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Hinsdale Central High School - Panorama Yearbook (Hinsdale, NY) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Cover

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HC S PANCDRAMA Bright as silver stars that shine above, Spotless as the sky so blue, Constant as the universe that's over all, Is our love for you Hinsdale, we'l1 ever faithful be Cherish your mem'ry in our hearts And whate'er betide us M t d ay your s an ards ever guide us Hinsdale Central! Hail to thee! PUBLISHED BY STUDENTS of the HINSDALE CENTRAL SCHOOL I9 A L M A M A T E R FOREWARD We, the panils of Hinsdale Central School, believe that nAim High' i a worthy ideal for students to follow and is thus a fitting theme for our yearbook The 1941 HCS Pan ormna is an attempt to impress upon the students the impor tance of setting our ideals high and of inspiring us to ac complish them We also wish to enable the parents and taxpayers to become better acquainted with our school and school life We trust this book will afford a life long remembrance to the Class of '41, of their friends and the good times they h at H C S We can look back upon the last twelve years and realize the faith ful help Mr Kenneth E Gibbin, our Princioal, has rendered to the ou pils who have been under his guid ance in Hinsdale Central School His efficient administration and supervision have greatly aided in the development of the old union school to the fine centralized school we have today We are fully aware that he has been to us an inspiration, and an enthusiastic adviser of our school actlvmties It is because of his untiring efforts and loyalty to the school, we hold for him a warm spot in our hearts With regret we ac knowledge his departure this June In appreciation of his faith fulness and in a deeo spirit of re spect for him, we dedicate this lQ4l HCS Panorama to Mr Kenneth E Glbbin DEDIC ATION XXX f ffXX QX DEFA MEM 11, Qi 11 'I MM PUSH Q I f XXXx X If f f is Q C S 5? if? 5' ff i f :ei The ' A CL ADMCNIETIZAUUN 5 :av -..-.:. RT A-':-vw ':'.'..-1'-... il' 1, "" A--Q .,.un""""""-" vp-C' r-gg? .--a-Q S. BOARD GF EDUCATIGN Front Row Term Expires Arthur J Frost 1946 William R Perkins 1942 Howard A Crosby, Pres 1945 Henry L Shabala 1944 Willard E Brown 1943 Back Row Leland E Linderman, Clerk Gilbert A Farwell, District Superintendent of Schools Seated Vernon Saunders Mildred Lindbloom Kenneth E Gibbin June E Miller Elmore B Stone Arlene B Ietzger Standing Mildred H Herridge James B Johnson Howard D. Austin . Mable E. Farwell . Vera M. VanDyke . Lucille Koenig . Sadie H. Brown . . Jean N. Corrigan . Elosia M. Holden . William F. Joslyn . Absent: Olive B. Grambow . FACULTY Houghton ollege Keuka College Cornell University Houghton College Cornell University Fredonia Normal Sim ons College Ithaca College St. Bonaventure College Houghton College . . . Geneseo Normal . . . . Fredonia Normal . . . . St. Bonaventure College Geneseo Normal . . . . Eastman School of Music Houghton College . . . Keuka College . Iathematics, Art French, Latin, English Principal, Social Studies English, Librarian Agriculture Fourth Grade Homemaking Coach, Physical Director . Seventh Grade, History Eighth Grade, Bus. Arith. . . . . . . Second Grade . . . Third Grade . . Sixth Grade . . . Fifth Grade . . . . Vocal, Band . Science, Guidance . Business ! m , 5 A 2 N A h Q ' . I Aa . . . . B.A. C f . . . . 5 Mary Kratts . . . . . Geneseo Normal . . . . . . . . . First Grade . . . . B.A. . . . . . . . . . . M.S. . . . c a s v Q BQAU 0 o e u 0 Q g . . . . . M.S. . . . . . . . . . n TI a s 0 4 Q n . , , . . . . . B.S. . . . . . . . . . . . . - . . . B.S. . . . . . . . B A B A B S ,, Q B M B A S ELAEEEE ,M ADM Hum .2 M-Jw Ks T xl l N gl! :Y Ijooj, ,' Qc ff 70 Lo , 50 , 1' 40 v f 30 . 0 10 - I0 0 9 , I I Q 0 K 1 ,, 'Q 0 Q, all M av-x 5573 2 as. DONNA BURLINGAHE 'Elushinr is the col our of virtue Glee Club l,2, Sports Club 5 Home Ec Club 2 Footlight Society 3 Panorama Staff 4 Flash Staff 2,5 One Act Play 4, Bus Arith Team 2 Bkkp Team 3 ETHEL CROSBY nEvery m n's worn shall be made manifest Glee Club l,2, Home Ec Club Orchestra l School Play 2 3 4, Cheer Leader 2 5 4, Ty ing Tea. 2 Class Pres 5 Class Treas 4 Panorama Staff 5 Flash Staff 3,4,Sports Club 3 Stulent Coun c Sec'y 4 In er scholastic Team 4 RUTH DUNLAP nHer very frowns are fairer far, Than smiles of other maidens are Glee Club 1,2 Home Ec Club l,2, Science Club 3,4, Vice Pres 5 Footlight Society 3 Sec'y 4 School Play 231523 1ll'A 1F05 F5- 'rv 'Yi S. 453 1 'ow ics un. ae:f' ig: 'hw' 'iii' NN Q NORMAN BAXTER 'The world listens t a man who talks well' Transferred from Frank linvllle 5 Band 5, Basletball 5,4, Base ball 5,4, Volleyball 5,4, Science Club Flash Staff 5, School Play 3,4, Home Fc lub 4 Interscholas tic Team 4, Panorama Staff 4, All Star Team 3,4, Tyoing Team 3 rootlivht Society Vice Pres 3 RALPH CHAMBERS HI will not budge inchn F A 1,2,3, , Stu dent Council 3 Foot light Society 5, Flash Staff 5 Wrestling 4 Science Club 4 Sports Club 4 School Play 4 KENNETH DAKE NS I told them in rhyme, For of rhmnes I had storen Basketball 