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, 'M r.m,:4if4:.Hwinni.i1E-.isaaL7'u-n..r4ueW 5. mash 111539511-Pvwx5'2:,w.ageisfis - Q I Tiki in Z X I F' I-liix-A '-Tu, 3,1 ,'?f'htfI-,5 1 1,-. :TE igf-Ng,iQK,E'3'?1j5,." Q 51'--If f - ff? Law xfg QR if X5 A-ff? :QUE -xx xQtCK,.. L f!NA M50 L,"-'X f :JS 'c :Jf.fs2Hf'7 SWF' fg?g74fxK 927 5 LL", 13, ' 7' X 2, ' JI-1 Ar 5 - - be X- Q 5-fx I: 1 fCfW'V6f v lM2vfif'vw f y R91 'Mi 5.3 Q 'a -.fer . 'W M 5, 9? uv Q' 2? f ,J A , za wf -Q 1 ,. .Y 3 A W M , ., V 1 ' The Holly Springs Schoolhouse built in 1915 and shows part of one of the old bussesg The Holly Springs Auditorium built in 1941. Holly Springs new busses and new garage which was built in 1939. :LL tEki1,iSimmJ.Zn. ..u.2.,1,i3 . 'h :L Lswfnli , Be rna rd Forney HOLLY SPRINGS CONSOLIDATED SCHOOL BOARD OF EDUCATION Officers Arthur Beefh ------------------ Prgsident Bruce Haddock - - - - Sgcrelary Mrs. H. G. Al'l'l01d - - ---- - - - - Treasurer Directors Lauritz Hansen Keith Haddock W. F. Brouwer- Staff Chris Diet ric h Supe rintende nt joe De.Maine - - - Principal Mrs j0hn Nyren - - Home Economics Mrs. Orlie Coover- - - 6th, 7th, 8th, and 5th grades Mrs Mrs Nellie Gesaman Gordon Tuttle - john Sulsberger - - Betty Weber - - - junior Gallagher - - Ted Ericksen - - - Yearbook Staff - -Znd, 3rd, and 4th grades Primary and lst grades Photography Literary Editor Advertising and Distributing Manager Assistant Editor Whitey Sulsbe rger ----- - - ---- Editor We wish to thank the members of the Sophomore and Freshman classes and all others who assisted in the prep- aration of this Annual. lk if-' .ml ' 'I:1.a9.ma.. , .xy L N 1 :bL,2.u.M. .J History of the Holly Spring School From 1850 till 1880 the schoolhouse was located near the present Walter Scott residence. Then the school was moved to the place it is now 1ocated.and a new schoolhouse was built. ln 1917 this building was moved to the north corner of the school grounds and construction was started on the present school building. In 1941 a large gymnasium was added. This was a delight to everyone and many hours have been spent in good recreation and entertainment. The old school is still in good condition considering how many students pass in and out of its doors daily. Transportation The first means of transportation to the Holly Springs Consolidated school was four horse drawn, wooden wheeled busses. Later wooden busses with balloon tires and a roof were brought out. These busses were helped out by three of four cars with school bus signs onthem. These wooden busses were used until about 1939. The four wooden busses were model "T's". Still later these busses were replaced by 1939 "VS" steel busses, they have heaters, all have tire chains, cushioned seats and many other improvements. Fire extinguishers, signal flares emergency door and stop sign that, can be turned from the inside of the busses. We hope these busses will last a while yet. S f3f+2Am'F2f..v-rmaxfxxpuwn-V.. '--my.: " -+w-Qifvg.-mm -awiwalnaf The History of Holly Springs The history of Holly Springs is a very quaint one but yet quite common compared to that of other communitites. Many changes have been made since the original location of the town. The first signs of a community were further west than that of the present settlement. First was a store built in 1885 by a man named Bushey-a small distance east of the present john Gallagher residence. Later it was moved further west to the corner near Lewis Sulsberger. Next an Indian agent named Price, who was formerly from Holly Springs, Mississippi, bought the store. From here the town got the name of Willow Springs later it was changed to Holly Springs. A few years later George Laper bought the store from Price, and after hav- ing possession for awhile, it was bought by Batman, and again it was bought from Batman by Wengert who moved the store to the present site of Holly Springs, on the north side of the highway. In later years the store was sold to the Rose Bros. who built a new brick building and then in 1946 sold it to Bruce Haddock when they moved from the community. The settlement grew larger and finally a school was built, and in about 1914 it was decided that all of the small country schools should be consolidated in to one larger one in town. These four of five school houses were moved to the school grounds and were used while the new school building was being built. Many additions were made as the year went by including a new gymnasiiun and auditorium. This was a government project, and was completed in 1941, This has added a great deal to the town and has served for many hours of entertainment and recreation. Up to the year of approximately 1926 all of the roads were unproved or graveled. A new concrete highway was constructed which helps to make up the state highway known as the "Denison," There are now two churches in Holly