. The General Merchandise store which was "Haddocks Cash Market" had changed to a new owner and is now called "Westfa11's Farm Market." We wish Mr. Westfall the best of suc- cess. A new basement and vestibule has been added to the Christian Church. The repair shop that was once Scott's Repair Shop is now managed by Bud Welte. Oliver Weber has taken over the locker services since summer. Does this poem remind you of our town? ? ? ? "A Little Town" I like to live in a little town, Where trees meet over the street: You wave your hand and say hello To every man that you meet. I like to stop for a minute, Outside of a grocery store: And hear the kindly gossip Of the folks moving in next door. For life is interwoven With friends you learn to knowg And feel their joys and sorrows As they daily come and go. So I'm glad to live in a little town, And care no more to roaxnp For every house in a little town Is more than a house ---- it's a home! COMMUNITY MEETING In the fall of 1945, the community of Holly Springs started having the monthly gatherings. The first one was held September 1945. It was a reception for the teachers. So every year after that the month of September has been reserved for the annual teachers reception. Every-year we have an amateur contest. The winners are chosen by the audience, and are given a prize. There is a month set aside every year for a ladies night and one set aside for mens night. We have a month set aside each fall for the annual Carnival. This year every- one in the community co-operated and helped to make it a success. The month of December is always set aside for a Christrnas program put on by the grades. The last Community Meeting of the school year is always the annual school picnic which is in May. The Community Meetings this year so far have been a real success. 19 . V! XT X CHEERLEADERS Bettie Ericksen Lois Zortman Pat Hancock Janice Coover GIRLS' BASKETBALL SECOND ROW: Left to Right, Mr. Heacock, Coach: Lois Zortrnnng Marian Weber: Mdfi-15 Oldisv Business Manager-5 Amy Zortmang Mary Modde: Be-his Ericksen: MiS5 Efkefman FIRST ROW: Esther Dietrich: Ilene Belknapg Bette Belknap: Evelyn Beemg Janice Cooveri and Pat Hencock. Z1 Evelyn Beem . Janice Coover Pat Heacock . Amy Zortman Marian Weber GIRLS' SPORTS SQUAD Mary Modde . . G Ilene Belknap . Bette Belknap . Esther Dietrich Lois Zortman . Bettie Ericksen November 12, 1948 We journeyed to Merrill for the first game of our basketball season. It was a close game all the way through and it ended in a tie. Final score was 19-19. Beem was high point girl with fifteen points. November 19, 1948 Sergeant Bluffs came to visit us for a practice game and were defeated ten points. Final score was 27-17 with thirteen points to Beem's credit. November 30, 1948 Our first home game of the season was with Oto. It was a good game but they came out on top with a score of 32 to our 25 points. Beem chalked up fourteen points and Heacock followed with ten points. December 7, 1948 Smithlands squad came to Holly Springs to suffer a defeat of fifteen points. Coover and Beem each dropped fourteen points through the hoop while Heacock made thirteen points for Holly Springs. Final score was 41-26. December 10, 1948 We went to Salix and played a hard game against their team. Beem made twenty-one points but the final score was 35-32 in Sa1ix's favor. December 23, 1948 At Clirnbing Hill their team toppled us, ten points. The final score was 35-25 in C'Hi1l's favor. Beem and Heacock tied for high point honors for the home team with ten points each. January 4, 1949 Luton visited us to defeat us nineteen points. Final score was 40-21 in their favor. January 7, 1949 We played Hornick and only after a hard fought game did they defeat us with a score of 34-27. January 14, 1949 C'l-iill played us on our floor and beat us only three points. The final score was 43-40. Beem made twenty-one points, followed by Coover with fourteen. 