1, F F A l,2, Panorama Staff 5 Sports Club 4, Base ball 4, Wrestling 4 EDWARD ELLIS 'He was not merely a chip off the old block But the old block it selfn Bus Arith Team 2 Science Club 2,3, 4 flash Staff 2 Sports Club 3 N Y A Wo k er 5,4 BEATRICE EH RSON 'Constant practice of ten excels even talent Home Ec Club Pres 1 Student Council 1,2 Glee Club l,2,5, Flash Staff 2 Arith etic Team 2, School Play 5 4 Panorama Editor 5, Footlight Society Pres 4,Interscholast1c Team 4, Valedictorian DONNA FROST 'There is no why with out a because' Home Ee Club 1 Glee Club 1,2,5, Band 2,5 4, Typing Team 2, B Team 2 Flash Staff 2,5, Volleyball 2,5,4, Searchlight Club Footlight Society 4 School Play 4, N Y A Worker 4, Library As slstant 5, Salutator an WANDA GROVER 'Let us consider the reason of the case, For nothing is law that is not reason Home Ec Club 1, Port ville High School 2 Flash Staff 5, Volley ball 5,4, Panorama Staff 4 MARIE HOLDRIDGE 'I'll speak in a mon strous little voice' Glee Club 1,2, Foot- light Society 5,4 mb :ga- uQ A. 7 6 f yd!! 'l37' pl-Q 'RNS' DONNA FINCH 'For men may come and men may go, But I go on forever Glee Club 2 Band 2 Student Council 2 Class Pres 1 School Play 5, Sports Club Footlight Society 5 Volleyball 4 Flash Staff 4,Panorama Staff DONALD FROST 'While we deliberate about beginning, It becomes too late to begin' F F A l,2,5,4, Band 2,5, Flash Staff 5 Science Club 5, Wrest ling 4, N Y A Work er 4 DORIS HEDDEN 'One only hope m heart can cheer, The hope to meet again Glee Club 1,2 Class Sec'y 1,2, Class Treas 5 Class Pres 4, Home Ec Club 1,2, Sec'y 2 Panorama Staff 5,4 Flash Staff 2 Typing Team 2 Sports Club 5 School Play 4 B RIAN HULL 'Ever I could read' Transferred from Brad ford 2, Flash Staff 2, 5 Basketball 2,5,4, Science Club 2,5 Pres 4, Sec'y Student Coun cil 5, Interscholastic Team 4, Volleyball 4, N Y A Worker 4 DONALD KENT I saw and loved F A l,2,3, , porter 3,4, Basketball l,2,5,4, Student Coun cil 1,4 Class Vice Pres 3 Sports Club 4, Wrestling 4 JULIA HOODY nHappy am I From care I'm freel Why aren't they all Contented like me' E 3, Home Ec Club 1, 2, Flash Staff 2,4, Foot light Society 3 Vol leyball 3,4, Class Vice Pres 4 One Act 5,4 BARBARA SAYLOR 'Love me little Love me long Clee Club l,2,5,Sec'y 5 Home Ec Club 1 'I' N' Class Pres 1 Cheer Leader 2,5,4, School Play 2 5,4, Panorama Staff 5 Searchlight Club Pres 4 Library Ass' Class Sec'y 4, N Y A Worker 4 LUCIELLE WEAVER "I am always in haste But never in a hurry' Glee Club l,2, Science Club 2 Home Ec Club 1,2, Flash Staff 5, Volleyball 3,4 wp. G, 5 ia if X -ig? QQ 'il 'TN-fu, DORIS KIBBE nEnflamed with the study of learning and the ad iration of vir tue' Glee Club 1, 2, 3 4 Home Pc Club 1 2 Science Club 2 3,4, Flash Staff 5,4, lanus Latina 5,4 WARREN OAKLEY 'Sing away sorrow, Cast away care Transferred from Olean February, 4 KATHERINE SWART A daughter of the gods, Divinely tall, and Most divinely fa1r Home Ec Club l Band 2,5,4, Glee Club 1,2, 5,4 SADIE WILBER very gentle beast and of good conscience Flash Staff 2, Bkkp Team 5 ll ll , Y iq 'Q -lj, UN - F. . . 4 Re- A ' ' . ' ' ' y lb! s - A ' f . : 7' A ' ' 1 e . X V - I I Ax i I fi A W . 1 Q . - L' ig' : - , ' - un ' I Play 43 Panorama Staff n J ' ll 1 o - I Q 1- 3 - 3 ' - . .3 Lk- . e. ' ' , ' g::7V , I' . . 3 3 g . . , ga . t. 53 . 4- 3... - IIA I 3 . C, ' . C7 1 buutbn F5002 2 rfb JUNIORS Front Row Mr Saunders, Richard Scott, Don ald Shaffer, Nonman Price, Bruce Moody, George Burlingame, Loren Briggs, Hadley Brown Second Row Mary Rogers, Eleanor Burt, Esther Crosby, Charles Redding, Gilbert Dehnkamp, Lester Morgan, Jeanne MacNa1r, Dorothy Ratzel, Betty White Third Row Sibyl Mitchell, Roger Case, Don ald Raub, Harold Brown, Quentin Dunlap, Richard Gaylor, Phillip Caverly, Pauline Montaro Absent Evelyn Learn, Kenneth Benham President . . . . Nonman Pn ce Vice-President . . . . . Bruce Moody Secretary . . . . . Kenneth Benham Treasurer . . . Donald Shaffer Nfy X X f TQ ,B SX C ,fQ N Q1 6,19 39 WNW L.9 ef M 12 SCDPHOMORE5 Front Row Healy, Barbara Fairfield, Miss Second Row Warren Emerson, Jerge Third Row William Miller, Burlingame Ruth Miller, Rowena Miller, Marie Jackson, Edward Hedden, Patricia Lindbloom Loren Hastings, Raymond Goodyear, John Wilson, Arnold Kratts, Robert Catherine Struble, Ronald Shabala, Ernest Burt, Wayne Wagner, Dorothy Absent Ploma Weaver President Marie Healy Vice President Rowena Miller Secretary Barbara Jackson Treasurer Edward Hedden K M ,H D :::" A V' 'ar 4 N x 1: 43 , in fi H ru FRESHMEN Front Row Ruth Brisbee, Margaret Rogers Louis Pelow, Wilma Farwell, Milly Lou Herridge Eugene Bishop, Mary Stimson, Wanda Ervay, Miss Miller Second Row Hazel Bishop, Ida Mullen, Betty Learn, Laudis Masten, Betty Oakley, Charles Stim son, Ellodene Willover, Bernice Hooper, Betty Myers, Phyllis Pinney, Virginia Healy Third Row Clifton See, Donald Weatherall, Richard Lowe, Paul Doty, Robert Perrington, Edward Miller, Edgar Frost. Absent: Ralph Burton. President . . . . . Milly Lou Herridge Vice-President . . . . Wilma Farwell Sec'y. - Treas. . . . Eugene Bishop a SEVENTH G RADE X, Mak 'N Front Row: Gloria Learn, Rosamond Lockwood, Geraldine Luh, Dorothy Franklin, May Masten, Ruth Hale, Mary Montaro, Virginia Gaylor, Delores Oakley. Second Row: lr. Austin, Ralph Hurlburt, John Shread, Carl Kent, Carl Villella, Richard Rogers, Robert Stegner, Donald Strong, Pauline Strubble. Third Row: William Colley, Richard Brown, Verlyn Myers, Harriet Folts, Marlon Bell, Delores Wilson, Helen Burt 0 Fourth Row: James Smith, John ell, Donald Blackmon, Walter Karst, John Learn. Absentees: Joan Redding, Ruth Bender, Phyllis Henry, June Clayson, Arlene Mitchell, Richard Hardlnger, Robert Weather- Kenneth Hedden, Richard Jerge, Joseph Bunk, Reed, Norma Crawford. Front Row: Eleanor Colley, Ruth Wilber, Gladys Schieler, Roberta Wing, Doris Schieler, Betty Farwell, Evelyn Bell, Clara Lou Hogue. Second Row: Miss Farwell, Louis Underwood, Paul Dehnkamp, Walter Wilson, Daniel Green, Milton Brown, Paul Kent, Edward Bunk. Third Row: Ellen Healy, Doris Adams, Virginia Morgan, Twyla Rae Douglas Wing, Louis Villella, Rodney Emerson, Raymond Emerson. Fourth Row: Arthur Finney, Donald Adams, Karl Dutton, David Smith, See, Ken- neth Learn, Willard McKay, Lester Kenfield, Robert Miller. Absentees: Dale Daniels, June Daniels, Clair Moyer, Earl Cline, Burlingame, Winona Holdridge. if - 4 ,754 l Li -Q.. -i EIGHTH GRADE Jean I' mflm 1 X I HFTH RADE - L. I J' ff z f 1' f' 1 ff L lf f 4 fg fpfjjgj-Z 7 ff y F A ' J e a Learn, Audrey Emerson, Ida May Brooks, L -dbfyfbjpykrl a J h Holmes, Jean Schieler, Mary Lou Ingram, f ,Jef fig V , J ginia Von Dusen, Janet Hogue, Le Anna Johnson, I M ff I' ,YLE le 1 0 fvgfxf ,, j?5,f F E290 Row: e n Rogers, Richard Collins, Richard Stegner, ffffViUpf , , V, rl retgZ5Qonald Hurlburt, Walter Frost, Howard Hammond, PA,r',f1x,f eth a nald Burlingame, Miss Corrigan. :Lff ry Jeff ,,AM , ind, : James Lockwood, Norman Case, Kenneth Finney, 12114, tfvbtfd Wa Bldg, ee, William Isaman, Harold Peasley, Owen Burt, Jud- I 71 n Du on, Vincent Dutton 3,97 mj1,' H,ff9q5iijg?entees: Flora Gaylor, Jack Crawford, Pearl Knapp, Thomas T ofa' f frBil,,de- I r ' I, r Sl GRADE Ill all un ll' l,'. Ill can l" ,aol QU Hn HH N' 'll' Inu 1 "Z ..l Ill 1!,"' H' jyn Front Row: Normajean Villella, Frances Robbins, Evelyn Coss, Thalia Holmes, Patricia Patterson, Mary Lowe. Second Row: Mrs. Brown Janice Stimson, Betty Montero, Joyce Wagner, Em a Hibbard, Joan Binder, Marian Myers, Nita Wris- ley. Third Row: Hershal Learn, Alton Hodge, Donald Sinsabough, Frank Stimson, Jack Bryant, Leon Bisnett, Robert Johnson. Absentees: Alfred Bender, Robert Bell, Harry Green, Charles Struble. XTH -rv adeline Learn, Hanchett, Etta Front Row: Norma Linderman, Janet Hiller, N Virginia Myers, Clara Green, Nancy Frost, Virginia Isaman, Miss Koenig. Second Row: Donald Ingram, Charles Cradduck, Jane Hale, Audrey Wagner, Virginia Willover, Ann drick Durphy, Douglas Clayson. Third Row: Max Hurlburt, Robert Holdridge, Earl Doty, Robert Wilson, Dale Wagner, William See, Robert Everitt, Earl Brooks, Douglas Colley, Robert Hooger. Absentees: Lewis Burlingame, Walter Grambow, Janet Daniels, Irene Crawford. Nettie Hammond Crandall, Ken- Front Row: Lillian Eaton, Joan Stephens, June Hale, Marie Barnes, Mary Ann Franklin, Louise Storm, Mary Ann Luh, Rosabell Bishop. Second Row: Marilyn Gibbin, Orrin Oakley, Robert Robbins, Billie Hurlburt, De Forest Wilber, Wayne Kent, Tom y Ervay, Bruce Blackmon, Vera Hooper. Third Row: Miss Metzger, Walter Margeson, Victor Kent, Don- ald Swart, James Holmes, Larry Linderman, Edward Gaylor, Gorden Hooper, William Gaylor. Absentees: Kenneth Knapp, Edward Gould, Richard Wilson, Ken neth Zacher, Bonnie Lee Streight, Edna Margeson. 1 Crm RJMUH GRADE Mr K? THIRD GRADE '7 'I ! FIRST GRADE S9 Wi-yr I -L Q lsr car witgssgzsb Front Row: Julia Reed, Audrey Clayson, Virginia Barnes, Anne Linderman, Cherry Robbins, Janet Patterson, June Everltt, Dorothy Learn, Patricia Jorge, Miss Kratts. Second Row: Milford Williams, Patty Perrington, Kathryn Isaman, Sandra Farwell, Loretta Blossom, Alice Durphy, Marjorie Goranson, Richard Lamb, Ronald Dutton, Neil Saylor, Donald Farwell. Third Row: Robert Smith, Ronald Bell, Raymond Wagner, Ralph Shellman, George Hanchett, Duane Holdridge, Robert Luzler, Donald Wilkins, Gordon Kellogg, Kenneth Healy, James Schieler, Norman Van Dusen, James Stephens. Absentees: Willard Anderson, Stanley Blackmon, Robert Struble, Charles Gould, George Hillman, Gerald Edwards, Dorothy Smith, Martha Gibbin, Norma Hodge, Jane Straight, Josephine Sweeten, Carol Wilson, Shirley Fairfield. Front Row: Patricia Wilson, Minnie Brooks, Marian Robbins, Alberta Gaylor, Marie Lowe, Donna Bonham, Ruth Burt, Nancy Simon, Margaret Luzier, Elaine Learn, Virginia Emerson, Molly White, Marilyn Strong, Doris Burlingame. Second Row: Mary Anne Folts, Gerald Wagner, Charles Stephens, Jack Schle- ler, Gerald Linderman, Donald Clayson, Richard Grambow, Kenneth Blade, Cecelia Luh, Marian Zacher, Loretta Durphy, Alberta Eaton, Florence Holmes. Third Row: Nelson Burt, James Dutton, Jerry Gaylor, Robert Milgate, John Cradduck, Earl Pequeen, Jay Reed, Kay Kent, Keith Linderman, Charles Hitchcock, Walter Davis, Paul Linderman, Anthony Bunk, Richard Everitt, Thomas Hale, Howard Linderman, Miss Van Dyke. Absentees: John Knapp, Elmer Margeson, Carl Sweeten, Robert Morgan, Elbon See, Norma Bell, Elaine Robinson. 