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Altvater, Rhonda: 98, 123, 126, 154 Armstrong, Larry: 98, 116, 155 Atterholt, Starla: 98 Baldner, John: 98, 12, 143 Basinger, Brit: 67, 89, 98, 151 Beck, Mindy: 50, 53, 98, 109 Blough, Kris: 98, 149, 154 Boals, Rod: 3, 98 Boyer, Collene: 98, 109, 153, 154, 161 Brubaker, Rick: 8, 17, 66, 98 Butdorf, Tim: 54, 98, 101 Case, Kelly: 98, 161 Chapman, Sandy: 63, 98, 154 Charman, Jayne: 54, 10, 98, 109, 100, 144, 160 Cline, Brian: 50, 77, 85, 98, 155 Cline, Tim: 50, 67, 77, 85, 98, 123, 155 Collins, Jennifer: 98, 153 Dague, Douglas: 12, 79, 98 Denning, Brad: 65, 98 Dennis, Amy: 2, 11, 59, 63, 98, 144, 153, 154, 161 Dilgard, Todd: 5, 8, 17, 66, 67, 77, 83, 98, 118 Dormaier, Mona: 98 Erhardt, Dinia: 98, 153 Erhardt, Lee: 8, 59, 98 Fortune, Jeff: 99 Frank, Douglas: 99, 155 French, Clinton: 59, 65, 99, 151 Fry, Shelli: 99, 116 Gilbert, Vicki: 99 Harlan, Jim: 12, 99, 116, 149, 158 Harned,Anita:11,63,99,101,116,151,154,156,158,160 Hawks, Greg: 50, 99, 109, 116, 123, 145, 149 Hendrix, Barbara: 63, 75, 99, 116, 122, 158 Hines, Julie: 48, 75, 81, 99, 143 Holderbaum, Robert: 65, 89, 99, 153 Horn, Richard: 89, 99 Huff, Mark: 99 Jones, Amy: 50, 73, 99, 150, 153, 154 Jones, Michele: 16, 61, 63, 99, 109, 144, 151, 154, 156, 157 Knight, Kevin: 12, 67, 79, 89, 99, 109, 151, 156 Krebs, Heidi: 99, 144, 149 Krebs, Kecia: 99, 153, 144 Krichbaum, Susan: 9, 99, 123, 151, 153, 160 Leech, Rhonda: 99 Leibolt, Jerry: 6, 99, 115, 155 Lewis, Thomas: 77, 99, 155 Lindner, Mike: 17, 66, 67, 99, 122, 149, 160 Littleton, Margaret: 43, 99, 100, 116, 144, 149, 153 Long, Dan: 17, 49, 54, 66, 67, 89, 99, 149, 152, 156 McQuillen, Keith: 99, 161 McQuillen, Kevin: 99, 161 Mark, John: 43, 45, 67, 99, 109, 155 Martin, Devon: 99, 116, 143 McAbee, Edward: 9, 65, 85, 99, 153 McCoy, Michael: 65, 99, 143 McCracken, Don: 59, 99 McFarlin, Michelle: 54, 15, 70, 71, 99, 109 McGinnis, Julie: 44, 45, 54, 99, 144, 154, 156 McGovern, Brigid: 9, 12, 67, 99, 109, 156, 157, 160 McKee, Vicki: 3, 99, 108, 151, 153, 158, 160 Miller, James: 3, 99, 108, 151, 153, 158, 160 Miller, Kelly: 99, 123 Miller, Todd: 83, 99, 143 Morgan, Kenneth: 5, 12, 49, 77, 99 Motter, Cameo: 10, 15, 13, 70, 71, 99 Overholt, Kim: 11, 42, 51, 59, 63, 100, 107, 108, 144, 153, 154 Pakes, Carol: 13, 100, 149, 154, 156 Patterson, Holly: 100, 150 Patznick, Bill: 100, 121, 151 Paullin, Vicki: 100, 153 Prince, Janette: 81, 100, 151, 154, 156, 158, 160, 168 Ritter, Rhonda: 4, 100, 153, 154 Rush, Treasa: 63, 87, 100, 144, 153, 154, 155 Russell, David: 12, 44, 45, 100, 108, 158, 160 Sams, Traci: 100, 148, 151, 153 Scheibe, Dale: 100, 121, 153 Schonfeld, Jason: 100, 155 Shrader, Brian: 49, 100, 155 Seibert, Tim: 100, 77 Shearer, Diane: 100 Shenberger, Chris: 17, 77, 67, 66, 85, 100, 155, 157 Smith, Robbie: 67, 84, 85, 100, 115, 153 Sparr, James: 65, 77, 100 Sparr, Joe: 3, 65, 77, 101, 115 Steele, Kenneth: 65, 101, 153, 155 Steward, Richard: 101, 108, 112, 151, 158, 160 Stoner, Ken: 101, 108, 120, 121 Strine, Tom: 5, 54, 65, 77, 89, 85, 91, 101, 167 Stull, Lisa: 48, 101, 116, 144, 123, 153 Teeple, Teresa: 101 Titus, Larry: 101, 153, 160 Triesler, Sherry: 101, 158 Weaver, Brian: 45, 79, 100, 101, 151, 158, 160 Weikel, Wendi: 44, 45, 101, 143, 150, 153, 160 Weikel, Robert: 101, 155 Williams, Kelly: 101, 116, 144, 150 Wiltrout, Beth: 7, 15, 70, 71, 101, 108, 151, 153, 160 Winters, Sherri: 9, 101, 154 U Yeater, Porter: 48, 67, 83, 101, 115, 155 Yerian, Randy: 155 Young, Jeff: 59, 101, 120, 155 THE ARTWORK IN THIS BOOK IS PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT My .MQ .Ax 'xx ,, X . ,,,,,. ,sq ,sw , X--.M M 'MA Keep in touch g I I V, 2, O O 'er ,, , ig ,.,, ii Keep in touch with friends e 3? R F fi YVN hen you make new friends, d0n't forget the old L hi? 4 R i 5 ,li 2.4 ' 1 M vpn I sax 'W Qi! 'Vg 1 "-Q! Q i v .gi 5 3 ,. .14 l ,I , 1 5 V 2 ff 'fi Q' A,ei"4,... Ma, Keep in touch with hard wfwrk gl. fi K - . Wm. QE: G6 99 If any man would not work, neither should he ,..........,.......-MW, " Mwimg 'Z -..,...h..v.,.,.-qw... ,gm--f Q -19- , - v nn 5, -es V' V4 ' 1113 wx F4 ,, ,Y 'E r 3 "It is the spirit that quickenethv Keep in touch with victories A 11 W v 2 5 I' We E V 3: , .lf "Victory is within our grasp" cue Q 5 -4 if 3 ft A 3, z QM YFWQ ' 1 . '., :Msg - 'QFQQ4-Txhwf' KVJE' "4" 'K Kxk'kL ' Riwgm ,,,,,4 xv 'wisp , '-X, f M 1, V n A ,ff M . W, -iff A fs 4 'J wfxi ' u' ,. . ,x k Fw ' A 'K , Q . ', pt., is W, f.w, 3' A jr ' 63936. x X. THANK YOU HILLSUALE RESIDENTS gm gem zsuppofut 05 HagQf.svLfLKe Liam 6wfzd fzcupsmg pfwjeeffs oven me gaafzfs Funds used for: Eye glasses Eye research Community parks and playgrounds Pilot dogs International disaster fund Various charitable causes 1 NJ- . I ff-A X N ffxfmx r' f f S--X ' 1 ' N. j Hg J I 1 , . X ' ' V -' 4 -5 Class Officers: Sec., Becky Hooverg Treas., Gwen Killeyg Pres., Trish Ebertg Vice Pres., Dave Richilano WILLS Vaughn Pennington wills Mr. Edwards a book of GOOD jokes, and the ability to tell them. The Senior class wills the office a computer to keep track of the evening bus changes. The senior Media Masters will Mr. Burdette a new the- saurus to keep and assist him in preparing his lectures and morning speeches. Tresa Andrews. Jenny Sparr, Janice Kaufman, and Rhonda Kyser will Sandy Chapman and Anita Harned the ability to keep people out of a locked hotel room, so their rooms won't get rolled. Jenny Sparr, Treasa Andrews and Rhonda Kyser will Linda Chapman the ability to do Chinese fire drills with- out falling down. The advanced math class wills Doug Selvage the two an- swers we knew this year that he didn't. Steve Van Gilder wills the hair on his chest to Mr. Bur- dette's head. Mike Glauner wills his muscles to Darrin Beal and Ashley Menges. Laurie Schultz and Darcy Russell will Carol Pakes their ability to skip band and go to Pizza Hut without getting caught. The Senior Class wills the Junior class our ability to skip school and not get caught. Opie and Opie will their ability to have a good time at parties. Tresea Andrews wills her ability to stay in her seat and not get caught talking in study hall to all underclassmen. Kate Bartter wills next year's Advanced Math Class the sense to start their computer programs the first day of school. Laurie Schultz and Maggie Keener will Tim Seibert a Thermos for his locker. 16.3 17,3 18.3 19.3 20.3 21.3 22.3 23.3 24.3 25.3 26.3 27.3 28.3 29.3 The Senior band members of 1983 will the Senior band members of 1984 the ability to go to Friendly's during band and make it back in time for the beginning of ad- vanced math. This year's physics class wills next year's physics class the ability to stretch a one day lab into a week lab. Mr. Cox's lst period government class wills him an alarm clock so that he can get to class on time. First period accounting class wills Mr. Bach the ability not to scream during his class lectures. Next year's Physics class wills the ability to turn a 20 minute test into a 3 day test. 3rd lunch period wills the cooks 3 tons of fruit cocktail and enough tator tots to go around. JoNell Amos wills her brother Dan the self assurance to stand up and sing. Chris King wills next year's seniors the ability to throw good parties. Frank Telakowicz wills next years Chemistry classes his old notes and homework. Kate Bartter wills Clinton French her ability to keep her Pinto going for one more year. Matt Luikart and Brad Browne will their ability to play baseball to John Chronister and John Carpenter and their ability to catch catfish and carp to Tim Cline and Brian Cline. Sandy Gibbs wills her ability to stay out of detention to Susie Gibbs and Jackie Schwiger. Skip McClure wills the ability to control his emotions in the locker room to Rick Brubaker. The Senior Football members will their great love for burpee's to next yearls football team. 21 me , t , fx ij., 6 gm, , L , . . , is i' -44 A if t' f , l 'Q A V , l Laurie Ann Schultz Steven Earl Van Gilder Micheal George Glauner B B eg ,Q t B 'QM' '...f"' 1 ' S eg, xl of , it . , T 35542 N it ft'ELi'5 '4l1 '52 Lowell Andrew MCCIUF6, Bradley Eugene Browne Jami Beth LeMaster .lill Lynn Mumaw lll Margaret Diane Folks Debra Alene Zonker Stanton Warren Winbigler 22 , .,,, wr , 2' I f fr Q kkkh tk : +A-r ji, Angela Sue Chapman Kevin Gerald Baldner Michele Renee Charman iid! ' ' , ' ' f .,,e X ' .5 Earl Clifford Bowman Tammy Lynn Krichbaum Teresa Ann Denning Kenneth Johri Slavkovsky Janice Marie Kaufman Jeffrey Allen Draper Ellen LeMay Jones 23 .er e ' U , Jie x mg s X ii f, Q, ,Www r fe Wag do ,w a C 'S JE' T. Chad William Helbert Richard Eugene Mosher Brenda Lee Schonauer j .i,,. Q , if ii eh. 'er 1 i x T J 4, I .i.,.., , . ...,,. H ' My 555 , is wg. , W rm. 1 H at F Pamela Kay Hofer Randolph B. Hamrick James Andrew Baldner Maggie Jo Keener aeia : B " C ' C C 'C' -k,--: ', 4 ,z -N 7 iiiaa g 1 3 ff or , Bernard Joe Rieser Robbin Christine Clarke Mark Browning 24 N,--' It . '- Dawn Marie Main Christopher Scott King Mary Katherine Smith Leslie Ann Lloyd i Vaughn Pennington Katherine Ann Miller Ronnita D. Kreiling ' 1. P , ' if f 5 J':'if - so 2 V ' "I W' " ' X Tresea Evon Andrews Diane Carol Schwiger James Fredrick Denny, Jr. 25 - er -em 'jf img K 1 ml ,ml k 4 Deanne Marie Austin Corinne Jill Amend Greg B. Trayter A W , 'S i '. 4 ' i 7 ' .Q Ji 2 y -5 as if Jeannie LouiseiEcklc Teresa Elaine Grindstaff Scott Martin .Ionell Diane Amos Y 26 Nicholas Robert McGovern Jennifer Lee Sparr Kevin Patrick Kahl fs Lisa Diane Anderson Monti Dcan'Shambaugh Tonja Lynn Walburn Darla Kay Jarvis Matthew Brian Harncd Sandra Sue Gibbs David T. Koenig ig. D , 4. i A' f""f xx Brenda Sue Beck Vaughn Barnett Linda Sue Geib 2 m Z ,, i 2 'W ,ji :QF 1 Q as 'vw-t,w'1i5?h nib Egg' a ' Al, xi it s ay Bal' an miiaqk me-ff.. .M "sang -.95 A n 5 A" i i all SA as K- . ,. Kimberly Dawn Hoverstock Paul Jason Rogers Rhonda Lee Kyser Matthew Fredrick Luikart Paul Michael Carpenter Frank Wade Telakowicz Michele Christine Pletchcr Dennis Lee Scheibe Darcy Rae Russell Todd Edwin Browning 28 ,,, ' W J 'W S f 3 ar .M 3' if . , ,LQ I , , .f , , i ' fx L f ex 3 .. ,l David Edward Richilano Michelle Lynn Bachman John Philip Falter o 3' or ' fi' :Sl :LQ E , , Q Q Lori Lee Kittle Daniel Joseph Lavender I Z - 'Eff 'N -fi , 'ff , . K:,,i L .u 4 - .A 9 ,f-: V AV V 3: li , .r 4 ' H -1 6? iff, '- mv V SQ- ., V s. -ig i , Q- N ,.,.i . W ' NWM. i wwf' 1 f far if 'f l I A 'L Rebecca Lynn Hoover Barry Allen Yeater Kathryn Sue Bartter Gwen Lockard Killey Patricia Marie Ebert 79 SENIGR SUPERLATIVES 1. Best Personality: Michele Bachman and Dave Richilano. Most Popular: Dave Richlilano and Trish Ebert. 2. Most Athletic: Gwen Killey and Brad Browne. 3. Biggest Mouth: Jim Trine and Kathy Miller. Most Unforgettable: Jim Trine and Laurie Schultz. 4. Class Clowns: Mike Glauner and Laurie Schultz. Rowdiest: Mike Glauner and Laurie Schultz. Most Unpredictable: Nick McGovern and Brenda Beck Cnot picturedj. 5. Funniest Laugh: Brad Browne and Dawn Main. Joe and Jane Cool: Jim Trine and Tonja Walburn lnot picturedj. 31 X . f , ,al ff ,V 1 1 l. Most likely to succeed: Gwen Killey and Barry Yeater, 2. Shortest: Randy Hamrick and Corrine Amend. Tallest: Darcy Russell and Skip McClure. 3. Prettiest eyes: Stanton Winbigler and Dee Austin. Prettiest smile: Dee Austin and Dave Richilano 4. Friendliest: Steve VanGilder and Darla Jarvis, Best Dressed: Dave Richilano and Ronita Krieling. 5. Shyest: Jeff Draper and Rhonda Kyser Knot picturedj. Biggest flirt: Leslie Lloyd and Matt Luikart. 33 "The Class That Produced A President' ln the year 2003 we find the Class of '83 in every one of the fifty states and three foreign countries. President of the United States, 38-year-old Dan- iel Lavender is preparing for his re-election campaign by visiting each state. His first stop is the booming metropolis of Ashland, Ohio. The Miss USA Pagenat is being held here. Miss Jacqueline Falter, formerly Jack Falter, the victim ofa lawn mower accident, has won the competition and also the President's heart. Cocktails were being served by flight attendant Darcy Russell when turbulence shook the plane frantically. A familiar voice came over the PA telling the President not to worry. The President knows that voice belongs to Dawn Main Bender. She is the President ofthe Pilot's Union and she always holds the annual Pilot's Convention at the Bender Farm in Loudonville. When the Presidentand his wife were enjoying dinner onthe plane up from the cargo hold came threemen carrying guns with stockings on their heads. Their intent was to hijack the plane to Cambodia where Randy Hamrick was waiting with his leftist guerillas to overthrow the government. When the three men realized that they knew the President personally they took offtheir masks, revealed themselves as Mike Glauner, Dennis Sheibe and Jim Baldner and screamed, "Let's Party!" When the plane finally landed in New York, after circling the city for two hours in order to finish the party, Mike, Dennis and Jim are arrested by Mike Carpenter, the Chiefof Police. On the way to the hotel the President's limo is involved in a fender bender and they had to take it to Chad Hel- berts auto body shop. There was even a rumor that Randy Hamrick was helping him open a new one in Cambodia. As Randy was looking for a place to build the new garage he came upon a cave. In it he found long lost Matt Harned. The cave was full ofchemistry and physics books and calculators. Matt's batteries were still running. Meanwhile, the President is being served dinner in his hotel room by Kim Hoverstock Morgan, recruited from her head waitress job at Ferroni's. This grade A beef was produced by Greg Trayter's 5000 acre spread. The cream for the President's coffee was imported from Ellen Stoner's award winning chain of dairy farms. After dinner the President enjoyed the evenings entertainment by opera singer JoNell Amos accompanied by the New York Symphony conducted by Master Composer Nicholous Robert McGovern. Bright and early the next day the President boarded the Presidential Yacht enroute to Texas by way ofthe East Coast. The President had the time of his life and requested the presence of the cruise director, so that he could express his profound gratitude. When the cruise director came to his cabin he recognized her as Trish Ebert one of his best friends in high school. The President found out that the reason she could give such good parties was be- cause she was still single and loving every minute of it. There was a knock on the door and when the President answered he found a porter standing there who was none