Hollins University - Spinster Yearbook (Roanoke, VA)

 - Class of 1948

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Hollins University - Spinster Yearbook (Roanoke, VA) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Cover

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A" ix ' W WW TT X Q vi 1 ' f Pa s-' . X1 M- ' - 9 ' 'Q r I5 ' 1395" Q 'wx 1 9' H A ff N ::,. S 'f-2, 1- M , Sgsk X XQ A F x is - " , S ., r w R . ., Fx - . 1 . 1 S' -1 . Q 1 1 A L ' Q wk X 1 W , - Q Q' fx . '11 X My W . 11 .sk X. V L' 1 1 1 .f 9 1- M - ,if-Qi 1. 'X X 1 P " N Q V' -. 1 1 1- ., .- . Q ' 1 y 1 X . 1 1- 1 -1 ' . 1 F , -- w . 5' 1- X, 'kb 9 11 1 : X X -- 1 N- , 1. 'X' ' S -f f wi. .1w:5F10 N - :5:-.:.:-f.- 5 , . . N - S ,1 2: x w 1. X X Q - , K ' W X ' - Nw- x- gvv Q ' x . '2 ' W . X X Ni.. 1 , 3, 1 L. - X W ,- ., 1, .- x y-1.-.y::,... 1 M- H-.M .... W.-:H ,,..,y:w r A -, -X ...N- ..-::.:.:-3 2 XNs?1+ '+N 1 1' N 1 X :.,,,.... - . X .:.,,n , . A , . b ' x X Q vb . N X 1- Q N 9. 11 Y .M Q N x 1 Swv N 49. ,N W , 1 X - ,.:f?wx ,. 5 .:. , 3 . Q. X ,.- . -Q 1 1 - A S a W., - S5432 '-if 1 -f: , - ' 1:-'E QQ . .,f Q X X 1 v 1 my X 5 v Q -5' WFYf:Z'k.. ,AX 1- X N 'X if L W ' -Q' -2. . 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I, Q I ,4y,,,f, J a r AAQ I -fc n " 'f I ' a:-, x w 'wa' 9, f X .if I9 fa , I ,,, . 4 , fl U , --,gff ' V, 3 X , I 1 , 4 ,X Mr gyfqfgjfi '- 'V , 1,, , ,Z x ' if r fp A -Q ' A :ff fix f f ' - : -- --ig, Y ff ' 'ii I T,,- , 1.,' 7 ' l , -, f , ,Q 'f fl -f . . ,f f 4' "gg 1nX"the Wheel has come full circle." Another college year's 'Qi 1? . ' l X l. . . "ff . fr, clim x nd Xclose sends the cherished Present hurr 1n back 1nto ,,. , , , , Y 8 '- , Y' ,J MJ . l fp, Ayflnas P3 other cleavage from old forms brings commencement into I f'lidV"M2i'lli, 7 . . . . l A I vnew., ' nd this time it is we, the class of '48, who conclude one more Q Q, 1 , n r '2gPif?"" uit of an old old pattern feeling it at each step-strangely new LN it in' V if J 7 1 f' 6 'V he personal to us. We, like all other Hollins classes, began as im- f , ,I Ai. p Y -Z .ll , x aj fn lssionable, eager, disassociated beings. But 1n our four years, the I Y! YQ . ' ,-fl . . . , . . . 'x fl an e white ma 1C of fellowshi thas been amon us umtin us not . .1 , g 7 gi only to one another but to the past and future of Hollins as well. The Hollins rings, given each year by the seniors to their junior "sisters" are, to us, in essence, the tangible links in this spiritual chain of friendship. They are the visible badges of those close ties which find expression in our favorite song, "Pals, good old pals, we'll always be-" , 76a WWW BESSIE CARTER RANDOLPH AB., Ph.D. MARY PHLEGAR SMITH, PH.D. Dean GERTRUDE E. MULHOLLAN, A.B. Registrar M. ESTES COCKE, A.M. Vice Prefident, T1'ea.vu1'er VVILLARD N. JAMES, A.B. Bufinexx .Manager Division I The Humanities E. lh"lARION SMITH A.B., A.M., Ph.D. Bryn Mawr College Profeuor of Latin. and Greek RACHEL WILsoN, Chairman A.B., Hollins College ANI., Ph.D., The University of Chicago Profeffor of Moderfz Language! F. LAMAR -IANNEY A.M., Yale University Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University Profersor of English LAURA GUSTAFSON MARY VINCENT LONG MARCIA LEE ANDERSON A.B., A.M., Radcliife College A.B., University of Tennessee A.B., Bryn Mawr College Associate Profeffor of lVI.A., Ph.D., Radcliffe College M.A., Ph.D., Duke University Latin and French drxociate Profeffor of Englirh dxf-ixtant Profeffar of Engliflz l I .W I ELEANOR M. WITTIINGTON GRACE EDWARDS SARAH M- WATSON A.B., Mount Holyoke College A.B., University of California A-B-, EITIOYY UnlVefSltY A.M., Ph.D., Radcliffe College MA., Pacific School of M-A-, Ph-D-, Qhio State flsrirtant Profeuor in Englifh Rellglfm .University Jffiftarit Profeffor of Religion 11J'flJ'f!l7IiPf0ft'.I'.f0i' of Philorophy l ROSAMOND E. LARMOUR lVllCHELINE DERAM ANITA BONILLA ERNOUF A.B., Hollins College A.B., Cours Maintenon, AB., Hunter College A.M., Radcliffe College Cannes lXfI.A., Teachers College, .fldviror to Frerlmnen and Inftructor in Moderri Languager C0lUlT1bif1 I 71.Yl7"1liL'f07' in Englirh Inftructor in Spanifh NOT PICTURED MRS. E. P. RAY A.B., Washington University M.A., Washington University Inftructor in Spanirh LEAPOLD MANNABERG Diploma in Engineering, Polytechnic Institute of Vienna Ph.D., University of Heidelberg deting Instructor in German l MARGARET PHELAN SCOTT Division Il The Social Sciences JANET L. MACDONALD Chairman A.B., Agnes Scott College A.M., Ph.D., The University of Chicago Auociatc P7'Of6IJ01' of Hirtory MARY PHLEGAR SMITH KATHLEEN CONDICT JACKSON A.B., Hollins College A.B., The University of A.B., Vassar College A.M., Radcliffe College Pennsylvania A.M., Stanford University Ph.D., The University of A.M., Ph.D.,The University of An-Ociate P,-Ofefm, of Vlfgmla North Carolina Economicf and Sociology Profcrror of History P1'ofe.v.vo1' of Economic: and Sociology Dean NOT PICTURED ZELL S. WALTER B,S. in Ed., Ohio Northern University A.M., The University of Chicago Ed.D., University of Cincinnati Lecturer in Education OREEN M. RUEDI HERMAN L. HORN A.B., Lindenwood College A.B., Bridgewater College A.M., Smith College M.A., Duke University Ph.D., Clark University Auijmm p,.0fUJ.07. of Affiflant Profenor of Political Science and Hixtoi Economic: and Sociology 'y Division Ill The Natural Sciencesand Mathematics GOLDENA C. FARNSWORTH B.S., The University of Missou M.S., The University of Chicago Yerkes Observatory Proferror of Phyricf HELEN M. CHURCHILL V A.B., University of Kansas lNl.A., University of Michigan l4.rfirta1zt Profcxrfor of Biology ALICE E. OVERCASH B.A. in Education, Farmville State Teachers College M.A., College of William and Nlary Imtructor in Biology PAUL M. PATTERSON Chairman l A.B., Davidson College A.M., The University of North Carolina Ph.D., johns Hopkins University Profeffor of Biology l ri IVA Cox GARDNER A.B., M.A., Baylor University Ph.D., The University of Chicago Asfociate Proffffor of Pfychology WALLACE LAMBERT B.A., Brown University dating Imtructor in Pryclzology MARGARAT B. BARNWELL A.B., Hollins College filcting Inrtructor in Phyficf HARRIETT HULDAH FILLINGER B.S.,,M.S., The University of Chicago Profcnor of Clzfmiftry AZELLE BROWN A.B., Barnard College M.A., Columbia University Inrtructor in MdllZKWLdtiCI MARIAN SMALLIGAN A.B., Hope College M.A., University of lllinois I nftructor in Chemirtry FRANCES AI. NIEDERER A.B., New Jersey College for Women NLA., Yale University Assistant Professor of Art Leave of Absence-Session 1947-1948 Division IV The Fine Arts SUSIE N. BLAIR A.B., Westhampton College A.M., The University of Virginia American Academy of Dramatic Art Associate Professor of Dramatic Art and English I JOHN R. BALLATOR Chairman B.F.A., Yale University Associate Professor' of Art DONALD L. BOLGER Mus.B., M.M., Eastman School of Music Associate Professor of Music ARTHUR SACKETT TALMADGE Mus.B., Oberlin Conservatory of lVIusic A.B., Oberlin College Diplome d'Aptitude a l'Enseignement du Violon, Conservatoire, Fontainebleau, France Student in New York, Brussels CChar- lotte Ruegger, Cesar Thomsonl, Baden-Baden CViOlin pedagogy under Carl Fleschl, Berlin Professor' of Music I I VIRGINIA HOVER Mus.B., Eastman School of Music Certificate, Institute of lVIusical Art, Julliard School of lVIusic M.A., Teachers College, Columbia Student of Charles Baker, New York Assistant Professor of Music l ROBERT E. LARTER B.F.A., Yale University Assistant Professor of Art CHARLOTTE B. JOHNSON - A.B., Barnard College M.A., New York University Institute of Fine Arts Instructor in Art ANNE L. GOLZ B.A., Wilson College M.A., University of Rochester Instruczor' in Music 4 I ANNE MCCLENNY EDMUND B. WRIGHT A.B., Hollins College B-M-, B.S.M., Baldwin-Wallace College M.A., Columbia University M.M., at Oberlin Conservatory of Music Instructor in Music Instructor in M usic College Orgafnist Physical Education l Department GRACE E. CHEVRAUX Chairman B.S., Ohio State University A.M., Columbia University Associate Prqfessor of Hygiene and Phyrical Education MARGARET ANN PALMER B.S., Woman's College of the University of North Carolina I nfzructor in Physical Education FAITH F. GORDEN Major CHARLES O. GRAVES B.S., Boston University DU . R'd' A M.D., Boston University School of unto? of Z mg Medicine Inrtructor in Hygiene, College Phyfician The V Other Officers and Assistants SARA FRANCES MOORE Supervisor of Buildings ELIZABETH M. POULTON Assistant in the Social Ojee and to the Supervisor of Buildings BEATRICE L. OAKLEY Assistant to the Supervisor of Buildings and in the Social Ojiee LORNA DENISON Secretary to the President ELLEN G. FINLEY Secretary to the Vice President and to the Registrar HELEN CHAPMAN COBBS B.S. in Business Education Farmville State Teachers College Secretary to the Dean and the Registrar DOROTHY H. STEPHENSON Manager of the College Book Store EDITH KENYON COXE Assistant in the College Book Store BARBARA HOGE ROGAN Cashier and Bookkeeper EUNICE BARRY WIGMORE Assistant to the Business Manager JEAN E. MCCOWN Assistant in the Business Ojiee ELIZABETH A. ELLIOT A.B., Randolph-Macon Woman's College Publicity Secretary ELIZABETH D. WESTER B.S., University of Georgia Dietitian HELEN PORTER Assistant to the Dietitian ROY B. OBENCHAIN Assistant to the Dietitian IRENE SEGUIN - Manager of Tinker Tea House MABI.E BOWER A.B., Hollins College ALA., Teachers College Columbia University Assistant to the Manager of Tinker Tea House FRANCES CECILE THOMAS, R. N. School of Nursing, lVIedical Center Jersey City, New Jersey Resident Nurse NANCY LEE ALBERT, R. N. Jefferson Hospital School of Nursing Roanoke, Va. MARY STUART MASON A.B., The College of William and Mary Assistant in the Library L. AUBREY DREWRY B.S. and M.S., Virginia Polytechnic Institute Director of Farm and Maintenance U. S. POST OFFICE EMILY T. SLAYDON Post mistress BESSIE K. PEYTON Clerk CPart Timej MARION L. CALDWELL Clerk DOROTHY ANNE DOERR A.B., The University of Wisconsin Certificate, Library School of the New York Public Library M.S. in Library Service, Columbia University Librarian MARY LOUISE MADDREY A.B., Womanls College of the University of North Carolina A.M., Columbia University Assistant to the Dean CHARLOTTE MAE TIPLADY A.B., Randolph-Macon Woman's College B.S., M.S. in Library Service Columbia University Assistant Librarian w W J I ::'.""..-""-- 'ide Kham SSW 74a SENIOR CLASS SPCDNSCDR Senior Class Qfficers MARTHA SANDERS President LUCIA DOUGLAS AMY LOU MCLEAN Vice President Treafurer BETSY MATTHEWS MILDRED THOMASON Secretary Song Leader CLeft to Rightj MILDRED THOMASON, AMY LOU MCLEAN, M.ARTIiA SANDEAS, LUCIA DOUGLAS, BETSY MATTHEWS Beryl Parke Adams PARKERSBURG, WEST VIRGINIA Division of the Humanities D A.B., French A . W , PALS, soon GL S Juliet Gover Alexander GREENVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA Division of the Humanities A.B., Englirh WE'LL A LWAY Jul io Tillor Anderson PETERSBURG, VIRGINIA Division of the Human ABEglh ARING TOGETI-IER FRIENDS!