22 January 18, 1949 Tournarnent days and we drew Bronson as our opponent in the Little 8 at Hornick. Final score was 46-31 in their favor. Evelyn Beem pushed in eighteen points for H. S. February 2, 1949 In the Sectional Tourney at Sloan we played Whiting's squad. Evelyn Beem made seventeen points but the final score was 52-27 in Whiting's favor. February 4, 1949 We played Luton and this again was a losing game for us. Final score was 32-17 in their favor. February 8, 1949 We journeyed to Smithland and were beaten 29-25. Evelyn Beem made four teen points. February 11, 1949 We played an exciting and well played game with Hornick at Holly Springs. In the last twenty-five seconds Hornick dropped in a long shot which put them ahead 40-39. Evelyn Beem was high point girl with twenty-five points through the hoop. 23 PLAYERS Ted Ericksen F. Junior Gallagher C. John Sulsberger G. Dick Pixler F. Edward Weber F. Elden Baker G. Coach: E. V. Heacock BASKETBALL AND BASEBALL The Holly Springs Hawks have ended another basketball season with a record of three wins and eleven losses. Although many of our games were very close it seemed we just couldn't come out on top. Our basketball team consisted of only six players which was a handicap especially when one of the players was absent from a game and also hindered us in our practices by not having enough boys. The nurnber of points each player made this year are as follows: NAME OF PLAYER TOTAL POINTS AVERAGE POINTS Junior Gallagher 280 20 Edward Weber 51 3.63 John Sulsberger 35 2.5 Ted Ericksen 21 1.5 Dick Pixler 20 1.42 Elden Baker 9 .75 BASEBALL Due t.o only six boys in high school this year we had to use Junior High boys to have enough for a baseball team. We cou1dn't play any regular games but had a few practice garnes with different schools which was lot of fun. The positions played were as follows, Elden Baker: catcher, Junior Gallagher: pitcher, Ed Weberg first base, Ted Erickseng second base, Bud I-Ianner: short-stop, John Sulsbergerg third base, Dick Pixlerz right field, Gene Belknap: center field, and Robert Dietrickg leit field. Z4 fN VITIES a 1 3 ,lx 5 A , ,Ls 'C 4' all L -ir 'yi i 'e fik HN! 'Li J 1, Yi Ki M in yi" L 1.442 'FZ I , - 2 a V. v 1, I Q Y X an W 5 Z 1 5 ga SHS- T Rf' 1' 'B ,elf X S K N r f fx? P-J" A fe Z6 40,5 ag 3. I' .ff f-.. . ' fi ' ' J' 3' .N yr .gf Q , ff mi' ., 4354: ' .Yi B s W Aw fi g1r,f'1ffn ,, uw wr! 5 . . , , ,.M . Cast: Agnes Martyn Bob ........... Marilee ..... Gracie ...... Miss Lydia . . Henry Turner Doris ....... Sammie ..... Begonia .... Nicodemus . . Junior Play A READY MADE FAMILY ......awidow..... herson...... . . . her elder daugher . . . . . . her youngest child . . . . . . her sister-in-law . . . awidower . . .. his daughter . . . . ........his son........ 0 . . . . Martyn s darky cook . . . .Martyn's colored man . Synopsis of Acts Act l. The living room of the Martyn home, about twelve o'clock noon of a day in sunirner. Act 2. The same, fifteen minutes later. Act 3. The same, a few minutes later. Evelyn Beem Elden Baker Pat Heacock Amy Zortman Mary Modde Junior Gallagher Janice Coover John Sulsberger Ilene Belknap Ted Ericksen A comedy in three acts. The widow Agnes Martyn who has three children has fallen in love with an old schoolmate, Henry Turner, who has two children. The children try to keep them from getting married by playing practical jokes on their soon to be step-parents. However, in the end everyone finds out they like each other and Henry and Agnes are mar- ried. Our play was a big success, and we enjoyed putting it on. Mrs. Heacock, our coach, invited us over to her house after Dress Rehearsal for a party and everyone had a very good tirne. I'm sure everyone will re- rnember the fun we had "behind the scenes" at play practice. Z7 Cast: Minerva Hawkwood .... Benjy Hawkwood . . . Carol Calloway . . Eunice Tuthill . . . Allie Katz ....... Sidney Calloway . . . lone Calloway .... Dicky Bird ........ Clemuel McClutchen RexRosner........... Gerda Ravenstein . . Senior Play SPOOKS AND SPASMS . . . . .housekeeper . . . . her half-witted nephew owner of new farm . .......heraunt...... ......hermaid..... . . her little brother . . . her younger sister . . . . . Ione's fiance . . . . . . . . an undertaker . . . young plastic surgeon . . . . escaped maniac . . . Synopsis of Acts Act l. Early Spring. Nine o'c1ock in the evening. Act Z. Five minutes later that same evening. Act 3. A few moments after the close of Act Z. Ilene Belknap Ted Ericksen Janice Coover Mary Modde Amy Zortman Donna Dowling Pat Heacock Junior Gallagher Edward Weber John Sulsberger Evelyn Beem The entire action of the play takes place in the living room of the Old Ravenstein farm house, situated near a city in a midwestern state. We are looking forward to making Spooks and Spasms the best play oi the year. Play practice will mean a lot of hard work, but also a lot of fun for everyone. We plan to present it April ZZnd. Z8 OUR COURSE OF STUDY Everyone was pleased with the variety of subjects the faculty was able to offer our small group. The four Freshman girls are taking Geometry, General Science, English II, and Home Economics l. The Sophomores take the same subjects as the Freshmen, except the boys take Manual Training while the girls have Home Economics 11. Juniors and Seniors had quite a choice of subjects. They were: English Literature, Biology, Physics, Commercial Law, Algebra Il, Geometry, Home Economics, and Manual Training. Both classes took English Literature: the Junior girls took Biology, 1 but the boys chose Physics. The girls chose between Advanced Algebra and Commercial Law the first semester and everyone took Civics the second semes- ter and everyone took Civics the second semester. Geometry was carried as a fifth subject by a few Junior Girls. Some of the Senior boys continued Advanced Algebra the second semester and also took Trigonometry to prepare for college. Our extra curricular activities and opportunities consist of Band, Sextet, Trio, Solo and group singing, and also Basketball and Baseball. S HOT LUNCHES The Lunch Program in our school has again proven to be successful. At the beginning of this year we had as our cooks, Mrs. Unkel and Betty Weber. At the beginning of the second semester we changed cooks to Mrs. Hanner and Mrs. Coover. Our lunches are priced at twenty-two cents for High School and Junior High students and twenty cents for the lower grades. The lunch usually consists of two hot dishes, three sandwiches, a dessert and milk or fruit juice to drink. This year the order of serving has been changed. At 11:00 the primary room is served. Then at 11:30 the second and third grade room and at 11:45 the upper grades and at 12:00 noon the High School is served. This order has proven to work out nicely. Each month our school received commodities from the Federal School Lunch Aid. These help out alot! Y I 2.9 THE HISTORY OF HOLLY HOUSE At the beginning of the school year, September 1, 1948, we again welcomed back Mrs. Nyren as our Home Economics teacher for another year of homemaking. This year we have two different classes. The Freshmen make up the first year class and the Sophomores and Juniors are the advanced class. We started the year by taking a field trip to Sioux City where we visited the Old Home Bakery. lt was interesting to watch them make bread, rolls, and buns. The Juniors went shopping for curtains and slip cover material. Mrs. Nyren thought they did a very good job. ' The Freshmen started the year by making simple aprons and blouses. Then they cooked three types of breakfasts, light, medium and heavy breakfast. Next they made plans for their own ideal home. They each figured up how much it would take to furnish a house with everything. They were all amazed at the amount of money it took to satisfy their