other than Earl Bowman. Earl told the President that the ship might be running into some rough water, but it was nothing serious. Just at that moment, the power went out and the waves rocked the ship. But through the sounds of the clashing waves they heard help coming. It was Admiral Gwen Killey ofthe USS Falcon, crewmen David Koenig, Richard Echley and John Yeater helped lead the President and his party to safety. The USS Falcon lands at its home port, Daytona Beach. There on the beach were perennial partiers Angie Chapman, Treasa Andrews and Rhonda Kyser. The girls treated their long lost friends to an evening at the nearest nightclub, where Jim Trine, a male stripper and Laurie Schultz a stand up comedian were entertaining. Meanwhile, Barry Yeater, GM engineer, plots an assassination attempt on President Lavender. lt seems Barry was upset because Danny gave Chrysler another grant. Barry was ecstatic when he learned the President was coming to town the next morning because it gave himjust enough time to perfect his plan. So Barry dropped Danny while his motorcade travelled through downtown Detroit. Coroner Kevin Kahl pronounced the President dead as having and I quote "kicked the bucket" and Janice Kaufman, Vice President, was sworn in by the Speaker ofthe House Jeff Draper who moonlighted as a singing telegram man. Back at the hospital, Bernie Rieser, doctor of medicine, psychology, love, etc., with his skilled medical team of Lisa Anderson, Darla Jarvis, Jami Lemaster Stoner, Jackie Clarke, Margee Hoover Folks rescued the President from the clutches of death. When Dan reached consciousness he learned that he was only a co-president and that Dave Richilano was his only hope of regaining complete power. Dave, who carried on the family business was now a mafia hit man in his own right. Dave headed for Washington D.C. At Washington, Janice was holding an inaugural ball. Entertainment at the ball was rock super star Paul Rogers and hanging at his ankles was Michelle Bachmann, a rock groupie. Back in Detroit, Danny regained strength with the help of Pam Hofer, Physical Therapist. Upset with Dave's attendance at the ball was Jim Denny, Chief of Protocal at the White House. Jim refused to let Dave pass so Dave proceeded to lecture on Physics which immediately put Jim to sleep. As Dave lurked in the shadows he noticed many old class mates whom Janice had appointed to high government positions. Jeannie Eckley, ChiefofStaff at the White Houseg Jack McClure, Secretary of Defense, Tonja Walburn, Secretary of Interior Decoratingg Teresa Grindstaff, Secretary of Agriculture, who had lead protesting farmers on tractors through the White House Rose Garden. Meanwhile back in Detroit, President Lavender prepared for what he thought would be his triumphal return to D.C. However, women across America had come to greatly admire President Janice and stood firmly behind her. So when they learned of Dan's aspirations millions of women protestors flocked to Detroit airport. The group was led by Jill Mumaw, Brenda Schonauer, Jenny Sparr, Christine Pletcher and Chief Activist for Equality of Women, Vaughn Pennington. The President miraculously made it back to Washington where he learned that Janice had returned to being V.P. after a scary assassination attempt by Dave Richilano. President Lavender attended the trial and among the ninejustices were ChiefJustice Monti Shambaugh, Lori Kittle, sec- ond womanjustice and Vaughn Barnett. While awaiting Dave's trial they caught the tail end of the trial of Kate Bartter fashion buyer and editor of Vogue. Kati, who pleaded freedom ofpress had been accused of indecency when she published photos ofbeautiful scantily clad men in her magazine. As punishment, Kati was reprimanded and ordered to give Justice Kittle a lifetime subscription. Kati, who was appalled at the harshness of the punishment, exploded with anger and was bodily removed from the court room by Frank Telakowicz head of court security. The trial began with witness Kenny Slavokovsky member of the inaugural ball chorus line. He, however, provided no information. Further testimony was given by Dan Bake, bartender at the ball, Robbin Clarke, the hat check girl and Diane Schwiger Abdulah wife ofthe Prime Minister of Ocawonga. Kevin Baldner, lawyer for the Class of'83 divorce court, took time off from his lucrative career to defend Dave. Prosecuting attorney was Stanton Winbigler, president of Winbigler Lumber Empire. When Stanton sees his case failing he brings in surprise witness Jacquline Falter Lavender who having once been jilted by Dave released a flurry of evidence defaming his character. After four hours ofdeliberation the verdict was that Dave was guilty. Just as the verdict was announced the doors burst apart and the Godfather, Steve Van Gilder and his benchmen, Matt Luikart, Skip McClure and Rick Mosher grabbed Dave and fled. Rumor has it that they're in Cambodia with Randy and working in Chad's auto body shop. The President and his party then returned to the White House and he retired for the evening. Danny wanted to go visit Brad Browne but he was in the hills of Kentucky fishing for carp and catfish. So instead they made a state visit to England to visit Princess Rebecca Hoover, wife of Prince An- drew. Becky was introduced to Andrew by the Queen as a reward for having eliminated Koo Stark. They were entertained at the House of Windsor by the Amazing Browning Brothers, world classjugglers and musical guests Maggie and the Keener Weiners who were Teresa Denning, Linda Geib and Sandy Gibbs. Michele Charman was lady in waiting to the Queen. Another dinner guest was Duke of York Oswalt who was accompanied by Lady Nancy O'Dell. The following day President Lavender went riding with the Queen. So he was instructed by Ronnita Kreiling and Tammy Kirchbaum horse trainers for the Royal Family. Secret Service Agents Scott Martin and Dave McQuillen followed the President and the Queen quickly on foot "dodging all foreign objects". Meanwhile Jacquline attended a fashion show with designs by Corinne Amend Asson and accomplished Parisian fashion designer. With fashions modeled by world famous models Dee Austin, Brenda Beck and Leslie Lloyd. Back at the ranch, President Lavender got lost in the Royal Woods which were managed by Tina Kiefer. President Lavender before leaving England needed to hire Kathy Smith who owned a long-haul truck company to carry all the clothes Jackie bought at the fashion show. Robyn Whitsel, customs agent, tried to sort through the mess but after two days she collapsed from exhaustion. Before returning to the U.S., the first couple dropped by Zumbaubwe Zebra Zoo, managed by Debbie Zonker. They drove to downtown Zimbaubwe saw the zebras and Zonker, bought a zipper and xylophone and headed for home happy to have been reuinuted with his for- mer classmates. RE BER HE In eighth grade when Randy Hamrick ate 2 pieces of ex-lax gum in health class and we never saw him the rest of the day. Kevin Baldner drove his car to school and forgot about it and rode home on the bus. .lim Denny wasn't acting dumb? Neither do we! Danny Lavender and Kevin Baldner got whacked for playing hockey with Charlie Grindstaff's coat. Remember in 8th grade when Matt Harned changed his gym shorts during a fire drill outside! Kate Bartter in the 5th grade wore her yellow dress and sat with legs spread wide apart at the band concert in front of the entire audience. When Becky did cartwheels down the 3rd floor hallway of Jeromesville and Mrs. Brown made her write "I will not do cartwheels in the hallway" l000 times. Chad and Leslie went together and Barry and Ellen went together and then they switched. Barry unhooked Kathy's bra in the middle of class in Jr. High. Barry's darkroom. When Nick McGovern looked like Woody Allen and carried a briefcase. Nick, in first grade, brought cupcakes with "P's" on them to celebrate Picasso's birthday. Gwen got chewed out by Mr, Burdette for doing doughnuts in the parking lot! Mr. Cox left the room during a video tape and we changed the channel to watch "Three's Company"! Mrs. Miner came to Latin class with her skirt unzipped. Vaughn told Pam he'd never been swallowed before when he kissed her at Chris's party. In third grade Gwen took her shirt off to play baseball with the boys. Dan Baker made an obscene gesture at Ken Slavkovsky and he took a picture of it and Dan worried for a week that Mr. Fair would see it. Jenna Dolan and Laurie Schultz used to crawl out of Jr. High Science Class. We didn't have fruit cocktail? Neither do wel Mr. Burns was attacked by a killer slide rule. Dewey Headley in eighth grade basketball. In last year's Chemistry class, Mr. Burns hit himself in the head with a ruler and knocked his glasses off. Mike Glauner got caught swinging on his locker by Mr. Nelson and had his locker privileges taken away. Kevin Kahl hit Stephanie Young in 8th grade science class, Vaughn and Shellie weren't caught kissing. Neither do we! Tresea Andrews and Kathy Smith got kicked out of Latin Class for smiling! Matt Luikart drowned Mr. House's laboratory mice in Sth grade. Trish Ebert and Kim Hoverstock used to chase Stanton Winbigler in 4th grade. When they would catch him, ln 8th grade choir we had book fights and Monti Shambaugh put his head through the window. In 5th grade when Randy Hamrick cleaned the erasers by pounding them against his body and head. Matt Harned wore his band uniform to the bonfire in 9th grade. Michelle Bachmann used to eat breakfast in chemistry class. We were watching "Films" in the library. they would smother him with kisses 35 E IOR ACTI ITIES Corinne Jill Amend: VICA 12, DECA 12, FHA 9, 10, Pep Band 9, 10. JoNell Diane Amos: Girls Ensemble 10, 11, 12, Mixed Ensemble 12, French Club 9, 10. Lisa Diane Anderson: Girls Ensemble 10, 11, Mixed Ensemble 10, 11, Pep Band 9, 10, 12, Latin Club 9, 10, Scholarship Team l 1, GAA 9,10,11, Sports Stats 10, 12, FHA 10, 11, Yearbook 9, Thespians 9, 10, 11, 12, Play Cast 10, Play Crew 9, 11. Tresea Evon Andrews: Latin Club 9, 10, GAA 9, Sports Stats 12, Volleyball 9, 10, Basketball 9, 10, Track 9,10,11, 12, FHA 9, 10, 11, 12, Yearbook 12, Thespians 12, Play Cast 12, Play Crew 12. Deanne Marie Austin: GAA 10,11, 12,Sports Stats 9, 10, 11, 12, Volleyball 9, 10, 11, FHA 9, FFA Queen 12, Usherettes 12, Thespians 12, Play Crew 12, Girls Ensemble 12, Mixed Ensem- ble 9, 10, 11, 12, Softball 9, 10, 11, 12, Scholastic Recognition 12 Michelle Lynn Bachmann: Homecoming Attendant 12, FFA At- tendant l0, 12, Sports Stats 10, 11, 12, Volleyball 9, 10, 11, 12, Usherettes 12, Student Council 10, ll, 12, Citizenship 11, GAA 9, 10, 11, Play Cast 12. Daniel Bo Baker: Cross Country 10, Wrestling 9, 10, Track 10, Baseball 9, Thespians 10, Play Crew 10. James Andrew Baldner: Basketball 9, 10, ll, 12, Baseball 10, FFA 9,1O, 11, 12, Media Master 12, Play Cast 12, Play Crew 12, Boys Ensemble 10, 11, 12. Kevin Gerald Baldner: Wrestling 10 mgr, FFA 9, 10, 11, 12, Boys Ensemble 12, Mixed Ensemble 12. Vaughn Barnett: Not Available Kathryn Sue Bartter: Scholarship Team 10, ll, 12, NHS 10, ll, 12, Sports Stats 9, 10, Basketball 9, 10, Yearbook 1 1, 12, Thespi- ans 9, 10, 11, 12, Play Cast 9, 10, 11, 12, Play Crew 9, 10, ll, 12, Pep Band 9, 10, ll, 12, Latin Club 9, 10. Brenda Sue Beck: VICA 12, DECA 12, Mixed Ensemble 10. Earl Clifford Bowman: Not Available Bradley Eugene Browne: Football 9, 10, 11, 12, Basketball 9, 10, ll, 12, Track 9, Baseball 9, 10, 11, 12, FFA 9,10,ll,12, Play Cast 12. Mark Browning: Not Available Todd Edwin Browning: Wrestling 9, 10 CNorwayneJ, 12 Angela Sue Chapman: Student Council 12, Honor Student 12, NHS 10, 1 1, 12, GAA 1 l,SportsStats 1 l,Track 10, FHA 10, ll, 12, Yearbook 12, Usherettes 12, Softball 9, Cafeteria Cashier 11. Michele Renee Charman: Sports Stats 11, 12, Track 10, 11, 12, FHA 10, Usherettes 12, French Club 9, 10. Jackie Clarke: Not Available. Robbin Christine Clarke: Not Available Teresa Ann Denning: GAA 10, 1 1, Sports Stats 9, Volleyball 10, FHA 11, 12, Yearbook 12, Usherettes ll, 12, Thespians 11, 12, Play Crew 9, 10, 11, 12, Softball 9, 10, ll, French Club 11, Cafeteria Cashier 12. James Frederick Denny, Jr.: Class Officer CML Carmell 10, French Club 9, 10, Football 9, Media Master 12, Play Cast 12. Jeffrey Allen Draper: FFA 10, 11, 12. Patricia Marie Ebert: Class Officer 12, Student Council 9, 10, GAA 9, 10, 11, 12, FFA Attendant 9, 1 l,Thespians 12, Play Cast 12, Cheerleader 11, French Club 9, 10, Wind Ensemble 11, 12, 36 Volleyball 9, 10, 11, 12, Homecoming Attendant 11, 12, Usher- ettes 12, Jeannie Louise Eckleyz Not Available. Richard Eckley: Football 9, 10, ll. John Philip Falter: Student Council 9, 10, 12, Football 9, 10, ll, 12, Basketball 9, 10, Baseball 9, 10, 11, French Club 9, 10, Mascot 12. Margaret Diane Hoover Folks: Class Officer 9, 10, 11, 12, NHS 10, 1 1, 12, GAA 10, Volleyball 9, 10, 11, 12, Basketball 9, 10, ll, Track 9, 10, FHA 9, Play Crew 9, Girls Ensemble 11, Mixed Ensemble 11, Pep Band 9, 10, ll, Flag Corps 12. Linda Sue Geib: GAA 10, Track 9, FHA 10, Pep Band 12, Latin Club 9, 10, Wind Ensemble 12. Sandra Sue Gibbs: GAA 9, 10, Football Mgr. ll, FHA 9, 10, 11, 12, Girls Ensemble 10, ll, 12. Michael George Glauner: Sports Stats 9, 10, 1 1, Cross Country 9, 10, 11, 12, Track 9, 10, ll, 12, Boys Ensemble 11, 12, Mixed Ensemble 11, 12. Teresa Elaine Grindstaff: Not Available Randolph B, Hamrick: Football 10, Baseball 9, 10, ll. Matthew Brian Harned: Scholarship Team ll, Basketball 9, 10, Mixed Ensemble 11, Pep Band 12, French Club 9, 10. Chad William Helbert: Basketball 10, ll, Baseball 9, 10, FFA 9, 10, ll. Pamela Kay Hofer: Student Council 12, Scholarship Team 10, NHS ll, 12, GAA 9, 10, Sports Stats 1 l, 12, Track 10,Thespians 10, 1 1, 12, Play Cast 9, 12, Play Crew 9, 10, 1 1, 12, Pep Band 9, 10, 11, Latin Club 9, 10, Flag Corps 10, ll, 12, Wind Ensemble ll, 12. Rebecca Lynn Hoover: Class Officer 12, Citizenship 12, Year- book ll, 12, Thespians 11, 12, Play Cast 11, 12, Play Crew 12, Girls Ensemble 12, Mixed Ensemble 12, Pep Band 12, Prom Steering 11, Latin Club 9, 10. Kimberly Dawn Hoverstock: Class Officer 10, Scholarship Team 1 1, NHS 1 l, 12, Buckeye Girls State 11, GAA 9, 10, Sports Stats 12, FHA 9, Yearbook 10, 12, Usherettes 11, 12, Play Crew 12, Pep Band 9, 10, Cheerleader 11, 12. Darla Kay Jarvis: GAA 9, 10, Sports Stats 10, Homecoming Queen 12, Homecoming Attendant 10, Usherettes 12, Thespians 12, Play Cast 12, Play Crew 12, Girls Ensemble 10, 11, 12, Mixed Ensemble ll, 12, Cafeteria Cashier 12. Ellen LeMay Jones: Scholarship