Hillcrest High School - Valhalla Yearbook (Memphis, TN)

 - Class of 1963

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Hillcrest High School - Valhalla Yearbook (Memphis, TN) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Cover

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lrnn-f WV, 2 f W' 141 K K wk . , . R, f , ,,, 2 r ' si, , 3 ,im .Vi ,, , 'S I I Q, , ., .. 19 -5 W Mn WQQWW gif fb? y X K ,0NyM9JyQ.,f+ 'sipifgg wi? Xxwfggjw - 2 ,bwkw by S FW N115 S D www Mnw bdvlfwp 5 W RX jfwvjljlf S2 si f -1: I v -qw: , AQ N"Xx is X .ri-ETX ' -R A,A'.s X M, Qffg fr I l l rg., X l wi N If N-3 Ns EJ ' The 1963 A' 'FS' ii-5 VALHALLA Xl Q Q i E! Hillcrest High School -li-.1 it Whitehfaven, Tennessee ,da E Tl".- "-f- , cl by , I gr, presente M: Class of -5 1966 1? i E' ? 2. :- ,, 'iii ' ...fl -N l S Q Q 'l asm f M I, 4 "Pa f, 45 bf ! 1' x fm Of m y fbi, K xxx ,Q 'U Ng W' X X M' Z R " , la-'12 7'-' 2 To A QRQEAA7' QLUC7 404155 M62 57 Contents A251 D Foreword Dedication F ' lm' Cl O g I gf f Advertzsements Cr fky yf , To- 97 L... ofjcfb ,S f jf! X 4 Foreword Since the Norse glorified warfare, they believed that those who died in battle would be borne immediately to Valhalla, "the hall of the slain. " In their Valhalla the warriors fought one another all day. At night, their wounds would be miraculously healed, and they banqueted in preparation for another day's fight. This was the Norse idea of heaven. As the Valhalla was the heaven of the Vikings, we, the annual staff, sin- cerely hope this book will be your heaven of memories both now and forever- more. 4 Dedication In the past several years many individuals and organizations have envisioned a dream which is approaching fulfillment. That dream was Hillcrest. The creation of such a great institution of learning had to receive much careful consideration because Hillcrest was to be a symbol of all that was good and great. The Tennessee State Board of Education initiated the idea and was ably aided in preparing for the introduction of the new school by the Shelby County Board of Education under the leadership of Mr. George Barnes and by the Shelby County Court. After the initial plans were adopted, Mr. West Livaudais was asked to design our main building, and Mr. George Mahoney was requested to draw plans for our gymnasium. Mr. P. W. Jameson then began the actual construction of Hillcrest. At last the dream became a realityg however, many people realized that much was needed other thana building to havea truly great institution of learning. A Parent- Teacher Association was organized and has been led during this year by Mrs. Ben Mc- Ewen. The Boosters Club gave many hours in making the school successful as did Mr. Joe Helms and the Kiwanis Club in organizing a safety patrol. Through the help of the Gideons,' spiritual guidance was brought to Hillcrest. Hillcrest has now been in operation for one school year. We, the students, are extremely proud of our school and are certain that Hillcrest will always go upward and onward to greater and greater heights. To all those who helped to make Hillcrest what it is today and what it will be in the future, we, the annual staff, dedicate the 1963 Valhalla. 