5 V 2 2 1 nmflhannf-rw ' an SECOND G RADE TEE WINNING ESSAY, POEM AND STORY AIMING HIGH Aiming high is a priceless habit that I think every individual student should form and make a part of himself It is not easy, or even popular, because it is closely related to the old fashioned idea of hard work Nevertheless students must remember that a man can't dream his way into a career, he has to forge it with his own hands School is one of the best and most important places for a boy or girl t set a high standard to attain, for it is here that he becomes more independent of others, learns to do his own work, and begins the development of his abilities that will lead on into the future The school student who aims high in his work, his conduct, his regard and res pect for the views and opinions of others, his choice of friends, his care of property, both his own and his schools, and his willingness to accept responsibility, is more certain, later in life, to be a successful man, than is the student who is merely interested in getting through school Aiming high ls, however, something more than just work It is the key to character, it affords an inside view of what the person really is It is one of the means by which the world judges the A persons life is greatly influenced by other people, and he, in turn, influ ences others As the alms of a nation can be no higher than those of the citi zens who compose lt, it is more lmpor tant now than ever before that individu al aims, physical, mental, moral, and spiritual, should be high, for, ln Lin coln's own words, 'in your hands, my fellow students and citizens, lies the future of our country' By aiming high we too can prove as worthy of our charges as Lincoln was of his Sadie Wilber Class of '41 AIM HIGH We h ve often wondered how Some folks get where they are An office in a big hotel, A shiny bright new car Aim high and then keep going Up the ladder step by step And you will have as good as they, If your aim ln life is kept Aim high and then keep going! You are sure to reach the top But if your aim in l1fe's not high Then you're licked before you start Norma Crawford Seventh Grade PETER'S LUCK Ever since that day when Peter Von Holpe had gone to the city with his fa ther and had seen the large brick school building that the boys and girls went to, he had a yearning to go too He had told no one about this, not even his brother, with whom he shared his secrets One day, however, he said to his fa ther, 'Father, I I well, I would like to o to the school in the city ' at?' screamed his father, 'You go to school! Oh, no son, your mother needs you to help her with her work And how would you get there? lt's at least eight miles 'Oh , sighed Peter However, he dldn't give up hoping that someday his wish would be fulfilled One day about a month later, Peter saw a group of men standing around a bulletin pasted on the store window H overheard one of the men reading, 'The school in the city will send a bus out in the country for a radius of ten miles to get all the children that would like to o to school 'Foolishness, I call itl Peter's heart stood still for a minute He couldn't believe his ears Then he remembered what his father had said about his helping his mother Oh he thought 'I couldn't go anyway But brave little Peter didn't give up the city To make matters worse, his little sister, Gretchen, became very ill After that, his mother needed him more than ever One evening about three days after this, Peter was sent to the burgh to get some more medicine for Gretchen Coming home he saw a little patch of flowers growing on the dike Thinking that Gretchen might like them he stopped to pick a bouquet Suddenly he stared at the ground It looked like waterl Yes! It was water It could mean only one thing, a leak in the dike Poor Peter didn't know what to do He was in a bad predicament His sister needed the medicine, but Holland needed its land He finally decided to shout until someone came He shouted until he was hoarse but no one came Suddenly he heard a shout Some one had seen him, He waited impatiently for the men to come Breathlessly he poured out his story to them so they skillfully mended the tiny hole When the burgomaster heard the story he rewarded Peter and the men with two hundred guilders each Next morning the school bus to the city carried a happy little boy whose mothers' tasks were lightened by the help of a hired servant, and whose own heart was singing the song, 'I knew I could do it if I triedl' Clara Lou Hogue Eighth Grade o gum ' I n Q . e . ' I! ll e , , gn individual. hoping that he could go to the school in rf Xf, 'T 5 ll 37 V Q J ig H , N 4X X41 JN by W MA L? 19 L .r of aww lg W Q kk i ll 51 ,b-KL""--- ,gun-, g? 1 K X Front R: B. White, Typist: W. Emerson, Assoc. Ed.: N. Bax- ter, Editor: D. Burlingame, Bus. Mgr.: D. Finch, Typist. Second R: M. Healy, Artist H. Brown, Sales