Springs and they are: Christian Church which was erected in 1894, and is located in the south part of town. The Open Bible Church was built in 1945, and is located on the site of an old black- smith shop many years ago. The telephone system was introduced approximately 45 years ago-and it was located in one of the farm homes, this was later moved to town, and has been operated here since. Holly Springs, now has many new buildings and business houses. A new building across the highway--a repair shop was built in 1945. A new business house has been erected in 1947, which is an implement, and electrical appliance shop. And also a new locker plant has been introduced and proved to be very successful. All these and other places make up the business part of town. At present the population is approximately fifty-one. Many of the members of the town have left, but others have filled their places. Other things have been added. A large bus line runs through Holly Springs six times a day. This proves to be helpful to everyone. Holly Springs is not large in size but everyone is proud of it and the history behind it and what it means. O S M.. .:....b.u f,,:,,1:mN " Hot Lunch Prog ram Our hot lunches started November 19, 1945. Mrs. Grace Unkel and Mrs. Clem Rose, known to us as Eva, left us-when they bought a home in Missouri in April of 1947. Mrs. Grace Unkel still keeps up with the good work. Mrs. Rose's place was taken by Verta Mae Hanner. When they first started serving us our noon lunches they had noth- ing to cook on but an old fashioned cook and oil stove, The water was heated in teakettles. The floors were in bad condition and there were no tables. Recently they have purchased an electric refrigerator, electric stove, a deep freeze, and a water heater. A cement floor has replaced the wooden floors in the eating room about six tables and benches have been built by our very capable janitor, Oliver Weber, The usual pattern for the lunches are: Sandwiches fbutter, meat, or cheese, Hot dish Cookies or fruit Beverage lmilk or fruit juice, We sincerely hope these hot lunches will be as successful in the years to come as they are now. Even though we seemingly crab on our off days we would all hate to go back to our cold sack lunches again. X mxgwrbnumxxx Alumni Burkhart, joan-'46 -Employed at Bishops Cafeteria, Sioux City, Iowa Butcher, Garold-'42-Employed at Sioux City Clark, jarmaine-'42-Married and living in Ashton, Oregon. Clark, Jeanne-'44-Married and living near Ashton, Oregon. Clift, Carol-'42-Working at home near Holly Springs. Claus, Elda-'44-Employed at Sioux City, Iowa. Coover, Joyce-'47-Wayne State Teachers College-Wayne, Neb. Crichton, james-'46-Army Air Force, San Antonio, Texas Deist, Delores-'45-Employed at Crescent Electric Co. in Sioux City, Ia. Deist, Lewis-'43- Moved to Texas Eichhorn, Verna-'44-Employed at Sioux City, Iowa Insurance Real Estate. Forney, Gail-'42-Married to james Lloyd and mother of two children at Holly Springs, Ia, Hall, Albert-'46-Working in an office at Swifts at Omaha, Neb. Hanner, Bernadine-'44-Married and living in Sioux City, Ia. I I-Ianner. Leona-'44-Employed at Sioux City Battery-Sioux City. I4- Hanner, Verda Mae-'43-Staying at home, and employed at the Holly Springs School cooking for the Hot Lunch Program. Hansen, Earland-'45-Helping his folks on the farm. Hopp, Donald-'45-Married to Darlene Scott and living in Sioux City, Ia. Hummel, Paul-'46-In the Army and is overseas. Koll, Raymong-'43-fNo information availablej. Mehl, Ardis-'44-Working in Sioux City, Ia. Mook, Donald-'46-Married to Nina Belle Rose and living in Aurora, Missouri. Mook, Phyllis-'46-Staying at home in Sioux City, Ia. Rose, Ivan-'43-Married to Beverly Harrison of Rock Fa11s,- Ill. and living at Miller, Mo, Rose. Nina Belle-'47-Married to Donald Mook and living at Aurora, Missouri. Rose, Opal-'44-Helping at home in Aurora, Missouri. Rubida, Le Roy-'42-fNo information availablej. Scott, Darlene-'46 -Married to Donald Hopp and living in Sioux City, Ia. Both are employed at Sioux City. Scott, Darrel-'46-In the Army-Air Forces, in Texas Smith, Ward-'42-Around Climbing Hill Sluyter, Dean-'42-At home and working in Beaverton, Oregon, Sluyter, Velma-'43 -Married to Donald Hall and living near Smithland. Sulsberger, julia-'47-Helping at home near Holly Springs. Sulsberger, Rex-'46-Recently married to Enid Wedmore of Sioux City and living up by Anthon, Ia. Taklock, Lola-'43-Around Sioux City. Unkel, Eldon-'47-Army Air Forces, San Antonio, Texas. Waderich, Hazel-'46 -Going to Business School in Omaha, Neb. Waderich, Violet-'43-Employed at Sioux City, Ia. Weber, Cecil-'46-Doing bookkeeping work at Riverside, in Sioux City. fBurke Lumber Co., Yockey, Edsel-'42-lNo information availablel. Youngstrom, Richard-'42-Staying at home and attending Morningside College. Youngstrom, Robert-'43-Staying at home and employed in Sioux City. X I ,Spin K. 