5 MEMORIES ARE MADE OF THINGS . our first football team long trudges to the gym . . . ' t-S Wm., , .Arla , my exercises in gym class the long hour in study hall encounters with Fanny Burns . lunch period . . . our favorite time of day . . . happiness after team victories confusion between classes . . relief that another school day has ended. Between the covers of this, the first Annual of Hillcrest High School, we find images and words which will become increasingly cherished as the years roll by. We see herein, too, the results of much hard work and conscientious team effort on the part of the annual staff. The only original faculty and student body of this school are shown and listed, every member of which is contributing to make Hillcrest a school of outstanding quality and one in which inspi- ration and aspiration work hand-in-hand with perspiration. Hillcrest's basic aims are devoted to the encouragement of academic excellence, the dignifying of hard work, the upgrading of the concept of mental and physical fitness, the elevation of moral values and citizenship training, and many others. Suffice it to say that all of us tend to mold ourselves into the image of that which we treasure most. Look at your own image imprinted on these pages, then let your mind transform yourimage into what you WANT it to be some day. Then ask yourself, "What is it that I treasure most?" Whatever the answer, may the image always be worthy of the faith and effort that you apply in bringing it to reality. lmages?? Words?? Whatever you - and Hillcrest - become is largely in your hands. This is your foremost challenge. Kami 9 MR. ZED AYDELOTT MR. CARTER BROWN MR. W. A. CHANDLER Science, English, Algebra Physical Education, Science "Are you with me?" Arithmetic "Possibly. " "Attention! Move! 1,2,3,4." Facult MR. THOMAS W. CONNER MRS. CECILE J. GASTON MRS. SYLVIA B. LITTLE Arithmetic, Spelling English, Reading English "Grab your ankle. " "Let's be listening. " "Practices 2, 3,4 . . .IO MRS. JO ANN MARABLE MISS GERALDINE NEVILLE MRS. ELIZABETH 'NORTHCUTT Social Studies, Art, Music English, Reading Latin, English "Shut up! I ! " "Trivial, " "Get quiet or leave the room!" MISS MARGARET PAYNE MRS. MARY B. PITTMAN MR. ADOLPH O. RICHTER Guidance Counselor Home Economics Social Studies, Art, Music "All right, who's next?" "Girls! Feet on the "Haf 'a sheet 'a floor! " paper. " MR. RICHARD LARRY RUSSELL Science, Health, Physical Education "Shut up and sit down. " fnot picturedj MRS. 'BETTIE GODFREY MRS. VIRGINIA SIMONTON Reading, Physical Education "I can see out of the back of my head. " Music "Just remember Arthur. " MRS. DOROTHY THOMAS MRS. SENAH WELLS Algebra Librarian "Wel1, so much for that. " "Entirely too much noise. " MRS. FRANCES SUMMERS .Arithmetic, Physical Education "Roll call! Number off. " fnot picturedj MR. EDWARD R. STEVENS Arithmetic, Spelling "Quiet, people!" MR. HENRY ZURHELLEN Civics, English "That 's just the warning bell. " S1 X. 1 SEZ :M gy Q 5 Q -Q. .41 is Si E 5 4 w Ninth Grade Larry Bowman Linda Boydston Bill Bradick Violet Bradshaw Janice Brannan Fred Brooks Sheila Brown Larry Burke Pam Burns Dickie Byrd Sharon Calkins Linda Cannon Christy Cantrell Suzanne Cargill Nancy Cartwright Dianne Cates Carolyn Allen Elaine Anderson Joel Anderson Hudson Andrews Nancy Armstrong . f XJ j , Linda Baker James Barker Pat Bass R