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UD XM!! QZP4! 6 Jaw! H J-5g JJ x-rf' 1' I V V -fl" ""vq '- eimzgff. . . O X , g ' .1 HOL GATE CHO0L BOARD 0F ED CATIO Jxftlnf from Welt tc Flghb Urv1lle Hoellrlch, Bvroette Bordne 5tani1rv frow left to r tht Alva Clark, Llerk, Dallas Glqler, bupervntendent, Lester Frnth, Presldent. rn I I D ,. . . . ., 0 . . . A , V V l. . , . Vice-PresidenLg Curt Kohartg Charles Rothman: l L. A0 -- i' 3 I x , ' '. AHY McKI33EN nglish FACULTY jf, . f iff , , ,W if .S., Ohio Northern University hio State University ROBERT FHAZIER Music A.B., Wooster College fArnyf 5 fl.. '- . my 5-4,- D nc. B DALLAS GISLEF Superintendent Mathematics B.S., Defiance College hqJRLYN HITZ mx? I li L ' VERN L. DEGKHOSH Latin, Science A.E., Defiance College M.A., Chic State University .LQ JHAVELY ricultural S., Ohio State College of Agr'l HCHAHU HQEHEY Principal Science B.S., University Illinois N.A., Chio State University RIJHARD KHHUSS Physcial Education, History f B.S., Findlay College CLARENCE FLJHTNEH Secretary, Superin- tendent's Office i ELLBN HAKLSTHAN . . Home Economics, Commercial Fn,1iSh A.E., Salem Zollege QDS b Defiance - ., University of Denver KATH 5 HHH BRLVLN Fusic 3.5., Bowling irecn State University Q c I i 1 Z '13 College Chic Northern University Advisor, Senior C1 QRLLL3 WCLAUGHT Librarian Z COLOR Scarlet and uray FLO ER S ar-let Rose 'M' Ve'l1 v1d1, v1c1 KI r-ame, I saw, I conquered X 'WIIIZF' PHFSIDEIXT Name ohn Vanga Nnckname ohnny' lotto Whomen will he the death of me yet ACt1V1t16 3asebaW1,1,2,3 h Basketbal1,2,1 Q Athletic Name Cene A Giffey Lickname WCur1Jn ' yO++0 Nyost men are perfect, fake me for example Activities Glee c1ub,1,2,3 M1X9d ch0ruS,1,2,3.h, Band, 1,2,3 Pep band,1,2,3, F F A ,1f2,3 Bas ba11,1:2,3,h, Athletlc AS5'n n1a2931hJ Class p1aJ,3 M Tatler sfaff,h Annual staff,h Ass'r ,1,2,3, W F A ,l,9,3,4, Class Play, atler staff,b Annual staff,h QUN- VI E PRESTDENT nqpJF SECRETARV- ,X HR-- Name- Nachi Oehus Nickname' 'Nomi' Motto: 'If at first you don't succeed, try, try, avai Activities: Ulee -11b,l,2,3,hg Mixed chorus,1,2,3 M Ban , 1,2,3,h Latin elub,1,23 Tatler staff,h Name Mury Ann Snyder Nickname Snyder 0 to nfllmh tho' the rocks be rugged Activities Glee 1ub,1,2,3,h, Mixed horus,h, Class olay, 4 Ta+'er staff,h, Annnal staff,h w,,, NEWS REPORTER Name Velma Lou Baker Nlckname 'short Ho fo Veler too lafe APt1V1t16S blee c1ub,1,2 3,h, M1X9d cborus,2,3 L Band,1, 2 ,h F Q A 9,3 4 Class w1av,h, 1 art plays, 9 Tatler staff,h, Annual staff,h Name Kelth Bller hlfkname SWIM' Motto 'Some thlnk the world was made for fun ard fF011P, S do I Actlvltles Glee club, 1,2,3,h, M1X6d chcrJs,l,2,?,U, Boys quartet,7,h Band,1,2,3,h Peo band,1,2, ,l, Lat1n c1ub,l,2 Cheerleader,3, vlass o1ay,3,h 1 a p1av,2,3 Athlefl A s'n ,1,2,3,l Annual sbaff,h Name Marvaret Brlnk Nlcknane Margle Motto nit never js to hurry ACt1V1f19S Glee c1ub,l,2,3,h MlX6d chorus,2,3,h, Band, 'J , F' Name Josephine Clerk Nickname' 'Q' Ao to Onward and unward N Activities- Glee cluh,l,2,3,h, Mixed chorus,2,?,bg Band,h, Class n1ay,3,h. 1-act olays,3g F.w A ,1,2,3,h Name Georfe vler h1ok1ame Jun or Motto NI could be better lf I would, but 1t'S awful lone some to be good H nct1v1t1es F W A l,2, NPwe wavmond Junge NloKU3 e ay 'otto Dot onlv +hlHk5 of W1SChl9f but does It Name' RoLc.' haghbar er ickname: Doo Name Mar1lyn Rose Joller Nlcknawe H0516 Motto WNexr a dull momen A t1v1t1es Glee club,l,9,3,u 121 !3l4J 3,h, l a t p ays, Mlxed chorus,2,3,U, Band, La+1r Pl1b,l 9 lass play, , nheerl ader, ,2 Tatler Laff I Annual staffj iotto. nThe thine I want most to Pet out of school, is me W 'ctivltieQ. 3ase5al1,3,h, Class play,h Nickname: UHog Uheeln Name Hlchard Irv n Howe hlckname Bones Name: Richard L. Houck Motto: NEvery man has his devilish moments Activities: Basketba1l,1,2,35 9q39ba11f2v3'h Claqq p1aJ'h Motto 'I have no secre+ of success but hard work ACtlVlt18S Boys g1ee,l,2, Nlxed chorus,1, Baseba11,1,2, 3,h, Bask tba1l,1,2,3,h, Athletlc Ass' , , 2 3 h Name Kenneth Klear Nlckname Ken Name vh les o Kohart N1ckname ' huck' Motto NI llke a g1r1 wlth a Good head Act1v1t1es blee cJub,1, Class 9 1J,1, 1,9,3,L Baseba1l,l,2,3,u, Peo Band,2, hnnual staffQ Motto nDo1ng no m1SCh1ef, but thlnklng of 1 Acf1v1t1es Jlee c1ub,1,2,3 Mlxed chorus,2 3 h Band, 3,h C1 s