-I Mary Ann Bell BETHESDA, MARYLAND Division of the Social Sciences A. B., Economic: and Sociology NEVER, NEVER' SEVE Betty Ann Bobbitt RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA Division of the Social Sciences ALB., Hiftory PALS, cs ooo OL Jennie Lee Bradford SUFFOLK, VIRGINIA Division of the Fine Arts ALB., Music fPian0Q WE'LIL ALWAY l l I Kathleen Kelly Coxe I ROANOKE, VIRGINIA Division of the Fine Arts l ' A.B., Mufic CPianoj ARING TOGETHER FRIENDSI-l Jeanne Derry SHARON, MASSACHAUSETTS Division of the Fine Arts A.B., Art Ufiftoryj ' NEVER, NEVER SEV Lucio Elizabeth Douglas SHREVEPORT, LOUISIANA Division of the Natural Sciences and Mathematics A.B., Biology PALS, G GOD GL Mary Amelia Douglas SHREVEPORT, LOUISIANA Division of the Natural Sciences and Mathematics A.B., Phyficf and Mathematic: WE LL ALWAY Elsie Drew ARLINGTON, NEW JERSEY Division of the Natural Sciences and Mathematics i ALB., Psychology ARING TQGETHER FRIENDS:-4 Division of the Fine Arts Frances Elkins ROANOKE, VIRGINIA ALB., Muyic CPianoj NEVER, NEVER SEV 1 Jul io Langhorne Emmett CLIFTON FORGE, VIRGINIA Division of the Natural Sciences and Mathematics A.B., Chemixtry LS, GOGD OL Doris Leigh Ferebee NORFOLK, VIRGINIA Division of the Social Sciences AB., Hixtory L ALWAY I I I Search Frances Gutsell KEARNEYSVILLE, WEST VIRGINIA Division of the Fine Arts A B., Art QHi.vt0ryD ' 1 SHARING TOGETHER FRIENDS!-IIPSi I Ncmcy Elizabeth Hcislip CHARLESTON, WEST VIRGINIA Division of the Social Sciences A.B., History WE'LL NEVER, NEVER SEV Morgqref Show H igley CLEVELAND, OHIO Division of the Social Sciences ' ALB., Hiftory PALS, GO Q GD OL Roweno Duff Hoge K1NGsPoR'r, TENNESSEE Division of the Natural Sciences ' and Mathematics A.B., Physics and Mathematic: WE LL ALWAY Louonn Johnston Hoover EL PASO, TEXAS Division of the Natural Sciences and Mathematics A.B., Physicf and Mathematic: ARING TOGETHER FRIENDS!-I Jean H udson ROANOKE, VIRGINIA Interdivisional ALB., American Studia NE LL NEVER, NEVER SEV Ann Weldon Hueller NEWPORT NEWS, VIRGINIA Division of the Social Sciences ALB., Economic: and Sociology PALS, cs ooooLo LS Isla Gregory Hunter COLUMBUS, GEORGIA Division of the Humanities ALB., Spanish VE LL A L W Mo ry Montog ue Jones Division of the Social Sciences A.B., History i ARING TOGETHER FRIENDS!-I . Bcnrbcn rc Ann Louder NEW YORK, NEW YORK Divisicn of the Natural Sciences and Mathematics A.B., Biology WE'l.L NEVER, NEVER SEV Oro Elizabeth Leach LURAY, VIRGINIA Division of the Humanities ALB., Spanish PALS, GO OD OL Dorothy Jone LeCoto TOMS RIVER, NEW JERSEY Division of the Social Sciences A.B., Economic: and Sociology WE'LL ALWAY Elizobeth Groy Lincoln l RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Division of the Social Sciences l A.B., History l ARING TOGETHER FRIENDSI-l s S gk '- X Amy Lou McLean BINGHAMTON, NEW YORK Division of the Social Sciences A.B., Economic: and Sociology WE LL NEVER, NEVER SEV Jane Foster McLellan SUMMERVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA Division of the Humanities ALB., Englixh Ls, GOOD GL EI izobeth Joyce MocMonus RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Division of the Social Sciences A.B., Hiytory E'L'Li A W Ann Neville Major RIVERTON, VIRGINIA D f h F A ivisiono t e ine rts A.B., Music QVoicej SHARING TOGETHER FRIENDSHIPS Jane Lockley Martin NORFOLK, VIRGINIA D' 'sion of the Fine Arts AB., Art CStudioD E LL NEVER, NEVER SEV Elizabeth Brown Matthews CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA Division of the Social Sciences A.B., History PALS GO , OD OL S Mory Alice Morton RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Division of the Fine Arts fl.B., Art CStudioJ E'LL ALWAY l Lyn Neill ROANOKE, VIRGINIA Division of the Humaniti A B English ARING TOGETHER FRIENDS!-I June Parker Nolde RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Division Cf the Fine Arts 14.B., Mufic CPianoD NEVER, NEVER SEV Delight Thompson Nuchols CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA Division Of the Fihe Arts .4.B., Art QHi.rtoryj PALS, GOOD OL Susan Ripple Richardson PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA Division of the Fine Arts A.B., English WE LL1ALW Mo rion Bogley Rogers HAMPTON, VIRGINIA Division of the Social Sciences A.B., Economic: and Sociology 4 W N 1 i W w i SHARING Toc5ETn-uER FRIENIDSHIPS Mo rthc Word Sanders NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE Division of the Fine Artsk A.B., Art QStudioj NEVER, NEVER SEV Borboro June Scott BEDFORD, VIRGINIA Division of the Social Sciences A.B., History PALS, G OOD OL Louise Winston Shepherd TAPPAHANNOCK, VIRGINIA Division of the Fine Arts ALB., Art CStudioj WE LL ALWAY Lois Massey Steger ALB., Spanifh ARING TOGETHER FRIENDSH i1 Nancy Ivo Stowers BLUEFIELD, WEST VIRGINIA Division of the Fine Arts A.B., Mufic CPianoj NEVER, NEVER SEV Anne Marie Sykes BLUEFIELD, WEST VIRGINIA Division of the Fine Arts A.B., Mufic COrganD PALS, GO GD OL Mildred Thomoson MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA Division of the Fine Arts A.B., Music Ufoicej ELL ALW Virginia Hart Tyree RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Divis of the Humanitie A B E gl h ARING TGGETHER FRIENDS!-I Virginia Delk Vaughan' SUMMIT, NEW JERSEY Division of the Social Sciences A.B., Hiytory WE LL NEVER, NEVER SEV Borbcurc Ann Williams ALHAMBRA, CALIFORNIA Division of the Natural Sciences and Mathematics A.B., Chemixtry PAL G0 5, on ot 5 We are the seniors Seniors are we Singing together Right merrily And no-zo that we are together Happy are we S-E-N-I-O-R, Senior Class! LWAYS BE A. Cleanup C. Wh.at'5 up? F. Pre-tty ax II picture I. Fond Jl lm11orif,r B. Hold up D. Dreu up G. Wl1,er'f Scott? J. Spring Fevfr E. Line up H. Hi, there! F701 Junior Class Gfficers STUART BOLLING .... . ..... Prefident PAULINE THOMAS. . . . . . Vice Prefident VIRGINIA O,REAR. . . ..... Secretary ETHEL WATSON ......... . . . Treasurer MARY BENNETT HERBERT. . . .... Song Leader MISS LAURA GUSTAFSON Claw Sponsor CLeft to Riglztl CFront Rowj STUART BOLLING, PAULINE '-PHOMAS, VIRGINIA O,REAR CBaele Rowb MARY BENNETT HERBERT, ETHEL WATSoN U11 MARIWYN PAMELA ALFORD DOROTHY POWELL ALSOP CHRISTY ARMSTRONG NANCY ADAIR ARMSTRONG ANNIE LAURIE BARNARD STUART MCTEER BOLLING VIRGINIA HAMILTON BONNET VIRGINIA BOYER BRIGGS DORATIIY VIRGINIA BROWN SUSAN DOWNS CAREY MARY KATHARINE CARR EMILY EVERETT CARTER . Junior Class E721 Junior Class MARGARET CAROLYN CASTO MARGARET CAUBLE SALLY VANCE COLE OLIVIA FITTS CONYERS HELEN BERNICE CULLEN DONNA MARIE DAVIS MARY DEMMOND DIANA GERTRUDE DEMPSEY EVELYN DICKENSON DIANNE CRAWFORD DINWIDDIE ANNE CHAFFIN DOTY JOAN DENIS ELLIS i U31 ANN BORDEN EVANS JOYCE NADINE EVANS BARBARA JEAN FAUST VERA CLARICE FRANKLIN VIVIAN CLYDE FRANKLIN ELEANOR ROSALIE GAMBLE MARY HELEN GAMMON TRUETT BELHELD GILLIAM SUSAN HARVIN PATRICIA LEIGH HAYES MARY BENNETT HERBERT SARAH VAUGHAN HOLMES Junior CI ss U41 Junior CI ss NANCY SOUTHGATE JONES LAURA ANN KING MARY ELIZABETH KITCHIN SUSAN Ross KNEEBURG ANNA BOWE LESTER PRISCILLA VERNON LIKENS CAROLINE ELIZABETH MCGUIRK NANCY BARTON MILLER PHYLLIS ANNE MUIR PATRICIA BEACH IVIURCHISON MARY-IMOGAN MURPHY VIRGINIA LEE O,REAR E751 -IACQUELYN Woon OSBORNE MARY ELIZABETH PEARSON JANE BARKER PENDERGRASS ROSALINE ELLEN PHILLIPS VELMA LILLIAN PHILLIPS MARJORIE ANN RAMSEY BETSY MARTIN RICHARDSON ELEANOR HORTON ROUSSEAU EUGENIA LANSBURGI-I SCHWARTZ LAURA CAROLINE SCHWARTZ ALICE HAMILTON SCOTT PATRICIA JUNE SCOTT J ' I 76 1 l.1 Junior Class BETTY HAWLEY SPIDLE JULIA ANN STOREY JULIA FORRESTER TAYNTER PAULINE ALEXANDER THOINIAS HARRIETTE DEWEY THOMPSON JOYCE RENEE VALIQUET ETHEL TEAGUE WATSON EDITH SCHNEIDER WELLS ROSALIE RIVES WILCOX BEATRIX LOUISE WISSCHUSEN JOANNE NIILDRED ZEVE A l.771 A. Mau in fight? D. Sophomore: alway: study G. Alrrfiving . . . B. Fierzdf! E. We like it . . . jim? H. Or departing? C. Hurry! We'1'elL1engr3P F. Have .rome I. Ferdinand E781 POCAHONTAS WHITAKER. . . NANCY OLSON ........ HELEN CULLUM ...... MILLY ANN MILLION .... FELICIA LENTZ. .. . . .. Mlss JANET L. MACDONALD Clan Spomor Sophomore Class Officers . . . .President Vice Prefident . . . .Secretary . . . Treafurer . .Song Leader CLeft to Righxj POCAHONTAS WHITAKER, HELEN CULLUM CBack Rowj NANCY OLSON, FELICIA LENTZ E791 TERRY ADAMS NANCY HALBERT ATKINSON DOLORES BATES MARION COLEMAN BENNETT CLAIRE JEANNE BEYERLE BETTY ANNE BLAKEY NANCY ELIZABETH BLUE HELEN MARIE BOUSHEE CLARE HOLMES BOWMAN MARY EARLE BRADLEY SUSIE STUART CAMPBELL THELMA PARKINSON CAMPBELL NELL WILSON CAssADY ' SALLY ANN CLAY NANCIE LOUISE COLE SHIRLEY ANN CORNER Sophomore CI ss Sophomore Class HELEN JANE CULLUM ANN EVERETT DARDEN ELIZABETH DEE DOSSETT A PEGGY ANN DREW MARTHA MCKELLAR EARLY MARGARET ERWIN ELLETT FLORENCE JOYCE GALBRAITH HENRIETTA GALE GLADYS BLACK DAVIDSON PATRICIA REESE DUNN SARAH. LEA FELKER I LALICE TERRY GOOD LOE ANN WARDLAW DoNovAN ELIZABETH EASLEY EARLY ELLEN HARGADON FLEMVING BETTY BRAXTON GORDON l ISI J PAULINE LOUISE GRAY FRANCES LOCKE GRIFFITH FLORENCE HARRIS - ALICE LEE HARVIE IVA JOANNE HENRY SARAH KATHERINE HOYT ELIZABETH HALL HUNTER ELIZABETH JANE HYMANS SARAH ELIZABETH INGLE MABEL ROGERS JUMONVILLE JEAN LANDIS NANCY JANE LAUDER Sophomore Class E821 MARGOT CLARK HARRIS ELLEN BANE HULL MARY ELYETTE JONES LOUISE HARRINGTON LEAHY Sophomore Class FELICIA HELEN LENTZ CAROLYN HARPER LEWIS ELIZABETH EARLY LICHLITER ROSAMOND O,NElL LINDSEY MARGARET PINCKNEY LUCAS N ORMA ANN McCooK RAMONA MCDONNELL MARTHA JANE McKENzIE DOUGLAS HART McKoY RUTH DOROTHY MILLER MILLY ANN MILLION BETTY ANNE MINNIGERODE MARIANA MILLER MULEQRD TRUE NASH EMMA ELIZABETH OGGESON NANCY VIRGINIA OLSON E831 CAROL LOUISE ORR JEAN ELIZABETH OSBORNE DOROTHY SHAPLEIGH PAGE PATRICIA LEE PAINTER ARLE-ANNE PERRY MARY ANNE RADFORD JOZAN RAY NANCY JOAN REHM FLORENCE ELLEN REHNQUIST CAROLYN CLY REID BETTY LEE RICHARDSON ELAINE RITA ROSENBERG VIRGINIA STERN SCHAEER NIARILYN SHAW SARAH MARIE SHORE MARGARET CUMMINGS SIBERT Sophomore Class ISU I Sophomore Class RUTH PATRICIA SPARGO MARY LOUISE SPAUGH JOAN CARROLL STANSBURY SARAH HARTSFIELD STEVENS RUTH BREUNINGER STICKLE MAGDALENE SWECKER SARAH EUGENIA THOMAS IDA MANEY THOMPSON CHARLOTTE BLAIR THORNTON MARGARETTA TOLTON CAROLYN JOYCE TOMLIN KITTY O'N EIL TOOTLE SUSAN POPE TRUMBO ROSEMARY HOLMES USHER KATHLEEN ESTELLE VANLOAN ANNE MARIE WELLING E851 JANET ELIZABETH WHALEY POCAHONTAS LIPscoMB WHITAKER ELIZABETH ROBERTSON WILLIAMS MARY ELIZABETH EPPS WILSON MARY ANN YANCEY NOT PICTURED CLARA POPE WILLOUGHBY Sophomore Class E861 A. I'Vi11.tvr or Jproing? D. New arrival! G. Champ B. Did you bring me a preffflt? E. f1ren't you cold? H. Group study C. W'arm Jvvzila, cold day F. The ice ma-n comrth I. Star ISSI Freshman Class Qfficers MARION GUEST. . . . ..... Prefident DORIS NEWTON. . . . . . Vice Prexident MARY FERRELL. . . ..... Secretary LUCY JAMES ..... .... T reasurer NANCY HARRIS. . . .... Song Leader MISS GRACE E. CHEVRAUX Clam Sponfor CLeft to Rightj MARION GUEST, DORIS NEWTON, MARY FERREL, LUCY JAMES, NANCY HARRIS l 89 I I EBBA ABILDGAARD ELIZABETH MEADE ADAMS ANNE LOUISE ALBERGOTTI CATHERINE AMSLER LUCY