Jlvlc Sue Bass 1 Eva Beck I-N K Margaret Bell Peggy Bennett Bill Benson Charlie Billings Jimmy Birmingham Harvey Blurton Pat Bolding Phillip Bollinger Ann Bonds Susan Boshers mlmfg WM Gale Delashmit Mike Dodd WWW Allen Dubberley Steve Durr Ronny Eades Joe Eckles Sherry Evans Lynn Fanning Jesse Feathers Tommy Ferrell Sharon Fields Jack Flanagan Frank Fowler Pat Freeman Mike Frye Connie Cato Vicki Cawein Havis Chambers Susan Chester Robert Chumney Charlene Church Yvonne Cobb George Cohan Gene Cohen Bill Coleman Peggy Couch Sharon Coulson Sammy Cowan Jenny Cox David Croom Vicki Cross Linda Cuneo Buz Davis Linda Day Diane DeLap 32027 Billy Fuller Dee George Johnny Ghettie Charles Gilbert Bill Godwin Joyce Godwin Mike Grandy Steve Graves John Green Jimmy Greenslade Pat Griggs Mike Hackett Sue Hamilton Craig Hammacheck Donna Hanna Bette Hardin Linda Hardin Georgianna Harrison Richard Hart Pam Hassler Gloria Hayes Linda Heath Mike Hickey Nancy Hillhouse Don Hire Becky Hogan Glenda Holcoml: Christy Hols Connie Hood Arthur Houts Roger Howe Ray Howell Bill Huddleston IOCy Hyde Mike James Lynn Jameson Betty Lawrence Billy Leigh Dan Lemmons Sandra Lewis Stew Lewis Judy Lightbody Sonny Linbarger Sherry Lindsey Gaye Little Sandy Loden Terry Lotz Beverly Lovelady Becky Louden Jimmy Lovell Scott Lovell Glenda Lowery Steve Jared John Jarrett 5 l 'M James Jenkins S , - Susan Jennings ! 1 Daniel Joe 1' ' , l gf A A 34 . , , Gary Johns I f' V I" 'fa 1' , 5 If - I L P M1kCJOhHSOH4:" J- A I I L I If V y Carol Jones 3 X 3- Lynn Jones , V 11 I ' Phil Jones f ' 5 ' I 5 ,I J :M j I Ronnie Joyner sf' ' f J- S r"7!X! Torn Keckler K- f X Bill Key Carolyn Key Tom Keywood Jimmy Chu Ko Gail Kolwyck Mickey Kubicki Connie LaManna Pat Latham J X ,' 1 Joe Maffei Brenda Malnar Dennis McCollum Jane McComb Ben McEwen Nancy Medlock John Melton Pam Melvin Cindy Menke .1 ils Janet Minto Alan Mogridge Sharon Monoghan ord Moore Jennie Moore Buck Nelson Janet Nelson Penny Newton Becky Obenauf Myra O'Bryant Johnny O'Daniels LaBrenda Osborn Chuck Oswalt Lynette Palmer Ann Parker Mike Parker John Parsons Fred Perkins Janice Perry Charles Peyton Bill Phillips Sheila Phillips Jimmy Pigg Linda Plunk Linda Pollan Mike Pope David Sills Betsy Smith Cathy Smith Gail Smith Georgia Smith Jo Anna Smith Marie Smith Jack Smithmier Mary Sneed Larry Sorrels Randy Stewart Mary Jane Strickland Mike Sturgeon Gail Swindler Laura Tankersley Linda Taylor Brad Pounders Billy Powell Cully Powell Kenny Prewett Gayle Queen Sandra Laundre Cheryl Rafnson Carolyn Raines Billy Ramsey Carol Reeyes Jeff Reeves Rona Reiter Betty Riley Phillip Rogers Julia Rowe Judy Russell Bobby Rutledge Wayne Rutledge Linda Sartor Kay Sedgwick Jinmy Teeters Edward Thomas Mike Thompson Peggy Tomlinson Millard Townsend Ramelle Trafford Toni Traylor Alan Trischler Cynthia Tunnell Cissy Turman Barbara Tyler Marsha Underwood Penny Underwood Von Verner Dena Vickery Paul Wade Ralph Walker Robin Wallace Carl Walling Janie Wardell Tommy Watson Sherry Webb Peggy White Tommy Whiteaker Richard Whitehorn Don Wilder Nancy Wilkins Clayton Williams Mike Williams Richard Woodall Jeanne Woods Cynthia Wooten Mary Ann Wray Alice Wright Dick Young Jimmy Young Peggy Alexander Laura Andrews Kathy Angelo Linda Atkinson Johnny Barton Charlene Beckett