Mgr., B. Oak- ley, Photography, Es. Crosby, Adv't.g W. Grover, Literary Ed D. Hedden, Adv't.3 N. Price, Adv't.g J. Moody, Typist. idvisersz Mrs. Grambow and Hr. Saunders. ed by a student-faculty commit tee. The staff has complete charge of the editing and pub- lishing of the HCS PANORAHA. The production of this year's book was accomplished in a short period of time. We hope you will like our book and sometime far in the future you may have the pleasure of look- ing through it and remembering the many joys and tears shared with each other. The Panorama Staff was pick- - 2 - z i. STUDENT COUNC1L Front Row: Mary Stimsong Esther Crosby, Treas.g Gilbert Dehnkamp, Pres., Warren Emer- son, Vice-Pres.g Ethel Crosby, Sec'y. Second R: Donald Raub, Don- ald Kent, Mr. Stone, Adviser, Louis Pelow. Absent: Ploma Weaver. The Student Council is gain ing importance in Hinsdale Cen tral School every year. One of its duties is to finance the annual senior trip and to allot money to clubs. The Council also directs the point system for block letters. This year it has sponsored several dances, a spaghetti supper, a silver tea, several plays and an operetta. It has conducted a campaign for old paper to sell, sold candy and stationery to meet the budget. Several changes were made in the point system and three dances were planned for next year. TW iffy gs PANCRAMA ' STAFF 6 N l i 41 if O-0 A SCHINCE CLUB Front Row: Mary Stimson, Ralph Chambers, Herman Hull, Pres., Sibyl Mitchell, Vice- Fres.3 Wayne Wagner, Sec'y. Ruth Dunlap. Second Row: Richard Lowe, Mr. Joslyn, Doris Kibbe. Absent: David Scott. The theory that science is the basis of civilization is believed by members of Science Club. As a main event this year, the Catt. Co. Science Fair was sponsored. Members also aided in decorating the gym for dan- ces. All members joined the American Institute Science and Engineering Club. Several sci- entific excursions are planned. HOME EC. CLUB Front Row: Robert Hiller, Milton Brown, Walter Wilson, Mrs. Herridge, Robert Perring- ton Edward Miller, Edgar Frost. Second Row: Donald Adams, Donald Weatherall, Louis Pelow Pres.: Norman Baxter, Paul Doty, Richard Lowe. Absent: Earl Cline. The boys this year had as club aims: to learn to cook, learn the proper care of the kitchen while cooking and af- ter cooking, learn to sew, and learn the essentials of First Aid. I MANUS LATINA Front Row: Dorothy Ratzel, Sibyl Mitchell, Consul, Jeanne MacNa1r, Scriptag Miss Lind- bloom. Second Row: Milly Lou Her- ridge, Betty Oakley, Pauline Montaro, Doris Kibbe. Manus H Latina is the only existing language club in Hins- dale Central School. It is composed of pupils who are tak- ing or have taken Latin. It tries to acquaint its members with the importance of the old Roman civilization to the world today. This year Manus Latina has given Latin names to its mem- bers and studied a model Roman home. Latin myths were also read and enjoyed. :- 'L' 8 X FLA SH STAFF L Front R: R. Scott, D. Shaf- fer, L. Briggs, D. Raub, D. Scott, E. Burt, Mr. Stone. Second R: C. Stimson, C. Redding, R. kerrington, E. Frost, R. Miller, R. Jerge, W. Wagner, D. Frost, J. Wilson. Third R: A. Kratts, R. Goodyear, G. Burlingame, L. Morgan, Harold Brown. Absent: D. Kent, R. Cham- bers, Q. Dunlap, C. See, K. Benham. The Future Farmers of Amer- ica is composed of boys taking vocational agriculture. Each year many of the members enter projects in the Catt. Co. Fair and many awards were won this past year. The annual Parents and Son Banquet is an outstanding event of the club. During the year members make numerous trips. The trip to the Nation al Dairy Show in Harrisburg, Pa. was enjoyed by all who went. Last summer four boys represented the Hinsdale Cahp- ter of F. F. A. at Dehli. Front Row: B. White, B. Moody, Ethel Crosby, E. Bishop M. Rogers. Second R: R. Dunlap, D. Kibbe, B. Learn, L. Briggs, B. Oakley, E. Burt, J. Moody. Third R: V. Healy, W. Wag- ner, R. Gaylor, D. Finch, W. Farwell. Advisers: Miss Miller, Mrs. Grambow. This popular paper of H.C.S has made rapid studies in pro- gressing to a self-supporting and a fine paper. The Flash serves to keep the student body well-informed and abreast the current events of the school. It also is a record for past events. This year's issues show marked improvement in the bet- ter grade of paper, clearness of printing, even right-hand columns and special covers. KW, .Q O iii?-I. ' .9 f FUTURE FARMERS VH AM, Wu IX Ps rw H ' AA "TIN HERO" Front Row: Norman Beatrice Emerson, Ruth Doris Hedden, Ethel Baxter, Dunlap, Crosby, Sibyl Mitchell, Donald Raub. Second Row: Loren Briggs, Jeanne MacNa1r, Miss Lindbloom, Donna Frost, Miss Miller, Bar- bara Saylor, Ralph Chambers. The school play, 'The Tin Hero', under the able direc- tion of Miss Miller and Miss Lindbloom was a great success. The plot centered around a timid young man who couldn't swim, but who wrote his mother he had saved a French girl from drowning. His mother ex- aggerated his story wildly, but his reputation is saved when he beats the town cham- pion in a great race. 5 , ,.S'sffv' STAR DRAVIATICS Front Row: Miss Farwell, Doris Adams, Sec'y.