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 - Class of 1959

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H , - f' 471. , ' V ' ' l .-1 " ' V. I. , Q." " V. ,......., ,, K U E, M ' V Y 1 W. , - fr 1 1 1' ,u L7,L. 'xc 616 . ' 1' ' 1 N' I 1 I" , , 1 b ' , , 1 11 ' ,I ' fl , f ' N ,1 ,V 3 , : ,' f . ' 1 ff 1 A ' f , , Q lf: gy, ffl' ,,'f 1 . V ,, If fy , x I ,, ,L L , fl W , I .' I v ' 4 , I 1, ,r f ij K , Lfr, Maw Z by Lffw N L f fda! I I' .5 if V lx , , v ,- ' 'L' l. 1 1 ,- ' , 1 f V L' ,N A X V" 1 ,sn X 5 1 ,' 'v' 1 1' - Q yn ,f I . . Vx 1' af ' 711. I I L. If A , , v ' V 1 1, ,fv V' ,-,, 1 5' , 1 ' , 1 L I A ,WM gm ,. , J, X1 ,J M' I. ' I W . ,ZW 4" ,f I . H' f. , r f , ,f L X fl fda X , If ' in JNL 1,16 'J L Z L I" Lf WU ,X L f N W ,,v V S, , f A' v , u f 1.1 , , 1 If N ,V L . .1' f .,u , , . , .1 1 ' A f V, 7 A J f Ld" i 1 1, N , w N . f J, ,v Q 1 5, C' ll ' 1' .' I 6 .nf ' 1 E , f ln , 1 ,' 5 R I yi u , . l 'I L, 1 bb ' 1 'A xl H ' ' ' ' w , .1 w Ml W awww' W2 '5 WWW ,Q IN' . ,l fx -I P' ' i " 1 Q , L M L f , MA ,155 x bm my M J Mfywux 0 SLTW v u JM ev 5-'fi x My , WN , 1 MQ! fgmwm by MQ X QXNQUX 5 em ,, M W Nm 6 QW XA NL M' 3 w Nw OVM . , . I I I V. WN l ,X ' , Avi" ' , .. ,df ,X Ry' fx Q O E In Nj V X0 0 lp W.ww x , y , dz W 0 J! i ' ji 3 of 5 I' ', Ms V , A X9 Wxvf , J ,- i ,X , . H f A ,ju ' VW X ' -'1 ? 4 J W , . . W W wi QM 36 'F N' 1, l N V ' X i L I ! L MUN QX ,, , , Q Q Y Nw 7 QW oxygfbbx KN, Njw V 'X ' 5 , , WW K SQQ Wyf 4QWW Q. X , . , 'Y TM W' M016 , ,,' - ' f L A +1, 2 ' A QWNW "j mf W H' - U 1" if 'l :UL , pf' jp ff' .11 6 fy lj 1 M I in I f f Ulf f'9 i? A L! H Q A.,' Hy' if 1 I f U ff iv 6 ZW + WSJJM ' A ix V f' 1 ' ' 1 ff". 14 -V I 1 ' ' "' Y ' 'I V, v .. I I n MA V MV! A f 'l'A V f-."' A. i ' J f M M ,4,,.f' ' ,',g5 ,' fl- 4 aff I, , V J, vig- Q V ,Cfx 411 ' fl 1' fg ,'4 Aff' 3 f V1 , f J, r 'Lf . A if ' ' ' Vt' 1 v J " ' -' 'V - H jfmgg , A ' ,lf , , ,, , 711 , 5 f f J Lg , p J L, X V f V L . 3, ,ffjl ang' f - 5 "A Q M V Lf AQ-ff J If .ff f X x f f f 1' f 51" JI X gf . . ,." V I 1' 'IJ Vvfl' of ff J XIV! kj ,l fu I ,Q kg.. fivljfinfl UL , rx ,rj V "AL Q f I Q", "V . I C. N l f' f f lf, . ' " . P' Q ,.f'?f' ,A X N I c vii Vi7 ', Viv! :wf ,QL Cul, M W FQWV f 1 ' f O f 'I I if 'Q yu! I X W W2 W! 05 7. V' 9 W fifwimf WWW W W WMWMW Q35 WW279 Q R X 31556 S Qi QQYQE d Q iii 5425? 'W fff'!, J M f WWQW 1, W fy W K M W Wi Wiyfwfffffgff , ,M y6jjff UV gf W ff iw iff ' WZ7iffa3fl55ffjfff5j,jjiffff,2Wff f wwwwfyfffff M WQWMWMWWWMWMIW M ff WQQW NW fp M' MWWWWWMM W 'Wg U, iw fx, I mi W ZZWM WM Ly ww W m9 ff' WM W V WMJQ QW '-4 ' Aw UW 1, IW X IQQJ L MMWMWQYEQ XW. ffv5c 'mMWWWMEf QWMQW M rixfffxfi Rf iff mmfwcmwm Rx-w 'C' YF wa ,V l J' I l 0 ' 'KU v V y'?f 1"'f' "" Mmm .M ew, smw if 51 P A H, -1" yi A ,rycawml ' M7 if V ff' D' VJ fi Af wi f J L W ' , if 'ff A6541 1 wM'Xl U A My fly, , ff! 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A,,jJl1-QQC1 ' Q 1 ' 11111 1. 11' 11 1-11 f1 1 1 . -51Q1'L1f, if 11111 1 111111. '11 'J 1,.'1:y1fa1i1'11'11!. - 1 A 131 Q X1 ,'1111 11' 1 11111, ""'1"'1 .1' 13 1111' ' 1 W . N1 11 1.8, 1 1 '-1 .1 11 1 1.1-1. 1 1 1 . l 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1.4 1. .1111 4 1' 1s v 111. 1K 1 111 11' 1 1 1' 1 1 1 11111 V 1 I 1 1 5 ' WN' 11' X11 ' , 1 V 1,1 PM 5 1119 1 , . M, , -1I11w1'ff5' ...amp I 1111 1 1 hs 141 1111 M11 1L l i ' lin 1 1,1 .W 51,9 11 1 I 'A1,,111 nu .WL .11 "R 1 -1 1 w 1 1.11, 11 .11 1 1 1.1111 1 11 111111 ' MH. 1111. 1 ' 11 11. ' ' 1 N 1, 11,11 .1 1. 1 . 1 V1 1, M1112 111.111 11. 1- 1 1 '1 1 ' 11 1.11 1 1 1 1 1 1.1 1. 5,1 1 1 11111--.1 -1 '-' -- -'111. .1 --. 1 11'1111-11 1..,1?lqny1,1f 11.1 .W 41 1 11.11 , '11 111 71131111111 11.111111 .- -1111-A5131 11111 .1 ,11-1 1 1 15 111. ,j7,1I1,1.1Li1, 1 .1 111,11 1J'11 1 - 1 1 Qff, "111 ' 1 1 ,X A 1 1 . 1. 1 11' -. - 11 11.1 311111 1 1 1 1 . 11.111 I Il 31,11 1'111 A FL 1 1 H.1i"1,j'111 1, ,avg 1 1 11 111.15 1 1 . 1 g'l,1 1 '!1'J'Y' 5 ':'Ot.M1,'1 ,1 'G' ' -1' ' -11.11. 1'1', 1 1 1 1" 'u'- .a,Q1 ' 1. 1 1 1 1 11,11 1 1. "1 1IY 1 '1111 ' x 11 '1 ' '1 A - 1 1' 1 +I 1 .1 11i5:w, 4,114 '1l 1-A 11.1 1 . 'WL ,I1 11,111 'ml . '. 1,3 1 1 1 F1-1,' - . 'GMX . A ul.- sr-.. .'- hiad L 1 1 1 Q11 I. 111,11 . 1 1111f - 1 v. ,-1 1.11 111 11:1 1. -1 1 1 1 im 1 1 111 1 1 0.11 1 1 HI -1 111: 11+ 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1.1 ' M 5 1 ,,.s,V. 131. 1 A L ,Thi-11114 , 1 ' 4 1 4- 1 1 1 I 1 1'I'.v5,1.I3'f.y1 xl 11, , 1 X 1 ,.,9i1111f V 11111 1. "iffy ' '-1 N' 11 ,P '11 A 1 V 1 1 , V If 1,11 1.3111 1 1 Nl' 1 A "1 tv 1 ' ' '11m. fWwW HMLWMW 1 ' 1 1 .1 ' " W X- 1- ' 1 11 .11' l ' . '-1,1 ' 1-1 Ol I ffIb'f1'1Iag1M" ' 1' 1 11 "1 W.1'311i ' ' -1' 1' 11 1 . ' '1e11ff1bE'1:'g1?fV' ' W '111 1 111 1' 1 1111 W -.A 1:3111-. 1111?-.1 1 1 31- ' 11 -1 I-H.. .11 .'. 11 11 1 1A- 1 4 1. 14,111.11-N .1, 11,11.1:19!1l-3. ffftf. x 1.1 All .1 1 11 135.1 L A 0' . ,N V .ifw .1-v I -5.- F wo, , 'A 151 3' 'lui-ws fqfymu I ssh 44 A ffl, 1 V , 4.5 ig up 1 ff Mix' WTI ZR TS AN H0 TTTTEETGRT ON THE PART Tm M L RT T 8 T , EARBOOR E iii AEQAENEEAER HIGH SCHOwjO TENTgE ACTTYTTTES AND EYENTS THAT HARRY TAKEN PLACE IN THE EASE YEAR, YYTTH THE HOPE THAT TN YEARS TO CGAAE THE READER YYTTT ENJQY MANY AAEAAORTESAND RECOTTECTTONS WHEN PURSUTNGTHE comms OE THTS BOGR, Q QTQRA W1 - f 1W'U'f1W1W 12 e '11 1 nwkonwcmom 11W . M ADMINSTR1-RTION4 M MW! 151051115 W 111WMj1,11Q1'1M M5515 ya 11V p,1 W1 My 111111111 1 jurforsf Xwjrw KM SopbomorefigY M Fresbmcmwgfjw M was M,+15f1MW 127 1611111155 111131111111 153 a1Q11s11f39iWW 177 C111 VIEWS 2111 101511151119 2115 NDEX 221- Amid the bustle of Christmas activities, these Highland Park boys find time to lend a helping hand to Sante's faithful Rudolph. Atop the building were displayed Santa in his sleigh, pulled by the reindeer. Nh The Christmas holiday is wel- comed by HPHS students as they clear the building for a wonder- ful two weeks' vacation. t At halftime the basketball fans head towards the concession stand ln the main hall to buy e bever- age of some sort, hoping to ease the tension brought on by the ex- citing first half. HPHS students wait eagerly in the cafeteria chow line. Y Students rush to Room 219 to pur- chase their 1959 Highlander frol two yearbook salesmen. Bill Muncy, lunch ticket salesman really gets wrapped up in his work ,V ymmk Sm!! co-ronons Sniriey Avery -indo Bidyueil J r-ivyrrnrsrrrrrron Mory Becicer Coroi EricRey Borboro Hodson Connie iAJiJcox ACADEMIC Twiio Andres iindo Bobo Judy Mcifeigb Joonn Rircbie Bobbie Sburrier CLASSES SbirJy BeJJrnon Joonn Brice Mirginio Corey Judy Kromer Bonnie McBee ioy Wbiroker ART Connie McBee Biiiie Sue Wiison JBMQJOGRARHY ionny Doyid Rornon Dreier CLUBS Judy J-ieiner JoAnn Keorb yiorrbo Myers yiory Meyyeii Mory Ann Perry ACT VJTIES Co'-oiyn Jobnsron Ro Jo Jovye Ro'-on Moss Dorene Srouiier SPORTS iyyylo Aiien Dorrel Jones Ered Jns Torn Srreerer ADVERT SJJXJC5 Sboron Arnoid dorry Cbrisrrnon .indo Jo Do e Dole Goroon PRODUCTICA MAIN AGERS Modine Corron Ricbord Eieger BUSINESS MANAGER Wondo Robbins Borboro Swisber O C444 nf 1411111 JW! ,ld 3 aj f fMWfff3"m2f:4j,'1',' 51 :6 .JAM lfbbwcd 1 '. A-' " W U ' gf ,ffl ,.ff fff' , . fgfyygf, , 4 ,E 59 .fi Vj A' . .A.A ff' " Mwajff' 2 ,QQ ' A 57 sf -W 0?4-f"c!.1m ff-...f WM21 iffy-W WWW 1437 AM! rw ,945 ,ZA-f Ig dzbzjyawzffkwwwfhw 1401 ff-My f WWW! www! ,yr-f ,L yi. l 4,1- AVAQC-4 A MMMMJM Mr. Tolin Clerk Mr. Tietgen Director Dr. Dexter Treasurer new hence, cnc lime one true omScFwul.92 , Mr. Tolin, Mr. Tietgen, end Dr. Dex- ter. Board of Education members for District Number 10, meet et the school to wrestle with school problems. Mr. Tolln is the clerk, Mr. Tletgm serves es the director, and Dr. Dexter es treasurer. Dr. Dexter is the newest member of the Board, starting his duties this year. Last year was Mr. To1in's first year on the Board. Mr. Tietgen has been director of the group for six years. The board takes time out from their own work to help Highland Park High School with all problems. Their duties this year have been some- what different then in the past since w1gn1suu Park High School will become e part of the 'Dopeke School system ln the summer. Therefore this group is the last school hoard to represent the pot- rons of District Number 10 as it stood fOl' many y88I'8. Completing the lest year as the Doerd of Education for highland Park Rural high School are J.ll. Tolin, clerk: Charles Tletgcn, direetcrg and Dr. I-oward Dexter, treasurer. W lILIt1 l' LL.. Ht ll NEW m m if . Mr. Hays has been at Highland Park since 1946. He began as an instructor in the Physical Education Department and served as heed football coach. In 1949 he became vice-principal to Mr. Hines, and in 1955 he took over the job of superintendent. He has been o friend to all students. One of Mr. Hers' guiding principles is to keep his office door open et all times he is at his desk so any student can drop in and spend a friendly minute or two with him. . N ' ' v with Ccruwcdding Fmtmwofmemmymmhm Me lmdmsMmatMmMMPnhsmhu been Freshman-Soptnnnre principal. she graduated from Baker University and got her Master Degree from KU in June,'58. Before coming to Highland Park she taught at Atchison, where her husband was principal. When she first came here she taught Freshman English: now she has just one class in addition to her duties. Her mein responsibility as principal ls to take care of the tardy and absences. Also she deals with var- ious student problems and adjustments. Mrs. Cleland plans to gc back to school in the summer for a course in Guidance. .Datacom Mp, Mr. Stoll graduated from Ottawa University with a B.A. Degree. He then went to Junction City High and taught science. He also handled the work of Guidance Director and Vice-Principal of the Blue Jay school for seven years bdwewmmtommmMPMkwJm- ion-Senior principal. His duties are to help with enroll- ments and the problems arising tn students' schedules. Healso assists Mr. Hays in various administrative duties. Q13- F . xx 1"111, 1 ll11l11 l ll 1 11.1 1 -will 1 , Q 1 1111 , 1 11111'llW l .Qi 1 ' ' ' 1 11 . . X if 111 '1 1 ' , 1 ' 1 "'11 111' 1 .1 1 111 11 .1 ,af in-y1!. ,1 tl 51 11 1111111111111 1111111111111111,1111111111111M11111111 W 1111 3 J I .111 , ,', 1 1 1 1 a Mr. Harold Baker Mr. Stanley Banks Miss Betty Lee Baskett Journalism Social Science English Mr. Charles Conklin Mrs. Margaret Bergen Mrs. Joan Billington Special Education Mr. Lorenzo Bingham Mr. Bon Brook American Government Vocational Agriculture , 11 111 11 1 1 ' " "111111 11 111 1 ll il' l - iauii' Business Education W alt , 'friolil rio-,f ig? ' f-'N .,:1..X, Miami-ilq?n ills" M .,criwlci- Mr. Uharles Crane Miss Maenel nlckeon Mathematics English l 'nb . 'l ' l I 'nk' he woo x E W 1 f X Mrl. Ellen lluncen Mrs. Estelle Elllthorpe Miss Mereeret Fowler Physical Science English English Mr. Marvin Gllkeeoo Mr. Charles Gordon Physical Science Mathematics n -no .. ' ' . o I M, mm pygmy Miss Karen Handke Mathematics Physical Education K 57 X I in a Mr. Burton HIPVOU Mr. Milo lleatlale Mr. Lynda!! Hvrrllli Band Auto Mechanics Guidance Mrs. 0sa Holmes Miss Hulda llurtzen English English i of , i . v 'I if -wr , VM ' A Mr Clarence Kellogg Mrs. Gladys Lawson Mr, Leon Lenre51ey Boys Physical Education Vocal Mus ic Metals ' 'RE' msmmLmwm muwmnmmm Home Economics Language Mr. John Merryman American History in .yn M "" v I 1 " ' 5-ff: M -In Q .C-P, x-1 Mrs. Louise Montgomery Business Education 1 ihhhnM inmunu Mhounounnn X Moi"Wiii'Wgnus...iiNiW,g. M Y I ' 1 ,i i,n,.uiiiq,in ' ic' , i, in ni X ihiiliniinn ini'i'i'iii'.""""" lil W hiss Ann Nash Miss Jessie Nichol hrs. Janet Nuznan Language Mathenat ics Physical Education dll Mrs. Lillian Nuanan Miss Louise 0'Brlcn Business Education Business Education Mr. Sherman 0y1er Mr. I. B. Patterson Miss Ruth Porter " ' ' enaics Civics Social Science Math t , i 1, KU., i A i V ,W W nw i V I .1- , 'li ' i :T-' 1 I , .V -- ,. 1 i H.. fi on " ',. i'.'iui3 In Q: 'X - 'vt . i ,gi- .L ku K1 . , .Q in nn I , ' If ti I4 Y I Y , , rf. vbxfkffrgri. .MA r , 1' if ,, ' , 1 maj A . br 3 o "ral f all r. Q , if '44-,-Q33 'lllr' 4 315- .y Mr. Claudo Reynolds Mr. Maurice Roberts Mrs, Louise Kohler Dr lou rs Ecluca t ion Speech Librarian rv? l ' r """"'!j u MA Mr. Gordon Sailors Miss Patricia Shipman Mrs. Sarah Shipman Woodworking English Home Economics Mrs, Donna Slankard Mr. Maxwell Sloov Home Economics Boys' Physical Education l ' will 'l'l il' l 1 1 4 f: li 'l:ar7 r'. I N a 20- Mr. iarnne Brill' Mr- Claude Sooner mf. mmm smmlerora Business Education Developmental Heading physical Science Qi my rll'ilm 1 1 1' illmllmllllllllllll Miss Helen TPONSOP Mr. Harold Velasquez Mr. Gary Westhusin Business EdUC0fl0n Mechanical Drawing American Government Mrs. Marilyn Wichers Mrs. Margaret Wiley American Government Cafeteria v iv l ,..,- ,, .,-, .M 1 V -4 .,,.'...,,,..-. ' W" ' xy 1 7 1,7914 1-V an I ' ' Q .' ul l A + it ' frfiayfl l , , I ,A -Sfmt' .r Miss Joy Allen Mrs. Pauline Robinson Mr, Paul Willis H0meEcvn0nics Home Economics Biology -you " . y c 1 1 1 on , as Mr. Hays meets with the Physical Science neportnent to discuss the differ- ent projects which will he undertaken in their department. Instructors in that area are Mr. Gllkeson, Mr. Willie, Mrs. Duncan, and Mr.Stapleford uhlle Mr. Hays Uslts inn on the conversation. the fall before school the faculty and ir families enjoy an tdoor picnic at Lake annee. .2 1. :QI JIT N J. 'jg ,, s q 1 Secretaries to Mr. Stull and mrs. olelnnd find plenty to keep them busy us they chock nhsentees, tnrdy slips, and lon nrnde notices. Perhvrmlnn thnlr dMmsweMMmCMmnwdwmNMwu -QF , I 4 In the principals' outer office are two bnsyyonnp ladies writing out adn1t-tn- class slips, recording the names of students who are absent or terdy, and helping to keep track of Mr. Stoll and Mrs. Cleland for those wmv come asking for the prlnclpals, Jean Nelson is servlnn her first year at the ynu,.mu Nadine Catton is a senior, who works in the office after school. 'ldeftfterc Cine Frwotocd in the 'llloftfd of fxtcloyalul Workers in the main office have various responsibilities such ns ere normally found in n school office. Gnry nook, the bookkeeper, keeps the accounts and expense hooks and money of the different organizations. Wanda Sylvester does typing ond tones core of the switch heard. She is Mr. Heys' secretary. Mrs. Stinson isschool registrar, and substi- tutes at times as closes room teacher. 22- Gary nook, Wanda Sylvester, Joyce Emery, Mrs. stlnsen M' nn -f fa t M 'W "" M1 In W' lv. -. n f'Annn n pp m , N so-dem ahle Pauline Kreipe hildredhckinney Halen Burd Mary lloverstock Adah Mabel Newton Fayeosborn Blanche Patterson Helen Snell Qaepavwc School Banshee, fiteep, italic, and Clawwonw, Clean Two important groups of people at High1sndPenr High School are the oooks and custodians. The cafeteria wor- kers fix eppetizing hot lunches for nearly nine hundred students each day. Keeping the school corridors and rooms epic and span, plus doubling as bus drivers in some instances, make a full day for the custodians. r Irwin Andres Leo Brown Herman Kahle Albert Kreioa Paul Scheich f, rr r p n r Mr. Kellogg, Mr. Sloop, Mrs. Janet Nuzman, and Miss Mandke, physical education instructors, discuss the alms and objectives of their classes. P , Mr. Meatwole, Mr. Mroch, Mn Mr. Sailors, and Mr. Lehresley meet f orientation and to discuss he diff ent projects they plan to accompli in their classes by the end of school l 7 i-Qi, Faculty members of the Business Education Department meet to set up standards and qualifications l I n sucn subjects as shorthand, typing, bookkeeping, and office machines. The a M y re r. Smith, Miss 0'Mrien, Mr. Conklin, Miss Trotter, and Mrs. Lillian Nuzman. The faculty patiently wait in line with anticipation preparing to have their plates filled to overflowing at the Board of Education faculty picnic last tall in . Q. 'J ' f . , ,T ,,,e .gl rl , ,' I 1 l 'avr v r T . q Q, V' '51-ea f 'sixth ' I , T,!r' ', Inn-i ,ar 5 r - 1 rl. W H., arm. . 4 , ,, , 5 f :Alito ' g .' I -' V X X, , Q -,Z ' . f .x lr, . Lg! " 4 fx TM' fin, X i' Y . 'N N : X N A l I lllf of, M K W ,Wim Latin students rontribute to the Christmas festivites by serennding the teachers ln Lutln yet! 'tome totfwtttaeefcuem foe Some Shutente at W ! I Throughout the year vocabularies are studied and grammatical structures mem- orized, end by the end of the first year students have leemedtoread and write siuple sentences in Latin, using a vo- cabulary of wproximetely 500 words. Students look on as Miss Mcltenna points out places of interest on a map e s ery of the human Empire. u e 1 e 0 f A ed in Mr. Conkl1n's tyormg class. These students are worhing to de- velop these techniques. '-M Speed and accuracy are emphasiz- Il The members of Mr. Snith's shorthand class have to con- centrateto learn the symbols they use when taking dictation. fi, iQ! VI ,, v he Secaetwtieoeta-lie Begin lmining in 53uaineaa Ctaeaeo. I " ' t ' if VTJI The students in bookeeping take time to make their work neat and accurate. K 1 Q l N Gary Pracht and Jim Magee work together to heat the metal that will be made into pins, rings, or cuff links, e popular project ln art clues. Lester Chrlstman and Galen Grimes work on pottery, one of the many projects undertaken by the students in art class. Cltt llterfc Encouraged, lttigimattt Sylvia Ilosey puts finishing touches on e picture ln art class, as Gisele Bil- stein ls careful in drawing her picture. Z 8 - N m rho J . Il r,r,l. 6,14 Lf Y! . . VL':':"!,A-'nw 'I 'IN "Rl 'Sf ' 'il 3-. ' ,r W 'H ' I " ,lxv if f r X l at v 1 1 A: n I rmwlllv lil. 5 If " -1" . r r Barbara Taggart takes tine out fron her teaching dutlee to enjoy avmmumpuwnnhmrmndnmedua Beverly Stapleton outs into practice technica learned in cadet teaching as she worksin Mics Zirhlcs' Englls class. t r Studentc flag Maia Rand ltt leaching Carolyn Johnston helps one of her third grade students make a valentine, nhtle another student works on a valentine of huom,n0udnwpnMmeumMn. ','5'z""1"fff ' ,decals 'ff 1 rm ' ee. ,' fn . I V 1' x ', 5 4 t H' it 'hr rf . l. tg M - 'fx'--X Y N ,A ,-Qi ' -, - s a ,idx f - 1' fi ' - 5 U , , W 1 he fe 1 W 3 1 ,, , . X' L - I H, f Q5 . , In Mrs. Lindqu class Shirley Cookies as the ier'f Home Economics II Pt um looks over the y teh, out 0f,tIB oven ' I ln, f fd f 1 lf -L .t We he--f 4 . rv f ' , mi 1 Us 1 L ' , 1 gi 3?'H 1 A 'hmaiikd -1' 'gg W ,fin IQ h s'g1 ,214 - 4' t 4 h 3 J UC JM X fi I U42 ' nmd Students of home economies classes eat the delicious '? pizzas they have taste fully prepared .H dew? h 9' , if -eg, "fo ,, , ' get '- "Eg j - V fQ,., V -4.l,wf:'.3 -' .1..N!".f",? , ,ff Hyun! Q igllllwglt If . ' ',"4'. " 'V " " ff 1. lk AV wwe? If h. ,t - f ,.4 ,. N ,WV W ,, V' I Wil fda ix. his m 4 Ldlxl hh ,2 " 152: 1-'Q' X h .T 1" t' tiff: " H. .' 1. - f. hm- lr,-f Ivlyylv "jen fr gf," .usd .f 1 h. I , W ,tg A 1 -:fn xi .. I ,Re .30- , g eqz.fhAmp4'W . 'ii' if ,, X Y f 'f -fi ""-L1 Vex t h ' . V ." , ' ' X .' J? h e t t ' -' We I - .5 1' ,5 -it - ' 5. ' ' ' ' A 1 wt-9 ' 'QM-' 1.3 ' , V rn 1 rt , W Va nfl x 'fa t wht K M ' 5' .t la J v ' 'H ' xg ll - '1 . I u 'C hrs. llley shone hon to bathe a baby using her daughter, Donna Jean, as a nodel. QMA, Beam Wont 3341541 Cate l Mrs. liley's demonstration with Donna Jean holds the attention of all students in Mrs. Lindquist' s seoond year home economics class. It las one of the hlzhllzbts of the year for these students. We l ttlgqidril lo Money and Gaedile, Hfifoougir giwgmam The work Experience Program was first put into the Highland Park High School curriculm for the 1957-1958 school term. This program was the co- operative effort of business firms and the school to give the student the practical experience of working on-the job while still in school. Thirty-two students were enrolled in this years program, plus 45 students who worked in the school cafeteria, which is part of it. Some of the students were excused fifth and others were excused for sixth hour. The work program is limited to any student who hasat least 34 credits' upon completion of his junior year. Leland Harvey, one of the many stu- dents who participated in the Work Experience Program, does his stint at the check-out counter at Highland Park market at 27th and Indiana. Any one want a coke? Linda Bidwell will servo you at the Highland Park Drug soda fountain. Another enrollee in the school's work program Edgar Franklin, works on a jeep at Wilson Tractor and Implement Company. Sharon Woodman in the work program serves a customer in Duckwall' s Hun t" T" L .,,,,,,.,m Highland Crest store --eq, F 1 ---4 - as ' arm,- ., .,,,Al. - Midi. 'rl' "Ulla ng. .Jr I "' 'ff -,M 'VW nan, i ea Ne if Q-nan, ,E rm umm, , . .al iii ' .gn su. -..., . I . . r urtgggmk The students in first year home economies are careful in cutting out their patterns. They will sew the material into skirts, dresses or blou- ses--whateverthe student has choosen to make. the KH 'a ,--' Qbtto, .Tsapttte fiat ffutww 'ljeato In the Homes and Fumishing class stud- ents learn how to refinish and reuphostery furnitureg they also make somethingfor the homelike curtains, bedspread, sheets, or pillowoases. Class members figure the ln- eome for three families and fix budgets Working industriously, Judy martin and Mary decker 'start to reuphols- ter a rocker by tearing it apart. for them. The home economics girls prepare meals, make special dishes like donuts, pizzas, and etc. The girls also sew. 