'S' M.1.i't41":'s, ,1 9' "nh .1 1 fsvhu. -, ':.A'f.-:xxxme-r?1uw3M1wi5f4eL1w'mals:4 win ' ' f 9 HKS, V 'x 'gim- ' ,F I 12+ . .v x JN if -ff xx ,di x E ,. .. L Ifhifb. ,cf -.-ll. V - I Q mnQz'fw,1'.lA--S1 :mln f mgn.veWL ' ., n MX SUPT. W. F. BROUWER HSS! DARREL SUIJSBEZRGER BETTY WEBER fwhiteyl fBessj Basketball-1-Z-3-4 Basketball-l-Z-3-4 3 One-Act Play-l-Z 3 One-Act Plays-I-Z junior Play-3 Junior Play-3 Senior Play-4 Senior Play-4 Letterman-3-4 Kitienball-l-Z-3-4 Baseball-I-Z-3-4 Class Officer-1-Z-3-4 Class Officer-l-Z-3-4 Declam-3 Declam-3 Cheerleader-4 Leh to Right: Phillip Hanner, junior Gallagher, Betty Lou Miller, Mrs. Nyren, john Sullberger, and Ted Erieksen. ffi qw QM ua Mn Q . i1'3w-fvllainvi-W'.w1rx . Class Motto The Nail We Drive In Now is the Peg on Which We I-lang our Future. Class History For twelve years we have traveled that long, hard wearisome path toward the goal which we have long aimed. We have now conquered all the ups and downs and finally have reached the top, When we entered High School we had the whole sum of five. We were as follows: Darrel Sulsberger, Betty Weber, Dorothy Dowling, Phyllis Hopp and Nancy Meyers. Our number has increased and decreased throughtout the years. As Seniors we are: Darrel Sulsberger, Betty Weber and Dorothy Dowling was with us but received all her credits by mid-year and is coming back to graduate with us in the spring. Darrel has been the only boy in our class all through High School. He was often a good loser, but we girls gave in on many arguments! Did you ever notice how red his ears get when he blushesi '.'.2 I I Our class seems to be one of the smallest except for the class of '45, They also numbered three. We three have held a class office every year of our High School. The Senior Class officers are: President-- Darrel Sulsberger, Vice-President--Dorothy Dowling, Secretary and Treasure--Betty Weber. For our jr. and Sr. Banquet last year we had a Hawaii setting. After our big dinner at the Mayfair Hotel we went to the Grace Methodist Church at Morningside. There we saw a play, "Murder in the Cathedral", put on by the students of the college, Although it seems as though we seniors never got into much mischief, we have had lots of fun at roller-skating parties and Freshman initiation and etc. I'm sure we will miss Whitey coming to school late, Betty always chewing gum and whispering and Dorothy hurrying through lunch at noon hour: I 2 I 1 So it is the Senior Class bidding you farewell forever, never again shall we have the opportunity to say"so-long or "be seeing you next year", its just plain old--"Good-Bye". Class Colors--Opal Blue and Maize Class Flower--Tea Rose m.4Lasa4sx7f.6b4ms..f +4566 rff- . mv ff.. fgwvqw- . - Class Will We, the members of the Senior class, being sound in mind and sound in body so make our last will and testament as follows: We hereby appoint Mr. Brouwer, executor. without bonds, with full power to dispose of the whole of our estate as stipulated. I, Betty Weber, will leave the following: l. My bathing suit figure to Evelyn Beem. Z. My giggling and my gum chewing ability to Mary Modde. 3. My popularity with the boys to Ina Ronfeldt. I, Darrel Sulsberger, will leave the following: l. My talking ability and skill to annoy teachers to Esther Dietrich. Z. My basketball ability to Dick Pixler. 3. My ability with blondes to junior Gallagher. 4. My assembly singing ability to the junior High boys. 5. My skill at noon activities to Edward Weber. I, Dorothy Dowling, will leave the following: 1. My quietness and serenity to Amy Zortman. Z. My parking stall in front of the school to Elden Baker. Clas s Prophecy Ten years have now passed and we are going to look down on the class of 1948 and see just what is taking place. Darrel Sulsberger- Is a coach at the State University of Iowa! still chases the women, but will probably end up being a bachelor. Dorothy Dowling- Has been married twice and helping her second husband as secretary in his office at Seattle. Washington where she has lived since 1950. Betty Weber- A house wife on a farm located near Hornick, Iowa, happily married and still enjoys dancing very much although she has three small boys that interferes. ' '.r.1:1.-' 3.2-as :.:.I-46:32- a :. wtrr.. .3 I' . X09 ,,.