-Treas.3 Dolores Oakley, Pres., Doris Schieler, Vice-Pres.3 Dolores Wilson, June Clayson. Second Row: Arthur Pinney, Rodney Emerson, John Shredd, Richard Brown, Walter Wilson. Third Row: Phyllis Henry, Clara Lou Hogue, Geraldine Lou, Ellen Healy. This junior high school or- ganization has for its pur- poses: the presentation of short plays, mastery of tech- nique of stagecraft, and prep- aration for membership in the Footlight Society. Activities included skits and a play for assembly and the making of scenery for the operetta. FOOTLIGHT SOCIETY Front Row: B. Oakley, B. Emerson, Miss Miller, D. Frost Ruth Dunlap, Sec'y. Second Row: B. Myers, M. Healy, L. Masten, P. Finney, Ida Mullen. Absent: E. Learn, Pres.:ll. Holdridge. The members of this society have attempted to learn poise and self control, to speak clearly in public, and to help furnish their fellow students and the com unity with the cul tural and recreational life that drama presents. Members furnished skits be- tween acts of the school play, put on an assembly program, finished puppets and a puppet theatre besides participating in the one-act plays. i I 3:3 Q. J . 1. BAND J ' J Front R: June Clayson, Bet ty Farwell, Vice-Pres., Kath- erine Swart, Betty White, Pres Arlene Burt. Second R: Sibyl Mitchell, Betty Learn, Dolores Oakley, Miss Holden, Twila Rae See, Harriet Folts, Dolores Wilson. Third Rs Geraldine Luh, Evelyn Goss, Margaret Rogers, Doris Kibbe, Sec'y. Absent: Patricia Fairfield Treas. Interest in the Girls Glee Club seemed totne rather lack- ing during this school year. The first semester the girls spent quite a bit of time learning operetta songs. The last semester was spent on southern songs and Italian songs as "O Sole Lilo" and "San ta Lucia." Front R: M. Montaro, B. Hooper, E. Willover, C. Stru- ble, R. Miller, N. Baxter, B. Jackson, D. Grost, C. Hogue, J. Redding, M. Farwell. Second R: Miss Holden, D. Strong, Rich. Stegner, J. Hit- chell, W. Karst, W. Miller, R. Shabala, Rob. Stegner, A. Burt, H. Learn, L. Kenfield, R. Hurl- burt. Third R: G. Dehnkamp, K. Heddon, J. Learn, E. Cline, V. Morgan, P. Weaver, K. Swart, B. Farwell, Had. Brown, M. Ro- gers, R. Wing, P. Finney. Absent: P. Fairfield. This year's band has shown a slight decrease in quantity but a marked increase in qual- ity. Under the supervision of Miss Holden, the band made progress to the extent it was invited to play over WHDL. A home concert was given May 23. Friendship C. S. and Hinsdale exchanged concerts for assem- bly programs. The H. C. S. band also played before and after the school play. GLEE CLUB .W-5. me . Fail J, ' vvyffw 11,134.1 ,V JR.SCJENCE CLUB Front R: Mr. Saunders, W. Wilson, R. Weatherall, D. Strong, Pres.g K. Hedden, Sec'y.3 M. Brown. Second R: L. Villella, E. Bell, G. Schieler, R. Lockwood, R. Rogers, Vice-Pres., K. Learn. Junior high school pupils were given a chance to partici pate in scientific activities when the Junior Science Club was formed. The members base their operations on the Senior Science Club. They have con- structed bird houses, perform- ed experiments with O23H2, and conducted a camera picture pro- ject. JR AG CLUB Front R: Mr. Stone, R. Hurlburt, Sec'y W. Colley, Pres., D. Smith, Vice-Pres.g Ray. Emerson, Treas.g J. Smith. Second R: R. Wing, B. Far- well, D. Wing, C. Kent, C. Vil lella, P. Kent, V. Morgan, A. Burt. Third R: E. Colley, R. Jerge, L. Kenfield, V. Myers, W. McKay, T. See. Absent: W. Holdridge, D. Daniels, J. Daniels, J. Bur- llngame. Projects of members include gardening, raising of chickens, pigs and calves. Several are goint to enter projects in the Catt. Co. Fair this fall. HOBBY CLUB Seated: G. Learn, Sec'y.- Treas.3 R. Hardinger, W. Karst D. Franklin. Standing: D. Blackman, J. Shredd, Mr. Austin, J. Learn, Rob. Stegner, Pres., J. Mitch- ell, Vice-Pres. The Hobby Club was organiz- ed to promote the growth of hobbies. Among the hobbies of the members this school year were model airplanes, stamp collections, button collec- tions, and the making of pup- pets. i N' CLUB l EARCl-ILIGHT Front R: Mr. Johnson, R. Gaylor, D. Scott, D. Shaffer, Sec'y.3 B. Moody, Vice-Pres,3 L. Pelow, M. Comfort. Second R: R. Scott, S. Mitchell, B. Myers, B. Oakley, E. Crosby, M. Rogers, P. Cav- erly. Third R: L. Briggs, R. Goodyear, K. Dake, Har. Brown, E. Burt, R. Perrington. Fourth R: E. Frost, G. Bur- 4 lingame, C. Redding, D. Raub, E. Bishop, R. Chambers. Absent: N. Price, Pres., D. Kent, Treas. Members of this club aimed to learn and carry out more of the general details of athlet- ics or sports. Several meet- ings were held during the fall and games of touch football were enjoyed. Due to lack of space durln' the winter season not many meetings were held and interest seemed to wane. Left to Right: Hazel B1- shop, Wanda Ervay, Bernice Hooper, Sec'y.3 Virginia Healy, Barbara Saylor, Pres.: Donna Frost, Vice-Pres.3 Betty Oak- ley, Miss Miller. Absent: Doris Heddon. The Searchlight Club which was organized in 1941 under the supervision of Miss Miller, school librarian, has for its aims: To help others find library material and other in- formation, to develop a sense of