Team 9, ll, Senior Honor Stu- dent l2, NHS 10, 11, 12, GAA 10, ll, Volleyball 9, 10, ll, 12, Yearbook 12, Media Master 11, 12, Thespians ll, 12, Play Cast 11, 12, Play Crew ll, French Club 9, 10, Softball 9, 10, Scholas- tic Recognition 9, 10, 11, 12, Prom Steering ll. Kevin Patrick Kahlz Football Mgr. 9, Play Cast 12. Janice Marie Kaufman: Senior Honor Student 12, Scholarship Team 10, 11, NHS 10, 11, 12, GAA 11, Sports Stats 10, ll, Track 9, 10, 11, FHA 9, 10, 11, 12, Yearbook 12, Thespians 9,10, 11, 12, Play Cast 9, 10, 12, French Club 9, 10. Maggie Jo Keener: Senior Honor Student 12, Scholarship Team 9, 11, NHS 10, 11, 12, GAA 9,1O, Sports Stats 9, 10, Track 9,10, FHA 9, Yearbook 12, Usherettes 12. Tina Marie Kiefer: Not Available Gwen Lockard Killey: Class Officer 9, 10, l 1, 12, Student Coun- cil 12, Senior Honor Student 12, Scholarship Team 9, 10, ll, 12, Citizenship 10, NHS 10, ll, 12, Buckeye Girls State ll, GAA 10, Volleyball 9, 10, ll, 12, Basketball 9, 10, ll, Track 9, 10, ll, 12, Yearbook 9, Thespians 10, l 1, 12, Play Cast 9, Play Crew 9, 10, ll, Mixed Ensemble 9, Latin Club 9, 10. Christopher Scott King: Scholarship Team 10, Football 9, 10, 1 1, Track 1 1, Baseball 9, 10, Play Cast 12, Boys Ensemble 12, Media Masters 12. Lori Lee Kittle: GAA 9, 10, ll, 12, Volleyball 9, 10, ll, 12, Media Masters 12, Softball 9, 10, ll. David Koenig: Cross Country 9, 10, Cafeteria Worker 9. Ronnita D. Kreiling: Senior Honor Student 12, NHS ll, 12, Sports Stats 9, 10, ll, 12, FHA 10, Yearbook 10, ll, 12, Media Masters 9, 10, Play Crew 9, Mixed Ensemble 10, French Club 9, OEA ll, 12. Tammy Lynn Krichbaum: GAA 10, French Club 9, 10. Rhonda Lee Kyser: StudentCouncil 12, NHS ll, 12, FHA 9, 10, ll, 12, Yearbook 12, Usherettes 12, Play Crew 9, 12. Daniel Joseph Lavender: Scholarship Team 9, ll, NHS 12, Foot- ball 9, 10, ll, 12, Basketball 9, 10, ll, 12, French Club 9, 10, Homecoming King 12. Jami Beth LeMaster: Track 10, Usherettes 1 1, 12, Thespians 1 1, 12, Play Crew ll, 12, Cheerleader 9, 10, 1 1, 12, Latin Club 9, 10. Leslie Ann Lloyd: NHS 10, l 1, GAA 10, Sports Stats 12, Usher- ettes ll, Play Crew 10, Girls Ensemble ll, 12, Mixed Ensemble ll, 12, Pep Band 12. Matthew Frederick Luikart: Cross Country 9, Basketball 9, 10, ll, 12, Baseball 9, 10, ll, 12, Media Master 12, Play Cast 12. Dawn Marie Main: Scholarship Team 9, 1 1, NHS 12, Track 10, Thespians 10, ll, 12, Play Cast 9, 10, 12, Play Crew 9, 10, ll, 12, Latin Club 9, 10, Flag Corps ll, 12. Bryan Scott Martin: Football 10, FFA 9, 10, Dale C. McClure Uakejz Wrestling 9, 10, FFA 9, 10. Lowell Andrew McClure Ill tSkipJ: Football 9, 10, 12, Basket- ball 9, 10, ll, 12, Track ll, 12. Nicholas Robert McGovern: Student Council ll, Scholarship Team ll, Cross Country 10, ll, 12, Citizenship 10, Track 9, 10, 12, Play Cast 9, 10, ll, 12, Thespians 9, 10, ll, 12, Latin Club 9, 10, Band Announcer ll, 12. David Bryan McQuillen: Basketball Mgr, 9, Media Master 12. Katherine Ann Miller: Girls Ensemble ll, 12, Mixed Ensemble 9, 10, ll, 12, Pep Band 10, Cheerleader 9, ll, 12, Jazz Band 9, 12, Honors Band 12, Latin Club 9, 10, Senior Honor Student 12, Scholarship Team 10, ll, 12, NHS 10, ll, 12, Volleyball 9, 10, ll, 12, Yearbook 12, Usherettes 10, l l, 12, Thespians 10, ll, 12. Richard Eugene Mosher: Student Council ll, Football 9, 10, Basketball 9, FHA 10, FFA 9, 10, ll, 12. Jill Lynn Mumaw: GAA 10, Basketball 9, 10, ll, 12, Track 9, FHA 9, Play Cast 12, Play Crew 12, Pep Band 9, 10, ll, 12, Stage Band 9, 12, Wind Ensemble ll, 12. Nancy .lo O'Dell: FFA 9, VICA ll, DECA 12. York Lee Oswalt: VICA ll. Vaughn Pennington: Class Officer 9, ll, NHS ll, 12, Buckeye Boys State ll, Sports Stats ll, 12, Yearbook ll, 12, Media Master 12, Thespians ll, 12, Play Cast 12, Latin Club 9, 10. Michele Christine Pletcher: FFA 9, 10, ll, 12 David Edward Richilano: Class Officer 9, 12, Scholarship Team 9, 1 1, Buckeye Boys State 1 1, Football 9, 10, ll, 12, Basketball 9, 10, ll, 12, Track 9, 10, 11, 12, French Club 9, 10. Bernard Joe Rieser: Latin Club 9, 10, Ski Club 9, Scholarship Team 9, 10, ll, NHS ll, 12, Yearbook ll, 12, Play Crew 12. Paul Jason Rogers: Not Available Darcy Rae Russell: Scholarship Team 10, GAA 9, 10, ll, Home- coming Attendant 9, FHA l0, ll, FFA Attendant 12, Pep Band 9, 10, ll, Cheerleader 9, 12, French Club 9, 10, Jazz Band 9, 10. Dennis Lee Scheibe: Sports Stats 9, 10, ll, 12, Baseball Mgr. 9, 10, ll, Yearbook 12, Pep Band 9, 10, ll, 12, Stage Band 9, 10, Office Aide 12, Wind Ensemble 12. Brenda Lee Schonauer: Scholarship Team 10, GAA 9, 10, Sports Stats 10, Basketball ll, Track Il, FHA 12, Play Cast 12, Soft- ball 9. Laurie Ann Schultz: Grade 10 from Port Clinton. Citizenship 9, NHS 12, GAA 10, Volleyball 9, 10, ll, 12, Basketball 9, 10, FHA 9, 10, ll, 12, Usherettes 12, Pep Band 9, 10, ll, 12, Sports Stats 10. Diane Carol Schwiger: GAA 9, Track 9, FHA 9, 10, ll, 12, Usherettes 1 1, 12, Play 9, 10, 1 1, 12, Pep Band 12, Wind Ensem- ble ll, Play Cast 12. Monti Dean Shambaugh: Football 9, 10, ll, 12, Wrestling 10, Track 9, 10, ll, Boys Ensemble 9, I0, ll, Mixed Ensemble 9, 10, ll, DECA 12. Kenneth John Slavkovsky: Scholarship Team ll, 12, NHS 10, ll, 12, Football 9, 10, ll, 12, Basketball 9, 10, ll, Baseball 9, 10, 11, 12, French Club 9, 10. Mary Katherine Smith: Senior Honor Student 12, NHS 10, 11, 12, GAA 9, 10, Volleyball 9, Track 10, ll, 12, Thespians 11, 12, Play Crew 10, ll, 12, Cheerleader 9, 10, ll, 12, Softball 9, 10, Latin Club 9, 10. Jennifer Lee Sparr: GAA 9, 10, Basketball 9, 10, FHA 9, 10, 1 1, 12. Frank Wade Telakowicz: Grades 9, 10, from Mapleton. Class Officer 9, 10, Scholarship Team 9, 10, 12, Academic Challenge Team 9, 10, Citizenship 10, Latin Club 9, 10, Football 9, 10, 12, Newspaper 9, 10, Play Crew 12, NHS 12. Greg B. Trayter: Football 9, 12, Wrestling 9, 10, ll, 12, FFA 9, 10, ll, 12. James W. Trine, Jr.: Grade 9 from Mansfield Senior Hi. Grade 10 Millersburg Military. Football 9, 10, Wrestling 9, Track 10, Newspaper 10, Flag Corps 10, Pep Band 9, 10, Cheerleader 10. Steven Earl VanGilder: Class Officer 10, ll, Football 9, 10, ll, 12, Track 9, ll, 12, Boys Ensemble 10, 12, Mixed Ensemble 12. Tonja Lynn Walburn: GAA 9, 10, Sports Stats 10, 11, Basketball 10, 11, FHA 9, Yearbook 12, Media Master 12, Play Cast 10. Robyn Whitesel: Not Available Stanton Warren Winbigler: Student Council 12, Basketball 9, 10, l 1,Yearbook 12, Media Master 10, 1 1, 12, Play Cast 12, Play Crew 9, Prom Steering 11. Barry Allan Yeater: Senior Honor Student 12, Scholarship Team 9, 10, Citizenship 12, NHS 10, ll, 12, Cross Country 9, 10, ll, 12, Basketball 9, 10, ll, 12, Track 9, 10, ll, 12, Yearbook 9, 10, 1 1, 12, T-G Page 9, 10, Media Master 9, 12, Thespians 9, 10, ll, 12, Play Cast 9, 10, ll, 12, Play Crew ll, 12. John Yeater: DECA 12, VICA ll. Debra Alene Zonker: NHS 12, Sports Stats 9, 10, ll, 12, FFA Attendant ll, Media Master 10, ll, Usherettes ll, DECA ll, 12. 37 THE GREATE T OF THESE The Nineteenth Annual Hillsdale High School Graduation was held Sunday, May 29, 1983, at 3:00 p.m. in the Hillsdale High School Gymnasium. Ninety Hillsdale seniors marched in and ninety Hillsdale alumni marched out to the music provided by the Hillsdale Band under the direction of Mr. Steve Taylor. Quintin McNabb gave the invocation. Kathy Miller and Barry Yeater presented the graduate orations. Rev. R.H. Hall delivered the class message based on the biblical pas- sage, Wfhe Greatest ofThese ls Love." Special awards were presented by superintendent Ralph Roshong and diplomas were presented by board president Donald Stauffer. Rev. Melvin Browning declared the benediction. .bt Y 4 P 1 """'lQ l. Kathy Miller delivers her class oration. 2. Vaughn Pennington receives the l Dare You Award. 3. Debbie Zonker receives the Danforth "I Dare You Award" 4, The Class of '83 switches their tassels. 5. .left Draper receives the Weikle Agricultural Scholarship. 6. Becky Hoover plays with the band for the final time. 7, Barry Yeater discusses "The Special Personal Computer". 8, Trish Ebert leads the class in the Alma Mater. 9. Pastor Hall discusses "The Greatest .........,. " l0. Scott Martin receives his diploma. 39 SENHHRP RE T Jim and Darlene Anderson daughter Lisa Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Bachmann daughter Michelle Lynn Bachmann Gerald and Joyce Baldner son Kevin Baldner Ralph and Bonnie Baldner son James A, Baldner Jim and Nancy Ebert daughter Trish Ebert Mr. and Mrs. Richard Geib daughter Linda Sue Geib Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gibbs daughter Sandy Gibbs Mr. and Mrs. Robert Glauner son Michael Glauner P TRUNS Mr. and Mrs. Carl Hofer daughter Pam Hofer Mr. and Mrs. Keith Hoverstock daughter Kim Hoverstock Mr. and Mrs. Mayford Jones daughter Ellen L. Jones Mr. and Mrs. George Kaufman daughter Janice Kaufman Mr. and Mrs. Leonard F. Koenig son David T. Koenig Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Kreiling daughter Ronnita Kreiling F. Dean Kyser daughter Rhonda Kyser Mr. and Mrs. Larry Lewis daughter Christine Pletcher Mr. and Mrs. Arthur F. Luikart son Matthew F. Luikart Mrs. Clair McClure son Dale Uakej McClure Gary and Carol Miller daughter Kathy Miller Mr. and Mrs. Duane Scheibe son Dennis Scheibe Mr. and Mrs. Gene Yeater son Barry Yeater T HO ECOMIN G 1982 The 1982 Homecoming was filled with excitement. Thursday night the annual Homecoming Bonfire was held with the King and his court being selected. These included: Scott Long - Freshman, Tom Strine - Sophomore, Keith Hobby - Junior, Dave Richilano and Steve VanGilder - Seniors, and Dan Lavender - King. On Friday, the pre-game ceremonies began and the beautiful Homecoming Court was chauffered around the track and introduced to the crowd by Stu- dent Council President Gwen Killey. Freshman Atten- dent was Lynn Echelberger, while the Sophomores were represented by Kim Overholt and the Juniors were represented by Cheri Helbert. The three Senior queen candidates were Michelle Bachman, Darla Jar- vis, and Trish Ebert. Margi Stake, last year's queen, gave a short speech and then crowned the new Home- coming Queen, Darla Jarvis. Saturday night was the dance with the first dance belonging to the Queen and King and their courts. The Student Council provided decorations and refreshments while the music was played by WWST D.J. Music Unlimited. It was a weekend filled with memories for all. 42 3 KRICHBAUM CONSTRUCTION 2444 CR 175 Rdylll Loudonville, Ohio 44842 Remodeling - Cabinets Vanities - New Homes - Siding Free Estimates Owner - Clayton E. Krichbaum Phone C4195 368-3731 Phone 94190 l. TOP: Cheri Helbert, Kim Overholt, Lynn Echelberger. MIDDLE: Trish Ebert, Darla Jarvis, Margi Stake, Michelle Bachman. BOTTOM: Hope Gardner, David Echelberger. 2. Homecoming royalty enjoy a dance together. 3. Bill Scarberry is totally into this one. 4. Unable to find partners , . . 5. Kim Hoverstock, the life of the party, 6. A group of girls find safety in numbers. 43 l Hillsdale High School Thespians presented uMeet Me In St. Louis', a three act comedy center- ing around the zany antics of the Smith family as the fall play. Just as the Smith family gets into the excitement of the upcoming World's Fair of 1904, Mr. Smith announces they are moving to New York. The chil- dren are horrified at the thought ofleaving -just as everyone else is coming to St. Louis. So they set about trying to sabotage their father's plans. Things get out of hand as trolley cars get derailed, relation- ships break up and Mr. Smith even loses his job. With a little ingenuity on the part of the Smith's three girls everything gets back to normal and the Smithes stay in their beloved St. Louis. The seventeen member cast including Nick Mc- Govern, Janice Kaufman, Becky Hoover, Wendi Weikel, Julie McGinnis and Jennifer Gossett as the Smith family was led by Judith Ream and student director Brian Weaver. Performances were given on November 19th and 20th. xitlxfxt EET E I ST. LOUIS HILLSDALE THLETIC BOOSTER 44 FRONT: Wendi Weikel, Jennifer Gossett, Julie McGinnis. SEATED: Kate Bartter, Jennifer Meng, John Mark, Nick McGovern, Janice Kaufman, Becky Hoover, Shellie Drake, Denise Conrad. STANDING: Ron Lindner, Ken Anderson, Brant Enderle, Brian Weaver, Brett Strine, Tom Hawks, David Russell. i 1. The girls make fun of an angry Mrs. Waughop. 2. st i 5 The family hears from Mr. Smith's boss. 3. A box of candy brings excitement to the Smith girls. 4. Mrs. Waughop. 5 8 .. Most everyone had been active in DECA, FFA FHA OEA or VICA Some of the stu- dents participated in contest against other schools and had the honor to go to State Contest to compete with other students around the state. We are very proud of everyone who took interest and participated in this event Another highlight of the JVS was the Student of the Month Award. The recipients of this award were Rick Austen, Ronnita Kreiling and Debbie Zonker. Ronnita and Debbie were also chosen Student of the Year The awards assembly that was held on May 19th for the seniors brought many shining faces because they were glad they were finally out of school or proud of the awards given to them. A few of the outstanding awards given were: Dan- forth Scholarship Award Ronnita Kreilingg Perfect Attendance Mark Browning, Ronnita Kreilmg and Debbie Zonker Mark was also awarded for having perfect attendance for the past seven years Congratulations to alll This was a successful year for everyone at- wsqq .-""'h-su... 'HKMMMW :W Compliments of GLA GO'S DRUG Downtown Ashland Jud and Sharon Clements J VS Students N 1 Nkmwm .Nw-"WX xxx ,qv Q i i2-Q29 ,. W.-,., :R Q gxyfqts Xe ,Xxx X Q X , X S5 1 --. , xvf N X MASQUERADE DAY if COMPLIMENTS OF BANKS FARMS 8 . , 1. Bernie, Porter, and Nick: alias The Stray Cats. Z. Most realistic group. 3. Funniest coupleg Jim, Best Of Show. 4. Typical Students? 5. Tonja, Dan and Keng what a cute couple. 6. Doesn't Bryan make a lovely girl. 7. Good costumes! 8. Mr. and Mrs. Gumby. 9. War and Peace. 49 ...,1......-- Several teachers also received awards, i s 2 ig A as 2? Q A .Wi it . X 5 K 5 A ARD ASSEMBLY ,ff 'C' ,As 4, Every year a day is set aside to recognize those students who have put forth extra effort during the year in academic and extracurricu- lar areas. This year's awards day was held on May 20th. Over l00 awards were presented. Ashland HOME FEDERAL SAVINGS 8a Loan Association 121 West Main Street - Ashland, Ohio 44805 Telephone C4195 323-0901 50 i ,,N, .WM tt ttftn fl 1 l. Kim Wharton, Tess Thomas, and Amy Jones receive FHA awards. 