Hightstown High School - Ritz the Ram Yearbook (Hightstown, NJ)

 - Class of 1948

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Hightstown High School - Ritz the Ram Yearbook (Hightstown, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 50 of 88
Page 50 of 88

Hightstown High School - Ritz the Ram Yearbook (Hightstown, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 49
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Hightstown High School - Ritz the Ram Yearbook (Hightstown, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 51
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Page 50 text:

"He who is not prepnrrd lvdav will be les: .fu wmorrouf'-Ovm L , U I , A Blum onoed D. .R Pilgrimllohn Walker Named' Cast Chosen for Senior Plaid virginia Blu flu, erlnnr .ii The 'l' xfll os, l -..N linen eleelsrrl .is iln- .ll x ll mio. ,,-.. Rllliffllll Undef WIY U of Highlslown High Sfllonl Virginia wls vtlertul dlllrnlr, slverell l.lllrIlrl.4lL- who were nominated by the Senior Class and lnlell lllmn lvy lllc ldvllllv Slim-, with other DAR. -pilgrims from neighboring srlluols, will llc llln pllusl iii Governor Driscoll and will vlsll spols ol hxsrorlc mlcresl ln 'lircnlon Music Departments Give Annual Program Tllnigll Q l Octet, Choir, Choruses ' Under Bachmnn and , Mnonheimer Oier i Seuonal Selections On F.-.day rvenm'-, lhxenrher 19 ai 3:00 PM ihe Mnsio lmeparlnsenr ol.ih.- lzasi Windsor 1'on.nshiii Slhools nill hresenr a Chrislmns l'rogr.nn inelndine narr.e-i.anis from .orades 4 ro lz The lonr el.o...ses are .nnler .he .lireei-in. ol xlr Allred hl xlnsonlieimer ..i..l Mr, James llaehman. i The Brass oelei .lill ln- llczrll iirsi as .hey herald ihe evenings enlorlain- nienl vviih .heir familiar earols This, . group melndes Addison Benner.. Paul Evans, John Pritchard, and Rober. Morris on :he lrumpel and George wesi.-waller Brown, Calvin Nodme, 'and John Ryba on .he irombone. ' The rormal program sv.ll begm nnh a nresenial..-an of the Christmas siory by Lola rr-aneis. lmnred.aielv follow. ing, the enrlain will onen on ilie Grade ,School choir. Their selections will .ne 'elude '-Fairesi Lord Jesnsy' a silesian Fone song which was used by lhe cro- mders, "The rrrsr Noel," a .radmonal enrol, and xn English earol, '-Here They Oume a-Wnssailingf' buurtel Ferforlnlw ' -M A! Trenton Program The lrighisio..-n limi. sehool Qnare ies. gaye a program on hlareh l for me Central New Jersey chahier or .he American cznild of orgamsis, Tremon The qdarlel, whieh is eorrnmsed of cal- vin Nodme, Albee. Harris, George West, and Addison llonneii, sane .he following songs, "The whilrenyionl song," -'Good Nensg' :mil 'The Ania mals Are Comingf .Mach Hesinis 'Annual' Staff Rhoda xlaeh has been nanied ediiore rneehiei ol lhe annnal rer.rh...,h, The Higlnslonian, by lhe senior elas. ollier slah members .nelnde liar. srrnih, Doris lvel vin., nn.. hlelleyold, Robert Meyer, arsoeiaro odiiors, liihel Baremore, arr eshinr, hlarnnrel Nan. Slnrley Phillips, assisrani ar. erhinrss Ruth Moiinl, l..lhan Jaeleson, Jenmie- Welsh, Marlin Snlrrhin, sports edrlorss Charles ug., iilioingraphy edilors Jo-' seoh slnlls, Leo reniiy, assislani ,dine Pullen, business managers: wilhan Wesl. advertising manager, Jamey l-:ne ,nhemia, Ray Hniion. Eslelle l.ie.l.l.e,f ' asslslanl advernsing managers, liolscn Wojciechowski, circulation n.n....e..r. Earl McKnlghl, Pearl Vlslnllnl, Lois Praners, Belly Whnrklholer, ass.s.an. clrculallon manlliers The rneinres for .ho yoarboole and alll individual sleeiehes of .he members oi lthz class have been complclud, The iSmllh Press nl Trenton llns Iwcun awarded the Conlrarl for llle llrlnllnpr ol ihe book H :Hirschkop Wins 5 :Legion Contest l Finals to Be Held ln Trenton, March 6 ' The American negro.. ormorrenl c....a, issi .vas held rebmary za ai .ho hm.-rel :lean Legion rem... rn :he In-in lrnilrlinu Jr-lorlon Hirselilrop and A...l...ny Nob bra were the in-o Highrsloon llieh School pariioinanis Hirsehlrnly syolse, lon "A New sinh nl Freedom," :mill Nehbla on "l,lncnln's Conrribllllrln ro 'lhe conslilnnrmn lfirsi ,moo l.