o1ay,3 F F 11,2 3 h Base b3l1,7 1 Basket a1191n2:3 on my shoulder Athletlc Ass' Easkethal1,l,2 Name Joan Meyer Nlckname 'Jo o to HI want to laubh, love, and 11V8 ' ACf1V1fJPS Glee Plub,1,2,3,b, Vlxed chorus,2,3,h, Band,1, ? J ,3,4, olass ola5,3,h, 1 a t p1ays,3, Latln Club,1,2, Cheer1eader,3, Tatl r s+aff,b, Annual staff 5 Name Arnold Okuley Nlvknam rnle' Ioffo nBe ca efroe hlle you may, for some day you may Name Patracla Ann Rldenour V3 kn me Pat Notfc 'I Qhall elther 11nd a way or make one U Act1v1t1es Glee n1ub,l,2,3,h hlxed Phorus,2,3,h, Band 1,2,3, Class olay,3,U, 1 act plays 2 3 Cheerleader l,2, W H A ,l,2,3,b, Fallen stafi b Annual staff,H Name Barbara bn kmlller Nlckname 'Barb' Lott Wbhoot for the voor, 1f you can't reach lt, h1 c your wagon to a star W ACt1V1tleS Glee cluo,l,2,3,h Mlxed chorus 2 3 h, LaL1n n1ub,1,2 las olay,h, Tatler staff,q - A : n n M t : ', ' .' J' 'N' .: . - .' - 1 -" r . -U.: - 1 ' . h . 9 J . , , , X in V. ,'. l er UA ' ' J -, : r - w ' , ' have to work.n lic Ev : ll ll . o : ' . ' " . . . . : I ,. ' , . , , , , ,. .-til . V Y, 3 L. W -HA - : n v ' c: ' .. . ' ' 't h . . V ' ' l 2 ' 5 A 1 J 9 f ' u S1 ' 0 V i Ham Marvln Stelnvass NICPHHMP Marv Motto Do or dle Act1v1t1eQ F F A ,1 2,3,h Band,1,2,3,h, BaSkpbba11,1, 2,3,U, Class olav,3 hame Robert Stelngass Nlckname Stlnky' Motto 'There's m1SCh1ef 1n the qu1etest of men ' ACt1Vit19S Boys glee,1,2,3,h, M1X9d chorus,1,2,3 Pep band, W,9,3,4 Bard,1,2,3,h, Basketball manacer, ,f, La+1n C1ub,1,2, Class 91ay,3 Annual staff,h Name mhert lhleroff N1 kname 'iormv' Mo to ' Lkh no more g1F1S, slrh 10 more H 2 ,h Pep band,1,2,3 '11 s play, ,U, P 1,2,3 n, Basketba11,1 2,3,h, 'asPb111.1,?, ,U v etLr AS 'n 2 I h xnnxnl staff,4 Name Jack dard Nlckname Doc Motto 'Fn n5 llfe wh11e you may, you are gO1ng to be de d a lonf +1me N ACt1Vlf16S Boys v1ee,J,2,3,4, MIX d chorus,2,3,h, Ba ket baJJ,1,2 Ath18tlC Ass'n ,3,h, Cheerleader Glas p1av,3,4 1 act 1ays,3, Annual staff,h ' .ez ' ' ' L4 " L rg u n : n ".1 .: . .f. , 5 - ,- . 5 K t . , v , I' ' : n - t , : ' ' ' ' ' ,, .' . . : I V . .l 3 - - lg . ' ' 9 3 4' . ' 1 I ' 0 .C . .Q " ' t : lsfi A " . .lu A . . r Activities: Glee c1ub,1,2g Mixed choruS,1,2,33 3aHd,1, ,3 3 2 v S- ' 3 ' '-5-A-Q ,. , , -,, ,f .3 itil ' , ' S ., ,-, 9 I H - f I - 'A : ll Il : vJ 5 , - 1 - . . ' f 3 I 0 " - . . . . . . . , : . D 1- e , - n - - 5 V ' ' ' 935 . S v 'g - 9 ' - , Name: Regina Mary Westrick Nickrame: WRedgieN Motto nlt lS better to be small and Shlne than be large and cast a shadow nct1v1t1e H A Name James W11113NS Nwcknare J1m Motto 'What wo1ld the world be N1th0Ut an argument ACt1V1f1Pq ulee c1ub,l,2,3, Mlxed chorLs,l,2, Band,1,2, F 9112: U Name Donna Bell Wolf N1ckname Jaldy' Motto WAmb1t1on caused Ceasar's downfall, so I shall ,.,, llve on forerer W st,,:, Actlvltles Glee club,l,2,3,h, M1-Xed Ch0r'uS,2,3,l4, Band, 1,2,3,h Class o1a,,h, Cheer1eader,1,2 F H A , l,2,3 h Tatler staff,h, Annual staff,h Name C11ft0H wolf ickname boomer Motto nDo lt F19ht the f1PSt tlme W PCt1l1fl8S Glee club,l,2,1 Mlxed chorus,l,2,3 F F A 1 Class P1ay,3, Rasketba11,2,3, Annual staff,5 lass lSt0l'Y In September 1939, let by our mofhers, we entered our f1rst year of school As we look back over those f1rst seven vears, we had many uns and downs and hard work Flnally, we reached the e1ght grade Our nrlde swelled because we were the ruling class of the grade school and were respected by all Our Freshmen year seemed qulte dull because we were a llttle backward, our first year 1n high school During the year we at ended our f rst dance w1th a real orchestra Then, too, we had class oartles and the year ended, loslng our advisor and superlntendent, Ur Rudolph Mr Glsler became our super1ntendent when we entered our Qoohomore vear Miss Rakestraw was asslgned to us as our adv1sor, and we were on our way to our goal, graduatlon We all followed our WIDDLHE basketball team to Toledo where they were defeated in their last game Thls year was the flrst t me any of us took part in the three one act olays They were all good and thls was leadlng to the Junior Class Play, Date Bait Durlng our IUD1Of year we held a few bake sales, raffled off a radio and some cakes at the basketball games All th1s was to a1d us on our way to hashlnvton which everyone thought were very beautlful Ne sponsored a