2, "l don't write them, l only read them." 3. Greg Hawks, Mindy Beck, Dennis Clem, Brian Cline, and Tim Cline line up for Typing l awards. 4. Student Council members Michele Jones, Tami Lambert, Rhonda Kyser, Pam Hofer and Jack Falter. 5. Dawn Main, Kim Kaeser, Kim Overholt, Connie McKinley and Michele Jones look at their Flag Corp awards. NNIE GET YOUR GU This year's spring play was Annie Get Your Gun a three-act comedy adapted from the original Broadway musical version. Jennifer Gossett starred as Annie Oakley, a young country girl whose skill as a sharp- shooter got her a place in the famous Buffalo Billis Wild West Show. Annie falls in love with the show's dashing star Frank Butler QBarry Yeaterl but Frank's resentment at being beaten by a girl in a shooting match, keeps the two from getting together. When Frank leaves Buffalo Bill's Show and joins a rival troupe, Annie and Frank are miserable apart. Members of the opposite troupes try to get the two together and merge the two shows for financial reasons. However the old argument of "Who is the better shot?', comes up and the plans fall apart. Finally Annie realizes that you can't get a man with a gun and the show ends on a happy note. Other members of the cast included: David Russell, Kate Bartter, Dawn Main, Tom Hawks, Darrin Hoo- ver, Vaughn Pennington, Keith Hobby and Doug Sel- vage. Annie Get Your Gun was performed on March 25 and 26 under the direction of Judith Ream and student director Dee Austin. CoMPL1MENTs OF CREATIVE CARTONS 52 SEATED: Kate Bartter, Stanton Winbigler, Dee Austin, John Mark, Susie Dipzinski, Larry Titus. Julie McGinnis, Brant Enderle, Wendi Weikel, Jill Mumaw, MIDDLE SECTION: Vaughn Pennington, Doug Selvage. Diane Schwiger. Brenda Schonauer, Ellen Jones, Michelle Bachmann, Ken Anderson, Darla Jarvis, David Russell, Trish Ebert, Chris King, Dawn Main, Pam Hofer, Denise Conrad, Jennifer Gossett, Tom Hawks, Angie Slavkovsky, Shawn Steere. Shellie Drake, Matt Luikart, Brigid McGovern, Becky Hoover, Jim Miller, Jayne Charman, Marc Turenne. STANDING: Darrin Hoover, Keith Hobby, Nick McGovern, Brit Basinger, Barry Yeater, Brad Browne, Kevin Kahl, Jim Denny, Jim Baldner. 'Qin l. Chief Sitting Bull smokem peace pipe. 2. Annie and Frank look longingly into each others eyes. 3. Dolly disapproves of Tommy, her daughter Winnie's husband. W YORK, W YORK, THE BIG APPLE New York, New York, the Big Apple was the setting which materialized in the Hillsdale Gym to provide the atmosphere for the 1983 Junior-Senior Prom. What a success. Who would have thought that they could have seen Central Park and the Brooklyn Bridge right in their own backyard. Music was provided by 4'Broke,' and those in atten- dance enjoyed dancing to their tunes until time to move on to the Post Prom. The Post Prom was again held at Park Lanes in Mans- field with the traditional breakfast being held back at the high school around 3 a.m. Everyone will remember New York, New York for a long time in the years to come. 'HMM THE FICKES COMPANY INC. Hgme Furnigherg Funeral Directors Phone: 368-6021 Phone 353-6011 54 LIONISM SERVING FOR THE BETTERMENT OF THE COMMUNITY AND MANKIND I x, 0 ,af -Q, fx' , x 1 1 i I Q , X ' . ,Q f , - fzlivxvwi JEROMESVILLE LIONS CLUB I 5 6 , V -,png , "'i4..1 NYY i' ,, f: ?l.' fx' Bw. , ofjl f " 'Z Vyfkf' ff"- , ,Pl .11 " 51, " '-"!'.',w v ,r '. lf,-Y fy-gay? .' 1 ,A ' LQ bfi. 'yniqi ff' J it I V: 1 'ull fy. f' I- . V 7' ,gli J nh, fy :A 4 'iff Af - :"'.f'9' Wx ,f 1' " 'f" 1 , ,fw - Y , 7 .2, -ff yr, ' fl ,fi Q . ,1 1 f -,' ,r ' U ,i ,f Q-1.4 -iw x - ' ' .-' ,,,, . .4 Hvky 1 - I M . xiii- V . Lff' ll J-...,l',: . 4045 , 414-R Q 1 l I lf :fff 'f M... .. A - 11. 'ffffg . H 1 ' T. ATMEN FINISH 6- The 1982-1983 wrestlers had a good year with a 6-3 record. The season ended on a strong point as the team placed third at the Sectional Meet and qualified nine wrestlers for district, these in- clude John Teeple, Dan Baker, Jeff Young, Greg Trayter, Eric Bee, Roger Briggs, Lee Erhardt, Clinton French, Brian Weirick. With a lot of freshmen and sophomores wrestling well at the end of the year, Coach Edwards is looking for- ward to next year. Q- ' vu it in V i , RO LA D AND T LL ADGE Painting and Wallpaper Interior - Exterior Residential - Farms New Construction 368-3803 289-8478 2 Y ...S . a WESTLING Z CORES I M , , I I tiffmwa f . 415 r W - I. , . 30 ,V" 35 ern 412 56 Q . ' SITTING: Craig Conrad, Doug Schonauer, Brant Enderle, Tim Young, Scott Carpenter, W wRl,ttnQarlW , I Tom Hawks, Don McCracken, Dennis Clem. KNEELING: Manager Amy Dennis, Todd Mt' erigw ' Wood, Travis Clyburn, Todd Browning, Damon Meyer, Damon Hitchcock, John Carpen- 4'ftL0ud0nviHIet X' V0 V : -M, W .. ter, Mike Trine, John Charman, Mike West, Manager Kim Overholt. STANDING: Eric it Ei Bee, Tim Butdorf. Roger Briggs, Mike Meyer, Brian Weirick, Jeff Young, Dan Baker, John Teeple, Greg Trayter, Lee Erhardt, Clinton French. ' '.,',,, ff -my . fi I. Keith Greenwald sits out . .. 2. Tim Young enjoys the fruits of victory. 3. Greg Trayter waits for the count. 4. Step l: Clinton French sets his opponent up for the pin. Step 2: The pin. Step 3: "How was that Coach Edwards?" Q, 59 TEEPLE 4th AT STATE In 1983 the Falcon Wrestlers were proud to send two of the outstanding members of the team to the state finals. Senior, Dan Baker, was the sectional champ and took second place in the NEO District, thus qualifying for the State Meet. He put on a good show there, however did not place. Junior, John Teeple, took second place in the NEO District in his weight class and went on to give a fine performance and placed fourth in the State. SECTIO L CHAMPS ttee vARs1iTYsestyot tEYBALIEE 2:a3ws,- t ., ga ,L : b a . ,,l? l. 5l i i.1 E or y m llS .x TH EY Black River 3 iiif 0 Norwayne Kidfon 2 ffl . Northwestern ccay f Waynedale ' ib Rittman ill i ftii Doylestown 2 1f1Q 5 .ibh 0 , Loudonville 0 Smithville iit m 2 S ol VV i S l. . l. C i S X if .. -1:L 31: ii 4 tttt .. 0 f mst... Mansfield Christian RE 1f+Ef? fiii at ,. of My ,,.t. . :,.. . il,v X? ik X t....t ..... Q5 XL X s 7254 041' fi I K, x 3 af' P' Wy I . A- "aft:-'lil ' ,l . I, W2 104 3 1 454 1 ,f - V , ' , ff A 'Z , A V 4 if 4 1 f " 1 l ffl if X ll' l f -rt 1 N W N ' S 9, , I in 1 T LN: PIANO TUNING 8: SERVICE ll4 W. Main Street Hayesville, Ohio 44838 Phone 14195 368-3709 Leslie P. Widder, Technican . K After a win at the sectional volleyball tourna- ment the Lady Falcons travelled to Newbury for the District Competition. The varsity team con- sisting of eight seniors, had high hopes, but had their dreams turned away as they saw defeat in their first match. 61 FI I H2ndI The 1982 volleyball team with eight senior members had a fine 12-7 season bringing home the sectional championship and second place in the Wayne County League. Wendy Russell, Lau- rie Schultz, and Gwen Killey were named to the Honorable Mention WCL Team while Kathy Miller was named to the lst TEAM WCL. The 1983 season will be a rebuilding season with the graduation of our eight seniors. J.V. VOLLEYBALL Norwayne Black River Kidron Northwestern Waynedale Rittman it Doylestown Loudonvillefll Smithville St. Pete's T Norwayne Smithville Northwestern Waynedale Rittman THEY 1 W1 l 2 To ,Taxi . 0 ' 0 0 0 l 2 H J I rv 625530 -V -J 3 BOTTOM: Jenni Smith, Anita Harnee, Lori Miller, Rhonda Howman, Lynn Echelberger. MIDDLE: Susie Gibbs, Michelle Jones, Tobi Franks, Angie Strine, Becky Denning, Kim Overholt, Jackie Schwiger. TOP: Amy Dennis, Tonya Stock- dale, Bambi Geren, Susie Chapman, Amy Jones, Theresa Rush, Barb Hendrix, Sandy Zimmerman, 2. Gwen bumps the ball over the net. 4. Margee saves the shot. 5. Trish takes the shot as Laurie backs her up. 63 FALCON FOOTBALL The 1982 football team had a tough time ofit this year. They began the season with a tie against Lucas but couldn't pull a win out this yearg there were some very close ones though. Steve Van- Gilder, Brad Browne, and Dan Lavender were named to the WCL Honorable Mention Team, while those three plus Jack Falter were named to the Honorable Mention Team in Ashland Coun- ty. We congratulate these Seniors. STAY ON TOP OF THE WORLD! J .J . AUTOWORLD INC . Buick 3 Cadillac A Oldsmobile Pontiac A AMC Jeep A Renault Ashland's New Car Headquarters Ashland 289-1395 BOTTOM: Greg Trayter, Dave Richilano, Jack Falter, Skip McClure, Dan Lavender, Monti Shambaugh, Steve VanGilder, Dan Baker, Ken Slavkovsky, Frank Telakowicz, MIDDLE: Steve Clayton, Mark Franklin. John Teeple, Keith Hobby, Rusty Kibler, Doug Selvage, Bill Scarberry, Robert Holderbaum, Steve Hawley, Kevin Tucky. TOP: Tom Strine, Mike McCoy, Joe Sparr, Brad Denning, Jim Sparr, Kenny Steele, Ed McAbee, Clinton French, Gary Fowler. F B tytltttr eitte f VARSITY FOOTBALL B ltttt ,BS ,t,. A Bk 0 e Br 18 , 235g B 'B eeyi 8 S lii ' SIQBB 1 2 6 .tBBB g ilii iit l. Jack Falter sends another punt sailing downfield. 2. Quarterback Dave Richilano scrambles for the lst down. 3, John Teeple goes back for a halfback pass. 4, The Falcon defense readies itself for the snap. q- GLAUNER RLA S T STATE With the help of senior leaders Mike Glauner, Nick McGovern, and Barry Yeater, 1982 may have been the turnaround for cross country at Hillsdale. The Falcons came on strong at the end of the year and placed second at the sectional cross country meet and qualified for districts. At the district meet the team placed fifth in a very strong field while Mike Glauner qualified for the State Finals. Mike made a fine showing there and set a new school record, covering the 3.1 mile course in 17 min. l7 sec. With 10 sophomores and 6 freshmen on the team this year the 1983 season looks very promising. ., f. - ,. Orgrl- ,fxyg ,gr f f WWF , 1 4' l w3?Z'2 5 2253? lr mm H sf V ww: v. EHR : f wi I , . pi ', ' 5 ,,VV .,,t 1 1 if 3 fl V ff ?H, l 1 l i' at , i f . t 2 r l 5 rj 2 i IW f . ,ig Ya Q W ? I n 5 :Me ff 3 A alta Q ll? I lat' 'fl fill :J-if V , fi!,ff,.,,, , ,, .' . Q . z' HA ' V w ? ,f ,, g ilflwggl Q, 43,5 ' 2 Elf :fix 2.1 :gan ff 46 l E xi, ff ,f ,f ,,,rrA ,, ,.,,, q , , ,lilo W M" if in i 1 s l W 59 so ENN? S ff f .W A f-fe :,.t:?j'sfk-13 "'ii""' E 5 s X ig ew X g Q , IME? i so ct, " " -eff? s y yyyy 2 as -,,, Lf ' I y, .. 5 f Q' gui? f r ' V ' y 1? " Zif gsiffa' W 5 may y, rf 1 if rt,r O E fn as i , f 1 X , " '45 if 4 J . i WZ' ' ' " fv , liz W -:ara ' M a we 2 , X fl ff i i . , , , 1 gg! , W ttgwh if r M2255 I . i le I ., V , 'lg , Q 5 y' Mi l! rf We 1 l 5 mar 1 K 1 , ' la ff is gt :HL I i : , , sse r if Zi V f iv,i ,,t 5 "', i t ii i i t e aai ,rrt at A Yo S hland lVIower, Inc. ur Small Engine ervice Dealer EE US FOR: 0 All Small Engine Repair and Service Husqvarna Chain Saw Sales and Service Specialized Chain Saw Sharpening OUR LOCATION: 'IZ Mile South on King Road 289-2013 rx bf 4: if-4 fi A' 0' Q k ' ,Ag 0, .f - h N A gm., ,tw .sm N38 '.-J. m S.. xp-er .4- KEY. FRESHMAN FINISH 4-2 f . M. . N.. Q The hard-hitting Falcon freshmen had an excel- lent 4-2 season and are eagerly awaiting future foot- ball seasons. With the help of Gary Pringle, Coach Burns guided the freshmen to a season to be proud of losing only to Northwestern and Rittman. MIDLAND ELECTRONICS l858 Cottage Street Ashland, Ohio 44805 Phone C4195 289-8629 Mon.-Sat. 1:00 Mon.-Sat. 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Closed Sunday Ken Rosenbluh Jim Stake A SITTING: Mark Rook, Randy Chapman, Mike Trine, Eric Bee, Craig Conrad, Tim Young, Roger Briggs, Jamie Ebert, Dave Radabaugh, Manager Rhonda Gray, KNEELING: Mike West, Drew Austin, Bobby Denning, John Cutlip, Mike Meyer, Jeff Paullin, Travis Clyburn, Adam Eick, Allen Easterday, John Chronister, Damon Meyer, LuAnn Motter. STANDING: Coach Burns, Perry Tanner, Ryan Roshong, Tony I-Ieiffner, Tyrone Tanner, Todd Tucky, Dick Rush, Scott Long, David Deal, Kevin Browne, Ashley Menges, Jeff Crossen, Dan Amos, Tom Schaffer, Coach Pringle. ,it ,V Z , el' iii Vg V,,. New jil illi iii 0 iii I 14 is iisiif l. Mike Trine makes the tackle as Kevin Browne assists. 2. Drew Austin goes for the lst down. 3. Scott Long hands off to Jeff Crossen for a big gainer. 69 CHEERLEADERS The cheerleaders this year were a very busy group. In July the 10 girls on the Varsity and J.V. basket- ball squads attended camp and were awarded the Spirit Key. Two girls were given Cheerleader Of The Day Awards, Kim Hoverstock and Kathy Mill- er. Later in the season both the J.V. and Varsity squads received 2nd place in an Ashland College Competition. All year long the cheerleaders, under the guidance of Fran Lavender, were busy making signs, planning pep rallies and supporting their teams. FOOTBALL BOTTOM: Beth Wiltrout, Cami Motter, Kim Hover- stock TOP: Darcy Russell, Kathy Smith, Michelle McFar- lin. MARSHALL L . BOYER Sz ASSOCIATES, INC . MANUFACTURES REPRESENTATIVE TO THE GIFT INDUSTRY WITH SHOWROOMS AT: Columbus Gift Shop Hyatt Regency Columbus, Ohio Convention Center Louisville, KY Home Office P.O. Box 213 497 CR 30-A J eromesville, Ohio J .V. BASKETBALL l. "Let's get fired up!" 2. Jack Falter, what a bird brain. Cameo Motter, Beth Wiltrout, Michelle McFarlin VARSITY BASKETBALL KNEELING: Kathy Smith. MIDDLE: Kathy Miller, Kim Hoverstock, Carla Lance. TOP: Jami LeMaster. FRESHMEN BASKETBALL l :A BOTTOM: Tisha Wood. MIDDLE: Tracy Meng, Jen- ny Smith. TOP: Carrie Maun 71 GIRLS J. . B'B LL The J.V. girls basketball team finished this year with a 2-13 record. Under the direction of Coach Bauer the girls worked hard and have hopes for improving their record next year. The many freshman on the team matured a lot throughout the season and have high expecta- tions for the years to come. 72 GUENTHER PLUMBING 8: HEATING, INC 1248 Middle Rowsburg Road P.O. Box 97 Ashland, Ohio 44805 Plumbing, Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning Phone 289-6900 :W w yi, 5.. X1 , . A L X M . , is K Qc f? Vxxf ...- . ws N --'-- ' L "r1 i- i X-M jp. i s 2 Q -W f - , if Sf K Q ' S MS ' E 3 w K xx? t Q , C . J ,f K 2 ,N S , ' , ,355 iw 1, -fx ,' f ,w wzigfzif ,V my I Q' .SS .1 33 f Cf 1, f''sf1,gi,jfw?M5N'Q,,:.fi,:yy ,-,V ? , N H' , fzwl ' Jf1fw,'.f0'f ,Lf , , ' We4.,z7e QQ ILLEN ARE LE DI sCoRER The 1982-83 girls basketball team finished their season with a 4-16 record, losing in section- als to Our Lady of the Elms. However, the Lady Falcs look forward to a promising season next year as they lose only one senior to graduation. Kim McQuillen, junior guard for the team, was named to the Wayne County League lst team and was the area's leading scorer. WEST END GARAGE General Auto Repairs Wheel Horse Husquarna Chain Saws Jacobson Mowere Merry Tillers 103 West Main Jeromesville, Ohio Phone: 368-7864 74 Coach Nelson, Traci Nebergall, Shawn Steere, Angie Slavkovsky, Barb Hendrix, Julie Hines, Kim Kaeser, Kim McQuillen, Angie Strine, Cheri Helbert. l. Angie Strine sets up the offense. 