'The advance home economics students dork with man-made fabricsg the first year members of home eoonomios usually york with cotton or fabrics made from natures materials. Joann Ritchie, Barbara Zimmerman, and Barbara Hodson learn the hard and Sticky way to re- finish an end table, one of the several pro- jects undertaken in Homes and Furnishings These students listen closely to mrs. Nichol explaining e point in Trlgonomtry. Many Math iietde Cleo chploted s nl, 5 if pow .,'Qqi:lx., ,n n Wm--of xy no L' ,'nnn,n M jnll Jfnmi hx 1' 1ll'n,nUn who o un sn, on n rfrix I Mr. Hailey ssh a question in his geom- etry class and gets u quick hand. n no n.1'hnl' M, 4 1' n ' 1 long, 4" lr. Gordon explains-a point to his gen eral math class as they listen closely The photography and print- ing class folds the fin- ished newspaper, getting it ready to distribute to the students sixth hour. Mating and .Wrote utphq Ctaooeo, Beam 'Uocatiomtt 'Z ' , The students in photography and print- The students also leam something about ing classes print the school newspaper, taking pictures, developing the negatives, the yearbook and many forms for the office and making prints. Much of their work is such as passes, grade cards, programs, etc. tied in with the Highlander and Bogpiper. Lawrence Anderson, Stanley Smith, Joe Fluke, and Mr. Baker gather around the offset press while running off some school forms, with Wayne Burd and Charles Frost looking on in the background. 1 ml it w el- ? : 1 laik nu V 1 IA as wrap l l 55? r l Patricia Stockdale returns to the shelves the books studious Sootties have dropped at the check-in desk and Iris Dunn credits wdrwmvwhmemwswmmw. Spcciat Cowroao, e Mrs. Bergan's students gather around the reading table, pre- paring to take turns reading. Karen Huneucker, Fred Line, Tvila Davidson, hoherta Combs, and Paul Schaioh participat- ed in the College Program at Washburn Uni- versity. They got a taste of college while attending Highland Park High School. t s not temper, its' merely Miss Hurtgen e phisizing her point in a junior English class, And the Wrld WS On! " Students continue to gaze out of class room windows as they didin ays long past. iowa 'ljettte Bitctntwtc arrdtjtammnt Study Clte ltffeted Students at HPHS are required to tahe three years of English, and in the fourth year they may elect senior English, a col- lege prep course. Classes read and study different types of literature, and a study of grammar and correct usage is emphasized throughout all years. Third year English students study Amer- ican literature. They read what American authors wrote about from early days up to the present time. Students in their junior year write their first term papers. English IV, the elective course, con- tains more English literature, and the students do an intensive review of the ne- chanics of writing and grammar. s senior English that interesting Stan, or have you a ollc book hidden under the text? e it . , ,X .JI ,. , ...L HJ ek l . I if . 'ljeardcefc Classes, Buzz with We The Yearbook I and II classes wcrk together to develop and plan the school annual. The Highlander. Most of the photography is done by the students. They also write all of the copy and make the layouts. After completing the picture and copy lay- outs, the students send them to the emnwawmmmwnnmwwofnl 'wmms.Wwewemmimmwmms tmmaummmrmrwewmnpmw. The staff does the printing, folds the sheets, and gathers the pages. The books are then sent to a blndery to be sawed and trimmed and put into wewnmwmmhwemmpmmuw from a yearbook cover conpeny. In October the Yearbook and News English classes attended a Journalism Conference at Kansas State College. Nuemmwamtmnbwommon layouts for the academic department. Busy at work on club layouts are Sharon Arnold, Mary Newell. Judy Hefner, and Mary Ann Perry. Behind them Connie Wilcox concentrates on some administration copy. ' J. I 45 fe- qiilll-. its Co-editors Linda Bidwell and Shirley Avery nnueshmupuemrwennmu. we Wie Students. Rua rllecttlrcilradlirw Students who have the desire to rite and to see their work in print ave the opportunity to do so in the ews English class, which produces the chool newspaper, lhe Bogpiper. The main objective of this class is to introducethe student into the field fjwmdwmmdwhdpmmmmww mwuwrornothehw meamlhyor even the desire to enter this field. Throughout the year various types of newspapers are studied as well as the part they play in the community, state, and nation. The process for developing the newspaper is studied and students are assigned regular beats for which they have complete responsiblility. Everyone keeps busy in room 219. Elnora Humnercheoks eopywith Mr. Baker while Pat Belsaas and Judy Mcveigh examines a negative for errors. Daryl Roudybush works on a page layout and Nadine Catron runs copy thru the Vari-Typer. News English students follow a busy schedule in order to meet their dead- line in producing The Bagniper. Editors Sharon Gibler and Daryl Roudybush straighten copy on a future edition of the Bagpiper. Nancy Hilllson, Judy Hllley, and Marilyn Engelke visit with Mr. Herrman, Director of the Guidance Department, and Mr. A. E. Bowman, a representative from Emporia State Teachers College, about the opportunities ln the teaching profession. sae sae, at crease caaaaeeaap Part of the Guidance Department work is to check Achievement, mental IQ, and various voc- cational tests taken by HPHS students and to compile and interpret the results. Hr Herruun's secretaries, Deanna Dennett and Janice Tlhbs, grade some of the many tests as Hr uerrmao of- fers helpful advlse. ...Y X , D illn- .el l ? , wyhf l .1 . J Highland Park High School's Guidanc Department is unique in comparison wit such departments in other high schools In this uniqueness lies its value and pro fitable results. This program is centralized under th supervision of a guidance director, Lyndo Henman, who gathers all testing and coun selling information, compiles it, an interprets the results for both the tea cher-counselor and the student. The guidance office is aquiet room wi upholstered chelrsandother factors cond cive to useful counselling periods. Here student wishing special help in plannii Msmwwofmwmsdwumavwmm or facing a psychological problem in h life finds guidance and counselling. mmywrmehwmmamjmmmma their choice of teacher-counselors wh tmymmmwunhwnmtmuswmm and senior years. Only in years after graduation can 1 full benefit of such aprcgram be reeliz Scottie students are indeed fortunate have such an opportunity for persor guidance and counselling. 1 We , J., ,. l v . .l rl' pu. at rf 7 .,,. U .-of I, : ' . nw X, 2. ' e re . . fm glF'P" f":ffr Wllhuw sd frm -er. l- . 'pp . , V .. r . 1. , . 1' - H, ', .I rr 1 'P-4l,'.-.59 r e This French I class appears to he taking its class work seriously, out I don't think it will stay serlous long. Aplnta adds I gels touch to the Spanish class festivities at Christmas time. j e x 'tomancef X French students spend their first yeer getting ecquelntedwith the French The work in the Spanish classes is ln.ngue.ge. varied but iIltGI'HSliuE- They have nreetice ln speaking and Elements of Brunner, Such H5 Cases reading the lenguege end in writing and gender ere learned and e simple simple sentences. Throughout the year vocahuleryis mastered. Students become French rules of grammer are studied aware of the many English words which endueed. Simple French genes and songs are derived from the Spanish language. edd verity and interest to the elses. Throughout the year the background end second yeer students continue with customs of the amanlsh-speaking people the study of grammer. During the year are studied, they leern much shout the French background end customs. punish students sample Spanish food at the .a Siesta Restaurant. lhat's the matter, Selma, mae French students evidently believe M tum tm hm la the old saying, "All work and no play makes Jacques s dull boy." . 1 iq Mr. Roberts and Virginia Johnson lashing windows are a few of the things these 10011 UH HS John T0biH8 DNCUCGS Say- Drama students do. 'lon Vining, Carole Carruthers ing a speech in Speech II. and Linda Kent are busying cleaning the show case for the silent movies display. fiundamcntato. Teucloped in Speecfc and Qlfuuna Students taking this oourse leam how to get over the"cold feet" feeling while giving a speech. Here they learn to give different kinds of speeches and to know what speech is appropiate for the occasion, from appearing before classmates to being on a speakers plat- fonn. Students interested in acting, learn the fundamentals of this art. They study the basic techniques of scene design, stage lighting, sound effects, stage properties, and staging or "'run- ning the show" in play prochrction. Judy Willey, Judy Martin, Phil Wagoner, .victor Ray, and Buzzie Spurrler watch Russell Gray and Carlene Anderson rehearse their parts ln the play, "Hltchhlker, " for Speech I up y . Q .nc 4. l .kv -is n . ...M 1 rl , . , 'fy . Mr. Wl'l8thllBlIl holds the Rtl16lltl0ll of Ill! 0188! Billie Myfick, Joppy Houck, llqnng Ffgdfiglrggn as he adelaide the fvndelltntnla of K0V0flll0llt' and Robert Newell display their American his tory class project, a mural on lorld war I wel Sludree .ceo Sludertlo, Ewing The social science classes ere designed to accomplish four mein purposes. These ere 413 to make the student aware of his country's heritage and to stimulate an interest in his oountry's affairs today. 425 to help the student develop e social philosophy of life, Q35 to help him develop e mind for government that will enohle him to tele an intelligent part ln its progress, and f4ll0 instill ln the student e respect for the people of the world end e desire to work with them to mdoitahnmrpmwinwmmiplwe The purpose of Drivers Education is to teach the students how to handle a car properly and safely. This ls done by classroom study as wellas by actual driving experilerce. Each period, several students are token out in a duel-contrcled car, whore under the guidance of the ln- structer they practice the techniques tmtmwhwemwmdmcmm. At the end of the course, if the student has progressed accordingly. he will recelvea pennlt Wllldl entitles him to his drivers license. hr. Reynolds stands near the cor, ready to live his drivers education students, Julia Dawson, Donna Fred- rickson, Bill Porter, and Roger Morris a lesson ln safe driving. Lee '1 WIN! These Family Living students are engaged ln dlswsslon that seems to have captured the attention of the entire panel. Social Science Classes. Sludrsr7trmma.73edaeios Psychology, the study of mental behavior, is taught at Highland Park with several purposes in mind. Students studythe traits, feelings, and actions of the individual and learn to analyze problems concerning personal behavior. The course also lays a broad founda- tion for better self-understanding, and problems of general concern to teen-agers are studied. Students taking Family Living work to gain a better understanding of huran relations and social welfare. Social problems are studied with emphasis on such things as family relationships, dating, marriage, and home management. Also studied are problems of concern to the community as a whole. It le hoped that this course will help the students to develop an ln- terest in the social affairs of their community end to take an active part in them. Various panels such as this one were organized during the year ln the Psycholo classes to discuss and analyze problems lnvolvlng psychological. l N 'Wii Mr. Willis gives blood type test to his stu- dents. This is one of the many projects the hlollgy class worked on during the years 97 itat Science Btplcfw wcndew, cf Science irc Mcdeuc fllfctld In biology, a study of plant and animal life, students take several field trips during the year, on which they collect leaves and make a class project Also they collect a variety of hugs for their bug collections. Many students continue this activity throughout the year, compiling the ohdects and facts into an interesting notebook and other types of projects. The purpose of this class is to help students get acquainted with a variety of living things, their characteristics, habitats, and activities. The class strives to learn to develop good attitudes for respect for life and its conservatlons. Students, young hugollsts as they're fondly termed, study various leaves while on a biol- ozy field trip last fall. Many such excursions were taken hy science classes to examine 1 -LL -.. -.4..-In! Inf lhfhflhn Dmilctl. vw-an--4 v. . , Judi Brandt and Nadine Catmn are trying to find the accurate :eight of a few grams of nagnesirnr. ' Although chemistry helps pro- vide a foundation for students who plan to specialize later on ln some phase of science. it is a course that offers much value to those who enter other fields, also. They study materials of this world and the basic base elements, metals, and carbons and compounds end many other things are lncluded, information that ls lmportantto our ever-changing way of life. ilrutdings Cfwrnioto lactined in Ronan 2 David Shimeall, Leon Shellnharzer, and Marci Ehler are testing the amunt of radius in uranium Phyllis Boggs, Martin Presszrove, Jerr Gregg, and Sharon Pratt are working o a very interesting chemistry project. l f. eording for future reference the success er failurefel the experiment acoamrl Seweceo eded .l I , .- I!! K ,. " "'1 ' " " '- v Y' "1 - . fl, ll, I f ' ' 1 o arf, "NIV v I f' 1 1 f ze' JJ' 'fy 1" ,f The course iseffoundatlon subject for x Physics is the study of energy In transformations. It deals with machines H11 nnnnnnnn nffnngnnnnnnnn nnn is aeede and power, heat and light, electricity and in any kind of work involving machines to n lem, hysicsu Physics is necessary for It ls a valuehleoourse for those who will ,A uc o e real understanding of our physical world. be seine nnnnlnn devedive inn nnnnnnnnn in physician X' experiment. Bill Carroll and Steve Wood are working on a phys , .J Q..-I .NX me CMU 1 N..- , v Q. , 1 ll 1 , X ". J. ,-'F i .ve I 1 J. 1 .l .Q7. V -' "vm ' .M r 1 l m Bob Stewart and Doug volles are operatlng a demonstration generator. will it t .l,, , lp, r. , . my my 3 , L . . . Nh' are it jcsf Y I :L .g at . fu l as - 1 1 . . dl- l..m.... ,, A m . m v. . J 1 .mr r 1' , rl . at mlm, my mmm ' . .,. , ltephen Sherman, Leonard lloblnson, and Horton are operating a short wave transmitter. Betty Zelda is trying to the radio wave length. Science Mcmlicac Hlcccmc faith UM Specimens. Survey Science ls a course for students who do not wish to specialize in either chemistry or physics. Students learn about astronomy, electricity, health, disease, and many other areas of the physical sol- ences. General Science students study several units in biology, chemistry, physics. and some elementary concepts of geology and astronomy. Students get a good background for future courses of science. Lonnie Logan, Duane Davis, Sharon Lloyd, Judy Willey, Sharon hay, and Glenn Quy learn how to forecast the weather, a study taken up ln the survey sciences classes. Chobe .Tee ww, rf , ,f fl fee Specicdlloeerredliec, W MM Robed Choir ls a selected group of forty to fifty students interested ln singing and willing to participate in musical programs at HPHS. They have individuel try-outs in the spring at which time Mrs. Lawson, cholr director, mehes the selections for the following year In Robed Choir work during the yeer, members practice for special programs given at the school. Also they present the operetta, which was November 21 of this year. Members of Robed Choir aren't instructed in singing alone but are taught such things as musicel terms, composers and their works, and how to read music 'gy' fi f"-'Q . is v , lf Y, 2-' R W ' rf 'I ff f X .' ' ' 1 ' 5 jlyllifl, 1 t I t a , .rr V ffl Qc, It JN ,cv-fyfrz lg., y ln Lg, , oy,-It j -V ll' N I j Q H 4 U !UV,.X !!'c-2Jf,f'glL,lQl 0, , fff 'Mir 'lf '44 Y I, el , . I TDD Row: John Ellis, Lanny Logan, Harold Harris, Thomas Reynolds, Mike Reynolds, Darrell K Pee , Nancy Martin, Susan Schulte Addington, Row 4: Joann Merryman, Tundra Smith, aren Donna Kolterman, June BDBZ, Linda Ferrln, Row 3: Veronica rlddy, Darlene Stauffer, Janice S d Tlbbs, sally Hoyt, Sharon Fuller, Fran Wagoner, Leann Harvey, Tmila Andres, an y Stetler. Row 2: Jacqelyn Cornelius, Sherman Epperson, Keith Butts, Richard Nelson, Jim ' Lcnstta Wlllyard, Dennis Robinson, Helen Griffith, Mrs. Lawson, Director. Bottom Row. S bu , Pat Scheidegger, Sandy Foster, Camellia Challacomhe, Beverly Lohneyer, Dorothy ax ry Flltcllr, larllynn leaders, Nancy Freel. -4. M we 4-'I 'ron Roe: Janice Tlhbe, Billie Nightingale, Jackie Keleer. Ron 2' Judy Martin, Shirley Avery. Bottom Ron: Mary Jane Leach. Carlene Anderson, Leanne llarveye ide l ,Shzgiee ' a Ten Run: Donna Kolteman, Fran lagoner, Susan Schulte, Karen Peer, June Boaz, Helen Griffith. Button Roe: Camellia Fletcher, JoAnn Merrynan, Linda Perrin, Sham Fuller, 'tundra Sulth, llllull leldlll. Katt" , I , 1 5 ll fl W .simllglf I-3 o 1: zu o H en to B S fe E-1 o me lb : Pl :' 6 B D m fl :B ea Q4 : o i Q. -gn : are -1 o i o. :: 3 -1 -1 Hn P :H o E ?F B , ,J B iff W t . It 3 1 - x 211 Q59 U-"ing moe :ao -eg 2 T 39 Q1-P :-e+ 13 5. Z 'di Zo sf 1 EE: 33 :"'! Q5 '13 212 , , y Z x If X -I ' I I F - ' 7.-6 .run Jlluoic Qfwwpo Hleafeun ffm Civic CMB, Top Bow: Janice Tibbs, Thomas Reynolds, have Reynolds, Billie Nightingale. Bow 2: Robert Harvey, Judy Martin, Chuck Lower. Bow 3: Jerry Brown, Jackie Kaiser, Shirley Avery, Harold Harris. Bottom Bow: Mary Jane Leach, Carlene Mderlon, Leanne Harvey. n N, -M ,Hire Top How: Kenneth Hlll, Pat Parnell, Beverly Stapleton, Janet Arrison, Jennie Hlstler, Daryl Duncan, Theo Herends, Tim Fluke, Joe Fluke, Steve Halne, Gary Totten, Jin DeFrees, Jin Brown, Edward Anderson, Dennis Stewart, Hill Cox, Carroll Parrett, Hike Sandeffer, Dick Ice, Hill Helries, Hnrieta Hobson, Louanne Theilmann, Larry Hagnuson,Hobert Harvey. How 3: Susan Schultz, nose smith, Garry nonerte, Jaenelvn Cornelius. Don Hines. I-err: Shipman, Haynond Harvey, Clayton Helries, Linda Ashton, Alan Hills, Glenn Quy, Nelson 'qu 1 1 1 K :N N., 11 1 . 1 1 'l1 fl li 1 fx , 1K r ' 'S 11 I' 11 - . .X rx E . . 1112 2 ll ,115 11-1 IMI 11511-.ff 1 f ' zi- Qi- 131 V ,Ev I1 Vi, :ff f 141 411. 1 1 ,Q 1 xl, 1 W ' H ffqr ,' 11 ' 1' W' " 1'-G' 1 If ' 1 ,, 1 v1. .. 1 IJ., H I'1 1 5,11 11 1 Qi 1 V 1 1 ' 1 ,N 13' Bi X 1 il .1 i 5 1' K 1 1 11. 1 3, 1 1, if - i 1 1 '1 r 1 1 1 -J I 14' -1 Y: 1 1 1 1 I 14 I RQ.-1' ' 111,11 .Q , A ',.1'fI1"' "1 1 . . - 1 1 Q1 111- , ' 1 I- .1 1 ,. ,, , , 1 - WC' 'L-I1 ' 1 1 1 -1 "1 W 11 1 ' ,' , n 1 '-1 11- '11-9. 1 --11 A - :JQ11 1 ,115 1311, 1 0' 11511 1 1 I Y H D 1 A ' 'fl .1 1 'X Q 1 'E fo' 1 1 1 ,' H nu 1 Xh 4 1 i I 'kj X 1i' X A w '11 1 :il 1 111141 1 1- h 1 1 1 . . . L - I 3 " ' +03 I, 51 , I , , 11,- 31111 Y. 1 'V 11 11,517 1 xl L 1 -N -V1.4 " f 11 11 WF A 1 " Y' " '11 - 1 ,125 111 rf 1- 1 -11-11 V 'hr X1 Q 1 X 1 M111' P NX H IP M X 171 7 11511116 ' ,A 4 7 I X X 1-111- 1 . 1 , . 1 1 gi , 1 1 1 1 , 1, , ' 1 ., , 1 11. r 'A 64 I Ar N I S' 11 1 1. v 1, ,l 1. .1 YL 1 ' 1 1-'WN-:A 1. 1,.1". 1 1,1 . A A' 1 '- 11. 1 " ' "if 1 " "'-11151 1 11 1 1 19111 I 1 1 . V 11.-N 1 11. ' 3111! 1 A1111 -J-FgNJl1i111A,I,n .1 Y .ln 11 -' .' , " ,, '.',' 'r'111.,11-, 1 1-1,11-1.1 ,111 -11 1 1 f ' - glgsfrlmf 1 112 . W . E41 1 ..1...11 'fgl11l1'fj1ckg!' - 1-WV511' ' 1 I , M W. ,N 'rl U r 1 JN 1 1 . Vi tif.-,wg 3 13 QV Ii- I1.N 1 I 1 1 "':- 1: ' 1lll'1 ' 11'1 ' - ". , 1 1'. 1 Q11 1 ..,- , 'K' 1 ' ' -1-1 1- 1 1q!A 1 -it -.l 1E1K,E'+,1v, me., ,I hill? 1. .Mkt :K l1'-ll In J 1. 11-1.94 1935! 'A 53,3 :Lv .1 ' 7-1 '- 1- ' '1 1 , '-113.1-1 --Q 'li -1 i ' 1 'Z1..J1i-1'-' 1' 1 11 '1j11,f.f1"5 1 Qf '- .- 11 ,1!fQmf!1' '12'11,1' M 1,' 1'il " '?"'Q"?'111 1, i,11,'.?V1 '1'1.1 'gre ., 1' '.1 Lv!! 1 'b11Q:f"Q1 '-+1 ff. ' 11 1 " -'11 .1 .'. .. -' .m. 1 t- Q1 fniiwil. ' A ..-4.,.- K X 1, Mft The bend token e short break while performing et Emporia State Teachers College Bend Dey with more then a thousand other high school usiciane. ' Stirring music by the Scottie band draws an interested audience. The scene ie on Ninth Stree- eeet ot the Ceoitol zoouudo :hen the bend returned from participating in tueguretlou ceremonies 'J' u! W I f ' Q .W 41 7 '11 ,, i ' Mb j 4- ' ' "tf'3,s. Y H '. be-rk."lk ' ' ' A kllv lr' dj ' 4 A W X Q. 1 , - ' ' 5 I 3'..Wf'vryf F Mba 5 1 5 I ztmlimw 1'kN3 , hxilllln-....,, uf W. , 1 M '. F' EE N. 4 wi ' , 1 'wif 'Ani' b'N,' rn," '43 .fi L Y ,N Wil n 3 'N .44 X Pt' ,xx I 4' I 1 'itil I J. ' Iwnlgn I- Q W ' 7:1 X - 'Q ' H , f is ' i 5fEn i 1, gg ' 5 '1 V ' I -5: . ' I I L .. A I Nh it ,uf 'rx' ,V 'M F, fi f I 5 - A, :lj , . Q V .i .,..' l' I ' M M ' if I- 1 ' V1 "3 xx"x,- X W, I' X wil X X' WR Vx" Rs t "'2 M 'I 'N '-f i X A lggff' XL ' lag - J 1 11 5. Jw ..--f 1 I I Lf' ' V ,V V140 ' ,,, -nv N 1 "' iff -N., gg .. I 1 l V TWlhehPll8 band attended the hnnorla Band Day last fall. That evening they performed during the half of the football game along with the many other bands from various state high schools. 53and Mefnhero 93attictp,ate in 'Unrated Euento, What is this Sally? A new nenher of the hand. At leant n km to lr. Harvey has on his elm roll. l """"""' W 5 ,J N , h , 1 1 E r I V w 'y , X .I V as I xl 15 1 In 9 A --+059 .- w 'If .4 in' ,: 1 , v u-. ' a X . A, ' Q .af '. ".,. 5531 . yy , , y 'SENIOR LEADERS r , .,-,,., hfsyitm' frm 1 mm HR I ,W Q' ' 'U' ' m ' gap- 1 me t uffjrz rjI5mnru'rrrd t 5 he e '.fw Q A one.hand stand is demonstrat my r r V Q ' 'K W? l to these freshman boys in a phy he we 'N Mwwy V y-jpG, WA-V 1etMM yy M.M ,V , 5 Mt-a- ical education class. .aa 'ff-- v--- W---' "" ' ., '13, elf' ""!W'- ' A Aren't you a little too old to he crawling l:eFT?:ff5f3:::T L- bcys? They are members of the Hgrunt and -P-' ' 'ee-W5 groans,n n popular activity in the physical education program at Highland Park. ' .Wtycicatfducntion ' Envelope, Mun Coordination Front How: Tom Knox, Tom Vining, Gary Pracht, Bert Perry, hee hay Daugherty: Middle How: Tom Streeter, B111 Muncy, Bill Carrol, John Johnson, Harry Chrlstmanp Back How: Vernon Uhl, Marvin Evertst, George Hiechel, Ed Franklin, Richard Ice, Kenneth Carnahan. .LN 'F X, 7. Charge! Girls Physical Education classes played for the first time a vigorous game of football. Wo, in fd. .Tntticipntc in at 'Uotretq of Spotto. Junior Leaders Back Row: Marilyn Marsh, Marilynn Llns, Selma High, Marilyn Sutton, and Susan Boyd. Front How: Marcia Mays, Linda Ferrin, Tundra Ann Smith, and Louanne Thellmann. Kneeling: Sally Smith, and Sharon Wright. lt's a loose ball! lhich girl will make the recovery? Senior Leaders Back Row: Carolyn Johnston, Sally Schmelzel, Linda Dodds, and Marilyn Meadows. Front Row: Barbara Taggart, Shirley Avery, Billie Jane Nightingale, and Joann Brice. y . I r 1 vm ,fx Y v- Ey ' L u h I I 1 I se, Young Robin Goods compete to determine rho has a steady hmd. Merllynn Lina shows the form that she used to win the Archery tournament spon- sored by the Girls Physical Educational classes. een, neon, sen sen Tix ulitfedlewmedllfvoaw Front How: Terry Ready, Paul Barkley., Gary Anderson, Sherman Eoperson, Bill Grimes, Jack Frakea: Middle Row: Jan Morell, Howard Harris, Dennis Nelson, Steve Wood, Dave Shineall, Leon Shellnhorgor: Back Bow: Paul Derda, Gong Kodrler, Gary Angulsh, Gave Parlor, Gary Fuller, Melvin Ireland. ' 5 . . I , r 1 , 4 , V , , L .