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I FL H ' ♦ -i A . ' . I :- p -. ' ► V,- l USIC 9s Our JAi le ne Music is our theme; especially the music of 1965 and 1966. It wasn ' t any one song but it was OUR kind of song . . . mostly the big beat . . . the kind of song we sang and danced to all year ' round. JKu iatr c Some were way up on the " Top 40 " ; some were just special to us for special reasons. They had some kind of spark that satisfied us. There were fast ones and slow, dreamy ones. They were about boys and girls, like us, at school; at tlie beach. . .happy songs and sad songs. Our parents and teachers probably never understood why we like " Sandi " or " Hang on Sloopy " , but we did. SONNY and CHER may have left them cold but they were " boss " to Ask any Highlander how they did their homework and they ' d probably all say. . . " To music, of course. " Our local radio stations were a big part of our school year. . . un- officially, of course. 1 L iDe Jor ' Jne t un We sometimes woke to music. It was the last thing we heard at night. . . and just before we got started on our homework. . you guessed it ... a little homework music. Any wonder that. . . MUSIC IS OUR THEME T)ecficaiion We dedicate tliis 1966 edition of the Fling to Mr. Roderick Van Horn. In this way we hope to show our appreciation to this man who has so cliecrfuUy devoted so much of himself to us. Besides his classes in Instrumental Music, Mr. Van Horn has worked toward developing two bands, our fine orchestra and a dance band, lie has given generously of his time for many extracurricular activities. Wc all know how understanding lie is. We have seen liis sense of humor again and again. Ik- has been an inspiration to many students. This small tribute is in honor of this truly creative man. Here ' s to Mr. Music! Our T)eans Dear Students: Congratulations ninth graders class of ' 66 ! What a thrilling future is in store fo r you. High school next year should be " Gay Days Ahead " I hope your goals include make- ing good grades in high school, graduating and going on to further study if at all pos- sible. College is expensive but if you really want to con- tinue your education there are many ways to work your way through college. Have you ever considered that when you are 34 years young it will be the year 2000. Many of the mar- vels that are to be accomplished in the 2 lit century, will be due to your research, your artisii creativeness, your way of life: your moral and religious standards. As you are so will be our country. Truly the future of your country and mine is in your hands. Sincerely, Katherine Wagner Dear Students: Somewhere between the innocence of elemen- tary school and the sophistication of senior high, is an emotional roller coaster known as junior high scliool. Junior highers come in a vast as- sortment of physical shapes and sizes. They are . astly underrated by those who have never work- ed with them. At no age are kids more en- thusiastic, more reasonable, more protective, more anxious to please, or more appreci- ative. We suspect that junior higliers love every minute of their crazy world; not only tlie fun, the laughter, the music, and the friends; but the tears, the frus- trating adults who don ' t understand them, and even tlie tlic embarassments, as well. Con- gratulations nintli graders, you have arrived! Sincerely, Irl ( lianslcr Marshall Adams-Science Avis Anderson- Art Larry Arnold- General Shop, Physical Education Kenneth Baker-Science John Barder-Language Arts, Social Studies, Speech Roy Barker- Librarian Ken Belanger-Science, General Shop, Audio-Visual Richard Bigham- General Mathematics, Algebra Royce Chambless-General Mathe- matics, Science Charles Chous- Social living, Ex- poratory reading Jean Cloke-Physical Education, Social Studies Eugene Corbett-General Matliematics, Science Jean DeVoe-Homemaking Nancy Franson-Physical Education Clarence Goodwin- Mathematics, General Shop-Woodshop Nancy Groos- Social Living Donald llall-Social Living Mary Hall-General Mathematics Steven Hanson- Attendance Coun- selor, Science Ralph Hickey -Crafts, General Shop, Metal Shop Garth Huffaker- Social Living, Social Studies Pauline Hunter-Counselor, Homemaking Dean Johnson-Science Daniel King-Social Living Frank Koby-Social Living Pierre Koby-Photography Physical Education Joseph Koegel-General Mathe- matics, Language Arts, Science, Social Living Rudy Lanto-Physicai Education Bernard LeMay-Algebra, General Mathematics Roy McEachern- General Mathe- matics, Science John McPeck-French, Language Arts Christopher Maple- General Mathematics, Science Ann Marsh- Language Arts, Spanish Neal Mellon-Science Faith Miller -Language Arts, Social Living Carolyn Moffitt-Social Living Patrick Nunlcy-Art, General Matliematics Robert Pape-Social Living, Social Studies Donamae Reynolds-Language Arts, Social Living, Social Studies Katherine Reynolds-Language Arts, Social Living Gerald Schilling- Art James Schlahta-Social Living Douglas Stewart-Remedial reading, Gener Mathematics, Social Living Charles Sundblom-General Shop, Drafting Daniel Swartz- Algebra- General Mathe matics Joan Taber- Language Arts, Chorus, Genera Music, Social Living Bette Teall-Physical Education WiUiam Thomas- Social Living Alfred Touzeau-Science Roderick Van Horn- Beginning Instruments Band, Orchestra Margaret Weeks- Homemaking Paul Williams-Science Paul Williamson- Language Arts, Social Living Richard Wilson-General Mathematics, Science, Remedial reading. Social Livin; Larry Wolf-Counselor, Algebra, Student Government Donald Vv ooters-Social Living, Social Studies Robert Wicklund General Mathematics, Science Lloyd Gag Norma Hilden Rudi ilock L)ecre aries Caught at a quiet time are our very ovs ' n office staff. L. to R. LorraiiK Pearl Buchholz, Karen Wilkinson, Leota Kerr and Rutli Ambcrv:. Don ' t get us wrong! These aren ' t ALL our custodial staff by any means. Ken Spurrier, Genevieve Anderson and Donald LaSuer were just wondering what George Anderson, Robert Duke, Ernest Gonthier and Art Vofeados were doing at the time. GoORl S You can tell that this was 3:00 O ' clock and NOT 10:00 in tlie morning. This is an unusual but well-deserved pose for our gals. Top- -Dorothy Barber, Lillie Carr, Gladys Cornelison, Bottom-- Dorothy Crawford, Dorothy Downs, Elsie Marvin, Rose Rubino was camera shy. ) Kerry Daley. . .when she ' s twenty she thinks slie ' ll look forty. April Morgan and Bob Godwin. . . they ' ll have been married 15 years; have 11 children, all frizzle-headed, freckle-faced brats, (witli runny noses). . . Sydney Young. . . in five years her liair will have