2. Kim Kaeser fights for the rebound. 3. Guard Kim McQuillen, looks for an opening in the defense. Na fanirggiiiii' ' .V. AND FRESH B'B LL The 1982-83 J.V. Boys Basketball team saw itself faced with a 2-7 record mid-way through the season. However Coach Bargar turned that around. Despite many players splitting their time between Varsity and J.V. the last ten games of the year proved to be the best. The .I.V.'s won six of these last ten games, upping their record to 8- 1 l for the season. The freshman basketball team also had a very good year losing only four games in regular season play. In the Wayne County League Freshman Tournament the Falcon Freshmen placed 3rd, We look forward to having these talented freshmen and sophomores on the J.V. and Varsity teams next year. 1-- .1... -- - c 3 e e " ' tiii 49 3 4 ...,, i .g5. ... . ., itet -C 4 ,--.t.'. -,:f 1-t:2-'- 11 . - 34 ',i,l. ' 6 --- iiii 55. -f1-r . f-t,-- p'::'-'sais v,,: -Gi .. i iii .....- 3 . 40 ccitlt .-' 1 3 -317 7 CTOWQ.-49 E51 35734 76 KNEELING: Dick Rush, Scott Long, Jamie Ebert, Adam Eick, Allan Easterday, Todd Tucky. STANDING: Jeff Cros- sen, Kevin Browne, Ryan Roshong, John Chronister, Drew Aus- tin, Coach Burns. J EROMESVILLE ELEVATOR Dealer in Feed Grains and Farm Supplies Specialists in hogs and poultry Contracting Phone: 268-4951 368-3287 846-3453 MASTER MIX T , , f , Hu ,K A y . , W- ff f f f,f,,,if,. J, ..,, if f.,,,,W H I C p R ?j, , , T iiii T if ' C C 2 T ? ff 1 C ,. T Q W T 5 2 X Jw X ynamm . U33 use W' Mai ,x.ca,C QQL1 Q M500 u,x.cQA pcgigimag 37 +33 QQ50, ,f 2? if RS V' 4 50 2 f ' 5 L60 A iff, +g:3'6 g,g,Q H if i K E wg , ,i ky ':'L5 n,'f, , - . y 4 32 I 7 -' it " i if 34 R ?7QVaynedqfG" 40 N ,I ' """ ' "' , .Q r , irihi ,,1 4 A , .b.g3N Q. , K is ASS' 2Fi? f? jilijug A-. Woo , - I W1 - , f , or Y V I X J R fQ: lGW 3 .. T: i o J ' ravi C U C , in 'ii 9 LCO xc ' in T f oi-W -f V if C mncaivkf-i-rf , Pi , ibii T . 'mi 'X-204 'Ia' f as fn HS P 1 -24 is 351 f i n so 2 wi o o J M Q. mf ooo ' ' T AQ ' X ' - To 3 , -.C Ai Tiio T I vig b y gg Z k.,, A a Q f o 3 A wr fi o ii 5 ff in ' ., Z '-A wg - it sw VV VV,. M-v, 1 Ciio o KNEELING: Brctl Strine, Tim Seibcrt, Brian Clinc, Todd Dilgard, Tom Strinc, Tim Cline, STANDING: Coach Burgar, Jim Sparr, Ken Morgan, Tom Lewis, Keith Hobby. Darrin Hoover, ,,,, ' - Chris Shcnbcrger, Joe Sparr. 1. Keith Hobby lays it up for two. 2, Sophomore guard, Tom Strinc, sails by the opponent. 77 FALCONS IMPROVE RECORD The 1982-83 Varsity Basketball team ended the season with a 5-15 season. The record does not show the work and effort put forward by our team. This effort payed off for three of our senior players. Brad Browne, Danny Lavender, and Barry Yeater were chosen to play in the Wilbur- Berkey Classic. Brad and Danny were also cho- sen tothe Honorable Mention Team in the WCL. Barry Yeater was chosen to the lst Team in the WCL and was also picked Honorable Mention All-Area in Wayne County. In addition Barry and Danny were chosen to the Times-Gazette All-Area Teams, Danny on the Honorable Men- tion list and Barry on the lst Team. The Falcons were cheered on by Falcon Mascot, Jack Falter. The 1982-83 Falcons were coached by John Bos- ton. Ytxlflllliff '27 NNN, Let George put you on wheels GEORGE LAMB CHEVROLET 1119 Lincoln Way West Wooster, Ohio C2161 264-2300 78 KN EELING: Matt Luikart, Bill Scarbcrry, Jim Baldner, Kevin Tucky, Barry Yeater. STANDING: Doug Dague, Lavender, Brad Browne, Skip McClure, Kcvin Knight, Dave Richilano, Brian Weaver. , 11 Kevin fights forthe rebound. s.-If Kr, "NorWayne H vfmsirv BASKETBALL Thlliy 47 f 563 Loudohviflief' Dalton L',' Mansi NGYWHYUC aynedhle Northwestern Doylestown New London Mupleton Rittmran I smmiviiie ' KKKK '57 fWaynedale5. Northwestern Mapleton Doylestown Smithville Rittman Tournament East Canton K 54 54 V 60 58 77 47 K 51 67 47 K rr,rr r rw K www r42' 74 42 K3-It ttfv K 46 ss 57 56 69 62 63 53 56 54 83 l. Bill Scarberry eyes the basket. 2. Senior Barry Yeater puts it up from the side 3. Dan Lavender drives in for a lay-up. 4, Brad cvades his opponent's reach. 5 WEATHER CUTS SCF TB LL SCHED LE SHORT Spring showers cut the scheduled 24-game softball season in half. The team ended the regu- lar season with an 8-4 record and came up with a l-l record in sectional play. The team was coached by Pat Edwards who was assisted by Cathy Applegate. The team lost only one player, Dee Austin, to graduation so they look to a good season next year with many letterman returning providing Mother Nature will cooperate. 80 N EF F'S MARKETS WHERE FRIENDSHIP BEGINS WITH VALUE AND SAVINGS 1289 Claremont Ave. Ashland, Ohio .f t it Buckeye . Malawi' l ' :'-1' ' Triwlay 27' Shelby , ' 'Ashland ' Shelby it Wcstlelolmes Scetionals Black River Mapleton L:.kVV, V X 34 3 6. 17 V 7, 3 2. 2 20 2 6 . X. ifv E E 'f" .. as . 2- W. .qt 5. 9 3 l 9 . l. Angie Strine catches at Jcromesville Park. 2. Dee Austin at the mound. 3. Row l: Teresa Stockdale, Tami Lambert. Row 2: Becky Denning, Rhonda Howman, Angie Strine. Traci Nebergall, Dee Austin, Kim lVlcQuillen, Jenny Garber. Row 3: Coach Edwards. Manager Janette Prince, Robin Hawks, Tonya Stockdale, Julie Hines, Cindy Patzniek, Bambi Geren, Wendy Russell, Cathy Applegate. 4. Tami Lambert throws the ball infield. 5. Jenny Garber throws in from left field. 81 J.V. BA EBALL The J.V. baseball team finished its fourth win- ning season in a row with a 10-7 record. Coached by Mr. Blake Bach, the team lost four of its scheduled games by 2 points or less. With many players gaining experience the varsity will gladly welcome them next year. BILL'S MUSIC CENTER School Band and Orchestra Rental Complete Service and Repair Rental 122 W. Washington Street Washington Square, Ashland, Ohio 82 Row I: Mike Shie, Perry Tanner, Kevin Browne, Jamie Ebert, John Carpenter, Adam Rick, Porter Yeater. Row 2: John Chronister, Todd Miller, Todd Dilgard. Brett Strine, Larry Hershey, Dave Deal, Todd Tuckey, Scott Long. ,, H Nqwayne Noiithwestern L Loiiilunviille Blafilf. T t,,',' is J f ttitot Nfmhwefffff H Dalton Triway Waynedale iii .J tteiii,t.,r 2 l. Jeff Crossen steals second. 2. Scott Long connects. 3. John Carpenter slides into third. 4. Jamie Ebert bites the dust, H 11r'i"l" ' 2521522 Aww 8 , ,,.c, , 4 tt, 8 ,ff 5 I7 " 19, SECTIONAL CH MPS This year's varsity squad was a young one with six sophomore members. The highlight of the sea- son was the sectional championship, where the young Falcons put it all together and slipped by East Canton 6-5. The overall varsity record was 5-I4-l. Individ- ual honors forthe year went to Darrin Hoover for the highest batting average .436 and Honorable Mention in the Wayne County League and to Matt Luikart who received the Zimmie Award and gained a spot on the lst Team in the Wayne County League. 84 BILL HARRIS CHEVRDLET The Distinctive Different Dealership Ashland-Mansfield Rd. 289-2000 Ashland, Ohio 44805 526-1200 Sales with Integrity Service with Confidence Heights Seated: Matt Luikart, Brad Browne. Kneeling: Steve Clayton, Ken Slavkovsky, Robbie Smith, Ed MacAbee, Coach Meyers. Standing: Tim Cline, Kevin Tucky, Darrin Hoover, Chris '-'- Shenberger, Brian Cline. WE THEY 6 0 0 I0 Rob Smith slides safely into second base. 2. Darrin Hoover hangs onto second base, but why? 3. Kevin Tucky gets ready to go. l 85 GIRLS TR CK The Hillsdale girls track team finished up their season with 4 wins and 5 losses. At the Wayne County meet they finished 6th. Breaking school records this year were Gwen Killey in the long jump, Angie Slavkovsky in the discus, and the 2 mile relay team consisting of Angie Slavkovsky, Toby Franks, Jamie Sheriff, and Shawn Steere. As the sectional meet ended two girls advanced to Regionals, Gwen Killey in the hurdles and Shawn Steere in the 880. COMPLIMENTS OF THE GARBER COMPANY S .L A Tracy Meng. Second row: Luann Motter, Shawn Steere, Treasa Rush, Tracey Botdorf. First row: Susie Wells, Jamie Sheriff, Natalie Patterson. Jackie Schwiger, Tisha Wood Third row: Tresea Andrews. Kim Kaescr, Jenny Smith. Toby Franks. Norway ne Mans. Chris. Wayncdale Smithville Northwestern Crestview Kidron Rittman Black River THEY 72.5 37 76.5 88 33 91 36 L 70 . 50 l, Natalie Patterson runs her leg of a relay race 2 Jenny Smith finishes the 100-meter 3 Tisha Wood explodes out of the blocks. TRACK FI I HES 6-3 The 1983 track team continued its winning tradition by finishing the year with a 6-3 record. Coached by Mr. Robert Valentine and Mr. Steve Burns the team was provided with leadership by seven seniors. The team once again finished 2nd in the Southern Division and finished 5th in the Wayne County League overall. The Falcons put together many good efforts this year winning by scores of 104-28, 91-31, and 102-30. With many underclassmen returning the Falcons should be strong again next year. Compliments Of Ashland's Friendly Jewelers Bear's Kastaifs Leibfarth's First row: Bryan Weirick, Bernie Riescr, Damon Hitchcock, Marc Turene, John Reed. Second row: Brit Basinger, Dave Richilano, Steve VanGilder, Mike West, Mike Trine. Third row: Ryan Roshong, Tom Strine, Drew Austin, Mike Glauner, Skip McClure, LeRoy Motter, Don Hindenlang, Kevin Knight, Fourth row: Richard Horn, David Carpenter, Ashley Menges, Robert Holderbaum, Dan Long, Barry Yeater, Nick McGovern, Bobby Denning, WE THEY ,ll Kidron Central Cath. 104 28 Crestview 62 70 Northwestern 91 31 Waynedale , 67 65 Smithville 38 92 Mansfield Christian 102 30 Norwaync 50 72 Mapleton 88 34 Black River 84 48 Crestview Indoor relays 5th place 54 pts. Fredericktown 7th place 38 pts, Ashland Hillsdale 5th place 62 pts. Wayne County League - fsi- Sectional District 7th place 38 pts. ' V -J' ' 3 pf 1. Steve VanGilder puts all he has into the finish. 2. Dave Richilano hits the back stretch in 174 mile run, 3. Mike Glauner sets his pace for his two-mile run. 4, Skip McClure long jumps at the sectional meet. RICHIE TAKES 5th Dave Richilano worked his way along the tour- nament trail until he reached his goal to run in the State Track Meet. In the Sectional-District Meet Dave placed first in both the 100 meter and 200 meter dashes, earning him a trip to Mans- field for the Regionals. Also qualifying for the Regionals were Gwen Killey in the hurdles and Shawn Steere in the 800 meter run along with the 400 meter relay team composed of Drew Austin, Steve VanGilder, Skip McClure and Tom Strine. Although they all made a fine showing in the Regionals Dave was the only one to pick up a ticket to the State Meet, qualifying for both the 100 meter and 200 meter dashes and breaking two school records which had stood for well over 10 years in doing so. At the State Meet Dave qualified for the 200 meter finals and overcame the eighth lane posi- tion to place fifth. Good job Dave. LC KANVAS Mfg . Co . .T I 1 v x - --L vf.-----na 232:22-nu-X ---n nu- Ibn Custom Covers and Repair Boat- Truck-Sail-Farm Equipment 446 Twp Rd. 1902 Jeromesville, Ohio 44840 Phone: C4191 368-3504 'TM , Q E. , ,-g,,.n1lR r E14 Sw ui ,, M l l pus Q ,gm w xxx! ln! :I 'G Q-w.,x i ,,,.,,-.ww-'-'W ,now COMPLIMENTS OF HAROLD REAM 907 C.R. 30A PHONE: 368-4182 My ,, f . 1 , X f f r . f -'I , '5qkQ,1f 9,t',,3 K W fa 1 , VI! !! K, .X ,gm f g Qm, A ,gf iff 1 X. aff" - w , -K X ,,, . I ,N - . X H ! FX , , N. ,X i fffff he WV 3-1 ,, 1 . is . I x i X , f I f W . Mx, ,M.flf,, , f ' 'f' f"'4 ' '-:i'FE:2'L',?,9y. 'HW M f ' f f 5 'V ' n f Jw . ,A X ,. , J- --,,4"' " 4' , X 1 iv ., Q' . -x N A 1 'xg ' , . ff yt A. 644 ,154 iff. J' " ' - t w' I- u i" ' ,. . . , , K I nm, I :WL 1 fl- Q.:- X 1 v My 1 Lfcf if ' ,lfg X X vvx, A .V ,,. X YV N -N' " 1 ' L lx . , 4,,,,...7flf' X . 3, A . . V- X2 ,L A i xx IK 7. M,f,f IW .. H. F, 1- ..,' J. ', 1 , , ' , "if -,, f. . - -' ,gg 1 'r Hu" V- '-fl" Hfw'l ,-,- -'.A. ' , ' .- .. :S z ' f f I , q,A,-gy-H - f-,f " hw 1 409 , ".:,-rifgw'.1.2...- g.,.::-f- A '- V , 9 0. 1, A ,w1s,. zg 1 wgw u X X1 - , f , H . A m K ' s ' :---7' Dan Amos Ken Anderson Drew Austin Darin Beal Eric Bee Tracey Botdorf Connie Boyer Fred Brady Roger Briggs Kevin Browne Doug Browning David Carpenter John Carpenter Scott Carpenter David Cartwright Randy Chapman John Charman John Chronister Virginia Clem Travis Clyburn Shelly Colvin Craig Conrad Jeff Crossen John Cutlip Ann Dalton Dianna Dalton Kelly Dalton Monte Dawson Dave Deal Becky Denning Bobby Denning Kevin Draper Allen Easterday Jamie Ebert Joel Echelberger Lynn Echelberger FRESHME W. ,. ,M we --f., :W 'fif X X M J,-, 535515 .A 2 regex fjqzfffz " , git: v ky K A Y 5 gi. 'f'1',' A"'P'. J i if ,J A a I -- if ' -3 , ' il .. 1 R X ' "S Q1 1 . 'f - '- A - -- A 5, , . , - Q 321 .25 sz -,. Y vs X .Q 5 V . It 0, L . E ,.,,,,. Q ' iii fi- i I :ii . - bi - ' in Y K K J -f 'zz f- ,-,: ' is L Y- M3 5 L ' g 1 .,. X - ' L s - E . - if 5 1 - A - if ..,....., itf. . .- A 5, in 1 L f,c ,. if g f .- vi' fi' ,A i " : fl ,tt 'kt' f .H - " f t g f J F. . J t-fi Q 5 ffl -,.. . . . r i 1 ' K K ,i.' :Ve . X f' . I 11... . :L EQIP' if 'ffixzi if li BY :ff-iii . - s. t, 1 wt rm--1. Us if 1 ea 'I ' apex . .as i ss ' I , ' Q - 51352 5 1 1 E' X - a' 5: ' .. . . x ggi, Qu K Q .kim iv 5 , E B -. , A X 'ff X -W! B ,gal 'YQ 1 E355 S Xi 'U' if K M ...N 1 x E MX Q if ef Es. 5 Il ,aw It - , g 'ls ..,, -, ., g y M f .1 . 4 1 if 'lex Q m slHL FA gg M 8: M SALES 1710 CLEVELAND AVENUE ASHLAND OHIO 44805 PHONE- 325-3695 K .V Nx- :' R I C' L I p 1:::Q,.. I I E eaey . . A SER RNS wb ,H RRR xg 5 'HT . ,eg Q ,, . 0, R xi 5 I -Q Q ., I aw ' jf R3 A E I -2 S I ' 'J as - , , ' ' , I i - 'iii 1 " E .,, . 'Q t. , X C, Q X. I 1 9 '15 ,f S. Z' l X: H if A Cf Y. ,rx Y ,fi In If ,11.:-I.-W 'N . R ,, V - . X-qsaaezesfzu 1 'f1fii'f - , ' -ve 0. Q, yr- w X 3. 1 Q- . , 1'-' E f w- .. 'R , - vw . N: , Y. 11 ,Z ,. ST K X 'I .I ri LA A ' ' , . -as - . ,V X I C., a 4-Q us Kristi Eggerton Adam Eick Brant Enderle LeeAnn Ennis Shelly Fike Toby Franks Bambi Geren Susie Gibbs Liz Glauner Keith Greenwald Steve Harlan Robin Hawks Tom Hawks Tony Heifner Don Hindenlang Angie Hinkle Damon Hitchcock Rhonda Howman Karrie Kaeser Mike Kaufman Jim Keiffer Elaine Keifer Leisa Kline Keith Kvochick K C o U N T R Y CHARM FABRICS ALICE FINLEY AND CINDY DOGGETT OWNERS "FABRICS FOR ANY OCCASION', 1422 Montgomery Twp. Rd. 593 Phone C4195 325 -2341 BOYS.,.. GIRLS TOTAL Schie, Mitch Spotts. 