-X X , , X4 :- S in : V A A. X ,1 l ul If lu 'il L- Mr. velasquez uses toe T-square to help hln explain a problen in mechanical droning to an attentive class. It ls interesting to note that more girls are nov taking advantage of courses of this type that the school offers Sludmto, Dhwouet and flleuefop, Speciktt ltilto, in the Yrrduobtial Clfdo, Ronnie Baker and Kenneth Baldwin develop welding skills and use of various tools in metal shop. Ronnie Hoverstoek turns o bolt tor a C-clamp. just one of the many different jobs performed in metal shop classes. l r l r up . ,,, I F 1 ',m I "' e, - I ,,A II, I?.,,, ,- - '1 I 'IIIfIZIIIII11. IIII 'III-II I ,1Iz. . aII,I,Ii,1 ,II if M swf,-I I. '44 I'I. I 'wif I hw, ,.I ,I 'N In -QI I'I: 1? I. 'TI I 'lf II 1 , I I I it 'If' I UI Imn ' It ,H-I I f I Ii 'I 'I' IGI .4 I I A I I' III I I IIIIIIII I I -Im! I I II QQI I I frpvq II 'II I I MKII I I I I I I I I I I I 'III I I I II ilu, I ,. I I ll 'f I I'- . ' I I I I U H- v I'- I I I I II I I In I I I I I I I Iwa- -I If II' I, .-.II 1 5 IIWII' 1 I I,,,, -V- 'II I-' 1 Il .II I R If 3 I -I ' , III IR-I II' XXIQDIHINX I- 3 I 'Elk I' . 'L I I I' M4 5 Z! . J III II I XI ' 5- I A I I I I " -wif 'I . I I 5 I ll- II fn' ,I I I I I II I' I I I I L 'II I ' Ii I I x F I It I I, II I A ,III in I I IIIJIW, I I III ,I .II I ,I III II III' H. , ' I I- , I I 'II II L , fn' II uv,-In II I HI It I6 III, ' I 1, AV -1-, '. I I.. I II .34-5 I 4 'I TM I JSI' Buddy Brooke takes the final swlpe with the palnthrush as he finl- shes a wagon seat he has just re- paired in Vocational Agriculture. 'TE' Bob Hogan and Wayne Anderson work lndustriously on a spreader, one of the many farm lmpliments the boys in vocational Agriculture classes re- pair or rebuild. work Uatdcwwf and in Ctacawcnw, The boys who enrolled in Vocational Ag- riculture foundtheprogran quite vareable. Among the many projects encountered during the year was the building of several sheds and fences. Into these sheds and pens they put 50 pigs, five calves, and elsht sheen. Part of the class period is devoted to caring for the livestock and learning pro- per livestock care. Another phase of Vocational Agriculture is the growing of different types of wheat in order to discover the best variety to grow in this locality. The 'fAg. Boys" also leam the artof judging livestock properly and in the ad- vanced classes dr competitive judging with teams from other school s, Dick Hays, Gary Cooper, and George McKnight are constructing a steer shed that will house the stteers the Vocational Agriculture boys raise as a class project. or Greasemonkeys 0rvil1e Dreasher, dalen Griffen, and Alan Priddy "monkey" around with a car, attempting to locate the cause of the knock and remedy lt. This is part of the work tac- kled in Auto Mechanics that many boys find interesting now, and profitable later on. "gimme finale, Vocational Auto mechanics ls a class of 15 boys who have been chosen out of Auto- motive Infozmation, e prerequisite for this course. During the course of Auto- motive Information they learn the parts of cars, tow they operate, how the different gears vork, and how to time am engine. The boys who take Vocational Auto Mech- anics can say goodby to classroom nork. The class period is filled with kork on cars which people have brought in to be S ...I A . tt A at mdk umm A, fx will mia" repaired. The labor is free as the fu mechanic are just apprentices, but the other is charged for the parts used. Upon entering the mechanics shop one might see one boy busily painting a car that has just had several dents knocked out. In another part' of the large shop a couple of boys are tuning up an old car. Several more are adjusting the brakes on a tractor next to some boys who are fixing the brakes and overhaullng a truck. Amid the many tools, cars, and car parts, future echanics learn 'the tricks of the trade! This is a typical scene one might view in the Vocational Auto Mechanics roo . 1'q"Xf' : 'F' S v11wwcmofAf- f. x I IUJJIQ, :T C. Jyjkjiwvbfivlj' OJ V . -519,46-o,2JfUJ CC,,M,Q WJJ , Www hwy J X A JV 0 lf" N ' . gm-MpwwLQhMw QOWWW xjlghw Qmvt LkJ'UiW.J0lUJQMww u4QUNAgUpw m,yMMJl w NWW?WkJcA44w Mwmyw Jnfnuil 0 ,.'. OV W C Q ' ' T' f? MQ' , BX Q - 1. h-vcmdv 'Q QUWVV1 "fJVUbvV0'N c rs4,,-f'v'Na,vaV ,IL,.ftifLxQ Lj,XQAlJ QWMLNVJM JMU' ' 'lwmfqmmypd Q-Vwd ' 6 . , A . .mlm : -Qfff WM M M MMG, K N J ,ww wfw.fm,of,g,,,3JM,CM ,, NUM 0 ' 'M' ,V MX'GlVj"Z'f,QfW'UA . fYYL,,.,61J3 'Q,,9.U,y1,.4m ,V ' V I. , 5 j6L ' , . v A M, WVWJL I a n ' I Q ' y fffvffty Wav , iw aw jwhf. , 7 X 1 Cmcmj 239 1 115519 , 6, V Q... ""f 1 Q wwf v I A v Mwwwwwwywwwmwwyim ,mwah5VuLWWpvJFMmAMWv?wTwfwM,Ww?AbbaNwWMjOMLU0M V4A. M aww WNWCMMW JM cWMW,M NJ, ,,,,,Me,w .ww QQ if Ml? MWVLM 9 MMMW fkwwfffwiaflvww A, 9 infwfwg-MU? NWM Clwowfy VUPMJM . OJRWWMNWWW 4mLyA ig wwL0MWW ' ' c - LMko0WJLMiwslMlA w ANWMWYJTWQ fMM'fMldUmNM MWMHV6m'J?WM JfkwwJ4?fWJ "WW Jw, WW M WW' JWWWHM ' 1 UQ! LBJ f' zfifqfffvf- CL Wm MW1 JJMMQIQ, lu? W WWW Www? Jjxvwfag. fatmok " A:7,fl:m"AQ Qvbdffy Mb. CMM nw w MM. Jwvwwf J W jj ,mglffwwdwf 9Mm,m,Ju JW WMnMMMmW,wWmwwkWwMm by YL ,J2vwwQ!QuVULfr WW- XUUVZQ , ,QQ ,Kww,f..,f-f'yuWM JW-L Q 6 f ' J'J'g"Q' my WW MWC MWM MM WM LW Mm wb W My M. uf M Jfpwga-Q2 6 . Carlene Anderson Student Council 2.4: Executive Board E 3,4: Student Council Publicity Chairman 2: Trees. 3: vice Pres. 4: Pep Club 1,2. 3: Honor Pep Club 4: Madrleal Singers 3.4: Robed Choir 2,3,4: Girls' Ensemble 1,2,3,4: District Contest 1.2,3,4: State Contest 1.3.4: Vocal Music Letter: Gcerettae 1,2.3.4: Sweetheart Hop Att.: Spotlight Club 1: F.H.A. 4: Future Teachers 4: Modern Dance 2.3: Clef Club 2.3: Square Dance 1: P.M.C.C. 2,3.4: vice Pros. 4. Lawerence Anderson Track 1: senior Leader 4: Boallne Club 2: Auto Mech. Club 3: Biology Club U Badlo Club 1. Charlene Alexander Pee Club 3: Robad Choir 3: Craft Club 1: Art Club 2: Clel Club 1.2. David Alunbaugh Clase Pres. 1: Football 1: Basketball 1: Track 1: Bagplper Staff 4: Senior Leader 3.4: Auto Mech. Club 1: Social Dance Club 3: Pres. of Social Dance E Gymnastics Club 2: Boys' Foods Club 2. Twila Andres Student Council 1.4: Pep Club 1.2.3 Girls' Ensemble 3: District Contest 3 4. Bob Atchison From Bossville High School Sophomore. Honor PHD Club 4: Robed Choir 3.4. Highlander Staff 4: Bible Club Sec. of Bible Club 3: Executive Board Intramuralsz: Skating Club 2: Transfer Dole Anno Orchestra l,2,3: District Contest 2.3: State Contest 2: Band Letter: Boys State 3: Intramurals 2: Future Teachers 4: Craft Club 1: Radio Club 1.2.33 Sec- Tres. of Radio Club: Science Club 3.4: Vice-Pres. of Science Club 3: Pres. of Science Club 4: Atomic Bums 3.4: Key Club 4: Sec.-Tres of Key Club 4. Henry Austin Jr. Dobed Choir 2: Transfer from Desha High School, McGehee, Arkansas. ' 7 ' Zur! . ' -. y . . . ..' ,l I " I wg , ' ' -. .Y Y' ,'r 'r ,. - ,H . X .,.v . . - ...l u...rj . I 3 , 'aa g 4. . 1. ' . . Dirt ' y . m mi U A . , . 3 Q.. ' . .n . I in 4 : 1 , m m my R. he 1 : 'X .-1- l X, ,N 1 I I! ll Lf ' -YN X .I-wr v' - yr. 3 ... , at . , rr -- - ,pf 31. 5 grunt I ' l'. . .H f , rv m . N. ' H L .m n mm: .nu Ronnie Baker Transfered from Wamego. Mhry Becker P09 Club 1.2.33 Honor Pep Club 4: Highlander Staff 4: Intramurals 1.2: Y-Teens 2.3: F.H.A. of F.H.A. 3,4: Square Dance 1. Fill X V, H MDW.. ti-i.'ilhl"L't.l' .... UUQQHME -1 . 1 ..t - 1 HWW'7 ' a Shirley Avery Class Sec. 3: Pep Club 1.2.33 Honor Pep Club 4: Hadrigal Singers 4: Dobed Choir 2,3,4: Girls' Ensemble 2.3.43 District Contest 2,3.4:0oeretta 1,2,3,4: Speech Choir 2: Highlander Staff 4: Sr. Leader 3,45 Intramurals 1,2,3,43 Drill Team 43 Highlander Queen Attendent: Dowling Club 3,43 Spotl.ight 1.2: Futtrre Teachers4:G.A.A. 2,3,43 Program Chair- man3: vice-President 43 Modern Dance 1, 2,3,4: Square Dance 1: Spotlight Libr. Don Bailey Archery Club 33 SQUHFG Dance 2. -ff or rley Bellnan Highlander Staff 4 Y Teens 1 Bible Club 1 2 3 4 Square Dance 3 V- -"' I - , . . ' ' " ' HN L W H Y K lj .4 - uuruuu ".i.."..ii: ii ...i.....uu...uu..u ... V " 'lmWlQ"""""""' iw...illi.yu"""'iiiW':""lll'll .,.131:1:ul.111.."'i..:Hl.."':::::: H u "1 M' .::.:W N M M A ,-H-,,.....,, ll .. lj: ru n ,M ,, Hi rn rn . I ' '''iWlll'li"'ll'i".l" 1ll::::::::::::"':::l::l:un..yn. ..ll""""""' ' ' ... D ' l l I I ' .4 , ' ul:.u:Ih... 1 V, nn.. M Gisele Bilstein Pea Club 3.4: Thesplane 2,3.4: Bagplper Staff 4: Intramurals 2: Spotlight 1,2,3: Lib. 3: F.H.A. 4: Dlolony Club 1,2.3: Sec. of Biology Club 1: Pres. of Biology Club 2.3: Modern Dance 2. Deanna Bennett Class Tres. 3: Per Club 1.2.3: Honor Pep Club 4: Bobed Choir 3: Girly Ensemble 2: District Contest 1,2,3,4: State Contest Acoonnanlstz Spotlltht 1.2: Social Dance 2: Clef Club 3,4: accompanist 4: Square Dance nm 1 ln: an . ,.,.' .y . ,:l:...r:"'m...ii 1... ...N ,H Linda Bidwell Pen Club 1,2,3: Honor Peo Club 4: Highlander Staff 4: Sbetlight Club 1: Modern Dance 2: Social Dance Club 2: Cake Decorating 3: Square Dance 1. rr rn 1 1. Dole Brown Intramurals 1: Bowling Club 2: Auto Mech. 2. Ricltarcl Colhoon Football 1.2: Basketball 1.2: St. Conn. 1: Craft Club Pres. 3: Square Dance 1 Kenneth Carnahan Track 4: Hand 1.2.3: Sr. Leader 3.4 Spotlight Club 1: Skating Club Vice Pres. 2: Auto Mech 3: Craft Club 2: Soc. Dance 3. Bill Carroll Football 1.2.45 Basketball Track 1: Tennis 2.3.4: Sr. Leader 3.4: Intramurals 4: Bowling 1.2.3: Pres. o f Bowling Club 2: Boys Food 1.2.45 Pres. of Boys Food 4: Science Club 3: H-Club 3 4: Atomic Bums 3. lf Hbhertu Cbmbs Class Tres. 1: PSD Club 1.2.32 Intramurals 3: Y-Teens 3: F.H.A. 3. Virginia Corey Highlander Staff 4: Bowling Club 3: Y-Teens 1: Skating Club 2.3: G.A.A. 1: Art Club 2. Nadine Ann Catron Coun. 3.4: PCD Club 1.2.33 Club 4: Highlander Staff 4: Hag lper Staff 4: Intramurals rt Hop Queen: Y-Teens 1: F.H.A .4: Treas. of F.H.A. Skating 2: G.A.A ftball 1.2. Hurry Christnan Vice-Pres. 2: Football 1.2: Basketball 1.2: St. Conn. z: Pep Club 2.3: Band 1: 2: Highlander Staff 4: Sr. Leader 4: Intramurals 3.4: Social Dance 2.3: Sportmans Club 1: Boys Food 1: Key Club 4 vi. l ll . Social Dance 2: F.M.C.C. 4: Girls . . fr . .I ... :J A 3, M . ,. wx .. ,. ll- . ... ,1 ' F. . . 4 . m H' at or . A V . .. I v wr... . . W mm m rn 'I .. . .rr X . 3. . I ..'.. . 1 , ., Y.. Jim DeFrees Football 1: Basketball 1: St. Coun. 1. 2: Hand 2.3.42 Intramurals 2.3! Highlan- der Kink Att.: Skating Club33 Soc. Dance am MyCwbPws 4 Karen Sue Dicks P09 Club 1.2.32 Honor Pen Club 4: Vice- Pres. 4: Conn. 2.3: Sr. Leader 3: Y- Tben 1.2: 3.4.4 1.2.35 Trees. 3: Modern Dance 1.2.3: FHCC 2.3: SecrTreas. 3.4: 1 111.'V1n1wmr:: HU" 5 .I 1 . r.wr.,r.U Dee Hay Daugherty Class Treos. 1: Football 2.3.4: Basket- ball Track 3.4: Tennis 1.2: Baseball 2: St. Conn. 3: Pep Club 2.3: Band 1.2.3,4: Sr. Leader 3.4iHighlander King Att. H-I 1: Spotlight 1: Social Dance 2: Boys Food 1.z,3.4: Vide-Pres. 4: H Club 2.3.43 Hey Club 4. Twtla Davidson Intramurals 1: Y-Teens li Skating Club 1 Square Dance 15 Transferred from Highland Park. Illinois. Linda Kay Dodds Pep Club 1.2.33 Honor Pep Club 43 Sr Leader 3.4: Intramurals 1.z.3: 1-Teen 1 3: Skating Club 2: Future Teachers 4 Seo. 4: 3.4.4. 1.3. Larry D0 ty Football 1: Basketball 1.23 Track 1.2.3 Cross Country 2.3: Sr. Leader 3.4 Intramurals 3.4. Orville Dreaslier Skating Club 2: Auto Mech. 3: F.F.A. 2, 3,42 Sec. 4: Radio Club 2: Square Dance 1. Ray Dreier Highlander Staff 4: eagpiper Staff 3,4: Camera Club 2: Sportsman Club 1.25 Radio Club 1,2l Pres. 2: Key Club 4. Belle Marie Eaton Girls' Softball 3: Pep Club 3: Y-Teens 1: C.A.A. 1: Cake Dec. 1: Square Dance 3. William Edwards St.Coun. 2: Future Teachers 4: SD0l'f5' man Club li F.F.A. l,2.32 F.F.A- TT03 3: Square Dance 4. Y Wilma Jean Duncan Girls Softball 3: Pep Club 1.2.35 Honor Pep Club 4: Y-Teen 1: Bible Club 4: Art Club 1: FMCC 1: Ex. Coun. Bible Club 4. Raymond Early Football Mgr. 1.2: Basketball li St. Coun. Rep. 1: Sweetheart Hop King Att. H-Club 2,3.4. 'g . Marcia Ehier Y-Teens 1: Skating Club 2.3: Art Club 2, 3: Home Mechanics for Girls 1. Joyce Emery Y-Teens 1: Skating Club 2: Bible Club 1.243- 3 Chester Evans Camera Club 1: Future Teachers 4: Stann Club 1: Crafts Club 2: Archery Club 3: Key Club 4: Pres. Stamp Club: Seo.rre- aeurer Archery club, camera Club. Marvin Everist Football 3: Baseball 2.3.43 St. Coun. 4: Sr. Leader 3.4: Intramurals 2: Auto Mech. 3: Transferred from Berryton. .R n in in :M , , - 1. T.. 'nf 1.1 Marilyn Engelke St. Council 3: Ex. Bd. 2: Pep Club 1,2,3: Honor Pep Club 4: Y-Teens 2: F.H.A.: Fut- ure Teachere 4: Trees. 4: Clef Club 1. 1 4 i l 1 1 i Carol Evans St. Coun. Pres. 4: Ex. Board 2.3.43 Pav Club 1,2,3: Honor Pen Club 4: senior Leader 3.4: Highlander Queen Att.: Y-Teens 1: F.H.A. 1.3: G.A.A. 2,3: Modern Dance 2.3: F.M.C.C. 2,3,4: F.M.C.C. Vice-Pres. 3: F.M.C.C. Pres. 4: Foreign Exchange Student. '!'!P Richard F ieger Kathleen Finley Pep Club 1,2.3: Honor Pep Club 4: Band 1.2: Highlander Staff 3: Intramurals 2,3: Skating Club 33 H.A.A. 1.2: Art Club 2: Soc. Dance 2: Home Hech. 2: lllll Hone Mech. Pres. Carol Frickey Highlander Staff 4: Y-Teens 2,3: Soc. Rance 2: Transferred from Seaman. Victor Gipson H-Y 2: Transferred from Pensacola Florida. ,ii W u Joe Fluke land l,2,3,4: Bowling Club 2: Radio Club 1: Square Dance 3: Rifle Club 1. Edgar Franklin Football 3: Robed Choir 3: Sr. Leader 4: Intramurals 3: Square Rance 3: Transferred from Roosevelt High School at 1 v l ...k...r,::,,,:mM . e , . h xl: X fl . , . mm rr W W W 1 .mu m 1 ll' 'rm . lol mrv lil wlhmbr Nm 1 .m 1 1 ..Mlxlll.,..u 1, M u. ',m...... .mm ::..:rl:h,' u IE' ., ,4 .- h ul lhiu uE'l.l"...i..jZ3...-1 1 l Galen Griffin Basketball 1: Track 1: Sr. Leader 4: Intramurals 2: Bowling Club 2: Square Dance 1:2,3,4: Square Dance Pres. 4. Galen Grimes Football 1: Track 1,2: Sr. Leader 3,4' Craft Club 1: Art Club 1: Soc. Bance 2: Gym. Club 1: Archery Club 1. ww . . mlm mm wh. M 11.11. , 'fh Peggy Gilliland Girls Softball 1: Pep Club 1.2.33 Honor Pep Club 4: Cheerleader 1.2,3: Sr. Leader 3,4: Intramurals 1,2,3,4: Brill Team 4: Spotlight 1: Y-Teens 1 2,3,4: Treas. 3: Soc. Chairman 4: G.A.A. 1,2: 3.4: Modern Dance 1. Sharen Gibler Transferred to Elizabethtown, Pa., to graduate. Ardith Grimmett Pep Club 1: Band 1,2,3: Skating Club 3: G.A.A. 1: Square Bance 3. Carol Hanes Y-Teen 4: Bible Club 4: Transferred from Tripoli, Libya, North Africa HmNdHwMs Cross Country 4: Track 1,2,3,4: Pop Club 3: Hadrlgal Singers 4: Hobed Choir 2.3.41 Highlanders 2.3.4: Dist. contest 2.3.4: Sr.leader Dilntramurals 2.3: Bible Club 1: Soolol Donoo 1.2.a: 213141 Leanne Harvey Hadrlgel singers 1: Hobed Choir 2: Dlrlt Ensemble 1: Y-Teen 2: Bible Club 1,2.3,45 Pianist l.2.3.4. V I .. an 11llalllhh1huumhwuhhhhhhhh W W, 1 V n 11 a had n u l . W u ' ll" Mu" "'l"l" ' 111 1 1 bl 'llll " ll . .tl 1: "V: llruu' 1 im. J, A' -' 1 .l u r ' at ln.. 1 .- 'Z , 1 . . . . all U 1 l . . 4 nnnnnn Judy Hefner Highlander Staff 4: Library Club 2: Y- Teen 1: Biology Club 2.3: vice Pres. Sec.: Social Danoe.3' Ronnie Hetnold Football 1,2.3: Bible Club 1: Aviation Club 1: Craft Club 1. Leland T. Harvey Class Pres. 2: Trees. 4: St. Coun. 2: Hand l,2.3.4I Drch. 1.2: Diet. Contest 3: State Contest 3: Cornet Trio 3: Thesplans l.2.3.4: Debate Squadfboys State 3: Sweetheart Hon King Attw Dowllnu 3: Spotlight 1.2: Coordinator 2: Boys Hood 1,3. Robert M. Harvey Class vice-Pres. 1.33 Band 1,2,3,4: Oroh. 1.2: Hadrlgal Singer 4: Hobed Choir 4: Highlanders 4: Dist. Contest 3.4: State Contest 3.4: Thesnlans 2,3: 4: Historian: Debate Squadiboys State: Sweetheart Hoo King Att. Spotlight 1.2: Camera 3: Social Dance 2: Boys Foods 1, Carol Heston fflstranderj C.A.A. 1: Social Dance 2: Home Mech. for Girle 1: Square Dance Club 1. George Hiechel Football 1: Track Sr. Leader 3, 4: Camera Club 2.3.43 Camera Club Pres. 3.4: Sportsman Club 1: Boys Food 1.2: Science Club 4: Archery club 2.3: Key Club 4: Publicity Chairman of Key Club. Benton Hendrickson Theeplans 3.4: Speech Choir 3: State Contest z: Dist. Contest 1: Auto. Mech. 3: Biology 2.3.4: Transferred from Cxnard High School. Laoon Irene Hess Girl softball 1: Pep Club 1.2.33 Honor Peo Club 4: Cheerleader 1: Sr. Leader 3: Sweetheart Hop Queen Att.: Y-Teen 1. 2.3.4: vice-Pres. 4: Soc. Chairman 3: G.A.A. Trees. 4: Polntchnirmen 3. Deon Hoback Craft Club 3. Bart Holmes Camera Club 1: Auto nach. 3: Art Club 2 Gym. Club 1. Don Horton Football 1,2.3.4: Track 1,2.3,4: Sweet- heart Hop Kina: Camera Club 2: Vice- Pres. Camera Club 2: Sportsman Club 1.2: Archery 2.3: Archery Club Trees. 3. Linda Houston Pep Club 2: Y-Teens 1: F.H.A. 4: Skating Club 2: Future Teachers 1: Soc. Banca 1: Home Mech. 1: Blolozy I Biology Treas. Karen Hunsucker Bible Club 33 G.A.A. 1. John Huyett Basketball 1: Camera Club 1: Badlo Club 1,2.3: Radio Club Trees.: vice-Pres. Badlo Club: Science Club 1,2,3.4: Science Club Treasj Atomic Bums 1,2,3,4. .A m v, ,, u W Ronnie Houerstock St. Coum. 1: Bowllnz Club: Craft Club 1: Sportsman Club 1. Sally Hoyt fAyeral Pep Club 1.2.3: Honor Pam Club 4: Robed Ch0il' 3.4: Y-Teens 1.2.33 F.H.A. 1,2,3, 4: r.u.A. Pianist. sr I . Larry Jackson Football 3: Basketball Track 1. 4: Baseball 3: news Pen Club 3: Ben.Lea- der 3.4: Intramurals 3.4: Bowling Club 1. 2: Social Banco club 3: sportsmen Club 1: Gym Club 2: H Club 4: Mus. Bldg. Club 3. Jeannie Jellison Bowling Club 3: Skating Club 2.3: Social nance Club 2: Usher Club 2. Richard Ice Football 2.3.4: Band 2.3.4: Thesnlans 3.4: Sr. Leader 3.4: Spotlight Club 2. 33 Gym. Club 42 F.F.A. 3.43 33010 Club 1.23 H-Club 4. Nick Irza Art Club 1.2. Bagplper 3,4. John Johnson Social Chairman 1: Football Basketball l.2.3.4: Track 3.4: Baseball 3.4: Tennis 1.2: Thesplans 3.4: Speech Choir 3: Senior Leader 3.4: Highlander Kina Att. 4: B-Y: SD0t11EhlClllb li Bowling Club 3: Bowling Club Tres. 3: Sue. Banca 2: B025 Food 2.4: H-Club 3. 4: Hey Club 4: Pres. Carolyn Johnston Pep Club Honor Pan3Club 4: Cheerleader Highlander Staff 4: Sr. Leader 3.4: Intramurals.2.3.4: Brill Team 4: Blrls Jr. Blymnics 2: Cheerleading Club 3.4: Y-Teen 1.2: Highlander Queen Att.: Bowling Club 3 4: Future Teachers 4: G.A-A. 1.2.45 Hodern Bamce Club 1.2.35 Sec. Darrell Jones Karen Louise Jones Pep Club Honor Pep Club 4: Intramurals 1,2.3.4: Y-Teen 1.2: C.A.A. 1,2,3: Social Dance 1. Jackie Kaiser Class Sec. 4: Pen Club 1,2.3: Honor Pep Club 4: Madrigal Sinner 4: hobed Choir 2.3: Girls Ensemble 3,4: Dist. Contest 3: Minor Leads 1.2: Oneretta 1,2,3,4: bowling Club 4: Y-Teen 3: Skating Club 2: G.A.A. 1:2,4: Square nance 1. Tom Knox Football 2,3: Track 2: Sen. Leader, 2,3,4: Intramurals 1,2.3,4: Bowling Club 2: Skating Club 3: Swimming Club 4: Sportsman Club 3: Gymna- tics Club 3,4: wxlull Wu mmm n rr ru I I. , l I ' lu: 'll m . mm m, m m llllllll H 4 Marlene Jones Student Tribunal 2.3: Pep club 1,2,3: Bowling Club 3: Spotlight Club 1: Usher Club 2:35 Janice Jost Class Trcas. 2: Pen Club 1,2,3,4: Honor PED Club 4: Y'T00H 1,2,3: F.H.A. l.2,3l Future Teachers 4: Pras.Peo Club 4: !! PEQjl..ll5'a M uns. Lu.: Y-Teens 2: F.H.A. 1: Skatlnr Club 2: Soc. Dance 1. Carolyn Lung Peo Club 1.2.31 Barolper Staff 1: Intramurals 2: Y-Teens 3: F.H.A. 1.2.3, 4: Reporter 3: Historian 4. Janice Koltermon St. Council 3.4: Peo Club 1.2.3: Honor Pep Pep Club 4: Sweetheart Hep Att. Y-Teen 1, 2: Future Teachers 4: C.A.A. 3: Clef C1ub1: Art Club 2. Judy Kroner Pep Club 1.2.3: Honor Pen Club 4: Highlander Staff 4: Howling Club 2: Y- Tteh 1.2.33 F.H.A- 1: Social Dance 3. Mary June Leach Pen Club 1.2.33 Honor Peo Club 4: mmuMsmmm2:mmdwMrUChm Ensemble 3: Dist. Contest 2: State Contest 1: Huslc Letter: Scholastic Award: Queen of Courts Att.: Y-Teens 3: Soun. Hep. 3: Pres. 4 of Y-Teens: Soc. mmeBChfMw2:MmnDww1. Shirley Linder Y-Teens 1.2: Bible Club li 3.4.4. 1: Soc. Dance 1. Fred Line Highlander Staff 4: H-Y 1: Sportsman 1. 2.3: Science Club 2: Atomic Bums 3. Sharon Lloyd Girls Softball 33 Pen Club 1.2.33 Honor Pen Club 4: Hand l.2.3.4: Dlst. Contest 2.3: State Contest 2: Y-Teens 2.3: F.H.A. 43 G.A.A- 1.3: Art Club 23 Square nance 1. Sondra Magee Pen Club 1: Bowling Club 2: Y-Teena 1: Art Club 3: Social Dance 2. .lady Martin Pen Club 1.2.3: Honor Pep Club 4: Madrieol Singers 2.3.43 noted choir 2, 3.4: arm Eneemble1.2.3.4: I.II. omg Contest 1,z,3,4: State Contest 1.2.3: Letter e Bar: Girls State 3: Sweetheart Hob Queen Att.: Y-Teen 1.3.43 Music Chairman: F.H.A. 4: Modern Dance 2.3.43 Clef Club 1.2.33 Vice Pres. 3: Square Dance 23 F.M.C.C. 2. Beverly Lohmeyer St. Coon. 2: PED Club 1.2.3: Honor Pep club 4: Hobed Choir 2.3.4: Intramurals 2.3: Queen of Courts Att. Y-Teens 3: F.H.A. 2.3.4: Song Leader of F.H.A. 3. 4: Modern nance 2.3: Clef Club 1: Square Dance 1. Charles E. McNish camera Club 1: Atomic Bums 3: Key Club 4 Don Massey Intramurals 2.3: Sportmans Club 2: FDA.LZAmmwCMb3 Marilyn Meadows Track 3.4: Dobed Choir 1,2.3.43 Girls Ensemble 1,2,3,4: Dist. Contest 1,2,3. 43 State Contest 1.4: Dist. T: State II Sr. Leader 3 4: Intramurals Y-Teen 1,2.3: Future Teachers 4: C.A.A. 1,z,3,4: Modern Dance Pres. 4: mmrMwlJ:mnCmbD4 1 JW, 43,,,,,3,yMoM, .t .Mwoffo ,MM MM ,544Lj , LfgL.6MMf2Z Mo ay .feectcj .Z,,,ffgf4r,Mea'Zolezfo Carol Mi l lar Y-Teen 3: Social Dance 3: Transferred from St. Marys Hlgh School. Hugh Moncrie f Football 1: Baseball 2: Biology Club 2: vtce-Pres.: Aviation Club 1: Sports- man Club 1: Science Club 1: H-Club 1: Atomic Duma 1: Vice-Pres. Chess D m :lm 1. . M or . 'm.111...y...::. .1 . ,. ' e '7MmoM7oo: YYZZZMWW " llMMM"4m ' n" Checkers. 