-as n-rmi by Morton lalirsehleon and .he seeond fell lo Anlhony Nebbra. The Mercer Conniy oraiorleal con- iesr, held in ihe war hlernorml lxnild- mg in Trenlon, will rake plane hlarel. li lcivic Groups Launch Drive iF or Funds for Band Uniforms e.------Na+-i civio organi,...io..s oi rligli.....n.. Morris Wim Berth On State Orchestra lid Cranbnry lmyn lanrieliml .. .lriie ir. lrarse 52,500 In ,nirehaso .niilorme lor 'rho school band. Robe" Moms' ' """'b" U' ""l Under lhe .liro...m.. oi llr names s. freshman elass. has nroyen h.s ninsieal, b l j I U 6 I abilily by gaining a Position in ihe Alle Fafhmanl "W 50'l""' ?"' " ' 'L " l Stale High School Orchestra in com - ln the history of lite lllgll school I I l ve peiiiion wilh seyomeen oihers during Among 'h' ""1f""'2""'n' W ""' "' ,,,,,,,,,, wymy, Wm had ,H Hasnaeld promised snymorl in rho dr..-e are .ho He was awarded rhe seeonrl chair li-lla , orange, nie l..ons clnb. and .he lands ,bass and aimeored ... s. ermeeri nm.-l. A'1'i'la'Y' was held 21-21: Bollnll Brook llig ,sehool, Sunday, Febrnnry zz. 'loiher who lried on. were, oeor. l, The colmnlltee in charge .rl rho drive ls as follows: Charles ll Conway. More ris Hageman. hirlnaril Juris, Choi-les Soccer Team Newark Sunday News Carries Write-up: Brown Receives Honorable Mention Julln lilfalkcr, llle mln-notcll lullblck on onr soeeer learn, has done hirnsell proud lby being named lo lllc All-Stale Seliolasiir soooer Tear.. llnlierl Brown, 'another of onr bes., reeoived honorable lrrienliori 'The Works rtwrlcr ol lllc "Newark sdmlay Novo," Tn... crnmell, siales, "The delonsively sirrmg llioliisinwn eleven oonlribnles ihe rinse Jullhark in ihe person ol John walker vvalher, 3 versanle lnmier, nlayod mosl ol the sea- rography edilors. una Fisher, lflorensl- Ison as .i l...lf.l.nels, lalon-eyer, he was ennally .si home as a inllbaok dne ro his abihry lo employ .he 'wlnrrl bank" slylo nl i.l..y when his .earn was being: anressorl ll was his brilha... .ill-nronnrl -baelrhelrl norle lliai helped bring ill.- -Group l eli..n.,nonsl.ii- io llighssiown. "hValluzr eonlriloiiled .he hme goal lor ll-le eenlml Jersey champs in llleir rn- .nrrmh over Coaoh l-la..s's charham olnb lm a mr.rmrable over-nine nlay ofr. Ywalleer ralos as inimni.-li hnll back bu! was lnehed lor ihe liillbmle slo. bee eanse of .he iiealih ol siandnnr hali back nialerial " , . Y 1 H.S. Students Take Par! ,ln Lions Club Program l On November rwellrh, ihree students ilro... onr high sehoel, rwo seniors and one Jdnior, were speakers 31 the meer, .ng ol nie Lions' clob 31 old Highis lnn, in honor of American Ednoalion Ween. dnoed ihe olllcr soealrers and bresenred .he ihenie, filsdildrngh xlariin sdrnhrn ihen .alleed on '-The leole or ihe School in Life." He was followed by Albert ing AmcriCa's Future." nn-, .- .1 Y ., e- ,ml Dramatics Groups To Present Plays In Coming Assemblies This year .he llrn..n.i.ey Clnb is .lie l-nled in... inn seelionsevme nnder lhel Rhoda Maeli, .he first svealeer. mlro-i Harris. who spoke on ihe iopie, "Build-1 For Moon Makes Three - The eo.nmn.ee eonsisnng of ,xhee Mounl, Rhoda Mxrll, James Eulcnna, zllll Ann hlellemld, lime cllo-rn lo lone as their nreseniaiion ihis year. "The Moon Makes Three," a ihreeaael :emnrdy by Anraml llarris Mrs. ndoar Pearce, lllc dlrrrlnr, has scheduled lhe ,day lor Thursday and Friday eyenmgs, Noyeinber zo and zl. The easi .nelndes .he following Sen- iors: virginia l3lllm,Grarlrlm1jackson1 Barbara Jo, Anne Nolan 4 Marsy uarley, Alive hlounl, Fvc Vlfllson, Dol Adams X E-Ann Halley: Ann hlellevolrl, Eleanor harley, Jane l-'arr, hlrs Bailey: Rhoda hlaeh, hlineiia xldler: Eileen cronee Jlenny hlay VVest, James Eniemia Jolrn-Henry harley, Raymond Russo lFranlr Hall, l,l:o Fnnity, Nickie llar- Almyr Reber. woiieelionslo, Terry lla.. 'Sends News to iOutside Papers The ri.l.l.e..y clnb in oor school has, ,becn quite acliv: this year. ll is guided by hlrs. coolesron and meeis dnring' hllh Drriod on Tuesday The membersl who are present at eqcll meeting are Rhoda Mach, Edlrh Oser. Doris Del' Pon, Jane Farr, Belly Wincklholer. Erika Parleer, Lillian Rosso, and Joyce lsrnlis. The following .nemhers who are nul liresenl as any ol :he meenngs but WPC for the Club :rt Florence l'ul- len and Rim Fischer, Each week a different membnr .