CARTER AUGUSTINE MARY CAROLYN BAKER MARY ELIZABETH BAKER JOSEPHINE FAIRFAX BARROLL MARY LOUISE BAUMHOFF MARY THORNTON BELT MARJORIE LAURA BISHOP DORIS ADELINE BLASBERG PATRICIA DOREY BOWERS BARBARA CECILE BOYELL LOUISE DEAN BRANNON EVELYN ANN BRANTLEY Freshman Class E901 Freshman Class ANNE LOGAN BREWER SALLY BETH BRICKMAN LYRA PATRICIA BRIN NANCY JANE BROADDUS SUSAN BROOKS JULIA ANN BRYAN EMILY ALMA BURT FRANCES ELIZABETH CARTWRIGHT AUGUSTA STUART CHAPMAN MARY BEVERLY CHEWNING JANE CAROLYN CLAUSEN ANN MITCHELL COLEY FRANCES ROUNTREE COLLETT MAE BELLE CONNER MARTHA SALE CONWAY MARYLYN BRADFORD CRAIG l911 HARRIET PENDLETON CRAIGIE AMELIA GRANT DABNEY BARBARA RICE DALE LUCY ELLERBE EGAN .IACQUELINE EMERENCE EHLERS BETTY DABNEY ESTES REBECCA THOMAS EvEs JOSEPHINE HORNOR FARMER ANNA NESBITT FARQUHAR MARY WALTON FERRELL ANN IRBY FLETCHER JEANNE TUDOR FREEMAN RosE RENFRO FREW CLAIRE MARIE FURMAN ELISE MILES GAMBLE ANTOINETTE GILMAN Freshman Class E921 Freshman Class LUCY SHEPPERD GOODRICH MARTHA ELIZABETH GREENE NANCY ELIZABETH HARRIS ANNE WILLSON HARRISON SUSAN HOFHEIMER EDITH CAROLYN HOGE SUSAN CARTER KENDALL MARTHA GENEVIEVE IQIEL MARION HUNDLEY GUEST HENRIETTA CURD HILL ANN TRAVERS HOWELL JUNE BARBARA KROLI. PHYLLIS DIANE HAMPTON KATHRYN RHODES HILL LUCY BONDURANT JAMES CAROLINE MORGAN KUENTZ l93Q MARY KEVAN LAI Lols ANN LAMBRECHT JOAN HORMANSON LEATHERBURY JOAN LEONARD LUCY BELL LEWRIGHT ELAINE HELENE LING KATHARINE PATTERSON LITTLE FRANCES ELIZABETH LOHR ELIZABETH JOAN LUEDDERS ELIZABETH ANN MCPHERSON ALICE EVELYN MADDREY VIRGINIA YOUNG MARSH JEAN MCILWAINE MARSHALL MARGARET LUCILE MATRIN DOROTHY MATTHEWS BETTY PELHAM MEREDITH Freshman Class E941 Freshman Class ANN COLEMAN MERRIN LOUISE STROTIIER MILLER PATRICIA ANN MOORE KATHERINE STEWART MULLINS NAN MURPHY DORIS SINCLAIR NEWTON CHARLYE ESTELLE NICHOLS CATHERINE ORGILL GERALDINE FRANCES OSEORNE MARGUERITE CABELL OVERBY FRANCES DUNN PENTON h RUSLEEN DE VANE POTTS JEANNE WARREN PRIEUR ANNE BRONAUGH REVERCONIB LOUISE HORTON ROBBINS ELEANOR BARNWELL ROBINSON E951 I I i N l I I I W Q 1 1 Y NANCY CRAIG ROBINSON MARY ANNE SAMMONS RUTH ANNE SANsoM LORRANE LIGGETT SCRIVENOR MARY PARKER SHACKELFORD ANNE ELIZABETH SHEPARD MARGARET ELIZABETH SINCLAIR CARYL SINTON ANN DUNN SMITH MARION ARMISTEAD SMITH MARY MARCELINE STAPLES MARTHA SHORTER STEPHENS Freshman Class E961 BARBARA ScoTT MARIA DOLORES SHIELD JACQUELIN CARY SMITH JUDITH JERVIS STEPHENSON Freshman Class ELIZABETH BLOUNT STONE MARYLANE STRATTON ELIZABETH ADELE TAYLOR BETTY BIRCHARD TOOMES ANN VIRGINIA VOLLMER WYNEI-'RED PHILLIPS WALKER DOFANKA DIANA WEST RENATA SANDRA WIIITE I FRANCES VIRGINIA SWEAT LOIs ANN TRAFTON LOIS JACKSON WELCH ANN E'TOILE WILLIFORD BARBARA HOWARD TALBERT VILMA DAWN VOELKER MARTHA ELIZABETH WELLS DOROTHY HARTZELL XNILSON x I 97 1 CAROL MIRIALI WINTNER PATRICIA LEE WOLFF KATHERINE BINFORD WOOD MARGARET LEWIS WOOD HAZEL JOANNE WOODRUM CHARLOTTE JENKS WOODS ELIZABETH JOY WRIGHT GAY RANDOLPH YOURY NOT PICTURED HELEN CATHERINE MEYER THERESA MURPHY MARGARET REEVES MOORE ANNE WILLIS SYDENSTRICKER MARY MARGARET WOOD SHIRLEY REBECCA SAMPSON Freshman Class E981 W Y 5 V l ! l N A ..... 0zgnmym!6aw.f. MARY AMELIA DOUGLAS. . . LAURA ANN KING ...... MARION BENNETT ....... MARY MONTAGUE JONES .... ROSALIE WILCOX ........ ELEANOR ROUSSEAU .... MARGARET ELLETT ........... MARY PARKER SHACKELFORD. . . I:1021 JULIA ANDERSON Chmfrmem . . . Vice Prefident . . . . . Treczfurer ..............Secretary . . .House Prefident of East Home Prefident of Main Houfe Prefident of Weft Sophomore Reprexentative . F rexhmem Reprefentative The Executive Council The Hollins Student Government Association is an organization based upon principles of honor, self- reliance and individual responsibility and integrity. Being a truly democratic government, the standards estab- lished and implemented by the students themselves form the basis for the life which they believe to be best, as a coordinating body through which all groups and individuals are able to assume their responsibility in self- government. Through their constructive criticism and suggestions to the popularly nominated and elected repre- ' sentatives, the Executive Council acts as the policy-making branch of the Student Government. In order to facilitate the understanding of the mutual responsibility of the members and oflicers of the Association, the Executive Council with Honor Court is attempting to carry out a specilic policy this year including student group meetings and a review of the Honor System and Constitution. is ' X X A CSeatedD CLeft to Rightl MARY AMELIA DOUGLAS, JULIA ANDERSON, LAURA ANN IQING CStandingj CLeft to Righzl lVlARGARET ELLETT, MARY lVIONTAGUE JONES, ELEANOR RoUssEAU, ROSALIE W1Lcox I:103:l CFront Rowj CLeft to Rightj NANCY ARMSTONG, STUART BOLLING, POCAHONTAS WHITAKER, MARTHA EARLY CSecond Rowj fLeft to Rightj DEAN SMITH, BERNICE CULLEN, MISS S. BLAIR, JUNE SCOTT, MISS A. IVICCLENNY, MISS M. L. MADDREY fThird Rowj CLeft to Rightj JULIA ANDERSON, JULIET ALEXANDER, MARY NIONTAGUE JONES, MISS R. LAMOUR, VIRGINIA TYREE, MARION ROGERS, MARTHA SANDERS Joint Legislative MISS BLAIR ...... . . . ..............,..... Chairman JUNE SCOTT ....... ...................... S ecretary BERNICE CULLEN .............,.... .... C hairman of Steering Committee STUDENT REPRESENTATIVES FACULTY JUNE SCOTT .............. . ................ Senior DEAN SMITH BERNICE CULLEN ......................... junior MISS MADDREY MISS LAMOUR MARTHA EARLY ..... ..... S ophomore MISS BLAIR MISS WITHINGTON LOUISE MILLER ..... ....... F refhman MISS RUEDI MISS MCCLENNY EX OFFICIO REPRESENTATIVES JULIA ANDERSON ........ ......................................... P refident of Student Government VIRGINIA TYREE ......... ............................................. C hairman of Honor Court MARY MONTAGUE JONES .... ....... C hairman of House Board MARION ROGERS ......... .... C hairman of Curriculum NANCY ARMSTRONG. .... ........... .E ditor of Handbook JULIET ALEXANDER .,... ..... E ditor of Hollinf Column: MARTIIA SANDERS ...... ............ S enior Prerident STUART BOLLING ......... .......... j unior President POCAHONTAS WHITAKER .... .... S ophomore President lMlARION GUEST .................................................................... F rerhman President The Joint Legislative Committee, the youngest of the three branches of Student Government, provides a common meeting ground for faculty, administrative, and Student opinions. Petitions from any individual or group on campus are considered by the Committee, and, if passed by the Committee and approved by President Ran- dolph, are drafted into the body of student regulations. The Committee is also concerned with revision and interpretation of existing regulations. l104J fLeft to Rightl NANCY ATKINSON, DIANNE DINWIDDIE, JANE MCLELLAN, VIRGINIA TYREE, JANE LECATO, NANCY JONES, NANCY OLSON Honor Court VIRGINIA TYREE. . . .... Chairman JANE MCLELLAN. . - . -Sfflifif' JANE LECATO ..... . . .So11i01' DIANNE DINWIDDIE .... . . .junior NANCY JONES. .... . . .junior NANCY OLSON .... Sophomore' NANCY ATKINSON. . Sophomore MOLLY WOOD . . . .F reyhman Honor Court is the higher council of the Judicial branch of Student Government. Composed of a chairman and class representatives elected by the student body, it tries all major offenses, including, specifically, those involving academic rules, drinking, smoking, places of recreation, dean's Slips, Overnight absences and rules while in Lexington, Charlottesville, and Blacksburg. Honor Court receives cases referred to it by House Board, the lower Judiciary council, and also reserves the right "to intervene in cases of unbeconiing conduct on the part of any student even when no specific regulation is broken." For the session '47-'48, Honor Court has maintained the following policy: To treat each case individually, determining the penalty both on the offense committed and the specific circumstances surrounding the case, to give a penalty which will, whenever possible, have some bearing on the rule brokeng to make no alterations Cpost- ponement or temporary lifting of penaltyJ on a penalty once voted upon. l105J QSeatedj NIARY MONTAGUE JONES fSmndi11gD QLeft to Riglzzj ROSALIE WII,COX, NANCY OLSON, ELEANOR RoUssEAU House Board MARY iVlONTAGUE JONES. . . ............. Chazrmcm ELEANOR ROUSSEAU .... . . .House Prefident of Wert ROsAL1E WILCOX .... ,.......... I loure Prerident of Main NANCY OLSON. . . .... Vice President of Sophomore Clan DORIS NEWTON .... .. . Vice Prerident of Frerhman Clary The lower council of the Judicial branch of the- Hollins Student Government is House Board. The council is composed of the three house presidents, the vice presidents of the sophomore and freshman classes, and a rotating member from each student building on campus. House Board jurisdiction extends Over those cases which are not designated to Honor Court in the consti- tution. After considering a particular case, House Board issues a penalty in keeping with the circumstances in- volved. The council, when it deems necessary, may refer a case to Honor Court. I:1061 The Spinster A A THE SPINSTER, edited entirely by the students, is the annual publication. Through it the staff tries to portray the life at Hollins as students know it and want to remember it. With a limited budget and more books required, the staff is trying to publish a better book with the hope that THE SPINSTER can be published and distributed early in May. JANE LECATO J .... ..... E ditorx-ivz-Chief AMY LOU MCLEAN I MARGARET CAUBLE ..... ..... B ufinzff Manager MARY ALICE MORTON ..... ..,....... A 1-I Editor VIRGINIA BRIGGS J KATHERINE CARR 5 .... ..., P hotographzrr DONNA DAVIS J ELSIE DREW l BETTY LINCOLN I ' JEAN HUDSON JOY EVANS . . .... Copy Asfirtavztx MARY E. KITCHIN f TRUETT GILLIAM ANNA BOWE LESTER ROSALINE PHILLIPS J CLeft to Rightj JANE LECATO, AMY LOU NICLEAN Sri 315522: I 1 :ss - I QFir.It Row, on Flood fLefz to RightJ JANE LECATO, ROSALINE PHILLIPS, MARGARET CAUBLE, TRUETT GILLIAM, AMY LOU MCLEAN fS8C07ld Row, Seatedj CLefI to Rightj JOYCE EVANS, ELSIE DREW, VELMA PHILLIPS, BETTY LINCOLN, JEAN HUDSON CSzandi1zgJ CLeft to Rightj ANNA BOWE LESTER, VIRGINIA BRIGGS, MARY E. KITCHIN, DONNA DAVIS, MARY ALICE MORTON l107J Ca rgoes SUSAN RICHARDSON .... , . .Editor-in-Chief LYN NEILL l VIRGINIA TYREE L . . . . .Afrocime Editor: NANCY LAUDER f ELIZABETH HYMANS J ROSALIE WII.COX. . . .... Exchange Editor JANE RIICLELLAN. . . .... Buseinefr Manager SUSAN RICHARDSON Cargoef is Hollins' literary magazine. Published three times a year by an editorial staff of students, it is representative of the best in current student thought. It includes stories, poems, essays, sketches, and book reviews, and is valued not only for its present interest, but also as a standing record of student achievement. A, is C0n Floor, fLefz to Rightj VIRGINIA TYREE, ELIZABETH HYMANS fsiningj fLqft to Righzj JANE MCLELLAN, NANCY LAUDER, SUSAN RICHARDSON, ROSALIE WILCOX, ELIZABETH NEILL Ii1081 Hollins Columns This year the staff reorganized Hollim Columm to allow greater freedom for student expression. It endeavored to make Holli-nr Columns an up-to-date paper, both in interest and in composition, by the use of letters and articles expressing student opinion, more photographs of student activity and an intensified program to im- A prove the standards of composition. l s f0n Floorj fLefz to Rightj CLIVIA CONYERS, MARGARET LUcAs fSittingJ fLeft to Rightl NIARY ALICE INIORTON, JULIET ALEXANDER, DOROTHY BROWN fStandingD CLeft to Rightj JULIA EMMETT, BARBARA LAUDER, NANCY LAUDER l109J l JULIET ALEXANDER EDITORIAL STAFF JULIET ALEXANDER ............ Editor'-in-Chief MARGARET LUCAS ......... Editor of F irxt Page NANCY LAUDER ......... Editor of Second Page MARY ALICE MORTON ...... Editor of Third and Fourth Pager DOROTHY BROWN .................. Art Editor JULIA EMMETT .... .... E xchange Editor BUSINESS STAFF BARBARA LAUDER ..... .... B urinefr Manager OLIVIA CONYERS .... .... C irculation Manager LOUISE SHEPHERD ....... .Dirtribution Manager Writers' Club ROSALIE WILCOX. . VIRGINIA BRIGGS. . NANCY ARMSTRONG VIRGINIA BRIGGS LIBBY HYMANS NANCY LAUDER JUDY ALEXANDER WYNN ALFORD JULIA ANDERSON SARAH LEA FELKER PEGGY LUCAS WHOLE MEMBERS MARY ALICE MORTON JANE MCLELLAN LYN NEILL HALF MEMBERS RUTH lVlILLER JUNE NOLDE JINKS O,REAR SHIRLEY SAMPSON MARTHA SANDERS . . . .President . . .Secretary SUSAN IQICHARDSON VIRGINIA TYREE ROSALIE WII.COX JUNE SCOTT ARMISTEAD SMITH PATRICIA SPARGO ANN SYDENSTRICKER EDITH WELLS The YVriters' Club, an honorary organization, recognizes stu- dents who have shown skill and interest in Writing, and strives to stimulate creative writing. After having one article accepted for publication in Cargoef, a student becomes a half member of the Writers' Club, and after two or more articles, a student is qualified for full membership. Meetings are held after each publication of Cargoef to welcome new members to the club, and to Offer programs of literary interest. ROSALIE WILCOX CSeated on Floorj CLeft to Rightj MARIWYNN ALFORD, VIRGINIA O,REAR, PATRICIA SPARGO, SARAH LEA FELKER, SUSAN RICHARDSON, RUTH MILLER, NANCY LAUDER, MARY ALICE lVl0RTON, ANNE SYDENSTRICKER CSeatedJ fLeft to Riglzzj NANCY ARLISTRONG, MARTHA SANDERS, VIRGINIA TYREE, VIRGINIA BRIGGS, ROSALIE WILCOX, MARGARET LUCAS, JANE MCLELLAN, JUNE SCOTT CStandingJ QLeft to Rightj JUNE NOLDE, EDITH WELLS,JULIA ANDERSON, ELIZABETH HYMANS, ARMISTEAD SMITH, ELIZABETH NEILL L I 110 J QLeft to Riglztj LEIGH FEREBEE, JUNE SCOTT, ELIZABETH NEILL, VIRGINIA TYREE, JULIA ANDERSON, NANCY ARMSTRONG SUSAN RICHARDSON Freya LEIGH FEREBEE .... .... C hairman JULIA ANDERSON JUNE SCOTT LYN NEILL VIRGINIA TYREE SUSAN RICHARDSON NANCY ARMSTRONG Freya is both an organization and an ideal. As a student organization, it Chooses to membership those girls who seem to be guided in all they do by a spirit of love for Hollins and by a sincere aspiration for Creative living. As an ideal Freya embodies the highest aims of Hollins life, and serves as a Challenge to every girl to strive both for inner beauty and its outward expression in her daily life. In keeping with the legend of Freya, the Norse goddess of spring and happiness, the Organization presents the annual May Day celebration. I:111J LEIGH FEREBEE. .. ELSIE DREW ........ JANET WHALEY ....... ROSALIE WILCOX .... BARBARA FAUST. . , JOYCE GALBRAITH. . . PEGGY LUCAS BETTY LINCOLN ...... ROSALINE PHILLIPS. . . ALICE GOODLOE ...... LEIGH FEREBEE JUNE SCOTT ......,.... . . . . .Sophomore Reprefentative Miss GRACE EDVKVARDS. . . . ' Y. W.C.A. . . . . . .Prexident . . . Vice President . ........... Secretary BEATRIX WIssCHUsEN .... ........... , Trearurer . . . .Religious Aczivitief . . . . . .Chapel Servicer . . .Campux Activitief ..........Publ1fcity COMMUNITY SERVICE ' MARGARET CAUBLE NANCY JONES ELLEN REHNQUIST PATRICIA SPARGO . . . . .Senior Repreremazive . . . . . .junior Reprexentazive ................4d7l1J'01' The Y. W. C. A. has as its goal the realization of a full and creative life through a growing knowledge of God. Working through Committees, the Hollins HY" strives by study to Overcome prejudice, by service to attain a Creative life, and by fellowship to realize the full meaning of Campus life. Though it is an autonomous group the Hollins "Y" is a member of the National Y. VV. C. A. and the World Student Christian Federation. C041 Floorl CLeft ro Righzj JUNE SCOTT, BEATRIX WIssCIIUsEN, ROSALINE PHILLIPS, JANET WHALEY, lVIARGARET LUCAS CSeatedj QLeft zo Righzb JOYCE GAI.BRAITII, BETTY LINCOLN, ROSALIE WILCOX, ELSIE DREXV, BARBARA FAUST, LEIGH FEREBEE, Miss G. EDWARDS CSzandingJ NANCY JONES I 112 J Marshals ELSIE DREW ...... NANCY MILLER .... DOROTHY BROWN lVIARGARET CAUBLE TRUETT GILLIAM LAURA ANN KING ROSALINE PHILLIPS PAULINE THOLIAS ETHEL WATSON LAURA SCHWARTZ . . . .... Chief Ma1'Jhal Axxifrant Chief Md1'Ih,d1 ANN DARDEN JOYCE GALERAITII PAULINE GRAY ELLEN BANE HULL JEAN LANDIS DOUGLAS MCKOY SARAH STEVENS JOYCE rl-iOMI,IN CLARA WILLOUGHBY fLefzi to Righzj NANCY MILLER, ELSIE DREW The Marshals, selected from the student body by President Randolph, are those girls of out standing poise and campus Citizenship Who represent Hollins at all assembly programs sponsored here. They are student hostesses on all formal occasions and serve as ushers at both Convocation and Chapel Services. 'IZ 113 J fLeft zo Righzj ANNE SYKES, ANN MAJOR, FELICIA LENTZ, JOYCE GALBRAITHE Music Association ANN MAJOR .... ...... P refident ANNE SYKES .... . ...... Vice President JOYCE GALBRAITH. . . . . .Secretary-Trearurer FELICIA LENTZ. . . . . .School Song Leader The goal of the Music Association is to stimulate and increase interest in musical activities on the Hollins campus. Every year it brings artists in various lields to the campus and affords students an opportunity to meet and discuss musical trends with these artists. It also is responsible for the upkeep of the Carnegie Library and listening rooms and contributes musical equipment to the social rooms of the dormitories. It subscribes to various musical magazines and is a member of the Virginia Federation of Music. The members of the Music Association include all music majors, and the associate members are those girls in the Choir and Choral Club. If114fl Hollins Chapel Choir ROSALIE WILCOX. . . ..... . . .Prqfident BETTY GORDON .... ............ S ecretary VIRGINIA BONNET. . . .Publicity Chairman BUTTON SPARGO NANCY LAUDER . . .Librarians LIBBY HYMANS ELLEN REHNQUIST The Hollins Chapel Choir, under the direction Of Arthur S. Talmadge, sings at all Sunday night chapel services, presents musical programs at the Christmas White Gift Service, at Thanksgiving and Easter, and makes Occasional appearances OH campus. -Members are admitted by examination, and rehearse three times a Week. DOLORES BATES MARION BENNETT VIRGINIA BONNET JENNIE LEE BRADFORD N ELL CASSADY KITTY COXE EVELYN DICKENSON ANN DOTY PEGGY DREW MOLLY FERRELL JOYCE GALBRAITH MARY HELEN GAMMON BETTY GORDON PAULINE GRAY PHYLLIS HAMPTON NANCY HARRIS SUSAN HARVIN PAM HAYES MARGARET HIGLEY CAROLYN HOGE LIBEY HYMANS LAURA ANN KING BARBARA LAUDER NANCY LAUDER LOUISE LEAHY F ELICIA LENTZ PRISCILLA LIKINS ANN MAJOR BETSY MATTHEWS MARGARET MOORE PAM MOORE JOZAN RAY ELLEN REHNQUIST SUSAN RICHARDSON ALICE SCOTT PATRICIA SPARGO MAGDALENE SWECKER ANNE SYKES MILDRED THOMASON HARRIET THOMPSON LOIS TRAFTON ROSALIE WILCOX I1151 CLeft to Rightj ANN FLETCHER, CAROLYN CASTO, NIARILYN CRAIG, lVlARY BENNETT HERBER'I' Choral Club MARY BENNETT HERBERT. . . . . .President DOROTHY MATTHEWS. . . ........ Secretary 1IQQlgfQ3HER . . .... Chief Libfmam CAROLYN CASTO ....... . . .dffiftant Librarian MISS VIRGINIA HOVER. . . .......... Director Under the direction of Miss Hover, the Choral Club stimulates the interests of Hollins girls in secular music. The club assists Freya in presenting May Day each spring. Also, in the spring, the club presents a convocation program and occasionally gives programs off campus. H1161 Camera Club VERA FRANKLIN . . .Co Preyzdents VIVIAN FRANKLIN MARY E. KITCHIN. . . . . .Secretary Treasurer VIRGINIA BRIGGS KATHARINE CARR CAROLYN CAsTo SALLY COLE DONNA DAvIs SARA FELKER ELISE GAMBLE MARGO I'IARRlS Jo HENRY FRANCES LOIIR PAM MUIR JEAN GSBORNE PATRICIA SCOTT CARYL SINTON MARCELINE STAPLES ROSALIE WILGOX CAROL WINTNER MARGARET WOOD MOLLY WOOD The aim of the Hollins Camera Club is to improve photographic technique both in composition and in dark-room technique. Plans areibeing made for an exhibit of pictures taken by the members of the club. CLeft to Rightb VERA FRANKLIN, VIVIAN FRANKLIN, MARY E. KITCHIN f1171 QLeft to Rightj MARIWYNN ALFORD, ETHEL WATSON, MARY BENNETT HERBERT, NANCY HAISLIP, SUSAN HARVIN, JUNE ScoTT, ANNA BOWE LESTER International Relations Club NANCY HAISLIP. . ........... Preridmt SUSAN HARVIN .... .... S ecretary-Trearurer If'lg!iAfgEgiALD . . . .Faculty Adviforr CABINET MEMBERS ANNA BOWE LESTER ETHEL WATSON WYNN ALEORD MARY BENNETT HERBERT JUNE SCOTT The purpose of the International Relations Club is to increase student awareness of international affairs and to provide an opportunity for them to meet and discuss current events. The club is organized as a model United Nations and meets twice a month-one meeting a month is devoted to discussion- of issues currently before the U. N., and one meeting is provided for lectures by outside speakers. The club also maintains a news room which is open to the student body. I:118:I Group Leaders Each year in Order to carry out an Orientation program for new students, a number Of group leaders are chosen by Executive Council. Writing to the new students prior to their arrival and Conducting a series of meetings with their individual groups, consisting Of five Or six girls, allow the group leaders to interpret for these students the regulations, traditions and above all the spirit of Hollins. This group is representative not only for the new students but for the Student body as a whole. ' MEMBERS JULIA ANDERSON. . . NANCY ARMSTRONG ilVIARION BENNETT DOROTHY BROWN MARGARET CAUBLE BERNICE CULLEN MARY DEMMOND MARY AMELIA DOUGLAS MARGARET ELLETT .....Chai1'ma1z LEIGII FEREBEE MARY BENNETT HERBERT LOUANN HOOVER lVIARY MONTAGUE JONES NANCY JONES LAURA ANN KING JEAN LANDIS BARBARA LAUDER NANCY LAUDER AMY LOU MCLEAN JANE MCLELLAN BETTY OGGESON CAROL ORR PATRICIA PAINTER JUNE SCOTT GINGER TYREE ROSALIE WILCOX Firrt Rowj CLefz to Righzj JEAN LANDIS, NANCY ARMSTRONG, MARY BENNETT HERBERT, MARY DEMMOND, MARGARET ELLETT, NANCY JONES, JUNE SCOTT l CSecond Rowj CLeft to Rightj JULIA ANDERSON, LAURA ANN KING, NANCY LAUDER, BERNICE CULLEN, DOROTHY BROWN, ROSALIE WILCOX, LEIGH FEREBEE, LOUANN HOOVER, MARY AMELIA DOUGLAS, AMY LOU MCLEAN I119J Handbook Committee NANCY ARMSTRONG Chairman MEMBERS BARBARA LAUDER ANNA BOWE LESTER NANCY BLUE CChmkwbfj ANNA BOWE LESTER NANCY BLUE,NANCY.ARMSTRONG,BARBARA LAUDER The purpose of the Committee for the year '47-'48 is to revise the Handbook in order to give a clearer, more concise interpretation of the constitution, by-laws and regulations of the