1 1 l DMMM ml M: ll ll M lnMMMM BM Merrie '!!lll "uw Sr. Leader 4: Auto. Mech- Club 3: Boys mwsmwz. Tom Morse Football 11213: Track St- CUUIICH. lheeplans 23 Dist. Speech znd. 2.3: Play last yr. znd: Dowling Club 3: Auto Mech. 3: Sportsman Club 1. Karen Moss Pep Club 2,3,4: Sweetheart Hop Queen Att.: Y-Teen 1.2.31 F.H.A. 2.33 G.A.A. 2. Bill Muncy Class Sgt. At Arms 2: Football 3,4: Track 2.3.41 Baseball 1,2: Sr. Leader 4iIntramurals 4: Highlander Hlng Attd H-Y 1: Dowling Club 3: vice-Pres. 3: Sportsman Club 1.25 B0yS Foods 2.43 H-Club 2.3.4. Billie Jane Nightingale PGD Club 1.2.33 Honor Pep Club 4: Girls Ensemble Dlstrlct Contest 2.3, 4: State Contest 2.3.45 Dutstanding Huslc and Art Awards Thesvians 4: District Debate Squad: Sen. Leader 3,42 Intramurals 1.2.3: Homecoming Queen Att.: Suotllght Club 1: Y-Teens 1.2.33 Y-Teens Publicity Music Chairman G.A.A. 2.3: Modern Dance Club 1.2.35 Modern Dance Sec. and Llbralan: Clef Club 4: Clef Club Song Leader. Ella Painter F.H.A. 1: Square Dance Club 1: Transfer from Netawaka, HH MH llllllll ll Wu... Joyce Murray Pep Club 1.23 Band Snatlishl Club 1.2: Y-Teens 1.3: Social Dance Club 3: Cake Dec. 3: Square Dance 1. Martha Myers Highlander Staff 4: Y-Teens,1,2,3: F.H.A. 35 Bible Club 1.2. I Wayne Pence Football 1: Basketball 1: Track 1,2,3:T H-Y 2: Social Banco Club z,3. Bert Perry Football 2.3: Wrestlina 3: Baseball 2,3: St. Coon. 4: Son. Leader 3.4: Intramurals 3: ky-Y 1: Sportsman Club 2: Gymnastics Club 2.3: H-club 3.4: Key Club 4. John Parry Bxective Board 3: Football 1: St. Coun. 3: Blolotl Club 11 Aviation Club 2: Craft Club 3: Science Club 1: Atomic Bums 2. Gerald Patton Football li Basketball 1: Intramurals 1: Social Dance Club 2: Gym. Club 2,3: 1 1,1 , . r lim ri. ml.: 3 m. Y. m .gm ' 'mm :nl rn : 1 :: : : e u . mm.: ' : : m i 1 l ll '.llll"7f!-'Im "f ,.,.-.m :,r:- Mm. mm H: mm :W :Wm or mm r u ., ,mb ,, rr le W iTav,y JI ,, A A , -. rr 1 - V- - Y l 1 ,mm , :. lkwtt 'P 1.1 X , . 1 . Y Mary Ann Perry Highlander Staff 4: Bagpiper Staff 3: Bowling Club 3: Skating Club 2.3: C.A A. 1: Social Dance Club 2. Karen Phil lippt Bagplper Staff 3: Bowling Club 3 Banco Club 2. Skating Club 2.3: G.A.k. 1: Social Gary Pracht Pep Club 3: Sr. Leader 4: Spotlight Club 1: Art Club 2: Social Dance Club 2,3: Sportsman Club 1: Gymnastics Club 3: Archery Club 3: Key Club 4. Alan Priddy Football 1: Cross Country 3: Track 1,2, 3.4: Student Council 2.4: Sen. Leader 3. t Joe Ricketts Football 3.4: Intramurals 3: Biology Club 2: Sportsman Club 1: science Club 4: Archery Club 3.4: Pres. 4: Sec-Trees. 2.3: H-Club 4: Key Club 4. Judy Rider Pep Club 1.2.32 honor Peo Club 4: Bowling Club 2: Y-Teens 2: P.H.A. 1.2: Square Dance 1. nlnn n n :ll X lu l :J :': 1 1 r -l Utistina Redding Transferred fron valley Falls Dove Reynolds Football 1.2.3: R8Bk8tD8ll1: St. Coun. 3: Madrlgal Singers 2.3.4: Robed Ch0lP 2.3.4: Dist. Contest 2.3.4: State Contest 3.4: Highlanders 1st place Medal, State l.2.3.4: Dveratta l.2.3.4: Boys state 3: Bowllne Club 1.2: Pres.: Clef Club 2.3.4: Pres. 2. 3.4: Pres. 2.3: Boys Food 1: H-Club 3.4! Wanda Robbins Highlander Staff 4: Y-Teens 3,45 Bible Club 1. Karen Roberts St. Coun. 2: Pep Club 1.2,3: Honor Pep Club 4: Intramurals 1: F.H.A. 1,2,3,4: F.H.A. Parllamentarlan 1: Vice-Pres. Future Teachers 1: Square Dance 1. I t m l 3 'ef he: Daryl Roudybush Bagpiper Staff 3,43 Bible Club 1.2,3.4l Bible club vice-Pres. 3.4: Swimming Club 4. Paul Schaich Band 1,2,3: Crchestra 1: uistriet Contest 1: State Contest 1.2,3: Radio Club 1,2,3: Science Club Key Club 4. Patricia Scheidegger flinderl ll, Hobed Choir 1: Y-Teens 3: Skating Club 11 2: Bible Club 1. Sally Schmelzel Student Tribunal 3: Pep Club 11213: Honor Pep Club 4: Cheerleader 11213l Band 1,21314l Drchestra 1,2,314: District Contest 1,3: Sr. Leader 3,4: Intramurals 2: Queen of Courts: Y-Teens 1r2n3v4l Yureen Pianist, Inter Council : Future Teachers 4: G.A.A. 1, 4: Modern Dance l,2. l .1 1 ' - . 't 1 1 - " 1 H 1 111 - 1l ' 1 Y 1 ' 111 1 1 1111 gj 1, 11 " a'i ' '1 112' 41 l L 11 11 1 1 Q 1 ll 1 1 1. 'H1111111 1 1 1 1 lv 1 111 111 111111111 1 1111 , I A Stanley Shith Track 4: Art Club 2: Sportsman Club 1: Radio Club 112135 Sec. of Radio Club 3: Square Dance 2: Transferred from Trego Community High School, HaHeeney. KBHBIB. Beverly Stapleton Pep Club 112133 Honor Pep Club 4: Band 2,a,4: spotliaht Club li v Teens 1,2,a: F.H.A. 314: Parllamentarlan of F.H.A.: Future Teachers 4: Social Dance Club 2. ,hy 1 1 , 1 .a DMMSMQ Joan Shith Girls Softball 13 Pep Club 2133 Honor Pep Club 4: Band 2.3: District Contest 3: Sr. Leader 3143 Intramurals 2,3,4: Drill Team 4: Homecoming Queen: Y-Teens 2.4: G.A.A. 2145 Modern Dance 2, Social Dance Club 3: Transferred from Hiawatha High School, Hiawatha Kansas. W' 1"al mi at 'C 1 1 l . 4. -H.--ff -V . Patricia Stockdale Speech Choir 1: Bagplper Staff 1 Intramurals 1: Y-Teens 1: Biology Club 1.2: Biology Club Program Chairman 1.2: Bible Club 1.2: Future Teachers 1: F-H.C.C. 1.2. Edna Streeter Pep Club 1.2.3: Honor Pen Club 4: Bowling Y'T9ell5 112304: FeH.A ml Darlene Stouffer Junior Class Executive Board: St.Coun. 2: Pet Club 1.2.3: Honor Pen Club 4: Hobed Choir 4: Highlander Staff 4: Bagplper Staff 4: Intramurals 2.4: Highlander Queen Att: Y-Teens 3.4: I-Teens City Interclub Coun Sec. 4: r.w.n. 1,a,a,4: w.w.A. wleeorran 2.3: Pre . 4: ,Square Dance 1. Bob Steps Class Pres. 4: Class Vice-Pres. 3: F00lb8ll l.2.3.4: Track 1.4: Hrestllng 3.4: Sr. Leader 4: Intramurals 1.4: Sweetheart Har King Att. Auto Mech. Club 3: Sportsman Club 1.2: F.F.n. 1.2, 3: H-Club 4: Key Club 4. Tom Streeter Class President 3: Football z,3,4: Basketball 3.4: Track 2.3.4: Highlander Staff 4: Bagplper Stall 4: Sr. Leader 3.4: Intramurals 4: Highlander King Att. Bible Club 2.3.42 Bible Club Pres. 3: Swimming Club 4: Swimming Club Pres. 4: Barbara Swisher Pep Club 2.3: Highlander Staff 4: Intramurals,2: Y-Teens 2.3: Transferred Liberal High School, Liberal. Kansas.. Barbara Taggart Executive Board 3: POD Club 1.2.35 Honor Pep Club 4: Sr. Leader 3,4: Intramurals 1.2: Drill Team 4: Bowling T Club 3.4: Y-Teens 1,2: Future Teachers 4: C.A.A. 1,2: Modern Dance 1,2.3,4i F.M.C.C. 2.3. Janice Tibbs Student Council 2: Pep Club 1.2.3 Honor Pep Club 4: hadrigal Singers 3.4 Dcbed Choir 2.3.43 Girls' Ensemble 3: 4: District Contest 3.4: State Contest 3.4: Intramurals 2: Honeconllg Queen 4 Att.: Y-Teens 1: D.A.A. 1: Clef Club 3 Cake Decoratliz 3: Vice-Pres. of Clef Vice-Pres. of Cake Decorating 4. 'Ton Vining Football Basketball 1: Track 1: Pep Club 3: Dramatlcs 4: Debate 4: Pat Belsaas Transferred to Montevlde, Minn., to graduate. Jan Van Bentbuysen Pen Club 1.2.e: Band 1.2.3.-1: ached Choir 2.3.4: Girls' Ensemble 2,3,4g Dist. Contest State Contest 3: Solo 3: Clarinet Trio 3.4: Clarinet Quartet 1.2: Spotlight Club 1: I-Teens 1.2.3: Skating Club 1: D.A.A. 2.3: Moder n Dance 1.2. Sr. Leader 3.4: Intramurals 3.4: H-Y 1: Skating Club 2.3: Skating Club Pres. 3, 4: Cyn. Club 4. Phillip Wagoner Football 3: Cross Country 1: Track 2: Doll 4: Band 1.2.3: Thesnlan Play 4: . Speech Contest 4: Spotlight Play 4: craft Club 2.4: Art Club 1: Boys Food rrrll lr 1:SummaCmb4:AwMcBusC myfr Club 4. 1 r v 1 a'. Verel Westover it Football 4: Basketball 1: Track 3,43 Hrestllns 2.3.43 Peo Club 2: Speech Choir W l 2 BUWIIUB Club 2:Snotllght Club 1:B1blg Club 3: Future Teachers 4: H-Club 2. Kay Whitaker Bowling Club 1: Spotlight Club 1: Cake Heooratlna Club 1. ,au5Ni 'M 'W 155 'Sharon Wolters Pen Club l,2,3: Honor Pen Club 4: Bagniper Staff 4: Intramurals 3: H-Teens 2: F.H.A- 1: H.A.A. 3: Social Dance Club 1: Clef Club 1: Square Dance 1. Richard Wendlond Half 1,2,3,4. Joann Whitney, Brice C1355 SCC- 2: Track 1.2: Girls Softball 1: Pen Club 1,2,3: Honor Pen Club 4: Highlander Staff 4: Senior Leader 3,4: Intramurals l.2,3.4: Y-Teens 1,2,3: Y-Teens Sec. 2: F.H.A. 1.2.33 Parlia. Ncncy Willison Student Council 2,45 PHD Club 1,2.35 Honor Pen Club 4: Intramurals 1,25 Bowling Club 3: Y-Teens l.2,3: Future Teachers 4: H.A.A. 1: All Club 43 Social Dance Club 2. nnie Wilcox tramurels L: Y-Teens 1: Future achers 1: D.A.A. 1: Social Dance lub 1.2. nnie Wilcox lghlander'S 4: Spotlight Club 1: Y- ens 1,31 Social Dance 3. udy Wiley ep glub 1,2,3: Honor Pep Club 4: Y- eens 1,z: Future Teachers 4: Ml Club .4: Social Dance 1.2.3: Sec-Trees. 01 ocial Dance 3. 5. illie Wilson ep Club 1: Speech Choir 1: Debate, lghlander Staff 4: Bowling Club 4::l M potllght Club 1.2: Y-Teens 2.3: Soclalll ance Club 1.2: Cake Decorating 3. . W rendu Wolfkill I ap Club 1,2,3: Honor Pep Club 4:l -Teens 1: Skating Club 1: D.A.A. 1.2: .cial Dance 1: Cake Decorating Club 1:, :uare Dance 3. moron W. Woodman .bed Choir 2: Y-Teens 1.2.31 F.H.A. 1: ue l tl .Barbara Zimmerman F.H.A. 4. Semiwra .Tut iiwtieltimg flamcfwo te Jmprvttamt Meat The senior 'wheelen take a minute from the duties of their offices to allow the photographer to record theirpictures for posterity Recalling the past four years and looking forward to the future are Leland Harvey tmnmw:ummKMwnswmwwgmbwwapnuuu mdmbmww vice-president. It shouldn't happen but it did! Why, oh why did such a noticeable Hgoofn some to pass to haunt the edltorsand others? Never once did we think we'd leave out a name of our onn staff member, yet we find Beth houdyhush is missing there. dur apologies, Beth, and please try not to think too harshly of us. r 9 2- if n it-up into Slww irdiflarmirrg not Go-opmtiorr i vm-u' ms p wav, 'ui' - 4 If . , The junior class officers meet to draw up plans for the year, plans that include such activities as the Prom, class pafties, and others. The of- ficers Brandt are Gary Anderson, vice-presidentg Peggy Farrell, secretary: Judy treasurer: and Jerry Brown, president. x , ,I t I K h .1 U U U 'f' V. 11 r .H -.fa ew 6' IJ 3 W, L., ,f , K . , oth J K -' I to Q?-leletef ch of? '1'W,- W" fffff HAT? M 1 w 'J An at-W C J my wfvxf 'U' 'K' t' Wm he A ' ' X 1 tt: I' ,1'Uf'l'.-1' J' K. out-"1 L X", ' K' s W I ff A. M fp f ,.fz' Q rf! X Y .lf Y . , L , ,-Q-.J, 'L-'x,Ev:5fefA-'A'YN- f 4' "1L"J' xv! hp VI fl x U I- Q X I .fl 5 ll ,J ' r,fU f' - IW 1 ' . ' .,, ,V 2'-" f 1' f' " " ' V " . . " :lt-I ,,i,,.'3"v "AL C Ml LI - I ,' fn ff fl ,.fff'1Af"'L ,oc',-df, ' r -,u 17 -4 4 of , ,fflif "V U"1f"M-L 1 - 'L' 't . fy ,z K If --dfl,"c3L.fxL"- 471 "'- "C ff' !"' fm ' f 4 , f' longitude ,,U'Lff1'V kt 1, k , K J ,, you ,Q -rhfiVlfL,e get-"Moth, 'ML' Ce-rQ'l'1"w'tfchCE' '7 1 , 0 1 4 h'Ei d'JJ "'-'bk-1LXfl,ff J! A "" "4" X' he -' ,Y ,f gay ,,,. L,-'L-, f I " - I, ,,!,. 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Nava Long Lorraine Lowe Chuck Lower Larry Lowery Frank Ludwig ilu Magee Larry Magnuson Barbara lanls - Mon M May Beverly McKinney Laura McKinley Sharon McKinley Lee MoMahan Judy Mcvelch JoAnn Merrynan Sandra Metzger Enllle Miller Ernie Miller Mary Lou Miller Linda Mitchell Sharon Mitchell Kay Mize John Montloort -100- llonnie nellee Connie Mellee n J Marilyn Marsh Mary Marshall Betty Mayfield Sharon Manls Robert Markham our nr' I- -J W -0-an 1 4 I Mel-an Meclelland av Dlvld MGGOBJIBY s .X is I Q l A i I ' xr l' -Q ' IS My '1 y Mn yy. X l fl KW ,l t' I . fy hey, D 11 'ri it A A M n ,s My my M an fr- or . y K ' fx l 7 3 llllllll"3.n" 15 ' l ah A M fy., ll na ln a few Hr. : '! .' ',' -g . jim , J ,W .en t .uf '9J'."-J-new 1, ME hr new J 'VIH I M rl . , any lf "I I JLSQ A ,Gr 4'-J .', ,.., I' --, . i', V. W a .1 'ill W, , Fl - 5' 2 Charlotte Moore 5 4' Jan Morell , xv! W Q.-rl P ' fell 5 Xb P I A P ll P 'I Q P Q Q Qt, Mike Morgan P I., gy ml? 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W J' .V Qt W W e ed lf- 'W nary neynnldv .3-M ov -N l P ' ox Jerry Brown, president of X the class, calls a meeting to order in authoratlve voice. .1 1 O , lllulquonnnnonnnmnonnnnnolnn1llnnn rn -EEE , 1 -L-- Members of the Junior class meet in the auditorium to plan a party. 'Q ff . v lrll ' " 'ifflfihl .vt wwe '-4.-:rl TW P' if Ju.:- During the past year the Sophomore class officers have piloted their class through the second year of high school. The class officers are as follows: president, hlke Reynolds: vice-president, Sandy Winans: secretary, Sharon Shlpps: and treasurer, Pam lloneynan. Soplwmoaoo Book ahead The sophomore class has engaged in many activities this year. As they have reached only the halfway point of their high school yearsat Highland Park, they have much to look forward to. The activities will be more nuns erous and more enjoyable as they live their Junior and senior years. During their Junior and senior year , thgy will be much wiser and will have made many friends. The sophomores feel that school is a necessity, and they must set their goal high and then strive toward that goal. High school days are the best days, say the sophomoresg may the class of '61 be a properous one! -105- Harold Adkins Ronald Brown Katy Aldereon Tommy Byrd ? Q41 f We -9 ' as we B nnnnnn fe -if 1 M nh Vernon Baird Carl ene Baldwin Kenneth Baldwin Paul Barkley w l 18' Qn X QR. gn. v' lx rv +3 "':'r.I Ali 't B 'A ,L r it . 'E 6 y :ff ' ry. f X 'Wie t'-E535 l P an , . l H 194.14 t t iw i Q I X nh l' K l A uni" - Marian Berngrover Borer Barth George Bauer Tommy Beyle s Bavid Beasley Connie Bernhardt Joe Blwenwalt Sandy Blaokard Georgia Bland June Boaz Kemy Bretton Buddle Brooke Linda Brooke Charles Brown Blok Brown James Brown lloyno Burd Keith Butts Joan Colm Arthur Carey Kenneth Cope .laoquelyu Cornelius Vlrulnla Corlln lllllan Cox Ronnie Crabtree Connie Crain Nancy Crook Robert Crouch Helen Davis Phil Davls Larry Davison llarvln Dennison Larry Deshazer LODDD Dell Nathan Dexter Melvin Douglas Sondra Douglas Loren Drun Trudle Durham Dillard Duvall David Cleenon Palala Cody llettrv Conner Llnn Cooper Virginia Carrlger 5 Carole Carruthers Lester Chrlstnau Sharon Chrlstnan llosard Clavburg "MY at nf- F A ",,. ld 1 gh U? l U - rl! QA 'C' 1 ..s 'v We Ll 1' ,I rn ' I Y' , ,. .ex- .vga sm . - D .I V' -Q C C f e ,-we . 5 5 , ,wry A F A Q Il, :J A 'i M ' Lf' Ir-v 1 D3 l Xll jan D N ' r ar up , fu' . 64' , I - ,,+, I D on 4 I f I Y F1 -Q D , D' 5 9' - Xu 6 3 1 ' i , D, M C, , 1 lni fljli ' 1 fl u .ilu 1' , volt-V, ' -v nh o . f.. or Hgh l'!,Z55!iggWliV,ff 1f.h ,Q 6 nwyiw .nur l. 'n,'::g15n,.: D A 5,1 I, "W l lf ' mtl." .fffnlfhml hh f :W W fa K V. e l 3,1 L-1 ll I ' - I ' r 'gt pf FYI .' A' - , I . V, I .Q. Q, - U' "1 W X D v L ,A A 'O a 'E 'X .a E., 1 r 0 Ci! I n nn V, nv 5 Ph n H' I X' ,, "' V " 11: Wg? Nt be G F'fe tttv Virginia Eisele Dean Edson -'?f 4 JwMeEHmt + Mary Eeemen Mary Faith Evans Joseph Evers at an ,. Q! tfW' p ,X Q' - u 'fr v. ,, " W ' K A V A , ' AJ 3 X Qfimiu -. A", ' U 'r'b1M'- 'H 31 ' ,Z "tv " -." 'AW u., . -F .rn I fm xx. so t F "' 5 "C.'1a 1 d 'I 1 N In K my G. . X 'Q 'N r pf' ' '5 X' AX ax dbx e L -'X ,F ' W JO' QXYNLQ Ney' . 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W Sandy Foster Susan Foster Edward Frenkenfeld Robert Frederick Donna Fredrickson Barbara Freeman Jean Friche Sharon Fluuer Roger Fulton Dennis Gardner Dennis Godsey Russ Gray Norma Green Dave Greenberg hellen Griffith Betty Grimes Ruth Grtnnett David Haag Alice Haldernan Connie Hamilton Velma Henderson Dlll Dentzler Norna HBIUDD Dose Heston Julle Hlah Kathryn Hilh Pattle High Pearl Hlllebert Don Hines Bob Hogan Kermit Hollln Darl Holmes Pan Honsynan Thomas Hoover Hurell Horton Jerry Houck mnmvmul Paula Huckaba Dlorla Huffman Larry Huaalns Diane Hansohild Dlck Hays Myrna Hays Harry Hefner D .gigs Carolyn nanoworn Corrlne Harris I 'Alf Thelma Harris Daryl Harrop Loretta Harvey ' an fl' 5 '. n M, ' rx J D IW' AF? 3 l v if ' or nigh 'I f l '- rl I :IU R.. 1 H "!'r 'El 'I lv, 4 .UN 33' I gshead D r .". .,r' ,1-lk ea as vi, 1" ,ry H ', , 1 ur .'.H l-' ae. - . Ju 1 l 4 f ef-H 4 1 r 1 , !"""?1 .E qi y '11 , .H JK. I B xQ,., l 'fs if H G 5' ,Q D' QFQX 55eHWfHiDH6ZZa 1 asry V ZZ 1 .. 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Q. , Uarl'Lalr honna Kolternan Karol Kreine Violet Lancaster Linda LaRue Anita Lawton Larry Liggatt Joann Llndhloon Richard Lindburg Jin Litz Karen Lloyd larren Long Cheri Lord Claudia Lone Judy Loarey Ronnie Lorrey Steve Lucas lary Harney Janes Martin Nancy lartln Sheila Martindale V Jean Millard Dennis Nlller Dick Miller James htllcr Nancy hlller Philllh Miller Robert Miller Walter Niles Wllet Miles Cheryl hlze Ulh Norr li nary hcNlsh Linda McPhall Bill Neiries Dennis Metcalf bmi Judy May Dick Nctullouzh N , fi 'V 1 Dill McDaniel Donna Nchowell George MGKDl2ht hi! ik N WFE' N, 'Nz' ' ineff- rx X QL ,I ll N .r-' 4 l ii! :ill '54 Gra- v ,t is N Y, 2 llhl gg 12 y .Rm 'Gi li? uf P dv' J we 1 k-- qy,"', 1 -wa I. n if I I ,fp-'V ,xxx Nil .D l he .mpc Wag 1 . 3 i 1 . , 3 V -was N IH! l cw, l ll' I I I. Roger Norris N iv Sondra Noes ' 'D 'll 3 3' 4:4 no "' " Kay henna on ln .1-17 .,. ', ga 5 Dlnger Nundorf df wp! 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Carol England: President, Steve Johnson: Secre- tary, Beverly Abmeyer: Treasurer, nancy Brandt. fltcofuneu Succeoofut yawn The freshmen have enjoyed their first year of high school and hope that their next three wusmubememmwm. Many activities have been carried on by the freshmen this year. They are growing to maturity, getting wiser, and making many new friends. The freshmen have what might seem to them three more long years of school. The years mHpmswHMym,mdwwwu1Momon their own. They will admit that high school days must certainly be the beet days of their lives -115- X .llllls ,wh 1 . Q' XX ,XZNX EAL 'rm XX X ,n I H'h Awww, a.. lj Nl A eff- Ml'!I:.,. N'lf, X Xie, A , V . iX A 'nlw I il'i5 Q 'i 1 U Xmlh 'rhwy A K 'rl X X X, XX X , .4 P 'XB s XXX X 'XXXXXXX, ,. X If ' ll' J f I xx' M Q TX fa y wth! 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Wen E rl al A 5 .an .,, W Q : . Q 6-I F H n ' A .V X N. un. N Aa- 1 V ' N ll 'J H J M All we D gl n 'w- ' 0, Ax .U 4 lx ':.1 H M " D fl W N l ,frm r Donnie Dean Debby Decker Crystal Decker Darrell Deaver George Delrozj er Mary Dlnkle Dub Duel Andres Dunning Daryl Duncan Dennis Ddnonds Dill Engelllen Carol England Lois Erwin Georgie Eutsler Dick Evans John Evans James Farthlng Margie Deunce Deurse Fisher Kathie Fleming ak . I Gary Flott I' eh, A Kenneth Forbes H, F U . A R V e all F5 1 .fm Steve roster Sharon Frakee F, Q ,A Patricia Freeman ' --., 1' J X H , E h Juv A : A B W I -may no 'u .r Steven Freenan " Sharm Fridcey Jael. K 5 ,J 3 J., 1 Shirley Frye E H. A 1 Emo Gardlnler , ' of S F A Gt L 1 , I S ' 6 K . -in F, ' f f -r o Z' 1' ,Vi - G F ' ' W 'Q t J K. 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H J l l if Mckhmtuer Linde Herbel Patricia Herbel Va Q l ' Q. M mf :U l uf:-A 'Lf ll H 'H f ' ' M l J II 5, H ' Qu 'ff' f AAN 1 ,J 'H' one ol , , H l v. ., .- J, H M rr ,.. in rn - '55, now HHH' one J I Wall. In, ,W.Hn... Af Hn ,n.nW, H r ,Who-J 'H H H5 on or ,lk JH H I J H n nnnn Ton Hestand Tom Hicks Karen H111 Larry Hill nl, 7 nnrrrr ' 'WHY' V H .ev - " 'RE' n ,QP 5 'gui V s .': ' 'el , A r ro, J NZ! 2 lj R' 'X KJIIIUQUZ J nern ' ul f T ff' 1' 1 The "' fn " ,Il :" :W Jw N ' O on if -. A af Y ,L,,njrrne, , H 14 6 V 4, HHH 'fl' ' " nf A we 'B 've 5' A ' W -- ,-.e ' f. ' 4- .Wfqqqv H, H N " ' WM H f -1 rl X V Jock Hoohstedler Gene Holtord Lucille Holler Roxanne Holllnrsheed Mm Holmes Deen Horton Carroll Howell Dianne Hull Larry Hunter Martin Hhyett Wanda Hysten Derma lnlenhhron Elizabeth Irza Hery Jmzen carol Jeffery Sandra Jenkins Carole Johnson Jimmie Johnson Steve Johnson Hllllem Johnson Ruby Kirtdoll Jeannie Kletler Dozer Kluaka Sharon Knight Larry Knouft Waunita Koch Roxie Koeppan Dletllnde Konlg Carolyn Laween Darreld Ledbetter Jerry Lee John Lorie Larry Linder Dalnna Llnday Deanna Keefover Douglas Keeling Mike Kellogg Jeanine Jost Jackie Justia fy V55' 'H H, ,t A 'iz -.a . 4 Xe.. 1 Sv! if K . 1 A 'G 512, f L r Gloria Keno Paula Kieffer Carolyn King Frank Klrtdoll I + he Donald Llngenfelser lg' 'l patty Little sandra Mannell Dabs'Maroey Dale Marsh thiehard Greenway 1 ,r 1 - lu. fr 5 X rv! rx I 1 no 4. 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I 1 .,, , E' sharon rfundy Maxinellurdock 5' M I - A -1 r Paul Neenn virginia Nelson 5 I , Ada0'De1l Q' Jin ohrlan h I In Elizabeth oehern A 1' f 1. A pu' .' M r stevereiyou P ..-7. , -5 camu ramen X ,M V X X '74 1, I XX r .f P' rug'-CRP , P' In x DenPerr1sh r rv e 1 i 4, Dorfshtten fy P' " ,L Alice Pearce P Pr' Q A A rf .PP ... Connfemdland P, , A f I .renerrerrrer P F , M P 'Q V K Y A nf f . P . P P P if, Julie Pfeiffer l 6. DouzleePorter ,I an 3 , N X h b F, ' M R j Keren Porter r H .r. 1 P EdmdPrett "' I , I " ' Cmlrn Presszrove rx iwgmxv P P ' P .sniff 9?RJl7!' f . f mmrrarf P. Charles Price Leuralraber rr .Robert may ' P if g N Joenandol ' ' 4 as., ',, 5" ,fr -P 5" Q' vfwrlfay ' 2's-- Pffi t ,frfp ,. P .P rl P A Julfuelfebek " f' - -P Jerry Ieed Kenneth feed P N P P . Dan Pickett! '51 9 V it ' .Q Q, P, 'Q X I larilynnfder , - 1 ' L' , an :V 'sr I 1 'Il l V' 'ff rl 5 n nf I or ,,. n gl r 'Wi eV We K an If 'id M, x Nb no A 1 . ru.. if 0livla Ridley Georgiene Roberts V 4- rox 4.R I S .gn in ' e .L, 1 XA ,tl rQ A l 5 l ff . ,V 19" if ll Gerry Roberts Leonard Robinson Joanne Rooney u six, Leslie Root .xg l 4 I lande Ruth Merlin eundere Vernon Bohloetoer gl' U' C ix n ,nn rnn MMS tc l on I 'N Nl rw. . M' ' ,, 'aqfqlilw M- V n"'-1- '-J? nn W vnifn nwn rr A r do L r n In 4 nl we ni - To 1 I ,Q.'., 1 ' V , l ' o been . . Q R W if 'fe N Q. r, I . 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'IV 4 m' ' I 3 x 5,2 1, .N ,I ,J : , ,I :Ami T':" 'J' X ls lv vf :L 4 N. t 'X I E wr W " , Ifkwd X uw-f f Q w s 'nm' .5 O A 5 ' L.-5. N1 1 xv W HRX J - ...,, A 1 V 1 I ' xi Y 'nl 1 luv.: " lo "KH hid, -. ' vw. Lf ff, 'PW w 1 4 ! Us I 'fy' lf' y Jimmy Willison Sondra Wilson We lillian Wilson Becky Woodman Bobby Cramhlett ieeofunen 'wire Ctctfcing Drive Content All classes took part in a clothing drive contest sponsored by the Key Club. The first year students had the privilege of latina the Key Club members carry their books, shine their shoes, and enjoyed other such honors that winners are usualry accorded. J MMG ab? LL JL W . 4 X , i db 1 . V , D H I IWVJQ My li Oi ff ' LW' Zf W M ,M .3 w ,aj N9 My W ff V V MJ W LU 'W Jfgi SUD W H' 1 XOU le' MLILQMVMKU lp!