-f--' K-41- W- X ial,imIsA'mf:sg,,w.' -1- 1 came:-:v:.r 1zJ,.:!4n. :anim i1m:fmrrilaAe5::mzM!E,S?as4,zSalMH,x:vvf:9vb. junior Class History One bright fall morning in the year 1937 the junior class of 1948 started on their long journey through school, Along this journey we have had our ups and downs but difficulties were soon settled by the sound judgment of the teachers. Six pupils started, Lucille Claus, Esther Morey, Wylma Davis, john Sulsberger, Irvin Dale Sherman, and junior Gallagher. From time to time different ones moved and Loran Rose, Phillip Hanner, Teddy Ericksen, and Betty Lou Miller joined us. This year Loran, Phillip, and Betty Lou left Holly Springs leaving junior, Teddy, and john to show thei ' ational ability. The class officers are, President--Teddy, Ex-icksen, Vice-1 esident and Secretary--junior Gallagher and Treasurer--john Sulsberger. Much credit is due Miss Palmer our first grade teacher for her patience and quick methods of learning. Other grade teachers incl--ded Miss McCutchen, second grade, Miss Dawson, third grade, and M- 4 Vander Schaff, sixth, seventh, and eighth grade. Since entering High School we have been fortunate in having the same Superintendent, Mr, Brouwer. Other High School teachers this year are Mr. De Maine, Principal and Coach and Mrs. Nyren, English and Home Economics. The junior Class has been ve ry active in athletics, both baseball and basketball. Every minute of playing is enjoyed even though we do not al- ways win. At least we can say we are good losers. The Juniors enjoyed putting on their class play "johnny Grows Up." They well remember the night they presented it. How the worst snow storm of the season caused the lights to go out during an important part of the play and also the doorbell that never seemed to ring on time. The juniors have received their rings and are very proud of them. They have been trying to raise money for the junior and Senior Banquet in different ways such as selling pop, taking orders for the annual, and selling magazine subscriptions and cards. Unbelievable but true, our junior year is almost completed. Our colors are blush pink and cream and our class flower is the sweet pea. Since there are only three juniors left we look forward to our Senior year as being a class of quality not quanity. N!'H.v1" iw:x'k:.w'4af, ' 5 w vw Freshman Mr. Brouwer sponsor Frank Modde Edward Weber Dick Pixler Lois Zortman Ina Ronfeldt Esther Dietrich Bettie Ericksen S ophomore Mr. De Maine sponsor Elden Mary Ilene Janice Evelyn Amy Bake r Modde Belknap Coove r Beem Z. ortman if -I fimmu. -,grim ani. 116 f 2 - Mmm' HOLLY HOUSE i Evelyn Beem puts finishing touches on a cake while Lois Zortman cleans the kitchen. r ' 'L Q an 'wr L lifting L if Y' c 1 The Holly girls wearing blouses just completed in class. Table is set for Valentine Day Tea. Esther Dietrich at sewing machineg Mary Moode, Ina Ronleldt. Mrs. Nyren, Janice Coover, Evelyn Been. Amy Zortman, Bettie Ericksen, Lois Zortman, Ilene Belknap, Betty Weber. E+ -. A x ' L3 fm L 9' The History of Holly House In the fall of 1947 our Home Ec. teacher, Mrs. Nyren told us that through the co-operation of the school board, we were to have a whole house to work and live in during class. We decided to call it the Holly House. We each had to make a room plan as to color and furniture. We also took a field trip to Sioux City one afternoon to learn something a- bout buying equipment for a house. We looked at stoves, refrigerators, laundromat fautomatic washerj, and we were first introduced to FM Radio Reception. They showed and explained the different parts to us. At Martins we looked at stoves and kitchen-ware. From there we went to Sioux City Crockery where we looked at and priced dishes, glassware, and silverware, Some of the students went to Cooks Paint and Wallpaper Store to pick out our wallpaper. A wonderful time was enjoyed by all. While our equipment was being bought and set up, each girl made an apron. They were pretty good considering very few of us had ever made a real garment before. We also made curtains and hemmed dishtowels. AWe refinished and painted the furniture in the house and made a table for the dining room. . When we finally moved into our house, situated in the Science room, we wound ourselves and others up in wall paper and paint. But I guess in the end the paper was hanging straight and the holes not showing. We divided into four groups and made cookies and Christmas candy. At the beginning of the Second semester we lost two class members so decided to reorganize into three groups. One group made blouses while the other two groups made and served breakfast. We studied the way to set the table and Mrs. Nyren tried to teach us some manners. Group I started on their blouses while Groups II and III started planning and preparing breakfasts. ln the spring we plan to make a print dress, plan and prepare lunches and simple parties, We hope to climax our year with an "open house" tea and show our room to the community. has ..,::m:aA.....' V 1 Agriculture Our Agriculture class under the leadership of Mr. Brouwer have planned many interesting projects. We are nearly through our book and when we finish we have planned many interesting trips. Our class consists of five members: Edward Weber, Frank Modde, Elden Baker, Melvin Hanner, and Dick Pixler, In October we went on a field trip and estimated the yield of corn, In january we visited the Art Beem farm and judged