Barbara Beeman Janis Bowie Baily Boydston Richard Brooks Sandra Browning Cynthia Caldwell Lynn Carrier Charlotte Carroll Beth Carvell Ricky Carwile Eighth Grade Tommy Church Marilyn Clark Charlie Clayton Richard Coleman Ann Collier Jeff Compton Greg Cook Suzanne Cook Craig Crenshaw Timmy Crook Richard Davenport Debbie Davison Ricky Demetrior Beverly Depoister Diane DeVare Debbie Downs Pat Drew Ricky Dunning Danny Eberhart Carolyn Fanning Diana Healea Mark Heath Ken Heberling Charles Hoard Genny Hobbs Juile Hodum Mark Hoffman John Holt Kenny Houk Sam Howell Connie Huckaby Larry Hughes Laura Hughes Margaret Hughes Robert Hyden Judy Ives Glenn James Butch Jenkins Ginger Johnson Janet Johnson Janie Farnell Barbara Fincher Barbara Fisher Marilnyy Flaum Teresa Fordyce Monty Foster Nell Fowinkle Dee Frazee Jimmy Frost Kathy Garrett Gary Gaston George Gates David Glover Milton Hall Gary Harlan Linda Haynie Gary Jones Jimmy Kearney Ann Kennedy D. C. Kolwyck John Largent Joe Lay Nancy Lenox Dick Lewis Bob Lowry Amy Maingault Richard Maingualt Mike May Carol McCord Neil McElroy Mary Medlock Larry Metcalf Bobby Mills Sharon Moore Howard Moran Thomas Morris Terry Naab Ann Nall Drew Nicholas Barbara Orr Sammy Palmer Gail Pierce Wayne Presson Janice Ragsdale Bobby Ray Carla Renfroe Danny Rhea Lucy Ridley Sammy Roberts John Rowland Brad Seetle Stanley Sellers 1 1 I David Tellman Denny Thomas John Thomason Theresa Tucker Linda Turner Minor Vernon Tom Vicanter Cindy Waldrup Libbye Walker John Ward Billy Warren Patsy West Lynda Whitaker Patti White Gail Williams Jim Williams Joel Wiygul Cindy Yost Billy Zukley John Sharpe Barbara Shaw Steve Simpson Jackie Smallwood Carol Smith Sylvia Sneed Wendy Soderlund Bill Spruill Wayne Stevens Jean Stewart Mick Stobough Robert Swisher Gary Sykes Eddie Tatum Mary Ann Taylor Rhonda Taylor ,, Seventh Grade L 25 - Larry Alstiel Jerre Andrews Donald Anishanslin Woody Baker Alison Barton David Beeman Danny Benson Joan Birchum Barmey Birum Gary Black Connie Boucher Judy Boudon Mike Boyanton Liz Boydston Larry Brand Roy Brooks Fay Bryant Kathy Burke Donna Butts Pam Caldwell Tommy Caldwell Marilyn Calhoun Lynda Cantrell Danny Childress Linda Childress Faith Church Ed Collier Mike Collins Lynn Cook Dennis Cornwell Jerry Cozart Charles Craft Pat Crawford Yvonne DeHart Alan Dickson Suzanne Dixon John Doss Ray Douglas John Edwards Gary Farmer Beth Fergeson Mike Fields Charles Franklin Jackie Galager Mickel Graham Ricky Groteluschen Roy Grunder Bobby Guth Vernice Haines Cheryl Harlan Greg Harris Paul Heffington Sharlene Henders Randy Henderson Marian Henley Hank Henson Rose Houk Cindy Irwin Ronald lshell Linda Jarrell David Jenkins Pat Jenkens Al Johnson Kathleen Kalicott Becky Kyle Roger Chu Ko Margret Krone Jay Laundre Charlie Leadford Harvey Leamond Conchita Leird Christopher Lovell Benny Mansker Christy Marsh Terri May Wally May Gary McCollum Mike McCool Ernie McCracken Chuck Middleton Janice Milam Sandra Miller Mark Mills Balynda Moore Duncan Morris Steve Murr Nancy Nelson Derry Oswalt Tony Paige Bill Palmer Bobby Parker Marguerite Peeler Charles Pertuit Fred Phillips Tom Phillips Carl Pickard Kenny Porter Debbie Post Bobby Powell Carol Purdom Linda Ragsdale Linda Raines Eddie Reed Steve Reney Lynn Roberson Mitzi