-, I !lL?jj!ZE nj! ,QWMJL lf'CfgL l 1 - 'fx fwbjljfwqbljkyvf fy M M W 1 K, 0 ,, ,4 V LA MIMJJ f Jim ff N r AML MEM W wfwfffy f lf m , M! Q jf My af of J! V' . , V jfzfm if ,L f W WN WV V W W MKW WWW! JMQCWW 'j pijfgfy bm' 4,Qf,?ikA30w I .M f 4 V v ln, r 'A af f' V+, , . y ,.,,' saute f nh' r J V I r r, M , ly N , syn- A , Y r ,Y it N M - . A - . ,K , e M. , , .,- . v l , P mb . my , , y f 5 f- ' u A m--Y 'J ' I : ', 1" I A ll 1' L4 I. 1' r A J I v - WY ,"",rn :JM ' Uv - :L B ,y Wil " , A ,v v , ' ,,'4 J " ,,,! ,- ' ,L , ' V P ' ry ' '9 5 , I r L ' 'A QU 1. . - A ' ' , rl Q ' My ,n 1 K' 5 I may , .'g,','yvv' +,., 'i , " wish? In , I ' X lv 5 A y W V l, l A , 'X 'I 1 w l'r dy ,' R , Lap Sshl1iY.'5B 'f ,r 1 X -,V Am :J IQ -' md' I' xl ' ' is 'FU Nl V ' 4 rv A W- iakf , A 'hg e A f,43Qfd ,, , , .A Xl 1 ' ' , I ,V , f .. - , ..,, A,,. r .,, 1 G n or I, is I l M .lx ,rw e my R A kwa! !! f ' , ,W r fQ v , , .1 J A rf ul. ' , QTL, N ' IH ' fl J! -N ,, n In-.uni v 03, , rf ' , 1' A , "I H X WL- .' 'Li I 'mio .ku V4 wma P- i V w rit L G - 1 so A fi? ' " U r ska M" ali, , , I lG1l?ft 'ke .. ' ear! r H' W 'fn ,ni ,G u dy, 'lv-U ohm 'lr ips! Ilggxi ' X X 'l A gfa X ly 'I I L 'l l 1 All iss . A g 'W B 5 'E os. , , 'L I 2 4 1 W L 'B ' 2 .,, K . vm e . mu X ir , . J lux. Yr, V . 'KW ill, t W X A x Q Q! N, - xr A ': yu , ' 9 'yi .M ras. an , , u up 1 J' v A at a A , My A , an v lv ,Luv Bf5v ?'. 'By' My Bw J,,,u an-g,, 4,1 l,,,r, M , ,,, t:r:!1k 5 egg. Gig, JB 5 egg rye S7 rL:g,, xiag. B t R uf ,, . A , ..': :1ra,k? v alzrlflvv Ally, ' 7' ' A Top Row: hr. Brock, Howard Adkins, Roy Alllson, Rayne Anderson, Bavld Barkley, Bill Barn- yrovsr, B111 Bennett, Ted Berends, Larry Bradley, kenny Bretton. Row 2: Buddy Brooke, Gary Cooper, Phil Davis, Bobby Becker. Larry Donahue, Grville Dreasher, Bllllen Enzelkll, Gary Flatt, Tin Fluke, Steve Foster. Row 3: Roger Fulton, Dennis Gardner, William Garner Dick Hays, Bill Hentzler, Roger Gibbs, Allen Hochstedler, Jack Hochstedlsr, Bob Hogan, Richard Ice. Row A: Jerry Lee, Donald Llnyenfelser, Charles Mcdlnnls, Robert Miller, Jesse Moore, Bruce Myers, Phil Paxson, Douglas Porter, Charles Reber, Steve Raine. Row 5: Gerald Reed, Kenneth Reed, Charles Richardson, Merlin Saunders, Larry Shipman, Tom Soderlund, Bob Stiles, Larry Vaught, Ronnie Bells, Roger Wiloh. fllco. Clgsuicuttute lllouft Zapatista Clmcrtg Boys, The Future Farmers of America is a part of the educational program of the Federal Government. Its purpose is to develop good leadership, good citizen- ship, thrift, scholarship, and pet- rlotlsn. The club meet in the evenings et the request of the officers and sponsors. . . V J my lr ,f!6Av ,V 5 , 1: 'XXI X l ny' 'A ng G " rs 4 , JNDI f,l.d JV ' "f' ,. . fav, , . . , "' f - 1. f5?5,,,f ,, ' G ly -. flu warm? X 3 " ' I3 C ea P ll ' ' .. 'Y I A It I I 'I if ' v s 1 ei - f f e 74 fl af ff er' r v lr JL: ,vii I 'X ' H ' I fa l fi lvl l Ml lv B 'T ,Nfl n uiiltril tif .s 198 I N-val, I Vg-A I :L il , 'Q' 'h ' M ',--v . V l N V , A J, s B , , X , Top Row: Mr. Crane, Mr. Gordon, Mr. Sloop, Kenneth Baldwin, Howard Bauer, Tommy Bayless, Nell Carlson, Clayton Chapman, Jim Corn, Tommie Cummins. Row 2: Lanny David, Tom Decker, Paul Derda, Harold Early, Dick Evans, Dennis Godsey, Bob Tolbert, Dennis Gowlng, Dave Greenberg, Mike Greenberg. How 3: Jerry Gregg, David Hagg, Randy Hearrell. C0l'Ky Howell. Tom Know, Lonnie Logan, Bill Meries, Delbert Newell, Robert Newell, Dave Parker, Row 45 Carroll Parrett, Kenneth Beed, Daryl Boudybush, Dave Shimeall, Tom Streeter, f?fwgnaanQetirtl9wt9hebt , Membership in Swimming Club is open to any boy who is interested in swimming. They meet every other Wednesday and go to the Y. M. CA for an hour of swimming and water sports. LA lbp How: Mrs. McKenna, Mr. Goberts: Nancy Coen, Julia Dawson, Joyce Gardner, Deanna Gilmore, Kathy Goodwin, pussell Gray, Vonne Harrie, Dianna Hull. How 2: ElDora Hummer, Paula Kieffer, Connie Mouse, Jan horell, Dobert Perry, Wanda ruth, James Spurrler, Betty Steward. Mama Usa interested ia fllftarraatka Winsor Membership ln the Art Club is not based on the art ability or tralmlng, but rather an active interest and a desire to work ln the various fields of utEmhmmMmwcmmapmMmin ceramics, sculpture, jewerly, orpalnt- ing to work on during the club period. Exhibits of the completed projects are held during the school year in the Art room. Students desiring to know more about the "behind the scenes" theater are wel- comed into the Spotlight Club. In an in- formal atmosphere students have an op- pottunlty to work with and exchange ideas with teachers of drama and dramatic literature or professional personalities who are well-versed in areas associated with the theater. Students Show Skill latlaletult Top Row: Mrs. Dllllngton, Sharon anguish, June Boaz, Joyce Calhoon, Le ter Chrlstman, Mary Dinkle, Sharon Fuller, Cynthla Garcia, llelen Griffith, Joan Griffith. Row 2: Mary Holmes, Sylvia Hosey, Dietlinde Konig, Sondra Magee, mary Lou Miller, Connie Pendland, Carolyn Pressgrove, Donnie Shelinbarger, Judy A. Shepard, Judy K. Shepard. Row 3: marilyn Sutton, Dosallie Torres, carlo vasuuez, Judy llllley, Nancy llllllson. , ,',8, fa if " ' " 'S- qn A. are , fe ff - ' '-as I, J 4 ' , . -- v 1.1 . 'J , , , fa' as a CW gn v . rx as i W we' S 1 q xl 'nine With Q, ,., r O' ve ' N rl l 422 I I' 'Y mi "mr . K af at . as Qr lv Y -'fa ' ' W ' x 'V ' rf4f"" J 1 v ,Y "" J 5 ' and '. 5 ' Top Row: llrs. Lamson, hrs. llchers, Deanna Bennett, Judy Brandt, Sandra Chesney, Jacqelym Cornelius. Jackie' Ell10tt, C0lll91l.'1ll Fletcher, Harold Harris, Rosanna llolllngshead, Row 2: Carl Kuhlman, Marilyn Meadows, Richard Nelson, Billie Jane Nightingale, Dave Reynolds, Tom Reynolds, Larry Shipman, Janice Tlbbs, Carole Tater. My The purpose of the HPHS Library Club ls to glve members an opportunity to learn more about libraries and books and to arouse more interest and create alloy- ment in the reading of books 1 all M3 f Clef Club is a group I club organized for the purpose of developing a interest in music in Highland Park High School. Any student may Join the club. Each member is encouraged to participate ln the musical programs during the meetings. One may play a musical instrument, sing, or anything else which has to do with muslc. Anyone who wishes to take part in a program volunteers during the preceed- lng meeting. There is a polnt system based upon the performances of .each mem- ber. A specific number of points ls re- quired each semester. A picnic is usually,he1dnear the end of the school year for the club members and sponsors. Sorrwfewutrllwceaduuttfwfidaaap Top Hou: hlss ulcksom, Mlss P. 8hlpnan,hr. Conklin: Leona Del, Kenneth Forbe , llymaf Hays, Larry Huggins, lloxle Ksoppen, llllbur Myer, John llontloort. Row 2: Jin hottln, dalem Smith, loldrs lllsol. P- l ' . , Ya A tv, ' sol rv' A f vi' 1 650 , J! . s 0 . I s s 4 'aa' 'rl fi za. ,N I 1279 y' XWNA W? Q u , . . I , ' S x , X na :F :ij 6 ns, ' . 1" vb RY! Ng, . S p 4, .rar- "' r' g r LW g . , as mi: ei 3+ I I fav awk wg ,'ww,,,w' , v on n m rv'-sauna "'- ,mMl,,,vmll,v,, ,H,,,, ,,,',,9' ,vHw'1v. vu1lv,l,'v'1 WWNN ,,f,,ll'lv ww ' .W , ,,,,,v, ' 1 'fx , -' A ,f 1 .mmf mmm... 'kl1Z!lv"lWwl"l3'v'vll'Hm ,. l y v awk' ' .' .,,, ll ll 4 X ' . , l ,,,,' . L v n v' , M" WMM HM ll HP! 1' Q - 'lm ,qs ' . 2 Top How: Miss Nlchol, Miss Trotter, Marilyn Allen, Carolyn Bailey, Lynne Bailey. Pat Belsaas, deorgla Bland, Nanoy Brandt, Llnda Brooke, Susan ohuhb. Hou 2: Jane Clayton Bonnie Curry, Judy Dykes, deorglann Eutsler, Beast Farrell. Busankoster, Donna Fredrlckson Connie Frost, Sharon olbler, Peggy dllllland. Hou 3: Betty Crimes, Carol Hanes, Connie Hamilton, Leanne norway, Blanc Hauschlld, Lavou He8s,PBtH1gh, Bebby Hines, Lucille Holler Sally Hoyt. Row A: Mary Ann Jansen, Blame Heefover, Mary Jane Leach, Bozetta Lee. lj-.7eema' imteaeot .7a 'llfoatdwida Y-Teens is the teenage organization of the YWCA. The program in four- fold, emphasizing body, mind, splrlt, and social. Service projects include acts of courtesy to the elderly in homes for the aged contributions to "Meals for Mil- lions, " a Christmas party and gl fts for the Children in St. Vtncent's Oluhanase. Social actlvltles include picnics and teas, They have a social hour during the meetings. -132-' To promote a friendly atomsphsre, each girl draws a name of another Y-Teen. The names she draws is to be her heartslster for a two- week period. And during the two weeks, the girls wrlte little frlemdly notes and exchange little gifts with each other. Making lt more interesting, the writers of the notes keep their identities unknown. Then at one of the club meetings they have a party and give a present to their heartslster, and there they find out their heartslster' s identities. They also help to sponsor the Sweetheart Hop. or lv t dk' I A :S 4: Q, 17' 'Y 3 'll ' i"W'f -" M ' ' I , - 4' , 5a I , M . . mf lf of mmm g '- " leigh? 3 S QQ A l S , 'og 3' L a A I S r I as Y 3 , ' Q I br- ,Ty .M no alt nllh.. S tlll 'S at Nr f J Q l , 'Y vi , .VHQ,,,! X Jah xx fl .5 XX' 'Nfl' lop How: Mrs. McLean, Miss Porter, De Anna Lindsay, Sandra Mannell, Mary Marshall, Nancy Martin, Judy Matthews, Nancy McClure, Donna McDowell, Doris McDowell. Row 2: JoAnn Merry- man, Judy Merryman, Emily Miller, Charlotte Moore, Laurette Moreland, Sharon Pratt, Sharon Ray, 0llv1a Ridley, Jean Ann Robinson, Dorothy Saxbury. How 3: Martha Shlmeall, Sally Schmelzel, Joan Smith, Tondra Ann Smith, Bobbie Spurrier, Linda Somerville, Darlene Stauffer, Sandy Statler, Louanne Theilmann, Geraldine Turner. Row4:Beth Vining, Fran Wag- oner, Sharon Walters, Mary Westover. 1 n W WM M A 1 5 ,. silo! 1' 4' Q ' ry I' I 5 , al ,x sf ' I "Vqa'F'L1 W' ' 2 ' "' K X 1 if If w fy f I fl 3 4' M vu- all lj. '. .Xnlulk,Q 1 N w IQ, f Top Row: Mr. Stapleford, Dale Anno, Kenneth Bielenn, Betsy Boltz, hon Bush, Art carey, James Farthing, George Hiochel, John Huyett. Raymond Lewis. Row Q: Jerry Miller, George Mity. B111 Porter, Joe R1oketts,Roy'Root, Stephen Sherman, Bob Steward, Paul Schaioh, Doug voiles, Phillip Wagoner, Allen Wllks. some ga. a. who at mass The purpose of the club is to teach 0 the girls how to decorate a cake and en- Q Joy doing it. when a holiday cones mwm.meaHswwacmemdmwr t mengwwhweamumtommyme dwhwwntmymwcdemdmmmor ' such occasion. 5'Jaacl4ke.'iarw9C3afec9acofcaling 759 HOW! MPS- Lindquist, Mrs. Nuznan, Patty Clark, helen navis, Karen Dennson, Loretta Harvey. Joy Hawkins, Marcia Hays, Barbara Hodson, Pam noneynan. How 2: Linda McPha11, Ilene POICOT. Veronica Priddy, Joann Ritchie. l R y Mtv Vxm, VM 1' ny t! ,tkQ'1lW "NW ru N a-. N ' . N' ' it X . r X . X .' Y X ' Wuxi 1. "1 'W d Whn wx ll. N. o. ... S yr o o upvdt' nl., " Wu to .1-1f"m'NH1' tl xl 6 W! hh... nt do ,1iH.gi..Wd' or thy, H Im- , ,gr yn ,pf r .... .sp 1... N in jo! Q ' WWW " " ' "" ""' X "'x ' ' xwf X wx X ' X I o I . fe-f, f' ff. n. r f o , .. t. ef 1 uuywhmm. uhh! it W., WN'M...1Moy'mNIll'mmrdYn.mx.rxWxx.xm L1 my of V ooo,,,jM'w 'nu on "' I' u ' W fy .e f ,N ' 'N 'u' - N W .W ., t NWN t N tty u 7 3 4 ,c d ,na 5 ' andnot! ' '. . . .fo+oM.f, 'B 9. . L ,' v. N Q V wi N ,ff It 5 ' ,YP X' . . .. .134, '5,, . M r ' 1, 'writ-Jiri . t M H hd I a e M or! Top Row: Mr. Sailors, Roger Barth, Dick Grown, Kennth Cope, Bonnie Crabtree, Morrell llcrton, warren Long, JanMore1l, Lee Mchamm, Jim Miller. R ers. ow Q: Delbert Morre, Rick Vick- Ctudo KQM-fashioned Dancing Membership in the club is available to any student who likes to dance, most- ly "farm" style. The club desires to arouse the interest ln and preserve the things, true spirit of the Western dance. Crafts Club is an organization for students who are interested ln working with tools, building and repairing Top How: Mrs. Mohler, Mrs. Meraan, Miss 0'Grlen Gary nngulsh Linda Ashton keith , , , a , Butts, Carole Carruthers, Pamela Cody, Sue Champney, Dellard llewall. Row 2: Trudle Durham Sher man Epperson, Mary Faith Evans, Caro1eGr1ffin, Galen Griffin, B111 Grimes vi 1 , rg nla John- ston, Sheron Mclflnley, Kay Mlze, John Montfoort. How 3: Ginger Mundorf, Dennis Nelson, 'Paul Gldham, Ella Marie Painter, Alice Pearce, Mardee Gcdewald, Mike Sondeffer, Charles Sampson, Leon Shellnbarger, Marilyn Snlth. j ll ,,,, M v,,.,, X' MM WML Al " h "1"lvvvvv,,lWl,, MMMMMM ,MM llvvvv "" l WNV W M 'fr Fl lt ,,,, H ,,,, ll Vl l f np , , V yy I rf' , N 5 , pl-M 7 '-f Ve " ff ' ll A -1, ,l if ' , mf l? XIV!! Heh: 4 X J im enfwf v v r ,, , 'M' , ag, . S if SQ J 'b 1 'BQ x M ' 0 N. V "' -v ,rf 11 mv! fl r ' , Nr s v ll an , m i We , f nmlmflk l 'H' at n illluki , -135- 6 R, . I 1 ' ,f lp 5154, p dl P W 'ya a -:tk we l fi. r fi. f...f"l nr' N m V C I nf- li: l G . ffl J I 'r lllt L all 'wh th 'W r ills' F' G a .. an hmm mm'1H. W, mmmm m ' W, Top Row: Nina Allen, Shlrley Avery, Sandy Blackard, Linda Gobo, PhylllsBogge,lli11Coh1er, Beverly Crouch. H0110 Eaton. Hex Ferrell, Jack Frakes, George Grlffln. Row 2: Corrine Harris, Gary Henderson, Janes Henderson, Kathryn High, Mary Johnson, Carolyn Johnston, Jackie Kelser, Roger llluska, Lanny Logan. Row 3: Judy Lowery, Harllyn Harsh, Judy Hcvelgh, eorge Hills, Llnda Nelson, Karen Peer, Hareel1aPhtllps, Sherry Roberts, Gennlsllohert- ' son. Row lr: Sharon Shlpps, Goh Smith. Connie Stover, Barbara Taggart, Gary Totten, George l H t- vaughn, Wayne Voigt, Zan Natta lllllla s, Cherie llolgast. Row 5: Hr. Patterson, Hes ur gen. J Gtulifllerntefw, 93owtSbuYeeoarutS41mfeeo. Bowling Club meets to go howling, every other Wednesday, at the Highland Crest Bowling Alley. At the end of each semester the club presents a trophy to the girl and hey with the highest howl- ing score. Competing for the trophy keeps the kids interested in the club and makes them feel like they have some- thing to next for during the semester. -136 1 1 l ,....., .xxiii u p .k,,, qi! T' W rf- Ah A faq Top Row: nr. Learesleyz Edvard Anderson, Jin Arnold, henry Austin, Gilbert Garter, berell Deever, Telly Lemon, Dennis Metcalf, Jerry Miller, Arthur Parrish. Row 2: John Perry, Roy Roberts, Grren Stovall. Baga.17euetu4r.S1eadry gland, Sure The Rifle Club ls an organization for the boys of this school in which they can learn and practice good habits ln the handling of firearms Members go to the Armory for their meetings. There they are instructed con- Mmmmjmnmmcmbwlwmmwe about biological science. Each member is required to have at least one project completed during the year. At the end of the year they have one picnic, during the year they take field trips and view science films during the club periods. wmmgdnwmzmwwsmmpmmny how to hold a rlfle in different posi- tions, and how to shoot well. Students. Show inteaeot in Ewing .Wtirrga Tbp Row: Mrs. Duncan, Mr. Willis, Susan Boyd, wayne Burd, William Cox, Robert Crouch, Nat- han Dexter, Bill Edwards, James Farthlne. Benton nenurromson. Row 2:Julle Hlzh, Selma High, Kermit Holllngshead, Violet Lancaster, Jo Ann Llndbloon, Marilynn Llns, Steve Lucas, Larry Magnuson, Sheila Martingale, George Metz. Row 3: Mary nel Nelson, Glen Guy, Bill Smyth, lelllla Smith, Fred Stone, Karla Kar Williams, hike Tllllamsf :T ' fu , Fr-T T rf " i , . KW T l. Bs V K , was A I at nn A ' ' T me r ' arse ., , r :Q T ps., A' ? lv " fl , nfl .lwye 'v,v ' T fr ' .v wfhmwwwffww T M T Qi K f "":vw'v .M 'v .- K N Q . A law- I if u ' wt.. 1 T I pl "', gg . I , W I ai- F 4 V -A X W I V -- , . ws , , G T 4 -- ,, l , - ' 'Iii H' - ' F , ' , gm K 'rv X ,,.Vf', . N . t I T T' ' T 5 I' 'I 'rl Q ' l A v V , 3 l "o:.1Lm'f r ' X , , T71 'l - Ya ' it of Ap ..-e A beef. r' T , , .Ar f1', N .r M' . fs er 4 we sq X 41 'lb P sy U! XXX J M l 'xx al' I af f rr- J .N ,Nile t A 5 5 ' f""' ' "ff" Ii ' -, 1' itat. E J ' NP' i . .. .1.4 . o"ls ho ' , . K V' ai rc .. M .4 .Ar N " ' , I V. A f' ' ' ea if V Q9 ' fl ,J t M r V . . , . , sf!! M .f Y, M . ,, ,J .., nnaa, lv , 'M' 'M tn , , 1-yr ,J lg,,,,,,rnu,,nM J .. ll, l . u u J - - . ll lt W llW 'f.l llmllllll l Tl, l Mmlmnfth llllll.NlV olll .lull . .no .nW. mml "" n K7 'f'h'JJllulM J , "r , . , , ,J .e. ri lbp Hou: Mrs. Cleland, Oarlene Anderson, Janet Arrlson, John hadshy, Phyllis Boggs, Betsy Boltz, Susan lloyd, vlrzlnla Carrlaer, Nedlne Cotrcn, Sue Channney. Hou 2: Connle Crain, Karen niche, Nllna Duncan, Carol Evans, Canellla Fletcher, Judy Foster. Belna High, Kenneth Hill, Debby Mines, Lucllle Moller. Row 3: Jeanette Jeffery, Diana lleefover, Jenna Kolternan, vlclst Lancaster, John Lewis, Jo Ann Llndbloon, Marllynn Line, Nancy Mcdlure, Eileen McNlsh. Row 6: Marilyn Marsh, Shells Martindale, George Metz, Nancy Miller, lluah Moncrlef, A1lcePearce, Pat Stockdale, Sharon Stone, Marilyn Sutton, Beth Vining. Row 5: Betty Zelda. Scme Becfc into the 53650 and flftctmcmetet .73uc,ifcecc, F.M.C.C. is e group of students who are interested in learning about med- icine and nursing. They vlslt such places as doctors' offices, hospitals, and technicians' moms. Speakers who are authorities in cmfnmormnnmtnnntnsmn X l f X at meetings held after school in the evening. 'B LM 'ifQ'?'f . . I !",xA -5 I Het' ...y . .EM 'sw - Q:-vi'-as LQ F n ' Nm . dh 4' j,'l g d.: .ga-Lv , 1 k . Q Top Row: Mr. ullheson, Ronald Ashley, Earl Bayless, Scott kelaaaa, Harold llragdnn, Daryl Duncan, Snomda Grange, Raymond Harvey, Tom Hestand, Martin Muyett. Row 2: Sharon Poun- lngton, Den Ricketts, Jll Tollm. I Hlogofewua Cldoutyladcoo The club is organized for students mf interested in the technical operation of ' the radio. I l The club meeting activities include , U-, s code and theory classes for these inter- ested ln passing examinations for get- ,-,-1',,'E 3 ting an amateur license. Speakers on . -1- -e M phasesofradio work, and films on elec- t trlclty and radio are on the program. 53ogoSfww51tteaeotio ' Many boys enjoy cooking as much as girls do, and the opportunity for put- tlngthis intopractlce is offered ln the workin Boys' Foods Club. Membership, is open to all boys who would like to join with a limit of 20 members. Members try out new recipes and prepare old favorites during the year. l lla Daugherty mo1v1nuong1as,woanrd Top Row: Mrs. liley, Mrs. Holmes, alll Carrol , Dee y , harris, Don Hines, Daniel Jenkins, John Johnson, Larry Johnson. Row 2: George Mcllnlght, Bill Muncy, Don Parker, Steve Wood. Gi, V 1 P- Av , yi r' i J we ' llllll v . j -Q an--, . at l . l ae' ' A Il: m ,...-AH O 'N-Q. Fm ni ww K l Top Row: Mrs. Bobinson, Nina Allen, Carlene Anderson, Banda Anderson, Sharon Angulsh Carl ene Baldwin, Mary Becker, Susie Bilstein, and Judi Brandt. Row 2: Nancy Brandt virginia Carriger Nadine Catron Saundra Chesn All . . BY, cia Clement. Mary Nell Binkle virginia Bisele, Carol Evans, and Camellia Fletcher. Row 3: Judy Foster, Bonna Fredrlclrso Jean Fricke, Cynthia Garcia, Nelen Griffin, Kathryn High, Boxanna Nolllnyhead, Sell lioyt, and Linda Houst . R ' on ow 4. Corrine Barrie, Mary Ann Janson, Jeanine Jost, Judy Jost Jeannie Klstler, Karen Koehler, Carol Krelpe, Carolyn Lange, and Be Anna Lindsay. o, america . . . future gfomenutfae Q bwb-. , veey 3 V , JK ek Par a A ' ,,, A . B ll B Q B . a B f 6 Tl no-. W .. . B J M Te N, . 4 me "QW llll l of To rv , r - ll f. th at "tr 4' - s,s, . zu uuuuuuuuuu as lluu jjyx lllll rr ,,,, y, y . J A B. B as . ll B l uuul B "ge C , fi Q u re E' J C" new ' le-u A f Ili.. ' A j , rw-or 2' B 'A ,sg lx wi Q r . . B ru. . M: 1 ' J 5 V 'B 5 Gr: I 5' W V. w fx N K , 1 1 N.. rr . .. , 'uul all , ' , to r . for 'W ulf i t ll M N , - , Q 1 R 5 fi lr ' 5: 'W 2. ar 9 . A -. wb 3- A ,jj ffl, 'fer Z, C Agn it Q-9 B. rr any 'A e .rrr wa J . , A N, M fr, I tu I 140- Future Homemalrers of America apart of a world-wide organization, emphasizes the valuesof home naklngand family life. The club sponsors the Sweetheart Hop in February. Several rlrls have the opport- unity to attend the state meetings. Election for new officers ls in the spring of each year. In May the club has a installation dinner or picnic for the new club officers. The officers are Darlene Stauffen president: Karen Roberts, vice-preslden Mary Becker, secretaryg Nadine Catror treasurer: Carolyn Lange, historian Beverly Loymeyer, somgleader: Sally Hoy- plahistg Bonnie Shellrnbarger, reporter and Beverly Stapleton, parllanentarlan O- N qv V 'V .A QV 1 ', fn V Q P 4 fe V ' gg Qgf, , ' iff? age ut- .,m'. 1' x 'I N J X . K 'I A W arrr Nllb ' , ' - 1 X. 1 J ,., t . , at ff- fo' , L , , I ' J o M911 "M 'V .. . F' . it f' F' a - 'll ' ' l 1 v s V,. S .va fm . , N. S l K Q aw Vw. ,1 ,V ' V H x V V ,V V . 5 .,,, V V ' V ' , . ga f is 1 . S Ie if .V 1 7' if , . l. -' ' -M DLL., a-, 'M' V . -w, , fr X V' X! ' 1 V V ,V ,V V ,VV V,,V V- 'V VV: .1 l 4, . 'M f ' , f . Top Row: Karen Lloyd, Sharon Lloyd, Beverly Lohmeyer, Sandra Mannell, Judy Martin, Nancy Martin, Judy Mathews, Doris McDowell, and Karen Moss. How 2: Eileen McNish, Linda Nelson, Ella Maria Painter, Karen Peer, Marcella Phillips, Karen Porter, KHth1B9H Press- grove, Laura Baber, and Karen Boberts. How 3: Dorothy Saxbury, Tondra Ann Smith, Beverly Stapleton, Janet Stapleton, Darlene Stauffer, Bonnie Shellinbarger, Karla Kaye Williams Zan Natta William, and Barbara Zimmerman. aaa sado, dream gtomemafeino F.H.A. Council--Top Row: Miss Allen, sponsor: Nadine Catron, Mrs. Bobln- son, sponsorg Karen Roberts, Bonnie Shelinbarger, and Sally Hoyt. Bottom How: Carolyn Lange, Mary Becker, Beverly Lohmeyer, Darlene Stauffer, and Beverly Stapleton. ,'ll'lllVa4Ba,py . V v 4 I Y 1 r l..l.'. ,l l i Ulf' V! -' 5 . 'V l V ... -. , , ily .. Q I-.144 X . gn Hy' at f . ' ' , ' 1 sf. lf' are 1 W y R 't Q 'I-.s. l ,Ly l X r . r ll ll 1 I Q A E A l pw-v ' . Q l' 4' . ' gn. ..."... ,,, x 1 r . . 4 A r r .dj 5 ! ., 'QL HV E !!" algo' 1 '1NN aunt wwwxx . .ou Wu. l1l"'131'y..'