dairy cows and test- ed milk. We plan to go to see a drainage project and to test soil samples. At the present time we are studying different types of farming, Grain farming,'Livestock farming, dairying, poultry, and hog raising. We found that by specializing in one type and carrying one or more of the other types a farmer was more assured of a steady income. Soil conservation and contour farming is very essential type of farm- ing if we are to preserve our top soil which is depleting very rapidly. As a conclusion to this article on Agriculture, we feel that an Ag- riculture course is very worth-while and one that every high school boy or girl should take that lives in this belt of the United States. -vin Quit mr' i4v:f121Y'.: H' f 'mln W.. SEVENTH AND EIGHTH GRADES Second Row: Robert Dietrich, Richard Foxhovgn, Robert Hanner, Donald Chilton. Miss Gesaman, First Row: Marilyn Haddock, Marian Weber, Margery Brouwer, Bette Belknap, Donna Dowling. Mary jane Rude was absent the day this was taken. FIFTH AND SIXTH GRADES Second Row: Marjorie Yates, Ronald Haddock, Roland Androy, Melvin Butcher, Gene Belknap, Clifford Kendall Billy Erickson, Miss Gesaman. First Row: Roberta Hansen, jeanette Beem, janet Ron- leldt. Annette Modde, Alice Foxhoven, Barbara Hall. Benny Cox was absent the day this was taken. -m::f'2 f q -fm 1 - " . uni A 'alzilnswm . : ia! zrelfzmmzna ,Q ,Q " 'M' ,WA Y 4 SECOND, THIRD, AND FOURTH Top row: Paul Pollard, Marlan Bettin, Allan Rose. john Modde Donald Audroy, john Dietrich, Gary Baxley, Raymond Bel- knap. Geary Kendall. Second row: fieacherj Mrs. Nellye Gesaman, Gary Gesaman, Avalee Metcalf, jerry McGee, Larry Weber, jimmy Beem, Mary jane Beem, Elmont Baker, Agnes Dietrich, Elaine Arveson. Front row: jon Haddock. Sandra Forney, Shardell Sulsberger, Nancy Smith, Dennis Metcalf, Terry Unkel, judy Dowling, jack and Steve Cox were absent. KINDERGARTEN AND FIRST Top row: Peter Modde, Ronnie Kilzer, Lyndon Haddock, Kristi Metcalf. Margaret Ann johnson, jan Baxley, and Gery Unlcel. Middle row: julia Runfeldt, Shirley Belknap, Alice Dawdy, Andrea Pixler, Marilyn Sue Nyren, Deloras Weber, and Rayetta Gallagher. Bottom row: Brian Bennett, Larry Forney, Marlowe Berg, Billie Heine, Glen Rose, Richard jones, Dennis Foxhoven, Mervin Weber, and Billie Smith. Richard Gallagher, David Skow, and Stanley Skow were absent so were not in the picture. fteacherl Mrs. Tuttle is standing in the back. axxemwe: 1 - 'uv' '- L ff H , J, W . - , 4-, LX' X U-ri lx gf . N ' N X : Ef111, ixfn 4 "ilk , ...' fa-:f x ,fi 2 ,' f":5' '1f . J ' D? -2- 1E... -...- ---' xx X A 1g...,1. -. K - : g In " - -,. , i .mm - fg if '-" ' 1 'g . -- H- - WE-'. --H 1 55. f 11 1 Q2 'N ' 2 ' . 1 . ' .11fz:1f.z, ' 'AX ! ' ' if zz 2 1f.12E1?.121z'-, X 1 . 1. .-V15-13':E'1 1 :E 2 .22 H1 V- . X 4 if .E 1221 .H ae E5 f X ' -127.::t':22',E 11 122 322 1121213 ,! .fr 1221 1321.1 123 1222122211 EEE. 1'1':2331 33E' lg' .223 EERE' I I - .:' 1 -L H 12 -- 2 1' gs' H G" ' - 581' Sf" . . .if E 2- ? 'i ii ' 21 Y I U' -. " V, t F4 1 I X . L- , -b- aff - Y Y lfxmuawasxss Mag?-' 1 'ff 4 x.f.fw4fJi.h:1tfwzfmn..a4tiiva Lim ' Carnival Days , A record crowd gathered on the night of October 24, 1947 to witness our big annual carnival. The audience enjoyed the play "Why Some Folks Leave Home---and Others Don't." Boy was that birthday cake good! Dick Pixler brightened the scene with "Women, and How to Improve Them." fStrict1y the masculine ideas., Herbies First Date another hum- orous event, was our final play for the evening. The crowd was then dismissed and urged to spend freely at the various stands. They could choose from the Doll and Basketball throws, our Exhibition Booth, Fortune -telling, the Fish Pond, Beauty Parlor, Telegrams, and Novelty Stand. Not to mention the delicious cakes and pies, among other things which were sold in the Home Economics Room. Everyone seemed to be having a wonderful time, especially at the Novelty Stand and with our "Fortune -teller." Our "Carnival Queen" was selected by popular vote from three can- didates selected by the High School, Evelyn Beem, Betty Weber, and Betty 'Lou Miller. No-one knew who the queen was until all three girls appeared on the stage in formals that night, and Betty Lou Miller was crowned by Mr Brouwer and was presented with an engraved locket. An electric radio was given to Eldon for having the most tickets, and Mr. Brouwer presented Mary Modde with a class pin for selling the most tickets. One of our bright little fifth-graders Ronald Anrdoy was given an electric lamp for being the best guesser. Our little Novelty girls Marilyn Haddock and Marion Weber won the heart of our patrons with their bright costumes, blithe singing and tempting wares, which included bubble gum. Telegrams became popular for sending messages--silly and other- wise, it was one way of finding some one in the crowded gymnasium. The vast auditorium looked lonely ve ry late Friday night or Saturday morning, as everyone went wearily home with empty pockets and happy hearts. .bl At the Holly Springs Carnival the 9th and 10th grades put on a play which everyone enjoyed. It was called "I-Ierbies First Date" The characters were: Mrs. Sanders- Herbie Sanders Kay Sanders- - Piggy Sanders- Jack Bradly- - judy Andrew- - Esthe r Diet rech Frank Modde -Lois Zortman -Ina Ronfeldt Ed Weber Bettie Erickson llvklillkilrllllkillllwkikvklk We also gave a playet in two scenes'called "Why some Folks Leave Home and Others Stay". The characters were: fin the first act, Mrs. Doe -------- - -------- - - -Amy Zortman Mr. Doe ------- - - ------ - - Mary Doe ---.