11 l. Tonya Stockdale ponders the question at hand. Not pictured: Mike Schie, Tony Joel LeMaster Joseph LeMaster Scott Long Lori Mast Carrie Maun Terri McClure Tracy Meng Ashley Menges Damon Meyer Mike Meyer Keith Miller Lori Miller Mark Miller LuAnn Motter Paul Mumaw Chester Neal Marie Osbun Chris Parker Angie Patrick Natalie Patterson Cindy Patznick Jeff Paullin David Raudebaugh John Reed Susan Resnis Mark Rook Ryan Roshong Dick Rush Thomas Schaffer Laurie Schewyer Jackie Schwiger Lee Shambaugh Mike Shank Jamie Sheriff Kim Smalley Jennifer Smith Tanya Stockdale Judy Summerfield Perry Tanner Tyrone Tanner Tess Thomas Tim Thomas 7,42 - L .4 ' . l f.-, ft i - f . .K 2. 1 . iix Vx lf 'M , -L 2 ff it . fvx-.N .S 5 H wa. . W , , . 1 , X . , ii! 5 .. ga- - i 4' .. 'it X P 5 . s.. , ., N. J ww ., . . ,. , -W-.i , ,,..5,. . . xx Y 19 ,J-K Agpv fi if . T.. - N 1 ' if P ' H -' 'f,:-- 6 Q. -If: , , A H" Qjfil? 1 - i i ' ' ,.. if A 'fi n . A. b 4 M3 4 .'-, 3 I . K : iys' ' ' .RW KP - . 'W' . ff. X in k,,i . . 1. 6 K W , - .m. is S r f S A i 6 ' .mu :s:J:Hh4:3. ,v. C 1 Qi. 2,1-1 1, ,. .Q :wget-5 . fc .ses . .r---- -Ve L, 'vc at " ..,. , Y' ,- J M . . .4 as X . ig K r. , 'Q if 1 . E is ,gg 1 T i sssa X if ' 5 'P' 6 , K. . s it E f xg ..j:-7,5 - . , s . - X xg j,:ki-Q'-QL 4 - ' V I 1, u MNX X A h. A i.- ,..-x .. Nu ,, ' slas J 6 A f , K . A - .. - , ' ' .Y nz- Y-fix 4' s'c- 1 ' 1. I . ' " " " - ., i f . af V ' iv, - ,mg-5, A X N .V nfl, If IRA ig : 1. I rf-6 f,:L- A L 1.25 'J A " ai -:1 . v ts . N . , K . SX fk.. ' ' .. Q M- 4 X ' 'K .Eve ,gg if ji .E 4: ts 'M Vx, 'ik FN, N I I Q . 5 ...-fs! gg I I . t H 2, 1 sliis X 'KV' I ' :ug .. ' C. HERBERT HALL Electrical 8a Insulation Contractors. 649 CR. Rt. 6. Ashland Ohio 44805 Phone 419-368-89l l s, -es. .,.,Nw, k il S Q Dee Titus E+-sf, S W f T Mike Time A - K ii is . A 2- -We T 1 L' it Semi at S we be T . Todd Tucky ,-, ' no S' '. , F' if ' ' Marc Turenne S 8 S S Q ' T Paul Vest 'h I Bryan Weirick fr" 1 :x if Susie Wells S S - , . Mike West E, .. " S f -- 'H f T 145 'i ' ff Kim Wharton S S 1 T . - 1' "X A N ' W W ', 'ff S is ' Tlsha W00d 5 1 a W tee, f , T - ext? 'fs Tim Young ' A . 1 Q , i f "tt . iff t 1 35 K Sandra Zimmerman 1. Freshmen Class Officers Todd Tucky President, Tim Young Vice- President, Jeff Crossen Treasurer, Bambi Geren Secretary. 2. Todd Tucky, Ryan Roshong, and Jeff Crossen working hard at freshmen basketball practice. O CINDY KREILING XX Phone 14195 289-6872 zzoifz Broad .,. Ashiand, ohio LETTERING 81 DESIGN CUSTOM INTERIOR 31 Ep, or TRUCKS, VANS, ETC. EXTERIOR SIGNS is BOY GIRL Ronda Altvater Larry Armstrong Starla Atterholt John Baldner Brit Basinger Mindy Beck Kris Blough Rod Boals Collene Boyer Rick Brubaker Tim Butdorf Kelly Case Sandy Chapman Jayne Charman Brian Cline Tim Cline Jennifer Collins Doug Dague Brad Denning Amy Dennis Todd Dilgard Mona Dormaier Dinia Erhardt Lee Erhardt SOPHOMORES H '- -M551 - fx S rw fm - 4 - 1 or J 1 if . 2 ,' 'f . 34 - ' ax. 4 , ij' 05 1.- 1 Q w fe 1 - - ' ffj ' . i K ,as 4- ia f S x . W 'gn t K A b y I V .... We , v .f, A fi' fe ' 2 K, " T , ffl 5 4 .' f i A ,. , . 4 as f -. - 1 . . iff X 'N' 1: , -W so .,eo Q ,fs 'T9 as :,.:f'.: xx' ax. I 'I I we S fl NQQQF 'uv n :e21-sms, E . Q , i fits X W if k l... Flmstone sP17l7i017 Ashland's Quick Printer 1011 East Main St. Ashland TOTAL. . .105 ...59 ...46 QZL: J ' S' 1 'fr' E sset ssts 4 Nl 1 fi ' 5 f X -' "' l , f A lff - -11-k11:-'f1 Isf We :sg A.L'- ., 'if . J F L .:.. '--':- - , ' y Still? 'F i ' F , f' fel, if .Liz -iff 5 2.55" ky , ' - K xi f -N 1. Q19 Q r' in X is ' AA A it-,. 5 wi' 5' ii W F .31 1 C-A 5- t 'rf Y' X 1 i . J s L 'Kb K'-F 4- J F EQ. is Q ' in ii --rf - . "" JT ff I b':k - K its A t i f ' T Elf' - Clk 3 s ... -K hi -' 1- 57 ' sh' 1 "' N x .1 n- In '1 1',' ll 0 .. , , af . f P ,ai - J as s i ? J 1 is - X , a .J Kelly Flickinger Jeff Fortune Frank Douglas Clinton French Shelli Fry Vicki Gilbert Jim Harlan Anita Harned Greg Hawks Barbara Hendrix Julie Hines Robert Holderbaum Richard Horn Mark Huff Amy Jones Michele Jones Kevin Knight Heidi Krebs Kecia Krebs Susan Krichbaum Rhonda Leech Jerry Leibolt Tom Lewis Mike Lindner Margaret Littleton Dan Long John Mark DeVon Martin Edward McAbee Michael McCoy Don McCracken Michelle McFarlin Julie McGinnis Brigid McGovern Vicki McKee Keith McQuillen Kevin McQuillen James Miller Kelly Miller Todd Miller Kenneth Morgan Cameo Motter TRUAX PRINTING Home of the Loudonville Shopper 1 and the Loudonville Times Loudonville, 0hio Kim Overholt Carol Pakes Holly Patterson Bill Patznick Vicki Paullin Janette Prince Rhonda Ritter Treasa Rush David Russell Traci Sams Dale Scheibe Jason Schoenfeld Brian Schrader Tim Seibert Diane Shearer Chris Shenberger Robbie Smith Jim Sparr t ' A - f 1 .M ,. -S JJ ig " 'Q w et. 3' - se J 'J ef' S S- Fi- it 5 'lviif J ' ' ' J l " N A E5 - 5 N. " " 1 J fl -S ,--- fat Q ,J 9 J . S J J J , - J - ' J K J J' I - 'M jg: 51:72 S tm: N " , K S S S 1 M SLE' 1 M J R ' 2 Y Q5 M QMS 5? Ll J S JJ Je s J less: S E--5 N-W. ,- . J J 15 S ..., J S qv 5 N St 1 J S Hgiirflvif' 'Mx -11-1ssf4ssr:ssz te2vg:fSz:Jf it 1b-:Jw KE 54652 - S 2 S . ' 1 J' if iff 1 S f-'- -- '-f X - L, I Aji-gm MET'S AUTO SUPPLY, INC. X -5 ff: x igfl xl 1 "fix 84-88 East Main Street 322-2921 325-2861 -2 Ashland, ohio 44805 N A pn A Q We Help Keep America Moving +R f-WS was S h b N Joe Sparr 0 is Kenneth Steele sr: - ,W 25 'fd f- 4 Richard Steward eil? af. - '3' its '49 fi xy Ken Stoner ii S S l ST 'S,S ' S i ff. Sf T0m Slflne A XP S' 1 A - Lisa Stull S y Thema TCCPIC .S ' S SS 3 L .vm Larry Titus Hgh, y 3' R' 52- -. "' h2 ibt + 5 Sherry Triesler 'R Q ' R 5 ' e x A Brian Weaver l F 'S Z 9 Q Wendi Weikel Ss. 1 I it ' M K N eff ff " Robert Weikel N - ' ira K Kelly Williams R iiii 1 , 1 .ebxh tyii Beth Wiltrout 'A 'V 'r y M Sherri Winters 2 an Porter Yeater , ' S 1 s Jeff Young 3 gs- -Meek, l, Sophomore Class Officers: Brian Weaver- President, Jayne Charman - Vice president, Margaret Littleton - Treasurer, Treasa Rush - Secretary. 2. Tim Butdorf masters the anatomy of the fruit fly. 3. Anita Harned looks up as usual, Not pictured: Ken Jordan, Edwards Teeters, Richard Teeters, Randy Yerian. 1674 Cleveland Road 0 Ashland, Ohio 44805 0 M191 322-1631 KESTNER TRUCK SALES 8: SERVICE, INC. 101 Thomas Ashby Don Barr Rick Beck Deanna Bee Richard Blough Tina Briggs Jackie Butler Linda Chapman Steve Clayton Dennis Clem Janice Collins Marlene Conn JU IORS , at . -, . J C f L - T -1 x sfsf- L A f 'V L R X D iaae A 'DQYS f A , . w t K' .... .rf I lik t.ik , Q K 7 . K 4 I K K :Sify X Sig - F 9. , ,Qu ' .gl . , Na. r r ,. an m H I'-Pi' P My s i eass lilss . .1 he N . it - 'RQ 1 . Q.. N ' -L 44 W. l K f Mu- N, A .. - f 4. Qi iz- v X " was my J L, ,,...IYN , li A '- 3 i y,+,:3,...g,-.-,auf L X X- ' ff -P A -1...-.zz',f.-pf.-.wif , , L L. . A D "iff t Denise Conrad or T e ,if f S Bonnie Coon , A 'A P Connie Coon P 9 :"e . Lee Dalton 7 . ag, L JE' K L, if 7 . Avg. ' Dawn Daugherty V K , Six Q qbx. . LL,,s XA! jwevvf Geri Davis 1 UA Q lui Tim Denny M aasa K L ii T . L. as Susan Dipzinski y ' P Shellie Drake w g a Q ,, no , it L ' Cheri Durbin i 'E eise X B A 'TEEQ e Keith Eberl ' --er ' 'ifi li ' issi' ' as A r haeq fg if-P A in Diane Flickingez S. A.AQ L AAIDZ 1 V " L ii -'RL Gary Fowler ii'i D ii Carma Frazier ,QQ , f 5 F G F , ff' , P Mark ., zi' P -e-f Jenn Garber L T P N ' ' f tgi, ff ew . A n 'P ' ' Jennifel1Gossett qi' 4 f A iaas X cf! Q 'Q Scott Gray .,.,. .iggt N F kg Charles Grindstaff 'hhh cgi- is. R 0 Ed Hamilton , 'F' Michele Hamrick ,sa C T ' Debbie Hawks is 5 W e 'rr V, N s if-vifsl ' . if ATTERHOLT'S GARAGE COMPLETE AUTO REPAIR ON ALL MAKES ALIGNMENT 24 HOUR AAA SERVICE DAN ATTERHOLT - OWNER Phone C4191 368-7282 Q 2 t ' 'i , SQCMTTW L K' I I I' 1 , M K Lt it I :wa S .I , AA ai 2 xx v kivk w t r x sax? A 4- Q . 1 0' xt A .- - I+ I ui NX V it - 4, -0- fe? i ig x We Q at 2Nf : ' '--- s I' I? Wayne Hefner Cheri Helbert Larry Hershey Patty Hinkle Keith Hobby Kevin Hootman Darrin Hoover Randy Huff Denise Jones Kim Kaeser Bill Kaufman Tami Lambert Carla Lance Jennifer Lehman Ron Lindner Stacy McClure Michele McKee Connie McKinley FRED R. INGRAM DRILLING CONTRACTOR, INC. 1627 State Route 89 Jeromesville, Ohio 44840 323- 2551 l. Junior Class Officers Connie McKinley - Treasurer, Doug Selvage - President, Carla Lance - Secretary, Not pictured Keith Hobby Vice-President. Not Pictured Dean Schie, Steve Hawley, Rick Austen, Jay Summerfield, Mary Teeple, Bobby Thomas, Richard Wolfe. i 103 Kim McQuillen Jennifer Meng Deana Miller Jamie Miller Becky Milligan Darlene Mills Chris Montgomery Leroy Motter Traci Nebergall Russ O'Dell Traci Page Greg Plaster Jay Pletcher William Ries Wendy Russell Bill Scarberry Doug Schonauer Doug Selvage - G Tai - ,. li H Q , . li 21, 21. r. .- .1 s ff - Q., s " ff Q if sssr i"" 1- T in if T Q-ff' w ,X at Q? 6. : I 57'7'fi' ' J-is :gg 3 V -i" V 's'. , ,",' , - at :eww M ilf' ' :wife-V wfiizg-21 Ma g --1 -- 4' ggi .Wigs if .K ,fp K, ,,k,, , sf- H -. ew-as M is t -- . 6 ,,L 3' les 1 121 5 -3. X Q' . f ,11 1 -kb V V ygg, my Hg I - - V, - 6, ii L - N- :1 ' ., ""' . . "" ' ' W Q' , L 2 K f- .imzisrv .gs - urea fx ff 1, i wzsslsff sag., . E' s-sis'-1 f g 4? .Sf 3 sa f 'e-e ft' 6 - 1 ' , -'-' ' . " W 4' i G Q MIFFLIN LAKES FUR 8: TRADING POST Dealers in Raw Furs, Ginseng, Bait, Tackle. Located in Village of Mifflin 368-4325 368-3956 104 l Q have 'K AP -, v ,ng , ... ' ' . 1- .sv . Y Y 2 it 3' ,. N M? my ' Q 4 at J' X . N L i f ' 6 s if Q A Q , t 1 t R X mm, an--sun f Q f' , ..1, sr .:Tt,gf. . , . . i it is ' i Q 3 5 ,.,:,, Q35 1 1 i ts s N is Q QA K :,, - ' fri : ' .r -5 Ax' 'S 'Z' ,Qt lit , 2. -5 'K X feasts X tw he' rt Q' I' ,irc au lea -ai. ' whiii as . Chris Shambaugh Wendy Shanklin Angie Slavkovsky Lori Smith Shelley Sponsler Tonja Stanley Karen Steele Shawn Steere Teresa Stockdale Angie Strine Brett Strine Dean Strong Lee Strong Dan Sumler John Teeple Kevin Tucky Patty Wells Todd Wood Susan Zegarsky Russ Kibler Young's Sand And Gravel P.O. Box 117 Loudonville, Ohio Phone: 419f994-3040 t , t 3, .XXX NWN. BOY GIRL TOTAL 1. Shellie Drake TRIES to look innocent. 2. Shawn Steere does her stuff 3. Tami Lambert just doesn't believe it. ...46 HAWKINS MARKET "Where Shopping Is a Pleasurev Fresher Produce Fine Quality Meats Complete Modern Bakery Store Wide Lower Prices Hawkins Pizza Dept. Ashland, Ohio 161 Center St. 1117 Claremont Ave. Ph. 325-2255 Ph. 289-1472 ED WAGNER T . V . "We Service What We Sell', 516 Claremont Avenue Ashland, Ohio 44805 ZENITH RCA SONY SYLVANIA Q ad nies , +G fu 3 1 . - ,,, 1 I ,f ' M12 f .. r 1 1 A . W 4' ,l ff ng, H, 'gf .- V - 1 -.,', 4. 1 fi' - .L . f , , 1.'Y' H. -f""' R... ff .fy . I .T-fly? 1 XJ, ul X I E , D' , V x I , . V .. . , f L ' 4 -:,. ,v I V 'W .Jfru 1, 1, X XX 1, V ,I ' ,wig 1, ,- f . c'9w.ffff " . f ,. , ff ' ,51 1 ' ,rs ' ff. 4 ' 4 gi f a? - I ' 1 - . ff 73 .0 ' " nl Mfr 'I I , I ffl, :ff ,swf ' - ' w 2 'Q JH", . , 1 . ' ' ,' 1 1 I 1 I. ,,fA7Qfy K e , . ' As-yX'.",,f,f.'f':'-A' R ,A".A'-.H -' Q- V ' --gli , ll ? y . 1 ' 'figfg HL 7 I ' " if A is 1 V' J, 4 ! n ' fr4.'iff,7 vu' X". ' Lv '17, f, Q A 1 Lf l f- Y: Sf' 1 ,Z 1 I ,f - . E GLISH The first two years of the English department pro- vides the foundation for the high school English cur- riculum. They involve the practice and refinement of skills in reading, literature, grammar, composi- tion, and speech. The sophomore year also involves the background for the study of world literature that will be further developed in the remaining two years. The junior year is a survey of American literature, and the senior year is a study of English literature, an academic English program is also provided for qualified sophomores, juniors, and seniors to pre- pare them for college work. A speech course is also given to provide the fundamentals necessary for be- ing a good speaker. l. Dave Russell tries his hand at writing. 2. Kim Overholt takes time out to make a joke. 3. Freshmen English students listen to one of Mr. Kauffman's lectures. Six Convenient Utfices to serve you better NAT O UI-'ASHIAIVD Lshiand f Jeromesville - Loudonville ' Polk f Member ED.l.C. ' X QQ' 1 Q Q. XJ- 3 - , , a ggi., 2 -xii 4 ,F X, W,-A' IN W '43 1 Qs f ,,,., 'yw'.:..J,11'A' f ,,VV , QU, h .8 . -M XML 1 ,- if xg' ' If fi MATH The high school's mathematics department is composed of courses designed for each student. For the student who does not plan to further his education beyond high school andjust wants to learn the fundamentals of arithmatic, there is Gen- eral Mathematics and Pre-Algebra. For the student who plans to go on to college, there are four courses to be taken: Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II and Advanced Math. There is also Review Mathematics limited to seniors. This course covers the mathematics that one encounters in daily living. Mr. Nelson, who is chairman of the mathematics depart- ment, also provides an introduction to computer science as part of his Advanced Math curriculum. Compliments of ZEPHYR INDUSTRIES INC . 600 Twp. Rd. l500 Ashland, Ohio 44805 C4193 323-4485 Vincent J. Richilano, Pres. ll0 .,-Sm. J 4 1 1 1 B SCIENCE The Science department is designed to give stu- dents an overall view of the different areas of sci- ence. The first-year science student may elect to take General Science or Biology. The second year science student may choose to take Chemistry if he desires. The third or fourth year science student may choose to take Advanced Biology or Physics. All the science courses are designed to give the students hands-on experience which varies from dissection to experimentation. Mr. Jesse l-Iamman is the chair- man ofthe science department and coordinates the curriculum, he also teaches Biology and Advanced Biology. Other science teachers include Mr. Dennis Edwards, teacher of General Science, and Mr. Rob- ert Burns, teacher of Chemistry, Physics, and Gen- eral Science. 25'-i-LDlS?.Q G 'gif if ' t The Entertainers 'NS Q 'K R wg N Qfr,,fgg:'f X Y XQ si 5 X Q Y ay f ' mv-,L-ww G-1 ww., . 53.4 ,.. ,am I O? 'f".f5-' 'YMon:,.,, I M... l ,N nX"""'r K ilfw, m ff t,c ,,f K T! ,W if by W un' Q :ji . 2 The "Blue and Gray" and "The Winds of War" both television primetime specials along with other video tapes were used to supplement the social studies curriculum this year. The Social studies department has three major divisions: world history, United States history and senior social studies. The World history is taught by Mr. James Bar- gar and is offered to grades 9, 10, l 1, and l2. It is a survey course which acquaints the students with man and his environment both past and present and provides incite for the future. United States History is a comprehensive study of the history of the United States and is taught by Mr. Robert Valentine. Senior Social Studies which is also a gradu- ation requirement, focuses on social relation- ships, political life and economic problems. Mr. Ellsworth Cox and Mr. Robert Valentine teach this course. All three courses are supplemented with re- search projects and audio visual materials includ- ing video tapes. This year the 6'Blue and Gray" added new in- cite into the far reaching effects of the Civil War. Segments of the "Winds of War" were used to illustrate the many conflicts involved in World War II other than the battles themselves. l. Doug Schonauer cons Mr. Valentine into giving him the higher grade. 