Roberts Patti Rucker Karen Schmitt Linda Schraeppel Gail Sherman Kathy Smallwood Becky Smithmier Russ Soderlund Dennis Spears Steve Stewart Janet Strother Neva Stuut Pam Sudduth Jan Tanner Richard Tate Judy Taylor Linda Tellman Ronnie Temple Joyce Thomas Warren Thomas Amy Thomason Tommy Thompson Tommy Tillpot Pat Treadway David Tritschler Hanna Wade Ann Watson Jon Wesley Judy Whittington Loyd Willaford Barbara Williams Don Williamson Pam Williams Janet Wilson Vicki Wilson Jimmy Woods Cathy Young fe ,i ,,., ., 45594539 , . ,Q mgggggggks 7 . ii -Ti I ii ' Iii k EQSSQA AEZZ5'LE'1 ' :UEL,l5ig?i'l ' 51,-gi K ' I :1 5 L 2 , f . - 71. .-'frfzmwwxmwwwmm-mwsil ff:w-fa,Ti-awwwww,fwfMW wQvw,vwrsw12W1'Lf:xa,f,wa.,. -.-Aww' W' ' -A wh, Valhalla Staff Cf? fi x Q Rf' ff 4 X . I f Y IW 1 J ' If QW! l' - Q 1 li , Iwi!! li 'ff fi i Q 0 1 , Q, --- f'7 ,J Q -ts 4 ffjfa ' 111-4 D f is '4V C 7 EET: 5 1 if ef? U - i -,f A 1 W I 6 610 X 4 ' 444431, 'fl' , ll V, N, I I 4 fl f .ca Wwyff 1 :Sr C .if "J ' if 5' C ,V fi ' - C 3 '.' ia, G . -4 C All-,i i f f i I I R sv , . ' i - Q fs 1 V, - Vickie Cawein Jane McComb Clayton Williams Pat Freeman Elaine Anderson Connie Cato Ronny Eades Jimmy Chu Ko Donna Hanna Charlene Church 5-sew Y -7 Ps Pam Melvin Betsy Smith Rona Reiter Lynette Palmer Eva Beck Jeanne Woods Carolyn Raines Sherry Webb Peggy Couch Gail Swindler I Marie Smith Linda Boydston Editor Associate Editor pk Mrs. Sylvia Little Sponsor 3I The Valkyrie staff works diligently to meet each deadline. Valkyrie Staff Vicki Cawein Mr. Henry Zurhellen Editor SPOUSOT Pam I-Iassler Billy Leigh Editor Editor 32 Roger Howe Business Manager Bill Key Business Manager ,Toe Maffei Columnist Joel Anderson Columnist Mary Jane Stricklin Art Editor Toni Traylor Features Editor Butch Peyton Sports Editor Hudson Andrews Sports Editor Judy Lightbody Home Room News 33 w Q , Glee Club Our school is fortunate to have this Club of Music to supply us with beautiful musical programs. This Club of Music was composed this year of ninth grade students. Chorus l Q .Ru Q C - - lsii Many seventh and eighth grade students take part in the Chorus. Beautiful music is heard while they practice. 34 it Library Staff - FIRST ROW: Hillhouse, Minton, Boydston, Smith, Lightbody, Hanna, Wilkins, Reiter, Fanning, Delashmit, Menke, Calkins, Hassler. SECOND ROW: White, Melvin, Cato, Cross, Johnson, Harrison, Hart, Robert Chumney Phillips, James, Godwin, Chumney, Cantrell, Blurton, Russell, Can- Mr. Librarian non, Griggs. Safety Patrol Putting safety first are Thomas Morris, Milton Hall, Gary Jones, George Gates, John Holt, Duncan Morris, Benny Mansker. 35 Umce Assistants These students are of service to our school office each day. Left to right they are as follows: Daniel Joe, Sharon Coulson, Vicki Cawein, Ann Parker, Yvonne Cobb, Becky Obenauf, Cissy Turman, and Toni Traylor. Guidance Assistants Aiding the Guidance Office are the following students: FRONT ROW: V. Cawein, M. Bell, J McComb, G. Lowery, P. Freeman. SECOND ROW: T. Watson, D. Hire, C. Billings, B. Leigh, C. Peyton, G. Johns, J. Birmingham, J. O'Danie1s, J. Young. 