- - - Bill Doe .--.... - - For the Second act: Mrs. Doe - - - Mr. Doe ---- Mary Doe -. - - Melvin Hanner Bettie Erickson Frank Modde -Evelyn Beem Elden Baker Ina Ronfeldt Bill Doe - - - ------------------- Edward Weber The first Doe family are crabby and forget to celebrate Mr. Doe s birthday. The second family is in a pleasant mood and plans a surprise party for him. During the interlude Dick Pixler gave a monologue on "Ladies and How to Improve Them" everyone enjoyed this, especially the men. sum:-ILM " ' "Jlizi:.L-:r.E.:.:1z.:n.Q L." - Community Meetings ' In the fall of 1945, the community of Holly Springs started hav- int their monthly gatherings. The first one was held Sept. 1945 it was a reception for the teachers. After the program lunch was se rved. Everyone had brought either cake or cookies, and the committee served coffee. lt was a real success. The community meetings have continued since then, Every year we have.an amatuer contest. Anyone in the community can enter. They pass a hat for prizes for the winners. During the years 1947 and 1948 the band played at most of the meetings. Every year a meeting is set aside for the annual Christmas program put on by the grades. There is one month set aside for a "ladies' night." And one set aside for a "men's night." There is also one month in the fall for the annual carnival. The last community meeting of the school year is always the annual school picnic. The community meetings have helped the community and have been a real success. ' 'mam-5121 :.ps,f.!J H 'wZ4,.?fr:.g. Jwisraavgcb' ' ' , , 5 ! I tink Q -din. ry., fr-:fr ,e2y..:, :E sp.. .cu r wi .v1mfffv,s1-M--9nE4,1"1mns,2Sasa6az Cheerleaders Betty Weber, janice Coover. Lois Zortman. -.5 Second Row: Coach joe De Maine, Margery Brouwer, Evelyn Beem, Esther Dietrich, Ilene Belknap. First Row: Betty Weber, Bettie Erickson, Amy Zortman, Bette Belknap, janice Coover, Lois 7ortman. uh " ,31sL',1' "J:1a1'i L Girls Basketball Sguad Evelyn Beem f. Betty Zortman g. Janice Coover f. Lois Zortman g. Betty Weber f. Amy Zortman g. Margery Brouwer f. Bette Balknap g. Ilene Belknap g. Esther Dietrich g. Mary Modde g . November Zl, 1947 We traveled to Climbing Hill for the first game of the season. However we were defeated with a score of 40 to 51. December Z, 1947 Luton came here to gain a victory of 33 to 39, December 9, 1947 Our first victory of the year was played at Smithland. The score at the half was 13 to 13 and final score was 42 to 25. December IZ, 1947 A tense game was played at 1-lornick with a final score of 46 to 47 in I-lornick's favor. December 16, 1947 We ventured to Cushing for our second winning game with a score of 56 to 50. December 30, 1947 Our first game with Salix led to a defeat for us with a score of 75 to 42. january Z., 1948 ' Holly Springs was again defeated, this time by Oto. The final score was 34 to 37. january 13, 1948 Salix won a victory over us with a final score of Z7 to 55. january 16, 1948 Climbing Hill defeated us 31 to 65, this time on our own floor. january Z3, 1948 An exciting game was played by Holl and Oto and ending up with Oto on top with a score of Z8 to 30. County Tournament Holly started the tournament off with a bang by winning a victory over Smithland 43 to 32 on Tuesday january 6. We next played Luton, the county champs, to be defeated 52 to 58. Both games were exciting from start to finish. 0r,:.7a.Jtr'e. f15.'.1u:Hl'3z:'::x. Q: .S ,.. WI. ., .L :, . ani 12 F Second Row: Dick Pixler, Frank Modde, Eldon Baker, Phillip Hanner, Coach: joe De Maine. First Row: john Sulsberger. Darrel Sulsberger, junior Gallagher Edward Weber, Ted Erickson. Second Row: Frank Modde, Ted Erickson, Conch: joe Maine, Eldon, Baker, Phillip Hanner. First Row: john Sulsberger. Dick Pixler, junior Gallagher, Edward Weber, Darrel Sulsberger. " ' aan-4n:!x...:.f:Qwu4a ' V .ii-f --an ' ' Baseball Our baseball season this fall was inte resting and enjoyable but did not bring in as many victories as we had hoped. Out of the 6 games we played we lost 5 and the other game ended in a tie with Climbing Hill. We started out our season with L. Rose, pitcherg D. Sulsberger, catcherg J. Gallagher, first