dance featu 1ng the Nh1soer1ng ual1l3HS Round and square danclng was enjoyed by all Je all had fun mock1ng the Sen1ors and we also sponsored a skating party Then came our big tlme entertalnlng the Senlors at the Junior-Senior Banquet It was a lot of planning and work but we all had a good t1me Our Senior year was a busy year especlally for those people on the annual staff The Tdtler staff was p1Ck8d and much credlt 1S due them iesldes the annual and Tatler, HP sponsored a number of bake sales, a ChPlStm8S Bazaar, sold bean1es, and we collected sales tax stamps Our class slay Nbff The Track' was wegl recelved de are looklng forward to graduatlon, h3ShlDgtOH and New York ty, 1 an con IPLE to follow our class motto nVeni, Vldl, V1C1n, QI came, I saw, I conqueredl Junior 'X Senior V150 lr ' , t i ' - A - e ' ' UP ll .ll . I . 1 and New York City. Another high spot in our Junior year were our class rings . 0 ' I" , ' . I1 - 1 vw, , , O - I JWIOII. l wolzny' p DDIYIYA INS!! DWUY JI 5'HOR77 n ...---3-I' 5 , ' .. M 1 ' 9' 9 j, - N! 'f 77 fn ' I' r, D .ff-Q Q 'lu 1 M, .W . .,. - .. LM ,A 1 -"ww, ' . A 41 -by L ig." A C 57 0' M. , 1 .gif A Q '. i '. Q zz' -:gh 3531 1' - 3 L .' 3 A H .f'7"- 1 fff'v"t"f" - x N' w . ' ' ' U-f"'S ' 'K O: 3 ff ,n If U V " Q I ' 4' .2 in u ui. 54- 4 " 1' 0 n If ,I - Y r 1 V ,, r v 'yn 1 5 I 40 e' my ' . J 1 I I-, wil I A , "' - , Qi 'fy 97 G r, nw ff F' o ,f lv 7 Rs cnvn Jnfm -Milk M3955 Kim' 'E NAME Velma Baker Ke1th B1ler Margaret Brlnk Josephine Clark George Egler Gene G1ffey Marilyn Goller Robert Hashbarger Richard Houck Rlchard Howe Raymond Junge Kenneth Klear Charles Kohart Joan Meyer Naomi Oehus Arnold Okuley Patric1a Rldenour Barbara Sickmiller Mary Ann Snyder MHFVIH Steingass Robert Stelngass Robert Th eroff Jack Ward Regina Westrick James W1lliams Cllfton Wolf Donna Bell Wolf PROPHECY NOTED FOR art work his jokes dancing Gisele hunting his woman hatlng my man h1s he ght chasing women curly hanr ability to stay out of school quletness bashfulness ha' typing skill piHn18t hunt1ng mlSPh81VOu8 eyes and smile being an author mathemat1ca1 ability my spelling ability to be manager getting in trouble his car skatlng plng pong player his great height n1ckname NEEDS MOST he1ght good grades help in Democracy shorthand skill money someone or anyone PCP a woman a woman ladder and brush money customers na shy little woman' electric typewriter typewriter box of shotgun shells a job a best seller adding machine modern fans bra1ns money another car time money money sleep FATE commercial artlst death bookkeeper stenographer farmer bachelor teacher a man pine box 2nd Ulchelangelo army life undertaker leisure life typist medlcal secretary pass English secretary medlcine 2nd Eznstein a farmer auctioneer family man same car bookkeeper farmer business tycoon female lifeguard John Hangas trips to Florida new car bar tender 2, Glau Wd! Xf 'fx We, the Senlor Class of 1951, of Holgate Hi wh School, 1n the State of Ohio, being full age, perfect health and of sound mind, do hereby make our last willand testament I, Velma Baker, do will and bequeath my ability to annoy lr Fiohtner to Violet Barth, may she cause him as many headaches as I dxd I, Keith B1ler do will and bequeath my Job as edltor of the annual to any Junior who th1nks it's a c1nch I, largaret Brink, do will and bequeath my troubles 1n Democracy to Janet Brink I, Josephine Clark, de will and bequeath m typing abil1ty to whomever can use lt best I, George Egler, do will and bequeath my desk in the suuiy hall to any student who I, Gene Giffey, do will and bequeath my Job as President of the Senior class to any stoop who is silly enough to take it I, larllyn Goller, do w1ll and bequeath my job on the Tatler to Joan Riebesehl, ma ehe have as much fum as I did annoylng the edltor I, Robert Hashbarger, do will and bequeath two feet of my height to Jerry Dietrick ma he also be a large sucess I, Richard Houck, do will and bequeath m seat ln the study hall to Francls Poulson, ma he get along better with Miss Rakestraw then I did I, Richard Howe, do will and bequeath my seat in the study hall to Frank Burkhart ma he get by with more than I did so close to the front I, Kenneth Klear, do w1ll and bequeath my seat 1n the study hall to any Junior who can sit in lt for four periods straight