gotten 1 2 inch below her ears. . . Rhonda DuBose will be 5 feet tall in 1974. . .In 1990 Doug Rice and Larry Birch will be president and vice-president of a company that manufactures life-size pictures of presidents and vice-presidents. . . Gerrie LaRocca will be a money-making poet (or is it Poetess?). . .Van Huntley will have changed to a portable I.B.M. , carried around in Mark Viers ' hip pocket. , .Corinne Dimmock will have sold her hair which will permit her to live in luxury the rest of her crew-cut life. . . Bob Torrez ' big dream of catching that really big wave (in his bathtub). . . MAN TAN Corporation will be run by an aggressive leader named Judy Mc Nelly. . . Schatzi Svvfanson will still be protesting. . .vigorously!. . .Diann Currie is the recently appointed Treasurer of Peroxide Company of America. . .Scott Brown will still be saying " yes ' m " and " yes sir " . . .Ruth Davis will marry a man named Cox and Joan Cox will have chosen a Davis fellow. . . Tim Schnur, by 2002, will be warden at the state penitentiary with top assistants John Hicks and John Constante. . . By 1975 Steve Kelly will finally be comfortable around girls. . . Benny Lopez will be owner of his ov n tortilleria. . . Kathy Molina will be in Hollywood as the top maker-upper in tlie business. . . Barbara Chavez will marry some ex-Pacific student and they will run a top surfboard manufacturing company. . .Tim Timmerman will be a bachelor; (naturally). fc CPropJiecy T .)nere, on where snaJl we o " " ' ly) iai, o i w ia( fia I we oe c oin ? of 1966. . .Remember?. . .It ' s 1976 and the favorite noon sundaes, tacos, sloppy Joe ' s, Cheetos and Nutty Buddies. . .Dennis Meyers will be wearing long flowing robes which will go perfectly vith his long, flowing hair. . . Mike Todhunter will be signed by the Boston Celtics. . . Betsy Hayes will be featured artist at the Shimmy Shack. . .The sensational TV act " Son of the Stones " will be managed by Betty Witherspoon. . . Margie Deedrick will be a PROFESSIONAL ear piercer. . . Kerry Casey and Dave Green are truly Sounds of Silence. . . We will stop off occasionally at Vito Caruso ' s Pizza Palace. Renee ' s Reducing Salon will be capably run by R. Bernardy. . .Jane Boehm will be writing story sequences for Peyton Place which is in its 37th year of production. . . Steve McDougal is still selling Batman wings left over from the Batman craze -time foods are still milk shakes, sidewalk yil WAaPs yonna 6e lAe wnen we ael l iere? " Shari Abbate. Kathy Adamczyk. . . Pep Club, Scholarship Edward Abramson. . . Dance Band, String Ensemble, Leadership Representative, Cadu- ceus. Chess, Math Club, Scholarship, Orchestra, Math Marathon, Chorus, Chous ' Chain Gang. Ron Alarid. .Track Robert Adam. . . Chess, Drama, Math Club, Rand. Cheryl Allen Steve Adams. . . Chous ' Chain Gang, Football, Basketball, track f Chuck Allen. . . Track, Football Leslie Alverson. fj David Anderson. . . Jan Atwell. . . Sports Manager, Ca- Drama, Y -Teens, duccus Photography 12 Buddy Bailey. . . Football, Basketball, Track, Leadersiup. Juhn Baker. . .Ortlicsna, Clious ' ( :liaui (..aiij; Mike Barncr Nancy Baker Kerry Barnes. . .I ' ootball Maiia);er Mike Barber David Basaldua. . . Football Track Scott Bardcn. . . Chess, Red Cross, .Science Kair, Band, Track Bonnie Basliani Alice Barker. . . Red Cross. Science Kair, I ' ep, 1.11. A Lynn Baxter BABY I ' M Ydl ' liS " ' " i 4 " James Beall. . .Publications Itonnie Benn. . . Pal Beaty. . .Pep Club, Publications Renee Bernardy. . .Caduceus, .Scholarship, Band, Student ( " ouncil Representative Danny Beebe. . .Football Thomas Bernatow. . . Drama C lub. Scholarship Tom Beebe Larry Birch. . .Basketball, Football, Leadership. A. SB. V. President. Track lack Bell . . .Track Dcbby Bishop. . .Chorus, Publications, Red ( ' rnss . v Picture Not Available Joyce Bittncr John Bond. . . Track Gary Blackstone. . .Band, Basketball Larry Bonsack. . . Ochcstra, Chous ' Chain c ang Paula Blake. . . Student Council Representative, Science Kair, Pep Club, Chonjs, Y -Teens Ernie Bosserman Beverly Blau. . .Drama, Leadership Mike liowlin. . .Spanish, Jane Bochm. . .Drama, Continental Club, l ublicaiions, .Scholarship. Sandra Rowlin " A YOU NC; CIRL " Shirley Bowlin Wayne Briles ' Edward Bradley 4 Mary Brooking. . . -Spanish (_lub N Hazel Brandenburg. . .1.11. A., Caduceus Dwight Brink Judy Brandenburg. . .FII.A,, G.A C . , student f ouni cil Repres entati Maxine Brooks Ray Braswell Bill Brown. . . Kootball Picture Not Available J .. n • Linda Brown Janet Biirrov . . Bowling, F. II. A. Scott Brown. . . Scliolarship Carol Bush. . .Band, F.II.A, . G. A. C. , Red Cross, Y Teens. .st vc Brown. . .Bowling Club John Butler. . . Bowling Club Jon Bruce. . .Chorus, Student Council Representative Joyce Butler. . . Caduccus Club. Cheerleader, Chous ' Chain tang. Orchestra. Pep Club. Student Council Representati ship. Greg Burke) bile. . . I ' am Caldwell. . . Red Cross, Spanish Club .Math Club, .e, Scholar- " HEART FULL OF SOUL " Evert Calhoun. . .Band Susan Cattano. . . Pep Club, Student Council Representative John Campbell. . . Mary Cervantes. . . Carol Carstcns. . . Chous ' Chain Gang Alan Challenger. . .Chous ' Chain Gang Vito Caruso. . .Band, Basketball. Football, Impressions, Student Council Repre- sentative Bev Chaney. . . Caduceus, Drama, Pep Club, Red Cross, Spanish Club Kerry Casey. . .A.S. B. Historian, Cheerleader, Chess Club, C. A.C. , Leadership. Scholarship, Science Fair John Chapman. . . Chous ' Chain Gang Barbara Chavez. . . Publications, Chorus Carol Chilcoie. . . Spanish Jeff Clark. . . Representative. Mathematics Club. Band, Scholarship. Science Fair, Leadership Terri Clarkson. . .Representative, G. A. C. , Pep Club, Scholarship. Orchestra, Math Club. Leadership, Cheerleader (head). Football Princess Pam Clement Cody Clements. . . Bowling Kris Cleveland. Representative. Pep Club, Math Club. Scholarship, Math Marathon, Science Club Coffee. . .G. A. C. . Math Club. Pep Club. Y-teens, Chous Chain Gang, Dir. of Publicity Karen Console Lonnie Coombs " You were on my mind " John Constanie. . . Football Jess Contreras. . . Track Leonard Contreras Mary Cortez John Couts. . . Track Connie Couture Carl Covey Joan Cox. . . Representativ Kath y Coyne David Cripps Drama, C.A.C. £?C f Bob Cross Joe Cruz. .Spanish. Track. Football Manager Pat Cummings Diann Currie. . .Chorus, Publications Jackie Curtis Barbara Dail. . .G. A.C. ■ Red Cross, Y-Teens Kerry Daley. . . Chous Chain Gang, Publications Darel Davis. . . Gary Davis. . .Football, Track Ruth Davis. . .Drama. G.A.C. Student Council Representativ " We ' ve Got To Get