baseg Ed Weber, second baseg J. Suslberger, third baseg M. Hanner, short stopg P. Hanner, left field: E. Baker, center fieldg and D. Pixler. right field. Our first game was Sept. 16th with Smithland at Holly Springs. The game started slow but Smithland finally began to score to beat us 17 to 1. Then next came the Sectional Tournament Sept. 20th in which we were defeated by Bronson 15 to Z. Our next game Sept. Z3rd, came with Climbing Hill in which we tied them at the end of 10 endings at 17 each. The game was called off because of darkness. Gallagher and Rose traded off pitching and playing first base that day. Next we went to Smithland on Sept. 26th where we 'lost 18 to 10 in an exciting 'extra inning game. On Oct. 7th we went to Salix with out Rose who quit school and moved to Missouri. Gallagher did a good job of pitching by striking out 9 of their players but the game ended with Salix ahead I2 to ll after we had played an extra inning. For our last game we went to Oto and lost 8 to 9 in another extra inning game. When Loran moved to Missouri we changed around some with j. Gallagher, pitcherg M. Hanner, catcherg D. Sulsberger, first baseg B. Hanner short stop, P. Hanner, left fieldg E. Baker, center field and D. Pixler, right field. During the season our pitchers struck out 49 of their ppponent's players while only 30 of our players struck out. Basketball The Holly Springs Basketball teams decided on "The Hawks" as their name for the season. It seems that the Hawks had an unlucky year and won only l game out of 13. We still have two games and the Section- al Tournament to play. We do hope these last games will be in our favor. Our only victory was when we played Salix over there. Some of these games were very exciting and close, but it seems that our opponents always came out on top. Come on boys--Lets see if we can do better next year! Z 'iu2...m,r.-'ff A Ji, ,, 4, Q . V wf1.::1-.1.'1'v.11' " f . f L, Q 35 l aj ' x -- 1 f ' 5 M f , V f 'g . v : M Q 7 . -is ua:-i' ,- . 1- 1 '- ,.-5:?iSl?Qif'-'4'li 7f51'3-'51 . ',:,.ff21f,i-Z1-I 'A 'f-l--.-- fa , 1 -1-, 1 , f Q' 53,2 l iq -I - :- ml. 'A f' jf.. "tif - ' rg ,M -----..Mw....- Of 4i:i2J11.::f.s:i:.,- .:I'A:PEi1" """ - '-f I v 1 1 1.'Ef'1i. -1'?si53iQ.'A7' ' W' ?EQfg?Ej I E: 3:1 5? .- ":i':'t"-fi' la'E:'1-Le'-25.?:5.Ff37"' 'f2'f'f?-,,i1:, -, X-J 31!lf.:.1f -Silffifili -M Q 0 Q ' , - -I' " 1.3-,353 " " b-:f1'.:m gg ..'-" f - n giii ' iff - ls?- ' -, L'-'QL-Q ..-11 , .7 ., v 513 ' 'W' -i--4 - ffffrqaf, :- i pf' 'F'-Wfffi W W -I F'--'--'Q' Q , Ji-56533, rffiw 4 4- if , - ,..'-wa 3" f f ' 9 + ff- p ND f '-"Tn", , !x,f,,g,,M ,,, 1- ' 6 ,3fL4.'Z2.z. X X 5 GT X .,-H" 9 ann . Q XA 1.-1.-l , fn-f......... l . , V A 7 .1? . irsutixsiilrmi. -, 11' Ax H+: 'Swim-Q J f.ffE3Lrsw2mmlli1 - Back rowg Left to Right, Walter K. Scolfield Director Front row: Lois Zortman Betty Elricksen Amy Zortrnan Esther Dietrich Mary jane Rude Betty Belknap Robert Hanner Edward Weber Left to Right Betty Weber Evelyn Beem Margery Brouwer janice Coover Ilene Belknap Robert Dietrich Marilyn Haddock Ronnie Haddock Barbara Hall Jeanette Beem Snare Drum Bass Drum Tuba T rornbone Baritone Cornet T rumpet T rumpet Clarinet Clarinet Clarinet Clarinet Saxophone Saxophone Saxophone Cornet' Violin Violin uaifmltlw K1 A 4:54-srl -11:1 w- v Jaws: siaawvvmwax. Holly Springs Band In the month of june, 1946, many strange noises were heard in the small town of Holly Springs, Ia. yes, the young folks of Holly were practicing their'clarinets, trumpets and other instruments that was later ' to be organized into a small band, Mr. Walter K. Schofield, of Sioux City was the director of the band, and under his direction the band has pro- gressed very rapidly. When first organized, the band had a membership of fourteen. In September we lost a trombone and saxophone but these two were soon re- placed by four new instruments which gave us a new membership of six- teen. Private lessons and band rehearsal were still in order and the band made their first appearance at Community night in October. More appear- ances were at school activities and basketball games of that year. During the following summer Mr. Schofield came from Sioux City every Thursday, and gave private lessons. Band rehearsal was held in the afternoon with an outdoor concert in the evening. At present the band consists of: 5 Clarinets: Orval Cox, Evelyn Beem, janice Coover, Margery Brouwer, and Betty Weber. 3 Saxophones: Ilene Balknap, Robert Dietrich, and Marilyn Haddock. Z Trombones: Dick Pixler, and Esther Dietrich. l Baritone: Mr. Brouwer. 1 Trumpet: Edward Weber. 