36 Hi-Y Members of the Hi-Y Club are as follows: FIRST ROW: Clayton Williams, Ronnie Joyner, Kenny Prewett, Fred Perkins, Johnny O'Daniels, Jack Smithmier. SECOND ROW: Charles Gilbert, Phillip Rogers, Dennis McCollum, Bill Coleman, Bill Bradick, Jimmy Young, Havis Chambers, David Croom, David Sills. THIRD ROW: Mike Johnson, Steve Durr, Ronny Eades Cully Powell, Richard Woodall. Y- Teens Seventh and eighth grade girls are members of the Y-Teens. They have as their purpose the promotion of Christian ideals. 37 s Cafeteria Workers Mrs. Alice Roberson, Mrs. Frances Roach, and Mrs. Wanda Walker prepare delicious food for us each day. -Mr. James R. Porter- Custodicms Our custodians make a clean place in which we may gain an edu- cation. 38 Addie Mae Harrison O! It zf excellent e To have tl gnznt 5 strength, but zt If tymnnons me it like at giant. Football 1962 i nog? 23 B2 FIRST ROW: J. Young, V. Verner, J. Birmingham, T. Watson, A. Houts, D. Joe, D. Hire, S. Lewis, B. Bradick, D. Young. SECOND ROW: H. Chambers, M. James, T. Keywood, C. Oswalt, B. Coleman, C. Billings, R. Stewart, J. Parsons, R. Howell, T. Ferrell, T. Keckler THIRD ROW: D. Rhea, F. Fowler, T. Denson, S. Howell, D. C. Kolwyck, D. Wilder, P. Wade, D. McCollum, J. Feathers, B. Mills, F. Perkins, K. Prewett, Coach Brown. Havis Chambers Jimmy Young CO-Captam Coach Carter Brown Co-Captain 40 I i Hillcrest Hillcrest Hillcrest Hillcrest Awaiting their chance. 20 Collierville 31 Oakhaven 54 Harding 7 Millington MUS must punt in the game at MUS. Hillcrest O Whitehaven Hillcrest 28 Bartlett Hillcrest 28 MUS Hillcrest 19 Germantown Going for a touchdown in the MUS game rxixkasketball STANDING: P. Rogers, S. Howell, V. Verner, J. Young, F. Moore, D. Young, I. Jenkins T. Watson, J. Feathers, M. Sturgeon, Coach Brown. SITTING: R. Joyner, T. Whiteaker, D. Sills. VOD VSYHSI' Coach Carter Brown Captain 42 'i I l tw XXL x ' X I 'J It xlllwtgf xg S . VXIJ s s Mrs. Frances Summers Georgianna Harrison Sponsor Captain Dale Ann Maves Linda Heath Mascot Cheerleaders Pat Freeman Susan Jennings Kathy Garrett Betty Lawrence jane McComb Cindy Yost Suzanne Cargill Lynn Fanning 43 This ezhooe all - to thine own Jeff he Mne, And if muff folfow, as the night the day, Thou canst not then he false to any fnnn. E' SHAKESPEARE -my Q -V? V X ,w,,,As NE Y WINDSOR DOOR COMPANY W. S. JORDEN GRAVEL COMPANY M- W HXQIQN N461 COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND Harbin Rich Ice C m Harbin Delicio Sh b t HARBIN MIX COMPANY, INC 3993 Highway 51 South, Memphis 16 T CLYDE A. HARBIN, Pre d IZ C mpliments of WEONA STORE 3189 Lakeview Road at B k A EX 7-6641 EX 7-6771 Compliments of Compliments of FRANCES DAY Your Pure O11 Dealer at Raines Road and 1-Iwy. 51 EX 7-4111 MCALISTER CCNSTRUCTION CO Whitehav T NZ0f'i'U""JQ'7'44JL'0QfvL-4.fVvx.fl7mA.ALvX 4' W Wgwffvff PEGJAAQ E4Qff 'fox 1jfQfCf1fJ74gC,0-rvxyj K-,4Q7LCi'5WA? COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND I if 1 fy KJ. mf YANCIE BEAUTY SALON 1866 Brooks Specialize in Feature Hair Dressing Phone Before 4 P.M. for After 5 Appointments Monday, Thursday, Friday Compliments on Your New School OZMENTS SHOE STORE Whitehaven Plaza DR. PEPPER BOTTLING COMPANY . . iz ' ,r , ' ,L Jfuveppel' P, V .. e,ie..,. y P y iy, ..,p ,t, . W Compliments Compliments of BUD AND HALS MANNIE AND KARLS SHOES AND WEARING APPAREL Phone EX 7- 1411 BY RYT. Whitehaven Plaza BIG STAR 4-H 1211 East Raines Road Compliments Compliments of