Out Of This Place " Sandra Davis Margie Deedrick. . .A.S. B. Director of Activities. Band, Chous " Chain Gang. G.A.C, Student Council Representative, Scholarship Ron Delia Monache. . .Football. Math Club, Math Marathon, Scholarship, Student Council Representative Debby Dennis. . .Y-Teens Barbara Derenzo. . .Drama. G. A, C. , Student Council Representative Chris Devlin. . . Rebekah Dexter. . .G.A.C., Orchestra Andrea Diaz. . .Drama, Student Co uncil Representative, Spanish Club Carolyn Dick. . .Band, Chorus JoAnn DiGangi. . . Red Cross f f jPil 17 Corinne Dimmock, . .Publications, G.A.C. , Y-ieens, Pep Club. Red Cross, Speech Contest Sandra Doan. . . Scholarship Nancy Dodge, , , Spanish Club, G.A.C. FHA, Chous Chain Gang Randy Dousseit. . . Track Maureen Dover. . , FHA Rita Downs. . . Cynthia Drobny, . . Rhonda Dubose. , . Drama Bruce Dunbar. . . Tom Dyer. . .Drama. Track ■WE ' VE GOTTA GET Oirr OF THIS PLACE Gary Eager. . . Football Lynn Eaton. . , Paula Edwards, . .Orchestra, Science Fair Brenda Eggleston. . , Tim EUcfson. . . John Ellsworth. . . Science Fair Dennis Emerson. . . Beverly Enochs. . . Science Fair, Leadership Carol Erwin. . . Linda Evans f% ife;;....fe Dorothy Ewen. . . Leonard Faeseman. . . Penny Farley. . . Tom Farnngion. . . Band Larry Ferns. . . Joe Fessenden. . . Cassey Finstad. . . Dale Flippin. . . MarcclU Flippin. . . C. A. C. , Pep Club, Scholarship. F. M. A. , Band, Impressions Hector Ftorcs, . . " These Boots Are Made For Walking " Ellen Floyd. Bill Foster. . J Candy Foster. . .F. H. A. David Fosier. . . Band, Football, Track Robett Fostet. . . Karen Fowlei. . . Anita Fratne. . . Publications Mike Freeman. . .Band, .Scholarship, Math Club, Football, Student Council Reptcsenlative Gena Callo. . . Salvadof C.uci.i. . . Math Club, .Scholarship P f f I . ..«. ,A " Ron Garner. . . Henrietta c.losch. . .Band Rilly Cictcr. . . Nancy Godwin. . .Rand Marcia Ciettman. . . Wayne Godwin. . . Roberta Getlman. . .Pep Dave c-onelicr. . . James Cihsuu. . . Publieations Jolin C ood. . . " Everybody Loves A Clo David Grei. 11. . .loiitball, KDotball King Evelyn Guy. . . Mary Grare. . .G.A.C. Math Club, Orelie. ' iira, Seholarsliip, .Seienee fair. Math Marathon liricc llammerstein. . .Bowling, .Seholarship, Publications rhurk Guedel. . . Howling Lorie Haas. . . Jennie Gutierrez. . .E. H. A- Robert Hamilton. . .Cadiieeiis. Howling Evelyn c.uy. . . Hatbara Handkins. . .I ' .H A., .Science Eair. Impressions fiP.f f fi V; ' Pcjy-y Hardy. . . I ' libliutions Karen Hartman. . .Publications. Spanish, Drama Mike llarrcll. . .Football Ark-n Harvey. . .Manager Martha Harris. . .Y-Tecns. Drama I.ee Hatrlier. . . Band Pam Harris. . .Y-Teens. I " . HA-, Cadurcus, Chorus, Betsy Hayes. . .Publications. radui;cus. F.H A. Candy Haitc. . .Pep Club Elizabeth Heglie. . .Band " Walking My :at Named Doj; " K:..m.. r MmWi Nancy HepncT. . . Dennis Hukcy. . .Librarian Bonita Hernandez. . .Drama Nancy Mickey. . . Carol Hernandez. . . Director of Domain, Student Council Representative, Drama. Band Scholarship Erin Hicks. . . David Hernandez. . . Rita Hicks. . .Scholarship. Red Cross. Math Club, Band Sue Hester. . . Drama Rynn Hill. . . (XflfL ii Picture Prl Not .. Available . .. ( ft% Jl Gary Hinklc. . .f;ontinental ( Uih. ' iiau ( rcw Debbie Huddleston, Bowling, Spanisli Linda Holman. . . Karen Hughes. . .Continental Club, C.A.C. Mike Holstiom. . . Jerry Hull. . . Shirley Hopson. . .Publications Van Huntley. . .Representative, Math Club, Matli Marathon, Spanish, Basketball, Chous-Chain Gang, Publications, Scholarship President, Writing Clinic Peggy Howard, . . Kenny Huston. . . " The In Crowd " Charolette Hu Jerry Jackson. Cindy Ingersoll. . .Drama Nina Jackson. . .Orchestra, Scholarship ' Bob Ingham. . .Chous Chain Gang v Pam Jackson. . . Y -Teens Bob Inglett. . .Librarian Ken Jacobscn. . .A.S.B., Director of Safeties, Math Marathon, .Scholarship, Football, Sports, Manager Sandra Ivey. . . Patricia Jenkins. . .Pep Club, Redi ross, Math Marathon. •% 22 f% Adell Jewen. . . Vance Jolley. . . Bill Johnson. . Donna Jordon. Hill Johnson. . .Football Elsie Juarc?.. . .F.ll. A. Vicki JohTison. . .F.ll A., Student Council, Rtptesiiitaiivc, Scholarship, Chous-flhain f.ang. Zele JuhaSE. Mike Johreton. . . c ' rt hc. ' itra, Hand, Snidcnt ( ouii Dennis Kelly. . .Publications. " Treat Her Right " Debbie Karnaghon. . .Bowling, F.ll. A., Red Cross. Renet King. . .Chous Chain Gang Steve Kelly. . .Football, Leadership John Kohfcldt. . .Rowling, Continental Club, Chous-Chain Cang. Buddy Kennedy. . .Football Pat Kortlang. . . Terri Kennedy. . .Pep Club OeiTic Larocca. . .Leadership, Pep Club, Student Council Representativi David Keplinger. . . Sue Lauretta. . .Orchestra. f;he.wClub Vv 4 rl K ' Bunny l.awson Connie Lcc. . . . .t;.A.C., Spanish. F.H.A., CI10115 Chain Gang .Pep Club, CA.C, Scholarship, Science Fail Sandi l.aw cr. . .Pep Club, Publications, Chorus Hob Lee. . .Spanish, Publications. Steve Layton. . . Rockne Lee. . . Vicki Leary. . .Continental f:lub. Scholarship Woodie Uc. . . Don Lecliuga. . .Howling, Pep Club, Red Cross, Football Gary Leiterman " England Swings " Sherry Leippert. . . Kathy Lcitz. . . Pat Le Mere. . .Student Council Representative, Spanish Debbie Lieuallcn. . .Spanish, Impressions Debbie Lewis. . . Mike Lloyd. . . Mike Lewis. . . Benny Lopez. . . Student Council Representative. Band. Football, Track, Basketball Dennis Ley. . .Photography Steve Lorei. . . f% 24 f , fi 7 Laura Lorlon. . .Drama, Y-Teen5, »- uiuuifntdl » iub, Cublicaiions. Lynda Lynes. . .Scholarship, Caduceus. Math Club Mindy IjJtze. . . Greg MacDonald. . .Football Robert Lowder. . . Mike Magana. . . Football Susan Lbwe. . .Drama, G.A.C., Pep Club Mona Malandrini. . . Orchestra Pat Lucas. . .Orchestra, Science Fair Roberta Malzhan. . . Ken Marckese. . .Bowling John Matthews. . . Mary Marshall. . . Patty May. . .Drama, Chous Chain Gang, Spanish, Photograph Ron Mart. . . Gail Maybee. . . Sandy Matlock. . .F.H.A., Publications, Science Fair. Jack Mayo. . . Frank Matson. . . Dan Mccarty. . . Band , - V . » 25 (:% Billy McCoy. . . Pat McGtath. . . Steve McDougal. . . Chous Chain Gang, Band, Math Club, Scholarship Ronnie McLaney. . . Gerald McGarvey. . . Band, Orchestra Kathy McMahon. . . Dorothy McGee. . . Wilson McMillan. . . Jim McGee. . . Judy McNelly. . .AS. B. Secretary, Football Princess. Student Council Representative, Pep Club, Y-Teens, Leader- ship " Keep On Dancing " Fred Meares. . .Publications, Impressions, Writing Clinic, Band, Football, Basketball Virgil Mcrrin. . . Band Dennis Medley. . . Dennis Meyers. . .Band, Track, Publications Glenn Meeler. . .Football