without wetting into mischief I, Charles Kohart, do will and bequeath my position of catcher on the baseball team to Roger Grim, may he keep lt hot I, J0hn langes,do w1ll and bequeath my ability to tell tall tales to Danny Barlnger, may he get away with telling as many as I did I, Joan leyer, do will and bequeath my driving ability to Jean langas, may she have as much fun and fewer close calls than I did I, Naomi Oehus, do w1l1 and bequeath my position as pianist of Girls' Glee to Nancy Grim, may she make fewer mistakes than I Arnold Okuly, do will and bequeath my chemistry workbook to anyone who can flll it out Patricia Ridenour, do will and bequeath my shorthand ab1l1ty to Donna Hohenberger, may she have as much fu as I writing all those chicken scratch: Barbara Siokmiller, do will and bequeath my seat in chemistqy class to any enter prising oung student, may he break fewer test tubes than I lary Ann Snyder, do will and bequeath m office as treasurer of the Sen1or Class to anyone who thinks they can handle it w1th less trouble than I d1d I, larvin Stoingass, do will and bequeath my car and glrlfriends to Craig Frost, may he have more fu with both of them then I did I, Robert Staingass, do will and bequeath my ability to play the bass horn to rungus Huber, may he make as much noise as I did I, Robert Thieroff, do will and bequeath my seat in the study hall to Bob Els, may he study more and get into less trouble than I did I, Jack Ward, do will and bequeath my seat in Boys Glee to The Dale, may he keep it longer than I did I, Regina Westrick, do will and bequeath my seat in the aeleably to any member of the Junior Class who can enjoy it better than I did. I, James Uilliams, do will and bequeath my posltlon as plng pong champlon to Norbert Klear, may he get a bigger trophy than I did. I, Clifton Wolf, do will and bequeath my height, 6'S', to Robert Moore, may he put it to better use than I did. I, Donna lolf, do will and bequeath my majorette uniform to anyone who will enjoy leading the band as auch as I did. ' J J ' A E7 I' Vo- - - 1 fy, ' , ' of . , . thinks he can study as hard as I did in my Senior year. y . . . ! y . . y . D Y - - I, . ' I, . . I, - I, n s . ,,f Pl 7' . .4- w.,,f UNl0R V. Barth J, QBQEETQ BRILL J Aix, uri fi Lin ITM I K x Lb! I x I 1 RY -1 DER In L-IPLL OPHOMORE S .Q , 5 ,- r K Q Al I I 4 5 'vw' ., 4 ' ' I. 17' I A w fxh , Q K In J, ' ,. A fd 1 .. T 0- ' cc , . Ab , - f', ' Q-.5 I g 1 N, - I X ' Q .ff -ff -0- F' Q f? 5 - li I Q. ..- ' xf' . f xf' S7 x.4h1- ,. QQ- qf .P 15 wr:-C " ' ', -1-Q' QL' 's Jah! A ' 1 4 If X 'P-9 vi, C' --G 41. 1-5! G37 wwf ww Q ? ,A H x , -gy. 1 Q st? ijg, A L. AELKEH D. YLHINHLR H. BAUQH 3. Bdl K E. 3RlLKHnN J. BHIHKBHK P. 3i1jZ.KIfnN C. CHHIbTEh L. Guu9EH Q. CJYNINGS d. DAVIS G. DEITRICK N. DICKMAN D. DIEMER H. DLSJAT H. EIS K. pn35L C. FHLST R. cmvuAhnT T. GRAYJUN N. GRIN D. nggansbnaaa H. a.,5n J. KURTZ M. Lnhi R. LIKE J . MAN-JAS H. PFAU F. POULSLN D. RETTI3 V HICKEH - H. HIE3E5EdL ., g. . Q-t A 1. HOMES Q ' . .I . M. .SJHULLER "-' F fe.. J. Tama.. f M ' X E. HESER L, ff ' 1 .. x A - ..+..s.. r, nisThiCK E. n25ThlQK . uS5TRIJK nv , ' ' 5-J A s f ' F' - f xii, 4 "1J . w.X:s.'5f ER! 0 Tn ff' - 1 4, f' r 417, k4' x I w '52 " 'v 12 .Q , ' v 9 'ef C7 ff ' f,v , I X, I, G A-, ' Q, .511 15" pf t-s I! ....m 4 ...y H Q . Q A K . 1 f ' ' W n,,u A. v , . , " 4 f vi 4 ww' ' 'Q 'K N , s. - Q 9 dl .M A ,,- ,,.1- . X Wir V I llillilllli 'pvfi ',4: 'D , U .n1? 4, 1eZ 1 . 'ttf ' ' . Ns-1 I I , .V r -'r -- x 3. ggux .ina , Lua 3, ',,'1..J.-J 11. Dggftllif J. -Q .:.4,:. , A L -UAH " " ' " "' 'OFF J. !':1f7.',:1 X - A N J- '1a1uJ,.llIQ B. GIEJIGE 11. Qlrwidf, K. QM-.U . V if. Gtiffw' 1 I L. HIPP ,P 'f D. ndriuli J. HUHNJNG E.Jmm2 5, , R. KLEHH ,f ' 5. KAIPP X " .L LFwWQHS J. LIKE J. LLKE 0. LJLFL B. UQJUHN qv K. umm S. Hettig . H. 5f.1e'2a'r fl 2' J. J.gKr.f1LLsa -v .v. Ania , T. :sr-:Yun I ' fx K Ull- ....YLJ:1i1 C. ff'f"1..J.:xQSS ' J. .5T:IllQiJ.xE5 iq 2- , M. 'FHMAS v P. Tgmfi i S 11. .MGI-4EjR K , I .. .1. nI'L.1aD N. Williams P. YLUHG Junior High 8th L to R-1st row: K. Hauer, L. Schueller, S. Howe, S. Memmer, R. Frank, D. Koenig, P. Geisige, L. Brown, W. Okuleyn R' Baker: U- Romes, M. Dulle. 