responsibility and coopera- tion, and to increase interest in all library work, books and authors, through working in connection with them. Activities of each club mem- ber lncluded responsibility for the library bulletin boards, checking out books, reading shelves, and mending books. The club has been a great help to the librarian and to the many students who desire library information. SPORTS C LUB 5 . ,., H 5,52 fl SCHOCN CAI FNDAR Sept Oct Nov 14,15 21 25 Dec B11 March 18,19 April May 2,5 June 24 School opened P T A Business meeting Searchlight Club formed 'Ag' boys went to Harrisburg F F A Fresh en Initiation P T A Nurse's Experiences First issue of 1940 41 'Flash Teachers' Conference, Buffalo Com unity Halloween Party 1 China Halloween Dance Vocational Institute at Olean Anmistice Day The Tin Hero' School Play T A Music Thanksgiving Vacation I N Y I P A Meeting, Buffalo P T A Discussion of Education Junior Senior Party Ear tests Pageant "The Spirit of Christmas Time" Christmas Vacation began Christmas Vacation ended P T A Ca pfire Girls' Play Regents Week Spaghetti Supper Valentine Dance L1ncoln's Birthday Senior Silver Tea at Stones' P T A Tureen Supper, Sound Movies Group pl c tures t aken P T A Discussion of Education Friendship Central School Band Assembly H C S in Spelling Bee over WHDL Roads blocked by snow no school Volleyball Tournament at Olean All Star Basketball at Olean Glee Club Party Interscholastic Quiz Team WHDL Easter Holidays Spelling Team vs Shinglehouse Arrival of Senior pictures One act Plays Science Fair Spelling Operetta Team defeated by Cuba The K1ng's Sneezes Health Program Concert IHDL Speaker from R B I Central School Band Concert Junior Senior-Faculty Banquet Memorial Day Vacation HCS Band Assembly Hinsdale P T A Induction of Officers Move Up Night Regents Week Commencement . 5 9 . . .-- . 1 4 7 . . . 14 . . .-- n 18 - ll 25 51 . 1 9 11 n 11 18 Po 0 a""' U . 7 . . . . . . 9 s 0 0" 10 - 16 20 -- 20 J . 2 4 0 0 s'- 20-24 23 Feb. l "Ag" Achievement Day, Ellicottville 7 12 14 17 . . .-- 6 10 . . .-- 12 -- 15 . . . 22 25 - 25 5 -- 10-18 19 . 23 2 - 3 9 ,,n - n 12 P. T. A.-- 14 -- 16 -- . . . 25 26 - 50 9 o Q 0" 13 - 16-20 QQ. 9. i, fs tr" r Q pf' f les ai is? f s W 1 wwf "' 'Q' ' ,ma if ,,,5 2'5 Q 1 . . 5 MQ? -vi th. Qi Begfge Y.fo+A'xRg' 11 w mlufm MSF MW hi FUFV5 S W5 xg? , H 2 fa 'GF7 Qian 21 F-113354 gigs: 1 'IZ 5' A 5' 3" 0 mtg y EL" ' A Sv 0 , PM - 1' I I I I K tvs 1 - I 1 'a ' I I L I N VQ Q7 ge K 1 , 5 - 5 i-A I v- . 'T 'lg , 4 I' up LJ 'L T VARSITY ASKETBALL Front R: L. Pelow, R. Gay- lor, H. Hull, D. Scott, G. Burlingame. Second R: Mr. Johnson, E. Burt, M. Brown, D. Scott, R. Perrington, E. Bishop, L. Briggs, D. Raub. Third R: J. Wilson, W. Oakley, M. Comfort, W. Emerson. The junior varsity is the compulsory elementary team which prepares participants for competition. This year be- sides the four league teams in Class C, the Jay Vees play- ed Rushford, Ellicottvllle and Little Valley Cwhich is Class B teaml. The junior varsity was highly successful this year as they won all their league games and lost but one non-league game. Front Row: B. Moody, W. Miller, Mr. Johnson, H. Brown. Second Row: N. Price, N. Baxter, G. Dehnkamp, K. Benham The varsity basketball team this year showed another mark- ed improvement over the previ- ous year's team. The varsity this year scored victories over Delevan which had never been beaten by Hinsdale before and over Class B teams Elli- cottville and Little Valley. We were also tied for first place in the Class C league. 1940-41 SCHEDULE HCS Date Opponent 56 Nov. 29 Little Valley-24 24 Dec. 6 Rushford - - -50 45 Dec. 13 Machias - - - 25 21 Dec. 20 West Valley - 24 28 Jan. lO Delevan - - - 44 50 Jan. 17 Ellicottville 41 20 Jan. 24 Limestone - - 19 55 Jan. 31 Machias - - - 27 17 Feb. 7 West Valley - 27 41 Feb. ll Little Valley 10 51 Feb. 14 Delevan - - - 59 24 Feb. 18 Rushford - - 25 47 Feb. 21 Ellicottville 29 25 Feb. 28 Limestone - - 24 J-V BASKETBALL 'D PQ fi f. BASEBALL Wrestling: D. Scott, G. Bur lingame. First Row: R. Goodyear, N. Price, Vr. Johnson, B. Moody, L. Briggs, R. Chambers, R. Perrington, C. See. Second Row: H. Brown, D. Scott, E. Burt, C. Stimson, D. Kent, K. Dake, D. Frost, Q. Dunlap, W. Wilson, E. Bunk. This is the first year that we have had wrestling and feel that we did very well to win second place in Cattaraugus County. Wrestling is well- liked and gives many boys who do not play basketball, a var- sity sport to compete in. All the schools' we wrestled with are larger than we are and we would like to form a league of Class C schools next year. Wrestling is a very good muscle building conditioner and keeps one physically strong as well as mentally awake. Front R: L. Pelow, W. M11- ler, H. Hull, Scorekeeperg R. Shabala, B. Hoody, N. Price. Second R: Mr. Johnson, H. Brown, N. Baxter, K. Dake, G. Burlingame, D. Raub. Absent but playing this season: C. Stimson, Had.Brown The baseball team represent ing H. C. S. for the year 1939 40 was fairly successful. It placed third among five teams which participated. Although such veterans as K. Blackmon, J. Blackman, J. Burton