3 Cornetsg Ronnie Haddock, Bette Belknap, Robert Hanner, The snare drum is played by Lois Zortman and the base drum by Bette Ericksen. Many of the community members often help in the band on special occassions, by playing various instruments. This help is greatly appre- ciated by eve ryone. The band also took part in the Music Festival at Correctionville last' spring and all of the members enjoyed it immensely. Upon being asked his opinion of the band, Mr. Schofield said, "In my opinion these children are the best talented students I have ever had, in many years of teaching." We're all proud of this and all in all we wish the band the best of luck for years to come. Cast: Betty Stephens- - - - Grace Stephens - Mrs. Stephens - - - - Mr. Stephens - - johnny Stephens - Dr. Bates ---- - - -the family doctor- - Roger Mc'Clain - - - - Sister Mc'Clain ---- Ralph johnson- - Mrs.johnson- - Class Plays johnny Grows Up olde st daughte r ---- her sister ---- her mother - - - - - he r fathe r ---- her brothe r ----- Betty's friend - - - Roger's little sister johnny's friend- - - Ralph's mother- - - -Betty W ebe r Betty Lou Miller Ilene Belknap Ted Ericksen - -junior Gallagher Darrel Sulsberger john Sulsbe rge r Janice Coove r Phil Hanner - -Amy Zortman Place-The living room of the Stephens home. Time-The spring. Synopsis Act I. Scene I late afternoon Scene II. That evening Act II. Friday afternoon a week later. Act III. The next day, a week later. "johnny Grows Up" A comedy in three acts. The secret of Mr. Stephen's illness is shared by his .wife and the Dr. until an attack makes it necessary for them to go California. In helping to find a way to go johnny borrows 525, and when the tirne comes to pay it back he finds it is hard to do. However all ends wellwhenjohnnywins a slogan. contest the first prize being thousand dollars. For our Spring play we have selected "Three Old Maid Aunts" a comedy in three acts. Because the Senior and junior classes are small, several Sophomores volunteered to carry leading roles. lf ,J .CL P" . l... W LSWORTH in .1-.,r..a a anna by I Ll' lfll IIOTHEIS also ins, Ho., , B. . .raav'k1,u .rr 3, .1-4' 'u'z'.-www .. 41, ,- ,.fi.ardk" 1 ""v.t::'4we: , e v- ' N. - +,, 1, , Z, 7 ? 1gf?2-4 Y XX N XX H t .ul Q ' : - Y, X -E f' ' " - f B , IL' 1 N: S XX? :S "'- ' XX ' If 1 mm A ,jlzil .CIW 1-if L . fl I L 9 ' , N ' :: Q,l : ,ft ' ff' . 'X ? " ' , :E-l-1 ' V 'V ' A z1 1, . ll If 5 3? gun-lr x r lg W .1 ' --1:3 ...EK ., , ' 'Qlgr . "C , ff" l M . ' , Q 'V x ' .V?I,,Lifr1y-53: K ! - .' ' '77 f jr V. '1 , ,1 ' """ F.-Eg? ,gk 1.6 - w WA-35 - I ..u,,. sv .A 5 F 435 1 - g 3, 4 EE 527 331. -i , '3 i ,W - - ' gf,.k,-,.Qi,i 1-zgf,'a'Q'fi2fff9?- . . 9? efiffi-5-5'f:5:f.1f1fff E . 1 A 5? ' Hfszifzfw ff ' F 'E - .. . .14 . - f-s.,'f' ? if a 5 15.. , "-- ,- -1' ,-', ' 5.-' -v sv ,if fr, e. "'----1-- : I 5'W1? i'3"9fi?iIi3'i.T-11'Q2i' ',i,i'f:f.'fQ4Q'5.'iii A 9 ' Q31 4 4555 - + A ' :A , f "5'5fZQ'f'2? ffiflf fl? Q'.'QV ' ',.A -11' li - -1..- :Egg t V V QVA, 4. . Q I ssh, . .-:AMI 4 -1 13. ,,,,. ,, H- :::::555::::::::::---::::g- J - Q ....... !::. : T Wx' f , fs' 9. 'Y Qi 1 V, 'T ' P 4 f XXV U , A' fm K , UL A H , X , X 1 . 'I I 'K my f' Y' ?l I n ff .. 'f 1? l'x4 nv xwx . nf ' 'hr 4. 1--,611 f5f,gM,4,wffV - - I . 4" f A L ' ff, ' Q-Q, ,q,4fQ,f f J ' KHQJ UJJWK, . I V 'J if f '1 JV Cflflbiirxxv. 1 4 . n Z 1 ' WK af' . 'W I ' ' ' Q, ' f- If e ,J X N ',.' vt' ' K-f,.,f'j J Q3 U 57 4 gk -Q -1 J" L ga I E ' A V E A730-CL! L 0 5' V 1 ff" FV. ' , ,A N ,afar '7"i" . ' f Jififlwfa, 1 . . - 'li I 22. 5 X rf? 113 , fi Q? ' r X ilnlaaxrr ef, rt-- , 8 E : , -J- .4 C V gli, , 5 1-X V GV Y ,f x Q fx ES 96509. ,genes YOUR cm-wg fl 1 -1- lswiiimwa-wif' 1 fvfwiyulhn, Ma- 612-Lmimlugtllizn FRIENDLY AND COURTEOUS SERVICE im's Market GROCERIES I- MEATS - CANDY - SUNDRIES HORNICK, IOWA "YOU CAN ALWAYS GET IT AT J IM'S" LOW COST FINANCING There is no better Way to 'SAVE money on your financing of your next car, refrigerator or any other appliance, than to handle your financing through this bank. When you finance through us you are safe from hidden charges and our rates are low. When you repay your loan as agreed, you build valuable bank credit. Come in and consult with us about your financial needs. Slate Savings Bank HORNICK, IOWA MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Hac:ldock's Cash arket J. BRUCE HADDOCK AT HOL-LY SPRINGS STAPLE GROCERIES - MEATS - FUNK'S G HYBRID SEED CORN - HARDWARE - 'DRY GOODS - FEED' ALWAYS AT YOUR SERVICE HORNICK, IOWA FORN EY SERVICE STATION Holly Springs, Iowa Standard Oil Products' Charles Forney, Prop. FARMERS CO-OP. ELEVATOR CO. Grain - Coal - Feed Phone 1925 Hornick., Iowa ROSE HARDWARE Plumbing -- Heating - Appliances Hornick, Iowa Sherwin-WilliamsPaints and Varnish - Building Materials Hardware Coal J. F. ANDERSON LUMBER COMPANY A. R. Nordstrom, Manager Hornick, Iowa SPIES SERVICE AND LOCKERS Hornick, Iowa, Compliments of A FRIEND BOOSTERS BEEBE AND PARKHILL Holly Springs, Iowa SCOTT AND WELTE Holly Springs, Iowa r Q R 1 V 4 .5 Q ' if .V I "A ' ig' if: .ff 1 K wg, ,. Q ,RITE N . t 4 . Q 5 4 ' "z -1

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