2nd row: J. Blanchard, C. Rudy, R. Brinkman D. Hoffman, V. Bauer, K. Eis, S. Thiesen, P. Maddock, M. Gustwiller, V. Lane. 3rd row: D, Schwab, D. Moore, G. Snyder, D. Hoellrich, T. Gerken, W. Edgar, W. Like, L- Myles, E, Brown, D. Cooke. hth row: D. Groll, J. Rettig, J. Sugg, F. Wolf, J. Schwab, B. Aelker, G. Miles, L. Brinkman, B. Fruth. Advisor. Mr Horney L to R lst row M Seaburn, J Hohenbergnr, L Gerken, J Baker J Edgar, J uoller, K Burrlll, J Romes, T Ukuley, R ChPlStSH L Ortwe1np, R uustwlller 2nd row P Mangas, R Rothman, B Elden, J Romee, L Fre,, A nagner, C Archaubeaul N Streirher, 5 Mlller, D Yetter 3rd row N Lramer, u Homes, C h1S, Eltzman, K Weber, P Zimmerman, T Romes, R Tadsen, P Horney, D V1 hols hth row N Durham, I Junge, T Hom1er, D Brlnkman, I Jestrick, B Berno, S Slckmlller, R Brlnk, E LSGOFID, H Lulfs Absent K berschutz, L Snyder AdV15OF Mr Flchtner GRADE L to R lst row R 11e1and, J bhambarger, K Eberle, J Riehesehl, R Homes, L Brown, K PPLLIQ, K iord, R Schlueter, n ron D 15, R Relfer, K U15 e G Crlm, N oqtelm n, H G1es1ge, lleslge, h oermann, L Bauer, F m r, T felker, alsner r ron Bauer B umm1ns, P Locke V Baden, R P ull, Hofxer, L ooper, K Fngllsh, L h11I1ems, R deck, Haddock, B btevens bth row J DPICPICY, R Brown, J ovary, S bchwab, D larsha1L, D hoffnr, F Crompton, V Diemer, R Schlueter, D Curtis Teacher Mr charles Hemaoth ' n - : . . ,. o o 5 - , o a A . - . . . . I . . u I , Q 1 . n I n a 0 '. 5 ls C yr 0 H' N I I ' 1 'O 4' O I : H. ' R. . . " D. ' 0 - 1 O I Q . ' . A .C o : . . T. . . ' A . 1 I I I ' I A I ' I I . 0 . I I . 2 . . 0 . : . . - : . T' . Y , N . . . . . , I ', . : 3 ', D. Engel, S. Moore. 2 d ': . E' , '. , " 1 xy . 1 '. '. E . a. . ' ' E, J., . .. P, . I . LH,- .6 , ., , J, H ' , 3 d ': G. , . C ' '. , , .. .a r P, ' . J , . ' . H' "- . Z C. O V O 1 o 1. ' I o o . . . J . . . I ' D C O C , 1 . . . 5th L to R-lst row: R. Westrick, C. Weber, M. Locke, L. Cummins, W. R. Smith, R. N. Haddock, 2nd row: Westrick W. Wolf, Vasvery, 3rd row: K. Lane, D. Huber Kurtz, M. Hernandez, D. Bortz, R. Grossman, D. Okuly, Dietrich, 6. Archambeault, K. Baker, R. Engel. Funkhouser, R. Like, J. Brown, R. Burkhart, R. Lane, Sickmiller, R. Sickmiller, J. Horney, B. Berno, D. Crampton Ricker, D. Groll, L. Pfau, Snavely, D, Paull, R. Dickman, , T. Frost, K, Riebesehl, J. Koppenhofer, A. Brink, M. Westrick. Absent: J. Eitzman Teacher: Miss Evangeline Felter 'ith L tn R-lst row: S. Howe, S. Hohenberger, F. Junge, ll. Moore, J. Hohenberger, C. Brinkman, P. Crampton, J, Waisner, J. Bfoln, L. Engel, D. Schlueter, K. Henrich J. Mason, L. Knipp. 2nd row: B. Bortz, G. Steingasa, J. Theme, T. Hohenberger, A. Westrick, P. LaGorin, N Rettig, G. Lulfs, M. Bauer, R. Tadsen, J Hoellrich, J. Scheele. 3rd row: V. Giesige, D. Baden, L. Fetter, C. Homier, J. Schwab, J. Sigler, G. Fauver, K. Rettig, B. Dietrich, J. Germann, L. Okulyo Absent! D. Rothman, R. Christen. Teacher: Mrs. Arleta Geist 3rd and 'mu L to R-lst row: D. Brinkman, J. Haren- andez, J. Wolfe, T. Eitzman, R. Geisge, M. Weber, I. Klear, S. Locke, C. Bauer. 2nd row: J. Rothman, R. Wenzinger, B. Cooper, E. Sharpe, B. Romes, E. Westrick, B. Eitzman, C. Wolfe, D. Nichols. 3rd row: W. Osborn, K. Brink, R. Theisen M. Dulle, D, Westrick, G. Mekua, B. Cooper, S. Schuller, F. Thome. Absent: F. Clady, S. Harenandez, J. Okuly Teacher Hrs Ruth Kruse L to R lst row M uerschutz, D Mlller, P Johnson, R westrlck, C uestrlck, J Wagner, F Williamson, Bauer, 5 Mag1ll, R Lulfs, N Th61S8H, J Engel, L G1es1ge, Y Huber, P Gusfwiller 2nd row J Sm1th, R Stevens, L hleland, M Rettlg, 1 Georg, P Goller, J Brown, L Desgrange, L Tadsen, A Th18FOrf, H bberhaus, J Bostleman, G Austermiller 3rd row J Seaburn, D Engel, R Evans, Blanchard, N Rettlg, J Bower, R Peper, LaGor1n, R Petter, S Els, J Sharoe, Archambeault, B ulady ache Mrs Anna Schwab L to R-lst row M Moore, R Nestrlck, N Wilhelm, D Lame, D Schuller, D Riebesehl, G Rothman, T Koooenhoffer, L Dlrr, J bhamoarger J Gerken, S Gelesge, J Okuly J Bauer, Homes 2nd roi. Kline, J Bauer, P Clady, R Brown, ' Croll, S Doda, M Maddock, 1unge,'l Jeiesge, H Georg, D achleuter L Mo1b+, D Bcrtz, T Laisner 3rd row. M Archambeault, C Huber, L Bostleman, L Streicher, J Schuller, D Hoffer, T rossman, E Diemer, T Tadsen W, Ckuly, - Hosebrock, E Lock- K Burill, J Barth Teacher. Mrs Ieone Groll L to R.1st row: B. Sonnenberg, E. Rettig, A. Koenig, D. Schlueter, J. Rush, M. Burk- hart, S. English, R. Orthwein, A. Romes, G. Wenzinger, L. Long, E, Archamheault, L. Gilliland, G. Rettig, M. Rettig. 