.."' Y'n.h,hh.. ' V . " kg wwwN,, .A,p,p.I a, !?5'lltv,? ' .1 '.1u' ynynnf'Mglg' g u ea by by . n .. YH. G' rnnu yutny nn, 'run G rg it ,H n st vatut: 'H v lyyy -ff lv Q. G G. - ' I-of Top Row: hr. Herman, Dale Anno, Harry Chrlstnan, Lester Chrlstllr. Jin helfrees. lleylond Drler, Chester Evans, Marvin Everist, George lllechel, and Carl Kuhlnan. Row 2: Charles McNlsh, Paul sueheck, Joe Ricketts, Paul Schafch, Jim Tolln, and Phllllp Wagoner. CM 'llndaatafcececmrrmnitp A newly organized club at Highland Park this year ls the Key Club. Since the club has beencrganlzed, lt has more than proven its worth. The club has undertaken several pro- '.1BCl3Bf0 help better the community and to raise funds to mane e better organiz- ation. such as rsnodeling the Bobby Sox Club, ringing bells at salvation Army booths at Christmas time, sponsoring the faculty-Key Club basketball gene, and gathering clothing for needy child- rar. lhe officers for the Key Club are as follows: Jim Dellrees, presldentg Carl Kuhlmen, vice-president: and Dale mano, secretary- treasurer. sanraarapa, uaaewun Camera The Camera Club is for anyone who is interested in leaming the techniques of taking pictures and developing them. students must be interested in photo- graphy and have a qillingness to co- operate end partlcipateln the activities of the club. The officers are George Helchel. president: John Huyett. vice-president: and Jin Tolln, secretary-treasrrer. Top Row: Mr. Harvey, Mr. Baker. Bobby Decker, George lltechel, and John lluyett. Row 2: Steve Lucas, Martina Pressgrove. Gan Ricketts. and Jil Tolls. .5 A 't 5' .252 , " :Max L 142- by G A 1 ,JY V K Q E' 7 -as . ff, 9, '3- l D UN xt 'SJ ' 9 s -.gg-. NL -V .htm .QNX K I' V .Q nn l v,a R el we ' heh w r AV! b w .hx Q . ,. . . A -L w R a n , I . . , R , , new W , 3, A W R., , , , ,Y rl , A ' . . 4 V I W 'l , 'a R , W , nn . ' , as w turf T To ww w +++ n ' ,Ja I4 N 1 'I "X fi i ri 'W ' l E . R ,. X,-' 'nw A-X it r T ner It 5' - r ' ' ' A 1 w 1 J f n A' 7' O a L NI., N- ' lf tlfft' " 4' Rfk' r rf! A, - R T .. e . nl . - R , , V, ,',r, In V, ,, ,V ,I ., ,X R - .R lb 1'f5' h '.u'l- 'di rr with ' jf afar tt s Nfl!! as ' in f'hX Ag 4 lt wth ?r"1f nl , "w -r R in A 44" W wxwxxx nl ' 3 V t V R I' P . Q , "I " ,lt w Jhrlu,,, , I A . r R d'tl'ww bl, f ., V fri f , 1 ' f Top Hou: Rr. Ranks, Ronald Ashley, Earl Bayless, Rick Brom, Kenneth Cope. and Lanny llavid. How 2: Chester Evans., penn Horton, Lonnie Loran, .llc hotten, John Pom. and Nelson Pratt. Row 3: 'han Rlclretts, Joe Ricketts, Bob Smith, Richard States, John Tobias, and Alan llllrs. rltenrierc flint for the .73cctt'c,-eye The purpose of the Archery Club is to provide an opportunity for e recreation in which individuals participate and learn to sont es a teen. The boys in the club furnish their own hows and arrows. The club ell went together and bought the targets they use. On nice dave they no outside and set up targets, on had days they stay inside and watch films. The officers are Joe Ricketts, presi- dent: Chester Evans, secretary. px . 9 ,ir X, ir' W' ,A A P is-qi' w "J" N3 ,,JKQn, tLj ' N I u , 'w,,'w':, 'Wt wgttt,1ww,,w,wwwQ,Qww ww wt ,w,'w,w wt ww + + 1 w ... ,I J' M wwfwwtwmhwl WWE Wt DW wwlww T , ,,,,X ,,, tt www n tl rtww w w www www D w www w w Aw? M w w uw' W Dwwwwwwwwwwwww JwwwYfwDmwWWttwwwttwtwlww Top Row: hrs. an, Sandy Dlackard, Joella Drown, Shirley Dottertleld, Linda Dale, Gayle Denall, and Diehl Dreshach. Row 2: Trudie Durhan, Snonda orange, Corrine Harris, Myrna Hays, Debby Hinos, Lucille llollar, and Deanna Dull. Row 3: ElDora Hummer, Linda Kent, Karan lller, Jennie Kistler, Sandy Metzger, Cheryl tllze, and Sondra Toss. How 4: Pat Porter, Lauretta Rankin, Mary Jo Robinson, hlardee Dodewald, Susan Schulte, velora Smith, and Sally Smith. Row 5: he11ssaSmyth, Fran Dagoner, Joyce Whaley, Sharon wright, Cherie llolgast, and his Fowler. Qietc Swim fat Exercise The Sir1S' Swimming club is e new name: they are known as the Tscnnle organization at Highlerldeark this year. Mermaids". All girls arepernlttedtcjcln the club, The officers are as follows: Srlrley swinmersornon-swtmners. Butterfield, president: Fran Wagoner. The glrlsgo to the YDCA to swtnr they vice-president: Srowdanrange, secretary- have life guards to supervise and help treasurer. them. The girls gave themselves a new 144- G. is W , ' A W 4 L, an J f' .Kr il 'x 4 N I 'fa ' pb tug K , Ui ,Q ' pd' J all tl J v f I A L f x 'H 'iq l -.J v .5 kgs: .flnlgkm Top How: Hr. Reynolds, Hr. Herryman, Gary Anguish, Paul Barkley, Wayne Durd, Dill Carroll, Dee Ray Daugherty, Paul Derda, Melvin Douglas, and Tom Decker. How 2: Harold Early, Raymond Early, Dale Cordon, Don Hortm, Ken Hill, Dick Hays, Kermltllollingshead, GGOFEG Hiechel, Larry Jackson, and John Johnson. Row 3: Carl Kuhlman, Dougkoehler, Charles Lower, Dill Muncy, Larry Magnuson, Hugh monorlef, Dennis Nelson, Alan Priddy, Bert Perry, and Bob Perry. Row -4: Leon Shel lnbarger, Tom Streeter, Rob Steps, Charles Sampson, Dave Reynolds, Hike Toelkes, Steve Hoods, Richard Rendland, and Verlewestover. Hlogo 'Illia athletic Clwaulo lhe H-Club is an athletic orgmization vnich is composed of boys who have earned letters in one of the sports at Highland Park High School. when they are awarded the letter, they become a member of the club. 'lhey elect officers and have meetings when officers and sponsors think it is necessary. They usually hold meetings in the evenings. They invite speakers to talk before the group and show moving pictures of sports during their club meetings. Roger Morris, Hrs. Hiley and Daniel Jenkins are getting the popcorn machine ready for the hungry fans who like basketball and poooom. Q3 A l ' x an ' All L 4 alll' Zvi. K 1 rm s J' G J' 5 Q' I ..r, ff--ax are -so if ig ' V ' N' e L' . vt X, .l 'I - l s lr! v""f -lv-ir are ru- ' ,,, .T ' -rr- a r C I . 1.Q lf l I MQ Top Row: Mrs. Nuznan, Gail Arnote, Shirley Avery, Lynne eal1ey,SueChanpnoy, Susan Chubb Nancy Crook, Crystal Decker, Carol England, and Margie Faunce. Row 2: Peter Gilliland, Edna Eordlnlere, Mary Greenberg, Lavon Hass, Debby Minas, Lucille Holler, Pan Moneynan, Jeanette Jeffery, Carolyn Johnston, anddackie Kaiser. Row 3: Paula Kieffer, Marilyn Llns, Marilyn Marsh, Cheryl Meek, Mary Lou Miller, Ginger Nelson, Elizabeth Csborn, Doris Patton, Irene Porter, and Carolyn Pressgrove. Row -4: Marleta Eob on, Sally Schnalzel, Sally Smith, Marilyn Sutton, Louanne Thellmann, Sharon Walters, Connie Mhlte, Sandy Mlnans, and Becky Moodnan. Qttto Qauetcp, Jnteaeoto. in 'Uattauo Sparta club sponsors a play day in which girls from various high schools ln this area G. A. A. is a girls' club which meets every other week in the school wh. During their meetings they first get their business taken care of. They en- gage in various sports such as volley ball, basketball, football, tennis. and hockey. They do sports both outside and within the club and receive points for these various activities. 'lhey are award- ed at the and of the year for the amount of points they earned. Each spring the 146- participate. The officers are as follows: Suaar Bord, president: Shirley Avery, vice president: Lavon Hess, treasurer: Marg Faith Evans. secretary: Marilyn Line program chairman: Marleta Robson, polntv chairman: and Marilyn Marsh, intramural: chairmen. ls. r 'NN ' Uv r ' ,, "U 1" . Cf f. ' TUP Rev: MPS- Bhiemeu. Julie Dawson, Karen Dicks, Linda 00649, and Linda Ferrin. Row 2: Sharon Fu1ler,JeanIvas, Janice Jost. Janice Kolterman. and Jo Ann merrynan. Row 3: Linda Mcvhail, sharon Pennington, Janice Tibbs, and Rosallie Torrez. ci! Mcrnhero Qliaect ffcpf CM The Psa Club Council consists of six- teen members--four officers and three representatives from each class--and three sponsors. 'Ihese members and anon- sors meet as a Group II Club during the activity period As the governing board of the Scotch Lassfas Pep Club the Council sets uh standards and rules for the entire Pell Club. The Council also Judges the ex- cuses written by members who have viol- ated these standards ond rules. The Pep Club, headed by the council sponsors the Homecoming and Queen of Courts Varsity. The officers are Janice Jost, presl- dent: Karen Dlcke, vice-president: Jo Ann Merryman, secretary! Jean Ives, treasurer. -147- Bottom Row: Cheri Lord, Judy Ann Shepard, Rosallie Torrez, Claudia Love, Connie Stover, Paadl Reese, Billie Myrick, Dorothy Saxbury, Carol Thompson. Rozetta Lee, and Charlotte Moore. How 2: Kay Mlze, Nancy Miller, Melissa Smyth, Ronnie Medea, Sally Smith, Louanne Thellmann, Sharon Ray, Sandy Stetler, Sharon McKinley, Karan Patton, and Judy McVeigh. Hom 3: Velora Smith, Laura McKinley, Veronica Prlddy, Joy Often, Marleta Robson, Judy Lowery, Ellen Stovall, Sharon Wright, Judy Kay Shepard, Mardae Rodawald, and Sharon Pratt. Row 6: Linda Sutton, Linda Mitchell, Linda Newton, Loretta Harvey, Cheryl Mlze, Jo Ann Lindbloom, Karen Lloyd, Marcella Phlllivll Karen Porter, Sandra Metzger, and Mrs. Shipman. Hom 5: Marilyn Sutton, BonnteShellnbarger, Marilyn Marsh, Jo Ann Merryman, Tondra Ann Smith, Fran Ragoner, Sharon Pennington, Ginger Mundorf, Marilyn Smith, and Ralfa Lowe. How 6: Connie Mcdee, Sharon Shipas, Mary Westover, Mary MoNlah, Susan Jones, Linda Nelson, Karen Peer, Mary Jo Robinson, Martlynn Line, and Mary Bel Nelson. Red weateao, amd?torwa.73ep.CtuIt , Front Row: Beverly Lohmeyer, Beverly Stapleton, Darlene Stauffcr, Sally Schmelzel, and Carol Evans. How 2: Mrs. Shipman, Judy Martin. Betsy Becker, Karen Roberts, and Janice Koltermau. lop Huw: Kathleen Finley, Janice Jost, Sharon Lloyd, Kllma Duncan, and Brenda Rolfklll. G4 jul AGL .55 :ih- CZ' 4 Wi wa s Mn ,, 1 , V-My 2 4' 1 B tt Row: Candy Campbell, Linda Bhite, Carol Briff1n,Beanna Lindsay, Judy Merryman, o on Deanna Null, Sandra Wilson, Sharon Bricker, Susan Chubb, and Janet Stapleton, Row 2: l i th o Beverly Abmeyer Carol Jeffery, Sandra Chesney, Alicia Moege, Al c a Donna lngen r n, , Clements, Banda Ruth, Jackie Justls, and Joyce Whaley. Row 3: Jennie Klstler, Barb Malbourn, Joyce Calhoun, Mary Greenberg, Boris Patton, Charrl Knight, Margie Faunce Lauretta Moreland, Nancy Coen, and Miss Handka. Row 4: helen Davis, Lucille Bollar, Nancy McClure Carol England Elizabeth Beborn. Gall Arnote, Betsy Boltz, and Brandt, Nancy , , 1 Keefover Edna Gordinicr cbrystal Becker, Karen Porter. 7 p How: Eileen Porter, B ana , , i Jost. Becky Bayless, Judy Mathews, Lynne Bailey, Paula Kieffer, Laura Baber, and Jean ne flow 'Ijewc Wap, CM , Flaw Erclfuwiacm to Spruce V -2 ' -E 6 - 'A H an- , ,.,. fn- x '1"' 3 I M fl' f l A V VV 75 R -M' ,JV ' 1 ,vi-f"j' , , R ' V 5 1 u . I F 3 'A 'Nl D " f Ml' ' L his is T in l ' -e an rm f a ' T' , V VV 'twin ' .2 V."V H t ,llulwialg ' T' il ll. nik V' ' YV Y .4 ,lu 4 l 4 4 ,W a f yr ,f yd m' l . lkllk , i lf, r I of l QW as , l s -'1 W .A , if V. V "3.',l T A, 'aqnip ' Inq ' ' ' A- ,W ' -u H up v' H .V vw .5 Q5 V v , , A VV 5, . ,, V V V w , VV W A QD W V w V . ,- H , . ,,. ,' ' t V . V.,,V. cf V v . . 1 H I ,,5"' l I 'QQ It fl r 1 I V ' a ' V V, N , ' Q I r' 1 L' " ' ' 'T X ' ' " ' f4f,rsa',t ,f Top Row: hr. Helloes, Howard Hauer, Buddy Hrooke, Gene Conway, Phil Davls, Dean Edson, Sherman Hpnerson, Dennis uardner, and Jack ullllland. Row 2: Jerry Hauck, Dick Hays, Roger Hlbbs, Larry Hlll, Tom Hoover, Dick Ice, Steve Jolurson, lllke Kellogg, and Robert lliller, Row 3: .lon horell, Hubert Novell, Paul Dldham, Dennis Parry, llohert Perry, Jul lus Rehek, Dennis Steward, and Tom Vining. Zta Swiragdfvaouglo the Clie Qfaeateot of Ease Deorge Hlechel swings on the parallel bars during the hall at the Laurence basketball game, competing with the Lions' teau ln wnnastlcs skills. To develop ability to use dkfferent pieces of apparatus ln the gymnasium, boys have fonned the Gymnastic Club. They aorkon such things as the rings, parallel bars, ropes, tumbling acts, and the springboard. They have added a new piece of apparatus to the gym this year: it is the trampoline. The officers are as follows: S'l6I'DlBll Dpperson, president: Dick, Ice, vice- presidentg Dick Hays, sec.-trees. -151- N Tm H H H W M ,y M i e l',I f Jr tr Cf H g H , kM,rmV vxtnffvm kf s , H W my M .... . anal ,menu lv V High? Ruf us Kiik gti1IIIl!L jQL.' ,,,, L?Q 'IlIIII,, - W y re, D "WM , g L'-.ae 4 eff 'H if ' ' 'l HV' M r gg I. . . ,J , V it tim ...L 1 1, "m't'kI 1 ,mmm . M J D D 1 , .I I Pug'-rbi in mf,-A V N. W . .... J . N,, . me m 1 N .i "m , V m X ffm Mum ma J J J . Top Row: Miss Baskett, Tulle Andres, Paul Barkley, Shirley Bellman, Linda Berry, Bene Challaconbe, Patty Clark, Marvin Dennison, LeonaDew,and Wilma Duncan. Row 2: John Ellis, Joyce Gardner, Carol Hanes. Carolyn Handvork, Leanne Harvey, Loretta Harvey, Diane Hauschild, Myrna Hays, Julie High, and Bene Halford. Row 3: Mary Holmes, Martin Huyett, Larry Magnuson, Merideth Miller, Jim Miller, Lauretta Mor1and,PatParne1l, Shirley Pusch, Beth Houdybush, and Daryl Houdybush. Row 4: Jean Ann Robinson. Carol Hunold, Judy Kay Shepard, David Shtmeall, Martha Shlmeall, Patricia Stockdale, and Tom Streeten .mme nyna, The purpose of the Highland Park Bible Club is to provide e Christian etmostphere among the students and an opportunity to discuss end to study the Bible. At the opening of the club meeting, members sing well-knovm hymnsz this is followed by prayer. -152- Cfaetbiakert fllhweplwte The officers are John Ellis, presi- dent: Tom streeter, vice-president: Jean Ann Robinson, secretary! Marvin Dennison, treasurer: Paul Barkley, song- leaderi Leanne Harvey, pianist. X , QA SCX ,SQNgj5,JJO Xl,l,ww S Q9 M33 MMMYM Bmw 15"mw5v io aw-NU' V X MQ QLD f K , UVQC3 A sgn Q x I , BY fmlywfb USB? ,W " JQJQ CBXGAAU K. Gm Q' gg.mfl, by x 1. Y..+ N9 ' Wm ,Q K . RAN , fi 'a 'vi 'Y , Iwwl .- S , xMxQJYv MQ, Q, YKKJGYLQ, U 1 W - My OL W w93m QQQJ W JWPLHJQMMMAMM, wacxgilwvokx 2 X kiwx x + 'X 0A if M1 lm Y? 77f0f"M-f kgimwvah W 1 X L! 1 1, y Hun v 1 W ku x ,W W" WM w mum , HM WNWX ' 4 1 Y N W -1,1 MH H U ,N N .LA ' ' W A av' 'SE I N u X ww , W W J , WL ,. I Y w 4 'VV' ' Isa , . ' Q1 Ur .xxx M Nl" M. 53 'Vw H " J Wmff Qi n " , f : X "wmv 'H' 'WWX L ww , 4 I N W 1 N N 'V , H, I Q 5 W1 Y w 5 0.x , 1 M H Y 1 1 W1 N I , l lx - f ufw-X77 -rw, . V f P 452' Y f '!. ' - --'ln .U ,vw '. 1 1 1 : hfiv v' 35:1 LA fig., N - V -W,-5 way.,- , In , , ,VX ' ,J ,I Hg ' 4 if F l2ueen0wwl I . 3 A . 1.1. A r I. P' ew: -gzifff , ' 'W r n ,-H' adi- NJ 'd n n - s -JPN! 4 ,W v J MH, f '1 WI 1.- W 1" IMA. 1, f, v 1 4 'W ,.-,M J' Ji, A -lr' 4 7 ,lf 'M , , W' Y w I if Darlene Stauftor and Bill nunoy 156- Barbara Taggart and Jim DoFrees Carolyn Johnston and Doe Ray Daughert 5- Peuay Gilliland and John Johnson "' MS llll ' 1' Jule f I f Shirley Avery and Dave Reynolds 1' ,fffy I ' .1 " ,1 ff' 1.,. - 1 fy h . ,. ,. ,, ' f ,111 1' fll...' l ly' 14 ' V ' " 13 1- 1 fr ,',.'l.f X I." 4. ,ff 1' I! 'I ,J if , ,ne nf.. 1 -' 'I V., fy I' ' xl I J yt n 5 um' , an Ann A N A ' 'I 3 ,'! . ' V - rfffp' ' ff ' , Q' nf-o , H I J, Iwi. 5' ,L pf . .ly V 1 anennhu,ep159 The Highlander King and Queen candidates are chosen by the student body in the fall of the year. The candidates are voted on by the shudents who purchase a '59 Highlander and in a cerenony, which takes place in the spring when the yearbooks are distributed, the King and Queen are crowned. Rm l U ,QI Xi! I I 1 V ' x 4 w VFX-- f' ui L 1 I e M I f X L 1N, J zylab , ly' I ' I V Y ,3 I r MI' , V . ,I J ,A N Y 1 N A 1 WWW H' mv 1 Vuxx, 1 51. w x , X , I Q 1' T' LL H 1 I 1' ,- z 1 xlxl l fy ,x '51 i 1 'In " 4: 1 , ,X . v X 4' I U , , N W qw ' 1' L ' 1 I ' f l .5 v 'V " .. ff Joan Smith was crowned Homecoming Queen by Mayor Schnellhacher on e cold and cloudy Halloween night. The crown bearers were Roos Muncy and Steve Steps. Carol Evans was Mistress of Ceremonies. joan Smith Cwumed gtamecoming Queen Queen Joan Smith, who was escorted by Dole Anno, and her attendants, millie Jane Nightingale and Janice Tlbhs, watch the last half of the victorious homecoming game between the Scotties and Seaman Vikings. The attendants were escorted by David Reynolds and Richard Wendland. ,tk tt tw, to K Q u U fl! he r Queen Sally JF 1 I I I y ll, QL' ' yr . ,t LI!! 1, ' f ,Nfl ff , -'. af 'X ,, t tl V . iv? 'IQ ' t l 1 I 1 r in fa' Lk M , a . .,l,. Beverly Lohneyer Mary Jane Leach ltufeen of Cowtta , Clfwgtoaoaect her escort, Harry Christman, watch intently as Dr. Howard lexter places tho Queen of Courts crown on Sally Schmelzel. Bob Harvey, Sally'a esoort,and Gary Pracht, attendant Bev Lohmeyer's escort, also are fascinated by the sole Attendant Mary Jane Leach and mn occasion. v 1 f 27 is-1 6 I-. .r-Li! I ' ' 1 w ..l . A . A i!'u- , 3' 1 'J Queen Madine A 75, I 1 if , Au 1 I N 1. ,1 r '1 JF A1 -if 1 , X' Z if g , 1 V j - I I . X ' Q I ' xi , Q 7 ' V1 J L C 6 l v I :L 55, 4 5 g Hi L' 1 I' af ti 5 L I t 'QU 5 1 1 . wx ,,'N suis ' , Karen Moss md Bob Harvey Winoee, and Hlainceoses attend the Judy Martin and Leland Harvey . V .tv The candidates for Sweetheart Hop Queen and King were chosen by the clubs sponsor- ing the event, the Y-Teens and F.H.A. clubs. the Queen and King were voted upon by students attending the Hop. The results were not revealed to anyone until the time of the crowning ceremonies that evening Nadine Catton was crowned Queen and Don Horton King of the Hop by Mr. Stoll. f The sponsoring groups presented an enjoyable pmgrun, and then everyone join- edin the social dancing for the rest of the evening. Lavon IIGSS and Rmvmond Early Carlene Anderson and Dale Anno 'K 'i'WII?"'T ' , r ' ' V If f , , mf' NL' V L M Janice Koltennan and Bob Steps ' I ., , ,, 'nm' :I L it 5- v l g '- r ' ' .L '-ef 19, 'Nt ' h 1' - .'! M, .,4f 4 r' ' 'fd' t ' J P v. The blue and Silver Christmas Formal, sponsored by the Student Council December zo was enjoyed by students and faculty of HPHS. The trees in the foreground were sprayed with white snow, as were all the trees and BDTllB of evergreen, to give the effect of n Hhrosty Fantasyl' " flwehy ffuntaely' ' Ile aruuutt Event Scottie couples and faculty members dence to the music of the John Carl band at the Christmas Fonnah I ,- -1 I ,e 1 Bud Brooks and Susan Schulte, Tom Decker and Corrine Harris, Jim Lita and Sandy Steves, hob Hines snd,Sontlra Chesney, and Roxannallollingshean and Neil Carlson keen time to the dance tunes of the orchestra at the holiday occasion, the Blue and Silver Formal. Mr. Banks' Civic class addeda hit of Christ- mas to the Main Hall. The tree was decorated by members of the class. S167 Vt The freshman class party, held 0etober 25, was a huge success. They used a HHa1loween" theme and decorated the cafeteria accordingly. Everyone had an enjoyable evening. fieeofunen ' ,ew The Labor Day Dance was highlighted by the presence of Bob Barber, a disc-jockey KTOP. The Highlander supplement was distributed to a large turn out of students. Everyone enjoyed the initial social event of the year. 4115 an me e I me use uni an on u s so at uw lol! not new itulssld bites! A A dance contest was heldg first prize winners Keith Butts and Linda Newton received a box of candy. A little rubber frog and a Kewple doll were givento second prize winners Linda Brooke and Floyd Rnckhurst. Sen .7tetum A - .Wage The Sophomore Kiddie party was a great success. Guests enjoyed various games including Red Rover, London Bridge ls Falling Down, and Ring around the Rosie. Semiow, flee Heated lp tanotw, Sewice Peggy Gilliland fits round pegs in square holes as she takes one of the various tests given by the Kansas State Employment Service to determine the student's vo- cational interests. Darlene Stauffer, Karen Moss,and Pat Scheldegger are only three of the many seriors to take the Kansas State Employment tests. These tests are given annually to determine what they were best qualified to do and to help them get jobs later on. N- "sh,,q::- ...-nel' ,...-1-ii" Glade inmate J 'I r . . . 1 'J r r y 1 - .1 yn I.. X LX1 . recudlmedew me exhausted F.lI.A. members clean up utter ne new members were initiated. The initiation rs hilariously successful. Pictured above are :dine Catton, Karen Moss, and Seily Hoyt. Enthusiastic- Pep Club initiates perform .duties required by Honor Pep girls. They were requested to scrub the Scottie Seal with s tooth brush. 1---ff 'Y The Robed Choir furnished the music for the Thanksgiving assembly. ln the freshman- sophonore part of the assembly the Reverend Clements gave the sersonette, Robert Perry gave the invocation, end nennls Robinson read the Scripture. aonefnlitg intetooie 5241114144 fwm Spools, to Spieitcum Cheerleaders dressed up for a nook homecoming assem- bly. They more decked out in various and startling outfits for the oroaina of tho queen. H., . schemes, , Judy Matthews, a freshman, accepted the prize of five dollars for placing first in the Freshman-Sophomore Spelling Bee from Ann Houdyshell, chairman of the Lads and Lassles welcoming committee. Paula Heifer placed second and Helen Davis won third. Carol Evans, president of Student Council, presented Janice Jost, a senior, with the first prize of five dollars for winning the Junl0reSenlor Spelling Bee. Second prlzeof three dollars was won by Joy Hawkins. Sandra Davidson received third prize of tvo dollars. ' Y' " WF! 'l73l QUIK I - 4 , 15' gxf e .. l H5 -UQQ 1 nl" . 'la' s frlw .. . c Q 5 all l ' . I A., , , ' yi,-uur,,.,,w 't 1 l gud' ' t ' 4 1 was X," :- f , l Mary Jane Leach. Judy Martin, and Jackie Kaiser portraying three sisters, performed skillfully and entertainlnsly under tts. Lawson' s direction. ifuulo Hluccented Clt 9653. V r Pictured are 'lon Reynolds md Mary Jane Leach, who had the lead parts ln the lllkado pre- sented at Hlrhland Park, November 21. 1958 before a large and acpreclatlvaaudience. il if who ' Supl rep Q.. V, Randy Heurrell and Carole Car- ruthers portray a scene in the Thespian play. Phlllrp Wagoner JoAnn Merryman Jim Mottrn and Benton Hendrrckson look over the house that Benton has just purchased vlth h1s llfe savings A Ch0ruS of nearly fifty HICIHUGTS made UD of the Vocal Music Department's Rohed Choir combined their voices to provide supporting music for the principals in The Mikado. ZX 9' ez yxxr ev' nw 1,,..v, ' --" .. h huhvlvvlmllrhlyvwyyhyv hh.yhhv.y v l v A 5 . at . . K . 'l' 2 u, ' lhe Betty Crocker Future Home- maker of Tomorrow Award was won by Scottie senior, Judy Martin Five girls took a test, answer- ing various questions about the home These were sent in andcheck- ed by the company. A winner was picked from each statehigh school, and the winners' papers are sent to the state. Two girls are drosen by the state and are sent to the National Oontestln Washington D.C. and New York. Judy's interests include muslc, home economic , and science. She has earned a letter and a har in music the Betty Crocker Future Home- maker of Tomorrow Award pin will he presented to Judy at the string Award's Assembly. seaascmweeaya , Paul Schaich, aSoctt1e Senior, was named winner of the 1959 Bausch and lomb honorary cience award at H1ghlandPark. The medal was presented to Paul at the spring awards assembly. 