Debra Miller. . . Terry Mendenhall. . . Band George Meller. . . Football, Manager Jimmy Mcrcicr. . . Mary Miller. . .Caduccus Sandra Millei. . .Spanish Julie Moore. . .Drama, Red Cross, Spanish, Chous Chain Gang, Scholarship, F.H.A. t.ary Minium. . .Caduceus, Red Cross, Chorus. Track, Basketball, Drama Robert Moore. . . Glen Minyard. . . April Morgan. . .Y -Teens Jean Mischnick. . . Ronnie Morton. . .Football, Basketball, Track Kathy Molina. . .Chess f:iub, Y-Teens. Band, Pep Club, Student Council Representative Gary Moyse. . . " Bang, Bang " . - : i Kathy Munyer. . .G.A.C., MathClub, Scholarship, Ochestia. Publications, Chous Chain Gang, Caduceus Joanne Neely. . .Publications, Y-Teens, Chorus Andrew Murdock. . . Kris Nelson. . . Velda Murphy. . .Spanish, Math Club Richard Nelson. . .Orchestra, Band, Spanish Mike Nation. . . Susan Nesbirt. . . Jay Nece. . . Bowling Brenda Nickels. . .G.A.C., Pep Club, Science Fair 27 . .. ■. ' -1. _ ., J k. Llii :.ii.dLTkruger. . . Ernie uiicz. . . Student ( " ounrii Rcpri-scntativc. Spanish, Raskc-tball, Manager Karen Nilscn. . . K. H. A. , ( adurcus Ronnie Nunez. . . Jey Norris. . .Science Fair, Manager jane Ogden. . . Patii Norris. . . Ronald ( " ilcson. . . Viki Northani. . . Robin Oliver. . . Hand. Spanish, Track " Momcwaid Bound " CTf] Susan Pacini. . . Student Council Representative, Spanisli i Miriam Patton. . .Leadership, Chous Chain C.ang, Stiiolarship (rf?A_ Mike Page. . .Basketball, Track - iAZi Jd Linda Paulson. . .Orchestra Ralph Parker. . .Hand, Football Cathi Paxton. . .Howling, Drama. Red Cross, Scholarship, F.ll A , ihous Chain (;3ng. Impressions Brian Parsch. . . Deborah Peace. . . Susan Parsons. . .C..A c , i p Chib, Red Cro5.s, F.ll. A., Scholarship John Pearson. . . Hi .ML StL-phank I ' l Urian PitTct- ronnic Piiuicll. . . Sally I ' lunib. . . Mark Pcrinsky. . . Student Council RLprL fntatiii.. Football Mana|;cr Mike Potts. . . Kevin Piters. . . Wanita Poiiltnn. . .Band, Safety. Drama, Tennis Club Dorothy Onintana. . .Spanish, riiorus, Pep " luh Harold Phillips. . . Cindy Ouiioz. . .Safety, Drama, Student ouiicil lieprcsentati e _ Linda Resales. . . C.corge Ramirez. . . Barbara Rosato. . . - Doug Rice. . .A.S.H, President, Traek, football. Basketball, Baud t-ary Ross. . . Chris Rieli. . .l .A C. , t)rihestra. .Si holacship. -.-Teens, Publieations Margaret Rossiter. . . Pat Robinson. . .L..A-( ' Katie Roundy. . . A dr i % .,«A.Jbfe n Karen Roundsvi lie. . .Chorus I inda .Sali . . . John Runyon. . . Rosa .Sails. . . Jim Ryan. . .Track, Kootball Mike Sanchez. . . John Ryan. . .Football Ldward Sathcr. . . I.arry St. John. . . Debbie Sa icky. , .Drama. f:horus, Red f ' ross " t The .Siniier: Not The Song " Kathy Say lor. . .Chorus Suzanne Seoggins. . . Science f ' air, F.HA., Red Ooss Danny Schafer. . .Chess. Science Fair. Publications, Track. Spanish Jerry Scott. . . Mike Schmahl. . . Band, Pliotography Meredith Sechrest. . .Scholarship, Matli Club. Math Marathon Patricia Schmidt. . . Mark Seep. . .Track Tim Schnur. . . Rhonda Seit ' . . .Caduceus Steve Shelby. . .Rowling, Chess Valeric Shepherd. . .PcpClub. Scholarship, K.II.A., Oclitstra, Y-Tecns Bob Senecal. . . Linda Shewmaker. . . Jay Senser. . .Bowling, Drama, Track, Scholarship Dale Sievert. . .Drama, Caduccus, Science Kair Clivc Shaver. . . Science Fair, Toothall, Track D ' cttc Siljan. . .Drama Kenny Shaw. . .Track Peggy Sinimon. . . . C-horus " You Didn ' t Have To Be So Nice " Margaret Sims. . . John Smith. . . Pat Singleton. . .Y-Tecns, Leadersliip, Drama, Pep Club, Science Fair Katliy Smith. . .Orchestra Lavelda Skates. . . Kerri Sniitli. . . aduceus, tircliestra. Band Virginia Skinner. . .F. H.A.. Onhestra. Linda Smith. . . Clark Slone. . . Science Kair Pat Smith. . . fS ■ ) Rhonda Smitli. . . David Stephens. . . Football Jeane Sorrell. . . Dannie Stewart. . . I.inda Spcncc. . . Lajnanda Stodghill. . .F.H. A. Ward Stalbauin. . . Joytc Strain. . . Laura Stanton. Mickey Siras. . " CiI Off My Cloud " -yp Jotin Sturzcri. . Kathy Taubcrt. .-s ? Margaret Sullivan. . . Publications V F ' cter Tekaat. . . Lynnc .Swan. . . Uand v Curtis Thayer. . . Seholarsliip ' " Schatz Swaiison. . .Drama, Publications Rill Thomas. . . Cathy Sweet. . .Drama, i . A.C ., I. (I. A . Scholarship. MatliClub. Spanish. Chous Chain (.auk;, f heerleader Uhonda Thomas CJ Betsy Thompson. . . Scholarship Sophie Vasqucz Tim Timmcrman. . . rooiball. Annual Photographer Yvonne VasguLZ. . .rhorus Katliy Todd. . . ( " horns Tina Vev;a. . . Miki- Todhunicr. . .Chess, Math Club, Math. Marathon, .Scholarship, Publications. Spanish Chous ' Chain Gang, lootball. Basketball, Track. Mark Vicrs. . .Math Club, Scholarship, Band, Raskctball, President of Chous ' Chain ciang, c ' lrchcstra John Vasquez. . . Football Mclvin Voylcs. . . Susan Toler Vema Turni ■r. . . Drama C lub ® Bob Tonez. . . Band. Basketjall, Track - v c.len Tyler Connie Tressler. . .F. 11 A. John Ulcry. . .Band, Football, Tennis, Track, Michael Tucker Teni Uribc. . . Drama Club. Science Fair Maurita Tudor Alice UUoa. . .Chorus Kathy Waldm. . .C.A f. . Scholat;liip naU WaiTL-r) Urad Wall. . .Track l.inda WasliLT. . .(■|ious ' chain t.ang, Siholarsliip. Treasurer, Teiiiii? Jon Walz. . . RaiiU, Howlinj;, -liess, (hous ' Chain (.ang, rooiball. Scholarship Mike Wattier. . .Drama riub Deiini.s Ward. . . [iasketbali. Howling, I ' ublieatioiu:, Scholarship. Spanish c , lub. Tennis Hick Wilirs. . .Football l.inda Ward. . .Red Cross Dnwain Wcibe. . . liasketball, I ' ootbaU, Track " No Matter What Shape Your Stomach Is In " l.ila UMton. . .Choni-. Dra.Ti.i ( Inh, Spanish Darleiie Whitiiai k MillK Wi;t stv I Whmaker ( h.iryci Wheikr. . .Cliorus Kn-ti Whittemore. . .Hand. C.idmen Steve Whiselinand I arol Williams Chris Uhiti. l.iWl Willi, rleader, t..A.l ., Snidenl I ouiu il Ia pit -enlati ' I!i k Uilh.iin-. . .lootkill. rr.uk l.iiida Wikon. . . .SK-pln.li U ' illi.iins. . , U.uidall Uilli.liil. . .UowliMjj laiKlk U ' lkou. . .Siholarsiiip. r.ll A. Ray WitlnTOw. . . Jeff Wilson. . . Maih cliih, .Seholarsliip. iViliistra. Riprisciitathc littty Witln.rspi)on. . .A..-;.U- Triasiircr, :lu«s. UipnsiiitatiM-. (..A.r... I ' lp. Sihiilarsliip, Y-Ticns. ( linns ' Cliaiii ( .aiii;. Ik-iT- kadtr, iDotball OuLCii. Liajcrliip, SvMvtlK-art nucluss. Keimy Wibon. . .noulin.u i:oh Wood. . .liaiid, i rilRstra, l!a-kctball n S ONLY I.IH ' I Italics llavid WiKid(ork. . . Sandra Yi imiv;. . . KiU Wrij;lit. . . Sydney YouiiK- ■ . ' Ihtus Mary Wniidv-rlii h. . . c lioriis Jarkii- Yi ' iiiikia ' !. . . ■ A.( ., I ' liblKatioiis ' ii ki Wyjtt, . .1.. A.