and K. Burton are missing this year the hopes for a good season are c 1939-40 SCHEDULE May 2 e e o o e e Great 9 e e e 0 0 May 15 . . . At Limestone May 16 . . . . . West Valley May e e Q o o e Delevan May 23 . . . . At Great Valley May 27 . . . . . At Machlas June 3 . . . . . Limestone June 6 . . . .At West Valley June e e o e 1 Delevan WRESTLING it iii' ,rl VCMLEYBALL Front Row: I. Mullen, B. Myers, P. Finney, L. Masten, R. Brisbee, H. Bishop. Second Row: M. Herridge, D. Kibbe, D. Ratzel, B. White, M. Rogers, B. Jackson, D. Finch, E. Burt, M. Rogers, M. Stimson, K. Struble. Third Row: J. Moody, E. Crosby, J. MacNair, P. Fair- field, W. Grover, L. Weaver, B. Oakley, E. Crosby, D. Frost B. Burlingame, Mr. Johnson. Intramurals in girls volley ball occurred shortly before Easter vacation. From each senior high school homeroom there was chosen a team of six girls to participate in the games. The teams ranked as follows at the end: Seniors, Juniors, Freshmen and Sophomores. The Seniors had three wins, but the game with the Juniors was a tough one as the final score showed 16-14. Front Row: Hadley Brown, William Miller, Mr. Johnson, Herman Hull, Bruce Moody. Second Row: Louis Pelow, Don Kent, Don Shaffer, Norman Baxter, George Burlingame, Donald Raub, Norman Price. The H. C. S. Volleyball team again competed in the tournament held in Olean High School Gymnasium on March 22. Schools numbering eight, from the eastern part of Cattarau- gus County participated. Fast clean games were held through- out the day and when the smoke of the games had cleared we found our team in third place, only Olean and Franklinville being ahead. CURLS VGLMYBALL C .9 BST Q8 QMWWQLJWM7 fum-N71 f6a,Z22l7flffff,L 45' WWW 8454 Cay SH SMELL BKQS AlRfGNDlTIQNING PLUMBING HEATIN D Jqxf 5 PU WU IC HQU J T? 5263 MFI! VH I r N QQ B90 FO 2 Vs G C, ,eau ' ' Zphohe ' Oledh- . 515 w STAT? ST jfjr' P f-J F Let M5 uP yOlL gp OLE-IAN Wifk Your musicalNeed Lk ""EhLSVILLE O 1 S SE Gro c e.r'i e S Defen able enfalSe:-vice H Q awcl ,J phone, To L A C Co f- f C- NN -1 4 'bf V-,I-J JJ .I JFK. 'Sars XFLJ-W Hf' W 1-HI f' F J' bar General 'fmres Get Your Tnres Renewed. Under T,lweKraFt System OkTOMETRIST KJ 0l.llNS Eye Examination Glasses 111 Times Square Phone 3462 Fo A VqanHEt R W Reynolds Prop Cor West State k 10th St Dial 3555 Olean N Y FREE DELIVERY 54th Summer Term begins July 54th Fall Tenm begins Sept 22 Registered by the Regents 530 positions filled last year by our free Employment Department! Sidway Building 775 Main Street Buffalo New York Catalogue on Request I7 IOHI7 S'treef Ngvq o Q, Official eweers to the Class of few OLEAN it's Z5L,KUH"' H DSJEIC CETI'f7'3I SCh001 ALWAYS QPEN3 Buy Your OAKLEY 3 FLOOR FINISHES and CLEALILG MATERIAL ORCHHFRD CFXMP Olean New York G E 5 Buffalo Highway ks F ALADUQEILQQ Oil Groceries Gas Buffav0,NY TRAILERS CABINS f I KJ l'l"' ff L .. rl ,X rj 14 EiJ!Yxo icifg rl-'R ia rig ,E C H 0 W N S C H O O L O F B U S I N E S S CJ B 5 IN wwf f 'fb " J I no I Lee KQNJC EXCHANGE STABLE5 5 l SPECIALIZING IN Sf CL 5 CATTLE 6 HORSES fW7a""'V jay can can ?,f,UW7 FERTILIZER FARM .SUPPLIES WILLARD E BROWN N 5 E15 6 Thone I6 Phone 3 il, A S HINSDALE, NEW YORK Esso Dealers Wholesal 1001 PENN. OIL an GQQSOLINE in Cl cu, ff AGENT BUYER HINSDALE, N. Y. NAIRN INLAID LIHOLEUM f-' Pr"r f-X D Q PAINTS FLOOR w.axEs QL EA N, N EW Yew CLEANING-SANITHQION SUFPLIES E,J.5clwemingem' CO- 515 W t St t St t Ph 4563 Rong ScoTTs U EACLEMENT 4-'ORNERS SERVICE 61 SHNDWIC HES GGA5 0 1: L LIGHT LUNCHES REASING SOFT vnmxs faccgggomgg Hmm' C y 19 HouR SERVICE Nm AND Blames FROM H 6 GENERAL MERCHANDISE FINSDALE NEW YORK 1 r HA RDwARE GROCERIES h D t ib t 1 MENS VEQETABLES PHONE 10 HINSDAL E N Y H h C37 AIRING G4 h St O6 H ilt 1 t O1 N Y I IL Quic unches Sundaes o r s and . .Y , Phone: 7-: Aut orized 1 Of Famous Read g A th it J ' ' L d H th d ig G d St k Phone 4900 qi: cii? , MOQCYK Since R P i Shop Q EXLETET SHOE REE . W k Done While You a 1 N1 Aw i 1 am on St IHIF HN LW iQ ENE. I3ENNE f'I "Cf HE NME HR AX HL INN S UMR ANN OE Phone TF4 n dal N r mm XA Q ?h Y 'MSW ANDAl1RY I9 wow E wo X W Q N , Vi 5 cj PE I K N BUSH, M, J , X , .fl ' --- Designers --- Bui ' -5 4 -f 3- . I I J 'I ' ', SCHOO SBODIES one fo 'Penn.S'an, N. , F INC H C1 KOCEKY fifxll 'IW Y-J.f' -41.4 QD FOR MEATS AND GROCERIES TRIANGLE PRICES GAS AND OIL WE DENVER THE rERFECT MILK FOR BABIES from BROWN SWISS CATTLE QKMD ifcknwfaie '52 5111 Efqofafffw CQJZWL 77 Eff 5 is-wee, pec1a1ists in Permanent Waving Modern Styles Moderately Priced Open Monday, Wednesday, Friday and by Appointment Lucille Brown Phone 5417 Manager LANNEN WALL PAPER, PAINTS, PICTURE FRAMING, VENETIAN BLINDS and WINDOW SHADES Phone 3007 204 W State St BANFIELD 5 KENDA LI. SEPVICE Corner of Main and Center Streets Olean, New York Complete Lubrication lashing Polishing Service -EO DUGANx,0 JEWELEPS 8 ENGRAVERS Watch, Clock R Jewelry Repairing a Speciality lasonic Bldg Olean, N Y ONCE YOU TRY YOU'LL ALWAYS BUY GASGQIL Art and W VC, rap Hinsdale Olean Road T F . I A A BLUE SLJNOCQ 5 .L . . as FJ . AUTOGRAPHS S.

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