'lhls award aces to the senior who achieves the highest scholastic standing in science subjects. It is given only to a Topeka High and a Hlghl and Park student in this city. y Paul is very active in the science and mathematics field and intends to follow in this line of work in future years. These enthusiastic students represented HPHS at the Journalism Conference held on the K-State campus. About 45 students from the yearbook and news English stu- dies attended the day-long meeting, which was held in the college's Student Union. 0ne event on December 8 had a point to it for lany students. T B tests were taken, and two days later the results were known. Kenny Hill is quite unconcerned about the thing. .7tun-at-the-Mitt , Make Yrypicat Scfwet Scotties wait to have pictures taken for ,ID cards. These pictures are also used in the class sections of the Yearbook. Scottie cheerleaders help raise school spirit in outdoor assembly held in the stadium. Scotticc month, .Moot Snieit The cheerleaders sponsored an enthusiastic Pep Rally on the State House grounds. Students decorated their cars, which added color to the rally. A bonfire held after the rally at HPHS generated enthusiasm throughout the student body, and led the Scotties to their victorious game with Seaman. t V - 4' NN' 1 1 A Bet'o, Qc te the -1 Jaffa 4, N Q f xv! -". 1 ed C t fir: 03' glorflznazzd ladix 121:13 lr. Stoll congratulates a very surprised hen 0 e Syttfe can les Themum Nadine Cetron and Don Horton after crowning Y """m"" or t D ' then rung uno queen of one Sweetheart Hop. was provided by Don Rose and his bend. Karen Moss, Bob Harvey: Carlene Anderson, Dale Annog end Judy Martin, und Leland Hervey: join in the festive nood after Don Horton and Nadine Catron were crowned '59 King and Queen of the Sweetheart Hop. The other attendants not pictured were Raymond Early, Lawn H0885 and Bob Steps, and Janice Kolternan. 1 J . 'X' , ...I -K if . u-i. 5, ,A 1 . 'fy Linda Sutton, Linde Newton, Ann Houdyshell, Connie Frost, and Mary Faith Evans, B-team cheerleaders, support the teams with the some enthusiasm, whether in defeat or in victory. Cfweeteadeve Hlwmcte Spifcit Freshmen cheerleaders Alicia Clements, Linda white, Keren Porter, Jackie Justice, and Janet Jefferys lead the cheers in the freshman close to urge the team to victory. .Al I Carolyn Johnston J r t , , If ', rmlr, x 1 -I p U. " LT A ll, 'n qazwui I Avo ,A -, gfpggg 1 1 WY ,.IvIl'- X . .l .v gg L Peggy Gilliland ' 1. ,ij . , igiit It i , , 1 in UNWU .,-id' G f'l'I"Efvi"llWZ,1 ll dl With arms and legs thrown wide, cheerieade algo high into the alr to generate enthus- iasm and spirit to the boiling point as ie Scottie Pep Club roar approval of a fine play by the scrapping Scots of Highland ark High School in a closely-fought contest. ..f1Ji' lfld i'x'c'vi 7- A ouanne Theilmann Sally Smith Judy Dykes Hlli . ow, Crown bearers for Queen of Courts, Shelly Joan Smith and Randy Evans, walk through an arch formed by Marilyn marsh, Carol England, Snowda Grange, and Joan Smith, part of the Girls' Drill Team. Queen cf Coweta, ie, luutitiomt 0n February 13. between halves of the Highland Park-Manhattan basketball game, Sully Schmelzel was crowned '59 Queen of Courts. Her attendants were Mary Jana Leach and Beverly Lohmeyer. Seeiut Scent , , ,-I on wlllhilw rn - l' -. v ,.X Scotto nrovea he'a loyal to Highland hy attending all home games. he is always ready to help the cheerleaders spur the team on to vletory. If you're looking for Scottn, dlg through a hunch of girla, and he'll he the center of attraction, I I I I I I mg, , fiaothott Swann All cheer Joan an she passes the stands during the halftime act! tlvlties, just prior to being crowned Homecoming Queen for 1958. ' ,' 5.44 4 Y, l' Y vt .. ,J ,M ,,x"'f' f fag., .H ' En ' f "M," r su .,--4: -.-3,-LW fi,-u?l...a only YC Miva, U Q, !t1y',1t. ' E A vmukn Q Sl1Q3g'.. lr. wr U YN lm. .mnyxjr ,,Nx:,n7'.'-q' , .w.fn'l,5MPx.x.' 4 we UQ11-y -.QI , 9 gxsx., " ' " -1-Y 4 l it r' ll ' -ff,7,:4,if I , V V . l .li VHP, V ' , , f ' I 6' Bw Jawa, ,ew 1 X 1 , 1 fi I 9' I , :f ' K 51 fiffwef my WW , JMHI.. ,lr MW' M' C 'L 4 1' f fl gf 'fn 54,5241 Tram. : X Ci Paul Defda I l Melvin Douglas Dick Epps 0 f a 1 1 l D ' . . , , can lea-rfcsfaks fqr-t,1f?TfWQL"'Q'rHi" t'rcs'kff1fQf frrafrll, fi? ff? '4iti.r,fr1a.ar, 52- -5 We LU 5 Jwpm , ts Scots 20-I3 Two quick t rl es in the first quarter and a fourth down scoring pass ln the final the second half, but the sudden scoring of quarter gave the Topeka Trojans its ,edge G X over the fired-up Scotties in the opening N ganeof the season for the teens, Sept.,19. ,, The Scots made an outstanding comeback in the Trojans stood up against the strong play of the home team. I A. 'lg-il , C'1"YV JL., Q Ural JQUL3' wrvwx .V rx kv Q VARSITY FGDTBALL SQUAD--Bock Row: Coach Merryman, Larry Magnuson, hike Toelkes, Lonnie Logan, Bob Steps, Gary Anderson, Larry Llggatt, Tom Hoover, and Coach Kellogg. Third Row: Coach Gordon, Howard Harris, Paul Derda, Doug Koehler, Gary Fuller, Dick Epps, Ton Decker, Melvlnhouglss, pave Shlneall, Jack Frakee, and Coach Holley. Second Row: Dill Grimes, Jerry Drown, Leon Shel. lnharger, Jim White, Steve llood, Glen Guy, Dennis Nelson, Dob Gordiniore, Dave Parker, Dee Ray Daugherty. Front How: Dick Ice, Dill lluncy, Varelll t Dill Carroll, John Johnson, and Ton Streeter. es over, Tom Vining, Don Horton, Joe Ricketts, 'tv -A 'N-T' t ,. J -CST ' Ctnch merrynan Ibn Btreoter I 36 Ll 'e ,L if K Joe Ricketts tBob Step! Vorel Westover TDM Vlllilll I f . , . , . ll! t '.., V 1 t 1 , fr I lk. Q35 060 My Daugherty Bill Carroll or , l 'TW nwif 'N Don Horton 4.5 Johnson Bill honey fBcbrewwt72ol5tliqSooto,18 0 Dick Ice Leavennorth's touchdown on the opening kick-off left the Scots flatfooted. Two more tellies in the first half gave Leaven- worth a his winning edge. Highland staged a comeback march ln the seoondhalf but failed short of the goal. The game was played September 26 on the home field before a large Parents' Night crowd. ,F Un yxeatdf land Biono Home .Taos Switieo,34.0 The Lawrence Lions scored three touch- downs and one extra point in the first half, making the Scots en easy victim for the L1onsl29th consecutive win. The Scots made heroic attempts to stop the NEK Leauge Champions time after time, but the Lions tallied another 15 Dolnts in the second half to end the gene with a 34-0 victory for the No. 1 teen in the state. The sane, the last of the '58 season, was pluved November 4 on Lawrence' e pleving field. The Atchison Redman stageds second half comebsdr and beat the Highland Park Scots by a score of 20-6, Hishlamd scored in the first half on s 17-yard pass play from quarter back Tom Streeter to halfback Doug Koehler. But Atchison, who was rated 6th in the state in the final poll of the season, exploded for three touchdowns in the second half and held the Scotties scoreless. Three Scotties, Dee Bev Daugherty, Steve Hood, and verel Westover, close in on Topeka Ilidvs quarterback Ken Ten. 5 lloug Koehler Larry Llggatt 'Ir ll 5 ll .N i rl p As' pr' , N., Dennis Nelson ScalcSwecp,l9,ara Wham 38-7 ndmrw,Sralp,Saatuac,39-19 Highland Perla went on e scoring rampage in the second quarter as they breezed by Ottawa 38-7. ln e NEKL contest Friday night, Oct. 3. The Scottles took advantage of three Ottawa fumbles in the hectic second period and turned then into touch- downs as they rolled upan early 19-'I lead. In winning their first league gene of the season, the Boots rolled up 192 yards on the ground and 104 yards on the pinpoint passing of quarterback Ton Streeter. 'lhe Scots were left powerless as Shaw- nee Mlselon scored four touchdowns ln the first half. The Scots made three touch- downs ln the second halfto surprise the forecasters, but took a 39-19 beating. The gene was played November 5 on the Srawnee- Miselon field. up yardage against Hayden ln Highlands 14-6 rin. Leading zroundgalner for the Scots this year was nrelvln Douglas. Here he plone gl ay? f it 9651-- , Jack Frahes driles Howard Harris 4 ,Swag ZUJYUW actl9x1cafh1uwued'Uiltifzgc The Highland Park Scotties wandered out in the brisk Halloween night with eat successes they scored three touch- wns and two extra points in the first : f to defeat the favored Seaman Vik- gs by a score of 20-0. Scottie quarterback Tom Streeter led Ils team in scoring as he scored all nree touchdowns and one extra point. Head football coach John tlerryaau, right, with assistant Clarence Kellogg visit with each other, not necessarily about football. But much of the Scotties success was due to the hard running of soohomore half- back Melvin Douglas. The game was played Oct. 31, Highland Park hosting Seaman at the Scots' 1958 Homecoming celebration. H-team football coaches and math in- structors, Charles Gordon and Edwin Hailey, discuss a problea in logistics on the gridiron, that is, moving the hall carrier across the goal Hue. 1 1 3 A s l I ' 1 Mike Toelkes Stgvq Iogd Soalo,.7aIter7faydealUifdcalo,14-6 rottieaSquocze54fff11pwda22-14 During the first three quarters the Wildcats had the Scots down 6-0. The visiting Scots' Jfired back in the last quarter wlth7 points and in the last three minutes Paul Derda intercepted a peas and vent all the way for another touchdovm. The extra point was good, and the Scots' ended up with e 14-6 victory. Alaet half touehdavn gave the Highland Park Scottlee a hard-fought victory over e stubborn Emporia host team on October 17. The 22-14 score was the Scots' second win of the season. Paul Derda drives into the endmne for H1lhl8lldPBl'Kl first touchdown aaainlt Ottawa. The Bcottiee lent ahead to win the game 38-7. U, ,1 ' ID' aihfgil .fqeswhu ti, Those first days of practice! lork! cate .held .73-.7eam .ffccofc Squad in Cldditbuo to 'Uwwity-H , ' lfppwobrndry foe More to -TEAM FDDTBALL SQUAD--Bock How: Dick Lindburg, James Toy, Terry Ready, Frank Iams, Phil Davis, Mike Reynolds, Dennis Gardner, Robert Miller, Marvin Dennison, Roger Kluska. How Two: Coach Dailey, John Tobias, Glen Butler, Melvin Ireland, Earnest Cushlnberry, George McKnight, Robert evell, Charles Sampson, Larry Davison, Coach Gordon. Front How: Roy Allison, Sherman Epnerson, Alan Rilks, Joehigenwalt, Gene Trueblood, Larry Schafer, Vernon Baird, Steve Raines, Dill Meirles. 4 ' . 4. , -, M. ' :-fs, v prec . - -as :M'5w"'.9f,- V.-eff,"-' wwf- 1 ' 'l', in A" in Aw. iw' ,pf ',".xSr'f Fifa.. QMQ Grim, in f,.:?'l A u f,fLg3g,i agp, L .., ,. of A . dr 4. ... l ish l Back How: Kenneth Forbes, Jon horell, Delbert hoore, herlln Saunders, dalen Bllth, Jack Gilliland, Debby Decker, Douglas Keellng. Third Row: Kenneth Deed,h1he Butler, Ed Aldrlne, Robert Davie, Clayton Chanson, Jin Corn, Gene Donlay, Carroll Ilosell, Larry Scott. Second How: Dan Ricketts, Don Bush, hndres Dosnlng, Dick Evans, Steve Johnson, Nelson Pratt, Daysoud Harvey. Mike Kellogg. First How: Karl Butts, Dean Horton. Jlssy lllllecn, Larry hill, Alan Alexander, Duzzie spurrler, Howard Albright. Scottie Dee Day neugnerty puts the stop to an unidentified Hlydvu oliver- Coach Sloop Coach Crane ,, D I Egi:,ngnn,,: ,f 'u'..j .N n h "Wi , "J" 't ny, "" ,,,, , U V lil' 'Q .. t , rf ' ,fl l,1lln, n,thntgn+lllzlu D' on ' D the ,ien- 4 3, E ' "1" fm .2.u.ntf,- ., he Tl gi E I ,b 4 '61 ' r Y i, f 41' W1 ' U rl D N ll, , l" "' , V A , D ni l W , ,, W I ,- , . V . , f AA ,nv , ' ' Y I l , K at I 1 r of V .4 ." C X . '- to Wood--Scotties' leading Larry Jackson--Highland Park's John Johnson'-Scots' outstanding int-getter at the free throw leading rebonnder. player ot the 1958-59 season aaaaaa aaa, ottawa sa-so aaa, .ata in some aaaa 59-as The Scots nudged Ottawa 38-36 for the third time this season. Much credit for this victory goes to the fine rebounding done by Larry Jackson The game was played on 0ttawa's floor on February 6. The Scots got off to a good start against the Manhattan Indians, who were ranked 7th in the state. when the Red and Green met then on their oourt Feb. 13. the game was tied at he1ftine30-30. The third quarter was nip and tuck, but the final period was fatal to the visiting Scots. -195- 'Wx Bock Row: Coach Gordon, Paul Darkley, Dennis Nelson, Dill Meiries, Tom Btreoter, Dee Day Daugherty, Tom Bayless, Second How: Gary anguish, Steve Good, Duddy Brooks, Mike Reynolds, J11keToe1kee, Doug Koehler. Front How: Wayne Durd, D111 Carroll, Lester Ghristman, Dick Epps, Larry Jackson, John Johnson, Steve Rains. Doug Koehler answers the call as Coach Gordon trys to find a winning combination in the Scotties' first zame of the seasonagainswunctiou City. Highland lost the game 45-30. W If K N k A 'G get tgtifti Back How: Bob Ghristnan, Delbert Hoore, Gerry Roberts, Hlck vichers. Second How: George Fisher, Dick Evans, Hike Kellogg, Jack Gill Gene Conway, Steve Johnson, Gene Holford, Larry Hill, Hike Butler. iland, Dick Hentzler. Front How: Coach Hailey, Scots. Hlteeze M dp Htnydan 51-39 Ahot fourth quarter smelled defeat for the Wildcats as the Scotties piled up a 51-39 victory The game was played January 31 on the Soots' home oourt. Tom Streeter shoots a jump shot in the Highland Park-Leavenworth game. He hit the shot and brought the Scotties within 3 points of the Pioneers. But Leavenworth, who held the number 4 spot in the league, pulled an upset and downed the Scots 50- i 4G -197 tn K I QBTTIQ 246' BTT1 o J rr M gy n , on gary Anguigh Bill Carroll lfwfycuw, Rode Ctueu Snzcto 5 7-48 The Soctties getting off to o had start 'the nine point loss was absorbed on the in the first half pulled close up in the Trojans home court Feb. 21. second period but lost to the Topeka Gold end Blade. Bock How: Coach Hailey, Dennis Robinson, Robert Miller, Bill Meiries, Tom Bayless Coach Gordon. Front Row: Buddy Brooke, Nathan Dexter, Lester Christnan, Roger Barth, Mike Rey- nolds, Mike Toelkes. 5tigltlku1dS!ipodqBeaafuuuofd5 54-52 Htantddeo Ftkjftdafadfwcft 55-39 The Scots won their second NEHL victory over Leavenworth 54-52 Dec 19 on Leaven- worth's floor. Highland had a fine shooting nlghtg they put up 39 shots and connected 17 of them for 44 per cent average. The big factor leading to the Sects victory was their fine free throwing, hittins 20 out of 26. The Hayden Wildcats pulled away in the final period and coasted toa55-39 victory over Highland Scots Dec. 12 on Hayden's floor. The Wildcats held a safe lead over the Scots throughout the gene. The Scots sank fast in the fourth quarter when Dee Ray Daugherty, play-maker for the Red-and Green, fouled out. Dee Ray Daugherty drives through a wall of basketball players for a layup against Leaven- IDPUI. I.,..,T-,,l , L T -199 raamaaalss-34, Cltcfuoruo 5' Hooters lhe Redwen ot Atchison Jumped off to an early lead and held the pace all the way T I to defeat the Scots 58-34. T The game was played February 27 at Atchison 04' hy ' . Sr:otoStonap,Weea 56-37 r J The Highland Park Sootties, turning in D h t oneof their finest performances of the L J k Dee My W ery season poured in 15 straight points in the my ac son second quarter. They went on to take a 56-37 victory from the Seaman Vikings on the Seaman court January 10. An alert sports photographer catches a Scottie Tat on air" with the hall ready to leave his finger tips, he "wheels and deals"and counts for two points again the Leavenworth Pioneers. Dee Ray Daugherty shoots his' his favorite jump shot against the Leavenworth Pioneers. nf. I, K 45-30 MeMmMwCMyMmJwswmwdw the Scots' 1958-59 basketball season and handed Highland Park their first defeat Dec. 6 on the Scots' home floor The Soots led the Blue Jays until the last part of the third quarter. Sharp- shooting by the visitors enabled them to pull away in the final periodand win 45-30. A Hayden player sneaks under the long arms of Larry Jackson to snare a rebound. jane My 50 State 4 I Dee Ray Daugherty drives in for a layup against the Leavenworth Pioneers. .Weneerra Mp, Scala 50-45 The Highland Park Soottles suffered another league defeat as they fell to the Leavenworth Pioneers 50-45 before the hone fans Jen. 30. -201- A . . -4 I, iff. 1 rag ,-1 .,l , A . -. ' s mf r -nr' . 'X ',1 , u ' ' vt EQ K X V M1",I' fl. u . ,I WI -4 Riff' 1 Dee nay Daugherty and an unidentified Junction City ballnlayer servo for the ball, as the Blue Jays' Joe Beverly and Scottiee' Ton Streeter close in. Larry Jackson attempts a drive around a Leaven- worth player who sets up a defensive screen. -203- 2 foal -JM We for-.a ,MM cw 'JQw:,,L.16!Q, pncteefi UML, Had r .dt M an ahnermmfd were We D JW! M4106 A9170 41465 jew, wwf grae' mf! WW Shana 'owne Q Meer We QHTTIQQ We Ma ni! MW p r ,QgQTTI4'X More John Johnson Ton Btreeter Bcuwoeoce .7tep,eato Urea 49-45 .7fw4arw,SleaMqSrolo 42-35 Highland fell for the second time this season to Lawrence 49-45 February 30 at Highland Park. The Scots played e fine gone throughout the first three periods, only to falter in the fourth period Gary Anguish goes high into the air to shoot a jump shot in the Leevennorth-High- land Park gene. Scottie John Johnson closes in for the rebolnd. Q The Highland Perh Scotties bowed to the rival Topeka Trojans January 17 on the Scotttes' home court. Topeka led Highland Park by a safe margin for tha entire gene. The Scots' pressin the final quarter we.en't effective enough as the Trojans squeezed out e 42-35 win. , ry . shall etewe lood Steve lood drives for a shot ln the Topeka High game but all Trolan Jin Dumas , l i up Sf' 991 T16 o L Eiww! he can ace is the long arm of 2-39 The Highland Park Scottiea suffered their worat defeat of the aeaeon as they were swamped by the lowly-rated Lawrence Lions 72-39, January 16 on Lawrence's floor. Manfutttan ' ,ogfaot ' 7-39 Manhattan' s pinpoint accuracy led than to a '11-39 victory over Highland Park January 24 on Manhattan's hardwood. The lose dropped Highlands record to 4-8 for the season for this data. Junction 0ity's Joe Beverly novel T through the Scots' defense for a layup. P 6 0 ww .gm MZ vi -4 -if 4 .rw '25 '14 I H 1 JJ ' , 4 E' 'Ura " 1 4 ' X255 'is I X.. V 1: vs ,:'Z?i ? GL -' 337 r-vJ "5- z -F13- N A r X I X. r l ' H A Knut ., QV! If K Q -50 D John Johnson goes in for a layup after stealing the ball in the uttawa game. 121dft93taeain.7ouu1eq The Highland Park Scotties won sixth Dlace in their annual Christmas Invita- tional Toumament, winning over ottawa 61-37. and losing to Osage Citi' 51-43 and Turner 34-32. The tournament wee planed December 23, 26, and 27. -208- Scota Edge ,ttauut 40-39 Highland Park's round ball quintet chalked up their first victory of the 1958-59 season as they defeated Ottawa 40-39 Dec. 13 on the home court. The Scots blew a comfortable 12 point lead in the final four ninutesof the gene, but pulled through with a one point win over the Cyclones. Chuck Lower attempts a shot over the er s of an 0ttawa player. Back How: Leon Shelinbarger, Dave Shimeall, Verel Mestover, Robert Steps, Melvin Douglas howard Harris, Coach Kellogg. Second Row: Jan Morell, Dean Morton, Randy Mearrell Larry Litzett, George McKnight, Victor Ray, Robert Harvey. Front Bow: Sherman Epperson Robert Perry, Miley Miles, Clayton Chapman, Jack Hochstedler, Duzzle Spurriert Qutpptew, 'Illia .Wvtce Meets, Considering that this was Highland Park' s second year of-wrestling, the Scot- tie team dld very well. They ended the season with a 3-3 record. Under the able guidance of Coach Kellogg, HPHS sent two boys, Bob Steps and Melvin Douglas, to the regional tournament. Douglas won in the reglonals and then went on to the state tournament where he tied for third place with several other boys. Lettermen on the Scottie wrestling team ere Melvin Douglas, Sherman Epperson, ack Hochstedler, Larry Liggett, Bob teps, and Verel Westover. Bob Parry gains a point in a wrestling meet against Topeka High School. "iii, 1, my ll -A 1 Mn We W , ,ke r,,, , , ZW !!-,I 1 :' 'VMI 'Ju , 1 L p time FARHL4 , ' ,RR 'fe R e,:yW"4fgr, rQwPAHK0W R'PARK49qn PW Qq,'kum,, , ' ' - P'RK6 RMK c, . nkm Woke' A'-rumen sl' , H V , m no B , wr 1 'X B kRom: Harold Harris, Lester Christman, Roger Wilch, Charles Price, Gary Amguish. Front Hom ac Paul Barkley, Buddy Brooke, Roger Hlbha, Rave Barkley, Bennie Robinson, Coach Reynolds. liner 56655, Meer Tale Highland Park placed second in the N.E.K.L. cross country meet October 27 atfthe ,Shewnee Country Club. Paul Barkley took fourth in the meet and ren the best time of any Highland Park entrant. Letterman for the Scots were Gary Anaulsh. Paul Barkley, and Lester Christman. Provisonel letters were giver to Dave Barkley, Dennis Robinson. and Roger Wilch. -209- Lester Christman warns up for a cross- country meet at the SIIBWIIBB Country Club i umuhhwm N linners of the girls' touch football intranurals pose for a victory picture. They are, Back How: Katy Alderson, Susan Boyd, Jeanine Jost, Marilynn Llns, Linda Ferrin, and Marilyn Sutton. Front How: Jackie Justis, Debby Hines, Sally Smith, Louanne Theilnann and Marilyn Marsh. Studente .lkvcticipfate in floucft fioothatt and Clecfteeg Julia Heinold, Carolyn King, Verna Fusco, Jacqelyn Cornelius and Marilynn Lins were some of the girls rho were interested enough in archery to continue glth this ,port in 1ntr,.ura1, " Y in 'Vo' , yn n ' Back How: Linda Newton, Linda Ferrin, Marilyn marsh, and Ann Houdyshell,FY0Hl How Leuanne Thellmenn, Sally Smlth, Debby Hines, and Linda Sutton. Qitto,.7nbtal1uttata 53 ' fngjogment tot Mano at 96.73568 Sally Smith, Linda Sutton. and Ann lloudyshell do some fast warming up to prepare for I hard gm. For those girls who enjoyed snort activ- ities, girls' lntramurals were played throughout the year. The activities in- cluded basketball, archery, volleyball, deck tennis, and touch football. Teams were organized under the sponsorship of the girls' physlcial education teachers, Mrs. Nuzman and Miss Handle, and the con- tests were played off every Tuesday night. .,1. r, Beverly 03, 67, II6, II6, ton, Darrell 691 96 ,. Marold II6 Howard I05, I28 161 Howard II6 I1t,Mlchael 96, l9ll on, Katy l06. I69 e, Ed II6, I96 der, Allan II6, l96 der, Charlene 66 Gary 96 Larry II6 Marilyn l32.l69 Klna II6, I36, I60 Twyla 96 n, Roy l06, l28. I93 rugh, David 66 136, I60, I661 ' ar 1on, Carlene 62. 