( . . liottlii iVin Yi ' iv. . .lootball ( hrisilna Young (.arol Zurnstcin ZJo Se Jxemembereo . . L9)e jCin n traders LINDA ROSALES wills her old nylons and shoes to CINDY REYNOLDS. . . LaJUANDA STODGHILL wills her notes and blackmail equipment to CHARLOTTE SUMMERVILLE. . . BONITA HERNANDEZ wills her box of bobby pins and klippies to MARGIE DLAZ. . .CANDY FOSTER wills her southern accent and expressions to CATHY CROSS. . . REBEKAH DEXTER wills her electric leg shaver to ROBERTA WOOD. . .VAN HUNTLEY wills his old ankle tapes to STEVE WEAVER. . .KRISTI WHITTEMORE wills her teddy bear and two big brothers to JANET CARISCH. . .STEVE BROWN wills his TRUE blond hair to PAUL COCKRUM. . . MAURITA TUDOR wills her empty mascara tube with its racked-out brush to NANCY FERGUSON. . .KLARK VIERS wills his lopsided glasses to MIKE McDANIEL. . .KAREN FOWLER wills her monkey suit to JANETTA PRESCOTT. . .KATHY WALDEN wills her Baby Buggy to KRIS KAUFMAN. . . BOB ADAM wills his walnuts to DON LONG . . .WOODIE LEE wills his superb physique to JIM HILL. . .RANDYDOUSSETT wills his t Nrofrontteeth to JIM KING. . .SANDY DAVIS wills her freckles to PENNY DUNBAR. . .CONNIE DAVIS wills her all day sucker (what ' s left of it) to KAREN ADAMS. . .TIM TIMMERMAN wills his little red wagon (without the wheels) to JIM HUNSAKER. . .JOHN BUTLER wills his pet, trained worm to STEVE SMITH. . .CINDY QUIROZ wills the wart on her eyelid to DEBBE STALVEY. . .DAVID HERNANDEZ wills his James Bond tooth brush to JOSEPH ESSA. . .DAN McCARTY wills his studious nature to LINDA ROSEVINK. . .CARL COVEY wills his two-way radio, that only works one way, to BARRY MORRIS. . .BRENDA EGGLESTON wills her toenail clippings to JUDY NL N- SELL. . .PAUL EDWARDS wills her long, long, sausage dog named Lad to CINDY OBST. . . BARBARA HANDKINS wills her wate-on pills to CHERYLL WYATT. . .CORINNE DIMMOCK wills her maraschino cherries to LINDA CRUZ. . .LEN NIEDERKRUGER wills his old Vic Tanny membership to GARY HALSEY. . .KATHY MOLINA wills her old eyeliner bottle to VICKIE HARRELL. . . JOHN CONSTANTE wills his liigh sneaker socks to LYN DYAR. . .DLANN CURRIE wills her king- size magnetic curlers (the pink ones) to LINDA OTTWAY. . .LARRY BIRCH wills HER combat boots to JOHN SIEBER. . . KATHY STEWART wills her Indian headbands to KAREN KENNEDY. . . MARK SEEP wills his magnificent brain (after death) to BOB CASEY. . .DEBBY DENNIS wills her pacifier to JONI BROCK. . .JOHN ULERY wills his football-holding glue to RUSSELL CASON. . . CONNIE COUTURE wills her sprinting ability to SHELLY CARTER. . .SALVADOR GARCIA wills his rabbit ' s foot, skate board and $500.00 in Confederate bills to ANTHONY MANZAN. . . 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WILLIAMSON. . .PAULA BLAKE wills her hairy arms to DENISE PETERS . . .DOUG RICE wills his rusty braces to RICK MATTHEWS. . .KERRY CASEY wills her " evil eye to BARBARA SANCHEZ. . .JERRY SCOTT wills his half-used Head and Shoulders to JAMES ROBINSON. . .STEVE LOREI wills his splintered surfboard to JOHN SCOTT. . .VIRGINIA SKINNER wills her light brown hair to one blond who didn ' t have more fun, ANNA GILBERT. . .SANDY MILLER wills her brother ' s Greasy Kid ' s Stuff to DUSTY COX. . .NANCY HEPNER wills the used gum on the bottomside of her home room desk to SUSIE BONDS. . .JOE CRUZ wills his friend JACK RUNYON to STEVE SMITH. . .JOHN BOND wills his James Bond ' 007 ' gun and attache case to BRENT SANDERSON. . .CINDY DROBNY wills her bangles and rings to FUDGE FLORES. . . DONNA JORDAN wills her imitation leopard suit to tliat ' cat ' JEAN EATON. . .SUSAN CATTANO wills her crooked toes to IRENE CAMPOS. . .MONA MALANDRINI wills her crooked toes to straight- toed GEORGIA MITCHELL. . .MARTHA HARRIS wills her braces and old rubber bands to DIANE HUDDLESTON. . .KATHY McMAHON wills her diet plan to DRU COCHRAN. . .SUSAN LOVE wills her ' flat ' hair to LINDA BETTS. . .TERRI URIBE wills her Doctor Seuss collection to GLORIA GOEHRING. . .BUDDY BAILEY wills his ability to spin a basketball on his finger to LARRY ' THUMBS ' LOCKRIDGE. . .LESLIE ALVERSON wills his sweat pants to RICHARD LOWDER. 37 l-rf Aceves, Charles Acosta, Daniel Adams, Karen Addornetto, Steve Aguilera, Marie Alexander, Joseph Allen, Mariruth Alwerth, George Anderson, Jerry Anderson, Kathy Ansel, Barbara Arnold, Susan Ash, Charles Atmore, Robert Austin, Pat Avery, Ernie Azvedo, Lawrence Baca, Jenny Bader, Leonard Baer, Nancy Baggen, Deborah Barnes, David Barrios, Lois Basinger, David Becker, Randy Bedient, Robert Bennington, Roy Benton, Harold Berryman, John Bertsch, Becky Betts, Lynda Bittner, Michelle Blake, Debbie Blocker, Josephine Blowers, Bill Bocanegra, Denise Bonds, Suzy Boone, Beki Bouchard, Wayne Bowers, Linda Bowler, Toby Bowman, David Bracken, Don Bradley, Mike Briggs, Royanna Britton, Linda Brock, Joan Brown, Becci Brown, James Brown, Steven Brown, Sue Browning, Mary Buchanan, Bill Buckner, Betsy Burdick, Patsy Burdick, Peggy Burgey, Daniel Butler, Denise Byrd, William Calhoun, Mary Campos, Irene Carisch, Janet Carlson, Eddie Carman, Randy Carnes, Cathy Carter, Sandra Carter, Shelly Carter, Shirley Casey, Robert Cason, Russ Castor, Mike Cecil, Christine Chalfant, Sharlene Chamberlain, James Chambers, Johnny Chapman, Steve Chipman, Leroy Clark, Don Clark, Lyle Clark, Patricia Clements, Melanie Clevinger, Robert Cly, Carnott Cochran, Laura Cochran. 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T. Aceves, J. Acker, J. Adams, K. Addor, C. Addornetto. E. Ahlbom, 11. Allen, F. Allen, J. Allen, T. Alio, T. Alvino, L. Anderson, W. Aiigel, C. Aiiglin, S. Anistik, J. Arnold, F. Arnold. P. Artoff, T. Ashford, D. Askildsen, D. Austin, B. Babb, G, Baggen. C. 54 -d ' - ' )! J Ballesteros, B. Ballard, J. Baluh, L. Barker, S. Barnes, T. Barrett, T, Bart, C. Bart, S. Bartlett, K. Bartlett, J. Baugh, T. Baxter, M, Beaver, D. Belvin, M. Benn, M. Benningfield, B Benson, H. Benton, S. Bergeron, D. Betts, R. Bishop, K. Bishop, L. Bittiier, D. Black, C. Bogh, M. Boisvert, T. Booth, D. Booth, D. Borland, D. Bosserman Bourland, D. Bowman, P. Boyd, S. Bramble, S. Brents, M. Brock, D. Brook, F. Brooks, R. Brown, R, Brown, B. Browning, R. Bryer, D, 55 Buck, H. Burkeybile, M. Burr, J. Calhoun, J. Campbell, F. Candelaria, K. Carrillo, L. Casey, P. Casias, F. Cass, K. Castor, J. Chamberlain. A, Chandler, R. Chaiiey, B. Chastain, E. Christensen, R, Chudy, J. Cramond. J. Clark, J. Clarkson, D. Close. D. Cly, J. Cobanno, J. Cofrancesco. E. Collier, J. Collins. J. Colm, T. Constante, D. Contreras, G. Cordell. R. Corral, A. Cortez, D. Coughlin. B. Courtney, B. Cowan, K. Cox, D. Coy, B, Crampton, S. Crawford. R. Cronin, B. Crosswhite, R. Crubaugh, M. 56 