Student Government Association, the faculty and academic rulings. Through the revision of the Handbook, which occurs every four years, the Student Body is provided with an up-to-date record of the advancements of the Student Government Association of Hollins. H1201 Curriculum Committee MARION ROGERS. . . . . . .... Chairman SALLY COLE . . . . .junior Reprefentatioe: JOAN ELLIS NANCY LAUDER . . .Sophomore Representative: JOYCE GALBRAITH As a link between the faculty and the student body, the Curriculum Committee serves as an instrument to pass suggestions on to the Faculty Curriculum Com- mittee and in other ways to give voice to the students in academic affairs of the college. An important part of Student Government, it gives the students a further sense of participation in school affairs. CLeft to Righzj JOAN ELLIS, SALLY COLE, MARION ROGERS, JOYCE GALBRAITH CStandingJ NANCY LAUDER I1121J Ye Merrie Masquers FRANCES GUTSELL. . . . . .... . . . ....... ...... . Chairman Miss BLAIR DIANNE DINWIDDIE SUSAN RICHARDSON PHYLLIS MUIR ELIZABETH NEILL MR. ROBERT LARTER ROSALIE WILCOX Ye Merrie Masquers is an honorary dramatic club which confers its key on those girls Who have fulfilled their requirements. The organization holds a well- rounded college theatrical background as its basis for membership. Ye Merrie Masquers bases its acceptance of members not only on acting but on their back- stage Work as Well. Each Christmas Ye Merrie Masquers selects a Madonna from the Senior Class Whom they present in their Christmas pageant. Their main activity as seen by the public is the pageantg however, they also collaborate with the Dramatic Board during the year by reading plays and helping on publicity. fLefz to Rightj ELIZABETH NEILI., DIANNE DINWIDDIE, Mrss S. BLAIR, PHYLLIS MUIR, FRANCES GUTSELL If 122 fl Dramatic Board LYN NEILL .......... ...... P resident ROSALIE WILCOX .... ........... T reafarer SUSAN RICHARDSON ..... .... V ice Prefidenz MARION BENNETT .......... Publicity .Manager SUE HARVIN ......... ....... S ecretary PAM lVIUIR .......... ..... T heater Manager ALTERNATE MEMBERS JOYCE GALBRAITH DIANNE DINWIDDIE FRANCES GUTSELL JOYCE EVANS The Hollins Dramatic Association, of which all students are members, presents three plays a year: in the fall, the spring, and at Commencement. In planning the dramatic year, the Board attempts to find plays Which, While maintaining stand- ards of dramatic art, offer variety and good entertainment. ' In addition to selecting plays, the functions of the Dramatic Board, composed of six oiiicers and two faculty advisers, are holding try-outs, and managing the production of each play. There are also four alternate members Who assist the Board in reading and selecting plays. C071 Floor, Left to Rightj ROSALIE WILCOX, PAM MUIR CSeated, Left to RightD SUSAN HARVIN, ELIZABETH NEILL, SUSAN RICHARDSON l123l thletic Board KEYS lh'IACMANUS KEYS lXflACMANUS .... .......... P refident lVlARY NXIONTAGUE JONES SUE CAREY ............ ......... I 'ice Pre.fident BEATRIX WISSCHUSEN Axxiftant Chairmen of Hockey ELLEN REHNQUIST ..... .... S ecretary- Treafurer SUE CAREY f MARGARET HIGLEY .... ..... S enior Reprefentative HENRIETTA GALE J Q JOANNE ZEVE ........ ...... j unior Reprerenzative KATHARINE CARR .... ,..... P resident of Swimming Club NANCY BLUE ........ .... S ophomore Repre.fentative JOAN ELLIS ..,.... . . . ........ Preficlent of Tenni: Club LOUISE SHEPHERD ....... . . .Preficlent of Monogram Club BETSY RICHARDSON ..... ..... P refidenz .of Riding Club BEATRIX WISSCHUSEN ................. Publicity Director JANET WHALEY ...... ........ C hairman of Cabin MARY MONTAGUE JONES .......... Chairman of Bafketball JOYCE VALIQUET ,..... ........ P refidenz of Orcherir lVIARY ELIZABETH KITCHIN . Arfiftant Chairman of Bafketball TRUETT GILLIAM .......... .... P reyideni of Archery Club JANE PENDERGRASS ................. Chairman of Hockey CHRISTY ARMSTRONG ........ ..... P rerident of Goh' Club NANCY LAUDER ..................... Chairman of Outing ROSALIE GAMBLE ...... . . .Chairman of Recreational Sport: The Athletic Board tries in every way possible to aid the Physical Education Department in presenting a program varied enough to appeal to the interests and needs of each Hollins girl. I t . i Throughout theyear, the Athletic Board has sponsored events both on campus and with several other Virginia colleges. Hockey and Basketball playdays with these neighboring colleges supplemented our regular program of Intramural and In- dividual competition. I 124 J Riding Club BETSY RICHARDSON. . . .......... Prefident BARBARA LAUDER ARLE PERRY DOROTHY PAGE ELEANOR RoUssEAU The riding at Hollins and particularly the horsemanship classes taught by Major Graves have become increasingly popular with the Hollins students. This year, with the addition of two young jumping mares from V. P. I., the Freshmen and older riders have concentrated particularly on jumping and on riding side- saddle, a new phase of horsemanship which was introduced only last year. In place of the gymkhana this fall, the Riding Club presented a small show for the Veterans Facility. In this show, the Club attempted to set an example for potential members who also participated, and also to demonstrate the skill which they had acquired under the capable leadership of Maljor Graves. Riding Club try-outs took place both in the fall and in the spring of this year. New members are chosen for their skill, interest and sportsmanship, and will take part with the- older members in running the Spring Show, and in many other interesting activities which the Club sponsors throughout the year. CLffz to Rightj ARLE PERRY, BETSY RICHARDSON, DOROTHY PAGE, ELEANOR ROUssEAU I 125 I CLeft to Riglztj LOUISE SHEPHERD, MARY MONTAGUE JONES, JUNE NOLDE, KEYS MACMANUS LOUISE SHEPHERD. . . . . . .Prexident SUE CAREY BARBARA LAUDER JANE PENDERGRASS ROSALIE GAMBLE AMY LOU MCLEAN LOUISE SHEPHERD MARGARET HIGLEY KEYS MACMANUS BEATRIX WISSCHUSEN MARY MONTAGUE JONES JUNE NOLDE An honorary Organization recognizing achievement in athletics, the Mono- gram Club makes awards twice a year, at the Hockey and Basketball banquets Chevrons, monograms, and the gold pin are awarded as merited by participation interest, and Skill in athletics. I:126J DELIGHT NUCHOLS SUSAN RICHARDSON ANN BORDEN EVANS ROSALIE WILCOX LYN NEILL FRANCES GUTSELL TRUETT GILLIAM MARGARET HIGLEY .D.A. MISS BLAIR MISS CHEVRAUX MISS ALBERT MR. COCKE DR. GORDON MISS GUSTAFSON MAJOR GRAVES MR. JAMES . . .President DR. PATTERSON DR. JANNEY MISS MOORE MISS RANDOLPH MRS. ROGAN MISS E. MARION SMITH MISS RUEDI After blue Monday, falls purple Tuesday and after the A. D. A. Spree on front campus. This highly intellectual organization was established probably by some one at some time for some ponderous reason now concealed from us to be a group of vertiginous individuals, but We, in conclusion, have to Say: and that is Some- thing even if it'S nothing! I CLeft to Rightj ELIZABETH NEILL, ROSALIE WILCOX, SUSAN RICHARDSON, FRANCES GUTSELL, ANN B. EVANS, SUSAN CAREY, DELIGHT NUCHOLS I127j QLeft to Rightji MILLY ANN MILLION, JULIA STOREY, JOYCE VALIQUET, BARBARA WILLIAMS, CLARE BOWMAN Orchesis JOYCE VALIQUET ....... ................... . . . .... President MILLY ANN MILLION . . . . . . ........... Secretary CLARE BOWMAN ....... ............ . . .Program Director MEMBERS BARBARA WILLIAMS - JULIA ANN STOREY APPRENTICES NANCY ARMSTRONG ANN HARRISON LOIS ANN TRAFTON EVELYN DICKENSON CAROL ORR ANN WILLIFORD ANN DONOVAN MARGARET MOORE CLARA WILLOUGHBY PATRICIA DUNN JANE PENDERGRASS PATRICIA WOLFF MARTHA SHORTER STEPHENS Through the efforts of the physical education department Orchesis, the na- tional modern dance club, has been made possible on the Hollins campus. Each year, after try-outs, new apprentices are chosen to work with Orchesis for a year, after which time, according to interest and ability, full Orchesis members and apprentice leaders are chosen from this group. Plans for this year included a formal recital in April, part of May Day program in cooperation with Freya, a demonstration of rehearsal technique, and partici- pation of some of the members in the Arts Forum in Greensboro, N. C. Other small, informal programs were given also. Orchesis strives for originality in modern dance and stresses expression of the individual as Well as furthering the cooperation necessary to group Work. l128J Cotillion Club DELIGHT NUCHOLS Prexident JEAN HUDSON S ecretary- Treaxurer JEANNE DERRY MARTHA SANDERS JULIA ANDERSON SUGAR LEACH JANE MCLELLAN DIANNE DINWIDDIE LOIS STEGER MARY MONTAGUE JONES ANN MAJOR VIRGINIA 0,REAR NANCY ARMSTRONG PATRICIA HAYES JULIA ANN STOREY FRANCES GRIFFITH JOYCE TOMLIN IVA JOANNE HENRY MARION BENNETT MARY BENNETT HERBERT fLqft to Righzb JEAN HUDSON, DELIGHT NUCIIOLS Cotillion Club consists of girls who exhibit outstanding interest and ability in ballroom dancing, and enthusiastic Cooperation in sponsoring social dances. Usually in conjunction with the Junior and Senior proms, Cotillion Club gives a tea dance the preceding afternoon. Membership in this social organization is made up of students from the sophomore, junior and senior classes by vote of the majority. l129J Student Service Committee ELSIE DREW ELSIE DREW ......... ..................... C hairman MARIANA MULFORD .... .... C haiv-man of Veteran: Facility Miss OREEN RUEDI .... ............... F acuity Advisor The Student Service Committee, formerly the Postwar Committee, is the organization on campus which sponsors the Red Cross Drive, World Student Service Fund Drive and the Save the Children Drive. This committee also works with the Veterans Facility by helping with their various entertainments and by filling Christmas stockings for the patients. All the activities of this committee are of national and international interest. f1301 Social Committee SUGAR LEACH. . . .... Chairman KITTY CARR JEANNE DERRY PAULINE GRAY ANN DARDEN ETHEL WATSON During the war years the activities of the social committeewere at a low ebb. But it has come into its own again and, with the assistance of the student body, the committee has campaigned to make Keller a more attractive place in which to relax. The committee also sponsors informal dances at Thanksgiving and on other special occasions. ' CLeft to Rightj ETHEL WATSON, JEANNE DERRY, SUGAR LEACH, ANN DARDEN, PAULINE GRAY IQ 131 1 fLejft to Right, ELLEN REHNQUIST, SUSAN HARVIN, REBECCA EYES, DOROTHY BROWN, ARNIISTEAD SMITH, JOYCE EVANS NANCY OLSON. Turner Hall Committee DOROTHY BROWN. . . ....... Chairman Miss OREEN RUEDI .... . . .Faculty Advisor JOYCE EVANS SUSAN HARVIN ELLEN REHNQUIST REBECCA EVES NANCY OLSON ARMISTEAD SMITH I The Turner Hall Committee has as its goal the raising of funds for the erection of a new dormitory in honor of Mr. Joseph A. Turner and his sister, Mrs. Leila Turner Rath. Though the building itself is still in the blueprint stage, through this Committee the ideal is kept alive and growing. Each year's student body, by its cooperation with the Committee, has a real part in the Turner Hall to be built. , I: 132 1 K F 1 ' F Aww Hockey SENICRS MARY AMELIA DOUGLAS ..... JUNE NOLDE ............. LOUISE SHEPHERD .......... VIRGINIA TYREE .............. JANE MCLELLAN ............... KEYS MACMANUS fCaptainJ ..... JULIA ANDERSON ............. MARGARET HIGLEY ......... MARY M. JONES ....... MARTHA SANDERS ......... AMY MCLEAN fManagerJ .... JUNIORS PRISCILLA LIKINS ..... ...... . ........ SUE CAREY ..... . .... BETSY RICHARDSON ..... JANE PENDERGRASS ..... NANCY MILLER ............... GERRY ScHwARTz. ............. BEA WISSCHUSEN CCaptainD ..... RHODIE GAMBLE CManagerD ..... JO ZEVE ..................... ALICE SCOTT ............... BERNICE CULLEN. . . . . SOPHOMORES PATTIE DUNN ............ FRANCES GRIFFITH ......... NANCY OLSON fCaptainJ .... NANCY BLUE ............. CLARE BOWMAN ........ ROSAMOND LINDSEY .... JEAN LANDIS ..... .... IVIARGOT HARRIS ....... PAT MACDONALD ...... . . . HANK GALE CManagerJ .... . . ANN DARDEN ............ FRESHMEN REBECCA EVES ...... ........ . .......... ARMISTEAD SMITH .... JULIA BRYAN ......... CAROLINE KUENTZ ........ ANTOINETTE GILMAN ...,.... ANNE HARRISON ............. ANNE SHEPARD CManagerJ ....... HARRIET CRAIGIE ................ AUGUSTA CHAPMAN CCaptainj ..... MARY BELT ................... ELISE GAMBLE ............... . . . . .Right Wing . . .Right Inner Center Forward . . . .Left Inner . . . .Left Wing . . . .Right Half . . .Center Hab' . . . . .Left Hub' . . . .Right Full .. . .Left Full . . . .Goalkeeper . . .Right Wing . . .Right Inner Center Forward . . . .Left Inner . . . .Left Wing . . . .Right Half . . .Center Half . . . . .Left Half . . . .Right Full . . . . .Left Half . . . .Goalkeeper . . .Right Wing . . .Right Inner Center Forward . ...Left Inner . . ...Left Wing . . . .Right Half . . .Center Hab' ... . .Left Half . . . .Right Full . . . .Left Full . . . .Goalkeeper . . .Right Wing . . .Right Inner Center Forward . . . .Left Inner . . . .Left Wing . . . .Right Half . . .Center Half . .Left Hab' . . . .Right Full .,....LtftFuzz . . . .Goalkeeper EVEN MARY A. DOUGLAS ......... JUNE NOLDE CCaptainj ...... . . .Right Wing . . .Right Inner LOUISE SHEPHERD .......... Center Forward NANCY OLSON .......... . . . FRANCES GRIFFITH ....... KEYS MCIXIIANUS. ......... . JEAN LANDIS CManagerj. . . . MARGARET HIGLEY ...... . MARY M. JONES. .. .... . HANK GALE .,...... AMY MCLEAN. . . . . . . .Left Inner . . . .Left Wing . . . .Right Haif . . .Center Hay .... .Left Half . . . .Right Full . . . . .Left Full . . . .Goalkeeper ODD A SUE CAREY CCaptainD ....... Right Wing JANE PENDERGRASS ........ .Right Inner JULIA BRYAN ........... Center Forward BEVERLY CHEWNING . . ...... Left Inner REBECCA EVES CManagerJ .,.. Left Wing BEE WISSCHUSEN .... ...... R ight Half ANNE SHEPARD ............. Center Half ANNE HARRISON .,... ......... L eft Hob' AUGUSTA CHAPMAN. ........ Right Full ALICE SCOTT ......... ...... L eft Full ELISE GAMBLE ...... ..... G oalleeeper VARSITY SUE CAREY. .... . . JUNE NOLDE ...... . . .Right Wing . . .Right Inner LOUISE SHEPHERD ..... .. -JANE PENDERGRASS .... . REBECCA EVES. . . Center Forward . . . .Left Inner BEE WISSCHUSEN ..., ANNE SHEPARD ..... ANNE HARRISON ....... AUGUSTA CHAPMAN. . . MARY M. JONES. . . . . .Left IVing . . . .Right HaIf . . .Center Hay .....Left Half . . . ,Right Full .....Left Full AMY M CLEAN ...... . . . .Goalkeeper BASKETBALL LOUISE SHEPHERD ..... KEYS MACMANUS. ..... . . MARY MONTAGUE JONES. . MARY ELIZABETH KITCHIN. . . . PAT PAINTER, Captain .... RUSLEEN POTTS .... ..... ELLEN REHNQUIST J MARY MURPHY NANCY OLSON ' ' KITTY CARR SUE CAREY .... MOLLY WOOD. . . JANET WHALEY .... ANN FARQUHAR .... AUGUSTA CHAPMAN ..... . REBECCA EVES, Captain. . ANNE SHEPARD JEAN MARSHALL HONTAS WHITAKER ' NANCY MILLER MARY MONTAGUE JONES ...... RUSLEEN POTTS ...... . . . JANET WHALEY ...... AUGUSTA CHAPMAN PATRICIA PAINTER ..... REBECCA EVES. .. . . RED TEAM BLUE TEAM VARSITY TEAM f138J . . . .Right Guard . .Center Guard . . . .Left Guard . Right Forward Center Forward . .Left Forward . . . .Substitutes . . . .Right Guard . . Center Guard . . . .Left Guard .Right Forward Center Forward . .Left Forward . . . .Substitutes . . .Right Guard . .Center Guard . . . .Left Guard .Right Forward Center Forward . .Left Forward ASKETBALL SENIOR TEAM BETSY MATTHEWS ........................ NANCY HAISLIP. . . . BOBBY FAUST ...... . . MONTY JONES. . ....... . ..... . KEYS MACMANUS QCaptainD ...,.. LOUISE SHEPHERD. ........... 1 JUNIOR TEAM SUE CAREY ........ .................... RHODIE GAMBLE ...... NANCY MILLER ......... KITTY CARR QCapta1nJ ..... BEA WISSCHUSEN ..... Dono MURPHY .... SOPHOMGRE TEAM FRANCES GRIFFITH . . .... PAT PAINTER CCaptainJ .... NANCY OLSON. . . . ........ POCAHONTAS WHITAKER .... ' . PAT McDoNNELL. . . . . . . .. JANET WHALEY ..... REBECCA EYES. . . FRESHMAN TEAM ....................... AUGUSTA CHAPMAN CCaptainj. . . ANNE FARQUHAR. . JEAN MARSHALL. . . . . MOLLY Woon ..... RUSLEEN PoTTS ..... .Right Forward Center Forward . .Left Forward . . .Right Guard . .Center Guard . . . .Left Guard .Right Forward Center Forward . .Left Forward . . .Right Guard . .Center Guard . . . .Left Guard . . . .Right Forward Center Forward . .Left Forward . . . .Right Guard . .Center Guard . . . .Left Guard .Right Forward Center Forward . .Left Forward . . . . .Right Guard . .Center Guard . . . .Left Guard Golf Club CHRISTY ARMSTRONG Prefident KITTY COXE MARY BENNETT HERBERT HARRIETTE THOMPSON Tennis Club JOAN ELLIS President NANCY BLUE FRANCES GRIFFITH DEE NUCHOLS Apprentices DIANA DEMPSEY ELEANOR ROBINSON ANNE SHEPARD BEA WISASCHUSEN Archery Club TRUETT G1 LLIAM Prexident KITTY CARR DONNA DAVIS MARY AMELIA DOUGLAS MARGARET MOORE LO1s STEGER Swimming Club KITTY CARR Prefident JO ZEVE Chairman of Tryouz: ANNE EVANS FRANCES GRIFFITH LEE HARVEY SUE HARVIN LIBBY HYMANS LAURA ANN KING LOUISE LEAHY PRISCILLA LIKINS AMY LOU MCLEAN NANCY MILLER JANE PENDERGRASS ELLEN REHNQUIST SALLY SHORE MARY SPAUGH MARY ANN YANCEY i n f Q , . ?em'ww.f., I w l I I K I 4 I w E W M N 'jf .K FREYA PRESENTS THE MAY QUEEN 771mg 77Zawtagae Qmea AND HER COURT Dorothy Jane LeCato 3 Elizabeth Joyce MacManus N Dianna Crawford Dinwiddie Nancy Southgate Jones Betty Hawley Spidle Douglas Hart McKoy Nancy Halbert Atkinson Emma Elizabeth Oggeson Mary Walton Ferrell Mary Beverly Chewning Doris Sinclair Newton 5, U Christmas Pageant WHY THE CHIMES RANG, By MeFadde1z CAST LYN NEILLP ..... . . . . . ....... Holger FRAN GUTsELI."'. . . .....,.. Steen PAM NIUIRP ....... . .Uncle Bertel DIANE DINW'IDDIE:k .,.. Old Woman RosALIE WILCOXX. . . ...... Priest SUSAN RICHARDSONP. .. ..,.. Scholar JANE LE CATO ,.... . .Richman VIRGINIA TYREE ..... .....,.. K ing JEAN HUDSON. . ......... ....... C ourt-ier BETTY LINCOLN .......,.... Hzzughty Lady MARY AMELIA DOUGLAS .... . . . . Young Girl -JULIA ANDERSON ......... .... M adonna HOLLINS CHAPEL CHOIR ..... . . . .... ................ C hoir Produced by the Ye Merrie Masquers with the aid of the Play Produc- tion Class. The pageant was based on the legend that if a perfect gift was given to the Christ child at the Christmas mass the chimes in the cathedral would ring. For centuries many rich gifts had been given but the chimes had never rung. At first alittle poor boy in his low hung medieval hut gave up his chance to go to mass to care for a poor old granny. Later he had the vision of the great cathedral and the rich people giving gifts. He gave his little pennies and for the first time the lovely chimes rang. Then to the awe of those in the cathedral and the little boy a vision of the Madonna appeared. All costuming and setting was medieval in flavor, constrasting poor peasant life to the court life of the Fourteenth Century. 'Merrie Masquer. ,,,.,,, , A,,.., .I 3 1 5 Q K , E l f 746 WM04 Julia Tillar Anderson The Fall Pla DEATH TAKES A HOLIDAY CAST LOUISE LEAHY .... .... A Ida JOYCE GALBRAITH. . . ...... Duke ROWENA HOCE .,..... . . . ?,Stephanie MARY ALICE MORTON ..... J. .Primers JEAN LANDIS. ......... Baron Cerarea BOBBY WILLIAMS .... ........ R hoda DIANE DINWIDDIE. . . .... Corrado JOYCE EVANS ...... .... E ric FRANCES GUTSELL. . . ...... Grazia SUE RICHARDSON ........ Prince Sirki FELICIA LENTZ ....... Major Whitread SALLY CLAY. . .i .... ........... C ora NANCY ARMSTRONG .... . . .Felele For its fall presentation, the Dra- matic Board chose Alberto Casella's Death Take: a Holiday. In addition to competent Work by the cast as a Whole, a great emphasis Was placed upon the scenic aspect of the produc- tion. Under the Supervision of Mr. Robert Larter, an enthusiastic staging committee made an elaborate set, creating effectively the Italian Renais- sance atmosphere Of the Duke's "Villa Happiness." jzdd--. S Creetingi " The Oddf have a black LYIIU .Jfter hou rf W i nter wonderland Rest period? Cofrrjort de luxe .flthletex ?? South for the winter Congeneial group Oj' to lab WllKf6,J the four iron? S X SQ! il WX wx N. N S Q Q kv X I S sw X ' .- Rx mx 9 , ,NN 5 Xa E ' is X N A M ,NX .M FW Q 5-gg .xv Q X. S 1 5' 4 Q4 3 r Q S f .v,. 'X A X Q x x X R -Q nr M Q M. Sg kq QX X x KXX . Y x A Q N w X fl fond 7'677Zl'7?l'llI'!lNC'L' Dow he bite? Look'.r like .rpring ?? Soph .rmiley Waitivzgfor Ti-nleer Day Snootie, Cutie Teachef: pet ' Back to the old day: X S .1..,. .... ' ig, A 55 X - X fm X ww kv X3 "-'s XX X :as5fsg:::.ig:,: XX. . , i X Q N A 152: ,,,. 5 gm- 211113: --'NX k g: 'r - ,. N X 2 L w 'L w I- xx NN 1 ' ' ff v . 1 ik' 2 1 ' c, ser:-rfgs: - f -'---- MX f .. Q KX Y - . 'I' ' . y ' 1 Q , lgzii :i::-525512 'iszi-:lip X 'X X S -xi X X Q X X ' . KX X Ny X M X X ,. - Xa gxgg 2 v Q XXXXQ, S, X , K: ' , lg' T ...,, X Q5 X . - ' X K SW' X1 , fx X , , f Y W x Q1 A i X . . fx, W X 536 lj :XX ' Q X E . N. Q . ,P me X x XX . 2 XXX-X X, -Q Xgxxw, my -ix . .ig-q WN XX, , ,Y -112,1 x , .XS ' ' ix .X x .Ag l XX x X X ' X 5 - f N S P X. f S . . Q efgx X X Q .' 2 . 'X - i X K ,119 XS ZA 1 N X A " ,s giQ5X5fQ 'Sill .- 4, 9 1 gl XXX ' -X ' RX as M , . X X -XX' Sir.. x ' M W X .Lf ww X: yy X X X x 9- X :I X X ,X iw m ' ' 'V . MQ. -19 ' NNW X-X-In - 2 ' L "W ' X X Q X X- XX 55:TiSFXl:vXWM X- wiiffils 0 f ' Niif . 1. Xcvi ' -ff X , ,kg Q1 5 ' - 1-X X A X f - g jzw , Q :, X' - .X Q ' SSN X . XSXW Wk X x X N. .xx -Av. 1 -dk i X X X , fx N X S XX X Q C R y i. ik X S m SX -- hx X 2 as S 22 sez ..i.X. QNX X- 5 X XXX as - X- 5 F' X x X X Ng N Xx X. Q X . X X1 wwxzszgsw ,LA X X NX X 5, :RQ N. w WMM XX X Xxfxgv-, X Nm xx XX N gs X S, fs .X XXX, ag Ni 0 r ,A X -XXXN4 N X 3 X . I M fix rskbg -X s X Q AX V X . 3 H- . XX , . XX .X .:Q.. ' .ZX-q,w1.N f- X X X I 1 X M. 5 W K 05-Q si, NX x 'NSS ,R , Wx? X A .b ffx Q M ,- :M ,Nw N . Q5 Q: X ms- .. X x X w. N my Q X Q Q N .ixyk NA .-as Q VT M X s. l 5 'K f YS . 5 9555 x x X .x ' Xk xxxxyig - Ma X' 'HB , ,1-iQl?'xi xv . qv -Q X X2 X - ,Q K K -1-M -.g- .x wfxxkqxs m N ' 1 x Q? Q faux Q 4 x 4 fi Hr. 7-q .X - . .x 1 Q Zz. A K X A , X W ., A V .xxwrgix Q I x. . V, 1 'za' .si ww -. .. ' x 1- SA iw QQ, SRX 1 H ' T x N I ' , - f x Q X. wuz. - . 