60. 6l, 66, I , I79 I67 I rn, Connle II6 r 52. 6 ion, Edna d 9 , ' o on. Edwardull. 52, 96, l37 C ,,,,MA, son, Gary 63. 22, Q88 Ion Lawrance , 6 . anfwana Ill0.l06 . H ondlyne sham 117 119 Isa J ' ' 6, Tw H 381 4 , 661 1 1 . 1 ' - . 11 nary an l35. 165. 1ee.2o1. ' ' 205. zoo I L9 565 - , rf. , 6 of 66518666 1651 179 C Z 6 I y'Q"""NJ" ag 'Ga , Jllll ll61l37 , , , '8h660n1168'166 5,40 'E da ' M si. II6, 1ae cj 1 n, Janet M' 4,qJMA,,4,zf . Ronnd II6, l39i 16a 7 , J M .Linda 621lI61 as A-,V ,VH-I 4.-0,6 1. ,sa er , vfdlbfb Oh 0 '37 l O 67 , Henry 1 ,s11r1a1 aa.ao.a1.ae.s1. las.-ffl 116 11s . .Bl . 1. Ja11111e. l38 . , ,"'6""f y. Carolyn II6, I32 , 6 K y, cUf6l5 I06 . Don 67 7144-'JY y. Ida II6 y, Lynne II6. l321 l66 Vernon IO6 l93 I, Vernon' 193 gszig .rar II6 fd- , Ronnle SI. 67 I60 In, Carlane l061 In, Kenneth 6I, l061 l29 . Jlm II6 1, non Iso .Jerry II6 mv ey, Dave l28, 209 3 ey. Pevl 936 283, 166, I671 162. I ' ' I fb 1 .1 ,' iZl2'1l"' gulodzs M1 mm 0601- Jc1,Cm0'f6Of6L 061606 r Marran Janet 96, I69 ' 5 , f ,Q .1 1311 ,I 1, rr 1 K' are 7 j I ,I 'f I JI ,ezhghava 1, me ff ,EWU GU If-CWI IGM, f ff , 'J 1 .name 106 , M 1 r 1 ff .11 1 91. l291 l5l 1 ,, 1 , I-,. 1 I , A ra ss.ohI:6ky II6 In J' .abffgh U ss, Earl II6. l391 3 , , f-N I .r DI I061I20.l961l93 , , , ' ,r I ,, , sjeanghey 96 -1 C17f"7.fL.Xl, o fix! l', MBU 7 er, 1110, 161, Ina I ,I ay, David I06 Jw dag, I 1 ,, 4 M 4. , , , as rgartiaoilgzmz af 'Qfa,Mv,w ,f?,Q,fjfJ H,,L,C2AJ,rJ C0 1 1 -3 ' fi, ' V ' ' J 88 rf tt, Sharon II6 tt, Kllllan 96, II6, l2B da, Theo 52, 96, I28 ardt, 0onnIe I06 , Linda II6, I67, l62 ll, Linda 32. 68, 68 ma, Kenneth II6, l36 walt, Joe I93 eln, Dleter II7 eln, 6laela 28, 66, I60, I69 ard, Sandy l06, I36, I66, I69 , Georgia I06, I32, l66 Ingame, Harold 96 , Rlchard II7 June 69, 60, I06, l30 Llnda 38, 96, l36 1 , Phyllls 66, 96, I36, I37 , Belsy II7, l361 l37 n 59, 96 , II7, 1 on, Harold II7, l39 on, Kayne II7 t. Judl 66, 95, l62, l60, I69 t, Nancy IIB, II7, l32, I60 on, Kenny I06, l28 , Joann 59, 90 e16uddie63, l06, l28, 151, I67 l96, l96, 209 rd, Dolly. 96 tt, Deanna 26, 66 ISI sara , I37, 1aa, 119 ey Larry I28 ' ,, XJLML- ' -I I 5.4, A 'X ! J 11, gmzysga. l671 152 l7I,0'j6i-16, l by jQ!2,QMj fwawb MIM WW i7I'O'W' ceq, Mo, 2-5- rk pdl' 0 7 JIQVU ,217 6 'A 10 'irhffhi - .xi J-I I a,f 4fQf6iv4df lffgiflg jf:L1iq.- K f', K, 'w I 6 1 , , ! - 1 e 1 9 wr1.o1.l,-16 ,,,hQe'l'1f46fI,1,l ,l'iIa,J 6 1 I 1 1 1' ' 1 I6 a!K,f Kwik! y ,ff1 I F6 X Q J I 1 . I J 'X I .ll V In A '. 'JA' by 1 ' elpfxbaa. hU'O"WlL JQ 6 I 6 , ., I f KAQOUQ ip! ,,v,, 6,15 ,. , 7.1 Q-ra W - and y I 'ri 2 JL' ' I' ka 6 6 6.66-6 Brooke, Llnde IBB, IBB, IBB, IBB Brooke Brown, Brown, Brown, Brevn, Brown, Brovn, Brevn, Brown, Bruton Bryant , Kathy BB . Bherlee BB, IBB Belo BB Blok IBB, IBB, IBB Iemea BB, IBB Berry Bl, BB, IBB, IBB Ieello BB, IBB Larry II7 Ronnle IBB , Barold BB , Robert Il7 Burd, Boyne IBB IB7, IBB, IBB alan o lr,In. IBB IBIII B Butler, Blenn BB, IBB Butler, Mlke II7 IBB, IB7 Butler , Rernen II7 Butterflold, Bhlrloy BB, IBB, IBB BIIBBBI Butte, Belhoo Karl II7, IBB Kolth BB, IBB, IBB, IBB U t:l B, J0yBB, II7, IBB Belhoon, Rleherd BB Bemobell, Candy II7 Benn, dean IBB, IBB Bantrell, Raymond Il7 Berey, hrthur IBB Barleon, hell, II7, IBB, IB7 Bernenan, Kenneth BB, BB Berrlver, Ilrglnle IB7, IBB, IBB, Barre I I e B II sag 89' Iago Bqag Iael IBB, IBB, IBB, aol Barrell, ylonna II7 Barrell, Leroy BB Barter, Bllbort BB, IB7 Botron, doe II? . Betron, hadlne 22, BB, BB, BB IBI, IBB, IBB, I Batt, Petrlole II7 IBB, IBB, BB, I7hI7B Barver, Bohn BB Bnalleoemne, Lenette BB, BB, Bhelleeembe, Barolo II7 Bhallaoombe, Lenette BB, BB, IB7 Bhanonoy. Buo II7, IBB IBB, IBB nl,,,l,,. elelael II7, Ita IBB, BIB Bhoenoy, Bendre II7, IBI, IBB, IB7 Bhrlatnen, Berry BB, BB, IBB, IBI chrI'Bmlna L'.B.f 28g I07g Iaog Iuzl IBB, BBB Bhrlotnen, Robert II7, IB7 Bhrletnen, Bhoren IB7, IBB Bhvbb, Bueen BB, II7, IBB, IBB clark, Patty BB, IBB, IB7, IBB Bleyburg, Hevard IB7 Bloyton, Bere II7, IBB clenente, hllole II7, IBB, IBB Blennene, Bavld BB, IB7 Body, Pam IB7 IBB team BIII Io, IBB oven, Ialey II7, IBB Borda, Paul BB, IBB, IBB, IBB, IBB Betozlor, Boerie IIB Bennlaen, Marv n IB7, IB7, IBB, IBB DeBhazer, Larry IB7 Bev, Leone IB7. IBI. IB7, IBB Baxter, nathan IB7, IB7, IBB Bloe, Bherlee 96 Blok, Norma BB Moke.Karen7B,IBB,IBB Blekereen, Bary BB Blnkle, Mary IIB, IBB, IBB Bonehue, Larry BB IBB naaea, Llnde ao, Ie, IBB, IBB Boty, Bob IIB Boty, Larry 70 Bouglae, Mary BB Bougleo. Melvln IB7, IBB, IBB, IBB, IBB Bovglao, Bendre IB7 Bennlng, Andrea IIB, IBB Breaeher, Brvllle BB, 7I, IBB Br I r R I I BB r BBB B2 eraeoeen, BIokI oe, IBB, IBB Brom, Loren IB7 Duncan, Boryle BB, IIB, IBB Bunoan, Bllme 7I, IBB, IB7, IBB, IBB Bunn. Irle BB. BB Buvall, Ballard, IB7, IBB Buvell, Boyle BB, IBB Burhan, Trvdle IB7, IBB, IBB Bykoa, Judy BB, IBI, IBB, IBI .y. Early, Harold BB, IBB, IBB, IBB Early, Raymond II, IBB, IIB Eaten, Be Ie 7I, IBB Edmond, Bennle IIB Edoon, Been IBI anvaraa, BIII 7l, lor Ehlor, Marola Bo, 72 Eleelo, Beverly 96 Elaelo, IIr?InIo IBB IIB onlanlaene WB,IBI,lBB , EIIIB, dohn BB, BI, BB, IB7, IBB BBBVII BBIBB 22, 72 Engelken, Wllllem IIB England, Barol IIB, IIB, IBB, IBB Engelke, Morllyn 26, 72 Eoooraen, Sherman BB, BI, BB, IBB, IBI. IBB BIB Eooa, Rloherd BB, IBB, IBB Brvln, Lola IIB Eenolbol, Audrey BB Booman, Mery IBB, IBB Euteler, Bevrgle IIB, IBB Eveno, Barol 72, IBB, IBB, IBB, IB7, IBB, l7B Evena, theater 72, IBB. IBB Evene, Blok IIB, IBB, IBB, IB7 Evene, dehn IIB Evena, Mery IBB, IBB, IBB IBB Bverlet, Marvln BB, 72, IBB Bvero, deoooh IBB .n. Barolo, Bynthle B7, IBB, IBB, IBB Bardner, Bennle IBB IBB, IBI, IBB Bardner, Berne B7, IBB, IB7, IBB Bardner. ye tor IIB -Berner, Bllllen IIB IBB Blblor, anna, oe. Il. IBB Bllllland, daok IIB, IBI, IBB, IB7 Blllllbnd, PBBBI IB, IBB, IBB, IBB, IB7,IBB, IB Bllner, Nelda B7 Bllnoro, Boenna BB, B7, B7, IBB, IBB Blnter, Bleronoo IIB Blpaon, dean IIB Bloaon, Joan IIB Bloaon, Vleter 7B Bodeey, Bennle IBB, IBB Boodnen, Baron IIB Boodman, Sharon IIB Boedvln, Llnde 97, ISB Beedvln, Martha IIB Bordlnlere, Bob BB, B7, IBB Bordlnlere, Edna IIB, IBB Borden, Bale B7, IBB Bovlng, Bennle IIB, IBB Inrandetaff, Melvln IIB Brengo, Bnovda B7, IBB, IBB, IBB, IB2 Bray, Russell BB, IBB, IBB 'Breon, Berne IBB Breenberg, Bavo IBB, IBB Breenberg, Mery IIB, IBB Breonborg, Mlke B7, IBB Breene, Jlmnle IIB Breonwey, Rleherd IBI Broer, Deanna 97 BIBBB, dorry BB, B7, IBB Brlffln, Barol IIB, IBB Brlffln, Balen BB, 7B, IBB Brlffln, George 97, I37 Belrlnderfer, Tony BB Bembe. Roberta BB, BB Benner, Betty IB7 . Bonney, Bene IIB, IBI, IBB, IB7 Benner, nary Ba BB, IBB oeoner, lynn IBI Beoo, Kenneth IB7, IBB, IBB Beroy, Art IBB Boroy, Ilrglnlo to Born, Iln IIB, IBB, IBB Bornelluo, deb olyn BB, BB, IB7, IBI Borkln, BIrgInIe IB7 Bevort, Iornlo BB, Boa, yllllan BB, IB7, IB7 Brebtroe. Ronnle IB7, IBB Bronblett, Boobs IBB IBB eraln. Bonnle I r, IBB, all Brook, Ianoy IB7 IBB IBB Broueh, Beverly IB, IIB, IBB Broveh, Robert IB7, IB7 Bulberteon, Barol IIB .y. Ferrell, Peggy BB, IBB, IBB Ferthlng, danoo IIB, IBB, IB7 Bounce Forreh Berne, Margle IIB, IBB Mak BB, IBB Llnde BB, BB, BB, BB, IBB, IBB Brlfflth, Helen BB, BB, IBB, I3B, IBB, IBB Brlfflth, Jean B7, IBB, IBB Idrlmaud, Bladyo B7 Brlmeo, Brlmea, Brlmee, Betty III, IBB BIII B7, IBB, IBB, IBB MMBBN Brlmnott, Irdlth 7B Brlnnatt, Ruth III Buthrle, Bennle 98 .ly. Haag, Bavld III, IBB Haldorman, hlloe III Hemoo, Berel 7B, IBB, IB7, IBB Hanllton, Bennle III, I32 Bandverk, Barelyn IBB, IB7, IBB harden, Kay IIB Harrle, Bllfforo 98 'RarrIo, Borrlno IBB, IB7, IBB, IBB, IBB, IB7 ,Berrlo, Harold BB, Bl, 76, IBI, IBB, BBB 'HaIfIn, Hnyard BB, IBB, IBB, BIB Harrle, Karan IIB Harrlo, Thelma Harrla, Boyne BB Herron, Beryl IBB Hervey, Bob Bl, BB, B7, 75, IBI, IBB, I79, BIB Harvey, Leland B2, BB, IB, IBB, IIB hervey, Leanne BB, BB, Bl, 75, IBB, IB7, IBB Harvey, Loretta IBB. IBB, IB7, IBB, IBB 'Hervey, Raymond IIB, IBB, IBB Flofaer, Rlohare 7B Fla or, Ilta IBB Fllklne, Bendre BB FIMoy,IotMoen7B,IBB Flehar, Boergo Ile, IB7 Flemlng, Iathle IIB Flotoher, Benellla B36 BB, IBB, IBI, IBB, Flott, uery IIB, IBB Fluke, doo BB, BB, 7B, IBB Fluke, IIB BB IBB Heekell, Mlonaol IIB IHauoohlld, Blame IBB. IBB, IB7, IBB, IBB Bavklna, dey BB, IBB, I7B Hoye, Blok BB, IBB, IBB, IBB, IBI heya, Marole BB, BB, IBI, IBB, IBB Hoya, Myrna IBB, IBB, IB7, IB2 Head, Mlke BB , hoerell. Randy IIB, IBB, I7B, BIB Hedrlok, Blenn BB Hefner, Harry IBB Bofner, Body BB, 75 Bunmlne, Tomnlo IIB, IBB Bvrry, Bennle IIB, IBB Bvonlnberry, Barnoot BB, IBB Bvoale, Irneat BI .n. Bolo, Llnde BB IBB Banlolo, Roz IIB Bevghorty,, ea Rey BB BB IB, IBB, IBB, IBB gtgaogtti lBB,l::B, IIB, IBB, IBI, BBB, BBB B e BBBB g IBB Bovld, Lenny BB, IBB IBB Bavldoon, Tnllo ee, Io Bavle, Buena BB BB eavla, nalm leI. lol, no Bevln RIM IB7 IBB IBl,IBB Bovla, Robert IIB IIB BBIIIBBB, aan, lol. loo Bevlaen, Bondra BB IIB Baveon, Iulle BB, BB, IBB, IBB, IBB Banoon Matthan IIB Bean, Ionnle IIB Booker, bobby IIB IBB IBB, IBB oaalar. elnyalal I la. Iva Booker, Tom BB IBB, IB7, IBB oaevar, lam I IIB, lar Berreae, Iln ot, 70, IBB, III Borneo Beaten Foeton Beaten Footer FBIBBBI Irekoo Frakon Iemnaln IIB, IBI, IBB dIdyIBB,lBB,lBB,IBB Benny BB, IBB, IBB Bteve IIB, IBB Bveen IBB, IBB, IBB Bari BB doo BB IBB, IBB Bharon IIB Frankenlold, Edvard IBB Prenkenfold, Robert BB, B7 r n n or mnIIIn'IIma aa ra IrBeI, IIInoyIBB, II ' Freeman, Barbara IBB Froonen, Pat IIB Ireonen, Bteve IIB Frodorlek, Robert IBB Fredrlokoen, Bonne BB, IBB, IBB, IBB, IBB Bnekn dean IBB, IBB Frlekoy, Barelyn Irlekay, Bhoron IIB Iroele, Ioan IBB Iroot, Bharleno B7, IBB FMBMUMBBW Iroot, Bennle B7, IBB, IBB, IBB Fr o, Bhlrley IIB IuIlen FuHer, Fulton, Fulton Bory B7, IBB Bharen Bs, BB, IBB, lBB,IBB, IBB Roger IBB, IBB Ronnle B7 Bvaoo, Iorne B7 Relnold, Iulla IIB Belnold, Ronald 7B Benderoon, Bery Iae Henderson, domee IBB Bendereon, Thelma IBB Hendrlekeen Benton 76, IB7, IIB nenaalal, BIII lee, IBB Hentaler, Blok IIB, IB7 Rerbol, Llnde IBB HorboI,Pet IBB , Roeo, Leven 7o, IBB, IBB, IBB, IBB, IIB Heaton, Barol 7B Hoatend, Ion IBB, IBB Heaton, Norma IBB Heoton. Roeo IBB , Hleehel, Boorgo BB 7B IBB, IBB, IBB Hlgh, null, lea. ltr, Inn, IBB, lat Hlgh, Kathryn IBB, IBB, IBB, IBB Hlgh, Rattle IBB,,IB2, IBB nigh, Balne Bl, BB, BB, IB7, IBB, IBB . e, o or BB IBB IBI B IIIIBIIB, reI, IBB ' ' 'H RIII, Keren IBB RIII, Kenneth BB, BB, IBB, IBB, I77 Hlll, Larry IBI, IBB, IB7, IBB Hlllebert, Pearl IBB Blnoo, Bobby BB BB, IBB, IBB, IBB, IBB, BB lllnal. een aa, Ieo, IBB, lar Iobaok, Dean 76 ochstadler, Allen 98, I28 Hochatedlar, Jack I20, I28, 2I0 odeon, Barbara 98, ISM clford, Sena I20, IM7, I82, I97 Megan, Seb 88, IOS, I28 Molllngshead, Kermit I09, IS7, IMB, 2IO Holllngahaad, Roxanne I20, ISI, IMO, I87 Holler, Lucille I20, IS2, ISS, IMM, IMS Holmes, Bart 76 Holmes, Oarl IO9 Holmes, Mary I20, ISO, IM7, I82 Moneyman, Pan I09, ISM, IM8, IM9 Hoover, Thomas l09, ISI, I88 Morton, Dean MB, I20, IMS, ISM, 2I0 Morton, Don 77, IMS, IS2, ISM, I79, I88. I88 Horton, Murall IO9, ISS Mossy, Sylvia 28, 98, ISO, IM9 Mono , Jerry MS, IOS, ISI Houdyshell, Ann IO9, IM9, I7S, IBO Mount, Daryl 98 Houston, Linde 77, IMO, IMO Hoveretook, Ronnie Sl, 77 Howell, Carroll I20, I29, ISM Hoyt, Sally M9, 77, IS2, IMO, IMI, IM9, I7I Huckebey, Paula IO9 Huffman, Gloria IOS Huggins, Larry I09, ISI Mull, Dianna I20, ISO, IMM Hunhert, Mina IIO Hummer. EIDora 39, 98, ISO, IMM, IM9 Munsueker, Karan SB, 77 Hunter, Larry I20 Huyett, John 77, ISM, IM2 Huyett, Martin I20, IS9, .y. lame, Frank IIO, ISS Ice, Richard 62, 88, 78 Ingsnthron, Donna I20 Ireland, Melvin 98, ISS Irwln, George 98 Irze, Elizabeth I20 Irza, Mlck 78 Ives, Jean 98, IM8, IM9 .y. IM7, IS2 I28, ISI, I86, I88 Jackson, Larry 78, IMS, I95, I98, 200, 20I, 208 Jackson, Virgil IIO Jenzen, Mary I20, IMO Jeffery, Jennette I20, IS8, IM6, I80 Jehllk, Ken 98 Jelllson, Jeannie 78 Jenkins, Albert 99 Jenkins. Daniel 98, I39 Jenkins, Saundra I20 Johnson, Carole I20 Johnson, Jerry IIO Johnsen,JInnia I20 Johnson, John SB, 78, ISS, IMS, IS7, IBS, I88 192, ISS, I98, 202, 20M, 208 Johnsen, Mary IIO, ISS, IM9 JOODSOO, Steve I20, IIS, ISM, I97 Jones, Darrell 79 Jonas, Karen 79, IMS Jones, Pat IIO Jones, Marlena 79, Jones, Suele IIO, IM8 Jost, Jenlca 79, IMO, IM8, I7S Jost, Jeannie Jost, Jeanine I2I, IMO Jost, Judy IIO, IMS Juetls, Jackie I2I, ISO Kadan, Jane 99 Kaefover, Olena I2l, IS2, IS8 Ksallng, Barbara IIO Kesllng, Douglas ISI, ISM , Ksellng, Shirley IIO Kelsar, Jaekle Sl, 78, IS6, IMS, IMS, I7M Kellogg, Mika Isl, ISI, ISM, lor Kelly, Olena I22 Keno, Oloria l2l Kant, Llnda M2 89, IMM, IMS Kieffer, Paula I2I ISO, IM8, I7S Klar, Karan 50, 99, IMM, IMS Kletzman, Larry, IIO Kllgora, Kay IIO King, Carolyn I2l Klrtdoll, Frank I2l Klrtdoll, Robert I2I Klrtdoll, Ruby I2l Klstler, Jennie 92, ISI, IMO, IMM Kluske, Roger I2I, IS8 Knight, Sharon I2l Knouft, Larry I2I Knox, Tom SS, 79, I29 Koch, Maunlta ISI Koehler, Douglas 98, IMB, I88, ISO, ISS Koehler, Karen 99, IMD, IMS Koeoean, Royle I2I, ISI Kolternen, oanna Ie, eo. lio, isa, Ile Kellerman, Janlce 80, IM8, ISS, I79 Konlg, Dletllnde ISI, ISO Kramer, Judy 80, IMS Krelpe, Karol IIO, IMO Kuhlman, Carl BS, 99, ISI , IM2, IMS .y. Lair, Carl IIO Lancaster, violet IIO, IS7, IS8 Lang, Linda 80 Lange, Carolyn 80, IMO, IMI LaRue, Linda IIO Lawson, Carolyn I2I Lawton, Anite IIO, IM9 Lavtcn, Ithlel 99 Leech, Mary 80, SI, 80, I82, IM8, ISI, I7M, I82 Ledbetter, Darreld I2I Lee, Jerry I2I I28 Lee, Rozetta 99, IS2, IM8 Lemon, Tolly 99, IS7 Lew, Ken ISS Lewle, John I2I, IS8 Lewis, Raymond 99, ISM Llggatt, Larry IIO, I88, ISO, 2I0 Llgnitz, Arlene 99 Lindbleon, Joann IIO, IS7, IS8, IM8 Llndhurg, Richard IIO, ISS Llnder, Larry I2I Linder, Shirley 80 Lindsay, Oehnne SS, 57, I2I, ISS, IMO Llngenfelsen, Donald I2I, I28 Llne, Fred 36, SI Line, Marilynn 59, 60, 99, IS7, ISS, IM6, IMB Little, Patty I2I Lltz, Jim IIO, IS7 Lloyd, Karen SS, IIO, IMI, IM8 Lloyd, Sharon M8, BS, BI, IMI, IM8 Logan, Lanny MS, SI, 99, I36 Logan, Lonnie M8, 99, I29, IMS, I88 Lohmeyer, Beverly MS, SI, IMI, IM8, I6l, I82 Long, Clifford 89 Long, Donald 99 Long, Have 99 Long, Harran IIO, ISS Lord, Cheri IIO, IM8 Lowe, Claudia IIO, IM8 Lowe, Ralfa 99, IM8 Lower, Chuck SI, SS, IMS, 207, 208 Lowrey, Judy IIO, ISS, IM7 Lowrey, Larry 99 Lowrey, Ronnie IIO, Lucas, Steve IIO, IS7, IM2 Ludwig, Frank SS .M. Magee, Jin 28, 99 Magee, Sondra SI ISO Magnuson, Larry 82, 57, SS, IS7, IMS, IM7, I52, I88 Manis, Barbara 99 Manis, Sharon IO0 ,MannelI, Sandra I2I, ISS, IMI Markham, Robert I00 Marnay, Babe I2I Marnay, Mary IIO Marsh, Dale I2I Marsh, Marilyn 59, IOO, IS6, I88, IM6, IM8, I82 I Marshall, Mary IOO, ISS Martens, John I22 Martin, Janes IIO, I22 MHVIIOI Judy M2, 50, SI, SI. ISS, IMI, IM8, IBM, I7M, I76, I79 Martin, Nancy M9, Il0, IMI Martindale. Sheila IIO, IS7, IS8 Massey, Don 82 Matthews, Judy II2, ISS, IMI, I7S May, Judy Ill Mayfield, Betty IOO, I22 McArthur, Nancy I22 Mceee, Bennie IOO, IM8 Moose, Connie IOO, I30, IM8 Mobea, James I22 McClelland, Helen IOO McClelland, Ronald I22 McClure, Nancy I22, ISS, IS8 McCullough, Rlck III McDaniel, BIII III McDowell, Donna III, ISS Mchovell, Dorla I22, IMI Heoeeney, David IOO McKay, Ron IOO McKinley, Laura Lea IO0, IM8 McKinley, Rollin I22 McKinley, Sharon IOO, ISS, IM7 Mollnley, Beverly IOO McKnight, Ceorge BS, III, IS9, IOS, 2IO MeLaIn, Late I22 Mehahan, Lee IO0, ISS Mchlsh, Charles SI, IM2 Mohlsh, Mary III, IMI, IM8 MoPhall, Linda III, ISM, IM8 Mcyelgh, Judy 89, IOO, ISS, IM8 Meadows, Marllynn MB, SO, SS, 82, ISI Meek, Sheryl I22 IMS Merrynan, JoAnn MS, S0, SS, 57, IOO, ISS, IM8,IM8,I7S Merrynan, Judy SS, I22, ISS Malrlee, BIII 82, IIO, I29, ISS, I96, ISS Melrles, Clayton 52 Metcalf, Dennis III, IS7 Matz, Oaorge I22, ISM, IS7, I88 Metzger, Sandy IOO, IMM, IM8 Ms ar, Kllber I22, ISI MIIes, hrnell I22 Miles, Halter III Miles, Kiley III, 2I0 Millard, Jean III MHIer, Hlller, Miller, MHIen Millar MHIan MHlen MIIIefs MHIen MMIan MHIen Miller, Ro Carol 82 Dennis III Dick III e 00, ISS Enlll I Ernie l00 James III, ISS, IM7, I82 Jerry I22, ISM, IS7 Mary Lou IOO, ISO Merldeth I22, IM7, I52 Haney I IS8 IM8 Phill II, , IP III bert III, I28, ISI, ISS Mills, George ISS Mitchell, Linda IOO, IM8 Mltohell, Sharon I00 hire, Cheryl III, Inu, Ile Mize, Kay SS. IOO, ISS. IM8 Modlne, Margie I22 Moega, Alicia I22 Moneriaf, Hugh 82, ISS, IMS Montfoort, John l00, ISI, ISS Moore, Charlotte I0l, ISS, IM8 Moore, Delbert I22, ISS, ISM, I97 Moore, Jesse I22, I28 Moore, Patsy I22 Moreland, Lauretta I22, ISS, 2M7, IS2 Morell, Jan IOI, 230, ISS, 2I0 Morell, Jon I22, ISI, ISM Morgan, howard IOI Morris, Bud 82 Morris, Roger MS, III Morse, Dick I22 Morse, Tom 82 Moee, Karen SS, IMI, IBM, I7O, I7I, I7S Moss, Sondra III, IMI Mottin, Jlm IOI, ISI, IMS, 175 Mulllnix, Phllllp I22 Mumma, Kay III Muncy, Bill 6 58, 88, ISS, IMS, ISS, its ies I Mundorf, Olnger III, ISS, IM8 Mundy, Sharon I28 Murdock, Maxine ISS Murray, Joyce SS, SS Myers, Bruce III, I28 Myers, Martha 89 Myriok, Billie MS, III, IM8 Nelson, .yy. Dennis ISI, I35, IMS, I88, ISO, ISS Helson, Linda III, ISS, IMI, IM8 Nelson, Mary III, IS7, IM8 Nelson, Richard MO, SI, Ill, ISI Nelson, Iirginla I28, IMS Newell, Delbert III, I29 Newell, Mary S8, IOI Newell. Robert MS, II2, I29, ISI, ISS Newman, John II2 Meenen, Paul l23 Rewten, Linda II2, IMB, ISS, ISO Mlcolay, Oail II2 Mlcolay, Louise IOI Mlghtlngale, Billie Jane 80, Sl, S ee, ISI IMS, Isa P Nottingham. Robert IOI 0'DeII, Ada I23 Joy II2 Offen, , IM8 Ohrmen, Jin I2S 0'Keefa, John IOI Oldhman, Paul II2, ISS, IS Osborn, Elizabeth l2M, IMG Oealander, Steven IOI Oetrendar, Carrie I0l .p. Painter, Elle 83, IMI Palyou, Steve IZS Parker, Oeve IOI, I29, IS9, IBS, ISI Parnell, Patty 82, II2, IM7, I82 Parrott, Carroll 82, I28, I29 Parrish, Arthur IOI, IS7 Parrish, Dan I28 Parry, Dennis II2, ISI Parry, John SM, IMS Pate, Lillian IOI 9, I88, Patterson, Connie II2 Patton, Oorls I28, IM8 Patton, Jerry SM Patton, Karen IOI, IMS Paxon, Phil IOI, I28 Pearce, Allce I23, ISS, ISS Peevler, Fonda IOI Peer, Karen MS, ISI, I86, IMI, IM8 Reynolds, Gary IGM Penoe, Mayne SM Pendland, Sonnle ISS,,IGG Pennlngton, Sharon,IOI, ISS, IMS Perklns, Saundra II2, PWS, Gert SS, SM, IMS Perry, Mary Ilnn SS, 8M Perry, Robert II2, ISD, IMS, ISI, ITS, SID Pfelfler, Jane ISS Plelffer, Julle ISS Phllllppl, Keren SM, Phllllpe, Marcella IGI, ISS, IMI, IMS Pllgrlm, Shlrley SS, IDI Place, Charles IDI Porter, Slll MS, II2, ISM Porter, Douglas I2S, ISS Porter, Ilene IIS, IMS Porter, Ilaren ISS, IMI, IM7, ISD Porter, Pat IDI, IIM Porter, Mllllan ISI Powers, Judy IDS Powers, Marilyn IIS Praoht, Dannls IIS Praphl, Gary SS, SS, SS, ISI Pratt, Edward Pratt, Nelson SS, IMS, ISM Pratt, Sharon MS, IGS, ISS, IMT Pressgrove, Carolyn I23, ISO, IMS Presegrove, Kathleen IIS, IMI Pressgrovs, Mertln MS, I02, IMS Prloe, Charles I23, 209 Prloe, Cllflord II2 Prlrldy, Alanal, SS, IMS , Prlddy, IeronleaMS, II2, ISM, IMS Punmlll, Darrell IGS Pulnmlll, Jerry II2 Pusoh, Shlrley IM7, ISS .g. QIII, Illenn MS, 52, I02, IS7, I88 .g. Reber, Charles IIS, ISS Rater, Laura IIS, ISS, IMI halos, Steve ez, II2, ISR, IS7 Ranay, Robert ISS Ismael, Joe Ize , , Rankln, Leuretta IDS, IMM Ray, Sharon MS, IG2. ISS, IMS Ray, Ilotor MS, ISS, SID Ready, terry I02, ISS Ilsaka, Sonnle III2 Rebak, ,lullue I2S, ISI Rebel, Paul IIS IMS nsaalm, ckrlstlne as Reed, Floyd II2 Raed, kenneth I02 ISS, ISS, ISS, ISM Reed. Jerry ISS, las Reed, Mary IDS Reese, PSSSII II2, IMS Reynolda, Dave SL, SS, ISI, IMS, IS7, I5 Reynolds, Mlke MS, IIS, ISS, ISS, ISS Reynolds, Thomas MS, Sl, IDS, ISI, ITM Rhodes, Shlrley IGS Rlohards, George II2 Rlehardeon, Barbara IIS Rlohardson, Charles IDS, ISS Rlohardson, Connle I02, Rlehsy, RonnIe,IIS . Rloketts, Dan I28,,ISS, IMS, IMS, ISM Rloketts, Joeieg, IGM, IMS, IMS, IS7, S Rlder, Judlth SS, IMS Rlder, Marllyn ISS Rldley, 0IIvle ISM, ISS Rltohle, Joann I02, ISS Robblne, Ilanda SS Roberta, Gaorglana ISM Roberts. Gerry SS, ISM, ISS Roberts, Karen SG, ISS, IMI, IMS Roberts, Ilay IGS, IS7 Roblne, Judy as naalnssn, Dennlazgg, I Ia, Iss, Ire, las, SDS Reblneon, Jean IIS, ISS, IMT, ISS Roblnson, Leonard MS, ISM Reblnson, Mary IIS, IMM, IMS Robson, Merle a SS, 87, IIS, IMS, IMS Rodwold, Mardea IIS, ISS, IMM, IMS Rohr, Dlane IIS Rooney. Rrleta IDS Rooney, Joanne ISM Root, Lealle ISM Root, Ray IIS, ISM Roudybuah, Seth SS, IM7, ISS Roudybuah, Daryl SS, SS, ISS, IMT, ISS .5. Sellers, Ilaren I02 . Sampson, Charles I02, ISS, IMS, ISS Ssndeffar, Mlke SS, I02, ISS Saunders, Marlln ISM, ISS, ISM Saklyury, Dorothy,MS, IIS, ISS, IMI, IIS Sohafer, Larry IIS, ISS . Sehsloh, Paul 23, SS, SS, ISM, IMS, ISS Soheldegoar, Pat MS, 87, I70 Sohletzer, Vernon ISM Sohmelzel, SallyIS3, SS, SS, 87, ISS, MS, IMS, ISS Soott, Larry ISM, ISM Scott, Roberta IDS Schulte, Susan MS, 50, SS, 87, IIS, IIIII, I67 Sears, Rlehard IIS Segelqulst, Sally IIS Selby, Clayton IIS Sheley, Edgar IIS Shellnbergar, Sonnle IIS, ISD, IMI, IMS Shsllnbarger, I,aon,MS, IGS, IMS, ISS, ISS I ISS, IDI Shellnbarger, llllma IDS Shepard, Judy Ilnn SS, 87, IIS, IMS Shepard, Judy Itay SS, S7, IIS, ISD, IM7, IMS, ISS Sherman, Stephen MS, ISM, ISM. 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Suggestions in the Highland Park High School - Highlander Yearbook (Topeka, KS) collection:

Highland Park High School - Highlander Yearbook (Topeka, KS) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


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Highland Park High School - Highlander Yearbook (Topeka, KS) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Highland Park High School - Highlander Yearbook (Topeka, KS) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Highland Park High School - Highlander Yearbook (Topeka, KS) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


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