Cummins, B. Cunis, A. Dale, K. Daniels, C. Daniels, J. Danner, M. Davis, A. Davis, D. Davis, D. Davis, P. Davis, R. Dellemonache, D. Deltondo, T. Dennis, M. DePew, S. Digtzel, I Disch, M. Donaghe, B, Donovan, R, Dotson, P. Dougherty, K. Dowling, J. Donner, E. Downs, P. Drobnick, J. Dryfoos, W. Duarte, N. Duisen, D. Dunigan, J. Dunn, M. Dural, M. Duro. S, East, D. Eddy, S. Eggleston, L. Ellefson, J. Ellsworth, F. Erdmier, V. Ergheman, M. Evans, J. Evans, R. Farlon, D. fi ? ' 7. £ £.fif 15 -f " . f.Ofi 57 Farmer, D. Floyd, G. Thompson, F. Gavazza, G. Gilben, L. Graham, J. Gnotta, P. Fawcett, M. Fortney, M. Frazier, J. Gentry, J. Giles, M. Graddy, W. Godwin, D. Fisk, D, Foster, L. Fretchle, K, Gerdina, B. Girdenis, J. Grauser, B. Godwin, T. Fletcher, K. Fowler. S. Fronapel, P. Gettman, D. Gladish, C. Graves, K. Godfrey, S. Flippin, V. Fowler, W. Gaddy, L. Gibbs, R. Glosch. P. Graziano, J. Goff, A. Floras, F, Frame, E. Gavazza, D. Giberson, D. Grace, B. Gregor)-, J. Goldman, K. .0 fi - w 58 Griffin, T. Guinn, B. Gunter, M. Gustafson, S. Gutierrez, L. Guy, D. Haas, K. Hague, D, Haid, D. Hall, B. Hall, R. Handlon, S. Harner, R, Hardisow, H. Harris, J. Haskins, D. Henderson, P. Hendrickson, J, Heppner, C. Heptig, D. Hernandez, L. Hessemann, J. Hicks, E. Hanson, G. Hoepfner, T. Holman, J. Hope, B. Hoppe, J. Horsley. K. Houston, C. Hutsler, S. Howard, B. Hudson, T. Hull, V. Hultz, S. Hutsell, M. Ingham, J. Inman, S. Ivey, P. Jackson, M. Johnson, C. Johnson, K. 59 £ i r f ' f) Johnson, M. Jones, D. Jones, J. Jones, S. Jordan, D. Juarez, J. Judson, C. Jurkiewicz, R. Kelly, K. Kelly, R. Kennedy, C. Kish. R. Klingman, V. Knapp, A. Knight, C. Koehler, B. Krabbe, T. Kramer, M, Land, J. Lane, C. Laroche, L. Laroche, J. Lauretta, C. Law, S. Lawver, R. Lawyer, S. Leary, M. Lee, H. Lee, M. Leimas, M. La Mere, D. Levin, J. Lewis, S. Lilc, C. Little, S. Locke, C. Lorton, D. Lorton, D. Lowder, R. Lowe, D. Lowe. D. Lowe, L. Loving, D. 60 Lynn, M. Macias, S. Mackamul, J. Mackamul, M. Maddox, P. Magana, E. Matlack, W. Malzahn, B. Mari ley, P. Martin, M. Matthews, C. Mayo, J. Mayo. R. McCoy, D. McCause, C. McCurdy, K. McDonald, T. McDougal, M, McFarland, N. McGee H. McLaney, D. McLaughlin, M. McNulty, L. Means, R. Meares, D. Medley, N. Meeler, J. Melton, K. Mendoza, A. Mentgen, L, Meteer, S. Mercier, R. Meyer, M. Meyers, D. Milam, R. Miller, C. Miller, D. Miller, J. Mills, K. Minyard, D. Minard, K. Mofield, T. 61 Morrow, S. Moore, D. Morales, S. Morrison, D. Morrison, H. Muldrow, H, Munyer, B. My re 11, M. Napier, D. Keander, J. Nearen, B. Nece, D. Neel, K. Nelson, D. Nesbitt, R. Newby, J. Nicholson, K. Nilsen, S. Nocchi, A. Norris, B. Norris, K. North, S. O ' Dell, D. Ogden, R. Olson, C. Olson, P. Olds, K. Overby, C. Pacini, S. Passions, T. Passons, T. Parsch, K. Paramo, S. Pauline, P. Paulson, N. Payne, M. Pearce, D. Peck, R. Perez, J. Peters, V. Pike, C. Pike. J. 62 Pinto, D. Porter, M. Quiel, S. Ramirez, D. Ringle, C. Ross, P. Salazar, M. Pitts, M. Potts, R. Racey, R. Ramiro, G. Rivera, A. Ruff. D. Salgado, S. Plumb, D. Prater, E. Raidson, B. Randolph, R. Roach, W. Rutherford, G. Salsberry, D. Ponsano, J. Prentiss, R. Rainey, K. Reed, A. Robledo, J. Ryan, K. Sanfacon, L. Poppett, G. Price, G. Rainford, C. Reyes, C. Romero. G. Splan, R. Sakamoto. S. Porter, R. Price, J. Ratley, D. Ricker, C. Rosa to, R. Salazar, R. Savicky. D. 63 Sayles, M. Scoggins, R. Sechrist, D. Seep, C. Self, K. Senecal, T. Seward, P. Sever, L. Sharp, D. Shaw, C. Shaw, J. Simpson, L. Simpkins, M. Skates, M. Slater, M. Smith, C. Smith, C. Smith, D. Smith, G. Smith, G. Smith, J. Smith. K. Snyder, P. Solisz, M. South worth, K. Sorrell, T. Spargo, S. Staggs, R. Stanton, M. Stephens, W, Stevenson, M. Strong, R. Stuber, J. Stuber, J. Sturzen, J. Swapp, D. Taulbee, M. Tekaat, S. Temple, P. Temple, R. TerriU, D. Thayer, K. ak v 4 . ' - 7 -. f . i f fl 64 Thiem, K. Thompson, D. Thomas, D. Thomas, D. Thompson, D. Thompson, A. Thompson, D. Tofft, R. Uriaub, E. Uribe, G. Voyles, L. Warner, G. White, D. Williams, L. Walden, K. Watkins, J. White, J. Williams, M. Tolas, D. Traynor, P. Tressler, S. Tuft, J. Usselmann, T. Valentine, C. Varino, J. Visbal, G. Waltman, B. Walz, S. Ward, T. Wareham, C. Watkins, T. Watson, H. Walton, D. White, D. White, R. White, R. Whitnack, R. Williams, A. Williams, T. Williams, L. Wilson, J. Willsey, D. 65 M e . - - Wilson, R. Wood, S. Wunderlich, Yohe, S. , J. Wilson, R. Wisneski, R. Wright, D. Wright, L. Wyatt, C. Wyatt, F. Younkins, M. Yow, B. 1 Wood, . Wright, Yarno, Zervas, I. 0. D. G. Wolfe, P. Wood, R. Wright, P. Wright, S. Yamo, M. Yocum, R. " £oojf Qui Srac e . . n ' iWD Jfere We — — ■ _ i Co ne - ' -■X 66 i ' cm ims -x f at .■■■« ' 18 19 »m 24 me J- ast Have you guessed the identity of any of these charmers? 69 Check page 76 for names. 2) ance. 2) ance. 2) ance: Freddy the Flinger does his dance and leads the way as Highland kids are great dance-goers. Football, Christmas, Valentine and Twirp dances were well attended and after school sock hops gave kids with dancin " feet a chance to move. Larry Wolf congratulates dance winners Bill Johnson and Pam Jackson as Host and Hostess Buddy Bailey and Jerry La- Rocca look on. The " Otlier Guys " were the swinging group. Watussi, Frug or what have you--The Christmas Dance brought out the dancers. It also brought out bright colors and patterns. Check out Kerry Daley, Doug Rice and Margie Deedrick. Santa Claus wasn ' t the only bold one. GHOSTS, GOBLINS, AND GO-GO A lot of enthusiasm is sliown and the dance floor is jammed at the Halloween Dance. Recognize anyone? Mr. Wolf announces that Lee Dunn and Mary Miller are the ' Slow dance ' contest winners. Hostess Corinne Dimmock looks busy. Queen Betty accepts a bouquet from Mr. Williamson and King David almost looks shy (we know better) at the big Football Dance. .._l JKosi Ja enlecf Jeff Clark and Kathy Munyer have so much talent they have switched in- struments to show their versatility. CBesi " 71 Tlrouncf JKosi Qjonaenial Gerrie LaRocca and Meredith Sechrest demonstrate their congeniality for the benefit of the camera.?. Cjfass J es s Sports; grades; activities. Put them all together and v hat do you have? Joyce Butler and Van Huntley are our Best All Around. Kris Cleveland looks miscliievous while Jack Runyon tries to make like Uncle Fester with the photographer ' s last flash bulb. 72 jlir. jRiss pori Fred Meares and Terri Clarkson show off their athletic prowess with some acrobatics. Cj ass » s m i m ,j; nKDSjL " ' -3 H Ijr hIqJI B Hk JKosl (bcno ar ij What ' s this? It seems tliat Julie Moore and Van Huntley are get- ting in some last minute cram- ming before the big test. J iiiiesi Cathy Sweet and Steve Kelly seem to have flipped over some funny situation. TKosi Iji e i Jo Succeed Mark Viers and Carol Hernandez look pretty confident as tliey dis- cuss their high school plans. 