MR. AND MRS. KNOX BOSKERS OLIVER DRUGS 4115 Highway 51 South Prescriptions - Fountain Whitehaven CARNELL REXALL DRUGS Prescriptions - Pharmacy 4187 Highway 51 South Whitehaven, Tennessee Phone EX 7-5231 SOUTHSIDE CLEANERS AND LAUNDRY 4-Hour Service on Request Cash and Carry Prompt Pick Up and Delivery 250 East McLemore WH 8-33345 LEO ROSEMBLUM Tailors - Men's Wear Shoes for the Entire Family 231 E. McLemore WH 8-7833 RAY'S 'E-NUT SHOP Ray's BQ-Nuts Are Different Uni-QL Qeruazg 265 East McLemore Memphis , Tennessee Compliments of a Friend KINNEY'S SHOES Southgate Shopping Cente r Best Wishes to Hillcrest High School COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND Compliment s of CONTAINER CORPORATION OF AMERICA Z4-Hour Service EX 8-5210 JEAN'S EX 7-7390 14,31 Third St, MENSI FLOWER SHOP Southgate Shopping Center 18 Years Service in Memphis Area Memphis, TCIUIGSSGG pot plants funerals For Style and Quality Weddnggsz k Cogsages Women's Fashions OO 31.00 S R03 Memphis, Tennessee ADMIRAL BENBOW INN Phone BR 4-0633 TWXlReservation Service Available U. S. 70 at Bellevue Memphis, Tenn. Enjoy Dining in the Benbow Room LAWSON-CAVETTE SPCRTING GOODS C0. 480 East Perkins Ext. 683-9595 It Pays to Play All Athletic Equipment School Jackets and Sweaters Tennis, Golf and Hunting Equipment Fishing Tackle Browning and Remington Gun South's Largest Trophy Dealer Agents for A. C. Spalding and Bros. The MacGregor Co. Compliments of AGNES COUGHLIN'S FLORIST A FRIEND 1408 East Brooks at the Interchange McCRORY'S 4010 Highway 51 South Shop at Your McCrory's Store Where Savings in Sales Mean Service to Save Phone EX 7-1710 BROOKHAVEN LUMBER COMPANY 349 East Brooks Road EX 7-7509 Memphis, Tennessee The Hallmark of Quality MARL METAL MANUFACTURING COMPANY, INC. P O, Box 3247, Mallory Station 250 E. Bodley Menflphis 9, Ten Cornplirnerlts of PRESCOTT DRUGS ACADEMY OF MUSIC 1430 S, Bellevue Blvd. 1317 Jackson Ave' Melnphls, Tenn. Merrlphls, Tenn. WH 2-1582 BR 5-9506 HASSLER APOTHECARY 271 S. Bellevue Memphis, T WADLINGTON DRUG COMPANY Compliments of WHITEHAVEN Prescriptions a Specialty 251 McLemore Avenue Memphis, Tennessee BEAUTY SHOP VIRGINIA I-IINTON, Proprietor BELL, INCORPORATED - I REMNANTS Compliments of Sells by Pound or Yard A FRIEND L53 MRS. FRED O. POPE, Manag Phone 397 -022. 1 3233 Hwy. 51 So k 'H' 'HK 'U' 'U' 'lk 'll' 'lk 'D' 'U' -NIP 'C -'Hg BY VAN LINES LOCAL AND LONG DISTANCE MOVING Of HOUSEHOLD GOODS ' ,D W 0 A 2 A fiiif u.:..4 i'f'I,QJl1J'Xg?,L 57,93 P H g C up E Suu wHlTEHAll 8' Q T an It Smldl-:IIB I . l Hllllllllllll .. as D llllll 8 816 KENTUCKY N Liu d C EX74803 EX7l083 0, X f ., fs Tf,QNt A - R U-L , :S co -L 8 'lk lil' 'lk 'lk 'lk 'HK 'lk UH' 'II' ik Wk ilk 88 'C 'C SWlNDLER'S PHARMACY 2.230 Florida Street WH 8-6622 Memphis, Tennessee FLOWERS' AUTO SUPPLY 3035 South Third Branch Office 4659 South Bellevue CHURCH HARDWARE Go to Church First CHARLES H. AND SONS Paints - Plumbing Supplies - Glass 40 Years Serving the South 257-261 East McLemore Memphis, Tennessee WH 8 -0 144 BOWLHAVEN LANES Whitehaven Plaza Shopping Center SCOTTY HAWKINS Manager 398-6211 Prescriptions Called for 4681 Highway 51 South at Delivered Shelby Drive S ' Wh' h 35 Y TOWNSLEY'S APOTHECARY ervmgs we ave? ears arne Location 1231 East Raines Whitehave