2. Sr. Social Studies students copy notes from the board. 3. Busily at work is the Sr. Social Studies class. 4. and 5. Sophomore World History classes discuss upcoming T projects. 114 HISTORY HEF F ELF INGER INSURANCE H -as Auto, Farm, Life, Home Ierornesville, Ohio A 44840 Phone: 368-3151. 5 Am' FRENCH Not just a language but a culture, a way of life different than we Americans live. That is really what French is all about. Although the classroom routines constantly in- volve listening, speaking, writing and reading, the study of French gives the student the opportunity to learn not only the language, but also about the land and people. Students become acquainted with how the peo- ple live and their customs. They learn about their art, music, cuisine, and literature of the country. Mrs. Loretta Snyder encourages her students to participate in plays, skits, recitations, and oth- er activities where they can practice what they learn. l. Anita Harned keeps French ll alive with her mouth. 2. This French I class is obviously thrilled with today's work. 3. French l provides a rest period for these Freshmen. 4. French I listens attentively as today's lesson is presented. ll6 TURK BROTHERS CUSTOMS MEATS 1903 Orange Road Ashland, Ohio 44805 Shop Phone: C4191 289-1051 I , ll7 HOME ECONOMICS Vocational Home Economics I, II, III and IV are under the direction of Mr. Shirley McGinnis and Mrs. Sharon Obrecht. All four courses involve both class work and lab practice. Home Ec I which is open to all ninth grade students placed emphasis on social and per- sonal development and the practice of basic home skills. Home Economics II is open to all tenth grade students and places emphasis on every day home- making skills. Home Economics III places emphasis on im- proving one's skills as a homemaker and Home Economics IV emphasizes preparing the student for their future role as a wage earner and home- maker. ll8 WINDWARD HILL ORCHARD Quality Apples 1385 US Rt. 42 Ashland, Ohio 44805 Phone: 289-2189 Frank R. Chase, Proprietor kfifgse Us has Lg, - - ' 4? P g -.sw f xx.. Min-58 we is s l Dan Sumler and Kenny Stoner sit in Home Ec. Class 2 The mock wedding of Darcy Russell and Davld McQu1llen 3 .lim Trine helps set up the weddlng cake 4 Lori Mast and Rhonda Howman relax ln the Home EC lounge. ll9 INDUSTRIAL ART The Industrial Arts Program at Hillsdale pro- vides a wide range of basic industrial experience in the freshman, sophomore and junior years. This program is then followed by an opportunity for the student to pursue his interest and aptitude during the senior year in depth, to develop some degree of skill. Some of the areas that the Industrial Arts De- partment offers are welding, metal work, wood working, appliance repair, and house building. 120 WEISS DRUG STORE 80 East Main Street Ashland, Ohio Serving the Ashland area for over 40 years Q 9: , ,i -l X l. Industrial Arts students work on an internal combustion engine. 2. Bill Scarbcrry works on his cradle. 3. Darrin Hoover and David Richilano perfect their drawings for Drafting ll, 4. Bill Patznik Dan Sumler, Ken Stoner, and Dale Scheibe study for an upcoming test. 5. Mike West and Todd Tucky pick out wood for their projects. l2l The Art Department offers four years of elec- tive work for those who are interested. Art I includes fundamentals ofdrawing, paint- ing with water base paints and examining color theory. Art II reviews fundamentals of drawing and advances to use of oils, plaster sculpture and ce- ramics. Art III emphasizes the elements and principals of design, includes figure drawing and extends sculpture work to include both ceramic and wire. Art IV review all of Art I, II and III, and goes on to advanced graphic processes. The use and operations of the Potter's wheel is included in Art IV. Individual project and techniques are also emphasized. All four courses offer some degree of Art ap- preciation. 122 ART Il l dream, thinlgereate. if .,., may better 5.11 "" 'l -'fifih life be is QW yours. .4 , Ekfff r ,I 5 . 1" f I lliil Huntington Banks TYPI G Typing is for everyone and is one of the most useful skills a student can acquire. Hillsdale offers three courses in typing: personal typing, typ- ing I, and typing Il. Personal typing, which is of- fered during the summer, in- cludes learning how to type let- ters, manuscripts and simple tables. Typing I is an introduction to the touch system of typing and Typing II goes on to improve secretarial and typing skill. l. Mike Linder repairs part of his plaster project as Barb Hendrix works in Art. 2. Dave Russell shows us his clay model of Yoda before he put on the ears. 3. Typing is a wild and crazy class! 4, This typist nods off in the middle of an assignment. 5, Tim Cline finishes his work as Dennis Clem takes a break. 123 BUSINESS Business subjects at Hillsdale range from ac- counting which gives students hands on exper- ience at keeping books to personal typing, a sum- mer program which helps students gain typing skills for their own personal use. Mr. Blake Bach is the chairman of the business department and teaches this wide range of topics. XS M"-q,, l 24 dim Y 1289 Claremonf A Ashland Phone Opin 9 mm. ll mm. . Ohio 44805 289-2179 9 p.m M S 6 p.m S xx N N -L-- b.: "Nl-5. Q -V lg l X z A I. Tim Denny takes a break from accounting to mug forthe camera. 2. Jonell Amos and Tammy Kirchbaum listen attentively'? 4. Students try to concentrate in first period accounting class. 5. Angie Strine has better things to think about. PHYS . ED '7 The Physical Education department offers a variety of individual and group activities which promote physical fitness. For thejuniors the programs range from aero- bics to field hockey for the girls while the boys try their hand at golf and wrestling along with gym- nastics. 126 U.S. 250 AND I-71 Ashland, Ohio Mon. Sat. 6 A.M. - 9 P.M. Sun 7 AM - 9PM D l. Bryan Weirick learns one of the finer sports. 2. Janice Collins connects in gym class kickball game. 3. Drew Austin participates in a kickball game. 4. Lynn Echelberger does one- armed pushups and rewrites her term paper at the same time. 5. Freshman join in an early morning softball game. 127 M U- BRFIDD IIRPIIRFITIIIII A SUBSIDIARY OF WORTI-IINGTON INDUSTRIES, INC, Clark Street EI Ashland, Ohio 44805 II Phone 419-289-1100 MADE IN U.S.A. 0 MALLEABLE IRON FITTINGS 81 UNIONS 0 STEEL PIPE NIPPLES 84 CUT LENGTHS 0 STEEL PIPE COUPLINGS 0 METAL 81 PLASTIC INSERT FITTINGS 0 PVC-40 PRESSURE FITTINGS 0 PVC 81 ABS-DWV 0 STYRENE SEWER 81 DRAIN FITTINGS 0 PVC SEWER FITTINGS 0 CPVC FITTINGS 81 TUBING 0 CELCON, CPVC 81 PVC VALVES GERALD' Studio 8: Camera Shop, Inc 141 East Main Street Ashland, Ohio 44805 Phone C4193 323-0551 I'Ashlands Most Complete Photographic Centerw Charles W. Finlay M. Photographer, C.C.P. Barry L. Finlay ff" -as 'R- .f fl,-'fy 1 f ' .21 ff? 4 3' . 2 4' .241 'Y 1 'Q 'A "ALI by RU' x X ' 9 I 1 4 1W"p ILL' 1 1 'xx Rx ' If 7 N f , f ,' A' .. - 'g ' ' - ""Qi1E5-. . - ,:'V2' . K- , l. 1 .5 ,- '-' - "' ' 'cf' 'Vs -'-. - ' '. 5: f."",??'Qw,.- f 3 " I. -3 ' '4 , U ,,,,,..! , ,I ., .. Aff ' .' f' ffiskkfiiv' -ws"'i'fk- If A . ,, -ee -r-, ".,g,,: I . . , 1 2. - 'if'-' ..' :I,", 5- Y I 1'-'fmt' .f'd'! QT 1 1 A ,1 A 11 Vid'-f, xl A. , -'z .'fL'a:-:,-'- 1 fy - V ' .,1g,J.' 5 ge'yv'311' 3- V 1 1 f'- 4 5 QI? fi film, tif V L53 J' ,,: f..,,fr',w," 4 ,All 'l'f':I'if55 'f .CQ I- ,I .1- " :'.'?s. 'fi' 'v"Q"' J,g A '-w'i:E,f-1, V V 'if' ' ff'f1'2'15E4". ' L A ' "Ski .1 3-', fungi 151- bw . Hsu. ' I ily. ff V .. S .'.1E.5,If'i' -, ' . .Lg I , '- Wx' ,Q f . , fLY21'!L"f :, 'fi ' M ' '- if " ' f' iff, . ' f,. '- 'f,,e,-,f'.', A, f - , -nm--.. ,Al - f, -,Q '?71"f?A'vl4'M ' ' N - 31,55-"" '-- 4. r uf .f ue , " 'Fe ,.., 4 'f ff 19,9 f 3 r f gl ff, 1 !J fwfg fs: ff , 51, I1 1. First row: Myrene Tugend, Don Stauffer, Jill Meng Second row: Eugene Anderson, Gary Sparr, Marshall Boyer. The School Board. 2. Jes- se Hamman and Steve Burns of the Science De- partment. 130 THE MUFFLER HOUSE 1710 Claremont Ave. Specializing in mufflers and shocks We buy and sell direct PHONE: 289-3740 1684 Claremont Ave. Ashland, Ohio. D -1- D AUTO PARTS PHONE: 289-2233 DILGARD AGENCY, INC. PHONE: 325-2122 135 Union St. ASHLAND, OHIO - REALESTATE Yaurkcy To . INSURANCE . AUCT1oNEERs l. Douglas Burdette, Richard Brown and Ralph Roshong of the Administrative faculty 2. William Nelson and Helen Taylor of the Math Department. , , lx' -. ,Rx flx. . ,, -ff, M W4 l, Loretta Snyder, teacher of French I, French II and Sophomore English. and Judith Ream, teacher of Sophomore and Senior English. 2. James Bargar, World History and Junior English teacher, and Paul Kaufman, Freshman English teach- cr. 132 alfekla Bring it All Together in 'THE FIRST PLACE" FIRST K? FEDER L SAVINGS AND LOAN ,xssocmsiox V, T OF WOOSTFR l32 W, Mg1inSt1'cLl Asliluutl Plume 32-1 4 I 277 Aslilguitl Rogitl Muiislicltl Plume 569 Il ll lll VXRII XNIJUIIIOS lllJXll Ol llll CHECK CLUB N... S. DAIRY-BAR 733 CLARKE STREET ASHLAND, OHIO l. Ellsworth Cox, Senior Social Studies tcacher, and Robert Valentine, US. Hlstory and Senior Social Studies teacher. 2 Lynn Livelsberger, Health and Phys. Ed, teacher and Pat Edwards, Girls Phys, Ed. 133 Mi ss. fig E 3- X W 53 Best Wishes Hillsdale Students and Faculty WOOSTER MAGIKUTER THE WQOSTER BRUSH COMPANY WOOSTER, OHIO 5 Jfgxid 'Pai -fda. J X 1 V at sf! af, ...Q mf A-can ,O COLLIN'S NURSING HOME Hayesville, Ohio 44838 l. Shirley McGinnis and Sharon Obrecht ofthe Home Economics department. 2. Industrial Arts and Driver's Education teachers Dennis Edwards and Ron Lyme. 3. Judith Kestner, District Media Coordinator, Steven Taylor, District Band Director, and Tonya Kunze. 4. Moreland House, choir director. -14 S 1 SCHEIBE,S GLASS 82 SCREEN REPAIR 211 Twp, Rd. 237 JEROMESVILLE, OHIO PHONE: 368-5720 WHITE BARN MARKET More Eating Pleasure for your dollar 853 Mtgmry. Twp. Rd. 1102 Ashland, Ohio nv- l. The cooks, Hilda Young, Thelma Stimmel, und Sheryl Winters. 2. Everett Snyder, Vo. Ag. teacher. 3. The secretaries, Sharon Blough, Phyllis Hendrix, Connie Gz1rn,und Colleen Jackson. 4. Lowell Heldenbrund, EMR te11cher,und Blake Bach, business education. 5. Bernard Casper. district art instructor. I37 l. Frances Howman, High school custodian. 2. District bus drivers: Cynthia Rohrbaugh, Wilma Baker, Dorothy Miller, Francis Helbert, Miriam Smith, Keith Kaufman, Hattie Jus- tin, Victor Kahl, Annie Strine, Doris Glass, Knot pictured: Barbara Applegate, John Cook, Sharlene Hiller, and Ursula Mitchellj. 3. Louise Smith, part-time custodian, and Jim Smith, Maintenance Supervisor, I38 NX I L, t K.. srs I LI 4 ,A:::v':'.f eaf7oe1zZ'er's jufniilzre All New - 281-1524 1310 Claremont Ave. Budget 81 Used - 325-2959 159 Union St. STEVE 84 BECKY CARPENTER INTERIOR DECORATING SERVICE ASHLANI1, OHIO 44805 LYN-WAY RESTAURANT 1320 CLEVELAND AVE. ASHLAND, OHIO Phone 322-8911 -. , Q ' wi . f F U xx X X .x, AY - I , u H , JAXYNN --X I1 -x 'Fi-J 5 V -X Q le A , 'xl I x ' x 1 j' .1 ,5 VA -, . -in 1 2 . m ,N 'ff Wm , .j Q X NK 4. l X ix I it V , V I Nic I i e 1 iff : ' I' , W W ' ' X' ' , .mx 'XA"'f'. ii X ' vhs N x 1 'nu i v 1 X if-X 0 N ff? , "' i ll " A -- f ,xxx N X' N, J F' ' . ,X I" ' ' ' ,,-1,! f 'wah ' 'f.'A'5'V is iw- sv. -JIM3. . -'56 qMY'2iC7'-'M 'fl 1. 5"XQ.:.- X n 'fff1:f. 2544 , -V , 'I I , x A ' ' .v 1 2' I ax X W ' ' V I , 1 N 5 . L lx , J' . "' - - x l l JU +R 2 -, H. L .1 x As the year wound down the Senior Class got together for one last time. The majority of the class went to Charles Mill Lake with their choosing to do individual activities. Skip day was full of fun and enjoyment as well as remembrances. The day ended with a party at the home of Chris King. CAROTHERS EXTERMINATING INC. "Got a Pest? Call the best li 2173 Claremont Avenue Ashland, Ohio 140 liy l. Vaughn Pennington messing up his hair? 2, The Seniors felt it was about time that Kate Bartter took a bath. 3. The Seniors displayed great maturity at the cnd of the year. 4. Chef Tell. alias Steve Van Gilder. cooks hamburgers and hot dogs. 5. The Seniors cat and eat and eat and., .............,.....,.............,...........,,.......,...,...... . l4l I 1. Girls State delegates Shawn Steere and Tami Lambert pose with alternates Jenny Gossett, Denise Conrad, and Kim Kaesar. 2. Boys State delegates Doug Schonauer and Doug Selvage stand with alternates Larry Hershey and Dennis Clem on each side. 5. FFA National Convention Members John Baldner, Todd Miller, Mike McCoy, Julie Hines, Devon Martin, and Todd Wood. 3. Lynn Eichelberger, this year's French I award winner, poses with Wendi Weikel, French II award winner. 4. State FHA Homemaker Degrees A Linda Chapman, Rhonda Kyser, and Laurie Schultz smile for the camera. DILGARD AGENCYJNC. A X -ucmums PHONE 325-2122 o 135 UNION sT. o ASHLAND, oH1o 44805 gfsgqif s X, EX 'aj - REAL ESTATE ' Your Keg To v INSURANCE - AUCTIONEERS I43 FOR A GREAT FAMILY DINING EXPERIENCE ' K -Steaks, Fish, P V Chicken Fingers, U Shrimp, Prime . ,65?6' fZJ-A Rib, Sandwiches mu 'Chi1dren,s Menu T 'Au You can Eat ,Z ,.,' Salad Bar With ' I Over 30 Items - -Golden Buckeye th, ' l Honored on A11 i 1677 Mea1s, Including Claremont Specials Hours Sun. - Thurs 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM Fri. + Sat. 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM ""'!b -sw l. Usherettes Front row: Elaine Kiefer, Cheri Durbin, Teresa Stockdale, Angie Slavkovsky, Tresea Andrews, Teresa Denning. Second row: Rhonda Kyser, Shawn Steere, Tamie Lambert, Marlene Conn, Jamie Miller, Denise Jones. Third row: Angie Chapman, Janice Collins, Julie McGinnis, Darla Jarvis, Trish Ebert, Kecia Krebs. Fourth row: Diane Flickinger, Connie McKinley, Diane Sehwiger, Dee Austin, Kim Hoverstock. Back row: Linda Chapman, Amy Dennis, Margaret Littleton, Heidi Krebs, Jane Charman, Maggie Keener, Laurie Schultz, Treasa Rush, Michele Jones, Kelly Williams, Michele Charman, Kim Overholt, Jenni Smith, Lisa Stull. 2. Co- students of the Year at the JVS. Ronita Kreiling and Deb Zonker Knot picturedj. 