73 wfsmmmsm j ' VJj i " Seventh, Eighth and Ninth grade musicians make up Highland Junior High schools ' fine orchestras. At the right we see a prac- tice session with the en- sembles hard at work un- der the inspired baton of Mr. Roderick van Horn. About 90 students comprise our school orchestra made up of the strings, brass, woodwinds and percussion sections. They have blended well and have presented fine productions at the Music Festival, Clirlstmas program and other Highland functions. 74 O ep C)fu£ Can ' t you just feel the pep being given off by tliis uniformed group in the bleachers. Througliout the various seasons this group gave of time and energy. GO HIGHLAND GO! QjAi orus These girls are only repre- sentative of the many fine chorus members under Ruth Hock ' s direction. Highland is proud of the efforts in song of the boys and girls in the various choral groups. mmsmmmmimim B©WLING The Del Rosa Bowl was the scene of many pin falls as Highland Keglers had an exciting and fun- filled bowling season. Top team was composed of Brice Hammerstein, Chuck Guedel and Ken Marckese. Ken Marckese and Sherri Tressler had high individual averages as of this printing. Dick Tuffe shows classic form as team members and spectators spectate. Here ' s the beginning. .and here ' s tlie follow tlirough. «i %1a •Sa •Sa •S Xf 1 Xf X 1 »X If l %i • f X ' «X 4rT% rs % T T T • y • y J J j • • J j y y j y y J Oar 7 re y BHife JCicfs . . . Page 68 Page 69 1. Donna Jordan 2. Rhonda DuBose 3. Betty Witherspoon 4. Schatzi Swanson 5. Steven Brown 6. Kerry Casey 7. Corinne Dimmock 8. Julie Moore 9. Gary Moyse 10. Kathy Taubert 11. Dusty Cox 12. Bob Ingham 13. Steve Adams 14. Shirley Hopson 15, Jan Atwell 16. Karen Hughes 17. Van Huntley 18. Suzanne Scoggins 19. Leslie Alverson 20. Linda Smith 21. Hazel Brandenburg 22. Barbara Chavez 23. Kathy Paxton 24. Mary Cervantes 25, Gerrie LaRocca 26. Debbie Bishop 27. Sherry Leippert 28. Lila Wilton 29. Margie Decdrick 30. Vito Caruso 31. Pat Beaty 32. Kerry Daley 33. Judy Mc Nelly 34. Buddy Kennedy 76 Jair . . . 1966 ■Elir CCAOE CODKTtI :8fe8P ' •■-■ ' ' " ' John Ellsworth, 2nd prize winner among the ninth grade contestants in Science Fair, points out some of the important parts of his relay decade counter. Science Jair IiJia ' inner s These unscientific looking chaps were caught by the music building in a pose of relaxation. They were all place winners in the 1966 Science Fair. L. to R. Joe Urlaub, David Linn, Marcus Skomars, Merrill Vanderslice. 1966 1st Darel Davis Tesla Coil 9th 2nd John Ellsworth Understanding Computer Circuits 3rd Jey Norris What Is Electricity? 1st Dave Linn A Study of Edaphic Conditions 8th 2nd Marcus Skomars and Merrill Vanderslice. . It All Started with 3rd Joe Urlaub Rocks Copernicus 1st Cheryl Black The Horse and His Muscles 7th 2nd Janet Jones Brain 3rd Elizabeth Urlaub Dieting Silk r?orms 77 These ninth grade young ladies are representative of the Highland branch of the Future Homemakers of America. L. to R. Zele Juhasz, Elaine Tressler, Janelle Wilson, Adelle Jewett, Julie Moore, Sandy Matlock, Maureen Dover, Alice Barker, Karen Nilsen, Kathy Paxton The motto of F.H.A. is " TOWARD NEW HORIZONS " . The skills of a home- maker do not come easily, but learning these skills can be fun! With Mrs. Weeks ' direction that goal is somewhat nearer. The dishes are done! Everyone enjoyed the meal. Shari Waltz, Mary Gilbert, Joette Wilson, Christi Shaw, Einda Thompson, Slierry Tressler, and Debbie Purcell pose prettily for tlie cam- era man. ORs-m mnot oeac ersnip is many things at Highland Junior High School. Our student govern- ment has many responsibilities. The officers representing us and directly responsible to us are: Doug Rice. . . President Larry Birch. . .Vice-President Judy McNelly. . .Secretary Betty Witlierspoon. . . Treasurer Kerry Casey. . .Historian Margie Deedrick. . .Activities Johnnie Coffee. . .Publicity Carol Hernandez. . .Domain Ken Jacobsen. . . Safeties Casey and Singleton move up the ladder as Deedrick shouts orders and Witherspoon seems to be pouting. Service is the keynote of many leadership functions. No reason for not having fun, though, as Bev Enochs goes through the chair pulling routine; Linda Washer and Joan Cox look on imperturb- ably and Gerrie LaRocca hangs on for dear life. f- Check this picture! In any organization there arc the planners and the doers. Just who arc tlic planners and who ;u-e the doers here?? cJ cholarship President Van Huntley had lots of female assistance from sponsor Wilma Jean Cloke, Vice-President Mimi Patton, Treasurer Linda Washer, Secretary Terri Clarkson. These executives helped in leading our academically, excellent students to a fine year. Check these bright and eager faces. Bright they had to be for the standards of membership for Scholarship were quite high. Almost 100 Highlanders qualified for this select organization. ■— i— Wl— — Sancl ncl (Jrcnes ra . . . Sixth period band was a large enough organization that they moved out to the Physical Education area for this group picture. Jeff Visbal, Bill Nachtigall and Jim Graham Make like young Mr. Van Horn ' s as they bow their double basses. Violists Karen Johnson and Juanita Smith bow and finger a difficult 82 S G is a girl ' s atliletic club organized to provide activities for those girls who want to participate in, referee, coach or supervise certain athletic events and team sports. _AtLLt Patty Lucas is in tears; she is sorry for poor Sidney Young who is being cruslied by Sandy Miller and Mary Wunderlich. Player on the left is unidentified. What is the game here? Soccer or SOCK HER? BETTE TEALL FACULTY SPONSOR The girls of G.A.C. extend their thanks to Miss Teall for all she ' s done for the organization and the girls. f i» ' fKs j " [Special Editor Patrice Beaty points out to Kerry Daley that Shirley Hopson and Karen really done the job well I f you 1 that I •re era two 1 Bor s? Loo ' Filing of ' ify. Th It seen blinking, ' no more bO ' dirty look Serious warn •■;€?. th ' ' nes? two As the Hartman have what fe ' -er " .?t a Typing away are Jane Boehm and Debbie Bishop. Even Editor pitclies in as another deadline draws near. Jane Boehm cuts and Dan Schafer looks on; Anita Frame listens and observes as the boss. Van Huntley dip lomatically points E TEENAGERS FOR HALLOWEf tlon has bee ent people, er you are c ut on Hallov agers have t to take out of the