2nd row: B. Schwab, H. Baker, J, Dale, B. Rosebrock, J. Motter, C. Poulson, C. Curt- iss, J. Rettig, K, Vasvery, K. Schnller, D Westrick, R. hagner, K. Westrick, D. Brink 3rd row: J, Hose, D, Harney, K. larch, V, Riordan, S. Snavely, S. Johnson, M. Schwab S. Bostelman, U. Koenig, S. Christen, G. Gcller, J. Peper, C. Tomecen, Absent: J. lleyer, R. Gisler, A. Eiden. Teacher: Hrs. Lois Behm K New enchers i 5 Nrs Hazel owdr ck V158 Mar or e B1 e S I Utne Teac FS 'rs erevera Brlnk Mrs Myra Urtwexn ,155 fUT181 Tr1pD Bunlclmg Emploqees Yrs. Augusta Beaverson Mrs. Irez Blwger Mrs. Luella Fenter Nr. Lorrell Wrown Nr. Fred Bauer , T f Q 7 7 5 ' -K.. -, " 4,45 ' 5 L il U 8 i I U . ii O U I 1 i l . , i , 'X h fa QW fx 'LQ ffm.E3x - ' w 4 e fx Qnnunl 'Slum Giffey,'5h0toQrAQHerg Keith Biler, eaiio?g Jaek Wardl asS't. editorg Marilyn Goller, advertisingg John Mangas, advert ising. Standing left to right: Robert Hashbarger, advertisingg Mary Ann Snyder, advertisingg Patricia Ridenour, advert- isingg Joan Meyer, typistg Miss Rakestraw, advisorg Clif- ton Wolf, bus. managerg Donna Wolf, advertisingg Robert Steingass, activitiesg Velma Baker, artg Charles Kohart, activities-absent. Seated left to right: Patricia Ridenour, society and ex- changeg Mary Ann Snyder, featuresg Barbara Sickmiller, editorg Naomi Oehus, ass't. editorg Velma Baker, az-tg X 6 Marilyn Goller, alumnig Donna Wolf, grades. A Xxx' Standing left to right: Gene Giffey, bus. managerg Joan Meyer, departmentalg Mr. Fichtner, advisory Miss lcKibben, 8dV1SOPj John Mangas, sports. 5 ra s X A S vw' x X119 4chpol Paper GLEE CLUB rlrst row L to R Lrs Brown, L, Edgar C Ste1nga9s, R 515, H Seifert, H Fitzman, E Heber, D KOEUID V Baker J Cummlns, P Rldenour, M uoller Wolf, N Oehus Second row L to R J Verer S Rettlg, D dohennerger, F Rlcker J Br1nk, Brlnkman, B urtiss, J Mangas, V orlm M Bostleman, J mhprle, J S cxmlller, M Rudy, B Sickmlller Th1rd row I to R J Plark, B G61Sig6 B Ge1Qige, J Hettzg, S Huber, K any rltzman, M Aulhelm, T Brink Flrst row L L0 R R Hoorr, 1 HLD , Rettlg, P Poulggn, D Crarer, Tqy gon, R Like, hrs grown second row L Lo H 'I atemgass, L il-PP, Fr:-st, T 3319, K BJ-1"I'v I 'ard' R Pfau Hlrd row L to W K Grau, D Denmer, R Huber, J KDSDD -. . , .Q . , . . . . . ' ' ' nr ' D V . . . , D. . . .. : .. 1: , ', . . 1. , . J. . , , . I U Q 49 , . . N 1 . i ' I I I I ' . : . , . ' , D In 0 - O O H - der, C. Lulfs, V. Barth, M. Snyder, J. T' . . " 1. . ' g , - 1 Y. ".p K' . A T, Q L - o ' ' V - 1 T' l ' . . . - - T' 11 ' g, 'fr s ,O 4 , . . - w ' .: . - h ' MIXED CHORU First row L to R: Mrs. Brown, T. Grayson, H. Hips, C. Steingass, R, Eis, 3. leber, J. Brinkman, V, Baker, P. Ridenour, H. Goller, D. Wolf, J. heyer, H. Moore, R. Like. Second row L to R: 5. Rettig, E. Ricker, J. Mangas, N. Grim, B. Curiill, J. Pettig, C. Lulfs, U. Fostleman, J. Sickmiller, N. Oehus. Third row L to R: J. Clark, J. Eberle, J. Brink, S. Huber, K. Snyder, V. Barth, M. Snyder, S. Sickmiller, M. Brink. Fourth row L to R: L. Cooper, C. Christen, D. Cramer, D. Diemer, R. Huber, T. Dale, G. Giffey, J. Wlrd, J. Knapp. Fifth row L to R: H, Steingass, L. Hipn, K. Rettig, C. Frost, K. Grau, H. Pfau, 3. Ponlson, K. Hiler. BAD First row L to R: Mrs. K. Brown, R. Baker, 3, Hoffman, L, Gerken, F. Wolf, J- Schwab, D, wolf, J. Brink, S. Retf-iz. B- Bemo. V- Baker, P. Horney. Second row L to R: R. Waisner, E. Brown, E. Lagorin, J. Goller, W. Ckuly, R. Rothman, J. Yetter, R. Schlueter. Third row L to R: H. J. Rettig, E. Richer, Grim, M. Rudy. Fourth row L to R: G. Myles, C. Christen, D. D. Nichols, J. Clark, Like. Reiter, D. Frank, J. Baker, S. Hiller, D. Hipp, N. Cramer, WJ Junge, N. Oehua, S. Huber, N. Hoellrich, T. Gerken, V. Brink, J. Brown, J. Fifth row L to H: K, Grau, J. Eitzman, R, Steingass, K. Biler, G. Giffey, R. Thieroff, J. layer, K. Snyder, T. Grayson. Sixth row L to R: K. Rettig, J. Knapp, L, Hipp, J. Bortz. THLETIC BA EBALL 1950-1951 BASEBALL SCHEDULE Sept. Sent. Sept. Sept. Sent. Sept. Sept. April April April April April April April 8 12 15 19 22 26 29 3 6 lO 13 17 20 2U Florida at Holgate Holgate at Ealinta Ridgeville at Holgate Holgate at Hamler McClure at Holgate Open Holgate at Deshler Holgate at Florida Deshler at Holgate Open Holgate at McClure Hamler at Holgate Holgate at Malinta at Ridgeville Holgate First row L to E: R. Hashbarger, J. Theisen, F. Poulson, H. Hipp, C. Kohart, P. Thieroff, F. Burkhart, J. Mangas, N. Klear. Second row L to R: H. Steingass, manager, D. Rettigh R. Houck, H. Howe, G. Dietrick, C. Frost, K. Klear, K. Biler, scorekeeper, R. Krauss, coach. UNl0R HIGH 1951 BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Dec. Dec. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Feb. lb 2l h 12 18 25 8 Deshler at Holgate Holgate at Florida Malinta at Holgate Holgate at Ridgeville Hamler at Holgate McClure at Holgate Holgate at Deshler BA KETBALL Firs+ ft! 1 cc K: D. Frank, P, Horney, U. Moore, D. Nichols, H. Aekler, G. Myles, T. Gerkin, D. Eitzman, N. Cramer, E. Lagorln. Second row L to H: D. Koenig, T. Homes, W. Junge, J. Hettig, H. Like, R. Lulfs, UF- Hemsoth, coach. Cheerleaders: J. Gnller, L. GPFKSR, H- R01 man, P. Mangas. I z, V f L Q 5 I 1 i 4 5 3 -L F1FSt row L to R M Stelngase, F Burkhart, H Thieroff, Second row L to R T gray on, P Young, D Baringe D1etrich, G Wolf, F Gr1m, J E1tzman, coach, H. Thlrd row L to R Manager, R Stelngasa, T. Snyder, R . Dietr1ch, J Stelnpress, D Cramer, L H1pp, CHEERLEADERS J Brown, J. Like, J. Cummins, J. Cu 1950 - 1951 BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Jan Jan Jan Jan Feb Feb Florida at Holgate at Ridgeville Holgate at Ayersville Holgate at Holgate at Deshler at Holgate at Malinta at Holgate at Holgate Malinta at Holgate Hamler at Holgate Napoleon Mark Center Holgate Florida Holgate Ridgeville Hamler at Holgate McClure at Open Holgate at Holgate Deshler mUllDS 1 pl zgii ogafin XXV irst, row L to H: Mr. Snavely, advisor, J. eisen, A. Westrick, J. Thomas, T. Snyder oung, J. Eitzman, E. Homes, J. Gerschutz, is, R. Dossat. econd row L to R: R. Thieroff, V. Steinga . Mangas, G. Egler, J. Leaders, R. Grim, uer, J. Snyder. hird row L to R: B. Brink, R. Dietrich, lker, R. Huber, J. Williams, C. Friedoff, . Brinkman, D. Cramer, K. Klear. 1 P- R. ss, R. L. First row L to R: B. Knipp, N. Wieland, E. Lest- rick, B. Geisige, B. Curtiss, B. Geisige, J. Kurtz, M. Thomas, H. Klear, Mr. Deckrosh, advisor 'Second row L to R: J. Pettig, J. Sirkmiller, C. Lulfs, G. Cummins, M. Schuller, H. Bostelman, S. Huber, P. Westrick, B. Beck. Third row L to R: K. Rettig, C. Christen, C. ?rosL, F. Poulson, H, Pfau, A, wagner, L. hiop, J. Steinpress, N. Williams. First row L to R: L. Edgar, C. Steingass, R. Eis, R. Seifert, E, Heber, J. Brinkman, J. Cum- mins, P. Thome, J. Brown, J. Cummins. Second row L to R: S. Hettig, J. Reihesehl, D. Engel, V. Baker, J. Clark, R, Hegtrjgk, N, Grim, J. Mangas, D. Koenig, M. Goller, B. Osborn, D. Wolf, P. Hidenour, I. Brown, Miss Rakestraw, advisor. Third row L to R: L. Homes, H. Eitzman, J. Hornung, W, Rberle, B. Davis, J. Brink, V. Barth, A. Biden, J. Eitzman, M. Wilhelm, M. Brink, J. Klear. WWC l YE.-'syrt qi-gf 'MK 'Fi' E A N -:Y gl 53? .W ' F x' sHAw'5 Pumxxvfms STORE Holgate, Ohio nTne Store of Lovely Things For Your Homen Since 1910 Phone 2751 Pailwa-3 Avenue CIQEAMEIQY CU. AUTHORIZED DEALER BUTTER EGGS MILK . OKERMAN SALES ANDSEWHCE 829 Nonh Peny Sheet Phone 351 1 NAPOLEON OHIO STUDEBHKER ALLIS CI-IALMERS SLPDVBEEG CARLSON TCTEVISICN DEXTER ASHERS Best WISHE To The SPH1OP Class of 19 1 From DEWQON POTOP ALES ONTIA 6 s 8 Deflance UhlO NAPOLEON CHHO one KDYI omwJ1nen+s FHITCP' IXRWPM SWJP Folgate, Ohlo ackard Inferndtlonal LKA, iaooleon 'Flo hone 3221 I on LV OND11 on+ J wPVFNS Jetcrmnarlan Ho 1'e, Oh o Phone 97h1 , C I1 i 1 M --J-L - ' 'i - .0 fx V . , Ph '. JL 1' 'S , C . '. , of " S . f S J. ,' Ll , ' ,S . .. ' f . S' THE L. 3. DUNBAF CC. P - ,. ' ' Q' Q r V Q p 2, Q P . - C 'm, ,S of DH. H. '. S.U J Tg', 1 f - Philco Taopan Hotpoint HULGATE PPCDUCE CO. P ult E r I 1 and F r HCLGATE Hinowies co. O ry' g's' WOO U S Holgate, Ohio Phone 2431 Holgate, Ohio H. H. JUNSE Proorietor Duotherm Hoover HULQATE AITO co. Compliments 53185 Service HUAISnh'S Sd to 61.0C STunE N Holgate Ohio Holgate, Ohio H. J. Rettig phone 23Q1 R. 3. Brown Meet Your Friends at the Five and Ten Comnlinents of Compliments WAFHEN YACKEE INSURANCE of AGENCY HEHLO'S CAFE Naooleon Qhio MAPLELAWN FARM Scotch Shorthom Cattle LUGBILL aaos., Inc. Emil Meyer Owner Holgate, Ohio Livestock Quality