3. Four Year Scholarship Honorees: Kathy Miller, Barry Yeater, Kim Hoverstock, Kathy Smith, Pam Hofer, Dawn Main, Maggie Keener, Kate Bartter, and Gwen Killey. 4. Top typing students Greg Hawks and Teresa Denning. l45 HILLSIDE FAMILY INN Delicatessen Food Beverage Dining Room Coffee Shop Carry-Out and and Patio Cocktail Lounge Home Cooking Served Family Style Steak - Seafood - Chicken - Ribs - Pizza - Sandwiches Located on Crider RD W Mile Northwest of the I-71 84 Rt 30 Intersection Dining Hours Weekdays 4:30-10 pm Fri. 84 Sat. 4:30-1 am Closed Sunday J EROMESVILLE MARKET 6 South Main Street Jeromesville, Ohio 44840 Phone: 368-6821 PAULLIN MILK CARTAGE 2298 State Route 179 Loudonville, Ohio Phone: 368-6301 CASUAL FABRICS 27' W. Main St. Ashland, Ohio Lower Level of Fashion Company Telephone 322-0461 LINCOLNWAY VIEW FARMS .af li . W il l, vva- a Q R.L. Tugend 8: Family Registered Holsteins mn? ggk ma Q Q m g EW LOOK I '82 The marching band was under the direction of Mr. Steven Taylor. The band marched with a new look as they wore the new bright- colored uniforms purchased by the Band Boosters. Be- sides marching in the football games, the band performed at the State Fair, Ashland County fair and at an Ashland College football game. The band had an excellent sound and hopes to be even better next year. 148 Compliments Of CUSTOM HOISTS Hayesville, Ohio ZONKER'S SUNOCO RADIATOR 84 GAS TANK REPAIR FRONT: Jim Harlan, Greg Hawks, Jamie Ebert, Susie Dipzinski, Dan Long. MIDDLE: Lisa Anderson, Doug Browning, Chris Blough, Jackie Schwiger, Linda Geib, Tom Ashby BACK: Damon Hitchcock, Ken Anderson, Margaret Littleton, Heidi Krebs. FRONT: Jenni Smith, Carol Pakes, Cheri Helbert, Mike Linder, MIDDLE: Jill Mumaw, Diane Schwiger, Elaine Kieffer, BACK: Toby Franks, Patty Wells, Angie Slavkovsky, Susan Wells. STRAIGHT I's . This year was an exciting one for the Hillsdale band highlighted by the invitation to perform along the parade route when President Reagan came to Ashland. After two years of hard work the Band Boosters paid off the new uniforms. The year concluded with one of the greatest accomplish- ments in Hillsdale Band history the receiving of straight 1's in state band competition. 150 FRONT: Shelley Sponsler, Amy Jones, Wendy Weikel, Lynn Echelberger, Liz Glauner, Cindy Patznick. MIDDLE: Holly Patterson, Sherry Hardman, Karrie Kaeser, Jenny Gossett, Denise Jones. BACK: Trish Ebert, Kim Hoverstock, Kate Bartter, Kelly Williams. 961 000 .S 'Z 54 WAYNE 0 S couurv 3 3 NATIONAL -i BANK S Q fsmausnfn was 1? 45, 'X- "'o 0? WASHINGTON FLOORS 1790 Ashland Road P.O. Box 2253 Mansfield, Ohio 44905 Burnie Washington 419-589-5917 FRONT: Tammy Lambert, Wendy Russell, Beth Wiltrout, Kathy Smith, Diana Dalton, Susan Resnis. MIDDLE: Kim Kaeser, Jackie Butler, Leslie Lloyd, Traci Sams, Susie Gibbs, Dee Titus, Michelle Jones, BACK: Dennis Scheibe, Tracey Botdorf, Kathy Miller, Janette Prince, Natalie Patterson, Lee Ann Ennis, Judy Summerfield, John Reed. X Q 3 X it ' I so N 'A U A , . ' 5 N ti . lt QA ' 1 ' ,J if , f' 3 'L . -V - . ...I .. ' fx, l l FIRST: Paul Mumaw, Brian Weaver, Kim Smalley, Darcy Russell, Brit Bassinger, Randy Chap- man. SECOND: Paul Vest, Kevin Knight, Bill Patznick, Laurie Schultz, Denise Conrad, Becky Hoover. THIRD: Don Hindenlang, Matt Harned, Dennis Clem, James Miller, Doug Selvage, Rich- ard Steward. FOURTH: Clinton French. Barry Yeater, Ron Linder, Ryan Roshong, Margee Hoo- ver. 151 CHOIR R TES I The choir had an exciting year competing at contests and holding two concerts. The year start- ed out with a music workshop at Malabar High School. Groups from the area went to hear other groups and receive comments on their own. Next came the Christmas concert which helped to brighten Christmas spirits. Mr. House worked hard as he prepared mixed chorus and girls glee for district contest. Each received a one rating and so next was State Contest. There the mixed chorus also received a one rating. As the year came to an end the annual Spring concert was held with different people doing solos. The year was concluded as the seniors sang in the choir for the last time at graduation. 152 Q J.C. PENNY COMPANY 7 WEST MAIN STREET ASHLAND, OHIO RETAIL: 289-2900 CATALOG: 322-l l0l DON'S WELDING AND REPAIR Portable Welding 8: Cutting Custom Welding 8L Fabrication 238 Twp. Rd. 2l50 Jeromesville, Ohio Don Freeborn PHONE: 368-3109 L - pg l l First row: Kevin Baldner, Brett Strine, Mike Glauner, Steve VanGuilder, Kevin Tucky, Mike West, Mike Kaufman. Second row: Todd Tucky, Scott Long, Robert Holderbaum, Robert Weikle, Kenny Steele, Ed McAbee, Robby Smith, Larry Titus, Dave McQuillen. Third row: Chet Neal, Darin Beal, Ashley Menges, Jeff Crossen, Jamie Ebert, John Cutlip, Chris Parker, Brant Enderley. Fourth row: Mark Miller, Kevin Draper, Tom Hawks, Dale Schiebe, Chris King, James Miller, Ken Anderson, John Chronister, John Carpenter, Bryan Weirick, Larry Hershey, Steve Clayton. L 4 First row: Laurie Schweyer, Connie Boyer, Lisa Cline, Robin Hawks, Jenny Gossett, Cheri Helbert, Connie McKinley. Second row: Susie Gibbs, Natalie Patterson, Susan Resnis, Jackie Schwiger, Liz Glauner, Vicki Paullin, Dinia Erhardt, Jennifer Collins, Angie Patrick, Susie Wells. Third row: Dianna Dalton, Lee Ann Ennis, Carla Lance, Suzy Dipzinski, Darla Jarvis, Michelle Bachman, Margaret Littleton, Traci Sams, Lynn Echelberger, Tanya Stockdale. Fourth row: Karrie Kaeser, Jonell Amos, Leslie Lloyd, Marlene Conn, Beth Wiltrout, Wendi Weikel, Colleen Boyer, Becky Hoover, Jami LeMas- ter, Dee Austin, Kim Overholt. Fifth row: Bambi Geren, Wendy Russell, Amy Jones, Sandy Gibbs, Kathy Miller, Susan Kirchbaum, Sandra Zimmerman, Dee Titus, Patty Wells, Shellie Drake. Sixth row: Shelly Colvin, Amy Dennis, Carrie Maun, Jenny Smith, Mindy Beck, Rhonda Ritter, Lisa Stull, Jeannie Eckley, Kecia Krebs, Teresa Rush, Tracey Botdorf, Chris Shambaugh, Tonja Stanley, Jamie Sheriff. HGME EC A D FHA GO TOGETHER ,A X . s, l. Sitting: Anita Harned, Julie McGinnis, Michele Jones, Teresa Rush, Carol Pakes, Amy Jones. Second row: Lori Miller, Rhonda Howman, Laurie Schweyer, Kim Wharton, Kelly Dalton, Shelly Fike, Janette Prince, Rhonda Altvater, Sandy Chapman, Susan Kirchbaum, Colleen Boyer, Amy Dennis, Kim Overholt, Terri McClure, Lori Mast, Judy Summerfield. Third row: Dee Titus, Jackie Schwiger, Susie Gibbs, Christy Eggerton, Sherri Winters, Rhonda Ritter, Marie Osbun, Vickie Paullin, Kris Blough, Tisha Wood, Cindy Patznik, Becky Dennins, Con- nie Boyer. 2. Sitting: Denise Jones, John Teeple, Jamie Miller, Diane Flickinger, Diane Schwiger, Laurie Schultz, Rhonda Kyser, Tresea Andrews, Tere- sa Denning, Standing: Linda Chapman, Cheri Durbin, Connie McKin- ley, Jennifer Meng, Chris Shambaugh, Richard Blough, Mark Franklin, Leroy Motter, Janice Kaufman, Sandy Gibbs, Jenny Sparr, Angie Chapman. 154 BILL MAXWELL Dealer in Hay, Straw and Livestock 114 Ashland County Road 30A Jeromesville, Ohio THE BL AND GOLD OF FF CHESTNUT RUN ARTISTS Susan Hubacher, Proprietor 2170 Mohican Twp Rd. 405 R.D. l Jeromesville, Ohio Telephone C4195 368-6632 l. Sitting: Jason Schonfeld, Bob Wiekel, Doug Frank, Porter Yeater, Kenny Steele, Christine Pletcher. Middle row: Larry Armstrong, Jeff Draper, John Mark, Rick Beck, Russ O'Dell, Jeff Young, Kevin Baldner, Jerry Leibolt. Third row: Tim Cline, Brian Cline, Brad Browne, Chris Schenberger, Dan Long, Tom Lewis, Randy Yerian, Brian Schrader. 2. Sitting: Scott Carpenter, Adam Eick, Bobby Denning, Mike Kaufman, John Reed, Eric Bee, Tim Young, Brian Wierick. Middle row: Mike Carpenter, David Carpenter, Damon Myer, Mike Myer, Dan Amos, John Carpenter, John Charman, Monti Dawson, Tim Thomas. Back row: John Cutlip, Ken Anderson, Lee Shambaugh, Mark Rook, Roger Briggs, Allan Easterday, Jeff Crossen, Travis Clyburn, David Deal, Tony Heifner. l55 YE RBGGK First row: Kate Bartter, Kim Hoverstock, Carol Pakes, Barry Yeater, Vaughn Pennington. Second row: Treasa Rush, Shellie Drake, Michele Jones, Julie McGinnis. Third row: Dennis Scheibe, Shawn Steere, Denise Conrad, Anita I-larned, Fourth row: Tom Ashby, Tresea Andrews, Angie Slavkovsky, Janette Prince, Tonja Walburn, Ellen Jones, Jennifer Meng, Stanton Winbigler, Tami Lambert, Maggie Keener. Fifth row: Angie Chapman, Rhonda Kyser, Teresa Denning, Linda Chapman, Janice Kaufman, Bernie Rieser, Mrs. Judith Kestner fadvisorj, Darrin Hoover. Phone: C4191 325-3473 ang les 1011 East Main Street Ashland, Ohio 44805 156 5' STUDE T COUNCIL First row: Margee Hoover, Michelle Bachmann, Tami Lambert, Michele Jones. Second row: Stanton Winbigler, Brigid McGovern, Lynn Echelberger. Third row: Scott Long, Chris Shenberger, Rhonda Kyser, Jack Falter, Kevin Tucky. MOHICAN AUTO REF INISHING, INC. Quality work at a reasonable price 1777 C.R. 175 Rt. 7942 PHONE: 368-3147 TIO L HO UR SUCIETY First row: Laurie Schultz, Kim Hoverstock, Ellen Jones, Shellie Drake, Janice Kaufman, Denise Conrad, Kathy Smith, Sherry Triesler, Tamie Lambert, Anita Harned, James Miller, Richard Stewart, Brian Weaver. Second row: Kathy Miller, Maggie Keener, Doug Schonauer, Vaughn Pennington, Kim Kaeser, Shawn Steere, Dawn Main, Angie Slavkovsky, Barb Hendrix, Sandy Chapman, Ken Slavkovsky, Gwen Killey. Third rowi David Russell, Kate Bartter, Barry Yeater, Bernie Rieser, Danny Lavender, Steve Van Gilder Qhonorary memberj, Frank Telakowicz, Doug Selvage, .lim Harlan, Pam Hofer, Janette Prince. A i Phone 368-7363 3 Estimates Gladly 3-3 X -nf Lowell E. NATIONAL i - HONOR sogusrv O MCFM-hn F Z i 3 . Q , 5 MCFHIIIH Upholstery Z l A QS 5 89 N. High St. Pick Up and Delivery Jeromesville 44840 158 MEDIA MASTERS Left to right: Matt Luikart, Teresa Rush, Tonja Walburn, Chris King, Jim Denny, Ellen Jones, Jackie Butler, Lori Kittle, Shellie Drake, Stanton Winbigler. ALLENS BOTTLED GAS Open Mon-Fri 4-9 p.m. SAT 9 4 9 PM CLOSED SUNDAY 460 Two. Rd 1902 Jeromesville, Ohio 368-6864 159 THESPIANS www is ' www .em emu 1. Barry Yeater, Patty Wells, Kathy Smith, Dawn Main, Vaughn Pennington, Shellie Drake, Richard Stewart, Lisa Anderson, Jamie LeMaster, Elen Jones, Gwen Killey, Kathy Miller, Janice Kauffman, Shawn Steere, Denise Conrad, Tami Lambert, Suzy Dipzinski, Wendi Weikel, Larry Titus, Angie Slavkovsky, Brian Weaver, Mike Linder, Kate Bartter, Ron Lindner, Nick McGovern, Darrin Hoover, Keith Hobby, Doug Selvage, Pam Hofer, Janette Prince, Brigid McGovern, David Russell. 2. New Inductees: Anita Harned, Jennifer Gossett, Susan Krichbaum, Marc Turene, Chris Parker, James Miller, John Mark, Tom Hawks, Brant Enderle, Tom Ashby, Chester Neal, Trish Ebert, Jayne Charman, Beth Wiltrout, Darla Jarvis, Dee Austin. 160 HE AILY RECORD Circulation in excess of 27,000 Wooster, Ohio 44691 Phone 12165 264-1125 CAFETERIA WORKERS l Ch is Pletcher, Amy Dennis, Collene Boyer, Kevin McQuillen, Charlie Grindstaff, K llen. 2. Teresa Denning and Darla Jarvis Cashiers. WARD REAL ESTATE, INC. Established 1943 Experience is the difference 600 East Main St 322-1528 t. QQ V yquwihll Illl F, mhlgv! ll M35 CHURCH PAIRONS f ' 34ff,,,,mlN'df,1"""' N, , willy l f I, mnlwnwlvll 'M K 5,9 Jeromesville United Methodist 3 ""' ' ' ' 1 x V, , , Pastor: Melvin C. Browning K Yi , ff, fi: V... I Lakefork United Methodist ff C fl V Pastor: Rev. Brian Smith ,A l . Mohicanville United Church of Christ Pastor: Gary Wilson Reedsburg Zion Lutheran Church Pastor: James McDorman Stone Evangelical Lutheran Pastor: Richard Beal Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church Pastor: Rev. Henrietta J. Milner C . 'sr . -. 162 PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY Dr. Donald Kaeser, DVM Dr. David and Suzanne Steury, DDS Dr. William S. Manos, DDS Inc. Dr. Robert E. Gregg Medical Associates of Ashland, Inc. Dr. W. Stanford Brechbuhler, MD Dr. Robert C. Howell, DDS Spring Meadow Veterinary Clinic, Inc. Lutz 8L Oxley attorneys Dr. A. Dakshinamurthi, MD Spreng Dental Medical Arts Pharmacy Dr. Robert H. Westbeld, DDS Dr. William D. Paisley - Opt. Dr. James R. Patterson, OD Mohican Hills Golf Club 25 CR 1950 Jeromesville, Ohio Sohio Stop 250 P.O. Box 368 Ashland, Ohio Medical Arts Pharmacy 1060 Claremont Ashland, Ohio Art Printing Company 147 E. 2nd Ashland, Ohio College Avenue Barber Shop 506 College Avenue Ashland, Ohio Buskirk 8L Owens P.O. Box 241 Hayesville, Ohio Aber's GMC 1722 Claremont Ave. Ashland, Ohio Dor-Lo Pizza 1304 Claremont Ave. Ashland, Ohio Buff's Lawn and Garden 2067 Claremont Ave. Ashland, Ohio Ashland Monument 34 E. Second St. Ashland, Ohio Funk Brothers' Tree Service 506 Rt. 2 Ashland, Ohio Holm Flower Shop, Inc. 420 Samaritan Ave. Ashland, Ohio Automatic Welding Sc Manufacturing Co 532 Ashland CR 1600 Ashland, Ohio PATRONS Hillsdale Band Boosters Prescott, Ball 8a Turben Jennings Ready Mix Inc. Irwin Office Equipment General Home Corporation Ingmand Insurance Agency Dairy Bar Cleveland Avenue Market R. F. Smith Electric Production Credit Association Ashland Times Gazette Archway Cookies Home Hardware Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rush HISTGRIC VISIT President Reagan visited Ashland on Monday, May 9th to grace the Ashbrook Memorial dinner in honor of the late Sena- tor John M. Ashbrook. The dinner was held at the Ashland College Convocation Center. A place at dinner in the same room with the President cost 5200.00 and tickets for the dinner and the reception afterwards cost curious Ohioans 51000.00 They considered the money well spent on a once in a lifetime chance to ' ' see the President of the United States. . M f 164 .5 iw 7 B N ' I . Wm I L , r - 9- A Q , n A cw 4 Q Q J' -,SNR 4 I an Y We 3 A A 1 K ' wail ,f 'Z Hb V.1.,s K W sq Nfl f 4' N I ---1-1-..-.,,1,, """'i1"" ' ,,.. 77' ' f , 3 sf f ' 3 5 ""' ' 4 f M - 1 f a . ,fW"i's, ' AMN? fig? V f W4 in . I I 1 v vw W . ,, ,,.. , fa wf sx 5-Qian 'el' A f -'f-- 2 - V ' ,nff 4 -fx ' ,AQ , , Wfwffy if Q ff? f-, 10" tafiig' ' Q f L fi, I ?2 f 5 g 5 I 7 A Q 1 , 4 Q f fg Q fill!- x ,, gm 2 . 009401. ' 14445. -M. :':bsi5'oQ4,'41 rn. ha. Q - -f unqiih '4.9f ., I 4 Q 0 rzfufs ghgq 09 Y 1 , +,,,vV 0 ua " 7' ' Q :funn 4, ug nu: ul ' at 131 If A Baan' E """' .Q :N A " H h 15515. 'I :Kun I-gl 4 'A 'zzz - iigug ii in W" 5 "4 ' 1, - - ' . :ntl A ' ,i '25 'l b '- ,JTA ungnu 52552555 X ff: 1 K Q 40 5, 4 4, M 5 0 'os f ' B 4,v,,,+w n..34 ff , +4 ,tgtlga fa: 'gy' +4191v,449::Q ,x gghuzgg' , 1 Q 3 5: 5 W X ai' ' 1 L Y If u lg 52 ig: EH ',,,rQagp Q 1 V I IQ 2 kzxg ,J 255 o 5 L. .gps B1 xp . 'WWF- e 'YE-' F I. 'Q ax 5 1 , ' C 1 filggiivixi Eff f 3: 55,51 f , og-Y' ' 1, ' ts x X-3 '- .gl :L-tsix AMW" K Se

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