dreams. The Sophomore girls started by making drapes and glass curtains, and the Juniors made slip covers. The drapes, curtains and slip covers brighten up our house very much. The drapes and slip covers are blue with large clusters of flowers. The Freshmen papered the living room with a light tan with specks in the wall paper. We next made wool and corduroy projects. We planned our school board-faculty banquet around the Christmas theme. The Sophomores planned banquet, the Juniors cooked, and the Freshmen served. The Banquet was held December 15, 1948. We were very happy to have Mr. and Mrs. Hadley as guests. After the banquet Mr. Hadley showed moving pictures for entertainment. Everyone enjoyed the evening very much. We their studied Family Relationships, and caring for the sick. Everyone looked pale when we discussed living on a fluid diet while sick. .But after cooking a fluid diet and a light diet everyone found it wouldn't be so bad after all if the food was fixed in an appetizing way and the tray decorated and arranged neatly. Next we studied how to set a table correctly. We gave a tea for the High School boys, teachers, and Freshmen for practice. There weren't enough tea bags but everyone had a good time. We then made plans for party desserts. We made ice cream, Lemon Schaum Torte, Meringue shell, forzen fruit salad, and frozen whipped cream. We all en- joyed making them. The Freshman girls rnade spring dresses after the banquet. They look very nice. The advanced class are planning to make jackets or a good spring dress for their spring sewing project. We are all looking forward to entertaining our mothers on April ll. We are planning to have open house and style show the last of April. We have all enjoyed working with Mrs. Nyren and doing the various inter- esting things. 30 MUSIC This year we had a change in instructors in our music department. We wel- comed Mr. Luedtke. He came in June and gave lessons and instructed out door band concerts every Thursday night, last summer. This fall lessons were given Monday evenings and band rehearsals held Tuesday evenings from eight to nine P. M. Those taking part in band are Ed Weber and Bud Hanner, Trumpet, Bette Belknap and Ronnie Haddock, Cornetg Evelyn Beem, Janice Coover, and Ben Cox, Clarinet, Ilene Belknap, Robert Dietrich, and Marilyn Haddock, Alto Saxophoneg and of the community playing in the band are Bruce Haddock, Base Horng Oliver Weber, Baritone: Mrs. Orville Cox, Snare Drum: and Mrs. Bruce Haddock, Base Drum. The band attended the county Music Festival, held at Sloan, February 7, 1949. We also have a glee club directed by Mrs. Bruce Haddock. From this glee club were chosen six girls to make up a sextetg First Soprano, Janice Coover and Amy Zortman: Second Soprano, Evelyn Beem and Ilene Belknapg Alto, Pat Heacock and Lois Zortman. The Trio includes: Janice Coover, Evelyn Beem, and Pat Heacock. The Sextet and Trio represented the school at the Music Contest held at Onawa March 12, 1949--each organization received an excellent rating. Janice Coover and Amy Zortman entered the Soprano solo section--Janice received an excellent. Dick Pixler and Esther Dietrich entered the Trombone section. Dick re- ceiving a superior rating and Esther received an excelletn rating. Evelyn Beem entered the stringed instrument division in the piano section and came home with an excellent rating. Out of the seven entries we had one superior rating and five excellent ratings We feel very well satisfied with our results for the first year attempts in most of the divisions. We wish to thank our very capable instructors, Mrs. Bruce Haddock, and Mr. Luedtke, and our accompanist, Mrs. Orval Cox. We feel that we have really ac- complished a lot this year in music and next year should be a banner year in music 31 MANUAL TRAINING The manual training classes have been very busy this year. We feel fortunate in having so much