3 Q Q - ,K Xf, C M. .1 Y 1 . - -:sg -. Q Br-r-r fmt Ioafing Congenial twoxome Nancy skate: the way W ho sez? He'.f my brother W hat'.f .fo funny? Leg art hard Q X X V N Kg M x Wx m , x:,X SN 3 - -bl in S. 1 X A 'F Qs 9 xx 5, S x ,X , W X sz? gwkxx gf!! 3 LN A K 1-in Q3-Rig. qpfif- li X . Y W N fb. fx, lr S 'X' v if Mu Q 'WH .F Utifv . SQA . xx SQLQXA y Q W 9 Q Q, x' 1- xA 1 X X 3 X xx X xc x... if . X .-.., ,s:a:,5afz.,2g55:.'E ,Y .. ....,....-.: ix ' -Q Q x - 'X 1s S N ' . Xt ii. xv' . Q i S , Ss , 2 as vi' X N ' K i 'Xu gww Q v' 2' - v hx 'A i x x L- Rx X A Q . x -Q . X ' X . .Q,.,-.-- 1 - :,Q,kf::-- N Tzr, ,M L -:Qj z X . X . , . Q W? . Q, Kgggif. f . :mis N ' 'XS " 1 dx... :.: iw-A5 Q 2 X NX S X .- X N X X Q X M , Nm x- K Q Q Q"'0"SX is Q 1 XX X4 C A Mm Q E A x . , Q M -A ' I QSWN - 1 ef' a x , wx R xx H QQ, va Nu Q Q ,, , ,,,, Q li X li X Sui x Hollins Director FACULTY AND STAFF OF HOLLINS COLLEGE ALBERT, NANCY LEE. . .... . . . . ANDERSON, MARCIA LEE ..... BALLATOR, JOHN R. ..... . . BARNWELL, MARGARET B.. . . . BLAIR, SUSIE N. ...... .... . BOLGER, DONALD L. .... . BOWER, MABEL ..... BROWN, AZELLE ....... CHEVRAUX, GRACE E. ..... . CHURCHILL, HELEN M.. . . . COBBS, HELEN C. ...... . COCKE, M. ESTES ..... DENISON, LORNA ........ DE RAM, MICHELINE. . . . . DOERR, DOROTHY A. .... . DREWRY, L. AUBREY .... EDWARDS, GRACE. ....... . . . . ELLIOTT, ELIZABETH ADAMS. . . ERNOUF, ANITA BONILLA ...,. FARNSWORTH, GOLDENA. . .... FILLINGER, HARRIETT ...... F INLEY, ELLEN G. ....... GARDNER, IVA Cox .... GOLZ, ANNE L. ..... . GORDON, FAITH F. .... . GRAVES, MAJOR C. O.. . . GUSTAFSON, LAURA .... HORN, HERMAN L. .... . HOVER, VIRGINIA B.. . . JACKSON, KATHLEEN C.. . . . JAMES, WILLARD N. ...... . JANNEY, F. LAMAR .......... JOHNSON, CHARLOTTE B. .... . LAMEERT, WALLACE E. .... . LARMOUR, ROSAMOND E.. . . LARTER, ROBERT E. .... . LONG, MARY V. ...... . MCCLENNY, ANNE ..... . . MCCOWN, JEAN E. ....... . MACDONALD, JANET L.. . . . MADDREY, M. LOUISE ........ MASON, MARY STUART ........ MOORE, S. FRANCES .......... MOUNTCASTLE, MARGUERITE W MULHOLLAN, GERTRUDE . . OAKLEY, BEATRICE L. ....... . OBENCHAIN, GORDON T. ...... . OBENCHAIN, ROY B. ......... . OVERCASH, ALICE ELIZABETH. . PATTERSON, PAUL M. .... . . . . PALMER, MARGARET ANN ..... POULTON, ELIZABETH M. .... . PORTER, HELEN. ......... . . . .- .. . Q l171fI 509 Janette Ave., S. W., Roanoke, Va. 410 Watts St., Durham, N. C. Hollins College, Va. 2206 Terrace Way, Columbia, S. C. Scottsville, Va. Martinsburg, Pa. Hollins College, Va. 8419 Kent Road, Jamaica 3, N. Y. 915 Twelfth St., N. W., Canton, Ohio Hollins College, Va. 2326 Richelieu Ave., Roanoke, Va. Hollins College, Va. 2402 Avenham Ave., Roanoke, Va. Hollins College, Va. Mount Vernon, Ind. Hollins College, Va. cfo Rev. Robert Moore, Crownpoint, N. Y. 342 Stanley Ave., S., Roanoke, Va. 587 Riverside Drive, New York 31, N. Y. Hollins College, Va. Hollins College, Va. Hollins College, Va. Hollins College, Va. I405 Scotland Ave., Chambersburg, Pa. R. F. D. No. 3, Roanoke, Va. Cloverdale, Va. 987 Memorial Drive, Cambridge 38, Mass. 3o9 Blair St., Vinton, Va. 7 Second St., Westfield, N. Y. 82 S. Harrison St., East Orange, N. J. I2o9 Third St., S. W., Roanoke, Va. Hollins College, Va. 7 Clover Road, New Rochelle, 'N. Y. I2 Winthrop Ave., Taunton, Mass. 207 W. Indian River Road, Norfolk, Va. Magnolia, Mass. 431 W. Locust St., Johnson City, Tenn. ZII S. Broad St., Suffolk, Va. Hollins College, Va. Hollins College, Va. 663 Holly Ave., Winston-Salem, N. C. Doswell, Va. Charles-Town, W. Va. 509 Greenwood Road, Roanoke, Va. Grand Ledge, Mich. Wood's Hole, Mass. Hollins College, Va. Hollins College, Va. Hampden-Sydney, Va. Star Route, Cloverdale, Va. 903 River Road, Newport News, Va. Box I 59, Blacksburg, Va. Hollins College, Va. HOLLINS DIRECTORY-Continued RANDOLPH, BESSIE C.. . .. . . ROGAN, BARBARA H. .... RUEDI, OREEN M.. . . . SCOTT, MARGARET P.. . . . SEGUIN, IRENE N. ...... . SMALLEGAN, MARIAN .... SMITH, E. MARION. . . . . .. SMITH, MARY PHLEGAR ...... STEI-HENSON, DOROTHY H.. . . . TALMADGE, ARTHUR S.. . . THOMAS, FRANCES C. .... TIPLADY, CHARLOTTE .... WALTER, ZELL S. ...... . WATSON, SARAH M. ...... , WESTER, ELIZABETH D.. . . . WIGMORE, EUNICE B.. . . . WILLIAMSON, MARY ....... WILSON, RACHEL .......... . . WVITHINGTON, ELEANOR M.. . . WRIGH'F, EDMUND B. ..... . . COCKE, MARGARET ..... HENN, SHIRLEY ...... HUSKE, CLAIRE G.. . . PEYTON, BESSIE . . . SLAYDON, EMILY T. .... . ...........................HOllinsCollege,Va. . . . .Hollins College, Va. . . . .Ruedi Valley Ranch, Aldrich, Mo. . . . .Hollins College, Va. . . . . I605 Crestwood Drive, Alexandria, Va. . . .i.Hudsonville, Route 2, Mich. . . . .Hollins College, Va. . . . .Hollins College, Va. . . . .R. F. D. NO. 2, Box 165, Roanoke, Va. . . . .Hollins College, Va. . , . .2816 Marlboro Ave., Norfolk 4, Va. . . . .383 Mountain Ave., S. W., Roanoke, Va. . . . .804 Tenth Street Extension, Roanoke, Va. . . . .Hollins College, Va. . . . . . .Box 572, Fredericksburg, Va. . . . . .Hollins College, Va. . . . .Hollins College, Va. . . . .Hollins College, Va. . . . .Hollins College, Va. . . . . . . . . . . . . .130 Grant St., Elyria, Ohio . . . . . . . . . . . . .Hollins College, Va. . . ., 2613 Wellington Road, Cleveland Heights, Ohio . . . I 1353 Clarke Ave., S. W., Roanoke, Va. . . . .Hollins College, Va. .. .. .... . . ...Hollins College, Va. REGISTER OF STUDENTS, HOLLINS COLLEGE, 1947-48 ABILDGAARD, EBBA .......... ADAMS, BERYL PARKE. . . . . . . ADAMS, ELIZABETH MEADE. . . ADAMS, TERRY ...... . . . . .... . . . . ALBERGOTTI, ANNE LOUISE. . . ALEXANDER, JULIET GOVER ..... .... ALFORD, MARIWYNN PAMELA. ALSOP, DOROTHY POWELL .... AMSLER, CATHERINE ......... ANDERSON, JULIA TILLAR ..., ARMSTRONG, CHRISTY ........ ARMSTRONG, NANCY ADAIR. . . ATKINSON, NANCY HALBERT. . AUGUSTINE, LUCY CARTER .... BAKER, MARY CAROLYN .... BAKER, MARY ELIZABETH. . . BARNARD, ANNIE LAURIE .... . BARROLL, JOSEPI-IINE FAIRFAX .... .... BATES, DOLORES ............ BAUMHOFF, MARY LOUISE. . . BELL, MARY ANNE .......... BELT, MARY THORNTON ....,. BENNETT, MARION COLEMAN. BEYERLE, CLAIRE JEANNE .... BISHOP, MARJORIE LAURA .... BLAKEY, BETTY ANNE ....... BLASBERG, DORIS ADELINE. . . BLUE, NANCY ELIZABETH . . . . . BOBBITT, BETTY ANNE ....... BOLLING, STUART MCTEER. . . BONNET, VIRGINIA HAMILTON. .... . . . . BOUSHEE, HELEN MARIE ..... BOWERS, PATRICIA DOREY .... BOWMAN, CLARE HOLMES .... BOYELL, BARBARA CECILE .... 624 Redgate Ave., Norfolk, Va. 1519 Washington Ave., Parkersburg, W. Va. 219 W. Edwin Circle, Memphis, Tenn. 310 jackson Ave., Lexington, Va. 7711 Argyle Ave., Norfolk 8, Va. Ottaray Hotel, Greenville, S. C. 600 Crockett Circle, Paris, Texas 218 North Harvie St., Richmond, Va. 503 W. Lynwood Ave., San Antonio, Texas 1836 Westover Ave., Petersburg, Va. 341 S. Linden Ave., Pittsburgh 8, Pa. 1021 Audubon Parkway, Louisville, Ky. 703 Van Dyke Place, Greenup, Ky. 1808 Park Ave., Richmond, Va. 83 5 Roslyn Road, Winston-Salem, N. C. 2203 Park Drive, Wilmington 51, Del. 615 E. Leland St., Chevy Chase, Md. Moredon and Old Ford Roads, Huntingdon Valley, Pa. 649 McCormick, Shreveport, La. ' 2200 Bryan Park Ave., Richmond, Va. 6101 Wilson Lane, Bethesda, Md. 1802 Park Ave., Richmond, Va. 203 Oak Grove Road, Norfolk, Va. 2900 Granada Blvd., Coral Gables, Fla. 831 Madison Ave., Plainfield, N. J. IOS West High St., Charlottesville, Va. 317 Mountain Ave., Hawthorne, N. J. 853 Edgewood Drive, Charleston, W. Va. 1021 Harvey St., Raleigh, N. C. 1525 Avondale Ave., Jacksonville, Fla. 735 Yale Ave., Swarthmore, Pa. 1401 Grace St., Wilmington, N. C. 7084 Gleneagles Road, Norfolk, Va. I2 Fairview Ave., Montgomery, Ala. 2336 S. W. Twenty-Third St., Miami, Fla. l1721 HOLLINS DIRECT ORY-Continued BRADFORD, JENNIE LEE ............... ...... BRADLEY, MARY EARLE .... BRANNON, LOUISE DEAN ..... BRANTLEY, EVELYN ANN ..... BREWER, ANNE LOGAN ..... BRICKMAN, SALLY BETH ...... BRIGGS, VIRGINIA BOYER. . . . . BRIN, LYRA PATRICIA ...... BROADDUS, NANCY JANE .... BROOKS, SUSAN ............. BROWN, DOROTHY VIRGINIA .,.. BRYAN, JULIA ANN .......... BURT, EMILY ALMA .... .... CAMPBELL, SUSIE STUART ........ . . . . CAMPBELL, THELINIA PARKINSON ..... .... CAREY, SUSAN DOWNS. . ...... . . . CARR, MARY CATHERINE ........... .... CARTER, EMILY EVERETT. . .. ......... . . . . . CARTWRIGHT, FRANCES ELIZABETH .... .... CASSADY, NELL WILSON ............ .... CASTO, MARGARET CAROLYN. .... . . . . . CAUELE, MARGARET. ........ CHAPMAN, AUGUSTA STUART .... CHEWNING, MARY BEVERLEY ..... .... CLAUSEN, JANE CAROLYN .,..... CLAY, SALLY ANN .... . ...... COLE, NANCIE LOUISE .... COLE, SALLY VANCE ....... COLEY, ANN MITCHELL ...... COLLETT, FRANCES ROUNTREE. . CONNER, MAE BELLE ........ CONWAY, MARTHA SALE .... CONYERS, OLIVIA FITTS ..,. CORNER, SHIRLEY ANN. .. . . . . CoxE, KATHLEEN KELLY ....... CRAIG, MARYLYN BRADFORD .... CRAIGIE, HARRIET PENDLETON .... .... CULLEN, HELEN BERNICE. . .... CULLUM, HELEN JANE. . . . . . . DABNEY, AMELIA GRANT ..... DALE, BARBARA RICE. .... . DARDEN, ANN EVERETT .... DAVIDSON, GLADYS BLACK .... DAVIS, DONNA MARIE ....... DEMMOND, MARY .... . .,.... . . . DEMPSEY, DIANA GERTRUDE .... DERRY, JEANNE .... . ............ .... DICKENSON, EVELYN. . . . ........... . . . . DINWIDDIE, DIANNE CRAWFORD ..... .... DONOVAN, ANN WARDLAW ........ .... DOSSETT, ELIZABETH DEE ....., DOTY, ANNE CHAEEIN ...... . DOUGLAS, LUCIA ELIZABETH .... DOUGLAS, lVIARY AMELIA ..... DREW, ELSIE .... ......... DREW, PEGGY ANN ......,. DUBOIS, CATHERINE LEE ..... DUNN, PATRICIA REESE ...... EARLY, ELIZABETH EASLEY ..... EARLY, MARTHA lh'ICKELLAR. ..... . . . . EGAN, LUCY ELLERBE. . . .' .......... . . . . EHLERS, JACQUELINE EMERENCE. . ELKINS, FRANCES MAE ........... ELLETT, MARGARET ERWIN. . . . . ELLIS, JOAN DENIS .......... EMMETT, JULIA LANGHORNE .... ESTES, BETTY DABNEY ....... EVANS, ANN BORDEN ...... EVANS, JOYCE NADINE ..... EYES, REBECCA THOMAS. . . R. F. D. No. 2, Suffolk, Va. 2844 Carlisle Road, Birmingham, Ala. 4004 Lenox Road, Birmingham, Ala. 2616 Lanark Road, Birmingham, Ala. Route 13, Shades Mountain, Birmingham, Ala R. F. D. No. 2, Box 470, Roanoke, Va. 35 Maple St., Chagrin Falls, Ohio 4300 Fairfax, Dallas, Texas 2300 Montana St., El Paso, Texas 520 Del Mar Blvd., Corpus Christi, Texas 2601 Avenham Ave., S. W., Roanoke, Va. 459 West Main St., Elkin, N. C. 523 North 23, Waco, Texas Wytheville, Va. 30 Reckless Place, Red Bank, N. J. Lahser Road, Bloomfield Hills, Mich. Roslyn Farm, Brinklow, Md. 5309 Matoaka Road, Richmond 21, Va. 4209 Woodmere Cove, Memphis, Tenn. 2218 Washington St., E., Charleston, W. Va. 1531 Virginia St., Charleston, W. Va. 1706 Buena Vista Road, Winston-Salem, N. C 324 Clovelly Road, Richmond, Va. I5 Lexington Road, Richmond, Va. 2 Woodlawn Avenue, New Rochelle, N. 