- chosen an editor and ll ls her rlllly ls., Service Club is Sponsored i By School Student Council l b A Service Club sponsored by the Student Council and composed of about lorry members has reoenuy been lormed in Hightslown High, This club will ialre over ihe supervision of .he halls in the mornings and al noon oe- riods, and will also serve is llsherx zl assemblies and olher Srhool events i These members, nye boys and nee girls lrnm each lnnior and senior home room, were eleoled by iheir home room clnssmales. from lhose who filled these refl...re.ne..lsr l Mnsl have railed no courses ln the lasl school term. 2. Must noi be a class nlhcer, student council revrcsenlalne, or cheer leader. J. Must ,be approviby the high sehqoljaeiilly. Student conneil Joie.. Nation and State Group: I , The sindem connerl nlneh meeis xslh oeriods on rndays has bern bnsy ilalely wirh a yarieiy of ...aners or bos- liness. The seryree Club wlneh .s .mder ,ihe sponsorship of ihe sindem Council has been discussed al lengih and has been narnally se. up, The conned has loaned boil. rho Na-l tional Assooiaiion ol Sludcnl cnnnnls 'and the New Jersey Stale Assooaiion of Student coniierls There mll be eonneil members sen. .b reoresen. l-lighesloan ar the s.aie conlennon of sunny. Eqlingils lo he held on Novem.' Senior Play Nets Q520.4'I5 Well Received by All l The Senior Class ol Highlsiown High School presented their anmlzl Senior Play, Thursday and Friday evenings, Nov. Xl-Zl. which resulted in a "bang" sneeers. Tolal receipts amonnled to 363737, and expendilnres were estirnal-' ed ai sllo.9o, bringing lhe nel prom to 552037, and cxguicliwlres were eslimzr- ed at 311630, bringing rhe nel profil lo 552137. The Senior Class expresses sincere ihanlrs io the many members and friends who helped make the play a success and further extends apprecig. lion to their dirzclor, Mrs Elgar Pence. and no all the assisranltwho l lireeiion ni :ll rs snliagl., ihe nlher led by MYS, Lllllvltslrlll. lirllll Rf0LlIlS llavv .lays selieddle.l lor rho si-emo semesier M hlrs s..l...eh's erm... will iyreseni nl .neeaei .-.mierly eninled -Aslioelr Of Hi. nd, .lien hy llonald Payton, Cami Crollrc. ogre hl,.n..., llarilyn l.a.rd, Lillian M, iusso, ,loam We-sl, and Anne Wcndl .are lrarls in this play. sinee .here are per, io boys in the gronr., ihree oi the men's .aris will be .aleen be girls making ihe pci, may raiher .mnsnal to say .he least You are oomg .o ne. ihe 1-sheer ol pai, Your Life" zrullnd February l9 Mrs cn,.lesion's gi-om. onli nrese... l-el.. 'Never Trust A Man," is mic-art coin- ln 'X :L 'xinnlll Six girls or-'ln-ls. ' "' . . 4 odi- in ' . V .' r Fl wen. rrornbones ,Addison ,He.....-il, Ollellly. and adn-ard Poiler. YY 4 V It V H - H ' Y. U l44i COMING EVENTS If U-Savervllln Basketball linlncf liolllc hl-lh...ellen lxnsloiball camo- Avlny iz-eroha..ee .sxssenilrly llroeram -Prlnrrlun IJ-Hlglllanll Vzlrk llaslrlbzlll Game--Awsn 17-l.lorrlclllovlll liasleclblsll Gaull- -llmnc Home ze-asnoih lliver laashelball lznme fexway . alebralional llonor soeieiy lmnn. 20-Princelurl llrlokclllull Liillllr- X Mach and Farr .Elected to Honor Society Harris, Parker, Williams Selected from Junior Clan jane Farr and Rhoda hlslcll llaell- been eleried .o 'membership in die Highislown cliainer ol ihe Nahonal Honor sneieiy by laenliy role, 'rn-d olher Seniors. Martin Sulphin and Vir- ginia Blom, already hold mernberslnr. rin the group, har-me been eleeied as lhiniors. The members or .lie lnnior Class who were selerlerl for me.nlrersl.a,. are Ala beri Harris, hzrika Parleer, .md llobm Vllilllams. For rnclllbcrsllllr ln lllc National Honor soe.e.y, stullenrs are selee.ed on the basis ol soliolarshii, leaderslni.. serviee, and character, , serviee is imernreied as a ,.erso..'s willingness lo do lliormrolily an asa srgned servree in seli.....l, and io shoe :onrlesy al all limes. Leallersliip is ina ierpreled io mean a persons' milianve in promoullg any srllool aclivni-5. con- lrilnining ideas and exerimg ihai lyye of leaderslllp wlllcll wllolcsonlcly and ai-livelv nilln.-nl-cs lrivlurd il line and