wonderful electrical equipment in our shop. Material has been very difficult to obtain and also rather expensive so we have repaired some furniture, including desks and tables in the various rooms. We refinished the desk tops in the high school assembly room and also in the fourth, fifth, and sixth grade rooms, as well as the chairs in the high school class rooms. Junior Gallagher was in the class for just the first semester but he completed a pair of saw horses, a cabinet drawer and a bird house. Elden Baker is at present making a hall tree, and has made a set of shelves and a knife rack. Edward Weber has finished a lamp, a serving cabinet, a rabbit cage, a weather vane, and a bath room shelf. Ted Ericksen is completing his work on a sink cabinet. He also has made several articles. Dick Pixler is at present working on an end table. He has completed a book shelf, a hog feeder, and a gun rack. John Sulsberger has been working on a hog feeder which he hopes to complete as soon as the weather is suitable for outdoor work. In the meantime he has com- pleted a gun rack, a book shelf, knife rack, and fruit bowl. All have made the smaller articles and projects such as bread boards and bird houses. All the boys have worked on the school projects and will make some cabinets for the boys and girls lockers in which to store the basketball suits. 32 CARNIVAL Carnival days come to Holly Springs, October Z9, 1948. Everyone was busy for days ahead to make this annual carnival a success. It started with a program which the grades put on: followed by a play pre- sented by the Home Economics girls. After the play everybody had an exciting time at the fishing pond, fortune teller, telegram office, basketball throw and the numerous other concessions. The climax of the evening was the crowning of the King and Queen. With the playing of Pomp and Circuxnstances, the Royal party marched to the throne. Who were the King and Queen? ? ? ? Johnny Sulsberger was the King and Pat Heacock was the Queen? '? ? ? Junior Gallagher and Ilene Belknap were first attendants. Dick Pixler and Marian Oldis were second attendants. The Royal Party was chosen by the votes of the high school pupils. The coronation was followed by the carnival which lasted until late Friday night. The total taken in was around S240 dollars. The Carnival turned out to be a huge success, thanks to the co-operation of the faculty, students, and the entire community. 33 fT . f 'E -if ,gr "1 'M .a. .jl ' ' 4 K , k 1 v - U -5 ,Q J 2 ju' W r, - KE. . ' - ' " QQ: Y' . 4 "' ' - ,, . -. 'Z , 1 U, W- -,L I , W, ,I l. .K ,. ,'-3253 z 2 . H .. '41 4 auf A Y Q -' "i-'1 1 7 L: 'pi if. ,g 1, ', 3: '. 1 , H K. A Q .1 is i ml -:V L. -1 , .z!. TN"-Lv.': ' '- 'R 1" - jg F, 42 ' az gm. .- 1-'.A,.. ., X, V "bg '. 4 1 .5 A ,., 7 'Y 'J ,QV - -, fv g, 'f ' I 'l .,,I, L-Fic . ' ,ff A 6' l.- : ' 1 ,wi , 1 i -E 1 fs HA l ,,..-1 2, . ' ' 175.5 J ' if "5 wi..-4, A .Ax if fvwfgv 97 -, ,V A ,. I ,N w 5. 1? .A-A-ui :fl-.ai..imL,L.1,.A..f..L. ,, LL., ...uZ's... .4...JBh. fi iu............3l FRIENDLY AND COURTEOUS SERVICE JIM'S MARKET GROCERIES - MEATS - CANDY - SUNDRIES HORN ICK, IOWA "YOU CAN ALWAYS GET IT AT JIM'S" J IM" HLEE GROCERIES. MEAT CLOTHING CONGRATULATIONS 1 FROM ' WESTFALL'S FARM MARKET HOLLY SPRINGS. IOWA PAINT HARDWARE FEEDS COMPLIMENTS OF Sioie Sovings Bonk FORNEY SERVICE STATION Standard Oil Products Charles Forney, Proprietor Holly Springs, Iowa WELTE REPAIR SHOP Sinclair Products Welding and General Repair Holly Springs, Iowa Sherwin-Williams Paints and Varnishes Building Materials - Hardware - Coal J. F. ANDERSON LUMBER CO. A. R. Nordstrom, Manager Hornick, Iowa ROSE HARDWARE Plumbing - Heating - Appliances Hornick, Iowa FARMERS CO-OP. ELEVATOR CO. Grain - Coal - Feed Phone 1925 Hornick, Iowa B 0 0 S T E R S BEEBEE AND PARKHILL Holly Springs, Iowa SPIES SERVICE AND LOCKER Hornick, Iowa

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