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FREW, ROSE RENFRO ...... FURMAN, CLAIRE ........... GALBRAITH, F1.oRENcE JOYCE GALE, HENRIETTA .......... GAMBLE, ELEANOR ROSALIE. GAMBLE ELISE MILES .....,. GAMMON, MARY HELEN ..... GILLIAM, TRUETT BELEIELD. . . . . . GILMAN, ANTOINETFE ....... GOODLOE, ALICE TERRY ..... GOODRICH, LUCY SHEPPERD. . GORDON, BETTY BRAKTON . . GRAY, PAULINE LOUISE ...., GREENE, MARTHA ELIZABETH. . . GRIEFITH, FRANCES LOCKE. . GUEST, MARION HUNDLEY. . . GUTSELL, SARAH FRANCES. . . HAISLIP, NANCY ELIZABETH. . . . . . . . HAMPTON, PHYLLIS DIANE. . . HARRIS, FLORENCE ......... HARRIS, MAROOT CLARK .... HARRIS, NANCY ELIZABETH. . HARRISON, ANNE WILSON. . . HARVIE, ALICE LEE ........ HARVIN, SUSAN ......... HAYES, PATRICIA LEIGH .... HENRY, IVA JOANNE ........ HERBERT, MARY BENNETT. . HIGLEY, MARGARET SHAW. . HILL, HENRIETTA CURD ...., HILL, KATHRYN RHODES. . . HOEHEIMER, SUSAN ........ HOGE, EDITH CAROLYN ..... HOGE, ROWENA DUEE ....... HOLMES, SARAH VAUGHAN. . . HOOVER, LOUANN JOHNSTON. HOWELL, ANN TRAVERS ..... HOYT, SARAH KATHERINE. . . HUDSON, JEAN ............ HUELLER, ANN WELDON .... HULL, ELLEN BANE ......... HUNTER, ELIZABETH HALL. . HUNTER, ISLA GREGORY .,... HYMANS, ELIZABETH JANE. . . INCLE, SARAH ELIZABETH .... IZARD, MARGARET BOLLINO. . JAMES, LUCY BONDURANT. . . JONES, MARY ELYETTE ..... . JONES, MARY IVIONTAGUE .... JONES, NANCY SOUTHCATE. . . JUMONVILLE, MABEL ROGERS KENDALL, SUSAN CARTER. . . KIEL, MARTHA GENEVIEVE. . KING, LAURA ANN ..... ..... KITCHIN, MARY ELIZABETH. . KNEEBURG, SUSAN Ross .... F6 Ranch, Junction, Texas Sandy Spring, Md. Worth, W. Va, 4623 Sylvan Road, Richmond, Va. 624 Redgate Ave., Norfolk, Va. 310 Stratford Road, Winston-Salem, N. C. 1036 E. Morehead St., Charlotte, N. C. 365 Wallace Lane, Paducah, Ky. Brookwood, Brandon Road, Roanoke, Va. 903 Park Ave., New York, N. Y. 903 Park Ave., New York, N. Y. 7661 Gleneagles Road, Norfolk, Va. 101 Parker Ave., Columbia, S. 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LAI, MARY KEVAN ......... LAMBRECHT, LOIS ANN .... LANDIS, JEAN ............ LAUDER, BARBARA ANN ..... LAUDER, NANCY JANE ....... LEACH, ORA ELIZABETH .......... LEAHY LOUISE HARRINGTON ....... LEATHERBURY, JOAN HARMANSON. . LECATO, DOROTHY JANE .......... LENTZ, FELICIA HELEN .... LEONARD, JOAN ............ LESTER, ANNA BOWE ......... LEWIS, CAROLYN HARPER ..... L.EWRIGHT, LUCY .... A .......... . LICHLITER, ELIZABETH EARLY ..... LIKINS, PRISCILLA VERNON. . . . . LINCOLN, ELIZABETH GRAY .... LINIJSEY, ROSAMOND O,NEIL .... LING, ELAINE HELENE ........... LITTLE, KATHERINE PATTERSON. . . LOHR, FRANCES ELIZABETH ...,... LUCAS, MARGARET PINCKNEY ..... LUEDDERS, ELIZABETH JOAN ..... MCCOOK, NORMA ANN ............ MCDONNELL, RAMONA ............ MCEATHRON, JANE MELVILLE ROSS ..... . . . MCGUIRK, CAROLINE ELIZABETH. . MCKENZIE, MARTHA JANE ........ MCKOY, DOUGLAS HART ..,... MCLEAN, AMY LOUISE ........, MCLELLAN, JANE FOSTER ........ MCPHERSON, ELIZABETH ANN ..... MACMANUS, ELIZABETH JOYCE .... lMlADDREY, ALICE EVELYN ....,.. MAJOR, ANN NEVILLE ........ MARSH, VIRGINIA YOUNG . .... . MARSHALL, JEAN MCILWAINE. . . MARTIN, .JANE LOCKLEY ....... MATKIN, MARGARET LUCILE ..... MATTHEWS, DOROTHY ........... MATTHEWS, ELIZABETII BROWN. . . MEREDITH, BETTY PELHAM ...... MERRIN, ANN COLEMAN ....... MEYER, HELEN CATHERINE ..... MILLER, LOUISE STROTHER. . . MILLER, NANCY, BARTON .... MILLER, RUTH DOROTHY ,... MILLION, MILLY ANN ...... . MINNIGERODE, BETTY ANN. . . . . MOORE, MARGARET REI-:vES ..... MOORE, PATRICIA ANN ........ MORTON, MARY ALICE ...... MUIR, PHYLLIS ANNE ........... MULEORD, MARIANA MILLER ..... MULLINS, KATHERINE STEWART .... MURCHISON, PATRICIA BEACH ..... MURPHEY, NAN ................ MURPHY, MARY IMOGEN. ...... . MURPHY, TI-IERESA ELIZABETH.. . . NASH, TRUE . .................. NEILL, ELIZABETH LINDSAY. . . . . NEWTON, DORIS SINCLAIR ..... NICHOLS, CHARLYE ESTELLE ..... NOLDE, JUNE PARKER .......... NUCHOLS, DELIGHT THOMPSON. . . . OGGESON, EMMA ELIZABETH .... . OLSON, NANCY VIRGINIA. . . . . . 277 West End Ave., New York, N. Y. 969 Woodland Ave., Plainfield, N. J. 1823 Brandon Ave., Petersburg, Va. 209 East Seventh St., Sterling, Ill. 42 DeWitt Road, Elizabeth, N. J. Apt. 14D, 299 Park Ave., New York, N. Y Apt. 14D, 299 Park Ave., New York, N. Y Hill Crest Road, Luray, Va. II6 Summerfield Road, Chevy Chase, Md. 96 Rockledge Road, Bronxville, N. Y. Robbins Parkway, Toms River, N. J. 34 University Circle, Charlottesville, Va. II6 Oakley St., Cambridge, Md. IOI2 Mulberry Road, Martinsville, Va. 301 E. Alabama Ave., Ruston, La. 2001 Driscoll Building, Corpus Christi, Texas 603 S. Washington St., Winchester, Va. 471 Puritan Road, Swampscott, Mass. 403 N. Allen Ave., Richmond, Va. Hunting Terrace Apts., Bldg. E, Apt. 151C Alexandria Va Linwood Drive, Riverside, Conn. 141 West Glen Ave., Ridgewood, N. J. 614 Madison St., Saginaw, Mich. 8 Lamboll St., Charleston, S. 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Y. 1661 Ardath St., Wichita Falls, Texas 339 Sixtieth St., Newport News, Va. 207 Mountain Ave., Roanoke 16, Va. 546 Bowman Ave., Merion, Pa. zo North Allen Ave., Richmond, Va. 1550 Mackinaw Road, S. E., Grand Rapids Mich Park Circle, Short Hills, N. J. 208 Waccamaw Ave., Columbia, S. C. 1109 West Yandell Blvd., El Paso, Texas Gerrish Lane, New Canaan, Conn. 425 Broad St., Salem, Va. 1433 Main St., Wasena, Roanoke, Va. 1908 Florida Ave., Washington, D. C. 2714 Wycliife Ave., Roanoke, Va. Bar-N-Ranch, Kendalia, Texas 927 Perry St., Helena, Ark. 3906 Dover Road, Richmond, Va. 1623 East Morehead St., Charlotte, N. C. 425 Wingate Road, Baltimore, Md. 4900 Countryside Road, South Euclid 21, Ohio f175J HOLLINS DIRECTORY-Continued O,REAR, VIRGINIA LEE ..... ......... ........ ORGILL, CATHERINE ............ ORR, CAROL LOUISE. . . . ..... . . . OSBORNE, GERALDINE FRANCES. . OSBORNE, JACQUELYN WOOD ..... OSBORNE, JEAN ELIZABETH ...,.. OVERBY, MARGUERITE CABELL. , . PAGE, DOROTHY SHAPLEIGH ..... PAINTER, PATRICIA LEE ...... PEARSON, MARY ELIZABETH .... PENDERGRASS, JANE BAR1-:ER .... PENTON, FRANCES DUNN ....... PERRY, ARLE-ANNE ...... ...... PHILLIPS, ROSALINE ELLEN ..... PHILLIPS, VELMA LILLIAN .... POTTS, RUSLEEN DEVANE .... PRIEUR, JEANNE WARREN .... RADFORD, MARY ANNE .... . RAMSEY, MARJORIE ANN., .... RAY, JOZAN ........ . . . . .... . REHM, NANCY JOAN. . . ......... REHNQUIST, FLORENCE ELLEN. . . REID, CAROLYN CLY. . . . . .... . . , REVERCOMB, ANNE BRONAUGH .... .... RICHARDSON, BETSY MARTIN .... RICHARDSON, BETTY LEE ....... RICHARDSON, SUSAN RIPPLE .... ROBBINS, LOUISE HORTON ....... ROBINSON, ELEANOR BARNWELL .... .... ROBINSON, NANCY CRAIG ..... . . . ROGERS, MARION BAGLEY ...... ROSENBERG, ELAINE RITA. .... . . ROUSSEAU, ELEANOR HORTON .... SAMMONS, MARY ANNE ....... SAMPSON, SHIRLEY REBECCA .... SANDERS, MARTHA WORD .... SANSOM, RUTH ANNE ........... SCHAEER, VIRGINIA STERN ......... .... SCHWARTZ, EUGENIA LANSBURGH ,.... .... SCHwARTz, LAURA CAROLINE .... SCOTT, ALICE HAMILTON ...... . . . SCOTT, BARBARA .......... SCOTT, BARBARA JUNE ......... SCOTT, PATRICIA JUNE .......... SCRIVENOR, LORRAINE LIGGETT .... .... Sl-IACKELFORD, EVELYN FISHBURN .... .... SHACKELFORD, MARY PARKER .,.. SHAW, MARILYN .,.............. SHEPARD, ANNE ELIZABETH ..... SHEPHERD, LOUISE WINSTON .... . SHIELD, MARIA DOLORES ,... .... SHORE, SARAH MARIE .... ....... SIBERT, MARGARET CUMMINGS .... . . . . . SINCLAIR, MARGARET ELIZABETH SINTON, CARYL ENFIELD ........ SMITH, ANN DUNN ............ . . SMITH, JAQUELIN CARY ....... SMITH, MARION ARMISTEAD ..... SPARGO, RUTH PATRICIA ...... SPAUGH, MARY LOUISE ..... . . SPIDLE, BETTY HAWLEY ........ STANSBURY, JOAN CARROLL ..... STAPLES, MARY MARCELINE .... STEGER, Lors MASSEY ......... STEPHENS, MARTHA SHORTER .... STEPHENSON, JUDITH JERVIS ..... STEVENS, SARAH HARTSEIELD .... STICKLE, RUTH BREUNINGER ..... STONE, ELIZABETH BLOUNT .... STOREY, JULIA ANN .......... Hereford Farms, Versailles, Ky. 1490 Linden Ave., Memphis, Tenn. Albertville, Ala. R. F. D. No. 2, Box 216, 75th St., Virginia R. F. D. NO. 2, Box 216, 75th St., Virginia Algoma, W. Va. 3 1314 Cloncurry Road, Norfolk, Va. A 50 Sunnie Holme Drive, F airfield, Conn. F incastle, Va. 4121 Kingcrest Parkway, Richmond, Va. 428 Owen Road, Wynnewood, Pa. Beach, Va. Beach, Va. 6 Live Oak Parkway, Oleander, Wilmington, N. C. Valley Road, Stevenson, Md. East Valley St., Abingdon, Va. 1611 Hampton Blvd., Norfolk, Va. 74 Spring St., Newman, Ga. 1321 Armistead Bridge Road, Norfolk, Va. 112 Williams St., Monroe, Ga. 3000 Tildeni St., N. W., Washington, D. C. 1606 East La Rua St., Pensacola, Fla. Stephen Mather Road, Darien, Conn. 220 East Third St., Mt. Carmell, Ill. 1836 Virginia Road, Winston-Salem, N. C. 917 Edgewood Drive, Charleston, W. Va. Round Hill Road, Greenwich, Conn. 704 Westover Road, Richmond, Va. 320 West Mermaid Lane, Philadelphia, Pa. 1603 Hermitage Court, Durham, N. 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THOMPSON, IDA MANEY ....... THORNTON, CHARLOTTE BLAIR. TOLTON, MARGARETTA ........ TOMLIN, CAROLYN JOYCE ...., TOOMHS, BETTY BIRCHARD .... TOOTLE, KITTY O,NEIL ..... TRAFTON, LoIs ANN ...... TRUMBO, SUSAN POPE ..... TYREE, VIRGINIA HART ..... . USHER, ROSEMARY HOLMES ..... VALIQUET, JOYCE RENEE ........, VAN ,LOAN, KATHLEEN ESTELLE. . VAUGHAN, VIRGINIA DELK ........ VOELRER, VILMA DAWN ...... . . . VOLLMER, ANN VIRGINIA ...... WALKER, WYNEFRED PHILLIPS .... WATSON, ETHEL TEAGUE ........ WELCH, LOIS JACKSON ........ WELLING, ANNE LNIARIE ..... WELLS, EDITH SCHNEIDER ..... WELLS, MARTHA ELIZABETH ...,.. WEST, DOFANKA DIANE. . ..... . . . WHALEY, JANET ELIZABETH ....... LINS DI ..... RECTORY-Continu ed 2613 Bellevue, Bluefield, W. Va. 175 S. McLean, Memphis, Tenn. 1319 Biltmore Drive, Charlotte, N. C. Route No. 3, Roanoke, Va. 2251 Cumming Road, Augusta, Ga. 820 College Ave., Bluefield, W. Va. 500 Edgerton Court, Columbia, S. C. . . . . .469 Manor Ridge Drive, N. 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Va. . . 2403 Ramsey Ave., Hopewell, Va. 132 Perth Ave., New Rochelle, N. Y. I4 Craw Ave., Rowayton, Conn. 1215 N. W. 20, Oklahoma City, Okla. 304 Pocahontas Drive, Virginia Beach, Va. 1327 Rugby Road, Charlottesville, Va. West Hill Drive, Gates Mills, Ohio 834 Chester Road, Charleston, W. Va. 2129 Jefferson St., Bluefield, W. Va. 116 Hilldale Drive, Chattanooga, Tenn. 606 South Main St., Harrisonburg, Va. 2912 Avenham Ave., Roanoke, Va. IO Forest Hill Road, Belle Haven, Alexandria, Va. 500 Tod Lane, Youngstown, Ohio l177J Acknowledgments Cover by KINGSPORT PRESS, INC., Kingsport, Tennessee Photography by NEIL GOOD, Roanoke, Virginia fC1asses, Organizations, Division Pages, Facultyj HARRIS STUDIO, Roanoke, Virginia fDedicatiOn and Featuresj BRADLEY SMITH D COpening pagel HOWARD HAMMERSLY CPictures of Fall Playj THE CAMERA CLUB CSeniOr informalsj THE VIRGINIA STATE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE QA few full page scenesj Printing and Binding by A THE STONE PRINTING AND MANUFACTURING Co., Roanoke, Va. Engraving by THE LYNCHBURG ENGRAVING Co., Lynchburg, Va. The SPINSTER Staff Wishes to express their thanks to Mr. James and to all others who so willingly assisted and cooperated in making this publication possible. K! XX -," -,, ,N I, Q! !yL,L,1Z. ' ' 'avr K , QQ, x 7 UBXEKIUV Q 'Q W?Cl1f'ffWW lem' U' C3 W' m E . .1 GULLY mmd qu-L I-'CQQLXP I , W Wm cliflfa L C5 . . 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