Page 49 text:

High School Times Staff Left to right-First Row: Rhoda Mach, Iane Farr, Virginia Blum, Alice Panasuk, Alice Gil- iord, Betty Wincklhofer. Second Row: Rita Fischer, Florence Pullen, Ann Gauntt, Lillian Russo, Doris Del Pup, Edith Oser. Iean Disler. Third Row: Ann Wendt, Douglas Malsbury, Addison Bennet, Charles Craig, Robert Dey, Ioyce Stults. Fourth Row: Frank Perrine, Carol Lasche, Ierome Welsh, Albert Harris, Ioe Stults, Carolyn Symmes. EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Virginia Blum '48 ASSOCIATE EDITORS Rhoda Mach '48 lane Farr '48 Betty Wincklhofer '48 GIRLS' SPORTS REPORTER Betty Wincklhofer '48 BOYS' SPORTS REPORTER Ierome Welsh '48 Doris Del Pup '48 Alice Gifford '48 Edith Oser '48 Charles Craig, '49 Ann Gauntt '49 EXCHANGE EDITOR Charles Craig '49 BUSINESS ADVISOR Miss Dorothy Stauffer REPORTERS Albert Harris '49 Carlo Lasche '49 Alice Panasuk '49 Carolyn Symmes '49 BUSINESS MANAGER Joseph Stults '48 ASST. BUS. MANAGERS Addison Bennet '4 9 Robert Dey '50 Douglas Malsbury '51 l43l Anne Wendt '50 Ioyce Stults '50 Lillian Russo '51 Frank Perrine '51 Ioan Disler '51 TYPISTS Rita Fischer '48 Florence Pullen '48 LITERARY ADVISOR Mrs. Iames Copleston

Page 51 text:

Student Council A Q Left to Biqht-First Row: Phyllis Ryan, Robin Williams, Dorothy Adams, Albert Harris, lane Farr, Barbara Whitson, Virginia Blum, Gertrude Byrne. Second Row: Ruth Mount, loan Disler, Alice Panasuk, Marjorie Adams, Iohn Septak, Betty Wincklhoier, Iune Hutchinson, Constance Hagerty. Third Row: George Trought, Donald Ioyce, Harold Stillwell, Dr. Williams, Mr, Hunt, Martin Sutphin, lohn Byrne, Robert Dey. ational Honor Societ t ll l l Left to Right-First Row: Rhoda Mach, Erika Parker, lane Farr, Robin Williams, Virginia Blum. Second Row: Albert Harris, Martin Sutphin. l45l

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