n, Tenn. BARBER SHOP Old Enough to Know How, Young Enough to Serve You. Phone EX 7-1436 We Fill ICRR Prescriptions WHITTINGTON LUMBER COMPANY 2964 South Third Street WH 8-0595 Compliments of DOYLES HARDWARE AND Toys FURNITU1-Isslsewares Free Delivery 3010 South Third 233 East McLemore Mernphis , Tennessee TE 0 Budget Terms Pick-Up and Delivery WHITEHAVEN TEXACO Goodyear Tires Delco Batteries Motor Tune-Up Wheel Alignment BOB ROGERS 3933 Hwy. 51 South Phone EX 8-2776 Memphis, Tenn, KENDRICK CONSTRUCTION Loan Folks, Anywhere a pick-up can go you can take the comforts of your living room with you. See them at El Dorado Sales. 2952 S. Third Phone EX 7-7511 DRAUGHON'S BUSINESS COLLEGE Accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Business Schools as a Two Year Business School :ff IBM :F Secretarial :F Business Machines ft Gregg Shorthand :lf Comptometer :F Speedwriting :F Accounting :F Refresher Courses :lf Stenographic it Nancy Taylor Free Placement Service Established 1890 .TA 6-7457 253 Madison Ave. Air Conditioned for Your Comfort WHITEHAVEN MOTORS Home of Quality Used Cars 4089 Hwy. 51 So. Whitehaven, Tenne s see Aluma Craft Glastron Dorsett Featuring the Finest Names in Boating WH 6-2566 Sales Service Boil' 3 Mo'f'or Muff' Johnson Motors MFG Chris Craft HUMKO PRODUCTS Two of Hi11crest's Finest Purchasing New Humko Corn Oil and Humko Pure Vegetable Shortening in a. Local Supermarket COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND TERMINAL RESTAURANT 513 East Brooks Road Memphis, Tennessee Phone 397 -9440 "Good Eating" COLEMAN'S SUPER REXALL DRUGS "Whitehaven's Finest Drug Store" Serving Hillcrest High Community Miilbranch Shopping Center 4704 Miiibranch Road 398-6233 JAMES T, COLEMAN CLYDE R, COLEMAN Your Chrysler, Impperial, Plymouth and Valiant Dealer in Memphis H R M oToP COMPANY MENPHIS ZH SOUTH ZDUDLEYST. 'BR 5-15143 ' The Happiest Place in Town to Buy a Car . You See It Almost Everywhere. . . KYNARN-Q2 -3 Places Finest Foods Within Your Reach. . . Call Rich Plan Now! FA 7-6138 Dear Friend ra ' See me belore you buy or trade cars. lv ' OUR PRICES CAN NOT BE BEAT 2 ,f"" L Please contact me personally. "Lei Sfan Be the Man" TOSELL-You YOUR STANLEY DILLARD E NEW OR USE Chip Barwick Chevrolet Co. 740 UNION AVE ' MEMPHIS. TENN. BUS. JA 7-2661 f RES. BR 5-7420 Nll50N of IPILASTIKC 5 . .. 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Suggestions in the Hillcrest High School - Valhalla Yearbook (Memphis, TN) collection:

Hillcrest High School - Valhalla Yearbook (Memphis, TN) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 60

1963, pg 60

Hillcrest High School - Valhalla Yearbook (Memphis, TN) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 36

1963, pg 36

Hillcrest High School - Valhalla Yearbook (Memphis, TN) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 17

1963, pg 17

Hillcrest High School - Valhalla Yearbook (Memphis, TN) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 58

1963, pg 58

Hillcrest High School - Valhalla Yearbook (Memphis, TN) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 7

1963, pg 7

Hillcrest High School - Valhalla Yearbook (Memphis, TN) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 20

1963, pg 20

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