fun , If you are sy too px arc Her children lower the amou Iks that result don ' t have ju think? anytj Sandy Matloo I you would be able to help i Y The Publications staff at various times included such people C as: J. Beall, P. Beaty, D. Bishop, P. Blake, J. Boehm, B. Chavez, D. Currie, K. Daley, C. Dimmock, A. Frame, J. Gibson, B. Hammerstein, K. Hartman, B. Hayes, S. Hopson V. Huntley, D. Kelley, S. Lawver, R. Lee, L. Lorton, S. Matlock, F. Meares, K. Molina, K. Munyer, J. Neely, B. Pierce, C. Rich, D. Schafer, M. Sullivan, Y. Swanson, M. Todhunter, J. Younkins, T. Walker, J. Hicks. Editorial responsibility was in the hands of Van Huntley, Kathy Mun- yer, Mike Todhunter and Jane Boehm. ni :ai The Annual staff decides on some important issue. Editors Munyer and Todhunter offer advice to Pierce, Beaty, Blake and Meares. first assembly was held Thv th. In addition to meeting srs and football team, we v th a United States flag by Smith. flag was flown over the Cf n D.C. Last year ' s eighth socrax ' x ' ivlng class headed by Miss ) •ote to our congressman, Mr. ilm for one of these flags. ;ly donated this flag which i the cafeteria. ; committee that wrote to Mr jy Cathv Sweet. BUSES AT HIGHLAND m ' e Is a lot of griping going of bus transportation to scV iuc uua shortage Is a result of a cul budget of the school system. This y« you live within a two mile radius of 85 Below " Toys For Tots " is one of the many projects that involve F.H. A. mem- bers. Janet Jones holds one vviggly toy that will make some youngsters happier. Planning a party is not always gruelling work as hostesses Maureen Above- Dover and Elaine Tressler indicate. Adelle Jewett takes note as Alice Barker thinks about the menu. The Caduceus symbol is an ancient one that denotes medical ser- vice to those in need. Our Caduceus members tried to do just that. Ruth Hammons was the able leader of these service-con- scious boys and giils, shown here on a field trip to County Hospital. lininir rnvmr Qs . . . and Field involves more participants tiian any other athletic activity at Highland Junior High School. Literally hundreds of boys sweat and strain to make the team. Jack Bell gets a lot of height in his long jump as tiie Lxiys atcli his technique. Clive Shaver demonstrates how to develop those ' sliot put iiiusclcs ' . Mark Seep, Jess Contrcras, John Vasquez and Mike Magana look on. ■Ji. . Jf. . 7{i £ . . . .£., £ . £ancf Cathy Sweet, Johnnie Coffee, Betty Clarkson, Jean Eaton, Kerry Casey, wave ' Hi, Y ' all! ' Hazel Hornet, the guardian angel of our cheerleaders points out that these girls worked, worked, worked. . . and then worked some mor Witherspoon, Kris Cleveland, Terri Kristi Whittemore, and Joyce Butler Pauline Hunter, Faculty Sponsor The 1965 football team; their coaches; the managers. Row 1: G. Davis, B. Johnson, J. Ulery, M. Todhunter, F. Meares, D. Basaldua, R. Morton, S. Kelly, D. Green. Row 2: D. Weibe, B. Lopez, G. Eager, J. Ryan, R. Parker, D. Stevens, H. Bailey, J. Kennedy. Row 3: K. Jacobsen, T. Timmerman, R. Hill, C. Allen, O. Yow, J. Ryan, V. Caruso, S. Adams, J. Constante. Row 4: D. Rice, J. Clark, R. Delia Monache, R. Williams, B. Brown, M. Magana, L. Whiton, R, Mart, D. Foster. Row 5: R. McClaney, M. Harrell, R. Wehrs, C. Shaver, G. Mueller, D. Beebe, L. Dunn, G. Miller, J. Walz. Row 6: M. Freeman. G. MacDonald. Managers: E. Nunez, K. Peters, D. Lechuga, K. Barnes, R, Oliver, M. Perinski, J. Cruz. Coaches: F. Koby. Head Coach Lanto, P. Koby, L. Arnold and L. Wolf (not pictured) • pm i i A .W ' fm r f SEASON RECORD Our 1965 football record may not be as impressive as in past years. The student body is as proud of this Hornet team as of any in the past. No one beat us badly, and the boys fought all the way. HIGHLAND G FRANKLIN 6 Si HIGHLAND 6 GOLDEN VALLEY 6 •S3 HIGHLAND STURGES 13 iw HIGHLAND 20 RICHARDSON JS HIGHLAND 12 1 - DelVALLEJO 2 - 2 20 1 Tliird Place ?t- 90 In case any of you don ' t recognize the forceful figure at the left . . . shame on you. He ' s been on our football field for the last twelve seasons, leading our teams to victory. We salute the coach and the MAN, RUDY J. LANTO. Coach Lanto, with the assistance of Mr. Wolf, points out that knee bends CAN be fun. Here is four-fifths of Highland ' s football coaching staff. Mr. Larry Wolf is not present. The unre- lated Kobys, Frank on the left and Pierre on the right are joined by Larry Arnold and Head Coach Rudy J. Lanto. These were un- selfish men who worked toward more than just victory for our boys. Bill Johnson (7) offers mor- al support as Rynn Hill is tackled after a seven yard gain. In background, notice Mr. Chous (with hat) and Mr. Huffaker(u ' ithouthat), look on intently. " He flies through the air with the greatest of ease " Steve Adams leaves the ground with the force of his leg drive as he kicks off against Sturges. Lopez, Birch, Meares, Yow, Par- ker, Ulery, and Todhunter look for someone in a white jersey to block. Bill Johnson looks legless while being tackled and Ron Morton comes up a little late to help. kl !JjasAe 6a Dennis Ward shoots as Fred Meares-(30) and Mike Todhunter (43) move into position for a rebound. Van Huntley shows jump- ing ability as he flies a- bove opponent from Gold en Valley. Fred Meares (30) lets fly with a long one-hander and seems to be thinking, " Will it or won ' t it? " Adams and Hunt- ley stand by to help, if need- Mearts is sliooting again and Adnnis comes into rcboiwiil position 94 JjasAe oa I Above: Mark Viers, John Ulery, Ron Morton, DuWain Weibe, Bud Bailey, Fred Meares, Bob Wood, Larry Birch, Dennis Ward, Capt. Steve Adams and Van Huntley pose with shoes and without. Find the shoeless ones. Steve Adams and Mike Todhunter apparently can ' t believe their eyes as they gape at the astounding height reached by Van Huntley in outjumping Larry Ferguson of Golden Valley. tJ222 - yiCllOlll S vigorous, healthful activities . . . look at those smiling faces. Watch the concentration as boys and girls suit up for FUN. Schafer, Senser, Ferris, Coombs, EUefson, Mayes and Briles look exuberant as tlie ctiarge down Ihe field Volleyball a la Goodwin, Washer, Patton, Whitacre, Stewart, Nelson, Fowler, Paulson, Parsons, Plumb, and others. TAYLOR PUSLISHING COMPANY V ij VAli. C.T. -Inl- 0 c J f tjZ ' - cc ) J ' V A 6 C Ar " " -AJi. -HKrlKIG ra 1 9 ft i ' _V- ' K Tv V " v yi rNt_ e ' v r O ' A-maxk5 OvPOL CT . = - . D X " t. V. ' ■Cb V.l - m ' jp q5 y ' " kJ ' : ' V ■• .•.=: - :» i c T ' - rl ' ▼ ' «ii giiroi L Wi IHIIkiiii ? III _i 1 ■ • 1 " " 1 ll 1 ,j ■ p » MjL fl — r ».m. }= II 1 . k

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