M9355 Daily Market Q Auction u.S. Gov't- Inspected Stockers G Feeders ESL. NO. U71 LOU ELLA'S Beauty Shoppe Holgate, Chio Ph .Q- AHcH3oLD one L 53 ourc Compliments of HARPER SUPPLY INC. Napoleon, Ohio Phone 3791 DHONE 82 P' 'W Compllments KCHL'S SALES INC Holgate, Ohlo Congratulatlons To The Graduates HARRY FROST PUFSS A SNYDER LNG Compliments WARDS LIVES OCK COMPANY Phone Zhhl Res1dence 2bh3 SHARPY'S FINE FOODS Phone 2815 HOLGATE, OHIO 321 vllnwn St RETTIE MUSIC STCIRE Deflance, Oh1o A Complete Lme of Accessorles Musuc and Records CABLE PIANDB LUWREY UREANB Flowers, Gifts, Landscaping DEHANCE DHH3 COWPIIMBUUS of f ROBERT B. PEPER 4 CLINTON STREET TELEPHONE 7553 CULLIGAN Soft Nater Service Napoleon, Ohio 317 S. Perry St. Phone S151 GRAYSON'S DRUG STORE Prescriptions 132 Rail-"ay Avenue Holgate, Ohlo Compliments of GEBHARDT GENERAL STORE Pleasant Bend, Ohio 'J ' of gf of P' , L - , Holgate , ohio J MEYER MARKET Complete Food Center Phone 2731 Wolgate, Chic Comnliments of HULMQ 'Fi IUPHSEH CC-. Holgate, Ohio Phone 2331 Compliments of MSJTMOMHSMBS Dealer of Ford Tractors and Dearborn T Farm Imnliments hm- HCLGATE ELECTRIC CL. NEvenything Electricaln Phone 2961 Holgate, Ohio Holgate, Ohio Phone 22Sh Comnliments of C. G. LAUB Compliments of MEOMHMCQ Your Department Store Compliments of LARRY HAASE Your Gulf Oil Distributor Phone 7911 Napoleon, Ohio Compliments to the Senior Class from DET NTLK Holgate, Ohio SUITE 2I 40164 3 Kewl l NEW VQQKE BLDG, pHQTOGQApHEQ NAPOLEON, OHIO DIAL 9-lO8I L, JUrfMTvILx I L .Ja I- 1 5 A -Job ell Done In doth o hool Ana 1h1S Year dock For D1 tlnctmve Photornwhy mall Kerr'b "CTW ' ' VT' Ljfw Ti. THLI QI ff' U 9 '1 ' 'ff . - 5 . "C . m - , . S I. . 1 H , v ,, Q , 5 1 T f' f L lr I Compliments of kan? C. Syvrond's Chevrolet A HOLGATE RESTAURANT You're Not V1S1Bd ren You Come Here To Be Fed 'The Bi1er's AUGEN9 FTM 6 HOPFFhL Clothes tor Dad and Lad S3t1SfRPt1CD uaranteed Napoleon OhlO omnllments THE HOLFATE GRAIN K SUPPLY AbS'N Holgate Standley eed Seed HDLBATE iuniqdy ertlllzer Coal rain Fenv 'S-.- Farm Sunnlies HOLGATE LOCKERS Holgate THE HOLGATE STATE BANK Vember Federal leserve System Member Federal DeDOS1t Insurance Corp Each Account Inqured for 810 Co1p11nents of Ka1ser Frazer Sales S8FV1C6 4nRhFR 4 DUHHAN ,ooo Ohio M, .W .' UQ 4 Q ... . M. . , -. 1 el 1 I . .4 -1 c ,A of , I . . -1' ' 1 '. ' . ' ' x ' f 31 " L z z 5 ,,' 1 p , , ,M j i , .xx , .6 ,xv ,,. I - . T ' F' - 2 x ,, l ' W ll . .. . ., i . - If .l., V: ,m,,ELL,S FLOERS MUNTZMCLAUGHLIN COMPANY CORN HYBRIDS FIELD SEEDS Fresh Flowers Dall from Our Own Greeho oorsages, Weddlng Arrangements Ill. CYIU Potted Plants Cut 'lowers W HI B R ' 5 Phone O81 Napoleon, Oh1o 5'7" ll'XQ COmDl1mEHtS HARD RFICHERT'9 JLIFLHY STORE Naooleon Ohlo ComolJmen+s JAP5E'Q NOMmN'S NEAR S1nce 19lU Def1a!'lC6 0h10 EDDIF'S TAVERN sandwlch Refreshments Danclng Fvery Sunday Nlght Hall for Rental New Bavaria Oh1o THE FnRVER'S ELFVATOR, GRAIN A SUUULY AsS'N Elerators at Coal ura1n Flour Feed Y New Bavarla, Pleasant Bend, North Creek SnARY'S SWRVICE CO. Distributors of Petroleum Products Fleet W1ng Gasollne Motor Oil Fuel Oil Greases Phone 6-213 New Bavarla, Oh1o f P '7rf ,yu ' CFO H VON DEYLEN ARF W ectrical Aopllances Plumblng Paints Full L1ne of K1t henware Ollver Farm Imolements 122 W Nash1ngton St Naooleon, Ohio Compllments e Napoleon Cfdlh 0 S+ock Naooleon, Ohlo FAHHINGERS GRVENHOUSF 756 w Clinton sn Phone 5051 Napoleon, Ohio SCHWAB BROS. MILLS, TNC. 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Suggestions in the Holgate High School - Tiger Tales Yearbook (Holgate, OH) collection:

Holgate High School - Tiger Tales Yearbook (Holgate, OH) online yearbook collection, 1935 Edition, Page 1


Holgate High School - Tiger Tales Yearbook (Holgate, OH) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Holgate High School - Tiger Tales Yearbook (Holgate, OH) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Holgate High School - Tiger Tales Yearbook (Holgate, OH) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Holgate High School - Tiger Tales Yearbook (Holgate, OH) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Holgate High School - Tiger Tales Yearbook (Holgate, OH) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


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